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Babylon, Beloved of Ishtar.
Lopaka Tanu
Rated: R
Category: AU Polarists.
Summary: Some things are just meant to be.
Author's Note: I have been thinking of this for a long time. For Pandas2001, Crazy 4 Max, Ursa Mom, Morbid Bunney, and all you Polarists out there in the dark. Need Beta. Please Help.

Part 1 Prolog Hope has a Place.

Crouching low in an alley, she waited for the inevitable. Her dreams had played this scene a thousand times. Her heart sped up as the moment drew nearer. This was it, the moment of truth. Her world would forever change from this moment on. It was most likely going to end tonight. At least, that is how her dreams had ended.

Liz heard their voices before she saw the people. They were different from normal people. She could tell that by the way they acted. They were screaming and firing beams of light from their hands. She stayed down as the people started to come her way.

Breathing shallow and heart racing, she watched as the four figures retreated closer to her. Their enemy was stronger and outnumbered them. She knew who the good guys were and who the bad ones were. She was going to stop the bad guys before they killed the good guys again.

When the good guys reached her side, Liz made her move. With a pull on the rope the net was lifted taking the good guys with it. A moment later Liz tossed the lit bottle at the barrels. The flames engulfed the leaking barrels and caused them to explode, taking the bad guys with it.

Liz felt the heat come for her as the last barrel exploded. The flames swept over her as she screamed in fear. Pain shot through her as the flames licked her flesh. The fire was there but for a moment, but it was enough for Liz. Her pain was too much to bare. With one last breath, her life faded as her thoughts centered on the final peace. Oblivion was all she wanted now, for she had fufilled her destiny.


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Part 2 Only time can tell.

Liz shot up in her bed. The dream had been so real this time. She could still feel the pain of the burns on her skin. Life would never be the same, she thought. Well, here she was getting ready for school, same as always. So much for life never being the same. As Liz took her shower, she ran a hand through her hair before she washed it. At the tips, coarse brittle hair turned to ashes as she touched it.

Liz sat on the floor of the shower rocking herself as the now-cold water pelted her skin. "It was only a dream, you did not die. You did not save the good guys from the bad guys. You stayed home last night and did... What? Okay. Don't panic. Life is okay. You are not going to panic. It's simple, you just blacked out. It's happened before, when you got drunk. Remember last month's New Year's Eve party? That's right, you don't. You got so drunk, you blacked out and woke up in bed with that Michael Guerin guy."

"Okay, so that was a time you wished you remembered. Focus on that. You are going to get through this. You just have to take one step at a time." Liz unrolled her stiff legs from under her. "Easy, you're still a little weak. Come on, Liz, you can do it." She stood up slowly, talking to herself to try and calm down. "Good girl, now turn the water off. Time to get dressed and go to school."

As Liz got dressed, she stopped shaking. When she had finished tying her braid into a bun, her smile returned. "There, pretty as a picture as Mom used to say." Liz looked down at the picture of herself wrapped in her mother's arms. They were sitting on a swing. "Momma. are you still watching over me? Do I make you proud? I know I'm hard on Dad sometimes, but he would still be sitting over your grave had it not been for me."

Liz wiped away her tears as the memories came flooding back to her. The only reason she had gotten drunk New Year's Eve was because her mother had died the day after Christmas, in a car accident. Maria, who at the time was her best friend, had dragged her out to celebrate the new year. Maria had wanted to party while Liz had wanted to die. All self-centered Maria could care about was what a downer it was to have a Zombie like friend. Liz had told her to go fuck herself and had started to drink. She lost all conscious thought after the first sip.

The next morning she awoke with someone on top of and inside her: Michael, smelling of alcohol, like he always did and passed-out cold. He was the school bad-ass. She didn't know why she had stayed that day. When he'd rolled her over on top of him, he had grown hard again. Liz had just let him take control despite his drunken stupor. He had made her forget the pain for a few more hours.

He came to after the second time. Liz was in such a sex-induced daze, she barely noticed that Michael had gotten off her. He started to rant and rave about how stupid they had been, and how Max was going to kill him. She decided, after he'd mentioned that vile devil, that she had had enough. With a heave, she picked up the lamp that was on the motel room night table, and threw it in Michael's general direction. The lamp flew by him, narrowly missing his head. He stood there stunned and naked. Liz was too angry and in too much pain to notice his reaction to her naked body. She told him to get dressed and get out. After he had left, she cried herself to sleep. By the time the clerk came to let her know it was checkout time, Liz was dressed and showered.

Since then, she and Michael had been glaring at each other more than usual. She felt hurt by the spiteful way he treated her, so she got meaner with each hateful look. Today she would pin him to a locker until he told her why he was being such an ass.

Liz blew a kiss at the picture and walked out of the room. This day was going to be different from the usual monotony of her life. She walked out of the Crashdown Café and smiled at her father who was working on the sign again. That damn thing was going to break one time too many one of these days. As she got in her car, she looked in her mirror and admired the view. Michael was always following her on that bike of his. Today was no exception. "Those leather pants always reveal more when he's poised for takeoff on that bike. Today you will be mine. I will find out your secret, asshole."


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Part 3 China roses

Liz walked down the halls of West Roswell High. People stared and pointed at Roswell's most recent outcast. She had never felt as if she really belonged anyway. This was the first time Liz really paid attention to what the people here at school actually thought of her. She had observed them from a distance for years, but had decided that they were not her type.

Decked out in black and gray, she felt as if this life were a sick joke. Her pale brown complexion would never truly go away. It had something to do with her father's side, maybe he was Native American, or Indian as she preferred to call herself. When asked, her only response would be, 'Hey, when that dead dude discovered us, he wrote In Dios in his logs, which means people of God. So I guess if there's a name for us, it would have to be Indians.'

