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Earth, Antar and all the other planets have been in contact for centuries so there're no real aliens. Zan is sent to Earth by his father - the king of Antar - to learn about the human race and its culture. Jeff Parker and the king are friends and so Zan ends up staying with the Parkers...but you just have to read for yourself. I don't want to give away too much!


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Liz is a famous actress in Hollywood, formed by this business her world changes when she meets Max Evans, famous designer but different from all the famous people surrounding her.

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My life, your life

No summary - you have to read it! *big*


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Snippets in the spotlight - Sequel to Silence

The story will mainly be told out of Max’ and Liz’ point of view - again.
I have decided to call this sequel 'SNIPPETS in the spotlight' because this is exactly what it will be.... like taking pictures I'll present you with situations our couple finds itself in - I hope you don't mind. *big*
I'm planning on jumping back and forth between present and past but of course there'll be some kind of story line to it.

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So I said I wouldn't write another fanfiction but fact is - I'm still reading and I still have ideas for stories. When I stumbled over Lillie's challenge I just HAD to write the story. So the idea comes from Lillie - it's a challenge based on the book 'The secret child' by Jamie Ann Denton. I haven't read that book so this whole story is based on my imagination of how the story could develope if Max and Liz were the main characters.
Lillie - I hope that you'll be satisfied with this story.

Will you still love me?

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