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Author: Lizzie_Parker17 or Brittany
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Rating: pg-13…for now (wink wink nudge nudge)
Category: CC eventually, but the beginning is with different people though!
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell except for a few tapes the books and other memorabilia, but if I did Mr Parker would not be trying to screw up Max and Liz's relationship…haven't they been through enough?
Authors note: Hey everybody this is Brittany. This is my first long fic so be gentle. Feedback is encouraged J This was a challenge from Alieboba.

1) Post- It's too late and It's too bad
2) Liz did leave for Sweden (for a trip for something) and Kyle went with her and they don't come back
3) Alex is alive and kickin'
4) Max and Tess are together. They had sex but NO baby!
5) Everyone knows where Liz and Kyle are, how they are doing, etc. Except Max and Tess.
6) Liz and Kyle didn't come back because...(something alien related) they were needed.
7) About a year or two after they leave the gang goes to see a movie and surprise, surprise Liz plays the leading lady in a trailer.
8) A week or whatever later, Max and Michael are shooting hoops or something in the park when they hear someone at the court next to them. Low and behold it is Kyle, Liz, her boyfriend (Think a Paul Walker type), and Kyle's girlfriend Serena (Duh!). They are both aliens...
8)The rest is up to you....

Prologue – Albuquerque airport

The airport was crowded, but to Liz Parker and Kyle Valenti they were completely alone. Each one lost deep in their own thoughts. They were here to get away; they needed to get away, from Roswell, from aliens, but mostly from Max and Tess. They were haunting their dreams every night, the image of them together constantly playing in their minds…it was driving them both crazy.

Kyle looked over towards the gate and sighed…still not boarding. He smiled to himself, not that it would make much difference where he was, he would still be thinking about her, about them. It was kinda funny that they were escaping Roswell, their home, but not who they were escaping Roswell from. 'Fate had a sick sense of humor' he thought to himself. Then he couldn't contain it any longer and he started to laugh. He was sick he knew it. He should be crying right now, he should be sitting back wondering how great his life would have been if it wasn't for Max Evans. What was so great about him anyways I mean he is an alein for goodness sake, and yet somehow he had managed to take away the two most important women in his life. He continued to laugh, and he laughed harder

Liz came out of her trance when she heard Kyle
"What's so funny?" She asked with a puzzled expression.

Kyle looked at her and continued to laugh. Liz didn't understand, she didn't see the humor in it. She was to caught up in Max.

"Kyle…Kyle stop laughing"
He looked at her as if she was crazy and continued before turning away. Liz looked at Kyle and she was starting to get seriously freaked out…the look on his face was almost frightening. She couldn't take it anymore.
"For gods sake Kyle stop fucking laughing" Liz screamed as she reached out and slapped his face.

Kyle felt the sting on his face and stopped abruptly. He looked at Liz he could tell what she was thinking she thought he was crazy. He didn't blame her he was beginning to think that too. Her eyes were pleading with him to be ok. Her face softened a bit and he felt the tears begin to well up in his eyes 'No' he told himself as he tried his best to keep from crying he turned away from Liz to try and hide it.

Liz saw him turn away, she knew what he was fighting, she had fought it too. It was a losing battle. She moved from her seat beside him to kneel down if front of him.
"Kyle I need you to talk to me ok? Listen we are both in this thing together…alright? You and me." Her eyes locked with his until the damn broke inside of him. He had lost just like she had.

Kyle felt the first tear slide down his face. He pulled Liz up into a hug, and buried his head in her hair as the tears begin to come more freely. He hadn't cried yet, he was being strong for Liz up until this point. He couldn't even imagine what she was going through, she must have been having an even harder time than he was. He knew she was crazy about Max. He of all people knew how much she loved him...which made him hate max even more. He had stolen Liz's heart away from him then crushed it.

Liz was in shock she had never seen him cry before. In the week that had passed since they saw them that night she had cried dozens of times. She had cried so hard she shook, cried until she had no strength tears left to shed. But Kyle never did he just held her, stroking her hair, and letting her cry in his arms. She had begun to believe that it didn't effect him at all, that seeing Tess with Max didn't tear him up as much as it did her. Liz understood now it was all an act. Kyle had put up his "stonewall" as Michael called it. Thankfully Kyle was not as good at this technique as Michael was.

Kyle held onto Liz until his tears stopped and he calmed down, then pulled away and looked at her.
"I'm sorry Liz…I don't know what came over me."
He was silenced by Liz's hand covering his mouth.

"Shhhh Its ok Kyle. Remember were in this together." Liz said as she smiled and he felt a little better.

Liz was his best friend she had always been there for him, even after the breakup even if she didn't know it. And she could always make him feel better, but he still felt a little better than a peice of crap.
He sighed and buried his head in his hands running his fingers through his brown hair
"Its just…how could they do that to us Liz? How could they…I mean tess sure we all knew she was after him...but Max..." his voice trailed off
"I know he loved you Liz."
He saw Liz look down at her hands then back up to him

"I know he did Kyle, but I don't know why he did it. Maybe he was just trying to get back at me for what he thinks we did" Liz answered solemnly then it started again...everything that had happened that night.

Flash Back

"Kyle…do you really think it is necessary to go to the observatory?" Liz sighed "I mean I have a telescope!"

"Oh come on Liz. I need an A on this assignment or I am gonna fail Astronomy. This project needs to kick ass"

"Fine. Ok. You win." Liz said in defeat

Kyle smiled triumphantly.

A few minutes later Kyles red mustang pulled up to the observatory and spotted Max and Isabel's jeep in the parking lot. They pulled in next to it.
"I hope it is not Max" Kyle said "We have not exactly been friendly since that stunt we pulled in your bedroom that night"

"I know" Liz said sadly "You two are not the only ones who haven't been exactly friends…Max won't even look at me anymore really. I mean he does but its...just not the same."

They got out of the car and walked into the observatory. The spotted the clerk asleep on the counter top. They both laughed completely unaware about what they were about to see.
"Should we wake him?" Liz asked motioning to the clerk.

"Nah let him sleep we will only be a few minutes" Kyle said holding back another round of laughing

"Do you sleep on the job like that Liz?" Kyle asked her playfully
Liz laughed

They entered the actual observatory to find the stars reflected on its ceiling.

Liz was immediately awe struck as she looked up at the stars. Stargazing had become one of her favorite hobbies since Max healed her. She constantly found herself gazing up at them trying to guess which one was Max's. The night had become even more beautiful to her.

Kyle looked over towards Liz smiling up at the stars. He was hit hard by a flood of memories they shared here.
"Hmm?" She answered
"Do you remember when I brought you here for our first date?" Kyle asked as he smiled at her.
"Of course I do Kyle…we had some happy times didn't we? Things weren't so confusing back then."
"Yeah we did." He agreed "But I like it the way it is now. Just being your friend is great Liz. How bout you?"
"Yeah" She answered softly "It is better now. I am just happy that we stayed friends." She smiled
"Yeah me too."

Thats when they heard something coming from the corner
"Did you hear that?" Kyle asked in a whisper

"Yeah. What was that?" Liz whispered back
Kyle didn't answer her.

They both started to move in the direction of the sound. Neither one expecting what they found.

When they got to the corner Liz stopped dead in her tracks. She gasped and her books tumbled from her hands onto the floor. The books made a loud crashing noice as they fell from her grasp which seemed to have frozen time. She couldn't move…she couldn't speak. Her eyes were glued to the scene in front of her

Tess arched up against Max who was lying on top of her. His lips on her skin. Their hands were on each other. They both moaned, and their bodies glistened from sweat. Then Max looked up at her.
Liz couldn't believe it she closed her eyes tightly willing the images away, but when she opened them they were still there. Max…her max with Tess! She felt the tears come and the strength come back to her legs. She let out a loud sob as she turned and ran out of the observatory.

Kyle was glued to the spot. He couldn't take his eyes off the sickening sight before him. It didn't make sense…Max loved Liz, not…Tess. He wanted nothing to do with Tess. Then he was overwhelmed by a feeling of rage.

Max turned around quickly when he heard Liz gasp and her books fall to the ground. She just kept staring at them before squeezing her eyes shut and running away. She had looked at him square in the eyes and his heart had shattered in that moment.

He got up to run after her but Kyle quickly shoved him down next to Tess roughly. Max had never seen this look on Kyles face before. It was pure hate.

"No Max you stay away from her…you and that tramp of yours need to stay the FUCK away from her!" Kyle paused trying to control his temper
"God Max…you are such a FUCKING asshole…don't you realize how much she loved you? …And You…" Kyle said looking directly at Tess with even more hatred than he had with Max
"I don't have ANYTHING to say to you, you dirty whore"
"You two belong together" Kyle spat out before chasing out after Liz
"Liz...Liz. Liz wait!" Kyle shouted to Liz as he ran after her.

Kyle ran out into the main room to find the clerk still sleeping and Liz rocking herself in the middle of the floor. He approached her slowly and then leaned down. She was still in shock.
"Liz?" Kyle asked. No reply.
"Lizzie, come on…lets get out of here."
Liz didn't say anything she just kept rocking, so he picked her up and carried her out of the observatory and put her into his car.

End Flashback

Liz and Kyle were brought back to reality when the flight attendant came on the intercom
"We are now boarding for United flight 1759 to New York"
"Now boarding rows one through six I repeat rows one through six only"

"Well I guess that's us Lizzie" Kyle said

"Yeah" Liz sighed as she stood up and pulled out her ticket before heading over to the flight attendant.

Part 1

Roswell, New Mexico- Later that day

Max Evans drove through the town of Roswell with one thought on his mind…Liz. He was tired of hiding from her. He had to talk to her about what happened with tess. Tell her that it meant nothing and that he still loved her. The pained expression of her face flashed in front of him again. 'I don't see why she is so upset' he thought to himself 'her and Kyle looked pretty comfy not long ago' he quickly shoved that thought away and silently cursed himself for thinking it. None of that mattered now…he needed to talk to Liz. He had to make it right, he had to try.

Max ran into the Crashdown and passed Maria who was yelling something unintelligible towards him
"Max…max wait…she not…" Maria sighed when he continued to run past her "she not up there"

Max ran up the steps to Liz's home and pounded on the door impatiently until it opened to reveal Mr. Parker.
"Where is she?" Max asked breathlessly "I need to talk to her!"

Mr. Parker looked at him "Shes not here Max. You hurt her…it was too much. She never stopped crying, so she and Kyle…they left."

"Ok well where did they go" Max asked growing angry "I need to see her"

"You just don't get it do you Max? She doesn't want to see you…goodbye" Mr. Parker then shut the door on his face

Max wasted no time before flying back down stairs to confront Maria. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the break room.
"Where is she Maria?"

Maria sighed "She is not here max"

"I am aware of that Maria…Mr. parker told me as much! Where is she?" Max practically screamed "I need to know… I need to make it ok."

Maria laughed at the last remark
"Look Max…You hurt her bad…I've never seen her like this before. She isn't the same. She dried herself to sleep every night since she saw you with Tess. I mean her and Kyle refuse to separate…he has been staying here. They couldn't take it, they couldn't deal with seeing you and tess together. So they both left. They should be in the air right now, and that's all I will tell you. Don't even bother with Isabel Michael and Alex we are all rocks. We all feel the same way…what you two did to Liz and Kyle was incredibly low. I am sorry max but that is all I will say" Maria finished before getting up and going to go greet a table.

"Maria, wait!" Max yelled

Maria didn't even turn around
"She's gone Max…get over it" she snapped


Liz stared out the window of the plane at the moving landscape below her. She had finally escaped! She knew that she would go back someday soon, but right now she couldn't. She and Kyle were going to have an awesome time in Sweden. They were not going to think about max and Tess…at all.

Kyle Looked over at Liz. She didn't look to good.
"what's wrong"

Liz shrugged her shoulders "A lot of things"

"Do you miss Max?" Kyle blurted out even though he already knew the answer

"Do you miss the bitch…sorry…Tess?

Kyle thought about it for a moment "Not as much as I thought I would. How bout you Lizzie?"

"More than ever. Kyle I mean I knew what I did to him when I pretended to sleep with you. Believe me! Know one knows better than me, but part of me hoped that he would know, that my plan to push him towards her wouldn't work. I am such an idiot Kyle, but I did it for a very important reason" Liz paused briefly, wondering whether or not to tell him.
"I will tell you why Kyle, I just can't right now…its to much. I am sorry though that I ruined your chance with Tess. Even though I Must say…you could do better."
"Lizzie don't worry about it, Tess and I weren't meant to be, just like max wasn't right for you."

The second the words came out of his mouth he regretted saying them. Liz' face dropped even further and her eyes welled with tears.
"That's just it Kyle…I think your wrong. I think he's my soulmate, and I gave him to Tess. I have no one to blame but myself"

Kyle didn't know what to say so he just pulled her into his arms.
"I am here for you Lizzie, whenever you need to talk. Just remember we' re both in this together." Kyle smiled as he repeated the same words she had told him an hour earlier. He kissed her forehead and they both began to drift of to sleep.

To be continued…

Part 2

"I can't believe it…" Isabel whispered
She looked around to the other faces at the table Maria Michael and Alex. They all looked the same way she was feeling…like shit.

"So that's it…they just left?!?!? Michael asked

"Michael…we all agreed on this, even you!" Maria answered back

"Yeah I know Michael sighed, "I just didn't think they would actually go through with it!"
Michael hesitated a moment before continuing
"It just feels weird not having them here. They are part of our group! Liz kept us all grounded, and Kyle…well…he was just Kyle! I just can't believe they are gone! Things will never be the same way again…"

"I know what you mean Michael" Alex agreed
"Lizzie is like a sister to me. She and Maria are my best friends in the entire world and not having her around is…going to be tough. But I can completely understand why they left"

"I still cannot believe that Max would do something like this. He LOVED Liz, not Tess. I mean Max would hardly give Tess the time of day! I mean I know Liz hurt him bad when she slept with Kyle but-" Isabel was cut off by the sound of Marias voice.

'Gosh Liz is going to kill me for this' Maria thought to herself.
Ummm…Guys. About that…there is something that I need to tell you.


Liz awoke with a start as the plane touched down. Sweden! She was finally here, and away from the mess that was her life in Roswell. Although she was thrilled to be in Sweden she still felt a familiar pang in her heart. She missed Max.

'Lizzie what is wrong with you? Stop thinking about Max. He cheated on you…with Tess, the one person you despise more than anything. Of course he did think you had slept with Kyle. But how could he do it? It was clear that you still loved him I mean how could he not know? Everyone else knew…" Liz realized what she was doing
"Wow Lizzie talking to yourself in mental dialogue is never a good sign" She said aloud

"Neither is talking to yourself out loud," Kyle said before letting out a nervous laugh.

She looked over at Kyle who was nervously cracking his fingers. Liz smiled at this site

"Liz I swear if I don't get off this plane soon I am gonna seriously freak out."

"Kyle we have been on this plane for hours…what difference will five minutes do?"

Kyle looked at her as if she was crazy
"Everything Liz…My sanity! I am gonna snap. I need air!"

By the time the plane had parked at the gate Kyle already had his seat belt unfastened and his carryon bags in his hands. The second the door opened Kyle bolted out of the plane.

Liz emerged from the plane a few minutes later. Her eyes searched for Kyle in the crowd she found him instantly…not that he was hard to find!

Liz looked at him. He was sitting Indian style in the middle of the floor taking deep breaths.

Liz tried hard to stifle her laughter but she just couldn't
"Kyle…what in the world are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing Liz" He asked her in a know it all tone. "I am breathing. Cleansing my lungs"

"Is that Buddhism again?"

"For your information Liz Buddha helps me calm myself down, which I definitely need after being on that freaking plane for hours. So if you'll excuse me…"

"You wish is my command Buddha boy," Liz said with a laugh

Liz waited patiently for Kyle to finish his breathing while trying not to let her mind wander back to Roswell.

"So wow…Sweden! We are finally here!"

"Yeah" was all Liz could muster

"So lets go get our bags" Kyle suggested before placing his hand on her shoulders to guide her threw the crowd

With the touch of Kyles hand Liz was hit by a blinding pain and dropped to her knees. She gripped her head tightly.


* A very attractive man with blonde hair and striking blue eyes.
* A girl with long light brown hair and green eyes.
* She and Max kissing on their first date
* She and Max holding hands at school
* Max sleeping with Tess
* Max' eyes
* The blond man kissing her instead of max
* Max' eyes
* The blond man holding her hand.
* The blond man and the girl holding hands with her and Kyle
* She and Kyle walking through the desert together as children
* Stars

End Flash


"What?" Alex yelled, "Wait wait wait…so your telling me that Liz never slept with Kyle."
Maria sighed "Yes Alex that is what I am telling you"

"I just don't understand Maria…why in the world would she pretend to sleep with Kyle?" Alex asked with a puzzled expression on his face

Maria cracked her knuckles and took a sniff out of her citrus vial.

"Listen…Liz did what she had to do. This may sound strange but I am only telling you what Liz told me. Alright? Alright. She did what she did for us. Believe me Liz has never stopped loving Max for one second. Ok Max came to her from 14 years in the future...long gray hair and everything. He said that they had to change the future. He needed her to help his younger self fall out of love with her."

"Why?" Isabel asked clearly confused.

Maria sighed
"The closer that he and Liz got the more alienated Tess felt until she left Roswell altogether. Well it turns out that Tess was key to our survival. With one of you missing you are not as strong, not a complete unit."

"So wait…are you saying what I think your saying?" Alex asked

Maria ignored him
"Liz could not risk our lives so she had to try to get Max and Tess together. She did everything she could she told him she wasn't interested. She yelled at him and said that she could never have a normal life with him that she wanted children and for them to be safe. She told him she didn't want to die for him, but he just kept coming. Nothing she said was making him turn away from her. So she went to Kyle."
Maria paused to keep a tear from falling
"But wait this is the kicker on the night of the Gomez concert when Max saw them together was originally supposed to be the night that Max and Liz made love…I can't even imagine. But the plan worked and future max disappeared, and now Max is with Tess, and Liz well Liz is a huge mess. I think one of the things that really gets to her is that she did this. Once again Liz Parker sacrifices something she really loves for the sake of the others around her."
The room was deadly silent.

"This goes no where…tell Max or Tess, and I will beat you."

"Tell us what?" Max asked with Tess trailing behind him


Liz sat up. The pain in her head was gone, but there was still a slight throbbing.
Kyle was kneeling down beside her
"Lizzie…are you alright?" he asked concern evident in his voice

"…Yeah Kyle I am fine." She replied

"She's fine everyone…bad migraines! I have got everything under control." Kyle said in attempt to clear away the crowd that had gathered around her.

"Lizzie what happened?" He asked as he helped her to her feet.

"Honestly Kyle I don't know you touched me and then…I had a flash Kyle."

"Oh excuse me" Liz said when she bumped into a couple.

"Oh excuse me miss you dropped this," the man said handing Liz her scarf.
Liz looked up at the couple and gasped
"Its you!"

To be continued…

Part 3

Liz could hardly tear her eyes away from him…he looked exactly the same as he had in her vision. Very tall, muscular, and the most piercing blue eyes…the exact color as Tess'. It was though some force was drawing her to him…and it scared her.
"Who are you?" Liz asked still staring at him.

He smiled at her to reveal pearly white teeth.
"Come with us first and lets get you two settled in-"

Liz cut him off…
"No who are you?" Liz demanded 'we are not going any where with you until you tell us who you are!"

He pondered this for a moment and the replied
'Well I'm not from around here."

Liz knew where this was going but could not form the words to say it. Kyle helped her out

"So where you from?"

He raised his index finger and pointed up, and then further still.

"You're an alien?" Liz stated flatly.
"Well I prefer the term-"

"Stop it!" Liz screamed
"God are you like reading my mind or something?"
She asked as she put her hands on either side of her head as though to block him from her thoughts
"Are you using your like…your special alien powers on us now? Huh? What no come back? Well I must say I am disappointed."

The man didn't say anything just kept staring at her, which only managed to piss Liz off even more.

Kyle looked over at them. 'Man she is pissed' he thought to himself 'I would seriously hate to be in this guys shoes. She is pretty bitchy when she's mad' Kyle coughed to hide his laugh
"Lizzie calm down"

Liz was shocked at his comment and it showed on her face.
"Kyle…you of all people should agree with me. This is no time to be calm! They're aliens Kyle. And we don't know if they are the good kind or the bad kind yet!"

"Liz" Kyle smiled and put his arm around her shoulder
"Getting angry and yelling about these two and their…somewhat different heritage in the middle of an airport isn't going to do any of us any good."

Liz looked around knowing he was right and sighed, "God I should have know. I came to Sweden to get away from aliens and you…you followed me out here! What now? What do you want from us? Who sent you?"

The man smiled.
"She said you would be like this…but I didn't believe her." He paused and looked her over again "This is Serena" he said pointing to the girl beside him "And I am Evan…Evan Stevens. Its nice to finally meet you Liz…Kyle" he said as he stuck his hand out to Kyle

"Yeah I am sure the pleasure is all ours." Kyle replied coldly before shaking his hand

"Who said I would be like this? He didn't respond
"Who said I would be like this?" She asked again this time he laughed a little.

Liz was getting pissed again. She didn't like playing these little games. Who was he talking about? Did max send him? Did Kivar? Why was she feeling this strange pull towards him? She needed answers and no one was giving her any.

Serena smiled at Liz and she felt better there was something about this girl that…felt familiar somehow. Liz calmed down a little.
"It is nice to meet you Liz. We have heard a lot about you." Serena turned from her and glanced at Kyle. "We know you have a lot of questions, and they will all be answered. Lets just get your belongings and get you settled."

"Alright" Liz replied, and her and Kyle followed behind Evan and Serena to the baggage claim.

"Do you think we can trust them?" Kyle asked

"I don't know Kyle…I feel like I know Serena somehow. I get a vibe from her that is really familiar…almost like we have met before. Liz shrugged
"I am not sure about Evan though." She stated plainly

Kyle almost laughed at this
"You got that too?" He asked as he looked at her.

"Yeah, he seemed very interested in you Liz. When he looked at you…I don't know."

Liz cringed at this 'then it wasn't just me' she thought. 'Kyle noticed it too.' Liz wasn't sure what to make of Evan she was drawn to him, but it didn't seem right. She was supposed to be with Max…well at least she thought she was. She wasn't too sure anymore. He hadn't even tried to see her in the week before she left. He didn't even try to explain himself and his actions, and she didn't know how to take this. Was he just scared, or did he feel that he didn't need to explain himself. Maybe they were in love. Maybe he had finally gotten over them. Maybe…he doesn't love her anymore. 'Ok Liz stop thinking about Max, and stop talking in inner dialogue. If Kyle knew you were doing it again he would think you were crazy'

They quickly grabbed their bags from the baggage claim and headed out towards Evan and Serenas car.

Once they were on the road heading for Liz and Kyles new home Evan spoke

"What?" Liz asked puzzled

"You two have a lot of questions to ask so go. Ask away." He stated

"Alright I got one" Kyle replied
"Who sent you? Why are you here? And most importantly what do you want with Liz and myself?"

Evan smiled
"Actually Kyle that was three questions." Evan laughed but then saw the look Liz and Kyle were giving him from the back seat he cleared his throat.
"Well as you know Serena and I are aliens. We both come from Antar. Don't worry Max did not send us. We were actually sent here by Max and Isabels mother Queen Alana. Of course she is no longer ruling the planet now that Kivar has control. We will not hurt you. We were sent here because we know what happened with Max and Tess. What happened was not supposed to happen. We aren't sure why it did. As you probably already know Liz. Max was intended for you. Even when they were married Tess was nothing to Max."

"Ok. Well why are you here why do you want me and Kyle?" Liz asked

"Because you are needed…I am sorry but I cannot tell you too much on this subject at the moment."

"And why is that" Kyle asked frustrated

"Because we are not permitted to," Serena answered
"Things would grow too complicated, but believe me you will know shortly as to why you are needed."

They pulled into the driveway of their new house
"Wow" Liz said amazed

"Yeah" Kyle agreed, "It is so much bigger than what it looked like in all the pictures."

"Lets go in side" Liz smiled They linked arms and went in to check out their new place. They both went into all the rooms and claimed their own.

"This ones mine" they both said as they entered the master bedroom. They stared at each other trying to decide who should get the room before Kyle said

"Rock paper scissors"

"Best two out of three" Liz added

They both prepared for the game
Liz knew she had this one in the bag. Kyle always chose rock on the first try. No matter how many times she beat him he always chose rock

"Rock paper scissors" they said simultaneously

"Ha Ha" Liz smiled triumphantly "Paper beats rock"

"Yeah yeah yeah. Lets get on with the game"

'Now if I remember correctly' Liz thought 'his next move will be scissors'

"Rock paper scissors"

"Rock beats scissors! Whoohooo!!! Alright! I get the room! I get the room! Na na na na na." Liz taunted as she jumped around her new room.

Evan watched from the door at Liz and Kyle. He smiled slightly at the scene in front of him. God she was beautiful. 'What in the world was max doing with Tess when he could have had her' he thought to himself. 'Oh well his loss is my incredible gain' Not that he didn't like Tess. Tess was great, she would have been his intended, and he had been quite upset about her thing with max…that is…until he met Liz. 'Wow she is so great' he took one last look at her before walking away. He couldn't have her catching him staring at her now could he?
Evan walked out into the living room and sat down next to Serena on the couch.

"Do you think she will except you?" Serena asked with wide eyes

"She has to" Evan replied, "She doesn't really have much of a choice. The future of our planets depends on it. She will be queen that much is certain, and she must produce an heir with someone of royal blood. Her intended was Za…but when he slept with Tess he changed everything. I still don't know what caused this Serena, and that is very disturbing."

"But you are not her intended. Max is. Don't you see that you will NEVER be able to replace him Evan! You are not meant to be king. He is!"

Liz cut her victory dance short when she remembered something
"Oh shit!"

"Liz what's wrong"

"I forgot to call Maria in the excitement of room picking. She is probably worried sick."

"Well then call her" Kyle said stating the obvious

'What does it look like I am doing smart guy?" Liz asked sarcastically pulling out her cell phone

"Will that work from here? Kyle asked

"Yeah its international!"

Liz quickly dialed Maria cell phone number

"Uhh…nothing" Maria answered as max and Tess walked over to the booth and sat down

"So what were you guys talking about?" max asked

"Nothing" the entire group chimed

"Well it obviously is something…what's this all about?"

"Its none of your business Max. It doesn't concern you…anymore." Alex stated hinting at the fact that it was about Liz.

There was a deadly silence for a moment which was broken by the ringing of Maria' cell phone.
Maria dug through her purse to get it

"Liz. How was the trip?"

Max jumped from his seat when he heard her name spoken
"Maria! Is that Liz let me talk to her!" Max yelled

Maria held the phone out of his reach and climbed out of the booth. She ran into the womens restroom and looked the door.
"Michael, you guys keep him out there." She yelled through the door.

"Sorry Liz. Max was being a psycho."
"Oh nothing important. Who cares anyway."
"So how is Sweden so far?"
"Oh, and the house?"
"You beat him again didn't you"
"He always chooses rock first," Maria laughed
"And what is that?"
"Wait! What is up with all the drama Liz what's wrong? Did something bad happen to you over there?"

Liz waited anxiously for Maria to answer the phone. It took a while so Liz assumed that it was probably stuck in the bottom of her purse or something.

"Hey Maria"
"Yeah Its me. It was long, and tiring" Liz said standing up

She could hear quite a commotion in the backround And she thought she heard Max's voice. She heard a door slam before Marias voice came back over the line

"That's ok. What was he doing Maria"
"Sweden is great Maria. Me and Kyle just got settled"
"Oh it is so great. It is really big. We both wanted the same room so we played rock paper scissors"
"Yeah I did" Liz smiled at Kyle who looked at the floor
"I know…He is so predictable" with this Kyles head shot up and he glared at her
"Maria" Liz said in a somber tone "There is something I need to tell you"
"Something happened at the airport today"
"No no no Maria Me and Kyle are fine. It's just that well I had a vision when Kyle touched me. Don't even ask cause I don't know why. But in this flash I saw these two people Maria, and then minutes later we bumped into them in the airport. Their names are Evan and Serena, and they are aliens. Maria just don't say anything right now…let me finish. So anyways they say that they have been sent here by max and Isabel's mother Queen Alana because of what happened between Max and- anyways they said we are needed and they refuse to tell us anymore on the subject I just wanted to let you guys know. Maria you can't tell Max or Tess. This is important. They cannot know where we are. Do you understand? Alright well I gotta go for now Do you want to talk to Kyle? Alright maybe some other time. Ok well Maria I will call you soon. Bye.

"What happened?"
"Ok yeah I won't tell them"
"I understand"
'No I better not Max is probably trying to tear down the door to talk to you"
"Ok bye" Maria said as she hung up the phone
She walked out into the restaurant again and was immediately bombarded by questions in every direction
"Hey hey hey" she shouted

"How is she?" Max asked in a desperate voice

"Honestly Max she doesn't want you to know, and as her best friend, I am not going to tell you ANYTHING about her and either Tess." Maria shot an evil glance over to Tess

Tess shrugged and sneered at Maria slightly.

Maria glared right back at Tess…geez she was such a bitch! What did Max ever see in her? I mean how completely desperate and obvious could you be. Maria felt like slapping the girl. She had taken advantage Max and Liz's relationship at the time and had gotten him to sleep with her. She took a deep breath and forced herself to keep calm.

'Her and Kyle' Maria's words rung out loud in his head, and he was once again transported back to Liz's window. She and Kyle lay on her bed undressed…laughing together. Why did he feel guilty about what happened with Tess? Liz slept with Kyle. He felt a stab of pain shoot through him…even thinking about it hurt. He shouldn't feel bad about anything. Liz obviously didn't feel the same way about him as he did for her. Tess on the other hand loved him, and he decided he would make the most of that…

To be continued...

Part 4

1 year later

"Come on Michael." Maria yelled as she pulled on his arm.

"Maria I don't want to see your stupid chick flick!" Michael whined and tried to pull away from Marias grasp

Maria glared at him "Michael I refuse to see another one of your shoot em' up movies, and you
owe me anyways or do I have to remind you of last nights dinner experience."

"Maria...plea-" Michael was cut off as Maria put her hand over his mouth

"Tacos…Michael, are not acceptable for ones 18 month anniversary. I was thinking more Chez
Pierre, but no. I get Taco Bell. Instead of jewelry I get a subscription to sports Illustrated! What
am I ever going to do with that Michael? WHAT-WERE-YOU-THINKING?" She enunciated each
word with a smack to his head.

Maria shook her head. Michael was so clueless sometimes. Sports Illustrated! He probably got it so he would have something to read at her house. Maria saw red.

"Ow Maria. Hey I'm sorry ok! Lets see the movie already!"

They both turned around when they heard an eruption of laughter
Michael glared at them
"Shut up" he snapped.
The laughter grew louder.

Isabel whipped the tears away that were forming in her eyes and placed a hand on Alex's shoulder to keep from falling.
"I told you she wouldn't go for the subscription Michael" Isabel laughed.
Alex calmed himself down enough to agree, "Yeah Michael I mean come on, the last sport Maria participated in was…Well I can't even remember." Alex ducked as Maria threw a shot his way.
"You missed," He laughed

Max stood back and watched with a smile. He felt Tess come up from behind him and wrap her arms around him. He didn't pull away. Of course he never loved her. Tess was nothing compared to Li…he stopped himself and mentally smacked himself for thinking about her. Liz was gone…he hadn't heard a thing from her or Kyle in a little over a year, and Maria and the others hadn't told him a thing. He began to wonder if they were ever going to come back. He pushed those thoughts away and pulled Tess closer to him and started walking into the theatre. He had to live in the future not the past.

"Hurry up you two. Were gonna miss the movie!" Maria shouted to Alex and Isabel

"We'll only miss the previews!" Alex shouted back

"The previews are the best part silly!" Maria yelled before pulling them both into their seats.

When everyone had taken their seats the theatre became dark and everyone quieted down.
"Shhhhh. It's starting." Maria whispered at the other 5.

"Maria your shhhhing is louder than our talking!" Michael whispered to her

"Michael don't push it" Maria answered

Alex smiled and took a drink of his cherry cola. He looked up at the screen and it dropped from his hands. He gasped.

"What?" She answered

"Is that Lizzie? Is that really her?" Alex asked in amazement

"Oh my gosh!" Isabel said "Lizzie is in the movies now!! How lucky is she!?!?!?"

"Pretty freaking lucky if you ask me" Maria answered back "but I always knew Lizzie would be something special."

"She's looking pretty hot too" Michael commented

Maria answered him with a smack "Hey. That is Liz you're talking about. MY boyfriend should not be calling MY best friend hot. He should be calling me hot. You may say that Liz looked very good with her hair red but the hot/gorgeous/breathtaking comments will be saved for me"

"Will you all shut up? I am trying to watch Liz!" Alex yelled in frustration.

"There is no way she did that leap. Actually I bet she did none of this dancing." Tess said venomously.

"Actually Tess dear." Maria replied with fake sweetness. "I know for a fact that Liz performed all her own moves in this movie. When she left Roswell she took up ballet and dance full time again. Its how she got started in acting."
"Your just a stupid jealous gerbil bitch" Maria said to herself. God she so wanted to tell her off right then and there. But she restrained herself…barely

"Yeah Tess. That sounded a lot like jealously if you ask me." Isabel commented, "Center Stage When does that come out?"

Tess Ignored Isabel and snuggled closer to Max

"Disgusting" Isabel, muttered to herself. Tess really had no shame. Max belonged with Liz and she knew it. Don't worry Tess Isabel thought to herself. When Lizzie comes back she'll give you quite a challenge regarding Max's feelings. She was brought out of her thoughts when Alex answered her previous question.

"I don't know it didn't say now please be quiet. We are going to get kicked out!" Alex whispered to them.

"We really have to go see that" Isabel added quietly "Holy crap"

Isabel closed her eyes why had they been so stupid. Talking so openly about Liz in front of Max…He wasn't over her no matter how many times he said he was. She was the love of his life. Tess was just…well she was just there. The right place at the right time. When Liz and Kyle came back…he would be in trouble. He would take one look at her and fall in love with her all over again, and drop the stupid bimbo. Isabel smiled at the thought then turned towards the three on the other side of her and whispered for them to stop talking about Liz and Kyle. As if on cue all four of them turned and looked at Max. He was just staring transfixed at the screen.

Max couldn't take his eyes off of her. He hadn't seen her since she and Kyle walked in on him and Tess in the observatory. And his heart warmed at the sight of her. He hadn't missed Tess's rude comments, and she had a right to be jealous. Liz was gorgeous, absolutely breathtaking. Her normally brown hair was now a brilliant shade of red and a little wavy. He wanted very badly to run his fingers through it, to feel if it was as soft as he remembered it being. He wished that this wasn't just a preview so that he could watch her for hours. he would never get sick of watching her. She brought out something in him that no one else did…he missed it. He wanted the moment to last forever. Suddenly all the love for her that he had shoved into the back of his mind came flooding back to the surface for a brief moment. Then he remembered that she was no longer his. They had both given themselves to another. She wasn't even in Roswell anymore; she hadn't been for a year. Even if she was what would she want with him anyways she was staring in movies now. She was too good for him. He quickly pushed all thoughts of Liz back to their spot in the back, and looked down at Tess and smiled. He just prayed no one would bring it up, but he knew that it was very unlikely.

They all watched the movie in silence.


Liz sat on her bed and looked down at the ticket she held in her hand. One-way trip to Roswell, New Mexico. She sighed. She had grown to love it in Sweden I mean sure it was no United States but it had been her home for the last year. More than anything she was afraid of returning. She had no idea of what she would encounter when she got there. She didn't know how she was going to react when she saw them together…an actual couple. Just thinking about it made her physically sick. She had accepted her destiny, but she still couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if she were in his arms that night. She closed her eyes. Everything was so confusing. Future Max told her she couldn't be with max. Queen Alana told her that they didn't know why she wasn't with max, that he was originally supposed to be her destiny. She had changed all that when she pretended to sleep with Kyle. They still don't know what went so wrong in the future that caused future max to travel back to me. All the signs pointed to the Marriage of she and Zan as the beginning of an age of peace. She sighed again. There were so many questions that hadn't been answered. She looked up at a knock on her door.

"Come in"

Evan opened the door and walked into her room.
"Whats wrong Lizzie?" He asked as he sat down beside her on the bed he looked down at the ticket in her hand "scared about going back to Roswell?"

"Yes. I am very scared"

"There is nothing to be afraid of Lizzie" He said as he pulled her into his arms "I will be right there with you every step of the way"

Liz wrapped her arms around him and breathed him in. It didn't affect her at all. She remembered how much she loved they way Max smelled. A scent that was so entirely his own. A mixture of cologne, his leather jacket, and just…max. Evan didn't smell like anything special. And it really bothered her the way he always called her Lizzie, and he knew she didn't like it. That title was reserved for only her closest of friends. Kyle could call her Lizzie, Maria, and Alex could call her Lizzie…Evan could not. She didn't love him, and she probably ever would. He had become like Kyle to her…a friend that you could talk to. He would never be able to replace Max. No one would be able to replace Max. He had ruined every other man for her. None of them could compare. Damn you Max.

"I'm scared…but I will be alright. I have a week till our flight. I will be fine. Plus I am really looking forward to seeing Maria, Alex, Isabel, And Michael." Liz confessed

"That's good Lizzie. Well dinners ready." He flashed her his grin. "Are you hungry?"

"Yeah a little" She answered with a smile "Evan please stop calling me that." Liz asked politely.

"Oh yeah sorry Liz. Right this way my lady" he said in his best English accent

"Ok Alfred" Liz laughed as she took his arm.

When they entered the kitchen Liz smiled Kyle and Serena were passionately kissing. Seemingly oblivious to the outside world.


Serena pulled away and looked down. She lifted her eyes back up to Liz and smiled brightly.

"We're getting married Lizzie! We're getting married!" Serena shouted as she ran into Liz's arms.

"Oh my gosh Serena I am so happy for you! When did this happen? I want details! When is it? Where are you having it? How can I help?" Liz fired

Serena laughed at her enthusiasm
"He just proposed Liz. Lizzie. I want you to be my maid of honor! Will you?"

Liz squealed in happiness
"Of course I will Serena I would love to be your maid of honor. Oh my gosh oh my gosh. I have never been a maid of honor before. Oh I am so excited. I have to tell Maria" Liz finished in a breath

Liz pulled away from Serena and walked quickly over to Kyle, and pulled him into a tight embrace.

"Hey you" She said with a punch to the shoulder
"Congratulations Kyle! You picked a good one. You two are going to be so happy together I just know it!" Liz finished as she pulled him into another hug.

"Thank you Liz. Are you crying?"

"No" Liz said as she whipped the tears from her eyes "Its just that I am so happy for you Kyle. Your one of my best friends. I can't wait for the wedding."

"Thanks so much Lizzie. Your one of my best friends too! I even considered asking you to be my best man, but we thought you would prefer a dress rather than a tuxedo."

"I wouldn't be too sure…bridesmaids dresses are usually vile ugly things." She laughed.

"Congratulations you two" Evan added as he walked over and smacked Kyle on the back. "I wish you both all the happiness in the world!"


"Max…Max" Michael whispered

Max rolled over onto his side

Michael sighed and tried harder

"Max…Max. It's me. Let me in man. It's freezing out here."

