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Always In My Head
by LaTaHart

Author: latahart
Category: UA, Max and Liz
Rating: PG 13 – NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own squat . . . nada . . . nothing . . . zilch . . . characters are borrowed from the Roswell High books and Television show now on UPN . . .
Summary: Max and Liz are childhood friends who are reunited after being separated during their college years . . . based on the song Always In My Head by India Arie and Blue Miller in association with Motown Records . . . Lyrics in Italics, slightly separated from the story text . . .
Feedback: Love it . . . Need it . . . Want it . . . SO LEAVE IT . . . Happy Reading . . .

Always In My Head
Part 1


“So Liz, have you decided where you’re going to do your graduate work?”

“I was contemplating going back to New Mexico . . . I kind of want to be near my parents.”

“Well I hear they have a great molecular biology department in Las Cruses. Let me know your decision and if you need a letter of recommendation.”

“Thanks Professor Anderson, I will.”

Liz Parker exited the science building and headed off campus to the apartment she shared with her ditzy roommate Tess Harding. Liz shook her head and chuckled to herself as an image of Tess filled her mind. “That girl is all silicone, peroxide, hot air, collagen injections and all things toxic . . . it’s a wonder she hasn’t exploded.” Liz continued walking. The bright sunlight bounced off of her shiny chocolate brown hair, making it look like a piece of freshly polished mahogany. She was deep in thought and did not notice the several looks of admiration cast in her direction.

As Liz approached the door to her apartment loud music, accompanied by loud off-key singing assaulted her ears and she grimaced. “ . . . Oops I did it again, I played with your heart, got lost in the game, I’m not that innocent . . . ” Tess sang.

. . . Not that innocent . . . “You can say that again”, Liz thought just outside the door. She paused and schooled her features not to betray her utter annoyance. She slipped the key into the lock and turned. The door flew open causing Liz, her two ton backpack, which was weighted down with her science books and the day’s mail to spill onto the hardwood floor.

“Ouch . . . shit . . . ooow . . . it really hurts . . . ooow,” she exclaimed angrily from her contorted position on the floor.


“Ouch . . . ooow . . . it really hurts . . . ooow.”

“It’ll be okay Lizzie . . . I’ll make it better . . . I promise.”

“(sniffle) Thanks (sniffle) Max (sniffle) . . .,” Liz said between sniffles.

Max Evans looked down at his best friend Liz Parker as she sat sprawled on the hard blacktop of the Crashdown’s parking lot. She had lost her balance while roller skating and had fallen hard and scraped her knees and elbows. Her normally pretty face was scrunched and distorted from her pain. Her dark brown eyes leaked tear after tear after tear, leaving a trail of sadness down her flushed cheeks. Her long dark hair was plastered to her wet face and she looked a mess, an utter and complete mess.

Max felt helpless. He didn’t like to see Liz cry. Usually she was fearless and brave and Max admired that about her, but every now and then she’d do something like cry and Max would be reminded that she was a girl.

His eight year old mind quickly assessed the situation. He needed to heal Liz. He looked around quickly and after observing that there were no spectators he gently placed his hands on Liz’s knees. He concentrated. A slight burst of an unknown energy sparked between his hands and Liz’s knees. He removed his hands from her knees to inspect his work. Quickly he applied the same administrations to her elbows and even to her tear stained face.

“Thanks Max,” Liz said gratefully and smiled up into his amber eyes. The brilliance of her smile always made Max slightly uneasy, because it was another of those things that reminded him that she was a girl.

“No problem,” Max responded nonchalantly and shrugged his shoulders in that cute, careless way that boys do.

Liz quickly brought her arms up and around Max and engulfed him in a tight hug. For some unknown reason his mouth went dry, he gulped awkwardly before he timidly hugged her back. He had the strangest feeling in the pit of his stomach . . . strange, but not unpleasant.


“You’re like a cool breeze, on a summer’s day
You are a river running through the desert plain
You are my shelter, from the pouring rain
You were my comfort, even before the pain”


The loud thud and crash broke Tess from her self-induced Britney trance. “OMG, LIZ!,” she said excitedly, as she rushed from in front of the mirror, “are you okay?”

“Ouch . . . shit . . . ooow . . . it really hurts . . . ooow,” Liz repeated as she recovered from the childhood memory that that just flashed through her brain. As she gingerly began to right herself, her mind wandered back to the childhood incident with the roller skates and her childhood friend, Max . . . and with a longing she hadn’t felt in years, she wished that he could be there to make it all better . . . to be her comfort, even before the pain.

Miles away on a different coast, at a different college campus, in a different apartment Max Evans’ mind flashed with images of his eight year old self healing a scraped and scarred Liz. As a soft smile spread over his ruggedly handsome face, a warm filling crept into his heart. “Liz,” he whispered reverently, “I’ll make it better . . . I promise.”

