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Authors Note: Hey guys this is one of my first it might not be that good but I will give it a try okie...

Title: Identical
Author: Kim Mayer
Rating: R...
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Jason Katims, they are not mine...
Summary: Can't Tell Ya!!!!
Time Period: Everything in the show happened until Jesse and Isabel get married.


She was dancing to the music while fixing dinner, she was listening to Madonna's "Music". She had long brown hair, she was wearing a pair of black jeans with a white t shirt. She didn't hear the door open while she was dancing cause the music was up so loud...she turned back to the food only to be stopped when she felt someone wrap a string aroun her neck. She tried screaming for help but no sound came out...the person just pulled the string tighter. Pretty soon the girl stopped struggling and fell to the ground. The guy then turns her over, pushes the hair back from her face, "Soon, my sweet, soon..." Then the guy leaves.


Part 1:
Around the same time...

She walks into her apartment to the smell of barbaque chicken. She throws her bag and jacket on the couch and walks in the kitchen, "Hey babe I'm home," she says as she wraps her arms around him. "Hey hon, why don't you go sit down dinner will be ready soon," He told her. She takes her seat at the table and waits for dinner to be served, "Hey hon," she says. "Yeah," he replies. "After dinner do you think you could give me a massage, I could really use one..." she says while rubbing her neck. "Yeah no problem," he replies.

So they sat down to eat dinner and about 45 mins later they went into the living room, where he sat on the couch and she sat on the floor in between his legs. He started to massage her neck, "Mmmm, that feels nice," she said. He continued to rub but then he got a better idea. He picked her up and took her to the bedroom. He placed her on her feet, and took her shirt off followed by her bra. "Lay down on your stomach on the bed.." he said while pointing to the bed. She did so and he sat on top of her and reached to get the oil out of the nighstand table drawer. He put some on her back and started to rub. "How's that?" he asked. "That is really good," she replied. He continued to rub for about 30 mins before she took a shower.

He helped her to the shower, and helped her get undressed, he sarted the water for her, and she got in. "Are you coming?" she asked. "No I am going to watch," he replied. So he watched as she washed her hair and her body, and the soap and water mixing together and running down her body. When she turned off the water he came up and wrapped a towel around her body and she hugged him. "Make love to me,"she whispered in his ear. "Hun I agreed to wait till our wedding night and that is what I am going to do..." he said with a firmness in his voice. "I can't believe we are getting married in two weeks," she said while looking him in the eyes. "I know.." he said looking back at her. She started to tear up, "Babe what's wrong," He asked with concern. "Nothing it's just, our friends aren't gonna come because the are still mad at us, and I have no one to give me away since my dad died a year ago and I haven't talked to my mom since then. And it just makes me really sad," she finished. "Look we will get through it I promise, we will have to perfect wedding. "I love you Micheal Guerin," she said. "And I love you Elizabeth Parker...soon to be Guerin." Micheal said. He got her out of the tub and took her to the bed, put on her shirt and underwear for her, and he stripped down to his boxers, and the fell asleep in each others arms.

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Part 2:

Michael woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. He looked over at the clock and the big red numbers read 6:00 am. 'Who the hell is calling at six o'clock in the morning' he thought. He reached over and picked up the phone "Hello.." he mumbled. "Hey Mike is Liz there?" said a man on the other end. "Yeah but she is there a problem Eric?" He asked. "Yeah tell her to come to 165 Grasshopper Rd. ASAP...Got that?" Eric replied. "Yeah." and Michael hung up the phone. .

He got out of bed and went downstairs to make some coffee. About 15 minutes later he came back upstairs with a cup in his hand just the way Liz liked it. He came into the room set the cup on the nightstand, and went to wake Liz up. "Babe come on get up, your needed," he said while raining kisses all over her face. "Mmmmmmmmm, I don't wanna get up," Liz replied. "I don't want you to either, but Eric called and said you are needed ASAP,” Michael said while continuing to kiss her. "All right fine," she mumbled getting out of bed to go take a shower. He went down stairs and started cooking breakfast.

