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Title: All In Good Time
Author: Phoebe James
Rating: PG-13
Category: All
Disclaimer: I own nothing having to do with Roswell.
Nothing belongs to me.
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Summary: This story takes place the summer after the 2nd season. During the summer the gang goes to the state fair and there is a huge disaster. Michael being the only one unaffected is left to save them all.

PART 1-Friday evening
"Kyle!" Mr. Valenti shouted from the front door of his home.
"Yeah, Dad?" Kyle answered.
"I'm going away for the weekend, nothing important, don't worry about it. However, I do need you to clean the house while I'm gone. I don't want to be embarrassed in front of Amy at the end of summer party on Monday. Do you understand?"
"But, Dad! The state fair is this weekend! Everyone's going!" Kyle complained.
"Well, you can clean the house and then go to the fair. You have all weekend."
"Fine, whatever. I'll do it."
"Thank you, son. I'll see you Sunday night."
"Bye Dad."

Max, Michael, Isabel, Kyle, Maria, and Liz were all gathered at the Crashdown, talking about the fair. Since the whole town was going, the six of them decided to go together.
"Well, why don't we all meet here tonight around five o'clock?" Liz asked.
"Sounds good to me, right Max?" Isabel said.
"Yeah, Mom asked us to do something today, but we'll be done early,"
Max replied.
"I'll be there too," Maria said.
"Me too," Michael told them.
"I guess I can clean tomorrow," Kyle laughed.
"Great! So everyone will meet here at five o'clock, and we'll head to the fair," Liz finalized.
"Well, we better get home, Iz. Mom is gonna want us to finish whatever she has for us to do before we go," Max said.
"Okay, I'm coming! See ya, guys!" Isabel shouted from the door.
"Bye!" They called after her.
"I better go too," Kyle said.
"Okay, have fun vacuuming," Maria told him, and Kyle left. Maria turned to Michael. "I can't believe you're really coming to the fair. I didn't think you would."
"I've gotta watch out for you, Maria. Of course I'm gonna come,"
Michael replied.
"Shh!" Maria whispered.
"Uh, Maria, I'm gonna go upstairs okay? I'll talk to you later," Liz said.
"Alright," Maria said, absentmindedly.
"Maria, I gotta go now too. I'll see you at five," Michael told her.
"Oh, wait, can you drive me home?" Maria asked.
"Sure, come on," Michael replied. Maria followed Michael out to his newest project, an old Toyota he had found at the dump. He had been working on it all summer. Michael walked around to the passenger side and helped
Maria in.
"I'm not helpless you know."
"I know, I'm just, I don't know, it's weird."
"It is weird. How do you think I feel?"
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be sorry, just stop talking about it," With that Maria ended their conversation. Soon they were in front of her house. Michael stopped at the door, let Maria out and watched her go inside. When she waved from the window, Michael sped off towards his apartment to go get ready.

Liz came down the stairs and through the Crashdown. It was very crowded, and Liz felt almost guilty that she wasn't working, almost. But she shrugged it off and walked out the door. Maria was already waiting.
"How long have you been here?" Liz asked, surprised to see her friend had arrived so early.
"Mom just dropped me off. She said she needed the jetta for a trip or something," Maria replied.
"Okay. So I guess we have to wait for everybody else now huh?" Liz asked.
"I know, I wish we could just go. We should have agreed to meet at the fair." Maria said.
"Oh well, too late for a change of plans now." Liz replied. A few minutes later, Max and Isabel pulled into the parking lot in their new jeep.
"Hey, Isabel, Max," Liz said.
"Hey guys, no sign of Kyle?" Isabel asked.
"Nope, not yet," Maria replied.
"But I see Michael," Liz said, pointing down the street at the lone figure.
"I hope Kyle doesn't take his sweet time, because I swear-" Maria started, exasperated.
"What? You swear what?" Kyle asked. He had come up behind her, and she hadn't noticed, but by the sound of everyone else's laughter, they had.
"Hahaha. Very funny," Maria said, sarcastically. She scowled at Kyle,
"Can we go now?"
"Yeah, let's go. It's getting dark," Liz said. Michael, Maria, Kyle, and Liz climbed into the back of the jeep, and very uncomfortably, they drove to the fair; listening to complaints about it being too crowded and no one bringing a second car the whole time. When they arrived, Liz and Maria decided to go straight to the roller coasters, and seeing as no one else liked the roller coasters, they went alone. Kyle, Michael and Max went off together and Isabel was left to wander the fairgrounds alone, just the way she wanted it. Ever since Alex's death, Isabel felt like she wasn't a part of the group anymore. Her connection with Alex had been her strongest tie to the humans. The truth was, Isabel missed Alex more than she would ever be willing to admit. Isabel often talked to him, late at night when she felt truly alone. He was her sole confidant, no one else could ever imagine that beautiful, confident, funny,
Isabel Evans felt like her life was over because of one less dorky guy who drooled all over her. She had too many of those anyway right? But Isabel hoped in her heart that someone would see through her dubious act, and talk to her about it, help her move on. As Isabel moved through the fair, seeing all the couples holding hands, she remembered when she and Alex had been together. How it could have been them now, but it wasn't. That, she supposed later, was what had brought her to the vacant lot behind the fairgrounds. She sat against one of the trailers, looking out at the world around her, and started to speak to Alex.
As soon as she did, he appeared next to her. Only a fragment of her imagination, but it still made her feel better to think that she would always remember his face.
"God, Alex. I know you're really gone, even though I can't get over it. I know that you'll always be with me, but that doesn't help. I miss you too much," Isabel told him.
"I know what we had was special, Isabel. Special to me, special to you, even though you wouldn't admit it. I loved you. But I'm gone now, and you'll always have my heart. And I'll always be in yours. But you need to move on, you need to get over me. I know it will be hard," Alex laughed, "But you can do it. And I know you know the one person who can help you through it." Isabel thought carefully about his statement.
"You mean, Kyle?" Isabel asked, bewildered.
"Kyle likes you. You knew that ever since the day you and he played practical jokes on Max together. And you like him too. That's what will make the relationship work. You know each other's secrets. You couldn't be more perfect for each other. You'll see, Isabel," Alex told her.
"You always knew the right thing to say. I'll miss that," Isabel said, looking up at him. "I really did love you."
"I know. I loved you too," And with that, the imaginary Alex disappeared.

"Hey, does anyone know where Isabel went? I wanted to show her something," Max asked Kyle and Michael.
"Nope, she wandered off the opposite way Maria and Liz were going," Kyle replied. "But tell me if you find her, okay? I kinda need to talk to her too."
"Yeah, alright. I'll see you guys later then, okay?" Max said.
"Yeah, we'll see ya," Michael waved.
"So how about a drink?" Kyle asked Michael.
"Uh, no thanks, I don't drink," Michael replied.
"Come on, just one beer," Kyle urged.
"Alright, fine, but just one. I've got a lot on my mind," Michael told him.
"Fine, just one," Kyle repeated. He walked up to a beverage stand and came back with two beers.
"Thanks," Michael said.
"Sure, anytime," Kyle replied, taking a big swig of his drink. Michael also took a long sip.
"Hey, aren't we underage?" Michael asked.
"Well, yeah, but I've got a really great fake ID, don't worry about it," Kyle replied.
"Whatever. This stuff is really bitter."
"You're just not used to it."
"Yeah, I guess."

"Michael, I don't know how you alien guys do it, but you're plastered. I think maybe we should get you home," Kyle said.
"Huh? Home? Nah, I like it here," Michael told him, groggily.
"No man, I really don't think it's such a good idea for you to be here right now…" Kyle went on.
"I said I wanna stay!" Michael yelled.
"Alright, fine. Whatever you say," Kyle answered; suddenly remembering how much bigger Michael was than him.
"I gotta stay. I gotta protect Maria and the baby…" Michael muttered.
"Whoa, wait. What did you say?" Kyle asked, surprised.
"M-Maria, she's pregnant, I gotta w-watch out for her," Michael stammered.
"Oh, man, I don't think you meant to tell me about that," Kyle said, wide eyed.
"Nope, it's a big secret. Nobody knows," Michael said.
"Uh, Michael, I think you might want to shut up now," Kyle said.
"What, yeah, um, sure," Michael said, looking confused.
"Well, umm, let's go over here. Where you won't be so uh, noticeably drunk."
"Right," Michael replied.

"Ooh! This is gonna be so much fun!" Liz squealed as they waited in line for the Side Winder. They had already experienced the Trailblazer, the Mouse, the Super Duper Looper, the Comet, the Wildcat, the Cyclone, and the Flying Trapeze.
"Yep, a real blast," Maria replied, sarcastically.
"Hey, what's wrong? Normally you love junk like roller coasters," Liz said.
"I know, I've just been feeling really out of it lately. I've been sick every morning for a while, I just, I don't know…" Maria told her. She felt horrible about keeping such a big secret from
Liz, but she couldn't tell her. Liz would be shocked, angry. Liz and Maria had always sworn to each other that they would wait until they were married. But Liz didn't really expect them to keep that promise did she? Knowing Liz, she did. But Liz was the least of Maria's worries. She was going to be a mother. What would she do with a baby? What would her mother say? Would Michael really stay with her? Was there a real difference between a human baby and an alien baby? Would she be part alien because of this? Should she even be riding roller coasters? She was only about six weeks into the pregnancy, but she was already scared and confused, and Liz's nosy questions weren't helping.
"So you're sure you're okay?" Liz asked.
"I'm fine! Stop acting like I have some sort of disease!" Maria burst out. Her frustration had gotten the better of her. *Crap.* She thought. "I'm sorry Liz, it's just that things have been really hard on me the last few weeks. I don't know what it is. But really, I'm fine."
"Don't worry about it, Maria. I'm sorry for being so invasive. Forgive me?" Liz pouted her lips. Maria glanced at her and they both burst out laughing. Together they walked towards the oldest roller coaster at the fair, the Gargantuan. But on their way they ran into Brody.
"Brody! Hi! I've missed you at the Crashdown lately. What's happened to you?" Maria asked excitedly.
"Oh, I've just been busy I suppose. Sydney was down for the week, and I had some remodeling to do at the UFO Center," Brody replied.
"Oh, well I'll be looking forward to seeing you again on Monday," Maria said.
"Maria, look, it's Max. I think he wants us to come over there," Liz interrupted.
"Huh?" Maria looked behind her and saw Max waving frantically for them to join him. "Oh. You go, I want to ask Brody one more thing," Maria told Liz.
"Okay, I'll be right back," Liz said. She walked over to where Max was waving at them.
"What did you want to ask me?" Brody asked Maria.
"Oh, umm, I was wondering about Sydney. I know you must have been pretty young when she was born."
"I was about twenty. Why?"
"Well, I was just wondering because I'm doing my term paper on teen pregnancies, you're wife was like, eighteen right?"
"Yes, actually, she was. And you know, Sydney's mother died shortly after she was born, but it was because of a medical condition. It was hard on both of us, caring for a child, when we both were still children ourselves."
"Would you mind if we talked for a while?" Maria asked him.
"No, not at all," Brody replied.
"Okay, why don't we go down to the Crashdown? We can talk and have some coffee," Maria suggested.
"Sounds good," Brody told her.
"Great, let me just tell Liz. Liz!" Maria ran over to where Max and Liz were talking.
"You haven't seen Isabel have you?" Max asked. Maria, startled by the sudden question replied with a curt, "No," and pulled Liz to her side.
"Listen, I'm going down to the Crashdown with Brody, you don't mind do you?"
"Uh, no, of course not. Have a good time?" Liz said, uncertainly. Maria, not noticing the questioning in Liz's eyes, muttered, "Thank you," and rushed off to join Brody again.
"Well that was weird," Liz said aloud.
"What?" Max asked.
"Oh, nothing," Liz said, suddenly remembering Max's presence. "I guess I can help you look for Isabel if you want."
"Sure, thanks," Max said, gratefully.
"No problem," Liz replied. And they set out to find the evasive blonde haired beauty that everyone needed to talk to, but no one seemed to be able to find.

Isabel was now back inside the fairgrounds, surrounded by real people. She felt almost different, like she could actually spend one night not drowning in her sorrows. Soon she ran into Kyle, the very person she was looking for.
"Kyle, hi!" Isabel said, smiling brightly.
"Hey, Isabel. Look, I think I need your help," Kyle said.
"What do you mean?" Isabel asked.
"Michael, he's ah, drunk," Kyle replied.
"Drunk? But he knows we're not supposed to drink!"
"I know, but I…"
"You what?" Isabel asked, concerned about Michael.
"I, ah, found out some stuff," Kyle covered quickly.
"What do you mean? What stuff?" Isabel continued, intrigued.
"Umm, secrets," Kyle replied.
"What secrets? Kyle, you're driving me insane! Just tell me already!" Isabel laughed.
"Well, Michael was really out of it, and he kind of let it slip that…that Maria's pregnant," Kyle finished. Isabel stopped.
"Wh-What? She, he, they? What?" Isabel stammered.
"I know…" Kyle trailed off. Isabel sank to the ground. Kyle sat down next to her, placing a protective arm around her shoulder. A few minutes later Michael approached the two of them looking dazed.
"What happened?" He asked.
"What happened?" Isabel questioned. "What happened? You and Maria happened! I can't believe you would do that! And she's… she's, oh, just forget it. I can't believe you could be this
irresponsible. God Michael, just expose us all!"
"What are you on about?" Michael asked, looking even more confused, as well as worried.
"We know that Maria's pregnant," Kyle told him.
"What? How?" Michael stammered.
"You told me when you were drunk," Kyle replied.
"I was drunk?" Michael asked.
"Yep," Kyle answered.
"Wow. It's been a long day," Michael said.
"Yeah," Isabel agreed.
"I'm sorry, Iz. This wasn't supposed to happen."
"It never is," Isabel replied.
"Isabel, can I talk to you, I know now might not be the best time, but I, uh-"
"Sure, yeah, let's go. I need to get away from him," Isabel said.
"Great, I think," Kyle agreed. They walked away from Michael, but he didn't notice. He was too busy worrying about what Maria would say when she found out everyone knew. She'd be worse than Isabel, and that was saying something. At that thought, Michael set out to find
Maria before anyone else could tell her the wonderful news.

"So, Brody. Was it hard, when you first started out with Sydney?" Maria asked sweetly.
"Well, yes, but mostly because her mother was gone," Brody answered.
"So it would have been easier if she was there?"
"Probably, but not by much. Babies are very difficult to take care of. Becoming a parent is like entering into a very scary new world."
"Yeah, but was it worth it?"
"Of course it was worth it," Brody answered, a bit surprised, "I had a choice to make when Sydney's mother died. I could have given her up for adoption. I thought about it for a while, contemplating whether or not to give Sydney away. In the end I knew I couldn't, I guess I
always did. She was my only connection to Laura, and I knew I could never let that go.
(A/N: Since I've found no name for Sydney's mother, and no real concrete storyline of what happened, this is my version, and Laura is Sydney's mother's name.)
After everything, when Sydney was one year old, her grandmother took her. I see her as often as I can, but really it's not enough. I love her so much, Maria. You'll understand when you
have children," Brody finished.
"Wow. That's so sad. I mean, um…"
"I know what you mean," Brody smiled, "By the way, when is that term paper due? As I recall, school doesn't start for quite a while, and they don't normally give term papers out over summer break."
"Right, ah, summer school?" Maria tried.
"Don't worry about it, Maria. You'll make a great mom," He paused, "But all in good time. Don't go rushing things." He said. Maria smiled. *If only…* She thought desperately.
"That's my cell," Brody said, "Excuse me, I have to take this. I'll be outside, okay?"
"That's fine. I need to go pick up something for Mom at the UFO Center, I'll be right back," Maria replied. They walked out of the café together. Maria headed across the street while Brody leaned against the wall of the Crashdown.

"Isabel. About what I wanted to talk to you about, uh-" Kyle began.
"Kyle, I kind of wanted to talk to you too," Isabel interrupted.
"Okay, but I want to go first. I know we were never the best of friends, but I think we make a good team. I really like you. You're sweet, kind, beautiful. I guess, what I'm trying to say is, maybe we could, uh…get together sometime maybe?" Kyle asked, shyly. He looked up at her, and to his surprise, she was smiling.
"I'd love to," She answered.
"Wow, great. That's great," Kyle stammered.
"Do you wanna go get a cup of coffee? You know, set a time for our date, get to know each other a little better…" Isabel suggested.
"Yeah, good idea," Kyle replied. They walked towards a small café inside the fairgrounds. It was on the second floor so they waited for the elevator.
"Oh, I was supposed to tell you," Kyle said as they climbed into the empty elevator, "Max was looking for you. He needed to tell you something or show you something. I don't know."
"Oh, well I'll catch up with him later," Isabel replied. All of a sudden the elevator gave a great lurch.
"Oh my God, what was that?" Isabel asked.
"I don't know, but we're not moving," Kyle answered. They tried pressing the emergency button, but it wasn't working. The phone was dead too. "Looks like we might be here for a while," Kyle informed her.

Max and Liz were walking around the fairgrounds together. They told themselves they were looking for Isabel, but they both knew they were enjoying each other's company.
"Ooh, look, The Ferris wheel. I remember when I was little, my dad used to take me to a little park near our house. There was a miniature Ferris wheel that I always used to ride. Ever since then, the Ferris wheel has been my favorite," Liz told Max, happily.
"Well, do you wanna go on?" Max asked.
"Oh, I..." Liz began.
"No, really. Let's go on," Max said.
"That's not what I meant, really, but fine. I mean, if you want to." Liz agreed.
"I do," Max answered. The two of them forgot their search for Isabel and walked towards the brightly lit Ferris wheel. As they stood on line they got to talking, more than they had in a long time.
It felt good. Finally it was their turn. Before Liz could pull her
tickets out from her back pocket, Max paid for her too.
"You didn't have to do that," Liz told him.
"Sure I did. It was the friendly thing to do," Max said.
"Whatever," Liz laughed. They climbed into the Ferris wheel and waited for the next people to get in. Soon they were at the top. Liz looked out around her. It was beautiful. She could see all the people at the fair. She could look at all the people on the roller coasters; watch all the couples that were holding hands. She could even see the Crashdown. She wondered if Maria and Brody were still inside. They probably were. Those two could talk for almost as long as Liz and
Maria themselves. As Max and Liz's compartment came down again, Liz focused on Max.
"Isn't it beautiful up there? You feel like you're at the center of the universe, looking down on all the people...its such a strange feeling," Liz said.
"I know what you mean," Max replied. Finally the ride started and Liz took Max's hand. He looked at her quizzically, but all she did was smile. Just when the ride started to go really fast, the ground began to shake. All the lights went out and the ride twisted out of control. Max pulled Liz into his arms, protecting her. Their cart sped off the track and was hanging by a single thick wire.
"Oh my God, Max. What's happening?" Liz cried, holding onto him as tightly as she could.
"Shh, it's okay. It'll be okay," Max whispered into her ear. Soon the earthquake stopped, and all seemed quiet again. Then, all of a sudden there was a great tremor and the cart behind theirs careened off the track. "Liz get down!" Max shouted. He let go of her and she got to the bottom of the cart. She pulled at his arm motioning him to get down too, but it was too late. The other cart swung into theirs, hitting Max directly in the back of the head.
"No! Max!" Liz screamed, "No, please! Max..." Liz was sobbing. She pulled him down into the bottom of their cart and looked at the back of his head. It was a incision, and it was bleeding badly. She took him into her arms and began to stroke his head. Her tears flowed off her face and onto Max's shirt.
"Please be okay," She whispered.

Michael was walking through the fairgrounds looking for any sign of Maria or Liz. So far he hadn't seen either one of them. He felt perfectly fine, there were no side effects from when he had been
drunk, no headache or hangover symptoms, he didn't even have any recollection of being drunk at all. Michael continued through the crowds. All of a sudden the ground gave a terrible shake.
*Oh shit.* Michael thought, *I'm at a fair in the middle of an earthquake. My pregnant girlfriend could be anywhere, and all my friends could be in mortal danger. This is turning out to be a wonderful Friday night!* Michael ran to the nearest restaurant and stood in the doorway until the earthquake was over. He vaguely remembered something about follow up tremors, but he didn't give it a second thought. He ran towards the place where he had last seen Maria, the Ferris wheel. People all around him were screaming, and it was pitch black outside. The fairgrounds where chaotic, but Michael was determined to find Maria. He shouted her name as loudly as he could.
"Maria! Maria where are you?" Michael yelled, uselessly. Up in the Ferris wheel, Liz thought she heard someone calling Maria's name.
*That's Michael! I bet he's looking for Maria!* Liz thought. She stood up very carefully. The cart shook, but it was stable.
"Michael! Michael, up here!" Liz yelled.
"Liz?" Michael questioned. He looked up.
"Michael!" Liz screamed, waving enthusiastically.
"Are you okay? Is Maria with you?" Michael shouted up at her.
"I'm fine, but Max is hurt! He's unconscious, and I think he's hemorrhaging!" Liz told Michael.
"Okay! I'm gonna try and get you down!" Michael called. Luckily most of the people that had been on the Ferris wheel had gotten out somehow, or were in no condition to notice anything out of the ordinary. All of the fair-goers were also gone, the place was deserted.
Michael assumed they were too scared to stay. He ran over to the power box that controlled the Ferris wheel. He used his powers to start it again, carefully watching Liz's cart to make sure it didn't fall. Once he had gotten it about ten feet from the ground, he slowed it down and it stopped at about three feet. Michael ran over to Liz and helped her get Max out of the cart. Then Michael helped Liz out as well.
"Liz, do you know where Maria is?" Michael asked.
"Last I saw her she was on her way to the Crashdown with Brody," Liz replied.
"Thanks. Oh, do you think you can get him to the hospital? The jeep is over there, here's the keys." Michael said, finding the keys in Max's back pocket. He tossed them to Liz and began to run towards town.
"Yeah, thanks to you too!" Liz called after him, frustrated. Once Michael was gone, Liz had no choice but to drag Max to the jeep. When she finally got him in the car she made sure he was still okay and climbed into the front seat. Liz started the car and sped towards the hospital, breaking more speeding laws than she cared to think about.

Maria walked into the UFO Center looking for an associate who could help her, but the place was desolate. She decided to wait for the attendant to come back, and she looked at the t-shirts while she did so. After a while she got sick of waiting and decided to come back later. She still needed to ask Brody a few more things. She walked towards the exit, but stopped when she felt the ground move. The sudden earthquake caught her off guard and she slipped and fell to the ground. She tried to get back up again, but she had broken her ankle in the fall, and she couldn't stand. Maria pulled herself towards the stairs with her arms, but a tremor quickly followed the earthquake and one of the ceiling beams came crashing down, right on top of her.

