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Guilty Pleasures: A Liz Blake, Vampire Hunter story.

Lopaka Tanu

Rated: Nc-17

Coupling: Liz/?

Disclaimer: Roswell Character are Melinda's Anita Blake Characters are Laurell's. I own nata beaver dam thing.

Summery: In a world where Faeries and Vampires are every day events in Roswell, Liz Blake must fight a foe who is deadlier than any thing she has ever faced in her short life. What is the true nature of these Vampires that inhabit our world, why are they so adamant about getting human writes, Can they truly love some one they consider food?

Warning: This fic is pretty dark and Vampirific in nature so if you are a right winger or a goody two shoe bugger off before I get the big bad on you. (aka Spike)

Author's note: This is in response to a challenge issued by Crazy 4 Max. So this is dedicated to her. The quotes at the beginning of chapters are from the Song Voices by Yoko Kanno part of the Macross Plus Sound Track. In the role of Richard the self centered humanity loving were wolf we have, Max. In the role of Jean Claude the ever elusive and totally seductive master vampire, Michael. Other characters will be filled in along the way. I have kept some of Laurell's characters in their roles because Roswell only has so many people.


Part 1 There once was in my dream...

So here I sit in this office awaiting the last customer of the day or should I say night. I usually practice my craft during the night and meet customers during the day. Not today, that greedy pig Bert, my boss, accepted money from a vampire today for my services. What the problem is, I hate vampires. I have a no working for corpses policy. I raise the dead I don't work for them.

Okay here is the low down. My name is Liz Blake, I am a licensed vampire executioner. How that came about is I went to college to study about the other worldly beings, Faeries, trolls, vampires you get the drill. Well I learned early on in life that I had the talent to raise the dead. When I was in college money got tight so I took a part time job to make ends meet. The reason behind my chosen profession, if I don't raise the dead by my own choice, I tend to do it in my sleep. How I figured this out, lets just say family dog, car, buried in the back yard, wake up and rover is on my bed gone all zombie on me. Since then I have done it regularly in order to prevent another pet cemetery scene.

Any ways this guy named Bert hears about my abilities and comes to offer me a job. The money is way more than I have ever scene and the benefits are good too. I told him it was only temporary, I have been here six years. They always get you with those benefits. Okay now on how I became known as the Executioner to all the undead of our world. That's right I am the boogie monster all sires tell their fledglings about at night to scare them in to playing nice.

The police contacted us about needing an expert for their new Super Natural Task Force. Guess who was lucky enough to get caught up in this folly. Our first case was the hunting down of a vampire that decided he was smarter than you humans and went on a killing spree. He took out three of the Task force before a bounty hunter known simply as Kyle, or to the vamps Death stepped in. He torched the vamp and I got to stake it. Oh joy removing the heart and cutting off the head, that was a thrill. I was sick for a weak and could not eat meat for a month. After that I got to know Kyle as a fellow hunter and he helped me get my executioner's license. When ever I am in a pickle he comes and helps out.

So that brings us to why I am here, waiting on a friggin vamp to show. I hate waiting, especially for vampires. They are so damned annoying with their double talk and ranting on and on about how the world was so much better in their days. Plus that and they suck blood. Only bats and monster drink blood. I would sooner put a stake in them then work with one. The only reason I am doing this is because my greedy boss threatened to fire me if I didn't. I could always quit and start my own business, but then I would lose my license. I earned that damn plastic card and I am proud of it.

I sense some thing enter the building, a vamp. He can't be more than a couple weeks old. Another thing about my powers is I can sense vamps and how old they are based on their energy signatures. It also makes me sort of immune to most of their powers. This one isn't strong enough to beguile a normal human much less a Necromancer of my talent. Here goes nothing.

He opens the door and I am floored. It is an acquaintance of mine. I knew Alex when he was a mortal. A two bit hacker, small time thief, and one hell of a squealer. I take it some one finally got tired of his double dealing and decided to vamp him. Poor Alex.