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Always In My Head
Part 2

Author’s Note: This part might be a little hard to follow (I hope not, but just in case) . . . Liz has a long a$$ flashback . . . also [will contain some character thoughts that help to explain or give background information about a situation or an event] . . . Get it? Got it? Good! . . . j/k . . . Thanks for the overwhelming feedback and as per your request I’m continuing . . . I hope you enjoy the ride . . .

Disclaimer is in Part 1 . . .


“Max,” Liz said softly into the universe.

“Oh no, there you go again talking to your little imaginary friend,” Tess said shaking her head stupidly. “I think you are a little too old for an imaginary friend Liz . . . too old . . . too old . . . just too old . . . grow out of it already,” she continued as she made her way over to the stereo to turn the volume down.

“I wish you were my little imaginary friend,” Liz whispered irritably, “I would have been sure to have out grown you,” she mumbled still a bit disgruntled. As she stood up, Liz couldn’t quite shake the feel of Max in her brain. “Had they made a connection after all these years?,” she wondered.

“You do know what day this is don’t you?” Tess asked, effectively breaking through Liz’s thoughts about Max and telepathic connections.

“What . . . uh, Friday, August 3 . . . yeah . . . it’s laundry day Tess and it’s your turn, so don’t try to weasel your way out of it and remember whites with whites, dark colored clothing with dark colored clothing . . . and . . .”

“Ha, ha very funny . . . I forgot to laugh,” Tess retorted imitating an elementary school child.

“You do that rather well . . . had a lot of practice I assume,” Liz countered.

“Fine, then I won’t tell you what day it is,” Tess stated as she picked up an emery board and proceeded to file her nails.

“Okay Tess, I give . . . please tell me what’s so important about today.”

“Well . . . I don’t know . . . maybe I should . . .”

“Cut the crap Blondie and tell me what is so damn important about today,” Liz interrupted through clenched teeth.

“Well, you received a floral delivery today.”

“OMG, how could I forget,” Liz softly berated herself. “Where is it?,” she questioned anxiously, her large brown eyes scanned the room in search of the familiar long white box with the yellow ribbon.

“It’s on the kitchen table, but really Liz, you need to stop wasting your money trying to impress me, I know you sent it to yourself, just like last year and the year before and the year before that.”

Liz spotted the box from Valenti’s flower shop and excitedly made her way toward it. “He hadn’t forgotten . . . even if she had, he hadn’t forgotten,” Liz thought with sudden joy. With practiced hands she untied the yellow ribbon and lifted the long, narrow, rectangular lid from the box. As always a gasp of joy escaped her lips and her eyes filled with an unnamed emotion.

Liz gently lifted the single long stemmed white rose from its box and brought its perfect bud to her nose. Its soft, sweet fragrance seducing her and evoking a cherished, but long buried memory from the recesses of her mind.


“So, are you all packed and ready to head off to college?” Max asked as he plopped down on Liz’s bed.

“Yeah, basically I am. My mom and I finished up about an hour ago, then she broke down crying and my dad took her for a drive to Carlsbad. They should be home in a few hours.”

Max looked around the bedroom that was like a second home to him and felt a ping of something in his chest, as his eyes made contact with barren walls and empty hangers.

“So, are you all packed and ready to head off to college?” Liz asked echoing Max’s question.

“Uh . . . nah . . . my mom will take care of it and if not I could always just wave my hand over it tonight before I go to bed.”
“You are such an undeserving bum,” Liz laughed as she picked one of the pillows up off of her bed and hurled it at Max’s head, hitting him smack-dab on the nose.

“Oh yeah, you want to pillow fight,” he said as he retrieved the pillow that had bounced off of his nose. “Now you are in for it Parker,” he said as he lunged for her.

Liz was on the defensive and easily maneuvered herself out of the line of fire, laughing flippantly up into Max’s smiling amber eyes. She dodged another of his offensive assaults, laughing louder, as Max blew his hair out of his eyes. But her last evasive move was predicted and Liz Parker found herself being repeatedly pounded by the soft down pillow in her best friend’s hand.

“Uncle,” she laughed, as Max’s pillow struck again with blinding accuracy.

“Max, I said uncle . . . uncle . . . uncle . . . uncle.”

“Do you concede?” he asked in a fake military tone of voice.

“Uh yeah . . . duh . . . that’s what the term uncle means,” Liz responded.

“Oh a sassy wench, and here all these years I’ve been lead to believe that the word uncle meant brother of a parent,” Max replied and wagged his eyebrows together. His angst made Liz laugh all the more. “You find this funny, do you?” Max asked as he pinned her to her bed with his lean muscular length and began tickling her mercilessly.

“Max,” she wailed, as another ripple of laughter tore from her body.

Max looked down at Liz. Her beautiful flushed face. Her fine dark eyes sparkling . Her lush mouth, moist and slightly parted. At that precise moment in time he was subtly reminded that she was a girl. But the most amazing aspect of this fact, was she wasn’t just any random girl, she was the girl he wanted to kiss.