Isabel and Kyle had been in the elevator for over three hours, it was already nine o'clock. They had yet to figure out what was happening in the real world, they were trapped. The phone line was still dead, and the emergency button still didn't work.
"Do you think something happened? I mean, like a storm or something?" Isabel asked Kyle.
"Probably an earthquake, but it's still not normal for all the emergency equipment to go out. A pole must've come down or something." Kyle replied.
"I hope everyone's okay," Isabel said. All she could picture was Max trapped under an old building, slowly dying. She shook herself out of the awful vision, and concentrated on her alone time with Kyle.
"So, what should we do for the next three hours or so that we're trapped in here?" She asked.
"I dunno. Talk, think, kiss..." Kyle said. Isabel laughed. But when Kyle leaned over and kissed her, it suddenly wasn't so funny anymore. Things continued on like that for a while. After all, they were alone in a small dark place, who could resist?
"Kyle?" Isabel asked, pulling away from him.
"Hmm?" Kyle replied, sitting up.
"Did you feel that? It was like this big shaking feeling. I'm really worried about Max and the others." Isabel said.
"I'm sure they're fine. They know how to take care of themselves. We took earthquake prep classes in the sixth grade, remember?" Kyle joked. Isabel giggled.
"I hope you're right."
"I am." He assured her. Isabel leaned over and kissed Kyle. It felt good to have someone protect her from her unpleasant thoughts again.

Liz finally got to the hospital and dragged Max inside; he was still unconscious, and very heavy. One of the male nurses saw her and helped her and Max inside.
"What happened to him?" He asked.
"We were on the Ferris wheel and the earthquake knocked out the power and one of the other cars hit us and he got knocked out," Liz recapped as quickly as she could.
"The injury looks pretty bad, I'll go get John," The nurse garbled. He walked off, talking to one of the other nurses and pointing at Liz. The girl walked over to Liz.
"Hi, I'm Carol, that was Josh. I'm gonna get your friend into a room, and we'll get him some help okay?" Carol said, reassuringly.
"Yeah, it's okay if I stay with him right?" Liz asked.
"Oh, yeah sure. Are you his girlfriend?" She asked.
"Well, sort of. I mean, um, yeah," Liz replied.
"Follow me." Carol said as she pulled Max on his rolling bed. Liz followed her into a large room with lots of doctors. Carol rolled Max in next to another patient who, by the looks of things, had just finished surgery. Soon they rolled the other patient out and one of the doctors began examining Max's head wound.
"Is he gonna be okay?" Liz asked.
"I think so, he'll need stitches, and it might take him a while to wake up. I'm going to have to ask you to wait outside for a little while, it's usually less painful, the less you see," The doctor told Liz.
"Oh, okay. You're probably right," Liz said, "I need some coffee anyway." Liz said to no one in particular. She walked down the hospital corridor trying desperately not to look at the pale green walls. Liz hated hospitals, nothing good ever happened in them. Her grandmother had died in a hospital. Her uncle had been diagnosed with cancer in a hospital. Her cousin had been told she was paralysed from the neck down in a hospital. It wasn't like any of that was the fault of the hospital, but still. Liz wasn't very comfortable being around sick people either. But she had decided long before she had actually arrived that she would stay until Max was okay. Even if it drove her insane. Liz finally found the coffee machine and put in her change. Liz took her coffee and began walking back to Max's room. When she returned, the door was still closed, so Liz walked to the nurse's desk and called Max's parents. She explained the situation and asked them to come down.
Finally Liz began to pace in front of Max's door. She quickly got tired of that and sat down in one of the chairs, praying that the doctors would hurry up. A few minutes (that seemed like hours) later, the doctor walked out of Max's room. Just as he did, Diane and Philip Evans came running down the hallway.
"Are you the parents?" The doctor asked them.
"Yes, we're Max's parents. He was adopted though, but
I'm sure that doesn't matter?" Mrs. Evans rambled on until her husband quieted her and told her to calm down.
"Good, well. I'm doctor John Ashton; I've looked at your son. Is it okay if this young lady hears Max's condition?" Dr. Ashton asked.
"Liz?" Mrs. Evans asked, suddenly staring at Liz as if she were just comprehending her presence.
"Of course. Liz is a good friend of Max's," Mr. Evans answered.
"Good. Now, I've cleaned up Max's wound, and, as I thought, it's rather deep. He'll need stitches, but I don't think there will be too much permanent scarring. He's still unconscious; he might not wake up for a while. You can see him if you'd like, but I need to start the procedure as soon as possible," Dr. Ashton finished. Mrs. Evans was in tears. Mr. Evans guided his wife into Max's room, beckoning Liz to come as well.
"Liz, how did all this happen?" Mr. Evans asked her, looking fondly at his son.
"Well, we were all at the fair and Max and I were looking for Isabel, but we couldn't find her, so we decided to go on the Ferris wheel. And we were on it and right in the middle of the ride, the earthquake struck. So we were stuck in our cart, and we couldn't get out. Then there was a tremor and the cart behind us skidded off the track and Max shoved me down, but he didn't have time to get out of the way. And he got hit, and..." Liz trailed off, fighting the tears.
"I see." Mr. Evans commented. "How did you get out of the cart?" He asked.
"Oh, when the other cart hit us, it swung our cart down and we hit the ground." Liz lied.
"Liz, would it be okay if we had a few minutes alone with our son?" Mrs. Evans spoke up.
"Oh, of course! I didn't mean to-" Liz started.
"Liz, it's okay, you didn't." Mr. Evans interrupted. Liz turned and quietly left the room. A few minutes later Mr. And Mrs. Evans came out and let Liz go in to see Max by herself. She thanked them as she walked inside. When Liz entered the room again, she saw Max lying there, looking half dead. She thought about how he risked his life for
her. It made her very upset to think that she might be the cause of Max's death. But then Liz caught herself. "He's not gonna die. He's NOT gonna die," She repeated. Liz pulled a chair up to the side of Max's bed and sat down. "Max. Oh, God. I's been, difficult, with everything between us. But I want you to know, even though you can't hear me. I forgive you. I love you. I'm sorry," Liz took Max's hand and lifted it up to her lips. "I miss you so much." Liz let her tears fall freely after that. Soon she stopped crying and wiped her eyes, getting up from the chair. "You'll be okay," She whispered. Once again, Liz wiped her tears and left Max's side. As soon as the door opened,
Mr. Evans spoke.
"Liz, we have a favor to ask you." Mr. Evans said.
"Of course, anything." Liz replied.
"Can you look for Isabel? I'm sure she's wondering what's happened." He continued.
"Oh, yeah, of course. Right away." Liz said. Mr. Evans smiled at her. She smiled back.
"Thank you, Liz," Mrs. Evans said, "For all you've done." Liz just smiled again. *You have no idea,* She thought. Liz walked down the corridor and out of the hospital towards the jeep. Liz decided to skip looking at the fair entirely, she hadn't found Isabel there once, and he wasn't going to not find her there again. Liz drove straight towards own.

Michael ran up to the door of the Crashdown. The sign on the door read: CLOSED FOR REPAIRS. *Obviously,* thought Michael. He banged on the door, but no one answered. Suddenly Michael felt someone tapping him on the shoulder. He spun around, surprised. Brody was standing in front of him.
"Where's Maria?" Michael asked, before Brody could speak.
"I was going to ask you that. Last I saw her she was headed towards the UFO Center. I only just got back from seeing Sydney. She was very sick and was asking for me, but she's fine now. Anyway, I heard the earthquake did some pretty bad damage. I came back to see what the UFO Center looked like."
"Okay, well Maria might still be inside then?" Michael said, mostly to himself.
"I suppose she could be." Brody replied. Michael raced past Brody and through the door to the UFO Center.

posted on 4-Oct-2002 4:08:06 PM
"Maria!" He called. "Are you in here?"
"Michael?" Maria whispered. "Is that you?" Maria's vision was blurry, all she knew was that she was trapped underneath a ceiling beam, and she couldn't get up.
"Maria!" Michael called again. He ran down the steps and looked around him. The place looked okay, besides being unusually messy. Michael moved forward and looked around him.
"Michael!" Maria tried again, but her voice was weak, and she doubted Michael could hear her. Michael glanced around one more time and noticed movement near the wall, by a fallen ceiling beam. He walked towards it, cautious as he moved closer. Soon he saw Maria's body, motionless, trapped beneath the beam.
"Maria!" Michael yelled, "Maria, are you okay?" He dropped to his knees beside her, and tried to help her out from underneath the beam. Soon he got impatient and used his powers to lift it. At the same time he pulled Maria away and let the beam fall. Michael helped Maria stand and placed his arm around her waist, supporting her.
"Michael, I was so scared," Maria whispered.
"I know, it's okay now. You're gonna be okay." Michael told her. They walked up the stairs together and out onto the street. Michael looked down the road and saw the jeep in the distance.
"Liz?" Maria asked as the jeep pulled over to the side of the road next to them.
"Oh my God! What happened to her?" Liz screamed.
"She was trapped in the UFO Center. She got caught under a fallen ceiling beam," Michael told Liz.
"Oh, honey. You're gonna be okay. Come on, we're gonna
take you to the hospital all right? Everything will be fine. I promise," Liz comforted her friend.
"Is Max okay?" Michael asked as he jumped into the driver's seat of the jeep.
"Yeah, he's still unconscious, but the doctor said he'll be fine. He needs stitches though." Liz told Michael. Liz faintly heard Maria asking about Max, but she ignored it and told her not to worry. Finally they arrived at the hospital and got Maria admitted.
At first Michael was reluctant to leave Maria's side, seeing as Maria had slipped into unconsciousness, but he eventually got up to see Max when Liz came back from calling Mrs. Deluca. Liz stayed with Maria and promised Michael she wouldn't leave until he got back. Liz sat in the little room with her best friend, looking at all the respirators, cords, ties, and tubes that were surrounding her. Liz remembered all the good times she and Maria had shared. She remembered Maria's laugh, remembered how she cried. Liz knew Maria would be fine, but that didn't stop her from crying for her friend. Liz held Maria's hand and thought about that very day. Maria had been keeping something from Liz. Liz couldn't help but be annoyed that her friend couldn't share everything with her anymore. It made her sad to think that after all they had been through together Maria still kept secrets. But Liz soon forgot about Maria's secret when Michael walked through the door.
"Max is awake," Michael said, "He's asking for you."
Liz gave Maria a kiss on the cheek and left the room. Liz walked down the corridors and past many rude nurses and patients until she found the corridor of Max's room. Liz came to the door and paused there wondering why Max would be asking for her. Liz decided to put her doubts aside as she opened the door. Mr. And Mrs. Evans were talking to Max; the doctor was there as well.
"Well, Max, your head is fine, you'll need to be back here in three weeks or so to get the stitches removed, but you can go home tomorrow. Okay?" Dr. Ashton said.
"Great, I can't wait to go home." Max replied.
"Oh sweetie, we can't wait to get you home." Mrs. Evans told him. Liz cleared her throat and walked further into the room. All eyes turned to her.
"Oh! Liz, I presume? Yes, Max has been asking for you. I'll be leaving now, Ms. Evans, Sir, would you care to follow me please? We'll
discuss..." Dr. Ashton distracted Diane and Philip so that Max and Liz could have some time to themselves. The door closed and Liz sat on the side of Max's bed. He looked unusually pale, but that wasn't surprising. Liz glanced up at him and back down at the floor again.
"Liz, I need to tell you something," Max began.
"What?" Liz asked, lifting up her head and looking at Max uncertainly.
"When I got hit, I slipped into unconsciousness, but it was more than that. I, I remembered things...the strangest things. I had visions. It was all so weird."
"Visions of what?" Liz asked.
"Of me and Tess mostly. I remembered things, like her mind warping me and making me believe we had had sex, and the baby. It wasn't really true, it was all lies, and tricks. Liz I knew, I knew that I never could have done that to you, and I didn't. I knew I didn't, but I didn't know..." Max said.
"I know," Liz told him.
"And there's more," Max continued, "I got visions of Tess on Antar. She was presented to Khivar. She had nothing, no baby, and none of us. I watched her die, Liz. I saw her being executed. It was horrible," Max told her.
"Only what would have been done to you had you gone with her," Liz said. Max stared at her.
"Can't we go back? To what we used to be? What we used to have? Liz, you are the most important thing in my life. I love you more than life itself," Max told her.
"I love you too, Max," Liz replied. She leaned over him and they kissed. It was like a dream come true for them both.
"We'll never be apart again," Max whispered.
"I know," Liz replied.

Michael sat next to Maria, just as Liz had done, thinking about all the memories they had shared. Michael had spoken to the doctors, and as he had thought, Maria had lost the baby. He knew it would be hard for Maria, for them both. Losing a child wasn't an easy thing to do, even if you hadn't appreciated the child in the first place. Michael knew Maria would be heart broken, but they would be okay. He would always love her, child or no child. Eventually Maria would get pregnant again (after they were married, Michael hoped) and then they would have another child. And it would be special, because the child would be wanted. At least, that was how Michael hoped Maria would see it.

Michael walked back into Maria's room, Amy had just come out. She had arrived a few minutes after Liz had called her. Amy thanked Michael for staying with her daughter; she let him know that she was grateful. Michael decided not to say anything about the baby, he didn't know if Mrs. Deluca even knew about it in the first place. After all, Maria had only been a few weeks pregnant. When Michael came in, he took his place beside Maria's bed, watching her carefully for any sign of motion. Maria was stirring.
"Michael?" Maria whispered.
"Maria, it's okay, I'm here," Michael told her.
"What happened?" Maria asked.
"You were trapped in the UFO Center during the earthquake. I found you, and Liz and I brought you to the hospital."
"Am I okay? I mean, nothing horrible like paralization right?" Maria laughed.
"No, you were really lucky, nothing hit you in the spine or whatever. You're fine. Except..."
"What about the baby?" Maria asked, quietly. "Michael, I've been thinking a lot about everything...and I really don't know if we're really ready to be parents. I don't know, I mean-"
"Maria," Michael interrupted, "You lost the baby," Michael told her. Maria looked up at him.
"I, I lost the baby?" Maria uttered. Her lip was quivering and her eyes filled with tears. Michael took her in his arms, holding her, cradling her. He even allowed a few tears to roll down his face. When Maria stopped crying Michael pulled her close and hugged her. Then he laid her back against her pillows.
"Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yeah. Yeah, I think so. Maybe it was for the best, you know? I know that we love each other, and we'll always be together," Maria smiled at him, "We'll have a baby when we're ready. When we're a lot older. I'll always have this memory, something really special between us. It'll bring us closer if we let it. In some ways it already has," Maria said.
"I love you, Maria," Michael said.
"I love you too," Maria replied. The two kissed again.
"Michael, can you get Liz for me? I really need to talk to her," Maria asked.
"Oh, sure. Your mom is outside; I probably should get the nurses to look at you. And uh, Max had a little accident, he's awake now though, and he'll be fine. Liz is probably still with him," Michael told her.
"Wow. Okay, tell Mom to come in, get the nurses, and then go get Liz. But make sure Max is okay for me, and make sure Max and Liz are done talking," Maria said.
"Okay," Michael replied. He leant over her and kissed her one more time. Then he walked out of the room.

Liz walked down the hall again, back to Maria's room.
Liz knew Maria had something to tell her, and Liz hoped it wasn't anything horrible. Liz hated it when she and Maria kept secrets, and she was going to make her friend promise never to do it again. Liz came to the door and knocked. Mrs. Deluca opened it.
"Liz! It's so good to see you. I'm sure you want to say hi to Maria. I just wanted to thank you for bringing her here. I'm sure you did a great deal to help her," Mrs. Deluca told Liz.
"Oh, I would do anything for Maria," Liz said. Amy thanked Liz again, hugged her and left the room.
"Ria, are you okay? The last time I saw you, you looked so weak. I was afraid you weren't gonna make it!" Liz laughed.
"I'm fine," Maria told her, "Liz, I need to tell you something. I know I've been acting weird lately. I have been keeping a secret, and I guess I just didn't know how to tell you. But I know I have to tell you now," Maria said.
"What is it?" Liz asked.
"I'm pregnant," Maria told her.
"P-pregnant?" Liz stuttered, that wasn't what she had been expecting.
"Well, I was. I lost the baby. Liz, I know I should have told you, but no one else knows, not even my mother. I swear," Maria rushed.
"Maria, I had no idea. I'm so sorry. Are you and Michael okay?" Liz asked.
"I think we're gonna be fine. This whole thing has actually brought us closer together. I'm glad it all happened this way, as horrible as that may sound," Maria told Liz.
"No, I know exactly what you mean," Liz told her.
"So. How's Max? Michael told me what happened. Is he okay?" Maria asked.
"Oh, yeah he's fine. And something really weird happened when he blacked out. He got these really weird visions, about how Tess was mind warping him. Everything, the sex, the baby, it was all a lie. And we're sort of, back together I guess," Liz told Maria.
"That's so great! I'm so happy for you, Liz!" Maria exclaimed. Liz and Maria talked more until the nurse came in and told them visiting hours were long over and that she must insist they leave so the patient could rest. Michael came in one last time to say goodnight, while Liz rushed off to see Max one last time.

Isabel and Kyle were stuck in the elevator for five more hours, eight all together. When they were found, they had their cup of coffee and something to eat, and Kyle walked Isabel home. Since no one was there, and Max had the keys, Isabel went over to Kyle's house and hung out there for a while. When Isabel went to check Kyle's messages, she figured out where everyone was.
"Oh my God! Kyle! Max and Maria are in the hospital! We've got to get over there!" Isabel said, frantically.
"Iz, calm down. Visiting hours are way over. How about I drive you home and you can talk to your parents. We'll go see Max and Maria tomorrow, if they don't go home tonight. I'm sure it's nothing major," Kyle reassured Isabel as best he could, and Isabel felt happy, like Kyle could always make her feel better, and that was a great feeling. Kyle drove Isabel home, and, as Kyle had told her, Isabel's parents were there. As soon as Isabel found out her brother was fine, she went outside to say goodnight to Kyle.
"Well, they're both fine. Maria lost the baby, I'm almost sure of it. Michael practically screamed it without actually saying it. Max had some stitches, and they're keeping him overnight for observation."
"Okay. I'm sure we'll see them both tomorrow at the party," Kyle said.
"Yeah," Isabel replied.
"So I'll see you tomorrow," Kyle said.
"Okay, goodnight," Isabel said. The two of them kissed, and Isabel wrapped her arms around Kyle's neck. They hugged, said goodnight one more time, and Kyle left.
Mr. Valenti arrived home on Sunday night to find the house beautifully cleaned.
"Kyle!" He called, "Come down here."
"Yeah, Dad?" Kyle asked.
"You did a great job on the house, thank you," Mr. Valenti told his son.
"No problem, Dad. It was no trouble. After the earthquake, and making sure Max and Maria got out of the hospital, and Isabel and I were okay after our eight hours in an elevator, I came right home and turned on the vacuum," Kyle replied. Mr. Valenti was surprised to hear about Max and Maria and immediately questioned how they were.
"Are Max and Maria alright?"
"Oh, they're fine, " Kyle answered.
"How did you get trapped in an elevator?"
"It's a long story, no big deal."
"Good, well I'm gonna call Amy."
"Fine, I'm going back to bed. Night," Kyle said as he headed up the stairs to his bedroom.
"Goodnight!" Mr. Valenti called after him.

Diane, Philip, Isabel, and Max Evans arrived first to the party at the Valenti's. Philip and Jim started the grill while Diane and Isabel headed to the kitchen. Nancy, Jeff, and Liz Parker arrived next. Jeff walked over to talk with the men, and Nancy went to see Diane in the kitchen and help with the setting up. Liz walked over to Max at the table and kissed him hello.
"So how are you today?" Liz asked, she hadn't seen him since that long night.
"I'm fine, how are you?" Max replied.
"Good. Was your night at the hospital okay?"
"Yeah, it was fine. The food was gross though."
"That sucks. Is Maria here yet?"
"Nope, we were the first ones here. I'm sure they'll be here soon."
"I hope she's feeling okay, after the pregnancy and everything."
"Michael told me yesterday that she was feeling much better. They worked a lot of stuff out."
"That's good. I'm gonna go see if I can help in the kitchen, okay?"
"Fine, if you're so eager to get away." Max smiled at her. Liz leaned down and kissed him again. Then she walked off into the kitchen.
"Hey, Liz!" Isabel said, happily.
"Hi, Isabel. What are you so happy about?" Liz asked.
"Oh nothing." Isabel replied.
"So where were you during the earthquake? Your parents asked me to look for you, but I couldn't find you anywhere, and then I ran into
Michael and Maria..."
"I was stuck in an elevator with Kyle. Is Maria okay? I haven't gotten a chance to see her yet."
"Yeah, she's fine, I saw her last night. So you were stuck in an elevator with Kyle?"
"Oh it was no big deal. What about the baby?" Isabel whispered.
"Gone, she lost it," Liz replied.
"Girls," Mrs. Evans interjected, "Could you go set the table please?"
"Of course, Mrs. Evans, we'd be glad to. Right
Isabel?" Liz answered.
"Yeah, sure Mom." Isabel agreed. Isabel and Liz took the table settings and walked outside. Isabel told Liz about how she and Kyle had really bonded in the elevator and how they were sort of dating. Liz congratulated her, and turned around to find Maria's car pulling up in the driveway.
"Maria's here," Liz told Isabel. She ran over to her friend, "Maria!" The two girls hugged, "How are you?" Liz asked.
"I'm fine. Doing much better," Maria laughed.
"Good. Guess what? Isabel is dating again!" Liz told her. Maria turned around to face Isabel.
"Who?" She asked.
"Kyle," Isabel replied. Maria and Liz started to giggle.
"What's so funny about the fact that Isabel and I are dating?" Kyle asked. He had come up behind Isabel and wrapped his arms around her waist.
"Oh, nothing. It's just sort of weird, that's all," Liz said. Max and Michael walked up to them.
"What's going on here?" Max asked, taking Liz in his arms.
"Isabel's dating Kyle," Maria answered. Michael kissed her hello.
"Well, well, well. Isabel's finally re-entered the dating world. Never thought I'd see the day..." Michael joked.
"Are you kids ready to eat?" Mr. Valenti shouted. The six kids walked back to the table and sat down.
"Before we eat, Amy and I have an announcement to make." Mr. Valenti said. They stood up.
"Okay, I know this may come as a shock to you all, seeing as we've kept it a secret even from our own children," Amy said, Maria and Kyle groaned.
"Amy and are I engaged!" Jim yelled, holding up Amy's hand to show off the ring. Everyone stood up to congratulate them. Kyle and Maria moved away from the crowd.
"So I guess we're gonna be siblings," Kyle said.
"I guess so," Maria agreed.
"Well, it'll be nice. Having a sister,"
"Yeah. It's gonna be cool to have a brother," Maria said. They hugged and joined the line of people, ready to congratulate their parents.

