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Part 43

*Friday of Labor Day Weekend, 2005*

“Zan, telephone!” I yell into the other room. I’m laying on the couch watching some inane talk show and Zan is in his office doing some paperwork since he left work early. Why he’s working on a holiday weekend is beyond me, but to each his own I guess.

“Thanks, sweets,” he yells back and within seconds I hear his husky voice on the other end. “’Ello?” I hang up and creep towards the office, hiding outside the door so I can hear the conversation. Bad I know, but I love it when these two talk.

“Jonah, my man, what’s going on?” Zan asks with a grin on his face. Ever since Zan got back from California, he and Jonah have been phone buddies and to me it’s the cutest thing. From what I’ve gathered through my eavesdropping, they talk about Blue, school, and pretty much everything under the sun.

“Hold on a second.” Zan clicks a button on the phone and begins to speak again. “Alright, can you hear me?” he asks out loud.
“Yep, Zan,” Jonah giggles.
“So, how was your day, Jojo? What did you do today?”
“Mommy made me unicorn shaped pancakes and then I went to school, but we got out early because of Labor Day.”
“You don’t say?” Zan asks surprised while shuffling papers on his desk.
“Yeah! Then I got to come home and play with Blue. It was fun.”
“I wish I could play.”
“What did you do today, Zan? What’s that noise in the background?” Zan sighs.
“I went to work for a half day, but I had to bring some work home. That’s what you hear in the background, my work.”
“That sucks!” Jonah cries and I almost laugh out loud. Covering my mouth with my hand, I lean forward and continue to eavesdrop.

“I know, huh? But I gotta do it if I wanna keep my job.”
“Your job sucks, you should tell them that it’s not fair to work on weekends. Can’t you get another job?” Zan just chuckles.
“Nah. I like my job and they like me. Besides, if I quit my job then how would I be able to buy the next Combat Commandos game for the Playstation 4?”
“Hmm, maybe you should keep working then,” Jonah replies and Zan lets out a hearty laugh. “Where’s Liz, Zan?”
“She’s around here somewhere.”
“Why don’t you go find her and play with her?”
“You really think I should?”
“Yes, Zan. She might be lonely, she doesn’t have a doggie to play with like I do.”
“But Liz is a girl, she might have cooties,” he teases.
“Nuh uh! Liz doesn’t have cooties, she’s too nice and pretty to have ‘em. My sister has cooties.” Pause. “Hey, Zan?”
“Yeah, Jojo?”
“Do you like Liz? I mean, really, really, really like her?”
“Uh huh.” Jonah lets out what can only be defined as a sigh of relief. “Why do you ask?”
“Because,” he giggles.

I peer around the corner and see that Zan has stopped working. He’s leaning back in his chair with his sweat pant clad legs crossed and bare feet propped up on the desk. The white wife beater he’s wearing clings perfectly to his upper body, and his tattooed arms are flawless in the sunlight. His head is leaned back as he fumbles with the golden key around his neck. I swear, if I wasn’t eavesdropping I would have jumped him a long time ago.

“Because what?”
“Because she told me that she loves you. A lot,” he emphasizes while still giggling.
“No way!”
“Uh huh!”
“Nuh uh!”
“Uh huh!”
“Nuh uh!”
“Uh huh!”
“Hey, Jojo?”
“Yeah, Zan?”
“Wanna know a secret?” Zan whispers.
“Yeah!” Jonah whispers back anxiously.
“You can’t tell anybody.”
“I promise I won’t tell, I can keep a secret.”
“Okay.” Zan leans closer to the phone. “I love Liz, too. A whole lot.” Jonah gasps and Zan begins to chuckle. “Remember you can’t tell anybody.”
“Okay.” A dog begins to bark and I can only assume that it’s Blue.
“So what are you doing for Labor Day?”
“I don’t know. I think me, Kelly, Mama, and Blue are gonna hang out at home.”
“Hmm. What if I said I was having a barbecue and wanted you to come?”
“Can I, Zan? Can I?”
“Well, it depends. I’d have to talk to your mom first.”

