Title: Living Together
Rating: PG 13(language)
Summary: I’ve read books like (Fearless, Mirror Image, Turning Seventeen, SVH, SVU, and other books. I’m mixing them into my story.)
Couple: Everyone
Disclaimer: Nobody sue please I’m taking some ideas from movies, books, television shows, and real life. No credit to me but to the author, and directors.

The Beginning of Life

[5:30 p.m] She heard the phone ring in her apartment but didn’t pick it up. First of all, it might be Maria asking her why she didn’t go to school today. Second of all, Liz was too busy admiring her abs.
Abs, She had abs. As in, discernible stomach muscles. Plus her waist was a good two sizes smaller, her bust fuller. Plus she lost 12 pounds, and it hadn’t even been a good two weeks since she started college. (Author’s note: from the book Mirror Image.) What was happening to her, Liz thought. She had started having dreams in the middle of the night, she would always awake in a sweat and a disoriented feeling, and over the days she had started exercising a lot. “Maybe I’m finally growing-up” she whispered to herself. She put on her blue and white sneakers, and her north-face coat and hat. “I’m running late” saying to herself as she opened, closed and locked the door with her key to her no cozier apartment in 1 week.

Liz put on her uniform at the restaurant ‘Fire and Ice’. She didn’t see Maria, which was a good sign. Liz had worked in this restaurant since she was fifteen years old until her mother and father died in a car accident when she was eighteen years old. She was serving young women when she saw Zan the obnoxious idiot come into the restaurant.
“Oh gosh, where is Maria when I need her” whispered Liz. As if on cue Maria came bursting through the front door with Alex by her side. “ Look who it is the Liz, the girl who can’t call nobody and Zan the irritable fool. Said Maria as she went in the back to put on her uniform. “ Shut up Ria’ I hadst a very badst day lookins fors an apartment ands I donts needs ur bull todays. Ok’s” said Zan as he sat at the counter.
“Whatever, I’ll deal with you later (pointing to Zan), you I’ll deal with now (pointing her finger at me). “Look I had a nightmare and I was way too stressed out to go to school, ok.” I said while taking an order. “What was it about, was it when you saw me naked and actually didn’t liked it.” said Alex with a smirk on his face “No it was about me seeing you naked and I actually liked it” I said while putting my face in a nasty way. “So anything on apartments, ria’” I said while getting the customers change. “Yea I found some, 1 had roaches everywhere you look, with a really bad stench. 1 had some nasty white liquid stuff on the floor and I don’t wanna know what it is. 1 had only 1 bedroom the size of a bathroom, and finally 1 had 8 bedrooms which was really nice and comfy,” said Maria while catching her breath. “Eight rooms, gosh I wish my apartment building wasn’t being torn down,” I said after listening to Maria. I soon saw Isabel, Zan’s sister, Kyle, which was the son of the head of the police station two blocks away, Micheal, Maria’s off and on boyfriend, and Tess, Zan’s boyfriend I mean girlfriend come in to the restaurant. “Hello everyone” said Isabel while looking everywhere but at Maria. Isabel had flirted with Micheal one time and Maria had found out. Zan was staring at me, Maria was wiping the counter and Alex was…………. Wait what was Alex doing ohhh of course, looking at Isabel. “Wait a minutes” said Zan as he jumped up. “I know Isabel doesn’t have an apartments that’s 1z, Kyle just got kicked out of his that’s 2z, Micheal sleepz in a dumpster house that’s 3z, I’m looking for an apartment that’s 4 and Tess is livings with hers parents that’s 5z and you 3z(he pointed his finger at Me, Alex, and Maria) are looking for an apartment that’s 8z, Maria didn’t you say yous founds an apartment with 8 rooms and it’s really 4 seezy.” Said Zan. “ Hold up I do not think so ok, I am not living with 7 people especially her.” She said while rolling her eyes at Isabel. “Yea and I do not want to hear you and Tess doing your thing at night in my ear ok” I said. “Wait, I think Zan has a point, we could at least try it” said Alex. Maria and I looked at him dumbfounded. “Here’s the deal, yous guys can looks for apartments tomorrow, if you don’ts finds anys we move ins, if you does then Me, Isabel, Kyle, Tess and my boyz Alex here wills finds two others to takes urs space” said Zan. Maria and I were angry but we made the bet, and guess what, we lost, we found 0, zip, nadda apartments and tomorrow now I have to move in with the al mighty Zan the

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