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Title: Wash it down
Author: Danielle M.
Email: Opel70⊕
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don’t worry I don’t own any of the characters . . . Roswell belongs to Melinda
Metz and Jason Katims, but I can only dream of what I’d do to Max/Jason if I owned him!
Summary: This is just a one part fluff fic I wrote. Max and Liz are older now.
Category: Max/ Liz (of course, have I ever actually written about someone else?)

Liz Parker hurried into her apartment and shut the door behind her. She kicked off her shoes and sighed in contentment as she flexed her feet. Another shift waitressing at Applebee’s done. She set her purse and keys on the kitchen counter and looked toward
the living room.

She smiled happily. Max was there, wearing just an old pair of carpenter pants, working on his newest art piece.

They were both 20 years old now, and attending UCLA. Liz was finally fulfilling her dream of becoming a molecular biologist. Max was studying pre-med to be a pediatrician. The two had decided to get a place off campus together last year, something their parents
didn’t approve of. But hey, she and Max were adults now, they could do what they wanted.
Liz looked down at her left hand and lightly fingered her ring. Max had also proposed to her just three months ago. Another thing their parents weren’t thrilled about. But it didn’t matter to them. It was a simple 1kt. ring, Max had apologized that he couldn’t get her anything nicer since money was tight, but Liz insisted that she loved the ring and couldn’t wait to marry him.

The apartment they shared wasn’t very extravagant, but it was just right for the two. It had a kitchen, a little dining area, a bedroom and two bathrooms. The nicest part was the living room. It had a fire place were Max and Liz would spend their nights cuddled together or
sprawled out in front of it studying. It was big enough so they could split half the room with a couch and TV and the other for Max to paint.

Liz continued to watch Max. He had stumbled into painting ten months ago. And he was good at it. He put everything he was feeling into his art. And it made good money. Once Max received $5,000 for a piece. When Liz asked him if he’d rather study art than pre-
med, he simply said no, that art was more of a hobby.

Liz had to admit that he looked sexy when he painted. He unconsciously bit the corner of his lip and streaks of paint were on his face, arms and chest.

Without disturbing Max, she went into their room to change. She hated when her clothes smelled like smoke and greasy food from the restaurant. She put on a comfortable pair of black stretch pants and a plain red shirt. She took her hair out of its ponytail and dabbed a little perfume on her neck. Much better.

She looked behind her at the bathtub and grinned as an idea came to her.

A little later Liz walked over to Max from behind and wrapped her arms around him. “Hi.”
She kissed the back of his behr shoulder.
“Hey.” Max smiled and bent his head down for a kiss. “How was your night?”
“Okay, if you think waiting on angry, complaining customers with screaming kids is fun. But I got $230 in tips.”
Liz rose to her tiptoes and rested her chin on his shoulder as she looked at the painting. “It looks like you’re done.” He had been working on this piece for almost two months now.
“Yeah, just about. What do you think?”
“It’s beautiful.”
Max grinned, “that’s what you always say. But is it art dealer good?”
“Yes. I bet you’ll get $1,000 off of it.”
“Mm-hmm. You were working on this when I left, did you take a break?”
Max shrugged his shoulders. “Guess I forgot.”
“That’s what I thought. You’ve got paint all over you.” She ran her thumb over the blue streak on his cheek. “I have just the thing.”
Liz just grabbed his hand and led him into the bathroom.
“Liz . . . ” Max smiled at her. The room was dimly lit by candles and there was a bubble bath.
She placed a kiss on his lips. She undid his pants and slid them down with his boxers.
Max step out of them and got into the tub. “This was just what I needed. You coming in?”
“Not yet.” She kneeled behind him and grabbed a washcloth. She dipped it into the water
and then wrung it out. She wiped the smudge of paint off his face, and then preceded to do his arms, hands and chest. “Much better.”

Then her hands moved to his shoulders and started to massage them. “How does that feel?” She whispered against his ear, her tongue going around the rim.

Even in the hot water, Max shivered when Liz’s breath hit his ear. “Good.”
Liz grabbed the massage oil by the tub and rubbed some into her hands. As it came in contact with his skin, a sweet strawberry aroma filled the room. “And this?”
Max sighed and closed his eyes. “Very good.”

Liz’s fingers worked in a steady rhythm, kneading into his skin. She kissed the top of his head. “Lower?”
Max nodded slowly.
“How’s that?”
“Mmm . . . you’re too good to me.”
Liz bent down and kissed his cheek. “I know.” She smiled and continued working her palms into his skin. She got up after a few more minutes.
Max turned his head. “You getting in?”
“I will.” She blew him a kiss. “Be right back.”

Max leaned his head against the tub. The water was cooling and he waved his hand over it, heating it back up.

Liz went into the kitchen and mixed some chocolate syrup and Tabasco sauce into a bowl.
She placed it in the microwave and got some strawberries out of the fridge. She quickly cut off the tops, grabbed a bottle of water for herself and took the bowl out of the microwave.
“I thought you might be hungry.” Liz sat down by the side of the tub. “Did you eat?”
Max shook his head.
Liz frowned and ran her hand through his dark hair. She didn’t want him to start losing weight again. She dipped the strawberry into the chocolate and fed it to Max. She fed him a few more, loving every minute of it, mainly because she loved his mouth so much. “Wait.”
She leaned forward and licked the chocolate of the side of his mouth. “You know I’m starting to get use to Tabasco.”
“I’m starting to get use to you.” Max joked and tilted forward to kiss her, his tongue exploring every recess of her mouth. “Will you get in now?”
Liz sighed. “I guess . . . ” She teased and stood up.

Slowly, she pulled her shirt over her head and it dropped to the floor. Her pants slid down her legs and she gracefully kicked them off.

Max sat up straighter, the only sound in the room was the sloshing of water.

Liz reached back to unclasp her bra, and pulled the straps down, that too fell to the ground.

Max felt himself harden even more. Max was amazed that he was always so ready and turned on by Liz.

Liz hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them off.
Max reached for her and she came willingly as they shared a heated kiss while she got into
the water.
“I love you.” Max said, dragging his knuckles across her cheek. “Thank you.”
“I love you too Max.”

Max smiled and turned her around. “Now it’s your turn.” He massaged her shoulders. “I know you had a tough day too.”
“All of that stress disappears when I’m with you Max.”
Max kissed the crown of her head and moved his hands in a circular movement along her back.

Liz sighed as her head rolled to the side.
When he finished, Max buried his head in the hollow of her neck and shoulder. Liz reached her hand back to run through his dark hair.
Max’s hands came around to cup her breasts and he placed soft kisses down her arm.

Liz moaned as his thumb brushed over her hard nipple and she arched herself back into his throbbing erection.
Max’s mouth moved to her jaw line and went up to her. His teeth tugged on her earlobe.
Liz sucked in her breath and turned around halfway to kiss him. Liz’s hands were on either side of his face as their mouths bruised together with intensity.

Max grabbed her hips and turned her around fully. He dropped his mouth down to her breast and captured her nipple in his mouth.
Liz gasped and threw her head back. Her fingers dug into his scalp as he moved to the other one.

Max’s hands, still resting on Liz’s hips, moved her up and he thrusted into her quickly.
Liz grabbed onto the sides of the tub and she rocked her body back and forth using a hurried motion. Liz moved her one hand to his shoulder, the other twisting and pinching his nipple.
Max groaned and crushed Liz to him, kissing her hard. His hands glided down to cup her ass and he moved her up and down against him, loving the feeling of her skin in contact with his. Water splashed and spilled around them.
Liz’s satin walls clenched around Max and he groaned again, feeling his release coming.
His hand moved down to her swollen nub and rubbed his thumb against it.

With a cry of his name, Liz crashed into the wave of ecstacy with Max.

Liz sighed and buried her head in Max’s neck. He leaned back and closed his eyes while running a hand through Liz’s long hair.

“So tell me Liz,” Max opened his eyes, “When did you plan all this out?”
Liz lifted her head. “Tonight, when I got home.”
Max waved his hand over the water, heating it again. “So it was a spur of the moment thing?”
“So aren’t I good enough for you to be planned out?” Max teased.
“Oh shut up.” Liz splashed him with water.
“Hey!” Max replied splashing her back.
Liz reached for her glass of water and took a sip, spitting it back out with her teeth at him.
Max laughed, but then she threw the rest of the glass in his face.
Max’s eyes widened. “I think you’re the sea witch!”
Liz giggled and just before he could splash her, she ducked under the water. As soon as
she came back up, she splashed him again.
“Okay sea witch, play time’s over!”
Liz pouted. “Just five more minutes, please?”
Max shook his head while smiling and stood up, taking Liz up in his arms with him.
“I’m all pruny.” Liz looked down at her fingers.
“Mmm, that’s the way I like you.” He gave her a big kiss on the cheek and set her down.
Liz rolled her eyes and grabbed a towel for each of them, while Max got the drain.

They dried each other off and put on their robes. Max blow-dried Liz’s hair and brushed it.
Liz combed his hair and then shaved him. She splashed her favorite after shave on his cheek and gave him a kiss. “You’re just beautiful darlin’” Liz said with a fake accent.
“All because of you.” Max brought her down to meet his lips.

They discarded their robes and crawled into bed.
Max’s arm went protectively around Liz and she rested her head on his behr chest. Neither of them could sleep any other way. Max pulled the covers around them and placed a kiss
on her brow. “September 18th.”
“What?” Liz looked up at him.
“That’s the day I want to marry you. If I recall correctly, that’s the day my life began.”
Liz thought of the day he saved her and felt her eyes start to mist. “Oh Max . . . I couldn’t think of a better day.”
Max’s hand reached down took Liz’s left hand in his. “I love you Liz.”
“Oh, I love you Max.” Their kiss was full of love and promises of more to come.

“So, um . . . ” Liz bit her bottom lip and twirled her finger on his chest. “You ready for round two?”
Liz felt him harden against her and they both laughed before Max kissed her again.

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Title: Before I Met You
Author: Danielle M.
Email: Opel70⊕
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don’t worry I don’t own any of the characters . . . Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims, but I can only dream of what I’d do to Max/Jason if I owned him!
Summary: This is one of those before the pilot fics. Max never healed Liz, yada yada. Anyway this is just a summer fic I wanted to do. Max is a lifeguard (who wouldn’t want to see that?!)
Category: Max/ Liz (of course) and a little bit of M/M for you guys too.
Email me for previous parts.
A huge thank you to everyone who gave me feedback the last part. I didn’t realize so many people like my fic!


Liz Parker and Maria DeLuca dove into the water of the Splash Down Pool. It was their third week out of school, and it had become a routine for them to come to the pool after a long day of work at the Crashdown. Liz was floating on her back.
“Liz, he’s doing it again!” Maria exclaimed.
Liz started treading water. “Maria what are you talking about?”
“He’s staring at you!”
Maria threw her hands up. “Max Evans!”
Liz looked up at the lifeguard chair. “Maria he is not, and how can you tell? He has on sunglasses.”
“Trust me babe, he is.” Maria replied.
“Well I don’t think he is. And even if he was, it’s his job, he’s a lifeguard remember?”
Maria sighed. “Whatever.”
Liz saw Alex swim up to them. He went up behind Maria and put his index finger over his mouth motioning Liz not to say anything. Then he dunked Maria into the water.
“Aaah! Alex!” She started punching him on the arm. “You jerk!”
“So, what were you guys talking about?” Alex asked.
“Oh just how Max Evans was staring at Liz.” Maria answered.
“Geez again?” Alex said. “Well, if you ever hook up with him you know to get him to give Isabel my number.”
“Alex, no one is hooking up with anyone! And besides, I’m with Kyle.”
“If you say so.” Alex said.
Then he and Maria started splashing each other.
Liz looked up at Max. He was pretty good looking and he did have a good body for being a 16-year-old. But then again so did Kyle. Kyle. He was fun to be with and Liz enjoyed his company. But she always got the feeling he liked her more than she liked him. Liz looked back at Max. She didn’t really know him that well. He was always so quiet. He had a sister Isabel, who couldn’t be any more different from him. She was talkative and popular. Everyone called here the Elle McPherson of West Roswell. And Alex was one of the guys that had fallen for her. Max had a friend that he always hung around too. He was hardly ever in school though. She couldn’t think of his name. He had spiky hair.
“Michael Guerin!” Maria exclaimed.
“What?” Liz said as she looked over at Maria thinking that she had read her mind.
“Over there!” Maria pointed to him talking to Max at the lifeguard chair.
“Since when did you start liking him?” Liz asked.
“Since yesterday.” Maria replied. “When he came into the Crashdown with your man.”
“Max is not my man!” Liz said frustrated.
Alex came up from doing a handstand. “So Maria, what are you going to do to woe your new wonder boy?”
“I don’t know. I think Michael requires a completely different strategy. He’s cut though, don’t you think?”
“Yeah, I think he has a great butt.” Alex said.
“Shut up!” Maria responded and tried to dunk him under the water. Liz helped and they managed to get him under.

Max watched as Liz swam in the water. God she was so incredible he thought.
“Max! Max, you listening to me?” Michael asked.
“What? Oh yeah. Well I kind of have to guard the pool now. We’ll talk later.”
Michael frowned. “Fine.” He knew Max could’ve talked to him. There were two other guards on duty. He just wanted to stare at Liz Parker. Michael looked over at her in the pool. He never really understood why Max was head over heels in love with her. She was kind of plain if you asked him. He switched his glance to her friend Maria DeLuca. She was actually kind of cute he thought.



Liz was in her room getting ready for her date with Kyle tonight. She actually wasn’t in the mood too. She grabbed her purse and went downstairs into the Crashdown where she was meeting Kyle. Just as she got down the stairs, she saw Max come in. They looked at each other for a moment and then sat down at the counter.
Liz noticed that his eyes seemed really soulful. God, why am I thinking of Max all of the sudden? She considered going over and talking to him but then she felt someone wrap their arms around her from behind. Liz turned her head.
“Hi Kyle.”
“Hey, you ready to go?” Kyle asked.
Liz nodded and he took her hand.

Max couldn’t help but be jealous of Kyle. I mean he had Liz. How much luckier could one guy get? Max had gone to the Crashdown because he had finally stored up enough courage to talk to Liz. But then Kyle came, ruining his chance. Max slowly slid off his stool and went toward his jeep.
When Max got home, he went straight to his room and listened to the Counting Crows as they lulled him to sleep.

Liz had never been more bored in her life. Kyle took her to see Gone in 60 seconds. Liz had told him numerous times that she hated Nicolas Cage. Kyle slipped his arm around Liz. Usually she rested her head on his shoulder, but she didn’t for fear of falling asleep.
Kyle took Liz home and kissed her before she got out of his car. As her kiss with him grew deeper she all of sudden started thinking about Max. She didn’t know why this was happening to her. She hardly even knew the guy. Liz broke away from Kyle.
Kyle gave Liz a confused look. “All right, night Liz.”

Liz sighed and flopped down on her bed when she got in her room. “What is going on?” Liz said aloud. Liz always enjoyed being with Kyle. Especially kissing him. So why was she thinking of Max Evans?



Maria and Liz went to the pool after work the next day. Max wasn’t working. Liz was surprised by her disappointment.
“Aw Max isn’t here.” Maria said.
“Maria.” Liz sighed.
Maria noticed she didn’t sound as irritated as yesterday. “I think you like him.”
Liz raised her eyebrows. “I do not.”
“All right hun, but you have to admit that you like him a little.”
“Okay, maybe a little. But that’s it. I’m with Kyle.” Liz stated proudly.
Maria was going to say something but she saw Michael walk in. “Oh there’s Michael! I’m going to go talk to him.”
Liz stretched out on a lawn chair while Maria went over to Michael.

Maria talked most of the way home after being at the pool. “Michael is so nice and he’s funny too! We had such a great time together! And he’s meeting me at the pool again tomorrow.”
“That’s really great Maria.” Liz responded.
Then Maria made a right turn instead of a left, away from their houses.
“Maria where are we going?” Liz asked.
“To the mall.” Maria replied. “I want to get a new suit for tomorrow.”
Liz laughed. “Maria you are too much!”
They got to the swim suit store and the two were browsing through the suits. Maria held up a red thong bikini. “What do you think?”
“Maria, put that back!”
“Why? Don’t you think Michael will like it?” Maria asked holding the suit up over her body.
“Oh I’m sure he’d like it along with all of the other guys at the pool too!”
“So then what’s wrong with it?” Maria teased.
“Please, you cannot wear that to a public place. I mean there are little kids there!”
“I know, I know. I was just joking with you. Do you think I’d ever actually wear something like this?”
Liz opened her mouth to answer her but she saw Max walk in wit his sister.

“Isabel can we please leave now?” Max asked.
“No, I’m not done yet. And Mom says you have to stay with me, you know she doesn’t like me at the mall alone.” Isabel replied.
“Then why didn’t you just go with your friends?”
“Because, sometimes they get annoying. And they’re always trying to copy my style. Besides you can carry my bags for me too.” Isabel looked over at him and realized he wasn’t paying attention to her anymore. Then she saw what he was looking at, Liz Parker. Isabel rolled her eyes.
“I’ll be right back.” Max said. He started walking toward Liz.
Isabel noticed that Liz was walking toward him too. Max was in love with Liz, but he never talked to her. What was going on? Isabel looked over at Liz’s friend Maria who was looking at the two with the same curiosity.
Max couldn’t believe his feet were actually moving, toward Liz. And she was going toward him.
Liz couldn’t help herself. It was as if a force was bringing her to Max Evans, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.
They finally stopped after they reached each other. Liz couldn’t describe the way she felt. All of these new sensations were going through her body. She had never felt like this with any guy before.
Finally she broke their trace. “Hi Max.”
“Hey Liz.”
“Um, so what are you doing here?” Liz asked.
“Oh, Isabel made me go shopping with her.” He indicated the bags he was holding.
“Yeah, I didn’t think you shopped at Victoria’s secret.” Liz said while looking at one of the bags.
Max blushed but then smiled. “Yeah, the new wonder bra gives me great support.”
Liz giggled.
Isabel walked up to them. “Hi Liz.”
“Oh hey.” Liz tried to sound friendly.
Isabel grabbed Max’s arm. “Come on, I want to go to another store now.”
“But we just got here.” Max said while looking at Liz.
“Well there’s nothing I want. Let’s go.”
Max sighed. “Okay.” He gave an apologetic look toward Liz. “Um, bye Liz.”
“Bye.” Liz watched him as he walked out of the store.
Maria ran up to her. “What was all that?”
“We were just saying hi.”
“It looked like you two were doing more than that.”

“Max, what the hell were you doing?” Isabel demanded as she dragged him out of the store.
“I was just saying hi. It’s no big deal.”
“No, it is a big deal.” Isabel responded. “Michael and I are always telling you not to get involved. It’s not safe.”
“But Isabel you go out with guys all the time. I even saw Michael flirting with Maria the other day.”
“That’s different.”
“How is it different?”
“I don’t know. It just is. Michael and I, we don’t get attached to others. And I’m just scared that if you become closer with Liz, you’re just going to wind up hurting her and yourself.”
“Well I can do the deciding for myself.” Max said before walking away.



Maria and Liz went to the pool immediately after work. Maria wound up buying a sea green tankini. They were talking on the lounge chairs when Michael walked over.
Liz smiled and Maria beamed up at him. “Hi.”
She got up and the two went toward the pool.

An hour later Maria went back to Liz. “Michael and I are going to go out. Is that okay?”
“Yeah, it’s fine.”
“You sure?”
Liz nodded. “Mmhmm Go ahead.”
“Okay, thanks!”
Liz stayed at the pool for another 30 minutes. She packed up her things and started to head out.
Max climbed down from his lifeguard chair. “Hi Liz.”
Liz smiled at him. “Hi.”
“You leaving?”
“Yes, Maria left a little while ago with Michael.”
“Yeah, I saw them.” Max said. “Michael usually doesn’t talk to anyone unless he really likes them.”
There was a pause between them.
“So do you need a ride home?” Max asked.
“I was just going to walk, but okay thanks.”
“No problem. Let me just go get my stuff out of the office.”
Max’s car was a jeep and Liz thought that it seemed to suit him.
They drove to Liz’s house in silence, but it wasn’t awkward at all. If anything Liz thought it was comforting.
Max parked the car at the Crashdown.
“Thank you.” Liz said. “Um, do you want to come in, get a drink or something?”
Max looked at his watch. “Yeah, I have time.”
They walked in and Max sat at the counter.
“Okay, so what do you want?” Liz asked.
“Cherry Coke’s good.”
“That’s my favorite soda too!” Liz responded.
She went back and got the sodas for them.
“Here you go.” Liz handed him the drink. “It’s on the house.”
“Thanks.” Max replied and took a sip.
He was still wearing his lifeguard uniform and Liz couldn’t help but notice how good he looked. She was too busy staring at Max to see that Kyle walked in.
“Hey Liz.” Kyle said. “Max.” He gave him a slight nod and wondered why Liz was talking to him. “Liz, aren’t you ready for our date tonight?” Kyle asked.
“Yeah, we were supposed to go miniature golfing.”
“Oh my gosh Kyle, I completely forgot about it! I’m so sorry! Just let me go change. I’ll be back in like 15 minutes.”
“Okay.” Kyle replied.
Liz hurried upstairs.
“What are you doing here Max?” Kyle asked.
“Oh, just getting a drink.”
Max set his cup down. “Well, see ya.”
“Later.” Kyle watched Max as he left the Crashdown. He didn’t like the way Liz was looking at Max before he walked in.
Liz threw on a change of clothes and ran back into the Crashdown. She was disappointed to see that Max had left. Not that she could blame him. “Okay Kyle, I’m ready to go now.”
They went out into the parking lot and he helped her into his Mustang.
As Kyle drove there was an uncomfortable silence between them. Being in this car with Kyle, didn’t feel like being in the jeep with Max. In fact nothing felt like it did with Max.

Alex walked into the Crashdown and spotted Liz and Maria talking behind the counter.
“Hello Ladies.”
“Hey Alex.” They said at the same time.
“I can’t go to the pool with you guys today.” He said. “My old man is making clean the garage.”
“Oh, it’s okay.” Liz replied. “You won’t be missing much, except for seeing Maria and Michael all over each other.”
“Geez, Liz we’re not that bad.” Maria said.
“Yes, you are.” Liz responded.
“Okay fine. But you’ve done your fair share of flirting with Max.”
“Maria I do not flirt with Max!”
“Alex you should’ve seen them the other day at the swim suit store. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other.” Maria told him.
Liz rolled her eyes.
Maria shrugged. “Just pointing out obvious.”
“Um, can one of you get me an orange soda?” Alex asked, saving Liz from having to think of a comeback.
Liz shot Alex a smile as if saying ‘thank you.’ “I’ll get it.”

“There he is, loverboy!” Maria said pointing to the lifeguard chair.
Liz quickly pushed Maria’s hand down. “Maria!”
Max heard Liz’s voice and turned around. He smiled down at her. Liz smiled back and waved.
The two girls met up with Michael and they got into the pool. Liz swam with them for a little while but them she started to feel left out so she got out.
Michael and Maria wound up leaving in a little bit anyway. Liz stayed at the pool and enjoyed the summer day. About an hour later she decided to leave and gathered up her stuff.
Max was leaving at the same time she was. “Hey Liz, you leaving now?”
“Want a ride home again?” Max asked.
Liz nodded. “That would be great.”
“Okay, come on let’s go.”
As he drove, they started talking. Liz was amazed at how easy he was to talk too.
“Want to go see a movie?” Liz blurted out right before they reached the Crashdown.



Max looked over at Liz shocked. Did she actually want to go somewhere with him?
“Oh, um, yes.” Max replied.
Liz grinned that radiant smile Max always loved. “Okay.”
“But um, why don’t I meet you back here. We can’t really go dressed like this.”
Liz looked down, she was still in her bathing suit. “Oh yeah, you’re right. Um, do you want to meet me back here in an hour?”
“All right.”
“Okay.” Liz slid out of the jeep. “See ya.”
Liz walked into the Crashdown and then ran upstairs. She couldn’t remember the last time she was so excited.

Isabel banged on the bathroom door. “Max! What are you doing in there?” He had been in there for the last 25 minutes.
“I’ll be out in a minute, hang on.” Max answered.
Isabel was running out of time, she had a date tonight. Sometimes she hated having to share a bathroom with her brother.
Max came out of the bathroom.
“What took so long?” Isabel asked.
“I don’t know. I was just taking a shower.”
“Whatever, I need to get ready.” She said as she walked into the bathroom.
Liz hopped in the shower and then got dressed. It was a hot night so she put on her favorite red tank top and some shorts. Then she headed downstairs to meet Max.
He came in a few minutes later and Liz felt her heart leap. He was wearing jeans and a green shirt that seemed to mold his perfect chest and abs. Liz thought he looked great.
“You ready?” He asked.
Liz nodded and they headed toward his jeep. The movie theater was pretty crowded when they got there.
“Let’s go in this line.” Liz said. “My friend Theresa works there.”
Max nodded. He was really nervous. He wasn’t sure if this was a date or not. Was he supposed to buy the tickets for them or would Liz buy her own? His thoughts were interrupted when they reached the front of the line.
“Hey Theresa.” Liz said.
“Hi, what are you going to see?”
“The Patriot, so two tickets please.”
Liz paid and gave one of the tickets to Max. “This one’s on me, but you’re buying the drinks.”
Max smiled. “All right.”
They went into the theater.
Theresa wondered why Liz was here with Max. Last she heard she was going out with Kyle. Kyle’s friends Tommy and Paulie were at the theater too and they saw Max and Liz together. They knew Kyle would be really mad if he found out.
Max and Liz found some seats in the crowded room and set down their cherry cokes.
“Geez, I can’t believe how crowded it is tonight.” Liz remarked.
“Yeah, I heard this movie’s supposed to be good though.”
Liz looked over at Max. “I’m glad we did this.”
Max smiled. “Me too.”
The lights dimmed as the movie started. Everything was going well until Liz reached for Max’s cup thinking it was hers and he reached for it at the same time and their hands brushed each others. It felt as if a spark ran through their bodies. They didn’t move their hands until finally Liz took his hand in hers. Max held onto it firmly and they continued watching the movie. Liz rested her head on his shoulder. She wasn’t afraid of falling asleep, because she knew she knew she never could with him.

Liz laid in bed. She couldn’t sleep. She sighed and turned on her light. She had a great time with Max. They talked after the movie on the way to Liz’s house and after he parked his car at the Crashdown they talked for another half hour. He didn’t kiss her, but Liz didn’t mind, not that she didn’t want him too. Liz crawled down on her floor and reached under her bed, she rummaged around until she found a book. She pulled it out. It was a journal that her Grandma Claudia had given her. Liz had never written in it. Her grandmother had told her to write in it when something special happened to her. Liz climbed back up on her bed and started writing about everything that was happening between her and Max.

The next day it was really rainy, so Liz wasn’t going to the pool. She was changing out of her uniform when the phone rang. “Hello?”
“Hi Liz?”
“Yeah. Um, my parents aren’t home and Isabel went off on one of her dates and since it’s such a rainy day . . . ”
Liz thought he sounded really nervous but let him continue.
“Um, I was wondering if you wanted to come over. I mean if you’re not busy or anything.”
Liz felt her stomach flip. “Sure Max.”
“Okay, cool. I rented Ferris Bueller.”
“I love that movie!” Liz exclaimed.
“Yeah, it’s the best.”
“All right, I’ll be over in a little bit.”
“Okay, see ya then.” Max replied.
Max hung up the phone. He knew he shouldn’t keep hanging out with Liz, but he couldn’t help himself. It was like all of his dreams were coming true. He had so much fun with her. Max also knew that she was still going out with Kyle and she probably just want to be friends with Max. But that was fine with him. Anything to be with Liz.



When Max heard the doorbell ring, he shot out of his chair, but then slowly went to the door trying not to be so excited. He opened the door and felt his heart tighten in his chest. Liz was so angelic to him. She was wearing a green tank top and a short khaki skirt.
Liz gazed at Max. He had on a black button up shirt and cargo shorts. He wasn’t wearing any shoes or socks and for some reason Liz thought that was really cute. She stepped into his house.
“Hey.” Max said.
“Hi.” Liz replied and smiled.
“So how are you?” Max asked as he shut the door.
“Fine, but the rain always makes me depressed.”
“Yeah, I know what you mean.”
Max walked into the living with her. “I’ll go get us some drinks.”
Liz nodded and looked around the room. Then she went over and sat down on the couch. Max came back and sat next to her.
“Here you go.” Max handed her a soda.
Liz glanced at his hand. “Oh my god! I have to show you something Maria taught me today! Okay, she’s really into fortune telling and aroma therapy and stuff. Anyway she showed me how to read palms.” Liz set her drink down. “Give me your hand.”
Max held out his hand and Liz put it over hers palm side up. “Okay. This is your life line.” She traced the line that curved on his palm beginning between his forefinger and thumb down to his wrist.
Max didn’t care what line that was as long as Liz kept doing that to him.
“And this is your head line.” She lightly trailed her finger on the horizontal line above his life line.
Max felt his whole body tingle from her touch.
“See how the lines move together? Well that means that there could be some changes in your personality.”
“Uh-huh.” Liz replied. “Right above the head line is your heart line. Since it’s right below your fingers it means that um . . . ” Liz paused. “That um . . . you’re in search of the perfect relationship and you allow enough time to find a partner that shares the same views.” Liz raised her head and they looked into each others eyes. Liz slowly let go of his hand. “That’s all Maria’s taught me so far.”
Max nodded and there was another pause. “Want to watch the movie now?”
Liz nodded. “Yeah.”
The movie started and a few moments later Max reached for her hand and laced his fingers with hers.
Liz looked over at Max but he kept looking at the T.V. Liz smiled and turned her attention back to the screen.

Max went up to his room after Liz left. He loved being with her. Everything felt so right. But he didn’t like that he had to keep his secret from her. A secret that if it got in the wrong hands he, Michael or Isabel could get killed. And would Liz still like him if she knew? He had to know. It was the only way to tell if what he had with Liz was real. He looked out the window. It had stopped raining. After thinking it over a little longer Max got up and walked to her house.
Liz set down her journal, she wrote outside since the rain stopped.
Max? She thought. Liz leaned over the wall of her balcony. Max was standing on the street looking up at her. “Hi.”
“Hey Max.”
“Um, can we talk?”
“Sure.” Liz climbed down her ladder and met him on the street. As they walked along the sidewalk, Liz took his hand which felt so natural to do now. She could tell he seemed nervous about something.
Max stopped when they made it to the playground and they sat on the swings. The two didn’t let go of each other’s hands.
“I have to tell you something.” They said at the same time.
Liz smiled. “You first.”
“No, go ahead.” Max insisted.
“I broke up with Kyle.”
“You did?...When?”
“After I left your house.”
“Was he mad?” Max asked.
“Yeah.” Liz answered. “I told him we’d make better friends, which we really would.”
Max nodded.
“I feel bad, but I feel better in a way too.” Liz’s eyebrows furrowed together. “Does that make sense?”
“I understand.” Max replied. “So.” Max smiled. “What do you plan on doing now that you’re single again?”
Liz moved closer to him. “Well, I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t have to be that way much longer.”
“Oh.” Max found himself moving closer to Liz. “No wait.”
She looked up into his eyes. “What?”
“There’s something you need to know about me.”
“Max, whatever it is you can tell me.” Once again her lips were just inches from his. All he had to do was lean forward. His body commanded him to do it. He slowly moved closer to her. He could feel her breath. His lips were going to meet hers . . . *BOOM!*
The two looked up into the sky as the rain fell hard.
“Aaah!” Liz screamed. They ran clasping hands as they made it to Liz’s house. Liz started laughing. “You’re soaked!” She ran her hand through his wet hair.
“So are you.”
“Yeah. I probably look a mess.”
“No, you look beautiful.” Max said, almost regretting it. Almost.
They gazed into each other’s eyes.
“I better get inside.” Liz said.
Max nodded. “Yeah.”
“Do you want an umbrella or anything?” Liz asked.
“No, I don’t really think it’s going to help now.”
“Yeah I guess you’re right.” Liz smiled. “Goodnight Max.”
“Night Liz.”
Liz slowly turned around and walked into the house.
Max realized that once he was halfway home that he never got to tell Liz about him. He sighed and continued walking.

The sun was out the next day.
“Hey Max.” The other lifeguard Neil walked over to him.
“What’s up?”
“I just found out my uncle went to the hospital. He got into a car accident.” Neil said.
“Oh my god, is he going to be all right?” Max asked.
“I don’t know.”
“Well are you gonna go see him?”
“I can’t leave you here by yourself.”
“Neil, you need to go see him. I can take care of the pool.”
“You sure?” Neil asked.
“Positive.” Max responded.
“Thanks man. I owe you one.”
“No problem.”

Liz went to the pool with Alex, since Maria had to go ‘bond’ with her mother. They were swimming in the deep end.
“I have to use the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” Alex said.
Liz was treading water. Some of Kyle’s friends Tommy and Paulie swam over to her.
“Hey Liz.” Paulie said.
“Um, hi guys. What’s going on?” Liz asked.
“We heard you dumped Kyle.” Tommy stated.
“Oh yeah . . . ”

Max was scanning the pool when he noticed two boys thrown diving rings and whacking noodles at each other. Max blew his whistle, trying to get them to stop. They didn’t pay attention and kept on fight. Max sighed and got out of the lifeguard chair to go talk to them.

“Well we got something from him.” Tommy said.
Paulie dunked Liz under the water.



Tommy and Paulie kept Liz under the water as she struggled to get up.
“Let’s keep her down there one more minute.”
Liz tried to get up, but she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t fight it. Maybe if she just closed her eyes . . .
The two guys finally let go of Liz and she started sinking to the bottom.

Max got back in his chair after getting the two boys to stop fighting.

“Oh God.” Tommy said.
Alex came back from the bathroom. He saw Tommy and Paulie looking really worried. “What’s going on?” Alex asked. “Where’s Liz?”
Max noticed the three. Where was Liz? He saw a body toward the bottom of the pool. Max grabbed his rescue tube and jumped into the water. He went under and grabbed Liz. He swam to the wall and Alex helped him get her out of the pool.
“What happened?” Alex asked.
“We were just playing around. We didn’t know this was gonna happen.” Paulie said.
“Call an ambulance.” Alex ordered.
Max was busy helping Liz. He had never felt so scared in his life, but he knew he had to keep calm. She wasn’t breathing, but he could pick up a faint pulse. Max tilted Liz’s head and firmly pressed his mouth over hers. He had always dreamed of having his lips on hers, but never like this. He slowly gave her two breaths and kept repeating the process. It wasn’t working. He had to do something else. He noticed all the people crowded around him. “Get everyone back.” Max told Alex.
Alex did so and then Max placed his hands over her chest so it looked like he was giving CPR. He used his mind and connected with her. Her body was now his. He made his way to her lungs. He found the damage and started to repair it.
Liz slowly started to become conscience. As she opened her eyes, she saw Max. He was doing something to her. She could feel it. The burning she felt in her chest was slowly fading. Max looked over at her, breathing heavily.
“Oh my God, you’re all right.” He hugged her to him.
Liz heard sirens and people started picking her up and put her on a stretcher. She saw Max talking to one of the EMS people.
She felt so confused. She didn’t know what was going on. Did Max just heal her?



Liz just got back from the hospital with her parents. She felt fine, except for being really confused.
Maria came running over to her. “Oh my God Liz, I heard what happened. Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.” Liz hugged her friend.
“You don’t look so good.” Maria said.
“I’m just really tired.” Liz replied.
“You should go get some rest.” Maria suggested.
“Yeah, okay. I’ll talk to you later.” Liz headed upstairs.
She sat on her bed and started unbuttoning her shirt. She stopped after she noticed something silver glint off her skin. She tried to rub it off but couldn’t. Liz walked over to the mirror and took off the rest off her shirt. A silver hand print was imprinted on her, starting at her collarbone to the top of her breast. She gasped and then looked over at her clock, 9:00 p.m. She had to talk to Max. She quickly rebuttoned her shirt and walked to his house. Liz rang the bell and his mother answered.
“You here to see Isabel?” Mrs. Evans asked.
“No, actually Max.”
“Oh okay.” She said surprised. “I’ll go get him.” Diane Evans went up to Max’s room.
“Max, a girl’s here to see you!” She said with a big grin.
“Mo-om!” Max said his face turning red. He went downstairs and saw Liz standing at the door. Max touched her upper arm and guided her outside, shutting the door behind them. “Let’s talk out here.”
Liz nodded and they sat on the front steps.
“How are you feeling?” Max asked.
“Not too good.”
“Max, let me show you something.” She unbuttoned the first two buttons of her shirt.
Max’s eyes grew wide and he looked at her in shock. What was she going to show him?
She pushed down her shirt revealing part of a silver hand print. “There’s more to it, but I don’t think you need to see that.” Liz said with a nervous smile. “Can you explain this Max? I mean, when you pulled me out of the water, I could like, feel you healing me. What’s going on?”
Max blew out a breath. “Liz this is actually what I wanted to tell you the other night.”
Liz looked at him confused. “I don’t understand.”
“Look Liz, um you know the ‘47 crash?”
“Yeah, what about it?”
“I think I was in it.” Max blurted out.
Liz’s eyebrows furrowed together. “What?”
“I know this sounds crazy . . . ”
“So you’re saying you’re an alien?”
“Yes . . . I am.”
“Oh.” Liz placed her hands on her temples. “So are you like fifty years old or something?”
“No, in 1989 I came out of this pod. I looked like a six-year-old.”
“Does anyone know about this? Your parents, Isabel?” Liz asked.
“No one knows.” Max paused. “But actually Isabel is one too and um so is Michael.” Max replied.
“Oh whoa, um . . . ” Liz felt speechless.
“We don’t know anything about our past, just that we have these powers. I’m sure I probably make you feel really uncomfortable now . . . ”
Liz looked up at him. “No, you don’t.”
“I don’t?” Max questioned.
Liz shook her head. “This is just a lot to take in. But I’m here for you Max.” She placed her hands over his. “I’m glad you put enough trust in me to tell me and not make up some story.”
“So, you don’t think I’m, well, you know-“
Liz cut him off. “I care about you too much to think anything bad about you.”
Max smiled. He had told Liz the truth about him and she accepted it. He had never felt so overjoyed.
Liz leaned in closer to him. Max brought his mouth toward Liz’s and brushed his lips against hers. He felt a shock run through his whole body. He looked at Liz and she smiled before he kissed her again. It was the best kiss he had ever gotten, granted it was the first kiss he ever got. But he knew he would never want to be kissed by anyone else again.
Liz felt almost overwhelmed by everything she was feeling. It was incredible. She started kissing him deeper. That’s when the images came. Liz saw him as a boy. She felt all the emotions he felt and how scared he had been. She saw the first time he looked at her he fell in love with her. And somehow Liz knew that Max was the one for her, the only one she could ever love.
Max wrapped his arms around her and he was filled with happiness. A happiness he had never felt before and only Liz could fill. And he knew that she truly was the one for him, his beautiful Liz Parker.


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Title: Never Would Have Thought
Author: Danielle M.
Email: Opel70⊕
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't worry I don't own any of the characters . . . Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims, but I can only dream of what I'd do to Max/Jason if I owned him!
Summary: Challenge from Joanne, I'll give the part of the challenge after I write it, that way you won't know what will happen! This story is totally AU, no one is an alien.
1. Max and Liz don't know each other yet.
2. Liz is at the town dance and something happens and her dad slaps her but no one sees it except for Max.
3. Liz is crying in the corner and Max goes to comfort her and asks her to dance, they dance to the following songs: Take my breath away, unforgettable and Mandy Moore's I wanna be with you.
4. When they are dancing, Liz's cheek has to be touching Max's. When Liz cries, Max feels her tears and comforts her.
5. Max gives Liz a ride home in the limo he has and she falls asleep in his lap, with her lips almost touching his.
6. Max is very aware of this and watches her sleep.
7. Max and Liz start to hang out more, cuddling on the couch and stuff.
8. One night, Liz's father beats her badly, so she goes to Max, but collapses before knocking.
9. Max finds Liz and fixes her up. She has to say how terrible she looks, but Max says how she's beautiful and he kisses her, real slow and gentle.
Category: Max/ Liz (of course!)

Never Would Have Thought
Liz Parker hurried home after school on Friday and into the small home she shared with her father. She went inside her room, threw her book bag on the floor, grabbed her robe and went in the bathroom. She turned on the showerhead, waited til the water was lukewarm and stepped into the tub. Liz couldn't remember the last time she was so excited. Tonight Roswell was holding a dance for both East and West Roswell High School. Liz attended West Roswell and was a Junior. She really didn't have too many friends since she pretty much kept to herself, so she was hoping this would be a great opportunity to meet new people. She stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. She slipped her robe on and wiped away the steam from the mirror. She carefully plucked her eyebrows and then went back to her room. She opened her tiny closet and pulled out the outfit she had bought for this event. She got a red halter top and a black skirt that went to her mid-thigh from Express. She also bought a pair of strappy high heels. She knew she really couldn't afford this attire, but she didn't care. She had been saving her money from a babysitting job she had over the summer. She had wanted to get a real job, but her father wouldn't let her, saying she needed to be home to clean and cook. Liz got dressed and started on her hair next. She curled it and put it up into a high ponytail and curled some strands that hung loose. After that she put some glitter over her eyelids and cheekbones and then some right below her neck. She applied her favorite lipstick and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Liz was definitely going to have a good time tonight. She glanced at the clock, 4:45. She had just enough time to leave before her father came home at five. The dance started at 5:30 and went until 11. Liz knew that no one would show up at the very beginning, but she would have to leave the house now to avoid her Dad.
It wasn't that she didn't love her father, she did, but ever since her mom died when she was eight, he changed. Every night after work, he would come home and complain about his day. He spent any extra money they got on beer or any other alcohol he could get. He would get so drunk he yelled at Liz or sometimes hit her. That's why she wanted to leave before he got home so that way he couldn't tell her no. And when he would get home tonight and see that she wasn't there, he'd get mad and drunk, but then just forget about it by morning.
Liz stepped out of the house and started walking toward the town hall where the dance was being held. Once she got there, only a few people were around. She noticed her good friend Alex Whitman helping the D.J. out.
"Hey Alex."
He turned around. "Hi Liz. Wow, look at you. You look really great."
Liz smiled. "Thanks."
Alex was one of her few friends that she had. They sat next to each other in computer class and were both juniors.
"Since no one's here, did you want to go over to the Crashdown and get a drink? They're on me."
"Well I guess I can't say no to an offer like that. Sure."
The Crashdown Caféé was a block away. Alex and Liz sat at the counter while they had their drinks. It was full of high school students eating before going over to the dance.
Max Evans was crammed into a booth at the Crashdown with his sister Isabel and his best friend Michael Guerin. Along with them was Michael's girlfriend Maria DeLuca and his half sister Tess. All five of them lived in the same neighborhood and had grown up together. Not to mention they all were extremely wealthy. Max and Isabel's father was one of the best lawyers in the state of New Mexico, which was why he was only home once a week, if that. Their mother insisted that they stay in Roswell and not move to some big city. Maria's father was the head of an FBI unit. Michael and Tess's father was an archaeologist, and he practically had a new wife every year.
Max was sitting next to Tess. She kept placing her hand on his thigh and even though he kept pushing it away, it always seemed to find its way back there. He suddenly stopped eating when he saw a girl walk in. She was beautiful and instantly enchanted him. He had never seen her before, she had silky brown hair that he just wanted to run his fingers through and these warm brown doe eyes. He watched as she sat at the counter with a guy. He figured it was her boyfriend, thinking that no girl like her would be single. He continued to watch her every move and smiled as he saw her throw her head back and laugh at something the guy had said.
"Max! Hey, earth to Max!" Michael yelled as he snapped his fingers in front of Max's face.
"Huh?" Max shook his head to clear it.
"You were in some kind of a trance, anyway, you ready to go?" Isabel asked.
"Yeah, okay."
The five of them left the Crashdown and headed for the dance.
Once Alex and Liz came back to the dance, more people had arrived.
"I'm going to see if the D.J. needs any more help." Alex said.
Liz nodded and started to intermingle with the crowd. One guy walked over to her.
"Hey, want to dance?"
Liz grinned. "I'd love too."
Liz danced for the next two hours with a few different guys and was having a great time. Even Kyle Valenti, a jock in her grade asked her to dance. Just as she started to dance with a guy named Elliot, someone grabbed her arm. Liz turned around to face the person. "Dad!"
"What are you doing here Lizzie?" He asked while tightening his grip on her arm. The smell of alcohol wafted into her nose.
"I was uh . . . it's the town dance."
"Look at you. You're dressed like a slut."
Liz bit her lower lip to keep it from trembling.
Max was on the dance floor with Tess. God she was a horrible dancer. She was making him look bad. He looked around the setting. Maria and Michael were next to him practically all over each other, he wasn't sure if that was considered dancing. He saw Isabel getting it on with some guy he didn't know. He rolled his eyes and figured she wouldn't be home tonight. He continued to scan the area, he paused when he saw that girl that was at the Crashdown earlier. She was with an older man. He seemed to be yelling and shaking her. He saw her then get slapped by him. Max instantly fumed with anger. How could anyone hurt such a precious creature? He started to go toward her.
"Max, where are you going?" Tess grabbed him by the arm.
"I'll be right back." Max pushed through the throng of people, but he lost sight of the girl. He frowned and continued to walk around trying to find her. A few minutes later he found her curled up in a corner, with her head resting on her knees.
Liz lifted her head up and wiped her eyes with the heels of her hands. She felt pathetic. Her father had managed to find her, and hit her in front of everyone, embarrassing her to the extreme. Then he mumbled something about wasting his time and stalked off. No one had really noticed the scene though, which she was grateful for. So she went over to the corner to cry.
As she glanced up again, she saw someone coming toward her. She blinked hard and then looked again. It was Max Evans. He was a senior and one of the most popular and hottest guys in her high school. Her head quickly moved from side to side to see if he was walking toward someone else, but no one was around her. Then she heard the music start to slow down.
Watching every motion,
in my foolish lover's game . . .
Max was next to her now, and squatted down to face her.
On this endless ocean,
finally lover's know no shame . . .
"Hey are you okay?" He asked his eyes filled with concern.
Turning and returning,
to some secret place inside . . .
Liz nodded as she gazed up at him. "Yeah, I think I'm . . . I think I'm going to be fine."
Watching in slow motion,
as you turn around and say . . .
"I'm Max, what's your name?"
Take my breath away . . .
Take my breath away . . .
"Well Liz, would you like to dance?" He extended hand toward her.
She slowly placed her hand in his. "I'd like that."
Watching I keep waiting,
still anticipating love,
never hesitating,
to become the fated ones . . .
They stood up and walked over to the dance floor.
Turning and returning,
to some secret place to hide,
watching in slow motion,
as you turn around and say . . .
Max placed his hands on her waist and she wrapped her hands around his neck.
Take my breath away,
take my breath away . . .
They slowly swayed to the music. Liz had never felt so comfortable in someone's arms.
Though the hourglass I saw you,
in the time you slipped away,
when the mirror crashed I called you
and turned to hear to say,
if only for today,
I am unafraid . . .
He pulled her a little closer and she rested her head on his shoulder.
Take my breath away,
take my breath away . . .
Max gazed down at the girl in his arms. She was like his very own angel.
Watching every motion,
in this foolish lover's game,
haunted by the notion,
somewhere there's a love in flames,
turning and returning,
to some secret place inside,
watching in slow motion,
as you turn my way and say . . .

