Author: Maria_ang21
Category: Everybody.
Rating: R (for some strong language)
Summary: Takes place after "Who Died And Made You King." When a
mysterious girl comes to Roswell, things and people start to change
and nobody knows why until Liz gets into a confrontation with this new
girl. They later find out that not everything is what it seems.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the writers, directors,
cast and crew of Roswell. Although I wouldn't mind being affiliated
with the cast especially Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I don't own the
show or any of the characters. I do, however, want to share this
fanfic with all the Roswellians out there. Roswell will always be my
favorite show no matter what other shows come along. I hope you like
this story.

Part One

A teenage girl and an older woman have a conversation on a bus.

Older woman: So where are you headed?
Teenage girl: Roswell. How about you?
Woman: Well I'm headed to see my family in Albuquerque. Why did you
leave your home?
Girl: I just wanted to forget.
Woman: Forget... a boy?
Girl: Yeah I guess you could say that.
Woman: So why Roswell?
Girl: Excuse me?
Woman: Well you could've gone to some place exotic. Why did you
choose Roswell?
Girl: Well... (turns and looks out the window) I have a feeling
Roswell is going to show me a whole new world.
Woman: You're right.

The girl turns around slowly. The woman was no longer human.

Girl: Oh my god!

The woman attacks the girl.

The girl wakes up frightened.

Man: Are you alright?
Girl: (breathing heavily) Yeah I guess I just had a nightmare. (turns
and looks out the window again).

Max and Michael at their apartment.
Max: How do you feel?
Michael: Good.
Max: You know; I'm sorry if I hurt you when I took the royal crest
Michael: Hey you did what you had to do Maxwell. You're the king and
I'm not. It's as simple as that.
Max: Michael...
Michael: Max, there's a reason I've been avoiding this conversation.
Max: Why?
Michael: Can we just drop it?
Max: Okay, fine. Come on let's go.
Michael: Go where?
Max: To the Crashdown.

They get in Max's car and drive away.

The bus stops in Roswell; the teenage girl gets out and the bus leaves. The girl
looks around. "So this is Roswell, I wonder what it has in store for
me. I just hope the same thing doesn't happen to me like in Arizona."
All of a sudden the girl gets dizzy. "Whoa, where did that come from?"

Meanwhile, at the same time in the Crashdown Cafe. Liz and Maria are getting the
plates, silverware and glasses ready for today's work.

Maria: So what are you doing tonight?
Liz: (picks up a glass and cleans the counter) Well I don't... (drops
the glass and it shatters on the floor).

Liz looks like she's in some sort of hypnotic state for a few seconds.

Maria: Liz what's wrong? Liz?
Liz: (breathing heavily). Someone's here...
Maria: Who's here?
Liz: I need some air. (goes into the back room and goes out the back

Max and Michael walk in and see the glass on the floor.
Michael: What happened?
Maria: Liz was talking to me, and then she stopped and dropped the glass.
But then she said that someone was here.
Max: Where is she?
Maria: She went out the back to get some air.

Max goes out the back to see if Liz is okay. He sees her and puts his
hand on her shoulder. Liz turns around and pushes him away.

Liz: (looking relieved) Max.
Max: Liz what's wrong?
Liz: I'm not sure, I was fine one minute and then the next I was
feeling like something or someone just arrived in Roswell and it's
going to change all of our lives.
Max: Are you sure? What exactly happened?
Liz: I was talking to Maria because she asked what I was doing
tonight. All of a sudden I got this feeling that our lives are going
to change drastically. That's when I dropped the glass. Then I felt
that I couldn't breathe so I came out here to get some air.
Max: Was it something alien?
Liz: I don't know.
Max: Why did you say that someone was here?
Liz: I don't remember saying that.
Max: Maria told us you did.
Liz: I have to go clean up the glass before my dad comes back.

Liz enters the Crashdown with Max trailing behind her.

Maria: Are you okay?
Liz: Yeah.
Maria: What happened?
Liz: I don't want to talk about it. If my dad asks tell him I wasn't
feeling good and I went to lie down.
Maria: (looking worried) Are you sure you're okay?
Liz: Yeah, I just have a headache. I'll be down later.

Liz walks upstairs and goes to her room. Maria, Max and Michael sit
in a booth.

Maria: Max what did she tell you?
Max: She said that she got this feeling that someone or something
just came to Roswell and it will drastically change all of our lives.
Michael: Alien?
Max: She doesn't know.
Maria: Now I know why she had that worried look on her face.
Max: She also said that she doesn't remember saying "someone's here."

At that moment the doors of the Crashdown Cafe open. They all look
back and see...

To be continued...

Sorry about that but I want to keep you in suspense.
Well I need some feedback. Tell me what you think of this story. Be
honest. If you don't like it tell me I won't break, I promise. I just
want to have fun with this. So far I've written more than this but I
want to keep you coming back for more so I won't write it all at
once. I have written almost 20 pages front and back. That's the most
I've ever written. I didn't know I had it in me. I think I found a
new hobby.

Part Two

At that moment the doors of the Crashdown Cafe open. They all look
back and see...

Kyle was standing at the door of the cafe.

Kyle: What's up guys?
Max: We don't know yet.
Kyle: Why what happened?
Max: Liz had this weird feeling that something's going to happen that
will change our lives.
Kyle: You know about five minutes ago I felt like I was going to
fall. I got really dizzy; I honestly thought I was going to pass out.
Maria: That's when it happened. Why didn't I feel anything?
Max: (looking serious) Because an alien didn’t heal you.
Michael: So you think this is an alien thing?
Max: Yeah. We have to be real careful from now on. We don't know
whether this alien is with us or against us. We don't even know who
this alien is.
Michael: We have to tell Isabel.
Max: You're right. I'm going to check on Liz first.

Max goes upstairs. He knock on the door but there is no answer. He
gets worried and opens the door. Liz is asleep on her bed. He watches
her for a moment thinking about how much he loves her. Max closes the
door and goes back downstairs. Maria gets up from her seat.

Kyle and Maria: How is she?
Max: She's asleep. Come on Michael we have to go tell Isabel. Maria
if something else happens call me on my cell phone.
Maria: Okay.

Michael and Max walk toward the door.

Maria: Hey!

Michael and Max turn around. Maria walks toward them.

Maria: Be careful.
Michael: We will.

They both leave the Crashdown and Maria walks to the booth and sits
down next to Kyle who was sitting by himself.

Kyle: Maria are you okay?
Maria: I don't know; I'm worried about Liz (she pauses for a moment)
and Michael. What if Liz is right, what if someone from their home
planet has come to kill them?
Kyle: Relax Maria. I'm sure everything is going to be okay.

Deep down Kyle knew something was wrong. He could also feel it. He
himself became worried about his friends.

Meanwhile, at Isabel's apartment. Isabel is cleaning her house.

Jesse: Isabel I have to go to the office. I have to get started on the
Anderson case.
Isabel: Okay.

Jesse kisses her on the cheek and leaves. Isabel resumes cleaning the
house while listening to music. When she finishes she takes a shower
and gets dressed. Then there's a knock on the door. She walks towards
the door.

Isabel: Jesse did you forget something?

She opens the door and is surprised to see Max and Michael standing

Isabel: Max, Michael what are you doing here?
Max: Something's happened.

Max and Michael walk into the apartment and Isabel closes the door.

Isabel: What? Tell me Max, what happened?
Michael: Well Maria and Liz were at the Crashdown...
Max: Liz said she felt like someone or something arrived in Roswell
that was going to change our lives.

When Max and Michael finished telling Isabel what had happened she

Isabel: And you think this is related to us? Maybe she was
daydreaming and overreacted to it.
Max: Kyle said he felt it too. He said he thought he was going to
pass out.
Isabel: What are we going to do?
Michael: Can you dreamwalk into Liz's mind?
Isabel: Yeah, but she has to be asleep.
Max: She is. Before we left I went to check on her and she was asleep.
Isabel: Do you have a picture of her?

Max reaches into his wallet and pulls out a picture of Liz and hands
it to Isabel. Isabel takes the picture.

Isabel: I'll be back.