He looks around nervously and makes a go for the seat in front of my desk. He stumbles over his own feet and lands on my desk.

"I give it a three point eight on the landing but your triple axel needs work."

Standing up and wiping off his polyester suite he smirks. "Very funny Aliza."

"Really, I thought so too. What brings you here Alex?" Time to get down to business. I may have liked him as a human but as a vamp he creeps me out. Some thing about there energy signatures makes my skin crawl.

"What no how have you been, nice to see you, or it's been a while." He looks at me then sighs. "I thought not. I will make it simple for you, Aliza. My new boss wants you to find some one for her."

"Sorry I am only an attaché to the Special Task Force not missing persons." I start to rise. "I am afraid you have wasted your time and money."

"Aliza please, listen to me, for old times sake." As I sit he seems to be relieved. "Recently there has been a series of murders of high ranking Vampires in the down town district."

"I know this, I investigated all four of them."

"Very good, what you don't know is there have been nine of them. All major supporters of the human/vampire rights movement."

I glare at him. "Why would I care if some one is taking out a bunch of supposed pacifistic vamps Alex?"

"Because they are the only reason why our kind and yours are not at war right now." He looks pleadingly at me as I start to get up again. "I am serious Aliza. They help keep the peace and maintain the balance of my kind. With out them you would be number two on their hit lists, right after Death himself. We need you to find who this person is. We are willing to pay you as much as you want."

That did it. I don't work for no vamps, especially ones who think they can buy me. I get up and head for the door. Alex moves to intercept me and I side step his grip. With a look of shock he slams in to the wall.

"How did you do that? You should not have been able to do that. Your, your human, humans aren't supposed to be able to see us move."

"Get out Alex, NOW!"

He tries to get me with his eyes. I stare him right back in the face carefully avoiding his eyes. "I said move!" If I don't look them directly in the eyes they can't control my mind.

"Please Aliza, if you don't come with me they will hurt me." He tries again but when I hit him in the gut he goes down. Tai Chi, it works wonders.

"I suggest you leave Alex. Tell your master that I don't work for no damn vampires!"


So what ya think. I need feed back and lots of love.

All right you know the drill my Lizzie Boppers,

Lopaka Tanu

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Part 2 And beyond the skies.

So you know mine name. Liz Blake. Do you know who I am? No. I will begin by giving you a little back ground info. I am half Mexican and half Germanic. My mother was Mexican and My father was a German, hence the name Blake. I got my mother's looks and my father's pale skin tone.

I am about five one with brownish black hair and brown eyes. I have white skin from lack of sun. I have enough scars to prove I am the Executioner. I earned that title and am proud of it. My left arm is nothing but a well of white scar tissue, the most prominent a cross. My collar bone is also a well of scars, the same sick fucks thought it was funny to use my own weapons against me. A blow torch and a silver cross for the arm to brand me and my own stake to use against me. They are all rotting in hell, who's laughing now.

So here I sit waiting for my friend Isabelle to show up. She is a lawyer that works for a real estate office down town. We are going out for her bachlorette party tonight. I so don't want to go. If it hadn't been for that annoying airhead Maria I would not be here.

I get a call at the ungodly hour at eight in the morning, by that time I only had four hours of sleep. Bitch. She told me Isabelle was marring some boob name Jessie and she was throwing a last minute bachorlette party. What else was I to say, she would not shut up and take no for an answer. This had better be worth it.

I change out of my usual black shirt, black jeans, leather jacket, and sneakers in to a red blouse, black skirt, and crimson heels. I hate heels. But that wasp bimbo said it was the attire I was to ware. I think I will stake her tonight just to see if her head really can deflate.

A knock at the door tells me that Maria has arrived to take me to her idea of fun. I open the door and immediately dislike her. Besides being a total flake she has one of them damn pins on. You know the ones, 'Vampires are people too.' She is saying something. I smile and agree, what ever just leave me alone.

We get out to the car and there is Isabelle waiting like a cat in a cage. She looks like she is about to burst if we don't leave now.

