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Title: Dangerous Paths
Author: M&L Mighty Love
Couple: L/Z (not sure)
Summary: Liz is form New York; she has dreams every so often. She one day goes to Roswell and see’s the person who had died in her dream on a newspaper. She then investigates and soon realizes that she is the Chosen One; follow her footsteps to all the daring places she goes.
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I’m trying to make this humorous like Steve Harvey, Jamie Foxx, or a comedy show. I’m trying to make this sexy like Sex and the City and others.
I’m trying to make this daring like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Dark Angel, and others. Behr with me pleez!

Chapter 1A
She was at a party dressed in all black with her hair let down; her face was round and smooth. Her lips were cherries and her eyes were smoky. She went over to the bar to get a drink, as she walked over there she could sense her being watched everywhere. She looked around but only saw people dancing to Janet Jackson song. She turned around only to find the bartender looking at her strangely. “Wait” she said bitterly as she raised an eyebrow. “Nothing” replied the bartender. “It’s just that you’re an ass”
“Excuse” shouted the girl, but before she could say another word, she was struck in the back with a knife. She could hear screaming coming from every direction. She slid down to the floor, blood coming from everywhere. Above she could see her friends by her side, she couldn’t move or talk, she only heard silence. Her eyes started to blur, the only thing she could see was dark. She could feel the blood draining from her. “Goodbye” she whispered as her heart stopped beating. “Goodbye”

“Ahhhh” screamed the girl as she screamed out loud, as she awoke from her sleep.
“Is there a problem Ms. Parker,” said the man in front of her.
“No, I’m, I’m sorry, sorry” she stuttered to the man. She jumped out of her seat and rushed down the hall only to be knocked out of breath by a person.
“Watch it Parker, you Bitch!” said the girl.
“Fuck off Deluca,” breathed out the girl who was now on the floor.
The girl got off the floor and ran to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror.
God, I look terrible thought the girl.
“Hey Parker, you dropped your library card, when you bum rushed into me, I wouldn’t be giving it back, but I feel good to- O my gosh, you look terrible” said the girl who had stepped into the bathroom.
“Could you get off my damn back, and stop calling me Parker, my name is Liz”
“Damn Ms. Attitude, it’s not like you call me Maria anyway”
“Fine ‘Maria’ could you just please leave me alone”
Before Maria could reply to her comment Liz fell to the ground and started crying.
“Um I better go, I’m not ready for this girly crap,” said Maria.
“Wait!” shouted Liz just as Maria was about to leave.
“Could you just sit with me for a while, please” Liz said with pleading eyes.
Maria slowly made her way to Liz and knelt on the floor, she slowly and fearfully wrapped her arm around Liz’s shoulders.

“You have to come to Roswell Liz”
“Yea well I think I have enough things on my shoulders”
“Please, you’ll love it”
“I don’t no my moth-”
“Please, you mother knows me”
“I know Alex, but”
“But nothing, please Liz, just for this weekend okay,”
“Please, with cherries on top”
“(Laughter) Ok fine, only for the weekend okay”
“Okay, Okay”
“I’ll see you in two days”
“I’ll be waiting”
(The phone hangs up)
Liz turned around and walked into the shower, which she was just about to do until her friend Alex called.
She turned on the pipe and let it run for a few minutes, then climbed in.
She could feel the soft yet hot water running down her skin. Just as Liz was about to take up the soap she felt a shock of pain at her chest, she held at her chest hard, until the string of pain went away which was about until 3 minutes. She rested her head on the shower tile wall. She took deep breaths, but what came out were whimpers, whimpers of sorrow and sadness.

“My favorite girl is here,” said Alex as he walked up to his friend at the front door.
“Who? O you mean me,” said Liz as she embraced Alex in a hug.
“So what’s up” asked Alex.
“Nothing much, you no me” replied Liz as she gave Alex her duffel bag.
“Whatever, so how are the nightmares”
“There getting better” lied Liz as she stepped inside the house.
“Nice place” continued Liz.
“Yea well mom and dad are out for the weekend so keep it clean” said Alex as he entered the kitchen.
“So you said Roswell would be fun, where’s the boys, where’s the clubs, the hangouts” asked Liz.
“O well, you’ll see some boys soon, and one of the bestest club got closed down because of a shooting” said Alex.
“What, who got shoot” asked Liz.
“It’s in the newspaper on the couch, front page,” said Alex.
Liz walked into the living room; she slowly picked up the newspaper, revealing the picture.
“Liz, what’s the matter?” asked Alex as he stepped inside of the living room.
Liz knew her face was white as the French manicure she had on.
“O my god”
“What?” questioned Alex.
“That’s the girl from my dream”

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Chapter 1 was called “THE BEGINNING OF TIME.
When you first meet Liz, and Maria, and encounter Liz’s visions
Chapter 1A is called “LIZ, ALEX, LONNIE, RATH, XAN, and AVA”
When you meet the dupes and Alex, they learn about Liz.
Chapter 1B will be called “JUST STARTING”
Remember how Buffy was a little shaky at first when she first started fighting vampires.
Well this time it’s Liz.

Chapter 1A

“Liz what are you talking about” asked Alex as he walked over to Liz.
“She, she was in my dream,” said a fearful Liz.
“How do you know that that’s her” asked Alex, he took Liz’s hand in his and began rubbing it.
“She looks just the same, she was blonde, had blue eyes, the same face shape, Alex that’s her”
“But, anyone can be blonde and blue-eyed.”
“It’s different though,” said Liz while turning to Alex.
“It’s the same person,” continued Liz.
“Liz, look, think about what you’re saying, you sound like your crazy” said Alex
“But nothing, look just relax and I’m sure you’ll realize that it’s your imagination,”
Alex looked at Liz sternly.
Liz took off her shoes and then laid on the couch, she looked at Alex one last time, then closed her eyes, and drifted away.

