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[center] Part 8: Cause You’re My Best Friend[/center]

Micheal, it’s Liz.

In all his years on this Earth, Micheal had never run so fast. He was
terrified of what he would find once he got to the hospital. Losing Liz was a
very real fear to all of them. It was constantly looming over their

Liz was their rock. She was always there when a there was a crisis. She
always had a clever solution. They depended on her to be the level headed
one. And in the process, she became something different to each one of
them. She held a special place in each of their hearts. Liz was Micheal’s best
friend, Maria’s partner in crime, Kyle’s meditation buddy, Isabel’s shopping
accomplice, Max’s science cohort, and Ava’s big sister; all rolled into one.

They had felt it was only a matter of time before she had some sort of
breakdown. It was inevitable. For far too long, she had carried the weight of
the world on her shoulders. But what wasn’t inevitable was getting a phone
call telling him that his best friend in the entire world was in the

He finally stopped in front of Roswell General to catch his breath. He had
run at least three miles in what seemed like only a few minutes.

Micheal dashed up to the front desk. “Liz Parker?”

“She’s in trauma two. There’s a bunch of people waiting for news on her in
the waiting room. It’s down the end of this hall to your left.”

“Thank you.” He took off in a run again.

The first one to see Micheal was Ava. She looked like she had just been
through a war. Her normally perfect hair was a mess. Her eyes were
severely bloodshot. There were tear stains down her cheeks. And she looked
so lost.

“What happened?” He asked, bracing for the worst.

“I-I-I went to check on Liz because something didn’t feel right.” Ava

“And?” Micheal inquired breathlessly as he ran a shaky hand through his
spiky hair.

“I found her sleeping. But I got scared for a moment cause both her hands
were under her pillow. So I pulled them out from under it. I was afraid she
had cut her wrists. But she didn’t.” She inhaled shakily as Max pulled her
down into his lap.

Micheal glanced at her silently as he sat down as if to tell her to keep

“But I still felt like there was somethin off bout the whole thing. So I
checked the windows and stuff. Then I sat down next to her on the bed. I
noticed the bottle of sleeping pills looked kinda empty. So I counted em.
That’s when I realized there were only 10 there.”

Micheal shook his head. “There’s supposed to be 15 there.” Both he and Ava
kept track of Liz’s medicine to make sure that she was taking it.

Ava nodded as tears streamed down her face. “That’s why I called 911. I
didn’t know what else to do.”

Max hugged her tightly. “You did the right thing baby.”

“I hope so.”

Micheal was about to say something when an attractive, blonde man who
looked to be in his late twenties, wearing a long white coat interupted.

“Avaria Parker?”

She stood up and wiped at her eyes furiously. “That’s me.”

“I’m Doctor Christopher Beckham. I have been in charge of your sister’s
care since her arrival at the ER”

Ava shook his hand.

Micheal also advanced towards the doctor. “How’s Liz?”

“Are you family sir?”

“Everyone in this room is family, Doc.” Ava declared with a sad

He nodded. “Elizabeth is a very lucky young woman. If you hadn’t called 911
when you did, she might not be alive.” He added gravely.

“Is she all right though?” Maria questioned.

Dr. Beckham nodded. “She will be fine. We had to pump her stomach though.
But she managed to get away without any permanent damage. Had she come
in 20 minutes later, I’m afraid that might not have been the case.”

Ava, Micheal, Max, Maria, Kyle, Isabel, Ashley, Diane, Amy, Philip, and Jim,
all let out a collective sigh of relief that not a one of them had realized they
were holding in.

“Oh thank god.” Amy said as she and Diane hugged their respective
daughters tightly.

“Can I see her?” Micheal asked softly. He looked to Ava, silently asking
permission to see Liz.

“Micheal you don’t need permission to see my sister. Go.” She

He nodded and turned back to the doctor. “Can I?"

“Of course, I’ll show you to where she is.” He said as he led Micheal out of
the room.

Kyle turned to his girlfriend with a smile on his face.

“What?” She asked as she quirked an eyebrow at him.

“Do you think he even realizes how bad he’s got it for her?”

She stared at him blankly.

“Don’t you see it Izzy?” Maria chimed in.

Kyle threw her a toothy grin.


“He’s so inta her it ain’t even funny.” Ashley replied.

“You think so?” Ava and Max responded in unison.

All 10 of them let out a small laugh.

“I guess I’m oblivious.” Ava smirked.

