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Title: Another Life
Author: Karen
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing, unfortunatly, that is of course, except for a bunch of magazines with Jason and the Cast and a couple of taped eppies..hehehe...
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Summary: AU Z/L ok, this may seem confusing at first, but it'll explain itself in due time..but here it is in a nutshell...The aliens are Liz Isabel Michael and Max..Liz and Michael are siblings and Max and Izzy, however, Max died when the ship crashed. Something happens in New York to make Zan go in search of his 'True Queen'. Liz's parents know Michael and her are siblings but were too late to get custody of him....there, now if you still wanna ya go!


Zan was running down the subway tunnel. He knew he shouldn't have left her all alone with them! He realized what a mistake it was when he heard Dee cry out to him for help mentally. Damn them! When he got his hands on them-"Zan!!!" He heard her painful scream for him. He could feel the sting of tears at the back of his eyes and tried to blink them back. He could hear Rath and Lonnie laughing evily.

When he got there, Rath and Lonnie were already running off, but all he could see was her. His beautiful Dee balled up on the floor. He ran to her and cradled her in his arms.

"Dee! Dee!! Come on baby! wake up! I can't help you if you don't open your eyes! Come on!" He could already feel the tears slipping down his face, falling onto her soft, brown hair. He looked down into her face, stroking her hair.

"Dee.." he whispered. She opened her eyes slightly

"Zan..." She wispered. Zan's eyes shot open upon hearing his angel's voice.

"Dee! hold on! Let me heal you baby, hold on! God, I'm so sorry!" he was placing his hand over her forehed, wen he felt her hand on his arm.

"Zan-" "No your strength, hold on." "No-Zan, listen to me!" She said more forcefully. Zan, shocked, looked down into her eyes, nodding.

"Zan, my time is up. But you must find her. She needs you. You will learn to lover her, and she you." Seeing Zan shake his head, she placed a finger on his lips to stop his words. "Zan, she's not like us and neither are they. They are the true four. Please be patient with them, and take care of them." she whispered and closed her eyes, taking her last breath. Zan looked down at her as her hand slipped away.

"Dee? Dee!!!" He pulled her closer, rocking back and forth. He felt as if a piece of him had been cruelly ripped away without any warning. Tears were streaming down his face. "I don't know what to do...What do I do? Who am I supposed to find?" he whispered to her lifeless body over and over.

"You have to find the queen." Zan looked up, startled by the sudden interruption. Standing before him was a girl, about Dee's age. She had long, curly, auburn hair and flashing green eyes. She word black boots, lowslung leather pants, a maroon shirt, and a black leather trench coat. Zan quickly threw up his green sheild.

"What do you wan?! Who are you?!" He growled. For all he knew, she was here to finish off Rath and Lonnie's dirty work. "My name is Serena. I am the Seer who was sent to guide you and the other three. However, I have not been able to find you until now." Zan took all of this in and looked at her hard. "What do you mean 'Seer'?"

Serena sighed and sat down. "I can 'see' things. Sort of like premonitions. They come in flashes. I can't make them come willingly, they just come." She said sadly, already knowing his reaction.

"So you knew she was going to die!!? You could've saved her and you didn't! You let your queen be murdered!" he yelled. "Zan..errr..Sire, I didn't know she was going to die. I only knew where to go and that something big was about to happen." Zan just continued to stare at her.

"Please, you can trust me." She pleaded to him with her eyes. Zan silghed and lowered his sheild. "What do you mean I have to find the queen? Dee was the queen." He said sadly, looking at her quickly disappearing form.

"There's something you have to now." Zan stood and walked over to where she was sitting on the dingy couch. He stood over her with his arms crossed.