She goes to her room and closes her door. She sits on her bed and
puts her finger on Liz's picture, closes her eyes and concentrates on
making contact with Liz.

Max and Liz sitting on top of Max's car, looking at the sky.

Liz: Do you ever wonder if one of the stars we see is actually your
home planet?
Max: No, my home planet is here with you.

Max leans over and gives her a kiss.

Liz: What was that for?
Max: Just to remind you how much I love you.
Liz: Well I already know how much you love me. Max, I was wondering
when exactly did you notice me?
Max: When we were kids I saw you playing with Maria and Alex. That's
when I knew you were going to change my life, and you did. Without
you I would be nothing. You forgave me after what I did, you even
tried to help me contact my son and you got arrested for it. You
brought me back to life Liz, in more ways then one.
Liz: I did it because I love you.

They share a passionate kiss and are violently pulled away from each
other. A group of guys are surrounding them. Max was being held by
four of them and two are holding Liz. A woman walks out from
behind them.

Woman: Hello Max.

To be continued...

Part Three

Woman: Hello Max.
Max: Tess. Where's my son?
Tess: Why are you so worried about him now? You didn't give a shit if
he lived or died! You chose this bitch over your own flesh and blood,
over your queen!
Max: You wanted to turn us into Kavar! Did you think I would let you
do that?
Liz: You killed Alex you murderer! I'll kill you! Let me go!

Liz struggles to get away from the men that are holding her but fails

Tess walked up to Max.

Tess: I loved you but did you love me? No, you chose an insignificant
human over your own kind, your queen, and your destiny.
Max: I told you from the beginning Tess that I didn't love you, that
I loved Liz and I will always love Liz.

Tess hits Max violently with her fist.

Tess: Shut up!
Liz: Stop it!
Tess: Max I'm going to give you a choice, come back to our home
planet with me or die for your love for that bitch.

Max looks at Liz; she knows what he is going to choose.

Liz: Max, don't. Do what she says, don't do it Max.
Max: I choose to die for my true love.
Tess: (angrily) Stand him up!

Tess formed a ball of power in her hand

Tess: Say goodbye Max.

She throws it directly at him; he goes flying into the air, lands on
the ground and doesn't get up.

Liz: (screaming) Max!

Tess looks at her accomplices and says

Tess: Let's go!

The men let Liz go and she runs toward Max with tears in her eyes and
fear in her voice.

Liz: Max say something.

Liz kneels down next to him. Max moves slightly.

Max: (barely able to speak) I love you Liz.
Liz: Don't do this to me Max; don't leave me.

Max stops moving and is gone.

Liz: No! Max!

To be continued...

Part Four

Liz: Max! No!

Liz wakes up and screams Max's name. Kyle and Maria hear her and run

Kyle: What's wrong?
Liz: (crying hysterically) Max is dead!
Maria: No he's not. He's at Isabel’s.
Liz: No he's dead, I saw her kill him.

Maria gives Liz a hug and tries to calm her down.

Meanwhile, back at Isabel's apartment.
Isabel screams and breaks contact with Liz. Max and Michael run into
her room. As a reflex Isabel uses her powers and throws them into the
wall. She runs to them and makes sure she didn't hurt them.

Max: Isabel what happened?
Isabel: It was a dream; you're alive.
Max: Yeah I'm alive.
Michael: What happened?
Isabel: It was horrible. Max you were…

Before she could finish the sentence Max's cell phone rang.

Max: Hold on, that could be Maria. I told her to call me if anything
else happened.

Max: Hello.
Kyle: Max you have to come quick. Liz needs you. She had a nightmare
and we can't calm her down.

Max knew it was true because he heard Liz crying in the background.

Max: Kyle what happened?
Kyle: I can't explain now, just get over here.
Max: Alright. (turns and looks at Michael) Come on we have to go.
Isabel: Max what happened?
Max: It's Liz; I guess she's taking this nightmare worse than you did.
Isabel: I want to go. I know what she's going through. I know what
she saw maybe I could help.
Max: Okay let's go.
Isabel: Let me get my keys. I'll tell you about the dream on the way.

Back at the crashdown.
Kyle: Max is on his way.
Maria: Go get Liz some water.
Kyle: Okay.
Liz: (crying) Maria he's dead, she killed him. He’s dead because he
loved me.
Maria: Liz calm down. Max is not dead. Kyle just got off the phone
with him.
Kyle: Here (gives Liz the cup of water).
Maria: Drink some water; maybe it will calm you down.

Liz drinks the water very slowly.

Maria: Kyle can you stay with her until Max comes? I have to go get
things ready downstairs.
Kyle: Yeah, no problem.

Maria goes downstairs and picks up the glass that was on the floor.
She sits down and starts crying. Michael, Max and Isabel walk in
unnoticed. Michael walks toward Maria.

Michael: Maria?
Maria: (crying) Michael you should've seen her. I can't stand to see
her like that; she was so scared. She was so hurt and there was
nothing I could do about it.
Michael: (sits next to her) It'll be okay.
Maria: She couldn't even tell us what the dream was about.
Michael: Isabel already told us what it was about.
Maria: (confused) Isabel? How does she know what it was about?
Isabel: I was dreamwalking in Liz's mind to see if she forgot to tell
Max anything else about what happened earlier.
Max: Where is she?
Maria: She's upstairs with Kyle.
Max: I'm going to go see her.
Isabel: I'll go with you.

Max and Isabel go upstairs.

Michael: I'll help you down here until someone comes down to help.

He gives Maria a hug.

Max knocks on the door.

Kyle: Come in.
Max: (looks at Kyle) How is she?
Liz: (jumps out of her bed and hugs Max) You're alive!

Max could see that Liz had been crying.

Max: I'm okay.
Liz: (tears start to fall down her cheeks) I thought I had lost you.
Max: Look at me. Liz look at me.

Liz looks into Max's beautiful brown eyes. She sees his love for her.

Max: I will always be here. You will never lose me, you here. I love
you Liz Parker and I will do anything to protect you.
Liz: I love you too.

Liz and Max hug. Isabel smiles happily. She thinks to herself that
it's good to see her brother so happy with the one he loves. Kyle was
happy to see them like that too but deep in the back of his mind he
couldn't shake this feeling that something was wrong. Liz also felt
that something was wrong, but she hid it from the others. She didn't
want to worry them even more.

Part Five

Max: How are you feeling?
Liz: Better, although all of this crying gave me a headache again.

They all laugh at Liz's remark including Liz herself. They all go
downstairs to join Michael and Maria.


Young girl knocking on the door.

Man: May I help you?
Girl: I came to see about the apartment for rent.
Man: Sure just fill out this form.
Girl: Can I fill it out here?
Man: Sure, come on in.
Girl: Thank you.

She walks in, sits down and in five minutes she is finished.

Man: Would you like to see it?
Girl: Yes, please.

They walk out of his office and walk toward the apartment.

Man: Now, it has furniture so you don't need that.
Girl: Good, because I don't have any.
Man: Do you have a place to stay?
Girl: Well, no. I'm new and I don't know anyone.
Man: I normally don't do this but since you don't have a place to
stay and since nobody has called about this apartment, I'll let you
have it. That is if you have the first month’s rent and the deposit.
Girl: Yeah I have it.
Man: Well then the apartment is yours. Come back to the office and
I'll give you a key.
Girl: Okay and thank you for giving me a chance to rent this
Man: No problem, you seem like a nice girl.

She leaves his office and walks to her new apartment. She unlocks the
door, sits on the couch.

Girl: Home sweet home.

At the crashdown.

Maria: How do you feel?
Liz: I'm fine. I'm sorry if I scared you and Kyle.
Kyle: We weren't scared. We were just worried about you.

Kyle, Liz and Maria hugged. At that moment the alien trio felt out of
place. Liz looked at them.

Liz: Come on you guys, you're our friends too.

The aliens joined them in a group hug.

Man: What's going on?

They all turned around quickly to see...

To be continued...

Part Six

Man: What's going on?

They all turned around quickly to see...

Liz: Dad.
Mr. Parker: So what's going on?
Liz: Nothing we just thought it would be nice to share a group hug.
Mr. Parker: I have to go run some errands and I'll probably be gone
most of the day.
Liz: Okay.