“Yeah you kinda are.” Max teased.


Micheal entered the room cautiously, afraid of what he’d see.

He walked slowly to Liz’s bed side, where she lay resting peacefully.
Peacefully. It had been forever since he’d seen her with even a hint of
a serene look on her beautiful face. She hadn’t been happy in a long time.
And that made him sad. Not just for her, not just for him, but for the whole
group. Liz was the life force for all of them. She was the glue that held
their ‘family’ together. The mere thought that just an hour ago, they
could’ve lost her, brought tears to his eyes.

Liz had sensed his presence. She was awake but pretended to be asleep
anyway. She knew he had things to say to her that he couldn’t get out if he
knew she was actually awake. His emotions were radiating off him so
strongly; anger, anxiety, sadness, hope, love, and happiness all balled into

She knew why he held each emotion perfectly.

He felt angry that she could do this to herself. That he wasn’t there to stop
it. That they were in this situation in the first place.

He was anxious because he wanted to know that she’d be okay. He’d been
worried about her for so long now that it was almost a second nature these

He was filled with sadness. He wanted her to be okay. He wanted to take
away all her pain, but he couldn’t. Micheal was also sad because of a previous
revelation. That he had complete and utter happiness for a time in his last
life in the form of his wife Akyra. But she had been murdered so savagely.
Liz knew he dreamt of her from time to time and that his memories were
slowly coming back to him. He woke up crying a few times, but kept it to
himself. He felt like he had let her down. And no one knew where Akyra was.

He was filled with hope. Liz had heard the nurse’s conversation with the
doctor. He’d said that she would probably snap out of her self induced
stupor now cause she had finally reached her breaking point. She had to let
he emotions out now. And Micheal held out hope for that. He missed his best
friend so terribly.

He also felt happiness. Happy that she was okay. That she didn’t get hurt.
That he wouldn’t have to attend another funeral. That there was a chance
she’d reemerge from her private world of pain and sorrow.

She knew all of this because not only could she feel it, she could hear some
of his random thoughts regarding her.

Liz suddenly felt a warm, and definitely male hand stroking her face lightly.
She was so tempted to lean into his hand but knew she couldn’t. He had to
get some things off his chest before she could let him know that his best
friend was back. Once and for all.

Micheal silently touched her face. He wished that she would wake up and tell
him that she was okay. That she would be okay. But then again he’d never be
able to say some of the stuff he was thinking if she did.

“Liz.” He said softly.

He was expectedly met by silence.

“God. Where do I start? Don't be mad at what I have to say. I just have to get
it out.”

I won’t Micheal. She thought to herself.

“How could you be so selfish? How could you do that? Did you even think how
much we would be hurt if something had happened to you? If you died? Did
you think how hurt I’d be?” He asked rhetorically as tears silently made
their way down his face.

I only wanted to sleep Micheal. I swear. I just wanted the nightmares to
If Liz had opened her eyes at that moment she would have been
heartbroken by the lost look on Micheal’s strong face.

“I don’t know what I would’ve done if you had....had..” He couldn’t bring
himself to say the word. “died.” He muttered softly. “God Liz, you’re all I
have left. I need my best friend back. I need my ice cream buddy back.” He
smiled softly.

Liz had to fight hard to resist the urge to smile at his last

“Liz, Ava needs her sister back. She needs to know that it’s gonna be okay.
She’s only sixteen Liz. She needs your guidance. And above all, she needs to
know that she’s not alone. She misses your mother and father just as much
as you do. She’s just as lost as you are. She’s just keeping it inside. And you
and I both know that it’s not healthy for her.”

I know. She thought sadly.

“And Maria. She needs you too. You guys have a lot to catch up on. She needs
someone to help plan her wedding with her. She’s gonna need a maid of honor

Liz was suprised at how easily the words slipped out of Micheal’s mouth. But
then she realized that he was healing old wounds. That he and Maria were
okay. That he was okay with the fact that Maria was marrying

“And suprisingly enough, Max has been worrying his little prick head off
about you. He thinks this is all his fault. That he was the sole reason you
went over the edge. Now I know damn well, despite how much he hurt you,
that that’s not true."