Liz’s breath caught in her throat as she watched Max’s eyes turn liquid and golden. She’d seen that look before briefly, when they’d been 13 and had played spin the bottle.

[On Pam Troy’s spin, the bottle had stopped in front of Liz. Pam Troy, who disliked Liz for some incomprehensible had wanted to prove that Liz was a goodie-goodie and so she had ordered Liz and Max in the closet for 7-minutes of heaven. What Pam Troy didn’t know was that it truly had been 7-minutes of heaven.]

Max slowly lowered his head toward hers. His topaz eyes captured hers and they connected. Slowly his soft mouth covered her succulent lips. Instantly images of their shared childhood flooded through their connection.


*Liz and Max having a mud fight.
*Liz holding the lopsided cake she had baked for him.
*Max healing Liz’s scraped knees.
*Liz making faces at him from across Mrs. Franklin’s 3rd grade classroom.
*The two of them playing army in his backyard.
*Max giving Liz a high-five after her little league homerun.
*The two them camped out on Liz’s balcony.
*The two of them sipping cherry colas.
*Each of them cutting their thumb in order to become blood brothers.
*Max reluctantly playing Barbie dolls.
*Liz sneaking one of Max’s French fries when she thought he wasn’t looking.
*Max tapping on Liz’s window.
*Liz showing a very embarrassed 12 year old Max her first bra.
*Max stepping on Liz’s feet during their dance lessons.
*The first day of Junior High and the yellow miniskirt Liz had worn.
*Their first dance.
*Kissing in Pam Troy’s closet.
*Liz walking in on Max fresh from the shower.
*Max climbing through the window catching Liz in lacy underwear.

~~Images End~~

With each passing image their kiss intensified. Max’s hard young 17 year old body pressed into Liz’s soft young 17 year old body. His large hands caressed the satin skin on each side of her face as he angled her head to better receive his devouring kiss.

His hands explored her supple young breast through the thin cotton material of the tank top. Her hands tantalized the smooth plains of his chest and abdomen, just underneath the soft jersey fabric of his tee shirt. His hands teased her hips. Her hands sought his erection through the thick denim of his jeans. His hand found her hot core, between the cotton sweat pants which covered her thighs. Kisses grew wetter. Kisses grew urgent. Max rubbed his erection up against Liz. They both gasped from the relatively new sensations they were experiencing.

“Liz ,” Max moaned into her receptive mouth, “we (kiss) should (kiss) probably (kiss) stop (kiss) before (kiss) things (kiss) get (kiss) out (kiss) of (kiss) hand (long deep kiss).”

Liz broke away from Max’s demanding kiss. “Maybe (kiss) you’re (kiss) right (another long deep wet kiss).”

Buttons were undone. “Max do you remember our pact (kiss) ?” Liz asked softly.

Laces were untied. “Which pact Liz (kiss), we have quite a few (kiss).” Max answered breathlessly.

Straps were pulled down. “Think Max (kiss),” she prodded.

Belts were unbuckled. “The friendship pact (kiss),” he guessed.

Snaps were unclasped. “No Max, (kiss) not the friendship pact(kiss). Think again (kiss),” Liz gently chided him.

Zippers were unzipped. “The Marriage Pact (nervous cough)?” Max guessed again.

Clothing was discarded. “No Max, (kiss) not the Marriage Pact (kiss), we’re way too young for that one, (kiss) that’s for when we are really, really old (kiss) like when we are thirty (kiss).”

More clothing was discarded. “The de-flower-ing . . .,” Max abruptly stopped as the conditions of the pact came flooding back to him.

[At the age of 15 they had pledged, that if either of them was still in a virginal state, when it came time to go to college, that they would – do it- . Their youthful rationale had been simple, first at the very least the person who deflowered them would be familiar and second, at the very most it would be someone who they loved and cared about and who loved and cared about them.]

He sat up pulling his near naked body away from Liz and her delectable kisses. A serious, yet thoughtful expression came over his face, transforming his features for a brief moment into the man he was destined to be. His hands reached for hers and he pulled her nearly nude form into a sitting position next to him. “Liz,” he began softly, stroking her hands with his own, “are you sure you want to go through with this?”

Liz’s heartstrings tugged. “Yes Max,” she whispered softly. Max was always thinking about what was best for her. He had always made things better and intuitively Liz knew that this would be no different. Max would make it better.

Max stood then and slowly removed his boxers. He stood before her unashamedly erect and basking in masculine beautiful. His bright amber eyes darkened, when he felt Liz’s gaze skim over him.

Liz stood and faced him. Her small hands trembled as they reached for the elastic of her bikini style cotton underwear with the tiny flower prints. Shyly she slid her panties off slender hips, pass creamy thighs, down silky calves, until she was able to step out of them.

Max’s breath caught in his throat. His breathing became irregular . . . labored . . . as his soulful eyes drank in her raw beauty. Max noticed her blush. He tried to will his eyes to look elsewhere, but his need to feast upon her loveliness would not be curbed. And so his eyes devoured her.

