I just started writing my first fic and decided to start this thread so more people would read it. Please leave feedback. I hope you like it. I don't have a title yet but I'm working on it.

Part 1

Maria walked into the crashdown with a huge smile on her face. Michael watched her from his normal place at the booth. He watched her run up to Liz and huge her and tell her some obviously great news. Both the girls started laughing and getting giddy. Then they disasppeared into the back room.

"I wonder what that was about" Max said.

"Maybe Billy asked her out on a date" Michael said saracastically.

"Don't be such a jerk Michael. I'm going to see what happened. If Jesse calls tell him I'll be home around five" Isabel said.

Michael watched her disappear into the backroom and wished he could go with her. He wished he could go and put his arms around Maria and be happy for her. Even have a celebration of their own. He smiled at the thought.

Isabel marched into the backroom and flung open the door.

"So" Isabel said with a smile.

"A big recored company is flying me to New York to produce my recored. They are sending ME to New York!!! I'm practically famous already" Maria exclaimed.

The girls burst out laughing.

"When are you leaving" Isabel asked.

"Next week" Maria said.
Maria went to the table where Max, Michael, and Kyle were sitting.

"Hey guys" Maria said.

"Hey" said Max and Kyle.

"Hi Michael" Maria said annoyed.

"Yea whatever" Michael said.

Maria shot Michael a nasty look and then turned away. Michael rolled his eyes right back.

"I'll just bring you guys the usual" Maria said.

Maria rushed into the backroom and sat down. She loved Michael but she just couldn't be with him right now. In a week she would be so far away from him. She wouldn't get to be close to him but singing was her dream. She couldn't just throw it away but she didn't just want to throw away their realtionship. 'Well I guess I better get back to work'.
Michael was sitting in her apartment thinking about Maria. Thinking about how her hair smelled and how she had the cutest little dimples when she smiled. He was pulled from his thoughts when the phone rang.

"Hi Michael it's Liz"

"Oh hi Liz what's up?"

"Look Isabel and I want to take Maria out with everyone before she leaves. We figured this Friday night would be the best and we would take her to DeBal's at eight. So you're gonna come right?

"Um where the hell is she going?"

"She didn't tell you yet?"


"Oops. Bye Michael"


There was only silence on the other end. Michael ran out the door and jumped on his motorbike. 'I'm going to find out what the hell is going on'.

Maria was sitting in her room trying to keep her mind off Michael. 'Ok you have to figure out what you're bringing with you'. She started to make a list when there was a loud banging at her window.'What the hell'

"I'm coming calm down" Maria yelled.

"Finally" Michael replied.

"Michael what the-"

"Where the hell are you going and why didn't you tell me? I don't like getting my information from Liz".

"Well excuse me for not telling you the second I found out".

"You still didn't answer my question".

"New York"

"To be with Billy?"

"Oh my god!"

"Good bye."

"Michael, Michael comeback. You know what fine."

Maria slammed the window shut as Michael walked away.

Part 2

Liz was laying on her bed hoping Michael wouldn't do anything well Michaelish. Then she heard a knock at her window. She looked up, when she saw Max a smile spread across her face. They had been through so much. Liz was sure that he was the one. She could never imagine loving anyone as much as she loved Max. She walked across the room and opened the window.

"Hey" Max said.

"Hi Max."

"Is something wrong?"

"I'm just thinking about how much I'm going to miss Maria."


"She is going to New York to produce her recored. I know this is what she always wanted but I just can't imagine not having her around. I still can't get over the fact that I lost Alex."

"Liz she's not dying, you'll probably end up talking to her for hours everyday. Don't worry and you'll still have me."

A huge smile spread across Max's face. Liz threw her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. She stopped worrying about Maria and just lost herself in his arms. He leaned in and kissed her sweetly. Liz couldn't help but be happy. It always felt like the world was pulling them apart but they were finally together and it was perfect.

As Max contuined to kiss her Liz started to feel lightheaded. She grabbed Max and fell into his arms. Max lifted her up and placed her on the bed.



"Are you okay? Liz, Liz wake up."

Max lifted her up and ran downstairs. He placed her carefully in the back and drove to the hosipital.

