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Title: Talking Helps
Author: Gaudicia
E-mail: secrets_of_the_sky⊕
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Roswell characters.
Rating: Pg-13
Category: UC
Summary: Just read it. It takes place EOTW.
Author’s Note: I want to thank Polarist and Love Roswell for correcting the fic.
Feedback: Is always appreciated.

Talking Helps

Max couldn't believe his eyes; there in the love of his life's bed she was with Kyle. Max didn't know whether to beat Kyle up or run from that sight. Max chose the later one. He ran all the way to his house, ignoring his parents, and Isabel. Max couldn't believe it, he didn't want to believe it, and for what seemed like the first time in ages, he cried. What he didn't know was that he wasn't crying alone, he didn't know Liz was echoing his cries.
* * * * *
After she saw Max leave, she couldn't take it anymore. "Kyle, please leave."

Kyle wasn't so sure about that; Liz didn't look too good. Kyle wondered what was up with her. Liz had gone to his house and asked for help, and not in a million years he would have thought she would ask him to do the thing she did. Now after there was no turning back, she looked like her heart had been ripped from inside her. "Liz, maybe I should stay."

Liz just wanted to be left alone. "Leave! Now!"

Kyle seeing she wasn't about to give in, he picked up his things. "Liz, if you need me, you know where you can find me." With that said, Kyle was out the door.

As soon as Kyle was out of her sight, she let out her sobs. Future Max hearing this approached her. He touched her shoulder in an effort to try a sooth her, but Liz jumped as if his touch burned. Future Max not knowing what to do, and slightly hurt asked, "Liz, are you okay?"

"Just fine," Liz coldly answered. "What are you still doing here? Haven't you done enough? Haven't I done enough?" Liz asked in a cold, dead voice.

Future Max flinched at the sound of her voice. "Liz, you did the right thing. This is the best for the world—for everyone."

"Well, then you can go back to your little perfect world. I hope you are happy with Tess, because that is why you came for, for me to get out of the way and leave Tess the open road. Well, I wish you all the happiness of the world." Liz said, in the same tone of voice.

"Liz, that's--" Future Max was confused. 'Did I do the right thing by asking Liz for help? Should I have gone to the others?'

"What? Isn't that why I did this? When you get back to your time, our time together will only be a memory. While for me it will be the only time I truly lived." Liz turned her back to him.

Just as Liz turned her back to him he disappeared. Future Max wanted to ask her what she meant, but he couldn't, he was already on his way to his home. Future Max asked himself again, 'Did I did the right thing? Did it help the future or did it made it worst? I hope that my past self will be able to right the wrongs I did.' All thoughts about what happened left his mind as he got to his rightful time.
* * * * *
Liz looked back to where Future Max had stood, but he was gone. Liz turned again, and continued to cry, trying to erase the day from her mind, but she couldn't. Questions haunted her mind. 'I guess, I didn't matter. After all, I'm just a human with no powers. So lucky of them the little goody two shoes was willing, she is always willing, there's not surprise there.' Liz thought sarcastically. 'I bet they won't even appreciate my sacrifice. Was what Future Max said true, or was he just so unhappy with me that he regretted marrying me? Did he wish he had stayed with Tess since the beginning?’

Liz didn't even caught a blink of sleep, all night her mind was consumed with bitter, sarcastic thoughts, unanswered questions, and doubts.
* * * * *
When morning came it seemed like a century had gone by to both Max and Liz.

Isabel was surprised when she saw Max. She was suddenly glad, when she insisted she would be the one to wake him up. She had wanted to rub on his face that he was capable of waking up late. Max looked like something the cat had dragged in. His eyes were red like he had been crying the entire night. Isabel tugged him, "Max wake up." When Isabel saw Max was waking up she asked, "Max, what happened? You look awful!"

Max groaned at the reminder of what happened, he had hoped it all had been a nightmare. "Nothing. I'm going to get ready for school."

Max got up from the bed, leaving a stunned Isabel there. Max didn't want to tell anyone what happened, that is until he talked with Liz.
* * * * *
Mrs. Parker saw the clock, and noticed Liz was late for school, but Liz hadn't even gotten out of her room, which was unlike her. Mrs. Parker decided to see if Liz was even up. When she got to Liz's room, she only saw Liz's back. "Liz, honey, you are late for school." When Liz didn't answer, she got worried, "Liz, are you okay?"

Liz in the same tone as she had spoken to Future Max, answered, "I don't feel too good. Can I stay home?"

Mrs. Parker got even more preoccupied when she heard Liz's voice, so she went around Liz's bed to speak to her, face to face. Mrs. Parker gasped, when she saw Liz.

Liz's eyes were empty, and they seemed to be looking at Mrs. Parker, but at the same time they were looking past her. Liz was pale as a sheet of paper, and all life seemed to have left Liz's body.

Mrs. Parker instantly put her hand on Liz's forehead to see if she had a fever. "Liz, you don't have a fever, but you can stay. I'll talk with Jeff, and get someone to take your shift. Liz, if you need anything yell, and I'll be here as soon as possible.”

Mrs. Parker quickly left Liz's room, once she saw Liz nod. As soon as she was out she left out a cry. "What is wrong with my daughter?" After she composed herself, she went to find her husband.
* * * * *
Liz was glad when her mom left. She wanted to be alone. She was also glad, her mother didn't make her go to school, she wasn't ready to face anyone yet. It was too soon. Liz noticed she had stayed in the same position in all night, her muscles hurt, but she didn't want the pain to go away. It seemed to be the only thing she could feel, the only thing that reminded her, that she was still alive.
* * * * *
Max waited all morning for Liz to come, but he gave up when the bell sounded. Every time he could, he would look around to see if he could spot Liz anywhere, but he was unsuccessful every time. When lunchtime came, he asked the others if they had seen Liz, but the answer was a negative. Max was losing hope, but there were still two person's he hadn't asked yet, Maria and Kyle. Max hoped he didn't have to talk to Kyle at all. Max hadn't seen Maria at lunch, so he was happy when he remembered he had a class with her in the afternoon. 'If someone knows if Liz came it's Maria.' Max was disappointed, when Maria told him that she hadn't seen Liz, but that later she was going to go to the Crashdown. That gave Max a little consolation, so he asked to be told if something was wrong. When Max was on his way to the next class, he saw Kyle. Max didn't wasted time. "Kyle, can I talk with you?" Max didn't gave Kyle time to think, or answer, he grabbed Kyle by the arm, and dragged him to a secluded area. "Have you seen Liz?"

"No, why would you assume that?" Kyle asked.

"Well, you two seemed to be getting close. I thought you knew something." Max answered, angrily.

"Look-" Kyle started, but remembered his promised to shut up.

Max seeing Kyle abrupt silence asked, "Did you do something to her?"

"No, why would you even think that?" Kyle asked, not liking Max's tone or the look he had on his face at all.

"You didn't force her to sleep with you or did you?"

"No! She was the one that came to me, not the other way around." Kyle was about to leave, but was stopped by Max's grip.

Max was going to punch Kyle, but was detained by Michael. "Max, what the hell are you doing? Let Kyle loose, and let's go!" Michael seeing Max reluctance added, "Now!"

Max let Kyle go and followed Michael.

"Maxwell, what the hell is up with you?!"

"Nothing! I'm going home." Max left leaving Michael behind.

Michael knew something was definitely wrong. Max left, and school wasn't even over for the day. Michael had a vague suspicion it had to do with Liz, since Max had spend the day looking for her.
* * * * *
Mr. and Mrs. Parker were worried. Liz still was in the same spot as she had been in the morning, she hadn't eaten, or talked, she had done nothing the entire day. They were glad when Maria stopped by, they thought maybe Liz would speak to her, but nothing. When Mrs. Parker had gone into Liz's room, and asked her if she wanted to see, or talk with Maria, she answered no, and went back into her own little world.
* * * * *
Maria wondered what was wrong with Liz, usually Liz would talk to her, but now Liz didn't even want to see her. Maria was worried. The Parkers had looked at Maria with such hope, that she instantly wished she could help them, but the hope left their eyes when Liz told them she didn't want to see her. Maria couldn't even begin to imagine how Liz looked, she didn't even thought it was possible, it wasn't that she doubted the Parker's word it was just unbelievable. Liz was the liveliest person she knew and they were describing someone that was the exact opposite.

Maria stayed a while to see if Liz changed her mind, but there was no success. Maria wondered if Max knew something, and if that was why he was so desperate to find her.
* * * * *
Liz just wanted to be left to her misery. 'Can't they get that? I don't want to talk with anyone!’ Liz knew that if she talked with someone she would tell him or her everything. 'I did the deed, now all I have to do is keep quiet. If I don't speak, I won't tell them. I hope Kyle doesn't tell them.’ Panic suddenly attacked Liz. She had forgotten about Kyle. 'What if he tells them?!’ Was the question that repeated over and over in her mind. Liz's breathing became ragged, and her lungs seemed to be on fire, she couldn't catch her breath. It was like the walls were closing in, and there was no escape.

Mr. Parker, who passed Liz's room heard her gasps, he immediately went to see what was happening. When he saw Liz shaking he was besides her in an instant. "Liz, breath." Mr. Parker didn't know what to do, so he started to rub her back. "Come on, Liz. Breathe, that's it, just breath." Mr. Parker said, once Liz was calming down. "Are you okay now?"

Liz nodded. Liz didn't know what she would do without her parents, she loved them dearly, but she felt that without Max she couldn't go on. Max had spoiled her, Liz knew she would never love anyone like she did Max.

"Liz, I'm going to get you some water." Liz again wordlessly nodded.

When Mr. Parker opened the door he saw his wife there with tears streaming down her face. Mr. Parker sensing her pain hugged her.

Mrs. Parker couldn't hold it any longer, and began to sob uncontrollably. "What is wrong with our daughter? She was okay the other day, and now this." Mrs. Parker hopelessly asked.

"I don't know, but she will be okay."

After a while Mr. Parker was able to get the water for Liz.
* * * * *
Maria instead of heading to her house, she went to the Evans'. Maria was relieved when Max was the one that answered the door.

"What the hell is wrong with Liz?" Maria asked, as she stabbed her finger on Max's chest.

Max grabbed Maria's finger and asked, "What?" Max was totally clueless by what Maria meant.

"You were looking for her, why?" Maria enlightened him.

Knowledge dawned into Max. "Oh, I wanted-want to ask her something."

"What?" Maria asked, suspiciously.

"It's none of your business." Max answered, defensively.

"Okay, well I have to go. Bye!"

"Wait! You came all the way here to ask me that?"

"Well, yeah."

"Have you seen Liz?"

Maria's smile dropped, "No, I haven't."

Max heard his mother, and Isabel calling him. He turned his attention back to Maria. "Come in."

"Nah, I have to go home, but--yikes! I was supposed to be home an hour ago! Mom is going to kill me. I'll talk to you tomorrow!" Maria left Max standing there. 'Damn! I didn't tell him about Liz. Hopefully, Liz will be better tomorrow, and she can be the one to tell us what was wrong.’

Max chuckled at Maria's actions. 'I'll never understand that girl. She is just what Michael needs.'

Max was filled with disappointment, when he remembered Maria hadn't seen Liz either.
* * * * *
The next day was the same, Liz didn't go to school, and the others were starting to think something was wrong, but they didn't know what.
* * * * *
Liz went out of her room and ate a little, but was silent the entire time. Liz was like a zombie.

The Parkers were relieved, but they were still worried. Liz answers were short, and direct, sometimes she wouldn't talk, she would just nod yes or no. Her movements were mechanical, and she looked like a dead person, a dead corpse would have more color than her.
* * * * *
On the third day they wouldn't let Liz stay in the house, they sent her to school, hoping that would make her interact with others.

When Liz got near the school, Maria tackled her. "Where have you been? Are you okay? Don't ever do this to us again! We were worried sick!"

Liz smiled, but it was a dull, dead smile that didn't reached her eyes.

Maria immediately became concerned, when she got a really good look at her, and especially when she saw her eyes. Liz's eyes were missing the spark that would let them see inside her soul, the spark that showed warmth, and let everyone know how much life she had inside her, but that spark was gone, leaving only empty, dull eyes.

Maria seeing Liz was becoming uncomfortable under her staring said, "Come on, Liz. Let's go." Maria put her arm around Liz, and directed her toward the entrance of the school.
* * * * *
Isabel and Tess had seen Maria near someone. They got curious, because from the place they stood, they couldn't recognize the person, so they got closer. They instantly recognized the girl, even though they had doubts, because the girl standing with Maria looked like she was dead. When they heard Maria bombard the person with question, and shout her name, their thoughts were confirm. They couldn't believe that was Liz, she looked like she hadn't gotten any sleep, or eaten enough, she was pale, all in all Liz looked dead. They saw Maria heading towards the entrance, and that Maria had spotted them, they couldn't help to ask with their eyes if Liz was okay.
* * * * *
Maria a little ahead saw Isabel and Tess; they were both looking at them, with their eyes asking what was wrong. Maria was surprised to see the concern in Tess’ eyes, but she wasn't going to dwell on it, she had Liz to worry about. Maria shook her head no in answer to their question, and continued her way.
* * * * *
Isabel knew Max needed to know this, so she voiced her thoughts. "We have to tell Max about this."

Tess couldn't help it, but she was also worried, in the short time she had known Liz, she had never seen Liz look like that. "If I see him, I'll tell him."
* * * * *
They all went to their respective classes. Liz’s attitude didn't changed.

Liz was glad lunch was near, and the hour before lunch Maria had finally left her alone. Liz was walking down the hall, when she saw Max, and Tess. The sight made her stop dead on her tracks. Only three days had gone by, and all ready Max was looking for Tess' comfort. 'I guess Max never really did cared about me, much less love me. Maybe all I was some kind of test called: "Let's see how human girls are. We can start with her."

Liz turned around and without another thought she was heading towards the exit. Tears clouded her vision making it hard for her to find her way, but she willed herself not to cry. Turning around the corner she bumped into someone. “Excuse me,” Liz said, not even lifting her gaze to see who it was.

Michael instantly recognized Liz’s voice. Michael grabbed her by the shoulders, preventing her to leave. “Liz, what’s going on?”

Liz lifted her gaze and surprisingly all traces that indicated she was going to cry were gone, and her eyes were back to being hollow. ‘Just great! This is exactly what I need to find an alien in the way when I’m trying to escape them.’ “Nothing.” Liz answered in a voice that made Michael flinch. Liz untangled herself from Michael’s hold, and continued with her destination.

After getting over his shock Michael went after her. “Where do you think you are going?”

Liz shrugged as an answer, and hoped he would leave her alone.

Michael was about to grab her and drag her back to school but restrained himself thinking of the scene they would make. ‘I just better stay with her and see that she doesn’t get in trouble. Max would kill me if she got in trouble.’ Michael gave up trying to talk to her, when he asked something her only answer was a shrug, she wouldn’t even look at him. He was getting tired, he could tell she didn’t even had a place in mind but she just kept walking, and the silence was getting to him. “Can we take a break?”

For the first time in an hour Liz looked at him. “I didn’t tell you to come and I’m not tired,” Liz coldly replied.

Michael groaned and kept walking, he knew that if he took a break she wouldn’t, she would keep going, and then he may not be able to find her. “Jeez! What’s wrong with you?!”

Liz came to an instant halt and glared at him in a way that made the hair in the back of his neck stand up. She opened her mouth to say something, but immediately closed it. Flipping her hair she continued to walk.

Michael looked at his watch and saw that everyone was out of school by now, he feet were killing him and he was about to drop on the ground and use his arms to drag himself instead of his feet. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw the Crashdown up ahead.

When they entered the Crashdown everyone was already there. Michael to reach the booth were they were sitting had to think, ‘A few more paces and I get to sit.’ “Water, please!” Michael demanded, but no one was paying attention to him, all eyes were focused on Liz, she didn’t even looked at them she just walked right passed them.

Seeing Liz wasn’t going to answer their question, they all turned to Michael. If it weren’t because his feet were swelling he would have made a run for it, but he could barely keep up with his breathing. “Water—I’ll—tell—everything, but water—first. Long walk.”

Once Michael had his third glass of water, he told them what they did, and when he said they had only walk, they look at him in disbelief. Everyone stayed in silence not knowing what to say.

“Michael, you stink, go take a bath.” Alex said, breaking the silence.

“If you carry me to the bathroom I’ll gladly do it,” Michael muttered. Michael wasn’t out of shape but he had to walk for four hours, and that was enough to make anyone drop. He wondered how Liz looked so fresh and acted as if the were just taking a stroll in the park, and for a small person she walked pretty fast.

Maria touched Michael’s shoulder but immediately took her hand away. “Yup, a bath is certainly needed. I’m not touching you until you take a bath.”

Michael got up on his feet and mumbled, “Who says I want you touching me?” More clearly he said, “Bye.”

“We better leave too,” Isabel told the others. “Mr. and Mrs. Parker will you tell us if something changes on Liz’s state? She clearly isn’t up to talking to anybody but just in case.”

The Parkers nodded, and watched them leave, but their minds were on Liz, thinking what would they do with her.
* * * * *

For more than three weeks Liz would take strolls during lunch, and it was always Michael that accompanied her. They always changed their path, he hadn’t know they could get to the same place taking so many different routes, the only thing different now was that Liz had a destination in mind and like their routes it wasn’t always the same place. Michael didn’t forced her to talk instead he would do the talking, and soon he found himself telling her things no one knew, things Maria didn’t know not even Max and Isabel. He was opening up to Liz and he hadn’t even noticed, he found her easy to talk to. Michael had studied her during the time they were together and he found out that she was hurt, deeply hurt. But when he talked it was like she put her hurt behind her and listened intently to him, she would nod, sigh, hug him, but she would never speak, she would just act. Somehow he could understand her and her actions touched him more that her words could. When she talk it was in a cold chilling voice, but her actions held a warmth that her eyes and voice did not, and he was sure she didn’t know that, but he sometimes doubt it, she didn’t act like that with the others, it was only him. That thought made his heart swell with pride. Max was getting impatient, everyone was, and they were slowly giving up.

Maria and Max were turning into a problem, always questioning him. ‘Where were you? What did she say? What’s going on between the two of you?’ That last question always made him uneasy because he knew there was something going on between them, something was growing between them, but he had no idea what.

Those thoughts made Michael furious and he directed his anger at Liz. She was the reason he was changing, and he didn’t like it. He grabbed her by the shoulders like the day they had collide in the school and shouted, “What the hell are you doing to me? What’s wrong with you? You have to come out of that shell you have built around you! You have to grow up, you can’t keep running away! Because that is what you try to do with this useless strolls!”

Michael didn’t know if what he said made sense, he just knew that it had made sense to her and when she just blink at him, he lost it, he wanted to unnerve her. He yanked her towards him and kissed her, when she gasped in surprise, he used it to his advantage and inserted his tongue, and he almost dropped to his knees when she responded. He put one hand around her waist, holding her up to him, and his other hand on her face. He was lost in her like he had never been before, and was brought to reality when he felt a salty tear reach lips. Breathing heavily they parted and Michael saw that Liz was crying, and her face was giving away the sadness she had held up for a month now.

Michael knew that now wasn’t the time to think about the consequences of their actions, he just knew that now was his opportunity to have Liz open up to him. He crushed her to his body, and into her hair he whispered, “Please, baby, just tell me what’s wrong. Let it all out.”

Liz sniffled and continued to tell him all about Future Max, and she was shocked when she felt it didn’t hurt as much as it had at first. She felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted of her shoulders, and she didn’t feel the need to run back to Max, she didn’t want to run anywhere, she already was where she wanted to be. In Michael’s arm.

Michael was speechless, she had given up her happiness for them. His admiration for her grew even more. His hold on her tightened, and he suddenly realized what had been happening to him. He had been falling in love with Liz. ‘She belongs to Max.’ Michael put Liz at arm’s length. “Liz, you can go back to Max. Tess isn’t going anywhere, she was worried about you.”

Liz got closer to Michael again, and said, “Guess what, Michael. I don’t want to go back to Max. I want to be with you.” Liz put her hand on his lips to silence any more protest and she snuggled up against him. Liz could feel herself coming back to life. Max hadn’t spoiled her for anybody, she just needed to learn to love again, she loved him nothing could change that, but it was time for them to take a break. She just knew one thing. She didn’t belong with him anymore. Whether Tess was with him or not she didn’t care. She had made her own destiny. She couldn’t believe that she had only been apart from Max a month, and she was already willing to say good bye. No, she hadn’t forgotten what they had or what she gave up because of him, she had just fallen in love again, a different kind of love, that made her think that maybe she had been blind all along. Liz hugged Michael tighter, glad that she finally was able to tell what had been going on with her and the emotions Michael had stirred inside of her. Liz giggled when she thought what it had taken for her to realize it. A kiss and a confession of all her burdens.

Liz looked up at Michael and without a doubt that he felt the same way as her said, “We have to tell the others. Because you know, I found out that talking always help to clear things up.”

Michael groaned, but quickly kissed her, ending what else she had to say. They could deal with the others…later, much later.

The End!

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Title: You were there
Author: Gaudicia
E-mail: secrets_of_the_sky⊕
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Roswell characters, the poem is mine.
Rating: PG-13
Category: UC
Summary: Read and find out, it involves character’s death, but have faith in me, please!
Distribution: Just ask.
Author’s note: I want to thank, Rainydayinapril(April) again and Julie for just being there and encouraging me!!!
Author’s note 1: Any tips, suggestions are welcomed! Sorry, for the grammar mistakes!
Feedback: It’s always welcomed! Please tell me what you think!

You were there

Liz sat in the balcony, she was dressed in black, she has her journal in her hand, and she couldn’t bring herself to open it. It held too many memories; the balcony itself held memories, memories that haunted her.

“Liz, are you okay? You know you don’t have to go to the funeral, right?” Her worried father’s voice came through.

Liz looked at her father sadness and regret shinning in her eyes. “I know, daddy, I know. But I have to.” Liz turned her attention back to her journal effectively dismissing her father.

Her journal fell off her hands, landing opened on the floor. Liz picked up the journal, and she couldn’t hold her tears, they slowly began to slide down her cheek, she couldn’t help but read the poem out loud.

Every time I cried,
You were there.
Every time I need you,
You were there.
You were there,
In my toughest times.
You were there,
When I was alone.
You were there;
To wrap yours arms around me,
As I cried.
You were there,
To offer comfort,
When I need it the most.
You were there,
When I just needed someone to listen.
You were there,
When I needed a shoulder to lean on.
When I went to you,
You were always there,
Never pushing me away.
You just wrap your arms around me
And it's like the world doesn't exist.
It just slips away.
You are there,
To show me I'm never alone.
You were there,
Even in my happiest days.
You were the reason for it,
Yet I didn't see it.
You were there,
When I needed someone to love me.
The day you told me you loved me was
The most happiest day of my life.
It gave me my biggest joy,
Yet I didn't know it.
I just laughed when you told me.
I told you I loved you,
But like the good friend you were.
I never knew how wrong I was.
Now I know what I've lost.
Now I know what I was to blind to see.
Now I cry for the lost of a love so pure and gentle,
And now there are no pair of arms to be wrap around me.
Yet I have joy,
Because I have been loved and I have love.
And even though you are now gone,
I know you are there.
Because you are there were it counts the most,
In my heart.
Now I know you'll always be there,
Because you left me the sweet memory of who
You are and that one you were mine.
And even now,
You are there.

Sobs left her throat once she finished reading, she hadn’t read that poem in years, she had stopped writing in her journal a long time ago. The poem was meant for the love of her life, it was meant for that impossible love that never had a chance. After a few minutes she was able to calm down. Her memories taking her at the one time she was truly happy. Liz looked through her journal, finding what she was looking for; she smiled a sad smile. There he was the love of her life, the only man she ever loved the only man that made her happy, and couldn’t be there with her. He had left some years ago, no one knew why, but she knew, and it was her fault, and now she was paying for it. She had many regrets, but not going with him when he asked her to was the thing she regretted the most, he had offered her a chance at happiness, at truly being loved, and she left it all go to waist…because of duty. No one knew of her secret love, and it had stayed that way not even Max, even though they had connected many times, there still was a part of her that he wasn’t able to touch, and that part held all her deepest secrets.

Liz looked at the date of her last entry; it was the day before her wedding. When she wrote in it that day, she had known it would be the last day she would ever write again for she had a feeling that her soul would die, and it would be as if she were living in hell. She had been right, the first few months of their marriage had been easy to live with, she didn’t know when it started, but it came to the point where she couldn’t pretended to be the happy wife, where just his mere touch repulsed her. Max began to notice and their sweet, innocent relationship, turned into a sad, bitter, hateful one, even their friendship vanished, and then hell began. The only thing we had in common was that when people was around they chose to pretend they were still the happy and completely in love couple, to everyone we were still in the bliss that a newly wed would be. We ended up sleeping in different rooms; I even began to visit my parents more frequently. Even through all the hard times we were going through, even though it was so obvious that there wasn’t any love between us, that even our friendship had lost it’s spark, Max still continued to pretend, he wanted to believe everything was okay between us. Now she was out of that hell, but now will another one begin?

