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Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell, so don’t sue! Also, I don’t even own the idea for this fic…StormyBear30, aka Donna, does. Also, I will be using a lot of songs in this fic…I don’t own ANY of them…sadly…

Note/Summary: This fic is based on a challenge from StormyBear30. The main couple is Z/L, but there is a bit of M/L at the beginning, and some K/L. Also, there are some…uh…female/female parts in here…nothing too much…kissing mostly, I think. And there is mention of masturbation. Just so you all know…Also, this is a bit crossoverish, as Spike from BTVS is included here. This is completely AU. Basically what happens is that Liz doesn’t want to be a virgin anymore and wants to seduce Max…things happen and she goes to Kyle…and then Liz goes to NYC, where she meets Zan…and they go at it like kinky little bunnies with leather whips…believe me, if you like leather and bondage smut, you’ll love this…I’m not being too specific with this summary because I don’t want to give too much away. This is all written in third person except for some parts (in italics) which are a certain character’s thoughts or what they write (like Liz in her journal). Each part will say whose POV is included in that part…hope that’s not too confusing…


Part 1

Liz’s POV:

Have you ever looked at the stars and wished you knew what was out there? Have you ever looked across the ocean and wished you could swim across it? Have you ever looked at your boyfriend and wished you could just jump right on and ride him?

Welcome to my world…

Liz snapped her journal shut and smiled. She rushed to her window, opening it for Max. He jumped into her room, landing silently on the floor beside her. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply, savagely.

But Liz knew that was as far as Max was going to take it. He’d told her before that he didn’t feel ready for a sexual relationship with her, with anyone. He’d tried to make her understand, but she just couldn’t. Why wouldn’t he sleep with her? They loved each other. She was willing. What was stopping him?

Am I not good enough? Is my chest too small? Is my ass too flat?

Liz pulled away from Max. He slowly opened his eyes and licked his lips.

God. He doesn’t even realize how horny he makes me.

“Max, I…I’ve said this before, and you’ve refused me. But um…I want to go all the way with you.”

Max looks at Liz and shakes his head. “Liz, you know I’m not ready for that kind of relationship. Isn’t our connection enough for you?”

Oh yeah right! Like the connection we formed when he healed me is going to make me less horny. Unless our connection comes with fingers, a mouth, or a cock, it ain’t gonna happen.

“Max, you know that I value my connection to you. I love you. And I just really want to take this next step with you. I’m ready,” says Liz, already knowing, by the look on Max’s face, that she is going to be refused again.

“Liz, I love you. But I’m not ready. Please stop asking. We have the rest of our lives for sex. Let’s just enjoy the innocence we have now,” he says, grabbing Liz’s hand and kissing her palm, while looking pleadingly into her eyes.

What is this, an after-school program? The rest of our lives? Enjoying our innocence? Geeze, I think I’m gonna puke.

“Ok,” says Liz, sweetly. “I’ll stop asking, Max.” Max smiled down at Liz and then kissed her on the forehead. “Why are you here?” Liz asked.

“I just wanted to see you again and say good-night and good-bye. Remember…I’m leaving for basketball camp tomorrow morning, bright and early.”

“I’m going to miss you so much,” said Liz, throwing her arms around Max. “You’ll be gone a whole week!”

Max chuckled softly and said, “Don’t worry. I’m sure that Kyle, Alex, and Michael can keep you entertained.”

Kyle, Alex, and Michael can keep me entertained? Gosh, I know those guys are my friends, but what Max just said is making me think that maybe, this next week, those guys could be *more* than just friends.

Yeah, see, I’m so horny that I can’t even think straight. I’d NEVER cheat on Max.

I don’t think I would.

“It still won’t be the same,” Liz whined softly, nipping at Max’s ear. But Max pulled away and walked towards the window.

“I’ll see you in a week Liz. I love you.”

“I love you, too,” returned Liz, watching Max hop out onto her balcony and climb down the ladder.

Oh, who am I kidding? I haven’t ever loved Max. The only reason I’m with him is because I feel like I owe it to him. After all, he did heal me when I was shot.

I don’t love him. There, I said it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still want him. God, do I want him.

Liz smiled to herself as she crawled into her bed.

And I know just the way to get him to sleep with me. I’m going to have to seduce Max Evans. And I’m willing to do whatever it takes.


To be continued.... *big*

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Lol, I'm evil like that! Keep reading! There will be a lot of nookie...but there is also plot!

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Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

Laura, this is my first Zanfic. Hey, you got anything else for me to beta?! Lol, I'm bored...

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NZBellaMari---I said first Zanfic, not fanfic, lol. This is actually my 19th fanfic.

Lol, thanks for the feedback everyone.

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Ok, first of all......I got feedback from Devilish?! The smut-queen of the world?! Lol, at least I think she is! Thanks!

Kat, that is NOT a stupid question, silly! A beta reader is basically just an editor/proof-reader.........they check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, and then they also help you by maybe adding or deleting words or reforming sentences. They help you make your writing the best it can be. Right now I'm a beta for two people, and I have four betas (hey...I have 10 fics going!).

Thanks to everyone else for feedback, I'll probably post part 2 sometime tomorrow!

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Part 2

Kyle’s POV:

Buddha, she’s hot. Some days, I wish she’d never gotten shot and done that whole connecting thing with Evans. Because maybe then she’d still be with me. And I’d be fucking the living daylights out of her right now.

Damn it! I can’t seem to stop thinking of her lately. Liz. The way her ass moves when she walks. The way she looks so damn hot and sexy when she plays football with us guys. I literally can’t seem to be around her for more than 10 minutes or I get a hard on so bad that I’m practically popping out of my friggin pants.

Speak of the devil. Here she comes now.

Kyle swung open his front door before Liz could knock. “Hey Liz,” said Kyle, trying his best not to look at her.

Don’t look at her chest. Don’t look at her chest.

Kyle’s eyes swung up to look at Liz’s chest, which was very nicely profiled for him, what with her wearing a tiny little tank top and all.

Shit. And up goes my cock.

“Hey Kyle. Um, I need your help with something,” says Liz, shifting on her feet uncomfortably as Kyle’s eyes remained glue to her chest.

“Oh, yeah, uh, sure. Come on in,” said Kyle, finally snapping out of his intense stare. He stepped back from the door and let Liz walk into the living room. He shut the door behind her and said, “You want something to drink?”

“Sure, could I get some ice water? I’m so hot.”

Oh Buddha…

“Uh, sure. One ice water coming hard. I mean UP! It’s coming up! No! No! Nothing’s coming! Nothing’s up! I mean…I’ll get your water,” says Kyle, blushing furiously and practically running for the kitchen.

Way to go, Valenti! Great use of words.

Kyle reached down and shifted his package a bit until his pants didn’t feel as tight and then he grabbed a glass out of the cabinet and filled it with ice water from the water dispenser on the refrigerator. He took a deep breath and then returned to the living room. He handed Liz her glass of water and watched as she gulped down half of it.

She’s got one hell of a sexy mouth. I wonder what it’d be like if she…DON’T THINK OF THAT!

“Thanks Kyle,” said Liz, setting down her half full glass on a coaster on the coffee table.

“You’re welcome. So, what did you need my help with?” asked Kyle, sitting down in a chair that was slightly angled away from the couch where she sat. Hopefully she wouldn’t notice the bulge in his pants.

“I need your advice. Um, this is kind of embarrassing to talk to you about, but, um, what turns you on?”

Well, that question certainly did something to me…

Kyle laughed nervously. “What…what turns me on? Why, Parker?”

“I need to seduce Max. And I need to know what really turns a guy on,” she explained. “He keeps telling me he isn’t ready for a sexual relationship. I’ve thrown myself at him countless times and he keeps refusing me. He left for a week of basketball camp this morning and so I now have one week to make plans on how I’m going to seduce him.”

Evans refused her?! Countless times?! What the fuck is wrong with that man? If Parker threw herself at me…I’d be all up in her…countless times.

“Um, well, what turns me on?” Kyle asked, trying to keep his voice from squeaking. “Um, well…I like leather.”

Liz raised her eyebrows in amusement. “Leather?”

“Yeah. Um…you could wear leather lingerie. Um, leather whips are good too.” Kyle blushed but continued on. “I’d be very turned on if the girl tied me up and went all dominatrix on me. You know, if she took over and did everything to please me.”

Liz nodded her head. “Ok, anything else?”

“Um, no, not really…”

Jeezum crow, I’m gonna come in my pants if we don’t stop talking about sex soon…

“Ok, then I have one more question for you,” said Liz.

Oh thank Buddha.

“Do you know of any, um, unusual positions?”

Mmmm…I can think of a lot of them that sound appealing right about now…

“Well, um, as a guy, I must say that we are willing to do it in any position.”

Liz laughed and then stood up. “Ok. Thank you so much for answering my questions, Kyle.”

“No problem. What are friends for?” asked Kyle, remaining seated so Liz would have less of a chance of spotting his bulging pants.

“Bye,” said Liz, heading for the door. She opened it and just before she stepped out she said, “Oh, and Kyle…you might want to do something about your cock before you pop the zipper on your jeans.” And then she walked out.

Oh fuck.

Kyle got up and ran for the bathroom, lowering the zipper on his jeans before he even got there.

Time to wack the ol’ willy.

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Part 3

Liz’s POV:

Ok, so Kyle’s advice was very…kinky. Leather? Whips? Bondage? Dominatrix style?

Hmm…I like…

Liz sighed and hit redial. She threw the phone down in anger as she heard the busy signal beeping redundantly in her ear. “Damn it!” she vocalized as she threw open her closet door and grabbed a light jacket.

Ok, this is bad. Very bad. I’m trying to call Maria, but her line has been busy for like…ever!

Liz grabbed her car keys and ran downstairs, slipping out the back exit of the Crashdown. She hopped into her car and sped off for downtown Roswell.

I can’t believe I’m going to the Service-Me Smut Shop to buy…supplies. I wish I could have just talked to Maria and asked her if she’d left any old stuff in her closet. Why did she and Isabel have to go off and move to New York City?

Liz reached the intersection where she’d have to turn left to go to the Service-Me Smut Shop, but quickly took a right turn instead, almost totaling her car and practically hitting an old woman walking her poodle.

She sped down the street towards the DeLuca house.

I’m too chicken to go to a porn shop! I’m not, however, too chicken to break into my best friend’s mother’s house. After all, Amy will understand…a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get her man!

Liz reached the house and pulled up to the curb. Amy’s car wasn’t in the driveway, so Liz assumed it would be safe for her to just walk in. She got out of her car and nonchalantly walked up to the front door, quickly leaning down to lift the welcome mat up. She grabbed the key that lay underneath it and slipped it into the lock on the door.

The door easily swung open and she let herself in, shutting the door behind her. She let her eyes adjust to the shadows of the house and then slowly proceeded towards the back bedroom. The room that used to be Maria’s.

She pushed open the door and was surprised at how little it had changed since Maria had left.

It’s almost as if Amy doesn’t want to move anything or she might risk forgetting Maria.

Liz proceeded into the former bedroom of her best friend, the memories slowly washing over her.

I can’t think about this now. I need to see if she left anything behind that I can use and then get out of here!

Liz swung open the door to Maria’s closet and squealed with delight when she saw that Maria had left behind a lot. Granted, Maria had probably taken all of her REALLY…sexy and kinky…things with her to New York City, but she’d still left a lot behind. More than enough for Liz to work with.

Liz began to pull clothing from the closet, throwing it all onto the bed so she could view it all better. There was a lot of leather…leather jackets, leather pants…and tiny little leather shorts. Almost small enough to be considered panties, not shorts.


Liz set the shorts aside and continued to look through Maria’s old belongings. She found a few other items she liked (fishnet stockings, knee high leather boots with spike heels, a see-through nylon black top, a black leather bra, and an assortment of ‘fake piercings’ that she could use on her nipples.

When I go kinky, I have to go ALL the way.

Liz gathered up what she was going to take with her and quickly shoved everything else back into their respective places. She ran back out to her car and threw the stuff in the back seat.

Now to find Michael…

She turned her car around and headed in the direction of Michael’s apartment. She pulled up just in time to see him climbing onto his bike.

“Michael!” she yelled, getting out of her car quickly and running towards Michael.

“Hey Liz. I’m about to go for a ride. You wanna join me?” Michael smirked and raked his eyes over Liz.

Jeeze, could he make it any more obvious that he wants me?

“Maybe another time,” said Liz. “I was wondering if you could hook me up with some good champagne and a twelve pack of beer?”

“Sure…” said Michael. “Why? You don’t drink much.”

“Um…I’m going to…seduce Max. I figure it might be a little easier if he’s-”

“Drunk off his ass?”

“Yeah. That,” said Liz. “So, can you help me?”

“Sure,” said Michael. “I can drop some stuff off at your house tomorrow. Is that ok?”

“Yes! Thanks so much Michael!” Liz rushed at Michael to give him a hug. He gasped loudly as Liz’s stomach brushed over his quickly hardening cock.

What is it with all the guys getting hard-ons around me, EXCEPT for Max?

Liz let go of Michael and hurried back to her car, swaying her hips seductively, knowing that Michael would be watching.

Gotta keep these guys on their toes.

Liz started up her car and drove down the street towards her last stop. Alex’s house.

She pulled up and laughed when she saw him washing the family minivan.

“Having fun?” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” grumbled Alex. “Washing a van is my idea of a fun. I mean, why shouldn’t I want to do this instead of going out and being a teenager with a normal social life?”

“Hmm…I’m sensing some bitterness towards the van,” said Liz teasingly. “Maybe you and the van should go in and get counceling together. You know, those family councelors can work wonders on any relationship…”

Alex rolled his eyes and ignored Liz’s comments.

