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Ok, just posting in this board too. *wink* I'm going to post two parts a day but if you want to read the new part, it's posted on the old board too. *big*


Liz looked up at the school infront of her. Manhattan high. Dear Lord...

"You new?"

Liz whipped around. There stood a blonde girl and two brown haired boys. "Hey. I'm Maria DeLuca, Kyle Valenti and this is Alex Whitman."

"Umm...I'm Liz"

Smooth liz, smooth.

The three smiled warmly at her. "How do ya do?" Alex asked bowing to her. Liz smiled at him. "Hey" Kyle said. "C'mon, we'll show you 'round."

"What's your first class?" Liz gave Maria her schedule. "Hmm...English Lit?" Maria frowned. "I don't have that class in the morning. What about you, Kyle? Alex?" Alex looked at his schedule. "Ah, you're in luck."

Maria looked at Liz and smiled. "Alex can bring you there. I mean you are a junior, right? I just assumed..."

"Oh uh, yeah, yeah. Junior, right." Damn, I thought I had that one... Maria and Kyle headed off.

When I entered the school, I gawked. it was packed. nothing like Kennedy high in Wyoming. (totally made up. I'm from NY, remember. )

"Big ain't it? but you get used to it."

"You've lived here for long?"

"Born and raised. You?" Alex said proudly.

"Oh, Wyoming"

Alex wrinkled his nose. "Cool" Just then we heard the bell
ring. "⊕#%$" Alex grabbed my arm and pulled me along. He rammed open room 415. "Well, well, how good of you to join us" a tall, beefy man said. "Who's this?" he asked, pointin at me.

Alex looked at my frozen face and turned back to the teacher. "She's Liz Parker"

"Thank you Mr. Whitman but I wasn't addressing you. so please take your seat." Alex shrugged and sat in the back. I saw a group of punks in the far corner. they were snickering and poking fun at the teacher. my eyes connected with one of them. he had spikey hair and a few peircings. "Ms. Parker?"

I snapped my head around to the teacher. "Where you transfer from?"

"I umm-from Kennedy high in Wyoming."

"Alright then, I'm Mr. Henry, take a seat." I couldn't help but notice that he had applesauce stuck between his sagging cheeks and mouth. I bit my lip to keep from smiling. I sat down next to Alex. "Be careful to never sit in the front. He spits when he talks." I snickered.

Finally the bell rang. Alex grabbed my wrist and hoisted me through the loud crowd, and I thought getting through Manhattan was tough. "What's your next class?"

I looked at my schedule. "P.E."

Alex hissed. "I think you're on your own"

I looked up at him terrified. "What?"

"Don't worry about it. You'll be fine. No one's gonna bite, well, most of em anyway." Alex stared at me serious faced. Then I saw the smile creep onto his face. I wacked his arm. "You're too gullible, Parker."

Alex dropped me off infront of the girl's locker room. "I'll see you at lunch ok?"

I stood frozen. "Yeah" I watched as he strode down the hallway, ripping open another door.

I cautiously stepped in. I quickly changed into blue shorts and a grey shirt. I walked through the gym doors and was relieved to see that almost everyone was wearing similar outfits. "Hey, girl!" Maria! thank god!

"Thank god you're here." Maria smiled at me. "C'mon...I heard this coach is pretty evil."

I realized that the guys from Lit class were here. Dude, what was up with that guy's hair? it was like a mohawk...

My thoughts were interrupted by a shrill whistle. "I'm coach Adams. You will listen to me and do what I say, no excuses. No cramps or other PMS crap. No I have asmtha lies. You're in this class and you'll participate in it." I tensed up immediately. "Hey, I really do have asmtha." Maria whispered to me. "And no talking!" the coach screamed, staring straight at us. I put my head down as I felt my face flame. Maria just snorted.

"Line up!!" We all lined up in two lines, facing eachother. The coach went up both lines. I was at the end of the second line, next to Maria. She came up to me. "Name!?"

"Uh-Liz Parker."

"I can't hear you!"

"L-Liz Parker" I stuttered.

"What? Are you speech impaired?"

"No, I-"


Suddenly there was a forced, loud weezing sound. The coach turned around. Hey, that's the guy with the spikey hair. The coach walked up to him. "Name?!"

"Zan, Sir! Ma'am...Whatever..." He said, soluting then a cocky smile broke over his face. The guy next to him laughed.

"Boy, you better not cause me trouble!" the coach boomed.
"Hmm... well, I don't have a Zan on this list. But I do have an Alexander. Is that you?"

"Sir, Yes, Ma'am" He said, smiling. "Just for that crack, I want you to do 50 pushups in that corner" The coach said, pointing with her chubby finger. Zan just shugged and started to walk to the corner, which just happed to be near me.

As he walked towards me, our eyes locked. He winked and walked by. About seconds later, Zan came sauntering back. The coach stared at him in disbelief. "You couldn't have done 50 pushups already."

"Record already?" Zan said arrogantly. The coach just rolled her eyes and signaled to the court.

Part 2
"What do you have next?" Maria asked me as we walked down the hall. My hair was still wet from the shower I took after the gym class from hell. "Hmm...Chemistry" Maria looked at me sympathetically. "Maybe Kyle will be there."


"Here, room 320"

"Thanks Maria"

"See you at lunch!"

I took a seat at one of the tables. Just then the teacher walked in. "Ok, class, I'll be giving you your partners today"
The door opened and in strode Zan and another girl with moppy blonde hair. "So nice to grace us with your presence"

The two smiled. "I know right?" The girl said. "Just take a seat"

Zan took a sweep of the room with his eyes. They landed on me and the corner of his lip curled up. I looked away as I felt my face burn up. "Anyway," the teacher said, clapping her hands together. "I'm gonna read out two names at a time and you'll be partners for the rest of the year"

"Lauren Manes with Chris Daniel"

I watched as the moppy blonde stood up. as she passed me, I heard her mumble something about being called Lonnie. "Sean Niola with John LaPolla"

"Elizabeth Parker with Alexander Manes"

My head snapped up at the sound of my name. I saw Zan stand up and look to me. He shuffled to me and sat down next to me. I immediately tensed up. "Zan, you stupid bitch" I heard him mumble at the teacher. For the whole period, she explained what we would be doing for the year. Finally the bell rang and I walked out the door, keenly aware that Zan was standing right behind me.

I walked to my locker and tried out the lock. It didn't budge. "No, no, c'mon" I mumbled as I tried desperately to open the lock. I leaned my forhead against the cool metal and closed my eyes. "Yo, you need help wit dat?" I looked up to see Zan. "Yeah"

I moved aside and he jammed on the lock. the locker popped open. "You should probably get a new lock, this ones pretty much ⊕#%$ up"

"Oh, uh, thanks" He nodded at me in acknowledgement and started to walk away. "Wait!" He stopped in his tracks and turned around. "Thanks, you know, for what you did in gym."

He smiled and walked down the rest of the hall into the cafeteria. Ok, lunch. lunch is easy. I shoved my bookbag in the locker and went into the cafeteria. Maria was at the end of the line, yelling at one of the food distributers.

"God, how the hell do you expect us to eat this?" Maria bantered as the guy just shrugged. "Maria!"

"Liz? oh hey! the guys are waiting over there. Grab a tray"

we both went through the line and sat infront of Kyle and Alex. "So, Ladies, how was the first day of school?" Alex asked as he bit into his sandwhich. "It bombed" Maria answered flatly. "Liz?" I looked up at Kyle. "It was confusing"

They all smiled. "You'll get the hang of New York. Have you seen the department stores? Ugh, we have to go together" Maria said as she picked at her soggy salad. "We'll hang out after school, How's dat sound?" Everyone agreed and we went our separate ways.


Finally school is over for the day. All four of us met in the parking lot. "Do you have a car?"

"Hell no." All three of them said in unison. "We take the trusty subway"


"C'mon we'll go to the park first"

At the park, Alex brought out a boom box. Kyle stood up and bowed to me. "My lady, would you like to dance?"

"I don't know how to..."