"What are you talking about?" he asked. "Well..." she began "you're not really one of the royal four, not originally anyways." "What are you talking about? Of course I am! I am Zan Haltor, Ruler of the House of Antar and it's four neighboring planets!!" "Zan, just listen and don't interrupt-got it?" She said, her patience wearing thin...they couldn't waste too much time. Zan grunted a yes and Serena continued. "Ok, your mother wanted to make sure that once on this planet, that if anything happened to the Royal Four, there would be, well, sort of a uhhh...Back-up plan I guess you could say. So she sent the true four down, only, their ship crashed and the King was killed instantly. But all was not lost, folr there was still the duplicates, or dupes. You, Dee, Lonnie, and Rath were the dupes. However, when the true King Zan died, you automatically became the true King. Your true Queen is in Roswell, New Mexico, we have to find her before Rath and Lonnie get to her and kill her." Zan thought about it all and let it sink in for a few minutes. "So that 's what she meant. I'll have to marry her, won't I?" Serena sighed again. "yes, we have to go back to Antar and they will expect their King and Queen to be united." Zan just nodded. Serena stood and led him to the entrance of the subway. "Come on, we gotta go now. Time's running out and She's not doing so well." Zan looked at her puzzingly. "Who?" "Your Queen."


you like? I can't really write New York accents very well, so you can use your imagination or whatever, but I'm just writing it regular. Please tell me if I should continue though!!!!

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ok, to answer some of your questions pandas..In my story, Michael hide just like in the show but by the time the Parker's found out about him, it was too late and he was already adopted but is now emancipated so some of the things in the show have happend, sorry if that confuses you. And, yes, they are all close like our fav. Pod Squad. Hope I haven't left you more confused than before! Anywho, here's a new part!! I just couldn't hold back!! *big*

***Part 1***

Roswell, New Mexico
exact time Dee was murdered


Maria bent over to help Liz clean up the plates she just dropped. "Chica, you feelin' okay? You're looking kind of pale."

Liz picked up the remaining pieces and discarded them in the trash.

"yea, it's just a bug I guess. My head is throbbing!" Maria felt her forehed and put her hands on Liz's shoulder, leading her into the breakroom.

"Here, sit down and chill for a minute. Take some advil. Just RELAX!" Liz laughed and then winced at the pain it caused her.

"Alright, now, rest! I'll be back in a miute." Liz nodded and laid down on the couch. As soon as Maria had left, she felt a blinding pain shoot through her body and reside in her head. Emotions not her own bombarded her senses. Fear, pain, sorrow, anxiety, hope, love, and anticipation. She could see the outline of a figure, but the only part of it that was clear, was it's amber eyes, boring holes into her. Liz shot up off the couch.

"Michael..." She gasped. Michael came in from the kitchen to see Liz stumbling towards him, blindly.

"Liz! Liz! What's wrong?!" he reached out to grab her as she fell and placed her on the couch. Maria, hearing the commotion, came into the backroom to see Liz staring straight up at the ceiling with silver eyes. 'God, it's a good thing she knows.' Michael thought as he saw Maria ready to freak.

"Michael? oh my god! What's wrong with her?!" She exclaimed, running over and kneeling beside Liz. "I don't know, but we gotta get her out of here! Bring the Jetta around back, we'll take her to my place." Maria nodded. Michael picked Liz up and brought her out to the car, still getting no response from her. She was burning up and her silver eyes were still staring straight up into nothingness.

"Maria, can you cover for her? tell her parents she's at your house or something." He asked as he placed her on his bed. "Yeah, sure. Michael, what's wrong with her?"

By this time, maria was more than freaked and way beyond worried. Liz still wasn't responding and still staring off into space, no pun intended. Every now and then she'd let a soft, painful moan escape her lips but that was it.

"Michael, isn't there anything you can do? Like, heal her or something?" Michael was pacing back and forth, leaving a message for Isabel, Alex, and Kyle, telling them to come straight over. He put the phone down and sat next to Liz. "I can't heal her, not really. I can only heal superficial damage, and believe me, I'm sure this is beyond superficial. Liz is the only one who can heal that much. We'll have to have Isabel try to dream walk her when she gets here." "Michael, I don't think she's sleeping." maria pointed out gently.

