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“Mother, please don’t go! You can not be gone!” I screamed. She is all I have the only one who understood me. Now she is lying dead in my arms. I cradled her now cold body. She looks so pale now; her dark brown eyes looks dull and lifeless. How can I live without my mother? She was the only one who was always on my side. She actually let me had some sort of freedom. “She is dead Liz, it is time for you to just let her go.”
“Shut up Father! She is not dead, she is just sleeping.” I sobbed. I couldn’t believe that now I am lying to myself. God, please just let my mother wake up! How could this happen to my dear sweet mother? She was so caring, so kind, and so sweet. My Father should have been the one to get cancer. My Father’s body should be lying in this bed. But the world must play cruel sick jokes on me. I heard my father clap his hands and the servants came in to take my Mother’s body away from me. “No!” I yelled, while I held on to my Mother’s body like it was my own dear life. The servants only tugged at my mother’s body harder, but I wasn’t going to let go without a fight. When I still did not let go my father slapped me across the face. It took me off guard and my grip was loose enough to let the servants take complete control of the body. I went for her again, but that only led me to be hit again.
“Stupid girl, stop it now! You will obey me!” I coward to the corner of the bed and began to cry. “You knew that she was dying Liz. Just get over it and move on.” How could he say that about my mother; his wife? Maybe he does not care because he has so many whores. His favorite whore is a woman named Tess. Big breasted woman, with piercing blue eyes, and long golden hair. But my mother was far more beautiful then Tess. I am very happy that I took my mothers looks. Long black hair that fell past my shoulders, deep chocolate colored eyes that are full of life, small petite figure, beautiful soft lightly tanned skin, and the grace of a swan but the will of a tiger. Yes, most would say that I look exactly like my mother in every way. Most say that we could past for twins, if my mother was younger. I looked up at my Father who was staring back at me. He is a very big man, jet-black hair with a few strands of gray, he had a full beard, black cruel eyes, long pointy nose, and muscles like a black bear. I hated him, and I am pretty sure that he hates me.
“Just go away Father! Leave me alone!”
“I will be more than happy too. Zander will be here shortly.” My heart leaped to my throat. Zan is coming here? He has been gone for two years now. He went to go live with his father in Paris. He asked me to go with him, but I said now. My mother needed me here with her. In my last letter to Zan I was telling him that she was nearing death every day, and I never heard from Zan since, probably because he was on his way over here. He wants to surprise me by showing up! Zan and I have been friends since I was three. His Mother, Clara, is a chef here. My father and Clara had an affair once. So they have been close ever since. But I know that Zan and I aren’t related, because I have a different Father. My mother never did tell me who he was. She just told me that he was a very sweet man who will always have her heart. The true love of her life, and she was happy that I did not have a pig brain for a Father, but I brilliant man who cared. She would always tell me that I have his heart and the same soul. I really wish she told me his name before she died, but now her secret will be buried with her. I heard a small knock on the door. I stood up and straightened out my dress.
“Come in.” Zan bursted in my room and I ran into his arms. “Zan!”
“My dear sweet Elizabeth.” He whispered while he patted down my hair. “Your Father just told me the horrible news. I am so sorry Liz.” I looked into his teary amber eyes. His dark brown hair was toppled carelessly over his face. I moved the hair away and touched his silky skin. I admired the few freckles he had just gotten on his nose. I also noticed that Zan had gained quite a few muscles.
“I still can not believe that she is gone. I miss her already. I am so happy that you are here now.”
“When you wrote me that last letter I knew that I had to come. I dropped everything to be here with you.”
“You really are a girls best friend. What have you been up to for the last two years?”
“I went to school for a while, and I have my own little business in the marketplace.”
“Are you married or engaged?” (TBC????)

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"No, I have not found anyone yet. I have spoken to a few Father's, but I am not exactly rich. So I am not the first pick for anyone."
"But you would make the perfect husband! You are loyal, honest, and kind. I would marry you if my Father wasn't already looking for a suitor for me." We both laughed, but he then became very serious.
"Is he really looking for a suitor for you?"
