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Well, we have a new board. This means reposting everything that was on the old board. OK, why not? If you've never read my stories, here's a little background. The stories are basically scripts for a TV show. We started right after the TV 'step back' with a little story called "The Roswell E-Mail". We took the basic Roswell premise, but then followed a much different path than the TV producers chose to navigate. A story called "Balance Statements" came next, where we went even further down our own road; a road never to be encumbered by destiny. It was about that time that our shows got picked up by the B.S. NETWORK, who's owner insisted on doing things very much her own way. On the B.S. Network, things kept evolving and we soon offered "Balance Statements II". "Honey, I Can't Remember" came next, followed by "Czech Your Dimensions" and, most recently, "This Is Only A Tesst". In our humble opinion, this is Roswell, The Way It Ought To Be

Author: John
E-Mail: jogor1160⊕
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Category: Other Stories
Summary: After the step-back, with a series of e-mail letters and live dialog adventures our heroes strengthen their friendships and ultimately solve the balance issues disrupting their happiness.

Liz has been thinking a lot lately and realizes Max has a point about getting so involved that nothing else matters. However, she's convinced herself he's wrong about them not belonging together and she e-mails him to try to bring him back to normal. She points out that things can be out of balance in either extreme. Alex, who only recently found out about Max and the others, has created a special e-mail encryption routine that only the gang can decode. This means they can communicate freely using their computers.

To: mevans⊕
Fm: lparker⊕
Re: Boo! I’m Not Scared Anymore.


My Max,
It’s been some time since you asked me to take a step back. As you know, I’d even take a step off a cliff or anything else you ask, anytime you ask. I want to share what I see and feel from this 'stepped back' location. First of all,you are absolutely right. I now feel the same way you do. Not long ago, all I wanted to do was be with you; nothing else mattered. I think we were at the beginning of enjoying a more serious relationship and, like a new toy when you first get it, you spend too much time with it. We both turned off the world. Unfortunately, we were both at that oblivious stage when Michael’s curiosity almost cost him his life. I have this recurring dream that Michael didn’t make it. In my dream, I feel his spirit haunting me. It says, “I was sure you were my friend. What happened when I needed you most?” I have to keep reminding myself that he’s really OK. I feel so guilty I’ve had to go see him a couple of times just so I can assure myself that he’s really still the same Michael we all love. In my dream, he did not make it because, without my strength at the beginning and because I distracted you, there wasn’t enough power in the circle. Yes;you pegged it! I WAS worried that it might have been you. That was selfish. You weren’t in trouble, Michael was. I know now that 2 people cannot shut out the world just to be together. Max, life is a sum of it’s parts and other people, places and things are a part of it. No matter how great something is, it cannot be all consuming. You are absolutely right when you say we need balance. I want to give you my solemn promise that I’ll never fail to act to help another again. To do so would be an insult to what you did for me. That having been said, there’s this other problem. Life, without you as a part of it, IS AS OUT OF BALANCE as was life with you to the exclusion of everything else. I can’t not see you. If I don’t, I’ll spend too much time thinking about you and worrying about you. There’s no balance in constant thinking and worrying either. Let’s get together soon. As for being scared, I’m over that now. Let me share with you why you needn’t be too scared any more either. Alex told me that, while talking with Isabelle, Iz told him that both you and she were really very human in lot of ways. You know, as I think about it, she’s right. You really should not have to live with much more fear than anyone else does. You worry about what is normal. You worry about pretending to be normal. You worry about not being normal. You worry that things might not appear normal. You worry about reality. I’m worried that you worry too much. Sometimes you worry so much you forget what you know is real. For example, when Michael was sick, you worried that 16 might just be your life cycle; that what was happening to him was normal. You forgot what you already knew. Riverdog told us about someone like you that he had helped years before who was older than you are. See? You create your own fear by always expecting the worst. There is absolutely no reason that, with a little bit of caution and common sense, that you can’t have a life that includes something besides worry. Think about it Max. Everyone on this planet (or anywhere else) has his or her own “normal”. What you found out when Michael got sick is simple. It’s that you probably shouldn’t visit Riverdog’s sweat lodge. For you, that’s a normal way of life. That’s really easier to avoid than it is say for a person who has a peanut allergy and who could die from accidentally eating just one nut. There are people with that condition. To them, not eating peanuts is “normal” because it has to be. They have to be careful, but it does not stop them from living, loving, and functioning. One peanut allergy like discovery in 10 years that might be might cause a life-threatening situation for you is really pretty good odds. It certainly does not prove to me that we don’t “belong together” when so much tells me otherwise. You know what? I promise to remind you not to go to the sweat lodge.
You worry about being discovered as “not of this world.” Now, I grant you, you do have to keep that secret…not because of anything you’ve done…but because of how others would respond. This is not any different than a poor man I heard about with mixed racial blood. He inherited all the “right” genes and was totally socially acceptable because, from appearance, he was the same as all his friends. Then, someone found out his true heritage and now he’s shunned and all alone. If you want to feel badly for someone with a secret, go watch the film “School Ties”.
Yes, there are people who have to keep personal secrets. It’s too bad that society forces such situations, but…yes, for you that’s “normal”. You’ve done it for 10 years. It’s doable. Don’t worry about it; just keep doing what you’ve always done. You invited me to help you live with that secret. Know what? I’m ready willing and able. Some “different” gene sequences in your physical body in no way detract from who you are as far as I'm concerned. It finally hit me too why you told Alex that he saved your life at the hospital. It took me awhile to get it. I knew, and I think he knew, that you really weren’t in danger of dying. What you meant was he saved your “life” as you know it. The government would have certainly changed it for you had a new blood type been discovered. But you know, the government treats a lot of people that way. Ideally they should treat you no differently that an immigrant from Czechoslovakia. Since you know they won’t do that, avoiding the government for you is “normal”. However, you’re not the only one that avoids the government. Guess what? People do it every day. I’ll do your taxes and make sure you don’t get arrested.
You also worry about your heritage. So do a lot of people; genealogy is big time on the Internet. Maybe some day there will inter-galaxy connections. In the meantime, do what you can, find out what you can, but don’t obsess about something you cannot control. There are many people who don’t even know as much as you do about where they came from. You did not ask to be here, but I thank God every day that you are. Max, you can have a good life. You have parents that love you, friends that would do anything for you, and me that can’t live without you. You really don’t have to PRETEND anything is normal. Just decide what is normal for you and live it, keeping in mind that a person’s “normal” can change at any time; not just yours, anyone’s. Despite Michael’s dream that a spaceship might swoop down and take you all away, that’s not likely to happen. It has not happened in 10 or 20 years. You cannot live as if that possibility is “normal”. Sure, it might happen; but so might the Second Coming. You need to be planning for the future, not assuming you don’t have one. I see you as a part of it for a long time. You’re smart and have a lot to offer to others. School…work… college…career… why not? It’s trite, but true; the only thing you have to fear is fear. You are so much better off, even with your personal “normal” restrictions than so many others in this world (or probably other worlds) that to OD worrying about how you are too unique to function is not fair to anyone; especially yourself.
One last thing. Don’t worry about me. You know, I could “be together” with someone else. That someone might never have a problem, or he might get cancer, have a heart attack, or get run over by a garbage truck. There are no guarantees in life. I know that. If something took you from me or me from you, fond memories would eventually overtake emptiness. You MIGHT just be in the slightly higher risk category of someday being gone from my life, but I’ll take that chance. Our souls have bonded somehow. You’ll never be far from my thoughts. You were present when my grandmother told me to “follow your heart.” I think she meant that for you too. When you follow your heart, you make your own normal, even if it means risk. Life is boring without some risk isn’t it? Isn’t it just normal for us to be together… in a balanced sort of way of course;to look out for each other and not to worry about things we cannot control? Isn’t better to take advantage of each other’s strengths and control the things we can? I’m here Max. Just tell me when I can take a baby step forward.


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It’s been days since Liz sent her e-mail to Max. He has not said anything to her about it, even through they’ve said “hey” few times at school. He still has not responded electronically either. She is hoping that something she said might convince him that they could still have a relationship; that she hadn’t blown the whole thing with her selfish fear. In addition, she does not know it yet, but she’s about to have some other questions to answer. Anxiously, she turns on her computer…her heart jumped as it announced, “you’ve got mail”.

To: Liz⊕
Fm: Alex⊕
Subject: I can’t sort this out!

(Alex…she thought. I love him of course,in the friendly way I have for years…but I really need to hear from Max. Oh well, might as well see what Alex is up to.)

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“Oh…I need the decode routine Alex gave me”, she said aloud for no apparent reason. (She slips the disk into her computer.) {Remember, Alex has written a special encryption routine, so the friends could computer chat with some degree of security.}


To: Liz⊕
Fm: Alex⊕
Subject: I can’t sort this out!

Ever since our night in jail together my life has been nothing but contradictions. The only good thing to come out of that is I’m finally back in the loop with you and Maria. Man how I missed that! We’d been doing things together for so long, you can’t imagine how it was to be shut out...listening to you and Maria talk about Czechoslovakians, evading everything I’d ask…you two not even being willing to study together with me anymore. I know you didn’t mean to hurt me… and I now know why you did it…but it still was an agonizing time. But now the circle is bigger and I feel like I’m orbiting around the outside of it. I know I have no one to blame but myself. I forced the issue. I’m sure you thought that telling me the secret “not yours to tell” was better than letting me blow the whistle on the whole thing. One minute I agree with you totally. The next minute, I’m not so sure. Maybe if I had just trusted you, my life would still be normal. I would have if it weren’t for the loneliness I was feeling. I saw a way to force myself back into what I thought would be the old group. Please forgive me for that. I know it made you break a rather sacred promise. I wonder if I made a mistake? As for the expanded circle, one minute I’m excited to be part of it, the next I’m longing for my old life back.
Liz, I don’t know where I am in all of this. I used to not even believe in aliens. Max Evans was just a nice quiet guy I’d say “hi” to... not even “hey” to… once in awhile. Isabel Evans, I was sure, would never give me the time of day; and Michael Guerin... I certainly would never have given him a second thought. I was sure he was a loser. It seems now that my life is all wound up with theirs whether or not I like it or whether or not they like it. I don’t know how I feel about this. Did you or do you feel the same?
I’m attracted to Isabel and it does not make sense. Could two people be any different? Yet she talks to me like she actually likes me. She even gave me a kiss. I wish I knew if there was something to it or if she does it just because of what I know. I actually like Michael now too. I never knew how smart he really is,if he wants to be. He and Maria are an evening’s entertainment whenever they’re together.
And Max! Somehow I just feel like he can always make things OK, even if there’s a total disaster going on around us. What is it about these people? I know you told me you’ve had crush on Max since the third grade. Is it different now that you know more about him? Do you think you know too much about him? Does knowing that you could take away his freedom,indeed maybe even his existence anytime you to want give you an uneasy feeling? It does me. I get the feeling these folks just tolerate me because they now have to. You gave me the power to totally stop their lives too. I’m afraid someday I might accidentally do that or even be forced to do it and the burden is upsetting.
What do we really know about these people? I’m not talking about their origin…they had no control over that. I’m talking about their psyche. How far are they willing to go to avoid being discovered? If anyone found out their secret and threatened to expose them, would they kill to protect themselves? I can’t imagine …oh forget I said that...I know they’d let the chips fall rather than do anyone any harm. They’d probably make a run for it. Does that mean we’d have to run too? See what I struggling with? Maybe if I could get to know them better…but I don’t know how to make that happen. I talk to Isabel. She answers my questions, but doesn’t say much more. I just wish they’d ask me for something besides my silence. I think that would open a door. I like them, but I want it to be like with you and Maria. I want to feel totally comfortable and, as yet, I don’t. Maybe I’m just trying to make sure they deserve the trust they are asking for, although somehow I already totally trust them. I’ve got these weird doubts, yet I feel this great desire to help them. What a contradiction! I think they have as much right to whatever living life here can give them as anyone. The country welcomes aliens from other countries every day, why not other worlds? There’s no question they are basically good people. Liz! You got me into this. Well OK… I forced you to bring me into this strange world of paradoxes. It’s almost like we have to live as much of a secret life as our new friends. In some ways it’s exciting, in some ways it’s unnerving. I feel uncomfortable. Does living this way bother you? How are you coping with it? Is there anything more I can do to earn everyone’s trust? I helped Michael when he was sick…but has he said thanks? Not directly; yet somehow I know he appreciates what everyone did. How do I know this? Can’t explain it. I can’t stand these contradictions much longer. I think too logically and none of this is logical. Liz, I need normal. Help!


(Liz sighs! She thinks to herself, "First Max, now Alex. How can I explain that things will never again be the normal he once knew? Am I the only one who gets how normal works? How can I…"

“Bing- bing- bong…”you've got mail”, her computer interrupts. This time is says,

Fm: Max at

Her heart thumps...her throat tightens
She grabs the mouse, but before she can click, suddenly Maria comes in and says…"gotta have you at the Crashdown NOW.” Her heart sinks…Max will have to wait.)


Disclaimer: Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended!

Liz is finally able to get back to her room. She can’t wait…she’s fearful to read! Max has finally responded to her mevans⊕ e-mail. She clicks…

(Her computer shows)

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(She inserts Alex’ decoder disk.)

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kjfgoirwjgrejg rwjrwjwr

(Oh no! It’s not working. She’s almost in tears. She glances up at a picture of Max on her desk. As she touches it, she also touches the computer screen. Suddenly the letters rearrange themselves and the message becomes clear. "I’ll have to ask Alex about that", she thinks to herself…)


Fm: mevans⊕

Heh! I’ve read your e-mail about 100 times; that is after I got Alex’s decoder to work right. If you were going to tell someone my life's secret, it should have at least been someone competent. Just kidding! We left off so sadly I thought I’d lighten the picture for a moment.
Liz, I’m glad you agree the step back was the right thing. I REALLY needed some time. Too much has been happening. Be assured that I’d never knowingly ask you to step off a cliff. The problem is, being attached to me; it might be necessary for you to step off one whether you want to or not. Forewarned is forearmed someone said. Thanks for pointing out that all I’ve been doing recently is putting out fires and responding to events. You’re right when you say I’ve been so busy trying to be normal I’d forgotten what normal was. I think I can regain my “own normal”. I’ll do it and soon.
Your letter made me think. You know; I told you that I did not blame you for hesitating to help Michael. In hindsight, that was not true. I think I subconsciously did blame you. (I don’t any more.) At the time, I couldn’t understand how someone who loves me and whom I trust completely could not jump in to help keep my best friend alive. Later, as I understood your concern was for me, I could see what happened. At the time it shook me up. Michael, with all his faults, still is someone I can’t be with out. I cannot carry what I need to by myself. I don’t want this to sound chauvinistic, but I can’t put it on Isabel either. I know you also offer help, but I can’t do that to you; ask you to carry my burdens. If Michael had died I might have just given up. At very least it would have taken me a long time to reconcile it. Thank God he’s OK. The best thing to come out of that situation is for us to realize we cannot have any relationship that does not take into account everyone involved. I think now this includes six people. One thing I know is we simply cannot have any more people knowing that which could take our lives from us… although I fear my mother may figure things out sooner or later. If she does, I’ll have to live with that, but I’m not going to hasten the day if there’s any way around it. Liz, I’m so afraid of losing her love that I can’t bring myself to confirm what I think she already knows. I guess what I’m saying is I’m not feeling secure, and the more people that know the less secure I feel. I can’t blame you for telling Alex. From what you said, I’d likely not be here now if you hadn’t told him the truth. The problem is, he got too close in the first place. Likewise Maria! But, what’s done is done…and I think Maria is so good for Michael that I almost might have told her myself. It’s also nice for Isabel to have someone else she can be open with. I tell you this because you’ve been the catalyst for everyone that knows. Please be careful with all six lives. I worry about how much danger you and the others are in because I wanted someone to talk to. I know you’ll be careful regardless of whatever relationship we decide we can or can’t have.
I agree with you that our not seeing each other at all is out of balance the other way. I struggle with how much we can be together. I am and I always will be your friend. You maybe right about the soul mate thing. I feel it and it scares me. If you’re smart, it will scare you too. When it comes to our developing something beyond a friendship; as I told you before, I’m not afraid of something between us working. I’m afraid of it working really well. I gather you now agree there is danger in that. You are I are like a narcotic to each other. Good feelings result and more and more is required. I don’t know if we can control this addiction. I admit I’ve got it. It's a wonderful sensation; I'm just not sure how to handle it. The only thing I'm sure of is that I cannot and will not allow myself to turn off the world again.
You chastise me for worrying too much. I think that’s probably true, but there is so much I don’t know about myself (like I ought to stay out of Riverdog’s sweat lodge) that I have to be on guard. Anytime you’re with me you’re going to have to be on guard too? Are you willing? I mean, really willing? Your statement about the incident with Michael not totally proving we don’t belong together... I’m still not sure. Heaven knows I want it to be. Your point about someone getting cancer or getting hit by a truck… I see where you’re coming from; but you need to know something weird like Michael’s illness could happen to me. I honestly don’t know what might cause it or what it could be. Maybe,if we’re lucky,nothing like that will ever happen again. I bless you for reminding me that life will just stop if I just worry about that. I’ve got to assume normal on that score; just be a Boy Scout about it. I get what you're saying and it makes me feel kind of “human”. While symptoms might be different, any person can have some sort of life threatening situation at any time. In that I guess in that I’m not so different. The problem is that while conventional medicine might save a heart attack victim, it would have done nothing for Michael. Can you live with that risk? More than that, can you really respond without fear? I have to know that one of my worries would not be you in any situation like that. Concern of course, but not a freeze up type fear. You say not to worry about you, but I can’t help it. Despite your contention, I am high risk. We can follow our hearts while we’re young, but we have to use our heads too. We have to realize anything we might have now …I can’t see how it could go on forever. At very least it might have to be put on hold until the next life. I’m not sure a relationship like that is in either of our interests, as much as we want it to be. I’m not sure it’s not either, I just don’t know.
Something hit me as I was reading what you wrote and it almost made me cry. It was your little list of things to plan for the future. Not that such a plan is a bad idea. What better cover could I have than going to college and having a rewarding but not too high profile career? The thing that hurts is, if I was truly able to have a normal earth life, you would have included marriage and family in the list. I suppose you left that out on purpose as it defeats your argument. How could I do that? What kind of family life could I offer even if I could cut my “worry” in half? There would always be the possibility that I would either be found out and taken away or would have to disappear. Either way I’d have to leave something precious behind. And who knows if I could ever have children. The hardware is there, but would the software work? It sounds like crossing an Apple computer with an IBM. Maybe if we learn enough biology (if I could have you help me study mine…wait…nah, I didn’t say that) we could figure out yes or no; but even if it would work, would it be right? Would that be creating a new life form? I’d have to be convinced that we wouldn’t be playing God. What traits would such a life form inherit? I created enough problems for myself by innocently healing a bird when I was six. (My mom has that on tape unfortunately) What about a two year old with such powers…assuming they are transferable, which is a big unknown. It’s all, as you like to say, "complicated". We could adopt, I hear you cry. But the same argument applies. What if daddy had to go away? All this is making me too sad. Just like with my mother’s suspicions, the only way I can cope with this is to ignore it. If I don’t, I might as well go show the sheriff how I can turn his badge into a silver dollar. You see Liz, I can approximate a normal person but I cannot be one, despite what you say. I wish, more than anything, it were otherwise. I don’t think it's fair to ask you to give up so much just to be with me. You can have a regular (I dare not say normal any more) life, Liz. Are you sure you don’t want one? I’m not worth it, Liz.
I do appreciate your suggestion of defining normal and living it. As I said, I’ll work on it…but it has to be a normal for me. Nevertheless I do need a plan for the present and the future…even if it changes a hundred times, which it probably will. If life would just slow down long enough maybe I could imagine one. But then I’d have to imagine it both with and without you and I’m not ready for either scenario yet.
Your line about being too unique to function hit home. I suppose you’re right there. I may have been engaging in some self-pity but can you blame me? I’m really not too unique to function. I just have to function a little differently.
Back to us for a moment. The thing that makes you so addicting is that you are the only person I can be truly, totally off guard with. Michael and Isabel still look to me as some kind of group organizer, so I have to play that role. With everyone else there’s the covering my heritage thing. With you neither matters. The result is I don’t know how to control myself around you. It’s so relaxing to just be me…I want that and I think I need it.
If, after all these musings you still want to get together, we could take a small step…like let’s go to the dance next week. I’ll pick you up…take you home…maybe give you a kiss good night. If we can control it, we’ll go from there. If it gets out of control...well, you know what we’ll have to do. If we can be together enough to make each other happy and keep the addiction under control, while at the same time knowing that anything more serious would probably require us to each give more than “humanly” possible, then let’s go for it. Again, I’d give anything if these problems could be solved. You know I said, “we don’t belong together”. That’s my head. I didn’t say we shouldn’t be together. That’s my heart! I do love you so very much!


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Summary: Now Maria’s uptight!

Fm: Mariade⊕wall.hit
To: liz⊕
Re: Well?


(Wonder if the decoder will work today, Liz thinks?)

Inserts Alex’s decoder disk…


Seems were always too busy to talk at work or can’t talk without others hearing. I take it that you and Max are still not exactly a thing again. My head tells me to give up on Michael. I’ll never get through that brick wall he’s built around himself. My heart still wants to try. Believe it or not, I think I made a little crack in that wall. He quickly plastered it over, but by God I think I got through, if only for a minute. I need to show you the neat thing he made me. I think it was his way of thanking me for helping save his life. He gave it to me, then quickly said something to the extent that “if he’s ever dying again, please don’t help save him as he doesn’t want to be in debt to anyone.” No way do I ever want him to need me like that again. I want him to need me for the things we can share. I think I made an error asking why he didn’t even thank me. I didn’t want thanks. I did it what I did because it was the right thing to do. It never occurred to me at the time that if I helped, he’d have to be grateful to me. I only later asked him if he had no gratitude to perhaps get him to acknowledge that there were others besides Max and Isabel that cared about him. I think he knows that now, but he’s too afraid to admit it. It might put another crack in his wall and he may be getting low on plaster (I hope). Anyhow, what’s the latest? M

Does this Alex encryption thing have chat mode?


To: mariade⊕wall.hit
Fm: Liz⊕

Well, there’s been one small step for womankind. Max asked me to the dance next week. Maria, Max is one scared man. I wrote him a rather lengthy epistle that I hoped would make him think. I bore my soul. I told him how sorry I was that I froze up during
the Michael rescue. If that problem with Michael hadn’t happened, I think I’d still be very happily seeing my man daily, hourly. The thought of losing Michael made him think he’s far more vulnerable than he really is. Not just physically, but emotionally too.
He wrote back that, after saying otherwise, he really did blame me for a short while for not jumping in to help. He says he doesn’t anymore and he’s comfortable with my promise that I’d never, ever fail to act to help again. He wants to believe it. I think he does, but I’m almost going to have to prove it before his lingering doubts go away. I don’t want to have to, not because I couldn’t…I’m over that…but because we don’t need any more situations like that, ever. He’s scared to death that something might happen to Michael (or Isabel for that matter) and he’d be even more alone. I see where he’s coming from. Just imagine you’re him and for ten years the only people you had to lean on were those two. He’s got three more now. His head realizes that, but I’m not sure his heart does yet. That is my challenge and I let him down at just the wrong time.
Besides that, he’s scared his mother is close to his secret. You know; she’d be even closer to him if she knew. She loves him no matter what. He, unfortunately, he has the opposite problem there. His heart tells him that’s so, but his darned head (and I would suppose Michael) tell him otherwise. He also is afraid I (we) can’t keep his secret. He says he doesn’t blame me for telling Alex, but he criticizes me for letting Alex get so close. He’s afraid he can’t control his emotions around me. He basically said we can be together sometimes if it’s a ”group date”. He didn’t use those words, but that is what he meant. He needs his support group. I see no alternative if I still want him but to go along with that for awhile. He’s also still afraid he might have to run for it someday. He can’t even think about what having a family life might mean because of that. Even if he climbed that mountain, he’s afraid he’s not human enough. I tried to tell him he’s more human than he thinks. He is really what the Evans’ reared him to be. He's a normal human 16 year old in many ways. He’s a reflection of his parents because that’s all he’s ever known. He’s so hung up on the “differences” he’s trying to hide he can’t see the obvious. He even brought up how he could never have a child because creating a human/alien child might be playing God. One way or the other, I just know in my heart a relationship between him and me can work. He can be as normal as anyone. He broke my heart when he said he wasn’t worth the risks I’d have to take to be with him. To me, it’s not worth what I have to endure NOT to be with him. My challenge…indeed all our challenge…will be to make him see that there is now more to his world than Michael and Isabel.
He’ll never be divorced from them or they from him, nor would I want him to be. But he needs a different kind of help than they can or will give him right now. It’s just he is scared to look beyond them. I’ve got to get him to realize that he can look to me or you or Alex with absolute trust. His letter tells me there is a small degree of hope I can still have him. He said some things that tell me he’s alternately listening to his head and his heart. He said he couldn’t plan a future life because he’d have to imagine life both with me and without me. He said he wasn’t worth giving up a “normal life” for, but then he asked me if I could do it? He says he’s addicted to me, but then he says that’s OK if we can control it. He says he has to just not think about some things to cope, then he brings them up. My challenge is to get his head and his heart on the same page. Any advice you could give me on doing this would be wonderful. I’m going to write him again, but not for few days. He said he’d read my mail about 100 times. I hope he reads it another 100. You know? I have this deep feeling that the key to this trust issue…and maybe even a key for you and Alex and Isabel. Of our three “new” friends, Isabel is really the most “human”. She gets it, I think. "We’re here. We’re probably not going anywhere. Just keep the secret and experience life. It’s simple." Why do Max and Michael make it so “complicated”? Speaking of Alex, he may be our key; but right now he’s having a “normal” crisis himself. It's not as bad as Max' and it's for different reasons, but I’ve got to teach him about our new “normal” situation. Wish me luck! (Oh…as for a chat mode…if I know Alex, I’d be surprised if the thing couldn’t make a chocolate shake with Tabasco sauce in it.)


Disclaimer: Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended!

(Readers…I’m going to skip the encryption routine…just know this is a secure document)

Summary: Alex wrote to Liz (part II) that he was a bit concerned about his status with the “expanded group”. He’s not sure what he’s into. She thinks he needs her “what is normal” lecture.

To: Alex⊕
Fm: Liz⊕
Re: Contradictions?

Hey almost brother I never had. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have you part of my circle again. I HATED lying and deceiving you. Some of the things I’ve been going through lately are amazing. I almost cried, then laughed when you said you needed normal. It found it so ironic that you came to me telling me that. Max is telling me he needs normal too. All I can offer you is the same thing I told him. In our world now, the only normal is the one you define for yourself. You have to decide what things are normal for you and live them. More than that, just be ready to change them quickly if you have to. I know the secret of our friends can be a burden, but just think about what it’s like for them? I’ll tell you what I see. Maybe this will help. Max, Isabel, and Michael have had ten years where they basically built a wall around themselves to avoid any meaningful relationships. Old habits die hard. They are not just tolerating you. They are giving you about all they know how to give right now. The three of them were/are kinda like the three of us. Remember how we were in our own little world on a lot of things. That’s them too. Having others in their world is new to them. They’ll get use to you, but it’s gonna take some time. Just show ‘em what you told me you already feel and they’ll let you into a lower orbit. They did me.
You’re right! They’re good people. I don’t think they’d ever be violent, but I do think they’d run if they had to. I want to help make sure that’s not necessary. And to answer your other question…I can never know too much about Max.
Here’s the deal my friend. I’m afraid I dragged you to a point in your life where you’ve got to make a decision. I’ve made mine. You and Maria will have to make yours.
I want…I need to be with Max. No one has ever made me feel the way he does. He’s scared right now and wants me to take a step back, but I just have this feeling that somehow things can work out. He told me I could have a normal life if I wanted one. All I needed to do was walk away from him. He said he wasn’t worth it and it made me cry. Because of the secret, he feels like things between us could never be normal. He’s right that they can’t be completely normal, but they can be normal enough. The thing is, I can see a deal where I’m with Max, Maria’s with Michael, or you’re with Isabel, but that’s gonna be it. And it’s gonna take awhile. We’ll make mistakes, but they will eventually let us into their lives more fully. The thing you need to understand is that being close with Max, Michael and Isabel limits the extent of other close friends we can have. If we think we can be tight with anyone else, it ain’t gonna happen. Think! If we tried to bring others close to us, they'd be in the same position you were in not too long ago and you'd have to be as much a part of that aloofness as anyone. If you don’t want this to be your social structure, now’s the time. Back off! Choose a normal life. You can stay on the outer planet rings and be tight with others, but you’re never gonna be more than on the outside looking in at us. You know enough that we’ll keep tabs on you but that’ll be OK. I tell Maria the same thing. All I know is, I’m in. Six is enough for me. Let me know soon if you’re in or out. If you’re in, man have I got plans! I think the same tightness the two groups of three have had can become a real exciting group of six. It’ll be “We Six Against the World.”
……………………[authors’ note: sorry Linda, I couldn’t resist]……………………
But, if you have doubts you better think it through. I could tell you what kind of misery doubts can cause but you don’t wanta hear it. Gotta run now!
Let me know soonest…I can’t wait.


Maria wants to know if your encryption routine has a chat mode…can’t imagine why.

(Liz hits the send key and let’s out a sigh. ”He’ll make the right choice…I know it”, she says to herself.)

(As she’s just about to leave the room, she hears “you’ve got mail”.

She calls it up. It’s not an Alex’ encrypted message so she thinks it’s nothing, but as she reads it she’s suddenly very scared…

To: Liz⊕
Fm: someone⊕somwhere.a51


(Gotta be a joke, right?)

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Title: Roswell E-mail Part VI
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
Summary: Liz can’t believe what she’s just read on her e-mail. A non-Alex encrypted message from: someone⊕somwhere.a51.It said, “Do you know any aliens? I do!” She’s somewhere between panic and shock!

“Oh God, what next”, Liz says aloud, even though no one is with her. (She grabs the phone, no time for mail now.)
Alex: “Hello”
Liz: “Alex…Alex…can you come over? I mean 5 minutes ago”.
Alex: Hi Liz! Just got your e-mail. I want….
Liz: Alex, this isn’t about the e-mail…well maybe it kinda is in part. Please, just come over”.
Alex: “What’s wrong Liz? You sound scared, like when Michael was sick, only worse”.
Liz: “I can’t explain on the phone. I’m not sure I can explain in person…but I’ve got to talk to somebody about someone.”
Alex: “Who?”
Liz: “Someone, somewhere…I’ll explain when you get here.”
Alex: “You’ve got to talk to somebody about someone, somewhere. Well somebody is who I can be then. I’m on the way.”

(Liz, still trembling, looks around as Maria comes in.)

Maria: “Hey...thanks for the e-mail. Your logic is just what I need sometimes…a lot of the time. There’s so little logic with Michael and I…”
Liz: “I wish this were logical” (Liz points to the computer screen)
Maria: “This is not good.
Liz: “It’s not good if it means anything. Do you think it might be some kind of joke?”
Maria: “Pretty sick joke.”
Liz: “Alex is on the way. I hope with his computer expertise he can figure out where it came from…if it’s legitimate”
Liz: “Come in Alex, quickly.”
Alex: “Who’s this someone you’ve got to talk to me about?”
Liz: “Someone, somewhere”.
Alex: “Huh?”
Liz: “Look at this and tell me what you think. I’m scared! Unless of course it’s a joke…then I’m still scared. Who would do something like that?
Alex: “This looks weird. I need to look at the header information…and the paths…hmmm...a51 is not something the internet would recognize. It’s not obvious how it would even get here”
Liz: “I was hoping you’d tell me it had to be a hoax. Do you think you can tell where it came from?”
Alex: “Not without some research…maybe not even then. If this were PBS I'd say it was ‘Ghostwriter.’ “ Max better see this”.
Liz: “Yes, I know he…Max…Max…I forgot to get back to him about the dance. If he sees this, it will scare him back another 20 steps. The only dancing I’ll be doing is trying to explain to him why it would come to me…and I have NO idea. Maybe we better not tell him until you can research it.”
Alex: “If not Max, Michael then. This is too close for comfort. One of the guys needs to know. No need to worry Isabel though.
Liz: “No! You were right in the first place. Max is the one who should see this; I just hate to do it to him. If anything else happens I’m afraid he might crack. He’s pretty scared as it is, although I think my e-mail calmed him a bit. I like e-mail. I can say what I think without getting interrupted.”

(Alex on phone)
Alex: “Max! This is Alex. Can you come over to Liz’ right away? There’s something you better see…although let me warn you, you won’t want to.
Max: “Is it bad Alex? “I’ve really had enough bad lately”.
Alex: “Better not talk about it on the phone. It may be nothing but I don’t feel good not showing it to you… OK…see ya in a few.”
“He’s on his way.”
Liz: “Any more ideas?”
Alex: “Someone had to have made a couple of alias’s to fool the web into delivering this. Let me check a couple of things. Give me a government agency.”
Maria: “How about the FCC? We could complain about all the bad programs on TV.
(Types in complaints⊕
Alex: “Look! Some of this delivery path to that government agency matches the one from our ‘someone’. I’d say there’s a 60% chance the mail came from a government agency, even though it had a (dot) .a51 rather than a (dot) .gov URL.
Liz: “Not good, is it?”
Alex: “I’d say it reduces the chances it’s a joke”.
(Window rattles. Liz let's Max in.)
Liz: “Max! (Quick kiss on the cheek) I’ve missed you so much. But this isn’t the way I envisioned our getting back together. I…”
Max: “You never got back to me about the dance”.
Liz: “Yes, we’re going! Now remember that as you look at this.
(Max stares at the cryptic message on the computer)
Max: “Is this some kind of joke”
Liz: “That was my hope too but Alex says probably not.”
Max: “Alex?”
Alex: “ Well, I’ve got to do some more research. That address should not even have allowed mail to be sent, but it was cleverly coded with an alias or two. And why would it come to Liz? Max, you better hang on to one of us for this. ( Max willingly grabs Liz’ hand) I’m pretty sure it came from a government agency…could be national… state… even Roswell…can’t tell for sure yet.
Max: Liz”, we’ll go to that dance if I’m still in town…”
Liz: “Max I….”
Maria: “Don’t worry Max.” “We’ll get to the bottom of this”.
Alex: “And Liz…I’m in! I can see I better be”.


Disclaimer: Characters belong to Warner Bros. No infringement intended!

Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to Warner Bros. No Infringement intended.

Summary: It’s been a few days since the mysterious e-mail showed up on Liz’ computer. There has been nothing more. Alex has been trying to trace it, but has run up against a brick wall. Max even tried to “feel” something from a print out of it, but no luck. Alex thinks that if he could send a reply from a computer at the school computer lab he might be able to trace it. Seems the school, with its (dot) .edu url, has a more direct path to (dot) .gov addresses than Liz has from her home. But, for now, the gang has decided enough is enough when it comes to problems. It’s the day of the dance (finally) and they need some fun. Liz and Max are the only couple from the “we six” group that actually have a formal date for it. Michael has said he might show up. Maria is going, hoping he won’t, praying he will. Isabel is planning on going with her friends. Alex will probably show up with hope in his heart.

(At the Crashdown, late afternoon)

Maria: Liz! It’s so great we could both get the night off. That doesn’t happen very often anymore.
Liz: This is something I was wanting to look forward to since Max said we could go; but things have been so crazy I haven’t have had any "looking forward to" time. I hope we can have fun regardless of your man situation.
Maria: I’ll try. But you’re the one I’m worried about. You look so nervous.
Liz: I’m not sure how to handle Max. Does he want talk, touch…maybe just dancing? If I had my way, we’d turn off the world again, just for tonight, but I know Max won’t do that.
Maria: Just do what come naturally for both of you. You may not get him to turn off the world, but I’ll bet you can get him to turn his head…if you know what I mean.
Liz: Oh I hope so. Just one kiss would hold me for awhile.
Maria: Well, gotta go pick up some things before tonight. See you there.

(At the dance)

Max: Liz, you’ve been sitting there showing about as much life as an icicle. This is really OK. I wanted tonight to be like before. I thought we could have some together time.
Liz: It hard to be to close together when we’re two steps away from each other, Max.
Max: (Takes her hand.) Liz, you’ve got that all wrong. You took what I said as meaning I wanted to break up. All I wanted to do was slow things down a little so I could rebalance my life. As I told you in the e-mail, it was just too much too fast. By the way…I really appreciated your e-mail. It calmed me down a lot. The night I left your balcony, when I told you I wasn’t the same, I really wasn’t. So many things had been happening…then Michael got sick and…
Liz: I know! In my head, I know…I think even in my heart I know.
It’s just that giving up even a little bit of you is so hard.
Max: Liz, how can I say this. We can’t just pick up where we were. But I can’t stand our being at a total halt either. Can you work with me on this a little? Quit punishing me. You’ve removed yourself from my life and…OK…it worked. I need you back. But I’m still scared. I still don’t know how this can work. I have so many questions. But one thing I’ve noticed. Sometimes, if you can just ignore things for awhile, they have a way of working themselves out. I want to try; I really do. You said you were “here”. Well, so am I. All I can do is ask you to be patient with me. By the way, thanks for telling me about the strange e-mail. Alex said you didn’t want to at first out of fear I’d step back further, but you did. That means a lot.
Liz: Thought we weren’t going to talk about that tonight?
Max: Right! I forgot. See? You are going to have to have patience. Some things you just can’t forget.
(Liz startled…didn’t see anyone come up)
Michael: Hey you two…haven’t seen you dance all night.
Maria: Can’t say we’ve been much better (takes Michael's hand) but have you noticed Isabel and Alex? I didn’t think Alex could dance…and I certainly didn’t think Isabel would leave her friends and be seen with him in public.
Liz: I hope he doesn’t get so distracted that HE turns off the world. We need him to follow up on Mr. Someone.
Max: Ahhh! Now you’re talking about it.
Michael: What “it” are you talking about?
Maria: Max, didn’t you tell him?
Max: I thought you would.
Maria: Well, uh…we haven’t been talking much. But there has been something about tonight. I hope it lasts.
Michael: Would someone please tell me about Someone? I mean, I’m really confused.
Liz: Let’s do it later. I don’t want tonight ruined.
Max: I’ll tell you tomorrow.
Maria: Yeah…he’ll tell you tomorrow.
(Alex and Isabel swing by)
Isabel: What is this, a private meeting?
Liz: Yes, but you’re always invited.
Alex: (Looks at Max and Liz) If we’re here they’ll have to shape up. Let’s go get a drink or something.
Liz: See you guys.

(After the dance)

Liz: Max, it was a great night. Everyone seemed so at ease.
Max: Things are seldom what they seem…but tonight I have to agree.
Liz: So where are we, Max?
Max: I think we’re on your balcony.
Liz: Quit avoiding the issue. You know what I mean.
Max: I think we’re kinda back together. I want to be. Can we just do it my way for a while? Please Liz! I’ll be OK, I think. That is assuming Mr. Someone doesn’t rear his head or some other disaster come out of the woodwork.
Liz: Max, I can’t explain what I’m about to say. All I can say is it’s my heart talking through my head. Somehow, I just know things will work out if you’ll just quit fighting it. OK, so you’re high risk. I don’t care. I want to be there to help you through every inch of your life. I’ve thought, reasoned, rationalized, prayed…done everything but ask a fortune-teller. Everything I taste, touch, sense or feel says we can and should be together. Somehow I just know there’s nothing, even the biology if we eventually have to, that we can’t work together to solve. You’re just not that different. Do you know how amazing that is? That two races could have evolved or been created and be so similar. There has to be a common something. That’s why I’m not afraid any longer. I don’t know what it is and I don’t care. I just feel it, Max. What ever that commonality is…it’s why our souls can touch the way they do. And if you ever had to leave and I couldn’t come, I’d always be here waiting for you. I couldn’t be happy with anyone else. It’s such an overpowering feeling that all I can say is, trust me on this. It can work. I’ll approach it however you want, but let’s quit making ourselves miserable. Max, I’m here. I want to be part of your life however I can. So does everyone else. Maria, Michael, Isabel, Alex, you and me; we can all help each other. All we have to do it let it happen. Wonderful things can result. We’ve just got to stop fighting it. I told Alex I have a dream of the type of unity that can be shared. I want it to happen. The only thing I want more that the group to function as a group is for you and I to get closer…solving our problems along the way.
Max: You’re pretty convinced, aren’t you?
Liz: Ever known me to be wrong?
Max: Not on anything that matters!
(One very looooong romantic kiss)
Liz: Pleasant dreams Max.
Max: Goodnight Liz!

(Meanwhile across town)

Michael: I should be taking you home, not the other way around.
Maria: Hey, this is the 21st century. It doesn’t matter who has the car.
Michael: Stop somewhere before you get to my so-called house. I’d rather look at you without seeing it.
Maria: That’s the nicest thing you’ve said to me…maybe ever.
Michael: I’m not as bad as you think.
Maria: You’re not bad at all, you just have a one-track mind.
Michael: Meaning?
Maria: Hiding, blocking people out, feeling you’ve been shortchanged on the home and family situation…that’s your whole existence.
Michael: Well, what else is there for me?
Maria: Love!
Michael: You’ve gotta be kidding.
Maria: No! People really do care about you, Michael. Me, Max, Isabel, Alex, Liz…
Michael: Well two of the above anyway.
Maria: I won’t ask which two.
Michael: Isn’t it obvious?
Maria: You are soooo wrong. Every one of those people care about you…a lot. That we’re even having this conversation is proof of that.
Michael: Hey, I thanked you. How much gratitude do you want?
Maria: For saving your life, I’ve had enough. For caring about you otherwise…you’ve got along way to go spaceboy.
Michael: I’ve told you, being involved with me can only hurt you. My home situation is the pits. I still dream of finding more of my own people and getting the hell out of Dodge.
Maria: Think about that Michael. I know this will be hard, but it hasn’t happened in ten years. There hasn’t been any activity like that for much longer. You could wait for that all your life and still be right where you are. If it happens, it happens, but you can’t bank on it. You’ve got to make a life here. You can make it whatever you want. The people who care about you are right here. Repeat after me, “I, Michael, can have a good life right here”. Right now, your home isn’t where the heart is, but look elsewhere. You’ll find lots of heart, starting with me. You’ll leave your so-called foster home in a few years and look back on it as just a roof over your head. I know you think you got a raw deal compared to Max and Isabel; and you’re right. But you can be better for it; I just know it.
Michael: It’ so hard…the thought of getting involved with anyone…I can’t.
Maria: Can’t or won’t.
Michael: Both!
Maria: Guess what guy? You already are. You’ll never be rid of me. I know what you are…and it doesn’t matter. I want to know more about who you are. You opened the window a crack tonight. I beg you, Michael; don’t close it again. There’s very little love can’t overcome! Start by letting it in…maybe later you can let some out…but for now you can start by just being a “guy” to me.
Michael: Hang around then, but I can’t promise you’ll like it.
Maria: I can!
(Big embarrassing kiss)
Maria: Yea…can I ever!
Michael: Start this car or something else is going to start.
Maria: That’s it; you’re getting the idea.
Michael: Don’t you get the wrong one.
Maria: Never!
(Drives him home)

(And, almost at the same moment)

Isabel: Thanks for taking me home. I don’t know where Max went.
Alex: I can guess.
Isabel: I can’t believe my friends left without talking to me.
Alex: I’m afraid it’s because of me.
Isabel: If so, I can handle it.
Alex: You need your friends. Between you, Max, and Michael, you’re the social one. You seem to have accepted that you’re here and you need to make a life.
Isabel: It’s all phony, Alex. But it helps keep away the loneliness sometimes. You know; my only real friend is my mother and Max won’t let me close the loop with her. But if it ever comes down to losing her I’m going to do it despite what Max and Michael may say.
Alex: I think you ought to.
Isabel: I’m close…when the time is right. In the meantime, there’s something about you that makes me feel the same way.
Alex: You mean I’m like your mother.
Isabel: Not exactly.
Alex: Good! I’ve never been very motherly.
Isabel: I mean from the friendship side. I just feel I can totally trust you…maybe I now have co-best friends. But if anybody asks me, I’ll probably deny it.
Alex: Deny, Deny, Deny! Didn’t somebody famous once say that?
Isabel: This planet’s history is not something I spend a lot of time with.
Alex: Maybe you should.
Isabel: Oh!
Alex: History is about overcoming adversity…about fighting for a way of life…about finding peace.
Isabel: I never thought of it that way. I sure could use all of the above.
Alex: Well, here we are. No Jeep! Guess Max is where he ought to be…with Liz.
Isabel: I’m not sure that’s where he ought to be.
Alex: Yes you are. You just can’t bring yourself to admit it.
Isabel: Maybe…but I know I’m where I should be right now.
(Quick kiss on the cheek…pretty good for Isabel…and she goes inside)

(Well, it’s been magic night in Roswell. Maybe Liz’ dream of togetherness can come true. The fact is; it’s going to have to. Someone, somewhere may enter the scene with a chilling effect on all our hero’s lives.)

Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No Infringement intended.
Setting: The day after the dance

(Liz to her journal)

Last night was great…almost normal. I had my Max back. If he was scared he wasn’t showing it. He said were kinda together again. In his mind, he never broke us up. He said he just wanted to slow things down, whatever that means. Biology class was even good today. Max and I talked… even laughed for the first time in a while. I touched him and neither of us pulled back. I’ll take whatever I can get of him. Anything's better that the last month or so. The others were talking last night too…even communicating. I wish last night could have gone on forever; but now, it's back to reality. I’ve got to work on defining my “normal”. I have to let Max lead…set the pace for us for awhile. I just know in my heart and my head that things can work out. I just hope Max believes it. No one…not even Someone…better ever think of taking him from me again.

(At the Evans home)

Michael: Hey!
Max: (startled) Didn’t hear you come in.
Michael: Didn’t sense me either, huh? You’re slipping Max.
Max: Actually I was just thinking about you. I need to tell you about Someone.
Michael: Yea! That came up last night and I felt like the odd man out.
Max: Well?
Michael: Very funny! You know what I mean.
Max: Try not to go ballistic on me here, please.
Michael: Me? Ballistic?
Max: This is pretty serious. Liz got e-mail.
Michael: Yea, I know you guys have been exchanging mail. Alex gave me his encryption program but my keeper spilled beer in the keyboard so our computer doesn’t work.
Max: In a way, I’m sorry to hear that. I had a slight hope you might have been playing a joke. Now that I know that’s not the case I’m even more worried. The e-mail said it was from someone⊕somewhere.a51. Pretty weird in itself. But the message! It said,” Know any aliens? I do!”
Michael: (pause) Not good!
Max: Alex says with that address it never should have made it through the Internet, but it did because it was aliased or something.
Michael: Liz got that a few days ago?
Max: Yes!
Michael: And you don’t tell me until now?
Max: Maria was supposed to tell you.
Michael: Figures! Well…maybe she tried. Until last night I wasn’t listening to her much.
Max: Anyway, now you know! Feel better?
Michael: No! This could mean my life as well as yours you know.
Max: I thought you said your life sucked.
Michael: It does, but maybe a little less right now than is has for awhile. Besides being citizens and not prisoners in “the home of the free” is the best option.
Max: With that I have to agree!
Michael: Think we better get packing? It might be time to split for Cuba.
Max: I’ve not pushed the panic button all the way yet, but it’s part way down.
Michael: It ought to be through the floor.
Max: That’s what I mean about ballistic. We don’t know enough yet.
Alex says there’s a good chance it originated at some government level, but he can’t tell for sure. Oh...and he and I decided not to worry Isabel with this, at least not yet.
Michael: You and he decided? Since when do we let humans decide anything for us?
Max: Michael, Alex is a very good friend. He’s as much concerned about this as we are. He wants to help trace it; although I’m not at all sure what I’ll do if he finds out where it came from.
Michael: You mean what we’ll do!

(Meanwhile, in the den downstairs, Isabel is heading for the computer. Alex gave her another copy of the encryption decoder (he knew Max wouldn’t leave his on the computer) and told her to check her e-mail. She asks the computer for e-mail)

To: Isevans⊕
Fm: Alex⊕
Re: Last night!


("Guess this is where the decoder comes in", she thinks…runs program)

Re: Last Night
I enjoyed the dance…and after. Thanks for the trust. Trust is something I can both give and return. Hope your girlfriends are still your friends. I’m sure they don’t like me but I’m glad you can. Alex

(Isabel thinks, ”he’s so nice…and he’s someone I can be myself with.”)

(As she’s about to log out, she notices:

To: isevans⊕
Fm: someone⊕somewhere.a51


(She stares at the screen…not sure what to think. Does someone know something they shouldn’t? Is this a joke? Should I show Max? He's too stressed right now! Michael? He’d just go wild. Alex? Yes! He’d be calm…I can trust him…and he knows computers. Maybe he could shed some light on this. Isabel hits the print key, then quickly closes the program. No one else must see this she thinks.)

Isabel: (on phone) Alex! I just got an email.
Alex: From someone you can trust no doubt?
Isabel: I got yours. That I trust you goes without saying. But I got this other one…
It’s from someone⊕somewhere…
Alex: WHAT? Don’t say another word on the phone. I need to see you. I need to see IT.
Isabel: (sensing panic in his voice) You know something about this?
Alex: Isabel, don’t. I’ve got to talk to you and Max…NOW.
Isabel: Does Max know something about this too?
Alex: Yes! Go show it to him if you want or you can wait until I get there. This has now gone way too far.
Isabel: Come quick. I think I need you.
(Alex to himself: This just got personal. Isabel’s involved. Got to get to the bottom of this. Guess you’ve got to careful what you wish for)

(Isabel takes printout to Max’ room where he and Michael are still talking)

Isabel: Max! I need to show you something.
(Max takes the printout from Isabel. He reads it and simply freezes; he does not speak or move for a long time.)
Michael: What is it Max?
Max: This might be the end, my friend.
(Hands Michael the paper)
Isabel: What are you saying Max?
Max: This isn’t the first message like this we’ve seen.
Michael: Liz got one from this same source.
Isabel: It wouldn’t make sense to talk about her brother; she doesn’t have one.
Michael: It didn’t say the same thing. What was is it said, Max?
Alex: The one Liz got said, “ Know any aliens? I do!”
(Alex spoke while making a Michael style entry)
Max: How’d you do that entry?
Alex: Getting to know your house a little.
Isabel: Why didn’t any of you tell me?
Max: We weren’t sure what it meant. Up until today I had hope it was Michael playing a joke.
Michael: I might send a bogus message, but NEVER EVER would it have anything to do with that…
Isabel: Did you think I couldn’t understand what this means?
Alex: No! We knew you would understand…and I confess it was part my idea not to worry you.
Isabel: Next time, worry me. But I understand the gesture anyway.
Alex: Notice something odd about this latest note?
Max: I’m to shaken to notice much of anything.
Alex: If we read this right, and I hope I am, the writer thinks he knows something about you, Max. But from the way it’s written, I don’t think he suspects Isabel. He only suspects she knows about you.
Michael: God I hope that’s true. I mean, it's bad enough Max is suspect… public healings will do that…but maybe Iz and I are still OK.
Max: But, like Alex said, even if he doesn’t suspect Iz or you, he knows she’s my sister and he thinks she probably knows my secret. And now I’m really worried about Liz. Whoever it is knows about Liz and me. If he knows that, he knows that Maria and Alex hang with us too. Why! Tell me why can’t we just be left alone? I go from euphoria last night to agony today. Last night was one of the best nights of my life in a long time and now this is one of the worst days ever.
Alex: So…do we pursue this? I’ve got some ideas on tracing the mail paths, but I need the school computer lab to do it. I also need to take either yours or Liz’ computer to the lab with me and that’s a huge problem. The advisors are worried about viruses and won’t let any outside computer gear on that network. It’s going to have to be an “after hours” job if you get the idea. Geez, I can’t believe I’m even thinking this. I give my blood…I go to jail…I break into the school.
Max: You really are a special friend Alex. Thanks!
Alex: Friends don’t let friends have their lives screwed up. So! We do it then?
Michael: Have we got a choice?
Max: Yes, we can wait and let him do us in completely. He wrote to Isabel and Liz and they already know the truth. What if he writes to mom? Change “brother” to “son” on that message and we’ve got an even bigger problem.
Isabel: You’re assuming it’s a he?
Michael: You’re thinking Topolski?
Isabel: Makes sense. She knows everyone we hang with and our addresses and stuff.
Alex: Having been grilled by her, I don’t think this is her style. Be nice if it was. If so, this is nothing but a fishing expedition on her part. She suspects something, but she has no proof. She’s trying to get a response.
Max: I agree. If we can prove it’s her we can all breathe easier; but, like you, I’m not so sure.
Michael: So, when’s the midnight run. I’m getting pretty good at windows, doors, and locks.
Isabel: It’s a good thing you’re basically honest.
Michael: You know that for sure?
Isabel: Yes!

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Warner Bros. No infringement intended!

(Setting: The next day)
The gang is all gathered at the Crashdown)

Liz: Do you guys really have to do this. The cure might be worse than the disease if you get caught.
Max: I think we’re in trouble no matter what, Liz. If we can find out who is doing this to us, or at least where the messages are coming from I’ll feel a lot better. If it’s Topolsky, then we’ve “no worries mate”.
Alex: I still don’t think it’s her, but I might be wrong. Remember; even if we go through with this, I might not be able to tell much. On the other hand, we might hit the jackpot…or should I say the crackpot.
Isabel: Stop with the bad jokes, Alex. They don’t help.
Alex: Do they hurt?
Michael: A lot!
Max: They do help relieve the tension sometimes.
Isabel: Don't encourage him, Max.
Michael: We need to go somewhere that’s a little less public to map this out.
Liz: Can you wait awhile? I’ll be off in an hour.
Max: Don’t need to. We can plan the guy part of this without you. I envision the ladies roles as accomplices, not perpetrators anyhow. And Liz, we need your computer when we do this. Let’s go to my house. We can tell my mom we’re having group study, which is sort of true in a way.
Liz: I’ll come by with Maria as soon as we get off.

(Max’ room about an hour later. Alex, Michael and Max have talked about the danger to the women, but feel like there’s no alternative to involving them. Liz & Maria arrive, Liz bringing her computer.)

Alex: OK, tomorrow I’ll take Liz’ computer to school and stash in the band room. There’s so much junk in the instrument storage area no one will see it and it’s right near the computer lab.
Michael: Do you really think we can find out anything?
Alex: No guarantees. I wish I could give you a definite yes. It would make it more worth the risk. I just know I can’t trace any further from outside a government or education network. We might get lucky and find a specific machine. More than likely, we’ll just trace the area or entity.
Isabel: I don’t like this…getting caught…I don’t even want to think about it…but I don’t like the alternative either. We’ve got to investigate. I don’t think this mail bit is going to stop by itself.
Max: Here’s how I see it. Michael will hide in the school after classes this afternoon.
Michael, you keep an eye on the sanitary engineers and if you can, slip Liz’ computer out of the band room and into the lab. The more setup we can do ahead of time the better. About 8:10 Alex and I will sneak over and hopefully you can get us in. Can you handle the chain and locks on the South door?
Michael: Chains are us! Trust me.
Max: The south door is as far from the custodian’s area as we can get and it's close to the computer area. We need to have one of the women drive my Jeep somewhere far from the school. I cannot have any more suspicion on me right now. I don’t know if it will help, but I’ll try to be seen somewhere near where she’ll be driving, then discretely slip away. We’ll need another driver to be ready to pick us up after we do the computer stuff. Liz should drive my jeep, since her being in it wouldn’t be unusual. That leaves Maria as the getaway car driver. Are you up to it?
Maria: I guess I better be, huh?
Isabel: What about me?
Max: Alex, how long do you think you’ll need?
Alex: I can get a snapshot in just a few minutes; and I’m only gonna get one chance if there’s intruder protection on the system.
Max: OK, Isabel! At about 8:35, you go bang on the school front door and try to get the cleaning people’s attention. Beg to be let in to go to your locker to get an assignment paper. Tell them it’s something that you have to have done by tomorrow or you’ll fail a class. Beg, plead, whatever…just distract them. It does not matter if they let you do it or not. We just need time to slip outside. Maria, at 8:40 you drive by and we’ll hop in the car. Make sense to everyone?
Isabel: I think you should try to borrow a cell phone, just in case this clockwork plan turns orange.
Alex: Better leave the jokes to me, Isabel. But that’s a good idea. My dad has one, but he usually leaves it at home unless he’s going out of town. I think I can “borrow” it for the night.
Max: Liz, let’s you and I slip out about 7:00 and just go drive around, kinda making sure we’re seen. I’ll then meet up with Michael while you move the jeep a couple of times. Later, if things look good, you can go pick up Isabel. Worst case, she might have to walk a bit. If all goes well, we’ll have this wrapped up by 9:00. If we find out it’s Topolski, we can meet at the Crashdown for an ice cream celebration. She has nothing.
Liz: And if it’s not?
Michael: Well…we won’t be celebrating.
Maria: Think any of us will get any sleep tonight?
Max: I haven’t been getting any anyway, but no…probably not.
Isabel: I don’t know why but I’m going to suggest something. I hope you don’t think it’s silly…I just feel like we ought to do it. It worked for Michael. Everyone join hands for a moment.
(Quiet pause as they do it.)
Isabel: This will work, right?
Everyone: “Right!”
Michael: See you all tomorrow.
(Circle breaks)

(The next evening)

(At the Crashdown)
Liz: I couldn’t concentrate at all today. If there was anything I should have learned at school, I don’t know what it was.
Maria: Ditto!
Liz: If things are on schedule, Max should be here any moment. Have you got gas in your car? That could be a big snafu.
Maria: Michael reminded me three times already today; you don’t have to start.
(Isabel comes in)
Isabel: Hey! I couldn’t stay home. My mom was picking up trouble in Roswell vibes.
Liz: It's good that you’re here anyway. The guys will feel better if they know you’re with us right now.

(At Michael’s)
Michael: My keeper is too out of it to know anything’s happening. Is everything all set?
Alex: Far as I can tell.
Max: OK! I’m gonna go pick up Liz…I mean establish my alibi.
Michael: Which?
Max: Both!
Alex: OK, we’ll meet at the south door at 8:10. If we’re not there or you’re not there, we abort. Got it?
Max: Yes…got it!

(Things go pretty much as planned. Liz is driving around as a decoy. Maria’s in the getaway car. Isabel’s put on a really pretty face; it'll be distraction city. Max and Alex are at the south door as advertised and Michael opens the chain and lets them in. They slip into the computer lab.)

Max: Did you get Liz’ computer moved into the lab?
Michael: Yes, even hooked it up.
Alex: Great. Like I said, we’re probably only gonna get one chance at this…intruder lockout will try and stop us. I’m going to send a reply from Liz’ computer to the sender but I’m going to use my encryption routine. I can recognize that if I see parts of it down the line. This computer was connected to the full chain when that message came in. With luck it will send back exactly the same way. That message was bounced through so many nodes….ooh; this is going to be fun. I‘ve got it set up to show me what it’s doing.
Michael: Max, did you understand what he just said?
Max: It worries me, but I kinda do.
Michael: Gotta quit skipping computer science class.
Alex: Here we go.
(Hits reply key)
Alex: Wow…look at it go! It’s going everywhere; but it’s definitely following that government path I checked out. This may…
(Suddenly…a computer located at the teachers’ terminal begins to signal.)
Max: Mr. Bunker must be getting some mail.
Alex & Michael together: MR BUNKER IS GETTING SOME MAIL?
Alex: It couldn’t be!
Max: No, gotta be a coincidence.
Michael: See anything Alex?
Alex: You’re not going to believe this!
Max: You’re not going to say what I think you are, are you?
Alex: That mail bounced right to an IP address assigned to this school.
Max: Do we dare look?
Alex: No stopping now. (Walks to computer) Good, he’s still signed on. Guess he didn’t follow the advice he gave us in computer class about never leaving a computer online unattended.
Michael: Well?
Alex: It’s my message all right. My encryption is unique and it’s right here. No question! Better delete this. We don’t want him to know we’re onto him.
Max: This is crazy.
Alex: Well…it sorta makes sense. A computer instructor would know how to alias mail the way he did. I’m certain it came from right here.
Max: Why? And how would he know anything about us?
Alex: Well, we’ve all been in his classes.
Max: I don’t think Isabel has.
Michael: No matter, he knows she’s your sister. Yes, it’s all making sense.
Max: But I don’t…he couldn’t know anything about my heritage.
Alex: Being a lifelong Roswell resident, I think I can answer that puzzle. Mr. Bunker is Sheriff Valenti’s cousin.
Max: Oh no!
Michael: And you think the sheriff put him up to it?
Alex: Most of the sheriffs family refuses to have anything to do with the alien talk because of what happen to Valenti senior. But Bunker…I don’t know?
Max: I’ve seen him at the museum a few times, even looking at the books once…
But a lot of people do that. I didn’t think anything about it.
Alex: I think this spells relief.
Michael: How?
Alex: Look! Worst case all he has is what the sheriff has. Suspicions! Maybe the sheriff put him up to it or maybe he’s on his own, but he’s just fishing…the way we thought it might be Topolski fishing.
Max: I not sure what to think, but right now we’ve gotta get out of here. Grab Liz’ computer and let’s go. I hope Isabel’s done her thing.

(The guys leave as planned. Isabel did exactly what she was supposed to and they were able to slip out undetected…or so they thought. Michael even managed to re-lock the chain from outside. There’s just one little problem. The gang never noticed the security camera hidden in the computer lab smoke detector. Well, maybe it wasn’t working or maybe no one saw anything. Hmmmm! In any event, as far as they knew, it looked like everything was clockwork green. They see Maria’s car in the distance. As they head for it, suddenly they hear someone yell, "Hey you, stop”! After quick glance at each other, they make a dash for it. As they approach the car, Alex, carrying Liz’ computer, trips and falls. A sharp edge on the computer case cuts his arm. He gets up quickly, computer and all and the three people are quickly in the car and outta sight.)

Michael: Whew! That was close.
Maria: Glad to see you. Any news?
Max: I think things are going to be OK. Let’s go find Liz and Isabel and we’ll tell you all about it.
Maria: Alex! You’re bleeding all over my car.
Alex: Sorry! I keep giving my blood to this outfit.
Max: Here, let me help you.
(Max places his hand on Alex’s arm in an attempt to heal it for him. As he takes his hand away, the arm is still cut and bleeding. Max tries again. Still, the cut is there.)
Michael: Let me try!
(Michael places his hand on Alex and heals the injury.)
Alex: Thanks, Michael.
Michael: No! Thank YOU for risking yourself for us…again.
Alex: I told you, friends don’t let friends have their lives screwed up.
(Michael notices Max staring straight ahead, he's shaking)
Michael: Max, what’s wrong? Why couldn’t you help Alex?
Max: I don’t know. Let me try something.
(Max picks up a piece red paper that was on the seat and tries to change it’s color. Nothing happens)
Max: This is crazy…I don’t understand.
Maria: It’s OK Max.
Michael: Maybe you’re just tired or overstressed.
Max: Maybe! Or maybe I’m…

(Has Max lost his powers? Tune in again…)

To Be Continued

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Disclaimer: Roswell characters owned by UPN. No infringement intended!
Summary: Finishing up the “e-mail caper”

(Later that night at the Crashdown, Isabel and Liz are anxious to know the results of the
“mysterious e-mail caper”)

Liz: Max said we’d all meet here for ice cream if it turned out to be Topolsky. One thing that got omitted in this choreograph was where we’d meet if it wasn’t.
Isabel: They’ll be here. If they’d been caught, I think we’d have heard the rumblings by now.
Liz: You’re right as usual. Now that it’s over, I thought it was kind of interesting the way everything just came together. By the way, that circle thing was a great idea. I’ve never felt more strength than I did as part of that.
Isabel: I’m not sure why I wanted to do that. I think, maybe it was my way of finally letting you, Maria, and Alex in. We’ve been afraid for so long to trust or rely on anyone but ourselves. It was great having you three there with us, knowing we had nothing to hide and just being able to assume that everyone would make it happen. It was a new and refreshing experience for me.
Liz: I can’t speak for Maria, but as for myself, there is no more “is this friendship a good idea”. I sense that Alex feels the same way too. I can say once and for all, it makes zilch difference to me where your birth parents were from or where you were born. You guys are just great people to know. And of course you know how I feel about your brother…
Max: What about her brother?
Liz: Why do I always feel like a fool when you sneak up on me?
(Stares at Max and Alex) Don’t you dare answer that, either of you!
Liz: Well?
Max: Liz? Could we all go up to your balcony or something? I want to talk, but I’m also not in the mood for people and confusion.
Liz: Sure Max! Mom’s not home anyway.

(In a more quiet setting, Alex and Michael rehearse the details of what they found. No one seems to know quite what to make of it or what the next move, if any, should be.)

Liz: So you’re pretty sure Bunker knows nothing for certain.
Alex: Stands to reason. I don't see how he could. But, he IS the sheriffs’ cousin.
Michael: I feel like Alex is right. The only trouble I can see coming from him is if he decides to e-mail someone besides one of us. But even so, except maybe for your mother Isabel, I’m not sure that would even be problem. It would just sound crazy to most people.
Alex: The best approach is to ignore him. If you show even the slightest concern, he’ll make more out of it than he should. If any more mail from him comes in, I’d just view it as entertainment.
Isabel: Max and Michael, you are both in his class. Don’t you think he’s going to be watching you guys more closely?
Michael: Not me! I don’t think he has any interest in me, except maybe getting me to come to class once in a while.
Liz: Max, what do you think?
(Pause…no response)
Liz: Max?
Max: Oh, sorry. You’re right! Whatever Michael says. I’m sure he knows best.
Michael: Max isn’t quite himself. I think tonight was a little too much for him.
Max: Tonight, yesterday, last week, last month….
Liz: Max. (Liz takes his hand) That’s not the Max I love talking. What’s wrong?
(Long silence. Michael, Alex and Maria know what’s on Max’ mind but none of them wants to bring it up)
Max: (In a silent connection) “Michael”…
[Max suddenly pauses; he’s surprised because he’s sensing Alex in the connection as well.]
Max: “and Alex, please don’t talk about me.”)
Max: (Aloud) I don’t know if I’m the Max you love anymore, Liz. I don’t know who I am…or what I am…or why I am.
Isabel: I’ve never heard you talk like that before. Tell me what’s wrong?
(Long agonizing pause)
Max: I can’t. Not now! I need some time. I need to think…to experiment.
Liz: Experiment?
Max: Never mind. Forget I said that. I think it’s time we all hit the sack. Oh…and everybody…we made a great team tonight. Thanks!

(The gang breaks up. Isabel and Max return home. Isabel goes to her room leaving Max alone)

(Max to himself: What is happening? I feel fine physically. I should feel relieved that the crazy e-mail is probably nothing to be concerned about. We’ve got some great friends. They can and will help us do what we have to do. They proved that tonight. So why can’t I molecular manipulate? (Max tries to move an object; nothing happens) What happened? Will the power come back? Why did I have it in the first place? I’ve always viewed that power as something made available to us so that we could use it to help keep our secret…and maybe to help others along the way. Having it or not shouldn’t make any difference in how I think. But the others look to me…I just don’t see how I can be the groups unofficial leader without it. I’ll have to defer to Michael. Michael! Is it a matter of time? Will he lose it too? Does it only last for so long in this earth environment? And what about Isabel? I don’t know how to tell her without scaring her. Why is this happening? (Pause) I guess I can still make a connection? Picks up a picture of Liz.
WHAM! FLASH! I’m in. Shouldn’t have done that! “Sorry Liz…talk to you later…love you!” Well, at least that still works.)

(Sometime later, Max is unable to sleep. I wonder if Maria’s asleep by now? I’d like her not to tell Liz what happened to me…not yet. If things come back to normal then no need to worry her about it. If not, I’d like to tell her in my own way. I’m sure she’ll say it makes no difference. But does it? Is that a part of me that’s important to her? Max concentrates. He enters Maria’s dream. Maria…it’s Max. I know you want to tell Liz what happened to me…and it will be hard not to…but I beg you…don’t…not just yet. Maybe this is temporary. If it’s not, I want to tell her myself…please? There’s a long quiet period, then Max feels like she got the message. Relieved, he finally falls asleep)

Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.

(It’s finally Saturday. Everyone; but especially Max, needs a break to regroup…or rebalance…or re-something. Max’ molecular manipulation powers have not returned and he’s feeling more and more depressed. He comes out of his room only long enough to put up a facade so that Isabel and his mom won’t be asking, “what’s wrong?” Isabel senses something’s not right, but remembers that last time she asked how he was doing and the shutdown she got. It’s the topic of discussion between the friends that know what's going on. Meanwhile, in a move that would have been unheard of just a short time ago, Michael actually seeks out Alex.)

Michael: Hey! Someplace we can talk?
Alex: Come on in, nobody’s home but me. This is a first. But I hope it won’t be the last, Michael. We did good the other night.
Michael: I’m concerned about…
Alex: Max? Me too, in a big way. I tried to call him.
Michael: So did I. He doesn’t want to talk and doesn’t want company.
Alex: And he doesn’t want us to talk about what happened to him.
Michael: I know. Wait! How come you know that?
Alex: The other night when we were telling Liz and Isabel about the e-mail and the computer lab…remember, we asked Max a question…he seemed pre-occupied. Liz asked what was wrong. A tense expression came on his face…
Michael: You deduced that he didn’t want us to say anything about his not being able to heal your arm.
Alex: Actually, it was more than that. It was weird. It was as if I heard him say something about it, although he didn’t.
Michael: What did you hear?
Alex: Well, I didn’t exactly hear anything. It was more like I sensed it. First it was directed at you. Then…I can’t really describe it…it was like, “Michael”…then, like he was quite surprised and almost relieved that I was in there too, Max said, “and Alex. Please don’t talk about me.” After that I couldn’t read him anymore.
Michael: (Serious expression) That wasn’t supposed to happen.
Alex: What are you talking about?
Michael: That thought was meant for me. There was more after that that you didn’t get, but the fact is you shouldn’t have gotten any of it. That was a kind of connection experience we sometimes have.
Alex: Well, I was definitely on the extension.
Michael: I think Max knows it too. He asked me to check on Maria and make sure she’ll keep quiet. I thought at the time it odd he didn’t mention you. Something’s wrong! Max loses a power, and suddenly, you’re able to be in a connection unharmed.
Alex: Is a connection dangerous?
Michael: For a human yes, usually, unless he’s asleep. I can see I’ll have to bring you up to date on this sometime, but not now. We’ve got to talk to Max whether he wants to or not. I promised Max I’d check in with Maria. Let’s go do that, then head to the Evans’.

(Meanwhile at the Crashdown)

Liz: Maria, I’m so concerned about Max. I know he’s wanting to take our relationship slowly right now, but he’s barely talking to me again. He says he’s OK physically. He says he’s OK with our relationship. He says nothings wrong. Know what? I don’t believe him. And he’s never lied to me that I know of…ever…not even when we were totally stepped back.
Maria: He’s been through so much lately. I think he’s just tired of the constant pressure.
Liz: That’s what I’m worried about. I’m afraid he might crack. He’s showing the signs of depression.
Maria: Can he get depressed.
Liz: The more I “feel” him, the more I know he’s not that different from us. Yes, I think it’s possible. I want to help him. I wish I knew what to do.
Michael: Hey you two!
Maria: Hey you two!
Liz: Maria and I were just talking about Max.
Michael: (looking panicked) What about him?
Liz: It’s like he’s in a depression. Michael, is that possible?
Michael: I honestly don’t know, Liz. You know there’s a lot we don’t know about ourselves. (Lowers voice) More all the time!
Maria: (Knowingly) I hear you.
Liz: Is there something you’re not telling me? If it’s about Max, come on. If you know what’s wrong with him, tell me.
Alex: He’s just really overwhelmed. I think the fact that we found out that the crazy e-mail is probably nothing to worry about just caused him to just feel like he could relax a bit. He probably just relaxed a little too much. Just give him some time and space. He’ll be OK.
Liz: You sure you don’t know why he won’t talk to me?
Michael: He won’t talk to us either; at least not much. We’re gonna give him some time; then we’ll try and find our normal Max again. I’m sure he’s still in there.
Maria: Liz and I have to keep working here right now, but I’d like to see you later, Michael.
Michael: OK, I’ll stop back. Maybe we can go for a drive or something.

(Alex saw Liz’ eyebrows raise a bit at Michael’s offer of an almost date. Maria’s a bit surprised too but she’s sure he wants to talk about Max, not revisit the kiss she gave him the other night)

Alex: We gotta go. I need to talk to Isabel.
Liz: I’m sure you do. The question is, does she need to talk to you?
Alex: I’ll let you know.

(Meanwhile at the Evans)

Isabel: Max! Something’s wrong with you. You haven’t been yourself since the computer e-mail deal the other night. I can feel it. I can see it. Your occasional trip to the refrigerator does not fool me. Is there really maybe still a problem with the Computer Science teacher? I’m not leaving to you tell me what’s got you so down.
Max: I think the deal with Mr. Bunker is a non- problem for now, but I do have a feeling that it might rear its head again.
Isabel: There’s something else, isn’t there? And Michael knows it doesn’t he? I felt you block me out the other night. Max, you never do that. What’s wrong? You all have to quit protecting me. I’m as old as you are; I can handle what life throws at us. We’ve never had any secrets. Max, you’re really hurting me. I want to help. I want to know.
Max: You’re right! I should have told you the other night. It’s just… I thought this problem might resolve itself and I wouldn’t have to worry you.
Isabel: What problem?
Max: The other night as we were leaving the school, someone yelled at us to stop. Instead, we ran as fast as we could for Maria’s car. Alex was carrying a computer and he tripped. He got a big gash on his arm when he fell.
Isabel: Did you heal it for him? After all, he really helped us out; it’s the least you could do.
Max: I tried…twice…and I couldn’t do it. Michael finally healed it for him. I was kind of in a state of shock after that. I wanted to help him and I couldn’t. I felt bad about that. Then I began wondering what was wrong with me?
Isabel: So?
Max: I still couldn’t help him if he needed it again, Iz. I can’t molecular manipulate anything?
Isabel: I can see now why you’re worried. You still should have told me.
Max: I’ve got to figure out what’s going on. What happened? Is this permanent? Will you and Michael be affected? Too many questions and I don’t have any answers.
Isabel: We’ll find them, together.
(Max feels as if a great weight is now off his shoulders. Telling Isabel was the thing he had dreaded most. She took it better than he expected. Now he feels better about life in general.)
Max: I’m afraid I don’t have the mettle to call the shots in our group right now. As long as Michael has powers and I don’t, I think he better do it.
Isabel: That’s wrong, Max! You know what sometimes happens with him and those powers! I'm surprised Alex is still alive. You’re mind’s OK, Max. It’s the cool thinking and logical approaches we need. I know you’ve still got that.
Max: Yes! I feel fine physically. Emotionally I’m tearing apart. Besides, Michael did fine with the locks and doors and healing Alex.
Isabel: The powers help us protect our secret. You’re supposed to have them. They'll come back; I know it.
Max: I wish I were as sure as you are.
Isabel: Does everyone else know?
Max: Everyone except Liz and I think I better tell her now. I had asked those that knew not to say anything.
Isabel: If Maria knew, Liz does.
Max: I don’t think so. I was in her dream and I asked her not to tell.
Isabel: So you can still do that?
Max: Yeh! That seems unaffected.
Isabel: OK! Now I’m sure there’s a cause and effect. We’ve just got to find it.

(Michael & Alex arrive)

Max: Hey! Come to cheer me up?
Michael: Cheer you up, prop you up, pull you up, whatever it takes.
Max: I’m actually feeling a little better now.
Isabel: He told me, so don’t feel like you have to…
Alex: Thank God! The last thing I wanted to do was beat around the bushes with you…unless maybe it’s the bushes outside and we could…
Isabel: Alex!
Alex: Sorry!
Max: You know, telling her made me feel about 30% better. I need to tell Liz; that should be good for another 30%. Then if I can figure out what happened, that will be the other 40%. I really do feel better. Sorry I’ve been such a limp biscuit.
Alex: So now you feel like a rock star?
Max: Please! I don’t feel good enough for jokes like that yet.
Michael: I hate to throw cold water on this cheery scene, but we’ve gotta talk.
Max: Oh! Just when things were looking up!
Michael: Well, maybe we could wait a little bit. How about we go see the women at the Crashdown? You look like you could use a chocolate sundae with Tabasco sauce.
Alex: Is that how someone who needs one of those looks?

(At the Crashdown)

(Liz brings them all sundaes)
Max: Hey!
Liz: (Hugs Max) I can’t tell you how good it is to see you here. The last couple of days…
Max: Yeh! I know I’ve been as much fun as mud…
Liz: Never mind. You’re here; all is well.
Max: Not really Liz. I’m over being afraid to talk about it, but all is not well.
Liz: Does it have to do with the crazy e-mail. It sounds like that’s nothing to worry about.
Max: I’ve still got a bad feeling about that, but I don’t think it’s today’s problem.
Liz: What then?
Max: Let’s go for a drive. I’ll tell you about it.
Maria: Michael…that reminds me! You promised me a drive.
Michael: That was before Max came out of his shell. I was just wanting to make sure you were…
Maria: Oh no you don’t. You said we were going and we are…or I’m making you pay for that sundae.
Michael: Since you put it that way…
Alex: Not fair! I don’t have a car.
Maria: Hey! You two come with us; but look out the side windows all the time, OK?
Isabel: The ones on the opposite side from where we’re sitting, right?

(The Drive)

(Max and Liz take off in the jeep. Max drives to a dirt road outside of town and out into the desert a ways. He pulls over in a secluded area by some trees)

Liz: Max…it’s so good to be with you. I’ve been so worried, again.
Max: I’m sorry, again. It seems like all I do is give you hypertension.
Liz: I think you’re giving yourself some too. I’m really worried about how much stress you can take.
Max: I’ll be OK. I’m young.
Liz: About 50 maybe?
Max: We don’t know that.
Liz: Just teasing. I needed to see you smile.
Max: Can I ask you something?
Liz: I’m a little concerned that you think you need to ask permission.
Max: Why do you like me?
Liz: What kind of question is that?
Max: I just wonder sometimes. Is it because I saved you? Is it because you know I’m not quite human and that infatuates you? Is it because you’re excited by all the secrecy that surrounds my life?
Liz: (Pause) MAX EVANS…LISTEN TO ME!!! I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE YOU. There’s nothing I don’t like about you. Your body, your mind, your spirit! I’ve had a crush on you since before I knew you well at all, so it couldn’t be any of those things. I’m grateful to you for my life, but admit it Maxamillion; you’re grateful to yourself for my life too, aren’t you?
Max: You’ve never called me Maxamillion before.
Liz: And if you don’t want me to again, don’t ask questions you already know the answer to. Now I've got a question for you. I felt you in my dreams the other night. Was that an experiment?
Max: I knew that was going to come back to haunt me. Yes, kind of…but that was a mistake. I’d never invade you.
Liz: I have no secrets from you.
Max: I’m going to tell you something. I've been asking these questions because I’m afraid what I'm going to say might make you look at me differently.
Liz: Nothing could do that, Max.
Max: Something happened to me, Liz. I’ve lost the power to manipulate things and to heal.
Liz: (Pause) What happened? When?
Max: I don’t know. I found out when Alex cut his arm the other night and I couldn’t heal it. Sometimes I go for days and don’t use that power so I don’t know when it went away. I was afraid if I told you that you would feel less safe being with me.
Liz: I’d feel safe with you if your hands were tied behind your back. What you just said doesn’t change my love for you. (She takes Max’ hand) I love you for all that you are…at any given time. What I want is to be there for you, to help you. Please don’t ever be afraid to tell me if something’s bothering you.
(Max notices that her hand feels unusually warm.)
Max: I told myself you’d say that; I just want to believe it.
Liz: Believe it!
Max: I do!
Liz: So, do you think that powers will come back? Can anyone help you? Riverdog maybe?
Max: If I knew, I wouldn’t be so uptight about it.
Max: (A little smile) You’ve been around Alex too long.
Liz: But I haven’t been around you enough lately.
(Liz puts her head on Max’ shoulder. He pulls her toward him and they have the best kiss they’ve had since their very first one. One…then another…and another! Time seems to have stopped; not that either of them cares. Enjoyable as it is, Max is noticing something. He is getting flashes of his life the past few weeks. Michael sick…the step back encounter with Liz…the lonely feelings he’s had…the e-mail caper…being unable to heal Alex’s arm. It’s like an instant replay and somehow now he feels stronger. Their embrace slowly ends and they decide to head back. Max starts the jeep and pulls back onto the main road.
Max: I guess I’ve learned something.
Liz: What?
Max: I worry too much.
Liz: I’ve been telling you that for weeks.
Max: I was dreading telling Isabel and you about this. I was afraid of the reaction. I was afraid I’d somehow be perceived as weaker. In a strange way, I actually feel stronger. Everyone just wants to help me.
Liz: You’re still you; why wouldn’t we?
Max: I was just afraid…
(Just at that point, the driver of the truck in from of Max and Liz throws a beer can out his window. It’s about to come down and hit the jeep windshield. Instinctively, Max lifts his arm to make it veer out of the way. It slows and veers to the side of the car.)
Liz: I thought you said you couldn’t do that.
Max: I did. I mean I couldn’t.
Liz: But…
Max: I know. I did it. Now I’m even more confused. What’s going on?

(Hmmm…could it be that the kiss brought back the power…or was it the ice cream with Tabasco sauce.)


Part XII
What A Fine Mess
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to Warner Brothers. No Infringement intended.

(The week since “ The ride” has been uneventful. Through a strange alignment of the stars, the friends haven’t been able to spend much time together. Maria was sick and Liz has had to spend a lot of time at the Crashdown to cover for her. Max had been coming by, but they couldn’t really “do” anything. Michael kept asking Liz all week how Maria was doing and Liz kept telling him to call her; that she’s wasn’t so sick she couldn’t talk. In addition, the Evans kids grandparents were visiting and Max and Isabel had to spend some time with them. That meant Alex wasn't able to see much of Isabel either. Liz is looking forward to the week ahead, however. She’s part of a field trip. The schools top ten science students are invited to tour the National Laboratories in Los Alamos, N.M. Max and Alex are also in the top ten and will be going on the trip too. Liz is dreaming of a several hour bus ride with Max, not to mention time together during the tour. The Laboratories are where much of the work on the first US atom bomb was done and at one time it took a special security clearance to even enter Los Alamos. More recently the labs have expanded into many areas of research including genetics, astrophysics, and super computer research among other things. It’s still kind of a high security government controlled area, which has Max a bit nervous. He did have an interesting flash when he had to fill out a security clearance form and answer the question, “are you a U.S. citizen”. He decided he was actually a pretty good one so he said yes. He started thinking about how he probably doesn’t have a birth certificate. But he does have a Social Security card and a driver’s license. He is certainly a student in school. Maybe his parents have some sort of documentation that takes the place of a birth certificate from the adoption agency. After all, couples adopt foreign infants and children all the time. He thought about asking his mother, but decided that might lead to other questions he’d rather not answer. Michael did manage a few minutes with Max during the week to discuss his worries that Max’ recent loss of powers and the unexpected ability of Alex to be in a connection are somehow related. He points to that as another reason to not be so involved with the humans. So far, Max is not convinced.

Everyone is packed and ready to leave when the science teacher announces that the bus which was to have taken them to Los Alamos has broken down and they’re going to have to take two mini-vans. He says students with last names A-M go in one van and N-Z in another. Liz’ heart sank and Max actually almost looked tearful. Despite some protestations, they have to go on the assigned busses. Liz soulfully wonders if she’ll ever have a name starting with E. "Oh well", Liz thinks, "at least I can be with my almost brother". The vans leave.

(Liz and Alex got in the far back seat so they could talk)
Liz: Alex, you’ve been awful quiet.
Alex: I have a really bad headache and I haven’t been sleeping much lately.
Liz: Isabel withdrawal?
Alex: A little! You know she’s been busy…
Liz: …with the grandparents, yes. Max has had the same situation
Alex: I’ve also been having nightmares.
Liz: Can you remember them?
Alex: Yes! Each time, one of our group is in a life threatening situation.
Liz: But nobody dies?
Alex: Not yet. The rest of the gang has always come through each time to save them.
Liz: I think, maybe you’re totally into the spirit I wanted you to be in.
Alex: Perhaps more than I want to be. There’s more, but I’ll have to tell you in private.
Ken: (another student) Hey you two back there, not too close.
Liz: Mind your...

(Meanwhile in the other van, Max is his usual quiet self. He thinks,” I wonder if I could change places with Alex when we stop for gas or something?”

Alex: (mumbles aloud) I willing to try it.
Liz: What?
Alex: Nothing! (He whispers in her ear) I just thought I heard Max. He wants to see if he and I could swap places at the next gas stop.
Liz: How do you know that.
Alex: He just told me.
Liz: Uh…Houston, we have a problem.
Alex: Tell me about it.

(Finally as the vans stop for gas and a stretch the friends meet privately)
Alex: You wanta try to swap? I don’t think anyone would tell. These kids are our friends.
Max: What?
Alex: I thought you wanted to swap places with me.
Max: I had a fleeting thought about that.
Alex: I know!
Max: Are you telling me what I think you’re telling me? Come to think about it, you said you were willing to try it didn’t you?
Alex: Yes, I did…and I am. But you weren’t exactly within earshot were you?
Liz: He did answer you aloud.
Max: Oh my! I sensed you a week or so ago too, but I was so hosed that it didn’t register at the time that there was anything wrong with it. Frankly, at the time I was glad for it.
Alex: Yea…I felt that from you…and I really don’t mind if you want to communicate with me that way. It’s fine if it’s just you. But since then I’ve been getting all sorts of weird input; even flashes just from just looking at pictures or thinking of people. Weird dreams too. I’ve been having weird dreams.
Max: Michael might have been right.
Alex: You know Max, I’ve always had a little ability this way. It’s not something I’ve talked about a lot, but for years I've occasionally been able to finish a persons thought before they say it out loud. I’ve studied the phenomenon a little bit. I’ve discovered there are people who can and do read others, but I’ve never seen anything described that is this complete. Can you tell me how to control it? At first I could easily block it, but it’s getting harder and harder.
Max: I usually don’t have to block it. I usually have to consciously work on receiving anything…same with Michael and Isabel.
Alex: You forget, I have a little different physiology.
Max: I didn’t forget and it has me concerned. I’m afraid we’ve somehow given you something you might not want.
Alex: Michael was concerned that it had something in common with what you experienced. Can you still….
Max: I don’t know. I could earlier. (Tries to move a candy wrapper on the ground.)
Liz: So?
Max: Wonderful! Here we are, away for 2 days visiting a government research facility. That thought alone was making me nervous, but now I’ve lost my powers again and at the same time, Alex is having goodness knows what going on. What's next? Liz, are you OK?
Liz: I was until I listened to you two.

(Drivers are yelling, "back in the vans everyone!")

Alex: Great! I didn’t even make it to the bathroom. Max; slip in with Liz. It’ll be OK.
Max: Thanks Alex. Call if you need something. Oh, by the way. Know how I know I could manipulate things earlier? I made sure the rooming list had us as roommates. We can talk later.
Alex: Good man! Thank goodness for that. Later!

(Well…I’m not sure what this has to do with e-mail, but I’m sure I’ll find a way to drag the topic back in somehow. I don’t want to change the title of this series, at least not yet. And yes…there will be more…J)

The Roswell E-Mail, Part XIII
Author: John
“A Fine Mess”, Continued
Disclaimer: Warner Brothers owns the Roswell Characters. No infringement intended.

(The group has arrived in Los Alamos, had dinner and checked into a hotel. At least they didn’t alphabetize dinner and Liz was able to join Max and Alex. The Roswell group of 10 is part of several other groups from around the state who will tour the National Laboratories. Being school sponsored; the guy’s and gal’s sleeping arrangements are PTA approved.
It seems this trip is doing it’s best to keep Liz and Max apart. Some earlier handiwork by Max at least put he and Alex together, which, given what their both dealing with right now, is the only thing that may keep them sane during what was supposed to be a fun experience)

(The guy’s room…they finally can flop for awhile.)

Alex: Electricity!
Max: Huh?
Alex: Electricity! Both our problems are probably a result of a short circuit somewhere.
Max: Think so?
Alex: As I said, I’ve had a small tendency towards reading people for some time. It’s the most basic form of e-mail. It’s not something I asked for or talk about; nor was it a problem until recently. I have studied it a little however. People who can read others exist as do people who have telekinesis abilities. That is well documented. I think what you guys have is a supercharged version of both those talents.
Max: Go on.
Alex: You know from studying biology that the body functions on very small electrical impulses. They pulse the heart; they charge the brain. They can be measured. I dare say yours are either higher than what would be considered normal, or maybe they’re of different polarity and/or phase. Somehow you can amplify and project them too but I have no idea how. I’m speculating of course, but I’m being scientific. My studies indicate people who have these talents have a slightly different electrical condition in their bodies. I suspect, even though I’ve never been anyplace where they can measure it, that even in normal conditions I have a slightly elevated impulse somewhere. Right now, I think something's off the chart. As for you, I’ll bet there is just some small decrease, or maybe even an increase, in electricity somewhere in your body goofing things up.
Max: As I understand, it’s mostly a biochemical reaction that makes the electricity.
Alex: Right! That’s why things can get messed up.
Max: A chemical imbalance.
Alex: It the scientific explanation. Of course the real explanation may be unscientific. That you are actually here with me right now is not exactly something science would attest to.
Max: Thanks a lot!
Alex: I didn’t mean that in an unkind way man, just stating a fact.
Max: I know; just giving you a dose of your own medicine.
Alex: I’m too tense to try and be funny right now. Blocking out impressions from people and things is wearing me out. It was novel at first, but coupled with the nightmares I’m about ready to scream.
Max: I think you’re actually having a worse time than I am; but I don’t feel comfortable without my molecular powers, especially going into that secure facility tomorrow. Ever get an uneasy feeling about going somewhere? That’s me right now.
Alex: Actually, I was looking forward to seeing the super computer and the genetics lab, especially if they’re doing any “electrical” tests on subjects.
Max: You’ll excuse me if I don’t like the hearing the words “tests” and “subjects” used in the same phrase.
Alex: Totally excused!
Max: Let’s try and get some sleep; they want us up at 7:00.
Alex: Wake me if I scream. I might be having a nightmare that I’m sleeping in the same room with an alien.
Max: I thought you weren’t able to be funny right now.
Alex: (Deadpans) Was I being funny?