Max knelt on the mattress. He leaned over and extended his hand to Liz. His eyes locked with hers. Liz gingerly placed her hand into his. Max slowly drew Liz into his arms and simply held her. He matched his breathing with hers, effectively calming them both. His magical hands caressed away the last remnants of her fears. His lips kissed the top of her head and hair, her forehead, her right eyelid, her left eyelid, the tip of her pert little nose, each exquisite cheekbone, first the top lip and then her bottom lip, before he turned to worship each sensitive corner of her mouth in turn with the textured tip of his tongue . . . leisurely he kissed her chin, before finally laying claim to her mouth.

Gently Max laid Liz backward onto the bed. His body half covering hers. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and brought his upper-body into full contact with hers. The heat from his skin, radiated into her very being and caused a tiny moan to escape her lips. Max smiled down at her. Liz’s roving hands found extreme pleasure as they caressed the rippling muscles of his broad back. Max moaned deep in the back of his throat as Liz’s hands stroked over the taunt tan skin of his back. He leaned in and captured her lips. He trailed hot kisses across her cheek and down the side of her over sensitized neck, where his exploring tongue sought and found the unique taste that was hers.

Liz closed her eyes and let the pure sensations ripple through her. Her young naïve body arched up, lifting her hips from the mattress and her lips emitted the slightest of noises, which sounded like a purr to her own ears. She felt Max’s soft chuckle against her neck and in response she gently splayed her fingers over his back and raked her nails in a gentle downward motion. Her actions caused Max to halt his tongue’s exploration of the nape of her neck and which afforded Liz the distinct pleasure of hearing a very similar sound erupt from his lips.

Gradually Max maneuvered his tingling body over Liz’s. He rested the majority of his weight on his arms. He gently nudged his left knee in between Liz’s warm thighs. He nearly collapsed on top of her, when he felt her open for him and seductively rub her liquid heat up against his kneecap. As he disengaged his knee from her enveloping warmth Max’s swirling topaz gaze connected with Liz’s melting chocolate eyes. Without words he asked for permission to enter her most sacred of places. Without words she answered him, deeming him more than worthy of such an honor.

Inside her head Liz wondered fleeting about precautions. But the tantalizing feel of his body pressed so intimately against hers pushed the thought away.

Another thoughtful expression came over Max’s handsome face, once again transforming his boyish-Adonis-like features for a brief moment into the man he was destined to be. He raised his body up off of Liz, an action which she protested with a small whimper and a soft whine. Max glanced down at his best-friend-soon-to-be-lover and smiled gloriously. He reached down for his jeans . . . into his wallet . . . and retrieved a small shiny wrapped square item. Before he returned to Liz, he raised his hand and used his secret energy to dim the lights.

“Bravo,” Liz whispered playfully from her reclined position on the bed, “how about some music.”

“As you wish,” Max said and then directed his secret energy toward Liz’s CD player. Instantly the hauntingly beautiful sound of Sarah McLachlan’s Fumbling Toward Ecstasy filled the room.

“All the fear has left me now.
I'm not frightened anymore.”

Simultaneously Liz and Max smiled at the appropriateness of the song.

“It's my heart that pounds beneath my flesh.
It's my mouth that pushes out this breath,”

“Nicely done,” Liz complimented.

“I try,” came the simple, yet honest answer.

As he turned back to face Liz. Max was amazed by the suppressed passion he saw in her eyes. Gradually Max made his way over to Liz. His eager lips capturing hers in a thunderous kiss.

“And if I shed a tear, I won't cage it.
I won't fear love.”

Suddenly she desperately needed to feel his bare skin up against hers. As her hands began to reek their havoc on his body once more, Liz moaned out, “you make me see stars.”

“And if I feel a rage, I won't deny it.
I won't fear love.”

“As you wish,” he replied with the wave of his hand, turning her bedroom ceiling into an observatory sky, with swirling stars . . . twinkling brightly.

“Oh Max,” Liz breathed, slightly overwhelmed by his loving gesture. Liz tightly grasped his shoulder desperately with her aching hands, drawing him into the circle of her embracing arms.

“Companion to our demons,
they will dance, and we will play.
With chairs, candles, and cloth.
Making darkness in the day.”

Max reached up and gently brushed his knuckles across her cheek, before capturing her face in his hands and fervently letting his tongue engage hers in the mating dance.

“It will be easy to look in or out,
upstream or down without a thought,
and if I shed a tear I won't cage it,
I won't fear love,’

Unable to withstand the torture that was Liz. Max moved his hands away from her splendid little body . . . and reached out on to Liz’s nightstand . . . he eagerly tore open the condom and rolled it down the length of his rock hard penis.

“And if I feel a rage I won't deny it,
I won't fear love.”

Liz’s satiny thighs parted of their own accord, allowing Max his first view of her honeyed heat.

“Peace in the struggle, to find peace.”