Liz closed her journal as in that moment her mother came in. “Liz, sweetie, its time to go.”

Liz looked at her mother and said, “I’ll be down in a second.”

Mrs. Parker stood observing her daughter after a few seconds she nodded and left.

Once her mother was gone Liz took the picture and put it inside the journal again. Liz sighed and put the journal on the desk and with one last look at her room she left.

When Liz got downstairs everyone was there as soon as they saw her; they were immediately hugging her and offering her their condolences.

Liz knew they were waiting for her to say that they should get going so she did, and they were on their way to the cemetery.

Once they got there the services immediately began, Liz looked around, and noticed there weren’t many people, and most of them were immediately family, but she knew that’s what he would have wanted. Everyone was looking at her with pity in their eyes. She wanted to run and scream that they shouldn’t pity her, than even though she was left all alone, she would be happy, that she would finally be at peace, that her hell had ended. She was sad that he had died, but maybe finally she would be able to move on. She felt dirty for thinking that, but some place in her heart she finally felt at peace.

The wind suddenly blew making her shiver with cold and the hairs stood up, and when she looked behind there he was, in all his glory. The only thing she could do was stare and like a ghost, he disappeared.

She felt someone tugging her shoulder and when she looked to see who it was she saw Maria.

“Come on, chica, it’s over,” Maria said, quietly.

Liz nodded and silently followed, when she was getting inside the car she looked back hoping to see him again, but he wasn’t there.

They returned to the Crashdown and stayed a while, offering Liz support. Around 9:00 p.m. they started to leave. Liz told her parents that they should go to sleep, when they insisted on helping, she told them she could handle it that she needed something to help her take her mind off things.

Liz was making sure the door was closed, a habit she couldn’t break. She almost fainted when she saw him again; slowly she began to walk towards the door, she silently opened the door letting him in.

He entered just as quietly as Liz had opened the door, they couldn’t only stare at each other not daring to speak fearing that if they did one of them would disappear, not being able to stay in silence any longer he asked, “How are you, Liz?”

Liz looked at him not knowing how to answer; she said the first thing that came to mind. “He’s dead, Michael, he’s dead.”

Michael seeing she was about to lose control immediately rushed to her side, bringing her into his arms. “I know, Liz, I’m sorry.” Michael kept whispering those words until she calmed down. Even after she was already calmed, he still kept holding her.

Liz breathed in his familiar scent, she felt at peace in his arm and she could hear her soul singing. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too. I’m sorry I wasn’t here sooner..” Michael said, as her rocked her back and forth.

“You have nothing to be sorry about, you have always been there with me when it counted and you are here now. I’m the one that should me sorry, and I am so sorry, Michael, so sorry. It’s my fault, if I had just listened to you. If I hadn’t been so stubborn, if I hadn’t been so unselfish, if I hadn’t had a sense of duty this wouldn’t have happened. If I had just—“

Michael cut her off by putting his index finger on her lips. “Shhh. Liz, stop with the ifs. What’s done is done, and we can’t change anything about it. We have to learn to live with our mistakes, and it’s not your fault Max died.”

Liz stared into Michael’s eyes, letting his words sink in, and she saw the change in him. Liz removed herself from Michael’s embrace, and asked, “Do you want some coffee?”

“Yes, with milk, please,” Michael answered as he followed her. He noticed the tension that seemed to have taken place, but he didn’t mention it.

“I thought you liked black coffee,” Liz mindlessly said.

“I’ve change, so has my taste in coffee.”

Suddenly an uncomfortable silence took over, and neither of them did anything to break it. Only did the whistle announcing the coffee relieved it for a moment, but they still stayed silent.

Liz served him his coffee, and then began to stare at hers. ‘Is there a chance for us? He has change so much. I saw it when I looked into his eyes. His soul is alive and warm, and mine is dead and cold.’

“Since when do you like black coffee?” Michael asked the same question she moments ago asked him.

Without lifting her gaze from her cup, she answered, “Since you left. You aren’t the only that’s change.”

“We won’t be able to pick up where we left of, will we?” Liz asked out of the blue.

“We’re too different now for that to happen…we have to take things slow, get to know each other again.”

“Since when are you so wise, and level headed?” Liz joked trying to brake the tension.

“It took a while…after I got over my anger when you told me you wouldn’t come with me, I started to see things differently.”

“Oh. You know? I regret not going with you. But I was and still am a coward. My telling you I had to stay, because I owe it to Max was an excuse. I was scared, I couldn’t keep lying, I couldn’t tell the truth, and I couldn’t run away, I was trapped. I created my own little hell, and I took Max with me. If I hadn’t been so scare Max would still be alive…you know I’m still scared, I’m more scared than ever now. I’m all alone,” Liz confessed.

Michael put his coffee on the counter, and drew her towards him in a tight embrace. “Liz, you are not alone, I’m here with you.”

“But for how long will that be?” Liz asked in a small voice full of wonder.

“As long as you want me too.” Seeing Liz was falling asleep, he asked, “Where are you staying?”

“In my old room, Mom and Dad didn’t want me to stay by myself, and frankly I didn’t want to stay at my house either.”

Michael picked Liz up, and took her to her room. When he had her tucked in he got up from the bed, but was stopped by Liz’s hands.

“Please, don’t go. Stay.” Seeing he was about to protest, she added, “I just want you to hold me.” Liz scudded over, and made room for Michael.

Once Michael got comfortable, Liz dropped her head to his chest, and wrapped her arm around his waist, and whispered, “No matter, how much you and I have change I know something that hasn’t.” At Michael’s questioning look she said, “My love for you, Michael, my love for you.”

“I love you too, Liz. Now you better go to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.”

Liz snuggled closer to Michael, and fell asleep with one thought in mind. ‘My hell is over and my heaven is just beginning.’

Tomorrow will be another day, but she knows she can handle it, she has her love besides her.

The end!!!

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Title: Commitment
Author: Gaudicia
E-mail: secrets_of_the_sky⊕
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Roswell characters.
Rating: PG-15
Category: UC
Summary: Read and find out. If you already read my other UC fics…you have to know who this fic is about…
Distribution: Just ask.
Author’s note: I want to thank Rainydayinapril(April) for correcting my fic and nagging me about writing! Julie for reading my UC fics even though she doesn’t like the coupling.
Author’s note 1: My first UC, so any tips, suggestions are welcomed! Sorry, for the grammar mistakes!
Feedback: It’s always welcomed! Please tell me what you think!


There she is walking down the aisle, dressed all in white, her veil covering her face. With every step she takes she is a step closer to becoming my wife.

I am surprise, she isn’t crying, or going into her trademark hysterics. Everything seems to be going in slow motion, and all I can do is hold my breath, and count the seconds until she finally reaches the altar, and I have to commit the rest of my life to her.

I look at her, and I know that’s she is everything I have ever wanted. She has stayed with me through out the good and the bad times. She puts up with my mood swings, she knows who I really am, and what I am, and she’s still willing to marry me.

I can’t believe that I’ve lasted this long with her, and I’m finally going to marry her. I know I’ve changed, she is the one thats changed me, and it’s all for the better.

She finally reaches the altar, and I’m terrified. ‘Can I love her like she deserves? Can I make her happy? Do I even disserve her? Am I ready to make this kind of commitment?’ I hear the Priest asking me if I accept her as my wife, and I’m suddenly paralyzed for I know that I have to make a choice, answering all my questions.

I can only stare at her, I knew I hesitated longer than I should have, because I hear as the guests one by one suck in their breath, and my future bride is looking at me with questioning eyes. I look at her for another second, I look at the Priest again, and I make my decision. I take her hands, and bring them to my lips, and I give them a brief kiss, then slowly I let her hands slip out of mine, and I walk away.

I hear everyone gasp, and I feel their stares glaring holes in the back of my head, but I keep on going, not caring about them, or about the person I left behind in the altar.

I don’t know where I am headed to, but I keep walking. I know she must be devastated, but I did what my heart told me to do, and in the long run I know it will be for the best. I finally realized I didn’t love her, I never did. I’m glad I discovered that now, before it was too late, and there was no escape. I wasn’t fair to her, she gave herself to me, and now I realize I gave nothing in return.

I look behind me, and I can still see the church. I know I can’t stay here, so once I see a taxi, I ask to be taken to the airport knowing where I needed to go. As soon as I get there I ask for a one way ticked to San Francisco, I didn’t even bother to change, or pack any clothes. I still have my tuxedo on, and I didn’t care. All I really need is my wallet.

As I get aboard the airplane anxiety attacks me; I can’t wait to reach my destination, yet my stomach ties up in knots as I think of what the out come could be. I’m surprise I’m even thinking about the consequences, I never do.

When I get to the airport I look for another taxi, and I give the driver the address I have memorize better than my own phone number.

I pay the driver, and then I walk towards the apartment. Once I reach the door, I hesitate a moment before knocking. It only takes a few seconds for someone to open the door. When I see who has opened the door my breath gets caught in my throat. There in front of me stood the reason why I walked away, and almost made a mistake in the first place.

She seems to be in shock, but she opens the door wider, and lets me in. She doesn’t ask me any questions, but I know she has them, that's the way she is. She guides me to the living room, and I can feel the tension rippling in the air. I know she is waiting for me to say something, and that’s when I realize I have no idea what to say, or what I’m doing here, and I suddenly have to ask myself what I had expected to happen once I got here.

I distract myself, letting my gaze go from one corner to another. I notice the apartment reflects her, everything is organized and clean, and it just screams that it’s her handy work. I can feel her curious gaze on me, but I can’t bring myself to meet her eyes.

She offers me some coffee, and I accept. I knew it was to break the tension, but her leaving the room would give me an opportunity to think. I remember when she had come to my apartment professing her love for me, and that I broke her heart when I told her I didn’t love her. After she had gotten over the shock of my words, she told me about her scholarship to study in San Francisco. She told me she didn’t know if she was going, she looked at me as if waiting for me to tell her not to go, but I just averted my eyes. I saw her nod, and without another word she left.

I remember being angry with her, because we had agreed that what happened between us had been a mistake, and then she told me her feelings towards me, turning my life upside down. I hadn’t known my feeling for her, they had never been clear to me, that is until I stood at the altar about to commit my life to someone I didn’t love.

I hear Liz coming in, and when I look at her she’s coming towards me. She hands me the cup of coffee, and she steps back—away from me. I put my coffee on a table I see near by as I do this I see an envelope, I immediately recognize it. It’s the invitation to my wedding, I pick it up and I can hear her sucking in her breath, but I keep my attention on the envelope. I see that it’s stained by tears and my heart goes out to her, not being able to take it anymore, I advance towards her. I take her by the waist, crushing her body towards me. I look at her faces, and a shocked expression is written all over her face. Before she can react I kiss her hard and with all the passion I had bottled up inside me, hoping she gets my message.

I hear her gasp, and I take the opportunity to insert my tongue into her mouth, where I continue to explore her mouth. At first she doesn’t respond, but then she is kissing with the same passion. As I let my tongue explore her mouth, I can’t prevent my hands from exploring her body the same way. I let my hands slide from her breast to her thighs, and waist, I repeat the same pattern until my lungs burn for the much-needed air. With one last brief kiss on her lips. I let my forehead rest on hers. I can see her eyes are clouded, her breathing is just as heavy as mine, and I can feel her pulse is going wild. I can’t help myself, so I lead my mouth to her neck, and I kiss her, just where I can feel her pulse beating.

I just stand there with my hands possessively around her waist, dropping kisses on her neck from time to time. Once I’m sure I’m under control again, I step back knowing if I stay at the same range I would lose control again, and I won’t be able to tell her what I need to say.

I see fear creep into her eyes, and I drop another brief kiss on her mouth, trying to ease her fears.


I put my finger over her mouth stopping her from speaking.

“I just need to tell you how I feel,” I say hoarsely. “Can you just hear me out?” When she nods, I continue, “I don’t know how I can say this so I’m sorry if I’m a little blunt. I love you, Liz, and I’m sorry for not realizing this sooner.”

Fear grows in my stomach when I see her just staring at me, her expression unreadable, but then I watch as the brightest smile spreads across her face. The next thing I know she’s throwing herself in my arms and the most joyful laugh rumbles from her.

After she calms downs she brings her lips to my ears, and whispers, “I love you too, Michael, I never stopped.”
I can’t believe six months has passed since I came to my senses. I thought Maria had changed me, but I was wrong.

I have my arms wrapped around Liz’s shoulders, and she has her arm around my waist, we are walking around the mall. She wants to get a few things for our apartment. Once we cleared a few things up, we decided to move in together, I was surprised by Liz’s willingness. I mentally shake my head, who would have thought that I, Michael Guerin, would be at the mall shopping, and willingly.

I look at Liz, and she has a happy smile on her face, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I stop walking, and I turn to Liz, when I see her questioning look I drop to one knee. I smile at the surprise look that crosses Liz’s face. I must admit I’m surprising myself.

I notice people are looking at us by now, but I tune them out. I clear my throat, and I take Liz’s hands in my own. “Liz Parker, would you marry this poor man that’s nothing without you?” I ask as I show her the ring. I, Michael Guerin, am ready for commitment.

The end!

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Title: I Could Care Less
Author: Gaudicia
E-mail: secrets_of_the_sky⊕
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Roswell characters, nor the song. The song belongs to Victor Manuelle and for those of you interested in the title it’s called, Me da lo mismo.
Rating: PG-13
Category: UC
Summary: Read and find out.
Distribution: Just ask.
Author’s note: I want to thank Kati(Katalina), Rainydayinapril(April) and CleopatraRoswellEmperass(Erin) for their help and encouragement!
Author’s note 1: My first UC, so any tips, suggestions are welcomed! Sorry, for the grammar mistakes!
Feedback: It’s always welcomed! Please tell me what you think!

I Could Care Less

Every time I go near her she evades me; she acts as if she doesn’t know me. We have barley exchanged two words, since she left me without giving me a reason. I wonder if she has forgotten, but there are little things that tells me she hasn’t, that her heart still recognizes me. But why do I care? What we had was just a fling, a one-time thing only, right? What we really enjoyed was the excitement of all the hiding, going around everyone’s back; we didn’t love each other, right? We agreed we wouldn’t have any commitments, we both already had someone… So I could care less if she loves me, or if she hates me…
Me da lo mismo si me amas o me odias.
Si al encontrarnos no recuerdas ni quien soy.
Si al fin y al cabo más alla de la memoria nos queda algo que se llama corazón.
I know I did the right thing…I left him. Things were starting to get serious, what we had was just a game…at least for him. I was reckless--I fell in love. I never thought our little game would have such a high price. I guess I got consumed by him…I wondered when this stopped being a game, and I began to live for those nights where only the two of us existed. I was careless, I thought this wouldn’t hurt me, I forgot we weren’t only playing with our lives, I betrayed my friends… I’ve tried to stay away from him, I even try to not talk to him, but those few words we exchange I carve them in my memory for I know we’ll never be together again…
I was walking down the street, and there she was kissing him, holding him like she was never going to let go. I stood paralyzed; I couldn’t get myself to move or even walk away. I shouldn’t have been surprise I knew she was his, I had known it before we had ever begun our little game, and I know it now. I remembered that in those nights we had spent together it was me she was kissing so passionately and holding so possessively, but that’s over now…she ended it. Our eyes locked, but I just shrugged my shoulders. I finally get my feet’s to work again and I walk away from them. I have someone, who loves me, so I could care less if she’s with someone else or if someone else is kissing her.
Me da lo mismo si te besan en la boca.
I just got home from my date, we were saying good bye, we were kissing. I don’t know when it started, but when he kisses me I have to imagine that it’s ‘him’ kissing me, that it was ‘him’ that’s touching me. While we were kissing I felt his presence, I opened my eyes and there he was just standing across the street…looking at us. Our eyes locked for a few seconds, he just shrugged his shoulders, and walked away. Doesn’t he care? Did what we had meant nothing to him? I noticed that my date was looking questionably at me, it was my turn to shrug my shoulders and as I continued to kiss him, I continued to pretend.
We were at the Crashdown, all of us. It had become a habit for us to reunite, and talk about the things that were going on in our lives. I see her in his arms, and I wish she were in mine. I looked at my arms expecting to see them empty, but there’s a girl in them, a girl who loves me, a girl who doesn’t know the rat that I am, that doesn’t know about my betrayal. I heard him, the one that has taken her away from me, asking her on a date, and I listened as she accepts. I see that when she answers she glances in my direction and I immediately mask my feelings, which wasn’t so hard, that’s what my life has been based on…hiding my feelings. I know that I gave the impression I didn’t care, like I could care less if she went out with him, but that’s what I wanted. I want her to think that, I don’t know why, so I turn my attention back to the girls that’s in my arms, and I pretend she’s my dark haired goddess. I know my actions shouts that and I know she has received my message.
O si alguien más te invita un sábado a cenar.
He’s there with her in his arms, what wouldn’t I give to be there instead of her, but like a good girl I stay in my place, pretending…always pretending. The only time I didn’t pretend was when I was with him. I couldn’t help but steal glances at him when someone wasn’t looking. I was the one that had put an end to it. I still question myself, if it would have been better to keep on with the lie—with the façade. I hear someone asking someone on a date and I realize it’s me they are talking to, I register what he says to me, and I’m left with no option, but to accept. I can’t decline for I know I own him so much more…I have already betrayed him, and now I’m paying for it. I look over at the boy-man that has capture my heart without him even knowing it, I was expecting some kind of reaction for him to shout that he loves me, I was waiting for him to do something, but he didn’t. Doesn’t he care? I saw him turn his attention back to the girl that I envied so much, and I knew my answer…he didn’t. But I couldn’t help…but still wonder.
A week has passed by and we are still in the same game. Is that what we had? Is this what we’ll always have? Will our lives always be about playing a game? I’m getting used to it now, but it’s not any less painful.
Me da lo mismo, me da igual.
Ya no me importa porque you sé que siempre he sido tu verdad.
It’s ironic how every time I see her some thing is happening, he is showering her with roses this time, I never did that, now I can tell I should have. It’s too late now, she has made her decision and I have made mine. I found out that he made it his business to leave her roses every day at her door…something I would never do. Yet again our eyes lock, and again I act if I could care less.
Me da lo mismo me.
Si llegan rosas a tu puerta cada tarde.
Every time I hear someone knock on my door, I run to see who it is. When I get there roses immediately obstruct my view. I don’t need to see who it is anymore, I already know, it’s the man I own my life too, yet I can’t bring myself to love him. I must be blind here is a man who is the sweetest, always going out of his way to please me, yet I don’t want him. The man I love never brought me roses; he never showed me he loved; yet I love him. I see him again, our eyes locks, and again he acts as if he doesn’t care, and every time my heart is ripped a part. I know he loves me…I just want him to say it to me, at least just once.
I’m working today. I hear her talking, and I can’t help but to listen in on her conversation. I hear someone ask her how she is, why she’s so sad, she answers it’s nothing, that no one is responsible for how she is, I hear her give in and tell it was someone, but that now it doesn’t matter, that it’s over. She tells it in a way that doesn’t give anything away, but I know the meaning behind it, and it hurts me to hear that she has denied me…but I have gotten so good at it, that again I act as if I could care less.
Si a todos dices que en tu vida no fuid nadie.
Me da…me da lo mismo
I’m talking with her, pretending every thing is still okay. I listen to her complain about her boyfriend and all I want to do is scream. I want to tell her that she’s lucky to have him that I want him, yet the world brings us…my stubbornness apart…my stubbornness—bring us apart, my reluctance to be with a man, who can’t tell me he loves me. I hear her asking why I’m so sad, and I want to shout that I’m sad, because I’m not with the man I love. She thinks my boyfriend has done something to me and I tell her that it’s nothing, that it’s one of those days where nothing seems right. I tell her again that he doesn’t mean anything to me any more, she believes it’s my boyfriend I’m talking about, but I’m talking about the man I love, the man I wish to forget, for nothing but pain can be brought out of it.

I’m finally alone, and even if it’s for a few minutes, I can stop pretending. He consumes my thoughts. I remember every detail of the time we spent together, of those nights when we escaped together not caring what the consequences of our actions would be. I have memorized how his hands felt and how his kisses tasted, I guess that’s why I have been able to pretend so well, for all I have to do is think of those feelings I have carved deep within my soul. When our path cross I try to pretend I don’t care…that I could care less, but I do care and I know he knows, for I can never pretend with him. I’m finally able to fall into a deep slumber, and there he is with me.
Porqué yo sé que muy adentro en tu memoria cuando estés sola
y repases bien la historia a ti cariño de mi vida,
yo lo se,
no te da lo mismo.
I see her walking down the street her boyfriend besides her, displaying him, wanting people to know that she is not alone, that she is loved. She seems to be happy, but I know it’s all an act, her eyes tell me so much. He doesn’t know her like I do, he never will. He’ll never have her love, and even if she is with him, she’ll always be mine.
Me da lo mismo,
Si te veo acompañada haciendo alarde que tienes otro amor.
This is was my life has turn out to be a lie. When I was younger I used to pretend I was a princess waiting for my prince to come, now I want to stop pretending, but I can’t now I have to keep living like this. To everyone I’m the lucky, happiest girl there is, I have everyone fooled, I know he knows. He knows me better than anyone. I’m always displaying my boyfriend, I want to get a reaction out of him but I’m never successful. I guess I also want to believe what everyone believes, I want to believe I’m happy when I’m not. I look at the man besides me and I know I’ll never be able to love him like he disserves…my body may appear to be his, but my soul and heart will to another…
I’m outside her window, I don’t care that it’s raining, I have to see her if only from afar. She is soaking wet, she is looking at the stars a sad expression on her face, and I can’t help but wish I could comfort her…but what we had can never be again.
A míme basta con saber que siempre he sido dueño absoluto de su corazón.
It’s raining, I don’t care if I get wet…I’m thinking about him again, that’s nothing new. I’m looking at the stars…they have always remind me about him. They make me feel as if I’m closer to him. I know his there—watching me. I made my decision and let him know I knew he was there. We just stood watching each other for what seem like an eternity, I forgot about everyone and everything, only the two of us existed and I could help the whisper that escaped my lips. “I love you…Michael.” Like in a fairy tale I expected him to climb up the stairs and wrapped me in his arms but instead he walked away. I understood that this was how it was supposed to be, so I crumbled in the floor and wept.
I saw her, she was telling me she knew I was there, I couldn’t help but search for her eyes. When our eyes locked, I knew I was home. I didn’t need to hear her to know what she said, she said, she loved me, I couldn’t help but whisper back. “I love you too, Liz.” I knew she didn’t see me or even heard me for I already had my back and I was already walking away… This was our good bye…what we had can never be again, and I cried all the way to my apart me. I know this won’t be the last time I will cry, and I also know that we’ll never be the same again…

The end!

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Title: What we had can never be again
Author: Gaudicia
E-mail: secrets_of_the_sky⊕
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Roswell characters.
Rating: PG-13
Category: UC
Summary: Sequel to I could care less!
Distribution: Just ask.
Author’s note: I want to thank, Rainydayinapril(April) again and Julie for just being there and encouraging me!!!
Author’s note 1: This is dedicated to everyone that asked for a sequel! Any tips, suggestions are welcomed! Sorry, for the grammar mistakes!
Feedback: It’s always welcomed! Please tell me what you think!

What we had can never be again

A month has gone by since that scene on my balcony took place, and I still remember it as if were yesterday. It still feels as if my heart is breaking—slowly killing me. I’ve been avoiding him like a plague if he is there than I’m not; I even changed my shift. I still can’t believe he walked away, that he really doesn’t care. Max has noticed my mood change—that something is wrong. Every time he asks how I am, I answer fine. He doesn’t believe me, I can understand why… I look like I haven’t slept in days and it’s true. How can I sleep if every time I close my eyes I see him turning way, deaf to my words? Even when I’m awake that picture is imprinted in my memory. I can’t even pretend anymore—I’m broken, I just need to hear him say he loves me…even if it’s just once.

There isn’t a day that I don’t remember her standing on her balcony, hope shinning in her eyes… That was the first time I heard her say she loves me, and it was the first day I was able to realize that I loved her too, yet I can’t bring myself to say it out loud. I’ve already betrayed Maria and Max once, I can’t do it again…even if it is for my own happiness, so I have to keep being a jerk towards her.

I know he saw me today, all my efforts to hide from him were useless. I know he notices my loss of weight, and the dark circles around my eyes. Everyone has noticed by now the change in me…and I suddenly don’t care. I’m looking at the roses Max has sent me, they are not blooming like they used too, I guess they are dying—dying with me…or is it because fall has begun? I thought I knew what love was when I met Max, but now I’m certain I was wrong for I was never in such pain. I guess that with love there is always bound to come pain. The pain is in someway comforting it makes my love for him real. I turn my attention back to the roses and I feel as a tear falls down my cheek as a petal drops to the ground.