Mr. Parker kisses Liz on the cheek and goes out of the back doors.

Isabel: So what are all of you going to do when you graduate?
Maria: (in disbelief) Graduation is only five weeks away. Michael
have you found out if you're going to graduate?
Michael: I have an appointment with the counselor on Monday. I'll
find out then.
Liz: I'm going to college in the fall but for the summer I'm going on
Maria: (smiling) Road trip?
Liz: (smiling) Road trip.
Max: Where are you going?
Liz: How about California?
Maria: Yeah, we'll go to the beach.
Kyle: Can I go with you guys?
Maria: Now you know that all you guys are going with us.
Isabel: I can't go. I can't leave Jesse now that he's trying to
adjust to the new situation.
Max: You should ask if he’d mind if you go. Maybe he'd adjust better
if he had time to himself to think.
Isabel: (with a smile on her face) Okay I'll tell him about it
Maria: Yeah, we could all use a vacation.

At that moment two men in suits walked in and sat in a booth. That
made them nervous. They've learned to associate men in suits with the
FBI, which were a danger to them. Maria comes out from behind the

Maria: What can I get for you?
Man #1: Just two coffees please.
Maria: Anything else?
Man #2: No, that'll be all thank you.

Maria walks back up to the counter.

Maria: Two coffees.
Liz: That's it?
Maria: Yeah.

Maria takes the men their coffees. Then a third man walks in.

Isabel: Dad, what are you doing here?
Mr. Evans: I came to talk to Mr. Kane and Mr. Jones about the
Anderson case.
Isabel: Where's Jesse?
Mr. Evans: He's back at the office working on some other things that
need to be handled. Now if you'll excuse me I need to talk to them.
Isabel: Okay sure. Do you need anything?
Mr. Evans: Yeah, just get me a coffee.
Isabel: Sure.

She walks to the counter.

Isabel: Hey Liz my dad wants a coffee.
Liz: Okay I'll take it to him.
Max: Who are those men with him?
Isabel: They're here to talk about business.

Kyle gets out of his seat.

Kyle: I have to go to work.
Michael: Me too.

Dan (the new cook) comes in to the Crashdown.

Liz and Maria: Hey Dan.
Dan: Hey.
Liz: Max, Michael, Isabel, this is Dan.
Max: Hey.
Isabel: Nice to meet you.
Michael: What's up?
Dan: Hi.
Liz: And you already know Kyle.
Kyle: Hey.
Dan: Hey.
Kyle and Michael: We'll see you guys later.
Isabel: I have to go too. Max can you give me a ride?
Max: Yeah, I'll be back.
Liz and Maria: Bye.

Philip Evans and the two men walk up to the counter and pay for their

Mr. Evans: Goodbye girls.
Liz and Maria: Goodbye Mr. Evans.

The three men walk out the door. Liz starts to feel hot.

Liz: I'm going to the bathroom.

She enters the bathroom, goes to the sink and splashes water on her
face. When she looks in the mirror she notices that her eyes are a
fiery red color almost like the color amber.

Liz: What's happening to me?

She closes her eyes and then opens them; they were back to their
original color. She thought to herself, "I can't tell anyone about
this. They're already worried about me enough."

Part Seven

Isabel and Max having a conversation in his car.

Isabel: Max there was something about that dream that I didn't tell
Max: What is it?
Isabel: When I yelled in Liz's dream... she heard me.
Max: Who Liz?
Isabel: No, Tess.
Max: How do you know she heard you?
Isabel: Well when I yelled, she turned around and looked right at me.
You know those energy balls that she threw at you. She tried to
throw one at me but I was able to deflect it away from me. Liz
probably didn't see her do this because she ran to your side when
they let her go.
Max: Why didn't you tell us before?
Isabel: I didn't think anything about it; I thought it was a part of
the dream. When Liz didn't tell me that I was in her dream I knew
that part wasn't part of the dream.
Max: What are you trying to say Isabel?
Isabel: I think someone manipulated her to have that dream.
Max: But who?
Isabel: Who do we know that can mindwarp?
Max: Tess, but she's on our home planet.
Isabel: What if she came back unnoticed? Maybe it was Tess that Liz
Max: Where do you think she is if she is here?
Isabel: I don't know.
Max: But what if it wasn't her? If it was Tess she probably would've
showed up by now.
Isabel: Well then who or what is it?
Max: I wish I knew. We should be careful anyway. Don't tell anyone
about this until we know for sure what we're dealing with.
Isabel: What about Michael?
Max: I'll tell him.

Isabel gets out the car and walks to her apartment door, Max drives

Back at the Crashdown.

Liz: I am so glad that we close in two hours.
Maria: I know; I am so tired. Why was it so busy today?
Dan: It's the good food... and the beautiful waitresses.

Maria and Liz both smile.

Mr. Parker: It's called good business. You know what since you guys
worked so hard I'll let you close right now.
Liz: But it's only 8:30.
Mr. Parker: I know. You three look exhausted. I'll lock the doors,
you guys put the dishes in the dishwasher, turn off the grill and
clean the rest of the tables and we'll call it a night.

Dan turned off the grill and cleaned it; Liz and Maria cleaned the
tables and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Dan and Maria went home
and Liz went to her room.

Michael and Max sitting on the couch.

Max: Michael we have to talk.
Michael: What's up Maxwell?
Max: Isabel thinks that another alien or worse is in Roswell.
Michael: Why what happened?
Max: She thinks that's what caused Liz's nightmare.
Michael: And made them feel how they felt earlier.
Max: Yeah.
Michael: Well how is that possible what kind of alien can get into
someone's head and make them have a dream?
Max: Tess.

Michael gets up from the couch.

Michael: She thinks Tess is back? We have to find her and kill her.
Max: I don't think it was Tess.
Michael: Why not?
Max: Because I don't feel her. We were connected when we had sex so I
could probably feel her return.
Michael: So who do you think it is?
Max: Someone more powerful than Tess and maybe even more powerful
than us.
Michael: We have to do something!
Max: No Michael. I don't want to worry anyone until we know what it
Michael: So what do we do now?
Max: We'll just have to wait and see what happens, but we have to be
Michael: Dammit Max we have to do something! We can't just wait until
it kills one of us!

Max gets up from the couch.

Max: I said we just have to wait.
Michael: And what if it kills Liz?

Max pushes Michael into the wall.

Max: (angrily) Don't say that! Don't you ever say that again!
Michael: Now you see my point. I don't want Maria to get hurt and I'm
sure Isabel doesn't want Jesse to get hurt.
Max: We don't even know where it is. We're going to have to wait
until it shows itself, in the meantime, we'll be careful.

Liz is sitting on the balcony. "What the hell happened to me
earlier?" Liz knew that it had something to do with the alien power
that she inherited from Max when he healed her. Her hands started to
throw sparks again. "Oh no, not again This is just like the last
time, only last time my eyes didn't turn like they did earlier." Liz
was so busy debating whether or not she should tell the others about
it that she didn't notice Kyle climb onto the balcony.

Kyle: Liz.
Liz: (gasps) Kyle you scared me.
Kyle: Sorry about that I just didn't know who else to turn to. And I
know you went through this before.
Liz: Went through what?

Kyle held out his hands and sparks were coming out of them. Kyle sat
down in the chair next to her.

Liz: Kyle it's happening to you too.

Liz showed him her hands.

Kyle: It's happening again?
Liz: Apparently, but this time it's different.
Kyle: How?
Liz: Well for one thing, earlier my turned into an eerie amber color.
Kyle: What?
Liz: Yeah, I went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and they were
that color.

Kyle jumps out of his chair.

Kyle: Like that?
Liz: Judging by your response I'd say they're amber again right?

Kyle nods his head. Liz closes her eyes, counts to five and opens her

Kyle: Now that's better. They looked like they were glowing. Like you
had fire in your eyes.
Liz: Kyle do me a favor, don't tell anyone about this conversation.
Not even Maria, she's been keeping an eye on me since this morning.
Kyle: Okay sure.
Liz: You know what, I'm going to bed. I'll see you tomorrow.
Kyle: Okay bye.