It was extremely difficult to bite back a laugh. Micheal, although he was
Max’s best friend, was still angry with him for the way he treated her. It
was so funny how he’d make little side comments about Max, every chance he

“Another reason that you have to snap out of it is Kyle. If he quotes Buddha
one more time, I’m gonna kick his Buddha worshipping ass all the way to
Antar.” He laughed. “As much as Kyle is my friend, I wanna choke him
sometimes. Even Iz can’t get him cut the quoting crap. You’re the only one
who’ll get his butt in check like that. And please do it soon. He’s driving us all

It’s good to know that I can count on Kyle to keep them on their toes.
She laughed internally. Kyle could definitely be annoying in his study of
Buddhism once in a while.

“And Izzy. She needs her best girl friend back. She’s got no one to talk
shopping with except Kyle. And even he can only take so much.”

Poor Iz. She thought ruefully. I guess we’ll have to go shopping one
of these days.

Micheal again drew in a shaky breath and ran a hand through his spikes. “Liz
you gotta come back to us. We miss you so much. We need the old Liz back.
We need the happy Liz back. I need my partner in crime back.

He didn’t notice the tears on Liz’s face until she sniffled lightly. “Liz?”

She opened her eyes to Micheal’s soft brown ones staring back. “H...h..hi.”
She stuttered softly.

The next thing she knew, he had her in the tightest hug with no sign of
letting her go. “Thank god you’re okay.” He sighed. “Don’t you ever do that

She let the tears flow freely. “I’m so sorry Micheal. I only wanted to sleep.
I just wanted the nightmares to stop for once. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I’m
so sorry.” She sobbed.

Liz hid her face in the crook of his neck. He was so glad to have her back.
“Don’t ever do that again Liz. Promise me you’ll never do that again. I can’t
lose you. I just can’t.” He cried.

“I’m sorry Micheal. I promise I won’t. Never again. I didn’t think. I’m

He silenced her with a finger to her lips when he drew back from her. Both
of their eyes filled with tears. “Don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault.” He
hugged her again. “Just promise me.”

“I promise. I promise I’ll never leave you.”

Micheal felt a sense of deja vu at her words. They had been promised to him
in another life, by another person. But that would have to wait. Liz was back.
And that was all that was important right now. Liz was back.


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[center] Part 9: Guess Who’s Back Now?[/center]

Liz had been released from Roswell General Hospital two days later. The
only stipulation of her release was that she had to see a psychiatrist once a
week. She did so without complaint. It gave her a chance to air her feelings
without feeling like she was gonna hurt someone with her words.

Life for the Pod Squad had returned to a semblance of normal. A happier Liz
resurfaced, much to the delight of everyone. Ava took classes at night so
that she could catch up with everyone else school wise. Maria and Ashley
decided to transfer to UNM Las Cruces, so that they could be closer to
everyone. Maria and Liz began to reconnect. And Ava and Maria had become
close friends. Isabel took all three of them shopping. They now learned to
accept each other for who they were.

There were many girls nights now that all four woman of the group were
reunited. It gave the guys bonding time too. Max and Micheal worked
everything out. Kyle played mediator and in effect became great friends
with both. And even Ashley had been accepted into their quirky little

School was going great. Liz caught up so fast. So did Ava. In fact, Max,
Micheal, Liz, Isabel, Ava, and Kyle had collectively decided to opt for early
graduation as Maria had done in their junior year.

They would start classes in late January at UNM Las Cruces with Ashley and
Maria. Liz had changed her major and now wanted to be an elementary school
teacher. Ava was going to major in psychology. Max was going for pre-med.
Kyle was going for criminal justice. Isabel was going to UNM for pre-law.
And Micheal was going for teaching along side Liz.

Ava had begun to help Max, Micheal and Isabel recover their real
memories. She filled in the parts that didn’t make sense such as:

The group sat spread across the Parker living room. The only group
member that wasn’t present was Ashley for obvious reasons.

“I thought there were five planets in the Antarian system.” Max stated with
a look of curiousity on his face.

“Oh there are. But there’s only three ruling families.” Ava answered

“How’s that?” Micheal questioned.

Ava closed her eyes and to everyone’s astonishment, a map of the Antarian
system appeared in the middle of the room. It was five planets in a V shaped
configuration. She slowly opened her eyes and glanced at Liz “Do me a

Liz nodded and an intense look of concentration appeared on her face as she
took over in keeping the hologram up. Liz’s powers had far surpassed Kyle’s
when they learned to harness them. She was just as strong as Ava if not

Ava walked over to where the hologram was and began explaining. “There are
three rightful ruling families in the Antarian system. The House of Antar,”
she said as she pointed to the planet at the bottom of the V “is obviously
the head family. Followed by the House of Rilos.” She pointed to the two
planets on the left of the V. “And then the House of Talira.” She finished as
she pointed to the two planets on the right of the V.

