Title: Road of Life
Author: Diamond Love
Couple: I don't no yet maybe M/L & Z/L
Disclaimor: I don't own nothin not Roswell or anything here. I just make up and write stories 4 fun

“Say cheese Liz” said Kyle
Liz smiled a big smile to the video camera as she continued to roam the building.
“We are here with Ms. Parker to beat the crap out of the latest person, we have been informed that the person is in this building, I repeat is in the building.” Said Alex while chuckling his way through.
“You guys are idiots, you no that” said Maria as she hit Alex over the head. Alex let out a big whimper “Oww”
“Shhhh you guys” whispered Liz, as she led them down the stairs.
“We have with us, Elizabeth Parker, known as Liz the Dynamite, because she’s even more powerful than a dynamite, we have also Maria Deluca, formerly known as M&M because even right now she’s eating her way through an M&M bag leaving trails behinds” whispered Alex, laughing at his comment.
Maria absently hit him over the head again with her hand.
“Come on you guys cut it out,” said Liz as she led them through a dark passage way.
“Kyle flashlight” continued Liz as Kyle handed her a flashlight out of the backpack.
“We also have Kyle Valenti, who is working the camera, he is known as Kyle the camera guy, no point in telling you why, and last but not least, is me, Alex Whitman, known as Alex the L-L-L-L-Laughman, you should no why already” said Alex.
“This is what we usually do, every time we face a big bad monster, Liz comes to the rescue and we video tape everything.” Continued Alex.
“Where ready, Kyle you no what to do.” Said Liz.
“Ready” they all said in unison.
Kyle put down the camera and gave Liz and Maria a white lab coat. He pinned down a small metallic device to Liz’s lab coat, small to Maria.
“Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3” said Maria; she looked over at Alex who looked over at his computer screen and nodded.
“Ready” Liz said as she slowly lowered herself down, as did Maria.
Maria and Liz were now crawling through the heating vent that was in the ceiling.
Liz looked down and nodded at Maria who was behind her. She pushed the window-door open and slowly jumped down to the ground, Maria followed.
“You ready for Freddy” said Maria
“Ready, and Good luck” said Liz as they both went their separate ways.
Liz went left and Maria went right.
Liz shivered as she walked through the white hall, passing people, who nodded at her in approval.
She remembered when she used to be dragged through these halls on force. She remembered when she was a prisoner here, now she was in here again to she if she could find documents on her life.

Liz walked over to a corner door that was guarded by a man in a black and blue suit. “Excuse me mister, your going to be unconscious for a few minutes okay” said Liz as she neared closer to the guard. “What?” As if on cue the lights turned off revealing pitch darkness. “Thanks Maria” said Liz. All could be heard now was some bones cracking and a person falling to the floor. Liz flashed on her flashlight and searched the guard for a card. She soon found it along with some keys; she took up the card and swiped it through the door. The door automatically opened revealing a pitch-dark room.
She ran her flashlight through the room immediately finding the computer. She ran over to it and did her work.
“Any luck” appeared Maria at the door.
“Yea I’m downloading it on the disk”
“You got 5 minutes left until the lights come on.” Called Maria.
Liz could hear people running up and down the halls screaming to turn the lights back on immediately. Some of them had flashlights in their hands but Maria took care of them.
“Ummm, you no when you go in the security room, and they have all the screens of rooms that have camera’s in it,” said Maria.
“Yea, so” said Liz as she patiently waited for the disk.
“Well one of those screens had people locked up in a cell, like you once was”
“Oh, that’s all you have to say Liz, they were human beings.”
“So what do you want me to do, rescue them”
“Well yea”
“What!! Your crazy”
“Liz Please”
As if on cue the disk popped out, Liz put the desk in her pocket and ran out of the room, she sighed then asked the question.
“Where were they?”

They came to a door, which needed to be opened by a key. Liz ordered Maria to run to where the guard was and get the keys on him. When Maria came back she gave Liz the keys. Liz tried every one of the keys until one opened the door. Liz and Maria came to a room that was all glass when the opened the door, she kicked her feet into the glass shattering it to pieces. The people inside of it were scared as hell.
“Come on we only got 2minutes!” shouted Liz.
Maria helped gather them out of the cell.
As they ran back to where they started, Liz heard Alex talk. “Hey, you guys ready yet?”
“Oh yea” said Maria.
Soon she heard crawling noises through the ceiling. She soon saw Alex’s hand sticking out. Each of the prisoners went up, holding on to Alex’s hand. Maria then went up, just as Liz was about to grab hold, the lights came on, revealing her in the middle of a crowd of guards and the master of the institute. Liz has seen him so many times; she winced at him, then got a hold of Alex’s hand and climbed up.
“Let her go!” shouted the master of the institute.
He only watched as her feet disappeared into the ceiling, and only heard the noises of crawling sounds heard above.

Sorry about any mistakes

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