That’s what I love about Alex. He can take a joke and he’s such a sweetie.

“So, why are you here Liz?” asks Alex as he sprays the van with a hose.

“Well, after Maria and Isabel moved away you ransacked their rooms and for some odd reason you took all of their candles.”


“Well, I was wondering if you can give me some? I don’t have any, my mom keeps burning ‘em down until they’re just piles of wax,” explained Liz.

“Um, sure. But you do realize these are like the only things I have that belonged to Isabel and Maria, right?” asked Alex.

“Yeah. And that’s why I’m really sorry to ask you for them. But it’s really important.”

“Ok,” said Alex, dropping the hose and motioning for Liz to follow him into his house. “Why do you need them?”

“I’m going to seduce Max, and-”

Alex burst out laughing and had to sit down on the ground, or else he would have fallen.

Oh ha ha. No, really, what is he laughing at? Did I say something funny?

“Alex! Stop it!” yelled Liz, kicking lightly at his leg. “Stand up and get me some candles before I kick your ass!”

Alex stood up, still chuckling. “You couldn’t kick my ass, Parker.”

“Just get me the candles!” exclaimed Liz, starting to get annoyed.

“Fine, fine. You are like, totally PMSing today,” said Alex, leading Liz into his bedroom. He rummaged around in a box in his closet and came out holding an armful of candles.

“Here you go,” he said, dropping them into Liz’s arms. “Although, seriously, I don’t see why YOU have to seduce Evans. I mean, come on! Any other guy at our school would be more than willing to sleep with you, Parker. You are hot shit. And besides, I thought you were going to break it off with Evans. I mean, you guys aren’t actually going to get married are you?”

Cringe. Shit. Um, did I forget to mention that Max and I are engaged? Hmm…yeah, we are.

“Alex, it’s really none of your business,” says Liz coldly. “I have to leave now. Thanks for the candles.”

“No problem,” says Alex, watching Liz walk out of his room. As an afterthought, he yelled after her, “I hope you get him to fuck you senseless!”

“Alex Charles Whitman!” he heard his mother screech at him.

Liz’s laughter could be heard coming from outside his window as she climbed back into her car.

Heeheehee…at least he got yelled at. And I have everything I need. Now I just need to actually do the whole seducing thing…

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shameless bump
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Just so you know, the song lyrics in here are from Madonna's "Erotica" and I of course don't own the song!

Part 4

Liz’s POV:

Tonight’s the night. Jeeze, it’s so weird to think that in a matter of minutes…I’m going to be trying my hardest to get Max Evans to sleep with me. But it’s also very exhilarating!

Michael brought over some beer and the best champagne he could find a few days ago. I also went out and bought silk sheets for my bed.

And of course I arranged to have my parents gone! I suggested to them that they should visit my aunt in Phoenix…and so they are…for three days.

Right now I’m wearing what I took from Maria’s room…the black leather bra and shorts, the see-through nylon shirt, the fishnet stockings, and the spike heeled boots.

I look like a friggin hooker.

Well, I’ve accomplished the correct look…

Liz pulled back some of her hair so that it wasn’t all flying into her face and applied just a little makeup.

Hey, I don’t want to look like a TRASHY hooker. I want to look like a nice, respectable hooker. Someone who works a very high-class corner, if you know what I mean.

She checked the spaghetti sauce one more time and then ran into her room to wait for Max. He’d of course be coming through the window via her balcony.

Does he even know how to use a door?

Liz waited…and waited…and then waited some more.

Heh…no worries. He’ll be here. He’s just a little late. An hour is nothing.

Liz finally had to stick the spaghetti in the fridge and clean up the kitchen.

Ok, so he’s not coming. That’s fine. I don’t want to sleep with him THAT bad.

Liz looked down at her clothes.

Oh, who the fuck am I kidding? I’m dressed like a hooker so I can get in his pants. I’m pathetic!

Liz turned off the lights in the kitchen and plopped down on the couch in the living room. She grabbed the remote off the small table to her right and began channel surfing.

Two hours later she heard a bump in her room and then a tentative, “Is anyone home?”

Oh fuck! He’s here! I’m not ready for this! I can’t do this!

Max walked into the living room and stared at Liz in shock. “Liz? Why…why are you dressed like…like…like Maria or Isabel?”

What? Like it’s a bad thing? Oh, and I’m still not ready for this!

“Max,” Liz cooed, standing up and walking towards him. “Don’t you like it? It’s all for you…unless you want to take it off of me.” She leaned up and roughly kissed him, dragging his tongue into her mouth and nipping lightly at his lips.

Max pulled back. “Liz, seriously, what’s this about?”

Ok. He’s totally confused and I feel like an ass. So now there’s really nothing else I can do to embarrass myself more. I may as well go ahead and…seduce…

Liz pulled herself closer to Max, putting her arms around his waist and cupping his ass.


“Max,” she whispered into his ear. “I think we should eat dinner.”

“Dinner?” asked Max in confusion. “Ok. Um, you gonna change your outfit?”

“What’s wrong with my outfit, Max? Why can’t I show a little skin to you? You are my fiancée after all!”

“Well, um, ok,” stuttered Max. “What’s for dinner?”

“Spaghetti. You just wait here while I go heat it up. I’ll bring you a beer,” offered Liz.

“Thanks,” said Max, plopping down onto the sofa while Liz hurried into the kitchen to re-prepare their dinner. Liz hurriedly took the spaghetti sauce out of the refrigerator along with the spaghetti itself and threw both of them into a big bowl and stuck it in the microwave.

There’s no faster way to get hot food than to nuke it.

Liz grabbed several beers and walked back into the living room. She handed one to Max and then surprised him by sitting on his lap. She wiggled around a bit.

What? I’m just trying to get comfortable!


Max didn’t say anything about Liz being on his lap, but Liz smiled triumphantly when she felt a slight movement from his lower anatomy.

Thank God SOMETHING is going right!

Max took a swig of his beer while Liz opened hers, ‘accidentally’ jostling it and spilling a bit onto Max’s shirt, approximately where one of his nipples was.

“Oh, Max,” she said smoothly, “Here, let me get that for you.”

Instead of getting a napkin, like Max had expected, Liz lowered her head and licked at his shirt, feeling his nipple harden underneath it. She sucked his shirt and nipple into her mouth, running her tongue teasingly over it.

Max groaned.

Yes! He groaned! I made him groan!

That’s good, right?

“Liz, please don’t,” said Max, gently pushing Liz’s mouth away from his chest. “I thought we were just going to have dinner. Please don’t do this. I’ve told you…I’m not ready for this yet.”

Oh fuck a duck and tickle a pickle. When the hell WILL he be ready?!

Liz glided smoothly off of Max’s lap and pulled him to his feet. “Let’s have dinner,” she said, as if he hadn’t said a thing.

I have to ignore his comment. If I don’t, I know I’m just gonna give up…and then it’s never going to happen.

Max sighed and followed after Liz.

Hmm…I wonder if he’s checking out my ass right now…

Liz motioned for Max to take a seat and then served up the spaghetti. Max was about to dig in when Liz reached out her hand and took his fork out of his hand, setting it back on his plate.

“I have some champagne,” said Liz. “I figured maybe we could pour that before we started eating.”

“Sure,” said Max, only caring about the rumbling in his stomach that was telling him it was time to eat.

Liz walked to the counter, where she’d set the bottle of champagne in ice. She grabbed the bottle and two crystal wine glasses, setting them on the table. Max reached out for the bottle but Liz just smiled and said, “I wanna try and get the cork out.”

“Uh, ok,” said Max.

Now how can I turn this into something sexy?!

Liz gripped the champagne bottle between her thighs and used her thumbs to try and get the cork out.

If I can just somehow manage to get the champagne all over me, then maybe I can somehow turn Max on. After all, who can resist a girl who’s all wet?

Lol, don’t I sound naughty?

Liz managed to pop the cork out of bottle, while pretending to stumble at the same time. She ‘accidentally’ managed to pour about a fourth of the bottle of champagne onto the front of her shirt.

Oops. I’m such a clutz. Wink, wink.

“Oh, Max! Look what I’ve gone and done!” Liz cried out in mock disappointment. “I got myself all wet!”

Max shifted his eyes away from Liz and the shirt that is clinging to her skin. “Maybe you better go change,” said Max, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

“Oh, but I don’t want to make you wait to eat. I’ll just take this off,” said Liz, slowly peeling her shirt from her body. Max continued to look away and after a quick glance at Max’s crotch, Liz was disappointed to see that he wasn’t hard.

God, nothing is making him horny! Does he even have any friggin hormones?!

Liz seated herself and they began to eat, sans champagne. The rest of the meal went by uneventfully, both of them making small talk about what had happened with Max at basketball camp. Finally they finished their spaghetti and Liz grabbed their plates off the table and rinsed them off, hurriedly putting them into the dishwasher.

“It’s time for dessert!” said Liz.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” said Max. “It’s very late. Maybe another time. I really should be going.”


“Oh, but Max, I made it especially for you! Please, have just a little?”

Max sighed and reseated himself at the table. “Ok,” he said. “What is it?”

“Strawberry shortcake,” came Liz’s reply as she leaned into the refrigerator to fetch the angel-food cake, the whipped cream, and the strawberries. She set everything on the table and then asked, “Would you like a soda, Max?”

“Sure,” he agreed.

Liz turned to the counter and poured Max a soda and then, when she was sure he wasn’t looking, she spiked it with a bit of rum. Not too much, because she didn’t want him to become suspicious, but just enough to possibly make him a bit tipsy on top of the beers he had previously had.

She handed him the glass and then set about fixing up the desserts. Max took a sip of his soda, and then looked into the glass, a quizzical look on his face. He looked like a fortune teller, trying to see an image within the soda pop. He set the glass down on the table and pushed it away from him.

Shit. Maybe a bit too much rum.

“Here you go, Max,” cooed Liz, handing him a large bowl containing the dessert. He accepted the bowl but looked confused. He continued to look confused as Liz dimmed a few more lights than she had previously done before he’d arrived and lighted a few candles.

“Liz, I said a little bit. This looks like three desserts!”

“We’ll be sharing, silly,” said Liz, climbing onto his lap and straddling him. She reached behind her onto the table and grabbed one of the strawberries, dipping it into the whipped cream. She turned back to face Max and raised the cream covered strawberry to her lips. She reached out her tongue and licked at the whipped cream slowly, sensually. “Mmmm,” she cooed. “It’s so good. Try some.” She raised the same strawberry to his lips. He didn’t immediately open his mouth, but eventually he did.

Liz kept eye contact with Max as she fed him the strawberry. “Isn’t that good?” she asked.

“Um, yeah. Yum,” said Max, sounding quite uncomfortable. “Are you gonna feed me the whole thing? Cause I can feed myself, you know. And um, you are like totally cutting off the circulation in my thighs. Would you mind getting off me?”

God, does he complain a lot or what? I mean, I’m practically throwing myself at him, I’m sitting on him…and he wants me to get off and let him eat with a fork!

Liz forced a smiled and said, “Sure, Max.” She slipped off his lap and took her place in the chair next to him. She handed him a fork and they both dug into the dessert. Soon it was gone…although Liz noticed that Max hadn’t drunk any more of his soda.

Foiled again!

“I have a great idea!” exclaimed Liz. “Why don’t we dance?”

Max thought about this for a while, and then, deciding that dancing was safe, said, “Sure.”

“Great!” said Liz, standing up quickly and grabbing Max by the arm. “I have some stuff all cued up on the stereo in the living room.”

Liz turned on the stereo and ‘I Shall Believe’ by Sheryl Crow began playing.

Heh, he’ll never suspect a thing if I start with a slow love song…

Liz walked into Max’s arms, collapsing against him. They swayed to the music. In all honesty, they looked ridiculous, what with Max in his jeans and tee-shirt and Liz in spike-heeled boots, fishnet stockings and a leather bra-and-shorts set.

The song ended and a new one started. At first Max couldn’t place it, but when he heard the first sultry words being sung by Madonna he knew what it was…and he had a sneaking suspicion that Liz had planned for this exact song to play at that exact time.

Erotica, romance
Erotica, romance
My name is Dita
I’ll be your mistress tonight
I’d like to put you in a trance.

Liz ground her hips slowly, sensually into Max’s, clinging to his shoulders, keeping eye contact. Max didn’t respond.

If I take you from behind
Push myself into your mind
When you least expect it
Will you try and reject it
If I’m in charge and I treat you like a child
Will you let yourself go wild
Let my mouth go where it wants to go?

Liz’s lips savagely met Max’s. He resisted for a few seconds and then relaxed into the kiss, parting his lips for Liz’s tongue.

Now we’re getting somewhere…

Give it up, do as I say
Give it up and let me have my way
I’ll give you love, I’ll hit you like a truck
I’ll give you love, I’ll teach you how to…

Liz continued to plunder Max’s mouth with her tongue, happy when his tongue crashed into her mouth. She ground her hips into his and smiled inwardly when, this time, he didn’t tense up in discomfort. Liz ripped her mouth from Max’s and put her hands under the hem of his shirt, lifting it slowly but not allowing him to stop her from removing it.

“Let me do this Max,” she whispered. She threw his shirt to the floor and pushed up against his hard chest again, her mouth meeting his.

I’d like to put you in a trance, all over
Erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body
Erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body
Erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body
Erotic, erotic.

Liz shivered with excitement as Max’s kisses became rougher and his hands slipped lower on her hips, lower…lower…until he was cupping her ass in his hands.

Once you put your hands in the flame
You can never be the same
There’s a certain satisfaction
In a little bit of pain
I can see you understand
I can tell you’re the same
If you’re afraid, well rise above
I only hurt the ones I love.