"Are we the only ones going?" I ask hoping for a negative answer.

"Yes unfortunately to many people had other engagements." Maria seems a little disappointed.

If it wasn't a crime I would kill her now. Damn humans. How did I get roped in to this. Oh yeah the same way they got information from prisoner through sleep deprivation. We are in the car and half way there before I ask where we are going.

"Guilty Pleasures."

If looks could kill Maria would have been burning in hell a long time ago. Guilty pleasures, the lowest form of entertainment on the planet. It's a damn strip club owned and operated by Vampires. They even strip there. I hold my tongue for Isabelle's sake but Maria is never going to survive if she pulls another stupid stunt like this.

As we park a block and a half away I feel every friggen eye on me. Not every one is lookin but they might as well. A red shirt is like a sign saying eat me I'm yours. I am so going to enjoy ripping out her heart for suggesting I wear this outfit.

Half way to the club we are greeted by the welcoming comity. Three vamps surrounded us. Isabelle is under their spell and too drunk from her earlier dinner with Maria to notice. Maria is making eyes at their leader and the last one is watching me like a bird of prey. All three are babies hardly older than a few months. No problem, that is if I had my guns. I only have the one knife under the blouse. Damn.

Mr. Hawk here is trying to saddle up next to me and cause me to fall under his spell. Aint gonna happen. I avoid his eyes and thus his control, so he gets mad. He grabs my left arm and freezes. So you noticed the cross did you. He backs away in fear, great now they think I am one of them. Because I could not fall under his control he thinks I am older and more powerful great.

I am about to tell them to get lost when some body does it for me. That voice. I know that voice, it rises up your skin caressing and making you want to... I turn around and glare at him. We have met every time I come out here in Vampire district to investigate a crime. Every time he tries to pull the same crap.

"Liz you are looking beautiful as ever."

I glare at his face. "What do you want Michael?"

He gently walks up next to me and rubs his hand down my arms. Leaning over he whispers in my ear in his husky tone. "You ma petite. Simply you." The gentle caress of his voice and the tender touch of his breathe send shivers down my spine.

"Go away Michael, we are here for pleasure tonight."

He brings his leather clad legs flush to my body and rubs at me like a cat. His white flowing shirt is open enough to see his smooth muscular chest. White as marble and twice as hard his flesh is almost perfect. I slap myself away from this vision.

"Why ma petite, if that is all you want, then all you had to do was ask."


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Part 3 I could clearly see.

I glared at him. "I am in no mood for your games tonight Michael. Step away from me slowly and you will not be harmed."

Michael pulled back a hand on his chest and a look of moral out rage on his pale white face. "I am shocked, Ma petite. You speak to me as if I am some criminal."

"The correct term is fucking pervert."

He smiled a bit. "My what colorful language. Do you intend to kiss me with that mouth?" He purred the last bit to me.

"Only in your dreams, Michael." I smirked at him then pulled the other two with me and started across the street.

"And such fine ones they are me amour."

I turned around right in to his arms. "Stop following us."

"Who is following ma petite, I am simply heading to my establishment." He grinned down upon me l;ike the proverbially Cheshire cat.

"You own Guilty pleasures. Why am I not surprised?"

He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Could it be, that you know me better than you thought?"

"God I hope not."

He tsked me. "No, ma petite, never use such a name here. You know how we react to such things."

I played innocent. "Really, how?"

That same old superfluous grin. "Liz, you are flirting. What would your fellow murderers think about your fraternizing with us Vampires?"

"I am not a murderer, Michael. You can't kill what is already dead." With that I stomped past his stunned look and dragged the bimbo and Isabelle, both who were busy drooling over Michael. "Get over it, he is dead." Why do I care if they go ape shit over a corpse? What they do is none of my concern, if they want to fuc... You know what I am not doing this. He is dead that is all there is to it.

Once we are at the club all thoughts of jealousy are washed away. The neon sign shows a male figure removing his shirt. So tacky, so tasteless, so Vampire like. As we move to enter the bouncer intercepts us.