(Max throws a pillow at Alex, trying to get even for that "sleeping with an alien" joke. That starts a good-natured pillow fight, allowing the two friends to forget their worries for a while. Finally Alex surrenders and they decide to try and get some sleep. Morning comes! Alex has had two nightmares and Max worried more than he slept. The guys met Liz at breakfast but they’re afraid the alphabet is going to split them up again. Max is wishing he could be a “Vans” rather than an Evans right now. After a short ride, they arrive at the labs and merge with about six other school groups. [The facility guide speaks on a bullhorn] “A through M will go the museum first, then tour the labs you’ll be allowed to go see. N through Z will do he opposite. We’ll then all meet in the auditorium where various scientists will speak and answer questions. Please stay with your guide. There are some classified areas here where we stop people first and ask questions later.” Max shuddered. Liz gave him a “you’ll be fine” look and a quick little kiss as they split up again. The kiss seemed like just what he needed. Alex is excited about seeing the labs; but he’s also still getting visions as he sees various people and things. At least he can stare at Liz for some relief as most things he senses from her he’s already prepared for. As Alex and Liz join the group to go see the facilities, they are surprised to have their fingerprints taken as they enter the secure area. The guide explains that the fingerprint equipment is experimental, but is the result of some genetic studies that can pinpoint the nationality of each person with, right now, about 75% accuracy. “ Don’t worry if it reads “unknown”. We still get quite a bit of that. But come back after another year of development. If we get an unknown then, we’ll see you in the genetics lab." Liz shuddered as she thought of Max. "He’ll be OK today", she thought," but what about the future? How would it read his prints?" As they approach the genetics lab, the guide speaks of some of the advances being made toward overcoming birth-related defects and other genetic problems. Liz is smiling thinking about how she someday might help in the research. She can’t help but wonder if an alien/human baby might have defects. As Alex looks around the lab he gets a frightening flash. He envisions several animals and people being tortured there. He feels a lack of compassion. He feels terror. He remembers Max’ joke about tests and subjects. "God, could it ever be my friend in here", he thinks. "No way! Not if I can help it", he promises himself. The group moves on to the super computer and Alex is excited.
As the guide is rambling about the number of processes the computer can do and the scientific research that it is enabling, Alex gets a flash. Somehow he senses that there is some other, not so noble, work being done on it. Geez, why can’t I enjoy this? I’ve been wanting to see this for along time. It’s the mother of all computers. I should be happy.
After some questions and answers, the group heads for the museum. Just then, Alex is startled again.)

(Silent connection communication)
Max: Alex, help!
Alex: (senses panic) You come in clearer each time, Max. What’s wrong?
Max: I’m entering this secure area; they want fingerprints.
Alex: I know, I had to do that too.
Max: I’ve never had mine taken. I don’t know how close they are to human ones. Could you put your hand up to your face?
Alex: That’s gonna look stupid to everyone around me.
Max: Please, I just want to compare mine to yours; see if they’re close enough to pass.
Alex: They said they get unknowns all the time, Max. The machine’s not perfected yet.
Max: (stressed) I know! But what if it completely smokes. I have no power to change anything…
Alex: OK, here.
(Puts hand up to face)
Alex: Max?
Max: It’s OK! Mine actually look pretty close to yours. Nothing telltale there.
Alex: We’ll get through this guy! I gotta go. This is hurting my head.
(Silent communication ends)
Liz: Alex, why were you looking at your hand?
Alex: Tell you later.
Liz: Max?

(Liz, Alex and the rest of he group enter the museum part of the complex. They spend time with exhibits and generally things start to seem less tense. Finally both groups are reunited in the auditorium. Alex is tempted to ask questions of the genetic researchers, but the ones he wants to ask he doesn’t want Max to hear. Finally the day at the laboratories comes to an end and they head back to the hotel. The advisor says that they’ll be leaving for home about noon tomorrow, but the students can check out the lab's library in the morning if they want to. Liz, Alex, and Max agree they don’t want to do that. Being together sounds better and Alex is kind of fading anyway. For the rest of evening they are free until the 10:00 p.m. room check. Alex wants to rest, so Liz and Max decide to explore the hotel.

Max: Bring your swimsuit? I see there’s an indoor pool.
Liz: Actually, I did. Maria told me to put it in; she said I might have free time.
Max: Wanta check out the pool then?
Liz: I’ll check out anything you want to, Max.
Max: That’s not what I mean.
Liz: I know, but it was nice to see you smile again.

(At the pool, they enjoy a swim and some talk time. Several of the other students are also there. Liz and Max agree that what should have been a fun and educational trip has just been more hypertension. A silent glance between them signals an agreement that a kiss might relieve some of that. The couple hug at the pool’s end and Max lowers his lips toward Liz. As they touch, as happened the last time they kissed, the pleasure for Max is augmented by flashes of the past few days. The e-mail messages, the terror at the fingerprint machine, Alex and the seat exchange, the candy wrapper that wouldn’t move. A second kiss is better; just a feeling of love between the two of them, their bathing suit clad bodies making it all the more romantic. As much as she doesn’t want to stop, the setting is too public. She’s breaks the embrace and suggests she’s hungry. Max agrees to take her for a snack as soon as they’re dressed.)

Liz: That was the best part of this trip.
Max: Yeh, I agree. I felt really uptight at the labs.
Liz: So did Alex. And I thought he’d be in seventh heaven at a place like that.
Max: Is this our new “normal”?
Liz: I hope not. We should be able to do normal things, right?
Max: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Liz: Don’t even go there, Max. I have no second thoughts.
Max: Good!
Liz: Here’s the snack bar.
Max: What sounds good?
Liz: Anything, surprise me.

(Max orders up some BBQ sandwiches and drinks and they sit down)
Liz: Swimming makes me hungry.
Max: Me too, and for more than just food.
Liz: Max, how romantic.
Max: Haven’t had much of a chance for that lately.
Liz: And for a change it wasn’t your fault.
Max: What’s that supposed to mean?
Liz: Just kidding. Hey! This sandwich is kinda cold, is yours?
(Max instinctively puts his hand on it, forgetting for a moment that he was in failure mode again.)
Liz: Thanks!
Max: Uh…it worked?
Liz: Yeh! It did! Hmmmm. Do you notice a pattern here?
Max: No! Only that this on again/ off again thing is frustrating.
Liz: No, I mean a real pattern. We don’t get close for awhile. Your power fades. We have a close encounter. You’re back in business. You’re welcome!
Max: I hope that’s not a “new normal”.
Liz: I do!

(Could it be? Should it be? And does this have anything to do with Alex’ problem? Time and the authors twisted mind will tell)

Roswell E-Mail- Part XIV
A Fine Mess…concluded…sort of…at least wrapping up the field trip from part XIII!
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters owned by UPN. No infringement intended.

Liz and Max concluded their night. Liz did tell Max she was kidding about the desirability of a forced relationship, even though she probably thinks it would be nice. She wants Max to love her and need her for herself…not just to keep his power alive. For now however that seems to be the case. Max is not totally convinced, but the evidence does seem to be mounting. Max walked Liz to her room under the watchful eye of the science advisors and returned to his room to talk to Alex.

Max: Still say electricity?
Alex: That’s still my best guess.
Max: Know what? Liz and I went for swim in the pool. Do you think that could have shorted out some electrons?
Alex: I don’t think water affects bio-chemical electricity, otherwise drinking would not be advisable. Are you going to tell me your powers came back?
Max: Did you read my mind or…
Alex: No; that was a deduction. I get headaches when those mind melds happen. Now I know why Spock always looked so pained.
Max: That was science fiction.
Alex: This isn’t?
Max: You must be feeling better.
Alex: I’m OK unless I fixate on a person, place, or thing. That's when I see and hear things. And then there's when you call me...
Max: I’ll try and avoid doing that.
Alex: Actually, it's OK in short bursts. You’re a pleasant diversion since I know you. It’s looking at a person and getting flashes of their entire life’s history that bugs me. So did you and Liz do anything besides swim?
Max: Do I have to tell?
Alex: No, but if you want my analysis you will.
Max: Well, we went swimming, talked, kissed, got dressed, and ate some BBQ sandwiches.
Alex: I don’t think it was the BBQ.
Max: Liz thinks she sees a pattern. My power fades…we kiss…it comes back.
Alex: What brought it back the first time.
Max: I don’t know, but we kissed then too.
Alex: Sounds like a pattern all right.
Max: But why all of a sudden. Liz and I have been seeing each other on and off since the day I healed her.
Alex: Ah…but she told me you recently decided to slow down the relationship. You hadn’t seen her much since just before the e-mail caper. Maybe this problem didn’t show up until you were actually away from her for awhile, even though it was a result of what you did for her that day. Maybe you had to transfer so much of a certain type of electricity in order to heal her that you now have to regularly get some back from her. This is all speculation. Come up with something else.
Max: I’d like to. We both agreed that it’s not a good situation, although I think she likes the power over me right now.
Alex: Well that’s the best theory I can offer tonight. It’s probably something else though.
Max: What about you? What do you supposed heightened your sensory tendency?
Alex: Well, um…er…I’m not sure.
Max: Anything to do with Isabel? She’s my suspect because she’s the best at reading people.
Alex: I think I could give her a run right now but it hurts too much to do it.
Max: Remember, I can read you if I have to.
Alex: I’ll talk; I’ll talk. We didn’t do anything we shouldn’t, if that’s what you mean. But yea, we kissed and made out a little…oh God…she’s your sister…I shouldn’t have to tell you this.
Max: It’s OK. If I can kiss Liz, Izzy can kiss whomever she wants.
Alex: OK, but I want you to know you can trust me with her.
Max: I do.
Alex: Well, I know she’s been in my dreams at least twice. I think the first time was when you all were deciding if I was trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, you know…the Boy Scout stuff. The second time? I’m not sure why or exactly when, but it was more recently. I supposed something she did could have supercharged the tendency I already had. That coupled with the power transferred when Michael healed my arm…geez…this is getting way too far out.
Max: No further out that your guess as to my problem. What else have we got to go on?
Alex: Nothing else comes to mind. The bigger question is how do we reverse all this. I mean, I assume you want to keep seeing Liz for something beyond just getting a recharge and I’d like to be with Isabel. We’ve got to get it solved.
Max: Maybe Michael was right all along about our getting involved with you humans.
Alex: No, he was wrong. Good friends are worth a price. I’d be willing to live with this rather than lose you three as friends, but that won’t be necessary. I’m sure there is a solution. There is a good scientific reason for this; we just have to find it.
Max: When we get back…I can’t believe I’m saying this…we have to do an experiment. I’m going to not kiss Liz for a few days and see if the power fades again. I’ll tell her it’s in the name of science. You on the other hand get to kiss Isabel, again in the name of science.
Alex: She may not want to. I think she was half-asleep the night we did it. I’m not sure our relationship's at that point yet. We’re along way from you and Liz!
Max: She was in your dream; that may have started it. We’ll just tell her we have to try a kiss between you two and maybe it will discharge your hyper-sensing mind.
Alex: This all seems pretty far out.
Max: I’m open to another suggestion.
Alex: Maybe we could call an electrician.
Max: Goodnight Alex!
Alex: Goodnight Max!

(In the morning, the friends awoke and played games in the hotel game room until time to leave. In a gesture that was almost ironic, given that Max had decided to refrain from kissing Liz in the name of science, the bus drivers decided that the students could ride wherever they wanted, the alphabet not with standing. The three friends at least got to go back together in the same van. Three of the top ten top science students at Roswell High were never so glad to see home as they were when they got there. Oh well! Just another day in Roswell!)

ROSWELL E-MAIL: Part XV-The Beginning of the End (Don’t worry, I mean of the story!)
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.

The three New Mexico State travelers are back at school. The trip was an eye opener for Liz and Alex. They now have a greater understanding of what being friends with the Czechoslovakians means, the responsibility it carries, and why their new friends have been so reluctant to open up to them. They clearly see how they too must now live a new normal. What should have been an exciting and educational field trip was anything but. As for Max, it was just more of the same thing he’s had to live with for most of his life. Can you really blame him for being the reserved individual that he is? It’s hard enough just living the way he has too, indeed the way they all now have to, without deliberately reaching out and asking for increased involvement in anything. Liz is grasping what Max has been telling her…what it will be like to be with him. Despite the realization, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Max means more to her than anything. If this is the way it must be then so be it, and she’s told him so. As for Alex, now that a rather impassioned kiss from Isabel has cured his headaches and stopped the life history flashes coming from everyone he looks at, he too thinks being part of the “We Six” is just fine. His life before inclusion was just too “same old”. Isabel at first didn’t believe what Max and Alex told her about Alex’ sensory problems. She thought it was a set up, but she went along with what she thought was a gag and gave Alex the most thrilling kiss of his life. Almost immediately, the hyper- sensitivity to others and the flashes he would get from seeing things ceased. It didn’t set everything back to a complete normal (he can still read Max and Isabel and probably Michael too and they can read him) but at least it’s on demand. Given the experience Max had at the fingerprint machine, Alex said he doesn’t mind; if he can help, he’s available. Max is still waiting for his power to fail again, but he’s pretty convinced that it will and that a kiss from Liz will bring it back. Both men realize that the “physical contact with their women” fix is a band-aid and Alex keeps assuring Max and Isabel that they’ll find a less sexually oriented solution. Against this backdrop, we join our friends as they meet at lunchtime.

Michael: Let me get this straight. Your molecular alteration powers keep failing, then you kiss Liz and they come back? And you Alex, somehow your slight sensory ability goes into overdrive and contact with Isabel fixes it?
Max: Let’s not publicize it.
Michael: Who’s left to tell, I mean that we could tell?
Max: I just meant that you were speaking rather loudly and it’s OK if Maria knows. (He nods towards Maria.)
Maria: I feel left out. I need a Michael connection.
Michael: Don’t even think about it. With this weirdness, it might happen.
Alex: Things are under control for the moment and I’m determined to find a solution.
Liz: I agree. As much as pulling Max’ chain about this is fun, it’s not the way things should be. I mean…I can live with a new normal, but only up to a point. This is just too weird.
Isabel: (towards Alex) …and if you think I’m doing that kiss every few days, you better get real and find a permanent solution fast.
Michael: I’m gonna say I told you so…involvement with humans…
Max: ..and I’m gonna say I don’t care. What’s done is done. Being able to open up to and rely on Liz, Alex, and Maria, just like I can rely on you and Isabel…you know what…this is one reach out I don’t want to reverse. I don’t know what I would have done without Alex and Liz on the field trip.
Michael: You’re so far gone there’s no turning back, is there?
Max: Nope! But you can come along…it’s really OK.
Michael: Well…uh…would you believe me if I said I was feeling a bit left out of the kissing equation?
Maria: (surprised) You don’t have to have an excuse, Michael. I mean…I’ll let you kiss me anytime.
Michael: Like this? (Long kiss)
Maria: It’s a start.
Liz: I hate to say anything, but it’s time for classes.
Alex: We’ve got Computer Science. I’m a little scared to go in there after our lab run the other night. Michael, did you go to that class while we were gone?
Michael: You’re probably going to be amazed; but yea, I did. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. But then, like I told you, Mr. Bunker has no reason to suspect me of anything…
Isabel: Let’s get together after school. I’m glad you guys are back.
Liz, Max, Alex: (in unison) So are we!

(The women head for a math class and the guys go to Computer Science)

(Near the end of class…)
Mr. Bunker: (the Comp. Sci. teacher) …and so you see, computers run on switching power supplies that provide plus 12 volts, minus 12 volts, plus 5 volts, and minus 5 volts. These voltages must be balanced. If your power supply malfunctions, your computer will behave erratically, and the supply must be replaced. (Bell rings)
Alex: (thinking to himself) Power must be balanced…power must be balanced. THAT’S IT! THAT'S THE PROBLEM!

(Just as the guys are walking out)

Mr. Bunker: Evans, Guerin and Whitman! I need to see you privately!

(Parts VIII and IX of this incredibly diverse story would explain why Mr. Bunker might want to see them, just in case you forgot or came in late. In any case, this loose end needs to be tied up doesn’t it?)

ROSWELL E-MAIL-Part XVI (The Loose End)
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to UPN. No Infringement intended.
Summary: Continued from some other continueds!

Max, Michael and Alex gave each other an “we better all hang together all we’ll all hang separately look” as they moved to the front of the computer lab. Each was feeling the others’ anxiety and Alex was glad his over active sensory abilities had been calmed by Isabel. If they hadn't been, the vibes coming from Max and Michael right now might have sent him screaming.

Mr. Bunker: People…or whatever you are…may I show you something?
(Turns on a VCR playing the tape from the security camera the guys didn’t know existed. There, as if on “Roswell’s Most Wanted”, were the three friends during their’ after hours visit to the computer lab. Max silently asked the others to remain calm. He reminded them that they do have a trump card.)
Mr. Bunker: Before I turn you into the police, I demand to know what you were doing in my laboratory after hours and how you got in?
Alex: We were doing a little computer research and I needed a higher level network…
Max: (Interrupting and speaking very forcefully, especially for Max) You can turn us in if you want; but if you do, we’ll turn you in for harassing of my sister Isabel. We know for certain that it was you who sent her clandestine e-mail accusing me of being “spaced” and “out of this world”.
Mr. Bunker: You can’t prove that.
Alex: Yes, I can. We know the replies I sent came right back to your computer here. Frankly we were amazed. The only reason we were in here was to track down the source of the disturbing e-mail.
Mr. Bunker: I’ll bet it was disturbing. My cousin is the sheriff. He said you’d be worried. If it comes down to stories, who’s he gonna believe?
Max: I don’t think it matters.
Mr. Bunker: It matters to you obviously, as I thought it would.
Michael: What are you talking about?
Mr. Bunker: I’m talking about what the sheriff told me. He said he is sure that you, Max Evans, are not a human being but rather a creature from outer space. He’s gonna flip when I tell him there are two more as well.
(Max, Michael and Alex all cringed at the word “creature”. Alex was the most pained…he doesn’t consider his friends creatures.)
Max: Valenti told you that?
Mr. Bunker: Yes, he said he just needed proof that an alien was among us and he could free the family from all the embarrassment that his father had caused us with his alien searches. I’m sure of it now. You had to find the source of the e-mail to get it stopped. You got in here without the slightest problem…must have been alien powers…and you figured out that the mail came from me. It would take superior intelligence to track that. And no way would you let any humans know what you were doing, so that means you two are aliens as well.
(Alex was about to say something at that last statement, but a quiet message from Max told him to let it go. Max was right, he couldn’t refute it with out giving away Max and Michael…and besides, who cares…this guy’s psycho.)
Max: (Max should get an Oscar for this next part) That explains a lot.
Mr. Bunker: It does?
Max: Yes. The sheriff has been asking me strange questions…talking to my mom…he even asked me once if I had any rights? I thought he meant because I was only 16.
Mr. Bunker: Well?
Max: Mr. Bunker, come on …really,do any of us look like aliens?
Mr. Bunker: No, but what he said was…
Max: Here, shake my hand. Do I feel like an alien?
Mr. Bunker: You feel like any 16 year old up to his ears in trouble; but no, you feel human to me.
Max: Look! I’ll take off my shirt. (Unbuttons shirt.) See? There aren’t any green scales covered by human looking plastic skin.
Mr. Bunker: But you guys got in here and found me out?
Alex: I was able to find you because you taught me so well.
Max: Mr. Bunker, I know he’s your cousin, but Sheriff Valenti has something against me. I don’t know why. I don’t know what I ever did to upset him.
Mr. Bunker: But why doesn’t he just talk to you; tell you what he thinks you’ve done wrong?
Max: I have no idea, but it’s obvious the sheriff has been obsessing on his fathers’ fantasies for too long. In fact he’s probably been living in Roswell too long. What else would a Roswell sheriff accuse someone of if he wanted to paint him as a suspicious person?
Michael: Besides, if we were aliens, why the hell would we stay in Roswell?
Max: If you start with this alien nonsense too, you’re gonna look as silly as the sheriff's father and bring more ridicule to your family.
Mr. Bunker: So if you’re not aliens, why did you have to track me down. And you still haven’t explained how you got in here.
Michael: It was easy. I hid in the school after hours. I let the others in.
Mr. Bunker: Must have been pretty important to you to trace the mail.
Max: It really upset my sister…and my girlfriend. (Max smiled as he said that; he hadn’t been admitting he had a girlfriend for awhile.) I felt like we needed to get it stopped for their sakes.
Mr. Bunker: Your girlfriend?
Max: Come on! Don’t deny it. Liz Parker showed me the mail she got. It didn’t make any sense to her. She asked me if I knew what that was all about.
Mr. Bunker: I confess I’d been watching you and I saw her in your Jeep several times. As I think about it though, I don’t suppose an alien would have a human girlfriend.
Michael: (His usual worried self) Wouldn’t make sense!
Alex: Liz has better taste in men than that.
(Nasty glare from Max, but the smile on Alex face said enough to change it to a grin.)
Mr. Bunker: So Alex, you really did figure out how to trace my e-mail?
Alex: Yes; and I used an encryption routine I wrote to help me track it. I’ll have to show it to you sometime.
Mr. Bunker: Well, you really are some of my better students. (Michael laughed to himself.) I think, maybe my cousin has been in Roswell too long. Say Max, don’t you work at the museum?
Max: You really have been watching me.
Mr. Bunker: The museum wouldn’t be a place I’d expect to find an alien either.
Max: Why not? Its owner believes in them. Maybe some will come visit him. I just hope I’m not there when they do.
Mr. Bunker: I’m ready to let this whole matter drop if you are; I’ll even erase the tape.
Max: OK! I’ll tell my sister the matter is closed, but I won’t say who was responsible.
Mr. Bunker: Alex? I really would like to see how you found me. Obviously I need some coaching.
Alex: If I show you, will I get an A?
Mr. Bunker: If you don’t you may get an F.

(With that, the guys left the lab. It was all they could do to keep from laughing until they were out of Mr. Bunker’s earshot.)

Alex: Max! Have you considered Hollywood? What a performance!
Max: It’s amazing what you can do when your life’s at stake. You guys weren’t so bad either. Alex…the way you patronized him…classic.
Michael: OK, before you guys sign up for the Screen Actors Guild, I’m hungry.
Alex: Me too! Let’s head to the Crashdown. I can’t wait to tell the gals about this.
Michael: I thought Max promised not to tell Isabel who sent the mail.
Max: Did I say that? Must have been a TV script!

(At The Crashdown)

Alex: It was really classic, Liz. Max even unbuttoned his shirt to show him there were no green scales underneath.
Liz: I’m glad everything’s OK. Max has been worried about that whole thing on and off.
Max: Check off one more close call. I don’t know how many more I can take.
Michael: We’re gonna keep having them, might as well just call it normal.
Liz: Have you been reading my e-mail?
Michael: No, why?
Liz: Never mind!
Isabel: We were worried about you guys when you didn’t show up right away.
Alex: We couldn’t exactly walk out on Bunker.
Michael: Been better if we'd skipped his whole class today.
Alex: No! Not so! I gotta go home and think on this, but he may have accidentally given us the answer to our power problems. Everyone! Check your e-mail in the morning. If I’m right on this, we’re all going to have some thinking to do.
Isabel: Hey! If you’ve got an answer to the problems, don’t be holding out for another kiss.
Alex: Would I do that?

(Not quite done yet, are we?)

posted on 14-Sep-2001 10:09:34 PM
Author: John
Title: Alex: The Science Guy
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.

Summary: This series had to return to its roots sometime. We haven’t had a real e-mail since part VI. Of course that’s not surprising since I thought at first this series might have, at most, four episodes; certainly not 17. But take heart! We’re almost done. In this episode, Alex writes E-mail to the gang suggesting how to resolve the problems he and Max have been facing. This is a bit heavy, so pay attention!

(Since were near the end of this story, I’ll dispense with the encryption decoder routine. Just imagine it’s the same as you’ve seen before. This is most definitely an Alex I encrypted message.)


To: Max⊕

I know you sometimes must wonder, "does Alex have a serious side?" I promise the following will contain no jokes, puns, or labored humor. If I’m right, it’s time we all did some serious thinking about what our lives revolve around. As I mentioned, Mr. Bunker inadvertently told me what’s been wrong with us lately. He was talking about computer power supplies and how they have to have balanced positive and negative voltages. I’ve been looking for too scientific an explanation to the problems Max and I have been experiencing. I had been thinking the problem might be with an upset in the tiny electrical pulses that control our bodies. I wasn’t looking broadly enough at the picture. Anyone of us could have figured this out. Michael’s body tried to protect itself when it thought it was out of balance. Max has been searching for balance. The more I look at it, the more I’m convinced that we’re all a little out of balance. I believe it has to do with our experience healing Michael in the cave. At first I rejected this idea, thinking the stones and the circle could only affect Max, Michael and Isabel. I think, however, they can and have affected everyone. To have balance, there must be a center point; an unmovable point from which we form our realities and our "normals". Those normals can change but the center point cannot. I believe that when we brought Michael back, in our excitement over saving our friend, we stopped to soon. I think our central balance points were repositioned and now are stuck where they were that night. I for sure need to move mine and I think, perhaps, we all do. I could have sent this to each one of you separately, with just my observations on you individually; but I think, as we reevaluate, we need to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Since we all can reference Michael, let me start there. His frame of reference, his main balance point, has always been to isolate himself…withdraw…never let anyone or anything close to him. When his body chemistry became upset, his body responded exactly the way his balance point told it to. His instincts said isolate, don’t let anything near and that resulted in the protective cocoon. We changed his balance point enough that night to subdue the natural instincts and let his mind take over again. Did we get it to what’s right for him? I don’t know; he’s going to have to determine where it is and if it’s what he wants.
As for me, consider where I was at psychologically that night. I was still not totally accepted as part of this group of people. I had just come through a time where I felt that my old friends were deserting me and I still wasn’t sure where I fit with the expanded group. That was where my balance got frozen. In response, my senses have reacted to assure myself that I will always know everything about everyone. Just as Michael’s cocoon was an over reaction, so was the way a slight sensory power in me got so hyped up that I was suddenly seeing the life history of anyone I even glanced at. The kiss from Isabel isn’t any electrical magic. It’s a confirmation of acceptance. Once I feel accepted again, things return to normal. It because of my balance point and I need it changed.
Max, my friend. I can’t tell you how much of an appreciation I got for what your life is like as I did on the field trip. You keep telling us that life with you can’t be normal. It took seeing just how difficult it was for you to act like a normal student on that trip to understand what you mean. I think I understand why you took the gamble of opening up a little to Liz and the others. If I had to do what you do without help, I think I’d crack. I also think I see why you can’t seem to feel good about being with Liz, even though if there ever were two soul-mates, you guys are they. The night with Michael, your mindset was all about how normal Liz was making you feel. Even with all the emotion about Michael, you were still grasping at “normal”. That’s where your balance is frozen. It stuck in “normal”. But your head tells you that you are not and can never be “normal”. You life is at odds with your balance point. No amount of stepping back will fix that. Since your head says, “ Liz makes me normal” you then conclude that you and Liz can’t be together. That situation is making you both miserable. You’re not fighting being with Liz; you’re fighting your balance point. Liz tells you she’ll move to whatever normal you want to create. But, you can’t see her doing that because you’re balance point says she’s already there. You keep moving away from normal because situations in your life say you have to. The farther away you get from your balance point, the more your system reacts, eventually shutting down your power. A kiss from Liz just returns you closer to the balance point normal. You must move your balance point back to what your head says you need, not to what your emotions say you’d like it to be. And don’t worry. Liz can move hers too. I know she will. She loves you too much to do otherwise.
(You can’t believe how long it took Alex to figure that out! He’s not sure he completely understands it either.)
Liz, my almost sister…I think you know from reading about Max where you need to be. I think right now your balance point is stuck on, “is Max going to be OK”. That’s where you were that night in the cave and that’s what your life is branching out from. Of course he’s going to be OK. Not “normal” perhaps, but OK. I think you need to re-balance on what you do best, keeping a cool head and being there for others. Build your life off that balance point like you used to. That will let you do what’s best for you, Max and everyone else.
Maria, don’t take this wrong but you’re off balance too. You jumped in to help Michael, but you seemed to do it to some degree with the hope that your efforts would be garner you verbal appreciation. Your balance point right now is seeking verbal appreciation. Unfortunately your man’s not very good when it comes to giving a verbal thank you. He shows appreciation in non-verbal ways, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I suggest you concentrate on making your balance point something akin to seeing life as a mystery unfolding. That should allow plenty of room for education, excitement, and even romance.
And Isabel…I’m not going to presume anything about you. Since I’ve been around you a little more lately, I’ve decided that you may be the only person that wasn’t thrown off-balance that night. That’s because you reacted exactly the way you always have in a crisis. You did what you had to do. Of course, if you WANTED to change your balance point to something a little more people friendly I wouldn’t mind a bit. I’m staying away from any recommendations for you. If this idea doesn’t work, I can’t have you so mad at me that you wouldn’t…well you know.
Well, that’s the unscientific analysis from Alex the science guy. I only know one way we might fix this. We’ve got to have a circle and use the stones. Michael, Max, Isabel…please don’t think in suggesting this I‘m being presumptive with what is really something of yours, but I think it’s the only way. I think we have to decide for ourselves where to set our balance points and be thinking about them when we do the ritual. I also think we can’t tell each other exactly where we’re setting our balance points. This would make us interact too much and upset the natural flow of things. Michael, since you seem to have the best relationship with Riverdog, would you see if he would let us use the cave and the stones again; assuming you’re all in agreement with this. I know this sounds weird, but so was bringing Michael back to us the way we did. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me now. Anyone want to try it?

Maria, I’m not sure if Michael’s computer is working yet. Could you make sure he sees this. A

(Well…pretty heavy stuff right? Is Alex right? Should our friends pursue this? Would a return to the cave be too traumatic? Does anyone understand this? Are you worried that you do? Will it take one or two more episodes to wrap the story? All these questions may be answered next time…as, like The Terminator, “I’ll be back!”)

Roswell E-Mail Part XVIII
Subtitle: Caving In?
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Summary: If you haven’t read part 17, this won’t make a lot of sense. If you have, you don’t need a summary. (Oh, this is the next to last part.)

(In the plaza at school, looking at the e-mail)

Maria: Whitman is nuts. No way am I going back to that cave to reset my balance. I’m not unbalanced; it’s the rest of the world. If he wants to go there, let him.
Michael: I gotta admit, I’m a little dubious about this whole idea and it’s me that has to be convinced. Riverdog gave me the stones; he thought they’d be better in my hands than his and Riverdog won’t let just anyone into the cave. I’d have to be the one to convince Riverdog we need to do it. He trusts me.
Maria: I knew there was a reason I liked you.
Michael: On the other hand, Max and Alex do have a problem and I for one can’t give them any thing else to try.
Maria: You’d actually go along with this?
Michael: Hey! You’ve got the stones to thank that I’m even here talking to you.
Maria: Not to mention Max, Isabel, Alex, Riverdog, ME, and even Liz.
Michael: How many times do I have to thank you? I mean I’m grateful I think…
Maria: Listen to what I’m saying! Alex was right. I do seem to need to be thanked a lot. You’re what’s important to me, not your gratitude.
Michael: Thanks! I am getting tired of being indebted…
Maria: OK, OK…lead me to the cave. But I want you there with me.
Michael: I don’t think it would be a good idea if I wasn’t. Besides, maybe I do need to tweak my balance just a little. If Alex is right, it was set by amateurs.
(Liz comes by)
Liz: No doubt you’re talking about Alex’ e-mail. Michael, could he be right? I mean about Max and the balances being frozen?
Michael: I’m not sure. What you people did for me was restore balance; we know that. I wouldn’t say what Alex is thinking is impossible. If you’d asked me a few weeks ago, I’d have said no way could it have affected humans. Now though, with Max going over the top in accepting you, Maria and Alex and kinda forcing me to do likewise, I’m beginning to see that maybe we do have some common something from somewhere. It’s possible that everyone was affected.
Liz: I keep wondering if Max is OK? This may sound silly but I’ve been having a hard time convincing Max that I can mold myself to flow with whatever his life has to be like. I know I can do it, but I keep coming off as just “human normal” and it scares him. Maybe my balance point is off. After all, I really was afraid for Max when this all happened.
Michael: I’m getting more convinced.
Liz: So you think we should try it?
Michael: I don’t think it can be a unilateral decision.

(Max and Isabel walk up)
Isabel: A brain trust if I ever saw one.
Michael: You’ve been spending too much time with Alex.
Isabel: I think he’s been spending too much time with himself. Did you get his e-mail?
Max: I’m not so sure he’s wrong.
Isabel: What? No way! He’s read one to many science fiction novels.
Michael: I agree with Max. At first I was skeptical, but after talking with Maria and Liz and thinking about what he said, maybe he has nailed the problem.
Maria: Are you ready with another smacker? Alex is gonna need one soon.
Isabel: No way! I don’t care how many voices he hears.
Max: I think he really does suffer when that sense gets overactive…and by the way Liz, my power’s starting to fade again.
Liz: That I can fix! Now or later?
Max: Later, when we’re alone.
Liz: If this…what Alex suggests… does work, can I still kiss you at least every three days?
Max: Well, I’ll have to think about…(feels kick on shin)…just kidding!
Maria: Could I at least get Michael to kiss me once every three weeks?
Michael: (Wraps arms around her and gives rather passionate kiss) That should hold you.
Isabel: Michael, you seem more at ease today.
Michael: I’m just thinking about where I’m going to set my balance point.
Max: Alex said we shouldn’t tell each other where we want them set and I think he’s right. I think there’s a danger that we could become clones of each other. That would not be good. Our strength comes from our individuality.
Isabel: So you really think we should do what Alex suggests? You sound as if you think it might actually do something.
Max: It certainly did something when Michael was sick. I don’t have any other ideas, do you?
Isabel: (Her back to Alex, she doesn’t see him walk up.) So where is Mr. Know It All anyway?
Alex: I think he's on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.
Liz: The what?
Alex: The Rocky and Bullwinkel Show. It’s my dad’s favorite program;it comes on that satellite channel that plays the old TV shows. It’s a great source of puns.
Isabel: In that case it should be rated NA, Not for Alex.
Alex: Hey, a joke! There’s hope for you.
Isabel: I prefer the serious Alex.
Alex: You’re just saying that.
Isabel: Yes, I am.
Michael: I can’t believe this! We were deciding if we should do something that will direct our lives for the next…who knows how long… and all of a sudden we’re talking about Rocket and Bullpucky.
Alex: Uh…you’re right…sorry I brought it up.
Max: Needless to say, your e-mail is the topic of discussion, Alex.
Alex: And?
Michael: We need to try something don’t we? It’s a better idea than trying to adjust the body electric.
Max: You’ve really been thinking about this haven’t you?
Alex: Yes, I have! If you were getting headaches like mine, you’d think while you had the chance. The statement in class about computer power supplies just made some ideas fall into place. You have to admit; things have been different since our cave experience.
Liz: Too different!
Max: I’m think we ought to go for it. I’d like to have powers I can count on.
Michael: So we all agree then; we should revisit the cave? I have the stones safely stashed.
Liz: The thought of that place makes me nervous. I just think of when Michael was lying there and we didn’t know if we’d ever talk to him again.
Michael: This is different! It’s not life and death this time; it’s life or life.
Isabel: I don’t like it. I don’t think we should fool with that power unless it is life and death. We don’t know how many times it can work. What if we had another Michael situation? (long silence) I can see I’m outvoted.
Max: We can’t do this with any negativity, Isabel. We’ve got to have you there too. You were there the first time. I think this is serious enough to warrant it. It’s not a matter of voting either; either we all agree or we don’t do it.
Isabel: I’m in…let’s just be careful…take some time deciding where we want our balance points to be.
Michael: I agree. We can’t rush into it anyway. It may take me awhile to contact
Riverdog. Let’s try to do it this weekend.
Max: In the meantime, maybe the ladies could give Alex and I one more fix?
Isabel: OK, one more time! But this better be it. See you after school Alex.
Liz: Max, come by the Crashdown at closing; I’ll be the best fix you’ve ever had.
Max and Alex: (together) Thanks!

THE ROSWELL E-MAIL: The Finale…Finish…The End…Stopping Point, etc.
Subtitle: Balance Past Due
Author: John
Summary: The Happy Ending!

(The week went by rather slowly. Michael did drive out to see Riverdog and he's agreed they can use the cave. The gang has really been rather subdued. Alex has even abstained from his awful jokes. Apparently they’re all giving a lot of thought as to just where their balance points should be set. Finally it’s Saturday and everyone is very nervous. Max has deliberately let his molecular power fade so he can see if the re-balance solves the problem. Alex’ sensing ability is a little on the hyper side. Liz just wants to get back to where she can be the person who never panics. She also wants to become the person who can convince Max Evans that she can be a part of his life, whatever it might become. As usual, there’s no way to know what Michael and Isabel are thinking. They all squeeze into Max’ jeep and head out, Michael guarding the stones.)

Michael: We're just about there. We’ll need to park near the sweat lodge (he shudders at the thought of it) and walk to the cave. Riverdog said he’d make sure we weren’t disturbed.
Liz: I feel like I’m about to jump somewhere. I don’t know if it’s into a soft pool of water or a hard canyon bottom.
Max: I’m a little uneasy too, but I’m more convinced than ever we’re doing the right thing.
(Alex and Max have a silent connection conversation)
Alex: (in a silent connection) I feel the same way, Max. This is the right thing.
Max: (startled, responds silently) Hello…and Good! Are you afraid you might not be able to do this in a little while?
Alex: I’ve been really struggling with that, Max. You know, I think maybe I can set it so it just works with you and maybe Isabel and Michael. I don’t know if I should…if it would be too unnatural.
Max: You really helped me at the labs, Alex. I was glad you were there for me. But it’s has to be your decision. You did say you’ve always had a little ability this way.
Alex: Yes, but not like this. It was more an ability to help someone finish a thought or something.
Max: I won’t tell you what to do. It really has to be your call.
(End of connection communication)
Isabel: You shouldn’t encourage him.
Max: He’ll do what’s right for him. I trust his judgement.
Liz: What are you talking about?
Max: Nothing! We really shouldn’t be talking about balance issues.
Michael: In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s what’s on everyone’s minds.
Maria: Michael, I’m scared. I may come out of this not even knowing you.
Michael: Nothing that drastic will happen. We’re really just going to put things right again.
Max: I know what you’re saying Michael, but still…
Michael: Park here…we walk!

(Hardly a word is spoken on the hike to the cave. The group arrives and they slowly walk in. They experience some memories and Michael, Max, Isabel, and Alex experience some flashes of events from the caves’ past. They smile...they shudder…finally Max speaks.)

Max: Each person is going to have to have to receive the power sent by the rest of us. Individually, we’ll have to lie down and concentrate on our balance point while the others impart their power and the power of the stones. Michael, are the stones in place?
Michael: They’re right here. Remember though, I missed this part before.
Max: We form a semicircle. We must share a drink and then concentrate; it’s our combined power that makes it work.
Liz: For some reason, I’m not scared anymore. I feel like this is going to be OK.
Max: Would you like to go first?
Liz: I think Max and Alex should go first. They’re really the reason we’re doing this.
Isabel: That feels right to me.
Michael: I agree.
Maria: Me too. The most serious problems first.
Max: Alex, this was your idea. You do the honors?
Alex: (appears tense) Uh…I…I…
Isabel: It’ll be OK Alex, we’re all your friends. We’ll be right here.
Alex: Uh…Uh…OK…let’s do it.

(Alex lies down on the stone bench and the others gather near. They share the drink, their hands are joined and the concentration slowly begins. As before, the stones begin to glow. Alex doesn’t move a muscle. Finally everyone feels like the power transfer is complete and the circle is broken…only to be united again for the next person. One by one, the friends lie down and concentrate on wherever they’ve decided their balance point should be. One by one the combined power is shared. Finally, after more than an hour, all have been given the chance to reset their balance. Physically drained, the friends sit on the floor, propped against the cave wall. No words have been spoken for some time. Maria is the first to move. She snuggles close to Michael, running her hand through his hair. She has no more desire for his spoken gratitude; she’s just happy she can be here with him today. She can’t help but wonder though, where Michael has set his balance? Is it to a point that could include her? She wants to know, but she’s scared he may have plastered his wall again just when it was showing a few cracks. Finally Michael returns the favor and runs his hand through her hair. They stare silently at each other. Maria puts her arms around him and they embrace. The kiss is interrupted as Michael realizes what’s happening. At first, he tries to pull away…)

Michael: (thinks instinctively) Mu….Mu…Mu…

(Slowly, he moves his head back towards her lips. The tenseness he was feeling leaves his body as his arms wrap tightly around Maria. A smile comes to his face. "Why fight this, it’s what you want you idiot”, he thinks to himself.)

Michael: (aloud) Mu…Mu… Mu--ree--aah, Maria, Maria, Maria
(They roll on the floor in a passionate embrace)
Maria: Michael! I can’t believe it! You left a crack. I love you, Michael, you crazy man.
Michael: I love you to Maria.

(Embrace resumes, soon becoming R rated; but no one cares. Nearby, Max stares at Liz. Her heart is thumping. What has he done? What has she done? Suddenly Max stands up. Using his powers, he moves a small stone across the ground without touching it.)

Max: Just testing! Liz Parker, stand up.
Liz: As you wish, Max Evans.

(Liz can’t help but think, "this is where I’ll know, will I always be Liz Parker? Or might it be…is there a chance…someday, somehow, someway…is there even the slightest possibility that in a few years someone might call me Liz Evans?" Liz Evans! The thought of that feels so good to her, so right…)

Max: I’ll show you where my balance is, Liz. Stand here, two paces back from me.
(Her heart sank as he positions himself directly in front of her.)
Max: (Max smiles.) Now, when I count three, take a step towards me.
(Max counts, “One, two, three”. Liz takes a step towards Max and he takes such a giant step towards her. There’s no way they couldn’t be in physical contact. As they put their arms around each other, this time, for the first time since their first embrace, Max initiates a kiss; not the other way around. Soon they are locked in a loving embrace that neither wants to end. They are feeling warmer and warmer in each other's arms. They too haven’t a care about what their friends see them do. For the first time, everything seems more than just OK. It seems right, very right!
Liz: Max! (Liz looks at him with that “stare’) You just made me feel whole again.
Max: The whole is the sum of its parts.

(They embrace again, the reserve they’ve been exhibiting recently towards each other totally gone; only love and trust remain)

(Alex and Isabel are still sitting on the cave floor. Alex can’t even look at Isabel. He’s sure that since she really didn’t need to change much that she hasn’t, even though she did go through the motions of re-balancing. He loves her, but he knows he’ll never be what she wants. He’s sure her shell is as hard as ever. He just sits there, looking at Liz, Max, Michael, and Maria. They're totally happy, maybe for the first time in their lives. As he feels the happiness and senses the love that's in the room, a tear comes to his eye. A tear in the eye of Alex Whitman and he can’t think of anything funny to dry it up. He's just happy for his friends, especially Liz and Maria. Just then, Isabel takes his hand. He doesn’t know what to expect.)
Isabel: Are we just going to let them have all the fun?

(She embraces Alex and even outdoes the kiss she gave him when she first tried to help him tame the overactive sensing. Isabel thinks to herself, but apparently too strongly…) Isabel: (Silently thinking) “This guy’s the most loveable science guy I know.”
Alex: (Without thinking, he says aloud) Probably the only one you know.
Isabel: (Breaks embrace.) I should have known. I can see I’m going to have to be careful…
Alex: (Looks at Isabel.) Max kinda convinced me it would be OK. It seems to be; no headache. But I promise I’ll never…only if you want me…
Isabel: It’s OK Alex, I don’t care! I have nothing to keep from you anymore anyway.

(They embrace again. Max, seeing them out of the corner of his eye, thinks…”well they got started a little later, but they’ll be fine”. Finally, one by one, the friends break apart and begin to make plans; not just to go home, but to really go home. Home to relationships that seem to have been predestined. How else could this crazy combination of people, of personalities, of species even hope to work? Suddenly, instintively; almost as if someone suggested it aloud they all look at each other. They excitedly join hands in a circle like a basketball team preparing for victory and the cave resounds with a loud, positive, reverberating and vibrant,”YES!”)

The End

THANKS…I hope you had even 25% as much fun reading as I did writing.

posted on 16-Sep-2001 6:46:39 AM
Author: John
E-mail: jogor1160⊕
Rating: PG
Category: A/I
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to Warner Brothers. No infringement intended.
Note: "The Balance Statements" is a sequel to the Roswell E-Mail series. It may make more sense in the long run if you've read it.

Since the re-balancing, things have been pretty sweet for our heroes. The Evans' household seems to have inherited four more kids as Liz, Maria, Alex, and Michael have been hanging out there a lot. Not that Max and Isabel' parents care… they're actually glad to see their kids being a little more sociable.
However, if there weren't an occasional crisis, there wouldn't be any need for these stories. Today, Mr. and Mrs. Evans are both notably upset as they call for a family meeting.)

(Max and Isabel come home after school)
Dad: Sit down kids…we've got to talk.
(Max and Isabel notice their mother is crying)
Isabel: What's wrong mom?
Mom: (sobbing) I don't want to lose you…either of you…ever.
(Max and Isabel look at each other fearfully)
Max: Lose us? What do you mean mom?
Dad: I'll tell you what's going on in a minute, and no…no one did anything wrong…but first I want to say something. I'm sure you already know this, but it will make both your mother and I feel better if I say it.
Max: What is it dad?
Dad: We've never made much of a point that you two are adopted. You're our kids…hopefully always will be. Max, I'm counting on you to carry on the family name. You're both in our wills as our heirs. I never thought there'd be any problem. Your adoption papers have been out of my safe all of three times in ten years. One time to get you registered for school, once to get you Social Security cards, and once to get you those passports when we went to the Caribbean. By the way, that took a bit of legal expertise on my part…so keep them current. They're as good or better than birth certificates in many cases. Other than that, your mom and I don't dwell on the fact that someone besides your mom gave birth to you. You guys haven't said much about it either, so we don't know if you do think about it or not. We just hope you're happy with us as parents.
Isabel: So what's this all about dad?
Dad: Now that I've said what I said, I'll read this letter to you.
(Phil reads Max and Isabel a letter)


Mr. & Mrs. Phil Evans
123 Glad Street
Roswell, New Mexico

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Evans,
This office has been contacted by a Mrs. Kathy Oldman. Mrs. Oldman says that she is sure that the child adopted by you and now known Isabel Evans is really her daughter. She further states that this child was lost as she and her husband were traveling near Roswell over ten years ago and she has been searching child custody records for that era for many years. She encloses a picture of herself, both now and when she was sixteen, and she claims there is a strong resemblance. She states she has been to Roswell and seen your adopted daughter and is sure she is her child.
Although you now have legal custody of this minor, Mrs. Oldman never legally gave up any rights to this child or granted permission for adoption. A search of your adoption records shows no such grant or statement concerning a birth parent. This matter can be quickly resolved by performing a blood test on your adopted daughter to see if there is a genetic match to Mrs. Oldman. If it turns out to be positive, Mrs. Oldman would like to meet with you to discuss the future status of the minor child known as Isabel Evans.
We will be contacting you soon to arrange for this testing. Mrs. Oldman is not at this time requesting custody but has not ruled it out.

Yours Truly,

Ted Hurtman
Family Service Director

(There is a stunned silence…except for a sobbing from Mrs. Evans)
Isabel: Can they do this…I mean force her on me?
Dad: I can't find a legal precedent one way or another. I'm trying to decide what our next move should be, but we felt you had to know. I'd like to talk to her; convince her that what she is doing is breaking up a family.
Max: Can't we just ignore this…let her come to us?
Phil: We could, but I don't think that's wise. She will anyway.
Isabel: (begins to cry) I don't want to go anywhere…I mean, this is my home…you're my mom and dad.
Mom: (sobbing) We know honey and we can't let it happen. We've got to…
Phil: There are two things of which I am sure in all of this. One…this woman is not your birth mother, Isabel; and two…I suspect we can all agree that a blood test is not a good idea.
(Isabel and Max shoot a terrified glance at each other at that last comment.)
Max: Why do you say that, dad?


Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to Warner Brothers. No infringement intended.
Summary: Continued from Part I.

(Before Max' dad could respond, the scene is interrupted by a knock on the door. That it's a knock and not the doorbell tells Isabel that it's one of the gang. )
Isabel: That will be one of our friends.
Dad: Shall I tell him to come back later?
(An interesting question? Max and Isabel are not sure if they want to pursue getting an answer to Max' question or talk with their friends. Both seem important to them. After a long pause, the question is resolved.)
Isabel: No, let them in. I need a diversion right now; but we've got to talk some more… as soon as they've gone.
Dad: Are you sure honey? I'm sure they'll understand…
Isabel: No, it's OK. I need all the support I can get right now.
(Max answers the door. It's actually two friends, Alex and Liz. Isabel hugs her mom…tells her not to worry…that she has confidence this can be resolved and the kids head off to Max' room)
Alex: (sensing near panic in Isabel, he takes her hand) Parents on your case?
Isabel: (feels strength and comfort from Alex) No, not exactly.
Max: Isabelle' birth mother wants to meet her?
Alex & Liz: WHAT?
Isabel: (nearly in tears) Dad just told us he got a letter from Family Services. Some lady named Kathy Oldman claims she's my birth mother. She says I was lost in this area ten years ago and she's been searching ever since. She has researched adoption records…even come to look at me and she's sure I'm her daughter.
Alex: Logic would tell me that couldn't be!
Max: I don't even need logic to tell me this is some kind of mix up, but the only way to prove it is with a blood test.
Alex: Oh no, not again! As much as I'd like to…I mean… I seem to bleed a lot for this group, but I can't help you this time…wrong genetics…maybe Liz…
Isabel: We were lucky in being able to switch samples between you and Max when we had to. The chances of an opportunity like that happening again are pretty slim. Liz, I know you'll help if you can, but…
Max: We've got to find a way of proving this is a mistake without the blood test.
Alex: (squeezes Isabelle' hand) Or find a way to discredit this woman.
Isabel: (perks up at a new idea) What are you saying?
Alex: I'm saying this may not be a mistake; it might be something more.
Max: Are you thinking what I think you're thinking…a set up? Topolsky?
Alex: Or one of her friends. I don't think anything should be ruled in or out right now but something about this doesn't feel right. Of all the adopted people she singles out Isabel?
Max: But if they were going to go after somebody this way, you'd think they would have gone after me. I'm the one they suspect after all.
Isabel: (Clutches Alex hand a little tighter) Do you really think there might be more here than we're seeing on the surface?
Alex: Just take this for what it's worth. I can't tell you why but I suspect this isn't what it appears to be.
Liz: He might be right. And I don't know if anyone can just come in and claim someone ten years after an adoption, even if she is the birth mother.
Isabel: Dad's researching that. We were in discussion with mom and dad about this whole mess when you came to the door.
Liz: We should go then. You need to talk to your parents.
Max: I'm not sure I want to talk with them any more just yet. I need…we need to think.
Alex: They want to deal with this woman? I can't believe that.
Max: Oh no, nothing like that. They're as upset as we are…maybe more so.
Isabel: Nobody's as upset as I am, but you guys are helping…just your being here…and I know mom and dad want this to go away quickly too.
Liz: You better get back to talking with them then. This may be one time you need some adult help.
(long pause)
Isabel: (In a thought connection aimed at Max) Should we tell these guys the rest?
Max: (Thought) I don't know!
Alex: Tell us what?
Isabel: ARRRRGH! I keep forgetting about your new balance point.
(Authors' note: see final episode of Roswell E-mail series)
Alex: Right now, I'm wishing I had my old one back, headaches and all. One look at that woman and I'd know everything about her since before she was born.
Isabel: Maybe we can't do that, but didn't dad say she sent pictures to the Family Services people. I'll bet we could ask to see one without committing to the blood test. I could do wonders with it the night after I get it.
Max: I know what you're thinking, but what if she sensed you. That might make things worse. Besides, dad or mom would probably have to ask the state people for it and dad will want to know why you want it.
Isabel: Back to that are we?
Alex: You guys are talking in circles.
Max: You got that right!

(As this scenario plays out upstairs, a strikingly similar one is happening downstairs. Phil Evans has pulled out the adoption papers for Max and Isabel for only the fourth time since he's had them.)
Phil: Diane? How am I going to tell Isabel this could be all my fault? I know I was a new lawyer ten years ago but I should have caught this.
Diane: What are you talking about; honey?
Phil: Look! In Max' adoption papers, it clearly states that the state has made a good faith effort to find his birth mother, it was deemed impossible, and no further maternity claims would ever be entertained. I just assumed that Isabelle' said the same but they don't. There's no mention of a search anywhere in them. How stupid of me! I was just so excited about getting the children….
Diane: She can't blame you for that. I don't. You couldn't have known…
Phil: I could have and I should have. This is horrible.
Diane: Again, I don't think she can blame you or anyone. (pause) It looks to me like somebody went to a lot of trouble to research this …to find this loophole.
Phil: It makes me suspicious. There may be more to this than what's on the surface and the surface is bad enough. I think I'm going to have my firms' investigator look into this woman.
(Long pause; they stare at each other for a long time)
Diane: Is it time?
Phil: Diane, I know what we promised each other, that we wouldn't be the ones; but I'm not going to have this family torn apart. We are going to need both our kids help with this.
Diane: They need us right now too; especially you…your legal expertise. If we push them, it might make things worse. Max about left home when I tried to get him to open up after the kitchen fire.
Phil: He wouldn't have done that, would he?
Diane: I don't think so, but I think he was making a point with me. I opened that door as wide as I could. I told him that nothing that he was could ever push me away from him. I mean that. My love for both of them won't ever change. Max is my son. Isabel is my daughter. Max…he's so scared to talk about it and I don't know why. All I know is he begged me not to ask him any more questions. After he sensed that I agreed, he gave me the biggest hug any sixteen-year old boy has ever given a mother.
Phil: Well, I opened the door a few minutes ago too. Did you see their faces?
Diane: I feel badly. I've always wanted them to come to us because they wanted to…because they felt they could, not because they had to. Besides, we only know a little bit and this might not be the time they'll be willing to fill in all the gaps.
Phil: With this situation, the more we know the better. I hope they'll see that.
Diane: Isabel will! Max, I'm not sure…
Phil: He's logical; he will. But like you, I regret the circumstances.
Diane: Sometimes I wonder if their friends know more about them than we do?
Phil: What teenager doesn't tell their friends more than they tell their parents?
Diane: If what the sheriff showed me has any bearing, I'm sure Liz Parker knows quite a bit.
Phil: You told me about that. I think if Max did help her; it's wonderful.
Diane: But it's beyond the scope of the moment.
Phil: Yes! All we can do right now is get with them and make a plan for getting through this with our family intact.

(Back upstairs)

Alex: Well, are you going to tell us the rest? I can't see how it could be much worse.
Isabel: I'm not sure the rest is really that bad. It might be what I've been wanting. I just don't know…
(Just then there is a rattle at the window…its Michael of course.)
Max: You can use the front door now you know.
Michael: But then dad will ask me how things are? Listen to me! Since he helped me I'm even calling him dad.
Max: Then you won't care if we have a long overdue discussion with him?
Michael: What? I didn't say that! That's never going to be a good idea.
Isabel: It might be now.
(Isabel and Max proceed to tell Michael all about the Isabel situation and their previous conversation with their parents. Alex and Liz are filled in on the "rest of the story".)
Michael: So you think they know? How could they?
Max: I don't know what they know…or think they know. What my dad said was he was sure that Mrs. Oldman was not Isabelle' birth mother and he was sure we'd all agree that a blood test was not a good idea. Before we could pursue it, Alex and Liz knocked at the door…almost as if on cue.
Liz: We really didn't plan it. I just wanted to see Max.
Max: (Gives kiss on cheek) I'm glad you came when you did. It's given us some time to re-group.
Isabel: (frustrated) Guys, this woman is after me. What are we going to do?
Alex: I'm going to look up some records…do a little hacking if I have to. I'll find out all I can about Mrs. Kathy Oldman. I don't suppose we know her birthday?
Isabel: I'm sure that's available if we talk to Family Services, but that needs to be dad's call. If we get anything, I'll let you know.
Alex: Great! You know how to contact me.
Isabel: Unfortunately! (Pause) (Alex looks hurt.) I'm kidding you dope! I told you, I don't have any secrets from you.
Liz: I think we better go. Izzy! If there's anything I can do…
Isabel: Thanks Liz!
(Liz and Alex give long kisses to Max and Isabel respectively, more to show support at this point than anything…then they head out.)
Michael: I know you've got to talk to your parents, but take my advice and don't tell them anything. Find out what they know first. I still think we're better off without them knowing everything…about me for example.
Max: Were all in this together. What affects one affects us all, Michael.
Michael: I know…
Isabel: This is my problem and we're gonna do what we have to. I'm not about to be farmed out to someone else…or worse yet, become a lab specimen.
Max: I never thought it would be you Isabel.
Isabel: I never thought it would be any of us.
Max: Ready?
Isabel: Yea!


Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to Warner Brothers. No infringement intended.
Summary: Continued from Part II.

(Max and Isabel follow Alex and Liz to the door, then return to the living room to continue talking with their parents.)

Max: Sorry they interrupted us.
Dad: That's OK! It gave me some time to study some papers and talk to your mom. So, did you tell your friends about Mrs. Oldman?
Isabel: Yes! They think it's a conspiracy.
Mom: Interesting! We had the same thought.
Dad: Did you tell them not to talk about this to anyone, I hope.
Max: Not specifically, but they won't. They're good at keeping secrets.
Isabel: So what do we do about this? I don't belong anywhere but here.
Mom: And somehow we're going to keep it that way, honey.
Dad: I want you both to know we'll do everything we know how to do, no matter what the cost, to keep this family together. Isabel…I don't know how to say this other than to say it. I made a mistake ten years ago and it may make this more complicated. I'm sorry! I don't know what else I can say.
Isabel: What dad?
Dad: I told you I haven't made a point of studying your adoption papers…until now. I had kind of read them once along time ago. I was a just a new lawyer then but I still should have been more diligent. I should have caught this.
Isabel: What dad?
Dad: In Max' papers, there is clear statement that the state had made a good faith effort to find his birth mother, that it was deemed impossible, and no further maternal claims would ever be honored. I assumed yours said the same thing but they don't…not a word like that. How could I have missed it?
Isabel: (pause) Dad…dad…don't! It was nothing intentional. You can't worry about it now.
Dad: Your mother said you'd say that; I just needed to hear it.
Max: That does answer a question I was wondering about. If someone were going to do this, why they would come after Isabel rather than me?
Mom: It looks like this woman really did her homework…researched everything she could. She found this loophole with Isabel that couldn't apply to you.
Dad: It would have been equally horrible had it been you, Max. We just have to decide what to do now. I'm going to have the investigator from my office look into this woman.
Isabel: And our friend Alex, who knows more about computers than even the computer science teacher at the school, is going on line to research her name. If we can get him any more information on her he wants it.
Dad: Normally, I'd suggest he not do that. But we need everything we can get on her as fast as possible. Maybe he can help.
Isabel: So you and mom thought of the conspiracy thing too?
Dad: Well…it was one idea…
Max: (His face tightens; his voice shakes a little) Dad? Wh…why did you say that you didn't think a blo…blood test was good idea? That would seem a way to put this to rest quickly.
Dad: Are you sure you want me to answer that?
Max: (pause) Yes…and no.
Isabel: I do. Please!
Dad: What I said was I was sure we could all agree that having Isabel take a blood test wasn't a good idea.
Mom: Maybe we should ask you. Should she?
Max: That's not fair. You brought it up.
Dad: Please…enough! Can we get past the fear of this on all our parts? I said I'd do anything to keep this family together and I will. We're a family with a crisis and we're acting like we're on a witness stand. (pause) Isabel and Max, a long time ago your mother and I agreed that we would not be the ones to bring this up… the topic of how you two got here; where you came from. We wanted any discussion of that to be your decision; talked about because you felt you could…that you had no reason not to. But, if we're going to talk conspiracy, I see no way around discussing it now. I think you'll find we know more than you think; but please, at least ask me the question.
Isabel: (pause) OK dad, why shouldn't I just take a blood test?
Dad: Because, not only would it not be a match, but the results would cause a bigger investigation than I'm willing to pay taxes to fund. We just can't risk it.
Max: You know that for sure?
Dad: Max!
Max: (pause…chokes) I'm sorry! I didn't mean that the way it sounded. This is just so hard.
Mom: (tearfully) It doesn't need to be, dear. It won't change anything, believe me.
Max: (Pause) You're right…you're right! No more secrets! Tell me what you know. I'll…we'll… fill in the rest.
Mom: Max, remember when you first came here, how afraid you were…especially at night?
Max: Sometimes I still am.
Mom: You would cry and I'd come in and take you in my arms. Sometimes, we'd just rock until we both fell asleep. Several times, as I feel asleep holding you, somehow Max you shared a dream with me. I saw you and Isabel coming out of some type of what looked like a medical treatment chamber. It looked like some kind of pod, in a dark cave like area. Then I saw you and Isabel holding on to each other walking around. There was at least a third chamber too, but you never let me see the person who was in it.
Finally, I'd see you two walking on the road where we found you. Max, I'd wake up and just stare at you. Something inside would tell me that I was supposed to take over for whoever left you there. I wasn't scared; it just felt like the thing I must do. It took me a long time before I told your father about this. When I finally did, he said something was making him feel the same way about both you and Isabel. You were just two scared kids who needed a home; we couldn't turn our backs on you. It didn't matter to us where you came from; you'd already won our hearts.
Max: (He's hearing himself saying things to his parents he though he never would.) We think we were part of the famous Roswell spacecraft crash. We know that we were in stasis for a long time, but we really don't know where we came from or who our birth parents were.
Dad: We suspected you were either aliens from the crash or some kind of a genetic experiment. We weren't sure until now. But we do know that you have some unique abilities.
Isabel: When did you find that out?
Mom: Well, we've been living with you for ten years. When you love someone, you tend to notice things about them. Max, I remember the video I have of you healing a bird…or that fact that you seem to never get sick…or that if you ever got a scratch it was always gone the next day. Isabel, when you were younger I remember that your dolls seemed to acquire clothes I never bought for them. Recently I've noticed you've worn shades of lipstick they don't even make. A mother tends to notice things about her kids; it's part of being a parent. It didn't surprise me a bit when the sheriff told me about Liz Parker or how water can't put out grease fires. I think I acted sufficiently amazed around him though.
Isabel: Pretty cool huh?
Mom: I thought so.
Dad: Those talents, they're a blessing. No doubt they help you keep secret the things you have to and we totally understand that need.
Isabel: You known this for years and you never told us? Why?
Mom: Fear I suppose. I think we were afraid we'd somehow lose our normal kids; that things would be different. You were working so hard to hide it we felt you had a reason and we wanted to respect it. I did try to open the door a few times…
Max: (A little choked up) …and I slammed it in your face. Mom! (pause) I'm so sorry. If I'd had any idea that I communicated with you years ago…
Mom: It's OK Max. I understand, I really do. You didn't know how we'd react and I think, maybe, it was better. It did let you grow up learning how to always be on guard and appear totally normal. That's important.
Isabel: You knew…and still you gave us everything! I don't know where we'd be without you.
Dad: Why wouldn't we. Any parent would be proud to have kids like you two.
(Isabel runs and hugs her mom; Phil put his arm around Max with a fatherly hug)
Isabel: I've dreamed of telling you for so long and you knew anyway.
Mom: It doesn't matter, Isabel. What's important now is that we solve your other mother problem.
Isabel: (pause) I think maybe Mi…er…a friend of ours was wrong. There is such a thing as unconditional love.
Mom: It's the love that a parent has for a child. I hope you'll be able to give it yourself someday.
Dad: Is that friend by any chance the third individual in the shared dream.
Isabel: (pause) I know Max said no more secrets, but this person really doesn't want us talking to you about him. He didn't even think we should tell you about ourselves.
Michael: (From the top of the stairs, his eyes moist from envy) He doesn't care any more.
(Michael comes down.)
Michael: And you're right, he was wrong.
Isabel: Michael! I almost forgot you were still up there.
(Max and Isabel stare at Michael.)
Mom: (long pause) It's you, isn't it? The other person from the dream!
Michael: Yes!
Mom: That explains why you've spent so many nights sleeping in Max' room.
Max: You know about that too, huh?
Isabel: It sounds like we really can't fool mom.
Mom: Michael! Now that we know, I promise…every resource we might ever use to protect Max and Isabel we'll extend to you too. Sometime you'll have to tell us why you weren't on the road with them that night.
Max: That's a long story.
Mom: I do have a request. Please Michael, from now on use the front door. Max, what say we get him a key? And for heaven sakes get a good sleeping bag and an air mattress from our camping stuff when you stay over.
Dad: Somehow, this was not the scene I envisioned for this "coming out", but now that we're all on the same page we've got to decide what to do about Isabelle's phony mom. Do you think she might be someone who has talked to the sheriff?
Max: The sheriff isn't the only one who's been interested in us. The FBI was tracking us for awhile but I think we blew that up; or I should say Alex did.
Dad: The FBI? After my kids?
Mom: I've wondered sometimes if they still tracked alien sightings. Oh, sorry! What is it you guys say…"my bad"! I wasn't going to use that word.
Isabel: It's OK mom. We call Michael "Spaceboy" sometimes…in private of course.
Mom: Do tell!
Max: The FBI is a long story too. We can fill you in as we go along.
Michael: Mr. Evans, I feel strongly that this is a setup. I think the solution to this is to somehow discredit this woman.
Isabel: I think we should approach this on two fronts. Max, let's have the teenagers do what we would have done even if we hadn't had this discussion. Dad, you work whatever legal magic you can. I know it will be good. We'll keep comparing notes. One way or the other we'll get through this.
Dad: What if it's not a conspiracy?
Mom & Max: (almost together) I don't think there's a question is there?
Max: We all feel it. Even you and mom came to the same conclusion.
Mom: Even?
Isabel: Don't take that wrong! It was a complement, mom. Hey Michael! Liz and Alex already know about this. Will you fill Maria in?
Michael: Yes, and I'll tell her about the situation too.
Isabel: Oh God, you're sounding like Alex…but I don't care. This has been way too intense.
Mom: Do I perceive that there are a few others that know certain things?
Isabel: Only 3! And like Max said, they're good at keeping secrets.
Dad: Diane, at least now it looks as if we're as trustworthy as the teenagers.
Isabel: It's not like that…you don't know…
Dad: That was supposed to be a joke. I guess I don't understand what's funny to teenagers these days.
Isabel: You need to talk more with Alex; he's just your speed.
Dad: Maybe we should work separately, but not privately...if you know what I mean.
Michael: Mr. Evans, we're pretty good in a crisis. And you won't want to know every thing we might do; trust me.
Dad: And you won't understand all the legalize either. One thing gang; nothing illegal, OK? I don't want to be defending my family.
Max: Right Dad!

(phone rings)
Mrs. Oldman: (Doesn't let Mr. Evans get a word in) Hello! This is Mrs. Oldman. By now you should have received a letter from family services. I'll be coming to town Friday afternoon. I'm anxious to see my daughter. We'll talk about things then. Goodbye!
Dad: Well…it looks like we've got a few days. That was Mrs. Oldman. She's not coming here until Friday. I've got some people to see. Isabel, how about drafting a statement telling us what you remember from the time period where she says she lost you. Something anybody can read of course. I'm guessing it will be about 2 sentences. And everyone…excuse me for being a parent here…but let's be careful.
Mom: Love you all, and that includes you Michael. This will work out.
Isabel: Let's get started on a plan. I like being the daughter here!


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Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to Warner Brothers. No infringement intended.
Summary: Continued from Part III. (Parts I ,II, & III are still down the page aways…better read them first)

( Nobody got a lot of sleep that night, just as Isabel predicted. None of the gang was very effective at school the next day either. Isabelle's father has his firm's investigator checking out what he can in Santa Fe with family services. Now it's shortly after school and just the kids are home at the Evans)

Isabel: Well Alex my hero, anything to report.
Alex: I've just barely gotten on the white horse Isabel, but already I found out something interesting. Mr. Ted Hurtman, the man who signed the letter your dad received, is no longer with family services. In fact, he only worked there a short time and was never the director as he indicated in the letter. My source said he was, at best, a clerk.
Isabel: How did you find that out?
Alex: My father has a friend who works with social services here in Roswell. This guy comes over to the house a lot and he was there when I got home last night. I said that a friend was having some problems with the state Family Services people and I asked him who would be a good contact in Santa Fe. He gave me the name of the director and it wasn't Mr. Hurtman. This morning I called up there. I pretended to need some help and asked for Mr. Hurtman. The person who answered the phone told me Hurtman no longer worked there. I said, "wasn't he the director?" The person laughed and said, "no…just an assistant". She gave me the directors' name and it was the same as my father's friend had told me.
Max: Good work, Alex.
Alex: If this guy was there as short a time as I think he was, he may have been a plant.
Unfortunately, I've had less success on the Oldman name. I need to look up some more websites. Nothing came up when I put Kathy Oldman's name in Switchboard; one of my favorite people look-up sites. There are some others ones I can check. Did you get any more information from your dad?
Isabel: No, I haven't talked to him since this morning.
Alex: So how was your talk with your folks last night? Do they finally know all about you?
Max: I've never had so many mixed emotions, Alex. After everything was over last night I felt relieved; but now I'm kinda ticked at the whole dumb situation. We've been playing cover-up for 10 years and you know what? They knew all along.
Alex: What?
Max: Yeh! It turns out that I connected with my mom in a dream when I was still only 6. She saw almost everything I experienced when we came out of the pods. But they didn't want to tell us what they knew and we didn't want to tell them anything. It took about 10 minutes to put away ten years of anxiety. Fear is a very bad thing Alex. It cost both our parents and us a lot of grief.
Isabel: But love can overcome fear…and that's what happened. They showed that they love us so much. Even Michael got caught up in it what happened. I wish this Kathy Oldman problem wasn't circling around; it would make things all that much better. But then without it, we'd still be back where we were with them.
(phone rings)
Max: (on phone) Hi Liz. Alex has turned up something interesting. Let's meet when you get off work and I'll fill you in. I Love You.
Isabel: Liz has been great! She came to me about 5 times today to see if I was OK.
(Phil and Diane come home.)
Isabel: Hi dad…any news?
Dad: Well, my man turned up something that seems suspicious. Seems the man who signed the letter we got was never the Family Services director even though he signed it that way. He only worked with the state office a short time. And I got an address for Mrs. Oldman. She lives in Las Cruces.
Max: Alex found out about Mr. Hurtman too; but the address…that's more progress than we made.
Isabel: Can we give it to Alex? It'll help him on the computer searches.
Dad: OK; but don't do any more than search unless you let me know, please.
Alex: This will help.
(Knock…then Michael enters)
Max: Come on in Michael. I've got something for you.
(Gives Michael a key to front door)
Mom: Make sure you use it.
Michael: Did anyone else see the woman with the camera taking pictures around school today?
Max: I didn't.
Alex: Not I.
Isabel: I don't think I'd have noticed a tornado at school today.
Michael: I don't know if it means anything; it's just I noticed her nearby every time I saw Isabel today. Maybe I'm just being over cautious.
Mom: I don't think any of us can be too over cautious right now.
Max: I'll keep a better eye out tomorrow.
(Doorbell rings…Diane answers it and comes back nearly in tears. It's a special delivery package.)
Dad: What's wrong Dear?
Mom: Look at this. It's from Mrs. Oldman. It's a photo album of pictures…and they look exactly like Isabel when she was six.
Max: Mom, have you got some pics of us at that age? I'd like to compare.
Alex: Me too…in the photo lab!

(Hmmm…the plot thickens…stay turned…we'll be back after these messages!)

THE BALANCE STATEMENTS (Sequel to The Roswell E-Mail)-PART V
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to Warner Brothers. No infringement intended.
Summary: Continued from Part IV.

(Mrs. E. gets out some old photos and they begin comparing them to the small photo album that was delivered)

Isabel: In these pictures that Mrs. Oldman sent, I sure look a lot like I do in your old pictures mom.
Mom: That what scares me so badly. How could she have pictures of you from ten years ago?
Alex: Keep in mind what's being done with computer technology these days. Any or all of these could just as easily have been created in cyberspace as developed from a negative.
Isabel: Mom…look at this one…I've seen that one somewhere before.
Mom: What?
Isabel: Look at it. Don't you have one just like it?

Mom: Let's see…yes…look…right here in my album. I have the same picture and I know where it came from. This was the picture the adoption agency gave us of you. I put in it here first and all my others ones follow it. I try to show you growing up.
Isabel: I knew I'd seen that before.
Max: How could Mrs. Oldman have gotten that one?
Dad: That is a question that deserves an answer.
Max: This just keeps getting muddier.
Michael: I don't like mud anymore.
Mom: What?
Isabel: Private joke…not secret just private.
Mom: I understand dear. Last night doesn't mean we have to know everything. Believe it or not I was a teenager once.
Alex: Can I have both albums for a while?
Mom: I guess! What for?
Alex: I know the guy who runs the photo lab at the newspaper. He's a real expert. I'd like to take them down there…show them to him…see if he thinks any of these new ones are virtual. He's always there late getting the paper out and I know he'll help me without asking questions. Wanta come with me, Iz?
Isabel: Sure!
Mom: Be back by 7:00…we'll have dinner then. You can come back too Alex, if you want.
Alex: Thanks, but I better go home after this. I've got some on-line research to do.
Max: So, what have we got? A falsified signature. Some very lifelike photographs. A possible address. A telephone call. I'm having trouble connecting the dots. Anyone else?
Michael: I'm confused. I think I need a little down time. Wanta head to the Crashdown for a break? You guys can easily be back by 7:00 and I'll head home to clean up my apartment…again.
Max: You need maid service.
Michael: I can get it, but it comes with a price.
Max: Arguing with Maria again, huh?
Mom: You guys better get out of hear. There are things grown-ups don't even want to hear about.
(The guys leave…Phil and Diane talk some more.)
Phil: Tom, the investigator from my office, will be back from Santa Fe late tonight. He said he'd call. He told me on the phone some things were not adding up after his visit to the state Family Services office. He implied that they gave him Mrs. Oldman's address far too easily.
Diane: What do you suppose that means?
Phil: Like Max, I'm having trouble making any sense out of this yet. One thing is becoming very clear. There's a lot to this that's below the surface.

(At the Crashdown)
Liz: Max! I didn't expect to see you today, with the Isabel thing and all.
Max: Michael and I think better over a cherry Coke.
Liz: Coming right up. One for you too Michael?
Michael: Please…and where's Maria?
Maria: (from behind) Right where I can keep an eye on you.
Michael: (startled) You think you need to?
Maria: No…just want to. So Max, how's Isabel holding up?
Max: She's still scared, but seeing everyone jumping in to solve this is helping her. Talking with our parents about certain matters also made a big difference in her. I could tell she was worrying that she'd really be hung out to dry if they abandoned her. At least that's something she doesn't have to think about any more. She and Alex are over at the newspaper office right now.
Liz: (Bringing the drinks) The newspaper office? Is she trying to make headlines? I thought we were supposed to keep this quiet.
Max: A photo album showed up at our house from Mrs. Oldman. It has pictures in it that are supposed to be of a six year old Isabel. In those photos, she looks almost exactly like she does in some my mom has from back then. Alex thinks they might be computer generated or enhanced. He took them to a friend who runs the newspaper photo lab. I guess he can tell us for sure.
Michael: Yea…and he could tell the whole town too. I didn't say anything at your house, but I don't like getting involved with the media in any way.
Maria: Alex knows what he's doing. I'll guarantee you he'd never do anything to endanger Isabel.
Michael: I hope you're right.
Liz: I wouldn't worry about him, Michael.
Michael: Oh, there's no question I trust him; but sometimes what seems like a good idea…
Max: There's no way to investigate this without some risk…and we have to use whatever resources we have. If this guy can help us and Alex trusts him, it's OK with me.
Michael: So, Maria…doing anything when you're through working?
Maria: Hmmm! It's been a couple of days. Your apartment must need cleaning again.
Max: (Can't help but laugh) I told you…
Liz: It's good to see you laugh again, Max.
Max: That's kinda why we came here. It's been so tense…we needed to unwind. But it's getting late. Mom's expecting me back by 7:00.
Liz: I wish there were something Maria and I could do. It seems as if Alex and your dad are doing most of the legwork. Do you think Iz would like us to do something with her tomorrow; maybe get her mind off this?
Max: I'm guessing not, but maybe you should try and talk her into it. The best thing you can do right now is to be our support group. I'll call you later.
Maria: I'll come over, Michael, but if your place is a mess….
Michael: (Turns and places his hand on Maria's face) It is a mess, but look at me and tell me that you really care.
(Gives kiss)
Maria: Oooh…men!
(Max kisses Liz and he and Michael head out. Max drops off Michael, then arrives home just as Alex is dropping Isabel off)
Max: (Approaches Isabel and Alex) So?
Isabel: Let's go in. We'll tell you and mom and dad what we found at the same time. Alex, you can explain it better than I can. Come in long enough to do that.
Alex: OK! I never can say no to you.
Isabel: Don't tempt me!
Alex: Sounds like one of my lines. Glad to see you smile.
(Inside…the pictures are returned, becoming the latest pieces of this jigsaw puzzle. Still, nothing seems to be fitting together.)
Dad: So what did your friend say, Alex.
Alex: Definitely computer generated…all but the first one; the one you have a copy of. He suspects they used that as a model. Some of the backgrounds on the computer generated ones looked familiar to him, like they came out of a photo enhancement program. If Isabel were this person's daughter, the pictures wouldn't have phony backgrounds.
Dad: That's something major. Do you think he could pinpoint the background source?
Alex: I can ask him, but I don't know how much I can get him to do before his curiosity becomes to great for us to satisfy…and he is a newspaper man.
Max: Michael was concerned about that.
Dad: Well, we'll keep that information in mind. We'll have to determine the risk factor of pursuing it versus the benefit.
Isabel: My dad, the lawyer!
Mom: Sounds like just another thing about which we don't know everything that we need to.
Alex: I really need to get going. Let me know if there's any more news.
Isabel: I will.
(Isabel follows Alex out)
Isabel: Thank You, Alex!
(Quick kiss)
Mom: Dinner's almost ready folks.
Max: Good, I'm starved.
(Dinner at the Evans house was unique today. It's the first one ever where no one was trying to hide anything. Even though things had always been just fine, everyone just seemed a little more relaxed…a little closer.)
Mom: So…I hope you two aren't letting your schoolwork slide because of this.
Isabel: I admit, it's been hard to concentrate.
Max: I'm keeping up. Liz has helped out a lot…she keeps me focused.
Isabel: Yea, on her.
Max: Hey! She's my lab partner. We do study.
Isabel: Mostly each other!
Mom: It so good to hear you two banter; it's been awhile.
Dad: (pause) I guess it's OK to ask now…and don't feel like you have to tell us if you'd rather not, Max; but what did happen with Liz and you? And is that what caused an interest from the FBI?
(Max actually seems happy to talk about it as he tells what happened at the Crashdown that day. He explains what the sheriff was told by the tourists and about the later appearance of the FBI's Miss Topolsky as a phony Guidance Counselor.)
Mom: Thanks! I think it is good we know what the sheriff suspects…it will help us to play dumb with him.
Dad: The FBI thing concerns me a little. Do you think the school was in on it?
(Before Max can get into that, the phone rings. Dad answers it.)
Dad: That was Tom, the investigator from my office. He's just back from Santa Fe and he wants to come over. I told him that was fine; I think we're about done with dinner.
Isabel: Back to "let's appear normal" mode.
Mom: Just be yourselves, kids.
Dad: I think you know him anyway; he's been around here before.
Max: Yea…I know him. He seems like an OK guy.
(A short while later…)
Dad: Come on in Tom. You know Diane and my kids, Isabel and Max.
Tom: Do you want everyone to hear about this?
Phil: Absolutely! This concerns us all…and we try to not have secrets from each other anymore anyway.
Tom: What you asked me to do didn't make sense to the people at Family Services.
Phil: Why not?
Tom: Well, I asked them about the letter you got from them like you told me to. They were wondering what the big deal was about verifying an address and why you needed a law firm to investigate that? They showed me a copy of the letter. All it was asking for was a verification of the address where Isabel was living. I'm told they do that every few years to keep records current for all adopted minor children.
Phil: What?
Tom: I don't know what else to say. It was signed by Robert James, the Division Director, but it was one of those computer generated signatures. You had mentioned a Mrs. Oldman. I asked about her; if she worked there. The secretary didn't need the letter to answer that. She looked her up on a phone number wheel. I was told Mrs. Oldman is a social worker. She lives in Las Cruces, but she apparently travels all over for Family Services.
(long pause)
Phil: Let me show you something…in confidence please. This is why I asked you to investigate.
(Phil shows Tom the letter they received with on Family Services letterhead.)
Tom: I see why you're concerned, Phil. If I had an adopted daughter and received this I'd be investigating too.
Phil: Please don't say any more about this to anyone. I'm trying to find out what is going on. I may need you to look into it some more, but right now I don't know what to think.
Tom: It looks like this woman wants contact with Isabel…and she's gone to great lengths to make it happen. Don't worry. I'll keep this under my hat. And Phil, if I can help you any more you know I will…not just as a colleague, but as a friend.
Phil: Thanks Tom.
Tom: Isabel! Don't worry; we'll get to the bottom of this. You've got a great mom and dad.
Isabel: I know!
Diane: Thanks for coming over, Tom. Can I get you some coffee or something?
Tom: No thanks. I need to get home. I came here as soon as I got back to town.
Phil: Goodnight Tom…thanks again.
(Tom leaves…more confusion…no answers.)
Max: Well now there's absolutely no question. This is about as well planned a setup as could be…and if we weren't looking for it, we might not have caught it.
Isabel: What could anyone want with me so badly?
Mom: I hope it's not…no one else knows, right?
Max: (suddenly panics) There are suspicions, but about me, not Isabel. This is all just a way to get to me; I know it. Maybe I should leave…
Mom: Max…No! Think son; we need you here. No one is going anywhere…unless it's Mrs. Oldman.
Dad: I think it's time we find out more about her. How is Alex doing with his computer?
Isabel: I'll call him right now.
Max: (A bit more calm) As if you needed an excuse!

("Oh what a tangled web we weave", especially on the Roswell Fan Fiction board. Well, TTFN! If anyone figures out where this is going will you let the author know…there might be a prize!)


THE BALANCE STATEMENTS (Sequel to The Roswell E-Mail) Part VI
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No Infringement intended.
Summary: Trying to untangle the web by using the web…and more…

(Alex didn't have any more news when Isabel called that night even though they talked for thirty minutes. Alex did say he might have something by tomorrow. Phil decided to ask Tom to further investigate this woman, using his usual resources. Now, it's the next day and Max, Liz, Alex, and Isabel are meeting at lunch time.)

Max: Anyone seen Maria and Michael? I know they think there's not much they can do about Isabelle' situation, but we need everyone's input.
Alex: Have you checked the eraser room?
Liz: Could be! Those two; it's like they're on a roller coaster…up, down, in, out, up, down…
(Liz turns red.)
Liz: Uh…emotionally I mean.
Alex: We get the picture, Liz. Shall I tell you what I've been able to find?
Isabel: If you've got anything, let's hear it.
(Maria and Michael walk up.)
Alex: Is the eraser room closed for cleaning?
Michael: So what if it is…
(Kisses Maria.)
Maria: He's impossible today.
Max: Glad you two are here! Alex has a big find.
Alex: Ok…hang on to your hats. Here's the deal. I hacked into the Family Services employee data base. Promise you won't tell your father, right?
Max: No need to worry.
Alex: As near as I can tell, Mrs. Oldman has only been Mrs. Oldman a short time. Either she just materialized as a full-grown woman or she has just remarried or changed her name. By checking addresses and Social Security numbers, I believe I've discovered her name used to be Boulder. Kathy Boulder!
Isabel: That name sounds familiar for some reason.
Alex: Wait…there's more. Her maiden name, if this is the right person, is Hurtman.
Max: Wasn't that the name on the letter my parents got, the one apparently substituted for the one Family Services originally sent? Wasn't he the one pretending to be the director?
Isabel: That's right. I've looked at that letter far too many times.
Alex: What are you talking about…phony director?
Max: Sorry! This is so tangled I forget who knows what. Dad's detective friend found out that the only thing Family Services sent us was a letter trying to verify Isabelle' address. They didn't know anything abut this claim of someone being Isabelle' mother.
Alex: So this Hurtman guy, while working in the state office, must have switched the letters. And he's very likely related to Mrs. Oldman/ Boulder/Hurtman…or whatever her name is. Hurtman's an unusual enough name; it couldn't be a coincidence.
Liz: Sounds to me like you better do some research on him too.
Alex: Good idea; but I may not have the luxury tonight…my parents were gone last night…they get concerned if all I do is hang on the computer. I don't think your dad would appreciate what I do being done on your computer either, Isabel.
Liz: You can come use mine; it's my parents bowling night.
Alex: I may just do that.
Isabel: I have a question? Mom and dad need to know what Alex found out, right? But how are we going to tell them, without explaining how he got it. They're just starting to know Alex…dad won't like the hacking part…this could be tricky.
Michael: I told your dad he wouldn't want to know everything we were doing and I think he may be in a mood not to care if we can save Isabel.
Max: Let me talk to him…see if I think he'll accept "just trust us on this". Besides, I think he's got his investigator friend Tom working on it too. It will be interesting to see if Tom comes up with the same information.
Alex: I'd like some confirmation. When you're doing what I do, you have to do it fast and there's always the possibility of missing something.
Michael: In case anyone's interested, it's adults 2, teenagers 2 with 1 tie.
Isabel: Huh? What are you talking about?
Michael: Well, they found out about the phony letter and got her address. Alex found out her real name and that the pictures were faked. And everyone found out that Mr. Hurtman only worked in the Family Services office a short time.
Alex: Actually it's 3 to 2! I discovered Ted Hurtman's related to her.
Max: Michael, you still don't completely trust the adults do you?
Michael: With our secret…your parents…I trust them now. But with stuff like this, I think we've proved we're the survivors. We don't have our hands as tied by rules, if you know what I mean.
Isabel: Please…stop! This isn't a competition. In case you've forgotten, my life as we know it is at stake here. And if they take me, it's probably just a matter of time...
Max: She's right. Dad said it best. We should work independently but not privately.
Isabel: We better get to our classes. Look, everyone come over early this evening. By then we'll have found out if dad has discovered anything more. Then Alex and Liz can go do the computer snooping.
Liz: Isabel, why don't you come over to my place with Alex? You and I can chat or go do something while Alex is on line.
Isabel: Sounds good! He's not much fun while he's hacking.
Alex: And I didn't even know I had a cold.
Isabel: That's the first one in two days Whitman…and somehow I wasn't missing those awful jokes.
Max: Some puzzle pieces are finally starting to match.
Liz: But I'm afraid we're still along way from having it solved.
Isabel: If I'm remembering something correctly, I think I just may have taken one more step. I'll tell you all later after I make sure.

(What could Isabel's step be? And what did her dad find out today? This would be a great point to end this episode…but we'll never get done if we keep stopping, right? So instead, let's look in on the Evans home again. It's early evening…)

Isabel: So dad; did you or your friend Tom discover anything today?
Dad: Yes! Mrs. Oldman has apparently just remarried. Her name used to be Boulder.
Isabel: I know that name.
Mom: Oh?
Isabel: Yes! There was a Boulder woman who worked with me at the children's home. It was after you found us but before they let us come live with you permanently.
Max: (surprised) You didn't tell us that earlier!
Isabel: Sorry! I wanted to make sure I was remembering correctly.
Mom: Could that explain how she got that one real picture?
Isabel: I suppose.
Max: Sounds very suspicious. She is supposed to be some kind of social worker.
Isabel: Anything else?
Dad: According to her neighbor, she's apparently having health problems and is cutting back on her work. That's about all we were able to find out. Did your friend Alex find anything…and do we want to know how he found it?
Isabel: Yes and no. Alex found out two things. He did find out about the Boulder name, but he couldn't tell if it was from marriage or a legal name change. The other interesting thing he found out is her maiden name. It was Hurtman.
Dad: The name on the phony letter.
Max: Right! Whoever signed it is probably a relative.
Mom: Is this suddenly starting to make some sense?
Max: The players have been identified, but what's the reason for the game?
Dad: Sounds like a court room metaphor, son. Have you considered law school?
Max: Just wanted to make you proud, dad.
Dad: I already am… of both of you. Isabel, are you holding up OK?
Isabel: I really appreciate how everyone is working on this for me. I'm still scared, but I'm feeling better. I'm going to go with Alex after dinner. He says he has more work to do...I just want to show him I appreciate what he's doing.
Mom: Tell him we do too.
Dad: But tell him I don't want to hear about his methods.
Max: Dad, I'm amazed! I never thought I'd hear you say something like that.
Dad: Desperate times son! Hey, sometimes whatever works…but I'm glad you said that, Max. It tells me we've taught you something.

(A bit later, Alex stops and picks up Isabel. They're on the way to see Liz and her computer. As she's thinking to herself, the two communicate in a silent connection.)
*Isabel: (To herself, but looking at Alex, she again forgets Alex has a new balance point.) The hours and hours you've spent on can I tell you what it means to me?
*Alex: (Right back in silent connection) You just did. And hey, I think what I'm doing is what God had in mind when he gave different people different skills…that we'd help each other, each one doing what we do best.
*Isabel: (pause) I never thought I would hear anything like that coming from you, Alex Whitman. My Alex, the jokester…the rock star.
*Alex: You probably wouldn't if I had to speak it. It's much easier to say things from the heart this way.
*Isabel: I know! Isn't it great? At first I wasn't sure I liked your being able to do this… and I keep forgetting that you can; but right now I'm grateful for it.
*Alex: Me too! Thanks you for sharing. I wasn't sure if I should have allowed myself this power when I had the choice. The truth is, I did it with the hope you and I could talk this way sometimes.
*Isabel: I hope we'll be able to for a long time to come.
*Alex: We will! No way will I let anyone or anything take you away from me.
*Isabel: (Tears in her eyes) I love you, Alex.
*Alex: Bet you can't say that out loud.
Isabel: (Pauses…then out loud) I love you Alex Whitman!
Alex: (Also aloud) I love you too Isabel Evans.
(Quiet minutes pass as they finish the drive.)
Alex: (They embrace) Hey, we're here! Better get into normal mode again. Liz wouldn't understand any of this.
Isabel: Actually, I think she would. They've never said so, but I think she and Max can connect…at least sometimes.
(They go in and find Liz. Alex fires up the computer and soon he's lost in cyberspace. Meanwhile Liz and Isabel decide to watch some videos to get their minds off the situation. After several hours…)
Alex: Whew! You won't believe…Mr. Ted Hurtman! I'm not sure there is a government agency he hasn't worked for. Everything from school teaching to State and U.S. government agencies. Family Services was one of them, but that was pretty recently. He's also worked as a medical assistant at a Veterans Hospital. I don't like it. I have to wonder if he isn't a professional mole for some agency. Maybe I'm too suspicious. (pause) Well, there's not much more I can find on either he or Mrs. Oldman, at least not without a specialized computer network. I wonder if the school computer lab's still available?
Liz: Not again!
Alex: Right…not again! That was a joke! I really don't think that's advisable.
Isabel: We probably better go, Alex. I'll tell Max and my folks about your latest find. Liz, if you'll tell Maria I know Michael will get the word.
Isabel: One more day until she gets here. I hope we're ready.
Alex: No way we won't be. She's gonna be sorry she ever messed with the "We Six" plus two.

(Now we'll pause for station identification: "This is the BS Network")

(That's "Balance Statements"…what did you think I meant?)


posted on 16-Sep-2001 6:55:24 AM
THE BALANCE STATEMENTS (Sequel to The Roswell E-Mail) Part VII
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No Infringement intended.
Rating: PG
Summary: Moving right along!

(Well, it's the day before Mrs. Oldman is to come "claim" Isabel as her daughter. A lot of information has been gathered in an attempt to discredit her claims. In what could not have come at a better time; it's the end of term break, so there's no school to worry about. Max hasn't spent much time with Liz lately and with school out, he decides to make up for it. Liz is just waking up when she hears some ticks, like pebbles on the window. She goes to the balcony and sees Max below.)