“That doesn’t explain why there’s five planets.”

Ava turned to Kyle with a look of reprimand. “I was just getting to that. If
you’d let me finish.”

“Sorry.” He mumbled apologetically.

“Go on Av. I’ll make sure my loving boyfriend doesn’t say another

Ava smirked. ‘Guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship.’
“Thanks Iz. Anyway. Antar the head. Followed by Rilos and it’s moon, Relan
on the left. And Talira and it’s moon, Telan on the right.”

Unsure of the situation, Micheal asked, “So Kivar rules Talira?”

Ava nodded. “But not rightfully. His sister Lena is supposed to be the Queen.
Which then dictates that the true King is her husband, Dravo.”

Liz’s curiousity finally got the best of her. “So why aren’t they?”

“Because Kivar stole the throne out from under her two days after their
father, King Dralen, died. Kivar and his brother Melo had been banished and
disowned by Kivar years before because they had raped and beat one of his
servants. The poor child couldn’t walk when they got through with

Max cringed slightly. ‘And this is the bastard that has my throne?’ “And the
people allowed this to happen?”

“They had no choice. Kivar threatened that if they revolted, he’d kill Lena,
Dravo, their children Serena and Kayara, and his other sister, Belynn. The
people cared far too much for the royal family to strike back. They held in
the hope that the governments of Antar and Rilos would step in. And we did.
We declared war on Kivar, two months before he kidnapped and killed

“So that’s how he came to power on Antar?”

Ava looked at her boyfriend/former husband sadly and nodded. “My sister’s
murder set off a horribly unstoppable chain of events that subsequently led
to the death’s of me, you, Rath, Vilandra, Akyra, Akien, his wife and
children, Lena, Dravo, Serena, Kayara, and many others in the Houses of
Antar, Rilos, and Talira.” She declared as tears cascaded down her

“So how’d we end up here?”

“A bunch a scientists took our DNA an’ recreated us befo’ sendin us

A collective gasp was heard around the room as Ashley pranced in. Like
nothing was wrong. The look on his face said ‘Here I am. Deal with

“Ash? Hunny?”

“Hi Ria baby.” He said as he gave her a small kiss.

He had come in with that trademark smirk of his. It suddenly reminded Ava
of “Narim?” She asked with a hopeful look in her eyes.

“In da flesh. Bout time you realized. I’s been hea a month an you ain’t said
nothin yet. I was gettin worried.” He declared with a smile.

Micheal was the first one to speak. “Narim?”

‘He still don’t rememba. I ain’t surprised.’ “Wait, I think a propa introduction
is in orda.” He said in his thick New York accent. “You all know that I’m
Ashley Grimaldi. But in mah last life I was known as Prince Narim of da
House of Antar.”

Maria’s jaw dropped. She let out a little laugh. “Figures leave one Spaceboy
for another. Why am I not surprised?”

Ashley promptly stuck his tongue out at his fiancé.

Liz and Isabel almost burst into giggles right then and there but Max’s next
question prompted them not to.

“House of Antar? I don’t have any siblings besides Isabel.” He declared

“No you don’t. I’m the oldest son of Prime Minister Cicero, best friend of
King Victor of Antar.”

“Hate to burst your bubble but my father was King Victor’s best friend.”
Micheal scoffed sounding somewhat childish.

“Trust me, Rath. I know dat.”

Liz was the only one to catch the Rath comment. ‘How does he know about

“Of course he does, Micheal.” Ava smiled. “He knows that because he’s your
brother.” She said as she threw herself into his arms.

She pulled back and smacked him lightly on his arm. “Why didn’t ya say
something before?”

“Cause, I wanted ta wait till da time was right ta say anythin. I wasn’t sure it
was you guys. I been duped before.”

“Ashley hun, how did you end up in New York then? Were you with Rath and

Ashley threw Maria an apologetic look. He knew he was gonna get it later.
“Nah, see we was all sent down in groups. All three of da Royal families. Max,
Micheal, Isabel and Ava. Then me, Akien, his wife, and Akyra. And Lena,
Dravo, Belynn. Serena an’ Kayara actually survived. They’re leadin da
resistance ‘gainst Kivar.”