Take my breath away,
take my breath away . . .
Liz tried to hide her frown as the song ended and she pulled away from Max.
"Well, thank you." She started to walk away.
Liz turned back around.
"Can't we dance some more?" He asked.
Liz smiled. "Sure, but uh, won't your girlfriend mind?"
"My girlfriend?"
"Yeah, the curly blonde."
"Tess?" Max rolled his eyes. "She's not my girlfriend."
A faster song came on and they started to dance.
"So how do you know about her?" He questioned.
"I've seen her with you at school."
"Wait, you go to West Roswell?"
"Yeah, I'm a junior though."
"I can't believe I've never seen you!"
"Yeah well it's a big school and I blend in pretty easily."
Max nodded and they continued dancing, he noticed that she was a really great dancer.
They danced for a few more songs. Liz was having the time of her life. Max was so nice and not to mention a great dancer. She felt so at ease with him. The song Unforgettable came on and Max pulled her closer to him than before. They swayed their hips together to the rhythm of the music. He lightly trailed his fingers down her back, she could feel the goose bumps forming. He bent down and Liz felt his warm breath against her ear. "So tell me about you Liz." He whispered.
Liz's stomach flipped inside out. "Well uh, there's not too much to tell. My last name's Parker. I love science. I want to major in Biology or Chemistry when I go to College." She smiled. "I wouldn't consider myself a nerd though."
Starting by her ear, he traced down her jaw line with his index finger to her chin and then down the curve of her neck. "I don't think that."
The song ended and a new song 'faded' by Soul Decision started to play. Liz kept her arms around his neck while Max kept one hand on her hip, the other dangled at his side and they picked up the pace.
Tess was furious. She hadn't seen Max in almost an hour. 'Where was he?'She walked over to where Michael and Maria were dancing. Tess had to practically pry them apart.
"What?" Maria asked ticked off.
"Have you seen Max?"
"I thought he was with you." Michael said.
"Well he's not."
"No, he seems really busy over there." Maria said while pointing toward the back.
"Whoa, look at him!" Michael remarked. "I didn't know he knew how to dance like that."
"They look so cute together. Who is that girl?" Maria asked while watching the two. Michael shrugged his shoulders.
Tess clenched her hands into fists. "Who does that girl think she is?"
"I don't know, but I think that's the happiest I've seen him in awhile." Michael commented.
"Michael you're taking me home, now." Tess demanded.
"What if I don't want to?"
"I'll tell Daddy you were the one who broke his favorite fabrege egg when you and Maria got drunk that one night."
Michael sighed. "Fine." He turned to Maria. "We'll have our own dance in my room."
Maria smiled. "But what about Max and Isabel?"
They glanced back and saw Isabel getting pretty involved with some guy. "I don't think we need to worry about her." Michael replied. "And Max has to get picked up anyway."
"Oh that's right."
"All right lets go Tess."
Tess gave one last look of disgust at the girl Max was dancing with and left.
The next two hours seemed to fly by for Max and Liz. They danced the entire time, only stopping once to get drinks.
Liz couldn't remember the last time she had so much fun. Max was funny and sweet, and she couldn't help but notice how good looking he was.
The music stopped and the voice of the D.J. was heard. "All right everyone, it's almost time for me to go. I hope you guys had a great time. Here's the last song for all you lovers out there."
Mandy Moore's 'I wanna be with you' came on. Liz wrapped her one arm around Max's neck so her hand was touching his other shoulder. Max laced his hand with hers and brought it up to rest on his chest, his other hand made lazy circles on her lower back. Liz leaned forward some so that their cheeks were touching. She held onto him tightly as she listened to the music. She never wanted this night to end, she wished she could stay in his arms forever, and not have to go back to her real life. She sighed and thought about how sweet Max had been with her the whole night, no one had ever treated her like that before. A tear slowly fell down her cheek.
Max felt it and moved slightly away from her. "Hey, what's wrong?" He brushed her tear away with his thumb.
"Nothing, it's just that I had such a good time tonight. I wish it didn't have to end."
"Me too." He pulled her closer to him again until the song ended. The lights came back on and Max linked his arm with hers as they walked outside. "Do you need a ride home?"
"Sure, I'd really appreciate it."
"Okay. Someone's picking me up." Max scanned the parking lot. "I don't think they're here yet."
"Oh." Liz replied, wondering why he didn't drive.
Max saw her confusion. "Last week my parents got me a 2001 Jeep Wrangler, they just came out. So, I drove out into the desert to see what it could do, but Sheriff Valenti caught me speeding and gave me a ticket. If that wasn't bad enough, he called my Mom and told her. So I got the car taken away for a week, and have to get picked up everywhere."
"Well at my house we have only one car, which my father never lets me drive anyway. Usually I walk."
"Oh." Max felt guilty. His story made him seem spoiled and dumb.
Liz sighed. "Anyway, my feet are killing me. I can't believe I made it through the night in these shoes!" She bent down to take them off, but Max instantly picked her up, cradling her against his chest.Liz giggled. "I guess this way works too." She placed her hands on his shoulders.
His eyes gazed into hers and Liz was glad he was holding her or else she would have fallen from that look he was giving her. He slowly started to bend his head down and she tilted hers up. Their trance was soon interrupted by the loud sounding of a horn. Max turned his head. "That's my ride."
Liz gasped as she saw a limo pull up.
"This is really embarrassing. Sorry." He said as he walked her over. "I didn't realize Mom would send the limo." He opened the door and helped her in.
Liz had never been in a limo before, she was in awe.
"Roberto!" Max called. A shield went down so you could see the driver.
"My friend needs a ride home."
Liz proceeded to give him the directions.
"Certainly Master Evans."
Liz giggled.
"He never calls me Max." He said as the shield went back up.
"I'm completely wiped out." Liz remarked as Max swung his arm around her and she rested her head on his shoulder. Liz felt so safe and warm, when she closed her eyes sleep came over her.
Max glanced down at Liz and realized she was asleep. His lips were so close to hers right now, he just wanted to close the gap between them. Instead he just brushed some of her hair away from her face. Who would have thought that the girl he saw this afternoon was now lying in his arms? But who was that man that hit her earlier, her father? He didn't want to ask her though, she obviously didn't want to talk about it.
"Master Evans, we're here!" The driver shouted.
"Liz." Max gently shook her. "We're here."
Liz slowly opened her eyes. "Hmm . . . oh sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep on you."
"No problem."
"Well, thank you for the ride. I had the best time tonight Max."
"Me too. And I definitely got my exercise for the week."
Liz laughed and they hugged each other. She opened the door and started to climb out.
"Want me to walk you to the door?"
"No!" Liz exclaimed quickly. Her father could be around. When she saw Max's hurt face, she blushed. "I mean that's okay. Thanks again Max."
She slammed the door shut and Max watched as she walked to her front door. He noticed her house was extremely small, not that that mattered to him. As the car started driving away, Roberto put the shield down. "She's a very pretty young lady Master Evans, seems very friendly."
Max sighed. "Berto . . . " He said using the nickname he gave him when he was a child.
"And I have to admit that I like her better than Tess already."
Max laughed. "I have to agree with you there."
Liz quietly stepped into her home. She saw her father on the couch, beer in hand, and was yelling at the T.V. She quickly made it to her room without him noticing her. She collapsed on her bed and sighed happily as she thought of Max. She never would have thought her night would have turned out like this. She changed into her pajamas and fell into a peaceful sleep.
Liz was at her locker after 4th period on Monday when Pam Troy and Vicky Delaney came rushing over to her. They were juniors like her.
"Hey Liz!"
"Uh, hi guys." Liz replied wondering why they were talking to her.
"We saw you dancing with Max Evans on Saturday night!" Vicky exclaimed.
"Oh yeah . . . "
"So, how was he?" Pam asked.
"He was really nice and a great dancer."
"No." Pam said. "We mean after the dance. How was he, you know . . . "
Liz's face turned red. She didn't want to tell them that they didn't do anything, but didn't want to make something up either. Luckily she heard someone saying her name, saving her.
"Hey Liz."
She looked up to see Max, she smiled. "Hi Max."
"So how are you?" He felt a little uncomfortable with those two other girls staring at him.
"I'm doing well. You?"
"Not bad." He looked back at the girls gaping at him. "Well, have a good day Liz."
"You too Max."
"Bye." He gave her a private wink and walked off into the hall. He heard the girls start shrieking at Liz, he chuckled and went into his class.
"Oh my God Liz! You're so lucky!" Pam shouted.
The next day after 4th Pam and Vicky came to Liz's locker again to see if Max would show up. When he didn't, Liz just acted like she didn't mind. On Wednesday when he didn't come, the two girls gave up hope. Liz couldn't help but feel a little hurt. Thursday came and Vicki and Pam didn't come over. As Liz was pulling a book from her locker, she heard his voice.
She smiled and turned around. "Max . . . hey."
"I only go by your locker on B and E days when I have lab, so I can ask you this today. Anyway, did you want to come over tomorrow? I mean just hang out at my house or something? I get my Jeep back that day, so we could leave after school. If you're not busy."
"No, I'd love too. That would be fine."
"Okay, great. I'll meet you at your locker after school on Friday."
"All right."
"Well, I'll see you later Liz."
"Bye." Liz watched as Max walked down the hall. Her grin practically stretched from ear to ear.
Liz thought the hours seemed to drag on extremely slow until the end of school came. She was at her locker when she heard him approach. He leaned sideways against the lockers, his book bag slung over one shoulder.
Liz smiled. "Hi Max."
"Hey, you ready?"
Liz nodded as she shut her locker and swung her book bag over her shoulders.
Max grabbed her hand and they walked out to the parking lot. When they reached his jeep, the top was down and he helped her in.
As he drove, they talked about their day and how it went. Liz was in shock as they entered his neighborhood, all the houses were so big! She stared at them in amazement.
"This one's mine." Max said pointing to his left.
Liz looked over, his house was one of the biggest ones. It had a huge lawn with a fountain in the center. The house was white with pillars in the front and through the windows you could see an enormous chandelier. He pulled up into the driveway and got out. Liz soon followed and they stepped into the house. It was extremely clean. They passed a living and an office before reaching the kitchen. Liz didn't dare touch anything for fear of breaking it. She saw the driver Roberto in the kitchen.
"He's our cook too." Max commented.
"Good afternoon Master Evans." Roberto then switched his gaze over to Liz. "Why Miss Parker, what a pleasant surprise to see you again."
"Oh, why thank you."
"We're going up to my room, can you bring up some snacks?"
"Thanks." Max looked back at Liz. "Come on."
He led her up the stairs. His room was the first one at the top. Liz looked down the hallway and could see that there was a whole bunch of other rooms. Max opened the door and they stepped in. He had a king size bed, a huge dresser and desk with a computer. Then there was a closet and bathroom. On the other side the room extended and there was a black leather couch and then a whole entertainment center, complete with a big screen T.V., VCR, DVD and CD player with huge speakers on each side. His room seemed to be as big as her house.
Max threw his book bag on the floor. "So uh, what did you want to do?"
Liz thought about what Pam and Vicky said earlier that week about going all the way with Max. She wondered if that's why he brought her here, but she didn't think so, she trusted him. "Whatever really. Do you have any good movies?"
"Are you kidding? We've got practically a whole Blockbuster." He walked out of his room and she followed him down the hall until he opened the door to reveal a huge walk in closet with videos lining every shelf.
"Wow." Liz remarked.
"My mom's kind of a movie freak. Especially when my dad's not around for a while. She can stare at them all day."
"My father does that too." She didn't mention the part that he was also drunk when he did it. She started scanning through the collection of movies.
"Oh! Billy Madison, I've always wanted to see this movie."
"It's funny." Max grabbed another movie off the shelf. Liz leaned over his shoulder to see what it was. "The Shining, isn't that scary?"
"Yeah, but it's a classic. I haven't watched it in awhile. Okay, let's go."
"Wait." Liz said while pointing to one of the bottom shelves. "What are those?"
"Oh uh, it's nothing."
Liz squatted down and picked one up. "September '86, Max and Isabel's first day of preschool." Liz looked up at him and smiled.
"Oh, those are just some videotapes of me and Is when we were little. They're really dumb."
"Can't I see one?" She picked up another tape. "How about this, your first birthday party?"
"Liz . . . "
"She stood up and grinned. "Please Max, I want to see it." She tugged on his arm.
Max groaned. "Fine. But we're not watching it first."
"Okay." They went back to Max's room and he put in Billy Madison. Just as they flopped down on the couch, Roberto walked in with a tray of food and set it on the table.
Liz's eyes widened. "That's a lot of food." There was popcorn, nachos, a couple of soft pretzels and soda.
"Oh yeah, I get hungry."
Liz giggled and reached for a chip. "Yes you do."
After they finished the first movie, Max spoke up. "Do you want something to eat?"
Liz raised her eyebrows. "We just ate."
"Yeah, but I'm still hungry. You ate all the food." He teased.
"I did not!"
"Oh please, you don't have to deny it."
Liz shook her head and hit him on the arm. "Hey, I know what you're trying to do. You just don't want to watch the tape of you."
"All right you got me, but before we watch it, you have to tell me your most embarrassing moment."
"No fair!"
"Come on." Max coaxed.
"Nothing has ever happened to me before. I've always been so quiet."
"I used to be like that too, before football anyway. I guess that kind of opened me up."
"I saw you play this fall. You're really good."
"Thanks. My dad was the one always pushing me to do it, even though he's probably only been to 10 games out of the five years I've been playing."
"Did you decide what college you're going to?"
"Yeah, I'm going to UNM and I'll be playing football there. I want to major in graphic designing or sports medicine, but I'm still not sure which one. But my dad keeps telling me to be a lawyer like him." Max sighed. "He's never around and then when he is, he thinks he's the father of the year or something. In a way I feel like I don't even know him."
"I know how you feel. My mom died of ovarian cancer when I was eight."
"Oh Liz, I'm so sorry."
Liz shrugged her shoulders. "She was in so much pain when she was sick. Even when they gave her pain killers it still hurt so much that she couldn't move or sleep. I watched her suffer more and more each day. When she died, I was relieved in a way, you know, that she wouldn't have to feel pain again. Now I like to think that she watches down on me. I still miss her terribly though. My father still hasn't coped with the loss and we've really grown apart."
Max wasn't really sure of what to do next so he leaned over and hugged her.
Liz slightly smiled. "Thanks. For listening I mean."
"No problem. You know anytime you need to talk, about anything, I'll be here to listen."
"That means a lot to me." She blew out a breath of air. "So . . . are we going to watch that tape now?" She asked trying to lighten the mood.
Max rolled his eyes. "All right . . . " He went over to the VCR and put it in. He settled back down on the couch with her. It started and the first thing you saw was a miniature Max waddling around the room.
"Aw! You were so cute! Is your sister in this?"
"No, we're 10 months apart, but started school the same year."
"Oh, you're so adorable though!" You could hear music start playing in the background.
"Max, let me see you dance!" His mother asked.
He grinned and started bending his knees up and down.
Liz giggled. "You were a pro from age one."
"You're having too much fun with this. You know that?" Max remarked.
Liz grinned at him.
Next they watched Max walking around the room, but tripped on one of his presents.
Max rolled his eyes again. "What is it with girls thinking everything's cute?"
"Don't be such a baby."
They watched some more and then they came to the part where they brought out his cake.
"Blow your candle Max!"
His eyes grew wide, his lips pinched together and he looked away.
Liz broke out into laughter all over again.
Tess and Isabel walked into the Evans house. After to going to the mall for a while, they decided they were just going to have a girls night in.
"Roberto, can you make us some fruit salads? We'll be in my room."
"Will do Miss Evans."
The two girls started up the stairs to Isabel's room.
"Lets say hi to Max really quick." Tess said.
"Is he home?"
"Yeah, his car was in the driveway." Tess replied as she opened his door.
They saw Max and Liz doubling over in laughter. Liz touched his shoulder. "This is too funny!"
Even Max was laughing as they watched him shove chocolate cake in his mouth.
"Hi Max!" Tess said loudly.
Max put the screen on pause and the two looked up.
"Oh hey guys." Max said as they walked over.
"Aren't you going to introduce us?" Tess asked leaning over the couch.
"Oh right, Tess, Isabel, this is Liz."
"Hi." Liz said shyly.
"Hey." Isabel said in a friendly voice and Tess just gave a fake smile.
"She's a junior at our school." Max added.
"How nice."
Liz could feel them giving her the once over. She knew her outfit wasn't the latest fashion. She just had on a pair of jeans and a plain, long sleeve blue shirt.
"Uh, come on Tess, let's get started on our nails. It was nice meeting you Liz."
Liz smiled. "You too."
Isabel and Tess walked out of Max's room and headed toward hers.
"That's the girl from the dance I was telling you about."
"She seemed okay." Isabel said.
"Yeah, but did you see that outfit?" Tess sighed. "Awful."
Isabel flopped down on her bed and picked up a grape from her fruit platter. "Tess don't be so jealous. They seem like they're just friends."
"Whatever. Let's start on my hair first."
About an hour later, Isabel was sorting through her CD's while her hair was up in curlers and her face was pale green from the cucumber mask she applied.
"Where's my new Wallflowers CD I just got?" Isabel groaned. "Max probably took it."
Tess's head immediately shot up. "I'll go get it since I didn't do my face yet."
Isabel nodded. "Thanks hun."
Tess opened Max's door without knocking. She found Max and Liz still on the couch, only this time they were curled up together. Liz had her head buried in his neck. "Is it over?"
"One more minute." Max chuckled. "It's not that bad." He tightened his arm around her.
Tess fumed with anger, Max never let her do that to him whenever they saw a scary movie. She frowned. "Hi!" She said loudly for the second time that night.
The two looked up at Tess, Max frowned and stopped the movie.
"What were you doing?"
"We're watching the Shining." Max replied. "What did you need?"
"Oh, Isabel wanted to know if you had her Wallflowers CD."
"Oh yeah." Max got up and went over to his CD's to find it.
Tess sat down on the couch next to Liz. "Having a good time Liz?" She asked sweetly.
"Um, yeah. I didn't realize how frightening this movie was though."
"Yeah, me and Max watch it all the time together."
"No we don't!" Max called out from his CD rack.
Tess frowned, she hoped he hadn't heard. "I live across the street from Max. Where do you live Liz?"
"I uh . . . "
"Here Tess." Max handed her the CD. "Tell Iz thanks okay?"
Tess sighed. "Sure." She got up and left.
Max adjusted back on the couch with Liz. "Just ignore her."
"I know she doesn't like me."
"She's just mad because I don't like her the way she likes me. So she gets jealous of any other girl I like."
"And . . . and that would be me?"
"Yeah." Max replied in barely a whisper.
Liz looked up at him. Her eyes roamed his face, they went down to his lips and then back up to his eyes. Max tucked her hair behind her ear and started to lean forward . . . They heard a knock on the door and quickly sprang apart. The door opened and a middle-aged woman walked in.
"Hey mom."
"Hi honey. I just got back from the theater with Amy. How was your day?"
"Good. Mom, I'd like you to meet Liz Parker."
Liz stood up. "It's nice to meet you Mrs. Evans."
Mrs. Evans smiled. "Please, call me Diane. Everyone does."
"Well have a good night you two." She shut the door behind her.
"Your mom seems nice."
"Yeah, she's all right."
They finished watching the movie and Max drove her home.
"If I have nightmares with Jack Nicholson, I'm going to kill you." She said as he pulled up to her house.
Max chuckled. "Goodnight Liz."
"Night, I had a really good time tonight."
"Me too." They gave each other a hug and Liz got out.
She quietly opened the door and walked into her home.
"Liz, is that you?" Her father shouted.
Liz froze dead in her tracks.
"Yeah Dad?"
"Come over here and say hello."
Liz walked over to their den, she could tell he was even more drunk than usual tonight because of the cans all over the floor. "Yes?"
"Aren't you going to give your ole Dad a hug?"
Liz nodded and slowly walked over to him and bent down to hug him.
Instead, Mr. Parker threw his arms up and pushed her on the ground. "Where the hell were you tonight?"
Liz's eyes watered.
"I came home after a long day of work, and all I wanted was to have dinner, but were you here to cook it for me? No!"
"I...I left a note on the fridge with the directions for you."
"How the hell was I suppose to know that?"
"I don't know." Liz placed her head down.
Jeff Parker grabbed the collar of her shirt pulling her toward him. "Don't give me that I don't know shit. Now where were you?"
Liz winced from the smell of alcohol on his breath. "At . . . at a friend's house."
"Yeah, well don't do it again." He pushed her on the floor again. "Now get the hell out of my sight."
Liz nodded rapidly as she scrambled up form the floor and hurried toward her room. She locked her door and laid down on her bed. Her father always managed to ruin her life and she hated him for it. No, it wasn't him that she hated. It was the alcohol and what it did to him. She grabbed her stuffed dog she had since she was little and cried herself to sleep.
Liz woke up early the next morning and was still in the same clothes from last night, but she really didn't care. She padded down the hall into the kitchen and started to clean up the mess her father made. About 10 minutes later he came in the room, his hand on his forehead.
"God, I have a horrible headache." He started rummaging through the drawers for Tylenol. He found some and shoved a few in his mouth and swallowed. He looked around the kitchen. "Did you make this mess last night?"
Liz nodded her head, she knew better than to say no.
"All right, just clean it up. Did you do something else wrong last night? I don't remember for some reason."
"No, we had dinner and watched some T.V. together."
"Oh yeah, that's right. I'm going back to bed."
After he left the room, a few tears slipped down Liz's face. This happened all the time, he would get so drunk he'd hit her and then forget about it in the morning. This is the story of my life, Liz thought as she threw another beer can from the floor in the trash.
Max and Liz started to hang out more. They did tons of things together and Liz was careful not to get caught by her father, even though it still happened a few times. Liz also learned that it only took her 20 minutes to walk to Max's house from her own.
It was the first Saturday in April and unbearably hot. Liz's father was gone for the day so she walked over to the Evans. As she approached the house, she froze at what she saw.
Max was standing there in all his glory. He just had on some cargo pants and was washing his car. Liz knew they were just friends, but god did he look good. She walked up the driveway. "I'm shocked. Max Evans actually doing work?"
Max looked over at Liz and grinned. "Yeah, I figured I might as well and try to see what it's like." She looked really cute today he thought. Her hair was swept up in a ponytail and she had on a tank top with a pair of cropped pants. In the past couple of weeks they had grown really close and he was becoming quite fond of her.
Liz grabbed a sponge and started cleaning the hood of his jeep. "So we're you planning on doing anything today?"
"I did have an entire agenda set up but since you decided to show up, I guess I'll have to change all that." Max teased.
"Shut up!" Liz threw her sponge at him.
"Oh is that the way you want to play?" He picked up the hose.
"No, Max, you wouldn't!"
"So you wouldn't like it if I did, this?" He sprayed the hose directly at her.
"Max, you jerk!" She shrieked while laughing. Her eyes landed on a bucket of water and she grinned mischievously while picking it up.
Max's eyes grew wide when he realized what she was about to do, but it was too late. Liz flung the bucket and it landed on him. It got on his face and upper body, but then there was just a little on the front of his pants.
Liz bursted out in laughter. "It looks like you peed your pants!"
Max picked up the hose again and started after her. Liz ran through the yard, trying to out run him, screaming as she went. But he finally caught up to her and tackled her down on the grass. "Gotha, do you give up?"
Liz stuck her head up high. "Never."
"Okay then." Max started tickling her.
"Max, stop!" Liz pleaded as she laughed hysterically.
He tickled her harder. "I don't know . . . that wasn't very nice of you to throw water on me."
"You started it!" Liz managed to say.
He continued to tickle her. "Okay, Uncle! I surrender!"
Max stopped but kept her pinned to the ground. "Are you going to behave?"
Liz nodded her head. A couple of trickles of water from Max's hair fell down on her face. She lifted her hand up and ran it through his hair. Some strands of her hair were sticking to the sides of her face from being wet and Max pushed them away. Liz's hand moved from his hair to the back of his shoulder, his skin was slick from the water. He gazed down at her and used his own face to tilt hers up. Liz parted her lips as his came down to meet hers . . .
They were distracted by the sound of a lawn mower coming toward them. They quickly scrambled up. Max silently cursed to himself as he saw their gardener Jose come by on the lawn mover, eyeing the two suspiciously.
"Uh hi Jose." Max said.
"Good afternoon Master Evans."
"Um, come on Liz." He grabbed her hand and they walked back over to the driveway.
"I feel all icky now." Liz said while trying to wring out the bottom of her shirt.
"Want to go swimming?"
"Max, none of the pools are open yet."
"We have one in our basement." Max replied.
"You have one in your- wait I should've known."
Max smiled. "I think we have some suits you could borrow."
"All right."
They walked inside and down to the pool. It was a good size, 50 by 30 feet long and there was also a hot tub. Off to the side she could see an exercise room. Max started rummaging through a closet and pulled out some suits. He handed them to her. "There's a few more in here if you can't find your size. You can use the bathroom over there."
"Okay thanks."
"I'm gonna change. I'll be right back."
Liz nodded and sorted through some of the suits. She found a light pink bikini in her size and went to put it on. After she did, she studied herself in the mirror and realized the tag was still on the suit. She took it off and looked at it. It was Ralph Lauren, god these people were rich. She sighed and looked in the mirror again. She took her hair down and was glad she shaved last night. She grabbed a towel and went back out to the pool. Max was coming down the stairs in just a pair of blue trunks with Nautica written down the side in yellow. "That suit looks cute on you."
Liz smiled. "Thank you."
As Max walked toward her, he suddenly stopped. "What did you do there?"
Liz glanced down at her hip where he was pointing. There was a bruise there from her father about a week ago. She was hoping he wouldn't notice. "Oh I wasn't paying attention and I fell right into the corner of my end table." She lied.
"Oh, I bet that hurt."
"Yeah . . . "
Max walked over to the pool and down in. "Come on in."
Liz dipped her foot in the water. "It's cold."
"It is not." He said while splashing her.
"Hey!" She walked over the steps and put her feet in.
"It's not that bad."
"I'm getting use to it first."
Max rolled his eyes. He lunged toward her and dunked her in the water.
"You . . . you big meanie!" Liz said while trying to dunk him but was unsuccessful. Max laughed.
"Bet I can do a handstand longer than you." Liz challenged.
"You're on."
They went under the water and threw their legs up in the air. Liz was starting to run out of breath, so she knocked Max over using her legs and then came back up.
"I won!"
"Oh yeah?" Max picked her up and threw her.
"You're just being a poor sport." Liz said.
Max pushed off the wall and swam under the water til he reached Liz and he made sure that when he stood up Liz was on his shoulders.
"Max!" Liz giggled. "Put me down!"
"Maybe I don't want to." He started spinning around in circles.
Isabel and Tess just came back from the mall. Tess noticed Max's jeep. "Good, Max is home, we can discuss our plans for the prom this year."
Isabel nodded. She got asked by a few guys but on Friday she decided to go with a guy in her grade named Grant. Max had gone with Tess to his junior prom last year, but Isabel wasn't so sure if he wanted to go with her again. They checked the kitchen and his room but he wasn't there.
"Maybe he's working out in the basement." Isabel suggested.
"Okay." Tess said. "Let's go check."
They made their way down the stairs and could hear water splashing and laughter. Then they saw Liz on Max's shoulders and he was twirling around. Tess glared at Liz evilly and walked toward the edge of the pool. "Hi Max."
They glanced up at Tess. "Oh . . . hey Tess . . . " Max let Liz off his shoulders.
"I need to talk to you." Tess demanded.
"I should get going." Liz said and started getting out of the pool.
"No wait Liz." Max got out of the pool after her. "You don't have to leave."
"No I really have to go anyway. It's uh, it's my turn to cook dinner tonight." Liz lied, it was always her turn to cook. She grabbed a towel and started drying off. She threw on her still damp tank top and wrapped the towel around her waist. "Um, I'll bring this back to you later."
"Yeah, that's fine."
"Bye, thanks for letting me use the pool."
Max nodded. "Bye Liz."
Liz started heading out. Max sighed and watched her go. He turned back around. "What did you want Tess?"
Isabel decided to let Tess and Max talk alone and headed up the stairs. She went outside to see Liz heading down the driveway.
"Liz, wait!" Isabel shouted and rushed over to her.
Liz turned around.
"Why don't I give you a ride home?" She offered.
"No, it's okay. You don't have to go to the trouble."
"No really, I insist. I wanted to talk to you anyway."
"Um, sure."
They got into her red convertible and Liz gave her directions to her home.
"I just wanted to apologize for Tess's behavior." Isabel said as she drove. "I mean she's my best friend and all, but she can still act like a bitch toward people sometimes."
"Oh." Liz said, not really knowing how to reply.
"Well, I guess what I'm trying to say is don't let her get to you."
"Okay, thanks."
"And Liz?"
"Max really likes you. He talks about you all the time."
Liz smiled. "He does?"
Isabel rolled her eyes. "Yes. You like him too, don't you?"
Liz blushed. "Um, we're just friends."
Isabel smiled. "Right."
"This is my house on the right."
Isabel pulled over and tried not to glare at the tiny home.
"Well, thanks."
"No problem. It was nice talking to you."
"You too." Liz stepped out of the car. "Bye."
"Well Tess?" Max asked while draping his towel over his shoulders.
"The prom's coming up and I wanted to discuss our plans together."
"I never said we were going together."
"Well, I just figured we were going to, I mean we did last year."
"I was planning on asking someone else." Max replied.
"Who, that slut!" Tess blurted out in anger.
Max shook his head. "If you can't respect my friends, than you obviously aren't mine."
"But Max, I was just saying that-"
"Just leave Tess."
She didn't want to argue with him after the look he just gave her. "Fine."
She pouted while folding her arms across her chest and walked away.
Max walked over to Liz's locker Thursday after school. "Hey Liz."
She grinned. "Hi. How are you?"
"Really good. Do want a ride home?"
Liz shut her locker. "That would be great."
Max laced his hand with hers and they walked out to his car. It was another hot day and Liz enjoyed the cool breeze as Max drove. They talked on the way to her house, about nothing in particular, and when he got there, she thanked him for the ride, but when she started to get out, he stopped her. "Liz, I wanted to ask you something."
Liz sat back down in her seat.
"Um, I wanted to know if you would go to my prom with me?"
Liz's stomach seemed turned inside out.
"And uh, of course since you are my best dance partner." He added. "But if you don't want to . . . "
Liz smiled. "I'd love to go with you."
Max's grin stretched across his whole face. "Okay, great. Yeah, well I'll see you later Liz."
"Bye Max." Liz slowly slid out of the jeep and walked into her house. She sighed dreamily and headed toward her room. She picked up her stuffed dog and started dancing and twirling around with it. She collapsed on her bed and pictured what it would be like. She'd be escorted in by Max, looking ever so handsome in his tux, while she wore a beautiful gown . . . then it hit her. She would have to buy a dress. A dress she knew she could never afford. A tear ran down her cheek soon to be accompanied by other ones as any hope of being able to go to the prom now vanished.
On Friday morning, Liz roamed the halls of West Roswell High in search of Max. She had to tell him that she couldn't go to the prom with him. Yesterday she went over to the Salvation Army to see if there were any nice dresses. She found a few in her size, but they were out of style and just didn't look right, especially if she would be standing by Max and his friends. She knew they could get any dress or tux they wanted. Liz found Max by his locker talking to a few guys. She walked over to them.
"Um, hi Max."
Max glanced up and smiled. "Hey Liz." He looked over at his friends. "I'll catch you later."
The two started walking down the hall. "What's up?"
"I needed to tell you something." Liz sighed. "I can't go to the prom with you."
Max stopped walking. "What? Why not?"
Liz bent her head down. "I can't afford to go."
Max lifted her chin up. "We can get you a dress."
"But Max, you've already been so nice to me, I couldn't ask that of you."
"Liz it's not a problem. You could go shopping with Isabel."
"Are you sure?"
Max nodded.
"Oh thank you Max!" She flung her arms around him. "When I get the money, I promise to pay you back every single penny."
"Liz, you don't have too."
"No it's okay, I insist."
Max smiled. "All right." He swung his arm around her shoulders. "I'll walk you to your next class."
Liz made her father's favorite dinner that night. She made sure to talk to him before he could complain about his day.
"Dad, guess what?"
He glanced up from his plate of food. "What do you want?"
Liz tried not to frown. "I got asked to the prom. Isn't that great?" He shrugged his shoulders. "Well I can go, right?"
Jeff Parker sighed. "I guess. As long as I get my dinner."
"Thank you!" Liz exclaimed.
"Yeah, yeah." He grunted while getting up to get some beer.
On Saturday, Max picked Liz up and Isabel was with him.
"We're going to Alberquerque to look for dresses since their malls are better." Isabel explained. "I'm not driving or else we'll be really lost and Roberto and my mother are getting ready for a dinner party she's having. So . . . that leaves Max." She patted him on the shoulder.
It was about an hour drive and the mall was huge. Liz had never been to a place like this. Her family used to go to nice places before her mother died, but she hardly remembered them now.
Max linked his arm with Liz's as Isabel led the way through the mall.
They stopped at a department store called Nordstrom. Liz had never heard of it before. Just before Max tried to slip away, Isabel made him sit. "You're here to tell us what looks good."
Max sighed and Liz giggled before Isabel whisked her away into the sea of dresses.
"That one looks good." Max said.
Isabel groaned. "Max! You've said that to Liz for every dress she tried on!"
Max shrugged. "They all look good on her."
Liz smiled at Max. He smiled back and Isabel rolled her eyes. "You haven't said anything about my dresses."
"They're nice too." Max replied while still looking at Liz.
Isabel frowned. "You're not much help. Come on Liz, let's get some more."
Liz nodded as they headed back to the dressing room. She felt like a princess. Isabel was being so nice to her as they tried on dresses, giving each other their opinions on it. As they were looking at another rack of dresses, Liz saw it. The dress was beautiful. Liz walked over to it. It was a very pale lavender, was sleeveless with a square neck. The dress had a V back and princess seaming on the front and back. Liz ran her fingers over the satiny material. It was the only dress on the rack. She looked on the tag and it was her size! "Isabel!"
Isabel turned her head. "Liz that dress is gorgeous! Let's go try it on."
Isabel helped Liz into it, and the dress fit perfectly. "Liz you look so elegant. Let's go show Max!"
They walked out of the dressing room and to where Max was sitting.
"Max, look at this one." Isabel said.
Max glanced up at Liz. She looked amazing. "Wow Liz . . . that looks . . . that looks great."
Liz's lips curled upward. "You think so?"
Max nodded. "Yes." As he gazed into her eyes. Liz was in her own little trance, Max's eyes seemed to put a force on her.
"Hello? Guys?" Isabel pronounced.
Liz quickly turned her head.
"Now that you have a dress, we can focus on me." Isabel said as she pulled Liz back to the changing room.
Isabel finally decided on a scarlet red dress, it was strapless and flowed out from her waist. They both got matching shoes and purses to go with the gowns. Isabel paid for them with her credit card and the three walked back out into the mall.
"You're going to look great in that dress." Max whispered in her ear. Liz smiled up at him.
"All right Max, you can go where you want. Liz and I are going shopping. We'll meet you at the entrance in three hours."
Max nodded. "Okay." He gave a little wave and headed off.
"Oh, J.Crew!" Isabel grabbed Liz's arm taking her into the store. "This is the best place to go when you're in a preppy mood." She explained as she sorted through a rack. "This would be so cute on you!" She held up a sleeveless orange turtleneck. "It'll be great after those post make out sessions with Max."
Liz's face turned bright red. "Isabel! Max and I are only friends."
Isabel smirked. "We'll see."
Liz looked at the tag on the sweater. "Well this is out of my price range anyway."
"Don't worry about it. I'll buy it for you."
"No really, it's okay. You guys have already been nice enough. I mean the dress and the shoes and the purse, I..."
Isabel interrupted her. "I know, we can get you a whole new wardrobe! Oh it will be so much fun!"
"No Isabel, the clothes I have now are fine."
"I want to do this, as a thank you."
"Thank you? For what?"
"Opening Max up. He's always been so quiet. I mean when he's with all of his football friends, he's loud and rude, but that's really just an act for him. But this past month, he's just been so happy. He's not just going through the motions." Isabel paused. "Somehow, you and him don't see it, or maybe you do . . . but he's falling in love."
Liz blushed, but couldn't help but smile. "I like him too, but were just friends."
Isabel nodded. "Well, let's get started on this shopping spree."
Liz had never gotten so many clothes in her life. They got sweaters, tank tops, shirts, jeans, skirts, khakis and corduroys. As they made their way to the entrance to meet Max, Isabel sighed. "That was almost as fun as shopping for myself."
Liz smiled and they saw Max and approached him.
"Isabel, I don't think you bought enough."
"No, it's for Liz. Aren't you proud of me?"
Max eyed Liz. She was wearing a navy blue v-neck shirt which was embroidered around the collar. She had on a pair khaki flares and a denim jacket. "You look nice."
Max always made her feel so pretty. "Thank you."
Max drove them back to Roswell and stopped at Liz's house.
"Do you want me to stay to help you put the clothes away?" Isabel asked.
"No, I'm okay. Thank you so much for today. I don't know how I'll ever repay you, but I will."
The two siblings just nodded.
Liz struggled, but managed to pick up her bags. "Bye guys. Thanks again."
Liz walked in the house and was glad her father wasn't home. She fit everything she could in her small closet and dresser. The rest she put under her bed, she'd buy some boxes for them later. Liz put the prom dress on again and looked at herself in the mirror and twirled around. Meeting Max was the most wonderful thing that had happened to her in the last eight years.
Liz sat down next to Alex in computer class. "Alex, I have the best news! Max Evans asked me to go to the prom with him! I got a dress and everything?"
"Wow, no wonder you're so excited. So are you two dating?" Alex asked.
Liz shook her head. "We're just friends."
Alex smirked. "Oh I see."
Isabel sat down at her lunch table in the quad with Michael and Maria. "Where's Max?"
"Over there." Michael pointed off to the side. Max was sitting under a tree talking and laughing with Liz.
"I still can't believe they haven't hooked up yet." Maria commented.
"Yeah, you should see them together. Max is like all goo goo eyes with her. It's kind of gross." Isabel said. "But, if you've noticed I got her a new wardrobe."
"Who got a new wardrobe?" Tess set her lunch down and sat next to Isabel.
"Oh, um Liz." Isabel answered.
Tess looked at Isabel like she was crazy. "Why did you do that?"
Isabel shrugged her shoulders. "You've seen how she dresses, she doesn't have a lot of money and I thought it would be nice of me to get her clothes."
"Well aren't you Mother Theresa."
Isabel sighed. "Max really likes her, and I was just helping him out. He asked her to the prom you know."
"He did?"
"Yeah Tess he did. Looks like you won't be having your way this time." Michael said.
She pouted. "I'm telling dad."
Michael laughed. "Ooh, I'm so scared."
"Shut up, I hate you!" She got up and walked off.
Michael shook his head. "She's such a spoiled brat, you this is the first time she hasn't gotten what she wanted. Maybe it will teach her a lesson."
Isabel frowned at Michael. Even though what he said was true Tess still was her best friend.
"I doubt it." Maria replied. "Anyway Michael, we should invite Max and Liz over on Friday. I can cook."
"No you can't."
Maria punched Michael on the arm. "I've been taking those courses, and I'm getting good. I want to meet Liz."
"Yeah, all right, I'll tell Max." Michael offered.
Isabel glanced at Max and Liz. "I bet they'll be together by prom."
It was Friday afternoon and Liz was getting ready to go to Maria's. She put on a short khaki skirt, some tan sandals and the sleeveless orange turtleneck. She vacuumed and cooked dinner and waited for her father to come home. When she heard the door open she sat up and went over to him, taking off his coat. "How was your day?"
He shrugged his shoulders and headed toward the kitchen.
Liz followed after him. "Um, you know that science project I was telling you about?" Liz waited for a moment and when he didn't reply she continued. "I got a 99, highest grade in the class, isn't that great!"
"I'm hungry. Where's dinner?"
Liz frowned. "It's on the stove. I'll go serve it." She placed the food on the table. "Um, Dad, may I go out tonight? I vacuumed the whole house and made your dinner."
"Okay, but don't stay out too late."
She grinned. "Thanks!"
About 15 minutes later Max picked her up.
"How come I never get to meet your father?" He asked.
"Oh, uh, he's not very interesting."
Max nodded and they drove to Maria's house.
Maria answered the door. "Hey guys! Come in, my parents went out for the night and Michael's in the living room."
Liz stepped into the home. It was about as big as Max's, but was decorated much differently. It didn't feel as fancy, but was still extremely nice. They went into the living room, and Michael was watching T.V.
"Michael! I said no T.V.!"
"Sorry, geez."
"They're like a married couple, I swear." Max whispered to Liz. She laughed softly. The four of them talked for a little while and then sat down to eat. Maria made French Onion soup first.
"This is really good Maria." Liz said.
"Yeah, I'm shocked." Michael added. Maria jabbed him on the arm. "Ow!"
They heard a bell go off in the kitchen. "Oh! My chicken's ready."
Maria got up and a few moments later the other three heard a scream. They rushed over to her. The oven was open and the meat was flaming inside.
"Where's the fire extinguisher?" Max asked.
"The what?" Maria asked.
Max and Michael groaned and started going through cabinets searching for one. Michael found one under the sink and sprayed it into the oven. Max pulled the dish out and put it in the sink.
"Now it's all ruined!" Maria complained.
"Make something else." Michael said.
"This was all I learned how to do."
"I'll help you make something." Liz offered.
"You would? Oh thank you Liz!" Maria pushed the other two guys out of the room.
Liz opened the fridge and started to rummage through it. "We have a freezer in the basement with meat." Maria said.
They went downstairs and Liz found some pork. "Do you have pineapple and cherries?"
"I think so."
"Okay, we'll cook the pork in that. It'll be really easy."
Maria nodded.
Liz found some rice and in no time they had dinner.
"Liz, thank you again." Maria said afterwards as they cleared the table.
"No problem. I'm always cooking at my house."
"Want to watch a movie?" Michael asked.
They went back into the living room and picked out a movie. Michael and Maria sat down on a leather recliner so she was practically on his lap. Liz and Max sat down on the sofa. As the movie started, Max draped his arm around Liz and she rested her head on his shoulder. About 40 minutes later Max started running his fingers along her forearm. Liz shivered and goose bumps appeared. The things he did to her! She took his hand and turned it over and moved her index finger in a circular motion on his palm. It was Max's turn to shudder. They kept touching each other, silently flirting. A half an hour later they glanced over at Michael and Maria making out.
"Should we go?" Liz whispered.
"Um, I guess we don't need to say goodbye?"
Max shook his head. He grabbed her hand and they went to his jeep. It was a cool night and Liz rubbed her arms to keep warm.
"Oh, here." Max shrugged off his brown leather jacket and put it over her shoulders.
Liz smiled. "Thank you."
"No problem." He helped her in the jeep and took her home.
Monday at school Pam Troy and Vicky Delaney rushed over to Liz at her locker.
"Oh. My. God!" Pam said. "We just heard that you're going to the prom with Max Evans!"
"Now you have to tell us how he is in bed." Vicky said. "We're so jealous of you!"
Liz blushed. "Like I've been saying, we're not going out."
"Well he's obviously into you. Why don't you?"
Liz sighed. "Look, we are friends, nothing more or less." She was starting to get really aggravated by all this.
Vicky shrugged her shoulders. "I'd never want to be just friends with that man."
"Come on, let's go." Pam said and they walked off.
Liz leaned against her locker and sighed. She was tired of having to say her and Max were just friends. As much as she wanted, they couldn't be more than that. It was safer this way.
It was Friday night and the prom was being held the next night. One of Max's friends was having a pre-prom party and Max took Liz.
The place was packed. Liz found Alex and introduced him to Isabel. They began talking, much to Isabel's date Grant, disgust.
Max and Liz started to walk around, Max saying hi to most people and introducing Liz. The guy who was holding the party, Paulie walked over to them. "Hey guys!" He exclaimed. "You want some?" He asked while shoving a can of beer in front of Max. Liz immediately flinched away. Max glanced over at her. "No, we're okay."
Paulie shrugged his shoulders and started intermingling with the crowd.
"Do you usually drink at parties Max?" Liz asked.
"Um, only once and a while. You don't do you?"
"Never. I hate what alcohol can do to people."
"Oh, well we don't need to be drunk to have a good time. Let's go dance."
She took his hand and grinned. Max had never seen Liz's smile so bright. Max took Liz home a little later, it was just the two of them, Isabel went with Grant. Even though she mentioned to Liz she wanted to talk to Alex some more.
"Well, um, Isabel will stop by for you tomorrow to get your hair done."
"Okay, great."
"Are you sure you don't want me to walk you to the door?"
"No, I'm fine. Goodnight."
"Night Liz." He took her hand and kissed it. Liz smiled and got out of the car. Her hand seemed to burn from where Max's lips had been. She strolled up to her door and stepped in quietly.
"Lizzie! Is that you?"
Liz hesitated but then walked over to their den. There were cans and bottles laying all over the room. Her father was drinking from a bottle, but she wasn't sure what was in it though. "Yes?"
"Where were you?"
"I went to a party, you said it was all right."
"Yeah, well I changed my mind ten minutes ago."
Liz's eyebrows furrowed together. He wasn't making any sense.
Mr. Parker pointed at her. "You use to never go out. And now you're never home."
"Yes I am."
"Don't you talk back to me!"
"I'm sorry." She looked down.
"And who's that guy that's been picking you up?"
"What . . . what guy?"
Jeff got up and slapped her so hard she almost fell. "Don't you lie to me!"
Liz's eyes welled up with tears.
"I've seen him come to the house for you. He's only interested in your body. How many times has he fucked you?" He grabbed her arms tightly while shaking her.
Tears streamed down her face. "Never, he's not like that!"
"Every guy is like that."
"Well he's not!" She screamed.
"What did I tell you about talking back!" He threw a bottle at her and landed on her shoulder. Liz fell to the ground. "Get back up!"
Liz tried but felt too weak. He kicked her head and everything went black . . .
Liz regained conscienceness a few moments later, and felt herself being kicked in the sides. He kicked her one last time, but it was right below her eye. Liz cried out in pain and tried to get away but Mr. Parker pulled her up by her hair.
"Please don't do this." Liz pleaded. "I'm your daughter!"
"That's right." He grabbed her face with one hand pinching her cheeks together forcefully. "And you will do as I say!" He let go and glared at her. "Just get the hell away from me you bitch."
Liz nodded her head rapidly as the tears continued to flow down her face. She turned around and he kicked her hard on the bottom. Liz yelped out and fell down, but quickly scrambled up and went to her room. She locked her door and grabbed her stuffed dog as she sobbed hysterically on the bed. She looked up at the picture of her mother. She picked up the frame and trailed her fingers down her mother's face. "How could you do this to me mom?" She asked aloud. "How could you leave me?" She cried harder but stopped when she heard the banging on the door. "Open up!" Her father yelled.
Liz opened her window and climbed out. She started walking down the street. Her body ached all over. She needed to see Max right now more than anything. She started to limp ten minutes later because she could hardly handle the pain, tightly clutching the dog in one hand. She had to take a few breaks and 35 minutes later she approached his home. Liz practically crawled through the lawn. She managed to knock once before collapsing on the ground.
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After dropping Liz off, Max came home and went into his room. He stripped down to his boxers and flopped down on his bed. He placed his hands under his head and stared up at the ceiling. Every day he seemed to getting to know Liz better, wanting her more. But he was scared. What if they took their relationship to the next level and it didn't work? He didn't want to lose her friendship. He had had girlfriends before, but Liz she was so different from them. She didn't try to put on an act, she was always herself and he loved that about her. Max wasn't sure how long he laid there thinking about her, but all of a sudden he stood up, something wasn't right. He cautiously looked around his room and then walked over to his window. He scanned the lawn until something caught his eye. It was some kind of doll.
Curious, Max went down the stairs and out the side door. He went over to the doll and picked it up. It was a dog and he could instantly pick up Liz's fragrance. He looked around for her, calling out her name softly. Then he saw her. She was laying by the front door. He rushed over to her.
"Oh my God." From the faint light he could tell she was beaten. "Liz!" He shook her gently. He bent down to check her pulse and breathing, which seemed to be okay. He carefully picked her up, cradling her to his chest. He brought her to his room where he placed her on his bed. She looked terrible, who could have hurt his beautiful Liz? He started glancing over her body. Her left eye was starting to swell and red marks were imprinted on her face. There were scratches on her upper arm mixed with dried blood and her bottom lip was cut. He lifted her shirt some to reveal her stomach and found bruises forming on her sides and back. A tear trickled down his cheek, she had taken so much. He reached for his phone and dialed his neighbor's number.
"Hello?" The person on the other end asked half awake.
"Hi, Dr. Sanchez, it's Max Evans. I was wondering if you could come over, my friend's been hurt, I don't know what to do."
"Okay, Max just stay put. I'll be right over."
"Thank you so much." Max hung up the phone and gazed at Liz. He smoothed her hair away and kissed her forehead. "Hang in there Liz. It's going to be all right."
"Is she going to be okay?" Max asked Dr. Sanchez for the hundredth time in the last 45 minutes.
Dr. Sanchez nodded as he wrapped a bandage around her head. "She shouldn't have to go to the hospital now, I cleaned up and treated her cuts. Who did this to her?"
"I don't know. She was unconscious when I found her."
"Okay, just let her rest. She should wake up in the morning. If there are any other problems with her just take her to the hospital I'll be working tomorrow."
Max nodded. "I can't thank you enough."
"It's not a problem. I can see how much you care for her." Dr. Sanchez shook Max's hand and walked out of the room.
Max tucked Liz into his bed. He took each of her hands in his, kissing them gently. Max didn't leave her side all night.
Liz slowly started to wake up but didn't open her eyes yet. She had never felt warm and comfy. She snuggled into the bed more and took a deep breath. Then she realized she inhaled that familiar scent, Max's scent. Her eyes fluttered open, she was in Max's room. As she started to sit up, the door opened and Max walked in with a tray of food.
"Liz! You're awake!" Max said as he placed the tray on the night stand. He sat down on the bed and grabbed her hands.
"How . . . how did I get here?" Liz asked.
"You came to my house last night, but then you collapsed at the front door. My neighbor, Dr. Sanchez came over and helped fix you up."
"Oh." The events from last night flooded back to her. Her hand went to her face and she felt the swelling below her eye and then her finger traced the cut on her lip. She reached back and felt the bump that was bandaged behind her head. "I uh, guess you're wondering what happened, huh?"
Max nodded. "I mean if you think you're ready to tell me."
Liz let out a shaky breath and glanced at the scrapes on her arm. "My father."
Max's eyes grew wide.
Liz moved to sit up straighter but it hurt too much, so she slumped back down. "I know he doesn't mean to do this, but sometimes when he's . . . when he's drunk he hits me."
"Oh Liz . . . "
"Ever since my mother died, he started to drink. He's this whole other person . . . I do everything he tells me too." Liz couldn't hold back her tears. "So why does he take it out on me?"
Max enveloped her in a hug as she cried harder. "I don't think I can take it much more." She whispered.
"It's going to be all right Liz." He whispered as he rubbed her back. "We're going to get you help." Max pulled away a little. "I should have known. He was the guy that hit you at the dance wasn't he?"
"You saw that?"
Max nodded.
"Is that why you came over and asked me to dance? Because you felt sorry for me?"
"No . . . no Liz, it's not like that. I saw you before that and thought you were so beautiful. When I watched your dad hit you, I couldn't understand how anyone could do that. So I went over to you when I saw you crying."
Liz wiped her eyes. "Well I must look terrible now." She placed her head down.
Max lifted her face up with his hand. "No, you look just as beautiful as the first time I saw you. Those cuts don't change how I feel about you. I love what's on the inside. And now that I know what you've had to go through . . . I would kiss every place you hurt to make the pain go away."
Fresh tears slipped from Liz's face. "You . . . you would?"
He nodded and then bent his head down. Lightly, he brushed his lips against her arm and kissed it up to her shoulder.
Liz's breath seemed to quicken as Max moved his mouth and dragged it along her collarbone.
"Is it working?" He whispered.
Liz nodded and swallowed. He kissed her jaw line softly, her skin tasted so sweet, he never wanted to stop. Liz's chest heaved up and down faintly as she felt his hot breath on her face. Her eyelids closed and Max placed an open kiss under her eye. As he moved aside, she could hear his own breath speed up. She opened her eyes and gazed at Max. He was looking at her lips, she barely even remembered the cut she had there. Max hesitated for a moment, but then leaned forward. He nuzzled his nose against hers and then captured her bottom lip with his own lips. He drew away and they just stared at each other before they both tilted in again at the same time. Their lips met and they felt a spark run through their bodies. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck as Max placed his hands on her lower back. His tongue slowly snaked out and lightly licked her bottom lip. Liz opened her mouth and let his tongue embrace her own. Their tongues danced together and Liz moaned quietly into his mouth.
Isabel opened the door to her brother's room. "Max, I'm going to go get... oh . . . "
The two quickly pulled apart, Max turned to face Isabel.
"Um, I'll uh, just leave you two alone." Isabel said trying not to smile.
"No, wait." Max said. "Liz needs our help."
Liz brought her head up. Isabel gasped and ran over to the bed. "Oh god, what happened?"
"It's a long story. I'll tell you later." Max responded.
"Daddy's coming home today," Isabel said. "You need to tell him about Liz."
Isabel took Liz's hand. "He'll help you out Liz, whatever it is. Well . . . um, I'll leave you two alone. I have a lot of things to get done." With that, she left the room.
Then Liz realized something. "Max, I'm not going to be able to go to the prom now." Her eyes mist with tears.
"Liz that's the last thing on my mind right now."
"No, Max don't let me stop you from going."
"Liz, I really don't care about it."
"It's your Senior prom, you'll regret it if you don't go. And you can tell me all about it tomorrow." She tried to smile but couldn't.
Max just nodded.
"So Max, if you talk to your dad, what will happen to my father?" Liz asked changing the subject.
Max shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know Liz."
She nodded while wiping her eyes again. "I better get going."
"What if your Dad's home?"
"He'll probably be asleep half the day, and he goes to the bar on Saturday nights so I'll be fine. I'll be able to avoid him."
"You sure?"
"I'll give you a ride home."
"Can I use your bathroom first?"
"Yeah, go ahead."
Liz slowly got out of his bed and trodded over to the bathroom. She almost burst into tears as she saw her image in the mirror, she looked terrible! How could Max have even been able to look at me? She thought and then sighed. She placed her fingers on her lips. The kiss she had just shared with Max was amazing. She turned back around and went back to his room.
"You ready?"
Liz nodded.
The ride to her house was silent. Liz glanced over at Max, he was gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were turning white, and she could see the worry in his eyes. She placed her hand on his arm and gave it a light squeeze. He looked over at her and gave her what she knew was a forced smile. He pulled up along side her house, but walked her to the door.
"I'm really sorry about not being able to go tonight. I don't think any make up will cover this up."
"Liz, I told you I don't have to go."
"You only have your senior prom once. But promise you'll give me all the details tomorrow?"
Max nodded and hugged her, holding her close to him. He placed a kiss on her cheek before walking away.
Max walked into his father's office at their home. "Dad, I need to talk to you."
"I'm a little busy son." Phillip Evans replied.
"Please Dad, I need your help."
Mr. Evans looked up and saw the pleading in Max's eyes. He nodded and motioned the chair in front of him. "What seems to be the problem?"
"Well, I have this friend . . . "
That night Liz sat on the couch, trying to watch T.V. The prom had started a half an hour ago. How badly she wished she could go! Her face was getting too cold from the ice pack she applied, and she threw it across the room. I won't cry, she thought as she bit her bottom lip. Just then the doorbell rang, curiously, Liz got up and answered it. Max was standing at the standing at the door wearing his tux. God, he looked good, he seemed to take Liz's breath away.
"Max . . . what are you doing here?"
"Go put on your dress."
"Excuse me? Max I can't go to the prom with you, my face..."
Max placed his index finger over her lips and smiled. "Do you trust me?"
Liz nodded. "Yes, of course."
"Then go put on your dress."
"Give me a few minutes?"
Max nodded.
Liz rushed back to her room and pulled out the prom dress from her closet. She quickly put the strapless bra with matching panties that Isabel made her get and then the pantyhose and slip. She eased the dress on and placed on her shoes. Liz removed the bandage from her head and carefully brushed her hair as she put it back with a headband. She applied some lip balm and her favorite lotion. She thought she still looked bad, but she realized Max didn't care. She smiled and walked back out with him.
"You look beautiful. You ready?" He extended his hand toward her.
Liz gazed at him while taking his hand. "Always."
She saw the limo out on the street. "Max, you shouldn't have."
"I wanted to."
Roberto opened the door to the vehicle. "Evening Miss Parker."
"Hello Roberto." He helped her in and Max followed.
Once they started moving, Max pulled out a corsage that perfectly matched her gown.
"Max where are we going? You're not taking to your prom are you? Or are you..."
Max quickly pressed his lips over hers. "You'll see when we get there."
Liz smiled. She would talk forever if he'd shut her up that way.
Five minutes later the limo stopped and Roberto opened the door.
"Max why are we at your house?"
He didn't say anything but led her inside. They went over to the dining room. Liz gasped. "Max . . . "
The room was lit by candlelight. Max pulled out a chair and Liz sat down. Max sat across from her.
"This is all so beautiful. Thank you."
"Liz, did you actually think I could actually go to my prom without you? You're the only reason I wanted to go."
"This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me." She reached for his hand across the table.
Robert brought out salads for them. After that they had soup, main course and dessert.
"I ate so much! Aren't you stuffed?" Liz asked.
Max shrugged his shoulders.
"You're not? You're such a pig!"
Max grinned. "Can't help it." He pushed out of his chair and took her hand. "Follow me." He brought her into a room next door. "This is what my parents use when they have parties." Max explained as he opened the door.
For the second time that night, Liz gasped. The room was a good size, with a dance floor in the middle. On one side was a huge stereo and then on the other was a bar. A disco ball was on the ceiling spinning, spreading white lights everywhere. It was decorated with lavender, pure white and silver balloons with streamers hung on the walls.
"Oh Max . . . " She said while choking back a sob. "This is the best night of my life."
Max smiled while lacing his hand with hers. "It's not over yet."
Max walked over to the stereo and turned it on. "I got a list of the song they're playing at the prom and then got the D.J. to make a copy for me." Nsync's 'This I promise you' came on. Max walked over to Liz and wove his fingers with hers and held it against his chest, they danced slowly to the music.
"Max this means so much to me. I can't ever begin to thank you."
"Then don't. Just being here with you is thank you enough." Max paused.
"Liz, ever since I met you . . . you've changed me, I'm a better person now because of you."
Liz smiled through tear shone eyes. "Max?"
He gazed down at her. "Yes?"
"I think . . . I think I'm falling in love with you."
Max smiled and kissed her lips once softly. "I know I'm in love with you."
The tears freely fell down Liz's face and she leaned up and kissed him. She put her whole heart and soul into it. She had never felt this love before. It was incredible. She tightened her grip on his shoulders for fear of falling.
Max started to caress her tongue with his own. He lightly ran his hand up and down her back while his other hand stroked her cheek. They finally pulled away and just smiled at each other. They shared a few more kisses before dancing again.
Liz's body was still sore, but Max was so sweet and gentle with her. They danced together for the next hour and a half. She loved dancing with him, and besides, that's what started this whole relationship.
As the two were getting drinks, the door opened. Isabel flew in with Alex, Maria, Michael, Tess and her date Kyle Valenti.
"What are you doing here guys?" Max asked surprised.
"Our prom was really lame and I dumped Grant. So we decided to check up on you two." Isabel explained.
Liz folded her arms and put her head down, she didn't want them to see her face.
Alex walked over to her. "Isabel told us what happened. You know I'm here for you. But let's not worry about that tonight, okay?"
Liz nodded and Alex hugged her.
"Thank you." She whispered.
"Liz, your dress really is beautiful. That's a great color." Maria said.
Liz smiled. "Oh thank you."
They hung out and danced together for the next couple of hours. Kyle and Tess left for another party. To Liz's surprise, Tess was being nice to her. She wasn't sure if it was just because she felt sorry for her though.
Isabel took Alex on a tour of the house, and Michael and Maria went to go 'talk'.
"Well, it's just you and me again." Max said.
Liz nodded. "So it is."
"Do you want to go to my room?"
Liz smiled and rose her eyebrows. "And what would we do up there?"
Max shrugged his shoulders and gave her a lop sided grin. Liz rolled her eyes as she took his hand and they went upstairs.