"So, Isabel. Is all this marriage talk giving you any ideas?" Kyle asked.
"It better not be giving you any ideas," Isabel replied.
"Believe me, I'm about as ready to get married as a blind blonde in bright blue suit!" Kyle remarked.
"Whatever. You are such a dork!" Isabel laughed.
"I know, but that's why you love me." over and kissed Isabel.
"What was that for?" Isabel wondered aloud.
"Love," Kyle answered simply.

"It's so sweet that Jim and Amy are getting married.
It almost makes me wish I had a ring on my finger," Liz fantasized.
"Oh really? A ring she wants, a ring she shall get," Max told her.
"Don't go getting any clever ideas," Liz warned. Max reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys. Carefully he took off one of the key rings.
"I've been waiting for the perfect moment to give you this," Max laughed, "And now is as good a time as any." Max took Liz's hand and slipped the key ring onto her finger.
"I'll treasure it always," Liz joked, "Oh, Max. I love you so much." Liz wrapped her arms around him and he whispered,
"I love you too, and I always will."

"Michael, I think we should be married as soon as possible," Maria exclaimed.
"Why on earth would you want to do that?" Michael asked, confused.
"I've thought about it, and I'm anxious to become a mother," Maria answered.
"Oh no! Under no circumstances will I go through another ordeal like that for at least ten years!" Michael told her. Maria laughed.
"Relax, I was only joking," She said, "We have to wait until our love has fully blossomed, like my mother's," Maria sighed, rolling her eyes.
"At least she's happy, Maria. And we will be too," Then he added, "But, all in good time." The two of them kissed, and they knew, that 'good time' couldn't come fast enough.


Title: For Me There's Only You
Author: Phoebe James
Disclaimer: I own nothing except for any characters not before known to Roswell viewers or book
Distribution: Fine by me, but just ask first ok???
Rating: PG13-R
Category: M&L of course! But other conventional couples are included.
Summary: This is a future fic about how Tess isn't Ava, but Vilandra...that is why the deal was made...but the story cuts out all eppy's after HOM. Don't get confused!!!
Feedback: Send as much of it as possible!


After Liz saw Tess and Max kiss at the prom, Liz knew that she couldn't stay in Roswell any longer. She looked into graduating early and decided to move to San Francisco. She went to college at UC Berkeley and studied chemistry on a full scholarship. She finished in three years and is now working as a chemist in the city.
Isabel also moved to San Francisco after graduating early even though Max tried to stop her. One year later, Alex followed, just to be with Isabel. He now has only one more year left of law school.
Once Maria and Michael graduated, they too moved to San Francisco. Although neither of them went to college, Maria became an administrative assistant at the local hospital, and Michael became a bartender.
Kyle went to UCLA on a football scholarship and is now a famous football player.
Tess went to a local school and became a real estate agent. Max is still in med-school, studying to become a doctor.
Maria, Michael, Alex, and Isabel often travel back to Roswell to visit their families and friends, but Liz still hasn't been able to bring herself back. She didn't even go for Jim and Amy's wedding, and Maria didn't speak to her for a week. Liz claimed she couldn't get off work, but Maria knew the truth, and secretly, she didn't blame her friend. It was on that trip down to Roswell that Maria found out Max and Tess were engaged. She had yet to tell Liz, and it had happened over 5 months ago. The big news of late though, was that Alex had proposed at Isabel's graduation, and she had accepted! Everyone is really excited and Liz has decided it is time to return home.

PART 1: The Reunion

Liz, Maria, and Michael were on the bus on their way to Roswell. Liz couldn't believe she was going home. She was happy, yet sad at the same time. Something told her it wouldn't be the happiest of times. But then she contradicted herself. *It's Alex and Isabel's wedding, what is there not to be happy about? It's not your and Max's wedding. That's why you're not happy. You always thought you and Max would be the first couple to get married, and you almost were...but now there's no chance of you ever even being with Max Evans ever
again, so get over it!* Liz ordered herself. She couldn't stand all the controversy going on in her mind.
"So Liz, are you excited? You haven't been home since you graduated! You're parents must be thrilled!" Maria said.
"Oh, yeah, I guess they are. I'm just so happy to be going home! And Isabel and Alex, I'm so happy for them." Liz replied.
"I know! But it's weird though, I never thought Alex and Iz would be the first to get hitched. I always thought it'd be you and M...or um, at the very least me and Michael." Maria said, and punched Michael in the arm. "Right honey?" She laughed.
"Ow!" Michael yelled.
"You big baby!" Maria replied sarcastically.
"I'm really just so happy for them. I can't believe I get to be a bridesmaid. It's so exciting!" Liz said, trying to forget Maria's half thought out, almost-comment about her and Max.
"I know, I can't wait to see the dresses Iz picked out. She said they were yellow, with little light pink flowers around the waist. I can't believe Izzy picked Tess to be her maid of honor, although I guess I can sort of understand, seeing as Tess is one of her kind." Maria said jokingly. Liz smiled.
"I guess that means Kyle is the best man, seeing as he is the only male of Alex's kind."
"Actually, you're right."
"Oh, I guess I thought he'd pick Michael. But then, I don't know."
"Oh, Liz we're almost there. Michael, could you start getting our stuff down?"
"What am I the bag boy?" Michael asked rhetorically. But then he stood up and began pulling their luggage from the shelf. Liz rang the stop button and looked out the window as the bus entered Roswell.
"Roswell, New Mexico. The Crashdown." The bus driver announced.
"That's us," Michael said. The three of them stepped off the bus and were standing right in front of the nostalgic cafe.
"Wow, it's like it was only yesterday that me and you were serving burgers, huh Maria?" Liz commented.
"Yeah. There's lots of great memories about this place." Maria replied. At that moment Liz's parents walked out of the Crashdown and greeted Liz, Maria and Michael with a barrage of-hi's, how are you's, and I've missed you's.
"Lizzie, it's so wonderful to have you home again!" Nancy Parker exclaimed.
"It's great to be home, Mom." Liz answered. "I'm gonna go put my stuff away and then we'll go see Alex and Isabel." Liz said to her friends.
"Great, we'll be waiting." Michael replied.
"So what do you think is gonna happen with Max and Liz once Liz finds out about Max and Tess’ engagement?" Maria asked Michael.
"You mean you haven't told her?" Michael asked.
"Not exactly. I couldn't bring myself to do it, Michael. I know how much it's going to hurt her. I don't want to hurt her. Max should be the one to tell her anyway."
"I guess you're right, but that doesn't mean Liz won't be mad at you for not telling her. I'm sure Max's gonna say something."
"You're right, but I guess I'm gonna have to take that chance. I can't watch Liz's heart break again."
"It's gonna happen, whether you tell her, or Max does."
"I know." Maria replied sadly. Liz walked out of the Crashdown.
"Let's go!" She said. The three of them climbed into Liz's mom's car and headed to Alex's house. Once they got there, everyone had a big reunion with lots of hugging and hi's, how are you's, I've missed you's, I'm so happy for you's, and such. After everything, the gang was once more reunited.

PART 2: The Wedding

Liz, Isabel, Maria and Tess were at the bridal shop. Iz was showing them the dresses she had picked out.
"What do you think?" She asked them.
"Oh I love the colors..." Maria replied.
"Yeah, they’re really nice." Liz added.
"What do you think, Tess?" Isabel asked.
"Oh, it's, yeah, I like them." Tess mumbled.
"Okay, you guys go try them on, and then come out here. If I like them, and you guys do too of course, we can get them fitted!" Isabel said excitedly.
"Great!" Maria and Liz said simultaneously. Tess, Liz, and Maria headed back into the dressing rooms, and Isabel walked over to the bride’s dresses again. She was looking for the perfect dress. Something classic, beautiful, feminine. Most of all, she wanted Alex to see her and go, 'wow'...
Iz shuffled through all the dresses that she didn't like. Then she came towards the back of the store. There it was. The perfect dress. It was a white, satin, A-line tank with caviar beading, a banded skirt, a chapel train, and sequin embellishments, with a matching headpiece. Iz could tell it would look great on her. Alex would die. She took the dress off the hanger and pressed it over her. *It even feels perfect,* She thought. But then she glanced at the price tag--$1,500. *OMG! Alex is gonna kill me!* Isabel thought. *But I have to have this dress! I have to, and that's the end of it.* So with that, Isabel officially had her mind made up. She walked back through all the other dresses and found her friends in their bridesmaid dresses.
"OMG! You guys look gorgeous! I love them! What do you think?" She asked.
"We were just discussing that, and we decided that we have to be the best dressed bridesmaids ever!" Maria said happily.
"Iz, is that the dress you picked out?" Liz asked.
"Oh yeah, do you like it?"
"Oh Isabel, it's beautiful. You're going to look gorgeous." Tess answered.
"Yeah, Iz, it's really nice, it must be a classic!" Maria said; she was perfectly in love with 'classics'.
"So, these are the dresses we want right?" Isabel asked. She thought Tess, Maria and Liz looked beautiful in their yellow dresses. Isabel had tried to imagine how each of them would look, but they looked more stunning than Isabel could have ever imagined. Her wedding was going to be perfect, she could feel it. *No weird alien shit will screw this up.* She thought.

posted on 4-Oct-2002 4:11:37 PM
Liz and Maria were doing each other’s make up. Liz was trying desperately not to think about the previous night. It had been a disaster, for her. It was at the rehearsal dinner that Liz had found out that Max and Tess were engaged. Liz kept trying to convince herself that she didn't care, but she knew it would never work. But she refused to let her sadness ruin her best friends day. She'd just have to get used to it. Hiding her feelings was nothing new. She just went on helping Maria with her make up, as if it were any other day. Isabel wasn't nervous. That was a job better left to the groom. Isabel was excited and happy. She knew nothing could ruin this day. It was her day. The day Isabel's life turned upside down, the day she would become semi-normal. Just like any other girl. Suddenly a tear rolled down her cheek. She cursed under her breath and dabbed it with a tissue. *This is it,* she thought,*the day me and Alex begin the rest of our lives together.* With that, Isabel walked over to her dressing room window and took a long deep breath.
Alex was nervous. Of course he loved Isabel, but was it too soon? No, they'd be fine. Together. It was as if all his dreams had come true. Isabel Evans. Isabel Evans-Whitman. Would she take his name? He didn't even know. Probably. *Iz, I've waited for this day for so long...and now it's finally here. And I'm at a loss. Just remember that you love her. Love is all that matters. And boy, you better calm your ass down!* Alex thought. Even his own corny jokes couldn't make him less nervous. What he needed was Liz and Maria. Luckily his best friends knew him that well. Liz and Maria were walking down the hall towards Alex's room. If their calculations were correct, Alex would be totally freaking. Having a nervous breakdown.
Contemplating jumping out the window. But then again, maybe that was going a little too far...
They walked into Alex's room, not bothering with knocking.
"Hey buddy. Nervous?" Liz asked.
"Just a little. Can you tell?" Alex replied.
"Nah, it's just feminine intuition." Maria assured him.
"Oh." Alex said.
"Listen, Alex. I know you probably feel like, like jumping out that window, but you know you don't really want to. You love Isabel. And she loves you. It's not going to be any different from the way it usually is. You're just going to be so much closer. And that's what you want. That's why you have Isabel in your life. Because you need her. You need her to be
close to you, and's the ultimate statement of love. We're behind you all the way. We love you, and support you. We know you're gonna be so happy with Isabel. You're never gonna regret this day, Alex. Never. Just remember that."
"Thanks Liz."
"Any time."
"Now, are you ready to get married?" Maria asked.
"Hell yeah!" Alex yelled. They walked out of Alex's room together. Alex gave both of them a quick kiss and departed from their sides. After a few shouts of good luck behind him, the girls rushed off to find Tess and Isabel.
"How are you holding up?" Tess asked Isabel.
"Oh, I'm fine. I'm just so happy, ya know? I'm finally with Alex, and we're gonna be together, and it's just so perfect. I love him so much."
"I know what you mean. I feel the same way about Max. I can't wait until we can get married."
"Don’t worry, you’ll get there soon." Isabel replied. The door creaked open and Maria and Liz walked in.
"All ready?" Maria asked.
"Sure am. You?" Isabel replied.
"All set."

Alex was up front and the guests were in their seats, the priest was ready, and the organist began to play. Sydney Davis began to walk down the aisle. She threw flowers to everyone, she made an adorable flower girl. Once she was done, the maid of honor, Tess, and
the best man, Kyle started up the aisle, hand in hand. Michael and Maria were after them, and Max and Liz followed.
"Are you mad?" Max asked.
"Mad about what?" Liz answered, startled. She hadn't exactly expected him to start talking to her as they were walking down the aisle together. Walking down the aisle together, it wasn’t exactly how she had imagined it.
"Me and Tess."
"Not really, I mean, it's your decision Max. I'm not a part of your life anymore."
"Liz, that's not true, I don't want things to be that way for us...can't we be friends?"
"I, I..." With that the two had to part, and the guests stood. Isabel entered the room. She looked fabulous. Her father was beaming proudly, and Alex looked taken aback. Isabel just smiled and took her place beside him.


"I do." Isabel answered.
"Do you, Alex, take this---
The room froze. But Isabel was okay. *OMG! What's going on? This isn't happening!* She thought.
"Isabel?" Max asked.
"Max? Oh thank God! What's happening?"
"I don't know exactly."
"I don't think any of us know." Michael added.
"It's most likely alien related. You don't see any humans who aren't frozen." Tess said.
"You're probably right." Max replied.
"So what are we gonna do?" Iz asked.
"Just wait, I guess." Tess said.
"Wait for what? This is my wedding day! I, I can't wait!" Isabel screeched.
"Isabel, don't worry about it. I'm sure whatever's gonna happen is gonna happen soon. You're wedding can be salvaged." Max comforted her.
"I swear Max..."
"I know."
All of a sudden a blue ray shot through the roof of the church. The next second a man was standing in front of them and the blue beam of light had disappeared.
"Who are you?" Michael asked.
"Khivar." Tess whispered.

PART 3: Alternate Universe

"Khivar." Tess whispered.
"Khivar?" the others asked, rather surprised.
"Are you sure, Tess? I mean, how do you know?" Max asked. The question caught Tess totally off guard.
"I, I just know. The memories, Max." She replied.
"OMG! It really is Khivar!" Isabel screamed. She had a flash. It was of her and Khivar, together, on the beach, talking. *About what?* she wondered.
"What is it Iz, do you have memories too?" Michael asked her.
"I just had a flash." Isabel replied.
"You can save your breath. Of course I am Khivar. Who else has the power to do what I just did?" The man questioned.
"OMG! What are we gonna do?" Isabel screamed.
"Max, you have to do something! This is my wedding day!" Max reached out and hugged Isabel. He passed her into Michael's arms and began to prep his powers. He'd need a strong bolt of electricity to kill Khivar.
"This is for you Iz!" He shouted. Then he sent out a huge blast to Khivar. He went down, and
dissolved into dust.
"Khivar!" Tess screamed. "No!"
"Tess, he's gone now, it's alright. He only came to Earth to hurt us. Don't mourn his death." Max said. He was trying to comfort her.
"Maybe so Max, but he was our only way of getting home." Tess sobbed.
"Earth is our home now. It will be okay." Max said.
"You guys, what about time? It's probably gonna unfreeze soon." Michael reminded them as he let go of Isabel.
"Michael's right. Everyone get back to their places. It's gonna be okay Iz, your wedding day isn't ruined yet." Max told her.
"Thanks, Max. I know." Isabel replied. Max quickly passed his hand over the ceiling fixing the hole in the roof. They all walked back to their places and waited for time to start again.
---woman, Isabel Evans, to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, till death do you part?"
"I do."
"With the placement of these rings... I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."
"I love you." She whispered into his ear.
"I love you too." The two of them walked down the aisle together, never to be separated again. Or so they hoped.

Tess was gone again on business. It was the third time that week. Ever since Isabel and Alex's wedding, she had been gone a lot. It's not that it worried him, but he wanted to know where she was. But there was really nothing he could do about it. It was business after all.
Tess walked down the street toward her old apartment in New York. She was there to help Khivar. Max's blast had hurt him, badly...but he wasn't dead yet. And Tess would help him recover. It would be a long and grueling process, but she would do it. She would wait for him, just like she had before. And once he was well again, he would take her home. They would rule over Antar as king and queen. Khivar and Vilandra, together again. What about Max and the others? Well, they would survive. And if they didn't? It wasn't her problem. She'd be home, with her one and only true love. She'd have to tell Max eventually. But only when
she was just about to leave, when there was no way he could stop her. No question that he wouldn’t get in the way. Then she would tell him. Tell him that she was Vilandra. That he had no sister, Isabel was Ava and they were never married on their home planet. No one was married. Vilandra and Zan had been engaged, but then Vilandra had met Khivar. She had betrayed Zan for Khivar. Ava and Rath, now they had also been engaged, but their's was true love.
It had all been a lie. A ploy to get back home. But now that Khivar was here, it needed not go on any longer. She would give Max the book though. It would tell him how to get home. If he wanted to return someday, she should at least help him, he deserved at least that much. But after that, she wouldn't owe him anything. Not a damn thing. She and Khivar would be very happy together. And should Max decide to return home, then they both would take pleasure in watching him suffer and die. *For all those times with Liz*...she thought. Then she
walked into her apartment. "Khivar, I've missed you."
"I've missed you too."
They all knew something weird had happened at the wedding. All the Czechoslovakians were acting strange. All except for Isabel of course. She was as happy as
ever. She had just gotten married. But Liz, Maria, Kyle and Alex knew something had happened. They didn't know when, the wedding had gone perfectly. They didn't know until the reception. Max told Liz, Maria and Kyle to come into the back room. He told them everything,
about freezing time, Khivar, Khivar's death, and how it all didn't seem real somehow. They were all in shock after that. Isabel didn't tell Alex until they were on their honeymoon. It was beautiful. They went to the Bahamas for a week, and they loved it. Alex was shocked to hear the news too, but no one worried about it. They all knew Khivar was dead. Just one less problem right? Little did they know it would soon become their biggest problem ever.

PART 4: City Lights

Max had just come home from his last day of school before vacation, two weeks, just him and Tess. Two weeks of vacation and then graduation. In a way he was looking forward to it, but he was also dismayed because he knew that it wasn't Tess he wanted to be with. Max wanted to be with Liz. But he knew that wasn't possible. Liz had slept with Kyle, she had never really loved him. Or had she? Max couldn't figure it out. He thought that they had had this, this, amazing and beautifully deep love, one that nothing could ever break up, especially not a jealous ex-boyfriend. But that was what had happened. He still couldn't understand it sometimes. Max walked up to the mailbox and took out his mail. Bills, bills, letter from mom, next weeks schedule, note from Tess. He opened the note from Tess first. He sat down at the
table and poured a cup of coffee.

I'm really sorry, but I have another business trip. I'm going down to NY for the next two weeks. I know we were supposed to spend time together when you were off, but they said if I said no, they'd fire me. I'm really sorry Max. I promise we'll spend some time together really soon. I swear. I love you. Have fun on your break. Don't study too hard!


*Well. That's interesting.* Max thought about the note for a few minutes. He thought about how he had just been thinking about Liz. He had never really straightened things out with her. He had always known he should have, but he never did. Maybe now was the time. Maybe he should go up to San Francisco and visit her. It wouldn't be obvious or anything, he'd stay with Iz and Alex, or Michael and Maria. It's not like he'd be there just to see Liz. With that Max decided to go down to San Francisco. He called Isabel and she said they'd be glad to have company. Max began to pack as soon as he was off the phone.
"Who was that?" Alex asked.
"Oh, it was Max. He's coming down for a couple weeks. Tess is off on a business trip in New York, and so he figured he'd come visit us and Michael and Maria I guess."
"Cool. So he's staying here?"
"Yeah, I told him that'd be fine."
"Great, we should get the whole San Francisco gang together for the event; maybe we could even convince Kyle to take a break from his strenuous football schedule." Alex said.
"Even Liz?" Isabel asked, biting her lip.
"Oh. I see what you mean. But Liz is our friend just as much as Max is. I mean, I know Maria would be offended if we didn't invite her. And besides, if it's really that awkward, they'll just avoid each other."
"You're right." She nodded.
"When's he gonna be here?" Alex asked.
"Tomorrow around five."
"So the party will be on Saturday."
"Great." Isabel said.
Alex called Maria.
"Hey Maria."
"Alex! Hi!"
"Guess what?"
"Max is coming down for a couple weeks and me and Iz thought it would be cool if the whole gang could have a little party. Are you and Michael busy on Saturday?"
"No, I don't think so. I'd love to see Max again. I haven't seen him since the wedding! What about Tess?"
"Oh, Tess is on a business trip or something."
"Oh, well that's too bad. Do you need me to bring anything?"
"Umm, I don't think so, but could you call Liz and ask her to come? I don't think I'm as good at convincing her of things as you are."
"Sure, I'll call her. I think she's not gonna want to come, but I'll make sure she does."
"Great, now we just have to convince Kyle to drag his ass up here."
"Shouldn't be too hard."
"Yeah, I hope."
"See ya Alex."
"Bye Maria."
"Oh, hi Kyle, it's Alex."
"Hi Alex, what's up?"
"Not much, but I was wondering if you might wanna come down this weekend, Max is gonna be here, and we were thinking about having a little party to just bring the old gang back together again."
"I don't think I can make it."
"Oh, well...why?" Alex asked, a little annoyed.
"Well, I've got practice until late, and then my girlfriends been bugging me about this whole dinner thing..."
"Right. Well, I guess I'll talk to you again some other time."
"Okay. Bye Kyle."
"Iz, everybody's coming, except Kyle. And actually, I still have to make sure about Liz, but Maria can convince her."
"Oh, that's too bad about Kyle. But Sweetie, Saturday's gonna be so much fun. I mean the gang, back together again. It's really gonna be cool."
"I know." Alex replied. He looked up at her and she leaned down to kiss him. He loved her so much. It was amazing. He never imagined that he would ever be with Isabel Evans. But he was. And it was just like he had imagined it. Perfect.
Max drove up to San Francisco, the traffic had been unbearable, but now it was pretty clear. He drove at top speed. He couldn't wait to see his sister, and Michael, Alex and Maria. This vacation was gonna be pretty close to perfect. Max sped up. He didn't want to be caught in more traffic. It was Saturday at three o'clock, and Max was still about two hours from his destination. He just kept on driving.
At first Liz had strongly objected to going to this party. She really didn't want to see Max again. She just didn't. She couldn't take seeing him anymore. Every time she saw him, she had a breakdown and she'd cry for days. Liz hated that feeling. The feeling of emptiness. That knowledge that Max was the only man she could ever love. That burning in the pit of her
stomach, the urges to touch him, be with him. That's why she had said no. But no wasn't the answer Maria wanted to hear. Of course not. Maria had to be a stubborn bitch...(not really, but she didn't want to go!) and force her to go. It couldn't be that bad could it? Tess wouldn't be there. She could just avoid Max. She didn't have to talk to him, or even look at him if she didn't want to. She could always make up some lame excuse and go home if she had to. Liz tried to assure herself that this time it wouldn't be so bad, but inside her heart, she knew the
pain would never go away.
Max walked up to Iz's house. He couldn't wait to see her again. He really missed her and Alex and the others. Maybe he should really move down here. It was something to think about.
"Max!" Isabel screamed.
"Hey Iz!" The two hugged. She grabbed his hand and dragged him inside.
"Surprise!" Everyone yelled.
"Oh my God! You're all here!" Max said. His eyes wandered over to Liz. She looked away.
"We thought it would be a nice surprise to get the gang back together again."
"Wow, I've really missed you guys."
"We've missed you too Max." Maria said, and gave him a big hug.
"Yeah man. I've missed you too, but no hugging, okay?" Michael said.
"Right." Max answered. He said hello to everyone, and headed over to Liz.
*Shit. Shit shit shit. Why? Why did I ever agree to come to this party? Shit. Turn around, turn around, turn around. Dammit.* Liz thought.
"Max. Hi."
"Hey Liz."
"So...umm, how's school going?"
"Oh, fine. You know the usual."
"Liz, I umm...I wanted to talk to you, I mean...we never really, ah, resolved things between us."
"Maybe there was nothing to resolve."
"I know you don't believe that. What we was so much more, than, and you and Kyle...sometimes I still can't believe it. But Liz, I don't want us to hate each other."
"I don't hate you Max."
"I, don't? I mean, I thought... forget it. Look, Liz, umm, I, can't we at least be...friends?" Max asked her.
"I, I don't think..." Liz sighed, *I hate this!* She thought. "Well umm, yeah I guess." She finished. *No Max! No we can't be friends! I love you too much to be just friends! Damn you Max! Why, why do you always do this?* Liz thought. Max looked at her and smiled.
"Thanks Liz."