"Neither do I, just move to the music"

So I got up and after a few moments we were both dancing. As Kyle twirled me a basketball smashed into his face. I looked to where the ball came from and there stood the 4 punks. Zan stood slightly infront of them and his jaw was clenched. and of course I didn't notice that he had no shirt on, course not. "Oh, sorry bout that" he said in an unholy tone. "What the ⊕#%$ is your problem?"

"You are, you're on our court" that Mohawk guy said. "I don't see your name on it." Maria snapped as she checked up on Kyle, who had a bloody nose. "God how hard did you throw that thing?"

"Not hard enough" Zan answered, staring at me. "Let's just go" Alex said, putting his arm around me. Zan's eyes darkened and stared at Alex's arm. I just stood there staring at him. he had tattoos all over the place, he was muscular, and seemingly...jealous?

I felt Alex tug at me and I gave Zan and his friends one last look before following them out of the park

Part 3
I sat down on Maria's couch. They had run to her house to help Kyle clean up. I wonder if Zan was jealous. For some reason, it excited me. I mean, he'd only known me for about 7 hours. I wonder what I could do to him...Oh god! bad, bad Liz. But really... I shook my head. What would my mother say if she were still here? She was a very holy person, may I say. She'd prob'ly say something like "That's Satan talking"

I miss her a lot...

"Oh Buddha help me..."

I turned around to see Kyle stumble into the room with an ice pack to his nose. "I think he lost too much blood" Maria whispered. "I can hear you" Kyle said gingerly, as he sat down. "Liz, can I talk to you in my room? Alex, watch Kyle and do guy stuff, k?" with that Maria pulled me to my feet and lead me to her room.

She closed the door and sat on the bed. "Liz, he sooo likes you"


"Huh? What?"

"Zan! He's got the hots for you!" Maria said giggling as she got off her bed and did a little dance thing while pointing her fingers at me. "He does not" I said blushing. Hopefully he does... I'm beginning to think it is satan.

"He so does! When he hit Kyle, did you see how angry he was?"

"We were on his court"

"Bullshit! That Rath dude said that. NOT ZAN! plus, didn't you hear the hidden message?"

"hidden message?" ok, what is this girl sniffing?

"yeah. inside he was saying, get off my girl!" Maria said, lowering her voice, trying the match Zan's low tone. "Maria, didn't you see those commercials about how sniffing the stuff under the sink are bad for you?"

Maria waved her hand at me. "It's true!! You just see."


I walked to my locker. Jammed. ⊕#%$. I slammed the lock open. YESSSS!!

I quickly replaced it with the new one I bought and walked through the halls. chemistry awaits. I slipped into class and sat at my station. About 5 minutes later, Zan plopped down next to me. "Did I break his nose?" he asked, out of the blue, not even facing me.

"No, thank God..."


"Hey, he was hurt!"


"What the hell's your problem?"

Zan turned his head so he was staring at me. God, he has nice eyes "Take one guess"

I'm beginning to think he's satan

Just then the teacher stepped into the room and he turned back around.

Part 4
"So, he's your partner for chem, right?" Maria asked as we entered the Manhattan mall. "Yeah." I turned to look at her and she shrieked. "I can see it already, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Manes. No, no, no. Mrs. and Mr. Elizabeth Parker. Yeah...that sounds better. Men think they're so smart, it's time someone kicked aaaaall their asses!" Maria rambled as she pointed her finger and a now frightened man. "Maria..." I watched as the man scrambled away. "You're scaring people."

I had only known her for a couple of days now but I feel like we've been friends forever.

"Yeah, yeah." Maria said as she took out a vile and sniffed at it. "Oh my god, you are a druggie!" I whispered feircely. "It's ok, it's just cedar oil, see" Maria explained as she stuffed it under my nose. "Ugh, how can you sniff that thing?" I ask, pushing it away. "It calms the nerves" I gave her a doubtful look as we entered Macy's.

"Anyway, Liz" She says, taking my shoulders. "You can not go around wearing that mu-mu anymore."

I look down. it was a great blue dress! "What do you mean, this is a perfectly good dress"

"Yes, and I'm sure my grandma would love it"

"Of course, since it's a wonderful dress." I started then stopped. Wait a minute...Hey! "That was just mean!"

"Babe, beauty is harsh" she said as she dragged me off.

Six hours later, I have 4 bags ready to burst. I've never bought so much clothes in my whole life. I'm about to pass out from exhaustion while Maria jumps around. It's gotta be drugs. "Maria, I think I'm gonna go home."

Maria stares at me with disbelief. "C'mon it's Sunday afternoon! You can't be tired already. it's only..." she checks her watch. "6:53"

"You wanna come over to my place? We can get a movie, I just really need to get off my feet." Maria smiled broadly. "Coolios!" {had to put that in somewhere}

We ended up borrowing Save the last dance, Cruel Intentions, and Shrek. All pretty good movies.

"Girl, that Ryan is just yummy!" Maria said as she ate popcorn. I 'm guessing she's staying over. "I'm staying over aren't I?" Maria asked, staring at me with a sugary sweet smile. "Oh of course"

"Anyway, I'm gonna pick out your outfit tomorrow. You're gonna blow Zan away." Maria said smiling. Suddenly her smile got wider and she started to laugh. "Wrong choice of words."

"Maria!" I said as I covered my flaming cheeks.


"Wake up!!" I opened my eyes to face an already dressed Maria. "⊕#%$! Am I late?" Maria stared at me in shock. "You-You just cursed!"

"Oh...I guess I did."

"I'm rubbing off on you" Maria said smiling. "Anyway, go take a shower, I'm gonna look for the clothes"

When I come out, I see she's sitting on my bed. "There" Maria points to the outfit she's laid out. It was a dark green shirt with a black knee length skirt with black sandals. "I don't know..."

"Of course you do! I was debating between the sundress, but I guess it's too cold for that now."

"Maria, I'm not wearing this!" Maria stared at me.


"I can't believe I'm wearing this..."

"You look great!" Maria shrieked. "I'm sooo good at this"

"So, you got Chem next right?" Maria asked, wiggling her eyebrows. "Yeah, I do."

"Good. Now, lemme see..." Maria said checking to see if my hair was still in its neat bun. Then my makeup. "All right... now, what do you do after chem class is over?"

"Come and give you details" I say, my voice in auto pilot.

"Right. Now, see you later Chica!!" Maria yells and scurries down the hall.

I walk into chem and recieve a few stares. That's a good thing, right? Then I come up to my table and see that Zan is already there. time to work it. I sat down. He was staring at me, his mouth slightly open. "Hey" I say in an innocent voice. I see him swallow and smile slightly. "Yeah." He says somewhat distracted. "So, what's happening?" I ask.

"You are" He says. "What?"

"I mean, nothing, nothing" He says, staring at my chest. Thank god for miracle bras. I bow my head so that I'm staring at him dead in the eyes. "I'm up here"

"I know." he says, getting a nonchalant attitude. Is that pink I see blushing the tip of his ears? "I'm sure"

"Yeah, yeah..."

"You okay?"

He swallows again. "Peachy-keen." He says. Just then the teacher walks in. what are they for anyway??

As the class started, I turned back around. Every few minutes, I would sneak a glance at Zan. He was staring at me nonstop.

Thank you, Maria

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Part 5
"Damn! I'm just too good at this" Maria said as I finished telling her the details. "So, you wanna go stand on their court at the park later?"

"Oh, sorry chica, I have work."

"Really? I desperately need a job."

"Great, we're actually hiring."

"Cool, so where do you work?"

"At a little diner called "Big Apple diner. my mom owns it."

"Oh, cool!"

"Yeah, let's go."


"You got the job."

"What? I didn't even fill out an application"

"I dunno, my mom doesn't care. She says you give out good vibes"

"Oh, well that's a relief."

"A lot of people from school come here to eat. Especially Zan and his cult, which I'm sure you're estatic about"

"Am not"

I am

"Are too."

"So how do the uniforms look like?"