Liz goes in her room and lies on the bed. She gets an idea and sits
up. She put her hand out toward a picture on the wall. She closes her
eyes and concentrates on that picture. Within a minute the glass
shatters, the picture and the frame fall on the ground. Liz gets out
of bed and says, "I'm turning into an alien."

Part Eight

That night Liz got only a couple of hours of sleep. To her surprise,
she wasn't tired. She was more energetic than when she went to bed.
Phone rings. She rolls over to answer it.

Liz: Hello.
Kyle: Liz, it's me.
Liz: What's up Kyle?
Kyle: How do you feel?
Liz: I'm fine. We need to talk. Meet me by the pod chamber in thirty minutes.
Kyle: Okay I'll see you then. Bye.

They hang up the phone. Liz rolls out of bed and gets in the shower.
She gets dressed and goes to meet Kyle. Kyle did the same thing.
Twenty minutes after they hung up the phone, they were already there.
Liz told Kyle about the picture, they discussed it for a while until
Liz's cell phone rang.

Liz: Hello.
Woman: Where are you?
Liz: Oh hi mom, I went for a walk.
Mrs. Parker: Why didn't you leave a note, we were worried sick.
Liz: Sorry I guess I forgot. I'll be home later, I ran into Kyle and
we're just going to hang out okay.
Mrs. Parker: Okay, don't be home too late.
Liz: I won't Bye.
Mrs. Parker: Bye.

Hangs up the phone.

Mrs. Parker: She says that she went for a walk and ran into Kyle. She
said they were going to hang out.
Mr. Parker: You know I think our daughter is hiding something from us.
We better find out what it is.

Picks up the phone and dials the number.
Man: Hello.
Jeff Parker: Hi it's me Jeff.
Man: How are you?
Jeff: I need to know what you found out about Max.
Man: Why what's wrong?
Jeff: I can't talk about it over the phone.
Man: Okay I'll be over there in ten minutes.
Jeff: I'll see you then.

Jeff hangs up the phone.

Nancy Parker: What was that all about? Who were you talking to and
what were they trying to find out about Max?
Jeff: It was Philip Evans. He seems to think that Max is hiding
something from them and I think he's right.

Kyle and Liz at the cave. Liz walks up to the door that can only be
opened by aliens. She wondered if she would be able to open it. She
had seen Max do it a few times before. She waves her hand across the
outside of the pod chamber. A handprint appears, she put her hand on it to
match and she pressed down. The door started to open. Kyle was
surprised to see the door open for a human or at least she used to be
a human he thought.

Kyle: How did you know that it would open for you?
Liz: I didn't. I just wanted to see if I could.
Kyle: Do you know what this means? You're turning into an alien; which
means I'll probably turn into one too. We have to tell Max.
Liz: No! We can't tell him. All you have to do is learn how to
control them and get prepared to have fun. Look what I can do, stand

She puts her hand in front of a wall of rock and then it explodes.

Liz: Wouldn't you like to do that?
Kyle: Yeah that was amazing.
Liz: Are you going to tell Max about our new powers? When you start
getting them I'll show you how to control them.
Kyle: No I won't tell him.
Liz: Tell no one.
Kyle: Okay.
Liz: Well you know what I think we should go home before they get
Kyle: Yeah.

They get in Kyle's car and leave.

Knock on the door. Jeff goes to open it.

Jeff: Hello Phil come on in.
Phil: Why did you ask about what I found out about Max?
Jeff: Because I think Liz is hiding something and I think it has to
do with Max's secret. She's been acting different lately. Yesterday I
walked into the Crashdown and they were in a group hug. When I asked
what was going on Liz told me that they just felt like having a group
hug. This morning she got up early and left without leaving a note.
She told Nancy that she went for a walk and ran into Kyle and that
they were going to hang out.
Phil: So what do you want to do? I have a board in my office of my
suspicions about Max; do you want to go see it?
Jeff: Sure, maybe it'll give me an idea of what I'm dealing with.
Liz: Dealing with what?

Phil and Jeff turn around to see Liz and Kyle standing by the door.

Jeff: Hello Kyle. Liz you're home.
Kyle: Hello Mr. Parker, Mr. Evans.
Phil: Hello Kyle.
Liz: Yeah what did you mean when you said that it’d give me good
idea of what I'm dealing with?
Jeff: Oh well...
Phil: Your father wants to see if he has a case against a
manufacturer of something he bought. It broke after one day and they
don't want to replace it.
Jeff: It was very expensive. I don't want to lose out on all that
Liz: Okay.
Phil: We should get going.
Jeff: Okay, I'll be home later.
Liz: Bye dad.

Phil and Jeff leave the house. Liz watches them from the door. They
get in the car and drive away. She closes the door.

Liz: I don't believe him.
Kyle: Why would he lie to you?
Liz: I don't know but it probably has to do with Mr. Evans
investigating Max.
Kyle: But why?
Liz: Because I think he's helping him or he's investigating me.
Nancy: Liz your home.
Liz: I came to get my books we have to go to Max's to study for
Nancy: Hello Kyle.
Kyle: Hello Mrs. Parker.
Liz: What was Max's dad doing here?
Nancy: Well your father told me that he had to talk to him about
something but he didn't tell me what it was about. Where is your
Liz: He left with Mr. Evans. Okay I'm going to get my books so we can
get started studying for our finals.

She runs to her room and gets her books.

Liz: Okay mom I'll be home later.
Nancy: Okay sweetie.

They leave and the phone rings.

Nancy: Hello.
Maria: Hi Mrs. Parker is Liz there?
Nancy: Oh hi Maria. She went to Max's already to study for your
finals. Kyle took her over there.
Maria: Study for our finals.

Maria thinking, "Oh my god she lied to her mom what do I say?"

Maria: Okay I'll just talk to her when I get there.

She hangs up the phone gets in her car and heads for Max's place.

Maria: (thinking) Why did Liz lie to her mom? Why is she really going
to Max's and why didn't she tell me about it? What is she doing with
Kyle? She usually has me take her to Max's.

Nancy picks up the phone and dials.

Man: Hello.
Nancy: Liz just lied to me.
Jeff: why what happened?
Nancy: She told me that she was going to study down Max's. She said
they were all going to be there. Maria just called and when I told her
about it, she sounded puzzled as if she didn't know about a study
group. (with tears filling her eyes) What's happened to our little
Jeff: I don't know but I'll find out.

Part Nine

Back at Max and Michael’s apartment.

Max: So Michael are you going to see Maria today?
Michael: I don’t plan on it.
Max: (looking out the window) Well it looks like you are.

Max saw Maria’s car pull up to the apartment.

Michael: What are you talking about?
Max: She just got here. Liz.

Max sees Liz and Kyle pull up directly after Maria. They get out of the cars at the same time. He goes out to talk to Liz.

Liz: Maria what are you doing here?
Maria: Your mom told me you came over here to study for finals. What’s that all about?
Liz: I’ll explain inside.
Max: What are you guys doing here?
Liz: (walks up to Max) We have to talk.

She walks past him and goes inside while Max, Maria and Kyle walk in behind her. She closes the door as soon as everyone is inside.

Liz: Hi Michael.
Michael: Hey guys what’s going on?
Liz: Well I’m just going to just ask the question. Max is your dad still trying to find out about you?
Max: Yeah I think so why?
Liz: Because he was at my house earlier talking to my dad. I think my dad is helping him or trying to find out about me.
Max: Why would he be trying to find out about you?
Liz: He probably got tired of all the secretive stuff in my life and wants to know what it is.
Michael: Well how do you know it was you they were talking about?
Kyle: Because we heard him say “so I can see what I’m dealing with.” When Liz asked him about it he said he wanted to see if he had a case against a manufacturer for a defective product he bought.
Maria: Why don’t you believe him?
Liz: It seems a little fake don’t you think?
Kyle: They seemed nervous when they heard Liz.
Liz: You noticed it too?
Kyle: Yeah.
Max: What were you doing at Liz’s house Kyle?
Kyle: I was dropping her off at home.
Max: Where were you guys coming from?
Liz: I was taking a walk and I ran into him and he gave me a ride home.
Max: Why didn’t you call me if you wanted a ride?
Liz: Are you jealous Max?

