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Title: False Identity
Author: Polarist aka Nikki
Email: nikki0675⊕
Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone or anything dealing with Roswell. If I did there’d be a whole lot of polar nookie going on. *wink*
Rating: ?? not sure where this is going yet.
Summary: what would happen if Michael went to Liz for some comforting after Maria broke up with him?
Author Notes: Ok, my muse has disappeared and hopefully if I receive a lot of fb, it’ll come back. So, fb is a must. *big*


“Lizanne! Hurry up with that table, our guests will be here soon.”

Lizanne, the assistant waitress, scurried around placing silverware and plates on her assigned tables, preparing for the lunch seating. Finally, she placed the final touches on her last table and turned towards her trainer, Stephan, for his approval. He nodded and then watched the doors as the crowd trickled in taking their seats at their designated tables.

Lizanne was busy organizing the menus, waiting for the occupant of the table that she was appointed to settle in. Stephan handed her a pitcher of ice water to fill the guest’s glass with, but when she turned around and saw the man sitting at her table, she dropped the pitcher on the floor splashing water on the man and herself in the process. Stephan strode over apologizing for her incompetence, but the man assured him it was okay, the entire time keeping his eyes trained on Lizanne, not able to get over how much she reminded him of someone.

She quickly retreated away from his stare to gather towels to dab up the water on the carpeted floor. After the water was dried up as best as possible Lizanne handed the man a menu and again apologized for her clumsiness, and gave him a restrained smile when he just shrugged it off and said, “It can happen to the best of us.” After departing from his presence, Stephan took his order and gave Lizanne the list of things that she had to bring up from the galley. She gratefully left, taking her time coming back, but what she saw made her drop the meals she was holding on the floor.

“Sie dummes inkompetentes klutz, kannst Sie halten alles in Ihrer. Clean up this mess,” Stephen yelled, furious with Lizanne’s actions.

“I’m sorry,” Lizanne said in a small voice busily picking up dishes and so not noticing when a little girl turned to Stephen with an angry look on her young face. “Don’t yell at her like that,” the girl said harshly to Stephan. “Mikayla, don’t start,” the woman sitting beside her warned. “But he shouldn’t be talking to her that way,” the child said pouting. “Mikki…,” the woman started, but didn’t bother to finish her sentence, realizing that it was a lost cause.

Mikki continued to stare at the man sitting across from her, but her eyes move past him when she sees her aunt about to enter the dining room, but then quickly retreat. “Serena, why did auntie leave?” She asks the woman sitting next to her.

Serena also saw the way she suddenly left in a hurry, and shrugged, replying, “I don’t know.” Then realization hit her when she saw the pair of hands handing her a menu – they were shaking. She looked up into the eyes of Lizanne and saw the fear in them immediately, and that’s when she knew who this mystery man was.

Lizanne could sense the man staring at her and prayed to God that he didn’t recognize her. Just as she felt about to have a nervous breakdown she heard a familiar voice softly whisper across her mind, reassuring her with the following words: ‘you’re dead, even if he recognized you; you’re still dead in everyone’s eyes.’

Lizanne watched the interaction between the small girl and the man closely but wasn’t sure if she loved the scene or hated it. “Mikki, leave the gentleman alone. He’s here on vacation and he probably doesn’t want to be bothered my some kid.” Serena told her frowning.
“No, it’s ok. She’s adorable and she’s not bothering me,” the stranger replied. “See, I’m not bothering him,” Mikayla said while sticking her tongue out.

The man chuckled as Serena rolled her eyes stating, “Just wait till your mother finds out how uncooperative your being.” Mikayla sat up straight resembling a child with good manners, making Serena smile. Mikki had always been a good child, but when she thought her mother wasn’t watching she’d act like a normal naughty eight year old girl.

“What’s your name?” she asked the man she was now sitting next to. Serena sighed and was about to say something when their assistant waitress stepped up to the table and placed a bowl of soup in front of the spot the little girl had just abandoned. Mikki stood up and shuffled her feet to the chair the bowl was placed at and sulked. She liked the man and she didn’t understand why she had to leave him alone.

Since the man had arrived first and finished eating before the others, he left saying bye to the little girl that had been watching his movements. Lizanne finally calmed down once he had departed and as she reached over to fill up Serena’s glass she heard her whisper, “Was that him?” Lizanne nodded and ruffled Mikayla’s hair making her giggle.

“Mommy, are you better?” she whispered. Lizanne’s heart swelled; she hated pretending that she wasn’t her mother but employees on a cruise ship weren’t allowed to have family, especially a child. So, with the help of her friends she was able to stay close to the one thing that kept her going.

“Did you see my new friend?” Mikki asked her mother excitedly. Lizanne smiled, “And how is he your new friend when you don’t even know his name?” She asked.

“Because he’s nice and I like him,” Mikki gushed making Serena roll her eyes. “She was the one doing all the talking,” she whispered loud enough for Mikki to hear. “Yo!” Everyone turned towards the voice and Serena smiled saying, “Coward.”

“Whateva, I wasn’t in the mood to eat.”