Maria gave me a knowing look but let it drop. "It's a really short little black dress with an apple as an apron." She says as she takes one out in my size. "Here"

"Wow, that's...great"

"Look, it's not beautiful, but it's not all that bad. Now, change into this and go serve some people."

I looked at myself in the mirror. wow, this skirt is really short. It came to the middle of my thigh, not exactly the most modest uniform. I walked out to the dining area and went to my first table without looking up.

"Hi I'll be your waiter for today, have you decided on what you'd like?" I said. oh, I'm a pro. I was a waiter at home too.

"I'm feelin that black uniform. Too bad that apple ⊕#%$ had to be there." A female voice said. I looked up into a girl with blonde hair with pink streaks with a lot of peircings. I think her name's Ava. Then I realized she wasn't alone. I saw three othe people. Zan, and what I think is Lonnie. And another guy, I don't know his name. but he's the mohawk dude I was talking about before.

"Oh, thanks...I guess" I say as I raise an eyebrow at Zan. I actually do have a few peircings myself. three on my earlobe. oh yeah, I'm bad. I cocked my head to the side when I realized Mohawk man and Zan were checking me out. I didn't so much mind about Zan, though...

"Have you decided what you want?"

"Yeah, burgers, fries, and cherry cokes all 'round"

"Sure" I say as I scribble the order down. "Be right back with that"

I walk away casually. "Babe, he was so checking out your ass." Maria said, smiling as she passed me with a tray full of orders. *sigh* for now, I'm just gonna swim in the ocean of denial

I come and set down the drinks at their table. I saw Mohawk sneak a look at my cleaveledge, then Zan kicking him under the table, glaring, then trying to get a look himself, but I had already stood back up. "I'll be right back with your food"

I have to remember not to bend over like that infront of other customers, and remember to do that more often around Zan. Oh yeah, I play rough

"Here ya go..." I say, setting all the food down on their table. "Enjoy your meal" and with that, I'm gone.

Zan POV {Oh yeah, I'm broadening my horizons. }

Damn, she looks good. When she walked into Chem today, I almost had a heart attack, and now with that tiny dress...

Man, am I glad I wore baggy jeans. I see Rath look at her cleaveledge and kick him angrily under the table. Usually I could care less, but it was differen't with Liz. She's mine. Ok, well, not mine persay. but she will be. hopefully.

She tells us to enjoy our meal and walks off.follow her with my eyes. What I would give to be that apron right about now...

"Yo, what the ⊕#%$ was dat?" Rath asks.


"You fuckin kicked me. She ain't your girl, so you can't say anything"

"Listen up and listen good. I'll do whateva I want. I'm d'man. Neva forget."

Part 6
Zan walked gingerly into school. Yesterday had not been a good day. he couldn't get Liz off his mind. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

Then he spotted her. She was standing at her locker in a jean skirt and red shirt. He stood there admiring her natural beauty and grace. He composed himself and started to walk in that direction, planning to walk right past her when he saw Kyle come up behind him and wrap his arms around her waist. She stepped out of his embrace and smiled at him.

Zan saw red. He swerved and walked right up to the two of them just as Liz laughed at something Kyle said. "Yeah, ok...I need to talk to you." Zan said, facing Liz.

Liz looked up at him shocked. "Why?"

"You'll find out if you come and talk to me."

"Hello? We're having a conversation here." Kyle said as snidely and possible.

Zan's jaw clenched and he turned to face him. "Yeah, well, I'm interrupting it." Zan shot back.

"Listen you mutha-"

"What? You betta not continue that sentence. But if you want me to beat your ass into the ground, please, proceed."

"O-oookay." Liz said, stepping in between them. "Put the testosterone away, guys"

"Zan is it really important?" Liz asked.

"In my opinion"

"Okay" Liz turned to Kyle. "I'll talk to you later"

"But Liz-"


Kyle sighed and put his hands up. "Fine, but if this punk tries anything..."

"Punk? You betta not be refering to me" Zan said stepping up to Kyle, looking down on his shorter stance.

"Guys? Yeah, ok. Kyle just go, I'll see you later."

"Yeah, bye Liz" Liz just nodded and turned to Zan.

"So, what was so important?"

"Can we go outside?"

"Well..." Liz trailed off looking at her watch. "Class starts in 5 minutes."


Liz looked at Zan and slowly, a smile spread across her face. "Why not?"

Zan smiled and lead her out side to an empty area.

The minute they sat down, Zan cut to the chase. "I don't like that guy"

"Really? I never seemed to notice." Liz answered sarcastically.

"I don't think you should hang out with him."


"You heard me. He's always all over you. He's a man whore."

"Hey! You watch what you say about him. We are close friends and I'm not gonna blow him off just because you don't like him"

Zan paused for a momment. "How close?"

"Look, that's none of your business." Liz picked up her bag and stood up. "Well, it looks like we're done here."

"Liz, I'm sorry, ok? It's know what? Just forget I even said anything.


"I said forget it." Zan said forcefully, all softness out of his voice.

"Fine. See if I give a ⊕#%$" Liz stared at him for a few seconds then turned around and briskly walked back into the school, leaving Zan alone.

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HUH. *looks around* never realized that there was a second page. LOL. See, I broaden my horizons everyday.*wink* Sorry I didn't post like I promised just real life reared it's ugly head. I'm posting more chapters tonight as a truce or something like that. *happy*

Part 7
Liz rushed into the Big apple diner at ten past nine. "Oh my God, Maria! I'm sooo sorry for being late. My alarm clock broke and the stupid thing didn't work and I got up late and - and I'm sorry!" Liz rambled to Maria desperately trying to rectify herself. {LIZ rambling to MARIA? who would've thunk it? }

Liz was so busy rambling that she didn't notice who was sitting at the counter with an amused smirk resting on his cherry lips. "Liz!" Maria yelled, grabbing the shorter girl's shoulder. "Look around" Liz looked at the booths and tables to find the place virtually dead. "Does it look like I really needed your help? It's Oooookay."

"Well, I guess not... but I'm still really sorry. You can have my tips for the day."

"Liz that really isn't nece-tips?" Maria asked, raising her eyebrows in interest. "Well, I mean you were ten minutes late...No! Liz just don't say anything ok? just go change and come back out and start work, ok?" Maria ordered, shoving one of her best friends into the back room. "Ok, just know that I'm really sorry"

"Shut up Liz just shut up." Maria said in a teasing manner closing the door then turning and shaking her head in amusement. that girl...

"She always that... eccentric?"

"Huh? oh, umm, not always but she does have her momments"

"So, what can you tell me about her?"

Maria looked over at him shocked. "And you would want this information, why?"

"Just curious"

"Mmm-hmmm. Curiosity killed the cat."

"What? There is no cat"

Maria simply held up her hand that just happened to be in the shape of a claw. "Watch yourself, buddy."

Just then the double doors burst open as Liz pushed through them, still putting on her apron. When she saw him she froze, her eyebrows practically going into her hairline from surprise. She quickly composed herself and flattened her hair before putting it into a neat bun, a few tendrils immediately falling down.

She walked up to him and took out her order pad. "Did you order?"


She sighed and took the pen out from behind her ear. "Alright, so what'll it be?"

"Hmm...I don't know...Can you just clarify this for me?" Zan asked, pointing to a burger on the menu.

"Well it says burger in big bold letters."

"Umm...but I don't know what's in it."

"Meat covered with bread"

"Liz, the ingredients. I left my glasses at home" Zan lied perfectly. When in reality he and 20/15 vision.

"Do you even have glasses?"

"They're reading glasses"

"I've never seen you wear them at school"

"I don't read at school"

Liz sighed and bent down to see which one exactly. Zan inhaled her scent quietly. Trying to memorize it. "Well, it has peppers, onions, pickles, mushrooms and tomato all which are optional."

"Ok, then I'll have it"

"Ok" Liz said standing up to write it down. "Hey you ok?"

Zan snapped his eyes open. "Uh- yeah, just tired."

Liz was about to walk away but he caught her arm. "Liz?"

