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Title: Dismissed!
Author: JBehrsGurl
Category: Depends…
Summary: Based on the MTV show Dismissed.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but Jason Behr’s love. Hehe! Ü
A/N: I’m not sure how this is gonna end up so later on in the story I will have a poll to see who Liz will pick, okay?! So without further or do, let’s begin!
Note: I made up the Sororities and Fraternity places, I just REALLY like the idea of Max and Zan as Frat boys! lol I made Liz a Sorority girl too, I don’t know the names and stuff so I just made some up!

I love Meagzie Behr! She is great! Check out her fics they rock! Thank you to Meagan for this wonderful banner!


Part 1

>Liz –confessional<

Clears throat and looks into camera, “Hi I’m Liz Parker and I’m only here because my best friend Maria Deluca signed me up without my knowing! Oh okay I’m not supposed to say that? (laughs) Okay well uh… I guess I’m looking for a guy who’s a serious, dark-haired, mystery man from an exotic place.” Liz shrugs, “I'm always up for a challenge, and oh yeah, I'm not into clowns.”

>Max –confessional<

“Hey I’m Max Evans (shyly waves at camera) and I’m from Roswell, New Mexico, I go to Roswell University where I’m a pledge for Kapza UZDA and I’m looking for my dream girl. (Smiles) I like a girl who’s smart, sweet, also beautiful inside and out. Brunettes are my weakness.” Max shuffles around and grimaces.

>Enter Zan –into Max's confessional<

“Yo! I’m Zan da man and I’m gonna get my brotha hur diz-mizzed!” Zan jumps in front of camera.

“Get out!” Max pushes him away, “You’re always trying to take away all the attention! This is the ONE time when I’m not gonna just sit back and let you win.” Max angers and looks at the camera, “I’m Max Evans and I’m the one.”

“Pssshhhhffftt!” Zan waves him away, “Yo what up? I’m Zan –just Zan got it? Yea. Okay well as you can see I am the hotter one of us.” Zan grins wide, “I’ve got everything and more –I’m a Kapza UZDA brother –notice I didn’t say pledge like this cracker here. (points at Max with thumb –Max grimaces) They just picked me on da spot! Yea, so today gurl, when I see ya yous gonna just dismiss my bro here on the spot!” Zan nuggies Max who struggles to get out of his grip.

>Liz –confessional<

“I’m so nervous, I mean. I don’t do things like this! Anyways I’m from Sacramento, California. I’m a student at UC Davis, I’m also pledging for Beta Kappa Delta with my friend Maria and I just hope that I don’t get a guy who’s conceited and thinks highly of himself. I just want a normal date!” Ringing is heard, “Oh! (answers small cell phone) Uh, hello? OH! Maria! I’m in the confessional thingy right now! Can I call you back?

MTV V/O (Female Voice)

Okay Liz Parker! You wish is our command! We’ve selected two natives from Roswell, New Mexico who are yummy and fine! Brothers and VERY competitive they guarantee a very interesting date!

So this is how it works, we set one guy/girl up on a blind date with two potential bachelors/bachelorettes (players) who compete for the chance at romance. Each player who competes for their dates attention has ONE time out card for approximately 20 minutes of time for the player who receives the card to sit out while the other one left has time to be alone on the with the main date, trying to win their affection. Players may use this card whenever –but only ONCE. At the end of this date the Main guy/girl MUST pick ONE player, the other is…


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lol I can't believe you guys like it!
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A/N: Thanks to everyone who likes this! lol Heres a small new update!

Part 2

>Liz -confessional<

(Sniffing small vial in large doses) "Oh." (Looks at camera hesitantly.) "It's cedar oil, it reduces stress… My friend Maria gave it to me. For stress. This is stressful… (Smells it again, and again… and again.) Okay. I think I'll be ready in a minute. Can you uh… Like leave me alone for a sec?" (Looks at camera guy *Camera goes off*)


>Max -confessional<

(Rubbing eyes with heels of his hands) "Man… I can't believe Zan is here… (Looks up) OH! I didn't know we were back on. Uh… is it possible to withdraw from this thing?"

>Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrk!< (Camera goes off)

>Zan -confessional<

(Sitting back comfortably talking on cell) "I toldt yous gurl, damn… Why you gotta be like dat foe? (Grimaces) Like that tho? Hmmm, I'll think about it. Yea, the red one. Alright? Coo. Eh, listen sweet cheeks I gotta go right now, I'm on MTV. Yea, yea I'll see if I can hook yous up with a Carson autograph…. You'll do WHAT if I get you one? Hell yea gurl I guarantee you one then! Bye baby. (Hangs up phone) See yaaaaa!" (Says this while throwing cell phone behind him and sitting up straight to look into camera.) "You guys know how I can get a hold of Carson?"

>Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrk!< (camera goes off)

>Liz -last minutes of confessional<

"I just really hope that I don't make a complete fool of myself on national television. Please sympathize with me people. I don't date much, my last boyfriend broke up with me because he said I was boring. (Closes eyes) I AM boring! (Opens eyes and grabs camera) How could you pick ME?!"

>Cut to commercial please… Repeat, cut to commercial!<

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Thanks JaneLane!!!! You are so wonderful! lol


Updated "All That Glitter"
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Part three is comming up shortly!!! lol

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Part 3

WARNING!!! What you are about to see is REAL it is NOT edited by MTV or redistributed to appear more interesting…

>Liz –confessional<

“I’m okay now. I’m ready.” Looks around nervously, “So like, if I make a fool of myself you’re going to edit it out right?”

>Max enters waiting room wearing a black and white Abrocrombie & Fitch T-shirt and Abrocrombie & Fitch faded jeans. Totally looking preppy but HOTT!<

>Zan enters waiting room wearing baggy jeans from FuBu which hand down low to reveal his black JOE boxers, he also has on the same black tank top from before to expose his deeply toned arm muscles.<

Max and Zan look each other over, Zan rolls his eyes.

“You look like a cracker.” Zan snuffs.

“You look ghetto fabulous.” Max shoots back.

Zan seems amused by his comment, “Wow Maxi-pad, you think that one up all by yourself?” He laughs.

Max scowls and flops down on sofa, “I can’t wait until this is over and I win.”

Zan laughs out loud, “That’s funny. You should be a comedian.” Zan laughs and sits across from him on the opposite couch.

>Liz –confessional<

“Okay, I’m ready. Lets do this.” Rises up out of chair.

Camera follows her out of confessional. She’s wearing an orange with thin white-stripped American Eagle polo shirt and jean skirt. Close up on her face. She’s slightly blushing.

“So I guess this oughta be interesting.” Liz says while walking towards waiting room.

Her cell phone rings.

“Hello?” She answers. “Maria? Oh, yea? Well tell Michael I said that if it weren’t for me he wouldn’t be with you!” Liz shouts, “Put him on the phone! So what if I’m being recorded I can’t believe the nerve of him! After everything I have done for him he calls me a priss! Mi-Michael! Is this you? Hello? I am NOT a priss! I am going on this thing and I am going to have fun! Well I take that bet mister! …Uh, huh… No… Argh! … Oh yea? Well what about the time when we were in first grade and you pee’d your pants! I was the one who walked you to the office Mikey! I didn’t make fun of you! So why are you making fun of me bcuz I just might make a fool of myself? …Uh, huh. Yea that’s what I thought. Listen I gotta go, tell Maria I’ll call her back.” Liz hangs up and looks at camera, “The things I must endure!”

>Enter Liz into waiting room<

“Hey –whoa.” Liz says getting a good look at her dates.

Zan and Max both turn around and see Liz for the first time.

“Damn you fine.” Zan says surprised.

“Uh… What he said.” Max says in awe.

Liz stares in shock, obviously just as surprised as they are.

“What are YOU two doing here!?” Liz screams.

Zan and Max immediately point at each other, “He entered us!” They said.

Liz’s cell phone rings…

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This is so short I don't even know if it constitutes as an update! lol But I really just needed to get this out b4 you guys give up on me! I just now wrote this so its raw and un edited... hehe

Part 4

Where we last left off:

Zan and Max immediately point at each other, "He entered us!" They said.

Liz's cell phone rings…


"Hello?" Liz answers her phone hesitantly. "Yea… Yea… YES!" She swirls around face to face with Max and Zan. Takes a deep breath, "Bye." Hangs up phone.

Zan scratches back of his head.

Max looks around nervously.

"So…" Zan says suddenly, "Where we goin'?"

Liz stares at him in disbelief.

Max looks from Zan to Liz and back.

"I can't believe that after EVERYTHING you two have the nerve to do this to me!" Liz screams.