Ashley’s story was logically panning out to Kyle. “That doesn’t make sense
what about Tess, Rath, Lonnie and Zan?”

“They were fakes sent by Kivar. He had his friend Nasedo switch Ava an’
Tess. They’s all dead anyways. It’s not a problem anymore. And Kivar neva
figured dat not just da Antarian Royals were sent down. But somehow me,
Akien, Akyra, an’ Kendra got split up. And no one knows where Lena, Dravo,
an’ Belynn are. I was found by our protector an’ put into an orphanage where
the Grimaldis adopted me. It wasn’t safe for him to keep me an’ Akien. So he
kept Akien and turned me ova but wit stipulations. He claimed dat he was
mah Uncle. So he had visitation rights. So Akien an’ I grew up togetha. As fo’
everyone else, I dunno.”

“So where is Akien?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, where’s my big brother?”

“He’s tendin ta some business in New York. He’ll be here next week.”

Micheal walked up to Ashley and without a word hugged him. Both men had
smiles on their faces. Ashley pulled back. “I missed ya little bro.”

Since then, Ashley and Micheal hung out a lot. They became closer than they
were in their former lives. Micheal was even asked by his brother to be the
best man in his wedding to Maria. Micheal happily agreed. That was after
Ashley spent two weeks sleeping on the couch because he was terrified of
Hurricane DeLuca. But she eventually forgave him, after a good beating with
a newspaper Amy Valenti style.

And when Akien arrived, Ava and Liz welcomed him with open arms. He was
happy to have at least one of his sisters back. And even though Liz wasn’t
biologically his sister, he loved her just the same. With two new members,
the group then began to concentrate their search on finding the others,
primarily Akyra. Which proved to be a difficult task.


[center] Part 10: Take Me Under[/center]

One Month Later: December

Earlier in the day, Micheal and Ava took his Blazer and decided to go
shopping. Micheal had finally gotten a car of his own. Liz and Ava had
unbeknownst to him, put some money from their parents into his bank
account. So he put some away for college and bought himself a brand new,
cherry red Blazer with the rest. Now he didn’t have to use Liz or Ava’s car

Tomorrow was Liz’s birthday and both had been too busy to go shopping
previously. So they hit up the mall at around 10 o’ clock in the morning.

Ten stores and nearly a thousand dollars later, both had their presents for
Liz picked out. Micheal didn’t mind that his charge card bills would be high
for a while. Liz was worth it. Besides, after being released from the
hospital, she had made his 19th birthday his best ever. The entire gang was
there. It was a fun filled, carefree night that he would never forget. And it
was all thanks to Liz. She had made a total turnaround recovery after
getting out. Not that the old Liz had come back. Nope, she had been
replaced by a new and improved, yet still slightly (but understandably) sad
Liz. But time would eventually heal her wounds as it did Micheal’s.

Ava had plans for a late lunch with Max so Micheal dropped her off at the
Evans’ home at 2.

As he trudged up the stairs, presents in hand, his ears were met with loud
music. Liz had a reputation for blasting it when no one was looking.


[center] O-Town, I want you to close your eyes,
and fall into a deep trance.
And when I count to three,
you’ll wake up and be mine.
I like it, like it, like it, like it, like it.
I love it, love it, love it, love it, love it.
I know you, know you, know you, know you, know you.
I love it when you take me, down, down, under your spell.

My mind is suffocated
by your deep side.
The scent of you has got me so blind.
Why, why can't I be with you full time?
Cause you bring me under.

Your lips, your eyes, your skin.
Can't wait to be within.
Your thoughts, your mind wheel me in.
In time, babe.
You're mine, babe.
So fine babe.
But for now.


He reached the top of the steps without problems. Despite the fact that he
had ten tons of bags in his hands.

Micheal hoped that Liz was distracted enough that she wouldn’t notice him.
His wish came true. She was in her room with her back to the door. It gave
him just enough time to make a mad dash for his bedroom. He quickly hid
the presents at the top of his closet.

He silently made his way towards Liz’s bedroom. He didn’t want her to know
he was home yet.

She was oblivious to the world around her as she expertly swayed to the
beat of ‘Take Me Under’. He found himself captivated by the motion of her


[center] I like it when you bring me under.
Girl, I know you so well.
I love it when we get down, down.
Oh, oh, can't you tell?
I know you know when I first met you baby,
my heart fell.
I love it when you take me down,
down under your spell.