"Yeah?" Liz asked curiosly. He was holding her arm tight. Not so tight as to cause pain but tight enough to keep her put. "I umm..." he dropped his voice to an incoherent mummble. "I'm sorry."


"I'm sorry"

"I really can't hear you. I mean you were talking fine just minutes ago..."

Zan raised his voice. "I said that I'm know, for yesterday and the way that I acted."

"Oh..." Liz trailed off, a warm smile curling her lips.

"Yeah, you know, it's not my place and all"

"Well, I guess I'm sorry too. I did get a little hostile towards you...all with good reason, but still" Liz said, smiling at the last part.

"Yeah, I didn't know you had it in you, Parker."

Liz raised an eyebrow. "I don't know if that was an insult or some kind of compliment."

"Just take it as it is. don't read into it too much." Zan offered casually.

Liz narrowed her eyes. "Yeah, I'll keep that in mind."

Liz smiled as she tore out his order from her order pad. "Be right back with a...cherry coke?"


Minutes later, Liz came back with his drink and soon after, his food. "Here" Liz said as she set down a batch of fries. "I didn't order-"

"On the house." Liz said, smiling. "My treat for actually apologizing"


" problem"

Liz turned to walk back but Zan called her back. "Liz?"


"So, we cool?"

A warm smile spread across her face. "Yeah...we cool"

And as Liz walked away, a slow smile spread across Zan's face as well.

He looked up and saw Maria watching him with a knowing look. She held up her claw-hand and just nodded her head.

Part 8
"So Liz, when's your parents coming home? I didn't see them the last time I slept over." Maria asked, shoving pistachio ice cream into her mouth.

Liz shifted uncomfortably on the couch. "Uh...actually I don't have parents anymore."

"What do you mean? Not anymore?" Maria asked, pausing Save the Last Dance. "Maria, we've watched this movie about six times"

"What's your point?"

"This week"

Maria waved me off. "Don't change the subject"



"C'mon Liz. You can tell me. I'm a very secretive person."

I gave her a hard stare. She pointed a finger at me. the not so friendly one. "Don't say it, Liz." she said, a light tone in her voice.

"Ok, I'm telling you this in confidence"


"Ok, my mom...well, she's gone and my dad...well, I never knew my dad. the jack ass left."

"Oh!" Maria said, hugging me. "My dad left me too. But look at us...we survived. Teflon baby, we're both teflon" she said, pulling away while drying her eyes. "So, your mom?" I asked, hesitantly.

"Oh yeah, I live with her. So, you live by yourself?"

"Yeah...but relatives support me in most ways"

" you have the whole place to yourself?"


Maria got this devilish look in her eyes. "Maria, what are you planning to do?"



"You'll see." she said before she pressed play.


"So, Liz." Alex said, loopin an arm around me when I get to school.

"Heard your havin a party"

"What?" I asked, stopping in my tracks.

"Here" he said, handing me a flyer.

Maria's ass is grass



Maria turns around. Wait. Why is she talking to Zan? Then I saw the flyer she was handing him.

"Maria! I gave you NO permission for this!" I said running up to her. Maria stares at me, stuffs the paper in Zan's hand and bolts in the other direction.

"Maria!! I'm gonna kill you!!" I screamed as I chased after her.

Zan stood there watching them with a bemused expression. He looked down at the paper. "Party?"


Afterschool at the Mall

"I want these" Liz said to Maria, handing her the skin tight red leather pants. "Liz! these are $150!!"

"You planned a party at my house without me knowing"

"Fine" Maria said, getting out her credit card. "Sorry mom"



I smoothed out my hair and looked down at my new red leather pants and halter top.

I swung open the door. "Zan?"

"Listen, we're here too" Lonnie said, smirking.

"Good thing too" Rath said, looking me up and down. I hope don't have to put him back in his place tonight. "How you doin?" he asked reaching out. Isn't that from Friends?

Zan smacked Rath's hand away. I wasn't lost on the lethal glare Zan threw Rath's way. A short blonde/Pink girl smiled at me.

I moved aside "Come in. You're actually the first the show up"

"WOOOHOOOO!!!" I heard from down the hall. "And not the last" I added.

Five minutes later, the place was packed and the music was blaring rock, hip hop, you name it. anything but Brittany Spears and that no string sync people. yeah....

I turned around as someone taps me. "Matt?"

"Wanna dance"

"Sure, why not?"

Matt smiled and brought me out to the dance floor. We started dancing, fairly close together. I saw Zan from across the room. He gave me a hot stare.

Next thing I knew, I was dancing with Zan. "Uh..."

"Hey Liz, just cutting in for a dance." he said, smiling ruefully.

"But Matt..."

"Hey what the ⊕#%$ you think you doin?" Matt asked from behind Zan.

"I think I'm dancing...what the ⊕#%$ are you doing?" Zan paused before adding "you big dumb ass"

I couldn't help but laugh at the tone Zan used and Matt's reaction to it. Matt just walked away.

Zan turned back to me and I saw his eyes soften. "What'd I tell you about dancing with guys like that?"

Part 9
"Hola Chica!" Maria said, giving me a hug. "Wasn't the party wicked? Now you're wonna da big playas in school" She added.

"I'm tired I'll give ya dat"

Maria gave me a stunned look then smiled. "Aw, I see you've got the New York accent down"

"Yeah...I'm cool" I said. Me and Maria looked at each other and burst into giggles.

"Hello ladies" Alex said as he slung his arms around us. "Liz, the party was holy" Maria looked at me "What did I say?"

*** Zan's POV

Last night was great. I danced the night away with Liz. I don't know what's up with me. The way she makes me's confusing. but I gotta watch my back. I see da way da guys look at her. Let's just say dat I don't like it.

Especially dat Matt dude. He betta watch himself. Speakin of the dork...

"Hey Zan."

"Sorry, but I like girls"

"Shut up. I don't like what you did with Liz last night."

"really?" I said in mock interest. "I think I'll be able to sleep"

"Listen, I know you like her but I'm gonna get her"

"I'm sure"

"So am I"

"Listen duke, I don't care if you get her or not. If you touch her, she'll be praying that it was me" I said, I could feel my jaw tighten.

"I'm asking her out. and don't count on it"

"Good luck with that." I said laughing.

"Expect her back late"

"It don't matta how late she gets home. She'll still be achin for me"

"But aching from me"

"Yeah, her hand. from hittin you so f*ckin hard"

"Yeah on the ass"

"Scratch dat. if your ass hurts it won't be from her"

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, it'll be from my boot that I'll kick up there"

"I'm shakin"

"Yeah, you betta."

"You can't scare me"

"I betchyou I can" I said, my voice dangerous.


"Don't f*ckin push me" I said, taking a step towards him.

"Anyway, I'm takin her out"

"I'll be there"

"No. You won't"

"Listen, don't f*ck with me. I'll make you sorry"

Matt just stared at me and walked away.

***Liz's POV


"Oh hey Matt"

"Sorry bout that Zan guy. He thinks he owns the f*ckin world. And dont' worry I know you were only dancing with him outta sheer politeness"

What a moron.

"Uh well, I didn't mind so much. He's a lot of fun"

Matt gave me a funny look. "Anyway, enough about that punk. Watcha doin friday night?"


"You up for a movie? Maybe something to eat latta?"


"It'll be fun"

"Sure, why not?"

"Great, I'll meet you there."

"Aren't you gonna pick me up?"

"I don't have a car" and with that Matt was off.



Liz walked into Chem class and sat down next to Zan. "You know, you don't look like one to be early for class....or even show up for one but yet you're always here before me." I said with a smile.

"Yeah well I'm squashing one stereo type"

I laughed. "Yeah"

"Hey Liz?"


"You busy Friday? You know, tell that Maria girl too. We're all goin out"


"Well, I'm sorta busy"

"With what?"

"Actually, I have a date"

"With who?" he said in a quiet voice. he wasn't angry, but he was very un-Zan like. He was hurt.

"Well..." I said wringing my hands. "Matt"



"To where?"