Max: Hey…can I come up?
Liz: I'm still in my nightgown If you can handle that…
Max: Handle your nightgown?
Liz: Oooo…bad! Alex must be affecting everyone.
(Max makes the familiar climb)
Max: You look nice.
Liz: Liar! I'm in my nightgown, my hair's not fixed, I slept in my body…
Max: You still look nice to me.
Liz: I'm glad.
Max: I haven't spent much time with you lately. I'm sorry! I guess with worrying about Isabel and all I kinda took a step sideways. I promise it wasn't backwards.
Liz: I know! I wasn't worried, except about Isabel. Max, is this going to be OK? There's no way she'd ever have to go with that person, is there?
Max: I don't think so. I think we've got enough information to discredit her; but Isabel was right when she said that it would be just a matter of time for the others if any one of us ever got into the wrong hands.
Liz: Don't even think that Max. I couldn't stand not having you here with me. It's so unfair, you having to live like this. None of you have ever done any thing wrong.
Max: But that's the way it is! Remember though, you're the one who convinced me I can't spend my life worrying about it…so don't you go worrying for both of us.
Liz: You're right…I'm right…we can't…
(Liz puts her head on Max' shoulder. There's a long silence…he senses some anxiety.)
Max: Isabel's going to be fine, Liz. We all will.
Liz: Max, do you ever wonder about your birth mother...not that she's likely to drop in tomorrow, but if she did, what would you do?
Max: Probably give her a hug and thank her for giving us a chance to have a life here. I think she probably risked a lot to bring us here.
Liz: Would you want to go live with her?
Max: I don't think so, especially if you couldn't come with me. Diane is the only mother I've ever really had. She really is my mother. It would break her heart if I left; I absolutely know that now. Not that I wouldn't like to ask questions…or find out about my biological family, but I can't obsess about it. I know I may never find out anything.
Liz: Do you think Isabel thinks the same way.
Max: Probably even more so.
Liz: …And Michael?
Max: He's mellowing since the re-balance, but I think he might leave with a "real" parent.
Liz: And leave Maria?
Max: Tough call; I really don't know. I know he's becoming more attached to her. If anything makes a "human" out of him it will be Maria.
Liz: I don't think she wants him to be human; she just wants him to be Michael.
Max: That's good, because that's probably all she'll ever get. Do you think that's enough for her?
Liz: She's my best friend, present company excluded. I just want her to be as happy as I am when I'm with you. Michael can do that for her but he can also make her very unhappy. She understands in her head that all she really has of him is a crack in his wall. She's grateful for that; but in her heart she'd like a whole door.
Max: I've said before, Michael is Michael. Either she can love him for what he is or she can move on. Trying to change him a lot won't ever happen. Isabel and I haven't been able to do it We just love him anyway. If she can do that too…
Liz: I try to encourage her, but I think she's jealous of what you and I have.
Max: That's ironic, because I think Michael is jealous of me in some ways too, but not enough to change who he is. And you know what, I think that's probably a good thing.
Liz: So…what do you think will happen tomorrow?
Max: My dad says he thinks all we need to do is talk to this woman. We'll tell her we don't know what she's trying to do; but she has no proof that Isabel is her daughter. Given that we've uncovered a number of things that were contrived to make it appear otherwise, the best thing would be for her to just drop this claim and move back. He says he'll tell her that because of the things we've found, he doesn't feel the need to authorize a blood test or even a meeting with Isabel. I guess he may ask her why she's trying to break up a family?
Liz: Do you think that will be the end of it?
Max: I'd like to say yes, but then you probably could call me a liar.

(Meanwhile, a knock on his door awakens Michael)

Michael: Friend or foe?
Maria: Which would you like?
(Unlocks door)
Michael: Hey, pull up a couch. I'll get cleaned up…
Maria: I'd appreciate that! Want me to fix you breakfast?
Michael: Sure!
(Maria gets busy; Michael gets dressed.)
Maria: Are you worried about tomorrow and Isabel.
Michael: I'm always worried when anyone tries to involve themselves with us.
Maria: I want to help but I don't know what to do…what to say to her or Max or her parents.
Michael: I'm kind of the same. All they need to do is ask for something…it'll happen. I've been hoping that Max would call; I want to know what's going on…
Maria: You know, I feel the same way with you sometimes! You never call me; yet every time I call you or come over you seem happy. Am I missing something?
Michael: No! I just forget that it would be OK . It's never been my thing you know, but I really could call you...
Maria: Promise?
Michael: Yea…I'll try; but if I don't, keep coming over anyway…especially at mealtime.
Maria: It's just about ready.
Michael: After breakfast, let's go see Isabel and let her know we're confident that everything will be OK.
Maria: Are we?
Michael: I've learned never to leave anything to chance, but I think we're as ready as we can be.
Maria: Why do you think this woman's doing this?
Michael: I think she's involved with the government people who suspect Max of being different and they're using Isabel to get to him. I hate them for that.
Maria: It does appear that way doesn't it.
Michael: Unfortunately!
(Notice here how Liz and Maria think alike sometimes.)
Maria: Michael…
Michael: Yea!
Maria: Not that this is likely to happen or anything, but suppose your birth mother showed up? What would you say to her?
Michael: (Pause…looks surprised at the question) I'd ask her why I'm here and where I came from…and if I could go home?
Maria: So you'd want to go with her then? Even if it was just to some other place on Earth? Or what if it was to another planet?
Michael: I think I would want to go with her in either case, if nothing else just to get the answers I've wanted all my life.
Maria: Those answers mean everything to you don't they?
Michael: Not everything anymore, but a awful lot. Now I've got a question for you. Just suppose that happened, would you come with me?
Maria: (pause) Wow! I'd have to think…I'd want to…I'd want to very badly. There would be a lot to weigh.
Michael: Remember, if we went to another planet, you might have to do what I have to do here.
Maria: What do you mean?
Michael: You might have to pretend to be native of that planet and hide the fact that you're not of that world. You might have to face everything that goes with doing that, just like I do now.
Maria: If that was the only consideration and you'd help me, I'd do it.
Michael: What else then?
Maria: My family, my mother, our friends…Liz, Max, Alex, Isabel.
Michael: Suppose our friends came too?
Maria: I'd do it Michael. You know, I think I'd do it even if they didn't come. All you'd have to do is ask me.
Michael: …and leave your mother?
Maria: Yes! I'm going to do that sometime anyway and if I could be with you…
Michael: It's probably never going to happen anyway. I just wanted you to think about what it's like for me; why I not in the habit of calling people…why I have to have a wall around myself...why I try to avoid others.
Maria: I don't care about others, Michael. You let me into your life. I wanted that so much! Then you did it and I wasn't sure I still wanted it. But I'm sure now, Michael. I want us to be close. I love you, Michael.
Michael: I love you too, Maria.
(Maria and Michael finish eating. They have good intentions about going to give support to Isabel, but then the couch seems so appealing…)
Maria: (On the couch) Oooh! You know I love it when you do that.
Michael: I hope so.
Maria: Do it some more.
Michael: You asked for it!
Maria: Oh Michael…

(We don't really need to know what they're doing; now do we? No doubt we'll catch up with them later when they do visit Isabel. Alex and Isabel have been on the phone for hours. Alex is concerned that there is something he's overlooked. In an unexpected move, Phil Evans has come home early and suggests to Isabel that she get all her friends who have been concerned about her to come over. He wants to compare notes and fill them in on what he plans. She's surprised at the suggestion, but she's really grateful for three-way calling. The couch at Michael's is grateful too. How much more it could take is unknown. Liz and Max wander in, saving her the trouble of tracking them down. Soon the scene is the "We Six plus two"…the extra two being Mr. And Mrs. Evans. I guess, in this situation, it's OK. Even though they haven't been re-balanced, maybe they're honorary members or something.)

Dad: Liz, Alex, Michael…we want to thank you for all the help you've given us in this situation; especially you Alex. I may not totally approve of your methods but I must say they're effective.
Alex: We do have a lot of evidence that she doesn't really have a case; but I have a feeling she won't just
give up. She's invested too much time and effort in this. She must really want contact with Isabel.
I'm just glad I had some skills that could help. I'd have hated to just sit by doing nothing and let this happen.
Dad: Some of what you've given us I don't want to mention to her unless we have to.
I don't want her to be able to come back to us about illegal snooping. Just know that you're findings have been a great help in giving us assurance we can end this quickly.
Alex: I understand. By the way, I've got one more thing…don't know if we care but I've got her car's license plate number. We can be on the lookout.
Dad: Good! My friend Tom came up with something else too. Here's her picture.
(He shows it)
Isabel: She looks a bit like the person I remember from the children's home…only a lot thinner.
Michael: I think we'll start a stake out. I doubt she'll be staying at the Ritz-Carlton.
Alex: Roswell doesn't have a Ritz-Carlton.
Michael: Exactly!
Dad: Here's what I think is going to happen. She's going to come here, probably with some additional prop like the photo album. I'll invite her in and let her speak. Then I'll tell her we do not believe her claims and that we have some evidence suggesting they are all contrived. I'll get as specific as I have to. I'll try to tell her that we are a solid family and what she is doing is trying to tear us apart and causing undo stress on all of us. We'll see what she says. Based on what we know, as Isabel's parent and legal guardian, I'm going to refuse her requests for both contact and the dreaded blood test. Beyond that, I don't know what to expect.
Max: I'm nervous. Her relative with all the government jobs concerns me. He could have more information or supporting evidence than they've let on. I also think he's in a position to bend things their way. She might bring him with her.
Alex: When I discovered he had once been a medical assistant, I just envisioned her insisting on him doing the blood tests and having things coming out a perfect match, regardless of any reality.
Mom: We won't let that happen, even if he comes here with her. Besides; thanks to you Alex, we know a lot about him too.
Alex: Is there anything else we can do? I keep thinking we haven't done enough.
Dad: I don't see what else we can do until she gets here and we know what she's going to propose.
Isabel: Somehow I feel OK about this now. Everyone has been great…we've got so much stuff to discredit her. The hardest part of this is done. We'll just show her we know she's a fraud and hopefully she'll go away.
Michael: Does anyone care why she's doing this? I keep adding to my list of possible reasons and they're all bad.
Max: We may care a lot or we may not care at all. I think this is just another of our challenges. We've faced things together before. I think we as a group are actually stronger now. We'll be OK.
Maria: Isabel, you seem remarkably calm.
Isabel: Like I said, I'm OK…at least right now. I think I'll even be able to sleep tonight. Oh dad, can I borrow the picture?

(We all know why she wants the picture don't we? Have you noticed…I think the kids conveniently forgot to mention a certain talent that they have to their parents in episode three! Hmmm… Well, we'll soon find out what the game is and if all the detective work was enough. You won't want to miss the final exciting episode, right here on the BS Network.)


posted on 16-Sep-2001 6:58:22 AM
Author: John
Rating: PG
Summary: …and they thought dispensing with this issue would be easy. Welcome to the two hour SEASON FINALE of: The Balance Statements: Isabelle' Mom!

(Be prepared! The Boy Scout slogan has been adopted by the We Six , plus two. They think now that Mrs. Oldman will not be a problem. They've done their homework…or have they? Isabel and Max are at home. It's the morning of the day they've been worrying about)

Max: Iz, did you take a little walk last night?
Isabel: I tried. I stared at the picture. All I got from her was this awful darkness. I couldn't read anything except pain and despair. Finally I couldn't stand the empty, hopeless feelings anymore.
Max: I can't begin to speculate on what that might mean.
Isabel: I've never experienced anything like that before. I don't know what to think. I expected to find a feeling of excitement or something a bit diabolical maybe, but that's not what I read. It was scary to say the least.
Max: Are you OK now?
Isabel: I think so. I couldn't sleep after that experience. I tried to think of more pleasant things to calm me. I thought about Alex and we connected. He said he was having trouble sleeping too. He calmed me a lot with his love and confidence.
Max: I can't get used to him having the power to connect with us. I probably should have discouraged him at the re-balancing.
Isabel: I'm glad he can do it! Somehow, it makes me feel just a little less unique. He confided a while ago that hoping to connect with me was the reason he balanced himself the way he did.
Max: His theory that our power to do that is just an amplified version of one that exists among some humans is interesting. He was sure miserable when he couldn't control it after we balanced Michael the first time.
Isabel: I've been wondering; if we knew how to do it, could we share any of our other powers with our friends via a re-balance.
Max: I don't think so. Alex had a natural tendency towards being able to read people. I think the re-balance just acted like a volume control on something he already had. I just keep forgetting he can do it.
Isabel: Me too! He keeps surprising me…but I don't care.
Max: You're really beginning to like him aren't you?
Isabel: Yes! He loves me for what I am, not for what everyone thinks I am.
Max: That's great for you; he's a good man. (Pause) I'm going to go get some breakfast. Want me to bring you some?
Isabel: I'm not that shook up. I'll come downstairs too; although when Mrs. Oldman comes I think I'd rather be anywhere but home.
Max: You don't think dad might want you to come see her?
Isabel: He said no. I've just got to trust him on this one. This is really different! We're not used to trusting an adult so much on anything, but I don't see where any of us can do anything more to help him. With this situation, the law makes it his role.
Max: He won't let this go very far, Isabel.
Isabel: I know! I know! Will you take me to the Crashdown after breakfast? Maybe I'll volunteer to help Liz and Maria or something.

(Meanwhile…Michael and Alex want to do something, so they've set out to find Mrs. Oldman's car; Alex having retrieved her license plate number. They know she is coming to town today and they're assuming she may seek directions or check into a hotel before talking to the Evans.)

Alex: There may not have any point in finding her. What are we going to do, kidnap her?
Michael: Maybe I could perform an abduction.
Alex: Sounds like something I'd say if I were you.
Michael: You're influencing everyone, I'm afraid. I can't just sit and do nothing; I still have a bad feeling about this. I'd like to know if she's alone or has her relative with her.
Alex: Where shall we start?
Michael: Let's watch the park. It has that big encased map of the city. She might stop there to find Glad Street.
Alex: Good an idea as any. How about we get a gut bomb on the way over there?
Michael: Huh?
Alex: You know…food.
Michael: Oh! A gut bomb! OK, it is a little hungry out!
(They head to the park.)
Alex: So, what if we find her?
Michael: I'd like to know where she's staying. If she gets frustrated…if Phil Evans shuts her down… she might start telling people what she knows. Maybe we can head her off.
Alex: What do you think she knows.
Michael: Our secret, I'm afraid! Maybe just Max…
Alex: But it's Isabel she's after.
Michael: That's just a way to Max. I feel it.
Alex: I'm not convinced. I've got a gut feeling it's something else.
Michael: It's probably just one to many gut bombs.
Alex: Good one, Michael!
Michael: Damn…I really have been hanging around you too much. Oh God! Look…
Alex: That's her car!

(The guys are now on her trail. So, what about the ladies? They're concerned, but a little helpless.)

Liz: I'm glad were working. It's getting my mind off Isabel a little.
Maria: Then why are you reminding me about her?
Liz: Well…she's a good friend. I can't totally ignore her situation.
Maria: Her father, Max, and Alex seem confident. I think we just have to leave it to her dad to get this stopped.
Liz: I know! I just wish I could do something. It's got Max upset to and that, of course, upsets me.
Maria: Don't covet him right now; Isabel needs him more than you do at the moment.
Liz: I know…and we talked about that. Everything's fine between us. I'll give him all the space he needs.
Maria: Michael and Alex are out trying to find Mrs. Oldman before she gets to the Evans. I don't know what they're planning, but I worry about Michael. Sometimes he doesn't look before he leaps…like visiting sweat lodges.
Liz: I don't think Mrs. Oldman will take anyone to a sweat lodge.
Maria: But Michael might want to see her in one…or something similar. I hope he'll just have faith in Isabel's dad.
Liz: From what Isabel told me, I think he does now. Isabel's folks have really accepted Michael, now that they know what he has in common with Max and Isabel.
Maria: I know! I don't want him to foul that up.
Liz: Have faith in him. He's different since he re-balanced. He's still Michael, but he is allowing others to touch him a little. He'll be fine. And Alex won't let him go to crazy.
Maria: In case you haven't noticed, a little of Michael is rubbing off on Alex. He'll do things now he never would have dreamed of a few months ago.
Liz: I guess you're right; but that's not bad. Remember how Alex said we shouldn't tell each other what we set our balance points to? I think that was wise. Not only does it let us rely on each other for our strengths, but it lets us see the good points each one has and incorporate them in our own lives to some degree.
Maria: You're right! Well, I see customers await!
Liz: Let's get to work.
(Isabel comes in)
Isabel: Need any help girls?

(And now…the meeting.)

(Alex and Michael follow Mrs. Oldman right to the Evans' house. They'd forgotten she'd been there spying on Isabel before. The doorbell rings…Phil Evans answers…)

Mrs. Oldman: Phil Evans? I'm Kathy Oldman. This is my gra…er…Mr. Hurtman of Family Services. He sent you a letter from them about me. I also sent you some pictures.
Phil: Come in. Have a seat. This is my wife Diane.
Mrs. Oldman: Is Isabel here? I'm anxious to see her.
Phil: Actually, she's not. She's with some friends.
Mrs. Oldman: I bet you're wondering how someone could lose their daughter?
Phil: Actually, we're wondering why someone would claim a daughter that's not theirs.
Mrs. Oldman: Don't make this difficult please. She is my daughter…I know it. She looks so like my pictures from years ago. And the time period she was found in was shortly after my daughter was lost.
Phil: I'm sorry if you lost your daughter; but we're sure she's not Isabel.
Mrs. Oldman: She has to be! She looks so much like me and her early pictures show...
Phil: She looks a little like my wife too, but we know she's not her birth mother.
Mrs. Oldman: Of course not, I am. A simple blood test will prove it.
Diane: Again, we really don't think so.
Mrs. Oldman: I was afraid you'd be defensive.
Phil: Wouldn't you be if someone were trying to break up your family?
Mrs. Oldman: I don't want to break up your family. I just want access to her. I'm willing to let her decide where she wants to live.
Diane: She already has. Here!
Mrs. Oldman: I want to hear her say that.
Phil: Mrs. Oldman, we've done a lot of research into your claim. Frankly, we found so many holes in it that I'm not prepared to even let you see her, much less allow any medical procedures. I'm her father and her legal guardian. I'm within my rights.
Mr. Hurtman: Family Services might get involved…bring legal action to force you to do so.
Phil: I might bring legal action against you for harassment.
Mr. Hurtman: Birth parents have some rights, especially where they've never been signed or deeded away.
Phil: No doubt; but Mrs. Oldman, you are not Isabelle' birth mother. I'm trying to be patient here but we can go round and round on this all day. Kathy, you have planned a grand ruse but we're on to it. We know the letter we got from family services was not the one they intended to send us. We're sure you, Mr. Hurtman, switched letters before they went out. We also know you no longer work there. We know, Mrs. Oldman, that you've remarried. We know that you have been employed by Family Services yourself. Your name used to be Boulder. We know you were involved with the children's home where Isabel lived briefly before she came to live here. She remembers you a little. We know your maiden name is Hurtman, so you two must be related. We know that the pictures you sent were computer enhanced. No Mrs. Oldman, you are not Isabel's birth mother…although you certainly went to a lot of trouble to convince us otherwise.
(Mrs. Oldman is in tears.)
Mr. Hurtman: You must really love Isabel to have gone to the trouble of getting that much information to protect her.
Diane: Of course we do; she's our daughter.
Mr. Hurtman: Some adoptive parents really don't care. They'd just as soon not have the kids they care for.
Diane: That's sad. But it certainly doesn't apply to us.
Mr. Hurtman: Gra…Kathy…uh…maybe we better go.
(Mrs. Oldman sits in stunned silence, tears running down her face. Finally she speaks.)
Mrs. Oldman: Ted! I'd like to talk to Mr. And Mrs. Evans alone. Would you mind waiting outside.
Mr. Hurtman: You need to be careful what you say; they know so much…
Mrs. Oldman: Please Ted.
(Ted goes out to wait in the car. Alex and Michael are parked across the street waiting to pounce if necessary. Mrs. Oldman finally continues…)
Mrs. Oldman: (crying) I'm sorry for the deceit. I thought, if I could just get to see Isabel, I could convince her to help me.
Phil: I'm not at all sure I want her to see you.
(Pause…more crying...)
Mrs. Oldman: Then you are condemning me to death.
Diane: What? Why would you say that?
Mrs. Oldman: I know Isabel has special powers. I know she's a healer.
Diane: What are you talking about?
Mrs. Oldman: Please! I know I wasn't completely forthcoming with you, but I'm desperate. You see…I have cancer. It's spreading so rapidly the doctors can't stop it. They tell me I have a month at most. I'm in constant pain. But I know Isabel could heal me.
Phil: Isabel isn't a doctor…she isn't magic; she's a sixteen-year old girl whose life you are disrupting.
Mrs. Oldman: ( In tears) Please! I know she's a healer. I know she is; she did it at the children's home.
Diane: (Thinks about Max but then says, truthfully…) I've been her mother for ten years and I've never seen her heal anyone or anything.
Mrs. Oldman: I can prove it to you. Won't you please just let me talk to her?
Phil: How can you prove that. You weren't very good at proving she was your daughter. We were able to see right through all your elaborate tricks.
Mrs. Oldman: Do you have a video player?
Diane: Yes, over there by the TV.
Mrs. Oldman: Please…play this.
(She takes videotape from her purse.)
Mrs. Oldman: This is a surveillance tape from the Children's Home. I've never shown this to anybody. I took it out of the recorder right after I saw Isabel do what she did. I don't want to disrupt Isabelle' life, but I need her. Please…
(Mrs. Oldman shows the tape. As Phil and Diane watch, they see a six year old Isabel in the same room with another child who has been seriously injured. Mrs. Oldman explains that the child was beaten by her parents and was taken from them and put into protective custody. The child is obviously in great pain, with cuts, bruises and a concussion. Mrs. Oldman explains she also had internal bleeding. As she is sitting in pain, crying, Isabel approaches.)
(Audio from the tape…)
Isabel: Hi! Are you really hurt?
Little girl: Y...y…yes!
Isabel: What happened?
Little girl: They told me my daddy beat me and threw me in a corner.
Isabel: I don't have a daddy; I least I don't think so.
Little girl: Maybe you're lucky.
Isabel: I think I'd like one. Do you want to play a game?
Little girl: No, not now. I hurt to move. (pause) What's your name?
Isabel: They call me Isabel. What's yours?
Little girl: I can't remember…I can't remember anything?
Isabel: I'm sure you'll get better and you'll remember.
(At this point, they see Isabel take the little girls hand. Both girls start smiling and it's evident that the pain is gone. Some of her scratches disappear. She starts talking.)
Little Girl: I remember now, my name is Sally…Sally Piper. You just made me feel a lot better. Thank you.
(Isabel was obviously not sure what she had just done, but she was afraid she's be in trouble if anyone found out)
Isabel: I'm glad. Maybe we can play now. But please don't tell anyone what just happened. I'm afraid I might get in trouble.
Sally: I promise…it's our secret. What do you want to play?
( The tape is stopped and Phil and Diane sit in stunned silence. Finally Diane speaks…)
Diane: You've never shown this to anyone?
Mrs. Oldman: I didn't want to ruin Isabel's life. If people knew she was a healer, she'd never be left alone.
Phil: That's true, I'm sure. But as Diane said, she's never shown us this capability.
Mrs. Oldman: She's probably never needed to. Maybe, living in Roswell, she was afraid to.
Phil: (As straight faced as possible.) She's not green with three eyes and scales, if that what's you mean. Besides, she's a bit young. All that supposedly happened 50 years ago.
Mrs. Oldman: I don't believe in aliens but I do believe there are people who are healers.
Diane: What about Sally Piper? Do you suppose she ever told anyone about this?
Mrs. Oldman: I'm guessing not or Isabel probably wouldn't be here with you. I don't know what happened to her. Her parents convinced the judge that it was all an accident and despite our best efforts to keep her at the home she was returned to them. She may even be dead by now if what they did to her before was any indication.
Phil: What about Mr. Hurtman? You must have told him something to get him to help you.
Mrs. Oldman: You already know about the name. He is my son's child, my grandson. I haven't shown him the tape, but I told him that Isabel was a healer and I needed her to cure me. He doesn't believe in such things, but he's trying to humor me in may last days.
Phil: (Pause) Obvioulsy we need to talk with Isabel. This is most unusual.
Mrs. Oldman: Please! Please let me see her…ask her to heal me. If she will, I'll give you that tape and no one else will ever know anything about her. But, if you force me to, I could show that tape and force her to come out.
Diane: This is all overwhelming and, as my husband said, we need to talk to Isabel. Tell us where you're staying and we'll contact you after we talk to her.
Mrs. Oldman: I'm at the Best Western Lodge here in Roswell, room 331.
Phil: Excuse us if we're in kind of a state of shock. We'll talk to Isabel and we'll call you.
Mrs. Oldman: Please! I don't know what else to do. I'm sorry for disrupting your lives, but I hope you understand why?
Phil: If this is true, I can.
Mrs. Oldman: You'll call me then?
Diane: We will.
(Phil shows Mrs. Oldman to the door. Alex and Michael don't know if they should follow her or run up to Isablle' parents and ask what happened. They finally decide to trail her back to her hotel. Meanwhile, Max had been upstairs during he whole meeting. He didn't see the tape but he overheard everything. He's more than a little concerned…)
Phil: I must say, for as much detective work as we did, I never expected that.
(Max comes downstairs.)
Max: I heard most of it…I hope you don't mind.
Mom: Of course not, honey. I was pretty sure you were up there listening.
Max: You handled her about as well as you could.
Dad: We've got to get Isabel back here. Do you know where she is?
Max: Yes! She asked me to take her to the Crashdown. She's helping Liz and Maria…trying to keep her mind occupied.
Mom: Would you mind going and bringing her back? I don't know how much you want to tell her…
Max: She can't help this lady, mom.
Mom: (pause) But you healed Liz.
Max: I did, but it wasn't her time…that was an accident. We can't play God. If it's someone's time to go, we seem to have no power to save them. I'm grateful for that. We don't want to be in the general healing business anyway and I wouldn't want the responsibility of deciding who can live and who can't.
Phil: Convincing Mrs. Oldman that Isabel can't help her might prove difficult. Right now we just need to get Isabel back here.
Max: Looks like, just as I had my bird healing caught on tape, Isabel apparently had her little girl. We were too young to know better.
Mom: It's OK Max. Mrs. Oldman says she doesn't want to disrupt Isabel's life.
Max: But like dad said, she might not believe Isabel can't help her. As long as she has that tape, we are in danger.
Phil: I don't like that either, but first things first…
Max: I'm on my way! Be back with Isabel as soon as I can.
(Max arrives at the Crashdown and tells Isabel to come back to the house with him. Liz and Maria naturally want to know what's happening, but Max doesn't feel like taking time to explain. He tells Liz there are complications, but not to worry. He'll let her know what's happening as soon as he has a better feel for it himself. Liz gets worried, but had already decided to give Max whatever space he thinks he needs right now. She decides she just has to trust that he'll tell her if there's anything she or Maria can do. On the way back, Max is trying to explain to Isabel what happened when Mrs. Oldman met with their parents. As they are driving, they spot Alex and Michael sitting in Alex's car outside the hotel. Max suggests they need to involve Michael because of the nature of what happened. Isabel agrees, but wants Alex to come too; first because he's done so much to help, and second, because he makes her feel less afraid. They stop and tell the friends to follow them home. Michael is reluctant to leave the hotel, but Max assures him Mrs. Oldman won't be going anywhere, at least not for awhile. They all arrive at home.)

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Dad: (Surprised to see Alex and Michael.) Found more than just Isabel, eh?
Max: Isabel and I felt they needed to be involved.
Dad: That's fine…I understand. I just wanted to be sure that's what you wanted.
Isabel: So the meeting with Mrs. Oldman didn't go quite the way we expected it would.
Dad: Did Max tell you everything that happened with her?
Isabel: He told me some. What don't you and mom tell me everything; that way Michael and Alex can know too.
(Phil and Diane explain everything that happened during Mrs. Oldman's visit. Isabel is suddenly overcome with more worry and regret. She doesn't know what to suggest)
Isabel: Max and Michael, I'm so sorry. This really complicates things. I had almost forgotten about that experience.
Michael: Obviously Mrs. Oldman hasn't. I've had a bad feeling abut this for days, despite all our detective work. I couldn't have predicted this situation, but that we're screwed does not surprise me.
Max: This may not be as bad as it could be. I heard her say that she doesn't believe in aliens but she does believe there are people who are healers. We've got to make sure she keeps thinking that way.
Alex: So what are the options?
Max: There don't appear to be any good ones. We can't deal with her, but we can't not deal with her.
Michael: We could break into her room and find that tape. Then it would be her word against Isabel's.
Dad: And if you get caught…?
Isabel: He's right! That would make things worse…and if the tape disappeared, she'd assume we had something to do with it.
Dad: I could dig in and just not let her have any more contact with us.
Max: Then she might try to call attention to Isabel by showing someone else the tape. She's desperate; and while she says she doesn't want to hurt Isabel, desperate people do desperate things.
Mom: You're right, Max. If the sheriff got wind of that tape or any of her claims, he'd put two and two together and suddenly it wouldn't only be you he suspects of doing "magical" things.
Michael: Like I said, we are screwed.
Isabel: I could go see her.
Max: I'm not sure that would be a good idea. I don't think you could cure her even if you wanted to. You know our power doesn't seem to work if someone is supposed to die.
Michael: And even if you could, people would wonder how she got better all of a sudden. Her grandson, who doesn't now believe in healers, might become quite curious and he has too many ties to government agencies.
Alex: It really looks like this is a no win situation.
Michael: (Sarcastically) You catch on fast.
Dad: (pause) I suggest we all mull it over this evening, then sleep on it. It's almost dinner time and we're not likely to solve it tonight. We can talk after we've thought about it for a while and then attack it again in the morning. Maybe by then somebody will think of a solution.
Mom: Michael, you might as well stay over. Alex, you're welcome too. We've plenty of sleeping bags.
Alex: Thanks…but I'll sleep better in my own bed, if I can sleep at all. Besides, my dad needs me to help him with something tonight.
Isabel: Come back tomorrow Alex, please.
Alex: Sure.
Max: I promised Liz I'd fill her in. I'll go find her after dinner and see if she has any suggestions.
Michael: Likely excuse.
Max: You might as well go and tell Maria too. They're both worried.
Michael: I might as well.
Max: Likely excuse.

(After dinner, Max and Michael go and tell the women the latest. No one offers a great solution. All they can do is agree that it's a no win situation. Still, both guys enjoyed some time with the girls. Finally, everyone heads home for the night. It's getting late and Isabel has gone to bed, but naturally she can't sleep. She's tossing…wondering what to do. She caused this problem…maybe she can fix it She takes advantage of the re-balance.)

*Isabel: (In a silent connection attempt) Alex (pause)…Alex …you awake?
*Alex: (In connection) Right here beautiful. I wondered if you'd call? I was afraid you'd forgotten my number.
*Isabel: Not likely. Can you come over?
*Alex: Now?
*Isabel: Yea…I want to go see Mrs. Oldman.
*Alex: At 10:30 at night?
*Isabel: Yes, before I chicken out... and I need you to come with me.
*Alex: I may want to strangle her.
*Isabel: You sound like Michael. I've got an idea, but I need you to be part of it. Can you play the part of my loving boyfriend?
*Alex: Isn't that what I am?
*Isabel: Uh…yes, but you may need to show it more than usual.
*Alex: I try to show it all the time.
*Isabel: Oh, forget it! Just come over, please. Help me with this.
*Alex: OK, I'll see if I can dream up an excuse to go out for something.
*Isabel: Thanks!
(End of connection)

(Alex and Isabel both slip out. Her mom hears Isabel go, but decides not to stop her. Alex and Isabel drive to the hotel where Mrs.Oldman is staying. After some time holding hands and sitting quietly, they approach room 331 and knock on the door. You better get out a hanky for this part.)

Mrs. Oldman: (startled) Who's there?
Isabel: Isabel Evans…
Mrs. Oldman: Oh my! Just a minute.
(She opens the door)
Mrs.Oldman: Come in dear…and who's this young man?
Isabel: This is my really good friend, Alex Whitman. I don't like to go out alone at night.
Mrs. Oldman: Neither do I. I wasn't sure your foster dad was going to let you see me.
Isabel: He doesn't know I'm here. And he's my dad, not a foster dad. True I'm adopted, but he's been the only father I've ever known.
Mrs. Oldman: He seems like he really cares for you. Too many people adopt children and then regret their decision. I'm glad you're in a nice family.
Isabel: That why I'm here. I want to stay in it. I love my mom and dad and my brother. You have been causing my family and I a lot of anguish.
Mrs. Oldman: I think, maybe, your father told you why. I'm in a lot of anguish myself.
Isabel: (Pause) I wish I could help you.
Mrs. Oldman: (Looks at Alex.) Do you want to talk about this in front of your friend…what was his name?
Isabel: Alex! And yes, it's OK! He and I don't have any secrets.
Mrs. Oldman: You sound like you can't help me. Please, don't deny it. I know you can do it.
Isabel: As I said, if I could help you I would. You have a tape in which you saw me help someone else. That was a different situation.
Mrs. Oldman: I know that there are people with the power to heal. I saw you do it on that tape. I have never told anyone or shown anyone that tape because I know people would hound you if they knew you had the power. I only did what I did so I could make contact with you. The doctors tell me I don't have much time left and I'm in constant, constant pain.
Isabel: (Takes Alex hand…she needs his strength) Mrs. Oldman, or should I say Mrs. Boulder, I do sort of remember you from the children's home. I remember you assuring me that the nice couple who found me wandering in the desert wanted to adopt me. I thank you for that. I know you've been helping children for many years. Please! You must believe what I'm going to tell you. It's not a cop out; it's the truth. I do sometimes have a power that can heal. You saw me use it, but that situation was different than yours is now. I honestly do not know what force controls what I can do. I do know that it doesn't work to prolong the life of someone who is dying of natural causes. I have been able to help people who are accident victims, like the little girl your saw; but if someone's time has come I can't help them. That's why I can't help you. As I said, I would if I could. I don't know why it works or doesn't work. I really don't know much about it at all.
Alex: Please believe her, Mrs. Oldman. She feels badly that she can't help you, but she truly can't. I know with all my heart that she's telling you the truth.
Mrs. Oldman: I guess, maybe it was too much to ask.
Isabel: I understand why you had to ask. It's human nature to want to preserve one's own life by whatever means. It wasn't too much to ask; it's just too much for me to do.
Mrs. Oldman: In some ways, perhaps I knew all along that this wouldn't work. I feel badly that I've upset your life.
Isabel: There is something I think I can do.
(Isabel takes Mrs. Oldman's hand; a glow runs up her arm and surrounds her whole body.)
Isabel: That should ease the pain.
Mrs. Oldman: (Smiles) It did! I feel normal…no pain, for the first time in months. I knew you could do it.
Isabel: I've lessened the pain. I have not cured your cancer, but maybe your life will be a little more bearable now.
Mrs. Oldman: Thank you.
Alex: Mrs. Oldman, you have something that could ruin Isabel's life; and if you ruin hers you'll ruin mine too.
Mrs. Oldman: You two are really a number aren't you? You are a very cute couple.
Isabel: He's talking about…
Mrs. Oldman: The tape…I know. I'm not stupid. I know if people who are don't believe in healers saw this that you'd be labeled a freak. There are people who would want to capture you for their own benefit. There would be some that would accuse you of not even being human. I understand that. I work with people, remember?
Alex: Please Mrs. Oldman! I want a future with Isabel.
Isabel: And I want a future, period. Won't you give it to us? I've done all I can for you. I risked a lot by even coming here tonight. My brother and my parents told me not to. Please, all I ask for is your silence.
Alex: …And the tape.
Mrs. Oldman: (pause) If you hadn't come here the way you did tonight, I don't think I would have believed you. I might have tried to force your hand. But seeing you two here this way…so happy… I have to believe you. I can't disturb your lives any more.
(She hands Isabel the tape.)
Isabel: Thank you.
Alex: Thank you from me too. I think you can see why I love her.
Mrs. Oldman: Yes, I can. She's a wonderful person Alex. Take care of her. (pause) You two run along. I know you've done all you can for me. And please, accept my apology for causing you so much trouble.

(Isabel and Alex leave Mrs. Oldman's room, tape in hand. They head home for what will be their first good night's sleep in a long time…but not before a loooong kiss and a few big hugs.)
Isabel: Thanks Alex. I couldn't have done that without you.
Alex: And I wouldn't have had you do it without me, either.
Isabel: I'll see you tomorrow?
Alex: Count on it.

(The two slip back to their respective homes. The next bit of consciousness comes with morning. Isabel slept in late.)

Mom: Isabel, are you awake?
Isabel: Yes mom.
Mom: Where did you slip off to last night?
Isabel: I still can't fool you can I?
Mom: Only if I want you to.
Isabel: I saw Mrs. Oldman.
Mom: …and?
Isabel: I think things will be OK.

(She shows her the tape. Just then the doorbell rings. Max is downstairs…he answers it. It's Mr. Hurtman, Mrs. Oldman's grandson.)

Max: Mr. Hurtman isn't it?
Mr. Hurtman: Yes! I just wanted to stop by (sobs a little) to tell you that my grandmother passed away last night. I found her early this morning when I went to her room.
Max: I'm sorry for you. Do you want to come in?
Mr. Hurtman: (Steps in…Diane, Phil and Isabel come down) She left two notes. One was to me. She said that she found that she had been mistaken about Isabel being able to help cure her cancer; that she had been confused and she was now convinced that she should just leave you people alone. The other was marked: "to Isabel Evans". I thought I'd give it to you.
Isabel: I think your grandmother was a fine woman. I'm sorry she had hopes that weren't real.
Mr. Hurtman: I'm sorry for the trouble she caused you. She was desperate for anything that might have helped her; maybe even something she imagined. But she was my grandmother and I wanted to help her.
Isabel: I understand.
Mr. Hurtman: Well, I need to go…I need to make arrangements. Goodbye.

(Mr. Hurtman leaves and a huge sigh of relief just about takes the roof off the Evans' home. Sleepily Michael walks down the stairs not knowing what has transpired. )
Michael: So, what are we going to do?
Isabel: Say a prayer for Mrs. Oldman; and then…(pause) LET'S PARTY!

(Smiles all around! Max and Michael are on the phone to Liz and Maria. Isabel's on the "Isaphone" to Alex. Normalcy has returned, at least for now. And so, as we have seen; sometimes, no matter how much technology we have…no matter how much the law is on your side, life's problems can be solved and all can be made right if you have lots of love...and just the right amount of BALANCE. )



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Author: John
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Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
Category: M/L

The BS (Balance Statements) Network is happy to announce this special mini-series. From the creators of "The Roswell E-Mail" and "The Balance Statements" comes "The Balance Statements II". (The Network would have had to pay high royalties to use a new title.) We continue to bring you the adventures of our well-balanced friends. For those who have been living in Riverdog's cave, a major re-balancing took place at the end of the "Roswell E-Mail" and a few things changed in "The Balance Statements". If anything seems like it doesn't compute, just assume it's OK and you just missed it because you didn't see these wonderful shows. Look for them in re-runs!

Summary: To give a summary would be to give away the plot. One word of CAUTION…our ratings have been weak so the network has insisted we try to liven things up a bit.

(Liz just got out of the shower and her hair is all wet. It's seems it may remain that way because her hair dryer is on the fritz. She's fussing with the dryer as Max Evans, the man of her dreams, ascends the wall to her room. She looks out on the balcony, smiles, and motions him in.)

Max: Hey! You look…you look…words can't describe…
Liz: Get in here you and help me.
Max: What's wrong?
Liz: As you can see, my hair is all wet and my hair dryer won't work.
Max: I love you just as much with a wet head, maybe more.
Liz: Thanks Romeo; but if my head stays wet I may catch a cold. If I get a basketball nose you won't want to kiss me.
Max: A basketball nose?
Liz: Yes, one that dribbles all over the place.
Max: (grimaces) Did Alex tell you that one?
Liz: How did you guess?
Max: Let's just say I know you and I know Alex. There's only one of you who would come up with something that bad.
Liz: Well, anyhow…can you make this thing work?
Max: Let me see it.
(She hands the offending appliance to Max. She expected he would wave his hand over it and it would start to work. For some reason though, he tries to operate the thing normally. As he does so, suddenly there is a huge electrical flash…sparks are flying everywhere and smoke is pouring out of the dryer. Max drops the dryer as Liz yanks out he plug. Max had to draw on some of his special powers to keep from being electrocuted and to prevent a fire from starting on the rug. As it was, his hand was burned a little.)
Liz: Max, are you all right?
Max: I will be! I had to draw on my powers to protect myself. I'm not dead, but my hand is burned a bit. That thing is going in the trash this instant. It's lucky this didn't happen to you when I wasn't here.
Liz: Can you heal your burns or shall I get some burn ointment
Max: I can take care of them.
(Max heals his burned hand, then runs his hand through Liz' hair several times. Her hair is suddenly as dry as can be.)
Liz: Kiss me.
Max: OK!
(Liz closes her eyes and enjoys a romantic kiss from Max. When she opens her eyes, she can't believe what she doesn't see.)
Liz: Uh…Max?
Max: Yea!
Liz: If I didn't know who and what you are, I would be screaming right about now. As it is, I'm telling myself to stay calm. This is Max Evans…the man I love…the man I promised I would never have any doubts about…the man I want to spend my life with…the man I can't see!
Max: What are you talking about?
Liz: Look in my mirror.
(Max looks in the mirror. There is a very long silence. What he sees it what Liz doesn't see. Neither of them sees Max. They see his clothes, but at top of his shirt there is no head. At the end of his sleeves there is no arm or hand, at least that they can see. Max is invisible.)
Liz: Max?
Max: I don't believe this.
Liz: If this is a joke to get even for the basketball nose line…
Max: No, it's not a joke…unless God has a very warped sense of humor.
Liz: I was afraid you were going to say that. Come here.
(Liz runs her hand across Max' invisible head and neck and holds his invisible hand)
Liz: You're there! I mean I can feel you. You feel warm…you feel like my Max. Kiss me again.
(Max leans over. It looks silly; clothes with no one in them hugging and kissing Liz.
Liz: Yea, it's you. Nobody else kisses me that way. So why…
(As she opens her eyes again, she can see Max. He's back to normal)
Liz: Thank God! I can see you again.
(Looks in mirror)
Max: That was one of the more unusual things I've ever experienced.
Liz: Me too. I suppose it had something to do with you being super charged by my hair dryer.
Max: I'd hate to have to come up with another explanation. I don't recall ever having contacted electricity like that before. You know my body's a bit different. I may have just found another "sweat lodge" type thing I need to avoid.
Liz: I'm just glad you're OK. That electricity might have killed a human. Your body was probably just reacting to the shock and…uh, Max…
Max: What?
Liz: You're gone again.
Max: You're kidding!
Liz: No! I can't see you; you're invisible again.
Max: (Disgusted; looks in mirror) This is ridiculous!
(Liz won't allow herself to doubt Max and her commitment to him.)
Liz: (Laughing and crying at the same time.) This is so ludicrous I'm almost laughing, but I'm also very worried. (pause) Max, I have no doubts; absolutely none. I know this will not be permanent.
Max: You've got more faith than I have at the moment.
Liz: Can you run your hand over your face and see if the image comes back?
(Max does so to no avail.)
Max: Any more ideas?
Liz: Wh…what are we going to do?
(She's having trouble talking to just his clothes.)
Max: Obviously I can't go out in public. I'm not sure I can go out in private. I don't want anyone to see me like this.
Liz: That sounds like an Alex comment
(Max realizes how silly what he just said sounded.)
Max: That was kinda dumb, wasn't it? Oh man; why did I come here today?
Liz: To see me, I hope.
Max: Yea…I didn't mean…I just don't know what to do.
Liz: Could Isabel use her powers to fix this?
Max: I'm not sure I want her to know about this. How can I even go home? My mom would freak.
Liz: She'd be OK; she'd understand.
Max: She' d understand, but I don't want to do it to her. I mean…she knows I'm an alien, but I'm also her son; one that she can see and touch and regard as normal. This is not normal and I refuse to believe I need to make it a "normal".
Liz: No, even for you this isn't normal. I need to see you and touch you and regard you as normal too. I meant it when I said I was a little scared, but I'm here for you no matter what. I'm not balanced to have doubts about us anymore, remember?
Max: Thank God for that. So what to do?
Liz: Kiss me.
Max: Normally I wouldn't hesitate; but right now…
Liz: I mean it…kiss me.
Max: OK…
(The same silly scene plays out…the clothes lean over to Liz.)
Liz: Oooh…yes! At least I can feel you and do you ever feel good right now.
Max: Might as well enjoy what we can.
Liz: (Pause) Damn! It didn't work.
Max: (Pause) I get it. You were thinking, maybe this would be a rerun of when I kept losing my powers and had to kiss you to get them back. You thought I needed to kiss you to be seen?
Liz: I thought it was worth a try.
Max: Lightening only strikes once. God, what am I saying? Alex isn't here is he?
Liz: Shall I call him? He did figure out the balance problems.
Max: He did, but not until he led us around with some goofy theory about electrical impulses and…wait… did I say electrical impulses?
Liz: That's what I heard. I can hear you just fine…and touch you…and feel you…and smell you…
Max: Hey! I took a shower today.
Liz: That's not what I mean and you know it.
Max: Sorry, I can't seem to help myself. Are you sure Alex isn't here somewhere?
Liz: No, but I'm calling him. I've got a suddenly transparent and overly comedic boyfriend. I know I talk about finding new normals, but no way do I want this to become anywhere near normal.
Max: Alex probably is the only one that we can show me to who would…arrgh; there I go again…
Liz: I know what you're trying to say. He's the one that will look at this scientifically, so to speak, and not freak too much.
Max: Exactly! I don't want the others to know if they don't have to. Isabel would…I don't know what she'd do.

(Well! We bet you never expected anything like this from the BS Network. It's amazing what the producers will do if the ratings get weak. We heard of a show where they had a guest star fall into a batch of cement. You don't need to worry about anything like that happening on the BS Network because we can't afford guest stars. You'll want to be watching though, when our heroes return to try and sort this out…next time on "The Balance Statements II".)

Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
This is a BS Network Production

(Liz promised Max that she would never again have any doubts about him or her desire to be with him. This invisible thing is trying her resolve, but she's hanging in there. Thank goodness for the re-balance. She gets on the phone to call Alex but she finds out he's not at home.)

Liz: He's not home, Max.
Max: (still invisible) Maybe I can get to him.
(Max stares at a framed picture Liz has of all six friends, but he concentrates on Alex.)
Max: (Attempts connection) Alex old buddy, where are you?
(In silent connection)
Alex: (startled) Oh…Hi Max. What's goin' down.
Max: Are you anywhere near by?
Alex: Actually, I'm at your house. Isabel and I are packing a lunch. We are going to head out in the dessert and look for geodesic rocks.
Max: Could you come over to Liz' ?
Alex: I suppose. What's up?
Max: I need you to see for yourself.
Isabel: (In the silent connection.) What are you two talking about?
Max: You weren't supposed to hear this.
Isabel: You called us.
Max: I called Alex. Maybe I shouldn't have used the picture of all of us that Liz has here to trigger this.
Michael: You certainly shouldn't have. You woke me up. What's wrong?
Max: Oh man! You may as well all come over. I have a problem. You're going to find out sooner or later anyhow.
Michael: Shall we meet in the Crashdown?
Max: Yea! Come over…Liz will bring you to me. I can't go downstairs right now.
Isabel: Max! You're acting strangely.
Max: That's an understatement. See you soon.
(End connection)
Max: Well, I did it. I got Alex; but I got Isabel and Michael too. Oh well! They were sure to find out anyhow.
Liz: Somebody will know what to do.
Max: I'd almost rather be losing my powers like I was before than be dealing with this. At least then only I knew when there was a problem.
Liz: I'm sorry the kiss thing isn't working. I was looking forward to it.
Max: Like I said, I'll kiss you anytime you want…but…
Liz: Oh! You've faded back in again.
Max: (Looks at his hand) So I have.
Liz: (Takes his hand in hers while she can see it.) Think it's over?
Max: I don't know. I have no idea what is going on…or how to fix it.
Liz: Want to go downstairs?
Max: What if I fade out again? Better not! All I'd need is the sheriff or anyone else to see that happen…
Liz: You're probably right. (Pause) This is my fault, Max. If I hadn't been so concerned about my stupid hair dryer…
Max: It's OK; there's no way you could have known. I certainly didn't know there was any danger…
Liz: Back in a minute. Please, stay visible.
Max: I'll try.
(Liz goes down and waits for the others. When they arrive, she brings them up to her room. Max has faded out of view again)
Liz: Is everyone completely calm?
Isabel: Why? What's wrong with Max?
Liz: You'll see…or maybe you won't see.
Alex: You're talking as strangely as Max was when we connected.
Liz: That's not surprising.
(Opens the door)
Liz: Max, they're here.
Max: I'm not...I mean I am, but I'm not.
Liz: Oh great! I was hoping this was over.
(As Max walks toward the group all they see is headless and armless clothes approaching them. Michael and Alex stare, Isabel faints.)
Max: I was afraid of that. Take her over to the window and get her some air.
Alex: I suppose you can explain this, Liz.
Michael: It better be good. Where's Max?
Max: I'm right here, Michael.
(Max touches both Michael and Alex on the shoulders as they are helping Isabel. Max takes Isabelle' hand as she is coming to.)
Isabel: Max…wh…what…you're OK, right?
Max: I'm OK; you just can't see me.
Alex: Is this a new Czechoslovakian thing?
Max: I have no idea what it is or how to fix it. I was trying to fix Liz' hair dryer…
(Max and Liz explain to the others what happened with the hair dryer and the subsequent problem for Max.)
Alex: Is this a balance problem? Do we need to get you back to the cave?
Max: I don't know what it is. I was hoping one of you could venture a guess. If it doesn't go away…I mean if I don't come back, the cave might be worth a try.
Liz: Every now and then he fades back in…or he has been.
Michael: That's too bad. I was thinking how we could take advantage of this. You could slip into the sheriff's office and change those files he has on Liz. It's a great opportunity. Maybe you could visit the ladies locker room too. There are all kinds of things you could do…
Max: I'd have to strip naked, otherwise they'd see my clothes.
Michael: I know! That's why it's too bad you might fade in. Maybe the fading in will stop.
Max: Hey! Could we concentrate on getting me back to normal; not how we might use this situation. I don't like it.
Alex: I can believe that
Liz: Put some of my make-up on your face. Maybe we can see an outline if you do that.
(Max rubs some make-up on and it does help)
Liz: At least now we can see an image.
Max: But this isn't good enough. I can't go anywhere! I can't even go home. I don't want mom and dad to not see me.
Isabel: I don't think you need to worry…
Max: I'm not worried about their love and support They'd support me I'm sure; but I just don't want to do it to them. They really think we're pretty normal for aliens. I want to keep it that way.
Isabel: You're right; but you can't stay away forever…and you can't stay here overnight…Liz' parents…
Max: I know! Michael, could I stay with you? We can tell my folks I'm helping you with a big school project or something.
Michael: Sure, but that doesn't solve anything.
Alex: I've got an idea for a temporary fix. The make-up scheme gave me inspiration.
Max: Are you sure it wasn't indigestion?
Alex: Sounds like one of my lines.
Max: Now I know I'm in trouble.
Alex: Hey, I'm trying too help. What if we got some stage make-up and mask putty. Michael! Could you mold a Max image?
Isabel: He's a painter, not a sculptor.
Michael: Actually, maybe I could. It wouldn't work for close up; but at least he could ride in a car or walk down the street.
Max: Would it be good enough I could walk into my house, the shadows…at least get to my room?
Michael: Maybe…
Liz: How can we get some of this stuff?
Alex: I have a friend who does make-up for the school drama department. I think he would have what we need.
Isabel: Can you get the stuff without him asking questions?
Alex: I'll try.
Max: This is stopgap scheme at best. How do we get me cured?
Alex: Maybe you could go to a smokehouse…or is that too close to a sweat lodge?
Isabel: ALEX!!!!

(Well instead of geode hunting with Isabel, Alex is off to find his theater department friend. Michael still thinks Max should take advantage of this situation to maybe cover some tracks. Liz and Isabel don't know what to think. Liz can't ever keep anything from Maria and she has to go to work anyway. Soon the last of the "We Six" will know of the latest disaster. Isabel stays with Max to keep him from going nuts. And so our time is up for today…and just like Max, our scene fades. We await the next installment of "The Balance Statements II". Y'all will come back now, won't ya?)

Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
This is a BS (Balance Statements) Network Production

(The problem of the invisible Max continues. Several hours passed and there was a change. For a while, Max was fading in and out of view. As the day progressed, he just stayed invisible. Liz decided he was probably getting hungry and is now smuggling some food up to her room where he's been ever since this whole mess started. Alex has just returned with the "stuff" from the theater department. Michael had gone down to see Maria in the Crashdown, but Liz now summons him to work some artistic magic.)

Max: Can you wait until I eat something before we try this. Rubber goop doesn't taste very good.
Alex: Maybe you could put some Tabasco sauce on it.
Max: Very funny…not!
Liz: This is really just a stopgap you know. If you're still in this mode tomorrow, I say we head for the cave.
Isabel: Is there any evidence that this is a balance problem? You know I dislike fooling with that power unless we have to. Somebody might accidentally get unbalanced like before.
Alex: I agree! No way am I going to risk getting into a mode where I get an instant brain dump from everyone I meet.
Max: Isabel's right. That should be a last resort. Balance being the problem doesn't feel right to me. Balance affects emotions and things of the mind.
Michael: Maybe this will wear off and everything will be fine. We'll just try something to get you by today.
Maria: (Comes in) Hi everyone. (Kisses Michael)
Max: Close the door please, for obvious reasons.
Maria: Liz told me what happened. I had to see for myself.
Alex: Oh say can't you see…
Isabel: ALEX!
Alex: Sorry!
Max: OK, I'm ready. Thanks for the sandwich and hot fudge sundae, Liz.
Liz: You're welcome. Was there enough Tabasco?
Max: Almost! Your cooking is getting better.
Liz: Hey…look!
(Max has reappeared for the first time in several hours)
Alex: I wonder what triggered that?
Max: Well, I just ate something.
Alex: What was it?
Max: A club sandwich and a hot fudge sundae. This couldn't be related to diet could it?
Michael: It could be related to anything Maxwell, but it looks like you don't need me anymore.
Max: Wait! I faded in and out before. I don't know if it's going to be OK or not.
Liz: That's right. He might fade away again, but I'm going to take advantage of the moment.
(Liz hugs and kisses the now normal looking Max)
Isabel: Well, he survived that kiss OK.
Maria: I'm jealous.
(Kisses Michael)
Alex: Me too!
(Kisses Isabel!)

(When they all come up for air, Max has disappeared again)

Michael: I guess you do need me. Alex, bring the stuff.
(It takes awhile, but Michael is able to sculpt a rather Max looking facemask from the rubber gel. Alex brought a wig that makes Max' hair look strange, but at least he has some. He puts on some driving gloves. The only thing they can't fix is the eyes.)
Max: Anyone got some sunglasses?
Isabel: That might work in the car, but it won't work around mom. She knows you seldom wear sunglasses…and never in the house.
Max: I know, but one step at a time. I wanta get out of this room anyway.
Maria: I'd say that now you can. Michael honey, that was masterful.
Max: Let's go to your place Michael. I'm nervous Liz' parents might come in here.
Michael: OK by me, but are you sure you don't want to try sneaking into Valenti's office? He'd flip if those files of his were changed and you could do it easily now.
Max: I think he'd suspect who did it too. Even invisible I don't think it's a good idea. Let's go!

(Liz, Max, Michael, and Maria head to Max' jeep. Isabel and Alex decide, since isn't much they can do for Max, they'll go ahead and make their desert run. Max hops behind the wheel. It's a short drive to Michael's but…)

Liz: Oh no!
Max: What?
Liz: Look behind you.
(Max looks and sees a patrol car with its red lights on signaling him to pull over. He does so.)
Michael: Is it Valenti?
Maria: No, looks like Deputy Dodd.
Max: That helps a little.
(Max rolls down window.)
Deputy: Mr. Evans, you look a little worse for wear. Hard night?
Max: I'm having a bad hair day.
(Thinks…"Alex and his bad jokes are really getting to everyone.")
Deputy: May I see your license.
(Max gives it to him)
Deputy: You sure don't look much like your picture. Have you been drinking?
Max: No!
Deputy: Take off your glasses so I can see your eyes. I can tell if you've been drinking…
Max: I'd rather not.
Deputy: I'd rather you did; otherwise I'll have to take you to the station.
(Max slowly takes off his glasses. Amazingly, he's in normal mode)
Deputy: You look OK. I stopped you because your rear license plate is missing.
Max: It must have fallen off.
Deputy: The front plate looks OK so I'll believe you. See that you get your rear one fixed.
Max: OK, I will.
(Deputy Dodd leaves; everyone is relieved)
Michael: That was lucky.
Max: But it shows why this has to end.
Liz: You're perfectly visible right now.
Max: Yea, but for how long? Michael, let's get to your place before the next fadeout.

(Meanwhile, out in the desert.)

Isabel: Pull up that road. There are a lot of small cave-like openings along that cliff.
Alex: I thought we wanted geodes. We're more likely to find those in flat areas.
Isabel: But it's more private up there.
Alex: OK by me!
(As they drive up the road, they see a little used dirt road off to the left. They follow it and pull in next to an abandoned cabin near the cliff. There is an old truck parked off to the side of it, but no one seems to be around.)
Alex: I've been out around here before but I don't remember this cabin. There are lots of tire tracks around it though.
Isabel: Let's look inside.
(Opens door; it's not locked.)
Alex: It looks clean, like someone's been taking care of it.
Isabel: But there's nothing in it except that big log that's sitting on its end and some old bed springs. Maybe the log is used for a chair and someone throws a sleeping bag on the springs.
Alex: Hey Iz! (Stomps foot) It sounds hollow under this part.
(Stomps foot again.)
Isabel: Maybe it's cold storage.
Alex: Look! These boards are fastened together; they come up like a square.
(Pulls up floor)
Isabel: Looks dark down there.
(Alex hops down into the opening.)
Alex: Looks like a tunnel down here going toward the cliff. I can't see anything back there; it's too dark. There's a flashlight in the car glove box. Would you get it?
Isabel: Are you sure you want to go in there?
Alex: Why not? This looks interesting.
Isabel: OK, I'll get the flashlight.
(Isabel heads towards the car. As she does she thinks she hears a little movement but she continues and returns with the flashlight She does not notice a pair of eyes watching this whole scene.)
Isabel: (Returns) Here you go Alex. (Pause) Alex? Alex, are you here? Alex? This isn't funny, Alex. Alex, please…answer me!
Alex: (Sends silent connection to Isabel) Iz, I hope you're getting me. I'm being dragged somewhere. Take the car and get away from here, fast.
Isabel: (In connection) Who…what..?
Alex: Iz, just go. Get away! I'll contact you as soon as I can. Don't let them get you too. You need to get help. I tossed the keys up top.
Isabel: I see them on the floor.
(Isabel picks up the keys and runs to the car. She's about to drive down the road when a man, roughly age 35, appears. She rolls up the window and locks the door. As she's starting the car, he yells through the window...)
Man: You don't look like the people I usually see coming and going from this place.
Isabel: But I'm definitely going.
Man: Wait, what about your friend?

(Oh my! Alex has been abducted…Isabel doesn't know if she should talk to strangers…and Max still has his problem; at least we suppose he does. Don't you just love two plots going on at the same time? What better spot for an end to an episode! We hate to stop, but the BS Network has a commitment to put on "The Worlds Dumbest Janitors". Stay tuned for that; and keep watching for more Balance Statements II.)

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Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
This is a BS (Balance Statements) Network Production

(Haven't read parts 1-3? Hmmm! Better go do that, hadn't you?)

(Isabel is about to drive away from the man yelling at her. She just wants to go get help as Alex asked. As she puts the car in gear a strange thing happens. The man stops yelling and she hears a voice as if it's in a connection. It's not Alex and it's not Michael or Max. She thought those were the only choices. Startled, she hesitates before pulling away.)
Man: (Isabel senses his communication.) Please, wait! My brother's back in there too. Don't bring the sheriff…please.
(Isabel stops the car and looks at the man. Somehow, she's not as afraid as she was.)
Man: (Aloud) Please! My brother's back in there too!
Isabel: (Rolls window down a crack.) I heard you the first time.
Man: What?
Isabel: I heard you say your brother's back there too. What's going on? Where has he taken my friend?
Man: There's a tunnel from the cabin over to a large cavern inside the cliff. I don't think he's in any immediate danger.
(Wondering why she sensed his thoughts earlier and against her better judgement, she rolls down the window further. For some reason, she doesn't think this man will harm her.)
Isabel: What are you doing out here by yourself? How did you get here?
Man: I've got a motorcycle parked over there behind the cabin. I'm surprised you didn't see it.
Isabel: But why are you here? And what about my friend?
Man: My brother and two of his friends come here a lot. They invite others to come too. I don't know why they took your friend. Usually they only let people they invite go into the tunnel. My brother and his friends are doing something down there they probably shouldn't be and I'm trying to keep tabs on them.
Isabel: Why would they invite anyone to go down there?
Man: I don't think you'd understand; but before you bring the sheriff, let me see if I can convince them to let your friend go. If the law were to try to force their way in there, something precious to both my brother and me might be lost.
Isabel: And if they harm my friend, something precious to me will be lost.
Man: I understand! I'll see what I can do, but my brother and I disagree about what they're doing so he may not let me back there. He doesn't know I'm out here, but I knew he had several people scheduled to go in there today and I try to keep track of anyone who visits here. Two of his visitors left shortly before you drove in. I thought you were some more invitees.
Isabel: You are talking nonsense. I don't understand.
(Just then, Isabel gets a connection from Alex.)
Alex: (Silent connection.) Iz, they've taken me to a large blasted out area in the cliff. They've tied my hands. Are you getting help?
Isabel: (Silent response to Alex) I haven't left yet. There's a man here who says one of the men back there is his brother and they're doing something illegal.
Man: (Aloud) I didn't say illegal.
(Isabel is stunned that he was reading her connection to Alex.)
Isabel: (In connection.) Alex, if you're OK for the moment, I've got to check something here. It's important.
Alex: (In connection) I'm important too, I think. They just told me to sit on the floor and be quiet. Right now they are not paying much attention to me but I have this feeling of de-ja vu. You won't believe what this looks like.
Isabel: (In connection) If there is any sign of a problem, call. Otherwise I'll contact you again in a few minutes. I'm glad you're balanced for this connection thing.
Alex: (In connection.) Me too!
Isabel: (To man) There is something strange going on here. You responded to something I only thought about.
Man: You were communicating with your friend, weren't you?
Isabel: How do you know what I was doing?
Man: Uh…I don't know. This is quite unexpected. I think we need to talk. Can I persuade you to get out of your car? I promise I'm not armed and I won't hurt you.
(She unlocks the car doors. She feels like she can trust this man.)
Isabel: Why don't you get in the car on the other side. I don't see any place to sit and talk anywhere else.
Man: I hear another car coming. Pull down the road like we're leaving. If these are people my brother invited he'll be up to meet them and I don't want him to see us here. We can come back when we're sure they've gone back down through the tunnel.
Isabel: This is all very strange.
(The man thinks to himself: "You'll never know how strange".
Isabel reads that thought and is startled once again. She thinks to herself: "Try me".
The man appears surprised. Isabel wonders if he just read her. She's now beginning to get frightened again, but for a different reason.)
Man: My name is Matthew. My brother's name is Milan.
Isabel: My name is Isabel. My friends' name is Alex. What do you think they are going to do to him?
Matthew: My brother's not a violent person, but I know he won't want your friend to see what they're doing. I don't understand why they are holding him.
Isabel: So what are they doing back there?
Matthew: I guess some would call it witchcraft. I'm not sure that's what it is; it's something in the realm of the paranormal. It's not harmful; in fact quite the opposite, but I not sure about the powers involved.
Isabel: Powers?
Matthew: I'm not sure how to explain any of this; it's too weird. (Pause) Can I ask you something?
Isabel: I guess.
Matthew: You didn't answer my question. Were you communicating with your friend?
Isabel: (Not ready to admit anything.) What do you mean? He's back there…we're out here.
Matthew: I know you told him something illegal was going on. Before I realized that you didn't verbalize that, I told you I didn't say "illegal".
Isabel: What makes you think I said that?
Matthew: This may sound weird to you, but my brother and I can sometimes communicate with each other via some type of thought path. We're twins! That may have something to do with it. There may be another reason…I'm not sure. Anyway, I picked up your thought communication just like I sometimes do with my brother. I didn't get your friend though. I don't know if you were really communicating with…Alex is it…or just wishing you were.
Isabel: (Long silence) I…I don't know what to tell you. (Pause) I've never told anyone this. Please don't tell anyone, but my family (thinks to herself: Alex is as much family as anyone) can sometimes connect with each other too.
Matthew: Are you a witch?
Isabel: No! No way!
Matthew: My dad told Milan and me that the reason we can do that is our mother was a witch. When my dad found out about her, he got a divorce. He told us she could do some unnatural things and that they were all of the devil. He forbade us to do it; but we did it anyway and never told him. Now today, I discover someone else that can do something similar and I can sense it. This is very strange. Don't worry. I don't want to ever be labeled as anything but normal and I'm sure you don't either. This is between us.
Isabel: I don't think the ability has anything to do with witchcraft. I think it's just something some people can do.
Matthew: If you can, you better warn Alex. Since he's back near my brother, Milan may be able to sense him like I sensed you. Alex better be careful what he thinks.
Isabel: Thanks for the idea. It sounds like we all need to be careful. What is it that your brother's doing that you think is bad?
Matthew: I was afraid you were going to ask that. This is going to sound crazy. There is more to our mother's legacy than I've told you.
Isabel: Before you go on, let me try to warn Alex.
(Isabel and Alex communicate briefly. She warns him about the possible party line. He tells her he's uncomfortable but OK. He's still tied up.)
Isabel: OK, I warned him. He's tied up but not harmed.
Matthew: I didn't think Milan would hurt him.
Isabel: You were telling me about your mother.
Matthew: Dad divorced her while we were still less than a year old. Somehow he got custody of us and we didn't meet her until we were about 8. She sought us out at school one day. Dad never knew about it. She told us that we were special and to not be surprised if some unusual things happened to us. She said despite what dad had told us, she was not a witch. She gave us some stones she said were magic and would protect us. She gave Milan three and me three, but she said for the magic to work they had to be together...all six of them. We put them together a few times but nothing ever happened. We kept them however, as it was all we really had of our mother. We never saw her again.
Isabel: I'm sorry.
Matthew: About four months ago, Milan was moving and he stored some of his stuff at my place while his new house was being finished. Somehow our stone sets wound up together for the first time in many years. As we sat staring at them, something happened. The stones started to glow and we began to feel very strange. That lasted for a few minutes when the phone rang and everything went back to normal. We didn't know what happened but after that Milan was different. He says I'm different too, but I don't know how.
Isabel: Is that when he started doing bad stuff?
Matthew: What he's doing isn't bad per se. But he took my stones and wouldn't give them back. He's doing something with them. I talked to one of the people he invited to go through the tunnel. Apparently, he's figured out how to make them glow on command. That person told me that Milan was offering the rays from the magic stones in exchange for money. He tells people it will make them lucky. He pledges them to secrecy, then takes them to the cliffs. Milan's got two others helping him, which means they know about the stones and that's something I don't like. He's going to ruin us both if word gets around about this witchcraft. Around here, people might even gossip that we're aliens or something. From what follow up I've been able to do most of his clients are happy, but sooner or later someone's going to not be pleased and blow the whistle. I think it's all nothing myself; but I also think it's wrong to use our mother's magic, if that's what it is, to con people.
Isabel: No matter what it is, it doesn't sound right to me either.
Matthew: I think we can go back up to the cabin now.
Isabel: I'll drop you there, then I'm going to go get some help. Don't worry! I won't bring the sheriff. I don't want Alex hurt. See if you can get Milan to let him go.
Matthew: I'll do what I can, but I'll have to wait until the latest clients leave.

(Isabel now knows what Alex meant by de-ja vu. She doesn't know what to say to Matthew without revealing too much. She wonders, "is there any possibility…no, no way…could he be…was his mother one of our people? Does Matthew have any powers he hasn't admitted to? And why are Milan and his friends holding Alex?" What to do? Alex is in trouble. Max is having a bad hair day. [Remember Max? We'll get back to him soon]. The others need to know about this situation with Alex. Matthew doesn't need to know any more about them. If Matthew is part alien, it appears he doesn't know it. Or maybe he's not telling everything about himself. Sounds like a perfect place for this episode to end, doesn't it? More to come, if the BS Network can afford to pay it's electric bill this month. How are the ratings on this show anyway? )

Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to somebody besides me. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
This is a BS (Balance Statements) Network Production

(Isabel dropped Matthew back at the cabin and headed into town to find the others. She's really confused as to how something so similar to what they experienced in the cave could be going on. She's also very worried about Alex. He can connect with her it's true, but he doesn't have any other powers he might use to protect himself. She arrives back at Michael's, where Michael, Maria, Liz, and Max have been hanging out and trying to figure out what to do about the incredible, invisible Max Evans.)

Maria: (Looks out window when she hears car.) It's Isabel driving Alex's car, but he's not with her.
Liz: He probably asked her to come over for something.
Max: (Visible at the moment) Maybe she's brought me a cure.
Michael: From the panicked look on her face, I'd say she has brought something else.
(Isabel knocks once, then opens the door.)
Isabel: Everyone sitting down?
Liz: Uh Oh!
Isabel: That's a pretty good summation. As you know, Alex and I went out to the dessert….
(Isabel explains everything that happened out in the dessert.)
Max: What you've told us doesn't make much sense; but then, neither does my turning invisible.
Isabel: No change in that yet? I can see you right now.
Max: It still comes and goes; mostly goes.
Michael: The mask looks a little odd when he's visible normally.
Isabel: I can see that.
Maria: So, what about Alex?
Isabel: I'm really worried about him. I connected with him twice, but I'm afraid to contact him too much if what he says to me can be sensed by Milan.
Michael: We don't know for sure that that's the case.
Isabel: I'm 99 percent sure Matthew read me. Matthew said his brother might also be capable.
Liz: How is that possible?
Isabel: I don't know. Matthew said his father told him his mother was a witch that did unusual things and that's why he divorced her. But a witch wouldn't likely have stones like ours, would she? There's a possibility she might be one of us. In any case, I don't like the thought of someone selling re-balancing rays… especially if they're using stones like the ones we have.
Max: How old is this Matthew guy?
Isabel: I'm guessing… mid thirties maybe.
Michael: It might make sense. If there were a child survivor from the crash who wasn't in stasis, she could have a 35 year old son; assuming she mated about 25 or so.
Liz: Do you really think that's a possibility?
Michael: It seems like a long shot, but I'd like to meet this guy. Does he know where his mother is?
Isabel: He said no. He said the only time he ever met her was the day she gave he and his brother the stones.
Max: (Invisible again.) We better go out there.
Liz: Are you OK to travel? I mean….
Max: Yea, I think so. This invisible thing might actually come in handy. Maybe I could slip in and free Alex.
Michael: Assuming you stay invisible…and assuming you want to take all your clothes off.
Maria: Pretty risky if you ask me.
Isabel: Matthew mustn't know any more about us than I've already told him. We really don't know much about him. One thing for sure! He can't see Max here one minute and gone the next.
Michael: Agreed! But if Matthew is one of us, even in part, is there any way to tell? That would be a way interesting find, especially if we could locate his mother if she's still alive.
Max: I could tell if we could get some blood or even a skin sample of him. Liz and I have done enough lab comparisons that I could spot anything that looked similar to us I think. Isabel and I look very close in cell structure and Michael's isn't far off. We've identified a number of consistent differences and some definite similarities with human samples.
Maria: But we still don't know if we can mate, do we?
(Maria smiles at Michael; Liz smiles at Max, even though she can't see him…Isabel blushes.)
Liz: It looks promising, but maybe I'm just being hopeful. If this Matthew guy turned out to be half alien, that would speak volumes. We haven't finished researching the mating aspect.
Michael: I'm surprised.
Max: Down Boy! Are you volunteering?
Isabel: This group is amazing when it comes to ignoring a crisis. What about Alex?
(Just them there's a knock at the door. It's Kyle. Max excuses himself; heads for the bathroom.)
Kyle: Is Alex here? I've been looking for him and I saw his car out front. He was going to give me some extra study material for science class.
Isabel: He's not here; he let me borrow his car.
Kyle: Can you help me find him? I need the stuff for a test next week.
Isabel: (Thinks: "got to get rid of him".) He'll be back later tonight. He went somewhere with his father.
Kyle: OK! Please tell him to call me or bring over the stuff as soon as he can. Bye!
(Kyle leaves, but he senses that he might not have been told the truth. He's wondering if he should keep an eye on the group but he decides to go seek out a basketball game instead.)
Liz: I'm not sure he believed you.
Isabel: We can't worry about him right now; we need to go. I think we should all try to fit in one car so as to be able to keep out of sight as best we can.
Liz: I'll sit in Max' lap. That way I'll know he's there even if I can't see him.
(They all pile in Alex' car and head out to the dessert. Meanwhile, out at the cavern, Milan's latest customers have come and gone and Matthew risks going into the tunnel. Milan had blindfolded Alex while he took care of his customers but Alex felt the rays from the stones and recognized the feeling. He had to pretend he was on stage with his band and think about his music to keep from being affected.) He wants to connect with Isabel but is afraid to. Milan sees his brother come in…)
Milan: So…come to join us, finally?
Matthew: No! I came to ask you to let our young friend go.
Milan: I was really hoping you'd come to join us. The stones glow brighter the more people there are who concentrate on them. So what do you know about this kid?
Matthew: I talked to the person he was with. She said you dragged him back here.
Milan: He shouldn't have been in the tunnel. I don't want this place discovered and talked about.
Matthew: I'm sure he won't say anything.
Milan: I might have let him go at first…but brother; he has some connection to us. I sensed him communicating with someone the same way I can read you sometimes. He said this place was de-ja vu. I blindfolded him during the…uh…proceeding, but I think he knows something.
Matthew: The young lady I was with…she might be his sister…I was able to read her too.
Milan: So, you still think we should let him go?
Matthew: She'll be back with some help. This could get messy.
Milan: Damn! We can't have this. This cavern and those stones can make me…us if you'll join me… rich. I won't have everything ruined by some nosy teenagers who happen to have some physic powers.
Matthew: Using mom's stones this way is wrong and you know it. Give the whole thing up, Milan! These are just kids. They don't understand anything you're doing and if you stop now, no one would believe them even if they did talk.
Milan: I've got a new house to pay for and this is going to help me do it. If you don't want to come along, then fine. Just go! I've got Scott and Mario to help me. But if you say a word about this you'll regret it.
(Matthew walks over to Alex.)
Matthew: Your friend has gone. She asked me to check on you. She's OK!
Alex: You talked to her?
Matthew: Yes!
Alex: I gather you're not part of this?
Matthew: I keep telling my brother it's wrong…
Milan: Matthew! Get out of here or you'll be sitting there tied up along side of him.
(Matthew leaves and goes back to the cabin via the tunnel. As he comes out, Isabel and the others drive up. They let the invisible Max out down the road and told him to stay out of sight so Matthew won't not see him.)
Isabel: Did you talk to your brother?
Matthew: I tried, but he won't listen. It seems the more he does this, the less rational he becomes. He's fixated on making money selling the rays from the stones. I talked to Alex. He's OK, but Milan did read him communicating with you and because of that, he won't let him go.
Isabel: We've got to get him out of there but I don't think involving the sheriff is the way.
Matthew: I agree…no sheriff…but why do you think that?
Michael: Let's just say the sheriff is not one of our favorite people. Suppose we all storm down there?
Matthew: That won't work! There's a door on the cavern side. They can barricade it.
Liz: Besides, they might threaten to harm Alex.
(Matthew looks surprised that Liz and Michael seem to know so much.)
Isabel: I told my friends everything you told me. We have no secrets. They can be trusted.
Matthew: I'm not sure that was wise.
Isabel: (Exaggerates a little.) They can read me anyway; no use trying to keep secrets.
*Matthew: (Silently) I wonder if they can read me? Isabel, there are two other men down there with Milan.
Michael: (Reading him, Michael picks up on Matthew's test; says aloud...) What are their names?
Matthew: What?
Michael: The two other men.
Matthew: Point taken! So you're all family and you can do what my brother and I can do. Amazing!
Isabel: Please! Remember what we promised about secrecy?
Matthew: Sure! You don't tell about us, I don't tell about you.
Isabel: Right!
Matthew: What should we do now? You want your friend out and I want my brother to quit using my mother's magic stones this way. He needs mental help I think. He's becoming "unbalanced".

(That word send chills up and down Michael, Liz, Maria, and Isabel. They need to talk away from Matthew; but yet he probably needs to be a part of whatever they plan. Michael still wants to find a way to secretly explore the idea that Matthew might be part alien. How can they rescue Alex? Will Max be able to help? How will any of this happen? Stay tuned to this channel…unless of course you have a satellite dish. In that case you can go tune in the West Coast feed and watch this episode again on the BS (Balance Statements) Network. Oh! Give us your rating; tell us how we're doing! It would be terrible if this show got cancelled before the story ended.)

posted on 21-Sep-2001 9:57:20 PM
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
This is a BS (Balance Statements) Network Production

(Here's the dilemma. The gang needs a plan, but they've got to somehow distract Matthew so they can put one together. Michael, Isabel, and Max can't connect because Matthew can read them when they do. They can't connect with Alex because Milan can read him. Max is having to lurk where his invisibility can't be seen by Matthew. Alex is still tied up in the cavern and can't move. Whatever they decide to do, they need to be careful not to get their balances messed up, if what they think is going on is really going on. Max would like to get over the invisible thing too, but that may have to wait. We hope your not getting a headache just thinking about this.)

Isabel: How long did you say your brother's been selling access to the stones rays?
Matthew: A little over three months. He's probably had 60 people through there and he charges $150 to each one.
Michael: What he's doing isn't right.
Matthew: I don't really know if the rays do anything but the people seem to think so.
Isabel: Have you not been there when he makes the stones radiate?
Matthew: No! The only time I saw them do that was at my home when we put his stones and mine together after having had them apart for a long time.
(Just then the sound of a motorcycle starting breaks the silence. Matthew had parked his motorcycle behind the cabin and he can't imagine who might be trying to take it. He goes running off to investigate.)
Liz: Way to go Max!
Isabel: Think it's him?
Liz: Who else? I'm sure he realized we needed some time away from Matthew and created this diversion.
Michael: Remind me to buy him a hot fudge sundae.
Liz: And I'll give him cherry Cokes for a year.
Maria: We won't have much time without Matthew; what should we do?
Isabel: First priority should be getting Alex out of there. If we can also get Matthew back his stones, that would put a stop to all this and would be so much the better.
Michael: I've been thinking. If Max is staying invisible, he could slip into the tunnel when the next group of clients goes down. I know it's risky because he'd have to take all his clothes off and it might be embarrassing if he became visible. It might be difficult to explain too. At the same time, it's our best shot. Max could free Alex. Alex could distract the men while Max opens the door for us. He could run back out into the tunnel where we could have some clothes for him to put on and we could run in and overtake them. The other option is to use our powers to open the door, but if the Max thing works, we won't have to use that ability in front of Matthew. He'll just think his brother forgot to barricade the door.
Maria: Do we know if they have guns?
Isabel: Matthew might know. I haven't asked him.
Liz: I'm going to slip away before Matthew comes back. I'll tell Max the plan and see if he'll do it. Like you say, it's risky…but he has been staying pretty transparent the last couple of hours.
Michael: You know, we need to figure out what to do about Max too. Maybe the stones can help with that.
Liz: He doesn't think his invisibility is a balance problem, but anything's worth a try. I'll be back when I can. I'll pretend I was using the "facilities".
Michael: I still want to get a skin or blood sample from Matthew for Max and Liz to study. If he is one of us, maybe we can tell him more.
Isabel: Even if he is one of us, he doesn't know it. He might not accept the idea he's an alien even if it's true.
Michael: But if he is, and he can tell us anything about his mother, we need to pursue it.
(Liz has found the invisible Max in the bushes near where the motorcycle was parked. Matthew is now moving it around to the front of the cabin.)
Liz: That was great what you did…starting the motorcycle. We needed to talk without Matthew around.
Max: I guessed that. Had I been with you, I'd have wanted to talk among ourselves. I assumed you were thinking the same thing.
Liz: Michael has a plan to rescue Alex and maybe put a stop to this thing with the stones.
Max: We have to be careful around Matthew. We can't reveal our secrets.
Liz: Matthew already knows about the connections. He can do it with Iz and Michael…and with his brother. He thinks we can all connect.
Max: Everybody?
Liz: Yea! Iz and Michael kinda fooled him when he tried to test us.
Max: Well that's all he should know for now. We don't know why he can connect.
Liz: Isabel says he might be one of you; but even if he is he apparently doesn't know it and he might not believe it if you tried to tell him.
Max: Better we error on the side of caution. If many more people find out about us I'll have to wear a T-shirt that says, "I'm an alien…deal with it".
Liz: Don't worry Max. No one else will know unless you want them to. I know if I want a life with you that it has to be that way. That's one reason why Michael wants to take advantage of your current situation.
Max: I'm not going to like this, am I?
Liz: With Matthew here, Michael doesn't want to use his powers by moving the door barricade. He wants you to invisibly slip in there the next time they open the doors to take people in. He wants you to free Alex and then wait by the door. Somehow, get Alex to divert the men's attention. When he does, you open the door barricade and let the others in. You can slip out while we run in and overtake them and grab the stones; at least Matthew's three. We'll have some clothes in the tunnel for you.
Max: That's very risky, Liz. I'd have to go in there naked. What if I became become visible? You know I have no control over this. And they may have guns…we don't know.
Liz: We were going to ask Matthew what he knows about the gun situation. Do your powers work even if you're invisible?
Max: I don't know. I haven't tried them.
(Max moves a piece of wood across the ground.)
Max: Looks like it.
Liz: Good! If there are guns, you and Michael could deflect them.
Max: But that would show our powers.
Liz: Couldn't you somehow disable the guns without it being apparent?
Max: I don't know; it might be tricky.
Liz: Let's hope they don't have any guns then.
Max: Tell Michael his idea is insane.
Liz: What do you suggest then?
Max: It's an insane idea, but I don't have a better one. We better try it! What about Milan's customers? Do we want to wait until they leave to make our move or do it with them still there?
Liz: Seems to me it would be better if no one except Milan and his friends were there.
Max: That means quite a wait while they do the ritual and then escort the people out. I could try and wait in there but there's a chance I'll not stay invisible that long.
Liz: I guess you better stay by the door and if you start to become visible, open it and we'll deal with the fallout from the extra people. I'll tell Michael of your concerns but that it's a go. Stay back here for now. One of us will try to touch base with you for some final coordination, but if you happen to see people going in there, join them. Hopefully we'll be back to you before that happens.
Max: I hope this works.
Liz: Alex must be pretty miserable by now.
Max: Let me make sure I understand this. We can connect with him…right? He just shouldn't respond?
Liz: Matthew will probably hear anyone who connects with him. Milan will sense Alex if he responds. I wonder though, if there's some way that we can clue him in without being obvious? What if Isabel connected with him, ostensibly just to let him know we haven't forgotten him, and then you joined in? I'll bet Matthew wouldn't know what was happening. If you told Alex that you specifically were coming to help him, he'd get the idea. He knows about your situation.
Max: Probably the best we can do.
Liz: I better rejoin the others.
Max: Love you!
Liz: I love you too, Max!
(Liz rejoins the others who have now been rejoined by Matthew as well.)
Matthew: I didn't see anyone up there. Did anyone follow you guys back out here?
Isabel: No! (That was truth. Max came with them; he didn't follow them.)
Liz: Matthew! Does your brother have a gun down there?
Matthew: I don't think Milan has one but I'm pretty sure his friend Scott does.
Michael: That complicates things.
Matthew: What do you have in mind.
Michael: A few minutes after the next people are taken back there we go down the tunnel. We wait outside until they are almost ready to start. If they leave the door open we can all rush them. We can free Alex and probably get your stones back. There are enough of us we should be able to overtake them.
Matthew: They'll probably barricade the door? I know it has a wooden slat that can go across it on their side. And there's a hasp and padlock on this side of it.
Isabel: Good, we can lock them in after we run out.
Matthew: But how do we get in if they do barricade the door?
Michael: Maybe we can break it down or run in when they open it to let their customers out.
Matthew: Trying to break it down would alert them. It might endanger your man.
Liz: (Trying not to give away anything.) Sounds like we rush in when they open it then.
Maria: I don't like that idea if they have a gun. The only way this can work is if it's a total surprise.
Isabel: Whatever we do we don't want to endanger Alex any more than necessary.
Matthew: I'd like to suggest that you guys wait in the cabin. As soon as my brother lets the latest customers out I'll go down and talk with him. If I can convince him to let me in again, when he opens the door you could run down.
Michael: That would take too long; we'd lose the surprise element.
Matthew: You're right of course.
Liz: So what do we do?
Matthew: Uh…er…There is something…maybe…
Maria: What?
Matthew: Umm…never mind! I can't!
Isabel: Can't what?
Matthew: (pause) Uh…Oh, what the hell! You probably think I'm possessed anyway. Would you believe me if I said I think I can open that door even if it's barricaded?
Michael: (Whispers to Isabel.) Maybe we don't need a blood sample.
Matthew: What did you say?
Michael: Nothing…forget it! Tell us how you'd do that.

(Hmmm! It appears our heroes may have found a blood brother. This does make things a little more interesting doesn't it? It should make for a few more episodes anyway. We might be able to be on a little more too because the BS Network just cancelled another show. "People of the Night In Heat" just wasn't getting any viewers to speak of so they've said our heroes can have some additional airtime. We hope we can improve the ratings enough for them so the network won't have to be sold. We understand a company called "THE BIG C" group was looking at buying it but there were some problems with creating C-BS! Consult your local listings and plan to come back soon for more Balance Statements II.)

Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
This is a BS (Balance Statements) Network Production

(It's time to rescue Alex and try to put a stop to Milan's re-balancing for hire business. If you haven't read part 6 this won't make sense.)

Continued from part 6…

Matthew: I hope this doesn't scare you.
(Matthew raises his hand and moves a stick a few inches across the ground without touching it.)
Maria: Telekinesis?
Matthew: Something like that, I guess. Can you do anything similar?
Maria: (He asked the right person.) No, but it would be handy to be able to.
Matthew: It's another thing I inherited from my mother that my father forbade me to do. I really don't like to do it. It makes me feel strange. I thought, since you people could read thoughts, that you might also be able to do that.
Isabel: Your mother must have been very special.
Matthew: I wish I had known her; and I wish she had told us more than that we were special and unusual. My father thinks these things are freakish and I really don't want to be known as a freak. I'm afraid my brother's antics are going to expose us.
Liz: Can he do things like that too?
Matthew: I really don't know. I didn't discover I could do it until after we'd both left home and we were on our own. We've never discussed it, but it wouldn't surprise me. As I said, we're twins. All I know about for sure with him is the thought connections.
Michael: So you think you could move the slat on the other side of the door.
Matthew: I don't know. Maybe! It's pretty heavy. I can't move really heavy things.
Isabel: We've got to try something.
Matthew: OK! Let's plan to go down after Milan's people leave. A soon as he's gone back in, we'll make our move. If I can't move the slat enough though….
Michael: Let's hope you can.
Isabel: Uh…Matthew?
Matthew: Yes!
Isabel: We probably won't have time to talk later. Can I ask you something?
Matthew: I guess…
Isabel: Are you interested in knowing if you're any relation to us?
Matthew: I've been wondering about that since I discovered the thought connections.
Isabel: If you'd give us a little blood sample, we could test it. We all have some unique things in our blood we know to look for. If your blood has them too, it would prove that your mother had some connection to us. If not…no harm done, right?
Matthew: I don't know…
Isabel: You don't have to, but we're curious too.
Matthew: What would I have to do?
Liz: Alex has some biology stuff in his car. We might be able to safely get a sample.
Matthew: Oh, what the heck! You just want to see if I'm a vampire, right?
(Liz gets the stuff and takes a small slide of blood from Matthew. Isabel gets his home address for follow up.)
Isabel: If you folks will excuse me for a moment…
Liz: I get the picture…
(Isabel goes behind the cabin to find Max.)
Max: Hey!
Isabel: I'm thinking I hope you don't materialize.
Max: I hope I don't either. This feels really strange…walking around with absolutely no clothes on. It's a little chilly.
Isabel: For now, I'm glad I can't see you.
Max: If you could see me I would be more suitably attired.
Isabel: I thought talking to empty clothes was weird but this is really unbelievable. Is your present situation hard on the feet?
Max: You got that right. As soon as we get Alex out, can we concentrate on getting me in? In view that is.
Isabel: Absolutely! For now, here's the deal. It's looking more and more like Matthew is one of us. He showed us that he can move things and he wants to try to open the door for us. Isabel asked him if he'd like to see if he was related to us. Liz took a blood sample.
Max: You haven't told him any more have you? I don't have a good feeling about doing so.
Isabel: Now you get these feelings!
Max: Look at me and tell me that you're sorry that Liz, Maria, and Alex are part of our lives.
Isabel: No! That's a good thing, really.
Max: Then trust me. So what are we doing?
Isabel: I think we need to do exactly what you and Liz discussed. You slip in with the next group Milan takes back there and hope like heck that you stay invisible.
Max: I have spent most of today hoping the opposite.
Isabel: When you get in there, untie Alex and try to let him know we need a diversion. Then go stand by the door and wait for us.
Max: I've been totally invisible for over an hour now and I think it's because I haven't eaten anything for a while. That seems to affect it. Maybe if I don't…
Isabel: You'll probably have to move the door barricade, Max. Matthew's power is weak. I really don't think he can move it, but we can let him think he did.
Max: I wonder if it's weak because he's half-human or if he just hasn't developed his powers?
Isabel: I don't know; but what Matthew is or isn't really is an issue for another time. I'm going to see if I can connect with Alex and just make small talk.
Max: Liz suggested I join in and let him know it's me that's coming to help him. I think he'll get the idea of what we're trying to do and, hopefully, Matthew will think the other voice is Michael or someone else.
Isabel: Good idea!
Max: Did we find out about guns?
Isabel: Matthew says he pretty sure that the Scott guy has one. Maybe we can either move it away or disable it.
Max: I told Liz that might be tricky.
Isabel: You seem hesitant about this; but really, what option do we have?
Max: We could just wait until they come out for the night.
Isabel: And Alex?
Max: They'd probably bring him out with them; we could jump them then.
Isabel: I think there's more chance of Alex getting hurt that way than if we can surprise them.
Max: Your probably right.
Isabel: I better get back. Matthew might get suspicious if my potty break is too long.
(Max and Isabel clasp hands for a moment…then she rejoins the others.)
Isabel: I feel better. I'm going to say hey to Alex, just so he knows we haven't forgotten about him.
*Isabel: (Connection to Alex.) Hang in there hon…don't answer, just know that were here.
*Max: (Joins in connection) I'll see you soon.
Matthew: Who was that?
Liz: (She guesses it was Max as planned, but to cover she responds....) Me!
Michael: Here comes a car. I guess all we do now is wait.
Matthew: Let's get out of sight.

