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September 14th 2000
I'm Liz Parker. I do really want to be Max's new young bride and I really would have been with him, not Tess. Whatever I told Kyle was that Tess became his first young bride, so that Kyle told Tess to get away from Max and she should get another destiny so that after that I became Max's new young bride and it really worked from just as it was from Kyle.

September 28th 2000
I'm Liz Parker. I just don't believe I had to walk away from Max after I dumped him because of his destiny and Tess wouldn't let me win him back. What will I do if still don't get him back? I'll just have to find out and I would tell River Dog about Tess that took Max away from me, and he has answers.

October 1st 2000
Today has been strange. The pain from losing Max has become more obvious to the people around me. I was with Maria at the Crashdown this morning, and when she said something funny, I accidentally called her Max. She gave me her knowing look. I hate that look. When I left Max outside the pod chamber that day, the aching I felt was so terrible, I thought my life must have ended. In a way, I've been keeping the hurt inside. I feel like if I don't talk to anyone about it, I don't have to accept it. What can I do, though? It seems that Max was never meant to have a part in my life. Am I supposed to just move on? I can't. I can't move on. It still hurts too much. I'm afraid of seeing him, afraid of running into him at the grocery store or at school. He knows me too well. One glance at me, and he'll know what pain he's caused me. He'll know about the silent tears that wet my cheeks every night. He'll see the misery that's lurked inside since that fateful day. I can't let him see me like that. It would kill him. Max...oh, Max...what am I going to do?

October 2nd 2000
I'm Liz Parker. It has been one year since I got shot on the day September 18th, 1999, and then this man I know was Max Evans, he was an alien from his home planet that he healed me and changed me before we became soul mates.

October 9th 2000
I'm Liz Parker. It had been 105 days since I had to run off after I had to leave Max on the day of his destiny and I had to leave for Florida for the summer when it happened. I really need some courage, and that would be a way to get him back.

October 22nd 2000
I'm Liz Parker. I knew that Max met me before Tess, that girl from his past who bugged me and she won't let me get him back. She gets on my nerves that I hate her so much. He had loved me since we were in 3rd grade. It was horrible that I miss him still and it had been 4 weeks since we broke up and there was no way I could get him back. If I could ask River Dog, he can tell me there is a way that I might try to get him back.

October 23rd 2000
Wow. Where have I been? I remember I saw Michael today and I think I saw Alex once but besides that everything is dark. What's happening to me? I miss my friends but I must keep up that cold exterior. No one must know that I hurt.

November 13th 2000
After I learned that Max was destined to be with Tess, I tried to pull away, but Max was so determined, he wouldn't let me go. He was so persuasive, I was beginning to think that perhaps Max and I could beat the odds and be together. That night when he serenaded me with his Mexican love song, I knew I could no longer hold back. After all, Max did say that we make our own destiny. I wouldn't have imagined that this one belief would actually mean the end all hopes for our relationship. The weight of the world is literally resting on my shoulders, and for once, I wish I could just be a high school girl in love. It is cruelly ironic that my hopes of a future with Max, who's faith in our love never wavered, were in the end taken away by the same boy who fuels them. I cannot imagine living without the hope of being with Max in the future, I can no longer just be Liz Parker, high school student. I have gone from being Liz Parker, regular high school student, to Liz Parker, girl in love with an alien and keeper of secrets, back to Liz Parker, high school student. But the "regular" is about as out of this world as Max's home planet. Max, Maria, Alex, Michael, and Isabelle are the reason for waking up in the morning. Their survival has been my reason for living, and now that I have to step away, I don't know who I am anymore. I have come too far and seen too much, and nothing that was once significant means anything. I have been thrust back into a life I once embraced, without the boy I love, without any hope of being with him, and with the terrifying uncertainty that lies ahead.