"Yo, you two blonds can come in, but the Mexican stays out here." Big dumb and bigoted nothing like a good old boy to ruin your evening.

Before I can lay in to him a large black muscle god comes over and smiles at me. "Sorry about cracker here, he is to stupid to realize what he is dealing with my lady." Smooth of skin and voice. God he could charm the paint off a fence if he wasn't a vampire.

"Yes let us inform him of his mistakes." Michael.

The guy backs away cowering away from Michael.

"Do you have any idea who Ma Petite is, Pierce?" He grins at the shake of a head. "She is none other than the Executioner herself." That got more than a few heads to turn.

I smile sweetly and place my hands on Pierce's broad chest. With another innocent look I kick him in the nuts. "Consider yourself executed scumbag."

Michael looks at me in bemusement. "You are full of surprises tonight, ma petite."

"Yes I am, and don't call me Ma Petite."

"Of coarse Ma Petite."


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Part 4 Beautiful and sad is this story I tell.

Once introductions are done between Smart Ass, I mean Pierce and myself I get to greet smooth tall and Black, or as Michael calls him, Jamal. He is a were animal of some kind, trust me I can feel the difference between a norm and some thing else. Where a Vampire's power is cold a were animal's is warm and in some cases fiery. Jamal's is very warm, and he is very powerful. Too bad he works for Michael.

After the pleasantries are dispensed we enter the front room to pay our cover charge and to put away our belongings. I knew coming here was a mistake. A sign on the wall says no silver jewelry, no weapons and No crosses underlined twice. Well there goes my evening shot to hell.

I hand over my knives from my arm straps. I hand over my silvery earrings and bracelet. All these are carefully tagged and placed in baggies by a man in surgical gloves. Let's have a little fun. See if you can guess where I hid the cross and the back up knife. I feel a cold hand in the small of my back searching the waist band of my skirt. I turn faster than the vamp can move and he yelps in pain from a broken finger. Well I just couldn't let him take my knife.

"Aliza. Play nice." Michael warns in a semi stern voice.

I smile at him sweetly. "Yeah and let this ox cop a feel." I start to move towards the club and his hand prevents me.

"The Cross ma petite." With out looking I unclasp it from my neck and jerk it out of my blouse. He hisses and so do a few of his vamps as the cross glows bright. "Cover it in a cloth now ma petite!"

"But Michael I thought you wanted it."


"Fine." I sulk and cover it with the cloth provided by the big vampire taking my things. I feel naked with out it. I think Michael realizes this cause the moment it is gone he is on me again.

"Now isn't that better ma petite?" He asks as he wraps his big body around my back like some over sized coat.


Bending down he runs his tongue along my neck. "You taste as good as you look." An elbow to the gut and he is backing off.

"Geez what a pervert. Michael can't you at least keep it in your pants five minutes." With that I am out in to the club with my only protection a knife in my waist band. Oh yeah, I feel safe.

The place is packed wall to wall with desperate women. I notice that there is a table in the front that is vacant and Maria is leading us to it. Oh shit! They are staring at us. Some of them are giving us the evil eye while others are looking extremely jealous. What is so special about the table? That is when I notice the solid brass pole sticking out of the middle of it. You have got to be kidding me.

After we are seated the lights die and the crowd gears up, money is pulled from purses and wallets all around. I look at them and I am reminded of a pack of hyenas. Disgusting scavengers. Drooling, desperate, women! I swear they will have to get out the mops by the time the first act is over.

The spot light spins around the room as the announcer comes on. It's Michael, big surprise. "Good evening ladies." Like cold silk running down your spine. "Our first performer for your entertainment tonight is Phillip." The roar of approval was defining. "So put your hands together and welcome him in." They did just that. I swear it is like the monkey house at the zoo. Sit down ya damn bunch of orangutans.

The curtains part and he is in pose looking off in to a fake sequin sky. The music starts and he spins ripping open his white shirt to expose his muscled torso. He stops and starts gyrating to the music and sends the crowd in to swoons. I don't see the big deal. In fact I think some guy shaking his cock in your face is rather vulgar unless you know and approve of him. Even then it's still disgusting.