Liz got up about an hour or two later and told Maria she had an awful headache and needed to go home. Maria decided that it was enough that Liz had come to the party. She also knew that Max had talked to her earlier, and Maria knew that that must have shaken Liz up.
"If you need to talk, just call me okay?"
"Got it."
"Feel better."
"Thanks, bye."
"See ya, Liz."
Max watched as Liz left. He knew it had something to do with him. He decided to forget it, of course it didn't have anything to do with him. She probably had to work early the next day. Max walked out onto the balcony that overlooked the city. He gazed out at the city lights. They were so beautiful. He looked at the stars, and back down at the city. It was then that he realized that he had resolved nothing with Liz, and now was the only time he could. He told Isabel and the others he was going for a walk, but he took his car and drove out to Liz's house. He needed to talk to her. Tell her how he felt.

Liz went upstairs and changed into her pajamas. She could feel the tears coming. She walked back downstairs and put Romeo and Juliet in the VCR. She grabbed a blanket and laid on the couch watching the horrible Shakespearian tragedy. She cried throughout the entire movie. The end was inevitable. They were destined to die, separated. The ultimate sacrifice...or was it? Was the ultimate sacrifice giving your life for the one you love? Or was it
living on with the knowledge that you could never again be together, and watching your love with another? Either way...Liz had made the ultimate sacrifice for Max. She had basically given him her life. She might as well be dead. There was nothing to live for.
*What the hell?* Liz thought. *Who on Earth is that?* She wondered as she walked over to the door. It was probably Maria, checking up on her, making sure she was okay. Well she wasn't. And it was Maria's fault, wasn't it? Maria had forced her to go to the party...Liz stopped herself. *Stop it! You're being ridiculous. Just open the door!* Liz wiped the tears from her face as best as she could. She opened the door, and stared up into the eyes of the one person she couldn't forget about, Max Evans.
He looked down at her. She had been crying. He leaned down and kissed her. Liz kissed him back. She pressed her body up against his, held him to her. Then
she pulled away.
"Max..." She gasped.
"I know Liz, but I..." Max replied. Liz shut the door behind them.
"Max, I don't think this is such a good idea." Liz said.
"I don't care." He said. He kissed her again. Liz couldn't help it. But finally she pushed him away.
"Max, this is wrong, you're with Tess now."
"But I don't love her, Liz. I love you. Please, I need you to know that I love you."
"I, I love you too."
"You, and Kyle...?" Max asked. Liz shook her head.
"You came to me Max. You told me to." Liz said, tears streaming down her face. Max was confused.
"I told you to?"
"Not you, but your future self. He came to me and told me I had to make you fall out of love with me, or else our love would cause the end of the world. I tried, Max. I tried to push you and Tess together. I knew that you had to be together...but you, you loved me too much, and you wouldn't, and it was the only thing I could think of. I didn't want to hurt you, Max. I had to. I never slept with Kyle, It was a setup. I never wanted to hurt you, Max. Every time I see you...I have to remember the pain I caused you, the pain I inflicted upon myself. God Max, there's never gonna be another you." Liz whispered. She wrapped her arms
around herself and let the tears flow.
"Liz...I had no idea. God! How could I do that to you?" He asked. He walked over to Liz and embraced her. "It's okay Liz. Don't cry." He looked down at her. She had finally stopped crying. He kissed away her tears. Liz clung to him.
"Max..." She whispered. He kissed her again.
"Shhh. It's okay. I'm here now. I know." She looked up at him with her beautiful brown eyes, and kissed him. It felt so good to be back in his arms.

PART 5: Trouble Brewing

Liz woke up on her couch and remembered the previous night. She also remembered Max and realized it must have been a dream. She got up and headed towards the kitchen to make some coffee when she heard the water running. *OMG! It wasn't a dream!* she thought frantically.
"Hey Liz." Max said.
"Hi." Liz replied.
"I made some coffee."
"Great, I really need some." Liz said. Max walked back into the kitchen and brought her a mug of piping hot coffee. Max handed it to her and Liz sat down at the table.
"Max, last night..."
"What about it?"
"It doesn't change anything Max. We kissed. Nothing else happened. We can't be together. You and Tess..."
"But Liz, Tess and I, we're just..."
"Engaged?" Liz asked.
"It was her idea. I didn't want to Liz. I don't love her like I love you. Please Liz. You have to understand."
"I understand, Max, but I can't, I can't break my promise...the world, Max, the entire world!"
"Is that what I said? That our love would cause the end of the world?"
"Liz, it's different now, we know about the future now, we canstop it. Together."
"What if Tess decides to leave? You won't be able to stop her, Max. The Royal Four need each other. Why do you have to make things so difficult? We're not meant to be together." Liz stated.
"That's where you're wrong." Max replied.
"Please, just go. Max, go, now." Liz said. Max got up and left. Liz watched as he left her side and slammed the door shut behind him. She didn't want him to leave, but she had no choice. When she was sure he had gone and wasn't coming back, she buried her head in her
arms and sobbed.
"Max where were you?" Isabel asked, "We were so worried! We thought something had happened to you! Are you ok?"
"I'm, fine, I think..."
"Don't you ever do that to me ever again!"
"I'm sorry Iz. I'm gonna go upstairs now ok?"
"Yeah. Oh, Tess called, said she needed to talk to you, she wouldn't let me take a message. The number's by the phone."
Max headed up to his bedroom. He needed to take his mind off of Liz, so he picked up the phone and dialed the number Tess left.
"Tess, it's Max. You called?"
"Yeah. Max, we need to talk. I umm need to tell you a few things."
"I need to tell you a few things too."
"I'm coming home. I'll see you there?"
"Actually I'm in San Francisco with Isabel."
"Oh, well, could you come home please? I really need to speak with you, alone."
"Fine, sure, whatever. I'll pack my stuff right now."
"Great, see you soon."
"I'm sorry I have to leave so soon, Iz."
"Don't worry about it."
"I enjoyed my stay, thanks for the party. Give my love to everyone."
"I will." Isabel said. Max kissed her on the cheek and they hugged. Max left.
"What a lovely weekend." Alex said.
"I agree." Isabel replied, and leaned her head on his shoulder.
"Maria?" Liz asked over the phone.
"Si, senorita." Maria replied.
"Umm, I really need to talk to you. Could you come over here please?"
"Sure chica, what's wrong?"
"It's a long story."
"I'll be over as soon as I can."
"Thanks, Ria."

PART 6: The Move

Tess hung up the phone. "Khivar, I'm leaving. I need to tell Max the truth. You're strong enough now, we can leave, he won't be able to stop us..." Tess told Khivar.
"Are you insane?!?" Khivar screamed, "How could you do this? You need to keep your relationship with Max, you need to be able to connect with him, be able to kill him. I can't leave Earth without the Royal Four, or the other three dead. You have to make something up now, you can't not go. Vilandra, you need to must consult me first!"
"Stop, stop it! I understand, I made a mistake. I'll just tell him I, him too much and I couldn't bear to be away a second longer. It will be fine."
"It had better be, Vilandra, or something might have to happen to you too. And you know I don't want that." Khivar whispered into her ear nibbling it softly. "You don't have to leave just yet do you?"
"No..." Tess whispered back. The two moved into the bedroom and closed the door.
Max had arrived home a few hours ago. He expected Tess to be there any minute. He needed to tell her. Tell her the engagement was off, he couldn't be with her anymore. Max needed to get away. He would stay with his parents for the remainder of the year, and then he would move to San Francisco. *Hurry up, Tess...* He thought. A few seconds later the door opened and Tess walked in.
"Hi Max."
"Hey Tess. Listen, I really need to talk to you."
"Oh, ok, go ahead."
"Yeah. Well...umm. I don't, I don't think, how can I put this? I don't think it's working out."
"What do you mean, Max?"
"I mean, I, I'm breaking our engagement. I can't live a lie anymore Tess. I don't love you. I never have. That I remember. I can't and won't marry you, Tess. I'm sorry."
"OMG. Max, I, I don't know what to say. I respect your decision of course, but I don't understand. I mean, what was it?"
"You, me...I don't know. My life is so hectic right now, and I can't take it all anymore, I need someone who is more...there."
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Tess hung up the phone. "Khivar, I'm leaving. I need to tell Max the truth. You're strong enough now, we can leave, he won't be able to stop us..." Tess told Khivar.
"Are you insane?!?" Khivar screamed, "How could you do this? You need to keep your relationship with Max, you need to be able to connect with him, be able to kill him. I can't leave Earth without the Royal Four, or the other three dead. You have to make something up now, you can't not go. Vilandra, you need to must consult me first!"
"Stop, stop it! I understand, I made a mistake. I'll just tell him I, him too much and I couldn't bear to be away a second longer. It will be fine."
"It had better be, Vilandra, or something might have to happen to you too. And you know I don't want that." Khivar whispered into her ear nibbling it softly. "You don't have to leave just yet do you?"
"No..." Tess whispered back. The two moved into the bedroom and closed the door.
Max had arrived home a few hours ago. He expected Tess to be there any minute. He needed to tell her. Tell her the engagement was off, he couldn't be with her anymore. Max needed to get away. He would stay with his parents for the remainder of the year, and then he would move to San Francisco. *Hurry up, Tess...* He thought. A few seconds later the door opened and Tess walked in.
"Hi Max."
"Hey Tess. Listen, I really need to talk to you."
"Oh, ok, go ahead."
"Yeah. Well...umm. I don't, I don't think, how can I put this? I don't think it's working out."
"What do you mean, Max?"
"I mean, I, I'm breaking our engagement. I can't live a lie anymore Tess. I don't love you. I never have. That I remember. I can't and won't marry you, Tess. I'm sorry."
"OMG. Max, I, I don't know what to say. I respect your decision of course, but I don't understand. I mean, what was it?"
"You, me...I don't know. My life is so hectic right now, and I can't take it all anymore, I need someone who is more...there."
"Oh, I understand now, I think, I better leave. Good bye Max."
"Bye Tess." Max said. Tess walked out the door.
*This is both bad and good. What will Khivar say?* Tess wondered. She abruptly turned around and walked back into the house. "Max?" She asked. Max, bewildered, turned back to face her.
"We're still friends right?"
"Right, of course." Max said, smiling.
*Perfect.* Tess thought. She got into her car and drove all the way back to New York.
"Khivar? Where are you?"
"In here, Vilandra. Why are you back so soon? Don't tell me you told him."
"No, of course not! He broke it off with me. There's nothing I can do. We're still friends of course, we'll always be able to connect."
"You had better be right, Vilandra. I don't want to take any more chances."
"It's going to work perfectly Khivar. You'll see. Just you wait." Tess said.
Maria burst through the door and sat down on the couch with a huge sigh.
"Liz!" She shouted.
"Yeah?" Liz shouted back.
"Where are you?"
"Downstairs, in the basement!"
"I'm coming!"
"Hi." Maria said.
"Hey." Liz replied.
"So What's up?"
"Not much. Max came by last night."
"OMG. Really?"
"Yeah. See?" Liz turned to face Maria. Her face was tear streaked.
"The pictures?"
"Max and me, at the prom and the Crashdown, and...Oh Maria, why does this always happen? I told him the truth, and we still can' together. Why Maria? Why me?" Liz said, crying again.
"Oh, honey. It's ok. It's gonna be ok. I promise. Max left won't have to-"
"He left?" Liz cut her off, "How could he have left? He went back to, back to...her. Oh God Maria! I can't stop! I'm obsessing and I can't get him out of my head!" Liz screamed.
"Don't worry. We'll go out, and forget all about him. Let's go. Get your coat. Go, now!"
"Alright, alright!" Liz replied. "I'm going!" As soon as Liz left Maria put the top on the old shoe box and pushed into a corner and out of sight.

Liz was moving on with her life, she had long ago gotten over that night with Max. She had heard about Max and Tess breaking up, but she refused to get her hopes up. She refused to let Max have control over her life.
Max stuck to his plan. He graduated in June and moved to San Francisco. Tess moved as well, but hers was a move that was 'strictly business' (even though we know it wasn't). She moved to New York.
Liz got a better job at a community college in San Francisco as a biology teacher and moved into a beautiful Victorian house near Isabel and Alex's house.
Michael and Maria moved about a month after Liz. Their move was for a specific reason as well. Maria was pregnant. And Michael had proposed, on her birthday. Maria thought it was the most incredibly romantic thing that had ever happened to her. She was ecstatic, and Liz was happy for her too. Now they all lived within walking distance of each other again,
except for Kyle and Tess, but no one seemed to notice their absence.
One night Liz was walking home from work and she stopped at the drug store to pick up some lipstick, she had run out the day before. She walked through the door and towards the cosmetics section. A few minutes later she heard her name being called by a very familiar voice. *Max* Liz thought. *Oh no, it can't be...*
"Liz! What a pleasant surprise, running into you here."
"Yeah. It's great to see you again, Max. It's really amazing we don't see more of each other, seeing as we live so close. I mean, this is hardly the place I would have expected to meet you." Liz said.
"Well. What are you doing tonight? Maybe we could go out for dinner or something."
"I don't know, Max..."
"Come on, just a friendly dinner."
"Well, I guess so. I mean, as long as it's strictly friendly."
"Of course! Let's go."
"Ok, I'm just gonna go pay for this,-"
"Don't worry about it." Max said. He paid for her lipstick and grabbed her hand. "I know the perfect place to eat. Max and Liz walked down the street, hand-in-hand, just like old times. They came to a small Italian restaurant that looked very expensive.
"Max, I don't think-"
"Liz, sometimes I think you worry too much. Come on. Tonight is our night. This place has wonderful food and great service. You'll love it."
"Whatever you say." Liz said, shaking her head. The two walked in and the waiter gave them his best table, with an overview of the city. Max remembered the last time he had really looked at those beautiful lights, the night that Liz had told him the truth. Then he
remembered his promise to make tonight a strictly friendly evening.
"So, what do you think?" Max asked.
"It's beautiful. Very cozy and romantic." Liz said, she turned to look at him, a sparkle of excitement in her eyes. Max just stared back at her. The waiter came and Max ordered for them both. They talked about lots of things, their jobs, their friends, especially Michael and Maria. Liz told Max how happy she was for them. Max agreed. Then their food came. They talked some more while they ate. The food was delicious. Soon they were ready for dessert. They shared an extremely large tiramisu and got ready to leave. The waiter brought the check and Liz excused herself to 'powder her nose'. She couldn't believe what a good time she
was having. Actually she could, but she didn't want to. *Oh, Max. I love you so much. What am I gonna do? I don't want to lose you again.* Liz stiffened her resolve and headed back to the table.
"Ready?" Max asked her.
"Of course." Liz replied. He took her hand and led her out of the restaurant.
"So. Did you have a good time?" He asked her.
"A very good time." She replied, smiling.
"I'm glad."
"Me too. I've missed spending time with you, Max."
"I've missed you, Liz." Max said. By this time they had reached her front door. He leaned down to kiss her, but she pulled away.
"Liz, I know what you think, but it'll work. It will be ok. I promise." Max leaned in to kiss her again, and this time she didn't resist. They walked into her house and headed upstairs, kissing the whole way up.
"I never stopped loving you, Max."
"I'll always love you, Liz." And the door shut behind them.

PART 7-The Truth

Liz woke up to find the curtains open and a slight breeze blowing through the window. The sun shined brightly on her face, and she remembered last night. It had been wonderful. She couldn't have been happier if she tried.
"Max..." She whispered. Liz rolled over, expecting to find Max there with her, in her bed, probably asleep. But he wasn't there. An alarmed Liz jumped out of bed, pulled on a robe and ran into the hallway. She listened carefully for any noise. When she didn't hear anything she ran to the bathroom. It was empty. Liz then proceeded to walk down the stairs, even though her mind was racing, she had enough sense to walk normally down the stairs, so if Max was there, he wouldn't think she was crazy. Liz walked into the living room, it was empty too. Then she heard something coming from the downstairs bathroom. Max was taking a shower. Liz walked into the bathroom, very relieved. Not that she believed Max would have left, but still.
"You didn't have to come all the way down here to take a shower you know." Liz said.
"I know, I just didn't want to wake you. I know you're a pretty light sleeper."
"Oh do you?"
"I do." Max said.
"Hmm," Liz said, thinking fondly of all the times she had woken up next to Max, "I'm going to make breakfast, so hurry up, okay?"
"Great, I'm starving." Max replied. Liz left the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She went into the kitchen and began to make pancakes. Then she remembered that it was only Tuesday and that she had to be at school at 11:00. *OMG!* Liz thought. *What time is it???* She glanced up at the clock and saw that it was 10:45. *Shit.* "Max! Max, get out here!" Liz shouted. She ran towards the bathroom door and collided into Max as he
stepped out of the shower.
"What's wrong?" Max asked her.
"I'm late! I'm gonna miss my first class, Max I've gotta go. I'm sorry, I completely lost track of time! This is so unlike me..."
"Whoa, whoa. Slow down. You're late for work. It'll be okay. Just call in sick. You'll go in later, or you can take a day off, whatever. Just relax." Max said, soothingly. Liz looked up ay him. He always knew what to say to make her feel better. She loved him so much for that.
"Thanks, Max." Liz said, appreciatively.
"No problem." Max replied. Liz walked through the kitchen and up the stairs to get dressed. She called work and told them that something had come up and that he was running really late. Then she got ready and came back downstairs. Max was dressed and ready for
work as well. She kissed him good morning.
"I have to go soon, I told them I was running really late, and that something had come up."
"Okay. Do you want something to drink?" Max asked.
"Umm, yeah, coffee'd be great, thanks." Liz replied.
"Here you go." Max said, sliding the coffee across the table towards her.
"When do you have to be at work?" Liz asked.
"Not till later."
"What's gonna happen now? Are we together, or what?" Max asked.
"I know what you said, Max, but I think you, I mean you from now...were right, things can work out now, I hope. And maybe we can work things out with the others. Especially Tess, ‘cause she was the problem in the first place...I guess what I'm trying to say, Max, is that, I'm willing to try our relationship again if you are." Liz looked up at him. He was beaming. He leaned across the table.
"I love you, Liz."
"I love you too." They kissed. A few minutes later Liz pulled away from Max.
"I've really gotta go now."
"Right. I'll call you tonight, okay?"
"You'd better. Bye."
"Bye." Liz said, and left. Max then finished up his coffee and toast, gathered up his things, and left Liz's house, locking the door behind him.
"Khivar, is it time?" Tess asked.
"Yes, Vilandra, I think the time has come to kill the others. It's obvious now, with the connections they've made, that they will not be willing to come home. It's best we just get rid of them. We will return to Antar and rule as king and queen. I always wanted you as my queen, Vilandra."
"And I've always wanted to be a queen, Khivar. I will get the three of them together, at Max's apartment in San Francisco. You will be there as well, hidden at first. Once they are all there, I will tell them I have reason to believe that you survived the attack at the wedding. Once we have come up with a plan and Max takes control, you will come out and use your powers to kill him. I will mind-warp the others while you kill them as well. The plan is perfect,
Khivar. It cannot fail."
"I know, Vilandra. It is perfect. We will once and for all be rid of the others, the heirs to the throne. Then we shall have the people of Antar at our disposal."
"Perfect." Tess said, and proceeded to call Isabel, Michael, and Max, telling them of her emergency and to meet at Max's apartment as soon as possible. Khivar zapped him and Tess out of his cramped New York apartment and into Max's roomy San Francisco apartment. He quickly found a place to hide, and Tess ran out the door and down the stairs to wait
for the others. Max arrived first.
"OMG! Max, I swear, I know he's still alive, he tried to come after me, Max! What are we gonna do? He's so powerful!" Tess said, burying herself in Max's arms. Max pushed her away.
"It's gonna be alright. You might have to stay here for a few days, until we sort this thing out. Don't worry, Tess. It'll be okay, you'll see. Come upstairs, we'll wait for the others there."
"Good idea, Max. I feel so much better now that you're here." Tess said. They walked up the stairs and into Max's apartment.
"It's nice here, Max."
"Thanks." Max replied. Tess plopped down on the couch. The door burst open and Michael and Isabel came in.
"Good, everyone's here." Max said.
"Let's get down to business, Tess, how do you know Khivar is still alive?" Michael asked.
"Oh, umm, he tried to attack me, but I...I held him off with my powers." Tess said.
"When did he attack you? Where did it happen?" Isabel asked.
"Just a few minutes ago, at my hotel."
"And you called me right after it happened?" Max asked.
"Yes, right after." Tess told them.
"Wait when did you get back in town?" Michael asked.
"A few days ago." Tess answered.
"Business?" Max asked.
"No, pleasure. Max, I’ve really been wanting to talk to you. About us, I think it was a big mistake for us to break up. I still love you so much." Tess said, walking closer towards a pacing, worried Max. She took his hand and pressed her body up against his. "I still want you, Max." She whispered seductively. Then she leaned up and kissed him, causing an instant connection between them. Michael and Isabel, completely overwhelmed with Tess and Max’s little relationship problems, didn’t even notice when Khivar came out from behind Max’s dresser and threw an energy ball straight at Max, at the exact same time that Tess pushed Max away from her and into Khivar’s path of destruction.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Isabel screamed running to her brother’s side. Michael used his powers to lift Khivar into the air and melt his body, keeping his disparaging heat force on the evil nemesis until he was reduced to ashes.
"Khivar!" Tess shouted, "No! You can't die! I'm supposed to be queen! NO!"
"What are you talking about? What the hell is wrong with you Tess? How could you do this to Max? I thought you loved him!" Isabel spat, tears flowing down her face.
"I never cared about Max! I never cared about any of you! You were all just objects, standing in the way of my love for Khivar. Not letting me return to him, return to my home, my throne!"
"But you always had the throne. You were Ava, Max was your fiancée! " Isabel shouted.
"No, that’s where you’re wrong! You were queen, I was Vilandra. You were Ava. I betrayed Max with Khivar. I destroyed you all. " Tess told her cynically.
"You were Vilandra?" Isabel asked.
"Of course I was! Why else do you think I want to be queen so much?" Tess cried.
"That's all you wanted, wasn't it? To be queen? How could you? We trusted you. We were good to you. We loved you. And what did you do? You stabbed us in the back. And for what? A throne? How could we have...forget it. It's too late now. Good bye Tess." And Michael threw Tess up against the wall with all his power, killing her too. Michael had realized after he killed Pierce that he shouldn't feel guilty for stopping a killer, or protecting his loved ones. Once he was sure both Tess and Khivar were dead, he ran over to Isabel and Max.
"Is he okay?" Michael asked.
"I, I don't know." Isabel stuttered. "I'm scared, Michael. What are we gonna do without Max?"
"He'll be okay, Iz. Don't worry about it. He'll be fine." Michael comforted her. "I'm going to get Maria, you stay here."
"What about Alex? And," Isabel looked down at Max, then glanced back up at Michael, "And Liz?" The second Isabel finished her sentence, the door burst open.
Liz was sitting at her desk, waiting for her students to finish the test so she could leave for the day. She couldn't wait to get home, call Max. Call Maria! Maria didn't know! Liz was lost in her thoughts of Max when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her back, it seemed to go right through her body. Then she had a flash, of her and Max/ Max dead lying on the
ground, covered in blood/ Max and Liz that night in the desert/ Max's apartment door/ Tess and Max kissing/Max and Liz kissing/ Tess, Max, Michael, and Isabel in Max's apartment/ Khivar and Tess, together/ Khivar sending a bolt of energy at Max, killing him…
"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Liz screamed.
"Miss Parker, Miss Parker, are you okay? What happened?" Came the voices of her students.
*OMG, it's real, what I saw, it's real!* Liz thought. "I have to go. I have to go!" Liz said as she pushed her way through her concerned students and ran out of the building. Once Liz was standing by her car, scrambling to find her keys, she had another flash. This time it was of Isabel and Alex's wedding. Everyone at the altar, about to say I do when everything froze/ only the aliens didn't freeze/ a blue beam of light bringing someone down into the
church/ A shout of "Khivar!" from Tess/ Khivar stating that he was Khivar/Max sending a bolt of energy at Khivar/ Khivar completely disappearing/ Tess' shouts of "Khivar!" and "No!"/ flash of Tess helping Khivar/ flash of Tess and Khivar kissing/ flash of Tess as queen/flash