As he settled himself between her luscious legs. Gradually letting her grow accustomed to his weight, he brushed the engorged tip of his arousal against her wetness. The folds of Liz’s vagina bloomed open like a rosebud under the glorious touch of the sun. He slowly rubbed his erection in her sex juices, lubricating it to lessen her discomfort. His actions made Liz instinctively undulate her hips forward. He gingerly moved into her.

“Comfort on the way, to comfort.”

Liz felt the barrier of her maidenhood tear within her, a white hot surge of pain shot through her and an unchecked scream resounded from her lips. Max froze, because in that moment he too felt the intensity of her pain and his body shook.

“And if I shed a tear I won't cage it.
I won't fear love.”

As the pain resided . . . his calming mouth lovingly placed cherishing kisses upon her face, reverently kissing away her virgin’s tears.

“And if I feel a rage I won't deny it.”

Max raised his hand toward the ceiling. “Liz,” he coaxed sweetly until her eyes opened, "I'll make it better . . . I promise." Her eyes widened and then promptly filled with tears of joy as he waved his magical hand and conjured up a rainstorm that gentled floated white rose petals all around them. Their sweet aroma filled the room.

”I won't fear love.”

As the pain subsided Liz felt Max’s first tentative movements.

“I won't fear love.”

Instinctively she thrust her hips upward, making Max groan from deep within his throat. The intensity of her own desire washed through her, as did his. Liz wrapped her legs around him, drawing him closer . . . deeper as a means of encouragement, but none was needed.

“I won't fear love . . .”

Max gently began to thrust into Liz’s welcoming heat. He guided her toward their rythmn. Each of his pulsating thrusts was answered by one of her surrounding ones. His even strokes pushing her toward ecstasy . . . as he slid base deep into her . . . only to almost complete withdraw . . . over and over . . .

All coherent thought left Liz’s mind. Her mind was overtaken by desire and pleasure, and desire and fulfillment, and desire and sensations, and desire love.

Liz was not alone. Max’s mind and body were under siege as primal urge after primal urge encouraged him to quicken the tempo of their rythmn.

Liz gasped.

Max groaned

Their tempo increased . . . deeper . . . faster . . . it increased a fraction more . . . deeper . . . faster . . . and still a fraction more . . . deeper . . . faster . . . deeper . . . until the world went spinning by.

Their eyes remained locked . . . as did their bodies . . . they rode the wave of ecstasy together . . .

“I love you, Liz,” Max whispered into the sparkling darkness of her eyes.

“I love you, Max,” Liz whispered into the sparkling darkness of his eyes.

Max gently extracted himself from within her . . . rolled over onto his back and drew Liz into his arms. He placed a singular kiss solidly upon her upturned mouth as he snuggled her close.

“Umm my two favorite things,” she yawned sleepily.

“What’s that,” Max inquired drowsily.

“Sex and Candy,” Liz murmured mere seconds before sleep claimed.

Max smiled as the lyrics to the song by Marcy’s Playground played in the background like a lullaby, methodically coaxing him to sleep.

“Hangin' round downtown by myself
And I had so much time
To sit and think about myself
And then there she was
Like double cherry pie
Yeah there she was
Like disco superfly
I smell sex and candy here
Who's that lounging in my chair
Who's that casting devious stares
In my direction
Mama this surely is a dream”


The distant sound of a car door closing roused Max from his slumber. He looked down at Liz sleeping peacefully against his side and smiled. Ever so gently he removed his body from her entangling limbs and with an alertness he didn’t yet feel, he slid from the bed.

Max Evans looked around at the terrarium of love that he had created . . . sparkling stars that swirled around his head and rose petal raindrops showering down upon Liz’s sleeping form . . . reluctantly he waved his hands and all signs of his and Liz’s initiating night into the realm of passion were evaporated. He gently reclaimed his spot next to Liz. With regret he took one last look at her naked beauty . . . then waved his hand down the length of her body and redressed her. Seconds later he did the same to himself. Almost immediately he drifted off to sleep.

Moments later Jeff and Nancy Parker stood in the open doorway of their daughter’s bedroom and watched the two sleeping forms. “Oh look Jeff, they haven’t slept curled up like that sense they were five,” Nancy said with maternal warmth pouring from her voice.


“uh Liz . . . earth to Liz,” Tess intruded, effectively breaking Liz’s reverie.

Liz cast her idiotic roommate a must deserved dirty look . . . placed her single white rose back into its box . . . grabbed the box and her two ton backpack and headed for the privacy of her room . . . her sanctuary . . . her Tess free zone.

Max Evans smiled to himself as his sense of smell was suddenly over powered with the scent of roses and memories of a long ago night flashed through his brain. Their connection was reopening.

“A rainbow of rhythm stretches across the sky
An airplane in the distance, plays a beautiful cello line
It’s no coincidence; it’s in tune with the music in my head
If you were a shoulder you’re where I would rest,
but I am your vessel so I hear, you . . .
In my head, you’re always in my head
In my fears, you’re always in my head
In my joy, you’re always in my head
In my tears, you’re always in my head . . .”