Liz watched as the last of the separate groups and the remainder of the once-varied factions of students wandered the halls. There were once probably two hundred cliques at West Roswell. Now there were only two, those who had remained true to their beliefs, and those who followed Max. She was part of the former. She watched and marked those still left among the resistance. That was what they called themselves.

The invaders were growing in number every day. Of the five thousand students and employees of the West Roswell school corporation, only three hundred remained in the resistance. The invaders had taken control of the rest. Max was the leader of their few major groupings. Liz was the leader of the resistance and the many sub groups.

She was a former science geek. She was the last of her kind. The others had been among the first ones taken into the fold of Max's group. As a result, they were now suddenly popular at school. Liz was the only one who resisted them and their over-enthusiastic greetings. Within a week, half of the students were dressed alike. It had begun with the football team and the cheerleaders.

Those who had joined the group were unnecessarily mean to those who flatly refused to join them. They were sweet talkers to everyone else. Liz knew something was wrong when Max had been the first to approach her. He and three others had formed a group from the time they had first come to West Roswell. Then the day after her mother's accident, he and two of his friends started to include others in their group.

Isabel had recruited all the snobs, Tess the cheap bimbos, and Max the jocks. Michael had reluctantly recruited the rebels. They had four of the major groups under their control and Liz had the remaining group.

Liz did not know what exactly, but something felt wrong. She thought the students had changed, not just their clothes and attitudes, but they had become altogether different . Liz was soon approached by Max and the other three.

"Liz, we want you to join our group. We have observed how you lead the science clubs and how the others respect you. Your presence would be a great asset to our council. We are forming a student union and would like you to join us. What do you say?" Max had actually thought his charm would hold sway over her.

"No way in hell. You will leave now or you will regret it." Liz had laughed as, surprised, he suddenly lost his smug attitude. No one ever told him no. He tried to grab her arm as she walked by. She broke three of his fingers. "I warned you, Max. Stay away from my people and my family. If I see you near Alex or my dad, I will hunt you down. I know you had something to do with that hit and run that killed my mother."

He had put his hand over his heart. "Liz, you wound me. Why would I ever try to hurt my girlfriend's mother?"

"Dream on, Jockstrap. I would never touch you except to rip it off and shove it up your ass. If you had nothing to do with it, why did she warn me to stay away from your kind? That morning she was acting strange and said that, no matter what, I was never to do what you wanted. You will never get my groups." Liz did not understand what was going on then or now. Max and his friends were a complete mystery to her.

Max had tried sending her flowers, candy and other gifts but nothing would work. Through all this, Michael had stood in the background, silent. When he looked at her nowadays, it was almost like he pitied her. Before the night they had spent together, they had been at each other's throats. It was the natural order of things, nerds against rebels. Though she was not a nerd, she was still their leader.

So here she stood waiting for the members of her own council to come to her. The first period was designated specially for the two factions. They would sit on either side of the Auditorium, glaring at each other. Liz was surrounded by twenty-two less members than yesterday, including her brother.

Liz looked around for Alex, her half-brother. He had been born two months premature. His mom had died in labor. Her dad had sought relief in her mom and that is how she came about. She finally caught sight of him being led to Max by Isabel. Liz started to panic, but when she noticed his posture and clothes, she was devastated. Alex was gone.

She sat down with a thump and suppressed the tears. Her people were getting scared. They were not the strong type, they were rather shy and distrustful. For Liz, it was a constant struggle to keep them together. Other than her, the strong ones were two remaining jocks and three rebels. Her hopes for their survival were not high.

They were tired of being outcasts, and that was going to get them all taken. Liz was aware of that. She could feel the invaders staring holes through her and her alone. The first bell rang and her group broke off and walked off to their classes.

Liz was followed out by three of the former snobs. They tried to push her out of their way when she stopped. Liz spun around and popped the first one on the nose and slapped the other two. "Take that to your leader and tell him that I said no." Liz did not know what they were, but one thing was for sure -- green blood was not normal. She shook the nasty pulpy stuff off her hand and nearly got sick as it hit the wall and slid to the floor. Whatever the hell was going on here, she would find out today.

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Part 4 The Memory of Trees.

Liz walked over to her locker to deposit her books and get on to class. She could sense him long before he showed his ugly face. "You were warned, Max. Now you're the hunted. Good day, lackeys." She left her locker without looking at any of them. This was going to be a nightmare.

As Liz walked into her first class, she sighed. Last week, before the weekend, Max had been flirting with the teacher, now she was dressed like the invaders. She hated how they all wore the same colors. If Max wore red, they all wore varying shades of red. Today the teacher wore bright blue, like Max.

As Liz took her place in the back near the windows, the class turned to look at her. Everyone was wearing blue. One hate-filled stare was all it took to make them cringe and pull back into their seats. For some reason, without one of the four, they all cowered before her. Interesting, she thought, cut the head off the snake and the body dies.

The bell rang but the class did not start. Liz was just about to ask what the teacher was waiting for, when Max and the other three walked in. Max smiled at the teacher and she began the class. As Max took his seat next to Liz, Michael sat in front of her. Isabel and Tess took seats at the front of the class.

Liz ignored the numerous notes Max tried to pass to her. Soon, a pile had built up on the floor. With a kick, Liz sent them across the room. The teacher stopped her lecture and looked at Liz with anger and disgust. Liz flipped her off and went back to writing in a notebook. In a fit of anger, the teacher stormed over to Liz and tried to get her to pick up the notes.

"Clean up the mess. Why don't you answer any of the notes?" The teacher acted as if they were the most important thing in the world to her.

"Get them your own damn self. I'm outta here." Scowling at the class, Liz picked up her bag and walked towards the door.