Max opened his eyes and pulled himself out of bed. 'Michael. Damn I almost got away.' Max thought to himself.

"I thought you were done with this whole night time visiting thing Michael. I mean you you're your own place"

He shrugged
"What can Maxwell. Old habits die hard. So How ya doing?" Michael asked in his best buddy buddy voice.

"You better have something more important than that to say to me since you woke me up at" Max looked at his clock "3:30 in the morning. Michael just cut the crap. I know what you're here for and I am fine, so just go tell the other three that I am over Liz and seeing her didn't affect me at all. I am with Tess now." Max added trying to convince himself at the same time

Michael climbed through Max's window and sat down on the bed beside him
"See Max…I don't think you are. I saw you when you saw her today. You are not over Liz, and you may never be. No matter how many times you say it it won't make it true. You know I am right."

"Michael even if you were right. Liz is gone. I don't know where she is and no one will tell me. She obviously doesn't want to talk to me."

"Max you slept with Tess!" Michael yelled

"She slept with Kyle!" Max yelled back

Michael was silent.

"And why are you all of a sudden sticking up for Liz so much?" Max asked

"You know Maxwell. I am not really sure on that one…but for some reason I have been feeling a bond with her lately. I don't really understand it, but I do know that I want to protect her." Michael pondered that for a moment
"Oh well"

"Michael…its late, and I am tired."

"Alright I get the hint" Michael replied as he took out the sleeping bag and rolled it out onto the floor

"What are you doing Michael?" Max asked

"What can I say Old habits die hard.." Michael smiled before crawling into the sleeping bag.

Max sighed he climbed into his bed and closed his eyes. The second he did Liz's face flashed before him. This was going to be a long night, he thought.

To be continued…

Part 5

"Lizzie, shhhh. Lizzie its going to be fine." Kyle comforted and put an arm around her shoulder.

Liz pulled away from him and started pacing in the terminal
"Tell me again Kyle why we are here! Why are we going back to Roswell? I liked it in Sweden! Didn't you like it in Sweden?"

"Liz. Liz. Calm down. Of course I liked it in Sweden, but don't you want to see Maria and Alex again? Lizzie you have to calm down. Evan and Serena are going to be back from the bathroom in a minute. Do you want them to see you like this?" Kyle asked

Liz shook her head and tried to calm down.

"You know I could show you some breathing exercises if you want. They always help me calm down."

"No that's alright Kyle. I think I'll be alright."

"You were rambling again Liz. Geez, you are acting like Maria. What is wrong? You are usually the one to calm me down."

Liz sighed
"I am just not looking forward to seeing certain people when we get there. And like seeing Max alone wouldn't be hard enough! I get Tess too, and from what I've heard from Maria they are practically joined at the hip! And Kyle why in the world are you so calm I would think you would be as bad as me!" Liz fumed

"Nope Liz I am completely content. I just asked the most wonderful women in the world to marry me, and she said yes. I don't give a rats ass about Tess anymore. Serena is incredible, and ten times the alie-" he looked around at all the people and corrected himself.
"czchecloslovokian" Tess is. She is the one for me. Besides why do you care so much about seeing Max and Tess? You have Evan."

"Because I don't love Evan" She mumbled

"Sorry Liz I didn't hear you."

"I just said that your right Kyle. I do have him" Liz smiled a little too brightly

Kyle mentally kicked himself and was reminded that Liz wasn't as lucky in love as he was. Serena was his soulmate he was sure of that, but Liz… Well Liz had already found her soulmate in Max. She didn't love Evan…not like she loved Max, not even close. He sighed to himself before glancing back to Liz who was lost in thought.

"Hey you two what ya doing?" Evan asked as he came up from behind Liz and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Kyle looked up startled
"Evan god you scared me." Kyle admitted

"Ah my baby was scared" Serena taunted as she planted a quick kiss on his forehead.

"They should be boarding soon" Kyle said "Liz does Maria know we are coming?"

"Yeah she said she'll be right there to meet us at the airport. Hopefully she brings Alex. I miss them both so much." Liz replied

"Now boarding flight 1283 to New York"

"Well that's us" Evan chimed


The doors to the Crashdown jingled as Alex walked in to join the others already seated at one of the booths. Before Alex could make a move to the table Maria rushed up to him

"Alex Alex!!! Guess what!!!!" Maria asked in a hushed tone

Alex took a moment to ponder his response
"Umm The last two dentists caved and now they all say to chew with trident after meals." He smiled

"No no no silly" Maria said with a smack to the head

"Hey you can't treat me like that…I am not Michael!" He protested

"Alex listen. Lizzie and Kyle are coming home."

"When!?!?" Alex said

"They're plane lands in a few hours. We HAVE to meet them at the airport. Alex they are bringing Serena and Evan too. Oh wow I can't wait to meet them. Oh and to see Lizzie and Kyle again! I am soooo excited!"


Max watched in amusement as Maria flew across the restaurant to greet Alex.

"Michael…what in the world has gotten her so excited? Look she is even flailing her arms. Wow whatever it is it must be big."

Michael and Isabel shared a knowing glance

"Yeah I guess." Michael replied

Maria and Alex started to walk towards their friends
"Now remember Alex. We are silent about this. I really don't think Liz and Kyle want Max and gerbil meeting them at the airport with us."

"I think your right. Don't worry Maria. I'm a rock." Alex added before sitting down beside Isabel

Everyone looked up at Maria.
"What?!?" She asked

"We saw the flailing" max laughed

Maria glared
"I was not flailing…I was gesturing" she said with a wave of her hand

Tess laughed
"Maria that was definite flailing"

Maria bit the inside of her lip to keep from losing control. She felt her fists clench and hoped nobody noticed. One of these days she was going to kick her ass Maria thought to herself. Tess had it coming to her. She was practically begging for it.
Maria sat down and leaned against Michael.
"So uh...what was so exciting anyways?" Max asked

Maria jumped into sleuth mode
"Oh I just got the new Incubus CD…you know Brandon Boyd rocks my world, oh wow he looks so hot in the new video, with his shirt un buttoned and his-"

"I think we get the picture" Michael interrupted

"That still doesn't explain why Alex was so excited"

'Well you know Brandon Boyd rocks my world." He said in his best Maria.
"Don't hit me please he said as he shrunk behind Isabel"

"Now you know how I feel," Michael laughed

"Ahem" Maria cleared her throat
"Alex I think we should be going. We have to pick up some things before we do that thing tonight."

Alex looked puzzled for a moment
"Oh, oh right that thing, the thing that we have to do tonight." He kissed Isabel on the cheek and whispered to her
"See you two later"

"Well that was weird" Max commented

"Yeah I wonder what they are up to," Tess agreed

Isabel shrugged
"I have no idea. Well Max I am really tired. I am going to take the jeep and go home. Can you catch a ride with Tess?"

"Yeah that's fine" Tess replied

"I think I am going to head out too. Izzy can you give me a ride?"

"Sure Michael. Alright see you at home Max. Tess." She acknowledged

"Well I guess its just you and me then." Tess added

"Yeah" This wasn't so bad, maybe a little time with Tess would help him get his mind off of Liz. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about her since he saw her in that preview. She haunted his dreams and filled his waking hours. He looked up and there she was standing behind the counter in her uniform. She began to walk towards him and everything else disappeared. She came up to his table and spoke.

"I missed you Max."

"I missed you too."

She looked down and her hair spilled across her face.
"Could we make it work Max? Could we be together again?"

He stared up at her silent. He was too shocked to move, so she did.
He saw her walk even closer to him and before he knew what was happening she was straddling him.

"Liz…Tess is right beside-"

Her finger over his lips silenced him
"Shhhhh. She doesn't matter. Nothing else matters Max, just you and me.

He could feel her breath coming out in little puffs. Her lips were only inches away from his. He could feel her legs wrapped tightly around him, and he longed to kiss her. It had been too long since the last time their lips touched...too long. He saw her lick her lips and all his control was lost he dived at her knocking her into the table. And attacked her lips. He heard a purr from the back of her throat, which drove one out of him as well. She was driving him crazy. He had almost forgotten what a kiss from Liz could do to him. He moved his assult to her neck. She arched her head back to give him more access. Her nails raked up and down his back and she cried out

"Max oh Max"

"Max…Max" Tess yelled

"Huh?" He said as he was pulled into the present.

"Well are we going or are we just going to sit here?"

"Uh yeah uh. Just give me a second…I have to go to the bathroom. ;)


"Please remain seated until the plane has come to a complete stop and the captain has turned off the seatbelt sign"

"Kyle breath." Liz ordered

"I need to get off this airplane Liz."

"Kyle we are here we just need to wait for them to open the doors. We are in second row first class. We will be off very soon."

"I don't know if I can wait that long"

"Try the breathing exercises."

"To confined a space"


"Where are they?" Maria asked impatiently

"Maria we have only seen two people come out so far. I am sure they are coming"

She stood on her tiptoes and looked over the bald man in front of her. She pushed through the waiting crowd and made her way to the front
"There they are" Maria shrieked!

Kyle was running out of the ramp followed very closely by Liz. Kyle stopped in the middle of the room and took a deep breath.

"Lizzie!!" Maria shouted as she flung herself at Liz

"Maria!" Liz gripped onto her friend for dear life. She pulled away. "Oh gosh I have missed you so much. We have so much catching up to do! I mean it is just not the same only talking on the phone."

"I know. Oh Lizzie. I am so happy your back."

"Heey share the wealth" Alex said as he came up behind Maria

"Lizziepoo" he said as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Alex. Gosh I have missed you. You need to tell me everything that has happened that I don't know already. Wheres Isabel and Michael? Did they come."

"Were right here" Isabel said

"Izzy. It is soo good to see you"

"you too Liz. We all missed you"

"Yeah" Michael said as he pulled her into a hug.
"Roswell's not the same with out you."

"So where is Kyle?" Alex asked confused "Didn't he come?"

Liz laughed and pointed over to the floor where Kyle was doing his "breathing"

"What is he doing?"

"He has a problem with long flights."

Liz felt a pair of arms wrap around her and looked around to see Evan.
"Oh gosh I am so sorry. You guys this is Evan. Evan this is Alex Whitman, Maria Deluca, Isabel Evans and Michael Geurin." Pointing to each of her friends as she said their names.

"Nice to meet you all"

"Where is Serena?"

"Over there with Kyle"

Serena helped Kyle up off the floor and started walking towards the group.

"Hey everybody! It's great to be back. I would like to introduce you to Serena…my fiancé."

After all hellos and congratulations had been said and all baggage collected they found themselves on the road to Roswell. Liz pushed open the door to the Crashdown and heard that familiar jingle, and the sounds of her friends laughing behind her. She smiled to herself Oh yes she was home.

To be continued…

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Part 6

The group of friends was settled around a large table at the Crashdown talking of old times and sharing amusing stories about each other.

"So there we were fighting over a room, now I being the smart one challenge him to rock paper scissors. Now I have known Kyle forever and I have never lost. He has a pattern. He always chooses rock first, and sure enough he chose rock as his first choice." Liz laughed

"That's enough Lizzie, or do I have to share some stories about you?" Kyle challenged

'You don't scare me Valenti" she countered
"Then he went on to chose scissors. He always chooses it second."

Maria was laughing hysterically
"Liz remember that time in second grade when Kyle and I played rock paper scissors to decide who would take the pet mouse home. He was doing it then too."

"One time when Liz and I were dating I caught her dancing with a mop to "I touch myself" while cleaning the floor."

Liz turned beat red but did not back down
"I caught Kyle Dancing and singing to "I touch myself" in his boxers while cleaning the kitchen. I think that worse" Liz beamed with pride

Everyone erupted into hysterical laughter.
After a few moments Michael was finally able to calm down enough to agree with Liz.

"Your right Liz Kyle doing it is definitely worse"
Then he got up and did an impression

Michael ran his hands down his chest while singing in a high voice.

"I touch myself" Michael sang out and grabbed his butt.

"Michael sit down" Maria commanded
"As fun as it is poking fun of Kyle over breakfast is I don't think he can take much more, I have never seen him so red."

Liz was on cloud nine. It was so great to be surrounded by all of her friends, and to see her family again, and Her parents were thrilled to have her back home. She loved sitting here joking with her friends. It had been such a long time since she had been with them, she didn't know how she survived a year apart from them. The only person that was missing was Max. She hadn't seen him yet and she didn't think she would for a while. He didn't even know she was back. She didn't think the others had any intention of telling him either. They knew the situation would be…uncomfortable for around 6 people at least. She knew that she would see Max eventually, Roswell is a small town they were bound to run into each other. She hoped for it and feared it at the same time. What will he think? Would he still be angry about the Kyle situation? They had never talked about it. Does he hate her? Does he even think about her? So many questions danced around in her head, and it was beginning to make her feel a little uneasy.

"Well I am out I have plans with Maxwell." He said before he gave Maria a kiss and headed out the door.

"I wish I could hang out with you longer" Alex said, "but Isabel and I have permanent plans. We have tickets to see Save Ferris"

"I can't wait" Isabel confessed
"Tomorrow Liz you me Maria and Serena are going shopping. It will be girl time. Loads of fun."

"Sounds great. Serena you in?" Liz asked


"Great" Isabel smiled
"Well we got to go see you all later."

"What about you Maria you have plans too?" Kyle asked

"Unfortunately I have to work a double shift today which starts in about an hour."

"Hmm well I Guess it's just us four then today" Evan observed

'Very astute observation" Liz smiled.
"So what do you guys want to do today?" Liz asked the group

"well it is really nice out it would be a shame to waste it indoors." Serena suggested

"How about basket ball?" Kyle asked


Isabel was deep in concentration. Liz and Kyle coming home was going to cause a lot of controversy in their little group especially since Liz brought back a blonde hottie with her. What was Max going to think? She hoped he didn't get hurt, because even though he is with Tess he never got over Liz Parker. He tries to hide it but she could tell. She was his sister it was her job. She didn't know what to make of this Evan guy there was something about him…Serena too, but the vibes from her were different. They didn't really know much about either of them. Maria never told us anything, just that they were dating Liz and Kyle.

Alex looked over at Isabel she hadn't said a word since they left the Crashdown. He wondered what she was thinking about

"What's on your mind?" he asked

"I was just thinking about the whole Liz situation. Should I tell max or not Alex? I don't want anybody to get hurt, but I have a feeling they both will be. When he sees her with Evan and she sees him with tess…well I don't think it will be pretty, and then there's Evan how will he feel? Does he know everything about Liz and Max? Could he get hurt too?" Isabel sighed
"I don't know what to do Alex."

Alex wrapped his hand around her shoulder and pulled her against him
"That is a touchy subject Isabel. Liz and Max are bound to run into each other eventually and if I had to bet on it I would say that it is probably going to be pretty soon. Roswell is only so big. Izzy just don't say anything let them find each other and see what happens, they have to see each other, they have to talk it out…on their own. Hopefully they can become friends again, although I don't think there is any chance of Max and Evan becoming friends, and I know that Liz would rather chew her own arm off than to call tess a friend."

Isabel laughed at this
"thanks baby you always know how to cheer me up" She tilted her head up and gave him a long slow kiss. Alex's breath had become short and quick and, she could feel his heart beating faster. She looked up at him and he had his eyes closed

"How bout we just…skip the concert?" Alex asked trying to collect himself

"Typical male"


"Ok so it is the battle of the sexes me and Serena versus you and Kyle. Its make it take it and, and the first to 21 wins" Liz explained

"Alrighty then. Lets get this game started" Kyle shouted

"you girls are going down" Evan taunted

"Serena strategical meeting" Liz yelled

The guys watched the girls form a two person huddle

"What are they talking about do you think?" Even asked

"I don't know, but whatever it is its not good. Believe me I know both of them they play dirty…especially Liz. Frankly I am a little scared."

"And what's up with the two person huddle?"

"Women" Kyle replied, "They get their sports mixed up."

Liz and Serena walked slowly up towards the guys
"Lets go"


"here we are"

"You know Michael we wouldn't have to come to the park if you hadn't broken the hoop at my house."

"It was an accident" Michael defended

"Michael your name is not Michael Jordan, it Geurin."

"Thank you for clearing up my identity crisis, I don't think I would have ever gotten through it if it wasn't for you" he said sarcastically as he took a shot."

"Hahaha. Your funny."

"Evan" a voice called

Max turned around and looked at Michael

"What?" he asked

"I didn't say anything."

"I could have sworn."


"Serena pass!" Liz shouted

Serena tried to pass but It was blocked by Kyle.

"Evan" Kyle yelled as he passed the ball to him.

There was no way Liz was letting them win so she ran up and jumped on Evans back. She covered his eyes with her hand. He began to run around trying to find Kyle to pass the ball to.


When Evan turned towards where the voice was coming from he began to stumble backwards with Liz still holding on to his back.


"Evan" this time Max turned toward the correct direction of the voice, only to have a girl fly into him.

"Oh gosh miss are you ok?"

The girl looked up at him and her eyes widened in shock

Max closed his eyes tightly for his fantasy to go away, he couldn't very well have himself another fantasy in the middle of the basketball court, there were no bathrooms in sight, but when he opened his eyes she wasn't gone she was just standing there with her big doe eyes looking intently at him. He had to be careful he could very easily get lost in those eyes.

He found his voice
"Liz? Is it really you?" He asked astonished

She nodded her head
"Yeah we…uh just got back last night"

That is when he noticed the blonde guy get up from the floor. He brushed himself off and rubbed the back of his neck.
"Dang Liz…you do play dirty"

He saw the look on both Liz and Max's faces
"Do you guys know each other or something? Well I'm Evan Stevens…Liz's boyfriend

To be continued…

Part 7

Liz's boyfriend. Liz's boyfriend. Liz's boyfriend. Liz's boyfriend. Liz's boyfriend. He kept repeating it over and over in his mind. At first it didn't even make sense to him. Liz wasn't supposed to have another boyfriend; he was supposed to be her boyfriend. He felt numb. He felt cold. An image kept creeping into his mind that no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get rid of. He closed his eyes and tried to push it away but that only made it clearer, sharper. He imagined this new guy Evan Stevens, Liz's boyfriend with Liz holding hands with her, kissing her, making love to her for hours. He saw everything in vivid detail. And he closed his eyes once more willing the hurtful images away. When he opened his eyes again they were gone but replaced with one just as bad.

"Are you ok baby" Evan asked Liz with concern
"you really flew into that guy"

Liz looked down and nodded her head. She couldn't believe all this was happening. Of all the places to see Max again it had to be here in the park, and she just had to go flying into him…with Evan right there beside her. She raised her eyes to look at Max and immediately wished she hadn't. He had the most pained expression on his face, and it seared her soul to know that she was partly responsible for putting it there. She felt herself being drawn into his eyes almost like they had never been apart. She reached out and extended her arm to him.

Max looked at Liz's hand and reached for it. An instant before they touched…

"Liz! Please explain what is happening here," Evan asked with a hint of anger.

Liz jerked her head towards Evan and remembered why she wasn't with Max in the first place. She withdrew her hand as Tess flashed before her eyes. She turned towards Evan with a pained expression
"Evan can we go home?"

Evan looked at Liz with worry
'What's wrong Lizzie baby? Are you feeling ok?" He asked as he put a hand to her forehead

Liz nodded her head quickly.
"Yes I uh…I just need to go home"

"Ok sure lets go" he replied and grabbed her hand to take her home.

Max watched all this happen, and he closed his eyes to fight back the tears that were forming there. He saw the way Evan was with Liz, the way he looked at her, and he wanted it. He needed it. He needed Liz like a thirsty man needs water. But with this confrontation a hope was born within Max that he hadn't felt in over a year. Liz didn't look at Evan the way she used to look at him, no there was nothing special in the way that she looked at Evan, and For a brief instant he saw love in her eyes when she reached down to him… a brief incident before it was replaced with a look of betrayal. He knew he deserved it…he did betray her…with Tess. And he was still with her. The thought sickened him, and he decided then and there that he would soon remedy that fact.

Michael came running over to where Max was still lying, and helped him up
"You ok man" he asked

Max simply nodded his head
"I am going to be fine Michael." He smiled

Michael looked at the smile on Max's face
"What are you thinking Maxwell?" He asked

"I have to get her back," He said as he watched Liz's departing form.

As soon as these words were out of his mouth he felt himself being turned around roughly. Max's eyes flew up to the person, and he was amazed at who he found himself staring at.

"Listen Max" Kyle demanded
"I heard what you said, and let me tell you something. If Liz does by chance forgive you…you better not hurt her again. I don't give a shit who you are. If you hurt Liz Max I WILL kill you."

Kyle's face softened.
"That girl has been through enough. Seeing you with Tess max…it nearly killed her."

Kyle looked Max directly in the eyes and then walked away with Serena in tow
"Who's that Max asked as he rubbed his back where he fell on it.

"Now Max don't you think you've stolen enough women from Kyle?" Michael joked

Max glared
"Michael I was being serious"

"That's Serena…Kyle's fiancé"
Michael pondered for a moment whether or not to tell him the whole 'She's an alien…they both are' he decided to let Liz tell him if she wanted to.

Max's eyes widened
"Kyle?!?! Getting married?"


"Liz honey what's wrong? Why are you walking so fast?"

Liz slowed down and looked at Evan
"Gosh Evan I am so sorry. It just all a little over whelming…being back in Roswell. I wish that little scene back there could have been avoided" She sighed

"Liz what DID happen back there" he asked

Liz sighed again, and stopped walking.
"That guy back there."

Evan nodded his head
"The guy you flew into"

"Yes…that one. Well that was Max."

The realization hit him hard. That was why she freaked out so much. 'So that was Max' Evan thought and couldn't help but be jealous. Max Evans was what Liz wanted in a man. He was the exact opposite of himself. All brown hair and brown eyes compared to Evans blonde and blue. He didn't see it at the time but looking back on it now Evan realized that she had never looked at him the way she did Max Evans a few moments ago. He wanted to say so much to her, ask so many questions but all he said was


"Liz Liz" Kyle breathed as he ran up behind her.
"Lizzie are you ok?" He asked as he pulled her into a hug

She nodded her head
"Kyle I am fine" She assured

Kyle gave her a knowing look
Liz sighed Kyle knew her to well. The truth of it was she wasn't fine. Seeing Max again shook her up. He had this amazing effect on her, and she didn't understand what it was about him that never failed to turn her upside down. Before then she didn't know that it was possible to have so many mixed feelings about one particular person.
Liz sighed again and whispered loud enough for only Kyle

Kyle nodded his head in understanding
"Smile for me Lizzie"

She looked up at him and managed a tiny smile
"Thank you Kyle…you always know how to make me feel a little better"

He smiled even bigger
"I try, but I am leaving the real work for Maria."

She nodded her head in agreement

Kyle placed his arm around Liz's shoulder and pulled him snug against him and kissed her forehead.
"Don't worry Lizzie. He won't hurt you again. I promise."
They stayed like that the rest of the way to the Crashdown.


"Why don't you guys head on home? I am going to go in and talk to Maria" Liz suggested

"Yeah you two. I am anxious to see where my fiancé will be living." Kyle smiled and pulled Serena to him
"Plus I'll help you start unpacking"

Evan came up to Liz and put his arms around her waist
"Are you sure your ok?" he asked

"Yes! I am fine! Now go. Shew."
He backed away and then finally turned around to follow Kyle and Serena.

Liz let out a long breath and drew another one in slowly. She reached up and let her dark hair fall down her back. She closed her eyes and just let the sun beat down on her for a moment before reaching for the door to the Crashdown.

"Well well well. What do we have hear?"


"Oh God. Are you serious?" Maria asked Michael in a whisper

Michael nodded his head

"Well Spaceboy…how did she take it?"

"Alright I guess." Michael stammered
He never knew what to say in these types of situations.
"Maria are you sure we should be talking about this HERE?" Michael asked
"Max is just right over there" He said and glanced over at Max who was staring at something right outside the Crashdown. Michael followed his gaze

"Well at least she hasn't seen Tess yet." Maria stated

"I think you spoke too soon"


"Its little Liz Parker home from wherever the fuck she was. I hope you don't mind…not that I care…that I am not too thrilled to have you back." Tess continued venomously.

Liz turned around to stare at the gerbil herself, and felt something inside of her snap.
"Wow Tess it's been a while…have you put on some weight?" Liz asked with a smile.

Tess stared at her smugly
"That's impossible with Max as a boyfriend…he keeps me in top physical form." Tess replied going straight for the throat.

Tess had cut straight to the bone with that remark and Liz was transported instantly back to that night at the observatory…the night that in many ways her world had ended. But Liz didn't let it show. She would not let Tess have the satisfaction, so she just smiled at her.

"I am glad you're happy with my leftovers Tess…I for one don't enjoy sloppy seconds. Oh and in case you don't remember Tess…in this life he loved me first."

With that the door opened and Maria appeared
"Yeah Tess, and I loved that part about how uh…oh what was it again. Oh yes that Max keeps you in top form. What does he do tie a picture of himself to the ceiling and let it dangle in front of your treadmill, because really Tess it is common knowledge that you and Max have not done what I think you were implying since Liz and Kyle caught you last year."

When Tess didn't say anything Maria laughed and pulled Liz inside
"Come on Liz. Lets distance ourselves from this…" Maria looked Tess up and down with a disgusted look on her face
"…Skanky Tramp. Really Tess where do you buy your clothes?" She finished before letting the door close in Tess' face.

Tess stood outside fuming then she saw Max sitting inside with his eyes fixed on Liz. She stormed into the Crashdown and headed straight over to Max. She gave him a seductive smile and pulled him to her lips.


"Maria that was so awesome! Did you see her face?" Liz laughed

"Well I try. Besides I don't think you really needed me. You were doing pretty damn good yourself out there."

Liz smiled brightly at Maria

Maria looked at her friend. She loved seeing her so happy.
"You know I think that is one of the first genuine smiles I have seen out of you since you have been back Liz. Maybe we should harass Tess more often" She said and looked down as she took off her apron.

"What do you say?" Maria asked but Liz was no longer paying attention to her. Her eyes were focused on Max and Tess kissing at the counter.

"Liz?" Maria asked as she looked up.
"Liz what's wrong?" she demanded before she turned around and saw for herself.

God what was she thinking in coming back here. Liz thought to herself. She knew that somewhere in the back of her mind she had always hoped that when she came back things would return to the way they used to be. That Max would see her and fall back in love with her. She kicked herself for being so naïve. 'Wake up Liz, and Stop living in your dreams.' There was no chance for her and Max and the sooner she realized that the better. She turned around and walked into the break room.

"Liz! Liz! Wait." Maria shouted as Liz fled into the back
Maria looked over and glared at the two before heading into the back after Liz.


Max felt repulsed and pushed Tess away roughly. One minute he had been watching Liz…which was at one time his favorite hobby, and then Tess was just…kissing him.

"What did you do that for?" He asked and looked around for Liz. She was nowhere to be seen, but he did see Maria shoot him several dirty looks and disappear into the back.

"Shit" He swore

"What Max what's wrong?" Tess asked innocently, and draped her arms around his neck.

"Get off me!" Max spat as he pushed her away

"But you love me Max." She pleaded

"NO. I don't Tess. I have never told you I loved you." He got up and started moving towards the back of the restaurant

"But Max its our DESTINY" Tess hissed as she tried once more to cling to him

Max merely brushed her off
"Just go away Tess"

"It Destiny Max…you can't fight your destiny" She screamed as she stormed out of the Crashdown.

Max headed towards the break door only to be stopped by Michael
"Oh no. No you don't want to go in there." Michael said seriously

"Max I need to see her. I need to explain-

"Max let me tell you something. In that room you are going to find a hurt Liz and a VERY pissed off Maria who is not afraid to resort to violence. You REALLY don't want to go in there."

Max stepped back and brought both hands threw his hair
"Your right Michael. Gosh what a great start at winning her back."

"Cheer up old buddy." Michael said with a slap to the back "At least your not the one who is going to have to deal with Maria."


"Liz honey are you ok." Maria asked softly

Liz looked at Maria not even bothering to hide the tears that were forming in her eyes.

"Oh Lizzie. God I am so sorry you had to see that. Man I am going to beat the shit out of that girl."

Liz wiped some of her tears away with the back of her hand
"Oh Maria. I was fine until I saw that. I guess I was still hoping that there was some hope for us…that we could somehow get back what we had before I pretended to sleep with Kyle, but…"
Liz shook her head
"It's never going to happen…its too late for us."

"Liz I don't understand this. I mean I know Max was your first love but, you have Evan now, and he seems to care about you a lot."

"He does" Liz chocked back a sob "but Maria he's not Max. When we kiss, nothing special happens; there are no fireworks like when Max and I kissed. It's just not the same Maria. I am with him because I really have to be. Its just…he's not Max"

Maria wrapped her arms her best friend and pulled her close.
"Liz. God I hate to say this right now because I would really like to strangle Max at the moment, but if you REALLY love him…don't give up. Tess is NOTHING compared to you."

Maria paused for a moment debating wether or not to continue
"Liz have you given any thought to telling Max what really happened with Kyle and future Max that night?"

Liz sat up straight and locked eyes at Maria
"No! And you can't either. Max can never know that I didn't sleep with Kyle Maria. It could ruin everything"

To be continued…

Part 8a

Maria shook her head
“Why Liz? What are you not telling me?” She asked

Liz sighed she had always known that she would have to tell maria someday.
“Its a long story”


“Where do I put this one?” Kyle asked as he carried a heavy box into the house

“In the kitchen” Serena replied after quickly reading kitchen in large writing across the side of the box.

“Alright” Kyle said before disappearing into the kitchen

Serena shook her head. She loved Kyle but sometimes she worried about him. She looked up as Kyle returned with another box.

“Kitchen” he said with a smile.
“I seemed to miss it on the last box, but I saw it on this one.”

Serena smiled. She was getting married.


In the kitchen Kyle found Evan busy unpacking

Evan turned his head and acknowleged Kyle

Serena peaked her head into the kitchen
“Hey you two I am starved so I am going to go pick something up. I think we got the last of the boxes out of the truck so why don’t you guys finish unpacking the kitchen. And make sure to wash the dishes before you put them away, they are probably very dirty from the move. Oh and one more thing there is a load of laundy in the wash, when its done spinning please put it in the dryer. OK Thanks.” then she left leaving two very dumbfounded guys standing in the kitchen

Kyle turned around and started pulling items out of a box
“Well you heard the woman”

Evan laughed
“Man she has got you so whiped”

“I am not” Kyle retorted

Evan laughed. They went on in silence for a few moments
“Kyle can I ask you something?” Evan asked

“Sure man”

“Its about Max”

Kyle sighed inwardly. He knew what was coming.

“He’s with Ava right?”

“Its Tess on Earth, and yes as far as I know”

“So I’m not going to have any problems with him?”

“Problems?” Kyle asked

“Is he going to try to win back Liz? Thats what I am asking.”

Kyle thought about it for a moment before replying
“Its a possibility.”

Evan sighed heavily
“Thats what I thought. I saw the look on his face...but whats even worse is I saw the look on hers. I mean I’m not stupid. I knew It would be hard to take place of her destiny, but I am trying Kyle.”

Kyle came up and patted him on the back
“I know you are Evan.”

“Do you think...she’ll go back to him?”

Kyle sighed
“Listen man. I don’t really know. With Liz and max nothing is ever really certain, but does it really matter. They can’t be together remember. Max made a big mistake.”

Evan smiled
“I guess your right”

“Of course I’m right. Now get back to work”



“Maria calm down.”

“How can I calm down Liz? Do you ahve any idea how big that is. And you waited until now to tell me! Does Kyle know?” Maria shouted

“Yes Kyle knows.” Liz answered

“You told Kyle before me!?!?!?!?”

“I didn’t tell Kyle. Evan and Serena told us both”

This seemed to calm Maria down a little
“So what are they? Like roy-”

“Shhhh. Maria someone will hear you” Liz hushed

“Oh sorry”

“Can we just not talk about this right now?” Liz pleaded

“Fine your off the hook for now, but don’t think that we will not be having this conversation at a later time”

“Thank you”

Maria went over to the door and peered out
“Liz why don’t you go upstairs take a nice long bubble bath and lye down. You have had a long and emotionaly day. You must be exhausted.”

“Maria I have to talk to him sometime” Liz said

“Well not right now. You march yourself right upstairs young lady, and when you wake up from your nap come downstairs and I will make you some soup.”

Liz smiled at her friend
“I love you Maria. Waht would I do without you?”

“I honestly don’t know Liz, but it would not be good”


“Gosh are they ever going to come out?” Max asked running his hands through his hair.

Just then Maria came through the double doors with an angry face and she was looking in their general direction

“I don’t like the look on her face” Max said quietly

Michael nodded his head
“Your right. That is deffinately not a good look”

“Maybe we should leave?”

“Uh huh.” Michael nodded
“I think that would be a good idea” He said as Maria advanced towards them.

They got up to leave but didn’t get very far
“Hold it! Your not going anywhere”


Liz sat on the edge of her tub in her bath robe and poured bubble bath into the hot water filing the tub. The scent of Strawberrys filled the air and Liz inhaled deeply. Maria was right this was just what she needed. She dipped her toe into the water testing its temperature. Just right. She shed her bathrobe letting it fall to the floor and stepped into the water. She sunk down into the bubbles and felt herself relax immediately. The day had been very stressful. Of all the ways to see max again she just had to fly into him at the basketball court...wwith her boyfriend watching. Liz sighed and sunk even deeper into the water. And to make the day even better she was lucky enougth to seeTess and Max play tonsil hockey in the middle of the Crashdown. Liz moaned. Why should she even care about Max or whose throat he sticks his tongue down. He couldn’t be with her even if she wanted him to. She lifted her leg up out of the water watching the bubbles run off of it. As much as she wanted to deny it Max Evans had gotten to her again. She had only seen him for maybe 5 minutes all together but he had gotten to her somehow. She didn’t understand these feelings. Max cheated on her! With that slut. She shouldn’t be feeling this way towards him. She brought her leg back into the water creating a splash. Max was her past. She had to focus on her future now. Evan.


Max turned around to see hurricane Deluca in all her fury. Green eyes blazing with fire. She was scarry.
“Maria what you and Liz saw is not what you think” Max tried

“Oh” Maria said sarcastically
“So I didn’t see you with Tess down your throat a minute ago”

“Well you did but its not what you think”

“Well then what is it Max because all I know is that you and your skank of a girlfriend just upset my bestfriend and when she is upset that makes me upset and when I am upset Space boy over there doesn’t get any action”

Michael shot Max a death glare.

Max winced
“Look Maria I want Liz back. I was planning on breaking up with Tess but she came in and started kissing me-”

“And you let her?!?!” Maria interupted

“No! Maria just listen. I pushed her away but by that time you and Liz had already gone into the back room, and I tried to follow but Michael said that it probably wasn’t such a good idea” Max explained quickly

He saw the fire in her eyes die down a little.

“So your going to dump trailer trash?” Maria asked

“yes” Max sighed.

“Girlfriend you are my friend too, so let me warn you. Just because you break up with the gerbil doesn’t mean Liz is going to come flying back into your arms. You have got to work for her love again. Have got to earn her trust back.. You lost it when you slept with the bitch. And Liz well...she has a boyfriend.”

“Evan?” Max asked

“Yeah. Well she has got it in her head that she is supposed to be with him, not you. And honestly I don’t blame her. You made a big mistake and now your paying for it.”

“I know. Maria I need to see her.”

“Oh no you don’t. Liz has had a tough day. You will not be seeing her tonight. Now shew. Get out of here both of you.”


Max drove down the streets of Roswell towards his house, and he had had every intention of doing what Maria had said but then he saw the flower shop and he knew he had to see Liz that night. He pulled over and went inside He purchased a dozen white roses and then headed back to the Crashdown. He pulled into the alley below her balcony to avoid Marias wrath and quickly started to climp up the fire escape to her balcony. When he reached the top he looked around it hadn’t changed a bit since the last time he had been up here. Candles sat all over the ledge and the lawn chair still sat in its place. he took a deep breath and climbed in her window. He inhaled deeply. Strawberrys.


Liz let the water drian out of the tub and she got out and dried herself off. She brushed her hair and wrapped a towel around her before opening the door to her room.
“Max” she said dropping the towel


Part 8b

Liz stood there in shock. It was almost as if she were glued to the floor. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Somewhere a little voice inside of her head was screaming to her that she was in fact naked and standing in front of a man. However Liz didn’t hear the voice, either that or she ignored it. She was completely focused on Max Evans.

Max couldn’t believe his eyes. He blinked once or twice to make sure he wasn’t imagining it, because knowing him he could have been. When the vision in front of him didn’t disappear he sucked in a breath and the flowers in his hand fell to the floor. His eyes traveled the length of her body memorizing every detail. He felt himself grow hard immediately at the sight of her. She was beautiful. Glorious. He had thought she was amazing in his dreams but even they did not live up to the real thing.

His hooded eyes stared longingly at her lips. They were slightly open and inviting, and he wanted nothing more than to fell them against his. He traveled further down to the slopes of her breasts. They looked like the perfect Size to fit in his hands. Her rosy nipples were standing out like points and he dared to hope that she was being as effected by this encounter as he was. He moved downward to her slim waist, and then further down to the seductive curve of her hip. He felt his breath become labored. He continued his heated stare to the creamy skin of her thighs. Finally his gaze settled on the dark patch of hair that hid her from his eyes. For as long as Max could remember he had fantized about being with Liz being buryed deeped inside her while she cried out his name in pleasure.

Max finally was able to tear his eyes away from Liz’s body and look at her beautiful face. She was a littel flushed which he found incredibly sexy. He watched as she pulled her bottom lip into her mouth and bit on it for a moment before l;tiing in slide back out. How he longed to be her lip at that moment.

All rational thoughts flew out of Liz’s mind whe she glanced into Max’s normally honey brown eyes. They were now black with desire and she imagined hers were much the same color. She felt her self flush under his intense inspection. Lust shot through her entire being and pooled between her legs.

Max inhaled deeply in an attempt to get oxygen he so badly needed. Breathing had never been this hard before, but what suprised him was the scent that filled the air. Could it be possible that she wanted him as much as he wanted her? He grew even harder at the thought if possible. Her smell was intoxicating, and lured him more and more into the Liz induced fog he was curently in. It was a mixture of vanilla and strawberrys and her own unique scent. Max felt his control slip away more and more as every second passed. He couldn’t stop himself he strted moving towards her. Seeing her in this way was simply too much he couldn’t control himself. His body moved at its own accord.

Liz saw Max start to advance towards her, and if she had been in a normal state of mind she would have stopped him. She would have realized that it wasn’t right, that they couldn’t be together, that they were both with other people, that those people would get hurt, but as he came closer none of those thoughts entered her mind. Her entire being was crying out to Max.

He stopped right infront of her and ran his fingers through her hair. It had been too long. Too long since he had ran his hand through her silky strands and felt each peice slid between his fingers. He heard a little moan escape her lips and he just had to kiss her.

When liz felt Max run his finger through her hair she couldn’t help the small moan. It had been too long since she felt this gesture from him and she couldn’t hide her responce.

Max lowered his lips to hers and grazed them softly with his. They were so soft everything he remembered them being. He moved in again and laced a hand through her dark hair. He licked her bottom lip asking her to open up to him, when she did his tounge entered and danced with hers. She tasted so good. He couldn’t beleive he had lived over the past year without her. She was addicting and he needed more.

