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285 South Fan Fiction

Rating= sex is mentioned a lot (mainly orgasm sounds)
* Means thought

~Middle of the night before going ot Atherton’s, Motel room~
Liz Parker was tossing & turning trying to get to sleep. *God, how am I supposed to get to sleep while im sleeping next to my soulmate; why do I even call him that, he doesn’t feel the same way, as I heard earlier. I can’t believe Maria, Isabel & Michael are all in the big room whilst im stuck in a cramped room with the-guy-o-my-dreams, who is only wearing boxers. Why ME!?!?!?!?!*
“Hm, Liz, Liz, oh” Max was mumbling while having a dream about making love to Liz
“Max?” *I thought. OhMiGod he is, he’s a sleep; that means he’s dreaming bout me!!!!!!*
“Wat the hell? Why does he keep saying my name the only time a person would do that is…he cant be, I mean he isn’t like that he, he, he’s probably just trying to find me or some thing” Liz whispered to herself.
“Ah, Liz, Liz, LIIIIZZZZ!!!!” Max continued to mumble.
“Oh he is, he’s dreaming bout having sex with me” Liz instantly felt a flush creep up to her check’s. *I have to wake him up*
“Max…Max…Max…wake-up” Liz didn’t want to wake he because he looked so peaceful (from what she could see in the dark). The mumbling got louder: “OH LIZ, LIZ!!”
“MAX, MAX!!!!!!!!!!” Liz realised that if Max was dreaming about sex then this wouldn’t help; so she began to shake his shoulder
“Huh Liz?” Max said in a daze as Liz reached for the light, Max quickly waved a hand over his arousal to make it disappear, BUT this was one-second to late as Liz saw.
“Liz, are you blushing?”
“I wouldn’t be surprised. Sorry bout waking you from such a good dream but…
“…why du think it was a good dream?”
“Well was it?” Liz needed to know the answer
“Yeah, one of the best. But how did you know?” *God by now I must be bright pink! *
“Has anyone ever told you that you talk in your sleep?”
“No, do I, oh you didn’t hear, um, did u?”
“Max what were you dreaming about?”
“Not important”
“Um, well, I was dreaming bout, um, er, going home”
“Max Evans you can’t lie”
“Dam! Um, er, what did I say?”
“Well you were constantly mumbling, um, well, it was, er” *Just tell him Liz u can do it, just tell him* “Er, were you having sex in ur dream?”
“I might of been”
“With who?” *No please no don’t ask me that*
“Why do you want to know?”
“Because you kept saying a name”
“Mine” Liz said very quietly, very quickly *GodDamIt Evans u idiot, thats it no more lying* “I lied”
“On question #8, I have been in love, rather I am in love, which would justify my dream”
“So, um, you mean that you, er, um, l…lo…lov…love, um…”
“…u, er yes”
“Um okay” Liz replied shakily
“So, um, what you’ve asked me so far, well I was dreaming about having sex with you & im in love with you, I er well always have been, you know love at first sight”
“Liz I understand if” But Max was cut off by Liz flying into his arms & French kissing him


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After Destiny

Maria & Isabel talk. Then we find out what has really been happening

“So how’s Max?”
“He’s not Max any-more, he’s.………empty, empty isn’t Max”
“Even when he broke up with Liz he wasn’t this bad”
“Maybe it’s just the after effect of Pierce”
“Maybe its lack-of-Liz-syndrome” Isabel said remorsefully
“He, he’s nocturnal. He locks himself away in his room each day, he never has any lights on. He just sleeps in the day, showers, works & eats in the night”
“Well at least he eats”
“Yeah, its strange, he only ever has Chinese food”
“Huh, Chinese food, interesting”
“If you go in & see him, he’s just at his desk on his computer, he doesn’t even talk any-more” Isabel said unhappily
“Liz, well she, she just lays in bed not moving, staring out into space. She always looks, distant, vacant, like a part of her is missing. She never cry’s, you see the tears in her eyes But they never spill. She gets up, showers, gets a drink & goes back to bed. She’s always resting on her side staring out onto her balcony, I doubt she ever gets any sleep But she’s always in bed. I hate seeing her like this so, so helpless & knowing I have been her friend from so long, knowing that I cant help her & it hurts.” Maria said mournfully
“Guess they didn’t realise how much their break-up would affect the group”
“Guess so”
“Bye Maria”
“See ya Is”
/Max has been going to Liz’ room every-night, showering her & trying to get her to eat, which she refuses to do. Liz doesn’t speak, not even to Max
~Liz’ Room, Max has just crawled in, 1:00am~
“Liz, Liz, its me”
“Max?” Liz whispered
“Liz, are you awake?” Max asked while turning on the light, witch Liz seamed to flinch at.
“That’s better, isn’t it?” Max asked a lifeless figure lying in the bed he was sitting on
“Liz please, just talk to me, please” Max pleaded with the love of his life
“Ok, well let’s get you showered”

~30Minutes Later~
“That’s better, don’ t you think?” Max asked setting a showered, re-clothed Liz back in bed
“Ok, let’s get some food in you” Max said spoon-feeding Liz, with her rejecting, hid efforts
“Please Liz its been two weeks, you need to eat, ok” Max questioned with Liz shakily nodding her head

~5Minutes Later~
“M, Max I can’t eat any-more”
“You spoke” Max said grinning
“Why do, you do this, help me?”
“Because I love you”
“Liz I have to go” Max said walking 2wards Liz’ window
“Bye Max”
“Bye Liz” Max said jumping threw Liz’ window

/Scene pans out with Max leaving & Liz lying on her side staring out at her balcony

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Doing Science
AU. No aliens. Liz is the most popular girl in school & usual Max is in love with her.
* Means thought
~Liz Bedroom (Max & Liz are studying)~
“So, thats that chapter”
“Yeah, you wouldn’t think you would need this mutch work for Biology”
“Do you want to take a break?”
“I’ve just gota go & you know” Liz gestured towards the bathroom
“Oh, right”
When Liz came back she found Max jumping up & down thrashing his head around singing to the knew Jon-Bon-Jovi single ‘Its My Life’. Max turned round when her heard giggling behind him *UH-OH* “It’s a good song” Max said in protest
“Yeah really I can just imagine you at a heavy metal concert”
“Oh, come on, you know its fun”
“Yeah, no, not today”
“Come on” Max said walking over to the CD player, Max turned up the volume & went back to the beginning of the song, BUT paused it.
“Oh, no you don’t we have to study”
“Later First you have to let your hair down & have a little fun
for a change”
“I have fun” Liz said in defence
“Oh, yeah fun studying”
“In fact I do”
“OKAY! The music is back on!” Max hit the play button
“ITS MY LIFE ITS NOW OR NEVER I AINT GONA LIVE FOREVER” Max shouted out jumping on to Liz’ bed & nodding his head violently
“MAX!!!!! Get down!”
“Make me” Max teased
“FINE!!!!!!” Liz said getting up on to the bed herself
“Your turn”
“To sing”
“Oh, come on”
“Fine. “Its now or never I aint gona live forever. Happy?”
“NO! Whatever happened to feeling?!”
“Oh yes & if you object then ve can use certain methods” Max said in a German accent
“What methods?”
“Vell ve r very fond of tickling” Max said continuing his German imitation
“You wouldn’t”
“Oh I vould”
“Believe me I vill, if I have to”
“Zinging” Max replied never giving up, the fight or his accent. Liz saw the look of intent in his eyes & swallowed loudly.
“I think im going to get down” Liz said growing worried of the look in his eyes & devilish smile playing on his lips. As soon as she started to turn around Max grabbed her waist & started tickling her
“Max! Stop!”
“Vill u sing to ‘Its My Life’ like a maniac vith me?”
“Vell I guess ill have to keep tickling you ven”
“MAX!!!!!!!!!!STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“Whatcha gona du?” Max questioned returning to his usual voice
“THIS!” Liz replied trying to kick him, but failing & causing both of them to fall & burst out laughing. But still Max didn’t stop tickling Liz
“Max come on stop it!” Liz said squirming so much that she was facing Max. Max took one look into her deep dark brown eyes that he was stunned by.
“Um” Was all that Liz could saw as she started to get lost in his dark amber orbs (eyes) & subconcesly leaned forward as Max lips descended on hers. As the kiss got heated up the couple naturally leaned into each other’s embrace.
~5mins L8R~
Max & Liz had to stop kissing to as to come up for air
“I um I um I er um”
“Wana catch a movie Saturday?” Liz asked the question that Max was fumbling over
“Er, um sure”

No matter what Universe Max & Liz will always be together


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AU Fic, Some People Are Strange, & Some Are Stranger Than Others
Liz has just started at West Roswell High & her parents have just brought the Crashdown
* Means thought

~Bio Class~
“Now class this is Elizabeth Parker, I hope you all make her feel welcome”
“Um Ms Hardy where should I sit?” Liz asked in her usual gentle voice
“How about that one third back next to Mr Evans?”
*God, she’s beautiful; yeah she’s sexy BUT there’s something else, like my soul is calling out to her*
“Hi, im Liz”
“Hi, im Max. So Liz not Elizabeth???”
“Well my dad still calls me Lizzy BUT Liz is more informal”
“Ok well Liz. Er do you wana share my book?”
“Sure, thanx”
“I guess because we’re lab partners if there’s any-thing you don’t understand or get stuck on then just ask k?”

“Come on Michael lets try it out” Max whined
Max & Michael sit in a booth at the back of the Crashdown.
“Im serious Michael I think I love her”
“Love who?” Liz questioned as she stood behind Max
“Er no one, so you work here?” Max asked obviously tring to change the subject
“Yeah my parent’s own the place, come on who are you in love with?”
“My mar” Max said lamely *SHIT!!*
“I take it you don’t want me to no, so what do you want?”
“Two Cherry cokes”
“Coming right up” Liz said walking away
“So you love her. Not my type” Michael said giving Liz the once over
“Look Michael I duno what to do Izzy is gona kill me”
“Max you cant love her”
“When I’m around her its like I’m happy & I just wana pull her into my arms”
“I hope your not talking about your mother” Liz said popping up again
“HA, got u there Maxwell!”
“Or Maximillon depends on how I’m tring to annoy him”
“Why don’t you fight back, you know come up with some names for him”
“Yeah Mickey”
“Great gang up on me!”

“SHUT UP!! Im sick & tired of hearing about Liz Parker, all you seem to do is talk about Liz Parker”

~Science Lab (Lunchtime)~ Setting: Heat-Wave, Slug thing, with no interruptions
Liz didn’t know what was going on, or why Max had his toung half way down her throat. BUT she wasn’t fighting it. Slowly Max pulled back when he heard the door open

~Max’ House~
“Hello” Mrs Evans said opening the door
“Hi, im, Liz, Liz Parker, I’m here to see Max, if he’s in”
“Oh, sure he’s in, I’ll just go & get him”
“There’s someone here to see you ”
“K” Max said walking to the door
“What are you doing here?”
“Science remember?”
“Oh yeah, do you wana work in my room?”
“So” Max said nervously closing his bedroom door once Liz was inside
“So your an alien”
“Yup, nope, why, why would you think that????????????”
“When we kissed I saw things, you let me see you, you trust me, your an alien, you love me” Liz said saying the last part in almost a whisper
“So you know, there’s no denying it”
“& Im a vampire”
“Your serious?”
“Great I have fallen in love with a vampire; im turning into Buffy!”
“Not quite”
“So, um how old?”
“So, that’s um”
“Old” Liz offered
“No, you could be like 98777”
“I guess”

~2Months Later, Max’ Room~
“Wat is it E.T?”
“Hey its M.E!”
“Sorry, I always get confused”
“Would you bite me?”
“You mean drink your blood?”
“Like turn me into a vampire”
“I know what your gona say, & I thought about it thats all I have done for the last two months, Liz I love you; so if you live forever then I wana live forever”
^Max had finally convinced Liz that he wanted to be a vampire, with the use of flashes^

~Liz’ Room, Liz has just turned Max into a vampire~
“So now im part alien, part human, & part vampire. Cool!”
“You really are unique”
“I love you”
“I love you to, so we’re gona live happily ever after”
“Yeah” Max replied, smiling his secret smile, that he only used for Liz

& they really did live happily ever after


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AU---sorta in this universe pilot never happened
Izzy, Michael & Max are three alien friends going about their normal bissness
Alex, Liz & Maria are three human best friends going about their day-to-day lives
* Means Thoughts
There’s bad language NO sex (but it is mentioned)
/ \Means Flashes

~Max’ Dream~
“Since the first moment I saw you I knew I loved you & I never thought you could love me back nowing the truth & you have made me the happiest man alive, I love you Liz” Max said with a few tears in his eyes.
“You may now kiss the bride”

~Max’ Bedroom~
“Max, Max wake up, ugh must be dreaming of Liz Parker again,” Michael said while crawling threw Max’ window.

~Liz’ Dream~
~Biology Class~
Liz & Max both reach for the same item & their hands touch Liz looked into Max’ eye’s then Max lifts Liz on to the lab table & his lips start to assault her mouth & she meets his urgency while unbuttoning his shirt.

~Study Hall~(authors note: im not American so if I get the classes wrong, don’t get mad)
*Hmmm………Max Evans what’s wrong with me since that dream I havent been able to think about him in the same way, yeah sure he’s hot; short dark brown hair that some-times falls over his eye’s; those eye’s OhMiGod those dark, dark soulful eye’s there’s something about Max when I look into those eye’s I see so mutch pain & loneliness makes me want to cry*

Max & Liz reach for the same thing & their hands brush. Liz looked into Max eye’s *Oh Shit my dream!* Liz looked away BUT she could still feel Max looking at her. Liz got back to taking notes & subconsciously pushed some strands of hair behind her ear & started biting her lip *she’s so cute, why is she nervous, she only bites her lip when she’s nervous*

~Later In The Halls~
“Liz can I talk to you?”
“Sure Kyle”
“I don’t think were good together any-more”
“Oh, well I was thinking the same thing & their are loads of girls that like you”
“Like who?”
“Vicky Delaney”
“Vicky Delaney?”
“Yeah I heard her talking about you”
“Kyle I gota go”
“K, see ya”
“See ya”

~Max’ Locker~
“Hey Liz”
“Hey Max, I, um noticed in Bio that you weren’t taking notes so.. Would you like to borrow mine?” *thats the Liz Parker I love*
“Yeah, thanx ill give them back to you tomorrow”
“Bye Max”
“Bye Liz” & Liz walked off
“Stop!!!!!!!! You’re drooling!!!!”
“Wha? Oh Michael”
“Don’t torture yourself Maxwell”

“Oh here comes your boyfriend”
“Maria, Max isn’t my boyfriend”
“Liz he stares at you 24/7”
“Maria go away!”
“So you’ll close up?!?”
“Bye Liz”
“Bye Maria”
Liz wandered over to Max’ table
“Can I get you any-thing?”
“Ill just have a cherr…”
“…Cherry cola”
“How did you know?”
“Because its what you always have”
“Oh, well these are yours” Max said handing the study notes over
“Thanx, ill be right bak with your cherry cola” “don’t torture your-self Maxwell” “OH SHUT-UP if I want to hang around Liz Parker then I will”
Max was to busy arguing with himself to notice he was the only person there other than Liz until a guy walked in & went right up to the cash register
“Give me all the money!!!!!!”
“Shit he’s got a knife” Max mumbled to himself
“Give me all the money or else!!!!”
“Um, err, yeh” Liz said while fiddling with the till. Witout thinking the man stabbed Liz & ran out of the caf
“LIZ!!!!!!!” Max shot up from his seat & ran over & knelt next to Liz on the floor
“Liz, Liz don’t die, look at me, please just look at me “ Max voice was soothing yet urgent & frightened. It took Liz all she had to flutter her eyelids open Yes Max ripped her uniform open & gently placed his hand over the knife wound & started to make a connection Bingo im in!
Liz in cupcake dress, Liz standing in front of a mirror trying on make-up, a dark haired boy getting beaten up, Max in 3rd grade getting off the bus
Max started to imagine the wound being fixed & it was. Im out!
“Liz? Are you ok?”
“Yeah. Max what…whatdidyoudo????”
“Iv got to go”
“Max? Max!”
“Bye Liz”

~Max Room~
“I can’t believe you healed her!”
“What was I supposed to do, let her die!?!” emotion charging his voice
“She’s 17, her hole life ahead of her, I wasn’t going to take her life away from her!”
“See ya Izzy”
“MAX!!!!” Izzy shouted as Max shot threw his window

~Liz Balcony~
“Liz, Liz?”
“Can I come up??”
~3seconds L8R~
“That was quick” Liz said noticing of how fast Max had climbed the ladder
“I try”
“Do you wana go inside”
“You first, I’ve just gota…”
“.. Course” Max jumped threw the open window & put his hand out for Liz
“Do you mind taking these?”
“Sure” Liz handed Max some blankets wich he threw on her bed. Whilst this was happening Liz slipped threw the open window & fell into Max arms
They stayed in that position for about ½ a min just staring into each other’s eyes
“Um, what ya doing here Max?” Liz asked retreating to her bed.
“I thought you might be curios about what happened” please, please don’t hate me
“Yeah kind of, Max I was going to die but I didn’t because you were there Maria can vouch for me; she was in the back because she for got something, Max what did, what happened?”
“Okay here’s the hole story: im an alien, so is Michael & Izzy were a family, were all adopted, we were in the 47 crash, we were in there incubation pods & we um ‘hatched’ in 1983 we looked just like normal 6year-olds, we were never like 3feet tall silver & slimy contry to most belief; we have always been ‘what you see is what you get’, we have emotions & human needs, we don’t get sick, we have a human skeleton BUT our cells are 100% not human. Any-questions?”

“OMG! OMG!!”
“Any-thing else?”
“You trust me?” Liz asked shakily
“With ma life”
“WOW, I mean, OMG, imean…………”
“Your in shock,…………do you always try on your mums make-up?”
“Oh…when you were 9 or something standing in front of your mums mirror trying on her make-up”
“H…h…how did you know that??” Liz asked baffled
“When I healed you I got these images & with each image I got feelings”
“Oh, what do you see?”
“Notin important”
“Give me a for-instance”
“Your cupcake dress, you hated it, your mum made it, it was the 1st dress she ever made, you tried it on for her she said you looked adorable, so she quilted you into wearin it the next day; to school, you were scared you’d get bullied, you couldn’t wait to get home & change”
“Thanx for my life story”
“Liz, I didnt, I didn’t mean to”
“No, NO its ok I mean im just still shocked & you saved my life, I, I don’t care what you saw”
“So these ‘flashes’ how do you get them?”
“Well sometimes if I toutch something”
“You, ok?” Max asked wandering over to sit next to Liz on the bed
“Got nother flash, I wasn’t expecting it, you know?”
“What did you see, wait you got it from my bed?!?”
“Yup from your bed, do you always dream bout having sex with me in the bio lab?”
“Not usually” Liz said going brite pink
“Iv got an idea, do you want to see what I see?”
“You mean”
“If I connect to you”
“You mean seeing into your soul?"
“Yeah its only fair”
“Okay” Liz said in a shaky voice as Max cupped her small angelic face in his huge hands
“Just take deep breaths”
Brite headlits from a jeep in the desert, Liz in 3rd grade (felling his heart jump), getting married to Liz (felling his heart jump), Liz walking into bio (felling his heart jump) Max Evans loves me Max is in love with me
“Did it work?”
“Do you always dream about getting married to me then having hot sex after would?”
“Wha? No I never I never dreamt that” Max said quickly while tring to defend himself
“Funny” Max grabbed a pillow & started hitting Liz with it.
“NO FAIR!” Liz picked up a pillow & started bashing Max with it, they continued like this until Liz was straddling Max waist & she stopped hitting him, Max threw his weapon off the bed.
Liz then lent over & kissed Max gently, the kiss got more ferocious as Max tong explored every area of Liz mouth. Both pulled away gasping for air then Max kicked his shoes off (liz was not wearing any). Liz carefully sprould across Max & the couple drifted off.
“Uh Liz”
“Iv got to go”
“My mum will send out a search party!”
“Ok, bye max”
“Bye my love, you can tell Alex & Maria”
“Thanx, love ya”
“Love you to Liz”

~Liz is explaining every-thing to Alex & Maria~
“Maria im serious he is”
“Alex you don’t believe her do you?”
“He healed you right & other-wise you would have died”
“Yeah, look he’s an alien they all are”
“We believe you, right Maria?”
“Yeah I guess it would make sense”

“We will give you two space,” Maria said to her best friend
“Why?” Max asked curiously
“HORNDOGS!!!!” Alex, Izzy, Maria & Michael all shouted at Liz & Max
“Exactly, your always all over each other”
They all sat down wen the movie started; Alex put a protective arm round Izzy, Maria sat uncomftubly next 2to Michael & Max & Liz started making-out heavily

~After The Film~
~Outside The Evans House~
Alex wasn’t sure what to do BUT Izzy grabbed him for a long snog. Alex then drove home happily

~After The Film~
~Outside The Trailer Park~
Maria stood there not sure what to do, she started to turn round BUT to her discomfort (then comfort) Michael grabbed her arm & pulled her to him & gave her a full on smooch

~After The Film~
~Outside The Parker House~
Max walked Liz to the ladder, then her balcony, then her bed, then he thoughtfully helped her undress while she kindly helped him lose his clothes then decided to hop under the covers for some fun sex
~Next Morning~
“Liz” said a sleepy Max
“Wake-up sleepy head”
“Wake-up LovaBoy”
“Its your fault im this tired” in mock anger
“You better go, as you said your mum will send out a search party"
“Okay, okay im going” Max said as he got out of Liz bed & started looking for his clothes
“Don’t for get your always welcome here”
“Where, this house, this room OR your bed?” Max asked, as he got dressed
“All of the above”
“Bye honey”
“Oh honey, huh?”
“Okay two can play at that game bye cute-ass”
“Max Evans cute ass huh?”

~1½ Years L8R~
~Elvis Wedding Chapel, Vegas~
“I now pronounce you men & wife’s”
“Thats a triple wedding im not going forget that in a hurry” Michael said as the gang walked out of the chapel
“You better not Guerin”
“Oh I won’t Guerin”
Max & Liz Evans, Michael & Maria Guerin & Alex & Isabel (Izzy) Whitman life’s about to get interesting
“How are we going to tell our parents about this” Izzy asked
“Duno, just prey they don’t kill us” Alex replied to his wife
Liz thoughts in green,
* Means thoughts

~Liz, Max, Alex, Izzy, Maria & Michael enter the Crashdown~
* God, there’s mum, dad, Diane & Philip Evans, Chuck Whitman (Mrs Whitman died the previous year) & Amy DeLuca. Time to face the music*
“Before you start to ask questions I’ll answer them. Max & I got married, Maria & Michael are married & so are Alex & Izzy. Um, we all love who we got married to” Max squeezed Liz hand for support. “What im trying to say is this wasn’t spur-of-the-moment or any-thing. We got married because we’re in love. I know that Alex has helped Izzy & now she’s more…………….caring & loving. Maria & Michael, well Michael was emotionally hurt & wounded, Not that he’d like to admit it! BUT since he found Maria now he’s……….happy. & before I met Max I, I didn’t no what love was, But now I can’t remember what I did before I found him. I………I love Max, that’s why I married him.”
The pairs walked over to their parents.

~Alex, Izzy & parents~
“Isabel do you love Alex?”
“Now Mr Whitman do you love my daughter?”
“Yes I do sir & I’ll protect her & never hurt her”
“Well done & welcome to the family”

~Amy, Maria & Michael~
“Now here me Michael Guerin, if you ever hurt my daughter I will hunt you down & kill you my-self, is that clear!?!”
“Yes mam”

~Liz, Max & parents~
“What’s takin them so long?”
“I don’t know Liz But whatever it we will work threw it”
“Er, Liz, Max?”
“Mr Parker”
“We understand that you think your in love, But your not, not at your age. Liz you are forbidden from seeing Max & grounder for two months”
“Mum, dad you can’t be serious”
“Lizzy we are”
“NO!!!!” was all Liz shouted before running up to her room, locking her door & jumping on her bed & crying, just crying. All she needed was the thought of not being able to see Max, & that did it, she just couldn’t stop the tears.
“Lizzy, Lizzy open the door”
“Nancy, I don’t know what to do, she sounds like she’s in mourning”
“She has just lost someone she loves”
“Nancy she’s 18 what was I supposed to do!?!”
“Liz, Liz you have got to open the door & come down-stairs” Max pleaded
“No!! Why does everyone get to be happy apart from us!?!?!?!?”