"Liz, get back here now! You will answer the notes or you will be sent to the office." With each word the teacher was getting pissed off, more than that, she was getting enraged.

Liz merely flipped her off again and walked out the door. She walked faster as she heard the sound of many feet hitting the tiled floor. The class had decided to follow her. When they rounded the corner, they ran smack into a large group of the resistance. Max walked forward and addressed them.

"You cannot hide behind them forever, Liz. I will be lenient to any of you who turn her over to me. You must all know by now that you will become a part of us. Just turn her over to me, it will be a pleasant experience." Max smirked as the two groups readied themselves for a fight.

"Get your asses back to class, all of you." The authoritative voice echoed throughout the halls. "Go now and I may consider not expelling you or worse, especially you, Max."

The principal came out from behind the resistance group. One glare from him and Max's people backed down. Max glared right back at him though. They squared off until Max threw the first punch. Then his group swarmed forward.

Liz came out from behind the resistance and stood beside the principal. "I suggest you apologize and go back to class, NOW!"

Max eyed the two of them and smiled. "Of course, Liz, Principal Ulran. You do realize that this is not over."

"It never is, Max. Now get going or it will finally come to an end, and I have the advantage." Max eyed the principal and paled at the threat. He then turned and followed his cowering group. The principal turned to the resistance. "Go on back to your classes. I have reassigned all of you with your own kind."

Liz was the only one who remained. She smiled as the principal put a hand to his lip. "Uncle Ri-ela, why do you help them so much? We could have taken them?"

"Stay away from them, Lizzie. They're nothing but trouble. I have reassigned you as well. From now on your classes will be with, what do you call yourselves, oh yeah, the resistance. How appropriate." He smiled down at her and rubbed her hair.

"Uncle Ri, stop that. I'm not three years old anymore. Since Mom isn't here to make you stop, it's up to me." As Liz started to tear up, her uncle held her. "They got Alex. He's gone, Uncle. What are we going to do? What are they?"

"I can't tell you, Lizzie. All I can tell you is stay away from all of them, including your brother. Come now, you have a class to attend. Just three more months and you'll leave this hell-hole far behind forever." He released her and kissed her forehead.

Liz grabbed a handkerchief from her bag and wiped off her forehead. She pressed the hanky to her uncle's lip without looking at it. The sight of blood disgusted her. "Before I leave, I'm going to get that bastard back for all the hell he put us through. He hit you and he hurt my family. I think he had something to do with Mom's death and I'm going to find out exactly what."

He held her back to look into her eyes. "No. I promised your mother that I would let no harm come to you and that's what I intend to do. Now, get to class." He kissed her forehead again then gave her a gentle push towards her class down the hall.

Liz smiled at him as she went into a classroom with a teacher in dark black. She sat down and pulled her bag out in front of her to put her hanky in it. As she opened it, she noticed that there was no red blood on it. Instead it was spotted with the same green slime as from the former snobs turned bimbo drones.

"Oh God, not you too, Uncle. I will find out what's going on around here and when I do, there will be hell to pay. Max, if you're to blame for my mother's death, you will not live long enough to regret it."

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Part 5 Sail Away

Liz sat in class, trying to pay attention to the teacher as she droned on about the importance of drama in today's society. It was killing her not to be able to do anything to investigate her mother's death. Now was not the time to think about that. She needed to try and figure out what Max and his minions were.

When the bell rang at lunchtime, Liz remained seated. Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud thump on her desk. She looked up to see the king of nerds himself, Alex, glaring at her.

"What the hell do you want, freak?" Liz was more than a little hostile towards him. He despised her for being his half-sister and her mom for being there to comfort his dad when he lost his wife. Alex didn't think Liz's mom was good enough for his dad.. Liz thought that losing her mom might bring them closer, but Alex would have none of it.

"Why won't you join Max? You know, you have to quit being such a bitch and get on with life. So she's dead, get over it."

Liz glared at him. "Get out of my sight. You are not my brother."

"Finally we agree on something. Now get your ass over to Max and apologize for being a bitch, or I'll make you sorry." Alex tried to glare her down but Liz popped him one right between the eyes.

"Listen, you little piss-ant. The only reason I tolerate you is because you're my older brother. If it wouldn't hurt our father so much, I'd end your existence right now where you stand. As it is, I'm beginning to think it would do more good than harm.." She slammed his face onto the desk to emphasize her point. "Now go tell your master that I am not budging."

Alex slapped her across the face, breaking her nose. "You'd do good to remember who you're talking to, little girl."

Liz punched him out with an uppercut. With a disgusted look and 'Sissy!' and 'Weakling!,' she left for the bathroom. As she stuck tissues in her nose, she noticed that her blood was red. "Ah, nice normal red. That proves I'm still human."

Liz heard voices coming from just outside the bathroom, so she ran to a stall to hide. When she heard heels clicking, she knew that it was the bimbos from earlier.

"God, what does he see in her. Tess, you're close to him, what does he want?"

"I have no idea, Christa. That little brown-haired bitch has him enthralled. I hope it doesn't interfere with our plans for this damn town. To think she actually saved the rebels. I wonder what she'd do if she knew that Michael was also part of the group she saved from the Tola." Tess's high-pitched laughter filled the bathroom.

"Speaking of Michael, what about those rebels? Have they been turned yet?"

"Yes, but better than that, that was the night Alex joined us. He was part of the group she saved." Tess shrieked with laughter.

"That's so like poetic justice. Do you know what I mean?"
"Of course I do, Christa. The funny part was Michael bringing them to us when the Tola interfered. He seemed a little upset that we turned them."

"What was their reaction to being saved only to be turned?" The grating voice said.

