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And Then There was One
Lopaka Tanu
Rated: R
Summery: Roswell has another reason to celebrate the Crash Festival when Tragedy strikes the group.
Author's note: For all my pretty Polarists. May the Aurora Borealis of Michael and Liz shine on you.
Part 1

"This is a live report from your local network of Roswell New Mexico. I am coming to you live from five miles outside Roswell where an unidetified Fliing Object has just crashed not fifty minutes ago. Reports filed at the local sheriffs office have yet to conclude what exactly crashed though it is belived to have been a Space Craft of Saucer Configuration. Many locals have claimed to have seen a second craft matching what has been Identified as a Stealth Bomber. Wait a minute I am recieving a report from the FBI. Six Roswell teens were seen near this area just before the UFO was sited. As of yet only two bodies have been recovered a Maria Deluca and one Max Evans. Their is no evidence of the other three or who they were."

"Sherrie why did you say who they were?"

"I only what has been repeated to me, but from I can tell there can be no survivors. The locals have said that the UFO was engoulfed in flames before exploding. The remains are still raining down that is how big the explosion was. Our hearts go out to the families of these Six teens. May they remain strong in this their hour of need."

"Alright Sherrie please keep us informed of what is happening. And now on to further news... wait I am recieving something from our producer. He has told me that the Names of the other Four teens have been identified. Isabelle Evans sister of Max Evans, Michael Guerine, Liz Parker daughter of the owners of the Restraunt The Crashdown Cafe, and the son of the former Sheriff Kyle Valenti. May their soles all rest in peace. I know this town will never forget them. Remember folks you heard it hear first...."

The Crashdown Cafe, Near the end of the Dinner rush.

"I was there when the damn thing came down from the Clouds. It was one of those Fliing Saucers like they had in those shops in town. Only this damn thing was hugh. I swear that those teens was expecting it. I mean they had a fire in a strange pattern. Theys was expecting it I tell ya. It was like some strange pattern. I was standing there watching my sheep and then all of a sudden the clouds parted. Then a bright light flooded out an then it came. It was as big as house. Those teens were just standing it a circle their hands holding glowing stones. One was in the center. I think it was a girl it was the shortest of them all. Aint none of them look human except the short blond one. I mean when the light hit them from the ship theys eyes was black and theys skin was pale, almost white. Any how theys was being lifted by the light and then it happens. This huge jet comes out of nowheres it fires some energy weapons at the ship and then flew away faster than any jet should. I mean it just almost vanished in a flash. Thats when the ship exploded an some of the teens disappeared. I mean theys just gone. Two were left still in midair as the Ship exploded. They fell to the ground an died instantly cause they must have dropped some two hundred feet an theys was only half way up to the ship. An that thats all I got to say on the subject, excuse me."

The man ran out of the CrashDown followed closely by Two men in Suits. When he was gone Jeff Parker sat down heavely as he hoped it was not Liz and her friends. Yet some how he knew that was what it was. Liz was gone and he would never see her again. He slowly curled up in to a ball on the brakeroom sofa. What have I done, was all he thought over and over as he remembered how Liz had run away that afternoon. She had begged him to let her see her boyfriend. He told her no way in hell. She had ran to her room criing. When he came to apologize he found her in the arms of Michael. They were packing her things and leaving. She turned to her father and her eyes were different. He did not understand what was diffrent then, but now he knew. She had begged his forgive ness and then fled out of the room taking Michael in tow. He had collapsed on her bed and found her note to him and Nancy. It said she was sorry but her and Michael were in love and that they wanted to tell him but he only saw him as a hinderence on her future. What they had not known was he thought her boy friend was Max.

Now he sat hear rocking himself as he waited for Nancy to come home from her Mothers. He would sit there for three more hour before Nancy would come in and ask what was wrong with Liz. He would only say to words, I'm sorry. He would repeat thatover and over until they came to take him away to the hospital. He would repeat it until he died.

Phillip Evans And Partners.

Else where Phillip Evans sat in his office finishing off his third bottle of whisky that night. He was triing to forget the stuned look his daughter had given him and Jessie as she was told that they knew her secret and that they would never forgive her. Max had come in at that time and told them to go to hell as he carried a stunned Isabelle out of the room. They had tried to stop him but he threw them back with an energy bolt. Stunned was an understatement. They had figured Isabelle was involved in a plot that had killed Tess. What they had found out was she wasn't human. They had misjudged yet again. Jessie had fainted on the spot. Phillip only took out his bottles of whiskey and started to drink directly from one.

The Valintie Residence.

Jim sat there as he watched the news. His son was gone a second time and there was no one left to pick up the pieces. He slowley pulled the revolver out of his mouth as he took another drink before screaming in agoney. His life was over. Now he had to remain strong for two reasons, Amy and his father.

Deluca Residence.

Amy and shawn sat on the couch waiting for Maria to return from her date with Max. Thats when they recieved the Call. The one every mother fears. Amy had dropped the phone and fell to the floor as shawn reached out to catch her. A short time later Jim had shown up and started to comfort Amy while she screamed at nothing in particular.

In a cold cell in an Unkown area.

Liz awoke to a cold sterile room. The only light came from down the hall and filtered through the bars on her cell. She felt like she was on death row. The room was in paralell to the hall in length. It was barely eight feet long by six feet wide. She heard sounds coming from the light. "It is awake. Get up you freak. You have an appointment with a Physician to see exactly what you are."

Liz stood up strait and started to scream for the others. "That won't help you annoying one. You were the only survivor." Liz almost fainted as the voice started to laugh an evil hatefilled laugh.

So what ya think too much? I live for your love or hate.

:p Don't hate me beacuse I am Beautiful, hate me because I hate you.

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Part 2

In the back room at the crashdown.

Inhailing deeply a kiss deepens and then turns in to a full blown make eatery. Liz kisses down his neck smelling in his musky scent. He trastes like a chocolate cake covered in a whole lot of yummy. He picks her up and holds her against the Lockers and doesn't even flich as she drags her hands through his hair.

God this is what he needed just to forget that skank. How could he belive he was in love with that. He lack of control was caused just by that his lack of control on his life. He needed stabelity, he needed Liz. They fit together perfectly. He ran his hands up her body massaging in all the right places. Each touch was met by a moan of pure bliss. Each kiss exploded in flames as he started on her neck again.

He removed their clothes ripping them litteraly from their bodies. She only felt his heat. Liz rapped her hands around his manhood. He was throbing to be released. She new there was something they were forgetting. She was about to remember when he thrust in her. She felt the barrier punture by him. He only slowed down for her to catch her breath, then he was back to grunting and thrusting. With each thrust she screamed out in elation. Her heart beat in tune with his three times faster than it ever beat before. He only knew one thing, release.

This was all for him but she could not get over pleasure that was Michael. Her body tensed around him as she screamed before the climax. She felt a hot burning as he filled her. Liz came as Michael in one loud burst of energy and euphoria. As they came down they felt something activate in them. A mind reached out to them. A child.

As they finally opened their eyes they realized it was too late. The change was complete. Liz was no longer human. Dark black eyes looked upon Michaels of the same shape and color. Liz began to cry until she heard another mind reach out to their child.

The language was alien yet they understood the words. "The stones of Life to summon the ship. Upon entering the circle of Life use the symbols of the royal four to show your postion. We shall come in two days. Be ready child of Antar you will soon see your home."

Fifteen minutes later in the Cafe.

"Alright Evans explain what the hell just happened. Why did I hear that alien Voice and Why do my eyes look like I am wairing contacts?" A very pale colored Kyle walked in to the Cafe followed closely by his dad. Max and Michael were argueing over Liz who was slumped in a booth. When they turned Kyle drew back at the sight of them. They looked identical in coloring. Now that he noticed so did Liz. He put up his hands in defence, "I see I was not the only one. So do you know what happened?"

Max would not answer. Michael bent down and gathered Liz in his arms. When he kissed her Max started to glow white. Kyle started to sit down and fell on his but as Isabelle ran screaming in to the Cafe. Jessie was close behind begging for an explanation. Max turned on him and his body flashed. He sneered at the follon human and stopped glowing.

Isabelle flew in to her brothers open arms openly criing. Michael silently walked over to Jessie and placed a hand on his head. His hand glowed for a moment and he stood up. "He will not remember any of this or us. I am sorry Isabelle we must leave him here. This is for his own protection."

By now Jim Valenti was completely confused. He heard every word only he could not make out a thing they said, almost as if they were not speaking English. On second thought so was Kyle. He had been ever since that flash of light.

