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Part 21

Michael leaned in to kiss Liz, but she wiggled away before his lips could brush hers. “What—“

“It’s my turn for fun, love. All you have to do is close your eyes.” Liz smiled as she whispered seductively in his ear.

Michael looked deep into her warm chocolate eyes that shone with a heat he was sure mirrored his own. And closed his eyes, obeying her command filled with promise.

She stole a moment to watch his capitulation, to see him breathe with ease as he waited for her to work her magic. And she was filled with awe; because it was that moment she knew that Michael trusted her. And it was that moment that allowed her to believe.

But enough distraction it was time to pay Michael back for that trick with his hands. She found two ribbons on her vanity and used them to tie Michael to the bedposts. He opened his eyes as soon as he felt the knot tighten around his right wrist.


“What is it that you say…payback…ain’t it a bitch?”

“Liz?” Michael’s voice strangled as he watched her climb over him. The ties she had used didn’t allow him to touch her. Slowly she began her sensual assault on his body. She kissed him on the forehead, tempting him with the sight of her pert breasts so near his face. He tried to catch on of her rock hard nipples with his mouth but she moved away too quickly, placating him only by taking his mouth with hers. Deeply she thrust her tongue, suckling and nibbling on his lips, she wriggled her ass against his lap, where his cock jutted out proudly, aching only for her, for release within her.

But she was set on her revenge. She would make him beg for what only she could give him. Leaving his lips behind she moved to lick his clavicle, the point at the base of his neck where his pulse throbbed noticeably. She sucked hard on his skin, tasting the salty earthiness of him, marking him as hers. It never ceased to surprise her that someone so no-of-this-earth could taste like he was so much a part of it.

“Liz…” moaned Michael as he strained against the knots that tied him to the bed. Helpless to fight Liz’s intentions, reveling in the passion that flared between them. He wanted this night never to end. He could feel Liz’s warm moist core, so near his own straining member, and yet completion seemed to lie so far off.

Liz molded her hands around his shoulders, feeling the muscles that packed his broad frame. She kneaded his skin tenderly before moving to pay attention to his pectorals. Raking her fingernails lightly over his nipples, the peaks hardened in response. Liz leaned forward and pressed her chest against Michael’s, rubbing their bodies together back and forth.

Michael groaned at the sensations racing through his body, every nerve ending felt like it was on fire. There was no part of him that wasn’t consumed by Liz. It was frightening, the control he’d surrendered. But he knew that he couldn’t have chosen to trust a better person.

Keeping their bodies pressed together, Liz dragged herself down Michael’s length, stopping when she felt his erection against her breasts. She whorled her tongue in Michael’s bellybutton, sucking on it, while his body bucked in response. She continued her descent.

She just stared at his crotch for a few moments, contemplating where to start. Finally deciding on a course of action, she trailed one fingertip up and down his length, lightly kissing the engorged head. She played with him that way until he was shouting her name, finally grabbing his penis with both hands, she rubbed them up and down his shaft, squeezing slightly and pulling intermittently. Michael’s body bucked wildly on the bed, his voice hoarse, he couldn’t even express what it was he wanted. Liz had driven him beyond coherence.

Moving her hands to cup the sacs of his testicles she replaced them with her mouth. Taking the entire length of him entirely, she sucked and moved her mouth up and down his shaft. Hearing a crack, she suddenly felt Michael’s hands twist in her hair and before she knew what was happening he was driving himself into her. Penetrating her opening and moving in and out of her wildly, Michael was beyond reason. And his ferocity fueled her own passion, they rode each other hard.

Until finally Michael slammed deep within her, Liz felt as if he had sheathed himself within her very soul. She felt him climax just as she found her own release. Screaming out each other’s names, they shivered in the aftershock, the afterglow.

They slept. Joined as one. They slept until light began to creep in through the windows.


Michael awoke to find the bed empty and broken. He quickly repaired the damage he had caused last night and then wrapped himself in a sheet before looking for Liz. She was sitting outside on her balcony, wrapped in a blanket looking out to where the sun rose in the east. He stepped out of her bedroom to join her.

He sat down and took her in his arms. “I fixed the bed.”

She snuggled into his embrace and leaned her head back to kiss him. “Thank you. That might have been hard to explain.”

“Baby, I—“

“Oh, Michael. Do you believe?”

“I believe? Actually, I do. In us. But there are more people that we have to consider.”

“Maria and Max.” Liz sighed grudgingly. She knew she didn’t want to hurt them, but she hated the added complications it signified for her relationship with Michael.

“I thought we could do this one night. But now that I’ve had you Liz Parker, I am never letting you go. Maxwell was a fool. But even though we are well within our rights to be involved. Maria’s all but broken up with me and Max and you are just friends, it’ll hurt them anyway.”

“I know. It’s just…Michael I want to shout it out from the rooftops. You were amazing that was my first time, and I’m so glad it was with you.”

“Oh baby, I—baby…crap. Liz we didn’t use anything…no protection against babies…what if—“

“Shh. I’m pretty sure we’re safe. But I’m getting on the pill as soon as possible.”

Michael still looked freaked out by the thought of Liz being pregnant. Liz would have been surprised to know that it wasn’t the thought of being a father that was freaking Michael out, it was how much he wanted Liz to be pregnant with his child that was making him flip out.

“Michael? Um…I know we’ll be keeping this quiet. Mainly for Max and Maria, I actually think Kyle and Isabel would be okay with us. But do you mind spending the weekend with me?”

“Yeah. I’d love that. Liz…I should tell you….” Michael’s voice trailed off.


“I love you.” He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, watch her grow round with his children, watch her laugh and cry, make love every moment they could, savor every kiss, be with her. He just wanted to be with Liz. And even though he didn’t express all he thought. Liz knew.

“I love you, Michael Guerin.” Liz smiled as she spoke. It was the perfect moment, the sun rising on the new day, their new beginning. It wouldn’t all be easy, she knew that. But she was prepared to love Michael every step of the way.

Just as he was prepared to love her.

There would be no goodbyes for them. It was comforting to know that.

That they would never say goodbye.

Part 22

They watched the sunrise together, in the after the storm morning air. Water lay in small pools around their feet and birds chirped as they stopped on the telephone wires that crisscrossed the street. As the rest of the town began awakening, they decided to retreat back into the haven of Liz’s room.

They lay down on Liz’s newly repaired bed and luxuriated in the mess of covers, lying in each other’s arms, was all either of them wanted to do all day every day for the rest of their lives.

“Hmm. So whatcha want to do today?” Liz asked Michael as she teasingly rubbed her leg up and down his.

“Mmm. I was thinking of making you a breakfast to remember, and packing up a picnic lunch and maybe heading out to the lake.”

“The lake?”

“Yeah. Well the last time we were there I had this fantasy—“

“Where we made love by the shore?” Liz interrupted.

“Yeah, how did you know? Was I obvious?” Michael asked surprised and a little embarrassed at the idea of Liz seeing right through him. In fact the entire idea was disconcerting. But he was blown away by Liz’s reply.

“No, you see…I saw it too. Us making love on the beach. That same day.”

“Oh. Well then. That’s weird.” Michael said at a loss for words.

“Yeah. But I think it’s a good plan, I’d really love to bring that particular fantasy into the realm of reality.”

Michael laughed and kissed Liz on the lips. He had never thought she would be so uninhibited, and she made him respond just as honestly, just as openly. Liz Parker was dangerous to any stonewall. Stubborn to boot, persistent and sexy as all hell, Michael never even stood a chance. And he loved it. Just like he loved her.

“So this whole breakfast thing? Are there any specifics?”

“Just you and me and the kitchen. Baby, I can promise you a whole lot of fun.”


“Yeah. Only let me stop by my locker first, we’ve already risked enough in one night. No more partying until I get the party hats.”

Liz looked at Michael astonished. His sense of responsibility was touching but what really got to her was the euphemism. That just caused her to erupt in laughter.

Michael stood up and pulled on his pair of boxers that had been lying on the floor where they had tossed them the night before. Pretending he was in a huff, he turned to exit the room, stopping a moment in the doorframe to announce, “When you have gotten a hold of yourself, please see me in the kitchen Ms. Parker. I will be waiting.”

With those words he was gone, leaving Liz to wipe away the tears her laughter had caused and pulling on her pink cotton robe, she made her way towards the kitchen. As she was crossing the living room the doorbell rang, and she instinctively moved to open it, not thinking of the consequences of anyone discovering Michael was staying with her.

“’Ria? What are you doing here?”

“Oh I called and didn’t get an answer, and the diner didn’t seem to be open so I decided to pop in and make sure everything was okay. Also chica you’ll never guess how great my date with Jerry was. I didn’t know that all I really needed was to date someone normal, you know of the non-Czechoslovakian persuasion and my world would be all right. Jerry doesn’t grunt, his sentences have more than three words, he listens, really listens when I talk, he’s open. Michael had no clue how to do or be any one of those things. So what’s up with the Crashdown? Why aren’t we working today? Where are your parents?” Maria didn’t even stop to take a breath between her words.

And when she finally did Liz was still too astonished to say anything beyond, “What are you doing here?” Shaking her head as if to clear it, Liz managed to collected herself somewhat and say, “Didn’t you get my message? My parents had to go help my cousin Jeanie with her kids, so Dad said I could close the diner today and tomorrow, start opening regularly Tuesday.”

“So you’re alone again this week?”

“Um. Yeah. But don’t worry about it.” Liz was suddenly struck with visions of Maria insisting upon staying with her every night.

“Chica, we absolutely have to have a girl’s night out. You know go out dancing, party for real. We haven’t had good fun, well since we met those pesky Czechoslovakians.”

“’Ria, it all sounds good, but I’d really like to get dressed and have some breakfast.” Liz was desperate. She needed an excuse to get Maria out and give her free rein to eat her breakfast with Michael. She hoped he didn’t drop anything. Noise coming from the kitchen would blow this whole thing up in their faces before she and Michael even had a chance to enjoy each other.

“Oh. What are you doing today?”

“Today? Um. Science club trip. To the desert.” Liz came up with the first thing that came to mind.

“Really? In summer? What for?” Maria looked incredulous. Liz was counting on the fact that science and school added to her reputation as the studious one, would win Maria’s doubts over.

“Mrs. Huertas said she’d give us extra credit if we completed a project. So we’re doing that today.”

“Ugh. If it were music I’d totally go along with you guys, but science? What are you guys going to be doing? Digging?” Maria commented thoroughly disgusted.

“Yeah. We’re going to research the geological impact of the atomic bomb tests.”

“You can do that?” Again incredulous. Liz had to get Maria out of there and fast. For all their sakes.

“Yeah. Listen Maria I’d love to talk more but I’m going to be late and if I want to graduate with honors, I better be ready soon.”

“Oh. Ok. Call me when you get back. We’ll plan for the girl’s night out.” Maria left rather reluctantly, but she wouldn’t argue with Liz, even though she was acting really oddly.

Liz sighed as she leaned against the door she closed behind Maria. That had been a little too close for comfort.

Michael poked his head out of the kitchen. “Baby, breakfast is served.”

“Michael do you have any idea what just happened here? Do you have any idea the stress I just went through the past five minutes?”

“I heard Maria come in. so I went down to the restaurant and cooked there, I saw her car leave the parking lot before heading up. I was sure you’d work something out.” Michael shrugged, speaking matter-of-factly. It hadn’t been hard to figure out to use the Crashdown kitchen. They weren’t ready to tell Maria about their relationship, so he had just acted out of instinct. Besides he wasn’t ready to face her just yet.

“Michael how is it that you have that much faith in me?” Liz looked into Michael’s face, surprised by his calm. She had thought he would have been going ballistic but instead he had allowed her to work things out for them. He let her have control.

“Liz. You’ve always made things right. Since the moment you became part of our lives, our secret, you’ve been making things right for us. And you’ve always tried to make things right for me. Even when I must have been pissing the hell out of you, you never stopped.”

Liz was overcome by Michael’s words. He spoke them softly, sincerely. And she knew without a doubt, that from then on out they would always work hard to make things right for each other.

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Part 23

Michael and Liz sat outside on Liz’s balcony, enjoying the morning and the breakfast Michael had put together. He had made strawberry crepes with a light crème sauce and granola topped with fresh fruits, homemade yogurt, and honey. Everything tasted amazing.

“This is decadence. And you, Michael, are a keeper.”

“A keeper, huh?”

“Any man who can cook the way you do is a keeper.”

“Mmm.” Michael responded absently. Liz’s lips fascinated him. Actually Liz fascinated him, but right now he was thinking about her taste. She was sweeter than honey, and that thought gave him an idea.

Liz was perplexed as she watched as Michael stuck his finger in the honey and brought it to her lips, tracing their shape with his fingertip. She reflexively made as if to lick her lips, when Michael slowly placed his mouth over hers and slid his tongue between her lips.