"Wha? Baby yous got it all wrong!" Zan rolls his eyes, "We didn't know that you were gonna be here, MTV had an auditioning thing a couple months ago and the pledges to out Fraternity had to audition. I of course did too because ha -who wouldn't want me on the air," Zan turns to the camera and winks.

Liz grumbles, "This is EXACTLY why it didn't work out between us Zan!" Liz yells, she looks at Max who is smiling at Zan and she says, "And YOU!"

Max jumps, "Me? What I do?"

"You stalked me all kindergarten through high school! I was terrified of you! Everywhere I went you were there, everything I did you did it too! Gosh Max I used to think it was cute but then it just started to freak me out." Liz grimaces.

"Ahahahaha!!!" Zan starts busting up laughing.

Liz is not amused, "Lets get this thing over with." She walks out of the hotel.

>Liz -confessional<

"Yea, so I guess you wanna know just what the hell that was all about right? Well it goes way back to high school, two years ago…" Looks into camera. "oh I'm sorry did you think I was gonna tell you?"


Camera goes off, commercial break!

I'll be back with more, I'm actually at work right now! lol I can't use my reg comp, til fri so... enjoy! lol


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Was bored at work again…

Part 5

>Max -confessional<

Looks at camera longingly, "I-" Stops self. Looks at camera again, "It wasn't REALLY stalking…" Covers face with hands. "I can't do this right now."


Camera goes off.

Switch to Zan.

>Zan -confessional<

Laid back into chair comfortably, "Yeeeap. She still wants me. Poor Max, busted out like dat. (shakes head) Whooosh! Gotta be a mind blower eh folks?" Laughs, "Yea so anyways what about that Carson signature huh?" Zan asks camera guy.


Camera goes off.

Switch to Liz.

>Liz -confessional<

Twirling hair looking around room aimlessly, "Huh? OH!" Looks at camera, "Okay so we're going to some place where you can play paintball. I guess it's some kind of game where you shoot paintballs at each other? I think I remember Michael saying he played that before with his friends from work, if I'm right and this is the same thing…" Bites lower lip in fear, "He came home with massive bruises… Oh god." Drops face in hands, "This date is a nightmare and now life threatening!"

>Max -confessional<

"You think Liz really did think that it was cute at first?" Says with hope.


Switch to Zan.

>Zan -confessional<

Looking at Carson autograph in hands, "You guys are my absolute saviors man!" Slaps picture in hand and looks at camera, "You just gave me endless booty calls excessively with Vicki Deleny! I LOVE you guys! C'mon give us a hugs man!" Gets up and hugs camera.

>Max -confessional<

"So we're going paintballing, Zan doesn't know that I am an expert at this game." Wiggles eyebrows, "He ain't gonna know what hit 'em." Slaps hands together menacingly.

>Liz -confessional<

Still has face in hands, "Whyyyyy?????"


Camera goes off.

Switch to Zan.

>Zan -confessional<

*Singing* "I'm gonna get some booty tonight with Liz AND Vicky, oh yea! Oh yea! Oh yea! I'm da man, oh yea! Oh yea! Oh yea! Maybe even at the same time, oh yea! Who's the man? Who's DA MAN!?" *dances around*



When we return:

Liz: You're such a jerk!" *SLAP!*

Zan: Bitch! -Uh, I mean baby! *Runs after Liz*

Max: (looks at camera) *sings* I'm gonna win. (slowly follows to where Liz and Zan went.

And now our commercial break…

I was bored, I might write another part but I'm about to go to lunch rigth now so… hehehe Tell me what you think!

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was bored at work yet agian: (lol)

Part 6

>Back from Comercial<

Liz, sitting FAR away from Max and Zan in back of Van. Talking on cell phone; "It's all so un-FREAKING believable Maria! Wha? I-Is that MICHAEL laughing in the background?" Scowls, "Maria! Make him shut up! Make him-"

That's enough with the phone talk baby, you're here with us, not your lesbian girlfriend." Zan says ripping phone put of Liz's hands, "She'll call you back." And hanging up.

Liz looks at Zan open-mouthed, "I can't believe you just did that!" Shrieks.

Max sits silent in middle of Liz and Zan's quarrel staring straight ahead.

"Well believe it cuz I just did. Man you haven't changed at all!" Zan snaps, "You're still the same spoiled little brat you were in high school!" Zan says throwing phone back on Liz's lap.

"I can't believe I ever went out with you." Liz mumbles when the van comes to stop, she exits quickly.

"Funny, I didn't hear any complaints whenever we were in your ROOM!" He yells out loud.

Liz frozen in place clenches eyes shut tight.

Max looks stricken and looks at Liz.

Zan's smiling triumphant.

Liz turns angrily, "C'mon Max, I think I already know who's gonna be Dismissed." Liz takes Max's hand and walks inside Paintball building.

Zan's smile is wiped off his face, "Wha-what!?" He runs after them.

"Let go of me!" Liz slaps his hands away.

"Liz quit being such a priss! I thought you left that all behind you in high school, get off your high and mighty pedestal and quit acting like Isabel!" Zan says spiteful.

"You jerk!" *SLAP!* Slaps Zan. And stalks off.

"You bitch! -Uh I mean baby!" Runs after Liz.

*Singing* "I'm gonna win." Follows after Zan and Liz.


When we return:

Max: Where are they? Zan? Liz? Li- OH! LIZ! ZAN!

Liz and Zan are kissing…


What do you think?

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Thanks to everyone for the major bumpages... LOL

Tanky I know that I havent posted the Say Anything fic, its just that I uh... am in WAY over my head with fics! lol I just said that I was going to post another fic called Roswell Angel, but I want to re-name it. It's one that I already had its up to ch. 13 already but I wanted to make changes, and now that I read your lil note I feel so bad! Okay I'll see what I can do! LOL Anywho! Hope you guys like this short ch.!

Part 7

>Back from Commercial<

Recap: Liz had just slapped Zan for calling her a priss and comparing her to Isabel.

>Liz -confessional<

"I was so angry! Zan can be such an ass!" Liz huffed in annoyance, "Okay MTV people, who set this up huh? Who? Was it Maria? Was it Isabel? Was it TESS?" Screams at camera, "TELL ME!!!" Get up and screams in lens.

>Zan -confessional<

"At first when she slapped me I was like, on no this breezie did NOT jus do dat!" Zan's eyes buldge, "But then I remembered the last time she slapped me…" Looks off in rememberence, "Yea, those were the days. The last time she slapped me we ended up getting' busy in the back of my Camero. Man High School was the best!" Looks at camera, "Don't tell anyone… But uh… I still kinda have uh… feelings for Lizzie…" Looks around nervous, "Keep dat shit on the DL tho." Acts tough.

>Max -confessional<

"I don't know what possessed my brother to compare Liz to Isabel, by the way Isabel is our sister, she can be a real pain at times. Anyways! But when I saw Liz slap Zan I was like man! It's about time!" Shakes head, "I should go look for them, ya know? See what else Liz has in store for my wanna-be Eminem for a brother." Leaves room.

>Outside confessional<

Zan grabs Liz by wrist, "Liz I said I wuz sorry geez what more do yous want?" Zan scowls.

"I can't believe you just compared me to your sister Isabel, Zan." Shakes head, "I just can't."

Zan clenches eyes shut, "But you were Lizzie." Moves closer, "C'mon, where's my Liz uh? Where's my sexy senorita?" Zan says and lifts Liz's chin up.

Liz smiles and shrugs.

Zan slides finger down Liz's cheek, "Yo nescesito mucho mas." He smiles.

Liz giggles, "You still say that?" Looks up into his eyes.

Zan shakes head, "No, but when I see you it all comes back."

Liz blinks several times as Zan's lips come closer, "Zan." Whispers.

Too Late.

>Camera switches to Max<

Max scratches head, "Man where can they be?" Looks around building, "Where are they? Zan? Liz? Li- OH! LIZ! ZAN!" Grabs heart, "Oh… Oh…" Makes gagging gestures. (Think Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber [lol])

Zan and Liz are kissing passionately, Liz even surpresses a slight enjoyable moan.

Max looks stricken, "Oh… Oh my heart, my heart." Grabs at chest in pain. "I think I might even be sick." Walks away.

>Camera switches to Zan and Liz<

Liz pushes Zan away, "What are you doing!?"

Zan, breathless; "Wha? I know you were feeling that too Liz, I KNOW you!"

"No you don't! Argh! I can't believe you!" Walks off.

Zan turns to camera, "She wants me. Oh yea. She wants me baaaad." Walks off too.

>Liz -confessional<

Face in hands groaning, "I am soooooo stuuuuuuupid! Urrrrrgh!"

>Zan -confessional<

Big FAT grin on face.

