posted on 7-Sep-2001 9:07:10 AM
Title: IF
Author: WhosYrDaddy
Category: Z/L NC-17
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine, or Zan wouldn’t of went down like that. It’s UPN’S and Melinda Metz, Jason Katims. Song by Madonna, if you don’t know that when you read it there is something wrong with you. Also Aerosmith/Pink, Phunkjunkeez/Me & Your girl, Janet Jackson/If, and Lenny Kravitz/I belong to you.
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Summary: AU, No Aliens. Too much angst there. I wanna have some fun, and Zan and Liz wanna have a little too......Read to find out the rest. Part Six is a dedication to Tania.
I had this posted on the old board but thought I do it with all parts together here, in case of new members.

Part One - Zan’s Intro

It was warm out. Warm? No, that’s an understatement. It was hotter than a bitch in heat.

Now don’t go mis-understanding me. I wasn’t talking about females, well unless you’re thinking dogs. No, not ugly women. You know those things people keep as pets? In fact I like the Ladies. Greatly.

Anyways, it’s hot out.
And I have to walk, in it. At almost 7 O'clock at night.

See my bike broke down. No not the pedaling kind. A motorcycle. The Ladies dig it. Greatly.

See that irresistible devilish grin on my face?
// A woman passes his on the street with a shy smile//
Uh huh, she likes it. All of the Ladies kill for me to send it their way. And no, I’m not just talkin about the grin. The Whole Package.

And I’m not tryin to be conceited either. Though I am a Hottie in that bad boy way every woman imagines having at one time or another.

Let me break it down for you. I take it to a higher level with the ladies than other men. I make it a point, a goal, to see that they’re getting off and enjoying themselves more that I am. Well really I enjoy myself quite a bit. No. Not by strokin’ myself. Well just keep reading, you’ll see what I mean......

“Holy Sh*t”

Liz’s Intro

Damn it was hot out today.

I’ve never run so fast to the pool and jumped in, in all my life. Clothes and all. Probably ruined that outfit.

Now you might be wondering if people are staring at me like I just went mental right? Wrong. I own my own house. I’m 25 and I am lucky enough to own my own club, thanks to some inheritance from my Grams. It’s managed to stay open and survive past all the others that keep the hype for a year or to & then die off and go bankrupt. I keep things tight but make the changes when it’s right. So I’m a success. I have even started looking into opening another location. Oh yeah, the name of the club is Industrial.

So anyways, I slip back into my house and turn on some music to help me unwind from the “pending” new plans for a club.

The CD player randomly picks.......

*Like a virgin,
touched for the very first time.
Like a viirrrrgin.................*

As I depart from my sopping wet clothes, I am getting caught up in the music dancing around like a virgin? No, I’m not. Well sorta. If your talking like the table crawling thing she does in the video, substitute the table for a bed and you’ve got a visual of the current situation. Yep, this is my life, stripping to nobody but myself...

*When your heart beats,
next to mine.........*

Oh, come on. You’ve danced like that too when you think no ones around.

*Like a virgin, feels so good inside............*

I decide on a white pair of satin panties, and a white cotton spaghetti strap camisole. Definitely not suitable for going anywhere, since you could see my tits right through it.

*When you hold me, and you touch me...................*

I’m so caught up in parading around in me second floor bedroom, that I fail to notice that my curtains are all the way open for anyone to see in......

Did I mention my bed is right underneath the window? The very large window. Yes, the very same bed I substituted for a table.

Part 2


“Holy Sh*t”

Who would have ever thought I would be thanking my lucky stars that my bike broke down? Not me. But I am. Cause I’ve just seen heaven.

So here I am mindin’ my own, when I glance up at this house cause Madonna or some sh*t is blaring. And there is some beautiful brunette gettin’ all crazy strippin’ and dancing on her bed.

I’ve never wanted to jump a female so much in all of my . . . .. experienced life. But it ain’t just my dick either. I’m intrigued.

She’s just dancin’ around like no one else exists.

But I do. And now she knows it.


*...........Like a Virgin>>>>>>>>song ends

Whew, that was exhausting. Too bad it wasn’t from something else. It’s been awhile, if you know what I mean..................

“Oh F*ck me running!” - How long has that guy been staring up here at me?! Not that he’s ugly ...............

No! Stop. Some freak was just playing Peeping Tom. Not that I made it hard for him. I have to remember to close those curtains; they are going to get me into trouble some day.

Damn. What if he’s still out there?
Do I dare look?

Of course I do. Cause again I’m not using my brain and -------OH MY God he’s walking up to my door............


Hey, can you blame me? I mean, my bike is broke down, and I need to use a phone.

She didn’t seem like a shy person, very inviting actually. Well, until she saw me and disappeared faster than I could say ‘Abracadabra‘.

I suppose finding someone staring up at you from the street could disturb you a bit. But hey, don’t leave the blinds open, rig------

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!” She screams at me.

She’s sexy when she’s pist. Too bad she put on shorts.

“Too bad you put on shorts, I liked the panties.”

Ooooooo.... That shut her up. Doesn’t quite know how to respond. And no, it doesn’t pass by me that you can see her tits through her tank top.

Obviously, it didn’t pass by her either cause she just crossed her arms over them to block the view. While blushing profusely.

My lucky stars are disappearing quickly.

“Answer my question!” She states in a frenzy. She’s all tryin to be assertive and shit.

Is that all she can come up with? I give her The Grin.

I think it’s working............

Liz’s POV

Did he just say he liked my panties? And saying ‘Answer my question?’. That was weak.

But that grin he’s giving me isn’t.

“My bike broke down a few blocks away and I was going to walk to a payphone, but you, uh, your house looked like a ...........friendly place to try.”

More Grinning. He’s so smug. I want to wipe that grin off of his mouth..............with my own.

No. Stop. Perfect Stranger in front of you..........................perfect indeed.

“Excuse me?” - He’s waving his hand in my face - “ Can I use you phone to get some maintenance for my motor---”
“Sure you can get some maintenance” I interrupt. Do not tell me I just said that. Out Loud.

Yep. I can tell by the look on his face. Not even a trace of shock. Just those eyes full of lust and ravage-like wildness.

I feel like fainting. From the heat............of the weather. Of course.

So I did.

What the.....she just fainted. Boom! Right to the floor.

I guess I should lie her down somewhere............and then I see the stairs, leading up to - her bedroom?

Part 3


I’m lying in my bed. Wait. I’m lying in my bed? Wasn't I just downstairs with the peeping hottie? He came to the door didn’t he? Did I fall asleep and dream it? Cause that would be one hell of a dream.........

Obviously, I need to get some. Your probably wondering why I’m so hung up on this right? Well, I’ve been with men. But only three. First there was Kyle; he was my boyfriend for the last two years of high school. We decided ‘it was time’ to start having sex. No, I wasn’t pressured or anything, I wanted it just as much. He was sweet and caring, and pretty good too. I could have enjoyed it more if he took time building me up, cause it was usually Wham Bam thank G*d he didn’t scream out ‘Mam’.

Next was Triston, tall dark and handsome. Very interested in fashion. Loved to run around naked singing ‘Summer Lovin’ from Grease. Could only get it up a few times, and when he did it was like having sex with a robot. Can you see where this was going? I’m sure.............He is one of my best friends now. You’ll probably meet him later.

And most recently..........Sean. At first I thought Oooooohhhhhhh. This was pre-sex. Now that I look back EVERYTHING was more like Uuughhhh. Aye Caramba! What was I thinking? It was all about him. Do you know how many times I blew his tootsie roll dick and he didn’t do anything for me?! Except poke that that puny pencil around in me for a minute or two and I would be lucky if I got off. I thank whoever invented the vibrator. Hopefully you won’t be meeting that friend of mine later.............I had eight months of this sexual depression. How did I last? He was always complaining about how much time I spent at the club, and even accused that the reason I spent so much time there was because Lonnie and I were having ‘Hot Lesbian Sex’ and the least I could do was bring her home for a little ‘Threesome Action’. Why? So she could be subjected to the pokey pencil dick treatment? Sh*t, sometimes I wished it were true, then at least somebody would be going down on me.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I figured if he couldn’t do it right, then he wouldn’t do me at all. Even on a non-bedroom relationship status he couldn’t give me the respect I deserved. I should have ended it the first time we had sex. That’s what Lonnie suggested. Or rather told me to do.

She’s my best friend and runs the club with me. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have the time to ever even be at my house or see my bedroom...............