She knew what the answer was when he didn’t say anything.

Liz: Look Max I don’t have time for this shit! I need to know why your dad and my dad are getting so close and why they are working together!

Everyone looked at Liz. They couldn’t believe that she would talk to Max like that.

Max: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you mad.
Liz: Look I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’m just worried about what my dad will find out. I need your help to see what he’s up to.

Max gives Liz a hug.

Max: Don’t worry. I’ll help you find out what he’s doing.
Liz: Thank you.
Max: Me and Michael will come up with something and I’ll let you know about it.
Liz: Okay. I have to go I just wanted to come tell you about my dad.
Maria: I’ll give you a ride home.
Liz: Okay thanks.

Liz and Maria leave the apartment.

Maria: Why did you lie to your mom?
Liz: Because she’s probably working with my dad on whatever he’s doing.
Maria: So why did you ask Kyle for a ride?
Liz: Because he was already at my house.
Maria: Yeah what was all that about?
Liz: What?
Maria: Come on Liz, we all know that you and Kyle don’t hang out that much especially by yourselves. So what’s going on between you two?
Liz: Nothing’s going on. I just ran into him while I was going for a walk.

Maria turns into the dirt road leading to the pod chamber.

Liz: What are you doing?

Maria turns off the car, takes the keys out of the ignition and looks at Liz.

Maria: Why are you lying to me? We’re not going anywhere until you tell me the truth. What’s going on?
Liz: Oh jeez, fine I’ll walk.

Liz open the door, gets out and starts walking away from the car. Maria gets out and walks after her. She grabs Liz’s arm.

Liz: Let me go Maria!
Maria: Why won’t you talk to me? I’m your best friend, what are you hiding from me?
Liz: (turns around angrily) I’m not hiding a damn thing! You believe what you want to believe!
Maria: (with tears filling her eyes) Liz.
Liz: Just drop it Maria!
Maria: Why are you acting like this?

Liz walks towards her. Maria could see that Liz was angry. As Liz got closer Maria was stepping back until she was up against the car. Maria had never seen Liz this angry before and it scared her. Liz grabbed Maria by the arms.

Maria: Ouch, you’re hurting me.
Liz: What? Are you turning against me too? Did Michael’s supposed love blind you or are you just plain stupid? You shouldn’t test me Maria DeLuca, you have no clue what I’m capable of!

She pushes Maria against the car and walks away. Maria slides down to the ground and begins to cry. She opens the door, reaches for her cell phone and calls Michael.

Part Ten

Telephone ringing.

Michael: Hello.
Maria: (through sobs) Michael.
Michael: Maria, what’s wrong? Are you alright?
Maria: No, Liz…
Michael: Where are you?
Maria: The road right before you go to the pod chamber is.
Michael: Okay, stay there we’re on our way.

Hangs up the phone.

Liz is walking over to the pod chamber. She opens the door, walks in and the door closes behind her.

Michael: Max we have to go pick up Maria.
Max: What happened?
Michael: I don’t know but Maria was crying. All I got out of her was Liz.
Max: Did something happen to Liz?
Michael: I don’t know. Let’s go get her.
Kyle: I’m going with you guys.
Michael: Okay let’s go.

They get into Max’s car and leave.

Liz is sitting in the pod chamber. She wonders what’s happening to her.

Liz: (thinking) I yelled at Max, I’ve never even raised my voice at him. Look what I did to my best friend; I yelled at her, I pushed her into her car. She was crying; I made my best friend cry. The one who has been with me through all of this?

She puts her hands on her face, lowers her head and begins to cry.

Max, Michael and Kyle arrive to see Maria sitting on the floor with her head down. She was leaning with her back against the car. She hears the car pull up and hears the doors shut. She looks up and Michael extends his hand towards her and helps her up.

Michael: (in a gentle voice) What happened?

Maria tells them the whole story about what happened between her and Liz.

Max: (in disbelief) No, you’re not talking about Liz. You’re talking about someone else.
Maria: It was her Max, I don’t want to believe it either but I can’t deny what I saw with my own two eyes.

Kyle was shocked. He wondered if her behavior had to do with her new powers. He thought, “should I tell Max about Liz’s powers?”

Liz: Don’t Kyle. You said you wouldn’t tell him.

Kyle looks around.

Kyle: What the hell?

Liz: I’m in your mind you can talk to me through your thoughts. Don’t let them know I’m talking to you.
Max: What’s wrong Kyle?
Kyle: Um…I just can’t believe that Liz would do something like that.
Michael: Well you heard what Maria said.
Liz: Good cover-up Valenti.
Kyle: (thinking) Where are you?
Liz: I’m in the pod chamber, but don’t tell Max.
Kyle: How did you know you could go into someone’s mind?
Liz: I didn’t. I heard your thoughts and I decided to find out if you could hear mine. I guess you were thinking too loud. How’s Maria?
Kyle: Not that good.

The door begins to open.

Liz: Did you tell them I was here?
Kyle: No, why?
Liz: The door is starting to open.
Kyle: (looking towards the pod chamber) Liz, get out of there. Liz?

She did not answer and that worried Kyle.

Liz hides so she would not be seen. A girl walks in.

Girl: So this is what their pod looked like. Huh, the Granolith is gone. But who went back?

Liz was scared because of all the girl knew. “Not many people know about this stuff,” she thought. Liz knew that she was an alien because she was able to open the door. Liz decided to confront her. She had to try to protect her friends.

Max: What’s up Kyle? Why are you looking over there?
Kyle: (without looking at him) I don’t know.

Liz: Who the hell are you?
Girl: How did you get in here? You’re not one of them.
Liz: What do you know about them?
Girl: That is not your concern.
Liz: Now that’s where you’re wrong. They’re my friends, and my friends are my concern.
Girl: Enough talk.

Liz knew what she meant by that, so she was ready for her. The girl tried to throw Liz into the wall with her powers. Liz was able to block it with a shield.

Girl: But you’re not one of them, how is it that you have powers? Who are you? A skin?

Liz was able to throw her against the wall. The girl got up to her feet and tried to throw a ball of mysterious power at Liz. Liz ducked and the ball burned a hole through the wall. Liz knew she couldn’t compete with those kinds of powers so she decided to get out of the pod chamber.

Kyle was still looking towards the pod chamber and without realizing it he started walking towards it. It was like he was hypnotized by something inside the cave.

Maria: Kyle where are you going?
Michael: Kyle are you ok?
Max: Something’s wrong.

They start walking behind Kyle.

Inside the pod chamber the two girls were still fighting. Liz threw her against the wall and opened the door. She got up and threw Liz out of the pod chamber with her power. Kyle was the first to see her and then the others saw who it was. They saw the girl run out. She ran fast enough that they didn’t see her face. They didn’t follow her because they were worried about Liz. They ran to where Liz was lying on the floor.

Kyle: (kneeling down next to Liz) Liz, talk to me.
Max: (nudges Kyle out of the way and checks her pulse) She’s alive.
Maria: (crying) Why isn’t she waking up?
Michael: We have to get her back to our place.

The guys put her in Max’s car. Maria sat in the back with Liz; Kyle drove Maria’s car back. Max was driving his car and Michael was sitting on the passengers’ side of the car.

Part 11

The girl kept running until she arrived at her apartment. She unlocked the door, ran to the refrigerator and got a bottle of water. She drank it all in one drink. She walked to the door and closed it, and then she sat on the couch. She couldn’t get how that human was so powerful.

Girl: If she knew how to control her power she would’ve killed me. Those must’ve been her friends who ran up to her. I have to be more careful about where I go. Someone saw me, and that could be dangerous.

Back at Michael and Max’s apartment.

Maria: It’s been almost an hour. Why hasn’t she woken up yet?
Max: I don’t know.
Michael: I’m calling Isabel.
Kyle: Why?
Michael: Maybe she could dreamwalk into Liz’s mind. She could probably find out what happened and why she hasn’t woken up yet.

Michael picks up the phone but before he dials something happens. Max touches Liz and he stops moving or speaking.

Maria: Michael look at Max.

Michael hangs up the phone and looks at Max.

Michael: Max?

There is no response. Max doesn’t even blink.