>Max -confessional<

Looks sad, "I don't get this game. Is it supposed to break your heart?"


When we return:

Liz: Max? Max is something wrong?

Max: (Choking)

Liz: MAX! Oh my god he's choking! Somebody help!

Zan: (Zan running over to Max.) I'm coming lil bro! Help is on de waaaaaaay! [Imagine Zan saying this like on Mrs. Doubtfire, LOL] hehehe *wink*

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~Michaela~ & Wench On A Leash

lol you guys are great! I know I'm doing the tug-a-war thing between the two guys but that's just the beginning! Hehehehe! I know, I was actually surrised when I wrote the whole "suppossed to break ur heart" thing too! LOL I could so see a sad MaxyPoo! lol Well anyways thanks guys! I'm off to go home now! I have Class tomorrow so prob, no update in this fic until thurs. but hey! At least then you can guys can ponder your feeling for Zan or Max!

lol I KNOW you don't like Zan Michaela, hehehe but you just may change your mind.... *Looks around innocently and twirls curl in finger*

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Tanky since your so sweet... I'm gonna post it tonight! LOL
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Part 8

>Max -confessional<

"Man I'm tired of this show already, today I've been insulted by my brother endless times, I've been called a stalker and I got my heart broken…" Looks directly at camera. "So let the games begin people. No more Mr. Nice guy."

>Zan -confessional<

Picking at fingernails, gets gross taste in mouth and makes face, "Oh." Blushes, "Didn't know we were filming, "Uh well." Claps hands together, "I'm gonna win. Make no mistake of that. Max and I and Lizzie are gonna play a round of some paint ball! Can't wait!" Goes back to chewing finger nails nervously…

>Liz -confessional<

Looking around room curious, "Who is the decorator to this place? They should be shot!" Touches wall fixtures, "You know I heard that walls made back in like the 60's have espestous?" raises eyebrow, "You trying to kill me?"

>In Paint Ball interaction/instruction room<

Trainer, "To load gun you must use with care and fill only to an extent." Shows Max, Zan and Liz how to load gun.

Max is watching closely, Zan is checking out Liz and Liz is watching trainer scared shitless.

"Uh, I have a question." Liz raises her hand faintly, "Uh, when we g-get hit… Is it gonna hurt? I mean can you like -die from this?"

Trainer laughs heatedly, "If I had a dime for every chick who has acted and asked the same questions as you…" Shakes head, "Nothing to fear sweetheart, you'll do fine." Pats her on back.

Liz flinches then smiles as best she can, "Hehe." Rolls eyes dramatic.

"This way people to get fitted!" Trainer yells causing Liz to jump.

>Max, Liz and Zan are changing in room<

Zan puts vest on, "It's too tight." He complains.

"It's supposed to." Max says.

"I don't like it." Zan snaps.

"Too bad. Deal." Max growls.

"What crawled up your ass?" Zan barks back.

"You." Max challenges.

"Excuse me corny cob boy?" Zan says surprised.

Liz watched in interest.

"I saw you and Liz earlier." Max finally says.

Liz's interest fades quickly.

Zan's grin widens, "You did huh? Passionate wasn' it?"

"More like grotesque." Max spats.

"Jealous lil bro." Zan chuckles winking at Liz who groans.

>Liz -confessional<

"I knew it, I just [I[knew Zan was gonna through that in Max's face the instant he was given the chance! I knew it! Gosh Zan is such an ass!" Liz says frustrated.

>Zan -confessional<

"I kind of want to use my timeout card, I think me and Liz are really clicking…" Zan says in thought, rubbing chin.

>Max -confessional<

"How much you wanna bet Zan is gonna use his timeout card on me soon?" Max says matter of fact…


When we return:

Liz: Max? Max is something wrong?

Max: (Choking)

Liz: MAX! Oh my god he's choking! Somebody help!

Zan: (Zan running over to Max.) I'm coming lil bro! Help is on de waaaaaaay! [Imagine Zan saying this like on Mrs. Doubtfire, LOL] hehehe

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Does anyone know where I can get some really good quality pic's of Zan? I wanted to make a fanart for this thread and for my Broken fic too...

Thanks to eveyone reading and to whoever helps me out! lol

~Elena *wink*
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lol okay! okay! I'll write a quick update right now! lol

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lol well if you got offline then I'll write it tomorrow! lol Cuz its hecka late here and I gotta get up for work in a couple hours! lol~Elena
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Heres to you J!!!

Part 9

>Paint Ball field<

"Uh… Guys I'm really scared so just to let you know… If you hit me with this pain gun thing-a-ma-bobber," Liz says, Max and Zan look at her questionably, "I'm gonna aim this gun at those little guns okay?" Liz says pointing at their groins.

Max and Zan's eyes bulge in fear.

"Hey. Who you callin' little?" Zan says after a while.

"Boy are you quick on the uptake…" Max mumbles.

"What did you say?" Zan says.

Max rolls eyes and walk off, "Okay so lets get started here please." Max loads his gun. "Liz would you like me to load your gun for you?" Max offered.

Liz nod and handed him her weapon, "Thanks." She whispers.

"St, Max will you do me the honor of loading my gun next also?" Zan teases Max.

Max only smirks, "I believe you have the exact gun that the instructor loaded in the example and handed to you?" Max said triumphant.

Zan looks down at the gun in his hands, "So you're right." He shrugs, "Big deal."

Max grins, "You're quite a pessimist today."

Zan grins wide, "Hey Max." He says.

"Yea?" Max says handing Liz back her paintball gun.


Zan shoots Max with paintball gun.

"What the &(^$%#$$#⊕$##%%^$#%#⊕%!!!!!!!!"


>Liz -confessional<

Stifling giggles, "OH.MY.GOD!" Liz covers mouth laughing, "I was on the floor when Zan shot Max! I mean literally on the floor bcuz Max went crashing into me!" Laughs again, "Poor Max! I feel so bad! Zan shot him right in his stomach!" Giggles, "But it's a very lovely stomach may I add… hehe I mean when we lifted his shirt up to see if he was hurt, we did that bcuz he didn't have his armor on yet! Zan you jerk!" Points at camera, "You are so gonna get it!"

>Zan -confessional<

Grinning ear to ear, "Serves that jackass right for trying to embarrass me in front of Liz." Crosses arms over chest, "He'll live…" Get serious, "Hey Max, don't tell mom alright?"


Camera goes off. Switch to Max.

>Max -confessional<

Holding pack of ice on abs, "This S&#$ hurts!" Lifts ice bag up to reveal large purple bruise forming, "Look at that!" Points at it, "And that's not even the worse of it! The worst is that I fell backwards into Liz! I hope I didn't harm her fragile body! She's so delicate you know! She's like crystal, you gotta handle her with TLC…" Looking at camera longingly.


Camera goes off.

>Liz -confessional<

"Do you have any idea what's its like here? One minute I want to choose max the next I want Zan back… But Zan's really being an ass right now… Hmmm…" Bites bottom lip in thought. "I think I have a plan…"



A/N: I'm off to my dads for the weekend I hope this hold you! lol Was it okay??? I just wrote it right now like right this second bcuz I'm about to leave and I did this for you! lol Bye! *waves*
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Aak! I'm updating in a second! Thanks to you guys for reviewing!!!! *wink*
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You know the drill... I was BORED! lol

Part 10

>Paintball Field<

"You up for some ball lil bro?" Zan teased the wounded Max.

Max scowls, "Ready as you are brother."

"Yo Max… You ain't gonna tell ma what I didz are yous?" Zan asks weary.

Max grins innocently, "Why big brother Zan, why ever would I do that?" Max rolls his eyes and walks off to Liz.

"You okay? You sure you want to still do this? Maybe you should lay down." Liz tries to usher him to the nearest bench.

"Liz I'm fine." Max gently reassures her.

Liz looks around to see Zan looking at his reflection in a window.

"Max." Liz whispers.

"Hmm?" He says turning around and wincing,

"Listen, I have a plan…" She says whispering secretively in his ear.

>Liz -confessional<

"Simple harmless fun is all." She shrugs, "I'm not planning to invade the world or anything. I just think that when people put others down to feel better something must be done as payback." Smiles, "Oh the joys of being a woman in the 21st century.

>Max -confessional<

"When she told me her plan at first I was skeptic, why would she want to do THAT?!" Max's eyes widen, "But then again… " Grins wide.

>Zan -confessional<

"I didn't likes the way dey were whispering and giggling like 5th graders. I swear I had a flashback of the day I caught Max and Isabel playing tea party."

Would you like some more tea Mr. Max?

Why thank you Mrs. Isabel.

Lets sing a song Max!