At this time Maria walked in calmly and looked at Michael going back and picking up a still unmoving Liz. She stopped breathing as she saw them kiss. They just glowed for each other, Literally. Then so did Max. Only his was more white as in fury. She felt the intense emotion rising from him as they watched. When she finally caught her breath she screamed at Liz in rage.

Michael turned to her and started to speak. "Et tue yea me on toye Yeahn. Bel tdo ot migx Locg doone." He stopped when a look of utter terror and confusion passed on her face. He then flushed white and spoke again only slower. "If yooooooouuuu eveerr Llllaaay aaaa haaannnnddd onnnn herrr yoouuu willll dieee."

Maria collapsed on her knees as Michael turned his back on her and staulked up to his mate. Max came over to her bowed form and held her while she cried. He soothed her with his voice although she did not understand her the words.

Liz suddenly stood up and wound her hands together above her head and then wound her legs together. A flash of white light surrounded her body as she she stood still. When it was gone her skin was back to it's original color and her hair had turn back from it's illuminated brown to it's shiney brown. Though her eyes were still the same. "Guys this is how we shape shift. I just learned how to retain my original form."

Isabelle pulled her best Icequeen pose and shifted. Michael only placed a hand out in front and adopted a soldier's pose. Max stood at attention and stared strait ahead like a king's sculpture. Kyle gave his best Herculse/Muscle man pose then they all shifted together. Unlike Liz their eyes turned back to normal.

Isabelle spoke first. "Liz how did you know? And for that matter why are your eyes still black?"

Liz held a hand to her face then her abdomen which started to glow in the shape of two hands. She flushed as she put her hand over them. "Michael Jr told me how. But Claudia mentioned it first. They called out with their mind and activated all Antarians in the area to help them. Fortunately there was a ship who's crew is loyal to Larek on it's way to Earth. They will be here in two Days. We have to go then or they will not survive."

Kyle finally spoke again. "Why do we have to go?"

"We are not able to retain our forms indefinetly. We will tire and one day some one will catch us shifting if we stay. Don't even try to deny it Kyle you would get caught in the first week. Probably shifting in the Girls Locker Room." Kyle flushed and started to glow white. "Another thing, keep your emotions in check. If you get to emotional you glow. One last thing. If you like the taste of food or the feel of your clothes, don't shapeshift too often. Unlike the others we are also human. Which means we don't totally lose are sence of touch, taste and smell. But it grows weaker every time you shift. They will come back stronger after a period of nonshifting. Any questions, good now go home we have a lot of planning over the next Two days."

On board the Loyalists Ship.

Rath smiled at the memory, his Mate was strong she would survive until they found her. His thoughts were interupted by a figure in tight clothing. He looked at the Benzien, they looked like humans with scales.

In a hissy voice "General Rathard, sir. We have recovered some of the wreckage of the alien ship. It is as you suspected, a hoax. The ship was made of primitive materials. The design was that of one of Kivars. I have no doubt he was responcible for the deception. We destroyed it before they could get you but we lost the King and his Human Consorte in the blast."

Rath/Michael looked at him. "What of the others?"

The Benzien looked at him a moment then decided how to phrase the responce. Princess Velondra and her protector are still in the MedBay. She is recovoring and he is protecting her. Your mate however was not in the Energy stream we intercepted. We can only assume she passed on before we could get her. If she was lost in the energy field she could be anywhere in Two hundred Thousand Light Years. The Captain is requesting permission to leave Earth and return to Ishtar."

Michael turned back to the window and gave his permission. As he wiped a tear away he watched the stars explode as they transmitted in to the worm whole. He made a solem vow to find Liz no matter how long it took. He would not belive she was dead. He knew he would have felt it.

IN the Prison cell.

"Get up traitor. His Magesty wishes to see you." Liz got up hugging her now swolen belly. She was three weeks along and was due in one more. This was another of his Social calls. He wanted her to submit to his rule and she would always say no. This time when she stood the Babies kicked her and she fell back on the bunk. The king came in a few moments later. He smiled at her and spoke softly.

"You know Liz you only make this harder on yourself. Just become My bride and all will beforgiven."

She spit in his face and spoke, "I would rather to in hell before that day ever comes, MAX!"


Next part more of the two days before the Crash.

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Alright the site is messing with me. Every time I set this up it keeeps telling me that I have not put in part two. I am sorry if you miss part two. I put it on three times. And to the site, WE MADE YOU, WE MADE YOU. Sorry old movie reference to a Excellent plot.
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And Then There was One
Lopaka Tanu
Rated: R
Summery: Roswell has another reason to celebrate the Crash Festival when Tragedy strikes the group.
Author's note: For all my pretty Polarists. May the Aurora Borealis of Michael and Liz shine on you.

Part 3

Li'z's room Thirty-six hours before the Crash.

Liz sat up in bed smilling. She had the greatest dream in a long time. She had dreamed her na dmIchael were together. Thats when she heard the groan. She turned to see Michael in nothing but a smile. Liz started to panic. If he was really here then she was pregnant. That also means that she is leaving in less than two days.

Michael awoke to find Liz wretching in the toilet. He held her hair back why she finished. When she stopped she used her abilities to clean up and he made his hand cold and placed it to her forehead. She leaned back in to his arms and started to cry again. He held her close and started to whisper that it would be just fine.

Liz looked at him incredously. "It will never be alright again Michael. In Two days we are Leaving for a new Galaxy and going to a world wracked by war. What kind of hell will we be taking our children to live amoung?"

"Liz we will get through this. We always do, you just have to be strong." He kissed her on the lips and she started to sob again.

"Thats just it Michael, I don't think I will make it this time. I mean its been hell living here. How bad is it going to be on another planet? Another thing we need to consider, what are we going to do?"

"What do you mean Liz?"

She stopped criing long enough to explain. "We have no home. Antar is under Skin Ocupation. Even if we got back there max will never accept you as his second in command. He almost killed you last night. If it had not been for me and the babies he would have tried his damnedest. We are litterally orphans on any world. I will have no family after my parents find out about the Babies."

"Ssshhh Liz, don't talk that way. You know if we could stay here your parents would help us."

"No they would not. Have you forgotten how they treated Max?" She shook as she broke down again. Michael could only hold her and say they would find away. He started to kiss his way down her neck to sooth her nerves. He only seemed to start them to burning. Each kiss was stronger than the last until he was devouring her and her pain. Their breathing could be heard echoing in the bathroom. He realized they were both naked and she was glowing just for him. He turned her over to help her up off the floor and stopped dead in his tracks. Down her spine were a set of spots. She looked like she was wearing Leopard print. When he touched the Dark brown spots she arched away from his hand and moaned in pleasure.

Liz felt like her insides had just beed touched. When her mind returned she realized that Michael was speaking to her. "Liz where did you get those spots?"

She knew, she did not know how, but she knew what they symbolized. "They mean that I am prgenant with twins. "They mean that I am prgenant with twins. They normally don't appear until the Second Trimester. Then again I am only part Antarian. These little guys are fountains of knowlodge."

Michael scooped her up in his arms and carried her back to the bed and kissed her breath away. They styed in each others arms until her alarm went off at Seven. They had school but they decided to skip. When they went down stairs to get something for breakfast the rest were ther already.

max looks at Liz only a moment then turns to Maria who is a little too happy. Then Liz can sence it, they did it. She smiled at them and gave a Stunned Maria a hug, and a word of advice. "He may like you now but don't fall for him. He is nothing but trouble."

Maria just looked at her incredously. Then whispered back. "Stay out of my life you skank. You know he is just using you for sex and to keep his mind off our break up last night."

Liz only smiled at her and let her real eyes show from behind her glasses. This had the desired unnerving effect on her. Liz then sat in Michael's lap. Nothing was said as the Waitress came over to take their orders. It was agreed that each would pay there own.

Michael was the first to speak on the subject. "How are we going to explain our disppearance? I mean we five just can't go away with out an explanation."

Isabelle went next. "I know what you mean, I will miss Jessie. But I can go now that I know how he would react to my telling him of my true nature." She carefully guards her words as she watches the people around us evesdrop. She stops on one person inparticuler and glares at her. The woman puts down her check and money then flees.

Max follows her and comes back a few minutes later covered in dust.

"Damn skins." Michael retorts. "That means they are on to us. We have no time for formalities. We plan now."

"Oh so what now oh fearless leader?" Max of corse.

"Listen you smart ass," Liz brakes in much to the surprise of everyone. "You are the one who fucked up. You no longer have any authority on this group. You have no subjects. Your own protecter betrayed you with your little Max and that alien Bitch. Now you will listen to what he has to say."
Every one looked at her strangely. "What so that demented bitch was not the only one who could bend others' minds. I mean it just came to me last night."