"Maria" Mrs. Parker got up to greet Maria.

"How is she, how are you?" Maria asked.

"Oh god Maria I don't know, I don't know anything" said Mrs. Parker.

Just then the doctor walked in and took the Parkers to aside.

"Max how are you doing?"

"I'm ok."

"Good, that's great."

Max looked at Maria, she was totally falling apart. He got up and put his arm around her shoulders and lead her to a chair. Just then Michael and Isabel walked in. 'Just great' Maria thought. The doctor walked over to the four teenagers.

"Hello I'm the doctor in charge of Miss Parker's case. We don't know much right now but she's not doing as well as we would have liked. Try not to worry. I will let you know how she's doing as soon as I know something.

Maria burst into tears and ran down the hall. Michael watched her go and finally decided to go after her.

'I have to get to her. I have to heal her. I'm not going to lose her again' Max thought to himself.

Part 3

Kyle came rushing into the hosipital. Isabel had left a message on his answer machine saying there was some type of emergency and to go to roswell memorial hosipital. He hoped Is was allright. Lately he was having these feelings for her. He knew that he shouldn't be, she was married but he couldn't help it. That's when he saw her she was a wreck, she still looked extremely beautiful he thought.

"Is what happened?"

"It's Liz they don't know what's wrong with her, Max and Maria are falling apart and..."

"Is calm down."

Kyle pulled her close to him to calm her down. He loved the feel of her next to him. Isabel wrapped her arms around him and sighed. It felt great to be in Kyle's arms a little to great. She loved Jesse and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him but Kyle knew her. They way Jesse never would. She could share everything with Kyle. Isabel pulled away so her emtions wouldn't get the best of her.

"I'm going to go get some coffee" Isabel said.

"Alright I'll be here."

Part 4

After Isabel left Kyle went and sat down next to Max. He looked like he was somewhere else. Somewhere else with Liz.

"Max are you ok?"

"Yea I'm fine I'm just worried about Liz."

"Why? I mean you can do the whole alien thing on her right?"

"Yea I guess."

"Ok what is it you're not telling me?"


"Look man Liz isn't doing too good right now so if there is something alien going on you've got to let us in on this little secret of yours."

Max looked at Kyle and he knew he was right but he still didn't want to say it. He didn't want to explain to everyone that he couldn't save Liz. That he could lose her. He had to get to her and find out what was going on but for some reason he felt like he couldn't face her. He couldn't look into her eyes and tell her that all he could do was hold her hand.

"Max snap out of it."

Kyle grabbed him and threw him up againts the wall. Isabel was walking down the hall drinking her coffee when she spotted Kyle and Max.

"Kyle let go of him" Isabel screamed.

"Kyle let go and shot Max a nasty look. Isabel looked at her brother and could tell that he needed to get out of there.

"Come on Max" Isabel said.

Isabel put her arm around Max and guided him out of the hosipital. She looked at him trying to figure out what to do or say. She figured she would just take him to their parent's house and let him rest. She would call Jesse to let him know that she would be staying there. She had to stay with Max he needed her.

Kyle didn't want to just sit there anymore. He decided he was going to sneak in to see to see Liz. He tried to think of a plan but his mind kept drifting back to Isabel. After about an hour Kyle decided to just go. He made it past the doctors and went into Liz's room. He pulled up a chair and sat there holding her hand. He loved Liz, he wasn't in love with her but he knew that Liz would always be a big part of him. She started to open her eyes. When she woke up she just stared at Kyle.

"Hey how are you feeling?"

"I'm ok. What happened?"

"We're not sure."

Just then one of the machinces started beeping.

"Kyle I don't feel so good."

Then Liz closed her eyes and about 6 different people came charging into the room. Kyle decided to go to the Evan's house. He needed to talk to Max and bring Isabel back to talk to Liz. He ran out of the hosipital hoping Liz would be alright.

"Max what happened?" Isabel asked.

"With what?"

"You know what."

"You mean with Kyle?"

"Yes with Kyle."

"Look Is I'm really not in the mood so..."

"Max tell me what happened."

"Kyle was just being Kyle that's all."

"No Max you don't get to shut me out right now. Something happened I could see it in Kyle's eyes."

