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My Heart Your Heart

Set on Antar (which is like earth).
Characters are as follows: Zan/Max, Finn/Liz, Skye/Maria, Rath/Michael, Joll/Alex, Vilandra/Isabel, Curt/Kyle, Ava/Tess.
All character’s are involved, but it is a dreamer story.
Tell me if I should continue.

Part One
The boy hid behind the wall, trying to be quiet even though his heart sounded like thunder to him. They were looking for him and he knew they would find him soon. He just wanted to be alone for a few hours. Away from everyone and everything that reminded him of who he was.
He was Zan, the Kings son and heir. He was never left alone.
There were people all around him, constantly. And even though he was only eight Zan knew that he needed freedom, needed some peace from the world of royalty. He just needed to be normal.
He could hear the guards running around looking for him. Sitting down he leaned against the wall and looked around him. It was then he realised he was in a cemetary. It was beautiful. Flowers and greenery surrounded him. He could see the tall statues on the graves. Looking around he felt at peace. Slowly he stood up and walked towards the graves. It grew quieter and quieter the further he walked into the cemetary. Looking at the graves he read the names of those that had died. He didn’t know any of them.
A voice came to his ears and he dropped to the ground. He could hear someone approaching. Sitting up slightly he peered through a bush which he had ducked behind. He could see a girl walking down the grass path towards him. She was small and looked his age. Her head was down and she was holding a bunch of white roses. Zan couldn’t take his eyes away. He watched as she walked past the bush he was hiding behind. She kept walking and then turned down one of the cemetery’s aisles. He watched as she walked past about six graves then he saw her kneel in front of one. The grave stone was beautiful. It
was marble and had an angel sitting on top.
Zan crept from the bush and walked down the aisle and along the row of graves behind the girl. Stopping a few from where she was standing he watched her, silently. She was kneeling in front of the grave with her eyes closed. She had placed the roses just before the feet of the angel. Zan read the writing below the angel:
Loved Wife
Loved Mother
My Heart - Your Heart
‘This must be her mother then’ Zan thought ‘how sad to have lost her mother so young’. The date on the grave read that this girl’s mother had died one year ago exactly, as a result of an accident.
Suddenly Zan heard footsteps, many of them. They sounded like they were coming towards him. Instantly scared it was the guards he ducked behind a large grave. Peering out he saw ten guards heading towards him, they hadn’t seen him but had spotted the girl. As they walked along the aisle towards her, she felt their presence and turned towards them. Zan was surprised she didn’t look scared.
“Little girl have you seen a boy with dark hair about your age around here?” The first guard asked quickly.
The girl was silent.
“Well?” The guard persisted.
“No, I haven’t seen anyone here,” The girl replied calmly.
“Are you sure?” The guard said walking nearer.
“Yes I’m sure,” The girl replied, again calm.
“Ok, well if you do then you get in touch with the guards please,” The guard said looking frustrated.
“Certainly,” The girl replied and turned back to her mother’s grave.
The guard looked from her to the grave and Zan could see guilt in his eyes.
“Thank you,” The guard said quietly and left with the other guards.
Zan let his breath out, he wasn’t caught yet.
He looked over at the girl, her eyes were closed.
“You can come out now,” The girl said softly.
Zan froze in shock ‘She knew he was there?’
“It’s Ok, they’re gone,” The girl spoke again softly.
Zan crept from behind the grave and walked towards her. As he reached her the girl turned around and looked at him. Zan stared at her, she was so beautiful. Big dark eyes stared at him.
“You knew I was there?” Zan asked his voice shaking.
“Yes, you aren’t as quiet as you think,” The girl said with a smile on her lips.
“Thank you, for not telling them,” Zan said.
“It’s Ok,” The girl said turning back to the grave.
“I’m very sorry,” Zan said quietly.
“Thank you,” The girl whispered her voice full of sadness.
“Your mother?” Zan asked softly.
“Yes, my mother,” The girl said faintly.
The girl turned back to him and smiled.
“I have to get home,” She said and started to move away.
“Wait,” Zan said quickly.
The girl stopped, looking at him questioningly.
“I…I want to give you something,” Zan said fumbling in his pockets.
The girl smiled “That’s not….”
“Yes it is,” Zan said as he found it.
Taking it out he held it in his hand and looked at it.
The silver ring shone in the sunlight. It was a silver band and inside it read: Zan, My Peace.
Zan’s mother had given it to him when he was five. He carried it everywhere, kind of a good luck charm. But now he wanted this girl to have it.
Walking over to her he gently took her hand and held it open. Placing the ring in her palm, he closed her fingers over it.
“I can’t take this,” The girl said in protest.
“I want you to have it,” Zan said simply.
The girl looked at him and nodded slowly.
Zan smiled and turned around and walked towards the exit.
The girl stared after him for a bit and then left quietly.