"I know! But, we have to do something. I can't lose her Maria!" He choked, running his hands through his unruly hair. "I now, we won't lose her. She's stubborn and she's a fighter, just like her brother." She said, smiling at him. Just then, Isabel, Alex, and Kyle came barging in. "What happened to her?" Isabel cried as everyone gathered around Liz. "I don't know. She just sort of passed out and her eyes are all silver and she won't respond to us. Isabel, I think you might have to-" "Don't even say it, Just get me a pillow, in case it takes long."

They all made Isabel comfortable, then went to sit in various chairs in the living room, waiting. In the bedroom, Isabel had laid down next to Liz and placed her hand over the hand of the only sister she'd ever known. The connection took a bit of forcing on her part, but she was eventually in. Once she was in, she looked around and found herself in what looked like a dirty subway tunnel. In the distance, she could hear a girl who sounded a lot like Liz, screaming for someone named Zan. She sounded like she was in so much pain that it brought her to tears. Isabel shook them off and started making her way towards the screaming. She had to be strong for Liz. When she came to the source, she saw two figures hunched over a young woman, beating her. She looked around and saw Liz standing nearby and watching the whole scene somberly.

"Liz! Liz! What's going on?" Liz turned to meet her eyes and isabel saw that she was crying.

"They hurt her so bad. He tried to save her. But they hurt her so bad. It's not his fault!" Isabel was confused. "Liz, what are you-"

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the two attackers running towards them. They looked so much like her and Michael that all she could do was stare. They looked a little different though. More punked-out. Then, another guy ran to the girl from the opposite direction.

"She's dead." Liz whispered. Isabel could feel the tears and what shocked her was that she didn't even know these people. All she could feel was the pain and sense of loss coming from this man. So much that it even hurt. If she was feeling it this much by being connected to Liz, what was Liz feeling? Suddenly, she felt herself flying through space, at light speed. The stars began to fly by so fast, she could only make out little white blurs. And then, she understood.


Isabel woke up from the connection with a start. She brought her hand up to her mouth. "Oh my god." She whispered to herself. She got up on shaky legs and walked into the living room. Everyone rushed to her at once, demanding answers. "Ok, just sit down, and I will explain it. At least, what I know."

Everyone became quiet and sat back down. Michael, who was never one to stay quiet, spoke up. "Isabel, what the hell is going on?! You were in there for 2 and a half hours!!" Isabel looked up at the clock. "Oh my god, that's never happened before." she said, dazed. "So Iz, what happened." Alex said gently, bringing her back on track. "Oh, right, well..." She explained to them what she knew about Dee's death and the dupes and Zan. When she was done, she looked around to gauge their reactions. Michael, as always, was hard to read, Kyle looked like he was about to pass out and Maria just sat their staring at her while Alex's mouth and eyes were wide open in shock.

"So this Zan guy, he's the duplicate, or dupe, whatever, of this other alien that was supposed to be with you guys...only, your 'version' of him died, making the Zan dude your true king and now he's coming here to find Liz cuz she's his 'True Queen' And your freaky ass look alikes killed his 'mate'? Well, now, I've heard everything." Maria said, flailing her arms about. "And just who does he think he is? What, is he just gonna barge in here and think he's gonna be able to just, whisk her off to another planet?! Oh! I do NOT think so!!" "Maria, Maria, calm down, sniff some cedar oil." Michael said, sitting her down on the couch. "Actually, she has it about right." Isabel said somberly. Just then there was a knock at the door. Before Michael could answer it, tall red-head walked in, followed by the man Isabel had seen in Liz's mind.

"EXCUSE ME!! who do you think you are?! What do you want?!" Michael said, jumpin up and blocking their path, with Alex and Michael right behind him.

"Move, we need to see the Queen, she needs help."

"Listen, I don't ca-" Isabel, eyes wide, grabbed the boys shirts and pulled them out of the way, whispering, "That's him, Zan, he's the only one who can save her." Michael followed him into the bedroom, but was quickly shooed out by the girl. He sat down in a chair and sulked.