As soon as they made it to Max's room, he made a dive for Liz, but she moved away. Liz smiled, she loved teasing him, he was just too cute.
"I need to get out of this dress." She said while tossing her shoes to the side. She walked over to his dresser and opened the top drawer. She rummaged through it trying to find something to wear. "Ooh, what are these?"
She pulled out a pair of silk blue pajamas, still with the tag on them.
"Oh, uh, Isabel gave me them for Christmas."
Liz grinned. "They're nice. You should wear them."
"Liz it's too hot."
"No it's not, come on Max, I want to see you in them. Please?"
Max frowned while grabbing the clothing from her. "All right." He groaned.
She kissed his cheek and pulled out one of his undershirts and boxers and went into his bathroom.
She got out of the dress and placed on the clothing. She gazed around the bathroom for a moment, it totally smelled like Max, she loved it. She sighed happily and walked back out to him.
He was just finish buttoning his shirt and glanced up at her. "You happy now?"
She smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Yes."
"I look like Aladdin or something."
Liz giggled. "I like it." She leaned up and kissed him.
As the kiss grew deeper, she pushed them down on the bed, her tongue out to explore his. After awhile they broke away and Liz crawled over to the head of the bed. She got under the covers and patted to the space next to her. Max went over and got under the blanket with her. He knew they weren't going to do anything she wasn't ready for tonight.
Liz glanced at his shirt that was almost unbuttoned now. "We might as well just take the top off." She commented.
"Do we get to take off yours too?"
Liz rolled her eyes and jabbed him in the arm. She undid the last two buttons of his shirt and then slid it off past his shoulders. She raked her hands down his chest to his ribbed stomach and sighed in contentment. He was so perfect in every way. She gave him a few sweet kisses.
Max turned out the light and they snuggled together. He kissed the top of her head. "I love you." He whispered in her ear, making her heart melt.
Liz wove her fingers through his and kissed his hand. "I love you Max."
And together, they drifted into dreamland.
Liz opened her eyes to slits and then smiled. Max's strong arms were still securely wrapped around her. She gazed at his sleeping form, he was so angelic. She brushed some of his hair out of the way and dropped a light kiss on his forehead. He continued to sleep soundly but he tightened his grip on her and sighed. Liz's smiled curled higher. He was so adorable. She loved him with all her heart, and she knew he would always be there for her. She started to wonder about her father. What was going to happen to him?
Max stirred awake and felt Liz's fingers stroking his back. "Hey."
Liz smiled and kissed him. "Morning."
"Have you been up long?"
Liz shook her head. "Only a few minutes."
Max ran his hand through her hair. "What were you thinking about?"
She kissed his nose. "You." She paused. "I'm scared for my dad Max, what's going to happen?"
"I don't understand. Why are scared for him, I mean why do you care?"
"Max, even though he's done all of those things, he's still my father."
Max nodded and kissed her temple. "I talked to my dad yesterday. He's going to be around this morning and wants to talk to you."
"But, I think we have some time before that." Max said with a grin.
"Oh do we?" Liz remarked while tracing his with her finger.
He tilted forward to kiss her. He loved her lips, they always tasted so sweet. Liz continued to ravish his mouth with her own, she would be happy to just lay here with Max, holding and kissing him forever. He made her feel so safe. She dropped her mouth and placed light kisses along his jaw line, she them moved down to his neck where she lightly sucked and kissed his tender skin.
Max braided his hand in her hair and brought her mouth back to his. His tongue met hers and she moaned lightly into his mouth.
The two looked up at the man standing before them. Liz didn't know who he was but her face turned bright red.
"Oh, uh hey dad." Max said.
Liz glanced at Max. His face was flushed and his lips were swollen. She could already see the marks forming on his neck. She imagined herself looking worse.
"Is this the 'friend' you were telling me about?"
Max nodded. "Dad, I'd like you to meet Liz Parker."
Mr. Evans stuck out his hand. Liz took it and smiled.
"Well, I'm going to be at the house for another couple of hours. So uh, have some breakfast and then come talk to me."
Liz nodded her head. "Thank you."
Mr. Evans stared at the shirtless Max and walked out the door.
Phillip Evans walked down the steps into the kitchen. His wife Diane was sitting at the table eating a grapefruit.
"Honey, did you know our son had a girl in his room last night?"
"Oh, he did? That's so cute!" Diane exclaimed while clasping her hands together. "Let me guess, the brunette right?"
Mr. Evans rolled his eyes and stalked off, muttering something about not understanding women.
Max and Liz got changed and went into the kitchen. Liz borrowed clothes from Isabel to wear. They sat down and Roberto walked over to them.
"The usual Master Evans?"
"That'd be great."
"And for you Miss Parker?"
"Just toast please."
He nodded and walked away.
Max reached for Liz's hand and rubbed slow circles on her hand with his thumb.
"Do you think your Dad's mad at me now?" Liz asked.
"No, I wouldn't worry about it."
Liz nodded and placed her head down.
Max frowned. "Come here."
Liz walked around the table and onto his lap. Max wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek. "Liz, I know I don't have the answers you want, but I know that my father is a great lawyer and will take care of you. Because something does have to be done about your dad. He can't keep hurting you." He brushed a tear away from her face.
Liz placed her forehead against his. "Thank you." She brushed her lips on Max's. "I love you."
"I love you more." He said before capturing her mouth with his own. After a while they heard someone clearing their throat.
Roberto was standing there with the food. The two smiled as he quickly set the plates down and rushed off.
"Do you think there will ever be a time we're not interrupted?" Max asked.
Liz giggled. "Who knows?" Robert gave her fruit as well and she popped a strawberry into his mouth.
After breakfast Max took Liz's hand and they went into his father's office. Max knocked lightly on the door.
"Come in!"
Max opened the door and stepped in with Liz trailing behind him. "Liz is here."
Mr. Evans put down his pen. "Good, have a seat Liz."
"I'll be in my room when you're done." Max whispered.
She nodded and sat down. Max quietly slipped out of the room.
"Well Liz, Max told me what has been going on but I wanted to hear it from you before I did anything. Are those marks from your father?" He asked indicating her face.
Liz nodded her head and then proceeded to tell him everything that had been done to her the last eight years.

After an hour and forty-five minutes of talking to Mr. Evans, Liz went back upstairs to Max's room. He was lounging on the couch watching T.V.
Max immediately got up and went over to her. "Hi, how did it go?" He placed his hand on her arm.
"It wasn't bad. We went over a lot of my options."
"So what's going to happen?"
"Well, since I'm going to be 18 in a year, I'm going to a petition to be emancipated so I can live on my own. And then since my grades are so high, I'll be able to get a good scholarship to college."
"That's great Liz. And your father?" He tucked some hair behind her ear.
"He's going to be in a rehab center for a year and a half and then spend from three to five years in jail." A tear slipped down her cheek.
Max pressed his lips against the tear. "This is for the best. He's going to get help so he can get better now."
Liz nodded and Max hugged her. She buried her head in his neck as he rubbed slow circles into her back. Just his presence made her feel better. She lifted her head up and brought his mouth down to hers.
"Don't ever leave me Max." She said as she rested her forehead against his.
"I could never do that Liz, I promise." Max replied as he kissed her again.
It was the end of the school day on Monday and Liz couldn't be more glad. She still had a black eye, the scrapes on her face were getting better, but she still didn't she looked the greatest. She wore long sleeves and made her hair hang loose in front of her face. She sighed and took the books she needed out of her locker. Then she felt someone wrap their arms around her waist.
"Hey sexy." Max whispered huskily in her ear. Liz shivered, he had no idea of the effect he had on her.Starting at her ear, he made a trail of kisses to her chin. Liz turned her head and smiled. She kissed his lips sweetly. "Hey yourself."
He took her hand and they started down the hall. "Are you busy this afternoon?"
Liz shook her head. "No, why?"
"Well, my dad gave me the budget of what you can spend for an apartment. Did you want to look with me?"
"I'd love to Max. Thank you."
They got into the jeep and Max drove to the first apartment complex.
"I love it!" Liz exclaimed as she walked around the room. It had a family room, a kitchen that wasn't a bad size and a bathroom. Then there was a bedroom with another bathroom. "This is the one I want!"
"Liz, this is the first one we looked at and the cheapest. We can look at some more."
"No Max, this one is fine. I don't anything fancy."
Max shrugged his shoulders. "If that's what you want." He kissed her temple. "I'll tell my Dad."
"Thank you again Max."
"Anything for you Liz."
By Friday afternoon, all of Liz's things were in boxes and plopped into the family room of her new apartment. Now she just needed to unpack.
It wouldn't take long though, she didn't have too many things except for the clothes Isabel had gotten her. Her father was gone, the police had come taken him away on Tuesday, while she was at school. She didn't even get the chance to say goodbye, but she figured it was for the best.
Max had come over that night and comforted her. Liz sighed. Max, how she loved him! He had been nothing but wonderful this past week. He was so caring and understanding with her.
She glanced at her watch, Max was picking her up in a half an hour to go grocery shopping. Liz headed toward her room and started to put some of her things away. She brought the furniture from her room here, which just consisted of a night stand, bed and dresser. Then she brought a table, couch and T.V. from her house. The couch was pretty beat up, but it was better than nothing. Twenty minutes later, she heard the door open. She had already given Max a key to her apartment. She trusted him and wanted him to come anytime he wanted. They were getting as bad as Michael and Maria. Liz smiled at the thought.
Max knocked lightly on the side of her bedroom door. Liz smiled and went over to him.
"How are you doing today?" Max asked.
"Better." She leaned up to kiss him. "You?"
"Good." He took her hand. "Come on."
After they finished at the grocery store, they had to make four trips to Liz's apartment from Max's jeep to carry the groceries in.
Max groaned and flopped down on the couch afterwards. "Why couldn't you be on the first floor instead of 5th? I can't believe they don't have an elevator."
Liz was in the kitchen putting the food away. "I thought you were a big macho football player." She grinned and walked over to where he was lying on the couch. "Poor Max Evans, can't even carry some bags up the stairs."
Max chuckled. "It's a good thing you're cute." He grabbed her hips, pulling her on top of him. Her mouth clamped down on his. Max wove his hands through her hair bringing her mouth even closer. Her tongue pursued into his mouth and he sucked on it delicately. Liz moaned lightly and pulled away.
"If I don't get up now, I'll never get the groceries away."
Max dragged his knuckles along her cheek. "I love you."
Liz smiled. "I love you too." She rubbed her lips against his. "I got to hurry before the ice cream melts." She scrambled off of him and headed back to the kitchen. Max stayed where he was and just watched her. She was too cute. He watched as she reached up to put something in a high cabinet. His heart tightened in his chest. He loved her so much, he would do anything for her and he sincerely meant it.
He got up from the couch and went over to help her.
It was Saturday morning and Liz slowly ascended up the stairs to her apartment. She just came back from her interview at the Crashdown Caféé to be a waitress. It was only two blocks away from her and the owners seemed really nice. They said they'd call to let her know if she got the job tomorrow. She reached into her purse to pull out her key. She unlocked the door and then gasped.
Max, Isabel, Maria, Alex and Michael were all in the living room painting. There was more furniture in the room as well, but she couldn't tell what since they were coved up by sheets.
Isabel punched Max on the arm. "I thought she wasn't going to be back for another hour!"
"What is all this guys?" Liz asked.
"We wanted to surprise you." Maria said. "We got you new furniture and wanted to have the walls painted by the time you got back."
"You really didn't have to do this, but thank you. I really appreciate it."
"Here, grab a brush." Alex said.
Max went over to Liz and squeezed her shoulder while kissing her cheek.
"Was this your idea?"
Max nodded.
Liz's eyes watered and she pressed her forehead against his. "Thanks."
"No, thank you." He kissed her softly.
Liz went over and took a brush. "I love this color. How did you pick it?"
"Well Max told us your favorite color was white, but we thought that was too plain, so we picked the lavender." Isabel replied.
Alex turned on the radio and everyone set back to work.
Forty five minutes later, Michael flopped down on the sheet-covered couch. "I'm exhausted."
"Oh you poor thing." Maria pouted and started massaging his shoulders. "Does that feel better?" She nodded toward Isabel.
"Yeah, a little lower."
Isabel walked behind Michael holding a paint bucket. Then she dumped the liquid right over his head.
Michael jumped up. "What the hell?"
Everyone broke into laughter.
Michael immediately lunged toward Maria.
"Michael!" She shrieked while running away from him. "I didn't have anything to do with that!"
"I don't believe you." He finally managed to tackle her on the floor, getting paint all over her.
The others watched on in amusement.
Liz took her brush and swiped it down Max's cheek to his neck.
"Hey!" He got the roller brush, but Liz dodged it and he got Isabel instead. Max instantly froze.
"You got paint in my hair!" Isabel screamed.
"It was Alex!" Max blurted out.
Isabel glared at Alex and threw the rest of the paint in the bucket on him. And thus, the paint war began.

Three weeks later:
Liz came home from work, she had gotten the job at the Crashdown, and plopped down on the couch while kicking off her shoes and placing her antenna headband on the end table. The furniture she had now was an off-white leather couch, purple leather recliner, and a chaise lounge.
Every day was starting to become a routine for her. After school Max dropped her off at the Crashdown and she worked there until 6:30 p.m. She'd walk home, make some dinner and get her homework done. Then Max would come over and an hour or so later she went to bed. And as she thought about it, she wouldn't have wanted it any other way. She sat up from the couch and headed toward the kitchen. She instantly stopped when she noticed the floor. There was a trial of white and pink rose petals along with Hershey kisses and hugs leading into her room. She followed it to where it ended at her bed. The bed had some more rose petals but also a bouquet of red roses. As she went to pick them up, she heard a knock and spun around.
Max was standing in the doorway holding a single white rose. He was wearing a white button down shirt along with a pair of khakis and no shoes or socks. He looked like a god to her and she wiped her mouth to make sure she wasn't drooling. "How . . . when . . . "
"I got her about 40 minutes ago." He walked over to her and handed her the rose.
Liz took it and brought it to her nose to smell the sweet scent.
Max bent his head down to place soft kisses on her nose, forehead, temple, each eyelid and cheek.
"This is so nice Max, why did you do this?"
"Because I love you, and wanted to show you."
Liz smiled. "Oh I love you too, so much." She leaned up to kiss his tender lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck while walking backwards never stopping the kiss. She reached down and moved the flowers, pulling Max on the bed with her.
His tongue traced the edge of her ear, his teeth pulling lightly on her earlobe. He kissed along her jaw line to the curve of her neck. His mouth kept moving, and he sucked lightly along her collarbone.
Liz brought his lips back to hers and ate at them hungrily. As his tongue caressed hers, Liz unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off as she ran her hands down his back.
Max started unsnapping the buttons on her uniform to her stomach and then hesitated. Liz smiled and brought her hand up to cup his cheek. "I want to do this Max."
Max leaned into her palm. "Liz, I love you. And I'd never make you do anything you don't want to or that would hurt you in anyway."
Liz grabbed his hands and placed a kiss on each of his palms. "I know."
He smiled and brought his head down to hers. They kissed gently as he undid the rest and pushed it aside. His eyes raked down her body.
She was wearing a light blue matching bra and panties. He had seen her without a shirt before, but had never taken her bra off. With a shaky hand, he unclasped the front and pulled the straps down her arms. His gaze went back to Liz. "You're so beautiful."
He cupped one breast with his hand, his thumb brushing over her nipple. He kneaded it gently but firmly at the same time.
Liz gasped and arched her shoulders back.
He dipped his head down to the other breast and spread feather light kisses over it. His tongue outlined her nipple before taking it in his mouth.
Liz's whole body was burning, for Max. He took her breast deeper into his mouth, sucking on it more greedily now.
Liz fisted her hands in his hair as he moved to the other one and repeated the process.
Liz dragged Max's mouth back to hers. She could feel his hardness against her lower stomach. She always thought she'd be frightened or embarrassed of this, but it only made her more aroused. She curved her body into it more, rubbing her own pulsing ache against it. She kissed Max passionately as her hands glided down his back to the waistband of his pants. She unbuttoned them and carefully pulled down his fly and tugged them along with his boxers off. She pulled away from their kiss and gazed at him. His eyelids were slightly hooded, but she could see his eyes dark and full of desire. She placed her hand over his manhood. Max instantly moaned out. She felt it throbbing and moved her hand up and down him. The skin was smooth and felt velvety. Max groaned again. Liz moved her hand faster, finding a pace he liked. Her other hand went down and explored his sensual sacs, rubbing them gently.
"God . . . Liz." He ran his hands down her sides and slipped her underwear off before crushing his mouth to hers. He started rubbing her sensitive folds. Liz moaned into his mouth and moved her hips with the movement of his hand on her.
"Mmm . . . Max, you *kiss* you brought protection, right?"
Max glanced down her and his heart swelled. He nodded his head as he reached for his khakis and pulled out a condom. "Did you know my Dad gave this to me the morning he found us in my room?"
Liz grinned. "Really?"
Max laughed lightly. "Yeah."
Liz took it from him and unwrapped it. She then slid it down on him.
"Are you nervous?"
"A little. But I want to do this Max, I love you."
"I love you too." He kissed her and settled on top of her. Liz spread her legs some and wrapped her arms around his neck. Max entered her slowly. Once he felt himself reach her barrier, he stopped, letting Liz adjust to him before he continued. Gently, he started again and once he passed it, he saw her eyes water and she bit her bottom lip. He brushed a tear away. "Liz . . . I . . . "
Liz shook her head. "No, it's okay." It did hurt her at first, but soon pleasure started to take over the pain and she tighten her silky walls around him, letting him know she was ready. He started a rhythm moving in and out of her. The feeling was so incredible, neither of them had ever felt like this before. Liz hugged him tighter to her and kissed him intensely. Max felt his release coming, but he held it, waiting for Liz. He reached down and found her delicate nub and pressed down on it, making slow circles. Liz cried out his name and came right with him.
Max collapsed heavily on top of her. Liz wove her hand through his hair and kissed the top of his head. There was no need for words right now, they were in love and this just proved it even more.
Four months later:
The Evans family along with Liz were standing outside Max's terminal at Roswell International Airport. Max had already said goodbye to his other friends at the going away party they had for him yesterday. He changed colleges and was now boarding the plane to go to San Francisco State University. He was still majoring in Graphic design, but now had a minor in social work. His mother said goodbye and hugged him for the hundredth time. His father gave him a hug and then Isabel did the same. Isabel was attending New York University to study fashion a month later. Max looked over at Liz next. She bit her bottom lip to keep it from trembling.
"Come on. I'll buy you guys some coffee or something." Isabel told her parents.
Diane cupped her son's cheek with her hand one more time before the three left, leaving Max and Liz. Max grabbed both of her hands with his. His one hand started playing with the ring on her left hand. Liz glanced down at it and smiled.
Three weeks ago, Max's parents let Liz and Max spend the week at their beach house in Vallejo Beach, CA. On their last night there, as they were laying together on the sand watching the sunset over the ocean, Max proposed to Liz.
They had it all planned out. Liz would complete her Senior year of high school and that summer they would be married. She was going to go to SFSU and they were going to live off campus together. Liz never would have thought she'd want to marry so young, but now she couldn't wait to be officially Max's.
"I miss you already." Liz whispered.
Max bent his head down to kiss her sweet lips. "It's only til May. And I'll come back to see you every chance I can."
"I know." Liz's eyes welled up with tears. "I love you so much. I don't know where I'd be right now if it wasn't for you."
Max started kissing each tear as it slid down her cheek. He captured her mouth again and gave her all his love.
"Last boarding to San Francisco Airport." Was announced interrupting them.
Max pulled away. "I gotta go."
Liz nodded. "Call me when you get there."
"I will. I'll see you soon." He gave her a quick kiss before they hugged and then he headed toward the terminal.
Liz watched his retreating form and sighed as she turned around. "Liz, wait!"
Liz spun around on her heels. The next thing she knew Max was lifting her up and kissing her breathlessly.
"I had to do that one more time." He said while pressing his forehead against hers.
Liz gave him one more kiss and smiled. "Now get out of here."
He grinned and went back. "I love you!" He called out.
"I love you Max!"
The flight attendant pushed him in and Liz watched as the doors slowly shut. The tears flowed freely down her face now.
Isabel came back with her parents and the four watched as the plane took off. Then softly playing from the speaker over the gate's ceiling. Liz could hear the song ˜Take my breath away start to play.' Another tear trickled down her face.
"Are you going to be okay?" Isabel asked as she put her arm around Liz's shoulder.
"Yes. I'll always be okay now." Liz replied. Because Max Evans showed her what it means to be loved and she was never going to lose that.


posted on 18-Feb-2002 12:15:42 PM
Author: Danielle M.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't worry I don't own any of the characters . . . Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims, but I can only dream of what I'd do to Max/Jason if I owned him!
Summary: Fanfic Challenge from Flachick06
Another story of how Liz deals with the Tess (yuck!)
Category: Max/Liz (of course! I love them to death!)