"The movies"

"Which one?"

"I don't know. Probably Ziegfield"



"Just curious"

I don't like that look....

Part 10
Liz walked out of the subway to the movies in the cold. She wrapped her white bubble coat closer around her and tightened her gray scarf. She got to the movie theater and Matt was nowhere in sight...

Zan watched from his car. Matt was late. How can any guy be late for a date with Liz? Moron. that's the only explanation.

Five minutes passed and he saw Matt run down the street.

"Liz! Sorry I'm late"

"Yeah it's fine"

"Let's go buy the tickets"


"Oh damnit, I forgot my wallet"

Liz gave him an incredulous look. "So I have to pay?"

"I'm sorry"

Liz sighed and and took out her wallet from her purse. She didn't mind paying for her ticket but for him too?

Zan watched in disbelief as Liz paid for both of their tickets. Time to move in.

Zan hopped out of the car and walked behind them as Liz bought the tickets.

"Liz? Matt?" Zan said in fake shock.

they turned around and Liz's eyes lit up as Matt's face turned into a scowl.

"What're you doin here?"

"Hey...this theater is public" Liz said, taking the tickets. Zan shot Matt a victorious look.

"So, what movie are you seeing?" Liz asked, stepping aside so Zan could order.

"What are you watching?"

"Some action flick. Matt picked"

One explanation: Moron

Zan took a look at her tickets "How strange...I'm watching that too."

"Oh that's great!" Liz said flashing Zan a smile that made his heart stop. "We'll see you in there"


He watched in disgust has Matt but an arm around her as she walked away.

Zan caught them buying popcorn. well...Liz buying popcorn. "Hey guys"

"Don't you ever go away?" Matt asked, rolling his eyes.

"Hey..." Liz warned.

Zan smiled. "Yeah, what did I do?"

"Nothing. you did nothing. Matt's just paranoid" Liz said waving them along.

Zan could hear Matt grumbling.

Matt was just about to sit next to Liz when Zan pushed him away. "Oh, I'm sorry" Zan said, taking a seat between Liz and Matt.

Matt whispered in Zan's ear. "Get out of my f*cking seat"

"I don't see your name on it"

"Matt take a seat" Liz said as the theater darkened.

After the movie, the three of them walked out. "Well, I'll bring you home Liz" Matt suggested, reaching for her.

Zan slid infront of her. "Well, I actually have a car so I'll be more than happy to bring her home"

"Oh that sound nice" Liz said, sticking her head out from behind Zan.

"Can I get a lift too?" Matt asked, giving him a cocky smile. "I mean, it's the right thing to do."

"Oh...sorry. No room"

Matt craned his neck and looked at the car. "It's a four seat."

Zan helped Liz into the passenger seat and took her purse. He opened the door to the back seats and tossed her purse on the seat. "Look at that. Too full."

Matt scowled at them and walked away.

Zan got in the car and started the car. "Where's Matt going?"

"He said he'd rather walk"

"oh...too bad. maybe he likes the cold"

Zan smirked "Maybe"

"So, thanks for saving me today."

"No problem. but I just felt like a movie."


Zan laughed.



"Why'd you really come?"

Zan stared at me. "Uh...."

TBC. More to come!
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Here's the next two chapters. Listening to Lifehouse got me all swoony so I'm just gonna Lifehouse can do that to a person. *wink*

Chapter 11

"Well, I just really felt like a movie that's all. And since I live around here, I just figured...."

"Right." Liz spit out, cutting him off. She looked straight ahead as an unsettling silence cloaked them.

Zan stared between her and the road and wondered if he said anything wrong. Women... he thought as he shrugged it off and drove up her street.

Zan parked the car in front of her building. "Thanks for the ride"

"No problem...Do you want me to walk you to your door?"

Liz quickly unstrapped her seatbelt and flung the door open. Zan gave her retreating back a confused look and called after her. "I'm thinkin dat's a no?"

Liz ran up the six flights of stairs and slammed the door. She quickly changed into her PJs, robe and fuzzy slippers.


"Maria, it's me"

"OH!! so how was the date?"

"It was horrible"

"Oh girl...."

"I paid for everything"


"Yeah but we met Zan and he drove me home"

"Oh so Zan was coincidentally dere. big surprise"

"What are you talking about?"

"Chica, do I have to stick a finger up your nose to make you see?"

"See what? and who the hell uses that phrase?"

Maria laughed. "He likes you"

"No he doesn't. I was getting the hints but he made it clear that he was there just for the movie"

"Lizzie, with guys, they're never there for just the movie"

"Well he must've said it a hundred times"

"He lied"

"But he's not good for me. I think"

"Umm....ok. "


"So I guess I can cross Matt off the list"


"But I know this one guy that is totally into you"


There was a slight pause but then came Maria's shrill scream. "ZAN!"

"Let that go..."

"Aright, aright. If you think it's the best idea"

"I do."

"But it'll hit you in da ass one day"


"Letting it go..."


"But I'm tellin ya..."



Liz and Maria walked into school the next Monday together.

Alex and Kyle came up to them. "Hello ladies"

"Hey you guys. What's new?"

"Well, they just announced the school winter dance, titled...drum roll please" Alex said to Kyle. Kyle rolled his tongue and Alex said "The Snowflake ball, original ain't it?"

They all laughed as they headed to their classes.

Part 12

"Hey yourself, badboy"

"Is Liz here?" Zan asked holding up a plastic bag.

"Tell me what's in the bag."


Maria laughed in his face. "Who you think you frontin? Open da bag."

Zan looked around and opened it so only Maria could see.

"Dear's a purse."

"Liz's purse"

"Are you like some kind of cross-dresser, I mean not that it's necessarily a bad thing. It's just...damn, I never woulda thought you. I mean YOU"

"Maria? I'm not a cross-dresser"

"Yeah, of course. that's what I thought from the beginning. But why the plastic bag?"

"Me? Carrying a purse? Like hell"

"Oh...right. What I thought exactly"

"Sure. Anyway, is Liz around?"

"Yeah she's in the back. Why don't you just head back there"

"That was my idea."

"Of course." Maria said, following him to the door. Zan paused and turned around. "Don't you have a job to do or something?"

"Right, right..." Maria said walking away but still trying to look over Zan's shoulder.


"Yeah" Liz said walking out while putting it up in a bun. "You forgot your purse the other day"

"Oh. right...Thanks"

"Sure, no problem."

"Is that the only reason why you're here?"


Liz's heart started to race. "I'm also sorta hungry" Zan said, rubbing his stomach.

Liz's hopeful expression fell. Zan watched in confusion as she took the purse and threw it into her locker before slamming the door. "Food of course! I mean why would you come to a diner?" Liz ranted as she walked up to his face. "For food. exactly"

"You ok?"

"Oh I'm just delightful"

"Well that's good cause I'm ready to order"

Liz laughed in a way that made even Zan to take a step back. "Oh of course" she said while jamming a pen in her scalp accidentally. then clumsily putting it behind her ear, which was it's intended destination. Zan stared at her with a pained expression.

"And for your information. Yes, that did hurt!" and she briskly walked out to the dinning area.

Zan followed her out where Maria was trying to act casual. As if she actually hadn't eavesdropped.

"Well, I suppose you'll have your usual. I mean the fact that you actually have a usual. but of course it's just the food" Liz said while writing his order down.

"Yeah. I'll have the usual."

"I thought so"


"Wow what?"

"You're a really scary person you know that?"

"Scary. scary. OH MY GOD! he actually called me scary"

"You're gonna spit in my food aren't you?"

"Damn straight" Liz said as she walked away.

"Chica, what's wrong?"


"Liz, I mean you're yelling and you're arms....major flalage."

"Zan hates me"

"He does not! I mean, he brought your purse back. and it doesn't even look like he looked through it."

"But that's besides the point. I mean he came here for food"

"Well, it is a diner"

"I'm gonna ask him to the dance"


"I thought you said he wasn't good for you?"

"I know nothing."