*Giggle* *Giggle* *Giggle*


My name is lady bee!
I like to drink my tea!
So won't you play with me!
I like to sing a song!
And hum it all day long!

Yeay Max that was great!

Thanks Isabel!

"Then I came in during this time and run them down with my two wheeler! VrOom! VrOom! Errrrr, Crrrrrash!" Zan imitates the day, "It was hilarious!" laughs. "It was great, I had max crying for two weeks after that! I cracked they're tea pot and mom had to go buy a new one but Max was emotionally attached to the damn thing so he cried for days!" (Cracking up laughing)

>Paintball Field<

"Here we go." Liz says to Max.

Max winks.

Liz smiles and goes off in opposite direction.

Zan stands tall and looks around wide-open field, "Quiet… Almost… TOO quiet." Looks behind him. "Where the hell is Liz? I was hoping we could make out behind that bush while Max goes all commando out here but…" Zan looks around skeptically.

>Camera switches to Liz<

"Shhh…." She says to the camera guy, "You are so LOUD you know that? Your boots are gonna give us away!" Liz looks down at his boots. Looks back up to camera, "You stay still and don't make a sound. Or I'm gonna shoot your fat ass aight?" Liz says and then looks as if she's seen a ghost. "I haven't spoken like that since… Since… Zan…" Looks ill at camera and swallows hard.

>Camera switches to Max<

Max is crawling on ground; "It's all about survival here in this field men -oh-er-uh -camera guy." Max corrects himself, "The plan is now in action and I have yet to fail a mission given to me. As god as my witness I will NOT let General LParker down!" Hunches down on knees and aims paintball gun, "It's do or die people…" Makes hand signals to Liz from across the field.

>Camera switches to Liz<

"What the hell is he doing? I don't read sign language. Just shoot the damn thing!" Liz aims at Zan, she fires.

>Camera switches to Max<

"HOLD YOUR FIRE! I repeat! HOLD YOUR FIRE! Ahhh! Too late men we must aim to kill!" Max fires rounds and rounds of paintballs at Zan, "This is for Americaaaaaaaa!!!!!!" Jumps up and continues to fire at Zan.

>Liz -confessional<

Cracks up laughing, "Oh god! Oh my!" HAHAHAAAAA!

>Max -confessional<

"I think I may have gone a bit overboard…." Scratches head in wonder.

>Liz -confessional<

"Is it wrong that I completely KNEW Max was gonna go AWOL on Zan with that gun?" Cracks up again, "Oh Max you're great you really are…"

>Max -confessional<

Has ear up to wall and looks like he's about to faint, "Did she say what I THINK she just said?"


And when we return…

Liz: Max? Max is something wrong?

Max: (Choking)

Liz: MAX! Oh my god he's choking! Somebody help!

Zan: (Zan running over to Max.) I'm coming lil bro! Help is on de waaaaaaay! [Imagine
Zan saying this like on Mrs. Doubtfire, LOL] hehehe


A/N: How was that???

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Oh Tanky! This is such good news!!! Okay well the new part is comming up! I just have to finish but it will be up today I promise! and it'll be long too!! Oh and btw: Updated Say Anything the other day too Tanky!


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AHHHHH!!!!! I didn't get to post last night!!!! I know you must HATE me! I have it now I'm just trying to put something in it and then I'm gonna post, its not as long as I wanted it but its funny! hehehehehe
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Thanks to CrashdownGurlie! For the “The Cup” idea! And Jeremiah and Michaela for all the lovely bumps! Oh and everyone else bcuz you are all the best!

Plz would you guys check out my sister/bff Jessica’s new fic *Shadows Of Antar* by: StardustDreamer it’s the absolute best! She’s new to this forum and I’d like it if we could all make her feel at home! *wink* thanks!

“Your new guilty pleasure! Dismissed is the dating show with a twist: Instead of just one date, our guest has the same time! And s/he must spend the entire, romantic evening with both of them before declaring one unlucky competitor...dismissed!”

Part 11

>Zan –confessional<

“Zan the man got shot down, and I mean shot dooooowwwwwwwwnnnn!” Zan rubs head, “I’ve got a killer headache too, man…” Looks at camera head on, “You do know after all…” Looks around in secret and move in closer to camera, “This means war.”

>Liz –confessional<

“Oh my gummibears! Maria it was simply hilarious! I wish you were here! You would so be laughing! Yea tell Michael! Oh hey- hey ‘Ria! I gotta go I’m back on…. Okay… Okay… Yea… Bye.” Hangs up cell phone, looks at camera and grins wide, “Why hello there! What’s up next for us is lunch at The Cup. I feel kinda bad actually for using Max in the way that I did, he’s actually a really sweet guy once he stops stalking you…”

>Max –confessional<

Ear still up against wall, “I…” Moves in closer to wall…

*actually a really sweet guy once he stops stalking you…*

Max realizes Liz is talking about him and pulls away from wall fast, “I never did this, I never HEARD this,” Shakes head wildly, “Nope, mmm-mmm, nnnnnnnooooooope!”

>Liz –confessional<

Looks at wall hearing:

*mmm-mmm, nnnnnnnooooooope!*

“That… Sounds… Like Max.” She says and gets up.

>Zan –confessional<

“So what’s coming up next? Cuz I have it set in my mind what I’m going to do. I don’t want to do it but I will…” Zan says sadly.

>Casual Restaurant –The Cup<

*B2K “Uh Huh!” Is playing overhead*

Liz walks in wearing a jean mini skirt and black halter top. She walks in the bistro with ease, until she gets to the table that is and she trips on one of her stiletto heals and plummets forward.

“LIZ!” Both Max and Zan rush to catch her and knock into each other instead hitting the floor square on their butts.

Liz is caught by a bystander and is okay.

“Liz are you okay?” Max and Zan say at once sounding like an echo.

Liz looks at them quizzingly, “Uh… Yea… I guess.” She scoots in the booth to be in the middle of the curved red leather seat.

Zan is to her left and Max is to her right. Max and Zan send death glares to each other behind Liz. This should be interesting.

“So… What have you guys been up to since high school?” Liz tries to break the ice.

“Thinking about yous.” Zan slyly trails a finger down Liz’s cheek.

Liz closes her eyes in bliss but snaps out of whatever trance she is in quickly and shakes her head, “Whatever, I KNOW that’s not the truth. Max.” She turns to Max, pushing her body up against his shoulder. “What have YOU been up to these past two years?” She purrs.

“Da–I-I-I-Uh, what?” He says looking down at Liz who is dangerously close.

“Oh Max, you can be so cute sometimes.” Liz says planting an innocent kiss on his cheek.

“Oh! Well –uh-I-I-I…” Max stutters.

Zan looks at Max with disbelief, he looks at Liz in the same manner. His mouth open in astonishment…

“Can I get you guys anything to drink?” A waitress walks up and asks.

“Oh –Cherry Coke please.” Max and Liz say at the same time and look at each other in wonder.

“Vodka –straight.” Zan grumbles.

“Uh, I’m sorry sir we don’t serve hard alcohol, we have bee-“

“Beer, I’ll have a beer.” Zan waves her off.

“You like Cherry Coke too?” They say at the same time again.

Zan rolls his eyes, “Oh my gosh! Max what have you done? You done turned Liz into a freakin’ cracker like yous!” Zan gets up disgusted, “I’m gonna go hit the head.” Zan gets up and leaves.

“Well what’s his problem?” Liz says.

Max shrugs, “Dunno.”

“So Max, I never got a chance in high school to tell you this but-“

Liz is interrupted by the waitress bringing their drinks.

“Here we are! Two Cheery Cokes and a beer for-“

“He’s in the restroom.” Liz explains.

The waitress smiles and sets down their drinks.

“You know I can tie this in a knot with my tongue?” Liz winks at Max as she seductively bites the cheery in her drink from its stem.

“You can?” Max says almost spitting his coke all over.

Liz laughs and wipes the table, “Yea. Can you?”

Max looks nervous, “Uh, yea! Of course!” He obviously lies.

“Then do it.” Liz says slipping the now knotted cherry stem out her mouth and placing it on the napkin in from of her.

Max sucks in a deep breath, “Dear lord you did that quite quickly.” He mutters.

Liz winks at him and he quickly puts the cherry stem in his mouth, we see Max struggling quite a bit until Liz looks at him funny.

“You okay there lil buddy?” Liz laughs when Max's face is turning red.

He nods vigorously.

Liz grins and leans into him, “Wow Max you smell really good, you know I’m kinda glad we can be alone cuz I’ve been meaning to tell you something…” She purrs in his ear. “Remember that one time you peaked on me changing in my room?”

Max nearly chokes.

“Well I purposely undressed the way I did because I KNEW you were watching.” She says huskily in his ear and kisses his cheek.