Michael, Isabelle, and Kyle looked slightly more relaxed, yet they were still unnerved by her reaction. Michael kissed her again then started to talk. "We have to meet here tomorrow night. All those who wish to go can. If you want to stay you have to leave Roswell and not return until you have mastered your shape shifter abilities. Liz and I must go, the rest of you can stay if you want."

Isabelle spoke up next. "I will go. I love Jessie but he and my dad are not two people I want to be around any more. I went to take Jessie his breakfast and heard him and my father talking about how I was hiding something as well. They are not to be trusted. I, I, I can't take it any more. They have either got to be stopped or we leave. I don't want to hurt them so I want to leave."

Kyle put his arm around her to help her through the pain. "I wish that I could stay but this place is going strait to hell. I won't be involved in any murder investigation against us. I am for leaving."

Every one looked Max. "What, you finally want my opinion? Well I am for finding my son. That is all I want to do. That and live in peace with out this whole damn mess on us. I am for going too I guess."

Maria finally exploded at them. "What are you doing? This is stupid. I mean we are just leaving like that?"

Michael took the lead again. "We are leaving all humans here, that means you. Now shut up your opinion does not count for shit as far as I am concerned. He turns back to the group and speaks. "Alright we are agreed to meet here tomorrow and leave together. We say our good bys tonight and leave in the morning to go to the desert. There we will set up the symbols and the circle. When that is done we go to get the artifacts and the stones. Then you have until Seven p.m. to get back here before we leave you here. The rest of time is yours to do with as you want. Any questions?"

"When did you become such an ass hole?" Maria spoke.

No one looked at her or paid attention as they silently shook their heads in agreement to Michael. With that they ate their brekfast and left for what ever.

On the Benzien Transport to Ishtar.

Isabelle sat on the bio bed looking out the window. She watched in utter horror as the scene had replayed in her mind. They were all being lifted to the ship as the real Benzien ship came out of no where. The portal in the center was the only thing on the saucer that was real. They were triing to get out of it to no avail. Thats when they saw the the Benzien ship fire on the imposter. She felt relieved as they were swallowed by the beam of the Benzien ship.

Then she heard the screams. Maria had been caught in the cross fire and a body came out of the portal. They looked at the body. It was an exact duplicate of Max. Then he grabbed Liz and used his powers to send the others toward the ground. As Max was sucked in to the portal with a screaming Liz, Michael fired on him. But they were being sucked in by the Benzien ship. Thats all she remembered before she awoke with a scream in the Medbay. Kyle had to calm her down as he explained these were the ones who had contacted Liz. They were Lareks people, they ment no harm."

Her heart contracted when remembered Liz and the look on Michaels face at the betrayal by Max. She had held on to Kyle for dear life. He had gone to get something to eat and find Michael. He had not been to see either one in the three weeks since it happened. She focused her gaze out the window and cried yet again.

In the cell on Antar.

"Listen to yourself Liz. What did he do to you. You love me remember. Join with me and become the Queen of Antar." Max asked in a mild voice.

"Get away you traitor. I will kill you the first chance I get." With that she threw her dishes and what she could at the energy barrier guarding the bars.

"Very well. If you will not join me then you die. Kivar kill her." Max spoke to the being who looked like a red glowing shapeshifter. Liz knew he was what was considered a skin. They had a energy based Life and they could not change shape, that was so they could not infiltrate their Masters.

Kivar reluctantly obeyed his old and newly returned Master. He held up his hand and fired at the figure in the cell.


More new parts to come.
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Part 4

Max leaned on the door way leading to Liz's room. "Are you ready?"
Liz just looked at him and stuck her toung out at him. "You know you were never very good at getting ready on time for any thing. I guess that was part of your charm. Is that what Michael likes about you?"

Liz turned on him suddenly. "What he sees in me is none of your business. We are together now so drop it." With that she returned to getting her things in suitcases. Then she puit the last of her bags together she put them in her closet. "There now I am ready. Lets go meet the others at the site where you buried the stones."

The ride to the site was quiet. No one would speak. They were mad at the othere for the same reason. They both felt betrayed by the other. When they reached the site Liz did not wait for Max to stop the car before she got out. She just barroled out and ran in to Michael's open arms. "I missed you so much," she breathed in to his chest.

He laughed at her and smiled. "I have only been gone for a few hours. I mean if I get the kind of reception for this little bit of time I wonder about tonight. I mean your parents return tonight I can't exactly be there for you."
She kissed him much to the moaning of the others.

"Get a room before you make us sick." Isabelle turned away from them. She came face to breast with Kyle. He lifted an eye brow at her. "You even try and I will remove your spine and wear it as a belt."

Max cleared his throaght and waited impatiently. "We have got to get those things before they come out here looking for us. Who knows who else is around us?"

They agreed to get it done and over with. Michael, Max, and Kyle started to dig. Liz and Isabelle looked at them and started to giggle. The boys stopped and looked at each other, then at the girls. Kyle spoke up first. "What is so funny?"

Liz made a scooting motion with her hands and they cleared out of her way. When they were out of her way she made a scooping motion aith her hands and the dirt lifted up. Isabelle made a come here motion and the little sack/sheet of alien artifacts came to her arms. Liz made a dumping motion and the dirt fell back in to place. The guys just smirked at them.

Later at the that night Parker house hold.

"Mom if you would just take time to get to know my boyfriend you would not think he was bad." Liz pleaded with her mom who was packing her bag again.

"Liz I said no. You behave you here me. Your dad is under a lot of stress. I will be here tomorrow at ten. I will see you then. Now give me a kiss." Liz kissed her mother's cheek.

When Nancy left and there were no more sounds Liz released her tears. "But I won't be here when you get back."

Evans house hold.

"Phillip if you don't stop this I will leave you and that is it!" Diane stood ther until he shook his head no. Then with tears in her eyes she left him.

Phillip belived that Diane was only bluffing. That she needed time on her own then she would be back. When he went in to their room stuff was every where. The entire room was ransacked. Her things were gone. He fell to the floor and cried. This was all Max and Isabelle's fault. He would make them pay if it was the last thing he did.

Valenti House.

"Dad I know you want to come. But the thing is you are not adapted to survive on thew alien worlds. We have been changed for this. I never wanted to do it but I am ready. Be proud of me I am going to serve and protect a new place with aliens." Kyle was swept u in his father's embrace.

Jim cried on his son's shoulder. "I will miss you son. Now if you can contact me."

"Thats why I have the orbs here. They are for you. If we ever get the chance I will contact you with them."

Ramierez aparment.

Jessie paced the living room. Where the hell is she? He looked out the window again to see Isabelle walking up the path. She had a sad face and tears in her eyes. He rushed out to her and held her in his arms. He told her everthing would be alright. She felt the need to be lied to even if it was just for a night.

Max and Michael sat around his table. Niether looked at the other. This was too uncomfortable. Every time Michael would try to explain Max would turn his words on him. Finally Michael gave up and just sat there. He knew that Max was being an ass and there would be no dealing with him.

"You know, just fuck it Max and fuck you." With that he left the apartment. Never to return. His bag was on his shoulder and he was on his bike. Liz would hole him up for the night. When he reached her balconey he saw her staring at the star with tears running down her cheeks. Her brown hair flew in the evening breeze. she looked like an angel come down from heave just for him.

He climbed her Balconey and waited for her to notice him. He watched her from a far like he had in so many nights. He remembered how he came to her last night. Maria had just broken up with him. He had tried to sit in the apartment and not think about it. It did not work. He ran for a while and stopped when his heart hurt. He looked up and there on her balconey was Liz. The orange, blue and white street lights high-lighted the area, but not enough to block out the stars above her. The horizon was black and she was a white light. She was ready for a joining. He suddenly realized that is what made him come directly to her. She was in heat. He smiled. That was a thought.

Thats right it had been pure animalistic. He had jumped over the wall literaly. He landed with a loud thump, and startled Liz. She looked at him and saw his face. All he had was lust. He turned up to sniff the air and then smiled at her again. She flushed, and dodged his grasp and went in to the room. He caught her as she ran down the stair which he had no use for. He merely jumped over the side wall in to the storage room. And as quick as lighting he had her pinned against the lockers. He removed their clothes ripping them at the seems and smelling in her scent. He thrust her against the lockers. She only growled in pleasure as he rubbed against her. This was pure animalistic and all he needed. Then he thrust in her. That first thrust was like heave had opened up and he was diing. He felt like he was being swallowed whole as the suction would not release him.