Wait. My BEDROOM. How did I get in here again?
Wait. I was always here, I was just dreaming.
Wait. I didn’t have shorts on until I went to answer the door....................


Ya, I know. I had opportunity.
Yes, I was in her room. But after I made sure she wasn’t hurt or anything, I found some digits for some girl named Lonnie and told her to get over to her friends house, right quick.

So I left and it dawned on me that I didn’t even tell her which friend it was. Which leads me to the conclusion that she either is a loner and has no friends or she has caller ID. Doesn’t matter cause I see some tall chick with short blonde hair walking across the street with crazy-mad assertiveness, and go right for my LuckyStar’s house. I am worried until I see that she is using a key to open the door - and after the way my goddess went off on me for daring to come and ring her bell, uh, doorbell - I knew this was someone close that she trusted. And I hoped that one day I would be the person to obtain that key.

This person had to be Lonnie.

So I leave. I don’t even know her name, but I know I’ll be back.


So it was real. Should I be relieved that he is gone? Then I hear the door. He’s back. And I can’t control how much I anticipate seeing him. And knowing that what happened really was, real.

I’m running down the stairs and just about take out Lonnie........

“You seem like you feelin’ fine to me. Although that crazy look in your eye makes me question if you’ve gone mental.”

“Where is he?” I demand.

“Who?” She says with a puzzled look. Do I really not have that many men in my life?

“HIM. Hottie Him. My peeping Tom hottie.”

“Slow down, your on Mr. Roboto overload.”

“He was built like a machine” I couldn’t hold back that one.

“So you tellin’ me you been testin’ out the equipment?”

“Fainted before I could..............” Whoa, did I just say that? I must have cause Lonnie is rarely looking as shocked as she is right now.

“What the hell happened with you? You really should just go find some guy and get a little somein’ somein’ cause I think all those horny hormones are buildin’ up and --”

“NO! I’m not mental. YES! I’m horny, and every other woman in a 100 mile radius would be too if they just had the Greek G*d in their house.”

“Yep, you need to get laid.” She says matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, by him.”

“I guess that explains why some stranger with a voice I can’t place called me and told me to get my ass over to my friends house.” Lonnie more to herself.....”What does he think I’m a Loner?”

“Shut up -”

“ - What the f*ck you just say?!”

“Seriously, you spoke to him? He’s real?”

“B*tch, get your head on straight-----”

“ -- I can always rely on you to be blunt can’t I?”

“F*ck ya, now tell me about da man who got you all turned out and sh*t.”

So I tell her about our brief, sexual tension-filled encounter and how quickly it ended.........

“I ain’t ever seen you like this.” She says.

“I know, and now he’s gone. Why did I have to faint?” Note to self, go to the doctor and find out if there is a syndrome for fainting when one is so horny..........

“Hey, don’t let yourself get hung up on the fantasy, focus on something that doesn’t have anything to do with da man.”

Yeah, right like that’s possible, but instead I say “ Right, Focus. OK, how’s it coming along finding a new DJ for the club?”

“Not too bad, got a few lined up for an interview tomorrow. Don’t you be forgettin’ about the meeting with the ‘potential’ partner for the second club. That’s tomorrow too.”

“I’m still not sure about taking on another partner for the new club. Are you still sure you don’t want to do it?”

“Positive, sorry honey, you gonna have to take this one on yourself, or with the ‘potential’. I know you like the control, but you need to see what someone else has got to offer too. Otherwise, you’ll be so busy you won’t have time to fantasize about Hottie Tom peeping on you.”

“I thought I was supposed to FOCUS! I can’t focus if you mention him!”

“Alright, calm down killer. I’m gonna go, so don't’ forget about that meeting with the Mr. Potential. Tomorrow at 2 O’clock.”

“You make it sound like a date. What’s his name again?”

“Umm, Stan, Zack.......ZAN! Where did his parents come up with that name anyway?”

“It is different, original. But I like it. Seems creative, maybe he wouldn’t be so bad for the club.”

“Maybe, alright Later.”


Part 4


“So what do you think?” Lonnie asks.

“Of which one?” I wonder, cause heaven forbid I actually pay attention to the task at hand.

“Any of them.”

“They were all pretty good.” I lie. I have no idea what’s going on.

“Pretty good? Girl, where you at? Cause you certainly weren’t at this meeting.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“This is not the time to go fantasizing again, you got a meeting in twenty minutes with the ‘potential’. Don’t blow it.”

“Potential? I thought we established that his name was Zan.” Wow that came out a little........

“Oooo, aren’t we fulla piss - n - vinegar today.”

“Sorry, Focusing.”

“Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that.” She says soooo sarcastically.

“Whatever I’m out. To go meet Zan.” I make sure to put emphasis on his name. Don’t ask why, I just feel the need to make his name credible, more real.


Two O’clock. I’m right on time. And timing is everything isn’t it?

In case your wondering, or not, I’ll tell you anyway. I own a few bars and am looking to expand the horizons of my nightlife business ventures. So today I have a meeting with Liz Parker. I’ve heard the name before, cause she’s got a club that does raging business. Unfortunately, we’ve never met. Strange with us running in the same circles and all.

I’ve also heard she’s a real pain in the ass to work with cause she likes everything a certain way. Not like a control freak. Just very organized. At least that’s what the people who work for her say.

So here it goes. Cafe Dali. Nothing too formal. Just talk over coffee. I might as well order now, I don’t see her, not that I even know what she looks like besides petite with dark brown hair. Hmmm...reminds me of my Luckystar. I might have to pay her a visit later, or sooner.

I’ve got so lost in my thoughts of a goddess, I don’t even notice the petite woman that I’ve just run into
and ----

“Aahhh! Hot! Sh*t! Damm* just spilt coffee all over my cream suit! Why don’t you watch where your ---------”

“It’s you.” We both say in a stunned moment.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll buy you another.”

“Thanks, but ..but I....I’m a little more concerned about the suit.” That’s good, stutter. You might as well faint again.

“We can take it to be dry-cleaned --”

“I’m totally screwed, I am supposed to be meeting with a potential partner right now.”

“You’re on a blind date?”

“No. It’s a business meeting.”

“Your not, Liz Parker are you?”

“Um, yeah, what are you stalking me now? Wait, are you Zan?” This has got to be the most incredible day ever.

“The one and only.”

“Huh.” Is that all I can say? Stop. Focus.

“Huh?” He asks back, not mockingly, just as if wondering what the hell I am doing.

He must think I’m an idiot. Finally one of us speaks, him.

“We seem to keep meeting under........interesting , situations.” He says with a tone of voice and a smirk that make my knees go weak.

“Embarrassing would be a little more accurate from my point of view.”

“The view was nothing to be embarrassed about from over here.”

I’m blushing again. G*d the way he makes me feel.

“I need to change my clothes, maybe we can reschedule?” I really don’t want to but.........

“Why don’t we go back to your place ---”

“Excuse me?” Why am I acting so pist? This is a dream come true.

“So you can change. That’s it. I swear.”

“Uh, umm, well I guess, since you’ve already been there.” I sound so convincing, don’t I?


This is not normal. I’m Da Man, I should not be nervous about going to my Luckystar’s house. I’ve been there remember? I was even in her bedroom. But it’s different with her.

“So do you want to follow me or ride in the same car?” She asks.

“Ah, two cars.” At least I’ll have some time to get a grip on myself.

“Got a hot date to escape to later?”

“Not unless your it.” Yeah, that’s right, get your game back on.

“Do you think we should try to keep this professional?”

Sh*t, didn’t see that one coming. “Is that what you want?”


No. That’s definitely not what I want.

“What was that?” He asks half smiling, half shocked.

“What? What do you mean?” I know. I’ll play dumb.

“You know what I mean?”

“Do I know?”

“Yeah, I definitely think you know, that I know.”

Dammit. I know. Who the hell does he think he is to tell me what I know?

“Whatever, let’s go.” Can you tell I’m unnerved?

“I’m already so far gone.” He says with a look that can’t help but send warm sensations through my body.

Part 5


“So this is your house.”

She smiles, “Like you haven’t seen it before.”

“Yeah I guess so.” Now that was a lame response. What’s she doing to you man?

“Uh, Ok. Well, I’m just gonna go upstairs and change. If you want to put on some music you can.”

“It’s gonna take you so long, that I need waiting music?”

“I have serious issues picking out clothes in a timely manner.”

“Is that because you like to break into a dance first?”