January 1st 2001
The weirdest thing happened today. Max came to my window. The weird thing is it was the future Max. I told you something weird happened today. Not that everyday is normal. Ever since that day Max saved me and made me live again nothing has been as it was before. Normal. Well future Max was hotter than ever. I knew Max would get cuter as he aged well future Max came to my window and told me I had to help him make Max (present one) to fall out of love with me. I almost choked. Make Max fall OUT of love with me. I know I want him to be happy and I walked away from him but I still love him. But future Max had a good reason in the future Max n I are together that makes me happy to know. Well a few minutes before he arrived at my window he held Michael in his arms while Michael died they were in a war and they had found out that without Tess they weren't so strong. Tess left because everyone was pushing her away. So because I love Max so much I tried to help him I talked to Tess telling her I wanted to help her and Max get together. Her and Max were talking and me and the future Max were watching Tess said something that mad Max get mad he got up and he saw me. He looked really mad but I guess he wasn't because he kissed me. It was so hard but I pushed him away. I went home and future Max was there telling me that that didn't work it just made me love him more. So I went to the Crashdown I talked to Maria but not about future Max about Michael she was so upset saying he looked so guilty she could never forgive him. It gave me an idea. But I had to talk to Kyle first. He agreed to my plan. He doesn't know why I am doing it. He thinks that Max must have really pissed me off. Like Max could ever make me even angry. Well the plan was to be in bed looking like we were.... well you know and when Max seen that he would fall OUT of love with me. Future Max said it wouldn't work but he saw wrong. Max saw us and he left without saying anything. The look of hurt in his eyes. I'll never get that image out of my! mind. Kyle left future Max came out and told me how much that hurt him. He had told me before that he and I had gotten married at age 19 I still think that was young but...now that I will never marry Max I think 19 would have been the perfect age to get married. Well I told future Max that I wanted my wedding dance. So we did. I danced and danced. I spun once, twice then he was gone.

March 18th 2001
Dear Journal, I'm Liz Parker. And this weekend so far has been awful. I'm sitting here thinking about Max. He came into the Crash Down today with Tess. God, if Max is going to come into my work place with Tess at least don't call me over to take his order. I acted mutual and cool, but I couldn’t help noticing how much Tess was all over Max. It doesn't matter to me, because we all know who Max loves most, and it's me. I think maybe if I told Max about him coming from the future that maybe it would make him loosen off of Tess, and come more onto me. But what if I do tell him and he goes off to Tess even more? I'm so confused, I don't know what to think or do about this problem. I don't. Liz Parker.

March 20th 2001
Dear Journal, I can't believe Max refuses to take me back and he's still attracted to Tess. Now we can't reunite and it's not fair why we have to break up and be separated months ago. I'll just find my way to make him break up with Tess, and he will apologize to me about breaking up.

March 27th 2001
Dear Journal, The day is March 27th and I died a year and a half ago. I was so jealous when Michael and Maria got together. But then I got with Max and everything was ok. But.. we broke up.. and it got bad. I envy Maria so much now. I mean she has an alien boyfriend and is friends with Max. And then Michael.. he has his own motorcycle. I wish Max owned a motorcycle. Mmmm he'd look so fine. But I wouldn't be on the back of it.. oh no he'd probably put Kyle before me. I am so obsessed with Max, I cant get him out of my mind. Like.. last week I broke into his house and stole his lucky horseshoe from his wall. Obsession. Obsession. Obsession. Buddha help me!
P.S. What do you think Isabel saw when she kissed Alex? That's always bugged me.

March 31st 2001
Why did Tess have to come to Roswell? Sigh...I miss Max so much- I know journal what your thinking.

April 1st 2001
Happy April Fools Day! Well, at least that is what I feel like a...fool. Sometimes I wish I never met Max Evans. That I misjudged the simple values of being a small town girl, the merits of being normal .I thought Max and I had grown closer since Vegas but we haven't that miserable lie still stands between us. Yet, I know that even with all our problems I would never want to go back with not knowing. Alex, Maria, Kyle and I are apart of something amazing we know something that millions of people have pondered and either mocked or believed whole heartedly...So, where do I stand as of now I don't know... loss I guess...Even with all this at least I know that we all have a chance at survival...all of us, this time around.

April 6th 2001
My name is Liz Parker and I'm in love with an Alien who thinks I slept with my ex boyfriend. Which I didn't... I made him think that so he could go with another alien and I did that because my love came from the future to tell me that in the future our love killed two of my best friends who also happen to be aliens. COULD MY LIFE BE ANY WORSE???

