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Know it's been a while, but what can I say? School Sucks! *happy* Kim

Part 44A
Labor Day

“Sweets, you almost ready?” Zan calls to me. He’s in the living room and I’m in the bathroom trying to tie up my red bikini top.
“Yeah. Give me like, 20 more seconds and I’ll be right out,” I yell. Damn these strings. It’s times like these that I wish I had eyes in the back of my head.
“And what if I’m ready now?” Zan suddenly whispers in my ear as he wraps his arms around my middle. I nearly jump into the shower door due to the fright he has caused me.
“Good God man! We need to get you a bell. How do you manage to sneak up on me like that?”
“What, you don’t like surprises?” he asks feigning hurt. I turn to face him.
“Not when they take years off my life.”
“Well I guess I should get rid of the surprise I have for you downstairs, then, huh?”
“You have a surprise for me, Zan? What is it? Tell me, tell me,” I say anxiously all the while dancing a little jig in the middle of the bathroom.
“No, no. I’m going to get rid of it. Wouldn’t want it to take any time off your life,” he teases as he lets go of my waist and walks towards the front door.
“Zaaaaaannnnnn. Tell me what it is.” My lower lip puckers out, but he only laughs at me.
“How about you come with me and find out what it is.” Zan opens the door and holds his hand out to me. “You comin’?”

I snatch my beach bag off the bed and run past him out the door to the elevator. He chuckles as he closes the door and joins me in the elevator. Once the door closes, he pulls me into his arms and rests his face in my hair.

“I love you.”
“I love you, too, Zan.” Pause. “Is everything okay?” I ask as I pull back and look into his eyes.
“Perfect,” he smiles at me and at that moment the elevator sounds, letting us know that we’ve reached our destination. Zan steps out ahead of me, and the bright sunlight momentarily blinds us.

“Well look who decided to come down from the love nest and grace us with their presence,” a familiar voice calls out and begins to laugh. I shade my eyes with my hands and try to look across the pool to where the voice is coming from, but Zan’s Adonis like body is obstructing my view. It can’t be…I look at Zan and notice that he’s beaming down at me.

“Hey Liz! Psst, over here! You and your hunk of burning love have forever to drown in each other’s eyes, my flight is leaving tomorrow night,” the voice continues to tease.

“Zan?” I look at him once again and see that he is still beaming.
“Surprise, babe,” he whispers and kisses my forehead. Zan moves to the side and that’s when I see him. A smile stretches across my face as I run towards my buddy.

“Alex!” I shriek and launch myself into his arms.
“Oh, I’m surprised you remember who I am,” he chuckles as we embrace.
“What are you talking about, Whitman? I’d know that voice anywhere,” I reply giving him a playful punch to the stomach.
“I wasn’t so sure for a minute, you looked like you were on Planet Zan there,” he teases and I laugh. Taking a step back, I use the opportunity to really get a good look at him. “My God, Alex, what have you been eating? I swear, if I wasn’t on Planet Zan I would definitely be on Planet Alex,” I say slyly and to my statement Alex blushes.

‘I heard that, sweets.’
‘Jealous?’ Zan laughs out loud at my statement and both Alex and I look at him; Alex in bewilderment, me in arousal.

“Pay no attention to him,” I state waving hands. “I’m serious, though. Look at you, you’re all cut and stuff. And let us take a look at this marvelous six pack you have going on here. What happened to you?” If I wasn’t with Zan and didn’t know Alex the way I do, I swear….
“Not being with Isabel is what happened, if you want to know the truth,” he blandly states. “The whole time we were going out, she pretty much had me on this vegan diet of rabbit food, and after we broke up, I rediscovered the world of red meat and the gym.”
“You did more than rediscover it, you made yourself a permanent resident,” I exclaim. “I just still can’t believe that you’re actually here! How did you get here?”
“Well Liz, a long time ago the Wright Brothers came up with this invention called the airplane…”
“You know what I’m talking about, Alex!” I laugh. “When did you get here?”
“Last night.”
“You were here and you didn’t even have the decency to call me? Oh, your Musketeer card is about to be revoked!”
“Hey, hey, hey!” he cries throwing his hands up in front of him. “Don’t blame me, blame Zan. This was all his idea. This was his surprise. Something tells me that you were busy last night, very busy,” he finishes with a hint of mischief in his eyes and voice.

At his words I begin to blush furiously and dip my head so he can’t see the devilish smile playing on my lips. Zan and I had a busy night, all right. A five star, multiple screaming orgasm type of night.