Liz was in heaven. How had she forgotten how incredible kissing him actually was. The way his tongue moved against hers the way he tilted her head to kiss her more deeply. She couldn’t help it and wrapped her arms around his neck

When Max felt her tiny hands go around the back of his neck he let out a low growl and grabbed her hip to pull her even closer to him. He felt her nipples poking into him through the thin material of his tee-shirt and he moved her up against the wall. He stuck his knee between her legs to remove some of the pressure building inside of her and groaned when he felt her warm center press into his thigh. He was quickley running out of breath, but what was air compared to kissing Liz.

Liz moaned deeply. She couldn’t imagine anyone making her feel the way she was feeling at that moment. Max was the only preson who could turn her on as much as he did by only looking at her. No one would ever be able to affect her so deeply, especially not Evan. EVAN!!

The name shot through her mind like a bullet. She abrubtly pushed Max away. How could she have let that happen! On her fist day back even! And things had gotten so out of hand so quickly! She knew that she had to remain a virgin till her wedding night Queen Alana had made that clear!

“MAX!” Liz screamed

Max was stunned by Liz’s sudden change and stood in shock until she started screaming at him. This wasn’t good. He knew he shouldn’t have kissed her when he saw her but he couldn’t help it.

Liz struggled to grab the towl off the floor and wrap it securely around her
“What are you doing here?” She asked angerly

“Well I was just wanted to bring you these” He said quickly as he bent over to retrive the flowers on the floor


He was rewarded with a smack across the face. He was stunned. Liz had never hit him before
“What are you still doing in here? Get out”

He was too shocked to move so he just stood there with a hand rubbing his now sore cheeck

Liz was looking extremely pissed yelled

Upon hearing this Max was gone he jumped out of the window and climbed down the fire escape within seconds. He got in his jeep and drove off. He did not want to be anywhere close to Maria wen Liz told her what happened. ‘Well that went real well’ Max thought to himself as he got into his jeep and drove off


Upon hearing Liz’s scream Maria ran up the staris to Liz’s room
“Liz whats wrong hun”

When Liz didn’t say anything Maria took in her friends appearance. Liz was most definately flushed, her hair was tossled, her towl was tightly clutched around her, but what had to be the dead give away as to the cause of her appearance and her anger were the white roses lying on her bed. She wanted to be angry but couldn’t.
“So I guess Max couldn’t stay away huh?”


Part 9

Isabel leaned back onto the cool grass. Her head was slightly bobbing to the music. She couldn’t believe she was here. Alex was the greatest. Tickets to Save Ferris. Her favorite band. It was beautiful out. The sun had just set and the stars were just beginning to twinkle in the sky.

Alex leaned over towards her and whispered
“Venus will be in the sky tonight”

Isabel smiled at him

“Are you having a good time?” He asked

“Oh yes! Thank you so much Alex this is perfect.” Isabel said leaning over to place a soft kiss on his lips

Then it got even more so.
The band finished “Goodbye” and the soft sound of Let me in filled the Air.

“May I have this dance?” Alex said extending his hand

“But all these people-”

“They don’t matter. Dance with me?”

Isabel smiled and placed her small hand into his larger one.
He pulled her into his arms and held her close

Let Me In

I've been watching you and all you do
For quite some time
Knowing all the ins and outs of you
I should've known what was on your mind
But all the world is spinning round and round
Inside my head tonight
I will fall into the darkness
And I fear I will never see the light

Both were completely oblivious to the stares and smiles directed at them. They were both completely caught in the moment.

I've been watching you and all you do
For quite some time
Knowing all the ins and outs of you
I should've known what was on your mind
But all the world is spinning round and round
Inside my head tonight
I will fall into the darkness
And I fear I will never see the light

Isabel sighed. This was heaven. She loved dancing with him. He was one of the only guys who was actually taller than her, and it felt so nice to lay her head on his chest. Alex was perfect for her! He was always doing the sweetest things. She remebered how she had treated him back in the beginning of High School! What had she been thinking! Alex was exactly what she needed. She smiled and snuggled in closer to him

So let me in
All that I wanted from you
Was something you'd never do
So let me in
Oh please tonight
Don't let this end
I'll Fall

Alex too was in heaven. He had been with Isabel for a while now but every once in every five seconds, he would have to remind himself that this goddess was actually his girlfriend. He didn’t just love her for her appearance. No Isabel was beautiful on the inside as well! Once she let the Ice woman mask drop she had a heart of gold.

Through no light the darkness seems to be
So very strong
How does one alone against the world
Find the strength to carry on?
What happened to the way we used to love
It seemed as though life had just begun
But now that love has come and gone to fade away
Like the setting sun
Cuz' you won't let me in.

Alex suddenly smiled remembering a recuring dream he had in Sophomore year
“Isabel” he said witha smile

“Yeah” she murmered against his chest

“Have I ever told you about a dream I had of you in 10th grade?”

Isabel looked puzzled
“I don’t think so”

Alex laughed a little obviously embarrassed
“I was so obsessed with you back then. you were my dreamgirl...still are, but anyways It would always be you and me. We were In a class room together in school. dancing to this song. You were wearing this-”

“Red dress” Isabel finished for him

“Yeah how did you know?” Alex asked

“Just a guess” She said with a secret smile

All that I wanted from you
Was something you'd never do
So let me in
Oh please tonight
Don't let this end
Cuz' I'm starting to fall
So let me in

Of course she had remembered the dream. It had been the sweetest thing that had ever happened to her until then! It proved that Alex had always thought of her as more object. that he had always loved her.
God she loved him.

It was all that I wanted from you
It was something you never knew
To let me in
But not tonight
For this is the end
I fall


Max couldn’t believe it! He had just seen Liz and kissed her. God he loved kissing her. And she was so beautiful. He had thought he was never going to be able to see her like that...and he may not ever again after that stunt he pulled, but he couldn’t help it.

He just couldn’t control himself. The girl of his dreams was standing there.



Incredibly kissable!

He couldn’t help himself. She probably hated him right now, but if he were to die right there on the spot he would die happy. He had to get her back! But first he had a little pesky problem to deal with.



Liz was fuming!

She didn’t know who she was more angry with Max...or herself!

She had just CHEATED on Evan! She felt like shit! He had never done anything wrong to her and she had gone and made out with her ex boyfriend days after she arrived in Roswell!

When did she become so weak! She let Max do this to her again! he never failed to screw up her life, well he wasn’t going to let him do it again!

They were done for good!


Completely over.

She was with Evan! And even if she wanted to get back with Max, WHICH SHE DIDN’T, she couldn’t. He made his choice. He choose Tess

Why he choose Tess was a mystery to her but...

‘Stop it Liz’ she told herself

She would not let him hurt her again!

Liz turned to her best friend!
“I can’t believe you! Do you. Do you have any idea what he did! What happened!”

“Judging from the fact that you have no clothes on I can take a guess” Maria said reminding Liz of her lack of attire

“Maria! I am serious! How could he do that?” She said as she went to her dresser to grab some clothes

Maria sighed and sat on Liz’s bed
“He wants you back Liz. Plain and Simple.”

“But its impossible! And besides I am with Evan!”

“I don’t think Max cares about evan too much.”

“But thats not fair Marai! I have a life! How can he just come into it again and decide to screw up everything good that I have!”

“Its not going to happen! We are done” Liz continued.

“Who are you trying to convince? Me or yourself?” Maria said seriously.


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Title: A Tale of Two
By: Brittany (Lizzie_Parker17)
Email: Brittanyh60⊕
Rating: not sure yet.
Disclaimer: I own nothing! It all belongs to Melinda Metz and all the wonderful people at UPN (especially if they give us a forth season) Please don't sue!
Category: dreamer but there is a little bit of polar going on. But I promise this is a dreamer fic.
Summary: Michael asks for Liz's help with Maria. But something happens to them that night…something that turns their world upside down. Can't tell you anymore or else I will give away the whole story!
Feedback: YES please!!! When you post feedback I post new parts! Without how do you know if anyone is reading your fics?
Authors note: Usually I don't write more than one fic at a time but this idea came to me last night and I just had to start it! So if any of you out there are waiting for the next part of Its Never Too Late. I am almost done with part 8 so hopefully I will get it posted soon. (

A Tale of Two

Part one

Liz Parker snuggled herself more tightly into her boyfriend's arms inhaling his scent. It was unique and distinctly Max. She closed her eyes and rested her head against his chest. She could really stay like this forever. She looked up into his beautiful amber eyes and smiled

"This is perfect," she breathed
"Just being here like this…with you. Its perfect."

Max looked down at the angel in his arms and thanked his lucky stars. He finally had her and he was never going to let her go again. He didn't care who his supposed destiny was. He decided that he was going to make his own destiny…and that included Liz Parker.

"Your right" he replied as he kissed her forehead


Maria wiped her brow as she finished wiping down the counter of the Crashdown after a busy shift. She had been kind enough to close for Liz so that she could spend time with Max. The things you do for friends she thought to herself. Oh well Maria didn't have much of a romantic life these days so she had to survive intravenously off of Liz'.
She was so tired she didn't even look up when she heard the jingle of the door.

"Sorry were closed" She called out

Isabel appeared in front of her and said
"Maria it's just me" Isabel took a long look at her friend
"Long day?" She asked

Maria nodded her head vigorously
"It was packed"

"Wasn't Liz supposed to close tonight?" Isabel asked

Maria gave her a look

"Oh" Isabel replied "Max"

Maria smiled and nodded her head
"Oh well. My love life is pretty much non-existent, so I figure why not help Lizzie out? You know?"

Isabel smiled a sad smile
"Michael still not coming around?" She asked concerned

Maria shook her head

Maria came up and put her arms around her friend
"I am sorry Maria. Michael is a blockhead"

"Its okay Isabel. Michael. Well he is still all like 'Being with me will put you in danger. Bla bla bla' Well what Michael fails to realize is that I don't care. I just want to be close to him. I mean Max and Liz took the plunge why can't we?"

Isabel couldn't stop her mind from wandering. Should she take the plunge, and let Alex in. She really wanted too, but she was afraid. But she was sick of being afraid she wanted to be happy and she was determined to be.

Maria couldn't help but chuckle. She knew exactly what was going on in Isabel's head.
"Did I get you thinking?"
She put on one of her famous Deluca smiles and took off her apron
"Well Isabel I think I am in the need of some chocolate cake now, and you are going to join me."


Isabel walked with purpose over to Alex's house. She was going to do it! She needed to let him know how she felt. She wondered briefly about where her ice queen persona had gone. She couldn't know for sure but she was pretty sure that it had to do with four humans. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. After a few moments Alex appeared at the doorway clad in his Pajama pants and one of his bands t-shirts.
He looked adorable.

Alex was momentarily stunned when he opened up the door but he recovered quickly
"Isabel what are you doing here?" He yawned

"I…I am sorry it's late but…I needed to talk to you"

Alex stepped aside and gestured for her to come inside. He led her into his living room and she sat down on the couch.

"Can I get you something to drink?"

"No…I am fine. Thanks"

Alex sat down on the couch careful to give her her space.
"Well what can I do for you Isabel?" Alex asked

Isabel took a deep breath 'here goes nothing' she thought.
"Alex. I wanted to talk about us"

Alex braced himself for her following words. He could clearly see them coming out of her mouth like they had that night in the woods
"It can't be a date, Alex. Don't you understand? It can't be anything like that."
Alex closed his eyes. If he had to hear another one of those
"Alex your such a great friend" Speeches again he might be sick.
Alex was jerked out of his thoughts by Isabel's voice


"Yeah sorry. I am pretty tried"

Isabel looked down suddenly very interested in the color of her nails. She couldn't believe she was nervous. Isabel Evans is never nervous around guys.
But Alex is special something told her

"I was wondering if you still wanted to be together? Because I am ready now Alex. I want to give you and me a try. And I know that in the past I have been closed off to you, but not this time I want to show you Alex…will you let me?"

Alex was dumbstruck. He couldn't think of a single thing to say
'Come on Alex anything say anything. A vowel sound anything'
He finally found his voice

'Uh yeah sure that would be…great." He smiled

Isabel beamed back at him with that smile of hers that always made his heart skip beats and then she leaned over and kissed him. Alex was in heaven Isabel's lips on his was the most exhilarating experience of his life.

Isabel pulled away and looked up at Alex who was still a little glazed over from her kiss. She still couldn't believe she had done that.

"Well I gotta get going Alex. I have something that I gotta do." Isabel said as she got up and headed to the door

"Wait where are you going?" Alex called out to her

Isabel laughed
"Bye Alex"


Isabel was very satisfied with the work she had done so far in the evening that she felt the need to do more She knocked on the door to Michaels apartment a few times until she heard grumbling coming from inside

"You better be a naked chick with a pizza" He said as he opened the door. When he realized it was Isabel he added to his previous statement
"Unless your Isabel"

Michael opened the door wider to let Isabel in
"So what brings you over here?" he asked as he ran his fingers through his tousled hair

"We need to talk Michael" Isabel replied seriously

Michael groaned and plopped down onto the couch with a thud.
Isabel. If this has anything to do with what happened at the-"

"No" Isabel interrupted
"No. Believe me Michael I love you, but it's a brother sister love. Actually this is about Maria"

Michael released an even louder groan than before
"Gosh did she set you up to this?"

Isabel sighed. Why did he always make things difficult?
"Michael. You love her I know it!"

Michael made no response so she decide on a different approach
"Michael! Max and Liz are together, and I just got together with Alex, stop trying to protect Maria she doesn't want protection; she just wants you. You Max and I deserve some happiness. And nothing has happened yet Michael the signal went up months ago and nothing has happened. Everything is fine"

Michael rubbed his hands over his face. She had a point there, but he still wasn't sure
"I just don't want to hurt her Isabel. And just being who I am could hurt her."

Isabel came over and sat down beside him. She misses you and I know that you miss her too. Go to her make it up to her. She doesn't care about anything else just that you are together."

Isabel smiled and left the apartment leaving Michael alone to think about everything she had just said.


"I need that Will Smith Burger Carlos" Liz yelled into the kitchen

"Yes It's coming"

Liz groaned inwardly as she saw another customer come in and sit in her section

"Hi I'm Liz I will be your waitress today. Can I start you off with something to drink?" She asked without looking up

Michael laughed
"Wow your really weeded aren't you?" He asked with a chuckle

"Oh hey Michael I didn't realize it was you. Yeah it is crazy in here. Well what can I get you?"

"I need your help"

Liz looked up surprised
"Um yeah sure on what?"

"Maria" he answered simply
"I wanna get back together with her but I want to make it really special. I know I have been a dick to her lately."

Liz sat down and
"Who are you and what have you done to Michael?"

"Liz I am serious."

"Ok yeah sure. How can I help?"

"Well your Maria's best friend. I don't know what does she like? I suck at the romantic shit."

"Umm hmm let me think about it" Liz replied

"Lizzie your up" Carlos called

"Gotta go" Liz said and started to walk away

"Liz" Michael called after her
"Meet me at Senor Chows at 8:00. I want it to be a surprise for Maria so don't tell anyone ok?

Liz nodded her head at Michael and then went back to work


Nicholas couldn't help but smile as he thought his plan through one more time. It was sure to work he knew it and then pitiful Zan will be left without his queen. Kivar was going to be very happy with him when he got back to Antar


Liz showed up at Senor Chows at 8 as was planned and went up to the hostess podium.
"Hi I'm meeting somebody here"

"Let me guess tall, dark hair, gorgeous"

"Uh I guess so" Liz replied

"You are so lucky I would like kill to have a boyfriend like that"

"Uh. He's not my boyfriend"

Liz was led to the table where Michael was already waiting for her. She sat down across from him

"Ok Michael lets try to make this meeting kind of quick because I am meeting Max at my house in around an hour."

"Yeah sure thats fine" Michael mumbled

Their waitress came up to them She was some blonde. Liz had never seen her around before she must be new Liz thought and shrugged it off. Liz looked at her nametag

"Hi Courtney"

"Hey guys." She answered back but she seemed to be paying most attention to Micahel.
"What can I start you off with?"

"I'll have a lemonade" Liz answered


"Alright I will be right back with those." She said with a smile directed at Michael.

"So Maria" Michael said, "Where should I take her?"

"Liz thought for a moment
"Well if you really wanna impress her there is always Chez Pierre"

Michael nodded listening attentively.

Just then the waitress reappeared
"Here you go," she said as she placed the drinks down in front of them.
They both took a long drink.

They hadn't noticed that the restaurant was completely empty besides them and they didn't see the short teenage boy pouring something into their drinks.


Max walked into the Crashdown and sat in his usual booth. He loked around for Liz but didn't see her.

"Looking for Liz?" Maria asked as she sat down across from him
"Yeah I was supposed to meet her here"
"Oh she probably just feel asleep she worked the lunch crowd today and it was crazy. Orthodontist convention." Maria explained

"So what are your plans for tonight?" Max asked

"Well. I just got off so I was thinking of going home wallowing in own self pity and watching a chick flick" Maria answered

"No luck with Michael?" Max asked

Maria sighed

"Don't worry you'll wear him down. But I have a great idea why don't you hang with Liz and I tonight. I know you two haven't been able too spend time with each other because I have been hogging her all to myself but I am willing to share her tonight"
He smiled.

Maria smiled
"Ok that sounds fun. But be warned we may force you to watch 10 things I hate about you and you can not complain when we droll over Heath and his sexy accent. Ok?"


"Alright then lets head on up"

Max and Maria walked up the stairs to Liz apartment. Max was about to knock but Maria said
"Oh don't worry her parents went out of town till tomorrow night."

Max could have kicked himself. Why was it he invited Maria again

"Honey I'm home" Maria called into the quiet house.

"Liz honey? Where are you?"

the heard a faint sound of music coming from her closed door

"Hey baby" Max said as he pushed open the door


Part two

From part 0ne

"Alright then lets head on up"

Max and Maria walked up the stairs to Liz apartment. Max was about to knock but Maria said
"Oh don't worry her parents went out of town till tomorrow night."

Max could have kicked himself. Why was it he invited Maria again

"Honey I'm home" Maria called into the quiet house.

"Liz honey? Where are you?"

they heard a faint sound of music coming from her closed door

"Hey baby" Max said as he pushed open the door

Max's smile dropped from his face and he stood frozen in his spot. He couldn't feel anything, not even Maria sobbing into his shoulder. He stood there transfixed. He struggled for words, but he was unable to find them He almost couldn't even comprehend what he was seeing. He closed his eyes to block out the sight in front of him and before he opened them again he prayed that he had just imagined it…or maybe it was a mindwarp…maybe Tess was messing with him. But when he opened he opened them again it was still right there before him. He felt the tears start to sting at his eyes, and he turned around and ran out of the apartment with Maria still attached to him.

Maria's eyes burned with tears as she furiously tried to blink them back. Sobs wreaked through her entire body uncontrollably. She clung onto Max as he dragged them both out of the Crashdown. She looked up at the soft light drifting from Liz's room, and the disturbing image flashed before her eyes. She had never expected it. She never had any clue. Liz had been her best friend since third grade! Maria buried her head in her hands as Max drove them far away from that place.

Max tightly gripped the steering wheel his knuckles turning white with the force. He could see the same hands squeezing just as tightly around someones neck. He was holding on by a thin thread. How could they have done that…his best friend.
Max grinded his teeth together as he imagined them making love on her bed before they had walked in. It must have been something they didn't even wake up when he yelled in her room. This thought only infuriated him further.
Max pulled over and stopped the car. He slammed his fists into the steering wheel which caused the horn to blare loudly. He closed his eyes tightly trying his best to maintain the shred of control he had left…the part that was keeping him sane.

Michael and Liz. Michael and Liz. Michael and Liz. Michael and Liz.
He repeated over and over in his mind like a broken record. Max leaned back in his seat and rested his head on the headrest.
And then the floodgate broke
Max cried… for the first time in a long time.


Nicholas laughed and smiled to himself. His plan had worked out better than he thought. Michael's girlfriend had showed up as well. He could still see the look on Zans face when he saw his perfect little queen in bed with Rath. Nicholas would cherish that look forever. He stared in the window at the two of them. It looked wonderful of course. He had done an amazing job of making them look very comfy together. They looked very much like a couple in love sleeping peacefully and deeply after a night of making love. And at least part of that was true they were sleeping deeply in fact they shouldn't even wake up for several more hours. And that's when the real fun begins…


Max and Maria walked into the Evans house with grief stricken looks upon both of their faces. Isabel and Alex were watching a movie on the couch. When they heard them enter Isabel turned around

"Hey you guys? Where's Liz and Michael?" She asked with a smile still half laughing at a joke Alex had said

"Hey guys." Alex called out

Then they both noticed the looks on their two friends faces

"Max Maria what's wrong? Are you ok? Is everybody ok?" Isabel asked getting up and walking over towards them. She was seriously worried. She had never seen this look on her brothers face before.

"Maria! What's wrong?" Alex asked as he got up and walked towards the three of them.

"Well to answer your first question Iz. Liz and Michael are together" Max spat out with a deadly tone of voice

"Max what's wrong? What happened?"


Liz's eyes fluttered open, and she sat up in bed. She felt really groggy. Her head felt as though it were going to roll right off.

"I feel like I was drugged" she mumbled sarcastically as she rubbed her eyes trying to wake her self up.

She heard music coming from her stereo. She pulled herself out of bed and went over to turn it off. It was then that she realized that she was not wearing any clothes. As if on cue she heard a loud snore coming from her bed.
She turned around slowly and screamed when she saw who it was

"AHHHHHHH! Michael!"

Liz quickly went and pulled on her robe

"Michael what? What?" She was at a loss for words

Michael woke when he heard a scream coming from inside the room. He sat up and looked around for whoever made the noise.

"Liz?" He asked when his eyes finally landed on her.

"What are you doing here Micahel? Liz asked in a desperate voice
"Oh god Oh god oh god" She chanted to her self as she paced the room.

Michael looked at her in confusion.
"Where the fuck am I? And why are you wearing a robe?" He asked.

Liz ran a had through her dark hair looking extremely pail

"Liz are you ok?" Michael asked starting to get up

"NO NO! Don't get up" Liz screamed.
"Look at what your wearing Michael"

Michael looked down and he didn't see anything
Liz nodded her head

"And that is exactly how I looked when I woke up right next to you" Liz shouted
"Do you remember anything Michael?" She asked her voice pleading with him

Michael struggled to remember the events of the evening
"I asked your help with Maria, and I met you at Senor Chows. We ordered and…"

"That's all I can remember too Michael. We got our drinks and that's all I can remember of the evening."

Liz looked down and asked
"Michael you don't think we-

"I don't know" Michael replied honestly
"DO you feel sore at all?" He asked with difficulty

Liz shook her head
"No. I feel fine physically. But Michael can't you…you know check…with your powers?"

Michael nodded his head
"I can try Liz but I am not as good at this as Max is, or even Isabel"

"I uh. I need to form a connection. Could you um get me my clothes" Michael stammered

Liz handed him his clothes and turned her back while he changed.

Michael stood up and walked over to Liz.
"Ready?" he asked
Liz nodded her head yes

Michael placed his hands over her arms and was in after a few moments.
He quickly searched through her body for any signs of a sexual encounter…he found none. Michael pulled away and the connection severed immediately

Liz looked up at him expectantly
"Theres nothing Liz. Nothing at all that suggests you had sex tonight."

Liz sighed in relief.
"That only brings more questions Michael" She said as she sat down beside him on her bed
"How in the world did we get her and get naked in my bed?" She asked

Michael sighed
"I have no idea Liz."

"What are we going to tell Max and Maria?" She asked

Michael jumped up and bounded over to her
"Nothing Liz! We cannot tell them anything. Even though nothing happened they still won't believe it."

"Michael I really think we should tell them. I mean we could let Max do the same thing you did."

"Why tell them at all? Why hurt them over nothing? Liz you gotta swear to me that you will not tell them."

"But Michael-

"Say it Liz!"

Tears fell down Lizs cheek
"I promise she chocked out"

"Thank you Liz. I know that if Maria ever found out about this there would be no hope for us Liz, and I can't lose her." Michael sighed
"I have to go" he said and climbed out the window and down the ladder.
Liz felt a chill run over her body.
She had a bad feeling that something was about to go horribly wrong.

To be continued…

Part three

From part two

Michael I really think we should tell them. I mean we could let Max do the same thing you did."

"Why tell them at all? Why hurt them over nothing? Liz you gotta swear to me that you will not tell them."

"But Michael-

"Say it Liz!"

Tears fell down Lizs cheek
"I promise she chocked out"

"Thank you Liz. I know that if Maria ever found out about this there would be no hope for us Liz, and I can't lose her." Michael sighed
"I have to go" he said and climbed out the window and down the ladder.
Liz felt a chill run over her body.
She had a bad feeling that something was about to go horribly wrong.

Liz stared at her reflection in the mirror, as she got ready for school the next day. She had large dark circles under her eyes that reflected exactly how much sleep she had gotten the previous night. She did not look forward to lying to Max and Maria today, but Michael would not let her. She was sure he would be watching her like a hawk today.
She was right…

She walked into West Roswell High feeling the same sense of dread that she had the night before. Something was wrong she could feel it in the air…

She was headed to her locker to meet Max when Michael came up from behind her and pulled her into a nearby classroom.

"Michael what are you doing? I am meeting Max-

"You haven't changed your mind right?" He interrupted.

"No. But I wish you would. I think this is a mistake Michael I feel it." Liz voiced truthfully


Max and Maria had witnessed this event from their place by their lockers. He had been up all night trying to find a reason why it wasn't true and he came up with two
He trusted Liz
He trusted Michael
He trusted both of them with his life; something wasn't right about all this he had thought to himself, but all rational thought was quickly erased from his mind when he saw Michael pull Liz into that classroom. His blood boiled. And he walked off to first period without talking to either one of them.


"No Liz!" Michael shouted
'You can't tell them! You love Max right?"

"Of course I love Max" Liz answered immediately

"Do you really want to hurt him Liz? Because this would hurt him"

"Nothing happened!"

"We woke up naked in bed together Liz I don't think he is going to look to highly on that."

Liz sighed and ran a finger through her long locks.
"Fine" she spat
"Now if you'll excuse me. I am going to go see Max" and with that she left Michael alone in the empty classroom

Liz walked out into the hallway and headed for her locker when she got there Max was no where to be seen 'that's strange' she thought. He's probably just late she told herself but in the pit of her stomach she felt the same feeling she had been feeling all day but she passed it off as anxiety. She waited at her locker for Max until the bell rang. Liz frowned when he didn't show. He's probably just sick today she told herself and headed off to class.

She had first period with Isabel, but Isabel wasn't in her usual seat beside her; she had moved across the room to an empty seat in the back. Liz headed over to Isabels desk

"Hey Isabel is Max here today?" She asked

Isabel didn't even acknowledge her presence she just continued to read her cosmo. Thinking she had not heard her Liz tried again

She wished she hadn't. Isabel looked up at her slowly and shot her a look that could turn a man to stone.

"Take you seats class"

Liz walked back to her seat and sat down.
Why was Isabel acting so cold towards her. She thought the whole Ice queen act was over. They were just starting to become friends or so she thought. Isabel continued to shot daggers Liz's way the entire class.


Michael walked in to his History class that he shared with Alex. He slumped down into the chair beside him

"Hey man did you read that chapter last night? I need a quick summery."

Alex glared at him
"Why didn't have enough time last night?" Alex asked bitterly to Michael

"Settle down class"

Michael turned his attention to the teacher.
Man what bug crawled up Alex's ass and died? He wondered.
Alex didn't say a word to him all class and got up and left the room immediately when the bell rang.


Things continued on this way until lunch. Even Kyle seemed to be pissed at Liz for something

Liz saw Michael stuffing his books in his locker and headed over to him

"Michael something's up." Liz said
"Isabel and Kyle are really pissed at me for something. Isabel wouldn't say a thing to me and Kyle acted sick to be around me."

Michael scowled
"Alex was acting that way too…Alex. I can understand Isabel and maybe even Kyle, but Alex is never like this."

Liz started to panic
"Do you think they know Michael?" Liz asked hurriedly

"How could they Liz. They would have had to have seen us and there's no way-

Michael stopped talking when he saw Liz's face drop face drop

Liz slid down the lockers with her back, and her hand covered her mouth. It had hit her like a ton of bricks


Liz couldn't finish her sentence she broke down into uncontrollable sobs.
Michael knelled down beside her
"Liz what happened?"

"We had a date last night Michael…Max and I" She managed to choke out
"I completely forgot with everything that happened. He probably saw us when he came to get me. OH GOD"

Liz curled her arms around her legs and began shook from the sobs wracking her body.

"Shit! Oh shit" Michael repeated as he paced the halls
"Are you sure Liz?" Michael asked urgently

"Remember at Senor Chows when I said we needed to make it quick because I had a date with max? God I can't believe I forgot"

Michael searched his mind for that part of last night. he remembered her saying it
"F*ck" He screamed as he slammed his fist into his locker leaving a large dent behind
"Come on Liz." He said as he pulled her up from the floor
"We have to talk to them! NOW!"


The six of them sat silently eating their lunch just waiting for the moment that they all knew was about to come, but so far their was no sign of Michael and Liz.

"Are you sure its what it looked like?" Kyle asked
"I mean I have known Liz forever and she is not the type of person to do something that cruel"

Kyle couldn't help but feel that Liz would never do a thing like what they had told him, and with Michael! He knew how crazy she was for Max

"What else could it have been?" Isabel replied coldly
"I can't believe your standing up for her"

"I am just trying to see both sides of the story" Kyle mumbled quietly

"Get real Kyle. I mean how did they just happen to lose all their close and end up together in Liz's bed?" Tess snapped

Kyle felt sick this was just the perfect opportunity for Tess to grab Max for herself and forget all about him.

Max and Maria remained silent in this conversation


Michael pulled her outside and led her to their usual table where everyone sat eating their lunch.

"Well well well" Isabel said coolly
"If it isn't our happy couple"

Isabel looked up and saw that Liz had been quite clearly crying recently
"Ah trouble in paradise already?"

Max looked up and saw her fresh tears. He wanted to run to her to hold her and tell her that everything was forgiven but then he saw the way Michael was grasping onto her hand. His blood boiled again.

Liz finally spoke up
"Look I know what you saw looked bad but it isn't how it looks we-

'Spare me the details Liz" Maria said angrily

"Maria" Liz tried

"Can it"
"I don't understand how you can even try to lie about this. Max and I saw the two of you together clear as day. What? Did your clothes just happen to fall off and you tripped and fell onto each other? Huh?"

"Maria it not like tha-

"Michael you do not even deserve the right to talk to me. So shut the f*ck up"

"You don't understand Maria" Liz sobbed.

"I don't want to Liz, and I really don't want to hear your sorry ass excuses as to why you, my best friend, was in bed with my boyfriend."

Maria took a deep breath and then continued talking

"From now on Liz. We are NOT friends. The damage you caused is irrevocable. I could have seen this from Michael but not from you. What we had I thought was special. Boy was I wrong. Do not call me. Do not come to my house, and do not try to talk to me. We are done"

And with that Maria walked away from the group

"Maria wait" Michael said as he grabbed her arm to keep her from leaving. She spun around and punched him in his left eye.

"Stay the f*ck away from me Michael" She yelled

Alex got up and chased after stopping only a moment in front of Liz
"I never thought of you so badly before Liz. You have lost all of my respect."
Then he ran to catch up with Maria

"Max" Liz spoke softly
"You really can't think-

"Liz just stop ok." He looked down and then back up at her
"Nothing you can say will ever change what you did. You hurt me in a way that I didn't know I could hurt. Down to the core. I have nothing to say to you. I never want to see you again."

And with that Liz felt what was left of her heart shatter into a million pieces. He didn't even say much not like Maria but what he did say killed a huge part of her and she broke down into complete hysteria and ran off into the building.

Then Max's eyes turned to Michael
"Get out of my sight. I can't believe I once considered you my brother."

Michael stared back at him for a long moment and then ran off in the direction Liz had fled.

To be continued….

Part four A

From part three

"Liz just stop ok." He looked down and then back up at her
"Nothing you can say will ever change what you did. You hurt me in a way that I didn't know I could hurt. Down to the core. I have nothing to say to you. I never want to see you again."

And with that Liz felt what was left of her heart shatter into a million pieces. He didn't even say much not like Maria but what he did say killed a huge part of her and she broke down into complete hysteria and ran off into the building.

Then Max's eyes turned to Michael
"Get out of my sight. I can't believe I once considered you my brother."

Michael stared back at him for a long moment and then ran off in the direction Liz had fled.


Max laid his head in his hands. That had been the hardest thing he had ever done, especially what he had said to Liz. It broke his heart to see the look on her face. He felt the first tear slip out and then he just couldn't stop them from coming. He soon felt an arm circle around him and he knew it was Tess.

"Don't touch me" He said forcefully

She withdrew as if burned

Max looked in the direction that Michael had chaced after Liz. He felt a surge of jelousy pass through him. Since when was it Michaels job to comfort Liz that used to be up to him. He sighed and dragged his fingers through his disheaveled hair. He closed his eyes tightly and tried to stop the tears from falling.

"Was it just me or could anybody else see the exact moment that Liz's heart shattered into a million pieces?" Kyle asked the remaining members of the group

"Shut up Kyle" Isabel warned

"I am sorry its just you didn't even let them finish a sentence"

"whose side are you on anyways?" Tess asked him?

"So we are choosing sides now?" Kyle sighed

He didn't want to betray Liz but he wasn't ready to give up Tess yet and he knew that is was either her or Liz no in between
"Yours of course"

Nicholas watched the scene unfold in front of him from behind a tree. His plan was working more perfectly than he could have ever hoped for. The look of Little Liz's face had been priceless it was almost identical to the look that he had witnessed on Zan's the day before. Like that human Kyle had mentioned he too could pinpoint the exact moment that Liz's heart had broken, and he had branded that image into his mind for all time. He had successfully put a wedge between the group, that could possibly remain there for all time. They hadn't even listened to Rath and the queen, or perhaps all of this could have been worked out. Zan would be kicking himself for this someday, but by then It will be too late. He couldn't wait to see what good Zan would do with out his Queen and his second at his side. Vilandra and Ava were useless without the other two, and Ava was pretty much useless all together. He still couldn't believe they thought she was the queen. He laughed quietly at this. Oh well it works so very well to his advantage. He turned around and left the school with a grin on his face


Michael had eventually found Liz curled up in a ball in a corner of the library. He went over and sat down beside her. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes filled to the rim with unshed tears and he couldn't help but pull her into his arms. He felt an unfamiliar wave of protectiveness wash over him. It was almost as if the fact that Max would no longer be doing it he was responsible for the duty, and he knew he would he would protect her keep her safe as long as Max wasn't there to, and then even if he was. She looked up again

"They won't even listen Michael. How are we supposed to tell them the truth if they won't even listen? None of them ever want to see me again they hate me. Everyone hates me"

Michael felt his heart break for the second time that day
"I don't hate you"

All Michael wanted to do is just go home and cry. Of course he would never show it but he was having just as much trouble as Liz, but he needed to be strong for her. One of them had to be or they would both fall apart.

"Lizzie just give them some time to cool off. I am sure that everything will be ok eventually" He said trying just as much to convince himself as he was her.


The bell rung and Max bolted out of the school to avoid seeing either of them. He quickly got in his jeep and sped away, the events of the day were too fresh in his mind, he had to be alone, away from both of them. He wanted to believe that it wasn’t true and deep in his heart he did believe but he couldn’t deny what he saw... the two people he thought would never betray him in each others arms


Liz watched as Max drove away and felt the tears sting her eyes again. Max normally gave her a ride home. She turned around when she felt a strong hand on her shoulder. Michael.

“Whats wrong Lizzie?” he asked

And then the tears quickly turned to sobbing as everything flooded to the surface
“God Michael! Max usually gives me a ride home and now he isn’t”

Michael pulled her into a hug
“Oh Liz I am so sorry this all happened” Michael soothed

“and he probably won’t talk to me ever again.” Liz continued
“ And I don’t even have a best friend to cry on cause she hates me too.” Liz chocked out

Michael didn’t know what to say so her walked her over to his bike and handed her a helmet
“hop on.”

As they rode along the highway on Michaels bike both hoped that it would get better.

But it never did…

It had been 5 months

Liz had filled Maria's answering machine begging for forgiveness until her number had finally been blocked. She had refused to talk to her and had even quit her job at the Crashdown and started working for Brody at the UFO Center with Max.
Max was just the same he never answered her phone calls and deleted the messages. She wrote emails and even went over to his house numerous times only to be sent away be either Isabel or one of his parents Saying that he didn't want to see her. It had torn her up inside when Max asked to change lab partners and ended up with Vicky Delaney. Liz got stuck with Pauley one of Kyles old football buddies.

Michael had tried as well but not like Liz had. He was just too proud when it came to Max and any time he tried to approach Maria she would slap him or knee him in the groin (she had done that twice) It hadn't taken him long to stop trying. He said that they had nothing to apologize for and that Maria and Max should at least listen to them and that they would come to him when they were ready to be friends again.

After months Liz had finally given up. It was all a waste. The completely excluded them from everything they did. They refused to talk to either her or Michael. It wasn't only her relationship with Maria and Max that had suffered tremendously Alex was not speaking to her and Isabel hated her. Kyle was the only one who was friendly but that was only when none of them were around.

The only glimmer In her life was that she and Michael had gotten closer. I guess when you only have each other you tend to get closer. He was becoming a pretty great friend she saw a side of him that she never knew was there.

Months flew by and she and Michael hadn't spoken to anyone but Kyle, and even then it wasn't how it used to be and it was never for long because one of the others were always around. They worked side by side at the Crashdown every night partly because they were short on staff and partly because they had nothing else to do.

But one night at opposite ends of Roswell two bodies shot up out of bed
“They’re gone”


Part 4b

Liz shot up out of bed. She was shaking and covered in sweat. Max. They were gone. She could feel it. The tears started to burn in her eyes. He hadn’t even let her speak to him to explain that nothing had happened between she and Michael, and now now she would never get the chance. She whiped the tears away and went out on her balcony to look at the stars. Her gaze was immediately drawn to Antar, to Max.

Michael bounded out of bed and threw on some clothes before racing to the Crashdown. He had to see Liz. Had she felt it too? He got on his bike and drove over quickly the small town of Roswell zooming past him.. He pulled into the alley and jumped off his bike then climbed up to her balcony where he found her staring at the stars, particularly at the V constelation .
“You felt it too didn’t you Michael?” She asked still looking towards Antar.

Michael nodded.

“You know that this entire year I haven’t spoken to Max once? And yet I have always been able to feel him Michael. I can’t feel him anymore.” Liz whispered

Nothing else needed to be said as they both moved to the ladder and climbed down towards Michaels bike. The were going to the granolith. They both had to see for themselves. To know for sure that it was true, that they were gone.

Liz knew in her heart what they would find there. They would find it empty. They were gone they had left them here. The cold night air whipped through her hair and sent it flowing in waves behind her. She couldn’t help her eyes from drifting up to the stars where the love of her life had gone and taken a chunck of her with him. She felt so empty. She tightened her arms around Michael clinging to him as though her life depended on it. He was the only one she had left.