(The gang and Matthew hide behind the cabin. The invitees, two attractive young women and a young man, are met by Milan and taken into the cavern. Max, invisible and very naked, follows them in undetected. He tries not to look at the women. Even though he's invisible, he's embarrassed. He's also scared to death he'll become visible while he's in there with them. "Why couldn't it have been three old men", he thinks to himself. While the others are getting ready, Max loosens the ropes binding Alex. Neither man dares initiate a connection, although Alex really wants to thank Max for taking this risk for him. Max grabs Alex' hand and walks his fingers up and down his arm. He hopes Alex will understand he wants some confusion created. Alex smiles slightly and nods as if he understands. Max moves over by the door just as the ceremony with the stones is about to begin. Max is praying that he won't become visible. Milan tells the people to just close their eyes and relax. He tells them to think about the direction that they want their lives to go. It really does sounds like a balance session. Max is still not sure, but as he sees the stones glow and feels their rays, he's convinced. Max is scared, not only of becoming visible, but also of accidentally getting re-balanced. He's been very happy with how he was able to balance himself to be able to have a life that includes Liz. He's also very concerned about having the stone's power in Milan's hands. He hates how they're being used; that Milan is charging to re-balance people. He wonders if Alex has been affected. "No question", he decides; "this has to stop". As the session progresses, Max' worst fear is realized. He starts to become visible. Max is about to panic, but then he fades away again before becoming fully visible to anyone. Meanwhile, outside, the group is still hiding behind the cabin…)
Michael: Let's get ready to go in. Liz, Maria and Isabel…let Matthew and I go first.
Isabel: Hey! We can fight as well as anyone…and Alex is down there.
Michael: Please! Just let me go in first, just in case…
(He stops himself. He was going to say just in case he has to use his powers to manipulate guns or something.)
Isabel: I can take care of myself.
Michael: OK, OK! Just follow my lead.
Matthew: Let me go in simultaneously with you. My unusual talents might help.
Liz: Maria and I'll be right there too…
Maria: I wish we had the sixth sense.
Isabel: What do you mean?
Maria: Max!
Matthew: Who's Max?
Isabel: He's my brother; but we couldn't see him when we left. We're not sure what happened to him.
Michael: Shhhh! I hear them coming out.

(The group watches as the "customers" come out. Our friends overhear what's being said.)

Man Customer: I feel really good; like I could take on anything. Whatever that was, it worked.
Woman Customer: I can't believe what I thought I saw during the ritual.
Man Customer: What was it?
Woman Customer: A naked man…a really handsome one too…standing by the door. I blinked and the vision was gone.
Woman customer 2: I saw an image like that too. I thought I was just imagining something.
Woman customer 1: I'd pay $150 to see that guy naked anytime.

(Every one of our friends except Matthew cringe. Beyond cringing, Liz is really not at all happy about that development. The people get in their car and drive away. Milan goes back down the tunnel. Thankfully, except for that brief moment, Max stayed invisible. He's still inside the cavern.)
Matthew: OK! Very quietly…let's go! And please try not to hurt any one. Just do what you have to get your friend out. I suggest, if we do get him out, that we lock my brother and the other two in there while you people get away. I'll go back and let them out later. Milan won't hurt me.
Liz: Are you sure about that?
Matthew: I counting on it.
Isabel: Let's go!
(As quietly as possible Michael, Matthew, Liz, Isabel, and Maria head to the end of the tunnel. They can hear men talking through the door.)
Milan: That's it for today. Let's gather our stuff.
Scott: What about the kid.
Milan: He's coming with us. We'll decide what to do with him later.
(Michael can sense that Max is right on the other side of the door. He motions to Matthew to do his thing to the slat that is holding the door closed. Matthew puts his hand on the door, approximately where the slat is and begins to try to pull it out. It only moves a little. Alex and Max notice the movement, but the men do not. Alex stands up as Max finishes the job of removing the barricade. As the slat crashes to the floor, the group bursts through the door. Alex, now untied, rushes toward Scott as Matthew rushes towards Milan. The women take on Mario. Scott reaches for his gun and fires. The shot misses Alex directly but the bullet ricochets off the wall and hits Alex in the leg. Max, fearing for Alex, forgets he's invisible and yells at Alex to get out now. As he does so, Max uses his powers to flip the gun out of Scott's hand. Matthew was trying to do the same thing; he was surprised it worked. By this time, Matthew has Milan subdued and Michael has Scott's hands tied with the ropes that came off of Alex. The women have Mario in check. The invisible Max yells for them all to run. He grabs the stones from the table and then uses his powers to tip the table over on top of Milan, Scott and Mario. That gives everyone a chance to get away. They all run out, slamming the door against the three men. They put a lock through the hasp as the men, now out from under the table, are banging on the door and cursing.)
Matthew: You all; get out of here! I'll wait a few minutes and then open the lock. Hopefully I can get out too. Milan will be furious, but as I said, I don't think he will harm me. One question…no…never mind! I don't really want to know.
(Everyone runs up the tunnel to the cabin. Alex has already limped his way there, leaving a trail of blood.)
Isabel runs to him and rips his pant leg back to where the bullet grazed him.)
Isabel: Can you make it to the car Alex?
Alex: I think so. The bullet just grazed me. Thank you! Thank you all for getting me out!
Max: (Still invisible.) You've saved us enough times, Alex.
Alex: I wonder what they thought when you spoke down there, Max.
Michael: Who cares? Let's get outta here.
Max: Hang on a minute. I may be invisible but I'm still useful…
(Max runs his hand over Alex' bleeding leg. The bleeding stops and the pain goes away.)
Alex: Thanks Max!
Liz: Let's go!
Isabel: (Smiles at Alex; looks relieved.) We've still got some things to follow up on but at least we're all together.
Max: Uh…where are my clothes?
Liz: Uh oh! If you don't have them, they're in the tunnel.
Max: Oh noooo!
Liz: Remember, we said we'd leave them there for you. I smuggled them down when Matthew wasn't looking.
Max: I guess I ran right past them. We can't go back for them. No doubt Matthew will find them now.
Michael: Is your wallet and identification in the clothes?
Max: No! I was afraid I might loose them so I put my wallet and keys in the car glove box before I took them off.
Isabel: Well, at least he can't track us from just the clothes. We did mention you to him once. If he'd found some ID, that would have been very hard to explain.
Max: Oh man! This means I'm going to have to ride back in the car naked.
Liz: I'll sit on your lap and cover you.
(Max has a strange feeling as he thinks about Liz sitting atop his naked body, even if she can't see it.)
Max: This might get exciting. What if I become visible?
Liz: I'll be covering you. Don't worry!
Max: With my luck I'll be become visible and Valenti will stop us for something.
Maria: Come on everyone…quickly!
(They all pile into the car, now very packed since Alex is with them.)
Liz: Who said the Roswell area is boring?
Michael: I have! Frequently!
Maria: Ready to change your mind?
Michael: Only because you're here.
Isabel: You didn't find today at all exciting?
Michael: Maybe a little.
Alex: (Pause) Uh…Max? Are you here?
Max: Yea! Liz is sitting on me, remember? Not that I mind!
Liz: I hope you don't mind! This is fun. Say, I need to talk to you about those women. They saw you, you know.
Max: What women?
(Liz playfully slaps at where she thinks his face is, but misses as he ducks.)
Liz: The women that went into the cavern.
Max: Oh…those women!
(She tries to touch his face again but he moves and she can't see where it is.)
Liz: This is not fair!
Alex: Uh…people! As I started to say, there's something strange…
Isabel: OH NO!

(No doubt you're wondering why Isabel said, "Oh No". I'm afraid you'll have to wait until next time to discover what's wrong. The director at the BS Network is having a cow because we're already running overtime and the news anchor people are threatening to walk off the set if they don't get on the air soon. Stay tuned for the news. We hope there isn't a news item about Max Evans of Roswell getting arrested for indecent exposure. And be sure to join us again soon for Balance Statements II. Maybe we'll even get to SEE Max again in the next episode.)

posted on 21-Sep-2001 9:59:33 PM
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
This is a BS (Balance Statements) Network Production

(As you will recall, our heroes managed to free Alex and confiscate the stones from Milan and his friends', effectively shutting down their re-balancing business. Unfortunately, Alex was wounded in the process. Fortunately, Max was around to heal the bullet wound. Unfortunately…)

Isabel: Uh oh!
Alex: This looks a little strange.
Isabel: It looks a lot strange.
Michael: What are you talking about?
Alex: I'm talking about the area of my leg where Max healed my bullet wound. Look!
Michael: I can't look, I'm driving.
(The others all look at Alex' leg. Guess what they see around the area that was wounded and healed? Right! Nothing! They see nothing. There is an eight inch invisible area and is seems to be growing.)
Isabel: Max, what did you do to him?
Max: Nothing deliberate. I just tried to help him.
Alex: I know Max! I'm glad the pain is gone but I seem to have inherited your problem.
Michael: So your saying the area of Alex' leg that Max healed is now invisible?
Maria: That's what we're saying.
Liz: Oh Good Grief Charlie Brown, what next? I'm so sorry Alex. This all started because of my stupid hair dryer.
Max: How could I have transferred this? That may mean the invisibility has nothing to do with my non- human physiology.
Liz: It could also mean that when you heal, you actually transfer something of yourself.
Isabel: The time has come to concentrate on this problem. Max, tell us again what happened.
Max: I was…(cough, cough) Uh, Liz?
Liz: (She's still sitting on his lap, hugging his invisible naked body) Yes, Max.
Max: Could you move just a little so I can breathe? Not too much! (Pause) Thanks! That makes it easier to talk. Now what did you ask? Oh…yes! I was in Liz' room trying to see why her hair dryer wouldn't work. I was trying to fix it when all of a sudden there was a big shower of electrical sparks and smoke coming out of it. I felt a jolt. I had to use some of my powers to protect myself and put out a fire on the rug caused by the sparks. Even though Liz pulled the power plug almost immediately I did get quite a shock. I don't know if I've ever experienced that kind of electricity before.
Alex: It's possible that it was breathing in that acrid smoke as much as the electricity that caused the invisibility; or maybe it was a combination of both.
Max: Always the analyst, aren't you? I told Liz that high voltage electricity might be another "sweat lodge" type thing for us. I really can't say. I just know this condition is the pits.
Liz: (Rubs his back and hugs him tighter.) It has its advantages.
(Max teasing, pulls her hair.)
Liz: Just kidding, Max. I can't wait to see you again.
Max: Let's get some food and take it to Michael's. Eating seemed to trigger some visibility before.
Maria: (Teasing) Why take it to Michael's? Don't you want to eat before we get there?
Max: NO!
Maria: (Playfully) Just wondering!
Max: I would like some clothes though. Isabel, when we get to Michael's, could you run home and get me some? And make sure mom doesn't see you.
Isabel: I'll try.
Michael: I've probably got some stuff you can wear.
Alex: Pull into that Arbys. I'd like to see if eating slows this down. My whole leg is almost totally invisible now.
Isabel: Really? Let me see. Oh my! That's bad! What are we going to do?
Max: Hey sis! Not to say anything, but I've been invisible all day. How come now that Alex has the problem, suddenly it's a big crisis for you? Thanks a lot!
Isabel: Sorry! I didn't mean to imply that I don't care about you too. Obviously we need a fix for both of you.
Max: I know! I'm just need some help keeping a stiff upper lip.
Liz: (Making light of the statement.) Let me feel it. (Reaches to where she thinks his lips are.)'s stiff alright. Kiss me!
Max: (Gives fairly quick kiss for a Max/Liz embrace.) Please Liz, let's not get too carried away while I'm in this condition. I'm afraid that…
(Michael pays for the food and they're on their way again. Max wonders what the cashier at the window thought if she looked in the back seat. Sitting on Max' invisible lap, Liz looks like she levitated. Soon, they arrive back at Michael's.)
Max: Man, I'm stiff! That was a tight fit.
Liz: (Happily) Yes it was.
Maria: Note to Alex; get bigger car.
Alex: Very funny…not!
Michael: Maxwell, here's a T-shirt and some pants. I don't guarantee the fit…
Max: Thanks! (He puts them on.) Much better! Even though no one could see me, going totally naked felt weird. It's amazing how we become accustomed to things…like clothes.
Maria: Not ready for the nudist colony, huh?
Max: Uh, no!
Liz: Awwww!
Isabel: I put the food out. Dig in people. Let us know if there's any change guys.
(Everybody chows down; rescuing people is hard work.)
Alex: I hope we can find a cure soon. Half my body's invisible now and it's spreading fast.
Max: I haven't been visible since that brief moment in the cavern.
Liz: I do remember that eating seemed to make you visible before, Max.
Max: Doesn't seem to be working now. (Pause) Alex, I'm really sorry.
Alex: Don't worry about it, Max. If I'm going to be invisible, at least I'm in good company. We'll get this figured out.
Max: This is really dumb! I mean…what in the world do we do about it?
Alex: Maybe we need a negative shock or something.
Isabel: Anyone want some ice cream? Michael has a five-quart pail of butter pecan.
(They scoop some out into bowls.)
Michael: Hand me the Tabasco sauce; it's in the fridge.
Maria: Here honey! You can have my portion of it.
Michael: I thought you liked it. It's one of my requirements for a woman, you know.
Maria: I don't mind it on some things, but ice cream isn't one of them.
Michael: (Teasing) As long as you like it on at least some things we can still be a number.
Alex: I don't like it at all. Can we still be together, Isabel?
Isabel: As long as you don't care if I eat it.
Alex: Eat all you want! I promise; you can always have my share.
Liz: Want some Max?
Max: Sure!
(Liz pours some sauce on Max' ice cream. They all enjoy the dessert. Max and Michael even have seconds. A short time later…)
Liz: Look! I can see Max.
Isabel: Hey, OK…and he still looks like my brother.
Liz: It so good to see him again. I was having withdrawal.
Max: Interesting! I wonder how long this will last this time?
Alex: I'm afraid I'm not faring as well.
(Alex is almost totally invisible now.)
Isabel: (Smiles, she looks devious.) This can't be a coincidence. Alex, eat some Tabasco sauce.
Alex: Blah…yuk! Why would I want to do that? I told you I hate it.
Isabel: Just do it! Put some over some ice cream if you want.
Alex: Only because it's you that's asking.
(Alex about gags, but he manages to get down a few bites of Tabasco sauce covered ice cream.)
Michael: What are you trying to do to him? Tabasco is an acquired taste and he obviously hasn't acquired it
Isabel: Well, he better be working on it.
(Amazingly, Alex' invisibility is reversing itself. Now it's just his left arm and right leg that are still invisible.)
Maria: I don't believe this. The Tabasco sauce cured them?
Isabel: I don't know if it completely cured them, but it sure helped. Here dear, have a little more.
Alex: Gag…puke! That stuff's awful. (Takes deep breath.) OK, here goes.
(Alex eats the rest of the bowl. His arm returns to normal. Max main-lined by swallowing
about half a bottle of the stuff. He's completely normal now.)
Max: As I think about it, after this first happened, every time I became even partly visible it was right after I had some Tabasco.
Liz: The Arbys food, even with their sauce, didn't help. It had to be Tabasco.
Max: Sure looks like it.
Alex: It could be a chemical reaction. Your body, and whatever of yourself you shared with me, was craving it. The electrical shock probably neutralized all of whatever's in this stuff that your body wants. What's in Tabasco sauce anyway?
Maria: You probably don't want to know.
Isabel: Alex, you're not going to like this, but I'm making you a Tabasco cocktail and you're going to drink it…all of it! We'll make your leg visible again.
Alex: Please! I'd rather be invisible.
Liz: So, this problem is behind us?
Max: I hope so. If it ever comes back, we know exactly what to do.
Alex: I don't think it will come back. I think our chemical balanced has been restored.
Liz: So this WAS a balance issue, just a different kind of one. It was chemical, not emotional.
(Max leans over and kisses Liz.)
Liz: You have to admit, the ride home was kinda fun.
Max: For whom?
(Liz smiles; then runs. Max chases her around the room. He catches her…)
Max: (Kisses her again) How much fun was it?
Liz: Tell you later.
Isabel: OK Alex! This is for your own good. Michael, hold him down.
(Michael and Max hold Alex as Isabel forces her concoction down him. They release him. His formerly wounded and invisible leg reappears. He's totally normal now too.)
Alex: Gag me with a spoon! I'm going to throw up on all of you!
Maria: Quick, run!
Isabel: I'm sorry honey, but that was necessary.
Alex: I'm sorry too! Max, if you're ever invisible again and I'm ever shot again at the same time…
Max: I know…call Michael.
Alex: Thanks man!
Isabel: Well, there's one more issue to be cleared up.
Liz: What's that?
Isabel: Is Matthew one of our people, even in part?
Liz: I got a slide of his blood. We need to take it to the lab. I just love looking at Max' blood. I've done it so much I'm sure I could spot any similarities Matthews's blood might have to Max's in seconds.
Max: You love looking at my blood huh? I didn't know you had vampire tendencies.
Alex: I'm sure it's only because she thinks you're an Angel, Max.
Isabel: (pause) Alex Whitman! That was bad, bad, bad. Wash your mouth out with Tabasco sauce.
Alex: Noooo! Not that! I'm sorry, sorry, sorry!
Max: Let's go home; it's late and I'm beat. We can look at the slides on Monday and decide if we should return his stones.
Michael: You're right! Monday is soon enough.

(Can you believe it? Tabasco sauce saved the day! We just had to have another balance problem to solve. After all, this is the Balance Statements Network. We don't know if the next episode will be the season finale or not, but we know we can't leave any loose ends. Then again, maybe we should leave some if we want to be back on next season. Then again, who knows if the BS Network will still be in business next season? Then again, we've probably run the balance thing off the fulcrum anyway. In any case, please stay tuned for the BS Network's new cooking show, "Gut Bombs For The Young and The Restless". On tonight's show they'll be demonstrating new ways to cook with Tabasco sauce. We're sure the "We Six" will be watching. )

posted on 21-Sep-2001 10:01:52 PM
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell Characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
This is a BS (Balance Statements) Network Production


(Liz took the slide with Matthew's blood on it to her biology class. She and Max stayed after school to study it. Isabel is always accusing them of studying each other more than biology, but that's another story for another day, maybe even on another network. Now it's early evening and the scene is Michael's place again…)

Isabel: So there's no question?
Liz: There are definitely traces of the same components we see in Max' blood in Matthew's but they're not nearly as pronounced as I thought they'd be. I doubt anyone would catch them if they weren't looking for them.
Michael: So maybe he's not even a first generation hybrid.
Max: We don't even know for sure that he's a hybrid, although it sure looks like it.
Alex: How would his blood have any of those components in it then?
Max: Good question. OK, I guess he must have some connection to us.
Liz: I expected to see a more equal mixture of blood types. The elements that are so prominent in Max' sample are really repressed in Matthew's.
Maria: This is exciting. It appears it can and has worked. (Stares lovingly at Michael.) We can make babies together, Michael.
Michael: Better be careful what you wish for Maria; you might get another me.
Maria: Hmmm!
Liz: I gotta say, what I saw makes me very happy. One of my dreams is someday having a child with Max. This really gives me hope.
Max: It might come out invisible.
Liz: Don't even joke about that, Max.
Max: All I'm saying is we should temper our excitement. It's only one positive sign. It's not that I'm unhappy about what we saw; but all it really proves is that Isabel and Alex might have a chance. It doesn't prove it works the other way.
Liz: It has to Max! It just has to.
Isabel: You guys! We're still in high school, you know. I think it's great to know the biology might work, but parenthood should be a long way off, if ever.
Alex: How am I supposed to take that?
Isabel: Well, before I'm a mom I want to be a teenager for awhile. I'd like to graduate from high school, maybe start college, get a job, stage a dreamy wedding…
Michael: Avoid the FBI!
Maria: Michael, think positively.
Michael: OK, I'm positive she should avoid the FBI.
Alex: Can't I have a part in all of those things, Isabel?
Isabel: As long as you keep me in Tabasco sauce.
Alex: After the weekend, I bought stock in the company. I wanted a vested interest.
Michael: So, what about Matthew?
Isabel: What about him?
Michael: Don't we have some decisions to make, like should we give him back his stones?
Max: I compared them to the ones we have and they're almost identical in make up.
Isabel: I think he should get them back. His mother did give them to him.
Max: At least that's what he says.
Liz: You don't trust him?
Max: I don't have a solid feeling about him one way or the other. You'd think I'd be anxious to talk to him and tell him about us but I'm not.
Michael: Giving him back his stones and telling him about us are two different things. You know our agreement, even if Max likes to break it; no one gets told unless we all agree.
Maria: Just remember, you probably wouldn't have ever told me if it had been up to you.
Michael: True! Would you still love me if you didn't know, everything else being equal?
Maria: You better believe it pretty boy!
Michael: Then Max is almost forgiven.
Isabel: Matthew knows about our connecting powers. I think we could limit our discussions with him to that…and maybe the stones.
Max: I don't see how you can talk about the stones without talking about their and our origins.
Liz: Isabel, didn't you say he might not believe or accept the alien concept?
Isabel: Yes! We may not want to tell him what we know about him. Right now it's easy for him to be a human. Just think! What if we didn't know what we know about ourselves? We'd probably be just like he is; just making sure no one ever considers us freaks.
Michael: But if he knows anything, especially about his mother, we need to know it too.
Max: That's the trade off. I just don't think I feel comfortable telling him everything.
Alex: I have a suggestion.
Isabel: What?
Alex: You have his stones. Why don't you see if you can get any impressions from them?
Michael: Why did it take you to think of that?
Alex: I guess because you didn't.
Michael: Duh! That was my point. Give them to me.
(Michael takes the stones to his bedroom while the others continue to talk.)
Maria: Michael is better balanced these days but he still is like a bloodhound if someone mentions origin.
Max: It's still important and we should find out what we can; but even if we never find out anything else, I'm OK. That doesn't mean we shouldn't do all we can to trace our history though. (Hugs Liz.)
Liz: Even as close as everyone's become since the re-balance, this one has to be you three's decision.
Isabel: You know though, Matthew thinks we're all related. There may be an advantage in keeping it that way.
Liz: It goes without saying, if we can help we will. I just mean…well… it's your secret to keep or not.
Max: Let's see if Michael comes up with anything.
(Michael comes back in the living room.)
Isabel: Any flashes?
Michael: Yes! Several!
Maria: And?
Michael: He knows!
Max: Knows what?
Michael: He knows he's part alien. I got a flash of his mother giving he and his brother these stones. She told both Matthew and his brother where the stones came from that day she met them at school. It was just like he described.
Isabel: So where are they…we…from.
Michael: I couldn't understand that part.
Max: It figures.
Isabel: So it really was their mother who gave them the stones.
Michael: I think so.
Alex: So why didn't he tell us?
Max: Probably the same reason we didn't tell him what we are.
Maria: Did you learn anything else about him?
Michael: Not much! He seems pretty normal. Wife…kids…home…messed up brother.
Max: Milan actually may be more of a problem than Matthew will ever be…and you say he knows too?
Michael: That's what I saw.
Alex: Then he also knows why the stones do what they do.
Michael: I have to think so.
Alex: And he still used them the way he did?
Max: That really worries me about him.
Isabel: I think Matthew is worried about him too. Milan's out of balance.
Max: So what do we do?
Michael: Let's return the stones to Matthew and see if we can get him to open up. If we dropped some knowing hints…
Isabel: I get the idea; lead him to where he feels comfortable…or we do.
Max: Let's plan to go to his house tomorrow evening.
Isabel: Should we all go. He doesn't really know you, Max.
Michael: I think we all need to go. If we tell him anything it should be by mutual agreement.
Isabel: OK, we'll plan on it.
Liz: And we'll plan on a lonely evening.
Max: We've really got to do this, Liz.
Liz: I know. I think you should go.
Maria: Speaking of go, we need to get to work gal.
Liz: Is it that time already? OK!
(Max takes Alex home and drops the gals at the Crashdown; then he and Isabel head for home.)
Isabel: Aren't you excited about talking to Matthew. He could be a missing link.
Max: I'm being cautious. I'm trying to figure out a scenario that explains him.
Isabel: What do you mean?
Max: Suppose his mother was one of our people. Where did she come from? How did she escape the crash? Why wasn't she in stasis like we were?
Isabel: I don't think Matthew knows any of those answers. He's just trying to be normal. Michael said he thinks Matthew has a family. We shouldn't interfere with that.
Max: I don't want to. Let's just see where this goes.
(The alien trio is kind of excited about talking to Matthew but they're not sure where it might lead. The next day went slowly, but finally it's time to make the visit. Isabel convinced the guys that, since Matthew helped rescue him, it might be a good idea if Alex came along. They arrive at Matthew's house; he answers the door…)
Matthew: I wasn't sure you'd come.
Michael: We brought you something.
(Pulls out the stones.)
Matthew: Let's go out to my shop around back where we can talk.
(He leads them around to his workshop situated off the garage.)
Isabel: Matthew; this is my brother, Max. He wasn't with us…
Matthew: I remember you mentioning him. I'm sorry any of you got involved with my brother and his scheme, especially you Alex. How's that leg?
Alex: It's OK.
Matthew: It looked like it was bleeding badly when you ran out of the cavern.
Alex: (Alex is uncomfortable, afraid he might ask to see it.) I'm fine.
(Matthew smiles, as if Alex being totally OK was not unexpected.)
Isabel: It's ironic that we got drawn into this?
Matthew: Does that mean that blood sample I gave you showed you something?
Isabel: Do you remember when we were talking and you said you were afraid people might consider you and your brother strange?
Matthew: Yes! I've been trying to get through to Milan on that point. He's shown the stones to too many people.
Isabel: You said by living here in the Roswell area you were afraid someone might consider you guys aliens or something.
Matthew: Did I say that?
Isabel: Yes, you did. Was that significant?
Matthew: (Pause) Since you're asking that question, maybe you already know the answer?
Max: Careful where you go Isabel.
Isabel: It's OK Max. I'm feeling all right about this.
Matthew: Are you…?
Max: I looked at the blood slide. I saw things I've only seen in our blood samples.
Matthew: This isn't possible.
Michael: Kinda what we thought about you.
Matthew: No wonder I can connect with you.
Michael: What can you tell us about your mother?
Matthew: Not much really. I told you we only met her once that we can remember. My dad divorced her before we were even a year old. There is something I didn't tell you. My dad forced her to stay away from us. He told us that because of her witchcraft, he didn't want her anywhere near us. He apparently told her if she tried to contact us, he'd tell everyone that she was a witch. She couldn't risk any scrutiny of her.
Isabel: He knew then?
Matthew: No, I don't think he did. I don't think she could ever bring herself to tell him the truth, especially not after the divorce. He died believing she was a witch.
Michael: But she told you the truth, didn't she?
Matthew: How do you know?
Michael: The stones told me.
Matthew: That's what I needed to hear. I've gotten flashes from them too. I think we can be very frank with one another now. Agreed?
Isabel: OK!
Matthew: Mother told us that she was born on another world and that the stones were once a part of it. She said, because of her, Milan and I were part of it too.
Michael: Did she say what world it was?
Matthew: You know, she did; but at eight years old it didn't register. It was a very foreign sounding word.
Can you tell me where you are from?
Max: We don't know either. We were hoping that you might lead us to the answer. We think we were part of the 1947 crash and we were in stasis for a long time. We think our parents were on that ship, but we don't know what happened to them. If your mother was on that ship too, but didn't go into stasis, your age would be about right.
Michael: We were really hoping you were a lead to our past.
Matthew: And since I can't help you, are you going to erase my memories of you?
Isabel: I don't think we can do that.
Matthew: You certainly have more advanced powers than I do.
Alex: What do you mean?
Matthew: In the cavern…I tried to knock the gun out of Scott's hand but I'm sure I didn't do it. I never could have before. I also heard a voice from somewhere in there. I couldn't tell where it was coming from.
Michael: Let's just say you did have a little help.
Alex: (Looks at Max.) With the door slat too.
Matthew: I should have known. (Pause.) Look, I've got a family here. My wife and kids have no idea about any of this. I'm a pretty normal guy. Can we just keep it that way?
Michael: We have lives too.
Max: Normal is important, very important. That's why we are so cautious.
Michael: We're kind of concerned about your brother.
Matthew: Me too!
Michael: Let me show you something.
(Isabel and Max didn't know it, but Michael brought their set of stones. He shows them to Matthew.)
Matthew: Wow! No wonder you knew what was going on. So these things really do change lives?
Max: They did for us. Before we re-balanced we were all about to go crazy. I didn't know what I should be doing with my life. They really made a difference for all of us.
Alex: I recognized the feeling one gets from the rays even though I was blindfolded. Before we used these, I was getting the life history of anybody I'd look at for more than 5 seconds hammered into my brain. I couldn't control the connections. I was scared I was going to get my balance messed up again by being in there with Milan.
Michael: Your brother was using something we consider almost sacred in a very bad way.
Matthew: I agree with you. I've told him so many times.
Isabel: In some ways, I'm not sure it was a total accident that Alex stumbled onto that tunnel.
Michael: I assume you let your brother and his friends out. What is he doing? How much of this does he know? Is he still unbalanced?
Milan: (Opens the door, steps in pointing a gun.) The only thing unbalanced around here is you people. (Looks at Alex.) I had a feeling something was up when I started reading this little squirt down in the cavern. I knew if I watched my brother's house long enough you'd show up. And you brought me some fresh stones. How wonderful! Ours were getting a little weak. These should keep us in business another six months or more. I'll take them all; yours and ours.
(Our heroes stare at each other in disbelief. Matthew looks stunned. Michael takes the lead; no way is this going to happen he thinks. He makes a silent connection to Max and Isabel, which of course is read by Milan and Matthew.)
Milan: That won't help you. I can read everything you say. Now give me those stones.
Matthew: Milan, this is wrong. What's the matter with you? You're not acting like my brother.
Milan: Matthew, you are so naive. We finally have a chance to benefit from the curse our mother left us. Why won't you join me?
Matthew: Our mother didn't curse us. She gave us what she was. You are so dead wrong to cheapen it.
Milan: Cheapen it, hell. I'm getting rich from it. If you can't see it, just leave me alone...and tell your alien friends to leave me alone too or their little world of normal is gonna be on the 10 o'clock news [BS Network of course].
(The group looks horrified. Milan must have been outside the door and heard everything. Michael connects again with Isabel and Max and tries to block Milan. He succeeds because Milan continues to argue with Matthew and is distracted. Isabel reminds Michael not to forget that Alex can help. Michael brings him in to the connection.)
(Silent communication)
*Michael: Follow my lead folks, we can't let this happen. Let's drop bombs on his brain.
(He aims his connection at Milan and the others get the idea.)
*Michael: You'll never make this work, Milan.
*Max: You're evil, Milan.
*Isabel: It's wrong, Milan.
*Alex: I hate you for what you did to me, Milan.
*Michael: We'll expose you too, Milan.
*Max: How can you cheapen your heritage, Milan?
*Isabel: It not worth it, Milan.
*Alex: The money won't make you happy, Milan.
*Michael: Your destroying your brother, Milan.
*Max: Your wasting the stone's power, Milan.
*Isabel: Remember who you are, Milan.
Milan: STOP IT!
*Michael: What's the matter, Milan?
*Max: You know we're right, don't you Milan?
*Isabel: You're not yourself, Milan.
*Alex: What about your family, Milan?
*Michael: You're not so tuff, Milan.
*Max: The stones can help you, Milan.
*Isabel: We're your friends, Milan.
Milan: Stop! I can't take it!
(Matthew figures out what's going on, he joins the fray.)
*Matthew: I don't like what you've become, Milan.
*Michael: Are we communicating, Milan?
*Max: We'll haunt you, Milan.
*Isabel: You're not really helping people, Milan.
*Alex: You're not a bad person, Milan.
*Matthew: Give it up, Milan.
*Michael: Nothing good can come from what you're doing, Milan.
*Max: Use the stones yourself, Milan.
*Isabel: The stones have affected your thinking, Milan.
*Alex: You never smile, Milan.
(Finally, all four people in the connection aim a thought at the same time.)
*Matthew, Michael, Max, Isabel, and Alex: Put down the gun and let us help you, Milan.
(Slowly, Milan lowers the gun. He begins to cry; he's dazed…)
Milan: Matthew, I know you're right. I don't know what's been happening to me.
Matthew: It was the stones, they changed you.
Milan: That night at your house when they first began to glow…I was thinking about how I was going to pay for my new house.
Max: I'll bet you were thinking about the stones too. They reset your balance to focus on money. We can change that if you'll let us.
Milan: How?
Isabel: The same way you've been using the stones to re-balance other people. If you'll just decide where else you want to focus your life, we'll make them work for you.
Matthew: Please, Milan. For me…for your family…for mom… for all of us! Let us bring back the brother I know.
Milan: I don't have the strength to resist right now. That was quite an attack you folks waged.
Max: It won't work unless you do the focusing. The stones only set a balance point you ask for.
Milan: OK, I'll try.
Max: Michael; put our stones out too. We might as well use them all.
Matthew: Sit down in my big chair, Milan. Just relax and think about a new direction for your life. Think about your family. Think about mom.
(Matthew, Max, Isabel, Michael, and Alex gather in a circle. A cup is shared and they concentrate, recharging the stones with their collective energy. As the stones begin to glow, the expression on Milan's face changes; his whole countenance is altered. When they finish…)
Matthew: Are you OK, Milan?
Milan: I feel refreshed. I feel like I haven't felt for weeks.
Matthew: How do you feel about the stones?
Milan: I want to forget what I did with them. It was bad. Matthew, you take your three. I'll put mine away to remember mom. Give our friends back theirs. This is over.
Matthew: Welcome home brother. Friends, this is my brother Milan….my real brother Milan.
Isabel: (Smiling) Milan, I'm Isabel. It's nice to meet the real you. I was happy to meet your brother. I really like him. He had the courage to help our friend even though it meant incurring your wrath.
Milan: I'm sorry I made him have to do that, but he was right and I was wrong.
Matthew: That's all behind us. The best thing to do is forget it and move forward.
Alex: I forgive you for what you did to me in the cavern. I know it wasn't the real you, Milan.
Milan: Thank you…all of you, especially you Matthew for not giving up on me.
Matthew: (Pause) I don't want any of you to take this the wrong way, but when I said we should forget this and move forward, I meant that literally. Milan and I have our own families…our own lives…and all of you do too. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I think the best thing would be for us not to have any further contact. If we do, something might get exposed that should be kept secret. As I said, my family knows nothing of this and I really don't want them too.
Milan: I agree. What Matthew and I share of our heritage we want to be just between us. I want to be a normal person with a normal family. I suspect you all do too. Let's not meet any more after today. You can trust both of us. We'll never even acknowledge knowing you, much less tell any of your secrets. All we ask is the same thing.
Isabel: If that's what you want…
Matthew: We do.
Michael: Can I ask one thing?
Matthew: Of course.
Michael: Your mother may be a key to our heritage as well as yours. If you ever hear from her or anymore about her, will you contact us?
Milan: We could possibly do that.
Max: If you do, go to the Crashdown cafe. Ask for Liz. She works there. Tell her your name and that you want to talk to us. She'll get the word to us.
Matthew: Wasn't she with us out at the cabin?
Michael: Yes.
Matthew: I'll know her then. Yes, we'll do that much. If you uncover anything, you can contact me here too; but only if it's warranted.
Max: We understand. Best of luck to both of you.
Matthew: And to all of you! Oh, Alex…
Alex: Yes.
Matthew: Take care of that leg.
(Pulls up pant leg; Matthew sees no wound.)
Matthew: (Amazed, but frowning, he looks at Alex.) No! I don't want to know. All of you, please go now. I want to get back to my family.

(The group takes their leave, all anxious to return to their "normal" lives. They decide it's not to late for a Crashdown stop. Liz and Maria will make the group complete and there's always something to talk about. This adventure is over. What's in store for our friends in the future? A new network perhaps? We'll just have to wait and see. For now; this is the BS Network, signing off!)

Invisible Max…Happy Liz…Contended Michael…Well Balanced Alex…Sprightly Isabel…Bubbly Maria! Where else could you find them all except on the Balance Statements Network? We hope you enjoyed our show, and man, do we ever hope the ratings are good. We understand our renewal depends on them. Our time slot next week will be filled with a BS Network documentary on physic hotlines. It's called "My Mind To Your Mind". Don't miss it if you can!

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Here is story #4 in this series. I hope you like it.

Title: Honey, I Can't Remember-Part 1
Author: John
E-mail: jogor1160⊕
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
Category: Other
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Well, the BS Network had another cancellation. “Touched By A Warlock” was suffering the same fate as most of the shows on the network. No one was watching. The network directors were looking at some recent ratings and found that Balance Statements II achieved better numbers than almost all of their other recent shows. The World Bubble Gum Chewing Championships did beat us, but that was a sports special. As a result, the network executives begged for some more adventures of the “We Six”. With a promise from the network that the story need not have to have anything to do with balance, in a moment of weakness, we decided to oblige.
Now…here’s the scoop. In our previous presentations on the B.S. Network some unique conditions for our heroes to live with have developed. We are not reversing them no matter what others think destiny may hold.
1) The group is happily balanced. Max is with Liz, as he should be. (See “The Roswell E-Mail”)
2) Alex has the power to connect with his alien friends. (See “The Roswell E-Mail”)
3) Max and Isabelle' parents know their kids are aliens and they love them unconditionally anyway. (See “Balance Statements”.)
4) Michael is always welcome at the Evans’ home as long as uses the front door to which they have given him a key. (See “Balance Statements”)
5) The couples have some indication that mating would be possible. (See “Balance Statements II.”)
6) The B.S. Network has no contract with Tess.
If you can live with these conditions…please continue. Otherwise…go watch another network.

(Scene: The Crashdown Café.)

Liz: Maria, come with me. We have a BIG problem.
Maria: What now?
Liz: The walk in cooler in the back…it's not cold. All our food for the weekend is going to spoil. What a great time for my dad to be gone!
Maria: Is a fuse blown or something?
Liz: I checked the breaker switch marked cooler. It seems to be on.
Maria: This is bad. What about the freezer?
Liz: It feels OK, but it's way too small for all the food. Besides we can't wait to thaw everything when we need it.
Maria: Maybe Max and Michael could thaw things for us using…
Liz: Maria, no…don't say anything more out loud.
Maria: Could Alex fix it?
Liz: I don't know. He can fix computers but I don't know about coolers.
Maria: So what are we going to do. We can't let all the food spoil.
Liz: This happened once before about 6 months ago. There's some kind of switch or sensor in the back of it. I know my dad went in there and tapped on it and it stated working again.
Maria: Well?
Liz: I don't know where it is.
Maria: Let's go look inside.
(The two women walk inside the rapidly warming cooler.)
Maria: See anything?
Liz: No, but there's so many cases stacked in here. We could start moving some of this upstairs to our apartment refrigerator. That might save some of it.
Maria: I could take some home and use ours. I bet we could ask Isabel too. Mrs. Evans might let us put some things in theirs. I know they have an old refrigerator in their garage they use for party stuff.
Liz: That's all going to take time and the food might spoil before we get anything done. Let's see if we can find the switch.
(The girls stumble around amongst all the food trying to locate the temperature sensor.)
Maria: Help me move this box of hamburger.
Liz: This shelf pulls out; maybe it's behind here.
(Moves the shelf.)
Maria: There's a small box on the wall back of this shelf with wires coming out of it.
Liz: I'll bet that's it.
(Liz taps on the box. As she does so, she hears the cooler motor start, then abruptly stop. The lights inside the cooler go out. The door, which was being held open by an electric magnet, starts to close.)
Liz: Quick! Get the door before it….
(The door slams shut and the women are in near darkness. The only light is from a small window at the top of the door. The electric latch won't release to allow the door to open.)
Maria: Bang on the door, maybe the cook will hear us.
Liz: It's pretty noisy in the kitchen…and Steven's new. He may not think to come back here for awhile.
Maria: There going to start looking for us. There's only one other waitress and we're pretty busy.
Liz: They will, but will they look in the cooler?
Maria: Sooner or later they'll need some food from here. The little cooling tray only holds so much.
Liz: But I just filled it. That's when I noticed that the food wasn't as cold as it should have been.
Maria: Liz, do you smell something?
Liz: Probably food starting to spoil.
Maria: No! It smells like a gas; it's stinging my throat.
Liz: Cough…cough! Yes…mine too. Oh Maria, what is it?
Maria: Don't refrigerators use gasses to make them work. I remember studying something about them in science class.
Liz: Yes; and older ones like this have the kind of gas that hurts the ozone layer.
Maria: Does it hurt humans too?
Liz: I don't know, but even if it doesn't we may run out of air soon. We've got to get out of here. Bang on the door again.
(The women bang on the door, but no one hears them. Soon, the air is poisoned by the refrigeration gas and they begin to feel weak. They continue to pound on the door. Finally, Steven, their new cook hears them.)
Steven: Liz, Maria. Is that you in there?
Liz: (Weakly.) Yes Steven; get us out!
Steven: I can't open the door. The electric button doesn't work and the big handle is jammed.
Liz: The cooler power went out. Try to pry the door open. Hurry! We're running out of air and we smell refrigeration gas.
Steven: I'll get some help.
(Steven calls 911, then resumes trying to get the door of the cooler open.)
Steven: Hang in there girls, I've called for help.
Maria: I can't breathe.
Liz: Try to lie down. The air should better close to the floor.
(The paramedics arrive, but they can't move the door either. They finally decide they'll have to try to drill through it. Just then Max and Michael walk up and see all the activity.)
Max: (Asking a bystander.) What's going on?
Bystander: I guess some people are stuck in a big refrigerator.
(Max gets a flash of Liz and Maria, almost unconscious. Max and Michael both run into the back room. Michael tries the manual handle of the cooler but finds it stuck. Max starts assisting the paramedic crew as a way to divert their attention for a moment. Michael pretends to struggle with the door handle, but really uses his powers to free the jammed mechanism. He opens the door just as the paramedics rush into the room with oxygen equipment. Michael runs to Maria, but finds her unconscious.)
Paramedic: Get back everyone; we need everyone out of here. We need to get them some oxygen.
Max: Are they going to be OK?
Paramedic: Probably, but we need to get them to the hospital.
(The paramedics check their vital signs. They are both alive, but unconscious. After administering some oxygen, they prepare to take Liz and Maria to the hospital. Michael calls Maria's mom and Steven the cook tries to call Liz's parents cell phone. Max and Michael follow the ambulance to the hospital. They are in the waiting room.)
Max: Do we know what happened?
Michael: All we know is they somehow got trapped in the cooler. Apparently it malfunctioned.
Max: A bit more serious than a hair dryer.
Michael: What?
Max: Oh…nothing! Never mind.
(Just then Maria's mom arrives.)
Amy: Michael! What happened? Where's Maria?
Michael: She and Liz are in emergency. They got trapped in the walk in cooler at the Crashdown. They were both unconscious when the paramedics brought them here.
Amy: I'm going to find a doctor.
(Just then, Isabel and Alex arrive.)
Alex: We went to the Crashdown to find Liz and they told us what happened. How are they?
Max: We don't know anything yet They're still in emergency.
Michael: They were both unconscious when they were pulled from the cooler.
Isabel: I guess all we can do is wait. Did anyone contact their parents?
Max: The cook at the Crashdown was trying to get to Mr. & Mrs. Parker. I don't know if he got them; they were out of town. Maria's mom is here. She went to find a doctor that can tell her what's happening.
Alex: How did they get trapped?
Max: I don’t know much. The cook said the cooler was not working right.
(Maria’s mom walks back to the group.)
Amy: They’re out of the emergency room. They’ve been taken to room 306. The doctors want to keep them overnight.
Max: Can we see them?
Amy: The doctors told me to wait a few minutes and then come up. We probably shouldn’t all go in at the same time.
Isabel: I’m going to go back to the Crashdown and see if they located Liz’ parents.
Alex: I’ll come with you, then we can come back and see them.
Max: Good idea!
Michael: I don’t know why, but I feel like something’s wrong.
Max: Something is wrong. Our women almost suffocated.
Michael: I know; I mean beyond that.
Amy: I think we can go up now.
Max: Isabel and Alex...come back as soon as you can and let us know what you find.
Isabel: We will.
(Alex and Isabel head out while the others head up to room 306.)
Maria: Hi mom.
Amy: How are you feeling dear?
Maria: I’m a bit disoriented. Why am I in the hospital?
Amy: They said you were deprived of oxygen and breathed in some kind of gas.
Maria: How? Where?
Michael: You don’t remember?
Maria: You! You’re Michael Guerin. What are you doing here?
Michael: (Assuming she’d realize how and why, he gives he a knowing glance.) I helped get you out. Max and I followed the paramedics here. We were concerned about you and Liz.
Maria: Is Liz here too?
Amy: She’s in the bed next to you.
Maria: So tell me what happened?
Michael: You two were trapped in the walk-in cooler at the Crashdown. It gave off some kind of gas. Max and I arrived just after the paramedics.
Maria: You said Max. Max Evans?
Michael: Yes…of course.
Amy: Do you know why you were in the cooler?
Maria: No! The last thing I remember…uh…I was preparing to go back to school for the fall.
Amy: The fall? It’s springtime honey!
Maria: What? How long have I been unconscious?
Michael: No more than two hours.
Maria: It seems like six months.
Amy: Think Maria! You’ve been working with Liz at the Crashdown…going to school…you and Michael have been seeing each other.
Maria: Michael Guerin and me? Together…? We're…
Amy: You certainly were when I found him with you in your room in the middle of the night not too long ago.
Maria: What? When? That couldn't be…
Amy: Don’t worry about it now, honey. We’re both here and concerned about you.
Maria: Michael! I’m sorry. I appreciate your coming here to check on me. I’m sure you’re a nice guy and all, but I just don’t remember us…uh… together.
(Michael feels fear and frustration. He finally let someone in to his life and now she doesn’t remember.) Michael: Like your mom said, don’t worry about it now, Maria. You’ll remember. We’ve been through too much together to get to where we are. You have to remember.
Maria: What about Liz? Does she remember what happened?
(Meanwhile, Max has been holding Liz’ hand. She was barely conscious but she’s coming around. He’s hoping Liz hasn’t lost her memory like Maria.)
Max: I think she’s coming to.
Amy: I wonder if they found her parents?
Liz: What about my parents? Where am I?
Max: You’re in the hospital. You were unconscious.
Liz: Who…why? You’re Max Evans.
Max: Last time I checked.
Liz: Why are you here. Where’s my mom?
Amy: Liz? Are you…
Liz: Amy! Is Maria here?
Amy: She’s in the bed next to you. You were both trapped in the cooler at the Crashdown It malfunctioned and you breathed in some kind of gas.
Liz: I don’t remember that. I must have passed out.
Maria: Hey Liz! I think we have some catching up to do. Do you know what month it is?
Liz: Sure, September.
Maria: They tell me it's springtime, not fall.
Liz: I don’t know what you mean. I thought we just started school. As far as I know, it’s September.
Max: What else can you remember?
Liz: Uh…I’m going to a football game with Kyle tonight.
Amy: There’s no football in the spring.
Liz: It can't be spring. I just started school a few days ago.
(Max thinks: “Oh no…not Liz too”. Just then Isabel and Alex return and enter the room.)
Alex: Steven the cook contacted Liz’ parents. They are on the way.
Liz: Alex! I’m so glad to see a familiar face.
(Max feels hurt; turns away.)
Liz: Where are my parents?
Alex: They were out of town arranging for a new outdoor sign for the Crashdown, but as I said, they're on their way here now.
Max: Liz, I… Do you remember why you and Maria were in the cooler?
Liz: I don’t even remember going to work today. What day is it?
Max: It’s Wednesday.
Liz: Oh dear, I’m so confused. Alex! Isn’t that Isabel, Max' sister?
Alex: Yea. She and I are kind of together. Don’t you remember?
Liz: You and Isabel? You're together? Now I'm totally confused. What about you, me, and Maria?
Alex: We’re all still friends; it's just that we have significant others now. I have Isabel, Maria has Michael, and you have Max.
Liz: I’m with Max? Max Evans? I’ve always wanted…I can’t believe…Oh, this is so weird.
Max: We’ve been very happy together lately, Liz. I’ve never been so happy in my life.
Alex: Trust me Liz. You and Max are…well…inseparable.
Liz: Well, I don’t… Alex, is this all true?
Alex: Absolutely! Liz, you’ve just got to remember what we all have going. Six is better than three. Trust me!
Max: Let’s give them both some time. I’ll bet they'll remember everything by tomorrow.
Amy: Maybe you all better go now. I’ll stay with both of them until Liz’ parents get here.
Michael: Isabel and Max, let's head to my place. We need to talk.
Liz: Thank you all for caring for us. Max, you don’t know how much I want to believe this is true. I’ve been in love with you from afar for such a long, long time.
Max: I know, you've told me…and I've had my eye on you since the third grade. Fortunately, it hasn’t been from afar recently. I love you, Liz.
(Max kisses Liz. She feels comfort, a peaceful feeling; kind of like an old familiar song but she can't understand why.
Max: (pause) Liz Parker! This just can’t be happening. You've got to…
Liz: I…I…Max honey, I can’t remember…

(Oh my, what an interesting situation! Interesting or not, it’s time to end this episode. The BS Network would like to thank both of you for watching tonight. Your tuning in doubled their audience. Come back next time and bring a friend. Now stay tuned for an exciting BS Network sports presentation: " Wrestling Matches from Roswell". Look for a familiar face or two in the ring!)

Title: Honey, I Can't Remember-Part 2
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to Warner Brothers. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(The four friends leave the two confused, time deprived women with Maria's mom at the hospital. They get in the car and head for Michael's apartment.)

Isabel: Max, do you really think their memories will come back?
Max: I pray to God that they will.
Alex: Is there anything you could do to restore them?
Max: Oooh, I doubt it. Healing a cut is one thing. Trying to do something to brain folds…no, I wouldn't want to try it.
Michael: Isabel and Max, we need to talk. Alex, would you mind if we dropped you off at home? We'll catch up with you later.
Alex: I...uh…whatever...
Isabel: I'D mind if we drop him off. Michael, what could you possibly have to say that Alex can't know about. There's no point in his not coming with us. I'll just tell him everything later anyway. He's certainly doesn't deserve what you just implied.
(Isabel in silent connection to Alex: Don't mind him, Alex. I don't know what's the matter with him today.)
(Alex in connection: It’s OK Izzy.)
Max: I agree with Isabel. Alex is a part of us; has been for quite a while. He can even connect with us if he wants to. What gives, Michael?
Michael: I didn't mean to offend you Alex. I just have a matter to discuss regarding…you know…what we are?
Alex: You guys are not "whats" to me; never will be.
(Alex kisses Isabel. Michael, noting the increasing bond between Isabel and Alex, is sorry he even thought of excluding him.)
Michael: I know! It's OK. Sorry Alex; they're right. I'm not sure what I was thinking. Old habits die hard. Forgive me, OK?
Alex: Done!
(The four enter the apartment.)
Isabel: So Michael, what's the big concern?
Michael: The concern is, what if Maria and Liz's memories don't come back? Or what if they come back part way. As of now they don't know anything about us except that we've recently become friends…and they only have our word for that. I'm concerned that some partial recall may cause them to say things they shouldn't and normally wouldn't. There's also the possibility that, if we continue to hang with them, that we'll have to tell them about us all over again. How will they respond without six months worth of experiences to look back on?
Isabel: So what are you saying?
Michael: Maybe this is our chance to turn back the clock…recover our secret. I worry about them knowing too much in their present state. It's not that I don't trust them. It's just…maybe this is a chance to protect them and us.
Isabel: And were you planning to send Alex into the cooler too? Get real, Michael! Is that what you really want? I thought you liked Maria.
Michael: I do. That's why I'm saying this. She might be better off not knowing…
Max: That's wrong Michael. If we're going to be with them, and God knows I want to be with Liz, impaired memory or not; then they need and deserve to know. I think the only way not knowing helps them is if we're not associating with them. As our friends they do have to watch their backs and ours as well; and they have to know why.
Alex: I hope I'm not out of line butting into this, but Michael has one valid point. You will have to tell them and we don't know how they'll react. I think it might be well to not rush into that.
Isabel: I can't believe you said that, as frustrated as you were when you didn't know.
Alex: That was different. And truthfully, it did take me a while to assimilate that truth and what it meant… and to decide it didn’t matter, as far as my wanting to be friends with you guys.
Max: Maybe we should go slow; just get back with them and see where things wind up.
Isabel: You guys are incredible. The best friends you two will probably ever have need us right now. And I think they need the real us.
Max: They can have the real us. That won't change. I'm not going back into a step-back mode.
Michael: I agree with Max; but I wanted to raise the issue just to make sure we were all agreed as to how to handle this.
Max: So what do we agree on; or do we?
Isabel: It sounds like you two just need to renew your relationships and hope everything catches up with itself.
Michael: So Alex, will you help us? We'll decide when the time is right to tell them our secret. In the meantime…
Alex: I get it and I'll do whatever. I'll treat them as I would anyone else. Your secret is not mine to tell anyway.
Max: Thanks, Alex.
Isabel: See Michael? We would have needed a discussion with Alex anyway…
Michael: Drop is Iz. Alex is just fine. I know it and he knows it.
Max: So, how do I start rebuilding what Liz and I had.
Isabel: Just be with her. It will happen.
Max: I just feel bad that she won't remember all the things we've done together; my saving her, our first kiss, the E-mail caper, the field trip, her kissing me to bring back my powers, the re-balancing, my being invisible, her sitting in my naked lap, our just being together. It not right that I have those memories and Liz doesn't.
Michael: It's the same with Maria and I. Our kissing for the first time, the mud, the wrestling, I…all gone. She won't remember the cave and how she literally helped save my life, or how her support helped me get away from Hank. She was the first person to ever put a crack in my wall and she won’t remember any of it.
Alex: I think you can have a ball telling them about those things.
Michael: Assuming they want to hear them.
Isabel: What do you mean?
Michael: We're assuming they'll still want to be with us. What if they don't?
Max: They don't have a choice.
Michael: But Max, they do. Don't you get it? It might be we can pick it up where we were; but it might be they won’t want to.
Isabel: It's going to be OK guys, isn’t it Alex?
Alex: We'll make it OK. The ironic thing is, you’ll be the ones making it happen instead of them. By the way, I can do more than just keep a secret. I'm the one they still remember pretty well since I've been their friend for much longer than the period of their memory loss. I can do a lot to get this back to normal and I will. They'll be comfortable with me from the start. You two; it might take a little time, especially you Michael. Maria's not easy…
Michael: I know! But then, neither am I.
Isabel: There’s an admission!
Max: Isabel, have you thought about how you're going to befriend them again? They probably think you're still hanging with the elite crowd.
Alex: I can really help with that. They'll accept me right away and I bring Isabel. That one's done I think.
Isabel: Maybe?
Alex: Now you're unsure?
Isabel: Only if you are.
Alex: Not in the least!
Max: We better get home, Isabel. Mom's probably wondering where we are.
Isabel: Yea, let's go. Coming Alex?
Alex: If it's OK, I'll stay and hang with Michael for a while. See you later?
Isabel: Count on it.

(Meanwhile, back at the hospital…)
Amy: So, the doctor tells me you can both probably go home tomorrow.
Maria: But to what? We seem to have lost part of ourselves…like since last fall.
Liz: Imagine, having to re-learn six months worth of schoolwork.
Maria: Arrrrgh!
Amy: Sounds like you are feeling better.
Maria: A little, but I’m still a bit groggy and I’m real fuzzy on what’s happening.
Liz: Me too. I’m still trying to figure out what happened to us. I’ve been in that cooler a hundred times. I never thought about being trapped in it.
Maria: We’ll just have to see if Max Evans was right. He said we’d probably remember everything by tomorrow.
Amy: I hope you will. The doctor couldn't promise anything in that regard though. I’m going to leave you two now. Call me if you need something. I’ll check on you first thing in he morning.
Maria: By mom!
(Amy leaves them. A long silence ensues; then…)
Liz: Can you believe it? Me and Evans Max. According to Whitman Alex, Evans Max and I are a number. I’ve been curious about that mysterious man for years. There was always something about him that I really liked. I never imagined he would have any interest in me. He always seemed like he was kind of a loner. I do remember that he is in my new biology class.
Maria: You mean your six-month-old biology class.
Liz: I guess so.
Maria: I can see you with Max Evans pretty easily. That doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is I’m supposed to be with Michael Guerin. To me, he’s just a guy I see once in awhile at school.
Liz: I think Guerin Michael is cute. And I can see you with him. I can’t say why, but it feels OK to me.
Maria: He has interesting hair.
Liz: I like it…on him I mean. I don’t think I’d like it on Evans Max.
Maria: Liz, why are you saying the guy’s names backwards.
Liz: What do you mean?
Maria: You keep saying Evans Max instead of Max Evans.
Liz: I didn’t realize that. The gas must have done something else besides make me forget six months.
Maria: It sounds like your name recall has reversed itself.
Liz: I think I better ask the doctor about that.
Maria: We need to talk to Alex too. He’ll give us the scoop on what we can’t remember.
Liz: Right! But can you believe Whitman Alex and Evans Isabel? I can accept our new boyfriends, but that match blows my mind.
Maria: If Alex were here, he’d say something else already did that.
Liz: Unfortunately he probably would.
(Just then, Liz’ parents arrive.)
Nancy: Liz honey; sorry we were so long getting here. The car had a flat tire.
Liz: I’m OK, mom; at least physically.
Jeff: What do you mean?
Liz: I mean, neither Maria nor I can remember what happened. And we can’t remember anything that happened in the last six months. We thought it was fall and we just went back to school.
Nancy: I can assure you, it’s spring. A young man’s fancy and all that…
Jeff: I’m surprised Max Evans isn’t here. You’ve been with him a lot; probably too much, lately.
Liz: He was here. Until Whitman Alex told me what you just confirmed, I didn’t know why.
Nancy: This memory loss might be for the better in that regard.
Liz: Don’t you like him? I do.
Nancy: I don’t have any reason not to like him; it’s just that you've been with him so much lately.
Liz: I know mom, but…
Jeff: So how are you, Maria?
Maria: About the same as Liz, really confused.
Jeff: Neither of you have any idea what happened? Steven said you got locked in the cooler. He said it’s not working and our food is spoiling.
Maria: He knows more than we do then, or at least he remembers more.
Jeff: I better get over there and see what's wrong.
Nancy: It can wait, Jeff. I want to make sure the girls are OK.
Liz: We're OK, mom. At least we're alive. We'll have to deal with the memory loss. And I seem to be having a problem with names.
Nancy: Names? Like who’s?
Maria: She keeps reversing them. She says Evans Max instead of Max Evans.
Jeff: I'm going to find your doctor and see what he says about this; if it’s going to be permanent.
Maria: My mom checked a while ago. The doctors can't say. All they said was we could probably go home tomorrow. There's nothing they can do about the memory problems.
Liz: I guess our memories will either come back naturally or they won't. We'll just have to see.
Nancy: Goodnight, honey. We'll come for you tomorrow.
Liz: Good night mom. I wish I could remember…I just can't…

(They tell me we have to stop here. It's too bad because right now there seem to be more questions than answers. But you have to admit, the thought of the guys kissing up to the girls is an interesting turn of events; Alex and Isabel not withstanding. In fact, it's so late right now those two are probably not standing at all, especially if there still together. Hmmm! Better not go there…this is a family network. Stay tuned for a presidential press conference. The president of what, we're not sure; but I'm sure the B.S. network would not cut us off for just any president, would they?)

posted on 23-Oct-2001 1:34:11 AM
Title: Honey, I Can't Remember…Part 3
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

Review of the rules on the B.S. Network:
1) The group is happily balanced. Max is with Liz, as he should be. (See “The Roswell E-Mail”)
2) Alex has the power to connect with his alien friends. (See “The Roswell E-Mail”)
3) Max and Isabelle' parents know their kids are aliens and they love them unconditionally anyway. (See “Balance Statements”.)
4) Michael is always welcome at the Evans’ home as long as uses the front door to which they have given him a key. (See “Balance Statements”)
5) The couples have some indication that mating would be possible. (See “Balance Statements II.”)
6) The B.S. Network has no contract with Tess.
If you can live with these conditions…please continue. Otherwise…go watch another network.

(Continued from Part2)

(Scene: The next morning at the Evans home. Max is sitting at the kitchen table staring off into space.)

Diane: Max honey, you look like you've lost your best friend.
Max: In a way I have, mom.
Dianne: Liz?
Max: Yea!
Diane: Isabel told me about what happened. Liz really doesn’t remember you?
Max: She knows who I am. She just doesn't remember our recent relationship.
Diane: Including what you did for her?
Max: Yes, including that. But that's not important. I didn't do that to win her love. I wasn't sure at first, but recently I've come to know that that’s not why she wants to be with me. It something a lot more complicated. We just seem right together. These past few months I've been the happiest I think I've ever been.
Diane: I understand son. I was your age once. Is there anything you can do for her? What are your plans?
Max: I can't do much about her memory loss. Maybe if I'd studied brain surgery, I might try something; but I'm really afraid to try anything. I might make things worse.
Diane: I didn't mean form a healing standpoint; I meant from a personal standpoint.
Max: Isabel says we just need to get back together and things will get back on track. Michael says she might decide she doesn't want to be with me any more. That could happen. I don't think I could take that! That would mean that she was just showing love for me because I saved her life. (Tries to hold back the tears.) Mom, I'm too old to cry, but I sure feel like it right now. Outside our family, she was the one person in the whole world I could be completely open and honest with. I can't do that anymore. She doesn't remember what she knew about me. I can't tell her again unless the situation is right. It might really freak her out. I have to win her back without telling her my secret. I'm scared, mom.
Diane: Isabel is right, son. I've seen the way she looks at you. It's the way I used to look at your father. She'll come back to you Max. Things will be OK again. And remember, your family's here for you. Bring her over. Maybe she'll remember having been here before. (pause) Max, I'm glad you talked to me. Usually I only have talks like this with Isabel.
Max: Probably about me.
Diane: Sometimes! But I'm your biggest fan, Max. Where do you think Isabel gets the advice she gives you?
Max: Thanks, mom.
(Isabel comes in.)
Isabel: Is this a family council?
Diane: If you need one.
Max: At least she's still got HER confidant.
Isabel: Don't rail on Alex. You need him right now. He's right when he says he can be a key to fixing things. Both Liz and Maria have been close to him for a long, long time. They remember that. They'll believe what he tells them.
Max: I know that. I was just telling mom that I'm frustrated at having to start over with Liz.
Isabel: I don't think you'll really be starting over. I never thought I'd say this to your face, but you two really do have a connection that goes beyond normal. I doubt that connection, whatever it is, was affected by this. Frankly, I'm much more concerned about Michael and Maria getting back to where they were.
Diane: Listen, I've got to go to the store and this sounds like a "you don't need mom anymore" discussion anyway. Max, it will work out. Don't worry!
(Diane leaves Max and Isabel to talk.)
Isabel: I don't recall you ever talking with mom like that before.
Max: It wasn't too long ago I didn't think I ever could.
Isabel: So, is there anything I can do.
Max: I think, like you said, if you'll just hang with Alex, we can at least get the girls thinking about what they need to know.
Isabel: I'm going to go find Alex now and discuss this. We'll give Maria and Liz a little time to get settled back in at their homes and then go visit them. I'll let you know when I think you can approach Liz.
Max: Let me come with you. Normally I wouldn't butt in on you two, but I need to talk to Alex. I'll not go with you when go to see Liz, but I really want to make sure we're all on the same page before Alex talks to her.
Isabel: Under the circumstances…
(Max and Isabel head out to see Alex. They find him at home.)
Alex: Hi! I'm glad you're here; we need to talk. (pause) It's OK, dad's working out back.
Max: That phrase, we need to talk; it's been getting said a lot lately. Usually it's not because everything is wonderful either.
Alex: Let me tell you, it's definitely not.
Isabel: Maria and Liz?
Alex: It's not just them. The girls are as OK as can be expected. I called Liz' mom. They're bringing them home about 1:00. She suggested we could stop by about 3:00. I also called Liz on the phone. There's been no change in the memory loss.
Max: Damm! I don't know if I ought to go see her just yet then?
Alex: Maybe I should run interference first. I didn't get much chance to tell her about you and she. I know she's excited to hear more about the situation.
Isabel: Is that what you needed to talk about?
Alex: Partially! Don't ask about the rest!
Isabel: That bad? What's wrong, honey?
(Isabel squeezes Alex hand.)
Alex: I Guess I have to tell you. This is going to cramp my…our style. I'll still do what I can for Liz and Maria. And Isabel, this can't…I won't let it…change your and my relationship. Last night my dad informed me that he's agreed to let my cousin stay here for about 6 or 8 weeks. His parents work for the government and they have to go overseas. Devin doesn't want to go with them. They live in Alamogorda now. His dad has something to do with the White Sands Missile Range. I haven't seen Devin in years. We're not exactly close.
Max: How old is he?
Alex: He's about 17 I think. My dad wants me to make him feel at home and have him meet my friends…show him around school. He'll have to transfer over here.
Isabel: That's not great news.
Alex: I know it's not. I'll have to introduce him to you; but all of a sudden, if he's tagging along, you're going to have to be careful what you say and do around me again. Plus the situation with Liz and Maria needs my attention. All I can say is, "thanks dad".
Max: Oh please, no! There goes one more piece of available sanity.
Alex: What's that?
Max: You! I was just lamenting to my mom and Isabel about how we can't be our real selves around Liz and Maria right now. Now it'll be the same with you most of the time too. Could this get any worse?
Alex: At least I haven't lost my memory and Devin just can't be with us every time we get together. Hopefully we can find him a girlfriend or something so he won't want to just hang with us all the time. At the same time, especially when he first gets here, I can't just leave him hang out to dry.
Isabel: Any more good news?
Alex: Can't think of any?
Max: When is he coming?
Alex: Well, that might be more "good" news. Sometime today or tonight!
Isabel: Has your dad known about this for a while and just not told you?
Alex: I haven't the foggiest…
Max: When it rains it pours.
Alex: Isabel, how about we have tonight alone together? I'll tell Devin we already had plans. He’ll just have to roll with it.
Isabel: Sounds good to me.
Max: If you are through with today's depressing news broadcast, what are you going to tell Liz about her and me?
Alex: The truth, except for the "you know what" part. I really think that's all that will be needed to kick start your relationship again. I'll tell her that you really like her and have for along time. I'll teel her that she really likes you. I can tell her about the field trip to Los Alamos, minus some elements. I can tell her about how you and she are lab partners.
I can tell her…I can tell her…uh…oh man; so much of what you've shared…what we've all shared… I can't tell her. I didn't realize how much of what we've all shared revolved around…oh geez…this is going to be harder than I was thinking.
Max: That's the realization I came to last night too and it's why I'm so depressed. She's going to ask questions about what we've been doing. If I give her vague answers, it's going to turn her off. Being able to freely talk to her; that’s the whole reason I told her about us in the first place…well besides having to explain to her how I healed her.
Alex: She doesn't remember that does she? This could be interesting.
Max: Yea, I know…
Isabel: You guys worry too much. Max, you and Liz belong together and even if you have to start over it will work out. Sooner or later she'll be able to accept certain things and then you…we all… can fill her in completely. She won't have to not know about the last few months indefinitely.
Max: I had an idea I think I might be able to put my memories of her into her mind if I went into her dream. The problem with that is, they'd be my memories, not hers. It might then be like talking to myself when I see her. I don't know if that's a good thing or not.
Isabel: I wouldn't think you'd want to do that; at least not until she could recognize them for what they are…your memories.
Alex: And not until you feel comfortable telling her all about yourself again.
Max: No, definitely not until then.
Alex: Oh boy! I just thought of something else. Ready for one more piece of good news?
Max: No! I thought the news was over.
Alex: This is a bulletin! Liz’ journal.
Max: Oh *#!? She can’t read that, at least not right away. What am I going to do?
Isabel: Can you slip in and hide it?
Max: She lost it once before. I’m not sure I know where she keeps it. But I’ll find it. I have to. Look, her parents will be at the hospital picking her up at 1:00 o'clock. I’ll climb up to her room and slip in there while they're gone. Can somebody stand guard for me?
Isabel: I will. But I think you shouldn’t hide it. Let me help you alter it. It might really help the whole situation if she reads it, minus certain things.
Max: I hate doing that. It’s deceiving her and I swore I’d never do that. Liz’ journal according to Max. That's bad news!
Isabel: You couldn’t have foreseen this situation . You’ve got to do it, Max.
Max: I know. If she reads what I know is in there…oh man, I don’t even want to think about it. I’m glad you remembered that, Alex.
Alex: Hate to keep piling it on you friend, but…
Max: I know; I’m dealing with it.
Isabel: This will work out. As I said at home Max, I'm more worried about restoring the relationship between Maria and Michael.
Alex: You're right, you know. There's even less that I can tell Maria that's not related to the total Michael. There's their first kiss and the wrestling match; help me think of something else.
Isabel: Uh… we've had some good times at the Crashdown, and they have been to a couple of dances lately.
Max: They're such an unlikely combination anyway, we've got our work cut out for us. The good news is Michael wants it to happen. I think, in his own way, he's going to miss her pretty fast.
Alex: I feel for you guys and having our group messed up is bad. I'm also really sorry about the Devin thing.
Max: I know it's not your cousin's fault, but anyone who has parents who work for the law or the government makes me nervous.
Alex: I think my Uncle's pretty far removed from anything that would concern you.
Max: Hope so.
(Doorbell rings; it's Michael.)
Alex: Hi bro.
Michael: No wonder I couldn't find anyone.
Isabel: Looks like you just did.
Michael: So, what's up?
Max: Liz’ journal.
(As the one who has read it, Michael grimaces.)
Michael: (pause) We have to grab it, Maxwell.
Max: I know. I’m going to try to get it and change some entries before she gets home. Her parents will be gone picking her up about 1:00 this afternoon. I’m going to try to get to it then.
Alex: After that, Iz and I are going to go see both the girls about 3:00. We're just going to start filling them in and see what happens.
Michael: Do your best for me, will ya?
Alex: Of course. If there's anything you'd like me to tell her specifically…
Michael: Tell Maria I really do love her and I want some time to fill in what she's forgotten. She at least needs to give me one chance to talk to her.
Isabel: I'm sure she will.
Alex: Iz, I'll get with you at 3:00 and we'll go see them one at a time.
Max: Call me when you're finished with Liz and I'll drop over and see her.
Alex: OK, will do! Max; fill Michael in on my "other" problem. Tell him it wasn't my idea and I'll try to make the best of it. Emphasize that I'm well aware of your special concerns.
Max: OK Alex. I can imagine what Michael will say about Devin. See you later.
Michael: Who's Devin?
Max: Sit down, Michael; this is not good news! It seems Alex has this cousin who…

(We know what he's going to say and we're out of time anyway. In our next episode, we'll see what the women really don't remember and how much they'll believe what Alex tells them. Also, there's the complication of Devin Whitman coming to live with Alex. That has to have more to it that meets the eye, don't you think? These things and more will be addressed when we return. Right now though, the B.S. Network has a special treat for you. Stay tuned for a music special, featuring up and coming singing star Kitch Henderson. Kitch is the grandson of famed band leader Skitch Henderson. Kitch will be appearing with a very famous and popular group. We're not sure quite how the B.S. network could afford them, but they tell us the show is going to be just great. Stay tuned then for "Kitch 'N Sync"!)

Title: Honey, I Can't Remember…Part 4
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to Warner Brothers. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Max and Isabel head out to “fix” the journal problem.)

Max: This is so not right.
Isabel: What choice have you got? Put yourself in her place. She has been told you’re her boyfriend. She thinks she likes you but doesn’t know anything of the last six months. Then she reads, " Max Evans…I love him; he’s an alien". What would you do?
Max: Question my sanity, probably.
Isabel: She doesn’t need that right now.
Max: I know…
Isabel: So, you ready?
Max: Let me show you how to make the climb. Anyone watching?
Isabel: No, go now.
(Max and Isabel make the climb Max has made many times lately. The window’s locked, but Isabel opens it.)
Max: OK! If you’re Liz, where do you keep it?
Isabel: After it got lost I’m not sure. Let me pick up something else of hers.
(Isabel does so. She gets several flashes…finally…)
Isabel: I’ve got it.
(Opens the closet and finds the loose brick.)
Isabel: What do you not want it to say?
Max: You know, just anything about what I am…what we are. You can leave the "who I am" parts.
Isabel: This might take awhile. I feel funny reading this but I don’t know what else we can do.
Max: Forgive us Liz!
(Max is very moved by what he reads. It takes a while, but everything they need to change is changed. Just as they are ready to leave, they hear people coming up the stairs.)
Max: Have we been here that long.
Isabel: It been a while. Let’s get outta here, quickly.
Max: We need to put the journal back.
Isabel: No time…let’s hope she… Hey, you know; I’ll bet she won't have remembered where she put it anyway.
Max: But we can't take the chance. That loose brick has been there more than six months. She'll know where to look. There, I put it back. I hope it helps her remember some things.
(The two climb out the window just as Liz and her parents come in the room.)
Max: That was close.
Isabel: But we did it.
Max: Thanks Isabel!
Isabel: I better go get with Alex and make an official visit here.
Max: Good luck! Keep me posted.
(Isabel and Max head back to get Alex. Max reluctantly allows his sister and his friend to take over for now. Alex and Isabel head out to visit the memory handicapped. Isabel is now back where she was less than an hour ago.)
Alex: Mrs. Parker, can we see Liz?
Nancy: Yes! She’s in her room. She’s been asking for you Alex.
Alex: That’s a good sign.
(They go upstairs.)
Alex: Hi!
Liz: Hey you two.
Isabel: How are you feeling?
Liz: I getting my strength back, but my mind… it’s like I’m in a cloud. I can’t think clearly. Maria told me I’m mix up names when I talk. Alex, it’s so good to look at you and see something familiar.
Alex: Just call me Mr. Friendly.
Liz: I always have. So, Whitman Alex, tell me about you and Evans Isabel there.
Alex: Evans Isabel?
Liz: Did I say that? Sorry! That's what I warned you about. My mind turns names inside out. Something to do with what happened. So about you and Isabel…
Alex: Liz, in the past few months Izzy and I have gotten to be really good friends. Really good!
Liz: Izzy?
Alex: Sorry, I mean Isabel.
Isabel: You can call me Izzy, Alex; I don’t mind. You can call me that too, Liz.
Liz: Do I know you that well?
Isabel: Actually, you do. And my brother too.
Alex: But you don’t want to call him Izzy.
Liz: Same old Alex, still with the bad jokes.
Alex: My jokes aren’t bad.
Isabel: Yes they are!
Liz: Hmmm! I think I’m beginning to like her a lot already, Alex.
Alex: OK, OK! Liz, I wish I could give you everything back by waving a wand but I can’t.
Liz: Just start with last fall. Tell me about school. And tell me about how…I mean tell me about Evans Max. I’ve had my eye on him since the third grade. I can’t believe he really likes me…it’s just…
Isabel: He does, Liz. It’s really hurting him that you don’t remember.
Liz: But why just recently did he…um?
Alex: Uh…er…I guess…I guess he just finally got up the nerve to ask you out.
Liz: We're dating?
Alex: Yep!
Liz: And you two? How long have you…
Alex: How long Iz? 4 months at least.
Isabel: Four wonderful months.
Alex: You and Max are lab partners you know?
Liz: So I’ve been told. But I’m going to be so far behind in school that I may have to repeat all my classes.
Alex: I can tutor you; we can have study sessions like we used to and get you caught up.
(Alex connects briefly to Isabel. Unconsciously he stares at her.)
*Alex: (Silently to Isabel) Could you dreamwalk Liz and give her back some of the schooling she’s forgotten. It would be bad if she falls behind us a year.)
*Isabel: (Silently to Alex.) I’d be willing to try.
Liz: (Notices the stare.) Wow you two; you look just like your reading each other’s minds. You must be close.
Alex: Uh…er…just thinking, Liz.
(He kisses Isabel. Liz raises her eyebrows. She still can’t believe her Alex is with this "Queen of the In Crowd".)
Alex: So Liz, Max really wants to see you. Are you willing to talk to him?
Liz: I…I don’t know what I’d say to him. When he kissed me at the hospital I felt something. It was like I’d known him forever.
Isabel: We’ve been calling you guys soul mates.
Liz: Really?
Alex: It’s been bad, real bad.
Liz: How?
Alex: I don’t mean bad bad, just… you know…bad!
Isabel: What foot in mouth here is trying to say is that you and Max… well, let’s just say you’re real familiar with the eraser room.
Liz: I’ve got to think about this. I wonder if I wrote about him in my journal? Where’s my journal. Maybe I can tell myself something about him.
Alex: If you wrote everything about you and Max, you should have no trouble finding it. You can probably smell it burning.
Liz: If anyone but you, Whitman Alex, were telling me this, I’d think it was a set up.
Alex: So what if it was, if it’s what you want.
Liz: I need time.
Isabel: You’re not going to keep him away from here for long. He’s expecting a report from us.
Liz: Tell him…tell him…I…
Alex: He really wants to see you.
Liz: OK, 8 o’clock. I’ll go downstairs. Have him come to the Crashdown.
Isabel: Do you feel well enough?
Liz: For Evans Max, I’ll make myself feel better.
Alex: Good, he’ll be happy. Just remember, he thinks you’re his.
Isabel: He’ll be a good boy; I promise.
Liz: I’m feeling better already. Thanks for coming by.
Alex: We’re going to go see Maria now.
Liz: Is she really with Guerin Michael?
Alex: Yes! She has been!
Liz: Wow! This is all just too weird.
Isabel: Get some rest, Liz. If my brother’s coming over you're going to need it.
Liz: Thanks!
(Isabel and Alex leave Liz and make their way over to see Maria.)
Alex: Liz seems sort of OK, but that name thing; it scares me. I hope there's no permanent brain damage.
Isabel: Me too. That's not the worst thing that could have happened, but it is odd.
Alex: I hope Maria doesn't have any similar problems.
Isabel: She has Michael, that's problem enough.
Alex: Let's hope she has Michael. It may be hard to convince her that he's a good thing.
Isabel: We at least need to get her to see him. We promised.
Alex: We'll do our best.
(They arrive at Maria's.)
Alex: Is Maria here?
Nancy: Yes! She’s been asking for you, Alex.
Alex: That’s a good sign.
*Isabel: (Silent connection) De-ja vu?
*Alex: (Silently) Isn’t it great?
(In Maria’s room.)
Alex: Hi!
Maria: Hey!
Alex: Are you ready to take on the world yet?
Maria: I guess I’ll have to sooner or later. But not yet! It is so weird having six months of your life suddenly missing.
Isabel: We kind of heard the same thing from Liz.
Maria: How is she? Is she remembering any more than I am?
Alex: I don’t think yet. She’s going to force herself to go to the Crashdown tonight and see Max.
Maria: Tell me about that, Alex. Did she break up with Kyle? Are she and Max really together?
Alex: Very together; or they were. She’s really scared now. She doesn’t know what to say to him. And yes, she broke up with Kyle.
Isabel: Max doesn’t know what to say to her either. Any suggestions I could give him? You know Liz better than anyone.
Maria: You know, she told me once she thought Max was staring at her a lot. She always dismissed it as wishful thinking. Tell her to ask him if he used to do that.
Alex: That sounds like a good idea. Anything else?
Maria: I been envisioning Liz and Max together. It seems really right to me for some reason. Tell him I think he's right for Liz.
Alex: Liz and Max; it is right. It has been for several months. It still is. Now what about you, Maria? Liz isn’t the only one. You have a man in love with you, you know.
Maria: Michael Guerin?
Alex: None other!
Maria: He is soooo not me. There's no way I'm with that guy. He skips school half the time. He was definitely absent when they taught social skills. His hair looks like he got hit by lightning. He lives in a trailer park with a drunk. He barely gives anyone the time of day. How could I possibly see anything in him?
Alex: A few things have changed with him Maria. Some of it 's because of you. He lives by himself now.
Isabel: Hank beat him up. My dad was able to help him become emancipated; he doesn't need a foster care person anymore. He lives in his own apartment. Hank moved away.
Alex: Michael’s been going to school lately too, mostly to see you. But it's a good thing, no matter what the reason.
Isabel: …And he's very artistic. He's done some great drawings of you.
Maria: He' pretty rough around the edges.
Alex: He's a diamond in the rough.
Isabel: Unbelievable! For once I agree with one of your jokes, Alex.
Maria: I…I don't know…
Alex: Maria, he did come to the hospital to see you. There must have been a reason for that.
Maria: Maybe he was just tagging along with Max.
Alex: He told us to tell you he loves you.
Maria: I…I don't know what to say.
Alex: You don't remember, but ask your mom about her wrestling match and how he saved the day.
Isabel: …And he had a personal problem and you really helped pull him through it.
Maria: What was that?
Isabel: We better let him tell you about that.
Alex: Won't you at least talk to him? He's missing you.
Maria: Maybe, when I get back to school. If he's there…I'll…I'll…
Alex: Trust us Maria.
Maria: Alex, you I trust. No offense, but I don't really know you very well, Isabel.
Isabel: Yes, you do. You just don't remember. A lot has happened in the past few months. We've got a group dynamic that…well; it's just fun.
Maria: I've never been on very good terms with the girls that are your friends.
Isabel: Frankly, I haven't been on very good terms with them lately either, but certain things are worth a sacrifice.
(Isabel takes Alex by he hand and they kiss briefly. Maria thinks to herself, "I never would have believed it".)
Maria: Well, if you two are together…and it's obvious that you are…maybe I could have been with Michael.
Alex: You'll let him see you then?
Maria: Yea, just as soon as I feel a little better. Tell him I waiting to be swept off my feet by my designated boyfriend.
Isabel: He'll be glad to hear that.
Alex: We better go and let you get some rest. Oh, by the way. My cousin is coming to stay with us for a while. His name is Devin. I'm sure he'll be around. I'll have you meet him.
Maria: Is he cute?
Alex: I haven't seen him for ten years and he's not exactly my type, so I really can't say.
Isabel: Besides, you've got a man.
Maria: We'll see. We'll see. Catch you guys later.
(Isabel and Alex head out. It's getting a bit late. Alex is thinking that maybe he should be getting home to greet Devin; then he can run out later with Isabel as they planned. They head for Alex' house.)
Alex: Let’s go see is Devin has shown up yet. You can drop me off. I’ll do what I have to do with him; then I’ll come get you. What do you wanta do tonight anyway? We’ve been so distracted we’ve not discussed it.
Isabel: Something quiet and secluded since this might be the last time I see you alone for awhile.
Alex: Want to drive out into the desert?
Isabel: Sure! As long as we don't go to that cabin we went to a few weeks ago.
Alex: I never want to go back to that place.
Isabel: Were you scared back in that cavern?
Alex: Frightened would be more apt.
Isabel: There’s a difference?
Alex: Yes, there is to me. I’ll tell you sometime.
Isabel: I can’t wait.
Alex: Well, we’re here. I see a fancy gold Jeep Cherokee in the driveway. I wonder if that’s Devin’s?
Isabel: Guess we’ll find out.
(The couple head into Alex’ house. As they enter…
Alex: Michael, what are you doing here? And what’s with the hair?
Devin: Hey, you must be Cousin Alex. I’m Devin…don’t know any Michael.
Alex: (pause) De…Devin…uh sure. Welcome. This is Isabel.
Devin: Helloooo!
(Alex and Isabel stare at Devin, almost in shock. What they see is a 6’1 man with brown hair, hazel eyes and, except for the hair, he’s Michael’s twin. An identical twin at that! They can’t believe what they’re seeing.)
Alex: Uh…Sorry I called you Michael. Devin, it’s incredible. I'm sorry if we’re staring; but it’s just that you look almost exactly like a very good friend of ours named Michael Guerin. Except for the fact that his hair is spiked and yours is longer and slicked down, you guys could be twins.
Devin: Ooohhh! Awesome man! When do I meet him?
Alex: Probably tomorrow. Isabel and I have a date tonight. We planned it long before I knew you were coming. I’ll start showing you around tomorrow.
Devin: No worries, Alex. I can find my way around. I've got my dad's Jeep. Just tell me where the local hang out is. I wanta see what the Roswell chicks look like. If they’re anything like the one you’ve snagged cousin, I’m gonna like it here. I left several broken hearts in Alamogorda.
Alex: Just head to a place called The “Crashdown”. That’s a good starter. There’s also a dance club my band plays at sometimes. I’ll give you the address.
Devin: You play in a band?
Alex: Yea…I do.
Devin: Totally cool!
Alex: (pause) Isabel needs to go home now. I’m gonna walk her out to her car. Back in a minute.
Devin: Yea!
(Alex and Isabel go out to Isabelle’ car. They just look at each other in amazement. Finally...)
Alex: Explain him to me. How can he look exactly like Michael?
Isabel: I don’t have any idea. He makes no sense to me either.
Alex: You’re sure that Michael’s not from this world?
Isabel: Are you sure Devin is?

(Oops, I forgot! This is where I was going to stop. I had to back up. I got so wrapped up I was already writing the next episode. Oh well, at least it’s part way done. The producer at the B.S. Network is a slave driver. He keeps demanding that scripts be finished at least an hour before filming. How unreasonable can you get? Oh well! The network says we have to do a promo here, so here goes…Coming up next on the B.S. network, “Duffy, The Magical Soothsayer”. Stay tuned! Please! Pretty please! Pretty please with Tabasco Sauce on it!)

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Title: Honey, I Can't Remember…Part 5
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Alex chats with Devin for a while and helps him get settled in. It's now about 6:00 and Alex goes to pick up Isabel for their "date".)

Alex: Isabel, will you pinch me? You saw Devin. We must be dreaming.
Isabel: Alex, will you pinch me? You saw Devin. We must be dreaming.
(Playfully they pinch each other.)
Alex: It's like I told you earlier, I don't know much about Devin. He's my dad's brother's son. We have never been real close to his family and I haven't seen him since we were about 4 years old. That’s all I know.
Isabel: I think we better put our little trip to the desert on hold and conference with the others ASAP.
Alex: Growl! I was looking forward to that little trip.
Isabel: Me too, but…
Alex: You're right of course. Conference…but not including Liz and Maria, right?
Isabel: Right! That would only complicate matters. But, unless I miss my guess, Devin is going to become a complication in their recovery anyway.
Alex: I'm really stunned. I mean…yea, there might be lookalikes to Michael in this world but does one of them have to be my cousin? How could he look so much like our Michael?
Isabel: Or how could Michael look so much like him…
Alex: What are you saying?
Isabel: I don't really know. I'm just trying to think of some reasons that might explain Devin's appearance.
Alex: The only thing I can imagine scares me. I don't even want to think about it.
Isabel: You may have to. Will you go see if Max is in his room? I'll call Michael. I know they want to go see their women, but we've got to tell them about Devin before they see him accidentally.
Alex: OK! I need to tell Max to meet Liz at 8:00 anyway. See if we can meet at Michael's. That's probably the best spot if we're gonna discuss this.
Isabel: Right!
(Alex and Isabel kiss briefly and Isabel heads to the phone while Alex looks for Max.)
Alex: Hey!
Max: I was trying to leave you two alone, but I'm glad you came and found me. What did Liz say?
Alex: She wants to see you at 8:00 at the Crashdown; or I should say she will see you. She's not at all sure about your relationship.
Max: That's what I was afraid of.
Alex: She did think of her journal. That may fill in some blanks for her.
Max: I hope so.
Alex: We've got another problem. Well, it's not so much a problem as it is a concern.
Max: What's that?
Alex: My cousin.
Max: We already discussed that. You know my opinion.
Alex: There is something you don't know. He's arrived. Isabel met him. I've helped him get settled in. When I first saw him, I thought he was Michael.
Max: Spiked hair?
Alex: Actually; that's the only thing that's different about him. His hair is longer and it's slicked.
Max: What do you mean?
Alex: Just that. Other than the hair, they're twins. Physically they're nearly identical.
Max: What? That's not possible.
(Isabel comes to Max' room.)
Isabel: That's what I said, but it's true. If you gave them the same haircut you couldn't tell them apart.
Max: Does Michael know?
Isabel: Not yet! I just called him; told him we needed to talk. He's expecting us.
Max: That, "we need to talk" thing again. I'm getting tired of it.
Alex: Aren't we all?
Max: OK! Let's get going so I can meet Liz on time.
Alex: …And maybe we can still take our little drive, Isabel.
(Max, Isabel, and Alex quickly head out in the jeep. A short while later at Michael's…)
Michael: What do you mean he looks exactly like me?
Alex: He just does. Except for the hair.
Michael: Yea, but hair's a style thing. It's not a physical attribute.
Alex: True, but it's really the only way we could tell you apart.
Isabel: Well, if you hear him talk it's obvious he's not our Michael. He almost tried to hit on me.
Michael: What? I'll kill him!
Isabel: It wasn't that bad, but I gather he considers himself quite the ladies man.
Michael: He's not me then. I'm one lady's man.
Alex: I worried about confusing Maria. She doesn't remember enough of the last six months to make a distinction. We'll have to tell her about the coincidence.
Max: Is it a coincidence?
Isabel: Somehow, I've been wondering that too.
Alex: What are you saying?
Max: Didn't you say Devin's father works for the government.
Alex: Yes he does, at the White Sands missile range. But that's pretty far from the FBI or anything that could possibly concern us.
Max: You're sure?
Alex: I can't see any connection. Besides, he couldn't have been created to look like Michael.
Michael: But perhaps I was created to look like him.
Alex: That's the thought I told Isabel earlier that I didn't even want to think about. Why would you say that?
Michael: We don't know anything about ourselves early on. It's possible we weren't in stasis as we've always thought. Maybe we were created to start life at six years old.
Isabel: That seems pretty far out to me.
Max: The bottom line is we really don't know. We are what we are.
Isabel: But what has that got to do with Devin and the fact that he looks like Michael.
Michael: Maybe we were created using some borrowed human DNA. Maybe it was borrowed from Devin before he was born, or from his mom and dad. They are government people aren't they? Who knows? Maybe Max and Isabel have a twin too.
Max: If we want far out possibilities, how about whoever or whatever directs the creation of life here also does so on other worlds and uses identical physical patterns of beings to populate the different planets.
Alex: You mean God?
Max: I don't know if I believe that; but if Liz and I are truly soul mates, how could our souls have come from different sources? Bodies might work the same way.
Isabel: That's even further out than Michael's theory and I don't think either of them is right. Nothing makes any sense. But then, neither does Devin's physical appearance.
Max: Does it really matter? He is what he is!
Michael: Easy for you to say. You didn't just discover a twin brother.
Max: He can't be your brother.
Michael: Why not? There we're four pods. If there's any chance…
Alex: Isabel, you were kidding when you asked if I was sure Devin was of this world, weren't you?
Isabel: At the time I was.
Max: Hey, let's get real about this. It's not that big a deal and there is no way Alex's cousin is an alien. Isabel would have sensed it. Alex, the way you're balanced I think you would have sensed it too. Let's just tell Maria to watch out for a guy who looks like Michael and to make sure she hooks up with the real thing.
Alex: Isabel! Did you feel anything at all from Devin?
Isabel: I wasn't really trying. His "helloooo" kinda turned me off; but since you mention it, no I didn't. I usually feel something about people when I meet them, but now that I think about it, he's a very large blank in that regard.
Alex: I'm glad to hear that. I didn't feel anything either. Nothing! And while I don't get people's life histories telegraphed to me anymore, when I meet them I usually feel something. Devin was just a blank slate to me too. I'm going to make a point of seeing if I can feel anything from him.
Max: See! Nothing to worry about. Let's just deal with him as a minor nuisance and move on.
Michael: I haven't met the guy and to me he's already a major nuisance.
Isabel: Max is probably right, Michael. Alex and I just wanted to make sure you and Max knew about this strange situation. I was afraid you'd pass out if you saw your double accidentally.
Michael: I doubt I would have passed out, but I might have passed him something…like a Mickey. Just kidding! Can we go see our girls now?
Max: Absolutely. Enough of this! I'm sick of "we've got to talk". We've got to stop worrying about every shadow.
Alex: Does Devin even have a shadow?