Part Two

(Eight years later).

“We’re going out tonight,” Joll stated loudly.
“We are? Where?” Skye asked excitedly.
“Ok, my mate Curt knows Rath,” Joll started.
“Rath? As in second in line to the throne Rath?” Skye asked slowly.
“Yep, and Zan is having a party tonight,” Joll stated.
“Prince Zan? We’re going to Prince Zan’s party?” Skye almost screamed.
Finn sat in silence.
“Yes we are,” Joll said grinning broadly.
“We can’t,” Finn said quietly.
Skye turned to her with her mouth open.
“WHAT?” Skye cried.
“Oh come on Finn why not?” Joll asked.
“You know what kind of people they are,” Finn said slowly.
“Finn we know they’re snobs, but come on Zan’s party?” Skye said.
“Finn I don’t like them much either with their I-am-great bullshit, but we’ll never get to do something like this again,” Joll pleaded.
Finn looked at their faces and relented.
“Ok I’ll come, but I’m going to be miserable,” Finn muttered.
“No you won’t,” Skye said jumping over and hugging Finn “Oh my God what am I going to wear?”
Finn laughed despite herself at Skye.
“Ok so it’s up at the palace and we’ll meet Curt outside cos he’s got our passes,” Joll said walking off “So seeya at about 8 Ok?”
The girls both waved “Yep be there at 8,” Skye yelled.
“Can you believe this?” Skye said loudly to Finn.
“No,” Finn replied nervous about the party.
“Come on let’s go to your house and we’ll work out what we’re wearing,” Skye said dragging Finn towards her house.
Finn followed helplessly.

“Yo Zan,” Rath yelled.
“Yeah,” A voice yelled back.
“Where are you man?” Rath yelled walking into Zan’s room.
Zan appeared at the door to his bathroom.
“Hey what’s up?” Zan said walking towards his bed.
“Nothing just checking you ready for tonight,” Rath stated collapsing on a couch.
“Tonight? Oh right, yeah I guess,” Zan said slowly.
“I guess?” Rath asked incredulous “Man tonight is gonna rock.”
Zan nodded not looking at Rath.
“I’ve been trying to get him psyched for tonight but nothing works,” Vilandra announced entering the room.
“It’s not that I’m not…psyched it’s…” Zan trailed off.
“Next week,” Vilandra said softly sitting next to Rath.
“Yeah,” Zan muttered.
“Royal traditions suck,” Rath said loudly “I mean you’d think it was still the first century with the betrothal shit.”
Zan grimaced.
Vilandra elbowed Rath sharply in the ribs.
“Oh right…” Rath mumbled.
“Zan, you have to remember how lucky you are,” Vilandra started slowly “You’ve been born into this life of privilege and there are obligations that come with it.”
“God you sound like dad,” Zan moaned.
“It’s true, this is how things are done. They choose your wife. You know it may not be so bad, you may love her,” Vilandra said “Look at mom and dad, they love each other.”
“Lonnie, they were already in love. They were lucky,” Zan stated loudly.
“They’re gonna pick some stranger, and I’ll probably hate her,” Zan said sitting on the bed.
“You don’t hate anyone,” Vilandra said softly.
“You’re right though,” Zan muttered “It’s not like I’ve met anyone I want to marry.”
Vilandra got up off the couch and sat next to Zan.
“I know how important it is to you,” Vilandra said.
“What?” Zan asked conufused.
“Love,” Vilandra said looking him in the eye.
Zan looked at her and looked away.
“I’m never gonna have what they have, no one’s ever going to feel like that about me,” Zan said softly.
“Hey man, not so glum she might be here tonight?” Rath said grinning.
“Yeah right,” Zan said smiling slightly.
Vilandra hugged him hard.
“Thanks,” Zan whispered.
“Hey you know I love you right?” Vilandra said pulling away and smiling.
“Yeah, ditto,” Zan said.