Here goes nothing…

Liz quickly reached one hand down and smacked at Max’s ass while with the other hand she twisted at his nipple.

Nothing like pain to bring pleasure.

Give it up, do as I say
Give it up and let me have my way
I’ll give you love, I’ll hit you like a truck
I’ll give you love, I’ll teach you how to…

“Give it up, Max,” Liz whispered into Max’s ear. “Just let go. Let yourself go. Tonight can be all about you. Pleasing you. I can make you scream and come. Just give it up, Max.”

Liz felt Max tense up a bit.

I’d like to put you in a trance, all over
Erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body
Erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body
Erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body
Erotic, erotic.

“Touch me, Max,” said Liz, licking at his earlobe, nipping it playfully. “You can do whatever you want to me. Tie me up. Spank me. I want you to spank me, Max. I’ve been very naughty. Teach me to be good…please Max.”

Max didn’t release his hold on Liz, but he took a small step back away from her.

Erotica, romance
I’d like to put you in a trance
Erotica, romance
Put your hands all over my body.

“Come on, Max. I know you want to. You keep saying you don’t, but you do. You want to take me right here, on the living room floor. You want to strip this leather from me. You want to go down on me as I go down on you. You want to touch me while I touch you.”

I don’t think you know what pain is
I don’t think you’ve gone that way
I could bring you so much pleasure
I’ll come to you when you say
I know you want me
I’m not gonna hurt you
I’m not gonna hurt you, just close your eyes.

“Just feel, Max. Don’t think about everything. Just feel. Let me spank you. Let me please you. Let me lick you, from head to toe. Let me ride you.”
Erotic, erotic
Erotic, erotic
Erotic, erotic
Put your hands all over my body
All over me, all over me.

Liz reached one hand behind her and expertly unsnapped her leather bra. She let it fall away from her and stepped back to allow Max’s eyes to wander over her chest. She gently took one of his hands and placed it on one of her breasts.

“Just feel, Max,” she whispered.

Erotica, [give it up, give it up] romance
I’d like to put you in a trance
Erotica, [give it up, give it up] romance
I like to do a different kind of
Erotica, [give it up, give it up] romance
I’d like to put you in a trance
Erotica, romance
Put your hands all over my body.

“Take me, Max. Make me scream. Make me come. Make me happy. Hurt me. Please me.”

Only the one that hurts you can make you feel better
Only the one that inflicts pain can take it away.

“I can hurt you, Max. But at the same I can make you feel so good. Just say yes.”


“No!” said Max, roughly pushing Liz from him. He turned away from her and hastily picked up his shirt, slipping it over his head. “I told you, I can’t do this! I just…can’t! Stop doing this!” He turned and stormed out of the room, presumably to go climb out Liz’s window, into the night.

He left me. He just…left. I’m standing here half naked and very horny. I promised him everything I could give him and he left.

I don’t really love him. I don’t.

But then why do I feel like my heart is breaking? Why do I feel this pain? Why am I crying?


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Very soon......remember....this is based on a challenge...there are things I need to do before Zan is brought into the story! He's coming soon...
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Lol, you people are so impatient to see Zan! Ok, first off, I must tell you that Zan will not be appearing for two or three more parts....but there will be A LOT of L/Z nookie. However....she will be doing it with two other guys before of whom you may suspect, one of whom you won't suspect AT ALL! I don't think...

I am trying to write part 5 (lol, and it's NOOKIE!) but I'm going through this writer's block...thing...and I can't write have 9 other fics to concentrate on as well, lol.

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Mwuah ha ha ha ha! Who do the rest of you think Liz is going to sleep with? Mwuah ha ha ha ha!
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In the mean time, I must say that this next part will be dedicated to Devilish....*big* (She knows why.) ::coughsmutcoughqueencough::

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Also, I'm having some uh...problems...with two of my beta readers.

I have half of the next part written though, so hopefully I can whip up the rest soon. Also, for those of you who don't know...I'm 16. It's not like I'm going to be writing any of this nookie from experience....only from reading other author's work and having StormyBear30 as my beta for this fic. (She's one hell of a nookie writer, ain't she?)

I do want to update three of my other fics before this one though. (The Snowstorm, Office Hours....and yes....Among Antarians.) (Heh, sorry for those shameless plugs, I couldn't resist.)

Would it make any of you feel better to know there is kinky raunchy, whips and leather nookie in the next part?...but it's not with Zan. He'll be introduced after a few more parts.

Um, that's all...

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The song used in this part is "Sex and Candy" by Marcyplayground. I don't own it.

Part 5

Kyle’s POV:

Buddha, I’m pathetic. Why did I ever in a million years think that I would have a chance with Liz Parker? I mean, yeah, we’re friends. But nothing more. And I don’t really want more…not in the emotional sense anyway.

I’ve been like…Super Horny Man all week. Just knowing that Liz was going out to get leather lingerie put all these really naughty thoughts into my head. And I just can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to just…plunge into her. To take her innocence. To mark her as mine. To make her come and scream my name.

I went downtown tonight, in the hopes of finding a whore who would be willing to sleep with someone as young and inexperienced as me. No such luck. And then I found myself at some stupid little coffee shop across from the Crashdown. And I kept looking across the street. I couldn’t stop myself from being jealous. Cause there was a pretty good chance that she and Evans were going at it right then. And me? I was on my third mocha latte. No sleep for me tonight.

Great, then I won’t have to torture myself with dreams about me and Liz.

Kyle finally heads home, shuffling along the deserted streets, wishing his car wasn’t in the shop again. It’s a cold night. Lonely.

Hangin’ round downtown by myself
And I had so much time
To sit and think about myself

He reaches his front door and slips his key into the lock only to discover the door is unlocked already.

Dad must have left it like that. Funny. First of all, I thought he worked all night tonight, and second, for a cop he sure isn’t too cautious.

Kyle enters the living room and flips on the lights. He jumps in surprise as he sees Liz curled up on his favorite chair, crying softly.

And then there she was
Like double cherry pie
Yeah there she was
Like disco superfly

A small bit of mascara is streaking down one cheek and Liz’s hair is all mussed up. What shocks Kyle the most is the way Liz is dressed.

She looks like a hooker. A sad hooker.

God, what did Evans do? Turn her away again!?

“Liz?” Kyle whispers tentatively. “What’s wrong?”

Liz looks up in shock, as if she hadn’t even realized that Kyle had walked in and turned on the lights. She just stares at Kyle, her tears slowly diminishing.

Buddha, even when she’s crying she can make me horny. Does that make me a bad person?

I smell sex and candy here
Who’s that lounging in my chair
Who’s that casting devious stares
In my direction
Mama this surely is a dream

“He said no again,” said Liz, looking at the floor.


“Is there something wrong with me Kyle? Is there? I mean, why won’t he have sex with me? Am I that ugly?”

How can she even think such a thing?

“Geeze, Liz, no! You’re not ugly at all! Damn it…you’re…foxy.”

Liz gave a small, quivering smile. “Foxy?” she asked. “Is that the best you can give me?”

Kyle smiled back. “You are a foxy, sexy woman, whom any man would be lucky to have.”

I wish I could be that lucky…

Hangin’ round downtown by myself
And I had too much caffeine
And I was thinkin’ ‘bout myself
And then there she was
In platform double suede
Yeah there she was
Like disco lemonade

Liz’s eyes met Kyle’s again and she studied him for a moment. Finally she cleared her throat, took a deep breath and said, “Kyle, I want you to take my virginity.”

Oh shit. Can’t breathe. Can’t breathe!

Kyle looked at Liz in disbelief.

I smell sex and candy here

“Now,” said Liz. “Here.”

Who’s that lounging in my chair
Who’s that casting devious stares
In my direction

I must be dreaming. I have to be. Or I’m having a caffiene high. Yeah, that’s it. That darn caffeine just went straight to my head.

Liz stood up and walked across the room towards Kyle, who didn’t move. Liz wrapped her arms around Kyle’s neck and said, “Fuck me, Kyle Valenti.”

Mama this surely is a dream
Mama this surely is a dream
Yeah mama this must be my dream


“If you’re sure…” said Kyle.

Liz smiled up at him, knowing that she was sure and that Kyle also was sure. The proof was straining against his pants and poking her.

“Yes, Kyle. I want you to take my virginity.”

If those words can’t make a guy come, nothing can.

Kyle suddenly and roughly crashed his mouth down upon Liz’s, sucking her tongue into his mouth and then stabbing his own into hers.

Liz moaned deep in her throat, sending vibrations of pleasure into Kyle’s own mouth. He stumbled with Liz to the sofa and sat down heavily, pulling Liz onto his lap.

Ah, sweet mother of Buddha…

Liz pinned Kyle’s wrists to the back of the sofa, near his head, and kissed him harder, bruisingly, as she teasingly swayed her hips over Kyle’s. He had an immense erection and it grew even larger when he felt the heat emanating from her sweet core above him.

She’s so hot already. How wet is she?

Kyle allowed Liz a few more moments above him and then he flipped her over so that she was lying below him on the sofa. Her hair was spread out below her, framing her face. Her breathing was loud and gasping, her mouth open slightly, her eyes half closed. Kyle looked down at her and knew exactly what he wanted to do with her.

I hope she likes it kinky.

Kyle rose up and ran towards his bedroom. Liz shot up on the couch, almost slipping to the floor. “Kyle! Where are you going?”

“I’ll be right there!” he called back as he rummaged through his closet, tossing items behind him onto the bed. “Where are they?” he mumbled to himself.

After another minute he found what he’d been looking for. His bag containing the presents Maria and Isabel had gotten him for his last birthday. He’d been so embarrassed, and hadn’t wanted his father to see, that he’d immediately hidden the bag in the darkest recesses of his closet.


Kyle ran back to the living room, holding the bag in his arm.

Liz eyed him warily. “What’s in the bag?”

Kyle set it down on the table in front of her and she smiled. “The presents from Maria and Isabel?”

“Yup,” said Kyle, blushing. “I figured we could…uh…use some of the stuff.”

Liz began rummaging through the bag, pulling out random items as Kyle sat next to her, rubbing his hand up and down her leg, laughing with her at some of the items Liz was pulling out of the bag.

Isabel and Maria had all of a sudden become sex-crazed last year, and had even begun to dress in skimpy leather outfits and other clothes much too small for them. For a short while Michael and Alex were kept very satisfied, as Maria and Isabel were always creating unusual sex games for their boyfriends to play with them. But then one day Michael walked into Maria’s home to find her and Isabel in a very…compromising situation. Needless to say, he’d been upset, as had Alex, but the two girls insisted that their bisexuality wouldn’t be a big deal. Everyone else thought it was a big deal, so the two girls hightailed it out of Roswell and bought an apartment in New York City. Word had it that now they were not only bisexuals, but they were bisexual swingers.

But before they had left, in the beginning of their kinky phase, they had bought Kyle a whole bag of sex-related items that could be used for pleasuring either males or females.

I think they were trying to suck me into their bi world.

They had bought an assortment of condoms, including glow-in-the-dark and fruit flavored. Also, they’d bought a box of edible underwear and cans of whipped cream.

We probably shouldn’t use that…it’s kinda old…

Along with those items, they’d also bought Kyle a leather whip, a paddle (‘for disciplining someone’ as Maria said), two sets of handcuffs, two tubes of lubricant, and a dildo.

I really don’t think we should use that…dildos scare me.

Liz finished pulling everything out of the bag and then she turned to Kyle, crawling onto his lap. “So, what should we use first?”

Kyle grinned at Liz. “Whatever you want. Lady’s choice.”

“All right,” said Liz, turning around to grab the handcuffs. She lay down on the floor and raised her hands above her head, towards the legs of the coffee table. “Cuff me please.”

Kyle had to take a deep breath before he was able to stand up. He took the handcuffs from Liz and cuffed her to the legs of the table.

He looked down at her expectantly, as if waiting for her to tell him what to do next. “Well?” he finally asked.

“I’m cuffed. You’re in control. Do what you want.”

Kyle looked down at Liz, scratching at his head. “Ok, uh…can I take your clothes off?”

Liz rolled her eyes, but nodded. “Yes, Kyle. But don’t ask. Just do. Whatever you do is fine by me.”

Kyle nodded, said a quick thank you to Buddha, and went about removing Liz’s clothing. He started by removing her boots. He kneeled in front of her and leaned down towards her mouth, plunging his tongue into her mouth, kissing her furiously as his hands slipped behind her to the clasp on her leather bra. He managed to undo the clasp without any embarrassing mishaps, throwing it to the side. He looked down at her chest in wonder. Without warning, his mouth was attached to one of Liz’s nipples, suckling, while one of his hands expertly massaged the other, occasionally pinching the nipple.

“Oh god!” Liz cried out, pushing Kyle’s head down, while thrusting her chest up.

“Shut up bitch!” Kyle yelled gruffly, moving to her other breast. At first he was afraid that his harsh words would cause her to back away and want to stop, but if anything, he could tell that it had made her hornier.

“Am I your bitch?” she cooed in his ear.

“Fuck yes,” was his reply, as his hands slipped down to her little leather shorts. He fumbled with the zipper and finally was able to slip them down as she raised her hips to help him slide them down. He quickly removed her fishnet stockings, leaving her completely naked.

“Damn, you’re hot,” said Kyle, looking down at her body appreciatively, one hand still massaging one of her breasts.

“Do you want me?” asked Liz, licking her lips.

“Hell yes.”

“Do you want to fuck me right here, while I’m cuffed? Do you want me to suck you dry? Do you want to eat me?”

“Fuck yes!”

“Ok,” said Liz simply. “Then do one of those things.”