Liz moaned as Michael gently sucked and pulled on her lips, their tongues dueling in a dance that drove her wild with desire. Liz felt as Michael ran his fingers through her hair, down her back and parting her robe. His mouth abandoned hers to lavish attention on her breasts. He teased her nipples with his mouth pushing her beyond the brink of mindlessness.

“You taste so good.” Michael groaned as he sunk to his knees and thrust his tongue between the sensitive folds that were Liz’s core. Liz could only feel. Michael was her universe. In that moment he consumed her.

The sensations sped through her body, every part of her that Michael touched sung; her heart was bursting with love. And as Michael suckled gently on her clit, she came tightening her legs around Michael’s neck. Crying out his name in ecstasy.
Michael got up and swept her in his arms, he took them to her bed and proceeded to behave very badly. The little box of condoms he had brought was quite depleted when they were through.

They lay on Liz’s bed. Almost glowing with the efforts of the past hour. She rested her head on his shoulders. And he rubbed her back absently. They were both lost in thought. Thinking of each other.

“Michael?” Liz asked.


“What about…um…what about the lake?” Liz hesitated as she spoke. She still wasn’t comfortable with the idea of discussing her relationship with Michael beyond the reaches of the bedroom.

She loved him. No doubt about it. But she knew that the group’s reaction would have a strong bearing on their happiness. She wanted to believe that true love conquered all, but she already knew it didn’t. Sometimes, what felt most real wasn’t. And Liz was afraid her heart still had a chance of breaking. Only she didn’t think she could survive Michael.

“What about it?”

“You still want to go?”

“Yeah. Come on.” Michael said as he kissed the top of her head as he got up. “Let’s go. I have plans for you.”

“Michael if these plans are better than breakfast, I don’t know how I will ever live without you again.”

“Hmm. Well, you’ll never have to.”

Liz smiled into Michael’s eyes and gave him a kiss, before scampering out of bed herself. He wasn’t the only one with plans. And Michael had better keep an eye out because a determined Liz Parker wasn’t easy to sway.


The lake was beautiful as always, the lush green of the oasis back-dropped by the harsh grimness of the desert. But Michael and Liz weren’t concerned with the beauty of their surroundings. What mattered today were dreams. And both Michael and Liz were about to make them come true.

They stripped for each other on the shore. Shedding each item of clothing with a sense of liberation, reveling in the feelings they had for one another. Liz had always wanted to watch as Michael disrobed; in fact she had always peeked when Michael stripped the other times he had brought them to the lake. Michael was thinking the exact same thing. Except watching Liz teasingly pull at the edges of her baby blue panties was driving him crazy with want. He wanted all of Liz in his arms, right then and there.

He walked towards her with a sense of purpose. Standing close by as she removed the final article of clothing from her body. And taking her up in his arms he walked them into the water. It’s soft heat surrounding them as the New Mexico sun bore down on their backs.

Michael’s hands tangled up in Liz’s hair. The silken strands bringing them close together. He brought his hands to her face and trailed the water drops that made their way down her skin. Their faces close together, he brushed his lips across hers.

Liz stopped breathing. All she wanted was to feel Michael’s body against hers, moving inside of hers. And feeling his breath mingle with hers, his hands twined in her hair, Liz gave herself up completely. To feeling. To love. To passion. To utter madness. To Michael.

Standing in the shallow depths of water, Michael pulled Liz tightly against him. Wanting to feel her smooth skin rub his. She was stunning in her perfection. And her smile was captivating.

Liz had to touch him, feel the strength he held within. Michael was a rock, the stonewall, and his corded muscles and smooth skin were testament to the fact. Liz kissed the groove of his neck, before sliding down to lave attention on his hardened nipples.

Michael watched as Liz explored his body, allowing her to touch and lick without restriction. But he wanted to worship her. Show her how much he wanted her. And only her. That she was the only person occupying his thoughts, his fantasies.

He pushed them towards the shore and they lay back against the sand, spreading their forgotten garments into a blanket. Michael’s hardened cock fitted against Liz’s heated warmth. He wanted this to go slowly, the reality of the fantasy to last forever, but feeling Liz in his arms, he knew it wouldn’t be long before he claimed her as his completely.

Their hands were everywhere on each other’s bodies. Caressing, touching, mapping out each other’s physique, paying special attention to the sensitive spots. Kissing, licking, nibbling, loving each other.

It wasn’t long before Liz throbbed with a need, an ache that only Michael could ease. Michael to felt the need, the ache, he needed to be inside Liz, fill the void, within both their souls. The void that only they could fill for each other.

And as Michael thrust into her, their skin sliding easily against each other, the water gently surrounding them as they became one. Their hearts melded together. Somehow, some way, all would be right.

“I love you baby.”

Liz smiled at Michael, into his eyes, into his heart. Saying the words although they no longer needed to be said. “Michael, I love you.”

Part 24

The day had seemed to last forever. It had been one of those days where everything in the world was right, and happiness was complete, all was utter perfection. A day that will be remembered always. Michael and Liz were exhausted by the time they got back to Liz’s apartment.

After fulfilling their shared fantasy by the lake, Michael and Liz had set about recreating a few other fantasies. They had made love all afternoon. Their bodies had taken in a golden glow from being out in the sun all day.

They lay on Liz’s bed, spooning. Michael could smell the scent of Liz’s shampoo in her hair. He was pretty sure his hair smelled the same way though, considering the way they had shared the shower. Michael couldn’t believe how happy he felt. He’d never believed he could feel this close to another person, and he’d thought he’d been close to Maria. But with Liz everything was different. It was more than he ever dreamed it could be.

Liz snuggled closer to Michael. She felt safe being held in his arms. She knew that there was no heartache awaiting her there. With Michael everything was out in the open. She had never believed that Michael could give so much of himself to her, but he did. And his faith in their love strengthened hers. He would never hurt her the way Max had. It would destroy Michael if he ever felt like he had hurt her. It would destroy her if she ever hurt him.

“Baby, this feels good.” Liz smiled at Michael’s words in her ear. He had taken to calling her Baby. She’d taken to calling him Love. It was funny how natural it felt to refer to each other that way. She’d never called Max anything but Max. It was funny how real everything between Michael and her really was.

“Yes it does.”

“Listen, I’m going to go get something downstairs, I meant to show you this before. Okay?”

“Sure. Hurry back, love.” Liz kissed Michael deeply as he left the bed. She threw on her robe and was heading over to the bathroom when she heard a tapping on the window. Surprised she walked over to find Max standing on her balcony.

She opened the window, “Max? What are you doing here?”

“Liz did you see the news today?” Max said without preamble.

“No, what—“

“Listen. There are these caves over by Mission Hill. They recently discovered some ‘primitive’ etchings there. But it’s recently, like two days ago. The etchings look a lot like the ones in the cave over by the reservation.”

“What are you saying? Do you think that—“

“They might be a message for us. Yes. You kept Alex’s notes right?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Look I think he might have left us a Rosetta stone, if we can use it, we might break the code and be able to read the message. Do you think you can come with me?”

“Sure. Give me twenty minutes to get dressed and all. I’ll meet you at the UFO center. I’m assuming you’re picking up a few things from there.”

“Yeah. Thanks Liz. I knew I could count on you.”

“No problem Max.” Liz smiled as she closed the window, thinking that there would be a huge problem indeed. Michael wasn’t going to be happy about this. But she felt like she couldn’t let Max do this alone. Besides she was just as curious as Max was to see if they could decode the etchings into a message from Antar.

“Why was he here?” asked Michael from behind her.

“He needs me to go with him to Mission Hill.” Liz said the words quietly.

“And you said yes.”

“Michael I couldn’t say no. Besides I want to know…he thinks there might be a message from your planet etched onto one of the caves there.” She was pleading with him, begging him to understand with her eyes. She hoped that his own curiosity about Antar would allow him to be more open to the idea.

“And it might just be a wild goose chase Liz. Why do you have to go?”

“It might not be, and I want to be there. He needs me.” The moment the words left her mouth she knew that they had been the wrong thing to say. She knew Michael needed her just as badly. He needed her reassurance more than he would admit to. And as much as she wanted to be able to give it to him, her hands were tied.

In this situation of her own making, she was caught between the man who had come to represent her past and the man who represented her present and her future. She couldn’t lose either one of them more than she already had. She could only pray that Michael would understand. And forgive.

“And what about me? Don’t I count?”

“Michael. Of course you count. I love you. But Max is my friend. And I’ve been with you all day. He needs me now. For a little while. But the person I’m coming back to is you. I love you.” She willed him to believe in her love.

“Fine. Go.” Michael conceded rather ungraciously.

“You’ll be here when I get back. Right?” Liz knew she would need to make this all up to him.

“Yeah. Sure.” Michael grimaced. He watched Liz get dressed quietly and leave through her bedroom window. Only then did he notice the notebook he held in his hands.

He threw it across the room and left through the same window Liz did. He needed to get away for a while.

The notepad had fallen open, to reveal a sketch of Liz laughing. The lines drawn by charcoal and filled in with colored pencil. It was beautiful, and lying forlornly on the floor, it looked as shattered as both the artist and subject felt.

Part 25

Liz climbed up the ladder to her balcony. Her parents weren’t home, but she liked being able to get straight to her room. She wanted to be with Michael. She knew he hadn’t been happy about the fact that she had left to go traipsing around some caves with Max. But it had been worth it.

Not that receiving a cryptic message from alien enemies could be termed a good thing. But at least they had time to prepare. She couldn’t wait to tell Michael about everything. She wished he had been there. It was weird to rely on Max, when she only really felt safe with Michael.

She thought he’d stay. But he hadn’t. Her room was empty. And Liz had never been so frightened by anything as she was by the possibility that through her own thoughtlessness she had lost Michael.

What could she have possibly been thinking going off with Max? Granted she thought that Michael had understood, but she should have known better.

Their relationship was still too new for him to trust it. Although she thought indignantly, he should know that he was her entire heart.

It was then she noticed the notebook lying on the floor. She had given it to him, she’d meant to encourage his art. She hadn’t thought he’d used it though. He’d never said anything when she gave it to him, and he hadn’t brought it up since. But now as she leafed through it she was shaken.

Michael had dedicated the sketchbook to her. He drew her laughing, smiling, talking, crying, he drew her soul. And she had left him with his heart hanging out in the cold. Liz felt terrible. She needed to find Michael and tell him. Tell him that he was it for her. That he was her one true love.

But first she needed to find him.

She raced out the window, onto her balcony, when she saw him. He stood there, in the shadows. His hair tangled and wild about his face, streaks of dirt and bruises on his skin. He stood there with his heart in his eyes.

And Liz ran straight into his arms kissing him everywhere, his lips, his cheeks, his eyes, his forehead. Repeating the words I love you and I’m so sorry over and over again until
Michael covered her mouth with his.

Their tongues fused wildly, they reveled in each other’s touch. They sunk to their knees and began tearing each other’s clothing off. Michael pushed their discarded garments into a pile beneath Liz. He lay on top of her his legs between hers, as he ravished her lips with his.

Slowly he began making his way down her neck nibbling here and there as she breathed raggedly whispering his name. He took her breasts in his hands and lavished attention on each jutting peak with his mouth. He suckled and kneaded as Liz bucked beneath him. Crying his name in the massive wave of sensation he sent her way.

He moved his fingers to the nest of curls that hid her femininity; she was wet and throbbing with need as he slicked his fingers. Trailing kisses down her stomach and navel, he playfully rubbed her clitoris and thrust two fingers into her opening. Liz cried out and spread her legs apart further.

Michael began to rhythmically move his fingers within her, driving her insane with need. And then he changed his fingers for his tongue. Liz was holding back, she wanted to climax with Michael in her, but he continued his torturous sensual assault and Liz surrendered. Coming as Michael gently bit her clit.

Michael slid his body against hers as he kissed her. She could still taste herself on his tongue, the sensation more erotic than she thought possible. He began to touch her, sending a jolt of electricity through the layers of her skin.

She twined her hands with his and rolled them over until she was lying on top of him. She let go of his hands to place them on his erection. Languorously rubbing his shaft as she licked the outer shell of his ear. Biting gently on his earlobe before substituting her hands with her mouth. She used her teeth to scrape against his skin as she moved her lips up and down his length. Michael’s hands tangled in her hair and he was shouting her name hoarsely.

Liz fumbled with his pant pocket until finding the foil packet they needed. She tore it open and slowly slid it onto Michael’s hard cock. He wasted no time in shifting their positions and claiming her entirely. As he pumped in and out of her he cried out his love. And as she came, her sheath tightening around him as her arms tightened their hold on him, she proclaimed her love.

Afterwards they lay on the hard concrete. Blown away by their reaction to each other. Still joined together.

“I’m sorry.” They both said at once.

“Why are you sorry?” They both answered.