Michael sped into the desert towards the desert. Many different emotions were plauging him. Sadness, Love, Protectiveness, Betrayl, And Anger. He didn’t know what to think so he forced it all back, they didn’t call him Michael stonewall Guerin for nothing. Michael parked his bike where he always had and they started the short hike up to the granolith chamber. He waved his hand over the rock and a glowing handprint appeared, he placed his hand on the hand print and the wall opened . When they walked inside they were met with an earie silence. The familiar hum of the granolith was no longer there

Michael walked over to the lifeless machine and placed his hands on it tracing it with his fingers. He felt a rage start to boil inside of him. He couldn’t go home. Liz seemed to sense this and came over and pulled him into her embrace.
“Michael it will be ok. You never know maybe...maybe they will come back”

Michael shot her an angry look.
“God Liz how can you take this so lightly. You know that not true. I just lost my one way to go home and just lost Max.”

Liz’s eyes began to tear up and Michael felt bad instantly
“Oh gosh...Liz I am so sorry. I say things without thinking. I’m really sorry”

Liz wiped the tears away
“Hes really gone isn’t he?”

Michael remained silent and Liz continued to cry. When her sobbing had calmed she turned
“I am sorry Michael. I know how much it meant to you to go home.”

Micheal nodded
“Its not your fault, but thanks.” he replied quietly.

Liz moved towards the exit but stopped when she came near Max’s pod. She touched it and sighed deeply. She missed him so much.


three hours earlier

“I can’t believe were actually doing this” Isabel said with a slight quiver.

“I know” Max replied
“But we have to Iz. We’re needed. You heard the message we need to follow our destinys. When we reach Antar I will marry Tess and take my place as king.”

“But Max-”

“No buts Isabel. There is nothing to keep us here...nothing” Max said the last part quietly

Max let his thoughts drift to Liz. He began to massage his temples. he missed her so much, but he was still so hurt. It had been so hard to ignore her, to delete her emails, to listen as his parents turned her away at the door, but he couldn’t talk to her she had hurt him too bad. Her and Michael were the two people he trusted the most. He had even been willing to sacrafice his destiny to be with her, and then she...well he didn’t even want to think about it, it would hurt to much.

“But Max...What about Michael? He has always wanted to go home the most.”

“Well he should of thought about that before he fucked my girlfriend!” Max shouted

Isabel looked down
“Hes one of us though Max are you sure we don’t”

“We don’t need him Iz! Our powers are much stronger now than what they used to be. The sessions with Tess have really been helping.”

“Your right. I know your right. I’m just making excuses Max. I am really scared. And Mom and dad...”

“We have to let go Iz. Of them, of Earth. We’re running out of time. we need to make the tape and get the others.”

Max turned on the camera and then sat down on the bed beside Isabel
“Mom, Dad, we know that in some way you always knew we were different...”

Isabel continued
“We want you to know that we love you so much. We're orphans, we could have ended up anywhere, with anyone, but we got you. What is it they say? There but for the grace of god. I'm sorry, I'm sorry to leave you, but we have to go. I wish we didn't, I wish I could just be your girl for ever, but um... “

“You were great parents to us. We will always, always love you. Thank you, for everything. And goodbye.”

Max got up and turned of the camera, then turned to Isabel.
“It's time”


Liz knocked on the door of the Valenti home. She needed to speak to Kyle. He must be devastated she thought. He loved Tess. The door opened to reveal a very upset Sheriff Valenti.

“Sheriff. I Am sorry about the time...I ...”

“We need to speak to Kyle” Michael finished

“Sheriff are you all right? We have to tell you something.” Liz asked

He gestured them into the room and then went into the kitchen to retrive something. He came out holding a letter. He handed it to Liz who read it. Her face turned pale again.

“Liz what is it? Let me see?” Michael commanded

Liz and Michael, and Valenti

We have found a way to make the granolith work and are returning to Antar. Alex, Maria and Kyle are coming with us. By the time you get this letter we will already be gone so don't bother trying to stop us. We just thought we needed to tell you. We are going home.
Max Isabel Tess Alex
Maria and Kyle

Michael stood there in shock with the letter clutched tightly in his hand. His emotions threating to surface. Maria had gone too. he felt his stonewall breaking down. He had to get out of there. Michael got up and bolted out the door.

Liz felt the tears coming again. Her three best friends were gone. It had been bad enougth when it was just Max Isabel and tess. But not Maria! Not Alex! Not Kyle! She ran over to Valenti and threw herself into his open arms.

2 hours earlier

Max and Isabel arrived at the Valenti household to find the rest of the group already there
Kyle bounded up to them immediately
“Aern’t we even going to say goodbye?”

“No Kyle. Were not.” Max replied coolly

“I can’t believe this!” Kyle shouted
“You guys may not speak to them anymore but Liz is still my friend.”

“Well stay with Liz then. Maybe if your lucky she’ll start sleeping with you too.” Maria replied with an icy glare

“Thats not what I meant and you know it” Kyle replied back
“Not saying good-bye to my father is hard enougth, but Liz and Michael too. All I’m saying is-”

“Kyle they would try to stop us and we don’t have enougth time. It leaves with or without us in it very soon.” Tess said

Kyle hung his head in defeat

“Besides we are leaving them a note. They will know where we went just not until we are already there.” Alex added as he pulled the note he had written out of his pocket placing it on the coffee table where Valenti was sure to find it when he got home from work

Max took a deep breath
“Well this is it I guess. I have to ask one more time. Maria Alex Kyle. Are you sure you want to come? I mean we don’t know whats going to happen to us when we get there. It could be dangerous. It will be dangerous. There is a war going on up there. And you may not ever be able to come back to Earth.

“I am with Isabel. Where Ever she goes I go.” Alex replied immediately bringing her hand up to his lips

“What would I do here? Watch Liz and Michael get together? No. I am with you guys. I want to help my REAL friends.” Maria said in a cold tone

“I’m with you...all the way” Kyle said as he looked longingly at Tess.
She felt something for him he was sure of it. They had grown close in the last months. He just had to try a little harder, just to get her off this destiny kick. max would be king and he would be able to pick whatever bride he wants, and he and Tess would be free to be together. He smiled inwardly.

“Well then lets go” Max called and they left.
Kyle took one last look at the house he had called his home for his entire life and then followed them out shutting the door to an old life and starting a new with Tess.

they arrived at the Granolith Chamber after nearly an hour and after getting rid of the jeep headed up the rocky cliff to the entrence to the Chamber. Max waved his hand and a handprint appeared he placed his hand over it and the rocks slid open. All six of them entered the chamber and stared in wonder at the sight befoer them. The granolith was growing brighter than they had ever seen it, and its hum had grown louder.

“Its almost time” Tess said.

“Its now or never Max said as he reached up and plaved his hand over the glowing machine and was sucked inside. Each of them did this one at a time until all of them were inside. Kyle closed his eyes right before the granolith shot up into the sky. On the other side of town two bodies shot out of bed
“They’re gone”


Part 5


Kyle opened his eyes when he found himself standing in what appeared to be a granolith chamber. he looked over at the five others around him. They too were taking in their new surondings. It had seemed like only a second went by since he was on Earth. he wondered how long it had actuaally taken.
“Hey you guys” he asked but was stopped abruptly when the door to the chamber opened and a man walked in

The man was tall, built big, jet black hair, yet that wasn’t the first thing you noticed when you looked at him. You first saw his eyes, his chilling blue eyes.
The man looked at Max coldly.
“Your highness. At last we meet.” He smirked

“Kivar” Max spat.

Kivars stare moved from Max and landed on Tess. He smiled
“Tess. Come here. I have so missed your company.”

Tss started moving towards Kivar and when she reached him he pulled her in to a passionate kiss.

Kyle stood there motionless.

Max was uncertain
“Tess?” he asked his confusion evident

Kivar snickered
“You stupid humans, your so easy to fool. Little Tessie here has been working for me the whole time.”

Tess smiled evily at them
“It was all too easy with you falling for every trap we laid”

Isabel was completely shocked . She had called this girl her friend had listened to every thing she had told them about destiny, their powers everything. She felt herself getting sick.
“Why?”Isabel stuttered out

Kivar smiled at her looking up and down her body
“All in good time” he replied

Max felt a wave of fury hit him and he raised up his hand and focused his energy into a power blast. Kivar easily raised a sheild and fired back at him with one of even greater power. Max was knocked to the floor.
“Gaurds” Kivar called and 6 armed soldiers came in to escort them away.

Kivar turned to leave but before he did he turned around and added
“Oh and by the way. Nothing really happened” He said cryptically



Michael had run out of the Valenti home at his top speed and hadn’t stopped running. He didn’t know where he was running to, but he didn’t stop, he just kept on running. Finally exhaustion overtook him and he cloapsed onto the ground. His stonewall broke and he cried. he felt so betrayed. His family had left him. They left and went home without him. Nad then there was Maria. he couldn’t believe she was gone. Over the past months they hadn’t been friends at all, but she was still there he could still look at her and see her smiling and laughing with her friends. maria watching had become one of his favorite hobbies lately, and now she was gone, and he was alone. Except for Liz. Liz was the only one left. The only person who hadn’t betrayed him. He wipped the tears away from his eyes and looked up to see where he had ended up. When he saw he couldn’t help but laugh. The Evans house. Michael took one last look before whispering

When Liz finally pulled away from Valenti they both went into the living room and sat down on the couch. They were both silent for long moments. Valenti spoke first
“How are you holding up?” He asked in a voice she had never heard from him before. It sounded weak, defeated.

Liz shook her head
“I don’t know Sheriff.” Liz answered
“I really feel like a big chunck of me is missing. I mean those people...were my life. Maria Alex and Kyle. We grew up together. And Max...” She let her sentence trali off

Valenti looked at he with sympathy
“Liz I know you don’t believe this now, but it will get better. Very slowly. You will heal a little every day.”

Liz nodded her head. She didn’t believe it for a moment and she was pretty sure he didn’t either.
“What about you?” She asked

He shook his head
“I can’t talk about it Liz. I just lost my only son”

Liz nodded her head slowly.They both fell silent and were still thqat way when Michael came back into the house.

“Liz can I talk to you?” Michael asked

“Yeah of course” She answered

“I’m sorry I rushed out like that.’ Michael said hurriedly
“I just had to think, and well Liz its only us now. Your the only one who hasn’t...left me, and I just wanted to say...” Michael struggled
“You know”

Liz smiled

One year later

Four people sat very uncomfortably around a dinner table at a crowded restuarant.

“So What is it exactly that you do Jay?” Liz asked

“Oh well I’m un-employed at the moment, but someday I am gonna start a band and be the next Jonathon Davis.”

Liz smiled polietly at her blind date and shot michael a Thanks-for-setting-me-up-with-your-loser-friend look

“What about you” he asked

“I’m studying to be a micro biologist” She answered

Jay’s face clouded with confusion
“Aern’t those the people that train dolphins?”

Liz sighed

Jay shrugged
“Sorry. I failed bio.”

A rock song came on and Jay looked up
“Oh I love this song. I can play this!”

Then he proceded to play air guitar and head bang

Liz looked away, as if searching for an exit.

Across the table

Michael ran a hand through his hair. Gosh did she ever stop talking? Man she talks twice as much as Mar- No don’t go there.
He was jarred out of his thoughts with

“Michael Michael! Did you hear me? I asked you a question.”


“No sorry. what was the question?

“I was just wondering why your hair was so long? I mean most guys prefer it short, and I really think that short would be much better on you. If were going to be a couple I think you should cut your hair...and lose that Metalica shirt. Right now you just don’t match my ensemble”

Was this chick for real he thought to himself. First date! Blind-Date even and she was trying to change him.

“I like my hair the way it is.” Michael replied rudely
“And my clothes are fine.”

Janice’s face dropped
“Well then”


“You know Janice” Liz tried “Michaels an artist”

“Oh thats nice” She replied coldly


“Liz did you know Jay is thinking of starting a band?” Michael attempted

‘Yes. I heard”


the waiter came by
“Can I get you guys anything else or will that be all?”

Three voices sounded at once

Jay looked up and put down the silverware he was using as drum sticks
“Actually I’d like some dessert”


Liz and Michael arrived back at their shared apartment

“What were you thinking of setting me up with her? Did you hear her little speech on what I should dress like if we were going to be a couple?”

“No” Liz replied
“I was too busy trying to ignore Jay drumming on the table.”

“Hey Jays not that bad” Michael defended his friend

“Yeah sure” She replied sarcastically
“Michael he thought a Micro boilogist was someone who trained dolphins!”

“Fine I admit it Jay was a mistake, but your friend janice wasn’t too great either.” He said falling onto the couch
“How do you know her anyways?” He asked

“She was my old roommate before you moved here to Albuquerque” Liz replied as she too sunk down onto the couch
“Maybe the two of us just aern’t meant to date.” Liz said sadly
“I mean look at our romantic history. Our ex’s went to a different planet just to get away from us.”

Michael smiled a little

“Well I am going to bed. See you in the morning” Liz said as she walked down the hallway into her room.


Later that night two bodies shot out of bed

I will post the next part later tonight!


Part 6

Michael woke covered in sweat. he jumped out of bed pulled on pants and a shirt and ran into Liz’s room across the hall. He found her in the smae position he had been in moments before. Sitting straight up covered in sweat.

“Michael whats going on?” She asked
“I felt something” she said quietly “You don’t think it could be-”

“I don’t know.” Michael said quickly

“All I know Michael, is that we need to get to Roswell and to the granolith. We’ll find our answers there.”

“How do you know Liz?

“I just do Michael” Liz answered in a whisper.

A few hours later they both found themselves outside the cave that neither of them had set foot in since that night a little over a year ago. Neither knew what to expect, if any thing at all . Michael tenitively waved his hand over the mark and placed his hand into the glowing hand print the wall slid open and they walked into the granolith chamber.

Liz sucked in a breath when she heard the sound. The hum of the granolith was back.
“Michael” Liz whispered

No sooner had the word come out of her mouth that a bright light filled the room and the both fell to the floor. When they opened their eyes they were shocked by the person standing in front of them.

The woman was beautiful. Long golden hair tumbled down her back in loose curls. She wore a long white formal gown. Liz looked at her eyes. They were a deep brown in color. She knew those eyes. She had seen them before. They were Isabels eyes. She had seen this woman before and then it all clicked. She was their mother. A flood of pain swept over her upon this realization. The last time she had seen this woman was when she learned for sure that Max and her were not meant to be. Tess was his destiny...they were probably making love right now. But why was the queen here?

Michael was filled with shock. That was Max and Isabels mother. She was the spitting image of Isabel. He tried to speak but he couldn’t find the words.

“Hello Elizabeth. Michael. I am sure you are both wondering as to why I am here. Do not fear. All your questions will be answered very shortly, but first may I introduce my self. I am Milana. Queen of Antar.”

“What...what are you doing here?” Liz chocked out.

Milana sighed
“It is a long story my child.” She stopped short and looked at Liz very closely
“My you are beautiful my dear. I can see why my son feel in love with you. You also have a beautiful soul. I can sense it. What I do not understand is why he ever gave you up. But that is for another time.”

“What do you want with us?” Michael spat
“And how can we be sure your actually the queen not some shapeshifter”

Milana smiled
“Yes there is still a general inside of you. I can see you have done a wonderful job protecting Elizabeth while the others were gone. Thank you. She is very important. You both are.”

“You didn’t answer the question” Michael replied coldly

“your right I didn’t.”

Milana closed her eyes in concentration and a moment later the royal seal began to glow on her fore head.

“Only members of the royal family carry this mark” The queen said
“The king and the queens marks are different from the rest. Ours shine the royal colors of Antar Purple and green.”

Michael seemed to be convinced enougth to listen
“Alright I’ll buy that. So what do you want?”

“Times on Antar are very rough. Kivar and his forces are winning, and it will not be long before he gains control of the entire planet. My husband and I had up until recently been able to maintain control of a large portion of the planet, but no longer.”
Milana looked down
“Kivar captured my husband and executed him. It is only me now, and although my people respect and love me as their queen they have lost hope with the death of their king. I do not know where my children are or if they are even alive.”
She paused for a moment
“Which is why I am here. It is written that my son would fall in love with a woman from Earth, and that she would reunite the planets. My dear Elizabeth I beleive you are that woman. I do not know what caused my son to leave without you for it was not intended to happen that way at all, but it does not matter. We need you”

“But Max was supposed to be with Tess. Shes his destiny.” Liz said

“Yeah” Michael added
“We both saw the orb. You said so yourself that Tess and Max were meant to be together , and Isabel and I.”

The queen huffed
“All Lies. The royal family does not use orbs, nor do true antarians, the skins are the only ones to use them. Besides You and Vilandra, Excuse me isabel. That is proposterous. You two have always been like brother and sister.”

“But Tess said-” Liz started

“Tess is a traitor. The moment she and the others reached Antar she turned them over to Kivar.”
Milana looked at the granolith whose hum had grown louder.
“There is no more time for questions. The granolith will leave soon.I need to know your answers. Please Antar needs you both.

“But my parents and Valenti-”

“They will all be protected and will think you aretaking an extensive tour of the world until you can return and tell them otherwise.”

“Please” Milana begged

Liz turned to Michael and he nodded
Liz turned to the Queen
“Yes. I will go with you.”

Milana turned to Michael with hopeful eyes

“I’ve been protecting Liz for over a year now and I am not going to stop now” Michael said wrapping a protective arm around her shoulders.

Milana smiled brightly at both of them
“Then follow me”

She placed her hand upon the granolith and was sucked into it. Liz followed and then Michael. with a bright flash of light they were transported to a beautiful planet far away


From Part 6

Liz turned to Michael and he nodded
Liz turned to the Queen
“Yes. I will go with you.”

Milana turned to Michael with hopeful eyes

“I’ve been protecting Liz for over a year now and I am not going to stop now” Michael said wrapping a protective arm around her shoulders.

Milana smiled brightly at both of them
“Then follow me”

She placed her hand upon the granolith and was sucked into it. Liz followed and then Michael. with a bright flash of light they were transported to a beautiful planet far away

Part 7

What seemed like only moments later Liz opened her eyes. They were standing in a cave that looked much like the last one. She and Michael exchanged nervous glances, and followed the queen to the enterance of the cave. She opened the door and the Antarian sun shown through the opening.

All three of them stepped outside into the sun. Liz took a moment to take in her surrondings. The sun was a gorgeous red unlike Earths yellow, and the sky was still blue but tinted purple. The tall emerald colored trees swayed softly in the light breeze. From where they stood on top of a steep cliff you could see a beautiful field of flowers below in the valley and if you looked further still there was a Beautiful lake with shimmering light blue water.

“Its beautiful” Liz sighed

“Yes” agreed Queen Milana
“And someday it will all be yours.”

Liz jerked her head towards the other woman

The queen repeated herself
“One day you will rule all of this.”

Liz began to shake her head
“No. You said you needed us to come and help you reunite your planet, you never said anything about me ruling a planet! And besides. I could only become queen if I married royalty, and both of us know that is not going to happen. You only have one son, and who knows where he is.”

Milana nodded
“This is true what you say, however I am the only one of my family left Elizabeth, and for all I know my children are lost to me. So as Queen and soverign ruler of Antar I am making you my heir.”

Michael heard none of this. He thoughts were occupied with his surrondings. He was finally home. he had longed for this day for as long as he could remeber to come home and fufill his destiny. Perhaps he had family here.
“Queen Milana. Do I have family here? Michael asked

Milanas face grew sad.
“I will answer all your questions but we musn’t stay here. It is not safe.”

Milana began to lead them down the path to the escort that was waiting for them below to take them back to the palace. Michael grew excited as he neared the very soldiers he may one day be leading. Liz followed behind in shock.


Max struggled with his restraints. His wrists were raw and bloody. He felt very weak from their last session with Kivar. It had been the worst they had recieved in the year he had been on this hell hole. He looked up at the others, the wern’t fairing too well either. Every night he prayed to whatever higher power he could think of to get his powers back so he could heal the others, but they had been gone since Kivar had removed them when they first arrived.

Kivar had been particularly brutal in his attacks today, it was long and very painful. It was almost as if he was angry about something. As usual the blunt of the torture had been on him, but he didn’t mind it. If him getting hurt meant the others were spared a little pain he would gladly take it.

Even so out of all of them Kyle was fairing the worst. He had been absolutely devestated when they had found out about Tess’s betrayal. He had been so in love with her, and she made sure to rub it in his face when ever she got the opputunity to do so.

Alex was doing alright he and isabel fed off each others strength. They really kept each other alive. Max hated to think what would happen if he seperated the two.

But the worst of all even worse than physical pain was what Kivar did to the women. Theirs was mostly emotional and mental tortures. Midwarp was a favorite trick. Making them think hes killing the others in front of them. Max could only pray that the torture stopped there for the women, that they hadn’t been...He couldn’t even finish the thought. If something like that had ever happened none of them told him.

Sometimes Kivar would use the mental games on the men as well, but not usually he enjoyed physical pain much too much.

Mostly he wondered why they were even still alive. Max had seen the brutal murder of his father a few months ago, which had made him think that they were next, but yet here they all were still alive.

Max hated his existance here. He had come back to save his people only to be thrown in a cell to rot and die. He often thought back to the better times on Earth times when he still had his best friend and the love of his life. He tried to keep his mind positive when his thoughts returned to Liz and Michael.He tried to think of he and Liz’s first kiss and him and Michaels basketball games on Sunday morning, but no matter what his mind would drift back to the day his life started to fall apart. He hadn’t been the same since he saw them together. he had given Liz his heart and now that he was gone, it felt like part of him was missing...the part that she stilll held. Try as he might to forget her he couldn’t Liz was the only one for him. he couldn’t believe he had ever listened to the traitor and actually believed that he was supposed to be with her not Liz. Tess. God, that name made his blood boil. She had led them right to Kivar. He hated her. He could think of only one person who could actually hate her more.

Kyle didn’t bother to struggle against the restrants keeping him tied to the cold white walls of their cell, his wrist hurt enougth as is. He simply didn’t have any strength left. The torture today had been terrible. Kivar was deffinately in a bad mode. And then he had to deal with Tess taunting them for around an hour. He still couldn’t believe she had done that to him. He loved her, he was sure that he felt something back and so he stupidly followed her to Antar and left behind his father and a close friend. His heart was broken. He didn’t know if it was possible for him to ever Love again. He felt dead inside.

Max looked up when he heard the door to their cell slide open


Every member in the room glared at the short teenager. They had all learned the hard way that Nicholas’ looks were decieving. He was very powerful.

“Well well well.” Nicholas sneered
“Whats with all the glares? If looks could kill”

“What do you want Nicholas?” Max finally asked

He held up his hands in front of him.
“Hey I just want to talk.”

“Theres nothing to talk about” Alex replied coldly

Nicholas smiled
“Oh thats where your wrong”


The car pulled up in front of a beautiful palace

Liz sucked in her breath at the sight of it. It was a beautifully sculptured palace. It was white and silver in color. and the tallest towers were adorned with beautiful angelic figures. To the right side of the palace was a large maze, and you could see that in the middle of it was a beautiful garden full of White and red roses, tulips and daisys. Liz stepped out of the car and enhaled the air. The scent of roses filled her nose.

“Its beautiful” Liz expressed to Milana

“Thank you Elizabeth”

The three of them were then escorted into the enterence of the palace. One inside Liz was even more amazed, for the only thhing that could rival the beautiful outside was the inside. She had never seen such elegence before.

“I know you two have a lot more questions, and I promise that I will answer each and every one of them, but right now we must get you settled into your rooms, and get you some clothes.”

With that two people entered the room. One was a kind looking elderly gentleman, and the other was a beautiful young woman around Liz’s age.

“Elizabeth, Michael” She addressed them
“This is Andre and his daughter Marguerite. They have served us kindly for many years and are very good friends”

“Nice to meet you” Liz smiled

“hey” Was Michaels responce

“They will take you too your rooms and get you settled. When you are settled and dressed for dinner please come down stairs to the dining hall and we will discuss everything there. I must attend to some business. Excuse me”

And with that she walked off

“Right this way” Andre replied

As the made their way up the grand staircase Andre spoke again
“You two will both be staying in The East wing. The Queen’s chambers are in the West Wing.”

“So how are you two enjoying Antar so far? I hear it is a little different from Earth.”

“Its a little overwhelming” Liz admitted

“Its ok” Michael replied in his usual manner to people he didn’t know.

When they reached The east Wing michael and Liz were shown rooms right across from each other.

“Looks like the same set up as our apartment on Earth” Liz joked

Michael smiled, and headed into his room.

Liz’s room

“Sure is big” Liz said as she flopped down into her gigantic bed

“Yes it is” Marguerite replied
“Miss Elizabeth What wou-” She was cut short by Liz

“Please call me Liz”

Marguerite smiled
“If you wish. But Liz what would you like to wear for dinner

Liz looked down at her jeans and sweater
“Isn’t this fine?” She aske

Marguerite smiled again
“It is tradition that dinner be be formal”

“Oh” Liz said

Marguerite walked over to the large wardrobe and pulled out a beautiful blue gown and handed it to Liz.
“I believe this is your size.”

Liz looked down at the dress. it was beautiful. In the same style as the one Milana was wearing earlier. She started to strip off her clothing and lowered the gown over her head and zipped it up. It fit perfectly

“Your right it fits.” Liz smiled at Marguerite

“Of course it does” Marguerite smiled
“Those dresses were made for you, for the future queen”

before she could reply Michael walked in the door. He took a lok at her
“Wow Liz that looks great”

Liz blushed not used to recieving compliments especially from michael

“You do look beautiful Liz. Just as they always said you would”

Liz began to feel uncomfortable and laughed nervosly

“I am sorry” Marguerite apologized
“But the story that they told of you and Zan meeting and faling in love on earth. Well I am just a huge romantic at heart falling in love at first sight! Seeing into each others souls.”

Liz fought back the tears threatening to form
“Well things don’t always trun out to be a happy ending”

“Amen to that” Michael said in a dry tone of voice as he went over and flopped down on the bed

“What max and I had was great and I will always love him, but Max isn’t with me. I don’t know where he is and even If I did. He probably wouldn’t want to talk to me”

Marguerite just smiled
“Don’t worry Liz. Everything will turn out the way it shoud”
“Now let me show you the Dining Hall”

It was at this moment that Liz finally took a lok at Michaels outfit leather pants and a black silk dress shirt. She couldn’t hold back a chuckle
“I thought leather pants were an Earth thing”

Michael glared at her
“Shut up Liz”

“Oh yes you are wrong in that statement” Nicholas continued
“I don’t know why I waited so long to tell you this, but the mood struck me today and so I am.”

“What is it Nicholas?” Isabel spat

“Patience patience Vilandra. You have waited over a year I am sure you can wait for a few more seconds. Besides this bit of information is more directed to Zany boy and Maria.”

What is this all about Maria thought to herself. He is probably just going to fuck with our heads again

Nicholas paused
“What would you think if I told you that michael and Liz never slept together.” Nicholas smiled smugly
“That I actually in fact set the entire thing up”

Max snorted
“Yeah right Nicholas. Your just trying to screw with us.”

‘Tisk tisk tisk. you should listen to me now, because who knows when the mood to tell will strike again”

“Its quite funny actually. Part of me didn’t think you would be stupid enougth to believe that your second and future queen would sleep together...but you just kept on suprising me. Oh and that whole ignoring them thing was a great touch. But by far leaving them on Earth was probably the dumbest move I think you’ve made.”

Nicholas laughed
“Liz and Michael are the other half of the royal four you idiot king...I mean you left your only way of beating us on Earth, without saying goodbye even.”

“Oh dear me” Nicholas said as he tried to control his laughter

“it was far too easy. Liz and Michael were meeting for dinner at Senor Chows, becuase Michael asked Liz for help with Maria.”

He turned towards Maria
“He wanted to do something special for you” He smiled smugly

“All we had to do was slip a little something into their drinks and bam their knocked off. We took them back to Liz’s apartment becuase we knew of your date that night” looking at Max

“Took their clothes off and put them in a very compromising position in her bed.” Nicholas smiled and walked over towards Max and knelled down

“By the way Max your little Queen has a hot little body. She has this little heart shaped birthmark on her inner thigh that I just-”

“Shut up Nicholas” Max screamed as he fought against his restraints

Nicholas got up and walked to the door.
“Well I’ll leave you with you thoughts” he said smugly before leaving the cell


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Part 8

Liz took a deep breath as she and Michael were led to the dining hall. In the brief time that she was in her room she had almost forgotten why she was here, she and Michael had joked just like they had on Earth in their apartment. But now as they were led through the palace her fears returned to her.

This was crazy. She didn’t know what to think. But it was what marguerite said that confused her most of all. She looked down at the dress she was wearing
“Those dresses were made for you, for the future queen”
Marguerites words flew around her head. She wasn’t the future queen. Tess was. She was just some girl from Earth. She didn’t know why Milana wanted to thrust her crown upon her, but she would soon take care of that. She was no queen.

Michaels head was full of questions. He was practically bursting at the seems. he needed answers and Milana was going to give them to him. He wondered if he had any family here. He smiled at the thought. Maybe he would finally find some place he belonged. He tried not to be hopefull but it was hard not to be.

Another big one was Liz. Why did Milana want her to be her heir? He had no clue. Liz was human.

Unconciousley his thoughts drifted to Max. They came to Antar. Where were they?

Liz was thinking much the same thing as they walked into the Dining Hall. Why couldn’t she feel him? Her mind wouldn’t let her think the obvious answer, there must be some other reason.

“Elizabeth. Michael. You both look wonderful.” Milana said but her eyes did not leave Liz. Her blue eyes studied her entire form.

“You are so very beautiful Elizabeth. It was always said that you would be but...I had no idea. The people are going to love you. I can tell already.”

Milana wiped a tear from her eye and gestured for them to sit
“Come over here. Sit next to me both of you. We have much to talk about”


Marguerite stepped out of the Dining Hall and walked to her and her fathers quartors. Andre was sitting on a chair reading a book. He looked up when Marguerite entered the room.
“Well?” He asked expectantly

Marguerite smiled and threw herself into his arms
“Its him pappa. I know it. I feel something from him”

“Finally” Andre rejoiced


Max couldn’t stop thinking about it. Was what Nicholas said true. He hoped it was and yet hoped it wasn’t at the same time his thoughts were confusing.

The knowlege that Liz and michael had not been together filled him with relief and made him feel happier than he had in a while, and yet the way he treated them...could they ever forgive him.

He didn’t even know if it was real. Maria was right He could have just been playing with their feelings, trying out new and horrifing means of torture and not knowing if it was true or not really was.

His heart was screaming that it was true that Liz would never do that to him. That Michael would never hurt him like that. But in his mind he still saw them lying here together.

“Do you think its true?” he finally asked

Everyone remained quiet for a moment before someone spoke up

“Yes.I think Nicholas was telling the truth” Kyle said
“Liz was head over heels for you Max, and she is just not the type of girl to do something like that.”

“But Max you saw them together. Didn’t you?” Isabel asked

“He saw what they wanted him to see” Kyle retorted

“Maybe...We should have listened to them.” Alex said his face clouded in thought.

“Oh come on you guys.” This is just Nicholas trying to mess with our heads. Trying to make us feel guilty. To think that we left our friends for nothing. Come on! Maria do you actually believe any of this?”

Maria hadn’t spoken a word since Nicholas left their cell. When she heard Isabel ask her a question she looked up with a completely sullen look on her face

“Maria...Whats wrong?” Max asked concerned

“Something that Nicholas said.” Maria sobbed
“Liz does have a heart shaped birthmark on her inner thigh.”

The room went silent


Liz and Michael moved over and sat down at the dinner table. Milana sat at the head of it and Liz and Michael sat on the chairs closest on either side of her.

“Your highness. That is something we really need to talk about. I will help you however I can, but I am certainly not a queen. I am sorry I cannot accept your offer to make me heir.”

“Elizabeth please. There is much you do not know. Listen to me before you make your decision and then if you still will not accept the title I will pass it on to someone else. I did not pick you randomly there is a reason.”

“Alright I’ll listen.” Liz agreed

Milana took a deep breath before starting.
“I am sure you have found the “Destiny” book by now.”

“Yes we have” Michael said
“Its a load of crock isn’t it?”

Milana smiled
“Yes it is. But at the time we didn’t think it was. We didn’t know about Ava until it was too late. Ava was the daughter of a respected family from Gradula the planet farthest to the right in the V constelation. Our planets were having problems and my husband and I in order to find peace arranged for the marriage of Zan and Ava. We had no idea what she was really like. Peace never came after their wedding only war.”

“Ava betrayed us all. She was Kivars lover. She told him everything about the palace, the secret entrences, our battle tactics, everything. And one day Kivar attacked. He had always hated our rule over Antar. He came in and killed each one of you. Even Tess.”

“What about Isabel and I? I know we are not meant to be together”

Milana sighed
“Your marrige was a mistake on our part as well. Isabel was growing older and needed a husband and the king and I saw they way you two acted around each other. You were always playing around and fighting. We mistook affectioon towards each other for love. You did love each other but it was more of a brother and sister type way.”

“So why are the destiny books wrong?” Liz asked

“They were not entirely wrong. They were more of a history.” She explained

“After your deaths. I sent all four of you to Earth so that you could return one day and get rid of Kivar and his folowers. Then my son and his queen would rule Antar and is planets in peace. We knew nothing of Avas true nature at the time. So I sent the book that you found down with you.”

Milana took a deep breath and shook her head
“Not long after,I went to see the oracle to ask her advice on the situation with Kivar. What she told me was not what I was expecting”

“What did she say?” Liz asked quietly

Somewhere inside her she already knew but she needed to hear it

“She said that my son would go to Earth and fall in love with a human from there and that she and all of her decendants would rule Antar in Peace for all time.”

Heheeh got ya. I learned that trick from reading Sex never seemed so appealing from Midnight magi. I bet you thought I was done with that part. I’m not

The group was completely silent for a long time. Each one deep in thought. Each one cursing themselves for many reasons.

“Oh my god” Alex moaned
“I can’t believe we did that. If only we would have listened. Liz was my best friend and I didn’t even listen...” He dropped his head into his hands as best he could with his restraints.

Alex felt like a...complete dick. Those five months on Earth after the incident with Liz and Michael he had spent so much time trying to be Marias friend that he completely forgot that he was Liz’s too. He wished that he would have talked to Liz. Got her side of the story before jumping to conclusions. Now he was never going to see her again to say he was sorry. He was going to spend the rest of his life in this cell wallowing in guilt.

“We left Michael. He was the one who wanted to come home the most” Isabel said in a soft voice as a tear slipped down her cheek

Isabel didn’t know what to think. She had betrayed one of the most important people in her life by being loyal to her brother. She hadn’t listened to a thing he said. And then they left for Antar without him...which looking at the circumstances they were in now probably wasn’t that bad of an idea. At least he wasn’t being tortured by Kivar. But he doesn’t know that. He probably hates me now. She thought. And Liz. She treated her even worse than Michael. Every time she called or came over to try and talk to them...well she wasn’t the nicest person. Isabel sighed and leaned her head on Alex’s shoulder

Kyle remained silent.
He wasn’t suprised. He knew Liz. She would never have done anything like that especially not to Max, and definately not with Michael. They were like oil and water. He just prayed she would forgive him if he ever saw her again. Kyle looked over at Max. ‘I bet hes kicking himself’ Kyle thought before he could stop himself.

“Isabel. You guys” Maria said
“I am not saying that what we did was right. We should have listened to them, but you gotta know it looked really bad. All I saw when I looked in at them was my bestfriend and my boyfriend naked in bed together. And Even though I know its not true that image will always be permenately imprinted in my mind”

Max finally spoke up
“Maria! Everyone...can you just shut up. I just found out that Liz didn’t really cheat on me with Michael. And I treated her like shit. And Michael... I just can’ with this right now...I just can’t.”

Part 9

Liz and Michael sat in stunned silence for a few moments. Milana finally broke the silence.

“I know it is a lot to take in Elizabeth, but I need you, Antar needs you. The oracle was right. Zan went to Earth and fell in love. You are the one we have been waiting for. You and your children, and your childrens children will keep Antar at peace.”

Liz finally spoke
“But we don’t even know where Max is...” Liz looked down a fought the tears that were threatening to spill
“...I can’t feel him Milana. I haven’t been able to since he left Earth.”

The queen looked grief stricken
“I know. I can’t either. I felt him and Vilandra the second they arrived on Antar, but only for a few moments and then the feeling dissapeared completely.”

“What happened?” Michael asked suddenly

“Lets not get distracted” The queen said trying to change the subject.
“The oracle said YOUR child not yours and Zans-”

“What happened to them?” Liz asked again cutting her off

The queen sighed deeply
“They were taken by Kivar and his men the second they stepped foot on Antar.”


After finding out about the others none of them were really in the mood for more talking, so they returned to their rooms.

Liz walked into her room and heard the door slide closed behind her. She had been desperately trying to keep it together, but now that she was in the confines of her own chamber she let it all out. The tears came fast a furious.

Her friends were dead.


The two people that were always there for her no matter what. She had known Maria for ever and Alex since the forth grade! They were her best friends she could tell them both anything and everything about herself and they would understand. They were her rocks. She would miss them so much. She would miss Alex and all of his computer skills, he was such a nerd sometimes. And they way that all of his song titles with the Whits had the word ‘love’ in them. She would miss they way he would always order orange soda when he was having girl troubles. The times he would comeover and stargaze with her and Maria on her balcony. His attempt at lightening up bad situations with his lame jokes. She would just miss Alex. Everything about him.

Maria was more like a sister than a friend. They shared everything together. They had both gotten their periods for the first time three days apart and had shared the experiance together. They got their first bras together. For their entire life they had done everything together...up until last year that is. And even though Maria wasn’t speaking to her she had still considered her her best friend. She always would be. Maria knew her better than anyone. She remembered back when she didn’t know about Max and the others
“Max Evans is staring at you again”
She hadn’t seen the possibilitys and denied it profusely Why would Max Evans be staring at her? But Maria saw what she couldn’t. She was going to miss her so much. Her sniffing oils. Her intresting fashion sense. Their late night talks over pints of ice cream.

Liz walked over from the entrence and threw herself on her bed. She couldn’t stand up anymore the tears were coming to hard and her knees were buckling.


He had turned out to be a great guy. Kyle was the only one who was actually kind to her over the last year. He still talked to her at school and whenever he would see her around...when he wasn’t with Tess and the others. Liz felt her heart break again. Poor Kyle. He loved Tess she was sure of it. And she betrayed him. He didn’t deserve any of this. He went for Tess she knew it. And it killed him.

She curled up into a ball and hugged her pillow to her body.


She had never really gotten to know the girl that well, but she was max’s sister and had become part of her family. She was always so perfect. Liz remembered watching her in highschool. She was always so beautiful and self assured. She would have succeeded in anything she attempted she was sure. She remebered back into a simplier time when she and Max had just started dating they were siting under a tree painting their toe nails together. they would never get to do that again.

...and Max.

Her soul.
Her heart
Her mind
Her body

Without him everything felt empty. How was she going to live without him. Sure she had been without him for a year and a half but she knew that he was there. That he was out there somewhere. And because she knew this it had kept her kept her alive. When she was with max everything felt right. She felt complete. She felt at home. She had seen into his soul his beautiful soul and had been a goner ever since. He could make her pulse quicken with a look, her heart burst with a touch and her soul sing with a kiss. He was it for her. He had ruined her for any other man. No one could make her feel the way Max Evans did. her memories of him flew at her fast.

Their first kiss on her balcony. Sitting beside him in biology class. Looking up at him after he saved her life in the crashdown. They way he kissed her onstage on her blind date. The time they almost made love on the couch at Michaels. In the desert that same night. their fist date a Senor Chows. The look on his face when he broke up with her last year.