About a half hour later Liz came down, and sat at the table. "Here is the address," Michael said handing her the piece of paper he scribbled the address on. She took it and said thanks. He served her breakfast, and she ate really fast then kissed him goodbye and rushed out the door. He sat down at the table and sighed running a hand over his face. He remembered the first time he found out Liz worked for the FBI as a homicide agent.

Michael walked into their apartment and he heard voices coming from the kitchen. “Eric I want to tell Michael he deserves to know,” Liz said. “I know but what if he doesn’t like it and makes you quit. You are one of the best agents we have Parker, we can’t loose you,” Eric finished. “WHAT?” Michael said as he stormed into the kitchen. “Michael what are you doing home so early,” Liz asked. “I was going to surprise you,” he said while looking at Eric. “Hey look maybe I better go.” Eric got up and left the apartment closing the door behind him. “Liz what is going on?” he asked with concern in his voice. He was afraid that she was going to say something he didn’t want to hear and he was right. “Michael look why don’t you sit down and I will explain everything,” Liz finished as she sat. Michael sat at the other end of the table and just stared at her. “First of all Michael you know that I love you right?” She asked him. He nodded his head. “Okay I am just gonna come right out and say this…I work for the FBI…” she was cut of by Michael. “WHAT? HOW COULD YOU LIZ…WE TRUSTED…YOU I MEAN…” he didn’t get to finish because Liz cut him off. “Michael stop okay, you didn’t let me finish, I work for the FBI but I am a homicide agent, I help solve the murder crimes, and stuff like that, I am not doing anything to hurt you guys, and if I find anything that could potentially put you in danger I would destroy it anyway…” she finished in a quiet voice. Michael stared at her for a few minutes, “Oh Liz I am sorry I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions I know you wouldn’t do that…I am sorry…I love you!” he finished. He went to hug her and they stayed like that all night.


He ate his breakfast and went up stairs and went back to sleep until he had to go to work.

Part 3:

Liz got to the apartment around 7:30 am. She walked up the steps toward the apartment number. She saw a lot of other people there too. When she got inside she walked up to Eric, “Hey Eric…So what’s up?” Liz asked. “Over there in the kitchen,” he said pointing to the kitchen. Liz walked over to the body in the kitchen and examined it, she was in full concentration until she heard a gasp from behind her. She looked up at Eric staring between her and the body. “What Eric?” she asked. “Liz don’t you see it she looks exactly like you…” he finished. Liz didn’t see it till Eric said something. “Oh my, your right…I mean…I don’t…why?” she looked up with tears in her eyes. “Agent Smith we found a letter on the counter, it has Agent Parker’s name on it,” another agent said as she walked up to them.

Liz took the note and read it:
‘Be careful what you wish for’

Liz looked up at Eric as she dropped the note. She had tears in her eyes, “Tell the boss I am taking Agent Parker home,” he said leading Liz out of the apartment. Eric took Liz home, but Michael wasn’t there and he didn’t want to leave her alone so he stayed with her till about 4:00pm. Michael came home and asked what happened and Eric told him everything and left. Liz didn’t wake up the next day and they were leaving for Roswell that day. Liz just wanted to forget everything that happened yesterday and Michael agreed. They left for Roswell later that day. They wanted to have their wedding where Isabel and Jesse got married.

They have been there about a week trying to get everything in order, but everything was going exactly the opposite. Michael and Liz were sitting on the park bench trying to figure out what to do, “God Michael, this whole wedding is a mess. I don’t have a maid of honor or bride’s maids, you don’t have a best man, and that is because everyone is still mad at us for realizing our true feelings for each other. I don’t have a wedding dress because the lady got the measurements wrong. I don’t have anyone to give me away because my dad died a year ago of cancer, and Jim hasn’t responded to my invitation asking, and my mom isn’t even coming to the wedding because we haven’t talked in a year…” she finished an collapsed in Michael’s arms as he caught her, she was crying her eyes out. Michael picked her up and carried her back to the hotel.

Little did they know 6 pairs of eyes watched and heard the whole thing, “Guys I think we have a wedding to save…” One of them said.


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