Liz came out of the flash. *OMG! Tess is Vilandra! How, how is this possible?* Liz thought,
bewildered. Then she remembered Max and Khivar and the others, and she raced to Max's apartment as quickly as she could.
The door burst open, and Liz ran inside.
"OMG! It's true! The flashes were real!" Liz screamed. She looked around the room. "Is she, dead?" She asked.
"Khivar and Tess are dead. Michael..." Isabel said.
"And, and he?"
"Not yet, I don't think." Isabel replied. "How did you know?" She asked.
"I got, flashes, of, of everything. Max and me, and Tess. Khivar, and the wedding and Tess is Vilandra."
"How to help Max?" Isabel asked hopefully.
"I, umm. Well, no." Liz said. By this time she was knelt down next to Isabel holding one of Max's hands. The other was held by Isabel. They were both crying. Liz got another flash. Nasedo being shot/Isabel, Michael and Tess bringing him to the cave/ using the crystals on him/ Nasedo waking up/ the whole thing over again/ and again/ and again/ until Nasedo was Max/ and Max woke up/ Max calling her name, shaking her Liz! Liz! Liz came out of the flash.
"Liz, Liz!" Isabel shouted, shaking her. "What just happened?" She asked.
"I, I had another flash. I know how to save Max. Where's Michael?" Liz asked.
"He's getting Maria and Alex."
"You're gonna have to go back to Roswell. The only way to save Max is to use the healing stones. And quickly." Liz said. Michael, Maria and Alex walked through the door about ten minutes later.
"Liz?" He asked.
"I'll explain later. We have to go to Roswell. Now, before it's too late." Liz stated, taking control and telling them to go.

PART 8: The Revival
"I was wondering where you were, I went to your work, and you weren't there. I knew you'd be... concerned." Michael finished as they drove towards Roswell.
"I, I knew. I got these flashes, they were so weird, of, of everything. I knew about Tess and Khivar, and Tess is Vilandra, and Max being... hurt. I saw the wedding, and I saw you all healing Nasedo, except he turned into Max. And that's how I know we have to use the healing stones on Max. It's the only way we can bring him back, Michael." Liz said.
"Wow. Liz, you've never gotten flashes before, except when you were connected with Max, I mean, right?" Maria asked.
"Umm, well, yeah. But there are some things you guys don't know," replied Liz, cautiously.
"What do you mean?" Isabel asked.
"Well, ahh, me and Max, umm, a few nights ago...…" Liz's voice trailed off.
"Oh, Liz! You must be so happy! I mean until, hmm" Maria exclaimed. She hugged her friend. "Why didn't you tell me???" Maria whispered into Liz's ear.
"I, it just, never came up." Liz answered simply. Michael drove non-stop to Roswell, where the cave was that they all knew so well. Michael and Isabel dragged Max out of the car and towards the cave. Michael opened the door, and they all climbed in. Michael and Isabel went in last, and brought Max with them. Once they were all inside, Michael and Isabel laid Max down and Michael went to retrieve the healing stones. Michael returned and all five of them placed the stones around Max. Michael and Isabel concentrated on bringing Max back to life and the three humans did the same, in their own way. Soon the stones began to glow and Michael, Maria, Isabel, Alex and Liz could see Max changing. Liz had seen it before, of course, but she was still worried about the outcome. Finally the lights in the stones went out and Max looked normal again. Everyone waited expectantly. But nothing happened. Liz began to rock back and forth on her knees, praying for Max to be okay, to return to her. Maria came over to her and put her arms around her.
"It'll be okay..." Maria whispered. Liz was shaking. Then they all heard Isabel's gasp. Liz looked at Max, and saw his eyes flutter open.
"What happened?" He asked, groggily.
"You were killed by Khivar." Michael stated.
"I, I was? I don't remember any of it. Where is he? What happened after I...umm, died?" Max asked.
"Michael killed Khivar and Tess. Do you remember what Tess told us?" Isabel replied.
"All I remember is Tess kissing me, and then there was a flash of light, and I saw Khivar...and that's it. That's all I remember." Max said.
"That's about it. Once Khivar, ah, knocked you out, Michael killed him and Tess confessed to being Vilandra, and Michael killed her. Then he went to get Maria, Alex, and Liz, but Liz found her way to the apartment by herself. She said she had these weird flashes, and knew you were in trouble. She saved you, Max. Liz was the one who told us to use the stones." Isabel told Max.
"Flashes?" Max asked, finally turning his attention to the other side of the room, where Maria and Liz were sitting.
"Yeah, sort of like the ones I used to get when we kissed, except they came on their own. I felt you, Max. I knew. It was like a constant connection to you. I felt what you felt, I knew what you knew. It was like I was a part of you, and you were a part of me." Liz said.
"Wow." Maria exclaimed.
"Liz..." Max trailed off. Maria got up from her spot next to Liz and took Michael's hand. They left the cave, followed closely by Isabel and Alex. Once they were gone Max and Liz approached each other.
"Max, I saw something else in those flashes too. I saw me and you, and we were married and we had a family. And Michael and Maria and Alex and Isabel were there too. And all our kids were playing together. Oh Max, it was such a wonderful feeling." Liz said. Max took her in his arms.
"I love you, Liz Parker. Will you marry me?" Max asked. Liz's face broke into the first smile it had seen since the last time they had been together, on that magical night.
"Yes! I will!" Liz said, happily. The two of them kissed, and Liz whispered into his ear:
"I think I'm pregnant." Max just laughed. They both felt like they were floating on cloud nine. A marriage and a baby, their family was going to be big and loving, and neither of them could wait for it all to start. Soon Max and Liz emerged from the cave, hand in hand, huge smiles on both of their faces.
"What exactly happened in there?" Alex asked.
"We're getting married!" Liz exclaimed.
"OMG! Liz, I'm so happy for you! This is so exciting! We can have a double wedding, and and..." Maria went on and on.
"I guess we're having a double wedding huh?" Michael said to Max.
"Guess so." Max replied.
"Okay, there's more." Liz said, when Maria finally ceased to talk about wedding plans. "I'm, I'm...pregnant!"
"Liz, Max, we're so happy for you!" Isabel said. "That is just so great!" After all the excitement and congratulations were over, everyone headed back to the car, and began to
head home.


Maria and Liz were very excited, it was like a dream come true to have a double wedding. They couldn't believe their luck, even as little girls, they couldn't have come up with a better version of life. Well, except maybe the alien thing...but that could be a plus too. Right?
Isabel walked into the dressing room. "Oh, you guys look so great! I can't believe
you're getting married. The gang is together again!"
"I know, we're really excited. Do you think the guys are nervous?" Maria asked.
"What's there to be nervous about if we're the girls of their dreams???" Maria asked with a laugh. Liz laughed too.
"You guys had better hurry up, the pianist is getting impatient." Alex said, poking his head inside the dressing room.
"Alex!" Maria screamed, "What if we weren't decent?" They all laughed.
"Ready, Liz?" Maria asked.
"Sure am." Liz replied. They walked out into the hallway and Alex took their arms.
"Hey..." Isabel whined.
"Relax, babe, there's enough of me to go around." Alex told her.
"Hahaha." Isabel replied.
"It's time." Jeffrey Parker whispered. He came out into the hallway with Jim Valenti.
"Ready girls?" Jim asked.
"As ready as we'll ever be." Maria replied. The music started and Christina, Maria's little cousin, walked down the aisle, throwing flowers. Isabel, Alex, Kyle, and his girlfriend, Jennifer walked after her. Then Mr. Parker took his daughters arm and Jim took Maria's. When they entered the church, everyone stood up. Max and Michael looked back at them. Liz looked at Max and smiled. Maria smiled too. Soon they were at the altar. Liz kissed her father, and Maria kissed her step-father, and they sat down. Liz and Maria took their places next to their husbands to be, and the ceremony began.
"Michael, Maria, Max and Liz have all written their own vows, which will now be read." The Priest said. Michael went first.
"Maria, the first time I saw you, I knew that you were someone special. I think in some way I have always loved you, and I know I always will. As we start our new lives together, I want you to know how much I care about you, even though I may not always show it in the ways you'd like me to. I will always be there for you, and I don't want you to ever forget that." When Michael was finished Maria had tears in her eyes. She wiped them away as she began to read.
"Michael. When I first met you, I figured you were some guy who could never open up to anyone. The only person you cared about was yourself. But over the years, I've learned what a kind and gentle person you really are. I know that you may not always be the most
romantic guy in the universe, but I also know that you try. And I love you because you're you. And I want you to know that you should never try to be something you're not, especially for me. I love you for you. And I always will, no matter what. There was no one in my past, no one my present, and there will be no one in my future who will ever have a hold on me." By this time Maria was crying again. Max went next.
"Liz, I think we both know that we are soul mates. I knew ever since the first time I saw you. We belong together, it's written in the stars. I love you more than life itself, I'd gladly give my life if it meant saving yours. I want you to know that these feelings will never go away, I will always love you with all my heart and soul. For me, there's only you." Liz looked up at Max. She smiled at him looked deep into his eyes, and began to speak.
"Max, I love you so much, even you have no idea. Our love is such a beautiful thing, and that will never change. I have come to believe, over the past few months...that only something very strong, such as love, can alter destiny. We've proven that. We do belong together. Nothing can stand in our way. I will always love you. In my eyes, you are the most
beautiful thing alive. Love, in my eyes, is you." By the end of the ceremony, there was not a dry eye in the church.

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EPILOGUE: 5 years later

"Emily!" Max shouted, as the little girl almost ran into Isabel, "If you don't watch where you're going we might have to punish you!"
"Don't worry about it, Max. Nothing happened." Isabel told him.
"But still, Emily can't just knock over anyone she pleases." Liz said as she sat down next to Max. Maria, Michael, and Alex soon joined them.
"Mommy, Mommy!" Kristin whined, "Charlie pushed me!"
"Kristin, honey, I'm sure he didn't mean it." Maria told her daughter.
"Charlie!" Alex called. "Apologize to Kristen for pushing her."
"But Daddy, I-" Charlie started.
"No but's, Charlie." Isabel cut in.
"Oh, fine. Sorry Kristin." Charlie said, looking at his shoes.
"I forgive you!" Kristin said, giggling happily. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.
"Eeeeeewwww! Girl cooties!" Charlie yelled, and ran away. Soon Emily came over to Kristen and whispered something in her ear. The next second the two girls were off chasing Charlie.
"Kids." Michael muttered.
"You know you love them!" Maria teased.
"Well, better start the grill." Alex said.
"I'll help." Michael told him.
"Me too." Max agreed.
"And we good women folk will go make the salads." Liz said. Isabel and Maria laughed. They headed inside.
"I'm going to check on the babies. Okay?" Isabel called.
"We'll be in the kitchens, like good little house wives!" Maria told her. Isabel headed upstairs to check that her own one and a half year old daughter, Meg, and Max and Liz's nine month old baby boy, Sam, were still asleep. Luckily, Isabel heard nothing when she approached the door, and when she peeked inside, the two children were sound asleep, right were their parents had left them. Isabel headed back downstairs.
"Kids are fine." She said.
"Thank God." Liz said.
"Isabel, can you heat up the rolls?" Maria asked.
"Sure." Isabel replied.
"Maria are you almost done wrapping the potatoes?" Liz asked.
"Just finished. What about you and the coleslaw?" Maria asked.
"All ready!" Liz told her, happily.
"Let's head outside then, shall we?" Isabel asked.
"Okay then." Liz replied. The three women headed outside. Maria handed Alex the potatoes and the hotdogs. Liz gave Max the hamburger meat and the rolls. Isabel made her way through the kids to set the table, and Maria and Liz followed her with the coleslaw and
drinks, as well as condiments.
"Foods ready!" Michael shouted about an hour later. Kristen, Emily, Charlie, Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Alex and Isabel sat down to eat. Everyone loved the food, and the conversations were great. As Liz sat next to Max and Emily, her thoughts wandered to Sam
upstairs in his crib, and she thought of the day Max proposed to her. She remembered her vision of all of them together after everything and their kids playing with each other. She felt so blessed at that moment. She knew nothing could ever separate her and Max and their family. Liz knew that no matter what, they'd always have each other. They'd always be together. Forever.

Title: Destined to be Forever
Author: Phoebe James
Distribution: Please ask first, but otherwise, sure!
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or any of the characters...if I did, boy would I be lucky!!
Category: Max and Liz
Rating: PG13-R (at times)
Summary: A few days after EOTW Liz is feeling horrible about the things she did to Max. Maria feels her friend's pain and tells Max the truth!
Feedback: please send feedback, this was my first fic and I really want to know what you all think!!!

At the Crashdown:
"Maria, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I can't stand lying to Max anymore. What should I do?" Liz asked Maria as she took some food from Michael. Maria started to answer as she walked towards her table.
"Liz, you know you're obsessed right? I mean, you and Max… I dunno what to tell ya. This whole Future Max thing...all I can say is that no weirdo better ever come to me from the future."
"You're a big help Maria. I'm totally lost. My grades are dropping, I can't concentrate. I had to reroute everything just to avoid seeing Max. I don't know what I'll do if I do see him." Liz sighed, depressed.
"First thing you gotta do, chica, is get off your ass and start doin' your job. We'll talk later, promise." Maria replied.
*Maria's right, * Liz thought, *Maybe if I keep busy, my mind won't wander so much. *

At school:
The next day Liz, Maria, and Alex were having lunch together. Fortunately, Liz had seen no sign of Max all day, and she was in a very good mood.
"I just know I aced my history test." Liz bragged.
"Good for you. I'm proud of you. You've finally gotten over the first hurdle of breaking up. You're beginning your normal routine, jumping back into things. If you ask me, you've been wallowing way too much lately." Maria explained.
"Oh thanks!" Liz laughed. "But really, I know. It's just that getting over Max has been really hard for me. Lying to him has been even worse. I can't even think about it or I break down. Ya know?" Liz replied.
"I guess so. Michael and me have never really been that… 'deep'". Maria told her.
"God, don't you people have anything else to talk about besides guys? I mean I've been listening to this all afternoon and all I can think is, they are people too, you talk they listen. Comprendo?" Alex asked.
"Shut up Alex. You are such a jerk!" Maria growled while Liz laughed at Maria’s outburst.
"There's the bell, we better go." Liz said.
"Yeah, see ya later!" Maria replied.
"Bye!" Alex shouted after them.
*Oh God, there's Max. What am I gonna do??? * Liz thought.
"Hey Liz."
"Oh, hi Max."
"How are you?"
"I'm fine, you?"
"Good morning class. Today we will begin Unit 5. Dissection! I'm sure you're all very excited. We will be starting with the squid, seeing as you all have dissected frogs before, right? Well anyway..."
"I guess we're partners huh?" Max asked.
"I guess so." Liz replied sullenly.
"Alright class, time to clean up!"
"You wash the tools, I'll throw away the squid?" Liz asked.
"Yeah sure."
As Liz walked over to the sink she thought about how sad Max appeared every time he looked at her. *He looks almost as lost as I feel.* Liz thought. *He's become so depressed, so unattached. He's so unlike Max...* Liz let her thoughts wander. She walked back towards the desk where Max was cleaning up.
"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" Max asked.
"Tomorrow is Saturday." Liz replied.
"Yeah... well, maybe at the Crashdown then, or something."
"Yeah, maybe."
The truth was, Max didn't know Liz had been avoiding him. Max had been avoiding Liz too. Seeing her was just too painful. Even biology class was torture. Knowing what they used to share, and why they didn't share it was all too much for Max. He couldn't handle it. Everything was bottled up inside and Max felt like he was going to burst. All his anger, his sadness, his depression.
The bell snapped Max out of his thoughts and told him it was time to go home.
Liz was on her way out of the building when Maria snuck up behind her.
"Boo!" Maria shouted. Liz spun around, startled.
"Don't do that!" She shrieked.
"Sorr-y!" Maria replied, laughing. "Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I have to baby-sit for my little cousin, Josh, tonight so I can't come over. Sorry. I know you really needed to talk."
"That's alright Maria. I think I'll just veg out all night anyway, you know listen a couple of really good CD's, maybe watch a chic flick... I'll be fine."
"Cool. Well, don't stay up too late, you have to meet me at the Crashdown at 10:00 tomorrow morning. Don't forget okay?"
"Got it, 10:00-Crashdown. See ya then."
"You sure you don't want a ride?" Maria asked for the last time.
"Yeah, I'm positive. See ya later."