All You Want
Max and Liz just got back from their date at the movies on Saturday night. Even though they didn't watch much of it anyway. Max walked Liz to the door and they kissed for what seemed like forever. When the two finally pulled apart Max spoke up.
"I'll see you tomorrow."
Liz nodded. "Mmhmm." She was always left speechless after Max kissed her. He gave her one last kiss before heading off to his jeep.
Liz sighed and walked into her house. She picked up her journal and started writing.
Max sighed when he got to his house and went toward his room. He could never get over how lucky he was to have Liz. He opened his door and saw Tess sitting on his bed.
"What are you doing here?" Max asked startled.
"I came to see you."
"Me? Why?"
"Because, we're meant to be Max." She stood up and walked over to him.
"What are you talking about? I hardly even know you."
She placed out her hand, and moved a book on his desk to his bed. "I come from the same place you do."
Liz finished writing in her journal when she realized she forgot her purse in Max's jeep. She didn't really need it til tomorrow, but she decided to go over to Max's and get it. It gave her a reason to see him anyway.
Max looked at Tess stunned.
"You see, you're my destiny." Tess said as she walked up even closer to him.
"Tess, how do you know that?"
"Look, when we came down to earth you and me, and Michael and Isabel were meant to be together so we could procreate." She told him.
Max shook his head. "That can't be true." He said. "I love Liz."
Tess put her arms around Max and kissed him. Max tried to pull away but he couldn't. He knew it was wrong but he couldn't help himself and he kissed her back.
Liz crawled into Max's window. She looked up and saw Max making out with the new girl Tess.
"Oh my God!" She exclaimed.
Max pulled away and saw Liz standing in his room. "Liz!"
"Max . . . " Liz had to try hard to keep her tears from falling.
"This is all just a big mistake." He said.
Liz shook her head. "No." And she ran out of the room. Max ran out after her.
"Liz! Wait!" Max said when he got outside, Liz was on the other side of the street. "Let me just explain."
"Max there's nothing to say." Liz replied.
"Liz you know I love you."
"How can you, if you go do what you just did?"
"I don't know. It was like . . . it was like she was controlling me." Max said.
"Controlling you? What the hell do you mean?"
"Look, she's one of us." Max answered.
"You mean she's an . . . an . . . "
"Oh." Liz placed her hand on her forehead. "Um... well that still doesn't make things right."
"I realize that. But I want to be with you Liz. You know that." Max was halfway across the street now. "It's just that Tess told me that we're supposed to be together, to procreate. I mean I do feel something for her. But I'll get over it. I want to be with you Liz."
Liz took a step forward. "I don't know . . . I'm just so confused."
"Liz, I-" Max was interrupted by a black car approaching, you could hardly see it in the night.
"Max!" Liz hollered and ran over to move him out of the way. As she did this the car wound up hitting her. Liz flew to the air before falling to the ground. The car just turned around and left.
"Hey!" Max yelled out to the car. He wouldn't worry about that right now. He looked down at Liz lying unconscious on the street. He placed his hand on her forehead and made a connection with her. The connection was so strong that he healed instantly. Liz slowly sat up.
"What happened?"
"There was a car that was coming toward me and you pushed me out of the way, and the car hit you. Then I healed you." Max answered.
"Oh . . . thank you."
"Sure." Max leaned in closer to her.
Just then Tess walked out.
"What's going on?" Tess asked in an irritated voice.
"Nothing, I was just leaving." Liz said as she got up.
"Good, because Max is mine." Tess replied.
"Oh really?" Liz walked up to Tess.
"Yeah, that's right, so stay away from him."
"And how are you going to stop me?" Liz asked. Tess was making her furious.
"Like this." Tess said.
Tess raised her hand to Liz. But Max pushed her away before she could do anything to her.
"Why don't you guys just go home?" Max suggested.
Tess put her hand on Max's arm. "Okay, see ya later sweetie." She said.
Liz didn't say anything. She just walked off.
Max groaned. What am I going to do? He thought. He finally had Liz and now Tess comes into all of this. He decided to go talk to Michael.
When he got to Michael's apartment, Isabel, Alex and Maria were there also. Max figured he might as well tell them all what was going on.
"Hey Max." Michael said.
"Is Liz with you?" Maria asked.
"Um, no, that's actually what I'm here to talk about." Max flopped down on the couch and told them everything that happened.
"I never would have guessed she was one of us." Isabel said.
"Yeah." Michael agreed. "Maybe she has some answers for us."
"What are you going to do about Liz and Tess?" Maria asked Max.
"Um, I don't know. I love Liz more than anything, but I can't stay away from Tess."
"You're gonna have to choose." Alex said.
Max didn't say anything. He just nodded.
Maria went over to Liz's on Sunday.
"Okay Liz you want to win Max back, don't you?" Maria asked.
"Yeah, I guess."
"Well then you'll need this." Maria dumped a bag of clothes on Liz's bed. Liz sorted through the stuff. "Maria, I can't wear these clothes!"
"Look, if you want Max to forget about our new Czechlasavakian you're going to have to seduce him. Oh, I put my aqua bra in there too."
"Seduce him!" Liz exclaimed.
"Yes, it's the only way right now." Maria told her.
"But don't you think Max should choose me out of love and not . . . not lust?"
"Don't worry he will, but this will just help him realize you faster."
Liz sighed and looked at the clothes. "This tube top isn't too bad."
"Liz, that's a skirt." Maria replied.
"I'll be over tomorrow to do your hair and make-up." Maria said. "I got to go now, my Mom's making me go out to dinner with the sheriff and Kyle."
"Ooo, have fun." Liz said.
"Oh yeah, I will." Maria said sarcastically.
The next morning Liz put on a low-cut shirt, short skirt, and very high heels.
"Wow. You look great!" Maria said when she finished Liz's hair. "Now I just need to figure out your make-up."
"I don't know about this. I feel so not like . . . me."
"You'll do fine and if you don't get Max I'm sure you'll get tons of other guys." Maria applied some more eyeshadow on her. "There done."
Liz looked in the mirror and frowned. She wasn't sure if she liked what she saw.
"Okay, now just do everything I told you." Maria said as she parked her car in the school's parking lot.
"Right." Liz replied as she got out of the car. The two girls headed toward the school.
"Here it goes." Maria said as she squeezed Liz's arm.
Liz and Maria walked down the school's hall.
"Hey Liz." A jock called out. She looked at him and slightly smiled. She could hear more whistles as she made her way down the hall.
"You're doing great Liz!" Maria exclaimed.
Liz just nodded. Then the two saw Michael, Alex and Isabel and headed over to them.
"Hey guys!" Maria said.
"Hi." They all replied with confused looks on their faces.
"Hello." Liz said. She bit her lip and looked down. She felt really awkward standing there. "Um, I'm just going to my locker now."
"Right." Isabel replied.
"Later." Alex said.
"Okay, what did you do to her?" Alex asked Maria when Liz had left.
"I gave her a make over." Maria told them. "To get Max to realize how great she is."
"Oh she's great all right." Michael joked and turned around to check her out.
"Michael!" Maria punched him on the arm.
Liz went to her locker and got out her books. Two guys walked up to her.
"Do you need help carrying them?" One of them asked.
"No, I'm fine." Liz replied and walked off. She could feel the guys eyes still glued on her.
Max walked into school. He was still confused about what to do. But he decided to just go see Liz. He walked toward her locker when a girl caught his eye. He thought she was really pretty. God, I have to stop doing this, he thought. But then the girl's face flashed in his mind again. He turned around. "Liz?"
Liz turned her head. "Yeah?"
Max walked over to her.
"Um, Liz what are you . . . uh, why are you . . . um, wearing that?" He was tongue-tied from the site of her.
Liz moved so she was very close to Max. "Why, is there a problem?" She started walking again.
Max trailed behind her. "No, there's no problem. It's just that you don't . . . you don't normally dress like this."
The bell for home room rang.
"Bye Max."
Max just stood in the hall for a moment stunned.
It was finally 4th period and Liz walked into her science class. Tons of guys had noticed her. Liz thought it was all overwhelming.
Tess was already there. She was wearing a tube top and tight leather pants. When Max walked into the room, he started toward Liz but Tess grabbed him by the collar and kissed him. Then she dragged him over to her lab table. Liz sat down by herself and she held back all of her emotions as she watched Tess flirt with Max all period. When the class finally ended Liz ran out. Maria met up with her in the hall.
"So how's it going?" Maria asked.
"Okay I guess."
"Max is coming this way, now's the time to do what we practiced." Maria said.
"Yeah okay." Liz replied.
Max walked up to them. "Hey."
"Hi." Liz said.
"I gotta go see ya!" Maria exclaimed and left.
The bell for next period rang, so they were the only two in the hall.
"So . . . " Max started.
Liz grabbed his hand. "Come on, let's go talk."
She led him into the eraser room.
"Liz, I'm glad we can talk." Max said. Liz started kissing his ear. Max paused. "And um . . . I was thinking that maybe-"
Liz made a trail of kisses to his jaw. Max started again. "That I should just-"
Liz kissed his lips.
"Oh hell." He said and kissed her. Liz deepened the kiss and then pulled off her shirt. Max reached for her again but Liz stepped back.
"Just wanted to show you what you're missing." Liz said. She put her shirt back on and walked out.
Liz was quite proud of herself. Max was just shocked.
Liz was heading toward her class when she bumped into Kyle.
"Oh. Hey Kyle." She said.
"Hi, wow, some of my friends told me that you looked good today. Whoa." Liz smiled and started walking again, leaving Kyle standing astonished in the hall.
Maria and Liz were driving from school to the Crashdown.
"So how did your day go?" Maria asked.
"Um, I'm not sure. I did get about 20 phone numbers though."
Maria laughed. "And what about the thing with Max?"
Liz smiled. "Worked like a charm."
Pretty much the rest of the week went on like that. Liz flirted with other guys making Max jealous. Tess also continued trying to make Max hers.
Friday morning
Maria and Liz were at their lockers when Theresa Larios walked up to them.
"Hey guys."
"Hi." They replied.
Theresa handed them a flyer. "My parents are going out of town for the weekend. So I'm having a party at my house tonight. Will you be there?"
"Sure." Maria said.
"Great! Tell your friends." Theresa said and went to tell more people. Just then two jocks, Tommy and Paulie came over.
"Hey Liz." Tommy said.
"Hi." Liz replied and smiled. She had to admit Tommy was really cute.
"So are you going to Theresa's party tonight?" He asked.
"So I'll see you there?" Tommy said.
Liz nodded. "Okay."
"Great, see ya."
"Oh my God Liz!" Maria exclaimed when Tommy and Paulie left. "I can't believe he's meeting you at the party tonight!"
"Yeah, he's . . . nice." Liz said. But not Max she thought.
Max watched Liz talking to Tommy in the distance. It broke his heart to see them. He decided to go talk to her right now and let her know she was the one for him. He started walking toward her. Then Tess stopped him.
"Hi Max."
"Uh . . . hey."
"So, are we going to Theresa's party tonight?" Tess asked.
"Um . . . we?" Max looked over, Liz was gone. "Sure."
"Good, pick me up at eight." Tess said.
"Yeah." Max replied. He figured Liz would be at the party. He'd talk to her then.
Maria and Liz got to the party at 8:30 p.m.
"You told your parents you're sleeping over at my house tonight right?" Maria asked.
"Okay good."
Theresa greeted them at the door.
"Hi glad you guys could make it!" She said.
The girls nodded and walked in. Tons of people were already there. Liz was wearing a tight black midriff shirt and a short leopard print skirt. Maria had on a silver tube top dress. They spotted Michael and Alex and went over to them.
"Hello ladies." Alex said.
"Hi." Michael said to the two even though he was only looking at Maria.
Maria smiled. "Hey."
Michael took her hand and they went off.
"So Liz," Alex said. "You've had a busy week."
Liz blushed. "Yeah."
"So why-" Alex was cut off by Tommy.
"Hi Liz."
Liz smiled. "Hey . . . um, you know Alex don't you?"
"Yeah, hi." Tommy said. Alex could tell Tommy wasn't exactly pleased to see him.
"I'm gonna just go now."
"Okay, bye Alex." Liz said.
"So how are you?" Tommy asked.
"Really good and you?"
"Great." He replied. "I'll go get us some drinks."
Liz nodded. Tommy came back with two beers. "Here you go."
"Um, thanks." Liz took the beer from him. Tommy took a swig. Liz hesitated but then took a sip. It tasted horrible but she kept on drinking. After a while she didn't mind it as much.
Max and Tess were driving to the party. Tess inched up closer to him.
"You know that we don't even have to go to the party." She said.
"No, I want to go." Max said.
Tess started kissing his neck.
"Tess!" He shouted.
"God, don't have a fit, we'll go to the party."
Liz and Tommy finished their beers and then he got them two more. Liz finished hers in four gulps. She was feeling great. A new song came on.
"Oh, I love this!" Liz exclaimed. "Let's go dance!"
"Sure." They grabbed some more beers and started dancing.
Max and Tess walked into the party. Tess spotted Isabel with her friends. "I'll be right back, okay Max?"
"Uh-huh." Max scanned the room for Liz. He saw her dancing with Tommy. She looked really happy. Max frowned and turned around. As he went over to a chair, he tripped over a cat. "This is not my night." Max groaned. He sat with his back turned away from Liz and Tommy. He couldn't stand looking at them.
Tess came over to him. "Let's dance now."
Max reluctantly agreed and got up to go with her.
Liz went into the kitchen to get another drink. When she was almost finished with the beverage, a slow song came on. "Ooh, this is so beautiful!"
As Max danced with Tess, he looked around for Liz. He didn't see her.
"I'll be right back." Max said. He walked into the kitchen and saw Liz dancing on a table. A few guys were around her cheering her on. Liz had her hands up in the air and was swaying her hips.
"Liz!" Max yelled.
Liz looked over at him. "Oh hey Max."
"Liz get down from there!" Max demanded.
"Um, Max you have no say in what I do."
"I'm taking you home." He told her.
Liz continued dancing. "Nope. I'm staying. Right guys?"
"Yeah!" They hollered.
Tess came into the kitchen and put her arms around Max. "We never go to finish our dance."
"No, Max now." Tess ordered.
"I'm busy all right?" Max said.
"Look just finish this song with me and then you can come back here." Max didn't feel like arguing with her. "Fine." He hated himself for being so soft.
"Good." Tess dragged him back to the living room. She decided she would get Max so he wouldn't want to go back to Liz.
"Liz let's go upstairs." One of the guys said.
"Sure." She climbed up on Tommy's shoulders and they all headed upstairs.
Tess moved so she was as close to Max as possible. Then she started kissing him hard.
"Tess, just stop it!" Max yelled. "I don't want to be with you!"
Max ran back into the kitchen. Liz and the guys were gone. Max looked over at a couple at the counter.
"Do you know where she went?" Max asked.
"Liz!" Max replied.
"No sorry man." The guy said.
Max went over to the next person and grabbed him by the collar. "Do you know where she is?"
Another guy Neil walked in. "Cool it Max. I saw her go upstairs with some guys."
"Oh God." Max thought. Liz went upstairs with some other guys. "I have to go get her!" He shouted to no one in particular. He shoved himself through the people and headed upstairs.
"Aaaah!" Theresa shrieked. "You put beer in my cat's dish!"
Once Max got to the first door, he swung it open. There was a group of people smoking a joint.
"Hey man." One of them said. "Come join us."
"Uh, no thanks." Max shut the door and went to the next one. Michael and Maria were in there. He quickly shut the door before they would see him. Not like they probably would have noticed him anyway. He opened the last bedroom door.
Liz was in there making out with Tommy. She had her shirt off and the other two guys were reaching up her skirt.
"Get the hell off her!" Max hollered.
Everyone looked over at Max.
"Please," Tommy said. "She obviously doesn't want you." He reached for her again.
"I said stay away." Max yelled and he pushed him up against the wall. "If you touch her again, I'll kill you!" Max shoved him harder. "Do you hear me?"
"Alright! Calm down, just let me go!" Tommy exclaimed.
Max pushed Tommy away and then looked over at Liz. She just stared at him.
"Come on." Max said. He grabbed Liz's shirt and picked her up.
She started laughing as Max carried her down the stairs.
"Weeee!" Liz shrieked.
"Liz, be quiet!" Max said. Liz just laughed more.
Max put Liz in his jeep and went to the other side of the car and got in. He gave her her shirt. "Here, put it on."
Liz giggled and put on the shirt.
"Well, I can't take you home. Um, you can stay with me. My parents went away for the weekend." Max said as he started to drive.
"My hero."
Max nodded. Then Liz let out a huge burp. "Wow, that was a good one!" She started laughing hysterically. After a while she still didn't stop.
"Liz! Stop laughing. It wasn't that funny!"
Liz burped again and her laughs repeated once again. Even Max had to laugh this time. Liz talked the rest of the way. She told Max all of these crazy stories that didn't make any sense.
Max parked his car when they reached his house. He got out and went for Liz. As soon as her feet hit the ground she felt dizzy and started to fall. Max caught her.
"I've got you." He said.
Liz looked up into his beautiful eyes. "Thank you."
"Sure." Max said and picked her up. "Come on, let's get you inside."
Max brought her into his room and laid her down on the bed. "Just rest. You'll feel better soon."
Liz nodded. Then she put her hand on her stomach. "Oh God."
Liz got up and ran straight for the bathroom. Max could hear her throwing up.
"Um Liz, do you need me to help you?" Max called out.
"No, I'm fine."
Liz stumbled back into Max's room ten minutes later. "That was disgusting."
Max smiled. "I can imagine."
"Shut up!" Liz hit him on the arm. She got up on the bed with him and Max put his arm over her shoulder.
"I just want you to know that Tess and I have nothing going on. I don't care where's she from or whatever." Max looked down at Liz, she was asleep. He went down and took off her shoes. Then he brought her back in his arms. He kissed the top of her head and watched her sleep.
Isabel walked into her brother's room the next morning. She looked and saw him sleeping with Liz. He had his arms around her. As much as Isabel disliked Max's relationship with Liz sometimes, she had to smile. Max even protected Liz when he was asleep. But she still didn't like the fact that Liz was in his bed in the first place.
"Max!" Isabel exclaimed.
Max opened his eyes. He didn't even remember falling asleep. He had spent half the night watching Liz sleep.
"What are you doing?" Isabel asked.
"Uh, you know how Liz got drunk last night, so I brought her here." He admired down at Liz, she was still sound asleep, breathing quietly. Max smiled, she looked angelic.
Isabel saw his smile and frowned. "Well Max, it's 1:30 in the afternoon."
"Are you serious?" Max rubbed his eyes.
"Yeah, I came in here to tell you that I'm going to the mall."
"Oh, Okay." Max replied.
Liz started to stir awake.
"All right, I'll leave you two alone now." Isabel said. "Just don't do anything stupid."
"Bye Isabel." Max said.
Isabel shook her head and left the room.
Max looked down at Liz. "Hi."
Liz glanced up at Max confused. "Hi, um how did I get her?" Then she groaned. "Ah, I have a horrible headache."
"You got drunk at the party last night." Max told her.
"Oh yeah."
"Do you remember anything?" Max asked.
"Um... I remember being with Tommy and dancing and then uh... I was... Oh my God!" Liz said realizing what she did. "I can't believe I did that! But then you came and saved me."
"Yeah, something like that."
"Thanks a lot."
"It's okay. Hey, I've been drunk before too."
Liz nodded. "How could I ever forget that?" Liz blew out a breath. "Can I use your bathroom? People are right when they say hangovers are the worst."
"Thanks." Liz slowly got up. "God, I can't believe I actually wore these clothes!"
"Well, you did make me jealous if that was what you were aiming for." Max said.
"Max, it wasn't like I wanted to dress like this. Maria said that I should to get you back. This week has been total torture for me."
"So has mine Liz."
"But you had Tess." Liz responded.
"I don't want her. She means nothing." Max stood up so he was next to her. "I want you."
They looked into each others eyes.
"I'm just going to go to the bathroom now." Liz said.
Max nodded and stepped back. "Yeah."
When Liz left, Max flopped on the bed and sighed.
Liz called out from the bathroom. "Max?"
"Yeah?" He shouted back.
"Can I use your toothbrush?"
"Go ahead."
Max went to go find some medicine for her. He wasn't sure of what to give her though because he never used the stuff. He grabbed some Tylenol and headed upstairs. Max walked into the bathroom. He watched Liz for a moment. He thought that she looked so cute just standing there brushing her teeth.
"Hey." He said.
Liz spit into the sink. "Thanks for letting me use this." She put down the toothbrush.
Max walked over to her. "Um, here I thought this might help, it's extra strength Tylenol."
"Thank you." She took the pills and swallowed them.
Max moved closer to her. "I meant what I said earlier."
"I know you did." Liz replied.
"Then why did you walk away?" Max asked.
"Well first of all my breath stank." They smiled at each other. "But secondly you can't just apologize to me and expect me to come running back. What you did still hurt Max."
"I know Liz." Max brushed his hand through her hair and looked into her eyes.
Liz sighed. "Why is it that as hard as I try, I can't stay away from you?"
Max smiled. "You're my soulmate Liz. I've always known it."
Liz shook her head. "I can't be Tess told you that you two are meant to be together."
"When we were in the space ship to go wherever we were suppose to go, Tess was my destiny. But then the ship crashed. And my destiny changed Liz. The first time I saw you I knew it. You're my destiny now. I love you."
"I love you too." Liz said with tears in her eyes.
Max leaned down and gently kissed her.
"That works better than any Tylenol will." Liz said.
Max smiled and Liz wrapped her arms around him. They kissed again. The more they kissed the deeper the kiss grew. Liz wrapped her legs around Max's hips and he pushed her against the sink counter. Liz could feel his hardness under his jeans, and she rubbed against it, trying to relieve her own ache. Max moaned and ripped off her shirt and then her bra. He had to get closer. Liz pulled off his shirt. Their chests rubbed together. Max could feel her nipples harden at the contact. Max kissed his way down to her chest. He looked back up at her, making sure it was okay. She kissed him gently. Max took one breast in his hands and caressed it. Then he lightly kissed the other one. Max licked around it in circles before taking it in his mouth.
He started to massage it with his tongue. Liz pulled Max's hair. This turned him on even more. He went to her other breast and started sucking on it. Max put his hand on her breast and it was still hot and wet from his Mouth being there before.
Liz couldn't believe the way her and Max were losing control, right here in his bathroom!
Max moved back up from Liz's chest to her mouth and kissed her fast. Liz could hardly think straight. She was loving every minute of this. But she knew that if they were going to go any farther it would not be here in his bathroom.
"Max?" Liz said between kisses. She was scared that talking might make Max change his mind about all of this.
"Yeah?" He said before kissing her again.
"Um . . . can we . . . uh, lets just . . . go to your room."
Liz was so happy that she kissed him harder. She kept her legs wrapped around him and he carried her into his room. He collapsed down on the bed, their lips never departing. Liz fumbled with the button on his pants and he helped her get him out of them. Max yanked off her skirt and then went for her panties, but she stopped him. It was her turn to do something for him. She pulled off his boxers and threw them on the floor with the other clothes. She enveloped his pulsing flesh in her hand.
"Max, show me what to do . . . I mean show me how you like it."
Max kissed her and then placed his hand over where hers was and moved it up and down. Slow at some parts and then faster at others. Liz moved his away and started stroking him herself. Max moaned. Liz loved that she was the only one that has touched him like this. She felt something wet dribble on her hand. Starting with his mouth, she made a trail of kisses to his stomach. Then she looked up at him and grinned.
"Liz, you don't have to . . . "
Liz shook her head. "No Max, I want to."
She gently kissed the tip of him. Max jumped at the touch. Liz slowly took him all into her mouth. Liz's tongue made spirals around him.
"Liz . . . oh god . . . " Max arched up his hips and gave all of himself to her.
"Mmm, that was really . . . good." Liz said. She pulled herself up to him and they kissed intensely for a while. Liz felt Max hard again pushing against her underwear. She started moving her body against it. Max broke away from the kiss and turned Liz so she was on the bottom. Max made his way down to her thighs and slowly eased off her underwear.
"Liz, you're so beautiful."
He ran his fingers on the inside of her thighs. Max could feel her skin trembling underneath his hand. Liz could feel his hot breath coming closer to her. She eagerly waited for his touch. He lightly kissed her and she thought she might explode. Max opened her folds and found her nub and gently rubbed it with his thumb. That was enough to put Liz over the edge and cried out. "Max! Yes!"
She found herself kissing Max again. She ran her hands up and down his back. She wanted to remember every moment of this.
"Oh Liz . . . " Max moaned.
"Do you um, have any protection?" Liz asked.
Max was stunned for a moment. Liz Parker wanted him to make love to her.
"Um, yeah I think so." He frantically searched through the drawers in his night stand. Finally he found a condom. They were giving them out at a health store in the mall one day. Max remembered blushing when the lady handed it to him. He took it out of the wrapper and slipped it on. Then he fell onto Liz giving her kisses everywhere. He laced his hands' hers. "I love you."
"I love you."
Max slowly started to enter into her. He went gradually not wanting to hurt her in anyway. Then Liz pushed her body down bringing him in the rest of the way.
"Oh, Max . . . "
Max smiled down at his beautiful Liz. He kissed her and they started moving together. They couldn't even describe the feeling that washed over them. It was incredible. They saw an image of them together for the rest of their lives, because they truly were each other's destiny.


posted on 18-Feb-2002 12:17:31 PM
Author: Danielle M.
Email: Opel70⊕
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't worry I don't own any of the characters . . . Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims, but I can only dream of what I'd do to Max/Jason if I owned him!
Summary: Challenge from Sara
Category: Max/Liz (of course! I love them to death!) A little bit of M/M added too

Can't Get Enough Of Your Love

Maria Deluca walked down the school's hall toward her locker. She was in an extremely good mood today. She saw Max Evans at his locker which was near hers since lockers were assigned in alphabetical order.
"Hey Max!" She exclaimed.
Max waved. "Hi."
Then he felt someone wrap their arms around him from behind.
"Hey Michelle." He said.
Max turned his head and grinned down at Liz. "Kidding."
Liz pinched his stomach. "Jerk!"
Max laughed. He turned himself around so he was facing Liz and she kept her arms around him. He leaned down and kissed her. She parted her lips and he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Their faces bruised together with intensity.
Maria slammed her locker as hard as she could. She really needed to talk to Liz right now. She glanced back over at Max and Liz, they were still making out. Maria walked closer to them and coughed loudly. Still, no response from them. Maria sighed and tapped Liz's shoulder. When Liz still didn't move, Maria screamed out. "Liz!"
Liz turned around and smoothed down her hair. Max was blushing.
"Oh, hi Maria." Liz said.
"Yeah, hi." Maria replied. "Listen, I really need to talk to you."
Liz nodded. "Okay." She turned back around to Max. "I'll see you later okay."
"Alright, bye."
Liz leaned up and kissed him. Maria had to drag her away from him. Liz walked backwards as Maria hurried her down the hall.
Max smiled, she was so cute. He didn't have a chance to really look at her today. She was wearing a pink sundress and her hair was swept back into a ponytail. He thought she looked adorable. He waved to her.
Liz waved back. ‘‘I love you.' She mouthed.
‘‘I love you.' Max mouthed back and smiled.
She continued walking backwards down the hall staring at Max. Maria turned her around. "You two can be really pathetic."
Liz smiled. "Is that what you need to tell me so badly?"
"No." Maria pushed Liz into her home room and then looked around to make sure no one was looking. "Okay, you know how I went to Michael's last night to study for history?"
Liz nodded.
"Well, Michael and I, we wound up doing it." Maria spit out.
"You mean you-" Maria nodded her head vigorously before Liz could finish her sentence. "Oh my God!" Liz hugged her friend. "Wow. That's so great!"
"It was like indescribable. It was just so amazing." Maria replied.
"Yeah." Liz agreed.
"So I know you and Max do it all the time." Maria stated.
Liz blushed and thought about the first time her and Max had made love.
"I've been thinking though." Maria said.
"About what?" Liz asked.
"Well, do you ever wonder what you guys look like?" Maria asked. "I mean like when you're doing it. I thought about that this morning."
"I've never really thought about it." Liz said. "I guess it would be interesting to see."
The bell rang and Maria sprang up from her seat. "Well gotta go see ya later."
"Bye." Liz replied.
Max was walking toward his home room, he stopped really quickly and looked at the bulletin board on the wall.
Max grinned and picked his pen and wrote down Elizabeth Parker on the sign up sheet.
Liz tried to concentrate in her 3rd period Spanish class. She kept thinking about what Maria had said earlier. Would she really want to see her and Max making love? She decided that maybe she would try it sometime. The bell rang ending the period. Liz rushed out of her seat. Next period was biology.
Max walked into biology class. He sat down in his seat next to Liz. "Hi."
Liz looked over at him and smiled. "Hi."
The teacher started talking about their lab assignment. When he finished Max and Liz got out of their chairs and started working. Liz stood as close to Max as possible. She slowly dragged her fingers down his stomach to the front of pants.
"Liz, what are you doing?" Max asked.
She just smiled up at him.
"We have to get this done." Max said.
Liz looked back down to where her hand was. "I know." She started moving her hand faster.
"No, no, no!" Max pleaded knowing he would lose control any second. "Please stop."
Liz smiled at him once again. He looked so cute trying to make her stop. She could feel him growing hard under his jeans. She started massaging him now.
Max gave up trying to get her to stop. He threw his head back and groaned.
"Mr. Evans, is there a problem?" Their teacher asked.
Liz immediately took her hand away and giggled.
"Um, no sorry." Max replied.
"Just focus on your lab."
Max nodded his head. When the teacher walked away Liz laughed.
"I'm going to get you for this." Max teased.
They finished their lab without any more ‘‘distractions.'
The bell rang and the students started to pile out of the room.
"Don't forget your project for the fair is due Monday!" Mr. Sullivan called out.
"I still can't believe you did that!" Max said as he walked to lunch with Liz.
Liz smiled. "I know you liked it."
"Well yes, but that's not the point."
Liz laughed. "So, do you have to work today?"
"Good, neither do I, we can finish up our science project after school today."
Max nodded. "Sounds good."
Max met Liz at her locker at the end of the day. He kissed her gently. "You ready to go?"
"Yep." Liz said as she took his hand and they headed off for his jeep.
"Max, where are we going?" Liz asked when he started driving away from the direction of their houses.
"To the mall." Max said.
"The mall? What do we need to get there?"
"You need to get a new bathing suit."
"For what?" Liz asked puzzled.
"The swim suit competition." Max replied.
"What!" Liz exclaimed.
Max looked over at Liz and smiled. "I entered you in the competition KROZ's hosting."
"Max, I can't do that!" Liz shrieked.
"And since you did the blind date thing with them, it'll give you some extra points."
"I'm not going to strut around half naked at a contest." Liz said.
"You do for me."
Liz let out a sigh of exasperation.
"First place gets $250 and a weekend for two in Albuquerque." Max added.
Liz looked at him. "Really?"
"Well, if you really wanted to go away for a weekend we could have paid for it."
"But it's more fun this way." Max stated.
"I can't believe I'm doing this. Maria will flip when she hears about it. When is this wonderful event anyway?"
"Saturday." Max replied.
"I only have three days to get ready?"
"That's why we're going to the mall now. Hey I'll even pay for one of the suits."
Liz rolled her eyes. "Gee, thanks."
They got to the store and Liz started looking around.
"I like this one." Max said with a grin as he held up a silver thong bikini.
"No way! I might as well walk around naked."
"You could do that."
"Shut up!"
Liz was in the dressing room trying on suits.
"Liz, let me just see one." Max called out.
"No," Liz replied. "You got me in this mess, you'll see on Saturday."
Max groaned. It didn't have an opening on the bottom, so he couldn't crawl through and surprise her. Then he remembered that he could unlock doors.
He scanned the area to make sure no one was around. When he didn't see anyone, he placed his hand over the lock, a light glow shown through and it clicked open.
Max slowly opened the door to Liz's dressing room. She was tying on the top of her suit, and the bottoms were already on.
"Max!" She exclaimed. "Shut the door!"
He stepped in and shut the door behind him.
"I meant shut the door and get out!" Liz said.
"Can't I help you?" Max asked. He started pouting.
"Oh, not the puppy face!"
Max grinned. "I like that one." He said pointing to her suit. It was a lavender string bikini. Then he picked up a light blue suit. "I like this one too."
Liz smiled and pulled the string on the bottoms she was wearing and it fell down, then she untied the top and it cascaded down as well. "Well, are you going to help me put it on?" She asked indicating the suit.
Max just nodded and he slowly guided the bottoms up her legs. Standing behind her, he put her arms in the straps of the top, and slowly brought them up to her shoulders. He clasped the back and turned her around to face the mirror. "This looks very good on you." Max said.
"You think so."
Max nodded and started kissing her neck. He reached his arms around and cupped her breasts in his hands. Liz threw her head back enjoying the feeling. But then she realized where she was.
"Wait Max . . . not in here."
"Okay." Max replied and kissed her shoulders and down her arm.
"I mean anyone could hear us." Liz said. She was losing more and more control every second.
"Uh huh." Max turned her around and kissed the hollow spot below her neck knowing that it was her weak spot.
Liz groaned. "What am I going to do with you?"
She brought his lips up to her. He hungrily ate at her mouth. Max wrapped her legs around his waist. She pulled off his shirt and went right back to his mouth again as she unzipped his jeans and yanked them down with his boxers. They pooled down at his ankles since he never took off his shoes, he didn't care though. He took off the suit he had just put on her. Max sucked on her breasts long and hard. Liz moaned, she could feel it right down to her core. She tangled her fingers through his hair. He kissed her again and thrusted himself into her.
"Ooh!" Liz exclaimed and he kissed her harder. He moved her so she was against the wall, causing the bathing suits on the hangers to all fall off.
Liz squeezed her legs around Max trying to get him closer.
"Liz . . . baby." Max moaned.
Liz wanted to scream out in pleasure, but she knew she couldn't so she pulled on his hair. Max loved it when she did this and he pushed her up against the wall harder and kissed her faster. They were interrupted by a knock at the door.
"Excuse me miss, are you alright?" The sales clerk asked.
Max smiled at Liz.
"Um, yes. Thank you." Liz replied.
"Okay." The woman said with a sound of uncertainty in her voice.
Max leaned against the wall and slid down taking Liz with him.
"I think we should buy that suit." Max said.
Liz giggled and rested her head on his shoulder.
Later at Liz's
Max and were finishing up their science project in her room.
"This is going to be really good. Do you think we'll place?" Liz asked.
"Sure." Max loved looking at Liz when she was hard at work. He thought she looked so sexy.
Liz noticed his stare. "Max, what is it?"
"Just thinking about how lucky I am to have you for my lab partner."
"Oh, thanks. I'm glad you're my lab partner too." She reached down to work on the project again. Max started nibbling her ear. "Max! We need to get this done!"
He traced her jawbone with his tongue.
Liz got up. "I'm going to get some drinks."
Max smiled, he loved torturing her like this.
When she left Max realized that this was the first time he had been alone in her room since the night he got drunk. A smile slowly spread across his face. He got up and went to her dresser.
Max slowly opened her top drawer and rummaged through all of her lingerie. At the bottom he found a purple lace teddy. He took it out and shut the drawer just as Liz came back with the drinks. Max held up the item and smiled.
"Max!" Then Liz just sighed. "It's a good thing I love you, or else you'd be very annoying."
"When did you get this?" He asked.
"Oh, it was like a year ago. Maria dared me to buy it. I forgot I even had it."
"So, are you going to put it on for me?"
"No. Don't you remember what happened when I tried on something for you in the store today?"
Max grinned and nodded.
"Is this like payback, for what I did to you in biology today?"
"Nope, I haven't even gotten you for that yet."
"Okay Max, tell you what, if we get our project done, I'll put that on." Liz said and kissed him.
Max helped Liz finish it up in record time.
"I think we'll get first place." Max said proudly.
"Well don't you have high hopes." Liz replied. "We should do well at the fair though. Except I heard Theresa and Vin's project is supposed to be good too."
"Oh." Max smiled. "So are you going to put it on for me now?"
"Okay." Liz pointed her finger at him. "But don't laugh at me."
Max nodded.
Liz got up and went to the bathroom to change. She put on the teddy, and then took her hair down and let it hang loose. Liz stuck her head out of the door.
"Max, are you sure you want to see me like this? I look really stupid."
"I'm sure you look fine."
"I don't know . . . "
"Come on let me see." Max pleaded.
Liz stepped out into the room. Max grew instantly hard from the sight of her.
"I think I need a whip to go with this thing." Liz said with a smile.
Max laughed and hugged her. "Too bad you can't wear this on Saturday."
"Please!" Liz exclaimed. She kept her arms wrapped around him. "This thing is really itchy too."
"Aw, does that mean I have to take it off?"
Liz pulled him tighter to her. She could feel his hardness against her waist. "Maybe if I'm distracted, this thing being itchy won't bother me as much . . . "
"I'm good at distracting." Max said against her lips.
He kissed her fast and Liz kissed him back just as hard. He made wet kisses from her chin down to her chest. He put his mouth over the lacy material and gently sucked on it. He moved his way down farther and did the same between her legs.
"Max . . . " Liz moaned as she buried his head in between her. Then he kissed down to her ankles. She pulled off his shirt and grabbed him back up to her. Liz sucked on his tongue as he untied the corset. Max took it off in a quick sweeping motion. And Liz helped him out of the rest of his clothes. They laid down on the bed and kissed again.
"Lay on your stomach baby." Liz said.
Max turned over and Liz grabbed an ice cube from her glass. She slowly ran it down his spine. Max jumped up for a second, he was surprised at how good it felt. She continued doing this til it started to melt. Liz licked up the water off his back.
"Mmm, I liked that." Max said. Then he turned Liz on her side with her back facing toward him.
"Max, what are you doing?" Liz managed to ask.
"You'll see." Max whispered into her ear. He started to spread her cheeks. Liz realizing what he was going to do moaned out his name.
"Are you nervous?" Max asked.
"No, I want you to hurry up Max."
Max kissed the back of her shoulder and slowly entered himself into her. She was so tight and hot.
"Oh god, Liz." Max moaned.
She arched herself back into him more. Max started a rhythm and kept pumping himself into her. Liz took his hands and guided them all over the front of her body. She kept saying his name over and over again. She couldn't get enough. Max groaned and came inside of her. "Oh, Liz, I'm sorry . . . I didn't mean to."
"It's fine." She kissed his hand. "I love you."
"I love you too Liz."
She turned so she was facing him and kissed him tenderly.
"Do we have time to sleep before your parents come home?" Max asked.
"I don't know when either of them will be back. My door's locked so they won't come in. I'll just set my alarm clock for 45 minutes."
Max nodded. "Okay."
Liz set her alarm clock and snuggled into Max's arms. She rested her head against his chest and listened to his heartbeat, as he stroked her hair.
Liz woke up to hear Mandy Moore's ‘‘I wanna be with you' softly humming on the radio. She looked at Max who was gazing down at her. She crawled up and kissed him.
"Hey." He replied before kissing her again. "I have to get going."
"I know." She kissed him lightly. "I don't want to get up though. It's so comfortable like this."
"Liz, if I don't get up now then you know I'll never leave."
"Is that a bad thing?"
"I think if your parents are home it might be."
Liz sighed and slowly sat up. Max kissed the top of her head and they got dressed. The two kissed one more time before Max headed out the window.
"I'll call you tonight." Max yelled from the balcony.
"Okay." Liz shouted back. "I'll miss you."
Max ran back to the window and kissed her once more. "I'll miss you too. I love you."
Liz loved the way he said he loved her. It always felt like the first time.
"I love you too." She kissed him sweetly. "Now get out of here!"
Max kissed her hand and left.
It was Friday night and both Max and Liz had to work. Max finished his shift and went over to the Crashdown.
Liz was the only one locking up tonight. She got out a broom and started sweeping the floor.
Max looked through the door to see Liz sweeping. She's so graceful he thought. He lightly knocked on the door.
Liz turned around and immediately grinned after seeing Max. She ran over and unlocked the door.
"Hey beautiful." Max said and kissed her.
"Hey yourself." Liz replied. "I missed you tonight."
"I know, I missed you too, work was so boring."
"Same here."
Max looked around the caféé. "Closing by yourself tonight?"
Liz nodded. "I told my parents I'd do it and Maria wanted to go see Michael. Did you know that they're . . . "
"Yeah." Max cut her off. "They seem happier now too. So do you want to go do something after you finish closing?"
Liz beamed up at him. "Sure."
Max went in the back room and started looking through the refrigerator. His eyes landed on a bottle of whip cream. He looked back at Liz still sweeping, she didn't see him pull out the bottle, and smiled. He walked over behind the counter and went to the soda machine. He hid the whip cream.
"Uh, Liz can you come here? I think something's wrong with the machine."
Liz walked over to Max. She pushed the button and the soda came out. "Max it works fine." She said with a puzzled look on her face.
"Oh, that's how they work." Max said.
Liz raised her eyebrows. "What are you up to Max?"
"Okay . . . " Liz picked up her broom and started sweeping again.
"Wait Liz, come back again." Max said.
"What is it Max? You're acting strange tonight."
"I'm sorry, I just want . . . want to . . . " Max pulled her closer to him. "I'll show you what I want."
He brought his lips down to hers. Liz sighed and kissed him back. As the kiss grew deeper Liz slipped off her shoes while Max unbuttoned her uniform. It slowly slid down her body and Liz tugged Max's shirt. He took off her bra and Liz started to undo his pants but he stopped her.
"This is for you." Max sat her down on the floor. He took her arms and placed them over her head against the wall. He kissed her and when Liz tried to bring her hands down she couldn't.
"Max, what did you do to my arms?"
"I'm keeping them there."
"You just love having powers don't you?"
Max grinned and nodded. Then he pulled out a bottle of whip cream. Liz's mouth fell open. Max smiled again and reached up on the counter to get some tabasco sauce. He pulled off her underwear and kissed her gently. He shook the bottle of whip cream and right below her neck he started spraying.
"I" he said as he drew the letter on her.
"Love" he drew a heart on her stomach.
"You" he made a u this time below her stomach. Then he covered the whip cream with the tabasco sauce.
"You ready?" Max asked.
Liz just nodded, she could hardly breathe.
Max slowly started to lick up the whip cream. His tongue gave special attention to her breasts when he got to them, and then continued further down.
"God Max . . . " Liz moaned. She arched her body up higher every time Max touched her. When he reached her navel, he stuck in his tongue. Liz cried out and tried to get her hands free.
Max smiled and moved down farther south. When he finally got between her legs, Liz could hardly control herself. He ate up the cream now mixed with her own juices. Max kept lapping it up. He was loving every minute of this. Liz moved her hips back and forth against his mouth. When Max finally had enough, he straddled her hips and kissed her madly. Liz rubbed up against him. The friction between his jeans and her hot flesh were making them crazy. Max had to control himself, tonight was for Liz.
"You're delicious." He said.
"Oh, why thank you." Liz wiped some whip cream off his chin.
She was breathing heavily and Max watched as her chest heaved up and down.
"This was your early present for the competition tomorrow. Good luck."
Liz smiled. "Some present."
Saturday at the swim suit competition:
Liz was in the back getting ready. Theresa Larios walked over to her.
"Hey Liz."
"Oh hi Theresa."
"I didn't think you would do this kind of thing." Theresa said. "I mean everyone thinks of you as such a goodie goodie, you know?"
"Is that right?"
Theresa nodded. Hmp. I'll show them Liz thought.
Theresa started talking again. "So, I hear your science project is really good. Vin and I have been working on been working on ours for weeks."
"That's great Theresa." Liz smiled sweetly. She usually didn't mind Theresa, but now she was really bugging her. "I hope you guys do well." Liz heard her name being called by the announcer. "Oh, gotta go. Good luck."
Liz walked out onto the stage. She was wearing the light blue bikini, with her pair of matching sandals. She saw Max in the front clapping for her. As much as she hated this, she had to smile. She could tell a lot of people in the crowd were surprised to see her. Liz felt embrasssed, but she pushed the thought aside. She would prove to them that she wasn't the perfect Liz Parker everyone knew.
Everyone was announced and they all did there stuff. It ended an hour and a half later and everyone started listening to the D.J. announce the winners.
"Third place, Carley Stamey . . . Second place, Vicky Delaney, and our first place winner . . . Liz Parker!"
Liz eyes grew wide. She didn't think she'd actually win! She felt some people push her and she went to the front of the stage.
The announcer gave her roses. She could hear Max cheering for her. She looked down at him and she laughed in disbelief.
"Well Liz here's your $250 dollars and the package for a weekend for two in Albuquerque."
"Um, thank you." Liz replied into the mike.
Max was driving Liz home after the contest.
"Liz you were great. I've never seen you like that before."
Liz smiled. "I know."
"Want to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate?" Max asked.
"Sounds good."
Max pulled up to the Crashdown. "I'll pick you up at 5:30."
"Okay." Liz wrapped her arms his neck. She kissed him hard and then pulled away. "See you then."
Max nodded.
She lightly flicked his nose and started to get out of the car. Max watched her as she walked into the Crashdown. He could never get over how this beautiful creature was his.
Liz walked into the caféé. Maria ran over to her.
"Liz! I was just listening to the radio and they said you won the swim suit competition! I can't believe you did that!"
"I didn't want too. Max signed me up."
"What about your parents?" Maria asked.
"Don't tell them! They'll start freaking out, especially my Mom. I'd be grounded for sure."
Maria shook her head. "I still can't picture you doing that. When are you and Max going to Albuquerque?"
"Probably the weekend after the science fair."
Maria nodded. "How will you convince your parents?"
"I don't know. I'll think of something. Anyway I have to go get ready. Max is taking me out to dinner."
"Okay, see ya."
Liz walked into the door to her house just as her parents were leaving.
"Oh Lizzy, I'm glad we caught you. Your Mom and I got invited to a party tonight." Mr. Parker said.
"Oh okay."
"We'll be home around 1:00 or so." Mr. Parker added.
"Did you have plans for tonight?" Mrs. Parker asked.
"Oh, Max is taking me out to dinner." Liz replied.
"I figured you'd be going out with him. Okay, well don't wait up for us." Mrs. Parker said.
"Bye guys." Liz kissed them on the cheek before they rushed out the door. Liz went to her room and started getting ready for her date. She was brushing her hair when she realized that she would have the whole house to herself tonight. She smiled and ran over to her television. She opened the cabinet next to it and pulled out the camcorder. She decided she would try Maria's suggestion about taping her and Max making love. Liz went back to her room and placed the camera on her shelf that was facing the bed. She put a few stuffed animals around it so Max wouldn't notice. Not that he probably would anyway. Liz was just finished getting ready when she heard the doorbell ring.
"Hey." Liz said as she opened the door.
"Hi." Max said. Usually one of her parents always answered the door and talked to him while Liz got ready, so he was surprised to see her. Liz noticed his look.
"My parents aren't home. They went to a party so they won't be back til later tonight."
Liz grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house and shut the door. She leaned up and kissed him. Max smiled against her lips and picked her up. He carried her into her room and they crashed down on her bed never stopping their kiss. Then Max pulled away.
"Liz, I don't want you to think that I just want you for sex and-"
Liz cut him off. "I know you don't."
"I mean we can still go out if you want."
"Is that what you really want to do?" Liz bit his ear lobe knowing it made him crazy.
Max sighed. "No."
"Neither do I."
Max started planting kisses all over her face. At first Liz was kind of nervous with the camera being there, but soon she was lost in the passion and forgot all about it.
They started kissing again. Max unbuttoned her shirt with one hand, while his other wove through her hair. Liz took off Max's shirt. She lightly sucked on his neck as he slipped off her bra. She gave him tiny bites on his chest and he cupped her breasts.
"Oh Liz . . . " He managed to say before licking her chest. She ran her hand up and down his spine, making him wild. He bit her one nipple and squeezed her breast with his hand. Liz cried out and quickly took off his pants and boxers releasing him. She brought her mouth over him and sucked hard. She loved the taste of him.
She heard Max groaning and smiled. She took her finger and gently scratched the base of him. It was enough to make Max go insane and he gave himself to her. Liz licked and kissed her way back up to him. Then Max quickly helped her out of the rest of her clothing. Max spread soft kisses on her shoulder. Liz remained on top and grabbed his shoulders after kissing him deeply. She pushed herself down into him.
"Max . . . " Liz moaned and he placed his hand behind her neck and pulled her down to him. Their kisses were fast and open. The two couldn't stop moaning. Liz placed hot wet kisses on Max's chest. Then she started to ride him.
"Oh God!" Max screamed out. "Liz, Liz, Yes!" She clenched her inner walls around him and moved her hips faster. Max grabbed her and he started kissing her madly. They fell off the bed not caring. Liz wrapped her arms and legs around him as she pulled his tongue deeper into her mouth. Max went into her faster.
"Oh Max! Don't stop!" Liz screamed and she dug her nails into his shoulders as he sucked on her neck.
When they finished, they managed to get back up on Liz's bed. Liz curled up against Max. She kissed his chest.
"Guess what I did."
Max looked down at her. "What?"
"I video taped us."
Max looked at Liz in disbelief. "You did?"
Liz nodded.
"Where did you get an idea like that from?"
Max looked at her in horror. "Does she want to watch?"
Liz laughed. "No! She asked me if I ever wondered what we looked like. And I thought since my parents weren't home, I'd try it tonight."
Max smiled. "I can't believe you did that."
"I like to surprise you every once and awhile." Liz replied.
"So are we going to watch it?" Max asked.
Liz beamed up at him.
They got dressed and went into the living room. Liz put in the tape and sat down on the couch with Max.
When it started the two sat and watched, stunned by what they looked like.
"Wow." Liz said with wide eyes.
"Uh-huh." Max nodded with his mouth hung open.
When it ended, the two were so turned on that Max pinned Liz down on the couch and they made love again.
They put on their clothes once more. Liz got up to rewind the tape.
"Do you want to play a game?" Max asked.
"Um sure." Liz replied. "There are some games in my closet."
"I'll go get one." Max said.
Max went into the closet, and scanned through the games Liz had. His eyes landed on one game, he grabbed it and smiled.
Liz got sick of rewinding the tape so she just ejected it and tried to think of where to hide it, when Max walked back in the room. Liz set the tape on top on the T.V. and went over to him.
"You want to play Twister?" Liz asked.
Max nodded his head. "But there's a catch."
"Every time you fall you have to strip. First person to have all their clothes off loses. And no pushing."
Liz smiled. "Okay let's play." She took the box from him and laid the mat on the floor. "You first."
Liz spun the wheel for him. "Okay right foot green." Max then spun for Liz. They kept playing for the next five minutes neither of them falling yet. Then after Max's turn he was in a position so that his butt was right in front of Liz's face. She scrunched up her face but then grinned and bit his butt.
"Ow!" Max shrieked and fell down.
Liz was laughing hysterically but remained in her position.
"Hey, no fair." Max said.
"I didn't push you!"
"You still made me fall."
"Well you did fall so you have to take something off." Liz replied.
Max smirked and took off his watch.
"That doesn't count!" Liz said.
"Well neither does biting. Okay, your turn. Left-hand blue."
Liz reached her hand to the spot, but just as she touched it she lost her balance. She picked herself up.
"All right, take something off." Max said grinning.
Liz started to pull off her shirt but then stopped and took off her hair tie instead. Max frowned.
"Two can play this game." She said with a seductive smile.
They continued playing the game. Right now they were at the point where Liz had her socks off, but Max just had on pants.
Max spun the wheel. "Okay, right hand yellow."
Liz moved her hand and Max could then see right down her shirt. He lost all his control and tipped over.
Liz giggled. "You're horrible at this game! Off with the pants now."
"Okay, Okay." Max took off his pants.
Three minutes later Max had to take off his last article of clothing.
"Yay! I won!" Liz exclaimed.
"How come you didn't tell me you were so good at this game?" Max asked.
"It's really not that difficult." Liz said.
"Well, the only reason I wanted to play was so you'd lose."
Liz wrapped her arms around his neck. "Winner gets to pick the next game."
She whispered as she traced the edge of his ear with her tongue. Max smiled and kissed her. Liz brought him down on the mat with her. With his help she quickly got out of the rest of her clothes. They kissed long and hard. Liz could feel Max hard against her thigh. She positioned herself so he could enter her and he did in one quick motion.
"Mmm . . . Max." Liz moaned out. She hooked her arms under his and pushed him in deeper.
"Oh Liz, Liz . . . " Max cried out. He ran his hands up and down her sides. Liz threw her head back and he sucked on her breasts. They came together and as they did Liz bit on Max's shoulder until she tasted blood.
"I'm sorry Max." Liz said afterwards pointing to his shoulder.
"It's okay. I didn't even feel it. Anyway I think it's kind of sexy."
Liz smiled and lightly kissed the corner of his mouth.
"Come on, get dressed. It's only 10 o'clock. I still want to take you out to eat."
They help each other get dressed and went out to Max's jeep. The video tape of them was left forgotten on top of the T.V.
Max and Liz went to the Pizza Pan for dinner since it stayed open late. After the waiter took their order Max spoke up.
"Do you know what Monday is?"
Liz nodded immediately. It was the 7 month anniversary of their first kiss. "So much has happened since then."
Max nodded. "Yeah. I wanted to give this to you on Monday but I can't wait any more." He pulled out a small box from his jacket.
Liz took the box from him. She already had tears in her eyes. "Thank you so much Max!"
"Liz you haven't even seen it yet."
"I know I'll love it." She opened the box. Inside was a necklace. It was a heart with flowers embroidered on the front.
"It's a locket, open it." Max said.
Liz opened the heart. There was a picture of all six of them. Liz smiled remembering when the photo was taken. It was a few weeks ago and the six of them all went mini-golfing. The other picture was one of her and Max.
"Oh Max . . . " Liz started sobbing, she loved it so much.
Max moved and sat over on her side of the booth. "Liz, why are you crying? This is supposed to make you happy."
"Max I am. This is so beautiful."
"There's a back too." Max added.
Liz turned the heart over, engraved were the words, ââI€:˜I love you, Max'. She threw her arms around him and kissed him gently. "Thank you! Thank you!" She planted kisses all over his face.
Max grinned. "I'm glad you like it."
He took it out of the box and clasped it around her neck.
"I'm never taking it off." She said and kissed him again. They were soon interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat. The two looked up at the waiter.
"Here's your food." He said as he quickly placed it on the table and went off.
Liz smiled at Max after the waiter left.
"You're a much better waitress than him." Max said.
"Why thank you." She nuzzled her nose against his.
Max stayed on her side of the booth and they dug into the pizza.
Liz was eating dinner with her parents. While she was telling them about her day, she unconsciously started twirling her necklace.
"That's a pretty necklace Liz. Where did you get it?" Mrs. Parker asked.
"Max gave it to me." Liz answered with a dreamy look in her eyes.
"Oh." Nancy replied. "You're quite serious with Max aren't you? I mean your relationship is different from anyone you've had before."
"I love him Mom."
Mrs. Parker couldn't believe she was saying that at such a young age. She was about to something but Mr. Parker started talking.
"I haven't really talked to Max since the camping trip. Why don't we invite him and his parents over for dinner after the science fair on Friday?"
"That's a good idea." Nancy said. "It will give us all a chance to talk."
Liz nodded. "Okay, I'll tell Max."
Friday evening at the science fair:
Max and Liz were standing by their exhibition, showing it to everyone. Theresa and Vin were at a table next to them.
Mr. Sullivan called Max and Liz over to meet someone.
Theresa nudged Vin on the arm. "I can't believe Max and Liz's project. It's really good. There is no way they're beating us though. Go over there and mess it up."
"I don't know Theresa . . . " Vin said.
"Just do it!" Theresa demanded.
"Okay, Okay!" Vin said throwing up his hands in defense.
When Max and Liz got back to their project, it was a wreck.
"Max, what are we going to do?" Liz asked.
"Make sure no one is looking. I'll fix it up."
Liz nodded. "Okay."
Max waved his hand over the project making it even better than before.
A few minutes later Mr. Parker came over with his camcorder. "Okay wave guys!"
The two smiled and waved into the camcorder.
Then the judges came over and Mr. Parker filmed them talking to Max and Liz.
An hour later they started announcing the winners.
"Third place - Kathleen Palinoski and Elliot Barnett, Second place - Theresa Larios and Vincent Diesel,"
"What?" Theresa exclaimed. "How did that happen? Who beat us?" She said while clenching her fists.
Vin shrugged and went up on the stage with her.
"And First place - Elizabeth Parker and Maxwell Evans!"
"Vin! I thought you ruined their project!" Theresa yelled.
"I did. I don't know what happened." Vin replied.
"Liz Parker always wins. Now I'm depressed. Take me to the eraser room."
Vin smiled. "Okay."
Max and Liz looked at each other and grinned. Max squeezed her hand as they made their way up the stage.
"You're just winning all over the place this week." He whispered in her ear.
Liz's house after the science fair, everyone's eating dinner. Mr. Parker brought up a circular table to seat the six of them. Max and Liz were sitting next to each other.
Mr. Evans raised his glass. "To Max and Liz winning first place in the science fair!"
Everyone raised their glass to agree.
"Nancy, this soup is great!" Mrs. Evans said.
"Thank you Diane. I'll have to give you the recipe."
The adults continued talking. Max and Liz sat there in their own little world. Max placed his hand on Liz's thigh and slowly ran his fingers up and down. Then his hand slipped under her skirt.
Liz looked over at Max, but he was looking at the adults. He looked over at Liz and smiled but then turned his head back to their parents. He started massaging her inner thighs. Liz tried not to lose control but when Max lightly traced her nub with his finger, she couldn't help herself and cried out. "Oh!"
Everyone looked over at Liz.
She blushed. "Oh um, sorry. Excuse me."
Max had to keep himself from laughing. Liz kicked him under the table. They heard a timer go off in the kitchen.
"Oh, my chicken's ready." Mrs. Parker said.
"I'll get it for you Mom." Liz said.
"Thank you Liz."
"I'll help." Max said and went into the kitchen with Liz.
"Max, I can't believe you!"
Max grinned. "That's payback from biology."
Liz shook her head, "but in front of our parents?"
Max couldn't think of anything to say so he kissed her instead.
"That was a good idea." Liz said.
"I thought so." Max replied. He started kissing her breasts right over her shirt.
"Max." Liz moaned and kissed him again. "We have to get back out there."
Max nodded. "We'll continue this later."
Liz smiled.
"What took so long?" Mrs. Parker asked when they came back in.
"Oh the chicken needed another minute."
"Okay guys want to watch the tape of the fair now?" Mr. Parker asked after they finished eating.
"Oh yes." Mrs. Evans replied. "I love watching tapes of my baby Max!"
"Mo-om!" Max said slightly embarrassed.
Mr. Parker realized that there where two tapes on top of the T.V. He wasn't sure which one was the science fair so he grabbed one and put it in the VCR.
"I think this is the right one." He muttered to himself.
Everyone sat down to watch.
Right when it started you could hear moaning. Max and Liz looked at the screen. It was the tape of them making love!
"Whoa!" Liz immediately jumped up and turned off the T.V.
Max couldn't move. His eyes were wide open from shock.
The room was silent. Finally Mrs. Parker spoke up. "What the hell was that?"
"Uh . . . Um . . . " Liz couldn't speak.
"Max?" Mr. Evans asked.
Max just sat there, he couldn't think of anything to say.
"Oh my god. My baby girl's having sex!" Mrs. Parker exclaimed.
"No mom, it's not like that." Liz said.
"Then what's it like?" Mr. Parker yelled. It was the first time he ever yelled at Liz.
Liz put her head down.
"Max, how the hell can you do something so irresponsible?" Mr. Evans asked.
"I wasn't being irresponsible because I wanted too."
"You wanted too! Oh well that's great." Mr. Evans hollered.
"I love Liz." Max said softly.
"Oh God." Mrs. Evans scrubbed her face with both of her hands. "All right you two need to cut it with the I love you stuff. You're only in high school . . . God, you have the rest of your lives to find love."
"Well what's so bad about finding it now!" Liz demanded.
"Elizabeth do not speak like that!" Mrs. Parker yelled.
"Look, why don't you two excuse us. We need to just figure things out." Mr. Parker said. "And don't do anything like what we've seen when you're alone."
Max and Liz treed into her room.
"I'm so sorry." Liz said after she shut the door.
Max hugged her. "It's okay. We'll get through this."
"I'm so stupid Max. I've should've hidden that tape right away."
"It's not your fault." Max said as he stroked her hair and brushed the tears away from his eyes.
About 15 minutes later Mrs. Parker walked into Liz's room. Max and Liz quickly sat up from their curled up position on her bed. Liz wiped her eyes. Mrs. Parker frowned. "We want to talk to you guys now."
Max took Liz's hand and they walked into the living room.
"Okay guys we've made some decisions." Jeff Parker said.
"But first we have some questions." Mrs. Evans stated. "How long has this being going on? I mean your relationship being on a sexual level?"
"I don't know . . . " Max lowered his head. Of course he knew, he knew the exact day, the hour, everywhere Liz had touched him. He felt Liz squeeze his hand and he squeezed it back.
"I don't understand why you had to videotape it. How many times have you done it?" Nancy Parker asked.
"Only once." Liz replied.
"Um, Saturday night." Liz mumbled.
"When we went out to the party." Mrs. Parker threw her hands up in the air. "I can't believe I trusted you. Do we need to get you a babysitter?"
"No mom!" Liz said annoyed.
"Don't you dare talk back to me!" Nancy said.
"Look we said we would sit down and discuss this." Jeff said. "Why don't we just tell them what we decided."
"Okay." Mrs. Evans said. "We think you two need some time apart."
"What?!" Liz and Max exclaimed at the same time.
"You guys need to get out more with other people." Phillip Evans said.
"I don't want to go out with anyone else." Max said.
"You guys just need to give this a chance." Mr. Parker said.
"Liz is the only one for me!"
"That's what you say now and you two are going to wind up making a big mistake." Mrs. Evans said.
"You guys just don't understand!" Liz exclaimed.
"Well, this is what we want you to do for a while." Nancy said.
"That's not fair!" Liz yelled.
"Also Max, you can only go to the Crashdown only if you're with one of us." Phillip said.
"And Liz, you are not to be running around the UFO Center either." Jeff said.
"I'm going to call your boss and let him know about that too." Diane added.
"You're treating us like little kids!" Max shouted.
"You deserve it right now, you two don't even realize how big a problem this!" Mrs. Parker said.
Liz got up and ran to her room. Max wanted to run after her, but he knew he couldn't. "Can we go now?"
"I think that's a good idea." Mr. Evans replied.
His parents lectured him the whole way home. Max wasn't even paying attention. He didn't care what they thought. He loved Liz and that's all there was to it.
Max was lying on his bed when Isabel barged in his room.
"Max! I just heard what you and Liz did!"
"So? Do you realize what a huge mistake you guys made?" Isabel exclaimed.
"Look I've already heard this talk from Mom and Dad."
"I mean I always knew guys probably fooled around, but I didn't think you two were having sex, and then videotaping it!"
"Just leave me alone Isabel!" Max said annoyed.
"Well, at least you guys are cooling it down now." Isabel said.
"Cooling it down? I still love Liz, and I'm going to be with her."
"I'm just trying to look out for you Max."
"I know Isabel. Thank you. But I know what I'm doing is right too." Isabel nodded, finally understanding how much love he had for Liz.
"Goodnight Max."
"Night Iz."
Liz's parents just finished giving Liz another speech on sex. Liz shut the door after they left and she sat on her bed and cried. A half an hour later Max came in her room.
"Max!" Liz whispered. "What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to see you."
"But we're going to be in so much trouble if you get caught."
"I don't care." He stroked her tear stained cheek with the back of his fingers. "We're gonna make it through this."
She nodded and kissed his fingers.
"And we'll see each other at school. Don't worry Liz. Our love will get us through this. You'll see."
Liz wrapped her arms around him and pressed her forehead against his. "I know."
Max slowly rocked her as she silently cried and breathed in her beautiful scent. After a while Liz slowly pulled away. "I wish I never even taped us in the first place. It was such a dumb thing to do."
"I wasn't dumb Liz. I'd show it to everyone in the world if I could, just so they'd all know how much I love you."
"Well I don't know about that . . . "
Max smiled. "How long do you think our parents are going to be mad at us?"
"A really long time I'm sure. I'm going to scream if I hear another sex lecture." Liz said.
Max laughed. "Me too." He sighed. "I don't know what I'm going to do without my other half."
"We're going to pull through this remember?" Liz pulled him closer by grabbing his collar. "And I'm going to make sure we still go to Albuquerque next weekend."
"How are you going to do that?" Max asked.
"I'm not sure yet, but we'll be fine if we get Maria and Michael to cover for us."
Liz kissed him sweetly. "You better go."
Max nodded. He gave her one more kiss.
"I love you." Liz said.
"I love you." Max replied before climbing out the window.
"Okay, here's the plan." Liz told Maria at work. "I'm telling my parents I'm going to Albuquerque with you and Max is telling his parents that he's going camping with Michael for the weekend. But really you and Michael will just stay at his apartment. You can't leave though, no one can see you guys."
"Trust me babe. He won't want to leave." Maria said with a grin. Liz laughed. "Thank you sooo much for doing this for me." Liz gave her a hug.
"Sure. Besides I can tell that seeing Max in school is definitely not enough."
"That's for sure." Liz replied as she touched the necklace Max gave her.
"Mom! Please can I go?" Liz pleaded. "Maria needs to take someone with her on this trip."
"I don't know Liz." Mrs. Parker said. "We're still extremely mad at you."
"I understand Mom, but this will give a chance to get away from Max."
Nancy Parker shook her head. "I don't know . . . "
"I can look around at the colleges there too."
Nancy sighed. "Okay, you can go. Just be careful."
"I will. Thank you Mom."
"Please Mom." Max begged. "I haven't really talked to Michael in awhile and camping should really be fun for us."
"Why, doesn't your father go with you guys?" Mrs. Evans suggested.
"You know how Michael gets nervous around him."
"Max, why should I even let you go? You're father and I are still angry with you."
"Mom, I won't be around Liz."
"That's true."
Diane sighed. "Fine."
Max smiled. "Thanks."
Friday afternoon:
Maria went over to Liz's house to pick her up. Liz came down with her suitcase. "Hey Maria! Bye Mom, Bye Dad!" Liz yelled. "We're going to the bus stop now!"
Liz's mom came over and gave her a hug. "Have fun."
Mr. Parker gave her a hug as well.
"Bye Mr. and Mrs. Parker." Maria said as they left.
"I don't understand. Why did you let her go?" Mr. Parker asked as the girls shut the door behind them.
"Because Jeff, she won't be around Max for the weekend."
"Oh, good thinking."
Liz and Maria told their parents they were taking the bus to Albuquerque. That way they wouldn't have to worry about her car. The four of them were meeting at Michael's. Liz was so excited. She was actually skipping down the street.
"Liz! Calm down!" Maria exclaimed.
Liz laughed. "I'm sorry Maria. I just can't wait!"
The two finally made it to Michael's apartment.
Maria knocked on Michael's door. Max opened it. Liz shrieked and he picked her up and twirled her around.
"Oh God." Maria shook her head. Michael came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her cheek. They looked over at Max and Liz kissing.
"Hey Michael?" Maria said.
"You know how I said I wanted you to be more romantic?" She watched Max give Liz a bouquet of daisies.
"Uh huh."
"I changed my mind."
Michael laughed and kissed her. "Too bad, because I bought you some more shampoo."
Maria rolled her eyes.
"All right you two break it up." Michael said since Max and Liz were kissing again.
"Maybe we should stay here and they can go on the trip." Max said.
Liz laughed. "Come on, let's go."
Max took her hand and picked up her suitcase in the other.
"Thank a lot guys." Liz said as they left.
"No problem." Michael said and shut the door. Michael tapped his finger on his chin. "Now Maria, what to do? I really don't know how I'm going to keep you entertained this whole weekend."
"You better think of something!" Maria said before kissing him.
They were interrupted by the ringing of the phone. Michael picked it up. "Hello?"
"Oh Michael I'm glad I caught you. I need to talk to Max." Mrs. Evans said.
Michael's eyes flew open. "This is Michael, sorry I can't come to the phone right now, please leave a message after the beep."
Michael held the phone to Maria and she made a beeping noise. "Beeep."
"Oh, you put the cover on the jeep." Liz said frowning.
"Yeah, I had too, in case someone sees us. I'll take it down once we get out of town."
"Okay, it's such a beautiful day."
"Yeah." Max put her suitcase in the jeep and helped her into his car. "God, I missed you."
Liz kissed him lightly. "I missed you too. School wasn't enough time for us."
"No way."
He kissed her again and then climbed into the driver side of the vehicle. They made it out of town and started driving out into endless desert. Max took down the cover of the jeep and they started driving again. Liz rested her head on Max's shoulder. They drove in silence enjoying the light breeze and each other's presence.
Finally Liz couldn't take it. She started kissing Max's jaw. "Max, I don't think I can wait any more."
"Liz we only have a little longer til we get there." Max could feel his own control weakening. "And I just put the cover down too."
In an instant Liz was all over him. Hiking up his shirt, unfastening his jeans. She'd never felt this kind of desire.
"Liz!" Max pleaded. "Just try to wait." But the more Max thought about it, the further away the hotel seemed to be.
"What?" Max said afraid to even ask.
"I'm not wearing any underwear." She whispered in his ear.
Max lost all of his will power and he pulled off the road and fell onto her, pushing her skirt aside, his jeans around his knees. Her head banged against the car as he pumped her, but she barely noticed. The daisies he gave her were crushing beneath her releasing their fragrance. She would never smell daisies again without reliving this moment.
"Where have you been all week!" Max said as she lied in his arms.
"Just wait til we get to the hotel." Liz said with a smile.
"Then let's hurry up!"
They got dressed and were on the road once more. They talked the whole way until they finally made it to the city. Max checked them into the hotel and the bellhop brought them to their room. He put down the luggage and stood there for a moment.
Max stared at the bellhop. Why wasn't he leaving? Couldn't he see how badly he wanted Liz right now?
The bellhop cleared his throat and Liz tapped Max's arm.
Oh yeah, he had to tip the guy. He shoved some money in his face, anything to get him to leave. Max immediately shut the door after the bellhop left.
"We have two hours before-" Liz was cut off by Max sweeping her up in his arms and kissing her. His tongue brushed against Liz's lips urging them to part. Liz opened her mouth for him and embraced his tongue with hers. Liz unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. She kneaded her palms against his chest. Max lifted her arms up and took off her shirt. They started kissing again as they made their way to the bed. Liz banged into a corner of the end table.
"Ow!" She exclaimed.
"What?" Max asked with the most concerned face.
Liz looked at Max and her love for him was almost overwhelming. She glanced at his lips, swollen from passion.
"Nothing." She kissed him gently, lightly licking his lips as if to make up for them being puffy.
Liz fell unto the bed taking Max with her. Max sucked all over her chest while she got him out of his pants and boxers and rubbed his hardness.
"Liz . . . " Max took off her skirt and he moved down and put her legs on his shoulders. He went straight for her heat and sucked her into his mouth. Liz massaged his shoulders with her thighs as she cried out. Max moved back up to her and they kissed each other deeply. Max thrusted himself into her. They moved their hips together in rhythm. Liz always loved how complete she felt after Max filled her.
Max kissed her deeper. He loved how he felt Liz's presence all around him. Afterwards they rested in each other's arms, touching each other as if they hadn't for years.
"Max we're going to have to get ready if you want to go to dinner tonight." There was a dinner/ dance being held at the hotel that night.
"Yeah, I know you're looking forward to it."
"It's fancy. You remembered your suit right?"
"Yes Mom."
Liz hit his arm. "Shut up!" She glanced over at the clock. "Well, we only have an hour now to get ready."
"You want a shower?" Max asked.
"Yes, but only to wash off. We don't have time for anything else."
"What do you mean anything else?" Max teased.
Liz laughed. "You know what I mean."
They washed each others hair and bodies and then dried each other off.
"You wear the necklace in the shower too?" Max questioned.
"Yes." Liz replied. "I told you. I never take it off."
Max kissed her softly.
They got dressed. Liz had a spaghetti strap dress which was navy blue and backless. Max was wearing a suit. Liz had to do the tie for him. Her mouth watered from the site of him.
"Liz, you look gorgeous."
"You look quite good yourself." Liz replied and kissed him.
Max extended his arm toward her. "Shall we my lady?"
Liz linked her arm in his. "Why certainly sir."
The dinner at the hotel was part of the package Liz won. It was held in a ballroom.
"Max, this is so beautiful."
Lots of people were already there dancing on the floor. Max and Liz spotted a few younger couples so they didn't feel totally awkward. Max took Liz over to a table. A waiter came over, immediately giving them appetizers.
"This is much better than the pizza pan." Max said.
"Yeah." Liz agreed.
After they finished eating, Max got up and took her hand. "Let's dance now."
Max lead Liz out on the dance floor. He did a really good job too.
"Where did you learn how to dance like this?" Liz inquired.
"I watched the people while we ate dinner. I know how you like to dance, so I memorized the steps."
"You're so sweet." Liz rested her head on his shoulder as the music started to slow down to the sounds of Eric Clapton.
Max whispered the words of the song in her ear as they played.