Jonah doesn’t waste a second more. He drops the phone on the floor and within milliseconds begins to shout for his mother. Moments later Melanie has picked up the phone.

“Hi Melanie, it’s Zan.”
“I should’ve known it was you,” she chuckles. “What’s going on?”
“I was just telling Jonah that I was having a barbecue for Labor Day and wanted him to come. All of you are invited actually.”
“Well, I don’t know,” Melanie says with a teasing quality in her voice. “That all depends on Jonah, and –“
“Please, Mama, please? Can we go? Can we? Can we? Please?” Melanie chuckles at her son.
“I guess we’ll be there,” she laughs and Zan joins in her laughter. “Should we bring anything?”
“Just your bathing suits and yourselves. You can bring Blue, too if you want.”
“Okay. See you then.” She hands the phone back to Jonah.

“Hi, Zan! I get to see you on Labor Day!” he squeals.
“I know. I think Blue is coming, too.” Jonah squeals again. “Hey Jonah, I gotta go, but I’ll see you in a couple of days, okay?”
“Okay, Zan.”
“Tell your mom I’ll call her tomorrow and give her directions to the house.”
“Okay, Zan.”
“Be good, and I’ll talk to you later, kiddo.”
“Bye, Zan.”
“Later, Jojo.”

He touches the speakerphone button and the office falls silent. I turn away slowly and begin to creep away.

“Hey sweets, you can stop hiding and come in now.”

I stop dead in my tracks as the sound of Zan’s laughter fills the air and floats down the hallway. Yeah, I’ve been busted. I walk into his office and stand in the middle of the room with my head hanging low.

“Hey Zan, I was just—“
“Snooping,” he smiles.
“Noooo. I just happened to be—“
“Eavesdropping,” he suggests.
“Well, not quite. I—“
“Liz, come here.”
“Am I in trouble?” I ask in my best childlike voice. Zan grins wickedly at me.
“You will be soon enough.”
“Are you gonna punish me?” I ask as I walk to his desk. He stands and advances towards me.
“Um, I don’t know yet. Do you think you should be punished?”
“I’m not sure, what would my punishment be?” I’m a hair’s width away from him and his breath is gently caressing my face.
“Well there would be some of this.” His fingers gently graze over the peaks of my breasts. “And some of this.” The tip of his nose rubs against the side of my neck, and his tongue follows the path his nose has made. “And most definitely some of this.” Zan’s lips capture mine, and all too willingly my lips part and Zan’s tongue begins to massage my own. Sensing the weakness spreading through my legs, Zan cups my bottom in his hands and lifts me onto his desk. Seconds, minutes, hours later I release Zan’s lips and take a deep breath.

“So…that’s what my punishment would be?” I ask out of breath.
“No, that would be just the beginning,” he whispers and then lets his tongue glide down the underside of my throat. “You didn’t think you would get off that easy did you?”
“No,” I whimper. Zan gently pushes me back onto the desk and begins to strip me of my clothes.

“Hey, Zan?”
“Yeah, sweets?”
“That was really nice of you to invite Jonah and his family over for Labor Day.”
“Uh huh.” He’s divesting himself of his clothes and about to climb on top of the desk with me.
“I guess I should tell Michael that we’re having three more people.”
“Uh huh.”
“Hmm?” He’s successfully climbed on top of the desk with me and I know it won’t be long until I die the sweet familiar death that I crave every time I come around this man.
“Whatcha doin’?” I smile up at him.
“Well, Jonah thought you might lonely and need someone to play with so I decided to fix that.”
“Is that right?”
“Yep,” he smiles down at me and with one forceful stroke, Zan is inside me, completing me and loving me totally.

Note to self: by Jonah a Popsicle the next time you see him.