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Title: Trouble
Simmary: Liz has two little boys and and a past, what will happen when she meets a man that she finds hard to stay away from, will he be able to vrake down her walls?
Disclaimer: Roswell and its Characters are not mine.

“Beagan, Devlin come on! You too are not going to be late again!” Liz Parker was the mother of two energetic twins, that were constantly causing mischief, and it was only the start of the year.

“We will be right there mom just give us a second, to get our backpacks!” The two boys raced down the spiral staircase. They were The moon with its mysterious ways, and the sun glowing in its victory. Beagan almost tripped over the last step which sent him tumbling straight on his bum, were Devlin jumper over his brother, laughing at his dazed expression. Beagan got up his shocking green eyes dancing around. He just stood there for a long few moments trying to get his bearings.


“That sat Devlin off again and Liz had to stifle a giggle.

“Come on cutties, you don’t want to be late for your first day of third grade do you?” Liz rolled her eyes at her own words

Both boys locked their eyes on hers as the chorused yes.

“Well to bad, because your going to be on time for once.” Liz and the boys had a track record for beging late on the first day.....or not going. In Pre school they all over slept causing the boys to lose one hour in the three hour day. First Grade Liz lost the keys to the car, and it took 20 minutes to find he,. Second grade they forgot what day school started, causing them to go the day after it opened its doors.

They all pilled into her black Jaguar, Liz had woken them up a hour and a half early to make sure the boys got there early, and to make sure she had time to go and get her desired French Vanilla .She breezed into the moody poetic coffee house with her two boys following her.

Devlin and Began suited in perfectly even though they were a good two feet shorter then everyone else. Devlins’s Black hair and thick lashes that hid emerald eyes with brown flecks speckled in, and small steel toed boots with black scrub pants and black wife beater, made him look like the ideal poet. Began went for the more artistic look. His platinum hair the was constantly in his eyes had not been brushed, and his Irish green eyes feel under blond eyelashes that brushed against his black sunglasses, and his white scrubs and white wife beater labeled him clearly artist.

“Hey Liz what can I get you, and the boys today? Oh let me guess Liz you want French Vanilla, Beagan wants a tea, and Devlin wants water?” Crescent the waiter and one of Liz’s close friends stated as she handed each one of them their drinks.

“You know you love us Crescent!” Beagn sand and gave her a wolfish smile.

“Don’t be mad I am healthier then you.” Devlin stated grabbing his water and batting his eyelashes at the slim woman. She glanced at Liz to see her rolling her eyes. And broke out in a smile.

“I am going to pretend did not here that Mr. I like tofu! And the pimp of the third grade! Now moving on Liz I my brother and sister are coming into town today and I was wondering if you could pick them up, because Lori needs me here and cant let me off. Please I will be you slave for 3 seconds, and I will pick the boys up on my lunch brake so you don’t have to worry about them, and I will watch them until you fill like coming to get them. Please Pretty Please, did I mention I love you today?” Liz laughed at her friends antics.

“Yes I will go get the, when do they get her, and what are there names? You always say ‘My brother and sister’ but never say their names.”

“Thank you so much! They get here at 12:30. Here is a picture, and their names are Max and Isabel, I will call and tell them that you will be picking them up. Thank you so much now leave, you are going to be late....again!”

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Hey thanks for the FB, for thoes that are reading my other story dont worry I have not forgotten about it! (yes I do know my record for un finshed storieslol) so I am not sure when exaclty the next parts will be out with the end of school near and everything......yes it will be before then that I can promise you! Oh yeah and I know t says trouble as the Title but it is really alt vs. normal life k thats it!
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Hey thanks everyone that left Fb! Lol I just put the Jag in there cuz we had just gotten one, and I was happy lol! But love monkey you gave me and idea about Liz’s past Thanks! Lmao Ummm what else? Oh it is Trouble and Alterative .vs. Normal Life. It does not matter, but I will go by Alt. Vs. Normal. Well thanks and I hope everyone likes this part enough to leave fb!

“Liz didn’t you say you were supposed to be picking someone up, oh I don’t know now?” Amarande asked her boss and best friend.

“What? Oh god! I’m going to b late! Crap! Can you take over for me? You can thanks love ya girlie” Liz was already flying out the door vintage skirts twirling as she made her way to her car.

She was late getting there but there plane had been delayed so they would never know the difference. She sat down on the hard plastic seats eating a sucker, with her long brown hair in two braids, Her cris-cross apron top and long twirling skirt made her look almost 16 instead of 23.

She looked up to see the people in the picture she had sene earlier. She gave a small shudder, they looked so, so formal, the girl was wearing a gray pnat suit, and the guy was wearing a black slacks and a dress shirt, from what she had been told they were not here on business, but Crescent could have been wrong.

She gave a small whimper threw out her sucker and made her way over. Her palms started sweating, and she nervously wiped them on her skirt, and looked down at her outfit again, to late to change now, she thought. When she got there the women that she could only guess was her sister looked her up and down with a skeptical eye. Liz gave an inward groan.

~''“Hi I am Liz did Crescent tell you I was picking you up?” She stuck out her hand but it was ignored. Now THAT was just cruel.

“Crescent always did have questionable friends.” Mrs. Gray pant suit said

“Yes I guess so, but did she really have to have her pick us up?” Mr. Slacks answered.''~

Liz shook her head splitting the day dream in two.

“Hi I am Liz Crescent had to work, I am sure she told you.” Up close she noticed how drop dead gorgeous her brother was.

“Yeah she did it is nice to meet you Liz.” Siad drop dead gorgeous answered

“Yeah really great to meet Liz.” Isabel sounded less then believable.

“Right um ok just this way to my car...”

They got outside and made there way across the massive parking lot, stopping at Liz’s Jag when Liz pulled out the keys and popped the trunk Max and Liz looked at her then to the car.

“Are you sure this is your car Liz?” One thought flew through Liz’s mind and it was three letters, Huh?

“What my brother is trying to ask is are you sure that is not you car?” Isabel pointed to a big van like the one on scobby doo. Liz got the drift.

“Well I don’t know now that you mention it, it could be, why don’t you go see? And when you come back we can play hide and go seek and you can see if you can find me and this car? Does that sound good?” Since Liz only got glares for an answer she got in the car, not caring if they followed.

The ride to the Coffee house was silent well almost silent, Liz was blasting Likin Park just to get on there nerves. As she turned into the parking lot of Lori’s Canvas or the coffee house she looked into her rear view mirror to see Max starring at her, and mouthing the words to the song. She decided he was not all that cute he had a pimple. But even as she said that in her head she could not help looking in the side mirror to catch his tush as he walked away.

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Hey guys! well Thannks for the FB I know this part was not the greatest. :( You know how ecah story has a really sucky part? I am hoping that this was that part! lol well thanks once agian!