~Liz room 1:45am~
* If I have to live with out Max, I won’t live* Liz thought depressed walkin into her bathroom

~Max room 1:45am~
“LIZ! LIZ!!NO!!!” Max shouted (not really understanding why)

~Liz Window 1:55am~
“Shit locked” Without thinking Max jumped threw the closed window

~Nancy & Jeff Bedroom~
“What the hell was that!?!”

~Liz bathroom~
Max ran in & pushed Liz forcing the razor in her wrist to fly into the bath!
“Liz, don’t ever do that to me ever again”
(Mr & Mrs Parker watchin)
“Max I couldn’t bare the thought of life without you” Liz said. By now she was cradled in Max arms crying into his shoulder.
“I love you Liz & we will over-come this, we will”
“Elizabeth Evans!!!!!!”
“Im sorry to of ever doubted you” Mr Parker said remorsefully
“Im sorry its obvious that you & your…husband are in love”

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Another State!
Max & Liz the New York version (I don’t care about Zan & the Dupes at the mow) Max is in love with Liz & always watches her at her waitressing job (her parents own the bar)

“Yoh!” A tall dark stranger greeted
“Oh, what can I get you?” A tired waitress asked
“Are your parents home?” The man inquired
“No” The brunette answered
“You closing?” The man was persistent, she had to give him that
“Yeah” She went with the flow
“Good” Max picked Liz up, & took her up-stairs & er, had his wicked way with her

~1hour Later~
“Now that was fun” Max said happily
“Very fun, might even border on fantastic”

~Bar, Liz has just been shot~
Max ran over to Liz, broke a bottle of ketchup, picked her up, took her out-back & healed her:
“Thank God your alright, you fainted & I brought you back here” Max lied
“Huh, oh, um, thanx” Before Liz could say any-thing else Max covered her mouth with his in a heart-soaring kiss

~Next Morning~
Liz woke up next to Max & looked in the mirror. Liz saw a silver glowing handprint on her tummy.
“Hm Liz come back to bed”
“Um, er”
“Liz what is it”
“Er, nothing” Liz said baking away &moving 2the door which was next to the stairs
“Liz” Max said getting out of bed
“Liz watch out” Max shouted grabbing Liz, pulling her into his arms
“Shit, I thought I’d lost you”
“Max” Liz said retreating to the bed
“Come here”
“Give me your hand”
“Why?” Liz pulled his hand up to the handprint
“Um, er” Was all Max could come up with
“What the hell are you?”
“Max?” Max connected to Liz & let her see evry-thing
“Did you um…”
“I love you, I don’t want any-thing to happen to you”
“Are you scared”
“Not really”
“Um, do you feel the same way?”
“Um, yeah, I think I do”


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This Fanfic Takes Place In The Summer A Day Before Liz Got Shot
Max’s P.O.V

* Means thoughts

*Back to school tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get to be Liz Parker’s lab partner. One day I’ll get to tell her the truth, One day. Well at least for now I can stare at her; if she doesn’t realise that is. *
“Hey Izzy” Max said as he walked into his sisters room.
“What is it Max?”
“Wana go to the Crashdown?”
“Get real, trying to have a conversation with you, while your mindlessly gauping at Liz Parker” Izzy mumbled.
“Huh, what. What conversations, gauping, huh?”
“Doesn’t matter. If you wana go drool over Liz Parker then fine, just don’t invite me, okay!?!”
“Bye Max”
“Bye Iz” & with that max left his sister’s room, went back to his room to get a jacket, got into his jeep & drove to the Crashdown Café (one of Roswell’s finest diners).

“Chika, you have another customer that will drool all over you”
“Max Evans”
“I’m only telling it as it is!”
“I’m gona go get his order”

“Hey max”
“Oh, hey Liz” Max said friendly
“You, um, waiting for um Isabel or, um, Michael??”
“No, I’m all on my own today”
“Oh, they deserted you”
“I know isn’t it horrible”
“What would you like Max?”
“I’ll just hava Cherry Cola“
“One Cherry Cola coming right up”
*God is he hot OR is he hot!!!!!!*Liz thought as she walked over to the counter.

“What does lover-boy want?”
“MARIA!” Liz said getting frustrated
“He just wants a……”
“……Cherry Cola?, Some things never change”

“There you go one Cherry Cola”

As Maria walked past Max’s table she quickly said: “Maxie Boy, your tongue’s hanging out!”
“Huh, Oh”
*Why cant I drool all over the girl……woman of my dreams?, I mean I love her & all. I just wish……I just wish I could tell her every-thing; like the fact im an alien & the fact I’m truly madly deeply in love with her. If she doesn’t run away at the first thing, then she will at the second*.

“Liz he’s staring at you!”
“Don’t call me that!!”
“Then don’t say Max is in love with me!!”
“But he is!”
“OK! He loves me. Just don’t go on about it!”
*I wish Max Evans did love me, I mean yeah he’s hot BUT there’s something else about him, something*

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Balance ff
Rating= no swearing, no sex
/ \ Means flash
^ ^ Means emotions in a flash
* Means thought

*Balance, Balance. Some-things are just to good to be true; the perfect guy, the guy of my dreams maybe my soulmate doesn’t even feel balanced around me* Liz clumsily slid thru her window & snapped on her radio

Im sitting up alone in my room
& thinking about the times
that we been thru
oh my love
im looking at a picture in my hand
trying my best to understand
I really wana know what we did wrong
With the love that felt so strong
If only you were here to night
I know that we could make it right
I duno how to live without your love
I was born to make you happy
Because your the only one
In my heart
I was born to make you happy
Always & for ever
That’s the way out lives should be
I was born to make you happy
Britney Spears-Born to Make You Happy~~
~~“No. How about this station”

I love to hear you say
That you love me
With words so sweet
& I love the way
with just one whisper
you tell me every-thing
& when you say those words
it’s the sweetest thing iv ever heard
BUT when your eye’s say it
I know that its true
I feel the love coming thru
I know it
I know that you truly care for me
Because it’s there to see
When your eye’s say it
I love all the ways that you show me
Ull never leave
& the way your kisses
they convince me
your feelings run so deep
I love the things u say
& I love the love your toutch conveys
Britney Spears-When Your Eye’s Say It~~
~~”No is every-thing Britney Spears?”

You were there for summer dreaming
& you gave me what I needed
& I hope you find your freedom
for eternity
for eternity
for eternity
you were there for summer dreaming
& you are a friend in deed
& I hope you find your freedom
for etrnity
Robbie Williams-Eternity~~
~~”Eternity huh?”

I didn’t hear you leave
I wonder how am I still here
& I don’t want to move a thing
it might change my memory
oh I am what I am I’ll do what I want
BUT I cant hide
& I wont go I wont sleep
I cant breathe
Until your resting here with me
I don’t want to live & I cant hide
I can not be
Until your resting here with me
Don’t want to call my friends
they might wake me from this dream
& I cant leave this place
oh I am what I am
I’ll do what I want
BUT I cant hide
& I wont go I wont sleep
I cant breathe
Until your resting here with me
Dido-Here With Me~~
~~”NO!!” Liz cried out changing stations again

Baby set me free
From this misery
I cant take it no more
Since you went away nothings been the same
Don’t know what im living for
Here I am so alone
& there’s nothing in this world I can do
until your back here baby
miss you want you need you soo
until your back here yeah
there’s a feeling inside
I want you to know
You are the one & I cant let you go
So I told you lies
Even made you cry
Baby I was so rong
Girl now I promise you
Now my love is true
This is where my heart belongs
Because here I am soo alone
& there’s nothing in this world I can do
BBMak-Back Here~~
~~”Why? did you have to break-up with me Max?? Why???” Liz shouted at her empty room just being hit by the full impact of the break-up

~Max Room He Is Also Fiddling With His Radio~
“Take a step back, its what we need, we don’t belong together. I wish we could be together thow”

& thru it all
she offers me protection
alota love & affection
weather im right or rong
& Tell me wonder wall
where ever it may take me I know that live wont break me
im loving angels instead
Robbie Williams-Angels~~
~~”Liz the Angel”

The very 1st time that I saw
your brown eye’s
ur lips
East17 feat Gabrielle-The 1st time~~
~~”A hottie at 6”

When some body reaches for your heart
Open up & let them thru
Because every-body needs someone around
Things can tumble down on you
Your discover when you look around
You don’t have to be all alone
Just one lova is all you need to know
When your feeling all alone
You might need some body
You might need some body to
Shola Ama-You Might Need Some-body~~
~~”I do, I need you Liz”

It’s the way you make me feel
Spinning my world around
Tell me how can I walk away
I don’t care what they say
Im loving you any-way
It’s the way you make me feel
Make me feel
Oh…make me feel
When I look into your eye’s every-time you smile to me
Ohh I go weak inside baby I just cant hide my love
Its the way you make me feel
Spinning my world around
Steps-The Way You Make Me Feel~~
~~”God I hate Michael & Izzy; I was happy”

~Next Morning, Max Room~
“Ugh go away Izzy”
“Max get-up”

~Liz Room~
“Ugh go away Maria”
”Liz get-up!”
“Maria if I go to school I’ll see him”
“Don’t let him ruin your life”

~End Of School~
“I thought I would never get out of school”
“You okay?”
“Iv been avoiding him”
*She’s so pail, she’s a wreck; I did that, I caused that hurt*

~Max Room~
“Max wat exactly happened?”
“I broke up with her”
“How, what did you say?”
“That we arnt meant to be together, that I needed to take a step back, that when im around her im off balance & that I need to regain my balance”
“You & Michael are the one’s always telling me not to get involved, not to get to attached”
“Max you have just broken her heart, it you love her then you should of gone for it”
“I don’t know Iz, I don’t even think we should be together; she’s human & im an alien were too diffrent”

~Next Day Max Room (6:25pm)~
“OW!” Max wailed as he fell on the floor
//Liz getting shot ^pain, overwhelming fear, misery, love^/Liz getting book’s from her locker ^love, wonder, hope^/Max & Liz dancing ^love, happiness, nowing that its right^/Liz getting book’s from her locker; Liz looking pail, miserable, red eyed ^love, pain, ashamed, guilt, remorse, idiocy^\“Off balance” *Balance*
“I have to make this right”

“Sure, KROZ right?”
“Ok, I hope this works”

~Liz Room~
“Liz, come on put the radio on, listen to some music, lets see, oh, here’s KROZ” Maria encouraged fiddling with the radio
“Liz, I’ve got to go back down stairs, ok?”
“Oh, this sounds like a good song. Bye”
“Bye Maria” *She’s up to some-thing*

every-body’s got some-thing
they had to leave behind
one regret from yesterday
that just seams to grow with time
there’s no use looking back
or wondering
how it be to now or might have been
oh this I know
but still I cant find ways to let you go
I never had a dream come true
Till the day that I found you
& even thow I pretend that I’ve moved on
Ull always be my baby
I never found the words to say
you’re the one I think about each day
& no matter where love takes me to
a part of me will always be with you
some-where in my memory
I’ve lost all sense of time
& till my world can never be
because yesterday is all that fills my mind
there’s no use looking back
or wondering
how it be to now of might have been
oh this I know
but still I cant find ways to let you go
I never had a dream come true
Till the day that I found you
Even thow I pretend
that I’ve moved on
ull always be my baby
I never found the words to say
You’re the one I think about each day
& I no, no matter where love takes me to
a part of me will always be
Ull always be the dream that fills my head
yes you will, say you will, you know you will
oh baby
ull always be the one
I know never forget
there’s no use looking back
or wondering
because love is a strange & funny thing
no mater how hard I try
I just cant say goodbye
No, no, no, no
I never had a dream come true
Till the day that I found you
& even thow I pretend that I’ve moved on
u’ll always be my baby
I never found the words to say
You’re the one I think about each day
& I know, no matter
where love takes me to
a part of me will always be with you
a part of me will always be with you
ohohoh ohohoh
S Club 7-Never Had a Dream Come True~~
“That song was dedicated to Liz Parker, Max Evans loves you & is very sorry,” Announced the DJ as Max appeared from out of the shadows
“Can u forgive me?” Max asked bounding thru the window
“I thought you had to find your balance”
“I found it, then I let you go. What I didn’t realise is that your my balance; Liz Parker your my balance & I’ve been so soooooo stupid”
Liz was sitting in her bed looking down; never taking her eye’s from her book
“That song conveys how I feel about you, your my dream come true” Liz looked-up to find Max sitting on her bed, his intense amber eye’s burning into her’s
“Such a beautiful face; it wasn’t made for crying, you weren’t made for crying. Im sorry, I don’t know what else to say” With that Max waved his hand over Liz face & the colour came back to Liz checks, her eyes weren’t red, the tear marks were gone
“I think that I love you Max” Liz said nervously
“Well I know that I love you Liz”


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Polar Fic, After Blind Date
Ok, uv all gone off Maria, so polar fic here we come. Ummmm good fic 4Polarists, Dreamers & Candy’s enjoyJ
Title: ?
Rating*tongue*G, im not sure about american ratings, but its a tame fic
Disclamer:I own nada, if I did colin would permantly be tied-up, if you know what I mean
Summary:It's after Blind Date, thats about it really

~Crashdown, after closing, Michael & Liz are there~
“You can go home Michael”
“Nah, I will stay & help you”
“Thanx!” Liz said un-enthusiastically
“Why are you so pissed?”
“Oh, Maximillon”
“Yeah, you no the blind date it was great, every-thing he said, then he didn’t remember, it was horrible, then he apologised for ruining my nite” Liz said tears forming in her eyes
“It could be worse”
”How? How??”
“He could of screwed you & then forgotten”
“’Could have, I guess your right”
“Could have, fine!”
“Sorry, just you no”
“You just like good grammar”
“I don’t get Maxwell, I mean how can he break up with you??”
“What do you mean?”
“Look at you, your beautiful & smart & funny” Michael said stepping closer to Liz, so that the were centimetres apart
“Ummmm, well it’s the same for Maria, I mean your ummm handsome & fun&…” But Michael’s cut off Liz by putting his mouth over hers & pushing her up against the wall, Liz replied by wrapping her legs around his waist & leaning into both Michael & the kiss.

~5Minutes Later~
“Umm, er OhMiGod” was all Liz could stammer out before pulling away from Michael & walking away
“Look um Liz”
“Geez, calm down, you love him huh?”
“Lucky Maxwell, look im sorry for like talking advantage”
“No, don’t, it takes two to tango & anyway…” Liz trailed off
“What, Liz what is it?”
“You want Maria back? & I want Max back” Liz said an evil grin spreading across her face
“Yeah, so?”
“So we use jealousy”
“Max thinks im dating you, Maria thinks I’m dating you. It’s a mean trick But it will work”
“Liz ‘im-a-Bitch-to-the-people-I-love-to-get-wot-I-want’ Parker”

~West Roswell High, Tuesday, Lunch time, Maria & Max are sitting at a table & Liz & Michael walk up to them hand-in-hand~
“Here we go Michael, ready?” Liz whispered to her ‘boyfriend’
“What do you think?”
“Hey guys” Liz called out snuggling closer to Michael
“Hey” Max said not looking up.
“Sup Maxwell?” Michael asked sitting on the bench sitting Liz on his lap
“What the hell?” Maria asked out loud
“Sorry I thought that was in my head”
“What’s your problem Blondie?”
“You & Liz are together?????” Max’ head shot up on hearing this & saw Liz gazing into Michael’s eyes
“Your going out? Why?? When???” Max asked hurt
“It just happened the other day”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t think you would care” Liz casually said, she hated lying, what’s more she hated hurting people she cared about, but hopefully they’d be happy in the end. Maria’s jaw dropped to the ground when she heard this.
“I can’t believe you!” Maria shouted at her ex-best friend & then ran off
“Bye Michael, Liz” Max said & shot Liz a hurt look which seamed to slice threw her soul
“Now what?” an agitated Michael asked a girl on the verge off tears sitting on his lap
“Now, now we try something different & I think I know what, listen”

~Max Room, Night, a seemingly drunk Liz crawls threw Max’ window~
“Liz what are you doing?”
“Saying hi” Liz, said looking giddy
“Are you feeling ok?”
“Me, im fine, just a little um…” Liz said unable to finish becuse she fell on Max’ bed
“You know alcohol tastes nice”
“You didn’t”
“If you can, why cant I?” Liz asked climbing up Max’ body so she was straddling his waist, kissing his neck
“Because” Max’ whispered before closing his eyes trying to control himself
“Max will you make love to me?” Liz questioned kissing all-over Max’ face apart from his mouth
“Liz? Your drunk you don’t know what you are saying”
“Like you?”
“I don’t know, I’m sorry about that, but we’re not together, your with Michael now”
“Yes we are, I’m not with Michael, I was trying to make you jealous & he was trying to make Maria jealous”
“You were?”
“Yes” Liz assured, kissing Max deeply
“You are not drunk!”
“I want you back, I want you, I love you, and I really want you to make love to me”
“You do? You do?? You do??? You do????”
“Quadruple yes”
“Um, I want you, I always have, I love you so mutch & I really want to make love to you” Max said grinning like a fool
“So we’re gona do this?”
“Only if your sure?”
“50000% sure”
“Ok, um when do actually do, um, its gona hurt, but I will take the hurt away ok? So are you sure?”
“I love you Max”
“Ill take that as a yes”

~Maria’s Room, Michael has just fallen threw her window~
“Hey sexy”
“Ugh, what is up with you?”
”If Maxwell can get drunk so cans I”
“Oh, what do you want?”
“What about my darling best friend?” Maria asked sarcastically
“You act like she isn’t your friend”
“Well she isn’t”
“Why not?”
“Because she has you. Shit”
“HEY! No one has me anyway that was an act, so I got drunk & now I’m here to get laid”
“No you are not!”
“& why may I ask, not?”
“Your drunk & Liz told me what happened when Max was…wait your not together?????????”
“Nope, we kissed, it was weird not right but when we make-out, that’s right ah, naked Maria”
“Sorry” Michael apologised smiling
“Wait, your not drunk, are you?”
“No, sorry, I, well Liz just thought it would help, she’s doing the same thing with Maximillon”
“Michael before we do any-thing”
“Do you love me?”
“I don’t know mutch about love, all I know is what I fell when I’m around you. When I’m with you I fell, ummm, well happy, no one makes me feel as good as you do & some-times I think about you & get butterflies. Look I know Max loves Liz, I have known ever since I met him, he’s been drooling over her & I don’t think I drool over you But I like you, I like you a lot, I like more that any-other human, I’m not sure But I think I like you more that Max & Izzy”
“So, um I’d like it if we could get back together, & maybe go like steady, or some-thing”
“I’d like that to”
/& guess what, that’s right they all did it that night


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Blind Date (after)

Rating= mild swearing, no sex
* Means thought
/ \ Means scene change in a dream

“I don’t remember, what did I say. Im sorry if I ruined your night”
“You didn’t” said a very deflated Liz as she watched Max run away from her.

~Outside Club~
Max got out of that club as soon as he could in his sober state.
*How could I have done that!!!! How could I hav been so stupid!!!! Maybe I should tell her the truth?? Maybe I should go back there & tell Liz I meant everything I said??? How could I do that to her, all I seen to do is hurt her, im useless!!!* Max thought to himself as he got into his trusty jeep (Bob) *I can’t’ believe he didn’t remember, I wish, I wish I knew wat he was thinking. OMG I think he saw me & Doug kiss; I still cant believe that happened BUT when I looked up I saw Max I could feel his eye’s burning into my soul. I need to talk to Max, I have to talk to Max. I need to tell him what he said BUT I don’t think I can without bursting into tears or dieing of embarrassment; maybe max could connect to me & see everything like I saw, feel everything that I felt* Max got home & flopped down on his bed with one word circling his mind *Liz, Liz, Liz, Liz, LIZ!!!!* “Im sorry” Max whispered to himself

~Max Dream~
“When im not with you I go crazy But when your here; your my dreamgirl” Max said fiddling with a car alarm never taking his eye’s from Liz. Max edged closer to Liz reading her emotions threw her eye’s; happiness, joy, love, fear, surprise
/Liz Balcony“We don’t belong together”
“Don’t say that” The words were stinging Max so much that they hurt to say BUT they had to be said for Izzy & Michael’s sake.
/UFO Centre ‘UFO ConventionLiz in slow-motion
“Pie, Mud Pie. I was thinking for the luncheon”
“Ill see if I can arrange that”
“I’ve got to go im really busy”
/School Halls [Missing]Michael dragging Max away wen Liz was trying to talk to him
/Scholl Halls [Leaving Normal]Max being really harsh to Liz & running to the bathroom
/Outside Crashdown [The Morning After]“Bye”
Max walked off leaving Liz just standing outside the Crashdown
/Crash Festival [Pilot]\
“Max I never thanked you. For saving my life”
“Thank-you. See you in school”
/Crashdown [Pilot]Max running out after healing Liz, the scene re-winded & Max was purely concentration on Liz still body. His eye’s fixed on Liz polka-dot-bra
/Liz & Max just standing in the middle of the stars*I love you* the words were in the back of his brain & he was about to say them wen he heard a shrill ringing

~Max Room (Max has just woken up)~
Max muttered a profanity under his breath as he awoke & hit his alarm clock *I never told her that I love her. I’ve hurt her so badly!!* Max jumped into a pair of jeans, threw on a t-shirt & ran out into Bob. Once Max arrived at Liz’ house he hurled himself out of Bob & ran up her ladder. Where he found a very peaceful Liz sleeping on her chair with a blanket up to her waist & her journal open on her lap *Liz what am I going to do? Should I just tell you?? Should I talk to you later???* Max looked at his watch *5:23am, I know*
Max wandered over to Liz. He gently took her journal, closed it & placed it on the table next to her. He opened her window climbed threw, pulled the covers back on her bed & climbed back threw her window. Max pulled the blanket down to her ankles. He gently hoisted her into his arms, squeezed threw her window careful NOT to disturb Liz. He lightly placed her on her bed & eased her covers up to her waist. “Sweet dreams” & brushed his lips over her forehead. Just as Max was heading to the window he heard a buzzing *All that for nothing, DamIt!!* “Ugh” Liz said sleepily
“M…Max?” *What am I supposed it say?*
“Morning” Max said as he turned round slowly
“What are you doing here Max?”
“Standing” *Oh, Way to go Evans*
“Other than the basics”
“Um, about last night” Max responded seeing how dazed Liz looked *Good, the best time to tell her; when she’s still out of it* *Your my dreamgirl* The conversations of the night before kept going round her head
“Max it doesn’t matter, you didn’t say anything that important anyway” *She’s embarrassed* “Your my dreamgirl” Liz looked dumfounded “I meant it, you know” *He rememb…he lied!!*
“I understand that your gona be angry & hurt at how I treated you”
“I didn’t think you remembered” Liz said dryly
“Im sorry I lied”
“Max, I thought you trusted me”
“I did, er, I do, really, I do, I was just scared”
“Max you shouldn’t of li…” Liz trailed off
“Why am I in my clothes, I don’t remember coming in last night” Liz saw the guilty look in Max’s eye’s
“You did this?”
“Yeah I did, would you of preferred to stay outside?”
“No, um, thanx”
“No problem, I’ll just be going”
“Not that fast!” *He meant it, Oh God he meant it!!* Liz got up & casually walked over to Max, placed a hand delicately on his wrist & kissed him eva so carefully. She broke away from the short kiss & asked
“Um, were you going somewhere?”
“No, im done running from the woman I love”
“Im glad to hear it” Max looked at Liz devilishly & swooped her into his arms for a full-on-snog


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Blood Brothers
* Means thought
This takes place just as Blood Brothers is ending, I know a lot of people wished this would have happened, sorry I couldn’t come up with a better fic BUT I haven seen Blood Brothers in about a year

~School Halls, End Of School~
“Alex I cant” Liz said dully
Alex then started to walk off. Liz drooped her head in remorse & started staring blankly at her feet *ALEX!!!! Ugh God, how far would I really go for Max; would I loose all my friends? Its not even like he likes me like that, I don’t care I’d probably even die for him. BUT Alex is one of my best-friends in the whole world* Liz head suddenly jerked up & she started running after him
“Alex! ALEX!! WAIT!!!”
“What, do you want a urine sample or something?” Liz caught up to Alex & pulled him into the girls room
“Alex, ill explain every-thing, ok?” Liz said looking under all the stalls & pushing the doors open to be doubly sure
“Max, Michael & Isabel arnt like most people”
“Huh, er, How?”
“Um at the hospital, we swapped your blood with Max because, um Max blood isn’t normal & if they looked at it they would see that”
“See what?”
“We weren’t doing drugs, we were in car accident & Max almost died, thats why they were doing the tests, BUT you know that, the thing is um”
“The thing is what?” Alex inquired
“That day in September, you know the shooting, well I was shot & I almost died But I didn’t because Max saved me, because he’s an um alien”
“Liz, stop lying!”
“Alex Thats what happened think about it, please, you know I wouldn’t want to lie to you, your one of my best mates. Topolsky she was here to um find out about Max; if he wouldn’t have saved me that day then she wouldn’t have been here”
“Liz what your saying is posteriors”
“Think about it all Alex, im not a junkie. Don’t say any-thing Please”
Alex was going to continue harassing Liz with questioned when the door was opened by Pam Troy
“Girls room, NO BOYS!!!! Whitman”
“Im going”
“So am I” *OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!, I have to talk to Max, GREAT!”


posted on 10-Feb-2002 8:57:31 AM

~Out Side U.F.O. Centre~
“Come with me” Liz said forcefully taking hold of ‘The Green Alien’
“Huh, what huh???” Liz had managed to pull Max into a little corner & pulled his head of
“Why do you keep staring at me? Why, huh, why?!?”
“I have to”
“No you don’t”
“Yes I do”
“You don’t get it, 10years, 10years of watching you, never getting to close. Never telling you how I feel. Never having a conversation with you outside of bio-lab. Never. & we were together, & I broke up with you. I just have to go back, you know. Pretend I didn’t save you. & going back involves staring at you, never getting to close”
“Max I”
“Whatever I do, I always hurt you”
“No you don’t”
“Yes I do”
“Max you don’t”
“I can prove it” Max said as he leaned over & kissed Liz on the cheak
“Max” Liz sighed
“Now im going to walk away & hurt you, Liz I, I, I, hate the idea of hurtin you; but its all I ever seem to do”
“I have to get back to work, bye Liz”


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A Conversation After Destiny
We know Tess is a whore, so whores deserve to be bitched at!