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Author’s Note: Here it is . . . the much awaited update of AIMH . . . Not a whole lot of smut (sorry) . . . lots of storyline/background information . . . Introduces two more of our beloved characters . . . (hey don’t bite my head . . . I never meant to imply that Tess was a beloved character . . . but it’s funny how your minds went there . . . LOL) . .. anyway, I hope you enjoy this and for all those Dreamers who are clamoring for some Dreamer Nookie . . . all I can say is . . . Flashbacks will have to do for now . . . As always I thank you for your time and wish you happy reading . . .

Always In My Head
Part 3

~Max’s POV (mostly)~

Max Evans laid back upon his bed. His muscular arms raised and folded behind his head . . . his hands rested on the back of his neck . . . The Counting Crows played in the background.

“Damn . . . I knew it!” Michael Guerin said as he exploded . . . imploded into the room. “Damn, damn, damn . . . snap out of it Maxwell.”

Max’s sad amber eyes stared unblinkingly up at the flaking paint ceiling . . . his melancholy mood still intact . . . unaltered . . . unchanged.

“I can’t believe you’re supposed to be my roommate . . . my fraternity brother . . . my best friend . . . AND YET EACH YEAR, EACH F*CKING YEAR you keep losing me money.”

“So Michael what does that tell you . . . (long pause) . . . that maybe a smarter person would stop betting,” Max stated with minor amusement.

Michael cast his slightly depressed friend a dirty look, before he continued his well rehearsed tirade, “Maxwell, you know as well as I do that all it would have taken was one word from you and I would have been 2000 bucks richer . . . but, NOOOOOO, saint Max couldn’t wait 15 minutes, just 15 more minutes before pressing that play button . . . “

[Max Evans was well aware of the annual frat house bet. The bet had begun his sophomore year . . . Michael had taken particular notice to Max’s Liz inspired mood swings and how during each manic episode Max would put in his favorite Counting Crows CD and play it for hours on end . . . continuously. Apparently Michael hadn’t been the only one in the house to notice . . . Eric had noticed . . . Craig had noticed . . . Grant had noticed . . . and even Alex had noticed . . . a comment here . . . a barb there . . . one thing lead to another and The When Will Max Press Play Pool had begun.]

“2000! Wow! Really?” Max inquired with a bit more interest than he had previously felt, as he slowly rose from his reclining position. “So who won this year?”

“WHITMAN!, can you believe it WHITMAN AGAIN, all two thousand simoleans . . . how is that possible?” Michael asked incredulously, his defiant mind still unable to accept defeat, especially rendered as it had been at the hands of Alex Whitman.

“Good for Alex,” Max chuckled good-naturedly.

“Good for Alex . . . no you did not just say ‘Good for Alex’ . . . I am going to pretend like I didn’t just hear what I heard . . .”

Max chuckled some more.

“Good for Alex . . . boy genius with scholarships up the wauzoo . . .” Michael muttered under his breath.

“Every year for the last three years we’ve had this same discussion Michael . . .” Max began.

“Max, buddy, I feel your pain,” Michael said dramatically as he clutched at his heart, “. . . really buddy, I do, but COME ON ALREADY . . . a little warning . . . a sign . . . a precursor of some kind . . . a friendly hint, that’s all I’m asking for,” Michael continued.

Max shook his head knowingly because he knew that as far as logical rationalization, betting and Michael were concerned, it was a LOST CAUSE.

“So did she call?” Michael asked seriously, hopeful on behalf of his best friend, as he discarded his rank smelling tee-shirt onto the floor near his bunk.

“No,” came the simple, sad reply, “but then again Michael, I didn’t expect her to.”

“Man that’s one cold-hearted chick, a year and a half and she still won’t talk to you,” Michael said, his frustration evident as he looked at his friend’s disappointed face.

“You my friend are way off base with that one. Her heart . . . Liz’s heart is loving. She’s prefect . . . she’s just hurt. I hurt her, but I’ll make it better, I promise,” Max smiled to himself at the special connotations that particular phrase held for him and his Liz.


In the privacy of her own room Liz sat back to enjoy her flower. She smiled sweetly to herself as a feeling of supreme and pure love washed over her . . . surrounded her . . . engulfed her . . .

Taken off guard by this surge of unadulterated emotion Liz Parker’s connection to Max Evans grew exponentially.

“Damn you Max Evans,” she thought.

~Max’s POV~

Max Evans scooted his computer chair away from the desk. The fresh fragrance of wild roses filled his nostrils . . . assaulted his senses and a slow satisfying smile spread across his face . . . transforming his boyishly handsome features into those of a classically beautiful mask of masculine sensuality. His amber eyes suddenly turned to liquid fire, their golden flames flickered brightly as he felt the cold wall around Liz’s heart begin to weaken.

