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Title: What I Am Now
Author: DragonFire
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Takes place after Departure. Liz gose away for the summer to think about what has happend in her life. She comes back to Roswell four months later.
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Part One.
Liz V.O

This summer I am now facing the fact that I will never see Alex again. In my head I all ways thought that he would be there for Maria and I. Now I know the truth. Tess killed him and when she did she killed me too. How am I going to go on with knowing that I will never have Alex there by me? Max called me today. I don't know how he got my number. I didn't pick up. Why should I? He slept with Tess. Maria says that she thinks that Tess did something to him. That she just made it all up. I don't know to think any more. I love Max with everything in me. He is still my life. It just hurts. Tess changed him. Maria sent me a pic of how Max looks now. He does not look like my Max any more. I want to run up to him and hug him. Tell him that nothing has changed ,but that would be a lie. I have changed. We both have changed.
Where do I go from here? So far all I know is that I am going to Roswell. I don't know what I am going to do. Does Michael and Isabel still hate me? Dose every one now know the truth to why Kyle and looked like we slept together? Does Max still love me? Am I going to yell because Alex is not there? I'll find this all out when I go back to the place that brings me pain.

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Part Two

Liz V.O

Here I am in my car. On my way to Roswell. I loved Louisiana and I didn't want to leave. All the seafood was great. Maria called me before I left. She said that Michael is going to meet me. What will he think when he sees me? Things have changed. I have a new family now.

My dad picked out a house for me. I'm still scared about going to Roswell. What will Max think when he sees me with a baby? Maria said that he will go crazy. Who knows.

Ring Ring Ring

"Hello?"Liz ask. "Hey Lizze. Are you there yet? You know that I can always come and help you." Brad said. "Thanks ok. I have every thing I need right now ,but I will call you if anything comes up."Liz said. "Ok. I'll let you go. The boss is calling me. Bye Lizze."Brad said. "Bye"Liz said.

"Mommy are we there yet?" Ally ask her mom. "No sweet-cup. Not yet." Liz said.


Brad walk arond the house. He look in Ally's room. Nothing was there. Only yellow walls and a pink floor. Then he went to Liz's room. Every thing was gone. Liz all ways knew how to make his world so great and now every thing was bad.

(Liz's new house.)

"You want me to pant the walls pink? Why would Liz need a pink room?"Michael ask Mr.Parker. "She just does." Mr.Parker said. Michael went back to panting the walls. He was glade that Liz was coming home. She was like a sister to him. The last time he saw her and the things they both did. He didn't think anything bad about it. In his mind it was just a brother and sister thing. He had went and got her flowers for the house. Kyle picked on him about it. He said that is what Maria does to him.

"How are we going to pant all of the walls before Liz comes home?"Maria ask. She was sitting in a chair. With pant all over her. "We can't use our powers because Mr.Parker is here ,so we will just have to do it really fast." Isabel said.

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