April 7th 2001
Sigh........... Maria and I were walking around town the other day, looking in shop windows at the clothes that we could never afford, and in the glass I saw Max. I didn't turn around though, I know that he would hate that. He did see me, I'm sure of it, I saw his eyes look right at me, and then back to Michael. I wish he could still come up to me, were supposeto be friends. I still love him and I always will. I wish he could say the same for me.

April 8th 2001
Dear Journal, Today was one of the hardest days of my life, but I guess that's pretty hard to say because I have been saying that everyday since last October, when my world ended, when future Max came. God, I just want to tell Max the truth, about Kyle, why can't I just bring myself to do it? I Love him, I need him, I'm a wreck without him, and everyday I go on, and I just don't know how I make it trough the day without him. I must go on, but how?
-Liz Parker

April 11th 2001
I'm Liz Parker and I am on the outside an all American straight A student girl, but on the inside, I hold secrets deeper and darker then probably anyone in Roswell, any human that is. Today I saw Max with Tess today, He was happy with her, I mean he should be she's destiny. God, I just miss him so much though I cry each night alone on the balcony where he saw Kyle and I. I cry every time We Haven't Turned Around By Gomez comes on the radio, But I cry the most when I listen to I Shall Believe. Max doesn't know any of this, he thinks, god I don't even want to think of what he thinks of me. I feel like dying, and Sean isn't much of a comfort either, I mean yeah it's kind of nice to flirt and laugh once in awhile but it just hurts I don't know how to explain it all. I mean how am I supposed to live to go on. Every time I see him with her I feel like crawling into a hole and dying.
-Liz Parker

April 22nd 2001
Dear Journal,
Lately I have been feeling worse than ever. There are so many things going on in my life right now....so many problems....unsolved problems....and so many hidden secrets that I have. Sometimes I find myself being swamped with overwhelming emotions. I know that things aren't what they seem to be with everyone right now. I find myself becoming even more independent and distant from Max, Maria, Alex, Michael, Isabel, Kyle, my parents, Tess, and the whole freaking town! The one person that has helped me not sink completely down the hole into depression is Sean. I am so grateful to have him! I don't know what I'd do if Sean wasn't around. When I saw Max and Tess kissing at the prom I knew that that would be the last time to let myself go through more misery with the pod squad. I want to be happy for a change. I refuse to let him and those ungrateful, selfish, uncaring aliens ruin my life and destroy my goals and dreams! I won't let them do this to me anymore! I am moving on! I am going to start focusing more on me for once and what I want. That’s ! what I'll do! After I ran out of school, after witnessing the gerbil kissing who I'd thought to be my soul mate, I went to Sean at the bowling alley and we went.

April 24th 2001
I'm Liz Parker and everyone thinks I'm crazy. Alex died yesterday and I know he didn't kill himself. Alex wouldn't do that. I know him better than anyone...he wouldn't do that. I tried to tell everyone that but they wouldn't believe me. No one believes me. Not even Max or Maria. I'm on my own now. There's no one for me to turn to now. My rock is gone. Some one took him from me, from us, and I'm going to find out who. Or what did. And they will pay. I have a promise to keep to my friend. I have many miles still to go...

April 24th 2001- Continued
Just when I think that I might get some semblance of a normal life, fate turns around and slaps me in my face....But to be honest, I have had a gut feeling that something was going to happen....Back at prom, I could just feel it. Oh why did I have to see Max and Tess kiss....and why did I feel that it was just foretelling the future....Nothing last forever. Pain. Pain lasts. Pain in giving up the love of my life, pain in seeing others happy, but most of all, pain in seeing my life fall apart by the seams. Alex is dead. Died in a car crash. And Max couldn't even heal him. Now everyone is telling me it was 'apparent suicide'. Alex dead, I can't even comprehend. It's like looking at your own gravestone, but you know you're alive. No. There is something wrong with that phrase....like 'we make our own destinies'. No. I can't think like that. I won't. There is something wrong with it. Everything is wrong. Why is it wrong? Nothing is making sense. In my confusion, and the turmoil of my life, I will find the truth. Come hell or high water, I will find it out! SUICIDE? It isn't even possible. I refuse to believe it. Every fiber of my body tells me there is something wrong with Alex's death.....Please, why do I always lose the ones I love? I can't think like that anymore. I refuse to. I will find out the truth, even if it KILLS me. I am coming up with some evidence, but nothing is helping clear the air...except...I am just getting this HUGE feeling that Alex's death is alien related....hmmmm. I feel like Alex is around me, just waiting for me to figure it all out, all the pieces to the puzzle....and I will, I swear on my life. But now, I can only hope that my life will be restored to rights.