"yes, he said I am sixteen years old, beautiful, not married, and he wants me the Hell out of here. But he also wants me to marry very well." What he really means is that he wants me to marry someone with a royal postion. My Father is a very rich man. Gold, wine, silver, silk, and lets not forget that he has plenty of whores that work by the hour. But what my father doesn't have is a princess. but he would much rather have a Queen. Does he actually think I would give him land? I would rather have him beheaded! Zan held my hands.
"I am sorry Liz, this must be so hard on you. I wish there was something I could do."
"You just being here is helping me Zan." Zan held me close to him, and old feelings begin to rise. I have always been in love with Zan, but when he left, I pushed all those feelings aside. I thought that I was never goign to see him again. I sat down on my bed and Zan took a seat beside me. I was still holding one of his hands, our fingers laced together. "How is your buisness in Paris?"
"Actually my buisness is in London. yOu can see the castle from where I live."
"No wonder it took you so long to get here to Spain. You should have told me you moved to England. YOu barely told me anything about your life in the letters."
"It was because when I wrote those letters all I was thinking about was how much I missed you. Plus, your messanger refused to travel all the way to England. So your letters were sent to Paris, then my father's messanger sent them to London. If you know what trouble it was to send a letter, I knew you would send less."
"You know me too well sometimes. What exactly do you want to do Zan? I really want to get my mind off of things."
"Well, how about we try sleeping? The sun has been down for quite a while. I am sure that we both need rest."
"Will you stay in my bed tonight, Zan?"
"You know I can not. Your father already had servants set up a room for me. I will come for you in the morning. Good night Liz."
"Good night Zan." Zan kissed me on the cheek, blew out the candles, and left me to sleep.


I walked back to my room a little bit dazed. Liz is so much more beautiful now. She has grown and matured. I could not help but glimpse at her breast a few times. They were practically falling out of her rasberry colored night gown. I had to force myself to look away. Her mother is dead, and all I can think about is what a ravishing beauty she is. I was shocked beyond words when she said she would marry me if she could. The words actually made my heart skip a few beats. But Liz can never marry me. She is upper class, and I am lower class. Liz deserves someone that can provide her with everything she needs. I could not buy her fancy dresses or jewels. But I could give her plenty of vegetables and chickens. But what kind of offer is that? I only have two servants who are taking care of the household and buisness. It would take about fifty servants just to take care of the first floor in th Ortecho's estate. Liz Father is beyond upper class. The Ortecho's could run their own country. That is probably what Richard wants to do. Have Liz married to the prince who is heir to the throne. I just hope that he does not succeed. I want to have Liz. I have dreamed of marrying her, that is why I started my own business. it is going okay, but it could be doing better. But I could never compare to a prince. Liz would much rather be royalty then a simple house wife. I went under the mink covers. They even use furs for covers. The only furs I own are from the rabbits I kill for supper. I have nothing to offer Liz but my love, but would that be enough for her? I am only making myself more depressed. I closed my eyes and went to sleep. (TBC?????)
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I felt someone shaking my body. I opened my eyes and felt the bright morning sun hitting my face. I had to squint to see and I found that Liz is the one shaking me. “Rise and shine sleepy head.” She said with a laugh. “You need to get out of bed or you will miss breakfast. Trust me, you do not want to miss breakfast. Your Mother has always been the best cook, but the food only taste good fresh.” I made a low groan, but rolled out of bed. I then followed Liz downstairs. Her father was already at the table with a blond. She looked me up and down like I was going to be her breakfast. I sat down by Liz. She did not look happy at all. Maybe it has something to do with the blond.
“Good morning Liz, good morning Zan, did two sleep well?”
“Yes sir, your servants made up my room very nicely.”
“I also slept well. I would ask you father, but I all ready take it that you did.” I saw Liz give the blond a dirty look.
“Please do not disrespect me at the table Liz.” Liz nodded.
“When is Mother’s funeral?” Liz asked while playing with the eggs on her plate.
“We had her body cremated last night.”
“You did what? How could you do that? Mother wouldn’t want to go that way! Mother was deathly afraid of fires!”
“It had to be done Liz. Her cancer could have polluted our soils. Her urn can be placed on the mantel in your room.” Liz grabbed the flower vase from the table and threw it to the floor. She then ran out. I quickly ran after her. She went outside into the garden. I placed my hands on her shoulders.
“Liz, please do not cry. Everything will be fine.”