I saw her today…by mistake; I have a feeling that if it were up to her I wouldn’t see her at all. I was shocked when I saw her, she looks thin and lifeless, I never thought she was capable to look like that, yet she is still beautiful to me. I live for those brief glances; they make me feel alive—like I have something to live for. I see Mr. Parker looking at me with his worried eyes as if I could know what’s wrong with her, all I can do is shrug my shoulders as I answer. What can I tell him? That I had an affair with Liz behind Max and Maria’s back, and that we broke some of the rules we had set? That we fell in love and ended up hurt? I look back to the stairs where she went in an attempt to avoid me like she has been doing for the last month. I remember why we are apart…it came to me that rainy day. I never told her I loved her, that’s all she wants and I’m not able to say it. I’m a coward… I just have to remember that what we had can never be again…Max and Maria don’t disserve this. I’m suddenly disgusted with myself for I know I’m just hiding behind those words. I hear Max talking with Mr. Parker and the next thing I know he’s running upstairs.

I felt his eyes follow me until I reached the stairs, I couldn’t help it, excitement and hope rushed into me, but I know it can never be, the reason for that it’s sitting in front of me. Max is in my room, I have never seen someone so worried has he is at the moment, yet I don’t care about him. I hear him constantly asking me what’s wrong, but I tune him out. Am I ungrateful? Do I disserve to be alive? I owe my life to Max, and I can’t bring myself to repay him by loving him. I’m brought out of my thoughts by Max’ touch, and I flinch, it was like his touch burned, like it was unwelcome. I think he noticed, because suddenly he quiets down, and seems very hurt. He sits in front of me, just staring. I can only keep returning his stare for so long, because the next thing I know I’m in my own little world with just my thoughts. Max convinces me to go downstairs, he says it’s just to ease my parents, I reluctantly agree, I knew I would see him and I would have to pretend…again. When I reached downstairs he is passing by me and we briefly touch, and it was like a live wire, I could feel electricity every where, my body recognized him immediately. I couldn’t take the emotions, I miss him so much, that was my last thought and then darkness consumed me.

We briefly touch and I could have sworn I was in heaven. I never thought I would missed her touch so much, but my body reacted before my mind could, it was suddenly brought alive, telling me my soul wasn’t the only one that misses her. I look back and I noticed that she’s very pale, the next thing I know she’s falling. I’d never been so scared in my life, or fast; I even beat Max to it. I held her until Max muttered thanks, and ripped her out of my arms. I had never been so jealous in my life, I wanted to kill him for taking her out of my arms, but I just nod and walk away like a coward, and I leave the woman I love behind for the second time.

I open my eyes hoping to see him for I knew I’d felt him, but I’m disappointed to see Max. Through my disappointment I manage a small smile for Max’ benefit. I couldn’t wait a second longer and I begin to look around. I stop when I see him with Maria—kissing. I couldn’t watch anymore, so I got up and headed towards my room not even bothering to say good bye to Max. I won’t cry, I won’t cry, I keep telling myself. I find the same rose I was looking at earlier and I’m entrance by it. The rose looks paler… I felt him, I knew he held me in his arms…how could he after holding me go to her? Don’t I mean anything to him? Why do I keep getting my hopes up? Nothing can ever happen between us again…

I felt her looking at us, but I didn’t dare to lift my gaze to meet hers, I knew I would have given in. I was using Maria, I know it isn’t fair, but she has to see that what we had can never be again. Why couldn’t things be simpler? I have someone, who loves me, and nothing stands in our way yet I don’t want her, I want the forbidden fruit. I never imagined that we were so alike, yet at the same time we aren’t. After I know she is upstairs I leave Maria talking to herself, I know it was rude, but I’ve always been like that, my forbidden fruit is the only one that was able to bring out a different side of me. I pass Max on my way out, and I couldn’t help but want to laugh at the frustrated look he has on his face. He’ll never know her like I do and he never will, I feel satisfaction at knowing this. I should be ashamed, but I’m glad to know that even though she’s not besides me she is still mine.

Maria has dragged me to a shopping spree, she said she wanted to spend time with me, that we haven’t spent enough time together. I didn’t want to come, but I saw my mother looking worriedly at me so I accepted. Maria has been complaining about Michael. I’m her best friend, I’m supposed to offer her comfort, agree to what she says, but all I want to do is scream at her that she’s lucky to have him. I tune her out; I’ve been doing that a lot lately…I want to talk to someone. I would usually talk to Maria, but I don’t think that she would want to talk about it after she knows what happened between him and me. It’s weird that now when I think of my best friend a picture of him comes to mind. I’m not as surprised as I thought I would be, it makes sense, since first we were friends, and then we betrayed our friends together. I’ve changed, yet I wasn’t aware of it, not until now, I’ve notice I don’t enjoy the things I used to. I her Maria’s complains, tired of them, I tell her I want to leave, she is surprised at my interruption, but she nods and takes me home. I didn’t even invite her in, or waited for her to say good bye, I just got out of the car and run inside the Crashdown. As soon as I stepped inside our eyes locked, and I’m rooted to the spot I’m standing on. I hear the door open and the magic is lost, I race to my room, away from him, willing the pain to go away.

I hear the door open and I turn my attention to it, and I see her beautiful as ever. She seems angry, but that just makes her even more beautiful. Our eyes lock and all I can think about is ravishing her. The doors sounds again, and the magic is gone. She runs upstairs not even greeting her father who’s standing besides me. I turn my attention back to him, and I see the question in his eyes, he wants to know what’s going on between his daughter and me. I can’t believe how careless I was. I do my best to ignore his questioning looks, and try to concentrate on what he is telling me. Every one will be surprise when they hear Mr. Parker is training me to be the manager of the Crashdown. When he asked me if I wanted the responsibility I immediately accepted, honored by his trust, and I knew this would not add to her stress. I hear a crash coming from upstairs and Mr. Parker and I seem to be in a race to see who reaches her first. When I got there I see her on the floor crying, the sight breaks my heart I can’t bring myself to comfort her. I feel Mr. Parker pass me and he is immediately comforting her, feeling like an intruder I leave.

I wanted to take a closer look at the rose. I picked up the vase, and it slipped from my hands crashing into the floor, the rose smashed into the ground, and all it’s petals fall away. As soon as I saw this I crumbled onto the floor as though I was falling apart too, feeling like the last straw was drawn. I didn’t hear anyone come in, but I felt his presence, his stare. Suddenly I was wrapped in my father’s arms, and I hear him trying to comfort me. I felt him leave and I only cried harder, and swallowed the screams that bubbled up in my throat. After a while I began to calm down, but I didn’t pull away from my father’s embrace. How long has it been since I’ve been this close to Dad? When did I stop being his little girl?
On Maria’s insistence every one is reunited at the Evans’ house. Maria said we don’t spend enough time together like we used too. I didn’t want to be here, but it maybe it was for the best…I would be able to talk to Liz. I’ve been thinking about that a lot, we both have to understand that even though we want it, what we had can never be again. We can’t keep avoiding each other, we have to act normal or the others will notice… We should have thought about the consequences before but we were careless…we thought that if we didn’t get any feelings involved it would have been alright, but we were wrong, we couldn’t have been more wrong. I hear a knock on the door and I immediately know who it is. Max was up in a second, letting her in. When she sees me I see her hesitate for a second, but she continues.

As soon as I got into the house, I saw him. I felt the urge to run, but I kept going anyway. I didn’t want to be here, but it was time I moved on, I couldn’t keep doing this I’m worrying in my parents, if just for them I would move on. I wish I could have gone slower, but Maria was never slow, she has always been fast even without knowing it. I feel him staring at me and I can’t help but squirm. Hasn’t he hurt me enough? I feel Max get closer to me and I’m suddenly suffocating. I couldn’t take it anymore and stood up. Everyone looked at me, but I said I was fine that I remembered something and that I had to go. I tell Max not to bother, that I came in my Dad’s car. As I get out of the house I can’t help, but look back and again those words I come to hate so much ring in my ears…What we had can never be again.

I knew why she left, and I knew it was time we put an end to it, I wait half an hour before I go, and I don’t even bother to give an excuse. Like that day it was raining and she was standing on her balcony, and our eyes lock again. I slowly walk towards her balcony…I wasn’t going to walk away again. I climb up the ladder, once I reach the top we stay still only the sound of our breath can be heard. I feel the need to run, but I stood my ground. She slowly approaches me, and the next thing I know, she’s surrounding me. I wrap my arms around her and I crush her into my body. I never thought I missed her so much, I want her to penetrate my skin, and never let her go again. I’m finally am able to tell her the words she wants to hear. As soon as they are out of my mouth she begins to sob, and this time I comfort her, I rock her back and forward, dropping kissed on her head, whispering I love you over and over again. I didn’t care we were soaking wet, and that it still was raining, all I know is that I had her in my arms again. And those words I hate so much didn’t cross my mind, and with certainty I say, “I love you, Liz.”

As soon as our eyes lock I was even scare to blink, fearing he would disappear. I see him walking towards me and I couldn’t believe it, all I could do was stare. Once he reaches the top, we stand still. After a while I begin to make my way towards him, needing to touch him, and reassure myself he is real, and not a dream. I’m surprise when I feel his arms go around me. I feel him tighten his embrace, and I couldn’t have felt more at home, more happy. I hear him say he loves me and I knew I was wrong, those words made me want to burst with happiness. I can’t do anything, but sob at all the happiness I felt inside me. After I manage to control my sobs I’m able to say, “I love you too, Michael, I love you too.” I slowly tilt my head and our faces begin to get closer until our noses rub each other, we just keep looking into each other eyes and I can see he’s happy, and like magic we suddenly kiss. Maybe what we had can happen again…

If you peer inside her room, you can see her rose as bright as ever…like they have come to life.

The end!

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Title: Walls of the Mind
Author: Gaudicia
E-mail: life_mistery⊕
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Roswell characters.
Rating: Pg-13
Category: UC/Au
Summary: Just read it.
Author’s Note: I want to thank Polarist and Love Roswell for correcting the fic. Polarist also helped me with the title.
Feedback: Is always appreciated.

Walls of the Mind

The room was white, from the walls to the lights and a lonely figure sat in the middle of the room rocking herself on her rocking chair. She was staring at the wall in front of her, but in her mind she really wasn’t seeing it. The walls around her didn’t exist. The room wasn’t her imprisonment--it was her mind. She was forever trapped in her walls of her mind.

* * * *

She was under the stars, smelling the fresh air. A cozy warm blanket wrapped around her as she waited for her lover to come to her. She was distracted by the sounds of the crickets, the only thing that could be heard at such an hour of the night. They were the only ones that knew her secret of who nightly visited her. She wasn’t a naïve girl anymore she was a woman waiting for the love of her life to come to her and warm her in the night instead of a worn and used blanket.

///”Hey, how are you?”///

She could feel herself getting restless, she couldn’t wait anymore, an entire day of pretending, and of neglecting each other had her anxious and feeling like it was her first time for everything. She was getting tired, her eyelashes were closing, but she heard a sound and immediately became awake and all tiredness left her, and she was fully energized. She studied his form and her heart swelled. She opened her arms, urging him to come and reside in her embrace, and he willingly did. Soon she was on his lap, just resting her head on his shoulder.

///”We just want you to know that we are here for you.”///

They held a moment of silence so they could forever inscribed in their memory. After a while soothing words began to make their way out of their mouths, each knowing the other needed to hear it. They needed the reassurance that everything would be alright, the comfort of being in each other’s arms. Nothing but them existed, that was their moment, theirs to cherish and share.

///”We are moving out of Roswell.”///

He would run his hand up and down her back, dropping a few kisses on her forehead, while she traced his chest with her finger, once in a while letting out a sigh of content.

///”I just wanted to tell you.”///

She lifted her head so she could look into his eyes, and she simply said, “I love you.” She didn’t expect anything in return.

///”We’ll be coming to visit you in the weekends as often as we can.”///

He nodded and instead of answering he kissed her until she was breathless.

///”Michael and I are finally getting married.”///

Happy and delighted, she wrapped him in a hug, wishing they could merge and be a part of one another, in a way that no one could ever separate them.

///”I wish you would be here with me, so we could celebrate.”///

He returned her hug, and blew air into her ear, licking and kissing, occasionally, and as happy as she was the words he whispered made her think she would burst from happiness. “I love you too. I’m sorry I took so long to say it.”

///”Michael is here with me. So I can’t give you too many details.”///

This time she was the one that began to kiss him, first on his forehead, then on his cheeks, she continued to drop kisses on his face until she finally kissed his mouth. The blanket around them was forgotten as they discarded each other’s clothes.

///”Why can’t you turn back to your usual self?”///

She didn’t know when they reached the bed; all she knew was just how wonderful it had been. She loved the way he treated her. He treated her with a gentleness she didn’t know he had, but not like she was a fragile glass that would break at the tiniest pressure. He knew her limitations and he would bring out the best in her. He didn't hold back, he was simply himself, and that helped her be herself. There were no secrets between them. They knew each other’s weaknesses, and strengths.

///“We need to leave now, but I’ll be back soon.///

She laid beside him, side ways, sustaining herself with her arm, looking at his sleeping form; she would let her gaze go from his feet and upward until she reached his face. She stared at him until she knew every line in his body. She felt his breathing change and she looked at his face again, where she met his wide eyes. “I love you, she said again, knowing she would never be tired of saying it. He simply whispered back, “I love you too.”

///”You just concentrate on getting better.”///

She widely smiled and was about to answer, but she heard a voice.

///“We need to be going. I just hope Liz was able to know we were and will be here for her. If anything happens or changes will you please call me or Michael?”

“Yes, Miss DeLuca.”///

She shook her head and turned her attention back to the man beside her. He was still smiling at her. She approached him in an attempt to kiss him, but he disappeared along with the room and everything that was around her, and she was left staring at a white bright wall.

She saw a movement of a few people leaving the room, but she couldn’t react to it.

“Bye.” The same voice said, but like always it felt like it was coming from far away.

A woman in white clothes approached her. “They left already. Lets go to the window so you can say bye to them, and then its time for your medication.”

The nurse led her to the window, and she looked out, and that’s when she saw him. She wanted to scream his name out loud, but her anger against him wouldn’t let her. She put her hand on the glass window and like a mantra she repeated his name in her mind. ‘Michael. Michael. Michael.’

Michael opened the door of the car for Maria, but she didn’t get in, he looked at her, curious as to what she was staring at and he followed her gaze, and he couldn’t help but stare too at the figure behind the window. For a moment when their eyes met, he could have sworn he saw a trace of the person she used to be. When he looked back at her she had the same hateful look in her eyes, but this time her eyes where glaring at Maria, he rubbed his eyes to see if he was seeing correctly but when he looked up she was gone. “Let’s go already.”

Maria reluctantly got inside the car. “Why do you think she has so much hate in her eyes? What could have possible driven her to this, Michael?”

“I don’t know,” Michael answered as they passed the sign that said, “Welcome to Roswell Asylum”

He glared at the sign when he saw it in the rearview mirror. He thought about Maria’s question and a thought ran through his mind. ‘All I know is that it’s my fault—our fault.’

The nurse had taken her away from the window and gave her her medication.

“You know he is an alien, and I love him to the point where I hate him. He betrayed me,” she said it so softly the nurse thought she was imagining it.

The end!

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Sequel to Walls of the Mind

Title: Visiting for a Second Time this Week
Author: Gaudicia
E-mail: life_mistery⊕ Title: A Life Unknown
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Roswell characters.
Rating: Pg-13
Category: UC-Mi/L
Summary: Sequel to Walls of the Mind.
Distribution: Please, ask first.
Dedication: Thanks to Nikki (Polarist) for correcting my fic and Laura.
Author’s note: I’m still working on my other fics! I just have to figure how to open up my floopy disks.
Feedback = New chapter.

Visiting for a Second Time this Week

Michael got out of the car; he stood between the car’s opened door and stared at the window where he had last seen her face.

Michael didn’t know what he was doing there, he just knew he need to see her, to talk to her, he owed her that much. He seemed to owe a lot of people…

He sighed and entered the building. He hated it. Everything was so white and cold. It seemed that the only thing that lived there were ghosts. The halls were empty and it was quiet, but noisy at the same time. Murmurs could be heard everywhere, but they seemed to come from his mind instead of the building. It was like an annoying buzz in his ear with the purpose of driving him insane. Just when the murmurs seemed natural, but still agonizing, a terrifying scream would make it’s way to his ears, startling him, and making him rethink this decision.

The nurse in the reception desk smiled at him, handing him the clipboard for him to sign. “She is in the same room,” she said, not bothering to ask who he had come to see. Everyone there knew who he was by now, the only thing she found strange was that he was alone, he usually was with a blond girl. “Nurse Lydia said Liz talked, but I think she just imagined it. Liz is still in the same state, just as the day she was brought in. I mostly think it was her hope that Liz would talk. She is very attached to her, we all are. Liz seemed to be a girl full of life

“She was,” Michael muttered. “Thanks,” he said more clearly.

“Your welcome, dear. You know your way around, so go ahead.” The nurse gave him one last smile and returned to her work.

Michael stared at the nurse for a moment, but then continued to his destination. When he reached Liz’s rooms, the screams were louder, coming from everywhere except Liz’s room. In her room the only thing that existed was silence, making him wish it were just as loud as outside. Michael grabbed the door handle, but he couldn’t make himself open the door, he was about to flee, but the door opened, making him jump.

“Hello, Michael. You can come in. I think your visit will do her some good.”

Michael straightened up and swallowed. “Is it true that you heard her speak?”

Lydia nodded, “Yes, but it was so soft that it makes me think it was just the wind that made it’s way into these walls.” She saw Michael’s face fall. “You mustn’t give up hope. Now go before visiting hours are over.” Lydia patted Michael on the shoulder and left.

Knowing it was too late to turn back, Michael entered the room. Like in his last visit he saw Liz seated on the rocking chair. He stopped walking and just stood staring at her. “Hey, Liz, it’s me, Michael.” For a moment Liz’s eyes left the wall and turned to him. Michael had to blink to make sure he was seeing right. When he opened his eyes again he found his eyes staring back at hers. But just a s silently and unexpectedly she turned her attention back to the wall.

Michael shook his head, trying to clear it. He took a chair and settled it next to Liz. He rubbed his hands, not knowing how to begin. “Liz, I don’t know if you can see me or hear me, but I know I owe you this much—I need to be truthful.”

* * * *
Liz laid in bed next to Michael, half of her body on top of his. They were sharing one of those quiet moments where only their breathing was heard.

Michael ran his hands up and down her back, just feeling the texture of her skin.

Liz had her ear on top of his heart, hearing each of his heartbeats, her hand also trailing down his body. “You’ll never lie to me, right?”

Michael kissed the top of her head. “Never, I’ll always be truthful to you, Liz.”
* * * *

Michael momentarily closed his eyes at the memory. He sighed and continued, “You stood up for me when no one would.” Every word he uttered seemed to bring back memories of the time they were together.

* * * *
“Michael, your shift started three hours ago, this the fourth time you get here this late. You can’t even tell me a valuable excuse.” Mr. Parker lectured. “I need a cook I can depend on. I don’t have an option but to fire you.”

Liz bursted through the doors, and stood in front of Michael as if she were shielding him. “Dad, you can’t fire him. It’s not his fault he has been late.”

Michael grabbed Liz by the shoulder, silently telling her that it didn’t matter, that she shouldn’t get in the way, but she didn’t pay attention to him.

“Dad, he was late because of me, he was helping me with something, and I forgot to call you,” Liz somewhat lamely said.

“I’m sorry, Liz, but that’s not good enough,” Mr. Parker said, opening his desk drawer to take his blank checks out.

Liz was through being “peaceful”. “Fine, then you lose a waitress too!” Liz took of her apron and threw it on the floor. “Michael’s the best cook we had, and just because he was late a few times you’ll fire him?! I so don’t want to work for someone that doesn’t value his or her employees! Even if you are my father!”

Mr. Parker ripped the check in half. “Okay, Liz. Michael, just make sure that it doesn’t happen again or at least call.”

Liz squealed and hugged her father. “I knew you weren’t so bad.”

Mr. Parker kissed her cheek. “You had a good last argument,” he whispered in her ear and left.

Liz turned to Michael. “Save it. You need the job. Besides Dad wouldn’t have agreed to it if what I said weren’t true.” Liz saw Michael still looked unhappy. “Just because I helped you doesn’t mean you owe me anything. God! Sometimes you are too much of a thick head for your own good. You can never accept any help.” Liz threw her arms up in the air. “Oh, forget it! You are just stubborn and your pride is bigger than an elephant. I sometimes have no idea what’s worst your ego or your pride.”

Liz had been too busy ranting that she hadn’t noticed Michael closing the door and when she tried to open the door she couldn’t. “What the hell is wrong with the door!?”

Michael wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck, immediately calming her down. “Thank you.”
* * * *

Liz’s joyful laughter ran in his head as the memory faded away. “I knew then that I didn’t deserved you and I can’t help but agree with that now more than ever.” Michael ran his hands through his hair again. He lost the count of the times he had done that in the time he was there. “I was jealous.”

* * * *
Michael climbed up the latter like he had been doing every night. Like every other day, he approached the window, but he didn’t make it past it. There in the middle of the room stood Max and Liz—kissing.

All he could see was the kiss, but he resigned, he turned and left. All his insecurities about his relationship with Liz resurfaced. He was so deep in though that he didn’t see the person in front of him.

“Michael, what are you doing here? I was on my way to see Liz.”

Michael looked Maria over. “I’m heading home…you want to come?”

Maria didn’t think twice about it.
* * * *

“I don’t know what came over me… But by the time I found out what really happened it was too late. If only I had known that very moment what I know now…” Michael remembered that day clearly.

* * * *
Michael sat on the sofa, Maria on his lap. Two days had gone by since he had seeing Max and Liz kissing, and he was still angry.

“So, Max, how did it go at Liz’s?” Maria asked.

Max rubbed his cheek at the reminder. “Not so good. She kicked me out after she slapped me.”

Michael’s pride and anger blinded him even though he had heard Max’s confession. A part of him couldn’t have been more happy, but fear that one day Liz would realize what a mistake she made, held him back.

Once Michael reached his apartment, he went straight to his room, he threw Maria on the bed and made love to her. He had meaningless sex with her, he had to admit he was using her, but he didn’t even give the consequences a second thought. They had started a rhythm when the door of his room flew opened and a gasp followed. Maria fell on his chest, and Michael stared speechless at Liz. He couldn’t bring himself to do anything, he just watched as her eyes filled up with tears. He was petrified, and some part of him knew it was over.
* * * *

“I was wrong. I shouldn’t have done what I did, but I was angry. I wasn’t prepared for what happened. I never wanted this to happen to you.”

* * * *
Maria and Michael knocked on Liz’s bedroom door. In embarrassment Maria insisted they talk to Liz.

“Michael, lets get Mr. Parker, he has an extra key.”

“He does?” A part of Michael couldn’t help, but wonder of all the times Jeff could have walk in on them. “Uh, let’s go get him.

Michael thought he had entered another world when they got inside Liz’s room. The sight was paralyzing. Pictures, curtains, even the bed was thorn and Liz sat in the middle of the room, not blinking, just rocking back and forward.
* * * *

Michael grabbed Liz’s hand. “I just want your forgiveness. I’m sorry, Liz, for everything I did.”

Michael kissed her hand and began to sob for forgiveness. He felt something on his hair and he looked up. He couldn’t speak, he just watched as tears fell from Liz’s unblinking eyes.

“Liz, please say something. I don’t know what to do. Just like before…” Michael tried to get another reaction out of her, but it was useless. “Liz, I hate to go now. I’m getting married. I owe Maria that, after all she’s been through. There’s nothing I can do now…” Michael gave his back to Liz and opened the door to leave.

“You should have trusted me, Michael, like I once trusted you.” The wind seemed to whisper, but Michael would recognize her voice in any form.

Michael turned to look at Liz again, but the only sign that she was even alive were her tears and just as he came he left.

Michael was getting inside the car when Lydia came up to him.

“Was she really crying?” She hopefully asked.

Michael nodded his affirmation. “I think I heard her voice too…”

Lydia looked up to Liz’s window. “She doesn’t belong there. I wish I knew who hurt her so deeply. I bet she was in love.” Lydia sadly looked at Michael. “Only love can drive you crazy. I bet she would have given her life for him. That kind of love only comes once in a lifetime and he missed it.” Lydia shrugged. “If she knew he didn’t deserved her, all would be better.” Lydia looked at her watch. “Well, bye, and good luck.”

Michael, again speechless nodded. Just when he was about to get inside the car an agonizing, painful scream made it’s way out of the walls of the Asylum. Shuddering and worried, Michael got inside the car, knowing he was on his way to forever seal his fate. The scream still echoing in his mind.

The end!!!