She had so many memories of him good and bad. She just wished that she had a chance to explain what happened with her and Michael that he would have listened, that they could have been together and happy those five months insted of apart.

She squeezed the pillow tighter and cried


Michael couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Kivar had them. Kivar had gotten his family. Why had he been so stupid. He should have kept trying to talk to them insted of letting his stupid pride get in the way. Maybe then they wouldn’t have left. Maybe then he would get to see his family again...and maria. Now he never would, he would never get to tell maria that he loved her.

Michael got up from the chair he had been sitting in and punched a hole in his wall. he turned his back to the hole and slid down onto the floor.

He cried.

They were dead.

he had always hoped and prayed that he could tell them the truth. That they had to listen to them eventually. That nothing had happened between him and Liz. She was almost like a sister to him now. Now they were gone.

His thoughts were inturpted when his door slid open and Andre walked in.

“Sir I heard noises, and...”
Andre stopped when he saw the hole in the wall and Michael below it on the floor.

Andre walked closer to Michael
“Are you alright sir?” he asked

Michael couldn’t stop the Laughter
“They’re dead. He killed my family”

Then Michael was silent

“I am sorry sir” Andre said and then exited the room

It was then that Andre knew what he had to do.
Get them back from Kivar.


Marguerite walked by Liz’s room and stopped short when she heard her crying. She entered the room.

“My lady. What is wrong?” Marguerite asked as she sat on the edge of Liz’s bed

Liz sat up startled. She had not heard her come in

“I am sorry to startle you, but I pased by and heard you crying. What is wrong.”

Liz dried her eyes.
“I’m fine” Liz lied

“I know your lying” Marguerite admitted
“Talking about it will help. And I can answer any questions you have about the kingdom...or the prophecy.”

She was right. Liz really did need someone to talk to. it had been a long time since she had a heart to heart with another woman. Not since maria.
Remembering her friend brought tears to her eyes again and marguerite pulled her into a hug.

“Tell me”
Liz blinked the tears away
“All my friends were captured by Kivar when they came to Antar. it wasn’t just Max...Isabel and tess. It was my three best friends also. And now they are all probably dead.”
“I am sorry. But how do you know that they’re dead?” Marguerite asked. She knew they weren’t. She knew a lot of things.

Liz sighed and ran her fingers through her hair.
“On Earth Max and I have always had this...connection. Ever since he saved me...I could ...feel the back of my mind.”

marguerite nodded

“I knew the second that he left Earth, becuase his presence left my mind. I figured that when I came to Antar that I would be able to feel him again, but I can’t. not at all. Thats how I know he’s really dead”

“Tell me about him...about Zan.”

Liz smiled briefly
‘He was incredible. Beautiful. On the outside and even more so on the inside. When we kissed...I could see his soul. And it was amazing.”

“What happened between you two? Why didn’t you and Rath come with him to Antar?”

Liz looked down
“We had a falling out. Michael and I don’t really remeber much of what happened. We were meeting each other at Senor Chows. A chinese/Mexican restaurant in Roswell. I believe it had something to do with maria. But the next thing I remeber was waking up naked in bed with Michael. We have no idea how we got there. Nothing happened between us. michael checked with his powers and I am definately still a virgin. But they saw us together max and michaels girlfriend maria, and they wouldn’t talk to us. They wouldn’t even allow us to explain. They left for Antar without even saying good bye.”

“That was his mistake. Not listening to you. If he had things wouldn’t have turned out this way”

“What do you mean?” Liz asked confused

“Never mind” marguerite said
“I have to go attend to my dutys, but I will be back” marguerite said before walking out the door.

She needed to see her father. They needed to help Liz and Rath. It was time for action.


Michael walked down the halls of the palace to the queens quartors. He had a question that she didn’t answer earlier.

Did he have any family?

He knocked lightly on the door to her room.
The intercom came on

“Who is there?” Asked the queen

“Its Michael”

The door slid open
He walked in.

The queens chamber was very large and very grand, but he did not sped much time admiring, he had to know.

“What is it Michael” the queen asked

“There is something I need to know. Something you didn’t answer.”

They queen prepared herself for his question she knew it was coming. She was rather suprised that he took this long to ask

“Yes Michael what is it?”

He was silent a moment
“Do I have any family here?” he asked quickly

The queen looked straight at him
“No I am sorry. Your mother and your father died in the Crash.”

Michael looked down. he had been expecting that but it still hurt. All he had was Liz.”

“Michael. I am very sorry.”

Michael nodded and walked out


Kivar paced around the room. He bumped into a chair and picked it up and threw it against the wall. Nicholas entered with a smile on his face

That smile dropped of his face when he saw Kivar

“Kivar. Whats wrong”

Kivar turned around

“The idiots down on Earth lost General Rath and the girl.”

“What?” Nicholas screamed
“Courtney said she had it all taken care of that it was under control.”

“Well obviously Courtney is an idiot” Kivar fumed
“I want you to find them Nicholas. Go to Earth with a few hundred men and find them whatever you do. We can’t have that Liz girl getting pregnant.”


Marguerite walked into her and her fathers living quarters. She sat down across from her father and started talking

“I just talked with Liz.”

“And I with Michael” he replied

“I want to help them father for both of their sakes” marguerite admitted

“Michael said ‘He killed my family’”

“when will we tell him father? I want to tell him” Marguerite said


A man entered the room to talk with her father. Andre was talking with the man. Very hush hush. The man leaned over and whispered in his ear and then got up and left.

“What was that all about?” She asked

“Our spys in Kivars camp say that he is sending a lot of his men down to look for Michael and Elizabeth. Now is the time to strike. To rescue the royals, and reunite the 4 square”

With that Andre and Marguerite both held their hands out in front of them and their appearance changed from that of their normal selves into one of Kivars guards.


Part 10

Max closed his eyes and waited for the footsteps to pass thier cell. He couldn’t deal with them today not after what he had been told last night. He couldn’t believe it! How could he have been so stupid? He and Liz had something special, they had saw into each others souls and the moment something bad happened he turned his back on her. Now he might never get the chance to tell her how sorry he was. But if he could ever find a way back to Earth back to her. He would do everything he could to get her back! And then he would never let her go again. He just hoped that if he ever got the chance she would be willing to listen...he hadn’t.

Maria was having a harder time dealing with her emotions. She was stubborn. She knew she had reacted badly, and she should have known that Liz would never do that to her, but...when she saw them there together all rational thoughts flew out the window. She couldn’t help but think that she had reacted the way any noraml person would if they had been in the same situation, perhaps not as drastically as refusing to talk to them and then leaving the planet. She glanced over at Max. She could tell he was tearing himself apart over this. But then Max and Liz weren’t the ordinary couple. The shared a connection. That is probably why he looked like shit. Maria did feel bad. She had known Liz since...forever. She was her best friend she should have at least given her a chance. Michael was a differant story all together. True she should have talked to him, but she had always felt shut off from him. He never let her in. And when she saw him there sharing himself with Liz...not her. She just felt...furious. She really did miss him. She had cried herself to sleep for a long time afterwards listening to Liz try and call. After a whil;e she just shut off her ringer and at the same time shut them both out of her life forever.

The footsteps grew closer again and Max once again prayed that they would pass.

They didn’t this time.

Tess breezed in with a smug smile plastered upon her face. She wore a long black gown, fitting for someone with a soul as black as hers was. her and Kivar made a wonderful pair.

She walked in and leaned against the wall the smile never leaving her face.
“So I heard Nicholas told you our little secret.” She said her smile getting larger.

Max looked over at Kyle. He didn’t look so good

“What do you want Tess?” Isabel asked angerly

Tess smiled
“I just want to talk”

“Yeah right” kyle finally spoke up
“You just want to fuck with our heads a little more”

Tess smiiled evily and walked over to Kyle she kneeled down much like Nicholas had done the night before. She pushed her arms together so that Kyle could get a clear view of her breasts.
“You know Kyle I always thought you were really cute and, for a while there back on Earth I thought we could have had something special. We still could. What do you say” Tess said as she stroked his thigh.

Kyle struggled in vain to remaove her hands from his body
“Screw you” he spat

“Too bad” She whispered
“But thats alright Kivar is an excellent lover”

“Get out of her Tess” Alex shouted

“But don’t you want to hear my news” She asked innocently

“I think we’ve had enougth news for a while” Max said coldly

“Aww poor max” She said as she walked closer to where he sat
“We really got you good didn’t we? Making you think that Liz and Michael had sex was the most brilliant idea ever. You completely rejected the two people you needed most, and I actually made you think that we were destined to be together. Get real like I would EVER want someone like you”

She kneeled down in front of him and whispered
“Your weak.”

“But back to my news. This is actually about your two favorite earthlings. They have disappeared. No one knows where they are. They disapeared two days ago.”
She smirked
“Nicholas seemed very excited at the prospect of seeing Liz again. He kept saying something about...a birthmark”

“Fuck off Tess” Max screamed

Tess laughed
“Your so predictable”

And with that she left the room laughing.


The sunlight was streaming into Liz’s bedroom when she heard someone walk in
“Couldn’t sleep?” She asked

“Nah.” Michael replied as he jumped up on bed next to her

“Not a wink” Liz sat up and smothed down her hair.

“I’ve been thinking all night Liz. Everything is so messed up. It shouldn’t be like this. Everyone is gone”

“I know.” She replied sadly
“I cried all last night until I couldn’t anymore. I had no tears left. And then I sat thinking. What are we going to do? The queen wants me to be heir, and you to be my second, but what about Earth? I have family.”

“Well I don’t have anything left on Earth, or anyone. All I have is you Liz, and I am gonna stick with you, where ever you go.”

Michael mumbled something that Liz couldn’t make out

“What Michael?” She asked

Michael looked up and then back down to his hands
“Your like a sister to me Liz.”

Liz smiled and pulled him into a hug
“I feel the same way”

Liz pulled away and sighed
“I just wish that it didn’t have to be this way. I wish that we were never found like that. That our friends would listen to us and believe that nothing happened. I wish they were still alive.”

Michael nodded his head in agreement.
“You have no idea how much I wish that was true.”

There was a long silence before Liz spoke again

“I want to help. I want to stay and help Antar”

From the corner of the room covered in shadows Marguerite and Andre watched with a smile on their faces. They silently feld the room throught the open door and walked down the hall towards the throne room to tell the queen of their plans. They would leave out the part about finding the others. Getting the queens hopes up and then failing was not something they wanted to do. The queen thought they were dead.
“Your right father now is the time.”

“It should be intresting to see them all reunited. But we will have to go slow in bringing them back into their lives.”

“Yes I agree. I don’t think their ready.” Marguerite replied


After getting cleaned up and getting changed into their clothes for the day. Liz and Michael set off to find the queen and tell her the news. Liz would be her heir. She would help Antar.
When they reached the throne room the were suprized to see Milana talking in a hushed tone to Marguerite and Andre. The Queen looked up at them
“Elizabeth, Michael.” The queen said softly
“How are you holding up?”

“Not so good.” Liz said in a small voice
“But I’ll live”

Michael just stared

“I hope we’re not interupting something” Liz said gesturing to Marguerite and Andre

“No actually we were just finishing up” The queen offered.

Marguerite and Andre both bowed and walked out of the room but before they got all the way out she yelled
“Be safe, and good luck”

“what was that all about? Michael asked

“Nothing you two need to worry about You have enougth on your minds as it is. You don’t need to be bothered with politics and war”

“Well actually” Liz stated
“that is exactly what I wanted to talk about”

The queen looked confused but said

“I want to help. I want to help Antar and get rid of Kivar. And if you think me being heir would help I would like to do it...and I would like to make Michael my second in command”

Michael smiled at Liz and stood a little taller.

the queen put an hand to her heart and stood up off her throne and hugged Liz and the Michael
“Thank you both so much. Elizabeth the people of Antar have been losing their spirits lately. We have been losing more battles than we have been winning. Your rise to the throne as my heir and Crowned Princess of Antar will rally them all. And with sons original second I am sure the tide of the war will change in out favor. Thank you. Your saving us all.”

Liz and Michael both smiled sad smiles. It felt wrong somehow. And the both knew why. max and Isabel were missing.

Liz had always felt like a Princess and she once dreamed that she would become princess of Antar but that was because she married Max. This was just wrong. But she wanted to help. She wnted revenge for the lives of her friends even if they weren’t in the end.

The queen began to speak again
“We will have the crowning tomorrow at 12 noon. I will go make the announcement.” The queen went to leave but turned around
“Thank you”

Kivar watched as Nicholas and many of his men were transported to Earth. He clenched his hands at his sides. “They better find them” He said through his gritted teeth

He felt a warm body come up behind them
“Don’t worry. They will” Tess said.

Part 11

After a night full of tossing and turning and absolutely no sleep
Liz gave up
She swung her legs over the side of the bed and let them dangle there for a moment
This was the big day. She was being crowned today. She hadn’t been able to sleep all night thinking about it, that and her now dead 5 best friends.
She thought about how she was going to tell their parents. Diane and Phillip already knew their kids were gone, not dead but gone. But Amy and Jim, and the Whitmans. That was going to be so hard! Their kids weren’t even alens and they were killed by one. Liz sighed.
She had cried at first but after a few hours they just stopped coming.
She had to be strong today, so at that moment she pushed them to the back of her mind. She couldn’t let Antar think she was weak. She would have the rest of her life to cry over her loss, and decide what to do about everyone else.

Her thoughts were interupted when a woman came in with her breakfast
“Hello My lady. I trust you slept well”

Liz nodded her head

“We have a lot to do today” The woman continued

“Where is Marguerite?” Liz asked

The woman paused
“I am not sure My Lady, but I was sent to you in her place. We have to get you dressed and prepared for the ceremony. Most of the kingdom is already gathering at the gates. They are all very excited that the prophecy is coming true. Just buzz for me when you are finished eating” The woman finished before walking out the room

Where was Marguerite. She remebered seeing her and her father yesterday talking to the Queen. What was it that Milana said

“Nothing you two need to worry about You have enougth on your minds as it is.
You don’t need to be bothered with politics and war”

“You don’t need to be bothered with politics and war”

What did she mean by that? What could Marguerite and Andre have to do with politics and war? She hoped they weren’t in trouble. She couldn’t focus on that right now though. She had to be strong So she finished her breakfast and went to the only one left that could make her stonger.

Her rock.



Marguerite wiped at the sweat accumulating at her brow. The Sun beating down on her and the others. They all knew that breaking into Kivars camp was dangerous, but at daytime especially. They didn’t have the cover of darkness to hide them from unfriendly eyes. They could only hope that Nicholas and his troops had arrived on Earth, and knowing Kivar he probably heard about something big going on at the palace and sent some of his troops over there. If Kivar was low on defences they could get in and get themselves and the ones they were here to save out alive, if not they might not even get in.

Kivars camp lay just ahead. It was almost time. Their plan wasn’t a very elaborate one. Make a big distraction that will last long enough to get in and out. They were going to be divided into two teams. Marguerite and Andre were to be the head of A team while the B team was to be headed by General Ziek, the queens trusted second and command. General Ziek and his team were in charge of making the distraction and keeping the remaining soldiers occupied. They were going in to save the prisoners.


Liz entered Michaels room.
“Michael?” She called into the darkness

A pillow thrown towards her head was her response

“Michael. Wake up please”

“What do you want Liz?” Michael mumbled taking his other pillow and placing it on top of his head

Liz went over and sat down on the edge of the bed
“I’m scared”

Michael was up in an instant
“What are you scared of?”

“What if I am not who they think I am? What if I am a horrible princess?” She asked quietly

“Liz they will all love you, and in the very low posssibility that Maxwell feel in love with another human, then we will both go back to Earth and you will become head of Microbiology at Harvard. What made you think of this anyways Liz?” Michael asked

“I was up thinking last night”

Michael snorted
“Your just like Maxwell. You two both over analyze things to death. You two were perfect for each other”

A single tear escaped Liz’s eye.

“Whats wrong Liz? Shit. I shouldn’t have brought it up.”

“No its ok Michael...its just used past tense. Their really gone.”

They both sat in silence for a few moments.

“Well I have to get dressed for the ceremony” Liz said
“I will see you later Michael...and thanks...for listening”


They could see Kivars camp in the clearing.

“All right” General Ziek said to everyone
“Its time”

At his command evryone threw up their hands in front of them and shapeshifted into one of Kivars gaurds.

“Team B into formation” General Ziek yelled to his troops

His team gathered into one of Kivars formations very quickly. They had spent months preparing for this attack.

“Team A into formation” Andre yelled to his team

Andres team did the same


Liz spun around in front of the mirror her long white gown flowing behind her. She reminded herself of when she was a child standing in front of a mirror playing dress up in one of her mothers dresses and a pair of high heels. The dress was wearing was one of the most beautiful things she had ever worn. It reached all the way to the floor and billowed out when she twirled. It reminded her a lot of an Earth Wedding Dress. Her hair was tied up in a tight twist on top of her head. She had long whispy tendrils falling down the sides of her face.

Michael walked into the room dressed in full uniform of a General

Liz smiled
“Well we certainly look the part”

“You look great Liz. Your going to blow them away.” Michael said with a kiss to the cheek

“As will you” Liz replied

“It looks like your getting married” michael commented

“In a way...I am” Liz replied

“Hows that?” Micheal asked confused

“Marriage is a lifelong commitment to one person.” Liz said in deep thought
“By becoming heir to the throne I am making a lifelong commitment to Antar. In a way I am marrying Antar by binding myself to it. Perhaps thats why the dress is white.” Liz speculated

“You have given this way too much thought” Michael replied before sitting down.

Moments later Milana walked in
“You look beautiful Elizabeth” she said pulling her into a hug

“Thank you Milana” Liz replied with a faint blush

Milana then turned towards Michael
“You look wonderful as well” She said as she gave him a hug

Michael aukwardly hugged her back.
“Thanks” he mumbled

“Its almost time”


Andre moved the gaurds he had just knocked un oncious out of the way. They had to have a post. They couldn’t just stand there. So they knocked a few guys out and hid them around a corner. They all took the positions.

Marguerite looked down at her watch
“three... Right on time”

Team A had successfully gotten into Kivars camp, and the explosion they had just heard created by team B would be the perfect distraction while they rescued the others.

Marguerite watched as she saw around a dozen soldiers run down the hall towards the explosion. General Ziek had blown up a few cars probably.

Andre Marguerite and the rest of their team started heading down towards the way the soldiers had come from. They were close she could feel it. They stopped abruptly when they saw a blond human woman coming out of a cell.


They had found them. Tess had a content smile on her face and was obviously happy with what she had accomplished in the room she had just emerged from. Marguerite prayed that everyone was alright

When Tess was far enougth away. Marguerite used her powers to unlock the cell and the door slid open. She and Andre walked in while the other four men stood gaurd by the door.

What they saw was a site they would never care to see again. All 5 of the occupants in the room were screaming at some unseen terror. Clearly terrified.

A mindwarp.

Marguerite and Andre went around the group getting rid of Tess’s presence in their minds.

When they finally snapped out of it, it was Zan who spoke first
“Who are you? What do you want?”

With that Marguerite and Andre both changed back into their origional forms.
“Please we don’t have much time” Marguerite whispered
“We are friends of the queen. We are here to help you. You must trust us”

“How can we trust you?” Vilandra asked next

Andre touched his fore head and it began to shine the royal seal
“Only those who are loyal to the throne have this mark.”

Zan nodded his head
“Help us get out of these chains”

with a wave of his hand Andre made the chains fall off of them all

“We need to change your appearance to make it easier to get you out.” Marguerite said

Zan once again nodded his head

Marguerite and Andre went around the group one by one changing their appearance. It was a lot easier to shapeshift but since the others didn’t have this ability they had to do it for them. They had to change the molecular structure of the face and body as well as the clothes. It was very tiring and difficult to make a connection to those that they had never met but they did it.
They opened the door and escaped

Once outside of Kivars camp the groups came together again, this time with 5 extra people
Everyone changed back into their original forms

Marguerite came up to Max and Isabel and bowed
“It is wonderful to see you again you majestys. I am sure you are very anxious to get to the palace but there is something that we must discuss first”

“What is it?” Isabel asked

“Things are...different at the palace” Andre continued
“And today their is something very special going on”

“Whats going on?” Max asked

“I believe it is something you need to see for yourself, the only problem is that we don’t believe it is ready to see you, therefore for the time being you will be palace gaurds. In fact the personal gaurds to that same thing that is not ready to see you.”


“I am sorry majesty, but there will be no debating this issue. Follow me we are almost there” Andre finished as they neared the palace


The entire kingdom had gathered for the crowning

Liz was getting very nervous, in around a minute the doors to the chamber room were going to be opened and she was going to walk down the aisle to where the queen await. Michael was to follow shortly behind her.

She looked over at him. He didn’t look nervous at all
“Aern’t you nervous?” She asked but before he could reply the doors in front of her opened


“What do you mean they aern’t there?” Kivar screamed at Nicholas who had just returned by himself from Earth.

“Kivar my men and I have searched every where for The girl and Rath. they are nowhere to be found. My men are still there looking.”

‘They couldn’t have just-”
Kivar was inturupted when someone else walked through the door

“Kivar sir” the guard addressed

“What!!” Kivar screamed
“Can’t you see I am busy?”

“Yes sir” The boy stuttered
“But this is very important”

‘Well what is it then?” Kivar screamed

The guard visably swallowed
They have escaped sir.”



they reached the palcae only to find a very large crowd gathering.

“It is almost time” Andre said

Him and Marguerite went around and changed everyones appearance again. It was a little easier this time.

When they were done they pushed through the crowds and made their way towards the main gate. When they saw General Ziek and the others they were allowed through instantly. They were shown into what appeared to be the throne room. And standing at the end of the room was the queen.

All five of them sucked in a breath together. She was beautiful. She looked almost exactly like Isabel. Her eyes were fixed on a door at the other side of the room that was just opened


Liz took a deep breath and stepped forward. She saw the queen waiting for her at the end of the isle. She walked slowly with her head held high. She could hear all the people around her clapping and chearing, but she tuned it out and concintrated on the queen. She felt that familiar tugging in the back of her mind, but she ignored it. She promised herself that she wouldn’t think about Max or the others today. When she finally reached the queen she kneeled down in front of her

Then the queen spoke

“Thank you all for coming today. This day will mark a day of celebration for all years to come. Today I choose my heir.”

Then she looked down at Liz
“I queen Milana, ruler of Antar and all of its planets, dub thee Elizabeth princess of Antar and sole heir to the throne.”
“Stand up now” Milana whispered at Liz with a smile

Liz did as she was told and stood in front of the queen

Milana turned around and picked up a crown very similar to the one she wore and placed it on Liz’s head. The second the crown touched Liz’s head the royal mark shown from her forehead. The queen then took her hand and led her over to the throne and sat her down in it.

The crowd cheered and sung praises for the new princess. The queen quieted everyone down, and Liz stood up. The doors at the end of the aisle were opened again and Michael started walking towards her. When he reached Liz he knelled

Liz smiled at Michael
“I Princess Elizabeth and heir to the throne of Antar, dub thee Michael my second in command and General of all the army of antar” she touched his head and the royal mark shown brightly from his forehead as well

Michael stood up and moved to stand beside his queen...and his princess.

Max blinked his eyes. Was he dreaming? That couldn’t be? Or could it?


Part 12

The Queen smiled brightly at Elizabeth and Michael. Antar only had half of the four square left but this half was strong. The bond that has formed between them will be difficult to be broken. Milana had Faith that even with two missing they could still defeat Kivar. Now that Elizabeth was queen she would slowly inherant powers. Though she was human when you become a memeber of the royal family you receive the powers of the royal family. Elizabeths powers would come whenever she choose a husband and bonded with him. The queen shook her head as to clear her thoughts and went to introduce them officially

“People of Antar” She spoke loudly
“Your new Princess of Antar and her second.”

The applause grew even louder.

The queen was smiling brightly again. She gasped
What was that? There was this feeling pulling at her mind. It felt the same way it had it couldn’t be. She had felt the same presence from her children. And they felt near by. Very close. The queen searched the crowds for their faces, but did not see them. The queen smled to herself. She was imagining things.


Max stood completely still as If he were cast in marble. He was afraid that if he moved what he was seeing would disappear.
Could it actually be Liz...and Michael. How could they be here and why was Liz just crowned as princess. He must be dreaming, but what a dream it was. Liz looked gorgeous. He had this dream of her being his princess, then his queen often. She looked absolutely radiant. He knew he was probably smiling in his sleep. This dream usually ended up with Liz waking up in hid=s arms as sun filtered through the window of their bedroom. He loved this dream.

Over the past year his dreams of Liz were the only things that hae had left of her. Sure he had though that she had cheated on him with Michael, but for some reason he couldn’t stop wanting her. Not just physically although he certainly did, but just wantting to be near her. To look at her, hear her laugh, see her smile, smeel her hair. She could realistically break his heart a million times and he would probably still dream of her like this. He was hopeless.

This dream was a bit different than the rest though. For one. He was usually at her side...not Michael. In fact. nobody else was ever in his dreams except him and Liz.



The queen thanked everyone for coming, and invited them all to a feast that was being held the nextg day in Elizabeth and Michaels honor.
“I am sorry, but we have duties to attend to. I have a new princess to instruct” She said smiling at Liz and then the crowd.

The crowd was ushered out by the royal gaurds and Liz Michael and The Queen took their places. Liz and The Queen in side by side thrones and Michael standing on Liz’s right side.

They watched as Marguerite and Andre walked slowly up towards the thrones with 5 gaurds. Marguerite and Andree bowed deeply. The other five looked confused for a moment but then followed the example


Max continued to stare at Liz as the rest of the crowd was ushered out. He was lost deep in thought, when Marguerite grabbed his arms and started pulling him towards the thrones where the three of them were sitting. Marguerite and Andree bowed deeply and it took him a momen before he did the same.

This was beginning to feel less and less like a dream.

Marguerite smiled up at Liz.
“I am honored to serve you your majesty”

Liz smiled down at her, but felt very uncomforable
“Please. Its Liz”

“as you wish your majes...Liz”

She then turned to Michael
“And you Michael. I know you will be a wonderful General and keep our planet safe.”

Andre smiled at Michael with pride.
“Congratulations...both of you”

Maria couldn’t believe what she was seeing! What on Earth...or Antar were they doing here!?!? Not that she wasn’t happy to see them. She had thought that she would die never having a chance to talk to them again! And Liz! The queen! How in the world did that happen. Liz looked beautiful. She looked a lot more healthy than when she had last seen her, and she supposed that that was partly they’re fault, she had always had this hurt look in her eyes, but Maria had been to blind to notice, but the look that was replaced there now was worse it was depression...a deep pain. And Michael. She could smell him...and he smelled so good. And he looked good too. It had been too long since she had seen him last. He was standing close to Liz’s side, and jelousy reered its ugly head again. She couldn’t help it. she knew nothing had happened that night, but how did she know nothing had happened when they were here? They were both probably in pain they could have turned to each other. Maria cursed herself for thinking the thought. Liz was her best friend up until last year! She had to trust her.

Then they both turned formal and looked towards Milana
“My queen. The attack on Kivars camp was a success. We successfully freed several Antarian prisoners, and captured a lot of his weaponry. We had no injuries at all.” Andre said

Alex looked up at Liz. One of his girls was queen! He was proud of her! She looked great! All decked out in her royal garb. But when you looked closer...Her eyes were sort of...blanker than usual. The didn’t have the normal sparkle that they normally did. They had taken it away he assumed. But when you looked at her rather closely you could see a lot of pain in her normally beautiful brown eyes. And he once again mentally kicked himself for not listening to her side of the story. He would make it right though between them! No matter what he had to do! He just hoped she would listen to him! God knows he didn’t deserve it! But Liz was always a better person than all of them! He was even going to try and make it up to Michael. they had never really been that greeat of friends, but he didn’t deserve the way that he was treated, and. He looked after Lizziebehr for him while he was away from his post.

“This may not have been a huge victory in the battle aspect, but we did free prisoners and steal weapons, and who can fight with no weapons?”

Kyle smiled. Liz deserved this! She was a queen! She had the biggest heart out of all of them! He also found it kind of ironic, that max and Isabel left earth and Liz to reclaim their rightful place on the throne of Antar and Liz ends up on it! You have to love it! Kyle couldn’t wait to talk to Liz and Kyle and tell them how freaking stupid he was! He should have been stronger! Should have said ‘shut up Tess leave me alone’ when she tried to pull him away fromthem, but he was so in love with her! Biggest mistake of his life. he should have stayed on Earth with them and his dad...and football! He hoped that they would forgive him.

“Excellent” Milana said

Isabel was in awe! Not only was Liz the princess of Antar...she couldn’t get over it! How was she even on Antar! But Liz was the princess of Antar with Michael as her second in command, but she was also seeing her mother for the first time. She had so much to say to all three. She wanted to ask her mother so many questiions about everything! But it was to Liz and Michael she had todo the most talking with! She was so wrong in her judgement! Oh and all those names she had called Liz. None of them were true! She felt like a bitch. She had been a bitch, but at least she was one trying to protect her family. But in doing so had forgotten about two other members. micahael was a brother too her and Liz...she was the heart of the group and the glue that held them all together. She was a sister, and quite possibley could have been made one officially in the future she hoped that was still possible! She hoped they would forgive her!

“But...” Andre said continuing
“I don’t suspect Kivar to be very happy. And when news gets back to him that Liz and Michael are not only no longer on Earth, but that Liz is now sitting on the throne, he will try to retaliate. Liz being the main target”

Michael stiffened immediately and clamped his hand down on Liz’s shoulder
“What can we do to protect Liz?” Michael asked going into protector mode

Max watched this. He felt a twinge of jelousy,. but he quickly pushed it away. He prayed that it was just a friendly brotherly type gesture, that he was just protective of her. And for that he was greatful, but even if it wasn’t he really had no right to assume that nothing could happen between them! They were all each other had! Neither of them could talk to anyone else about it. But part of him still...well all of him still wanted Liz for only his. he never wanted another man to touch her. he wanted to be her first and only. Max mentally kicked himself. Gosh what was wrong with him! Liz probably hated him! And he didn’t want her to be with any one else! He lost all say to Liz when he left her on Earth. he sighed

“All three of your safety is of upmost important, but Liz most of all.” Marguerite added

“Queen Milana already has private bodygaurds that watch her all the time, yuo two however don’t yet. I expect that you two will be together most of the time so I am assigning both of you these five bodygaurds behind me.”

She went down the line and introduced them

She pointed at Max
“This is Xander”

Pointing Towards Kyle

Then to Isabel

Then Alex

And finally at Maria

“They are all trained fighters, and will protect you with their lifes” Andre added.

“Two of them are women!” Michael mumbled which recieved a glare from Milana and a smack from Liz

“I will have you know Michael, that when Liz comes into her full powers she will be able to kill you with a flick of the wrist.”

“Powers?” Liz asked wide eyed.


“AAGGGHHHHH” Kivar screamed as another chair shattered to peices against the wall. He picked up another one to throw against it when tess walked through the door. The chair recieved a new target
“How could you and the rest of my idiot staff let them escape? They were in chains in a gaurded room!”

He used his powers to smash a vase on the mantle

“I am very sorry Kivar” Tess whined
“But I was no where near their cell when it happened. I was in my room painting my nails.” Tess said holding up 10 manicured nails for Kivars inspection

Kivar was getting more and more frustrated.

“Ah baby.” Tess whispered seductively
“Let me make you feel all better” she said grabbing his manhood

“Get off of me you whore” he said as he flung her to the floor
“Can’t you see that I have a serious problem here”

Tess pouted
“I’m sorry. I just wanted to help”

Kivar started to soften
“Come here” he said and pulled her into a rough kiss

outside Kivars door

“I am not going in there” Olan said
“you go in and tell him its your news”

“But he likes you better” kath said
“He will probably kill me”

“I am not going in”: olan declared and started to walk down the hall

the second soldier too a deep breath and knocked on the door of kivars room.
He heard an angry ‘Go Away’

He wipped the sweat that had formed on his forehead away.
“I am sorry my lord but I have important news.”

The door was flung open and a very angry looking Kivar
“What?” he growled

Kath gulped
‘Milana has found an heir”

“What? She has Zan?” Kivar screamed

Kath slowly shook his head no
“No my lord...she has Elizabeth and Rath.

Olan felt horrible as he drug the lifeless body of Kath down the hall. But it was either him or Kath and he was glad it wasn’t him.


Marguerite led everyone to the dining hall.
“After that ceremony you two must be hungary”

“Yes actually. Why is that?” Liz questioned
“It wasn’t as if it was phsyically exerting”

“You recieved your powers”

“But I don’t even have them yet” Liz said

“They are dorment. They will be awoken when you are bonded”

Max gasped

Marguerite smiled
“Xander...are you alright?”

“Uh yeah”

“Guess I am not going to have powers ever” Liz mumbled under her breath, but Marguerite heard her
“I wouldn’t be too sure about that. You will have to be bonded relatively soon. You need your powers.”

Liz groaned and stopped walking
“OK! Nobody told me I had to be bonded if I was princess. I think that was a very important peice of information to tell me.”

“How else were you goinmg to have children?”

Liz and Michael just both raised their eyebrows and looked at her strangely

“Yes I know how you have children” Marguerite added with a smirk
“I just meant that you have to be bonded to have children”

“Can’t I be like Queen Elizabeth and rule without a husband? Honestly right now is not a good time for me. Seeing as how my five best friends are dead and in them the only person that I have ever wanted to marry”

Max’s eyebrows shot up at that
The group thought simontaneously
‘they think we’re dead’

The finally started walking again

“I am sorry Liz. I willl tell the queen not to rush you.”

“Thankyou” Liz replied

“Well Liz, Michael” Marguerite paused
“Your bodygaurds are going to be with you 24/7 so now is the time to get to know them. And tell them about yourselves. Whatever they need to know to protect you. Even if it is embarassing if it is ned to know information let them know. I is part of their job.” She smiled and left the dining room

The seven of them sat down at the large table


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Part 13a

Liz looked around at the six people at the table with her. She felt very strange about this telling people she hardly knew at all personal details about herself. She felt almost naked. All of their eyes were on hers...except Giana who was staring at Michael.

She lloked up and to the person who sat across from her...Xander...was that his name? Their eyes met and Liz felt that tugging in the back of her mind. She sighed and began to massage her temples. She couldn’t do this to herself. Max was dead

Max looked at Liz she was feeling something and he knew it. He knew it because he felt the same way. he really did hate decieving Liz. He hoped that Marguerite and Andre did not make him stay this way for long.
“What is wrong your majesty?” Xander asked as he looked at her with concern

Liz let out a little chuckle
“I am sorry. I was just imagining things. I seem to be doing that all day. I think I am just tired and a little weak. Today was long”

When hearing this Michael reached beside him and placed his hand on Liz’s arm sending her some of his energy. Liz instantly felt better. She smiled at Michael

Max felt that litte green moster rear its ugly head again. He should be the one making Liz feel better not Michael. But he pushed that all behind him and concentrated on this meeting.

“I really don’t know where to start” Liz began

“Why don’t we tell them about life in Roswell.” Michael mumbled slumping back into his seat. He didn’t like telling people about himself, but he knew this was important.

“Well that seems like as good a place as any. My contact with the royal four didn’t really start until I was 16. I mean I had seen them all around school before. Max...was my biology partner” She paused for a moment

Max her her pause before saying his name. He wanted to kill himself. Liz was upset and he had caused it. She thought he was dead and that he had hated her when he died. he needed to make this right. He couldn’t be a guard for long”

Liz continued
“But we didn’t really talk until I was shot in the Crashdown Cafe, my parents restaurant. Zan healed me. He risked himself and the lives of Isabel and Michael to save me.”

“We weren’t too accepting of Liz at first, and honestly even after I accepted her she still wasn’t anything more to me than Max’s girlfriend and Marias best friend. Not until... well we’ll get to that. But now Liz is my best friend. I would do anything for her”

Liz smiled at Michael again tears forming in her eyes

“Max told me his secret and he showed me his soul...really from then on in I was a goner. I loved him so much. Maria and Alex were eventualy let into the group and then Kyle the sheriffs son. We sort of paired off Me and Max Michael and Maria and Isabel and Alex. Everything was going great then Tess showed up. She had said that she was the 4th part of the square. She was lying. And she was always trying to get Max away from me, but even her supposed destiny for them all didn’t stop us. We were all the best of friends. Kyle even started falling for Tess. And thats the thought that makes me sick. Kyle...was innocent. he loved her and she used him allowed him to come to a planet where he wasn’t needed to kill him. All he did was love her, and Alex and Maria too. They were just humans. But anyways I am getting sidetracked here.”

She took a deep breath
“Everything was great between us until this one night...and Michael and I still don’t know exactly what happened. All We can remeber is that I had a date that night with Max...maria was...I think she was working for me. Michael asked me for my help with something...”

“I asked her for help with Maria” Michael added
“I hadn’t exactly been that great to her and I wanted to do something to make it up to her...and Liz being her best friend...”

“Right so the last thing I remeber is going to a restaurant..Senor Chows. And then we woke up naked and in my bed together. We don’t know what happened, but I am positive that we didn’t have sex...I am still a virgin.” Liz blushed ferociously

“Michael...he checked with his powers” Liz said
“I was so completely freaked out, that I forgot about Max and I’s date that had been that night. Michael begged me not to tell them. He feared that it would end his relationship with Maria. I finally agreed. But we went to school the next day and they wouldn’t even talk to us. They told us what they had saw and basically walked out of our lives. I called and called all of them, none woud take my phone calls.”

“But really. I don’t think we were drinking. I didn’t have a hangover when I woke up...and I never drink, neither does Michael. And really why would I cheat on Max whe I loved him so much and we had a date that night with Michael his best friend and Marias boyfriend who was right down stairs

‘Duh’ Max thought to himself why in the hell hadn’t he thought of that? Oh yeah he was being an irrational asshole.

“They didn’t talk to us for 5 months” Michael added a little bitterly
“And then they left for Antar, without me, and without saying good bye. Everything that I had had for my entire life was now gone. I had no family. Only Liz. She’s my family now.”

“They were gone for a year.” Liz continued.
“Michael and I grew a lot closer. I had never been particularly fond of Michael, and Maria would always tell me about this side of him that nobody knew about, and I finally started to see it. Hes a great guy and will be a great second.”

“We had the same enemys on Earth as we do here. The skins were starting to attack us there, but we also had the FBI to deal with” Michael said

Isabel spoke up
“Why were you named heir? No disrespect your highness, I am just curious.”

“Vana right? Liz asked

“Yes” Vana replied

“Well there is this prophecy. It stated that Zan would go to Earth and fall in love with a girl from there and that she and all her children and generations to come would rule Antar in peace. So one day exactly a year from when They all left. Both Michael and I felt this urgency to get to the granolith so we hoped on his bike and sped there. When we got there Milana had appeared and asked us to come with her. Obviously we eventually said yes. She didn’t know if her children were alive, but she knew the prophecy and asked me to be her heir.”

They were all in shock. man Tess had really screwed them over

Kyle couldn’t believe it. Every single thing Tess had ever told them was a lie.
“So I guess Tess lied about everything” Kaleb said

Liz nooded slowly
“She wasn’t the forth member of the four square. I was”

Alex almost laughed
“Figures. The traitor leid about everything else why not add one more to the list” Accen replied bitterly.