“Michael. Shh. Let me speak.” Liz lay her finger on his lips when he went to speak. “I should have realized what my going with Max would make you think. I should have been more considerate of how you felt. But you need to know this. I choose you. You are the one I love. You are the other half of me. And that can’t change. It won’t ever change. I love you Michael Guerin. Even when you go crazy on me and doubt my love for you.

“By the way. Max was right. It was a message.”

“Really? What did it say?”

“Something about there is more you have to fear. The end is near. Son and father will meet. And expect the royal four’s defeat.”


“I know. I’m not even sure what it means you know.”

“Yeah. About that whole thing Liz. I’m sorry too. I know you love me. It’s just hard to believe that you’d pick me.”

“Not so hard Michael. You are the only one who has never betrayed me. You are the one who has protected me at every turn. It’s always been you. I should have just realized it sooner. I saw the notebook.”

“And?” There was a wealth of meaning in that one question. Liz knew that she could either make or break Michael with her answer. So she said the first thing that came to mind.

“How is it that you are the only one who really sees me? And how is it that I am always beautiful in your eyes?”

Part 26

Michael’s heart felt as if it were overflowing in that one moment. Liz had somehow made him feel worthy, something he had never really felt applied to him. He didn’t say anything in response. He couldn’t.

He separated from Liz, and picked their clothes off the floor and moved them into the bedroom. He was quiet. Subdued. And Liz was suddenly worried. Had she said the wrong thing? Had she just pushed Michael away forever?

Liz stopped him as he moved around her room tidying things up. She grabbed his head between her hands and looked into his eyes. His beautiful dark brown eyes that shone brightly with emotion.

And then she understood.

She hadn’t said the wrong thing. She’d said the right thing. It’s just that Michael had never heard the right thing before and he didn’t know how to react. So she gave him room. And asked him a question that had been bugging her since he had appeared on her balcony.

“Michael, where did you go? And why do you have bruises all over your body?”

“Nowhere. It’s nothing, they don’t hurt.”


He closed his eyes. Surrendering because he wanted to. Because he knew that he’d never win.

“I went to the trailer park.”

“Where you lived with Hank?”



“I needed to remember where I came from.”

Liz let that go for the moment. She wanted to know about the bruises first. “And so you did what, run into a couple of fists?”

“It wasn’t like that. There was a fight and I just joined in. I got a few really good ones in. you should see the others.”

“Michael. Why did you need to remember?”

Michael shrugged in response. That wasn’t a question he really wanted to answer. He was afraid of what it might bring up.

“No reason.”

“Because I went off with Max right? Right?”

Michael looked away, his avoidance of the topic giving Liz her answer.

“Michael Guerin look at me. You are not Max. I know that. And I thank God you aren’t Max. Because the man I love, the man who is absolutely perfect for me, is the flawed, bruised, beautiful man who is standing before me right now. The man who made love to me before with such passion. The man who sees me.”

Liz’s breath was literally taken away by Michael’s response. He captured her mouth in an open-mouthed kiss. And pushed her onto the bed and made wicked love to her. He cherished every inch of her body. He kissed every expanse of skin. He warmed her heart. He heated her soul. He made her explode with passion.

He adored her.

And she adored him.


Afterwards they lay together caught up in the magic of their embrace. Michael was combing out Liz’s hair, fanning it out on the pillow as they talked about their plans. The different ways they could spend time together without alerting the rest of the group.

“So when does Max want us all to meet?”

“Tomorrow, here at the Crashdown. We have to open anyway so it shouldn’t be a hassle.”

“Do I have to act surprised?”

“Can you act surprised?”

“I don’t know. Can I act?”

Liz laughed silently, the idea of Michael acting seemed ludicrous. He was one of the most forthright and honest people she had ever met. “I don’t think so. But if you can’t pull it off, just say I told you.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“Michael are you fine with this?”

“With what?”

“Pretending that we’re not together.”

“No. Liz I want to be with you so much I think it’s stupid to pretend I don’t feel that way. Besides I’m really bad at it. But Maria and Max deserve time to adjust. I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“Just yourself?”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. Just another reason why I love you so much.”


“Yeah. You are the protector. You’d hurt yourself before you’d ever let anyone you care about get hurt.”

“If you say so. Now shut up and kiss me.”

The idea of conversation was abandoned in favor of a more intimate form of discourse. But they enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Pleasure and passion, laughter and love, intimacy and understanding all had found a place in the lover’s hearts. And bed.


The next morning dawned bright and sunny. Liz couldn’t help but smile as she rushed around the Crashdown collecting orders and refilling coffee mugs. She was in love. And was loved in return.

The moments they had spent together that morning had been so wonderful. She felt so cherished she hoped she wasn’t giving everything away in her smile. It had been a long time since she smiled just because, and knowing the reason why she was smiling only made it that much harder to stop.

Michael had helped her open up the café as usual, and was in the kitchen with Jose preparing breakfast for the morning rush of customers. He had been sketching when she woke up and had refused to let her see it until he was done. So Liz had retaliated by grabbing her journal and writing without telling him what about.

Thinking that she was writing more stuff about Max had driven Michael crazy, not because he was jealous, but because he was curious. A big step indeed. A tickling fight had ensued although neither of them won. Liz still hadn’t seen what Michael was drawing, and Michael didn’t read the love letter Liz was composing in her journal. But they would. Eventually.

Kyle and Jim Valenti walked in right on time for the special group breakfast Max had organized. The rush would be over soon enough and they could all sit down for a moment before the lunch mess came in. Liz smiled as she reached their table, taking out her notepad to take their order.

“Hi Mr. Vee…Kyle…How’s everything this morning?”

“Good morning Liz. How are your folks? Kyle and me are just fine, ready to hear the specials.”

“They had to go away for a family emergency, so I’m in charge of this place today. Oh today’s special is the 2001 Space Omelet, that comes with your choice of the hash browns or toast, orange juice or coffee. Extra fillings are fifty-nine cents.”

“You’re awful chipper this morning Liz? Anything interesting going on? I’ll have the special, ham, cheese and tomato, hash browns, and OJ. Tell Guerin I like my eggs dry.”

“Sheesh Kyle, can’t a girl be happy? Ok, and you Mr. Vee?” Liz asked as she scribbled down Kyle’s order.

“The same except I’d also like onions and green pepper in my omelet and coffee instead of oj.”

“Alright. I’ll just give this to Michael and your orders will be up shortly. I’ll be right back with your juice and coffee.”

Both men looked at each other quizzically, Liz hadn’t been that friendly to anyone in a while. Kyle thought he might just have to have a heart to heart with his ex-girlfriend. He was pretty sure he knew what was going on.

Liz walked by the pick-up window and dropped off the new orders before heading to the soda fountain, she was relieved to see Maria walking in at that moment. The diner was filled to capacity and she didn’t want to handle all the customers alone.

“Hey Lizzie. How are things here? Ugh. Jim’s here, my mom is sure to come by then. I had a major blow out with her last night. She was just ragging on me about Jerry and Michael and I just told her I didn’t want to hear that name. And she was like did he do anything to you. And I was like no he didn’t that was precisely the problem. And then of course she freaks out because she starts thinking things she shouldn’t but it’s not like I can get a word in—“

“Maria! Hold on a second. Sheesh. Your mom isn’t the only one who doesn’t let anyone get a word in.”

“Oh. How was the science thingy?”

“The what?”

“The desert thing with the science club.”

“Oh. That. Um. It went really well. Listen help me with these tables. Five and eight have their orders coming up and twelve is ready to pay. We want to get them out of here by the time Max and Isabel arrive.”

“Liz. Is there more alien stuff. I don’t want to be a part of it.”

“Maria you already are. Now chill out. And help me please.”

Maria looked at Liz. And giving her a quick hug, said, “Chica, this is what friends are for. Deluca reporting for duty!”

Liz laughed as she returned Maria’s salute. Thankful that she hadn’t given away the fact that she had forgotten her cover story from the day before. She just hoped that keeping track of everything wouldn’t prove too difficult for her and Michael.

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AN: Here's a new part for y'all on the new board! Exciting stuff. Anyway thanks to those who have consistentl left feedback it is always appreciated! Regarding this part, it moves a bit away from Michael and Liz to focus on the group. However, while this part isn't too heavy on the polar action, it will set up the events to come! Enjoy and tell me what you think!

Part 27

The breakfast crowd was thinning when Max and Isabel finally made an appearance at the Crashdown. Isabel scanned the crowd and immediately made her way to where the Valenti’s were seated.

“Hey Kyle, Mr. Vee!” Isabel sighed. “Mom, was trying out yet another Martha Stewart recipe. Never again will I ever allow anyone buy that for her. Do you have any idea what she made us eat this morning?”

“No, what?” asked Kyle cautiously.

“Avocado pancakes.”

Both Jim and Kyle had difficulties swallowing after imagining the taste of that.

“Oh. Well, I’m pretty happy sticking to Guerin’s creations here at the Crashdown.”

“Tell me about it! I’m starving.” Isabel waved over to Maria and Liz, hoping that one of them would come by and take her order.

“Hey Isabel, Max. What’s going on?” Liz smiled as she came up to the table. A smile that made both Max and Isabel sit up and take note. Not for the same reason though.

Max saw Liz smile and could only think how beautiful she was. How happy she seemed to be. It saddened him to realize that he hadn’t seen her smile at him in a long time. Long before the whole mess with Tess. He hadn’t seen Liz really smile in over a year. Not like the way she was smiling now, with her heart and soul glowing inside.

Isabel knew that a smile like Liz’s could only mean one thing. She was in love. And Isabel was pretty sure that if she looked closely into the Crashdown kitchen, she’d see a corresponding goofy smile on Michael Guerin’s face.

“Nothing much. But please tell me you have something on the menu that will rid the taste of avocado pancakes from my memory and mouth forever.”

“Um…avocado pancakes?…well we have the Space Omelet as the special. You know the rest of the menu Is. Avocado pancakes?” Liz muttered to herself as she waited for Isabel to choose her order. The Crashdown had emptied out, the back table and a few seats at the counter the only customers left at the moment.

“I’ll have a slice of Men-in-Blackberry Pie.”

“Make that two.” added Max. “Hey, I had to have some of that avocado stuff too, not even Tabasco could make that taste better.” He said when everyone gave him a look.

“Ok. This place has emptied out now, so I’ll be back with your order in a minute, and will probably be able to sit down.” Liz said as she turned around and walked to the counter to prepare the slices of pie. Isabel saw the skip in her step. She just wondered if she was the only one.

“So Evans, tell us why are we here.”

“Wait ‘til Maria, Liz, and Michael are on break and I’ll explain everything Kyle.”

Liz set down the plates bearing two large slices of blackberry pie in front of Max and Isabel with a bottle of Tabasco sauce. And promptly took a seat. “Maria and Michael are on their way over.”

Max waited until everyone was seated before breaking the news. “You guys heard about the etchings they found in the caves at Mission Hill. Well, the etchings sounded really suspicious. I mean why now would they be discovered. Those caverns have been around for years. They did carbon dating, but nothing conclusive, the test results being at odds with what is known about those caves. So Liz and I went there last night with the code Alex had cracked. I thought maybe it was a message for us from Antar.”

“And was it?” asked Jim.

“Yeah. The exacting wording is kind of cryptic and it sounds a little funny but this is what we deciphered:

There is more you have to fear.
The end of the world is near.
Son and father will meet.
At the royal four’s defeat.” Max recited from memory.

“That’s really creepy. A very poetic threat. What are we going to do Max?” asked Isabel.

“Yeah it may be poetic but it’s not all metaphors and similes. It’s telling us we’re dead.” Contributed Michael, surprising nearly everyone in the group, none of whom thought Michael had any concept of metaphors and similes. “What? I like poetry. But we need a plan.”

Michael was worried. He hadn’t thought about the mysterious alien threat all last night. Liz had kept him distracted with other things, but now that he had time to think about it. Things didn’t look too good. How on Earth were they supposed to make a plan, when the message they received didn’t indicate when exactly they could expect this showdown.

“But why the Royal Four guys? It’s only you three now with Tess gone.” asked Kyle making a valid point as they all sat silently at the table.

“That is really weird. Do you think Tess might still be on Earth?” asked Isabel voicing the sudden thought everyone in the group had.

Liz spoke up. She knew that they were in part concerned for her. She and Tess had never gotten along, but all of them knew that if it had been Liz instead of Max, they wouldn’t even be questioning anything regarding Tess. She’d be six feet under. “I don’t think they mean her. After all they have your son Max. They couldn’t have that unless she made it back.”

“So then what? We are the Royal Four. What do they mean?”

“I don’t know Max. But they made a serious mistake.”

“Really Liz and what would that be?” asked Michael mockingly. His tone was reminiscent of how everything was before things changed between them, but Liz looked into his eyes before responding and saw the love there. She hated the pretense, but not nearly as much as he did.