I Glare at him as he tries to get on our table and swing around the bar. Thanks, yeah that's my drink, no I don't mind, go ahead and stick the ice down your leather pants. Yeah I bet that ice swirling in there makes you feel better. He takes off his shirt and throws it to me. I move and it lands on my lap.

I try to toss it back but some harpy grabs it on to it as I swing it. I glare at her and she glares back. I give her my executioner's look and she backs away almost pouting. Oh great she is going to cry. Get a life you loser. I toss it back at him as he comes around to shake in my face again. It hits him in the face and he goes down on my table. I get a lot of glares and leers from the others.

He is up and bouncing again as he gives his shirt to miss pouts a lot. It is only now that I notice the scars covering his arms and upper body. He is a vamp junkie. Now I really am sick. These people get off on having a vampire drink from them. They get hooked and eventually live from one feeding to the next. They are worse than the substance abuse people because at least when you OD on them there is a small chance of survival. Addicts are worse than slaves, because they did this willingly.

He is now shimming around the room offering his neck to certain people. Maria is one of the lucky people and bites down for real. The others just kiss him or pretend to bite, not Air head Maria. From the look on her face this is not the first time she has done this. She is in laalaa land and he looks more than a little uncomfortable. He looks around for help as she draws blood and his eyes land on me.

I touch her shoulder out of concern for her about being exposed to blood born viruses. She growls at me and bites him harder with flat teeth. I slap her up side the head with the flat of my hand. "You bitch, back off!" She brakes off and whirls on me angry. I freeze her with a look I learned from Kyle. She backs away lowering her head with a scared whimper. He smiles at me in gratitude and offers me his neck. Another do-and-die look and he is gyrating around to the other tables and back on the stage. The music finishes and so does he.

As the strobe comes back on he bows and Michael comes back on the PA system. "Let's thank Phillip again." The crowd gets louder. After things get quiet again, Michael announces a new person. "Put your hands together and welcome Robert." If possible the crowd goes even more nuts. They should hang a sign on the door saying beware of squirrels.

Robert is a tall white boy, that looks like he just walked off a plantation. Long blond hair held in place by a piece of pink silk ribbon. Muscled but not too much. His frame is large and swift. He is also a blood sucking leech.

Spinning around in his tight jeans and black silk shirt the crowd grows silent. As he spins around there is no applause. As his music finishes there is no applause there either. He looks around the room with a smirk on his face and I realize what he has done.

"You realize mass hypnosis is a crime." His face lands on me in sudden amazement. "Sorry buddy aint gonna work. Give it up." I avoid his eyes while maintaining looking at his face. He is not that powerful so I say a little over a hundred years old. "How did you survive a century if you can't even follow the rules?"

That shocks him. Enough that the crowd starts to come out of it a little. He reasserts his control on them then tries all his might on me. I try to avoid it but he caught part of me. I struggle but my body is jerkily walking on stage.

As soon as I am directly in front of him he smiles. "Turn around."

I do.

"Move your head to one side." He commands me and I obey. Slowly he lowers his head and licks my neck. A cold shiver runs down my spine as he dances around me, using me like a pole the crowd goes wild. He turns towards the back of the stage braking his hold on the crowd and I fall to my knees with relief. I start to crawl for the front of the stage but he comes back and strattles my hips. They don't like it when they can't control you.

Growling he pulls me against him. Now I am mad. Before I left it because he was dangerous and there was a crowd. Now I am in full Executioner mode. He starts rubbing against my back as he brings me flush against him. Slowly he bends to whisper in my ear. "You are so going to enjoy this babe."

"Not as much as you are." I smile evilly and ready myself. As he turns me around to face him I bring my trusty knife strait between his ribs and directly in below the heart. I smile at him. "Surprise....."


Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha. I am evil and you know it baby. Tell me how much you hate me for my cliff hanger.