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Title: Destiny’s Surprise
Author: Gaudicia
E-mail: secrets_of_the_sky⊕
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Roswell characters.
Rating: NC-17(well, at least I’ll try!)
Category: UC, Mi/L, Rath/Krysta and a little bit of M/T, Ma/K and A/I
Summary: Read and find out.
Distribution: Just ask.
Author’s note: Rainydayinapril(April), Julie, and DMartinez for their help and encouragement!
Author’s note 1: My first NC17, so any tips, suggestions are welcomed! Sorry, for the grammar mistakes!
Author's note 2: It takes place after MITC. Max will stay longer in N.Y. and Ava will stay a while longer in Roswell.
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Destiny’s Surprise Prologue 1

Liz was making sure all the doors were closed. It had been a long day considering all the things that had happened. She just discovered she had a few alien powers of her own, and she hadn’t heard from Max since she had connected with him, then on top of that she had to deal with Michael and Isabel’s ordering around and mistreating Ava. Liz was glad Ava was already asleep, she didn’t think she could deal with her at that moment…too much had happened. Liz was about to enter the breakroom, but stopped when she heard Maria hiss Max’ name. Liz leaned in closer and saw Maria talking on the phone, she couldn’t help, but eavesdrop.

“Max, how can you stay in New York after what happened?! And with TESS!? Is this how you plan to get Liz back, because it sure isn’t the way to do it!” Maria whispered, not wanting to be heard by Liz. “Look, you can stay in New York all you want, but I won’t lie for you. Oh please! Like I would even believe that! I hope that in your quest to get to know Tess you don’t get too acquainted.”

Liz felt someone touched her shoulder, startled she turned around. “Michael, you scared me!”

Michael just stayed silent, watching her. Seeing she was nervous and uncomfortable, he asked, “Want to get out of here?”

Liz didn’t even think twice about it when she was already nodding her head.

Michael saw Maria’s car keys on the counter and grabbed them. Liz silently followed him, not even arguing when he took Maria’s car. They left in an uncomfortable silence.

Liz didn’t even know what she was thinking going with Michael, considering she hadn’t spent much time with him, since normally she would do anything within her power to stay away from him. Every time she was near him she felt something, but she couldn’t identify what it was. Michael always managed to bring out of her mixed feelings, and she preferred not to explore them. She felt that if she did, she would discover something she wasn’t ready to.
Michael didn’t know what possessed him to ask her to go with him, but he knew he had to. There was something about her that made him want to protect her—that called out to him and he couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. He couldn’t believe he was alone with her, when many times he tried to avoid it. ‘I’m supposed to love Maria, right? Then how come every time she touches me I don’t feel anything, yet when Liz touches me it feels as if I were burning, and my soul will start singing? My body reacts like it knows her from a long time ago, and sometimes it seems like my body and my soul are dormant…waiting for her to wake them up again.’ He wanted to explore those feeling, but there were things that held him back…Max, Maria, they all came to his mind, but deep down he knew they were excuses, and that the main reason for not exploring his feeling for Liz was that he was scared. He felt he knew her, better than he knew himself, he also felt that he knew her in a way Max would never be able to, and for that he felt lower than dirt.

Michael couldn’t help, but steal a few glances in Liz’s direction. She was beautiful, so different from him, yet he wanted her in every possible way. He was surprised by his thoughts, and it was like a cold bucked of water was dropped on him. He got angry with himself for letting his emotions take over.

Liz had been watching Michael silently. She was surprised by all the emotions that had crossed his face, and she felt at peace by just watching him. It was like he was caught in a storm of his own emotions, and as fast as he had been caught, he had been able to get out. The wall that he had built around him was up again, making her feel cold and lonely. She really didn’t know Michael, and she knew it was mostly her own fault, but even though she stayed away from him, she felt that she knew him better than anyone did.

Liz was grateful when Michael stopped; she needed to get out of the car and fast. She didn’t like where her thoughts were going; it was like suddenly Michael was consuming her. She watched as Michael got out of the car, and didn’t even bother to open the door for her. It was like he knew she didn’t want to be treated gently.

Liz got out off the car and approached him. “Why did you bring me here, Michael?” Liz asked, once she noticed they were near the cave.

Michael shrugged his shoulders. “You seemed like you needed to get out of there and be alone, this is the only place that I know that can happen.”

Liz nodded, and bit her lip. She stared at him, and she was hit with the urge to touch him. Realizing what she was thinking, she turned around, and continued to approach the cave.

Michael silently followed her; curious as to what made her turn away. “So Max’s staying in New York with Tess.”

Liz stopped walking for a minute, and after she regained her posture she continued walking. “It seems so.” As an after thought she added, “Can you believe it?!”

Michael was hit with the urge to take her in his arms and kissed her sorrows away, not liking the feelings Liz was evoking in him, he said, “Yes, I can. I mean, what did you expect after you slept with Kyle, after you betrayed him?!” Michael saw her flinch, but he continued anyway, suddenly feeling jealous. “Is it that you need to have everyone wrap around your little finger?! Are you hurt that Max isn’t after you like a puppy?! Let me guess, you thought he wouldn’t find out what you really are made of. Now you’re sad you won’t be able to get into his pants, huh?!” Michael stopped his accusations when he felt a sting in his cheek, he looked at Liz, and saw her eyes clouded by tears, once he saw that, he wanted to take her in his arms, and tell her how sorry he was for the things he had said.

Liz gasped, and covered her mouth with her hand not believing she had slapped him. She had begun to wish she was in a nightmare, she couldn’t believe what he was saying, and even though the words were hurtful somehow that wasn’t what hurt her the most, she was surprised to find out that what hurt her was that he was the one saying them. Suddenly anger took over her, after all she had given up for them, he was mistreating her like this. “How could you stay that!? If it weren’t for Kyle and me you would be dead! DEAD! Do you hear me?! Dead!” Realizing what she said she quieted down not being able to meet his eyes.

“What do you mean, Liz?”

“Nothing, forget I said anything. Just forget it,” Liz said, walking away from him.

Michael ran after her, and grabbed her by the arm, turning her around so that she could face him. “Liz, you don’t say something like that, and then expect me to forget it! Now tell me what you mean. What does Kyle has to do with this?”

Liz dropped her gaze to the ground, suddenly finding it interesting. “I pretended I slept with Kyle.”

“Why and what does that have to do with us being dead?” Michael asked, tightening his grip on her arm.

“Everything…” Liz began to tell Michael what happened the day Future Max appeared on her balcony. By the time Liz was finished Michael and Liz were both inside the cave, sitting on the floor in uncomfortable silence.

“You did that for us?” Michael finally asked.

Liz nodded not knowing what else to do. “You won’t say anything, right?”

“You have my word,” Michael promised.

Liz felt Michael staring at her, and she felt self-conscious. “Why are you staring at me?”

Michael blushed; he shrugged trying to cover it up. “I just can’t believe you would do that for us—me. I never thought someone could be so strong.”

Liz sighed, “I couldn’t let people die on my account. I couldn’t let you…or Isabel die either. I had the opportunity to prevent it, and I did.”

“You even gave up Max,” Michael stated still in disbelieve. Noticing Liz was still uncomfortable talking about that he asked, “So what do you plan to do from now on?”

“I don’t know. I’m just waiting to see what happens. What about you?”

Michael and Liz forgot that one of them was a human and another an alien and what they so hard tried to avoid began, they were finally getting to know each other. The hours went by and they didn’t even notice it.

Liz stood up and stretched, her watch coming into view. “Oh my God! It’s 5:00 a.m.!”

Michael got up and approached Liz. “We better go.”

As soon as they got outside their breath was taken away, the most beautiful sunrise was taking place. They forgot they had to get to their houses, they even forgot to breath their breath was held in their throats. They couldn’t help but think that it was appropriate for them to see a sunrise—the beginning of a new day, because it was a new day for them too. They finally had come to an agreement, and they knew their friendship was beginning and they hoped that it would bloom to be as beautiful as the sunset they were now watching.

Once the sun had risen they finally let their breath out. Liz kept staring at it and she softly whispered, “Beautiful.”

“Yeah,” Michael agreed, but his eyes were on her.

Liz disappointed that it was over said, “We better get going.”

Michael nodded, and they made their way to Maria’s car.

Just as they arrived to the Crashdown, Maria attacked them. “Where were you, guys?! You had me worried! Did you know I had to walk four miles, because my car was missing?! I had to convince my mom to drop me off, and she said that if I didn’t come now then I would have to walk, so guess what! I had to wake up a 4:00 a.m., so I could be ready on time, and I could come with Mom!!! Do you know how much time it takes to look beautiful?! Because if you do then you would know that my mom almost left me too!”

Liz stepped to her side before she could continue, “Maria, calm down. Breathe in and breathe out. Where’s your cedar oil?”

“I don’t care about the cedar oil! I want my damn car keys!” Maria demanded.

“Here are your car keys. Jeez! You whine more than a two year old!” Michael said handing her the keys.

Maria stared at Michael in disbelieve. “Thank you, Michael, thank you very much.” Maria rushed out off the Crashdown, not wanting him to see her crying.

Liz was about to take off after Maria, but was stopped by Michael’s hand on her arm. Liz looked at Michael waiting for an explanation, and hoping those sparks she felt once he touched her would go away.

“Liz, I’m the one that should go after her, okay?” Michael slowly let go of her arm, there was a part of him that didn’t want to lose the feeling of her skin so closed to his.

They stayed in an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds. “I—“ They both started to say at the same time.

They smiled at one another, the tension finally drifting away. “Thanks, Michael. I really needed to get out of here, and talked to someone.”

Michael shrugged his shoulders and said, “I better go and look for Maria.”

Liz nodded hesitantly, “Maybe I should talk to her first…”

“Look, Liz, I’ll handle it, okay? I better go.”

Michael left before Liz could even say good bye. Liz watched Michael’s retreating back until he was out of sight. ‘Some things will never change.’ Liz thought about what had taken place during the last day and thought again, “Well, maybe they do…’

Michael searched for Maria every where, but he couldn’t find her, giving up he decided to go to his apartment, and get some sleep and for the first time he dreamt of his past.

Michael shielded his eyes against the bright light, and when he was able to adjust his eyes, he was surprised to see himself dressed in a tuxedo. Some part of him was able to tell him that he was in a meeting, he looked to his right, and was shocked to see Tess, Max, and Isabel there. He studied them for a while, and he was able to tell it was them, yet they weren’t the ones he knew on Earth, and at the same time they were, this just had something more regal, and the way they carried themselves was different.

He figured out that he was just looking throw the person’s eyes, and that he had no control of what his body did, yet he could feel his emotions, and right now he was desperate, because he was late for something—another meeting.

When he got out of the conference room, he stepped inside a dark, cold room. There in the middle of the room stood a woman with her back to him, dressed in white. He couldn’t get out of his cloth fast enough, after he got rid of them he quietly approached her. Once he was near her, he slowly let his hand trail down her back, until his hand reached her waist. He knew he was defying everything he knew, disobeying his King, but he didn’t care. He wrapped his arm around her waist, and drew her closer to himself in a way every part of their bodies were touching. He brought his mouth to her ear and in a natural reaction he breathe in her intoxicating scent. He began to leave a trail of kisses down her throat, he felt her surrender, and he was amazed by the trust she had in him. He began to suck on her neck, wanting to mark her as his. Michael forgot he was just observing, and he gave into the feeling of having her near him.

Liz was grateful her parents were out of town, if not she would have a lot of explaining to do. They had left without giving a reason. Liz didn’t even bother to take a bath, as soon as she saw the bed she fell on it, immediately falling asleep, and uneasy dreams took over her mind.

Liz looked around her, and she was amazed by what she saw. The sky looked like it would look if the sun was setting down, but she had a feeling that where she was it didn’t matter if it was day or night, the sky would always look the same. Liz for the first time noticed what she was wearing. She had on a long, white dress and it had sparkles of silver on it. She couldn’t help, but think she wasn’t on Earth anymore, but she felt safe, warm, and that she was were she belonged. Liz saw something that drew her attention, and she was going to make her way towards it, but her body went in another direction, soon she found out that she was an observer not a participant. Liz focused ahead of her and she saw the tallest, most beautiful building. She blinked for a moment trying to protect her eyes from the blinding sparkles it was emitting, and when she opened her eyes again, she was in a dark and cold room. Suddenly she felt a shiver course through her, but she knew it was not from fear, but from excitement. She also knew somehow that she wasn’t supposed to be there, and that added to her excitement.

Liz felt a hand trailing down her back, but she couldn’t see who it was, but she knew for sure that she wasn’t scared. She could still feel his hand and when it reached her waist, he wrapped his arm around her waist, bringing her closer to him, her back touching his chest, his genitals pressed between her buttocks. She could feel his breath tickling her ear, and then he began to drop sweet, brief kisses down her neck, she surrender herself to him, to the feelings he was evoking in her, and the fire that seemed to have awakened deep inside her. She felt him suck at her neck, and she threw her head back giving him better access, enjoying the feeling. She lifted her right arm, and wrapped it around his neck massaging his scalp, she forgot she was just an observant, and that this was just a dream.

Michael almost lost it when her dress was finally out of the way. Her every breath, sigh, and moan only served to fuel his pleasure and desire. He thrived in pleasuring her, he believed that was his purpose in life—just to pleasure her.

He explored her body as if were a map, wanting to learn every route. It didn’t matter how many times he touched her it always seemed like the first time. He felt her ache, her need, and being merciful he moved his hands to her breast, giving them the attention they disserved. He could feel the scream building up in her throat, wanting to leave her, but she stayed silent. He didn’t know how or when, but they agreed to stay silent.

He saw her body sweating and shaking, he knew she was losing strength, yet he couldn’t bring himself to stop caressing her, to stop exploring her goddess like body. He felt his member painfully strained; yet all he could think about was pleasing her. He gave in and turned her around, dropping her gently and slowly on the bed.

He positioned himself above her ready to enter her, in that moment he saw she was about to open her eyes, not wanting her to open them yet, he put his hand over her eyes, seeing she got the message, he entered her gently, yet without mercy. All he could think of was that he was home. He moved within her, his only goal to bring them pleasure, and still their breathing and panting was the only sound in the room.
Liz felt all barriers disappear, and all that was left was the skin to skin contact. She still had her back to the man that was seducing her. She had no doubt it was a man, she could feel his male, muscular body pressed against her. The only sound she could hear was hers and her partner’s panting and heavy breathing. She could feel his touch exploring her body as if wanting to memorize every curve, every bump. She felt satisfaction at the way he touched her, knowing, demanding, possessive, rough, yet gentle, caring, and loving.

She finally felt him giving her breast attention, pinching and caressing them, until they painfully stood out, the ache between her legs intensifying, and all she could do was shake and moan, and endure the sweet torture. Every caress was like fuel to her fire. She wanted to scream for release, but she bit her lip, and stayed quiet…it was like they had agreed to stay quiet and not utter a word.

She got to the point where she felt she couldn’t stand on her own two feet, but his strokes and caresses never stopped; her body was aching and sweating. She felt like a goddess, like her body was a temple and he was worshipping it.

She finally was turned around, but she still kept her eyes closed, she felt the cold, soft sheet behind her back making her gasp. She felt him positioning himself above her, she was about to open her eyes, wanting to see when they would finally join, but she felt his hands cover her eyes, and she understood what he wanted, so she kept them closed. She felt him enter her—fill her, making her gasp, she heard him moan, and that it self brought her pleasure. She was lost in his arms, in her feelings, she felt vulnerable, yet she didn’t care; all she could do was to feel him. She felt him starting to move inside her, a step closer to their release.
Just as they hit their release, he saw her opening her eyes, and their eyes immediately locked. All their emotions naked before their eyes, so familiar, so alive, full of promises, and love, yet they couldn’t help, but wonder who those eyes belonged too, and in that moment their names escaped their lips shocking them enough to wake them from their dreams.


Destiny’s Surprise Prologue 2

“Krysta.” “Rath.”
“Krysta,” Michael hoarsely whispered, letting the name roll on his tongue, liking the sound of it. He knew he had seen many important things in his dream, but the woman he was with had his full attention. He had a feeling it had always been like that. He was trying to catch his breath, but he found it hard since he was still aroused, having no choice, but to relieve himself. He tried to imagine Maria’s face, but instead Liz’s came to his mind, making him reach the point of climax.
Liz felt her heart pounding, and she could feel the sweat running down her forehead. She never though that she would wake up screaming Michael’s name. She remembered the name she screamed was Rath, but she had no doubt it was Michael she saw when she looked into his eyes. She could hear the beat of her heart pounding in her ears, and her blood running hot inside her veins. Liz took a cold shower trying to get her body to calm down, after that she decided to try, and get some sleep.

‘How could I be dreaming about Michael? How can I even like it?! Where were we when we were making love? Since when do I dream about making love to Michael? Shouldn’t I have been dreaming about Max? Shouldn’t I be calling out his name instead? I love him, right?’ All this thoughts prevented her from sleeping. Knowing she wasn’t going to sleep she went to the kitchen. She saw Ava sitting near the kitchen counter with a cup full of ice cream.

“Mind if I join you, Ava?” Liz asked, quietly.

Ava looked up from her cup to Liz. “Not at all.”

Liz prepared herself a cup of ice cream, and sat next to Ava. “Couldn’t sleep?”

Ava studied Liz for a moment. “No, too many nightmares, you?”

“Too many dreams,” Liz answered as she took brought the spoon to her mouth.

Ava put her ice cream aside, and looked at Liz. “Now you know how I feel.”

Liz was going to take another bite of ice cream, but stopped halfway. “Huh?”

“They startled you, didn’t they?” Ava didn’t wait for Liz to answer. “You know dreams and nightmares aren’t too different. They both can be memories of the past, and they can even give you an insight into the future. Was your dream disturbing or pleasant?”

Liz also put her ice cream aside, and couldn’t bring herself to meet Ava’s eyes, and honestly answered, “They were pleasant, very pleasant.”

“Then what was the dream about that shook you up so much that wouldn’t let you go back to sleep?”

“It wasn’t the dream that shook me up, it’s who was in the dream.”

“Who’s that?”

Not wanting to talk about it, Liz asked, “Will you stay in Roswell, at least for a while?

Ava picked up her ice cream. “Why should I stay?”

“So you can teach me about the changes you told me about?” Liz asked, hopefully.

“You tell me about your dream, and I’ll tell ya if I’ll stay,” Ava bargained.

“I dreamt of Michael, and that’s all I remember. The other things didn’t make sense.”

“Sometimes the things that don’t make sense are the things that matter the most,” Ava spoke with the knowledge that remembering a past life blessed her with.

“But it’s just a dream,” Liz said, exasperated.

“Nothing, is just a dream. Remember that, Liz. In our world dreams is the key to many things. They said that dreams were memories of the past, and if that wasn’t the case, they were visions from the future.” Seeing Liz’s questioning looked, she elaborated, “They believed that when there was a time lapse people could see the future for a brief moment, and since dreams occur when you are sleeping your mind is more open to things.”

Liz scooped some ice cream in her spoon. “So even now dreams are the key?”

“Yes, that’s why they can scare you so much, and they seem so real.” Ava waited a few minutes, and added, “I’ll stay, but only for a few days.”

Liz smiled, and continued to eat her ice cream. After she was finished, she said, “I’m going to try, and catch some sleep, and you should too.” Liz saw Ava nod. “Have a goodnight sleep, Ava.”

“Have a goodnight too, Krysta,” Ava whispered as she watched her leave the room.
Liz woke up feeling better, but she was still a little bit tired. When she went downstairs to the Crashdown, she saw Maria, Isabel, and Michael in one of the booths.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Liz asked as she approached them.

Michael looked at Liz, and when her eyes sought his, he averted his gaze.

Isabel sadly smiled at Liz. “It seems Max decided to stay in New York for a while.”

“Oh. Maybe he’ll learn something,” Liz said, softly.

Maria got up from the booth, and put her hand on Liz’s shoulder. “Liz, are you okay? Maybe you should sit down,” Maria said gesturing to the empty space next to Michael.

“I’m fine. I’m going to look for Ava,” Liz said not wanting to sit next to Michael, especially after her dream last night.

Michael’s attention was drawn. “She’s still here?”

“Yes, I asked her to stay for a while,” Liz informed him, her voice strained as she remember how he looked with his eyes full of passion, and in an aroused state. “I better go.”

They watched as Liz rushed out of the room.

“Well, that was…weird,” Isabel said. Maria nodded in agreement. She and Isabel looked over at Michael, but he seemed to be space out.

Michael stared at the path Liz had taken, forgetting Maria and Isabel were there. He couldn’t help, but want to go after her, and explore her body like he had in his dream. Remembering he wasn’t alone, he looked at them and said, “I’m out here.”

Michael left leaving two very confused girls behind.

For the next week Michael and Liz’s nights were plagued by dreams, always reveling something more, yet ending the same way. The sexual tension between the two was noticeable, and it was as if the night they had spent getting to know each other vanished. The tension between them was thick, and always present. If they occasionally touched each other sparks would fly, and they would immediately recoiled, breaking the contact. They started to avoid each other again at all cost.

“Liz, you aren’t concentrating!” Ava observed.

“I’m trying.”

“That’s not good enough. For the last week you’ve been like this. I’ve tried to be patient, but I can’t do this by myself, you have to help me. Liz, you have something that’s troubling you. You better get that out of the way if you want to make any progress,’ Ava said as she got up from the floor.

“I’m sorry.” Liz saw the time and said, “I have to go, my shift started five minutes ago.”

“Liz, we have to talk.”

“Can we talk later? I’m already late.”

Ava sighed and nodded, knowing Liz wouldn’t pay attention to anything she said right now.

Liz grateful hugged her. “Thanks.”

Five hours later Liz was beat. She didn’t know where all the people came from. She saw Michael cleaning the kitchen, and remembered what Ava said. Taking a deep breath, and gathering her courage, she made her way towards Michael. Liz cleared her throat in an attempt to get his attention.

Michael turned to Liz and asked, “What?”

Liz swallowed and said, “Can we go some place to talk?”

Michael thought about it, debating if it was a good idea or not, finally he agreed.

Liz couldn’t control the grin that spread across her face. “Great we can go as soon as we finish here.”

Once they finished, they went for a walk with no destination in mind.

“Liz, this was your idea. Where do you want to go?”

“Your apartment,” Liz answered not even needing to think about it.

Michael looked at Liz surprised, and then he shrugged and nodded.

They went to his apartment, not noticing that during their walk their hands were laced together. When they got to his apartment, they could feel their nervousness kicking in, and they felt their stomachs tie in knots.

Michael opened the door, and waited for Liz to go through, and then he followed her.

“Want something to drink?” Michael offered.

“Water, please,” Liz answered as she nervously looked around.

Liz heard something hit the floor and went to check it out, she saw Michael picking up some pots and pans. “Need any help?”

Michael put them on the counter near the stove. “No, I can handle it.”

Liz nodded, and watched him work. She didn’t know when she had started walking towards him, but she was now standing behind him.

Michael turned, and suddenly his and Liz’s faces were very close. Their eyes lock, and they unconsciously began to incline towards one another, and what they hadn’t done in their dreams they did awake—they kissed. Michael moved his hand to Liz’s cheek as he continued to kiss her. Liz gasped, giving him the opportunity to insert his tongue inside her mouth, letting him explore her mouth and taste her, he caressed her tongue like he wanted to caress her body. In their need for air they separated, they let their foreheads touch, and their heavy breathing mingled. They looked into each other’s eyes, and they had no doubt about what would happen next.

Michael picked Liz up, and carried her to his room, they forgot about everything and everyone, they just had one goal—to make their dreams true, and consequences be damned.

Michael deposited her in the middle of the room, and kissed her again. He wanted to drop her on his bed and ravish her, but he knew that what ever happen would have to be because of Liz decision. Liz returned his kiss with the same eagerness he was kissing her. Liz put her arms around his neck and began to walk backwards, once she felt the bed behind her she started to lay down, bringing Michael with her, and all the while they were still kissing.

Michael stopped the kiss and looked into Liz’s eyes silently asking her if she was sure that this is what she wanted. Liz continued to stare at Michael and at the same time she began to unbutton his shirt. Once she had his shirt of she continued to trace every line of his chest with her hands, wanting to see and learn what pleased him.

Michael stopped Liz’s advancement, he took her arms and held them above her head, he looked at her for any signs that told him to stopped, but he saw none. He began to drop kisses from her face to her collarbone, until her clothing got in the way. He slowly pealed off Liz’s blouse and the rest of her, and continued with his path, until he reached her breast covered by her bra. He traced the strap of the bra, prolonging Liz’s torture, he began to pull the strap down and as he did so, his finger would caress her arm, making her shiver. Once he had her completely topless, he held her hands above her head with both hand, he brought his mouth to her dusky, rose nipple and let his tongue draw circles around it. He began to suck them like he was a child starving, he bit them gently, letting Liz’s sighs and moans lead him. Liz began to squirm and trust her chest forwards, she didn’t know what her body wanted, but she knew only Michael could give it to her. With one last kiss on both Liz’s nipples he continued he search downward, reaching her mound. Her breathing got heavier and her pants shorter once she felt his breath on her most intimate part.