(Alex! That was an irrelevant question and it wasn't even funny. As cliffhangers go, that was very poor. We know everyone is anxiously awaiting the first out of the hospital, post memory lapse meetings between Evans Max and Parker Liz as well as Michael Guerin and Maria DeLuca. We promise that will happen in the next episode. We just had to set up some unusual circumstances for our gang to deal with. It's called "hype the ratings". When our next episode will be on, we can't say. The B.S. network has an interesting problem. Since they cancelled "Touched By A Warlock", fans have been sending in pointed sorcerer hats. They got so many it's to the point that no one at the network can sit down without experiencing an uneasy feeling in the posterior. As a result, they've decided to put "Touched" back on. In order to find room for the "We Six" they'll have to take something else off and they can't decide what show you can live without. We're told it will either be "WKF: Smoochdown" or "Change of Diaper"? Keep watching! We know we'll be on again sometime soon.)

Title: Honey, I Can't Remember…Part 6
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Michael can't stand it anymore. He's got to go see Maria, even if she doesn't remember him. Liz has agreed to see Max to. Both guys are anxious to get their relationships back on track.)

Michael: (On the phone.) Maria?
Maria: Yes!
Michael: Hey!
Maria: Hey yourself. Who's this?
(Michael feels sad. She doesn't recognize his voice.)
Michael: It me, Michael.
Maria: Oh…Michael Guerin. I wanted to thank you for visiting me at the hospital.
Michael: Could we…I mean...I'd like to see you…talk to you.
Maria: Alex said you'd be calling.
Michael: I was wondering…if you're feeling up to it…could I come by…
Maria: Yes, but probably only briefly. My mom still thinks I need quiet. If you want to come over, I'll tell her you're coming.
Michael: Do you feel well enough to go out? Liz and Max are meeting at the Crashdown.
Maria: That's easy for Liz. She lives there. My mom probably wouldn't let me go out just yet, but we can talk here.
Michael: See you shortly.
Max: So, is it a go?
Michael: Yes! Could you drop me at Maria's on your way to the Crashdown.
Max: Sure!
(Michael thinks about all the good times and the bad times he and Maria have shared. How can he get things rolling again? What does he say to her? Max is thinking the same things regarding Liz.)
Michael: I wish we could do this together Maxwell, but Maria says her mom won't let her out tonight.
Max: I'll see how things go with Liz. It's possible she and I could drop by Maria’s. I just don't know how normal this is going to be. Ready?
Michael: Let's do it.
(Shortly, at Maria's...)
Maria: Hello Michael. Alex tells me you recently swept me off my feet.
Michael: I think it was more like you beat down my wall and I grabbed you.
(Maria smiles.)
Maria: So…I'm told you have sketches of me. I'd like to see them.
Michael: I wish I'd brought them. It could maybe show you how I feel about you.
Maria: Michael…this is so weird. You realize I don't remember anything since last fall.
Michael: I know! Don't take this wrong, but that's killing me. I can't believe how much we close I let myself get to you in those six months. I've never let anyone get as close to me as you were. I might never be able to do anything like that again either. I'm seventeen. I've mostly been a brick wall, Maria. I don't like the world. I don't trust people. I can't ever let myself get close to anyone.
Maria: Why is that, Michael.
(Michael's mind is racing for an answer. How very much he wants to tell her why. He just wants things back the way they were. But he knows now is not the time for the truth.)
Michael: I…I think I'm afraid Maria. I'm fear that I can't be what people want me to be. I'm afraid people will be disappointed in me. I know I'm not a Romeo. I'm a little rough when it comes to romance. Other guys can probably offer you more. Sometimes I act before I think. I'm not the ideal person Maria. You and I had more than one little…I hate to say fight, but that's probably what they were. But, you came back. You came back even when I told you to I didn't want to be close to anyone. I might not even be alive now if it hadn’t been for you. You kept banging on the door. I don't know why you showed me the love that you did. I didn't deserve it.
Maria: I don't give love freely either, Michael. That much I remember. I've had a few boyfriends. If never been swept off my feet by any of them. Alex tells me I used to act like a fool when I was around you. He tells me you did some pretty nice things for my mom and I. Since Alex has always been like a brother to me, I know he wouldn't lie; not about this. If I gave love to you, it was most certainly because you deserved it.
Michael: Alex has become a good friend to me recently too. I know I said I don't let people into my life and as a rule I don't. Isabel and Max Evans have really been my only friends for years. In the past six months, I've made a couple of others: you, Liz Parker, and Alex. It has been amazing how I've been able to accept these people. At first, I sort of had to, mainly because Max got real attached to Liz. Then it became obvious Alex and Isabel we're hitting it off. By that time you and I were in a love-hate relationship. You were the one that got the hate out of it, Maria. I just want you back in my life. I know you don't remember any of this. I know you think I'm just some guy; but please…give me…give us a chance to work again.
Maria: (Pause) Michael, you're sweet. I'm still not running on all cylinders. I don't know if my memories will ever come back. But I've felt something from you tonight, something really sincere. All I can say is, let's just see what happens over the next little while. I think I'm beginning to understand what we had, at least descriptively if not emotionally. I’ll say this in regards to you and me and for Liz and Max too. If it is meant to be…if you're the one for me, if Max is the one for Liz; then I think it will happen all over again. If it’s not, then this…what's happened to me…to us…is a way to end it.
Michael: What if Max and Liz recover what they had? Will that influence you?
Maria: I can’t say for sure. You know what has influenced me? Alex and Isabel! I couldn't believe the way Alex, the brother I never had…my Alex, was looking at Max Evans sister, the Ice Queen of Roswell! Somehow, he's melted her. If that can happen, anything is possible. I know where everyone says you and I are supposed to be, Michael. It's going to take some time and some interaction to see if I can get to that point emotionally. It's too soon to tell. All I can ask if for you to have the same type of patience that I'm told I showed you.
Michael: I'll try Maria. I'll try!
(Michael leans over and kisses her. She smiles. She makes no attempt to pull away, but she doesn’t return the passion.)
Maria: Goodnight, Michael Guerin.
Michael: Good night, Maria. Oh Maria, one more thing. This is weird. Did Alex tell you abut his cousin?
Maria: His cousin? Oh yes, he did say something about him.
Michael: I can't explain why, Maria; but his cousin looks just like me…I mean we have almost identical features. His hair is different, but other than that, he’s my twin.
Maria: …And you don't want me thinking he's you.
Michael: No, I don't. I haven't met him, but Isabel has. She was not impressed. She says he's kind of a ladies man.
Maria: I'm not open to just anyone, Michael, especially having been told about what you and I are supposed to have had. But I can’t promise you anything right now. I’m sorry.
Michael: Get well soon, Maria!
Maria: I will, Michael. Goodnight!

(Michael leaves and starts to walk home but decides to go by the Crashdown instead. He has mixed emotions about his encounter with Maria. She didn't tell him to get lost as he feared she might, but she didn't exactly fall all over herself trying to be close to him either. At least he warned her about Devin Whitman. He enters the Crashdown. Liz and Max are seated at a table. Devin Whitman is there, seated at a table with three girls. Michael hears his name mentioned. Devin seems to be some kind of attraction, but Michael is more interested in Max and Liz. As he walks by, the women notice Michael; then look back at Devin. Devin looks amazed. So does Michael. He stares at Devin for a moment.)

Devin: You must be Michael. Alex said you looked like me. I didn't realize how much. Come; join us. Two of us has to better than one, right?
Michael: So you're Alex's cousin. The one who looks like me!
Devin: …And you're Alex's friend. The one who looks like ME! Awesome!
(Michael takes an immediate dislike to Devin, although he can’t pinpoint why.)
Devin: Sit down man…you know these girls?
Michael: I've seen them at school.
Angie: Wow, am I seeing double. Guerin…didn't know you were a twin. But then, you are kind of a mystery man.
Lynn: What a trip! There are two of you. Devin, maybe you can bring Michael around. He doesn't talk to us or date much, although he had been seeing one of the waitresses here recently.
Devin: Is she here?
Michael: No. I just left her at home. Did Alex tell you about his friends from here at the Crashdown that got locked in a cooler?
Devin: Briefly!
Michael: She was one of them. She breathed in some gas and had a loss of oxygen for awhile. It affected her memory. She can't remember the last six months.
Angie: Not at all? I heard she was rushed to the hospital, but I didn't know she lost her memory.
Michael: Liz Parker too. They're both in the same boat.
Peggy: Liz is sitting right over there with her boyfriend.
Michael: Yes, I know. I want to go see her. I'll catch you all later.
Devin: Hey man, we gotta talk…compare notes on this look alike thing. Later man! Now Angie, as I was saying, I've got a Jeep outside and I was thinking we could….
(Michael thinks, "Oh no, not another we've got to talk situation". Even so, he really would like to talk to Devin in private. Something doesn’t feel right and he’d like to pinpoint it. Michael says to himself, “I hope the girls tell him to kiss off; but they probably won't. If it wasn't for my secret, he thinks, I could socialize the way he does…
(Michael moves over toward Max and Liz.)
Michael: Hey Max! Liz!
Max: Hey Michael. Did you see Maria?
Michael: Just came from there.
Liz: How is she? I'm feeling physically stronger, if not mentally.
Michael: I think that describes her situation too. She's a little scared I think.
Liz: I am too, to tell you the truth. Maria's my best friend. Alex tells me she and you have been together.
Max: Just like you and me, Liz.
Michael: Have you two been getting reacquainted?
Liz: Actually, we just barely sat down when you came in. I thought Alex's cousin was you with a new hairstyle when I first saw him sitting there. Max was just telling me about the coincidence.
Michael: It's a little creepy looking at him.
Max: I won't tell him you said that.
Michael: I'll bet he says the same thing about me.
Liz: Any idea about him. Why he looks like you?
Michael: I guess there must be cloning going on in Alamogorda.
Liz: That's where he's from?
Michael: That's what Alex said. (pause) Hey, you two have better things to talk about than Devin Whitman. I'll let you guys catch up. See you tomorrow, Max…Liz.
Max: Bye, Michael.
(Michael decides that since he had time alone with Maria, Max deserves the same chance with Liz so he heads home. On his way out…)
Devin: Hey twin, I'm taking these young ladies for a ride. Wanta come with? I still say two of us has to better than one.
Michael: No thanks Devin. I need to get home. Have fun!
("What a twit", Michael thinks to himself. "If I ever act like that, I hope someone kicks my butt".)
Max: So, where were we Liz?
Liz: You were telling me that you hope we can form or renew the relationship that apparently I've forgotten about.
Max: This is really hard for me Liz. We've been so close…and now you don't even know me.
Liz: But I do Evans Max.
Max: Max Evans!
Liz: I'm sorry; for some reason I keep saying names backwards. I don't even know I'm doing it. Somehow whatever affected my brain caused that problem too.
Max: It's OK. I've been called worse.
Liz: I doubt that. You are one of the nicest, sweetest guys I know.
Max: You keep saying you know me, but then you say you don't.
Liz: I know you the way I've known you for ten years. I've been watching you. Something about you has always interested me. We've talked. We played games when we were younger. But we were never more than schoolyard playmates. Lately, I remember, even that seemed to be slipping away; I guess because we got older.
Max: That was my fault. I watched you from a distance for many years too. I'd been afraid to get involved with anyone. But if you just remembered the last six months, you’d know that has changed.
Liz: I read some things in my journal. Alex has told me some things. I get the idea we were getting very close.
Max: That's the right idea, Liz.
Liz: When you kissed me at the hospital it felt so right, like it was completely normal. I can't tell you why I should feel that way.
Max: We didn't get to where we were without some bumps along the way. Most of those bumps were my fault. If we can do it again, I'll try not to make the same mistakes.
Liz: This might be a good thing then, if I don't remember your mistakes?
Max: But the one thing you need to know, even if you never remember anything else, was that you never gave up on me. You may have wanted to. Once, I even said we should take a step back from each other. It made us both miserable. But you kept hoping. You still had a desire to be with me. I finally realized what I had done was wrong. Oh, and if you'll let me, there are so many things I can tell you about that we've done together. I really want to do that.
Liz: I'm inclined to let you. When Alex told me you and I were together, I couldn't believe it. It was a dream come true. But Max…?
Max: Yes?
Liz: I've been wondering. Why did we just get close during the last six months? Why did you feel you couldn't be close to anyone before then? It must have been awfully lonely for you.
(The question Max had been dreading. And things were going pretty well too. We wish we had time to bring you his answer but the old clock on the wall says we must make way for another quality (?) B.S. network show. Glad you joined us! We'll be back with more of the Max/Liz re-acquaintance next time. Stay tuned now for “48 Hours In Bed” They won’t tell us what that show is rated; and that’s kinda scary, especially considering the B.S. Network. Watch at your own risk! See you again soon.)

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Title: Honey, I Can’t Remember- Part 7
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Max & Liz are still talking. Max is scrambling to respond to Liz without telling her about his origin. He’s afraid in her present state that would freak her out.)

Liz: I've been wondering. Why did we just get close during the last six months? Why did you feel you couldn't be close to anyone before then? It must have been awfully lonely for you.
Max: Lonely? I guess I was until we got together, Liz. I...uh…I’ve always been a very private person. I just don’t get involved.
Liz: But why? You’re handsome. You’re smart. I can tell you’re a loving person.
Max: I guess I’m afraid, Liz.
Liz: Afraid of what?
(Max thinks…”why won’t she let this alone?”)
Max: I guess of what people will think of me or of being rejected. (Thinks to himself: “or of being found out”)
Liz: You don’t need to worry about that with me, Max. If nothing else, I’ll always be your friend.
Max: (Pause…trying to hold back tears.) Is that all, Liz? Friends?
Liz: I…I don’t know what to say Evans Max. Alex warned me you’d want me to be more than that.
Max: (Chokes up a little.) You were once. Just a few days ago! You were the best thing that ever happened to me.
Liz: I’m not saying I can’t be or won’t be with you, Max. I just need…I guess I need to get to know you again, the real you. Not the “you” that you hide from everyone.
Max: (God! Does she know? Has she remembered something?) Liz, what...what do you need for that to happen? What would make you confident that you know me?
Liz: (Liz stares at him with the look in her eyes he’s grown to love.) Start by kissing me again. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the kiss you gave me at the hospital. I’ve never been affected by a kiss that way before.
Max: My pleasure!
(Max leans in and kisses Liz the way he has a hundred times before. For a moment, he imagines everything is the same as it was before. Her lips feel wonderful, just as they always have. He puts his arms around her. As Liz is enjoying kissing her mystery man, Liz suddenly starts getting flashes. She sees herself and Max as young children. She sees him staring at her as she waits on tables at the Crashdown. She sees them together at a dance. She sees them together again on a field trip. She sees Max as her lab partner in biology class. They’re looking at skin samples under a microscope. All of a sudden she screams and pulls away from his embrace. She’s gotten a flash; a replay of how she realized the sample she saw that day wasn’t normal, but she doesn’t understand or remember exactly what she saw…)
Liz: Max…I…I don’t…I mean…Max, I had flashes of us together.
Max: Good! I mean…we have been, a lot.
Liz: I just saw us as kids, as friends, as lovers, as students. But Max, I saw myself in biology class…I was looking at your skin with a microscope. I felt a sense of panic.
Why, Max? What did I see? Why do I feel scared? Why did I see all these things? One minute I was enjoying the best kiss I ever had; the next I’m screaming that you’re…you’re…I don’t understand what I saw Max.
(Pausing, Max just stares at Liz. He had wanted to kiss her again so much, he forgot about the flashes she had been getting when they kiss. Before, when she knew he was an alien, it hadn’t been a problem. Now, this mistake might be the end of any hopes of restoring what he had with Liz.)
Max: I…uh…it’s OK Liz. I don’t know what you saw. Look at me. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I love you, Liz. I'm right here for you. Maybe I just was a little too excited because you asked me to kiss you again.
Liz: It was more than that, Max. My impression is I discovered that there's something different about you. It was too short; the impression was incomplete.
Max: (Tries to change the subject.) Most girls would love to have their boy friends kisses give them visions.
Liz: I have to admit I was enjoying it…until the biology lab flash; that scared me.
Max: Maybe you looked at some frog skin and thought it was mine.
Liz: (Smiles at the joke.) Let’s pretend that’s what it was Max. I don’t want to be afraid of you. I think I am in love with you Evans Max. But do I know you, the real you?
Max: Maybe not yet; but you will Liz, you will.
Liz: There is more to you isn’t there; something you’re not telling me?
Max: (Pause) Everyone has secrets, Liz. I know some of yours. You once knew some of mine. You will again, I promise. But not here…not right now. Trust me Liz. It’s nothing bad, nothing dangerous.
Liz: I want to know you better, Max and I know I will. I know now, without a doubt, that we had something once and I wouldn’t be…I mean… if there was anything about you that wasn’t OK, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been with you at all. But after tonight, I don’t want to wait too long. I need to know all I can about you Evans Max. Everything I used to know. Will you help me remember?
Max: I can’t think of anything I’d rather do, Liz.
(Max leans in and kisses her again, this time very briefly.)
Max: Can I see you again soon, Liz?
Liz: I’ll be seeing you in my dreams.
Max: How about a movie or something?
Liz: I’d love it Evans Max. I’d love it.
Max: I’ll be in touch. Thanks, Liz! I was scared everything we’d had was over.
Liz: No Max; I think it’s just beginning!
(Max gives Liz one more kiss and bids her goodnight. He walks out the door of the Crashdown and heads for his Jeep. He’s feeling pretty good; his meeting with Liz had almost had a melt down, but he had made a good recovery. Just as he gets in the car, Alex and Isabel drive by, returning from their little drive to the desert. Alex pulls his car up next to Max.)
Alex: Well?
Max: It’s gonna be OK!
Isabel: I’m glad. I miss our group dynamic already.
Alex: So, I’m not good enough by myself for you, huh? It has to be a group date to make you happy.
Isabel: You’re wonderful alone, Alex; but there can be too much of a good thing.
Alex: Not with you, that would be impossible!
Max: You’re getting in deeper, Isabel. You better quit.
Isabel: I know. So, it went well, Max? You and Liz…you’re together again?
Max: Maybe not quite yet; but we’ve got a date.
Alex: Then I’m not worried! The Evans charm…the Parker attitude…
Isabel: The hormones…
Max: Hey!
Isabel: Tell me I’m wrong!
Alex: Yea, tell her she’s wrong.
Max: Never mind! You two should talk.
Alex: Can’t you take a joke?
Max: Usually not one of yours.
Isabel: See what I’ve been telling you, Alex?
Alex: So what did she say? Did you kiss her?
Max: She said she thinks she loves me… and yes, I made a mistake and kissed her.
Isabel: A mistake?
Max: Yea! It gave her visions.
Alex: Ooh…forgot about that!
Max: So did I. I think I made enough of a joke about it that we’re OK for now.
Isabel: So she doesn’t know anything about us yet?
Max: Well, I wouldn’t say she doesn’t know anything about us; but no, it wasn’t the time or the place for what you're talking about. See you guys later.
(Max heads for home in the Jeep. Alex and Isabel are headed home, the long way. Just as Alex is about to pull out…)
Devin: (Honking) Hey! Alex, Isabel!)
(Devin drives past yelling from his Cherokee)
Devin: What’s with you guys? Can’t find any action?
Alex: Sufficient for our needs!
Devin: I was out crusin’ with some chicks I met at the Crashdown. Just dropped ‘em off. This town’s got some good lookin’ women.
Alex: (Looks at Isabel) I know!
Devin: I thought you guys had a real date?
Alex: We did, but we’re getting tired. We're going to call it a night.
Devin: Call it a night? It's only 10:00 PM! That’s too early for me, man.
Isabel: Better get used to it. Roswell isn’t exactly a nightspot.
Devin: Guess that’s why the girls wanted to be dropped off so soon.
(Alex connects silently to Isabel: “There might have been another reason!” Isabel smiles; she assures Alex she got the implication.)
Alex: You know your way back home?
Devin: Yes, I’m sure I can find it. I’ll see you home then?
Alex: I’ll be there!
(Devin speeds off.)
Alex: I’m really sorry about him, Isabel.
Isabel: I think he’s funny. You’re going to have fun with him, I can tell.
Alex: Do you read lips?
Isabel: Huh?
Alex: (Gives raspberries!)
Isabel: Ha Ha!
Alex: Hey, give the guy a chance. He just got here.
Isabel: Remember what you said?
Alex: What?
Isabel: That you wouldn’t let him affect our relationship?
Alex: I won’t!
Isabel: That may turn out to be quite a chore.
Alex: You really don’t like him, do you?
Isabel: There’s something about him. Or rather, there’s something that isn’t about him. He’s all show; I feel nothing real from him. I don’t think he’s got…I don’t know how to describe it; it’s like he’s not a real person.
Alex: I’m going to tell him the facts of Roswell before he embarrasses the heck out of us. Maybe I can read something from him. I’m not totally devoid of that talent; it’s just suppressed. In a way, I think he’s just trying to make friends.
Isabel: Is he an only child?
Alex: I think so. That end of the family; I really don’t know much about them.
Isabel: Why is that?
Alex: I really don’t know. We've just never been close. Maybe I’ll ask my dad if I can catch him in a good mood.
Isabel: Doesn’t matter, I guess. Let’s go home.
Alex: Fine! I’m ready for a goodnight kiss.
Isabel: Me too!
(Alex takes Isabel home. They say their goodnight outside the Evans home. They don’t notice the gold Cherokee parked just down the street.)
Isabel: Goodnight, honey. I didn’t mean to be so critical of your cousin.
Alex: Yes you did. You know you can’t lie to me.
Isabel: OK, OK! I'll try to give him a chance, but only because he’s your relative.
Alex: Thanks!
(It’s very dark outside as Alex and Isabel kiss goodnight. Just down the street, Devin is parked. He’s staring Alex and Isabel as they embrace. If one were to look very carefully, one would see a very subtle red glow in Devin’s eyes.)

(Hmmm…a red glow! Probably just been a reflection of the stoplight down the street. Nothing to worry about, right? Other than that, this was a pretty good episode don’t you think? It looks like Max and Liz will get their show on stage OK. The jury is still out on Michael and Maria, but we’ll be checking with them again soon. Alex and Isabel appear to be doing fine. Our viewers should be able to sleep well tonight, unless perhaps they see a red glow in their bedrooms. Nah! That was probably nothing! But then again, why would Devin have been parked down the street looking at Alex and Isabel? Maybe there is something…oh forget it! Don't worry about the "We Six" tonight! In the meantime, more great B.S. Network programming is on it’s way. Stay tuned for the nightly fashion program, “Clothesline”!)

Title: Honey, I Can’t Remember- Part 8
Author: John
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Alex arrives back his home, but he's surprised to find Devin not at home yet. He decides to go ahead and get ready for bed. He's just about to crawl in when Devin comes home.)

Devin: Hey, I enjoyed my first night in Roswell.
Alex: Like Isabel told you, it's not exactly a swingin' night spot. In fact, except for my band, it's not a swingin' anything.
Devin: I like your chick, Alex. But…man oh man! Isabel? What kind of name is that?
Alex: (Feel’s bad for Isabel.) Well, it's her name for one thing. It's as good as Alex; but maybe not neat like Devin.
Devin: Sorry! I didn't…didn't need…uh…mean to be rude. So, when do I get to hear your band play?
Alex: We've got to rehearse tomorrow. We've got a gig next weekend. Some rich kids' birthday party…big blowout.
Devin: Awesome! I'll bet you guys are great.
(Alex just realized that Maria might not be well enough to perform with his band.)
Alex: I don't suppose you can sing?
Devin: Only to chicks. Why?
Alex: My lead singer; she was in an accident.
Devin: Oh! That must be my twins' girlfriend?
Alex: Yea; you guessed right!
Devin: It had to be. The other girl in the accident was the cutie I saw with the Incredible Hulk at the Conkdown. She didn't look like a singer to me.
Alex: Crashdown! And he's not a hulk. He's one of my best friends. His name is Max and he happens to be Isabel's brother.
Devin: Right, Crashdown! Isabel's brother, Max! Got it!
Alex: Her name is Liz. You heard about what happened?
Devin: Yea! Your buddy…Mike is it? He came in while I was there. He told me about what happened. You weren't kidding about my looking like him. That's just weird, man.
Alex: He goes by Michael. His former foster father used to call him Mickey; he hates anything even close to that.
Devin: Michael…got it!
Alex: Look! I'll introduce to all my friends when we go to school. We gotta get you registered too. Did you bring your transcripts?
Devin: Yep! I'll dig 'em out before Monday. (pause) Say, I notice Roswell's really into this alien gig, isn't it?
Alex: I guess so. For better or worse, the town's famous for it.
Devin: Ever see any alien chicks?
(Alex thinks…"Only everyday, thank God”)
Alex: How would I tell?
Devin: Guess they'd look like the waitresses at the Con…Crashdown.
Alex: Probably! Look, I'm beat. What say we hit the sack? Dad said to put you in the guestroom. It's the second door, left side, down the hall. Sorry it's so far from the bathroom.
Devin: Is there a phone line in there? I brought my laptop. I like to surf the web.
Alex: No, I don't remember one in there. We could maybe run a line from here sometime. In the meantime, you can surf on my computer if you want.
Devin: Thanks cousin. This may not be too bad a place.
(Alex thinks…"It didn't used to be".)
Alex: I think you'll like it. Goodnight Devin.
(Devin goes and gets some stuff out of his Jeep. He starts making himself at home in the Whitman's guestroom. He takes out his laptop and boots it up. Then, he does something very strange. He brings up a page and he just sits and stares at it for a few minutes, almost in a trance. He then puts everything away. Taking off only his shirt, he turns off the light and lies down on the bed. In the dark, there's still a very dim red glow in his eyes. He thinks to himself, "goodnight Alex". Meanwhile, over at the Evans…)
Isabel: So you and Liz; it's gonna come together?
Max: It has to Isabel; and it will if I can just keep anything weird from happening before I get her totally prepared to accept the truth.
Isabel: How are you going to do that, Max. She won't have your saving her to convince her this time. Are you going to float an object in front of her or something?
Max: I don't want to be that corny. You know me! I seldom use my powers just to use them.
Isabel: Max? Was Michael right when he said, "Maybe we shouldn't tell Liz and Maria, again"?
Max: Iz, we discussed that. I can't be with Liz if she doesn't know. I like not having to hide anything from her. How would you feel if Alex didn't know all about you?
Isabel: You're right! I remember Alex' and my relationship before he found out. It's better now. I must be too tired to think straight.
Max: I'm tired too.
Isabel: Max?
Max: Yea.
Isabel: What do you think of Devin Whitman? There is something weird about that guy, and I don't just mean the way he interacts with people.
Max: Like what then?
Isabel: Well for one thing, listen to him speak. In some ways he's today. In other ways he sounds like dad, more like he's from the seventies.
Max: I don't know Isabel. He is a little strange, but then so is Alex.
Isabel: Hey…
Max: I don't mean that in a bad way or anything, just a little different.
Isabel: Like us?
Max: In some ways, I suppose.
Isabel: Another thing! I still don't get ANY vibes from him. Usually I can sense a person…not connect with them or anything unless it's you, Michael or, more recently, Alex…but I usually can sort of sense a presence, sometimes even the good or bad in a person.
Max: I know what you're saying. I can too; but usually I have to work at it.
Isabel: Try it with Devin, will you. See if I'm nuts. Alex said he'd try too.
Max: OK, I will! Let's also get photo of Devin. We can use dad's digital camera. Then maybe you can dreamwalk him and put your mind at ease.
Isabel: I don't fear him or anything like that. I just don't know what to make of him.
Max: I'm sure he's OK. Alex would never bring anyone around that could be a threat to us.
Isabel: Alex wouldn't, I know that. Be Alex didn't have much say in Devin's being here.
Max: True! (pause) Let's not worry any more about Devin tonight. Things will be fine.
Isabel: I suppose you're right. Goodnight, Max.

(The next morning being Sunday, everyone is sleeping in. Alex woke up about 9:30 and thought briefly about going to church with his parents. No, he decides. Christmas and Easter! That's often enough, isn't it? Somewhat later, he and Devin begin to stir. Devin knocks on Alex's door.)
Devin: So, what's on tap for today, cousin?
Alex: As I told you last night, my band's gonna rehearse this afternoon. The guys are coming over. I guess we won't be needing your services as a singer though. Maria's feeling better and is coming over too.
(Alex had called Maria to see if she was up to it. She said yes; that she needed to get out of the house.)
Devin: I can't wait to hear you guys.
Alex: We have fun! And we're not to bad either.
(Around noon, Alex has diner with his family. At the table, Alex tries to sense something…anything… from Devin. He notices that Devin doesn't eat very much, but decides that's his prerogative. After dinner, Alex and Devin head for the garage and are setting things up when members of his band arrive. Maria arrives a little after everyone else. Alex introduces Devin to the band members and they start their rehearsal.
Devin sits down in front of the group. Not long after they begin rehearsing, Isabel comes in looking for Alex. She sits down next to Devin.)
Isabel: Hey!
Devin: You like Alex's band?
Isabel: I like Alex.
Devin: That was noncommittal.
Isabel: Very perceptive. I like to hear Maria sing. I'm hoping when she does, it will bring back some of her memories.
Devin: That must be hard on her, losing her memory.
Isabel: It's hard on Michael and the rest of her friends too.
Devin: Michael? You mean my twin?
Isabel: Yes. They were pretty thick.
(Maria finishes a song. They decide they need to rehearse it again. As they do so, Devin suddenly jumps up and begins singing with Maria. At first, Alex and the guys almost quit playing, but she signals them to keep going. Devin actually sings very well and they sound good together. After the song, Devin and Maria sit down with Isabel as the band plays another song…sans vocalists.)
Devin: Sorry! I didn't mean to do that, but I just got in the mood.
Maria: It's OK. It was fun. You're good! I'm going to ask Alex if you can sing with us when we perform.
Devin: I don't want to butt in.
Maria: No, it'll be all right.
Devin: Well, I need to make some new friends. That might be a way to do it.
(The band finishes practicing and everyone is packing up to leave. Maria, Alex, and Isabel stay and talk.)
Maria: Devin can sing, can't he?
Alex: Not to bad, cousin.
Maria: Can he sing with us when we play next time? It would be fun.
Alex: I'll have to ask the other guys in the band.
Maria: I doubt they'd mind.
Alex: I don't know; I will ask them though.
Devin: Whatever! I wasn't trying to audition or anything.
Maria: So, are you liking Roswell?
Devin: It's different. I need to get to know more people.
Isabel: So, I understand you met Michael. Any idea why you guys look so much alike?
Devin: He's lucky I guess. Just kidding. Seriously, no! I don't know of any family ties.
Maria: You won't find any with Michael I'm sure. He is an orphan. Until recently he had a foster parent. Alex told me he lives on his own now.
Isabel: That's right! He's emancipated.
Alex: Maybe he should try Ex-Lax.
Isabel: Alex…!
Devin: You shouldn't hold that he's an orphan against him.
Maria: I don't. I guess he and I were getting pretty close when I lost my memory.
Isabel: You were. He's hurting that you don't remember.
Maria: I promised him I'd see him again.
Devin: Tell me where he lives. I'll take you over there. I'd like to talk to him too about our common appearance.
Maria: I…I don't remember where he lives.
Isabel: He's at the bottom of Saturn Drive, the complex next to the green house.
Devin: Want to go?
Isabel: I don't think he'd appreciate seeing you with another guy, Maria.
Maria: I suppose you're right. I did tell him I was open to getting reacquainted. I better consider his feelings that he says he has for me. I'll see him some other time.
Why don't you go track him down by yourself, Devin? I bet he's curious about the twin thing too. I need to get with Liz and go over our school stuff anyway. I don't know how we're going to catch up on the six months of school we don't remember.
Devin: I could tutor you. I'm a pretty good student.
(Maria thinks, "That's something Michael couldn't do. He skips school too much and he's just barely getting passing grades.)
Maria: I might take you up on that. We'll have to see if it's even possible to catch up.
(Isabel wants to tell her she has a plan to help with that, but of course, she can't.)
Alex: Well, if you two have plans maybe we should make some too, Isabel.
Isabel: How about you come to my house and I fix us some large ice cream sundaes?
Alex: Sound good to me. Is Max there?
Isabel: He was when I left; but if he's found a way to see Liz, I'm betting that's where he is.
Alex: No matter! I just needed to talk to him about borrowing a couple of CD's he has. I'm looking for new things the band can play.
Isabel: I don't know if his CD collection has much to offer your band.
Alex: He said he had some stuff I needed to hear.
Isabel: Whatever!
Alex: Dad will expect us back around 7:00 for dinner Devin, and I need to get you up to speed on school, so don't be too late.
Devin: I expect, if I find Michael, that we can say all there is to say about our appearances in about ten minutes. It's really just a curiosity.
Isabel: Come on Maria. I'll give you a ride to Liz'.
Alex: I'm with you two.
Devin: I'm gone. Later! Enjoyed the music.
(At the same time…Isabel was right about Max. He's climbing up to the balcony to see Liz. She's startled to see him on the balcony but she smiles and lets him in.)
Max: Didn't mean to scare you.
Liz: You seemed pretty at home out there.
Max: I am. Been there a lot.
(Liz hold out her hand and pulls him closer.)
Liz: Somehow, I think I believe you.
Max: You better. I made you a promise once. I said I'd never lie to you Liz. I never will.
Liz: So, come to tell me some of your life's secrets, Max?
(Max thinks to himself: "Am I going to have to break that promise?")

(Well…Devin a singer? Who would have thought? And he'd like to tutor Maria, huh? Would that be in school work or something else? Michael better get his act together fast. Then there's Isabel. Wonder why she is finding Devin such a mystery? And poor Max; he wouldn’t break his promise to Liz would he? So many questions! There's another episode around the corner; that's for sure. For now, which of the many fine B.S. Network shows needs a plug. Hmmm… I can't think of any fine ones, except the "We Six" of course. That's it! We'll plug ourselves. Be sure to tune in for part nine of "Honey, I Can't Remember" right here on the B.S. Network!)

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Title: Honey, I Can’t Remember- Part 9
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(When we last left our heroes, Max was again visiting Liz. She had just let him come in from the balcony.)

Liz: So, come to tell me some of your life's secrets, Max?
Max: You really want to know secrets about me?
Liz: I'd like to know everything I can about you.
Max: That's good, I think.
Liz: Somehow, I've never felt about anyone the way I feel about you. I can't explain it. It's as if I've always known you, or at least some part of you. I know that technically we've known each other for years; but I feel like I really just met you.
Max: All I want is for you to either remember what we had or for us to recreate it.
Liz: Tell me something about you.
Max: Well, I'm seventeen. I was adopted by my mom and dad when I was six. I like school. I like foods that are sweet and spicy. I like listening to music…and I like you.
Liz: Did you know your birth parents?
Max: No! At least I don't think so. I don't have any memories from before about age six.
Liz: I hope it wasn't so bad you had to block them out.
Max: I really don't know. And I'm keeping my promise, Liz. I honestly don't remember.
Liz: If we were as close as I'm understanding we were, there must have been something about you that only you and I knew. Tell me what that would have been.
Max: (Thinks to himself, "why does she do this?" "It’s almost like she knows something but I know she doesn't.") Uh…hmmm…let me think. We went swimming while we were on a field trip and I kissed you under water.
Liz: Really?
Max: Absolutely. Wanta do it again sometime?
Liz: Absolutely!
Max: Liz, Do you remember when your grandmother died?
Liz: (Pause…Liz looks shocked.) My…my grandmother's dead? Oh Max, no!
(Max takes her hand.)
Max: I'm sorry! I forgot you wouldn't have remembered.
Liz: When…how…!
Max: She came to visit a few months ago. She had a stroke while she was here. You called me to come to the hospital to be with you and her.
Liz: I wish I could remember.
Max: The reason I'm telling you this is to remind you of something. As she was dying, she told you and she told me to always follow our hearts. I think that's the best advice anyone ever gave. Will you do that Liz? Think about me and follow your heart.
Liz: I know what my heart is telling me right now. It's telling me everything you and everyone else have told me about us is true. We should be together. I've known you for twenty-four hours and for ten years. This is so strange. I can't describe what I feel when you hold my hand, Max. But Max…
Max: What Liz!
Liz: I'm afraid to kiss you again. The flashes I got…the feeling of fear! I'm afraid it will all return if I kiss you again.
(Max leans over and gives a quick kiss.)
Liz: Well that wasn't really a kiss. I meant one like the one you gave me yesterday.
Max: Before we do that again, I'd like to take you somewhere. Feel up to a drive?
Liz: I think so; I better tell my mom though. And maybe you better come to the door and pick me up. She might wonder how come you were in my room if we just walk out.
Max: That's OK. I need to go home and see if Isabel brought the jeep back anyway. If it's there, I'll come back and do just that.

(Max climbs back down the wall and Liz prepares for an outing. In the meantime, Devin has sought out Michael…)

Michael: Hello Devin. What brings you to my humble abode?
Devin: You live by yourself, huh?
Michael: Yes!
Devin: Must be keen at your age to not have parents.
Michael: In some ways yes, but in some ways no. Come in?
Devin: Thanks!
Michael: Are you getting settled into Roswell?
Devin: Getting there.
Michael: I'd like to leave this place. The only reason I don't is because of my friends.
Devin: You don’t like it here?
Michael: There are things about it that I wouldn't miss. But the only friends I have; the only people that I want to know are here.
Devin: Hopefully I can become one of them.
Michael: No offense, but it takes me awhile to open up to anybody. Ask Maria! She beat on my wall until it cracked. And now she can't remember anything.
Devin: That's tough.
Michael: Yea!
Devin: So! The reason I came here, other than to try to get better acquainted, is…
Michael: You're wondering why I look like you.
Devin: You read minds?
(Thinks:" What you don't know…")
Michael: Not really, but that seemed like a logical question. I was certainly wondering why you look like me?
Devin: Logical question, indeed.
Michael: I don't have an answer for you. I never knew my birth parents. I was an orphan who lived under foster care most of my life. It sucked!
Devin: I don't know my parents really well. They work for the military and their gone a lot. There's no chance we have a common ancestor then?
Michael: I'd say virtually zero. Given that, you tell me…
Devin: All I can guess is someone used the same mold. But don't worry; I won't spike my hair.
Michael: I'm not worried about that. But I am worried about my girl. Maria has lost her memory of the past six months. It's the past six months that we've been getting close. I'm afraid she might confuse you for me. I want her back Devin.
Devin: I think I'm getting the picture. I like to meet people…to socialize.
Michael: Do me a favor. Leave her alone. Socialize with anyone else, but not her. I want to like you Devin. Your cousin Alex is a good and trusted friend. He's the only reason you're inside my place right now.
Devin: I'm sure Maria will choose the person she's most familiar and comfortable with. I wouldn't worry.
Michael: I also worried about other people mixing us up. I don't imagine you'll be getting into trouble while you're here, but I wouldn't want to get blamed for it if you do. I should warn you…I do have some people, the local sheriff included, who think I'm not their best friend. Hopefully they won't think you're me, but you might be prepared. There's nothing we can do about this freak of nature situation. Let's both try to make the best of it.
Devin: Hey, you're the native here. I'm the new guy. I'll take your lead.
(Michael thinks: "Native, huh. Some wouldn't think so.)
Michael: That'll work, I think.
Devin: So, wanta go do something?
Michael: Thanks, but believe it or not, I was planning to do some homework today. I better get to it.
Devin: Why wouldn't I believe it?
Michael: School's not one of my favorite pass times.
Devin: It is what it is.
Michael: And it sucks a lot of the time! But Maria's there…
Devin: Do you have a favorite class?
Michael: Yea…art. I can draw and paint pretty well.
Devin: Draw and paint? Good deal! Well…OK! Thanks for the chat. I'll be gone. Catch ya later.

(Michael sees Devin out. He can't pinpoint what he doesn't like about Devin, but he hopes he's made the point that Maria's his. Meanwhile, back at the ice cream party…)

Alex: I did what you suggested, Isabel.
Isabel: Which of my many wonderful suggestions are you referring to?
Alex: Come on; I'm being serious.
Isabel: OK! You know I prefer the serious Alex anyway.
Alex: So you keep saying.
Isabel: OK, what are you talking about?
Alex: I tried to read Devin. I mean, at the dinner table today I really tried.
Isabel: And?
Alex: Like you said…nothing. Nothing bad! Nothing good! It's almost like he has no soul, no spirit!
Isabel: So, I'm not crazy!
Alex: No! I don't think so. I'm not like you in that regard, but I can usually get something from people, especially if I work at it.
Isabel: What does it mean, Alex.
Alex: I don't know. Maybe it's just because our families have never been close.
Isabel: But that wouldn't explain what I'm not feeling anything. I've asked Max to try to read him too. Max said we should get a picture of him so I could dreamwalk.
Alex: The poor guy's only been here two days and already we've got him pegged as abnormal. I think maybe we're paranoid, Isabel.
Isabel: Alex, you know I…we…have to be cautious. If he's going to be around us, I have to feel OK about him.
Alex: You don't mean you'd tell him anything, do you?
Isabel: Absolutely not! But we can have friends; acquaintances…
Alex: I don't know what to say. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Isabel: I didn't like the way he was kissing up to Maria. " I could tutor you". "I'll sing with you".
Alex: Maria will see through that. Devin is kind of phony. Michael is real. He let's you know what he really thinks.
Isabel: I hope so, for both Maria's and Michael's sakes.
Isabel: Are you going to let Devin sing with your band?
Alex: I don't know. It's kind of up to the guys.
Isabel: …And Maria?
Alex: She wants him too. He is pretty good. I don't think that would upset Michael, do you?
Isabel: Yes, I do. I know he's worried that he's lost Maria. Remember; she went to him. I don't know if he knows how to go to her.
Alex: It'll work out. I'll talk to Maria.
Isabel: Good! Make her see the Michael's the one she wants.
Alex: I have…and I will! Got any more ice cream?
Isabel: Alex Whitman! That'll be your third bowl!

(Devin certainly seems to be the topic of discussion. Since he's shown up, the We Six haven't even been together as a group. Of course, the memory problems have something to do with that too. Well, our time is up for today. You're probably wondering where Max wants to take Liz and why. Maybe you've already guessed. If you want to see if you were right, be sure to join us next time. Right now, there's another great?…uh, fine?…uh, superb?…uh, entertaining?…well there's another B.S. Network show coming on! Stay tuned for "Eczema, Redskinned Warrior".)

Title: Honey, I Can’t Remember- Part 10
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Well, Max lucked out. Isabel had returned the Jeep. He takes off in it for an “official” visit to Liz.)

Nancy: Hello Max. Liz is…
Liz: Right here, mom. I need to get out for a while. Max is going to take me for a drive. I already packed a picnic for us.
Nancy: It’s a nice day. Be careful…and have fun you two.
Liz: We will mom!
(Max heads out of Roswell towards the desert area where there are some cliffs. As they drive along in the Jeep…)
Liz: Evans Max?
Max: Liz, that thing where you reverse names; have you asked the doctor about that? It worries me.
Liz: I did. He doesn’t know what’s causing it. He said it’s probably just part of the overall memory problem.
Max: Are you getting any recollection back, anything from the past few weeks or months?
Liz: I can’t tell. Sometimes I see or hear something that seems familiar, but nothing specific. Except you Evans Max. I can’t remember specifics but you just seem so familiar to me, kind of like an old shoe.
Max: An old shoe?
Liz: You know what I mean. Just comfortable!
Max: Oh! You know; if Alex were here he’d say it’s because we’re sole mates.
(Max points to the bottom of his shoe. Liz smiles at the pun.)
Liz: That sounds like Alex; but he’s not here is he?
Max: I made you smile. That’s what I wanted to do.
Liz: I’m sorry. I just don’t feel like smiling much. I’m worried about having to make up 6 months of school. I don’t want to have to repeat this year; that would put me behind. I always assumed I’d graduate with Maria, Alex, you…
Max: We’ll find a way to get you caught up. You’ve got a good lab partner, you know.
Liz: Who is he?
Max: Me, silly.
Liz: I know! But who is he, really?
Max: I don’t know what you want me to say, Liz.
Liz: When we kissed yesterday I sensed something. I don’t know what it was but it scared me. But you don’t scare me. I only feel good things from you. It’s a paradox, Max. It's worrying me.
(Max stops the Jeep.)
Max: Let’s get out here and hike a little. I like to sit on those cliffs. I like to look up at the sky and then look down at the city. It’s not very far. We can take our picnic.
(The couple hikes up to a small cliff area that looks down on Roswell.)
Liz: It is nice here.
Max: It’s a place to stop, look, and think.
Liz: Max, what am I going to do? The six months I’ve lost…I feel so empty.
Max: I might have a solution; but we need to talk, Liz.
(Max thinks, "oh that damn phrase again".)
Liz: I like talking to you Max. I like everything about you.
Max: Liz?
Liz: Yes, Max.
Max: Ummm…this may seem like an odd thing to talk about, but humor me.
Liz: OK!
Max: You’ve grown up in Roswell, in the shadow of the spaceship crash rumors.
Liz: Have you seen my waitress costume? Of course I’m part of that.
(Max points upwards!)
Max: Do you think there’s life out there somewhere? I mean beyond earth.
Liz: I don’t know, Max. From what I’ve studied, the universe is so expansive it’s hard to believe there isn’t life somewhere out there.
Max: Are the life forms like us?
Liz: That…I…uh…I don’t know. Maybe somewhere! (pause) Why are you asking me this?
Max: Liz, this is the second time I've done this and it doesn't get any easier.
Liz: Done what Max?
Max: Told you a secret about myself.
Liz: Like you said Max, everybody has secrets.
Max: If I tell you my biggest secret, will you be willing to tell me yours?
Liz: I…uh…maybe.
Max: No maybe. If you don't trust me, I don’t trust you.
Liz: It's not a matter of trust, Max. Maybe there are some things that are best kept secret.
Max: Even between "soul mates".
Liz: Is that what we are Max? Is that why I feel so absolutely calm and protected when I'm with you?
Max: If that's what we are, it makes my secret even more amazing. I used to think it couldn't be. But I changed my mind. The universe is big, Liz. But it's very small in many ways too.
Liz: So, are you going to tell me?
Max: Are you willing to tell me?
Liz: Yes! I will, Max. I trust you completely.
Max: And I trust you, Liz. If we're going to get back what we had, I have to tell you this.
Liz: Is this something bad, something dangerous?
Max: It's nothing bad; at least I don't think so. It might be dangerous for me and for you. Shall I go on?
Liz: If you're here to protect me, I'm not afraid.
Max: If the wrong people knew this secret, I might not be here to protect you. My telling you may put you in some danger. Are you sure…?
(Liz doesn't answer right away; she just stares lovingly into his eyes.)
Liz: You're not in some kind of trouble?
Max: No, nothing like that.
Liz: You said you'd never lie to me.
Max: I won't, Liz. (pause)
(Max frowns! He’s having second thoughts. Maybe she’s not ready.)
Max: Maybe I better not tell you. Not yet! Maybe you're not well enough.
Liz: Did I know this before? Have I just forgotten it?
Max: Yes!
Liz: If I knew it before the accident and it was a part of us, then I want to know again.
Max: Liz, I'm not originally from around here.
Liz: I know that. You told me you were adopted. Is that your big secret?
Max: Not that I was adopted. It's that…well, I'm…I'm from far away.
Liz: How far, Max.
(Max points skyward.)
Max: Quite far.
Liz: What are you saying Max? You're from…
(Liz points up.)
Liz: Is that why you were asking me if I believed in life elsewhere in the universe?
Max: Does that explain any of what you saw when we kissed?
Liz: That is what I saw. A vision of the sky; of you coming here…
(Liz pulls away. She just stares at Max. Max almost cries because she is pulling away from him.)
Max: Please Liz! Please don't pull away from me. I'm not evil. I'm not even all that alien. I’m just like you in many ways. I’m just trying to live a normal life. It's just, I’m not of this world.
Liz: That explains what I saw in the skin sample. It wasn't a frog. It was you. You're…
(Liz starts breathing quickly. She's suddenly afraid. She's out here all by herself with an alien being; one whom she's felt an attraction to.)
Liz: Were you…have you been manipulating me somehow to make me fall in love with you?
Max: I'd never do that, Liz. I told you I'd never lie to you. Even if I could manipulate you, which I can’t; that would make us, everything we had, a lie. No, Liz! I’m trying to win your love again the old fashioned human way.
(Liz doesn't say anything. She just continues to stare at Max.)
Max: Please Liz. I just want to be a normal person. I want to be with you. It's just that I am what I am. I had no say in it. I didn't control it. I had nothing to do with my being here.
Liz: How…how did you get here?
Max: As best as I can tell, I was part of the 1947 crash.
Liz: But you said you're only seventeen. No lies; remember?
Max: That’s not a lie. I was in stasis. I came out of a kind of incubation pod eleven years ago as a six-year-old. I do remember that much, just nothing before.
Liz: I…I'm having trouble believing you, Max. Space alien? You look very human to me Evans Max.
Max: I do look human. In many ways I am human. That's why I can live here. Trust me Liz Parker. I wouldn't ever lie to you. What more can I say.
(Max points his finger at the sandwiches Liz had brought and changes the white bread to brown. Suddenly, Liz is very scared.)
Liz: I…I think you better take me home.
Max: Is that what you really want?
(Liz sits motionless for some time, then she looks into Max' wonderful eyes again. Her fears melt away. She sees a combination of love and fear in them.)
Liz: Uh…I…no! I guess… not really.
Max: Good! And don’t worry. I don’t change white bread to brown very often. I just needed to prove…
Liz: No you didn’t! When I said I didn’t believe you, that was my head talking. My heart already knew otherwise.
Max: Liz, I have to ask this. Please, no matter what; don't ever tell anyone, not even Maria. People would be scared. Some would want to capture me; run tests on me. I just want to live a normal life. I can only do that if no one knows. The FBI has an alien hunter squad. One slip and I could be gone. I can't love and protect you if I'm not here.
Liz: I promise, Max. You don't deserve that kind of treatment. Like you said, you had no control over your being here. Did Maria know about you before?
Max: Yes! You told her. But please, don't do that again; not with her memory loss. It will only complicate things.
Liz: OK, I understand. (Long pause) Max?
Max: Yes?
Liz: Are there others like you?
Max: (pause) I…I…
Liz: I understand. You don't want to lie. You can tell me later, Max.
Max: You knew all this before the accident, Liz. It didn't matter to you then. You still gave me your heart and I gave you mine. Trust me! I do have a heart and it's just like yours.
(Suddenly, Liz is as calm as she was on the way up to the cliffs.)
Liz: Kiss me like you did yesterday.
(Max takes Liz in his arms. All her fears have evaporated. They embrace. Max runs his hand up her back and holds her tight as they kiss. Both Liz and Max start seeing flashes. Some of them have to do with Max. Some have to do with Liz. Liz sees many of the events Liz and Max shared during the past six months. The shooting… The cave…the field trip…dancing…Alex's band…Michael…Isabel…Maria…Sheriff Valenti…her grandmother…and more. But she's not afraid anymore.)
Liz: Max! I don't know how you're doing that and I don't care. You are giving me back some of what I've lost. I can tell I'm going to have a lot of questions for you. Maybe I really can recover from this memory loss. Do Alex and Isabel know about you? I mean, I'm sure Isabel does. And your parents, right? Are they the only ones?
Max: Yes! Alex, Isabel, my parents, and Michael Guerin! They’re the only ones that know besides you, although Sheriff Valenti has his suspicions. I need to keep it at just that; suspicions. No one else can know, ever.
Liz: I saw myself getting shot at the Crashdown. I saw you rushing to help me.
Max: That actually happened Liz. It's a long story that can be part of our catching you up.
Liz: But you saved me somehow, didn't you?
Max: Yes, but that's not why I'm in love with you. I saved you because you're you.
Liz: And you put yourself at risk. That’s why the sheriff….
(Max puts his finger on Liz mouth…)
Max: Shhhhh. There's plenty of time for that…
Liz: Max, I can't tell you how much …I mean…I'm grateful to be getting some of my life back.
Max: I had no idea kissing you would do that. I didn't know I could help you this way. I did know that before the accident when we would kiss that you’d sometimes get flashes; but wow, helping your memory come back. What a reason to kiss you.
Liz: No, Max. What a reason to kiss YOU!

(Well, that was a nice little picnic wasn't it? Did they even eat the sandwiches? I guess people can live on love alone. We made it through that. It wasn't as bad as either had feared, was it? This was all just to get your minds off Devin and the other goings on. We can't stay in Fantasyland forever however and Devin really does want to sing with Maria at the party, despite what Michael told him. This could be interesting. Then too, there are still things Liz doesn't remember. There hasn't been enough kissing yet. Maybe if they went further, she’d get her whole memory back. No, can’t do that! This is a family network. It's time for the B.S. Network to sign off for tonight. We really need a better time slot than 1:00 AM. Write and tell the Network that, won't you? If you want, you can stay tuned for the National Anthem followed by a test pattern. Good Night!

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Title: Honey, I Can’t Remember- Part 11
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Since the B.S. Network has not put us on the air for a while, its time to bring you up to date on the what's been happening. Nearly a week has passed. Max got through the part of getting his relationship with Liz going again that he had feared most. Liz told him it was his eyes that made her trust him. He's grateful he doesn't need to wear glasses. Now, he's just got to build on her trust. She's anxious to regain her memories and Liz and Max have now discovered a very enjoyable way to assist that process. Maria hasn't been as fortunate. Not that Michael probably couldn't do the same thing for her, but I guess he just doesn't have the eyes. At any rate, Maria is still trying to find her way back from the memory loss the hard way. She hasn't fallen back in love with Michael, although she hasn't rejected him either. She seems to be randomly grasping at things and people, including Devin. Alex did get Devin registered at school and he's been making the rounds with the "cute chicks" as he calls them. He's also been trying to make some guy friends and generally embarrassing Alex in the process. Maria begged Alex and the other band members to let Devin sing with her and they've reluctantly agreed. That’s the situation, as tonight we find ourselves at the birthday party where Alex's band is playing.)

Isabel: I can't believe this kid's party. He booked the Legion Hall and invited almost the whole school.
Alex: I’m sorry, Iz. I’ll have to leave you alone in a minute but…
Isabel: I know; you’ve gotta play. I knew that when I came here. I just wanted to watch you.
Alex: OK! I hope you like us.
Max: This is sure different for a birthday party.
Liz: That's Glen Payson for you. His family is the wealthiest in Roswell.
Max: Some day, I’ll have a party like this for you, Liz.
Liz: Don’t Max! I’d be much happier if it was just you and I together on my birthday. Maybe our friends too, part of the time.
Michael: Am I still on the “friends” list.
Liz: Max tells me you should be, for several reasons.
(Liz flashes a knowing look at Max. Michael raises an eyebrow at the comment. In a silent connection he talks to Max*happy*
*Michael: “You told her?”
*Max: “Yes! About me; no one else”
*Michael: “Must have been OK with her.”
*Max: “I’ll tell you more later. You’ve got to tell Maria soon. I think you can help her memory, but she needs to know about you before…”
*Michael: “Not yet! She’s…tell you later.”
(Michael feels a tightness in his throat as he realizes that while Max and Liz are back on track, he and Maria are not at all what they once were. He gets even madder as he sees Devin on stage with her.)
*Alex: (Joins silent connection) “Not to butt in guys; but you found a way to help Liz, Max?”
*Max: “Why do I always forget about the party line when you're around? Yes, I’ll tell you both about it”.
*Isabel: “Tell me too.”
*Max: “Right! Later!”
(End silent connection.)
Liz: Why is everyone just staring at each other?
Max: Huh? Oh…just wondering when this thing’s gonna get rolling?
Alex: Right now! I’ve got to get on stage. See you at the break, Iz.
(Alex takes his place with the band and the music starts. After several numbers, Maria comes on stage and begins her singing. Several guys gather around to watch her. After the second number, Devin joins her on stage and they sing several more songs together. About half way through the first duet, girls start to gather around to see who this great new singer is. Some think it’s Michael Guerin, but a few know it’s Devin Whitman. The word spreads as to who it is as they realize how well he can sing.)
Michael: I told that guy to cool it with Maria and there he is on stage with her.
Isabel: It was Maria’s idea. She thinks they sing well together. I told Alex you wouldn’t like it.
Michael: You were right, I don’t. Why didn’t Alex stop this?
Isabel: He wasn’t very enthusiastic about it, but Maria begged him.
Michael: I know Devin is his cousin but I’m a better friend. How could he do this to me?
Max: Calm down Michael. Alex was between a rock and a hard place. Either you were mad at him or Maria and Devin were.
Isabel: I know he’s on your side, Michael. He said he’d talk to Maria about you.
Michael: I’m the one that needs to talk to her, but she keeps pushing me back. She’s polite and all, but jeez I need a way to show her that she belongs back with me.
Liz: Max tells me that you and she were pretty tight.
Michael: It was great. Maria and I, you and Max, Isabel and Alex! It seemed perfect. Then you two lose your memories and everything’s fubar.
Liz: Fubar?
Michael: Yea…”fouled up beyond all recognition”!
(Liz smiles!)
Liz: That sounds like an Alex.
Isabel: It sounds like a frustrated Michael. And I don’t blame him. Look at Maria, smiling and singing with that…that…I don’t know what he is.
Max: Speaking of what he is Isabel, I tried.
Isabel: Uh...oh…you mean you tried getting some feeling of life from him?
Max: Yea!
Isabel: And?
Max: I didn’t have any more luck that you did.
Isabel: And Alex didn’t have any either.
Max: He still can kind of do that sometimes too, can’t he.
Isabel: Normally he can, but not with Devin.
Michael: What are you guys talking about?
Isabel: It's Nothing, Michael.
Michael: Yes it's is; it’s something bad about Devin, isn't it? Tell me! I need something…anything… to make Maria see what a phony he is.
Max: We better not talk about it here.
Michael: OK, but the sooner the better.
Liz: Is there something wrong with Devin?
Isabel: Maybe, Liz. We’ll tell you about it if you’ll help us get Michael and Maria back together.
Liz: I'd like that of course, but Maria should make her own decision. I know what you’ve told me we all had and Max and I are getting things resolved. Maria and Michael will too if it’s supposed to be.
Isabel: There are going to be some sad and lonely people if they don’t.
Liz: And what about Devin? I think you’re being too hard on him. He’s probably just scared and lonely, moving to a new town and all.
Michael: Does he look scared and lonely to you? Look at him up there with Maria. And look at those girls swooning over him. He doesn’t need Maria. I do!
(The band takes a break and Alex, Maria, and Devin join the others at their table.)
Liz: You guys sound great. Maria, you’re knocking ‘em out. And Devin, you’ve got a great voice.
(Michael doesn’t want to be near Devin, he’s afraid he might just lose it and knock his block off.)
Michael: Do you guys want some drinks? I’ll go get us some.
Maria: I’d love something Michael. I need to water my voice.
Michael: Alex, Liz, Max, Isabel?
(Michael deliberately doesn’t ask Devin.)
Liz: I think we’d all like something Michael, thanks. Devin…you?
Devin: No! No thanks…not if…no, never mind. Thanks anyway!
(Michael heads over to get some refreshments for the group.)
Liz: Alex, would you guys please play something slow? I’d like to dance with Max.
Alex: Yea, we’ll try. Slow is not our specialty.
Isabel: What is your specialty?
Alex: Mine is you.
(Alex gives Isabel a quick kiss. Just then, Michael returns with the drinks. He starts to pass them out. Just as he’s offering Maria hers, someone accidentally bumps his arm and he spills the drink on Maria’s outfit. She jumps up!)
Maria: Awwck! Punch all over my outfit. Can’t you be more careful Michael?
(Michael thinks to himself, “Oh no, I can’t even do something nice for her without messing up. Now she’s really mad at me.”)
Michael: I'm really sorry, Maria. Somebody bumped my arm.
Isabel: Let’s get to the little girls room, Maria. I’ll help you get the stain out.
Liz: I’ll come with you. If we hurry, it won’t set.
(The women leave for the girl's room. Michael sets down the drink tray and, telling Max he needs some air, he runs outside. He decides to just go home. He's obviously got no chance to be with Maria tonight.)
Devin: I’m sorry that happened. I know he’s trying to get back with her.
Max: I doubt you’re as sorry as he is. Nothing’s going right with him and Maria.
Alex: I need to talk to her. She’ll listen to me.
Max: Do it soon, will you…for Michael’s sake.
Alex: I'm going to have to go start playing again. Tell Maria to come back on stage as soon as she gets back.
Max: I will.
Alex: Coming Devin?
(Alex and Devin head back to the stage. The music starts again. Devin is sitting to the side of the stage waiting for Maria. Between numbers, several young girls start chanting for Devin to sing. De vin…De vin…De vin! Alex looks at him. He nods and they begin a song. Devin sings solo for the first time. The girls clap and smile at him all the time he’s singing. Maria returns to the stage as the music continues. Isabel and Liz rejoin Max.)
Isabel: Where’s Michael?
Max: I don’t know. He said he was going out for some air.
Isabel: I’m worried about him. I’m glad he’s not here to see this Devin lovefest. Those girls are sick.
Liz: Actually, he sings very well.
Isabel: Actually he does; but that’s beside the point. We should be worried about Michael and Maria. They belong together.
Max: I don't think Maria's convinced.
Isabel: We need a plan; one that Michael can't screw up.
Max: There's nothing we can do tonight. Let's all think about it and then share our ideas tomorrow.
Liz: They're finally playing something slow. Want to dance, Max?
(Max and Liz dance for the first time since the accident. Liz is enjoying just looking at Max; more convinced than ever that, alien or not, he's the one she should be with. As they dance…)
Liz: Max? Why is Isabel so concerned about getting Michael and Maria hooked up again? There are lots of other girls he could date.
Max: I…uh…Isabel has a kind of sisterly concern for Michael.
Liz: Why? She's not related to him is she? In fact, now that I think about it, since you are…you know…what you told me…you're only Isabelle' sister through adoption, right?
Max: It's…it's a little more complicated than that, Liz.
(Liz thinks back on how Max hesitated when she asked him if there were any others like him. Now she's really curious.)
Liz: Isabel, is she…I mean…
(Looks lovingly but inquisitively at Max.)
Max: (Pause) Yes!
Liz: And Guerin Michael too?
Max: Uh huh!
Liz: And Maria knew before?
Max: Yes, but the new rules still apply.
Liz: I know. It's OK. Everything makes sense now. Let's enjoy this slow dance.
(A few more songs and the party winds down. Alex and the band pack up to go and he finally gets to be with Isabel. The group of six is here, but one of the members is the wrong person.)
Devin: Alex, you guys were great tonight. Maria, you were outstanding.
Maria: Thanks Devin. The girls seemed to like you too.
Devin: I told Alex I only sing for the chicks.
Maria: It was fun.
Devin: Can I take you home, Maria?
Maria: Thanks Devin, but I drove my own car tonight.
Devin: Some other time, maybe?
Maria: Maybe!
(Maria thinks, "I don't know why the others don't like him. He plays the field a little, but he's a gentleman. He has far more social skills than Michael Guerin.")
Alex: I know you could ride home with Max, Isabel; but I'll take you if you'd like.
Isabel: I'd like! And I suspect Max and Liz would too.
Liz: It's OK either way. I like being with you guys. Isabel, I guess we had gotten to be close friends before but it's nice to be doing it all over again, just like Max and I are.
Isabel: Just remember, think about a plan!
Liz: OK!
Max: We'll talk!
Alex: A plan?
Isabel: Yes, that's why you're taking me home; so I can tell you about what we need!
Liz: And you need to take me home right away, Max.
Max: What's the hurry?
Liz: I seem to have lost my memory. I need you to help me find it.
Max: In that case, we should be gone already!
(The six all depart. Max and Liz drive home very slowly, via a very long route. It includes a stop at the famous Roswell lovers make out spot.)
Max: Hey!
Liz: Hey Evans Max!
Max: Stop that Parker Liz! It’s just Max; or how about, “my love”?
Liz: Sorry! I don’t even realize I’m doing that, my love.
Max: You owe me a secret.
Liz: What?
Max: You owe me a secret. You promised if I told you my deepest secret that you’d tell me yours. Pay up!
(Liz panics! She does have something, but she’s worried about what will happen if she tells…)
Liz: I don’t have anything that can compare to yours, Max.
Max: You mean nothing that can mean the difference between a normal existence and becoming a lab rat?
Liz: Don’t even think that, Max. I couldn’t stand it if anything or anyone took you from me. That’s why…uh…I wish I could take back that promise of telling you a secret.
Max: There’s nothing you could say that could make me not want you for my own, Liz.
Liz: Are you sure?
Max: Nothing!
(Liz pauses; then she starts to cry.)
Max: Liz, what’s wrong?
(More crying…)
Max: Liz, honey…please! If it’s going to make you cry it’s OK; you don’t have to tell me. I just thought we could share something of ourselves this way.
Liz: (sobbing) Max…I…I do need to tell you this. You need to know.
Max: Know what honey?
Liz: I’m afraid you’ll reject me; that you won’t want me any more. You'll think I'm weak…
Max: That’s not going to happen. No way! There’s just no way!
Liz: I don’t like this spot, Max. I was here with someone else once.
Max: Kyle?
Liz: I…I don’t know if I should say who.
Max: It’s your secret…
Liz: I…we…we were parked here one night and…
(Liz sobs and grasps Max’ hand…)
Liz: …and we went a little too far. (pause) We didn't go all the way, but we would have if some men hadn't pulled up and began banging on the car. I was nearly naked and I was so embarrassed when they looked inside. Two minutes later and… Oh Max, don’t hate me. I always told myself that I’d save myself for the man I wanted to marry, and I knew at the time he was not that man. He had me drink some beer earlier that night and…oh God, Max…I’ve suppressed this for so long I’d almost gotten over it! You asked me for my deepest secret. That’s it Max. This spot…your secret…my memory turmoil…it’s bringing it all back.
Max: My secret? That has nothing to do…
Liz: But you've trusted me with your life, Max. I don’t feel worthy of you or your trust.
(Liz looks at Max. He looks surprised, but it’s more in surprise that she thinks he would reject her because of this.)
Max: I must admit, I’m a little surprised, Liz.
(Liz’ heart sinks. "Here it comes", she thinks. "Rejection! From the man who is supposed to be my soul mate!" She’s crying. Max takes her in his arms…)
Max: Liz…Liz…it’s OK. It’s OK. What I’m surprised about is that you think I would reject you because of that. Liz, if you can accept me and love me knowing that I’m an alien, then I can certainly accept a human mistake. It doesn’t matter Liz. I know you didn’t love him and I know you didn’t mean to do it.
Liz: I try not to hate him for it either, Max. He was drunk and I was close to drunk. That’s the first time I ever drank beer and it was the last.
Max: That’s good, Liz. You don’t remember, but I have a certain problem handling the stuff myself. If we're together, it’s going to be a sober relationship. I promise you that.
Liz: So you don't care that I…that I was ready to give myself….
Max: Don’t worry Liz. I don’t have any hang-up about it. None! I’m almost sorry I made you tell me.
Liz: I was afraid you would …
Max: Reject you? Never!
Liz: No! I was afraid that you’d be sorry you made me tell. That’s why I hesitated.
Max: I’m not totally sorry I made you tell. If it lets you know how unconditionally I love you, then it was a good thing. Put it out of your mind, Liz. If anyone other than you was going to care about this it would be me and while I wish for your sake it hadn’t happened, it’s over. It’s over for me and hopefully for you. I’ll never mention it again.
Liz: (sobbing) Thank you, Max. I hadn’t told you this before, had I? I mean before when we were together…
Max: No!
Liz: That’s because I had it suppressed. This whole memory thing…things have changed; it’s disturbing.
Max: Speaking of that, it’s time for memory restoration therapy. Are you ready?
(Liz' sobbing changes to a smile.)
Liz: (Smiles) Ohhh Max…Let’s rock!

Well, it was a pretty good night for Max and Liz, a so- so night for Isabel and Alex, and a disaster for Michael and Maria. And what about Devin? He's still kinda the odd man out. Or is he? Hmmmm! Speaking of odd, if Devin was going to follow someone home, you would have thought it would have been Maria, right? Then why was the Gold Jeep Cherokee parked just a little ways away from where Liz and Max were bearing their souls to each other. Maybe he just didn't want to get home before Alex did. Yea, that's got to be it. Well, time to go…but join us next time. A plan may be hatched. Alex will make a discovery. Liz definitely needs some more of the memory restoration procedure she and Max have discovered. It's enough to make you wish the B.S. Network didn't have other shows to put on, isn't it? But they do, so here's one now! It’s one Michael should like. It’s called “Wheel of Misfortune”!)

Title: Honey, I Can’t Remember- Part 12
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to Warner Brothers. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Liz and Max have been using the flashes they get when they kiss to help Liz remember events from the last six months. It’s been interesting, as she tells them what she sees and Max, Isabel, and Alex fill her in on the details. They all miss Maria as a full part of their circle. Devin is Devin. He’s sort of trying to stay away from Maria as Michael asked, but Maria has sort of latched onto him, mostly because of the music, and she keeps dragging him into things. Alex is frustrated because, since the birthday party, he’s gotten several other gig requests for his band and the fabulous singing duo. He’s torn between making progress with the band and becoming dependent on Devin for it, especially to Maria and Michael’s detriment. Now, it’s a quiet night at the Crashdown. No one except the gang is there. Devin and Maria are supposedly rehearsing some songs. Liz has no customers to wait on so she joins the conversation.)

Liz: So this last time, I saw us running from a cabin and I couldn’t see Max. I could only hear him.
Max: Hmmm! Now that one is going to take awhile to explain. See anything simpler?
Liz: No, not really. These event flashes are fun, but I’m really concerned about schoolwork. I’m trying; but it’s so hard to catch up and keep up.
Isabel: I’ve got an idea about that.
Liz: Which is?
Isabel: Max, have you told her about the dreams…?
Max: Uh…not yet, again. She knew once of course.
Liz: Knew what?
Alex: I think Isabel wants to visit your dreams.
Liz: Huh?
Isabel: Something Max and I can do…if you want us to. We could visit you while you dream and try to catch you up on what you’ve missed in classes.
Max: We could do an outline of the topics and plant the thoughts and facts while you’re asleep.
Isabel: I don’t know how well it would work, but it might be worth a try.
(Liz stares at Max in amazement. What other surprises are in store?)
Liz: I…I guess I knew all of this once, about what you can do. I just keep getting surprised.
Isabel: Shall we try it.
Liz: Will it hurt me? Will I have nightmares?
Max: Only if you aren’t still in love with me.
(Liz stares at him, looking puzzled.)
Max: Just kidding! It's usually quite pleasant.
Isabel: I say we try it. Give us a day or so to put together some outlines.
Max: Any particular classes?
Liz: Well, I can pretty much get through biology and science on my own. I know most of that anyway. It’s a math and history update that would help me.
Max: Math and history it will be then. Iz, you do the history; I’ll do the math.
Isabel: Thank you!
Alex: I can’t dreamwalk, but I can connect with you two. If I can help in catching her up, I'm willing. Would it work if I joined you while you try this, kind of like listening in on an extension phone?
Isabel: That would be interesting. I’ve never tried a connection and a dreamwalk at the same time.
Max: We need to be careful that we add to her memory, not mess it up further.
Isabel: We will be...careful that is.
Liz: What about Maria guys. She needs to get her memories and her classes back too.
Michael: I was wondering if we’d just forgotten her?
Alex: Of course not, she’s part of us.
Michael: She was.
Isabel: What do you mean?
Michael: Think about it. She really doesn’t know us anymore; at least not everything that she did know. We have to be careful around her…and her damned shadow.
Max: True!
Michael: And she won’t settle down and let me talk to her. Every time I try, something pushes her away from me.
Alex: I talked to her. I asked her to give you a chance. I told her that you and she had something very special once. She said she understands what I'm saying, but she doesn’t remember.
Michael: She keeps seeing Devin, the singing boob!
Alex: Hey, he’s strange; but he’s a Whitman. What do you expect?
Liz: I concerned too. Maria’s my best friend. Even with my memories only half restored, I see the problem. It was cool for all of us to not have to worry about secret keeping. I can see that if she and Michael don’t work, we’re just never going to be as close as we once were with her. We can be her friend, but on a limited basis.
Michael: She’s making her own bed in that regard. I’m here for her. I still want her back; even though the more she resists the more distant I feel.
Isabel: Don’t give up yet, Michael. I’ve got an idea. This is going to take swallowing some pride, OK. Let’s have a video party and invite both Maria and Devin. Of course we’ll all be there too.
Michael: I’d probably spill chip dip on her or something. My ghost would lick it off and she'd be sickenly grateful to him again.
Isabel: Be more positive Michael.
Max: Have you got a better idea?
Michael: Yes, but murder is illegal.
Alex: I don’t think Devin is the total problem, Michael.
Michael: Thanks a lot! With friends like you…
Alex: I didn’t mean you were the problem. Hey! I’m on your side.
Michael: Hard to tell.
Alex: What are you talking about? I get this, Michael! We need to fix you and Maria for everyone’s sake.
Max: Michael, let’s not be taking shots at each other.
Liz: Please guys; let me talk to Maria. Maybe I can…
Max: Is that wise? I know you two were so close once that I worry…
Liz: I know what to say and what not to, Max.
Isabel: STOP! Listen to us. What's happened? This isn't what we are?
(Everyone looks sheepishly at one another, realizing that Isabel is right.)
Michael: Thanks Isabel. You’re right. I’m just so frustrated I forget who my friends are.
Alex: With us all sitting here, that’s pretty hard.
Michael: I know you thought that was a joke but you’re right; it is hard. Actually, you're all being wonderful.
Isabel: Can you believe what Michael just said?
Liz: Yes, I can. I sense a very caring person under that thick skin; a person that Maria needs. Devin is a phony. She just needs to see it.
Max: So, Michael; shall we do this party thing?
Michael: Yes! Let’s do it.
Isabel: Hurray! We’re on the right road again.
(Just then Maria and Devin enter.)
Isabel: Hey, we we're just wondering where you were?
Maria: Rehearsing a new song.
Isabel: You guys…Friday my parents have a big party they'll be away at all evening, so we're gonna have a pizza and video party for us at our house. You both need to come.
Liz: Maybe you could sing the new song for us.
Maria: Sounds like fun.
Max: Devin?
(He looks at Michael with some fear…)
Devin: I don't know? Maybe…
(Michael grimaces internally, but nods an approval.)
Devin: I guess it would be fun. Alex tells me you guys are the greatest. Maybe I can get to know you all better.
Isabel: It'll be a blast.
(Maria looks around the Crashdown.)
Maria: Liz, it looks real quiet tonight. I know I was supposed to be off, but I'll help you close up.
(Isabel sees a chance for something…)
Isabel: Hey, it's your day off. Alex and I'll help Liz.
Alex: Sure!
Max: Let me help too.
Liz: Hey Devin, can you give us a hand moving this table.
(Very clever. Get everyone to help close up except Maria and Michael.)
Michael: Hey! I'm real sorry about spilling punch on you the other…
Maria: No big deal; I got it out…
Michael: I love to hear you sing.
Maria: I noticed you left. You couldn't have liked me too much.
(Michael is surprised and pleased that she noticed.)
Michael: I…er…I was afraid you were mad at me so I just went home.
Maria: No, Michael. You were sweet to try and get us the drinks. It was one of those heat of the moment things. I'm sorry I yelled at you.
Michael: I still want some time with you to talk about…you know…old times, six months or so worth.
Maria: I know. I've been busy trying to catch up on school and other things. And then there's the band. Devin and I…
Michael: I've heard you guys sing. You are pretty good together. But Maria, I was here the past six months. Devin wasn't. I can help you recall things in your life…in our lives.
Maria: Why, I think you're jealous.
Michael: What if I am?
Maria: It's sweet, Michael. You're Sweet!
Devin: Ready to go Maria?
Maria: Where?
Devin: Anywhere! I thought since you came here with me…
(Maria doesn't want to be rude to either guy, but she's caught.)
Maria: Uh…OK, but I can't stay out too late. We'll see you all, at the party if not before.
(Devin and Maria leave. Michael is frustrated once again.)
Michael: I'll kill him and send the body back to where ever he came from. We were just starting to communicate a little…
Isabel: Sorry, there was only so much work to do.
Michael: Thanks for trying.
Max: It's gonna work out Michael. Have faith!
(Liz locks up and everyone heads for home. Liz, being home, invites Max up for awhile. Alex takes Isabel home, then heads home himself. When Alex gets to his room, he decides to check his e-mail. He fires up the computer and notices it's been used, probably by Devin. He decides to see if he can figure out what Devin looked at. He notices a document had been saved to a floppy disc, but he also knows that he had written a little routine to automatically save things to a certain hard drive file even if the computer was told to save to floppy. He looks in that file. What he sees is a computer language program. Ones, zeros, symbols. He recognizes it, kind of. He stares at it, but can't quite recall where he's seen that sort of program before or what its use is. "Oh well", Alex thinks to himself. "Probably a program Devin needed on his laptop. But I know I've seen something like that before somewhere…hmmm". Just then the phone rings…
Alex: Hello!
Isabel: Hey, would you look and see if I left my jacket in your car. I can't find it and it's bugging me.
Alex: Sure! Want to hang on or shall I call you back?
Isabel: I'll hang.
(Alex runs out to his car to look. He finds the jacket. As he's heading back in, Devin drives up. Alex goes back to the phone.)
Alex: The jackets here, Iz. Don't lose any sleep over it.
Isabel: Thanks, love. See you tomorrow.
Alex: Bye!
Devin: Hey Cuz!
Alex: Hey! You gonna hit the sack now?
Devin: After I stare at my laptop for awhile.
Alex: I noticed you used my computer.
Devin: You told me I could surf on it.
Alex: Yea, it's fine…
Devin: Well…goodnight!
Alex: Goodnight!
(Alex suddenly picks up on something Devin said. "Stare at my laptop for awhile". "I know what that program is", Alex thinks to himself.)

(Hmmm! Alex may know, but I'm afraid he'll be the only for awhile unless Isabel calls again or they make a connection or…well anyway, don't you just hate this? It's obvious you'll have to wait because right now, right here on the B.S. Network; stay tuned for an infomercial that will invite you to spend your hard earned money buying a timeshare vacation to…where else; Roswell, New Mexico.)

posted on 23-Oct-2001 1:58:21 AM
Title: Honey, I Can’t Remember- Part 13
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Alex awakens the next morning and looks again at the document that Devin had down loaded from the Internet. He also decides to see if he can determine where the document came from. All he can tell at first glance is that it has a "" URL. He's running late, but his dad hasn't left yet either. As Alex is getting ready for school, the phone rings. It appears either he or Devin left the computer modem in auto answer mode. It picks up the line at the same time as his father does. Alex is about to click off when he hears the conversation start on the modem speaker. It's fuzzy, but he can make out some things. Alex is afraid the hang up click might be heard, so he stays connected.
Alex's Uncle: Hello! Are you alone?
Alex's Dad: Alex is here, but he's in his room.
Alex's Uncle: Everything going OK?
(At this point, Alex hits record on his sound card controller.)
Alex's Dad: He's been here a week and no ones the wiser. If my son hasn't noticed anything, then I think you've got a winner.
Alex's Uncle: Alex is into computers and the like?
Alex's Dad: Into them; I think he lives for them.
Alex's Uncle: That's what we needed, someone who might sense something.
Alex's Dad: So far so good, but I feel bad using Alex as a guinea pig.
Alex's Uncle: I think when you tell him he'll be amazed.
Alex's Dad: I don't know if I will tell him. Just kidding! I will eventually! There's a minor problem though.
Alex's Uncle: What?
Alex's Dad: You know when I sent you the school yearbook from here so you could copy a picture no one would recognize? You copied one of my son's best friends.
Alex's Uncle: No way! I thought I duplicated the most unlikely guy in the book. But then I didn't think I'd be sending it to Roswell anyway. I hadn't planned on this out of the country assignment. I couldn't take it with us and I didn't want to just leave in the middle of this experiment and shut it down. It’s too complicated to…
Alex's Dad: It's OK. I've been interested since you told me three years ago what you were doing. The kids have discussed the resemblance, but it hasn't tanked anything. In fact, I think they're amused by it. It's a good thing Alex hasn't seen his real cousin for such long time.
Alex's Uncle: He's away at military school in Virginia. He'd probably kill me if he knew what was going on. Hey, I'm concerned that I've only seen two checkins. I hope what he's got will keep him stable.
Alex's Dad: It knows to do that, right?
Alex's Uncle: Should do. It'll be OK I think.
Alex's Dad: He shouldn't be driving or things like that if he's not stable.
Alex's Uncle: Just keep an eye out; it'll be obvious if there's a problem.
Alex's Dad: OK! Check back whenever…
Alex's Uncle: I really appreciate this. Let me know how things are going.
Alex's Dad: As I said, it's interesting to me too. Bye!
(Alex sits and contemplates what he just heard. Coupled with what he thinks he's figured out about the downloaded document, he comes to the only conclusion possible. He's also scared that his dad is somehow involved and hasn't told him anything. He's got to get to the gang as soon as possible. Soon, Alex is at school talking to Mr. Bunker [you all remember him from the "Roswell E-Mail" series, don't you?] the computer science teacher.)
Alex: So, am I right? This is the type of program that's used to rebuild databases, isn't it.
Mr. Bunker: It looks like one to me, but this one has some strange things about it. Look here. I would not have expected to see this many file pointer locations in the same quadrant.
Alex: I noticed that too. Could that mean hundreds of experien…er…files about the same topic?
Mr. Bunker: I'd think so. Where did you get this?
Alex: My cousin got it off the Internet, but I couldn't figure out what he was doing with it.
Mr. Bunker: Why didn't you ask him?
Alex: Uh…that's a long story.
Mr. Bunker: You were my best student ever, Alex. You usually taught me things.
Alex: Thanks, Mr. Bunker. I just wanted to verify that what I was thinking about this was right.
Mr. Bunker: Say hello to Max Evans and your other "alien" friends for me.
(If that line bothers you, you need to search out Roswell E-Mail reruns.) [Shameless plug by the author for his prior art.]
Alex: OK, I will.
(OK, Alex thinks to himself. "Michael is going to be soooo happy when I tell him about this. Maria will freak. This explains so much. But why? What is going on? Is there danger to anyone? Tonight I call a meeting of the six; mandatory attendance! Wait! It'll have to be five. Maria, dang her…well, this will push her back to Michael really fast. But what about my band? People are liking Devin and he is…oh man; this is "complicated". Well, I better get to class". All morning, Alex has trouble concentrating on school. After morning classes, the gang assembles at lunchtime, minus Maria and Devin.)
Alex: Max and everyone! I need to see you all after school. It's really important.
Max: What's up Alex?
Alex: I think I've got some answers about why none of us can read any signs of life from my so-called cousin.
Isabel: Can't you tell us now?
Alex: You need to hear something first. We can't do it at my house because my dad's usually home by he time school's out. Where else can we meet that has a computer?
Michael: Come to my apartment. I just got a new one to replace the one Hank poured beer into.
Alex: Does that work for you, Max and Liz?
Liz: Maria and I have to work right after school.
Alex: Can't you be late? This is really important. Maria shouldn't be there anyway unless you've told her something more, Michael.
Michael: When have I had the chance? And I wouldn't tell her about us yet anyway.
Liz: I'll ask her to cover for me if it's not for too long.
Alex: I'll lay this on everyone, then you can go if you have to, Liz. The rest can stay and figure out what to do.
Max: OK, Alex. Should this concern us? I mean about…
Alex: I don't know yet. Maybe you can decide.
(Just then, Devin walks up.)
Michael: Speak of the devil.
Devin: Hello Isabel…everyone.
Isabel: Hi Devin. What's cookin'?
Devin: Not much. I just saw you all over here and thought I'd say hi.
Michael: Have you seen Maria?
Devin: Not since this morning. I saw her running down the hall but I haven't seen her since. Is the pizza party still on for the weekend?
Isabel: Yes.
Devin: Good! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better.
Max: I think it's about time for the bell.
Liz: Come find me after school, Max.
Max: OK…and if anyone else needs a ride…
(Max in a silent connection to Isabel, Michael, and Alex…)
*Max: (silently)"Oops, I shouldn't have said that, huh?"
*Alex: (silently)" No; and thanks for remembering me this time, Max."
Devin: I have my own car, thanks. Where are you guys headed after school?
Max: I just meant if anyone needs a ride home…
Devin: OK! I thought you might have something fun planned. Always looking to meet new people.
*Alex: (silently) That seems like kind of his prime directive. And what we have planned won't likely be fun…
(Liz sees everyone staring at each other again, but now she understands what's happening.)
Liz: We better get to class.
(The afternoon goes kind of slowly, but finally school's out and they're gathered at Michael's.)
Alex: I've discovered two things. The first is that Devin downloaded a program off the Internet that I thought looked like it would be used for rebuilding computer databases. I confirmed my suspicions with Mr. Bunker. By the way, Max; he said to say "hi" to all his alien friends.
Max: I loved what we did to Bunker. I wish Valenti were as gullible. I loved it when I took off my shirt…
Alex: Anyhow, when computers initially store data, they don't always put all related files and materials in the same memory or hard drive space. If you have a large database and go too long without rebuilding it, processing slows down because the computer has to look all over the place to put related files together. When you rebuild your database, the computer looks for similar files and puts them together. The program Devin downloaded can rebuild files that have hundreds of entries related to the same topic. Let me load it on your computer Michael and I'll show it to you.
(Alex takes out a floppy disk and loads the program for all to see.)
Liz: Why would Devin need something like that?
Alex: That's what I was wondering too. I looked up the URL. It came from a source with a "" extension. I need to hack to find out anything more specific about its origin.
Max: That's not real comforting just on the surface.
Alex: Then something else happened. I don't know if it was Devin or myself that left my computer modem in auto answer mode, but as I was about to leave this morning the phone rang. The modem grabbed it at the same time as my father answered. I was afraid, if I hung up for fear he'd hear the click. I didn't want him to think I was listening, so I stayed connected. After a few bits of conversation, I started my sound card recording. Listen to this…
Alex's Dad: He's been here a week and no ones the wiser. If my son hasn't noticed anything, then I think you've got a winner.
Alex's Uncle: Alex is into computers and the like?
Alex's Dad: Into them? I think he lives for them.
Alex's Uncle: That's what we needed, someone who might sense something.
Alex's Dad: So far so good, but I feel bad using Alex as a guinea pig.
Alex's Uncle: I think when you tell him he'll be amazed.
(Alex plays back the rest of the conversation recorded that morning.)
Isabel: So, what does this mean?
Alex: To me it means that Devin is either a very sophisticated android or he's a human with a computer implant. I'm leaning towards the former.
Michael: I love it! There are no laws against murdering an android.
Isabel: I don't like this, Alex. Don't take this wrong, but he could have been brought here to spy on us. And your father's helping him. It could be something from the FBI.
Max: I agree. I don't like it one bit. I know it's not you Alex…
Alex: I can't imagine my dad doing anything against you guys. He's just a professor and…
Michael: Someone may have told him he was helping his country.
Alex: But he said he was going to tell me; that I'd be interested. That doesn't compute with your scenario.
Isabel: Alex is right on that. If Devin was sent to spy on us, they wouldn't tell Alex. Anyone even looking at us would know Alex is our friend.
Michael: What better way to spy?
Alex: Michael! That hurt! I would never, ever…
Isabel: I know, honey. Michael, that was uncalled for.
Michael: I'm sorry, Alex. I know you wouldn't be part of anything like that; but you didn't have much choice about Devin's being here, did you?
(Alex is concerned about the way they are reacting. He thought they'd want to get to the bottom of this, not accuse him of creating the problem.)
Alex: Look, I've told you about all this. If I had anything to hide, would I have done what I just did?
Max: Hey, as far as I'm concerned Alex is now and always will be our trusted friend. We need to decide what we really want to do about this situation. I'm sorry anyone even gave a second thought to you, Alex.
Alex: It's OK. I know your first reaction is to pull away from anything that might be threatening. This looks a little that way at first glance, but I really don't think he's here after you guys.
Isabel: What makes you think he's not?
Alex: What makes you think he is?
Max: Paranoia, I guess.
Michael: I say we short-circuit him…it…whatever; and call it a bad dream.
Max: I think we ought to let this play out for awhile. What if they have more that one of him?
Isabel: One Michael look alike is already one too many.
Max: Now that we know what's up with him, at least in part; maybe we should see if we can find out who he's really controlled by. What did you say your uncle does?
Alex: He's a rocket scientist at White Sands.
Michael: A real rocket scientist. I've always wondered how many of those it takes to…
Alex: Never mind! Leave the jokes to me.
Isabel: Oh please! Anything else, but don't leave the jokes to Alex!
Alex: Thanks people. I needed that. I was afraid I was on the verge of losing all of you as friends. I'm beginning to dislike this whole situation.
Liz: What about Maria? What do or can we tell her?
Michael: I can't wait to see her expression when we tell her that she was starting to take a liking to a robot.
Alex: He's not really a robot. He's much too sophisticated for that. I think he's almost sentient. I think we need to try to discover what he really is, a living being or a machine?
Max: Is there any chance you could get control of him? That would chap whoever's doing this.
Alex: I don't know, but I'd love to try. I could just keep him in the closet and get him out so he could sing with us when the band has to play.
Isabel: I hope you're not serious!
Alex: Hmmm! Probably not! But I wonder if he sings so well because his voice is a glorified stereo system?
Michael: We could use something like him…it…against Topolski's crowd.
Alex: That would be fun, wouldn't it. I'd like to see her interviewing him as his guidance counselor.
(They all have a good laugh over that.)
Alex: If he needs that data rebuild program to function, we might have a chance. The way my uncle was talking, if that was indeed my uncle, he could become unstable. If I could doctor that program just a little, we might have a way in. I don't want to make him dangerous though. Dad was right to be concerned about his driving or doing anything where he could injure others if he's not totally normal.
Max: I wonder what he…it…would do if we confronted it? Gee, I hate calling anyone an "it". I've been afraid of being called that myself all my life.
Alex: You're not an "it", Max. You're alive and you think for yourself. I don't know if he's alive or not, but I'm pretty sure he's having help thinking…or computing…or whatever he does. That almost has to be true, even if it is just because of the way he's programmed.
Liz: So really! What about Maria? She might actually be able to help us find out more about him.
Alex: I think I better tell her what we've found. I know you want to be the one to tell her Michael, but I'm afraid she wouldn't believe you. She'd think it was just something you were saying to try and win her back.
Michael: Unfortunately, you're probably right.
Alex: I know I can't tell her in the context of him spying on aliens either. That would raise too many questions. I guess I'll just have to tell her what I found and that we're all wondering what's up with him. God, I wish she'd get back with you so you could tell her everything again. If you and she were together, she could really help.
Michael: If she were with me like she used to be, she wouldn't be his friend anyway.
Isabel: He's got you there, Alex.
Alex: Well, I'm just trying to figure out a way to discover more about him without revealing the fact that we know anything's unusual. I don't want to put any one in any danger.
Max: Not to open a wound, Alex. Again, I trust you like I trust myself, but what about your dad? Can you ask him anything that might get him to tell you what's going on? It sounded like he might eventually do that anyway.
Alex: I was thinking about that. Maybe if I asked him some questions that let him know I see some weirdness in Devin, he'd come clean with me. He said I'd be interested and I really am.
Isabel: Try it. If he does, it will put our minds at rest that he's not actually involved with something dangerous to us.
Alex: And if he doesn't, am I an outcast?
Max: No, but I think we do have to be careful how much we let Devin be around us which might unfortunately affect you.
Alex: So, do we let him still come to the video party?
Michael: Yes; and let's show that Star Trek episode where they try and decide if Data is a person or property.
Max: That would be a bit too obvious, don't you think?
Isabel: Maybe…maybe not. It would be interesting to watch his reaction.
Alex: I don't know. That would be boring for everyone to watch again for the twenty-fifth time and it assumes he knows what he is. I'm not sure we know that yet.
Max: We've got a lot to find out and we can't let him know any more about us than he already does.
Alex: I think, since he's living in my house, I'm going to have to be the legman on this.
Isabel: Your right. But be careful, Alex. I haven't wanted to bring this up, but what would he do if he thought he was going to be exposed? Would he try something to stop it?
Max: Good question.
Liz: I've really got to get to work. Maria's gong to be asking twenty questions as it is.
Isabel: I'll drive you over. We can let the guys plot further strategy. Just whatever you guys decide, assume there's danger until we know otherwise.
Max: We will, Isabel.
(Isabel and Liz depart.)
Michael: Are we sure we just don't want to expose what we know and end this?
Max: I don't think we do until we know for sure what is really going on. We could shut down his charade only to find out there are more of him or something like him.
Alex: More twins of Michael?
Max: Not what I meant.
Alex: I hope you weren't offended by what they said about your picture from the yearbook.
Michael: Actually, I was quite flattered. If you're gong to make a robot who chases "chicks", make him look like the most unlikely guy in the book. Right on!
Alex: I wonder what Liz would have done if they'd copied Max?