Kyle couldn’t take it anymore, so he quickly discarded his clothing, letting his cock stand proudly before him. Kyle got down on the floor again, leaning over Liz’s mouth. “Open your mouth bitch.”

Liz opened her mouth.

“Open your mouth wider slut!” Kyle barked at her. Liz did as he asked and was rewarded with Kyle slowly but determinedly pushing his cock into her mouth.

Buddha, she has an amazing mouth.

Kyle gasped and closed his eyes as Liz swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock. He pushed himself in further as Liz began a suction that was quickly driving him towards the edge. He began to thrust his hips as Liz raised and lowered her head, taking more and more of Kyle into her mouth until she was deep-throating him.

So close…so close…

And then Kyle was coming. He tried to pull away, but Liz wouldn’t allow it. She swallowed everything Kyle delivered. Finally Kyle withdrew himself from Liz’s warm, wet mouth with a satisfying ‘pop’ noise.

For the time being, Kyle was satisfied, but as he looked down at Liz, he could see that she was very aroused. She was rubbing her thighs together, trying to ease the ache in her loins. Kyle leaned towards Liz and pulled her into a kiss, his hands roaming once again to her breasts.

He kissed lower down, across her chin, her neck, down to her breasts, stopping there for just a moment before removing his lips from her and gently easing one of his fingers into her.

“Oh!” Liz moaned, biting her lip and closing her eyes. She raised her hips higher, up towards Kyle’s hand. He smiled down at her and added another finger. He increased the speed of his thrusting, adding a third finger.

“Liz, look at me!” demanded Kyle. “You have to look at me when you come.”

Liz looked into Kyle’s eyes and whispered. “Please Kyle, make me come.”

Kyle continued thrusting into her with his fingers and then flicked his thumb over her clit, bringing her over the edge.

Liz’s back arched high off the floor, shudders of pleasure washing through her body. But she closed her eyes and turned her head. She wasn’t looking at Kyle.

As she came down off her high, Kyle leaned over her and began to unlock the handcuffs.

“Kyle, why are you doing that?” asked Liz. “We are so not done yet!”

Bad girls get punished…and you’re a bad girl. Now we do it all my way.

“I told you to look at me, Liz, and you didn’t. That was very bad. You need to be punished.”

Liz smiled to herself as she realized what Kyle was up to. The allowed him to uncuff her and help her to her feet.

Quickly, and without warning, Kyle pushed her onto the couch so that she was facing the wall, her small firm ass waving teasingly in front of Kyle’s face.

“Grab onto the back of the couch slut!” yelled Kyle, leaning over to grab the paddle that had been given to him by Maria and Isabel.

He gently swatted at her ass with it, then, when she didn’t cry out, he did it again, harder. And again. And again. He continued to do it until she was moaning, but which time she was hornier than ever and Kyle was rock hard again.

“Stay there!” he ordered her and then he rummaged through the pile of stuff spread on the coffee table, picking out a condom. He fumbled a bit with the foil package.

Shit, these things are hard to open!

Eventually he got it open and was able to roll the condom onto his aching member.

He grabbed Liz around the waist and flipped her over onto her back so she was now lying on the couch.

Kyle positioned himself above her. “Ready?” he asked.

She could only nod her head and wiggle her hips below him.

Kyle thrust forward, burying himself as far as he could in her, breaking instantly through her barrier. He froze.

There were no tears in Liz’s eyes, only a look of wonder.

“You ok?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she murmured.

He began to slowly pump in and out of her, going slow at first, but quickly picking up speed. Soon he was banging into her with every ounce of strength he had, thrusting his rock hard cock into her to the hilt.

Kyle was utterly shocked when he all of a sudden found himself on his back and Liz on top of him.

Hey, what happened?

Liz just smiled deviously down at him, raising and lowering her hips. Kyle matched his thrusts to hers, reveling in the feeling of this angel who was riding him.

Kyle was close to the end, and from the way Liz was starting to tighten around him, he knew she was too. They increased their thrusts, going harder and faster until they both were coming.

“OH MY GOD!” yelled Liz.

“OH MY BUDDHA!” yelled Kyle at the same time. They continued thrusting, their hot and sweaty bodies meshing together.

Finally their motions stilled and Liz collapsed on top of Kyle, lying across his chest, still impaled on him.

They fell asleep like that, in each other’s arms.


Luckily, Jim never came home that night. He would have been quite surprised and outraged to find his son and Liz Parker lying naked together on his living room couch, odd sexual paraphernalia spread across the coffee table.

Liz awoke first, disoriented and a bit sore. She looked down at Kyle and it all came back to her. She’d given her virginity to Kyle.

Kyle Valenti had taken her virginity.

She was no longer a virgin.

She gently disentangled herself from Kyle and put her skimpy clothing back on. When she was fully clothed she leaned down to kiss Kyle’s cheek. “I’m sorry I have to leave like this, but this might have been a mistake. I just…I don’t know. I’m sorry.”

She turned and fled out of Kyle’s house, tears burning her eyes.

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If all goes as planned, Zan will make his first appearance in Part 8. I'm sorry he's not here yet, but like I said before, this is based on a challenge from StormyBear30, and there is a lot that needs to happen before Zan comes along! Don't worry....he'll be here soon! *big*

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Part 6

Liz’s POV:

I need to talk to Maria. I have to. There is no one else I can talk to about something this big in my life.

Liz hurried home, showered, and changed into a pair of jeans and a tank top. She settled down onto her bed and dialed the long sequence of numbers that she knew would connect her to Maria, all the way over in New York City.

Liz was starting to believe that Maria wasn’t home because of how many times she had let the phone ring without it being picked up, but all of a sudden she could hear Maria giggling. Maria cleared her throat and said, “Hello?”

“Ria, thank God. I need to talk to someone!”

That’s the understatement of the year…

“Liz?! It’s so great to hear from you? So, what’s up chica? How’s your fiancee?”

“That’s what I need to talk to you about.”

Maria could sense the strain in Liz’s voice and she immediately turned serious. “Chica, did something happen between you and Max?”

“No, and that’s the problem!”

“I’m not following you…”

“I wanted so badly to sleep with Max. I even went so far as to seduce him, which reminds me, I’ll return your stuff to where I found it. But-”

“Wait, what stuff?” asked Maria as she settled down into a chair in the small living room of her apartment.

“Oh, I just borrowed some leather, uh, clothing from your closet here. I hope that was ok?”

“Of course, chica. Anything of mine is yours. But did my mom see you?”


“Ok,” said Maria. “Now tell me about you and Max.”

Liz sighed and ran a hand through her hair. “It’s complicated Maria.”

“Duh, Liz. You and Max have always had a complicated relationship. That’s just the way the two of you are.”

“But like…I don’t love him Maria.” Liz winced as she said those words. It was one thing to say them in your head, a totally different thing to say them out loud.

“Wait, what? I thought you wanted to sleep with him? Besides, you guys are engaged!” exclaimed Maria.

Told you it was complicated.

“Yeah…well…uh, I guess that…like…I don’t know. I’m so confused about how I feel about him, you know? I mean, I know that I like him, but I think maybe it’s becoming purely a physical attraction and nothing more. Anyway, I tried to seduce him last night.”

“Tried?” asked Maria.

“Yeah, uh, he kinda left in a huff. Apparently he is the least horny male on the entire planet. Hey, maybe it’s an alien thing…”

“Chica,” interrupted Maria. “I was with Michael hun. It’s not an alien thing. And now with Isabel…just trust me, Max is so on his own with the not-horny thing.”

Liz sighed again. “Well anyways, he turned me down and I didn’t want to stay at home, so I went to Kyle’s. I know where they keep their spare key, so I let myself in. I was hoping Kyle would be there, but at first he wasn’t. I just kind of curled up on his couch and…I cried. I couldn’t help it.”

Maria sighed back at Liz. She knew that whatever Liz had been feeling, or was still feeling, had to be big because Liz never cried. Never. Even when her grandmother had died, she’d been gloomy and depressed, but she’d never shed a tear.

“I guess I must have dozed off on his couch, because the next thing I knew, Kyle was standing there, just kind of in shock. I don’t blame him. I was still wearing the leather, and I probably had mascara clear down to my chin.”

Liz fell silent for a few moments, so finally Maria ventured to prompt Liz with, “Liz, tell me what happened.”

“He took my virginity, Maria.”

Maria dropped the phone and then fumbled to pick it up. “HE WHAT?!” she screeched. “That bastard!”

“No, Maria, it’s ok. He didn’t, like, rape me or anything. I asked him to do it.”

Maria blinked in surprise, trying to take in this news, when Spike walked up to her and began to try and remove her shirt.

“Spike!” Maria gasped, trying desperately not to drop the phone again.

“Spike?” asked Liz. “What?”

“Oh, uh…my boyfriend. Spike.”

“I thought you were with Isabel…” said Liz, more than a little confused.

“I am. And I’m with Spike. And he’s sort of with Isabel.”

Liz nodded and then giggled. “I never thought my best friend would be part of a threesome!”

Maria laughed along, while playfully beating Spike away from her, who was still trying to remove her shirt.

Liz fell silent then, unsure of what to say. All of her thoughts on her situation with Max and with Kyle were jumbled in her own mind, and she didn’t want to confuse Maria by telling her everything until Liz was sure what ‘everything’ meant.

Um, what’s that noise?

Liz held the phone away from her ear in shock and a bit of embarrassment. She could have sworn she’d heard a male voice whisper something like, ‘There we are sweet. Isn’t it refreshing to be with no top on? Now let Spike use his-” and then Liz only heard murmurs.

Eew! Is Maria doing it while she’s on the phone with me? That’s…so like her.

Liz finally ventured to say quietly into the phone, “Ria? You…uh…still there?”

“Ye-yes,” Maria managed to gasp out, but she was a bit preoccupied by Spike, who was lavishing her breasts with kisses and licks. After a few moments Maria seemed to realize that she was still on the phone with Liz and tried to push Spike away. But he was adamant, and wouldn’t stop.

“Liz, this isn’t the best time to talk, maybe I could call you back?”

“Sure,” sighed Liz, hanging up. She covered her face with her hands and groaned. What was she supposed to do now? She was roused out of her confused thoughts by a knock on the back door of the Crashdown. She ran down the steps, and waved to Michael, who was manning the grill, thanking her lucky stars that her parents had given her the three days off while they visited her aunt.

She threw open the door and then quickly shut it again. “Oh my god!” she said, wringing her hands. “Oh crap. No, not now.”

Michael threw her a questioning look and she replied with, “Max turned me down last night and I went to Kyle, and we…well, use your imagination. And because all the gods hate me, they are both standing out there right now.”

Michael threw down his spatula and ran to the door that Liz was leaning against. “They’ll kill each other if you leave them out there alone!” He gently moved Liz to the side and threw open the door, stepping back to allow Max and Kyle to step in.

Immediately, they both began to talk.

Max started with, “Liz, I’m so sorry about last night. Please forgive me, I don’t know what’s gotten into me!”

While Kyle said, “Liz, why’d you leave without saying something? You could have woken me up, I wouldn’t have minded.”

Kyle and Max turned to each other. Max glared at Kyle, trying to control his hands, which were just itching to ball up into fists and knock Kyle senseless.

“What?!” Max spat out.

“Liz slept with me last night, buddy. That’s right. Me. Not you. Cause you’re a pansy ass little boy.”

“I’m gonna kill you!” Max yelled, lunging forward. Michael caught Max and pulled him back just in time to save Kyle from the worst black eye of his life.

“Max, breathe,” said Michael. “Let Kyle and Liz explain.”

Liz sighed for the millionth time that day and flopped down onto the spare couch that was kept in the back room. “It’s true, Max,” she said quietly. “Kyle and I slept together.” She raised her eyes to meet Max’s and said, “I don’t love you Max.”

Max’s body relaxed. He looked as if he’d been punched in the stomach. “Oh,” was all he said, stumbling out of the back room and down the alley.

Michael looked back and forth between Liz and Kyle. “Well?” he asked.

“Well what?” snapped Liz.

“Well…what is going on between you two now? I mean, are you together?”

“Yes,” said Kyle.

“No,” said Liz.

They shared surprised looks. “What do you mean no?” asked Kyle.

“I mean, no! We aren’t together. Last night was great and everything, but I don’t want to have a relationship with you Kyle. Just think of last night as a one night stand with your very confused friend who was horny as hell.”

Kyle pinched his lips together and slowly nodded his head. “Fine,” he said. “Ok. But just know that if you ever…um…need someone…I’ll be there for you.”

Liz smiled weakly. “Thanks Kyle.”

At that moment the phone rang. Liz shot up off the couch and picked up the phone. “Maria?!” she practically screamed.

“Yeah, it’s me.” Liz walked upstairs with the phone, leaving Michael and Kyle behind, watching her.

“Man, you are so lucky,” said Michael, going back to the grill and using his powers to unburn the very burned burgers he’d left unattended.

“Don’t I know it,” replied Kyle, walking out into the alley.


“So?” asked Maria again.

“I don’t know Maria. I mean…my parents would kill me. And there is just like…all this stuff going on here. I don’t know if this is such a good idea….”

“Chica, come on. This would be the perfect way to get away from all that stuff and just let loose and have fun. I didn’t want to say this Liz, but you’re turning into quite the frump!”

Liz burst out laughing. “I’m frumpy now, huh? Fine, Maria, I’ll do it. I’ll come to live with you in New York City.”

“Yes!” Maria screamed. “Oh my gosh, Liz, we’re gonna have so much fun!”

For the next few hours the two girls made plans and talked about all the things they’d do once Liz arrived in New York.

“Well, I should be going,” Liz finally said. “If this is gonna happen, I need to call the Albuquerque airport and get myself a plane ticket.”

“Bye chica!”