"That's the spirit"

"Wow. I'm doing this"

"Go get em!" Maria said pushing her away as she smacked Liz's butt. Liz jumped in surprise and gave Maria a look.

"So Zan."

Zan moved into the booth cautiously. "Yeah?"

"You heard about the snowflake ball right?"

"Oh. That piece of sh*t. It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. I mean snowflake ball. What a f*ckin joke."

Liz stared at him. "Just what I was about to say"


"More chunky monkey?" Maria asked, holding up the ice cream tank. "Bring it on" Liz said, outstretching her hands.

"So that's what he said huh?"


"damn...well, that doesn't mean he doesn't like you. I mean maybe he just isn't a social gatherings kinda guy. I mean him? In a tux? it's unbelievable"

"but I was hoping that he'd do it for me anyway."

"Liz, you didn't even ask him"

"But I brought it up"


"He should've gotten the hint"

"Liz. Hun. Have I taught you nothing? Guys are morons. Not partial morons. COMPLETE morons."

"Maria? don't give me false hope ok?"

"This isn't false hope. It's just the truth that you're obviously too scared to face."

"I'm not scared"

"You know you are. Maybe you're not ready for Zan. not the other way around. I mean, if you can't even recognize that Zan is crazy about you. Then you should put the whole thing on hold. It's not fair to him. Don't you think he deserves that much?"

Liz stared at her with wide eyes. "I think I like the false hope better"


"Liz, baby, I got the perfect date for you to the ball"


"Jason Prett"


"I did and I found out that he's planning to ask you out anyway."

"I don't know..."

"Liz this is your first dance in this school. Make it last"

"Ok. but I'm gonna think about it."

"If you must"

"Thanks for the scoop"

"Oh you know I live for this stuff"



"You have a spiderweb in your hair"

"Oh right" Maria said while clawing at her hair. "You know the vents are a little dirty this time of year."



Jason Prett tapped Liz on the shoulder. "Oh hey Jason, what's up?"

"You heard about the ball right?"


"You going with anyone?"


"I'm not going with anyone either so....why don't we just not got with anyone together?"

Liz thought to herself. Bad line. but Zan isn't going so...

"Well, Jason...."

Part 13
"Well, can I get back to you?"

"Sure." Jason said, looking surprised that he was denied his yes for the day.

"Ok, so I'll talk to you later"

Liz headed to Chem with caution. The Zan class. She slowly opened the door and his eyes met hers. He quickly dropped his eyes and started tracing the letters on his notebook.

Liz slowly slid into her seat.

" going to the dance?"

Zan looked up. "Don't think so, you?"

"I don't know"

"I heard that Jason guy asked you"

"Well, I didn't really give him an answer"


Liz looked over at him and found his eyes downcast. "I was holding out for someone else"

Zan's head snapped up at her response and she smiled at him shyly. "Well, I think you should go with Jason"

Liz's smile disappeared and answered in a small voice "Why?"

"I don't think your prince is coming"


"Oh Lizzie..."

Maria stroked Liz's hair as she cried on her shoulder in the girl's bathroom.

"Liz, maybe he just misundastood"

"I was so obvious. I mean, I put myself out there and he rejected me"


"No never ok? Never again"


Jason strode over to Liz. "So you make up your mind, beautiful?"

Liz looked up and smiled, meaning to decline but spotted Zan talking with two cheerleaders who were obviously drooling over him.

"You know what? I'd love too"

"Great, so I'll come get you at 8"


"One week. Just one week."

TBC. more's to come!


Oh and thanks for all the great feedback. You guys rock. You thought I forgot didn't you? LOL.

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Thanks for all the great feedback. Trust me, I read it with the stupidest smile on my face. rcain ANYWAYZ... *wink*to answer a question. Nope. Zan is no alien. He's just scared of rejection. Here's more parts. Enjoy!

Part 14
"I can't believe you said yes"

"Why? Is it that unbelievable?"

"But what about Zan?"

"He obviously doesn't like me"

"If you say so"

"I say so."

Maria sighed, obviously irritated that Liz was so stubborn. "You're so stubborn"

"Am not"

"Am too"

"I said I'm not"

Maria sat back in the passenger seat and smiled triumphantly as they entered the school parking lot.

"Ok, maybe just a little"


"Dude, you like that Parker chick don't you?" Ava asked teasingly.

"I don't know"

"What are you talking about? I can see your drool from down the hall"

"I bet you looooovvee her." Ava sang.

"Stop that"

"I think she likes you back"

Zan stared at her. "Really?"

"So you are interested"


Ava's smile disappeared and she stared him in the eyes. "What are you so scared of?"

"I'm not scared of anything"

"Zan. We've been friends forever. I know when something's wrong"

"Look. Nothing is wrong aight?"

Ava looked at him with pursed lips. He got up off the school bench and started to walk to the front doors of Manhattan High. "Just because they left doesn't mean she will" Ava called after him.


Liz strode into Chemistry with an air of confidence that everone seemed to notice. Too bad they didn't know it was all a facade.

"Hey Alex"

Zan stared at Liz shocked. "It's Zan"

"Oh right. Musta slipped my mind"

Zan stared at the side of her face as she opened her books and got prepared to take notes. "So...I heard you said yes to Jason" he started hesitantly.

"Well, word spreads fast doesn't it?"

"I thought you said you were holding for someone else"

"I thought you said he wasn't coming." Liz said, edge lacing her voice.

"I know what I said it's just that I never thought you'd listen"

"Everyday is full of surprises"

Zan's eyes clouded over with hurt and Liz watched as he recovered within seconds, replacing his expressive eyes with a cold glassy look. "Fine. See if I give a sh*t"

Liz hesitated a bit, still wondering about what just happened. "I won't even be looking"


"Ava, let it go"

"No. Now I know you like this girl. Admit it"

"Ava, I can't get attached."

"Why not?"


"It sound pretty simple to me"


"You're scared"

"And why would I be scared?"

"You're scared because..." Ava paused as if she were confirming it in her mind. Ava continued with more finality in her voice.

"You're scared because you're fallin fo' her"

Part 15
Zan walked down the school hall with Ava behind him. "You lover you" she said, scanning the halls.

"say it any louder Ava, I don't think Liz heard you"

Just then Liz appeared around a corner and walked up to her locker.

Ava leaned over his shoulder and whispered in his ear. "Speakin of da devil"

Zan shot Ava a menacing look

Ava winked and waved him off "Go get em"

Zan started walking up to Liz. "Hey"


"Look, Liz-"

"Just forget about it ok Zan? We cool." Liz said smiling.

Zan smiled back. "Well, I need to tell you how I feel about you"

"What's that?" Liz asked, curiosity clouding her expressive doe eyes.

"I'm- I'm in love with you"

Liz stood there stunned for a second. "I love you too"

Both of them united for a long passionate kiss.

Beep Beep Beep

Zan smacked the alarm off.

It was all a dream.

Damnit, it was all a dream

Zan got up and made his way to the shower. He looked in the mirror and poked at the bags under his eyes.

I'm so whipped, He said quietly to himself.

"And you's ain't even togetha" Rath said, while walking down the hallway and past the bathroom.

"And you's betta close da door next time. I don't wanna be throwin up so early in the mornin" he added, heading into the kitchen.

"Don't play yourself. You know you want some of dis, you horny sh*t"

Zan was greeted with the sound of Rath puking from the kitchen.

(note: they aint' gay, just playing around )


"Look, Liz, I'm sorry"

"Liz, baby, I'm sorry"

"Liz, my bad!"

Ava, Lonnie, and Rath shook their heads as they listened to Zan rehearse. "She's gonna knee you" Lonnie said, laughter in her voice.

***Zan's POV

"Liz, I'm sorry 'bout the otha day"

"Look, Zan, it's fine. whatever"

This isn't how the dream went.

"I got something to say to you"


was that hostility I sensed?


"Liz!" Alex said, coming up to them, linking his arm around Liz's shoulders.

"Zan, what up?"

"Nothing, listen, I gotta jet."

I am such a puss.