Max starts choking.

“Max? Max is something wrong?” Liz asks worried.

Max's eyes bulge and he holds his neck choking.

“Max? MAX! Oh my god he’s choking! Somebody help!!!” Liz screams slamming her fists on his back.

All of the sudden:

Zan comes from back running over to Max, “I'm coming lil bro! Help is on de waaaaaaay!” [Imagine Zan saying this like on Mrs. Doubtfire, LOL]

Max, still choking looks up to see Zan rip him out from his seat and start doing the hymleck maneuver.

“C’mon lil bro spit this puppy out! I know you can! C’mon!” Zan shouts each time he pounds his fists into Max's lower torso, Max finally spit out the stem and it goes flying across the room. Hitting Liz in the forehead.

“Zan!” Max chokes out as Zan is still thrusts his stomach.

“C’mon! You can do it lil bro! I BELIEVE in yoooooou!!!!!!!” Zan says as they both fall backwards into the table.

“Max! Zan!” Liz cries out watching the tumble.

“Get off me!” Max grunts.

“You must breath lil bro! Breath! Someone call the paramedics! I might have to perform CPR!” Zan says sitting on top of Max.

“ARRRGH GET OFF!” Max yells sending Zan sprawling backwards into the table again.

“Lil bro! You’re alive!” Zan runs to embrace his brother, “I swea I’ll never write that yous ain’t got no dick on the bathroom stalls again! I’ll go clean its right now aight!” Zan says hugging Max close.

Max looks at his brother in shock, “I’m okay Zan. It’s all okay.” He tries to calm Zan down.

“Don’t do’s that ta meh! I thought I’d lost ya or sumthin’!” Zan says hurt, “What would I do’s with ya huh? Who would make me those lil piggies in a blanket things like you makes for meh? Who would tell ma that I’m home asleep when I’m actually out doin’ my thang? Who would be my brotha?” Zan says serious.

“Wow Zan, I never knew this… I love you too bro.” Max says patting Zan on the back.

Zan seems to finally realize he’s on national TV and in front of Liz, “Eh. Don’t be getting all mushy on me eh?” He says to Max, “But… Yea, I luv ya too.” They hug.

Everyone in the restaurant goes: AWWWWWWWW!

Liz stands staring at the brothers, “Wow.” Is all she says.

>Liz –confessional<

Blinks several times, “When I saw that I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean, wow. I never knew Zan could be so carrying towards Max. And Max, well… He’s so sweet he didn’t even CARE that Zan wrote those things about him on the walls.” Liz says incredulously.

>Zan –confessional<

“I take it as a sign froms the big guy in da skys tellin’ meh ta be a better person. I dunno about all that mushy stuff that went on but uh… Yea, I cares about my bro.” Zan nods, “And dat don’t make me any less manly than I ams! You don’t believe me then you can just come on ova here and I’ll show yous girls what DA MAN can really do!” Zan says sticking his chest out manly.

>Max –confessional<

Looks dazed, “I saw it. The film of my life as I began to pass on… And all I saw… was Liz.” Shakes head, “Doesn’t that MEAN something?”

>Liz –confessional<

“Man…” Groans into hands. “This is SO hard! Zan? or Max? Zan? or Max? Zan? or Max? Zan? or Max? ZAN OR MAX!? What is WRONG with you people?” Jumps up and yells in camera, “Do you WANT me to go insane?”

>Zan –confessional<

“Yea and Max didn’t even get mads about the whole bathroom stall thing.” Shrugs.

>Max –confessional<

“Did Zan say that he wrote something about me in the bathroom?”


A/N: How was that? I’m kinda stumped… Ahhh help me b4 it turns into writers block! lol *wink*


posted on 12-Sep-2002 11:22:33 AM
Hey guys! Guess where I'm at? And guess what I am?? Bored! lol Okay well I'm gonna work on part 12 and hopefully post it in a bit!!! *wink*

posted on 12-Sep-2002 4:27:15 PM
Thanks everyone!!! The feedback is GREAT! I heart you all!!!

Part 12

>Liz -confessional<

"How come I feel like everything I ever wanted in a guy is right in front of me. Like my match is out there, waiting for me to exit this room and walk into his arms? The only problem is I don't know which Evans boy it is exactly!" Rubs eyes, "Oh SHOOT!" Screams and jumps up, "I forgot I was wearing make-up!!!!" Grabs a bunch of tissues from box and wipes at face, "Well turn that damn thing off! I'm in desperate need of personal space!" Darts hand out to block camera. "Have some consideration!"

>Camera goes off<


>Max -confessional<

Sitting in serious thought, rubbing at chin, "I keep going over what happen in my head and I'm almost POSITIVE Zan said something about writing about me on the bathroom stalls of The Cup…"

>Zan -confessional<

"DUDE! This is getting boring! I'm over my bro almost bitin' da big one, I'm over that. Now I's got to get my act togetha. I have a plan that'll knock Vickie's Secret right off Liz's panties!"

>Liz -confessional<

On cell phone, "CHOKING Maria! No lie! Max was choking!!!" Nods head, "Uh, huh… Yea… Oh! Maria? I'm on again call you back, luv ya… yea, bye." Hangs up and looks at camera with freshly renewed make-up. "Just so you know… You're camera times are so OFF. I mean it's like whenever I WANT to talk you're changing film and whenever I DON'T want to talk there you are sticking that camera in my face…" Sighs, "Sorry," Puts hands up in defeat, "Sorry for snapping at you like that… It's just… It's just that Michael is REALLY driving me crazy right now bcuz he thinks this is all so hilarious and Maria thinks that "DESTINY" has some kind of a role in this game." Uses fingers to quote "DESTINY." Shakes head and chuckles, "Doesn't she know that destiny only exists in fairy tales?"

>Max -confessional<

"Where would one go if they desperately needed to use the facilities?" Max says.

>Zan -confessional<

"Man, I wonder where we're gonna go next? We're still here at The Cup and I just wanna move on so I can put my plan into action, ya know what I'm sayin'?"

>Max -confessional<

*Doing peepee Dance*

"I really gotta gooooo!!!"

>Zan confessional<

"Well… I guess I should go clean that stuff I wrote of the stall like I promised." Gets up to leave.

>Out side of confessionals<

"Max! Hey buddy! Whatcha doing huh?" Zan says pulling his brother into his arms for a nuggie.

"Stop it!" Max grumbles, "I gotta GO!" he charges for the restroom.

"MAX WAIT! NOOOO!!" Zan tackles Max to the floor.

"What the hell is wrong with you man!" Max yells.

Liz comes out of her confessional room, "What's going on? I heard shouting and- OH!" Liz shrieked when she stepped out her confessional room, "What ARE you two doing?!" She asked laughing when she saw max underneath Zan in a compromising position.

"Wha? Are yous serious? C'mon now Liz you KNOW me!" Zan yelps getting up quickly.

Liz is still busting up laughing.

Max makes a run for the bathroom and is bumrushed by Zan again, "Yous can't go in there Max! There is a radioactive substance up in that bitch and yous shouldn't be anywhere near it!" Zan shouts.

"GET OFF ME!!!" Max takes a swing at Zan and misses, "I gotta go!"

"Use the ladies room, you'll fit right in." Zan teases getting up and pushing Max towards the ladies room.

"Screw you." Max scowls.

"Nah, I'd rather screw 'er." Zan points at Liz who's eyes go wide.

Zan chuckles and Max steams, "Get out of the way I HAVE TO GO!" Max tries to push Zan.

"I am sorry lil bro but no one is entering or exiting this facility." Zan says and crosses his arms over his chest guarding the door.

A knock is heard and Zan tuns around, "Oh sorry man." Zan moves to let the guy out. He turns back to Max, "What?"

"MOVE!" Max pushes Zan.

"Max you do that again and I'm telling Liz about Mrs. Dee." Zan threatens.

Max's eyes widen, "You REMEMBER that!!!"

Zan bellows in laughter, "Hell yes I do!"

Max is practically jumping up and down to keep from wetting his pants, "Zan seriously, get out of the way."

Zan shakes his head, "No can do Mrs. Dee."

Max is about to come back with something when he decides better and runs for the ladies room, "Sorry ma'an, excuse me ma'am!" (women screams are heard) "I'm sorry ma'am!" Max covers his eyes, "I just gotta use the bathroom!!! I GOTTA GOOO!!!" He slams the door shut.

"Hilarious man," Zan shakes his head and chuckles, he turns and goes into the men's bathroom.

"Zan!" Liz says.

"OH hey Liz, forgots you wuz there." Zan say to her.

"Where are you going?" Liz says hands on hips.