“So is this a dress up flash party or casual dress party? Which do you think?” Skye asked.
“Um I don’t know,” Liz replied growing more and more nervous.
“You know if it’s at the palace it’ll be a flash dress up one, but if it’s somewhere else it’ll be casual,” Skye mused to herself “I think Joll said it was at the palace. Yeah we better dress up a bit.”
“Ok, fine,” Finn sighed.
“Finn please it’ll be great,” Skye turned her puppy eyes on Finn.
“Oh don’t do that, you know I’m a sucker,” Finn smiled slightly.
“Yes and I also tonight is going to be wonderful,” Skye said disappearing into Finn’s bathroom.
Finn looked in her closet. There was only really one thing she could wear tonight.
It was in the back of her closet. Slowly she took it out, treasuring the material. Walking back to her bed she placed it down, remembering. Then getting up she grabbed her black shoes.
Skye appeared at the door and saw her dress.
“Wow, Finn that dress is beautiful. Where did you get it?” Skye said looking at the dress.
“It was my mother’s,” Finn said softly.
“Oh Finn, I’m sorry,” Skye said looking embarrassed.
“Skye it’s Ok,” Finn smiled.
Skye looked back at her.
“It’s Ok,” Finn repeated “She’s been gone for 9 years, and now I think of the good things not the bad.”
Skye smiled at her “That’s my chica.”
Finn laughed.
“Ok I’m gonna grab a shower now,” Finn said racing to the bathroom.
Skye set about getting ready.
Finn emerged from the bathroom ten minutes later.
“Skye you look stunning!” Finn said smiling.
“Thanks,” Skye blushed.
Skye was wearing a red dress. It was floor length, with a slit up the side and had delicate straps. Her mid-length blonde hair fell just past her shoulders.
“Hey hurry up and get changed,” Skye said.
Finn got changed and she stood in front of the mirror looking at her reflection.
Skye came up behind her.
“You look beautiful,” Skye said simply.
Finn was wearing a mid-calf length, strapless, midnight-blue dress. It sparkled slightly when she moved. The strapless dress showed off her delicate shoulders. She wore silver earrings and her long dark hair was loosely curled and flowed down her back. To put it simply she looked amazing. Natural make up brought out her olive skin complexion and dark brown eyes.
“Ok, let’s go,” Finn said taking a deep breath.
“Right,” Skye said excitedly.
Linking arms they raced out the door.

Part Three

(Outside the palace).

“Ladies,” Joll yelled to Finn and Skye.
“Joll,” The girls yelled back and raced over to him.
“Beautiful as always,” Joll said smiling at the pair.
“It will be stampeded by the men who are fighting to dance with you two,” Joll smiled.
“Stop,” Finn said.
“You know it’s true,” Skye said in unison with Finn.
Finn saw Curt walking towards them.
“Hey Joll,” Curt said.
“Woohoo,” Skye whistled at Curt and Joll “You two look so sexy in your suits.”
The guys bowed graciously.
“Yes well we two studs will accompany you,” Curt said sticking his nose in the air.
The other three almost collapsed laughing.
“Now let us enter the royal palace before they decide to arrest us for disturbing the peace,” Curt said taking Skye’s arm and leading her towards the entrance.
Joll offered Finn his arm which she accepted.
“You know something,” Finn said to Joll “I think we will never be the same after tonight.”
“I think you could be right,” Joll said solemnly “Mainly because I plan on spiking the punch and we will all be discovered and thrown out and then no one will ever speak to us again.”
Finn burst out laughing.