At that moment their food was brought in

“Ah thank goodness. I am famished” Liz said as she quickly took a bite of her food.
She spit it out. It tasted terrible. With absolutely no taste.

Everyone was looking at her witha strange look on their faces
“It tastes plain and disgusting”

She looked over to where Accen was sitting. He was smiling and he held in his hand a bottle of tobasco sause

“Are you crazy. I just got my powers not became an alein”

“Try it Liz.” Michal urged

“No that stuff is disgusting” She said as she pushed michaels hand away which held a peice of chicken, but when the aroma caught her nose her mouth began to water. It smelled so good.
“Alright let me have some.”She said defeated. She was so hungry and it smelled heavenly. She poured it over her food and took a bite.


At that Marguerite entered the room. when she saw Liz’s plate she smiled
‘Oh Your highness..or sorry Liz. I forgot to mention that with the arrival of your powers you may get side effects...tobasco cravings being one of them. We have it on Antar as well.”

they all quickly ate their food in silence. when they were done liz expressed that she was tired
“Its just been a long day. I need to get some rest”

“Alright Xander you will be staying with Liz inside of her room tonight while Vana and Accen guard her door. Giana you will be staying with Michael tonight while Kaleb keeps watch at the door. If you need sleep other gaurds will relieve you after a few hours.”

With that they all headed for their destinations


Part 13b

The group headed to their destinations. They certainly wouldn’t be very far apart with michael and Liz’ rooms being directly across from each other.

Four of this group were particularly nervous. For different reasons. Liz and Michael were nervous about having strange people in their bedroom with them while they slept, Max and Maria were nervous about being in a bedroom with Liz and Michael.

The night would certainly be intresting.


Marguerite walked down the hall towards the queens room with a smile on her face. Putting Max and Liz in the same room was a strike of genius. She felt a little sorry for Max though.

She was here to tell the queen about her children. Marguerite knew she could feel them now that they were out of Kivars camp, and she had to be completely honest with her queen. She would be thrilled. She just hoped the queen went along with her plan.

She buzzed Milanas door.
“Come in” Milanas voice rang out

Marguertie bowed for the queen
“I am sorry to disturb you my queen, but there is something from our last mission that I have neglected to report.”

“And what would thatbe?” The queen asked with a knowing look

“We rescued 5 prisoners your highness. Very important prisoners”

“My children” The queen said witha hand to her heart.
“At the ceremony...I thought I had felt them, but I simply thought I was imaging it Where are they?” She said standing
“I need to see them”

“Your highness. I have a plan”


Michael and Giana walked into his room. Michael was feeling very uncomfortable. He had gotten a female gaurd. She probably couldn’t even protect him. She was just a women. Ok well their are maybe a few women who could possibly kick his ass...not that he would ever admit that to anyone. Liz had some spunk to her and when he was out. And Maria used...


he pushed that thought away. And turned around to stare at the girl.
She was cute in a strange sort of way..he guessed, but that wasn’t what bothered him...she was a girl. She didn’t look very tough
Michael humphed
“A gril protecting me” He mumbled disbelivingly
“Can’t I get one of those guys out there in the hallway?” He asked to no one really

Gianas face turned red as though she was trying to hold in anger. Inside Maria fumed.
He hadn’t changed at all. Still made her blood boil

Michael turned around and looked at the girl. She looked pissed
“Well go ahead it looks like you want to say something”

Gianas eyes opened wider!
She couldn’t believe he was giving her permission to speak he may be second to the heir but he wasn’t yet.
“Look Mr. Future second in command. I don’t know what your thinking but I have survived a year in a prison camp. Survived torture of many kinds. And you actually have the balls to say that I couldnt protect you. Like Marguerite said we are trained body guards”

Michael looked her up and down
“You don’t look it”

“Looks can be decieving” Giana replied immediately getting stedily angrier

“are you done now?” Michael asked abrubtly
“Because I would really like to get some sleep. So just go guard something.” And with that Michael jumped on to his bed and closed his eyes.

Maria stormed away with her hands on her hips and sat down in a chair by the window in his room.

Michael smiled to himself. She was a firecracker. He could see her as being one of those who could kick her ass...and she was cute when she was pissed.


The remaining three watched as the two ex-couples went into their respective rooms.

“Intresting arrangement” Alex commented with a smile on his face

“ Yes...very intresting.” Kyle agreed

“I am thinking that right about now maria is wanting to beat the crap out of Michael and Max is mooning over how much he wishes he could tell her it’s really him. They are too predictable” Isabel added


Max followed Liz into her room.

Max couldn’t believe this was happeneing. How was he going to spend an entire night in Liz’s bedroom with her without telling her everything. Telling her that he was Max! That he wasn’t dead that he was sorry for not listening to her and trusting her. That he still loved her more than anything in the universe. That somewhere in side him he had never stopped. He closed his eyes and tooka deep breath.

Liz was pulling the drapes and walking out onto her balcony. Max rushed out beside her.
“Your highness, you shouldn’t be out here alone ever.” Max said
“There are people out there that would try and hurt you” Max waved his handin front of both of them creating an invisable shield around the balcony.

Max took a step baxk. She looked gorgeous. The sun was just beginning to set and its beautiful crimson waves were making her hair shine a beautiful color. The wind was blowing a warm breeze lightly, which made her long chocolate hair flow behind her a little. She was still in the same white dress that she had been wearing at the ceremony, and all he could think about was marrying her someday. He had never seen a more beautiful sight, than the one before him.

“Its beautiful isn’t it Xander?” Liz asked still staring at the sunset breaking him out of his Liz induced trance.

“Yes it is” Max said his eyes never leaving Liz.

“It’s so different than the sunset on Earth, and similar.”

“Do you watch the sunset often?” Max asked

Liz nodded her head and turned to him.
“Michael and I used to. After the others stopped talking to us Michael started opening up to me a lot. We only had each other to talk to. So we would drive out to the desert watch the sun set and then look at the stars. Michael would tell me all he knew about them, and of his hopes of going home someday. Here”

“What about you? How do you feel about being here on Antar. Being its princess?”

Liz turned towards him and leaned against the ledge of the balcony
“I miss Earth. Both places are beautiful. Antar is incredible so far. Its just. I have all these memories from Earth. Memories of my friends. And by being here insted of in Roswell it makes me feel their deaths even more, because I have nothing to remind me of them. Nothing to help me keep my memories. As for being princess its a little overwhelming. I used to thiink that it was a possibility. When Max and I were still together and we were each others entire world. he used to tell me that I would be his only queen. The crazy part is that I will still be the queen of Antar, except...he won’t be my king..”

Max couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
He nodded

“Queen Milana needed me help. How could I say no, and let Kivar take over this planet? Michaels planet. The one he had always wanted to see. I had to help her”

Liz immediately blushed
“I am sorry. I just met you and here I am pouring my heart out.”

Max heart skipped a beat. She was so cute when she blushed
“No no. I would love to hear it.”

Liz smiled
“You remind me of someone”

“Who do I remind you of?” Max asked

“...Someone I used to care about”

The sun dipped below the horizon

“Well we shoudld get inside. The night is the most dangerous time, and we can’t have you getting sick princess” Max said

Liz went back into her room and Max followed her in.


Part 14

A few days later

Max watched as Liz stirred in her bed. She looked like an angel. The sun was shining in from the windows and reflected off her golden skin, making her seem almost heavinly. She sat up and streached, with her eyes closed and her head back. It caused her chocolate hair to tumple down her back. She arched back giving max a lovely view of her chest. Max had to stiffle a groan.

She opened her eyes and saw him. Remembering that he was there she pulled the covers back around her chest.
With a faint blush she said
“Good morning Xander”

he smiled back
“Morning Princess...sleep well.”

“Well I didn’t have any more nightmares so I suppose that an improvment”
She gave a faint smile

Their eyes met and held.

Liz was enchanted by this man. She had only known him a few days and already she felt something towards him...she wasn’t sure what though. She just knew that whatever it is that she was feeling was wrong. Max just died. JUST! She felt as though she was betraying him...even though she knew she shouldn’t feel that way. She looked into his beautiful hazel eyes. They even reminded her of Max. Except they were no where as beautiful. Max’s eyes were a beuatiful amber color. And when he looked at her she saw these beautiful golden flecks appear. Xanders eyes were no where near as beautiful.

Their staring contest was broken when Marguerite walked in
“Liz...did you sleep well?” She asked

“Better than lately” Liz replied

“I’m glad” Marguerite said with a genuine smile
She looked at Max
“Xander you are relieved for now. Get a few hours of sleep and then you can take Liz where ever she wants to go.”

Max nodded and left the room, but not without stealing one more glance at Liz.

Marguerite smiled when she saw this
“So what do you think of your new guards?”

“I like them” Liz said

“Thats good” Said Marguerite who walked over to Liz’s closet to find her dress for the day.

“Yes their all very nice...Xander in particular” Liz said stripping out of her night gown

“Oh really?” Marguerite asked with intrest
“And why is that?” She asked pulling out a red gown

“Well hes just very...kind, and I have spent the most time with him.”

“Yes Xander is a gentleman. There aern’t many of them left” She said helping Liz into the gown.

“You should have seen them on Earth.” Liz said in a low breath

Marguerite chuckled.
“How do you want your hair?” She asked


“Alright” Marguerite said as she began twisting Liz’s hair up and placing bobbypins everywhere

“What about Michael” She asked with a hair pin in her mouth

“What about him?” Liz asked bending her head down as Marguerite instructed
“How does he like the new guards?”

This recieved a chuckle from Liz.
“He gets along with everyone except for Giana” She laughed
“They fight like cats and dogs. But then again...Michael and Maria used to fight like was their idea of flirting” A sad smile crossed Liz’s face as she thought of the better times.

“All done” Marguerite said and turned Liz to look at the mirror
“Now don’t you look gorgeous?” She asked

Liz blushed
“Thank you”

Liz looked in the mirror. She had to admit to herself she did look nice
The red dress fit to her curves very nicely, and her hair was done beautifully in a french twist.

“what are your plans for the day?” Marguerite asked

Liz turned towards her
“Queen Milana wants to speak to me about the duties I will inherit from her, and then I plan on exploring the gardens. They look beautiful and I haven’t been inside them yet”

“Alright” Marguerite said
“But you must be back her by 4:00 to get ready for the ball”

“THE BALL!” Liz screamed
“I had completely forgotten”

“Whats wrong Liz?” Marguerite asked
“I would have thought you would love to go to the ball”

“Its just a little soon”

“I know that you will have a good time I will make sure of it.”

“But who will I go with...Michael?”

“I will have Xander escort you...If you like or you could go with Michael”

“No not Michael...I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea about us. Xander will be fine” Liz tried to act like it didn’t matter but she couldn’t hide the fact that her pulse started to race a bit faster.


Max walked down the hall to their quarters. He Maria Isabel Alex and Kyle all shared a sort of apartment. When he walked in he collapsed on the couch. he was exhausted. As much as he loved watching Liz sleep...staying up all night certainly has its effects.
He was close to drifting off when he heard an angy Maria walk in the door

“..Typical male.” she mumbled angerly

Max sighed and sat up
“Whats wrong?” He asked as Maria sat down by his feet

“Men are dicks”

“I being a man resent that” Max said as he closed his eyes

“Well Michael certainly hasn’t changed a bit. Do you know what he said to me? He said that when he became general of the army that he wouldn’t allow scrawny girls like me to be guards...especially to people as “important” as he and Liz”

max couldn’t help but laugh. That was Michael for ya alright
“He doesn’t even know its you and already you two are fighting like you have never been apart.” Max said with a chuckle

“I can’t believe you think this is funny” maria said
“You MEN are all alike”

And with that Maria got up and stormed into her bedroom.

That seemed like a pretty good idea to him so he got up and headed towards his own bedroom. He opened the door and went in and flopped down on his bed. He eyes flew shut and he once again started to drift off when his bedroom door was flung open
“So how did things go with Liz?” Alex asked with a grin

Max sighed
He was never gonna get any sleep


Liz and Isabel walked down the palace steps and went into the gardens. It was even more beautiful up close than it was from her balcony. She bent down to smell a flower.

She smiled at Isabel
“So how did you become a royal bodygaurd Vana?” Liz asked her

Isabel replied
“I don’t just sort of you know what I mean?”

Liz laughed a little
“I know exactly what you mean. I am now the heir to an entire planet. And that well that just sort of happened.”

Isabel smiled
“You and...Lord Michael seem very close”

Liz burst out laughing
“Lord Michael...don’t ever say that around him...his head will inflat faster than a speeding bullet...Lord Michael”

When she had calmed down a bit she said
“Yes Michael and I are very close...but not in that way if that is what you are thinking. Michael and I are like family. We take care of each other. We have been for a long tiime. Ever since our friends left.”

Isabel nodded

“The wierd thing is...” Liz continued
“...that when we had everyone else we hardly knew each other. He was just Max’s best friend and Marias love intrest. He was nothing more to me than that...but when everything happened we bonded and I started to see a side of Michael that I don’t think he shows many people. I am actually not sure if he has shown anyone else.”

“Wow.” Isabel said

“Yeah. hes my rock”

“what about you?” Liz asked as the continued to walk through the garden
“you and the other guards seem very close...especially...Accen is it?”

Isabel smiled
“Yes. We have all been friends for a long time. They are my family”

Liz smiled
“Well Vana are you excited for the ball tonight?”

“Yes actually. I can’t wait. What about you?”

“I don’t know it seems a little soon after the death of my frineds...but Milana insisted that we have it tonight”

“Is Michael escorting you there?” Isabel asked

“No actually Xander is?”

Isabels eyes widened

“Why are you shocked?”

“No its just that...nevermind. Xan is a great guy.”

Liz smiled
“I think we should start heading back. It isn’t safe for me to be too far from the palace, and besides I need to start geting ready for the ball.”

Isabel smiled


Marguerite walked into their quarters. She saw Kyle and Alex on the couch
“Where is Max?” she asked

Alex answered
“Hes sleeping”

“Oh” She replied
“Well can you tell him when he awakens that he will be escorting the princess to the ball?”

“Yeah sure” Kyle said turning towards her

He had never realized it before but she was beautiful. Her long flowing red hair was shining, And her brilliant blue eyes had a little twinkle in them. Even in the plain clothes she wore she was breathtaking. Why hadn’t he noticed it before. Oh yeah thats right he hadn’t had time yet.

“Thank you” she said before turning out the door

“See ya later Marguerite” Kyle shouted after her

He turned around to see Alexs grining face
“Somebodys got a crush”


Part 15

The ball was to begin at any moment and Liz was still not completely ready

Marguerite chuckled at the sight of her princess running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
“Princess...please. Calm down. Everything will be fine”

Liz took a deep breath
“I haven’t done my make up or my hair yet. I am not even dressed.”
Liz said as she fingered her damp hair.

“Sit down.” Marguerite said politely
“Xander will be here in a moment”

Liz smiled at that. She hadn’t seen him all day

Marguerite caught the smile and couldn’t help but tease Liz about it
“I caught that smile.” She said
“Why do you seem so happy to see Xan?” she asked playfully

Liz blushed
“I just haven’t seen him all day thats all”

“I don’t believe you” marguerite answered with a smile
“I think you have a bit of a crush”

Liz denied it profusiely
“No no no no. Its not like that at all! Its just. I feel like I can talk to him about anything, and besides Michael I haven’t felt that way about anyone in a long time. I think he could be a great friend” she was lying through her teeth and she knew it!

True she felt something for Xander, but it was nothing that could ever be anything!

Marguerite smiled
“How do you want your hair”

Liz frowned
‘I don’t know, you decide.”

With a wave of her hand Marguerite dried and curled her hair leaving it to fall down her back in waves.

Liz looked in the mirror. She felt tears sting her eyes.

“Whats wrong?” Marguerite asked alarmed
“Don’t you like it?”

“No I love it” Liz said whiping her eyes
“Its just that...Max always loved my hair like this”

Marguerite felt her heart clench.

She would have to reveal all of them and soon.

“You loook wonderful Liz. Now lets get your gown.”

She went out of the room and entered with Liz’s gown for the ball.

Liz gasped when she saw it.
It was of the royal colors, and had the seal on it.

“Its beautiful. “ Liz said

“Yes” Marguerite agreed

“Uh hi. Its me Xander. I’m here to escort you to the ball Li- Princess Elizabeth” Max said from the hallway

They both turned their heads towards the door

“I’ll buzz him in” Marguerite said

“Wait! My makeup”

Marguerite waved her hand in front of Liz’s face making makeup appear. It wasn’t to much just like Liz liked
“Thank you” she said

Maguerite went over and opened the door. It slid open and there stood Xander

he smiled at her, and Liz felt he knees become a little wobbily

“You look amazing your highness” He said with a small bow

“Its Liz. Call me Liz” she said
“And thank you”

“Shall we?” he asked holding out his arm

She linked her arm through his
“We shall”


Marguerite couldn’t help but smile again at the sight of them leaving together, arm and arm for a ball. It was the way it should be.

Well almost

Liz still didn’t know that Xander was really Max, but Marguerite knew that when his true identity was made known to Liz and Michael it would not be pretty for a while, and would take a long time for the relationships of the group to rebuild up again. She also knew that Max and Lizs would heal first and only after that solid foundation was laid as it was before would the rest of the relationships fall back into place.

Yes they had a long road ahead but for tonight Marguerite wanted everything to be perfect. One more happy night before the truth came out.

Then she could deal with Michael


Michael stormed around his room trying to get ready for the stupid ball he didn’t want to go to anyway..

He didn’t even have a date.

He had thought that he and Liz would have gone together, but here he finds out that she is being escorted by one of her guards...Xander he thought.

Michael had noticed this guys attentions towards Liz. He had often caught him staring at her. He was going to have to keep an eye out on this one. Liz’s heart was too fragile to survive another break.

He sighed.

He really didn’t want to go, but he did get to wear this awesome uniform he thought as he looked in the mirror. he wore the uniform of the highest general in the antarian military. This uniform was only worn on very special occasions such as this one, so as not to distinguish himself from the other soldiers in case of an attack.

Michael closed his eyes. For the first time in his life, he felt important. He almost felt at home...but there was something missing...

His head turned towards the door when he heard it slide open

They don’t just walk in on Liz he thought bitterly

“Marguerite” he said when he saw her walk into the room

“Well don’t you look handsome” She said admiring his uniform.

“Whatever” Michael said obviously uncomfortable.

“Well are you just going to stand there or are you going to escort your date to the ball” she asked with her hands on her hips

“My date?” He asked
“Did Liz change her mind?” he asked

“No! Definately not. Giana please come in!” She asked pulling Maria into the room
“Giana has kindly agreed to be your date tonight”

When she walked into the room Michaels jaw hit the floor.

“You can close your mouth now” Giana spoke

She was gorgeous.

Curly blond hair tumbling down her back. Sparkling green eyes.

Why hadn’t he noticed it before?
Oh yeah she was being incredibly annoying. They way she acted reminded her of something. He just could place his finger on it.

Coming back to reality he frowned in her general direction
“Look do ya wanna go or not”

“Yeah yeah. Keep your pants on Spa- er Mr. General sir.” Giana said

Michael rubbed his hand over his forehead. He was going nuts! He could have sworn she almost said Spaceboy.


Max and Liz walked arm and arm towards the grand ballroom.
They were greated at the door by queen Milana.

“Elizabeth! You look lovely.”

“Thank you” Liz replied

“Are you going to introduce me to your date?” The queen asked expectantly

“Oh I am sorry your majesty. This is Xander. He is one of my body guards.”

Pleased to meet you Xan. I am sure that you will protect my Elizabeth here”

Max was amazed. He had never seen his mother so close before. She really was gorgeous. Simply an older version of Isabel. He wondered if she knew of his true identity. Probably not. But then she did call him Xan.

“It is an honor to meet you your majesty, and yes I will protect Li- eh Princess Elizabeth with my life” He said with a small bow.

Yes this was most definately her son she smiled at the thought. She couldn’t help but stare at the two of them. Max’s attention never left Elizabeth for more than a moment, he was always watching her, brushing against her subtly. She couldn’t wait until they were married. She just knew that they would be someday.

“Wait here and I will announce you properly” Milana said and then walked into the ballroom

Max and Liz waited at the door until they heard her speak
“Princess Elizabeth and her escort”

With that they both walked into the room. They were greated with a thunderous applause, most people never having seen their princess nearly this close.

“Shes beautiful.”
“Whos that with her?”
“Wheres General Rath?”

They heard many different things as they passed through the crowds.

“Would you like to dance princess?” Max asked in a quiet voice

“I would love to Xander”


“I can’t believe we have to go to some ball” Kyle complained
“What if they have some goofy Antarian way of dancing?”

“Kyle Shut up” Isabel said

“Yeah Kyle” Alex agreed
“It will be fine”

“You guys at least have dates! I am the only one going stag.”

“Kyle maybe you’ll run into someone there” Isabel suggested

“Yeah right” Kyle said right before running smack into Marguerite

“Uh...Hi Marguerite.”
“Wow!” He said taking in her appearance
“You look great! I love the dress”

“Thank you” She said

‘Just try to be casual Kyle’ he told himself

“So uh...who are uh...I mean are you uh...going to the ball?” He asked

‘God can I be anymore lame’ he thought

“Uh yes I am going to the ball” Marguerite said with a smile
“You know I have on the BALL gown and everything”

“Oh yeah” Kyle said

‘Kill me now’

“What I meant was uh...who are you uh...I mean do you have a date?”

‘stupid stupid stupid’

“No I don’t have a date” she replied
“I was to busy setting up Max and Maria with Liz and Michael I didn’t have anytime to get one”

“Oh! You don’t have a date!”

“No I don’t”


Marguerite smiled and nodded

Isabel and Alex had stopped walking and were watching the scene with amusement. They had to pinch themselves to keep from laughing

‘Well uh...” Kyle continued
“You don’t have a date, and I don’t thave a date.”


“So maybe...uh we could go...together”

“Marguerite smiled
“I’d like that”

“You would!” Kyle said with his eyes lighting up


With that she slipped her arm in his and they started to walk together towards the ballroom.

Once they were out of sight Isabel and Alex broke out laughing

“That was...That was the funniest thing I have seen in forever” Isabel managed to get out between laughter

“I know I haven’t...laughed this hard in a... long time” Alex chuckled

“It feels nice to laugh again” Isabel said once she was more under control

“Yeah it is” Alex agreed
“I certainly has been awhile...since before Liz and Michael”

“yeah. We were missing a third of the group” Isabel concluded
“Now that we have them back, I think we will start laughing again”

Alex smiled
“Shall we”

Isabel placed a tender kiss on his lips, and took his hand. They started in the direction of the ballroom again.


Liz took his hand a followed him out onto the dance floor.

She felt his arms incircle her and his hands land on her waist. She linked her arms around his nect and they began to sawy to the music.

neither of them noticed that nobody else on the dance floor was dancing the same way they were, for they were both lost in another world.

“have I told you how lovely you look tonight princess?” max asked

“Its Liz”
“And yes Xander you have, but I wouldn’t mind hearing it again”

He smiled
“You look lovely”

Liz felt incredible. He body was singing. She hadn’t felt this way since well...since Max. She even felt that humming in the back of her mind more strongly than ever. She felt as though she were floating. His body felt so perfect pressed against hers. It felt...right.

She sighed and buried her head in his chest.

Max was barely keeping it together. Holding her was affecting him in the same way it always had. She felt perfect. He lrested his head on top of hers and smelled the amazing aroma of Stawberrys and Vanilla. His grip on her waist became a little tighter as he pulled her closer to him. He couldn’t help himself.

He closed his eyes to allow himself this moment. This one perfect moment holding Liz in his arms before things got messy. His eyes flew open when he felt her playing with the hairs at the back of his neck. Liz always did that to him. He looked down at her. Her eyes were closed and she looked unaware that she was even doing anything!

At that second he found a tiny glimer of hope that maybe thinngs would work out between them in the end after all.

He smiled and closed his eyes again.

Neither one of them heard the whispers of the crowd

“Look at them”
“They are both dancing the way of Earthlings”
“Who is that man?”
“What about Prince Zan?”
“Beautiful couple”

Nor did they realize that they were the only two dancing still, and that the song had changed.

Milana could not tear her eyes away from the couple on the dance floor. She couldn’t believe it! The prophecy must be true! Elizabeth was falling in love with Max for a second time, and she didn’t even know it was him! She was their savior! The oracle was right! Milana thanked her lucky stars that she had gotten this women before Kivar did goodness knows what he would have done with her!

On the other side of the Planet Kivar was planning! Soon the time would come when he would take what belonged to him back from the Royals and he would Make that Princess Liz of theirs...his!


Liz opened her eyes to look at Xander, but when she did she realized that they were the only ones occupinging the dance floor. She pulled away from him and blushed furiously.

max opened his eyes when he felt Liz pull away from him. He looked down at her and saw the deep red coloring her cheeks, but his attention was diverted to a group clapping and cheering for them!

The other four “guards” and Michael and Marguerite

As he looked closer though he realized that one of them wasn’t cheering or smiling, in fact he was him.


Liz turned a color close to scarlet when she saw the group.
“Would you wanna maybe...”

“Go outside” He finished for her
“Yeah. Come on.”

Max noticed Liz shoot Michael a glare before following him outside onto the large balcony.

The suns were setting again!

Liz laughed! It was a beautiful, musical sound! It had been too long since he had heard it last!

“Its funny! The last time we were on a balcony it was sunset as well! Do you like Sunsets Xander?” She asked

“I love them” he said puting up the invisable shield around them

Liz smiled
“I love them too”
“Maybe since we both love them so much. We always find ourselves out here together. Maybe its fate”

“I thought you didn’t believe in fate?”

“When did I say that?” She asked as she turned around to look at him

“I don’t...I just thought you said that once” He covered

“Oh. I used to not believe in it. I used to think that we...we make our own destinys, but It was my fate that I was to be the future queen of Antar, just as it was Michaels to become the second to the leader, and Max’s to be with Tess.”

max felt like someone had punched him in the gut.

“We don’t really have that much say at all in our future”

“I think your wrong Liz”

“I wish I was” She said and then turned around to look at the sunset

“Liz I need to telll you something” Max started

“Shhh” Liz said with a finger to her lips
“Just watch”

They stood there for a few moments watching as the suns dipped further down into the horizon

“What are you thinking Liz?” Max asked

Liz turned around and started to walk towards him
“Something I shouldn’t be”

He felt her come close to him. her lips were only inches from his own. He wanted nothing more than to close the distance between them and feel her lips against his again.

She drifted closer and closer to his mouth and the sunsfinally dipped completely behind the Mountains in the distance

“Liz we can’t” Max blurted out as he pulled away

He couldn’t kiss her when she didn’t know the truth about him, it just wouldn’t be right.

‘I’m sorry Liz. I really want to, but we can’t”

Liz had a mortified expression on her face
“Oh god I am so sorry...I am so...sorry”

She turned around and ran back into the ballroom


Part 16

Maria rested herhead on Michaels shoulder biting back the sigh that threatened to escape her lips. being like this with him felt exactly the way it should be.


She really wsn’t angry anymore. Her love had won over the anger and any other negative feelings she had had before. It just wasn’t worth it, and besides she had nothing to be angry about. Except well Nicholas...and herself for not believing in the two people that loved her the most. No she was just happy being here with him...even if he didn’t know it was really her.

Maria was snapped out of her dream world when he spoke

“You know Giana. Your not to bad when your not running your mouth” he said with a grin

She felt fire rise up within her
“”If only I could say the same for you” She spat

Michael laughed.
It had been too long since he had been able to battle it out with anyone. He and Liz never fought, and he missed it.

“I like you Giana” Michael said
“You’ve got a quick wit. You keep me on my toes. You have a come back to everything I say. I like that. I haven’t had that with anyone in a long time.” Michael said with a far away look.

“Thanks...I think”

“I have only been around Li for a while now. we have lived together for almost a year.” He paused



Why couldn’t she control that!

“Now don’t get me wrong. I love Liz, but I enjoy an argument everyonce in a while, and she is just impossible to argue with!” He said with a frown
“And when you do argue with her, she has this crazy rationalization and you can’t help but listen to her.”



maria couldn’t help but frown.

He loved Liz
He LOVED her
Michael loved Liz.
Loved Liz

Since when had Michael begun confessing his feelings! And to almost complete strangers! He had met “Giana” like a week ago.
He had never said he loved her. Never when they were dating


And he loved Liz.

He told people he LOVED Liz.

“I don’t know how Maxwell could have dealt with her! He must have never won an argument” Michael said continuing his thoughts unaware of her state of mind.

he looked down at her and saw the frown on her face
“Giana are you ok?” he asked

“I’m fine” She snapped

“Hey. What did I do?” Michael protested!
“I have been charming, and a gentle man!Wheres Liz! She’ll back me up!!” He said looking around

Maria gave an unladylike snort
“You A Gentleman!”

“Hey Giana remember what I said about me liking you...well just forget all that” Michael said

“Fine. Of all the nerve! You acting like you’re gods gift to women!”

“Hey if the shoe fits”

“You are arogant and pig headed”

“Tell me. Do you sleep in a coffin?”

Maria drew back offended!
“I hate you”

“I hate you”





They came together in an instant. Whoever started the kiss was unknown, but they found themselves locked in a firey embrace in front of hundreds of people.

“Who is that with Gerneral Rath”
“Thats very improper”
“They should go somewhere more private”
“Beautiful girl he picked though”

They broke apart gasping for breath

“How dare you kiss me like that in front of all these people?” Mqaria yelled

“I didn’t kiss you. YOU kissed ME” Michael shouted back

“Whatever” she said crossing her arms

“Fine” Michael said
“Liz has been out there for a long time. I have to check on her”

“Yeah go run to Liz” Maria called out before stomping off.


“Dance with me?” Alex asked in his most gentle-man like voice.

“Why certainly” Isabel said in the same fashion.

She slipped her small hand into his larger one, and he lead her onto the dance floor. He saw Michael and Maria were already there, and from the looks of it they were arguing about something.

He smiled

Somethings never change he thought to himself

He pulled Isabel into his arms and they both sighed at the feeling

“Its been too long since we last danced” Alex whispered against her hair”

“Too long” Isabel agreed

“The last time was at your birthday at the Crashdown.”

Isabel giggled at the memory
“Yeah you did a little more “dancing” than I did” She laughed

“I miss that.” Alex said
“It was one of the last perfect memorys I have. Right before everything happened”

“Yes. I miss it too”

“Will we ever be able to go back?” He asked
“You know to those happy times just hanging out in the Crashdown. Liz and Michael are bound to this planet now, just as You and Max used to be.”

“I have no idea whats going to happen, but I just hope we can get our friends back.”

Alex nodded his head and pulled her closer
“I hope so”


“So you want me to get you some...punch...or something?”

“Sure Kyle” she smiled

“Ok” Kyle said breaking into a huge smile
“Just wait right here, and I’ll be right back” he said running in the direction of the punch bowls

When Kyle reached the punch bowls, he was faced with a dilema.

There were THREE different types of punch

He cursed himsefl for not asking what kind she wanted

He looked down at the bowls


But which kind would she like?

he decided to try them out. Maybe he could decide the best one. He poured the punches into three cups. He remembered his father showing him how to taste wine. First you take a big whiff of it and then you taste it and swish it around in your mouth

Kyle didn’t notice the strange looks people were giving him

Marguerite looked over at Kyle
What in the world was he doing she asked herself

“Hes such a goofball” She muttered to herself
“But he is kinda cute”

After trying all three punches he was no closer to finding the best one, so he just got her one of each.

“Marguerite...I didn’t know what you like so I just-” Kyle was inturupted when Liz came barreling through him spilling all three punches on him”

“Maria” he called after her, but she was gone
He looked down at his ruined suit

“Don’t worry” She said and waved her hand over the stain making it dissapear

“Another neat alein trick” Kyle said
“Ok I’ll be right back with more punch” Kyle said
“Oh and what kind do you want?”

“Get me Strawberry”

“So the red one right?”

“Right” She laughed


Liz brushed the tears out of her eyes, as she ran away from the balcony, away from Xander and her huge mistake. She couldn’t believe she did that! She tried to KISS him. How was she ever going to face him again? He was probably on the balcony laughing at her right now with Kaleb and Accen.

She ran all the way to her bedroom and threw herself onto her bed. Why had she been so stupid?

Her record with Men was getting worse and worse. First Kyle, then Max, and now this...she secretly pitied the fool that was forced to marry her some day.


Max ran through the crowd after Liz. She had gotten the wrong idea. God how he wanted to kiss her, but it wouldn’t have been fair. She deserved the truth, before anything happened.

“Here Is your Pun-”

Max slammed into Kyle pushing him out of the way to continue after Liz

Kyle looked down at his suit, which was once again stained with red punch
“Tonight is just not a good night”

Marguerite laughed and waved her hand over him once again
“Why don’t we skip the punch and dance?” She asked

“Sounds good” Kyle said extending his arm for her to take.


Max chased after her. He was pretty sure she went into her room. When he reached the outside of her door he braced himself...this was it.

He was going to tell her.

The door slid open and he saw Liz sobbing on her bed.

He heart broke into a million peices. Could he ever stop hurting her?

“Liz.” He said announcing his presence

Liz looked up at him and then buryed her head back into the bed
“Go away. I don’t feel like talking about it. You can go laugh with your friends somemore”

“ got the wrong idea” He said moving to sit down at the edge of her bed.
“I wanted to kiss you. I still do, BELIEVE me. There is probably nothing I would rather do more.”

Liz sat up and wiped her eyes
“Then why did you pull away”

“Because Liz. You need to know the truth. It wouldn’t have been fair to you to kiss you not knowing who I really was. I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“Who are you then?” She asked

She felt the tugging at the back of her mind again and shoved it back

Not now. She didn’t have time for Misssing Max moments.

“I wanted to tell you earlier. I have wanted to tell you since we arrived here, but well we weren’t allowed. I’m probably still not able to tell you, but I have to. You need to know! And I need to tell you Liz”

Liz heard a hint of desperation in his voice. He was speaking to her just the way Max used to. She felt a tug at her heart

“What is it Xander?”

Max took a deep breath and grabbed for her hand
“I’m not really a guard, and my name is not Xander.”

“Ok” Liz said still unsure of where this was going.

“Its me Liz. max.”

Liz was silent for a long time, before she spoke
“Did Michael put you up to this?” She spat
“Because its really not funny”

“Liz. Liz its true.” Max said

“I don’t believe this! You don’t even look like Max! Max is DEAD, along with the rest of my friends. This entire thing is not-”

She was cut off when he brought his lips to hers.

She saw the shooting in the Crashdown

Their first kiss on her balcony

Her in third grade

The pain he felt seeing her in bed with Michael

Watching her run away after he told her he never wanted to see her again

Seeing her for the first time at the crowning

Their almost kiss

Liz pulled away feeling the ttears flooding her eyes


posted on 3-Jun-2002 1:46:59 AM

Title: Hidden Passions
Author: Brittany (Lizzie_Parker17)
Email: Brittanyh60⊕
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 depending on the part
Disclaimer: Nothing! I own nothing! Believe me if I owned Roswell things would not have turned out the way they have, and Jason Behr would be my personal love slave! Please don’t sue me!
Category: OK this is a definite M/L fic, however your other CC couples will be involved
Summary: Elizabeth Parker is the 2nd in command and mistress to the ruler of Antar...only problem is its Kivar. Max Evans is the rightful ruler of Antar and is trying to get his planet back from the destructive hands of Kivar. Max gets captured. Liz is assigned to torture Max, but after taking a good look at him, well lets just say she has other things on her mind.
Feedback: Yes! I love the stuff! hehehe


Elizabeth Parker lay still waiting for the breath of her lover to even out. She wasn’t one to stick around. She looked over at Kivar.

He was asleep.

She quietly lifted herself from the bed and started picking up her earlier discarded clothing. She pulled on all her clothing and tried to make her self somewhat presentable. Not that everybody didn’t already know she was fucking her leader. It was common knowledge around the palace. She was 23 years old and had been Kivars second in command since she was 18. She had been screwing him ever since as well.

She was about to step out of the room when she felt his arms come around her.


She had thought he was sleeping

“Where are you going?” He asked protectively

“To get some sleep” She replied back
“I have a lot of work tomorrow. Rumor has it that the resistance is planning a strike tomorrow. I need to be at my best” She said without turning around

“You can sleep here” Kivar said slipping his hand up the front of her shirt and groping her breasts

“I don’t think SLEEP is what you have in mind” Liz said with a hint of annoyance seeping through her voice.

Kivar was the leader of an entire planet and he didn’t even realize how much he could have at stake if his men...and women in this case weren’t at their best. She was his second, the general of all armed forces of Antar...the first female ever! And she did a damn good job.

“I need my rest” She said turning to look at him

“Fine” he said

Liz held eye contact and slipped into soldier mode saluting him
In the bedroom they knew each other intimately, but outside of it they were strictly professional.

She walked out of his suite and started walking down the hallway to hers. Along the way she received formal salutes from every guard, each one of them trying to kiss her ass as much as possible to raise his position. This annoyed her more than anything! She hated suck ups.

She finally reached her room and entered it with a contented sigh. She removed all her clothes again quickly and crawled into her bed. Slipping quickly into a deep sleep

In an underground bunker around 20 miles outside the palace walls Max Evans sat around a table with his most trusted advisors and friends. Tomorrow they were planning a massive attack on Kivar and his forces.

He was leading the attack

“Max I don’t think you should go in there! Its too dangerous” Michael argued

“Michael no arguments. Kivar won’t even expect me to be there. And besides I need to lead my men. If I am going to reclaim my kingdom, I should at least be there when it happens. I need to support my men”

Max” His sister Isabel argued
“I agree with Michael. Its not safe.”

“What war is safe?”

“But your the king” Isabel answered

“No actually right now Kivar is the king. Which is why I need to go. Reclaim my title from him.”

“But Max-” Michael started

“No arguments. I’m going”


Part 1

Elizabeth saluted to Kivar before awaiting her instructions. The attack by the resistance had failed horribly she smiled in satisfaction and now she was awaiting orders on what to do about a rather important prisoner her men had captured.

Max Evans.

She had wanted to meet him for a long time. Who was the man that should be in Kivars place right now. The rightful king. She knew nothing about him at all, other than that he was loved greatly by many.

She was dying of curiosity

“What are your reports General?” Kivar asked in a professional tone

Liz smiled smugly
“The resistance forces have been pushed back, and they will not be strong enough to attack for a while. And” Liz paused dramatically
“We have captured THE Max Evans himself. I await your orders”

“The idiot king huh?” Kivar smiled evily
“Why don’t we two go pay him a visit”


“Where’s Max?!?!” Isabel screamed at seeing Michael return by himself.


“What happened?!?!” She screamed

She and the others in the room waited silently for long moments

Michael looked up his eyes brimmed with tears
“They have him”


Elizabeth and Kivar walked down the hallway of the Royal palace in silence, each one lost in their own thoughts

Kivar smiled to himself. He had finally done it! He had beaten Max Evans in almost every way. And now his greatest enemy was his prisoner. Would he kill him? No...not right away. He wanted M ax to suffer. To be in prue agony at all times. He wanted him tortured.

He looked over at his Liz
He knew just the woman for the job.