~On Cliff~
“What do we do now Max?”
“Max” Isabel piped in
“We don’t do any-thing”
“Look Maxwell” Michael tried to reason
“SHUT-UP! Do you know how much I hate that nickname? I’ve just lost my soulmate the one person I’m supposed to spend my life with. & You, you come along” Max said aiming his aggression at Tess
“You. Do you know how many lives you have just ruined? Isabel has finally opened up, she has just realised how mutch Alex cares for her. Michael, I know he won’t admit it but he loves
Maria & you have to come along & ruin evry-thing. & Liz, do you know how mutch she has been threw!?! WE were finally together & ruin it all with ‘destiny’ I’m not a king & you are not my wife. I don’t love you, I don’t even like you; I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I’m gona go & try 2to find Liz, no doubt she’ll be crying on Maria’s shoulder, no wait Maria will be crying as mutch!!!!!!!!!!! Look just FUCK-OFF you whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Max screamed, then ran after Liz


posted on 10-Feb-2002 8:58:46 AM
A Conversation After Destiny
We know Tess is a whore, so whores deserve to be bitched at!

~On Cliff~
“What do we do now Max?”
“Max” Isabel piped in
“We don’t do any-thing”
“Look Maxwell” Michael tried to reason
“SHUT-UP! Do you know how much I hate that nickname? I’ve just lost my soulmate the one person I’m supposed to spend my life with. & You, you come along” Max said aiming his aggression at Tess
“You. Do you know how many lives you have just ruined? Isabel has finally opened up, she has just realised how mutch Alex cares for her. Michael, I know he won’t admit it but he loves
Maria & you have to come along & ruin evry-thing. & Liz, do you know how mutch she has been threw!?! WE were finally together & ruin it all with ‘destiny’ I’m not a king & you are not my wife. I don’t love you, I don’t even like you; I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I’m gona go & try 2to find Liz, no doubt she’ll be crying on Maria’s shoulder, no wait Maria will be crying as mutch!!!!!!!!!!! Look just FUCK-OFF you whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Max screamed, then ran after Liz


posted on 10-Feb-2002 8:59:17 AM
Title: Crazy, Y Max got the pocket knife
Author: soppysophs
Disclaimer: I own nothing, if I did Max & Liz would b happy & Tess
wouldn’t exist, not for getting Alex is alive & living with me, hehe,
Pairing: Max & Liz, is there any-other?
Rating: PG-13
Feed-back: Always appreciated, please
Author's Note: Just a little fic before Crazy

~Liz' Room~
"Oh hey Max, im glad you came" Liz said with a smile on her face
"Yeah, you sounded important on the phone"
"Um, sit down"
"Whats wrong?"
"Are you...?"
"...No, of course not, um this is about christmas"
"What about it, it was three months ago"
"Well I never gave you a present"
"Why, would you of, we had just broken-up?"
"Yeah. But I wanted to get you something, so I kinda did"
"Liz, you shouldn't have"
"Here" Liz said nervously giving Max a small box
"Open it" Liz instructed, & Max could only comply
"Max & Liz 4eva" Max recited, a smile playing his lips
"I just thought you know"
"I know"
"Look Liz"
"Look Max I just want you to know that, um, we belong together,
whatever happens, I will always stick by you"
"No, thank-you, just dont break-up with me again!"
"Dont worry, Max&Liz4eva. Always"


posted on 10-Feb-2002 8:59:59 AM
Cry Your Name (Wat if fic)
Tess has been mind-wrapping Liz (instead of Alex)
Its just up to the bit: Tess has dumped Liz in the car & Max is tring to revive her
* Means thought

~Van Thingy~
Max slowly walked into the van knowing what was going to greet him: Liz dead; BUT she wasn’t, Max didn’t know how he knew But he knew Liz was alive.
There lay Liz’ still form, not moving, not breathing. She just lay there. Max put his hands over Liz feet & all the way up to her neck; He was looking for the reason y she was dead So he could heal her BUT all he found was bruises & scratches *No, she’s alive, she has to be. Huh? There’s no cause why she’s dead BUT how??* Max gently rested his hands on Liz forehead in defeat. But the connection was still there. What he saw scared him. Liz brain was destroyed, vandalised, some one; something killed her brain!
Max healed her by re-stimulating her brain, sending power thru it, so it was working again. Max then started to get rid of the scratches & bruises *I don’t understand, she’s alive BUT nothing, her heart’s breathing, BUT*
“Liz!” Max literally grabbed Liz & held onto her as if she were his lifeline & he was never going to let go!
“Max what happened, I, I don’t remember”
“Something, I don’t know what, something really weird”

The gang were surprised to see Liz alive(because she was dead)
“You should be dead!” Tess spat out
“Max saved me”

~Maria House~
“Hm I wonder what this is?” Maria said to herself checking her mail; there was a package from Liz. It was a tape:
[‘Maria help me, something’s going on, something I cant explain, I don’t even think I went to Sweeden’
‘Liz what have you found out so far?’] *Tess* Maria thought
[‘Nothing so far’
‘Tess what are you doing here?’
‘Getting a book, bye Liz’
‘Yeah bye’ /Door Closes‘Hm a tape, for Maria guess ill post it’]
{End Tape}
“She mind-wrapped Liz, BITCH!!!!!!!!”

~Next Day (After Max found out every-thing by accessing Liz memory he visited Tess~
~Tess House~
“Hey Max”
“Hey, can I come in?” Max said peering into Tess’ house
“Course” *Maybe he’s finally accepting his destiny*
/Door Closes“So, you almost killed Liz, Ill do the same to you” Max said his voice filled with hatred
Max had his left had in her right temple & was turning her brain into mush
Then Max left a dead inter-glatic-hore dead on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:00:34 AM
Killing Tess (& Time) Fanfic
Same as Departure BUT they find out 10minites before
/\ Means sounds

~In The Granolith Chamber~
“You killed Alex! YOU BITCH!!” Michael spat out, then punched Tess so hard that she fell to the ground /THUD!“I treated you like a sister &, & this is how you repay me!” Kyle then kneed her in the gut /WHACK!“I wanted to believe you, you kill the one guy I could ever love!” With that Izzy rippled open Tess’ uterus leaving it forever damaged killing any-baby that could be in there. “OWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! It was never supposed to be like this, if you would of just gone with Michael; gone with your destiny” Tess said standing up
“NO! YOU try to pair Michael with Isabel & then you take Alex away from me for good! YOU COW!!” Maria then kicked Tess in the shin with the side of her platform shoe, making sure Tess would fall back to the floor /BOOM!“YOU, YOU tried to ruin my life, & you almost succeeded, you don’t deserve friends!” /SLAP!\ Liz’ ring had twisted round opening Tess’ left cheek
“OW, Max do something!”
“NO!!!!!!! YOU, Bitch, you don’t deserve to live!!!!!!!” Max then used his powers to cut open Tess’ hand preventing healing /RIP!“You, never change that’s why I had to mindwarp you into believing that we had sex!”
“Alex?” Liz questioned when she saw what she believed to be her dead best mate
“Its me, now lets get out of here before this thing launches” The gang left the Pod Chamber leaving Tess lying on the floor

“Alex, OhMiGod!!!!”
“She’s gone. Now I wont you to know something: you make each other stronger, Max you need Liz, Michael I know sometimes you don’t believe it BUT you need Maria. Isabel…”
“…Alex I know, I never told you BUT I love you”
“I know Izzy, But there is someone else out there for you”
“What about Tess?” Kyle asked
“Yup Kyle. Look I don’t want to give to much of your futures away but Liz what ‘FM’ told you will still come true. You will all have to work hard for love BUT remember that your significant other loves you & remember wherever you go whatever you do ill b watching you; apart from when you do the nasty then ill look away. Tess will be taken care of by Khivar. & GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! I love you guys”
“We love you to Alex” Maria said with tears in her eyes
“I’ve got to go”
“Bye” was then chorused by 6teenagers as Alex disappeared


posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:01:08 AM
A short fanfic its how I think Liz will tell Max about F.Max

"So can you go to the movies tonight?” Asked Maria
"Oh sorry I can’t, I’ve got a date with Max its our three month aniversery" replied Liz.
"Oh in that case I have the perfect thing" said Maria holding up her order book with the words 'im easy' on it. "Thanx, BUT no thanx, tonight’s the night I tell Max about Future Max" "In that case good luck chica”

~Liz Bedroom~
"Max can I tell you something, I mean there’s this thing I haven’t told you & I don’t want any secrets." Liz said her tone serious. "What’s this about?" Max said sitting next to Liz on her bed."Well you know when I ‘slept’ with Kyle" sounding like she wanted to get this over & done with. "Yeah but you didn’t did you??” Max asked woried. "I didn’t but I want to tell you why I made it look like I did ok?"
"sure" Max replied. "Ok I was standing in front of the mirror saying my voles" "Your wedding voles?" Max cut in tring to keep his laughter in.
"Yes my wedding voles,if your not going to take this seriously then I wont tell you!" Liz said standing up & wandering over to her window. "No please tell me" Max said sounding like a 5-year-old.
"Ok so... im standing in front of my mirror & then you appear BUT its not because your in your 30's & have grey hair & a beard & stuff" Max looked intreged.
"Well he said we got married & had kids & then these evil aliens came & everyone died, so you used the granolith to travel back in time to make sure that, that never happened" "Liz are you saying" "NO please let me finish"
"I didnt believe it was you but he predicted the future you know with the mariachi band so I knew it was you, he said I had to push you away & get you together with Tess” (*evil bi^^h*)
"So you set me up with tess" "Yes but there’s loads more BUT you ended up kissing me, he said the night of the gomez concert you came over & we made love, I I I I went bizzurk, I mean I didn’t have any intention of making love to you or anyone" Liz said feeling the tears stinging her eye's. "So I went to your house & said I didn’t love u & I wouldn’t die for you, BUT that wasn’t, isn’t true Max I love you with all my heart & I would die for you in an instant. Later Future. Max started to disappear he said I had done it BUT he didn’t , then he told me Michael & Isabel had died" "OhMiGod Liz"
"NO please Max let me finish" Liz pleaded with a tear running down her cheak. "I was talking to Maria about Michael & Courtney & I thought if you saw me in bed with Kyle then………………….. BUT we didn’t do any thing we just sat there talking with our underwear ON."
"Max it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do"
Max didnt know what to say, he looked up from the floor where he'd been looking tring to register everything. Max saw the tears streaming down Liz face.
He got up & almost ran over to Liz.He hugged her & kissed the side of her neck saying: “Thats all in the past, what matters is that we are together & that we love each over"

posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:01:56 AM
Four Square
Um, couldn’t do a fic, so what someone said makes Max think
*Means thought

~Evans Kitchen~
ISABEL: The night you were drunk, Michael and I went to the public library. That’s where the symbol was supposed to lead. We though that if Nasado left us a symbol at the cave, then we should send one back to him.
*Oh god the night I was drunk. I need to tell Liz*

~Liz’ Room~
“Um Liz”
“I remember the Blind Date I remember what I said, what I did”
“Max, you, you lied?”
“No, I didn’t remember, but I do now, & I’m sorry I didn’t tell you when I remembered, I was scared I’d loose you again”
“Max, did you mean what you said?”
“Yes, you know I did, I, I, I, love you. I love you Elizabeth Claudia Parker!”
“What’s going on, um, its wrong, not right, I know my life & I know I love you, like I always have, I cant loose you, not know not ever. Um that’s why I want us to be together, um completely, like um, cemented”
“Well I’d only sleep with someone I love so I cant have sex with you” Liz said watching Max’ face fall
“Only kidding, sorry I couldn’t resist”
“You, you, you, love me”
“With all my heart & soul”

posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:02:46 AM
(Just Before) Harvest

Liz gets depressed
* Means thought

~Liz Bedroom, 7:30am~
“Liz wake up, you have to go school” Maria said going into Liz’ room trying to wake her
“Maria, im not well, leave me alone”
“Liz, you seamed fine yesterday”
“That was yesterday, today im not well”
“Yes you are!” Maria said lifting Liz covers
“OMG! What happened?” Maria asked taking in Liz appearance. Her irises were as dark as her pupils, her eyes were red from crying, under her eyes there were dark heavy bags, her face was pail; almost no colour. This was not Liz in front of Maria. this was the work of Max!
“Did he do this to you?”
“In a way” Liz whispered
“Maria im not well, just go to school”

“Hey you Czechoslovakian!”
“Huh, oh Maria” Max said lifting his head from his locker *Shit, he almost looks as bad as Liz, almost*
“What did you do to Liz?” Maria demanded
“Oh, really”
“Yes really, if its something to do with Liz ask Kyle, okay?”
“Kyle, why Kyle?”
“She’s with him now”
“She, she, she fuked him, ok?”
“What, no she didn’t! & since when do you swear?”
“Since now!”
“I know Liz, I now she loves you & she would never sleep with Kyle!”
“I, I saw them, okay”

~Liz Bedroom, 12:00am~
“Why didn’t you tell me you slept with Kyle!?!?!?”
“Because I didn’t”
“How could you”
“I did k?!”
“Piss-off! Maria, just piss-off!”

~Liz Bedroom, 12:30am~
“Liz what’s wrong?”
“Im ill, you wouldn’t understand that would you, seeing as ‘you don’t get sick’ I screwed Kyle because I wanted to it was fun”
“Why are you doing this?”
“Don’t you think you have ruined my life enough?”

~Kyle’s House, 1:15pm~
“Evans wat the hell are you doing?”
“You didn’t sleep with Liz?” Max asked puzzled
“Buddha help me”
“No, she wouldn’t tell me why, But she asked for my help, she’s my friend, I helped her, I didn’t sleep with her, she wouldn’t want me any-way”

~Liz Room, 2:00pm~
“Why did you lie?”
“I wanted to hurt you”
“BUT why didn’t you sleep with him?”
“I wanted to hurt you, if I slept with Kyle I might of felt guilty”
“Liz what happened?”
“Im not well, cant you leave me alone!?!”

~Liz Room, 2:45pm~
“Liz, im sorry, just talk to me” Something was wrong she was conscious, But, but something. Then Max noticed Liz hand that had slipped out of bed; it had a bit of blood on it, the blood was dripping to the floor on to something shiny.
“What the, oh no” Max was afraid, But he knew he had to check. He quickly pulled her bed covers back
“NO!!!!!!” Max was greeted blood soaked pj’s, he lifted her top up & found she had repeatedly slashed her tummy
Max tried to make the connection, but she was blocking him.
“Liz, you have to let me help you”
“No” Liz said feebly before she passed out.

~Hospital, 3:30pm~
Max has just ran in wit Liz unconscious in his arms.
“Please you have to help her”

~Hospital, 5:15pm~
“Come on Max, at least she’s still alive”
“No, no she isn’t!”
“Max she is”
“They have to keep her body on life-support, But Liz, Liz she’s completely dead inside; you can see it when you look into her eye’s. You know I once heard someone say that your eyes are the window to your soul, if thats true then Liz doesn’t have a soul any-more”

~Liz Room~
Liz has been allowed outa hospital & Max is watchin her at the moment. *She’s asleep, what’s been making her do this? Why is she hurting herself like this? Why’s that brick loose?* Max removed the brick & found Liz’ journal, & started to read it. *Good he’s distracted* Liz went to her bathroom & got out a pair of very sharp scissors & re-slashed her wounds.
“I love you Max……………always” Liz whispered as Max walked in.
“NO! Not again!” Max screamed as Liz inhaled BUT didn’t exhale.

~Liz Funeral~
“Max do you wana say a few words?”
“Er, yeah”
“Um, Liz was, um an amazing person. She always seemed to be happy & cheerful. I could find out that everyone, I know & love is dead; & I would see Liz smiling back at me & every-thing would be alright. If your stuck in a biology exam & can bet she will be up there shouting the answer at you! Um, im sure that Liz would want us to remember her as happy as she usually was. If I think about Liz then I think of her in her ridiculous Crashdown uniform, where you can’t literally feel the embarrassment coming off her, with her antennae bobbing up & down. I will always remember Liz & I will always love her”

~Max Room, Night Before Gomez Concert, 1:15am, Max has used the Granolith to travel back in time. He knew that Future. Max had gone for a walk on Thursday & wasn’t back until Friday~
Max walked over to his sleeping from & invaded his dreams. He put a very, very X-rated dream in his head.

~Max Room, 2:30am~
“Hmmmmm Liz” Max awoke feeling very, very horny & in desperate need to see Liz.

~Liz Room, 3:15am~
“Max what are you doing here?” Liz asked nervously
“Doing something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time”

Max & Liz cemented vry-thin on Thursday Not Friday & the future was changed


posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:03:28 AM
After Science Lab Scene, Liz Thoughts
If it sukz it aint my fault; I really was low on inspiration
*Does Max like me? Maybe he doesn’t, maybe he pleased that we keep getting interrupted. Maybe he’s been lying to me so not to hurt my feelings. If he did like me then he would have done something by now I’ll give him until Saturday & if nothing then I’ll mope around for a bit. I just wish my life would stop changing & Max would just ask me out, that would be a good change*


posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:03:59 AM
About marriage

"So I’ll pick you up at 8:30 at the Crashdown"
"Sure Max, what’s this all about??" inquired Liz.
"Ull see" said Max happily. "K see you later love you" "Love you to"
"How can you get Max to drool over you like that???" "Loads of practice Maria, loads of practice"

"Ok imagine your in the Crashdown"
"So your in the Crashdown, after closing time & I appear"
"Then you look up"
"OMG" Liz gasps as Max makes it rain white rose petals. "Just like in ur dream, Ok I’ve got one more surprise" it stopped raining. "Sit down"
"Ok why Max?"
"Will you..?..??" Max stopped & got down on one knee & inhaled deeply, "Will you marry me????"
"Max get up"
"Iv loved you since the first moment I saw you & I knew right there you were my destiny, will you marry me Elizabeth Parker?" Max asked looking nervous
"Max I.....I.......I..."
"No its okay, um see you tomorrow Liz"
"Max wait" Liz pleaded as Max shoot out the window & flew down the ladder.

*Liz thoughts: No Max I love you & do want to marry you I was just surprised thats why I was stuttering*

Liz felt tears burning her eye's. She turned her light off & slipped into bed. Liz lay there in the dark crying & thinking about Max.

"Izzy can you show me how to dream-walk"
"Max, im busy"
"Ok get a picture of the person your trying to contact put your hand over it & concentrate on that person, trying to make the connection"
"Its what im here for"

"Okay Liz let me see what your dreaming"

Liz sat in a field some-were making-out with some guy
*Max got out of that dream as fast as he could*
Liz pulled away from kissing this guy, to reveal Max smiling back at her "I love you Max & I want to marry you"

"Love you Max" Liz said as she sat up awake from her dream. Liz got up & turned on the light & noticed a small black velvet box. "Wedding ring" Liz said with a tear rolling down her cheek.

"Max...Max" Liz said knocking on Max's window. The window opened & Liz saw Max sleeping peacefully on his bed. Liz jumped through the window remembering the time she fell into Max's arms before going to the Indian reservation.
Liz found a stool to sit on, Liz watched Max sleep for about two minutes, then his eye's started to flutter BUT stayed closed
"Liz what are you doin??"
"Max you scared me I thought you were asleep"
"I was for about three minutes before you came"
"So what are you doing here Liz?"
" to talk to you" said Liz. Tring to divert her eye's from Max
"Shoot & er could you look at me"
"Sure well I had this dream"
"I know I saw" Max cut in
"HOW???" Liz asked
"I tried"
"Oh, what do you see?"
"You kissing some guy, then I left" Max said looking down
"Some was was you Max I would never kiss another guy I love you Max"
"REALY??" Max asked in disbelief
"Max come on I never stopped loving you through every-thing we been through"
"& was um ...well if the offer still stands would love to marry you"
"You mean that??"
"Course I do Max were soulmates & no one else would want me"
"Dont be stupid there’s loads of no your right im the only 1 that wants you"
On hearing that Liz jumped on Max's bed & hit him with a pillow.