“Come back to me Liz,” his mind cried out and his heart concurred.

His senses propelled his masculine brain into the middle of a night long ago.


Max trailed his large hand across the satiny skin of Liz’s small back . . . marveling one second . . . reveling the next. Liz, he was touching Liz . . . caressing Liz . . . loving Liz . . . completely . . . as Fumbling Toward Ecstasy
played in the background . . . he knew then that he’d never be able to listen to that song again . . . not without images of Liz’s beautiful face all aglow with passion looking up at him . . .

He kissed her again . . . her succulent lips meeting with his questing . . . hungry mouth.

The taste of her exploded in his mouth . . . her sweetness . . . her tanginess . . . that subtle mixture of both that was her . . . her signature . . . her flavor . . . Liz nectar . . .


Michael saw the glazed and distant look appear in Max’s eyes. He knew from previous experience that Max was no longer in the here and now. Max was in Lizland and so quietly Michael grabbed his book bag and headed for the study lounge.

Miles away in the sanctity of her room Liz Parker’s lips tingled. Ever so slowly her small pink tongue snaked out across her quivering lips and she was confronted with a taste that she instantly recognized . . . a taste she had once savored . . . a taste of Max . . .

“Damn you Max Evans,” she thought for the second time in a matter of minutes.


Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning Max Evans was awakened by the warm, snuggling form next to him. A wondrous smile slowly spread across his face. Unable to resist he propped himself up on an elbow to watch her sleep . . . he wasn’t sure how long he watched her . . . all he knew for sure was that he was looking at Liz through new eyes . . . eyes that dwelled on the delicate curve of her lips . . . eyes that lingered over the swell of her breast . . . eyes that wanted nothing more than to burn into hers once again as they had a few hours earlier.

“Max . . . Max . . . Max,” she breathed deeply in her sleep, “Oh Max!”

Max found his young body responding to the plea in Liz’s voice. Gently he maneuvered his body closer to her. Gingerly he placed his hands on either side of her lovely face. The connection was instantaneous . . . the flashes . . . overwhelming . . . shocking . . . exciting . . .

~Images ~

*Max trailing a cool ice cube down Liz’s midsection . . . circling her navel.
*Max kissing Liz with wild abandon . . . nipping her bottom lip with his teeth.
*Max’s hands cupping . . . kneading . . . squeezing . . . caressing . . . her breast . . . gently rolling her erect peaks between his thumb and forefinger.
*Max kissing his way down her body.
*Max’s large hands gripping her hips.
*Max’s long masculine fingers sliding through her slick folds.
*Max’s mouth applying sweet torture as his tongue explored her inner recesses before turning its attention to her ultra sensitive nub.
*Max’s satiny, smooth length immersing itself in her welcoming heat repeatedly . . .

~Images End~

“Liz,” he whispered . . . his voice a strangled plea.

Liz turned into his arms . . . her chocolate brown eyes blazing with wanton desire.

Their mouths sought each other with an urgency neither of them had ever felt before. They moaned in unison . . . as Liz’s petite hands scurried across his board back, drawing him nearer . . .

“Max . . . I . . . ,” she began, but the remainder of her thought was choked by the overwhelming desire which consumed her.

“Liz . . . Liz . . . ,” was all he could manage. His usually deft mind succumbing to the overpowering need to possess her . . . His last act as semi-coherent man was to wave his hand toward the open door of her bedroom creating a soundproof bubble in which to contain the accompanying sounds of their amorous acts.

Impatiently Max then waved his hands down the length of their two bodies evaporating the barriers of clothing that interfered with direct skin contact.

Pulling his mouth from that spot on her neck, he feverishly placed kisses down her body . . . lingering in the valley between her breast . . . he kissed each supple curve . . . flicking his grainy tongue across each hot peak . . .
the hot lapping and suctioning of her abdomen . . . the nuzzling and licking of her inner thighs . . . his hot, wet, seeking tongue . . .

Liz opened for him . . . gave herself over to his insistently pleasurable applications . . . and once his plundering tongue had hit its target her body exploded . . . waves of rapture washed over her and when she was able, she opened her eyes and smiled wickedly . . . playfully at Max.

With lightening speed Liz reversed their positioning . . . laying Max flat on his back . . . she quickly straddled his hips with her knees . . . as she methodically pressed the balls of her tiny palms into his well defined abdomen . . . laughingly she splayed her glorious locks of mahogany across the erect nubs of his chest . . . brushing ever so slightly, causing him to suck in his breath . . .

His hips bucked beneath her . . . reminding her of his very aroused state . . .
Max’s hands gripped the sheets beneath him . . . Every fiber of his being requested that he take Liz without any further pleasantries . . . but he could not bring himself to deny her the playful antics to which she was currently subjugating him to . . .

At that precise moment Max felt her smoldering tongue make contact with his navel . . . her pert little mouth sucking, licking, kissing him there . . . leaving behind a warm sheen of saliva . . . seconds later he felt the coolness of her breath as she blew it into his navel . . . his abs contracted . . . his erection grew . . . his resolve diminishing . . .