He didn’t know how much longer he would last, but he knew that to please her he would do anything. Every sigh, moan, and pant went directly to his soul, making him aroused and strained and he feared he would lose control over himself. He wanted to reach the point of climax with her and only in her. As he continued to explore her mound of venus he dread that he would be undone right there, and he almost did when Liz screamed his name as she came. He soul was singing because in all the dreams he had she always screamed his past life name and now she had scream the name he beared now, and that made what was happening between the two of them real.

After recovering from her climax, she slowly got Michael’s clothes out of the way. They let their desire and the memories of their dreams guide them. They knew that the other got pleasure out of seeing the other reactions, but that wasn’t enough for them, so they engage in a battle for control, both wanting to please each other and see their reaction.

Michael won and he put his knew between her legs spreading, making room for himself. He again looked at Liz eyes and seen her nod he positioned himself on her entrance. “Liz, are you—“
Liz put her finger on his lips and impaled herself on his member, pain shoot through her. Michael in panic wanted to pull away, but Liz’s tight hold prevented him from doing so. Only when she started to move did he moved with her, and soon her pain and discomfort were forgotten, the only thing now remaining was the pure bliss they were thriving on together. After they reached their climax and screamed each other names in pure pleasure, they fell asleep.

An hour later Liz woke up disoriented, she felt something heavy across her stomach, when she looked to see what it was she saw Michael’s arms. A content smile spread across her face, but it quickly vanished once her brain registered what had happened. ‘What have I done? What will Max and Maria say?’ Liz got out of the bed without disturbing Michael, and quickly got dresses. With one look behind her she left still in shock from her betrayal.

Liz entered the Crashdown quietly not wanting to wake Ava up. She saw one of the lights on and went to check it out, she saw Ava packing up her cloth. “Ava, where are you going?”

Ava jumped, dropping a few of the clothes she had in her hands to the floor. “I’m leaving. I can’t stay here any longer.”

“But what about what you were trying to teach me?”

“Liz, you weren’t doing anything to really learn anything.”

Liz took Ava’s clothes out from her hands. “I’ll try harder.”

“Not as long as you are near them. If you want to learn then something then you’ll have to come with me. Are you willing to pay the price?” Ava looked at Liz waiting for an answer.

Liz looked at Ava shock; she was asking her to leave Roswell and everyone behind.

“Well, Liz, what do you say?”

To be continued...

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Continuation to Destiny's Surprise

Chapter 1

Krysta stepped out of the airplane; she couldn’t believe that after five years she was finally back. It had been so long since she had left that she began to doubt she would return. But now it was necessary, and she was scared. That surprised her, because after everything she went through she believed she had given up being scared.

“Welcome to Roswell, Miss.”

Krysta nodded in the flight attendant’s direction, and continued walking. ‘Everything is still the same as I remember.’

Krysta rented a car, and went to fulfill her destiny. Krysta parked the car in a place where she hoped no one would see it. She didn’t want people to know she was back…at least not yet. Krysta moved her hair out of her eyes, took a deep breath, and made her way to the cave.

Once she got there she realized she was terrified, her hands were shaking, and her heart was pounding a mile a minute. She could hear the hum calling out to her—mocking her. She was hit with the need to run, but she stood her ground. Suddenly it was like she lost control over her body, and she was walking towards it—towards the granolith. She felt that even if she was blind she could find her way towards it anyway.

She felt her blood hum along with the granolith, and she understood, she belonged to the granolith. She gave into her temptation, and touched the granolith. She was assaulted by flashes, and all she could see were stars, suddenly the granolith turned very bright and a blast came out of it, illuminating the entire cave and the world, not harming her or anyone else. Once the light vanished Krysta took her hand away. She sadly smiled at the granolith, and with one last look she left. ‘The war has been declared. Now it’s time to prepare and alert the soldiers.’

After the white light that seemed to have taken over everything vanished, the customers in the Crashdown had dropped their tips on the table and fled, along with the workers. Maria being the manager and the only one left decided to clean things up, and get her mind out of what just happened. By the time she was done everyone was at the Crashdown already in a booth, that is everyone except Max and Tess. Not even five years had changed their meeting place.

“Did you guys see that light?” Maria asked still in disbelieve as she sat next to Michael.

“It was kind of hard not too, since it even lighted up our houses,” Michael answered, sarcastically.

Isabel elbowed him, she still couldn’t believe this was the same guys she was raised with. He had changed like night and day. He was more opened now, he was overprotective of everyone close to him, but he still didn’t let anyone in. There was a shadow in his eyes and it was filled with pain, and that part no one could touch, not even Maria. Isabel knew that even though he was still with Maria he didn’t love her. “Michael, this is serious.”

“I know. Where are Max and Tess?” Michael questioned.

“I don’t know. They were supposed to be here a while ago,” Kyle answered, Michael’s question. Kyle saw as Maria touched Michael’s shoulder, and he shrugged of her hand, making his blood boil. It was always like that, Maria demonstrated some affection towards Michael and he would always lash out with even the smallest gesture like shrugging off her hand. ‘Doesn’t he see what’s in front of him? She loves him, and he doesn’t treat her right, or even returns the endearment. He may have changed his attitude when he is with other people, but with Maria…he just neglects her. I would do anything to have a girlfriend like that. Doesn’t he see how full of life she is?’

Maria snidely interrupted Kyle’s thoughts. “I bet the Gerbil didn’t let him get out of the bed.”

“Maria, its 3:00 p.m. They should be up by now…well, at least, they should be recharging…unless they are like the energizer bunny. You know? They can keep going and going and going,” Alex tried to joke.

Isabel shook her head trying to get the mental picture out of her head. “Alex, please that’s my brother you are talking about.”

“He may be your brother, but he’s still a bastard.” Maria kept insulting Max, missing Kyle, Isabel, and Alex’s signals to be quiet. “Sure, he is a king—the Kings of Jerks.”

“Who’s the King of Jerks?” Max asked, startling Maria.

Maria looked at Max as she nervously fumbled with her hands. “No one.”

“Are you sure? I mean you were insulting whoever you were talking about so heartily…” Max probed, and drew Tess closer to him.

Maria reluctantly answered, and at the last minute she squeaked out, “M-Michael.”

Isabel seeing this wasn’t going to stop, she asked, “What took you guys so long to get here? This is important!”

Alex shook his head. “Didn’t you hear what I said? Just think energizer bunny,” Alex said, earning a smack from Isabel.

Sheepishly Max looked at the floor. “We got distracted.”

Michael snorted at Max’ answer. “Can we go back to the blinding light?”

Everyone nodded in agreement knowing that what mattered was that Max and Tess finally got there.

“What if it was a message from the Skins, or something?” Maria felt Kyle nudge her, but she couldn’t stop glaring at Tess. She blamed her for Liz leaving. Maria couldn’t help but gag at Max and Tess’ closeness. Ever since they got back from New York five years ago they were really close and chummy, and when they found out Liz left, and after only two months, their relationship was a public thing, and there was no doubt just how close they were. ‘If Liz isn’t here to protect her interest then I have to.’ Maria thought, still hoping Liz would come back.

“We don’t know if it’s an alien thing,” Alex reasoned.

“Roswell lights up like a light ball, and that isn’t an alien thing!” Maria exclaimed.

“I’m just saying we shouldn’t jump into conclusions.”

“After all we’ve been though you don’t believe it’s an alien thing!” Maria said, raising her voice with every word she spoke.

“Maria! Do you want everyone to know who we are!?” Michael interfered, his voice strained.

Max had pulled out a chair and sat besides Isabel, Tess sat on his lap. “This isn’t the time to be at each others throats.”

“Like you care,” Michael muttered.

Suddenly an idea came to Isabel. “What if it was the granolith?”

Everyone looked at Tess, since she was the one that remember the most about their past lives.

“I don’t think so…this hasn’t happened before, and the granolith only works with us, and we don’t even know how to use it.”

Mr. and Mrs. Parker came downstairs to the Crashdown after they got over their shock, seeing the Maria and the others were there, they approached them. “Are you all right?”

“We are fine, Mrs. Parker,” Kyle answered.

“Do you know where that light came from? It was so bright.”

Just as Mr. Parker asked his question, Mrs. Parker turned on the TV, which had become part of the Crashdown recently. They news came on.

“Satellite’s pictures show that the entire Earth was covered in a bright, white light. Scientist are trying to locate its origin, but so far they have been unsuccessful.”

They all looked at one another not knowing what to think.

“See? It may not even came from Roswell,” Alex pointed out.

“You should all go to your houses…who knows what could happen next,” Mrs. Parker advised, pampering as if they were her own children.

Alex hugged Mrs. Parker and said, “Are you sure you just don’t want to get rid of us, so you can be alone with Mr. Parker?” Alex lifted his eyebrow suggestively.

“Mrs. Parker, please ignore him.” Isabel grabbed Alex by his arm, and continued to drag him outside.

Michael was on his way out not even bothering to say good bye to the Parkers, for some reason they didn’t get along all that well. He stopped when he saw a familiar figure get in a car, and drive away. ‘It can’t be.’ Michael’s eyes darkened with pain.

Maria saw Michael staring at nothing, and touched his shoulder bringing him out of his retrieve. “Are you okay?”

Michael looked at her, and answered, “Fine.” He didn’t wait for her to say anything, and left.

Maria watched him leave in disbelieve, she felt someone beside her, and turned to see who it was. “I just wish he would talk to me.”

Kyle dropped his arm on her shoulder, wishing he could take away her pain. “I’ll take you home.”

Krysta stopped when she felt she was far enough from the Crashdown—from them. She couldn’t face them. She never thought that coming back to Roswell would turn out to be so hard.

Krysta became aware of her surroundings, and noticed she was in the park. Taking a deep breath she got out of the car, she had a lot of thinking to do.

Half an hour later Krysta got in her car, her mind made up. She reached her destination in less time that she had estimated. She knocked on the door knowing that if she waited much longer she would change her mind. When she was going to knock again the door opened. Her throat went dried and she felt at a loss of words. Seeing his questioning look she said, “Hello, Michael. How are you?”

Before Krysta could say anything else the door…


Chapter 2

Before Krysta could say anything else the door flew wide opened. Michael grabbed her by the arm, and pulled her towards him crushing her into his body, immediately covering her mouth with his.

Krysta was surprised, she hadn’t expected this welcoming, but she didn’t fight it. She returned his kiss heartily, opening her mouth to give him access. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist. She felt as he closed the door with his foot, and that at the same time trying to be steady, he never broke the kiss until the need for air was too much.

They both fought to gain control of their breathing. Once Michael was sure he could speak without having to take deep breaths, he whispered, “ Where have you been? I saw you earlier…a cross the street from the Crashdown.”

Krysta let her gaze drop to his chest, but she lifted it up again determined not to answer, at least not yet. She dropped her gaze to his chest again this time following her hands as they unbuttoned his shirt.

Michael stopped her hands from going further. “Krys—“

Krysta put her finger on his lips stopping him from uttering another word; once she was sure he wasn’t going to try and speak again, she continued with her original task—ridding Michael of his clothing.

In a few minutes Michael stood naked before her. Before she could do anything else Michael grabbed her arm gently, and for a second time crushed her into his body, and like she had done to him, he stripped her of her clothes, and they both stood in all their glory.

Krysta moaned as his hand traveled up and down her body, like always, wanting to be in control. Liz did some exploring herself she caressed his chest, she lifted her gaze, and their eyes met. It was like something snapped inside of them, and they knew that the gentleness and slowness they had wanted was gone, and the frantic desire to be one won…three months had been too much for them to be apart.

Michael kissed Krysta with a force that shook him to his very core, he thought that by now he would be used to the effect she had on him, but he should have known that was impossible, he could never get used to her, to her touch, or her taste.

Krysta knew her lips would be bruised as would her hips from his tight hold on her and she didn’t care, all she wanted was him, and she was going to take him anyway possible. She lived for the moments she spent with him, and lived it as though it was her last, and she knew that one day it would be true. Krysta shook her head not wanting to think about it any longer. She turned her attention to Michael, and she noticed they were on the floor of the living room, but after that she couldn’t think any longer, and all she could feel was the sweet bliss of fulfillment.

Michael picked her up and took her to his bedroom were he watched her fall asleep. He didn’t care if he was deprived of sleep; all he wanted to do was watch her. He had been worried, she hadn’t called him or met him in three months, he could understand a week, but two weeks was out of the question, and three months without having any news from her had been hell and had been driving him crazy. He looked at the clock and saw that two hours had gone by and Krysta was starting to move. It felt weird to call her Krysta even though in his dreams she was called Krysta, but he had always known her as Liz in this life.

Krysta woke up, instantly meeting Michael’s eyes, and she saw the question in them, but before she could answer she felt his hand trailing her stomach, and couldn’t help but suck in her breath.

Michael let his hand rest on her stomach. “Will you now answer my question?”

Krysta nodded, “I can’t tell you were I’ve been these past months…I need to tell all of you…I know I won’t be able to tell it twice.” Krysta knew she had worried him, because she felt his arm circling her waist and bringing her closer to him. Krysta put her arm over his rubbing him, trying to calm him after a few seconds she continued. “I was at the Crashdown. I wanted to talk to all of you, but I couldn’t face them.”

Michael nodded in understanding, and continued to hug her close to him not knowing what to say. The comfortable silence that had fallen upon them was broken by Krysta’s sigh.

Michael heard her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I need to go to the Crashdown and meet my parents,” Krysta answered, already removing the sheet that covered them.

Michael groaned and didn’t say anything, he just continued to stare at Krysta as she moved around his room and invaded his personal space, and he was surprised when he became aware that it didn’t bother him the way it did when Maria was over at his place. Their relationship had never gotten physical, and he had tried his best to make her understand that he didn’t want any kind of relationship with her unless it was strictly friendly. But she was very persistent and chose to ignore him, and not pay attention when he tried to be truthful. The longer he watched Krysta moved around the more he wanted her to be part of his daily life, and it felt natural for her to invade his personal space.

Krysta could feel his eyes on her watching her every move, but she was troubled by his silence. Once she was fully clothed she sat besides him. “I’m just going to see my parents. They must already know I’m here.” She saw as realization hit his eyes.

“You were responsible for the light show today?”

Krysta could tell by the tone of his voice that he was not happy, so she slowly nodded.

“How could you and without telling me? Who knows what you did? What if our enemy finds out where we are?!’’ Michael lectured her as if she were a child.

Krysta angrily got up from the bed. “How could I and without telling you? Well, let me tell you this it was very easy, and you didn’t need to know at the time, AND I don’t have to tell you what I do with the granolith its my business! As for your second question, I know what I did! I have a reason for doing that, and right now I’m not going to say it!” Krysta calmed down when she saw his surprised look at her outburst. Taking a deep breath she whispered, “Sorry.”

Michael dumbly nodded, he knew he should have trusted her judgement especially since he knew she had all her memories, but his question was a natural reaction, and he hadn’t expected her to answer like she had. “I’m the one that should be sorry…I shouldn’t have doubted you or your reasons.” Michael couldn’t believe he was apologizing, but he knew that with Krysta he should be used to doing things he never thought he would do.

Krysta averted his eyes, and hesitated before speaking. “Could you get the others to go to the Crashdown in an hour without telling them I’m back?”

Michael studied Krysta for a moment. “Yeah, Krysta, I never knew you went for a grant entrance,” Michael said, effectively breaking the tension that had settled between them.

“Some times I like to go out of my way.” Krysta saw the time and said, “I better get going.”

Krysta got up and was about to leave, but Michael stopped her, when she looked at him and saw him with only the sheets around his waist and his bared chest, and it made her knees go weak. “Huh?”

“You weren’t planning on living without giving me a good bye kiss, were you?” Before Krysta could answer he yanked her towards him and noisily kissed her, he didn’t let her go until he was satisfied.

Krysta stared at him in a daze, she decided to leave before she could change her mind, and never leave the apartment.

As Krysta made her way to the Crashdown she was able to see the impact that her actions had caused in Roswell. There weren’t many people outside and the ones that were outside seem to be in a hurry. Krysta spotted the Crashdown and made her way towards it seeing that it was close she put her hand over the lock and when she heard the click sound she opened the door.

“We were waiting for you,” Mrs. Parker said from a booth that was in one of the corners.

Krysta startled turned to them, wondering why she hadn’t seen them. “I got here as soon as I could.”

Mr. Parker nodded skeptically. “Shouldn’t you have warn us about the show you were going to give?”

Krysta shrugged as she approached them. “Nope, there was no need. I am after all aware of my actions.”

“Is that why you disobey your orders to stay away from Rath?” Mrs. Parker asked.

Krysta looked at Mrs. Parker directly in the eyes. “No, and that I’m aware of there isn’t a law that says I can’t see him. You just don’t want me to have a life, you think that my getting involved with someone will interfere in my work, it didn’t last time, and it won’t now. Haven’t you thought that maybe your assumptions are wrong?”

Mr. Parker ironically chuckled, “It didn’t interfere with your work?! You bearly got the granolith to safety, the Royal Four died…” More softly, he added, “and you.”

Krysta sadly shook her head. “My job wasn’t, and still isn’t to protect the Royal Four…even though that’s what I wanted, and still want, and I accomplish my task, I got the granolith to safety, away from the Skins, and they still don’t know where it is.”

“I’m glad that you have that cleared now.” Mrs. Parker said, ignoring that Krysta indeed had taken the granolith to safety. “Does that mean you won’t go out of your way like you did last time? You remember, don’t you? You left the granolith unprotected to save Rath. Did you even considered that that moment would be enough for our enemy to take over the granolith? Didn’t you see in the end your effort were useless, and the Royal Four died in the end.”

“My efforts weren’t useless,” Krysta said, defying Mrs. Parker.

“Perhaps, but do they even know who they are? Can they defend their planet? Can they defend Earth?” Mrs. Parker insisted.

Krysta with certainty answered, “Yes, they can.”

Mr. Parker shook his head knowing it was useless to argue with her, especially since she had all her past life memories, they made her even more stubborn. “You can’t let history repeat itself and you know that at one point it always does.”

Mr. and Mrs. Parker left, leaving a thoughtful Krysta behind. Krysta took a seat in one of the booth and went over Mr. Parker’s words. ‘I know it does, but I’ve learned from my mistakes…that will be enough…I hope.’

“Liz…” A voice whispered interrupting her thoughts. When Krysta looked to see who it was she saw Maria, Alex, Isabel, and the others there.

“Hi,” Krysta managed to say.

To be continued...
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Continuation to Destiny's Surprise

Chapter 3

No one knew what to say after Krysta had spoken, telling them that she was real, and not a fragment of their imagination.

“Maybe you should all take a seat.” Krista said, getting up from the booth and signaling for them to sit there.

Michael seeing how uncomfortable Krysta was getting at their stares took a seat, and soon the others followed.

“Liz, where have you been?” Maria asked, making everyone’s attention turn to Krysta.

Michael felt the urge to correct Maria and tell them that it wasn’t Liz, that Krysta was the name she went by now, but he held his tongue not wanting to give anything away, especially, since he didn’t know if Krysta was going to tell them about them.

Krysta nervously smiled, “I’ve been around, no where in specific. I haven’t been in the same place for too long…” Krysta couldn’t help, but keep eyeing Max and Tess. She wasn’t jealous, or anything like she had expected to feel and that surprised her, and what surprised her the most is that she felt happy that they were together. ‘They are like they are supposed to be, and Ava was right.’ Krysta remembered that in her past life she had a crush on Zan, but once she met Rath it had been forgotten. ‘History does repeats itself.’

“Why did you leave?” Maria probed.

“Krysta stopped staring at Max and Tess, and directed her gaze to Maria. “I needed to find out who I was…am.”

“And did you find out who you are?” Tess bitterly questioned.

Krysta looked at Tess in the eyes, but then dropped her gaze, not because she surrendered, and not even out of respect, but out of grief. “That is in a way why I came back, but we can’t talk here even the walls have ears.” Krysta said, remembering her parents.

“Then we should buy earplugs for them,” Alex said trying to lighten the mood, and he also didn’t know where else they could go to have some privacy.

“My apartment is out of the question, my neighbors own a radar to detect when I get home.” Michael pointed out when he saw everyone was looking at him.

Krysta smirked, and thought, ‘It didn’t seem like it when he almost ravished me in the hallway.’

“What about the cave?” Isabel suggested.

Krysta made them think she was taking Isabel’s suggestion under some serious consideration. “Perfect.” Krysta couldn’t keep the satisfaction from her voice. That was the place she had in mind, because even though her parents knew that they were the Royal Four they didn’t know where the cave was, but she didn’t want to be the one to suggest it.

Michael, Kyle, Maria, and Alex gave Krysta a weird look, they had a feeling she was up to something, but they had no idea what it was.

Once they got to the desert Krysta let Max lead them to the cave. As soon as they got there Krysta could hear the granolith humming, again calling out to her. Krysta went ahead of them and to their surprise she led them right to the granolith.

Alex touched Krysta’s shoulder. “Liz, are you okay?

“Yeah, it’s just that I can’t believe the granolith is in front of me again.”

They watched as Krysta continued to stare at the granolith, and no one dared to speak and break the trance Krysta seemed to be in.

“How did you know where to go and what is was, Liz?” Max asked referring to the granolith. He was curious to know how Liz had known exactly where to find the granolith since she hadn’t been in the cave for at least five years.

Krysta blink breaking out of her trance. “The granolith ‘told’ me…can’t you hear how the hum just ‘tells’ you things?” Krysta interrogated; confused that they didn’t hear the granolith’s hum even though they didn’t have their memories she thought that they would understand the granolith.

Kyle stepped forward. “Liz, I think you spend too much time away from Roswell, or you lost it.”

“Kyle, you think I lost it? Have you looked around you? You are amongst aliens, and you don’t believe that what I told you is true? I think you are the one that needs help getting out of the Island of Denial.” Krysta shook her head not believing they could be so dense about a little thing like her understanding the granolith.

“How can you be sure the granolith ‘told’ you, and why would it even ‘say’ anything to you?” Tess asked for everyone, since they had stayed quiet.

Krysta bit her lip and put her hair behind her ear. “I can’t seem to find a way to tell you…so…um…I’ll show you.”

Krysta stepped closer to the granolith, and was about to touch it, but a hand stopped her. She turned around to see who it was and she saw Michael.

The instance Michael saw her reaching for the granolith he felt the need to stop her, and he did. He feared she would give the same light show that they had seen earlier, but by the way she was looking at him, he understood that it wasn’t going to happen now. He nodded and let go of her shoulder. He could feel the others staring at him, but he ignored them, and waited to see what Krysta would do.

Krysta looked back at them to see if anyone else was going to stop her, not seeing any sign that they were going to interrupt her she turned her attention back to the granolith. She took a deep breath, and again started to reach for the granolith.

Nothing happened at first, making everyone let lose the breath they were holding, but Krysta kept her attention on the granolith, and to their surprise they granolith lit up, illumination the cave and in a blink of an eye the light was gone.

Krysta turned to them, and to add to their shock her hands were still glowing. Krysta saw that her shirt was stained so she passed her glowing hands over it, making the stain disappear. Krysta noticed what she had done when she heard a thud. Krysta lifted her head and saw Alex hovering over Maria’s body on the floor.

Krysta saw they were staring at her like she had grown another head, but her main concern was Maria. “What happened?”

“S-she fainted when she saw you make the stain disappear.” Isabel answered once she realized Krysta had spoken.

“Ugh…what happened?” Maria asked finally coming to her senses.

“That’s what we want to know,” Max said eyeing Krysta.

Kyle took Maria by the hand and helped her get up. “Are you alright?”

Maria nodded, but didn’t take her eyes of Krysta. “Liz, what’s going on?”

Not knowing what to say Krysta said the first thing that came to mind. “Actually it’s Krysta—not Liz.” Krysta saw as some kind of recognition passed through the Czechs’ eyes, but quickly vanished.

“I see you been busy, changing your name and all, but please tell me your last name is still Parker, and Mrs. Isn’t part of your name,” Alex pleaded.

Krysta laughed, and her eyes searched for Michael’s. “It’s still Parker, and Mrs. Isn’t part of my name…at least not yet.”

Max dropped his hold on Tess’ hand. “So-so there’s someone in your life.”

“Yeah,” Krysta quietly answered.

To everyone amazement, Max took Krysta by the arm. “Can we talk in private?” The minute that Max had heard the possibility that there was someone in her life besides him made something inside him snap.

Krysta look around her before slowly nodding. On their way out she saw Michael was about to stop them, but she shook her head as an indication for him to let them be.

Once they were far enough from the others hearing Max started to speak. “Liz—“

“Krysta,” Krysta corrected.


“My name is Krysta not Liz.”

Max touched Krysta’s cheek. “You’ll always be Liz to me.”

Max started to inch forward towards her, and Krysta found that she couldn’t stop him.

Michael decided to check on them. ‘I’m just going to get a quick glance to see if they are okay, this has nothing to do with the fact that Li—Krysta is out side with Max and alone.” Michael stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Max touch her cheek and felt his heart break when he watched that Krysta did nothing to get out of Max’ embrace. He couldn’t take it anymore when he saw Max was about to kiss her, not wanting to see anymore he went inside the cave again.