Liz smiled up at him with tears filling her eyes. "I love you." She whispered.
"I love you Liz." Max said back.
"I'll be right back. I have to use the bathroom." Liz said after they stopped dancing.
Max nodded. "Okay."
He went over and sat at the table. He noticed the bubbly drink set there. Oo! Sparkling cider! Max thought and chugged the beverage down. What he didn't realize was that he drank champagne.
Max set down his drink and the room started to spin. Then he looked back at his glass.
"Oops, I did it again!" (You guys know I just had to say that!). He started laughing. Liz came back to the table.
"Max, what's so funny?" He just kept laughing.
Liz looked at the empty glass. "Oh Max, you drank the champagne?"
"Yeah. I thought it was juice. Hehe."
Liz leaned over and kissed him. "Did that sober you up?"
"But the last time you got drunk it worked."
"I think I need more of you to sober me up now." Max said with smile. "Come on, I want to dance more." Max stood up and started doing the macarena.
"Max! No!" Liz had to hold back a laugh and looked around the room to see if anyone was watching. She blew out a breath of relief since no one was.
"We're going back to the room."
"Ooh, so that's what you want to do." Max grinned and wiggled his eyebrows.
Liz smiled and rolled her eyes at the same time. "Come on you." She pulled him by the sleeve.
Liz dragged Max down the hall toward their room.
"Do the hustle!" Max exclaimed and started dancing again.
God, he looked ridiculous. Liz thought. If only he could see himself now.
"No more dancing Max."
"Wait, I got a better song." Max said as he threw his arms in the air. "Y-M-C-A!"
This is going to be a long night. Liz thought.
Liz finally managed to get Max into the room. She sat him down on the bed and turned on the T.V. "Just stay here and watch T.V."
Max looked at the television. The channel happened to be CNN. "Oh, this show is so funny!"
"What am I going to do with you?" Liz asked.
"I love you." Max said sweetly.
Liz kissed him lightly. "I love you too."
Liz went into the bathroom to wash up and changed into her nightgown. When she came back out Max had taken off his suit and was only wearing a wife beater and boxers. He was jumping on the bed.
"Max!" Liz cried. "What are you doing?"
"What does it look like Liz?" He continued bouncing. "No wonder this hotel is so popular. They have very good jumping beds. Come on, get up here with me."
Liz sighed and climbed up on the bed. She started leaping with Max. She had to admit, it was kind of fun and Max looked so silly. As they we're lunging around, Max jumped too high and banged his head on the ceiling.
"Ow!" He fell down on the bed.
"Aw baby, what happened?"
"I hit my head on the ceiling." Max pouted.
"Oh you poor thing." She kissed the top of his head.
Max brought his head up and kissed her softly, nibbling on her lower lip. He pushed her back on the bed as he unbuttoned her nightgown.
"You sobering up?" Liz asked.
"No." *kiss* "I think I need . . . " *kiss* "need more. . ."
Liz took Max's mouth in hers once again. Max slipped down her underwear as she threw off his shirt.
Starting with her neck, Max grazed his tongue and teeth along her body. He lightly tugged on her skin as he made his way down. Once he reached her bundle of nerves he gently pulled and tugged at it with his teeth, paying special attention to her sensual nub. It was making Liz crazy. God, how did Max know how to do that? She grabbed onto the sheets to keep herself from thrashing around. She pushed herself down until she made it between his legs. Liz yanked down his boxers. She immediately took him all of him into her mouth, loving his taste. She lightly rubbed behind his sensitive sacs with her finger as she sucked harder. Max lost all control and gave himself to her. He moved down to meet her lips and they could taste themselves in the kiss. They were halfway off the bed and they maneuvered their way back on the bed. Max rubbed her with his tip, teasing her.
Liz moaned out and grabbed his bottom so she could push him into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist as she tightened her inner walls around him, bringing him in more. They kept kissing, their faces molding together. Max moved his hips back and forth and Liz squeezed her legs tighter around him as she matched his rhythm.
"Wow, alcohol really does something to you." Liz said when they finished. "You better be sobered up now."
"Actually it wore off after I hit my head and you kissed me." Max said with a smile.
Liz's mouth flew open in shock. "I can't believe you!" She hit his arm.
Max laughed. "Well I got you to keep going anyway."
"Yeah, I probably wouldn't have stopped. But I kind of liked the idea of trying to get you sober."
"Did I ruin your night?" Max asked.
Liz shook her head. "Of course not. I would've liked to stay at the dance a little longer, but it's okay Max."
Max brought the covers up over them. Liz laid her head on his shoulder and Max draped his around her and gently stroked the back of her shoulder with his fingers. They were both exhausted and sleep instantly came to them. Liz woke up still in Max's strong arms. She glanced at the clock, the number's 4:07 glared back at her. She looked back at Max. His chest heaved up and down as he breathed quietly. God, he was so angelic. She felt overwhelmed with love for him at that moment. Liz could never get over how lucky she was to have him.
She sighed knowing she wouldn't be able to get back to sleep. She didn't want to wake Max up. He probably needed his sleep because of the alcohol. Liz sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. She grabbed her silk robe and went out onto the balcony as she put it on. It was such a beautiful night and there was a cool breeze blowing. The sky was clear and full of stars.
Liz turned around and saw Max coming out onto the balcony. He had a blanket slung over his shoulders and his hair was all messed up from sleep, sticking up everywhere. Liz thought he looked adorable.
Max rubbed his eyes. "What are you doing out here?"
"Oh, I couldn't sleep. It's so pretty out here."
Max looked up into the sky. "Yeah it is." He gazed a moment longer and sighed. He switched his glance back to Liz. The wind was blowing through her hair as she looked at the stars. She was breathtaking he thought. "Come here."
Liz turned her head and then walked over to him. She put her arms around his waist. "How are you feeling?"
Max looked into her eyes. "I'm doing just fine."
Liz let Max capture her eyes with his for another minute. Then she laughed.
"You looked so funny dancing and then jumping on the bed before." Max smiled. "We should've brought the video camera."
"No way! I'm not touching one of those for a long time!"
"I bet." Max pulled her tighter to him. Liz kissed him.
"Make love to me Max. Right here under the stars." Liz took the blanket off of Max and laid it down on the floor. She took him down on it with her.
"The stars can't even compare to your beauty." Max whispered. Liz smiled as she slipped off her robe.
Max gave Liz sweet little kisses all over her face and she did the same to him.
"I know I say this all the time, but I love you Max, so much." Liz placed more kisses over his face.
"Liz I always love it when you say you love me, it's like music. I love you too."
Liz put her hands on his shoulders and kissed him deeply. Max caressed her breasts with his palms in a circular motion. She lightly traced his spine with her fingers and laid back, their mouths never leaving each others. Liz spread out her legs and arched up her hips. Max entered her slowly. He pulled away from their kiss so he could look into her eyes. Liz ran the back of her fingers across his cheek until they met his lips and Max kissed them.
Liz then set her hand behind his neck and kissed him. They started moving together, again and again, until they reached their climax and went over the edge together.
"Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight . . . " Liz sang with a smile afterwards as she mopped his hair out of his face. Max smiled back and kissed her gently.
The next day there were tons of activities for Max and Liz to do. After they fed each other breakfast in bed of course. First they got to go in a hot air balloon. Liz loved being up in the air with Max. The land was amazing from there. Max loved having Liz up there with him too, except he didn't like that it felt like they were going to fall or the fact that the guy who flew the balloon kept looking at Liz and grinning. Max possessively kept his arms around Liz.
"Wasn't' that so cool?" Liz said at lunch after they got off the balloon.
"Yeah. Except I didn't like how the guy was staring at you."
"He was pretty sexy." Liz replied.
She laughed after seeing Max's shocked face. "Kidding!"
"Oh right, I knew that."
Later they got to go water skiing. The two were really bad at it. They kept losing their balance and falling off the skies. They couldn't stop laughing at each other though. After they gave up on that, Max rented a little motor boat for them and they went out onto the lake. Liz had on a bikini top and shorts. Max was wearing shorts and a muscle shirt. Liz's mouth watered from the sight of him.
"All right." Max said as he stopped the boat in the middle of the lake. "I'm going to teach you how to fish."
"Yep." Max said as he pulled out a rod and handed it to her. "I used to fish all the time with my Dad. It's really relaxing."
"Oh okay." She picked up a reel. "You have to show me how to work it. And we'll put the fish back in the water after we catch them."
"Okay Liz." Max sat behind her. He put his arms around Liz and placed his one hand over hers.
"Show me how to use the rod." Liz whispered with a smile.
Max chuckled and showed her how the fishing rod worked.
"So we just sit here and wait?" Liz asked.
"Well that's not very fun."
"Sure it is." Max replied. "Just wait okay? You need patience."
Liz sighed and nodded her head. "All right."
They started talking a few minutes later, Liz felt a tug on her line. "Max! I think I got one!" She stood up and Max got up to help her. She started to reel it in but it got stuck. Liz started to pull harder and she wound up losing her stabilization and the boat capsized.
Max and Liz quickly got out from under the boat. Liz started laughing. "Oops."
Max laughed too. "I think you're too fat for the boat."
"Hey!" Liz shrieked and hit his arm. Then she tried to dunk him under the water, but was unsuccessful and he dunked her. Liz splashed him with water. Max grabbed her and kissed her fast as they treaded the water. Liz moaned into his mouth before pulling away.
"You're right. Fishing was a good idea." Liz said.
Max smirked and they flipped over the boat. Max kissed her again and they managed to climb back into the craft.
Liz pinned Max down and kissed him, their faces smoldering together as the boat lightly rocked. "I love you." *kiss*
"I love you." *kiss*
"I want you now Max."
"Liz, we're in a boat."
"I don't care . . . " She started kissing his neck.
"Liz we can't keep doing this . . . " *kiss* "in spontaneous places I mean." *kiss*
"Why not?" *kiss*
"Well, I can't really think of a reason now . . . " *kiss* "but I'm sure . . . I'm sure I will later."
"Well then, let's just focus on the present." Liz said.
Max nodded and kissed her. "Okay."
Liz whispered in his ear. "Let's see how that rod works again." She caressed his front.
Max chuckled and Liz managed to peel off his wet shorts and he did hers just as quickly. Max buried his head in her neck as she eased herself down into him. Just as they were getting into it they heard the ferry.
"Max!" They departed and put on their shorts as fast as they could.
"Get down!" Max ordered.
They ducked down into the boat and stayed there until they couldn't hear the ferry anymore.
Max sat up first and sighed. Liz sat up too. "I'm sorry, I hope they didn't see us."
"I told you that wasn't a good idea."
"It seemed like a good one at the time."
Max smiled. "It was, wasn't it?"
When Max and Liz made it back to the dock, the boatman eyed them suspiciously. Their hair was all messed up and Max had scratch marks on his chest.
"Oops." Liz pointed to Max's chest as they got back to the hotel. "You better get red of that."
"I like it. It's a reminder of you."
"It doesn't look good though."
"And I can't walk around not looking good can I?"
"All right, all right."
They stepped into the elevator and Max waved his hand over his chest making the marks disappear.
"Do you want to just order room service for dinner tonight?" Max asked as he unlocked the door to their room.
"Sure." Max ordered dinner, flopped on the bed and turned on the T.V. Liz cuddled up with him. After 15 minutes she spoke up. "I'm going to take a shower before dinner."
"Want company?" Max asked.
"No, you need to wait for the food, and besides the shower's not spontaneous for me." Liz said with a smile.
Max rolled his eyes.
Their food came about 10 minutes later. "The food's here!" Max called into the bathroom.
"All right, I'll be out in a sec!" Liz shouted back.
Max went over to Liz's suitcase to pick out something for her to wear. He stopped rummaging through her clothes after he saw a book in there.
Max picked up the book and started flipping through the pages. He soon realized that it was Liz's journal. Liz walked out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her. She was rubbing her hair dry with another towel. "Max, I . . . " She saw him looking at the journal. "Max!"
Max smiled. "Your journal huh?"
"Max! Give it back!"
Max held it up over his head. He laughed as he watched Liz jumping up trying to get it. He kept walking backwards until he landed on the bed. Liz tried to get the book out of his hands, it wasn't working. Then she started tickling him, right next to his armpit, knowing that was where he was the most ticklish. Max started cracking up and let go of the book.
"Liz! Stop!" She listened to Max beg a little longer and then finally stopped. Then Max pinned her down on the bed and threw her towel to the side and started tickling her everywhere.
"Max! Max, stop it!" She tried to push him away, but she couldn't. Liz was laughing so hard that she snorted.
"Ew! You snorted!" Max exclaimed and then he pressed his mouth over her stomach and blew hard, causing Liz to go into another fit of giggles.
"Max please! Please! No more!"
"All right you promise to be good?"
"Good? I wasn't even being bad."
"Well, you shouldn't have tickled me in the first place!"
"You shouldn't have taken my journal!"
"Okay, I'll forgive you." Max teased.
"Forgive me? What did I-" Max cut Liz off by kissing her. Liz sighed and kissed him back as she took off his shirt and got his shorts off by using her feet. Their kisses were sloppy and Max dropped his hot mouth down to her chest. Her skin was still damp from the shower. He swirled his tongue around until he reached her nipple and he sucked on it gently. Liz pushed his head closer and threw her head back. He bit and pulled at each breast. Then Liz flipped him over. She kissed him deeply and started kissing his nipples and continued down to kiss each one of his perfect abs. She reached down in between his legs and kept licking around his sensitive flesh.
"Liz . . . please . . . " Max moaned.
She lightly licked up and down and then started to pick up the pace. She put her mouth over him, and alternated the pressure of her lips. Deep noises came from Max's throat. Liz loved knowing that she could do this to him, it was amazing. Liz crawled back up to him after he gave himself to her. She kissed him and felt Max hard once again. She laid on her back bringing him on top. Max gazed down at Liz, his angel. She was so breathtaking. He wanted to show her all the love he had for her. He parted her legs with his knee and Liz rubbed herself against it. She put her hands on his hips and he drove into her.
"Oh god!" The two exclaimed at the same time. For some reason they found this extremely funny and started laughing.
"Jinx." Liz said and smiled.
Max laughed lightly and Liz nuzzled her nose again his. She brought his hips closer to her, making him drive into her faster. She pulled him in further using her inner muscles and Max lifted up her one leg and she wrapped it over him. As always, they came together.
The two just laid side by side for a while, both in their own little world.
"Want dinner now?" Max asked. "I'm hungry."
Liz rolled her eyes. "Sure." She put on his shirt while Max put on his boxers.
"Good thing I ordered a sandwich so it won't be cold." Liz pointed out.
"Well, I of course got pasta, which I'm sure isn't still warm."
"Probably not." Liz said while getting her tray. "You can heat things though."
"Oh yeah, I forgot." Max placed his hand over the food instantly heating it. "Sometimes I think you know more about me than I do."
"Well I wouldn't be too sure of that . . . "
Max kissed her and they got up on the rumbled bed and started to eat. When they finished, Liz saw her journal on the floor. She reached down and picked it up. "Here Max." She handed the book to him.
Max looked at the book and then her. "You want me to read it?"
Liz nodded. "I want you to know me inside and out."
Max kissed her and she rested her head on his chest, listening to the steady beating of his heart as he read. He occasionally would kiss the top of her head, stroke her hair or just glance down at her. She wrote everything so beautifully. As he read he relived everything they went through. How he healed her, when he helped her with her grandmother, he was then shocked to find out that Michael was the one who had taken Liz's journal before. She told about their trip to Atherton, how scared she was when he had gotten in the car accident, how she patiently waited for him to give into his feelings for her and their first kiss. Then he read how devastated she was when he took a step back from her and how she handled it. Then he read about the night he got drunk, but then how they got back together a few days later and she saw the visions that led them to the orb. He continued to read, about the first time they said they loved each other, the first time they made love. The necklace he gave her, winning the science fair, how hurt Liz was when her parents saw the tape of them. She poured out her heart and soul into his book and most of it was about her love for Max and he was the reason she was here today.
Tears slowly slid down Max's cheeks. He loved this wonderful being so much. Liz slowly looked up at him and wiped away his tears with the back of her fingers. "What's the matter?"
"This was incredible." He said indicating the journal. "God I love you." Liz smiled. "I used to try to keep a journal but it never worked, until I met you."
"Liz, I think I've found my way home."
"Oh." Liz put her head down, wondering why he was telling her about his planet now.
Max lifted her chin with his thumb and index finger. "You're it Liz. You're the only home for me. I don't want anything else without you."
Liz bit her lip to keep from trembling and tried to smile from her tear shined eyes.
"I love you Elizabeth Parker."
"I love you too, Maxwell Evans."
They leaned in and kissed each other. It was a kiss of reassurance, trust, commitment and love. Max and Liz knew they would be together forever and nothing would come in their way, not their parents, Max's past, the world. They could conquer anything with each other, because they could never, would never, get enough of each other's love.


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Title: It was always you
Author: Danielle M.
Email: Opel70⊕
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don’t worry I don’t own any of the characters . . . Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims, but I can only dream of what I’d do to Max/Jason if I owned him! I own Theresa (she’s still locked up in a cage!)
Summary: Challenge from Sara
1. Max, Liz, and Michael
2. Liz met Max and Michael in the eighth grade and they all got very close, but not close
enough for Max and Michael to tell Liz their secret.
3. Liz and her family move away and 18 years later Liz looks up Michael and Max and tells them she’ll be in the area on business.
4. Liz is a biologist, Max is a lawyer and Michael is an artist. All three are very successful at their jobs.
5. On a very hot night, Max get’s tied up at the office and Liz stops by and there is tons of sexual tension between the two.
6. Michael and Liz get close and share a kiss, but nothing really happens between the two.
7. A storm comes along, and Liz get’s scared so she runs in the rain and goes to Max for comfort. Once she gets there, things get out of hand and they make love.
8. Soon enough, Max and Liz can’t stop making love to each other and they seem so desperate that they end up making love everywhere they go.
9. Michael’s feelings for Liz continue to grow and will do anything to break the couple up. So, while Max is away on business Michael makes a move on Liz. Then Michael writes a letter to Liz saying that Max doesn’t want her anymore and that he was just using her.
10. When Max comes back, he finds Liz all mad and Michael all guilty.
11. Max, Liz and Michael have a day of confessions.
12. Max and Liz share a passionate night of making love and later on in bed Max tells Liz his secret.
13. Liz gets a very important phone and she has to make a choice between her relationship with Max, or taking a higher level in her job.
Category: Max/ Liz (of course) and Michael
Email me for previous parts.
Author’s Note: This part is dedicated to Sara who gave me the challenge for this fic, and helped me out all through it! Thanks Sara!
I loved reading all of your feedback during this story, it really meant a lot to me, Thank you!


One more period to go Liz Parker thought as she looked at her schedule. It was her first day of school as an eighth grader. Next class was English. She was disappointed none of her friends Maria Deluca, Alex Whitman or even Kyle Valenti were in this class. She walked into the room. All of the desks were clumped together in groups of three, Liz walked over to an empty cluster and sat down.
“Can we sit here?”
Liz looked up and saw Max Evans and Michael Guerin standing by the desks. They had been going to school with her since the 3rd grade, but Liz didn’t know them that well. “Sure.”
“Thanks.” Max said and the two sat down.
The bell rang and other students piled into the room and sat down into the desks.
A teacher walked to the front of the room. She was young with a unique style of dress. She wrote her name up on the board. “Hello guys, I’m Ms. Borie your teacher for 8th grade English, so get used to me, we’re going to be together for the rest of the year.” She stood behind her podium. “First thing I’d like to say is . . . No tests!” She raised a fisted arm in the air.
Everyone in the room clapped and cheered.
“I mean English is about Literature, not taking tests. As long as I see you guys working at your best, you’ll do fine.” Ms. Borie explained. “If you all noticed, I have the desks paired in groups of three. Teamwork is a big part of this course so first you need to get to know the people in your group.” She picked up a stack of papers and passed them out to everyone. “Everybody needs to fill out these papers and then share your answers among your group. See what you guys have in common.”
Liz pulled out one of her new freshly sharpened pencils and set to work.
Five minutes later everyone completed their sheets and started sharing their answers.
“Okay.” Liz said. “First question, what’s your favorite color? Well, mines red.”
“Green.” Michael said.
“Hey, greens my favorite color Michael!” Max responded and punched him in the arm.
“Ow!” Michael said and rubbed his arm. “Fine, my favorite color’s blue now.”
Liz giggled.
“All right, next question.” Max said. “What’s your favorite music group? Definitely Counting Crows.”
“Sarah McLachlan for me.” Liz replied.
“Beck.” Michael answered. “What do you want to do when you grow up? Um, well I’m not sure, I don’t really think of that kind of stuff . . . but I do like to paint.”
“Well, I have to admit I’m a science nerd.” Liz said. “I want to be a molecular biologist or my dream job would to be the head of a molecular biology department.”
“A doctor or a lawyer.” Max smiled. “I want to make lots of money.”
“I think we can all agree on that.” Michael said.
Liz laughed. “Yeah.”

It was the 2nd day of school. Liz was eating lunch with Maria and Alex.
“Does anyone have Mr. Allsup for English?” Maria asked.
Liz and Alex shook their heads.
“You guys are so lucky. I swear that this guy is the most boring teacher alive. He put the class and himself to sleep on the first day of school! Can you believe it?!” Maria exclaimed.
“My teacher, Ms. Borie is pretty cool.” Alex said.
“Yeah, I have her too.” Liz added.
“Who’s in your group?” Alex asked.
“Max Evans and Michael Guerin.”
“Oh, Michael’s cute.” Maria said.
“Maria, you think everyone’s cute.” Liz said.
Maria shrugged her shoulders and nodded. “That’s true.”