As soon as Zan had laid eyes on her, he knew it would be hard not to fall for her. Hell, he already was and she hadn't even glanced at him...'yea, like she's in any mood to be checkin' out some street urchin' He thought to himself.

"Alright, what do I do? This don't look fixable Sere.." He began.

"Just place your hands on both sides of her head and it will happen naturally. She just needs you to break the connection she still has. You see, her mind is basically still reaching out, trying to find Dee, only, it's backfiring and overloading her brain with work. She just needs you to bring her back." Zan nodded, cuz he really had no clue what the hell she had just said. He walked over to her and was amazed at how much she looked like Dee. Minus the tats, piercings and red streaks in her hair that is. He sat down next to her and placed his hands on her head. As soon as he connected, he was bombarded by visions of her life. Her love for her family, her fear at being exposed, her love of life, and her love for a person she had never known...her mate. He found what was 'connecting' her to Dee, and reluctantly cut the cord. When it was done, he opened his eyes. He looked down at his queen and her eyes were still open and silver. After a minute she closed them and when she opened them, they were the same familiar soft brown of Dee's. She focused them and looked around the room. Then her eyes landed on Zan and she gasped. They were the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. His face was indescribable..and his body....

"Hey, I'm Zan." he whispered softly, as to not disturb her. "I know, I'm Liz." She replied. Zan smiled. Her voice was so sweet. He remembered what Dee had said. He had thought he could never love anyone after her, Destiny be damned. But watching Liz study him, he felt his stomach tie up in knots and he could feel something inside him stir that he had never felt before...


Well, hope you liked, I'm gonna try to get part two done for pleas!!!
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"Ummm, Zan, sir, I'm going to go out, ummm...there, and uh, let you two...yea. ok." Serena noticed the staring contest going on between the two, and so far, Zan hadn't moved away from Liz and liz hadn't moved either.

"Uhhh...yea..sure." Zan mumbled. Serena stepped outside and the one she presumed as Rath, stepped up into her space.

"What the hell is going on?! What is he doing to her? And who are you?!" Serena scowled and stepped back as a petite blonde came forward and pulled him back.

"Chill Spaceboy. Obviously she's not evil, she came with the King. Give her a chance to talk." She turned to Serena, "Hi, I'm Maria, cave man here is Michael. This is Isabel and Alex." She said motioning to the people standing next to Michael. "And that's Kyle." She said pointing to him.

"And you would be...." "Serena. I am the Seer of the Royal Four." She looked around at all the puzzled faces and sighed.

"Ok, have a seat, this is a long story."

**Where we left Liz and Zan.....**

Zan sat back away from her and put his hands in his lap. Liz sat up cautiously and put her hands on her head, wincing.

"Dammit." She muttered. She healed her aching head quickly. Zan watched her, amazed.

"How...How did you do that?" he asked her.

"What? Heal? I've always been able to do it. Why?" She asked, seeing his astonishment.

"I've always been the only one who can heal. Rath was more of a warrior, Lonnie could dreamwalk, and Dee, she could uh..she could mindwarp and that's it." Liz saw the pain flash through his eyes at mentioning Dee's name, before he quickly covered it up. She swung her legs over the side of the bed, sitting next to Zan. He turned to Liz. She was looking down at her shoes. he noticed how much she really looked like Dee. She sounded like her too, but, he could tell, that's about where the similarities ended. Dee had been more of a direct person, couldn't stand to be bullsh*ted. It was mainly because of her upbringing though. She had left the pods early and been found and adopted. Her adoptive parents weren't nice people, so she had run away to the sewers. Then Zan had found her and they knew each other instantly.

Liz stole a glance at Zan and examined him. He had a lip ring and his eyebrow was pierced too. his hair was sticking up in big spikes. His amber eyes outlined by his long dark eyelashes. his square jaw, firmly set. And his body..god!..need she say more? She looked back at him and he was looking at her.