"In here." Zan says walking in, "To clean up what I wrote on the walls…" He says under his breath.


A/N: How was that?
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lol everyone hates poor Zan! He's just a victim of his own ego! lol *wink*

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for mermaidgirl
"I didn't likes the way dey were whispering and giggling like 5th graders. I swear I had a flashback of the day I caught Max and Isabel playing tea party."

Would you like some more tea Mr. Max?

Why thank you Mrs. Isabel.

Lets sing a song Max!


*Giggle* *Giggle* *Giggle*


My name is lady bee!
I like to drink my tea!
So won't you play with me!
I like to sing a song!
And hum it all day long!

Yeay Max that was great!

Thanks Isabel!

"Then I came in during this time and run them down with my two wheeler! VrOom! VrOom! Errrrr, Crrrrrash!" Zan imitates the day, "It was hilarious!" laughs. "It was great, I had max crying for two weeks after that! I cracked they're tea pot and mom had to go buy a new one but Max was emotionally attached to the damn thing so he cried for days!" (Cracking up laughing)

lol I forgot that it was lady BEE! Not lady Dee! My bad folks! Hope you forgive me!!!

Does this help Mermaidgirl?

posted on 17-Sep-2002 1:32:36 PM
Big thanks to: JaneLane, jeremiah *wink*, Anya, roswellluver, BelevnDreamsToo, Tanky, mermaidgirl, and Assilem_1

Assilem_1: Any chance that you will be updateing "Running with Scissors" soon??? lol no rush! *tongue*

Part 13

>Liz -confessional<

"So far, we've played paintball, no wait -Max was attacked with a paintball gun from Zan, THEN we played paintball, then me and Max attacked Zan with our paintball guns… Uh… Then we go to The Cup where I trip on my heels and cause Max and Zan to fall on their asses trying to catch me, Max chokes (stifles giggles), Zan saves him and they ultimately admit they love each other -in a BROTHERLY way. Ummm… Let's see what else happen? Hmm…" Rubs chin in thought, "Oh yea! Then I guess Max had to use the bathroom only Zan wouldn't let him because he hadn't washed what he wrote on the wall in there about Max. Childish, yes I know. And now we are here. I'm about to exit this room and Max, Zan, and me will then go to a dance club. I'm actually a bit excited because if my memory is correct… Zan is a GREAT dancer…"

>Zan -confessional<

Rubbing face, "Man, it's been like wha? 3 hours and I STILL have yet to kiss Liz again. I knows that I come off as a dog but ya know what? Don't be judgin' no book by its cover. I'm not the hard ass I come off ta be. I'm actually a cool guy once you get to know me… And for you ladies… I'm the ULTIMATE lover… Okay, Okay" Puts hands up in defense, "I knows that didn't come out right but eh, what do you care? You already have your mind made up about me anywayz."

>Max -confessional<

"I've been siting here wondering why the ladies bathroom is so much more nicer than the men's. Isn't that a bit sexist?"

>Liz -confessional<

On cell phone: "Yea, I know Maria. Michael can be such an ass, I can't believe you didn't tell me he knew Max and Zan were going to be my dates. (Pause) Well I don't care if he swore you to secrecy! You're supposed to be my best friend Maria! (Pause -mumbling is heard from phone) I- uh you're… YOU'RE WHAT?!" Liz's eye's go wide.

>Zan -confessional<

"Okay so next up is Steps. A nightclub, dance club whateva. All I knows is dat me and Liz have GREAT chemistry on the dance floor." Zan is lost in thought… "Man those were the days… If I could go back and do it all over… I would have NEVER drank that Long island Ice Tea which caused me to cheat on Liz with Tess Harding after Senior Ball… I was drunk, and I thought she wuz Liz… But… I guess I was a lil more drunk than I thought!"

>Max -confessional<

Looks at camera, "I'd like to speak with the manager of this place, this is outrageous. The floors in the women's bathroom are CARPET! Car-pet!!! How unfair is that?! The toilet paper even seems softer! The freakin place has lounge music! What do we have in the men's room? A few urinals and a sink with a dinky little mirror… This is discrimination I tell you… Women are out to take over the world!"


a/n: How was that? Plz chk out my challenge Chillz ~Thanks!
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roswellluver: lol I know! He's silly!

posted on 18-Sep-2002 12:43:08 AM
It has come to my attention that Jeremiah isn't here today... *sad*
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LMAO!!! Okay! Okay! I'll have the new part up in a while I just have to crack my knuckles and get to typing! lol I'm at work so you KNOW I have time! LOL *wink*

Jeremiah - LMAO You are too cute! I'm working on it! You get cracking on "Roswellian Idol"!!! lol

Applebylicious - WOW! So happy that I was reccomended! lol I think that is so cool! BTW: LOVE your story "Invisible" IT ROCKS CHICA!!! *wink*

posted on 1-Oct-2002 5:28:02 PM
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jeremiah, Tanky, Applebylicious, mg_ros, Strawbehrry Shortcake, and Assilem_1!!! You guys are the best! *wink*

Feel free to bump me again!!! lol

Part. 14

>Liz -Confessional<

Looks at camera blankly…

*Cameraman clears throat*

Liz blinks…

*Again, cameraman clears throat*

Again, Liz blinks…


>Camera goes off<

>Switch to Max -Confessional<

"Well that's that!" Wipes hands together, "That place will now think twice before giving the ladies room better treatment then the men's! HA!" Max fogs up camera lens when he jumps up to say "HA!" up close. "Oh. Sorry." Max blushes wiping at the lens.


>Switch to Zan -confessional<

"Man I'm freakin still hungry! With all da commotion dat went down we didn't really gets a chance ta eat. I mean I knows we gonna go dancing then we'll go out to dinner then we'll go to a bar den we'll end dis thing but damn. That don't stop my stomach from growling!" Rubs at stomach and pouts, "I'm hungry." Says this like little boy.

>Dance Club called "Steps"<


Zan and Max wait for Liz patiently. But are not speaking to each other -yet.

Max is wearing gray slacks and a white button up polo shirt. Complete with nice beige LUGS boots. He waits patiently leaning against the outside wall of the club.

Zan on the other hand is decked out in NICE blacks slacks, a black polo button up shirt and black… loafers? His shirt is unbuttoned a bit to show of a nice portion of his well-toned abs and chest. Only the 3 middle buttons are fastened.

"So… I ah… I heard you complained about the men's bathroom to the manager… Uh.. W-w-w-w-why'd you do that exactly?" Zan stutters swallowing nervously.

Max shakes his head looking at the sky.

"Max?" Zan asks more nervously.

"It was an outrage I tell you. The discrimination of that room." Max says still not making eye contact with Zan.

"Well uh… M-may-maybe the person was mad or something and just needed to vent?" Zan blurted.

Max shook his head angry, "No. Whoever designed that bathroom had something against ALL men." Max says.

"Say WHAT!?" Zan says regaining his composure.

"The WOMANS bathroom has CARPET for crying out loud Zan! CARPET!!! How unfair is that?" Max scowls.

Zan looks at Max incredibly.

"What do you think of that?" Max says looking at Zan.

"Words escape me bro." He says shaking his head and laughing. Obviously happy Max had not found out about the writing on the wall.

"JINKIES!" Max shouts.

Zan is about to scold his brother's choice of words when-

"Hello boys."

Liz walks up.

"Hubba, hubba!" Zan whistles.

"Ditto." Max all but drools.

Liz is wearing a red halter-top with a deep plunging neckline and black mini leather skirt complete with matching black knee-high leather boots. Her hair is crimped and has stray curls escalating down her back. (Think Britney's hair in her "Stronger" video.) Liz's make-up is perfection. Her lips are glossed and her eyes dance with glitter, her cheeks were slightly flushed from the reaction she got from her dates. Her eyes were lined in black liquid eyeliner and her shadow was a natural tone.

"Yea. Well… I got a surprise today…" Liz blushed fiddling with her hair.

>Camera switches to a flashback of her "Surprise"<

"OH. MY. GOD!" Liz screamed.

"The one and only! You didn't think I'd let you do this without me DID you?!" A petite pixie like maiden squeals running towards Liz.

"MARIA DELUCA! I am going to kick your ASS!" Liz shrieks.

"So I guess that means I'm off the hook then?" A tall and bulky suave guy walks into confession after Maria.

"MICHAEL GUERIN your ass is grass!" Liz jumps towards him pushing him almost out the door. The act was supposed to be in Liz's favor but unfortunately for both Liz and Michael, Michael didn't have his balance…

"Oh shit!" Maria laughed when they plummeted to the floor.