(Hmmm, Interesting question. So now they know "what" Devin is… maybe. But why is the what? Or should that be what do they know about the why? Don't they have to make sure of what the what is before they worry about the why? Or can the what and the why questions be answered at the same time. Does anybody really care? I guess we'll find out when we check the ratings after the next episode. Right now, we should tell you what is coming up on the B.S. Network. We should, but we're too embarrassed!

Title: Honey I Can’t Remember-Part 14
Author: John
Rating: PG
A B. S. (Balance Statements) Network Production

(Having figured out that his imitation cousin, Devin, is either a very sophisticated android or a human with a computer implant, Alex is trying to discover more about this “being”.
He’s been studying the database rebuild program that Devin apparently needs to function properly. He’s guessing from the way Devin acts that part of his fundamental programming directive is to mingle and interact with people. That would make sense if someone were trying to pass him off as a human. The alien trio is concerned that Devin has been sent to spy on them, but they’re also trying to be loyal to Alex as a friend. They’ve decided to try to find out more too before jumping to any conclusions. As an experiment, Alex has made a small change to the rebuild program on Devin’s laptop and temporarily disabled the Internet connection at their house so Devin can’t call and get a new one. Now his chore is to tell Maria about Devin without telling her about the alien secret. He visits Maria at the Crashdown. Maria slides into a booth with Alex…)

Alex: Hey, Maria.
Maria: Hey, Alex.
Alex: How’s the memory? Are you getting anything back?
Maria: Every once in a while when I do something, I get a feeling that I’ve done it before. Nothing specific yet that I can pinpoint. I was amazed when Michael kissed me though. I saw myself doing lots of things. What do you supposed caused me to experience that?
Alex: I guess. He does love you, Maria. You two…
Maria: I like him a lot too, Alex. I just haven’t told him. I’ve kind of enjoyed having him try to remind me of what we were. It will help me in the long term I think.
Alex: He can help you more if you’ll let him.
Maria: What do you mean?
Alex: Just having a support person always makes someone feel better. I’ve been so happy since Isabel and I…
Maria: I still don’t believe you're with Isabel Evans. What an unlikely combination!
Alex: Speaking of unlikely, I need to talk to you about Devin.
Maria: I like him OK, but I think I see more of a real person in Michael. Even if Devin has more manners and polish, there’s just something about Michael that seems more down to earth.
(Alex has to smile at that description. Hopefully Michael can tell her about himself soon.)
Alex: That feeling might just have something to do with the fact the Michael is alive. He has a spirit…a soul.
Maria: And Devin doesn’t?
Alex: Hang on Maria. There is something very strange going on right here in Roswell. Devin is not what he appears to be.
Maria: He’s kind of phony if that's what you mean; but he sure can sing.
Alex: He’s a very big phony. I don’t expect you to believe this, but have you ever known me to lie to you?
Maria: Not since the second grade when you put the frog in my backpack.
Alex: Uh…even then I came clean, right?
Maria: True!
Alex: OK! I’m being quite serious now, Maria. Devin is a computer.
Maria: What did you say?
Alex: Whatever this Devin is, he’s not my cousin. I found out my real cousin is at a military school in Virginia.
Maria: So who’s the guy that’s here?
Alex: A better question would be, “what is the guy that’s here”?
Maria: You’re not making sense.
Alex: That’s because this doesn’t make sense. I think Devin is a very sophisticated android. If not, then he’s a biological being, possibly engineered, with a computer implant. In any event, he’s not human.
(Maria looks at Alex like he lost his mind.)
Maria: No robot looks or acts that real, Alex.
Alex: Everyone keeps saying he’s a robot. I agree; robots are not usually very sophisticated, but Devin is a very high tech android. I think we’re being used as test subjects to see if he can integrate with us. He seems to have a mission to associate with people; or haven’t you noticed.
Maria: He does seem to constantly want to be with people.
Alex: I think that’s part of his programming.
Maria: Alex, I can accept a lot from you, but this?
Alex: The bad part is my dad’s in on it.
Maria: How do you know?
Alex: I overheard a phone conversation with my dad talking to someone who I think was my Uncle. They gave me some clues. I also found some computer programming printouts that Devin needs to function.
Maria: Why are you telling me this?
Alex: I’ve already told Max, Michael and Isabel. Remember; we’re all going to the Evan’s tonight for a video party. If Devin acts at all strange, just ignore it.
Maria: Why would he act strange?
Alex: Because I made a little modification to the computer program he uses to sort data. It might do something to him. Then again, it might not.
Maria: It also might not do anything because you’re cuckoo in the brain and whatever you did to his computer stuff would have no effect anyway. I’m still having trouble believing this.
Alex: Is that because you don’t want to admit you had some feelings for an android?
Maria: Well, he is cute. And he sings well.
Alex: In that case you should think Michael is cute too.
Maria: I suppose!
Alex: Michael doesn’t sing; at least I’ve never heard him do so, but he has the same facial features as Devin. Wanta know why?
Maria: I'm so dying to hear that.
Alex: My dad sent my Uncle our high school yearbook. My Uncle wanted to clone a face that wouldn’t be recognized in Alamogorda. In the conversation I heard, my Uncle said he choose the most unlikely subject in the book to duplicate.
Maria: Michael is cute and he’s very sweet…in his own way.
Alex: Tell him that, Maria. It will help him a lot. And, if anything weird happens tonight, just remember what I told you.
Maria: Only because it’s you, Alex. Because it’s you that told me I’ll at least consider that it might be true.
Alex: Michael wanted to be the one to tell you this, but I told him you’d just think he was trying to divert you from Devin.
Maria: Did he put you up to this?
Alex: No, Maria! I swear what I’m saying is the truth. Be prepared!

(Alex excuses himself to go get ready for the party. Maria resumes her duties at the Crashdown. A few hours later, everyone is gathering at the Evan’s. Alex contacted Isabel and told her to be ready if anything weird happened with Devin. She said she’d tell Max and the others. Alex insisted on driving he and Devin tonight. It was hard to get Devin to agree to ride in Alex’s clunky old car instead of driving his fancy gold Jeep Cherokee, but after some arm [or would that be artificial limb] twisting, he agreed.)

Isabel: Hey! Come on in guys.
Alex: Liz here yet?
Isabel: Are you kidding. “There but for Max goes she”.
Alex: Huh?
Isabel: That was a joke. Don’t you remember the song “There But For You Go I”?
from when the school put on the play Brigadoon?
(Almost immediately, Devin begins singing*happy*
Devin: “I looked as I thanked all the stars in the sky, there but for you go I”.
(Alex drags him into the living room.)
Isabel: Thanks Devin. At least someone got the joke.
Devin: I did, Liz.
Isabel: No, I’m Isabel.
Devin: I thought there but for you go I was Liz.
Alex: Never mind! Is Max here?
Max: Right here!
Alex: How about Maria?
(Devin starts singing)
Devin: "Maria…Maria, I just met a girl named Maria".
(Alex stops him again.)
Isabel: Maria's picking up Michael, Alex. They should be here shortly.
Alex: What movie are we going to watch?
Isabel: I’ve got the latest James Bond: The World Is Not Enough, The Haunting, The Bone Collector, or It Came From The Sky.
(Alex raises an eyebrow at her having that last one.)
Alex: Any of those float your boat, Devin?
Devin: I don’t own a boat, but I have a Jeep. It's gold and…
Liz: Never mind! Maybe we should wait until Maria and Michael get here to choose the movie.
Isabel: OK! In the meantime, Devin, you wanted to get to know us better. Why don't you start by telling us something about yourself? What do you want to do in life?
Devin: I'm from Alamogorda. I like to meet people.
Isabel: I mean, what are you good at? What do you think you’d like to do after graduation?
Devin: I do like to take relationships gradually.
(Isabel makes silent connection to Alex.)
*Isabel: (silent) What did you do to him?
*Alex: (silent) Nothing really. I just doctored his data rebuild routine a bit.
*Isabel: (silent) He seems confused.
*Alex: (silent and smiling diabolically) Yea!
(End connection. Just then Michael and Maria arrive.)
Max: Come on in guys. We were waiting for you to decide what movies to watch.
Devin: I only see one guy. Maria's a girl.
(Alex quickly connects with Michael.)
*Alex: (Silently) Did Isabel talk to you about Devin?
*Michael: (Silently) Yea!
*Alex: (Silently) Be prepared!
*Michael: (Silently) Gottcha!
Isabel: So, what do you PEOPLE want to watch?
Liz: I vote for "The Haunting".
Maria: That's OK with me.
Michael: Let me see what else you have.
Max: I don't really care, as long as I can snuggle with Liz. I probably won't see much of the movie anyway.
Isabel: OK, lets watch "The Haunting".
(Devin starts singing again…)
Devin: "A haunting I will go…a haunting I will go…hi ho the dare ee oh…a haunting I will go".
(It's all the group can do to keep from laughing hysterically. Finally Alex calms Devin again.)
Isabel: Alex, can you help me in the kitchen for a minute?
Alex: Sure!
(Alex and Isabel go to the kitchen.)
Isabel: What in heavens name did you do to him? He's nuts!
Alex: I did almost nothing to that rebuild routine. Just a couple of minor changes. Obviously it's a very critical program for him.
Isabel: Don't leave him that way. It will be a disaster.
Alex: I've re-enabled the Internet at our house and I'm sure he'll head right for it when we get home. I suspect a correct rebuild program will fix him.
Isabel: It better or you've created a monster.
Alex: Don't worry. He a computer and I can handle computers better than people.
Isabel: You can handle me any time, Alex.
Alex: ISABEL????
Isabel: Just trying to sound like Devin.
Alex: Darn!
(Isabel yells into the living room…)
Isabel: Anybody want some popcorn before we start the movie?
Devin: I'll have a Mountain Dew!
Isabel: No Devin! Popcorn…not pop.
Max: Sounds good, Isabel.
Devin: If you're going to pop a corn, you should probably see a podiatrist.
Maria: Oh God! Stop him!
Michael: Put some Tabasco sauce on the popcorn, Iz.
Liz: Better make two bowls, Iz. One with and one without...
Devin: Tabasco sauce does not belong on popcorn.
Michael: Around here it does!
Devin: Around here…Tabasco sauce…on popcorn; got it!
(Maria has forgotten about the Tabasco sauce habit of her friends. Devin never knew it.)
Maria: Is everyone here crazy?
Michael: Only me for you, Maria! You drive me insane!
Devin: Is that near I-25?

(Anyone not associated with this group hearing the conversation at the Evan's home tonight would certainly be inclined to call the men in the little white coats; and we don't mean The Ghostbusters. Well, maybe they will need them too if their going to watch "The Haunting". No matter! We know our friends are only slightly demented. Living in Roswell will do that to anyone. [Apologies to the Roswell Chamber of Commerce.] Well, as much as we'd like to present more of the evening's activities, we must make way for yet another wonderful B.S. Network show. The B.S. Network is about to bring you a documentary film on how to have a healthy sex life. It's called "Frequency". Stay tuned!)

posted on 23-Oct-2001 2:00:44 AM
Title: Honey I Can’t Remember-Part 15
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B. S. (Balance Statements) Network Production

(Well, the movie party was very interesting, but all it really proved is that Alex can make Devin’s behavior unusual. They still don’t know who’s really controlling him or how Alex could take over control. Devin did get back to normal by using the correct rebuild program. It’s a couple of days later, and Devin wanders in to use Alex’ computer again.)

Devin: (Thinking (or computing) to himself.) I better get my fix for the day. This is such a pain; to be married to the Internet. But if I don’t check in and stare at the symbols, I seem to get all confused, like at the party the other night. I can’t imagine what the others must have thought. The more I’m away from Alamogorda, the more I like being with people. It was so boring at the lab. I know I can fit in here. The way the girls yell at me when I sing with Alex’s band tells me I can live outside the facility. All I’ve got to do is keep my secret and act like a human. No one will know. They made me look very normal. Too normal! I can’t believe they made me look like someone from Roswell. Michael Guerin! He’s just a normal guy I’m sure, but why did they pick him? I don’t want to ask them. They might make me come back to the facility and I don’t want to.
(pause) I wonder if I could trust Alex with my secret. He loves computers. He’d probably…no; better not even consider it. I can’t risk my freedom. No way do I want to go back. But I need to know more about human relationships. I seem to only be able to keep people’s interest for so long. Maybe Alex can help me with that. Well, time for the virtual fix.
(Devin stares at the computer screen as if he’s in a trance. It’s raining outside and the wind is blowing very hard. Suddenly, the electricity flickers for a moment, causing some scrambling of the image on the computer screen. Devin doesn’t notice. He comes out of his trance and is shutting down the computer when…)
Alex: Hi Devin…surfing again?
Devin: Just checking my e-mail. My dad sends me something almost every day.
Alex: How’s he doing? He’s overseas, right?
Devin: Yes. He’s fine.
Alex: So, what's on your agenda?
Devin: Alex, can I ask you something?
Alex: I suppose.
Devin: When you’re with your chick, Isabel; and after you guys greet and give each other a kiss…then what do you do.
Alex: What do you mean?
Devin: What do you do next?
Alex: That’s kind of personal, Devin. It depends on where we are and who we’re with. We really like each other. When two people are in love, well all sorts of things happen.
Devin: I seem to be able to meet girls OK, but I don’t know what to do with them after I start talking to them.
Alex: You said you left some broken hearts in Alamogorda. What did you do to those girls?
Devin: I did say that didn’t I. The truth is, I was never really very good with women. I want to get better. I thought, maybe you could help me. I could start over again here in Roswell.
Alex: What you do when you’re together with someone just kinda comes naturally. I think it’s something built into the human psyche.
(Alex thinks: “and thankfully, the Czechoslovakian psyche too”.)
Devin: Oh? I guess I wasn’t built that way.
(Thinks to himself: "And how were you built, and by whom?")
Alex: Just do what comes naturally, Devin.
Devin: So have you and Isabel ever…you know…
Alex: Devin, I don’t have to talk to you about my sex life. It’s personal! And if you want some tips on womanizing, ask Kyle Valenti. He’s the undisputed king in this town.
Something else Devin! Stay away from Maria. She belongs with Michael.
Devin: But she’s nice to me. With the music, I have something I can talk with her about. I actually have a little relationship with her.
Alex: She and Michael would still be together if it weren’t for her memory loss. It’s not fair for you to take advantage of that.
Devin: OK, Alex. I’ll try. Can I ask you something else?
Alex: I guess?
Devin: If I…I mean…what would you think if…just suppose…oh never mind…I’ll talk to you later!
Alex: Whatever Devin!
(Devin leaves! Alex thinks to himself: “Was he thinking of telling me his secret? That would be interesting. But why would he do that? I need to see where he was on the Internet. Hmmm……what could that be? Some laboratory in Almagordo, New Mexico no doubt. I guess I’ll just have to ask my dad about Devin. Maybe he’ll tell me. But why hasn’t he told me already?” Alex decides he better talk to the others again first. He should tell them about the questions Devin was asking. Meanwhile, Devin has taken off in his Jeep. He drives to the old abandoned mine outside of town and walks around. “This will be perfect”; he computes to himself, as he spots an old trailer. “If Michael and Maria are such a hot couple, they can teach me what to do”, he thinks to himself as he forces the padlock off the door. “ I have to know how to interact if I’m going to stay free. Now, all I’ll have to do is bring out a better lock.” "…And there's one more stop I need to make." Meanwhile, back at the Crashdown…
Michael: (Stares at Maria in her waitress costume!) Could we have a little service here?
Maria: How little?
(Michael drags her into the booth and the antennas on her headband poke him in the face. He gives her a quick kiss.)
Michael: About that much.
Maria: That’s all the service I can be to you? After the video party, I thought…I was thinking, Michael…
Michael: What Maria?
Maria: You know, when you kiss me…I mean a real kiss…I see things; things I’ve forgotten. I was scared at first, but I’ve been thinking; if you’re willing, I’d…
Michael: You mean like this?
(Michael gives Maria a passionate kiss. As before, she she’s scenes from her time with Michael. She’s smiling as sees them together…playing, kidding, being part of the group. All of a sudden she screams! "MICHAEL!" She pulls away! She’s pale. She just stares at him…)
Maria: Mi…Michael!
Michael: What’s wrong honey?
Maria: I…I just saw you. You were all wrapped up in…it looked like…I don’t know, but everyone including me was around you and I felt so empty. Michael, it was terrible. I think…I think I saw you dying. Oh Michael!
(He puts his arms around her to assure her that he’s fine. Just then, Max walks in with Liz.)
Maria: What was going on in that vision, Michael? I saw everyone surrounding you like we were praying over you.
Michael: Maybe…maybe in a sense you were, Maria. We need to talk.
Max: Hey! That’s my line.
Michael: Max, I think she saw…
Max: You kissed her again?
Michael: Yes, she wanted me to. I’m afraid she saw me when I was sick and…
Maria: That was the strangest sick condition I ever saw. But I know it was you, I felt it. I don’t know what’s happening, Michael. The more I’m around you, the more I think I should be. But then those kisses of yours…I’m…I’m scared, Michael.
Max: It’s time Michael. Especially if you’re gonna keep on with those kisses.
Michael: I know, but not here. Maria, can we go back to my place?
Maria: Alone?
Michael: If you’re willing.
(Maria looks pale as a ghost. She’s shaking. She looks at Michael and sees nothing but love in his eyes. She calms a bit.)
Maria: I…I think I need you Michael; but at the same time I’m scared of you.
Michael: I can explain everything, Maria. I can help you with your memory loss too. Max and Liz can come with us if you want.
(Maria looks at Liz. Liz gives her a “everything’s OK” look.)
Maria: I…I…Liz?
Liz: It’s OK, Maria. Everything will be fine…more than fine.
Maria: Liz? Do you know what he wants to tell me?
Liz: Yes, I think I do.
Maria: And it’s OK, right?
Liz: Like I said, it’ll be more than OK, Maria. Michael loves you. He’s not scary. Go with him. I’ll finish your shift.
Max: Yes, go with him, Maria. There’s no reason not to.
Maria: But those flashes…
Michael: You should be glad they’re happening. I am! It just tells me how much we’re meant to be together.
Maria: I…I…OK! Let’s go.
(Michael and Maria begin to walk to Michael’s apartment. Maria has calmed down and Michael is joking with her about what she doesn’t remember. As they approach the halfway point in their walk, Devin drives by in his Jeep Cherokee. He pulls over. He's actually been out looking for the two people he just found.)
Devin: Hey you two!
Maria: Hi, Devin.
Michael: Hey, Devin!
Devin: Want a ride someplace? I’m just crusin’!
(Maria looks at Michael. She’s kind of tired and shaken after what she experienced. She looks at Michael. He feels like maybe they shouldn’t take the offer but then reconsiders. He’s thinking that maybe they ought to make sure Devin is functioning well enough to be driving. Michael says OK. They get in the Jeep.)
Maria: How’d you like the video party?
Devin: I guess I acted kinda silly. I wasn’t feeling well. I wasn’t really myself that night.
Maria: Hey! I like to hear you sing anytime. You’ve got a great voice.
(Devin enjoys the complement, but he’s not going to be diverted from his plan. He reaches down to the left of his seat and opens the valve on a canister of anesthetic gas that he fished out of the dumpster behind the hospital. Of course, the gas doesn’t affect him, but very quickly Maria moans and passes out in Michael’s arms.)
Michael: Maria! Maria, what’s wrong? Maria, please!
Devin: What’s wrong Michael?
Michael: I…I don’t know, Devin…she’s…Devin…oh man…I feel dizzy. Stop the car.
(Devin slows down. Very slowly he brings the car to a stop. Devin thinks…er…computes, “they should both be out by now. Why is Michael still awake?” Michael groans; then he too succumbs, slumping over Maria who is bent into his lap. “He must be in really good physical shape. It took him twice as long as it took Maria to go out”. Devin allows the anesthetic to continue to envelop the Jeep so as to make sure they both stay out for awhile. He quickly starts the car again and heads out to an abandoned trailer at the old mine. When he arrives, he lifts both sleeping bodies into the trailer and lays them on a couch, arms around each other. “They’ll enjoy waking up in that position”, he computes. “Now, all I’ve got to do is watch them. I’ll learn the steps I need to know for developing human relationships. I better do something for them before they wake up. They are human. I better go get them some food and water for after they regain consciousness.” Devin padlocks the trailer door and heads back into town. Meanwhile, back at the Crashdown, Isabel and Alex have joined Max and Liz…)
Liz: I’d like to be a fly on the wall at Michael’s place right now.
Max: I’m glad he thinks she’s ready.
Liz: I saw the look in her eye. She trusts him like I trusted you Max. It’ll be fine.
Isabel: A little more kissing; a few more flashes and both of you will have enough memory back that we can all be normal again.
Liz: It’ll be wonderful. By the way, I want to thank you for the nighttime school updates. They’re helping a lot.
Isabel: Good! I didn’t know if they’d work. Maybe we can do that for Maria too.
Liz: I’m glad you’re our friends and are willing to share your gifts.
Max: I do wonder how Michael is doing explaining things to Maria?
Alex: I’ll bet by now she’s melting in Michael’s arms.

(How prophetic, Alex. It is a bit warm in the trailer. This could really make Maria have second, third, and even fourth thoughts, couldn’t it? It seems like every time she and Michael are ready to take a step forward, something goes wrong. Then again, maybe she’ll like being held prisoner with Michael. At least they’ll have some time to talk. It could get interesting if Michael opens up to Maria while Devin is watching and listening. It might even get so interesting that it will take more time than we have for this episode. Prudence, not to mention the director at the B.S. network, both suggest that this is a good time to stop for tonight. Plan to join us again soon and we’ll see just how interesting things become. Right now on the B.S. Network, it’s time one of America’s favorite talk programs. Stay tuned for “The Oompah Windbag Show.”)

Title: Honey I Can’t Remember-Part 16
Author: John
Rating: PG
A B. S. (Balance Statements) Network Production

(Out at the abandoned trailer, Maria is stating to regain consciousness. Devin returned with some Subway sandwiches and drinks and left them for Maria and Michael to find. Devin wants to see how a relationship progresses beyond a first embrace. He certainly picked an interesting couple to kidnap. He’s hiding outside the trailer where he can listen to them.)

Maria: Oooo! My head feels like a cantaloupe. Where am I? Michael! Michael, wake up! Please, Michael…
(Michael is still out. He was last to go out and he hasn’t regained consciousness. Maria looks at Michael. His eyes are closed but he still looks really good to her. Even with him unconscious, she feels that just because he’s here, everything will be fine. She can feel him breathing and she knows he’s still alive. She just wants him to awaken soon so they can get away. She’s trying to remember what happened. The last thing she remembers is walking with Michael. He was taking her to make everything OK. )
Maria: Michael! Michael, honey! Please wake up. Please...
Michael: Arrrrrgh! What happened? Where are we?
Maria: Oh Michael, I’m so glad your awake. I feel safer now.
Michael: Don’t expect too much yet. I feel like I’ve been hit by a garbage truck.
Maria: Hey, you’re talking to me again. That’s enough for right now.
(Michael tries to move, but he has no muscle strength or coordination.)
Michael: Can you move, Maria?
(Maria tries, but she can’t move either. The anesthetic hasn’t totally worn off yet.)
Maria: I can’t really. I can sort of move my hand…
Michael: We’ve been drugged and brought here. The drugs haven’t worn off completely yet. That’s why we can’t move.
Maria: Who? Why? The last thing I remember was walking with you. Liz and Max said to go with you and you’d make everything OK.
(Michael thinks to himself: “ I made everything OK all right! No doubt it’s because of me and what I am that we’re here. I’ve put Maria in danger. I need to tell her; tell her what I am…tell her that I’m sorry.”)
Michael: Maria?
Maria: Yes, Michael.
Michael: I’m not sure where we are. I sort of remember getting into a car…it’s all foggy. I'm sure it’s my fault we’ve been brought here.
Maria: No, Michael; that can't be.
Michael: Maria, I wanted to tell you something about myself. I wanted it to be a plus. I know I can help your memory, but you have to know something about me first. I'd hoped it could be a good thing. I was hoping you'd accept it and me the way you did before and we could move on. But this…this kidnapping may be putting us in danger. You may not want to be with me. Oh man, why? Why me? All I want is some sort of normal life. Why can’t I have it?
Maria: Michael, you can. We can! As I was sitting here waiting for you to wake up, I was crying. Crying because I realized that I do love you. I know everyone said I did before, but I had to discover it for myself again. As I sat with your arms around me, with you still asleep, I felt the most calm, peaceful feeling. I knew as soon as you woke up, everything would be OK. And it is Michael; it is! I saw the love in your eyes before we left the Crashdown. Just sitting here looking at you, I was finally able to return that love. We’ve just got to get out of here. Everything will be fine. I know it.
Michael: Maria, think. Why would anyone kidnap us and bring us here?
Maria: I don’t know, Michael. We're just unlucky, I guess.
Michael: No Maria. There’s more. Oh, Maria! I’ve never done this…ever. I didn’t think I ever could or would.
Maria: What is it Michael? You can tell me. No secret you have could be enough to push me away from you.
Michael: I'm not so sure about that now. I thought it would be OK to tell you again, but now this.
Maria: I knew about what you want to tell me before the accident, didn’t I? And we were still together then, right?
Michael: That’s true. That’s the only thing that makes me think you’ll still be OK with this. I didn’t tell you myself the last time. Liz did. I could have killed her for that and I could have killed Max for telling her.
Maria: What’s Max got to do with us?
Michael: A lot, Maria.
(Michael can finally move his arm enough to put it around Maria. She gazes into his eyes.)
Michael: Maria, I don't know how to say this other than to say it. If I told you I wasn't human, what would you say?
(Maria pulls away. As she does so, Michael is terrified she is going to reject him. He reaches for her hand and grasps it. Maria sees the terror in his eyes and she knows she has to remove it.)
Maria: You're…you're not going to tell me you're like Devin? You're not an android are you? You can't be. I know you're not. You're warm to the touch. I've heard you breathe. I've felt your heartbeat.
(Devin hears this and his computer brain is about to go into overload. He's been found out. He computes to himself, "How does she know? It sounds like they all know. It must have been the way I acted at the party. Why haven't they said anything?" Devin is really scared! "Lab, here I come", he computes.)
Michael: No! I'm not an android.
Maria: Then, if you're alive, you have to be human.
Michael: In many ways I'm human. But I wasn't born on earth.
(Maria grips Michael's hand tighter. She made him a promise that she wouldn't be pushed away.)
Maria: You're…you're a space alien?
Michael: As Max likes to say, we prefer, "not of this earth".
Maria: Ma…Max is one too?
(Michael nods.)
Maria: And Liz knows?
Michael: Yes, and you did too until you forgot it.
Maria: You'll excuse me if I don't believe you. I've heard some pretty fancy tales from guys. You'll really have to convince me on this one.
Michael: "He that seeketh signs shall see signs."
(Michael raises his hand and makes a book that he spotted on the shelf come floating to them. Maria faints! Michael takes her in his arms and hugs her.
Maria: (Coughing, she comes to.) I…I'm convinced.
Michael: I'm sorry I had to do that.
Maria: I wouldn't have believed you otherwise. I'm still not sure…
Michael: Why would I lie to you Maria. I love you. We do not tell anyone about this. We can't! Some people would freak. Others would put us in a lab for testing. All we want is to be left alone and live normally. Maria, I'm trusting you now. My life...our lives…are in your hands.
Maria: Why did you come here to Earth?
Michael: We honestly don't know. We didn't consciously come here ourselves. We were brought here. We think we landed in the 1947 crash. We know we were in incubation pods until ten years ago. That's why we're only 17. Our lives were suspended for fifty years.
Maria: So your 67 years old?
Michael: No! As I said, we're 17, just like you. We just missed a few years by being in stasis.
Maria: So this is why when you kiss me I see things; things about space, about us!
Michael: Yes! And flashes like that only seem to happen with someone whom we truly care about, like Max with Liz or me with you.
Maria: She told me Max was helping her get her memories back.
Michael: And I can do that for you, Maria. I want to if you'll let me. But I had to tell you this so if you saw anymore unusual things, you'd understand.
(Maria is quiet. She stares at Michael, not knowing what she should say or do. She thinks to herself, I can sure pick 'em. An android and an alien! She looks again at Michael and smiles. I'll take the alien for sure. She still sees fear in the eyes that before were showing her love. She realizes he still has fear that she will reject him. "He's afraid I'm scared of him; that I won't want to be with him", she thinks to herself. Maria realizes that isn't what she wants.)
Maria: Michael?
Michael: (Fear in his voice) Yes, Maria?
Maria: It's OK Michael. It doesn't matter where you're from.
(She throws her arms around him.)
Maria: I don't fear you. I don't even fear your kisses anymore. You've shown me that an alien can be as normal and as loving as anyone can. What I said before still goes Michael Guerin. I love you, what ever you are.
(She gives him a big kiss and they experience more flashes of their past together.
Michael has tears in his eyes. He's relieved that it's over. He's happy that Maria can accept him. The two continue to kiss and hug. Michael nips at Maria's neck. He's missed that since the accident. Maria runs her hands through his hair and all around his body. They enjoy just being together. Devin is getting a real good show.
Michael: Oh Maria, we're back…back together. God how I've missed this!
(Another long kiss, then unfortunately reality sets in and Michael again realizes their predicament. Suddenly a worried look comes over Michael's face.)
Michael: Maria?
Maria: (Pulls away) What Michael?
Michael: In case you haven't noticed, we have a problem.
Maria: Does our being kidnapped have anything to do with what you just told me?
Michael: If it does, we could all be in danger. We know the FBI has an alien investigations unit. Things have been very quiet lately. We weren't expecting any more trouble since Topolski left.
Maria: Topolski? The guidance counselor?
Michael: Make that Topolski, the alien hunter. And yes, one and the same.
Maria: How did you find out she was under cover FBI?
Michael: That's a long story. It'll be fun telling you at a campout some time. Suffice it to say that Alex helped exposed her by hacking into her computer.
Maria: Alex? He knows about you and Max?
Michael: Yes! I should have mentioned that. Liz, Alex, Max' parents, and now you for the second time; you're the only humans that know. Please…
Maria: I promise Michael. I'll never tell. I see the problems that being found out could cause. But Alex, he's been spending a lot of time with Isabel. She's Max' sister. She has to know, doesn't she?
Michael: I keep forgetting things. Like I said, I've never been the one who's told anybody before. Isabel is like Max and I. We were all together when we came out of stasis.
Maria: This is beginning to make sense to me; why Liz said the six of us were good friends.
Michael: Look! Whoever brought us here left us some food.
Maria: Do you think we dare eat it? It might be drugged.
Michael: Can you move yet? I think I can.
(Michael gets up and walks shakily to the counter. He puts his hand over the food.)
Michael: I think it's OK. Are you hungry?
Maria: Yes, a little.
(They both eat a little. That nutrition stirs some memories.)
(They look at each other as they both suddenly remember what happened as they were walking to Michael's apartment.)
Michael & Maria: (together) Devin!
Michael: I remember getting into his car.
Maria: Then I remember feeling sick. Next thing I realized, we were in here.
Michael: He must have somehow knocked us out and brought us here. We've been worried that he was part of a government conspiracy to spy on us. I think this proves it.
Maria: How would he have known about you?
Michael: The government, including the local sheriff, has suspicions about us but no proof.
Maria: But Devin is Alex' cousin or he's supposed to be. If Alex is your friend why would he allow Devin to come to Roswell?
Michael: He didn't have a choice. The story we got was that Devin's parents had to go overseas and left the cousin to stay with his uncle, Alex' father. Alex has been concerned too. In fact, he's the one who found out what Devin really is.
(Devin has been listening to all this right outside, but now he experiences the equivalent of an "illegal operation". His little plan to learn about how couples make out has changed the picture for everyone involved. He decides the best thing to do it make a run for it. He gets in the Jeep and takes off. Upon hearing the car start, Michael and Maria look out the window and see the gold Cherokee speeding away. Michael realizes that Devin was right outside and overheard everything. Michael's panicked! He rushes to the door. He finds it padlocked from the outside.)
Michael: Stand back, Maria.
(Michael tries to kick the door open, but he can't.)
Michael: Alien boyfriend lesson number two, Maria.
(Michael uses his powers to burn a hole through the door and melt the padlock. They both run out, but then realize they will have to walk out to the main road.)
Michael: We've got to get to the others, especially Alex and Max. Max was the one who wanted to let the Devin thing play out for awhile. Well now it's way overplayed. Someday, Max will learn to listen to me. Devin's a threat to us now. He must be stopped.
Maria: How do we do that?
Michael: I'm not sure, but the fun with him is over. What if he gets into a condition like he was the other night at the party, knowing what he now knows? Maria, you might be watching the FBI take us all away. They might come after you too, just for being our friends. I never wanted to put you in danger, Maria…
Maria: I know Michael; but if being with you means being in danger, then danger it is. I'm sure Liz feels the same way about Max.
Michael: Thank you, Maria! We'll get out of this.
(Maria and Michael reach the highway. A truck pulls over and gives them a lift to town. Meanwhile, Devin has arrived back in town and is running to find Alex. There are just too many secrets involved here. Devin is computing to himself, " I wonder if I can make a trade. They don't turn me in and force me back to the lab and I don't tell anyone what I just heard. Michael doesn't understand why I took them out there. I'm not after them like they think. I just wanted human relationship information so I could act normal too. I think I've learned something more than I was supposed to. But I did see how Maria and Michael behaved after the first kiss. That was good. That was dammed good! So much input. I've got to get to the computer fast and rebuild. This is too much data all at once".)

(My goodness! What is the famous quotation, "Oh what a tangled web we weave"? This is more like Chinese Noodles. Do you think emotions (read that Michael) can be calmed long enough to sort this out? Devin definitely did a no-no in kidnapping Michael and Maria. What was he computing? Well, tune in again next time for part seventeen (will this series ever end, the network keeps asking.) of, "Honey, I Can't Remember". Now, do stay tuned to the B.S. Network. A special treat is in store for sports fans. It's the "NIPPT". The "National Invitational Ping-Pong Tournament".

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Title: Honey I Can’t Remember-Part 17
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B. S. (Balance Statements) Network Production

(Michael and Maria finally arrive back in Roswell. It’s very late. Maria calls Liz from Michael’s apartment.)

(On phone.)
Liz: Where have you two been? We’ve been so worried. Your mom’s been calling.
Maria: Would you believe, Devin kidnapped us. We were locked in a trailer.
Liz: What? You’re kidding! Let me get Max; he’s right here. He should hear this.
Maria: Kinda late for him to be there isn’t it?
Liz: Shhhh!
(Liz gets Max to pick up the extension phone.)
Maria: We were walking from the Crashdown and Devin offered us a ride to Michael’s. Somehow, he knocked us out and then took us and locked us in an abandoned trailer at the old mine.
Liz: Why? Does he know something he shouldn’t?
Maria: If he didn’t, he does now.
Liz: Does that mean you know something you should?
Maria: Yes, and everything’s just fine…I mean between Michael and me.
Liz: Oh Maria, I’m so happy.
Max: Now, what’s this about Devin?
Maria: Here, let me let you talk to Michael.
Max: OK! Put him on.
(Maria hands Michael the phone.)
Michael: Huge problem, Maxamillion.
Max: What happened?
Michael: Like Maria said, Devin knocked us out, I think with some kind of gas; kidnapped us and locked us in a trailer at the old mine. After we came to, I spilled my guts to Maria. Good thing! Devin was right outside listening. Bad thing!
Max: Bad thing! That’s probably an understatement.
Michael: Hey, you were the one who wanted to let the Devin thing play out. Well, it did and now it’s a disaster.
Max: I’m really glad Maria’s OK with everything. That will help. But did you have to tell her your life’s story while you were kidnapped?
Michael: Yes, actually, I kinda did Maxwell!
Max: Just wondering! Anyway, I think we’ve got to get with Alex as soon as possible about this. Devin is out of control. Alex is going to have to help us.
Michael: I know he’ll want to help, but can he?
Liz: I’m sure he’ll find a way. Shall we call him?
Max: Probably not much he can do tonight. I’ll call him tomorrow and tell him we have to meet as soon as possible.
Michael: Max, will you tell Isabel what’s going on?
Max: I guess I better. She gets mad if I try to protect her.
Liz: She’ll be better off knowing, Max. I’m sure she’d rather…
(Maria takes phone back from Michael.)
Maria: Liz, what did you tell my mom?
Liz: The first time she called, I told her you went out with Michael.
Maria: Oh no! Well I’ll know what to expect then.
Liz: The second time she called, I told her you were still out with Michael.
Maria: Thanks a lot!
Liz: And the third time she called…
Maria: Never mind I’ll be grounded for a week. I can’t tell her what happened. She’d freak.
Michael: So you’ll let my reputation with her go to…
Maria: What do you want me to do? Tell her? She’d tell the sheriff. He’d arrest Devin. They’d find out Devin’s an android. He’d get taken back to where ever he came from with a secret inside him that no one should know. A secret just waiting to be retrieved by whomever made him. No, I certainly can’t tell her what happened.
(Michael takes the phone back.)
Max: She always did have a knack for telling it like it is.
Michael: That’s one reason I love her. She makes perfect sense. You’re right! We’ve got to get Alex to do something about Devin. We just have to.
Max: Maybe you were right, Michael. We probably should have called time out on this when we first found out what Devin was. Although, you gotta admit he was pretty entertaining at the party!
Michael: If we don’t do something soon, he’s going to be entertaining some FBI committee on aliens.
Max: But not tonight. Let’s get some sleep. We’ll sort this out in the morning.
Michael: Tomorrow, Bro!
Max: Bye!
Michael: I think that was a first, Maria. Maxwell actually said I might have been right.
Maria: As far as I’m concerned, you’ll always be Mr. Right.
Michael: Thanks Maria. Can I walk you home?
Maria: Please; and if we see Devin…run!
(Back at the Whitman’s, everyone had gone to bed when Devin finally returned home. He felt like he couldn’t wait until morning for a rebuild, so he had to disturb Alex.)
Alex: (Waking up.) Devin! You’re awfully late getting in.
Devin: Alex, I’m sorry to wake you. I need to use your computer. I can’t get on the Internet with my laptop.
Alex: Can’t it wait until morning.
Devin: No, it can’t Alex. And I think you know why. I think everyone knows why. I guess I’m toast anyway, but I need…I need...
Alex: Yea…I know what you need. Go ahead!
Devin: When did you figure it out?
Alex: About the third day you were here.
Devin: Let me do this; it will clear my head. Afterwards, we need to talk?
(That phrase again!)
Alex: OK! I can wait.
Devin: Can you show me how to use your scanner? It’ll make this much faster if I don’t have to type everything.
(Alex turns on the scanner and boots its program. Devin stares into it. Alex watches as he sees red pulses coming from Devin’s eyes going into the scanner, creating a page with complex computer codes. Shortly, a similar page emerges from the printer. Devin takes the page and just stares at it as if in a trance. After about five minutes…)
Devin: That’s better. I was getting to where I couldn’t think straight.
Alex: I understand. The first time I saw what you had downloaded, I recognized it as a rebuild program.
Devin: But I never left one here. I put it on a floppy disk and loaded it into my computer.
(Alex walks over and brings up all the pages Devin had downloaded since his arrival.)
Alex: I don’t trust floppy disks.
Devin: (Surprised) Me either.
(Alex finds that almost ironic.)
Alex: I guess we have something in common. So Devin, what are you. And why are you here?
Devin: You know what I am. Your uncle built me.
Alex: I gathered that.
(Alex plays the phone conversation between his uncle and his father.)
Devin: I should have known this wouldn’t work. It’s just that I…I wanted to be out in the world. I’d done everything I could in the lab. You uncle wanted that for me too. He programmed me the best he could to interact with humans. I was supposed to come here and make friends. He wanted to see if I could pass as a human. I guess I didn’t get very far.
Alex: That’s it? You’re just being tested? You’re not here to spy on anyone?
Devin: Spy? Oh my no! My being here was simply an experiment to see if I could function in the world. I was kind of a spare time experiment for your uncle. He doesn’t work on rockets all the time, just when they need him to. His bosses let him use the lab facilities to do personal stuff when he’s not assigned to a project. He’s made lots of things, but I was his pride and joy.
Alex: And he asked my dad if he could bring you here and see if you could assimilate with us?
Devin: Yes! You’re dad knew that your uncle was experimenting with artificial life several years ago. He agreed to help prove out what had been done.
Alex: That explains the implication I got that dad would eventually tell me.
Devin: It was always planned that I’d go back, one way or the other. If you hadn’t figured it out, I suppose he would have told you sooner or later.
Alex: So you clearly know what you are. I wasn’t sure.
Devin: Yes, I know. But I like being out with you and the others. I don’t want to go back. I was thinking that if anyone were to find out it would be you and that maybe I could beg you not to tell so that I could stay here. But that’s probably no longer an option. I’m toast, Alex. I've been found out; apparently by more people than just you. That alone will get me a ticket back to the lab where I came from. Besides, I did something today that I shouldn’t have. I can’t explain why I did it. I’m not programmed to ever do anything wrong like that. But I did.
Alex: What did you do?
Devin: I was…I was almost obsessed with wanting to fit in. Remember when I asked you what to do with girls after I meet them. I needed to find out. Something got into me that was not supposed to happen. I stole some anesthetic gas from the hospital. I drove around until I found Michael and Maria. They were walking and I offered them a ride. When they got in, I gassed them. I took them and locked them in a trailer at the old mine site. I wanted to watch them when they came to. With no way out, I knew they’d probably do what couples do together and I could learn.
Alex: And you’re not programmed to do that sort of thing?
Devin: Of course not. I’m never supposed to hurt people or cause them problems.
Alex: I think there’s a bug in that routine. Are Maria and Michael still stuck out there?
Devin: I don’t know. I got so overwhelmed by what I heard I drove away.
(Alex feels like he should call Michael’s apartment to see if he’s home; if he got out of the trailer. Alex is thinking he may have to go help them get out.)
Michael: (Groggy.) He…Hello…
Alex: Michael! I guess you got out. Thank God you’re OK. I just heard what happened.
Michael: From Max?
Alex: No! From Devin.
(There’s along pause on the other end of the line.)
Michael: Alex, this is serious. He knows about us being…you know…what we are. He overheard me telling Maria. He knows everything. You can’t let him out of your house. We need to talk tomorrow.
Alex: Oh man! How did…never mind…I’ll talk to Devin. And I will talk with everyone tomorrow. This is bad.
Michael: You’ve got to help us, Alex. He can’t be allowed to continue to exist.
Alex: You’re upset, Michael. I don’t know if we need to go that far. We can work something out.
Michael: I don’t see how. For God’s sake Alex, he’s a machine. Max, Iz and I are real living people. This is a no brainer, man.
Alex: Talk to you tomorrow, Michael.
Michael: Good night!
Alex: Devin my friend, you are toast!
Devin: Don’t you think I know it? I’m thinking very clearly now.
Alex: Why in the world did you do what you did?
Devin: I can’t explain it. It had to have been a glitch in my programming.
Alex: When did you last rebuild…before tonight?
Devin: Yesterday! I had just finished when you came in and we talked.
Alex: Let’s look at what you got from the lab computer.
(Alex brings yesterdays rebuild routine template.)
Alex: Look! There’s a big data hole right there. No data! You got an interrupted download.
Devin: My program is supposed to check for that.
Alex: Well you better check the checking, ‘cause the data hole's right there.
Devin: That’s explains why I did what I did. My basic program took over and made me do whatever I could to learn more ways to fit it in. The social inhibition routine must have been corrupted.
Alex: This certainly could explain how you could do what you did. But it doesn’t solve the problem of what you know. What you overheard will probably cost you your existence?
Devin: What? Why? I won’t tell anyone. You don’t tell about me; I don’t tell about your friends. I can just go on living here. I’m really enjoying the experiences.
Alex: It’s not that simple. I think you’re a wonder Devin. I think you may even be sentient. In a way, I even like you. As someone who loves computer technology, I don’t want to see you lose your “life”, if that’s what we can call it. But for my friends' sake, as long as you have the knowledge you have about Michael and the others, there’s no way you can continue to interact with anyone, especially anyone at your laboratory. You say you won’t tell and I do believe you’re intentions are real, but what if you got some bad programming again? Can you guarantee that you wouldn’t reveal their secret? It’s way too risky, Devin.
Devin: So they’re aliens! What’s the big deal?
Alex: It scares me that you don’t know. Many people are not ready to accept that there is life beyond the earth. If Michael and the others were found out, it would cause a panic. Then too, there are those, including branches of the same government for which my uncle works, that would lock up these people and run experiments on them to see what they’re made of. These folks don’t deserve that. They’re good people, Devin. It’s not their fault they’re here. They just want to live normally.
Devin: As do I. I want to stay here with you.
Alex: (pause) There is something I might be able to do, but I’d need your help.
Devin: Anything!
Alex: You need to tell me some things about yourself. If I could erase the part of your matrix that holds that critical information, I might be able to convince the others not to insist on…well…you know...
Devin: I never wanted to know that anyway.
Alex: I just don’t know if you’d be the same if I do that. It might alter your personality. Do you know if your CPU is accessible?
Devin: (pause) Don’t laugh! There's a connection port in my butt.
(Alex has to laugh at that.)
Alex: I’m sorry. That is funny.
Devin: Not to me. The jokes I’ve heard about sitting on ones brains make me cringe.
Alex: I’ll bet!
Devin: On the left side, there's a small panel that kinda snaps off. I know your uncle has hooked up wires there.
Alex: I guess if there’s a serial port connection, I could give you an electronic enema. Maybe you could poop out the unwanted information.
Devin: Hey! I’m willing to let you try if it will save my life. Be careful though! My food processing discharge is also down there.
Alex: I wondered about that.
Devin: Your uncle knew I’d have to appear to eat on occasion, so there’s a small holding tank on the other side. I really can use the bathroom…sitting and standing.
Alex: You’re pretty amazing, Devin. We’ve really got to see if we can find a way to keep you functioning without jeopardizing my friends. I’ll talk to the others tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve got to ask you to stay in your room.
Devin: Do I have to?
Alex: I’m sorry Devin. I’m really sorry!
(Alex takes Devin to his room. He reverses the door lock so it locks from the hall side. Alex truly has a dilemma to solve. As a computer fanatic, Alex doesn't want to see Devin shut down. But should Alex try to save Devin? Even if he can solve the problem of what he knows, should Devin stay or go? These and other earth shattering questions will be addressed next time on “Honey, I Can’t Remember!” Coming up next: stay tuned to the B.S. Network for another in our series of documentaries on how to have a healthy sex life. Last week we brought you “Frequency”. Tonight’s program: “Practice”)

Title: Honey I Can’t Remember-Part 18
Author: John
Rating: PG
A B. S. (Balance Statements) Network Production

(The next morning, Alex went to Devin's room to reassure him that he's going to go to bat for him, despite the troublesome thing that he did. In thinking about things overnight, Alex concluded that Devin should not be punished for something that might not have been totally his fault. Alex also decided it was time for a conversation with his father.)

Alex: Morning dad.
Dad: Morning Alex.
Alex: Dad, when were you going to tell me about Devin?
(Dad looks surprised.)
Dad: What about him?
Alex: Come on, dad. This is getting old. I know what he is. I think I know why he's here. And there's something you should know about.
(His dad smiles.)
Dad: I'm proud of you for figuring it out, son. I told my brother you would be a very good test.
Alex: I'm not sure I appreciate being used like this.
Dad: Oh, come on Alex. If I had told you, you would not have been objective. We couldn't have had a true test of how long we could keep him a secret.
Alex: That's true, I suppose.
Dad: Of course it is. I'm sorry, in a way. And in a way I'm pleased that you figured it out so fast.
Alex: Actually, I've known it for several days. There were several clues.
Dad: I'll call your uncle. He's still overseas, but he'll want to know. Would you mind telling him what clued you in?
Alex: Maybe eventually, dad. But would you not call him right away? We've got a problem I need to solve first.
Dad: I guess, if that's what you want. I thought you'd want to be rid of Devin as soon as you found out.
Alex: Actually, it was before I found out that I wanted to be rid of him. Since then, I talked to him and we had a great conversation. He's really quite something. I actually kind of like him. I wouldn’t mind having him hear a while longer. Besides, he's got a problem and I'd like to help solve it.
Dad: What's that?
Alex: Yesterday, he kidnapped my friends Maria and Michael and locked them in an old trailer out at the closed up mine. He wanted to observe a couple making out, so he’d know how to go further with women than just saying hello.
Dad: I was promised he'd never do anything like that.
Alex: I might have caused that. In trying to prove my suspicions about him, I altered one of his rebuild templates. It worked. He acted very confused. But, in doing that, I may have put a bug in a check-sum routine that could have prevented him from being effected by a defective rebuild template that he later downloaded. In other words, I screwed him up and I'd like to make it up to him.
Dad: Alex, he's an android. I don't think he needs anything made up to him.
Alex: I disagree! I think he does. He feels very bad about what he did. More than that, he doesn't want to go back to the lab. He likes it here with us.
Dad: How do you know?
Alex: He told me.
Dad: That's amazing. So you think he actually has feelings? I'm not sure even your uncle knows he could be that “human”.
Alex: Maria and Michael are furious with him, of course. I think it would be interesting to see if he can apologize and win their forgiveness. I think that's a better experiment than just seeing if he can fit it. Oh, by the way, he sings very well. He sang with my band and was very popular with the young girls.
Dad: OK Alex. You can have him here for awhile longer. I owe you that much for not telling you about the experiment. Do you forgive me?
Alex: Sure dad! Just next time….
Dad: OK, Alex. I promise...
(Alex leaves for school. He knows he’ll have to face the gang and try to tell them why Devin’s memory should not be wiped clean or, even worse, why he shouldn't be totally done away with. It's just before class…)
Liz: Hi Alex.
Alex: Hey!
Liz: So, where’s Devin?
Alex: In an attempt to humor Michael, I locked him in his room.
Liz: So he’ll miss classes today?
Alex: I’m afraid if Michael has his way, Devin will be missing a lot more than classes.
Liz: Well, as I understand it, he knows everything about Michael and the others. I can see why they feel uncomfortable after seeing how confused he can become.
Alex: The way he was at the party, and maybe even what he did to Michael and Maria, might have been my fault.
Liz: How so?
Alex: I want to get everyone together and explain. Michael's pretty upset and I don't really blame him. I don't know if I can change his mind. He wants Devin to be non-existent.
Liz: Doing away with him might raise questions.
Alex: I know. This is a no win situation. The only hope is if I can remove the information from his matrix that he shouldn't have. I don't even know if I can do that. Even if I can, there might not be anything left of the Devin we know afterwards.
Liz: He's just a machine, Alex.
Alex: That's just it, Liz. I'm not sure that's a fair description. I had a nice long talk with him. He's really quite amazing. I would hate to see him…killed might be the wrong word…I'd hate to see him eliminated. If we did that, I'd feel like a murderer. I'll explain more later.
(Alex and Liz head to class. Sometime later there's a meeting of the six at Michael's apartment. In a leap of faith, Alex let Devin out of his room, but told him to wait in the car until he could talk to the others.)
Michael: I tell you, Alex; Devin has got to be eliminated.
Alex: But I talked to him and I talked to my dad. I'm sure Devin wasn't sent here to spy or anything like that. He's just a pretty amazing spare time project of my rocket scientist uncle. He wanted to see if Devin could integrate with us. I'm convinced no one was even thinking about the possibility of any of us being "different". I do agree though, that I should try to eliminate from his matrix what he accidentally found out about you.
Michael: That's not enough! He's been nothing but a pain in the butt since he got here.
Alex: Think about it Michael. Suppose you do something to him. There's sure to be an investigation. As far as anyone knows, he's my real live cousin. The police would get involved and no doubt my uncle and his lab friends would be all over the place trying to find out what happened. I'm sure I'd be questioned.
Michael: You don't have to do it. I will. I'm the one he kidnapped. We recreate that scene at the trailer. I catch him outside snooping the way he was before and I accidentally kill him while he's trying to get away. It would be self-defense.
Alex: I don't think that would fly. You'd have to be actually protecting your life for it to be self-defense.
Michael: I am protecting my life…as well as Max' and Isabel's. Really all of ours!
Max: Alex is right, Michael. The police wouldn't see it that way. I see too many problems with that approach. Even if it might be self-defense, do you really want an investigation that would involve you? Besides, it would become clear at some point to the authorities what Devin is. That would raise even more questions, especially if the sheriff's involved. He'd love to link us to a government built robot.
Alex: Android.
Michael: Are you willing to risk his blabbing what he knows to just anyone? You saw him when he was messed up.
Isabel: What do you suggest, Alex?
Alex: Look! This is going to sound strange, but I think Devin has become a kind of life form. He certainly talks like he's sentient. I had a very nice conversation with him. He's very sorry for what he did in kidnapping you. The fact that his programming even allowed him to do that was due to some missing data in his rebuild program. His system should have caught the data hole, but I think I accidentally messed up his error checking routine when I was experimenting on him before. In a way, the whole kidnapping thing was my fault. I kind of owe it to him to see if I can fix this problem.
Isabel: You talk like he has feelings.
Alex: I think he does, Isabel. You all need to talk with him. He knows you know about him now so he'll talk freely; at least he did with me. He likes it here. He does not want to go back to the lab. He'd like to stay here with us.
Liz: You told me earlier that maybe it would be possible to wipe out just the information he doesn't need to know. Then isn't everything OK?
Michael: No, it's not! So you wipe it out this time. How's he gonna hang around us and not find out again. It would mean we'd have to constantly be on guard. This could just go on and on.
Maria: Michael has a point, Alex.
Alex: I know. There is no good solution.
Michael: The solution is to get rid of him. OK, so we can't have a body, but can't you wipe his memory clean? Have your dad tell your uncle there was a huge malfunction and to just come get him. Then we're done with him for good.
Alex: I…I don't want to do that. I feel like I'd be killing him.
Max: Aren't you being a little oversensitive?
Alex: Before last night, I would have agreed with you. But after I talked to him… man, I know this sounds crazy, but I sense he's very scared right now. And he really doesn't want to go back to the lab. Besides, if I wiped his entire memory, there might be traces of what I did. That may cause them to investigate. I'd rather just try to get the critical stuff out and let him live. There's less chance of a small deletion being detected. As much as he doesn't want to though, he probably should go back to the lab and get away from us after I do that. Like I said, there is no good solution.
Maria: Michael honey, why not let Alex try it his way. I actually did think Devin was cute once upon a time. Maybe he deserves…
Michael: I can't believe this. He's a machine, people. You all told us you couldn't sense any life or spirit in him. Jeez folks; he kidnapped us! He holds our life's secret and you want to experiment on him? Are you all crazy?
Alex: Won't you at least talk to him? He wants to apologize for what he did to you and Maria. Please? You'll see there's more to him than you think. And, since you brought it up, I actually did sense something from him last night. It may have just been incredible fear, but I know I felt something. Isabel's better at sensing stuff like that than I am. I'd like her to try again.
Michael: Now you're going to claim he has a soul? Give me a break!
Max: I say we at least do what Alex suggests. Alex, if you can erase his knowledge of what we are, I have no problem with letting him live.
Michael: What happened to, "I might have been right", Maxwell?
Max: I think it's too late to blow the whistle now. And we obviously can't do it while he has certain information in him.
Alex: I'm concerned that the information is so imbedded by now that, even if I can remove it, I'll have to take so much of his personality routine with it that he'll just become a typical robot; a far cry from what he is now.
Isabel: But Alex, we can't have him running around loose with that information. And he certainly cannot go back to his lab with it in him.
Alex: I know! It's too bad he got himself in this mess. He had no idea… Please, let me bring him in so you can talk to him.
Michael: He's here?
Alex: Out in the car!
Michael: I thought you said he was locked in his room?
Alex: He was until I came over here. I brought him with. I was hoping to convince you to at least talk with him.
Michael: I'll bet he's run away, Alex. If he has, you're gonna stay awake with me until we catch him. How could you possibly leave him unattended?
(Michael knocks lightly on Alex's forehead.)
Michael: Hello, Alex! Anybody home? I'm Michael! Remember me? And this is Isabel! And this is Max. Remember them? We're your real, ALIVE, not of this world friends; the ones "Short Circuit" out there could get put away.
Alex: It's OK Michael. Devin is thinking quite normally now and he's truly scared to death. He's not going anywhere. I'm sure of it.
Max: OK Alex. Go get him. We need to talk.
(Oh, there's that phrase again. Alex goes out to the car and brings Devin back into the apartment. Devin is so nervous that his hand is shaking.)
Maria: Hi Devin. Been singing any lately.
Devin: No! I'm afraid singing is the farthest thing from my mind right now.
Alex: Stay calm Devin. They just want to talk to you.
(Isabel shoots a connection thought at Max, Michael & Alex.)
*Isabel: (Silent) "I do feel something from him! It's incredible fear; just like what you said you felt, Alex.
*Alex: (Silent) Amazing, isn't it?
Devin: Michael and Maria, I'm sorry. Forgive me! What I did to you was completely wrong. Hopefully Alex told you what happened. It will never happen again, I promise. I just wanted to learn more of what couples do after they first meet.
Michael: You could have asked me.
Maria: Are you sure you know? Just kidding!
(Maria and Michael exchange one of their famous glances. Michael frowns at her, then smiles!)
Devin: I didn't want to give away my cover. The directive to learn how to mingle overtook some of my other social inhibition routines. It was just a bad situation. Alex figured out what happened and I'm totally back to normal now.
Maria: So you really didn't know what you were doing? Kind of a temporary insanity?
Devin: That's an interesting way to put it, but yes.
Maria: Then I do forgive you, Devin. Especially since it brought me back to my spaceboy.
Max: And that's really the problem, Devin. I wish you hadn't overheard Michael out there. Alex has explained the problem to you, I guess.
Devin: He has and I understand it. I won't ever reveal what I know. I came to beg you to let me live and also to not tell anyone what you know about me. I really want to stay in Roswell. I like it here. I like Alex. I like all of you. There's nothing for me back where I came from.
Alex: They're concerned about what could happen if you're either found out and examined here or you go back to Alamogorda. In either case, your data could be downloaded and their secret exposed. There could also be some kind of unexpected malfunction someday that would cause you to inadvertently tell what you know.
Devin: I've been thinking about that. I may have a solution. Alex, you told me that if you try to erase just that small bit of information, you might take some of the rest of me with it.
Alex: I'm afraid it' so imbedded, that I might not be able to separate it from the rest of your personality. I'll try through, but I'm afraid you might become just…
Devin: A simple robot?
Alex: You do seem to understand.
Devin: I told you, I know what I am and I know what I want to become. If I couldn't function…if I didn't know all of you…if I couldn't sing with the band…if I couldn't get out and meet people…if I couldn't go to school and learn; then I might just as well go back to the lab. I've been getting attached to you and to my life here. But it seems as if the only way that I can continue living as I am is to leave my memory in tact, complete with what I overheard and I gather that's an unacceptable risk.
(For the first time, Michael talks to Devin like a person.)
Michael: It's nothing personal, Devin; it's just there's too much at stake. It's really our lives vs. yours.
Devin: I get it, Michael. I screwed myself! I know it.
Alex: I didn't tell you earlier Devin, but I think my playing with your rebuild routine may have been what caused your check-sum program to miss the bad data. The whole thing may have been my fault. Forgive me!
Devin: But back up a step, Alex. It was also my fault for trying to fool you into thinking I was something other than what I am. You were doing what I might have expected you to do. You had suspicions and…
Max: Hey, can we stop with the blame game. Have you got a solution, Devin? It sounded like you might.
Devin: Alex, tell me if you could do this. And the rest of you; tell me if this is acceptable. First, you'll have to trust that I'll never knowingly expose you. All I can give you is my word on that, but you definitely have it. If you can accept that; then Alex, what if you made a kind of cyanide pill for me?
Alex: What do you mean?
Devin: Suppose you made a routine that would cause a complete erasure and reformat of my brain. If ever I were compromised; if I ever sensed I had been captured or was about to tell your secret to anyone for any reason, malfunction or whatever, that routine would run and essentially kill me. If you want, you could put in a trigger that would allow a certain complicated phrase, one that would never be normally used, to set off the erasure if I ever heard it spoken. That way, my life would be truly in your hands anytime. I know you can argue this isn't foolproof, but this is probably more safeguard that any of you have in keeping this secret. Any of you could be drugged or get drunk and begin saying things you normally wouldn't. And if I ever had to go back to the lab, I'd let you perform the electronic lobotomy and take out the secrets before I left. Alex, your uncle could likely put back any loss of personality that would ensue; at least restoring it to what it was when I came here. Hopefully it's improved some.
Alex: It has, Devin. You've come along way since you got here and you've changed remarkably in the last few days.
Liz: It's amazing how logical you are. I appreciate that.
Maria: Would you let him sing with me again, Michael?
Michael: Uh…let's not get too carried away here.
Isabel: I'm beginning to like you more, Devin. Max and Michael, we should consider his idea.
Michael: So let me understand. You'd essentially give us control of your life! Any attempt to reveal our secret would cause you to cease to function?
Devin: I'm willing to do that, if it will keep me alive.
Max: Alex, could you do that?
Alex: That's the solution! I knew there had to be one. I'd be willing to try to program that, but Devin would have to help. I'd need to download a lot of his programming and it would be hacker city for awhile; but if it means saving him, I'll make it happen!
Devin: I'll let you do whatever you need to, Alex. I don't have much choice other than to trust your skills at this point. One thing though. This is only worth doing if you all will help me keep my secret. And I need to learn more about being human...or alien...or whatever. I need you guys to teach me. If you're not willing, then Alex, you might as well just do whatever and get it over with.
Alex: I'll help him keep his secret. What do you guys think?
Liz: I'm game. And I'll help teach you what you want to know.
Max: Sure, why not? As Alex said, you really are amazing Devin. I don't want to sacrifice what you are if we don't have to.
Maria: Hey, what's one more secret to keep? I'm in!
Isabel: Alex, if you can do what he suggests, that would resolve my concerns. Welcome to our little family, Devin.
Alex: Michael?
Michael: I…I'm not…OK, OK. But if I ever see you with anesthetic gas again…
Devin: You won't Michael. I promise!
(Devin extends his hand to Michael, who, after pausing for just a moment, smiles and shakes it with a solid grip.)
Devin: Alex, I guess you're my physician. I hope the operation's a success.
Alex: I'll do my best Devin. Thanks…all of you! I think maybe we've saved a life and gained a new friend here.
Devin: Now, about finding me a girlfriend…

(So, there was a solution to the dilemma, and Devin was the one who came up with it. Who would have thought? Survival does often bring out creativity, doesn't it? Speaking of survival, the B.S. Network is concerned about ratings again, so please tell a friend to tune in. And you be sure to join us next time too. We'll surely find out if Alex was able to do his thing to Devin. And the ladies still need some more education about their past. Well, Isabel doesn't, but we doubt she'd mind if Alex kissed her anyway. There is also still the matter of Evans Max and DeLuca Maria. Poor Liz! She still can't get names straight. Hmmm. Can you guess how she will be cured? Our story is working it's way towards a happy ending, unlike some network's presentations. Now, please stay tuned to the B.S. Network for a special program from the Heritage Association, showing the way in which famous buildings from all over the world are being preserved. Tonight's program takes you to Dawson Castle in Australia where they will show you how they eliminated noisy floorboards. The program is called "Dawson's Creak"!)

posted on 23-Oct-2001 2:03:49 AM
Title: Honey I Can’t Remember-Part 19 (Season Finale)
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B. S. (Balance Statements) Network Production

(The B.S. Network is anxious to get on to summer re-runs, so were going finish our little epic. Welcome to the season finale!)

(The scene is Michael’s couch.)
Maria: Mmmm! Ahhhh! Ooooh! Oh, Michael Guerin, stop!
Michael: Why?
Maria: Uh…Devin might be watching?
Michael: If he is, then he and Alex are both toast.
(Michael nips at Maria’s neck. She puts her head on his shoulder. She kisses his neck. He returns the favor. They cuddle!)
Maria: Uh, Michael…
Michael: Uh huh!
Maria: I think I need another history lesson.
Michael: Like this?
(Michael puts his arms around Maria and his mouth over hers. They kiss passionately. As before, they both experience flashes of their recent past. The Crashdown, the cave, the cabin, a dance, the motel, Max and Liz, Michael’s apartment, invisible Max, Maria’s room, Maria’s bed, Maria’s mom. Oh noooo, Maria's mom! Maria pulls away momentarily, then...)
Maria: I…I need more, Michael.
Michael: How much more, Maria?
Maria: I’ve lost six months. I think I’ve only seen three so far.
Michael: You wouldn’t lie to me about that would you?
Maria: Would you really care if I did?
Michael: Probably not.
(They hug again and resume kissing, their tongues nearly exchanging mouths. More flashes…Maria smiles…then…)
Maria: Is it hot in here, Michael?
Michael: A little. Do you think it's hot?
Maria: Uh huh!
(Maria unbuttons the top of Michael’s shirt. Michael does the same to hers.)
Maria: Better, but it’s still pretty warm.

(This is fast approaching something beyond our "family" network rating. Mrs. Zoombash, the eighty-six year old owner of the B.S. network just doesn’t want…well…the staff says she’s just…maybe she’s…Well look; if we want to stay on the air we better cool it. Instead of more M/M, let's look in on Alex and Devin and see how they’re doing…)

Devin: Aren’t you done yet? I’m getting tired of lying in this position.
Alex: Hey, man! This is critical work. Given what I'm doing you don’t want me to mess up do you?
Devin: Only if it means I'd be able to kidnap that cute little blond that sits next to me in science class.
Alex: I didn’t know you were programmed for sarcasm.
Devin: There's probably a lot you don't know about me.
Alex: Au contraire my friend. After studying your program for three days, you can run but you can't hide. There isn't much I don’t know about you. I especially know what your data stream looks like if you even think about telling someone besides " the we six" about where Michael and company come from. The hard part was making it so you wouldn't self- destruct if you talked to us about it. The good news is, I’m almost done. I’ve tested this poison pill routine on two different computers. It cleaned and reformatted both of them almost without a trace. I can’t exactly test it on you, but there’s no reason to believe it wouldn’t do the same thing.
Devin: Please, no test! It’s a matter of me, remember?
Alex: I know. I’ll be careful. All I’ve got to do now is run a virus scan and install it in your CPU.
Devin: Just the thought of having it in there scares me, Alex.
Alex: Hey! This was your idea and it's better than the alternative. I sincerely hope it will never be run. This is just something to make the other’s comfortable with you. Just between you, me, and the fence post; I copied everything I could onto these zip disks. I’m going to make sure they’re locked up in my safety deposit box. The others don’t need to know.
Devin: You mean, if something ever did go wrong…
Alex: I could at least get you back to where you are today.
Devin: Nice thought Alex, but I know I wouldn’t be the same. Every experience makes me more…more…
Alex: Human?
Devin: I didn’t want to be that presumptuous.
Alex: Come on, Devin. Give yourself some credit. I can see what’s happening to you. That’s the reason I couldn’t let it stop.
Devin: Just finish installing the program, will you? I’m tired of lying here with a wire dangling out of my butt.
Alex: This would go a lot faster if you wouldn’t keep knocking it loose.
Devin: Hey, I didn’t put that connection there. I can’t move without disturbing it. Something about making it hard to see I guess!
Alex: I would never have noticed it if you hadn't told me it was there. Of course, I don’t make a habit of looking up other guy's butts either.
Devin: So, my polymer is a pretty good flesh imitation?
Alex: Yes, it is.
Devin: It’s really neat stuff, Alex. It responds just like muscle tissue to electrical impulses. That’s what makes me able to appear human. It pulls and stretches just like a muscle as my CPU sends electrical impulses to different areas as needed. I’ve even got a pulse and a heartbeat.
(Alex picks up and holds Devin’s wrist.)
Alex: That’s amazing. There is a pulse there. Does the rate vary?
Devin: It does, depending on the demand for polymer charges. That varies with what I’m doing.
Alex: So, they really wanted to be able to pass you off as a human?
Devin: I never got the impression that passing me off was the goal. I think I really was just your uncle trying to see how close he could come.
Alex: I’d say he came pretty damn close. Whatever you're made of, and even with your clothes off, I couldn’t tell you from a human just by looking. You’ve even got the appropriate male anatomy.
Devin: Yea…he thought I might have to take a gym class or something. Unfortunately, I’ve only got feeling sensors in my hands, arms, feet, head, and a few in my stomach and back areas.
Alex: What more do you need?
Devin: Well, from what I observed, the neck would be nice. And I understand the human male appendage has…

(Oops! I can just feel Mrs. Zoombash running for the phone. I thought those two would be safe to put on. I don't understand Mrs. Z holding us to this 'family" standard when she allows the "WKF Smoochdown" on the air. Maybe it's because that show has a sponsor and big ratings. Oh well! Maybe what Max and Liz are doing is what we should be showing…)

(Scene: Liz’ room. She's reading aloud from a book…)
Liz: Don Cable, Dennis Cade, Ruth Caldwell, Richard Cane, Amanda Callahan,
(Liz looks up and sees Max on the balcony listening to her. She motions him in.)
Max: Liz, what are you doing?
Liz: I'm reading the phone book. I’m trying to practice saying names aloud so maybe I can stop saying them backwards.
Max: But the phone book already lists people last name first.
Liz: I know. I have to force myself to turn them around. I thought if I did that enough…
Max: There has to be a better solution than reading the phone book.
Liz: I’d like to hear it. The phone book isn't exactly Shakespeare.
Max: Try this…
(Max eases her down on the bed and begins caressing her.)
Liz: Mmmm! Ahhhh! Ooooh! Oh, Evans Max, stop!
Max: Why?
Liz: Uh…Devin might be watching?
Max: If he is, he and Alex are both toast.
(Max nips at Liz's neck. She puts her head on his shoulder. She kisses his neck. He returns the favor.)
Liz: Uh…Max…
Max: Uh huh!
Liz: I think I need another history lesson.
Max: Like this?
(Max puts his arms around Liz and his mouth over hers. They kiss passionately. As before, they both experience flashes of their recent past. The Crashdown, the cave, the cabin, a dance, the motel, Michael and Maria, Michael’s apartment, the field trip, invisible Max…naked Max with Liz on his lap in Alex’s car, Liz’ room, Liz’ mom. Aack! Mom! She pulls away momentarily.)
Liz: I…I need more, Max.
Max: How much more, Liz?
Liz: I’ve lost six months. I think I’ve only seen three so far.
Max: You wouldn’t lie to me on that would you?
Liz: Would you care if I did?
Max: Probably not.
(They hug again and resume kissing...their tongues nearly exchanging mouths. More flashes…Liz smiles…then…)
Liz: Is it hot in here, Max?
Max: A little. Do you think it's hot?
(Liz: Uh huh!)
(Liz unbuttons the top of Max’ shirt. Max does the same to hers.)
Liz: Better, but it’s still warm.

(Oh dear! There must be something in the Roswell water. Isn’t there anything we can show that Mrs. Zoombash will approve of? I wonder what Isabel is doing.)

(Isabel knocks on Alex's bedroom door.)
Alex: Who is it?
Isabel: It's me, honey.
Alex: Hang on a minute, Isabel. Devin still has his clothes off.
Isabel: He has his clothes off? Somehow, I don't think I want to know what's going on in there.
Alex: It's nothing! I just needed to finish what I’m doing to his programming.
Isabel: That takes his being naked?
Alex: He's not naked. He's got a shirt on…unbuttoned, but on.
Isabel: Please, don't say any more. My mind is seeing things I don't want to see. Kinky sex with a male android?
Devin: Don't worry, Isabel. Alex is not my type.
Alex: Come on, Isabel. You know me better than…
Isabel: I thought I did.
Alex: You do! I'll open the door in just a minute. We're almost done.
Isabel: With what, Alex?
Alex: I told you. I'm programming Devin with what you wanted me to.
Isabel: I still don't understand why he has to have his pants off.
Alex: Trust me; you don't want to know. We know what we're doing.
Devin: It's OK, Isabel. I'm positive that Alex wants to see you a whole lot more than he wants to see me with my pants off.
Alex: You can say that again.
Devin: You no doubt expect me to repeat what I just said, but my brain is functioning just fine now, so I'm not even going to think about doing that.
Isabel: Good, because that's something Alex would do. Don't pick up any of his bad habits, Devin. I couldn't stand two people doing things like that.
Devin: Thanks for the compliment.
Isabel: What did I say?
Devin: I think you called me a people. I am trying to be one.
Isabel: You took a big step with me when I read your fear of us. I think that you have something happening to you, Devin.
(Alex finishes and disconnects the wire. Devin puts on his pants and buttons his shirt. Alex opens the door.)
Alex: Come on in, honey.
Isabel: I hope you know that I was only teasing you about what you two might have been doing.
Alex: You sounded really worried to me.
(Alex smiles broadly.)
Devin: If you weren't kidding, I'd have really been worried about you.
Isabel: So you have the ability to worry?
Devin: I’d say, probably more than I need. I was way worried about what you people were going to do to me. I’m still worried I’m going to have to go back to the lab someday.
Isabel: You'll be OK, Devin. He doesn’t have to go back does he, Alex?
Alex: Not for awhile, anyway. My dad’s the only one who knows that we know about him and I've convinced him not to say anything. My uncle’s still out of the country anyhow.
Isabel: Then I say, you shouldn’t worry about it, Devin. I’ve got to run to a hair appointment, guys. How about we get everybody together at the Crashdown later. We haven’t all just hung out together in a long time. It’s been one of those, “we need to talk” sessions every time we’ve met lately.
Alex: OK! I’ll call Max and Michael and see what’s up. About seven?
Isabel: Sounds good! You come too, Devin.
Devin: Can I, Alex?
Alex: Why not? You're not grounded any more. You don't need my permission; you can do whatever you want again.
Devin: I'd still appreciate some coaching.
Alex: Sure, but you're doing fine on your own. And you certainly have more insight than you did when you first came here, right?
Devin: Can I drive you to the hairdresser, Isabel.
(Alex looks pained!)
Alex: Uh, Devin…
Devin: Yes…
Alex: When it comes to Isabel, maybe you should ask me first. I'll drive you, Isabel.
(Isabel smiles at both of them.)
Isabel: Forget it guys. I drove the Jeep over here anyway.

(Hmmm! Does Alex seem jealous or is he just being over protective of Isabel? Devin was just trying to be nice, wasn’t he? A few hours later at the Crashdown…)

Liz: So Maria, how are the history lessons going?
Maria: How did you know about my history lessons?
Liz: Well, Max is tutoring me. I just assumed…
Maria: You assumed right. Michael's been wonderful.
Liz: So has Max. And Isabel, your late night sessions have been helping me in school too.
Maria: Is there any way you could do that for me?
Isabel: I suppose we could work something out. It's too bad Michael never goes to class or he could help you with the school stuff too.
Michael: What does she need to know? Maybe you could tutor me and I could help her.
Isabel: That would truly be the long way around.
Michael: But it certainly would be more fun.
Alex: It's nice to see everyone in such a good mood.
(He flashes a smile at Isabel and gives her a quick kiss.)
Max: I agree. And I'm happy Liz and Maria are regaining so much lost ground. Now if we could just get Liz past reading the phone book out loud…
Alex: Why was she doing that?
Liz: I was trying to force myself to say people's names correctly. I thought if I did it enough, I'd quit turning them inside out.
Isabel: You're still doing that, despite your getting all the other memories being restored?
Liz: I'm afraid so. I even called our teacher Lewis Mr. Instead of Mr. Lewis.
Devin: That sounds like a lost cluster problem.
Alex: It kind of does, doesn’t it Devin.
Max: What are you computer geniuses talking about?
Alex: It sounds like what happens to a hard drive. The drive goes to look for something and can't find it in the right spot so it jumps to the next event, then goes back and finds what it wanted in the first place in some other location.
Isabel: But Liz isn't a computer. No offense, Devin!
Devin: None taken. But I've got an idea. Alex…can I talk to you alone?
Alex: Sure.
(Alex and Devin walk outside for a moment.)
Max: Alex has found a soul mate, even if Devin doesn't have a soul.
Isabel: He has something.
Max: What do you mean?
Isabel: When he was over at Michael’s essentially begging us for his life, I felt fear coming from him. Real human type fear! I can't explain it but Alex says the more he's around us the more he’s becoming like a living person.
Michael: He still is what he is, Isabel. I agreed to let him continue to be, but I still have difficulty treating him as an equal even if he does look like me.
(Alex and Devin come back in.)
Alex: Liz! Devin has an idea that might help your name reversal problem. It's a little strange. I don't know if it would help, but I don't think it would hurt anything.
Liz: What is it?
Devin: We need to go somewhere dark and quiet. Don't take that wrong, you all can come too.
Liz: How about down in the basement?
Alex: That might work.
Max: What are you going to do? I'm not sure I like the sound of this.
Alex: Here’s Devin’s idea. If the name twisting is in fact some sort of a biological lost cluster problem, then maybe the same kind of rebuild routine he uses would help Liz.
Michael: That sounds ridiculous!
Isabel: So does the idea of having a sentient conversation with an android, but we're doing it.
Alex: I see no danger. Either it will help or it won't.
Max: It's up to you, Liz; but I don't have any other ideas. There's nothing I can do to help you.
Liz: You're sure it won't make anything worse, Alex?
Alex: About 99 percent.
Liz: Well…OK! Why not?
(The gang heads for the dark Crashdown basement.)
Devin: OK, Liz. I'm going to do something I did a couple of times in the lab, but that I was told never to do anywhere away from there. I'm going to assume that advice was to avoid exposing my secret; but since you guys already know it…
(Devin looks at the wall and his eyes start to glow red. He projects an image on the wall.)
Devin: See that?
Liz: Yes. It was hard to miss.
Devin: Now…Alex or somebody; I want you to say people's names to me. First backwards and then correctly. About ten of them should be enough to get a pattern. I think I can take that pattern and create a rebuild grid from that. When I get it, I'll project it on the wall. Liz! I need you to stare at it for about two minutes. Just think about nothing but the images. Can you do it, Liz?
Liz: I think so.
Devin: Good!
Alex: I'd suggest the rest of you don't look at the image.
Devin: Good idea! If you don't need a rebuild, don't subject yourself to one.
Isabel: This is a little like the balance stones.
Max: I was just thinking the same thing.

(Is anyone out there really surprised at this? You knew something like this would have to happen, didn't you? After all, this is the Balance Statements Network!)

Devin: Now, Alex! Why don't you say some names for me, first backwards and then correctly?
(Alex does as Devin asks. Soon, Devin is able to project a rebuild type image for Liz to see. She looks at it for two minutes as requested.)
Devin: There! That should do it. Sorry about the red image! I wasn't built to project Technicolor.
Isabel: That's OK Devin. If it helped, who cares what color it was?
Michael: If that helped, I'll buy you all hot fudge sundaes.
(They all stare at Liz.)
Max: Liz, honey. What's my name?
Liz: Max Evans, of course.
(Max gives Liz a hug and a kiss. He's happy! He just heard Liz say his name properly for the first time since the accident.)
Alex: And me, what's my name?
Liz: Alex Whitman.
Michael: I can’t believe it!
Isabel: I can taste that sundae now, Michael.
(Michael frowns, then turns away and half smiles to himself.)
Liz: And you're Isabel Evans and you're Michael Guerin…and you, Devin Whitman, you did it! Oh Devin, thank you. I'm so happy I could kiss you.
(Liz kisses Devin. First on the neck, then on the cheek.)
Devin: Hey! I'm just glad it worked.
Isabel: It's wonderful. The last of the memory problems is just a memory.
(Devin seems puzzled about something.)
Devin: Liz? I'm not trying to ask for any more thanks, but would you kiss me on the neck again?
(Liz hesitates! Then she does it.)
Alex: What was that about, Devin?
Liz: I think he liked it, Alex.
Devin: That's just it. I have no feeling sensors in my neck. I shouldn't have been able to feel that kiss at all, but I did! It felt…it felt really good!
Alex: Devin! What's happening to you?


(What a nice happy ending. The memory problems are but a few more kisses away from being completely solved. Liz and Max are back together like they should be. Liz doesn't say names backwards anymore. Maria and Michael seem as happy as when they first got re-balanced. It looks like both girls have found a way to catch up on the forgotten school- work. As for Isabel and Alex, they’ve become a stronger couple from helping the others through the whole memory lapse thing. And Devin! My oh my! It looks like he's succeeded in taking a big step towards becoming whatever it is he's going to become. Alex is just loving having someone to talk computers with, even if it is one. If an ending like this doesn't mean great ratings for the B.S. Network…well, then we quit! Hmmm! I guess we're quitting for now anyway. Mrs. Zoombash can take her network and…)

B.S. Network Producer: Hey John, what's with an ending like that?
John: What do you mean? That was a great ending! Everyone is happy. No one has to feel bad all summer. What's the problem?
B.S. Network Producer: It's in your contract. You HAVE to leave the audience with a cliffhanger. And it HAS to involve one of the main characters. No one cares about your stupid android.
John: Hmmm! I really have to do that, huh?
B.S. Network Producer: Yes! If you don't, you won't get paid for this series.
John: Sigh! OK, if we must!)

(Writers note: Insert the following after Alex says, "Devin! What's happening to you?")

(Phone rings. Liz answers.)
Liz: Crashdown Café!
Man: This is Acme Decorating. I’m calling to find out when we can install the new wallpaper that you ordered?
Liz: That’s the paper with stars and planets on it, right?
Man: That’s what you ordered.
Liz: Monday afternoons are kind of slow. That would be a good time.
Man: OK! We can do it then.
Liz: Great! I’ll tell my dad. He's the one that owns this place. By the way, what is your name?
Man: My name’s Cliff. I’m the paperhanger!
Liz, Max, Alex, Isabel, Michael, Maria, & Devin: ARRRRRRGH!


(There! Cliffhanger indeed! Hrumph!)

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And now...Story #5*big*

Title: Czech Your Dimensions- Part 1
Author: John
E-mail: jogor1160⊕
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
Category: Other
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

The B.S. Network ratings are falling again. One official described them as “sucking canal water”. This happens a lot, but the execs decided a summer special featuring the Roswell "We Six" might possibly stem the decline. The finale of "Honey, I Can't Remember" was the network’s highest rated show since their presentation of ADC; “America's Deodorant Challenge". (That's the show where the person who smells the best after 10 days without bathing wins an all expense paid trip to the Chicago Stockyards.) After re-negotiating his contract so as to not to be forced to provide a cliffhanger at the end (boy did I show them last time), the writer has again stocked up on No Doze and we're ready to present yet another exciting drama featuring our heroes and their friends.

Now…here’s the scoop. In our previous presentations on the B.S. Network some unique conditions for our heroes to live with have developed. We are not revising them no matter what others think destiny may hold.
1) The group is happily balanced. Max is with Liz, as he should be. (See “The Roswell E-Mail”)
2) Alex has the power to connect with his alien friends. (See “The Roswell E-Mail”)
3) Max and Isabelle' parents know their kids are aliens and they love them unconditionally anyway. (See “Balance Statements”.)
4) Michael is always welcome at the Evans’ home as long as uses the front door to which they have given him a key (See “Balance Statements”)
5) The couples have some indication that mating would be possible. (See “Balance Statements II.”)
6) The B.S. Network has no contract with Tess.
7) The gang has a new friend. His name is Devin. He may seem strange. (See "Honey, I Can't Remember")
If you can live with these conditions, please continue. Otherwise…go watch another network.
And remember, ever popular reruns of our previous shows can be found at better websites everywhere.

(Scene: The Evans Home)

Diane: Max, Isabel.
Isabel: Yea mom?
Diane: It's summertime! Time for a family getaway.
(Max and Isabel are somehow not excited about a vacation with mom and dad. They give each other that "oh no" look.)
Phil: We thought we’d take a trip to Southern California. You know, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Six Flags, the beach…
Max: (Trying not to sound too pained.) Sounds fun!
Diane: We thought you guys deserved a reward. You both made the honor roll this year.
Isabel: (Thinking about the possibility of a long few days.) Are we driving?
Phil: No, we're going to fly. No point in wasting time in the car.
(Silent connection.)
*Isabel: How do we tell them thanks, but no thanks.
*Max: I'm not sure we do. Anyway, it might be fun.
*Isabel: It would be if the traveling companions were more our age.
*Max: I know.
(End silent connection.)
Diane: Hey you two! Quit staring at each other. I know what you're thinking. Believe it or not, I was a teenager once too. That's why…
Phil: We thought that maybe you'd like to ask Liz and Alex to come with us. It would give your mom and I a chance to get to know them better.
(Suddenly, the whole picture is changing.)
Isabel: (Excited.) Really? We could do that?
Diane: Sure! We thought you'd have more fun if your friends came along. It will be nice for us too, since we won't have to be continually wearing ourselves out trying to keep up with you.
Phil: Only a couple of catches. One is you have to have dinner with us old folks each night and roommates will be Max with Alex and Isabel with Liz.
Diane: And remember; you can't fool mom!
Phil: So, what do you think?
(Isabel and Max look at each other. They'd like to go with their significant others, but they feel bad about the idea of leaving Michael and Maria behind. They pause…look at each other.)
Diane: We thought you'd be excited.
Max: (Tense.) Uh…we are mom.
Phil: Well, if you don't want to go…
Isabel: It's not that; it's just…
Diane: What dear?
Isabel: Well, we're kind of a group of six these days. I'm afraid Michael and Maria will feel bad if we just leave them.
(Phil looks at Diane. She nods.)
Phil: Well, what if they came too?
(Max and Isabel smile at each other.)
Max: Is there any way? I mean plane fare is expensive and…
Phil: Hey, we haven't done anything like this for along time. If it would make you both happy…
Diane: It would have to be three guys and three gals to a room.
Max: Works for me.
Isabel: That's actually more fun.
Phil: Well then, see if they all can go. We'd like to leave week after next. Can you all get off work?
Max: I think I can. The hot summer isn't peak tourist season in Roswell.
Isabel: It might be hard for Maria, Liz, and Michael to all get away at the same time. Who would run the Crashdown?
Max: There might be a way. Let's see what they can work out.
Isabel: OK, dad. Can we let you know in a day or two?
Phil: Sure! But we need to make reservations soon to get good fares.
Isabel: You know, I’ll bet Michael has never done anything like this.
Diane: All the more reason for him to come. You know, as far as we’re concerned, he can be as much a part of our family as he wants to be.
Max: He's come along way, mom. Have patience with him. Isabel and I have had to do that for years.
Diane: I just wish we'd known about his connection to you sooner. I still feel bad we didn’t find him when we found you two.
Max: You remember how much trouble I had telling you about what you already knew? Multiply that by about ten for Michael.
Diane: I know son, but we can try to make it up to him now.
Isabel: Thanks, mom and dad.

(Max and Isabel set off to find their friends.)

(Scene: The Crashdown!)
Alex: That sounds really neat, Isabel. I think my dad will let me go.
Liz: Oh Max! It sounds so wonderful. A week away from here with all of us together! But I just don’t see how all three of us could leave this place at the same time. Mom’s short handed anyway…
Maria: Liz is right. We might be able to find a waitress to help out, but a cook?
Michael: That’s OK! You guys go. I’ll stay and work.
Maria: That’s not fair.
Isabel: Have you ever been to Disneyland, Michael?
Michael: Uh…no! But that’s not exactly my thing anyway.
Alex: How do you know if you’ve never been there?
Michael: It doesn’t matter. I can’t go anyway. Your folks need the help, Liz. Besides, if I did go with you, Maria’s mom probably wouldn’t let her go.
Isabel: But our parents will be there. They could convince her it would be OK.
Max: There must be someone who can work for you, Michael.
Michael: The sum of my friends is right here, Maxwell. I don’t know whom I could ask.
Devin: I could do it, Michael.
Michael: (cynically) I doubt it.
Devin: Why not? I may not have much sense of taste, but you only make a limited number of things anyway. If you taught me how to cook them, why couldn’t I do it?
Liz: It nice of you to offer, Devin.
Alex: It would be fun to have you go too, Devin.
Devin: No! First, I have no partner. And second, I’m not sure if I could get through the airport scanners or not. Probably not a cool idea to try that anytime soon. I can help you guys more by working for Michael. If Maria’s mom has a problem with Maria and Michael going on a vacation together, I could just spike my hair and she’d think Michael was still here. You guys ought to go.
(Michael, who has no great love for Devin, is surprised at the offer.)
Michael: You’d do that for me?
Devin: Sure! I owe you, buddy. After what I did to you and Maria…
Maria: Hey Devin! You sound like I used to, always asking for gratitude. I said we forgive you. You didn’t know what you were doing. Forget it! I think we need to re-balance him, Alex.
Alex: I don’t know if it would work on him.
Maria: I was kidding!
Alex: Oh!
Max: So, that solves one problem. How about someone to fill in for you two.
Liz: I think mom would cover for me. That just leaves Maria.
Maria: Let me work on it.
Isabel: I’m excited. It looks like this might just work out.
Alex: I can’t wait to ride Space Mountain with you, Isabel.
Isabel: Why?
Alex: It’s in the dark…and you can sit between my legs.
(Isabel rolls her eyes.)
Michael: Hey Devin. Could you do me one more favor?
Devin: Probably.
Michael: Twice I’ve had people try and break into my apartment. I’m afraid if anyone knows I’m gone that they’ll succeed.
Alex: (worried) Do you think they were looking for something specific, Michael?
Michael: I don’t know. I hope not. But that’s why I gave the balance rocks back to Isabel. There’s nothing else in there that’s telltale.
Liz: What about that case of Tabasco sauce?
Michael: Never mind that! Anyway Devin, could you stay at my place while we are gone? No one will know the difference between you and me.
Devin: Alex? Could I do that? What would your dad say?
Alex: I’ll talk to him. I don’t see a problem. Devin needs an Internet connection, Michael. Do you have one?
Michael: Yes. He can use it.
Devin: Sounds like it’ll work out fine.
Max: Let’s start figuring out what we need to take….
Isabel: I’m getting excited.
Maria: Me too. I need a break. Isabel, would you come with me when I talk to my mom? Just tell her you’re inviting me. We don’t have to mention Michael.
Isabel: Sure! Let’s go.
(The gang continues to make plans for the trip. The closer it gets the more excited they become. Maria’s mom not only agreed to let her go, but said she’d help out by filling for her at the Crashdown. Now, it's just a few days before time to go and Alex and the band have a gig at the opening of a new club. The gang decides to check it out.)