As they entered the main ball room Finn gasped, she had never been inside the palace. Gazing around her she stared at the beautiful columns that surrounded her. The ballroom was an open air room and above her the stars twinkled. Greenery twisted amongst the columns and the marble benches. White roses were everywhere, and she immediately smelt one as they were her favourite. The air was filled with the faint, delicate smell of the roses. Candles were lit everywhere and in the centre of the room a fountain sat, with floating candles resting on the water surface. The room glowed and sparkled around her, and she felt she was in heaven.
“Is this the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?” Finn said to Joll.
“Yeah, it’s amazing,” Even Joll’s mouth was dropped open.
“It would be amazing to live like this,” Finn mused to herself.
Finn and Joll were walking down the main aisle, which ran down the entire length of the ballroom. Skye and Curt followed.
Finn looked towards the top of the room. There was a dance floor area and just past it a head dining table sat. Finn assumed this was where the Royal family would sit. At present she could only see one girl sitting there.
“Hey Joll, look it’s Vilandra,” Finn said.
“Wow,” Joll stared at Vilandra.
“She’s beautiful huh?” Finn smiled at Joll.
“Yeah, amazing,” Joll whispered.
“Look at her dress!” Skye cried quietly to Liz.
Vilandra was wearing a black dress, the same length as Finn’s. It had straps and suited her figure perfectly. Vilandra’s long blonde hair was piled behind her head in curls. Around her long neck was an exquisite silver necklace from which a simple black opal hung.
Finn looked sideways at Joll and noticed the goofy grin he had as he stared at the princess.
“Careful you’ll drip saliva soon,” Finn teased and Joll lost the puppy-look.
“Right, I just…” Joll mumbled.
“I know,” Finn said quietly.

Rath entered the ballroom ahead of Zan.
“So it looks pretty good in here,” Rath said trying not to act impressed.
“Wow,” Zan said slowly looking around the room and up at the stars.
“Yeah wow, check out the babes here,” Rath said looking round at all the girls.
Zan looked around at the girls. Some of them were attractive, but none took his eye.
“Zan, there are some real hotties here,” Rath said loudly.
“Yeah whatever,” Zan turned around and headed for the main dining table where Vilandra was already sitting.
Rath followed him and they sat down next to Vilandra.
“Lonnie seen anyone that takes your eye,” Rath said.
“Hmmm…no not yet,” Vilandra said casting her eyes around the room.
“Not yet?” Zan said looking at her.
“I’m sure I’ll see someone I’ll like,” Vilandra said smiling.
“Yeah I’m sure,” Zan agreed with her smiling.
“So I’m gonna go get a drink,” Rath said getting up and walked down to the refreshment table.
“Do you believe him?” Zan asked.
“What?” Vilandra replied confused.
“Tonight all he’ll want is to hook up with some girl, in other words use her,” Zan said looking angry.
“Zan what’s wrong? You know Rath’s like that,” Vilandra said looking worried at Zan.
“They just fall at his feet though you know,” Zan said quietly.
“You’re jealous?” Vilandra said surprised.
“Just of the fact that they fall for him so easily, and he can just be arrogant and rude and cast them aside,” Zan said watching Rath.
“Zan you don’t want to be like him,” Vilandra started “Rath does that because he’s scared to let anyone in. I don’t want you to be rude like that with girls. Don’t be a user Zan.”
“Yeah I don’t want that either. But sometimes I wish that maybe I could just not care so much you know,” Zan said gazing off at the people.
“Zan you are the most wonderful person, and I know you are going to find her,” Vilandra said squeezing Zan’s hand.
“Yeah but maybe it’ll be better if I don’t find her, because I’ll just have to give her up,” Zan said sadly.
“Zan you can’t live your whole life alone,” Vilandra said softly.
“I’ve managed so far,” Zan said quietly.
“So hows it goin?” Rath said loudly planting himself next to Zan.
“Fine,” Zan replied.
“I want to dance,” Vilandra said looking towards the dance floor.
“Well you won’t catch me on the dance floor,” Rath stated.
“We know that,” Zan and Vilandra said in unison.
Rath smirked while they laughed at him.

