Title: To Restore the Past

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Charmed. The characters that are mine are Sarah Turner and Elizabeth Belland.

Category: Piper/Leo, Phoebe/Cole, Paige/Glen

Summary: The year is 2019. Cousins Melinda Wyatt, Sarah Turner, and Elizabeth Belland are a new generation of Charmed Ones who, like their mothers, have the power of three. Wanting to rid the world of this new threat to evil, the new Source (a familiar foe) enacts a diabolical plan to destroy the new Charmed Ones…

Rating: PG-13

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October 28, 2019

Chapter 1: Halloween Plans

Melinda Wyatt gave a final wave to her friends as she walked out into the crisp fall sunshine after a very productive homecoming committee meeting. At age seventeen, she was tall and slender, with vibrant blue eyes and light brown curly hair. She had an elegant beauty and an air of calm confidence about her that made her a natural leader. In fact, she had been newly elected the senior class president, which was no surprise to her friends or her family. Speaking of family, her younger cousins Sarah Turner (age 16) and Elizabeth Belland (age 15) were already waiting for her in their usual meeting place by the picnic tables. Sarah was still wearing her cheerleading uniform, while Elizabeth had changed out of her Juliet costume after play practice.

“Sorry I’m late, you guys,” Melinda apologized as she joined her cousins. “There were a few last minute details to take care of. Nobody could agree on a simple thing like what time tomorrow morning to start decorating the floats or what part of the decorations each person should bring.”

Sarah put her arm around Melinda as they headed toward the car. “We’ll forgive you, just this once,” she teased, a playful grin on her face.

“Just don’t let it happen again,” Elizabeth chimed in, laughing.

“So, what are we doing tonight?” Sarah asked, fixing her ponytail to pull her dark hair back more securely. It was a Friday, and although the cousins usually went out with their boyfriends, they had decided that tonight would be a girls’ night.

“There’s a haunted hayride at Twinbrook Farms,” Elizabeth suggested. “And afterwards we could rent scary movies or something.”

“Sounds good,” Melinda agreed. “While we’re at the farm, we could pick up some pumpkins to carve tonight and some apple cider.”

“Great idea, cuz,” Sarah gave her approval for the plan. “This is going to be a blast! We have the whole manor to ourselves since our parents have that Halloween Ball at P3.” P3 was the best club in San Francisco, and Aunt Piper owned it. The cousins couldn’t wait to be of age to go to P3, but for now they’d settle for their own Halloween fun without parents around.

After picking up videos and food, they returned to the manor. The manor was still the family gathering place, and Melinda lived there with her mother Piper and father Leo. Sarah and her parents, Phoebe and Cole, lived next door where Dan used to live. Across the street lived Elizabeth and her parents, Paige and Glen. Theirs was a very close-knit family, and one that held many secrets, secrets of witches, whitelighters, powers, and demons that occasionally needed to be vanquished. For the most part, though, they all managed to lead fairly normal lives. Like tonight. Tonight was supposed to be a fun, normal, demon-free night. Too bad the new Source had other plans. Very soon, the Charmed cousins would face the greatest threat they’ve ever known…

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