Max was about to kiss her, but Krysta move her head, letting his lips connect with the air instead. Max looked at Krysta with a hurt expression.

“Max, this isn’t right. You are with Tess…like you should be, and I have someone in my life that I love very much.”

“But Liz—“

Krysta put her index finger on his lips, effectively silencing him. “Just listen to me. Okay?” At Max’ nod, she continued, “You have been with Tess for more than five years now. Max, you were with her before I left…I won’t deny I was hurt, but I got over it.” Seeing Max was about to interrupt her she put more pressure on her finger. “Max, you remember the first day you saw me? Of course you remember. That day I did something to you…unconsciously. I didn’t know I had done it at the time, I mean I just recently found out what I did.” Krysta danced around the subject. “But I was young…and I had no idea what I was doing, so I kinda made you think you loved me.”

Krysta watched as a skeptical looked to over Max’ face. Krysta mentally sighed for she knew that convincing him that she was telling him the truth would not be easy. She remembered that even had not believed it when Ava had told her—that is until she got her full memories, and then she had been able to accept the truth. She discovered that she could implant an idea on someone’s subconscious and slow or accelerate it’s process, and with Max she had accelerated it. She learned that her powers were similar to Ava, Tess, and Isabel and what scared her was that even she wasn’t safe from her powers.

Ava had explained to her that in her past life she had a crush on Zan, but that once she met Rath it was soon forgotten. Ava thought that even though she didn’t have her memories a part of her had recognize Max as Zan, and her crush for him resurfaced. And by the time she met Michael it was too late—she already had put her powers to work, and she had also began to believe it was true.

“Liz, you do realize how unbelievable that sounds? Liz, think about how could you even do that, no human would be capable of that.”

“It’s Krysta,” Krysta stressed. “Max, I just made the granolith work, something none of you could do, so why is my story so hard to believe?” Krysta shook her head. “Don’t answer that.” Krysta knew that it would take time for them to remember. The granolith just cracked the door in their subconscious; it was up to them to open it completely. “We better return to the others.”

Krysta didn’t even wait for Max to agree she took off before he could stop her. Once Krysta reunited with the others she could feel someone glaring at her, and she didn’t need her powers or be physic to know who it was. ‘Just great. I am so not in the mood to deal with Tess.’ She suddenly felt exhausted, and the need to be close to Michael. She sat next to him, but he moved away from her side. Krysta questionably looked at Michael. But he wouldn’t meet her eyes; hurt she brought her knees to her chest, and wrapped her arms around her legs.

“Where is Max?” Tess still glaring asked.

Krysta looked up at Tess. “He must still be outside.”

“I’m going to look for him,” Tess announced and stormed out of the cave.

Maria sat besides Krysta the minute Tess left. “So, Liz, sorry, Krysta, what are you going to do about Max?”

Krysta clueless looked at Maria. “What do you mean?”

“Well, I know you still love him, and I have to say that you saying you have someone in your life just to make Max jealous was perfect. I can’t believe he even fell for it. I mean you love Max, and there is no one in your heart besides him, and you are just so perfect for each other.”

“Maria, there IS someone in my life, and I DO love him, and it ISN’T Max. I wasn’t trying to make anyone jealous,” Krysta hotly whispered.

“Look, chica, you don’t have to pretend with me, this is Maria, your best friend, and I know you better than you know yourself,” Maria persisted. “Now if you need help getting the Gerbil out of the way just remember I’m here for you.”

Krysta felt the urge to scream, and shake Maria senseless, but instead she looked pleadingly at Alex, only to receive a helpless shrug.

An angry Tess and Max came in making the group tense and wonder what was going on, but they stayed silent.

Kyle remembered the question that had been nagging at him for a while. “Hey Liz, where is Ava? You did left with her, right?”


Chapter 4

Krysta felt her throat choke down with unshed tears. “Ava is dead,” Krysta stated in a cold voice.

“How??? Why??? When??? Where???” Michael asked in shock from his place near the exit, where he had tried to escape Krysta. Michael observed Krysta and thought, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

“The Skins found us. Ava gave her life in ex change for mine. They had been looking for her for sometime, saying she knew something of great importance.” Krysta cleared her throat, and tried to swallow her tears. “When she didn’t give them the information they needed they killed her.”

Alex took Krysta’s hand, and squeezed it. “But why didn’t she use her powers?”

“Because of me—she was already weak from their attacks. She used the last of her strength to save me.” Krysta didn’t tell them that Ava used her powers to repel Nicholas’s mind attacks and to make the Skins believe she was human. Krysta shivered as she remembered the last time she’d seen Ava. She had known Ava was using her powers, but she didn’t know how or on who.

“Human, you may leave us,” Nicholas had said to her, answering her question.

She remembered how she had searched for Ava’s eyes, looking for a clue that would tell her to set her free, but she only met Ava’s determined glare telling her to leave. She remember taking a step forward, and Ava vehemently shook her head telling her not to approach—to leave, only to receive a blow in the stomach from one of the two aggressors that held her. Ava once more looked at her, and she knew what she had to do, so she left, and soon Ava’s piercing screams of agony reached her hears, paralyzing her until awareness and the instinct of survival reached her veins making her run. Once she had reached a safe place she fell to her knees, and grieved for the mentor and friend she had just lost.

Now she knew that Ava had known that she was going to die, that was why she had trained her, explained things, and helped her remember. Ava wanted her to help and warn the others, to finally end the war and the day Ava died Krysta promised that her death wouldn’t be in vain.

“What could she have possibly known that was so important? Why hadn’t she betrayed them like the others?” Max asked looking at Krysta pointedly.

“Ava was a great friend and she knew what was right and what was wrong. She wasn’t power driven and she was protecting someone.”

“Who?” Michael asked, suspiciously.

Krysta just stared at the ground a million of thoughts racing through her head. ‘She was protecting me.’ Krysta thought as she came to a conclusion. “You must first remember your past before you can deal with the future or even the present.” Before they could say anything Krysta waved her hand and the Royal Four fell unconscious to the ground.

Alex nudged Isabel trying to wake her, but he didn’t get any answer or even a reaction. He looked around and saw that the only people standing were himself, Maria, Kyle, and Krysta.

“What’s wrong? Michael, wake up.” Maria asked as she rushed over to Michael’s body on the ground, panic clearly in her voice.

Kyle was trying to move Tess and Max’ body into a comfortable position as comfortable as they could be with such little space.

Alex noticed everyone was in a panic and Krysta was too calm for his liking. “Li—Krysta come on help us. We need to find out what caused this.”

Krysta couldn’t bring herself to look at them, she felt guilty. ‘You did what you had to do. You can’t wait for them to remember time is running out. You said it yourself they will remember, but it would have been up to them and maybe they wouldn’t want to remember, maybe the process would take too long, and by the time they remember it would be too late. You just helped them remember sooner, helped them along the way.’ Krysta justified her actions to herself.

“They are fine, but they won’t be able to wake up for some time,” Krysta finally said.

“Liz, we have how do you know that?! We have to help them. We don’t know what could be wrong with them!” Maria insisted, more like demanded.

Krysta was tired of Maria’s attitude; no one would stop her from getting things done. “You really want to do something?” At Maria’s nod Krysta said, “Then find a way to tell their parents that they are okay, but that they won’t make it to their house tonight and find a way to get some food here!” Krysta turned her attention to Kyle. “You help me put the four of them together. Alex, you help Maria.”

Alex never had seen Liz like that; she looked ready to bite everyone’s head off if they got in her way. “Liz, what are you going to do?”

Krysta sighed, “I’m going to make sure they are alright. You guys should go now.”

“What do you want us to tell them?” Maria asked.

Krysta throw up her hands exasperated. “I don’t care what you tell them! Just tell them something that will get them of our backs! Oh, and if my parents ask where I am, or where were you don’t tell them…at least not the truth.” Krysta turned her attention back to Kyle and signaled him to help her move the fallen bodies.

Alex just continued to stare at Liz for a few more seconds then he grabbed Maria by the arm, and dragged her out of the cave.

“How the hell are we supposed to get in the cave again?!” Was the last thing Krysta and Kyle heard.
Maria got inside the car, and slammed the door close. “I can’t believe Liz would order us around like that!”

Alex got in the driver’s seat. “Maria, Li—Krysta is upset that’s all. Besides we have bigger things to worry about, like what will we tell our parents? We may be living at our own places, but they still make us report to the home base.”

“Alex, stop calling Liz Krysta her name is Liz, okay? Now you know the best lies are the ones that are closer to the truth so why don’t we tell them we are catching up on old times?”

Alex thought about it for a couple of minutes and said, “Well, that takes care of one thing. So you have your cell phone with you? We will take less time calling them than going to their houses personally, since we also have to bring food and some other stuff.”

Maria nodded, and started to dial, but Alex called her name. “Yeah?”

“You need to get a new car. The Jetta bearly runs.”

Maria shrugged and murmured, “What?! It holds a sentimental value.”

Once they finished putting the Czechs in together Krysta wiped her hands. “We might as well get comfortable.” She said, sitting next to them.

“What’s happening to them?” Kyle asked when he saw they were shivering and sweating. “We have to do something!”

Krysta put her hands on Michael’s forehead, and felt his temperature was increasing. “They are remembering. The only thing we can do is wait. They will be okay.” Krysta silently thought, ‘I hope.”

Krysta noticed they were shivering more violently and hoped she had done the right thing. Krysta lifted their eyelids and saw that their pupils were dilated. ‘They are in a dream state already.’

The Royal Four stood next to the King and Queen, an emergency meeting had been called.

“They are just rumors nothing else. We aren’t here to meet the Granolith Keeper, he doesn’t exist,” Zan whispered.

“But doesn’t it scare you in the least that it’s said that the guy we are going to meet will decide if you are ready to take the throne?” Rath asked.

‘Ugh! Men!’ Vilandra snidely thought. “What makes you think it’s a man and not a woman?”

“If the rumors were true, do you think a woman would be the Granolith Keeper?” Rath retorted.

“Rath is right, Lonnie.” Zan turned his attention back to Rath. “I’m not ready to take the throne and my father too wise than to listen to what a stranger says at just the first glance, and who says the rumors are true? They haven’t said anything to us.”

“Yeah, well, the King and Queen don’t always tell us what’s going on.” Rath pointed out in a low whisper.

“But what if everything we’ve heard is true. What if the granolith is more powerful that we imagine.” At the look Ava was receiving from them she elaborated, “I know we have ‘tapped’ into the granolith’s power, but what if there is something more to it than we imagined. Remember the granolith is supposed to have the power to destroy an entire race and the power we have been able to draw from the granolith has always felt incomplete.”

Vilandra looked around to make sure no one was eavesdropping. “I’ve felt the same way, but do you really thing this person will be able to master it’s full power?”

“We’ve all hear the prophecies that say that the granolith would choose someone to be it’s protector, and the protector was a part of the granolith that, that was the reason for that person being able to tap into the granolith’s full power. I mean it is believed that the granolith is alive.”

Rath shook his head from his place besides Vilandra. “Ava, first you believe the rumors that we are meeting the Granolith Keeper, and now that the granolith is alive. You know that our scientist have researched that possibility and they haven’t found anything that backs up that theory.”

Zan took Ava’s hand in his own. “It’s true. These rumors come from bed time stories, that’s all.”

“Maybe we are being paranoid..” Vilandra was struck with fear as she though of a possibility. “What if this is a trick of the enemy to get their hands on the granolith. Our stories are known all over the galaxy.”

They weren’t able to reply, because one of the guards approached them. “Excuse me, your Majesties, but Prince Rath’s presence is required in the strategy room.”

“Very well, I’ll be there in a minute.” Rath turned his attention back to the others. “It seems I’ll miss the party.”

“Care to trade places, Rath?” Zan asked, hopefully.

Rath just smirked and bowed. Even though the four of them were friends there were still ranks and protocols to follow.

Zan’s father stood up. “Please everyone take your seats. We are about to begin.” The King leaned towards Ava, Zan, and Vilandra and whispered, “You better be nice to our guest.” The King turned his attention back to the other members of the council. “We are here to meet the Granolith Keeper—Krysta.”
Maria and Alex were picking up the food and some blankets, they had talked to their parents so they wouldn’t worry and as though they were still children, they told them to not stay up to late.

Maria had the blankets in her hands and she was exiting the Crashdown just finally being able to escape the Parkers’ interrogation. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Maria bend down to pick up the blankets that had fallen from her hands and as she picked the last one she felt a metal being dug into her back. “W-What do you want?” Maria stuttered as she realized a gun was the thing being dug into her.

“I want you and your friend to take me to the Royal Four.”

To be continued...
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Destiny’s Surprise 5

“The Royal what?” Maria asked, playing dumb.

“Don’t play games with me. Let’s go and give some company to your friend.” The man poked the gun on Maria’s back a few times, making Maria move. “Head to your car.”

When they reached the car Alex was in the driver’s seat, and both of his hands were on the steering wheel.

“Alex, what’s wrong?” Maria worriedly asked.

Alex turned his head to look at Maria. “I can’t seem to move my hands.”

“That would be my doing. Now you know a gun isn’t the only way to protect myself, so don’t try anything funny,” They man warned.

Maria turned around to scold the man, and when she saw who it was she gasped, “Brody, what the hell are you doing?!”

“Not Brody—Larek.”

“Great, what’s next an alien invasion?” Alex wondered.

“Take me to them,” Larek ordered.

“Can I regain control of my hands again?” Alex asked.

“Uh, yeah, sorry.”

Maria sighed as they headed towards the cave, “Here we go again.”

Half an hour later they stood in front of the cave entrance.

“We can’t open it,” Alex confessed, relieved that at least something stood between them and the others.

“No problem.” Larek waved his hand, and the cave opened revealing Krysta on the other side.

“It’s so nice to see you again, Larek.”

Zan couldn’t contain his shock, “A girl!!”

“I told you so!” Vilandra whispered, triumphantly.

The King gave Zan a disapproving look. “As I just said this is Krysta, the Granolith Keeper, and she will be staying with us. Krysta, my dear, this disrespectful young man is my son, Zan, my daughter Vilandra, and my son’s fiancée Ava. Unfortunetely, Prince Rath had other matters to attend to.”

Zan felt uncomfortable under Krysta’s intense gaze, his anxiety increased when she whispered something to his father and he returned a thoughtful nod.

“That’s alright, your Highness. I’m sure I’ll meet him some other time.”

“I’ll leave you now I have to go and join the old people.”

Once the King left the four of them were left in an uncomfortable silence.

“It must be nice to get such attention just because you can control the granolith, but I wonder can you really?” Zan rudely said.

“I’m sure it’s just as nice as receiving attention just, because you will be the next King, but I wonder are you ready to take on such a responsibility?” Krysta retorted. She didn’t care what his royal title was she wasn’t going to be treated like dirt.

Zan smiled, “Well, I must admit, I’m not ready for the responsibility.”

Krysta returned his smile and knew that a truce had been made. “Maybe you are more ready than you think.” Krysta turned her attention to Ava. “Princes Ava, your wedding with Prince Zan is just two days away am I correct?”

Ava stepped closer to Krysta, she could tell the question was just to include her in on the conversation. “Yes, but how did you know? Aren’t the Keepers of the Granolith unaware of what goes on around them besides their training?”

Sadness took over Krysta’s eyes. “Yes…” Mischievously, she added, “But I didn’t spend my life training for nothing.”

“So you have a few tricks up your sleeve, sneaking out isn’t a big deal. I still don’t believe you can be the Granolith Keeper,” Vilandra said, wanting to keep her image. “But the question is will you be able to do it here? The castle is heavily guarded.”

“Your Majesty, I have nothing to prove to you. You believe what you wish, but it’s not my fault you are trapped in your own prison. You blame these walls, but what about the walls around your heart? But do you have a heart at all?”

As soon as Krysta finished two figures approached them, a female and a male. Both of them had blue eyes, the man had olive skin, and dark black hair, the woman was a red head, about an average height. They bowed before the royals and the man spoke. ‘I’m sorry for Krysta’s rudeness. I’m afraid our training has been in vain, it has done nothing to improve her matters.”

The woman turned to Krysta and said, “It’s time to retire to your room, tomorrow you have to give a demonstration.”

Krysta nodded, and turned her attention back to the Royals, and bowed saying good bye. Just as she was about to part she looked at Vilandra. “ I have my own prison to escape from.”

Understanding dawned in Vilandra’s eyes. Once Krysta left Vilandra told no one in particular. “She isn’t so bad after all.”

A few minutes after Krysta left, everyone else also retired to his or her rooms. They wanted to be prepared for Krysta’s demonstration, where she would prove to be the Granolith Keeper.

Zan couldn’t sleep so he decided to take a walk around the palace, seeing a familiar figure he approached her. “Krysta, are you lost?”

Krysta seemed slightly confused by the question, but then answered, “Oh, no. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to take a look around. I hope you don’t mind, Prince Zan.”

“No, not at all.” They stood in silence for a few minutes until curiosity took over Zan. “What is your training like?”

The words were out of Krysta’s mouth before she could stop them. “Lonely. I mean, can you believe I haven’t even been kissed?”

Zan didn’t know what possessed him to do what he did but the next thing he knew he had Krysta pressed up against his body and his tongue was entering her mouth. After Krysta got over her shock, she unscrambled herself from Zan’s embrace. She touched her mouth with the back of her hand, and stared at Zan in disbelieve.


“I certainly didn’t expect that, but all in all the kiss want’ like I expected it would be either.”

Slightly hurt Zan asked, “How so?”

“No sparks flew, no butterflies in my stomach, but I have a feeling that only happens if you kiss Ava. But you should think of the consequences this will have on your relationship with Ava.” Krysta tiptoed, and kissed Zan in the cheek, and whispered, “Thank you for giving me my first kiss. I’ll cherish it, Prince Zan.”

Krysta bowed, and was bout to leave, but Zan stopped her. “Please call me Zan—just Zan.”

Krysta nodded, “Thank you…Zan.” Krysta left knowing he had accepted her, and she knew a friendship was growing. When she reached her room she instantly fell asleep.

In the morning Krysta woke up with a content smile, seeing the hour she prepared herself to face the day. When she opened the door to exit the room she met the disapproving stares of her keepers, ironic that the Keeper of the Granolith would need a few keepers of her own.

Vilandra walked down the hallway, she was going to see Krysta, more like spy on her. ‘What does she know about a prison? She doesn’t have to live up to everyone’s expectations.’ Vilandra stopped when she saw the same man and woman that had interrupted them yesterday, not wanting to be seen she quietly approached them, and hid behind one of the poles that decorated the hallway.

“We are very disappointed in you, Krysta. You snuck out of your room without telling us anything. Have you forgotten you aren’t here to make friends? You are here to prove you are the Granolith Keeper. If you don’t believe you are capable of behaving then we can go back to Zantos. Remember nothing must interfere with your mission. You must protect the Granolith at all cost. Yes, it may be a lonely destiny, but that’s your fate. How many times must we go over this? You were taken from your home the minute we discovered who you were, you were bearly a year old, and since that moment we have told you the truth. Why cant’ you accept it? Never mind, you better get ready for the day. Sometimes I think you are a lost cause.” The woman scolded, ignoring the pain that flashed in Krysta’s eyes with every word she spoke. “Please try to stay out of trouble.”

Krysta nodded, she would have done anything to get them of her back, and the last thing she heard was. “Why couldn’t the granolith have chosen someone obedient?”

“Princess Vilandra, you may come out of your hiding place now.”

“How did you know I was there?” Vilandra asked, not embarrassed at all.

Krysta shrugged, “I just did.” Krysta walked down the hall, Vilandra in tow.

“Krysta, is it true you live in Zantos?”

Krysta stopped walking for a second, but quickly recovered, “Yes.”

“But no one lives there, that planet has been abandoned for centuries,” Vilandra said, bewildered.

Krysta stopped completely and looked at Vilandra in the eyes. “Yes, well it makes a great place for training, that Princess Vilandra, is my prison along with my two guardians and destiny.”

Vilandra continued to walk besides Krysta giving thought to her earlier words, but even though she heard the hurt in Krysta’s voice she continued to think Krysta’s life wasn’t so bad. “It must be nice to live in Zantos no one tells you you will be a queen one day, or have people looking up to your or ordering you around,” Vilandra said, wishfully.

Krysta exploded at Vildnadra’s words. “You are crazy! Haven’t you heard anything in the last hour?! Do you have any idea what so ever how lonely is to live in Zantos?! You have no one to talk to, and it’s a cold and dark plant. Do you even know why they had to train me there?! Do you even know what is like to tap into the granolith’s full power?! I do, and that’s why Zantos is the perfect place to train. You know why? Because if I by any chance use it’s power wrong that planet would cease to exist. You have the responsibility of leading a world so what?! I have the power to wipe out an entire race in the blink of an eye, and those two that you saw earlier are my cell!”

Vilandra was stunned, and for the first time in her life she felt ashamed, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

Krysta sighed, “I’m the one that should be sorry. I had no right to speak to you like that…but that doesn’t make my words any less true.”

“Maybe that’s what I needed all along, someone to bring me back to reality. They want me to marry someone I don’t love,” Vilandra confessed.

Krysta didn’t know what to say to her confession, she wasn’t an expert in matters of the heart.

Vilandra saw Rath ahead of them. She didn’t want to talk with him, because she was sure he would bring up their engagement, there was nothing she could do they were already engaged and she knew that, but she wanted to forget it. “Krysta, I just remembered I have something to do. We can talk later, right?” Vilandra asked, hopefully.

“Of course, Princess Vilandra.”

“You may call me Vilandra. I like you. You don’t let my title stop you from speaking your mind.”

“My guardians would be having a fit by now.”

Vilandra saw they were getting closer to Rath’s sight. “There is no reason for them to know. Well, I have to go, bye, for now.”

Krysta smiled, waved, and continued towards her destination. ‘This day keeps getting better, and better.’

Rath felt tired, and irritable, they had kept him up all night discussing a plan of attack and defense against the Skins, and he knew today wouldn’t be any better. He wouldn’t be able to sleep today, his schedule was already full, and on top of things he had to talk to Vilandra. Rath could feel his eyelids close themselves, and he was glad he opened them at that moment, because just a little ahead he saw an angel heading his way. Wanting to meet her he distracted himself with the ceiling, and purposely put himself in her path, effectively completing his mission. He felt her body collide with his, and it was like he was suddenly energized and awake, and just where their bodies touched it felt like fire. For the first time he forgot about anything and everything, and the only thing he could think about was ravishing her, and making her his. It was an instant attraction that awoke a passion in him that he didn’t know he had. “I’m sorry. I didn’t see you, miss.”

Krysta couldn’t keep her eyes of him, the guy was gorgeous, and she didn’t need a kiss to feel butterflies in her stomach. Regretfully she stepped away from his embrace. “Oh, it’s okay, my name is Krysta.”

“I haven’t seen you here before, Krysta.” Rath wanted to know everything he could about her, just her name had him mesmerized.

“That’s because I just got here yesterday.” Krysta knew that the next words she was going to say would change the way he was looking at her, but she didn’t’ want to get her hopes up. “I’m the Granolith Keeper.” Krysta observed his eyes as he registered her words, and to her surprised his look didn’t changed, and the light didn’t leave his eyes, it only got more intense.

“If you were expecting me to run away, because of that you can think again.” Rath surprised himself with his words; he wasn’t even bothered that she was the Granolith Keeper, that only served to heighten his interest. There was something about her that called out to him, and she looked too small and gentle to even have such power, all he wanted to do was protect her, but he had a feeling she didn’t need protecting that she could defend herself very well on her own. “If you expected me to run, then why did you tell me who you really are?”

“I preferred that you learned it from me than from someone else,” Krysta answered, sincerely. She also didn’t want to give him a reason for him to doubt her, she wanted to get to know him. She also thought that if she kept her identity hidden it would only cause more trouble in the future, since he would find out sooner or later who she was and sooner was probably more like it.

Rath’s fascination with her only increased. “So any husband, boyfriends, or suitors that I should know about?” Rath flirted.

Krysta laughed, “Well, I don’t see how that’s any of your business, but now. Unfortunately, I have to get going, or I’ll be late.”

“Mind if I join you?” Rath asked as he entwined his arm with Krysta’s.

“No, not at all. By the way what’s your name?”

“Rath,” Rath answered, and saw as the light in her eyes died.

Larek was surprised to see her there. “Krysta, it’s nice to see you too, but with all due respect aren’t you supposed to be dead and why didn’t I feel you?”

Krysta looked at Maria and Alex, and said, “It’s okay. Get in.” Krysta turned to Larek, and got in his way when he tried to enter. “To answer your question I guessed it had to do with dormant cells and memories, and you were supposed to think I was dead. Uh, Larek, you can’t enter with the gun.”

“Why not? This is so I can protect myself.”

“Yeah, well you don’t need a gun to protect yourself, and I won’t let you endanger the people inside the cave. So either you leave it outside, or I’ll dispose of it.” Seeing Larek’s reluctant look she chose the later one.

The granolith lit up again, Larek looked at his hand and the gun wasn’t there anymore. Krysta stepped aside, and let Larek go through.