"That was the best part. They all said Michael was a traitor to the cause. What cause, I ask you? There is only one cause, ours. They just happened to agree with the Tola for a while. That is, until we showed them the light." Tess's laughter started to get on Liz's nerves. "I gotta go. Remember, the meeting is at seven tonight."

"Bye, Tess." When the door had closed again, Christa said "That's the best. Soon that little bitch will be under our control like that loser brother of hers."

"I don't think so, whore." Screeching and clawing like a velociraptor, Liz jumped the girl.
Christa screamed one more time before Liz broke her neck.

As Liz looked down at the body, it started to melt into a green puddle. Liz growled in frustration as the last of the goo that was formerly Christa dried up into green ash.

"Tonight at seven twenty, you will all die." Liz felt strangely calm at the thought of killing them all. It felt almost natural. With one last cold glare in the mirror, she punched it out and walked away. As the doors closed, a girl came out of the last stall and smiled down at Christa's ashes.

"Too bad, Tess. You seem to be losing your minions left and right." Isabel primped her hair and walked out the door, smiling.
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Part 6 Paint the Sky with stars.

The walls of the closet felt as if they were closing in on her. She held her throat trying to cut the hysterics to no avail. Her tears flowed freely. She had failed, they had taken them any ways. Granted the Tola were evil but she still killed the wrong ones. She had lost all of those people and had saved Michael. If he had died he it would have put one hell of a dent in their network.

She felt betrayed, how could Michael do this to her. She thought he might be different than the rest of them. If she had known then what she knew now she would have let the Tola kill them all. Brodrick knows death is preferable to becoming a Syiena.

"What in hell? Where are these thoughts coming from? What are the Tola, what the hell is a Syiena, who is Brodrick?" Liz stood there as her lungs started to breathe right again. Then the realization of what she had done hit her. She had actually killed a person.

Liz sank to her knees suddenly hyperventilating again. This time the tears did not stop. Her mind simply stopped functioning. Liz looked around as she stopped breathing. Her heart had stopped pumping. She felt a quiet, the same right before you go in to a freefall. One last thought penetrated her mind before she let go. "No matter what you must stop them all from getting it or all is lost."

Her heart hurt as she came to. Liz felt the wall behind her as she realized she was in the same position she was in when she had stopped being alive. Some how she felt different, almost as if her body was no longer a part of her. Liz stood up and stretched, her muscles did not feel cramped even after the aqward position she had died in? Liz looked down, at her feet was skin like a snakes. She checked it with her toes and it matched her own. Looking down she saw her own glossy skin shimmer in the light from under the door.

Her skin was smooth and soft. The sudden horror of the realization dawned on her. She had molted like a snake. That was a part of her down there. Kicking she slid the waist skin from around her feet and fled the closet.

Michael walked up to the open door and looked inside. Upon seeing the skin he smiled while a single tear ran down his cheek. He grabbed Liz and forced her up against the wall. He kissed her passionately until she slapped him. This only served to incense him. He lifted her up until she was startling his waist.

Liz tried to brake his grip but he only slammed her against the wall. He ran a hand up under her skirt and in to her. After another kiss he hissed in to her ear. "You are mine Parker. You always will be. I am inside of you. A piece of me will always be in here." He emphasized each word with a push of his hand inside her. He released her laughing and walked off.

Panicking she fled the room in to the halls. Liz ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She felt as if she could run forever and still not out run her problems. Every where she went she ran in to one of them. They would simply stand there and glare at her. Her emotions conflicted, one half wanted to kill them all, the other half wanted to run away screaming. What was going on here, who were all these people?

Confusion ran through her mind as she suddenly gave in to one side. The first person she ran in to was the first to die. As fate would have it, Max was the first person.

Max tried to hold her arms to force her to look in to his face but she shook him off. With a right hook to the jaw she sent him flying in to the lockers, literally.

The hall suddenly went quiet. No one moved or even dared to breath for fear of what might happen. Max stood up slowly wiping the green blood from his broken lip. He smiled down on his hand looking at the slime.

"You will pay for that one Liz. I was willing to let you come on to our side at your own pace but I guess you are ready now." He tried to grab her hand but she turned around bucking with her right leg and sent him flying back in to the lockers.

Liz spun until she was facing him again. She smiled as several of her people came in to the hall. Now was the time to prove to them once and for all that they were not going to get away with hurting them.

Max rose to his feet, with a signal from his hand his people started to close in. He started to grin at her sardonically, that is until one of his people got bold. The girl jumped in front of Liz and was rewarded with a swipe so hard it broke her neck. Max looked down to Liz's gore covered hand. There were claw marks all along the dead girl's face and neck.

Liz smirked at him then gave the bring it on gesture. Max was the only one to surge forward. Liz and Max's peoples backed away as they went at it. Max struck the first blow, a punch that caused Liz's head to fly back. When her head came back down grinning Max new he was in trouble.

With a jump kick Liz sent him flying only this time he did not get up. His body began to dissolve then turn to ash. The invaiders fled the building. The Rebels started to cheer but Liz, with her head down, only walked away. Two of her acquaintances came up to her.

"So what's wrong? We won." A girl formerly of the music clubs.

Liz shook her head. "No it's not over. They have only just begun. Do you even know what they are?"

"They are the invaiders, that is all I need to know." Said the second one, a former Rebel.

"They are more than just the Invaiders. They are some thing else all together. I am not even sure if they are even human?"

The two of them just laughed at her. "Not human, you have been reading way too many of your damn Sci-Fi books. Not human, oh please."

Liz turned away lifting her head as tears ran down her cheek. Laughing in rage and groaning she pointed to where Max had been. The two of the others stopped laughing as the saw the green slime turn in to ash.

"Oh my god! What the hell is going on here?"

Liz laughed again as they gasped and started to show the others.