“We have time, and better yet we will be prepared.”

“For an alien invasion? How?” asked Maria, skeptically. She was less than enthusiastic about everything. She’d have preferred to have been left out of it all, it wasn’t like she would really be making any major contributions. But Max and Liz had insisted.

“We have Brody. With all the crazy technology he’s invested at the UFO Museum we can track them. And then we’ll call in the media.”

“The media?” echoed Kyle stupefied.

“Have you lost your mind Liz?” Michael questioned. Before he’d been acting the part, but now he was seriously questioning the workings of Liz Parker’s mind. “We have to keep a low profile.”

“Yeah. But Kyle, Maria and me don’t.” she looked around the booth, and saw she had captured everyone’s attention. She had a plan. It might turn out to be a stupid plan, but she was pretty sure that they’d be able to anticipate Khivar with Brody’s help. Besides she was pretty sure that the etching wouldn’t be the only clues the pod squad’s enemies would leave for them. And that would make their job easier.

“Listen to me guys. You don’t have to do or say anything, unless actually confronting them, whoever they are. What we’ll be doing is thwarting their attempts to get you guys off alone for some showdown. If we make their lives miserable enough, if we make it hard enough, we may actually have all the help we need with the federal government bearing down on their shoulders.”

Max, Isabel and Michael all exchanged a long look. They all agreed to her Liz out, and if necessary close ranks. They wouldn’t endanger anyone else, it was enough that Alex had died because of them.

“Ok. We’ll hear you out Liz. But no promises.”

Jim had been pretty silent throughout the discussion, but the more he thought about Liz’s suggestion the more it made a twisted kind of sense. If you distracted people long enough they lost their drive to get things done. It was a decent philosophy and while he didn’t relish the ideas of the teens putting themselves in danger once again, it might just be worth it. Besides at least this time he knew about things ahead of time.

“Ok what I’m saying is this. As soon as we get more of their clues, Max you’ll point them out to Brody. He’ll be like a dog with a bone, he won’t let it go. Maria is closest to him so she can also steer him in the right direction. Kyle and I will ambush him with the idea of having been abducted. When the aliens hit town, we’ll call the media on them. The ensuing circus will provide enough distraction so that we can garner information on them. Mr. Vee you can help by getting your contacts at the Sheriff’s office to detain them, and sic the FBI on them.”

Max looked up at Liz. He wouldn’t want to ever relive his experience with the FBI, but Liz was right on the money. Her plan it seemed to work. By starting a fuss, who would notice the interplanetary war in their midst, especially since they were aiming for a surprise counterattack.

“Guerilla warfare Parker. Didn’t think you had it in you.”

“What does that mean Guerin? You guys in? Or out?”

“I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re in. Most definitely.” Answered Michael with a smile. His own words laced with a teasing suggestiveness only for Liz’s ears. Which promptly reddened when she heard him.

And the group lifted their assortment of beverages to toast their plan. An easy camaraderie settling in among them for the first time since before Tess left. They’d found their places. They’d figured out how to work together. And they’d figure out whatever it was that was threatening them. And what exactly did the threat mean.


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AN: Thanks for the feedback guys!

Angela: verbal foreplay! thanks. LOL!

Okay so I'm really hesitant about this part. But I wanted Michael and Liz to have some down time and slowly bring the rest of the group into awareness of what is going on. So I hope you guys like it! Please tell me what you think. Next parts should be high on polar content!

Part 28

“So what are everyone’s plans for the day?” asked Kyle after his dad left.

Before Max could get a word in edgewise, Isabel spoke up loudly, “Kyle don’t you remember? Michael, Liz, you and me were going to go camping.” She wanted to ensure that the four of them got some alone time. Kyle and her were convinced that there was a heck of a lot going on between Michael and Liz. And the idea of a camping trip was the first thing that came to mind. But she couldn’t recall the words, and knew that she was now well and truly stuck.

“Camping? You? Isabel are you alright?” exclaimed Maria voicing the shock that everyone else was feeling. Isabel was too much of a princess to go camping, she liked her creature comforts of the non-animal kingdom type.

“What I went on the father-child camping trip for school? I had fun. Besides, Kyle and I found the perfect spot for it. So we made plans for us to go for the next two days.” This much was true. They’d been up in the desert on their way to a new mall Isabel had heard about. She needed some new clothes.

Michael and Liz were both equally stunned, but weighing their options, the whole camping thing didn’t sound like a terrible idea at all.

Michael wasn’t a fan of camping at all, not being the outdoorsy type, although recent interludes at the lake with Liz had made him change his mind, maybe nature wasn’t only there to brood and sketch. Maybe you could have fun in it as well.

Liz was quickly trying to figure out how she could swing the camping trip what with her parents being gone, when they walked through the door.

“Hey sweetie! I see you got everything up and running. Hi kids!” Jeff Parker said in greeting to his daughter and her friends.

“Lizzie. Hello kids.” Nancy hugged her daughter before exclaiming, “I’m heading upstairs for a quick bath. It was good to see all of you.”

“Mom, Dad. I’ll be up in a minute to talk to you guys. I’m glad you’re back. I hope Jeanie and the kids are all right.”

“Okay sweetie. We’ll talk then.”

Liz smiled at Michael. The camping trip was on.

“Isabel I just can’t believe how spending time with Kyle has changed you. It’s utterly amazing. You planned a camping trip. For the four of you. Nice how you thought not to invite Max or me.”

“Maria…it’s just with all the things going on with Michael, we’ll you haven’t been exactly hanging out with any of us.” Isabel began to say hesitantly.

Liz looked at both Max and Maria. They were both feeling seriously excluded. But they had excluded themselves. Liz felt bad about it anyway so she decided to speak up. “Maria, it’s just that lately whenever we’ve invited both you and Max you’ve turned us down. We didn’t think camping was up your alley and figured you’d just say no anyway. I’m sorry if it felt like we were excluding you.”

“It’s all right Liz, you have a point. Besides I was just on that horrible family camping trip with Mom and the Valenti men.”

“Hey!” exclaimed Kyle offended.

“No offense. But the whole thing just wasn’t my cup of tea.”

“Yeah. So we’re cool?”

“Yeah. Listen guys I’ve got to get back to work. I’m pulling double shifts today.” Maria stood up from the booth and got back into the swing of things quickly taking orders and handing out soft drinks.

The lunch crowd was starting to filter in. the empty booths slowly filling up. Soon there wouldn’t be a spare seat in the entire restaurant.

“Max…you’re awfully quiet. Are you upset too?” Isabel asked her brother quietly.

“No. Not at all. I just realized something that’s all.” He’d been watching the way everyone interacted on the table. He hadn’t realize that in pulling away from everyone, the way he and Maria did, had forced the other four to close ranks. The easy way they teased each other, the way even Michael, relaxed and smiled when around them spoke a lot as to how things had changed from the year before.

“About the message.”

“No. It’s something else. But I’ll tell you guys when I know for sure if I’m right.” Max had noticed that there seemed to be more than just friendship going on. But he was sure he had to be mistaken. It was too soon for Isabel and Kyle. No way could it be Michael and Liz. But they all acted as if they were hiding something.

“Okay. Kyle, Liz and Michael both have work to do here, so how about you take me home and help me pack up. And maybe I’ll return the favor.” Isabel said to Kyle flirtatiously.

Without much ado, Kyle stood up and waved farewell, pulling a laughing Isabel along with him. Leaving an astonished group behind watching them. After a few more minutes both Michael and Liz got up, Michael to get back to the grill, while Liz went upstairs to talk to her parents.

Max couldn’t help notice the looks they gave each other when they parted. It was almost like a caress, and he hoped that the sudden thoughts flashing through his mind weren’t real.


The Parkers were glad to be back home. Liz sat down with them as they told her about their trip. Cousin Jeanie had a new baby girl and the other kids were fine, Rick was recuperating slowly but steadily. Aunt Harriet had finally found a flight from Florida, so they had been able to come home earlier than expected because of that. How had everything gone in their absence.

Liz told them what they wanted to hear, that they had been missed, but things had run smoothly. Then Liz asked about the camping trip. “I know it’s kind of short notice, but I had thought I wouldn’t be able to make it, but now that you’re back I was wondering if it would be okay for me to take two days off and go?”

“Oh sweetie, you’ve been so good about taking care of things. It’s the second time in a month we’ve left you to your own devices; of course you deserve a vacation. Absolutely, go and have fun with your friends.” Jeff answered as he smiled at his daughter. Both he and Nancy had felt guilty about leaving Liz by herself, their guilt overriding their usual sense of caution and giving Liz permission without the usual interrogation.

“Thanks Mom. Dad.” Liz threw herself into her parents’ arms, giving them both a quick hug and kiss. She knew she had manipulated her way through that one, but she really did want to go.


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AN: Aah a little camping fun for those who have been waiting for it! Sorry I took so long, but RL has been insane. Anyway, feedback as always is very much appreciated! Enjoy the latest part!

Part 29

Mission Hill National Park was an expanse of land that boasted numerous environmental wonders. The campsite was well organized, with areas clearly marked for pitching tents, setting up fires, and bathing. Michael, Liz, Isabel and Kyle had driven up in Kyle’s beaten up pick-up truck, their essentials thrown in the back in a haphazard stack.

Upon arriving Isabel promptly set things in motion, ordering Michael and Kyle to set up the tents according to her detailed specifications and putting Liz in charge of the food and checking their supplies, while she organized their belongings into two separate piles.

As Kyle and Michael grumbled about the work they’d been pressed into doing, Liz and Isabel talked about the “events” scheduled for the trip. They’d decided to take advantage of the Mission Hill campgrounds due to their proximity to the caves. Besides one exploratory excursion to the caves, the rest of the time they would spend at the lake or on the hiking trails.

“Are you sure that’s all?”

“Iz, I think we’re pretty well stocked for two days.”

“No, I meant are you sure that’s all there is to do?”

“We’re camping. I mean I guess if you really wanted to we could go fishing, and hey there are always campfire games we can play. Why are you stressing about this anyway?”

“She’s being the Campground Nazi for the day.” said Michael as he walked up behind them. He really wanted to wrap his arms around Liz’s small waist, feel her as she leaned back into him, but he couldn’t, not with Isabel around. So he scratched his eyebrow instead and looked over at Isabel. “Kyle and I got the tents up. I thought you might want to go make sure we’d set up the whole thing right. We weren’t sure how you wanted us to look at the diagram.”

“God, Michael you’d think that you two could figure out a little map. You guys better have pitched those tents right or I’ll…” Isabel muttered as she walked off to the tents, leaving Michael and Liz alone.


“Hey yourself.”

“Get over here. You’re too damn far away.” Michael growled. He wanted to hold Liz now. They hadn’t been able to spend too much time together since her parents had arrived.

“Hmmm. What about them?” Liz asked mischievously as she referred to Kyle and Isabel. She wanted to be as close to Michael as possible as well, she’d missed him holding her in his arms all night long. She wouldn’t have thought he was a cuddler, but he’d turned out to be one.

“Who cares? I want you in my arms.”

“I love you Michael.” Liz said as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I love you baby. I can’t believe I have to share a tent with Kyle though. I’d much rather share it with you.” Michael pressed a kiss to her forehead as he held her tightly in his embrace. He didn’t want to have to let her go. Not now, not ever.

“Yeah, well. We can’t look suspicious. Besides we can’t make Isabel and Kyle share a tent either.”

“But what if—“

“What if?”

“Never mind. I believe I was about to advocate matchmaking. I’ll suffer in peace. Only we might have to get lost in the woods together for a bit.”

“Hmm. I love the way you think.” Liz snuggled closer to Michael. Taking advantage of the few moments they had together before letting go. She wanted to be in his arms always, not the few stolen moments they’d been sharing since her parents had arrived.

Almost as if on cue Isabel walked up with Kyle, saying to Michael, “Ok, you guys did a good job. Now, Kyle take the food to the common area. Michael take this stuff to the red tent. Liz and I will take the rest to the blue.”

Michael gathered the pile of belongings he assumed were his and Kyle’s and dropped them in the tent. He checked to make sure Isabel and Liz didn’t need any help before beginning to sort through the pile. He separated his stuff from Kyle’s, noting that Kyle had some weird girly taste for a jock.

He heard a tap on the tent flap and turned to find Liz standing in the middle of the mess he’d made. Without thought he pulled her down on top of him, engaging her lips in a heated kiss.

“What are you doing in here?” he asked once he’d finished ravishing her mouth.

“I guess I’m going to organize my stuff.” Liz replied hesitantly.

“Ok. But why are you here?”

“Because my stuff is here.” Liz said pointing to the pile of things Michael had tossed in the opposite corner of the tent.

“Oh. Well. That’s a relief.”

“Why is it a relief?”

“I was worried about Valenti there for a second.”

“Michael. Do you think they know?”