Every day after 9th period Liz started to become closer to Max and Michael. As the months passed the three grew into tight friends and started hanging out after school and at the Crashdown.
Liz used to invite Alex and Maria to go out with them, but the five never really clicked together. So Liz had to go out with the two groups separately.
One night after Liz came back from the movies with Max and Michael, her parents were waiting up for her.
“What’s up?” Liz asked confused.
“Sit down honey.” Her mother said.
Liz slowly sank into her chair.
“Liz, your grandma, my mother isn’t doing too well.” Mr. Parker said. “And after you finish the school year, we want to go up and live with her in Colorado.”
Liz nodded. “Okay, for like the summer?”
Mrs. Parker shook her head. “No dear.”
“You mean for good?” Liz asked as her eyes welled up with tears.
Jeff Parker nodded.
“You can’t do this to me!” Liz exclaimed as the tears streamed down her face.
“We know this is going to be hard on you.” Mr. Parker said.
“I’ve lived here my whole life! Roswell’s my home! How do you expect me to just go live somewhere else?” Liz tried her best to choke back her sobs.
“You’re being very selfish!” Mrs. Parker remarked. “Your grandmother is sick and needs us!”
Liz loved her grandma more than anything, but to leave all her friends? She just couldn’t do that. She got up and ran to her room to cry.



Liz sighed and walked into her English class. She already saw Max and Michael sitting down talking. How am I going to do this? Yesterday she had told Maria and Alex about her moving and they spent the whole day together trying to comfort each other somehow. Liz went over to her seat and slowly slunk into her chair.
“Hey.” Michael said.
Liz smiled weakly.
Max touched her arm. “Liz, what’s wrong?”
Ms. Borie started class interrupting them. Fifteen minutes later, they were working on an assignment.
“Liz, what’s the matter?” Max asked again. “You can tell us.”
Liz took in a deep breath. “I’m moving.” She blurted out.
The other two didn’t say anything for a moment.
“What? Why?” Michael asked.
“My grandmother’s sick. We’re moving to Colorado to be with her.” Liz tried to hold back her tears. She looked over at Max, he wasn’t saying anything.
“When do you leave?” Michael asked.
“Next week, the end of the school year.”

There was a going away party for Liz that weekend and Maria and Alex slept over at Liz’s, their last night together. Liz spent her last day in Roswell with Michael and Max.
That night Liz rolled a sleeping bag on the floor in her now empty room. This would be her last night in her house. She wiped away a tear that slowly slid down her cheek.
There was a knock at her door. Liz went over and opened it. Max was standing there.
“Um . . . your parents let me in.” He explained quickly.
Liz nodded.
Max stepped in the empty room and looked around. “I can’t believe you’re going to be gone.”
“Yeah I know.”
“I haven’t really talked to you about this, you know moving.” Max said. “I thought that if I didn’t talk about it, it wouldn’t happen. But you needed me for support.”
“Max I understand, it’s okay.”
Max looked at Liz and then into her eyes and wondered if they’d ever see each other or even ever think of each other again. “Liz, there’s something you knew to know.” Max had debated on whether or not to tell Liz he was an alien, but decided against it. He wanted her to leave on a good note.
“What is it?”
“Well . . . ” Max lowered his head. “I’ve always had a crush on you.” He mumbled.
Liz felt her heart melt. “You have?”
Max nodded. “I um . . . I didn’t get you a present to remember me by, because I couldn’t think of anything. But I thought that maybe . . . I just . . . ” His face inched closer to hers and Liz leaned up and their lips met. It was gentle slow kiss, one that took their breath away. When they departed Liz slowly opened her eyes. “Max?” She could tell he was in a daze too.
“Yeah Liz?”
“Can you stay with me tonight? Just hold me.”
Max nodded and they lied down on the floor as they wrapped their arms around each other. The two fell asleep breathing in each other’s scent, wondering if they would ever see each other again.

Liz moved to Colorado and entered high school. She made new friends and slowly as the years passed her memories of Roswell faded.
It would be 18 years before she went back.



“Dr. Parker!”
Liz immediately went into the office of her boss, Dr. Mazer. “Yes sir?”
“Have a seat.”
Liz sat down obediently.
“Now Liz, you have been doing a great job in the biology department of our lab.”
Liz smiled. “Thank you sir!”
“I’m not finished yet.” Dr. Mazer said. “There’s a lab in Roswell, New Mexico, that needs some help. So I’m sending you there for a while. I’m not sure how long, but it won’t be permanent. Are you familiar with the area?”
“Yes sir. I grew up there.” Liz beamed.
“Good. And if you do well, it could lead you to bigger and better things.”
“Oh thank you!”
“Yeah, all right, now get out of here.”
Liz was so excited. She was going back to Roswell!

When Liz got home from work she rummaged through her drawers and found Maria’s number. She picked up the phone and dialed.
“Hi Maria, it’s Liz.”
“Oh my god, Liz!”
“Yeah, how are you?”
“I’m great, you?”
“Good, anyway I’m going to Roswell on business for a little while I was wondering if I could stay with you.”
“Liz you know you can!”

Two weeks later Liz got off the airplane in Roswell. Maria met her there.
“Liz!” Maria shrieked.
Liz rushed over to Maria and they embraced in a hug.
“Of course you still look good.” Maria said.
“What are you talking about? You look great!”
They spent the rest of the day together and reminisced into the night.

The next day Maria had to work but Liz wasn’t due in the lab for another day. She picked up the phone book and flipped through the pages. She was going to get in touch with Michael and Max.
She couldn’t get a hold of Max but she talked to Michael and he said he would talk to Max and the three of them would go out to dinner.
Liz took special care in getting ready for the dinner. She wore a short burgundy dress with a low-cut back. She curled her hair and piled it on the top of her head. She was excited yet nervous about seeing the two, especially Max.

Liz fiddled with her forks and knives as she waited at a table at Chez Pierre.
“Can we sit here?”
Liz looked up and smiled. She jumped out of her seat. Michael hugged her first and kissed her cheek. Then Max gave her a big hug and kissed the crown of her head. The three sat down.
“You’re hair, it’s not spiky.” Liz said.
Michael patted his head. “Oh yeah, it’s usually wild when I’m in my painting mode.”
“Oh that’s right. I’ve seen some of your pieces before. They really are amazing.”
“Thanks, that means a lot to me.”
Liz switched her glance to Max. God, he had grown so handsome she thought. “Michael told me earlier you’re a lawyer.”
“Yeah, I like it. And you’re a biologist, like you wanted to be.”
Liz nodded and smiled.
They talked the rest of the evening like they used to. Dinner came to an end and they all stood up.
“How are you getting home Liz?”
“I was just going to get a cab.” Liz replied.
“I’ll give you a ride.” Michael offered.
“Hey, I can do it.” Max insisted. “My house is closer to Maria’s then yours.”
Liz looked at Max. “Okay, thanks.”
“All right. See ya Liz.” Michael gave her another kiss on the cheek.
Max and Liz walked out to his Jaguar. Max opened the door for Liz and she stepped in and unlocked his door as he came around to his side. As he drove they talked about their jobs until he pulled up to Maria’s house.
Their was a silence between them and memories of their last night together came flooding back.
“I really missed you.” Max blurted out. “I’m just glad I got to see you again.”
Liz looked over at him. “Me too Max.”
“Well, goodnight Liz.”
“Night Max.”
He took her hand and kissed it.
Liz smiled and stepped out of the car. So many different sensations were going on in her body just from his touch.
Max waited until Liz got inside and drove off.
When Liz walked in the house, Maria was on the couch watching T.V.
“So how was it?”
“It was fun.” Liz sat down next to her. “It was really good to see them again.”
“Michael always asked about you.”
“He did?”
“Yeah, he really likes you Liz.”
“I like him too, but as a friend.” Liz responded.
“What about Max?”
“Max . . . well, I’m not sure.”
Maria nodded. “Oh, well guess who now has a date tomorrow?”
“Who?” Liz said sarcastically.
“Moi. With the new guy Dave that works at the hardware store. I saw him once and then I just kept going back for more.”
Liz laughed.
“Oh but Liz, you should see him. He’s so gorgeous and muscular too.”
“That’s really great Maria.”



Liz started her new job the next day and really enjoyed it. Maria was out by the time Liz got home. She wiped away a trickle of sweat as she turned up the air conditioner. It had been hot all day. Just as she was pouring a drink, the phone rang. “Hello?”
“Hey Liz, it’s Michael.”
“Hi, how’s it going?”
“Not bad. Hey, since it’s such a hot night did you want to go see a movie?”
“Sure.” Liz replied.
“Okay, I’ll pick you up at seven.”
“See ya then.” Liz said.
Liz took a shower and changed into a pair of black stretch pants and a magenta v-neck tank top.
Michael was there to pick her up at seven on the dot. He had on khakis and a blue polo shirt. “You ready?”
Liz nodded and they got in the car. “So are we picking up Max or is he meeting us there?” She asked.
Michael froze, he was hoping for tonight to just be for him and Liz. “Um, yeah, I was just going to call him.” He grabbed his cell phone and dialed Max’s number. After a few rings Michael hung up. “Guess he’s not home.”
“He might be at his office.” Liz said. “We could stop by and check.”
“Yeah okay.” Michael said trying to hide the disappointment in his voice. He pulled up to Max’s law firm office.
“I’ll get him.” Liz said. “I’ll be right back.”
As Liz stepped into the building it felt hotter in there than it did outside. She found his door and knocked lightly.
“Come in.”
Liz opened the door and filed in. “Hey.”
Max was writing something but then looked up and smiled. “Hi.”
His sleeves were rolled up, his top buttons were undone and his tie askew. Liz felt the sudden urge to want to rip it open to see what was inside. She quickly shook her head. “You busy?” She asked as walked up to his desk.
“Kind of, I just got really backed up today. Oh and sorry about the heat our dumb air conditioner broke.”
“I don’t mind. Anyway, Michael’s downstairs, we’re going to see a movie, want to come?”
“I don’t know, I’m really busy up here.”
Liz tried not to frown and nodded.
Max glanced at Liz. She looked so cute in that little shirt and pants. They seemed to mold her body. He wanted to hold her close and feel all of her curves against him. Wait what am I thinking? Max brushed the thought away. He accidently moved his arm back and knocked over a bunch of papers. “Oh oops.”
“I’ll help you.” Liz went over and bent down to pick up the papers.
“Sorry, I can be really clumsy.” Max started to go down to get the papers, but the angle that he was at he could see right down her shirt. He knew he shouldn’t stare but he couldn’t help himself.
“Here you go.” Liz stood up and handed him the papers.
“Thanks.” Max plopped the papers on the desk only gazing at her face now. She was so beautiful.
Liz looked into the eyes that were watching her and instantly she was captured by them. Max stood up and grabbed her arm pulling her closer to him. Liz tilted her face in closer as his descended to hers . . .
“Hey guys!” They could hear Michael yell from the hall.
Max and Liz instantly sprang apart.
Michael walked into the room. “What’s taking so long?”
Liz lowered her head, hoping her hair would cover up her reddened cheeks.
“Uh, sorry. But I can go with you two now.”
Liz looked up and grinned.

When they got into the theater, Michael made sure that he sat in the middle. Liz just gave Max a shrug.
“Did you need a ride home Liz?” Max asked after the movie ended.
“I can give her one this time.” Michael said.
“Okay, uh, goodnight Liz.”
“Night Max.” She smiled.
Michael drove her home and walked her to her door. “I had a good time tonight.”
“Me too.”
“Yeah Michael?”
He sighed and then kissed her. She knew he would. It was a nice kiss, but Liz didn’t feel anything from it.
After Michael left Liz walked into the house. Maria was in the kitchen.
“Hi Maria.”
“Hey Liz. I had the best time tonight!”
“So you and Dave got along good?” Liz said happy for her friend.
“Dave? Hell no, we had nothing in common. But then I met this guy Eric . . . ” Maria sighed.
Liz laughed.
“So how was your night?” Maria asked.
“Michael kissed me.”
“I didn’t feel anything. I don’t want to hurt his feelings.”
“Just explain that to him. If he’s your friend, he’ll understand.”
Liz nodded. “Okay, I’m going to bed.”
“Goodnight.” Maria hugged her.
Liz went to her room and changed into a pair of plaid pants and a tank top and crawled into bed.


Liz woke up instantly as she heard the loud bang of thunder. The rain beat hard against the roof and the lightning flashed. She hated thunderstorms, there was just something about them that frightened her. She got out of bed and ran into Maria’s room.
Maria was sound asleep. Liz shook her, but this only caused her to snore. Liz sighed and the thunder sounded louder. Liz let out a little yelp. She went back to her room, slipped on some sneakers and ran out of the house. She kept running as the rain and wind whipped her face until she made it to Max’s house. Liz banged on the door and rang the bell several times hoping he would awake.
Max woke up and heard the banging of the door downstairs. Max rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock, 2:47. God, I hope this isn’t another one of Michael’s visions quests he thought. He got out of bed and trodded down the stairs. “I’m coming!” He shouted. Michael could get so annoying sometimes. Max opened the door. “What?” He said angrily but instead of seeing Michael it was Liz. She was soaking wet from the pouring rain. Her clothes clung to her and her hair was matted down and sticking to the sides of her face.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bother you.” Liz said turning around to leave.
Max grabbed her arm. “No, you didn’t. Here come inside.”
Liz stepped into the house and Max shut the door behind her. He had on a shirt and a pair of boxers.
“You must be freezing.” Max said as he sat her down on the couch.
“I hope I’m not bugging you.” Liz said. “Thunderstorms really frighten me and I couldn’t wake Maria up.”
“It’s okay. Hey, you want to know what I’m scared of?”
Liz looked up at him. “What?”
“Clowns.” Max gave a little shudder.
Liz giggled. “You, Mr. hot shot lawyer, is afraid of clowns?”
Max nodded. “I remember when my parents adopted me and my sister Isabel. We were six and they took us to the circus. I saw one clown and started freaking out. I’ve hated them ever since.”
“So It isn’t on the top of your favorite movies?”
Max smirked. “Don’t think so.”
Lightning flashed lighting up the room. Liz sucked in her breath. Max put one hand on each of her shoulders and gave them a little squeeze. “I’ll go make you some tea.”
Liz nodded. When Max left the room, Liz peeled off her tank top so she just had on a sports bra and pants. She took the blanket that was laying on the couch and wrapped it around herself. Max came back a few minutes later. He handed her the cup.
“Thank you.” She took a sip and he sat down next to her.
“You’re shivering.” He rubbed his hands up and down her arms, trying to warm her up.
“You’re so good to me. You always have been.” Liz set down her cup and looked at him. Max gazed right back at her. He tucked her hair behind her ears. Starting in between her eyebrows, one finger trailed to the bottom of her nose and then traced her bottom lip. He bent his head down and his nose nuzzled against hers, tilting her face upward. Max kissed her lightly. It was slow and gentle like the one they had shared so many years ago. Liz placed her hand behind his neck and pulled him closer to her. The rain still poured as the wind howled, but Liz didn’t even notice anymore. Liz opened her mouth and let Max’s tongue embrace hers. After awhile, Max pulled away to just look at her and then kissed her again. The blanket Liz had wrapped around her slowly slid to the floor. Max picked her up and carried her upstairs to his room never stopping their kiss. He laid her down on the bed and fell onto her. She continued to kiss him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him as deeply as she could, he tasted so sweet. Max started kissing all over her face and neck. Liz reached for the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off. Her fingers trailed down his chest to his stomach. Max lifted her arms up and took off her top. With shaky hands he softly touched her breasts. He kissed her sweetly and moved his mouth to her chest and spread little kisses all over. Then he took one of her perky nipples in his mouth and gently sucked on it. His tongue swirled around the satiny skin. He moved to the other one and did the same.
Liz’s hands went to the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down as Max eased down her pants and underwear. She felt his throbbing heat and closed her tiny hand over it. She brushed her thumb over the tip and started stroking up and down. She used her nails and picked up the pace. Max moaned out and he reached down and found her nub and rubbed it in slow circles with his thumb, causing Liz to cry out.
They starting kissing once again and soon Max was on top of her. “Liz, are you sure, I mean-“
Liz placed a finger over his mouth. “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”
Max smiled and kissed her. Liz could start to feel him enter her, but as he did she felt as if he was filling her entire body, she had never felt like this before. Once Max was fully in, she looked into his eyes and her fingers ran down his cheek. He bent down and kissed her and they started a rhythm together. They moved over and over again until Liz could feel Max start to come. She tightened her velvet walls around him and they came together.
They just laid still for a moment, trying to catch their breath. Max pushed some wet strands of Liz’s hair out of her way. “You’re amazing.”
“So are you Max.”
Liz wrapped her arms around him, kissed him lightly and they fell asleep.


Sorry it’s been a few days! I’ve been busy getting ready for school!


Liz slowly opened her eyes and realized where she was. She smiled thinking of last night. She looked over, but Max wasn’t in bed anymore. Liz frowned thinking he had just left her but then she heard him whistling downstairs. She sat up and stretched her arms. She wasn’t sore because she had to admit that she wasn’t a virgin before Max. But what she had felt last night was just so incredible. She went over to his closet, found one of his robes and slipped it on as she headed downstairs. She saw him standing by the sink and she came up from behind and wrapped her arms around him.
Max turned his head. “Hey sleepyhead.”
“Do you always get up this early?” Liz asked.
“Only if I’m in a good mood.” He bent down and kissed her. “I made breakfast.”
Liz looked at the table amazed by everything he cooked. “Yes you did. I didn’t know you cooked.”
“Yeah, well it gives me something to do living by myself.”
“Max, can I ask you something?”
“Sure Liz.”
“Well, it’s kind of personal.”
How personal? Max thought. He had never told her about him being an alien. But what if she felt something when they made love last night?
“What?...Oh yeah. You can ask me Liz.”
“Well, um, this is kind of hard for me to say . . . have you ever slept with anyone before? You know, um . . . ” Liz moved her hands around trying to get the words out.
“No.” Max replied. “I guess I’ve gone with a good amount of girls, but I never, well, you know.”
Liz nodded.
“Have you?” Max asked.
Liz lowered her head. “Yeah. It was like more than five years ago. It was this one guy . . . Nick.” Liz shook her head. “I thought he loved me.”
“I’m sorry.”
Liz sighed. “It’s okay.” She looked up at him. “Last night Max, I felt something that, it was like . . . ”
“Yeah, that’s a good word for it.”
He kissed her lightly. “Come on, let’s eat.”
Liz sat on his lap and they fed each other breakfast.
“Okay Liz, I have to be at work at nine and it’s quarter of already.”
“I don’t have to work until ten.” She started kissing his neck.
“No, but Liz, I’m really backed up with work and . . . and . . . ”
Liz looked up at him and pouted.
“You really do look sexy in my robe you know that?” Max knew his control was weakening.
She started to undo his buttons.
“No, no you don’t understand . . . ”
Liz pushed his shirt off past his shoulders.
It was all over for Max now. “It really doesn’t get busy for another hour anyway.” Max said and crushed his mouth down on hers.
He took her robe off as she slid off his pants and boxers. Their kisses were hot and wet. Max kneaded Liz’s breasts as he kissed her neck and shoulders. He pushed everything off the table and the two toppled on top of it. Liz wrapped her legs around his hips as he pumped her. Her hands ran up and down his back.
Max looked at the surrounding scene afterwards. “Did we just do it on the table?”
Liz giggled. “Yeah.”

Michael was grocery shopping when he saw Liz at the pharmacy. He walked over to her. “Hey Liz.”
“Oh hey Michael.”
“Why are you here?”
“I just got off work and I needed to pick up some medicine.”
“Are you sick?” He asked worried.
“Uh, no . . . ”
The pharmacist came over and showed her a circular box. He opened it displaying tiny white pills all lined up in a circle. “Now are you familiar with birth control pills?”
Michael’s eyes grew wide and stared at Liz.
Liz blushed, she could feel Michael’s eyes on her. “Yes.”
“All right Mam, just remember to take them at the same time every day.”
Liz nodded.
“You can pay at the register.”
“Thank you.”
Michael trailed after her as she walked away from the counter. “Why do you need those?”
“Um, I have this weird irregular period.” Liz lied.
“Oh.” Then Michael smiled, “so what are you doing tonight?”
“Uh, I’m not sure.” Liz said. “I’ll talk to you later.” Liz walked away from him. She hoped he didn’t have the wrong idea.



Liz strolled into the house. Maria was cooking in the kitchen.
“Hey Liz. Did you get up early for work this morning?” Maria didn’t give Liz a chance to answer. “What are those on the side of your neck?” She walked over to her. “Their hickeys! Did Michael give them to you when he kissed you last night?”
“Mmm . . . Max.” Liz said dreamily and started walking toward her room.
Maria just laughed. The phone rang and she went over and answered it. “Hello?...Oh, hi Max . . . Yes, I’ll get her.”
“Liz!” Maria yelled. “It’s loverboy!”
Liz stopped getting changed and ran to the phone by her bed. “Hi.”
“Hey Liz.”
“I thought about you all day.”
“I thought about you too.” Max replied. “Anyway, I was at the office and one of the guys I work with had tickets to the orchestra, but his wife’s sick so he can’t go and he gave the tickets to me. So do you want to go?”
“I’d love too!”
“Okay, I’ll pick you up at 7:30?”
“All right, bye.”
“Bye Liz.”
Liz hung up the phone and rushed down the hall. “Maria! Max is taking me to the orchestra tonight!”
“That’s awesome.” Maria sighed. “No guy ever takes me to places like that.”
“Can I borrow one of your dresses?” Liz asked.
“Sure, I’ll help you pick one out.” Maria helped Liz get ready. “You look beautiful!”
Liz smiled. “Thank you Maria!”
She had on a strapless purple dress with sheer black material over it. It flowed out at her waist and went down to her feet.
The doorbell rang and Liz went over to answer it. Max was wearing a suit. “Wow, Liz you look gorgeous.”
Liz beamed. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”
He extended his arm and she linked hers in his.
“Sorry this was such short notice.” Max said as he pulled out of the driveway.
“Oh, it’s okay.” She grabbed his free hand and held it til they made it there.
Liz looked in the program as they got in their seats. “They’re playing some of my favorites! Thank you so much Max!” She kissed him lightly.
As the music began Liz intertwined her fingers with Max’s while she rested her head on his shoulder and let the music fill her. Max looked down at her. She was so beautiful. He couldn’t get over it. And that’s when he knew he was in love with her. Through the years he had tried not to admit it, but there was no stopping it now.

Later that night at Max’s house he had fallen asleep with his head on Liz’s shoulder. She stroked his hair and gazed down at him. He was so perfect in everyway. Her very own angel. And then it hit her. She loved him. And deep down inside she knew she always had. She kissed the top of his head and fell asleep.

Liz’s eyes opened to slits as sunshine poured into the room. She felt Max start to stir awake as well. She kissed his shoulder. “Good morning.”
Max tilted his head up and kissed her. “Hi.”
Liz ran a hand through his hair. “I was watching you sleep last night.”
“I must have been boring.”
“No, you were incredible.” Liz paused. “Do you want to know what I was thinking?”
“I was thinking that . . . that I was in love with you.” Liz held in her breath and looked at him.
Max stroked her hair. “I love you. What I feel for you is indescribable.”
Liz smiled through tear shined eyes and she knew that their love was real.
Max leaned over and kissed her. Long, slow kisses as Max rolled on top of her. Liz ran her hands up and down his sides. He entered her slowly. She arched her hips giving him more access. They started a rhythm and moved together, over and over again. Liz couldn’t stop kissing him. They came together and said they loved each other once more.



Liz walked up the stairs to Max’s office and knocked on the door as she opened it. Max was talking on the phone. When he saw Liz, he grinned and pointed to the chair in front of his desk. Liz sat down and watched Max at work. He looked so cute she thought. Then she got an idea. She got up and went over to him. She kissed him on the cheek and got down on her knees. She started to unbuckle his belt.
Max’s eyes grew wide. “Liz, it’s my boss.” He said putting his hand over the phone. “It’s really important.”
“So is this.” Liz replied. She undid his pants and then made him arch his hips so she could get them off. Then her hands went to the waistband of his boxers.
“I’ll have to call you back Larry.” Max hung up the phone. “Liz you-“
Liz glanced up at him. He could see her passion and determination in her eyes and felt himself start to harden. Liz continued sliding down his boxers. She wanted him now and nothing was going to stop her. Once the boxers were down, she looked back between his legs. It was the first time she had seen him in the light, they had always made love in the dark or they’d be under the covers. She watched him grow hard and stroked him up and down. He was astounding.
“You’re always a scientist, you know that?”
Liz smiled. She had done this before and hated it. But there was nothing she wanted to do more right now then to take him all into her mouth. She swirled her tongue over his tip. She felt Max jump from the contact and her mouth slowly cascaded down on him. She sucked hard, changing the pressure of her lips. Her tongue brushed up and down the length of him. Max moaned out and she picked up the pace. Her head moved up and down in a bobbing motion.
Liz’s mouth felt so hot and wet it drove Max crazy. He grabbed onto the sides of his chair and finally he couldn’t take it anymore and he gave himself to her. Liz licked up every drop. She couldn’t get enough, and he tasted so good. She finished and slid his boxers and pants back on.
“I can’t believe you just did that.” Max said as she buckled his belt.
“I can’t believe you let me.” Liz said grinning.
“There was no stopping you.”
“I know you liked it.” She teased.
“Well, yes, but that’s not the point.”
Liz giggled and stood up taking Max with her. “Come on, I’ll take you out to lunch.”

The two went to Applebee’s.
“Don’t forget we have to go to the grand opening of the art gallery on Saturday. Michael has some pieces there.” Max said.
“Oh, that’s right!” Liz replied. “I almost forgot.” She started to dig into her salad. “He doesn’t know about us yet, does he?”
Max shook his head. “I just don’t want him to feel left out.”
“Yeah. Hey why don’t we go to dinner before the art gallery on Saturday. I’ll bring Maria.”
“I don’t know Liz. Michael and Maria don’t really get along.”
“Well, it’s worth a shot.”


Liz and Maria were at Nordstrom Saturday morning looking for dresses. Liz found one right away. It had spaghetti straps and the dress went down to her ankles with one side slit. It was navy blue and it seemed to glitter in the light. Maria was much more picky. The two finally found a red dress with a million different straps in the back for her.

“Now remember Maria.” Liz said as her and Maria did their hair in front of the bathroom mirror. “Michael doesn’t know about Max and me. So make sure doesn’t find out.”
“Liz, babe, I know.” Maria placed a clip into her hair. “You’ve been drilling me about it all day. What’s so bad about him knowing anyway?”
“Because we don’t want him to feel left out.” Liz explained.
“All right, if that’s what you think is best.”
An hour later the two guys came to get them. Liz wanted to run and hug Max, he looked so good tonight (but then again he always did). Instead she and Maria just got into the car.
Michael hardly paid any attention to Maria during dinner and kept talking to Liz. Maria kept her cool though. Just after they ordered their food the band started to play. “Liz do you want to dance?” Michael asked.
“Uh, sure Michael.” They go out of their chairs and Liz looked back at Max. He just nodded his head.
“You want to dance?” Max asked Maria.
“Why not?” Maria replied. They went over to the dance floor and just as they did the music turned into a slow song. Maria placed her hands on Max’s shoulders. “Okay, I don’t understand. Why can’t you just tell Michael that you and Liz are together now?”
“Maria you know Michael as well as I do. He really likes Liz and if he finds about us he’ll be crushed. He’s my best friend. I don’t want to hurt him.”
“You could wind up hurting him more this way though.” Maria said.
Max sighed. “Maybe.” He looked over at them. He wanted to be in Liz’s arms dancing so badly. Then she was facing him and smiled. “Hi.” She mouthed.
“Hey.” Max mouthed back to her.
“I love you.”
Max smiled. “I love you too.”
Then Michael twirled her and he couldn’t see her face anymore.

“This place is so nice.” Liz said to Michael as the four walked into the art gallery.
“Thanks. That really means a lot coming from you Liz.”
Liz slightly smiled.

Liz was looking at the paintings when she felt someone wrap her arms around her from behind. She smiled knowing it was Max. He started kissing her neck.
“Where’s Michael?”
“With some artist.” He continued sucking on her neck.
“Maria?” Liz asked breathlessly.
“Found some guy.”
Liz turned around and kissed him. “I’ve wanted to do that all night.”
“Me too. You look really good. I like that dress.”
Liz grinned. “Thank you.”
He grabbed her hand and led her to a door. He opened it and they stepped into a small supply closet. Max shut the door and locked it. Earlier, when no one was looking he unlocked it himself. Liz immediately wrapped her arms around Max and kissed him madly. She slipped off her shoes as she fumbled with the button on his pants. Max’s hands were already up her dress.
Just then the door opened.
“Oh my God!”
Max and Liz stared at the figure at the door.



The two stood there frozen.
“What the hell is going on?”
“Michael! We were . . . just uh . . . ” Liz stuttered.
“How long has this been going on?” Michael asked.
Max stepped away from Liz. “Just a couple of weeks. But Michael we-“
He cut him off. “And you weren’t going to tell me?”
“We didn’t want you to feel left out.” Liz replied.
He shook his head and walked away.
“Max, what are we going to do?”
“Don’t worry. He’ll cool off. Just give him some time.”
Liz nodded and buried her head against Max’s chest as he hugged her.

The next night Max stopped by Maria’s house.
“Hey.” Liz answered the door and kissed him softly on the lips.
“Hi Liz. I have some bad news. I just found out I have to go to Sante Fe for a case.”
Liz frowned. “When?”
Max paused. “Tomorrow.” He said while wincing at the same time.
“Tomorrow!” Liz exclaimed.
“I know it’s short notice but I just found out today. It’s only a few days. So I wanted to say goodbye to you now, because I have to pack and get some things ready for the case tonight.” He gazed at her for a moment and then stroked her hair. “God I’m going to miss you.”
Liz leaned up and kissed him.
Max sulked. “I gotta go.”
Liz pouted. “Can’t you stay a little longer?”
“Liz, I have to get ready . . . ”
“Maria’s not home.”
Max sighed. “How can I ever resist you?”
Liz smiled as he picked her up and kissed her.

After they had made love, they just held onto each other for a while. Liz gently caressed his back, slowly stroking up and down with her fingers. She kissed him sweetly. “You better get going.”
Max nodded and kissed her again.
“Will you write me?” Liz asked.
“Of course I will.” He started to get up and put his clothes back on. “I miss you already.”
“I know, me too.” Liz sighed. “We’re acting pathetic. You’ll only be gone a few days.”
“Yeah, your right.”
“Hey, while you’re gone, I’ll work on Michael.”
Max kissed her deeply. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” She said before taking his mouth with hers again.

Liz rang the bell to Michael’s house. She waited a few minutes and then rang it again. Just when she thought he wasn’t home and turned around, the door swung open.
“Hey Michael.”
He was in his paint clothes and his hair was spiked up. “What did you need?”
“I wanted to talk to you.”
“Can you make it quick? I’m painting.”
Liz stepped into the house. She walked over to his drawing. “This is coming along really good so far.”
Michael nodded.
Liz sat down. “Michael, please don’t be mad at me or Max. We didn’t plan for any of this to happen. It just did. You’re our best friend, especially Max’s, please don’t ruin our friendship.”
Michael sat down next to her and raked his hands through his hair. “I think what hurt the most was that you didn’t tell me.”
“I know I’m sorry Michael.” She took his hand. “Please forgive us.”
“Yeah.” Michael leaned over and gave her a hug.
“Can I watch you while you paint?” Liz asked.
Michael beamed. “Sure.”
That night they went out to eat. Afterwards Michael walked Liz home.
“Well, that was really fu-“ Liz was interrupted by Michael pulling her toward him and kissing her. Liz pulled away. “Michael don’t do that!”
“Why not?”
“Because we’re just friends.”
“You let Max kiss you.”
“Yes, I do, but that’s different.”
Michael placed his hands on his hips. “How?”
“Please Michael, I care about you. Don’t spoil things.” Liz sighed. “I’ll see you later. Goodnight Michael.”

Michael went over to visit Liz the next day. Before he went in, he checked the mailbox for her. As he was going toward the door, he noticed a letter from Max. Michael shoved the letter in his pocket and put the other letters back in the mailbox and hurried back home.


Michael went into his house and over to his desk. He opened the letter Max wrote and read over it quickly. Michael rolled his eyes, that was the sappiest love letter he had ever read. He didn’t realize Max had that in him. Then Michael thought of Liz. She was so perfect, everything he wanted in a woman. This is what made him so jealous of Max. Then he got an idea. He waved his hand over the letter changing what it said but it was still in Max’s handwriting. He read over the new letter.


I’m writing to you like I said I would. Being apart from you really made me start to think a lot about us and well I have to be honest with you. I’ve actually met a few women while I’ve been here and it’s really been great. Especially one girl, Tess. I don’t know if what you thought we had was real or not, but we both made a big mistake. It was just a spur of the moment thing and it was wrong. I’ll be back in a few days.


Michael knew it was harsh. But he put the letter back in the envelope and then waved his hand over it to reseal it. He went back to Liz’s and placed the letter in her mailbox with the other mail.

Maria walked into the house, struggling to carry all of her grocery bags. “Liz, come help me!”
Liz walked over and grabbed one of the bags. They set them on the counter.
“I got the mail.” Maria said.
“Anything from Max?” Liz asked.
Maria sorted through the mail. “I don’t think so. Unless this letter to you from Sante Fe means anything.” Maria teased.
“Give me that!” Liz snatched the letter and ripped it open and started to read it. As she did, her face grew pale.
“Liz, what’s wrong?”
Liz threw the letter on the floor.
Maria picked it up and read it. “Oh my God, that jerk!” She looked over at Liz. A tear was slowly trickling down her cheek. “Hey maybe it’s just a mix up.” Maria implied.
“It’s his handwriting.”
“It could be a joke or something.”
“Oh Maria!” The tears flowed freely now and Maria hugged her friend.
Max could have stabbed her and it wouldn’t have hurt this much. Liz truly thought that Max had loved her. But he lied and used her, just to get her in his bed.
“Liz that doesn’t sound like Max. Maybe you should talk to Michael.” Maria suggested.
Liz nodded her head and wiped her eyes.
“Come on, I’ll drive you there.”
Maria pulled up to Michael’s house. “I’ll just wait in the car, okay?”
“Thank you.” Liz gave her a hug and stepped out of the car.
She rang the bell. When Michael answered, he could tell from the way Liz looked that she had read the letter. “Liz are you okay? Come in.”
Liz stepped into his house. She handed him the letter. Michael read it pretending it was the first time. “Oh Liz. I didn’t think Max would do this to you.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, I guess you didn’t know. I thought he was going to be serious with you. Max goes to Sante Fe all the time. He has a girlfriend there Tess, who he says is amazing. They’ve been going out for a long time. I thought he dumped her when he got together with you though.”
Fresh tears fell from Liz’s face. Michael felt guilty about what he was doing, but he knew it was for the best. “I’m sorry.” He hugged her and then bent down his head to kiss her. Liz started to inch her face to his but then pulled away. “I have to go.”
Liz ran to the car and told Maria everything.
“Oh Liz, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know Max was like that.”
Liz just nodded and tried to ignore the pain in her chest.



Two days later:

Liz was the only one home when she heard the doorbell ring. She slowly got up from the paperwork she was doing and answered it. What she saw was Max standing there with a bouquet of roses.
“Hey Liz! I missed you so much!”
Liz was boiling with anger. “Miss me? Ha!” Liz shouted. “How dare you show up here like this?”
“Liz’s what are you talking about?” Max asked.
“Yeah Max, just try to act all innocent. I got your letter and I know all about you and Tess and all the other women you’ve had.”
“What? Who the hell’s Tess?” Max was so confused.
“Oh please, you don’t have to lie to me anymore. Or wait did Tess realize what a jerk you were and dump you and now you’re trying to come back to me? I don’t think so!”
“Wait, Tess, I went to my senior prom with a girl named Tess. I haven’t seen her in years. Liz what’s going on?”
Liz tried to stop her tears from coming but couldn’t as they streamed down her face. Then she did something she had never done before. She slapped Max, hard across the cheek. “You’re a lying bastard and I never want to talk to you again!” Liz slammed the door in his face and ran to her room to cry.
Max brought his one hand up to his cheek and just stared at the door. He slowly started to walk back to his car. He glanced at the roses in his hand and he dropped them to the ground. He had no idea what he had done to make her hate him. He felt his eyes start to mist and tried to swallow back the rising lump in his throat. Max got in his car and drove to Michael’s.
When Michael saw how devastated and confused Max was, it made him feel even guiltier.
“I don’t know what happened Michael. She was so mad. And she said she knew about me and Tess. I forgot about her til now. Remember we went to the prom because she kept asking me. I just don’t understand.”
“Oh, um, while you were gone, Liz and I were looking at my prom pictures. She didn’t seem mad though.”
Max placed his head in his hands as he rested his elbows on his knees.

That night Michael, Liz and Max couldn’t sleep.
Michael felt horrible about what he did. He had to get Max and Liz back together again.

Liz tossed and turned. She sat up and went to Maria’s room. “Maria wake up!” Maria didn’t budge. Liz sighed. Why did Maria have to be such a heavy sleeper? She grabbed the pillow from under her head and started whacking her with it.
“Whoa, whoa, I’m awake!” Maria exclaimed.
“I need to talk to you.”
Maria sat up. “What is it?”
“Max stopped by.”
“He did?”
“Yeah, he just showed up and acted like he didn’t even write the letter. Then he said he didn’t even know who Tess was, but then he told me something about going to the prom with her.”
“Tess, Tess . . . let me think . . . oh, I remember her. She moved here in 10th grade. She had the biggest crush on Max. Everyone knew about it. He never went out with her, but they did wind up going to the senior prom with her. I don’t remember him being with her after that though.”
“Oh. Who did you go to the prom with?”
Maria paused. “Michael.”
Liz’s eyes grew wide.
“I never told you but we went out all senior year. But it was always so complicated. All Michael wanted to do was paint and we would always argue.” Maria shook her head.
“Maria, you’re my witness. I’m officially through with men from now on. They’ve only caused heartache. I don’t need them.” Liz stated with tears in her eyes as she thought of Max.



The next afternoon Michael called Max and Liz telling them to come over saying it was urgent. Max got there first. “What’s going on?” Just then the doorbell rang. Michael answered it and Liz stepped in. As soon as she saw Max she turned back around.
“I have to go.”
Michael grabbed her arm. “No, I need to talk to the both of you. Sit down.”
Max sat down and then Liz went over and sat at the opposite side of the room.
Michael remained standing. “What I’ve done is terrible and if you guys don’t forgive me, I’ll understand.”
Liz folded her arms. “Just spit it out Michael.” She didn’t want to be in the same room with Max for long.
Michael sighed. “I wrote the letter.”
“What!” Liz exclaimed.
“Wait, what letter?” Max asked.
Michael looked over at Max. “I was going to Liz’s house and I picked up their mail, when I saw your letter. So I went home and read it.”
“You read my letter?” Max yelled.
“Yeah, you are one lovesick puppy Max.”
Max’s face turned bright red.
Liz looked over at Max and slightly smiled.
“So . . . I rewrote the letter saying that you didn’t want to be with Liz any more that you found someone else, and I put it back in Liz’s mailbox.”
“Michael, how could you do something like that?” Liz said her voice full of emotion.
“I wanted you for myself Liz. I was jealous of what you and Max had.”
Max shook his head. “I can’t believe you would do that.”
“And when Liz came crying to me about it, to see if it was true, I told her you were a player.”
“Michael, you hurt me so badly. What you did was so wrong. You can’t even call yourself my friend if you would do that to me.” Liz switched her gaze to Max and stood up. “I’m sorry too Max, I should’ve known better than to believe that.”
“It’s okay. You didn’t know and you’ve been hurt before. But I could never lie or cheat on you, ever.”
Liz nodded her head as the tears streamed down her face. “I know.”
Max went over to her and kissed her lightly on the lips. “I love you Liz.”
“I love you too.” Liz hugged him tightly.
Michael watched them and he now knew that their love was real.
Max looked at Michael. “I don’t know why you did what you did. But you know I’ll forgive you, it’s just going to take some time.”
Michael nodded and looked at them. “All right, you two, get out of here!”
They smiled and left the house. As soon as they were outside. Max reached for Liz and kissed her passionately.
The whole time in the car on the way to Max’s house the two were all over each other.
“Oh Max, I’m so sorry for doubting you.” She started kissing all over his face. “I love you so much.”
Max made the seven minute trip from Michael’s house in two. They stumbled out of the car and Liz wrapped her legs around his waist and they kept kissing as they made their way to the door. Max couldn’t get the right key in the door, so he placed his hand over the knob and it unlocked. Liz didn’t even notice, she was too busy taking off his shirt. But that was taking too long so she went for his pants. Max shut the door behind them and they leaned up against it. Max’s pants and boxers dropped to the floor and Liz wrapped her tiny hand around him. Max let Liz’s legs slide from his waist so he could get down her jeans and underwear. As soon as he did, he thrusted into her welcoming center. Liz pushed Max harder against the door as he pumped her. She madly attacked his mouth with hers as she held onto him tight. She clenched her inner walls around him as she felt herself start to come, and then he did as well. Max slid down to the floor taking Liz with him.
“That was . . . That was really good.” Liz said while trying to catch her breath.
“Yes, but the night’s still young.” Max said smiling. He picked her up and carried her in his room.


Sorry this part came out later than planned, I’ve been really loaded down with all of this school work (as Liz would say). Anyway I worked really hard on this part and would love to hear everyone’s opinion on it. (Good or bad!)