"OMG I can’t believe your married" Izzy said to Max
"Well done Maxwell"
"Thank-you to & thanx for being Best-man"
"Congratulations Liz"
"Thanx Maria"
"If Max ever messes you round you know who to call......NOT ME"
"Thanx Alex"

I know its corny but what the hay:& THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVA AFTER

posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:04:36 AM
Independence Day
Ok, ID dreamer style
* Means thought

~School Halls~
“Hey Liz”
“Um hey Max”
“Um do you want to talk about the um the Blind Date?”
“Yeah, um, but im the bell is um”
“Er how about I come over to yours later?”
“Only if you want thow”
“See ya later”

~Liz House~
“Er we have to talk”
“About the”
“You getting drunk”
“Yeah, I don’t remember”
“Yeah you um you said”
“I do, um do remember some things”
“Um like what?”
“That you looked really beautiful, & I remember kissing you”
“I remember um a heart & a picture & Kyle & you there was um, strange lighting like a disco ball”
“Yeah um you did that”
“What, how?”
“You put a heart on my wall, changed a picture & used your powers to create strange lighting & you um, you said some stuff”
“Like what?”
“Romantic stuff”
“Look it doesn’t matter”
“You were drunk, you said & did some things, you didn’t mean them it’s in the past. It was just a mistake you made”
“Yeah, look Max I have to go to work”
“Oh, ok sure, er, see ya”
“Bye” *Ok Liz keep lying to Max, he doesn’t need to know about the mistake he made, just keep everything to yourself, how difficult can that be, your in love with an alien, strange things are bound to happen*


posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:05:31 AM
I know everyone has been ill, so here’s a fanfic for ya
Ya’ll no dat Liz had a cold, what if that cold turned into the flu?!??!?
* Means thought

~Crashdown, Max has just walked in looking For Liz~
“Hey Maria where’s Liz, I thought she worked today??”
“You love her to mutch dude”
“Yeah; I know. Where is she?”
“Up-stairs, look Max knock; if there’s no reply then don’t go in ok?”
“Um, sure”

~Liz Room~
/Knock, knock“Come in” Liz wheezed
“Er, Liz, OhMiGod are you okay?”
“You have a cold, you don’t need your dad dragging up off camping”
“Oh, so you have…”
“…The flu”
“Oh, so your not well??”
“Nothing gets past you”
“No im sorry, im just unhappy thats all, I shouldn’t have lashed out”
Liz coughed again this time ducking her head & closing her eyes, when she opened them again she found Max sitting next to her on the bed.
“I, I wana help” Max said placing his hand right hand on her forehead & his left hand on the gap between her lungs, & focused all his energy. When he removed his hands, Liz was better.
“I er, don’t like to see you unhappy”
“Max, you don’t have to go around healing people”
“Im not, just you”
“I shouldn’t of said that!”
“I just think I should go”
“Why did you come?”
“You know I forgot about something I gota do, so I should definitely go”

posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:06:06 AM
Reflections Of A Sad Max
After ‘Its Too Late And Its Too Bad’ Max thinks about what happened (& what he believed happened)
It’s a rebel’s fic BUT with Dreaming at heart-ull understand
/\ Means flash
Probably NC-17- Sexual content, & swearing

~Max Room (He’s thinking)~
I made love to Tess, NO I fucked Tess-that’s all it was. I remember what happened: When I closed my eyes I don’t see a blond haired, blue eyed gerbil BUT a brunet with dark soulful eyes; an angel. When I came I know I shouted her name /Max & Tess fucking “LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”\ In my mind I made love to Liz, in heart I know I fucked a fucking gerbil (I made the biggest mistake of my life). In my mind Kyle fucked Liz, in my heart I know Liz is still a virgin; I don’t know how I know BUT I do. & I know that when I see Liz im gona treat her like dirt because it’s the only thing I can do; I cant be around her as her friend because I want her so mutch, so all I can is pretend I hate her, all I can do is make her hate me.

posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:06:37 AM
Leaving Normal Fanfic

This takes place at the end of Leaving Normal outside The Crashdown, Liz & Max are hugging
* Means thoughts
No sequel

“Thanx” Liz said puling away, tears drowning her eye’s
“Shhhhh” Max said wiping Liz tears away with his thumb. His eye’s never leaving her’s.
“You should get some sleep”
“Max im……im scared”

~Liz Room~
Max & Liz still hugging. Liz didn’t have the strength to stop the tears *I hate seeing Liz like this. What did her grandma mean ‘follow your heart’; Liz knew what she meant*
“Max, she’s gone”
“Its gona be ok”
“Max she, she……”
“……She would to hate to see you like this”
“Max, I don’t know what im gona do without her”
“Don’t worry, your gona get threw this”
“Max, I don’t no if I can, she was such an important part of my life”
“She still is, wherever you go whatever you do she’s gona be there watching over you”
“Follow your heart” Liz whispered echoing her thoughts
“What did she mean when she said that?”
“Just, we were talking about something &”
“Talking about what?” Max jumped in
“Why, didn’t you tell me Kyle’s friends beat you up?” Liz said avoiding the question
“How did you know?”
“He told me, before we broke up”
“Oh. You broke up. Why?”
“Doesn’t matter” *Max I broke up because of you. Max I love you & I wana be with you* Liz mind screamed at Max.
“I didn’t tell you because…I didn’t”
“Max is that why you were pushing me way, in case it happened again?”
“Maybe. What did your grandma mean?” Max pressed on
“I was just talking to her & she mentioned soulmates & thats why”
“Oh, who did you think your soulmate was?” *I know who my soulmate is, Liz your my soulmate. You always have been & you always will be. I love you Elizabeth Parker*
“Doesn’t matter”
“No” Liz replied lifelessly, she really didn’t want to be having this conversation
“Um…well…its…he’s…um” Liz couldn’t bring herself to say it so she pointed her finger in the direction of Max heart
“Liz…im sorry” Max started to get up
“Bye…Max” Liz said the tears returning to her eye’s
“I never meant to hurt you, its just we, we aren’t meant to be, we’re to different”
“It doesn’t stop me from felling the way I feel”
“I know”
“Bye max”
“Bye Liz, im really sorry”
“Not meant to be” *Not for now, one day I swear we will be together*


posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:07:15 AM
2/3 Of The Way Thru Max In The City
This might not make mutch sense, BUT bear with it!
Liz has just saved Max life
* Means thought

~Liz Room~
Liz couldn’t bear it anymore, Max thinking she slept with Kyle, & thinking she didn’t love him; which couldn’t be father from the truth. All that had gone on in 1½years of her life. Liz just couldn’t deal with it no more, so she decided to end it!
Liz wandered slowly & unhappily to her bathroom where upon looking in her medicine cabinet she found sufficient amounts of painkillers & anti-biotins that shouldn’t normally be mixed *This should be a pretty painless way to die* Liz grabbed the bottles & plastic containers. After riting her last will & testament & notes to her parents to her friends (as a group) & a special note for Max explaining where she hid her journal & that she’d never forget him.
She took all the medicine & gently placed her body in a comfortable resting place. Soon after taking the pills & liquids she was reunited with her grandma.

~Liz Room 11:25pm, Max just got back from NewYork & wanted to thank Liz~
“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” *She, she’s dead, Liz!*

~Max Room 1:45am~
“Watisit Max?” Isabel asked her brother
“Liz” Max replied simply
“I know you to broke up BUT im sure you will get back together” Max looked up at his sisters comment & Isabel wished he hadn’t *What happened to Max?*
Max dark soulful brown eyes were no longer filled with love, joy, and happiness BUT empty. Recently Max eyes had been filled with sorrow & pain BUT now they were empty lifeless voids; just dark, almost black no pain just empty But riten all over his face was depression.
“Wha, what happened?”
Max couldn’t talk he just showed Isabel Liz journal
“Max, im, im so sorry I wish there was a way but there isn’t” Max mind kept flashing back to when he was captured; there was something he wasn’t remembering.
/Flash/~I just wish I could have stopped you from saving my life that day~\Flash End\
“Granolith! Im gona change the future, im gona stop Liz from killing herself”
“Iz, im gona!”

~Sunday 18th September 1999, Liz Room~
Max just arrived & Liz walked in
“Your alive, Liz, your alive, I love so muth” Max said pulling Liz into a massive hug!
“Max, Max what are you talking about?”
“What date is it?”
“Im a day early”
“Early for what, what did you just mean??”
Max couldn’t bear it, he knew he shouldn’t BUT he couldn’t help it. Max was kissing Liz before he knew what he was doing, he was picking her up & moving over to her bed

~7Mins L8R~
Max pulled away because he thought he might loose conciseness
“Maria!!!!!!!!!” Max hid bhind the door as Maria walked into Liz room
“Can you check if Max Evans is downstairs?”

“Yup he’s there, why?”
“I just wanted to borrow his bio book but iv found mine”
“Thanx Maria”
“No probs”
“Would you like to explain how you can be in my room & in the Crashdown at the same time?”
“Liz, I”
“I think you need my help, so explain & ill help”

~1/2 Hour L8R~
“So thats what we had”
“Can you show me?”
/Flash/~Max showed Liz everything they shared especially when finding the orb!~\Flash End“OhMiGod”
“We had soo mutch”
“Pretty amazing huh?”
“& you want me to?”
“Not get shot”
“Max after closing can you put a hole in the wall?”
“Course, why?”
“I have an idea”

~Crashdown, Evening~
“Hey Kyle~
“Hey Liz”
“Can we break-up?”
“Well you know with school, & really we would be btter as friends”
“Oh fine”

~Next Day, Crashdown~
“You broke the bottle when you feel. Don’t say anything please”
“I broke the bottle when I feel, really im fine, look there’s the bullet hole” Liz said gathering her uniform together & pointing to where the bullet was in the wall
“Are you sure your ok?” Maria asked her best-friend
“Im just a bit shaky, you know it was just loud, & it doesn’t happen everyday”

~Next Day, Band Room at West Roswell High~
“I want you”
“WHAT!?!?” said not believing what his dream girl just said to him
“I want you………….to know that I know, & im fine with it, & um I’d really like to tell Maria & Alex”
“No what?”
“No that er, your not from around here”
“I have know idea what your talking about”
“I love you”
“Huh!?! What!?!”
“You risked Isabel’s Michael’s & your life for me”
“Liz I don’t know what your talking about”
“Your an alien, im fine with it” Liz said proudly
^Liz explains things to Max & they connect^

They Lived Happily Ever After, BUT in case your wonderin:
Liz told Alex & Maria, Max told Isabel & Michael (& they bcame the Scooby Gang)
Topolsky never came
Grandma Claudia died
Michael never needed to take Liz’ journal
They went to Atherton’s & weren’t followed by the FBI
River Dog answered their questions (as a group)
Max & Liz were never in a car accident
Heat Wave
Michael asked Maria to the party at The Old Soap Factory
“So why did you ask me out?”
“Because what?” *Does she have to babble so mutch!?!* Michael was so pissed wit Maria (&her incessant babbling) he grabbed her & showed her what else she could do with her mouth!
~Evans House, Max & Alex are talkin~
“So do you love my sister”
“I think so”
“Go fro it, sweep her off her feet”
“I think im the only guy capable of doing that, hell your not as tall as her”
“Yup, that’s why its good having a girlfriend like Liz; we love each other & she’s short!”
“Geez, imagine how she feels”
“Yeah, oh well go for it wit Iz”
“Thanx Max”

There was no kitchen fire
No one went to Fraiser woods(thank Buddha)
On St. Valentines day Max was the one who went out with Liz(no Doug), Maria got spotted by a talent scout
Michael had his Independence Day
~Just Off Highway 42~
“You think we should go home now we’ve found this?”
“Um. Id rather stay & er cement things”
Tess showed up & confronted the gang about ‘Destiny’ Max didn’t give a fuck!
Nasado infiltrated the FBI & was killed by the Skins
When Isabel had her surprise birthday party Alex got down to his thong
The gang defeated the Skins
Max & Liz were fooling round, Tess was on her way to seduce Max BUT she was hit by a truck & died! (Thank Buddha)
~2002, Elvis Wedding Chapel~
Max Evans & Liz Evans walked out of the chapel witout a care in the world

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Max To The Max

Um Max gets ‘alien-horny’ & Liz helps him J
Max doesn’t bother seeing Tess, he decides to see Liz
* Means thought

“Ill, see Tess”

~Max Going to see Tess~
*Liz, Liz, need to see Liz*

“Hey Liz”
“Hey Max”
“Um, we have to go”
“Whot, where?”
“We have to go, somewhere, I don’t know, I just want to be with you, is that ok?”
“Yeah, my shift starts is an hour”
“How about the old high-way?”
“Yeah, yeah come on”
“Lets go”

~Bob, 1½hour’s L8R~
“So, that was”
“Um, nice”
“Max, did you see, did we connect…”
“…See every-thing from each other”
“I love you too”
“I saw & um about your fantasy, you know you had when we, um the flashes”
“Kinda intense”
“It was the flashes, you know”
“Of course, um we better get back”
“Yeah & you better clean this car”

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Some Point Before Meet The Dupes

Everyone gathered in his room, they had all been called, told something had happened to Liz. Once they were all seated, he started.

“Ummm, I don’t know how to put this. You all know something has happened to Liz and I know you are all curious as to what has happened.” He said shakily
Michael cut in, “Look, what happened, what’s wrong with Liz. We’re all scared and anticipating whatever it is that you have to tell us, so speak!” Michael shouted the last bit, he knew something awful had happened and he just hopped it wasn’t that bad.
“Okay, I don’t remember how we got there, or why we were there, I think she just wanted to go out for a drive and enjoy the scenery. So there we were sitting on the cliff.” Max stopped to draw a breath
“Max what are you talking about, if something has happened to my best –friend, then I want to know about it,” Maria quietly said, she was know getting agitated.
“Okay, okay. So we were sitting on the cliff, and she got up and started dancing, the wind blowing her hair around, she looked so angelic, innocent, she didn’t deserve what happened.” Max whispered
“Maxwell what are you talking about, what happened, where is she?” Michael questioned. Liz was his buddy, and he wanted to know what happened, why she wasn’t there.
“Ummmm, ok, Michael, I’m, I’m just getting to that. Er, where was I, oh, yes. She was dancing, laughing, and she, she slipped.” Max paused. When he heard silence, he continued, “She was, umm, she was, hanging onto a little tree, she looked up at me, so mutch fear in her eyes. I kept reaching for her, urging her to take my hand, pleading with her. She. She wouldn’t, she wouldn’t take my hand, my help. I, I couldn’t loose her, so, I grabbed her hand sharply as I heard the branch snap. I, I could um, feel she was shaking. I looked into her eyes she was on the verge on tears.” Max abruptly stopped.
“Max what happened?” Isabel, who had been keeping quiet inquired.
Max, sighed, “I hated it. I held her hand tightly; I kept wishing it was me.
“She, started to pull my fingers back, I wouldn’t let her. I wouldn’t let her die. Then, she looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘Max once you said to me, that you would do anything for me. Now I’m asking you, please let me go, just let me die.’ I couldn’t, I couldn’t let her go, I don’t think I would ever be able to let her go. I had to convince her, had to make her see. But stubborn old Liz, she wouldn’t have any of it. She asked, pleaded with me one more time, and I looked into her eye’s they were, they were empty, lifeless, soulless, that’s when I knew it, I had to let her go.
“So, um, I said that I loved her, and she said she loved me to, but she, she had to go. Then I knew it was time, so I, I closed my eyes, and I unclasped her hand. I kept my eyes closed for what seamed like an eternity. Finally I opened my eyes, the sky was getting black, and I knew I should go. So, she, she’s gone, she’s dead, Liz is gone, Liz is dead. Im sorry.” Max finished the story as finally his heart broke once more, remembering the memory of hisfirst love

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Missing Fanfic
All in Liz POV

~Liz Balcony (righting in journal)~
What if I had let Max see my private thoughts? My hole soul riten down for him to read, he’d probably run a mile after reading how I feel about him! It would be like going to school & saying “Max Evans, this is Liz Parker. Max I love you & I want to be with you” over the school intercom. Maybe what I felt when he connected to me wasn’t just a school-boy-crush BUT love; the real thing like I feel for him. He, he wouldn’t have a crush, he, he’s the wrong type of person to have a crush, he’s way to……’soulful’ I guess that’s the word. Max is to soulful to have a crush. He, he’s to gentle, to caring, to committed, he cares bout things very unlike a school-boy. “Max Evans loves me!” now that would make me laugh. I don’t know, I keep going round & round in circles. I guess ill never know if Max can ever return my feelings of love.

Missing Squeal

Authors Note—I know that Max & Liz thoughts are echoed but that’s because their soulmates

What if Liz didn’t let me see her journal because she’s scared of me, nah it cant be, because she would of said something. Maybe she likes me but is nervous; HAH!!! Liz Parker; Angel, Goddess in love with me Max Evans; schoolboy, alien; keep dreaming Maxwell. I still wonder why she broke up with Kyle. What was it her grandma said ‘follow your heart’ I’ll do that tomorrow, I’ll go to school & announce “Liz Parker, this is Max Evans. I love you & I want to be your boyfriend” over the school intercom. I guess I’ll never know how Liz Parker really feels about me.


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Monsters Fanfic

This fanfic takes place during Monsters once Max has said he’s “the 1 behind the tree”
Its purely Max & Liz
There is no sex, or bad language
This might not make much sense BUT Topolsky is getting people together ‘coz she is!
* Means thoughts

~Miss Topolsky’s Office (she’s talking to Max)~
“Coming out from behind the tree huh?”
“Max, you have a secret don’t you?”
“What is it, you can tell me, im here to help”
“Im, im in love”
“Your in love, Max your 16”
“No! I know im in love its not just a crush, from the 1st second I saw her I knew I loved her” Max said wit a smile appearing across his face ‘coz he was thinking about Liz
“Really, can you describe?”
“I had just started at West Roswell High, I had just got off the bus & I was scared & then I saw her & I new I loved her, there was something different about this girl & when I looked at her I wasn’t scared anymore”
“Well, I should become her friend”
“ Im already her friend, we have been lab partners forever”
*Lab partner, thats Liz Parker! *
“Ask her out & see what happens”
“She’s got a boyfriend” Max said unhappily

~Miss Topolsky’s Office (She’s talking to Liz)~
“You, wana be a scientist huh? Its so saddening, kids not geting to fro fill their dreams”
“Oh sorry, I don’t mean you; Liz your a very smart girl & you probably will get to be a scientist, im just thinking about Max Evans”
“Oh, apparently he’s in love with his lab partner, so upsetting knowing he will never get the courage to ask her out (sigh)”
*OMG, Max does love me! Iv got to break-up with Kyle, since Max saved me I knew I had to. BUT now it’s urgent!!!!*

~School Halls~
“Wendy, Wendy”
“Oh, hey Liz”
“Im glad I caught you”
”Oh, why?”
“You still like Kyle Valeni, right?”
“Yeah, But he’s dating you isn’t he?”
“Yeah, But im tring to find a way to break-up with him”
“So, can you ask him out?”
“For real?”
“Yeah, go for it”
“What if he knocks me back??”
“Then ill take a different approach to breaking-up”
“Ok, bye Liz”
“Bye Wendy”

~Kyle’s Locker~
“Hey Kyle”
“Hi Wendy”
“Would you like to go out with me on Saturday?”
“Im ill tell you in five”

~Liz Locker~
“Oh, hi Kyle”
“Liz, I was thinking we shouldn’t date”
“Iv just dumped you!!!!”
“Bye Liz” & with that Kyle turned & went off to find Wendy
*YES!! YES!!! Now me & Max can be together!!!!*

Liz slips a note into Max’s bag
*Why’s she smiling so much, must have a date with Kyle. One day that will be me, one day*
*OhMiGod, I can’t stop smiling. I don’t care me & Max can be together, im gona be with my………SOULMATE, yes Max is my soulmate, I know it in my heart*

~Max Room~
“That’s all my home-work done!” Max said pleased with himself. “What the?” Max said puzzled as he found the note “This looks like Liz’ hand writing”, “Open with a smile Max” Max recited from the envelope
The letter went like this:
Dear Max
I love you! I love you with all my heart!! I want to be with you!!! I broke-up with Kyle, well arranged so he broke-up with me. Come see me soon
“OMG!! She loves me!” Without thought Max shot threw his window, jumped into his jeep & drove to the Crashdown, he wasn’t thinking, all he knew was Liz! Liz!! Liz!!! Max just stared at the Crashdown
“Huh, why’s it closed?” Max said still in his jeep he cheked his watch *12:30 yikes! Maybe I should go-up & talk to Liz, maybe I should wait until tomorrow, NO I’ve waited 10years, im doing this now!!!*
Max climbed out his jeep & walked up & stood at the bottom of the ladder that lead up to Liz balcony*Buck up the courage Evans. Its now or never, you can do it! *
“Liz, Liz”
“Max!?!” Liz said running to the end of the balcony
“Hey, do you wana come up?”
“Er, sure, course” that was all Max said before he gulped & climbed the ladder to his destiny
“Hi, Max I need to talk to you”
“What?” Max asked jumpin over the top of the ladder
“Um, there’s something I need to tell ya”
“What, you can tell me anything”
“Did I say tell, I meant do”
“This” before Max could ‘huh’ again Liz wrapped her arms round his neck & legs round his waist & started kissin him
*OMG!! She’s kissing me* Once Max regained his senses he started kissing Liz back *OMG, he’s a good kisser*
*I love her so much*
*I love him so much*
Max started to take his lips of her’s & kissing a path down her neck leaving hickys, then he got back to her lips & fired it up with all the passion inside him. Finally Max broke the kiss because if he didn’t they would of both died of lack of oxygen!!!!
“No, im just messing with you, of course I love you Max, really I do”
“I wasn’t sure”
“Do you love me?”
“What do you think?”
“Yes. Well who wouldn’t love me?”
“Very funny”
“So, you broke-up with Kyle?”
“No, I made him break-up with me”
“Made him?”
“I didn’t want to be the who broke you with him so I asked Wendy”
“Wendy from Alex’s band?”
“Yes, will you let me finish!?! Well she fancies him so I asked her to ask him out & he must of said ‘Yes’ because he broke-up with me”
“My Sly Liz Parker”
“I love you Max”


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My Version Of Destiny (The Aftermath)
When in the truck Liz & max do it, this is a spin on what would happen.
6years on no one has seen or heard from Liz since she ran way from Max & his destiny

~New York 2006~
Max Evans stands waiting on a street corner, its 9:30pm(& dark) & he sees a girl being hit on………
“Oh come on you know you want it”
“NO, leave me alone!” Sumthing about this girl was hitting Max rite thru to his soul.
“Come on girly”
“NO!!! Get off of me!” The woman replied forcefully
“Hey, hey get off of her!” Max said rushing to the woman’s aid & giving the man a little alien shock
“What the hell, im out of here” The drunk man said
“Are you ok madam?”
“Yeah im……Max?” Liz asked raising her head
“L, Liz Parker?”
“Yeah, um how have you been?”
“So, you wana just act casual?”
“Max, I just wana go on living my life”
“Liz im part of your life, I have been since I saved you”
“More than you know” Liz mumbled
“What you doing on a dark street corner?”
“Ill tell you if you tell me”
“Waiting for Iz to pick me up. You?”
“Waiting for a friend, who was supposed to be here ½ an hour ago”
“Do you wana lift?”
“Er, no, its to mutch trouble” Liz was surprised at how caring Max still was, & how he had barely changed
“Its no trouble Iz wont mind”
“She will, I know Isabel”
“Not for six years, she & Alex are engaged & she’s like a knew person”
“What about Michael?”
“You mean ‘what bout ‘destiny’?’”
“Michael lives with Maria, But he doesn’t want to settle down, he hasn’t changed mutch. Kyle & Tess are an item, & im, im single, you know me”
“No. More like, doesn’t matter”
“More like what?”
“Like your the only person I’ve ever loved”
“Here’s Iz, hop in”
“No ill walk”
“Come on its safer”
“Okay, if it will shut you up”
“Yeah Iz, this young lady was being sexually harassed”
“Saint Max strikes again”
“Fine, where do you live?”
“64 Hazelwood”
“The apartments?”

~10Mins L8R~
“Thanx fro the lift”
“Ill walk you to your apartment”
“Its ok”
“I insist”
“Fine follow me if you have to”
Liz got out of Bob (the 8year-old)
“5mins Izzy”
“I would of thought 15”

~Liz Apartment~
“Liz um can I use your bathroom?”
“Its just down there” Liz said taking off her jacket & throwing it on to the counter. She then walked into a bedroom as Max went to the bathroom. Once Max came out of the bathroom, Liz was just coming out of a different room
“Liz, I, I’ve really missed you”
“Max, Im really tired & I’ve got to get up early tomorrow”
“Oh, im just gona go, I’ve got something to do tomorrow anyway so ill just go. Bye Liz” Max said leaving Liz apartment & closing the door behind him.
“Mummy, who was that?”
“Just someone mummy used to know, now lets get you back to bed”
“Okay. You look up-set”
“I just havent seen him in along time & it brought back some memories”
“Night-night mummy”
“Sweet dreams James”

~Next Day (Rediford School)~
“Miss Parker, children we have a knew science teacher; Mr Evans”
“Um, hey” Max said causally
“Ill be back in a minute, I just hav some business to attend to”
“Hey, Liz um im just gona sit down & you can get on with teaching”
“So your the knew teacher?”
“Yeah” Max said sitting down, his gaze drifted wen he felt something tugging on his trousers
“Um, excuse me can I sit on your lap?” The boy asked very politely.
“Of course you can” Max replied not able to resist the boys eyes; if he didn’t no any better then he’d swear they were Liz’
Liz noticed James sitting on Max lap & hopped Max didn’t find out James was his son
“Um, okay what story do you want to hear?”

