The Rose
Author: Tara Beth
Rating PG
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I do not own Max and Liz they belong to the great people who created them. I am just borrowing them for a story.
Summary: I can't give a summary cause it would give the story away. But it is Max and Liz.

Ok So this one was horrible. But it was my first attempt at fanfic. So it's not too bad.


The Rose

The table was quiet. Two place settings, two candles and two champagne flutes. There was no conversation, just silence.

Max sat their staring across the way. Every once in a while he would say something to pass the time. "How was your day" but he only answered himself. She didn't answer Liz hadn't answered for a while now. He wondered why he even tried. Things hadn't been the same since the trip, since he had gotten back. Something was different but he found it hard to face.

All of a sudden Max looked up, he thought he heard her say something, "Max I love you, I do. I always will. But you and I know there's something wrong. I just can't do this anymore. We don't talk. We go about everyday and we never talk." How could he think like that? That's not what we wanted to hear but it would be a start. Something he could work with. But no he didn't hear it he didn't hear anything. It was just silence. Like so many nights before.

He got up to clear the table, and when he picked up the glass flute he remembered their wedding


God she had looked so beautiful. That white dress that showed off her shoulders to the world. Her long flowing brown hair hugging her head all done up.

The way they danced the night away with their friends, Michael and Maria, Alex and Isabel, and even Tess and Kyle. (Who had been the first two to get married) had been there.

Max and Liz's Wedding day was the best day of their lives. Her parents were so happy that they had waited to get married. He knew Liz had wanted to finish a couple of years of College. So two years to the day after he proposed they got married.

He twirled her around all night long.

Michael and Alex had done well as best men. He couldn't decide who he had wanted, Michael someone he considered a Brother or Alex someone who risked his own life so many years ago to save Max's, just to help Liz and not knowing a thing. So he chose them both. Which was okay with Liz. Because she then made Maria and Isabel her Matron and Maid of Honor. See a few months after Tess and Kyle had gotten married, Michael and Maria ran off to Vegas and eloped. They were all surprised. Alex and Isabel had decided to wait. But they were next. Almost a year later they were all together again but it was Izzy that was in the white dress. But Liz is the one he saw now; Talking to friends and family who had flown in. She was across the dance floor but he remembers how he could still feel her hand in his.


Just then he came back, a tear in is eye. "Why couldn't things have stayed the same." He asked aloud. Why did he have to go to Boston. Why didn't he just stay home with Liz. That way nothing could of changed, nothing.

They use to talk at dinner, about their days, about their students. Liz and Max had both become Teachers. She taught Biology at a high school. Yea she wanted to be a Professor but she found high school more rewarding. Max had opted for elementary school. Third grade to be exact. But tonight like so many before nothing was said.

Max put his dishes away and said, "I love you" and "Goodnight". He knew she didn't hear him, but was she even listening to him.

He went upstairs and got ready for bed, and got in. He leaned over to her side of the bed still untouched. She didn't follow him to bed anymore, she hadn't for a while now. He kissed her pillow where he had laid a rose earlier, and faded off.

That night he dreamt of the plane crash, like so many nights before. How he had seen it on the news and didn't know it should mean anything to him. His Liz was safe at home in their house, where she should be. At least that's where he wanted her to be.

He called the house to tell her he loved her and he was turning in for the night. He left a message figuring she was out with friends. When he put the receiver down. He noticed the light on the phone was blinking. He picked the phone back up and pressed the pound key. He heard her voice so clearly. "Max my love, I couldn't wait any longer. So I am coming out there. I am on the next flight out. I was just going to show up and surprise you but something made me call. I am at the airport now. I love you Max always. I do. I will see you in a couple of hours. Oh and Max. I have great news, I am so excited max, I can't wait to tell you I love You." and then nothing.....

Then came the images. When he got back home. The dark tired and drained faces of their friends and their parents.

The doctor telling him what Liz was so excited to tell him, but never got the chance too. She was pregnant, 3 months pregnant. Even in his dreams he could still feel the pain in his stomach he had felt that night.

Then the funeral and having to listen to all the stories of how much everyone loved his Liz. His Liz, that he was never going to see again.

Then going home for good. To that empty house, a house that use to be so full of love, but was now so empty. He walked up stairs, rose in hand, and laid it on her pillow. "I love you Elizabeth Parker Evans. I always will."


Liz was sitting there at the table that night. Just as he wanted her to be. She just sat there looking at her Max, her lover, her bestfriend, her everything. It was beautiful the table. Just like all their anniversaries had been. But this was different, he was there alive and she was not. He had set the table like always two place settings two candles and the champagne flutes they used on their wedding day, six years ago. She wished she could say something to him, she tried so hard. She knew he would hear her. She tried one last time and she managed to say "Max I love you, I do, I always will."

The Rose