Liz came down to the Crashdown the next morning. She stood on the staircase, just looking at it. She thought about all the memories. All her friends, Max. She thought about the many times the gang all gathered at the Crashdown. The many times Liz and Max had been alone together there. Liz couldn't take it. She missed him so much! How would she ever deal with the loss of Max Evans? Liz decided to forget about Max, even if it was just for one day. She wanted to have fun. She walked through the door separating her house from the Crashdown.
"Maria? Maria, where are you?" Liz shouted.
"In the kitchen! I'll be right out!" Maria replied. Maria came out of the kitchen with her keys in her hand. "Let's go." she said.
"Umm, okay, where exactly are we going?"
"That's for me to know and you to find out." Maria told Liz smugly.
"Here, put this on." Maria said as she handed Liz a bandana.
"What's this for?" Liz asked.
"It's a blindfold. Here, I'll help you."
"What's going on Maria?" Liz asked again, getting excited.
"I told you, it's a surprise."
The car ride wasn't long, but to Liz it felt like an eternity.
"Why do I smell fish?" Liz asked.
"I don't know, why do you smell fish?" Maria asked, smiling.
"Are we there yet?"
"Not quite." Maria drove a little further and parked the Jetta in the shade. It was sunny out, and it was gonna be a long day. Maria helped Liz out of the car and insisted she keep the blindfold on for a little while longer. The two girls walked for a little while and finally Maria stopped. Liz was really anxious to find out just what Maria was doing. As Liz was thinking about what this day could possibly bring, she heard:
"Surprise! Happy birthday Liz!" Liz pulled off the blindfold and saw the whole gang standing around her. She was shocked. She couldn't believe she had forgotten about her own birthday. She was so happy. Maria was the best friend ever.
"OMG, I had no idea! You guys are so sweet! Thank you!"
"No prob Liz, happy birthday." Alex said. Liz hugged Alex and Maria.
"I can't believe this! I don't even have any of my stuff!"
"Yeah ya do Liz. I got it all from your mom before you got home from school yesterday. I knew you wouldn't miss it. So let's change and start tanning, girls!" Maria yelled. Liz, Isabel, and Tess all followed Maria to the changing room. Max, Michael, Alex and Kyle got changed and found a spot on the beach, then Alex went back to wait for the girls. Liz and Maria were talking in the changing room and Liz couldn't seem to get over what Maria had done.
"Thank you sooooooooooo much Maria, I can't believe you did this!" Liz squealed.
"Liz, you're my very best friend in the whole wide world. You've been really down lately. I knew I had to cheer you up somehow. The guys in bathing suits, now that was just a bonus." Liz and Maria walked out of the changing room where Tess, Isabel and Alex were already waiting for them. Together they all walked to where the guys were sitting. Maria put her towel down next to Michael's and began tanning. Liz sat next to her. After about half an hour Alex and Kyle were getting impatient. They wanted to go swimming and it was no fun without girls to throw around. Tess was ready to go as well, so Liz and Maria got up to join them. Max came as well, and even Isabel replied to everyone's pleas for her to come with them. The guys and Tess all jumped into the water, but Maria went in slowly and Liz dived in and swam laps to get warm. Max watched Liz in the water.
*She's so beautiful. Even the way she swims is beautiful.* The sun shined on Liz's wet hair, and Max longed to touch it. To touch her. He missed her. As he glanced at Kyle, and saw he was preoccupied with a giggling Tess, something told him that that day was going to be a good day. Once everyone was in the water, the guys started to get playful. First Michael swam towards Maria and pulled her under. In an attempt to retaliate, Maria tried to pull Michael under, but he was too strong for her. He picked her up and threw her. By this time everyone was fooling around and trying to attack each other. Max and Isabel, Alex and Liz, Michael and Maria, Tess and Kyle. This changed frequently however. Isabel and Alex fooled around a lot in the water, despite her claims that he was ruining her hair. Tess and Kyle were constantly engulfed in laughter, except, of course when they were under water. All of a sudden Liz felt herself being picked up and thrown. When she finally emerged again, she was standing directly in front of Max. That alone almost caused her to lose her balance. Max, not completely realizing what he was doing at the time, put his arms around Liz's waist affectionately. He then proceeded to pick her up, spin her around and toss her towards Alex. This went on and on, girls kicking and screaming happily, guys laughing and picking up the girls, only to throw them to eager recipients. To everyone's enjoyment, it lasted quite a while longer. Kyle and Liz, Liz and Alex, Alex and Maria, Maria and Kyle, Kyle and Tess, Tess and Michael, Michael and Liz, Liz and Max, Max and Isabel, Isabel and Alex, etc. It just kept going. But after a while everyone got tired and retreated back to their spot on the sand to have a picnic lunch.
"Time for presents!" Maria shouted as soon as lunch was over.
"OMG, you guys got me presents?!? I can't believe this! What did I do to deserve friends like you? You are all so great!"
"Who's first?" Maria asked.
"Me first, me first!" Alex yelled.
"Okay, Alex first." Liz said, smiling. Happily, Liz slowly opened her first present. It was a brand new journal with Liz's name and the signature of everyone she knew on the cover.
"Oh Alex, this is so great! Thank you sooooo much! I love it!" Liz squealed. Then she ran to Alex and kissed him on the cheek. Next came Tess’ present. Tess had gotten Liz a book about famous women scientists. Liz thanked Tess as cordially as possible, and went on opening gifts.
"This one's from Isabel." Isabel had gotten Liz some really cool earrings that she had seen at the mall. Isabel hoped Liz would like them.
"OMG, Isabel, these are so cool! I love them! Thank you!" Isabel was happy with Liz's reaction and they kept on opening gifts. Next Liz opened Kyle's gift.
"Kyle, how did you know I love Dido? This CD is great; I've wanted it forever! Thanks!" Liz ran up to Kyle and gave him an affectionate hug and a quick kiss. Max could feel the jealousy seeping into his veins. Next was Michael's present. No one really expected anything decent, but with Michael you never know. Liz was surprised to find that Michael had gotten Liz a beautiful Japanese hair clip.
"Michael this is wonderful! Where did you find it?"
"Actually, I found it at a thrift shop near where I work. I thought it would look nice in your hair."
"Oh, well, thank you, Michael." Liz said.
"It's my turn!" Maria said. "Here Liz, from me to you." Maria handed Liz her present.
"Ooooooh, what could it be?" Liz wondered out loud. Liz opened the gift slowly, yet she was anxious to see what it was. Liz's jaw dropped in surprise when she saw what Maria had gotten her. It was an autographed picture of Dido along with six tickets to her concert the next month. The package also contained an autographed T-shirt and a limo receipt.
"OMG! Ria! How… when did you…" Liz stammered.
"I won this contest on the radio. However, the limo ride is from yours truly. I told Kyle to buy you the CD so you could get it signed. You have backstage passes too! Are you happy?" Maria asked
"Oh totally! I'm psyched! Thank you Maria!" Liz gave her friend a big hug. The two girls laughed. Maria was beaming.
"Don't forget about Max's present." Alex said.
"Oh my gosh, I can't believe I almost forgot about your present, Max." Liz said, blushing. She wondered what Max had gotten her. He had always given her wonderful presents...when they were dating. Liz wondered if Max was still bitter. *Why wouldn't he be?* Liz thought. *He has every reason to be.* Liz opened his present quickly, anxious to get everyone's eyes off of her. When she took off the wrapping paper, Liz found a box. She opened it, and inside was a gorgeous gold necklace with a small ruby pendant in the shape of a heart. Whatever it was Liz had been expecting, it certainly wasn't this. Liz looked up at Max with tears forming in her eyes. "It's beautiful." She managed to choke out. Liz ran up to Max and hugged him. Max was upset that Liz was crying, but overjoyed when she hugged him. He desperately wanted Liz to stay in his arms forever. Little did he know that that is just what Liz wanted too. After a few long seconds, Max pulled away from her. Liz gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and whispered 'thank you' in his ear. Liz thanked everyone again for all the great gifts. After the party was over, the girls started to sunbathe again and all the guys read magazines and talked with each other. Before they knew it, it was almost eight o'clock and the sun was ready to set. Everyone headed back to the changing rooms for showers and blow dryers. Once everyone was done, people proceeded to cars. Alex, Liz and Kyle all went in Alex's car. Michael, Isabel and Tess went in the Jetta, and Maria and Max took the jeep. Liz sat in the backseat with Kyle while Alex drove.
"So Liz," Kyle said, "How are things between you and Max?"
"What do you mean? We're broken up. You know. It happened right after..." Liz trailed off.
"Well yeah, I knew...about the break up, but...but I was wondering if you two were still, you know, friends. I mean, is there still a chance you'll get back together?" Kyle asked.
"Umm, well...I don't really know...I mean no I, uh, I don't think so." Liz replied regretfully.
Michael was driving the Jetta, Tess and Iz were sitting in the backseat talking about girly stuff.
"We should really do our nails together sometime." Tess told Isabel.
"Yeah, I do Michael's all the time, don't I Michael?" Isabel replied.
"Yeah, right. I don't do nails." Michael commented sarcastically. Isabel ignored Michael's rude comments.
"Well, maybe we could go on Saturday."
"Yeah that would be fun." Tess answered.
Max was in the driver's seat and Maria was sitting beside him. *How on Earth did we come up with this seating arrangement? * Max wondered. Maria, talkative as usual, started the conversation.
"So, Max. What's up?"
"Nothing much. The usual."
"Did you have fun at the beach?"
"Yeah it was really great. Do you think Liz liked my gift?"
"Are you kidding? The girl was practically in tears! The necklace was gorgeous!"
"You don't think it was...too much? I mean, I bought it for her before we broke up. It was going to be a Valentine's Day gift."
"Max, the gift was spectacular. Let's just leave it at that. You could really teach Michael a little something about romance. No, really...could you?" Maria asked him. Max laughed.
"Max I've noticed you've been kind of depressed lately, ya know?"
"Yeah, I guess I have be-"
"Yeah," Maria cut him off. "Well, Liz has been too and it's killing me to see her like this. I have to tell you something Max. Something really important."
"What do you mean Maria?"
"It's about you and Liz. Your...umm...relationship.
"What about it? Am I gonna need some air after I hear this 'news'?"
"Quite possibly actually. It's a lot to take in. Especially while driving..."
"I'm pulling over."
"Good. Now, just for the record, I'm doing this for Liz. Even though she's gonna hate me for it later. Anyways, that's not the point. Here goes..." Maria told Max everything. She told him about Future
Max, the betrayal, the lies, the feelings... Max was amazed and shocked, but most of all happy. He couldn't understand how he had been so blind. He should have seen it in her eyes. Max knew Liz inside and out, Liz couldn't lie. She was terrible at it. Max obviously hadn't been paying her any attention or he would have known. He should have known! After Maria told Max Liz's story, Max poured his heart out to Maria. He told her everything. How his anger and depression had been building up inside of him. How every time he saw Liz he felt like he couldn't breath, couldn't live without her. Max told Maria all his troubles, all his thoughts. He poured out his 'bottle'. Afterwards he felt so happy, so light, and so relieved. It was a wonderful feeling.
Maria was so content with the look on Max's face that she completely forgot about how Liz would react when she found out.


Max had no idea how to approach Liz with this information. He needed to let her know he knew, but he didn't know how. Unfortunately, the weekend was almost over. Monday was tomorrow. And biology was second period. Max had to think of something before then. And what about Maria? What would Liz do to her? Would Liz be happy he found out, and thank Maria, or would she hate Maria forever? Max was starting to sink back into his depression.
"Max are you coming?" Isabel burst into Max's room.
"Coming where?" Max asked, startled.
"To the Crashdown, with Michael, Tess and me."
"Umm..." *Liz is gonna be at The Crashdown. She works on Sundays.* Max thought. It would be awkward, but only as awkward as it had been lately.
"Well? Are you coming or not?" Isabel questioned again, impatiently.
"Yeah, I guess." Max replied. He still wanted to see Liz. He
wouldn't let on that he knew just yet though. He'd wait till tomorrow.
Liz looked up to see Max walking through the doors of the Crashdown. *Oh not again! * She thought. *I can't believe Max is here!*
She walked quickly into the kitchen and told Maria to take whatever table they were sitting at. Maria did as she was told. She desperately needed to be on Liz's good side when she heard the news. Liz went into the bathroom and tucked the necklace under her uniform. She made sure it couldn't be seen, and went out again.
Max was a little disappointed when he saw Liz disappear into the kitchen. He knew that meant she wouldn't be serving them. He was also disappointed to see that Liz wasn't wearing the necklace he had given her. Two days ago, he wouldn't have been very surprised, but now that he knew, it hurt. The more Max thought about it, the more he realized how much Liz really did love him. Liz had gone through all this pain and agony, just for him. *Liz is so brave, so strong. That just makes me love her more. I can't wait until I can be with her again. * Max was confident that they would get back together. He knew that once Liz found out, she wouldn't be able to take it anymore. And with that he started looking forward to Monday.
Liz walked into biology, dreading the sight of Max. She had been careful to wear something that would hide the necklace effectively that day. She couldn't bear to take it off, but she couldn't let Max see it. She took her seat and waited for class to begin. Max quickly walked into biology, anxious to see Liz. He sat down and told her they needed to talk.
"Umm Liz, I think we need to talk."
"Oh. Okay. What's on your mind?" Liz asked as sweetly as possible. It was killing her.
"It's about us. Our...umm...relationship."
"O-Kay..." Liz began to get worried. She knew she couldn't take it if Max started asking her questions about 'them'…her and Kyle, her and Max…she didn't know what she'd do.
"Liz...I don't know how to tell you this...I...I know,"
"You know what Max?" Liz asked, impatiently.
"I know about you and Kyle."
"Wha-, why, what, what do you mean?"
"I mean, I know you didn't really sleep with him." Liz was going crazy. How could this have happened? What did she ever do to deserve all this pain? Why was he doing this? She had to get out. The tears were coming. She had to leave. She couldn't take it. So she started to cry. Tears poured down her face. No words could describe what she was feeling. Sad, miserable, despondent, hopeless, pessimistic. Those words didn’t even come close. Liz was feeling all the pain she had been holding back since the night Future Max had come to her. The night she had made Max fall out of love with her. Everything she had been suppressing since then was tearing her heart apart at that very moment. And before Max could do anything to comfort her, she got up and ran out of the room. Everyone was shocked and the whispering began. Max knew he had to go after her. He had to explain. So he left too. The teacher was starting to get very annoyed.
"Settle down class, settle down. Rest assured, those two will be getting detentions. Along with anyone who continues to talk in my classroom! You can gossip about Miss Parker and Mr. Evans at another time."
Liz ran as fast as she could. As fast as her tiny body would allow. IT was all she could think to do, the pain was driving her pushing her to get away, far, far away. She ignored all the whispers, all the stares, and all the "Are you okay Liz?"'s. She had to get away, escape. She went to the eraser room. It was the closest, and the only place she could think of where no one would find her. She walked in and sat on the floor under the desks. She wrapped her arms around her knees and began to rock back and forth. The tears kept coming. The sobs racked her body. She took out the necklace and held it in her hand. It was so beautiful. But it reminded Liz of him. Of how much she missed him. How much she loved him. As she looked more closely at the necklace she saw that there was an inscription. It said:
Destined to be together. Love, Max. Liz smiled softly. All of a sudden, the door opened and someone was in the room with her. *Why can't they leave me alone? I just want to be alone!* Liz thought angrily. *Maybe if I'm quiet they'll leave.* But it seemed like the person was looking for something. Liz let out a little sigh. The person, as if they heard this, turned around and walked towards her. Liz squeezed her fists tight, as if to ward the person off, and they turned and walked out of the room. A few seconds later, another person walked in. This time, Liz recognized the person. It was Max. He walked towards her, and peeked under the desks.
"Hi." He said.
"Hi." Liz replied. "I'm sorry Max. You weren''s all so complicated and... I..."
"It's okay Liz. I understand everything."
"Everyone has this image of me. Even you. You all think I'm so strong. But really I'm not. The pain of all this, has been eating at me. I just kept holding it back but now, today when you said you knew… I just freaked out. Max, I've missed you so much. You made me strong. Without you I'm weak, I'm nothing without you Max. I can only be brave for so long. I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't. How did, how did you know?" This was it.
*I'm sorry Maria,* he thought. "Well...umm...Maria told me. Please don't be upset with her Liz."
Liz started to cry again. Max pulled her into his arms.
"I'm so sorry Max. I never meant to hurt you. I did it for you Max. I love you. I always have. I always will, no matter what."
"I love you too Liz."
" I know, but we can't be together Max. You have to be with Tess. You belong together. You can't let her leave." Liz was sobbing again. She wrenched herself out of Max's tender embrace.
"Liz, I won't let her leave. You and me, Liz, we belong together. We make our own destinies, remember? We can stop the end of the world. But I can't do it without you Liz. I need you."
"Please Max, don't make it harder than it already is." Liz sobbed.
"I'm not Liz. I need you, just like you need me. We know what we have to do now. I, for one, know we have to do it together. Liz..."
"Do you, is that really what you think, Max?"
"I believe it with all my heart."
"Then, then, I'm not the reason for the end of the world?"
"No Liz. Because there isn't going to be an end of the world."
"I believe you." Liz said as she crawled back into his arms. "Stay with me, Max."

Neither one of them regretted their decisions about their relationship. They had gotten back together six months ago, in two days. That would mean that all together, Max and Liz would have been together for two whole years. This was BIG. I mean, really BIG. Liz expected something wonderful from Max. Their three-month anniversary had been spectacular. A wonderful dinner...and afterwards...(No, it's not what you're thinking!) Anyway, Liz had high hopes for this coming night. She hoped their two-year anniversary would signify the cementation of their relationship. Little did Liz know, Max had no idea what was to be celebrated in two days.
Maria had never gotten into too much trouble for telling Max the secret. In fact, Liz had actually thanked her. Maria was relieved to see that Liz was finally happy again. Plus, not having to deal with
Liz's problems gave her more time to spend with Michael. Maria really wanted to take their relationship to the next level. She was ready. The question was, what about Michael?
Maria constantly heard about the anniversary. "I wonder what he's getting me", or "It's going to be sooooo romantic", or "I can't believe this is actually my life". That last one was from Maria. Sometimes Maria wished her boyfriend were more like Max. Caring, sweet, kind, romantic...No such luck.
"Maria, where do you think he'll take me?" Liz asked dreamily. The two girls were sitting in Maria's bedroom. Liz was lying on Maria's bed while Maria was sitting in her desk chair.
"I really don't know Liz." Maria said, getting aggravated. She just wished Liz would shut up! Liz went on though; oblivious to Maria's hidden annoyance.
"Maybe to the new French restaurant? Or..."
"Shut up!!!" Maria screamed finally. Liz jumped.
"God Maria! What's wrong with you?"
"You. You're what's wrong with me. You're driving me absolutely nuts! Max this, Max that! All about how perfect you damned relationship is! I love you Liz. I need you to be happy. I proved that to you when I told Max the truth. Just don't rub it in, ok?"
"Jeez, sorry Maria. I didn't know you felt that way."
"Me and Michael are going through a bit of a rough time in our relationship. I didn't mean to scream. I just get so frustrated, ya know?"
"Yeah. Don't worry about it. Listen, I think I need to get home. See you tomorrow?"
"Fine, okay. Bye."

Liz walked down the hallway towards her locker. "Hi Max."
"Hey Liz." Max met Liz right in front of her locker and kissed her hello.
"That was nice."
"I know. So what do you want to do today?"
"Oh, I thought maybe you'd tell me." Liz said with a giggle. She loved it when Max tried to trick her. It always meant he'd surprise her later with something even better then she expected.
"Umm...I was kinda thinking maybe me and Michael could hang out tonight. If you don't mind." Max continued.
"Oh. I...I mean, well..." *What's going on? Is he serious? I think he's serious!* "Are you serious?"
"Well, yeah...I mean, if it's okay with you."
"I, I can't believe this! Max, how could you? You of all people! God Max!" Liz cried.
"If you don't know, I'm sure as hell not gonna tell you!" Liz shouted. Then she turned around and stormed away. *I can't believe he forgot! This is so important to me! Important for us! Max, why are you doing this? What's going on?* Liz thought. She was fighting back tears. She ran to the bathroom and hid in one of the stalls. She stayed there for most of first period. Once she was done sulking she walked out of the bathroom and down the hall to her locker. She grabbed her coat and her books and headed home. She couldn't face Max again that day.
Max stood in front of Liz's locker feeling dazed. *What just happened here? What did I do now?* Max wondered. He thought about it for a few seconds and realized his fatal mistake. *Today is the 24th! OMG! I can't believe I forgot our anniversary!*
"Hi is Maria there?" Liz asked over the phone.
"Sure Liz, one sec." Mrs. Deluca answered.
"Hi Maria, it's Liz."
"Hey Liz, what's up?"
"Oh nothing much...except Max forgot our anniversary!"
"Are you serious?"
"Yes!" Liz cried.
"OMG, Liz! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I mean no, I mean…I don't know!"
"Liz, do you need me to come over?"
"I don't think so Maria. I just need to talk. Do you think I should forgive him?"
"Liz, all I can say is that maybe you expect too much from him. Remember how you said he had you on that pedestal? That you were so perfect, in every way? And really you aren't? Maybe you have him on that pedestal too. That just makes it worse when he falters. He's not perfect either. And don’t you remember, you forgot your own birthday last year! Everyone makes mistakes. You need to forgive him, Liz. You could still save your anniversary if you try."
"Oh God. I’m seriously deranged aren’t I? I can’t believe I actually freaked out over this. Thanks, Ria."
"You're welcome Liz. You deserve the perfect guy! And for you, that guy is Max."
"I'm sure things will get better with you and Michael. Don't worry about it."
"Thanks, Liz."

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Liz snuck up to the window of Max's room. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face when she stepped inside. She had been upset at first, but Maria had helped her realize that Max was the only guy she could ever love, and she shouldn't screw it up. She was in love with the perfect guy, and she couldn't wait to tell him. Liz crept slowly to the window. She peeked over the ledge and saw, to her horror, Max and Tess sitting on Max's bed, holding hands. Tess was giggling uncontrollably as Max leaned in and whispered something in her ear. Liz almost screamed, but she stifled it just in time. A feeling of déjà vu hit her. She didn't understand why this was happening. Didn't he love her anymore? First the anniversary, and now this? In the struggle to get away from Max and Tess, Liz made a lot of noise and knocked over a few things. She caused quite a stir. Max jumped at the sudden noise and ran to the window leaving a forlorn looking Tess behind. He saw Liz running down the street. He called her name, but she didn't turn around. He couldn't believe he had let this happen. How could he have let her see him with Tess? And on their anniversary too? He felt awful, but worst of all he knew that Liz wouldn't be quick to forgive him. Max walked back into his room. And already the depression was sinking in.
"Tess, I think you should leave now."
"Oh, but why Max? We were having so much fun! Who was at he window?" Tess asked innocently.
"It was Liz. I think she has the wrong idea about us. I mean we're just friends. Nothing more."
"So, let me get this straight. Liz is mad at you because
one, you forgot your anniversary, and two she saw you sitting on a bed with me. Am I right?" Tess asked, counting his mistakes on her fingers.
"Well, yeah, I guess."
"Some girlfriend ya got there Max. Jumps at all the little things. What's gonna happen when you have a real fight? I think you have the right to find out." Tess said as she walked towards him.
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"Maybe you should make what she thinks happened really happen." Tess whispered as she leaned in on Max. She looked up at him with those big blue eyes pushed her body up against his and, before Max knew what was happening, she kissed him. Max pushed her away as soon as he realized what was going on.
"Tess, what is wrong with you? You know I love Liz, I'd never do anything to hurt her. I needed your advice. I had no one else to talk to. Isabel is out, Michael is at work, and Maria is with Alex. I couldn't get hold of anyone else. So I called you."
"So is that what I am? Is that what I am to you Max? A last resort? You've all made me feel so welcome here! I’ll have you know II was a damn good queen, and an amazing lover! Christ Max! Why can't you accept your destiny? Liz is out of the picture now."
"Tess, I don't love you! I don't care about my destiny! I love Liz, and I always will! She'll never be out of the picture! Now just go!"
"One day you'll understand Max! I'll get you back someday!" Tess screamed. Then she ran out of the room and out of the house.
Liz let the tears flow freely down her face. She didn't feel like fighting them. She didn't understand any of it. *Why would he do this to me? I thought he loved me! I know he loves me! * Liz couldn't control her feelings. She felt anger, sadness, hate, depression, and loneliness. She was right back where she started *What am I gonna do?* She thought for what seemed like the billionth time.
Tess stormed into her house. She stomped up the stairs and slammed the door to her room. Kyle got up when he heard this. *What's up with her? * He wondered. After a few minutes he reluctantly got up and went to see what was wrong.
"Tess? Where are you?" Just then Tess came out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around her. She was wet; she had obviously just showered. Tess didn't seem surprised to see Kyle there. Nor was she upset.
"Hey Kyle. What did you want?"
"Oh, nothing, I just wanted to make sure you were alright."
"Oh. Well I'm fine." Tess said. Then she dropped the towel and stood in front of Kyle, completely naked. Then she walked right past him to her closet. She took out Kyle's old jersey and slipped it on.
"So how are you tonight Kyle?"
"Oh, uh...I'm, I'm"
"Good. I was wondering. Do you wanna talk? You seem kind of...tense."
"Yeah, well I guess I am a little tense." Tess went and sat down on her bed. She patted the seat next to her.
"Here Kyle. Come sit down." He sat down beside her. She began massaging his shoulders. "Does that feel better?"
"You have such big muscles! You must be really strong! I bet you're great in bed. She leaned over and kissed him passionately. Kyle fell for it. The next morning Kyle woke up beside Tess. It had been a great night for him. He had loved every minute.
Tess' eyes fluttered open and she saw Kyle next to her on the bed. She had loved last night too. Max was history. Maybe he was right. Maybe destiny wasn't final. But that didn't mean she had forgotten about her promise. With thoughts of how to get revenge on Max running through her mind, she snuggled closer to Kyle and fell back asleep.