Can I get an O?
Can I get a T?
Can I get an O?
And a W?
And an N?
Bring it back now.

If you, could ever understand,
what you put me through.
Then I, I,
I could forgive you.
I can't forget you.
The things that you do,
won't leave my mind soon.

I came to you with a broken view,
of what my life should be.
You carried me subconsciously.
I send my mind through your eyes.
My thoughts are caught up in you.
Ooo, Can't wait to wrap myself in you.


Up until two days ago, Micheal had, had no clue that Liz could dance. And
damn, could she dance! His eyes had nearly bugged out of his head when the
gang had gone to By Starlight. Liz, Ava, Isabel, and Maria hadn’t been in the
door of the club for more than two seconds when, they made a dash for the
dance floor. Max, Kyle, Akien, Ashley and him found a table just off the
dance floor to sit and watch. Micheal hadn’t even noticed the girls until he
heard the guys next to him talking.

“Damn do you see that girl?”

“Where bro?”

“The brunette in the black halter top and black bellbottoms. Damn she’s

The second guy scanned the room until his eyes came to rest on Liz.

“See what I mean? She’s so gorgeous.”

It had been at that point that Micheal looked to find the girl they were
talking about. His eyes quickly focused in on Liz and Maria grinding together.

At which point, he almost choked on his soda. Kyle knew exactly why and
quickly replied.

“I know man. I never knew any of them could dance like that.”

Micheal turned and glanced at Kyle.

He smiled. “I think I’m gonna go join my woman.” And with that he got up
from the table and crept up behind Isabel.

“Ya shoulda seen Liz when ‘Ria an’ I took her wit us when we went ta get our
stuff befo’ we moved hea. We went ta da Tunnel.”

“What’s that?” Micheal questioned.

“It’s a club. Damn they went crazy. Liz musta came home wit like 50 numbas
dat night alone.” Ashley said with a small smirk, knowing the effect his
words were having on his brother.


[center] 1,2,3

When I look into your eyes,
my mind just don't know what to do.
And it's a crazy thing.
Got me all in a trance.
Wanna dance in the streets with you.
You got it goin' on, flowin' on.
Girl you never show me wrong.
Make a fella wanna go write a song.
And give you all my publishing.
I'm gonna go where you wanna go.
Run wild, have fun like a carnival.
Cause I think I'm in love with you.
And before I never knew that I was so,
I can't recall.
Not at all.
The last time a girl made me fall
so deep that I had withdrawals.
So don’t stop cause.

I like it when you bring me under.
Girl, I know you so well.
I love it when we get down, down.
Oh, oh, can't you tell?
I know you know when I first met you baby,
my heart fell.
I love it when you take me down,
down under your spell.


Liz sensed his presence the minute he walked in the door. But why is he
just standing there not saying anything?
She wondered but thought
nothing much of it. I guess he’s not saying anything because he knows this
is one of my favorite songs.
Little did she know, Micheal had his own

She knew he and Ava had gone shopping for her birthday so she just decided
to pretend like she didn’t know he was there.

Micheal on the other hand, couldn’t bring himself to take his eyes off of Liz.
She’s so beautiful. He thought. Wait a minute, where the hell did
that come from? This is my best friend we’re talking about here. I can’t
think of her like that.

He had been so confused lately. Dreaming of his life with Akyra was now a
nightly occurrence. Sometimes he’d awake with a smile. Others, he’d wake up
screaming. Liz would end up coming into his room and holding him while he
sobbed for his wife. His memories from their previous lives came flooding
back so fast. It made his head spin. He wanted to find Akyra. But he didn’t.
Micheal was comfortable with the way his life was now. He didn’t know what
would happen if they found Akyra. What will she expect of me? Will I
want her? Will I be able to be happy with her?

On the other hand he had been battling with a rush of new feelings. He
suddenly began to see Liz in a new light. On one hand she was his best
friend, his partner in crime. On the other she was this amazingly beautiful
woman, who at times captivated him. Yet, he still felt guilty everytime he
thought of her in a context other than friendship. He didn’t know exactly
why. But he just did.

He had been married in another life. Even if Liz felt the same way about
him, he didn’t want to drag her into this mess. He couldn’t live with himself
if she got hurt because of him. He had to keep his feelings at bay. Liz meant
more to him then that. And he wasn’t sure what he’d do when Akyra
eventually turned up. Not that anyone was.