Yes, the name is corny, but whatever hehe. I won't post the actual stories here since they're so long and it'd get confusing. I'll post links instead. Here they are.

Works In Progress

Just to Be With You M/L AU (0-10a)

Adia M/L AU (0-2)

There Will Be Tomorrow Roswell/Angel Crossover

Petal of Hope Cowritten with A Rose is True Blue Roswell/Angel/Buffy Crossover

One Parters/Songfics

If Shame Had a Face

Abandoned/Laid Aside For Now

Survival Tess Fic (0)

Systematic Everyone (0)

Andrea's Girl M/L AU

Soul Sisters Dawson's Creek/Roswell crossover

Andrea's Girl M/L AU

I'm leaving fanatics for a little while so these stories won't be updated any time soon. When I come back, I'll have two new stories to add to the list, and hopefully I'll finish some of these later on. *happy*

All My Love,
talena *angel*

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