Hey, guys. I've had a couple of requests for some of my fics, and unfortunately, I'm lazy these days. But in my non-lazy days, I actually went to all the trouble of reposting all my stories on the repost board. So, what I will do is give you links to them all on the repost board. How does that sound? Just promise to leave me feedback somewhere in some form and I'll love you forever.

Here you go! And thanks for reading, guys.

Finding Yourself:
This is a post departure story, but I swear it's good. It's in progress and it has Liz and Kyle leaving Roswell behind. They meet Mel along the way and a friendship is formed. Some even say Mel and Kyle may get together some day. Who knows? There are actually two separate stories here, as we follow both Kyle/Liz/Mel in one, and the Roswell gang in the other. But they do meet back up eventually. And is there more to Max and Liz's relationship than meets the eye? There's something for everyone in here. Alex pops in occasionally to say hi, and Michael and Maria get some startling news. Come on over and check it out. But get comfy first, long is an understatement. LOL

I have a trilogy I'm working on. The first story is:
Do What You Have To Do. It is complete here:
This picks up where Max in the City left off. Basically, future Max comes back to ask Liz to help him fix the horrible mistake they made when he came back the first time. But Nicholas and the skins have evil plans for Liz first. Will Max come to her rescue in time and will they be able to reconcile? And more importantly, can I sound any cheesier? Read on to find out.

The sequel is called Learning to Live and it is completed now! It can be found on the repost board here:
This picks up a couple of years from Do What You Have To Do. New couples are formed, new enemies arrive in town and when the parents find out the truth about our gang, it threatens to split the gang apart like never before. Throw in some mysterious dream warnings and a couple of deaths and you've got yourself a party here. Oh, yeah, if I mention Max and Liz's wedding is in here, will it ruin the suspense from the first story?

The third part to this trilogy Wherever You May Go. It can be found up to date on the main board or on the repost board here:
This one picks up a couple of years after Learning to Live left off. The gang makes a trip to Antar, but will everyone go or will someone get left behind? I'm not one for spoiling a plot, but there just may be the pitter patter of little feet with this story. Hmm, but who do they belong to? There will be enemies old and new as well as friendships forged in the heat of battle. We've got a little bit of every couple in this story, and plenty of angst. But when do I ever not have angst in one of my stories? Happy endings will abound and they are promised all around. But don't tell anyone else. Otherwise, what's the fun?

Okay, admittedly, this is another post Max In The City fic. But, you've got to trust me on this one. It's fun in a tortured kind of way. LOL Max falls prey to one of Brody's devices and can no longer understand or speak English. When the Skins come back into town, and most of the group has to track down Brody and his device, Max is essentially left alone with Liz. Do you want me to really keep giving the ending away? Isn't that enough to whet your collective appetites? Check it out. It's a short one, I promise.

If any of these don't work, or you need help, give me a buzz. Cookieman123⊕go.com

As usual, thanks guys for everything. I have the best feedbackers in the whole world, and I even suspect that some of you are from further away than that. Right? Love you guys and I hope this helps.


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