Liz hung up and looked at the clock. It was already mid-afternoon. She really wanted to leave Roswell as soon as possible. Maybe she could catch a late flight to New York that very night.

She looked through the phone book for the numbers she’d need and then called first the airport, where she booked a seat for a direct flight to New York City, departing at 11:30 that evening. After that she called a taxi-cab service to pick her up and take her to the airport. She would have asked one of her friends to take her, but she knew she’d need to be alone and have a chance to collect her thoughts before arriving in New York City, and who knew how quite or loud the plane ride would be.

After all of her transportation was set up she called Maria back to tell her when she’d be arriving in New York, and then began to pack. As per usual, Liz couldn’t pack light.

I guess I’m afraid I’ll need everything I own.

When she couldn’t get her suitcase shut, she dumped everything out and then repacked, taking only the bare essentials.

I can always buy stuff when I get there…

She quickly showered and changed into a long red skirt, red sandals, and a red sweater. She grabbed her suitcase and backpack and went downstairs to wait for her cab. Michael was closing up the restaurant. He stopped and watched her step outside with her bags, but he didn’t say anything. He figure it wasn’t his business where she was going. But as he got on his motorbike, he called out to her, “Hey! Stay safe and have fun!”

Liz smiled and waved good-bye to Michael just as her cab pulled up. The driver helped her put her bags into the trunk and then Liz settled down into the worn backseat.

Here I come New York City. Watch out.


Liz huffed and puffed her way through the airport, dragging her bags behind her. It didn’t help that her butt was sore from the cab ride (it seemed as if the driver had hit every pot hole) and her legs were asleep from the plane ride. Liz was hungry and tired, and she didn’t see Maria at all.

“Chica! Over here!” she heard a familiar voice yell. Liz stopped walking and looked around her slowly. She still couldn’t see Maria. She saw little kids, elderly people, couples her age, some freaks, a blind man.


She looked back at the ‘freaks’.

It’s Maria! Yes!

Um, what’s she done with her hair?

Maria was hurrying towards Liz, a beautiful blonde-haired man following close behind, a mysterious smile upon his face.

Both Maria and the man, whom Liz took to be Spike, were wearing outrageous amounts of leather. Their pants, shirts, shoes…everything…was leather. It was a bit of a shock to see Maria dressed like that, because she used to be all about the vintage look. This was…different. It was even more outrageous than when Maria and Isabel had left Roswell, and Liz had thought that was bad. Both also had tattoos and piercings. Maria’s left eyebrow, nose, and tongue were pierced, as were Spike’s tongue, eyebrow, and lower lip. Maria’s hair was dyed black with blue and red streaks running through it. As she got closer, Liz could see that her hair was cut to all different lengths, as if someone had just hacked away at it with no real end result in mind. Spike’s hair was…spiky. It kind of reminded her of how Michael used to wear his hair.

“Chica!” screamed Maria, throwing her arms around Liz and giving her a fierce hug. “I missed you!”

“I missed you too Ria,” laughed Liz. Finally Maria let her go and all of a sudden Liz found herself in the arms of Spike, his lips on hers, his tongue seeking entrance to her mouth.

Oh my god!

Liz couldn’t help but open her mouth, and was instantly amazed at how different it was to kiss someone with a tongue ring. She finally pushed him away, after she realized she’d been kissing him back.

I couldn’t help it! He was so…gentle, yet rough, and he’s a really good kisser!

Liz hung her head in embarrassment, hoping Maria would wait until a little later to bitch-slap her. But when she looked up to meet Maria’s eyes she was surprised to see that Maria wasn’t upset. In fact, Maria was smiling and holding Spike’s hand.

Liz averted her gaze and cleared her throat. “Um, I-” she started, but Maria cut her off.

“It’s ok Liz. Spike and Isabel and I are together, but we’re swingers. You know…we trade partners. So I don’t mind if you and Spike uh…you know…”

Liz blushed and said, “No, um, that’s not what I’m looking for here, I just…so, swingers, huh?”

Maria laughed and threw her other arm around Liz’s shoulder. “Chica, welcome to my world.”

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Lol, now I feel bad. But no, I won't update this for awhile...I need to work on my other fics! Sorry.

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No, I haven't died. But almost.

I'll give you the short version of my story.

I got sick. That threw my diabetes out of whack and I got sicker.

I went to the emergency room, then spent 48 hours in the ICU, and now I'm home.

I'm still sick, I'm tired, and I've had a migraine for 5 days. I can barely sit up, so I will not be writing fan fic for awhile. I'm sorry, but until further notice, I won't be updating my fics.

Maybe I'll start writing again in a week. Don't worry, I don't think it'll go beyond a week.

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Part 7a

Liz’s POV:

Well, here I am, in the backseat of Spike’s flashy new Jaguar. Apparently he bought it just days ago. Nice car.

But anyway, here I am in the backseat. And I am terrified that we are all going to die because Spike…well, he isn’t really watching the road. He and Maria are making out.

It’s a wonder we’re still alive.

Liz was nervous and jumpy all through the car ride to Spike, Maria, and Isabel’s apartment. She kept thinking that at any moment they were going to go crashing into either another car, a person, or a building.

Eventually, after an hour of reckless driving and a time where Liz could swear they’d gone in circles a few times, they reached the apartment complex. It wasn’t run down and old, like Liz had expected, but new and very high-class looking. It was 19 stories high, with dark tinted glass that allowed the tenants to look out on the city, but wouldn’t allow for the city to look in on them.

“What floor are you on?” Liz asked as the three of them stepped out of the car.

“The seventh,” said Maria, grabbing Liz’s hand and dragging her towards the main entrance. “You’re gonna love it!”

Spike smiled reassuringly at Liz and followed behind, giving the doorman a tip for his trouble.

But really, how hard is it to open a door for someone? And to get tipped to do it? What a job…

Maria dragged Liz to the elevator and pushed the button marked ‘Up’. Spike caught up to them as the elevator doors opened. They got inside and Liz was amazed at what she saw. This was like no other elevator she’d ever seen before. The walls were mirrors, all tinted gold. The lighting came from antique looking lamps attached to the walls, up in the corners near the ceiling. The elevator was huge and could easily contain twenty people or more.

Spike pressed the button for the seventh floor and the elevator moved smoothly upwards, the doors opening on a well-lit hallway. Maria led the way to their apartment, unlocking the door, and throwing the door open.

Liz giggled as soon as she stepped into the apartment. From the outside, the building looked great. The elevator looked great. And this apartment would look great, if only Maria wasn’t such a slob. There was clothing everywhere, and old pizza boxes were strewn about haphazardly.

“It’s nice,” giggled Liz. “But when will you ever learn to clean up, Maria?”

Maria swatted at Liz’s arm. “Don’t you start!” she warned teasingly, wagging her finger in Liz’s face. “You sound just like my mom now!”

Liz giggled again and smiled gratefully at Spike, who had cleared off the couch to allow Liz a place to seat herself.

“You think this is bad?” asked Spike. “You should have seen it before Maria knew you were coming. She actually was cleaning. For hours.”

As all three of them were laughing, there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it,” said Spike, hopping up from the leather chair he’d seated himself in.

Liz turned around when she heard Isabel’s voice muttering, “I forgot my key again!” Liz turned back around, her face flushed, as she saw Spike leaning in to kiss Isabel hungrily.

Maria jumped to her feet and pulled Liz with her. “Liz is here!” Maria exclaimed happily, as if Isabel couldn’t see Liz without Maria pointing it out to her.

Isabel nodded, then moved in to kiss Maria. Liz blushed harder and looked at a painting on the wall. She had accepted the fact that Maria and Isabel were together, but it still made her feel weird to see them kissing. She couldn’t even imagine what Michael had felt and thought when he’d walked in on Maria and Isabel…

Although, Michael is a guy. Maybe he just liked seeing them…ick. Don’t think of it!

Isabel finished kissing Maria, and roughly grabbed Liz by the shoulders, almost crushing her lips to Liz’s. Liz pushed Isabel away, trying not to look too disgusted. Then she grabbed Isabel’s hand and quickly shook it to say hi.

“Isabel!” Maria cried out in shock. “You know Liz isn’t into kissing girls!”

Isabel shrugged nonchalantly. “Just trying to let her test the waters,” she said.

Liz smiled weakly, noticing for the first time how much Isabel had changed since she’d last seen her. She had long black hair. Most of it hung to her waist, but some of it was shorter and spiked out, giving it a very…odd look. She wore black lipstick, which was now quite smeared, along with a lot of mascara, and more black eyeliner than Liz had probably ever seen in her entire life. Isabel was wearing black combat boots, and pants that looked as if she’d made them herself from pieces of plaid and striped clothing. She had on a red leather belt that was much too big for her, along with a black tank top and a black sweatshirt tied around her waist.

“Um, long time no see, Isabel,” said Liz.

“Yeah, same here,” said Isabel, whipping out a tube of black lipstick so she could reapply what she’d smothered on everyone else. “Oh and Liz, I’m so loving that skirt of yours.”

Liz smiled. She never thought she’d see the day when Isabel Evans would compliment something she was wearing. “Really?”

“Yeah, it’d make a wicked cape.”

Did she just say cape? As in, like…what Superman wears?

Liz didn’t say anything else, just kept on smiling. Finally Spike broke the silence by clapping his hands together and exclaiming, “Well, our lovely friend Liz must be tired! Why don’t we show her to her room?”

“Oh duh!” said Maria. “I’m such a ditz! Come on Liz, grab your bags and follow me!”

Liz fumbled to pick up her luggage and followed Maria across the living room, through a small but very nice looking kitchenette, and into a bedroom.

“Ta da!” said Maria. “This is your room! It was Isabel’s, but we have arranged it so that it’s yours now.”

“Where’s Isabel sleeping?” asked Liz.

“With me and Spike. Spike custom-ordered a bed this morning so us three can all fit comfortably. Although, many times it’ll only be me and Isabel in the bed, cause Spike sleeps elsewhere.”

I shouldn’t have asked…

“Ok,” said Liz. “As long as I’m no trouble…”

“Of course not Liz! You’re my best friend!”

Liz smiled, reassured for the time being that she wasn’t too much of a bother in the lives of Maria, Isabel, and Spike.

“Now, you need to sleep. Then take a shower. Tonight we’re all going to a club, and we need to go out and buy you some appropriate clothing.”

“Oh, no, that’s ok,” said Liz, opening her suitcase. “I have stuff.” She showed Maria some tank tops and skirts.

“Liz,” said Maria. “These are clothes for clubs in Roswell. Some New York clubs…maybe. But the specific clubs we’re going to are…quite different. You’ll need some new stuff. Don’t worry, Spike will pay for it.”

“I don’t want Spike to pay for it,” said Liz. “At least let me-”

“Chica, Spike is friggin rich. He can pay for some new stuff for you, k?”

“Sure,” said Liz, as Maria turned to leave.

“Oh! I almost forgot! Don’t open the door to the room right to the left of the bathroom at all during sunlight hours.”

“What? Why?”

“Spike’s coffin is in there.”


“Oh, um…sure. I didn’t know he was part of one of those cults where-”

“He’s a vampire, Liz.”

Heh. Yeah right.

Liz started laughing. “That’s funny, Maria! I almost believed you for a second!”

“No, Liz, I’m serious. Spike is a vampire.”

Liz stopped laughing. “What, like Lestat or something?”

Maria rolled her eyes. “You and Anne Rice books. No, Liz, not like Lestat. A bit different. But yeah, he’s a vampire.”

Liz sank down onto the bed. “That’s impossible, you know that, right? Maria?”

“Chica, it’s true. If you can believe that Michael, Max, and Isabel are aliens, you can believe that Spike is a vampire.”

Girl has a point there…

“Um, will he try to uh, you know…suck my blood?”

Maria smirked. “No Liz. He won’t. I made him swear on his coffin not to. Don’t worry. In fact, with Spike around, we’re all a lot safer.”

Liz nodded and then said, “I think I’ll sleep now. I’ll see you in a while, k?”

“Sure,” said Maria, leaving the room. Liz flopped back onto the bed and stared up at the ceiling.

What have I gotten myself into? I left Max, whom I am engaged to. I slept with Kyle and told him it was a one night deal that meant nothing much. I am here in an apartment with a threesome that consists of two female bisexuals, and a male who may or may not be gay but is definitely a vampire. He kissed me. Isabel tried to kiss me. And I think they want to dress me in leather.

Yup, I’m in trouble. I’ve dug myself into a hole. A grave. What’s that I see below me? Oh nothing, just Spike’s coffin.

Can you sense the nervous sarcasm?


To be continued...Zan comes in part 8...
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Part 7b

Liz's POV:

“Liz, your mom is on the phone!”

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Liz slowly rose out of her new bed and stumbled her way to the door. She opened it and was met with the sight of Spike lying on the kitchen counter, Isabel leaning over him and liking honey off of him.

Liz, still disoriented from her nap, stared dumbly at them and mumbled, “Where’s the phone?”

“Over here!” Maria called. She held out the phone to Liz and smiled encouragingly.

“Thanks,” Liz said, taking the phone and plopping down into a chair.

“Uh, hi Mom.”

“Elizabeth! What the hell were you thinking? You can’t just up and leave to go live in New York City without at least having some form of conversation with me and your father!”

“I…I’m sorry,” said Liz. “I know I should have like…said something…but a lot of stuff was going on and I just had to get over here as soon as possible. Please don’t be mad at me.”

Liz heard her mother sigh heavily and then she said, “I’m not mad, Liz. Just worried and a bit sad that you left.”

“It’s not permanent, Mom. I just need to get myself together and figure some stuff out. Then I’ll come back to Roswell, I promise.”