“Everything is not going to be fine Zan. My mother is dead, and on top of everything she was not even given a proper burial. Her soul will never be at peace.”
“I am sure your Mother’s soul is at peace. Do not worry so much Liz, you are too young to be worried about everything.”
“So young that I need to be married off?”
“Society is just insane, Liz. People die young, so they are married young.”
“So, I guess that means that I am really old.”
“Come on now Liz, do not be so down. You are not old. You are young and beautiful.”
“Do you really think that I am beautiful?”
“You are the most beautiful creature that has stepped foot on this Earth.” It was true too. Her beauty surpasses anyone. I have searched high and low for someone that can even compare to Liz, but there is not a single soul.
“You are too kind Zan, but I do not think that I am that beautiful.” She said while blushing. It only made her look more beautiful. Her lips are so ripe, I wonder if she has ever been kissed? I inched my face closer to Liz’s. I saw her gulp, but she gather up all her strength and courage and inched closer to me. I am finally going to experience a forbidden kiss, but I love Liz and I will risk anything for her. I knew if anyone saw us kissing, fury would rise in the household. Our lips were not almost touching, but a woman’s scream broke us apart.
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Liz ran out of the room and so did the handsome young stranger. I could not help but to admire him. He is so very good looking. Much more good looking then fat ole' Richard. But Richard's wealth covered for his....unattractiveness. "You really had no need to be so borish!"
"How dare you call me borish? You need to stay in your place woman!"
"Woman? Last night you were screaming Tess!" I said with a bit of snootiness in my voice. I saw anger flare in Richard's eyes and I knew then that this was not an argument that I was going to win. I stood up and straightened out my flowing while silk dress. Maybe I shouldn't be here, I should leave. I began to head for the door, but I felt Richard's tight grip on my left upper arm.
"Don't you ever walk away from me Tess. You are just my whore! You never speak unless you are spoken to, and you do not leave until you are dismissed!" He said harshly. The tone in his voice frightened me. I should cowar, but for some reason today I felt like being stupid.
"I may be your whore Richard. But I am not, and will never be one of your damn slaves! I can say what I want to say and leave when I want to leave without consulting you, or hearing you whine about it!"
"That is where you are wrong Tess."
"Let go of my arm Richard. It is time for me to go to my home now."
"What home? This is wehre you live now!"
"I am leaving you Richard. I am tired of you treating me like one of your horses! Actually you treat your Andalusian's better than you treat me!" Now I knew that I was in for it. Richard let go of my arm and his hands were balled up in fists. Oh, what have I done? His face was slowly turning red and he is grinding his teeth together.In a matter of seconds my back was against the cool gray stone wall. "I..I am sorry." I said with a low whimper, but it was way too late for me to say I am sorry. Richard's fist was raised in the air and it slammed down on my cheek. A rich metallic flavor filled my mouth. I let out a heart wrenching scream. This only made Richard more angry. He slammed down on my again and again. My whole face was numb now. The next thing I know Richard was on the floor and the good looking man was glaring at him with his nostrils flaring.
"You never hit a lady. I have always respected you Richard, but not now."
"that is no lady. She is a whore Zan." Richard said while standing up. "I will forgive you this time, but next time you'll end up like Tess or worse." Zan then stormed out of the dining room. Liz knelt next to me. Two servants wlaked into the room.
"Bring towels and warm water to Tess's quartars." Liz instructed. the servants obeyed and scurried off. Liz and Zan then took me to my room.
"HOw is my face?" My face has awlays been my pride. When I walked in a room all eyes were on me.
"Do you have any loose teeth?" Zan avoided my question. My face must be really torn up.
"yes, tow of my back teeth are loose." I felt tears sting my eyes, I can't cry, not now. Zan and Liz began to clean my blood. "Please tell me how my face is Liz."
"My fatehr hit you very hard Tess, I am sorry. You ahve a black eye, bruises, your lip is cut open, and you have a bloody nose. Is it extremly painful?"
"My whole face is numb. Thank the Lord I can not feel it."
"You need some rest Tess." Zan stated.
"No, I can not stay another moment in this household. I do not like being hit. And I am sure that this will not be the last time. I want to return to my MOther."
"I give you my full permission to leave."
"I do not need your permission!" But the truth was I did need her permisson. I gathered my things and left on horseback(TBC?????)