**** Liz POV

Was he gonna say the L word?

was he? was he? was he?

OMB, he was

no he wasn't, I mean it's ZAN.

but he coulda

but... naw....

"Liz? Earth to Liz. Come back to us..." Alex said, waving his hand infront of Liz's face.

"You got it bad"


Alex chuckled. "Lez bounce"

"You know I hate it when you say that"

"Yeah, that's why I say it"


"Liz, I didn't get to finish what I was saying before"

Liz's heart immediately picked up pace.

"Yeah?" she asked in a whisper.

"I-I...I think, no, I know that I-"

"Yo, Zan?!? Lez be out!" Rath yelled from across the courtyard.

Zan could feel his nerve dying. there it went

"You know what? just forget 'bout it" and with that, Zan was off.

Part 16
"Ok, now that you're working here, I don't want you flirting with customers or a certain waitress" Maria instructed.

"Me? Flirting?" Zan asked while tucking the end of a blue bandana in the back pocket of his baggy black cargos.

"Don't act all innocent. I see you drooling after Liz"

Zan blushed furiously. "I do not"

"Yeah, and that's why you look like a f*ckin cherry"

"F*ck you, Maria"

Maria laughed. "Now go flip some burgers you tiga"


"Liz did you remember to pick up the strawberry ice cream?"

"What am I carrying?"

"Ice cream"


Liz stumbled into the back room. Zan rushed up to her. "You need help wid dat?"

"I got it"

"Let me help ya"

"I got it"


"Zan, get off"

"I said I'll help ya"

"Go away"

"Zan!!!" came Maria's shriek from the diner.

Liz all but threw the ice cream on the counter and rushed outside. "Damnit Zan! You burned 5 very valuable burgers"

"Oh...I'm sorry. I was helping Liz"

"No he was bothering me"

"I was helping"

"Don't be so self-righteous"

"Stop being such a bitch" the minute the words came out of his mouth he regretted it. Liz blinked at him for a second before going into the back room.

Maria and Zan stood there. "Smart one, Mr. Suave"


"So, Liz, did you pick out a dress yet?"

"I only have $75 to spare"

"Hmmm...we could work with that.


"Really" Liz gave Maria a big hug. "I don't know what I'd do without you"


Liz walked into chem the next day. The minute she sat down, Zan opened his mouth. "Liz I'm sorry"

"It's fine"

"You're doing that girl thing."

"What girl thing?"

"where you say it's fine, when it's not"

"If I say it's fine, it's fine"

"I didn't mean to call you that."

"Zan. It's fine. I've been called a bitch before. I think I'll live."

"Oh...wait, who called you a bitch?"

"What's it to ya?" "Nothing. nothing"

Liz raised a suspicious eyebrow. "Whateva"

Liz awkwardly approached the subject that she wanted to venture on to. " goin to da dance?"

"Nah, don't think so"

"Why not?"

"My girl is taken" he said simply. his hazels met her eyes, and he gave her a sad small smile.

"Oh" she looked away, covering her mouth her her notebook as she smiled.


"Wow, I can't wait!" Maria ranted, waving her arms excitedly above her head.

"four more days babe, four more days"

Part 17
"Oh Liz, I love that black one!" Maria yelled while waiting for Liz. "Naw, it's too lowcut"

"Oh please, show a little skin" Maria urged, giving Liz a divilish grin. Liz stared at Maria. "Slut"


they stared at eachother, then burst out laughing. "We are the weirdest of friends" Liz said through laughter.

"But we're the best." Maria said, throwing an arm around Liz's shoulders as Liz gave the dress back to the saleswoman. "Definitely"

"OH MY GOD!!" Maria shriekd, making everone within a ten mile radius to jump. "What?"

"I got the perfect dress for you!"

"Really? Lemme get a look"

Maria took a pale blue dress off the rack that was fitting at the top (picture a bodice) but flowed out once it hit the waist. Maria put it in front of Liz. "Wow, it's beautiful..."

"And it's 70 bucks" Maria said, wiggling her eyebrows. "Oh no..." Liz said, staring down at her dress. "What?" Maria asked, the smile slipping from her face. "What about shoes?" Liz asked, already starting to put the dress away. "nu-uh!" Maria exclaimed, holding her arm out infront of the rack. "I'll buy you shoes."


"C'mon Liz, I owe you like 25 bucks anyway, and the other part will'll be my treat."

"Are you sure?''

"Yeah, now go try that on!!"

Liz rushed to the fitting room and tried it on. "Maria come in for a second"

Mari came in. "Damn're gonna get someone hard"

Liz laughed. "Whatever happend to you're gonna take his breath away or he'll never know what hit him?"

Maria grabbed Liz's shoulders. "This is ME you're talking to. Maria DeLuca, the girl who crawled through the school's vents to get info." Liz laughed. "Well that' explains it."



"I spy a gorgeous red dress for me!!"

"Then go snatch it!"

"Ok!!" Liz chuckled as she watched Maria dash to get the only one left, and knock down a girl who was going for it. Maria dashed back to the fitting room. "My size!!"

I looked at it. It was strapless and form fitting with a slit on the right side going up to mid-thigh. It had beads that formed trails of subtle flowers. in other words, it was gorgeous. "Oh Maria, it's beautiful" I said. "And it's 90 bucks!" Liz chuckled, "Guess, I got a good deal on this one" liz said, while fingering her dress. "We are sooo gonna knock all the guys on their asses tomorrow night" Maria said as Liz zipped up the back. "We are hot stuff babe" Maria said, not so modestly.

Liz rolled her eyes. "Don't roll your eyes Liz. We rock and you know it." Maria said, smiling.

"Alright, let's go buy these babies then we can hit the shoe stores." Maria said, charging for the cashier.


"What about these?" Liz asked, holding up a pair of backless and open toed soft blue shoes. It had small gems along the rims. "Girl, that is great!" Maria said, happily as she tried on a pair or strappy, red shoes. "We are so getting these."

Liz and Maria walked out of the store happy. "Let's eat"

On the way down, they met Zan and Rath. "Oh hey Zan." Maria said, nodding at Zan. She then turned to Rath. "Wolverine"

Rath scowled at her retreating form. "Hey guys." Liz said cheerfully. Zan smiled at her. "Dress shopping?" He asked, raising one eyebrow. Liz put the bag behind her back. "No viewing allowed. YET anyway"

"You still didn't change your mind about going tomorrow?" Liz asked. "I doubt it" Zan said, stuffing his hands in his baggy pants. Liz tried to hide her dissappointment. "Oh, ok. Well, I should go."


Liz scurried off after Maria. Rath turned to Zan. "I don't REALLY look like Wolverine do I?"


"Liz, this is gonna be so great. I can feel it in my bones."

"I'm nervous."

"You'll be fine. Besides, we have the best dresses"

Liz looked at Maria. "So what's our agenda tomorrow?"

"Hmm...ok, we can come over to your house and get ready. We can talk to the guys tomorrow and tell them that we're gonna be here then we can go together. It'll be perfect."

"Yeah, Perfect." Liz repeated.

"Still bummed that Zan ain't goin?"

"Yeah, pretty much"

"20 bucks he'll be there"

"20 bucks he won't."

"Oh c'mon. He's whipped and you two ain't even together yet."


"Yup. I'm really good with this and I see a relationship in your future" Maria said, nodding her head in affirmation.

Liz just smiled. Maria looked at her watch. "Alright, Chica, I gotta jet but I'll see you tomorrow at school, and then we can come back here and get ready ok?"


"I'm leaving my stuff here so I don't have to carry it around"

"No problem"

"Alright Chica, I'll see you later, Ok?"


"Bye!" She said, waving as she closed the door behind her. Liz sighed at got ready for bed.

Tomorrow's the big day.


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Part 18A
Liz and Maria stared in the mirror. Liz bit her lip. "Oh. My. God...." Maria mumbled.

"We look so good" Liz laughed out loud. "We do don't we?" Maria said, laughing. Liz was wearing her pale blue dress with her hair up in a curly mass with a few tendrils framing her face. her makeup was very natural looking. Maria was wearing her red member with her hair down in loose waves. Her lips were cherry red and her eyes were sparkling.