The memory was interupted by Liz turning around and staring at him. She walked up to him slowly and wrapped her hands around his fly. She then lowered in and put in her hand. She looked in to his eyes as she gripped him and started to massage. His eyes glazed over as the sensation ripped through his body. He through his head back as he began to moan. A hoarse cry ripped through the night as he came in her hand. She pulled it out of his geans and looked at it. Her hand was covered in green glowing semen. He looked at her and she smiled.

With a wave of her hand it was gone and he was cleaned up. She zipped him up and layed under the stars with him until morning. Their last day on earth was to be spent in each other's arms. He watched as she slep under the sun and kissed her on th cheek. He then joined her in sleep.

They awoke around Five. Time to get ready. Liz walked down stairs to greet her dad. When she came to view he was argueing with Max. They broke apart and he came storming in to the room. "Liz you are never to se him again while you are living under my roof."

"I am here to tell you bye. I am here to tell you bye. I am leaveing. I want to be with my boyfriend and no one will stop us from being together."

"NO I forbid you to see him. You are to go near him."

Liz screamed that she would do what she damned well pleased and left. When she got to her room she left a note, grabbed her bags, and Michael. They left as her dad came in. She looked at him pleading with her eyes. He only looked stunned. She realized he looked stunned and that her eyes were different. Terror swept through her and she and Michael fled. She called the others told them to meet her and Michael at the site.

Mean while at the Ramierez house.

"I am sorry Mrs. Ramierez about your loss. Would you like us to tell your family or can you do it?" The detective looked at a shell shocked Isabelle.

She finally pulled her sefl from the shock. "I'll tell them. I have to meet them in a few minutes." When he left Isabelle told Max to come out.

He looked at her. "What did he say? Was it about Tess?"

Isabelle shook her head. She was still too stunned. With tears in her eyes she looked directly at him. "Its about mom. Apparently she and dad had a fight and she left. They found her wrecked car out side of Los Cruixes. She was still in it when they pulled it out of the resivour. She drove off the bridge to avoid a truck that still hit her. She died on impact."

Max held Isabelle as they drove to Phillips office. He let Isabelle out why went topark the car. Isabelle emotionally floated up the stairs and in to the office. Jessie and her dad looked at her glaringly. "I am glad you came Isabelle." Phillip got up and spoke ignoring the detached look of his daughter. "I am filing charges against you and Max. That is unless you cooperate with us."

Max came in to hear his father's words. He looked at Isabelle and caught her before she collapsed. "You stupid son of a bitch. You fucked up Majorly this time Phillip." He carried Isabelle out of the office followed by outraged Phillip and Jessie. He hit them with an energy bolt that nearlly killed them both. Then he fled.

The Site hour later.

"Here they come. What the hell is that human doing with them?" Michael looked at Maria.

Max answered for her. "We ran in to her on the street in front of the crash down. She was coming to say good bye. I asked her to help me with Isabelle."

Liz spoke next, "what is wrong with her Max?" Max explained everything to them. When he was finished they lit the symbols ablaze and dropped their human frames. The were telling Maria to back away and go home but Mouth would not shut up. Just then their circle was engulffed in light from the UFO. They looked up and scremed in fear and rage as the realized they were under a portal for the skins. They had created a ship to mask their portal. As they went up the fought to no avail. Then they were hit by the energy of the ships fire from the Benzien ship.

The cell on Antar.

Kivar fired at the figure but only hit the energy barrier. He was going to fire again but Max hit him with a blast. "You see Liz they are nothing but the worthless slaves we designed them to be." He laughed as he killed a couple of them watching their energy forms disapate in to the dust. "They rose up against us Fifty-five years ago and killed us by surprise. What they forgot is they were programmed to obey my voice. I have the same voice pattern every male in my family has had for a thousand years. We were geneticly enginered too. Only we are the royals and they the slaves." he said as he kicked the reeling Kivar. "He though that if he could kill me before I produce any offspring he could end the enslavement. Well he ended the enslvement and killed most of their masters, but now that I am back things will go the way they were supposed to. Oh and I don't have the Whore Velondra to contend with either. Life is good. I have a son who is almost old enough to start training as a warrior like his father and a bride to be. Thats right you and I will be married soon after your abominations are born and disposed of." With a cruel laugh he was gone, and Liz cringed as she felt her babies kick.

Future is up to you amke a differnce, live feed back.

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part 5

"I am not going to cry. Life will continue. I will get back to Michael. I am not going to cry. Life will Continue. I will get back to Michael. I am not going to cry..." Liz continues her chant as she sat rocking holding her babies. 'They will be here soon. I must help them in any way possible.'

Liz stopped rocking and stood up to look at Max. "Will you spare my children if I submit to you?"

"Now there is an offer I should have thought of. I suppose if you agree to marry me. Then and only then would I spare them."

Liz took in his demeanor. He was totally serious even with his black eyes. Her heart constricted and she felt hard to breath. Tears stung her eyes as she breathed out. "If it is the only way then I will marry you."

"Well now thats more like it. Guards come take Liz to her chambers. I want her cleaned up and those things removed before she is presented to the court in three days."

"The court?"

Max smiled at her. "Yes the Court. You are to be tried as a traitor. When you are found guilty you will die."

"But you said if I agreed to marry you I would live."

He laughed at her. "No I said they would live. You I just wanted to break. I already have a queen. No the people want some one to blame for the deaths over the last fifty years and why not you. Your from a planet that saw the deaths of many of their own so lets give them something to talk about."

Liz launched her self at him but was restrained by the guards. She started to scream no over and over as her body was dragged by the guards. Max called after her. "I will take good care of your kids. They will make Michael more bound and determined to get back here. I will delight in watching him suffer."

The Benzien transport three days later.

"Sir we will reach Ishtar in about an hour. We are recieving some thing over the Communitctions channels. It's a signal from Antar. The trial of a Traitor by the name of Liz Parker Guerin."

Michael stormed on to the bridge. 'That sick son of a bitch knew that would get my attention.' "Bring the signal on screen." The sttache turned the signal on.

Liz stood before three shapeshifters that stood on podiums. "Very well. It is the decision of this Triumverant that Liz Parker Guerine be executed on crimes of Sedition, conspiracy to assainate our leader, Treason and the uncounted deaths of our people in the retaking of Antar. This judgemnet is passed and now on to the sentence. Senttencing is to be carried out immeadietly and publicly. This Triumverate is now dismissed. Excutioner do your duty."

Michael fell to the deck clutching his heart as he heard her scream just before the executioner swung the blade that removed her head. Her lifeless body fell to the podium followed by the cheering of the surrounding crowd. He released one last breath before he fell to the deck completely.

The Benzien MedBay two minutes later.

"He is coming around. General Rathard can you hear me?" The Medic turned Michael head checking his eyes. He opened them then shut them as he remembered Liz's last few moments. He screamed in pain and anguish.

Isabelle held on to Kyle for dear life unaware why Michael was in so much pain. She new it was bad for him to be openly crying. Kyle stood by and watched helplessly while they left Michael to his own grief. "What happened to him," Kyle asked one of the medics.

The medics green scale turned bright blue. "We just learned an and watched his mate was executed for crimes against Antar. I am Sorry my Lady but you are no longer on Antar."

"What happened?" Both Isabelle and Kyle held their breaths. They hoped that they meant somebody else.

"The King of Antar has declared you and the rest of your group traitors. He has issued a bounty on your heads. This and the public execution of Liz Parker Guerine will lead to War. After all they just executed King Larek's sister in law for bogus crimes and put a bounty on his brother's head."

Isabelle broke down completely and Kyle started to cry as he held her. Then a thought hit him. "What about her children?"

"What children? As far as we know she was taken alone."

"She was two days pregnant when they took her."

The Medic looked flustered. "Then they probably still have them. They will be held as prisoners of war, and most likely be used against General Rathard. I am sorry to say that in most likely events they will be executed as well." He then turned back to watching Michael's vitals, as Isabelle and Kyle sank to their knees.


How much do you hate me. I want feed back. May be I will give you a hint of what happened in the three days in between her excution and being taken from her cell.

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Okay sorry about the lack of posting on this. I just thought that I graduated and then the damnedest thing happened. Several of my retests I sent in were Fu**ed up on their end so I have redue them. I have had the other fics updated to keep my mind off of it but this was to dark to do for my mood. Once again Sorry. So with out further ado part 6.

Part 6 May the worlds hear you scream as the for the stars know your pain.

Three days before Liz's execution.