~10mins L8R~
“The End”
“Dat book is the coolest”
Max just watched Liz as if he were hypnotised

~Liz Apartment (8:30pm)~
“James can you get that?”
“Sure, mummy”
“Hello?” James asked when he opened the door
“Hey, is Liz in?”
“Your, James right?”
“James Maxwell Parker at your service”
“So, Liz is your mum?”
“Yup, er come in”
“Mummy, the man from school is here”
“What man?”
“Er, Mr Evans”
“Tell him ill be out in one minute”
“That’s fine, take however long you need”
“So if Liz is your mum, then who’s your dad?”
“Don’t have one, mummy says he doesn’t know about me & she hasn’t seen him or ne-of her friends since she ran away”
“Did she run away because of you?”
“She says that she had to run away & she didn’t even know that she was pregnant”
Liz stood in the doorway looking at the two most important people in her life & now Max knew
“What you talking about?” Liz asked making herself known
“Politics” Max said sarcastically
“I wouldn’t be surprised if you were”
“I take it James is very smart”
“Like his dad”
“Im gona go……read”
“Bye mummy, bye daddy, oops I just have a feeling you know”
“I know”
“Bye James”
“So, um im a dad. Why didn’t you say?”
“I didn’t think you’d be a permanent fixture in my life But now we work together”
“I cant believe your a kindergarten teacher, what happened to molecular-biology?”
“Stuff changes & I love teaching 5&6 year-olds”
“So, me ruining your life was for the best?”
“It’s the way I only know it”

~Liz Apartment (1:00)~ After a lot of talking Max is crashing on Liz sofa
“NO!!!!!!!!!!” James screams as he falls outa bed from a nightmare
“James, James, its k, it was just a bad dream” Max said rushing to his son’s aid
Max comforted James until he had calmed down

“What is it?”
“Can I sleep with you?”
“Okay but just for tonight”

Liz walked into her living room to find her son sleeping on her soulmates chest

~1Year L8R~
Max & Liz were married & living as a family with James. Max was still teaching science at the school were Liz was a kindergarten teacher & James was a student (with the family car-9year-old Bob)

“Daddy you see her?”
“I think im in love with her, I feel different good &……”
“……its like your floating & cant wait until you see her next?”

“L8R, Liz & Max bedroom~
“I think our son is in love” Max said to his wife

No matter what generation, some things never change.


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*Means thought

*Great I almost died…..again!* Liz Parker thought dully
*Someone up there really doesn’t like me. When I was originally shot, when I was hit by a car in 6th grade, when I was mugged in Florida, Pierce Or Nasado might have killed me, whatever was going on with the flashes & today Brody/Larek would have taken a whack at ending my life. It just, just hasn’t been the same since I pretended to sleep with Kyle. Ugh everything I’ve had to go thru. That’s it if no one else can then ill end my life, it might be nice; whereva I go whatever I do*

Dear Maria
Im gona miss you. You were the best friend a person could wish for & I hope things work out with Michael. I have to do this, my life has been miserable ever since the whole Future Max incident. By the way my journal is in my bedroom/bathroom wall five bricks up, five bricks in from the balcony. Good luck chica.
Love Liz

To Everyone
Im gona miss all of you. Michael take care of Maria forme. Alex don’t give up on the Wits(‘S’). Isabel be nice to Alex, he really loves you. Max, bye. Kyle don’t ever tell. Tess im sorry we didn’t get to be good friends.
Mum, Dad I love you, But I need to do this.
I Have A Destiny To Die

After Liz had riten her notes she went out to her balcony *Eerything happens out there, one more thing wouldn’t hurt* Liz then walked over to the wall, got up & stood on the top & looked down.
“Bye Max” Liz whispered, looked back up & walked off the edge & fell to her death.

^For two weeks Max didn’t leave his room, not even for the funeral, until one night about midnight, he climbed out his window & visited Liz’ grave^

“Why Liz, why did you have to do it?” Max asked Liz’ tombstone tears tear's threatening to over-spill his eye’s
“Im sorry” Max said in a horse whisper, tears flowing freely down his face, he looked at Liz’ grave once more before turning & running away

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Max reflecting on the days events
* Means though

Max lay in bed thinking about Liz. *God, she looked cute in that cupcake dress. I wonder what she saw from my head* Max immediately became uncomftubel. *What if she saw herself as I saw her? What if she knows I love her? What if she knows I’ve been intoxicated by her ever since I first saw her in the 3rd grade? WHAT IF???? No she couldn’t have, could she? *


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River Dog
A little girl talk

~Crashdown After Closing~
“So I thought you didn’t like Michael?”
“I do”
“Well what about: his hair, his clothes & the fact he’s a Chec?”
“None of that seamed to matter when we were kissing, & for someone so shut-down he’s a good kisser” Both girls giggled at Maria’s comment
“So how are things in your love life going Lizzy?”
“Who are you referring to?”
“Kyle seems to have a vendetta against Max, I just hope he lays off”
“Well you know that he realises that you broke you with him because of your feelings for Max”
“Kyle realises I love Max, Max doesn’t; GREAT!”
“Im sorry for ya dude. BUT I think he knows & its obvious he feels the same way”
“I just wish he’d tell me & let me in. I guess he’s just to shy & nervous”
“Wana go to a psychic, my mum can recommend a good one?”
“Nah, Ill just wait & see”
River Dog
A little guy talk-sequel to a little girl talk
* Means thought

~Max Bedroom (2:35am)~
“Hey Michael”
“How did you know it was me?” Michael questioned as he climbed thru Max’ window
“Its always you”
“So you & Maria”
“What bout us?”
“There shouldn’t be a you & Maria!”
“Max I cant help it”
“Yes you can, look, just deal with it!”
“Oh I get it, your pissed that im with Maria, because your not with Liz!”
“Max why don’t you just go for it?”
“I cant; its too dangerous. Aliens & humans don’t belong together”
“Max you know that, that is a total load of bullshit. I mean come on its obvious you love Liz & its been obvious for 10years!”
“Michael other than interrupting my sleep why are you here!?!”
*Max, Liz loves you! Its all riten in her journal!*
“Er…NO, no reason”
“Fine, now get some sleep”
“I thought I would come here & tell you to go for it BUT I guess not” Michael muttered as he rolled out the sleeping bag & attempted to get some sleep


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Sexual Healing
Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!
NO sex (weird huh?)(Well im not gona right about it)

~Out side Crashdown~
“Oh god, that’s your parents car isn’t it?” Liz asked Max
“Yup, we are soooooo dead” (Maria line huh?)
“& We’re going to feel so guilty, we didn’t even do anything wrong!”
“Prepare to be grounded”
“I think we should go back to your house”
“Oh, OH”
“Yeah, my house is defiantly a good idea”
“Lets go”

~Max House~
“So Izzy isn’t in”
“So we’re home alone?”
“Um, yeah”
“That’s good, right?” Liz asked very unsure if herself
“Yeah, yeah really good, are you nervous?”
“More than last night”
“Do you really want to do this?”
“Yea, why wouldn’t I?”
“Because of my non-human, well me?”
“Are you usually this unconfident?”
“Um well shall we?…………”
“………..Yeah, yeah”

~2Hours L8R~
“Ok now we really are gona feel guilty”
“Yeah more so than if we would of just done it once”
“Yeah” Liz said giggling
“Now we’re gona be REALLY grounded”

~Crashdown, Max & Liz just walked in holding hands~
“Where have you been?”
“We were tired of everyone saying we couldn’t be together, so we went for a drive, talked, feel asleep, talked some more & drove back”
“Did you have sex?”
“Did I include that in what we did?”
“Don’t talk back to me!”
“Don’t treat us like kids!”
“You are kids”
“We’re adults”
“Your to young to have sex”
“We’re both 16, that’s legal”
“Please just trust us” Liz said on the verge on crying & loosing Max
“Why should we when we don’t have reason to?”
“’Because I love Max” Liz said & immediately covered her mouth
“You, you really love me, your not just saying that?”
“I love you Max, really I do” Liz said completely becoming absorbed in Max & not caring about their parents
“I love you to”
“Oh sorry”
“Your both grounded for one month & forbidden to see each other”

~2weks L8R, Bio~
“Max my parents are out for the rest of the week”
“Do you want some company tonight?”
“That would be nice”

~Next Day~
“Hey Max these are yours” Liz said meeting Max on the quad & giving him a bag
“What are they?”
“Your boxers, you left them at my house last night”
“ByTheWay the little aliens on the front, nice” Liz said as their whole group dissolved into laughter
“Now after I’ve been embarrassed in front of all our friends, do you want me to come over again?”
“Are you an alien?”
“Ill take that as a ‘yes’”

~Liz House Night, her & Max are, you can guess~
“Mum, dad?” Liz nervously said peering from under her covers
“Um, Mr, Mrs Parker, how are you?” Max asked pepping from under Liz
“What are you doing?”
“Do you really want to know?”
“Another two months apart & Max, get out of my daughters bed!”

~Crashdown Max has come to talk 2Mr Parker~
“Mr Parker please can I see your daughter?”



posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:14:41 AM
This has a rebel’s kiss BUT for Dreamer purposes
~Liz’ Balcony~
“Max? What you doing out there?”
“Saying hey”
“Why were you calling me Lizzie, I mean you that….
…..your drunk again!”
“I think I am” Max smiled blindly
“Come in”

~Liz’ Room~
“Max why, oh why do you drink when you know how drunk you get?”
“Have I ever told you that you have really pretty eyes?”
“Max shut up”
“Okay” Max leaned forward & kissed Liz
“Huh what am I doing here?”
“You don’t remember, of course you don’t you were drunk”
“Not again, wait can I use your phone?”
“Sure, why?”
“I need to see some-thing”

~10Minutes Later~
“So what did he say”
“That I, you, we”
“Max can you speak in English or aloud?”
“We have got to go to Tess”
“You will find out”

~Tess’ House~
“So I spoke to Nasado & um I’ve got to kiss you, do you have any alcohol?”
“Yeah” Tess came back a minute Later with a bottle of whiskey
“Here” Max unscrewed the lid &took a sip & started coughing. Liz took the whiskey from him.
“Tess you’ve got to kiss Max” Max & Tess kiss & Max stays drunk. Max then goes to kiss Liz & they share a short sweet kiss, Liz pulls away
“Im sober, when I kissed Liz right?”
“What does this mean Max?” Tess asked like a gerbil
“I spoke to Nasado like I said. Well he said that if the king were ever to become intoxicated only a kiss from his true bride would cure him”
“So Liz really is ur destiny”
“Yeah” Max said smiling
“I always knew it was you”


posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:15:13 AM
Summer ‘O’47
Hmmmmm dreamer. Ah Yvonne & ‘Dick’ hmmmmm getting it on:

~Outside Bus~

~Dodie’s House~
Richard was looking at the girl he had kidnapped. He had a gun in his hand & he had it pointed at the unconscious girl. She started to stir.
“Er, are you gona kill me?” Yvonne asked nervously
“No, why would you, oh” Richie said throwing the gun to the floor
“Um, what do you want with me?”
“Im, im following orders”
“I have orders to er ‘take care of’ you”
“BUT im not”
“Then what…”
“…Im not gona, im gona make sure you don’t get hurt, But get out of Roswell; k??”
“Im Richard Dodie”
“Yvonne White” Yvonne said stretching out her hand, only to find it hand-cuffed
“Oh” Richie said un-cuffing her
“Um, what’s gona happen?”
“Ill get you out of here, make sure you don’t get hurt”
“Why are you helping me?”
“I just am”
“But why arnt you ‘taking care’ of me?”
“I cant”
“Do you always ask this many questions?”
“Sorry, I just want to know why your helping me”
“I have orders to kill you, I always follow orders, its what I do, its who I am. But, I cant just kill someone in cold blood”
“Oh” Richie looked into Yvonne’s eyes; she looked so young, & so scared
“You don’t have to be scared of me”
“I can’t help it”
“Do you want a drink or anything”
“Iv got to go, um, don’t leave, Ill be back later”

~2hours L8A, Richie has just got back & is drunk~
“Yvonne? Yvonne??”
“Yeah, o God your drunk!”
“Yeah, &, & im a bustard”
“Oh God, what are you talking about?”
“I just sold my friend out, because of orders”
“It isn’t the end of the world”
“Yes it is, he’s my best-friend, he’s my only friend, well was”
“Go, go, um, sit down” Yvonne said going to the kitchen. When she came out she had a cup’o’coffee
“Hmm thank-you” Richie said drunkenly. Yvonne then went & put some bed linen on the floor next to the toilet, with some pillows.
“Your sleepin there tonight”
“Okay, why?”
“Your thank me in the morning”
“Okay. Has anyone ever told you your eye‘s are pretty?”
“Go to sleep” As Richie go up he staggered over to Yvonne & kissed her & she defiantly didn’t stop him. As he pulled away he fell on her!
“Richie go to sleep”
“Really you are pretty”

~Next Day, After A Hang-over Richie Had Done Some Checking & Bought Something Yvonne~
“Hey, are you ok today?”
“Fine, are you k?”
“Yeah just you know, shouldn’t get drunk”
“Huh, well I wanted to thank-you for you know taking care of me, & well I wanted to know if you would marry me?”
“We don’t even know each other”
“I no BUT I feel like I’ve know you a life-time & I think I love you”
“Do you love me?”
“As strange as it sound yeah I do”
“Then say yes”

Richie & Yvonne moved to London, Richie became a nice guy & they had a white picket fence

posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:15:59 AM
Tess Lies & Videotape

After Max gives Liz the ‘The One’ talk
I need him not to do anything with Tess

~Crashdown Night~
“Your the one”
“Max you can’t say that”
“Liz I know it, I know it in my heart, iv known it since the first moment I laid eyes on you”
“Max I”
“No, I, I love you”
“I love you too” Liz replied a solemn tear cascading out of her left eye
“I never thought you could”
“Max, why?”
“Your there, you know being you, you know all perfect & I come along all well alien, I just, someone like you loving someone like me, it isn’t real”
“It’s the only real thing I have ever felt”
“So we’re good?”
“Yeah, really good”
“Wot time does your shift finish?”
“Its over”
“You need a hand?”

~5Minutes L8R~
“Yeah, you do that every-night?”
“I don’t envy you, where are you parents?”
“Catering conference”
“So your home, a-a-al-alone?”
“You want some company?”
“Are you asking me if I want someone to share my bed with me?”
“Well, a little more than that”
“How mutch more?” Liz asked sounding totally oblivious
“Oh, no don’t do this?”
“Do wot?” Liz asked sweetly
*GULP!* “Can I please make love to you?”

posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:17:20 AM
The Morning After
The lunch that was talked about
* Means thought

“Ill get the cheque”
“Its ok I know the owners. Oh before I forget were running low on the ingredients for ‘Blood Of Marsion Smoothie’ so do you mind if I syringe you?”
“You know your jokes arnt funny?”
“I have heard that before” Liz said half giggling *She looks so pretty wen she laughs*
“Take note!”
“Thanx for the compliment”
“Can I walk you to your…um…the back room?”
“Why of course Mr Evans” Liz replied standing up, taking Max’s hand & walking to the back room
“Bye Liz” Max said while going to kiss Liz on the cheek But missed & caught her lips. Liz then pulled her arm’s back to rest in the back of Max’s neck embracing the kiss *OhMiGod, I cant do this*
“Im sorry, I don’t know wat came over me, im sorry, see ya”. Max heart broke watching Liz’ face fall


posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:17:55 AM
Toy House
This trail’s off from the scene at the Crashdown

~Crashdown Max & Liz are talking~
“So now your using jealousy?” Max inquired
“No, I know what your doing, how your doing it how much it hurts, I also know what its like to love someone for 10years & say nothing & watch them with other people & now I know what’s its like as an ‘ex’ & I know I deserved to be hurt & you want me to feel as mutch pain as you feel because of me & im sorry it just hurts, I never……….”
“……I neva wanted to hurt you, I never wanted to make you jealous, I neva wanted to hurt you so that it feels like someone just ripped out your heart & tore it into a million pieces. I never realised I was hurting you when I was just going out with Kyle over the summer”
“Liz I’ve got to go”
“Im sorry”
“Me to” Max whispered to himself as he left the Crashdown, leaving an upset Liz

posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:20:07 AM
Viva Las Vegas
Wen Liz & Max dance in VLV, what would of happened if the song Maria was singing would have been 1minute longer?
/\ Means flash

~Dance Floor (Liz & max are dancing)~
“So your saying that you got a flash of something that never happened, Max your imagination is playing tricks on you”
“No, it was so real like it happened, or was going to happen”
“So your saying when we’re 19 we’re just gona elope to an Elvis Wedding Chapel with our friends”
“I didn’t say that, I just said that I saw us, not anything more. Where did you get those ideas from in the 10seconds after I told you??”
“Nowhere” Liz replied bluntly not liking where the conversation was heading
“You know something, don’t you?”
“Why would I know something”
“I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with the fact you know more about the Granolith, which you have never even seen!”
“MAX! I don’t know anything ok, nothing!!!!!!!!!”
“Why, why are you keeping secrets from me???????????????” Max inquired
“Because I have to, you don’t know what will happen if anyone finds out”
“Why, tell me, just tell me”
“I cant Max, please don’t ask me”
“Okay I won’t ask” Max then swooped down & kissed Liz with everything inside of him. Although Max had wanted to kiss Liz for months, he had an excuse; Max was stretching out his mind looking for memories, thoughts. Then he found what he was looking for.
/F.M visiting Liz telling her everything/Liz crying herself to sleep every night/Remembering the look on Max face when he saw her in bed with Kyle/Liz in her underwear, feeling uncomftable about being in bed with Kyle/Liz in Florida thinking about Max/Liz seeing Max destiny; feeling her heart break & running awayAs Max pulled away he saw the look in Liz eyes & pulled her to their table.
“So, now you know”
“Im sorry, I had to know”
“So what do you think?”
“Tess isn’t going anywhere, & I still love you”
“Will you marry me?”
“Um, yeah, why not”
~1 Hour L8R, Liz & Max bought rings; & Max customized them & changed Liz dress so it was a white wedding gown. They got married & Max changed the dress back. Hotel room, Max & Liz just walked in~
“Where have you guys been” Maria questioned
“A wedding chapel” Liz whispered BUT Isabel heard
“I have a sister in-law?”
“Yeah, & I have a wife. You have a problem?”
“We weren’t there, when you got married, that’s a big enough problem”
“Im sorry Maria it just kinda happened & you were up on stage”
“It isn’t even legal” Tess added
“I changed the DI’s to give our real names BUT our fake ages; so technically it is legal”
I know its kinda shit & short BUT it’s a different spin on Viva Las Vegas-so deal wit it


posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:20:41 AM
White Room
Um, story telling what happened in white room really
* Means Max’ thought

~White Room~
*Why are they doing this to me? Don’t they know im good? Im not bad like Nasedo, I don’t kill people. I only use my powers for good, I help people, and I would never hurt anyone. Can’t they see that, I saved Liz’ life, I didn’t end it, I saved it.
I can just hear her voice now, ‘Max you shouldn’t have saved me. For my life, you have jeopardized the lives of Isabel, Michael & your own life.’ Then I would reply ‘It was worth it, just to spend some time with you.’ ‘Max one life, of a human no less, does not compare to the lives of three aliens.’ Great im having conversions in my head*
“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Max screamed out, the physical pain was unbearable *Liz, Liz* He kept repeating to himself. The thought of her was enough to keep him going. *People say you can never love at 16. I didn’t fall in love at 16, in human terms I started loving at 6. In terms of when I was ‘hatched’ I started loving at a couple of months old. 10years of love for three dates, it was worth it* & Max withstood all the emotional & physical pain. If he needed to he could have survived for years, with only the thought of Liz to keep him going.


posted on 10-Feb-2002 9:21:48 AM
After Wipeout
Liz makes a decision
I know it may seem OTT but go with the flow
* Means thought

~Liz’ Bedroom~
“Im outa Roswell” Liz Parker said throwing a ruck-sack over her shoulder

~Max’ Room~
“Max, Max?” Liz asked tapping on the window *No reply* Liz slid threw the window & placed her journal on Max’ bed & went back threw the window heading for Roswell’s bus station

~Near Bus Station~
Liz was crossing the road when a truck hit her. ”Max” Liz whispered. The injures that Liz had sustained were so bad that she died instantly.

~Max’ Room~
“OhMiGod!” was all that Max could say as he finished reading Liz’ journal
“Huh, um, er, what is it Izzy?” Max asked as his sister ran into his room with tears streaming down her face
“Um, Liz was hit by a truck & um, she’s um, she’s dead” Isabel half said half cried
“NO she can’t be!” Max said forcefully
“Max she’s dead”
“Um, could you leave me alone?”
“Um, sure But im right across the hall if you need any-thing”
“K, thanx”
“Bye Iz”
As Isabel left his room Max broke down on his bed letting the tears flow & the pain curse threw his heart & soul, crying out Liz’ name. He lay there for bout an hour curled up in a ball crying uncontrollably & shaking violently *She cant be dead, she’s my life, my reason for living, if she’s not alive then I don’t think I can go on* It had only been an hour but it felt like part of him was missing; the part of him that made him get up evry-morning. When Liz was alive she was there, she was his strength. Max never thought he would get back together with Liz BUT there was hope, BUT now there was nothing
[Max walked around for the next week feeling & acting like death (because his drive, his happiness was gone) until the day of the funeral. Once the funeral was over & Max had written his notes, he went into his kitchen & got what he needed. Once back in his room Max took his shirt off & drove the knife- he’d just gotten from the kitchen -threw his heart & fell to the floor next to a note which said:
Let me die and be with my soulmate
Love always Maxwell Phillip Evans]

~9 Days Later, Cemetery~
Max & Liz (as ghosts) looked down on all their friends gathered over Max grave (which as he requested was right next to Liz’)
“I still cant believe you killed yourself”
“I had to I couldn’t have gone threw life without you. Besides the skins have been defeated any-way”

Max & Liz belong together, even as ghosts, they found their happiness


posted on 11-Feb-2002 2:59:56 PM
What If?
AU. Max is the only alien in Roswell, Maria & Liz are alien hunters, Max is in love with Liz
Character death
No swearing or sex
* Means thought

~Crashdown (Max is staring at Liz)~
*She’s so beautiful, I wish I could tell her every-thing*

~Liz’ Apartment~
Max tried to stay away BUT something was pushing him towards Liz that night more than usual. “Just coming” Liz replied as she heard a knock on the door.
“Max?” Liz asked as she opened the door
“Yeah, um can I come in?”
“Sure” Liz stepped out of the way so Max could come in
“What’s up?” Max couldn’t help himself, as soon as he was in the apartment he had Liz pushed up against a wall smothering her to death with kisses which she retuned. Something was happening to both of them & they couldn’t control their urges. The next thing they knew Liz was curled up in Max naked arms in her bed (I no its short BUT I don’t want to rite sex)
“Um, Liz there’s something I want to tell you”
“Well, um, im, well, im an alien”
“No, please be joking?” Liz said tears forming in her eyes
“What, why, I am”
“No one can ever know, no one!” Liz replied burying her head in his chest
“Why, what’s wrong”
“Im, im a, an alien hunter, so is Maria”
“Oh, that’s why your so upset”
“Max im sorry”
“Its okay, just Maria can’t know; got it”
“Max, im just scared you would have to leave me”
“No one & nothing would ever be able to take me away from you im never gona leave”

[For the next two months Max & Liz were happy, even thow they never said that they loved each other it was always implied. No one knew Max was an alien apart from Liz. Seeing as Max lived in a hotel Liz asked him to move in with her- & he accepted]

~2Months Later, Crashdown~
Liz was waiting tables Max was watching her & Maria was standing in the back. Two men were having an argument, that turned nasty & one of them pulled a gun. Before anyone knew what was happening Liz was shot. The pain & fear that was cursing thru Max was enough to push him up & heal Liz.
“Shhhhh Liz I’ve got to go”