“I should have known better, and disposed of it myself.” Larek saw the shocked faces of his earlier hostages, and another and he had no idea who was, but ignored them. “What’s wrong with the Royal Four?”

“They are remembering Larek this is Maria, Alex, and Kyle. Guys, this is Larek.”

Larek ignored them again. “Will they remember ‘everything’?”

“No, at least not yet. They will wake up soon though. All we can do is wait.”

“Well, I hope it’s soon, because I have a message to deliver from Kivar.”

Krysta’s ear perked up as well as the others'. “What does he have to say? If it involves the granolith, you need to tell me not the Royal Four!”

Larek knew she was right, but he debated whether to tell her or not, if he remember correctly she would always plan and do things without consulting the others. “Uh…”

“What’s wrong, Krysta?” Rath couldn’t get enough of saying her name.

Krysta kept walking, and didn’t meet his eyes. “Nothing…Prince Rath.”

“So you know who I am?” Rath was slightly surprised, he hadn’t met her when she first got there so he wondered how she knew.

“Yes, the King mentioned your name. You know there aren’t many people named Rath. And it seems like unlike myself you weren’t planning to tell me who you were,” Krysta said, softly.

“It seems I’ve been caught, but does that change anything.” Rath didn’t know what to expect from her, but the only thing he knew for sure was that he wanted to know her better.

“Well, it depends. Are you really engaged to Princess Vilandra?” Seeing that he looked trapped, she nodded, “I thought so. Thanks for walking me to the Conference Room.”

Rath watched Krysta walk away from him, and he felt the incredible need to scream in frustration. He had been willing to marry Vilandra, he loved her like a sister, and that had been his parents last wish, so he had been willing to go through with it, but the moment he saw Krysta that all change. After he was sure he had his frustration under control, he also walked into the Conference Room.

Krysta mentally sighed, just as she had entered the Conference Room Ava approached her, and she instantly knew she wanted to talk, and all these confrontations were making her emotionally tired. She watched as Ava composed her thoughts, and couldn’t help but think. ‘Here we go again.’

“I know that Zan kissed you. He doesn’t keep anything from me…I just wanted you to know I knew,” Ava finally said.

Krysta was left speechless by Ava’s bluntness, but she also felt relieved. She had planned to tell Ava, but she had no idea how to even start the conversation. “I’m sorry. But all I can tell you is that it was a meaningless kiss, well at least on his part. Uh…I’m not saying it meant anything to me it did, well…” Krysta sighed frustrated, and took a deep breath and continued, “Okay, it meant something to me, because he was kind enough to give me my first kiss, that’s all.”

Ava wanted to laugh at Krysta nervousness, but she could tell Krysta was worried about the impression the kiss had caused her. “Krysta, Krysta calm down, it really is okay. Actually, Zan and I had a long talk, and Zan told me that the kiss had made him realize something…he said that there could never be anyone he love more than me.”

Krysta let out a sigh of relief. “I’m happy for you, but I have to say it again. I’m sorry.”

Ava impulsively hugged Krysta, and whispered, “Thanks you.”

“It’s time for the test to begin. Let’s move to the gardens.”

Ava let Krysta go and said, “I’ll accompany you.”

When they reached the gardens the King and Queen took their seats, they had been placed there for today’s event, before them there was a large open space with ten people chained and forced to kneel before the King and Queen, and the Royal Four.

Krysta immediately knew who and what they were, and felt nauseated. ‘No, they won’t ask what I think they will. I have to stop thinking like that.’

“Krysta, you know what you must do,” The King said.

“Excuse me, you Highness, but are asking me to kill them?” Krysta asked, hoping it wasn’t true.

“Yes, they are Skins that have been captured in battle, they are the enemy and they disserve no mercy.”

“Your Highness, they are imprisoned, under control. They haven’t attacked anyone, you already have them in your custody, there is no need to kill them--I refuse to kill them.”

“Your Highness, she will do as told,” Her guardian said as she glared at her.

“Child, are you defying my order?” The King asked Krysta ignoring her guardian.

“I may have control of the granolith’s power, but it’s power isn’t to be abused of. This goes against everything I’ve been taught, know, and against the purpose of the granolith. Killing them won’t prove anything.”

“Very well. Guards take her.”

Two guards stepped forward, and grabbed Krysta and took her to the middle of the field where the prisoners were kneeling. Once the guards left, other’s joined them making a human wall around her and the Skins cutting off every means of escape, and with their mental powers they made an invisible wall to reinforce them.

The King nodded and the chains that were holding the Skin were loosened, freeing them.

The Royal Four couldn’t believe what they were seeing, or what the King had ordered, they moved forward in an attempt to put a stop to what was happening, but a few guards stood in their way, stopping their advancements.

“We must be sure of who she is. This is the only way.”

They didn’t pay attention to the King’s words, and started to struggle with the guards when they saw the Skins attack Krysta. They stopped their struggles when they were blinded by a white light, and when they looked at Krysta they saw a light surrounding her, and the light seemed to keep the Skins away, but it didn’t harm them in any way.

Krysta knew that her shield wouldn’t stop them for long, and she also knew that she would have to use another means to defend herself—other more violent means. They wouldn’t stop this madness any other way. She was too angry at them to even think straight, so she concentrated on the granolith and the white light that surrounded her got more intense, and when she felt all the energy she needed gathered, she let it go. The Skins disappeared, and the guards that formed the rectangle, trapping her there, were blasted away, the invisible force field not being able to protect them.

Realizing that she had used too much energy, she ran towards the guards, and examined them. There were at least a hundred guards, and most of them were unconscious, and had heavy burns. The first man Krysta examined had burns on his chest and a cut on the back of his head, which she guessed he had acquired when he fell. Krysta didn’t noticed the other people checking out the others, she just concentrated on healing the one she was looking at. She used her own powers, she didn’t want to use the granolith’s again, but as she kept checking and healing the others she was getting weaker.

Rath noticed she was using her own powers, and he was getting worried, she was paler by the minute, so when he saw her fight for balance when she approached one of the guards he left the guard he was attending and in two strides he was next to her. “Krysta, you’re weak. Let the others handle this.”

“No, I need to help, it’s my fault they ended up like this, I should have controlled my anger,” Krysta argued as she stumbled to the next guard.

“That’s it,” Rath said, and without a warning he picked Krysta up.

“Let me go!” Krysta ordered.

Rath chose to be deaf to her demands, and ignored her. Krysta knew that he wouldn’t let her do what she wanted so she stopped her struggling, and used her last resort. Again she concentrated on the granolith, and before Rath could figure out what she was doing it was too late, the light was already gone, and the guards were already healed.

“I had to,” Krysta whispered, as she fell into unconsciousness.

Rath immediately took her to the Infirmary; he wasn’t taking any chances. As soon as they saw him, they took her from his arms, and asked what had happened, now he was pacing, waiting for her to wake up.

“Rath is she okay? What have they told you?” Ava asked as she walked hand in hand with Zan, Vilandra behind them.

Rath stopped pacing long enough to answer her questions. “They said she used too much energy, she is just drained. I’m waiting for her to wake up.”

Zan took a seat next to Vilandra. “I can’t believe last night I kissed her, and now she is unconscious.”

Rath stopped abruptly, not believing what he had heard, at that moment all he could see was red. “You what?!”

Zan spun his head to look at Rath, he hadn’t liked the way Rath’s voice sounded, nor the look of complete hate or was it jealousy that took over his face. “Uh, I kissed her,” Zan nervously answered.

“You kissed her?” Rath growled as he stalked towards Zan, he didn’t know what was wrong with him all he knew was that he didn’t like the thought of Krysta been kissed by anyone that wasn’t him.

“Yeah, but it was nothing,” Zan stuttered.

Vilandra stood up from her seat and got in Rath’s way. “Rath, are you jealous? Now this is priceless. Rath is willing to rip my brother’s head off just because he kissed a girl he’s interested in,” Vilandra teased in a singing voice.

Rath hoped that his embarrassment wasn’t shown in his cheeks, he couldn’t believe he had let his emotions get the better of him.

“What are you doing here? Why did you bring me here?” Krysta asked as she got out of the Infirmary after having convinced the nurse that she was fine.

Rath forgot about his embarrassment, and about his plan to murder Zan. “Don’t EVER scare me like that again!”

Krysta jumped startled, she could hear just how scared Rath had been in his voice, and that surprised and excited her. “I knew I was going to be fine, and I had to do it.”

“Well, I didn’t know, and you scared the hell out of me.”

Krysta dropped her gaze to the floor. “I’m sorry, but can you scold me later? I have something to do.” Krysta said rudely even though that hadn’t been her intentions.

Krysta started to make her way to her destination, but stopped and turned to the four people behind her. “Zan?”

Zan lifted his head and looked at her. “Yeah?”

“Would you have done what your father did?”

Zan was confused by the question, but sincerely answered, “No.”

Krysta nodded, and without another word left, she had the answer she needed, and she wasn’t disappointed.

Zan, Ava, Vilandra, and Rath exchanged looks, and then simultaneously they went after Krysta. They caught up with Krysta in time to see her enter the Throne Room.

Her guardians approached her with angry looks on their faces.

Krysta knew what her guardian’s intents were, and before they could say anything, she snapped, “I don’t want to hear it, so shut up.” What happened today got her thinking, she hadn’t let her emotions control her actions after the first year of her training, but what she really thought was that her guardians didn’t understand the granolith like she did, and she wondered why had she been listening to them.

“Oh, Krysta, glad you are here. We may continue with the test.” The King said as soon as he saw her.

“Dear, Krysta disserves a brake. She went through quite an eventful morning already,” The Queen interfered.

“Nonsense. We shall begin immediately.”

“I’m sorry, you Highness, but I will not continue with this charade. Earlier you made me kill, and in turn some of you own people ended up hurt. Isn’t that enough? The granolith doesn’t chose it’s enemy or it’s favorite, it just chose someone that will be able to protect and understand it. The same power can be used to kill Skins as easily as it can be used to kill Anatarians.” Krysta didn’t care if she was over stepping her boundaries; she needed to make them see. “What I did today could have been done by any Anatarian, and have the same results, the only difference with me is that I wasn’t weak after it, because It was the granolith’s power that I used not mine. It won’t matter how many ‘tests’ you make me go through you’ll never be satisfied. You already made me get my hands covered in blood, don’t force me to do it again,” Krysta pleaded.

The King looked around and ordered, “Leave us.” The King didn’t speak again until they were left alone. “I need no more proof than that which you’ve already given. I can already tell why the granolith chose you. Have you come to a conclusion regarding my son?” The King asked changing the subject.

Krysta swallowed, and truthfully answered, “Yes.” She hated that she was the one that had to decide if Zan was ready to take the Throne, and that he would hate her for her decision.

“And?” The King probed from his seat.

“He isn’t ready to take the throne, but you can’t wait for him to mature, it’s already time for you to step down from the throne, and let your son take it. The only thing I can say is that at least he has feelings, but that will also be a bad thing, your Highness.”

Just outside the Throne Room the Royal Four waited for anything that would tell them that Krysta was in trouble. They didn’t know how, but in the short time they had known her she had penetrated all of their defenses, and had in infiltrated their group.

Vilandra studied Rath as he paced, almost making a hole in the floor. He had been acting strange all day, and he showed an enormous interest and concern for Krysta, but what told her her suspicions were right was that he hadn’t brought up their engagement. She watched as he paced up and down occasionally stopping in front of the doors that would take him to the Throne Room, or how he became instantly alert at any noise, the first place he would look was the Throne Room’s door, and it suddenly hit her. Rath was in love with Krysta. She saw that Rath was about to go by her, so she couldn’t help herself. “You like her, don’t you? You like her a lot.”

Rath looked like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “Lonnie, what are you talking about?”

“Krysta. You like her,” Vilandra stated.

Rath looked over at Zan and Ava, when he saw they were in their own little world, he answered, “Yes, but once she knew who I was she didn’t even give me a second glance. She just said something about you and I, and our engagement.”

Vilandra didn’t needed Rath to say anything more to know what was wrong with Krysta, by hearing Rath’s words any women would have known what was wrong. ‘It figures a man wouldn’t understand. No wonder we are at war with men this dumb the war will never be over. No wonder Dad doesn’t have any feelings he is after all a man.’ Vilandra mentally sighed, and hoped Rath wouldn’t be so dumb and understand what she was going to say, but when it came to women any man was dumb. “Rath, haven’t you thought that our engagement is known about by everyone, and that Krysta wouldn’t go along with the whole cheating thing?”

“What do you mean?”

Vilandra started to pace. “Ugh! That as long as you are engaged, and she feels she is the reason you are cheating on someone she won’t go out with you, or even give you a second glance,” Vilandra explained. Vilandra was surprised by the helpless looked that took over Rath’s face.

“Lonnie, I really like her. I want to get to know her; she is special—different. There’s something about her that calls out to me,” Rath confessed as he leaned onto the wall.

“Well, Rath, you know I’ve never like the idea of having to marry you so if you find someone you love all the better for me.” Vilandra said sounding like she didn’t care, but she knew Rath knew better.

Rath observed Vilandra for a moment before he realized what she was telling him. “You wouldn’t mind if I—I—“

Vilandra interrupted him, and sincerely said, “No. You know I don’t want to go through with our engagement. I have no protest about you to go after Krysta, actually, I encourage it.”

In that moment Krysta walked out of the Throne Room, and Zan and Ava were already surrounding her.

“Krysta, is everything okay? My father didn’t do anything drastic, did he?”

“No, everything is okay. I’m just tired, so I’m going to my room, okay? It’s been a long day.”

“I’ll walk you to your room,” Rath immediately offered. Krysta accepted quickly, surprising Rath.

Krysta stiffed as she heard Zan’s presence being requested at the Throne Room, but she kept walking and didn’t look back. Everything was going to be different from now on.

Krysta was too quiet for Rath’s taste. “Hey, are you there or just wondering off?”

Krysta smiled, “I’m here. It’s just that if you see my guardians please direct me to another place where I’ll be able to rest, and not worry about anything.”

“Sure, so should we be changing routs as of now?”

“Huh?” Krysta groaned when she saw her guardians just out side her room. Krysta looked at Rath. “Yeah, now is as good a time as ever.”

Rath nodded and took her to a room where she wouldn’t be bother by anyone, and no one would ever dare to enter without permission. His bedroom.

Krysta looked around; it was by all indications a man’s room. “Where are we?”

“My bedroom. Don’t worry. I won’t do you any harm, or make you do something you didn’t want, but we will have to share the bed.”

“Is that so?” Krysta skeptically asked as her eyes darted to every corner in the room.

“Yes, the bed is big enough for ten people.”

Krysta reluctantly gave in. ‘I should have taken my chances with my guardians.’

During the night Krysta and Rath laid stiff on their side of the bed, but as the night went by they got closer and closer until they were spooned up together, and Rath’s arm was over her waist, all their stiffness forgotten. They laid relaxed in each other’s arms, sleeping peacefully.

In the morning Rath woke up to find Krysta gone, but he had never felt so rested in his life. He stretched, and prepared himself to face the day.

Krysta snuck inside her room and changed, she was going to avoid her guardians at all cost. After she bathed, and changed clothes she went to the gardens where the Coronation and wedding would be held. It was tradition to begin the wedding and the coronation early in the morning, so the rest of the day and night would be the time for celebration.

Before the ceremony could begin Krysta sought out Zan. “Zan, I’m sorry.”

Zan took Krysta’s hands in his own and said, “It’s time for me to take the Throne, my father knows I’m not ready and I know it, but we both know my father had to step down—I was supposed to take the Throne long ago, we both knew it. That’s why I don’t blame you.” Zan left before Krysta could say anything.

‘I’m just going to be grateful I didn’t have to beg for forgiveness.’ Krysta thought as she made her way to the seat assigned to her.

As soon as Vilandra spotted Krysta she approached her. ‘Rath better be grateful.’ “Krysta, can I talk to you?”

Surprised by Vilandra’s politeness, Krysta looked up. “Sure.”

“It’s about Rath.” Vilandra stopped talking for a second and let the name sink in, and she wasn’t disappointed. Something lit up in Krysta’s eyes, which she immediately tried to hide, but it was already too late, Vilandra had seen it. Relieved that Krysta’s feeling where the same as Rath’s she continued, “I just wanted to say that I don’t love him nor do I want to marry him, so if he asks you something, or if he invites you to some place don’t turn him down, because of me. I love him, but just like a brother.” Vilandra felt the need to tell her what she was feeling, so she confessed her thoughts and beliefs. “I have always thought that there is someone out there for me, and that person isn’t Rath. I won’t marry Rath, I’m waiting for this person to came into my life…” Seeing the ceremony was about to begin Vilandra excused herself, and left Krysta to her thoughts.

Krysta didn’t pay any attention to the ceremony; she was too deep in thought, thinking about Vilandra’s earlier words, and about what they could mean to her. If anyone looked at Krysta they would have thought she was very attentive to the ceremony and that she wasn’t missing a thing. But they didn’t see the way she would steal a few glances in Rath’s direction, or when their eyes met they seemed to be lost in each other.

After the ceremony they held a ball to celebrate the coronation and the wedding. The ball was supposed to last all day and night.

Krysta stood in a corner, bored to death until she felt Rath behind her. She didn’t turn; all she felt was his hot breath on her ear as she heard him whisper, “May I have this dance?”

Krysta nodded as she softly whispered her reply, “Yes.”

Rath took her hand and twirled her around, so that she was facing him, and they began to dance. With every step and twirl they made they were leaving the crowd behind, until they reached a secluded spot, and even thought they stopped dancing Rath never let his hold on her loosen, he just kept his tight hold on her.

Krysta in a bold manner wrapped her arms around his neck and she passed her left hand through his hair at the same time Rath tightened his hold around her waist and drew her closer to him. He wanted her to notice just how much he wanted her. He heard Krysta suck in her breath and he lost it. He attacked her mouth like he was a man in a desert, and she was his oasis.

And after that their memories kept coming, like a dream, but a dream they knew to be real.

“Liz, maybe you shouldn’t interfere. Let the aliens handle this,” Maria said from her spot next to Kyle.

Irritated Krysta turned to Maria. “Maria, if you haven’t noticed it, I am an alien.” Before anyone could say anything Krysta turned her attention back to Larek. “What does Kivar want?” Krysta asked oblivious that the Pod Squad had woken up.

“He’s coming to Earth, and he wants you.”

To be continued...
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Destiny’s Surprise 6

Krysta could only stare at Larek; she stood in shock, because of Larek’s revelation. ‘It’s too soon. I had no idea they would act so fast.’ Those thoughts were running over and over in Liz’s mind.

Maria rushes over to Michael’s side, and loudly said bringing Krysta back to reality. “OMG, Michael, are you okay?”

Krysta let her gaze wonder over the Pod Squad, and saw Alex, Kyle, and Maria hovering over them. The Pod Squad only gave confused, questioning looks as a reward. Krysta brought her gaze back to Larek and said, “Larek, not a word of this to them.” Seeing he was going to disagree, she jumped in, “At least not today. They are confused.” At Larek’s reluctant nod, Krysta left and join the others.

Alex kept rubbing Isabel’s back while he lifted his head, and looked at Krysta. “Why are they like this, Liz—Krysta?”

Krysta smiled; glad he was making an effort to call her by her new name. “Their brain are adjusting to their memories, so they are confused, and a little dazed.”

Isabel groaned and grabbed her head. “We have all our memories, right?”

Krysta sheepishly looks at Isabel. “Not all of them, the war is too painful to remember, but you will remember, just not so fast and you won’t be as confused, your brain will be able to deal with them better than now, it will be the emotional part that will be difficult.”

“Maria, I’m okay. Would you cut it out? I don’t need any of your stupid herbs.” Michael said, trying to get some peace at least for a few seconds.

Krysta after checking Isabel went to Michael’s side. “Maria, let me look at him.” Maria unwilling stepped aside. “Michael, what’s wrong?”

Michael clutched his fist. “I saw you with Max, earlier today. He was going to kiss you.” Michael angrily whispered jealousy clearly in his voice.

“Michael, we—“ Krysta wasn’t able to say anything else, because Maria joined them.

Krysta knowing she couldn’t talk with Michael while Maria was there left to talk to Larek, since Max and Tess seemed to be in a deep conversation. “Larek, how much time do we have before they get here?”

Larek sighed, “A month, maybe two, but some Skins are already here. He’s willing do anything just to get you.”

Krysta tried to move further away from the others even though it was impossible with such little space. “Why were you going to tell this to them when it clearly concerns me?” Krysta asked irritated, she had gone through a day without sleep and now this.

“Because I know you, you would do something without telling them.”

“What else can you tell me about Kivar?”

“He has followers, there are more Skins than we thought. Kivar has turned very powerful. He has been preparing for this for years. He knows what you are capable off,” Larek warned.

Kyle asked interrupting them. “Can you tell us what’s going on now?”

Krysta composed her thoughts, and answered, “Sure.” Krysta looked at Max studying him, she hoped that the experiences of this life as well as the ones in his past made him wiser. “I’m the Granolith Keeper. I’m also from Anatar and I was with them in their past lives.”

“But who does the granolith belongs to?” Alex curiously asked.

Isabel took it upon herself to answer. “In a way it belongs to Krysta, the granolith chose her. The only reason we have it is because we found it, and Krysta pledged her loyalty to Anatar—to us.”

Maria felt as though she didn’t know her best friend anymore. “How long have you known?” Maria asked in an accusing matter.

“I’ve been learning during the last five years. Ava had been helping me remember.”

Maria got closer to Michael; she was looking for warmth, but only found a very cold welcoming in his arms. “I feel like I don’t now you.”

“Five years tend to do that, Maria. People change.” Krysta knew that they indeed had changed, the only thing they could do was to get to know each other again.

Tess noticed Larek for the first time. “Larek, what are you doing here?”

Before Larek could answer, Krysta spoke. “He’ll tell us later when we are all rested. The sun is already up.”

“We aren’t even tired, Krysta,” Max protested.

“Max, believe me when you hit the bed you won’t know what hit you. Your brain still needs to adjust to your memories.”

In defeat they agreed to do as told. While they picked their things up Krysta went to talk to Larek again. “Where will you be staying? You still own the UFO Center, right?”

“Yes, you can find me there.”

“Okay, I’ll contact you if anything comes up, and remember not a word about Kivar to the others,” Krysta reminded Larek.

“Fine, I’ll need a ride.” Larek saw Tess was coming toward them, and said, “I’ll go ask them myself.” Larek left before Krysta could ask what was going on.

Krysta turned, and saw the reason why Larek left. “Tess, what’s up?”

Tess nervously fiddled with her hands. “I want to talk to you. I know how close we were, and I would like to have that kind of friendship again.”

Krysta was speechless, and pleased, but she couldn’t help the pain that flashed in her eyes. “Tess, I would love for that to happen but—“

Tess cut her off, not giving Krysta the opportunity to finish what she was saying. “It’s okay, I understand. We didn’t start with the right foot in this life, and I wasn’t friendly either.”

“Tess, Tess,” Krysta called out, trying to stop Tess from rambling, and with sorrow she called her by her other name, effectively shutting her up. “Ava.”

Tess stared at Krysta her eyes wide open. “Yes?”

“Tess, you didn’t let me finish. What you have said is true, but I’m willing to give it a try, because of Ava. But she is the same reason it’s going to be hard. It still hurts to know that Ava died, because of me.”

Comprehension dawned into Tess, trying to lighten the mood, she asked, “You still aren’t after Max or are you?”

Krysta chuckled, “No, I’m not. I haven’t been after him for a long time.”

“I’m going to look for Max, we still have some things to straighten out.”

Krysta nodded and watched them interact with each other, but her attention was kept on Kyle and the way he was eyeing Maria. Krysta couldn’t take it anymore; she had to know if her suspicions were right, so she approached Kyle. “Since when do you like Maria?” Krysta asked, startling him.

“Liz, you scared me.”

“You do like her,” Krysta concluded.

Kyle totally clueless asked, “What are you talking about?”

Krysta nodded in Maria’s direction as an answer.

“How did you know?” Kyle asked not hiding the fact that he like Maria anymore.

“The way you looked at her. How long has this been going on?”

“When the thing between our parents didn’t work out, I was relieved—too relieved. After that I began to get jealous of Michael…to tell you the truth I don’t know how it even happened, man.”

“Let’s go, everyone else is already outside.” Krysta grabbed Kyle by the arm and headed outside. Just as they were on their way out the granolith lit up again, making Kyle jump, and everyone look at Krysta.

“Not my doing,” Krysta immediately said, defending herself.

Krysta saw Michael and Max talking, she wondered what they were talking about. She was going to approach them, but Isabel stopped her. “Krysta, can I ask you something?”

Krysta nodded, “Yeah.” ‘It sure feels like old times. I couldn’t step out of a room, because if I did I was attacked by questions.’

“What do I call myself? Isabel or Vilandra or what?”

Krysta looked at Isabel like she was crazy, but she understood her dilemma. “With the name you feel most comfortable with. But you also have to keep in mind that your parents know you by Isabel.”