"So, uhh, Zan, what do we do now? I mean, I know why you came. but, what do we do?" She bit her lip as she waited for his answer. He smiled and felt his stomach do flips as she bit her lower lip. he couldn't believe how sexy that one little habit could be!

"Well, umm..Serena told me we're expected to go back to our home. Until then, we just keep an eye out for Lonnie and Rath, try to keep you safe." She saw the regret and pain flicker through his eyes, again, at that last statement. Then what he'd said clicked in her head and she spun to face him. Fear and shock apparent in her deep brown eyes.

"We..we're..going home?" She asked, still in shock. Zan turned to look at her, and felt badly that her world was just coming apart. At least he didn't have anything to tie him down, 'not anymore anyways' he thought bitterly. he just stared at liz and nodded. She studied his face a monent longer.

"Where's home Zan?" She asked softly. He looked at her confused. "What do you mean? Don't you remember?" She shook her head, tears in her eyes.

"You mean to tell me you remember nothing? he asked. She stood and began to pace.

"God, you think they would've told us or something! I mean, Am I just supposed to go back and rule another world without remembering or knowing anything about that world?" Frustrated, she sat down again and a single tear slipped down her cheek. Zan was up in an instant, kneeling in front of her. he brought his hand up and cupped her face, wiping her tear away wiwth his thumb.

"Liz, I know you're confused. But I can help you. I promise I'll elp you remember...everything." He added quietly. Liz brought her eyes to his and nodded. He was so close, his warm breath caressing her face. His hands were still on her face and they felt so warm. Liz was abou to speak when she heard a knock at the door. it opened slowly and Zan quickly stood in front of Liz, protectively. Liz looked up and saw Maria tentively poke her head in the room, then the door was thrown open by Michael, who came barging in. he pushed past Zan and took Liz into a big bear hug, which she returned.

"Liz, are you okay? I was so scared! Don't ever do that again!" He exclaimed, as he pulled away. Liz smiled and laughed softly before Maria and Isabel immediately pulled her into a hug as well, followed by Alex and then Kyle.. Zan noticed the tall lanky boy with his arm wrapped around Liz's shoulders and felt an odd feeling fun through him. Was that jealousy? 'No!' he thought, 'I love Dee. I'll help Liz, but I will always love Dee.' He knew it wasn't fair, but all he had known was to love Dee, and now he couldn't even do that.

Serena walked in and stuck her hand out toward Liz.

"I'm Serena. You're Liz I presume?" She smirked. Liz nodded and shook her hand.

"So, what do we do now?" Michael asked, repeating Liz's earlier words.

"Well, why don't we sit down? There's more to discuss."

They all gathered in the living room again. Liz sat between michael and isabel on the couch, maria on the arm next to Michael, and Alex and Kyle standing next to isabel. Zan stood in the bedroom doorway, occasionally glancing at Liz. Serena took a seat and all eyes turned to her.

"Sere, if Dee didn't have healing powers, why does Liz?" Serena smiled and looked at him.

"Well, you see, their version of , well, you was to have the same powers as you, and Liz was to ahve the same as Dee. however, we wanted to make sure that if the dupes were harmed and the King lost his Queen, he would have her powers and vice versa. All of your powers are needed. So, when your dupe died, Liz's pod was engineered to give her those powers, along with her own." Zan nodded and looked over to Liz, who was glancing at him from under her lashes. He smiled when he saw her look away, blushing.


I'm not too happy with this part but hopefully the next part will be better. I'm gonna try to get it out tonight or tomorrow. Part 2 was getting long, so I'm just gonna seperate it. Hope you like it!
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Liz stood up as they all began to talk about what to do about Lonnie and Rath. She made her way quietly towards the door, hoping to slip out for some much needed fresh air unnoticed. She quietly opened the door and stepped out onto the porch. There was an odd chill in the air and she hugged her arms around herself, hoping to ward it off. She glanced up at the stars, trying to see something. Searching. She wasn't sure what for, but she knew it was out there, somewhere.