April 24th 2001- Continued
I just write and write and keep hoping it won't be true but it comes down to this...
Dear Journal, It's April 24th and I am Liz Parker. I really don't know where to begin. So much has happened. I just can't even begin to believe, it must be a dream. However then I wake up and know that it is not. Alex is gone. I mean real gone. He died three nights ago in an automobile accident. The police and everyone else thinks he may have committed suicide. Maria and Kyle believe me. But I know better. I do believe he was murder. Whether or not if it was alien related I am unsure of, but if it was I will find out. I owe to my friend no matter what it costs. Max won't believe. I guess in a way you can say I was shocked. Max use to believe in me. I guessed all of that has changed. There really is nothing left to hold on to. But I'll tell you this much. I will not rest or sleep until I find out what really happened to Alex. I owe him at least that to find out what really happened. I have miles to go before I sleep and things to do before I rest.

April 28th 2001
I've been praying that everything will fall into place with Alex's death. It's all that I can think about. I am just so angry right now, I feel that everyone has turned from me. I have to find some kind of evidence to link that picture of Leanne with Alex. Who would cut off his head like that. My first thought was jealousy, and then, all I could think of was murder. I knew Alex for all my life, and he would NEVER kill himself. I went to the dump to check out Alex's car, it was almost by accident that I found that picture....or was it? I feel that the photograph is all I have to go on. I just have to think about this. I will find a way, don't I always?

April 29th 2001
I have a promise to keep and miles to go before I sleep. I miss Alex. I miss Max. I'm so upset. I have no one. I hate my life. I need Max, but Tess put herself in the way of us again. I think I'm going crazy because of Alex. I have a promise to keep and miles to go before I sleep.
Liz Parker

May 1st 2001
I just want to cry. Max is being so mean to me and everyone else. Its like he's a completely different person. That's not the person I fell in love with. I think he's hiding something from me about Tess. I hate her and him at the time being. But, then again, I don't hate him. I just hate the way he's treating everyone lately. He needs to learn to deal with his issues. I wonder what ever happened to that therapy that Isabel said he was taking. Knowing him, he probably dropped out of doing it because he's so stubborn. Well for now, my emotions are more confusing than ever. I wish that things would just get better NOW.

May 4th 2001
Oh god my life really is falling apart what am I going to do now I cant go back to max because he is now with Tess why oh why did my life have to be so complicated Alex I miss you so much but I will find out the truth even without any of my so called friends help

May 8th 2001
I can't believe it's happening. Max is falling out of love with me. The Max I knew would have never spoke to me the way he just did over at Valenti's. Tess actually spoke up for me too! Maybe she isn't all that bad of a person. That's more than I can say for Max. After all we've been through. One day he will know the truth. I gave up everything for him and Isabel, Michael and Tess.
Wonder how he'll react when Michael give him the translation and that it came from Alex all along.

May 16th 2001
I'm Liz Parker and my life is falling apart. I can't be with Max because of his destiny and I'm still torn apart by Alex’s death. I just don't know what to do any more! I know Tess and max are getting closer (That makes me sick) and I'm getting closer to Sean. But nothing or no one will ever take the place of Max! Maybe I should listen to the advice my grandmamma gave me

May 17th 2001
Dear Diary, I keep looking back at all the events that link up to today, from the very first moment Max and I connected. I have kept their secrets, and helped them, and yes, I told my best friends, because I knew that they could be trusted. Some things happen for a reason, and some, well, you don't expect them to happen at all. Like poor Brody for example, apparently he suffered electrical shock when he was trying out his virtual reality program. He opened up a part of his brain that humans don't actually used, and thus tapped into Larecks memories. That has to be really confusing, and then causing him to go berserk and hold Max, Maria, and Tess captive. Amy was there, and so was Sean. I wonder, if Tess 'erased' Amy's memory of what happened that night, then why didn't she just clear Sean's too? Well anyway, I managed to help him keep his mouth closed by agreeing to go out with him. Which is basically blackmail, but it's not entirely in the same context. I think! I'm getting used to sacrificing a lot these days. Maybe I'll get a break at college or something.