Liz sat in her new 'Hell' as she liked to call it. The room was an exact replica of the white room. Each of the devices were used to study Liz as she was tortured. They had her strapped down but no anesthia was applied for it might effect the results of the tests. They had been testing every part of her body in hopes that she might reveal a weakness to exploit.

Her body ached from the exposier to the freezing temperatures. Each of her muscles still bore the scars of the burns. Her heart stopping was the only thing that made them relent. More and more she wished they would just end it before the babies were born to spare them the pain.

She was about to be sent through another battery of tests when the pain ripped through her body. Each of her muscles spasimed in turn as she cried out in pain. Soon the nurses came in and strapped her to another table. They wheeled her prone form down the corridor to an unknown designation.

When they reached a room much like the white room the stopped. Inside was a modified table with sterrupts. Liz screamed and raged as they strapped her down to the second table. When the next spasim hit her she stopped fighting all together. Each of the doctors looked at each other as they emoved their masks. The green blood was every where. In the mass that had come out were two wiggling white forms. Eyes of black searched the room as they stood up. They turned back to see their mother no longer moving. Thats when they started to cry.

Three days later, the Trial.

A lifeless figure in a stasis field was placed in front of the Triumverent. "What is the meaning of this? This woman is dead."

Max glared at them until they backed down. "You are still to perform the trial. She will be excuted in front of the crowd. All necissary effects will be taken care of." When the time came he was true to his word. A recording of her birthing scream, her last played to a over anxious audience. The recording was cut off at the same time as he head. Max smiled. "There that should be enough to get his attention."

Kivar turned away from his master and cringed. Not even he had been this insane.

The MedBay of the Benzien ship Present time.

"Has he even moved yet?" Kyle asked Isabelle as they both watched a catatonic Michael.

"I don't know. I can't keep going on this way. We are about to land at the Imperial palace. He is about to meet his brother for the first time in this life time and all he can do is look off in to the middle of nowhere." Finally discusted Isabelle shook Michael screaming a glutteral roar.

He looked at her and brokedown. The stone wall was gone. He was gone as well. His heart and his life were now empty. All he could do was keep going or he would simply stop breathing. Thats when he started to feel the pain again. His head started to throb and he screamed out in agoney. Then he fell silent to the deck as the doors opened. Medics rushed to his side as they tried to revive him.

Larek looked almost identical to Michael in his shapeshifter form. Larek forgot his status and ran to Michael's side as his body convulsed. He spoke to the medics and they injected him with a syringe of clear liquid. Michael stopped his trimmers almost immeadietly. Larek stood in silence as he watched the Meds take Michael away on a stretcher. Then he turned to Isabelle who had Kyle in a death grip. "He has had a major stroke. From what they gather it was self induced. We got there in time and he may make a full recovery." He stopped and wiped his black eyes. "I am sorry, its just that I learned of his mate myself. Max has sent a ransom demand for the Children. He wants you three. I told him no deal. We will declare war in the morning in front of the high council."

Isabelle fell to her knees shortly followed by Kyle. "So she really is dead?"

"Yes, our sorces say she died in child birth. The trial was just a farce to ralley his people to war. It has Succeded. He will launch an offensive against us and the other four worlds."

Kyle looked at Larek, "Four worlds."

"Yes, Kestral, Eunia, Caylor, and Earth. He has gone insane. Some thing must have happened on earth to have sent him on this quest of the Damned." Kyle and Isabelle could only look at each other in puzzlement as they slowly digested the news.


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NO Liz, NO Problem. Just you wait and see. The future is not always clear. Nor is the past that simple. Life will always find a way to survive in the harshest of invirements. But make no mistake, Liz is dead, For Now. Then again so were the POD squad once. All Tess Haters, the next couple of chapters are for you.
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Part 7 Which is worse, pain or the anticipation of pain, either way their both effective means of torture.

Michael awoke to the soft sounds of a Scanning device. The Medical wing on the Palace was basically empty save for Michael himself. He looked around grabbing his head. Where was he? This place looked familiar, why did he not remember? What was going on? Where was Lerek?

A femine form walked towards him. She had strange skin color, pink. He shook his head. What was she saying, he new the language. Michael, why does that sound familiar? Michael looked around the room again hoping to find his brother.

Larek walked in the room slowly. He had been informed by Isabelle that his brother was awake and asking for him. When Michael noticed him he almost jumped out of the bed. Larek had to restrain his brother in his arms to prevent him from over taxing his system. "What do you remember Rath... I mean Michael?"

"Why does every one keep calling me Michael? Where am I? What is going on Larek? Why am I in this bed?"

Larek smiled to calm his brother. "Tell me Rath, what do you remember?"

"I was coming to tell king Zan about the traitor Volandra. That she was working with Kivar. Then I was hit from behind by some body. No wait there is more. We were tied to polls. That Shrenaak Nicholas was frying us. He was killing us, then I woke up here to that traitor over there calling me Michael."

Isabelle flinched at Michael's words. Kyle put an arm protectively around her. "She died too remember. You all died. She was tricked by Kivar in to betraying you. Now you are back. Max, I mean Zanhas gone insane. He is calling for a strike against us and all other worlds."

Rath pulled back. "So I really am Michael. Why do I not remember?"

Isabelle had sufficiently recovered. "Because you suffered a major stroke. Your brain has still yet to fully recover. In fact you were not expected to have survived. You did a pretty good job at trying to kill yourself."

"Why would I try some thing that stupid?" He looked at each of them, none would look at him directly. His gaze finally landed on Larek.

Larek sighed as it was his duty to tell his brother. "In this Life you had a mate. She was pregnant with twins, which is almost impossible to achieve amoung our kind. She was only part Antarian like us. You were intercepted by Kivar's forces before our ship got there. We managed to save you, Isabelle and Kyle but Max escaped with your mate as his prisoner. As far as we could tell he had made a deal with the skins and now he is back to ruling Antar with Ava at his side. He treats her as a brood mare and a love slave. Your mate was schedueled to be brought up on charges but died in child birth. Your mate's body was desicrated on open circutes to Ralley the Antarians to war against the other worlds. Max has given us an altimatum, hand you and the other three over or he will kill your children. No we can not do it. He would kill the either way. Atleast while you are still you are still free to one day may be bring them home."

Rath fell back against the bed. He has children and a mate. Correction he had a mate. She is gone now. He felt drained. They had loved each other enough to have children and he did not even remember her. May be it was for the best. He could at least go on living this way to get back his children with out attempting another suicide. She must have been one hell of a person to have ellicated that kind of reaction from him. He told thme he wanted to be alone, so they said their apologies and left. He then curled up in a ball. Why did he feel so empty?

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Part 8 Hell is only a perspective on Life, how you choose to percieve it, depends on what kind of hell you want.

The great Audience chamber in the Palace of Ishtar.

"Kyle I don't want to risk it. You are the only one I have left." Isabelle pleaded with Kyle to listen to her.

"I have to Michael or Rath, what ever he calls himself is in no position to lead the Kings armies. With the memory download he gave me I know every thing he and several warriors know. And what do you mean I am the only one left?" Kyle looked at her puzzled.

Isabelle turned from him wringing her hands and crying. "Max is no longer Max, Liz is dead Maria is dead, Michael might as well be dead, Alex is as well, I lost my family my home and my husband in one fatal swoop. I can't lose you too. I will die like Michael if you go away."

Kyle cringed at her words. Then he hugged her close holding her head down to his shoulder. "Michael is not dead. He just needed to get away so he did the only thing he could, he buried himself under the rubble of his mind. I would not be here either if it had been you that were excuted instead of Liz."

"Liz is that her name?" They were about to kiss until a voice rang out. "So you are moving on Velondra. I knew you would not take long."

"You are a major dick Guerine."

"Rath human, My name is Rath. You would do well to remember that seems how you have been appointed my second in command." Rath looked at them and smiled as he saw Isabelle brake down again. "Still the weepy roof a Velondra. You were never stable enough for a family. It's a wonder you ever got married."

Kyle hit him with an energy bolt which knocked him accross the room. He then stalked over to Raths prone form. "Listen here you piece of shit. I am in charge by order of King Larek. You are not in any shape to lead. If it weren't for the possiblity that Michael would come back I would not hesitate to kill you." Kyle quickly walked back to Isabelle and carried he out of the Chamber cradling her to his chest.

Rath lay for a few moments then painfully sat up. "Remember that anger kid. It is the only thing that will keep you through this war. I can't remember and from what you say I don't want to remember. I don't have the anger or the will to fight any more. I just want to return to the peaceful oblivion. Liz if you can here me, I am not far behind. What Isabelle and Kyle don't know is that Michael did more damage than they thought. He won't have a chance to come back."