Finn, Joll, Skye and Curt had found a table near the top end of the room and were talking.
“So who’s going to dance with me first? You know cos soon they’ll be lined up around the ballroom and out the door,” Joll said looking at Finn and Skye.
“Not me buddy, I promised Curt the first dance,” Skye smiled sweetly at Joll.
“Well Joll you can have my first dance,” Finn said.
“Deal,” Joll smiled broadly.
“I’m gonna go get a drink, do you guys want?” Skye said getting up.
“Yes please,” Finn said.
“Yep,” Curt said.
“Yip, I’ll come with,” Joll said getting up.
Skye and Joll went to get drinks while Finn and Curt sat chatting.

“I’m gonna get another drink, you guys want?” Rath said getting up, he was quite bored.
“Yes,” Vilandra said looking at the crowd of people.
“Yeah I’ll come with you,” Zan said getting up.
Zan and Rath walked over to the drinks table.
They were standing behind a girl and a guy who were trying to get their drinks.
“What? No I said I wanted two juices and two beers,” The girl said sounding frustrated.
“Hey come on buddy there are others waiting,” The boy said to the waiter.
Rath was getting impatient, Zan was amused.
Rath pushed up behind the girl and tried to move past.
“Hey! What are you doing?,” Skye said loudly and spun around “Who do you think you are buddy?”
Rath was taken back. He couldn’t speak.
“Well?” Skye demanded.
Rath stared at her, she was the sexiest girl he had ever seen. Her red dress was perfect and instantly he wanted to touch her hair.
Zan stared at the two of them and almost burst out laughing, no girl had ever treated Rath like that.
Joll elbowed Skye sharply in the ribs when he realised who the guy was.
“Ow! What?” Skye had turned her anger on Joll.
“Um we’re very sorry, we’ll come back later and get our drinks,” Joll said and dragged Skye by the elbow away from the drinks table.
Rath stared after her.

“What did you do that for?” Skye yelled at Joll.
“Skye do you know who that was?” Joll said.
“No, should I?” Skye said in a haughty voice.
“That was Rath,” Joll stated.
“Rath? Oh my God…the Rath?” Skye almost fainted. She had just yelled at the second in line to the throne.
“Yes,” Joll said grimly, then laughed.
“What’s so funny? I could be arrested or something,” Skye panicked.
Joll couldn’t stop laughing and Skye dragged him to their table.
Finn and Curt were staring at the two of them as they sat down, Joll in hysterics and Skye white as a sheet.
“Ok…What’s up with you two?” Finn asked slowly staring at the two of them.
“She…just…insulted…Rath…” Joll managed between laughing fits.
“Rath?” Finn said her eyes opening wide “Skye?”
“Yes I did. I take full responsibility. You can all visit me in jail,” Skye said tearfully.
“Oh my God,” Curt started cracking up.
“What is so funny?” Skye yelled and people surrounding them stared at her.
“No one has ever insulted Rath before…especially a chic,” Curt said finally after controlling himself.
Skye turned even whiter.
“Skye don’t worry, it’ll be fine,” Finn reassured her.
“Fine? I just insulted royalty? How is that fine?” Skye panicked.
“No seriously Rath’s cool, so chill out,” Curt said.
“He is?” Skye sounded hopeful.
“Yeah, don’t worry about it,” Curt said smiling “But damn I wish I’d seen it.”
“Me too,” Finn said smiling.
“Yes Ok you can all have a laugh at me,” Skye said smiling.