“Ha ha, very funny. Just pick out some music.” She replies as she walks up the stairs.

Hmmm. Beastie Boys, Jay-Z, Outkast, Garbage, Aerosmith, Phunkjunkeez.........yeah Phunkjunkeez.

Shake shake shake
Your booty baby
Your -1-2-3-4- times the lady
You’re looking so good
In the strobe light
I feel like rocking with you all night.

I decide to take a look around the house. To, you know, get a little insight on my, Liz. Wow. I know her name now. And everything is becoming so real.

I can see pictures of her and that chick Lonnie, having fun at parties and other places like the beach. I notice several of her and a guy with model-like looks. By the looks of some of them they seem involved, and in others, like best friends. Note to self; ask her about this later.

We can turn off the TV
And turn off the phones
I’ll break out like John Holmes
And bang the big booty
With the soulman rocking from behind
Put my tape in your deck
What the heck
Put it in check I’m gonna wreck
your deck hitting from behind
Your looking good girl
Yeh like Nikki Taylor
I like it when your talking like a sailor
Slap me in my face
Put me in my place
I’m hooked on ya girlie,
Like a trailer

She wasn’t lying when she said she took forever to pick out clothes.

The music is right
I got my dancin’ shoes on
And me and your girl
Are booty shakin’

Maybe I should go check on her. No. Yes. No, that’s not right. No, I will go. If she kicks my ⊕ss, so be it.

Hello baby doll
How ya doing
I was wondering if me and you
could get together, or whatever
You look so fine I wish you ere mine
I’ll make you feel the real deal
Soul is in control, when I’m in the hole
When I’m on top it’s down to buisness
I’ll be the lawyer, you be the witness
Tall and thin with nice big hips,
Long brown hair and big red lips
That’s what it takes, to get me pumping
When I get pumping, I’ll keep pumping
Jumping, thumping, Like a jackrabbit
I’ll be the junkee, you be the habit
Not crack, smack, crank or blow.
I’ll be the pimp and you be the Ho!

Ahhh, the infamous bedroom. Here goes somethin’.

“Liz? Liz?” Maybe she couldn’t hear me. I’ll just open the door a little, “Liz?”
Alright, I’ll just peak in.

OK, no ones in here. But the bathroom door is slightly ajar. Maybe she’s in there.

The music is right
I got my dancin’ shoes on
And me and your girl are booty shakin’

“Liz? You in there?” As I push open the door all the way.


“Oh! You scared me.”

“Sorry, I called your name a few times.”

What I wouldn’t give to hear him call my name. And vice versa.
“Yeah, I guess I didn’t hear you.” Or did I? “Well as long as your here, could you help me with these last few buttons?” I’m never this bold.

“Definitely.” He starts towards me.

Oh G*d. He’s touching me. While I’m conscious. Gently brushing the hair off my back so it doesn’t interfere with the buttons. Aaahhh, it’s like shockwaves through me, tingles down my spine, goose bumps everywhere. I can feel his warm breath on the back of my neck. I can feel myself leaning back into him. He’s so solid, so right. I think I could stay like this for all eternity.

And it’s only getting better. His lips are descending onto my neck, soft, caressing kisses. Slowly, his arm is wrapping around the front of me, on my waist, a hand is creeping underneath my shirt. And he is turning me to face him, his kisses moving towards my jaw line, and then my lips, as his hand moves over my breast, running a hand over my hard nipple.............


“Mmmmmm..” Is all that escapes her mouth. I love hearing her moan, and knowing I caused it.

I’m loving everything about Liz. Her smell, her touch, the feel of her skin as I run my hands over it. And those lips, soft pink lips, now puffy and red from my rapidly aggressive kisses. Kisses that deepen as I seek entrance to her mouth. And she doesn’t resist.

I lean into her, pressing her in-between the bathroom counter and myself. Her hands are making their way up my body until she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls us tighter together. As if that was possible.


We’re so close I’m having trouble breathing. Or maybe that’s from our hungry, passionate embrace.

His hands are moving down now, to my thighs. Slowly, carefully lifting me onto the counter. Now nudging my legs apart to close the gap between us. And as I feel his hardness press against me I gasp in suffering, and he pulls away. D*ammit.

Part 6


“Don’t you think we should do this the right way?”

She looks breathless. “I didn’t know there was a wrong way.” Now looking puzzled.

“I just mean taking you out to dinner, and you know, just treating you right.” I explain. It’s important to me to do this. I don’t want this to be like when I am with other girls, the ones I just sleep with. I want the relationship.

“What are you thinking?”


“You seemed far away just then, did I do something to change your mind about me?”

“No! That’s definitely not the case. See, normally I just get with girls right away, and nothing else, just sex. And while that’s not always a bad thing, and when I first saw you that’s what I wanted, and at the same time it wasn’t, it was beyond that physical need.” She’s gonna think I’m an idiot.

“Uh, oh, Ok....”

“Liz, your like this amazing girl, no, woman. And I have never had that. I didn’t even really know that I wanted it until I saw you yesterday. Yesterday, wow that sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. I haven’t stopped thinking about you. And I want up to be right. I want us to be perfect.”

“There’s no such thing as perfection Zan, trust me, I try to achieve it on a professional level all the time.”

“Well maybe we should try it on a personal level. Together.”

She’s quiet. This is a bad sign isn’t it? This is torture.

Finally she says “Where do you want to go for dinner?” And I breathe a sigh of relief.

“Ah, what are you in the mood for?”

“Well, with you being so intent on having things just right, why don’t you choose?”

“OK, ever been to 360 Degrees?”

“No, is it new?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard great things.”

“Can I change?”

“Didn’t you just do that?”

“Yes, but that was before, when it was just business. Now it’s a date.”

A date. Sounds kinda lame doesn’t it? But it’s not. Hearing Liz say it puts me on cloud nine.

“OK, I’ll be downstairs.” Yeah, I’m trying to be a gentleman, after I almost ravaged her on the counter. In the bathroom no less.

“That’s not necessary, just wait here with me. I’ll only be a minute.”

“Yeah right. I already know how long it takes you to get dressed, and the way you go about doing it. Let’s just say we’d never make it to the restaurant.”

“Sorry, I don’t want to ruin your ‘perfect’ plans.”

“You’d better not, or I’d have to punish you.”

“Promise?” Oooo, right back at me.

It just about killed me to have him stop in the middle of all that. But I can’t help but adore the reason why. I may need to get laid, but I also need the kind of respect he’s trying to give me. The kind that Sean never could. I know this must be hard for him too.

I’ve picked out a black dress that to just above my knees, flowing out at the waist, while hugging to me in all the right places. Then I slip on some strappy heels. Elegant and sexy. He’d better not resist for long.

I make my way down the stairs, and the look on his face is priceless. Tonight, may be too much perfection.

She’s breathtaking. Gotta have restraint. Focus on doing the right thing.

“You look amazing.”

She lightly runs a hand over her dress, slightly nervous under his obvious staring. “Thanks.”

“Shall we go?”

“Certainly, will we be taking two cars again?”

“No, I want you to be near me.” That’s right. Just be honest.
She gives me a warm smile.

No more words are said as I lead her to the car, or as I open the door and close it. I proceed to get in the car.

“Do you mind if I turn on the radio?” She asks.

“It’s almost difficult for me to drive without it.”

“I know what you mean.”

She picks a pop station. Janet’s on. I think the songs called IF. We don’t have too far to drive, but I can tell it’s going to feel like eternity.

............I’ve closed my eyes and thought of us
a hundred different ways
I’ve gotten there so many times
I wonder how ‘bout you
day and night, night and day
all I’ve got to say is
If I was your girl oh the things
I’d do to you
I’ll make you call out my name
I’d ask who it belongs to
if I was your woman oh the things I’d do
to you, but I’m not so I can’t
then I won’t
but if I was your girl......

I try to focus on driving, but her dress has ridden up her thigh, revealing some of her beautiful skin, that I so want to touch.

allow me some time to play with your mind
and you’ll get there again and again
close your eyes and imagine my body undressed
take your time, we’ve got all night
you on the rise as your touchin my thighs
and let me know what you like
if you like, I’ll go
da down down down da down down down
I’ll hold you in my hand and baby
your smooth and shiny feels so good against my lips sugar
I want you so bad I can taste your love right now baby
day and night, night and day
all I’ve got to say is.........