~Liz Apartment, 2:35am~
Liz was awoken by the phone by her bed ringing.
“Yes, BUT he’s good, he’d never hurt anyone”
“NO!!!!!!! Maria you cant”
“Huh? Why is Maria calling?” Max asked waking up & gently hugging Liz
“Yes it is BUT Maria please don’t”
“What did she want?”
“Doesn’t matter, just go back to sleep”

~Liz Apartment, 7:45am~
“Maria, what you doing here?”
“Where is he?”
“NO Maria you said you wouldn’t. He’s good he’d never hurt anyone; he saved my life”
“Hey Maria”
“Liz get out of the way!”
“No!!!!!” Liz said forcefully standing in front of Max trying to protect him
“Liz, please get out of the way, let her do what she’s got to do” Max said reassuringly, pushing Liz to the side. As soon as Max was in clear range Maria shot him. Max fell to the ground, with Liz instantly by his side
“Max, no, you cant die you said you would never leave”
“Im sorry, it was meant to be this way, my purpose was to save your life, even if I die in the process”
“NO, Max don’t leave me”
“I have to” Max brought Liz hand up to his heart with a shaky hand
“I know I never told you BUT I love you,”
“I love you too Max”
“Never forget how mutch I love you, never forget. Even thow Im gona die my love for you will last an eternity”
“I wont, ill never forget”
“Ill never forget you, whereva I go ill never forget you” Max head fell to the right as his heart stopped beating
“Liz um im”
“MARIA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

[Scene zooms out on Liz crying & cradling Max dead body in her arms]

People may die BUT their love for one another will last forever- Me (Sophie)

posted on 25-Feb-2002 2:22:43 PM
Ask Not
Title: Ask Not
Rating: PG-13
Couple: Max & Liz
Disclaimer: all I own are thoughts of what I would do to Colin Hanks if I ever met him
Summary: Takes place after Ask Not

~Liz’ Bedroom~
“Liz?” Max asked knocking on her window
“Um, hey Max” Liz said nervously
“Liz, I, I, don’t know what to do, I know, I know nothing” Max sighed sitting on Liz’ bed
“Max” Liz said not understanding
“Im supposed to be this leader, & I don’t know anything about my plant, the enemies im supposed to fight, I don’t know anything about my past. The only thing I ever really knew was true, was my feelings for you, I love you, & I don’t know what to do with out you” Max said truthfully
“Max, we can’t be together, you know that, all we can be is friends. If you ever need someone, as a friend im here, but I cant be here as a girlfriend, Max I just cant” Liz finished with a sigh
“Your, right. Im, im sorry, I, I gota go, see ya Liz” Max said jumping back threw Liz’ window
“Bye Max” Liz whispered as she heard him climb down her ladder


posted on 25-Feb-2002 3:01:21 PM

Title: Surprise
Rating: PG-13
Couple: Max & Liz
Disclaimer: all I own are thoughts of what I would do to Colin Hanks if I ever met him J
Summary: Takes place before Surprise

Max Evans stood outside Liz Parker’s window wearing nothing, hands over his crotch with a white-rose in his ass, calling out to Liz.
“Max, what are y……..” Liz trailed off seeing Max’ state of undress
“Hey Liz” Max said casually
“Max, what the hell are you doing?!!?!?!?!” Liz asked, eyes wide
“Getting you to notice me” Max replied a grin plastered across his face
“I, I notice you” Liz stuttered
“Can I come in?” Max asked sweetly
“Max” Liz started to say, but was cut off by Max
“Liz, please, it’s kinda cold out here” Max pleaded
“Fine, just, come in” Liz sighed & turned round not wanting to see ‘little-Max’. As soon as Max was in Liz’ room, he turned round & heard giggling, followed by…..
“Max, you know you have a rose in your butt, right?” Liz asked threw a fit of giggles
“Yeah, luckily one without thorns” Max said turning back around
“Max, what are you really doing here?” Liz asked sitting on her bed
“I’ll tell you if you take this rose outa my ass” Max said slightly wincing
“Why don’t you?” Liz challenged
“Because, I would have to move my hands, now unless you want to see my…” Max was cut off
“Ok, ok, ok I’ll do it” Liz said quickly
“Thanx” Max said turning round (again)
“There, now will you tell me?” Liz asked
“Man, you don’t relise what comfort is ‘til you have a rose stuck in your ass” Max said sitting next to Liz
“So are, you going to tell me?” Liz perused
“Oh, yeah, im doing this” Max replied pushing Liz back on her bed, lying on top of her, suffocating her with kisses. Until his lungs were begging for air
“Oh, that” Liz said in a daze
“You have to admit, we’re in love” Max said
“Max, I know that……” Liz trailed off staring at ‘not-so-little-Max’
“Liz?” Max asked seeing her eyes transfixed on a certain part of his anatomy
“So, your naked?” Liz asked
“Yeah, & im here to take your innocence, is that ok?” Max asked
“Liz, I love you, & I don’t know why I should be with Tess, I don’t love her, I don’t even know her, but I love you, & I know you better then you know yourself” Max said looking deeply into Liz’ eyes
“Then, you know that im gona say ‘make love to me Max’, right?” Liz said teary eyed

Yea, that’s right folks, Max & Liz cemented their relationship, all night love J


posted on 2-Mar-2002 5:54:04 PM
Category: AU, M/L
Rating: PG-13, may go higher, final chapter is NC-17!
Disclaimer: I unfortunately own nothing L, so sue me But your not gona get any-thing
Feedback: Needed for the story to go on J
Summary: Max has a crush on Liz, Liz has gone off men! Read on to find out what happens. In response to a challenge by Sugarplum: viewthread?forum=AMB_AP641015105&id=16030


~West Roswell High-School Cafeteria~
“Ugh! That’s it I’ve given up on guys!” Liz Parker said to her two best friends.
“That’s present company excluded, I hope?” Alex Whitman asked sipping his orangeade.
“Why, didn’t your date with Sean go well?” Kyle asked
“What do you think?” Liz retorted
“Tell uncle-Alex what happened”
“Well; in the movies as soon as the film started, he rammed his tongue down my throat, so I pushed him off-of me & I then said ‘no’ to which he said ‘ok’.”
“That doesn’t sound so bad”
“Im not finished, unc’, then throughout the movie he insisted on saying ‘oh, look’, ‘this is the best part’, ‘ah, this is where he’. So after his commentary at the cinema he was driving me home, when he suddenly pulled over & tried to get me t blow him!” Liz finished with a sigh
“So, he’s why you’re giving up on guys?” Kyle inquired
“Well, after; Sean, Tommy, Paulie & Nick YES!”
“Liz it isn’t that bad” Alex tried to cheer his best friend up.
“Let me list four of my resent dates: perverted, snooze-fest, weird & dumb!”
“So Sean was pervy, Tommy was boring, Paulie was weird & Nick was an idiot?” Alex asked an exasperated Liz.
“Hey, hey, hey Paulie aint weird!” Kyle butt-in
“Um, Liz can I show you my pet alligator. My mum, is over in the cemetery, would you like to meet her?” Liz imitated Paulie Hislop in a deep voice
“So he has a pet, & likes his dates to meet his mum” Kyle tried not to make her love-life seem so bad
“He hangs his Y-fronts on coat-hangers!” Liz replied to her little Buddha-boy.
“So Liz Parker, not dating, your not going to last!” Kyle said in disbelief
“Yes I will, no men,” Liz said confidently
The trio, so engrossed in their conversation, that they didn’t notice Max Evans listening to the end of their discussion, nor did they see his shoulders slump as he sighed heavily


* Means thought

~Bio Class~
“So for the assignment I will pair you up as follows: Flanders & Simpson (“DOH!”), quiet at the back! Walsh & Neil, Young & Campbell, Clot & Fry, Warwick & Bennett, Pearson & Hislop, Macintosh & Rabin, Deluca & Guerin” Ms Hardy read out, until Maria interrupted
“Um, Michael dropped out”
“Thank-you Miss DeLuca, you will be in a three with Harding & Higel, & Parker & Evans” Ms Hardy finished *Im with Liz, im with Liz, YAY!*

“Hey Max” Liz said sitting next to Max
“Um, hey” Max replied nervously.
“About this bio-assignment, do you want to come to my house at, say seven-thirty tonight?”
“Yeah, yeah, that would be, yeah, ok” Max shakily said, to which Liz giggled at.
“See ya Max”
“Yeah bye”

~Liz’ house 8:00pm~
/RING RING“Hey Alex”
“I already told you, no more guys! That means that you dont sent me up on dates!”
“If, he’s that good looking, then why don’t you go out with him?”
“Ok, so, you’re now going out with James Pearson”
“Alright, bye Alex”

“Sorry about that” Liz said apologetically
“No probs, so you’re off men?”
“Yup, what about you?”
“How do you mean?” Max inquired
“I don’t see you with girlfriends” explained Liz
“Oh, I’ve never had a girlfriend” Max sighed
“Do you want me to set you up?”
“No!” Max snapped
“Ok, just trying to help”
“Liz, im sorry, its just that, im gay” *SHIT!*
“Oh” Liz seamed surprised
“Yeah, so if you know any single-good-looking-gay-guys then” Max hurriedly said
“Ok, will do. Biology?”
“No, I’ve, I’ve just got to go home, see you in school”
“See ya”

Part3 Phone Conversations
~Max’ House~

“Michael im telling you I messes things up big time” Max told his best-friend over the phone
“Whatdidyoudo?” Michael asked
“I, kinda told her I was gay”
“Haharhaharhahar! Dude, you are without a doubt, the dumbest guy I know!” Michael replied doubling over in laughter
“Look, you, gota tell her that you were lying” Michael advised
“I kinda told her if she knew any good-looking-guys, to send them my way”
“DUDE! You are soooooo stupid! How, or, why is Liz gona date someone she thinks is gay?” Michael said cracking up again
“SHUT-UP!!!!!!!! I know I did wrong, & so now im gona ring her, so get off the phone!”
“Bubi Maxie-boy”
“Yeah, yeah!”
“Hello” Liz chirpily said as she picked her phone up
“Um, hi, um, is, er, Liz there?” Max asked timidly
“Hey Liz, its, its, Max” Max said nervously
“Oh, hey Max, how are you?” inquired Liz
“Im, good, & you?”
“Im, ok” *Ohh, he sounds so cute*
“Look, about me being gay……….” Max trailed off
“Don’t worry, I wont tell any-one. Look my mum’s calling me for dinner, I’ve got to go, see ya Max” Liz said quickly
“Yeah, bye” *DAMB!*
“Shit, shit, shit!!” Max said aloud as he put the phone down



One month later, Max & Liz are best friends. Michael, Maria & Liz are the only people that know about Max being gay. One day Max stops by Liz’ house………….
/KNOCK, KNOCK“Come in” Liz Parker shouted from her bathroom, upon hearing a knock at her door.
“Liz, wana see a movie?” Max asked walking into Liz’ room
“What movie?”
“Oh, how about ‘Get Over It’? Colin Hanks is soooooo gorge!”
“Yeah, he does have a nice……………ass” *What the hell was that?*
“!Giggle! At least we agree on that. Ok, I need your opinion on something”
“Ok, coming out now” Liz shouted exiting her bathroom
“Y-You, bik-bikini” Max stuttered as he saw Liz in a very, very revealing green bikini
“What do you think?” Liz asked, doing a twirl
“Um, revealing-thong-bikini” Max stuttered *Ok, be gay, be gay, you dumbass be gay! Gay guys don’t get aroused by half-naked goddesses*
“Good, or bad?” Liz asked
“G-g-go-goo” Max continued to stutter
“Goo?” Liz mocked
“Good, um, but thing?” *SHUT-UP! SHUT-UP NOW!*
“Thing?” Liz asked threw a giggle
“Thong, um, thong, why thong?” *Don’t let anyone see her warring that, please god*
“Why not?” Liz countered
“Ass, in view, um thong?”
“To thong, or not to thong, that is the question” *Time to play*
“Ok, point taken. Um, oh yeah, good bikini, nice colour, nice ass, um any-way. A bit sluttish, if it, um, covered your ass more then, yeah, but….” Max tried to dig himself out of the hole he was in
“You think I have a nice ass?” Liz interrupted
“Almost as nice as Colin Hanks”
“Or Warren Stacey”
“Or Warren Stacey, can we see a film now?” Max pleaded
“Ok, I’ll just get dressed” Liz replied smiling


Part 5

~Max’ House~
“So Max, have you ever kissed someone?” Liz inquired as she stepped into Max’ bedroom closing the door behind her.
“N-No” Max stuttered
“Well I know that your gay, But I still think that you should know what its like to kiss, well a girl at least”
“You?” Max couldn’t believe his ears *had Liz just said no, it couldn’t, be could it?*
“Well I think you should learn how,” Liz said a little shakily
“We should kiss?” Max asked still in disbelief
“Yea. Come here” Liz said patting a spot next to her on the bed
“!GULP! OK” Max said a little too loudly as he walked over to where Liz was sitting, carefully placing himself next-to her
“Ok just relax, & be ready for what’s about to happen, unless you don’t want me to do this….” Liz said then was interrupted…
“…………No! I mean your right I need to learn” Max interrupted
“Um ok. Do you want to um?” Liz asked unusually nervous
“Ok” Max said leaning over to Liz, pushing her back, his hands holding her sides………..

*big* hehehe im not leaving it there…
Max ducked his head his lips brushing over Liz’. She gently started tugging at his bottom lip, his tongue sliding out licking her lips pushing past them gently making love to her tongue as she lightly moaned into his mouth. Max pulled away suddenly.
“Was that ok?” He asked cautiously
“Y-Yea, that was a, a good kiss. Max I forgot im going out with Alex today” Liz said a little breathlessly
“Oh ok, see ya then” Max replied a little disappointed
“See ya” Liz called out slipping thru Max’ window

Next part’s will be Max & Liz’ POV’s talking to their friends J



~Max’ Room~
Max sat on his bed staring into space, he heard his window open
“Hey Michael” Max said
“Hey, how did you know it was me, you didn’t even, anyway Maria’s coming” Michael said sitting on a chair backward
“Why not thru the window?” Max asked
“Duno, she has this whole bitchin’ thing ‘because you should use a door, the window is just so, people will think your gay’ ugh!” Michael said imitating Maria
“Hey guys, ‘sup?” Maria asked walking into Max’ room
“I kissed Liz” Max said falling backwards on his bed
“What!?!?!” Both Michael & Maria asked
“She just said that I should know how ‘n stuff & wow. Her skin is soooooo soft & her lips are, their………” Max trailed off, sitting up
“Man, you got it bad” Michael said
“Hey shut-up, let the guy continue” Maria said whacking Michael with a cushion
“Hey!” Michael protested
“Guys! So as I was sayin’ & her lips are just, &, & she tastes of, ummmmmmmmm, strawberries hmmmmmmmmmmm”



~Alex’ House~
“Alex I need to talk” Liz said bursting into Alex room
“Ok” Alex said looking up from his computer
“Ok, I really need a girl talk” Liz said sitting on his bed
“HEY! See me Alex, guy! What about Kyle, ‘Oh Buddha I love you, oh Buddha’” Alex imitated
“Alex!” Liz sighed
“Fine, do you wana like do each other’s hair?” Alex said in a high-pitched voice
“Ok, now I really think I need to buy a new bra, what do you think?” Liz retorted
“So, is there a specific reason you’re here, other then ruining my life?” Alex mourned
“I kissed Max, I mean he kissed me, or rather we kissed, & it was soooooo” Liz said in one breath
“Ok, what happened, start from the beginning”
“So, I thought he should, know how to kiss, so I went over there, &told him just that. So we kissed, & it was soo amazing, &…” Liz said dreamily before Alex interrupted
“Oh, God, your falling for him, arnt you?” Alex questioned
“No, well maybe” Liz said truthfully
“I know, I know, but nothing is gona happen so, it ok, right?”
“So, about this kiss?” Alex asked not wanting to burst his best friends bubble
“He was so gentle, but the kiss was filled with passion, & it’s like I completely remember it, but it’s all a blur” Liz replied with a dopey-grin on her face



~Liz’ House~
“So, we’re going to a club, are you gona tell me anything more?” Max asked as Liz put the finishing touches to her make-up
“Nope, how do I look?” Liz asked flashing Max a smile
“Like a million bucks. Wait Liz this aint a gay-club is it?” Asked a nervous Max
“!Giggle! No, I don’t think there are any in Roswell” Liz said standing up

As Max & Liz got their drinks, they sat down & heard Britney Spears-Slave 4 U playing
I know I may be young, but I’ve got feelings too.
And I need to do what I feel like doing.
So let me go and just listen.

All you people look at me like I’m a little girl.
Well did you ever think it be okay for me to step into this world.

“Come on Max” Liz said pulling Max onto the dance floor

Always saying little girl don’t step into the club.
Well I’m just tryin’ to find out why cause dancing’s what I love.

As the song went on Liz started grinding against Max

Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOOOA)(Do you like it)
Get it get it, get it get it (OOOHHHH)(This feels good)

I know I may come off quiet, I may come off shy.
But I feel like talking, feel like dancing when I see this guy.

Max soon caught on, & pushed Liz toward him, groping her ass, with his free hand running threw her hair

What’s practical is logical. What the hell, who cares?
All I know is I’m so happy when you’re dancing there.

I’m a slave for you. I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.
I’m a slave for you. I won’t deny it; I’m not trying to hide it.

As they continued to dance they got a few stairs. But continued their movements

Baby, don’t you wanna, dance upon me,
(I just wanna dance next to you)
To another time and place.
Baby, don’t you wanna, dance upon me,
(Are you ready)
Leaving behind my name, my age.
(Lets go)

(Like that)
(You like it)
(Now watch me)

At some point Liz had found Max’ head & was messing up his hair as her body ground against his, to the music

Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (OOOHHHH)

I really wanna dance, tonight with you.
(I just can’t help myself)
I really wanna do what you want me to.
(I just feel I let myself go)

I really wanna dance, tonight with you.
(Wanna see you move)
I really wanna do what you want me to.
(Uh Uh Uh)

Max’ hands had found a new found love for Liz’ ass, as he continued to rub, his palms over the soft material of her dress (& ass)

Baby, don’t you wanna, dance upon me,
(I just wanna dance next to you)
To another time and place.
Baby, don’t you wanna, dance upon me,
(Are you ready)
Leaving behind my name, my age.

I’m a slave for you. (Take that) I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.
I’m a slave (It just feels right) for you. (It just feels good)
I won’t deny it; I’m not trying to hide it. (Baby)

Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (OOOHHHH)

Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (OOOHHHH)

By this time Liz had wrapped her legs around his waist

I’m a slave for you. (Here we go now)
I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.
I’m a slave for you. (Here we go) I won’t deny it, (Yeah)
I’m not trying to hide it.

(Like that)

By the end of the song Max & Liz were both panting & in need of some water.
“Um, that was, um” Max gasped
“Yeah, fun” Liz said just as breathlessly

~Max Room~
Liz has just fallen asleep on Max’ bed.
“Sweet-dreams” Max said kissing the top on Liz’ head. Max rolled out a sleeping bag, stripped down to his boxers & crawled into the bag

~Next Morning~
Max awoke to find Liz staring at him.
“Hey, sleepy-head” Liz said
“Hey, you, bed stealer” Max said in mock anger
“Sorry, can you forgive me?” Liz asked giving Max a puppy-dog-eye look
“No, I think I slept on your shoe” Max replied pulling what appeared to be a stiletto-sandal out, from under him
“Awwwwww, im sorry Max, I’ll tell you what, come & lie face down on here,” Liz said pointing to Max’ bed
“Ok, & this will help how?” Max asked lying facedown on his bed
“Like, this” Liz said straddling Max’ waist
“What, your gona tickle me now?” Max asked
“No, im gona give you a back rub, so you can tell me what’s on your mind” Liz said
“Nothing’s on my mind” Max replied quickly
“Yes, there is, now come’ on tell me” Liz persuaded
“Ok, there’s, this gi-guy” Max stuttered, as Liz started to work his muscles
“& He’s, smart & b-handsome, funny, & perfect!” Max sighed
“So what’s the problem?” Liz asked
“She, er, he thinks im, straight, & um, I even went as far as to tell him I was straight! Moan!” Max ended with a sigh (& a moan)
“So, you think he’ll hate you, if you tell him the truth?” Liz questioned
“!LOUD MOAN! Yes” Max got out biting his pillow


Phone conversation between Max & Liz
“So can you go to the club again to night?” Liz asked painting her toenails
“Nope, I got waaaaaay too mutch homework to do tonight” Max said sitting at his desk
“Ok, then. If you change your mind you know where I’ll be,” Liz sighed, staring at the clothes in her wardrobe
“Oki-doki, well I gota go, advanced-Chem calls”
“Bubi Maxie”
“Bye Lizziepoo” Max said hanging up

“Hey, Ant, Ant” Liz shouted over the music
“Oh, hey Liz, you want an OJ?” Ant asked
“No, im good. Your gay right?” Liz asked, her cheeks flushing
“Yea, & proud. Why?” Ant asked chugging his drink down
“What do you think of Max Evans?” Liz asked on behalf of Max
“Evans, cute, nice bod, great ass, it’s a shame he aint gay, otherwise, you can imagine” Ant said wiggling he brow.
“Yeah he is” Liz argued
“No he aint, Liz, Max Evans is as straight as a you” Anthony said getting another drink
“Are you sure?” Liz continued her interrogation
“I’ll put it this way, if he was then he would register on my ‘gay-dar’” Ant said gulping down his drink
“Oh, right, thanx Ant, um, I gota go” Liz said running out of the building

~Max’ House~
“Hey Liz” Max said as Liz slid thru his window
“I hate you, you lying bastard!” Liz shouted running toward Max hitting him
“Liz, Liz, stop, what are you talking about?” Max asked grabbing Liz wrists, forcing her to sit in his lap & look directly into his eyes
“You bastard!” Liz shouted at him, squirming in his lap
“Ok, im a bastard. Ok. Now why an I a bastard?” Max asked holding Liz still
“Hey Liz, yeah im gay, can you teach me how to have sex, it wont matter im gay, so don’t worry” Liz fumed, angry at herself for still wanting to be with Max, angry with Max because, he kept lying to her, using her.
“Liz, im sorry, im so sorry. Look let me explain” Max said in a soft calm voice, gently stroking Liz’ hair
“Let you explain, what so you can tell me more lies?!?!?!?” Liz shouted, jumping up, & climbing back thru Max’ window


NC-17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING ON THE DREAMER NOOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kiddies beware

~Liz’ Room~
Liz Parker sat at her desk it had been two days since she found out Max didn’t need to hop out of the closet. In those two days her answering machine had, had 57…….wait what correction 58 messages. Liz Parker thought as she her Max over her machine. You had to give the guy credit for his tenacity. Shame you couldn’t for his trust.

~Max’ Room~
Max Evans lay on his bed with one thought on his mind, Liz Parker! He had just left her another massage, & nothing! He made up his mind his was going over there to talk to Liz.

~Liz’ Room~
Liz looked up from her bio book, most specifically the one line she had been trying to read for an hour, when she heard a tapping on her window. Outside kneeled down was none other than Max Evans homosexual-impersonator himself.
“What do you want?” Liz barked at him
“My friend back” Max replied shyly
“Piss-off Max!” Liz growled focusing on her bio book again
“No!” Max said forcefully, sliding thru Liz’ window, walking up to her.
“Max im busy.”
“Your bio book’s up-side-down” Max says smirk on his face. *Dam I never noticed!* Liz thought to herself
“Max im really not in the mood”
“Then listen” Max pleaded
“Fine! Humpf!”
“I know I did a lot of wrong things. The truth is I like you Liz I really like you, I always have really liked you.” Max said starting to pace
“So when you asked me about setting me up on a date I don’t know. It just kinda came out, & I told one lie, then I had to tell another one to back it up, then another, & I knew the more I lied the worse it would be. I sorry. But when we kissed it was amazing & wow! It was everything I dreamed it would be like & more. It was like, I can’t even describe it. Im soooooo sorry for lying. But in my defence it was for a good reason. I just hope you can forgive me” Max said. Receiving no answer turned to leave.
“Maybe we can try again” Came a whisper from behind Max. The next thing Liz knew, Max had spun round & was on top of her, on her bed kissing her face
“Max” Liz sighed as he found a sensitive spot on her neck
“So you forgive me, Liz Parker?”
“Yes. Max um, I have a confession. I like you too” Liz whispered in max’ ear
“Cool” Max said casually, sliding off of Liz.
“Max, please don’t stop” Liz said, trying to pull Max back
“Um, Liz I don’t think that I’d be able to um stop easily” Max told truthfully
“You mean, like go all the way?” Liz enquired
“Well why do you I would object?” Liz asked pressing her front into Max’ back
“You mean, you’d be, you’d want me, to um?” Max stuttered
“Uh-huh” Liz replied coolly slipping Max’ jacket off
“We’re talking about the same thing right?” Max asked turning round to see Liz sitting in her underwear.