"What's so funny Parker?" A former jock.

"You are all fools to think that one little kill like this will stop them. We have been trying to stop them for centuries. They go from world to world taking over the native population until all are under their control. This time we thought we got here before they did. Only they some how managed to get a pod group here. We think that they were here long before we were. That would explain why we never seem to be able to prevent the out brakes. They have already seeded the galaxy with their young, they are just waiting for them to hatch."

"Very good Lizzie, it took me thirty years to figure that one out. By then I had already fallen victim to them." Ri-ela smiled at his niece. "Our people can with stand their control for a few months and then we become just like them. Your mother was infected just like me. She caused her own accident trying to kill max and the other four before they could infect the entire town. She was loosing the battle to the sybiot growing inside of her. I am afraid I am too."

"What are we talking about? What the hell is going on?" Her eyes filled with tears as her uncle smiled at the back of her head.

"You are starting to remember bits and pieces, in time it will all come back to you."

"How do they infect people with the Symbiots?" Liz refused to look at any of them. "I want to know how to defeat them. When I do they will all die for this."

Her uncle took her shoulders in his hands and hugged her close. "They infect people in a number of ways, Lizzie. Transfusions of blood, injection of the symbiot virus, and the implanting of a symbiot are the three fastest ways. The last is the quickest. It takes only a few minutes for the symbiot to take over. After that they are gone for ever."

Liz stiffened in his embrace. "You said those were the three fastest. What are the other ways?"

"Sharing of bodily fluids from getting their blood on you, being scratched by one when they are sweaty, kissing, and mating with one. Why do you ask?"

Liz shook her head no. "How long does this usually take to infect the host?"

"In a matter of weeks to a couple of months, why?" He released an anguished cry as she turned around. The blood from her broken nose was a mixture of red and green.


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Part 7 Orinoco Flow

Liz paced the floor of her uncle's office as he held his head in his hands. The tears were falling freely. Some thing was bothering Liz, she could not put her finger on it. Suddenly it came to her.

"Uncle Ri, what happened to the Symbiot?"

He sat up and wiped away the tears. "What do you mean? It died with the host."

"I saw no Symbiot, granted I do not know what they look like but I know there was not one in any of the Syiena I killed today." When he looked at her puzzled she grabbed his arms and shook him. "Are you still in there or has the little slimy green thing taken over?"

"I am still here, now get your hands off of me." Ri looked at his niece as if she lost her mind. "The Symbiot dies with the host."

"No it does not. I know, don't ask how, but I do." Liz went back to pacing.

Ri leaned back on his desk with his hand on his chin. "Okay, lets just say you are right for a minute. What is the ability if the Symbiot did live on? what could it do?"

Liz started to scan the memories until she hit on it. Her face went slack and eyes went solid black. In a scientific voice pronounced loudly. "Estun nuniea Syiena. Mess To Noch lea eldunno, lolo mea vest to miy. Shen, evestos merco nocha. Shhher Iiemmia Soorruupppa Caalllie Meesssstos."

At the end of her alien speech Ri went incredibly pale. "Liz, my god Liz, where the hell did that come from?"

Clearing her mind Liz tried to think. Her clouded memory was slowly clearing but not fast enough. "They programmed me. That was a recording from one of their scientists. She was studying their species."

"Who is they Liz, who programmed you? Sweet heart talk to me. What is going on?" Ri had gotten off the desk, and walked over to Liz. He held her at arm's length looking at her face.

Liz's evil smirk cause him to back up. "Hello Ri. I figured you would try some thing like this."

"What are you talking about Lizzie?"

"Wrong again little brother. Did you think that I would not find out about you? I am no fool!" Liz raised her hand at Ri. "I told you once I would see all your kind in hell. Well little brother time to pay me a visit." A large ball of blue light erupted from Liz's hand and shot towards Ri. When it hit he screamed and disintegrated. When he was gone a solitary tear fell down Liz's cheek, then she passed out.


Liz awoke to find that it was dark in the office. She looked around as she stood up trying to figure out what happened. The room was blacked out, not a thing would work. When she looked out the windows there was no lights other than the stars and a few fires in the parking lot.

"What is going on?" Liz felt as if she was alone in the world. Timidly she made her way through the halls of West Roswell High. There were scattered fires in lockers and classrooms that had barely enough embers left to burn through the night. She stopped breathing when she reached the outside doors. The school yard looked like a war zone.

As Liz moved through the piles of suet and ash she coughed at the smell. Every few steps she was met by a green pile of ash. From what she could piece together it was a war zone. The Syiena had stormed the school, and apparently they won. "But they took heavy casualties."

For only a moment she wondered why they had not come for her. Afterwards she was on the ground heaving her up her lunch. They did not need to infect her, she already was. Her eyes and nose hurt as more and more of the acrid stench of the battle site covered her.

Making her way to the parking lot was slow and tedious. She found that the Syiena had set many booby traps. Each of the cars she found were either bombed out or slashed beyond use. "Looks like I am walking."


By the time she reached the Crashdown her heart felt like it was going to give out. Aches and pains were all forgotten when she looked at her former home. It actually looked like a crash down. The place was now only a pile of rubble and glass. Most of down town was in similar states off collapse. The only untouched building was the UFO center.

Barricades surrounded the front and so did armed guards. Liz watched as they patrolled back and forth in front of the building. Keeping low, she crept from behind the rubble of the crashdown and closer to the UFO Center. There were at least ten armed guards out front alone. The sides and back probably had more. She could not tell if these were the good guys or the Syiena.

When she saw the red eyes* sweeping the area around her instincts took over and she turned and fired at the tall building where the sniper was located. Three more red eyes aimed for her but she was gone. She had switched positions and was now more weary of these people. Evidently they had secured this whole block. These were not Syiena.