Liz felt a warm tingle at the back of her mind and felt a new, yet familiar warmth spread through her body. She turned to see Zan standing on the porch, watching her intently.

Zan had seen her creep outside and, after having Serena convince Michael they should talk, had come out too.

"I..I didn't mean to disturb you. I was just-"

"Protecting me, I know. You didn't disturb me though." She smiled. She walked over and sat next to him on the steps.

"So," She began, "What is our Planet called?" He looked from the stars to her face. She looked beautiful with the moonlight dancing across her features. her eyes held such wonder and confusion. he knew at that moment, that he would always protect her and be there for her. He may not love her like he did Dee, but he would try. And who knows? Maybe he would fall in love with her. He owed it to her to try. After all, they'd be getting married soon, and they'd have to produce heir. He blushed slightly at that thought and was glad it was nighttime so she wouldn't see.

"Zan?" he looked far away and unfocused.

"Oh, uh, sorry. Our planet, it's called Antar." She smiled and he returned the gesture.

"Antar..." She breathed, "That sounds right." "You remember?" He asked eagerly. Her face scrunched in thought then she smiled.

"I remember..." she narrowed her eyes as if she was trying to focus on something far away. "I remember...there were four other planets, besides Antar. And we had..two suns...that's it though." She sighed in frustration.

"Hey, it's ok. I'll help you out." He assured her, placing his hand on hers. She gasped when she felt a shock of electricity run through her. She realized, he must have felt it too, because he pulled his hand away quickly, and his gaze dropped down to the ground.

They turned when they heard the door creek open. Serena came out, followed by Michael and Isabel.

"Ok, so, we're all done in there. What are we going to do about the sleeping arrangments?" Michael stepped forward.

"Well, Liz you should stay here. I mean, your parents aren't home and you'll be home alone." Liz was about to object when Zan spoke up.

"I could stay with her. Then Serena could stay at Isabel's and maria could go over there too. And those two guys...." "Alex and Kyle." Liz filled in grinning. "Yeah, them, they could stay with you Mike."

Michael grimaced. "The name's Michael. And my sister's not going anywhere with you." "Michael," Liz interrupted "It's a fine plan. Plus, I need to talk to Zan about some things anyways." She sighed and walked up to Michael and pouted.

"Please, for your baby sister?" She knew it would work, 'it always does' she thought, grinning as he mumbled a "fine."

Zan watched her face. He had a sudden urge to go up to her and start nibbling and sucking on those pouty lips of hers. He kept his clenched fists at his side to keep from reaching out to her. She turned to him and grabbed his hand, leading him to her SUV.

Soon after Zan and Liz had left, the girls filed out and headed towards Isabel's. A pair of eyes watched silently from the shadows. He picked up his radio, turned it on, and spoke to his commander.

"Well, have you found them?!" She screeched into his ear. "Yes, they're together. They're going to Oriana's now. Rath and Vilandra are here in town too." "Alright, fine. Get a hold of my brother and those two retarded dupes. tell them to meet me back here." "Right away A-I mean, your Highness." "Whatever." she growled as he turned off the radio.


"So, if you want the bed, I'll take the floor." Zan looked up quickly. "NO!..I I'll take the floor, you need rest anyway."

She smiled. "Now you're starting to sound like my brother." He just smiled back as he laid down and watched her climb under the covers. She turned over towards him and studied him for a moment.

"What were we like on Antar? I mean, the four of us. You, Michael, Isabel, and me?" he smiled. "well, everyone loved us. Rath was my second in command, and Vilandra was my sister, the princess. they were betrothed, but, we were bonded before they were." She smiled again. "Were we umm..betrothed?" he looked up at the ceiling as a blush crept across his face. Liz had to stifle a giggle at how cute he was. "Actually, we weren't. I was betrothed to a princess named Ava. You were betrothed to her Brother...Kivar." He spoke Kivar's name as though it was poisonous just to say it. "Kivar..isn't he the one who-" "the one who wants the royal four, yes." Zan turned to her and studied her face for a moment. Liz watched him. She could see the wheels turning in his mind.