“So he flew you out, huh?” I manage after the crimson flush has left my cheeks.
“But when did you plan all of this?”
“When Zan was in California on his trip.”
“But you live in Northern California, Zan was setting up that office in Orange County.”
“I was actually down there interviewing for a job with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in the technology program and we bumped into each other. We started talking and he told me that I should come out and visit. I didn’t have anything going on this weekend so…” Alex fans his hands out with flourish. “Here I am.”
“I am so glad you’re here, Alex! I missed you so much,” I cry as I fling myself into his arms once again.
“Good to know I was missed,” he chuckles and begins to look around as he releases his hold on me. “Where’s my other girl at?”

“People, we have arrived!” Maria yells as she and Michael make their “grand” entrance into the pool area. In typical Michael fashion, he rolls his eyes at Maria and slinks over to where Zan is standing. “Hey, don’t think I didn’t see those eyes rolling, Spaceboy! Don’t start with me, it’s too early in the day for your nonsense!” she shouts and Zan all but falls to the ground in laughter.

“I see some things never change,” Alex whispers in my ear and I begin to laugh. “Hey DeLuca!”

Maria turns around to face us and upon seeing Alex, she lets out an ear piercing shriek and dashes towards us. Her dash becomes a full-fledged run, and when she reaches him, she jumps into his arms, almost knocking him down.

“Whitman, what are you doing here? I mean, when did you get here? Shouldn’t you be in California? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? We could’ve been hanging out. When does your flight leave? How long are you staying? Oh My God, what happened to you? When did you become such a hottie? Liz, is it just my imagination or is Alex totally cut and sporting a six pack?” she rambles.

“Hi, Maria. Good to see you, too,” Alex laughs.

A figure to my left moves and when I turn my head and see what it is, I smile. I would excuse myself from Alex and Maria, but Hurricane DeLuca is in full swing and really there is no need to do so.

“Hey Lisa, I’m glad that you could make it,” I smile as I walk over to her. I take the bowl of potato salad she’s carrying and set it inside the cooler. “May I just add that you are looking quite fabulous.”

Lisa’s long black hair has been pulled half into a high ponytail and the rest left down. The long bangs framing her face make her look about 18 years old. She’s wearing a blue and white striped halter-top, cut off jean shorts, and white Keds. A matching blue jewel is protruding from her belly button and a silver belly chain is running through her navel ring.

“Thanks, Liz,” Lisa smiles and we embrace. “When Zan told me about the party I thought to myself, ‘What the hell, it’s better than sitting home alone.’” She smiles sadly.
“Lisa, it’s going to be okay,” I assure her. “How are you doing? Really.” She just shrugs her shoulders.

“I’m okay, I guess. Some days I make it without thinking about David, others he’s all I can seem to think about.” She pauses, sighs, and then suddenly shakes herself. “But I am not going to think about him today. I am here to have a good time and as God as my witness, I will enjoy myself today.” After plastering a bright smile on her face, she looks around the area. “Where’s Boss Man at? I think I’ll go say hi.”
“He’s standing right over there with Michael,” I say motioning towards the grill.
“Wait a second. Michael, as in Maria’s Spaceboy?” Lisa asks with her eyebrows raised.
“The one and only.”
“Oh, this should be good. Be right back,” she replies excitedly and runs towards the two.

“But really Alex, I just think that…oh hey, Liz. We were just wondering where you went,” Maria suddenly states, directing her attention towards me. I can’t help but to wonder what they were talking about.
“You guys missed me? I am so touched,” I tease as I place my hands over my heart and bat my eyes. Giggles consume all three of us and we almost don’t here the voice that has come up behind us.

“Hey Liz, Zan wants to know—“ Lisa stops short as her eyes fall on Alex.

With a single glance, Lisa manages to take in Alex from his head to his toes and back up again. Her blue eyes settle on his hazel ones, and all is silent, as she stands mesmerized by one Alex Whitman. Not that Alex isn’t mesmerized himself. Unable to speak, he continues to openly gaze upon Lisa, all the while a dopey grin has settled on his lips. His eyes have gone to that far off place, letting me know that Alex is about 100 million light years away. I think he wants to speak since his lips have slightly parted and his Adam’s Apple is bobbing up and down furiously, but his ability to communicate seems to have diffused into thin air.

“Oh Lisa, this is my friend Alex,” I say as I gesture towards him.
“And Alex, this is our friend, Lisa,” Maria supplies.
“Nice to meet you, Alex,” Lisa whispers with a shy smile on his lips. Not once has she taken her eyes off Alex.
“Likewise,” Alex replies with that same dopey grin on his face. He takes her hand in his own and gently shakes it. The only thing is he never lets go of her hand. I raise my left eyebrow at Maria and she grins devilishly back at me.

“So…” I begin.
“Yeah,” Maria adds.

