posted on 22-Oct-2002 6:36:02 AM
It’s Cold Out
No mind sees anything but cold blood on the floor
It should be against the law to love this much
And when it’s Raining outside I feel cold
And it’s 150 I feel cold
Like there’s a knife in back
Like there is a rope around my neck
But somehow when I see you I’m not cold
Not Cold Inside at all
Just warm inside
Cause your faces circles with a glow
And your lips Raspberry red
Like the cold blood on the floor
In my mind
Cause when you left me be hide the was no glow
Just me weeping
Just me screaming out load
Cold Cold I’m Cold Cold Cold I’m so damn cold
Right Now
With your glow gone
There’s a knife in my back
There’s a rope around my neck
I need your glow
Before I ‘m dead and cold again
I need for you to know
I dead and very cold because I lost your glow.

A poem by:Kieran

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posted on 5-Nov-2002 10:07:05 PM
There is a light
Around you
Make me feel
Good in side
Nobody has ever made my feel
So alive
When I am around you I get a rush
Threw my blood and such
You make me feel like I have a purpose
To be living on this planet with my mind
And with my heart
When you are around everything stops
Frozen when you walk by me
Talk be me
Well even when you breathe on me
I’ve gotta rush in my blood and such
You give me a rush.
Like nothing else
All by yourself
Your perfect
Don’t change
I was a stonewall
Before you came
Nobody comes in
Nobody comes out
I was alone
For so long
I didn’t let anybody in
I hated everything and everyone
I had enough of everyone
I’m threw with people
And all alien hybrids
I had enough of..
Be it seems I never get enough of you

posted on 10-Nov-2002 4:07:42 PM
That was really good!
posted on 11-Nov-2002 8:33:41 PM
posted on 6-Dec-2002 7:40:03 PM
I can’t

I can’t make you Understand
I can’t be want you want me to
It’s impossible
For me to be
What you want me to
What you want me to
I find dreaming about things that can’t happen
Never gonna’ happen
Not even if I wish as hard as could
Cause I can’t make you want
I can’t make you happy
And I don’t wanna make you worry
But I do
I know I do
Make you wonder
Make worry
I can’t make you understand
I can’t make you happy
Cause that’s not me at all
It’s not my fault
I wasn’t built that way
Why do think I’m always angry
Cause not
Not at all
People judge
People hate
And I can’t be that way
I can’t make you understand
Why I can’t be this way
You know I love
But you just don’t understand me
And I can’t make you listen
As much as I want you to
I know you try
I can’t make you Understand
Why I am the way I am