“That’s what Maria and Isabel told their parents,” Mrs. Parker mumbled dryly. “Oh jeeze…you aren’t bisexual too, are you? Cause I think that as your mother I deserve to know something like that.”

“No, Mom! I’m not bi! Listen, I have to go take a shower and get ready to go out somewhere. Can I talk to you later?”


“I love you, Mom. Tell Dad I love him.”

“I will. Love ya. Bye.”

Liz hung up the phone and raked a hand through her hair. “I’m gonna go get ready to go out!” she yelled in Maria’s direction.

Liz went back to her room and gathered what she’d need for a shower and then headed for the bathroom, noting that Spike and Isabel were no longer in the kitchen. She glanced at the microwave and saw that it was almost 8 pm.

Must be dark out. Maybe Spike’s going out to hunt.


Eh, that wasn’t funny.

Liz quickly showered and changed into a fresh change of clothes. She dried her hair and applied a little lipgloss before stepping into the living room. Maria and Isabel were standing at the door, fidgeting impatiently.

“Finally,” murmured Isabel, after spotting Liz. Maria elbowed Isabel in the ribs and then smiled sweetly at Liz.

“Ready to go?” she asked.

“I guess,” said Liz. “Where’s Spike? I thought you said he’d be paying for my new clothes…”

“Yeah, we’ll just put it on his bill at the store…don’t worry about it…”

Something about the way Maria said that makes me think she’s either lying to me, or she’s not telling me the whole truth…

Liz followed silently after Maria and Isabel, walking down the plush hallway to the giant elevator that still didn’t cease to amaze her. They rode down to the first floor and then walked out into the parking lot. Liz gasped.

It was her first view of New York City at night…and it was breath-taking. There were so many lights, so many people…so many things to see and do.

“Come on, chica,” Liz heard Maria say in her ear. “You can gaze at it all you want once we’re in the car.”

Liz nodded and climbed into the backseat of Spike’s flashy car. Isabel sat in the front passenger seat, while Maria was the driver.

They pulled out onto the road in front of their apartment complex and began their drive to…where ever they were going…

“Where exactly are we going?” Liz asked.

Maria and Isabel shared an amused smirk before Isabel replied, “It’s a no-name place, Liz. There’s this guy, Rath, who sells the finest leather in the world…black market leather. He sells out of the basement of some adult video store.”

Black market leather?! Please don’t tell me we’re going to be doing anything illegal!

“This needs to be kept quiet, Liz,” said Maria. “Rath’s whole little business is illegal.”

Shit. I should have known.

“Oh. Ok,” said Liz, sinking back into her seat. She was trying desperately to think of a way to get herself out of this situation, but nothing was coming to mind.

Isabel must have sensed Liz’s unease, because she turned around in her seat and said reassuringly, “Hey, don’t sweat it, Liz. We get stuff from Rath all the time, and we’ve never been in any kind of trouble.”

Liz smiled weakly and nodded her head.

Maybe I should just stop sweating it. I mean, I came to New York City not just to get away from the whole Max and Kyle situation, but also to try out new things and to see what Maria’s life is like here. Whatever she does (exempting any bisexual behavior) I should at least try.

Liz kept reassuring herself in her mind, and by the time Maria pulled up to the curb in front of ‘Chuck’s Adult Video Outlet’ she was calm and collected. She tumbled out of the car and followed Maria and Liz, who were walking into the store.

She blushed as they walked through aisles filled with porn videos, whips, paddles, and other sexual toys. Finally they came to the back of the store, where a man with an appearance strikingly similar to that of Michael, was unloading boxes of newly released videos: ‘Busty Biker Babes’ and ‘Busty Biker Babes II’.

“Hey Rath,” said Maria nonchalantly, obviously trying not to draw attention to their group from anyone else in the store.

“Hey Ria, Isabel,” said Rath, standing up to hug them. “And who’s this?” he asked, studying Liz for a moment and then winking at her.

“This is my best friend from Roswell, Liz Parker.”

“Well, Liz Parker, it’s nice to meet you. You here to buy some leather goods?”

“Uh, yeah,” mumbled Liz, looking down at her feet, some of her calm and collectiveness fleeing under Rath’s appreciative glances at her body.

“Go right on down. I need to finish stocking some shelves for Chuck. Just call me when you’re ready to pay.”

Isabel and Maria led Liz down a small set of stairs to the basement. At first Liz thought it was like any other basement…cold, dark, and damp. But as they walked through another door, she gasped. They now stood in a beautiful room with antique wooden paneling…and leather…everywhere.

Not only leather furniture, but more leather clothing than Liz thought could have existed in the entire world.

“Well, pick some stuff out,” said Maria, gesturing to Liz with her hand at all the leather clothing before them. “We need to hurry up and get to the club so I can get my dance on!”

Liz took a few tentative steps further into the room and then Isabel sighed and threw up her hands. “Maria, you know she won’t be able to pick anything out. Let’s just find stuff in her size for her!”

Maria agreed and they began combing over the stacks and racks of leather clothing.

“Ah ha! This is perfect!” said Maria, holding up a small leather corset.

Isabel grabbed a short leather skirt that looked much too small for Liz and said, “This’ll go with it.”

They threw the items at Liz’s feet and resumed their search. After another ten minutes, they had also found Liz a pair of black pumps (although Isabel was upset that they weren’t leather), and a leather g-string.

When Maria handed Liz the skimpy leather underwear, Liz protested loudly. “No way! Maria, how could you even suggest that I wear that!?”

“Liz, you don’t seem to understand the type of club we’re going to. You have to wear it, and you will. Please, chica?”

Geeze, the things I do for my friends…

“Fine,” relented Liz, adding the g-string underwear to her pile of clothing.

Finally Isabel and Maria, exhausted, flopped down into leather chairs and looked expectantly at Liz. Liz looked at a wall, and then back at them. They were still staring at her.

“What?” she asked.

“Suit up!” said Isabel impatiently. “We don’t have all day!”

Liz slowly shook her head and said, “I don’t think I understand. What do you mean?”

“Chica, put the leather on under those clothes so we can get out of here.”

Liz blinked in surprise. “You mean…we aren’t going to pay for this?”

Isabel laughed. “No way, Liz! Maria only told you that Spike was paying for the clothes so that you’d come here. If you knew that we were going to steal them, you wouldn’t have come!”

Yeah…I guess that’s true…

“Chica, this leather is expensive. That underwear alone would cost over $500. Now just put all that stuff on below what you’re wearing.”

Liz swallowed back some of her fear and apprehension at what she was about to do and quickly got dressed, after Maria and Isabel diverted their gazes.

Shit, this stuff is totally not my size! I don’t think you could properly fit a Barbie doll in these clothes!

“What should I do with these shoes?” asked Liz.

“Here, give them to me,” replied Isabel. Liz did as she asked and watched as Isabel shoved them into her purse.

Liz continued to get dressed.

“I-I’m done,” mumbled Liz under her breath, feeling ashamed of herself, knowing she was going to steal.

“Great!” said Maria cheerily. “Just in time…”

Above them they heard footsteps and then the basement door opened and Rath descended, approaching them.

“Find anything you like?” he asked.

“Eh, no,” said Maria. “You really don’t have what we we’re looking for today.”

“Oh, ok,” said Rath, sounding disappointed.

I would be disappointed too, if no one wanted to buy $500 underwear from me.

“We’ll come back next week and look again,” offered Isabel, standing up and smiling warmly.

“Ok, sure,” said Rath. “Well, you ladies have a fantastic night.”

“Oh, we will,” said Maria, smirking. “We definitely will.”

Isabel went up the stairs first, followed by Maria, then Liz. Liz was halfway up when she felt Rath’s hand close around her arm. She slowly turned to face him.

“You can get away with it this time, baby. But next time I’ll need payment, got it?”

Liz blushed and nodded. “Yeah, ok…but I don’t know if I have that kind of money.”

“Sure, whatever,” said Rath, shrugging. “There are other ways you can pay a guy, get it?”

Liz thought about this for a second and then nodded quickly and ran up the stairs after her friends.

Oh jeeze…he wants me to sleep with him!

Liz didn’t tell her friends what Rath had said as they got into Spike’s car. Liz hunched in the backseat and took off her outer layer of clothing, revealing only the leather, as they drove towards the club.

“Now it’s time for you to check out the night-life of New York City,” Isabel said to Liz excitedly.

That’s what I’m afraid of…


Zan is introduced in the next part...sorry to make you all wait so long for da man!

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Lol, I think it's funny that more people respond to an author's note than the fic itself. Ok, um...I won't stop writing this, I won't even take a very long break from it, but it may take me a week or two to formulate the next part. I have other fics to work on and a large site I'm building and patient. Thanks.


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Thank you to the following people for feedback/bumps/whatever for Part 7b, so far: LEL, Lindsey, sydniepaige, Allie1031, maxs silverhandprint, and NZBellaMari.
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Part 8

Zan’s POV:

This club is getting to be kinda lame. It used to be a great place to meet hot chicks who were willing to go fuck for one night and then never want to see you again. Now…these girls here want a relationship. They won’t spread their legs or open their mouths for just anyone. Nope. They have to love the guy. And the guy has to love them back.

What kind of cornball shit is that?

Zan was lounging on a bar stool, facing away from the ugly bartender to watch in passive interest the gyrating, sweating, bumping, grinding bodies on the dance floor.

This is stupid, I’m outta here.

“Zan! Hey! Zan da man!”

Zan smiled and turned around, searching the crowd for Maria. He knew it was her who had yelled his name…he’d recognize her voice anywhere.

“Zan!” Maria yelled one final time, jumping into his arms to kiss him. Liz stands there, unsure of what to think of Maria kissing this…hot guy.

Finally Maria and Zan pull their tongues back into their own mouths and Maria turns to face Liz and says, “Liz, this is Zan. He used to be a swinger, but now…well, I don’t know what you’d call him now. He’s actually going to be spending the next few weeks living with me and Spike and Isabel, starting tonight.” Maria smiled and turned to face Zan again. “And Zan, this is my favorite chica from Roswell, Liz.” Maria leaned in closer to Zan and whispered, “She’s a little nervous. She just met Rath.”

“Ah,” said Zan, as if meeting Rath would make anyone nervous.

Maria…shut up! I’m trying to check out your hot little friend.

Mmm…that skirt is just the right length…and that corset…what I wouldn’t give to rip it off…

“So, you wanna dance?” Zan asked, gesturing towards the dance floor.

A look of fear came over Liz’s face…almost a look of terror.

But Maria spoke before Liz could. “Sure, she’d love to! Here, put these on!” said Ria, shoving some black leather knee-high boots at Liz. While in the car all three girls had realized how impractical the black pumps they’d stolen from Rath were for dancing and Ria had remembered that she’d left some clothing in the trunk of Spike’s car. (Liz hadn’t wanted to know why…)

“Uh, let me…freshen up first,” mumbled Liz. “Maria, where’s the ladies’ room?”

“That way,” said Maria, pointing towards a small alcove behind the dance floor. Liz walked off, looking mighty uncomfortable in her leather clothing.

Zan laughed. “Were you going to tell her that it’s a co-ed bathroom?”

Maria smiled. “No. She’ll discover that soon enough.”

“Well, while she’s away, would you like to dance, Maria?” Zan asked, more out of politeness than true want to dance with her.

I really wanna dance with Liz. Yeah, she looks way too cornball for me…but it’d be interesting to see how far I can get her to go.

“No thanks. I’m going to go see if Isabel found Spike yet. He was supposed to meet us here.”

“All right then,” said Zan, settling back onto his stool at the bar again. He smirked and chuckled to himself as he saw Liz returning. She was stuck in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by a gang of men dressed in drag who were currently trying to get Liz to grind with them. As if it weren’t bad enough that she’d just gone into a co-ed bathroom…

When Zan saw that the men were not going to leave Liz alone, he stood up and made his way closer to her. When he reached her side, he didn’t say anything, he simply draped his arm around her petite waist and led her towards the outskirts of the dance floor.

“Oh my god,” sighed Liz, blushing a deep red. “That was…mortifying. Thanks for saving me.”

“No problem,” said Zan, not removing his hand from her waist. “Now, would you like to dance?”

“Uh, sure,” said Liz, suddenly looking even more uncomfortable.

Zan grinned and led her back towards the center of the dance floor. He held onto her waist and moved his body sensually against hers.

Liz gasped and pushed him back a bit. She looked down at the floor as she slightly moved her hips.

“No, Liz, do it like this,” said Zan, demonstrating. He pulled her body flush up against his, gasping as he felt his cock instantly harden and strain against his leather pants. Liz felt it too, but didn’t pull away this time. Zan waited for Liz to drape her arms around his neck and then ground his hips into hers.

Liz responded slightly, trying to mimic his movements. Zan demonstrated again, this time adding a little bump to his movements.

Liz tried again, but her movements were still inhibited and shy.

“Here, let’s try this,” drawled Zan, spinning her body around so that her firm ass was pressed up against his hardening cock. He placed his hands on her hips again and said, “Now, move your body with mine. Do exactly what I do.”

Zan demonstrated bumping and grinding motions for a few minutes until Liz had caught on and seemed a bit less shy.

Zan spun Liz around again just as a new song started. The lights dimmed lower and the strobe lights came on. The movements of the people around them were choppy and seemed dream-like. Zan and Liz continued to grind, Liz getting more and more into it.

The strobe lights went off and the dance floor was plunged into almost pure darkness. Around Zan and Liz could be heard the sounds of other couples dancing, whispers, and fast breathing. A smell of arousal rose from every body there, arousing them all the more.