Tess had decided it was pointless to try and deliberately get Max back for what he did. Now that Tess had Kyle, she didn't need to depend on Max. Besides, Tess believed that if Max had something coming to him, it would come. She had had experience with that sort of thing. Tess was also satisfied that she had once again succeeded in destructing Max's
relationship with Liz. All in all, Tess was very pleased with herself. *Job well done. And now I'm finally through with that jerk. If he won't accept our destiny, why should I?* Tess thought. * And I'm perfectly content with Kyle.*

Tess was impatiently waiting by her locker for Kyle. *Why is he always late?* She thought, annoyed. *Who's that? * Tess asked herself when she saw a girl walking down the hallway. The girl looked to be the same age as her. She was obviously looking for something. Tess decided to see if she could help. She was in a good mood that day, and besides, there was nothing better to do while waiting for Kyle. "Hi. My name's Tess. Are you new here?" She asked the girl.
"Yeah, is it really that obvious?"
"Kinda. Do you need help with something?"
"Umm, well now that you ask, could you help me find locker number..." The girl shuffled through her book bag. Then she triumphantly pulled out a piece of paper. "314?" She asked.
"Sure, that's right by mine." Tess pointed to her locker.
"My name is Maggie. Did I tell you that?"
"No, you didn't. So where did you move here from? Was there any particular reason you picked Roswell?"
"Umm, no not really. I was having problems with my parents so I moved out. They gave me some money to start out with, and here I am."
"Oh. I'm sorry."
"About what?"
"You and your parents."
"Don't be. They don't give a damn about me."
"Anyway, do you like it here in Roswell so far?"
"Yeah it's really nice."
"I'm glad you think so."
"Hey babe." Kyle said as he came up behind Tess. She jumped.
"OMG Kyle! Don't do that! You scared me!"
"Sorry, I didn't mean to."
"It's fine, don't worry about it. Kyle, I want you to meet my new friend Maggie. Maggie, this is my, boyfriend Kyle."
"Hi Kyle. Nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you too."
(Kyle to Tess*happy* "Are you ready to go?"
"Yeah." (Tess to Maggie*happy* "Bye Maggie!"
"See ya Tess!"
*Well, I didn't know the Royal Four were so friendly. This could be easier than I thought.*
(A/N: Maggie is a shape shifter. She is working for Nicholas. Together they are trying to find the granilith.)
"So now I'm your boyfriend huh?" Kyle asked Tess when they were out of Maggie's hearing range.
"Well what was I supposed to say? Yeah this is a friend of mine who I live with and we sleep together occasionally?" Tess asked.
"No. I mean, I'm just getting used to the idea of being your boyfriend, that's all. The last time I was a boyfriend, it was with...well, you know."
"Yeah I know. But it's different now. Now you're MY boyfriend, and I won't hurt you like she did." Tess said cheerily. Then she reached up and kissed Kyle. He loved that she was so possessive. He liked that quality in a girl. And he couldn't believe he finally
had the girl of his dreams.
Max walked down the hall towards Liz's locker. He needed to try and explain things to her. He was pretty sure she'd tell him to leave her alone, but he had to at least try.
"Hi Liz. Can we talk?"
"Max, I don't really think we have anything to discuss."
"But Liz I-"
"Maybe I should make myself more clear. Go away, leave me alone. I'm not speaking to you." Liz told him cooly. Max had realized it was going to be difficult to get Liz to hear him out, but he hadn't expected to hear such anger in her voice.
*God Liz, why do you have to be so damn stubborn?* He wondered. However, he respected her wishes, he always had, and he left.
*Where's Maria? I have to find Maria! I can't keep doing this to myself! I feel horrible about what I said to Max, but I had to say it. I need to stay away from Max for a while. I need to figure things out. I need Maria! Where is that girl?* Liz felt like screaming. She needed to let her feelings out. And the best way to do that was to vent to your best friend. Maria made her way into the school and started scanning the crowds for Liz. She wasn't anywhere to be found. Maria walked towards her locker with her head down looking at her watch. When she reached her locker she looked up and whom did she find staring back at her but Michael Guerin.
"Michael!" Maria exclaimed. "I'm surprised to see you so early in the morning."
"Yeah. Listen Maria, we need to talk."
"Michael Guerin, talk? About serious relationship related problems?" Maria asked in mock amazement.
"Look, I know our relationship hasn't been, well it's-"
"Michael as of the last time we spoke, a.k.a. two weeks ago or so, we have been relationship-less."
"I know. I wanted to say I'm sorry. For the way I've treated you before and for everything. I love you, Maria. I really do. I know you envy Max and Liz. But look at them. Half the time their relationship is
worse then ours!"
"And the other half they're head over heels, fresh as a daisy, over the top, wonderfully, amazingly, beautifully in love."
"The point is, Maria I don't want to be in a relationship like Max and Liz's. I'm not intense like that, and you know it. We need a normal relationship, one where we fight and have make-up sex. I mean, it may not be perfect, but it's us. That's all we need." Maria looked up at him, tears forming in her eyes.
"I love you, Michael."
"I love you too." He smiled. He pulled her into his arms and she let herself be held.
"Thank you." She whispered. She leaned up and kissed him, hugged him one last time and left for class.
As Liz was looking for Maria, Alex walked up behind her. "Hey, you look stressed. Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yeah, no, I really need to talk." Liz answered.
"I'm here for you." Alex said.
"Thanks Alex." Liz said. She hugged him. "It's so hard, I mean, me and Max."
"What happened?"
"Well, we had a fight, sort of. I mean, well, okay. So he forgot our anniversary. I was ready to forgive him for that. So I go over to his house, and I have this really romantic evening planned, and I see Tess and Max on Max's bed, holding hands! God Alex, it made me so mad! And I know Max loves me. I don't know why he'd do that to me! I'm so confused."
"Wow. Lizzie, I feel your pain. But maybe it wasn't what you thought. Maybe it was totally innocent and you happened to walk in at the wrong time. Maybe Max wanted Tess's advice on Czechoslovakian matters or something. I know it will hurt you to hear me say
this, but maybe you need to talk to Max. And then if you still think he's evil or whatever, at least you'll know."
"Yeah. Maybe you're right, Alex. Maybe I should talk to Max. But I can't. Not right now. I have to cool off. Then I'll be able to deal with it rationally, sensibly."
"That's my Liz, the beautiful, rational scientist." Alex said in a fatherly tone. Liz giggled.
"Thanks Alex. I love you."
"I love you too." Liz hugged Alex again and he disappeared into the crowd of people. Finally Liz saw Maria.
"Maria! Maria, over here!" Liz waved.
"Sorry Liz, I didn't see you."
"I've been looking for you everywhere. I need to talk. It's about Max."
*Of course it's about Max. When is it not about Max? Will we ever be able to talk about me? Did it ever occur to you that I have problems too? Grrrrrrr.* "Talk to me chica."
"Well, you remember last night? When I called you?"
"Well, I took your advice. I got together a wonderful picnic. I snuck over to Max's house. All I had to do was apologize for being so stupid about our anniversary, and then I imagined it would be this
stupendous night. I got up to Max's window, and I heard voices. So I peeked through the curtains. Maria, Max was sitting on his bed with Tess. They were holding hands and Tess was giggling. I didn't know what to do. I felt so betrayed. So I ran. I ran out of there as fast as I could. I probably made a lot more noise than I intended to because Max saw me running. He called me back, but I didn't stop. I'm not gonna be
able to stand anymore excuses Maria. I feel like maybe Future Max is getting ready to come back. He wants to warn me. It's like everything that has been going on with me and Max lately has been some sort of sign. 'You're not meant for each other, destiny rules over all. So hahaha, bite me bitch and stop getting in the way.' I talked to Alex, and he's really a great listener, and he made me feel so much better, but I think I need your advice. What should I do Ria? I can't take many more of these guessing games."
"WOW. That sure is a lot to take in. Your problems so take preference over mine! I think we should go to the library. It'll be easier to talk there."
"What about English?"
"Liz, honey, we're already late. We totally missed homeroom. We are on the absentee list. Let's just go to the library and stay there till we sort all this out. Then we can write each other notes and go to the office. Don't worry about it."
"You're right. I have to talk to you about last night Let's go."
"Speaking of last night, why didn't you call me? You know I would have been over there in a second."
"I know. But I also know what a pain I've been to you lately. Me and all my problems. Maria, you've been the greatest friend to me. I feel like I owe it to you not to trouble you so much. Besides, you have problems too. We oughta talk about those once in a while. I don't want you to feel like this is a one sided relationship."
"You know I'd never think that Liz. I do have problems, and we do need to talk about them too, but I don't blame you for having problems of your own. Right now your problems are way more complicated then mine." Maria leaned over and hugged her friend. By this time the two were seated comfortably on their secret couch that nobody, not even the librarian knew about. They talked for what seemed like hours. Liz went first. She told Maria all her feelings about Max. She told her all her secrets everything she had been holding back from the others. Then Maria spilled. She told Liz about her and Michael. How she was afraid Michael hadn't wanted to make a commitment to her, how she really was getting sick of Liz's problems. The girls finally felt like they were on the same level again. They had always been best friends. They had no secrets. Everything one knew, the other knew too. Now the girls felt like they had that back. It was a good feeling. They both knew they could count on each other in a time of need. That was always a good thing to know. The girls finished chatting and wrote their notes. Maria headed out the back way and went around to the front. Liz took the shortcut and waited for Maria to finish. Ten minutes later Liz walked into the office and gave in her note. *It worked!* Liz thought, relieved. But then again, it always had.

"Maggie! Over here!" Tess called.
"Who's that?" Max asked.
"Oh, just the new girl. She's a friend of mine. We met this morning."
"I wouldn't get too close Tess. You don't know who this girl really is. We have rules about this sort of stuff you know."
"Jeez Max. Don't get so uptight. You can't choose my friends for me. Maggie isn't an alien, she doesn't know I am. I just want to have a normal friend, ok?"
"Just be careful. Don't let her catch on. She could be a FBI spy, or a secret agent, or a skin, possibly a shape shifter. We can't trust everyone as if we were human ya know."
"Shut up Max! You're not my boyfriend! Why don't you go and protect Liz? She needs your help more than me! I've got Kyle now."
"Liz is not a possession that needs protecting! And since when are you and Kyle together?"
"Since last night. After you rejected your destiny again, I decided to give up on you. There is no point in us being together if one of us doesn't want it right? And now neither of us wants it. So leave me alone!" Today obviously wasn't his best day with women.
"Tess, I'm warning you, I don't like the idea of you becoming friends with that girl. The rest of us won't either."
"Well that's just too bad isn't it Max?" (To Maggie*happy* "Hi. This is Max, Max this is my new friend Maggie." With that, Tess shot Max a look that seemed to say, and there's nothing you can do about it, asshole.
"So Tess, you certainly seem to be very popular, seeing as you were new just a few months ago."
"Yeah well, I have connections here. Hey, how did you know…" Tess questioned.
"Oh, Mr. Banks told me. He said I could sit next to you because you were pretty good in geometry." Maggie lied.
"Well that was nice of him."
"So what's up with you and that guy?"
"Oh, you mean Max? Well, me and him sort of used to go out. Our parents set us up, you know. Well he couldn't accept his destiny, I mean that his parents wanted him with me because he says he loves this other girl. Sometimes I think he'd do anything for her. I mean, he'd give his life for Liz Parker. I can't understand it sometimes. God, I must be babbling. I'm sorry. You wouldn't understand."
*Oh but I understand perfectly Queen Ava. This girl has broken your destiny with the king. You say he'd do anything for her...I wonder...*
"Sorry, I daydream a lot. What did you say?"
"Oh, nothing important."
"Miss Harding, Miss Boyle, please quiet down. Class, we have a new student. This is Magdalene Boyle. Stand up Miss Boyle." Maggie stood.
"Please, call me Maggie."
"As you wish--Maggie." Maggie sat. "If you please Miss Harding, no more talking while I'm attempting to teach."
"Yes Mr. Banks, sorry."
"Now that we are interruption free, let's begin..."
*I can't wait to tell Nicholas what I've found out. This Liz could be the answer to all our problems!* Maggie thought evilly. *And Queen Ava will lead me right to her.*


(A/N: Okay in this fic I just happened to decide that Nicholas actually is Khivar’s skin body. Also Maggie's real 'alien name' is Katswana, try not to get confused!)
"Khivar! Khivar! Where are you?" Maggie shouted as she entered Nicholas' hide out.
"Shh! Be quiet! No one can know I'm here! Did anyone see you Katswana?" Nicholas asked Maggie?"
"No Khivar." Maggie replied.
"Good. Now. Down to business. Why are you here?"
"I have a plan Khivar."
"Have you found the granilith?" Nicholas asked eagerly.
"No, not yet. But I have a plan that will help us find it. It is perfect Khivar!" Maggie said happily.
"Fine then. Tell me of this plan." Nicholas said, somewhat let down.
"Well, I found the royal four just as easily as you said I would. I have made friends with Queen Ava. She has told me of the King. The King, Max, as he is called now, has not been following his destiny. Max is in love with another. A girl named Liz Parker. Queen Ava, or Tess, as she is called now told me of all the things Max has done for Liz. Khivar, I am confident that Max will give us the granilith in return for his beloved Liz. Once he tells us where the granilith is located, we will kill the girl, and kill the royal four. Khivar, this plan has no flaws. It is perfect! It will make you the ruler of the entire galaxy. We will finally be able to return home!"
"I believe you are right Katswana. The king was always a sucker for love. Love was his downfall once, and now it will be again. You must put this plan into action immediately! We have no time to lose."
"Yes Khivar." Maggie said and she got up to leave.
"Yes Khivar?"
"If your plan goes as you have said it will, then I'm sure I can arrange for you to be my second in command. That is, if your willing."
"Of course, I would be honored."
"Good luck Katswana, not that you'll need it." Nicholas said. They both laughed.

Liz was stressed. She was taking extra hours at the Crashdown to keep busy. She couldn't go on like this for much longer. Liz glanced over at their booth. Everyone except Tess was there. *God Max, I miss you so much.* Liz thought. *What am I gonna do without you?* She wondered. Liz walked over to the table. "What can I getcha?" She asked as cheerily as humanly possible.
"Umm, shouldn't we wait for Tess?" Isabel asked.
"Yeah, Iz's right. We should wait for Tess. I'm sure she won't be much longer." Max said.
"Okay then, I'll be back when Tess gets here." Liz spat, emphasizing Tes and smirking when she said it. She walked back towards the counter. The Crashdown was almost empty so Liz asked Jen, the other waitress, if she could take her tables for a little while. Jen said sure, it was only one extra table and she could use the tips. So Liz walked into the back office and sat on the couch. She let herself go. She let all her thoughts out and she cried and cried.
"Bye Maggie! I'll see ya later!" Tess shouted from the door of the Crashdown. Then she waved and let the door slam behind her. Tess walked over to the table. "Hi guys, sorry I'm late. I was with..."
"With who Tess?" Michael asked.
"With the new girl. Maggie."
"Tess, don't you think that might be a little dangerous?" Isabel asked. "I mean, cus you don't really know her? She could be a skin, or a shape shifter, or something."
"Look, Max already gave me this talk. Maggie is perfectly normal. Just lay off okay?"
"Tess, I know you think she's normal, but what if you're wrong?" Max asked.
"Not everyone in this town is tied to something weird. She moved here from Ohio. She's not dangerous, so don't worry about it."
"Maybe that's true, but we just don't know. Roswell is not the most widely advertised area of New Mexico you know." Michael said.
"If you guys are gonna be like this, I'm leaving. I told Max, I choose my friends. You don't. This is my life, not yours."
"Tess, we're only trying to look out for you." Isabel said.
"Yeah Tess, and they are trying to look out for themselves too. You all have to look out for each other. It's not just your life. There are a lot of other people involved." Maria spoke up.
"Who are you to talk?" Tess asked cruelly.
"Hey!" Michael yelled. Tess jumped. "You have no right to talk to her like that. Besides, what she said is true. It's not just you who matters here." Both Maria and Tess were shocked.
"Fine, whatever. I'm leaving. Screw you all." Tess said, and left.
"That went well." Alex said sarcastically.
"Yeah." they all agreed.
"Maggie? It's me, Tess. Call me when you get this message okay? I have to get out of here!" Tess plopped down on her bed. *What is wrong with them? I can't believe they'd contradict me like that. It's ridiculous! Maggie is just a normal everyday friend. Am I not entitled to that? * Tess thought bitterly.
Tess jumped.
"Hello?" Tess said into the phone.
"Hey, I got your message." Maggie answered.
"Cool, can you come pick me up?"
"Yeah. I'll be right over. We'll go out for lunch. Okay?"
"Sounds good to me. See ya in five minutes."

"Kyle?" Tess shouted.
"Huh?" Kyle asked, coming up behind her.
"I'm going out with Maggie."
"Okay. See ya later." Kyle said. He leaned down and kissed her.
"Mmmmmmmm. See ya."
"Bye." Kyle smiled.

"Hey Maggie. Where we going?"
"To this little place up town."
"Can't wait. Start driving, I'm starved!"
"You got it." Tess turned up the radio and the girls drowned out their thoughts in the amazingly loud music.
"Here we are." Maggie said. They were at Little T Diner. It was crawling with skins. Nicholas had set it up special for Maggie's use. "It's kinda small, but the food is great!" Maggie told Tess.
"Cool, I think I'll get a cheeseburger."
"Yeah, me too." They walked inside and sat at the table closest to the bathroom.
"What can I get you folks?" The waitress asked.
"Umm, I think I'll have a turkey burger on rye, with a club soda, no ice." Maggie said.
"I'll have a double cheeseburger melt, and a large chocolate milkshake." Tess said.
"Coming right up." The waitress told them, and left.
"So Tess. Do you have any special abilities?" Maggie asked.
"Umm, what do you mean?"
"I mean like, powers."
"No, I mean, umm, what are you talking about?"
"You know what I'm talking about."
"Who are you?"
"My name is Katswana, and you are Queen Ava. I will show you my powers now oh queen."
"No, get away from me! Help! Help!" Tess screamed, but it was much too late for that now. Katswana placed her hands on Tess's neck and felt the life leave her. Her life went out of one body and into another. *Aaaaaaaaaah* Katswana thought. *Victory. Now onto the more important things.

Max opened the door to the private office where Liz was sitting.
"Hey. Can we talk?"

Max walked into the private office where he had seen Liz go earlier.
"Hey, can we talk?" He asked her. He noticed the tears on her face. *I wonder why she was crying. * He thought.
"I'm not in the mood to talk right now Max. Sorry." Liz told him, wiping the tears from her face. She got up from the corner of the sofa and began walking towards the door. "I've really gotta get back to
"Okay, later then." Max called after her. She ignored him. *Why do human relationships have to be so damn complicated?*
(A/N: Katswana just shape shifted into Max, when she took on his body, she gained his knowledge and the ability to hear his thoughts. What you have just read was not the real Max Evans, but rather, it was Katswana who shape shifted into him. Max had left the Crashdown a while ago with the others. Just thought I’d clue you in…lol)
*Why did I do that? Max wanted to talk to me. We need to talk. I want to work this out. Max...Oh God, what am I gonna do?* Liz wondered sadly. An hour later Liz's shift was up. Max was still sitting in the corner booth. Liz decided to take Alex's advice and hear what he had to say.
"Hi Max."
"Hey Liz."
"I've been thinking about what you said. I think you're right. We do need to talk."
"I'm glad you feel that way too. We can work through this Liz."
"I know."
"Do you wanna go somewhere more...private?"
"I, I guess, I mean sure. Lemme finish cleaning up and I'll go get my jacket and we can go."
"Alright." *What am I gonna do about a car? * Katswana wondered as she picked up an apple from a table she passed on the way out. Once she got outside, she stopped time and ran to the end of the street where she was sure no one would notice a car coming out of nowhere. She placed the apple on the ground, closed her eyes, and concentrated on the Max's jeep. When she opened her eyes there it was there in front of her. She climbed into the front seat and set time again. She drove into the Crashdown parking lot and waited for Liz. After a few minutes of waiting, Liz walked out of the Crashdown. She had changed back into her regular clothes. Her hair was pulled back and her make up had been
"Let's go!" she smiled at Max. Max turned the car around and headed towards the Double T Diner. Except this time it would be a small deserted house near a barn.
"Where are we going? I know I recognize these roads…" Liz asked.
"Oh, just someplace deserted, someplace where we can be alone."
"Sounds nice. The stars are so beautiful tonight, and the sunrise against the mountains must be gorgeous!"
"Yeah, it is."