Laughingly Liz retreated further down the length of his magnificent physique . . . coming eye to eye with the real instrument of her desire. Forming a delectable O with her pretty pink lips she blew down the length of his gorgeous cock . . .

Max sucked in his breath . . . his disentangled his hands and guided her where he most wanted her to be . . .

Liz took him in . . . into the warm . . . wet . . . soft confines of her mouth.
Together they found their tempo . . . Max was close . . . so close . . . and Liz novice though she might be knew it . . . relaxing a tad bit more she took him in hilt deep . . .

Max thought he had died and gone to heaven . . . but that thought quickly changed when he felt her swirling tongue begin its journey around his girth and at the same time felt the exquisite vibrations come deep from within her throat as she began to hum . . .

Max’s large hands stilled her movements . . . and encouraged her to release him . . .

Liz pouted.

Max sighed.

Their eyes locked. They came together in one fluent motion. Max entered her with one deep thrust . . . binding them together in the act of love . . .

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Author’s Note: Okay folks this part is relatively short . . . but I needed to get something out . . . right? . . . Oh well, I hope it doesn’t suck too bad. Thanks for taking the time and as always I wish you Happy Reading [:lovesigh]

Always In My Head
Part 4

Disclaimer in Part 1


Miles away on another college campus, the small frame of Elizabeth Parker withered and squirmed in her sleep . . . as erotic images of large masculine hands . . . full, lush lips . . . a hungry, demanding, wet mouth . . . a probing tongue . . . thrusting hips, penetrating fingers and scorching amber eyes filtered through her brain . . . rippling tides of desire washed through her body, causing her to arch her small back and lift her petite hips, the wetness between her thighs intensified . . . an uncontrollable tingling sensation overtook her . . . shook her to her very core.

The phantom touch of his strong hands gripped her hips . . . stilled her, as he angled her better to receive his next thrust . . . A small gasp was ripped from the depths of her soul . . . as spasm after spasm of pleasure cascaded through her.

"Max," she cried breathlessly into the warm blanket of darkness that surrounded her.

“Liz,” he whispered adoringly.

Liz Parker sat upright in her bed, fully awake . . . her heart pounding ... her breath coming in ragged, shallow spurts . . . her arousal, painful . . . acute
. . . her eyes searched the darkness . . . an iridescent image of male beauty flickered and evaporated before her eyes . . . she shuddered . . . she blinked and when she opened her eyes once again she found only more darkness . . .

"Damn you Max Evans," she whispered into the night.

On shaky legs she scrambled for the light switch . . . and as she did she heard his seductive chuckle in her ear . . . felt his warm breath caress her cheek . . . Liz shook her head in an attempt to banish him from her mind, but his presence refused to go and as light replaced the darkness she heard his very sexy, yet unnerving voice say "I'll make it better Liz, I promise."

Sleep evaded her for the rest of the night. Liz sat up and wondered why Max had chosen now to be in her head. Why was he attempting to forge a new connection? Why wouldn’t he stop transmitting those images . . . those emotions . . . those sensations?

“Are you trying to drive me crazy?” she asked deep within her brain. “Are you? . . . Answer me damn it!,” she demanded.

~West Coast~

“Liz” his voice whispered reverently.

He had to be dreaming . . . there was no way in hell Liz was connecting to him . . . with him . . . it was a virtual impossibility . . . wasn’t it?

“Liz” he repeated tentatively . . . slowly waking for his drowsed state.

“Damn it Maxwell . . . shut the hell up . . . no more Liz talk. . . that girl’s got a bug up her ass . . . sleep . . . nothing is more important than sleep,” Michael mumbled irritably as he tossed one of his pillows at Max’s head.

“She connected,” Max stated disbelievingly.

“What the f---k?” Michael replied in shock. “Well, what did she say . . . hell man don’t leave me hanging . . .”

“I think she asked me if I was trying to drive her crazy?”

“That broad is cracked . . . if you ask me, she’s the one trying to drive you loony tunes,” Michael said between yawns as he readjusted his one remaining pillow. “Unless . . . you . . .” Michael stopped mid-utterance as he saw the slow devious smile spread across Max’s face. “You didn’t? . . . Holy shit Maxwell . . . there’s hope for you yet.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re rubbing off on me,” Max said laughingly.

“It’s about damn time . . . hell, I’ve only been your roommate four years.”

“Don’t remind me,” Max said teasingly as he tossed Michael’s pillow back across the room.

“Thanks” Michael replied, snatching the pillow up and prompting placing it over his head. “So what’s next?”

“I could tell you Michael . . . (long pause) . . . but then I’d have to kill you
. . . (long pause) . . . you’ll just have to . . .” Max halted as the sound of Michael’s snoring reverberated across the room, “wait and see . . . You’ll just have to wait and see my friend.”

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