Max and Liz quickly discarded the rest of their clothing and got onto the bed. Liz hugged Max tightly. “Max, you must have been so hurt and confused yesterday. I’m so sorry.”
Max stroked her hair. “I know you are Liz. It’s not your fault, you don’t have to apologize any more.”
Liz nodded. “I know. I just love you so much.” She wiped her eyes and he kissed her lightly on the lips.
“I love you more than anything in this world.” Max kissed her again. “You want to know I didn’t call you when I was away?”
“Because if I did, I would never get off the phone and I had to stay on track for the case.”
“So what did you write in the letter?”
“I just told you how gorgeous you were and how much I love you.”
Liz played with the hair right above his neck. “You’re so sweet.” She nuzzled her nose against his. “I don’t know how I found you.” She kissed him deeply and dropped her mouth to his neck. She made her way down to his chest. She traced around his stiff nipples with her pinky before swirling her tongue around one. Then she did the same to the other. She made her to his stomach making sure to kiss each one of his perfect abs. Her tongue went into every crease of his muscles. She kissed his navel and licked around it. Her hands trailed down his body until they reached his thighs and she lightly squeezed them.
Max brought his head up and looked at Liz. The way she was smiling he felt like her next meal. His eyes met hers and they seemed to sparkle with mischief and were darkened by passion. She slowly licked her lips. He groaned and fell back on the bed.
Liz giggled. Max was so cute. She loved him with all her heart and now she was going to show him. She lightly blew cool air in between his legs. Max shuddered from the feeling. Liz started nibbling around him first, just to tease him.
“Oh god, Liz . . . please . . . ”
She reached her one hand up and laced her fingers with his as she brought her mouth down on his manhood, grazing ever so slightly with her teeth.
Max’s free hand reached down and stroked her hair while moaning out her name.
Gently Liz’s fingers caressed his base, her hand then advancing to fondle his sensual sacs. Her index finger went behind them and she rubbed in slow circles. She felt Max’s grip on her hand tighten and his hips arched up. Liz knew that he was almost over the edge, so she sucked faster and pressed where her index finger was firmer. Max came and Liz made certain that she got every bit of it. How could someone taste so good? She thought. She finally made it back up to him. She wiped his hair away from his forehead and kissed it, her mouth continued to kiss the rest of his face.
Max gazed at her through half hooded eyes. God she was amazing. He brought his mouth to hers and kissed her deeply, pulling her tongue deeper into his mouth. He continued to devour her mouth until they both had to come up for air. He watched as she breathed heavily and her chest heave up and down. His eyes progressed back up to her mouth, which was now swollen and puffy. Max’s finger outlined her lips. Liz’s tongue snaked out and licked his finger. She sucked on it as he moved his finger in and out of his mouth. Then Liz took his hand and traced the lines on his palm with her tongue. She placed an open kiss on it.
Max ran his fingers down her arms as he placed hot kisses on the curve of her neck. His mouth moved to her shoulder and down the length of her arm. When he reached her petite hand he kissed and sucked on each pad of her fingers. Then he went and did the same to her other arm. He soundly kissed her on the lips as he laid her back on the bed, resting her head on the pillow. Max kissed her once more before skimming his tongue on her collarbone and then going to her chest. He started caressing her one breast. He rolled one pebble stone nipple in between his fingers and cupped her other breast with his hand. He couldn’t resist any longer. He bent down and spiraled his tongue over her nipple. He sucked it into his mouth, loving the feel of his tongue on her smooth skin.
“Oh yes . . . Max!” Liz’s hands found Max’s shoulders and she kneaded them as he continued to pleasure her.
After that Max made sure to lick and suck every part of her breast. Then he went in between them and licked up and into the top of her other one. His tongue kept circling each part of her breast until he made it to the center. He lightly tugged and pulled at her nipple with his teeth. He dragged his mouth to her stomach and gave Liz hot kisses.
“Yeah . . . yeah Max?” She could hardly think straight right now.
“Want to know something?” His warm breath on her stomach as he talked.
“Wh . . . what?”
“Ever since I first saw you, you know back in 3rd grade and until 8th grade . . . ” His tongue whirled around her navel. “And then when I saw you three weeks ago and we made love . . . ” He proceeded down and started to spread her legs. He glanced up at her and smiled. “I knew it would always be you.”
Liz didn’t even get a chance to respond. The next thing she knew Max was kissing her extremely hot flesh. She cried out his name.
Max parted her folds and softly licked up and down. She tasted so sweet yet she was spicy as well. He started to ravish her and Liz was sent into pure ecstacy.
“Oh shit! God . . . Max!” The heels of her feet dug into the mattress while her hands tightly grabbed onto the sheets to keep herself from thrashing around. She raised her hips higher as she moved them with his mouth.
Max darted his tongue into her. He placed his hands on her hips pulling her closer to him. She tasted so good and she was so wet. His head started to spin and he felt dizzy. Her sweetness kept pour out for him. He felt himself harden more if that was even possible as her intense screams of pleasure became louder. She came for him and he sucked every drop into his mouth. He eventually stopped after her cries died down. He crawled back up to her.
“Max . . . that was . . . that was . . . ” Liz shook her head. “Thank you.”
She reached down and twirled her hand around his throbbing erection. Max groaned and rolled on top of her. Liz repositioned her hand to his shoulder and he plunged into her heat. Liz gasped from the feeling of Max all around her. God he felt good. She kissed him profoundly as their mouths mimicked the rest of their bodies. Liz embraced her body with his pulling him in deeper. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he went in and out of her in long powerful strokes.
Liz was making him crazy. She was so tight and hot. His mouth crushed against her.
“Mmm . . . Max . . . ” Liz buried her head in his neck as he continued to fill her. Max couldn’t hold it in any longer as he felt his release and he emptied himself into her. Liz dug her nails into his back as she felt herself let go and she came for him.
Max collapsed on top her, their bodies glistening with sweat. He moved to the side not wanting to crush Liz with his weight. She moped his hair away from his face and kissed away any beads of sweat there and on his neck and he started doing the same to her.
“I love you.” Liz whispered in his ear as she nipped at it.
“I love you too.” He brushed his lips against hers. Max tucked her hair behind her ears and she rested her head on his shoulder as they snuggled together.
Max stroked her soft hair and kissed the top of her head. She was so beautiful and precious to him. How he loved her! But before he could take their relationship any further she had to know the truth about him. He looked down at her, she was running her hand up and down his side. Now was as good of time as ever he thought. He sighed and slowly sat up.
“There’s something you need to know about me.”
“And what’s that Mr. Evans?” Liz said teasingly. She looked up at him and saw the seriousness in his face. She too sat up concerned. “What is it Max?”



Max scrubbed his face with his hands. “Liz, what I’m about to tell you . . . I’ve never told this to anyone before, not even my parents.”
Liz placed her hand on his arm. “Max you can trust me with whatever you have to say.”
“Geez, I don’t know where to even start . . . ” He took a deep breath and looked directly into her eyes. “Liz I’m not from around here. You um, know about the ‘47 crash right?”
“I was in it.”
Liz’s eyebrows furrowed together. “I don’t understand.”
“Liz I was in that crash. I really don’t know much about my past, or who I really am, but when the ship crashed we were in these incubation pods and then hidden and-“
Liz cut him off. “Wait, we?”
“Oh, um my sister Isabel and Michael are also like me.”
“Michael too?”
“Yeah.” He paused. “Anyway we came out of the pods in 1989, and we all look like six year olds. Like I said before we really don’t know much about our past just that we have these powers. I doubt that we will ever get ever answers. All though Michael still looks for them.”
Liz just stared at him.
Max felt crushed. “If you don’t want to be with me anymore, I’ll understand . . . ”
“Max, I never said that. This is just a lot to take in. But I still love you, you know I always will.”
Max’s eyes lightly started to mist. Liz accepted him. She truly loved him. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, I guess I was just scared of how you would react.”
“It’s okay. You’re still the same Max I fell in love with.”
Max hugged her tightly. “I love you.” He murmured into her hair.
“So . . . ” Liz said after she pulled away. “Am I going to be able to see your powers?”
Max smirked. “Sure. Well, we can change the molecular structure of things.” He turned around and then put his hand over the knob of the headboard. A light glow shown over it and it changed into her face. He waved his hand over it again, changing it to normal.
“That’s how Michael changed the letter isn’t it?”
Max nodded. “Yeah. My sister Isabel she can dream walk, but Michael and I can’t do that.”
“Really? Wow. Anything else?”
“Well, I can heal people, but I’ve only done it a couple times.”
“Max that’s amazing. You should never feel ashamed of yourself.” She ran the back of her fingers on his cheek and kissed him softly.
“Liz, you have no idea what this means to me, you accepting me.”
Liz kissed him again with all of her heart and soul. They laid back and Max brought the covers over them as they cuddled together. There was a silence between them until Liz spoke up. “That’s why you always eat food with tabasco sauce, isn’t it?”
Max chuckled. “Yeah, we like sweet things mixed with spicy ones.” He lowered his voice. “That’s what you taste like too.” He nipped at her ear.
Liz rolled her eyes. “You unlocked the door with your hand earlier, didn’t you?”
Max smiled. “You saw that?”
“Kind of. I wasn’t totally paying attention.” Her lips curled upward. “I was focusing on other things.”
Max grinned and brought his arms around her as she buried her head in his chest. By now, the two of them were exhausted.
“Goodnight Max.”
“Night Liz.” Max kissed the top of her head as they drifted to sleep.

Liz awoke and slowly opened her eyes. She felt Max’s arms still around her and she looked up to find him staring at her. “Hi.” He whispered.
“Morning.” Liz brought her head up to kiss him. She rubbed her eyes and started to sit up. “So how are you today E.T.?” Liz teased. “Or do you prefer Alf?”
“Ha ha.” Max whacked her arm with a pillow.
“Hey!” Liz exclaimed as she grabbed her pillow and hit him over the head.
“I don’t think so!” Max yelled.
The next thing they knew, the two of them were having a pillow fight. They kept striking each other while laughing hysterically. Then Liz grabbed a blanket and starting with his head quickly covered him up. She sat down on him so he couldn’t move. But he was too strong for her, so he sat up taking her with him. Max moved the blanket so he could see and with Liz swung over his shoulder he began to run around the room.
“Max! Stop!” Liz shrieked. “Put me down!” Her fists beat on his chest.
Finally Max plopped her down on the bed, falling on top of her. He pinned her down and clamped his mouth over hers. Liz moaned into his mouth and pulled away.
“What if I called you Mork? I could be Mindy.” Liz joked.
Max laughed. “Shut up and kiss me Parker.”

Max dropped Liz off at work that morning.
“Bye, I love you.” She placed a kiss on his cheek.
“I love you too. Have a good day.”
“You too, bye.” She gave him another kiss and slid out of the car. Max watched her til she made it in and started to drive off. He didn’t have to be at the law firm for another hour. He was on pretty good terms with them right now since he just won his big case. He kept driving til he made it to the jewelry store. He pulled up into the parking lot and got out. As Max stepped in the store, a man walked over to him.
“Anything I can help you with sir?”
“Yes, what kind of engagement rings do you have here?”



Liz was in the middle of an experiment when her coworker Dr. Theresa Larios walked up to her. “Dr. Parker, there’s a call for you on line two.”
“Oh, thank you.” Liz went over the phone and picked it up. “Hello?”
“Hi Liz, great news!”
“Dr. Mazer?” Liz asked.
“Yes, it’s me. Anyway the head of the department you’re working at now said you were doing an exceptional job.”
“Oh, that really is good news!”
“That’s not all, there’s a job opening for head molecular biogist in Portland, Oregon and they want you to take it!”
“Really!” Liz exclaimed. This was the job she had always wanted!
“How soon would you be able to start?”
“Oh I can . . . Max . . . ” Liz remembered. How could she ever even consider leaving him? Especially after they had grown even closer last night.
“Uh, never mind. Um can I call you back later with my decision?”
“Well I guess so.” Dr. Mazer said confused. No on in their right mind should even have to decide for a job like this.
“Okay. Thanks, bye.”
“Bye, Dr. Parker.”
Liz hung up the phone and leaned against the wall. What am I going to do? She thought.

Max sat in his office and stared at the ring he got Liz. It was three carats, a marquis cut diamond fit into a platinum setting. And tonight was the night. He was going to ask Liz to marry him.
There was a knock on the door and he quickly closed the velvet box that contained the ring and shoved in into his desk. “Come in.”
Liz opened the door and stepped into the room.
“Hey Liz!” Max grinned.
Liz slightly smiled. God, how was she going to do this? “Hi.”
“What are you doing here?”
“Oh, I went on break early today. My coworker Dr. Larios is with me. She’s waiting in the car. I just wanted to say hi.”
“Oh well I’m glad you came over because I wanted to take you out to dinner tonight. Is that okay?”
“Yeah, that’s fine.” She decided she would tell Max about the job offer tonight.
Max placed his hand on her arm. “Liz is everything all right?”
“Yeah.” Liz nodded and then shook her head. “No.” She grabbed Max and hugged him tightly as she started to cry.
“Liz, it’s going to be okay. Whatever it is, you can tell me.” He rubbed her back as she sobbed.
Liz slowly pulled away and wiped her eyes. “Max, I got offered a position to be head of a molecular biology department today.”
“Liz, that’s terrific news! This is your dream job!”
“Yes.” Liz paused. “But it’s in Oregon.”
Max’s face fell. “Oregon?”
“Yeah, Portland.”
“I don’t know what to do. I mean I knew this job here was temporary . . . ”
“Liz, do you want the job?”
“I’m not sure I mean I-“
Max placed his finger over her lips. “Tell me the truth, do you really want this?”
Liz’s eyes started to water. “Yes, I want this more than anything. It’s what I’ve worked for all my life. But I can’t leave you. I love you Max.”
He hugged her as she cried again. “Well then . . . ” Max’s own eye’s started to mist. This wasn’t exactly how he had planned his day. “You should take the job.”
Liz jerked away. “Max . . . I . . . I can’t . . . ”
Max kissed the top of her head.
Liz wiped her eyes again. “I got your shirt all wet.” She trailed her hand down it.
“I’m not too worried about that right now.” He kissed her gently.
“I should get going, I don’t want to keep Theresa waiting.”
“Yeah okay. We’ll still go out tonight?” Max questioned.
Liz nodded.
“We’ll talk then.”
She kissed him softly on the lips. “I love you.”
“I love you too Liz.”
She turned around and slowly walked out of the building.
Theresa was in the car waiting for her. “Hey are you okay?” She asked when Liz got in. “I don’t know.” Liz whispered. “I really don’t know . . . ”



That evening Liz came home and found Maria cooking in the kitchen.
“Hey babe! Where have you been?” Maria asked.
“Well me and Max-“
Maria cut her off. “Made up? Whatever happened to your ‘I’m officially through with men statement’?”
“I decided it wasn’t really that important.”
Maria laughed. “Michael called me last night.”
“He did?”
“Yup. He told me about what he did to you and Max. You know the letter. I’m surprised he came clean about it though, that’s not usually his style. So then I wasn’t yelling at him, you know saying what a jerk he was and all. And then somehow I forgave him and we wound up talking for another three hours. We’re even going out tomorrow night. Just as friends of course.”
“I’m really happy for you two. I hope everything works out.”
“Thanks. You seem a little down, is something wrong?”
“I got a job offer as head molecular biologist in Portland, Oregon.”
“Liz that’s what you’ve wanted to do since we were in 7th grade!”
“Yeah I know.” Fresh tears fell down her face.
“I don’t get it what’s the . . . Oh, Max.”
Liz nodded and Maria hugged her.
“Oh God Liz, what are you going to do?”
“Maria I’ve never been so unsure in my life. Max means everything to me. But this job . . . it’s all I’ve worked for. What should I do?”
“You know I can’t decide for you. But I have faith in every decision you make.”
“Thank you.” She sighed and ran a shaky hand threw her hair. “I’m going to go take a shower. Max is taking me out to eat.”
Maria nodded and watched Liz as she went down the hall. She knew they’d both be devastated if they weren’t together.

Liz slowly stepped out of the shower to prevent slipping on the tiled floor and grabbed her terry cloth robe. She wiped the fog away from the mirror and turned on the hair dryer. She took out a round brush and added a slight curl to her hair. She loved doing her hair, it gave her something else to focus on. And she definitely didn’t want to think about the present right now. When she finished, she put on a three quarter length blue shirt and a short tan skirt with a pair of her Birken stock sandals. She applied some light blue eye shadow and to finish the look she put on her lip gloss. Just then she heard the doorbell ring. She grabbed her purse and headed to the door. She saw Maria and Max talking. God he looked good. He was wearing khakis and a black button down shirt. Why did he have such an effect on her?
Max looked up to see an angel walking toward him, looking at only him.
Maria turned around and could tell the two were in there own little world. “Bye guys!” Even though she knew they didn’t hear her.
“Hi Max.”
He kissed her tenderly on the lips. “Strawberry.” He whispered.
“Your lips . . . ” He nodded his head toward her. “They taste like strawberries.”
Liz smiled. “Oh, it’s my lip gloss.”
“I like it.” Max reached for her hand. “Come on.”
They drove to the restaurant in silence, but it wasn’t awkward as Liz feared it would be.
When they sat down in a booth, Max told her about the rest of his day. Liz talked about Michael and Maria getting together. Both of them avoiding the main topic.
After they ordered, Max grabbed her hand. “Liz we both know what we’re ignoring, let’s just get this over with.”
She nodded. “Yeah, okay.”
Max took in a deep breath and exhaled. “I’ve been thinking a lot about your job offer . . . and I think that you should take it.”
“But Max I-“
He placed his finger over her lips. “An opportunity like this may never come up again for you. I’ve tried to think of ways out of this for you, but the best thing to do is for you to take it. I even thought about moving my practice.”
“Max, I could never ask you to do that! You’re so successful here, and it would take a while for you to get back on your feet again. Anyway as much as I love this job, I don’t want to leave you.”
“Liz, you know I love you will all my heart. And my love is so strong that I’m willing to give you up. Love is about making sacrifices.”
Tears streamed down Liz’s face. “Max, I’m going to miss you so much.”
He leaned over and kissed her. “I just don’t want you to give up this because of me. Because if you don’t take this job you’ll always wonder ‘what if?’ and you’ll wind up regretting it.”
Just then the waiter arrived with their food. The two didn’t really eat, they just stirred their food around their plates.
“Do you want to get out of here?” Max asked.
Liz nodded.
He threw a $50 on the table figuring that would cover everything. He took her hand they left the restaurant.
The two made it back to Max’s house.
“Why don’t you pick out a movie, I’ll go make some popcorn.” Max suggested.
“All right.” Liz said as she slipped off her sandals and went over to where he kept his movies. Her eyes mist, realizing she’d only have one more week left with him. But then she’d get to do the job she had always dreamed of, and that’s what she wanted . . . Right?
Max took out a bag of kernels and poured them in a bowl. He waved his hand over them turning them instantly into popcorn. He grabbed some sodas and went into the family room. He placed the food on the end table and settled down next to Liz. He grabbed a blanket and they snuggled up together on the couch. He kissed the top of her head and then her cheek. Liz wrapped her arm around his waist. As the movie started to play Max put the popcorn in between them. Somehow they wound up feeding it to each other. They lightly sucked and licked each other’s fingers as they were fed. Soon the popcorn was gone and Liz got as close to Max as she could and he wove his hand through her hair as they turned their attention back to the T.V.
When it was over, Liz had fallen asleep on his shoulder.
“Liz.” He shook her lightly. “It’s over, wake up.” She didn’t move and he threw off the blanket covering them. He picked her up and carried her upstairs to his room. He delicately laid her down on the bed. Max stripped down to a T-shirt and boxers and slid under the covers with her. She was so precious to him. He caressed her cheek and placed light kisses over her face.
“I love you Max.” She breathed in her sleep as she brought her arm around him.
Max felt his heart tighten in his chest. He placed a kiss on her lips. “I love you.”
He slowly closed his eyes and realized they would only have a week left together. He decided it would be the best one of their lives.



Liz sighed as she sat on the couch, deciding which soap opera to watch. Maria had left for work at the beauty salon just as Max brought her over and then he left for the law firm. She already called her boss this morning and told him she was taking the job in Oregon, so she wasn’t needed in the Roswell lab this week. Dr. Mazer talked to her on the phone for a while, going on about how great this job would be for her. She knew it was true and actually couldn’t wait to start. It was just that she was going to miss Max so much. How did she make it those 18 years without him before? She smiled thinking of the 8th grade English class she had shared with Max and Michael. And then she thought of the night before she moved, Max had kissed her and he stayed with her that night. She quickly wiped away the tears that had started to flow as she heard the knock on the door. She went over and opened it.
“Hey Liz!” Max said holding a huge bouquet of flowers. He grabbed Liz and kissed her so passionately that it took both of their breaths away.
“Max . . . what’s going on?”
He handed the flowers to her. “We’re going out, go change.”
“Wait what about your work?”
“I took the week off so I could be with you.”
“You did?” Liz felt her insides melt. “Can you do that?”
Max shrugged. “I have a ton of vacation days to use up anyway, since I never get sick.”
“Where are we going?”
“To an amusement park.”
“An amusement park?” Liz repeated while raising her eyebrows.
“Yep. They built it about five years ago. It’s about an hour away. Come on.”
“Um, okay, let me go change.”
Liz quickly threw on a pair of jeans and her favorite red tank top, and hurried back to Max. He was sitting on the couch waiting for her.
“Wow, that was fast.” He remarked.
She took his hand and they went out to his car.
On the way they seemed to talk about everything and anything.
When they arrived to the park, Liz suggested they go on a roller coaster first.
Max grimaced. “I don’t really like them.”
“What?” Liz said shocked. “Why did you take me here? And anyway aren’t you an alien? You should like this stuff.”
“Yeah, you think I would.”
“Let’s go.” Max gave a groan as she dragged him to the line. When it was their turn, they stepped into the car.
“I have done this in like 10 years!” Liz exclaimed.
Max just nodded.
Liz smiled and kissed his cheek.
As they started to plunge down the first hill, Max grabbed onto the handle bar so tightly his knuckles turned white.
Liz laughed as she threw her arms up in the air.
“That wasn’t so bad.” Liz said as they got off.
“This was my idea to come here?”
Liz giggled as she linked her arm with his. “What should we go on next? We could do that kiddie ride over there. But it might be a little fast for you.” She teased.
“Shut up!” Max playfully hit her on the arm.
They agreed on bumper cars next and continued to go on different rides throughout the day. Max even won Liz a stuffed bear (he always had a thing for bears). Which he proudly won ‘without using his powers.’ He even started to loosen up on some of the rides. By the end of the day, they were both wiped out and headed home. When Max pulled into his driveway, he looked over at Liz who had fallen asleep. He got out of his side and went over to hers. He opened the door, Liz was sleeping peacefully, clutching the teddy bear he got her. He pushed her hair away from her face. “You love to fall asleep on me, don’t you?” He picked her up gently and carried her into the house. Max brought her to his room and put Liz on the bed. He then bent down and took off her shoes and brought the covers over her.
Max was more hungry than tired right now, so he gave Liz a soft kiss and headed into the kitchen. He made a sandwich and went over to his desk to get caught up on some things he would be missing at work this week. But he couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t think of anything but Liz. He wondered how he would go on without her in his life. And then for the first time in his life, Max cried.



The next few days seemed to fly by. Max and Liz did tons of things together. They went bowling, mini-golfing, the movies, the zoo, and to the lake. Both of them growing closer in the process. It was now Liz’s second to last day before leaving, it was late afternoon and the two were on the couch watching T.V.
“So what did you want to do tonight?” Max asked.
Liz shrugged her shoulders. “Whatever.” She picked up the newspaper on the coffee table and flipped through it. “I know!” She exclaimed.
“Let’s go camping!”
“Camping, it’s a little short notice for that.”
“We can do it in your backyard. It’ll be fun!”
“All right. But I don’t have a tent or anything.”
“We’ll go get one now.”
They bought a two-man tent and a double sleeping bag, so they could sleep in the same one. It was getting dark when they finished setting up. They went back into the house the house to change into warmer clothes. Liz put on a pair of Max’s sweat pants and shirt, all though they were too big on her, she loved that she could still pick up Max’s scent. They went back outside and gathered a pile of sticks. Max waved his hand over them creating a fire. They roasted hot dogs and then toasted marshmallows to make s’ mores.
“I feel like a little kid again.” Max remarked as he smothered his s’mores with Tabasco sauce.
“That’s so disgusting.” Liz grimaced.
Max shoved the whole thing in his mouth and grinned. “It’s good.” He said with his mouth full of food.
Liz rolled her eyes but had to laugh at the same time. “You got chocolate all over your face.” She was going to use her finger to wipe it away, but her tongue slowly snaked out and did the job instead. She then brushed her lips against his. Max placed his hand behind her neck as she opened her mouth and their tongues tangled together. Max’s mouth still tasted spicy, but at Liz point didn’t care. After a long while she slowly pulled away. “It’s getting late.” She smiled at his frown. Liz turned around and started to get in the tent, which Max soon followed. They unzipped the sleeping bag and crawled in.
“Goodnight Max.”
“Night Liz.” He replied and gave her a kiss.
About five minutes passed before Liz spoke up. “Max, you awake?”
“Uh, yeah.”
“Let’s sleep outside.”
“Liz we are outside.”
“No, out here.” Liz scrambled out of the sleeping bag and opened the tent door. She stepped out onto the grass. “I want to sleep under the stars with you.”
Max stuck his head out of the tent. “It’s gonna get cold.”
“We’ll just have to keep each other warm then.”
Max got out taking the sleeping bag with him, mumbling something about having to pay $200 for a tent he’s not even using.
Liz heard him and giggled. She firmly pressed her lips against his cheek, giving him a loud smack.
He put the sleeping bag on the ground and the two climbed into it once again.
Liz looked up in the sky as she wrapped her arms around Max. “It really is beautiful tonight.”
Max looked up into the stars and then let his gaze wander to her face. “Yeah it is.” He gently stroked her cheek. “I love you Liz.”
“I love you too.” They kissed softly before sleep washed over them.



For their last night together, Max wanted everything to be perfect. He made reservations at an extremely fancy restaurant that was 45 minutes away.

Liz bought a cranberry colored dress, it had thin straps and it went to her knees. It came with a matching shawl to wear over it. Maria did her hair and make-up and her nails were painted to match the dress. She stayed with Maria until Max came to pick her up.
When they heard the doorbell, the two girls shrieked and went to get the door. Only to Liz’s disappointment, it was Michael.
“Hey Michael.” Maria said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.
“Where are you going Liz?”
“Max is taking me out.” Liz was still mad at Michael for what he did, but it was hard for her to stay that way much longer.
“Well, uh, you two have a great time.”
“Thanks we will.” Another voice answered.
Liz quickly spun around and saw Max standing in the doorway. Her lips curled upward at the sight of him. He looked incredible. He stretched out his arm toward her and she placed her hand in his. They went out the door and Maria shut it behind them.
“They’ve got it so bad.” She shook her head.
Michael nodded.
“So you want to watch T.V. or something?”
“No.” He grabbed her hand. “Maria, I want us to have what they do, well maybe not that bad, but you know what I mean.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah, let’s just take things slow and see how it works out. I don’t want what happened in high school to repeat itself.”
Maria smiled. “I’d like that.”
“Good.” He placed his hand under her chin lifting her face up. He hesitated but then descended his lips down on hers. It was a long gentle kiss. Maria looked at him and then she ran her hand down his chest. “Um, do we . . . do we have to take things slow?”
Michael’s eyes grew wide and then he grinned as she grabbed his hand leading him to her room . . .
“Liz you look beautiful, no you look better than that . . . ”
Liz leaned up to him. “You look pretty good too.”
She turned around but instead of seeing his Jaguar, a black limo was in the driveway. “Oh my God, Max!” They walked over and got in. “This is so nice! I’ve only been in one of these twice. Once for my cousin’s wedding and my prom. But both times we crammed so many people in, it wasn’t as fun.”
“I know what you mean.”
Liz kissed his cheek. “Thank you. This has been the best month of my life.”
“Mine too. Except for that night back in 8th grade.”
Liz smiled. “You were my first kiss.”
“You were the only one I loved all through grade school. From the moment I saw you in third grade, you enchanted me somehow, and I knew we’d be together someday.”
Liz hugged him tightly. “I love you Max.” She started giving him kisses all over his face. “I’ll always love your kisses.” Her finger outlined his lips. Then she gave a soft laugh. “I think my mascara’s not waterproof like Maria said.”
“Here.” Max waved his hand over her face.
“So, want something to drink?” Max rummaged through the small refrigerator on the side of the car.
“Max how come you never drink alcohol? You don’t even have any at your house.”
“Oh, well my body doesn’t take it too well. I get extremely drunk after the first sip. Really bad college experience.”
Liz nodded. “Oh I see.”
Max got out some sparkling water. “Is this okay?”
“Yes, that’s fine.”
Max poured the drink and handed it to her. “So tell me, what’s the first thing you’re going to do once you get to the lab?”
Liz sat up straighter. “Well, I was thinking I would . . . ” She continued to go on about her job.

The restaurant was beautiful. It was called the Circular Dining Room, because it was a huge circular room with windows all along the walls so everyone could have a window seat. Outside was a huge garden. As Max and Liz walked down the steps into the restaurant, Liz was amazed. It was the nicest place she’d ever seen! It was Mediterranean style, with three huge ice sculptures with a buffet around them.
“Max this place is gorgeous.” She said before a hostess came over to seat them. Liz reached for his hand across the table. “This is perfect.”
“I know, this is nicer than I could imagine.”
Liz looked around the setting again. She noticed off to the side a band was playing and couples were dancing. “Max let’s dance!”
Max got up and went to the dance floor with her. The melody was a peaceful one. Max placed one hand on her hip while the other rested on the small of her back. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck as they swayed to the music. Liz sighed in contentment as Max’s strong arms brought her closer to him. Would she ever dance with him again after tonight? She quickly pushed the thought away from her head. She didn’t need to think of that tonight. The rest of the evening was wonderful. They ate their dinner, feeding each other samples of their food. They danced some more, and after that, they went out into the gardens outside the restaurant. It was a full moon and the gardens were dimly lit by lamps. There were two reflecting ponds with a fountain in each one as well. They walked around with their hands laced together.
“I couldn’t have asked for a better night.” Liz said.
Max leaned down and kissed her. “Any place with you is perfect.”

The ride back home they just talked and kissed and snuggled up together. Max’s jacket and tie were already removed by Liz by the time the limo got them home. They hurriedly made it into the house and up to his room.
Liz unbuttoned his shirt it slid off past his shoulders. She reached down for the hem of his undershirt and pulled it off. They both kicked off their shoes as Max unzipped her dress. It gracefully fell down and Liz instantly discarded her pantyhose as she pushed Max down on the bed with her. His mouth captured hers as he unclasped her bra and let it glide off. His hands kneaded her breasts in a circular motion. Liz moaned into his mouth as she eased his pants and boxers down. She stroked her hands up and down his pulsing flesh, grazing ever so slightly with her nails. Her thumb brushed over his tip. Max rolled over so he was on top. He took off her panties and bent down to kiss her, their faces bruised together with intensity. Liz arched up her hips and Max pushed into her. Liz brought one leg over his hip and massaged the back of his shoulders with her hands as they continued to kiss. He proceeded to go in and out of her until she tightened her silky walls around him and they went over the edge together.
Max shifted to his side and pulled out of her. Liz moved into his arms as they caught their breath.
“Yeah Liz?”
“I’m not tired yet.” She grinned wickedly at him.
Max groaned as he felt himself harden again. It was going to be a long night, not that he wasn’t excited . . .



“Beep . . . Beep . . . Beep . . . ” The sound of the alarm clock quickly woke Max and Liz up. They were curled up together on the bed, Max reached over to turn off the alarm. Liz glared at the numbers on the clock, 7:00, she was leaving this morning. She sighed and then lifted her head up to kiss Max. Last night was incredible. They had wound up making love three more times. She pouted. “I don’t want to go.”
Max kissed the top of her head. He knew this day would come, as much as he wanted to wrap her in his arms forever, he couldn’t. This was her dream job, and he wasn’t going to stand in her way. He sat up and ran a shaky hand through his hair.
Liz sat up as well and swung her legs over the side of the bed. She turned her head back to face him. “So are you coming in the shower with me?”
Max smiled as she grabbed his hand, leading them into the bathroom.
They washed each other’s hair and then lathered their hands with soap as they made sure to get each inch of each other’s body clean. It was sensual and romantic at the same time. They toweled each other off and got dressed. Liz put on a shirt and jeans and then let Max blow dry and comb her hair.
“Do you have a sweatshirt?” Max asked. “It might be cold at the airport.”
“Oh that’s right, I forgot. Maria has most of my luggage.” Maria was picking Liz up at Max’s and then taking her to the airport.
Max went over to his dresser and pulled out a navy blue sweatshirt. It was nautica with just the small sailboat symbol embroidered on it. “Here take this. It’s a little small on me anyway.”
Liz put it on, and even though it was too big for her she loved its warmth and the feeling of Max it gave her. “Thanks.”
Max glanced at the clock. “Well we have 20 minutes before Maria gets here.”
“I guarantee it will be 30, Maria’s always late.”
By the time they had breakfast and cleaned up, it was 25 minutes later.
“You’re going to do great once you get there. I know you will.” Max said while grabbing her waist, pulling her closer to him.
“I just can’t believe this day is finally here, I mean this is what I’ve wanted all my life and now that I have it, I have to give up you.”
Max opened his mouth to reply, but they heard Maria honking her horn in the front of the house.
Liz looked up at Max and he laced his hand with hers. She picked up her purse, and a small duffle bag and they headed outside. Maria was in the car with Michael in the passenger side. Maria and Michael got out and Maria walked over to them while Michael leaned against the car.
“Hey guys.” Maria leaned over and gave Liz a hug. She took Liz’s smaller bag and put it in the trunk with all her other luggage. “I’ll give you guys a few minutes, okay?”
“Thanks Maria.” Liz turned to face Max and he bent down and kissed her deeply. Both of them had tears in their eyes and Liz’s were streaming down her face. She rested her forehead against his as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “I love you.” She whispered.
“I love you too.” Max replied as a tear trickled down his cheek.
She played with the collar on his shirt. “I’m going to miss you.”
He placed his hand under her chin and tilted it up to meet his own face.
Liz held onto him securely, as he kissed her, for fear of falling if she didn’t. She opened her mouth and let his tongue caress with her own. She knew if she didn’t pull away soon, she’d never leave. Slowly, her lips departed from his. They hugged each other tightly. “Goodbye Max.”
“Bye Liz.”
She reluctantly let go of him and got into the car. As Maria started to drive away, Liz stared out the window until there wasn’t a trace of him anymore.

Michael and Maria helped Liz get her luggage checked in. Michael was the first to hug Liz farewell. “Hey, I’m sorry for everything I did before and-“
Liz silenced him. “Don’t worry about it. That’s not important right now.”
Michael nodded and hugged her again. “Have fun at your job.”
“Thanks I will.” Liz responded.
Both girls were crying as Maria hugged Liz. “I love you.”
“I love you Maria. Thank you for everything.”
“Don’t mention it. And you’re going to be fine in Oregon, because you’ll be doing what you love.”
Liz paused and then nodded. They gave each other a kiss on the cheek and one more hug.
“Have a safe trip, and call me when you get there.”
“All right, I will.” Liz took a step back and looked at the two. “And best of luck to you guys.”
Michael grabbed Maria’s hand. “Thanks.”
“Well, I guess I need to get going.” Liz wiped her eyes even though more tears fell. “Bye guys.”
“Bye.” The two replied in unison.
Liz slowly turned around and headed toward her gate.

“Last boarding for Portland International.” The flight attendant announced.
Liz got up from her seat with her ticket clutched in her hand. She stayed there as long as she could hoping that Max would come running in, telling her that he didn’t want her to leave and to stay with him forever. She sighed as she walked to the terminal and gave her ticket to the attendant. She gave one last look back before she boarded the plane and they stepped on. Liz found her seat and fastened her seat belt as she waited for her new life to begin.



Max laid down on his couch and stared up at the ceiling. He glanced at his watch, Liz was about an hour into her flight by now. Part of him wanted to run to the airport, stop Liz from getting on that plane and tell her to stay with him forever. But he couldn’t. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the tiny velvet box. He opened it and looked at the ring he had planned on giving Liz. His eyes started to water all over again, thinking of what it would have been like to have Liz as his wife. His thoughts were soon interupted by a knock on the door. He closed the black box and shoved it into his pocket. “It’s unlocked!” He shouted, guessing it was Michael and he really didn’t feel like getting up from his position on the couch. “Hey.” He said as he heard the door open and then shut.
“Hi Max.” The familiar feminine voice said back.
Max nearly fell off the couch. He quickly turned his head around. “Oh my God, Liz!”
He rushed over to her, picking her up and twirling her in his arms. They hugged each other fiercly. He planted tiny kisses all over her face, then he came back to reality. “Wait Liz, what are you doing here?”
“Well, I got on the plane, I was all set to go, but I just couldn’t go through with it. I got off just before they shut all the door and got a cab to take me here.”
Max tucked some strands of her hair behind her ear. “What about the job?”
“Yeah it would have been great to work there, but I can’t do something I love without being able to share it with someone I love. You’re even the one who said love’s about making sacrefaces.”
Max kissed her gently on the lips.
“I’m sure they’ll let me stay at the lab her, and even if they don’t, I don’t care.” She lightly ran her fingers down his cheek.
“Liz you have no idea how much this means to me.”
She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him with all of her love. Max remembered the ring in his pocket and pulled away.
“There’s something I want to ask you.”
“What is it Max?” The next thing she knew, he was down on one knee, pulling a velvet box from his pocket.
“Elizabeth Parker, I’ve loved you forever and even before that, will you marry me?” He opened the box, revealing the most beautiful ring Liz had ever seen.
“Oh Max, yes!” Liz exclaimed, pratically tackling him to the ground as she hugged him.
Max grinned as he slid the ring on her finger.
Liz outstretched her arm so she could look at the ring on her hand. “It’s so gorgeous. When did you get this?”
“A little over a week ago.”
“You mean...before I got the job offer?”
“That same day.”
“Oh Max, you were willing to give all this up for my happiness?”
Max nodded. “I’d do anything for you.”
Liz smiled and cried at the same time.
He kissed her softly. “I love you Liz.”
“And I love you Max.” She whispered against his lips before kissing him again. She knew that they would be together eternally, and she wondered if that job she was offered was really what she loved all her life or was it really someone? As she opened her eyes and gazed at Max, she figured out it was always him.


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Title: My First, My Last, My Everything
Author: Danielle M.
Email: Opel70⊕
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don’t worry I don’t own any of the characters . . . Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims, but I can only dream of what I’d do to Max/Jason if I owned him!
Summary: This is my post destiny fic. Yes I know, not another one, but I had to write this.
Category: Max/ Liz (of course, have you ever actually seen me write about another couple?)
Distribution: If you want it, you can have it. Just let me know.
Email me if you need a previous part.
A huge thank you to everyone that gave me feedback on this story! I really appreciated it. I love reading all of your comments.


Liz watched as Max and Isabel’s real mother spoke to them. She told them that Max was the leader of their planet and then she said that Tess was his bride. Liz had never felt so hurt before. She quickly but reluctantly decided that she had to get on with her life. She couldn’t be involved with Max anymore. Liz desperately wanted to be with him forever, they had even exchanged their love for each other last night. But Liz realized that she couldn’t change destiny. Max was the leader of his people and she couldn’t be in the way. Their mother finished talking and disappeared.
Liz heard Isabel say something, but she wasn’t clear of what.
“I always knew there was something else out there, but I didn’t know how important it was.” Michael said.
“Things will never be the same.” Max stated. Liz saw him gaze down at Tess. “It’s the four of us now.”
God, he’s choosing Tess already Liz thought. He really doesn’t want me in his life anymore anyway. Liz turned around and started walking away. She faintly heard Max saying ‘no’ about something and then he grabbed her arm.
“Everything I told you before is still true.”
Liz looked into his eyes and knew it was.
“Max you do have a destiny. I just heard it.”
“But you mean everything to me.”
God, how was she going to do this? She leaned up and kissed him gently, giving every
ounce of her love to him. She never wanted to depart from his lips and Liz knew Max didn’t want to either, but she had too. She slowly pulled away from him, staring at his beautiful face, wanting to memorize every part of it because she would never be able to do it again.
“Goodbye Max.”
Tears filled her eyes as she managed to make it out of the cave. She heard Max call out her name. Then as she stumbled down the hill she heard him again.
“Liz . . . Liz wait.”
Liz turned around. She looked into his eyes once again. They too were welling up with tears. He didn’t say anything. But she could tell what he wanted to say, it was coming off him like waves. ‘Why are you leaving me? I love you. We’ll get through this together.’
Liz felt more tears fall from her face. She turned around once more and started to walk away from Max again. She walked faster as the pain racked through her body. Then she ran. Away from Max, away from the life she once knew with him. She made her way down the hill and got into her car, now glad they had taken two. Liz remembered how she had cuddled with Max the whole way to the cave. More sobs came from her eyes. She started the engine and drove, away from her first and only love.

Max wanted to run after Liz. He wanted to hold her in his arms and let her know that everything would be all right. But Michael stopped him, telling him to let her go.
Getting to hear his real mother was amazing, but learning that he was the leader of their planet was too much for him to handle all at once. And knowing that it would’ve driven Liz away he would have never listened to it.
“What happens now Max?” Tess asked.
He didn’t know. He knew that just because Liz walked away, he would still not accept Tess. He just stood there, not knowing what to do.
Finally he felt Michael pulling him down the hill toward the jeep. “Come on Maxwell. Let’s go now.”
Max climbed into the car. Isabel sat in the front while Michael drove. Tess sat with Max. She put her hand on his arm and Max quickly shook it away, not wanting to have any contact with her. She was one of the biggest sources of his problems. If it wasn’t for her, he’d probably still be with Liz right now. He put his head in his hands and rested his elbows on his knees.

Liz was surprised that she could even drive. She had never felt more lonely in her entire life. It was as if a piece of her was missing and only Max could fill it.
She drove down the road blocking out everything, only concentrating on her driving. She finally made it to the Crashdown. She parked across the street and turned off the engine. Liz thought about the past few months and how she went through so much. A few months ago Max saved her from dying. But then he did something else too, he made her fall in love with him. Liz wished she could go back, back when she was Liz Parker, where all she had to worry about was keeping her straight A average and making it on time for work. But she knew she didn’t want to go back, because she never would have been able to feel what being in love was like, even if it did mean being so hurt now. Liz couldn’t believe how much she experienced and she was only 16. Maybe that’s why she couldn’t be with Max. Because she got to find love so early in her life. So destiny took him away from her, to set things right. She sat in the car, lifeless and her tears flowed out all over again. She put her head against the wheel and sobbed. She sat there for a while until she didn’t have any tears left. Liz slowly stumbled out of the car and walked out onto the street.
She didn’t even see the car coming.


Isabel and Michael helped Max get into his house. He felt lifeless. His whole body felt numb.
“Max! Izzy!” Diane Evans exclaimed. “Where have you been?”
When they didn’t answer, Mrs. Evans looked over at Max. He looked horrible.
“Max! What happened to you?”
“He’s fine. He just needs some rest. We were with the sheriff. I’ll explain everything later.” Isabel said. It felt a little strange to talk to her after seeing her real mother.
Michael and Isabel brought Max to his room.
Max crawled over to his bed.
“Do you want us to stay with you?” Isabel asked.
Max shook his head. He needed to be alone.
“All right. You know we’re here if you need us.”
The two left the room, shutting the door behind them.
Max lay on his bed. Usually when he was depressed, he would listen to the Counting Crows. But now he was too depressed to do anything, even cry. The pain he felt was worst than anything they did to him while he was in that lab.

Maria, Alex and Liz’s parents were at the hospital waiting room. Alex was telling Maria what he heard from Isabel, about Liz leaving Max. Then the doctor came in.
Mr. Parker got up and shook his hand. “How’s Liz doing Doctor?”
“I’m not going to lie to you Mr. Parker. She’s not doing well. The impact from the car was quite strong. We did all we could . . . she’s in a coma right now.”
“Oh my God.” Mrs. Parker said before placing her hand over her mouth.
Maria started to cry and Alex hugged her, his own eyes watering.
“You can come see her now if you’d like.”
Everyone slowly walked toward her room. Liz was lying on a hospital bed. Her face was pale and wires were going all through her body. Mr. and Mrs. Parker went over to her. Maria stayed in Alex’s arms and continued to cry until she finally got the courage to hold Liz’s hand.
“We have to tell Max.”
Alex looked at Liz’s frail body and nodded.

Isabel knocked on her brother’s door. He didn’t answer her. “Max!” She banged on the door. No response. She opened the door. Max was laying curled up on his bed.
“Max.” She shook him lightly.
He looked up at her.
“I just got off the phone with Alex.” Isabel paused, this wasn’t going to be easy. “Liz was hit by a car. She’s in a coma.”
Max just stared at her and then sat up. “No.” He shook his head. “No . . . if you’re playing some kind of mean trick on me,” Isabel hugged him. “It’s not funny Isabel! Take it back!” He started sobbing. “I’ve already lost her. She can’t leave me for good now.” Isabel rocked him as he cried and stroked his hair. “Sssh, it’s going to be okay Max.”
Max moved away and wiped his eyes. “I have to go to her, I have to see her, she needs me!” He ran out of his room and went into his jeep before Isabel could say anything.
Max had to get to her. He had to save her before it was too late.
Max drove as fast as he could and ran into the hospital. He pushed people out of his way and ran up to the reception desk.
“I need to see Elizabeth Parker!” Max yelled.
“All right sir, you have to wait a moment.”
“No! Look lady,” Max looked at the woman’s name tag, the name Tess glared back at him. He screamed out in aggravation. “I need to see her now. She’s dying!”
“I understand that-“ She was cut off by Alex.
“Max, come with me. You got here faster than I thought you would.” Alex said as they headed toward Liz’s room.
Max almost broke down from the sight of her. Liz looked so helpless. He started crying and went over to her.
“Maybe we should give them a minute alone.” Maria said.
“I don’t know . . . ” Mrs. Parker said.
“Come on Nancy, let them have a moment.” Mr. Parker said as he took her hand.
The four of them left the room, leaving Max with Liz.
Max took her hand and kissed it. “God Liz, don’t do this to me. I love you so much. I don’t know what I’ll do without you.”
He placed his hand on her forehead and tried to make a connection with her, but he couldn’t do it.



Liz felt herself drifting. She didn’t know where she was going. She tried to think of the last thing that had happened to her. It all flooded back. She broke up with Max and then she saw the car. Am I dead? She kept drifting into the nothingness. Liz saw a figure ahead of her come into focus. It was her Grandmother. Liz stopped moving.
“Yes love.”
“What’s going on?” Liz paused. “Am I dead?”
“No, you’re not. Once again you get to cheat death.”
“You mean, you know about . . . ”
“Max? Yes, I know how he saved you. I’ve been watching you two after I died.”
“I don’t understand, why am I here?”
“You need to go back to him.”
“I can’t Grandma. He has his own destiny.” Liz replied.
“Liz you love with Max is one of the most powerful loves I’ve ever seen. He needs you. He is a mess right now.”
“I’ll just be in the way. He’s the leader of his planet. And he’ll have . . . Tess.” Liz hated that name more than anything.
“Honey, without you he won’t be able to do anything. You’re what makes him strong. And whatever comes your way, you two will get through it, together. Liz, he’s your soulmate.”
Liz’s eyes filled with tears.
“You must go now.” Her grandma said. “Remember, like I always say, follow your heart. And I know yours is leading you to Max.”
Liz nodded her head. “I love you Grandma.”
“I love you too dear.” Claudia looked up and then back at Liz. “It is time.”