May 21st 2001
I suppose that every single day of your life you have to go through tests to grow to be the person you are capable of being. This past year has been nothing but tests, for all of us. I've learned so many things today, last night, the past few days, that I'm trying in vain to process them all correctly. Leanne is not Leanne, she's human. Alex is dead, killed by Tess. Although Kyle was unwittingly a part of her plan too. Tess has been brain warping her heart's content to the chosen few of Roswell, NM. She Pregnant. She's hopefully, at Antar now. Max knows that I never slept with Kyle, but it hurts that he slept with her. That's what I wanted though right? It's still hard to imagine that they were, or (are)? married none the less though. Max didn't leave to Antar, neither did Isabel, or Michael. It was their one chance to go in the granilith, and they didn't leave, they decided to stay with us. So now I have Max, Maria has Michael, and Isabel has the truth about Alex, and Kyle, well now he knows the truth about his 'sister'.
It has been said that we live for today, and tomorrow is a dream, today, I live for tomorrow, and pray that yesterday was just a dream.

May 22nd 2001
Max came by today. My heart still aches when I see him. He wanted to talk. He actually apologized to me for the whole Alex situation. We didn't really say a whole lot. We just looked into each other's eyes to say it all. I still love him. I can't help myself. Even after he told me about Tess. I was angry at first, but who can blame him. I pushed him to her.
What happens now? I mean Tess is gone. How will they ever get home? All I know is that Max still loves me, but will it be enough?

May 24th 2001
I'm Liz Parker. I'm so confused about everything, especially about what's going to happen between me and Max. I love him, and I know he loves me, but when he said he wished it could all be different I know that it could have been. I know that I could have prevented my heartache, and Alex's death, by not listening to the future Max, but if I hadn't it would have resulted in the end of the world anyway. I agree with Max, I just wish that things could be different, and everything to be back the way it was before Tess came to Roswell.
May 29th 2001
I really don’t know if I did the best thing in changing the future. Now Alex is dead, Tess escaped with Max’s son. And I gave up everything with Max, our marriage, our night together. Max changed me that day in the Crashdown . I felt so different . I see things in a different way and I can see things nobody, even Max, can see. I feel powerful.

May 30th 2001
I have always loved Max, even when I pretended I didn't care about him. I only pretended to sleep with Kyle to save the aliens. I wish I could change the past. If I could, I would have told Max about Future Max in Las Vegas. I wish I could actually marry Max. Maybe someday. Now, with Tess gone, maybe I can rebuild my friendship with Max and make up for all the lost time. Since we kissed that night, I have been remembering what it felt like to be with Max. I remember how warm & safe I felt in his arms. I wish that somehow I could get all of that back. Max told me that I was his destiny. If that's true, then we must end up together. I am so glad that Max didn't go home. I would have felt like I was missing a part of myself. We had so many great times. Max & I were so close a year ago. If only I knew how to tell him the way I feel about him. If only I knew he felt the same way about me...

June 1st 2001
I'm Liz Parker and I’m confused.
Maria decided we needed girly bonding so we went to the Mall, She thought it would take my mind off Max! Maria is such a good person who loves her friends but I really need to think about Max. Maybe I should go over there and see if Max is okay, H said he need's to figure things out and I don't blame him it's just that KISS! I believe Max is my soul mate and I guess if we are met to be together we will, But fate has a way of showing it's ugly head at the wrong time! I am envious of Michael and Maria but I am happy for them. It's about time they shared some happiness. I saw Kyle he look's in pretty bad shape, Tess is not worth the paper this is written on but what she did and the pain she has caused will never be forgotten!!!
Anyway my shift it's late and all that talking with Maria tired me out! Maybe for once I hope that fate will be on all of our sides.

