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What are you?
Liz goes off to Sunnydale, where she meets new friends and has a whole new additude. The gang notice changes in Liz when she returns. When her new friends from Sunnydale come to live in Roswell. The roswell gang finds themselves seperated from Liz. They want to find out why.

The Rebles
Micahel and Liz are the new kids in town. Everyone loves their New York additudes. They fall into the place of the popular kids. But these populare kids have a secret. That's not their only problem. Max, Isbael, Maria, Alex, Tess, and Kyle use to be the old populars. They won't let some new kids with fresh additudes come and steal their place they worked so hard for without a fight.

My Slutty Ways
Liz is the big slut in town. She uses sex in everyway that she can. For grades, raises, or just palin fun. Sex is the only thing she knows. No guy can resist her. Can one man come into the picture and change that all?

Pearl Harbor
Based on the movie Pearl Harbor. Two childhood friends live life through love, and fear. When it's time for world war two more fear comes along.

There's no Going Back
Based on a challenge by Lillie--- EOTW reversed. Instead of Liz getting a visit from Future Max, it was present Max. *There isn't any crap about not being able to see your present self.* Future Max went to young Max and told him that if he didn't change things, that Liz, Maria and Alex would die. He didn't elaborate for young Max. But young Max pretended to sleep with Tess. *Gag me, but it's important.* And Liz saw him.
A few weeks later, the dupes, Lonnie, Zan and Rath came to town. Ava died, her pod was screwy or something. They were looking for a few things, one being the Granolith.
Liz and Zan got together, which tore Max apart but he was determined to not tell Liz the truth about his fake night with Tess.
Now, when our story starts, it 6 months after EOTW. Liz finds out that she's pregnant with Zan's baby. She's in the Eraser Room crying her eyes out, because she didn't get the best reaction from Zan when she told him before school. Max overhears someone crying and goes into the Eraser Room, and sees it's Liz. He tries to comfort her, but she tells him to leave her alone. He persists in trying to talk to her, and Liz tells him that she's pregnant in order to get him to leave her alone. And Max ends up confessing about the EOTW fiasco.

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