“Michael are you being purposely dense today? Isabel and Kyle, do you think they know?”

“Maybe. Does that bother you?” Michael replied lazily. But there was a terseness to his words that belied his calm demeanor.

“What? No. I just…it makes me edgy to wonder, how much they suspect and how much they now. Should we just be open about it? God knows I don’t want to be more than two seconds away from you at a time.”

Michael didn’t respond with words. Instead he held her as tightly as he could in his arms and captured her mouth in a heartfelt kiss. Their passion escalated quickly their tongues fusing together much as they wanted to fuse their bodies.

Liz rubbed herself against the bulge in Michael’s pants. They were both throbbing with a need they knew they didn’t have the time to fill. Michael ran his hands through Liz’s hair and grabbed her face between his hands, breaking away from their kiss to breathe in laboriously.

Her reply had pushed him to the edge. Hearing her say she didn’t want to hide their relationship had been a gift he hadn’t been expecting. Granted he had encouraged their hiding of the relationship for both Max and Maria’s sakes, but it hadn’t meant that he’d been happy about that decision.

He loved Liz. He wanted to be with her completely. Openly. He wanted the world to know that she was his. And no one else’s.

“I love you so much. Let’s let those two sneaks know how much.”

“Mmm. Now? Can’t we have a little fun first?” Liz complained teasingly.

“Don’t ask me, you’re the one who saw the schedule.”

“Crap. We have water sports up in ten minutes.”

“Well Parker, maybe we can make up our own water sports?” Michael said suggestively, reminding Liz of their interlude at the lake.

“Guerin, have I mentioned I love the way you think.”


I can't help that I love a fictional character...

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AN: I had no idea when I started this that I would go on for thirty parts and that people would still be interested! Thanks you guys for awesome feedback every step of the way! This is probably the most boring part of the whole camp sequence, but I promise that things will definitely get more interesting as we go along. So enjoy this part! Tell me what you think!

Part 30

Liz and Michael stood with Isabel on the edge of the lake. The water looked cool and inviting, but Kyle’s glaring lateness had as yet prevented them from diving into the lake for a refreshing swim. Isabel paced back and forth on the embankment as Liz and Michael watched her without comment.

Michael was sick of waiting. He was also frustrated. He and Liz would have been able to take advantage of the extra time. Just thinking about that had him all hot and bothered. “Iz. We’re not in the seventh grade. It’s okay to cut loose.”



“Did you go to camp in the seventh grade?”

“No. But—“

“Then don’t say one little word.”

“Liz, baby, why did we agree to come?” Michael whispered in her ear.

“I think we wanted to take advantage of the situation.”

“Oh. When do you think we’ll have a chance to do that?”

“Hopefully as soon as Kyle gets his ass over here.”

Isabel ignored their whispered conversation. She was worried about Kyle. There was simply no reason for him to take this long. Everything had to go according to plan. She’d been so careful.

Michael shrugged off Isabel’s agitation. He’d been around the Christmas Nazi one time too many to start questioning her now. Except that the idea of Camping Director Nazi was frankly really frightening. Frightening enough for him to be plotting ways to escape the camp with Liz. And a sleeping bag.

Liz on the other hand watched Isabel carefully. While she hadn’t spent that much time with Isabel, especially when in one of her Fuhrer-like moods, there just didn’t seem any need for Isabel to be so anal. At least not about watersports. It seemed like she was more preoccupied with Kyle. And Liz couldn’t help but wonder if she and Michael were the only ones hiding something.

Kyle arrived suddenly, careening down the hill grab a surprised Isabel from behind and twirling her around. Startled into laughter Isabel forgot to be angry with him, instead wrapping her arms around him once they were still. Asking him once he’d set her down, “What took you so long?”

“I couldn’t figure out your system.” He replied.

“What do you mean?”

“You know however it is you organize things. Took me forever to figure out where the hell you put my suit.”

“As opposed to the way you do? Kyle your things were a mess.”

“But I know my mess.”

“You didn’t—“

“Take a chill pill Princess, I didn’t change a thing.”

Michael and Liz watched as they interacted silently. There was no doubt in their minds that there was something definitely going on between Isabel and Kyle.

Michael looked at the distance between him and Liz and compared it to the lack of distance in the way Kyle and Isabel were standing and decided that the time to do something about it was now.

“Baby?” he whispered loudly.


“You’re standing too damn far away again.”

Liz looked at him and scooted over closer. Michael shook his head.


Liz again scooted this time until their bodies were in complete contact. Michael wrapped hiss arms around her and brought her flush against him. “Closer.” He whispered before taking her lips in a long lingering kiss.

As soon as their lips touched everything else in the world stepped back, leaving them entirely alone with each other. Liz moaned as she felt Michael’s tongue slip between her teeth to play. She sucked on it a little grabbing his hair in an effort to bring their bodies closer together.

“Ahem.” Kyle coughed discretely as he gazed helplessly on the couple.

Michael grew wild as Liz threaded her fingers through his hair, pulling a bit at the ends of it as she pressed her body against his. He was savoring the warm wet feel of her mouth.

“Uh guys. We’re right here.” Kyle was making a valiant effort to get them to remember that they had an audience.

Isabel watched the shock of having her suspicions so unequivocally validated rendering her immobile. She watched as Kyle tried to call their attention. Finally deciding that they needed a little alien zap to pull themselves apart. She aimed a little ray of power at Michael’s butt and zap. He was jumped away from Liz yelping.

“Hey. Iz, that hurt dammit.” Michael glared at Isabel.

“Sorry. But we didn’t really need to see that. And we tried to get your attention before, I thought poor Kyle was going to cough out a lung or something.”

“Right. But you also wanted to know for sure that we were together? That’s why you brought out here in this pseudo-double date.” Liz spoke up. She really wanted to know how Isabel and Kyle felt about what they had seen. So far neither of them seemed too surprised.

“Um. Yeah. Well we noticed that you two were acting like a couple. And the few times we had shared activities planned we thought you guys made a good couple.” Kyle replied.

“Kyle and I, um we’ve started seriously dating now. He asked me to be his girlfriend last night. And we talked about how you and Michael make so much sense. Liz I’m really happy for you two.

“I know you remember how unhappy I was when you and Max first got together, and you thought it was because I was afraid you’d take him away from me, but it wasn’t really that. The thing is I always thought you were perfect for Michael.” Isabel explained.

“Really?” asked Michael. “You thought that?” he gave Liz a shaky smile. He’d never expected this kind of response from any of their friends.

“Yeah. Michael don’t you guys see it?”

“See what?”

“The way you both glow when you’re around each other. It’s always been that way. You two would just look at each other and everyone else in the room felt like they’d just missed something.”


“Yes really. Now give me a hug you big lug. Destiny, shmestiny, I know who you were meant to be with, and it certainly isn’t me.”

Isabel said as she enveloped Michael in a hug. When they let go, Kyle was quick to grab hold of her, placing his arms around her waist. “I’m where I want to be Michael. Kyle he knows the way no one else ever has, how it is I feel. And I think that you’ve figured out where it is you wanted to be now. After everything. And it’s with Liz.”

Michael smiled and took Liz’s hand in his. “Well. So how ‘bout them watersports?”

The seriousness of their heartfelt conversation abandoned the group threw themselves wholeheartedly into a game of water volleyball, playing until they were exhausted, languishing in the cool water of the lake. Floating in each other’s arms. Enjoying each other’s company.

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AN: Wow! Thanks for the feedback! You guys are super awesome, or to borrow Lee’s phrase you rock! Fearing for my life if I didn’t post the plotless nookie quickly I worked very hard on this part. Making it extra special for all of you, as well as for Liz and Michael. As for the ghost story I just made it up piecing together different stories I’ve either heard or read. Anyway I hope you enjoy this and I dedicate it to all of you who’ve been reading this since the very beginning. I’m still so shocked that this has gone on for as long as it has. Ok ok. Enough of me rambling, I know what you want to get to. So bring on the plotless nookie…

Enjoy this part and please tell me what you think!

Part 31

Late that evening Isabel made a bonfire with her powers, and they were making s’mores and swapping ghost stories. Isabel lay with her head in Kyle’s lap, as he absently stroked her hair. Liz sat between Michael’s legs, his arms wrapped around her waist as he listened intently to the story she was spinning.

“…Enraptured by the woman’s green eyes, the young seminarist stepped out into the woods every night. They never spoke. He would watch her dance between the trees ‘til daybreak and then head back to the Mission.

“The other students wondered at his behavior. He would fall asleep while the Monsignor lectured, during the matins and vesper services. He’d even fall asleep on top of the food in his plate. But nothing else but the woman with the green eyes mattered to him.

“So one night he decided to leave thoughts of ordination behind and went to the woods. This time intending to speak to the woman and declaring his love for her. When he wasn’t at the Mission the next morning, they did a thorough search of the woods, but he had vanished without a trace.

“They searched his belongings and found mention of this woman with the green eyes. So the director of the Mission made inquiries. Her name had been Aurora and she had died of consumption three winters before. She had loved the woods and had been known to wander through them every day until she grew to weak and passed away. She was buried in the village cemetery.” Liz’s voice had dropped to a whisper. And by the time she finished her story the only noise that could be heard among them was the crackle of the fire.

“That’s it?” exclaimed Kyle.

“What more do you want?” Liz asked.

“Answers dammit!” Kyle grumbled.

“Then it wouldn’t be a ghost story.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“So I’m really tired you guys. And tomorrow we have to the big visit to the caves, so we should all get a good night’s sleep.” Isabel spoke up. Standing and pulling Kyle along with her, “You’ll put out the fire right?” she asked Michael.

Michael nodded. “Night Iz. Kyle.”

Liz and Michael watched as Isabel and Kyle headed to their tent. And smiled at one another. Liz turned around in Michael’s arms, and sat on his lap facing him. “Mmm. I thought they’d never leave.”

Michael’s breath caught. Liz kept wiggling her bottom, rubbing her body against his sensitive shaft. “Um. Yeah.”

Liz wrinkled her nose at him and teasingly pressed a light kiss against his full lips. Michael groaned and pressed her tightly against him, plundering her mouth with his tongue. Tasting marshmallow and chocolate and all that was Liz. “Mmm. So sweet.”



“Put. That. Fire out. And let’s. Take. This. To our tent.” Liz punctuated her words with kisses. Disentangling herself from Michael’s arms and heading to the tent without him. Flustered and frustrated, Michael made quick work of putting out the fire; carefully making sure that not an ember remained burning, before heading to where Liz was waiting.

In the short time it had taken Michael to put out the bonfire Liz had transformed their tent into something out of a fantasy. She had spread their sleeping blankets across the floor of the tent, and pushed their belongings to the edges of the tent. The box of condoms Michael had brought placed on the corner of their blankets for easy access later. She’d hung a flashlight from one of the bars in the tent’s ceiling and the dim lighting cast a romantic glow across her skin. She lay naked waiting for him.

Michael’s jaw dropped.

Sometimes it was hard to believe that she was all his. Only his. He didn’t say anything as he pulled his comfortable gray t-shirt off. Nor did she as he dropped his pants. She watched with heavy-lidded eyes as he stripped off his boxers, and slowly stretched out on top of her.

“You feel so damn good Michael.”

“I’m not too heavy?”

“No. I like the weight of you on me. I also like you in me.”

“Liz!” Michael said shocked. He didn’t expect Liz to say things like that.

“What Michael? It’s been too long. I need you.”

“Oh, baby. I need you too.” With that Michael silenced Liz’s next words with his lips. Capturing her mouth in a long and tender kiss. Nibbling on her bottom lip and sucking her tongue into his mouth. They poured out their emotions into that one kiss. Their need for each other.

Michael left Liz’s mouth and trailed kisses down her neck, suckling at the place where her pulse jumped in her throat. Marking her as his.

Liz ran her hands down Michael’s back, enjoying the ripple of his muscles beneath her fingers. He knead her breasts, until her nipples hardened, clamoring for more attention. He laved them with his tongue, eliciting moans from Liz. As she restlessly moved beneath him.

Her body throbbing with an ache only Michael could ease. “Michael…please…” she moaned.

But Michael was intent on worshipping the most precious being in the world to him. He moved his hands to her wet, yielding folds, rubbing her clit as he swallowed her screams with a searing openmouthed kiss. Slowly he slipped one finger in her tight sheath, moving it in and out in a rhythm that was driving Liz wild.

She opened her legs further, allowing him more access, and he abandoned her lips as he took her in his mouth. Licking and sucking and using his tongue to drive her over the edge.

He held back just when he felt her tighten and rapidly grabbing a foil packet he quickly slid it over his throbbing erection and without further ado plunged into Liz’s willing body. She locked her legs around his waist as he drove into her, their bodies meeting in a fast and frantic rhythm.