“Auntie, I met a new friend,” Mikki said hopping up and down next to the women who had just entered the room. “Are we done here?” the women asked Serena.

Serena nodded and gave Lizanne a hug before taking Mikki’s hand while saying, “We’ll see you later.” Lizanne smiled in return and waved to her daughter as they left.

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A man wandered aimlessly along the top deck. He found a lounge chair far from the crowd and sat down to think about the waitress in the dining room. ‘She looks so much like her,” he thought to himself. He shook his head trying to get rid the memories that tore at his heart. If he hadn’t known any better he could have sworn that was her, but it wasn’t possible because the women he wanted back was gone forever.

‘I knew this was a mistake,’ he told himself. Normally he would avoid crowds because he couldn’t deal with people. This probably had to be his hundredth cruise he’d been on, but he normally would just order room service and stay in his cabin. The huge boat and all it’s passengers was the perfect way to disappear because nobody cared who you were, they only wanted to have fun. He could runaway from his past, but the only thing that haunted him was his memories, and they were inescapable.

He looked out into the distance, hypnotized by the movement of the ocean thinking back to his most enjoyable memory.


I can’t believe she broke up with me. Why? I’ve been there for her, been supportive. How can she say I’m holding her back? I look at my surroundings and wonder how I ended up here. This is the last place I thought I’d ever come. I notice movement beside me and see eyes staring at me. I guess I’m not the only one who’s having a bad night.

“What are you doing here?” she asks in a small voice. I shrug, turning my face away from her. “Why are you here?” she asks this time a little louder, with a slight harshness to it. Before I realize what I’m doing, the words come tumbling out of my mouth. “She broke up with me.” I regret saying it, but I see the woman come closer and I quickly change the subject to avoid any kind of pity she may give me.

“Why were you crying?” I ask, shocking her. She shrugs and I see a tear slide down her cheek. I don’t know what possesses me, but I reach out and wipe the tears away. “If your boyfriend did something tell me because I’ll beat the cramp out of him,” I say in a gentle voice that even surprises me.

She leans into my chest and at first, I don’t know what to do, but eventually my arms take control and wrap themselves around her as her body shakes due to her sobbing. I stroke her hair and rock her, trying to ease her weeping.

When she finally calms down, she pulls back and whispers, “Thank you.” Our eyes connect and before I know it, our lips meet. I don’t remember how we end up on her bed lacking all articles of clothing, but it feels so right.

We lay in her bed, tangled in each other’s arms. I smile, looking at the beautiful face that rests on my chest. I quietly try to slip away from her without waking her. I know I’m a coward, but I can’t bear to look in her eyes and see regret when she wakes up.

“You weren’t about to leave without saying goodbye were you?” she asked with hurt evident on her face. I smile and cup her face, “No, I…” I look into her eyes unable to lie. “I was afraid you wouldn’t want to see me when you woke up.”

She giggles and pulls me back on her bed, “I never thought that you were self conscious.”

“Yeah well, there’s a lot that you don’t know about me, hell there’s a lot that I’m starting to learn about myself for that matter.”

“We can learn together,” she mumbles against my chest before falling asleep. When her breathing evens out I whisper, “I love you” into the crown of her head.


A light tapping brought the man out of his thoughts; he turned around but didn’t see anyone until he felt gentle tugging on his pants leg making him look down. There were a set of brown eyes looking up at him and he couldn’t help but smile back at the small girl. He looked around for her parents, but didn’t find anyone that stood out.

“Did you lose your mommy and daddy?” he asked.

The little girl shook her head and said, “No, I know where my mommy is, but I don’t know where my daddy is. I just wanted to say hi, and if you were ok.” He smiled, touched that this little girl cared enough to check on him. “Mikki, right?”

She nodded enthusiastically, happy that he remembered her. She didn’t understand why she was drawn to him, but she felt safe around him. “What’s your name, mister?”

He stuck out his hand and said, “Michael. Michael Guerin.”

Mikki has a huge grin on her face as she grabs his hand and excitedly shakes it saying, “My name is Mikayla. Mikayla Parkson, but you can call me Mikki.”

“It’s nice to meet you Mikki,” he said surprised when the girl hugs him. “But where is your mommy? You really shouldn’t talk to strangers.”

“But you’re not a stranger, I know your name and once my mommy meets you she’s going to like you too,” she replied.

“And how do you know I’m not some sick weirdo, who preys on innocent children?” he asked her seriously. He felt protective over this little girl for some reason that he couldn’t explain.

“Because, I would know if you were,” she stated, but Michael didn’t hear her because the woman that was sitting with Mikki in the dinning room was jogging towards them.

“Mikki, don’t you ever scare me like that. Your mother would kill me if she knew I lost you,” Serena said out of breath.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Oh Rena this is my new friend Michael Gorin,” Mikki said looking up at the man proudly.

He reached a hand out to Serena, chuckling and said, “Guerin, it’s Michael Guerin.”

“That’s what I said,” Mikki huffed.

Michael ruffled her hair and Serena looked him over amazed at how comfortable he acted with her. She wasn’t sure how Mikki’s mother would react to this information.