Complete and total silence as they gaze into each other’s eyes, shy and dopey smiles lighting their faces.

“I guess I’ll just go see what Zan wants,” I state as I back away from the love stricken couple. Maria nods and follows my lead.
“Yeah, and I’ll go help Spaceboy…do something,” she hastily adds. We turn and run, giggling all the way to the other side of the pool.

“Help Michael do something? Oh, that was just brilliant, Maria,” I laugh as we catch our breaths.
“Like they even noticed we were standing there. Look.”

Maria points at Alex and Lisa and sure enough, they are still standing in the same spot we left them, holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes. Our giggles begin anew as we resume our walk towards Michael and Zan. Today is going to be an interesting day, indeed.

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Part 44B

“Zan!” a voice cries accompanied by the lone bark of a dog.

We all turn around to find Jonah and Blue racing toward him at full speed. Just as it appears that Jonah and Zan are going to knock Zan over with the sheer velocity of their running, Zan grabs Jonah and tosses him in the air. Blue stops directly in front of Zan, his tail wagging about a 1,000 miles a minute.

“Jojo!” Zan exclaims as he catches him and places him back on his feet. “And who is this that we have with us?”
“This is Blue,” Jonah giggles while petting the Siberian Husky puppy. Just as Jonah has told us, the dog is black with a white underside and has the most beautiful piercing blue eyes that I have ever seen, hence the name Blue.
“Nice to meet you, Blue,” Zan smiles and Jonah gets on his knees. “Whatcha doin’, Jo?”
“Watch this, Zan,” he replies excitedly. “Blue, sit.” Obeying his master, Blue sits on his hind legs. “Hold out your hand, Zan.” Zan looks at me, smiles, and then does what he’s told. “Blue, shake hands.” Blue lifts his front paw to Zan’s hand and shakes hands. When he is successful in his task, Jonah begins to squeal in delight.

“Did you teach him how to do that?” I ask already knowing the answer.
“Yeah,” he says shyly lowering his eyes to the ground.
“Hey, Jonah? Where are your mother and sister?” Zan inquires glancing around.
“They’re coming, they had to get some stuff out the car,” he states standing up and then grins up at Zan.

Jonah is just too cute in his baggy khaki shorts, Voltron T-shirt, and tan DC tennis shoes. His chocolate hair and big brown eyes perfectly offset his toasted ivory skin and bright smile. I must say that the cowlick he’s sporting is darned cute, too.

“Well maybe we should help them get their stuff. What do you think?” Zan questions. Jonah places the tip of his finger on his chin and ponders for a moment if this is really a good idea or not.
“Okay. Can I say hi to everybody first, though?”

Jonah shyly saunters over to where Maria and I are standing, and then wraps his little arms around my legs. Maria smiles at us as I reach down and pat his head and back.

“Hi, Lizzie.”
“Hey, Jonah. How have you been?”
“Good,” he says as he finally lifts his face from my legs and glances around. His big brown eyes fall on Maria, and immediately he begins to grin. “Hi, Maria! How are you?” He lets go of me and then attaches himself to Maria’s legs.

‘Looks like we got a charmer on our hands.’

I turn my head and when my gaze falls on Zan, I laugh out loud. Zan has gotten down on the ground, and is currently wrestling and playing with Blue. When our eyes meet, he winks at me.

‘He’s been hanging around you too long.’ I wink back at him.
‘You say that as if it’s a bad thing, babe. I’m hurt.’ He stops wrestling with the dog and stands to his feet.
‘Well you know what they say. If the shoe fits…’

“Liz, can I go say hi to those people over there?” Jonah suddenly asks pointing to Alex and Lisa. They’ve been sitting in the same corner of the pool area for God knows how long, and they don’t look like they’ll be moving anytime soon. I raise my eyebrow at Maria and she just shrugs at me.

“Sure, I don’t see why not,” I say, but Jonah still looks a little hesitant. “What’s wrong, Jonah?”
“Nothing. They just look kinda busy, and mommy says you shouldn’t interrupt people when they’re busy,” he recites dutifully.
“It’s okay, Jonah. You won’t be interrupting anything.” That may be a lie. With the intensity of the conversation they appear to be having, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were discussing their china patterns.
“Are you sure, Liz?” His innocent eyes look into my own.
“Positive.” Jonah nods at me and takes off running towards them.

“I just hope he doesn’t see or hear anything that traumatizes him for the next nine to ten years,” Maria whispers and we both begin to giggle.

It doesn’t take Jonah long to introduce himself to Lisa and “Alex, because before I know it, he’s scurrying back to Zan (who is still playing with Blue), telling him that have to hurry if they’re going to go help his mom and sister.