Isabel saw the glances Krysta stole in Michael’s direction. “There’s something going on between the two of you.” At Krysta confused look she explained, “Krysta, I have my memories now, I recognize all the signs. They are the same as last time. You know, I still stand by my decision that you can stay with him. I already found my prince.” Isabel said not giving Krysta the opportunity to think. “I’m going with Alex, I want to explain things to him.”

Maria rushed over to Krysta. “Liz, we have to do something, and fast. Just because Max has his memories doesn’t mean he has to be with Tess. Tess won’t leave so you can forget about what Future Max said. Have you see how she is all over him?”

Krysta mentally groaned, “Maria, I don’t mind what Tess does with Max, she can have him, I don’t want him.”

“Liz, you should go with them, you know, spoil their fun.”

“You want to separate them, then do it yourself, I’m not interested in doing that, and I have my own car!!!” Krysta screamed.

“Liz, calm down, jeez.” Maria spotted Michael and called out to him.

Michael jogged towards them. “What’s wrong?”

Maria attached herself to his arm, and explained, “Michael, you have to help us. We need to formulate a plan to separate Max and Tess, but Liz is too stubborn to do anything.”

“Maria, that isn’t a good idea, I’m tired and I want to go to home,” Michael said trying to detach himself from Maria’s grip.

“Okay, we’ll go home. Bye, Liz.” Maria began to walk away, but she noticed Michael wasn’t following her. “Michael, aren’t we going?”

Michael passed his hand through his hair. “I’m taking a ride with Krysta. There are some things I need to clear up.”


“Maria, we’ll talk later—another day, just not now.”

“Fine!” Maria stormed off to her car, but stopped when Krysta shouted her name.

Krysta approached Maria. “Could you take Larek and Kyle back? They don’t have transportation, and I think that Michael want to talk to me in private. There are some things that bothered him, and that would make him uncomfortable if other people know,” Krysta covered.

Maria dumbfound nodded, and in a daze left. ‘She didn’t even cared how I felt after my fight with Michael.'’ Maria mumbled something to Kyle and Larek, and they were off, Max and Tess following them in their car, and Alex and Isabel in theirs.
“I’m going to have a long talk with Michael as soon as I drop you guys off,” Maria informed them.

“Maybe that isn’t such a good idea,” Larek said. He remembered that whenever Krysta and Rath were left alone they wouldn’t waste time, and they would begin to christianizes every place they could find.

“Who asked you?!” Maria snapped.

“Maria, maybe Larek is right. Just let Michael cool off, you also need to cool off,” Kyle advised.

Maria stopped the car in front of Kyle’s house, and barked out, “Get out.”

“Just think about it, Maria,” Kyle said as he got out of the car.

Maria accelerated, only leaving dust behind. “Larek, save it.

Once she left Larek at his place she headed to Michael’s apartment.
The ride to Michael’s apartment was spent in silence, and just as quietly they entered his apartment.

“Michael, can you tell me now what’s wrong?” Krysta asked from her place near the door.

Michael sat on the couch. “I saw you and Max, and I got jealous.”

“Michael, nothing happened. You know better than to assume things. If you had stayed a few more minutes you would know that!”

Michael got up, and started to pace. “I know. Max and I had a chat, and he told me the truth.”

Krysta crossed her arms, and leaned into the door. “Oh, so Max had to be the one that told you, you couldn't have come to me?”

Michael stopped pacing, and stood in from of Krysta. “Would you stop twisting my words around. He came to me, not the other way.”

“Michael, is this still about the kiss between Zan and me, the one on Anatar?” Krysta asked, suspiciously.

Michael teasingly trapped Krysta between the door and himself, and put his hand against the wall. “Maybe.”

“Is that so,” Krysta said, tracing his chest with her finger, their fight, anger, and jealousy put aside.

Michael tugged at Krysta’s blouse. “Yeah.”

Krysta wrapped her arms around his waist. “I think it’s time to wipe that smirk off your face.”

Michael copied Krysta’s movements, and wrapped his arms around her waist. “And how do you plan on doing that?”

“Very easy,” Krysta whispered against his lips, and kissed him.

Michael grabbed her by the waist, and began to walk backwards, dragging her along. When he felt the couch behind him he sat down. Krysta laughed and sat on Michael’s lap, facing him his legs between hers. Krysta grinded her hips against Michael’s erection. Michael bit his lip to keep himself from groaning out loud.

“I hate this. I wish you could walk around barechested…nope, I don’t like that idea too much. I don’t want anyone else, but myself to have a peak at you,” Krysta said as she unbutton his shirt.

“Just hurry up,” Michael urged, but Krysta just grinded her hips again.

Michael put his hands on her hips trying to stop her movements, but found himself encouraging them.

Krysta kept moving her hips slowly denying Michael the fast pace he wanted. Once she rid him of his shirt, she started to play with his nipples.

Michael was trying to rid her of her blouse, but she wasn’t collaborating. “A little help here.”

Krysta impatiently helped Michael, and after her shirt was out of the way, she began to drop kisses on Michael’s neck, and shoulders, and then she felt all of her muscles lock, and tremors shook her body. She kept herself seated on Michael’s lap aware of the sweat that ran down his forehead, and of his heavy panting matching her own.

Krysta let a joyful laugh when Michael shifted positions, putting her beneath him. Michel had no idea how he got rid of her clothes or of his own, but he was glad he did. He forcefully entered her, holding her hands as he thrusted into her, Krysta meeting each of his thrust, keeping up with his pace.

Just as they reached their climax the door flew opened.

“OMG!!” Maria stared at them with a shock look written all over her face.

Michael and Krysta’s face matching Maria’s.


Destiny’s Surprise 7

“OMG!” Maria repeated; before anyone could utter another word she fled.

Michael and Krysta groaned. “Michael, you should go after her.”

Even under the circumstances Michael couldn’t help but moan when he got out of Liz’s center. “You’ll be here when I get back?” Michael asked as he pulled up his pants.

Michael gave Krysta a quick kiss, and went to find Maria.
Maria didn’t know what to do, and the next thing she knew she was knocking on the Valenti’s door. As soon as Kyle opened the door, she flung herself into his arms and broke down crying. Maria told him what happened.

Kyle was left speechless, not because of what Michael did, but because of what Liz did. Kyle hugged Maria closer to him, and told her, “He didn’t deserved you, Maria, he didn’t.”

Maria lifted her head from Kyle’s shoulder, and kissed him, one thing leading to another.
Two hours later Michael came to his house, not seeing Krysta in the living room he searched for her in his room. He found her curled up in his bed in a deep sleep. Michael stripped down to his boxers, and slide into the bed next to Krysta. ‘We’ll deal with this later.’

Michael groaned when he heard the phone ringing, grumbling, he answered it. “Hello.”

“Michael, we are meeting at the Crashdown now. Everyone has to be there,” Max said.

“Okay. I’m on my way.” Michael hanged up the phone before Max could say anything else.

Michael took a bath and slid in his bed again, and kissed Krysta’s shoulder. “Krysta, Krysta, time to wake up.”

Krysta just shifted positions. “Hmmm.”

Michael traced her shoulder to her arm. “Krysta, rise and shine.”

“What?” Krysta groaned out.

“We have to go. Max called a meeting at the Crashdown.”

Krysta immediately sat up. “Doesn’t he know the meaning of rest?” Krysta shook her head. “Let’s go.”

When they got to the Crashdown everyone was already there, including Maria.

“Max, I told you to rest. We need to rest,” Krysta scolded.

“Rest or screw? Or they just mean the same to you, Krysta?” Maria sarcastically asked.

Isabel eyes widen, and her breath got caught up in her throat. Isabel searched Krysta’s eyes, and she knew that what she was thinking was true. Maria had found out about them.

“Well, you do with your time what you want, I’m not there to supervise. I just don’t think it was appropriate to discuss our current problems today. They—we have been through enough,” Krysta said, coolly.

“Oh, but it’s okay to screw with my boyfriend,” Maria said, avoiding Kyle’s eyes, like she had been doing since it began to sink in that she had given her virginity to him.

“Maria, that’s enough,” Michael intervened.

“Finally, her partner in crime speaks.” Maria was drawing some unwanted attention to their booth.

“Maria, quiet down. What’s wrong with you?” Alex asked, through cletched teeth.

Michael grabbed Maria by the arm and roughly dragged her to the backroom. “We are going to talk in private and now.”

Krysta looked after Michael worriedly, “Max you should leave this for tomorrow. Just tell me what you wanted to know.”

Max wanted to know what was going on between Michael, Krysta, and Maria, but it clearly didn’t involve him. “I want to know what Larek had to say.”

Isabel got out of the booth and put her hand on Krysta’s shoulder giving it a comforting squeeze. “Everything is going to be alright.”

“I hope so,” Krysta mumbled. Only Krysta and Kyle remained, waiting for Maria and Michael.

Krysta could feel Kyle’s penetrating glare. “You know?”

“Yes. How could you? She was your best friend.”

“Kyle, I—“

“I don’t want to hear it.” Kyle got up from the booth, and sat in another one far away from Krysta.

“How long?” Maria spat out.

Michael began to pace a habit he got along with his memories. “Five years. Our first time was the night Liz left.”

“I don’t want to hear it,” Maria said, putting her hands over her ears to emphasis her point.

Michael snapped, he grabbed her by the arms, uncovering her ears, and began to shake her. “You are going to listen to me whether you like it or not! Because that’s what’s been wrong all these years, you wouldn’t listen when I talked to you! If this is happening its your own fault how many times did I try to break it off, told you our relationship was useless, that we couldn’t be more than friends? But you hung on.”

“Stop it!” Maria cried out, breaking free of Michael’s hold.

“Krysta and I have already gone through enough. First, the King, and then Krysta’s guardians. They told us we couldn’t be together, because I needed to marry Vilandra, and form a union, that would finally unite all the countries of Anatar. Krysta, because she was the Granolith’s keeper, and having friends and a lover were a distraction.” Michael saw Maria flinched at the word lover, but he had to make her see, understand. “This time we screwed things up, we were confused, and we couldn’t find each other sooner. Liz almost left without telling me—it hadn’t been for Ava she would have. They explained things that I didn’t understand at the time. I was about to leave with them but even now Krysta’s guardians insist on keeping us apart.”

“Who are her guardians?” Maria asked bitterly, not wanting to say Krysta’s name.

“The Parkers,” Michael answered. “They only let Liz go if she broke all contact with everyone here. Krysta accepted knowing it would have been the only way for her to know who she was. We were having dreams at the time, making us see bit and pieces of our past lives,” Michael offered as an explanation. “The Parkers could have trained her, they did before, but they couldn’t, not with all of us around, they called us distractions.”

“What does this have to do with the fact that you were screwing around behind my back?” Maria cruelly asked, tapping her foot impatiently.

Michael ignored her, and continued with his tale. “Ava knew about us, she understood us, so she helped us. Since then every weekend we would meet, and start to get to know each other.”

Realization dawned into Maria. “That’s why every weekend you had a trip. A cleansing of the soul you called it, but it was just a trip to screw land.”

“Maria, when was the last time we kissed, went out on a date? Every time I even tried to have a serious talk with you, you would make up an excuse and leave. I couldn’t let Krysta go, not for you and not for anyone.”

Maria got up from her chair. “You had no right to lead me on like that?”

“Like what? I didn’t lead you on, you were too stubborn, to delusional to admit it was over. You were so wrapped up in trying to save our relationship that you didn’t noticed five years went by, or that Kyle is like a puppy when it comes to you,” Michael cruelly and truthfully pointed out.

“I don’t need to hear anymore of this,” Maria screamed, and rushed out of the Crashdown, Kyle at her tail.

Michael tiredly sat next to Krysta and dropped his arm over her shoulder, casually. “We better go. I’m tired, and so are you.”

Morning came all too soon for them, and they could tell it was going to be another long day. They already have a meeting at the Crashdown with Larek in five minutes.

Michael parked the car in front of the Crashdown. Michael noticed Krysta’s pensive expression. “You know what Larek’s going to tell us, don’t you?”

Krysta wouldn’t meet his eyes. “Yes…we better get going.”

Michael nodded, and helped her out of the car with their hands entwined they walked into the Crashdown, out of the blue Michael said, “I love you, Liz, Krysta.”

“I love you too, Michael, Rath,” Krysta replied.

“Finally! What took you guys so long?” Isabel asked.

“We got detained,” Was the only thing Michael said.

Michael sat in a chair next to Krysta. “So what’s going on Max, Larek?”

“That’s what we are here to find out,” Max said, looking directly at Larek.

Alex noticed the closeness between Michael and Krysta, and the tension between them, Maria, and Kyle, he also remembered the argument that had taken place the day before. “What going on with them?” Alex whispered to Isabel.

Isabel squeezed his hand as if telling him not to worry. “Alex, let it be. That’s between them, and they have been through enough already.”

Tess’ curiosity was eating her alive. “Larek, what’s so important that you went to such extremes to find us, yesterday?”

Larek looked at Krysta, and when he saw her slightly nod, he answered, “Kivar is on his way here, and he wants the granolith—most likely Krysta.”

“You are wrong,” The Parkers said, making their presence know. “He is already here.”

Everyone gasped except Krysta. “we have to prepare for war.”

“You knew,” Maria accused. “You weren’t planning on telling us, were you?”

“I knew,” Krysta confirmed. “I had a feeling he was already here, but I wasn’t sure.”

“Krysta, we have to talk to you. In private,” Mrs. Parker said.

Krysta nodded and followed them

“You must protect the granolith, remember that. It’s time to move it’s location,” Mr. Parker lectured.

Krysta was tired of the same argument, they seemed to have memorized it, and every time they saw her, they chose to practice it. Krysta held up her hands, indicating for them to quiet down. “I can’t keep running. They will die if they face them alone.”

“They will survive…if Vilandra doesn’t betray them,” Mrs. Parker said.

“Lonnie, didn’t betrayed them. Kivar feed off her loneliness, and vulnerability, but when he asked her to betray her family she wouldn’t, so he settled for the next best thing, he rapped her mind. Of course Vilandra stood by his side at the war, she didn’t have a choice, she didn’t even have a mind!” Krysta exploded.

“Would you keep your voice down,” Mr. Parker hissed.

Krysta just glared at him. “You have no right to order me around, so what if the King put you in charge of me. You can’t claim to know what’s best for the granolith, you don’t even understand it, and it doesn’t matter how much you wish you did.” Krysta stormed off leaving two stunned guardians behind.

Krysta joined the others and said, “Don’t ask.”

“We need a plan. I’ll work on it,” Michael said, his reflexes on situations like this kicking in.

“We should also offer a peace treaty,” Max added.

Krysta saw that the others wanted to disagree, but they stayed quiet. “It won’t work. It didn’t work in the past, or when you went to New York, and it won’t work now.”

Max ignored Krysta’s warnings. “We have to try. Larek, can you set up a meeting?”

“Yes, they will be pleased even if it’s not for the right reasons.”

“Max, if you are going through with the meeting have a back up plan, and be prepared for anything. Kivar doesn’t play fair,” Krysta butted in again.

“Krysta, we can’t go in there with a war in mind,” Max argued.

“Max, you are dreaming. Don’t make the same mistake again. Grow up.” Krysta could feel the tension in the room rising.

“I’m still the King,” Max warned, his voice rising.

“We are not in Anatar anymore, Max. I prefer to disobey your order than to cry on your grave.”

Max was going to argue, but felt Tess’ hand on his shoulder, calming him down. “Fine, the four of us will be there.”

“It won’t be enough. Kivar’s power has increased, his allies multiplied. You don’t stand a chance,” Krysta logically pointed out.

“Then what do you suggest?” Max impatiently asked.

“Let me fight with you.”

“No, he wants you. I’m not going to hand him the granolith.”

Krysta felt Michael’s hand squeeze her things, telling her to shut up and let it be, but she kept pushing. “Max, the granolith is not yours to hand out. It’s not even mine. I’m the one that’s going to fight, not the granolith.”

“If they get their hands on you—“

Krysta cut of Max. “I pledge my loyalty to you, not them. I used to think you trusted my word.”

“Fine,” Max surrendered. “Larek, in a week we will meet Kivar in the Desert.”

Larek nodded, and split. Krysta got up from her chair. “Michael, don’t. I want to be alone right now. Please?”

Michael reluctantly nodded, “I’ll wait for you at home.”

Krysta gave him a good-bye kiss, and left.

After a while only Kyle and Maria were left. “I need time, Kyle. It’s too soon,” Maria said, out of nowhere.

“I know. I’ll wait for you as long as I have to. If you need anything you only have to ask.”

Maria looked at Kyle for the first time. “Will you be my friend?”

Kyle instead of answering, hugged her.
Krysta entered the cave, and she could hear the granolith humming, recognizing her. Krysta let her hands touch the granolith, and it tingled at the small contact. ‘What is the use of having something so powerful, and never using it completely? What’s the use for it to even exist if it only brings greed, war, and death? As long as this exists, there will always be a battle ahead.’

Krysta left the cave more confused than before. As soon as she reached Michael’s apartment, she searched for him, needing his comfort, and warmth. When she found him, she flung herself into his arms, and neither of them said anything.
The week had gone by faster than they wished. They had spent it planning strategies, by now their nerves were on edge. They were going to meet at the Crashdown, which had turned into their base. They were all there, they nervously looked at one another knowing this maybe the last time they would see each other.

“Maria, Alex, Kyle, you are staying here with the Parkers,” Max told them.

They didn’t protest for once, and did as told.

Krysta approached the Parkers. “This is the only way for history not to repeat itself. That’s what you wanted, right?” Krysta didn’t wait for them to reply, she just followed the others.

Before they reached the desert Krysta turned to Michael. “I’m not saying good bye, because we’ll see each other again.”

They reached the desert before Michael could reply. They felt an invisible wall go up, hiding them from the human eye. Ironic that their fight would be held near the granolith, where it stood hidden.

The Royal Four and Krysta were speechless hundred of Skins covered the field, but only one held their attention. The man next to Nicholas, he had a powerful aura surrounding him.

Max stepped forward, “Kivar, we come here in peace.

The tall, dark man next to Nicholas stepped forward too. “Too bad, because we only want the granolith.”

“You can’t have it!” Max said, forcefully.

“Very well.” The man turned to his followers, and yelled, “Attack!!!”

The next thing they knew they were engaged in battle, the Royal Four and the Granolith’s Keeper stood up against hundreds of Skins, and most importantly against Kivar.

“Get your shield up, Max,” Krysta yelled once she saw the Skins were getting closer to them, but it was too late Michael was already hit. “No!!!!”

Krysta left her post, and rushed over to Michael’s side. He was alive. Krysta let her tears fall then. She looked around, and she was suddenly back in Anatar. She could hear the screams of pure agony, the screams of the people that were burned alive, and the cries of the children that witness their parents’ death. Krysta cleared her head, her mind made up. She kissed Michael softly on the lips. “It will be alright, Michael, Rath. This isn’t good-bye.”

Krysta stalked towards Kivar, and stood in front of him, and screamed, “Kivar!!!” Silence feel upon them, the battle suddenly stopped, and only Kivar and Krysta existed, their hate for one another burning in their eyes. “I’m the Granolith’s Keeper.”

“So I’ve heard, just give me what I want, and you’ll live.”

Michael was up by now, he saw Krysta talking to Kivar, and his heart dropped. “Krysta!!” Michael yelled.

Krysta turned to Michael. “I’m just making sure history won’t repeat itself. Destiny took me by surprise that’s all.”

Krysta with the corner of her eye saw Kivar raising his hand, and suddenly a blast headed towards Michael, and the battle started again.

“Kivar, you want a taste of the granolith power? Well, you are going to have it!!” Silence fell upon them again, and a blinding white light illuminated the Desert.

This time the light was bearable to the eye, and they could see what was going on. Krysta’s blast was fighting over Kivar’s, and when it seemed someone was going to win the other would start to take over. The granolith started to hum, and the cave started to crack until it completely revealed the granolith, although none could look at it for it was too bright. The humming got louder, and the granolith blew up into tiny, little pieces. The Skins were nowhere in sight, and Krysta crumbled to the floor.

The Pod Squad was beside her in a minute.

Michael could feel his tears running down his face, but he didn’t brush them away. Michael cradled Krysta’s head on his lap. She was bloody; blood was running out of her nose and mouth.

“Krysta, come on, baby, open your eyes.”

Krysta heard his words very far away, but she heard enough and did as she was told. Krysta managed to smile a small smile. She could feel Max trying to heal her. “Max, it won’t work.” ‘So this is the price of using the granolith’s full power.’ Krysta’s mind barely registered Michael’s word, and when she did, they made her heart soar. “I love you too, Michael. I’ll see you again.”

Michael let out a sob and began to kiss Krysta’s cold lips over and over again, oblivious to the others’ cries.

Michael rocked Krysta’s dead body, and sobbed, through his sobs he would utter. “I love you.”

The Parkers gasped, and turned to the others. They had seen the blast, and they knew what it meant.

“What’s wrong?” Kyle and the others asked at the same time.

“Krysta’s dead.”



A year had gone by since Krysta’s death, and Michael still hadn’t gotten over her death. Everyone else was moving on, Isabel and Alex were going to have their first child, Max and Tess got married, and Maria finally let Kyle inside her heart, and they were dating, Krysta’s death had hit her hard, she even blamed herself.

Michael on the other hand had chosen to live in the memories of what he and Krysta had. He closed himself off from everyone, and the only time he seemed to be himself was when he would visit her grave. Finally, he decided it was time to move on, but he couldn’t do it in Roswell.

For the first time in a year he stood in front of the Crashdown, it was old and the paint was wearing off. When Krysta died the Parkers closed the Crashdown and moved away. Michael had spent most of his time avoiding the Crashdown. The only reason he was there now was because he was leaving, and wanted to take one last look.

Michael picked up his bag, and was ready to go, but he heard his name being called, making him go stiff. He would have kept walking if it weren’t for the soft, familiar, feminine voice that called his name. A name that the last time he heard it had been when Krysta had spoken it. No one called him Rath anymore.

“What did you call me?” Michael asked his back still to the person.

“Rath. I’m sorry, I don’t even know why I called you that. It just slipped.”

Michael turned to face the person, and felt his heart stop beating, and his blood go cold. “Liz,” Michael whispered.

“Are you okay?” The woman asked, and was immediately by his side, not even noticing what he called her. “Let’s go inside.” She didn’t even wait for him to answer; she just escorted him inside the Crashdown.

“Sit down. I’ll get you some water.” A couple of minutes later she came back with a glass of water in had. “Drink it.”

Michael took the glass, and drank it in one gulp. “Liz—“

“My name is Krysta. It seems we are both confused when it comes to names.”

Michael decided to change the subject. “How did you get inside the Crashdown?”

Krysta smiled, “I own it. I just got here, and once I saw the building I had to have it. I felt it was the key to my memories.”

Michael almost choked, “What?!”

Krysta looked uncomfortable, but answered anyway. “I’ve been in a coma for ten years, and I have no memories of my childhood. When I woke up I found out I had no family. The only thing they could tell me was my name, and the only thing I had was this.” Krysta took her chain off her neck and handed it to Michael, from the chain a bright small crystal hanged. “It’s weird, when I touch it, it hums, and sometimes it gets very bright, brighter than it originally is. Anyway the only clue I had about my past was this crystal with a note that said protect it and that I would find answers here, but I’ve already been here a week, and nothing.” Realizing she had just told him the story of her life she said, “I don’t know why I even told you that, but I felt I could trust you, and tell you everything.”

“It’s okay. I’m glad you did,” Michael said handing her the chain. “I have to go.”

Krysta got up from the booth. “Oh, I’m sorry for keeping you.” Krysta accompanied him to the door. “I hope you enjoy your trip.”

Michael looked clueless, but then he noticed her gaze was on his bag. “Oh, no. I’m just dropping some things at a friends house,” Michael lied. “Well, I’ll see you around.”

Michael was already across the street when he heard her voice again.

“Hey, you never told me your name,” Krysta said, once she reached him.

“It’s Rath,” Michael answered without thinking.

“So, I was right. It was nice to meet you. I’m glad I met you.” Krysta extended her hand.

Michael shook her hand. “It’s nice to meet you too. Maybe it was our destiny to meet.”

Krysta kissed him on the cheek. “Who knows? Sometimes destiny takes us by surprise.” Krysta whispered in his ear, and left.

Michael shook his head, and headed back to his apartment. ‘Maybe I can learn how to move on from here—from Roswell. Anything is possible here.’

Krysta watched him walk away and thought. ‘I told you we would meet again.’ Krysta shook her head wondering where the thought came from. Krysta touched her crystal and said, “I guess you’ll always be with me. I don’t know why but I’ve seem to be obsessed with finding a name for you and all I can think of is granolith, but I’ve never heard a stone named like that.”

Krysta closed her eyes, still touching the granolith, and it lit up, illuminating the room, and when Krysta opened her eyes again it was gone, and she never knew what happened. Krysta kept looking out the window. ‘Rath, I can’t wait to see you again.

The end!