With a wave of her hand Liz was dressed in fatigues. She dug through the remains of the back of the CrashDown office and found her father's gun and strong box. With enough ammo to kill a small army she made her way to the guards across the street.

Before she could reach the sentry post, Syiena attacked. The sounds of gun fire rank out all around her. The Syiena were using guns as well. 'It looks like they did not have their powers up to full strength.' Liz smiled as she pointed her hand and blew them all to hell.

When the blast area cleared of dust Liz found herself surrounded by soldiers. "Hi guys, do you happen to know where I can find a place to sleep." She pointed to her former home. "As you can see my room is kind of a mess."

When the leader came up and tried to take her weapon Liz sent him flying. "Un uh buddy. This is the only thing left of my families I still have. You even think of taking it and the rest of you can kiss your sorry human asses good bye."

"What the hell is going on here. LT. O'hair report." A tall man with no hair came up to the group surrounding Liz.

The man on the ground pointed at Liz with his gun. "She is not human sir. She will not relinquish her fire arm. She also claims to be able to kill all of my men, sir."

"Just like a trained Lap dog sir." Liz mocked the solider. "You wanna know what happened I am your gal. My name is Liz Parker of the Ainelleo extermination squad, Toreasa. We came here to help kill the Syiena. And if you do not get these morons you call soldiers out of my way I will fry their collective brain dead asses."

The older man laughed at her and signaled for her to walk with him. "I would not believe it if I had not seen you destroy those alien bastards. Why do you have such a low opinion of my men?"

Liz smiled. "The training they receive is adequate for the mindless zombie technique. However it will do you no good when fighting the Syiena."

"My dear what is it you want from us exactly? You obviously have a low opinion of me and my men. What could we possibly offer you?" The General was feeling a little intimidated by Liz.

"Correction General, I think they are ignorant, not you. They made too many mistakes when it came to me." Liz smiled as he stopped with a confused look on her face.

"Why what should they have done?"

"Well I thought you knew. It is perfectly obvious." When he still did not register a thought she giggled. "The oldest rule in the book, shoot first ask questions later. For all they knew I could have been a Syiena spy."

"How do I know you are not?"

"That's just it General, you don't." With his paling complexion Liz smiled and started walking towards the UFO Center again.


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Part 8 From Where I Stand.

The General and Six Colonels were gathered around the a table as Liz explained the her knowledge of the threat. Before she would go any further she wanted to know what they knew.

"What makes you think that we are going to explain any thing to you miss Parker. Yes we know who you are. You are practically the only survivor of a holocaust that took this town and the surrounding counties in a matter of days."

Liz sat there stunned. The arrogant Colonel had told her some thing she had not know. Days, that meant oh god this place had seen worse times? She leveled her eyes at him and simply stared him down.

He went pale as her eyes went blood red. They did not glow just shifted colors.

"I am not here to harm you gentlemen. I am not here to subvert your command. Though some of you obviously lack what it takes to get things done I will not hold it against your entire strike force." Silence followed as she glared at the men around the table. "You will begin by telling me what alerted you to the presence of the Syiena. This is very important. I can not explain why until I know for certain."

The General sat up. He was tired of not having any information and was willing to do almost any thing to get it. "All right we have a deal. Colonel Aswa please explain our position to her."

A short blond haired white man looked angrily at the general then started his recounting of events. "About forty eight hours ago all contact was lost with Roswell. Two hours later the surrounding county was no longer responding. We figure it was a black out. When no one responded to the satellite phones on the military base two counties over we were sent in. Our first priority was to establish a base of operations so we came to the source of the disruption. We arrived to the hell of people running every where as if they had gone mad.

"It was not hard to pick this place. It was the only building left intact. Why is still unknown to us. After our arrival the people disappeared. apparently they were not insane just panicked because they were not expecting us. Since then we have set up a perimeter, and taken back down town. they come in only cover of night, hence the laser scopes and snipers."

Liz clapped as the man finished. "Very impressive gentlemen. Only one flaw. You forgot to explore why they left this place standing."

"How does that help you?" The flustered Colonel was at the end of his rope.

"It almost doesn't you know nothing about this place and you have yet to tell me what alerted you to their presence."

"Now you listen here. I have had just about enough out of you..." The arrogant colonel went flying across the room.

"I am not in the mood for the run around. If you do not tell me I will for go our deal and rip what I want from your minds." She stood and walked towards the panicked colonel. "Now what will it be Mr. Aswa? I warn you the latter is very painful and will kill you."

"We had an inside source. He left us a message on the walls of the bomb shelter. At first we thought it was a joke, that is until they hit us the first time. That is when we saw the first body dissolve. The creature inside escaped before we could capture it."

Liz went pale Gray. "Who was the first person near the symbiot?"

"A Lt. O'Hara." He breathed deeply when Liz stormed out of the room fast. the others followed calling out to her as she ran.

Liz grabbed the man she had seen earlier and broke his nose. In the next instant she snapped his neck. His body fell to the ground and started to fizz and dissolve. She picked up the offending little sting ray shaped creature. It eyed her sharply and released high pitched screams. Liz bared her teeth in a feral grin.

"This gentlemen is a Syiena. The host is taken over and infected with a seedling of one of these bastards. The only visible side effect is their blood, it is green. If you get it on you get it off immediately, or become one yourself." Liz then shook the creature by the tail. "Alright you little piece of Frenal. You will tell me what I want to know or I will eat you now."

The creature emitted another series of high pitched screams.

"Very good, who is your leader?" When the creature did not answer Liz bit off a large part of it's fleshy wing. After swallowing the she licked her lips. "Been a while since I had Syiena."

The creature screamed again.