“You ever think about having kids, Maria?” I suddenly ask. She and I are sitting at the picnic benches while everyone else is in the pool splashing around.
“With Michael or just in general?”
“Yes and yes.” She looks at me for a moment before continuing. “Why do you ask?”
“I don’t know. I just…”
“You’re thinking about getting pregnant again, aren’t you?” she suddenly gasps. When I look at her but don’t respond, her hands fly to her mouth and her green eyes buck in surprise.

I can’t lie, I want a baby. I know it’s wrong to even think about having a child right now with school and everything, but I can’t help it. Maybe I’m still dealing with the aftermath of the miscarriage and that’s what’s fueling my desire to want a child. All I know is that when I see children my heart lurches and an emptiness that I’ve never known consumes me. Especially when I see Zan interact with Jonah.

“Liz, we are about to graduate from college. We have our whole lives ahead of us and so much to do before we even start thinking about having kids and families,” she states seriously.
“I never said that I was going to try to get pregnant, Maria.”
But you didn’t say otherwise, either!” She pauses and sighs. “I’ll let you in on a little secret, Liz, okay? Ever since I laid eyes on Michael, I’ve always imagined him as the father of my children. Him, and no one else.”
“So you think Michael would be a good father?” I ask softly.

Everyone in the pool is playing basketball. Jonah has taken turns riding on both Zan and Michael’s shoulders and all three of them look as if they are having the time of their lives. Jonah’s squeals of joy and the older men’s hearty laughs resound in the air as the game continues, and their smiles are bright enough to put the sun to shame.

“Absolutely,” Maria answers shaking her head. “But more than that, I know he would be a good husband, too. As much as I think Michael is the one and only father for my children, I’m not willing to sell myself short and have the unnecessary drama of him being a part-time dad. I want the full package, Liz, especially after the way I was raised. You can’t tell me you don’t want it, too,” she finishes as her green eyes glisten with tears.

“I know what you’re saying is right, I honestly do. It’s just sometimes I look at Zan and Jonah, and I want that so bad,” I admit with my own eyes filled with tears. “Zan would be such a good father, I know he would.”
“But is that all you want from Zan, Liz? Do you just want him to be a good father to your kids and nothing else?” When I’m silent she covers my hand with her own. “Just be patient, Liz. Everything happens in the way it does for a reason.”
“And since when did you get so knowledgeable?” I smile, wiping my eyes with the palms of my hands.
“Since I started taking all these damned psych. and philosophy classes,” she smiles back and we both giggle.

“Hey!” Melanie calls from the pool, and Maria and I turn our attention to her. “You guys think you’ll be joining us some time today?”
“Yeah, I mean I’m all for girl talk, but we could really use some help over here,” Lisa yells with a smile on her face. “I refuse to be beaten at basketball by a six year old. No offense, Melanie,” she quickly adds.
“None taken,” Melanie states. “The little squirt slam dunked on me, and I’m his mother!”

At her statement, Zan Michael, Alex, and Jonah all exchange high fives and laugh in appreciation.

“Shall we give them a run for their money?” Maria asks with a devilish gleam in her eye. She’s already stripping off her shoes and shorts.
“Definitely,” I grin as I slide my shorts down my legs and toss them aside.

‘Damn it, sweets. If I wasn’t in this water and this little boy wasn’t riding on my shoulders, I would…’
‘You’d what, Zan? I dare you to say it out loud,’ my thoughts tease.

“Ladies, are we ready to kick some male hinny?” Maria yells and at her question, Melanie, Lisa, Kelly (Jonah’s sister), and I all respond with enthusiastic hollering. Maria and I jump in the pool and get ourselves situated. Or try to at least.

Before I know what’s happening, Zan has crossed “enemy lines” and is now trying to snuggle up beside me.

“Can I get a kiss before we start?” he whispers in my ear and I almost melt right there in the pool. His hands are caressing my waist underwater, and he’s nipping at my earlobe. His smile is so inviting that I just want to dip underwater and…

“Zan, what are you doing!” Michael yells. Jonah is riding on his shoulders and currently beating his head like a set of bongo drums. “Jonah, what is he doing over there?”
“He’s fraternizing with the enemy!” Jonah exclaims.
“And what do we do to people who fraternize with the enemy?” Alex asks playing the role of devil’s advocate. He’s grinning at Lisa like the Cheshire Cat and trying to play with Lisa’s hair, all the while Lisa just giggles. Oh, there will be plenty of teasing going on around the campfire tonight.

“We attack!” Jonah screams, and suddenly he, Michael, and Alex are flying towards Zan.

“Guess you won’t be getting that kiss after all,” I giggle as I give his behind a quick squeeze and step out of his embrace as Michael, Jonah, and Alex attack…

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