"What is it Zan?" he sat up and she sat up on her bed.

"I could show you, I mean, if you want. I could show you my memories, then maybe you'll start to remember." She thought about it for a moment then smiled and patted the area on the bed next to her. "Let's give it a shot." She said nodding.

He climbed into the bed next to her and they sat cross-legged facing each other. "Okay, give me your hands."

She placed her small hands in his larger ones and smiled shyly when he unconsciously began to rub his thumbs softly across her hands. "Ok, now, close your eyes and match your breatihng with mine." She nodded an dclosed her eyes. She began to feel a warm tingle spread through her body and that's when the flashes came.

She saw his birth, him and Vilandra growing up. Meeting Ava at age 10, then meeting herself and Rath a year later. His crush on her since he first met her. His annoyance for Ava. She watched a scene when her and Ava were around 14 and Zan was 15. A jealous Ava shoved her and Zan came to her rescue, telling Ava off. She watched as Zan proposed to her when she was only 18 and he 19. They were o a beautiful beach, with deep red water and 3 moons high in the sky, and he produced a slender ring from his pocket. She saw as they announced their engagment. His mother and hers were ecstatic, while their fathers were furious for breaking their arranged marriages off. She watched as Kivar threatened Zan for 'stealing' her from him and breaking his sister's heart. She saw their bonding ceremony. She watched as Zan entered their bedchambers on their wedding night, they began to kiss passionately as he began to rid her of her dress.

Suddenly, the connection broke and Liz gasped for air. A blush crept over her face at what she had just seen. "I'm sorry, I didn't know..I didn't mean..." Zan began to apologize. He really hadn't meant for her to see that. He didn't want her to feel like he was pressuring her into a relationship.

"No, Zan, it's ok. I mean, it happened, and if you hadn't shown me, I would've remembered it eventually anyways right?" He nodded, slightly embarassed. "Ok, so, can you show me more? I mean, like, what happened to us?" Zan looked at her and sighed.

"I'm not so sure you want to see that Liz, it's bad." He said. He really didn't want her to witness her own death, just because he had failed to protect her.

"Zan, I have to know. I can't fight something like this without all the facts. It could take too long to remember, and then what?" She looked to him, pleading with her eyes. Zan couldn't resist and took her hands in his again.

"Ok, you read?" "mmmhmmm..." she mumbled. She felt the tingle again and saw the flashes start.

She saw Kivar's hologram in the war room flicker as he declared war on Antar. She watched as Rath approached Zan and broke the news of his wife's kidnapping by Nica. She saw him in their bed, weeping as he clutched her pillow. He had just gotten a note from the doctor. Oriana had gone because she wasn't feeling well and after some tests, the doctor had found out she was pregnant. She felt her heart break as the next scene unfolded before her eyes....her own death...

Zan had come to rescue her. He was outside Kivar's palace. He looked up when he heard her scream. Kivar was holding her on the balcony, a hand on each side of her head. Zan cried out to her, tears streaming down his face, then he watched as she mouthed 'I love you' and saw her body crumple to the ground. He heard Rath and Vilandra scream out as they were murdered beside him. Then the flashes stopped.

Liz opened her eyes filled with tears, to see Zan crying. "I'm sorry, I should've saved you. I lost you and our child all at once. It's my fault. I'm so sorry."

Liz quickly gathered him in her arms. "Shhh..Zan, it's okay, it's not your fault. I don't blame you. I never did." She whispered. She remembered now. Even in her last moments, all she could feel was her love for him and their child.

"I love you Oriana." He whispered as he fell asleep. Liz just laid him out in the bed and crawled up next to him. She kissed him lightly on the cheek and drifted off herself.

Outside, on the balcony, a figure sneered, as he backed away from the window.

"I will have you soon my dear Oriana, then that boy king will die." He quickly jumped down the ladder and ran off into the night...


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