Their screams of ecstasy muffled by their kisses. And as they climaxed they looked into each other’s eyes. A connection forming between them, and flashes of every moment they ever saw each other, every feeling they’d ever had for one another, heightened by their passion surrounded them as they fell into each other’s souls.

Afterwards, they cuddled, their bodies shivering still in reaction to their lovemaking. Michael lay on Liz, his head nestled by her neck, her legs wrapped around his waist as the lay spent.


“Yeah baby.”

“I just…I love you so much. And seeing how much you love me, how much you’ve always loved me…I just wanted to tell you. You are my everything.”

“Oh baby…I know. I love you too. You’re in my heart. You’re in my soul. You are my heart.”

Their lips met in a slow lingering kiss.

“So. A whole box, huh?”

“Yeah. Well you know what the Boy Scouts say?”

“What do they say?”

“Be prepared.”

Liz erupted into laughter as she pushed Michael onto his back. “Well, my love, it’s your turn now. And you better be prepared…”

“Prepared for what?”

Liz’s reply was to kiss his neck and rake her nails down his chest.

Michael moaned.

His hands tangling themselves in her thick lustrous hair as he arched his back slightly to give her more access to his body.

Liz lavished attention on both his nipples before continuing her journey downward; she licked and kissed the expanse of skin of Michael’s abdomen, smiling as his cock jumped in response.

Finally she reached her destination.

Reaching between their bodies, Liz tickled Michael lightly at the base of his testicles. Pressing a kiss on the bulbous tip of his cock before opening her mouth and sucking him in.

Her tongue swirled around the smooth skin as she followed a rhythm guided by Michael’s hands in her hair. Up and down she sucked and rubbed until Michael abruptly pulled her up against him, pressing a heated kiss on her lips.

Liz grabbed a new packet and teasingly put it in place while Michael groaned. “Baby, please…”

Liz positioned him carefully as she impaled herself on his shaft. His hands on her waist helped her pace their thrusts, as Michael filled her to the hilt. Their bodies grinding together as they both reached the point of no return.

Shuddering as their orgasms hit simultaneously.

Lying wrapped in each other’s arms.

Knowing and feeling the love.


I can't help that I love a fictional character...

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Author's Note: So it's been a really crappy week. Real life is a pain in the butt. But on a brighter note, I finally typed this scene up, I've had it in my head for days now, but RL being the pain it is I didn't have the time to sit and write it out. I think that it turned out well. Rather unexpected. But I'm happy with it. I hope you are too. So don't forget to leave feedback. I love hearing from you, especially since you all tell me how you love it! Gives me the warm fuzzies!

Angela...definitely a wide tent...sturdy...
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Part 32

“Mmm.” Liz said much later as she lay contentedly in Michael’s arms.

“So you liked that huh?”

“You know I did.” Liz smiled and snuggled closer to Michael’s body. She loved feeling his hard strength, the heat his body emanated around her. “Michael?”


“You’re not sleepy are you?”

“No. Why? What did you have in mind?” Michael said suggestively.

“I want you to read something.”

“Read?” Michael said disappointedly. That hadn’t been at all what he was imagining. But when he saw the look on Liz’s face he couldn’t bring himself to say no. “Sure. Why not?”

Liz moved out of his embrace to rummage through her bags until pulling out a book. She handed it to him without words.

Michael looked at it for a moment, before realizing why it looked so familiar. “Baby, this is your journal. Why are you giving it to me?”

Liz kissed him lightly on the lips, lying her head on his shoulder as she said, “Last time you read it when my life was very different. When both our lives were very different. What you said to me then has stayed with me. About how this showed the world how I saw Max. About how I had given you another reason to envy Max Evans. Michael, you have nothing on Max. No reason to envy him. And I need you to read this.”

Michael nodded wordlessly and began reading. He read for two hours straight until reaching Liz’s final entry dated from the other morning. It read:

Dear Michael,

By now you have read every thought, every feeling I’ve had over the past two years. No one knows me the way you do. No one sees me the way you do. And your drawings were merely visual proof of something I already knew in my heart. They were so beautiful, in every line I could feel the love you had for me as you drew it. I don’t remember ever feeling so loved. So precious and treasured.
I don’t even have words to express how I feel about you. It’s so much more than that.
We don’t even have to kiss for me to see stars. I see them in your eyes, I see them when you take my hand in yours. You walk into a room and all I want to do is run into your arms and tell the world how much I love you. How happy I am to love you. How happy loving you has made me.
I know you fear my past, especially what I shared with Max. The future he and I would have had. But that future is gone, it has faded away with time. And I am no longer the Liz Parker that loved Max Evans. Max isn’t the man I thought he was. I have moved on with my life. And I have found something so much greater than that with you. I found myself in your arms and realized that they were the only place I was meant to be.
Being with you is what is right. I love you. I want to share my life with you.
I am putting away my past. Closing the book on it so to speak.
And my future, my heart, my love is what I have to give you.
With you things will always be right.
I love you so much.
More than words can ever say.


Michael closed the leather bound journal. Tears streaming down his cheeks, he took Liz’s head in his hands and kissed her forehead, the tip of her nose, before pressing a lingering kiss on her lips.

Liz smiled as she wiped his tears away. “I love you.”

“Oh Baby. You…you amaze me. I love you so much Liz Parker. It’s a forever thing.” Michael said in a voice choked with emotion. He tightened his hold on Liz a moment, before saying, “Hold on. I brought something for you too.”

He went through his bags and drew out a sheet of paper. He then sat down in front of Liz, setting the paper upside down on the tent floor and began to speak haltingly. “Liz. You. Make me. Happier. Than anyone else. On this planet.”

Michael took off the ring he always wore on his right hand and concentrated on it until it began emanating a soft silver glow. The ring split in two parts, one very thin, the other thick. Michael placed the thicker half on his finger and continued to speak.

“There is no one. Here for me. Like you. I love. Everything. About you. Your mind. Your body. Your heart.”

Michael took the half of the ring that remained in his hand and resized it so that it looked to fit a woman’s finger. He played with the stone until it too began to emanate a silvery glow.

“I know we’re young. I know this sounds crazy. But the hell with it. the hell with everyone else. I don’t think I can spend another night without you in my arms. I want you with me at all times. Always. So I’m proposing. Liz Parker will you marry me?”

Michael opened the palm of his hand to reveal a diamond engagement ring and flipped the sheet of paper around so Liz could see it. It was a portrait of her, lying nude tangled amidst a mess of sheets. In every line, every movement of the pencil there was love, Michael’s love.

Liz was stunned. Of all the reactions she had been expecting from Michael this hadn’t been one of them. But he made it absolutely perfect. And he was sitting in front of her, his heart in his hands, fear in his eyes.

Liz didn’t waste any more time in telling Michael how much she loved him. Wrapping her arms around his neck she flung herself into his arms and slowly kissed him lingeringly, tenderly.

“So?” he asked.

“Yes. Oh God yes. This is total madness. But yes. I love you. So much.” Liz said as Michael slipped the ring he had made for her on her ring finger.

“I know this is crazy.” Michael said.

“Screw crazy. Let’s make love.” said Liz rather uncharacteristically. But Michael wasn’t about to complain. So shutting off the flashlight that hung above them, Michael dragged Liz as close as he possibly could and plundered her mouth with a searing kiss.


I can't help that I love a fictional character...

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Part 33

The morning dawned bright and sunny, although the four teens would have rather stayed in their tents cuddling, they all awoke to partake breakfast and continue on to the caves. The heart of their trip to Mission Hill.

They sat around the gas stove as Michael prepared eggs and bacon, talking about the days plans when Isabel noticed a flashing light from Liz’s finger.



“What is that?”

Liz looked in the direction of where Isabel was pointing and blushed. She hadn’t taken off the ring Michael gave her that morning, not thinking that it might be a little soon to share their plans. She looked to Michael helplessly.

Michael read the expression in Liz’s face; he knew she was worried that he wasn’t ready to share their commitment to one another with the world. But she was wrong there. And he proved it.

“I proposed last night. And I was accepted.”

“Michael. Liz. Wow.” Isabel was speechless. She wasn’t upset or angry. She knew Michael and Liz were perfect together, but she was concerned over the speed in which this all was taking place.

“Are you guys crazy? I mean…when are you guys thinking about getting married?” Kyle blurted out in shock.

“I…we’ve thought about it. We want to get married before school starts.”

“Wow. So soon.”

“Yeah. Iz. I can’t spend another day away from her. We’ll make it work, we know it won’t be easy, but if we have each other we’ll make it work.”

“Michael. I’m happy for you guys really I am. I’m just worried about you. I don’t want either of you to get hurt. Liz what will your parents say? And Max? And Maria? What about them?”

“Isabel, we’re doing this. With or without their blessings. I need Michael far too much to let him go. Please…”

Isabel looked at both Michael and Liz. Even standing apart from each other their stances mimicked one another’s. It was as if there was a special shield, one that kept them separated from the world. She smiled and hugged them both fiercely as Kyle watched.

Kyle was shocked. But he knew Liz, he knew Michael and he knew how determined they were to share each other’s lives. He wasn’t about to stand in the middle of that. He pulled Liz into a bear hug and shaking Michael’s hand said. “You ever hurt her I’ll fucking kill you. Alien power or no alien power.”

“Thanks guys. This means a lot.” Liz said through the tears that filled her eyes. No matter what else she and Michael knew they would always be able to count on Kyle and Isabel for support.

“So is breakfast ready or what?”

“Hungry Kyle?” Michael smirked.

“Yeah, I worked up an appetite last night.” Isabel laughed and playfully smacked Kyle in the arm as Liz and Michael groaned.

“Dude. That was way more than I needed to know.” Michael complained.

They settled down and ate their breakfast, their spirits high, ready for the day’s adventure.


Meanwhile back in Roswell…

Max walked into the Crashdown before his shift started at the UFO Museum. He wanted to talk to Maria about something that had been bothering him lately. And he needed to know if he was just going crazy or if what he thought was real.

“Hey girlfriend…what’s up? You look so serious.” Maria greeted Max with her usual chatter. Once Michael was away it was easier for her to deal with the remaining Czechoslovakians.

“Maria. We need to talk.’

“About what? Liz? I’m not going to help you with that. I don’t see how she’d forgive you for what you did.’’

Max dragged Maria to the backroom and sat down on a chair in the corner as he watched Maria pace.

“Do you know if she’s seeing anyone else?” he asked.

“No. She hasn’t brought that up. Why? Did you see her with someone new? Frankly I think she’s been spending all her time with Michael. Don’t ask me why…Spaceboy barely makes good company I don’t see why she wants to sit around with a rude, ill-mannered grump who growls and smirks his way around—“

“Maria…take it easy. Please. What if the other guy were Michael.”

“Max, have you lost your friggin’ mind? First of all that breaks the code. Secondly why would Liz settle for Michael? At least you started by being the perfect boyfriend. Spaceboy never even got that part right.”

“Listen to me Maria. I think something going on between them. I don’t know how or why it is I know, but there is something more than friendship.”

Maria sank down onto the couch. She thought back to before she broke up with Michael, the inordinate amount of time that he and Liz had been spending together. She hated to admit it but what Max was suggesting made sense. And it hurt to think that her best friend would not only betray her like that, but lie to her face about it.

“Max was there a science club field trip the other day?”


“A field trip. Liz said that there was some field trip she had to go to for the science club, but when I asked her how it went she acted almost surprised as if she didn’t know what I was talking about. Max what if you’re right? What do we do? How do we act?”

Max walked over to sit next to Maria on the couch only as did so he was struck by images. A rush of emotion so deep so intense. A love so raw so strong it made his heart bleed. A passion that exploded in a blinding flood of sensations. Michael and Liz kissing. Making love. Max gasped and stood up. Shaking, gagging, he ran to the bathroom where he heaved out the contents of the morning’s breakfast.

“Max? What happened are you okay?” Maria asked concerned.

Max rinsed out his mouth. And looked at Maria as he said, “I saw them. Together. Making love.”


“Just now. On the couch. God Maria. How could they?”

Maria and Max held each other. Both feeling like their hearts had been ripped out. The betrayal was twofold, not only had love stabbed them in the back, but their best friends.


The caves were dark and dank. They had gone to the place where Max and Liz had found the message only to find it had disappeared without a trace.

In their eagerness to solve the mystery, Isabel and Michael had gone on ahead, leaving Kyle and Liz to follow at a much slower pace. Liz was fascinated by the different rock formations and kept checking the walls of the cave to make sure that the message hadn’t been scrawled again on another part of it.

Suddenly a rumbling echoed throughout the dark recesses of the cave. And the sound of walls crumbling, rocks tumbling could be heard.

The sound of screams reverberating through the dark.

One last cry.