June 4th 2001
I'm just trying to get my head sorted out. Ok, Max told me that he loved me, which I get, but I just don't know if its true. I mean, he did sleep with the mind-warping-bitch, and it hurts me that he did that. I know it was me who led him to it, but it still hurts. I can only imagine how he felt when he thought I slept with Kyle....I hate myself so much sometimes knowing what I put him through, and really, did it actually do any good? I can't see anything that it helped. Alex is dead. Was it my fault then? I changed the future...did that cause it? Oh god........Well, at least Max now knows that I didn't sleep with him, I just wish he knew the whole story. I want to tell him how much pain I was in when I did that. It hurt me too. I hope that it works out between us. I want to be with him so bad, I love him. I feel bad saying this, but its not just 'him' that I miss, its the way he made me feel. His arms protected me, through everything, and when we were waiting for the ship to take off at the pods, I felt so safe again. I've tried to stop loving him, I tried so hard, but I can't stop. He's my soul mate, forever.

June 4th 2001- Later
I have been crying on my bed since I got back from Max's! He told me to go and that he couldn't stand to see me!! Michael and I really talked for the first time today and it was nice!! Michael isn't all bad Maria is right and I’m happy for them. Liz Parker and Max Evans are not meant to be! Noooooo I don't mean that coz I know we are! Max will call and say sorry and we'll talk it through! I know he will.
Yes he called I’m going over there now!

June 5th 2001
Last night was great, Me and Max talked for about three hours straight about EVERYTHING! we cried, we kissed, we talked, we yelled! But the end result was us hugging. Max and I are going to start over and if things lead to us being together again then so be it! I called Maria and told her about it as soon as I got home, I think I interrupted something!! Maria said she was happy for me and I got a huge hug from her when we started our shift at the Crash Down! Michael gave me a hug ?!?!?!?!!? It was shocking, Maria told him to I think! Michaels funny ! Anyway were all going to the beach at the weekend, It's the first group outing in a while that doesn't involve running from aliens!! I'm looking forward to it!

June 6th 2001
Dear Diary, It is June 6th and I guess you must be wondering what is going on inside my head. Is there such a pain that you can't feel anymore? It grows throughout your entire body until you are a spectator of your own life. You see all your mistakes and though its your life, you are powerless to stop the pain because you are an observer instead of a participant. I just wish that the pain could be felt so I knew that I was still alive.

June 14th 2001
Hay I’m back from my fun filled trip with my friends and the love of my life Kyle - Only kidding Max!! Myself and Max had a good talk many infarct and I realize we will be together because its our fate. I'm behind Max's search 100% but the idea that I might have to see Tess again makes me sick and Maria will have to be held back as will myself and Isabel and Michael and Kyle!!! Maria says her and Michael are sooo in love and he is being the perfect girlfriend, Maria seems to get along well with Isabel which kind of made me jealous but I haven't been a good friend lately and that’s going to change! I mean that!

June 21st 2001
Dear Journal, I've always been this small town girl, perfect with everything. Great grades, great friends, great parents. You could say that life was great. Then Max Evans saved me and risked everything. Michael, Isabel, and himself. Well You already know all that but I was pulled into this weird circle. It involved Isabel, Michael, and Max. Then I pulled Maria in. Then Alex. Then Kyle followed, as did his dad, the Sheriff. Alex is the one I regret pulling in. He's dead now. If I had shut my mouth and not told him anything, he wouldn't be dead now. He would be alive, breathing and cracking jokes. I miss you Alex! Please come back. I found out that Tess killed Alex. The blonde shit head. I gave her everything. I gave her Max. I saved the world and pushed Max towards her. She rewards me by killing my sweet Alex. My best friend, my brother. Nothing can bring Alex back because the granolith is gone for forever. that stupid blonde was sent back to her planet. One day though, Tess will be back, and when she is...she'll have to face me. I may look innocent but who says I am? Max wants me to help get his son back. Fat chance. I love Max but he slept with my enemy. He slept with someone who killed my best friend. I don't know if I can forgive him. Thank you Journal, for always listening to me, and for always being there for me. You remind me of Alex so can I call you that? From now on I will title you Alex....bye for now my friend, bye for now.

June 22nd 2001
I am so happy, it's as if Tess never came to Roswell, but I will never forget what she did to us all, especially Alex. Max is so sweet, but I know he is worried about his son. His son, not Tess's, she is not fit to be a mother. I f he finds his son, no WHEN he finds his son, I wonder if he will want me to be his mother. You know, I think I would, it would bind us together. Michael and Maria are getting on fine, we're going out with them tomorrow night. Oh my god, I can finally say we again, because Max and me are a pair forever. No matter what. Nothing can come between us anymore, I won't let it. Not even if Tess comes back. She would be stupid to come back, Max and Michael wouldn't have to do anything. Maria, Isabel and I would get revenge ourselves. Isabel for losing her Love (I know how that feels) and Maria and I for losing our best friend.