"Since when are you seeing things in Kyle's eyes?"

Isabel could feel all of her anger boiling over. She tried to calm herself down she knew Max was hurting.

"Fine Max."

As Max watched Isabel storm out of the room he wished he hadn't said that. He needed her and he knew it.

Kyle approached Max's window and knocked on it. When Max saw Kyle he turned away.

"Max open the window. I saw Liz."

Max ran to the window and opened it.

"How is she?"

"You answer my questions I'll answer yours."

"You know what Kyle just get out. Oh and stop flirting with my sister. She just got married remember."

"Max stop being such a goddamn jerk. Liz is dying Max! She needs you to be strong. What kind of king are you?"

Max didn't answer. He kept hearing Kyle's words echoing in his head, Liz is dying. He didn't know what to do. He wasn't a king he was just a teenage boy.

"Look I don't know what you want from me ok. I'm going back to Michael's. I don't know why I let Is talk me into coming here."


"No what?"

"No you're not going anywhere until you tell me how to help her."

"I don't know how to help her Kyle. I just don't get it. I finally got to be with her and she's dying and I can't do a thing."

"Max I know that you know something that you're not telling us."

Max just climbed out of the window.

"Fine Max but if she dies you're going to be the one who killed her!"

Liz looked up to see all of these people around her. The lights were swirling around her she couldn't think. Every second she could feel herself falling, falling into emptiness. She heard a familar voice but she couldn't figure out who it was. She called out for Max but he never came. She was terrified and tired.

Then there were no more swirling lights just darkness and the voice. She couldn't make out what it was saying but she knew it meant to do her harm.

She saw a little boy coming towards her. She could see the outline of his body coming towards her. Then he disappeared along with the voice and she was alone.

As Max walked to Michael's all he could think about was Liz. He knew Kyle was right he did this to her, he killed her. Maybe he should have never saved her. He couldn't believe what he was thinking. He knew he didn't mean it. He loved Liz, he loved her more than anything. He didn't know what to do. He could swear he heard Liz calling out to him.

"Max" Liz screamed.

She was so scared. Everything was dark. She prayed that Max would find her. That he would find her and take her away. When she was with Max anything was possible. The world was theirs.

Then she saw the little boy again. She called out to him to come closer but he stayed away. Liz tried to get up and go to him but she couldn't. Then she heard the voice.

"Liz get comfortable, you're not going anywhere."

"Help me." Liz called out to the little boy.

He started to back away.

"Please don't."

Then he disappeared again.

"Who is this? Why are you doing this to me?"

There was only silence.


Isabel decided to try to talk to Max again. As she opened the door to Max's room her heart jumped.

"Kyle where is Max?"

"Well hello to you to Is."

"Kyle I'm not playing around."

"I need your help please."

Kyle snuck Isabel into Liz's room. Isabel looked at Kyle for support. He put his hand on hers. Then she walked over to Liz.

"Kyle wait outside ok."

Kyle nodded and walked outside.

Isabel sat next to Liz and held her hand and started to drift off to sleep. She could hear Liz crying but she couldn't see her. She could feel how scared and lonely Liz was. She could feel her need for Max to be there.

"Liz" Isabel called out.


"Where are you?"

Isabel followed Liz's voice. When she found her she put her arms around her.

"It's going to be ok."

Liz just looked at Isabel.

"I promise Liz."

Then Isabel felt someone put a hand on her and throw her back.

"You shouldn't be here" the voice said.

"Let go of me" Isabel screamed.

"Is where are you?" Liz called out.

"Liz stay where you are" Isabel said.

"Isabel don't go" Liz screamed.

Then Isabel woke up. Oh god she thought. We have to help Liz. That voice she knew it. It was... Oh no it can't be.

"Oh my god" Isabel exclaimed.

"It's Tess"

Maria ran down the hallway as fast as she could. She had to get away. She couldn't sit in the waiting room as her bestfriend was dying. She had to go, she didn't where bit she knew it had to be anywhere than where she was.

"Maria" Michael called out.

When she heard Michael's voice she just sped up. Ever since they broke up he had been a complete jerk. She understood why but she just wasn't in the mood because somehow they would end up fighting and she couldn't deal with it. Then she felt his hand grab her arm, she tried to pull away but it just made him hold on tighter.