She plays with her hair some, before finally pulling it all to one side of her neck. Revealing that exquisite neck I was making love to earlier. I wish I was making love to her everywhere. I’m having a hard time focusing on the road. She glances as me, I think she’s noticed, and gives me the sexiest smile I’ve ever witnessed.

If I was your girl oh the things
I’d do to you
I’ll make you call out my name
I’d ask who it belongs to
if I was your woman oh the things I’d do
to you, but I’m not so I can’t
then I won’t
but if I was your girl......

Oh g*d this song is killing me. Gotta change it..............Aerosmith. I think the songs called Pink.

Pink - it's my new obsession
Pink - it's not even a question,
Pink - on the lips of your lover
(oh) 'Cause Pink is the love you discover

Pink. Like the color of her lush lips. Until I kissed her senseless, then they were red and swollen.

Pink - it was love at first sight
And Pink when I turn out the light
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is going to be all right
No matter what we do tonight

Oh sh*t. Are we there yet?

Yeah! I want to be your lover
I, I wanna wrap you in rubber
And it's pink as the sheets that we lay on
'Cause Pink - it's my favorite crayon

Uuuahhh! That pink tongue of hers is peaking its way out to lick her lips. Wish it was my tongue. Damn radio. Gotta turn that sh*t off ---------

“What’s the matter, don’t like Aerosmith?”

“No.” Is all I’m able to croak out.

“No, you like them? Or no you don’t?”

Damn, what’s with all the questions? I can’t last in this car much longer. Alone. With her.

“Well?” She asks. I must have had a long moment with myself. Are we there yet?

“I like’m, I uh........just wanted to ask you what your thoughts on the new club were.” Thank you thank you thank you. We’re here. I try to get the door, but she’s already out.

“I’m a big girl, I can do it Zan.”

“I’m sure you can, but hopefully next time you’ll ask for help.” I wink. I give the grin. I know she loves it.

I noticed the glances in the car. How could I not? It’s an unbelievable feeling. Having Zan look at me the way he does. Like I’m the only woman in the world, or universe, for him, who would be able to please him. The way I know he’ll be able to please me. I’m so at peace with it and so excited at the same time. And we haven’t even been together yet.

We are seated at our table after we take the elevator thirty floors up. I can see why they call it 360 Degrees, and Zan explains to me that the restaurant is circular and from wherever you sit, the restaurant will have made a complete circle in an hours time. Thus, letting you see the whole city.

I finally break into the conversation “So do you have any ideas for the name of the club?”

“I’ve had a few. I thought it would be interesting if it was called The Matrix and had screens with numbers scrolling down the walls, like on the computers in the movie.”


“Thanks for the input Keanu.”

“I’m just kidding. I like it, but I always like to be very original. Have something no one expects.”

“I’m original.”

“So then should we name it Zan’s Lair?”

“No, that’s reserved for my home.”

“Oooo, can I get o the list?” I tease.

“Babe, you got a VIP pass into the lair, and it’s secret bedroom.”

“I bet it’s a real pleasure palace.”

“You have no idea...but seriously, what are your thoughts on a name?”

“I was thinking of something along the lines of Before Dark.”

“OK, but this is a nightclub, and you go when it’s dark out.”

“Hey- I’m not finished. When you get inside the ceiling is a brilliant blue sky with bright white clouds, until you move to the dance floor, where the will be black lights on the clouds illuminating them, and there will be tiny star shaped lights shining out of the floor up to the ceiling. It’s like night and day, Get It?”

“That’s definitely original. But instead of just spelling out the name like normal, why don’t we spike it up a bit. Like, just have a B the number 4 and the word Dark. Got It?”


“See, we make great partners.”

Were both just smiling at each other. Our food is served, and we converse about different things; he asks me about Lonnie and the ‘male model’ in my pictures. I think I saw some jealousy gleam in his eye. Until I told him about Triston, I think you remember....... He told me about his friend Alex, and what total opposites they were. Alex was a DJ. Maybe I’d have Lonnie interview him.

“Thanks for bringing here. I love seeing all the city lights.”

“When we leave I could take you to another fabulous place with a view, less people are around.” He suggests.

I won’t say no ........ “Sounds romantic.”

“It’ll be that and a lot more.”

So we leave and I get blindfolded.

“Zan? Do I have to wear this?”

“Yes. It’s a surprise.”

“Not even a hint?”

“Not one.” I kept the radio off. We arrived.

“Careful, steps ----” Oops. Too late. She’s about to fall, until I catch her. I can’t wait to make it right.

“I’m blindfolded, and in heels. Let’s see you try.”

“Feisty aren’t we? Doesn’t matter, I won’t make you try.” And with that I pick her up and start carrying her.

“Zan, people must be staring at us.”

“I told you before, No ones gonna be around. I get you all to myself, under the stars.” She doesn’t say anything, only hugs herself closer to me.

I open the door to, well ............ my lair. I have a house that sits on a mountain, with one of the most beautiful views of city lights. “You can take off the ---” I don’t even finish cause she rips it off and stands there completely awestruck.

“Where are? .... Are we - is this your house?” She asks blown away.

“Welcome to Zan’s Lair.”

“It’s, it’s ..... I don’t even have words ..... “

“Then don’t speak, come dance with me.”

Lenny Kravitz - I belong to you (Zan’s)

You are the flame in my heart
You light my way in the dark
You are the ultimate star

You lift me from up above
Your unconditional love
Takes me to paradise

I belong to you
And you
You belong to me too

You make my life complete
You make me feel so sweet

I’ve never felt so complete. I’ve never been able to feel this way about anyone. My heart, my body, and more than anything, my soul belongs to her. And likewise, we just know we were meant for each other.

You make me feel so divine
Your soul and mind are entwined
Before you I was blind

But since I've opened my eyes
And with you there's no disguise
So I could open up my mind

I always loved you from the start
But I could not figure out
That I had to do it everyday

So I put away the fight
Now I'm gonna live my life
Giving you the most in every way

I belong to you
And you
You belong to me too

You make my life complete
You make me feel so sweet

Oh I belong to you
I belong to you
And you, you
You belong to me too

She’s so close to me, not an inch separates us. Her big doe eyes come up to gaze into my gold and amber-flecked ones. My lips come down to meet hers. And she only breaks away for a moment .............

“Is that a Jacuzzi?”
“Want to go in?”

We move over to the Jacuzzi, were I have lit candles, chilled champagne, placed strawberries and a blanket. I pour a glass of champagne for her, she takes a few sips. I can’t keep my eyes off those lips.

I grab for her and start kissing her, slipping the straps of her dress off her delicate shoulders, bending down to kiss along the path my hands just passed. But now I move on to the zipper on the back of her dress, slowly lowering it, with the rest of the dress. Until she stands before me in nothing but a pair of black lace underwear. Perfection.

It’s not fair. I’m almost completely naked in his arms, totally vulnerable, and he’s fully clothed.

My hands are moving up, undoing the buttons on his shirt, un-tucking it, and as it’s sliding off his broad, tanned shoulders, I place soft kisses on his chest, because now my hands are moving for his pants, undoing them, they fall to the ground.

We stand there holding each other, taking each other in with heavy breaths, for I don’t know how long.

I see him kneeling now, lifting each of my legs a little to take my heels off, and I notice his shoes are already gone. Next, his hands are on my hips, sending tremors through me as he slips a couple of fingers in to each side of my panties to bring them down so I may step out of them. And then tender soft kisses are placed on my abdomen making their way down, to a destination his hands have already almost reached ......

And she stopped me. “Yours, gotta take them off.” She is barely audible, the words hardly able to escape her lips.

I stand up and no sooner has she removed them. I grab her and wrap her legs around me and step down into the Jacuzzi. I settle her onto one of the seats and lean in for a long, lingering kiss, while I snatch a strawberry, dipping it in a little champagne first, and feed it to her. Some of the juices spill down her chin and I move in in to lick it off. Mmmm, sweet. And then I hear her say it.

“It’s right.”

I’m devouring her now. Kissing her mouth deep, long. Nibbling at he neck, my hands caressing her breast. I feel her arms and legs wrap around me once again, thus bringing her closer to me. She continues to toss her head back and moan, murmur, as I continue my feast on her left nipple. Then I come back up for a luscious kiss.

I can’t stand it anymore. I take her up out of the Jacuzzi and lay her on the blanket, slowly nudging her legs apart as my hands come to meet her middle and I slide two fingers in, to make sure she’s ready, and then I replace them with my tongue and mouth, holding her hips down, bringing her to oblivion as she begins to writhe & spasm .............