(Scene: The new club)
Isabel: Is it me, or is the band actually getting better. I used to come just to watch Alex, but they really are sounding pretty good tonight.
Max: I think they really are improving.
Liz: Maria has helped the whole band get better.
Max: I know Alex still thinks she bosses them too much.
Michael: Why does Alex still let Devin sing with Maria?
Isabel: Because, despite what you think about Devin, they really do sound good together. Listen!
(Maria and Devin are singing and a small crowd is gathering around the stage. Among the spectators is Anna, the “cute blonde” that sat next to Devin in class. She is staring at Devin and Maria as they sing. After the song, the band takes a break. As Devin climbs down from the stage…)
Anna: Hey Devin…Devin Whitman!
Devin: Hi!
Anna: Remember me? I’m Anna. I sat next to you in science class.
Devin: Yea, I remember.
Anna: I didn’t know you could sing. You’re great.
Devin: It’s something I’m prog…uh…something I like to do. Glad you like it.
Anna: So, can I get you a drink or something?
Devin: (surprised) Uh...yea, why not?
Anna: Let’s go sit over there.
(Anna takes Devin’s hand and leads him to a table. They order drinks.)
Anna: So, you just moved to Roswell recently? I remember when you joined the class.
Devin: Yes. I lived in Alamogorda but my…my dad had to go overseas so I’m staying with my Uncle.
Anna: That’s Alex Whitman’s dad?
Devin: Yea! That’s how I got hooked up with the band. Alex is my…my cousin.
Anna: Neat! So, are you seeing anyone? I mean, do you have a girlfriend?
Devin: I’ve been trying to make friends here. I’ve seen a few people.
Anna: I’m having a party at my house next Saturday. Wanta come? They’ll be lots of people there.
(Devin doesn’t know how to act. A cute girl is asking him to come to a party.)
Devin: I may have to work, but maybe I could come late. How long will it last?
Anna: Oh, It’ll go ‘till midnight or later so come when you can. Here’s the address.
(She hands him a piece of paper with the address.)
Devin: Thanks! I’ll try to make it. I better get back on stage. Nice to see you again.

(Michael and company witnessed this whole exchange.)

Michael: What does Devin think he’s doing talking to that girl? If she knew what he was…
Liz: But she doesn’t and she seems to like him. Alex says he’s developing human traits.
Michael: That scares me! He could pass himself off as a normal person.
Max: As if you’ve never had any experience at doing that!
Michael: It’s not the same thing, Maxwell. I’m biologically alive, not a glorified IBM.
Liz: You should lighten up, Michael. I’m sorta beginning to like Devin. He’s interesting and…
Isabel: We agreed we'd…
Michael: I never agreed to anything except not to make him cyber junk.
Liz: And to keep his secret.
Michael: I feel like I should warn that innocent young girl. She acts like she wants to be friends with him.
Max: Is that so wrong? We don’t tell everyone who wants to be our friend about what we are.
Michael: Some of us don’t.
Max: Hey! You must need a Maria fix. You’re Oscar today.
Michael: Who’s Oscar?
Isabel: I think he’s just jealous because Devin gets to be on stage with Maria.
Michael: That’s not it at all. I just…
(Just then Maria comes over.)
Liz: Thank goodness you’re here. Michael needs you.
Maria: Good, because I need him too.
Michael: Doesn’t it bother you? Up there singing with…with whatever that is?
Maria: No! Devin and I sing well together. But he doesn’t hold a candle to you when it comes to other things.
(Kisses Michael.)
Isabel: See Michael. No need to be jealous.
Maria: He’s jealous of Devin and I? Come on Michael! I sing with him, but my heart’s with you. When it comes to anything but singing I know what I want. What I want is you!
(Maria leans in and kisses Michael again.)
Michael: Thanks, Maria. I guess I did need that. But did you see Devin flirting with that little blonde over there?
Maria: Yes! I thought it was nice.
Michael: What’s wrong with you people. He’s a ma…
(Isabel puts her hand over Michael’s mouth.)
Isabel: Shhhhh! You promised!
Maria: Besides, he making it so you can go to California with me. You should be licking his boots.
Michael: I am grateful for that. It was nice of him to offer. He’s even learned how to cook pretty well.
Liz: So get off his case. Alex won’t let him get out of control again.
Michael: OK! OK! I’ll try to be nicer to him.
Isabel: Good!
Maria: I’ve got to sing one more set, then we can leave if you want to.
Michael: I want to. Leave with you, that is.
Maria: Back in a few.
(Maria finishes her songs and Michael and Maria along with Max and Liz decide to leave. Isabel stays to help Alex pack up after the band is done.)
Isabel: You guys sounded good to night.
Alex: Thanks, honey.
Isabel: Did you see Devin with that girl?
Alex: Yes! I thought that was neat.
Isabel: Michael doesn’t. He was ready to blow his cover and tell her about him.
Alex: He wouldn’t do that, would he? He promised.
Isabel: I don’t think he'd really tell. He just doesn’t like Maria being on stage with him.
Alex: Oh! I get it. He’s jealous.
Isabel: He won’t admit it.
Alex: I want to give Devin room and see how he develops. I hope we all will. So, are you ready to go?
Isabel: Yea! You know Alex, I get jealous of your time in the band too, but I don’t threaten to expose you.
Alex: Expose me?
Isabel: Yea! (Whispers in his ear.) Alex Whitman’s in love with an alien…pass it on.
Alex: (smiles) I don’t even think about that most of the time anymore. I’m in love with Isabel Evans. That’s what matters!
Isabel: I love you too Alex.

(Well, that was interesting. I guess Michael can’t quite bring himself to totally accept Devin, despite the nice thing Devin is doing for him. The gang will be leaving for California day after tomorrow and we’ll get back to them as they leave. Day after tomorrow is Saturday. We’ll have to check out Devin and the party too. And, golly gee; I know another surprise that’s coming but I won’t tell. I won’t! I wont! I won’t! Now, you must stay tuned to the B.S. Network for a brand new show about the life of three striptease dancers. It’s called “I Bare You”!

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Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 2
Author: John
TDisclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

In our previous presentations on the B.S. Network some unique conditions for our heroes to live with have developed. We are not revising them no matter what others think destiny may hold.
1) The group is happily balanced. Max is with Liz, as he should be. (See “The Roswell E-Mail”)
2) Alex has the power to connect with his alien friends. (See “The Roswell E-Mail”)
3) Max and Isabelle' parents know their kids are aliens and they love them unconditionally anyway. (See “Balance Statements”.)
4) Michael is always welcome at the Evans’ home as long as uses the front door to which they have given him a key (See “Balance Statements”)
5) The couples have some indication that mating would be possible. (See “Balance Statements II.”)
6) The B.S. Network has no contract with Tess.
7) The gang has a new friend. His name is Devin. He may seem strange. (See "Honey, I Can't Remember")
If you can live with these conditions please continue. Otherwise, go watch another network.

(Scene: On the way to the airport in the Evan’s family mini-van! With eight people and luggage, it’s a bit tight…)
Max: Couldn’t you find a few more bags to stuff in here, Isabel?
Isabel: Actually, if I could have found another one to pack I would have brought…
Diane: (Changing the subject.) Isn’t it funny that it takes as long to drive to Albuquerque as it does to fly from there to L.A.
Michael: I keep saying Roswell has its disadvantages.
Maria: It has its advantages too. It’s where you live. (Kisses Michael)
Liz: And where Max lives. (Kisses Max)
Alex: And where Isabel lives. (Kisses Isabel)
Phil: So, it’s an OK place?
Max: At least for now.
Liz: It’s home for all of us. I keep thinking. I hope we all can always be close and live near each other, but that may not be possible in the future.
Diane: As long as Phil and I are in Roswell, any of you can count on a place to flop no matter where you end up later on.
Alex: Thanks Mrs. Evans, but no one’s going anywhere for awhile. Let’s enjoy this time together.
Diane: Hey Alex, tell me about your cousin. The one who looks just like Michael! How could that be possible, given where Michael originally came from? He’s not…I mean there’s no chance…
Alex: No! There’s absolutely no biological connection. It’s a very long story that you probably really don’t want to know.
Diane: OK, I get the picture. I won't ask any more. I almost lost a son by asking too many questions once. I won’t make that mistake again.
Max: You would never have lost me, mom. Not really! It was me, not you.
Diane: So, you kids have one more year of school. Then what?
Liz: I still want to go to college and study microbiology. Max says he wants to study something similar, maybe medicine.
Alex: Computer Science is where it’s at.
Isabel: I’m not sure yet. But I’m not through learning.
Maria: I guess Michael and I are still finding our way. But we will do that together!
Phil: Well, we’re here at the airport. Everyone got their tickets?
Alex: Anyone see a skycap…or two or three?
(Isabel glares at Alex. He knows he’ll pay for that remark.)

(Scene: On the plane. Michael is very quiet…)
Maria: So, you’ve never been on a plane before?
Michael: (Tense) Not on a regular jet like this.
Maria: That’s almost ironic.
(Michael rolls his eyes. The fight attendant is making the announcements as the plane taxis down the runway. Soon the flight is airborne and Michael is looking a little green.)
Isabel: This is almost unbelievable.
Alex: What?
Isabel: Michael. He doesn’t like flying. I can tell.
Alex: Did you your first time?
Isabel: I didn’t mind it. I always assumed that not being afraid of flying would be hereditary.
Max: I never minded it either, even as a kid. I’m sure he’ll be OK.
Diane: What’s wrong, Max? What are you talking about?
Max: It’s Michael. I think he’s airsick.
(Diane smiles. She can’t believe it either. Here’s someone who once flew millions of miles through space and now gets airsick just flying from New Mexico to California.)
Maria: Michael, you don’t look good.
(The irony of this is not lost on Michael either.)
Michael: I’m OK. I have to be. This is not a big deal. I just…I wish I didn’t have a window seat.
Maria: I’ll gladly trade you. People usually try to get window seats.
Michael: This is insane. It can’t be…flying can’t be affecting me this way.
Maria: Maybe you’re just excited to be going on a real vacation.
(Just then the flight attendant comes by…)
Flight attendant: For lunch today we have your choice of lasagna or chicken.
Maria: Chicken please.
Flight attendant: And for you sir? Sir?
(At the smell of food, Michael gags. Maria points to the airsickness bag. Michael pulls it out, as sick from being embarrassed as from flying.)
Maria: Could he just have a Coke, please?
(Maria holds Michael’s hand and tries to distract him by rubbing his back and shoulders. After a while he settles down and actually wishes he’d eaten something. As the plane is about to land in L.A….)
Diane: Feeling better, Michael?
Michael: Yes. I’m OK now. I don’t understand that at all. There’s no way flying anywhere should bother me.
Max: I hope the rides at Six Flags don’t do you in.
Maria: He’ll be fine. Don’t worry about him.
Diane: Forgive my motherly instincts.
Michael: Thanks everyone. Sorry to worry you! I’m fine now.
(The plane lands and they head for the Hotel.)

(Scene: The hotel…)
Isabel: This isn’t fair, being on different floors. What’s you guys room number?
Alex: 704. And this is 806, right?
Liz: That’s right.
Max: I think dad did this on purpose.
Liz: You’d think they don’t trust us.
Maria: Well?
Michael: Hey, what could happen?
Isabel: A lot…and it would all be fun.
Alex: We need to find a secret passage between rooms.
Michael: Maybe we could make one.
Max: That would leave a legacy for sure.
Alex: You know what they say, “where there’s a will there’s a relative”. We’ll find a way to get together.
Isabel: We’ll mostly just be sleeping in our rooms anyway. Most of the time during the day we’ll not be separated.
Liz: I don’t want to not see Max at night. That would be worse than at home.
Max: Like Alex said, we’ll figure out a way.
Maria: I’m glad my mom thinks Michael’s still in Roswell.
Michael: What does she think we’d do together?
(Maria grabs Michael and pushes him down on one of the beds and starts wrestling with him.)
Maria: This!
(Kisses him wildly. Just then Phil knocks and opens the slightly ajar door.)
Phil: Are you guys….hmmm…
(Looks at the bed where Maria and Michael are trying to look innocent.)
Phil: I can see I was right with the separated rooms.
Isabel: Now dad, it’s not what you think.
Phil: It’s not? Hmmm… Just kidding! I know you guys are responsible. But you are still teenagers, obviously. Anyway, I came to ask if you were ready for dinner.
Michael: (Having “missed” lunch.) I certainly am.
Max: Me too!
Alex: Me three.
Phil: Ladies?
Isabel, Liz, and Maria: Let’s go!

(Meanwhile, back in Roswell…where it’s an hour later because of the time difference)

(Scene: The Crashdown. Devin has spiked his hair a bit and with a hat on, no one knows he’s not Michael. Maria’s mom has been working for Maria.)
Amy: So, Michael? What will you do without Maria for a week?
Devin/Michael: Miss her, I guess.
Amy: Do you really like her? She says you fight a lot.
(Devin is not sure what to say because he’s not Michael.)
Devin/Michael: I think we’re just both intense. We always kiss and make up.
Amy: Kiss?
(Devin’s getting in deeper.)
Devin/Michael: Isn’t that OK?
Amy: I guess, as long as that’s the extent of it. I’m just being protective.
Devin/Michael: I try to do that for Maria too; protect her. Well, it’s time to close. Let’s clean up.
Amy: Just clean up the kitchen and go on home, Michael. I’ll take care of the rest.
(After clean up, Devin stops by home to degrease his synthetic hair. He combs it normally; then heads to the party Anna had invited him to.)

(Scene: Anna’s party.)
Anna: Hey Devin! Great you could come. Come on in. Hey everybody, this is Devin Whitman. He recently moved to Roswell. I met him in science class. He sings with his cousin Alex’ band.
Several people: Hi Devin. Hey Devin. How come you’re so late?
Devin: Sorry! I had to work.
Anna: That’s OK. I’m really glad you came. I’m playing a video game with some others. Come help me.
(It’s obvious that Anna really seems to like Devin. As they’re playing…)
Anna: Devin, what do you like to do besides sing?
Devin: I like to meet people. I like to drive around and see things. This country is a little different that Alamogorda.
Christy: Is that where you’re from?
Devin: Yes.
Christy: I’ve got a friend there. Do you know Misty Wheeler? She was Homecoming Queen at Alamo High last year.
Devin: I don’t know her personally.
Christy: The way she talks, all the cute guys know here intimately.
Devin: Guess I’m not cute enough.
Anna: No way Jose! You’re REALLY cute Devin and you sing well too. Hey guys, how about some karaoke? Devin’s so great. Devin, would you sing?
Devin: I don’t want to…
Christy: Aw, come on. Anna says you’re good.
Anna: Please Devin. I heard you with the band. It was wonderful.
Devin: I usually sing with someone.
Anna: I’ll sing with you.
Devin: Well, OK…crank it up.
(Anna and Devin sing, joined by Christy, Mitch and a few others. Everyone enjoys Devin’s singing.)
Devin: Enough. Someone else do this for awhile.
Anna: That was great, Devin. If you’re hungry, I’ll get you a sandwich and a drink.
Devin: That would be fine.
Christy: Hey Devin, where'd you learn to sing like that.
Devin: I guess you could say my father taught me.
Christy: Is he a singer?
Devin: No! He a rocket scientist.
Christy: Quit pulling my leg.
Devin: No, seriously. He works at White Sands.
Anna: Here you go, Devin.
(She gives him the food.)
Anna: So your dad’s a real rocket scientist. Does he get tired of the jokes?
Devin: I don’t really know.
Anna: Hey Devin, come with me.
(She drags him into a bedroom and closes the door.)
Anna: It’s quieter in here.
Devin: Yes, it is.
Anna: So?
Devin: So what?
Anna: That was a good answer.
(She turns down the lights and drags Devin to the bed. She puts her arm around his neck and kisses him, first on the lips and then on the neck. Devin feels different. He feels accepted. His wheels are spinning, trying to remember what he saw Michael do with Maria. He gazes into Anna's eyes, trying to imitate Michael. He puts his arms around her, leans in, and kisses her.)
Anna: Devin! You’re more than just a great singer. I knew when I saw you on stage that you were different. There’s something unique about you. I’ve never met anyone that I’ve been attracted to so quickly.
Devin: You’re…you’re very…you're very special too, Anna. Thank you for asking me to come tonight.
(Anna starts to unbutton Devin’s shirt and begins to rub his neck. He’s trying to decide what he should do when the door bursts open. It’s Anna’s boyfriend, Cody.)
Cody: What the hell is going on in here?
Anna: Cody! I thought you had to work late.
Cody: It is late and I’m here. You! Get your hands off my girl. Who are you, anyway?
Devin: My name is Devin.
Anna: Cody! It’s not his fault. I brought him in here.
Cody: What? Why? Aren’t we together?
Anna: I…uh…I just met Devin not too long ago. I wanted to get to know him better. It was noisy outside, so we came in here.
Devin: I didn’t know…
Anna: I hadn’t had time to tell him about us, Cody.
Cody: But you had time to unbutton his shirt. God Anna, what am I supposed to do. I’m going home. It obvious you’ve found someone else. And you buddy; you better watch your back. I don’t appreciate having my girlfriend hijacked.
Devin: I’m sorry. Like I said I…
Cody: Hey! Anyone here could have told you. I don’t buy that "it just happened" crap.
Anna: Cody, let him alone. This was my fault.
Cody: I’m outta here, Anna.
(Cody leaves as Anna and Devin just look at each other, wondering what to do.)
Anna: Devin, I’m sorry. I should have told you. I didn’t think he’d be here so soon. I was afraid if I told you about Cody that you wouldn’t come. I really like you Devin and I wanted you here.
Devin: You better try and make up with Cody, Anna. There are things about me you don’t know. You're better off with him.
Anna: I’m not so sure! I don't like the way he’s been treating me lately. And the way he acted with you tonight; you’re far more of what I want in a man than he is.
Devin: He had a right to be mad. You should have told me about him. I better be going. I’ve caused enough trouble for you.
Anna: No! Don’t go, Devin. I want you to stay. Cody won’t be back tonight.
Devin: You better go find him Anna. Believe me; it’s him you want, not me.
(Devin heads back to the apartment. He has just experienced an all to human situation. Anna likes him. He thought it would be fun to go to her party. Now he’s come between her and her boyfriend. Cody's mad at him and he’s mad at her. He realizes it would be wrong to pursue a relationship that could only end with his ultimately hurting someone. He’s not human. He can see now that he can only take a relationship with a human so far. What would Anna do if he lets her become more attached to him and then she finds out what he is? Wouldn't he have to tell her eventually? Would it be wrong not to? He suddenly realizes that he can never be more than an acquaintance to anyone. Meet and greet. That’s all he can do. For the first time, Devin is wondering if living away from the lab is really the best thing for him. Is there a best thing for him? What really is his purpose? He’s actually feeling sadness. But can he really feel such emotions? He arrives back at Michael’s apartment. As he turns on the light he’s surprised to see someone sitting in the chair in the living room. The person looks unusual.)
Riverdog: Hello Michael!

(The trip’s off to a good start, luggage and all. Devin had a quick lesson in human relationships and he’s not sure he likes it. And Riverdog’s looking for Michael. It’s getting interesting. That means it’s time for this episode to end. We’ll be back sometime soon, so keep watching the B.S. Network or you might miss us. Stay tuned now for the B.S. Network’s News Magazine, “20.8/79.2”.)

Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 3
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Devin has a problem. If you count Anna, he has two. If you count Maria's mom he has three. Is this human life so wonderful? The problem at hand however is Riverdog. Riverdog thinks Devin is Michael and trying to explain the truth may not be the best plan right now. Devin doesn't know who this man is, since the subject of Riverdog has never come up when he's been with the others. The problem now: how to not say the wrong thing?)

Riverdog: Hello Michael.
Devin/Michael: How did you get in here?
Riverdog: Oh, I know a few tricks. My, your hair looks different.
Devin/Michael: Uh…I had a date tonight.
Riverdog: Maria?
(Devin thinks to himself: He knows about Maria. What else does he know?)
Devin/Michael: I enjoyed myself. So what brings you here?
Riverdog: You must come to the cave. There is something going on there that you need to see. It's dangerous. One of our children was injured. I've forbidden anyone to enter the cave right now.
(Devin thinks to himself: What cave? Evidentially Michael knows about this. Does this man know Michael's secret?)
Devin/ Michael: I have to work all this week. I'm not sure how soon I can get away.
Riverdog: Come when you can, but the sooner the better. I'll go in with you. Find me at the sweat lodge or, if I'm not there, Eddie can find me.
Devin/Michael: What is this about?
Riverdog: I want you to see for yourself. I'm not sure what it means. I'm hoping that you will. I must get back. It's late. Please try to come soon. And it might be best if you came alone or only with the one who is like you.
(Devin thinks to himself: So, he knows about Michael and Max. I've got to get in touch with them, but I don't want to spoil their vacation.)
Devin/Michael: OK. Either just me or me and Max!
Riverdog: Sleep well my friend.
(Riverdog leaves. Devin has Maria's cellphone number, but he doesn't know if she took it with her or if it even roams. It's his best bet. He tries the number, but gets only a recording. He leaves a message that he must speak to Michael as soon as possible. He also wonders if Maria's mom might know where they are staying. At very least, he'll ask her, as Michael, to let him know if Maria calls. My, this is all so confusing. Devin feels the need for a rebuild, so he sets about doing that. After that, it'll be time to rest for the night. Meanwhile, back in Anaheim…)

(Scene: The gang’s Hotel)
Liz: I can't sleep. This is the pits. Our guys are just one floor away, but they might as well be back in Roswell.
Isabel: I know what you mean, but I'm afraid mom will be checking both rooms tonight.
Maria: Two double beds in here and a rollaway. I can just imagine Michael snuggled up to me on one of them.
Liz: And Max to me.
Isabel: And Alex to me. We've got to fix this.
Liz: How?
Isabel: This may not be kosher, but I'll dreamwalk. As soon as I sure my parents are asleep, we'll slip down there.
Maria: But what if you mom wakes up and checks on us?
Liz: What will they do, send us home?
Isabel: No, but I'm sure a good lecture would be in store.
Maria: I'm willing to risk it.
Liz: Me too.
Isabel: OK, we'll all hang together if we get caught. Agreed?
Maria: Sure.
Liz: Of course!
Isabel: We can probably stay down there until about six A.M.; then we better come back up here. Let me tell the guys what we're up to.
(Silent connection*happy*
*Isabel: Hey, you guys awake?
*Alex: Isabel! Yes! Max just was saying how he wished we could all be together.
*Max: How come you're still awake, Isabel?
*Isabel: We were having the same discussion here, Max. Is Michael awake?
*Max: Barely! I think the flight took something out of him.
*Alex: Or the flight caused something to come out of him.
*Isabel: That wasn't nice. Funny, but not nice.
*Alex: Hey Max! She actually admitted something I said was funny.
*Max: Don't let it go to your head.
*Isabel: Right, don't let it go to your head, Alex.
*Max: Forgot you were there for a minute, Izzy.
*Michael: What? Who? I was dreaming and heard voices.
*Isabel: It's me. As soon as mom and dad are asleep, we're gonna slip down there. We decided this segregation is for the birds.
*Michael: I'd agree with that notion. Is Maria awake?
*Isabel: Yea! She's definitely in on this.
*Michael: Tell her she has my unqualified support.
*Isabel: OK! For once this party line came in handy.
*Alex: We can't wait! We'll be wide-awake.
(End silent connection.)
Isabel: The guys were thinking the same thing about this separate room thing. They're all for our coming down.
Liz: Tell me again. How will we know when your folks are asleep?
Isabel: Unless I miss my guess, mom will check on us in a few minutes. I'll give her twenty minutes after that. Hopefully she and dad will both go to sleep right away. We'll just have to wait. A soon as I can dreamwalk with them, I'll know they're asleep.
Maria: OK! We wait. I can't sleep anyway.
(Knock on the girl's door.)
Diane: You girls all OK?
Isabel: Just fine mom. Want to come in?
Diane: For a minute.
(Isabel opens the door.)
Diane: Tomorrow, we can sleep in just a little. We'll meet for breakfast at nine. They we can go back to our rooms for a few minutes and then head to Disneyland. We thought we'd do Disneyland tomorrow, then take a day at the beach, and do Six Flags the day after. Is that OK with you?
Isabel: That sounds great.
Liz: Sounds fine, Mrs. Evans.
Maria: I'm excited.
Diane: OK. Goodnight now! I'll go check on the guys and tell them the same thing.
(Diane does just that and after checking on the guys she heads for bed herself. In about 30 minutes, Isabel is able to dreamwalk to both her mom and dad. She decides it's safe to visit the guys. Soon they are all happily snuggled in with their appropriate partners. We would show more of the snuggling, but as you know, Mrs. Zoombash, the 86 year old owner of this network, would probably cut us off the air. We will however pause at this point for those who wish to use their imaginations.)
B.S. Network Announcer: We now pause!
(A sign saying: " Imagine Snuggling!" appears on screen for 30 seconds.)
B.S. Network Announcer: We now cease pausing!

Scene: The next morning, 6:00 A.M.
Isabel: Girls, we better get back to our room before mom checks on us.
(Max and Liz are nibbling each other’s necks and doing other things…)
Liz: You sure know how to ruin a good thing.
Isabel: You'll only have to be away from Max for a little while. Come on before we get caught. You too Maria.
(Michael is running his hands over Maria and kissing her everywhere…)
Maria: This gives new meaning to the song, "My Lord, What a Morning".
Isabel: If mom catches us, you'll be singing "Lord, I'm Coming Home". Let's go!
(The girls quickly throw on some clothes and head back to their room. As they enter, they are aghast to see the message light flashing. Isabel plays the message.)
Phil: (A twinkle in his voice.) Isabel, this is dad. You must all be very sound sleepers. Don't worry, I won't tell mom I couldn't get you. Just meet us at 9:00 in the restaurant buffet. Love you.
Isabel: That was my dad.
Liz: Are we toast?
Isabel: I'm not sure. Dad said he wouldn't tell mom we didn't answer. I guess we won't know until I talk to him. He just said to meet them at 9:00 o'clock in the buffet.
Maria: Even if we're in trouble, it was worth it.
Isabel: Yea, I agree. I at least got a little sleep. It was nice having Alex' arm around me.
(At breakfast, Phil looked at the girls, then nodded to the boys and winked at Isabel. She mouthed "thanks dad" and they proceeded to make plans for the day. Isabel breathed a sigh of relief and the others talked as if all was normal, which indeed it really was. On to Disneyland…)

(Scene: Disneyland)
Liz: I can't believe we're all here together.
Diane: Before you all run off, you have to go on one ride with us. Then we'll decide where to meet for dinner, maybe about six.
Max: And that ride would be…
Diane: When Disneyland first opened, I always had to go with my parents on " Pirates of the Caribbean". Now you get to do the same for us.
Isabel: I was afraid it was going to be "Small World".
(They all ride on "Pirates". When they got to the place where the pirates are in the town and the women are looking down from windows above, Max waved his hand. Suddenly, an image of Liz was among those looking down at them. Then it quickly disappeared.)
Michael: You better watch it, Maxwell.
Max: Hey, I could work here and make this place a lot more interesting.
Liz: (concerned) Thanks for the thought Max, but Michael's right.
Max: Hey, loosen up everyone. This is a vacation. Even if anyone noticed, how could it matter?
(Liz is surprised. She seldom sees Max in such a playful mood. She likes it. After the ride, the "We Six" take off in search of more exciting attractions. Space Mountain [Alex loved it], Astro Orbitor, Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, Star Tours [the gang was bored], The Matterhorn, Roger Rabbit's Spin, Splash Mountain [they even bought a picture of the group coming down the last drop], Thunder Mountain Railroad, The Haunted House, Indiana Jones, then finally…)
Maria: I want to go on Small World. I got to go on it once as a little girl. I want the memories again.
Alex: I rode it once years ago too. I can't stand it now. If I hear that song, it stays in my head for days. And the flowers! I'm surprised they haven't wilted after all these years.
Isabel: It was OK when I was younger, but…
Liz: You won't get me to go! That song's like the plague. There's no cure.
Max: I'm really glad you don't want to ride it. I was afraid you might.
Maria: Michael, please go with me.
Michael: I've never been on it, but I trust these people's judgement…
Maria: Please, Michael.
Alex: Go ahead, Michael. Everyone should have to suffer through it once. I mean…you'll enjoy it man!
Max: (A gleam in his eye.) Yea, Michael! Take her. It's not so bad.
(His fingers were crossed behind him; he made sure Liz saw.)
Maria: Pretty please, Michael. I'll go alone if I have to.
Michael: OK, Maria. I'll go with you.
Maria: Thanks, Michael.
Alex: I'm not going near it. I might hear the song. We'll meet you guys at the castle. It'll be about time to go find Max' and Isabelle' mom and dad for dinner by the time you're done.
(Michael and Maria get in line for Small World. They begin the ride. About half way through, Michael looks at Maria and rolls his eyes…)
Michael: (whispers) Maria, why did you bring me on this? I can't stand it any more.
(Michael lifts his hand and suddenly the music changes to a Metallica song. The maintenance crew is running everywhere, trying to figure out what happened and attempting to restore the correct music. As their boat emerges from the tunnel, Michael and Maria are laughing hysterically.)
Maria: And you were on Max' case.
Michael: Hey, it's a vacation!
(Our friends find the others at the castle, then go meet up with Phil and Diane for dinner in New Orleans Square. Maria is dying to tell the others about what Michael did to "Small World", but is afraid to talk about it openly in public. At the table next to them though, several people are talking about what happened and Isabel and Alex overhear them. Isabel is suspicious.)
Isabel: So, Maria! I heard those people talking. By any chance, were you guys on Small World when the music changed to Metallica?
(Michael and Maria sit quietly for a moment, looking at each other. Then, almost spitting out their drinks, they both start laughing uncontrollably. Michael looks like a cat that swallowed a canary. From the way Maria is looking at him, everyone understands what happened and how. Even Phil and Diane think it's funny.)
Phil: (Looking directly at Michael) Some people's kids!
(Phil gives Michael a thumbs up! Michael smiles, finally feeling totally accepted!)

(Well, at least the gang had one fun day. Devin's news may spoil their fun, if he can ever find them. And, one has to wonder how Devin's coping with his new love-life problem. We hate to stop, but the old clock on the wall… is broken. The new digital one says we're out of time, so we must end this episode. Plan to join us next time and please… stay tuned for a nature program about hiking in Texas. Yea, you guessed it: "Texas Range Walker"!)

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Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 4
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to Warner Brothers. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Perhaps with all the fun at Disneyland, you forgot what was going on in Roswell with our friend Devin. He spent the morning wondering if his attempt to be a "people", as he called it, was such a good idea. After a while, things didn't seem quite as serious as they did the night before. He also realized he had a commitment to work for Michael, so he might as well make the best of it for the next few days. About 3:00 P.M., he spiked his hair again and went to work at the Crashdown. He really wants to get in touch with Michael to tell him about the strange visitor. He told Maria's mom if Maria called to let him know. He's trying to put his other problem aside, but to no avail. His "girlfriend" walks into the restaurant…)

(Scene: The Crashdown*happy*
Anna: Hey, Michael. Do you know where your lookalike friend Devin is? I went by the Whitman's and no one seems to be home.
Devin: (Trying to disguise his voice.) No, I haven't seen him all day.
Anna: If you see him, tell him I need to talk to him.
Devin: (Trying to throw her off.) OK, I…I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name.
Anna: It's Anna. Tell him Anna is looking for him. Here’s my phone number. Will you give it to him?
(Anna hands him a paper with the number written on it. Suddenly, all the worry about that situation comes back. He is really torn. He likes Anna. She seems to like him. Is it all right to let her get any closer to him? He decides, maybe he should seek advice from Alex on this situation. Then, he remembers Alex is in California too. Devin truly has been left to be his own "person". He works through the evening when finally the phone rings. Amy answers. It's Maria, checking in with her mom.
Maria: Mom! How's everything?
Amy: I haven't been too busy. I thought it would be worse trying to run the store and work for you too.
Maria: Good. And how's De…Michael?
Amy: He fine. He wants to talk to you when we finish?
Maria: OK. Today we went to Disneyland and had a really fun time. We went on a whole bunch of rides and just forgot about everything else. There was an interesting experience on the "Small World" ride. The music suddenly changed to something very hip.
Amy: Oh, I hope they don't change that ride. It was so nice the way it used to be.
Maria: I don't think they intend to change it. What happened today was a mistake.
Amy: You sound like you're having a fun time. I'm glad you could go. You be sure to tell Mr. and Mrs. Evans " thank you".
Maria: I will mom. Tomorrow we’re going the beach.
Amy: Sound like fun. I'll get Michael for you.
(Amy calls Devin/Michael to the phone.)
Devin/Michael: Hi!
Maria: Things going OK?
Devin/Michael: About as usual.
Maria: Glad to hear it. Thanks again for working so Michael could come.
Devin/Michael: (Lowers his voice) Your mom still thinks that I'm Michael.
Maria: That's really good too.
Devin/Michael: Give me your number. I'll call you when I'm home. I have to talk to Michael. Make sure he's with you. This is important.
Maria: What's wrong?
Devin/Michael: (Low voice) I can't talk here. I'll call you. (Back to normal voice.) So, I'm glad you're having fun. I'll see you when you get back.
Maria: OK, Devin. I'll tell him. Here's our number…
(Finally, Devin will be able to tell them about what's been happening. Devin says goodbye and finishes up work. He helps clean up, then heads back to Michael’s apartment. He calls the number that Maria gave him.)
Isabel: Hello...Alex?
Devin: No, but I’d like to talk to him.
Isabel: Who is this?
Devin: It’s Devin.
Isabel: Oh, Devin. How are things back home?
Devin: I need to talk to Michael.
Isabel: He’s not here. Maria went down to his room a few minutes ago and…oh wait; they just came back. Michael, it's Devin.
(Michael takes the phone.)
Michael: Hello!
Devin: Michael! I’m doing as you asked and staying at your place. Last night when I came home, a man…a Native American I think…was sitting inside here waiting for me…you. I don’t know how he got in.
Michael: It must have been Riverdog.
Devin: He didn’t say his name, but he did think I was you. He seemed to know all about you and Max. He wanted you to come to some cave as soon as possible. He said to come alone or only with the one who is like you. He explained something was happening out there. He didn't explain, but said it was dangerous and he was keeping everyone out of the cave until you saw it.
Michael: If Riverdog came into town, it must be important.
Devin: I told him I had to work and it might be a few days before I…you…could get there. He said to come as soon as possible. Do you want me to go see what he wants or shall we make him wait until you get back?
Michael: Hmmm. I don’t know right off. Riverdog’s very sharp. He may figure out you’re not me if you have any more contact. At the same time, we should find out what’s concerning him. Let me talk to Maxwell. I’ll call you back.
Devin: I hate to spoil your vacation, but he did seem very concerned.
Michael: Be back to you soon.
Devin: Is Alex there? I need to talk to him.
Michael: He’s down in room 704. You could call back and ask for that room. I’ll head back down there right now and tell Max about this. Call us there.
(Devin does as instructed.)
(Phone rings.)
Alex: Hello!
Devin: Hi Alex. This is Devin.
Alex: Devin, how did you find us?
Devin: Maria called the Crashdown and I got your number from her. Is Michael there yet?
Alex: No.
Devin: He probably went to find Max.
Alex: Max is right here, stretched out on the bed.
Devin: Then Michael will be there shortly, I'm sure. I need to speak with him again. While we're waiting, could I ask you for some advice?
Alex: I guess.
Devin: Alex, there's this girl…Anna. I think she likes me.
Alex: That's great!
Devin: She asked me to come to a party. I went and I was having a good time.
Alex: Neat! I'm glad you could go.
Devin: I was too at first. But then she dragged me into a bedroom and began saying how she really liked me. She was hugging and kissing me. All of a sudden, her boyfriend walked in. He got really mad at both of us. He stomped out on her.
Alex: I can believe that.
Devin: I told her she should go make up with him. That she wanted him, not me. I told her there were things about me she didn't know.
Alex: And?
Devin: That's the problem. She says she doesn't like him any more. She likes me. Even though I left the party right after that, she went by your house looking for me. When she couldn't find me, she came to the Crashdown to ask Michael…me…where I was. She left her number for me to call. So Alex, what do I do? I like her. I like her so much I need to tell her we can't be together. She should go back to her human boyfriend. I can't be having a relationship with her.
Alex: Why not? Isn't that what you wanted?
Devin: Interacting with people in general is a different thing than a one on one, male female relationship. In the first place, other than what I observed Michael and Maria doing I don't know what to do with her. Secondly, it's not fair of me to lead her along. Of course she assumes I'm human and can do human things.
Alex: There are all kinds of things you can do with her. Take her to movies, to dances, for a ride, to dinner; and if you want to learn what to do, buy a couple of teen magazines or watch some TV. I think it will come naturally, even for you. As for your second thing, I don't know. I guess just don't let it get too serious. But you can be her friend and do some things with her like what I suggested. You don't have to promise to marry her. Isabel and I aren't even that far along. Someday, maybe we will be…hopefully.
Devin: But you and Isabel aren't so different that you couldn't get married and have kids. I couldn't even get a marriage license.
Alex: We think we can have kids. We are enough different it might not work. I'm hoping time will tell on that one.
Devin: I just don't feel right about this. I just know someday I'll have to hurt her by telling her what I am; or worse yet, she'll find out by herself and hate me.
Alex: But, you'll also hurt her if you reject her now. You've done something to make her like you. That's a big step. And there's no reason she has to find out, now or ever. I know she won't be looking at your butt.
(Alex and Devin laugh!)
Devin: She might want to.
Alex: Obviously, it can't go that far. You can always call it off if it gets too sexual.
Devin: But I like the sex part; at least what I've experienced so far. I still have no explanation for why I can enjoy kisses on the neck. And when she unbuttoned my shirt and started rubbing my neck…
Alex: You didn't say she did that.
Devin: She did!
Alex: No wonder her boyfriend was ticked.
Devin: But Alex, I enjoyed it. I shouldn't have been able to feel it, but I really…
Alex: Man, you're hooked. Don't ask me for an explanation. I can help with the processor part of you, but beyond that, there's something that’s unexplainable going on. Let it happen. I say you call her. Who knows? She may call it off with you before you have to with her and you won't have to feel guilty at all. You may as well enjoy each other's company for a while, if it makes you both happy.
Devin: I've got to think about this some more. Thanks Alex for your advice. Is Michael back yet?
Alex: Yes, he's here. He and Max have been discussing something involving you.
Michael: Is that Devin on the phone?
Alex: Yes.
Michael: Let me talk to him.
Alex: Here's Michael.
Michael: Devin! Maxwell and I agree that if Riverdog came looking for me, it must be important. There's no way we can cut this vacation short. It wouldn't be fair to the others or Maxwell's mom and dad who paid for this. If you think you can pull off the charade, go out and see what's happening.
Devin: You'll have to tell me how to get there…and won't Riverdog be suspicious if I drive my car?
Michael: Good point. (To Max) Is there any way he could take your Jeep, Max. Riverdog would question his car.
Max: Tell him to go by my house and get it. He can tell Riverdog that he…you…borrowed it. Riverdog's seen my Jeep before. The tailgate is probably open and there's an extra key hidden under the back seat on the left side in a first aid kit.
(Michael tells Devin what Max said.)
Michael: And Devin, don't go near the sweat lodge. It's a long story, but that's one place I'll never go again. Riverdog knows that.
(Alex suddenly looks worried…)
Alex: What's happening, Michael?
Michael: Riverdog came and asked me…Devin…to go to the cave. Something weird is happening out there. I'm telling Devin to pretend he’s me and go check it out.
Alex: Oh man…
(Alex grabs phone from Michael.)
Devin: Devin, Alex again. Be extremely careful, man. I don't know what Riverdog will do if he figures out your not Michael, but I do know what will happen to you if you say the wrong things to him about Michael and the others. I forgot about Riverdog when I gave you permissions to talk about alien origins to those that know. My bad! I keep screwing things up for you, Devin. I’m sorry! I really am trying to help.
Michael: You mean if he talks to Riverdog about what we are…?
Alex: Right, no more Devin as we know him.
(Michael takes the phone back.)
Michael: It may be too dangerous for you, Devin. Riverdog does know about us. I'm not sure you can avoid talking about it…
Devin: I think I can. I'll try it. I'll have to. I know whatever's happening out there must be important, so I better go check it out. If he brings up you know what, I'll just make a joke; something like, "I wouldn't know about that." Ask Alex if that will work.
(Michael and Alex discuss the situation. They tell Devin that if he never vocalizes anything about it, he should be OK.)
Devin: OK, guys! I’ll go out there in the morning so I can get back in time for work. I can’t really talk on the phone at the Crashdown, so I’ll have to wait until after work to call you. Should I call this same number?
Michael: Yes! We’ll try and be here. Thanks for doing this, Devin.
Devin: You’re welcome.
(Hangs up phone.)
Maria: Did you actually thank Devin for something?
Michael: Yea, I did. He’s endangering himself to help us. I thought it was appropriate.
Maria: I thought he was a virtual non-entity to you.
Michael: All I can say is, he’s earning my trust. Maybe he’ll be OK to have around.
Alex: That’s what I’m hoping for him. At first I couldn’t wait for him to be gone, but now…
Max: (Changing the subject.) Hey, are Liz and Izzy coming down, Maria.
Maria: I think so. I probably better go back up until your mom’s bed check happens.
Michael: Hurry back, lovely.
Alex: (With a twinkle in his eye.) And if you have any girlfriends, bring ‘em along.

(Another vacation day ends. Even on vacation, the gang has their challenges don’t they? Can they still have fun while worrying about what’s going on in Roswell? Did Alex give Devin the correct advice? Can Devin still make people think he’s Michael? Tune in next time and find out. The ‘We Six” will survive. They have to. The B.S. Network has too few ratings successes and the “We Six” have been doing better than many of the network’s offerings. One of them is coming up right now, so stay tuned. It’s The B.S. Network Cooking Show, today featuring tips on how to cook a turkey without stuffing it. Today's installment is titled "Undressed"!

Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 5
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(The next morning, Devin gets ready to drive out to the cave. He notices Michael doesn’t have much hair gel left and makes a mental note to buy some. He suddenly realizes he’s been spending more time pretending to be Michael lately than being himself. Oh well, only a few more days he computes to himself. Just as he is leaving the house, his friend Anna walks up…)

Anna: Hey Guerin! You still haven’t seen Devin Whitman have you?
Devin/Michael: Uh…actually, he’s inside. If you’ll wait a minute I can get him for you.
(Devin runs back inside and quickly washes his hair and mats it down. He changes his pants and shirt and opens the door.)
Devin: Hi Anna! Michael said you were looking for me.
Anna: Only everywhere. I went by your cousin’s house. His dad said you were staying with Guerin for awhile.
(Thank goodness Alex told his dad what to say and not say.)
Devin: Yea…we thought we’d see if maybe we could figure out why we look so much alike.
Anna: Any clues yet?
Devin: No, not really! So, what’s up?
Anna: You left my party so quickly the other night. I was afraid you were mad at me.
Devin: No, I was mad at myself. I didn’t intend to come between you and Cody.
Anna: I told you. I really don’t like Cody any more. He doesn’t treat me nice like you do.
Devin: But…
Anna: No buts! I like you Devin Whitman. Can you…I mean…do you like me at all?
Devin: Uh…actually, yes I do. You’re really cute and very nice to be around.
Anna: Oh Devin, you just made my day. I was so afraid you wouldn’t talk to me any more after the other night. And when I couldn’t find you, I was sure you were avoiding me.
Devin: No, I wasn't avoiding you! ("Woe unto liars", Devin.) I’ve just been really busy.
Anna: So, do you and the band have another engagement soon? I love hearing you sing.
Devin: Not that I know of. Alex is out of town and I won't get any info about the band until he gets back.
Anna: Is that why you’re staying with Guerin? How come you didn’t go with Alex?
Devin: That’s a long story. He had some personal business to take care of.
Anna: Well, you don’t need him to help you fit into the Roswell scene any more anyway. You have me now. Besides, you probably don't see him much. Doesn't he go out with Isabel Evans a lot?
Devin: Yes he does, but that's OK! He has his own life. I'd like to stay and chat, Anna, but I need to run an errand right now. I’m also gonna be tied up doing stuff for Michael the next few days. I would like to see you again though. Maybe by next week I’ll be more free to do things.
Anna: Next week? That’s along time to wait to see you again, Devin.
Devin: (pause) Well then…maybe…how about the late show at the Century tomorrow night? We could go after 10:00. I’m not sure what’s showing…
Anna: (smiles) That would be nice…and way romantic. The late show at the Century. Who cares what’s showing? That’s not what late shows are for.
(Anna winks at Devin.)
Devin: Where the party was, that was your house wasn't it?
Anna: Yes…and did Michael give you my phone number?
Devin: Yes, I’ve got it. Can I give you a lift somewhere?
Anna: No! I’m going to my girlfriend's now and it’s just a short walk. Love you Devin. I can’t wait until tomorrow night.
(Anna gives Devin a kiss on the cheek and says goodbye. Devin goes back in the house and watches Anna walk away. “Why did I do that”, he computes to himself. “I was going to break it off with her. But I just couldn’t. She looked so cute and she seemed so happy to see me. She even said she loved me. I didn’t know I could have that effect on anyone. Oh well, Alex said to go for it. I hope that was good advice.” Devin goes back to the bathroom and uses the last bit of gel to spike his hair again. He then changes back into Michael’s clothes, drives over to the Evans home, finds the Jeep, and makes the car swap. Following the directions Michael gave him; he soon arrives at the sweat lodge. “ I wonder why Michael won’t go in there”, he wonders to himself. He gets out of the Jeep and begins to look around when…)

Riverdog: Good! You came.
Devin/Michael: Riverdog! You want to show me something?
Riverdog: You must see what has been happening at the cave. And you must see our young child that was injured.
Devin/Michael: Injured?
Riverdog: I will explain. But first, you must come to the cave with me.
Devin: Lead the way.
(Devin and Riverdog arrive at the cave.)
Riverdog: Look, Michael.
(Devin/Michael looks as Riverdog points to a kind of rough tablet with characters on it; characters Devin doesn't immediately recognize. He stares at it for a few seconds.)
Riverdog: Have you ever seen writing like that before?
Devin/Michael: I'm…I'm not sure. Where did this come from?
Riverdog: Come here. Look!
(Devin sees evidence of some burn marks on the floor and ceiling of the cave.)
Riverdog: Three times, a pillar of greenish blue light has appeared from the floor to the ceiling right here in front of the wall where you once placed the balance stones. Each time, an object or tablet has been left. After the second time, I placed a rock with some engraving on it in that location. The last time the column appeared my rock vanished and this appeared in its place.
(Riverdog shows Devin/Michael what appears to be some kind of hinged case made out of a material he's never seen before.)
Devin: Have you opened it?
Riverdog: I can't. It is a very hard material, much stronger than it looks. I can't budge it even though it looks like it should open at that seam. Think, Michael! Do any of these things seem at all familiar to you?
(Devin does remember seeing a hand-drawn sketch lying on Michael's desk at his apartment with characters similar to the ones on the tablet.)
Devin/Michael: It’s possible I've seen characters like those on the tablet before. I need time to remember where or when.
Riverdog: I was hoping something would stir a memory within you. Come! You have seen everything here now. Let us go back to our living area.
(The two walk out of the cave and up near the sweat lodge. Devin remembers what Michael told him. He stops outside the building.
Riverdog: It's OK Michael. You need not be concerned. There is no ceremony going on right now.
(Devin, not knowing why Michael doesn’t like the sweat lodge, decides to play it safe.)
Devin/Michael: I'd still rather not go in there.
Riverdog: I understand. It’s OK. Let me bring you the child I told you about. We call her Diamond.
(Riverdog brings out a child who looks to be about six or seven years old. Her right hand is severely discolored.)
Riverdog: The pillar of light in the cave caused harm to this child. She was playing in the cave when it appeared. She curiously put her hand into it. The hand is now dying. It is getting blacker each day. Our medicine has done nothing for her. Can you help her, Michael?
(Devin is now in a panic. He knows that the real Michael might be able to heal this child’s hand. He also knows the he cannot. He decides he better not even so much as acknowledge that he knows such a healing would be possible, as this would be tantamount to confirming Michael's alien heritage. He thinks to himself, "Someone, someday, might try to use me to confirm suspicions about Michael by talking about healing. If I say anything, it might trigger…no, I can't. I can't say anything!" Devin doesn't even want to think about it. [See "Honey, I Can't Remember", part 18 if you're lost here])
Devin/Michael: I…I…I don't know what to say. I'm sorry about her hand. I better go. I'll come back with my friend.
(Devin turns and runs toward the Jeep, leaving Riverdog standing there staring in disbelief. Riverdog senses something is wrong because he and Michael have been much more open with each other in the past. Riverdog just assumed, after the way that he had once helped Michael, that he could count on Michael to help Diamond. Riverdog is quite saddened at Michael's uncharacteristic behavior. He wonders what could be wrong. As Devin runs towards the Jeep, Riverdog notices Michael/ Devin's hair is flying every which way in the wind, something he's never seen it do before…)
Riverdog: (Yells as Devin drives away.) Tell Michael to come himself next time and to bring the real Maxwell Evans with him!

(Hmmm! Devin kind of managed to make a mess of that didn’t he? At least he now knows what’s been happening that has Riverdog upset. Meanwhile, down in Southern California's vacation Mecca, our normally land locked New Mexico friends decided to see how true to life "Baywatch" portrays things as they head for the beach.)

Max: Hey! Has anyone ever been surfing before?
Liz: Not for real.
Maria: No!
Michael: No, never had the chance.
Isabel: Max and I have tried it. We kinda learned when mom and dad took us to Hawaii.
Max: Yea. I got so I could surf a little. But Isabel! Wow! She's really good at it. Wait until you see her.
Alex: I just want to see her in a swimsuit.
(Isabel hits his arm. He feigns being really hurt.)
Maria: How about you, Alex?
Alex: (slight smile) Yea, I've done it. Let’s find a place to rent some boards and then get changed.
Diane: Isn't anyone going to ask me if I board?
Max: You surfboard mom? I don't remember you doing it in Hawaii.
Diane: I don't know if I did it there. You were younger and I was more interested in watching you at the time.
Max: But can you…?
Isabel: This I've got to see. And what about dad?
Diane: You might be surprised!
Maria: Well, it looks like they'll be people to teach us, Michael.
Michael: I'm not sure I want to learn.
Isabel: Chicken?
Michael: I…uh…
Alex: No! Michael's more like a hardboiled egg.
(They all laugh, except Michael who groans. Isabel and Alex get out on the surf and are having a blast. It turns out Alex is pretty good at the sport too. Phil and Diane amaze everyone. They can do this. Isabel can’t help but yell, “yea dad” a few times. Max tries his hand at teaching Liz, but she’s kinda drowning more than surfing. Isabel has got Maria going, but Michael seems like a lost cause.)
Michael: I think I’m not balanced right for this.
Alex: Nonsense! If I can do it, anyone can. You’re leaning back too far. Watch me one time. I’ll show you.
(Alex swims out and catches a nice one. Isabel is now sitting on the beach watching and gets a gleam in her eye. She lifts her hand slightly, and the wave Alex is on grows huge…like about three times what it was. Alex’ smile changes to a look of terror as he comes crashing down off the surf. He comes up looking like a drowned rat, a look of disbelief on his face. At the sight of Isabel laughing, he realizes what happened. He runs up on the beach and jumps on top of her, dripping water all over the place.)
Alex: And just what’s so funny?
Isabel: You! I thought you could surf.
Alex: I can! You just wait Isabel Evans. That wasn’t nice and I’m not forgetting it.
Isabel: (Feigns innocence) Why Alex, whatever are you talking about?
(By now, everyone has gathered around.)
Michael: Can I see that again, Alex? I didn’t quite get how to fall off properly.
(They all laugh. Even Alex has to chuckle.)
Isabel: Let me teach Michael, Alex. He needs someone who knows what they’re doing.
Alex: Be my guest.
Liz: Can you teach me too? As much as I hate to admit it, Max hasn’t been able to help me much…with this sport I mean.
Max: Glad you added that last…
Isabel: Sure, come on.
(As the day went on, Isabel taught both Michael and Liz. She didn't tell them, but she used her talents to steady things a bit and help them stay level. By the end of the beach excursion everyone, even Michael, was able to “catch a wave” several times. Max and Liz actually got up at the same time and Liz was pleased when Max crashed before she did. Liz didn’t suspect Isabel was helping her and Isabel wasn’t about to admit to anything. Alex had his suspicions. He thought it was just a little too amazing how quickly she was able to teach all of them. He was going to call her on it, but in the interest of be able to snuggle with her later on, he decided it was best to let the matter drop. All in all, it was a great day at the beach. The group returned to their hotel for dinner and to make plans for Six Flags/Magic Mountain the next day. They were also hoping for a call from Devin to see if what Riverdog needed Michael for was anything to worry about. It seems like with this group, there’s always some concern that keeps the fun level below 100%. No one was complaining, though. They’re together! That’s all that matters. Speaking of below 100%, I'm sure that a number well below 100% of our fantastic "We Six" audience will be watching the next B.S. Network show; but please don't tell the management I said that. The network went to almost no expense to acquire the rights to a biographical series about people who were born on Alcatraz Island. A part of that series is scheduled next…"Third Son From The Rock".)

posted on 13-Nov-2001 12:59:56 AM
Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 6
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to Warner Brothers. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Back at the hotel, after dinner, Liz and Max decide to retire to the spa. They’re kinda stiff after the day at the beach. Maria, Michael, Alex and Isabel head for the guys room to watch a movie and wait for a call from Devin. Phil and Diane decide that they’ve had enough action. They told the gang they’d drop them at Six Flags tomorrow, but they were going to do something quiet, like tour the Queen Mary.)

(Scene: In the hot tub)
Liz: Max?
Max: Yes!
Liz: You OK?
Max: Yea…fine…
Liz: You seem awfully quiet.
Max: We’ve only got one more day here, then we go home.
Liz: I know. It’s been fun.
Max: It’s been fun, but it’s been more than that.
Liz: What do you mean?
Max: The last few days, I’ve hardly even thought of anything except being here and being with you. No concerns about trying to be something that I’m not, no worries about someone looking over my shoulder. We’ve been absolutely normal people, Liz. I think I now know what it feels like to be normal. When we go back home, I'll have to return to my not so normal life.
Liz: Max, it has been wonderful to kick back and relax; but you know what?
Max: What?
Liz: I actually miss being on guard. I don’t really enjoy normal any more. I love you so much that I just want to be doing something for you all the time. At home, I feel like I'm doing that. I’ve gotten used to protecting you and sharing your life. I think by coming here and not having to do the things we do in Roswell, I’ve gotten a better feel for what you have lived with for so many years.
Max: And with that feel, are you still sure I’m what you want? Being with me is always going to mean living an unusual life. I mean…even here, we’re worried about Devin and Riverdog. We’re not acting on that because we can’t, but it’s receiving some thought.
Liz: We’ve been over this before, Max. I’ve never been more sure of anything! Your life has become so much a part of mine, I’m not sure I could live without being a part of it.
Max: Tell me that you'll always be willing to live with the way it has to be, Liz…that you won’t ever regret it.
Liz: Max, don’t even go there. You know I’ll be there for you no matter what the circumstances, no matter what the location; and yes, no matter what the danger. Take me to the stars if you have to, but promise I can always be your helpmate. I don’t just WANT to be there for you; I NEED to be there for you.
Max: Liz Parker…I do love you!
(Max leans over and kisses her. He pulls her down into the water and they swim over, under, and around each other. Underwater…above water…the kisses are wet but wonderful. They take advantage of being swimsuit clad. Finally they decide they best go join the others.)

(Scene: The guy's room. Max and Liz join the others…)
Isabel: Did you two have some nice tub time together?
Max: That description sounds kinda kinky.
Alex: Well?
Max: …So, what movie did you guys watch?
Isabel: Notice how he changes the subject.
Liz: If you must know, we had simply unparalleled tub time.
Michael: Unparalleled! That must mean you were across each other.
Maria: Ooh! That was bad, Michael. You've been spending too much time with Alex.
Max: Man, it's getting deep in here. As I was saying, what movie…
(Phone rings.)
Michael: I hope that's Devin.
(On phone)
Alex: Hello?
Devin: Hi Alex.
Alex: Devin! We've been waiting two movies worth for you to call.
Devin: Sorry, I was watching a movie myself.
Alex: You could have called before you started it.
Devin: Actually, I couldn't control the starting time since it was at the Century Theater.
Alex: You went to the late show at the Century?
Devin: Yes, with Anna.
Alex: (pause) Jeez Devin, I didn't do that with Isabel till we had been going together for a couple of months.
Devin: She said she didn't want to wait until next week to do something with me.
Alex: I think I better get back there.
Devin: Really, Alex. It's OK. She said that now that I had her to help me fit into the Roswell scene, I wouldn’t need to bother you anymore.
Alex: Now I know I need to get back there! So, what’s the news? Michael is champing at the bit. What about Riverdog?
Devin: Well, I found out some things, but I'm afraid Riverdog suspects me. I better talk to Michael.
Alex: OK! I’ll put him on.
(Hands phone to Michael)
Michael: Devin! Did you find Riverdog? What’s going on?
Devin: Yes! I found Riverdog. Here’s the deal. Something strange is happening in the cave. Several times, a bluish pillar of light has appeared in there from the top of the cave to the floor. Riverdog said it was by the wall where you put the “balance rocks”, whatever that means.
Michael: I’ll tell you sometime. Go on!
Devin: Well, after the light was gone, a stone tablet appeared with some strange writing on it. After the second time it appeared; Riverdog put a stone with some characters written on it where the column had been. When it came again, his rock disappeared and what looks to be some kind of case appeared. He can’t get it open. Neither of us recognized the material it’s made out of.
Michael: Interesting! Is that all?
Devin: No! There’s more. At your apartment, on your desk…I was looking for the phone book and I saw some sketches or drawings of characters that looked similar to the ones on the tablet that appeared in the cave.
Michael: I was just doodling when I sketched those. I had my eyes closed when I drew them. I just kinda drew what my mind was seeing. Anything else?
Devin: Here’s the part you’re not going to like. Riverdog brought a little girl, maybe six or seven years old, to me. She had been playing in the cave when the column of light appeared. She had put her hand into it. Now, her hand is dying. Riverdog wanted me/ you to heal it. He seemed to just expect that you would. I didn’t dare even admit I knew anything about you being able to heal. I was afraid it would have triggered the program Alex’ added to me. I told him I was sorry about the girl. I ran to the Jeep and drove away. As I was leaving, I heard Riverdog yell at me. He said to tell the real Michael to come and to bring the real Max next time. He knows I wasn’t you.
Michael: You should have told him the truth. He knows about us. We trust him.
Devin: I couldn’t! I couldn’t talk to him about healing or anything concerning what you are without self-destructing. Even if I’d told him about me, I don’t think I could have avoided talking about that. You guys insisted on that poison pill and…
Michael: Hey! Don’t blame us for that. You’re a risk anyway and…
Devin: Michael! I’m trying to help. I’ve been working at the Crashdown for you. I went to see Riverdog like you asked. I’m trying to earn your trust…even your friendship. What else can I do?
Michael: Sorry Devin. You’re right! You have been a help. You did what you could. I’ll explain everything to Riverdog when I get back. Hopefully we can help the little girl too.
Devin: That’s all I can tell you right now. I know Riverdog’s confused.
Michael: I’ll talk to him. I’ve got to go see the writing on the tablet anyway. Thanks again, Devin. We’ll see you in a couple of days.
Devin: Can I talk to Alex again?
Michael: Sure!
(Hands phone to Alex.)
Alex: Hi, Devin.
Devin: Alex, can you fix my program so I can talk to Riverdog freely?
Alex: I’m sure I can, but not from here. It’s too complicated.
Devin: I thought maybe you could send something over the Internet.
Alex: Sorry! For your sake I wouldn’t want to risk it. I’ll do it when I get back.
Devin: OK then; there’s not much more I can do for now. Thanks for the advice to go for it with Anna.
Alex: Did I say that?
Devin: Yes, you did.
Alex: See you later, Devin.
(Hangs up phone!)
Max: So, what did Devin say?
Michael: Strangeness Maxwell. We’ve got something to occupy us when we get back; that’s for sure.

(Michael fills everyone in on the information Devin gave him. They are intrigued, but they also know there’s nothing they can do from California. They need to get ready for Magic Mountain tomorrow. We have to wonder if Magic Mountain is ready for them. Just then, Diane Evans knocks and reminds the girls that’s it time to retire to their room for the night. Knowing glances are exchanged among the six friends. What they’re knowing is that the separation will be short lived. Each will be snuggling with the one they love real soon. A blissful scene should be imagined. I’d recommend continuing to imagine that, because the B.S. Network show coming on next is anything but blissful. It's about a family whose father can't ever seem to tell the truth. It's called: "Pop, You Liar"!)

Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 7
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Waiting until they were sure that Phil and Diane had gone to sleep, the girls once again headed to the guys’ room. Imagine the couples blissfully engaged, as they have been the past few nights. Unfortunately, Max and Isabelle' mom suddenly wakes up…)

Diane: Dear, something's wrong. I need to check on the girls.
(Phil suspects they may be back where he thought they were the other night, but he remembers being a teenager once too.)
Phil: I'm sure they are fine. Go back to sleep.
Diane: Why do I feel something's not right?
Phil: I don't know, but they're right next door. We'd know if something were wrong.
Diane: Phil, they're teenagers. They have been separated at night for three nights. Do you suppose they'd…?
Phil: Even if they did, they're all together. What are they going to do in front of each other?
Diane: Plenty! And that's not the point anyway. We have the responsibility for four kids besides our own. Well, on second thought, maybe three. Michael is sort of ours now, but you know what I mean. The parents expect us to…
Phil: I'm glad you're thinking of Michael as one of ours. We should have had him all along.
Diane: I'm going to check on them.
(Diane slips on her robe and shoes and goes next door. Phil can hear her knocking. There's no answer of course. She tries knocking harder. She's yelling to them. Phil slips on some pants and opens the door…
Phil: Diane! You're going to wake up the whole floor.
(Diane comes running back…)
Diane: They're not there. I knew it. I'm going to the boys' room.
Phil: Calm down. If they are down there, they're just being teenagers.
Diane: But we can't let them get away with it. We made it clear what the rules were.
Phil: I know. But let's be reasonable.
Diane: I don't feel reasonable. I trusted them…all of them. We brought them on a nice trip. They need to obey our rules.
(Diane heads for the elevator. Phil picks up the phone and dials the boys' room.)
Max: (Groggily) Hello!
Phil: Max? This is dad. Your mom's on the way down there. She can't find the girls. They're not in their room. If they are down there…
Max: Thanks, dad. But what makes you think they're down here?
Phil: Having been a teenager once, I guess.
Max: We owe you!
Phil: I know!
(Hangs up phone.)
Max: Quick, mom's on the way down here.
Isabel: We're toast! What can we do?
Maria: Quick, out on the balcony.
(Isabel, Maria and Liz quickly put on some clothes and slip out to the balcony, just as Diane knocks on the door…)
Diane: Max! This is your mom. Are the girls in there with you?
Max: (Truthfully) No mom. They were here earlier as you know, but they left.
Diane: Are you sure?
(Max slips on his pants and opens the door.)
Max: Come on in, mom. They're not here.
Diane: Now I'm really worried. They're not in their room. I was sure they we're breaking my rules and I'd find them in here.
Michael: Shall we go look for them?
Diane: I think I better find hotel security.
Alex: Don't do that yet Mrs. Evans. Let us look for them. Maybe they went for a midnight swim or something.
(Alex makes silent connection to Isabel. He's hoping Max and Michael pick up on it…)
*Alex: Iz…you there?
*Isabel: Yea, here! I heard what you said to her.
*Alex: If you guys can get down to the pool in a hurry, we can diffuse this.
*Isabel: How can we get past mom?
*Alex: Can you climb or jump over to the balcony next door. I don't think that room's occupied tonight. You can go out through there.
*Isabel: That's an idea. I'll see what we can do. Thanks Alex!
*Alex: We'll try and stall her as long as we can.
(End silent connection.)
Isabel: (Whispers) Liz, Maria…we've got to jump over to the next balcony.
Liz: (Looks down and at the gap between balconies.) Are you nuts? That's about a five- foot jump and it's seven stories down.
Maria: Why would we want to do that?
Isabel: I connected with Alex. My mom knows were not in our room, but he's convinced her that they all should go look for us before panicking. He said something like maybe we went for a midnight swim.
Maria: I heard him say that.
Isabel: So, if we can get down to the pool before they do, we're off the hook. So jump! We’ll go out through the room next door.
(Isabel jumps over to the next room's balcony.)
Isabel: Come on. You can do it.
(Maria climbs up on the balcony ledge. She looks at Isabel, then jumps across. Isabel uses her powers to make the jump easier and the landing lighter. She does the same for Liz.)
Liz: That wasn't so bad. I kinda felt like I was floating.
(Isabel smiles.)
Liz: I was floating, wasn't I, Isabel?
Isabel: Hey, any port in a storm. I don't just change lipstick colors.
Maria: Good thing you have those talents.
Isabel: I wouldn't have suggested it if I felt it would be a problem. Now let's get to our room, grab swim suits and hurry to the pool.
(Isabel uses her powers to unlock the balcony door and the girls run through the room and down the hall, while the boys keep Diane in their room talking.)
Max: Let's check the girl’s room again. Maybe they've come back.
(Max picks up the phone and dials their room. They've just arrived back there.)
Isabel: Hello…
(He now knows they made it, but pretends otherwise…)
Max: Still no answer. I guess we better go start looking. I'm sure they're OK, mom. Isabel would have…
(He stops short. One little alien thing they've never told their mom about is about the connections they can make.)
Diane: Isabel would have what, honey?
Max: Uh… I'm sure she would have found a way to let us know if she was in trouble.
(Diane files that away for another time. She recalls how she found out about Max and Isabel being unusual in the first place. She has her suspicions…)
Michael: Let's go look around the hotel. I'm sure they are not far. I think Alex may have the right idea. They probably went swimming or something.
Max: Let us finish getting dressed, mom. We'll be right with you.
(Diane steps out into the hall as the boys get dressed.)
Max: (whispers) That was brilliant, Alex. And they did answer the phone, so I know they'll be there.
Michael: I sensed you connect with Iz. We're gonna be fine.
Max: Dad's on our side. He was the one who called. But we can't let mom know that or he'll be in big doo doo! He said we owed him. I think that's what he meant.
Alex: Let's go!
(The boys and Mrs. Evans head down toward the recreation area. As they arrive at the pool, sure enough, there are the three girls laughing and throwing a ball around.)
Isabel: Hi Alex! Hi mom!
Diane: You scared me, girls. I knocked on your door and I couldn't find you.
Liz: Sorry, Mrs. Evans. We couldn't sleep so we decided to go for a swim.
Diane: It's a good thing you weren't where I thought you were. Well, I think we all better get to bed. It's very late.
(The girls get out of the pool and take the opportunity to give their guys another kiss goodnight.)
Isabel: We'll be along in a minute, mom.
Max: I'm glad we found them, mom.
Alex: Goodnight, Mrs. Evans.
Maria: See you tomorrow.
Michael: I love you, Maria.
(Everyone heads for bed. They decide it better be in their own rooms. Too bad! The next morning, they meet for breakfast and are excited about going to Magic Mountain. Phil and Diane drive them over there and drop them off.)
Phil: We'll pick you up at 9:45 tonight, right here at the drop off.
Max: OK, dad. We'll be here.
(Max gives his dad a quick thumbs up and Phil understands the thank you wrapped in it.)
Max: So, anyone feel like riding Superman?
Liz: Speaking of Superman, you should have seen us last night, leaping balconies with a single bound.
Max: I'm glad I didn't.
Isabel: That was a wonderful suggestion, Alex. I'm beginning to think there's nothing this group can't handle.
Alex: It's nice to have friends that all think alike. Tell you dad thanks too, Max.
Max: I kinda just did.
Isabel: I'm amazed at dad on this trip. He's kind of acting like a teenager himself.
Max: He works a lot. I think he's enjoying the time away with mom…and us to some degree.
Michael: We're here. Where do we start?
Max: I wasn't kidding. I want to ride Superman. I just get the feeling I need to.
Maria: What's Superman?
Max: It's a ride that simulates free fall. It's very fast. There’s a period of weightlessness.
Alex: OK, let's start with that. There's so much to do…we won't make it to everything.
Isabel: Will you try to win me a stuffed animal, Alex?
Alex: Later, when we won't have to carry it around all day.
Maria: Me too, Michael. You have to win something for me.
(The gang suffers through the wait in line for the Superman ride. After making it through the ice cave and onto the ride…)
Alex: WOW! As Devin would say, that was totally awesome.
Isabel: I actually felt kind of funny, being weightless.
Maria: Once was enough for me. I hope that didn't do what the plane ride did to you, Michael.
Michael: No, I'm OK; but I did have a feeling like I’d experienced that sensation before.
Liz: I agree with Maria. It was fun once, but I not sure I want to do it again.
(Isabel looks at Max, who seems to be in deep thought.)
Isabel: You OK, Max? It didn’t make you sick or anything did it?
Max: No…not sick! I saw something Iz. While I was weightless, I saw flashes.
Michael: What? What did you see, Maxwell?
Max: It must have been just because of what you told us last night. About what Devin told you regarding the cave back home.
Liz: What was it, honey?
Max: I saw a tablet, with writing on it. The characters were like what we’ve seen before Michael.
Michael: Can you remember them. Could you draw them?
Max: I’m not sure. It was all over so fast. I saw something else too. I saw four people. They seemed to be calling to us.
Liz: Were they…you know…normal looking? Human?
Max: Yes. They looked normal to me. But, again, it was so fast… I think I need to ride it again. Maybe I’ll see more. But not now! Let me think about it for awhile. Let’s go do something else and come back.
Isabel: There are a lot of thrill rides here. Maybe one of the others ones will give you flashes too.
Max: Everyone, especially Isabel and Michael…Alex too…you all can connect. It wasn’t just me those people were calling out to. I sensed all six of us were there and they could see us…that they were reaching out to us. I don’t want to plant any predetermined expectations but everyone, please try to be aware while on the rides where we get rapid acceleration. If I got something, maybe you will too. And Liz, next time hold my hand. You know you've seen flashes before when you've done that.
Liz: Kissing you usually works better for that, but kissing would be kind of hard on a ride like that. Max, are you sure it wasn’t just your imagination?
Max: No, I’m not sure it. I might have been imagining it. It might have been nothing. My mind might have just been reacting to what I’d been thinking about earlier. That’s why I want to go have some fun, forget about it, and come back to it later.
Maria: Where to then?
Isabel: It’s hot. Let’s try Roaring Rapids!
(The group enjoyed themselves for quite awhile. There was Roaring Rapids, Batman, Riddler's Revenge, Viper, The Log Jammer, Jet Stream, Freefall…)
Michael: Maxwell, I saw it.
Max: What?
Michael: During Freefall. I saw a flash. It did look like people reaching out to us. It was very quick, but I saw it.
Maria: I saw them too, probably because I was holding onto Michael so tightly.
Max: Can you describe them?
Michael: Just four people. I'd say a father, mother and two kids, a girl and a guy. The girl had green pants on. That's all I remember.
Max: Yes! That's what I saw too. Except I remember the man had a plaid shirt on and the young guy had…Oh! I can't remember.
Isabel: What does this mean?
Max: I have no idea. Maybe we've been out in the sun too long.
Liz: Somehow, I don't think you mean that.
Max: Somehow, you're right. I think it's time for Superman again.
Maria: Michael, do you mind if I skip it. I'm kinda feeling woozy.
Michael: It's OK Maria. Take a breather.
Alex: Hey, let's do Goliath while were near it. Then we can go back to Superman.
Maria: I don't think I…
Michael: Hey, I'll stay here with you and we can watch them.
Max: Liz?
Liz: Sure! It looks fun! Let's go! But I do wanta hold your hand.
Alex: Coming Izzy?
Isabel: Oh, you bet! Look at that drop. If that doesn't give us visions…
(Max, Liz, Alex, And Isabel ride Goliath. Michael and Maria sit on a bench, sipping frozen lemonade. As the riders exit…)
Alex: Whoa! That did it!
Isabel: Me too!
Max: What do you mean?
Isabel: I mean I saw the tablet and I saw your people. Only for a few seconds while coming down that drop. I've seen characters like those on the tablet before. And I did see four people. And the young girl had green pants.
Alex: I saw something too, but only for an instant. I didn't see a tablet, but I did see four people. They seemed to be beckoning to us. Are we all nuts?
Isabel: I don't think so.
Max: If you two saw the same thing as Michael, Maria and I did, that does it. I'm going back to Superman, now!
Liz: I gotta rest a little before we do it, Max. And that frozen lemonade looks awfully good.
Maria: It is good.
Alex: I could go for some too.
Max: OK, let's all get some lemonade and rest up. Then we'll do Superman again.
(The lemonade and a bench to rest on are mighty welcome.)
Isabel: Would anyone care to speculate on what's going on?
Max: Earlier I would have said I was imagining what I saw. I would have supposed that the zero gravity just made my mind image what Devin had told us about. But he never mentioned people, only the tablet.
Michael: Interesting that I didn't see a tablet, only people.
Alex: Maybe your ride was too short. Maybe you weren't in free-fall long enough. But then, I only saw people too.
Michael: Why didn't I see flashes on the Superman ride like you did Maxwell.
Max: Maybe you did, but you didn't recognize them. I say we try it again.
Liz: There are thousands of people riding these rides. Are we the only ones getting flashes?
Michael: Thousands of people kiss every day too, but I dare say few get flashes like we sometimes do.
Maria: I forget! Remind me!
(Maria leans over and kisses Michael. She does get a flash of her and Michael together, but it is nothing she wants to tell the others about. She stares at Michael and smiles.)
Max: So, are we sufficiently rested?
Liz: I'm game. I seem to be the only one who hasn't seen anything.
Max: Hold on to my hand this time.
Liz: I want to do more than that, but I can't do it on the ride, so…
(Liz leans over and kisses Max. She does get a flash, but it's just of Max being excited to ride Superman again.)
Isabel: OK! I'm feeling left out.
(Leans over and kisses Alex. No flash, but a big smile on both faces says enough. They all walk back to the Superman ride and all except Maria get in line again. She told Michael that she's just not up to it again and he understood. The others ride the ride, then exit to compare experiences. They meet up with Maria…)
Isabel: Well that was a bust. I mean, it was fun, but I didn't get any flashes.
Alex: Neither did I.
Michael: None for me either.
Max: I guess I'm in tune on that ride. I didn't see people or a tablet this time, but I did see a case like you described Michael. And I saw Riverdog's cave.
Liz: I got a quick flash of the cave. That was all.
Max: But you for sure saw the cave?
Liz: Yes, for sure. It had a blue hue to it.
Max: Oh! Now that you mention it, it did seem to look bluish. Michael, didn't you say Devin told you about a blue pillar in the cave?
Michael: That's what he said.
Isabel: We still don't know what this all means.
Max: And we probably won't until we get back.
Michael: But there has to be more to it that coincidence.
Alex: Probably true, but Max is right. We're not going to figure it out here. Besides, I'm tired. I don't think I can take many more rides.
Isabel: Me either. But there's just enough time before we have to meet mom and dad for you to win me a stuffed animal, Alex.
Maria: Michael, you promised to try and win one for me too.
Max: And I supposed you want one to, Liz?
(Liz doesn't answer, but looks at Max and flutters her eyes. He gets the message. They all head to the skill games. Soon, each of the ladies is sporting a fine looking stuffed cartoon character. Whether any "extra" talents were used in acquiring them no one is willing to say. It's 9:45 PM and the group is waiting to be picked up. They spot Phil and Diane's rental car.)
Diane: Hi! Did you have an exciting day?
Isabel: It was really fun, mom.
Phil: Did you have enough time to do everything you wanted to?
Alex: The day seemed to go by in a flash!

(Well, the vacation is winding down. One more night in the hotel and then it's home to Roswell. Figuring out what's going on at home might be just as exciting as the vacation. We'd get into our friend's nighttime festivities, but we're already overtime on this episode. You can decide for yourself if the girls were brave enough to again snuggle in with the guys for the night, or if they learned their lesson the night before. You can also stay tuned for a summer re-run of a WKF "Smoochdown" program. If the B.S. Network had had cameras on our friends the last few nights, they might not have had to show a re-run. Then again, even this network has standards!)

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Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 8
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(The group meets for breakfast the next morning and is preparing to catch a flight back to New Mexico.)

Diane: Even though this trip has been wonderful, I think I’m ready to go home.
Isabel: You mean you’ve had enough fun?
Diane: Yes!
Alex: Sounds like what the tomcat said when he kissed the skunk.
Liz: Dare we ask?
Alex: He said, “Babe, I’ve enjoyed all of this that I can stand”.
Isabel: Arrrgh! You had to ask!
Maria: Mrs. Evans, this has been a great time. I really want to thank you for asking me.
Alex: Second the motion. It was rad.
Max: Yea…thanks mom and dad.
Michael: This was about the most fun I’ve ever had and the most relaxed I’ve ever been. Thank you!
Diane: Your all more than welcome. And Michael, I bought you some Dramamine for the plane ride, just in case.
Michael: Thanks mom…er…Mrs. Evans.
Diane: Mom is just fine, Michael.
(Diane gives Michael a hug. They head for the airport and depart for Albuquerque. The ride is uneventful and the Dramamine was a success. Michael even enjoyed lunch. It’s early evening by the time they drive back to Roswell but, after a brief stop at the Evans’, the gang decides it’s not so late that they can’t all head for the Crashdown. They start to walk in and Maria freaks. She stops them. They duck away from the door.)
Maria: Oh God! My mom’s here. Devin’s here too. Mom thinks he’s Michael. She can’t see two Michael's.
(Isabel runs her hand over the real Michael’s hair. Suddenly, it’s longer and smoothed down so he looks like Devin. She tells Michael to wait a few minutes; then pretend he’s Devin and come in. The rest walk in.)
Maria: Hi everybody.
Amy: Maria, honey. You're back! Did you have a good time?
Maria: Wonderful! Thanks for working so I could go, mom.
Amy: I’m glad it I could do it.
Liz: I’m going upstairs to tell my mom I’m home. I’ll be back in minute.
Amy: You guys all sit down. I’ll get you some drinks. Hey Michael! Maria’s back.
Devin/Michael: Great!
(Devin comes out from the kitchen for a minute. He figures out what’s going on.)
Devin/Michael: I really missed you, Maria. (He smiles. She picks up on the ruse.)
Maria: I missed you too.
(Amy comes back with drinks.)
Amy: Maria, I want you to know I was wrong. Appearances aren't everything. Working with Michael this week I've gotten to know him a lot better. He's really very nice, a hard worker, and far more educated than I thought. You don't have to sneak dates with him any more. He's welcome anytime. But I am going to trim his hair someday. (laughs)
Maria: (Surprised) That's great mom. I'll tell him.
Amy: (Looks at her daughter like she's crazy.) He's standing right here, Maria. (Looks at Devin.) I wanted him to hear that too.
(The others can hardly keep from laughing. Maria makes a mental note to tell the real Michael what her mom said.)
Max: (Continues the ruse.) So, anything exciting been happening, Michael?
Devin/ Michael: I’ll have to bring you up to date.
(Just then, Michael/Devin walks in.)
Devin/Michael: Hi Devin. Haven’t seen you for awhile.
Michael/Devin: I’ve been busy. With Alex away, I’ve been trying to help around the Whitman’s house.
Devin/Michael: It’s great you could do that. I’ve been busy working here which was good because Maria was away.
(The real Michael rolls his eyes.)
Maria: So, you really missed me, huh?
Devin/Michael: I missed everyone.
(Liz returns and sits next to Max. Alex and Isabel are seated together too.)
Isabel: Thanks so much for letting Maria come with us, Amy.
Amy: I thought it might do her good to get away. But, I can see now why she might not have wanted to go.
(Amy throws a look at Devin/Michael)
Devin/Michael: I need to get back to the kitchen now, but I’m anxious to talk to all of you.
Michael/Devin: Let me come with you. I need to ask you a question.
(The two head for the kitchen. Michael wants to end the ruse as quickly as possible.)
Michael/Devin: We gotta talk. I need to know more about the cave.
Devin/Michael: I told you most of what I know on the phone. You need to see Riverdog yourself. (Looks worried.) Do you think you’ll have to tell him about me? I mean everything…?
Michael/Devin: I don’t know. He’s an unusual man. He may have already sensed something about you, like the lack of a soul.
Devin/Michael: Hey! You know how to hurt a guy.
Michael/Devin: Sorry! I didn’t mean that the way it sounded. I do want to thank you for working for me and for checking out the cave.
Devin/Michael: Glad to do it. And you should have heard Maria's mom just now. After getting to know you better, she says you can date her daughter any time.
Michael/Devin: You mean you set a standard I have to live up to?
Devin/Michael: I guess so. I wasn't really trying to do anything like that. She just decided, after working with me/you, that you were OK.
Michael/Devin: What can I say? Thanks Devin, I think.
Devin/Michael: On the other matter, Michael, do I need to go with you when you visit Riverdog? I will if you want, but if you could try and keep my secret…
Michael/Devin: Let me think about that. He knows about us. It wouldn't be a disaster if he knew about you too.
Devin/Michael: Like you, I just think the fewer people who know the better.
Michael/Devin: We'll have to see how it goes with him. I have to regain his trust. For now, let’s just become each other. Is there a place we can swap clothes?
Devin/Michael: The men’s room…or the walk in cooler, maybe.
Michael/Devin: Let’s try the men’s room. We need to get Isabel over there to fix the hairstyles.
Devin/Michael: In the men’s room?
Michael/Devin: She'll have to. I’ll go first. You follow in a minute or so.
(Michael waves to Isabel to come to him as he walks toward the men’s room. He checks to make sure no one’s in it. They go into the men’s room, Isabel with some trepidation. A minute later Devin joins them.)
Michael: We’re going to swap clothes. Fix the hairdos, Isabel; then slip out while we change.
Isabel: Are you sure you don’t want the hairstyles to stay the way they are?
Devin & Michael: (loudly, in unison) NO!
Isabel: Just asking.
(Isabel waves her hand and the hairstyles return to their respective normal sates. She walks out of the men’s room as a male customer is walking in. He looks at her with a question on his face but says nothing. Isabel blushes and rushes back to her seat next to Alex. The guys haven’t started swapping clothes yet, so they wait for the man to leave. As they remove their clothes to make the swap…)
Michael: (Surprised) You…you look normal underneath; like a normal male.
Devin: What were you expecting?
Michael: I thought maybe under your clothes…
Devin: I was a metal chassis? Not quite! Like I told Alex, my creator thought I might have to take a gym class or something.
Michael: (Looks down) Uh, Devin? (Points) Does it function?
Devin: At least in the bathroom way. And it does stretch…
Michael: You really can pass for a human…or even an alien.
Devin: It’s proving to be a problem, Michael.
Michael: Your girlfriend?
Devin: If you can call her that. She likes me…a lot. And I like her. What should I do, Michael? I may have let it go too far already. If I cut it off with her without a reason I’ll hurt her. If I tell her the truth, she'll run screaming from me and I'll totally loose her. If I don’t tell her…oh jeez! I could tell her I'm gay or something, but I really don't want to do that either. She might spread it around. Gag me with a spoon! I just don't think I can bring myself to tell her the truth, Michael. Even if I could, I don't want to. Am I being dishonest?
Michael: I was sort of where you are once. But I keep thinking my situation was different.
Devin: Why?
Michael: Because I’m biologically alive.
Devin: Why does that make a difference? You brain works with electrical impulses; so does mine.
Michael: (Pause) I don’t think I’m the one to advise you, Devin. Ask someone else. Let’s go join the others.
Devin: Know what Michael?
Michael: What?
Devin: You get to work in the kitchen now until we close.
Michael: Damn! You're right! Tell the others to come to my apartment in the morning. We need to talk about what’s happening with Riverdog. You better come too.
Devin: OK!
(Michael heads for the kitchen; Devin joins the others. Amy has left them for the moment.)
Max: So, all is well?
Devin: For now. Michael says to tell you all to come to his apartment in the morning.
Max: That’s a good idea. We better talk about what’s going on.
Liz: (Looks at Max with tired eyes.) I’m getting tired, honey. Could you take me home?
Max: Sure! I’m tired too.
Isabel: So am I.
Alex: I’m going to feel lonesome in my own bed tonight.
Isabel: I’ll visit you if you want?
Alex: But Isabel, my father will…
Isabel: In your dreams, silly!
Alex: Oh; that will be most good. Suddenly, I think I’m getting really tired.
Maria: No offense Devin, but I’m going to wait for my Michael and make him walk me home.
Devin: That’s OK. I’m glad to get out of here.
Max: In the morning then?
Isabel: Yes! Michael’s in the morning.
Alex: Too bad we don’t have a Mary!
All: Huh?

(Alex must have been listening to that oldies station again. There was a song that was popular a few years ago called "Mary In The Morning". I suppose that's what he was talking about. Unless maybe he was thinking of getting married in the morning, which might come as a surprise to Isabel! You can never be too sure with Alex. Anyhow, we're running long and we to end this episode before the B.S. Network technical director has a heart attack. The network is anxious for you to see their next show. Stay tuned for a documentary on a secret biological experiment that created a new breed of insect. "The X-flies"!)

Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 9
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Scene: Michael's apartment the next morning.)
Max: So, what do we know? Devin, tell us again what Riverdog showed you.
Devin: Like I said, in the cave, near an area where he said you once implanted what he called balance rocks, Riverdog said a blue column of energy has appeared several times, floor to ceiling. A couple of times, after it dissipated, he found that objects had been left. Also, Riverdog put an object in the area once and it was exchanged for a different one. One time when it appeared, a child put had her hand it the blue column and now the hand is dying. Thinking I was Michael, Riverdog asked me to heal it.
Max: What were the objects?
Devin: A tablet with some writing on it. It was writing like I found on one of Michael's sketchpads. Also, there is an object that appears to be a small case. It looks like it should open, but it won't.
Max: Now, the question of the hour is: does any of this have a connection to the flashes we all saw while riding the rides at Six Flags?
Devin: You saw flashes?
Max: Yes, at times when we were in zero gravity or rapid acceleration situations.
Devin: Dimensional shift, Alex?
Alex: I hadn't laid that idea on them yet but the thought had crossed my mind.
Isabel: You have an idea about this, Alex?
Alex: It's kinda far out. That's why I hadn't brought it up. Before we pursue that any further, let's piece together what we think we saw.
Michael: Good idea. The only thing I ever saw was people. There were four of them; two adults, a man and a woman and two teenagers; a boy and a girl and the girl had green pants on.
Maria: I saw the people too, but only in a quick flash.
Alex: I saw four people. They appeared to be beckoning us.
Isabel: I saw the people and something that looked like a tablet with obscure characters on it.
Liz: The only thing I saw was the cave. It looked bluish.
Max: I saw all of the above. I didn't compute that the cave looked bluish until Liz mentioned it. I saw the people. The second ride on Superman, I saw a case type object too. In all the flashes, I felt like all six of us were being called to.
Alex: At the risk of stating the obvious, I'd say there must be a connection.
Michael: But what does it mean?
Alex: This is going to sound really far out. It's only a theory that it could even happen, but I'd say Devin might be right. Someone is trying to contact us from another dimension.
Isabel: But who? And why?
Max: I think I can speculate on the "who". Michael, let me see your sketches.
(Michael hands Max his sketchpad.)
Michael: Like I said, I was only doodling with my eyes closed when I drew these.
Max: These characters are ones like we've seen and somehow recognized before.
Devin: They look very close to what I saw on the tablet.
Max: The "who" then, has to be connected to us somehow. Perhaps they're from wherever we're from; just living in another dimension.
Liz: If that's the "who", then what's the why?
Alex: Sounds Abbott and Costello.
Isabel: Alex, this is serious.
Alex: I know, but it still sounds like Abbott and Costello.
Michael: Do you think they are trying to contact us just because they have a way to cross dimensions or do they need something from us. If so, how do they know about us?
Max: My guess is it has something to do with how we’ve all been re-balanced. I sure got the feeling they were reaching out to us.
Maria: So did I in the quick flash that I got.
Alex: I did too.
Isabel: So where do we go from here?
Max: I don't know if you meant that literally, but the answer is the cave. I think Michael and I should go out there. That was Riverdog's request wasn't it, that it just be us?
Devin: He said you, meaning Michael, and the one who is like you.
Michael: We've got some explaining to do to Riverdog. I never thought I'd say this, but I wonder if we shouldn't take Devin with us. An explanation without Devin might seem like we're trying to hide something from him and we do need Riverdog's help with this. It might be the quickest way to get him to trust us again. That and we should try to heal the child's hand for him.
Liz: How can you do that without the child knowing you have powers?
Max: Good question; one we must put to Riverdog. He should have known we'd question doing anything openly when he asked for it to be done.
Devin: I think he thought of that. He had blindfolded her when he brought her out to me.
Isabel: Riverdog is sensitive to our need to keep things secret.
Michael: If nothing else, we could do it when she's asleep. Those people have ways to create sleep or trances or something similar. I think we do need to help her so as to regain his trust.
Max: Are you game, Devin?
Devin: Yes. I already told Michael I would. I can apologize to Riverdog for the way I ran off. I am however concerned about how much regarding me you want to tell him.
Michael: I think we need to play that by ear. He's a simple man. We won't get into it if we don't have to. It might scare or confuse him.
Maria: I think there's more to him than he shows.
Isabel: I agree with Maria. Don't underestimate Riverdog.
Max: OK then; let's go get some lunch and the three of us will head out there about two.
Alex: Can I make a suggestion?
Max: As long as it's not about the "which".
Alex: But it is about the "who". In the event this is what we think it is, take those sketches that Michael drew. Get a picture of us and write something in English. Put the characters, the picture, and the English writing where the blue column appears. Maybe they'll get the idea that we don't know the characters but that English is what we do know.
Isabel: You really think there's someone on the other side of that blue column.
Alex: In theory, it's possible. I would be fascinated to find out if it's true.
Max: That's a good idea, Alex. We'll do what you suggest. Liz, don't you have a picture of all of us?
Liz: Several. Come by and get one.
Devin: Alex?
Alex: Yes, Devin.
Devin: If I'm going out there, can you fix things so I don't commit suicide?
Alex: Sure! Get me to my computer and show me your butt for about ten minutes.
Maria: That sounds gross.
Alex: No comment!

(Alex takes care of Devin’s problem (see "Honey, I Can't Remember" if you don't understand the butt joke) and Max, Michael, and Devin leave to visit Riverdog. As they arrive…)

Max: We need to find Riverdog.
Eddie: He does not want to see you.
Michael: I need to explain some things to him…and apologize.
Eddie: I’ll ask him. No promises!
(Eddie goes to find Riverdog. In a few minutes, Riverdog appears before the trio. He looks at Michael, then at Devin, then at Michael again.)
Michael: No doubt you’d like an explanation.
Riverdog: It’s none of my business.
Michael: I really want to explain.
Riverdog: I know one thing; he is different than you. I sense only fear in him. No life, just fear. But I do believe that you are the person I know.
Michael: I was out of town when you came to see me. I had asked him to stay in my apartment for security reasons, partly because he looks like me. He called me and told me what happened. I asked him to check things out with you.
Riverdog: You could have told me. I have trusted you. You have failed to return that trust.
Michael: I’m sorry. There were reasons he couldn’t tell you. I asked him to come back today so there would be no more deceit. I brought him so you could see that he isn’t me, even though he looks like me.
Riverdog: I concluded that the other day.
Michael: The young child…let us try to heal her. We want to regain your trust.
Riverdog: He is not one of you. He could not do it. You will try?
Max: Yes, we will try. You brought her out blindfolded before. We must ask that again.
Michael: Unless she is asleep. That would be better.
Riverdog: I can arrange that. She is in the third cabin, south. Give me about ten minutes, then come. Only you! The others must stay here.
Michael: Max is better at healing than I am. He should…
Riverdog: Only you! You initiated the deceit. If you want my trust again, you must do this yourself.
Max: You can do it, Michael.
Michael: OK. Ten minutes!
(Riverdog leaves to visit the child Diamond.)
Michael: I wish he would let you do this, Max.
Max: I know you can do it, Michael. You’ve healed people before. Remember when I couldn’t heal Alex after he fell carrying the computer but you did?
Michael: I’m just nervous. Healing is not my thing. And this has to happen if we are going to pursue the goings on in the cave.