In the shadows a tall form bowed it's head and cried. "Rath what have you done to yourself brother. I hope she was worth it?"

A base on the M-class moon in orbit of the thirteenth planet of the Antar home system.

A large dark chamber with high walls that incline towards the middle to make the room pentagone shaped. In the center of the room a large table the same color of the room, a deep blue. The top of the table glows a bright white with several display screens deployed accross the top. There are five orbital screens that show scenes from five worlds. Max walks up to the first screen.

"Ishtar will be the last to fall," He says to the other occupants of the chamber who were taking notes. "Larek has been building his forces for decades declaring to be a neutral territory. I have intel that says he is amassing his forces to plan an attack on us and our neighbors. We won't let him have control over worlds that rightfully belong to Antar."

Murmored voices of approval were music to his ears. "We will launch our first strike Against Kathana's planet of Caylor. When it falls we will launch incciate our coup on Eunia. Kestral has alliened itself with Larek so we must wait until we have rebuilt our forces from the resorce of our soon to be protectorates. Then we will laucn a full scale offincive against Earth. They have more resorces in that small solar system then we dreamed of. Last of all we will take out Kestral and Ishtar in one major offencive. Th battle plans will take the equivilant of six months before we can sack the Kingdom of Ishtar."

The chamber was in a roar of approval. Max smiled again. "As I speak we are waisting time. Lets get to planning."

Twelve hours later, out side of Caylor.

"Well Tess, how is it to watch our home and everything you hold dear to fall under your worst nightmare?" Max grabbed her head and forced her to watch as the planet was bombarded from orbit. She refused to open her eyes. Max slapped her head hard enough for her cheek to split open. "Listen you traitorus Bitch this is my victory and you will watch or so help you." Tess refused to watch. Max threw her away from the window and beat her severely. When he was threw he tore off her clothes then raped her while he watched her planet burn. The fires of Caylor only served to flame his passion.


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Part 9 And the angel of death smiled at me.

Rath watched as the first of their forces intercepted Max's ships. It was hard to believe that this was his King Zan. Zan was not a good man but he was not insane either. He wanted to rule his planet, not known Universe. This was going to be their first encounter. It had been Six months since the death of his mate and he still did not remember a thing about his second life.

He remembered when the first battle had started. It was the most horrific battle of his life. Caylor was hit hard and fast. Kathana had been on Ishtar trying to forge an alliance with Larek. When the first video feeds from the Antarian fleets reached Ishtar Kathana had collapsed. She kept on mumbling something about regretting her previous threats to Max. What was she talking about? As far as he knew they had never met.

Next had been Sero's world Eunia. They had been decamated in a matter of days. Their world and outer coloneys had been bombarded with Meteorites for six days before they had surrendered and Handed over Sero. Max had stopped his progress forward for unknown reasons. Now here they were four months later in orbit around Earth. Max had launched a full scale invasion of the tiny blue and green globe.

Minor Deffencive forces had been deployed to protect Earth at the request of Kyle and Isabelle. Rath had volunteered to lead them, as probably the last thing he would ever do. His body was shutting down even as he led the Fighter wings against the too large armies. He knew Earth was a hopeless cause but this was the home world of his beloved. Or what he was told to be his beloved.

Rath signaled his second in command to tae control his body was shutting down. His mind raced as his temperature dropped. His blood pressure increased causing him to hear the rushing of his blood. His brain started to scream as he fell foward. Blood ran out of his ears, nose, and eyes. He finally got a handle on the anurism. He knew the next would kill him.

His Tacticle officer reported. "Sir the enemy mother ship is vulnerable. If we take it out they will have no choice but to pull back. Unfortunately noe of our gun ships are in range. We are the only ship able to take it out."

Rath turned to his second officer. "The crew are now your responsibility. Make sure they get home safely. This is Commander Rathard to all hands. You are the best crew a captain can have under his command. I am not going to out live this battle, for I have lost the battle against my own body." The last statement was met by gasps and outcries all over the ship. "Now hear this, you are to abandon this ship and make best speed to the nearest space worthy vessel of our side. Their you will head back home and declare our mission a success. Mean while I will fly our ship in to their mother ship. May you all know the peace of your loved ones when you get home. Then you can thank me for my sacrifice." The last was said with a laugh. "This has been your captain and friend General Rathard of Ishtar."

The bridge crew stood up and saluted Rath. The TO and Second in command took DNA samples from his blood and then left him to his ship. Rath set the controls to automatic and flew the ship at full burn right in to the Antar Mother ship. The resulting Explosion caused a shock wave that was seen on earth for six days, and on the Seventh day Rath's spirit was layed to rest.


I know you are pissed. But it is not over yet. Max is still out there. The Earth is only temporarily out of danger. The twins are still in Max's control. And they took DNA samples of Rath. If you can guess what the next chapter will be about I will write your name in to the story.
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part 10 Cry in the night for release from the light.

Max stood on the observation deck of his personal command carrier. The ship was equal to two miles long. He watched as the swan shaped ship glided accross the path between the stars. This was the first time he had left Antar controlled territory since the Ishtar Aliance had beaten him at Earth. Losing his largest mother ship and and half of the invasion forces in one blast had set back his plans and put a hell of a dent on his fleet.

His fleet came through the worm hole like they were being dropped out of it. he had gathered ninety percent of his forces to attack Ishtar herself. The rest of his forces had drawn back to protect Antar. He knew this one hell of a Gamble but he would ha had to burn Ishtar before Larek could gather enough support and build his forces any more.

On upon arriving outside the system he was greeted by two hundred attack ships. They were the basic patrol for on mother ship. His force would remove these flies then he would head towards Ishtar herself. Max smiled as the fleet fled back towards the heart of the solar system. This was going to be quick. Then they started to disappear. A cloaked ship, from the size of the space distortion it was twice the size of his command carrier. There were six more distortions heading his way. They were all equal in mass. He was going to have a large battle on his hands.

He smiled. He loved a bloodbath. The distortions decloaked. They launched their fighters. And so it begins. The first of the fighters collided with the attack fleet. They were not stopping. Kamakazi missions. The first of the ships hit the command carrier. Max was thrown from his feet. Those damned suicidle freaks. Thats when he realized they were not firing their weapons in at specified targets. The bursts of firing were in random patterns. They were an automated deffence. Ishtar was unprotected. Then were the hell was the fleet?

Antar home system.

The Ishtar fleet came out of their worm hole firing at everything that moved. They cared not who was what. Antar was hit by the weapons of the largest ships. Her surface burned like a star. Kyle smirked as his forces burned the Antar. This was a payback for the hell his life had become because of them. They were hitting shipping yard and munitions areas. They were in a since crippling Antar. When they finished the slash and burn runs they started on all military posts.

Kyle's forces searched every inch of Antar only to find a hatred from the locals. The twins were not here. He was to give up on them when he recieved a comunique from his forces on the outer rim of the system. They had found a secret bace. According to the comunitcations logs and the crew that were still alive, it was Max's strong hold. They had found some thing he should see. He told them he was on the way.

Ishtar orbital platform.

"We can not penetrate the planetary shielding King Max. Their shielding is to strong only a super nova could take it down. There is some ting important going on down there they don't want us to see. Its called project rebirth."

Max suddenly looked at the crew man. Project rebirth. That is what his mom had called the resurrection of him and the other three shortly before she was killed by Kivar. That was the last straw. He had annexed the entire world and killed two billion skins by ordering them to kill themselfs. His voice was the trigger to their demise. "I want that clone."

Antar Moon Base.

kyle walks over to the tanks and cringes at the sight. It was like the alien movie. Only their were hundreds of Lizs. They were mutated versions of her in various stages of development. From what the last one showed they were using alien DNA to recreate her. The last fifteen of the tubes were empty but their was evidence they were used. What the hell did their final product look like?


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Hold your Ponies. I am writing it later on. So be patient before some body drops a Maria on you.
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For Crazy 4 Max and Pandas2001. Watch out for falling Marias.
Part 11 Tears from heaven are for the soles of the damned.

He opened his eyes then closed them to block out the light. His head hurt, for that matter his whole body hurt. What the hell had he done now. He heard voices in the back ground. "He is waking up. We must find out what he remembers."

Who the hell were they and what were they saying. He recognized the words only they were in a language he had not used in this life time. He sat up and looked around. These people were totally fucked up to him. They needed to get some sun and get their eyes checked. Michael looked at his body and stopped. The past came rushing to him. His body convulsed at the onslaught. When he regained control tears ran down his cheeks. That son of a bitch had killed his Liz. That was the last thing he remembered.

