Title: Mending
Author: KA
Email: Chesire_Kat⊕hotmail.com
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Just a poor college student borrowing a few characters for entertainment purposes only
Summary: Tag to Cry Your Name. Liz and Kyle run into each other late at night after Alex's death.
Category: Friendship; Liz POV
Authors Notes: Let's pretend Liz didn't cry after Jerry left in Cry Your Name.


I was sitting on a park bench. Just sitting. I didn’t want to go home but I didn’t have anywhere else to go. I wish Sean was back. I should just go to Maria’s. Then I saw the shoes stop in the area my eyes were concentrating on. “Is this seat taken?” I heard the familiar voice ask.

“Have a seat Kyle. What brings you out and about in Roswell at this hour?”

“I couldn’t sleep. I went to your house to see if maybe you wanted to talk but you weren’t there so I started wondering around, I thought I saw you over here and decided to say hi.”

“I’m sorry you got drug into all this Kyle.”

“I’d be dead if I hadn’t.”

“Me too.” Then came the complete silence. I think we both needed just to be near each other. We needed friendship. “Happy Birthday Kyle.” I placed an arm around him.

“Thanks but it’s not so happy.”

“I know.”

The thing that surprised me happened next, “Have you cried yet?”

“No,” I answered honestly. “ I started to but Jerry showed up.”

“It’s okay to cry Liz, you need to let the tears go.” Then he enveloped me in a hug and held me. I lost it emotionally. I let the tears go.

“It’s not fair Kyle. It should have been me; it should have been anyone but Alex. He was innocent. He didn’t do anything but be a friend to me. He got drug into this just like you and Maria, and everyone else because of me. I should be the one who suffers the consequences. It’s my fault.”

“Shh. Shh.” Kyle whispered through my sobs. “It’s not anyone’s fault Liz. If you blame yourself then you have to blame Max for saving your life. If you blame Max you have to blame the ship for crashing and for him not being given the chances he would have had. You can’t blame anyone Liz, things just happened the way they did.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that my best friend is dead.”

“I know Liz, nothing will change that. It will just take time to get used to it all.”

“I still don’t think it was an accident.”

“There’s nothing anyone could say to get me to think that either. I’ll help you out, whenever you’re ready to start searching I’ll help you.”

“Thanks Kyle.” I smiled.

“So, I guess it’s going to be us versus them now huh?”

“For a little while.”

“But we have the upper hand Liz.” He smiled.

I smiled back. “We know their secret.”

“Do you think any of us would ever tell?”

“Honestly, no. I mean I think we’ve all thought about it but when it comes down to it I don’t think we could.”

“I think you’re right.” Again a silence came over us. “So, Lizzie, are you ever going to tell me why we deceived Max when you were so obviously in love with him?”

I grimaced. “Aliens.”

“You know what Liz, I’m just going to let this one slide for now.” He gave me look like I was crazy.

I laughed which caused him to give me another puzzled look. “You know Kyle I’m not crazy. I had my reasons.”

“I’m sure you did and I’ll know what they were whenever you’re ready to tell me.”

“Thanks Kyle, for understanding and for giving me time.”

Again things were quiet for a few minutes. “Come on Parker, lets get out of here.”

“Where are we going?”

“Home. I’ll have my Dad call your parents.” He gently took my hand in his and we walked to his house together. Our friendship was finally mended.