As soon as the strobe lights went off, Zan dropped one of his hands off of Liz’s waist and plunged it under her short leather mini-skirt. He traced the outline of her leather g-string and then eased one finger below it, dipping it into her dripping wet pussy. He eased his finger in and out, swiping at her swollen clit with his thumb.

“Oh god,” Liz panted, losing control of herself and grinding her hips towards Zan’s hand.

Zan quickly withdrew his hand as some of the lights came back on, leaving Liz very wet and horny. Zan just smiled and licked his finger.

Liz looked around quickly to see if anyone was watching them, but all of the other dancers were too absorbed with their partners to notice what anyone else was doing.

Liz grinned up at Zan and then slowly crept her fingers down to the top of Zan’s pants. She crept her fingers down further and gently cupped his erection. She massaged him slowly through his pants until he was gasping for breath.

Then she withdrew her hand and stepped back from Zan.

Ah…shit…what’s she doing?!

“I don’t feel much like dancing anymore,” Liz said thoughtfully.

“No, please!” Zan practically begged. Without waiting for her response he pulled her closer and touched his lips to hers, parting them with his tongue and ravaging her mouth savagely.

Liz, surprised at first, kissed him back, nibbling playfully on his lower lip and caressing his tongue seductively with her own.

Zan fumbled to find the ties on the back of Liz’s leather corset. When he finally did find them he all but ripped them apart and then threw Liz’s corset to the floor.

Liz seemed to not care much that she was now topless on the dance floor. She continued to frantically kiss Zan as his hands found their way up to Liz’s breasts, covering them from prying eyes. He gently massaged them and then roughly tweaked her nipples over and over again until she was moaning desperately into his mouth.

“Let’s get out of here and go some place private,” Zan whispered between kisses.

Suddenly Liz seemed to realize she was topless and that Zan had just basically asked her to go have sex with him. She stiffened and then pushed him away, covering her naked breasts with her hands. She blushed a bright red and averted her gaze to the floor.

“No,” she whispered. “I can’t.”

Zan straightened up and stared at her, expressionless. “Fine,” he snapped. “See if I care. You’re too cornball for me anyway. But it ain’t right to lead a guy on like that and then just drop the whole thing.”

Damn it. Why’d she have to say no? Just when things were getting good.

Zan spun around and walked away, leaving Liz alone on the dance floor, topless and next to tears.

And the men dressed in drag were staring at her.


I know Zan seems a bit…assholish, what with only wanting sex, no relationship and no meaning behind the sex at all…but don’t worry…Liz’ll get through to him! And you probably noticed how Liz was first shy and then less shy and then shy again…it’s cause she’s confused. Don’t worry. Soon she’ll just be outgoing and uninhibited all the time!

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I've not had a working phone line for five days now, so I need to catch up on updating my three websites and reading email. I have parts for two other stories to post as well.

Right now I have no new part for this fic, but I'll work on it as soon as I can, ok? Thanks everyone!

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Thanks for the great feedback you guys!

Uh...please excuse all the swearing in this part, and excuse Zan...he's just being a regular jackass today...

Part 9

Liz’s POV:

Jackass. Bastard. Poopface!

God, how could he leave me alone on the dance floor topless?!

Liz, silently fuming, quickly picked up her corset top and held it to her chest, fleeing for the safety of the restroom.

Shit. I forgot. That’s a co-ed bathroom.

Liz decided that it didn’t matter, as long as she could manage to get into a stall and so continued on her way, edging as far from some of the leering men as she could. Upon reaching the bathroom she threw open the door and hurried into a free stall, sighing in relief. She put her top back on as fast as she could and then went back out onto the dance floor, hell bent on finding Maria and demanding that she be taken back to the apartment.

Liz searched the dance floor but saw no sign of Maria. She did however see Zan and Isabel dancing and laughing.

Laugh it up, chuckles.

Liz continued past the dance floor to the bar area, but still found no sign of Maria, nor any sign of Spike. She slowly entered the smoky dining area and quickly averted her gaze back to the dance floor as she realized what most of the couples were doing either under their table or on top of it.

All of the couples were having sex, right out there in the open.

I really want to go back to the apartment, get some sleep, and then head back to Roswell. I don’t like this lifestyle of Maria’s and I don’t want any part of it.

But I do not want to go traipsing through a crowd of people having sex just so I can get to Maria!

Liz stood on the edge of the dining area, facing the dance floor, trying to get up the nerve to walk through the room to Maria and Spike, when she saw Zan heading towards her, a mischievous grin plastered on his sexy lips.

Oh shit. I do not want to talk to him! Turn, Liz! Run!

And run she did…right through the room of people having sex. She ran to one of the booths in the far back corner of the room…only to find Maria riding Spike.

Liz spun around, embarrassed to have seen her friend in such a…situation. But everywhere she turned she just saw more sex!

It’s like some pervert’s heaven!

“Oh hey chica!” says Maria, climbing off Spike and pulling down her skirt. “Thank god you’re here! Keep Spike busy while I go check the parking meter, ok? Talk to him or something…”

“Maria, I want to go home!” Liz exclaimed, finally turning to face Maria and Spike again, blushing as she saw that ‘little Spike’ hadn’t been put away yet.

“What? Chica, aren’t you having a good time here?”

“No, Maria, I’m not!” said Liz, close to tears. “Zan wanted me to have sex with him and then he left me topless on the dance floor and some men in drag were staring at me, and everyone here is just like…having sex on the tables! I want to go home Maria! I want…I want to go back to Roswell.”

“Chica, don’t cry,” said Maria, pulling Liz into a hug. “I’ll go find Isabel and Zan. We can go home, ok?”

Liz nodded and then slumped into the booth next to Spike, who was having difficulty zipping up his pants.

“You ok?” asked Liz as Spike gasped.

“I…damn it,” he muttered. “Maria just left me here with a case of blue balls and now I can’t shove my cock back in these blasted pants!”

Liz didn’t know what to do or say, so she just sat there.

After another minute of struggling, Spike sighed and said, “I know that you’re probably going to think I’m a weird freak for asking this, but do you think you could help me out, love?”

“H-help you out?” asked Liz. “How?”

“Ride me,” said Spike, as if that were the only obvious thing that Liz could do.

“You want me to…”

“Yes, that’s what I said. If I don’t come soon I won’t be able to get myself in my pants and I’ll be a regular pain in the ass. Ask Isabel and Maria later. I really am quite a pain in the ass when I’m horny.” Spike said all of this with an amiable smile, as if this was the topic of any normal everyday discussion he had.

It probably is his normal everyday discussion topic…

Liz started to stutter a ‘no’ but then noticed Zan sitting at the bar, watching her but trying not to look like he was watching her.

“Sure,” said Liz, turning back to Spike. Before he was given any chance to speak or react in any way, Liz had whipped off her leather thong and was crawling into Spike’s lap.

Spike just smiled.

God, what am I doing?!

Liz slowly lowered herself onto Spike’s raging hard on, sighing with relief as the realization that she needed this as much as Spike did washed over her.

Liz balanced herself by placing her hands on Spike’s shoulders as his hands grasped her hips and pulled her skirt up a bit further. Spike guided Liz’s movements as she raised and lowered herself and he thrust his hips up to meet hers. Their movements were slow at first, but quickly sped up until the sound of their flesh slapping together was the only sound they could hear.

Liz screamed out as her orgasm washed over her body, Spike coming immediately after her. It was then that Liz and Spike noticed Isabel, Maria, and Zan sitting at the next booth, waiting for them to finish.

Liz hastily climbed off of Spike’s lap and struggled back into her leather thong, straightening her skirt and smiling nervously.

What do I say? Is Maria going to kill me? Oh god, please don’t let her kill me!

But all Maria did was smile and say, “I thought you said you didn’t like this lifestyle, Liz? Besides, I told you to just talk to Spike or something…”

“Not as frigid as you first appeared, eh?” asked Zan, a smirk on his face.

“What?” sputtered Liz. “I never…I’m not frigid! You don’t even know me, how dare you say something like that! And what the hell was up with you leaving me on the fucking dance floor alone and topless?!”

Isabel stood up and stepped in front of Liz before she could get to Zan to slap him or punch him or whatever she wanted to do to him. “Whoa there, kiddies,” said Isabel. “Chill, ok? Let’s go back to the apartment now and just get some sleep.”

“Whatever,” said Zan, stomping off towards the exit, sounding pissed off but trying not to.

Spike and Isabel headed off after Zan as Maria slung her arm around Liz’s shoulders and said, “Zan likes you.”

“What?! Maria, what are you smoking?”

“Nothing,” said Maria. “Yet. But that’s not my point. My point is…Zan likes you. I know him, Liz. He just shows his affection in weird ways.”

“That’s a bit of an understatement,” Liz pointed out. “He liked me so much he left me topless on the dance floor after starting to finger me and then he had the nerve to-”

“Hold on! Zan’s fingers were involved?!” exclaimed Maria, pulling Liz to a halt halfway to the exit of the club.

“Yes. That’s what I just said.”

“Liz. Oh my god. He practically loves you!” shouted Maria, jumping up and down.

“Maria, what are you talking about?” asked Liz, starting to get pissed off.

Geeze…she’s even crazier than I remember her being…

“Liz, Zan only uses his fingers on a girl if he really likes her. Everyone here at the club will tell you the same. He likes you. I bet that’s why he was pissed off when he stomped off like that. He saw you doing Spike and got jealous.”

Liz brushed off Maria’s comments about Zan liking her and asked nervously, “Chica…are you mad at me at all about that?”

“About what?”

“Uh…me and Spike.”

“No, Liz,” laughed Maria. “I’m not. Remember…we’re swingers. We’re really…free swingers. I’m just glad you and Spike are bonding.”

Liz stared at Maria for a moment and then burst out laughing.

“What?” asked Maria.

“Bonding?!” giggled Liz. “Is that what you call riding a guy who’s practically a stranger in a booth surrounded by other couples copulating on dining tables while other people do the touchy-feely dance on the dance floor?”

Maria smiled and led Liz towards the exit once again. “Yup. That’s bonding in good old New York City…at least in my version of New York City…”


The ride back to the apartment was uneventful and no one said much. Spike drove, with Maria and Isabel up front, leaving Zan and Liz to share the back seat.

They both continued to share surreptitious glances at one another, both looking away before the other could catch them staring.

Finally Spike pulled into his parking space behind the apartment building and the five exhausted leather-clad people trooped through the lobby to the elevator.

When they reached the apartment door, Spike unlocked the door and let everyone in and Maria and Isabel, arms around each other’s waists, headed for the big bedroom with the really big bed.

Spike winked at Liz and said, “Thanks for the ride,” before heading off after the two girls, shutting the door behind him, which immediately was followed by the sounds of giggling and bundles of clothing being thrown haphazardly around the bedroom.

Liz started to stumble off to her bedroom, not caring where Zan slept, or even wondering, but Zan stopped her. Liz pulled back and growled, “Don’t touch me, freak.”

“You’re one to talk! You’re a tease who doesn’t follow through. After one night here you want to run back to hickville!”

“Excuse me?” said Liz, stepping menacingly closer to Zan. “Like I said before, you don’t fucking know me or what I’ve done in the past, ok? And who the hell are you to judge where I come from? You…you’re just a sick chauvinistic bastard!”

“How do you come to that conclusion, cockteaser?”

“Don’t call me that! And I came to that conclusion after you left me topless on the dance floor, jackass!” Liz retorted quickly, getting sucked fully into the argument.

As Zan was about to say something back a loud “Oh god Isabel! Do that again!” came from the bedroom. It was Maria.

Liz made a disgusted face at the bedroom door and then turned back to Zan and waited for him to say something.

“You wouldn’t have been left topless on the dance floor if you hadn’t gotten me all hard up for you and then just shut me down like that! It ain’t fair to do that to a guy, ok?!” Zan yelled back at her.

Liz spun around and began to walk towards her room, trying to just ignore Zan.

“Oh what? You’re just gonna walk away when I’m talking to you, cockteaser? Or are you going to go do Spike now? And anyway, what’s up with saying no to me and then doing Spike, huh? Is my fine leather-clad cock not good enough for you? Cause it’s plenty big enough, I can say that much. Here, look!” Zan began to unzip his pants, but Liz just held up her hand and averted her gaze.

“Don’t, ok?” she said. “I don’t care about the damn size of it, ok?”

Keep telling yourself that, Liz. Admit it…you’re at least a little curious…

“Then why? Why ride Spike right after turning me down?”

“You look like him, ok?!” Liz snapped back. “You look like my fucking fiancee and I just…I can’t deal with that shit now! I came to New York to get the hell away from Max and now you…god, you could be his damn twin! And don’t you dare call me frigid again, you conceited jackass! Do frigid girls spend days planning a way to seduce their fiancees into having sex? Do frigid girls then run to their ex-boyfriends to lose their virginity after their seduction plans fail? Do frigid girls ride guys they don’t know in booths at clubs? Tell me!” Liz screamed, close to tears. “Am I that fucking frigid now?!”

“I don’t give a rat’s ass about who you’ve fucked before, you little slut!” Zan exploded, his face red with rage. “You went frigid on me! You got me all turned on and then left me hanging! Not only that, you’re a fucking scaredy cat! One night here and you want to run back to Roswell! To do what? Attempt to seduce your fiancee again? Which, by the way, I don’t understand. If you’re engaged, shouldn’t you be banging the hell out of each other anyway? Or do you want to run back to Roswell so you can go fuck the ex-boyfriend? Or maybe all the other damn rednecks down there! You’re a cheap cockteasing slut!”

“Oh crap! Harder, Spike, harder!” came a voice from the bedroom.

“SHUT UP!” Liz screamed at the bedroom door. “SHUT UP!” she screamed at Zan. “JUST SHUT UP!” She exploded into tears and then a barrage of flashes took her breath away.