He started to stand when six people came in to the room. Four were in pale gray uniforms while the other two were in fancy garbs. The woman rushed to his arms. Isabelle. Yeah that was who it was in her Shapeshifter form. Her body shook with sobs, you would think that he had died. Now that he mentioned it, he felt like he did when he came out of the pod. His sinces were nonexistant.

The Man just hung back while the uniforms looked him over. Michael thought he looked familiar. He was some one he should remember. "Larek?"

"What do you remember, Rathard?"

"My name is Michael now." Tears ran down his face. "They killed her didn't they?"

Larek bowed his head. "I am affraid so. They are in orbit for now but the fleet is returning and they will begone by the hour. Kyle has reported in. They found no trae of your kids on Antar or the moon bases. How ever they did find traces of your mate's genetic matter in cloning tubes. The last fifteen tubes are empty so it is reasonable they have succeeded in recreating her."

Michael started to get agnry causing his body to glow white. "Now hold on that is not the last of it. They could not recreate your Mate's unique DNA sequence. So they used a Gandarium to hybridize her with an unknown species. They took all evidence from the tubes that sugested which species they used. I am sorry but if you did find your mate their is no way of knowing who she was, or even what she was."

Michael fell back to his bed. That son of a bitch had recreated her. "I want his head. I don't care how. I want him dead. Then I want his world to burn. Any people who could let such a monster rule deserve to die."

"Too late, Antar is in flames already. I had Kyle destroy her and her occupants. Max is now falling Back to his new home on Eunia. What turns out his second conquest was actually a search for a new home. He knew Antar would burn, so he stopped his conquest to build a fall back point. We need a new general, Kyle is coming home to a pregnant wife and I promised him this would be the last battle if Isabelle became pregnant."

Michael looked at Isabelle. "You and Kyle, how long was I gone?"

Isabelle wiped her eyes again. "You personally have been gone for one year. Rath has been gone for six months. When you watched liz die so did you. Rath took over only after your mind had fled and caused your body to have a stroke. He sacrificed himself to save earth." Isbelle wiped more of her tears away.

Michael hugged Isabelle until a link on the wall beeped Kyle's face in to existance. "Get your alien hands off my wife."

Michael turned towards the White skin and black eyes of Kyle's familiar face. "I thought only aliens impregnated women and left in spaceships."

Kyle's face lit up. "You mean I am going to be a Dad?"

Isabelle Shook her head yes and bared her belly to show the glowing swell. Kyle shouted with happiness thenm some one off screen told Kyle some thing that made his face fall. "Michael my advanced forces have reported on the Ishtar Orbital Platform. They said their is a communique for you. I am sending it to you now."

The screen went blank and then the Face of Max appeared surrounded by people. He had his hands on two preteen children and a woman off to his right. The children looked exactly like Michael. The woman had Liz's features and her hight but that is where the similarities ended. Her hair was the solid black of her eyes. Her skin was pale yellow with purple tinge. Her lips were bright purple. When she smiled at Max it did not reach her eyes. Infact the smile was a wicked grin. Max was about to say something when Liz put a hand to his face and his whole body lit up in light. When it had cleared he was in his shape shifter form. He turned on her and hit her with a blast form his hand. He tried to turn back but his form would not shift. Liz laughed as she was taken away. "Your people are in my custody Michael. Yes I know they are recreating you down there. Catch me if you can..."

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part 12 Are the children of the gods, gods themselves?

Michael stared as the screen went blank. He was unblinking and unmoving for almost a minute and then the room started to explode. Isabelle and Larek backe dout of the room while the medics tried to calm Michael. After they went flying they decided Michael needed to get this out of his system. Michael screamed as he tore apart the chamber. His powers made the electrical equipment explode in to showers of sparks. When he was through it looked like a bomb had blown the place to hell.

Isabelle and Larek walked to find a glowing Michael who's eyes had turned a glowing blood red. He looked at them and smiled a humorless twist. Isabelle backed up while Larek held her. "I want to lead our forces against them. I am not going to let that bastard a chance to rebuild his fleets."

Larek nodded in agreement.

"Have the generals meet me in the war room in fifteen hours."

"Why fifteen hours..." But before Larek could finish Michael was passed out back in the Biobed.

The War room Fifteen hours later.

Michael walked in to be and was stared at by the generals like he did not belong there. He smiled at them then turned towards the projections they were looking at. One of the ruffer looking men turned to Michael. "Why are you in here child and where is General Kyle?"

"My name is Michael. You will address me as so or face the consequences."

The man looked non plussed. "Look child I..."

Michael turned on the man with his hand up. A bright light engulffed the man. When it dissappeared the man was gone. All that was left was a pile of ash that is common when a shapeshifter dies. The others raised their palms in deffence as Michael turned towards them.

"As I said you will address me as General Michael. My previous incarnation was General Rathard. Now any one want to fuck with me? I will take no disloyalty from any one." The others only looked at Michael with awe. "Good now we have a bug to exterminate."

Eunia the new high councilors chambers.

Max looked out the window. This world was still beautiful even after he blasted most of it to hell. The whistling sound of the door meant that his guest had arrived. He turned to face her.

"What the hell have you done to me you bitch? I am stuck in this hideous form. You will change me back or die now."

Liz smiled at him in a condesending way. "Now what would be the fun of that Max darling? You are such a bitch since I killed that whore of yours. You do realize that she was the one who caused this split in your personality? Oh well if you don't know then I guess I will tell you."

Max looked at her incredously. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Tess. That lazy whore had you wrapped around her finger. She put a back up in your mind just incase her plan failed. It was supposed to kill you but it only caused your personalities to merge. It has caused you to go insane. I will fix it for you." Before he could do any thing she placed her hands on either side of his head. His face contorted in pain.

When she removed her hands Max's eyes filled with tears. He sank down to his knees. "Liz I am sorry."

Liz looked at him and smiled. "So am I sweetness. You see when you created me from the ashes of the love of your beloved you used some body else's DNA. I am more Alien than I am Liz."

Max's eyes bugged out as Liz put her hands on either side of his face. "I am sorry darling. I am but you see, the other part of my being is too strong. I can not let you live for what you did to me or my offspring. I am not going to let you ruin my plans for taking control of the Royal systems, or what is left of them after your little war. I am going to make them wish that you had succeeded in taking control. Then I am going to burn Earth and the other worlds until all life that is not Silarian is under my control."

"Who are the Silarians?" Max gasped out between bits of blood.

"I am so glad you asked. We are the creators of the five worlds. We were here long before you and your pathetic little species." Liz spat out the last parts. "I am the last thanks to your races. But also thanks to you I am here. You gave me life twice Max. Now I will give you life." Liz's hands glowed as Max's gray body shook. He was surrounded by a white light again. Only this time his body was a pale yellow with purple tinge. His hair was Black and so were his eyes. His lips were blue as he smiled. "There now give mommy a hug before she destroys your former generals and make her people the new leaders."

Max smiled again. "Yes, mother."

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Part 13 Seasons Change, so do people. But love will always remain.

Energy weapons laced accross the heavens burning the ships that scattered in tight formations. When one falls out the others close ranks and charge forward. The great battle was silent in space but on the ships chaos reined. People of all species joined in the chatter that drove the great death machines through the stars in an attempt to whipe each other out. On a ship that watched from a distance sat the Empress Lizette and her royal entourage.

This was the third battle she had watched with out participating. Her fleet amassed to the size and strength of a death cloud. Life was order under her rule. The futile worlds of months ago were on the verge of collapse. The only two worlds to survive her predesseors touch are now allied aggainst her. On one of these worlds was the ruler that was blood kin to her former Mate. The other her former home.

The battle for Kestral had raged in orbit for seven days. The planetary defence system was still online. To Lizette this was intolerable. That any one should hold out for so long was a disgrace to her people. she was about to join the battle when her people told her that they had recieved a signal from the front lines. They had captured an injured General Rathard, only claimed to be called Michael. DNA testing proved him to be General Rathard.

Liz stood and smiled since the the battle started. Her thoughts were on finding out the defences of the Ishtar Aliance. She would brake him if it was the last thing she did. Her ship chargd through the lines destroyning any thing and everything in her path. When she reached the prison ship her people brought Michael aboard. This was one interogation she would make on her own.

Liz walked down the corridor to the grand audience chamber. Her ship had pulled out of the fighting and had ordered her fleets to retreat to a safe distance and wait for further updates.