When we return:

*MOBY's "We Are All Made Of Star's" is playing overhead*

"What the HELL is dis shyt?!" Zan shrieks. "Ah, HELLA nah! Ey! DJ!" Zan waves at DJ. "You best cut this shit out!" He barks.

*Disc scratches -P. Diddy's "I Need A Girl Pt. 1" plays*

"Now dats more like it." Zan grins.

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It's 10/10 and it's almost 10 o'clock here in Cali so in honor of the number 10.. I give you part 15. (Cuz in 15 more minutes it will be 10 o'clock) lol okay that has nothing to do the number 10 but I bet you guys still want the new part anyways...

Part 15

>Liz -confessional<

"I was so surprised when Maria came waltzing through that door! I was furious when I saw Michael's face though! Man. My ass is still killing me from that fall." Liz rubs butt.

*flash back to after Liz and Michael fell*

"Liz! What the heck?!" Michael snaps getting up and pushing Liz off him.

"Ow." Liz rubs butt, "That hurt."

Maria is laughing it up in the corner.

Liz scowls in her direction and the laughs come to an abrupt stop. "What are you guys doing here?" Liz shakes her head and asks.

"Well…" Maria smiles.

"We're the only ones who will have visitors today." Michael adds.

>Max -confessional<

"When I first saw Liz I was in awe. Liz Parker. She is what I've always wanted in a woman, she's everything and more. She's perfect." Looks off in a daze.

"HEY! Snap out of whatever perverted thoughts you have flying through that fat head you got there!" Someone says snapping Max out of his daze.

Max turns and his eyes go wide. Camera moves to see who the visitor is.

"ISABEL!" Max shrieks.

>Zan -confessional<

"LONNIE!" He bellows, "Gurl wha yous doin' hea?" He stands up and hugs the girl named "Lonnie."

"Yea, yea. Whateva, don get mushy on meh. I saw some of da crap yous been puttin Max threw. It ain't right Zan. Its &%#⊕! Up man." She scowls.

Words have been censored due to MTV's public TV policy.

Zan scratched head, "How did you know I was bein a punk to Max? Oh! By the way MTV viewers this is my very lovely sister Lonnie." Zan smirks.

Lonnie looks at camera and grins sarcastically, then turns back to Zan, "Lizen up." She crosses her arms.

"Lizenin." Zan sits back down and crosses his muscular arms across his own chest.

Lonnie pauses and looks at the camera. Then she walks up to Zan and whispers in his ear something inaudible to MTV's microphones…

Zan's face is expressionless until Lonnie is finished with whatever she said.

"OH HELL NAH! Ova my dead. Decaying. Body Lonnie. NO WAY JOSE!" Zan shrieks and shakes his head.

"Yous know I also noticed that you guys been mentionin' Isabel a lat. Whut 'bout ya darlin' sister hea huh?" Lonnie points at herself.

"DALIN?! If yous was a doll you wouldn't make me have to-"

"Say another word and I'll lay all ya ish bayah in front of MTV." Lonnie snaps.

"I hate you! Yous a BAD sista!" Zan jumps up and screams then runs away out the confessional and slams the door behind him.

Lonnie smirks at the camera and says, "Wait foe it… Three… Two… One…"

"I HATE YOU! Get out! This is MY confessional!!!" Zan storms back in and whines like a baby.

Lonnie chuckles, "Toldts ya." She winks at the camera and struts out.

"Tolds you wha-t?" Zan glares at the camera.


*Camera goes off.*

>Switch to Max -confessional<

"Max. Why did you make such a big deal about the women's restroom? Do you know that because of you The Cup is going to redesign the ladies room now?" Isabel pushes him off the couch and sits, she only seemed to intend to push him over but instead Max falls right off the edge. "Max!" Isabel laugh/cries out.

Max on floor, "You did that on purpose! Way to push a man while he's down." Max growls.

"Man? Where? I see no man." Isabel looks around confessional.

"I hate you! You're a BAD sister!" Max jumps up and runs out the confessional slamming the door behind him.

Isabel smirks at the camera and says, "Wait for it… ," She looks at her nails, "Three… Two… One…"

"I HATE YOU! Get out! This is MY confessional!!!" Max storms back in and whines like a baby.

Isabel chuckles, "Told ya." She winks at the camera and struts out.

"Tolds you what?" Max glares at the camera, "Whatever she says IT'S NOT TRUE! I do NOT still sleep with Mr. Bear! And I do NOT still suck my thumb!"

Cameraman clears throat.

Max's face turns deep red, "Uh… She didn't say anything about that… Did she? Oh god." Max runs out.


*Camera goes off.*

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Part 16

>Liz –confessional<

“Okay you wanna know a little secret?” Liz pulls her hair behind her ears and sighs, “I think I kinda like Max.”

>Maria –confessional<

“Wow this is like so cool. I never thought I would be on MTV. So can you get me an interview with Carson? Or better yet can I guest star on TRL? I can sing ya know. I have a voice like no other. I turned down a record deal after all. I mean I wanna be famous but I’m no Britney Spears.” Shakes head, “Psha! Have you SEEN the bod on that girl? No possible freaking way will I get like that in a week. I tall ya that. HA!” Maria laughs, “Okay yea. About Liz. Well she used to date Zan until he blew everything by getting drunk that one night during Senior Prom and Doing it with Tess Harding. Ugh! What a SLUT! I tell ya! That chick it three Pepsi’s short of a sixer.” Waves hand.

>Michael –confessional<

Sits back relaxed and looks at screen, “Am I supposed to talk or something? Why the hell do you keep staring at me?” He growls, “Man you guys are gonna pay for dinner right? I’m starving, you got any chicken? Can I have a chicken? …a whole one?”


(At Steps Night Club)

“Damn Liz you look –tight!” Zan whistles, Liz blushes.

“Yea, well thanks… Again. Um… Wh-why don’t we just go inside?” Liz rushes inside the club.

*MOBY's "We Are All Made Of Star's" is playing overhead*

"What the HELL is dis shyt?!" Zan shrieks. "Ah, HELLA nah! Ey! DJ!" Zan waves at DJ.

"You best cut this shit out!" He barks.

*Disc scratches -P. Diddy's "I Need A Girl Pt. II" plays*

"Now dats more like it." Zan grins.

“You ever heard of manners?” Max scowls.

“What of it thumb sucker.” Zan cracks.

Max’s eyes go wide, “You PROMISED!!! You said you wouldn’t tell!” Max shrieks then realizes Liz is looking at him strangely, “That uh… That I do 300 sit ups a night and uh… 200 push ups… Yea! Push ups!” Max puffs his chest out and Liz shakes her head.

>Liz –confessional<

“Oh gosh, Max is so cute. I mean if you look close enough you can see that when he’s embarrasses his ears get red. His face always has this clueless look upon it and he is just so adorable bcuz he thinks I don’t know that he still sucks his thumb when he naps from time to time. I mean Zan told me he did, he told me that a looooong time ago.” Liz giggles.

>Max –confessional<

“Yea so luckily Liz doesn’t suspect a thing about my thumb sucking habit. God I’d just die if she found out about Mr. Bear tho.” Clenches eyes shut.

>Liz –confessional<

“I can’t believe not one of them has flashed their time out card yet.” Liz shrugs.

>Zan –confessional<

“Maxie boy is duez for ah time out.” Flashes time card.

>Lonnie –confessional<

“Yea so’s ah. When does this Liz chick pick between my brothas? She breaks theyah hauts I break ‘er face.” Bangs fists together.

Cameraman is unbelievably uncomfortable at this moment.

“Ey. Chill Aight. I wuz jus jokin. Haha? Funny?” Lonnie tried to make the cameraman calm down, “Hey. Ey, it’s okay duke. I uh… I wuz really jus kiddin kayz? Sheesh ya try ta breaks the tension and you land up making the camera guy piss his pants.” Lonnie curses under her breath.


>Inside Steps<

“Let me get your chair Liz.” Max politely pulls out Liz’s chair for her to sit in.

“Thank you Max.” Liz smiles sweetly, “That is so kind of you, you are such a gentleman.” Liz pinches his cheek softly.

Max blushes profusely.

“Eh calm ya knickers Maxie boy you didn’t even make it ta first base…” Zan wiggles eyebrows, “I did though.” He winks at Liz.

“You asshole!” Liz jumps up and stomps away.

“Why did you say that?” Max angers, “Why do you always have to be such an ass!? Liz is the most kindest, sweetest, gentlest, most-most bestest person there ever was and you don’t even SEE IT! All you see is a nice piece of ass!” Max yells at Zan.

Zan blinks back in shock, “Boy…” He whistles, “You my brotha… Are whooped!” He shakes his head, “An you didn’t even GET any!”

Max glares at him angry, “I’m warning you Zan.” Max stands his ground.