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AN:Sorry I left you guys hanging on this for so long. This part turned out to be harder to write than I thought and the problem wasn't so much what I wanted to see happen but how to get it to happen. I finally realized that the problem was with the vagueness of the show's definition of the alien's powers. In the beginning it was hinted that they could all do the same thing with varying degrees of skill (until Tess came into the picture and for some reason had exclusive hold on the mindwarping) in any case, I've always felt more inclined to believe that they all share the same abilities. That said, in the Roswell High books, the extent of their powers are more broad and I've chosen to include one of those abilities in this section. So don't be too surprised when you see it.
Your feedback here has always been so wonderfully encouraging, thank you guys so much. I really appreciate it. Please tell me what you think, and enjoy this latest section!

Part 34

Liz groaned as she slowly opened her eyes. It took her a moment to remember why exactly she was lying on the floor, why it was her body was screaming out in pain, why it was her heart was pounding its way out of her chest. Grunting with effort she tried to push herself up off the hard floor. She managed to seat herself, and as she pushed her hair back away from her face she noticed blood on her hands.

“You have a real nasty cut there, Liz.”

Kyle’s words startled Liz out of her numbed state.

“Oh God. Kyle are you all right?”

“Yeah. Just a little bruised. I got the wind knocked out of me. Can you stand?”

“No. I think I twisted my ankle too.”

“What the hell are we going to do? We’re blocked in here.”

“Michael and Isabel?”

“I don’t know. They were pretty far up ahead of us.”

Kyle and Liz looked at the mountain of rubble that had effectively cut them off from any way of getting back outside or closer to Michael and Isabel.

“Can’t you connect with him?” asked Kyle.


“Like you did with Max.”

“But he couldn’t hear me. And Isabel was with me.”

“But it’s Michael. Liz you have to try. I’m going to try to dreamwalk Isabel.”

“Do you think it will work?”

“It has to.”

Liz closed her eyes and nodded. It had been a while since she had tried to focus on the energy that Max had left behind when he healed her. It often simmered inside of her and she hoped that she had enough to reach Michael on her own. Breathing in and out she thought of Michael. But nothing was happening.

She opened her eyes. Kyle was sitting lotus position, his breathing deep and even. She didn’t think Buddhism would help her any. Her finger tingled, and she remembered that Michael had used his powers to create her engagement ring. If she could hone in on his essence locked within the ring, and use the energy trapped within herself, she might have a chance of reaching Michael.

Closing her eyes, she held the ring tightly in the palm of her hand. She let loose the torrent of power that begged to be unleashed and allowed it to heat the metal in her hand. Shifting through the protons and neutrons that were platinum, finding the molecules that were Michael and sending them back home.

She opened her eyes once again. Michael lay before her, his body trapped beneath a boulder, blood trickling down his face, his arms, his legs. There was no place he wasn’t cut or bruised. Liz ran to his side and brushed the hair off his forehead.


“Liz?” he moaned and opened his eyes. “What are you doing here? How?”

“Don’t ask me how. I had to find you.”


Liz looked around and saw Isabel lying in a heap a few feet away.

“She’s right here. Kyle’s dreamwalking her. Michael. Can you stand? I don’t know how to get out of this, Kyle and I are trapped too.”

“I have an idea. But I need you to wake Isabel and go back.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Just trust me baby. I’ll get us out of this.”

Liz nodded and walked to where Isabel lay. Gently shaking her awake.


“Isabel. Are you okay?”

Isabel looked at Liz questioningly. She knew Liz had said something but it was as if she was on mute.

Liz simply pointed to where Michael lay and faded away.

“Michael! Oh my God!”

“Can you heal me Isabel?”

“Yeah. Hold on.”

Isabel placed a hand on Michael’s chest and seeking out his hurts with the energy that flowed through her, she slowly mended his battered body.

“Michael, what now?”

“Iz, you remember how we used to sort of transport from one place to another?”

“Yes. But we haven’t done that in years. I hated the feeling of it.”

“Yeah. But there’s no way we can get out of here unless we try to do it.”

“What about Liz and Kyle?”

“I think we can manage to take them with us.”


“Isabel. We have to try.”

Isabel nodded. She took Michael’s hand in hers and closed her eyes.

They both concentrated on Liz and Kyle, and on becoming nothing but empty space where they were and materializing out of thin air next to Liz and Kyle. Slowly the molecules that formed them separated and flew through space and time one by one. Coming together one by one, becoming Isabel and Michael once more.

“Michael.” Liz said from where she sat on the floor. Michael ran to her and gathered her in his arms. Pressing his forehead to hers he whispered.

“Oh Baby. I was so scared I’d lost you just when I’d found you.”

“Never.” Liz whispered back. Their lips met in a searing kiss. Both had been weakened by their exertions. Their breathing harsh and ragged. Their hearts pounding. Not with passion. But with fear and adrenaline.


“It’s something we hadn’t done since we were kids. It’s real unsettling. You feel yourself disintegrate and come together. I need you to try it with me and Is. It’s the only way I can get us out of here. I don’t know how long we have until the cave collapses entirely.”

“You think it will collapse again?”

“I’m pretty sure the whole thing was alien related and that as soon as they realize we’re still alive they’ll try it again if we’re still in here. I’m going to get us out. But I need you to trust me. I need both of you to trust me.” Michael said including Kyle.

“Okay. What do we have to do man?” asked Kyle.

“Just hold on to Isabel and me. And concentrate on outside of the caves. And don’t resist when you feel your body pulling apart. I know it’s creepy. I hate the way it feels, it’s why we never do it. But it’s the only way. Once outside Isabel and I can heal you guys.”

Liz and Kyle nodded their assent. And forming a circle they allowed themselves to be moved seamlessly from one space to another.

Gasping from the effort they all lay in a heap on the floor. Breathing in the lush fresh air that was so liberating, unlike the constricting dankness of the caves. Liz lay in Michael’s embrace, while Kyle held Isabel.

“We shouldn’t dally. We don’t want the rangers to find us here.” Michael said tersely.

“I can’t walk. I think my ankle’s broken.” Said Liz. Michael nodded and placed his hand on her injured leg, but when he tried to concentrate on healing the hurts his energy shot all over the place.

“Isabel. I can’t. Take care of her.” Michael stepped away, his expression inscrutable and watched as Isabel healed Liz completely. “You okay Kyle?” he asked.

“Yeah. Nothing major. Let’s get a move on.”

Nodding, Michael took hold of Liz’s hand and began walking back towards the camp. It had been a long day. They had much to talk about. They all needed to rest. And they needed to get back to Roswell.


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AN: This is a super duper long part for all you kids who’ve been waiting for an update. Yay me! I’m very excited to have this done. Thanks to all of you who have said such nice things about this story. It’s my baby, so I love that you guys enjoy it.

Angela to answer your question...No this will not have any GZ 'shipping...I too find that pairing disturbing. Probably because Max and Maria are my least favorite characters to write about.

Part 35

The drive back to Roswell was quiet and somber. A far cry from the laughing foursome that had driven out to the hills for some fun. They’d packed up their stuff as soon as they got back to camp, deciding to drive home a day early.

Michael was still tense and withdrawn. He’d been upset since he realized he couldn’t heal Liz, but he refused to talk about it. He might have been uncommunicative with words, but his need for Liz was evidenced by his constant physical contact.

Even now as they sat in silence in the back of the small pick-up truck’s cabin, he held her close to his heart. And Liz was comforted by the steady beating of it.

Isabel had apparently decided that both couples needed some privacy and an hour into the drive she had created a division, effectively sound-proofing both sections of the cabin from each other.

Liz and Michael stayed in silence at first and watched as Isabel and Kyle appeared to speak while on mute.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” Liz asked curiously after a while.

“The caves probably.”


“I don’t want to talk about it Liz.”

“Oh Michael. Please. Just listen to me a moment baby.” Liz turned to face Michael directly. He was pretending to evade her gaze by looking out the window.

“Fine. What is it?” He said when he realized she wouldn’t give up.

“I think I know why you couldn’t heal me.”

“Yeah right. I’m the screw-up, the killer, the one who—“

“Michael. Stop it. You are none of those things. You could have healed Kyle right?” Liz looked at Michael expectantly.

“Yeah. I guess.”

“Did you really not think to heal me all those months ago when I got shot at the Crashdown?” she asked curiously.

“I don’t remember.” Michael replied sullenly. He did not want to be having this conversation. He already knew where it would end up. Inevitably all things ended up discovering that he was mediocre while Max was perfection.

“Fine. I’ll hazard a guess then. I think you can’t heal when you feel too much.”


“You loved me even then.”


“Back then, when Max healed me instead.”

“What…why…Liz what are you talking about? Sputtered Michael.

“When you feel strongly about something it short circuits your powers. So the sometimes lack of control makes sense then.”

“I still don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Michael. When your powers don’t work, usually you’re under some severe emotional stress. You love me so much it takes my breath away. And because you love me so much you feel that much more afraid of losing me. You’ll never lose me Michael.”

“Liz, I can’t save you. What kind of protector does that make me?”

“Michael, who said I wanted protection? I want you. I love the way you complicate my life.”

“But you’ve been hurt.”

“But the wounds that hurt the most were the ones you healed Michael.”

“What do you mean?”

“What hurt me most, weren’t the cuts and bruises the avalanche of rocks may have caused. It was Max’s betrayal of everything I thought was important to both of us. You made me forget that pain. You gave me back my heart, only you gave it to me with yours, and so I was able to give you mine.”


“Michael, hear me out. I love you. And you love me so much you can’t bear the thought of my being hurt. But because your emotions have always affected your powers you couldn’t heal me then, and you couldn’t heal me now. You should realize though, that it was because of you we got out of there. You really were the hero today. I would never want the sensitivity to your emotions to change Michael. You have so much heart. It makes you an amazing man. The love you have to give…baby, you have no idea how it makes me feel.”

Michael listened to Liz’s words and for the first time began to feel better about himself, about his place in the group of aliens. He hushed Liz with a slow lingering kiss to the lips. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For believing in me. For loving me. I love you Liz.”

“I know. I love you too.”


They pulled up in front of the Crashdown sooner than they thought and were quietly unloading Michael and Liz’s stuff when Max showed up.

“Hey guys. Liz. Michael” He greeted them curtly. Anger and hurt flashing in his eyes. Michael and Liz looked at each other, instinctively knowing that it was the time to come clean about their relatinship.

“Hey Max.” Isabel smiled at her brother and went to give him a hug, and was surprised when he stepped back. “What’s going on?”

“I think I should be the one asking that.”

“Max.” Liz greeted him simply. “We have to talk.”

“Fine.” Max nodded at Michael and Kyle curtly before following Liz around the corner to the back alley of the Crashdown.

“You just going to let her go?” asked Kyle.

“Yeah. I think telling Max what he already knows falls to her. I’ll just take the punches later.”

“Oh. Well, Maria’s inside.”

“Great. Think she knows too?” Michael looked at Kyle’s face and sighed. “I guess I’d better go talk to her. But she’ll want to talk to Liz too.”

“See you guys later then. Good luck.” Kyle slapped Michael on the back before climbing into the driver’s seat of the truck.

Isabel smiled and said, “If you need anything. Call us. Both of you.”

“Sure.” Michael gave her a hug before she settled into the truck’s cabin, and watched as they sped off to safety. With a grimace on his face he walked into the Crashdown. Telling Maria about Liz and him wasn’t going to be fun. He just hoped her shrieking wouldn’t pierce his ears.


“You know.” Liz said without preamble as soon as she and Max were far enough out of earshot.

“Yeah. Liz, how could you guys do this? To me? To Maria? Why Michael? Was it just to take revenge on me for Tess?”

“This has nothing to do with you or Maria. This is about Michael and me. We love each other Max. I’m not giving him up. Not for you or future versions of you, I’ve found happiness. I’ve found my place in life. And it’s by Michael’s side.” Liz said angrily.

Her voice softening she continued, “And I’m sorry if we’ve hurt you Max. For that certainly was never our intention. But we realized that if we denied what was in our hearts, we would be hurting ourselves far worse in the end.”

“Liz. I’m sorry. I guess I thought we still had a chance. And I know that if you’re with Michael, there will never be another chance. There’s always been something between you, in your anger towards each other that I never wanted to look at too closely, because I was afraid of what I might see.

“But finding out the way I did—“

“How did you find out?”

“I got visions of you and Michael making love on the couch in the break room.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

“I could see the love Liz. I guess I just didn’t want to admit it. And I wish you guys would have told me about it, even though I understand why you didn’t.”

“Max. There’s something you should know.”

“What? Did you guys find anything at the caves?”

“Actually the caves I’ll save for later. It’s about Michael and me.”

“Oh. What is it?

“We’re getting married. Probably within the next month.”

“Oh.” Max just looked at Liz blankly before offering her a weak smile. “Congratulations. I guess this will take some getting used to.”

“Max, I just want you to know that I’m happy. And I hope that you can someday find the same things that I’ve found with Michael.”