~Liz’ Room~
“Your, your, na-nak-nake-naked?!?!?!?!” Max exclaimed
“Not naked, im my underwear” Liz corrected smiling
“W-why?” Max asked, his pants tight
“Max, havent you ever found commando is more comfortable?” Liz asked
“Yeah, but your not commando” Max said
“I will be in a sec” Liz replied confidently
“So im just gona turn away” Max said shakily
“Why? Oh, its ‘coz im not pretty isnt it?” Liz asked looking down
“No! God Liz how can you say that you’re beautiful” Max said quickly trying to convince Liz she wasn’t unattractive
“Ok, so you don’t mind seeing me naked, ok” Liz replied a grin spreading over her face as she un-hocked her bra. Max’ eyes about bulged out of their sockets
“Now your naked” Max said staring at Liz’ face
“Half-naked” Liz corrected again
“Liz please, I, I” Max stuttered
“You what?” Liz asked
“You don’t want me…doing things” Max said, taking interest in Liz’ lamp, beside her bed
“I just want you Max” Liz said truthfully standing-up slipping her panties off
“Naked now” Max said slamming his eyes shut
“Max please, just open your eyes” Liz pleaded
“Liz no!” Max said forcefully. Then silence, no noise, no movement. Then he felt it, a small hand working it’s way into his pants, his boxers! Max snapped his eyes open & came face-to-face with Liz a sly smile on her lips
“Liz” Max choked out
“Yes Max?” Liz asked un-doing his jeans, slipping them down to his ankles
“Um” was all max could say
“Are you gona take your shirt off?” Liz asked making him stare directly into her eyes
“Uh-huh” Max replied being hypnotised by her eyes
As soon as Max snapped back to reality he was sitting on Liz’ bed, in his boxers, Liz kneeing behind him, her arms wrapped round his waist
“Liz?” Max asked
“Yes, Mr. Evans?”
“What do you want me to do?” Max asked feeling Liz’ lips on his neck
“Hmmmmmmmmmmm, what do you want to do?” Liz asked her hands resting in Max’ lap
“I want to make you happy” Max replied truthfully
“Do want comes naturally” Liz said lying down on her bed
“Wow Liz, your beautiful” Max said in awe, lightly kissing Liz’ neck, his lips working down to her breasts.

“Hmmmmm, Max” Liz moaned as his lips came into contact with her nipple. His tongue worked its way round her left nipple ever-so slowly. His hand gently pinching her right nipple
“Ohh, God Max, don’t stop, oh, God please” Liz continued to moan
Max changed breasts & started sucking on her right nipple, his thumb rubbing over her left nipple. As soon as he felt Liz’ hands gripping at his head pushing him into her chest, he gently bit down on her nipple, giving her, her first orgasm.
As soon as Max removed his head from between Liz’ breasts his mouth was over her’s drinking the taste of strawberries, from her mouth
“Wow” Liz gasped
“Im not finished yet” Max said smiling. Moving his body down so he was at eye level with Liz’ womanhood. He gently inserted one finger into her. Receiving a moan from Liz he started moving his finger in & out. Looking up Max saw Liz with her eyes closed, fists griping at her sheets.
Max slowly withdrew his finger & replaced it with his tongue.
“Maaaax!” Liz moaned feeling Max’ tongue enter her
Max began lapping-up Liz’ juices, his tongue making love to her, drinking her essence.
“M-M-M-Max! Oh god, please, im so close, oh god, please, Max” Liz didn’t stop moaning. Max moved ever-so slightly, so he could push his tongue over her clitoris, gently nibbling.
“MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Liz shouted out as another orgasm hit her. Max kept his head between her legs, lapping up Liz’ cum.

“My turn” Liz said getting her breath back, pushing Max down on her bed
Liz ran her tongue over Max’ perfect chest, carefully tracing his peck’s & abs. Liz reached Max’ boxers & without thought pushed them down, revealing his manhood standing out proud.
“Wow! That’s um, big” Liz said, her eyes wide at the sight of Max.
“Liz you don’t have to, oh god!” Max said Liz’ little hands coming into contact with his erection, gently stroking it.
“How fast?” Liz asked, still staring at what was in her hands. Max’ hand covered hers & started pumping himself with Liz’ hands
“Ok” Was all Liz said before removing Max’ hand & pumping his rock hard member.
“L-L-Li-Liz” Max moaned, his orgasm nearing. Liz continued her ministrations, staring in awe at was happening in her hands
“LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Max cried out as his orgasm ran thru him.
“Max, um, this isnt easy to say, um, can I, um, blow you?” Liz asked in a small voice
“Sure” Max replied breathlessly, his heart pounding
Liz looked back down to discover Max was aroused again. Liz’ tongue flicked over the head of Max’ penis. She then started licking max from base to tip.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god Liz, oh god” Max moaned, moving his hips. Liz took Max completely into her mouth. Moving her head, Max started to fuck her mouth, Liz gently pulled her teeth over his erection as he moved in & out of her mouth. As she did this, Liz played with his balls, bringing his orgasm hard & fast. “L-LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!” Max shouted out as he came & went limp in her mouth.

Liz collapsed next to Max on her bed, & started kissing him, their tongue’s duelling. By the end of the kiss both were gasping for air.
“I want to make love to you Liz Parker” Max said sitting up, retreving a condom from his jean pocket.
“Well I want you to make love to me Max Evans” Liz said stretching out.
Max leaned over Liz, “Are you sure?” He asked.
“Please” was her reply. Max gently entered her stopping at her virginity.
“Kiss me” Liz said. Max complied, feeling her hands slip down to his ass, then thrust him into her, she let out a cry of pain in his mouth.
“Do you want me to stop?” Max asked frozen
“NO, just give me a minute” Liz replied, then started moving.
“Liz I love you” Max said licking up her tear
“Do you want me to cry again? I love you to Max” Liz replied, feeling Max move inside her.
“Hmm, Max” Liz moaned, Max thrust, Liz moaned, Max thrust.
“Max, ha-harder, please, god, Max” Liz moaned. Max then thrust harder, sensing his orgasm nearing. He drew one of Liz’ nipples into his mouth & started sucking.
“Oh, god Max, god, MAAAAAAAAXX!!!!!!!!!” Liz screamed out as her orgasm hit. Liz’ orgasm pushed Max over, her walls milking him.
“LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Max collapsed on top of Liz as soon as his orgasm as over.
“Wow” Liz said gasping for air. Max rolled off Liz & pulled her into his embrace, wrapping the covers over them. All he said before nodding off was “Wow, I love you, sweet dreams Liz”


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*blushes* thanx Care bears

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Title: Caught In The Act
Rating: NC-17, mainly smut *happy*
Disclaimer: All I own are my thoughts of what I’d do to Colin Hanks if I ever met him *big*
Couple: Max & Liz, is there any other?
Summary: Post Balance, Liz whilst in the shower decides to, well you’ll see..........
Authors Note: the author cant spell, anywho my first POV fic, so tell me what you think *happy*

~Liz bathroom~ ~Liz' POV~
So there I was in my shower (think over a bath) still feeling down in the dumps, all because Max broke up with me! I was listening to the radio, and after washing my hair, moved on to my body. I started to get a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach But nether-the-less ignored it. As I moved on to washing my breasts the feeling in my stomach grew, and I started pinching my nipples. My curiosity grew, as I had never masturbated before, I decided to give it ago. I slowly moved my small hands down my petite body, until they reached their destination. As I slowly & carefully masturbated myself, I sat down, finding it gave me more room. As I neared my orgasm I started moaning Max' name. I put my forehead on the edge of my bath, my hand quickly moving in & out of my soaking sexual organ. Max' name a shout on my lips as I had my very first orgasm. I sat there for a moment calming my pounding heart. I stood up & re-conditioned my hair & finished washing my body.

BTW, as you can guess by the title Liz wasn't alone in her bathroom *big*

Feedback needed for continuation



Max’ POV
So here I am at the foot of Liz’ balcony, ok I just gota climb up, ok, here I go.
“Liz” I softly call out expecting to see Liz writing in her journal, she isn’t there. I climb thru her window, & still I can’t find her. Wait did I just hear something? Yea I did, its Liz, what was that.
“M-Max” She lightly called, wait was she moaning, oh god what if she’s hurt. I hurry to where the noise is coming from her bathroom. I try the handle, shit locked, without thought I unlock the door, & what I find I not what I was expecting, Liz is sitting in her bath pleasuring herself. Oh God, I cant move, ok that’s a lie, a part of my body is moving, yeah straining in my pants as I watch. I can’t take my eyes off her, when I see her walking around school, its usually quite difficult not to stare, now it’s all I can do. God she looks beautiful, stupid here’s the girl of my dreams, the girl im in love with, getting herself off & all I can think is that she looks beautiful. It just clicked that she’s moaning my name MY name, & I’ve lost the power of movement & speech. OH SHIT! Wait did she just oh, god, she’s….
“MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She shouted out as her body went limp. Oh, god what should I do, oh, god, that’s it im gona go, shit I forgot I cant move great. She got back up finished washing her body & turned off her shower.
“Er, Liz” I say. Shit when did I get my voice back. She heard. I know because she was turning round & then stopped. Now I have the perfect view of her profile. Her ass is two round golden globes, her breasts are bigger then I thought. I knew she must be like an A or B cup, but now she looks like a C. He nipples are sticking out hard & im not sure but I think she stopped breathing, one word SHIT!



~Liz' Bathroom~ ~Liz' POV~
"Er, Liz?" Oh God that was Max, oh god!
"Liz?" Just ignore him, I thought. I turned round, steeped out of my shower & picked up a from towel of the rack. I wrapped the warm towel round my naked body, & went in to my room.
"Liz?" Oh God! Oh god he's following me, of course he is, he has to leave, oh god he isn't leaving is he?
"Hi Max, how are you?" I ask casually, oh God this isn't me, why arnt I nervous, or embarrassed, I should be. I'm nervous when im in the same room as he is, & he caught my...oh god how mutch did he see.
"Yeah, Max?"
"Your not embarrassed?" He asks leaving against my bathroom-door frame.
"Before, I answer how mutch did you see?" I ask chewing on my bottom lip
"I, I, I wanked.... er walked, walked in whilst you were" He replies stuttering
"Why didnt you leave?" I ask, why am I digging a hole for myself, why?
"I dont know, I mean it my of been my, um, 'coz im a boy, a teenage boy, or an alien, or a teenage alien, or, or even a teenage boy alien, I, im sorry" He says looking down, oh god he looks like a 5year-old boy caught with chocolate all over his face, standing next to an empty plate of biscuits (cookies, for all you Americans).
"Why are you so guilty?" I ask, cant I just say 'please can you go?' NO!?!?!?!?
"Coz, I caught you, um, pleasuring yourself,” He says, still looking down
"So?" I ask pulling my PJ bottoms up
"Im gona go" He says walking towards my window
"Bye Liz" he says not looking round
"Bye Max" I say back, but he's already out of my window. I put my PJ top on & do it up. I crawl under my covers, just lying there. About five minutes later, Max comes running thru my window..............


~Liz’ Balcony~ ~Max’ POV~
SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I caught Liz in the act, of pleasing herself. I can’t believe I perved on her. Oh god, I could be having sex with Liz, I don………I could be having sex with
I, im going in. I ran thru Liz’ window & jumped onto her bed & plastered kisses all over her face, whilst at the same time trying to loose all my clothes. Hey what can I say im a horny teenage alien J
“Max” I heard Liz moan. I did a double take & was surprised to see I was only in my boxers & Liz only in PJ pants. God she looks soo sweet. She locks eyes with me; I can fully see how naive she is. Her hands slowly wander to my hips & start tugging at my boxers.
“Not yet” I whisper in her ear.
She kisses me her lips moving over my face to nibble on the tops of my (sticky-outy) ears, then down to my neck & then she gently started sucking on my Adams-apple, causing me to moan. I stand up removing my boxers. Then ask her the all-important question:
“Do you want the light on?” hey im wana be able to see, ok
“Um, do you?” she asks in a timid voice
“I, I want to um, see everything im doing to you” I say a smile evident in my voice. I see her gently nod, then her eyes move down my body & go wide at the sight of my erection.
She kneels on her bed & kisses me, her hands rapping round my penis.
“Liz” I choke out
“Yes” she asks an evil grin in her face
“Are you sure”?
“Of course”
“Good” I cough
“Do you want to lie down?” Ok apparently im not the only horny teenager at the moment. I lie down on her bed, she’s still holding my manhood, gently stroking it.
“I think im in love with you Max Evans” She says looking at me innocently, her hands moving faster, ok she is DEFFINATLY gona have to wash these sheets.
“Ah, Liz” I moan, then suddenly she stops, aw I was enjoying that.
“Why did you stop?” I can’t help the question escape my lips.
“Because I would rather do this”


~Liz’ Room~ ~Liz’ POV~
“Because I would rather do this” Crap where did all this confidence come from? I slowly move down his body so im face-to-crotch with him, god he’s HUGE
“Liz, don’t” He says. I snap my head up, a hurt look in my eyes.
“I mean, I wana save it, if you know what I mean” He says earnestly. Ohhhhhhhhhh now I get it.
“Liz, I dont know what to exactly do, so im gona do what I know. If that makes sense?” Awwwwww he’s so cute
“It does,” I whisper. He lays me down, removes my PJ pants. He bows his head & starts suckling at my nipples.
“Mmmmmmmmmmm, MAXXXXX” I cant help but moan. I suddenly feel two of his fingers enter me.
“AHHHHHHH MAX” SHIT what is he doing to me?!??! I can feel the orgasm building up inside of me, I think he feels it to because his fingers are moving faster, harder inside of me & he’s gently biting down on my nipples
“MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I scream out as my orgasm hits HARD
“Liz I love you,” He says licking his fingers, I know I shouldn’t find that disturbing (AN, finger-lickin’-good LOL) but I do
“Make love to me Max” I whisper as his lips find a sensitive spot behind my ear.
“Anything for you” He says retrieving a condom from his wallet. Once the condom is on, he’s leaning over me, ready.

~Max’ POV~
Im about to make love to Liz, oh god! I gently push into her, stopping at her barrier.
“I can’t hurt you Liz,” I whisper into her ear
“You have to” She pleads, I gently push thru, claiming her as mine. As soon as it’s done I swipe my hand over her, to rid her of any pain. I slowly start to thrust in & out of her, her hips are moving up to meet mine. She’s softly moaning under me, I can feel the need for release building inside of me. I start to pound into Liz harder & faster urging her come. She opens her eyes looking dazed,
“Max, Im, im, oh god MMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!” She shouts out as her walls squeeze around me
“Ahhhhh, LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZ” I scream out falling on top of her. I flip us over so she’s lying on top of me.
“Hmmmm, I love you Max” She yawns. I kiss her forehead & know she’s already asleep. I also know that whatever happens we’ll be together & fight every battle together


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Title: A Different Couple
Summary: Max is bad, Liz is bad, and they meet..........
Disclaimer: All I own are the thoughts of what I’d do to Colin hanks if I ever got him alone
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: M/L, like any other couple exists


Max Evans, Roswell's very own badass, strolled down the corridors of West Roswell High School, his destination Trig. Max walked into the room, to find he was 20minutes late & the teacher STILL hadn't showed up. He was going to take his seat when he noticed someone was occupying it.
"Move!" he said to the person with their head down on his desk. The reply he got was the occupier’s middle finger.
"MOVE!" He said again.
"Go fuck you sister!" Said the female occupier, still refusing to even look up
"Alright, thats it get the fuck outa my seat!" Max hollered
"Well would'ya look at that im not moving, so you fucked your sister already?" The bitch replied
"How'bout I go fuck your mar?" Max wasn’t gona give up
"What im supposed to care? Now I dont give a flying fuck what you do, just keep off my case, 'right?" (Liz with spunk, what'do'you think?)
"Just get'outa my seat, & run off & cry to your pimp!"
"Dont speak that way bout my dad!" (Joke, k?)
"Am I supposed to throw you outa my seat, or what?"
"You touch me, I remove your balls with a blunt knife"


Just then the bell went signalling end of period 3 & the beginning of period4. The girl walked of to her next class, while Max went to the loo.

Liz Parker sat in the back of the class, still pissed-off thinking about the wanker from trig. She put her head down on the desk again, in attempt to sleep. Max Evans walked into his English class, & again no sign of a teacher, he walked to the back of the classroom, where yet-again he found ‘that-bitch-from-trig’ in his seat AGAIN!
“No fucking way! Yo bitch you in my seat!” Max boomed at Liz
“You have to be shitting me!?!?!?”
“Why the fuck are you always in my seat?” Max asked
“Why the fuck do you always accuse me of being in your seat?” Liz shot back
“You don’t believe me huh? Yo dork,” Max said turning to a student, “do I usually sit there?”
“Y-yes” The guy nervously, said
“See, you’re always in my seat bitch. Now yet up!” Max shouted at Liz
“I hear ya, I don’t give a fuck” Liz said finally raising her head & standing up. Max was taken aback she was HOTTTT! Her hair was down & had gold streaks. She had a little make up on, which made her look her older. Gold hoops for earrings. She was wearing a short leather skirt, tight boob tube & a leather jacket & leather knee boots, all black. He was hard just by looking at her!

~Part 3~
Liz Parker stood up, “now I can see this wanker,” she thought. As she stood up she took in Max’ appearance; worn out trainers, tight leather pants, dark green shirt which clung to his chest. His face was dark, he had a little ring in the cartilage in his right ear, he had stubble on his cheeks, and his hair was spiked with dark blue lo-lights. The boy was soo hot he should be on fire.

“You da bitch, who always in my seat?” Max asked
“Well your pretty dumb arnt you?” Liz said
“Dumb-fuck” She then mumbled
“What was that?” Max asked obviously annoyed
“D.U.M.B. F.U.C.K!!!!!! Clear enough?” Liz shot back
“If you weren’t a girl I’d beat da fuck outa you” Stated Max
“Is that so?” Asked Liz walking closer to Max
“Well I might be a girl But I can still do this” Liz said
“Do what?” Max asked dumbfounded
“This” Liz whispered in Max’ ear. Before bringing her knee up to meet with his groin.
“OWCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Max screamed out
“Haha!” Liz said returning to Max’ seat
“That’s it bitch, you’re going down” Max said pulling Liz out of his seat.

Five minutes later when the teacher walked into his classroom, he found Max & Liz punching, kicking, hitting & generally beating the crap out of each other.
“Mr Evans, Miss Parker, detention for the rest of this week!” Mr Cassidy boomed out.
The word shit could be heard mumbled by two particular students.


~Part4~ ~Detention~

Max walked into Mr. Cassidy’s classroom, only to find Little’Miss’Bitch in his seat AGAIN.
“Ah Mr. Evans, im glad you could join us, now take a seat & think about what you have done, & why you are here” Mr. Cassidy said looking-up from his work.

The next 45minutes went uneventfully.

“Im leaving you two alone, I trust you wont talk” The teacher said before exiting the room.
“He’s having a slash, he’ll be gone for twenty minutes” Max stated matter-of-factly
“Dumb-fuck” Liz muttered
“What was that?” Max asked getting up & standing in front of Liz’ desk
“It doesn’t take twenty minutes to hava slash” Liz said in a board tone.
“Fine, he’s havin’ a shit, happy?”
“Look, what the fuck is your problem?” Liz asked looking up
“My problem, your da bitch who’s always in ma seat!” Max replied getting angry
“As you seam like the only decent, non-cornball in dis fuck-town, then I’ll be nice to you, k?” Liz said putting her legs up on the desk, giving Max a hard-on
“Look im Max, Max Evans, you might seem like a bitch, but hey I’m willing to be nice if you are” Max said sitting on the desk adjacent to Liz
“Liz, Liz Parker, im moved from N.Y” Liz said looking at Max
“Why did ya move?” Max asked, trying to get comfortable
“Coz of ma ‘rent. Basically I fucked to mutch so they moved sum where, day knew I wouldn’t wana fuck nobody” Liz said clicking her neck round
“I’d fuck you” Max said then mumbled something along the lines of; aw fuck, I didn’t just say dat, FUCK!
“Well I’d fuck you, ’coz you da only fuckable guy in dis alien-themed-shit-hole” Liz said noticing Max’ erection. Deciding to have some fun, she stood up, went over to Max, jumped into his lap, & started to nibble on his ear. Satisfied when she heard Max groan she stood –up only to have Max pull her back & start making-out with her. As their tongues dulled, Max as sure mini-Max was growing. Knowing Liz needed air Max pulled his mouth away from her’s & started licking & sucking on Liz’ neck. As Liz’ moan’s increased Max pulled back & got off the desk.
“Not bad” Liz said, really thinking *oh fuck, that was shitting amazing*
Max needed more; he pulled Liz out of the classroom & down to the eraser room.