"Ok, now we just wait for the guys to get here" Maria said, going out to the living room.

Ian came five minutes later and Maria put him infront of the TV. "Call Jason" Maria ordered, holding out the phone.

Liz took the phone and dialed Jason's number.
"Why aren't you here yet?"
"What?! Were you even gonna call me to tell me or were you gonna stand me up?"
"NO I'm not gonna chill! Oh, Well now it all makes sense!"
"No! I'm being sarcastic ⊕#%$!"
Maria grabbed the phone. "Jason? this is Maria" and she slammed the phone on it's cradle almost breaking it in half.

Both of them just stared at the phone for a few seconds. "I'm sorry, Liz"

Liz blinked back the tears. "I mean, I never like that guy, but now, I don't have a date"

Maria stared at her for a few minutes. "Yeah ya do."
"But what about Ian?"
Maria snorted. "I'm sure any hormonal teenage boy would love to walk around with two girls on his arms."
Liz laughed. "Now let's get this show on the road."


Liz, Maria, and a very happy Ian walked in. Maria lead then to a table and sat down. "Ian be a doll and go get some punch" Ian scurried off to get the punch. "Maria, you are sooo bad"

Maria smiled. "It runs in my veins"

Ian came back and set the punch on the table.

Eric Clapton's "How you look tonight" came on.

Ian came up to Maria. "Will you dance with me? I mean, being my original date"

Maria stared at Liz. "Go" Liz said, waving her off. "Are you sure?" Maria asked, hesitating. "Positive"

"Ok, but just one dance" Maria said to Ian. Then she turned to Liz. "I'll be right back, ok chica?"

Liz waved her off.

She watched as Ian led Maria off to the dance floor. Liz's thoughts wandered. She thought about the way the guy always looks at his girl as if she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen in the movies. The way he'd look down at her and smile slightly, and never take his eyes off of her. But what she couldn't understand was that the girl always seemed to look away, never being able to return his intense gaze. Always crumbling. Liz swore that if she was even lucky enough for someone to love her that much, she would not look down.

A hand stuck out in front of her face, breaking her train of thought.

"You look beautiful"

Liz looked up startled, already knowing who the voice belonged to, for she felt the butterflies.

"Zan? What are you doing here?"

"I like to surprise people"

Liz let a slow smile slide over her face. "Well, mission accomplished."

He smiled and Liz could feel herself melt. "Well, may I have this dance?"

Liz put her hand in his, immediately feeling the butterflies intensify at the contact. "I'd love to"

Zan led her out to the dance floor and let Liz lean her head on his chest. Liz could hear Zan's heart beating as fast as hers and she smiled. She watched as Maria not so subtly passed by her and gave her the thumbs up. Liz made a face then swiftly turned her head the other way. Liz leaned back and smiled. "Thank you, for coming"

Zan smiled. "Couldn't miss the opportunity of getting at least one dance. And the dress" He said looking up and down. Liz blushed. "Don't blush, you know you're gorgeous."

"Thank you"

"Where is that Jason guy anyway?"

"Couldn't make it."

"Oh...too bad." Zan said. "But don't worry, maybe I can be of assistance"

Liz smiled. "I don't know...." Liz teased.

"Seriously, you want me to kick his ass for ya?"

"Naw, he ain't worth it." Zan just shook his head in agreement. "You'd do that for me?" Liz asked. "I'd do anything for you."

Liz stared up at him. His usually steeled eyes shown with emotion for her. She watched as he slightly smiled but didn't take his eyes off her.

And Liz's gaze didn't falter.


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Part 18B

Liz rested her head against Zan's chest. She'd been dancing with him for the whole night but her feet weren't tired. She thought she was in heaven as she listened to Zan's steady heartbeat.

Suddenly the DJ came on over the speakers. "This song is dedicated to a special lady in blue. Let's give it up for Ms. Parker." Liz's head snapped upwards while the room filled with applause. "By..." A confused look crossed the DJ's face. "It's signed by...Da Man" Snickers could be heard across the room.

Liz looked up to Zan and gave him an amused and incredulous look. Zan gave her his trademark smile and pulled her closer. "Da man?" Liz asked, laughter in her voice. Zan chuckled, causing Liz to shiver.

They started to sway as the song floated out from the speakers.

Find me here
Speak to me
I want to feel you
I need to hear you
You are the light
that's leading me
to the place where
I find peace again

"Oh Zan..." Liz said, burying her face into his chest.

You are the strength
that keeps me walking
you are the hope
that keeps me trusting
You are the life to my soul
you are my purpose
You're everything

"I don't know. This song just reminds me of you" Zan said, his voice barely over a whisper, the corners of his lips curling upwards.

And how can I
stand here with you
and not be moved my you
would you tell me
how could it be
any better than this

"Zan...I don't know what to say" Liz mumbled, her voice muffled by Zan's shirt.

You calm the storms
you give me rest
'you hold me in your hands
you won't let me fall
you still my heart
and you take my breath away
would you take me in
would you take me deeper now

"You don't have to say anything. Just dance with me, Liz. Just dance with me" Zan whispered.

And how can I stand here with you
and not be moved my you
would you tell me how could it be
any better than this
And how can I stand here with you
and not be moved my you
would you tell me how could it be
any better than this

'Cause you're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything
You're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything
you're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything
you're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything

And how can I stand here with you
and not be moved by you
would you tell me how could it be
any better than this.
and how can I stand here with you
and not be moved by you
would you tell me how could it be
any better...any better than this
And how can I stand here with you
and not be moved by you
would you tell me how could it be
any better than this.

As the song ended, Zan pulled away slightly. Liz looked up in surprise, a questioning look clouding her eyes.

"You wanna ditch this place?"

Liz's eyes grew big. "You mean leave?"

Zan laughed. "Yeah"

"Can I tell Maria at least?"

Zan gave her a skeptical look. "I guess" Liz gave him a smile that almost made him fall down. "Thanks" He watched as Liz bounded up to Maria. Maria's head snapped towards him and she gave him a look. He saw Maria give Liz some words of advice and Liz came back to him and took his hand.

"Let's go"

Zan smiled and led her to his car. Liz whistled in approval. "Nice ride"

Zan raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Liz took one look at him and started to blush. "You perve" she said laughing.

Zan helped Liz into his car before getting in himself.

Five minutes later they were flying down the expressway. "Where are we going?''

"It's a surprise"

"Are we going far? Cause it looks like we're going out of the city"

"It's a surprise"

"We're staying in New York State aren't we?" Liz asked, her voice twinged with nervousness. Zan reached out and held her hand. "Do you trust me?"

Liz looked down on their interlocked hands, before looking up at his face. "Yes"

"Then sit back....cause it's a surprise"

Liz laughed, visibly relaxing. "Ok..."

40 minutes later

"Where is this place?" Liz asked, awe echoing in her voice.

"Just out of the city" Zan answered quietly, as if he'd disturb their surroundings if he spoke too loud.

"It's beautiful"

"Look up"

Liz looked at the sky and he watched as a wide smile covered her face. "You can see the stars..." Liz said laughing as she turned in a circle.

Zan smiled. "You seemed like the type to watch the stars."

Liz walked up to Zan making him suck in his breath. "Thank you...for everything."

Zan looked down blushing. "Yeah, well..." he trailed off, shuffling his feet. Liz took his face in his hands, making him stare down at her. "Honestly. It was really special."

Zan remained silent as his breath came faster, his heart pounding so hard that he could hear it. Liz pulled his face down towards her own and their lips met in a kiss. First, hesitant then insistant.

They slowly pulled away before resting their foreheads together.

"So..." Zan started. "Do you know any constellations?"

"Yeah!" Liz excitedly whispered, taking his hand as they climbed onto the hood of the car.

"See that one is Orion" Liz explained, pointing at the sky.

"Oh yeah I see it..."

They talked until early morning before driving back towards the city.


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