“Or wha? Wha you gonna do?” Zan stands up to Max.

Max gulps, “Or I’m gonna…”

“You’re gonna wha? Your little pussy ass would NEVA stand up ta mes.” Zan glowers, about to knock Max put when he see’s Lonnie, “Uh… Sorry… I-I uh… I’ll go uh… Apologize to Liz.” Zan backs down and walks off.

“Yea you better!” Max calls after him, “I showed him.” Max dusts himself off satisfied.

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Part 17


"Liz wait!" Max calls after Liz.

"What." Liz barks, wiping at her eyes.

Max is taken back but continues, "Liz I'm sorry for my brother, he's shit for brains and I apologize."

"Why?" Liz asked through tears.

"Why what? OH! Why am I sorry for him? Well because he hurt you and because well…" Max fidgets.


"Because I like you." Max shrugs looking at his feet.

"I like you too." Liz says taking his hand.

>Max -confessional<

"HOT DAMN!" Max skips around room; "Liz Parker likes who? You? NO! Zan? NO! Me? YES!!!" Max yells in camera lens and fogs it up. "Who's the man? WHO is THE man? That would be me!" Max dances around room and trips falling behind couch.


>Zan -confessional<

"Max is ready for a time out card." Zan smirks holding up his card.


"Hey Max." Zan smiles.

"What?" Max scowls taking a sip of his drink.

Liz is sitting between Max and Zan looking extremely uncomfortable.

"You having a good time?" Zan asks.

Max nods, "Quite." He shuffles around in his pockets.

"You looking for this?" Zan hold up his time out card in triumph.

Max's eyes go wide because he had just found his card and shoved it in Zan's face only to see that Zan had pulled his out first.

Liz looks at Max sadly.

"I'll be back Liz." He says and surprises everyone by kissing Liz on the cheek.

"Wha?" Zan's face is a mass of confusion.

>Max -timeout confessional<

"I must admit I'm not all THAT surprised that Zan pulled his timeout on me. I mean he had just royally screwed up. The ONLY way he might be able to redeem himself would be to use his timeout for groveling." Max crosses his arms, "And even that won't work."

::Steps, Zan and Liz::

"Hey, abouts wha I said earlier…" Zan shrugs, "I'm sorry."

"Whatever." Liz scowls looking off into the dance floor.

"You wanna dance?" Zan asks.

"With you? NO." Liz spat.

"Get up. Let's show these pansies how its done." Zan pulls Liz up onto her feet and leads her out onto the dance floor.

*No Doubt's "Hella Good" starts playing*

The waves keep on crashing on me for some reason
But your love keeps on coming like a thunderbolt
Come here a little closer
'Cause I wanna see you, baby, real close up
(Get over here)

Zan takes Liz's hand and turns he around so that her back is against his chest.

Camera focuses on Liz's face, she's blushing. The music is blasting and strobe lights are flashing. The scene is definitely wild.

Captions through loud music:
Zan: C'mon Liz, like we used to.

Liz: I forgot.

Zan: BullSh*t you forgot.

Zan starts to sway to the music and Liz starts to warm up.

You've got me feeling hella good
So let's just keep on dancing
You hold me like you should
So I'm gonna keep on dancing

Zan has his hands on either side of Liz's hips and his grinding up against her, Liz seems to have adapted because she has her left hand on Zan's hand on her left hip and her right hand is up held around Zan's neck.

Zan: Tolds you ya didn't foeget.
Liz: (Grinning ear to ear) Nah. (shakes head) I remember now.

Liz rubs up against Zan in such ways that Zan grits his teeth tight.

Zan: Damn girl you been practicin' or somethin?

Your performance deserving a standing ovation
And who would have thought it'd be the two of us
So don't wake me if I'm dreaming
'Cause I'm in the mood come on and give it up

Liz and Zan are dancing in the middle of the dance floor and everyone has crowded around them forming a circle.

Liz takes this as the opportunity to show Zan that she has learned A LOT since they last saw each other. She pops her butt out and puts her hands down on her knees as she moves her body to the impeccable beat. Dirty dancing always WAS her style, she has said.

>Max -timeout confessional<

"I don't have to worry, I mean. Liz hates Zan. She wouldn't be anywhere NEAR Zan if she had the chance to get away. I be they're just sitting there right where I left them and I bet Liz is wishing all the while that I had pulled out MY time card on Zan." Max says confident.

::Steps, Zan and Liz::

You've got me feeling hella good
So let's just keep on dancing

Liz bounces her body down Zan's front.

You hold me like you should
So I'm gonna keep on dancing

Zan's hands are still on her hips and his face is pure lust.

You've got me feeling hella good
So let's just keep on dancing
You hold me like you should
So I'm gonna keep on dancing

Liz then turns up the notch by moving her butt up Zan's front slowly and seductively as she makes her way back up. Still managing to maintain her movements to the beat of the booming music. Zan looks to the Camera and lips: DAY-AM!

Ooh yeah yeah
Ooh yeah yeah

Liz winks at camera.

>Max -confessional<

"I have no doubt in my mind that Liz is feeling VERY uncomfortable with him right now." Max nods definite.

::Steps, Zan and Liz::

You've got me feeling hella good
So let's just keep on dancing
You hold me like you should
So I'm gonna keep on dancing

Zan: (whispers in Liz's ear as they dance) I'm gonna kiss you.
Liz: I dare you.

People have already started to dance amongst themselves and the circle has faded from around the couple.

Zan turns Liz around to face him.

>Max -confessional<

"Its almost time to go save Liz from her hell with Zan."

::Steps, Zan and Liz::

Zan moves his face down to Liz's. Liz lifts her head up.

You've got me feeling hella good
So let's just keep on dancing
You hold me like you should
So I'm gonna keep on dancing

Liz: Wait. (She turns back around and rubs against him) I wanna finish my dance. (She grins devilishly)

Zan groans but quickly starts to warm up when Liz starts grinding up against him again. Liz seems to be lost in the music, she runs her hands up her body and dances and them pulls her fingers through her hair, Zan rubs his face against her cheek and she giggles.

Keep on dancing
Keep on dancingp

Liz spins around and catches Zan's lips in her own.

>Liz -confessional<

"I should be insulted. I should be ANGRY! But… I'm not." Liz clenches eyes shut and sighs. "After all. I kissed HIM." Slaps forehead, "What is WRONG WITH ME??? He's an ASS dammit! NO! He's a definite no-no!!! Max is a yes-yes!" Liz opens eyes and pleads to the camera. She hold up her palms to the ceiling in front of the camera, "This is Zan." She hold of her left hand, "The no-no." She shakes her head, "This is Max." Holds up right hand, "The yes-yes!" Nods head vigorously then smashes them together, "And this is me!"

"Trouble in Paradise?" a voice says suddenly.

Liz whirls around, "Alexander Charles Whitman! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE???" Liz screams in delight.

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Dudes I suck major ass and I'm sooo sorry! PLease forgive me! I hope this part is okay, it's not shibbie but I hope it hold you...

Part 18

>Max comes back after timeout<

"So... what did you gusy do?" He sits down next to Liz on the plush leather couch.

"Nuthin' lil bro. Chill." Zan winks at Liz.

>Liz -confessional<

"Alex!" Liz jumps up and runs to the tall and lanky dark haired boy.

"You didn't think that everyone would come and I wouldn't have to shimmie up in the mix somehow did you?" Alex grins.

"Oh Alex! I need your help!"

"Seems like you need a lot more than that."


Liz seems very guilty and Zan seems to be very happy. Egotistcally happy.

Liz fidgets, "So... Uh..." She looks at Max.

Zan rolls his eyes, "For da luv of! Max!" Zan smacks his brother upside the head.

"Ow!" Max jumps.

"Yo! Stoopid! Ya gonna use ya card or wha?" Zan rolls his eyes, "YOu couldn't even get da gurl if I let yous."

"What makes you so sure you got the girl Zan?" Liz asks.

"I'd love ta demonstrate but my bro here would proly have a nervous breakdown or some shyt like dat." Zan shoves Max in his shoulder.

"That's it! Time out mister! You get a TIME OUT!" Max thrusts the card in Zan's face.

"Aight yo." Zan nods and walks off.

>Zan -confessional<

"I bets you all confused and sh*t huh? Why is Zan letting Max get the girl? What is he up to?" Zan says this in a mocking tone, "Well let me tell yous all somethin. You think you know me..." He grins, "But you have no idea..."

Camera zooms in.

"Dis is da life... Of a playa." He winks and puckers his lips.

a/n: gah! I'm so tired I don't even know what I just wrote! blagh! I hope that was okay for now! *ZZzzzzzz*