As soon as they were in the ‘eraser room’ dibbed ‘orgasm-space’ Liz started kissing Max again, only to have Max pull away.
“I got one of da most painful hard-on’s, & you are gona take care of it” Max said pulling his leather-pants (& boxers).
“I don’t blow guys I’ve only just met” Liz said
“Look, you are REALLY hot, & this REALLY hurts, so will you at least jerk-me-off?” Max asked pointing to his arousal
“Fine, But I aint getting’ cum all over my clothes” Liz said, walking to stand behind Max
“Ah, shit that’s the stuff” Max sighed feeling Liz’ small hands in-circle his cock. Liz’ hands began to pump Max’ dick as he moaned out in pleasure. Max brought one of Liz’ hands to play with his balls & the other to pump his faster. Max’ climax came quickly as he shouted “LIIIIIIIIZ!!!!!!!!!!!” his cum covering some erasers.
“Shit, that was fucking amazing!” Max commented pulling his pants up
“Yeah, well see ya” Liz said before exiting the room


~Part5~ ~Liz’ House~
Liz has just got out of the shower & is walking out of the bathroom (Little note, Liz’ hair is dry). As she walks into her room she sees Max sitting on her bed.
“WhatTheFuck do you think your doing here Evans?” Liz asks pissed off
“Well I enjoyed the hand job so much I decided to come here & see If I could get laid” Max replied, leaning back on Liz’ bed
“Wana get laid, then crawl up a chicken’s ass & wait” Liz replied fiddling with hr towel
“I’d rather crawl up your ass” Max said smoothly, getting up, walking over to Liz & wrapping his hands around her waist
“Fuck Off!” Liz said, slipping out of Max’ grasp
“Liz, if I were you, I wouldn’t be telling myself to fuck off”
“That doesn’t surprise me,” Liz mumbled
“The way I see it, back in New York, your life was sweet, & im guessin’ you got fucked on a daily basis, BUT now I Roswell, you aint gona have it so sweet & im sure you don’t wana fuck anyone in Roswell, well ‘sept me” Max said smirking
“Lil wanker!”
“Look Liz, your hot, any dude can see that & the way you described yourself earlier, you sound like a bit of a nympo, & what’s a nympo wid out sex?” Max replied still smirking
“Oh yeah dis coming from a virgin!” Liz retorted
“Look, dare is no way I would wana fuck any bitch is dis town, BUT you, shit I get hard just from lookin’ at ya”
“Max” Liz started, but was cut off by Max
“Liz, leme just fuck you” Max said coming up from behind Liz (again) & pulling her towel off, as his lips started to attack her neck. Liz’ dropped her head back & let Max’ lips explore the sensitive skin of her neck. Max, sucked, nibbled, licked, bit & kissed Liz’ neck, making her moan in pleasure. Liz pulled Max’ head up & turned around, her lips locked with Max’ & her tongue plunging into his mouth, making Max moan. Max pulled away, catching his breath.
“Max, you turn me on so much” Liz said sighing into Max’ chest. Max quickly regained his breath & captured Liz’ lips again, gently sucking on her lower lip, he pushed her back into the wall, as her legs wrapped around his waist, his hips started grinding into her’s. He could hear her moaning & pulled back.
“Why did you stop?” Liz asked whining
“I wana do this” Max said his mouth dropping to Liz’ left breast, as his nibble fingers started squeezing her right breast, rolling her nipple, between his thumb & forefinger.
“OHHHH GOD MAX, THAT FEELS SOOOOO AMAZING” Liz said thru moans. Suddenly a light went off in Max’ brain & his free hand finding Liz’ heat, plunging two fingers into her.
“Shit your so tight” Max said pulling his mouth away from Liz’ rosy-red
nipple. He put his head back between her breasts & his teeth, gently biting down on her breast, making Liz cradle Max’ head as close to her chest as possible. Sensing Liz’ impending orgasm, Max pushed his thumb over Liz’ clit as she screamed out in ecstasy.
“O fuck that was amazing” Liz said coming down from her euphoria.
“Hmmmmm” Max mumbled against Liz’ chest.
“I wana ride you” Liz said.
“Ok” Max said pulling Liz over to her bed
“No, I wana ride you face” Liz said pushing Max back on her bed.
“Ok” Max said again.
“Good” Liz said straddling Max’ waist. She pulled herself up his body, so her legs had wrapped around his head. Max’ hands grabbed at Liz’ ass.
“AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” Liz moaned as she felt Max’ tongue come into contact with her heat. Max’ tongue started pushing up into Liz’ womanhood, thrusting into her, drinking from her.
“OHHHH GOD MAX, OH GOD THAT’S IT, THERE, OH SHIT MAX!” Liz groaned as Max pleased her. Max found as especially sensitive spot & started furiously licking over it, bringing her over the edge.
“Max, that was wow,” Liz said making an attempt, at standing up, only to find Max’ hands pushing her crotch into his face, his mouth still firmly latched onto her heat. Max’ tongue, went back to her clit, sucking on it.
“OHHHHHHHH MAX YOUR GONA MAKE ME CUM AGAIN!” Liz screamed out. As Max’ teeth slightly bit down on Liz’ clitoris, she came again,
“AHHHHHHH, MAX, OHHHHHHHH, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!!!!!!!!” Liz’ body slumped as her cum ran into Max’ mouth & over his face. Max pushed her petite frame down his larger one.
“Wow you, you taste of strawberries” Max gasped, trying to get as much air into his lungs as possible. Liz moved pulling Max’ shirt over his head.
“You like?” Max asked
“Hmmmmm, strong” Liz moaned in approval. Max & Liz both tugged at his pants & boxers until they fell to the ground.
“Wow, you soo big” Liz said her eye’s glued to Max’ pulsating member. Liz pulled a condom out of her bed-side-draw, ripped off the wrapper & pushed it down Max’ shaft. Max leaned over Liz & pushed into her in one thrust.
“Wait!” Liz stopped Max & pushed her legs up & over, to rest on Max shoulders.
“This way’s deeper” Liz a shored smiling
“God, Liz your pussy is so tight & wet” Max marvelled, as he thrust in & out of her.
“OH, HARDER, MAX HARDER!” Liz urged Max on. Before to long Max & Liz came together, their bodies falling onto Liz bed & joining in sleep.

~The Next Day~ ~English~
Max walked into the classroom, to find Liz in his seat.
“Yo, bitch you in my seat; AGAIN!” Max shouted at Liz.
“Yea, well what you gona do bout it, prick” Liz shot back
“This” Max said pulling Liz up, sitting down & pulling Liz into his lap, their mouths attacking each-others. Max’ mouth soon found its way to Liz’ neck. Liz opened her eyes to see the whole class looking at them. Liz looked at the class (focusing on the camera)
“What do you think your looking at?!?!?” Liz asked her mouth joining Max’ again


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A Roswell Christmas Carol

Summary: after ARCC
Disclaimer: I own nada
Category: M/L
Rating: R (for swearing)
* Means thought
^ Means flashes

*I believe in you, yeah bloody right!* Max thought as he drove home, *How can I?!?!?! I don’t even trust her! She betrayed me! I hate her!!!!*

~Other Side Of Roswell~
*He believes in me, what does that mean? He likes me, he trusts me!* Liz thought getting into bed

~Next Day, Evans House~
“Is Max in?” Liz asked when Diane Evans opened the door
“Oh, sure come in Liz” Diane replied chirpily
“Thanx Mrs Evans”
“Its Diane” Diane corrected
“I’ll go & get him”
“MAX HONEY LIZ, IS HERE!” Mrs Evans shouted
“What do you want?” Max asked annoyed
“Um, I need to talk to you” Liz said obviously scared
“Yea, well I don’t want to talk to you!” Max replied coldly
“Max please, its important” Liz pleased
“Whatever” Max said going to his room
/1 minute later“What the hell?!? Get out!!” Max bellowed
“No! I need to talk & you need to listen” Liz said forcefully
“Leave me alone!”
“There was this thing that happened two months ago”
“I don’t care!” Max said angrily
“& I lied ALOT. I never slept with Kyle, I, I still love you, I just wana be with you” Liz said trying not to break down
“WhatTheFuck?!?!? Get out, get out!” max shouted
“No! I need, I need to tell you this” Liz said not budging
“Get the fuck out!” Max said pushing Liz, so much so that she fell backward, her head hitting the wall, her body falling to the floor, blood gushing out of her head.
“Hey I heard shouts” Isabel said entering Max’ room.
“Oh God, Max what happened, what did you do to her?” Iz asked rushing to her side
“Im going” Max announced
“Heal her”
“Max please heal her, im not strong enough”
“Max please for, me, for Maria, for Alex. Please”
“Fine, I’ll do it if it will get you off my back”

^Max shouting,
Liz crying,
Future Max telling Liz about the end of the world,
Liz crying,
Liz lying to Max,
Liz crying,
Liz lying to Maria,
Liz crying,
Liz in bed with Kyle,
Liz crying,
Future Max disappearing,
Liz crying,
Max eye’s looking so hurt,
Liz crying,
Max shouting^ Liz’ eyes fluttered open as Max jumped back
“WhatTheFuck?!?!?!” Max shouted
“I, I have to, have to go, I have to go” Liz stuttered standing up & backing away from Max
“No!” Max said grabbing Liz’ arm
“Let me go” Liz said feblely
“You, know what I saw, don’t you?” Max asked
“Don’t you?!?!?!?!?!?!” Max asked again, his grip on her arm getting stronger
“Yes” Liz whispered
“Is it true?” Max asked his voice softening
“Yes” Liz said on the verge of tears
“Max please let me go” Liz pleaded
“Max, I wana go, please” Liz begged
Max let go of Liz’ arm & she left



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Heart Of Mine

Disclaimer: I own nada
Rating: PG
Pairing: M/L
Summary: set during heart of mine

~Liz seeing Max & Tess kiss~
“Liz” Max said
“HUH?!?!?!” Tess said (Dumb!)
“Liz, wait” Max said, as he saw her run away, chasing after her
“Leave me alone” Liz said as Max caught up to her
“Max I just wana be alone”
“I thought you wanted it like this” Max said looking Liz in the eye
“Yeah, well I don’t have to see it” Liz said turning away
“You want to know what I felt when I was kissing her?”
“I don’t want to know”
“Love” Max said bringing tears to Liz’ eyes
“Max, look I don’t…..”
“Love for you. I was thinking it doesn’t feel right to kiss anyone other than you, I love you Liz & I cant deny it” Max said cutting Liz off
“Max, don’t, don’t do this”
“Why” Max asked, by this time they were both outside in the rain, completely soaked
“Because, you know why”
“No, I don’t, why???” Max asked intreged
“Because, you belong with her, & I belong with someone else,” Liz said her eyes focused down
“You don’t love me right?” Max questioned
“Max, please”
“That’s what you said, But I know you do, what I feel for you, I know its not one sided, I know what I felt when I was with you, when we connected”
“LUST, all I felt was lust, I thought I had to love you, its like I felt obligated” Liz said still not looking up
“NO you don’t mean it!” Max shouted, hurt
“I do” Liz said still refusing to look up
“Look at me & say you don’t love me” Max said grabbing Liz’ chin & forcing her to look up
“Max let me go home,” Liz said pulling away
“Max you belong with her” Liz said walking further away from Max, only to have him pull her back
“TELL ME YOU DON’T LOVE ME!” Max said forcefully pulling her to him
“I, I don’t, I cant..” Liz said breaking down & crying
“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, its ok” Max soothed kissing the crown of Liz’ head
“I, I, cant do this” Liz stammered crying, harder
“Shhhhhhhhhh, im here”
“Im, sorry” Liz cried
“Its ok, lets get you inside” Max said, holding Liz close

“Maria, Liz didnt have a coat did see?” Max asked finding Maria
“Um, no” Maria said
“Why?” Maria asked puzzled
“Im taking Liz home” Max replied pointing at Liz sitting on a bench

“That’s better, nice & warm” Max said waving his hand over Liz (drying her off)
“Thanx” Liz said still teary

~Liz’ Room~

“WhatDoYouThink?” Liz asked giving Max a twirl, in her PJ’s
“Beautiful” Max said smiling at Liz
“Look Max….” Liz stared
“It doesn’t matter” Max cut her off
“Max, please, you, you don’t have feelings for me, im mean what about your planet?”
“What I saw, what I felt, the energy, it didn’t feel like home, it felt…alien. My life, what was my life, it’s not my life anymore, it doesn’t feel like my life.” Max explained
“But what about your destiny?” Liz asked
“DESTINY?!?!?! I hate that word, Im supposed to marry Tess, I don’t love her, I don’t even really like her, I kissed her because im supposed to, like it’s the right thing to do. I have this whole other life; im supposed to be king of a plant I’ve never been to a plant I don’t know. Im 17 I don’t wana be an alien, I just wana be normal. You want to be with a normal teenage boy, & I want to be that boy, But I cant because im not normal; Liz I just wana be normal. I don’t wana be a king, I don’t want a destiny, I just; im scared” Max said breaking
“Come here” Liz, said gesturing to next to her on the bed. Max walked over to her & started sobbing.
“Shhhhhhhhhh” Liz soothed, stroking Max’ hair
“I just wana be normal” Max said crying hard.


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It’s Too Late And It’s Too Bad-Torn
Disclaimer: I don’t own squat
Summary: Little POV piece, from Liz
Rating: PG

I should be happy right? That’s what I kept making him do; go to her, because of Future Max. But im not, im not happy, im hurt; that out love means that little to him. Grammar Claudia, why did you tell me to follow my heart? Now im torn between my head & my heart! I love Max & I wana do right by him; but Max Or Future Max? NO! I need to save the world; how could I think of being soo selfish?

Right Now I have to find Alex’ killer

I thought I saw a man brought to life
He was warm
He came around like he was dignified
He showed me what it was to cry
Well you couldn't be that man I adored
You don't seem to know
Seem to care what your heart is for
But I don't know him anymore
There's nothing where he used to lie
My conversation has run dry
That's what's going on
Nothing's fine I'm torn

I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed
Lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed
Into something real
I'm wide awake
And I can see
The perfect sky is torn
You're a little late
I'm already torn

So I guess the fortune teller's right
Should have seen just what was there
And not some holy light
Which crawled beneath my veins
And now I don't care
I had no luck
I don't miss it all that much
There's just so many things
That I can touch I'm torn

I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed
Lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed
Into something real
I'm wide awake
And I can see
The perfect sky is torn
You're a little late
I'm already torn

There's nothing where he used to lie
My inspiration has run dry
That's what's going on
Nothing's right I'm torn

I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed
Lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed
Into something real
I'm wide awake
And I can see
The perfect sky is torn

I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
I'm cold and I'm ashamed
Bound and broken on the floor
You're a little late
I'm already torn

Torn ~ Natalie Imbrulia

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Busted-A Little Girl Talk

Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: Maria & Liz have a little talk after Busted
Rating: PG

“You robbed a convenience store?” Maria DeLuca asked her best friend over some strawberry ice-cream
“Yeah” Liz Parker replied letting out a giggle
“Hard to believe, isn’t it?” She asked
“Yes, I mean its like what the hell happened to ‘little innocent Lizzie Parker’?” Maria asked in amazement
“I duno, its just, I love Max & I just had to help him” Liz said eating another spoonful of ice-cream
“You regret it?” Maria asked
“Kinda. No, yea I do. It’s soooooo unfair, I love him & I cant be with him” Liz said sighing
“Can I start calling you ‘Juliet’” Maria asked tring to lighten the mood
“Romeo, oh Romeo, where for out thy Romeo, refuse thy father & deny thy name…….” Liz trailed off
“You miss him don’t you” Maria questioned concerned
“Like a limb” Liz said sighing again

The End

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Michael The Guys And The Great Snapple Caper

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything L
Summary: Max & Mr Parker’s talk extended Mr Parker =GIT!
Rating: PG

“You would take her away from the people she loves because of me?” Max asked angrily
“Yes, to keep her safe” Mr Parker replied
“Away from all her friends & family, to keep her out of trouble?” Max asked in disbelief
“Yes” Mr Parker responded
“Don’t tell me, you have her best interests at heart?” Max asked sarcastically
“You’re going to deny her happiness because of me?” Max asked still astonished
“Max, you stay away from my daughter!” Mr Parker said razing his voice
“Mr Parker, she’s not a little girl any more, she’s a grown woman, & she can control her own life, please if you care at all about your daughter, then PLEASE don’t send her to Vermont” Max said before exiting the Crashdown


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Summary: Set at the end of Control, just another one of my tags
Rating: PG
Paring: M/L
Disclaimer: I own nada

“Max its ok” Liz said reassuringly
“I’ve let every-one down, I don’t deserve to have a son, I don’t deserve friends, especially when I just end up letting them down”
“Max, maybe your son is fine, maybe she hasn’t done anything to him, he is her own flesh & blood, & all” Liz said taking max into her arms
“What if she has, & I’ve let him down?” Max said holding onto Liz for dear life
“If she did do anything im sure he’d of tried to get into contact again” Liz replied stroking the hair at the nape of his neck
“What if her cant? Liz I’ve ruined every-thing” Max said getting tears in his eyes
“Shhhhh, it’s all gona work out in the end, I promise, don’t worry” Liz comforted
“Why do you still care? After all I’ve done to you? Why are you still here?” Max asked snuggling into her neck
“Because, I love you, I’ll always love you, I’ll always be here; when ever you need me”


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To Have & To Hold

Summary: TH&TH tag, what did Max & Liz talk about when they danced?
Paring: M/L
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I only own naughty thoughts about Jason & Colin

“You dad’s not gona come over & kill me is he?”

*Giggle* “No, I told him if I wana dance with you, then I’ll dance with you”

“& he’s ok with that?”

“He doesn’t have much choice”



“Can you believe Izzy’s married?”

“No, it all seems to have happened so quickly”

“Would it be ok to ask if that, might be us soon?”

“Well, I would like that to happen, BUT it might be a good idea to wait till after my dad’s dead”

“Hmm, that’s a point, but I promise you this Miss Parker, we will get married, we will”


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Secrets & Lies
Disclaimer: I own nada L
Rating: PG
Summary: One of my eppi tags J Ummm, its bound to suck, what can I say, I didn’t have much inspo
Pairing: M/L
Langley took his foot off of Max’ neck.
“Leave me alone,” Langley said letting Max get up.
“I need my son back” He replied, rubbing his neck.
“Look, Zan, or should I say Max? I know what you’ve done & I know how you screwed up”
“I want my son” Max said
“Max go back to Roswell; you’ve got a lot of people there that care about & love you” Langley retorted turning his back on Max
“My son Langley” Max persisted
“Do you ever think about what your doing to your parents, those two people couldn’t care about you more”
“MY SON!” Max practically shouted.
“Isabel, Michael, Maria, Kyle; your friends” Langley said thoughtfully
“Look” There is no-one I care more about then my son, NO ONE!” Max fought back getting angry
“You wana tell Liz that? Hmmm, lets see, you broke her heart, what was it 6 times? She still loves you! You got her arrested, & yup she still loves you. Either she’s insane or she’s the one, the person who could not love you more unconditionally. Oh, & Max don’t worry about your son”
“Leave Liz outa this. Why shouldn’t I worry about my son?” Max said irritated
“He doesn’t exist” Langley said facing Max
“But!” Max started
“It was a mind-warp. Max go back to Roswell, back to the people that love you”


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Significant Others
One of my little eppi tags, kinda random, ‘coz I didn’t see all of the eppi.
Rating: PG
Pairing: M/L
Disclaimer: I own nothing, blah-blah.
Summary: after/before Significant others, whatever J

Dear Max
I had a dream about you last-night, well I always dream about you; but this dream was different, special. I woke up in a strange room, & I saw you looking into my eyes, you were smiling brightly, I saw a little bundle in your arms. I sat up & you handed me this bundle, it was a baby, our baby. Then my parents came in a small boy walking in front of them. He was our first child, & in my arms I was holding out second child, a little girl, she was sleeping, she looked so small, so beautiful. I saw something shinny on my hand, it was a wedding ring, my wedding ring.
Then Maria, Michael & Isabel walked in, all of them smiling brightly. I felt so right, so normal. I looked back at my parents, I remembered they couldn’t have been happier when we got married, then my alarm clock went off. I woke up & started to cry, because it wasn’t real, it wasn’t going to happen.
Love Liz
P.s. thinking about you, always, see you in bio J


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Summary: A phone conversation between Max & Liz, set during Interuptus
Paring: M/L
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All I own are dirty thoughts of Jason & Colin

“Max be careful”

“I will”



“Good. Max, I love you”

“Don’t worry, every-things gona be ok”

“Ok, but I just can’t help but worry”

“I’ll deal with this, you deal with your father”

“Ok, bye”



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Behind The Music

Summary: another of my eppi tags
Paring: M/L
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I only own naughty thoughts about JB & CH

“Is Michael okay?” Liz asked after kissing Max
“I, don’t know he’s really messed up” Max said sitting Liz in his lap
“Would it be wrong to say I feel sorry for Maria?” Liz asked snuggling in to Max
“No, I guess she has been thru a lot” Max replied stroking Liz’ hair
“They, they both have problems, but hopefully they will be together in the end, they make a good couple” Liz said thoughtfully
“Yeah. Do you think that will ever happen with us?” Max inquired kissing her neck
“Well, I havent got any ‘old flames’ & I don’t think I could ever bring myself to leave you & your ears” Liz said with a giggle
“Ok, their large! So the only reason you’d stay with me is for my Vulcan ears?” Max asked nibbling Liz’ neck
“Yeah, that & the fact I love you. Oh, who am I kidding it would have to be the larger than life ears” Liz said giggling
“Aw, thanx” Max said sarcastically
“Im kidding, their cute, really, oh & fun to nibble” Liz replied smiling
“You’ve never nibbled my ears!” Max said matter-of-factly
“Oh, sorry, next time we have sex I will” Liz said keeping a straight face
“NEXT TIME!?!?” Max said pulling away a little
“Awwww, your so cute” Liz said pinching Max’ cheak
“Hey!” Max said feigning irritation
“Max, really I love you” Liz said snuggling into Max again
“Ok I love you too” Max said holding Liz tight to him
“But, it would be nice if you nibbled my ears” Max said after a little silence
“Ok” Liz said & started gently biting Max’ left ear
“Hmmm” Max moaned
“Better?” Liz asked
“So what was that about having sex?” Max asked


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A Tale Of Two Parties

Rating: PG
Paring: M/L
Summary: Set after A Tale Of Two Parties
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING, suing me wouldn’t do you any good

“So how was enigma?” Liz asked
“Amazing, it was so cool, did I just say cool? Any-way thanx for making me go” Max said kissing Liz lightly on the lips
“No problem, im just glad you had fun. You needed to relax” Liz said thoughtfully
“How’s your dad?” Max inquired
“He’s ok” Liz said sitting in Max’ lap
“Good” Max said kissing her forehead
“Max, promise me every year we’re apart at mid-nite on new-years-eve, we can have phone sex” Liz said seriously, looking into Max eyes
“Ok. Can we have sex first” Max said keeping an equally serious tone
“Hmmmm, ok” Liz said after serious contemplation
“Can we start now?” Max asked looking deeply into her eyes
*Giggle* “Im being serious” Liz said kissing Max softly on the lips
“Yeah, so am I” Max said returning Liz’ kiss
“Before the year is out, ok?” Liz replied
“YES!” Max practically shouted


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Samuel Rising

Summary: set after Max & Liz have been ice-skating
Paring: M/L
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All I own is a very messy bedroom

“How’s my little elf?” Max asked sliding thru Liz’ window
“Im, ok. So you’ve never gone ice-skating before?” Liz asked taking her jacket off
“Never” Max answered sitting on Liz’ bed
“Well you’re not bad at it” Liz said going into her bathroom
“Yeah, I guess. Im just glad I didn’t fall over & bruise my..” Max trailed off
“Your cute little rear?” Liz shouted back thru her bathroom door
“Er, yeah” Max replied sheepishly
“Ah, so that’s why you were holding on so tight” Liz shouted to Max
“Yeah, look Liz I know I don’t say it enough. But I really am sorry about neglecting you. About trying to help Samuel, about putting you thru all of this. Just remember, I love you, ok” Max said sincerely
“Max, I know you have to do, what you have to do & I love you too” Liz replied, walking out of her bathroom wearing her old cotton pj’s
“Beautiful. You know what I haven’t done in a while?” Max asked
“What?” Liz asked sitting down on her bed, next to Max
“I havent played pool, I a long time” Max said pulling Liz to him
“You mean the last time you played pool was on our first date?” Liz said wrapping her arms around Max
“Yeah” Max said kissing Liz


posted on 29-Jan-2003 5:23:58 PM
Title: untitled
Rating: PG-13
Paring: Max thinking 'bout Liz
Summary: Max remembers Liz. Somber fic.
Disclaimer: I own nada
A/N: If you like leave feedback, if you dont leave constructive critisism *happy*

She always sat at the back.
She always sat in the corner. In the dark corner.
Her head was always down.
Her back always arched.
Her face was a picture of pain.
Her eyes always held loneliness.
She had no friends.
She had no reason.
She had no life ; we took that away from her.
Her hair was dark. Her eyes were dark. Her clothes were dark. Her demeanour was dark.
Her face was pale.
She didn’t smile; it was as if she had forgotten how to.
She used to be so pretty. So full of hope; now she has no hope; now she’s hopeless. Now she isn’t pretty. Her eyes used to hold happiness now their just bleak, void. They contain the pain her heart encases.
We didn’t see it. We didn’t realise what was happening. We could have stopped it. We could have cared. We didn’t.

She used to have friends.
She used to be happy.
She used to giggle.
She used to smile.
She used to cry. Now, now nothing.

We used to be her friends. Some how somewhere along the line we weren’t friends anymore. One day she had friends, the next she didn’t.
How it happened I don’t know it just did.
She used to sit at the front.
After what we did to her. She didn’t.
We didn’t notice.
Notice how each lesson, she would sit further & further to the back. Further & further away.
She made bright corners dark.
She used to be a girl. A happy carefree girl.
She became a name.
An insignificant name on a paper.
The teachers didn’t care, all she was, was a tick, a line. Just another student. We could have stopped it.

Instead we just stopped
stopped caring
stopped worrying
stopped caring
stopped seeing.
Just stopped.

He hurt her. We hurt her. We hurt her emotionally
We only noticed to call her names freak it just slipped off the tongue. Couldn’t help it.
He made her do it. We never knew. She hid it well. We saw it; we didn’t care.

We hurt her. Everyone hurt her.
She hurt her. He drove her to the blade. We told her to pick it up. He made her. We made her. Together we made her slash her wrists.
We could have stopped calling her names.
We could have noticed the cuts.
We could have made him stop.
We could have stopped her from doing it. We didn’t.

Together we hurt her.
Together we made her cry.
Together we made her want to escape.
We all had a part to play.
Together we made her do it.
We could have saved her.

Together we put her in the ground.
Individually we said goodbye.