“What was that?” Zan laughed at Rath.
Rath looked bewildered.
“What you aren’t going to call the guard on her?” Zan joked.
“Nah I’ll let her off,” Rath said smiling.
“What are you smiling at?” Zan asked curious.
“Man did you see how hot she was?” Rath burst out.
Zan stared at him and started laughing.
“What?” Rath said self-conscious.
“Nothing,” Zan stopped laughing.
Zan looked at Rath and saw a strange expression.
“Man she really knocked you over,” Zan said raising his eyebrows.
“Huh?” Rath demanded.
“I’ve seen you look at girls like they were nothing, but you go after them anyway - for kicks. But when you looked at that girl, it was different,” Zan said.
“What do you mean?” Rath asked.
“I mean, this girl knocked you back and you still want her,” Zan said.
Rath looked uncomfortable.
“So go talk to her,” Zan said.
“What? No way,” Rath said instantly.
“Why not?” Zan asked “Not scared of her are you?”
“No,” Rath said quickly “Fine, come on then.”
“Huh?” Zan asked.
“You are coming with me,” Rath stated and walked off with Zan trailing.

At the table Skye is still recovering from her out burst, the others haven’t left her alone.
“You know what? Stop please, I know I always speak too soon,” Skye cried.
“Now you’ve learnt your lesson,” Finn smiled broadly.
“Yes mum,” Skye saluted and then paused in shock.
“Oh God, it’s him he’s coming over here,” Skye said trying to duck.
Joll turned around in his chair and saw Rath walking towards their table.
Rath reached the table and looked around at them.
“Rath, hey,” Curt said.
“Curt man hows it goin?” Rath said slapping Curt’s hand.
“Good, good. You want to sit?” Curt replied and Rath sat down across the table from Skye who was terrified.
Rath stared across the table and smirked at her.
“Here’s your drinks,” Rath said putting two drinks on the table “My mate’s bringing the other two.”
Skye was mortified.
“You didn’t get them before,” Rath was still staring at Skye.
“Oh Rath this is Joll,” Curt said pointing to Joll who was sitting one seat from Rath.
Rath shook his hand.
“Um I’m very sorry about before,” Joll stuttered.
“It’s cool,” Rath replied.
Joll was visibly relieved.
“This is Finn,” Curt pointed to Finn who was sitting between Curt and Skye.
“Hi,” Finn smiled nervously.
“Hey,” Rath smiled back.
“And this is Skye,” Curt said smirking at Skye.
Rath grinned at her broadly.
Skye timidly smiled back.
“I’m so sorry,” Skye said quietly.
“It’s Ok,” Rath said actually nervous.
“I’m just going to the bathroom Ok,” Finn said getting up and going to the bathroom.
After Finn left the table Zan approached placing two drinks on the table and sat between Rath and Joll.
“Zan you made it,” Rath said loudly.
The other three stared at Zan, which made him uncomfortable.
“This is Curt, Joll and Skye,” Rath said pointing at each of them.
Zan smiled at each of them and said hey.
The three of them could barely speak. Prince Zan was sitting at their table.
“Hope the drinks are Ok?” Zan said to Skye smiling.
“Um…yeah they’re great thank you,” Skye could barely get the words out.
Just then Finn arrived back at the table and sat between Skye and Curt.
Zan watched as the girl sat down directly across from him, and he felt his stomach fill with butterflies.
She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, and he knew that his life had changed forever.
Finn looked across the table realising that someone else was sitting at their table. Meeting the strangers eyes she felt her stomach tighten. He was beautiful. His dark eyes and his face were stunning. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from him. ‘Who is he? And why is he so familiar?’
“Finn this is Zan,” Curt offered.
“Zan this is Finn,” Rath said.
“Hi,” Finn almost whispered.
“Hi,” Zan replied just as quiet.
Finn had to look away, she felt if she stared at him much longer she would explode.
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