“Thanks Liz. I’ve got to get back to the UFO Museum, so I’ll let you get inside.”

“Goodbye Max.”


Liz watched as Max walked away. For the first time in a long time she knew that they would both be okay. It was with finality that Max walked away from her now. And she couldn’t regret it. Because she had Michael. Because she had found love.


“Maria. Can I talk to you a second?” Michael stopped Maria as she barreled through one of the many aisles in the Crashdown.

Glancing up at him, she frowned before nodding. “Alice, cover my tables. I’m on break.” She called out to the blond waitress standing behind the counter.

Not bothering to glance back at Michael, she turned on her heel and walked towards the break room. Sitting on the edge of the couch before grimacing and standing up and pacing. “So? Talk.”

Michael had been watching Maria’s flurried activity with a bemused smile. It was surprising how different it was from being with Liz. Everything with Maria had been frenzied, electric. While with Liz things were serene and graceful. Passionate yet quiet. Maria was like a fire raging out of control, while Liz was a flame steady burning. Love takes on so many forms; it’s surprising to realize which ones work best.

“Um. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something—“

“If this is about you and Liz, I already know. I can’t believe you had sex on that couch. It is just so gross. God when I think about all the times I’ve sat there and I didn’t know—“

“How do you know about that?”

“Max had a vision of it. Why are you with her Michael? Don’t put her through shit. She’s already been through enough.”

“You’re not mad.”

“Well I was at first. But then I realized I really had no right to be mad. I broke up with you, and in my own way I feel as if I even pushed you two closer together. Just love her Michael. Liz is an incredible girl. And if she loves you, well, you are very lucky.”

“I do. Love her I mean. And I know I’m lucky. She’s ten times the person I’ll ever be. Maria, I just want to apologize.”

“For what, spaceboy? I was very wrong to behave the way I did towards the end. I guess we weren’t ready for that kind of intimacy, or we weren’t meant to share that kind of intimacy. I’m very happy with Jerry. And I know I always made you feel like you were doing something wrong as a boyfriend, that was wrong of me.”

“Thanks. I guess I could have put more effort into trying to be more open about my feelings.”

“Yeah, well no need to share that now. Listen Michael. I’m glad we talked. And I’m sure we’ll eventually figure out how to be friends, but for today I’ve had enough talk. And I really need to get back to work. Tell Liz to call me later.”

Maria swept out of the break room just as Liz walked in through the back door.

“Hey. So how’d it go with Max?”

“Okay. He’s a little upset, I think it will take some time for everything to sink in. he kind of found out in the worst possible way.”

“Yeah, Maria told me about the flash he had on the couch.”

“Maria knows?”

“Yeah. It was weird. We talked and I think things might actually be okay.”

“She wasn’t mad.”

“No. Not the way I’d thought she would be. Mostly she was grossed out by the idea of having sat on the couch after we’d made love on it. She told me to tell you to call her.”

“Wow. So that’s that then. Now we just have to talk to my parents.”

“Yeah. Well I didn’t tell Maria I’d proposed.”

“Makes sense. I guess you want me to tell her.”

“I think it will make more sense if you tell her.”

“Ok. But what about my parents?”

“Can we talk to them later? We still have a group meeting to get through and right now all I want to do is curl up with my girlfriend and watch some bad TV and eat some good old-fashioned junk food.”

“That sounds heavenly.”

Michael and Liz went out to pick up their belongings and carried them upstairs to the Parker’s apartment. Where they just vegged out in front of the TV with some popcorn and Tabasco sauce for the rest of the afternoon.

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AN: For Kay...
Thanks everyone for the wonderful's the latest...enjoy!

Part 36

“Liz, honey, you’re back!”

“Oh, hey Mom.” Liz smiled groggily at her mother from where she lay on the couch. Michael had left earlier to shower and take a nap, they’d agreed to meet up for dinner at Liz’s and face the parents together. “What time is it?”

“It’s six. I just got in from the craft fair in Las Cruces. They had some amazing stuff, I found this necklace for you.”

“Thanks Mom. I love it.” Liz gave her mother a hug before asking, “Do you mind if Michael joins us for dinner tonight?”

“No honey. You and he are close now aren’t you?”

“Yeah. We are. He’s been there for me. I’ve had a lot to deal with this summer, and we’re actually pretty serious.”

“Serious? As in dating?”

“Um. Yeah. Does that bother you?”

“That you are dating Michael? No. Should it?”

“Well, I just thought…you hated Max and I thought that you wouldn’t like Michael either.”

“Sweetheart, I never hated Max. It’s just…I didn’t want your heart to be broken that’s all. There was something about him that just bothered me. But Michael is different. I think he has the soul of an artist.”

“Really? I guess I never thought about them that way. But I think you’re right. Max did break my heart. He really did hurt me, even though he never meant to. And Michael, he’s been there for me, he’s helped me heal. Mom, he loves me. And I love him.”

“That’s wonderful sweetie. I’m glad for you both. I hope you know he’s always welcome here. Your father and I both have much to thank him for, not only has he been a great help with the diner, he’s also put those stars back in your eyes.”

Liz hugged her mother once more, before bounding into the bathroom to get ready for dinner tonight. She hoped her parents wouldn’t be too upset with Michael. Or with her. She wanted everything to be perfect, even though she knew it couldn’t possibly be.


Michael arrived at the Parkers’ door at precisely eight o’clock. He’d showered and groomed, taking care with his appearance, the last thing he wanted to do was look like a slacker the day he told his boss he wanted to marry his boss’s daughter.

“Michael, come in. Lizzie mentioned you’d be joining us.”

“Hello Mr. Parker, how are you?”

“Good, good. And it’s Jeff by the way. No need to stand on ceremony, I see you almost every day. How was that camping trip? I heard the news story about the cave-in, you kids were lucky you weren’t out exploring the caverns.”

“Yeah. It was great. We played water sports. And had a bonfire.”

“Sounds wonderful. I haven’t been camping, well since the school had that sponsored activity. Lizzie was dating that boy Max. Hmph. I’d of rather been playing poker with you Michael.”

“Um. Thanks Mr.…um Jeff.” Michael smiled lamely at Jeff as they walked through the hallway into the living room. He had no idea what to say, he’d never been the favorite over Max. Maybe it was a Parker thing.

Just then Nancy walked into the living room. She’d just finished setting the dining room table. Jeff saw that she had put out the fine china and felt decidedly underdressed considering his wife was wearing a pretty dress and Michael had departed his usual jeans and funky shirt look for a more sedate outfit.

“Michael, make yourself comfortable. No one told me this was a dinner party. I’m going to have to go up and change. Dammit. Liz should be out shortly.”

“Michael. I’m so glad you decided to join us tonight. Lizzie was just telling me how you two have been dating seriously.”

“Hello Mrs. Parker. Um…yeah…you have to know that I love your daughter.” Michael felt like he was facing a firing squad. Angry parents he knew how to deal with. But friendly, accepting ones were a little more than he could handle at the moment.

“Michael. Don’t be silly, the name’s Nancy. Lizzie should be out in a few minutes. She’s helping in the kitchen. Besides I’m glad we have a moment to chat a little first.”

“Ma’am. Nancy, I just want to assure you that my intentions towards Liz are completely honorable, I love her with all my heart and would never hurt her.”

“My dear boy, I already know that.” Nancy let out a tinkling laugh, while Michael wondered what manner of insanity had beset the Parker household. If Liz didn’t show up soon and save him he would literally run screaming from the Crashdown.

“Um. Ok. Well. What did you want to chat about?”

“Is it a promise ring or an engagement ring?”

“Wh—what?” stammered Michael.

“I see. Engagement. Why the rush?”

“Nancy…I…um…I need her. Please don’t forbid this.”

“Who’s forbidding anything?”

“I don’t understand.”

“I know. She’s not pregnant?”

“No. God no. That’s not why—“

“I didn’t think so. But then why? Why the rush?”

“I guess it’s because I need her. And she needs me.”

“I see. Good. I guess you’d also rather sleep indoors.”


“Well the temperatures start to cool in September, so that sleeping on the lawn chair on the balcony won’t really seem like a good idea anymore.”

“Why aren’t you more upset?”

“Why would you be upset Mom? Michael what did you do?” Liz asked as she walked into the room.

Michael didn’t answer, the sight of the woman standing before him had him riveted. She’d dressed simply as was her wont, the necklace her mother had purchased around her neck, the ring Michael had given her shining on her finger.

“I’m not upset baby. Michael was just answering a few of my questions.”

“But why would he think you’d be upset?”

“Well I guess he thought I’d forbid you getting married.”

“You told them? Why didn’t you wait for me?”

“Liz…I think you told them.”

“I didn’t tell them, we had agreed to do it together. I thought we were going to do this together.”

“Yeah. Well maybe you should have taken off the ring.”

“The ring? I…oh. Mom?”

“Yes Lizzie?”

“Why aren’t you upset?”

“I don’t see why I should be?”

“Well. Goddammit. I’m upset.”

“Oh my God, Dad.”

“Jeff, why are you upset?” Nancy asked her husband quizzically.

“Well I thought we were going to talk to the kids together Nance, and instead you take advantage of my absence and now you have them all confused.”

Michael’s head was spinning. He looked down at Liz, whom he’d taken in his arms when Jeff had walked back into the room. She looked as confused as he was. Nothing made sense, not only had Max and Maria taken the news surprisingly well, but Liz’s usually overprotective parents were being surprisingly cavalier about their marriage.

Liz wondered briefly if it was a mindwarp, but there was no unconscious, steady tapping to indicate that such was the case.

“Sit down, both of you.” Jeff asked as he and Nancy settled onto the sofa.

Liz and Michael obediently took their seats. And stared awestruck at Nancy and Jeff. They had just wanted a normal reaction this niceness was way too weird for them both.

“Mom, Dad, I guess I’m confused. Why would you guys be so willing to let me marry Michael? I thought you guys would protest about college and my career.”

‘If you didn’t plan to have one we’d protest. Lizzie, we think Michael would let you live out your dreams. He’d help you achieve them. And we don’t want to cut you off. We want to help you as well. There’s something we haven’t told you.”

“Oh God.” Liz buried her head in Michael’s shoulder. She was confused enough as it was, she didn’t need more family havoc.

“When we were with your cousin Jeanie and her kids, we saw something that would be a great opportunity in Santa Fe, and we were trying to figure out how we could move there without closing the restaurant here in Roswell.” Began Jeff.

“We’re moving? When?”

“Actually sweetie, your father and I are moving, we thought it would be best if you stayed. Originally we had planned a commute of some sort, but that would have been unbearable. We don’t want you to miss your senior year, and we need you here at the diner. So we decided we needed to hire someone as a manager and offer them a room here in the apartment.”

“But we didn’t want you living with some stranger. So your mother and I were thinking about your friends who work here. While Maria’s been with us the longest, she has a home, and we were pretty sure Amy wouldn’t want to let her move. So our next thought was Michael, who’s been doing an excellent job with his duties here, and whom we knew lived on his own. So we were going to make him an offer.”

“But then we noticed the way you two were around each other. At first we couldn’t understand the hostility in public with the camaraderie we knew you shared in private, both your father and I have watched you two close.”

“But then your mother figured it was that you guys were secretly dating. We actually had no idea it was so serious until we saw the ring on Lizzie’s finger this afternoon.”

“So your Dad and I talked about it, and we were both relieved. Baby, we’re not going to be leaving you alone or abandoning you to pursue a new opportunity. You’ll have Michael, a place to live, and a steady income.”

“I’m afraid I still don’t understand…you’re giving us what?” asked Michael.

“We’d give you both a total of forty-nine percent ownership of the diner, and we’d transfer the apartment into your names. We know that you’d be tied to Roswell Lizzie, but we figured your plans weren’t really to leave it.” replied Jeff.

“No, they weren’t. I could commute to Las Cruces and…” Liz was overcome. She couldn’t believe her parents were being this generous. She nestled further into Michael’s arms, they were the only comfort she had now.

“We just need to know if you guys are willing to do this. How soon it was you guys wanted to get married? If this is an acceptable solution for all of us? Your father and I will let you guys talk about it, while we check on the food in the kitchen.”

Liz nodded numbly as her parents left the room. Michael held her closely in his embrace before kissing her on the forehead and saying, “Wow.”

“I know. Michael, I want to do this. But I need to know if you think you could do this.”

“Baby, not only would I do anything for you. What your parents are offering us is the perfect solution. I can’t believe they’d do this for us. I can’t believe they trust me to take care of you.”

“Michael, they trust you because you’re amazing…my mom think you have the soul of an artist. She loves you because I love you, and because you’ve put back the stars in my eyes. And those are her words not mine. So we’re getting married.”

“Oh hell yeah. And we’re never going to be apart.”

“Good. I’m glad we agree. Now let’s go have some dinner.”

“I’m right behind you. I’m starving.”