Elizabeth saw the look Kivar had just given her and shuddered. She prayed he did not plan on making her torture this prisoner. Being the commanding General to one of the most feared men in the Galaxy Liz had seen and done things that she personally didn’t agree on, but wars were never pretty. She had tortured a man once. It was a necessity. He knew things that were very important to Kivar and he just wasn’t talking. Since then she was known to be one of the very best torturers. She had only done it once, but her ass-kissing soldiers made it huge. She hadn’t even killed him!

She didn’t like doing it and she suspected Kivar knew that because he hadn’t forced her to do it since then, but with the look he just gave her she suspected that he wanted a repeat performance.

As they descended the stairs that lead to the private cells she felt a strange pull that she had never felt before. I was as if something was calling out to her. Pulling her towards it.

For some reason she was reminded of her grandmother Claudia. Liz smiled at the memory of the woman. She was so idealistic. Her parents thought she was the worst influence on her. She was always going on about soulmates, and true love and all the things that her parents were completely against. But what sealed the deal was Claudias love for the Antarian royalty. If she was still alive today she would have been Liz’s enemy. It never came to that though. Her parents had removed her from her life early on right before they gave her to Kivars forces to be trained ast. Liz had heard was that she had died of a heart attack. As they walked further down the stairs the pulling got stronger pulling her out of her memories

They reached the bottom and started towards the prisoners cell.

Third on the left.




She counted in her head each time and each time the pulling got stronger. The humming in her body rose to an incredible high when she stood right outside of his door. She wanted to barrel in. What was causing this she thought to herself. Why was she acting so strangely.

Kivar took her hand and placed it on the panel in the wall, then moved her to stand in front of the retina identifier Finally he took her finger and placed it inside his mouth biting it so that a small drop of blood formed at the surface of her skin. Liz winced and he took her finger and smeared it on the part of the panel meant for blood. This would make sure that no one could get into this cell except her, not even Kivar himself.

It was just as she suspected

She was to torture this man.

She placed her Hand on the panel and the door opened.

At first neither of them saw anything. The cell was covered in shadows. Liz scanned the room and then she saw him. Leaning against the wall in a corner completely covered in shadows. Even with the absence of light she could tell that he was breathtaking. Liz moved over to another panel inside the room and placed her hand on it. Immediately the room was filled with light. Liz look back at the prisoner and had to bite her lip to keep from gasping.

He was magnificent.

His shirt was torn from the fighting and his golden sculpted chest was showing. Even through the shirt she could tell his arms were just as defined. His pants clung to him snugly and at that moment she longed to be them. This man was glorious. She had never seen anyone so beautiful.

She wanted to look into his eyes, but he was looking down.

“well If it isn’t the idiot king in person” Kivar said interrupting her Max feasting

max looked up at this

This time Liz couldn’t stop the tiny gasp from escaping her lips. She looked over at Kivar praying he hadn’t heard it.

He hadn’t or at least showed no signs of it.

Max however did and was staring right at her with an expression she couldn’t make out.

Liz had thought this man was beautiful at first but the second he looked up she knew that he had t be the most handsome man alive. The dark head of hair went incredibly with his color. His face was extremely masculine. Chiseled cheekbones, strong set jaw. But the most beautiful thing about him was his eyes

His eyes.

She could get lost in those eyes. They were a rich amber color and if you looked closely you could see tiny flicks of gold present as well. Framing them were the longest thickest eyelashes you had ever saw. On any other man they would have made him seem feminine, but not on Max. He carried them off perfectly.

He had still yet to look away from her seemingly as entranced as she was. Liz was the first to look away. If Kivar caught them, there would be hell to pay

Max Finally spoke
“And look who it is the murderer of innocent women and children”

Kivar smiled evily
“Yes. Thank you”

Elizabeth felt bile rise up in her throat. She had been A General of Kivars for 5 years, and never in all that time had she taken pleasure in the murder of innocent women and children, or anyone for that matter it was just a war. She was just a warrior, but Kivar however seemed to take pleasure in the title.

Why had she never seen this side before. She knew he was evil, but he had never said such horrible things in front of her before.

“Well I would love to stick around and wait that’s a lie. I just don’t want to waste my precious time on such a low being such as yourself. I merely came here to introduce you to someone.”

he pulled Liz to his side
“This is General Elizabeth Parker. She will be torturing you for the extent of your life...however long that may be.”

He smiled at Liz
“Have fun and...make it painful”

With that he walked out the room.

Liz turned around and looked at the Adonis before her.
Maybe this would be fun after all.


Part 2

Michael wrapped his arms around a hysterical Maria, she was almost crying as hard as Isabel, who was short of throwing a tantrum. Alex had pulled her into a strong embrace and would not allow her to leave the safety of his arms.

Alex had misty eyes. Even he Stonewall Guerin was shedding tears. Everyone that knew of their kings capture was in tears, that is except for his supposed future wife. Tess had yet to shed any tears except for when they announced Max’s capture to the public. She was hysterical when she did that. What a fake bitch. Why Max kept her around was beyond him. Nobody liked her. She was just sitting there, no pain or heart ache at all on her face. Michael glared in her general direction

“Michael.” Isabel sobbed
“We have to get him back!”

Michael sighed he didn’t want to be the one to tell her this
“Believe me Isabel I know” he replied
“Not many people want him back as bad as I do, but General Parker, and her troops pushed back our Army, and injured or killed a lot of them. We will not be strong enough to launch another strike for at least a few weeks” Michael said brushing tears from his eyes

He was still angry about the loss. Not only had he lost his King, but he had lost his king to a women. General Elizabeth Parker 2nd in command to Kivar, and Commander of all of his forces. Michael had thought the plan had been perfect. But Elizabeth had outsmarted him and anticipated his every move. he had failed all of his people.

As if sensing his distress Marias hold on him tightened.
“its not your fault Michael. I know you think it is but its not”

“yeah” Alex agreed
“That Parker was supposedly raised to be Kivars second all her life here o Antar. You didn’t even know who exactly you were until A few years a go. You almost beat her.”

“Get real” Michael shouted
“She crushed us.”

“Who cares?!” Isabel screamed
“It doesn’t matter who’s to blame or who’s the better second. The only thing that matters is that they have Max and we need to get him back!”


Kivar was very pleased with himself! He felt that he had handled that situation beautifully. Liz would be vicious. he could just imagine her whipping him raw, and kicking the shit out of him. Liz was very strong and her reputation of a skilled torturer made images of a barely alive Max pop into his head. She would bring him to the edge to the brink of...death, but then heal him keep him alive and start the wonderful process over and over again! He would make her tell him about it at night, right before he fucked her, or maybe during! Pain really turned him on. He smiled at what he could only imagine she was doing to the idiot king now.


The pulling inside of her seemed to only intensify when she had entered the room! This man was evoking feelings from deep inside her that she didn’t even know she had. She felt liquid pooling between her legs. Liz herself was astonished! She had been with other men, and none of them had made her this way, and Max hadn’t even touched her. She had to stop herself from throwing herself at him and screwing his brains out.

Her mind raced with all the things that could happen in this small cell between them. She was the only one who had access. A dozen different wicked scenarios flashed through her mind. A seductive smile crossed her lips As she started her move towards him.

Oh yes she would torture this man

Just not the way Kivar had planned

Max was feeling the effects too! He had been able to feel her coming towards him and now that she was in the same room with him, he was about ready to burst. Their staring contest earlier had aroused him greatly and they way she was looking at him now was not helping him either.

She was to die for.

His eyes traveled the length of her body for the hundredth time since she arrived in his cell. She was a little short, but just the perfect size to fit against his chest. Her slender legs were clad in red leather pants, and her black tight fitting shirt accentuated the curve of her breasts. She had an incredible body, but his favorite feature about her was her hair. Long chocolate brown locks tumbled down her back like a waterfall. her eyes were pure black, and he wasn’t sure whether that was her natural color or whether it was from the desire he felt coming off of her in waves.

She stalked across the room towards him and he felt himself grow hard. Why in the world was this woman affecting him so strongly.

Liz looked down at the ever growing bulge in his pants and her eyes widened. He was huge! she licked her lips in anticipation.

Max had to stifle a groan when he saw her little pink tongue peak out from her crimson lips. He grew even harder if possible. He felt the humming in his body sky rocket as she came closer to him.

Liz grabbed Max and pushed him against the wall of his cell fitting her body as close to his as possible. She felt his throbbing erection pressing against her stomach, and went in for the attack. One hand went behind his head to pull his mouth towards hers and the other went down to squeeze his raging flesh.

Max groaned. He wrapped his arms around Liz’s hips and pulled her even closer, their tongues fighting for dominance inside each others mouths.

Liz was flying. It felt as if her blood had turned to fire. With the first contact of their lips Liz soared out of orbit. God he was a good kisser

Liz pulled him forcefully away from where she had him pinned to the wall and shoved him onto the cot on the other side of the room.

His eyes were black with passion. He was sitting there staring at her like she was a piece of meat! And she loved it. She straddled his hips and started grinding herself into him.

“Hi” she whispered low in his ear

“Hi” he replied back with a grunt

“I’m Liz” she said with a nibble to his ear

“Max” he said with a squeak

She trailed a hot line of kisses down his neck and licked around his pulse point eliciting a low moan from the back of his throat.

“I, Max...(kiss) am your judge...(lick) Jury...(suck) and executioner.

She reached down and squeezed his erection

“So you better be nice to me” Liz whispered seductively in his ear, before getting off of him and walking out of the cell leaving behind a very unsatisfied and sexually frustrated Max.


On the far side of Antar Claudia Parker shot up out of bed. She smiled to herself as she remembered her dream.
Elizabeth had finally found her soulmate!


Max almost sobbed in agony when she left. His manhood was throbbing. She had brought him so close to completion and then left him. It was excruciatingly painful. Realizing that there was no relief in sight he slipped his hand down his pants. He hadn’t done this in a long time. He hadn’t had to. Tess always did it for him, but man she had never aroused him anywhere close to Elizabeth! God he wanted her!

He imagined Making love to her. Driving into her while she moaned for him to go faster harder deeper. he started moving his hand up and down his shaft in a rhythm he liked. He imagined her tiny hands all over his body. Feasting on her, and tasting every part of her. His hand started to move quicker.


Liz came out of the cell and stopped for a moment to slow down her heart rate. She was so aroused, poor Max, he must be feeling even worse than she was.

She smiled a seductive smile

Maybe a few more kisses couldn’t hurt and she turned around and entered the room again.

Max’s Hand pumped even harder. He imagined tangling his fingers through her dark hair and Kissing her breathless. Hearing her crying out his name in completion.

Liz eyes popped and she felt her knees give out. She had to lean back against the door to remain standing! She had never seen a more breathtaking site. Max Evans, the Adonis himself was masturbating!

Max threw back his head in pleasure and cried out her name

Her heart was beating furiously and she left the room as quickly as she has come in. Once outside She leaned against the wall.

He had called out her name! he was thinking of her while doing that. Her blood began to boil again. Why did he have so much power over her?


She had a feeling that torturing Max would become a torture for her.


Part 3

Isabel gazed out of the window of her room. One of the only good things about losing the battle was that she was no longer underground.

She stared up at the beautiful setting suns. Their light was casting a beautiful red glow across everything it touched. The suns were beautiful on Antar, much different than the Earths sun. Instead of yellow Antars Suns were bright orange, and when they set turned a crimson red. It was breathtaking.

Max loved the sunset on both planets. Tonights was especially beautiful. Isabel felt a tear slip from her eyes at the fact that this was the first sunset that he had missed, because he was in a cold dark cell, probably being tortured.

Isabel shuttered at the thought! She didn’t want to think about what their sick minds could be doing to him.

Isabel sighed and rested her head against the glass.

She felt a pair of warm arms encircle her and pull her against a strong chest. She leaned back against him.


He always made her feel better.

“Talk to me” he said placing a kiss on her hair.

Isabel smiled a little
“I miss him Alex”

“I know sweaty we all do” he said supportively

“And I’m...I’m scared.”

She felt his hold around her tighten in support

“I...I just don’t know what to do without him.”

Alex sighed.
He knew Isabel must be feeling terrible, he had cried with the capture of Max, and Isabel was his sister. The pain she must be hurt him to think of it! But on top of it all she had to deal with the resistance. The Antarians loyal to the royal four. In Max’s absence Isabel was to rule.

“Isabel” he said turning her around to look at him and bending down to her level
“We are going to get him back”

He looked deeply into her eyes willing her to believe it was true
“we are going to get him back” he repeated

And with that Isabel threw herself into his arms and cried


It was later that night. It had taken Liz quite a while to get herself under control, but it was dinner time now, and Max hadn’t eaten yet. So she decided she would take his food to him.

She wanted to play some more.

Walking down the hallway towards Max’s cell her mind simply ran away with her with all the things she could do.

With her mind on Max she didn’t notice Kivar walking towards her and bumped right into him. She almost spilled Max’s dinner all over him.

She sat down the tray quickly and saluted Kivar
“I’m sorry my lord. I did not see you there”

“Stand down Elizabeth. Their is nobody around”

With that he pushed her against the wall and started kissing her neck
“I missed you last night” he whispered between kisses

“I was doing as you asked” she said

“How is the torture coming” he said almost breathlessly as he hastily undid the buttons of her shirt

“Everything is going great so far” Elizabeth said smoothly
“I believe he is Suffering extremely”

“That’s wonderful he said as he moved up towards her lips. When he got there he thrust his tongue into her mouth kissing her hard.

Liz had to fight the urge to vomit.

His kisses felt completely wrong. They were nothing like Max’s.
She had to pull away.

“What’s wrong?” he growled at the loss

“Kivar please” Liz said calmly
“We can’t do this now. I need to be able to concentrate, while I am with the traitor. He needs to be punished, and I feel that I will not do an adequate job for you my lord” She finished convincingly

“Very well then, but I expect you in my room tonight at Midnight” And with that Kivar turned and walked away

Liz slid down against the wall. How was she going to sleep with Kivar when she could hardly even kiss him.

Liz stood up buttoned up her shirt and removed all evidence of her encounter with Kivar with a swipe of her hand.

She picked up they tray of food and started down the steps to where she would find Max. A smile crossed her face, if she was going to have to be with someone she didn’t want at least she could be with someone she did as well.


Max lay on his cot looking up at the ceiling.

He was bored.

Nobody had come in at all that day, and he was starving! He hadn’t eaten in days. he longed for Elizabeth to come back and also dreaded it. He had never been so strongly effected by anyone before, but she had aroused him so highly and then left him there so completely unsatisfied.

He jumped a little when the door slid open to reveal the seductress herself. he saw the tray of food and his stomach growled, for more than one reason.

Liz had to keep from gasping when she first saw him. He had on no shirt and was lying down on his back so that all of his muscles stretched out. He was god like

She didn’t say any thing as she came over towards his cot. He sat up as she came closer giving her room to sit down next to him if she wished causing his muscles to ripple as he moved. Liz couldn’t help but stare.

She sat down beside him with the tray of food. She lifted up the cover to reveal a bowl of fruit and a plate full of vegetables and pasta

“Eat” she commanded and went across the room to sit in a chair facing him

Max obeyed
He ate everything quickly occasionally...OK all the time looking over at Liz. She had yet to remove her eyes from him. It was driving him crazy. She looked at him with lust filled eyes and he just wanted her to pounce already. Like she did the night before, but she didn’t. She just sat there.

He was going to go mad with want.

Liz was having a hard time sitting still. She wanted him badly, but she could tell but the frustrated look on his face that he was having a hard time too. And the one thing she wanted more than Max right now was for Max to want her so much he went crazy.

On that note she slowly uncrossed her legs giving him a nice view up her black skirt. She saw his eyes turn black with need.

That’s just the look she had been waiting for.

She got up and strode purposefully towards him. She sat down beside him again. She picked up the bowl of fruit and picked up a strawberry. She took a big bite out of it.

“Ummmm. So good” She said

Max’s eyes were following her every move

She picked up another strawberry and this time offered it to him.
he closed his eyes and bite into the fruit, a tiny bit of juice ran down his chin, and Liz couldn’t help it she stuck out her tongue and licked it right off.

Max couldn’t take it anymore he had to kiss her. He pulled her against him roughly pulling her lips to his.

They both sighed at the contact, both savoring the pleasure it brought them both. Tongues dueled for dominance inside each others mouth.

Max slip his hands around to her back and pulled her closer to him

Liz arched up against him and flung her head back revealing the perfect skin of her neck. His attention moved to her neck then, but before he could get too comfortable there Liz pushed him away, and slapped him

“No touching” Liz said

Max growled in frustration. How he wanted to take her! To make her his.

Max’s eyes opened wide in suprise when he saw the object that was tucked into the back of her skirt.

She dangled the silvery objects in his face.

handcuffs. Two sets.


Part 4

Max felt his manhood come to life, and grow impossibly hard in a matter of seconds.

“Why don’t you lean back.” Liz said in a low sultry voice

Max did as he was told

Liz lifted his arms one by one and handcuffed him to the metal bed post.

“Now Max...What do you want?” She asked sitting between his knees of the hard bed.

“what?” Max asked with a squeak

‘Oh my god’ he thought I just squeaked. I haven’t done that around a girl since I was 16’

“What. Do. You. Want.” She said slowly
“You have to tell me Max or else I won’t know what to do.” Liz said with a wicked grin

Max’s breathing had long since become erratic, but it was becoming even more so with what she was asking him to do. Tell her exactly what he wanted.

Oh yes. He was in hell and she was Satan.

This really was torture, but if he had known about it earlier he would have purposefully gotten captured.

“Max.” Liz said in a sing song voice

“I want you to kiss me” Max choked out

Liz just stood there staring at him with a innocent expression on her face

“I want you to kiss me” He said again

“I heard you the first time silly, but you didn’t say where.”


“Where? Where would you like me to kiss you?”

“Here?” She asked placing a light kiss on his mouth
“Or Here?” She said moving down to kiss his chest
“Or maybe here” She said running a tongue over his member through his pants

Max’s hips bucked off the bed in attempt to get closer to her mouth

“There. there. Kiss me there”

“Where Max? Tell me where.” She encouraged

“My cock” he all but screamed

“Oh. Now that wasn’t so bad now was it Max?” She asked in a baby voice.

She lowered his zipper and his manhood popped out of its confines.

Liz’s eyes widened. Man he was huge. Certainly bigger than Kivar. Not that that was an achievement. She lowered her head to taste him.

Max groaned and bucked his hips again

“Hold still” She said with a light slap to his face

Liz bent down and kissed the head of his cock, then sat up and looked at him.

Max was dying! What was she doing? He was going to explode if she didn’t do something to him soon anything!

“What now?” She finally asked with another grin

He got it they were still playing the game
“Suck it now Liz please”

Her eyes twinkled with excitement! She bent her head and trailed her tongue over the vein on the back of his penis.

Max moaned

“Do you like that?”

“Oh yes” max shouted hoarsely

“tell me what it feels like” And with that she slid her mouth down his shaft.

Max’s breath caught in his throat.
“It feels. It feels so good Liz. So hot and wet”

Max could feel him self swell in her mouth. Watching her head bob up and down was enough to push him over the edge. He felt on fire. He felt like he was going to Die if she didn’t continue, and if she did. Yes this woman was going to be the death of him. Max cried out when he felt her scrape her teeth gently down his length. But oh what a way to go.

“Oh god Liz I’m gonna come”

Liz sat up, and smoothed her hair back
“well we can’t have that now can we?” She asked
“Our fun is just getting started”

“Tell me what you want Max”

“I want to see you Liz” Max said tightly. he was rock hard. Any slight movement was painful.

Liz smiled and unbuttoned her shirt. With each button she popped open his breath caught.
She removed her shirt entirely and was left in only a black lace bra, a short red shirt, and what Max would so kindly put fuck me boots.

He tried desperately to push back the fantasies forming in his mind from just those boots alone.

Then she started to dance.

he was Mesmerized.
Out of his mind.

His eyes always followed the movement of her hands. They ran all over her body. Down over her breasts, over her firm tummy, over her hips, her tight ass, up her smooth creamy legs.

She lifted her leg and set her foot on the edge of his bed so he got a great view of her show. He hands ran up her leg from the top of her FM boots before disappearing under her skirt.

“You wanna watch me Max?” She asked

He tried but he couldn’t make a sound so he nodded

“What do you wanna watch me do Max?”

“Pleasure yourself” He groaned

“all right” She said hiking up her skirt for him to see.

He growled when he saw her juices glistening on her dark curls. She spread her outer lips with her left hand and inserted a finger with her right. She threw her head back in pleasure.

He couldn’t remember how to breath, he couldn’t. He had never seen a more erotic thing in his entire life. he itched to touch her to be the one giving her the kind of pleasure she was experiencing. he pulled at his arms only to find them handcuffed to the post.

He watched as she inserted another finger and cried out
“Oh Max yes”

Oh lord! She was thinking about him. He had to get out of these handcuffs.

“Liz Liz please” Max begged

“Yes Max” She answered still pumping in and out of herself

“I want out of these handcuffs. Please”

“I don’t think so Mr. Evans” She said with a moan
“I like you all tied up”

And then it occurred to him
‘Duh your an alien dumbass you have powers’

Normally Max would play her game, but he just couldn’t handle anymore tonight.

He concentrated on the handcuffs and changed the molecular structure a bit until both sets fell off and he got up and attacked Liz. She didn’t even see it coming.

Liz let out a gasp when she suddenly found herself pinned to the wall, by a very needy Max Evans. His eyes blazed with desire and she couldn’t help but become very aroused by this aggressive side he was showing.

he went in for her lips and kissed her with a hunger that was almost frightening. She felt his hand come around and cup her but to bring her more firmly against him. He felt under her skirt for her panties and pulled them off. He slipped his fingers inside of her. She screamed.

“Max stop!”

She could feel him throbbing against her stomach. She wanted him bad.

“Pick me up Max!”

he did and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She could feel his tip sliding against her opening

“Carry me over to the bed Max. NOW! Hurry!”

Max carried her towards the bed and the both fell onto it. He returned to her lips the second they hit the bed. He rolled over so that she was below him.

“Make Love to me Max” Liz said

WHOA! where did that come from Liz thought. This is fun for me not love, and yet she felt it all the same.

Then she felt it .

A connection roaring to life between them!


Part 5

At first Liz didn’t stop to consider what it was she was feeling, and seeing from Max. She wanted to see more so she kept on kissing him!

She saw Max as a child while still on Earth. Meeting his friend Michael.

‘General Rath’ she thought

She saw he and Princess Vilandra coming out of their pods.
She saw Max going to school
She saw him sitting under a tree at lunch.
She saw him meeting Tess

‘Gosh she’s skanky looking’ Liz thought to herself.

She saw her. And the way that Max felt when he first saw her.
She saw her a few moments ago.

He felt it too!

Liz pulled back from him quickly clearly shocked
“What was that?” She asked

“You saw that?” He asked shocked as well

“Yeah! What was it”

“We made a connection. What did you see?” He asked quickly

“You, a few other people. But mostly you at all stages of your life. Wait what’s a connection?” She asked

“I have no idea how you saw that! It has only happened when I wanted it to before and when I was healing someone”

Max thought to himself. How could she get a flash from him. He hardly knew her and yet she was getting flashes from him without him allowing it. Although nothing has been normal so far when it came to this women. He felt more for her than anyone! He was in love! He knew it! But the scary thing is that

She was too.

He felt it.

“I saw you too” He said smiling still lying on top of her

“What did you see?” She asked with a blush

“Stuff” Max said leaning down and kissing her neck.

“Max! I am serious” Liz said pushing him off and standing up!

Liz waved a hand in front of her to restore her appearance!

“Liz! I saw you as a child. You were with a women! She always called you honeybehr.”

“Grandma Claudia!” Liz said!

That’s odd she thought! This is the second time in days! I have thought of her.

“She made you this dress when you were very young. you thought it was ugly, but you wore it every time you saw her. Just so you wouldn’t hurt her feelings!”

“It had-”

Little cupcakes on it” Max finished

Liz walked over towards the door
“This is really freaky Max! I don’t understand this at all! I have certainly never “connected” that with someone before.”

“Liz its nothing to be afraid of!”

“How am I supposed to know that? Your the enemy Max! You could just be trying to trick me. To confuse me! And I won’t give into it! I won’t give into you!”

Liz lied through her teeth! She felt herself becoming more and more powerless towards him every second. It was a scary feeling, but with him it felt...right somehow! Like he was meant to make her knees weak with just a look or the sound of his voice.

Max got up from the cot and walked over to where she was standing
“You know that’s not true Liz! You felt it! I felt it! There’s something here! Something Between us!”

She felt his breath on her neck and felt those knees go weak

“Your crazy Max! The only thing between us is lust. Not love. And besides, there could never be anything between us! I’m with Kivar.”

She felt herself cringe as she said this! It made her think of what she would have to do later that night!

Max felt as though he had been just kicked in the head! So the rumors were true!
“Your with Kivar!”

‘One must sacrifice a lot to be In Kivars army! Even his Commanding General!” Liz said her voice emotionless

Max heard her voice. Even though she tried to keep it empty He heard a slight hint of bitterness in it. He knew she didn’t love him. Just as he didn’t love Tess

“All for land and country” Max said bitterly

“Yes” Liz said turning around
“And just so you know! I did not sleep with Kivar to get my position! it was immediately after that Kivar insisted I screw him”

“I didn’t think that Liz” Max argued.

“I know you Liz! I’ve only known you two days but already I know you. You would never do something like that! you want to earn what you get! I know you!”

“I love you”

Why did he have to be so difficult ? It would never work out! He was Her Leaders sworn enemy! e was King Zan! It would never work ever! it would be too complicated! She loved him too! Or at least she thought she did! She certainly had never felt this way before!

“Well I am sorry Max! But I don’t love you” She replied coldly

“But you do Liz! I know you do”

He turned her around slowly and brought his lips down to hers. This kiss was nothing like their others! it was tender, slow, the kind that you only read about in fairy tales.

Liz was an honest woman. She was big enough to admit defeat! When he touched her the way he was touching her . She was putty in his hands. Willing to do whatever he wants her to do. She felt her knees buckling, and before she knew it she was tumbling down towards the ground.

Max was floating! This kiss was making him feel ways he had never known before. When he kissed Tess it was never like this. It may have been lust but never love! He had never felt a kiss all the way to his bones before all the way to his soul. No Liz was special! She floored him!

He caught her as she was tumbling towards the floor. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth

“I love you Liz”

Liz let out a whimpering noise and pulled him closer to her

“Say it Liz. Tell me you love me! I need to hear it!”

“I love you Max! I do! Now god stop talking and kiss me” She said pulling his lips back towards hers for another soaring kiss

Max grinned against her lips. He had gotten himself a little firecracker.
She and Maria would get along.

Liz moved her hands to his shirt slowly starting to unbutton the buttons. She got one done but her hands were shaking too much to remove the rest. In frustration she waved her hand over the shirt making it fall to the floor.

Liz couldn’t believe it! She was acting like a virgin! She had been with plenty of men before! And her hands were shaking so that she couldn’t even take of this mans shirt! I really must be in love, she thought to herself.

She ran her hands over his smooth muscular chest and he moaned in appreciation.

Max was trying very hard to maintain the tiny bit of control that he had! He wanted it to be special for her. Anything would be special to him!

“Good idea” Max mumbled against her mouth. He moved his hand in front of both of them disposing of both their clothes!

Liz thought to himself as her gaze hungrily traveled his body! She was right. He was an Adonis! She wondered briefly if he would consider modeling for a statue to be made of him so she could stare at it whenever she couldn’t stare at the real thing.
Kivar wouldn’t like that too much she thought. Especially when he got a look at the ugh...member on Max!

You can win a battle but some things even an alien can’t change.

Max was feeling quite the same way! She was gorgeous! Her breasts looked the perfect size to fit in his hands exactly. He longed to see if it was true but he was torn between doing so and staring. He could look at her all the time!

He wondered if she’d pose for a painting...

her body was very small but was curvy in all the right places.

He couldn’t wait any longer her moved over to her attached his lips to hers before picking her up and moving her to the bed.

He placed her down softly and lay down on top of her. he supported most of his weight on his elbows.

His hands moved to her breasts. Just as he thought. Perfect fit! He squeezed and kneaded them until he felt her rosy nipples form little peaks. He lowered his mouth and sucked one nipple into his mouth at a time.

Liz arched her back in reaction and moaned .

He reached down to her feminine core and ran his fingers through her folds and slowly entered a finger inside of her! It slid in easily. She was so wet.

“Are you sure he asked?”

“God Max YES! If you don’t get inside me soon I think I might explode!”

With her words she grabbed his ass and pulled him to her entrance.

He thrust inside her!

He went in fast and swift. She had been so wet he couldn’t help it. He felt himself tear through her barrier!


Liz was struck with a stinging pain. And her eyes welled up. She had felt something tear. That was impossible.

Max reached down to her abdomen and healed her taking away all pain.

Liz was immediately hit with pleasure so intense she forgot about the pain immediately.

“Are you all right?” Max asked softly

“Yes god Max PLEASE!”

He started moving slowly within her with each agonizing thrust he pulled out till only the tip remained and plunged back in full hilt.

He felt the connection start again at once, only this time it was much seemed much more permanent.

Liz felt the connection! She wasn’t afraid of it anymore. She could feel everything that Max was feeling at that moment! His pleasure his joy, but above all his love.

She concentrated on sending her love to him as well.

He felt it pouring in from her.

Liz couldn’t take it anymore!
“Max PLEASE Faster!” She said wrapping her legs around his waist!

Max gave up trying to make it last and started ramming into her faster and harder each time!

Max’s name was a mantra on her lips.

She couldn’t stop saying it. Almost like if she stopped the feeling she was feeling would too.

Max couldn’t believe how responsive she was and it spurred him on even more!

“Oh god Liz! You feel...soo...good”

“Oh yes”

“Liz. I’m gonna”

“Me too”

Max let go sending a stream of his seed deep inside of her.
He collapsed on top of her completely exhausted.

The feeling of him losing control like that made Liz clamp down on him hard. It was the most incredible feeling . She had never had an orgasm that intense before.

They both lay there breathing hard for a few moments, before Max finally pulled out of her and rolled onto his back pulling Liz to lay on his chest.

‘that was great’ Liz thought

“Yeah it really was” Max said breathlessly

“What” Liz asked

“I just said yeah it was great”

“Max I didn’t say that out loud”

“Try it again” Max said

‘You have a sexy body’

“You do too” Max said out loud!

“Oh my gosh. We can read each others thoughts” Liz said with a huge smile! That is crazy

‘Don’t think about tonight Don’t think about tonight’

“What about tonight?”



Michael Isabel Alex Tess and Maria were all sitting discussing plans.

“We need to wait!” Michael said

“No we should attack now!” Tess argued!

“We’ll all be killed”

The door flew open and an old women stepped in. She raised her hand and blasted Tess to a wall.

“Your king has found his soulmate”


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Part 6

The room went deadly silent. Everyone trying to comprehend what happened. They all looked to Tess lying unconscious against the wall, yet no one went to help her.

“Who are you?” Michael finally asked

“Claudia Parker” She answered

“What do you mean Our king has found his soulmate and how would you know?” Isabel asked speculatively.

“I felt it” She answered.

“And how did you do that” Maria chimed in.

“Because I am linked to his soulmate”

“Well don’t keep us in suspense. Who is this girl?” Alex asked

“My Grand Daughter Elizabeth Parker”

Gasps were heard all around the room

“Yeah right! Isabel huffed
“She’s Khivars Commanding General. Max would never fall for her.”

“We don’t really have time. She should be waking up soon” Claudia answered looking at Tess
“Listen. I don’t know the particulars of what happened, but I felt it from Liz. She has found her soulmate in him”


“Liz what about tonight?” He asked again

“Max...Its nothing.” Liz said
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll figure something out.”

“Liz. Tell me” he said

Liz tried to look away from him but she couldn’t their eyes met and held. Her walls began to crumble all around her, and her eyes started to fill with tears

“Liz what’s wrong” Max asked placing a tender kiss upon her forehead.

“I don’t think I can do it Max. Not after tonight. I just don’t...” She sobbed into his chest

“Liz what? What can’t you do?”

“Its Kivar. He wants me tonight”


Claudia looked over at Tess who was beginning to stir. She used her powers to once again pick her body up and slam it into the wall

“Stop Why are you doing that?” Isabel screamed. She wasn’t particularly fond of the girl, but this was just brutal.

Claudia looked around her and saw that they had all moved into defensive positions and Michael and Isabel had their hands up ready to fire.

“If you knew who she really was, you’d be blasting her into a wall yourself.” Claudia said cryptically

“And what is that.” Maria spat not trusting this women quite yet.

‘Think about it. Kivar and his camp have been very successful lately. Partly because of my grand daughter, but also partly because Tess has been giving him information. Liz isn’t the only mistress Kivar has.”

“You mean to tell me Tess has been giving Kivar our battle plans.” Isabel asked

“That’s exactly what I am saying.” Claudia said

Everyone was silent for a moment

“I knew I didn’t like her for a reason” Alex said looking at the girl on the floor

‘How do we know we can trust you?” Michael said

“I guess you don’t.”
“But let me assure you. In losing Tess to Khivar you will receive someone even better. Liz will be a great asset to you all.”

“Liz is the enemy” Maria said

“This is true. But she won’t be for long. She will have to choose between Max and Khivar and something tells me. She will choose her soulmate.”

“How do you know all this”

Claudia just smiled

“Who are you?” Michael asked

“A friend of the resistance. Always have been”


Max felt his fists clench at the words. He felt an unusual wave of protectiveness roll over him in waves. Liz was his. She belonged to him now. He had claimed her.

Claimed her

“Liz...You were a virgin” He remembered having gotten distracted in the after effects.
“But I thought that...”

‘Believe me Max. I am as shocked as you are. I have had sex before today. I wasn’t a virgin.”

Max could only think of one reason this would ever happen and it filled him with a joy he had never known possible.

“Liz! Max said softly. Since I have been here. I have been studying all about Antarian culture. The Royalty especially. Members of the royal family of Antar have always been forbidden to marry or have sex to anyone that was not their soulmate. I know now that Tess isn’t mine I think I have always known she wasn’t right for me. I believe I have found it in you Liz. Your my soulmate”

“OK but that still doesn’t explain why I was suddenly virginal” Liz said

“Being on earth all my life I didn’t know of these rules and traditions and you couldn’t have know I was your soulmate until you met me. I’m guessing you felt it too. Felt me before you even saw me.”

Liz nodded her head

“Gosh Liz I was so dumb I can’t believe I didn’t realize it. I should have known you were my soulmate the second I saw you. I guess I was just too...distracted”

“max” Liz said urging him to continue

“right. I think that when we came face to face Liz. That when we kissed it returned both of us to our virginal status to follow traditions. Your my soulmate Liz. My Queen”

‘I love you’ she thought

‘And I you’ he returned

“I’m glad it was you Max. I’m glad you were my first” She smiled

“God Liz. Me too” He said burying his face in her hair


Khivar paced around in his room. She should be here by now he thought.

“What a flake” he mumbled out loud

No wonder he kept Liz as his mistress even after finding Tess. She was a great roll in the hay but not much going on in the head, which was why she would make a great queen. Too stupid to try anything. And he would still always have his Liz, when life with Tess became too unbehrable.

He wondered if she would show at all. He was very curious to see what Rath and Vil- or rather Michael and Isabel were planning to get their king back.

his thought were lead to Liz then. He smiled as he imagined all the things she was doing to Max at that moment. Probably kicking him or whipping him. Oh yes. Khivar had a feeling he had done the right thing assigning his Liz to torture the young idiot king.

And he should know he had excellent judgement


After drugging Tess to make she didn’t awaken for awhile and tying her up. The five of them began to talk some more

“why are you helping us? I mean if Liz is your Grand Daughter?” Alex asked

“I’ve always been a supporter of the monarchy on Antar. My son however and his wife Nancy were supporters of Khivar. They didn’t like me around Liz. They thought I would try and turn her to my way of thinking so they sent her away to be trained to eventually join Khivar. But before they sent her away I connected with her while she was sleeping one night and made it possible for me to feel when something very important was happening to her.”

“How did you find out about Tess? And Why weren’t we told right away?” Isabel said in a rush

“The time wasn’t right.” Claudia replied

“How did you know though?” Michael asked again

“I work for an organization that Is rebelling against Kivar. It is a relatively small group compared to yours, but we get a lot of the information because of it. We don’t look suspicious, and they don’t suspect us. It is run by a man named Jim Valenti”


“Liz. What are you going to do about tonight?”

“Max. I’ll figure out something. Don’t worry.” Liz said snuggling into his arms

“I don’t think I could handle it Liz. Just the thought of some one touching you” He said kissing her neck
“Hearing your moans” He said running his hands down her sides
“Making Love to you” he said pulling her lips to his in a crushing kiss
“It makes me crazy Liz. And I feel this animalistic urge to kill them and then to screw your brains out”

Liz couldn’t help but feel excited by his words. She liked the possessiveness she felt radiating off him. And she liked the thought of him losing control to act on all of his animalistic desires for her. But of course she wouldn’t admit that.

“Remember Liz. I can hear you thoughts.” He whispered seductively in her ear

Liz turned bright red in embarrassment
“I can’t help it that I like you all cave-man like.”

His eyes turned a midnight black. She knew that look already. Max looked as if he was about to pounce.

She got up off of the bed and started to move across the cell
“max we need to talk. We can’t let this go to far.” She said as she felt the wall hit against her back.

max either didn’t hear her or didn’t seem to care as he continued his movement towards her.

She saw his hands go on either side of her effectively trapping her. She moaned as she felt his erection pressing against her stomach.

Max lost all semblance of control and hungrily attacked her lips. Liz responded to his kisses eagerly. The fire already swirling in her stomach. She felt his hands trace down her back leaving fire in its trail his hands cupped her butt and he lifted her against the wall.

He legs instinctively wrapped around his hips and she felt him enter her.

They both gasped at the sensation. This joining was a lot quicker than the last one. Both of them needing to hurry. Both having to find their release.

Max pounded into her and Liz met him thrust for thrust. She scratched her nails down his back and threw her head back when he hit a particularly sensitive spot inside her

“Oh god max! YES! right there!” She said as she clamped down around his rod.

Max felt Liz’s walls clamp down on him and he exploded inside her.

Liz’s legs felt like Jell-O as they slid off of Maxs hips.

Max picked her up and carried her over to the bed. They both drifted off to sleep


Part 7a

Liz woke up feeling completely a peace. She hadn’t felt so wonderful in a very long time. It flooded back to her and she remembered why she felt so peaceful. She snuggled closer to the gorgeous man beside her! She couldn’t believe it. She felt love for this man. So intensely. She had thought she would never feel it. She certainly hadn’t felt it for Kivar.


She bolted up in bed! She completely forgot! She looked down at her watch. She was due in his quartors in 15 minutes! She jumped out of bed and hurriedly pulled her clothes on.

Max woke up when he felt Liz slip out of his arms
“Where you going?” he yawned

“I Have to go” She replied
“It is expected of me, but I will try to get out of it Max! Please believe that I will try” She said placing a kiss on his lips

“Your going to Khivar” Max said hanging his head

“Max please don’t be like that. I don’t want to leave anymore than you want me to. I would much rather stay here inyour arms. Don’t worry. I will figure something out”

She placed another tender kiss on his lips before walking to the door

“Liz” He cried out
“I love you”

“I love you too Max”

and then she was gone.