As I begin to calm down from my thrashing, I see Zan staring at me as he hovers above me, prepared to enter me. But not before I give him what he needs. So I roll him over and take his smooth and shiny into my mouth........

“Oh my ........ Oh baby what you do to me .......”

What can I say? Janet inspired me. Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.

It doesn’t stop there. I’m moving up his body, placing kisses everywhere, and I immediately feel him harden again. With one full kiss .....................

................. I roll her onto her back and slide into her. She’s so wet, and we’re steady at first, in perfect rhythm, but increasing in speed and intensity. As she once again wraps her legs around my waist, only this time, to bring me deeper ................

“Uuaahhh ....... Zan! Mmmmmmmm .... eeaaaahhh .......” She whimpers.

I know she’s close, so I drive into her as hard and as deep as I can go ................

“OOOOHHH ......... ZAAAANNN ........”
“OH G*D ......... LIIIIIZZZZZZ” We exclaim in unison, as we collapse together, joined. Here all alone, under the stars.


Authors Note: I want some killer FB People!

Wherever you go, there you are.

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Thanks for everyones FB & Patience! This part is Dedicated to my Partna in Crime, Ebonysoul. And for a special get someone elses POV!


Alex POV

Hi. I’m Alex. And I am about to tell you about the craziest lunch with a group of friends I’ve ever experienced. Have you watched one of those soaps with everybody wanting each other or someone else is getting in another person’s way, or a storyline drags on only because of one small misunderstanding? Yeah, Yeah, I know your thinking ‘he watches soap operas?’ But I don’t. Really. But I’m straying here. My point is that it was like watching the soaps. When, all that you can do is sit back and watch the show ... and hope you don‘t get sucked in. OK, fine. I have a mild addiction. Anywhoo-ay. We are an interesting bunch. Just read and see what I mean...

“Alex! My man, so glad you came. Your really saving my ⊕ss.” Zan, giving me the handshake and half hug, slap on the back quietly thanks me, always grateful to me saving his ⊕ss. Repeatedly.

“No problem man, always glad to be there.” I see a beautiful brunette standing next to him and can only guess “ this must be the Liz I’ve heard so much about. Hi, I’m Alex.” We shake hands and she smiles sweetly, not in that ‘I don’t want to meet this moron’ kind of way. She’s genuine, and I can see why Zan would want to keep this one around.

“It’s so great to finally meet you Alex, sorry that I have to subject you to my insane friends so quickly.” She replies with a nervous expression.

“Oh, I’m sure it won’t be that bad.” But one look at Zan’s tense features makes me feel apprehensive.

“Well, what do we say we go ahead and get this circus started?” Zan finally suggests. And we make our way in to the chaos... and meet the ringleader...

And what a ringleader she is. Tall, blonde, and a body like, well hummasumma whatami gonna doa. She’s speaking but all I hear is that Ferris Bueller theme .....and in slow motion ...

Bow Bow OOOOOOHHH YEAAAAH, Chicka Chicka - ahhhhhhhh .............

Stop. Reload. Re-focus. Hot woman speaking to me. “Hey, you. You a mute or something? Names Lonnie? You Alex right? ZAN, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM?!” She looks back at me skeptically.

“No.. no ... I, I’m not a mute just ahh .. in thought about something.” Mentally slapping my head: I am such a geek.

And now Zan thinks he’s going to smooth it out “He is just stunned by your vivacious-ness Lonnie.” This only causes Liz to whip her head around to look at Zan with eyebrows raised ....

“Is that so Zan? Is she vivacious?” Ohh, I never pegged her for a spunky one. Hhehee ... Zan’s never going know what happened. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Liz crosses the rest of the distance to the table, where I have failed to notice one of those tall, dark and handsome types sitting. Could this be the trouble Zan was afraid of?

Suspicion confirmed. Liz squeals out “Triston!!!! It seems like its been forever!” As they embrace in a fierce hug.

“Ah, and the encounters are too brief, my beautiful Liz.” Triston says while taking a moment to kiss her hand. I see something off about him, but all Zan sees is someone cozying up to his woman.

“Well I guess that’s one thing Triston and me don’t have in common.” Zan mumbles, though it was not lost on Liz, or Zan’s ribs as her elbow introduced itself. More giggles from me.

Lonnie, also enjoying the little interaction notices my sudden enjoyment... “What’s so funny chuckles?”

“Oh. Ah, you ... you know, um just they way they are together.” Smooth Whitman. Nice way to show her your brilliance.

“Which they? Zan and Liz, or her and Triston?”

“Zan’s reaction to Liz and Triston.”

“What, he’s never seen her talk to a man before?”

“No, just not one that she’s been that friendly with.”

“Well, her and Triston were even friendlier than that long before she ever met Zan.”

“Are you going to cause problems for my best bud?” My inquiring mind wants to know.

“Nah, Triston doesn’t pose a threat ... but this still oughta be a good test for da man.”

We make the rest of the way to the table and join the other two, and one green eyed monster. I wonder what’s setting him off: The fact that Triston has his arm slung around Liz, or the fact that he’s asking how his best girl has been surviving without him. And Liz playing along commenting that ’it’s been hell’.

“Well well, and what do we have here? I don’t believe I have met Mr. So fresh and clean.” Oh. My. Buddha. Is he gay? And addressing me? I keep looking behind me to see if there is someone else standing nearby. Nope. Just me.

“Uh, I’m Alex.”

“The DJ? Tell me, what’s your sitch?”

“My sitch?”

“You know, DJ Alex, DJ Cox -” Oh, I get the point now.

“DJ Lexus”

“What was that? DJ Licks us?” That Lonnie girl is going to be trouble.

“Uh, no. L-E-X-U-S. Lexus.” She leans in real close, with her fork ....

“Well, I kinda liked Licks Us” Her tongue slowly licking the remainder of the syrup off her fork. “Hmm, wanna taste Lex?”

Bow Bow OOOOOOHHH YEAAAAH, Chicka Chicka - ahhhhhhhh .............
Croaking my reply “No, thanks.” Whew. Is it hot in here? Or is it just me?

“Well the offer is longstanding. And I would like to offer you the job at the club too.”

“But you haven’t even heard what I can do yet.”

“I’m sure you’ve got plenty of tricks up your sleeve.”

“Lonnie honey, don’t scare the boy away, play gentle.” Triston buts in. Eyeing me and giving me a smile. Why couldn’t I have gotten a seat by Zan and Liz? Not that they’re much better off. He keeps trying to possessively hold her hand while she turns away to talk to Triston.

“Liz honey,” Zan tries to say, “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Is it important? Life and death? Cause if not, I’d really like to continue catching up with my friends.” She knows his game.

Zan, obviously annoyed “No, that’s fine dear, it can wait till later.”

Honey. Dear. These are words of endearment I somehow doubt are often used between the two of them. I don’t know what has gotten into Zan. But I am soon to find out.

Because Triston decides to go where no man should “so Zan, Lonnie tells me your supposed to be a real tiger in bed. I’m glad someone can please my Lizzie just as well as I tried to.”

It’s at this point I spit out the drink of water I was taking, all over the table. I stand up and try to make a graceful pose “Human Fountain anyone?” I try to keep it comedic, but all I get is lip from Lonnie.

“Say it don’t spray it Alicks.”

All of us are oblivious to the death ray eyes Zan is shooting Triston when he says “I don’t have to try man, I’m the best tiger she’s ever had. And will ever have. Know that.”

This sends Liz into a tizzy “Zan! What is the matter with you! This is totally un-acceptable!” Throwing her hands up in the air.

“HE’S HAD SEX WITH YOU!” Zan says a little to loudly, for now the whole restaurant is looking at us.

Liz, always the lady tries to keep it to a low, but stressed tone “Yes Zan! I’ve had sex before you! And two other men besides Triston. Nothing compared to the number of notches on your belt!”

“That’s completely different!”

“No, it’s not! And I will not discuss this any further with you here.”

“Fine, we’re leaving then.”

“The hell we are! I’m staying here, with my friends.”

“Well that’s gonna be a little hard to do Liz, the waitress just asked us to leave. And that’s what we’re doing.”

And with one swift movement Liz was being thrown over his shoulder still protesting, as he carried her out of the restaurant to the car. Does Zan fully realize that Triston’s gay?