"Here we are."
"What is this place Max?"
"I've been coming here a lot lately. It helps me clear my mind. The view from the back window is beautiful. I hope you like it."
"I'm sure I will, but the most important thing to do here is talk, right?"
"Of course." Katswana led Liz into the house. The house however was really a holding chamber for Liz. Liz, of course, saw a beautiful old Victorian house, through Katswana's mind warp. Once Katswana had led
Liz to the back room of the house and successfully got Liz inside she lifted the mind warp and transformed back into her old self.
"So nice to finally meet the Kings new love. I hear you are the reason the King and Queen quarrel? Is this true?" Katswana asked.
"Who are you? What do you want from me?"
"I don't want anything from you dear girl! No, no. You are simply the bait."
"I suppose there is no harm in telling'll be gone soon enough anyway. My name is Katswana. I work for Nicholas. Together we are going to find the granilith. If the King loves you as much as the Queen said he does, then I'm sure we'll have it in no time. Then I can put you out of your misery."
"That will never happen! I mean, Max won't tell you where the granilith is."
"Not even at your expense?"
"I, I...I don't know." Liz said, sadly.
"Poor girl, don't worry, your misery will be over soon enough!" Katswana laughed. Liz backed up into the corner of her 'cell' and slowly lowered herself to the ground.
Max, you have to help me…please…* Liz thought desperately.
*No one can help you now Liz. You're destined to die in agony! Hahahahaha!*
*Please...* Liz sobbed. It was at that moment that Liz realized that she'd never see any of her friends or family ever again. Alex's lame jokes, Maria's great advice, Isabel's fashion tips, Michael's sweet face, Kyle's handsome good looks, Max…hell she'd even miss
Tess! And her family. How would her death be explained to them? Would she be a famous kidnapping case? Liz couldn't take thinking about it anymore. She closed her eyes in a desperate attempt to clear her head.
Soon she was drifting off to sleep.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Isabel screamed. She woke with a start; she had just had the most horrible nightmare. "Max!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. It was a good thing her parents were gone for the weekend, or she'd be in therapy and counseling the next day. Isabel often had nightmares, but this one was important. "Max! Where are you?!?"
"It's all right, I'm here." Max said groggily. "What happened? I heard you scream."
"I had another nightmare, but this time it was different. Max, it was real."
"What? What do you mean? What did you see?"
"I saw...I saw, Tess."
"And, she...she was...murdered." Isabel whispered.
"Murdered?" Max asked, startled.
"I felt her die Max. It's all real, I know it. I'm so scared..."
"Iz, it's okay, we'll figure it out. Was there anything else? Did you see who killed her?"
"Umm, yeah, it, it was Maggie. You were right about her. She, she's a shape shifter. Max..."
"I knew it! I knew she couldn't be trusted, and now Tess is... dead. Oh, God..." Max interrupted, suddenly realizing the horrible truth.
"Max, there's more."
"More?" Max questioned, confused. He shook his head. "What, what is it?"
"It's about Liz. Maggie, I mean, Katswana, that's her real name, umm...I don't know how to tell you this Max..." Isabel bit her lip nervously.
"Tell me what? Isabel, is she, is Liz...?"
"No, not yet, but they have her Max. She's been kidnapped."
"OMG. OMG! Iz, we have to help her! Do you know where she is? Isabel this is important!"
"I know that Max! I don't know where she is, but Max they said they won't harm her if, if..."
"If what?"
"If we tell them, Katswana and Nicholas, where the granilith is. They are using Liz as bait, Max."
"What, I, I Oh God, Isabel, what am I gonna do?" Max's head felt like it was about to explode. *Liz...Nicholas...will they hurt her? What will I do without her? I have to help Liz; I can't let her die!*
"Max, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I mean, no, I mean, I don't know. I...I just don't know. We have to tell the others."
"I'll tell them Max. You, you're not in good shape. Don't worry Max. Nothing's gonna happen to Liz. I promise." Unfortunately that was a promise Isabel wasn't sure she would be able to keep. But as she looked at her brother and saw the look of pain and sadness in his eyes, she knew she had to try.

The gang was having their usual lunch at the quad, but everyone knew something wasn't right. Max was looking lonely and depressed; Isabel was looking deeply pained. Alex looked confused, Michael and Maria were as far apart as possible, and Maria had a look of extreme distress on her face. Michael looked worried. As you can tell, their ‘normal’ lunch was really not so normal.
"Does anyone know where Liz is?" Maria finally asked. Isabel let out a small whimper.
"Yes, I know where Liz is, Maria." Max answered, sadly. It hurt him so much to think about it. There was no way to reach Liz, and there was no guarantee that they wouldn't hurt Liz after they had the
"Well, where is she?" Maria asked, her eyes brightening.
"She's been kidnapped, by Katswana. And Nicholas, they want the granilith in return for Liz." Isabel said as calmly as possible.
"What!?!" Maria screamed.
"And when were you all planning on telling me this?" Michael asked Max and Isabel angrily.
"Isabel had a nightmare last night, it was about Liz, and Tess...and Katswana and Nicholas, what happened and what they wanted. It's all very complicated Michael, but we just told you okay?" Max told him.
"You could have called or something." Michael replied.
"Is Liz, will she be...okay?" Maria asked, trembling.
"I, I don't know. I don't know what we're gonna do. We can't give them the granilith Maria." Isabel said. Maria gasped.
"I'm not hearing this...I can't believe this! After all she's done for you, you're just going to let her sit in some cage and rot? Or be killed by Nicholas? Or whoever the hell Katswana is? Max, you of all people, how could you?" Maria sobbed. Alex held her. Maria's words stung Max. He felt horrible for even having let such thoughts cross his mind.

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"Liz is not going to die. I won't let that happen, Maria." Max told her.
"What are we gonna do then?" Michael asked.
"There has to be some way we can connect to Liz. We have to be able to find her. I'm sure Nicholas and Katswana are nearby, and we can get rid of them too." Max said.
"Who the hell is Katswana?" Michael asked.
"Maggie. I mean, Maggie is Katswana, and Katswana is a shape shifter. She has lots of other powers too, I just don't know what they are." Isabel said.
"Great, that's just frigging perfect. Where's Tess, is she part of this? Was she kidnapped too?"
"No. Tess is, umm, well she was...killed by Katswana." Max said.
"Tess? Tess is gone too? She's dead?" Maria wailed.
"How the hell are we gonna do anything about this without Tess' help?" Michael yelled.
"We'll have to find Liz first. Then we can think of a plan to save her." Max told them.
"Well, how are we going to find her?" Maria asked, calmer now that they were talking about a plan to save her best friend.
"Isabel can dream walk her." Max said.
"But how will that help? Do you really think she knows where she is?" Alex asked.
"Maybe not, but at least she'll know we know that she's been kidnapped, and that we are going to save her." Max said.

Isabel and Maria headed off to class. So did Michael and Alex. That left Max to walk to biology, all alone.

"Isabel, can you try it now?" Maria asked her.
"Alright, alright." Isabel said. Isabel took a deep breath and entered her "dream walking state", as everyone liked to call it. Maria waited and waited. To her it seemed like forever.
*What's taking so long? * She wondered. All of a sudden, Isabel's eyes opened.
"I found her. She's fine. I told her everything we knew about Katswana and Nicholas and I told her we'd get her out of there. She told me she had no idea where she was. She was mind warped on her way there."
"Well that wasn't much help." Maria said.
"No, but it's a start." Isabel replied.

Liz woke up, startled. *Whoa! OMG, they know. Max, oh Max you're coming!* She thought. *I have to find out where I am. I'm a scientist; it shouldn't be too hard. Right?* Liz crawled around in her little cell. She hadn't really explored it before. Before she kind of just sat there. Now that she did explore though, she realized there was a window. It was small and covered up and it was behind boxes and it was covered in dust, but it was there. Liz climbed over all the boxes and wiped away the dust and other things, and peered out the window. Nothing but desert. There was a cactus. And, she could see a road! *OMG a road!* Liz thought. *But what's the difference? I don't know what road.* She rationalized. She looked out the window one more time. There was a large rock a few feet from the cactus. In the distance Liz could see a huge rock formation. It was more then 200 feet away though. It was very indistinct and there was no way Liz could really describe it except as a rock formation. *Well, it's a start.* Liz thought. She crawled back to the corner and sat there thinking. All of a sudden she heard footsteps coming down the corridor, to her. She sat up.
"How are you doing Liz? That is your name right?" Katswana asked.
"Yes that's my name, and I'm doing fine. I could use a little more to eat though." Liz said.
"Well we'll take care of that now won't we? Wouldn't want you dying before you time!" Katswana said, laughing. At once a servant came with a lunch plate for Liz. It was only a sandwich, some milk and a few apple slices, but it was more then Liz had had to eat in the entire time she had been there.
"I have a question, Katswana." Liz said.
"Go on." Katswana urged.
"Well, I was wondering, since there is no way to get out of this place, could I at least know where I am? I mean am I still in Roswell? Am I still in New Mexico?"
"I suppose it wouldn't hurt..." Katswana thought. "You are still in New Mexico. You are a few miles away from Roswell. In a desert town called Barba. Are you happy now?" Katswana asked.
"I suppose. Is Barba a big desert town?"
"No, it's rather small actually. Why are you asking so many questions?"
"Oh, it's just something for me to think about. You know other then my newest escape route out of here..."
"You're a funny girl Liz. Too bad your jokes won't be heard for much longer..." Katswana said. Then she left.
*I can't believe how easy that was!* Liz thought. *Now Max and Isabel and Michael really will find me and I'll be able to see Maria and Alex again! And Mom and Dad, they must be so worried! I can't wait to see them again! I can't wait to go home! * Liz thought. Then Liz ate the rest of her lunch and sat thinking about what she would do when she got home. Because she knew she would. At least, she hoped. If Max even tried to get her back. If he even wanted her back. *Why am I torturing myself?* She wondered. To try and escape her problems, Liz went to sleep again. Besides, it would make it easier for Isabel. *Please find me...* she thought. *Please help me...*


Max couldn't fall asleep. He was restless. All he could think about was Liz. *Is she okay? What is she doing? What is she thinking? Does she know I love her?* Max just couldn't fall asleep. Too many things were floating around. Max had way too much to think about. He couldn't take not knowing how Liz was. He decided he had to go dream walking until he found Liz.
(A/N: I don't know if Max can dream walk on the show, but he can in the books, so that's what I'm going on here...also, before when I gave the impression that only Isabel could dreamwalk, I meant that her dreamwalking skills were better than everyone else's because she did it more often.)
As Max entered the dream plane he saw all the orbs, he heard them. He could see the orbs of people from school, his parents, and his teachers. Max searched for Liz's orb among the many that were there. He found it. He was in. Liz was dreaming of a huge field full of flowers...there were mountains, streams and forest surrounding her. Max entered the dream. He couldn't see Liz anywhere. Then Max felt something behind him. He saw Liz. Suddenly the field disappeared and Max and Liz were in Liz's cell. She told him where she was.
'I'm in a small desert town, called Barba. There is a large rock formation about 200 miles from where my cell is. It should look like an old worn down shack from the outside. There is a road that will lead you right to it. Max, please help me.'
'It's gonna be okay Liz, I'll save you, I promise. I'll get you back.'
'They will be ready for you Max. They could hurt you. Be careful Max.'
'I will Liz. I love you.' The dream started to fade and Max could hear Liz's whisper before he left.
'Please help me Max...' Max was amazed. He hadn't expected Liz to know where she was. He had to start looking for her immediately. Then Max realized it was only two o'clock in the morning. No one would appreciate being woken up at that hour. Max would just have to wait until morning.

Liz woke up from her dream. This time Max had come. She was so happy. They were coming! They were going to save her! Nicholas would never have the granilith. Liz couldn't believe her luck. And Max, what had he said? She knew he had said something important, but she didn't know what. *Oh Max. I love you so much. Please forgive me.* She thought. *Why should he forgive me? I accused him of cheating on me, with Tess. I know he'd never do that. God Max, why do these things only happen to us? * Liz was ashamed of what she had done. She couldn't wait until she could see Max again and hold him in her arms. God she missed that! She just had to wait. *Only a little more time left.* She coached herself. *You'll be out of here soon, just be patient...*

"Why are we here Max? Is there news about Liz?" Alex asked as soon as Max walked through the door.
"Yes, there's news. I went dream walking last night and I found Liz. I know where she is."
"OMG!" Maria exclaimed. She was so excited, and relieved and happy. She threw her arms around Max.
"Thank you." she whispered. Michael looked at Max with a hint of jealousy in his eyes. Max smiled at him. Maria couldn't control her giddiness as she grabbed Michael's hand and squeezed with all her might. She looked up at him and gave him her best 'Maria loves you' smile. Michael smiled back.
"Well, where is she?" Alex asked Max.
"She said she's in a small desert town called Barba. She also told me that there was a large rock formation about 200 feet from the shack where she's being kept. There should be a road leading right to it." Max replied.
"Well let's go!" Alex shouted.
"Yeah, Me, Isabel and Alex in one car, Michael, Maria, and Kyle in the other."
"Got it, let's go." Michael repeated. They all headed out to their pre-assigned vehicles and left the Crashdown parking lot.

"So Max, did Liz tell you how she found out where she was?" Isabel asked him. "Cus last time I talked to her she had no idea."
"No, she didn't say." Max told her. The two cars had reached the sign that said:


There were two roads from there on.
"What now Maxwell?" Michael asked.
"You take right, we'll take left." Max replied.
"See ya!" Maria yelled as the car sped away.

Max and the others in the jeep were speeding down a lonely desert road, looking for any sign of a rock formation.
"Hey do you see that Max? Do you think that's what Liz was talking about?" Alex asked, pointing out into the desert to what looked like a small mountain.
"Maybe." Max said. The car sped up to reach where Alex had been pointing and past it. Sure enough, in the distance Max could see a small shack, the shack where Liz was being held. Max turned around and parked the jeep behind the rock formation. He called Michael and told them where they were. Michael said he'd be there as soon as he could. With that Max, Isabel and Alex started towards the shack. When they finally reached the front door, Max expected someone to be on guard, or at least for the door to be locked, but it wasn't. Max was suspicious as to why this was, but he was also happy that so far it had been easy.
Max, Isabel and Alex walked in single file down a long corridor. There were several doors in the corridor, and Max could tell that this place was only meant to look like a small shack on the outside, but really it was huge. Max told Isabel and Alex to stick together and go exploring. He told them, to take one half of the corridor while he took the other. Max opened the first door. There was nothing there. No doors, no furniture, nothing. Max shut the door. He moved on to the next door. Again, the same. He did this at least five times, then he came to an office. He saw a desk and a computer, and lots of filing cabinets. Max entered the room and began looking through the files. He came across a file that read:

Startled, Max opened the file. Tons of pictures fell out. Pictures of school, the Crashdown, Maria, Liz, him...everything. Max was amazed. He read the papers about Michael, it told about his foster homes, and his records. Nothing about the fact that Michael was an alien. Max closed the file and began searching some more. He found tapes of telephone conversations. Max couldn't believe what he was seeing. They had Liz's conversations on tape, Isabel's, even his. Max was flipping through the other files when he came to one labeled:

He opened it and saw all kinds of files and hand written reports about killings, and powers, and Antar... *My home planet...* Max thought. He was about to sit down and start reading through the file when he heard an ear-piercing scream. *Isabel! * He thought. He ran down the corridor, searching for his sister. He found her with Alex. Isabel was crying her eyes out and Alex was comforting her. Alex pointed to one of the doors and looked at him as if to say 'go in there.' Max opened the door and saw what looked like an operating table. On the table there was a body, and over the body there was a white sheet. Max's heart dropped. *This isn't happening,* he thought. *No! This isn't possible! Not now! Please, oh God! * Max was tormented by thoughts that Liz was under that sheet. He knew he had to look. He walked over to the table and lifted the sheet. A sigh of relief filled him, but he immediately felt guilty. It was Tess. Isabel's dream had been right. Tess was dead, and there was nothing they could do to bring her back. Max covered her back up and walked out of the room.
"Are you okay Isabel?" Max asked her.
"Yeah, I'm fine, just a little upset." Isabel replied. "I'll be okay, keep looking."
"I know you two were friends, sort of. I'm sorry."
"Yeah, me too." Isabel replied.
"Are you sure you're okay, Iz?" He asked.
"We'll be fine." Alex answered. Max smiled at Alex and proceeded to walk back down the corridor and open more doors. Finally he reached a room with another route. This route, however, was made of dirt, and rock. He walked down the corridor and came to a large opening at the end. He looked around and realized he had been there before, with Liz. This was where she was, the dream...
"Liz? Liz where are you?" Max shouted.
"Over here Max." Liz's weak voice answered. Max turned around and saw her. She looked so tired, and weak.
"Are you okay?" He asked her.
"Yeah, I'm fine. I just need to get out of here."
"I'll get you out." Max said. Then he started looking for something to pry the bars with.
"Max?" Liz asked.
"The keys are on the hook on the back of the door."
"Oh. Thanks." Max said, sheepishly. He got the keys and unlocked the cell. Liz came out and threw her arms around him.
"God Max, I missed you so much."
"I missed you too Liz. Are you sure you're okay?"
"I'm sure."
"She's sure know, but she won't be fine for long, my King." Katswana said, stepping out from the shadows.
"Did you really think I'd make it that easy?" She asked.
"What do you want Katswana?" Max asked.
"You know what I want. I want the granilith." She said, "Or your little friend here dies. See that bracelet on her arm? One push of this button and..." Katswana told them. Liz looked down at her arm. How could she have not noticed the bracelet?
"Don't do it Max, don't tell her."
"Liz, I have to. I can't let you get hurt." Max said.
"Oh, how sweet. Can we get on with it please? Where is the granilith?" Katswana asked. Liz looked at the bracelet again. She tried desperately to take it off her hand. She pulled and stretched it. It wouldn't come off.
"Don't Max, please!" Liz begged. When Liz said that Katswana sent out a bit of power to the bracelet. The pain sent Liz to her knees.
"Liz!" Max exclaimed. "I can't let her do this to you!"
"Max, be strong..." Liz choked out. She was still working on the bracelet. Katswana walked over to Max. Max moved into a position so that Katswana was in the middle of Max and Liz.
"So, Max, that is your human name?"
"Where is the granilith Max? Or do you really want to watch your girlfriend suffer and die? Do you really want to hear the screams from her friends, when they see her? What's it going to be, oh my King?" Katswana asked. While Max and Katswana were talking Liz had succeeded in getting the bracelet off. She opened it and slipped it carefully around Katswana's ankle. Max, seeing what Liz had done, told Katswana she'd never find the granilith with his help.
"Fine oh my King, if that's how you want it..." Katswana said, and pressed the button. It all happened very quickly, Katswana fell to the ground, pulling Liz with her. Max was too shocked to do anything but watch what happened next.
Liz was overwhelmed and surprised when Katswana pulled her down. She was so surprised she didn't think to get up. Before she knew it, they were connected. Liz could feel Katswana dying. She could feel all the power flowing out of her. Then she felt the last moment of life in Katswana leave her. Katswana died, and Liz collapsed next to her.
"Liz!" Max screamed. "No!"


"Liz!" Max screamed. "No!" Max fell down beside Liz. He couldn't lose her now. Not after everything that had happened. He took her hand in his and tried desperately to connect with her. Nothing happened. Max thought about anything and everything that could help him to connect. When Max healed Liz. When he told her who he was. The first time they connected. Their first kiss. The eraser room. Liz telling him about Future Max. All the fond memories Max and Liz had shared. Max concentrated on how he felt about Liz, how she was his world. And he was in. He was one with Liz. He found that she had only been knocked out by Katswana's death, but he healed her anyway. Liz's eyes fluttered open.
"Max..." Max pulled Liz to him and she buried her head in his arms. Max could feel her tears, but he let her cry. After a few minutes she looked up at him.
"I'm sorry Max."
"For what?"
"For everything. I know nothing was going on between you and Tess, I overreacted it was all my fault."
"No Liz, nothing was your fault. I shouldn't have been with Tess that night. I should have been trying to make up my mistake to you. I'm sorry."
"I love you Max." Liz whispered.
"I love you too." he replied. Max wiped the tears off Liz's face and he kissed her. They both knew that destiny wasn't a conflict anymore. Max and Liz were soulmates; they had their own destiny. They were destined to be together, and they knew it. Nothing could come between them anymore. Max pulled Liz to her feet and they began the long walk down the corridor.

Alex and Isabel continued their search. Isabel had been so upset about Tess, Alex didn't know what to do, but he comforted her, and that seemed like it was enough. All they had come across since then were empty white rooms like the ones Max had found earlier. After about half an hour they heard people coming down the passageway. They slipped into the nearest room to try and hide. When Alex and Isabel heard the footsteps pass they opened the door as carefully as possible. They supposed that the people were gone and they continued their search. They were just coming out of a room when they heard more footsteps. They didn't have time to hide again so Isabel grabbed Alex's hand and closed her eyes. It was only Michael, Maria, and Kyle.
"OMG! We were so afraid you guys were guards or something!" Isabel said, relieved.
"Nope, it's just us." Michael answered her.
"Have you found anything yet? Any signs of where Liz is?"
"Well, we haven't found Liz yet, but we did find something else." Alex told them.
"What, what did you find?" Kyle asked.
"Umm, well...Tess." Alex answered.
"You found Tess?" Kyle asked.
"Well, we found her...body." Alex said.
"She's dead? I mean, she's really dead?" Maria asked.
"Yeah." Alex replied. Kyle looked devastated. Maria buried herself in Michael's arms. Tess might not have been the best friend in the world, but she was still a part of all of their lives.
"I'm sorry Kyle." Alex told him. Just then they heard a noise from one of the rooms, the door opened and Max and Liz walked out.
"Lizzie!" Maria cried. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. Max healed me. What's wrong with you guys? You all look so..."
"It's Tess." Isabel said.
"What about her?" Liz asked.
"You didn't tell her?" Isabel asked glaring at Max.
"No, I...I guess I forgot." Max stammered.
"Tell me what? Where's Tess?" Liz demanded.
"She's dead." Kyle said, monotonously.
"Dead?" Liz asked to no one in particular.
"Yeah, we umm...found her body about an hour ago." Alex said.
"Oh God. Poor Tess." Liz said. Max grabbed her hand and held it tightly.
"Well, we better get out of here before Katswana comes and finishes us all off." Michael said.
"Katswana is dead too." Liz told them.
"What exactly happened in there?" Maria asked.
"Katswana tried to kill Liz because I wouldn't tell her where the granilith was, but Liz reversed it so she killed herself, but first she connected to Liz, and Liz almost died because of it." Max explained.
"Wow, it's been a long day." Alex remarked.
"Yeah." Liz said. "There was something weird about the connection though. I could feel her dying; I could feel her powers leaving her. I don't know, it was just strange." Liz told them.
"You're not used to it, you've never felt anyone die before." Michael told her.
"No, it was...more than that." Liz said.
*The file! * Max thought. *I wonder if there is anything in there about what Liz felt.* "Hey, I have an idea." Max said. "Follow me." The gang followed Max down the corridor and into an office. Max started searching through all the files again, looking for the one about Katswana. He found it and started looking through it. He found what he wanted and was amazed to read what it said.
'Certain shape shifters have the ability to take powers from their victims. They gain the knowledge of the power and how to use it from the victim as well. If one of these shape shifters should die, it is possible that the powers can be transmitted through a connection to another being.'
"OMG! Liz..." Max said.
"What?" The others asked.
"Liz has, I's possible she has...powers." Max told them.
"What?!?" Liz asked, taken aback.
"From what you said, and what I just read, Katswana transmitted her powers to you when she died." Max told her.
"OMG! I have powers..." Liz said.
"This is too cool! My best friend has alien powers!" Maria exclaimed. But Liz wasn't so sure.