Liz slowly opened her eyes and found herself lying in the hospital bed. Her first thoughts were of Max. She looked over and saw him with his head in his hands crying. Liz reached out and touched his arm. Max looked up suddenly. “Liz.”
He took her one hand in his, while their other hands explored each other faces. Tears were streaming down both of their faces.
“God Liz, I thought I lost you.”
Liz’s parents along with Alex and Maria and now Michael and Isabel rushed into the room.
“Liz, you’re awake!” Mrs. Parker exclaimed.
Liz smiled at everyone, too overwhelmed to speak. She looked back at Max who was still gazing at her and squeezed his hand.
‘I love you.’ She mouthed.
‘I love you.’ Max mouthed back and kissed her hand.


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Title: Do what you have to
Author: Danielle M. (opel70⊕
Rating: PG13
Characters: Tess/Max/ Liz mostly
Disclaimer:Don’t worry I don’t own any of the characters . . . Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims, but I can only dream of what I’d do to Max/Jason if I owned him!
I love feedback!
Summary: I wrote this story from a Fanfic Challenge:
1. Must be Max/Liz
2. Tess is going out with Max
3. Max sees Liz attempt suicide
4. Tess beats up Liz
5. Tess steals Liz’s diary and gives it to Max


Liz and Maria are walking down to their first period class. Then Tess purposely bumps Liz while Max is linked on her other arm. Max looks back at Liz and gives her a sympathetic look.
“Just ignore her Liz” Maria said. “You and I both know that Max loves you.”
“Then what’s he doing with her?” Liz asked.
“Well, I haven’t figured that part out yet.” Maria said. “Don’t worry he’ll come around, I mean Michael did.”
“Yeah, I guess so.” Was all Liz could say.
Just then Michael walked over. Maria’s face lit up.
“Hey ladies.”
“Hi” Maria said. He took her hand and they went off. Probably to the eraser room Liz thought. She went to class. Seeing Michael and Maria like that made her feel even lonelier.
After school at the Crashdown:
Liz was waiting on a table and Maria was talking to Michael at the counter. That’s when Liz saw Max and Tess walk in. It broke Liz’s heart every time she saw the two together.
“You go sit down. I have to use the bathroom.” Tess told Max.
She waited until Max was looking the other direction and rushed upstairs to Liz’s house. She arrived to her room and scanned it quickly. She rummaged through her drawers trying to find something to destroy her. Tess glanced over and saw a box with some kind of rock on it. She pulled it out and saw a book lying in there. She opened the book. Tess realized it was Liz’s diary. “Oh this is gonna be good.” Tess said. She put it in her purse and walked back down to the Crashdown and sat with Max.
“What took you so long?” he asked.
“I was just making myself look good for you.” Tess smiled.
Liz was glad when work was finally over. She had seen Tess all over Max tonight. She could hardly stand it. She went over to get her journal. It was one of the things getting her through everything that was going on right now. She opened her box and it was gone.


Oh great not again Liz thought. She knew she had put it in there, she had been careful with it ever since she ‘misplaced’ it before. She tried to think of who would take it. Then one person came into mind; Tess. It had to be her and she was gonna get it back. Liz decided to wait til tomorrow, since there was no point in trying tonight.
Tess sat in her room laughing. “Oh this is good.” She said as she read Liz’s journal. “Liz has it so bad for my Max.”
Liz sees Tess at her locker before homeroom. Liz walked up to her. “I want it back.”
Tess smiled. “What are you talking about?”
“Tess you have my journal, give it back.” Liz demanded.
Max saw the two girls talking and decided to see what was going on.
“Please” Tess said. “Why would I want your pathetic little diary?”
Max walked up to them. “What’s going on?”
Tess placed her hand on his shoulder. “Oh nothing.” She kissed him on the cheek and walked off.
Liz gave Max a look and walked off. Max was about to leave but he noticed Tess’s locker was left half open. He was about to close it, but he decided to look inside for some reason. There wasn’t much in there, school books and stuff. But another book caught his eye. He looked around and opened the book to the first page. “Hi, I’m Liz Parker . . . ” Tess had take Liz’s journal! Max couldn’t believe she’d do something like that. He kept the journal, shut the locker and left. When Max sat down for homeroom, he looked at the journal. He wanted to read it, but he knew that he shouldn’t. Max debated whether or not to read it all morning. Liz didn’t talk to him at all during biology today. He had to know what was going on. Well he had an idea anyway, but he wanted to hear it from her. He started reading it after lunch. Max couldn’t put it down. He loved reading it. He got to see everything she felt, and he was touched by that.
Liz was working at the Crashdown that afternoon, she had such a horrible day. She didn’t think she could take this anymore. Maria wasn’t working today, so it was just her and Agnes. She still didn’t know why that woman wasn’t fired yet, she wasn’t good for anything. At least it wasn’t crowded. Tess walked into the restaurant Liz saw her and frowned.
“Agnes can you-“
Agnes cut her off “Busy”
“Fine!” Liz sighed.
She walked over to Tess’s booth.
“Welcome to the Crashdown Café, what can I get you?” Liz said with a fake smile plastered on her face.
“I’ll have a cherry coke,” Tess said “I know its Max’s favorite.”
“Yeah, okay.” Liz said her smile gone. She turned around to leave.
“5 days ago I died, classic.” Tess said.
Liz turned around. “I can’t believe you!”
“Hey it’s not my fault Max likes me and not you.” Tess replied.
Liz slapped her.
“You are dead.” Tess responded and punched her in the face. Liz hit Tess’s stomach. They started hitting each other back and forth, til Agnes came over and tried to pull Liz away, but Liz was grabbing at Tess’s hair. Jose, the chef, came over and pulled Tess away. Tess smiled when he did.
“Liz get upstairs right now.” Jose said. Liz gave Tess a look of death before she walked away. She was so pissed. Liz had never been this mad before. When she got upstairs, she started hitting and throwing everything. She couldn’t live like this anymore. She had to do something. She walked into the kitchen to get some water. Liz glanced over at the knives. If I kill myself, all this pain that I’m feeling will be gone she thought. She wouldn’t have to worry about what Max or anyone else thought of her. It seemed like an easy way out. She took out one of the knives and went to her room. Liz brought the knife to her chest.
“Goodbye Max.” She mumbled.



Max had just finished reading Liz’s journal. It was incredible. All he felt was love for her and he had to go tell her that Tess is nothing to him and his love for Liz is real. He was just too scared to show it before. Max arrived at her house, he decided to go to her room first, he wasn’t sure if she was working or not. He climbed up her ladder. Max walked over to the window to her room and saw Liz bringing a knife to her chest.
“Liz!” he screamed.
Liz heard Max’s voice and dropped the knife. It went right in her foot. She screamed our in pain. Max ran in the room.
“Oh God, Liz.” He said. He went over to her foot and gently took out the knife. Liz screamed again.
“Ssh, it’s okay.” Max said. He placed his hand over her foot. “Look at me.”
Liz looked into his eyes. Max saw another rush of images. It was him with Tess, and he saw how hurt Liz looked when she saw them. He took his hand off her foot.
“It’s better now.” He said.
“Thank you.” Liz replied.
Max looked at her. “What happened to you?”
“Oh, um, me and your girlfriend got in a fight.” Liz said.
“First of all she’s not my girlfriend.” Max said.
“She’s not?” Liz felt her heart melt.
“No, she isn’t.” Max replied. “And what were you thinking, fighting her Liz? You could have gotten really hurt.”
“I know, but Tess took my journal and she was being so rude and I just had to do something.”
“So who won?” Max smiled.
Liz smiled back. “Jose and Agnes broke us up, I was ready to kill her, I’ve never been that mad before.”
“So, then you came up here.” Max looked at the knife.
“Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking, it just seemed like an easy way out.” Liz said.
“Liz, I don’t know what I’d do without you, you know that.”
“I thought you had Tess.” Liz said.
“Liz, Tess doesn’t mean anything to me, I wasn’t sure if she did or not, and I had to find that out, I didn’t know if she could help with my past or something. But she didn’t, she doesn’t mean anything to me like the way you do.”
“So why did you come here?” Liz asked.
Max showed Liz her journal. She looked up at him confused.
“I saw it in Tess’s locker.” Max said. “I was just going to give it back to you, but I read it.” He tucked a strand of Liz’s hair behind her ear.
Liz looked down, slightly embarrassed. “What did you think?”
Max placed his hand on her chin and lifted it up. “It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read.”
“Really?” Liz smiled.
“Of course. I didn’t think anyone ever felt that way about me, and it made me realize how much I love you and I’m so sorry for hurting, I’ll never do that to you again Liz.”
A tear slid down her cheek. Max wiped it away with his thumb.
“I love you too, Max Evans.” She said.
He bent down and kissed her. It was a sweet gentle kiss and Max put all his love into it. When it finally ended, Max looked at her.
“Your face looks really bad, do you want me to fix it up?”
“Do you think anyone will notice?” Liz asked.
“I’m sure Tess will clean herself up, I don’t think anyone will notice. I’ll just leave one scratch.”
“Okay” Liz said.
Max waved his hand over her face, taking away the scratches.
“Thank you Max, for saving my life, again.”
Max leaned over and kissed her again.



Tess was still down at the café.
“I don’t know what happened. She just started attacking me.” Tess told Jose.
“I’m sorry about that. Liz is never like that.” Jose said.
“Yes, well I’m so glad you came.” Tess smiled at him. “I’m going to go check on her, okay?”
“All right, I’ll be right down here if you need me.”
Tess loved how she could seduce guys so easily. She walked upstairs to Liz’s house. Tess noticed that everything was thrown around. Tess smiled, she was glad she could get Liz so mad. She walked into Liz’s room and saw Liz and Max making out.
“Max! What are you doing?” Tess screamed.
“What does it look like?” Max said as he leaned over to kiss Liz again.
“Max what about us?” Tess exclaimed.
“Tess, there is no us, now can you please leave?” Max replied.
“Yeah, and shut the door on your way out.” Liz said, with a smile of defeat on her face.
“You’re gonna be sorry.” Tess said as she left.
“What do you think she’s going to do?” Liz asked.
“I wouldn’t worry about her, I’ll make sure she doesn’t get you again.” Max said.
“I don’t know what I’d do without you” Liz said.
“Let’s not worry about that.” Max said. “Let’s just think about what you’d do with me.”
Liz smiled and kissed him again.

So, how was it?

posted on 18-Feb-2002 12:29:11 PM
Title: It Wasn’t Me
Author: Danielle M.
Email: Opel70⊕
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don’t worry I don’t own any of the characters . . . Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims, but I can only dream of what I’d do to Max/Jason if I owned him!
Summary: This fic is based on the song ‘It wasn’t me’ by Shaggy. When I first heard this song, it inspired me to write.
Category: Max/ Liz (of course, have I ever actually written about someone else?)

Author’s note: Okay guys, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve worked on this fic, but I’m sticking to it now that I’ve finished rewriting until I see you again. Also I changed Kyle’s character to Sean instead because I love Kyle now, he’s such a sweetheart (not like my Max though *happy* )

I’ve appreciated all of the feedback I’ve recieved, I love reading all of your comments!

Shaggy "It Wasn't Me"
(Yo man) Yo
(Open up man) What do you want man?
(My girl just caught me)
You let her catch you!?
(I don't know how I let this happen)
With who?
(The girl next door, you know?) Man...
(I don't know what to do) Say it wasn't you

Honey came in and she caught me red-handed
Creeping with the girl next door
Picture this we were both butt-naked
Banging on the bathroom floor
How could I forget
That I had given her an extra key
All this time she was standing there
She never took her eyes off me

How you can grant the woman access to your villa
Trespasser and a witness while you cling on your pillow
You better watch your back before she turn into a killer
Best for you and the situation not to call the beaner
To be a true player you have to know how to play
If she say you're not, convince her say you're gay
Never admit to a word when she say makes a claim
And you tell her baby no way

But she caught me on the counter
"It wasn't me"
Saw me banging on the sofa
"It wasn't me"
I even had her in the shower
"It wasn't me"
She even caught me on camera
"It wasn't me"
She saw the marks on my shoulder
"It wasn't me"
Heard the words that I told her
"It wasn't me"
Heard the screams getting louder
"It wasn't me"
She stayed until it was over

Honey came in and she caught me red-handed
Creeping with the girl next door
Picture this we were both butt-naked
Banging on the bathroom floor
I had tried to keep her from what
she was about to see
Why should she believe me
when I told her it wasn't me

Make sure she knows it's not you and lead her on
Da right prefix whenever you should see her make da giggolo flex
As funny as it be by you, it not that complex
Seein' is believin' so you better change your specs
You know she not gonna be worrying bout things from the past
Hardly recollecting and then she'll go to noontime mass
Your answer: go over there but if she pack a gun
You know you better run fast
But she caught me on the counter
"It wasn't me"
Saw me banging on the sofa
"It wasn't me"
I even had her in the shower
"It wasn't me"
She even caught me on camera
"It wasn't me"
She saw the marks on my shoulder
"It wasn't me"
Heard the words that I told her
"It wasn't me"
Heard the screams getting louder
"It wasn't me"
She stayed until it was over

Honey came in and she caught me red-handed
Creeping with the girl next door
Picture this we were both butt-naked
Banging on the bathroom floor
How could I forget
That I had given her an extra key
All this time she was standing there
She never took her eyes off me

Gonna tell her that I'm sorry for the pain that I've caused
I've been listenin' to your reasonin'
It makes no sense at all
We should tell her that I'm sorry for the pain that I've caused
You may think that you're a player
But you're completely lost

Honey came in and she caught me red-handed
Creeping with the girl next door
Picture this we were both butt-naked
Banging on the bathroom floor
How could I forget
That I had given her an extra key
All this time she was standing there
She never took her eyes off me


“I still don’t understand why you moved.” Tess Harding told her boyfriend Max Evans as he set a box down on the floor. “You could have just moved in with me.”
“Tess, I like having a place of my own. This apartment’s a lot nicer than my old one and five minutes closer to you.”
“That’s true.” Tess leaned up and kissed him. “I’m going to be staying late at work tonight, so I’ll stop by tomorrow evening to help you finish unpacking.”
“All right.” Max gave her a quick kiss.
“Bye.” Tess let herself out and Max flopped on the couch as he looked at the boxes surrounding him, waiting to be unpacked.

He sighed and ran a hand through his thick dark hair. He was glad he finally moved, he hated his old apartment. The showers were cold, the stove never worked, and he had some noisy neighbors. So he wound up spending most of his nights at Tess’s. That’s when she suggested that they should live togther. Max wasn’t ready for that type of commitment yet. He knew when he was, it wasn’t going to be with Tess. He liked her, but he wasn’t sure if he could picture himself spending the rest of his life with her.
Max was an accountant and when he got a promotion last month, he immediately searched for a new place.

He got up and starting opening the boxes, and soon packaging peanuts and tissue papers were all over the floor. He remembered his trash bags were in the car and walked out to get them. After getting them, he was walking back down the hallway, trying to read the numbers on the door since he still wasn’t familiar with the building yet, he bumped into someone.

“Oh I’m sorry!” He exclaimed. He then realized it was a woman. A gorgeous woman. She was about 5'6" with silky dark brown hair that cascaded down past her shoulders and he resisted the urge to run his fingers through it. Her eyes were like two dark pools of ebony and Max could get lost in them forever.

“Oh, it’s okay.” She replied, interrupting his thoughts. “Are you the person that just moved in?”

Max nodded, not able to find his voice.

“Well, I’m Liz Parker. I live right next door.” She extended her hand.
Max took it and warmth spread through his whole body. “Max . . . Max Evans.”
Liz smiled. “It’s nice to meet you. Did you know that you’re the only other person the same age as me in this building?”
Max shook his head.
“Yeah, well there’s a lot of older couples, a mom with two kids and this really creepy guy, if you see him you’ll know whom I’m talking about.”
Max grinned. “I’ll take your word for it.”
Liz glanced at her watch. “I have some work to do, but I’ll see you around.”
“Okay, it was nice talking to you.” Max walked into his apartment and looked around, moving was definitely a good idea.

Liz opened the door to her apartment and leaned against it after closing it. She ran her fingers through her hair and let out a long sigh. The way Max looked at her, it was making her feel things that she hadn’t felt in a long time.
And she liked it. She liked it a lot.

The next day after work Max was walking toward his apartment when Liz coming up the hall behind him, struggling to carry all of her grocery bags.
“Oh here, let me help you.” Max said while rushing over, taking some of her bags.
“Thanks, you’re a lifesaver.”
They walked over to the door and she opened it and led him to the kitchen. They set the bags down on the counter and Max started helping her unload them.
“Oh, you don’t have to do that.”
Max shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t mention it.” He smiled. “Think of it as sucking up to the new neighbor.”

Liz gazed at him and all of a sudden got a flash of him actually sucking her. Her face turned a bright shade of red as she shook it, then turned to put something in the cabinet.
Max watched as she reached up, his eyes traveling down to her bottom. He was so tempted to reach over and grab it. He pulled something out of the grocery bag, but his eyes were still fixed on her and it fell out of his hand.
Liz immediately spun around and saw the strawberries spilled over the floor.
They both went down to get them at the same time and their heads bumped.
“I’m sorry.” Max proclaimed. “God, I can be so clumsy.”
“Hey don’t worry about it. If we hurry, I can use the 5-second rule.”
Max smiled. “Do you use this rule on everything?”
“Just uh . . . somethings . . . ”

The next thing either of them knew, their mouths were attacking each others. A moan escaped low from Liz’s throat as her fingers frantically tore open his shirt, she ran her hand down his rippled flesh.
Max took off her blouse in a hurry, sending buttons flying and his mouth sucked greedily on the curve of her neck, working his way down to her breasts, covering his mouth over the satin until he reached back and unclasped the bra. He took the hardened nipple with teeth, tugging at it.
Liz’s head rolled to the side as she gripped tightly on his shoulders. She had never felt such lust before. Her mouth crushed against his while her hand fisted in his hair and he lifted her up on the counter, brushing aside the bags.

Liz reached for his pants, yanking them down with his boxers as Max repeated the action on her. She fell back onto the counter as he plunged into her wet heat. Max groaned as he thrusted in and out of her. God, she felt so good. He felt his release coming and squeezed his eyes shut holding it for Liz.
With a cry, Liz soon was climbing up the ladder of ecstacy with Max.

Tess walked down the hall toward Max’s apartment. She knocked on his door, no answer. All of a sudden she heard a cry of pleasure from the place next door. Tess rolled her eyes thinking of what Max would have to live with. She reached into her purse and pulled out the extra key Max gave her and made herself at home.

Twenty minutes later, Max came into his apartment. Tess rushed over to him. “Max, where were you? It looks like you worked up a sweat.”
Max ran a hand through his damp hair. “Oh yeah. I uh, was at the gym.”



Saturday morning:

Max was getting ready to go to the gym, for real this time. Just as he was opening the door, Liz was standing there, her hand held up ready to knock.
“Hi Max. I uh . . . was wondering if we could talk.”
“Yeah, sure. Come in.” They went over and sat on the sofa. “Sorry it’s still messy in here. I’m almost done unpacking.”
“Oh, its fine.” Liz paused. “Max about last night . . . ”
Max sighed. “Yeah, I know.”
“I’ve never done anything like that before, so I don’t want you to think I’m easy or something. I even have a boyfriend, Sean.”
“No, I didn’t think that about you. And I have a girlfriend. It was just something that happened so fast we couldn’t think things through.”
“Yes, you’re exactly right. I mean I’m happy where I am with Sean.”
“And I’m happy with Tess . . . kind of.” He added the part under his breath but Liz still heard it.
“What do you mean, kind of?”
Max shrugged his shoulders. “She just wants this huge commitment from me. We’ve been together 2 ½ years but I’m not ready for that yet.”
Liz nodded. “Sean’s the same way with me. He wants me to move in with him, but I need my own space. We got together four years ago. I’ve never cheated on him once, until last night.” Liz sighed. “But I just couldn’t seem to help myself.”
“Yeah . . . ” Max agreed and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. She was so beautiful and it was true, he couldn’t help himself around her. He leaned forward and kissed her gently. She opened her mouth, deepening the kiss.

Liz’s hand went to the nape of his neck playing with his soft hair.
Max’s hand roamed up her shirt, but he quickly pulled away from her when he heard the door knob turn.
Liz’s eyes fluttered open, wondering why he stopped. “Wh-What?” Then she saw the door open and quickly composed herself.

It was Tess. Max meant to get up, but after glancing at his lap, he grabbed a pillow off the sofa to cover it instead. “Hey, Tess, uh what are you doing here?”
Tess glanced suspiciously at Liz. “The new art gallery opens today. I wanted to go with you.”
“Sure. Um, Tess this is Liz. She’s the girl next door.”
Tess raised her eyebrows. “So I’ve heard.” She replied thinking of the moans she heard from her apartment last night.
“I was just leaving.” Liz stood up. “It just wanted to come over and introduce myself to Max. It was nice meeting you Tess.”
Tess gave Liz what she knew was a fake smile.
Liz left and Max tried not to frown. “Let me take a shower and then we can go.” A cold shower Max thought to himself as his erection still throbbed.
“Fine, and I’ll rearrange some of your things. It looks hideous in here.”
Max rolled his eyes as he headed to the bathroom.



Liz had just finished a long day of work. All she wanted to do was take a hot shower and then curl up with a book. She hurried toward her apartment, rummaging around in her purse, looking for her key. She found it, unlocked her door and went in.

Max walked down the same hall about five minutes later. As he was opening his door, he noticed something from the corner of his eye. Curious, he bent down and picked it up, realizing it was a wallet. He opened it and inside there were pictures in the middle. They were of Liz, her high school and college graduation. Another was a picture of her and a guy, he assumed Sean. He looked at the other ones of her family and friends and closed it. He knocked softly on Liz’s door. No answer. He turned the knob and it opened, she had left it unlocked. He figured he’d leave the wallet on her table and leave. But then he heard the water running in the bathroom.
I’ll just go over and yell to her what I did he thought. Nothing else.

Yeah right.

He walked toward the bathroom and stuck his head in. Behind the shower curtain he could make out her form. She was humming a tune to herself and Max smiled.
“Liz?” He said quietly while shutting the door behind him.
He saw her figure freeze and a moment later she stuck her head out from behind the curtain. “Max! What are you doing here?”

Max just stared at her, becoming speechless. “I uh . . . your wallet, you left it in the hall, your door was unlocked so I put it on the table.” He took a step closer to her, not being able to stop himself.
“Oh, um thank you. I didn’t even realize I dropped it.”
“I looked at the pictures.” He took another step forward.
“Oh.” Liz’s eyes dropped to his mouth. “Did you like them?”
Max nodded and then all of the sudden his mouth met hers for a crushing kiss. His hand ran down her shoulder and onto her back. She was so wet, her skin so smooth.

Liz unbuttoned the first button on his shirt and kissed the exposed flesh. Her tongue swirled around his skin as she undid the next button and kept doing so until the shirt descended to the floor. She slid his pants down and he kicked them off with his shoes and socks. She dropped to her knees and smiled up at him as she yanked down his boxers.
Max groaned as she wrapped her hand around his pounding manhood. “Liz . . . you don’t have to do this . . . ”
It was too late. Her mouth was already on him. Her lips alternating the pressure as she sucked harder. Max’s hand went to her shoulders while she grabbed his hips pulling him closer. It had never been like this for Liz. He tasted so good, she couldn’t seem to stop. She moaned and Max groaned again and pulled her up to him.

He got into the shower with her and they shared long, wet kisses as the water streamed down their bodies. As Liz’s back was pressed against the tiled wall, her mouth sucked at every inch of skin she could. Max brought her leg up on his hip and plunged into her. Liz cried out and wrapped her other leg around his waist. Their mouths bruised together with intensity as Max’s hand fisted in her hair.

They heard the knock on the door and Liz tore her mouth from his.
‘Sean.’ Liz mouthed to Max. “Sean, what are you doing here?” She asked, still clinging to Max.
“I stopped by to see if you wanted to go see The Mummy Returns.”
“Oh, I thought I told you I don’t like those kind of movies.”
“I’m almost done. I’ll be out in a sec.”
“Want company?”
Liz’s eyes widened. “Oh, uh no. I just restocked the fridge. Help yourself.”
She was answered by the slamming on the door.
“He’s always eating.” Liz explained. “He’s not fat or anything though.”
Max nodded. “Oh.” He was still holding onto Liz and slowly let her go.
Liz grew cold without his warmth and opened the curtain and grabbed a towel.
“You can just stay here until we leave. I’m sorry.”
“Okay. Liz do you think you come over tomorrow? We really need to talk.”
Liz nodded. “I know.” She replied while handing him a towel. “Well, I’ll see you then.” Liz turned and was out of the room.

Tomorrow they would set things straight. Max ran a hand through his hair and sighed.

After changing, Liz walked into the kitchen. Sean was making a sandwich.
“It’s my fourth one, that okay?”
“Yeah.” Liz frowned. She had been going out with Sean for so long she had forgotten anything else. It was time to move on.



Max found himself walking bare foot along the beach. The sun was setting, the beach was barren. The waves gently crashed against the white grains of sand as he continued to walk. He abruptly stopped when he saw her.

She was standing in the sand looking out into the endless sea while the waves lapped over her feet. Her long dark hair flowed out from the gentle breeze, she wore a simple white gown.

Max instantly fell into a trance by staring at her beauty. A moment later she turned her head and met his hungry eyes with her own. Max took a step toward her, then another until they were face to face.

He opened his mouth to say something but she placed a finger over his lips silencing him. Max’s eyes traveled down her body noticing that the dress was see through and she wore nothing underneath. He saw her lick her lips and he groaned as she reached for the hem of his shirt and pull it off him.

Her mouth found the tender skin on his neck before bringing it up to meet his own insatiable one. It was a long and slow kiss, both of them taking their time.

With one sweep of his hand her dress was off. He cupped her breast in his hand, his thumb grazing over her pebble hard nipple. He bent his head down to capture the other with his mouth.

He heard her moan and lowered them in the sand as his shorts were removed and he descended into her wet warmth. He took drawn out and slow strokes, their bodies rocking together. Her hands ran down his back as his fingers tangled in her hair. Her lips rubbed over his ear and moved his hips faster.

“Oh Max, Max . . . Max! Max!”

Max opened his eyes. “Li- Tess!” He sat up and realized he was in bed. “What are you doing her Tess?” He glanced at the clock beside his bed. “It’s 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday!”

“I know. I wanted to go to the zoo with you.”
“The zoo?” Max questioned and felt the painfully hard erection from the dream he just had.
“Yes, I just got a new video camera I want to use.”
“Oh. Look Tess, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”
“We’ll do it later okay? Get a shower and dress.” She gave him a quick kiss and walked out of his bedroom.

Max rubbed his hands over his face and groaned as he glanced down at his throbbing member. Looks like another cold shower.

Max and Tess came in later that afternoon. Tess carried two stuffed animals in one hand and the camcorder in the other.
“Oh Max, that was so much fun!”
“Yeah, I liked the petting zoo.” Max smiled. When Tess was holding a rabbit, it peed on her. Then she picked up a gerbil and it did the same thing. He proudly got it all on tape.
Tess frowned and turned on the recorder. “Let me film your new apartment!”
“Tess you really don’t have to.”
“Wave into the camera!”
Max rolled his eyes and waved.
Tess suddenly set the camera down on the table, forgetting to turn it off. “Oh I totally forgot! I have a hair appointment in two hours! I have to go home and get ready!” She rushed out the door.

As Tess hurried down the hall, she bumped into Liz.
“Oh hi. It’s Tess right?”
“Yeah. Hi Lyn.”
“It’s Liz actu-“
“Right. Bye.” Tess walked by her.

Liz shook her head and knocked on Max’s door.
Max opened it a moment later. “Hey Liz, come in.”
“Do you want something to drink?”

Liz nodded and walked over to the kitchen. “Hmm . . . got any brandy?”
“Uh yeah. I didn’t take you for being much of a drinker.” He poured her two fingers and gave her the glass.
“I usually don’t. I need it today though.”
Max poured himself a drink and leaned against the counter. “What happened?”
Liz swallowed back her drink. “I broke up with Sean last night.”
“You did? Because of me?”
“No, it wasn’t just you. I couldn’t see myself with him anymore. To tell you the truth, I don’t know how we made it this far.”
“How did Sean take it?”
Liz frowned. “Not well.”
“Well in time he’ll come around.”

Liz nodded and walked over to the table in the living room. “What’s this stuff?” She picked up a stuffed gorilla.
“Tess and I went to the zoo.”
“Oh.” She dropped the animal. “I bet that was fun.”
Max shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah.” He went over to sit on the sofa and Liz followed. “I tried to break up with her this morning, but I couldn’t seem to get a chance.”
“Why did you want to break up?”
“For a lot of the same reasons you did with Sean. It’s like I think she knows it’s coming too. She’s trying to spend all of her free time with me.”
“Where’s she now?”
“Hair appointment.”
Max swallowed back the rest of his drink.

Liz gazed at Max and that need for him hit her like a ton of bricks. She sighed and mumbled this isn’t right.
“I...I should go.”

“I dreamed about you last night.”
Liz turned back to face him. “You did?”
“Yeah.” He scooted closer to her and pushed a piece of hair past her ear. “We were on the beach. It was deserted, the sun was setting . . . ” He started placing light kisses over her face.
“Mmm . . . ” Liz leaned forward and her tongue outline the edge of his ear before she tugged on his earlobe with her teeth. “And what did we do on this beach?”
“Well . . . ” He ran his hand through her hair and wrapped some around his finger. “It would be easier if I showed you . . . ”
“If that’s what you think is best . . . ”

Her lips met his and ate at them hungrily. Max’s hands slipped under her shirt and guided up her smooth skin and cupped her breast that fit perfectly in his hand. Liz moaned out and her tongue embraced his, gently stroking it. Max lifted the rest of her shirt off and suckled her breasts as he had in the dream.

He dragged his mouth down to her stomach, his tongue swirled around her navel before dipping into it. Liz bit her bottom lip to keep from crying out and arched her hips.
Max undid her jeans, yanking them down with her panties. “I was woken up before I could do this.” Placing his hands on her hips, he brought his mouth down on her.
“Oh God . . . oh yes!” Liz exclaimed and started rocking her hips against his mouth.
She tasted so good . . . she was so sweet, so wet, just for him. His tongue darted inside her, thrusting in and out.
“Uh . . . oh shit!” Liz grabbed a cushion off the couch, biting down and clutching it as she came.

Max greedily lapped up her juices and then moved back up to her while taking off his shirt. He grinned at her. “Did you like that?”
“Mmm . . . ” Liz placed her hand behind his head, bringing his mouth to hers. He settled on top of her and she could feel him hard against her thigh. She rubbed herself on it, trying to relieve her own ache. Her hands trailed down his sides and together they got his pants off. She stroked his pulsing flesh in her hand. “Oh . . . I need you. Now . . . ”

With a groan Max slid inside of her. Liz’s hips thrusted up and his mouth attacked hers.
“God . . . ” Max’s mouth dropped down to her ear and migrated to the curve of her neck. “You feel so good.” He worked his way in and out of her finding a rhythm.

Liz dug her nails into his shoulders as the waves of ecstacy crashed over them.

The video camera stopped 20 minutes later, and the tape rewound.

Max let Liz out of the apartment and leaned against the door after he shut it. He smiled and sighed in contentment. Liz was amazing. His thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone.
“Hi hun. It’s Tess.”
“Oh, hey.” Max replied, his good mood fading.
“I was in such a hurry when I left earlier, and I forgot my camera and animals. Can you bring them over?”
“Sure. I’ll be over in a bit.”
“Great. Bye!”

Max hung up the phone and grabbed the camcorder and her dolls.



“Hey Tess.”
Tess placed a kiss on his cheek and he walked into her apartment.
Max handed her the camera and animals.
“Are you going to stay and watch it with me?”
“I can’t. My parents are visiting tomorrow. I need to get ready. You know, clean and stuff.”
Tess pouted. “Can’t you just stay for a little?” She undid the first button of his shirt. “We haven’t played in awhile.” She undid another button and kissed his chest.

Max took a step back. “Tess, I told you I can’t stay tonight.”
“I know . . . ” She took a step toward him and unbuttoned the rest of his shirt.
Max sighed unhappily. “Tess, really . . . ”
When the shirt slid past his shoulders, she stopped. “What’s this?”

Max glanced down and saw the marks on his shoulder. They were from Liz from earlier in the afternoon. “It’s nothing.”
“What do you mean nothing? That’s a hickey, right there! And those are nail marks!”
“No, they not. I was uh, finishing unpacking and bent down for something by the coffee table and I banged my shoulder into it. You know how the one edge is kind of jagged.”
“Well, I’m going to leave.” Max buttoned his shirt and walked out the door.

“You didn’t even notice my hair cut!” Tess yelled out into the hallway.
“It looks the same!”

Tess whimpered and walked back into her home. She took the camcorder and played it on the T.V. She watched the whole day at the zoo, finding out Max got the part where the animals peed on her. After she watched the part she filmed of Max’s place, she got up to turn off the T.V. but realized the tape was still running and sat back down. She saw herself leave and then there was a knock at the door. Max answered it but Tess could only see their waists. She turned up the volume and listened. “Hey Liz, come in.”

“Liz!” Tess screamed out. Why the hell was she there?

She could only hear what sounded like mumbling for the next few minutes. Then Liz’s waist came into view. “What’s this stuff?”
“Tess and I went to the zoo.”
“Oh, I bet that was fun.”

Tess heard the muffled noises again and turned up the volume some more. She couldn’t make much out or see anything. But then she heard a moan.

Tess’s eyes widened but then she heard more, getting even louder.

Monday night Tess barged into Max’s apartment. “Max!”
“Yeah?” He walked out of the kitchen in the middle of eating a sandwich.
“I saw you!”
Max stared at her in utter confusion. “Excuse me?”
“You and that slut Liz!”
Max’s face paled. “What do you mean?”
“My video camera, it was left on and I saw her come in and later I couldn’t see you two, but I heard moaning and screaming.”

“Oh, well, that’s just because we were, uh . . . watching porn.”
“Porn?” Tess placed her hands on her hips.
“Yeah. I turned the T.V. on and it was just there, so we watched it.”

Max looked at Tess waiting for her reaction.
“That’s all?”
Max nodded rapidly.
“Why did she come over anyway?”
“She was having problems with her boyfriend and she wanted some advice from a guy.”
“Well you shouldn’t have been watching pornography with her.”
“I know, sorry.”

Tess leaned up and kissed him. “Okay, I have to get going.”
Max nodded. “Hey, why don’t you come over here for dinner Monday night?”
She smiled. “I’d love to.” She kissed him again and was out the door.

Max walked into the accounting building he worked at and went to his co-worker and friend’s office.

“Hey Michael, can I talk to you?”
“Sure. What’s up?” Michael leaned back in his recliner as Max told him about Tess and Liz.

“So let me get this straight.” Michael leaned forward. “You had sex with the chick on counter, the sofa, the shower, almost got it on camera and Tess saw the marks on your shoulder?”
“Yeah, something like that. I don’t know what to do.”
“Say it wasn’t you.”
“All right.” Max paused. “I was thinking of breaking up with Tess tonight. I invited her over for dinner.”
“I’d keep the two of them.”
“Michael, I can’t do that!”

Michael shrugged his shoulders. “Then tell Tess gently, just make sure she doesn’t find out about you and the girl next door.”
Max nodded and stood up. “Thanks Michael.”
“No problem.”

That evening the sauce was heating up while the bread bake as Max took his shower. He stepped out and grabbed a towel wrapping around his waist. Tonight was the night, after that he and Tess would be over.
He grabbed his toothbrush and smiled.

The door to Max’s apartment was unlocked and Liz walked in. She heard the water running in the bathroom and went toward it. She saw him standing there, leaning over the sink in nothing but a towel and her need for him increased even more.

Max jerked his head up to see Liz standing at the doorway. His toothbrush dropped to the floor, his mouth hanging open. She was wearing a low-cut blouse and a knee length black skirt. Her long hair was swept up into a French twist.

She took a few steps and leaned over, letting Max see down her shirt and turned off the faucet. “You shouldn’t leave the water running.”

“Oh . . . yeah . . . ” Max replied his eyes glued to her body.

“I know you’ve never seen me dressed like this before. I just came from work.” She explained. “But all day, I’ve wanted to see you. I had to see you.” She slipped off her shoes and took another step toward him, her lips just inches from his own. “I know I shouldn’t be here, you having a girlfriend and all . . . but I don’t care.” She said while unbuttoning her shirt. “I want you.” She took the towel off his waist and dropped it to the floor. “All of you.”

Max had never been more aroused in his life. He forcefully crushed his mouth hard against hers. His teeth scraped her lip, tongues tangled together.

Her skirt was yanked down and Max fell onto the floor with her while Liz’s hands dug deep into his hair and eased down on him. She rocked her hips fast as she rode him. Max reached up and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them.

“Max, yes!” Liz’s head fell back as she cried out.

Max grabbed her hips and rolled them over, taking control. Liz’s legs wrapped around his hips while her satin walls tightened around him.

“Oh god . . . Liz!” He buried his face in her neck as he went harder.


Max looked up to see Tess standing at the bathroom door looking down at the two.



“Oh shit!” Max exclaimed while scrambling off of Liz and grabbed a towel.

Liz reached over and covered her front with a towel.

“What the hell is this?” Tess yelled.
“I can explain!” Max said.

“You’ve been cheating on me all this time! What I heard on the camera wasn’t porn. It was you two!”
“Tess, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“I better go.” Liz said, grabbing her clothes. “It’s my fault. I’m sorry Tess.” Liz got up and left.

Tears spilled down Tess’s face. “How could you do this to me?”
“I didn’t want to hurt you, please know that. But Tess, we were growing apart, you and I both know it.”
“But if we just work at it!” Tess sobbed.
Max frowned. “I don’t think we can.”

Tess cried harder. “Why didn’t you just tell me about her from the start?”
“I wanted too, but it wasn’t that easy.”
Tess hugged him. “I’ll miss you.”
“I’ll miss you too, but it’s better this way.”
“I know, but it just hurts.”
“I’ll always be your friend Tess.”

The next night Max knocked softly on the door to Liz’s apartment. A moment later she answered. “Max, what are you doing here?” Liz frowned. “We have to stop this.”
“Actually, I wanted to know if you’d like to see a movie with me tonight.”
“What about Tess?”
“We broke up.”
“I’m sorry I came over last night. That was stupid of me. It’ll never happen again.”
“It’s okay.”

“Oh, well, I don’t think I can go to a mo-“
Max placed a finger over her lips. “We’ll go as friends.”
“Friends?” Liz questioned.

“Yes. I’d like to start over Liz. You know, take things slow.”
Liz looked up into his eyes. “I’d like that.”

“So will you come see a movie with me, as a friend?”
“Yes Max, I would love too.”

Max extended his hand and she placed her smaller one in his and they both smiled.


posted on 18-Feb-2002 12:32:02 PM
Title: Christmas Awareness
Author: Danielle M.
Email: Opel70⊕
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don’t worry I don’t own any of the characters . . . Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims, but I can only dream of what I’d do to Max/Jason if I owned him!
Summary: This is just a one part Christmas fic I wrote. I got the idea from a Christmas song. What would happen to Max if Liz wasn’t in his future?
Category: Max/ Liz (of course, have I ever actually written about someone else?)

It was Christmas Eve, but that didn’t stop the rain from pouring.

Thirty eight year old Max Evans stared out of the window at the Tumbleweed Motel. Here he was, back in Roswell, and he didn’t have the courage to go home. He hadn’t seen his parents in fourteen years. They had gotten into a fight and he had left. He left Isabel and Jesse and his niece Rosie. He left Michael and Maria. Kyle and Jim Valenti.

And he left Liz.

Leaving Liz Parker was the one thing he never forgave himself for. So, he drove back to Roswell on Christmas Eve, the night of miracles. He would see his family and friends and all would be right once again. But as soon as he made it into town, he lost it and checked into the Tumbleweed.

Max stood up and grabbed his jacket. He put it on and took his wallet and room key as well. He walked out of the building and down the street. The rain still fell and he put up his hood and shoved his hands in his pockets.

He walked for a while, with no real destination. Max looked up, realizing where he had walked. His old home. The lights were on and he felt himself move closer. He made it to the window and saw his parents first.

His mother was setting a turkey on the table and his father started to carve. Then he saw Jesse and Isabel. They were laughing and Jesse placed a kiss on her cheek. There were two children sitting as well. Rosie and another boy, my nephew, Max thought. His eyes misted with tears and he turned around, running away from the place he had once called home.

Continued walking until he made it to the main street of Roswell. He saw the grocery store was open and stepped in. The place was almost barren except for a few people frantically doing last minute shopping. Max roamed the aisles until he made it to the beverage aisle. There he stopped dead in his tracks.

Her back was to him, and she was studying a bottle before placing it in her cart. Max took his next steps slowly toward her. He paused a moment and then touched her sleeve.


She turned around and stared at him, her purse dropping to the floor.
“Oh my God. Max.”

She was still so beautiful. He had to touch her. His hand gently cupped the side of her face and then tucked her hair behind her ear. Max looked into her eyes, remembering how he could gaze at them forever. Now, the light that used to dazzle in her eyes had faded.

Liz had to touch him as well. Her fingers traced his forehead and over his brows down to his cheek and strong jaw. “It’s really you.”

Max nodded.

“What made you come back?”

Max brought his hands back to his sides. “I don’t know. I just came on impulse.”

Liz nodded and looked at the floor. She bent down to get her purse as Max did the same and their heads bumped. The two smiled and stood back up.

“So why are you grocery shopping on Christmas Eve Liz?”

“I uh, just needed a few things for Christmas dinner tomorrow.”

“Oh, um Liz?”

She glanced up at him. “Yes Max?”

“Did you want to go get a drink or something? If you have time I mean.”

“I thought you couldn’t drink.” Liz said.

Max nodded, remembering the night he did so many years ago. “I don’t, but we could still go.”

“I don’t think any bars are open. We can get some sodas from the vending machine.” She gazed at him. “You’re all wet, you didn’t drive did you?”

Max shook his head.
“Okay, we can drink them in my car. Let me just pay for these things.”

“Yeah, okay.”

The two stood together awkwardly at the checkout stand until the groceries were bagged and paid for. Max carried them in her car and they got in.

They sipped at their soda quietly until Liz spoke up. “So, what have you been doing these past few years?”

“I live in Phoenix, and I work for an insurance company.”

“Oh, and you like it?”

Max shrugged. “Not really.”

Liz nodded and gazed down at her drink. Max saw the ring on her left hand. “You’re married?”

“Yes. Almost 12 years.”

Max glanced out the car window at the still pouring rain.

“His name is Nick and he’s an architect.” Liz paused and looked at Max. “You left Max, without even saying goodbye or where you would be.”

Max swallowed, he felt his eyes watering again. “I’m sure he treats you well.”

“You could say that.”

Max looked at her then. “Do you - do you have any kids?”

“Yes. A daughter, she’s ten.”

“What’s her name?”

Liz didn’t answer.


“Her name’s Maxine.” She lowered her head.

Max eyes’ widened. “Do you have any pictures?”

Liz nodded and reached into her purse. She opened her wallet and handed him the photo. Max stared at the little girl. She looked just like Liz did at that age. “I bet all the boys are swooning over her.”

Liz smiled. “Not yet.”

“She’s very pretty.” Max told her.

“Thank you.”

She took the picture back and they sat in silence once again.

“Liz, do you love him? Nick?”

A single tear fell down her cheek. “Not like I love you.”

Max slightly smiled and brushed away her tear.

Liz bit her bottom lip. “It’s getting late. I need to get home.”

Max moved away and nodded. “Okay. It was uh, good seeing you again Liz.”

“You too Max.”

He looked at her one more time before stepping out of the car and into the rain.

“Wait Max!” Liz got out of the car and went toward him. Rain instantly soaked the both of them. “Merry Christmas.” She placed a kiss on his lips and then got back in her car.

Max watched as she drove away and suddenly the rain stopped.


Max woke up with a jerk, causing him to fall off of Michael’s couch. He crawled up and ran for the bathroom looking into the mirror.

Eighteen year old Max Evans stared back at him. “It was only a dream.” Max repeated to himself. “Liz.”

He hurried toward the phone and dialed the number he knew by heart. “Come on Liz, pick up.” Max said after three rings.




“I love you Liz. Please know that.”

“I love you too. What’s going on? It’s 2:30 in the morning.”

“I know. I just wanted to hear your voice. I want you to know that I’ll never leave you. I promise you. And I know at times I can be selfish or ignorant and I’m sorry for that.”

“It’s okay Max.” Liz replied.

“And someday you’re going to be the girl I marry and we’ll have children together and I’ll treasure every moment we have together.”

Liz smiled. “Oh Max . . . ”

“I love you Liz. Forever.”