June 25th 2001
Max is so wonderful, I LOVE him so much. When I told him I would be his son's mother he cried. We had this massive heart to heart and I don't think I have ever felt so loved. I think Maria feels the same way about Michael.

June 29th 2001
Ok. I had a LOT of fun last night. Isabel and I slept over at Maria's house. It was TOTALLY fun. Izzy and Maria are like my best friends. We talked a lot, especially about Max, Michael, and Kyle. See, I wasn't that comfortable talkingabout Kyle, since I used to date him, but it was OK. I think Kyle ad Isabel should go for it. I mean I know Izzy fell in love with Alex, but she has to move on, and I think she's starting to get feelings for Kyle. I guess humans just aren't attracted to other humans, and aliens aren't attracted to other aliens. Weird, huh? See, you can think you're falling for one of your same species, when you really aren't. Ok, that comment was a little far-fetched. I'm starting to sound like Maria, no offense to her or anything. I like spending time with Max, I love him, but I also enjoy spending time with Maria and Isabel, cause I can giggle. When's the last time I've giggled anyway? Junior High? The other day, at the Crashdown, when Maria and I were on break, Izzy came up to us to talk. I got in a giggling fit, right when Max came in. It was embarrassing, but it was fun. LOL. Well I g2g. I have a date with Max in about an hour, and I have NO idea what to wear! Later.

July 1st 2001
Max and I went to this boring expensive fancy restaurant on our date last night. Then he asked if I wanted to go someplace else. I said +the bowling alley+ he said +it's closed+ I said, +I know+ We slid on the bowling aisle. it was fun. And even though Sean was more of a trouble maker and I had fun with him, I had even more fun with Max. Maybe because I'm in love with Max. At Maria's sleepover, Sean kept hitting on me. I didn't like it at all. Maybe because I'm no longer single. I also recall Sean saying +I don't eat off another man' taco platter.+ that was obviously a lie. g2g. Maria, Izzy, and I are going on another girl's night out. The guys (Michael, Max, and Kyle) do stuff while us girls are out also.

July 3rd 2001
I'm going to Isabel's this weekend, her Mum and Dad are going to be away. I just heard that Max has invited Michael and Kyle over the same day so us girls should have a great laugh spying on them and playing tricks on them. I can't wait. Maybe we could all join up together after the jokes and then I could spend the night lying in Max's arms. That would be great. Well I've got to go. Isabel, Maria and I decide that if the boys we like are going to see us in our night clothes, we had better get something to knock them dead.

July 4th 2001
It's Fourth of July and I'm Liz Parker. Well, well. Last night was a BLAST! I nailed Max with shaving foam. Then he started tickling me. Oh, I had so much fun. We got to Izzy's earlier than the boys- as usual, they are so late. We put on our sleeping clothes and it was 8:00 p.m. We pretended to watch a video when the boys realized we were in Izzy's room. Max saw me and his jaw just dropped- literally. Hehe. We had fun though. However, I don't know if I imagined this or not, I saw Alex, watching over us. Maybe I'm just dreaming. I do that sometimes. But today we get to pop firecrackers!!! And drink Apple Cider. Sparkling Apple Cider. Gotta go, Maria and Izzy are here. We are going shopping- groceries.

July 9th 2001
I love spending time with my friends, although I wish Alex were there too. I don't want to get into the Tess/Alex thing, right now though, not when this has been the best summer of my life. Maxwell came over for a little while, he actually just left. (You know, the rooftop thing...?) It's hell tight, how we can just talk now. We don't bother bringing up Tess or Alex into anything. I was talking to Sean at the crashdown the other day, and it looked like Max was about to kill Sean. Looks like he's jealous. I need to Tell Maxwell that Sean is just my friend, well sort of. I don't like how Sean hits on me though. Isabel is sick, but Maria and I are going to a theme park tomorrow. We both love roller coasters, Maria likes them a little bit more though. There is one I refuse to go on, but somehow I get the feeling that I'll end up on it, knowing how persuasive that girl is. She should be a lawyer. I think she wants to sing though. Oh well. Lots of hugs and kisses,