“Well, that’s the most entertainment I’ve had in awhile.” Lonnie says with nonchalance. “See you again in a couple of weeks Triston. And I’ll be seeing you around real soon Lexuuus.”

I just nod, and make my way out of the restaurant, but not before Triston trots up to me and tells me it’s too bad Lonnie wants me, cause he would of been interested. Don’t I have to be a willing party? Don’t answer that.
OK, so what did ya thinks?? I’ve heard make-up sex is the best. ............... (evil laughter)........

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Authors Note: Whew...I am sooo sorry it has taken me this long to get another part out but I've been havin' a crazy month....So here it is...hope it doesn't Suck!!!! Dedicated to Chelsie...she knows why.

Part 11


“Zan! Zan! Put me down, right now!” I am furious. How dare he act like that in front of all my friends, in public. Over someone as harmless as Triston. It’s not like he’d ever try to get me back.

“No, Liz. We’re going home. And then we will discuss this.”

“Discuss the fact that you were acting like a total ⊕sshole in there?”

“Hey, I wasn’t the one who was all over someone else! Do you know how ridiculous I felt?”

“You felt ridiculous? How do you think I felt when you screamed out that I had slept with Triston before? You completely humiliated me! I can only imagine what Alex must think.”

“How come you worry so much about what everybody else is thinking and not me? Do you even care that it was torture watching him drape himself all over you?”

“Well are you happy now? I’m draped over your shoulder . . . once again attracting an audience.” I say noticing people throughout the parking lot stopping to see what all the commotion was about. “Help! I’m being abducted by an alien who has possessed my boyfriends’ body!” Ha. Let’s see how he likes being on the humiliated side.

Under his breath I can hear him say that I’m ‘gonna pay for that’ when I get home. I don’t know whether to be scared, or really turned on.

“Owww!” Is all I can say as he opens the drivers side door and I hit my head, he starts to shove me into the car and pushing me into the passenger seat.

“I’m so sorry baby, does it hurt bad?” He went from pissed to concern in seconds. He reaches across to check my head, but I slap his hand away.

“Let’s just go Zan. Before I get a migraine.”

The rest of the car ride home was spent in uncomfortable silence. I cannot understand what came over him in that restaurant. Maybe an alien really did take over his body. Maybe he’s PMS-ing. All I know is that he keeps stealing glances at me, probably worrying if that bump on my head is going to cause multiple personality disorder. Maybe, I should toy with that a little. No. I’m not that pissed off. I don’t think so, at least.

We pull into the garage, get out of the car and enter the house before he finally speaks “Why don’t you let me look at that bump on your head.”

“What’s this? Kidnappers remorse?” I say laced with sarcasm. But ohhh my head does hurt.

“Please just let me look at it Liz.” He pleads with me tenderly.

“Fine.” I plop myself up onto the counter, as he starts to feel around the spot where I bumped it. I wince. “I think you found it.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen. Let me get some ice to put on it.” He kisses my forehead and then walks into the kitchen to get an ice pack ready. My tough exterior is crumbling rapidly. He returns and gently places it on my aching head.

“Can you walk?” He asks.

“Yeah, I just need some aspirin.” He wraps a strong arm around my waist and lifts me off the counter onto the floor and takes my hand and leads me over to the couch.

“Stay here, I’ll go get you some. Do you just want water? Maybe a blanket?” I think someone’s feeling guilty.

“Just water, thanks.”

“Ok, I’ll be right back.”

“And maybe an ice cream sundae, with lots of chocolate.”

“Whip cream too?” He asks smirking.

I play it off like I don’t see that smile “Oh, that sounds good, maybe some of those sprinkles too?” I must sound like I’m 10 years old again.

“Sure, anything for my girl.”

“Thanks.” Flash that 10-year-old grin. Yep, that’s the one.

A couple minutes later he returns with a beautiful sundae. All for me. Despite the outburst from earlier, I know that he really just wants to make me happy. But I’m gonna hold out on with this a little longer and see how long I can resist.

He sits down on the couch with me, while I devour my ice cream . . . hey, if he can stand to watch me eat like this, I know he’s a keeper. Not to mention the fact that I am now receiving a foot massage.


She looks so scrumptious over there. Eating that sundae, licking the chocolate off her lips every few moments. I can’t believe how I reacted today. I plan to spend the rest of the day making it up to her. Especially for making her bump her head like that. So where do I start? Foot massage. I think she’s enjoying it.

“Mmmm. This is sooo good.”

“You like that?” I smile for the service.

“Oh yeah, I haven’t had an ice cream sundae like this in a long time.”

Ok, so it’s not the foot massage. I guess I did make the sundae too. I’ll just have to try a little harder, maybe move the massage up her legs a little. Under the knee, then on to her thighs. Slow stroking, kneading. Gently maneuvering myself between her legs, my hands moving underneath her skirt, rubbing my thumbs in slow circles near her entrance.

“Zan, if you want a taste of this sundae, you could just ask.”

“Can I?” I ask. It’s a loaded question.

Hell Yeah! It tastes great!” There’s a loaded reply. “Here you go.” She hands me the bowl, but I just place it on the table behind the couch and grab her by the hips pulling her up to me, and place a kiss on her. Tracing her lips with my tongue, tasting the sundae and asking for entrance at the same time. She tastes just like candy. As I fall back onto the couch, with her body crushed to me. We’re kissing each other with a need like we’ve just found water after walking through the Sahara Desert for Buddha only knows how long. Her hands are tangled in my hair, mine roaming underneath her shirt, finding the clasp of her bra, and unsnapping it. We break away long enough for me to pull her shirt over her head and to unbutton mine. Then pulling her out of her skirt. Throwing them anywhere, just as long as they’re not prohibiting our bodies from flesh to flesh contact.

Her hips are gyrating against me, and I can feel her heat calling for me. Panties are my only obstacle now and I waste no time in literally tearing them off her, feeling how soaked they already had become. She pushes me back onto the couch unbuttoning my pants, and tearing them off. Both of us equally exposed now. That’s right ladies, no boxers today. I pull her to straddle my lap, grabbing at her ⊕ss as I kiss and nibble me way down to her beautiful, perfect mounds. Her panting and moans the only sound I’m aware of.

“I need you ZAN! I need you inside of me Now! Pleeeeasse.”

“Hell Yeah . . . you don’t have to beg.”

And with that I push her onto her back, her legs over my shoulders and plunge into her slick and deep. Watching her as she arches her back, biting her lip as her moaning drives me on....

“Oh G*d Yes! Oooooooo your . . . so . . . F*cking . . . AHHHH F*ck Me!” Who says she can’t scream when she wants to?

I can feel her walls tightening around me, but this doesn’t stop her from rolling us over and sending us crashing to the floor as she tarts to ride me. I grab for her hips as we match our feverish pace. Our bodies gliding together like silk. Finally coming together, spilling my seed into her. She collapses on top of me, passing out tangled together. Exhausted by our raw need for each other.

Liz POV - (after a much needed nap)

I told you my exterior was crumbling. You would too if that man rode you like he does me. To think he’s worried about Triston.

“You awake?”

“Mmm hmm.” I mumble into the crook of his neck.

“I love you Liz.”

“I love you Zan.”
FEEDBACK!!!! What did you think of the Nookie..did he grovel enough...any other random questions/comments
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Thank you to all my Loyal FB-er's....Sorry it's been taking so long, but I've got more Fic-age going on now...along with a lotta real life. Please forgive me! Song is by Bryan Adams.....

W/O further due......

Part 12 (picking up where we left off)


“Liz?” he asks while brushing hair away from my face to look at me.

I tilt my head up a little to look at him. “Yes Zan?”

“How come it didn’t work out for you and Triston?”

“Well, we made great friends. But as lovers . . .” I pause shaking my head “We just didn’t work together well. He’s gay Zan. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice.”

“Well, now that you say it, yeah that makes sense. Sh*t I’m such an idiot! I can’t believe I did all that! See what you do to me?”

“No, tell me what I do to you.” This I’ve got to hear.

“Only if you tell me what I do to you.”

“Well, I guess I can go with those terms. But first lets move off this floor.”

“Wanna go up into the loft? Start a fire in the fireplace?”

“Mmmm. That sounds nice, we barely spend anytime up there.”

“C’mon, lets go.” And with that he swoops me up and into his arms.