"Michael let go."


"Have you ever heard of something called harassment?"

He still didn't let go. When their eyes met Maria just wanted to hold him but knew that in the long run it wouldn't be for the best. She loved him but she had to start living her life.

"Michael I'm not in the mood to fight with you right now. Ever since we broke up you haven't been the most pleasant person. Now you want to be my friend? Well you know what I just want to be alone."

"First of all did you expect me to be ok with you deciding to end our realtionship? You left me because you were scared and you know what it pissed me off. Second I love you Maria and you're hurting and you need someone. So here I am, if you want to go I'll go but just know that I'm here for you."

"Michael I wasn't-."

Michael put his hand over her lips.

"Maria shut up."

He pulled her close and she didn't pull away. She held on to him like her life depended on it. She felt so safe in his arms. So what she was scared. Wasn't that what he always did? She put everything out of her mind and let him hold her. She felt the tears flowing down her cheeks but when he was with her it made her feel like things would be alright. He lead her to a chair and they sat there for awhile. When she stopped crying Michael lead her back to the waiting room. When they got there they saw Isabel with Kyle. She looked horrible.

"Is what happened?" Michael asked.

He knew something was wrong. Isabel looked devasted.

"Michael I think the four os us should head over to your apartment and have a talk with Max." Kyle said.

When the four of them go to Michael's apartment Max was just sitting there watching t.v. When Max saw them he started to bolt but Kyle threw him back unto the couch. Isabel explained to the rest of them what she saw and that Max had know and probably even knew where Tess was.

"Max why didn't you tell us?" Maria screamed.3

"Maria calm down." Michael said.

"No. I thought you loved her. I, I can't believe you Max." Maria stammered.

Max knew he should have told them and the truth was he did know where Tess was. He just couldn't admit to himself that it was...

"It's all my fault." Max said emtionless.

Then he fell to the floor and pulled his knees up to his chest and let out a huge sob. Isabel sat down next to him and held him.

"She's in New York with Rath and Lonnie and that's where we have to go." Max told them.

"I'll make the arrangments you guys just stay here and wait for some news on Liz." Kyle said.
Michael had walked Maria home. They had walked the whole way in complete silence. After Maria had yelled at Max she hadn't said one word. He had his arm around he as if he was trying to hold her together.

When he walked into the house it was completely dark.

"Is your mom home?"

Maria shook her head. She walked down the hall and disappeared into her room. She came out in boxers and a tank top. She walked into the kitchen and motioned for Michael to follow her.

"Want something to drink?" Maria asked.

"No thank. I better be going, it's late and you should get some sleep."

"Michael" Maria looked kind of uncomfortable.


"Can you stay with me I don't want to be alone."

Maria was scared to hear his answer. She wasn't exactly lying when she said she didn't want to be alone but she wasn't exactly telling the truth. She wanted to be near Michael. She wanted to tell him that he was right, that she was scared.

At that moment Michael knew that he was right she had gotten scared and left. He also knew that Maria would never admit it. He also knew that he would never leave her when she needed him.

"Sure" Michael said. "Don't worry I'll just sleep on the couch."

Maria disappeared down the hall. Michael got comfortable on the couch and turned on the t.v.

Maria climber into bed. She felt safe now, Michael was there. She tried to sleep but everytime she closed her eyes she saw Liz. She saw Liz hurting and there was nothing that she could do about it. She looked over at the picture of her, Alex, and Liz. Would she be the only one left alive in that picture? She decided to go and get something to drink.

Michael had almost fallen asleep when he heard light footsteps.


"Oh sorry I didn't mean to wake you."

"I wasn't asleep."


Michael glanced over at Maria. He could tell that she had been crying and she looked pale. Her whole body was trembling. Michael got up and wrapped a blanket around her and sat her down on the couch. He put on one of those stupid late night talk shows. As Maria sat there watching it she started to giggle. Michael looked over at her and burst into laughter.

About and hour later Maria was finally able to fall asleep. Michael carried her to her room and tucked her in. He ran his fingers through her hair and just kept thinking about how she looked like an angel.

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