"That bastard is still alive. I figured as much. Now the sixty four million dollar question who else have you infected?"

The creature screamed again. It screamed as Liz swallowed it's six inch wide body whole.

"It refused to cooperate any further sir." Liz reported. "I suggest you test all of your men. A bloody lip or nose is the fastest and most sure way." She then formed a claw with her hand and scratched all of the men in a few moments. She watched as three of the ten men in the room screamed in outrage while two of them seemed resigned to their fate. The remaining five men eyed her like she was nuts.

Liz walked up to the arrogant Colonel Aswa. He backed away. She raised her left hand in a strike formation then suddenly turned on the man to her left. He went down screaming as she sliced him stem to stern.

"How," he screamed. "You are one of us. How could you..." Were his last words.

Liz looked down on him and spit the blood off her split lip. "Because I am one of you that I do." She kicked him hard and his body started to dissolve. She grabbed the symbiot and stuck it in a jar found near by. She handed it to the General. "Do not touch it or it will infect you too. Trust me, your physiology and it's clan will not allow you to become such me."

"Just what the hell are you?"

"I am Liz Parker, that's what and who I am."


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Part 9 March of the Celts

Liz smiled as the sky cleared and the stars became visible. She enjoyed the reactions of the humans as she had exposed thirteen more Syiena. They had each cursed her as she ripped them from their hosts. She had patiently explained to the general and his men that there were four clans of the Symbiots. Hers was the rebel faction that fought against the natural order of society. The general was not pleased to learn of an anarchist in his base.

After three more hours of hearing about the rules and regulations of the human military Liz had finally told him either shut up or she would shut him up. He had gone pale and complied with her wishes. The way the men watched her in fear pleased her to no end. This was not the Liz she had known and loved. She decided that it was time to pull her wait around there and volunteered to go on patrol. The general was more than happy to have her out of his sight.

So that is how she got here under the stars breathing in the smell of burnt buildings and New Mexico winter. This dark alley beyond the reaches of the humans waiting for it to come to her. She shivered as she felt the presence of another of her kind. She turned and came face to face with Michael.

"You should be more careful Ainellow. There are very dangerous creatures out here."

Liz grinned sardonically at him. "Yeah and I am one of them Syiena. I hear that you left the humans a little message, what would your leader think if he found out?"

Michael grabbed her arms roughly and pulled her against him. He bent down to her ear and traced it with his tongue. In a husky whisper he retorted. "You haven't go the balls mine own."

Liz jerked back away from him. Her eyes flared red and as she growled at him. "I am neither yours or that bottom feeder Max's. I am of your kith but that is where the line is drawn."

"I made you, you are mine. There are rules to these things and you are mine."

"Rule to a society neither one of us follows. I am my own." Liz turned and started back for the UFO Center when Michael pulled her back. "Let go of me or you will be sorry."

Michael brought her back flush to his front. He bent his head down and shushed her. With a warm wandering hand he traced the front of her body from her shoulder to the wet warmth between her thighs. "So good, so tight, so mine." He nipped at her shoulder and lifted her up against the wall.

Liz groaned as his hands came up under her skirt seeking warmth from the cold. Michael echoed her with one of his own when he found nothing blocking his hands. He inched her forward and aligned their bodies for penetration. Liz groaned against his body and growled in need. She felt the familiar burning heat of Michael after the tail tale sounds of a zipper coming undone. Closing her eyes she braced for his first savage thrust and was not disappointed.

Michael gasped as she clamped down on him tighter with each thrust. He pulled her back flush to his torso and kissed her neck. "Always remember you are mine. Always!!!" he called out as he came in her.

Racked with the pleasure of both his and her own orgasm, Liz was assaulted by another vision. Unlike her dreams this was almost real. She felt and sensed Michael beside her on the bed. Bed?

Liz looked around but could not move her head. It was like she was reliving her memories, yet she knew this had not happened yet. What she saw a room bathed in morning light that was redirected from down a long stone hall. Warm brown clothes hung about the large square room to absorb the heat and to give privacy. She figure they were in the center from what she saw there were no walls around the bed.

Her dream self tried to turn her head but Michael's hands held her face to watch the dark hall in front of her. She sniffled as she felt hot tears run down her face. 'This is the way it has to be. The only way we can be together.' Her dream self thought.

"Promise me you always be mine." Michael whispered to her as grief filled his voice.

Liz sensed the blade's presence and lifted her head for Michael to insert it in the back of her skull. "Always..." she whispered as tears ran down her cheeks. She screamed as she felt the blade enter.

Liz jerked awake to find herself relaxing in Michael's arms. He was crying and kissing her face.

"I am so sorry my angel. Why must it end that way?"

Liz' dream self was still partially in control. "It is the only way my love. We both knew the day would come when they would find out about us." She placed a comforting hand on his face and soothed away the tears. "I love you my mate, my own." Then Liz passed out.

Michael slowly stood and wrapped her in his leather jacket. "If they are going to find out, then I will make it harder for them to find us. Almost losing you and our little one to a fire was too much. I will not lose you again."

Quickly he ran for a the edges of town and carried her in to a truck parked there. After loading up his bike he took off down the roads as the sun came up. With a side long glance at the sleeping Liz he pulled her in to his embrace and kissed her sleeping face. "Together we will find a way to make this work, of that I promise."

As the truck pulled down the road three figures stood off to the side and glared at the truck for different reasons. Max for the theft of his property. Isabelle for the loss of her supposed mate. And Tess for the jealousy inspired because of Max's fascination with a lowly Earth Girl.


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Part 10 Boadicea

Liz watched as the fence rows went bye like train tracks. She and Michael had been on the run for three days and yet to stop for more than to gas and restroom. Looking down at the map in her lap she realized soon they would be coming to Louisiana. She had heard the place was favored as a get away from the norms of life. She hoped this place would provide the necessary cover and time to build a defense against the coming invasion.

