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I have many fics that I haven't yet posted on this thread so here are the links! Some I have on this board and some I don't...

Snowed In With A sex God -A Santa Story

-R- Roswellians celebrate Christmas! (Sequel to Good Shit...) **Complete**

Good Shit -A Turkey Story
-R- Roswellians celebrate Turkey Day **Complete**

Roswell, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging...
-NC-17- A Smutty Roswell!!!

Forever Yours In The Deepest Form ~ Renamed: Before I Wake
-PG13- Liz is stuck inside her mind, can Max save her before its too late? Also, is Alex REALLY dead? I suck at these so please just read on...

All In The Writing...
-PG-13- Typical notes and chatroom conversations between our beloved roswellians...

Say Anything... (To know Max Evans, is to LOVE him.)
-PG- (maybe in future R/NC-17 due to one specific scene) This fic is based on the movie SAY ANYTHING written by: Cameron Crowe, so it's NOT a la me, okay? I'm not Plagiarizing, um, if you have NOT seen this movie it's okay bcuz I'm pretty much folowing the movie plot and even have a few quotes from the movie that I have searched all over the net for! LOL

Clear As Glass
Completed Short Fic
-R- SHORT Future story, let’s say that they ALL left in the end of Season 2 and war erupted on Antar…

Roswellian Outlaws
-PG13-I based this story kinda on the movie American Outlaws but it’s also in a way different okay?

-PG13- Based on the MTV show Dismissed.

Just Emotions
-R- Lets say that the PodSquad DID leave in the end of S2. Two years pass and they come back... Can things go back to the way they were?

All That Glitter
-R/NC17- Liz and the gang are all famous in their own ways. But each has problems of their own that bring them together. I rated this NC because in the furture it is but for now its just R. R/R!!!! *WARNING* Drug usage... >Ineteractive FANART!<

-R/NC17- Liz is the daughter of Anthony Soprano, a huge Mafia drug lord. Liz is convicted of a huge crime she didn’t commit, she is sentenced to move w/ a distant relative, but rival Giovanni wants revenge on Liz, he wants her dead… & he wants her bf dead 2

Hard Love
-R- Liz is a new girl trying to find herself a new life, a life that is without her love Max. Chapter 5 contains sexual content so uh... yea ya know...

Sex In The City Of Roswell
-NC17- Sex In The City... Roswell style!

Princess Roswell Diaries
-PG- Title says it all baby! ENJOY!

Beyond Untouchable
-R- Kaliana (Survivor of 1947 Crash) must take care of pregnant Liz and this causes problems in every way, because if this happens... The Pod Squad might meets its end.

Roswell Angel
-R- Kyle and Liz are Bro and Sis. They move to Roswell, the rest you will have to see for your self...

Waiting For Odyssues
-PG13- Max/Liz fic involving them in a play Short Stroy Completed

Okay I think that's it! Enjoy!


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I'm glad you guys like it! lol I'm working on my site so when I submit it you guys will be able to read all my fanfiction without distractions! yeay!
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just a bump for Lana!
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Plz Read my fics!

Shadow's Of Antar ~ StarDustDreamer &
Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear ~ ISLANDGIRL5
Read em. Luv em. Bump em!

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