Justine's Fics.


Psycho Don't Crack -- M/L PG-13
Max is a straight-headed boy. Sean’s a delinquent. And Liz has weekly appointment with Dr. Evans.

Unhealthy Obsession -- M/L PG-13
Liz is obsesse with a certain jock and she decides that this is going to be the year where she'll get him. Max is obsesse with a girl who is obsesse with another guy. He ends up helping her after she finds out how dense she is with the guy that she's obsesse with. And a small, unclosely friendship begins which leads more.

All Because of That Girl -- M/L PG-13 [Max POV]
Max hates the world, doesn't believe in love or anything that everybody else believe in. Michael and Tess are his best friend who are just like him. His world change after he mets the new girl, he ends up having weird encounter with her and unwillingly to admit the fact that he has a thing for her.

Black Widow -- M/L PG-13 [Max POV]
Max isn't your typical jock. He thinks a lot. Especially the girl who people refer to as the 'Black Widow'. She happens to be what guy dreams about but it won't ever happen cause of her past. A project will bring them together uneasily and he'll realize about his own problem and not just hers.


It's All a Dream -- [Max POV] PG-13
Max thinks back of what he done with Tess, what he done to Liz and what he done with himself.

The Rough Guy -- M/M PG-13
The Rough Guy and his girl.


Drugs, Alcohol and Love -- M/L CC PG-13 |Part Pro-1a|
Max, Michael and Isabel moves to Roswell, NM. Max and Michael are bunch of druggies whose life is fucked-up.

Playing the Matchmaker -- M/L PG |Part 1|
Maria decides to do some matchmaking for her best friend Liz and her brother Max.

Living My Life -- M/L PG-13 [Liz POV] |Part Pro-9a|
Liz just living her life till the day Max moves to town and change the way she live her life.

Depression -- M/L PG-13 [Liz POV] |Part Pro-1|
Liz depress and all, and hell moving to the Alien Capital.

The Poser Game -- M/L/Z PG-13 [Zan POV] |Part Pro-2|
Zan playing a game where you can be anyone. And everyone is in it.

Slumber Party with 'The Weirds' -- M/L CC PG-13 |Part 1-7a|
Liz, Maria and Isabel are the popular chicks, while Max, Michael and Alex are weirdos. One night with all of them together? All the tension.

Fear -- M/L PG |Part 1-8a|
She watches them and she knows what there're hiding. No one knows and they don't know her. Till the day she's shot and save by the healer and finally being free from invisible.

Things You Never Knew -- M/L PG-13 [Liz POV] |Part 1-4|
Liz punk-rock and all and moves to hicksville Roswell. Where she meets some unique people she never thought of meeting.

How Far Would You Go? -- M/L CC PG-13 |Part 1|
A group of friends who are totally un-a-like and meets two new un-a-like guys.


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