With a sigh of resignation she knew that no matter how far they got they would never be are enough away. This was the way it always was on these worlds. With nothing in the he way of technology her people had she felt this planet would soon follow in the foots steps of so many other worlds. And like so many of those worlds this one too would pay the price.

"What are you thinking?"

Liz looked up and over to Michael. He had the same look on his face that he had the day a week ago when he found her in the closet. A kind of sadness mixed with arrogance and something else she could not quite understand. He frowned waiting for her to answer.

"I was just wondering what we are going to do. How are we going to stop the invasion? We must stop your people."

Michael growled his finger tightening on the steering wheel. "We are not going to stop the invasion!"

Liz looked at him incuriously. "Wait a minute, I thought that is why you took me from back there, to prevent them from harming me."

"I never said any thing about that. I never told you why I did it." He kept his tone even and watched the road.

"Then why the hell did you do it? If not to stop the invasion, why did you take me?"

"You are mine. I will let nothing harm you, but I will not let you kill my people either."

With groan of frustration Liz snapped at him. "I AM NOT YOURS! What did you think, that I would be your consort or something? Well get this through your thick Syiena skull. I will kill them, every one of them, and if you get in the way you will go with them."

Michael slammed on the brakes forcing the truck to skid to a halt. In a flash he whirled on her forcing her back in to the seat. "Now you listen here. YOU ARE MINE! YOU WILL DO AS I TELL YOU! Now shut up before I make you!" With one last slam in to the seat he released her and started the truck up again.

Fit to be tied Liz slammed her hand in to his face and fled the cab of the truck before she did something she would regret. "How could I believe he was different. He is just like them, thinks of me only as his property. I am no one's play toy!"

"Get your ass back here, now!" He jumped out of the cab and chased after her.

Liz turned around and caught him with a right hook. Ducking she avoided his retaliatory strike. "I don't think so Syiena Scum." With another shove she had him hitting the flying back over in to the bad of the truck fifty feet away.

In an instant he was up and rushing at her. Faster than she, he had her wrapped in his arms and was crushing her to him. He kissed her on the top of her head and smiled. "Strong one, you are. You will bare me strong offspring."

"I will do nothing for you." Liz struggled to get out of his grip but with each smell of his scent she stopped resisting. "I won't be your brood mare."

"You will do as you already are."

"What kicking your ass." She laughed in to his chest breathing deeply. 'God what is going on, a minute ago I wanted to slag his alien ass. Now I want to shag it. Culmare to Liz, yo hello there are, is any body home. Oh know we are so not thinking that.'

Michael laughed as he stroked her back down to her butt grabbing her tight in his hands. "No, you are baring my children. Mine own. Yours and mine."

Liz froze in place. "Children? I am not baring any thing."

Pulling her back he placed a hand on her lower abdomen gently releasing a little energy. Hearing her gasp he opened the connection between her, him and their newly forming offspring. "He is over a month old, his mind has yet to form but he still senses me and knows me. He will grow strong and he will lead our people like he should."

Liz broke out of his arms backing up. Shaking her head no she went cold as he tried to reach for her again. "Don't touch me. I will not bare you offspring. I will not let any of my children near your people."

"Too late, you already are. You have no say in his future. He will be what he is destined for." Michael was glaring at her again.

Sudden rationalization hit her. "Oh my god, that's it. You don't want to protect me. You only want children who can lead. You don't want to stop the invasion, you want to control it, to conquer the planet. I won't let you."

Michael stood at attention. "You have no choice. We have already begun, it is only a matter of time before have total control. And when we do I shall rule with you by my side until the day our children are mature enough to take over. Then nothing will stop us, not even your mother's people."

"We will stop you, Michael. I will stop you, my people will not rest until all of your people are dead." Liz cried out hysterically.

"Why would we kill our own kind?" He watched her in confusion.

"We who, I am..."

"You are Syiena, as all things are destined to be."


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Part 11 Ebudae

They watched in amusement as the two kids fought over who knew what. John smiled to his best friend, and pointed at the two love birds as they started to fight again. "Now how would you like to have that kind of woman?"

Jim shook his head. "She sure seems like a hell cat."

"I'd do her."

"You would probably do the cows if I wasn't here." He laughed as his friend gave him the one fingered salute. "I wonder what he did to get her so riled up?"

John laughed. "From the looks of things he probably slept with some one else."

"Does every thing with you have to do about sex?"

"What else is there."

Jim smirked at him. "Well did you ever think there might be life on other worlds?"

"Yeah. I wondered what sex would be like with an alien chick." John seemed wistful for a minute.

"Knowing your tastes you would probably end up with the male of the species and carrying his baby." Jim laughed as John tried to hit him with his hat. They both suddenly stopped when the two figures voices could be heard. "What the hell is going on with her?"

"I don't know but he is in deep shit, I know that." He was about to comment more when a flash of light went from the girl and hit another flash of light from the guy.


"NEVER SYIENA TRASH!" She sent several large blasts his way that reflected off his shield and went in all directions.

Several of the blasts nearly hit Jim and John. "Hit the deck. What in hell is going on?"

The girl fire another blast that sent the guy flying. Suddenly she surrounded herself with a ball of energy that lit up the evening sky. The large red sphere rose up over the power-lines then took off towards the setting sun.

The guy sat up suddenly enveloped in a similar sphere. His white sphere took off from his sitting position and flew after the first. As it flew away the truck suddenly exploded taking a large part of the road and fence with it.

Jim sat up as the shock wave blew away his cowboy hat. "Well I guess that answers that question."

John grinned at him. "I'd still do her."