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Title: The Poser Game
Author: Me
Disclaimer: Own nothing. Just borrowing.
Rated: PG-13
Category: M/Z/L
Summary: A game that everybody plays.
Author's Note: Love feedbacks.


The Poser Game.

A game that the whole school is revolve around.

A game where you can be anything you want.

Where you don't have to show the true you.


Everything is fake.

Where nobody cares who the real you is.

They don't ask.

A question that is against the rule.

The Poser.

Is the best out of everybody else.

I am the Poser.

Not yet. But will.

There's exactly 20 people in the game.

Everybody else lost.

Out of the whole school.

20 people to beat.

To be the Poser.


Part of the game.

First time.

Everybody was separated.


To be the Poser.

People lost.

Separation is over.

Not everyone.

20 players.


What they call.

Something you have to stand.

If not it's over.

Much more to the game.

Just have to find out.

Feedback Please... Tell me what you think....

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Thanks for all the feedbacks*happy* I don't know when the next part is gonna be out. Cause I need to figure out the next part. Lame I know. But thanks.


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Part 1


There are always rumors.

They're everywhere.

Most of them are about popularity.

But not here at West Roswell High.

It's about The Poser Game.

Everyday you walk in people stares.

They wonder.


You want to win you have to stand it.

It's nothing once you can take it.

There's lots of things you have to stand to be a player.

Lots of people tried.

But failed.

Being fake.

Can you do it?

Most people think they can.

But once you try the game it isn't what you think.

It's different.

Much different.

You can't let people figure you out.


That's why you have to be fake.

Once people figure you out then you're ruin.

Everything changes.

So if that happens....too bad.

That'll be the end.

That's why there's this game.

It helps you.

In a way.

Just have to figure it out.

Being the real you isn't what people want you to be.

But I'm not doing this for them.

I'm doing this for me.

Only me.

My name is Zan Evan.

Not Max Evan.


And I created The Poser Game.

Everything change since.

This is me.

But you can't be yourself.

You'll never figure it out.

Feedback please.......tell my what you think......

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It sucks. This is all I came up with. Sucks. Feedback!

Part 2


A new day.

A new person.

A new life.

Skip that one.

You don't get a new one.

But you can change.

Just like I did.

A new person in less than 3 seconds.

A new life in less than 3 seconds.

It's so easy.

Just need to make your decision.

Then it all forms.

Your new life.

Your new you.

So today is a new day.

Which means a new me.

So what should I be?

Fred Durst.

Freddie Prince Jr.

Freddie Krugger.



Today is just one of those sucky days.

I know.

I'll be sucky.

There's a new student in school.

And I'm gonna show her around.

Not going to.

But lay out the game.

Where you can't get out till you lose.

I bet they would enjoy it.

I'll have to be sucky and tell that person about it.

Almost there to know who the new contestant is.

There is a girl in the office.

Brown hair.

She's the newbie.

Never seen her before.

Roswell is a town where you know everybody and that's why it sucks.

I bet she think the town is sucky.

"Hey, town sucks huh?"

Told you it sucks.

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Feedbacks? please.
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Note: Here's a note for all my fics of why I didn't update them yet. You don't have to go to all my fics for the note it's all the same.

The Poser Game - For some damn reason this is just hard to write. Tried.But fail. Maybe I'll think of something.

Slumber Party with 'The Weirds' - Next part gonna be Michael POV. The problem is I'm not sure what he thinks. So working on it. But I might add Alex POV in it too.

Fear - I know what's gonna happen next. But it's gonna be something unexpected. Depends on what you think. Just need to start typing it.

Living My Life - I'm halfway with Part 8 should be out soon. Michael is gonna be in it for some reason.

Sorry for not posting


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