We make our way up the stairs and over to a huge window seat. I don’t even know if you can call it that, it’s more like a really fluffy, cushiony couch-bed. It has a beautiful view of the city, everything looks so majestic. He lays me down gently and goes over to the fireplace. Throwing some wood in and lighting a match, it takes a minute to get going, but soon a heat fills the room. Zan comes back over to me and takes me into his arms. He’s really all the warmth I need, but I can’t help loving the way the light illuminating from the fire enhances his already handsome face and body. We lie there caressing each other, taking in the moment. I love him so much, it hurts and feels amazing all at the same time. There is a shimmer coming off his eyebrow ring and the stud under his bottom lip. He’s so rugged, and smooth at the same time.

To really love a woman
To understand her - you gotta know her deep inside
Hear every thought - see every dream
N' give her wings - when she wants to fly
Then when you find yourself lyin' helpless in her arms
Ya know ya really love a woman

I put a hand on each side of his face, and pull him in for a kiss. Our lips meet and fit so well together. We’re a perfect match. I can feel him hardening against me, so I pull back. He’s not getting off that easy.

“Before I let you take this any further, I believe you were going to tell me just what exactly it is that I do to you.” I say in a sly tone.

When you love a woman you tell her that she's really wanted
When you love a woman you tell her that she's the one
Cuz she needs somebody to tell her that it's gonna last forever
So tell me have you ever really - really really ever loved a woman?

“Where do I begin? Maybe with the way I see your eyes twinkle every time you look at me, letting me know just how much you need me like I need you. Or the way you flash that smile and it’s always genuine. I feel like you make me earn every one and yet you give them to me so readily, it makes me wonder just what I did to deserve them, cause you come across with such perfection I don’t know why you shower me with it. The feel of your hand in mine makes me complete. And when we join, its like my soul combines with yours. I’m swimming in you and I would be more than happy to drown. I love you Liz, more than those words can even describe. I don’t even know if there are words to describe what you do, but I’ll do the best that I can, for as long as you’ll let me.”

To really love a woman Let her hold you - til ya know how she needs to be touched You've gotta breathe her - really taste her Til you can feel her in your blood N'
when you can see your unborn children in her eyes
Ya know ya really love a woman

Tears are pouring down my face, I’m so enraptured by his words. How can anyone, any man, be so astoundingly honest with his love? Never in my life would I actually think I would hear those kind of words from someone. Only in my dreams, I would think. No one better pinch me, I never want to wake up.

His hands come up to wipe my tears away. “Why are you crying Liz? Please don’t cry. I only wanna see you happy.”

“Oh, you do Zan. Don’t mistake these tears for unhappiness, especially after the beautiful things you just said. It’s only fair I tell you what you do to me.”

“Liz, you don’t have to do that. We can just lie here, and be, just be.”

“No, I want to do this. I want to tell you. I need you to know that your touch sends shivers own my spine and gives me warmth through my body all at the same time. When you look at me in the eye, I feel that you are seeing me, and I don’t have anything to hide. The sound of your voice comforts me when we wake in the morning and invades and excites me when we go to bed at night. I can’t imagine going through life without it. You make me feel amazingly beautiful, like no one else has, and I’ve finally been able to see it for myself. I want to thank you for that, over and over for as long as you’ll let me.”

“Ah, sweets. Don’t thank me for something I take such pleasure in doing. Because you’ve brought out something in me I never knew I could give. Love. I just want to love you.”

“Then do.”

When you love a woman you tell her that she's really wanted
When you love a woman you tell her that she's the one
Cuz she needs somebody to tell her that you'll always be together
So tell me have you ever really - really really ever loved a woman?

His one arm snakes around my back, pulling me close as his free hand caresses my hair. He lightly places a kiss to my forehead before lying me on my back. Taking my hand, he places soft kisses from my palm up my slender arm to the collarbone, onto my neck before finally descending onto my mouth. His hands graze over my body ever so slightly before finding my breasts kissing the valley in-between. Causing me to emit a deep sigh. He rubs his manhood against my center, finding how moist I’ve become. He positions himself and spreads my legs apart and gently running his fingertips over my inner thighs from knee to my core, all the while taking moments to brush his member over me, until I’m begging him to enter me. He stops, looks into my eyes, and sinks into me. Connecting us in hours of enthralling, scintillating waves of passion.

You got to give her some faith - hold her tight
A little tenderness - gotta treat her right
She will be there for you, takin' good care of you
Ya really gotta love your woman..

As I lay there, in the afterglow; I think about how I was going to give him such a hard time about the Triston fiasco, and I’m glad I didn’t. Because I know he’s sorry, and there really is no time to waste on such a misunderstanding. We love each other and can move past such a minor incident. Saving our strength for more trying times ahead . . . and our lovemaking.

When we awake it’s still dark out. My hand rests on his chest as it rises and falls with his every breath. He is so warm, it feels like he’s on fire. I rake my nails over his chest to awaken him.

His eyes slowly open and focus on me as a smile spreads across his face. “I love waking up with an angel in my arms.” He notices we fell asleep without a blanket. “You cold?”

“No, not when I got my pressure cooker with his arms wrapped around me.”

“Pressure cooker?”

“Your so warm, your like my pressure cooker.”

“I can live with that.”

We fall silent again. And this time as we sit up looking out the bay-like window to stare at the starry night; I sit behind him, wrapping my legs around his waist and arms around his chest caressing it. My chin resting on his shoulder.

After a few moments he speaks. “I think those stars are shining even brighter for us tonight.”

“It’s a shame they burn out.”

“They’ll always be one shining for us Liz.”

“How do you know?”

“Because your my Luckystar.”

Nothing else was said. I just placed a kiss on his shoulder as we continued our stargazing.
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Ahhh, I return after a looong disapearance. Sooo sorry. I hope you didn't forget about me! But I didn't know where I wanted to take this story and now I've found my without further due!

Part 13

Alex POV

“So what’s on your mind, man?” I’d noticed Zan looked pre-occupied. How you might wonder? I was winning at basketball.

He looked up at me like it would be surprising that I noticed at all. “Whatcha mean?” He finally said.

“I mean that the only time you ask me to play basketball is when something is bothering you. Usually it’s something work related since you never worry too much about the female department. And the fact that I suck at basketball, and you kick ⊕ss, and somehow I still manage to be up fifteen points right now. That is what I’m talking about. S o what’s the deal? Glitches with the new club?”

“Na, clubs going great. Ahead of schedule even.” Zan replied distractedly.

“So then what’s with the frown?” I pause chuckling. “Is Liz not turning it upside down?”

Suddenly I feel a ball hurdle into my chest. Pain. Lots of Pain. “Aaa-aooowwww.” I drop the ball and squat down for a minute. I then regain my manly Alex-like composure and begin dribbling the ball. Did I mention how much I suck at this?

Finally Mr. Broody speaks, “Liz and I have no problems in the bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter.” He pauses as he wonders of into his Liziverse. “Actually, things are going really well.”

Ahhh, the light has come on! Do you see the light bulb? Realization has dawned upon my soul. “So that’s what it is?”

Zan looks utterly confused. “What’s what?”

I stop dribbling and look at him. “Your feeling weird cause you’ve got this great woman and you don’t have a clue what to do.”

“Well, yeah.” He says dumbly.

“And maybe your wondering how long it’s gonna last or what your gonna do now?” I push a little further.

“Well, yeah.” Anybody else hear a broken record, or is it just me?

“Or maybe you should just leave things be.”

“I don’t think I want to.” Zan says honestly.

“You mean your gonna break up with her?”

This really caught his attention. “NO. I wouldn’t give Liz up for anything. She’s mine. We belong together. We fit. She’s like the other half of the puzzle.”

If there was any doubt in my mind about them two, he erased it with that statement. “So what’ll it be then? What’s on the menu for you two?”

Zan sighed “I don’t know. But I’m narrowing it down . . .”

On the drive home from playing ball with Alex I started thinking . . .