Michael: Maxwell wake up buddy.
Kyle: That’s it I’m going to pick up Isabel.

He runs to his car gets in and speeds off towards Isabel’s house.

Maria starts crying hysterically.

Michael: Maria calm down. Look at me, calm down.
Maria: (shouting) No Michael I can’t calm down. I’m tired of all this shit! I can’t take it anymore. If…no when Liz comes out of this I want you, Max and Isabel to stay away from us. Our lives have been hell ever since we found out your secret.
Michael: Maria?
Maria: No Michael I’m not going to listen. First, that crazy bitch kills Alex and now Liz has been unconscious for almost an hour. I want you to leave us alone. Don’t talk to us, don’t look for us and don’t even think about us!

Maria leaves the apartment crying. Michael stands at the doorway.

Michael: Maria?

He sees her get in her car and leave.

Michael: Damn!

He gets so mad that one of the windows breaks. Max falls to the floor.

Michael: Max.

He runs to him and sits him up. Max starts to wake up. He barely opens his eyes. He feels very groggy.

Max: (barely able to speak) Michael?
Michael: Yeah it’s me. Are you okay?
Max: (feeling weak) I saw it.
Michael: Saw what?
Max: I need to go lay down. Take me to the room. Michael helps Max into the room; he lies down on the bed. The front door opens rapidly.

Michael: I’ll be back okay Maxwell.

Isabel and Kyle go inside.

Isabel: Where’s Max?
Michael: He’s in the room.

Isabel runs to the room sits next to Max and tries to snap him out of the trance-like state he was in.

Kyle: Where’s Maria?
Michael: She took off.
Kyle: What? How could she leave when her best friend is like this?
Michael: She got pissed about all the alien stuff and then she left.

They both walked into the room.

Isabel: Come on Max talk to me.
Max: (groggy) Liz?
Isabel: What happened?

Max started coming out of the state he was in. He finally started to talk.
Michael: What the hell happened?
Max: I saw it.
Isabel: Saw what?
Max: I saw what happened to Liz. They were fighting with their powers.

He looks at Isabel.

Max: How did you get here?
Isabel: Kyle brought me. He told me about Liz and Maria. He told me about Liz and the cave too. (looking around) Wait where is Maria?
Michael: She got pissed and left.
Kyle: I’m going to go find her.

Kyle leaves.

Max: How’s Liz?
Michael: She’s still the same.
Max: I want to go sit next to her.
Isabel: Are you sure you can get up?
Max: Yeah I’m feeling better.

They go into the living room. Max sits next to Liz and reaches for her hand.

Michael: Max don’t.
Max: Why not?
Michael: Look what happened the last time you touched her.
Isabel: So what happened between Liz and the girl?
Max: I don’t really remember. It’s all fuzzy right now. It was really vivid when I was watching it but now I can barely remember it. I do remember one thing.
Michael: What’s that?
Max: This girl is strong; she’s definitely stronger than us. I saw her burn a hole through a rock solid wall.
Michael: Something’s not right. If she’s this strong then why didn’t she kill Liz?
Max: She wasn’t trying to kill her. She just wanted her out of the way so she could escape.

Liz starts to move.

Isabel: I think she’s waking up.

Liz opens her eyes and they weren’t brown anymore, they were amber. They moved back when they saw her eyes. Liz jumped off the couch.

Liz: Stay away from me.

Max tried to walk towards her but she put up a shield.

Michael: Max I thought only you could do that.

Liz walked towards the window. She tried to open it with her other hand but it was stuck.

Max: (walking towards her) Liz it’s me… Max.

Liz puts up her other hand and throws Max.

Isabel: Max!

Isabel used her powers to stop him from hitting the wall. Liz turned back to the window and put her hand by it. The window shattered she climbed out and ran off. Max, Michael and Isabel run to the window.

Part 12

Max: (pointing to some blood on the window) She cut herself. Why did she run from us?
Isabel: Maybe she turned against us.
Max: No! She would never do that, not Liz.
Michael: Why not, Maria did.
Max: What are you talking about?
Michael: Maria told me that when Liz would wake up that she wanted us to stay away from them. Maybe Liz wants the same thing.
Max: No! She didn’t turn on us. Liz loves me.
Isabel: What else would it be? She used her powers against you.
Max: I won’t believe it. Something else is wrong with Liz… but what?
Girl: I know.

The three turn around and see a girl standing by the door.

Max: It’s her.

On an impulse Michael tries to use his power against her but she put up a shield to defend herself.

Max: Michael calm down.
Michael: Max this girl probably wants to kill us.
Max: She could’ve killed us when we weren’t looking.

Michael put his hand down and the girl did too.

Max: Who are you?
Girl: I’m Harmony Jameson. I am also an alien. I think I made that girl’s condition worse by speeding it up.
Isabel: Speeding what up?
Harmony: The side effects. She was healed by one of you right?
Max: Yeah I healed her.
Girl: Well a few years ago my best friend was stabbed by her ex boyfriend and I saw the whole thing. As a reflex I used my power against him and… I killed him. I ran up to her and healed her.
Isabel: How did she react to it?
Harmony: She already knew what I was. We grew up together and I told her everything.
Michael: Wasn’t that a little dangerous?
Harmony: Yes but we were like sisters and I knew she wouldn’t tell anyone.
Michael: (getting annoyed) Is there a point to this story?
Harmony: Yeah, sorry. About a year and a half ago she started acting strange. I didn’t know what was wrong until it was too late.
Max: What happened?
Harmony: Apparently as a side effect to my healing her she started getting alien powers. While they were coming her body was rejecting them as it would a virus or disease. When that didn’t work, her mind started to go.
Michael: What does that mean?
Harmony: She went insane and killed herself.
Isabel: Are you saying that’s happening to Liz?
Max: No! That can’t happen to her.
Harmony: We have to find her. I have the power to reverse the reaction. I can make it so her body doesn’t reject the powers. There is one side effect to it though.
Isabel: What’s that?
Harmony: She will become more alien. She will be like you guys half human and half alien but that’s the only way she can survive.
Max: Come on let’s go find her.

They get into Max’s car and leave.

Isabel: So why are you stronger than us?
Harmony: Well there were some aliens that were born with a mutation and it resulted in us being stronger than anyone else including the royal family. This scared most people so the mutated aliens were sent to prison but my mom managed to send us here. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to escape with us. She was just concerned with our safety.
Max: Is your sister a mutated alien too?
Harmony: Yes we both are.
Isabel: By the way, I’m Isabel Evans that’s my brother Max and that’s our friend Michael Guerin.
Harmony: Well it’s nice to meet you.
Max and Michael: Nice to meet you too.
Harmony: Can any of you dreamwalk?
Isabel: I can.
Harmony: Maybe you can dreamwalk into her mind.
Isabel: I can only do it when someone’s asleep and Liz isn’t asleep.
Harmony: You can do it when they are awake too. Your powers should have developed more by now. All of you should be getting stronger.
Max: Is that why I was able to see what happened to Liz when I touched her?
Harmony: Yes and with your strong connection to her you will be able to do that. You guys are so connected that you can probably feel what she’s feeling right now.
Max: She’s scared and confused. I feel so helpless.
Isabel: Don’t worry Max we’ll find her. I’ll do it or at least try. Max give me her picture.
Harmony: You don’t need it.
Isabel: How is that possible?
Harmony: Well you know her fairly well right?
Isabel: Yeah.
Harmony: The only time you’ll need a picture is if they are far away or if you don’t know that person.

Isabel takes a deep breath.

Isabel: Okay I’m ready.
Harmony: Relax, close your eyes and focus all your energy on Liz.

Liz was running in the street. She was afraid that they had followed her. She was so preoccupied with them that she didn’t notice that she was bleeding. The cut was not deep but it hadn’t stopped bleeding yet. Liz arrived at the pod chamber not knowing she left a trail of blood behind.

Kyle gets out of the car at Maria’s house. He knocks on the door.

Maria: Kyle what are you doing here?
Kyle: Why did you leave?
Maria: I couldn’t take it anymore.

The phone rings. Maria puts the answering machine on.