*Waiting for Max to show up, the spaghetti going cold.*

*Spilling beer on Max, licking at his nipple through his shirt.*

*Accidentally getting champagne all over herself, wetting down her clothing, trying to arouse Max.*

*Sitting on Max’s lap and feeding him his desert.*

*Dancing with Max, begging him to just let go for the night.*

*Max…turning her down time and time again.*

And then, without even realizing what she was doing until it was too late, Liz punched Zan as hard as she could, knocking him backwards until he stumbled over the coffee table and upset a chair, landing practically on the other side of the room.

“You don’t know me,” whispered Liz, tears coursing down her cheeks.

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AN: Well, school has started up again, and so I have like NO TIME for fan fic. I don't want to quit writing any of my fics, so I won't...but please know that new parts will be very few and far between...This is sort of like the semi-hiatus I put all my fics into back in spring, only I may update even less than back then. I'll try to write as much as I can as fast as I can, but I have so many fics, and so it will be hard...If you don't see an update for a month or two, don't think I've given up on a fic, cause I won't do that!

Just thought I'd let you all know what's going on...

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AN: First of all, thanks for all the feedback and the bumps, I appreciate it so much!

Secondly, I'm sorry for not updating in such a long time, but school and real life in general has been keeping me very busy. Also, for a while this past month, I lost all interest in fan fic...but now I'm back in the swing of things and I'm trying to write new parts to all my fics as fast as I can.

I am in the process now of writing Part 10 of this fic, and I hope to have it completed and ready to post within this next week.

...That's all...

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Part 10a

Zan’s POV:

Holy crap, that girl can hit!

Zan slowly pulled himself to his feet, rubbing his hand over his left cheekbone, grimacing at how tender the flesh now was. Liz stood still, just staring at Zan in shock. The look on her face was one of complete and utter surprise and amazement. She looked as if she couldn’t believe that she had just socked Zan in the face.

Zan managed a weak smile and mumbled, “Well…there you go. I guess you showed me.”

Liz shook her head and opened and closed her mouth as if she were going to say something. Finally, she did. “This isn’t funny, Zan. I just…I hit you. I hit you really hard.”

“I know,” said Zan.

You also somehow managed to turn me on a bit more.

“I’m…I’m not sorry!” Liz yelled at Zan, exploding with rage once again. “You’re a fucking asshole and I hate you! You don’t know one damn thing about me, about who I really am, yet you feel you have the jurisdiction to judge me and call me names. Well…FUCK YOU, ZAN!”

Zan’s small smile disappeared, and then, without thinking, he rushed at Liz, picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder.

What am I doing?!

“What are you doing?!” Liz screamed, hitting at Zan, trying to get him to release her, but to no avail. He stormed across the apartment, kicking open the door to her bedroom and throwing her onto the bed.

“Leave me alone!” Liz screamed, although Zan was sure he could see a look of intrigue and excitement deep in Liz’s eyes.

“Nope,” replied Zan, going to jump right on top of Liz. But Liz, being the small and speedy person she was, managed to duck and roll to the side, falling off the edge of the bed to the hard floor below. Quickly she scrambled to her feet and stood staring down at Zan, hands on her hips.

She meant busines.

“What the hell are you doing?!” she demanded of Zan. “Were you just going to hold me down and rape me?!”

“No!” Zan yelled back, struggling into a sitting position.

“Argh!” Liz screamed, pulling at her hair in aggravation. “Just leave me alone!”

Zan shook his head, knowing that there was no turning back now. Liz was hot when she was angry, and she was angry now. The slight stirrings in Zan’s pants had turned into a painful throbbing.

He was determined to have Liz, that night. With her consent of course.

“Make me, bitch,” he growled under his breath, trying to avert his gaze from her heaving chest and her skirt, which had ridden up far enough for him to catch occasional glimpses of the leather thong she was wearing.

Liz stepped forward and slapped Zan across the face, thankfully slapping the cheek she hadn’t already punched. Zan recovered quickly from Liz’s blow and grabbed her petite wrists in his hands, pulling her close to him.

He struggled a bit with her until he managed to tackle her to the bed. He was straddling her, holding her hands over her head.

Both of them were breathing heavily, both of them were physically exhausted but sexually revved up. It was only too obvious that Zan was turned on, but by the steely look on Liz’s face, Zan knew it might take extra effort to get Liz to admit that she was getting as turned on by this odd form of foreplay as he was…or would it?

“Please,” Liz whimpered, staring up into Zan’s eyes.

“Please what?” he asked, sounding surprisingly gentle.

“Please…I…I don’t know…” she stammered out.

“What do you want?” asked Zan, brushing a stray bit of hair out of Liz’s face, subconsciously noting how beautiful her eyes were and how full her lips were.

“I want…I want you,” Liz sighed out, pulling Zan’s face down towards hers until their lips met.


This is a bit…unexpected.


To be continued...
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Sorry for the major lack of updates, I've been busy dealing with schoolwork and my sorta pathetic social life...but next week I have a lot of free time because of Thanksgiving, and one of my best friends, who has a car, will be gone, so I'll have virtually no way of hanging out with other friends, hence I'll have a lot of time to write. First I'll need to finish reading "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "Moby Dick" for my English class, but then I plan on updating each of my fics, some of which I'm ashamed to say haven't been updated in about 2 and half months!

Please bear with me!

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Sorry, having Maria and Isabel being bi swingers is a part of the challenge given to me by Stormybear30, and not only that, it adds to the effect of the story.

posted on 23-Dec-2002 2:38:29 PM
You guys....I'm sooooo sorry this took sooooo long to get has been keeping me busy and to tell the truth, my fan fic isn't as important to me as it used to be. I plan on finishing all of my stories though, so don't worry!

This part features the song 'Kiss Droppin' Down' by Tammany Hall, which I, of course, don't own...

Part 10b

Zan’s POV:

You will never really know me.
I will really never know you.
Do you think it’s crazy for me to try and take you down
And send a woman like you to the moon?

Zan returned Liz’s kisses with a hunger and fervor he hadn’t realized he’d possessed. His libido was at such a peak, he thought he was going to pass out from the sheer intensity of it all.

Quickly and unexpectedly the tables were turned on Zan, however, as Liz, in an amazing show of strength, flipped him over so that she was straddling him. Zan took about half a second to stare up at Liz in shock before they were feverishly kissing again, roughly sucking on each others’ tongues, bruising each others’ lips, fighting for dominance. She quickly discarded her leather corset, throwing it to the floor.

If I were to hold your hand
Do you think it’d do for you?
If I were to drop to my knees,
Would your needs be pleased?
The zipper slide, her eyes catch the moon.

Liz suddenly launched herself off of Zan and began rummaging in a suitcase, causing Zan to whimper at the loss of Liz on top of him. “Shut up,” she mumbled in his direction. “I said I wanted you, I didn’t say you could make any noise.”

Zan blinked in surprise at Liz before a devilish smirk broke over his face. A dominating little bitch, wasn’t she? Well, he could play that game…

And what an interesting game it could be…

Liz found what she’d been looking for and quickly launched herself back onto Zan, quickly placing his hands over his head and tying them to the headboard with silk scarves that sent a chill through Zan’s body. He could easily free himself from the bonds Liz had placed him in, but he wanted to see what she was planning, and so he remained in the vulnerable position she had placed him in.

You can tie my body to the ground,
And as you tie my wrist, I feel you kiss droppin’ down.
You can tie my body to the ground,
And as you tie my wrist, I feel you kiss droppin’ down.
Droppin’ droppin’, drippin’, droppin’ down.

Liz pulled the last knot on the scarf tighter and settled back to admire her handiwork. “How does that feel?” she cooed into Zan’s ear in a raspy voice.

“Peachy,” he threw back, flashing her a cheeky smile.

“Great,” said Liz, ripping Zan’s shirt down the middle.

“What the fuck?!” he yelled. “That’s my favorite shirt!”

“Boo hoo,” mocked Liz, leaning forward to tease one of Zan’s nipples with her soft, warm tongue. Zan groaned deep in his throat as Liz moved her hot mouth to his other nipple and then began to kiss her way down his finely sculpted torso. She reached the top of his pants and then sat back up and eyed his pants with disapproval. “We need to get rid of these,” she stated.

“Please?” begged Zan. He had begun to grow rather uncomfortable in his pants, which seemed to be getting tighter with every passing minute.

“Oh, but first you have to do a little something for me,” Liz said, drawing out her words slowly. She slowly raised her skirt until Zan could see the small leather thong that just barely covered her most private of areas.

“What…what do you want?” rasped Zan, licking his lips unconsciously.

Liz smirked and ran her hands seductively down her own body until they rested on her thighs, her fingers gently moving beneath her skirt to lift it higher. “I think I want exactly what you want,” Liz responded.

“I want…I need to taste you!” Zan cried out, not giving one fuck if Maria, Isabel, or Spike heard him. They were busy with their own little ménage a trois anyway.

Liz smiled down at Zan as she hastily lowered the zipper on her skirt and pulled it down off her long legs, now wearing nothing more than the leather thong she had stolen so creatively from Rath. Slowly, Liz crawled up Zan’s body until she was resting on his chest. Zan could do nothing more than stare at the small bit of leather covering Liz’s body and pray that she removed it soon.

Liz smiled down at Zan, knowing she was maybe being a bit cruel with her teasing, but not yet giving in to what she knew they both wanted. “Zan, have you been a good boy?” Liz whispered into Zan’s ear, swiping quickly at his ear with her tongue.

“I…I think so,” he managed to gasp out, trying desperately to calm his frantically beating heart as Liz slowly and seductively removed her final piece of clothing.

Liz only smiled sweetly down at Zan, making him forget for a moment that she had him tied to the bed, portraying a look of pure angelic radiance. Before Zan realized what was happening, Liz had crawled farther up his body, until she was leaning on the headboard of the bed, her legs spread over his face.

I will never really me.
You will never really know you.
Do you think it’s crazy that we should shiver ‘til we drown
And wash away the wind for the moon?

Zan snuck his tongue out of his mouth, taking his first tentative taste of the brunette beauty hunched over him. Instantly, he was addicted. He expertly lapped hungrily at her most private of places, taking Liz to higher heights of pleasure than she’d ever been before.

With one final flick of his tongue, Zan brought Liz to a screaming orgasm. Her back arched, and she only managed to not fall backwards by holding tightly to the headboard of the bed and by clamping her thighs tightly around Zan’s head.

Zan blinked in surprise as he heard Liz say, “Damn, you bastard…”

“What?!” asked Zan, truly perplexed.

“Shut up!” Liz snapped, slowly disentangling herself from the position she was in on top of Zan. She didn’t know why she felt the need to be rude and rough with Zan, but there was no denying that it turned her on a lot more. A quick glance down at Zan’s tight pants and Liz knew that Zan was also quite turned on by the little game Liz had started. Remembering her promise to free Zan of his pants if he did her a favor, which, she had to admit, he had done quite well, she slowly lowered the zipper and tugged on the waist of his pants. Zan raised his hips to assist her in removing them. Liz gasped in surprise when she saw that Zan was wearing nothing underneath the leather…and also because she wasn’t prepared for what she was faced with.

She had expected Zan to be well endowed…but he was…humongous.

Zan smiled at Liz’s reaction to seeing him and ventured to ask, “What do you think?”

Needing no words to voice her answer, Liz slowly lowered herself onto Zan’s cock, until he was filling her to the hilt.

Damn…I’ll take that as an ‘I love it, Zan!’…

Liz slowly began to set a rhythmic pace, raising and lowering herself slowly, never once breaking eye contact with Zan. She could tell that Zan wanted to be freed from the scarves that were tied around his wrists. She could tell he wanted to touch her. But she wanted him to experience having absolutely no control over the situation. She wanted to call all the shots and decide how things were going to be done.

You can tie my body to the ground,
And as you tie my wrist, I feel you kiss droppin’ down.
You can tie my body to the ground,
And as you tie my wrist, I feel you kiss droppin’ down.
Droppin’ droppin’, drippin’, droppin’ down.

Zan thought he had died and gone to heaven as Liz slowly, torturously, raised and lowered her small body, riding him like no one had done before. At times she would quicken the pace to the point where she would have to hold herself up by placing her hands on his chest, bringing him nearly to an orgasm multiple times…but each time she would slow down again before he could finish. She seemed to be timing it so that they would be able to come together.

I relish your drive as we jive; it consumes me.
My legs are all tied, as I slide in, we move.
We bury our bodies in legs made from satin sheets.
The pulse of your heart beats in synch to beats.

One final time, Liz picked up the pace. She stared deep into Zan’s eyes and tried to concentrate on nothing more than the feelings of pure pleasure ripping through her body.

You can tie my body to the ground,
And as you tie my wrist, I feel you kiss droppin’ down.
You can tie my body to the ground,
And as you tie my wrist, I feel you kiss droppin’ down.
Droppin’ droppin’, drippin’, droppin’ down.

“Zaaaaannnnn!” Liz cried out, collapsing against his chest, her second orgasm ripping through her as his hips continued to rise up, thrusting into her, bringing him to an orgasm as well.

You can tie my body to the ground,
And as you tie my wrist, I feel you kiss droppin’ down.
You can tie my body to the ground,
And as you tie my wrist, I feel you kiss droppin’ down.
Droppin’ droppin’, drippin’, droppin’ down.

Zan’s hips came to a stop, his chest heaving, his heart beating fast. Already, Liz, exhausted, was falling asleep on his chest. Slowly, so as not to jar Liz, Zan freed himself from the scarves and pulled a few blankets across their bodies. Together they fell into a deep slumber, neither caring nor wondering what this shared intimacy could bring for them in the future.


To be continued...

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