Max sighed and ran his fingers through his unruly hair.
he wasn’t going to get anymore sleep tonight! He trusted Liz, he really did, but he didn’t trust Kivar. And the thought of him...touching her...being with her, just filled him with rage.

He couldn’t believe this jelousy.
He had never felt this way about Tess, yet here he was feeling it in waves.

All that he knew was that if Khivar layed a hand on her...

He would kill him.


“Jim Valenti” Michael said
“I think I have heard of him”

“He’s a very good man. Loyal to the royalty”
“I think we can help you get your kingdom back”

“What about Max?” Isabel said

“I wouldn’t worry about Max” Claudia smiled
“Lizzie has him in good hands”

“Shes the enemy though!” Maria once again protested!

“They are soulmates! She will bring him to you. Do not worry! I have great faith in my grand daughter! She is a good person, she was just led astray, by my son and his wife”

“We will give her a few days, if not we are going in” Michael said

“You’ll all be killed. Have faith in Elizabeth! She will not fail” Claudia replied


She couldn’t believe she was doing this! She wanted nothing more than to run back to Max’s cell and make love to him again.

She brushed her hair back from her eyes and continued to walk towards Khivars bedroom chambers.

She wanted it to stop. She wasn’t happy anymore. She wanted to break off their little arangment. Hopefully if she talked to him he would understand and find some new girl to fuck. She was nothing special!


Khivar was pacing around the room.

Where was she? Liz was supposed to be here by now he thought.

First Tess didn’t show up and now Liz!

he didn’t care so much about Tess, but Liz...Liz was special.

He was jarred from his thoughts when he heard a buzz from the door


“I had begun to think that you weren’t coming”

“I am sorry. I was detained”

“Torturing the idiot king?”


“Good job Liz. You were always very detailed in your work. I can see that your taking this case very seriously! I would promote you, but then you can’t get any higher, well unless you’d reconsider my offer.”

“Khivar, No. I have no desire to be queen. I enjoy my work far too much”

“Too bad. You’d make a great queen”

And with that he pushed her against the door and started sucking on her neck, he moved to her lips before she could get a word out. With his hands one slipped between her thighs to stroke her center the other busied itself with groping her breast.

She pushed him away
“Khivar. No”

“What” he said angry

“I came here to end this arrangement. Its been going on too long. I would like to move on, and I am sure there are millions of girls who would love to sleep with you”

Khivar didn’t say anything for a long time
“You don’t get it do you” Khivar laughed
“You don’t have a choice. I pratically own you, and I am not letting you go.”

He pulled her against him and started kissing her again
Liz pulled away
“Khivar stop”

He back handed her and sent her flying
“I don’t know whats going on with you Liz, but you better get over it and fast, because I will have you tomorrow night”
“Now get out of my sight. You pissed me off”

Liz got up off the floor holding her brused cheek and left the room.


Part 7b

She waited until she was far away from Khivar until the tears fell. It wouldn’t be good for the entire General of the army to be crying. He may hit her again for her weakness

She didn’t know

This was all new to her. He had never hit her before or come anywhere close. He had always been relatively gentle with her. he obviously was not very happy with the latest developments.

She ignored the stares she got from the guards she walked past. She knew this was a very unusual occurance, but at that moment she didn’t really care. She needed to get to Max.

She could feel is emotions through the connection very clearly. She had no doubt that feeling hers was what caused such a riot in his emotions.

She had to go to him.

All that she knew was that it wouldn’t happen again. She wouldn’t let him hurt her like that! Feel that he has the right to hit her whenhe doesn’t get what he wants!

No! she would not allow him to dominate her!

And she wasn’t going to sleep with him.

There was only one solution


Max paced anxiously around his cell!

He could feel waves and waves of emotion rolling off of Liz!

He had woken up from a fitful sleep. It was very difficult for him to even close his eyes he felt so strange without Liz in his arms. he knew that he could never again live without her. She was it for him

He was in a very light sleep when he awoke with a start. he felt a sharp stab of pain and fear coming from Liz. He was immediately on edge!

The pain lasted only for a moment but he still felt the fear, and now a shear determination.

He felt her coming closer to him and he counted the seconds it took for her to arrive at his cell. Any time away from her was almost too much.

The door slid open and Liz entered.

Max’s eyes widened her right cheek was covered in an ugly purplish bruise.

He was at her side in an instant.
“What happened to you Liz? Who did this?” Max asked his eyes blazing with fire.

Liz took a moment to compose herself and allowed him to pull her into his warm embrace.
“Khivar” she replied

she felt Max’s grip on her hips get tighter.

“He decided that he didn’t like the fact that I now longer wanted to screw him, so he hit me and told me to “get over” whatever it was that was bothering me, and that he would “have me” tomorrow night.

max felt his fists unclenching and clenching.

How could he DARE lay a finger on her! Max had always hated Khivar before but he had never wanted to murder the man as much as he did at that moment.

Liz was incredible how anyone who knew her would ever want to hurt her was beyond him.

She was perfect for him.

“Max she whispered. I can’t stay here anymore. We have to leave.”

“I know” Max whispered pulling her flush against him

he kissed her cheek and pulled back. He placed his hand on her cheek and closed his eyes forming a connection instantly and healing her bruise.

When he removed his hand he only saw Liz’s creamy white skin that he had come to realize was as soft a silk.

“Thank you” She whispered placing a soft kiss on his lips
“We have to leave tonight Max.”

“I know” he replied

“Where do we go?”

“I believe I now where My group is hiding, we’ll go there.”

“But Max I’m the-”

“No Liz your not the enemy...not anymore” max interupted”

“So how do we do this?” Max asked

‘Don’t worry about it! I am the commanding General. We will leave in a few hours right at the break of dawn. I’ll report to Khivar that myself and a group of men will be looking into a disturbance. I’ll need to change your appearance”

Max nodded
“Thats fine”

Liz moved towards him to preform the task, but Max caught her hand before she could touch his face.
“Not yet Liz. We still have a few hours left”

And with that Max lowered his lips to hers. Liz moaned at the contact of their lips meeting.

She loved how Max made her feel, it was all still so new to her. She had been with so many men and none of them...none compared to max! He was just

Perfect for her.

And she couldn’t help being happy that he was her “first”
it felt right giving herslef to him for the very first time.

She needed to lose herself in him. To escape the harsh reality around her. In a matter of hours she wouls be giving up everything that she had worked for most of her life.

She was frightened.

For the first time in her life She didn’t know what her future held for her.

But as Max removed their clothing with a move of his hand and placed her down on the bed it was easy to forget, and get completely lost in him.

Their were no games this time. No whispered dirty words.

Just them

Max and Liz.

Making love. Coming together once again.

For awhile both of them were able to escape from the questions that plagued them.

Would they be able to escape?
Would Liz be accepted at their camp
What would happen between them?

Liz felt completely cherished as Max carressed every part of her body with a slow dileberatness that would noramlly drive her crazy. he kissed and sucked every peice of skin that he came into contact with.

Liz cried out when she felt Max slid into her.

The connection opened with a roar.

It was amazing.

Max groaned at the feeling of being inside her. It still shocked him how right it felt. how perfect her body felt against his. He pulled out and pushed back in slowly and deeply. he wanted this to last.

Liz practically purred. her hands went to the back of his head and threaded through his dark hair. She wrapped her legs around his waist in an attempt to drive him in even further.

“Max” She moaned
“Please Max” she said

Max smiled. he picked up his pace. Liz moaned deeply in his ear which managed to fuel his desire for her even further.

They both reached their peak together and tumbled into ectasy wrapped in each others arms.

When Max pulled out of her they both sighed at the loss
“I wish you could stay inside of me all the time” Whispered breathlessly

“Me too” Max agreed

Their connection had died down a little, but was still very intense.

‘Sleep now. We have a long night ahead of us’ Liz sent through the connection

‘I love you’ Max replied

“I love you too” Liz said aloud


Claudia awoke with a start she lookd around and tok in her surrondings

The kings undergroud hideout

Thats right.

“Their coming”


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Title: Falling Into You
Author: Britt or Lizzie_Parker17
Rating: Pg-13 to NC-17 depending on the part
Disclaimer: Nope not mine
Catagory: M/L M/M A/I K/T there is a little L/K and M/T in the beginning but that goes away quickly!
Summary: Max Evans has always been in love with Liz Parker, but hes never made a move, because of who he was. And besides shes dating Star quarterback Kyle Valenti. What would she ever want in him? They both attend a rock concert and fate takes matters into its own hands.
Arthors note: Wel this was originally my challenge, but nobody could take it (too many fics) And even though I have too many fics as well I really wanted someone to do this! So here it is...
Feedback: Yes please I love the stuff!


Max Evans stood at his locker trying desperately to look like he was searchng for something...anything. He wasn’t really searching for something. More like waiting for someone.
NO. Not just someone.

Liz Parker.


Just as he knew she would she came gliding down the hallway with her two best friends. Maria Deluca and Alex Whitman.

And just as always the entire world begins to move in slow motion, and he can just stare at the angel standing before him. She was laughing at something Alex had said.

He loved the way her eyes light up when she laughed.
he wished desperately that he could be the one making them light up like that! It was his dream. Unfortunately...that was all it was.

He could never be with Liz Parker, or anyone for that matter.

He was different.

Besides Liz would never fall for anyone like him. Shes so beautiful and kind and amazing and... well you get the picture.

And he...

Well he...

He wasn’t even human.

“Max Evans is staring at you again Lizzie” Maria whispered to her best friend with a smirk

“Maria get real. Max Evans! hes my lab partner in bio. he probably just needs the notes or something” liz said opening her locker door and taking out her bio book

“Liz Max stares at you all the time.” Alex said
“He can’t always need the bio notes”

“You guys cut it out. Max Evans is not into me, hes with that blonde girl”

“Stop living in denial. he wants you Liz. He hasn’t taken his eyes off you yet!”

“Maria!” Liz shreaked
Liz glanced his way and smiled

Oh my god! she caught me staring! max thought. He looked away immediately.

Liz laughed
“You guys are absolutely crazy. Hes not even looking this way.” She said shutting her locker

Stupid Stupid Stupid Max! Can you be anymore obvious! Max told himself not to look at her again, but he couldn’t help himself. She was just so...

“Hey beautiful” Kyle said coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist

“Hey Kyle” Liz said

He pulled her into his arms and proceded to stick his tongue down her throat.

Max wished he hadn’t looked again.

Oh yeah he forgot about that one other person in Liz’s circle of friends.


Her boyfriend.

Star Quarter Back, Captain of the Basketball team, Co-captain for track.

Max’s worst nightmare.

Yep that pretty much described Kyle. He never showed his face without his letterman jacket, and very rarely went without having a group of jocks following him around. All the girls loved him. Why shouldn’t Liz feel the same way?

Obviously she did!
Which is why shes with him

Max sighed inwardly.
God what he wouldn’t give-

His thoughts were inturupted when he felt a hand on his shoulder


“Maxwell” Michael nodded

Isabel was right behind them.

“Hey Max”

“I see your staring at Liz Parker again” Michael said annoyed

“Max you know-” Isabel started

“We can’t get involved” he finished for her
“Yeah I remember”

Thats the way its always been. We don’t get involved with humans. No matter how much we want to! we have to remain un-noticed...invisible.

Well this is our group it been me Isabel and Michael for a long time. we all emerged out of our pods together. Me and Isabel were found on the side of the road, and adopted by the Evans. Michael however was not so lucky. But its been us three for a long time until-

“Max” I hear a voice say, and feel arms slid around my neck


Oh yeah I forgot to mention Tess

Shes my girlfriend


Part 1

“Hi Tess” Max said

“Hi Maxie” she said placing a quick kis on his lips

I hate when she calls me that

“Guess what I got you guys” She said excitedly

“Do you actually want us to guess?” Michael asked sarcastically
“Ok. your nails done”

Tess shot him a glare

‘What?” Max asked ignoring Michael

“Concert the KROP spring bash” Tess squeeled

“Oh my gosh Tess are you serious?” Isabel squeeled too sounding a lot like Tess
“I have been trying to get tickets for ever!” Isabel said!
“Oh my god! We are gong to have so much fun!”
“I hear Linkin Park is preforming”

‘Yeah they are” Tess said
“Isn’t Chester hot?”

“Yes!” Isabel agreed
“Hes married though”

Now this is I think one of my main problems with Tess. She can just be sooo ditzy, and it makes Isabel ditzy. I can only take so much

“Are you happy Michael?” Tess asked

“Whatever” Michael shrugged

“what about you Max?” Tess asked

“Concerts aern’t really my thing” he said
“why don’t you three just go without me.” He offered!
“I’m sure you would have more fun”

“Max...come on. you have to have more of a social life. You never go out!” Isabel complained!

“Please Max!” Tess whined

“Yeah Maxwell. you should get out more, besides Metalicas playing” Michael said leaning against a locker

“I’m not going”
“Concerts aern’t my thing you know that!” He said to the group.
“I’ve got to go. I have bio” he said walking away

I didn’t actually have to go, but Biology was one of the classes I had with Liz.

Where Iwas her partner.

Where I sat NEXT to her.

She usually got there a few minutes early. Always the good student! She was so popular and had so many friends and she still managed to be top of her class. it looked like she would get Valedictorian.

It was these few minutes before Bio started that he loved the most. It was when Liz and he would compare homeworks, and discuss the assignments in the class. They hardly talked about anything else, but Max didn’t mind.

She would lean over him to look at his paper and her gorgeous hair would cascade down in front of him. And he would catch the smell of her shampoo.


Her hair smelled like strawberys.

It was all he could do not to reach out and run his hands through it. It looked so soft and silky.


“So are you excited for the Concert this weekend?” Kyle asked Liz as they walked down the hall hand and hand toward Liz’s class

“Yeah. I am excited, except Maria and Alex won’t shut up about it! its all they talk about”

“yeah I heard” Kyle said as he looked back at Alex and Maria still standing by their lockers completely engrossed in a conversation!

“What!” Maria screamed!
“Incubis is soooo much better than POD!”

Kyle started laughing!
“yeah I definately see your point”

Liz smiled as they reached her classroom
“Maria is determined to meet Brandon Boyd, and Alex is busy making demo tapes!”

Kyle laughed
“Why don’t we just accidnetly “lose” them there. Hey is a big place thousands of people!”

Liz smiled again
“I gotta go in now”

“can I have a kiss?” He said bending down and placing a light kiss on her lips

“See you at lunch” she said


Do you ever have moments where you just want to take your ruler and slit someones neck open with the metal edge?

I have.

Just a second ago actually.

God I hate him.

He watched as Kyle walked away from Liz and she walked into the classroom. Maxs eyes were glued to her every move. The slow motion started again. And max had dream weaver playing in his head.


She started walking to the back of the room towards their lab table. Their eyes met and she smiled at him

She smiled at him!

For the second time that day!

Max felt the butterflys take flight in his stomach

“Hi Max” She said sitting down next to him

Say something. Anything

“Hi Liz” Max said

“So have you heard about the concert on Saturday?” Liz asked

Shes asking me a question NOT about the class. Take a deep breath Max urged himself

“Yeah actually. Tess got us tickets.”

“Tess, shes your girlfriend right?” Liz asked

Max wipped his hands on his jeans. They had suddenly gotten a little sweaty.

“yeah” he replied
“So are you going to the concert?” Max asked

“Yeah. Me and Kyle, Alex and maria have tickets”
“Maybe I’ll see you there”

“Maybe” he said

me and Kyle
ME and Kyle
Liz and Kyle

Gosh how Max wished it could be

Me and Max

He sighed. It never would be
Stop fooling yourself. Liz would never want you. Shes got Kyle. Mr all-high-and-mighty-football-star himself.

“So did you do the homework?” She asked


This he knew how to handle.

Class flew by. Time really flies when your starring at Liz Max realized.
Thank goodness he had great study skills and alein powers or else he would be flunking.

The bell rang and Liz began to gather her things.
“So Max hope I see you at the concert” Liz said before heading out into the hallway.

Maybe he would go to the concert after all.

She had said she HOPED to see him there.

What did that mean?

Did that mean anything?

Did she really want to see him, or was that just something nice to say?

He didn’t care .

He was going.

He found his three friends waiting for him at their lockers
“Hey guys about the concert...I’m in”


Part 2

“I don't want to waste my time become another casualty of society. I'll never fall in line Become another victim of your conformity And back down.”

“Maria!” Liz shouted!

“What Liz? I am trying to sing!” Maria shouted back

“Don't count on me, to let you know when. Don't count on me, I'll do it again. Don't count on me, it's the point you're missing. Don't count on me, cause I'm not-” maria sang out loud

“Maria! Just because we are seeing them today does NOT mean we have to listen to their music on the way there” Liz informed her

“-listening” maria finished

“Calm down Liz” Maria said pulling out a vile of oil and handing it to Liz
“Sum41 is a really good band” Maria explained

“You two obviously haven’t heard of the rule” Liz mumbled as she opened the vile and stuck it under her nose

“Liz don’t you know everybody does it” Alex replied

“Only teenage girls going to Nsync concerts”


“Michael can we please listen to anything else?” Isabel begged

“Metalica is the best band ever and the only thing worth listening to” Michael replied

“We will be seeing them later today Michael” Max added from the drivers seat

“Exactly. We need to prepare ourselves”

“Michael NO ONE listens to music from the band they are going to see that day. Its like a rule” Isabel said

“What rule?”

“The rule Michael!”

“Don’t be the idiot that drives up to a concert blarring their music! People know you like them thats why your seeing their concert” Max stated calmly.

“I agree with Maxie” Tess replied from the back seat

Max cringed
I hate it when she calls me that

“Whatever” Michael said slumping back into his seat


“So why isn’t Kyle riding with us?” Maria asked

“Hes got practice” Liz said
“Hes going to meet us there”

“Liz. There are thousands of people coming today. How are we going to find him”

“He said he would meet us at the Main stage before Linkin Park”

“Were never going to find him” Alex mumbled under his breath


“Are we there yet?” Tess whined

“Does it look like we are there yet Tess?” Michael asked from beside Max


“Then we’re not” Michael said turning back around


“I can’t wait till we get there! I’ve got a bag full of flyers full for our next preformance. You guys want to help me hand them out?” Alex asked the two girls

“Alex I am not going to spend the entire time handing out flyers, besides I have other things planned”

“Maria the chance of you meeting Brandon are very slim”

“Not when you have the Deluca charm” Maria said brushing her blonde hair behind her shoulders

“Here take these” Alex said handing Liz and Maria a bunch of tapes

“what are these?” Maria asked

“His Demo tapes” Liz answered for him

“Alex everyone knows that you use CDs now”


“I have to go pee” Tess announced

“We’re on the highway Tess” Isabel said
“Can’t you wait. We are almost there”

“No!” She said
“Pull off at the next exit Max”

“But Metalica is playing soon” Michael protested

“Michael Metalica doesn’t play until 7:00 tonight. its 11:00.

“Yeah but they are signing at 12:30”

“I have to go pee”


“Wheres my CD case?” Marai asked looking below her seat

“Maria please keep your eyes on the road” Alex screamed
“I would like to live past today” he said calming down when her eyes returned to the road

“Here is your case” Liz said finding it on the floor of the Jetta

“Thanks” Maria said pulling out a CD and placing it in the player

Incubis Drive began to play and Maria once again began to sing

“Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear. And I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear take the wheel and steer. It's driven me before...”

Liz sighed and ran her fingers through her dark hair

“Don’t worry Brandon Maria is comin soon” Maria yelled


“I can’t believe you got us lost Max” Tess said

Shutup blondie

“If you recall Tess it was YOU who needed to use the bathroom” Max said behrly keeping the irritation out of his voice

“I needed to use the bathroom Max not get us lost”

“Tess if you could have just held it we wouldn’t be in this mess” Michael said sticking up for Max

“Its bad for the bladder”

How very attractive. Liz would never say things like that.


What a beuatiful name

In fact everything about her is beautiful.

“Max pull over at that station and ask for directions” Isabel said pointing to the station and effectively ruining max’s ‘liz time’

“I don’t need directions” Max said

“Max just get over it. We won’t think your any less manly”

“I will” Michael said laughing


“Finally” Alex said getting out of the jetta.
“I was beginning to think we would never make it”

“I know” Liz agreed

“So do you guys know anyone else whos coming?” Alex asked as the walked to the enterance

“Um...Max Evans and his friends are coming” Liz said

“Ewwww. No!”

“what?” Liz asked Maria

“That means that Michael Guerin will be here. I hope I don’t see him. He is the most infuriating person. He has this like ‘I don’t give a shit about anyone else’ attitude. God and does he ever come to class? I mean ever? And he is always scowling. I mean would it hurt the guy to smile for once? he is just so....I don’t know”

“Infuriating” Alex supplied for her

“Yes infuriating. Thank you” maria said and continued to ramble on

“Gee it seems like you pay an awful lot of attention to someone you find so infuriating.” Liz said with a smile

“And what exactly are you implying Lizzie?” Maria asked defensively

“Nothing. Nothing at all”


“Are we almost there?” Tess asked

“Yes tess” max replied evenly

Michael pulled out his CD case and inserted another CD

“Another Metalica CD?!”
“Michael come on” Isabel said

Michael turned it up louder in response.

They pulled into the parking lot music blaring

“About time” Isabel said

“Stop complaining isabel” Tess said annoyed

“Tess you have been complaining ever since we left Roswell”

“what are you talking about?”


Liz Maria and Alex looked up when they saw a jeep drive by them with blaring metalica.

“See! Thats what we would have looked like” Liz said

“Your right Liz. They did look like idiots”

“Welcome to the Spring Bash. Ticket please”

All three of them handed her their tickets got their hand stamped and went inside

“so what do we do first” Alex asked


Part 3

“Alex let me see the program” Maria said

“Hold on I am looking” Alex said not looking up from the booklet

“Maria” Liz said
“There is a guy over there handing out like tons of them!” Liz pointed to the guy

“thanks Liz. I’ll be back”

“Ok so this is how I see it” Alex said finally loking up from the booklet
“We see Good Charlotte at 11:30 on the street stage, then we run over to the main stage at 12:30 to see Sum41.”

“Sounds good” Liz said

Maria came back with a booklet in her hands.
“Nope not for me.” She said to Alex’s comment

“Why not” Alex said

“It says here that Incubis is signing at 12:30, so I am going to head on over there.”

“Maria thats not for an hour!” Liz said

“Something could happen! And I am not missing Incubis for anything”

“Okay fine. Where do you want to meet?” Liz asked

“How about at the Funnelcake stand?”

“Sounds good” Maria said and ran off towards the signing tent.

“Well it looks like its just you and me kiddo” Alex said wrapping his arm around her shoulder and they headed off to the Street Stage


“Let me see it Maxie” Tess said grabbing the booklet out of his hands
“ooooo! we have to see N.E.R.D. first” Tess squeeled

“Actually Tess I am going to see Good Charlotte first sorry” Max said

“I’m with Max” Isabel said

“What about you Michael?”

“Actually. I’m not seeing either. Metallica is going to be signing at 12:30, so I am heading over there now”

“Michael thats not for another hour!”

“Whatever” Michael said and walked towards the signing tent.

“well see ya later tess” Max said pulling Isabel towards the Street Stage.

“Where are we gonna meet?” Tess called after them, but they were already gone
“Of all the nerve”


Maria got to the signing booth! The line was HUGE! And it was an hour early!

But that wasn’t what was wierd

The line was full of wierd people with mohawks and multicolored hair, certainly not the ki9nd of people you would see trying to meet Incubis.

But that wasn’t the worst of all.

At the very end of the line. The person who she was going to be standing next too for at least 2 hours was...

Michael Guerin!

maria slowly inched her way to the line silently wishing that someone would jump in line in front of her.

No such luck

She came up behind him and crossed her arms hoping he wouldn’t turn around and see her

No such luck

“Well look who it is. Maria “Hurricane” Deluca”

“And Michael”Asshole” Guerin” Maria spat

“Ouch that hurts me right here” Michael said sarcastically placing a hand over his heart

“So what are you doing waiting in line for Incubis?” She asked

“Double booked” Was all the information Michael gave

Maria stood on her tippy toes to see the booth. There was a big sign that said

‘Meet Incubis and Metalllica’

Michael couldn’t help but stare. She was kinda cute. And standing up on her tippy toes like that. Well...
it was pretty cute.

Maria crossed her arms again
“Well that explains why all you freaks are here”

When about 6 big guys with mowhawks turned around and glared at her Maria stopped talking

Michael gave a little chuckle

‘What are you laughing at?” Maria asked defensively

“Nothing” Michael said turning his back on her

“You were laughing at me weren’t you”

“Yes Deluca if you must know. I was laughing at you”

“How dare YOU Mr. I’m-too-good-for-anyone-else laugh at ME!

“Easy” Michael said pointing a finger in he face
“HA. HA. HA.”





A girl in front of Michael turned around and inturupted them
“why don’t you too just do it and get it over with. It would save all of us an ear ache”

The crowd around them mumbled their agreement

“Oh no!” Maria said
“Me with him! I would rather rot”

“As would I” Michael agreed.

“Well at least we agree on something” maria said


“Come see the Whits” Alex said as he handed some guy a flyer
“Come see the whits. There awesome” He handed a girl a flyer
“A great band. Very up and coming” He said passing out a few flyers to a group of girls

“Alex please” Liz said
“Can we just go see Good Charlotte now?”

“Go ahead Liz” Alex said passing out a few more flyers
“I’ll meet up with you later”

“Fine. Meet me at the Guitar tent when Good Charlotte is over” Liz said and started to work her way through the crowd

“Ok” Alex said absent mindedly
“The Whits are great come and see them”


Max and Isabel were walking through the Stands on their way to the StreetStage

“So I am getting a little tired of Tess” Max said looking forward

“Yeah me too” Isabel agreed

“I mean I like her. Shes a nice girl...sometimes, and I mean shes one of us.”

“But” Isabel urged

They passed a jewelry vender
‘Ohhh Jewelry’ Isabel thought to herself and stopped to look.

“But I just don’t feel like shes right for Me” Max said not realizing Isabel was gone
“I mean. Whenever I am with her in any type of Romantic way I just feel...I don’t know. Sick to the stomach. I mean I want her as a friend, but as nothing more, and I really think she feels the same way.” Max said
“Besides you know I’m in love with-” Max loked beside him to find Isabel no longer there

“Iz?” he called out

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair then continued towards the stage


Liz had made her way through most of the crowd and was pretty close to the stage. The band had just come on stage and the crowd cheered!

Unfortunately for her seeing Benji was very exciting for a bunch of girls behind her and they rushed forward as much as they could pressing Liz flush against some sweaty guy in a wife beater.


he wasn’t even attractive. What was he doing wearing a wife beater.

As the music started it only became worse.
The annoying Benji fans had been pushed out of the way by a group of equally unattractive gross sweaty guys in wife beaters.

She was surronded

She felt the group press against her back which forced her even closer to sweaty gross guy #1

And then as iff on cue all of them took their wifebeaters off.

As if it was going to help them cool off. All they were wearing before was a wife beater

Max made his way through the crowd during the song “Little Things”

God it was hot!

He took off his t-shirt and linked it in his belt loop.

Glad I wore this wife beater


As if By Miracle God heard her prayers.

The crowd shifted and she somehow got out of the sweaty gross guy circle.

She sighed when she felt herself get pressed into yet another wife beater clad male.

She loked up though and was very suprised

Max Evans

Now this boy was someone who definately needed to wear these things all the time in her presense.

The crowd shifted again and she found her self pressed very closely to Max Evans.

She could feel his muscles through his very thin shirt.

Why had she never realized how extremly hot he was

“Hi Max” Liz yelled over the crowd and music
“I’m glad were getting to know each other so well” Liz said joking about their present situation

max was in heaven.

Every inch of him that Liz’sbody was touching was on fire.

It was as if by some miracle god had heard his prayers

“Hi Liz” he said back and laughed
“yeah I know what you mean. Its a little crowded isn’t it”

“well I don’t mind so mucha as long as its you” Liz said!

had she just said that? She mentally clamped a hand over her mouth

Max was stunned.

Was Liz Parker...

Could she be...

Flirting with him?


It couldn’t.

Could it?

The crowd shifted again and Liz was sucked away
“Liz” Max shouted and tried to go after her, but the crowd wouldn’t have it so he turned around and watched the stage.

He tried not to think about how he felt cold with her body not pressed against his.

No thinking about things like that was not good at all.

She was with Kyle.

End of Story


Part 4

Liz felt herself being pulled away from Max by the crowd.
She sighed. She was well…kind of enjoying being pressed up so very close to Max. His body felt so warm and hard and…

No Liz don’t go there. Liz thought as she found her mind drifting in directions that were not very appropriate.

She laughed to herself! She and Max Evans.

Yeah right.

He’s so well…gorgeous. And she’s just plain old boring Liz Parker.

Besides she had a boyfriend.


Liz squeaked when the crowd shifted again.


That’s what she would describe it. She had somehow managed to get in the middle of the sweaty gross guys again.

She stood on her Tipp toes and searched for max.

Nowhere to be seen.



Alex walked towards one of the venders
He stopped and got into the line.
He needed a hot dog…or 4. Passing out flyers really works up an appetite.

“Hey you got something stuck on your shoe” A girl behind him said

Alex looked down and sure enough there was a yellow piece of paper stuck to his shoe. He bent down and took it off.

“The Whits” he read aloud!

He smoothed out the flyer as best he could and stuck it in his backpack.

“Those flyers are really expensive you know!” He yelled to everyone!
“You know you don’t HAVE to take them if you’re just…just going to throw them away! Or liter!” He paused for a moment before adding
“We’re really good though! You’ll be sorry someday when were famous.”

He heard laughing from behind him.

It was the same girl
“You know that you practically thrust them at people.”

Alex didn’t reply to her
“One day…” he said trailing off

“1 large Hawaiian Punch and…uh 3 hot dogs.” Alex said when he reached the front of the line

“14 dollars please”

“14 dollars!!!” Alex said astonished!

The older woman nodded her head.

Alex grumbled something as he dug into his pockets for the money.
Something about when he was a rock star. The lady thought.

“Be careful with that. It stains.” She said referring to the Punch

‘Thanks” He said. And made his way over towards the tables near the clothing and jewelry venders.


“How do you like this one?” Isabel said modeling a necklace for her brother.

He wasn’t there.

“Max” She yelled

No response

“Where are you?” She yelled into the crowd. She received a few stares.

‘What are you looking at?” She asked some girl.

“This is so typical” Isabel said walking off

“Miss the necklace” The women behind the counter called out to her

Isabel turned back around
“Oh sorr-.”


Isabel looked down at the large red stain adorning her shirt.

Hawaiian Punch.

She felt fury bubbling within her. She slowly raised her eyes to look at the perpetrator of this crime.

Alex Whitman.

She boiled over.
“OH. MY. GOD.” She screamed!
“Look what you’ve done!” She said gesturing to her now ruined shirt!
“Why don’t you watch where your going?”

“Actually” Alex corrected
“You ran into me”

“You’re blaming this on me!” She screamed
“Unbelievable. Do you know Hawaiian punch stains!?!”

“Actually I have been hearing that a lot.” Alex said

“Look I am sorry” Alex said sincerely.
“Man I was really thirsty too.”

Isabel’s eyes about popped out of her head.
“What am I supposed to wear the rest of the day?” She asked!

Alex put down his hotdogs and reached into his backpack
“I can help you with that one.” He said pulling out a T-Shirt and handing it to her

“The Whits” She read out loud

“That’s my band” Alex said making sure to stress the band part.

“This is ugly.” Isabel said

‘It’s a T-shirt” Alex said confused.

“I don’t WEAR T-shirts.”

“Your at a concert” Alex said

“I cannot wear this” Isabel said throwing the shirt at Alex

“Fine wear that” Alex said pointing to her white tube tube top.
“The big red stain is really attractive”

“Give me that back” Isabel said placing her hands on her hips.

Alex felt her pull it out of his hands accidentally touching his hand.

Alex was on Cloud 9

Isabel Evans was TALKING to him!


And she just touched his hand!

‘Breath Alex breath’ He urged himself.

“Well see you later” Alex said to Isabels retreating form.
“We should do it again sometime”

Alex bent over and picked up his hotdogs then went over to the tables and sat down.

He opened the foiled wrapper and took a bite.


Oh well. Its not like he had much of an appetite anyways.
Not since Isabel touched him…and Talked to him.

He closed his eyes and sighed


“Could you put that stuff away?” Michael asked

“It calms me” She said taking another deep whiff of her oil.
“I have to be calm for when I meet Brandon”

“It stinks” he replied

“My MOTHER made it thank you very much.” Maria stated angrily
“It does not stink”

“It stinks” Michael said again

“You stink” Maria said

Michael rolled his eyes and turned away.

“Your so…. infuriating” Maria said

“Whatever” Michael replied
“You know what. At least I am not some weird hippie chick who smells oil.”

“At least I take showers regularly.” Maria replied back.
“Of all the people I had to get stuck with”

“Its not like I wanted this to happen” Michael said defending himself

“I’m sure.” Maria said sarcastically

“What is THAT supposed to mean?” he asked

Maria sighed
“Michael its no secret. Everyone knows you have a thing for me. I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that nothing is going to happen. We’re just too different, and anyways…look at you then look at Me.” Maria said gesturing between them

Michael was almost too stunned to speak
“You think I have a THING for YOU!?!” He asked
“That is the craziest thing I have ever heard.” Michael said with a chuckle.

“Stop lying to yourself”

“You can’t be serious! You’re the most annoying”

“Yeah” Maria said getting angry


“Yeah” Maria said inching towards him

“Airheadish girl I have ever met”



They stood face to face. Staring each other down. Their lips came together hard. Michaels hand came to the back of her head and deepened the kiss. Maria couldn’t stop her arms from traveling around his neck.

Not a single rational thought entered either mind. They could only think about how right it felt in each other’s arms.

They were brought back to reality when they heard cheering all around them.

The pulled apart roughly

“You kissed me!” Maria said

“I didn’t kiss you. You kissed me!” Michael said

“I can’t believe you did that!” Maria said amazed!
“I did not give you permission to enter my personal bubble”

“Like I would want to” Michael retorted

“Stay away from me” Maria said



They both turned away from each other and ignored the smiling faces of everyone around them.


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Title: The Pain In Moving On
Authors: Lizzie_Parker17 and Lucky Star
Rating: PG-13 for now NC-17 later
Category: M/L and CC
Summary: Future fic. Its what would have happened if right after EOTW Max and the POD squad take of with Maria to Antar. I was going to have yet another post departure fic, but I wanted Alex alive. Liz lives with her 2 best friends Alex and Kyle. She has a son. That’s all I will say. If you want to know more! Read the story and find out more!
Disclaimer: Its not ours! Believe us when we say that if Roswell was ours…Tess never would have came Alex would still be alive and Jason Behr would be working as our love slave.
Feedback: Please! We love it right Mon? I am sure that if Mon was here she would say yes! So give it to us!


Earth 2006

*beep beep beep*

Liz Parker reached over and slammed her hand on her alarm clock sending it flying onto the floor.

It stopped


Liz rolled back over and closed her eyes. It was much too early to be getting up.

“Mommy.” A small voice asked from the door

Liz sighed before forcing herself to a sitting position.
“Yes sweetie” She said as she reached up and stretched.

“I think you broke your radio” James said

“That’s ok.” Liz said holding her arms out to the 5 year old who was slowly walking to her bed.
“What are doing up so early?” She asked

“I could hear daddys snoring all the way from my room” James said climbing onto the bed and into her arms.

Liz laughed
“Well you can sleep in my room then” Liz said ruffling his chestnut hair

“But mommy Uncle Alex is making breakfast again” James said with look of disgust on his face
“It always tastes yucky”

“Oh no” Liz said getting up and throwing on her robe
“Lets go see if it can be saved” Liz said before starting towards the kitchen.

Alex Whitman stood at the stove. He cracked 2 eggs into the pan. He heard them begin to sizzle.


He needed a spatula

Alex started looking in all of the drawers. Wouldn’t it be with the spoons and forks?
Nope not there
He looked in the one right next to it.


He found it.

He walked over to his eggs and slid the spatula under them. Just as he was about to turn them over The toast popped out of the toaster.


He jumped and the egg slid off of the spatula and on to his foot.
“Oooouuchh” He yelled as he hopped on one foot desperately trying to get the egg off.

This is how Liz and James found him.

The kitchen was filled with laughter as soon as they entered it.

“Alex why don’t you have a seat and let me cook the breakfast” Liz chuckled as she grabbed a rag and reached down to get the egg of Alex’s foot.

“Your silly” James giggled at Alex

“You think that’s funny?” Alex asked as he advanced on James
“I’ll show you funny.” Alex said as he grabbed James and started tickling him unmercifully.

“Uncle Alex…Stop it” James managed to get out through the laughter

“What’s with all the noise? Its 6 in the morning!” Kyle said as he came into the kitchen rubbing his eyes

“Well good morning sunshine” Liz said sarcastically from the toaster where she was presently throwing out the toast Alex had burned

“Daddy…Daddy Alex is…tickling me.” James said still being tickled.

“Fine I’ll stop” Alex said releasing James
“Well lets be happy James looks like Liz” Alex said looking at Kyle
“Man you look horrible this morning. Is it even possible for your hair to go in that many directions”

“HA.HA.” Kyle said
“You shouldn’t be talking Alex”

“Are you kidding I look beautiful” Alex said in his grisliest voice.

“Who wants the first eggs?” Liz called from the stove

“Oooo I do. I do!” James said

“Here you go sweetie” Liz said handing him his place

“I’ll get the juice. That I can’t mess up on” Alex said heading for the fridge

“Did he try to make breakfast again?” Kyle asked Liz

Liz nodded
“Kyle butter the toast please”

“Yes Mam.”

“James Michael Parker” Liz yelled
“At the table with that”

“But mom! I wanna watch cartoons” James whined

“No buts” Liz said back
“You may spill it.”

“Is it the weekend yet?” Kyle asked as he sat down at the table with the toast.

“No Daddy it Wednesday” James said taking his place at the table

“Its only Wednesday!”

“Here you are” Liz said placing eggs in front of both Kyle and Alex who had just sat down with the juice

“Uncle Alex.” James said
“I wanted my blue sippy cup. Red is for girls”

“Alright! Give me five son” Kyle said holding out his hand for Jams to smack

Alex looked down at his shirt.

It was red.

“Red is not for girls”

“Red is my favorite color” Liz said sitting down to eat.

“See” Kyle said



Max walked into the throne room with his sister and best friend at his side.
They had an announcement to make.
An announcement that they had waited six years to give.
Ever since they left work.

They were going home.

They entered the throne room. Clad in their Earth clothing. They heard gasps come from all around them.

Max walked up to the front of the room. He felt Isabel and Michael flank either side of him.

He looked around the room into the faces of the people they had spent so long trying to free.

“My People. We have come here to tell you something very important. You have all known this day would come eventually. We are returning to Earth. We have fulfilled our duties and destinies here on Antar now we all wish to return to Earth our true home and make our own destinies. We thank you very much for everything you have done for us here. We ask only one thing from you. To allow us to return to Earth and never speak of where we went to anyone else. Now as my last duty as King of Antar I am passing a law. The last law a king will ever pass.
There will be no more monarchy. The leaders will be ones who you elect. I have left my greatest advisors with the details of how to make all of this happen. So farewell Antar. And good luck”

With that the remaining 3 royals walked out of the throne Room.

And went home…