Maria’s voice on the answering machine: Hi you’ve reached Amy and Maria DeLuca. We’re not here right now but if you leave a message we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can. (Beep)

Isabel: Maria this is Isabel. Liz woke up but she ran off. She’s bleeding because she cut herself when she broke the window. We need your help to find her. We know why she’s been acting different lately. Call us on Max’s cell phone. Bye.

Back in Max’s car Isabel opens her eyes.

Isabel: I can’t get through.
Harmony: Were you focusing all your energy on her?
Isabel: No that’s not what I meant. I got through but all I saw was a brick wall.
Max: A brick wall?
Isabel: Yeah and it said “Nice try Iz.”
Michael: Are you saying she put up a wall to block you?
Isabel: Yeah.
Michael: The blood.
Isabel: What blood?
Michael: The blood on the window, maybe you can pick something up from that.
Harmony: That’s a good idea Michael.

Max turns the car around and heads back to the apartment.

Part 13

Maria: You see what I mean?
Kyle: We have to go find Liz. Come on.

They get in Kyle’s car and head out to find Liz.

Maria: Where are we going?
Kyle: To the pod chamber.
Maria: Why there?
Kyle: That’s where she is I hope.
Maria: Why would you think she was there?
Kyle: I… can feel her.
Maria: What do you mean you can feel her?
Kyle: Maria, I’m getting powers.

He shows her his hands.

Maria: They’re just like Liz’s were.
Kyle: Anyways, we were together this morning because we were talking about our powers. She told me that she was able to make the glass from a picture frame shatter. Last night I went to tell her about my hands and her eyes turned into an amber color. Earlier when we went to get you that’s how I knew she was in the pod chamber. She got into my mind and was talking to me through my thoughts.
Maria: That’s why you were looking at the pod chamber.
Kyle: Yeah.
Maria: I don’t understand why she didn’t tell me.
Kyle: She said that she didn’t want you to worry about her.
Maria: How did she get into the pod chamber?
Kyle: She used her alien powers to open the door.

Maria and Kyle pull up to the pod chamber and get out of the car.

Maria: Try to open the door.

Kyle tries with all his might but he fails to open the door.

Kyle: We’re going to have to call Max.
Maria: Kyle look its blood. Isabel said she had cut herself. She’s in there.
Kyle: You call Max; I’m distancing myself from them.

Kyle didn’t want to get on Maria’s bad side so he called Max.

Max: Hello.
Kyle: I found Liz.
Max: Where?
Kyle: She’s in the pod chamber.
Max: How do you know?
Kyle: There’s a trail of blood leading to the door.
Max: We’ll be right there. (turns to Michael) Kyle found Liz.
Michael: Is Maria with him?
Max: I don’t know but he says that there’s blood leading to the door of the pod chamber.

Kyle and Maria leaning against Kyle’s car.

Kyle: So what are you going to do when they get here?
Maria: Stay out of their way.

Philip Evans’ office.

Jeff: Wow this is amazing. You found all this out?
Phil: Yes but I don’t know what it all means.
Jeff: I just can’t imagine what Liz is hiding from me.
Phil: Maybe you shouldn’t go spying on her.
Jeff: Why not?
Phil: Because I put all of this time and energy into this and I still haven’t found out anything that points to the truth. Don’t do it.
Jeff: I have to.
Phil: Remember what you told me when I came to the Crashdown one night when you were doing paperwork?
Jeff: Yeah.
Phil: I think you should take your own advice. I know I’m going to take it.

He walks up to the board, takes down all the pictures and tears everything else on the board.

Phil: Don’t treat your daughter like a criminal. I know I messed up with my kids don’t do the same with your daughter. We are given children for a reason; to protect and to love them unconditionally. We shouldn’t take the time we have with them for granted.
Jeff: You’re right. I have to talk to Liz when I get home.
Phil: Come on I’ll take you home.

Max, Michael, Isabel and Harmony pull up next to Kyle’s car and get out.

Kyle: You have to open the door Max.

Max walks over to the pod chamber and opens the door. He sees Liz lying on the floor, very weak from using her powers and from the blood loss. Isabel stood outside and explained everything to Maria and Kyle. Michael and Harmony walk into the pod chamber. Max is sitting down beside Liz.

Max: Liz look at me.

Liz looks at him.

Liz: (weakly) Max. I’m bleeding.

Part 14

Max: I brought someone to help you.
Liz: (tears roll down her face) I’m sorry Max. I’m sorry for hurting you.
Max: You didn’t hurt me. Save your strength. Harmony can you help her?
Harmony: Yeah.
Michael: Maxwell move out of the way.
Max: Oh sorry.

Maria, Kyle and Isabel walk into the pod chamber. Harmony kneels down next to Liz; she puts her hand over Liz’s wound and closes her eyes. Within a few seconds Liz is healed.

Harmony: She’s weak but she’s fine.
Maria: Are you sure she doesn’t need a blood transfusion or something?
Harmony: Yes I’m sure. What I’m about to do to her is going to hurt like hell.
Max: What are you going to do?
Harmony: I have to reverse the process of her body rejecting the powers.
Maria: Isabel said it would make her more alien is that true?
Harmony: Yes. It’ll make her like Max, Michael and Isabel.
Kyle: Max healed me too; is that going to happen to me?
Harmony: Well are you showing any signs of powers?
Kyle: Yes.

Kyle shows everyone his hands.

Max: Why didn’t you tell us about this before?
Kyle: Because Liz told me not to.
Isabel: Why?

While they were talking, Harmony was examining Liz with her powers.

Kyle: I don’t know she told me not to tell anyone, not even Maria.
Maria: Kyle told me everything on the way over here.
Max: You knew about all her powers?
Kyle: Yeah.
Max: How could she keep that from us?
Harmony: It’s not her fault. It looks like we found her just in time; her mind was starting to go.
Maria: She was starting to go insane?
Harmony: Yes. I have to get started right away otherwise we could lose her. You guys go stand over there. I don’t want to take any chances with you guys. I don’t want to hurt you if something goes wrong.
Maria: Whoa; hold on; wait! You’ve never done this before?
Harmony: No.
Maria: You stay away from my friend. You are not going to use alien powers on my friend to supposedly heal her if you’ve never done it before.
Max: That’s the only way she can survive.
Maria: Or it could kill her. She hasn’t even done it before Max. We don’t even know if she’s telling the truth.
Max: We have to trust her.
Maria: Bullshit!
Michael: Maria come one.
Maria: (starting to cry) No Michael what if she kills her?
Harmony: I’ll be careful. My sister taught me how to do this.

Harmony walked over to Liz. Michael, Maria and Max walked over to where the others were standing. Harmony started the procedure and a glow of light surrounded Liz. All of her friends were worriedly watching her.

Liz: What’s going on? Ouch stop it! That hurts!
Max: (whispers) Liz.
Liz: (screaming) Max! Help me! Please! Max!

Max begins to walk towards Liz and Harmony. Isabel pulls him back.

Isabel: Max don’t go over there.
Max: I can’t see her like this Iz.
Isabel: We have no choice.

Liz was still screaming in agony. Maria begins to cry even more because she hated hearing her friend scream like that. Michael held Maria even closer to his chest.

Michael: (in a soft voice) It’ll be okay.
Max: I have to stop her.
Kyle: Isabel’s right we have no other choice; we have to let her do this or Liz will die.

It pained Max to see her like that. He hated seeing Liz, the one he loves, in so much pain and he knew there was nothing he could do about it. It hurt him so much that a tear fell down his cheek. He turned his head away; he could no longer see what was happening. Maria did the same thing. Michael, Kyle and Isabel were also hurting but they didn’t want to show it. They wanted to be strong for Max, Maria and Liz.

Liz: Max! Stop! Ma…

Max turned around frightened.

Max: What happened?
Harmony: She passed out from the pain.

Deep down Max knew what had happened. He could feel all the pain she was going through.

Kyle: How much longer do we have to watch this?

It had only been a few minutes but it seemed like it was a few hours. The light vanished and Harmony put her hands down. She tried to get up but she collapsed back to the floor. Max and Maria ran to be with Liz and Kyle went to check if Harmony was okay.

Kyle: Harmony are you alright?
Harmony: I’m fine, very weak, need some rest. That wasn’t normal.

She closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Max: Liz I’m so sorry, I didn’t know it would be so painful for you. I’ll never let anything like that happen to you again. I love you. Please say something.
Liz: (whispers) Max.
Maria: Liz you’re okay?
Liz: Yeah.
Isabel: How’s Harmony?
Kyle: She’s asleep. It wore her out.

Max looked into Liz’s eyes and he saw the same Liz he fell in love with. He no longer saw the Liz that just an hour ago had used her powers against him.

Part 15

Michael: Come on we have to go. If someone heard Liz scream they’ll try to come and see what happened.
Max: Okay; I’ll carry Liz to the car and we’ll go to our apartment.
Kyle: I’ll get Harmony.

Max carefully picked up Liz and Kyle picked up Harmony. Isabel opened the door of the pod chamber. Michael came out before everyone else to check if anyone was around to see them come out of there.

Michael: Okay come on; it’s clear.

Max and Kyle walk out then the others follow closely behind them. Max places Liz in the passenger seat of his car being careful not to hurt her. He buckles her in, gives her a kiss and closes the door. Isabel gets in the back; Max gets into the car, starts it and drives away. Michael and Maria get in the back of Kyle’s car. Kyle puts Harmony in the passenger seat and buckles her in. He gets in, starts the car and drives away.

Philip Evans pulls up to Jeff Parker’s house.

Jeff: Thank you for talking me out of it.
Phil: Anytime, you take care.
Jeff: I will. Take care.

Phil drives away and Jeff walks into his house.

Nancy: Well what did you find out?
Jeff: I found out that I’m not going to spy on our daughter anymore. I’m not going to invade her privacy. If she feels that there’s something we shouldn’t know then there must be a good reason. Don’t worry about it she’s fine.
Nancy: Are you going to tell her what you were going to do?
Jeff: Yes and I’m going to tell her the truth once and for all. I’m not going to keep any secrets from her.
Nancy: (in disbelief) No! You can’t do that. She’s our daughter, don’t tell her please don’t do it.
Jeff: Nancy we have to; she deserves to know the truth. I’m sorry but I’m going to tell her.

Nancy starts to cry; he walks up to her and gives her a hug.

Max and Michael arrive at the same time. Liz is more fully aware of what is going on around her.

Max: Liz you stay there; I’ll help you out of the car. Max and Isabel get out of the car. He walks around the car, opens the passenger door and helps Liz out of the car. Michael and Maria help Kyle get Harmony out of the car. They all go inside and close the door.

Kyle: Where do I put her?
Max: Put her in the bedroom.
Kyle: Okay.
Max: How do you feel?
Liz: I feel like I have a hangover but I feel more like myself.
Max: How do you know what a hangover feels like?
Maria: Her roommate at the school she went to was into drinking.
Liz: Maria I’m sorry about earlier. I treated you like crap. I pushed you into your car; I said horrible things to you.

Maria sits down next to Liz.

Maria: Liz you don’t have to apologize, it’s not your fault. I know you say those things intentionally.
Liz: Do you forgive me?
Maria: There’s nothing to forgive. I’m just glad that you’re okay.
Liz: Where is she?
Max: Who?
Liz: The girl who saved me.
Max: That was Harmony. She’s in the room asleep.
Liz: I want to see her.
Max: Let me help you.
Liz: No Max I’m fine.
Maria: Are you sure?
Liz: Yeah.

Liz stood up and walked into the room. She sat down next to Harmony. She looked just as Liz remembered her. She had brown shoulder length hair and was as tall as Isabel. Liz picked up her hand and Harmony woke up.

Liz: How do you feel?
Harmony: I feel a little better.
Liz: Thank you for saving me.
Harmony: Don’t mention it.
Liz: I’m sorry about what happened when we first met.
Harmony: Yeah me too.
Liz: So what’s your last name?
Harmony: It’s Jameson. Where is everybody?
Liz: They’re in the living room.

Harmony gets out of bed and they go to the living room.

Isabel: How do you feel?
Harmony: I’m feeling much better.
Liz: Max could you take me home?
Max: Yeah no problem.
Kyle: I have to go too. Isabel you want a ride? Harmony I’ll take you home too if you need a ride.
Isabel and Harmony: Thanks.

The only one that stayed behind was Maria. She wanted to talk to Michael.

Michael: Why didn’t you leave when everyone else did?
Maria: I need to talk to you. I’m sorry about everything I said to you. I was just…
Michael: I know. You were worried about Liz. Like you told her; you don’t have to apologize I understand.

Michael leans in closer to her and they share a passionate kiss.

Liz: It’s good to be home. I felt like I haven’t been home in days.

Part 16

Liz: Mom; Dad I’m home.
Mr. Parker: Hello honey; hello Max.
Max: Hello Mr. Parker.
Liz: Where’s mom?
Mr. Parker: She went for a walk. Liz we have to talk.
Max: Well I guess I’ll get going.
Mr. Parker: Max don’t go.
Liz: I’m hungry. I’ll be back.
Mr. Parker: Max what I’m about to tell Liz is going to turn her life around. She’s going to need you that’s why I asked you to stay.
Max: Is everything alright?
Mr. Parker: Nancy and I are not Liz’s biological parents.
Max: Why did you keep it from her?
Mr. Parker: We were worried about how she would react. We thought that she would rebel and runaway.
Max: Why were you investigating her?
Mr. Parker: She knows?
Max: Yeah.
Mr. Parker: I thought that she had found out and reacted to it by using drugs. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but she has changed quite a bit.
Liz: Hey what are you talking about?
Mr. Parker: Let’s go into the living room.

They walk into the living room and sit down. Mr. Parker sits next to Liz and Max sat on the opposite couch.

Kyle just dropped off Isabel.

Kyle: Where do you live?
Harmony: Take me to your house so I can reverse the process on you and your dad.
Kyle: Are you sure you’re up to it?
Harmony: Yeah; it won’t be hard for you two because you guys aren’t too far-gone like Liz was.
Kyle: That’s true. Okay I’ll drop you off when you’re done.
Harmony: Okay.

Back at Michael’s place him and Maria were still having their make out session.

Meanwhile back at Liz’s house.

Liz: Dad what’s going on?
Mr. Parker: I’m going to tell you the truth.
Liz: If it’s about the investigation; I already know about it.
Mr. Parker: No it’s not that. I decided to stop that.
Liz: Well then what is it about?

She looked towards Max and he had a serious look on his face and her father did too.

Liz: What’s going on? You’re scaring me.
Mr. Parker: Liz honey…

He takes her hand in his,

Mr. Parker: Sweetheart (he pauses) we’re not your real parents.

Liz gets off the couch.

Liz: What? But…how?
Mr. Parker: We adopted you when you were a little girl. You see your mother and I couldn’t have children and we wanted one so badly. We went to an adoption agency and when we saw your picture we thought you were the most beautiful little girl we’ve ever seen.

Tears started forming in Liz’s eyes. Seeing her tear up made her father tear up. Max was looking at Liz and thought, “Liz has been through so much in one day. I can’t do anything about all of this. What good is having powers if you can’t shield the one you love from things like this? Look at her she’s so hurt. I wish I could take this pain away.” Max closes his eyes and tires to hold back the tears. He failed and tears started falling down his face. Liz sat on the couch again. She felt as if someone had punched her in the stomach and knocked the wind out of her. At one point she thought that she couldn’t breathe. All she could do was cry.

Mr. Parker: We didn’t need to see any other pictures; we chose you and named you Elizabeth.

Max got up and sat on the other side of Liz.

Max: Liz are you alright?

Liz just sat on the couch and said nothing.

Mr. Parker: Liz.

Liz closed her eyes. The windows in the living room all burst; glass flew everywhere. Mr. Parker and Max looked around. Liz got up walked to her room. She closed and locked the door. Max ran after her.

Max: Liz; open the door. Liz!

Mr. Parker was still sitting on the couch crying. Max used his powers and unlocked the door. He looked around but Liz was gone.

Max: No!

Max ran into the living room.

Max: She’s gone.
Mr. Parker: What?
Max: Stay here just in case she comes back; I’ll go look for her.

Max got in his car and drove to Isabel’s house.