Michael was laying on a large table in the central part of the chamber. His body was stripped down to the bare facts and he was cleaned for her Imperial highness. He was shocked to see Liz wairing almost nothing as she entered the room. She was followed by Max and Six others he did not recognize.

Liz smiled at him in an evil kind of way. Her face held only a touch of sadness, a revnant of her former self. Liz released the energy field holding him down and he moved to cover himself. Liz was quicker and was on top of him before he could get his hands in the right places. She smiled at him and shook her finger at him. Kissing him her heart did a flip.

Michael shook with the need to take her then and there but there were other people in the room. Liz had covered most of his body with her own but they could still see how happy he was to see her. Michael coughed and liz giggled.

"A little shy are we Michael?" She made it sound like it was perfectly normal to be talking to him in this matter. "I bet you are wondering why I am mounting you insteadof torturing you for the information. Well the answer is simple I want to."

"What is wrong with you Liz? What the hell have they done to you?" Michael pulled her closer to his chest and she licked him causing him to shudder with desire.

"I am one of the Silarian. We are the first. Thousands of years ago we came to your worlds and seeded them with our colonists. They Mutated and became your peoples. Some of Max's former people were still Loyal and created me. I am only doing what we were designed for. I was designed to rule the five worlds. You are my mate. We will rule the five worlds together. All you have to do is tell me what the deffences of your people are and I will let you have control over the Empire as Regent." Liz was kissing and nuzzling him as she offered her deal.

Michael shook his head no. "I will not help you kill my family and my people. You are right about one thing, you are my mate." Michael took Liz by the hair and pulled her head back. He kissed down her neck while his other hand touched her temple. Liz screamed as she passed out. "I am sorry my beautiful. Max you and the others get her out of here and put her in a cell. Hail the fleet and tell them that you are now back in control and that the war is over."

Max bowed his head and carried Liz out of the room. The others looked at him in a mixture of confusion and fear. "You are now my prisoners." With that Michael hit them with an energy bolt. Several guards came in and carried them away and brought Michael his clothes. Michael walked on to the bridge of the ship and told the CO to open a communications to Ishtar.

The face of Larek appeared on the screen. "I take it that your's and Max's plan worked?"

Michael nodded. "Yes we are now in control of the people and the fleets. Liz is now under constant guard. I request time off to in order to rehabilitate her and to spend time with my kids."

Larek smiled and shook his head yes, a gesture he had picked up from the earthers. "Yes I wish you all the luck in the worlds. You will need it. Only don't get your hopes up to high, she may not be able to be your mate any more."

Michael hung his head and nodded while a tear raced down his cheek. Silently he vowed, 'Liz if there is a way to get you back I will.'


So folks the next chapter may be the last minus the epilog. What do you think of this one?

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Their DNA cloning they have down pack. But Liz was a complete alien to them. They had to use alien DNA to make her. The problem was the Silarian Loyalists caused Liz to be different by switiching the shapeshifter DNA with Silarian DNA.
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Part 14 Will you still love me tomorrow?

Michael sat watching as Liz looked out the window. She would only move to survive, which means she was going through the motions. Her life was now a prison in he own mind. What Michael did not know was Liz was observing every thing and making a plan to escape.

Liz grabbed her head, 'these damn head aches are getting worse.' Pain lanced through her head as she screamed out in agoney. Liz was on the floor before any one could react.

Michael was the first to be by her side. He was holding her to his body while she thrashed about in the throws of a ciezure. Michael called for a medic as Liz stopped breathing. Michael used his powers to keep her heart beating and her lungs breathing. He knew that she was going to be in pain for it but he could not lose her again.

When the Medic arrived Liz was breathing on her own but her heart still refused to contract on it's own. They hooked her up to several electrodes that controlled the flow of her blood. The three medics continued to work onLiz while Michael stood to the side with his two teenage children. The eighteen equivilant kids held their father as he collapsed when they announced that Liz was brain dead. Her electricle impulses had stopped completely.

Five days later the Palace of Ishtar.

Larek walked up to his brother who was looking at a map of Eunia. "Their world wa once a paradise. Now only decades of terreforming can restore the former beauty. Why are you here Michael? Why are you not with your kids or Liz?"

Michael looked at the map a little longer then turned to Larek. "She is dead Larek. I can't even look at her with out feeling like I want to end my own life. My kids are fussing over Isabelle's new borns and her six yearolds. I have tried every thing I know to help them yet they won't even talk to me. What kind of father was I? I could not even safe my own kids let alone my mate." Michael turned away and wiped the tears from his eyes. "Help me Larek. I have nothing in this world but you."

"Come on Michael you just have to give them time. It was only five days ago they lost their mother again." Larek put his hand on Michael's arm. "There was nothing you could have done to prevent it. The doctors say she had a brain imbalance, almost like there were two personalities fighting for dominance. The result was one of them one but at the cost of their life."

Michael hugged his brother close and started to shake as his tears fell in waves. "What if she was coming back to me? What if she won the battle and was going to finally be with me again?"

Larek rubbed his brother's back. "We will never know Michael. I have given the order that she is to be kept on life support until you and the twins give permission to remove her."

MIchael shook his head. "Never she will live on for as long as I do. That is the least I can do for her. I miss her like a plant misses the sun at night. I have a request Brother."

Larek nodded, "Name it Michael."

"I wish to return to Earth for a time. To take my kids and show them their heritage. Do you think that is possible?"

Larek nodded. "It will be difficult to insure your safety but I will send our best along to aid you. Good luck my brother."

Michael nodded and bowed to Larek. Earth was going to be the last place he would ever see with his love. Then they would be together in eternity.

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Epilog And in the Night when I scream your name will you be there?

Michael watched as the Earth rose up to meet their ship. His heart ached to see Roswell one last time so he had the piolets land the ship on the outskirts of the city with the landing lights on full display mode. There was a large crowd to observe the ship at it's landing point. Michael kicked himself, the last time this happened he had caused this damn festival. The Stealth bomber shape of the ship caused many people to think it was the goverment.

When Michael opened the landing doors people gasped and screamed at the sight of real live aliens. Michael followed his mixed race guards and waved to the crowd. He noticed one very vocal person above them all. "Michael Guerine is that you?"

Michael waved at Jim Valenti, and the crowd let him through with a hushed whisper of voices. "You look almost identical to when you left. It's been almost two years I would figure you would have changed, but by god it is good to see you."

Michael embraced Jim and started to cry. His soliders looked at the crowd to make sure no one would interfere. "I am only a few months old Jim. The Michael you knew died four weeks after he left, he and Liz died the same day. I came here to bring my Liz home for her eternal rest and join her."

Jim pulled back. "What, you seem find to me. You are not diing are you?"

"Only of a broken heart. You our enemies got Liz before we left for home. Shortly after my kids were born Liz died. They excuted her body on live air and broadcast it for all to see. My previous self stopped fuctioning and had a stroke fifteen hours later. They recreated me seven months ago, only after I was awakened we learned they had created a hybrid Liz. We won last month and I came here shortly afterwords. Liz died of unknown causes on the way back to my home world."

Michael had to stop his tears and sobbing had caused him to be understandable. Jim held him as he shook from the pain. "Enough of that how is my son?"

"Kyle is a general of my brother's people. Him and his wife Isabelle have four kids and two on the way. This ship is here to take you to them. I have to worn you the hybridization process is painful. I am sorry but it is the only way Jim. How are the families?"

Jim looked down. "Liz's father died in the hospital last month. Her mom is spending all her free time with Amy. They are the best of friends now. Mr. Evans is in a sanitarium, he went insane after the CrashDown when you left. Jesse is still in his coma, no one belives he will come out. So I am a grand pa. I guess I am ready to be I feel old enough to be a great grand pa."

Michael and Jim laughed through the tears. "Bring her out." Michael called up in to the ship. Three people came out carrying Liz as she floated in a stasis field like she was gliding over the ground. Michael took her hand and led her floating body out past the crowds to the center of the festival. As he smiled through the tears he held her tight.

Michael started to build his powers in order to self destruct. His energy started to mix with Liz's body and she started to glow yellow. Michael was concentrating to hard to hold his own form and turned in to his shapeshifter white glowing form. When his power reached a climax he swirled it around them and threw it in to their bodies. Michael felt Liz gasp then heard her cry out. Liz screamed as her body started to glow white. Michael released the energy towards the sky before he could finish. In his arms was Liz, not the Silarian, but his Hybrid Liz. He kissed her with all his strength and cuased her to laugh. Silently they made a vow. They would never again be apart.