July 11th 2001
I'm Liz Parker and lately I've been thinking about Alex so much. Every since that night in Izzy's room when I thought I saw him watching over us he's all I've been able to think about. I walked into my room yesterday and saw a picture of him Maria and me in one of my desk drawers and started to cry. I hate Tess for killing him. Well, I'm headed over to Maria's tonight for a girls night. Bye. Liz

July 12th 2001
I can't wait till tomorrow. Our parents are so cool to let us all go away for a week. A whole week with just my best friends, could it get any better than this. Max came over when I was packing, he had packed this morning. He said he would help, but he was more of a distraction. I suppose I'll just have to get up early tomorrow and pack. I am so excited. I just know I won't get any sleep. Maybe I'll call Max, his reassuring voice can always calm me down when I can't sleep.

July 13th 2001
I am soaking wet. LOL. It's actually pretty funny. I'll tell you why... see Max and I were kissing under the balcony, and we got soaking wet, because the rest of the gang was up on the balcony, and they dumped water on our heads. Don't worry we got back at them! LOL. Now everyone's wet. Well I'm going to go change before I get pneumonia.
Love, Liz Parker

July 19th 2001
Maria, Isabel, and I went to the mall today. I was getting something for Max when all of a sudden Isabel yanks on my arm and tells me to look in the window. And then I had a flash of Alex, Maria, and myself at the mall just messing around. I started to cry. But what she was really trying to show me was it looked like Alex was right there watching us shop. It freaked Maria out. After we got what we wanted we went back to Isabel and Max's house to tell the guys about how we keep seeing Alex every where we go. It was weird because Kyle said the same thing happened to him, but it was like a flash back of the time they had spent together. Well, I got to go.

July 20th 2001
Oh my!!! I can’t believe how much I LOVE MAX!!!! We had so much fun after the buckets of water!! We all sat and watched the water and then all of a sudden each of the guys grabbed all of us girls and carried us to the water and threw us in!! It was sooo much fun cause then we pulled them in and had water fights where you had to sit on the guys shoulders and try to knock the other girls off! I knocked over Izzy, she was on Kyle’s back!! and of course I was on my beautiful boyfriend MAX!!! After a while of playing in the water we saw something moving in the water and we all got scared until Michael said it was just a big turtle, we all laughed!! After that we told ghost stories and went to bed! but me and max didn’t, we stayed up ALL night and just looked at the stars and talked about EVERYTHING!! That was one of the most magical nights ever!!
Elizabeth Parker

July 26th 2000
OK. So, I'm really, really bored. Max and I got in a fight today. (don't worry, just a small, ridiculous one) See, Maria, Michael, Max, and I all double dated. 1st we saw this chick flick (Legally Blonde), then we watched this stupid guy movie, and I don't even know what it's CALLED. We had all agreed on a compromise. If we made them watch a chick flick, then the guys would make us watch their dumb movie. Anyway, I said, +that was the stupidest movie I've ever seen in my life!+ (after the guy movie) Max said +and Legally Blonde was GOOD?+ I said, +as a matter of fact it was, Reese Witherspoon is tight.+ and Maria joined in +yep. next time Just Liz and I are going to see the movie alone.+ +America's Sweethearts?+ I asked. She said +yeah+ then we started to walk away talking about it while we left Max and Michael standing their. I overhead Michael say +who need's 'me?+ and Max said +not me.+ Believe me, when it comes to style, they need us, they just don't know it yet. Someday when they're mature enough to understand, they'll realize that we were right, and they were WRONG! OK. I have to go pee. (yes, I'm acting like Maria lately, and Maria's acting like me!)

July 27th 2000
Today was ok... I guess. Max is still really upset about what happened with Tess and the whole baby thing. I don’t really think that he cared all that much for Tess. The only thing that made him love her was the fact that she was caring his son. I feel so bad for him but Isabel and Michael and everyone else keeps telling me that theirs nothing I can do but just give him space. You know... let him figure out what has going to do. I know that he really wants to raise his son and be a good father... cuz that just how Max is. But he honestly cant do that. I know that he knows what he did was right... he just cant see that right now. Hopefully soon he will be able to figure something out...
Liz Parker