About six months has passed since that night in the loft. Can I just say it’s been an experience I will never forget? I’ve never lived with a woman before, and it has proved to be a compromise . At first she was cautious about changing things. Always making sure something was ok with me. And perhaps it was part of my eagerness to make our relationship work, but slowly and surely Liz became Queen of my castle. So, now I begin to wonder . . . do I give her the crown? The thought completely frightens me, I. Never. Ever. Thought. I. Would. Get. Married. For the longest time I was a player. Women were my hobby never a career choice. All until that day when my bike broke down and I saw an angel. Everything has happened so fast and the core of my safe no-love world was shook. Not that I’m complaining. Liz is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Are you wondering what it is that she does for me to say she’s taken some control? Well, she’s a bit meticulous. If you open any cabinet in the house, whether it be the medicine, kitchen, pantry. Anything with a label is perfectly lined up with the label facing out. Bottles and cans are placed highest in back to the shortest in front. She was sly about the transition. I’d come home from a meeting with the contractors working on the club and I’d open the refrigerator and all my Corona would be perfectly lined up. Sometimes I mess it up just to see how long it’ll take her to fix it. If I ever put my toothpaste label down in the medicine cabinet, she’d wait till I exited and then I’d hear her rush over and fix it. Sometimes it’s noticing these things that drives me crazy. And sometimes it turns me on quicker than a light switch. I try to tame myself when she um, uh, you know, has that thing every month . . .I think you can guess what I’m talking about. Well, let’s just say that there is no drug that can control Liz’s emotions. She starts complaining about bloating, back pain . . . ahhh hell, I can’t keep track of it all. But I know that toughing her is out of the question. These days are the hardest out of the month for me. That is, until it’s over. Then she’s on me like white on rice. No Joke. I will never understand.

She’s a complex individual. But she’s always there for me, and I think I’ve made my decision on whether I’m going to make that permanent. If she’ll agree.
(Still Zan POV)

When I got home tonight, after playing ball with Alex, I find Liz’s face buried in order books looking for tableware for the club. She seems so lost in it I don’t think she even heard me enter. She’s looking absolutely adorable. She has her hair in one of those messy up-do’s with those chop stick things. Her glasses on the tip of her nose and those doctor scrub pants she insists are soooo comfortable. ( ;) Chelsie) It brings a smile to my face whenever there is a moment like this. Where it’s just us being ourselves. In our home.

White. Off-white. Eggshell white. Green. Hunter Green. Kelly Green. Olive Green. No. She liked blues. Where in the hell where the blue palates in this catalogue? Ah! here we go. Hmmm . . . that one looks excellent. Maybe some accent dishes in purple and silver would compliment it nicely. Do I want plates with a design? No, they might get outdated too quickly. Uggghh. I still have to go through glassware, silverware, linens, table accessories. Not that I mind looking, I love to decorate. It’s just that there is so much to do! I really wish I could play around with decorating this house. No. Stop. This is Zan’s home, I shouldn’t be thinking that. But I did move in. I haven’t actually seen my home in well, um . . . a month or so. I keep wondering if I should put it on the market. Our relationship is going amazingly. But, I’ve never depended on anyone else and trusted them so much. What if I sold my home and then Zan and I broke up? What then? No. Stop. Focus. I shouldn’t think that way. It’s just so scary. I don’t know if he ever plans to marry or just live together. I think I could be happy either way, but there’s just something to be said about taking those vows. I should just stop thinking about it. If it’s not broken don’t fix it right? Right. Sure. Yeaaaahhhh. Just look at the damn catalogues Liz. Focus.

Turns out I focused so much that I didn’t even hear Zan come in or notice him until he bent over the back of the couch and whispered in my ear. “How’s my Luckstar been while I’ve been away?”

I tilted my head back and to the left side to get a better look at him. “I’m about to go cross eyed from looking at these catalogues. Would you still love me if I went cross eyed?” I chuckle at this a bit.

He grins that fabulous grin and I can’t help but give him a little peck on the cheek. I love touching him, if only for a brief moment. That small amount of contact sends me soaring.

“I’ll take you any way I can get you. You wanna come for a swim with me beautiful?”

“Mmmm, I’m gonna pass on that right now. But maybe when you come back in you could give me some input on what I’ve picked out?” I notice a look of disappointment cross his face. Surely from me not suggesting another way he could give me input. I know how his mind works.

“Your killin’ me Liz! But have it your way,” he pauses “for now.” He finishes wiggling his eyebrows.

And once again I re-focus my attention to the books.
Zan POV - One hour later

I make my way back into the living room. I’ve got a little surprise for my Lizzie. Me. Naked. All I’ve got is this damn towel that only needs a little tugging to come off. And wha-LA! Little-BIG Zan awaits his caretaker. And Liz takes good care of him. I look onto my oh-so innocent looking prey as she looks at those books as if she’s decoding ancient hieroglyphics. I come right up and sit down next to her bringing my arm around her. She looks up from the book and smiles.

“Have a good swim?”

“Would of been better if you came.”

“I’m sorry.” She says apologetically. And then she gets really excited, “But look at all this that I found! Hopefully I’ll be able to get this ordered by the end of the week.”

I start pulling out the sticks from her hair and let it fall all around her. “Zan, I can’t look at this stuff with hair falling in my face.”

“So . . .” I start running my hands through her silky locks brushing some just to the side to gain access to her neck where I place little kisses. She starts giggling.

“That tickles.” I bring my other hand to her front and inch it underneath her shirt, letting it roam up towards her breasts as she emits a deep sigh. “I...really ...finish . . . umm, this.” She tilts her head to the side as I start nibbling on her ear. “Well, maybe just a . . . short . . . breaaaak.” I reach out and take the glasses of her face and throw them at the table and pull her to face me. I take her onto my lap as she wraps her legs around me to get more comfortable. Both my hands come up to the sides of her face as they entwine in her hair and bring her closer for a searing kiss. I can feel her hands reaching for the towel and pulling at it. I’m quick to relocate my hands back to the hem of her shirt and swiftly bring it over her head. No bra. Nice. Less obstacles. Her nipples are already peaking, and I bring her closer into me for that much needed skin to skin contact. She smells like . . . mangoes. Nipping and biting at her neck I hear her whimpers, her nails digging into my back.

“Pants. Need them off of you. Now.” I say insistently. She leans back a little and unwraps her legs as I grab at them and pull them off quickly. No underwear. DAMN NICE. If I didn’t know better I would think she was waiting for me to attack her. I can already smell her arousal, and I throw the towel all the way to the floor. I grab her by the hips and roughly place her back onto my lap. I can feel her slick heat against me. I’m so rock hard for her. Her eyes give a look like she’s going to melt in my arms here any moment. Her hands find their way into my hair holding on for dear life. Her hips grind into me creating a friction that makes it almost unbehrable to not be inside her. She scoots back a little, to my dismay , but then one of her hand snakes down to my hardness and takes hold. Liz readjusts so that she is hovering over me pushing me onto my back and she begins stroking me. My hands seeks out her heat and I see how wet she is. She lets out a gasp as I slip a finger into her, then two. We’re both building up, about to go over when she takes her hand away and snatches mine out of her. I know exactly what she wants, or maybe what I want, and I grab her by the hips again and guide her onto my shaft. So slow at first, she lets out an agonizing moan and I keep her there, my hands staying in place as I guide her up and down at a steady pace. I’m afraid that if I let go of her she may collapse. My thrusts meet hers and soon we speed up as she rests her palms against my chest to brace herself as her climax crashes over her. Feeling her contractions sends me into my own release, and after a few more moments we stop and she collapses on top of me. Our bodies covered in sweat. I wrap my arms around her and bring my hands into her now damp hair.

“Wow.” She takes a deep breath. “That was just what I needed.”

“You? Sh*t I think I might have a heart attack one of these days. I love watching you come apart in my arms.”

I watch as she blushes furiously. We lay there together for awhile as I feel her breathing even out. I drift off into my dreamland.

I woke up to Zan’s rythmic breathing and I sit up and look down upon him. My hands running over him, tracing his tattoos, and the ripples of his toned chest. How can any man be soooo perfect? It’s a crime I tell you!!! I shift on him a little and wake him up.

“Hey beautiful. We keep giving this couch all this action and we’re gonna have to buy a new one.”

He shouldn’t have said that. “Well, I did see this great couch while I was out the other day,” I begin, “It was so plush and would go great with this in-table I saw at this antique shop.”

“You talking about our house like that kinda turns me on.” Don’t I know it. I can feel him hardening inside me again. I look down to where we are still joined.

“Another round huh? What else you wanna hear about?”

“Anything, you just keep moving like that.”

“Wait, first I have to ask you something first. I hope it doesn’t kill the mood too much but ah, I told my parents we’d go visit them for a night or two this weekend.”

“W-wh-what?” He croaked out. I don’t know if that’s due to my movements or his fear.

“Your not mad are you?”

“No, no. Do I get to fool around with you there?”

“Trust me. I’ll make this trip very interesting for you.” He has no idea the kind of torture I’ll put him through.

And then we fell into another blissful abusive torment to the couch.
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