~“Who are you?” said the blonde-haired girl with red highlights.
“I’m the key to life and death,” said the blonde girl.
“What?” questioned the blacked- haired boy.
“I’m was chosen to be the one, who kills the bad people and saves the good people” replied the blonde- girl.
“And guess what you’re the bad people” continued the blonde girl.
“What?” said a next black haired boy.
“You heard me, your going to die” said the blonde haired girl.

Liz awoke out of breath, with a bad headache. It was dark outside. Liz jumped out from the sofa and put on her coat as quickly as possible. She quietly crept up to Alex’s room and got out him address book. She searched for the club that was on the newspaper. Liz knew that the Alex’s had threw away the newspaper, he had thrown it outside so that Liz wouldn’t see it again. Liz found the address of the club in the book, she wrote it down as quickly as possible then quietly crept down the stairs out the door.
As Liz was walking down the street she thought of how quiet Roswell was in the night, but in New York it was crowded and lively still. Liz found her way around Roswell quite easy and soon found herself facing the club. Around the building were police tape, that said ‘Do not Cross-’.

Liz went under the tape and made her way to the door of the club. The door was open so she made her way inside. As she was looking around see got images of the girl being stabbed. The club smelled like beer and dust. Just as Liz was about to take a next step, she heard a whimper. She turned around only to see a girl on the floor with her head in her lap crying. Liz was about to turn around but she stepped on a piece of paper, which made the girl look up.
“What the hell are you doing here?” said the girl.
“I’m sorry, I was just looking around.” Said Liz.
“You have no business here, so beat it,” said the girl.
“Did you know her?” asked Liz as she walked up to the girl.
The girl started to cry again but held up her head.
“Yea, she was like a sister to me,” she said.
“Oh” that was all Liz could say, it was “O”
“Who’s going to protect us now” said the girl.
“What do you mean?” asked Liz curiously.
“Life and Death is what we used to call her,” said the girl.
Liz jumped up in surprise to those words, she quickly remembered her dream.
“She saved your life or something,” asked the girl.
“No, I just had a bad dream that’s all.” Said Liz as she quickly stood up.
“Wait a second, I no that tattoo,” said the girl quickly.
“What, What tattoo,” asked Liz, as she looked at the girl.
“The tattoo on your back, Serina had the same one,” said the girl uneasy.
Liz turned to see what she was talking about. The girl led Liz to a room that was all mirrors. Liz lifted her shirt from the back, only to reveal a tattoo. The tattoo was a red and white rose. Liz was about to scream until she realized that she was surrounded by mirrors. Liz did the only thing she could think of, that was to ~FAINT~
And so she did, she hit the ground like a bag of potatoes.

“Why’s you bout her here”
“For real, man, she look likes a lil ho, my lil ho”
“Could ya’ll please shut up, and could you speak proper grammar please”
“Just cause you sign up for some stupid law school, ands you learns a proper grammar don’t mean we have too”
“Shut up Ava”
“YO lookie here my ho is waking up”

“Where, where am I” said the sleepily Liz. Her head was hurting and her eyes were heavy”
“You’s underground my lil ho”
“Rath, stop it please,” said the girl who Liz had saw at the club.
“Hi my name is Isabel Lonnie Evans, call me Lonnie” continued the girl. She then gave a nudge to the girl standing next to her.
“Oh, my name is Ava”
“Tell your full name idiot” said Lonnie.
“F you, wha eva my name is Tess Harding but my peeps calls me Ava” said Ava.
“Hey my lil ho, my name is, Michael Guerin, but all over no me as Rath because if anyone mess wit me, they’ll face the Rath.”
“Yo this is F***ed up,”
“Please Xan” pleading Lonnie with her eyes.
“My name is Alexander Evans, as you’s can tell in the mid’s of my name is Xan so gets its straight aight.”
“ummmmmmmmm, I ‘m having another vision that’s it, it’s another vision.” Whispered Liz.
“You be havin visions” asked Xan.
“Before we get to that’s what’s your name?” asked Lonnie.
“Ummm, it’s Liz, Elizabeth Parker”
“Well why don’t we just call you Zabeth since everyone gots nicknames” said Lonnie.
“What, What am I doing here” asked Liz as she slowly got up from the broke-down bed.
“Well, Lonnie here’s thinks that you’re the new KEY,” said Ava.
“The what?” said Liz.
“You be havin visions.” Repeated Xan.
Before she could reply Rath asked a question
“Is you a ho” asked Rath.
Before she could say no she was interrupted again.
“you the next Serina” asked Ava.
“Where are you from?” asked Lonnie.
“STOP!!!” yelled out Liz.
Her whole body started to shake; she knew it was another vision coming. She could feel the pain that the girl who got stabbed felt, she started to scream in agony. Her head was pounding harder than ever. She saw different colors Red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, she even saw numbers. SHE WAS GOING OUT OF HER MIND.
The feeling of pain was starting to slow doing.
She opened up her eyes. Xan’s hand was on the shoulder, and her looked like a ghost who was scared to death.
“I, I, I, I, I, I, I saw what you saw” stuttered Xan.
“I, I, I, I, I, I, I felt what you felt” whispered Xan.
Liz quickly got out of his grasp. She slowly made her way across the room but was stopped by Lonnie. “You’re the one,” she said piercing her eyes through Liz’s.
“You’re the one”


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