(Michael waits the ten minutes; then goes to the cabin where Riverdog said to come. He is very nervous.)
Riverdog: She's in there. I put her in a deep sleep.
Michael: You must show me how to do that someday.
Riverdog: I don’t think that would be wise. The procedure is a bit similar to what we do in the sweat lodge.
Michael: You’ve said enough. Never mind!
Riverdog: Each individual has their own talents and limitations.
Michael: I know. I know.
(Michael enters and kneels next to the sleeping child. Her hand is very black and limp. The dying flesh appears to be advancing up her arm. Michael says a little prayer that he'll be able to help her as he places his hand on hers. A glow appears. He runs his hand up and down her arm, then holds her hand. When he is finished, the hand and arm look normal.)
Riverdog: Thank you, my friend. The trust is restored.
Michael: May we join Max again now?
Riverdog: Yes! No doubt you want to visit the cave.
Michael: Yes, we do. We’d appreciate it if you could show us what you showed Devin.
Riverdog: His name is Devin? What is he?
Michael: What do you mean, “what is he”?
Riverdog: He's unlike anyone I've ever met. All I know is he's afraid. If it weren’t for my being able to sense his fear, I'd say he has no soul.
Michael: He has a secret. He's afraid that if it becomes known he'll have to leave us.
Riverdog: I do not need to know his secret but if you think I should try to earn his trust, I will. You must tell me what to do.
Michael: He'd be happier if you forgot about him.
Riverdog: That can be done too. Come! Let's get your friends and go to the cave.
(Max, Michael, Devin and Riverdog go to the cave.)
Riverdog: Here are the objects that have been left after the light column appeared.
(He hands the tablet and case to Michael. Michael starts studying the tablet and hands the case to Max. Even though Riverdog and Devin had previously tried to open the case they couldn't. Max looks at the case and opens it without difficulty.)
Riverdog: It must have been meant for you. I suspected as much.
Devin: We definitely could not open it the other day.
Max: Look, Michael. What do you see?
Michael: I see a picture of the same people I saw in the flashes. I also see some more writing.
Max: Exactly! The same people I saw too. Alex may have been right.
Riverdog: Alex? You told others of this?
Max: Only our friends. The ones who helped us save Michael.
Riverdog: They are trustworthy. I just don't want any outsiders to know of this. No one must visit here that doesn't understand certain things.
(Riverdog looks quizzically at Devin.)
Michael: It's OK. He knows. And we know something of him. He's not a problem.
Max: How often has this light been appearing?
Riverdog: Usually once, sometimes twice a day. Not always does it leave objects. It did take one that I left it.
Max: Did you bring the pictures and note.
Devin: I have them.
(Hands a small book to Max containing the pictures, Michael's sketches, and a note. The note acknowledges the symbols and says simply, "we're here".)
Max: I think we should add to the note that we have opened the case and seen their pictures.
Michael: Good idea! This could be the start of something, Maxwell.
Devin: If we are able to communicate trans-dimensionally, it will be incredible.
Riverdog: You think there is life beyond the light column?
Michael: Yes, we think we've seen flashes of them. They may be some of our people in another dimension.
Riverdog: Leave you book. Put it right there where the burn mark is. I will let you know if it is taken.
Max: Thank you. This could be important to us.
Riverdog: We should go. It's not safe to be in here if the light appears.
Michael: OK, let's go. That's all we can do for now anyway. I'd like to take this tablet if I may.
Riverdog: Do! Take it.

(The four leave the cave and Riverdog bids them goodbye, thanking Michael again for curing Diamond's hand.)
Michael: Thank you, friend. We'll be back to investigate further.
Riverdog: Of that I have no doubt.

(The three say goodbye to Riverdog and return to fill the others in on what transpired. They are awaiting any alert from Riverdog that something has happened. We could wait too, but that would be boring. Besides, the B.S. Network is anxious to put on another show that they are sure that you will enjoy. It’s a story about an office professional who’s only assignment is to keep records in order. It’s called “Pro Filer”!)

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Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 10
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Max, Michael and Devin left Riverdog, trusting that he would notify them of any occurrences in the cave. Now it's the next after noon at the Crashdown…)

Liz: That’s the last of the lunch crowd, Maria. Our guys are sitting over there. We need a break, don't you think?
(Liz brings Cherry Cokes and joins Max and Michael. Maria follows.)
Maria: So, you made things right with Riverdog?
Michael: Yes! He’s fine with us again.
Max: I was proud of Michael. He was scared, but healed the little girl’s hand perfectly.
Maria: That’s great Michael. But I know you always come through when you have to.
(Gives kiss!)
Michael: The important thing is, it’s done. Not much we can do now but wait and see if anything happens. We left the picture and a note in the cave.
Max: Liz, do you know where Isabel is? I assumed that she’d drop in here this afternoon.
Liz: Yes, I do. She and Alex took Devin shopping.
Maria: Huh?
Liz: Yes! Devin told Alex he thought he needed some nicer clothes so he could take Anna somewhere.
Michael: I’m beginning to see some usefulness in Devin, but I still think he’s wrong to pursue a relationship with that girl.
Liz: I think they are cute together.
Michael: But, it’s wrong! And don’t compare him to me. I’m alive. I have a soul. I know I have a few differences from earth born humans, but they’re not as significant as his are with Anna. He can’t make her happy in the long term. He can only hurt her. On the other hand, I know I can make Maria happy.
Maria: Prove it!
(Michael lifts Maria up in the air and proceeds to kiss her face and neck.)
Maria: I’m not convinced yet.
(Another round.)
Maria: OK, I’m convinced. You can make me happy.
(Puts her down.)
Liz: Devin can do that to Anna too.
Michael: He might be able to pick her up and kiss her; but think about it, Liz. When Maxwell told you what he was; what we are, were you scared?
Liz: Maybe a little at first. But it didn’t last. I’d been in love with Max long before I knew anything about that. I still loved him after he told me. All it took was deciding it was still OK to do so; that it didn’t matter.
Michael: And you made that decision because….
Liz: I realized that he was a living being and very human in most ways. I could love him no matter what.
Michael: What if he had told you he was android…a machine?
Maria: Shhhh! You promised.
Michael: No one is here except us, Maria. Answer my question, Liz. Would you have stayed with him? Could you still have loved him?
Liz: I…I don’t know. I guess it would have been even more of a shock than his being an alien.
Michael: My point exactly. I don’t think we should be encouraging Devin’s relationship.
Liz: What about you, Max. What do you think?
Max: It’s a hard one Liz. I see a lot of me in him, especially his fear of being discovered…of being rejected. Michael does have a point about us at least being biologically alive and sexually compatible. But if Devin is really a life form, as Alex seems to think, why shouldn’t he able to see this girl if they both find it enjoyable? I guess I don’t know what I think, Liz. I suppose it’s not our place to stop him, and we did agree to keep his secret.
Michael: Liz? If Maxwell was an android and you didn’t know it, would you want to be told?
Liz: If he knew that I loved him, I’d want him to tell me.
Michael: That’s what Devin should do. If she still wants to see him after she knows the truth, then so be it. That’s my opinion; but I’ll keep my promise. I won’t be the one to tell her.
Maria: This is too deep for me. We probably need to get ready for our afternoon customers, Liz.
Liz: Are we still getting together for videos tonight.
Max: Isabel said everyone was coming to our house, so I assume so.
(Isabel, Alex and Devin come in.)
Isabel: Did I hear my name?
Max: Liz just asked if we were still doing videos tonight?
Isabel: I’d planned on it. Is everyone coming?
Devin: Are Anna and I invited?
Isabel: (pause.) Sure, why not!
Devin: I can try out some of my new clothes.
Isabel: I thought you wanted those for a special date.
Devin: Yes, one set of them. But I got some casual stuff too, as you know. I’ll go call Anna and see if she can come.
(Devin leaves the group.)
Michael: We were just discussing Devin and Anna. I think he’s wrong to pursue her. I’d like it if we didn’t encourage him.
Isabel: Sorry. I didn’t know. I’m not gong to un-invite him now.
Max: Michael feels he’s too incompatible with a human and that he’s wrong to pursue a relationship.
Isabel: I know! He’s said that before.
Max: He has a good argument, Isabel. But we decided it’s Devin's business. We’re just not going to encourage him.
Michael: Devin bringing Anna means we can’t discuss the cave issue either. He’s really complicating things.
Alex: People; can’t we please give him some room. He’s really amazing. I’m very interested in how he’s developing. I truly think he can be considered a life form.
Michael: A life form, maybe. Alive? No!
Alex: You can’t have it both ways, Michael.
Michael: I think I can and I think he qualifies both ways.
Liz: Hey guys, let’s not argue about Devin. I go along with the idea that what he does is his own business. If Devin's a life form he deserves that much respect.
Isabel: I take it we’ve heard no more about the cave.
Max: Not yet. But I have a feeling that we will.
Michael: I agree. Something is out there.
Liz: Well, people are starting to come in again. Back to work, Maria.

(Later that evening at the Evans’...)

Isabel: Why isn’t anyone here yet?
Max: I don’t know. Well, maybe I do. Alex isn’t exactly the most organized of people and Michael will always do whatever he does on his own time and at his own pace.
(Doorbell rings…)
Isabel: I’ll get it…
(It’s Devin and Anna.)
Isabel: Come in you two; come in out of the heat.
Anna: It is kinda warm. It doesn’t take much to work up a sweat.
Isabel: Hot would be a better description.
Anna: I usually like it warm. How about you, Devin?
Devin: I guess it doesn’t matter much unless it’s too cold.
Anna: I guess the heat doesn’t bother you. Your skin’s still pretty dry.
Isabel: The TV’s in the family room. My parents said they’d leave us to it tonight. This way!
(Isabel leads them into where Max is looking at video choices.)
Max: Hey you two! I don’t know if I’ve ever formally met your girl, Devin. I’ve seen her in school.
Devin: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you’d met at the club the other night.
Max: What’s her last name?
Devin: Morrison. Anna Morrison!
Anna: Thanks for asking us to join you. I really like this guy. (Looks at Devin.) I'm glad to get to know his friends better.
(Anna gives Devin a quick kiss on the cheek. Max raises an eyebrow as Isabel turns to answer he doorbell again. Everyone else arrives, Maria having picked up Michael and Liz.)
Maria: Hi everyone, again. It’s nice to see you here, Anna.
Max: Any ideas about a video to watch?
Michael: Have you got Blade Runner?
(Stares at Devin.)
Max: No! I’ve seen that too many times. How about "American Pie", “Galaxy Quest”, or
Liz: I'm sick of American Pie and I've heard Galaxy Quest is dumb. I’m up for something like "Skulls". I hope it's so scary that it will make me want to hold you tight.
Maria: If I can convince myself it's not Dawson's Creek, it'll be OK with me.
Isabel: I don’t care as long as Alex is here to protect me.
Alex: I'm here to protect you and feast upon your beauty, my dear. Is "Skulls" OK with you guys, Devin?
Devin: Uh, sure…whatever.
Isabel: Before we start, I bought a whole tub of ice cream. Anyone for sundaes?
(Isabel makes sundaes for everyone. Anna stares but says nothing as Michael pours on the Tabasco Sauce. The movie has been going for a little while and everyone is snuggled in. Liz and Max are cuddled on the couch. Liz is pretending to be scared and gripping Max all over. Isabel and Alex are on the floor in front of the couch, holding hands and looking alternately at each other and the TV. Devin and Anna are stretched out on the floor, with Anna's head resting on Devin's chest. Anna has hold of Devin's hand. Maria and Michael are cuddled in the over stuffed chair. Maria leans out a bit to kiss Michael. As she does she gets a flash….)

Maria: Honey, come with me.
Michael: The movie’s not over yet.
Maria: I know. Come with me anyway.
(They get up and go to the kitchen.)
Michael: What?
Maria: When I kissed you, I got a flash.
Michael: That’s not unusual.
Maria: What did you and Max do in the cave?
Michael: We left a picture of all of us… and a message!
Maria: I think it’s been acknowledged.
Michael: What did you see?
Maria: I saw a book lying on the floor by the cave wall where you put the Balance Rocks.
Michael: And…
Maria: That’s all; but is that good?
Michael: I don’t know. Maybe you imagined it.
Maria: OK! I told you what I saw. If you don't care, let’s go watch the movie some more.

(As they walk back in, they notice Max on the phone. Michael looks inquisitively at Max.
Max hangs up the phone and those two go back to the kitchen.)

Michael: What’s up Maxwell?
Max: That was Liz’s mom at the Crashdown. She said someone named Eddie came looking for us with a message.
Michael: Which was?
Max: From Riverdog. He says an exchange has been made. We need to OK it.
Michael: Cryptic enough! First thing tomorrow, then?
Max: First thing tomorrow.
Michael: Everybody?
Max: I think so! Let’s try to tell everyone secretly tonight.
Michael: I told you Devin bringing Anna would be a nuisance. By the way, Maria saw a flash when she kissed me. She told me what she saw. It jives with this message.
Max: They are trying to get to us, aren’t they?
Michael: I believe someone or something is.
Max: Let’s get back in there. We don’t want to give the women to much time to plot!
Michael: Especially Maria!
Max: Especially Liz!

(For tonight, the movies and snuggling. Tomorrow, the cave. Are we excited yet? If not then maybe the next B.S. Network show will excite you. We invite you to stay tuned for another incredible documentary from the B.S. Network's crack news team. This one is about how the problem of smelly toilets in Great Britain was solved. It's called "Loo and Odor"!)

Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 11
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Morning came quickly and the “We Six” are gathering at Michael’s.)

Max: Where is Maria. It’s not like her to be late.
Isabel: She called a minute ago; said she had to do something for her mom before she could get out of the house.
Alex: She’s here now, she just pulled up.
Michael: So, what do you think we’re going to find, Max?
Max: We’ve got some pretty good clues already. I think someone with a connection to us is trying to contact us from another dimension.
Isabel: This dimension thing; it scares me.
Alex: You, from another world, are scared by something from another dimension? Welcome to the club! This actually frightens me a whole lot more than when I found out some of my best friends were aliens.
Isabel: That’s because you didn’t believe me at first.
Alex: I’m not sure I believe this either. Dimensional existence is just theory. Devin said…
Liz: Where is Devin? Is he coming with us?
Alex: He doesn’t want to. He’s afraid Riverdog will figure out what he is.
Michael: Frankly, I’m just as glad he’s not going. I’m not sure what he could do to help.
Alex: He knows a lot about dimensional theory. I have no idea why he was programmed with that, but he kept me awake half the night talking about it.
Isabel: So that’s why I couldn’t…
Alex: Sorry! The last part of the night was great though.
Isabel: Yea! It was, wasn’t it? I especially like it when we dreamed we were...
Alex: Izzy, come on! Our dreams are just ours aren’t they?
Isabel: Whatever you say.
Michael: Are you saying that you guys can both be asleep and be dreaming the same dream?
Alex: It’s been working that way lately.
Isabel: If you thought dimensional communication was scary, you should be in a dream with Whitman.
Alex: Admit it Izzy; you love it.
Maria: Sorry I’m late, guys. Are we going to see Riverdog?
Michael: That’s the plan.
Maria: Good! I’d like to see him again. I’m forever grateful to him that I’ve still got you.
(Kisses Michael.)
Max: Let’s Go!

(Scene: The cave)
Isabel: I’m glad Riverdog let us come in by ourselves.
Michael: He won’t admit it, but I think he’s a little afraid of what’s happening.
Max: Look! Just like he said…a book.
Isabel: What’s in it?
(Max reads and looks through the book. There’s a rather detailed drawing.)
Alex: What Max?
Max: This is incredible, folks. I'm almost sure now that whoever sent this is from the same planet we are.
Alex: But living in another dimension.
Max: Look at this picture. It’s drawn so no one except us would understand it.
See? Here’s a drawing of a crashed ship. Then there’s a clouded area and two other ships on the ground on the other side of it.
Alex: See the wavy lines? I think there telling us the force from the crash pushed these two ships into the other dimension.
Max: That makes sense to me. What do you think Michael? You’re the artist. What are they telling us?
(Michael studies the drawing.)
Michael: I agree. Look near the bottom. People being led away.
Liz: Does that mean they were captured?
Isabel: I hope not.
Max: The back page; it has a note. It has some symbols, but also some English writing.
Alex: What does it say.
Max: It says, “We found traces of healing rays. Are you native to them? Do you use them freely? We need to exchange words. Is it safe?”
Maria: Healing rays? Is that what we call balancing rays?
Michael: It would make sense.
Alex: They are being very cautious.
Max: Look at this back page. It’s a photograph and the word NO! It looks like a shriveled animal carcass.
Michael: That looks like the little girl Diamond’s arm that I healed, except it’s a whole body.
Isabel: I think they are telling us not to put flesh into the column when it appears.
Max: We know that, but they probably don’t know that we do.
Liz: So, what do they want, Max.
Max: I don’t know. But I do know I want to communicate with them.
Maria: Is that wise. They might not be friendly; or they might be trying to trap us.
Michael: I think we have to risk it. This may be a link to our past.
Isabel: Oh Max! Could there be more of us over there?
Max: Sure looks like it.
Alex: This inter-dimensional communication is a first. We could be famous if we could tell anyone about it.
Michael: I’m glad you added that caveat. I was worried about you for a second.
Alex: I thought you got beyond worrying about me months ago.
Michael: I did; forget it.
Alex: We still could be famous…
Isabel: Drop it, Alex.
Alex: On what?
Isabel: Ooooh! You can turn the most serious moments into a comedy routine.
Alex: But I can turn a comedy into a serious moment too. Remember our dream…?
Isabel: Uh…as you were saying, Max. We need to answer them.
Liz: What will you say?
Max: Let’s answer their questions. They can’t hurt us from over there and if they’re like us they won’t want to anyway. Do we have some paper?
Maria: I have some note paper.
Liz: And I brought another picture of us.
Max: Great! Michael, you have the best penmanship. Want to be scribe.
Michael: Sure. Tell me what to say.
Max: OK, write this: “Whoever you are, we do have what you call the healing ray stones. We call them balance rocks. All of us in the picture have been exposed to their rays and we are all sensing you. We can use the stones as we see fit, but we don’t use them often. They were used in the location. We assume there is a dimensional rift between us. Three of us have a connection to the crashed vehicle you sent a drawing of. The other three are native to this planet and dimension, but we function together freely and without fear. We three do keep our heritage a secret from the mainstream. We would not be totally accepted here if people knew about us. Do we understand correctly that the force of the crash of our vessel pushed other vessels into your dimension? We do not know where the ships and we came from. Can you tell us? We sense you desire our help. What can we do? We assume the transfer of life between dimensions is not possible.”
Michael: Anything else?
Max: I’d say that’s enough for now.
Isabel: Are we saying too much, Max?
Max: Probably, but if we’re going to find out if they are connected to us, what can we not say. As I mentioned, from where they are I don't think they can’t hurt us.
Alex: Actually, I’m not sure that’s true. If they can send pictures and writing to this cave, what says they couldn’t send our pictures to a FBI lab?
Michael: Alex might have a point, Max.
Max: Well, what do you want to do? Do we play it safe or gamble?
Michael: Gamble!
Isabel: Safe!
Max: Gamble!
Liz: Hey! Something’s wrong with this picture. Since when are we back to voting? We usually talk until we all agree.
Isabel: She’s right. But we don’t need to talk. I changed my mind. If they can tell us where were from, it’s worth the gamble.
Max: Liz, Alex, Maria?
Alex: It’s not a vote, but I’m with you.
Maria: Yes, fine.
Liz: We need to do this.
Max: Thanks Liz, for the reminder of how we operate.
Liz: You’re welcome.
(Gives Max big kiss.)
Alex: Let’s put the note and another picture where the column appears.
Michael: Done!
Maria: What now?
Michael: I guess we wait.
Liz: Here?
Max: We might as well go. We don’t know when the column will come again.
(As he speaks, a buzzing noise begins and the column appears.)
Max: Back away everyone. We don’t want any burns to our flesh.
(They move away and watch the blue column appear. After the column disappears again…)
Michael: Well, our stuffs gone.
Max: For better or worse, I think we've made contact.
Liz: What now?
Alex: We wait for an answer.
Maria: I'm scared that somehow this might take you away from me, Michael.
Michael: Don't worry. That would take an awful lot.
Isabel: I still get the feeling that they want our help somehow.
Alex: I don't see how we can help them much if nothing living can pass through the breech. Hmmm! I just had a thought…no, forget it.
Isabel: What were you thinking?
Alex: Never mind right now. Let's see how they respond.
Max: It might be awhile.
Maria: Or maybe not. Unless I miss my guess, they are just as excited to find us as you are to find them.
Michael: Does this excite you?
Maria: It excites you, therefore I'm excited too. And I must admit, I'm curious.
Alex: I've been saying that for years!
Maria: Not that kind of curious, Alex.
Isabel: Alex! Are you ever serious?
Alex: You keep forgetting the dream.
Michael: It sounds like we need to hear about this dream.
Isabel: Noooo you don't! If you bring it up again Alex, you're gonna wish…
(A buzzing starts again and the blue column appears. It's appearance is brief…)
Max: Just a note this time.
Michael: What does it say.
Max: It says, "No English characters available to write name of planet of origin. Healing stones can show you coordinates. I have been discovered. Family is in danger. We are being pursued by those not of our type. We may not be able to stay at this location. Living tissue cannot withstand portal without formula available only to government agents. Solution to our problem would be to join you, but must steal formula. ~!+=^*| Must go now. Contact tomorrow at this time! Setoma!"
Alex: Wow! Inter-dimensional contact!
Isabel: Wow! Others like us!
Michael: Wow! They want to come here.
Max: Wow! He's in trouble.
Maria: Enough with the wows already!
Liz: Can we help them?
Max: Not unless we know more.
Isabel: I feel like we need to help them.
Alex: I wonder what the formula is. Is it something like a drug that counters the rays or is it exterior protection?
Maria: I'm relieved that they want to come here rather than them wanting you to come to them.
Max: We ought to be getting back. I need to think about this.
Michael: This could be the breakthrough I've always dreamed about.
Isabel: Alex?
Alex: Yes, Izzy.
Isabel: I read you a while ago when you said you had a thought on this.
Alex: I know you did. I can always sense you, you know…not that I care.
Isabel: Do you think he could do it?
Alex: Maybe!

(Wow! It really is time to check the dimensions. Unfortunately, that and Alex' thought will have to wait until the next episode. Our time is up for today. Coming up next on the B.S. network, a new show featuring a lovable young boy and his wonderful dog…"Jerry's Springer"!)

posted on 13-Nov-2001 1:05:34 AM
Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 12
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Some of you seem to have forgotten the rules of the B.S. Network. A restatement seems to be in order:
Now, here’s the scoop. In our previous presentations on the B.S. Network some unique conditions for our heroes to live with have developed. We are not revising them no matter what others think destiny may hold.
1) The group is happily balanced. Max is with Liz, as he should be. (See “The Roswell E-Mail”)
2) Alex has the power to connect with his alien friends. (See “The Roswell E-Mail”)
3) Max and Isabelle' parents know their kids are aliens and they love them unconditionally anyway. (See “Balance Statements”.)
4) Michael is always welcome at the Evans’ home as long as uses the front door to which they have given him a key (See “Balance Statements”)
5) The couples have some indication that mating would be possible. (See “Balance Statements II.”)
6) The B.S. Network has no contract with Tess.
7) The gang has a new friend. His name is Devin. He may seem strange. (See "Honey, I Can't Remember")
If you can live with these conditions, please continue. Otherwise…go watch another network.
And remember, ever popular reruns of our previous shows can be found at better websites everywhere.)

(Our friends headed back home, a little apprehensive but also excited about what had happened in the cave.)

(Scene: In the car on the way home.)
Max: I have to wonder how an alien fugitive has access to whatever makes the dimensional portal work?
Isabel: Maybe that technology is something our race knows about.
Michael: No matter! Setoma seems to have a problem, but I don't know what we can do to help him from here. Nothing alive can go through the portal without what they call "formula".
Alex: Nothing biologically alive.
Maria: Is there another kind of alive?
Alex: Yes, I think so. Michael and I have been sparing about this in a friendly way, but I contend that Devin is alive. Not biologically alive, but alive none the less.
Isabel: And Alex thinks that maybe he could go through the portal.
Michael: Oh great! Our first contact with more of our own kind is through an android.
Alex: Got a better idea?
Michael: Uh…not really.
Alex: At this point, I don't even know if it could work. I'd like to get a voltage probe and measure inside the column. Whatever the portal does to a biologically alive individual, it won’t affect Devin in that manner. But we need to be careful because if there’s a high voltage in there he couldn’t survive going through the portal either.
Liz: Aren't you forgetting something here?
Alex: What?
Liz: Maybe we ought to ask Devin's opinion about this. Would he even consider risking it? After all, we've said he needs to make his own decision regarding Anna. If we think he should make a choice like that, then surely he should make his own decision about what we're suggesting he try here. We can't just assume he'll be willing to do it and we certainly can't force him to. A "do this or we'll expose you" attitude seems totally wrong.
Max: You're right, Liz. I'm not even sure we have a right to ask him. It could kill him or, at very least, get him involved in something he has no reason to get involved in.
Alex: I think he'd consider it. As I told you, he knows a lot about dimensional theory. He might find an excursion fascinating.
Michael: Max, do you really think we even ought to be considering this?
Max: Like Alex said, do you have a better idea?
Michael: Not off the top of my head.
Alex: I'd be careful about anything from the top of your head.
Isabel: Alex…
Maria: Hey, I like the top of his head…and the rest of him too.
(Maria leans over and kisses Michael. This starts the usual cascade of kisses- Liz and Max, Isabel and Alex. Finally they come up for air…)
Alex: Where were we?
Isabel: If I were Alex I'd have a cryptic answer to that question. Fortunately, I'm not Alex.
Alex: Two can become as one, you know…
Isabel: But not today! So what about Devin and the portal? We've all got to agree it's an OK idea before we even ask him.
Michael: I don't really like it, but I don’t have a better suggestion. Maybe he could at least go and get us a clear picture of Setoma's situation.
Max: We would need to brief him. There are some things about us he doesn't know that he'd probably need to.
Alex: And I'd have to kill my “poison pill” routine, or at least modify it.
Maria: Does he even need that any more? I think he's totally understanding and completely on our side.
Max: I know we can trust him if he's thinking normally. That's just a contingency thing in case he gets confused again; or worse, if someone were to try to download his memories.
Alex: He hasn't had any problem since the night I messed with him on purpose. I now respect what he’s becoming enough that I won't ever do that again. Not that someone else might not if they knew…
Max: But for this, you could kill that routine without killing him, right?
Alex: I think so. Are we agreed then?
Liz: I still say, you need to ASK him. Explain the situation and let him decide.
Isabel: If he says no, are we going to hold it against him?
Max: I don't think so. But I agree with Liz; he has no obligation to help us.
Maria: I don't want to lose my singing partner, Alex.
Alex: Hopefully nothing that serious will happen. Speaking of that, did I tell you we have a gig Saturday? We definitely need him for that.
Maria: That's great, Alex.
Max: Could we get back to how to help our other dimension friends?
Alex: Sorry! Of course! Let me go talk to Devin.
Michael: Should we all go?
Alex: Don't think so. I don't want him to feel like we're ganging up on him. If he says yes, then we can all talk to him.
Max: The sooner the better. We need to go back to the cave tomorrow night.
Alex: OK, I'll talk to him tonight. If he says no, we'll have to go to plan B.
Liz: Which is?
Alex: I don't think we have one yet.
Michael: But we'll create one. We always do.
Maria: You're right honey, we always do.

(Later, at the Whitman home, Alex is explaining to Devin what has been going on)

Devin: So you want me to go through the portal?
Alex: Only if you want to and only if we think it’s safe. No one wants you hurt. I need to get some instruments and analyze it.
Devin: But if there’s no super high voltage or static that would bother my processor…
Alex: Devin, it’s up to you. But you’re the only one of us that even has a chance of surviving it. We know that much.
Devin: Going into another dimension! Wow! I'm barely learning to survive in this one.
Alex: That reminds me, what did you decide about Anna?
Devin: I…I guess I’ve decided not to decide.
Alex: You sound like me.
Devin: Alex, I…I can’t break it off with her. I like her and what she does for me. The way she makes me feel…I like it too much. Every time I get logical and think "I’ve got to stop with her", I get really depressed.
Alex: You can get depressed?
Devin: I guess so. I don’t know how else to describe it. I just don’t feel normal. If I decide to do this portal thing, I’ve got to tell her first.
Alex: You can’t tell her about it. It’s too closely connected with…
Devin: I know. I wouldn’t tell her anything specific; just that I have to do something really dangerous and if I don’t come back that I…I… Alex, do I really love her? That’s what I was going to say.
Alex: I don’t know, Devin. Only you would know that.
Devin: Alex?
Alex: Yes!
Devin: I have another concern. It might affect my ability to do this portal thing and it’s an albatross to me in general.
Alex: What’s that?
Devin: I hate having to check in with the lab every few days for a rebuild. It’s like I’m on a leash. I guess I know how a human diabetic or epileptic person feels. They can’t get far from their medication. Is there any way you could…I mean can you find a way to generate that here so I’m not dependent on the lab computer?
Alex: I’m sure that’s a pain. But at least you can do it by staring at a computer screen. You don’t have to have shots.
Devin: But it’s almost as bad. If I did the dimensional thing, I’d worry about getting caught over there with no way to…
Alex: I see your point. Two days would be about your limit, depending on input, right?
Devin: Two or three at the most. Anymore and I start to sense that I need it.
Alex: I don’t think I can help you without your original source code. If I had that, I’m sure I could make a rebuild routine for you. I have to think your maker did that on purpose to keep track of you. I’m sure that if we just had the correct code to compare to that you could generate it yourself, the same way you projected those images once. But if I did that, wouldn’t your “father” suspect something if you didn’t check in?
Devin: I thought about that too. I think we could phony up a simulated check in routine that some computer would do automatically. They’d never know the difference.
Alex: You've really thought about this, haven't you?
Devin: Yes…a lot! It's cramping my freedom, Alex. Anyway, am I not essentially seeing the source code each time I check in?
Alex: Probably. Still, it would be a major programming effort. It’s not something I could do overnight; but I’m willing to try to do it for you if that’s what you want. Do you really think that cutting yourself off from the lab is a good idea?
Devin: I think I either need to do it or go back there.
Alex: I think I'm getting the picture. You can’t have just a little bit of freedom…is that it?
Devin: That’s it, exactly.
Alex: So, what do I tell Max and the others about the dimensional portal. It’s your call.
Devin: If we can limit my crossover time to a few hours, at least until you can fix my rebuild problem, then I’m willing. But you know my situation, Alex. Just don’t let me get caught over there. The confusion is no fun.
Alex: We’ll need to message the other side to make sure they can send you back quickly. We’ll probably have to tell them what you are.
Devin: (Pause) I…I guess there’s no getting around that, is there? Well, OK! I can live with it. This could be interesting.
Alex: Max and the others will be grateful; as will Setoma if we can help him. OK man, drop your drawers!
Devin: What? Why?
Alex: I need to defeat that self-destruct routine so you can talk to the people in the other dimension about Max and the others. Max thinks the people there are of the same origin as they are. Since we don’t know specifically who you’ll be talking to, I’ll just turn it off completely. Just be careful what you say and to whom.
Devin: That thing makes me nervous anyway. It will be a relief. But I’ll still be careful what I say; you can count on it! OK man! Give me your power enema.
Alex: Sounds like something I'd say.
Devin: Jeez, Alex! Aliens in another dimension to be contacted by me. I’d never experience this at the lab.
Alex: True!

(Alex finishes his programming, Devin gets his lab rebuild, and they both call Max to tell him it’s a go. Time for some sleep. In the morning it’ll be back to the cave. But first…)

Devin: (On phone) Hey!
Anna: Hey yourself.
Devin: I need to talk to you.
Anna: That’s not a problem for me.
Devin: You know how I told you there are things you don’t know about me.
Anna: You keep saying that, but I want to know everything about you.
Devin: No Anna, you really don’t. Just trust me on that, OK?
Anna: I trust you, Devin…on anything. If there’s something you don’t want me to know, I know there must be a reason. I hope someday that we’ll be close enough that you can tell me everything.
Devin: Anna! I’ve got to do something. It's something kinda dangerous but I need to do it to help some people in trouble. I’m quite sure nothing bad will happen, but just in case it does, I want you to know that I really have never felt about anyone the way I feel about you. When I think of not being with you, I get very depressed. I just want you to know that I…(pause)
Anna: You what, Devin.
Devin: I…I love you Anna. Wish me luck, OK?
Anna: Of course. Good luck! But can’t you tell me what you’re doing? You've got me worried.
Devin: I wish I could; but if anything goes wrong many people could get hurt and I don’t want you involved. I’ll call you as soon as I’m finished with this. We’ll go do something. I’m singing with the band Saturday. You could come and listen.
Anna: I’d like that, Devin. And know that I’m gonna worry until I hear from you.
Devin: Thanks Anna. I just wanted you to know. Goodnight!
Anna: Goodnight, Devin!

(The next day, at the cave…)

Isabel: Max? Didn’t Setoma tell us he found this location because of residual rays from the balance rocks?
Max: Yes.
Isabel: I was wondering if we could power them up in a different location so he could find it and we wouldn’t have to keep coming here.
Michael: That might be a good idea. I’m afraid that we’re wearing out our welcome with Riverdog.
Max: It something to think about.
Alex: Let me see if I can determine anything about the portal’s characteristics. Then we’ll know if it’s safe for Devin to go through and if we’d even want to have it appear anywhere else. Is it about time for it?
Michael: I think so. Do we want to send another note?
Max: I wrote one. It says we might be able to send a life form that can survive the portal and asks if they’re secure enough to receive it. I told them he’d have to come back rather quickly. If Devin does go, we’ll let him explain as much about himself to Setoma as he needs to.
Isabel: I just put the note in the portal area.
Alex: I’ve got several probes over there and two meters hooked up to them.
Maria: I hope you know what you’re doing, Whitman. If you burn up my singing partner…
Alex: I won‘t let him go if I don’t think it’s safe, Maria.
Liz: I think he’s brave to try it.
Devin: Thanks, but I’m just trying to help. Besides, this could be really interesting.
(The buzzing starts and the column appears. Alex is looking at his probes. The note disappears.)
Michael: Well Dr. Cyclops…?
Alex: There is a small voltage there; about like a large flashlight. I don’t think that would hurt Devin.
Isabel: Are you sure? We can't ask him to risk himself if it’s not safe.
Alex: It appears to be more of a molecular disturbance than a force of any sort. That’s probably why it destroys flesh.
Devin: So I can go?
Alex: I think so.
Maria: Be sure, Alex.
Alex: I’m as sure as I can be.
Max: OK then, let’s see what they say.
Isabel: Devin, be a little careful at first. Make sure they are in fact like us before you say too much. If they are, tell them we’re excited to find them and to help them.
Devin: I think I know what to say.
Michael: If they know anything about where we came from and why…
Devin: I know…
Max: You can tell them there are three of us here and about our relationships.
Liz: You mean like this?
(Kisses Max.)
Max: I had something else in mind, but…
(Kisses her in return. The portal comes to life again.)
Isabel: Here’s another note. They don’t know what kind of life form could survive and they caution against it; but they say if we’re sure, that they’re ready and they understand the stay needs to be brief. They’ll engage the port again in ten minutes.
Max: OK then! Are you ready Devin?
Devin: I guess.
Max: You don’t have to do this.
Devin: No, I want to. Just…if anything goes wrong…thank you all for being my friends. And will you tell Anna…
Liz: Of course, Devin.
Maria: Be careful. I’m expecting you back safe and sound so you can sing with me Saturday.
Alex: Good luck, Devin.
(Devin stands in the portal area and the column appears. Soon it and Devin are gone.)
Alex: (Pause) Well, there’s no pile of melted Devin.
Isabel: That was sick, Alex.
Alex: I just mean, I think he made it.
Michael: Thanks, Devin. Godspeed!

(What? Michael offering good wishes to Devin. What next? Indeed, what will Devin find? Will he get back OK? Will they find a way to help Setoma? And is Devin right to keep seeing Anna? All this and more when we return next time on “Czech Your Dimensions”. But don’t go away! Another fine B.S. Network show is coming your way right now. It’s a fashion show featuring the latest in sleep-ware. “PJ’s")

Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 13
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Yep! Devin’s in another dimension. At least the gang hopes he is, because he’s no longer in theirs.)

Setoma: This is incredible. You came through the portal without formula and you’re unharmed.
Devin: I…I kinda have special properties…
Setoma: (pause) You’re not human, are you?
Devin: I’m trying to be. But you’re not human either are you?
Setoma: Half…but before we get into that, how about some formalities. I’m Setoma Memont! This is my daughter Whilea. My wife Linka is resting in the back. And this is Professor Jelaned. He works in this facility where they do dimensional research.
Devin: I’m Devin. Devin Whitman.
(Offers his hand for handshake.)
Setoma: (Shaking his hand) Tell me Devin Whitman…what do you know of things like healing stones?
Devin: I know my friends call them balance rocks.
Setoma: I guess that makes some sense. In a way, I guess that’s what they do.
Devin: My friend Max said you might be from wherever he is from.
Setoma: How old is he?
Devin: He’s seventeen. But he was in stasis for more than thirty years.
Setoma: Incredible. I have a son almost seventeen too. He’s watching our house; at least from as close as he dares get to it.
Devin: You told Max you were in danger.
Setoma: This is a long story. Why don’t we go sit down in the professor’s office?
Professor Jelaned: Yes…please. I didn’t mean to not be polite. I was just being amazed that we’re talking freely with someone from the other dimension and we’re not afraid of each other.
Devin: No need to be afraid of me. I came to see what we might do to help.
(The three go to the office.)
Setoma: Want something to drink, Devin?
Devin: No, but thanks anyway.
Setoma: I think, maybe I am right. You don’t need to liquids to live do you?
Devin: I can drink, I’m just not thirsty.
Setoma: My understanding is you can’t stay here very long, so let’s cut the façade and agree to be straight with each other, OK?
Devin: OK!
Setoma: It’s true. I’m half alien. My father was on a ship that was blown into this dimension when another one like it crashed more than 50 years ago. There were actually two ships forced here with about 12 people, both men and women, on each one. The dimensional shift did something to the ship's propulsion systems forcing the people to land.
Devin: Max is sure he was on the ship that crashed, but was in stasis at the time and for many years thereafter.
Setoma: That would explain his age. I guess I can't put the blame for the crash on him. Anyhow, the humans here captured all the people on the ships and put them in a kind of isolation. They took the ships themselves to a laboratory. They didn’t really do much to the people at first, but they kept them separate from the rest of the world. My father was very young at the time, maybe only twenty or so. He was sent with the others to a small town that was heavily guarded. No one was allowed out and only a few humans were allowed in to provide services, medical help, and a few necessities. The people were given what they needed. They had food. They established a school. Some married and had children but they weren’t allowed outside the city. The government didn’t want to mix races. A few tried to escape, but were shot.
Devin: And this village still exists?
Setoma: No, I’m afraid not! There’s a lot more to the story. There were some human doctors that came to examine the captives from time to time, even though our people almost never got sick. The humans discovered that components from our people’s blood could help cure human diseases. It started slowly, but as word got around that the alien blood was medicinal, the humans turned into virtual vampires. Every alien was forced to “donate” blood, sometimes as many as five or six times a week. Demand increased, and even with the additional children those that married created, demand exceeded supply. The humans demanded more of each person than one could reasonably donate and remain healthy. Fortunately, one nurse that came to collect blood took a liking to my father. She was kind to him and didn’t always make him give his quota. Eventually, she figured out a way to smuggle him out. She hid him in a wooden container that normally held about 30 pints of blood. She had been setting aside a pint or two of blood every time she visited for a month or so. As they were unloading the boxes at the blood bank, she arranged for her sister to create a diversion. She got him out of the box, dressed him in scrubs so he looked like someone who was supposed to be unloading the boxes, and filled the box with the bottles she had been putting aside. They drove off together. She hid him, got him a new identity and they eventually married. He had been taught woodworking while a captive and he worked as a home finisher for years. I was their son. So, indeed, I’m half alien.
Devin: Was he the only one to escape?
Setoma: I heard there were others, but I’ve never met any that I know of. We got excited when detected the healing rays in the dimensional portal. I was sure they were the same kind as my father told me about his people using. I knew the villagers had healing stones. My dad gave me some several years ago. He said they might be useful some day, but I've never been able to make them work.
Devin: So, what happened to the village? You said it’s no longer there.
Setoma: The village is gone…all traces of it. A few individuals still survive in protective custody, but the village population became so weakened from the blood “donations” that a disease actually began to affect them. It became an epidemic and many died. The few remaining were taken and forced to procreate so that the humans might still have their precious blood components. Even that didn’t work out. While some did recover, the disease affected their bodies. Their blood, and that of their children, no longer produced the antibodies the humans needed.
Devin: And your father and mother?
Setoma: Mom died a couple of years ago. Dad died just a month ago after falling off the roof of a house he was putting trim on. He was retired; but true to his nature, he was helping out a neighbor. He might have been able to heal himself if he hadn’t been unconscious. They rushed him to a hospital and discovered through the routine blood tests what he was. The secret he’d successfully kept for years was exposed. He died in the hospital. I don’t know if it was from his injuries or from excess blood sucking. His blood, having not been affected by the disease that swept the village was, I'm sure, irresistible to the humans. I thank God mom wasn’t here to see his final days. I didn’t dare visit him in the hospital or come forward to arrange a funeral for him. Thankfully some friends of his did that, but the government kept his body. The authorities immediately came after me and my family. They know, as his son, I have to be half alien and probably posses the precious blood they want. Frankly, I don’t know if I do or not. I’ve never really pursued it. The Professor here helped me fake the only blood test I ever had to take. I knew what dad was, as did my wife and Professor Jelaned. I hadn’t even told my kids until we had to run. We were really a pretty normal family until then. I’m a computer programmer by profession.
Devin: And Professor Jelaned is on your side?
Setoma: Yes! He used to live across the street from dad. They were good friends and he was the only human outside our family that dad ever trusted with his secret. The professor's job is here at this facility where they do these dimensional experiments. He’s been hiding me, my wife, and my daughter here. The authorities would never think to look for us in a government facility. But he’s risking himself for us and we can’t live in his lab storeroom forever. He does have one of the dimensional portal activators here but their use is somewhat controlled. He’s high enough up that they allow him to do experiments with objects, but communication with the other side is forbidden. As far as transporting people, no one can use the formula that is required without permission from the Premiere. It’s carefully guarded one floor down from here.
Devin: So the messages…
Setoma: Right! He could be fired and possibly jailed if anyone found out about them.
Devin: But you want to cross over?
Setoma: Yes! If we could just get some of the formula, we could come to your dimension and be safe. I’d figure some way to get my son in here too so he could go with us. He and my daughter are only one quarter alien, but none of us is safe here anymore.
Devin: I’m not sure it would be much better in our dimension. My friends have to hide what they are, just like you do. They're afraid if people knew, many humans would be afraid of them or try to capture them and run tests on them.
Setoma: That’s what they said in their note. But at least I’d be an unknown. With their help, I could start over.
Devin: My friends want to help you do that.
Setoma: You speak in the plural. There is more than just Max isn’t there?
Devin: Uh…yes!
Whilea: I thought so daddy. I told you I sensed others.
Setoma: Yes you did. Good for you, Whilea!
Professor Jelaned: I’m curious, Devin. Why didn’t the portal affect you? Normally, without ingesting the formula, the blood capillaries collapse going through the portal. Without blood flow, living tissue begins to die.
Devin: We saw that when a little girl accidentally put her hand in the portal.
Professor Jelaned: Did she die?
Devin: No! My friend Michael was able to heal her hand.
Setoma: He is one of my kind…an alien?
Devin: Yes!
Setoma: He must have more healing power than I do, although I do have a little.
Devin: Even if he does have more, I’m not sure he could heal a whole body if you tried to come through without the formula. Was that what you were thinking?
Professor Jelaned: I doubt he could do it fast enough to prevent brain damage.
Devin: That’s true. It took him quite a while to heal the girl's hand.
Setoma: Looks like we must still have formula.
Professor Jelaned: You still haven’t answered my question, Devin.
Devin: I...uh…
Setoma: He's not human or alien either, professor.
Professor Jelaned: What is he then?
Setoma: I think he’s some kind of robot.
Professor Jelaned: Pretty convincing robot.
Devin: (Tensing a little.) Android is the word my friends use.
Setoma: Your dimension has such things? Sentient, artificial beings like yourself?
Devin: As far as I know, I’m unique. I don’t feel artificial though, thank you. I’m as real as you are. My story is a long one too. I’ll tell you sometime, but I really should be getting back soon. If we do find a way to get you over to my dimension, will you please not…I mean… I have to protect my secret too.
Setoma: You mean, your type is not accepted either?
Devin: I think I would be treated like a computer; something to be used…maybe just a toy. I certainly wouldn’t have a life like I have now.
Setoma: But you appear to create your own thoughts; do your own thing.
Devin: I do. My friend Alex, who is a computer genius, agrees. That’s why he keeps correcting another friend who calls me a robot. I’m an android for the lack of a better description. Alex says I’m really a life form.
Setoma: If you are a life form and in fact are unique, then you’re becoming associated with me; indeed your coming here, is miraculous.
Devin: Professor? Do you know what’s in the formula?
Professor Jelaned: Only part of it. There are four people who technically know one part of it and we all have to put in the parts we know when they want some made. Over the years, I’ve figured out another of the parts, but that doesn’t help. Its use is generally forbidden. A few individuals have been sent to your dimension for research and I have overheard interviews with a couple of them when they’ve come back. Our government has determined that sending people to your dimension is a bad thing and it’s basically not allowed. Like Setoma said, the formula is in a guarded room downstairs. Once in a while, I have a legitimate reason to go in there, but not often. I’m afraid if I’m involved in getting some for Setoma, your dimension would might have to be stuck with me too.
Devin: That wouldn’t be bad. You could help our people cross the dimension.
Professor Jelaned: Our government wouldn’t want that.
Devin: Why not?
Professor Jelaned: From what I understand, people in your dimension chose their own leaders and are free to pursue their own destinies.
Devin: That’s right. In most countries anyway. Isn’t that true here?
Professor Jelaned: No! The government runs everything. People are directed into careers. Sometimes they are told who to marry. The military exists to control the populace. The government runs nearly every business one way or another. I don’t think they want our people to know any other system exists. That is why they don’t want general travel through the dimension portal.
Devin: But you’ve done so much research on it.
Professor Jelaned: At first they wanted it. More recently, they’ve been sending people to your dimension to set up areas where we can secretly send our people. They would be in private compounds much like the old alien colony. It’s ironic! They take advantage of being able to own property in your dimension so as to have the right to keep others away and preserve our people’s not being able to do the same thing here.
Devin: To what effect are they sending them?
Professor Jelaned: I don’t really know. They don’t tell me. I just work the machine.
Devin: So the next time they send someone, can you get to the formula? And am I correct in assuming that there must be some formula stored in our dimension if those few travel back and forth.
Professor Jelaned: You’re pretty sharp. Yes! True on both counts. But I don’t think anyone will be coming or going officially for quite some time and it’s not a good idea for Setoma and his family to stay here any longer than necessary.
Devin: Do you know the location of the compound in my dimension?
Professor Jelaned: I know how to send something there.
Devin: Could you send me?
Professor Jelaned: What would that accomplish?
Devin: If we knew where it was, my friends and I could try sneaking in to get formula from there. Then we could send it through the portal. Besides, someone from our side ought to know about the whereabouts of people invading our dimension
Professor Jelaned: I’m sure everything’s heavily guarded. You’d be risking yourself.
(Just then a loud alarm goes off)
Setoma: What’s that?
Professor Jelaned: It’s an evacuation alarm. They want us out of the facility.
P.A. announcement: “Attention! Attention! A leak of gas has been reported. Please exit to the decontamination area immediately. Please exit to the decontamination area immediately.”
Professor Jelaned: I’m going to have to go. They will miss me if I don’t show up there. You’ll have to go to my storeroom and stay there. Let’s hope the gas isn’t lethal. I suspect there is no real leak but that they’re doing a security search. It’s been a month since they’ve done one.
Setoma: Should we hide in the ceiling like you showed me?
Professor Jelaned: Yes! I lined it with copper so their life sensors will not detect you up there.
Devin: Life sensors?
Professor Jelaned: Yes…they have a sensor that detects any life form within about 50 feet of it. They sweep the building like this every so often. That’s why I lined the ceiling in the storeroom as a precaution. Devin, I’m sorry but I can’t take time to send you back right now. Go hide with Setoma. I’ll be back as soon as I can! Hopefully this won’t take too long.

(Meanwhile in a more familiar dimension…)

Alex: I don’t like it. Devin should have been back by now.
Max: It’s only been four hours, Alex.
Alex: I know, but I just have a feeling something’s wrong.
Isabel: So do I. I’m getting fear vibes. I recognize some of them as Devin’s. His are different that other people’s. But I’m getting others too.
Michael: You’re able to feel them across the dimension?
Isabel: I guess so. I’m feeling something.
Max: I don’t know what else we can do except wait.
Liz: Does anyone want some lunch? I brought some sandwiches.
Michael: Might as well. Like he said, there’s not much else we can do. I wonder what Devin’s found. Any chance you can contact him, Isabel.
Isabel: I have enough trouble contacting living people in this dimension. You’re asking the impossible. All I’ve ever been able to do with Devin is feel his fear; fear that never seems to go away. It just changes in level.
Maria: How about Setoma?
Isabel: I don’t know who else I’m sensing. You’re asking for more than I can do, Michael. I wish I could.
Alex: Then I guess we wait. Come back to us friend Devin. Come back!

(Just what Devin didn’t need, isn’t it? Stuck, for at least a little while, in the foreign dimension. He truly does have a lot of information to tell the others, if he can just get back. We’ll see what happens in our next episode. You won’t want to miss it. You also won’t want to miss the fine B.S. Network show coming on next. Our outdoors show this week follows several fishing enthusiasts as they argue over which one of them caught the prize-winning fish. It’s an episode called, “Who’s Line Was It, Anyway?”)

posted on 13-Nov-2001 1:07:37 AM
Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 14
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(When last we were on the air, Devin was stuck in the foreign dimension, hiding with his new friends.)

Setoma: Is everyone OK?
Linka: It’s been hours honey, and you know I’m still feeling weak from…
Setoma: We can’t come out of the ceiling until we’re sure the guards won’t come in again. Professor Jelaned said they usually sweep twice and they’ve only been here once.
Devin: At least they didn’t detect us the first time.
Setoma: That’s the reason for the copper lining.
Whilea: I need to use the bathroom.
Setoma: I’m sorry, honey. Not much longer I hope. This is exactly the reason we can’t keep staying here.
Devin: My friends are going to be worried about me. I was only supposed to be here a short time. I…
Setoma: There’s nothing they can do for you from there.
Devin: Except worry. My girlfriend will be beside herself if I don’t call her tonight.
Setoma: You have a girlfriend. I thought you said you were unique…one of a kind.
Devin: I am. I just have a human girl that likes me.
Linka: Are you like my husband, Devin?
(Devin stares are Setoma, almost begging him not to talk about him to anyone else.)
Setoma: He’s not, dear. He’s special in another way. He can come through the portal without formula.
Whilea: He’s not really alive, mom.
Devin: I seem alive to me, Whilea.
Whilea: That’s not what I meant. Oh, never mind.
Linka: I think I’m confused.
Whilea: Is your girlfriend human, Devin?
Devin: Yes, very!
Whilea: And she likes you?
Devin: Yes!
Whilea: I’m not sure I want to go to your dimension if the young girls there date artificial life forms.
Devin: She doesn’t know what I am. I'm hoping it wouldn't matter if she did.
Linka: So you’re not…I mean…you are…
Devin: Yes, an android. But I think for myself. I’m as alive as you are.
Setoma: Devin’s a little sensitive about this Linka and Whilea. He’s our guest right now. He came to help us. Let’s treat him like a normal person, which as far as I can tell, he is.
Whilea: Sure dad. I just had to wonder about his girlfriend…
Devin: When we get you over there, I’ll introduce you. You’ll like her.
Setoma: Shhhh…I hear someone coming.
(Door opens…)
Soldier: Here you are professor. They told me to escort you back to your office and stay with you for awhile.
Professor Jelaned: I don’t know why you need to stay. I think this was a false alarm.
Soldier: I just follow orders, professor.
Professor Jelaned: OK, have a seat. I’ll get us some drinks out of the refrigerator in my storeroom.
(The professor goes to the back room as the soldier’s radio crackles…)
Radio: Lt. Bonnight, report.
Soldier: Here, sir!
Radio: If Professor Jelaned is OK, tell him to stay in his office until we clear everyone to leave. I need you back here. We’ve found our life form. There was a mongammer crawling around in the first floor ductwork. It was all a false alarm. We’ll clear everyone for normal activity shortly.
(The professor comes back in and looks at the guard…)
Professor Jelaned: I heard your radio. I’m glad it was nothing.
Soldier: Me too. They get too uptight. There's no way anyone could get in here that wasn’t supposed to. See you later professor.
Professor Jelaned: Thanks!
(The soldier leaves and the four hideaways come down from the ceiling.)
Setoma: You’ve got to get us out of here, professor. We’re a danger to you.
Professor Jelaned: Don’t worry about me, Setoma. Your father was a great friend. I’m glad to help his family.
Linka: But we pose a risk. If they found us here, who knows what they would do to you?
Professor Jelaned: I think getting discovered would be worse for you. I’d no doubt loose their trust. I might not be as free as I am now, but they need me to make formula and run the portals. They won’t kill me.
Devin: How did you get Setoma and his family in here?
Professor Jelaned: Whatever you are, you really are observant and very logical.
Setoma: I wish I’d designed him.
Professor Jelaned: This is a secret only those in this room know. I’ve modified the dimensional portal generator. It can move things around in this dimension as well as send things over to the other one.
Devin: Matter transfer?
Professor Jelaned: Right again. You are good! I kept thinking, if it can transfer things through dimensions, why not through molecules here. It took a year, but I got it to work. Since it takes less molecule shifting to work in only one dimension, it isn't absolutely essential that a person drink formula before being moved. But we can’t do it too much or for very long. There is still some capillary damage. That’s what happened to Linka; it's why she’s not feeling well.
Devin: The others seem OK.
Professor Jelaned: They are now, but they were pretty damaged when they first got here. Their alien blood has a healing effect on the capillaries, but it's not complete. And, of course Linka, being human, is taking much longer to heal. Setoma is doing what he can for her; but as he mentioned, being half human himself, his healing ability is limited. I can’t risk sending them anywhere again, even in this dimension, without normal formula.
Setoma: But you could bring my son…
Professor Jelaned: Yes. But if we’re going to do that, we should do it soon so he has time to heal before any inter-dimensional movement.
Setoma: Next message, I’ll tell him to forget the house and join us. We’re never going to be able to go back there anyway.
Devin: Professor! Can you send me back now? There’s a practical limit on how long I can stay anywhere without my taking care of something?
Whilea: Do you need a charge or something?
Devin: No, not as long as I get enough light every day. That’s not it at all, Whilea. I’m more normal than you think. I can see I need to get to know you better. By the way, since you are part alien, do you turn green at midnight?
Whilea: Dad! He’s not being nice to me.
Setoma: Whilea, Devin is very much a sentient being. He just wanted to show you how he feels when you ask him questions like the one you just did.
Whilea: I get the idea, dad. I’m sorry, Devin. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
Devin: It’s OK, Whilea. I wasn’t trying to make you feel bad either. I’m sure you just didn’t know how to interact with me.
Setoma: As I said before, as far as I'm concerned you should be treated like anyone else.
Devin: One of my friends isn’t quite sure about me either. It’s just something I have to live with.
Setoma: So are you at your limit, Devin?
Devin: I’m not in bad shape yet. But how long I’ve got, I don’t know. Setoma, you’re a programmer. It has to do with rebuilding…
Setoma: Oh, I see! That has to be done from an external source?
Devin: Yes. Alex says my builders did that to keep me on a leash.
Setoma: I could write you an internal routine if I had your source code.
Devin: Verified by second opinion. That’s what Alex said too.
Setoma: I need to meet this Alex friend of yours. He and I would get along well, I think. I do have something here that might help you a little.
(Setoma gives Devin a chart of computer characters to stare at. Devin does so for a few minutes.)
Setoma: Did that help?
Devin: Yea! I think it did. Thanks! That should give me a while longer. Professor, I still say you need to send me to your people’s compound in my dimension. If I can sneak out of there, I’ll figure out where it is and get back to my friends. If I can’t, I’ll step back to where you left me in an hour and you can pull me back.
Professor Jelaned: What if I put you where someone will capture you immediately?
Setoma: Send a message first. If they answer it, go no further. If they don’t, there’s probably no one in the room there.
Devin: I doubt that’s wise. A guard would certainly tell someone about any message.
Professor Jelaned: Damn you’re good! You really understand this.
Devin: Let's just wait until the middle of the night. They won’t be guarding the portal then. I’ll risk it. If I’m captured, I’ll make up some story about being an addition to the crew. Since I'll appear unharmed, they'll assume I had been given formula. How many are in the compound?
Professor Jelaned: No more than 20, unless they've sent some I don’t know about. You’re pretty determined, aren’t you?
Devin: I just think we’ve got a better chance of snatching formula from our side where no one would be expecting an attack on it. Besides, that would keep you out of it, professor. Your government can’t loose trust in you. We need you to operate the machine.
Professor Jelaned: OK! Let’s get some sleep. It’s not unusual for me to stay here all night. I’ll just tell the guards I won’t be leaving.
Setoma: Do you have to tell them?
Professor Jelaned: Yes! They expect I'll be going home soon. But quite often I stay here all night. They all know that, so it’s not a big deal.
(Everyone sacks out for awhile. Then; about three AM…)
Professor Jelaned: You’re sure about this, Devin?
Devin: Do it, professor. I’ll either be back in an hour or I’ll leave a note you can retrieve.
(The professor operates the machine and Devin disappears from their presence. He comes out of the portal into a dark room. He looks around but doesn’t see any windows. There is a door to his left. There’s a desk in the room and a phone on the desk. Area code 307-745-8809. Definitely not New Mexico! But where is it? Devin opens the door into a lighted hall. No one is in site. Everything is very quiet. Noting what door he came out of, Devin walks down the hall. There are stairs up and stairs down but no way out from this floor. He moves toward the stairs but looks up for some reason. He sees a security camera and quickly jumps back into the hall. He looks up and down the hall but sees no other cameras; just several near the stairs. Is someone watching those, he wonders? He notices a chair with a pillow on it at the end of the hall. Carefully he retrieves the pillow and throws it down the stairs. Suddenly, a door opens on the lower floor and a guard yells…)
Guard 1: Anyone there? Hello?
Guard 2: What is it?
Guard 1: I was sure I saw something black move across the stairs monitor.
Guard 2: Look! There’s a pillow lying there, halfway down the stairs.
Guard 1: What in the hell…
Guard 2: Do we call the Colonel?
Guard 1: And have to explain why there’s a pillow on the stairs. I don’t want to be locked up for a week.
Guard 2: Let’s get the life sensor and sweep the place. If we find nothing, this never happened, OK?
Guard 1: If we find nothing, it never happened.
(The guards sweep the halls, stairwells and rooms in the three-story building. Devin retreated to the room he came from and is hiding under the desk. The guards come in and sweep. Guess what? Devin may be a life form but he doesn’t show up on the life sensor.)
Guard 1: Isn’t the portal room door supposed to be locked?
Guard 2: Yes!
Guard 1: It wasn’t.
Guard 2: Check everywhere…and look at the safe where the formula is. Maybe someone’s trying to go back without authorization.
Guard 1: Only the Colonel knows the combination to the safe.
Guard 2: Safes can be cracked. I hear it happens in this dimension a lot more than in ours.
Guard 1: But not by our people.
Guard 2: I don’t know. Bilillia’s been pretty vocal about wanting to either get loose in this dimension or go back. He hates being stuck in the compound. Did you hear what he said about this dimension? He says men are free to decide their destinies.
Guard 1: That’s scary. They might make a bad mistake.
Guard 2: Bilillia says that’s what makes men here strong.
Guard 1: Bilillia is going to be in prison if he keeps talking like that. Where does he get his ideas?
Guard 2: From someone named Rush. He told me he found a radio from this dimension. He listens to the broadcasts for the people here.
Guard 1: I should report that.
Guard 2: Please, don’t! He’d know who told you. I promised I wouldn’t.
Guard 1: OK, but don’t you go weird on me.
(The guards leave, but by now, Devin decides his best move is to go back to the other dimension where Setoma and Professor Jelaned are. He’ll have him send him back to Riverdog's cave. He'll be armed with a phone number that hopefully can be traced and the name of someone who is not totally happy about being restricted to the compound. "This Bilillia person might help us", Devin thinks to himself. Devin waits until the hour is up, then stands in the portal area. The portal comes to life and…)
Professor Jelaned: Welcome back, Devin.
Devin: I couldn’t get out of the building into the compound but I did learn some things. Send me back to the cave in my dimension. Let my friends and I work on this.
Setoma: You sure are going out of your way for us.
Devin: I think our trying to get to the formula in our dimension makes the most sense. We have the freedom to move about. If there’s formula there, we’ll get it and send it to you.
Professor Jelaned: Or you'll wind up dead. Our people won’t sit still if you’re discovered. They will eliminate anyone who knows about them.
Devin: We’ll be careful. We need to get the Memonts out of here and save our relationship with you, professor. Round up your son, Setoma. It may take little while, but we’ll find a way.
Setoma: Thanks, Devin. And tell your friends…my people…thanks too.
Linka: You be careful, Devin!
Whilea: Devin? Tell your girlfriend she’s lucky to have you.
Professor Jelaned: OK! Step over there again, Devin.
(The portal materializes and Devin is gone. He's soon back in Riverdog's cave…)
Alex: DEVIN! Hallelujah! We were so worried.
Devin: You might say I got a little hung up. But I've been in and out of this dimension twice.
Max: We didn't see you.
Devin: I didn't come here. I'll have to explain.
Alex: Are you OK, Devin? It's been almost two days.
Devin: Yes, for now! I found someone you need to meet. He knows almost as much about computers are you do. Where is everyone?
Alex: They all went back to town, except Max and I. Someone has to run the Crashdown.
Devin: Let’s go get everyone together. I only want to tell about this once.
Max: It’s 5:00 AM.
Devin: OK! It can wait a few hours. There’s a lot to tell, but let’s go back to town anyway. I need to stop by home; then there’s someone I need to go see who's been worrying about me.
Max: He’s turning into a hopeless romantic isn’t he?
Alex: Romantic, maybe. But I think he’s a big hope for some people in another dimension.
Devin: They’re counting on us guys…all of us!

(So…Devin definitely has some “splainin” to do. But we know what he’s going to tell them so this is good place to stop. Besides, our time is up for today. Another fine B.S. Network show will be on after some short sponsor messages. All who dare, stay tuned for a musical program featuring five of the world's best trombone players. It's called "Sliders"!)

Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 15
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Max drives Devin and Alex home. Alex and Max are worried about Devin as he is beginning to show signs of having gone too long without a rebuild to his database. It’s just after daybreak when Devin finally hit's the computer…)

Alex: OK man, let’s just see if we can capture your source code when you go online with your lab. I’ll have to hack a bit, so be sure to tell me if you feel anything unusual.
Devin: (Getting more confused) Suppose I, you want my butt to see.
Alex: I don’t really want to see it again, but I guess…one more time for you, my friend.
Devin: Alex, if this works and I’m free of the lab, I’ll be kissing yours.
Alex: Please! A simple “thanks Alex”, will be more than adequate.
Devin: I just mean, this is the last thing that’s keeping me from…from…
Alex: From being a totally free individual
Devin: Yea! Got it you.
Alex: Your still gonna have to rebuild, but at least you’ll be able to do it yourself whenever you need to.
Devin: And I won’t have to check in with the lab or be afraid of being away from a computer for too long.
Alex: I hope so.
Devin: Setoma said the same thing. A computer programmer by trade he is. He said if he had my code source, he could help me.
Alex: So, you told him about yourself?
Devin: He kinda figured it out. I just confirmed it.
Alex: Sounds like I need to talk to the guy. Hang on dude, here we go.
(Devin connects with the lab and begins his rebuild, while Alex punches keys on the computer that he’s attached to Devin’s well hidden serial port.)
Devin: Ouch!
Alex: You OK?
Devin: I just felt a jolt through my whole system.
Alex: I’m in pretty deep. Hang with me, bro. I don’t know how else to do this. I have to strip your processor down so it will request a source code reload.
Devin: I hope…awck!
(Devin suddenly lies completely motionless, his voice interrupted in mid sentence. He looks lifeless, just staring off into space. Alex is frantic as he punches the keys as fast as he can. He thinks to himself, “ Damn! Something is blocking me. I’ve got all the data that is Devin…all his memories and functions, all his personality routines, everything that makes him be him…they're all stored in my computer now. This should be easy, sort of like a blood transfusion. The problem is this delay. I can’t keep these things in tact very long. Separated from his source code, the data will become corrupted.” Alex desperately punches keys, trying to get Devin’s processor to request the source code. He thinks to himself: “Come on…come on…please! I may have to give this up. If it don’t get the data back into his processor in the next couple of minutes, the Devin I know will be gone. I can’t let that happen. I can’t! Michael might disagree, but doing that would be murder. I can’t loose him; he’s come too far. He’s actually become a good friend. And Setoma needs him. He may just have to live with lab rebuilds. I better…wait…”. Just then Devin’s head jerks and Alex sees the data transfer he wants beginning to happen. Alex thinks to himself ”Thank God! It’s coming in. I’m capturing it too. Now if it just doesn’t take too long to download…come on…faster…faster…Done!")
Alex: Now Devin my friend, I’ll load your essence back on top of your source code. If all goes well, you’ll be back with me in just…”
(Alex continues typing. After a few very tense minutes, Devin looks up at Alex…)
Devin: Whew! What happened? I feel like I died and came back.
Alex: Did you see a bright light?
Devin: What?
Alex: Never mind! Are you OK?
Devin: Yes! I feel fine now. The rebuild worked. Did you get what you needed?
Alex: Yes, I got it. But you gave me scare. I was afraid I was going to have to abort.
Devin: I doubt they made it easy for you.
Alex: Now I’ll just meld your source code with my rebuild program and…there…voila!
Devin: Am I a free man?
Alex: Almost! Hold on to something. You may feel this as I overwrite…
Devin: (Shudders.) That tickles, man!
Alex: Sorry!
Devin: It’s fine…I…
Alex: OK! I think now whenever you need a rebuild, you just need to project my rebuild program and stare at it. It will adjust itself to what you need and give you the same rebuild the lab does.
Devin: You should feel like Abraham Lincoln, Alex. You just freed a slave.
Alex: Don’t let it go to your head…er…processor.
Devin: I think I prefer the head metaphor. I can’t thank you enough, Alex.
Alex: Thank you for not kissing my butt.
(Devin and Alex enjoy a laugh together. They both decide to go freshen up and change clothes. Even an android needs a bath once in awhile. Devin wants to fill everyone in on his dimensional trip. They agreed to meet at Michael's at 9:30. That should give him time to fill them in before the Crashdown needs Maria, Michael and Liz to open up. Now that his brain is normal again, Devin can't wait to talk to Anna. Finally about 9:00 o’clock he decides it’s late enough to call her…)

Devin: Hi! You awake?
Anna: Devin! Thank God! I haven't slept for two nights worrying about you.
Devin: I told you not to worry about me.
Anna: And I told you I was going to.
Devin: Wanta go somewhere for lunch?
Anna: You bet!
Devin: I've gotta go somewhere right now, but I'll pick you up about noon.
Anna: I'm just glad you're back, Devin. I think I'll try and sleep a little now.
Devin: See you soon!

(Devin didn't want to tell her that he might have to go away again; at least he didn't want to tell her right then. He's frustrated by not being able to tell her what’s going on but doing so would mean she'd have to know everyone's secrets, including his own, and that just can't happen. Shortly, it's time to fill in the others on the dimensional trip. Devin wakes up Alex who decided to take a short nap and they go to Michael's together. Devin tells everyone about his visit to the other dimension. Shortly…)

Isabel: You had quite a visit, Devin.
Devin: I’ll go again if I need to. And I can stay longer now. Alex has freed me from the lab.
Alex: He won’t be getting in rebuild trouble again. I’m going to miss our local version of Yoda.
Max: That was my line.
Alex: Actually, I was kidding. I was really feeling bad for Devin when he was so mixed up.
Michael: So, what are we going to do?
Devin: I think the real question is, do you want to help Setoma?
Isabel: Do we have a choice? He’s one of us, isn’t he?
Devin: I told you his story. I have no reason to doubt him.
Maria: So you want to try to steal formula from the alien compound?
Alex: It not alien. They're just humans from another dimension.
Max: And neither Setoma nor his friends know why they are sending people into our dimension?
Devin: On that question, I’m not sure. Professor Jelaned said he didn’t know, but the way he said it made me think there was something he wasn’t telling me.
Isabel: What did he say?
Devin: It was something like, “I don’t know. They don’t tell me”.
Liz: Sounds pretty plain to me.
Devin: You had to have been there. It’s just a gut feeling I have.
Michael: So now you have gut feelings too.
Devin: Figure of speech.
Max: Get off his case, Michael. Devin's doing us a great favor helping out with this.
Devin: It’s OK Max. He doesn’t have to like me.
Michael: I like you, Devin. And I do appreciate what you did.
Maria: Then show it, Michael. You’re always putting him down.
Alex: I still think Michael’s just jealous because HE can’t sing with you, Maria. Speaking of that…both of you…tomorrow night. Hope Club, 7 o’clock!
Devin: I hope I can still sing. You didn’t forget to put that routine back in did you Alex?
Michael: (Under his breath.) We can hope.
(Maria slugs Michael’s shoulder for that comment.)
Michael: Ouch! What was that for?
Maria: You know!
Isabel: We’re off the subject again.
(Alex has been surfing on Michael’s computer…)
Alex: I was working on the subject while I was talking to you. I found it…
Max: What?
Alex: The location of the phone number Devin gave me. He got it off the phone in the room in the building where Professor Jelaned sent him. It's part of the compound where the people from the other dimension are hiding.
Maria: I think I’m confused.
Michael: About what?
Maria: Devin said there are people from the other dimension in this dimension. What for?
Devin: That’s what we’ve been talking about here. We don’t know.
Maria: I know what you said, but I’m still confused.
Alex: Taking over from Devin, huh?
Isabel: Alex!
Alex: Sorry!
Max: What were you going to say, Alex?
Alex: As a result of my hacking, I figured out where the phone number is.
Michael: Well?
Alex: Laramie, Wyoming.
Isabel: Where’s that?
Alex: In Wyoming.
Isabel: I know that, dummy. What I mean is; where around Laramie, Wyoming is the room?
Alex: How would I know?
Devin: It’s inside a three-story concrete slab building. It was very quiet there. That’s all I can tell you. There were no windows that I saw and I couldn’t get near a door.
Max: Professor Jelaned said they have formula there?
Devin: Yes! And I heard the guards talking about it too. It’s in a safe in the room I was sent in to.
Michael: Safes I can do! So, when do we leave?
Max: It’s not that simple. I’m not sure we should all just descend on Laramie, Wyoming.
Besides, we don’t where to look once we get there.
Devin: There’s someone in the compound that isn’t very happy to be there. Maybe we should try to contact him. His name is Bilillia.
Max: I’d be careful on that score. He might be unhappy, but he might also be loyal enough to turn us in if we try to enlist his help.
Devin: It’s just an option. It’s one of the few things we know about the compound.
Michael: Max is right when he says we shouldn’t all go.
Liz: It’s going to be hard for everyone to leave. It wouldn’t be fair to my folks and the Crashdown. They might have to close.
Isabel: So who goes?
Max: I think I can get off work again. Izzy, we can try to tell mom and dad what we’re doing and why. They won’t like it…they may not even understand it, but they’ll let us go.
Isabel: I like being able to be honest with them.
Max: There is something to the trust we’ve established. Isabel, I think that you need to go in case we need connections or dream-walking. I better go in case anyone gets injured.
Isabel: Devin needs to go since he’s been there and will recognize the place if we find it.
Michael: And I need to go in case we need some pure brawn.
Alex: Why would you need dishwashing liquid?
Isabel: (Kicks Alex.) Brawn, not Dawn!
Alex: Oh!
Liz: What can we do for a cook at the Crashdown if Michael and Devin both go? And I’m not sure I want to let Max go so far away from me.
Max: It’s better if you’re here, Liz. We don’t know what we’ll find. At least our powers can help us stay safe.
Maria: I don’t want any of you to go. We may be getting into something we can’t easily get out of.
Isabel: I feel like we need to do this to help Setoma.
Alex: I feel that too. And if what Devin says is correct, stealing the formula from this dimension is the best approach. It will preserve Professor Jelaned as a contact to the other dimension. If he gets involved in stealing some over there and gets caught, the authorities would surely curtail his experiments. We’d never be able to pursue dimensional interaction again.
Devin: That's my thinking exactly. Professor Jelaned seems to be OK with bending his government’s rules a bit.
Alex: As much as I’d like to go, maybe I should stay here and…Liz, maybe you could teach me to cook at the Crashdown?
Isabel: You? Cook? This I’ve got to see.
Alex: Except you won’t see it, because you’ll be gone. Sob!
Max: It’s settled then! It’s Isabel, Michael, Devin, and me who'll go. It’s going to take a day or two to get ready. We’ll leave Sunday.
Alex: And if you need help, call for reinforcements. We'll find a way to get there.
Max: Sounds good!
Liz: I’ll tell you what sounds good to me.
Max: What?
Liz: Since were going to be separated for awhile, how about a date, Max Evans? Just you and me!
Max: Ohhh…I’d like that! Tonight?
Liz: Yes, tonight!
Max: It’s a date. Pick you up at seven.
Maria: Michael?
Michael: Yes!
Maria: I like Liz’ idea. How about you and me…
Michael: Don’t you have to sing with the band?
Maria: That’s tomorrow!
Michael: In that case…Yes! Let’s do it! Seven o'clock!
Alex: Izzy?
Isabel: Of course, Alex! I need you to calm my nerves.
Alex: Do you think we can find three different secluded places?
Isabel: If we think that we can find a mysterious compound in Wyoming, it stands to reason that we can handle finding seclusion here.
Devin: I’m picking Anna up for lunch. I’ll have to ask her about tonight, but I think we ought to make it four secluded places.
Alex: Is Roswell that big?
Max: Bigger than Laramie!

(Hmmm! Plans for tonight! Plans for the future. I guess more of what's happening will have to wait until our next episode. I sure hope the gang knows what they're doing. There is a rumor that Mrs. Zoombash, the eight-six year old, very proper owner of this network is on vacation. If that’s true, we might be able to show you a bit of date night on our next show. If not, we'll at least be back with more of the preparations for the trip to Wyoming. Whatever we bring you, it'll be worth coming back for. And stay tuned now as the B.S. Network presents: “Xerox: The Duplicate Princess”.)

posted on 13-Nov-2001 1:09:23 AM
Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 16
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(When we left our heroes in the last episode, they were planning a date night. They seemed to think they needed some sex relief before their adventure to help Setoma and his family. Our last episode was pretty intense; we nearly lost Devin. For a change of pace, we thought it might be fun to see what their dates wound up being all about.)

Max: So, where to?
Liz: Surprise me.
Max: To the Batmobile…er…Jeep!
Liz: Must be too many Saturn rings?
Max: Heh..Heh!
(In the Jeep…)
Liz: Max?
Max: Huh?
Liz: You’ll be careful, won’t you? In Wyoming I mean.
Max: Of course! And I’ll be counting the minutes away from you.
Liz: Max?
Max: Uh huh!
Liz: We keep finding more of your people.
Max: Uh…we’ve found two in this dimension (See Balance Statements II), not counting Isabel and Michael, and maybe 3 in the other. Not exactly an invasion force.
Liz: The only invasion I worry about is towards you. What if you found a woman that was one of your own kind? Would you still…
(Max pulls the Jeep to side of the road and stops. He leans over and cups Liz’ face in his hand…)
Max: Listen to me, Liz! I, Max Evans, being of sound mind and madly in love with you hereby declare, "Liz Parker! You are my soul mate. I don’t know how I know that, but I do. I don’t know how it could be, but it is. Maybe some common God or Creator in charge of both our worlds made both our souls. What body types our souls would up in is irrelevant. I know I’m on this earth because you are. I look forward to an eternity with you. Whatever the explanation, there is not now, nor will there ever be, anyone for me but you.” (Kisses her deeply.) Can we go on, now?
Liz: Wow!
Max: Are you going to start that again?
Liz: I meant…wow!
(Kisses him back!)
Liz: Proceed my Prince!
(Back underway…)
Max: Liz?
Liz: Yes, Max.
Max: Should I be concerned that you even thought that I could ever love anyone but you?
Liz: What do you mean?
Max: I’m absolutely certain you’re the only one for me. I’d like to be sure the reverse is true.
Liz: Oh Max! I’m sorry. I just love you so much that even the thought of anyone or anything ever coming between us just makes crazy. The time you told me you wanted to step back was the worst day of my life. I just need to trust the Balance Rocks. I know they brought out our feelings for each other in such a way that I shouldn’t even need to give it a thought. (See Roswell E-Mail.)
Max: Promise me you’ll quit worrying about that. You don’t need to. I’m yours. Always and forever!
Liz: OK, I promise. But you need to promise me that you’ll quit worrying about whether I’ll always want to be with you, even if anything unusual happens. Just count on it, OK?
Max: OK, I promise. Now…
(Max pulls the jeep up behind the old cabin they visited when they were involved with the man selling the balance rays. They go inside and sit down on an old wood bench.)
Liz: The last time we were here, you were invisible…and naked. (Balance Statements II.)
Max: Don’t remind me.
Liz: You don’t want to do that again? I liked the naked part a lot, even though I couldn’t see you. I just loved sitting on your lap with my arm around you like this…
(Liz jumps into his lap and puts her arm around him.)
Max: That was an experience, to say the least. How do you spell sublimate?
Liz: Alex told me a joke about the three “ates” of sex. Remind him to tell you sometime.
Max: I’ll try to remember to forget.
Liz: Are you sure you don’t want to relive at least one part of that interesting day?
Max: I…
(As Liz starts unbuttoning Max’ shirt, she’s remembering how it was the time she sat this same way on his lap; he with no clothes on. Even though he was invisible that day, she could still feel his smooth skin and powerful muscles. At least today she can feel the muscles. Max isn’t sure how far to let this go, but he’s enjoying her head and lips on his neck too much to stop her and…BZZZZ… excuse me folks; it’s the B.S. Network producer. "What’s that you say…Mrs. Zoombash (the owner of the network) is on the phone. Oh dear! She wasn’t on vacation after all. Uh huh!…But…She said that, huh? I understand….That is too bad!…OK, I'll make an announcement." Folks! I guess we’ll have to change this scene before we get cut off the air? I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you’ll just have to imagine for yourself what Liz and Max did on their “date”.)

Maria: What kind of a date is this? Listening to CD’s in your apartment.
Michael: Where did you want to listen to them?
Maria: Oooo! Sometimes Michael Guerin, I just want to…
Michael: You want to what?
Maria: Take you in my arms, hug you, kiss you, tell you I love you, tell you I’m glad you’re mine…
(Does all of the above.)
Michael: OK, I get the message. Where do you want to go?
Maria: Anywhere with you. I want to be alone with you tonight. I’m not looking forward to your being gone.
Michael: Hopefully it won’t be too long.
Maria: I’ve got an uneasy feeling about this, Michael. I wish you didn’t have to do it at all.
Michael: If the shoe was on the other foot and we had been discovered, I’d be grateful for someone like Setoma who would help us. I think we need to do this. Besides, it sounds like he knows a little about where we’re from. That’s exciting.
Maria: I’m sorry. I just get jealous of anything that diverts your attention from me.
Michael: Now you know how I feel when you sing with Devin.
Maria: So, you are jealous.
Michael: Not of Devin. Of your time with the band!
Maria: Do you want me to tell Alex I won’t sing with them any more?
Michael: Would you do that?
Maria: If you asked me to, I would.
Michael: But you enjoy that, don’t you.
Maria: Yes, I do. And despite what Alex thinks, the band is better because of me.
Michael: I have to agree with that. It has been better.
Maria: And truthfully now, isn’t Devin a good singer?
Michael: What do you want from me; blood? OK, I admit it. He is pretty good. He helps the band too.
Maria: I know that took a lot for you to admit that. So, do I have to quit the band?
Michael: You’d really do that if I asked you to?
Maria: Yes, I would!
Michael: Then no; but just remember that I’m jealous of your time with it.
Maria: Just like I’m jealous of your time searching your heritage.
Michael: Now that we have that out of the way…
(Michael picks up Maria and lies her on the couch. She pulls him down on top of her. If we didn’t know better, we’d think this was a rerun of the WKF: Smoochdown program.
Michael leans in and kisses Maria, a soft kiss at first. Michael then opens his mouth a little and is sucking on her lips. Maria opens her mouth more and tongues meet.
He begins to kiss her neck. Michael unbuttons the top buttons of Maria’s blouse and starts to nibble on her shoulders.)
Maria: Michael?
Michael: (mumbles) Huh?
Maria: Is this our secluded spot for a date?
Michael: I don’t see anyone else around, do you?
Maria: You do have a point.
(The necking resumes and we’d bring it to you, but Mrs. Zoombash has her finger on the censor button again. Better not risk it. Can you believe it; she expects us to garner ratings without sex. This show should be called "Mission Impossible". Use your imagination and you’ll discern what’s going on. About an hour later…)
Maria: Michael…
Michael: Uh huh?
Maria: Is it hot in here?
Michael: Kind of? Wanta go get an ice cream or something?
Maria: Yea! I do.
Michael: You wish…I provide!
Maria: Michael…
Michael: What?
Maria: Thank you!
Michael: For what?
Maria: For loving me, for taking care of me.
Michael: I’m the one that should thank you for that.
Maria: That just proves it.
Michael: Proves what?
Maria: That we’re right for each other. Don’t ever leave me, Michael.
Michael: I won’t Maria. I might go out of town, but I won’t ever leave you.
Maria: Promise me you’ll be careful…and that you’ll call.
Michael: I promise!
Maria: That was easier than I thought.
Michael: So is loving you!
(The couple takes off for their ice cream date, happy to just be with each other.)

(Meanwhile, down at the Century Theater…)

Alex: (Whispers) This show is dumb.
Isabel: The critics liked it.
Alex: Do you?
Isabel: No!
Alex: Want to leave?
Isabel: Yes!
(They get up, slip out of the theater, and walk to Alex’s car. Then, heading out of town…)
Isabel: So much for "What Lies Beneath"
Alex: I'd rather think about that topic as it applies to you.
Isabel: You're sweet!
Alex: I mean...I like what's on top too but...
Isabel: You better quit while you're ahead.
Alex: I suppose I'd better. So where's our "secluded spot"? I wasn't ready to worry about it until we cut the movie short.
Isabel: Wanta go out to that cabin where the tunnel is?
Alex: Actually, no. I still get nightmares about that place.
Isabel: How about out by the old radio tower.
Alex: It's posted "no trespassing", but maybe that'll make for more seclusion.
(Alex heads for that location.)
Alex: So, you said you wanted me to calm your nerves. What has you nervous?
Isabel: Oh, just this proposed trip to Wyoming. I know we need to go, but I don't really want to.
Alex: That's good, because I don't want you to go either. But you're going to do it because it's the right thing to do. I wish there were more I could do to help.
Isabel: If you're willing to cover for Michael, that's plenty.
Alex: In some ways maybe. But once again, I feel inadequate around you. Am I really the person you need at your side, Isabel? Heaven knows I want to be. But as Max was rattling off the reasons certain people should be the ones to go to Wyoming, I felt weak. Anytime you're involved I want to jump in and just do whatever you need. I want to be the one to help you and protect you, but I don't have healing powers or the power to move and change objects. In your world, I wonder if you need someone who can do that. A man should be able to do what is necessary to protect his woman and be a helpmate to her.
*Isabel: (In a silent connection) But you do have a gift many men don't have.
*Alex: (Silent) Thanks to your rocks. It didn't have much to do with me.
*Isabel: Au contraire my friend. The rocks didn't give you this ability; they just let you harness something you already had. You said you always had a talent for reading people. You were given this talent for a reason. Think about how many times it's saved us from trouble. I feel very secure knowing I can reach out to you this way. I'd still love you if you couldn't do it, but it does make me feel closer to you. It's something we can share. It confirms to me that we're not so different.
*Alex: I guess!
Isabel: Alex, I trust you with my life. You have knowledge of computers and technology that some men twice your age would die for. Look how it saved when we were getting that obscure E-mail or when that crazy lady tried to claim me. Look what you did for Devin just yesterday. Every person has talents and abilities. Learning to use them for others is, I think, one of the purposes of life. You have done that better than most. You don't need to feel inadequate; you're not. No way, no how! You've got talents; I've got talents. I think we complement each other very well, thank you. You accept and you love me. Me! Someone you probably should have run screaming from when you found out the truth.
Alex: Never! I thank my lucky stars every day that you even talk to me, much less want to have a relationship. But truthfully, haven't you ever thought what it would be like to have a relationship with someone exactly like you? Maybe you'll be able to find someone like that in the other dimension. Apparently there are more of you there.
Isabel: I'm not interested. I have all the man I need right here.
(Warps her arms around him and gives a hug.)
Isabel: Alex, don't even give this line of reasoning a second thought. You're as much as I'll ever need or want...probably more.
(Alex stops the car by the old tower and Isabel leans in and gives Alex one of the most thrilling kisses he's ever had. It lasted more than a minute. As they come up for air...)
Alex: I was supposed to calm your nerves and you wound up calming mine.
Isabel You calmed me too. Isn't that what a relationship is all about? Helping each other.
Alex: Yes. And I'm now I'm going to help myself.
Isabel: To what?
Alex: This!
(Alex pulls Isabel to him and wraps his arms around her, holding her tight. They begin to kiss; quick smooches at first...but deepening meaningful kisses soon follow. Alex feels excitement as Isabel runs her hand up his leg and thigh. A thrill runs through his entire body. Alex places his hand across her back and moves it slowly towards the front of her body…)
*Alex: (Silent) I hope you're not reading what I'm thinking right now.
*Isabel: Why not? It couldn't be any worse than the dream the other night.
*Alex: I thought you enjoyed that?
*Isabel: I did! Maybe we should let that be a guide for tonight.
Alex: Really?
Isabel: Really!

(Really? Oh dear! I can tell we better close this scene too. Mrs. Zoombash you know. These kids are going to get me cancelled. I wonder if Isabel could dreamwalk Mrs. Z? I bet if we got the goods on her, we could make her feel like a hypocrite for shutting down these scenes. Well, we've one more couple to check on, and given Devin's status, this scene will be safe; don't you think?)

(In Devin's Cherokee)
Anna: Where are we going?
Devin: Anywhere you tell me.
Anna: But this was your idea.
Devin: You could have said no.
Anna: I don't ever want to say no to you, but Devin…
Devin: What?
Anna: Do you love me?
Devin: We've only known each other a short time, Anna.
Anna: You didn't answer my question?
Devin: I'm not sure I know totally what love is, or if I'm even supposed to love.
Anna: What do you mean by that? It's human nature to love.
Devin: All I can do is describe what you do to me; the way you make me feel. You make me feel wonderful, like I'm wanted…needed…respected. You seem to want to be with me. I try to do the same to you but I don't know if I'm succeeding.
Anna: All of the above is true for me too. I think I feel the same things when I'm with you.
Devin: If that is love, then yes…I'm in love with you.
Anna: One part of love is trust, Devin. I don't know what you were doing with your friends. I know you said you can't tell me, but it makes me feel like I'm something you can put away when you don't want it. I want to be part of whatever you do.
(Devin pulls the car off the road at the mountain overlook he's driven too.)
Devin: You make it very difficult, Anna. I want you to be part of my life. But there are some things I just have to do for and by myself. Would you want me to betray a confidence? That's what you're asking me to do.
Anna: No! If you did I'd think you weren't trustworthy and I know you are. I accept that whatever you were doing for your friends you need to keep secret. But what about you, Devin? You keep saying there are things about you I'm better off not knowing. How can I love you if I don't know you? You're not in some kind of legal trouble are you?
Devin: No! I don't think so. I…
(Pause! Devin wants to cry but that is something he's physically incapable of. But he feels just like a human does when they cry…)
Devin: (Voice shaking) Maybe…maybe someday I can do it, Anna. Maybe someday I can tell you. Right now, I can't…I just can't do it. If I told you, you'd…
(Devin puts his arms around Anna and pulls her tight to him. She hugs him back, sensing he's on the verge of tears.)
Anna: It's OK, Devin. I won't push you any further. I sense that, whatever it is, it's very emotional for you. As long as you can assure me that you're not in trouble with the law or that your life isn't in danger, that's enough for now. You can tell me when the time is right.
Devin: (Voice almost sobbing) No, I not in trouble with the law. But I may need to go away to help my friends again. But I'll be back. I want to come back to you. But Anna…!
Anna: Yes!
Devin: I can't promise that the time will ever be right. At first I tried to stop this…our getting close. The more I was around you, the less I wanted it to stop. I knew this might happen and still I kept wanting to see you. You make me happy, Anna. I've let our relationship go too far…let it get too involved. It's my fault! If you can't…can't allow me to keep…to not…I mean, I'm afraid that if you…Oh Anna…Please! Please don't ask me about this anymore. I know it's asking a lot and if you can't do it, I understand. I want you to know that you are the best thing that's ever happened to me. Yes, I really do love you.
(Devin starts to pull away, but Anna pulls him into her arms again and hugs him tight. Anna is almost in tears as she senses Devin's fear. Suddenly, it becomes clear to her. "If he tells me his secret, he's afraid I'll be gone…that he'll loose me")
Anna: Devin?
Devin: Yes, Anna!
Anna: You're afraid of loosing me, aren't you?
Devin: (Pause) Yes, I guess I am. I don't know what will happen to me if you're gone from my life, Anna. I don't want to face it. Can you accept that? Please Anna. Please don't ask me to…
(She leans in and kisses him.)
Anna: There isn't anything you could say that would push me away from you, but I understand that you think so. I'll convince you of that someday. For now, it's OK. Let's forget this for now and just see where things go. I'm not ready to lose you over it. Thank you for telling me as much as you did. Just knowing that you love me enough to be afraid of losing me is a wonderful feeling.
(The two hug and kiss. Devin is glad his creators gave his tongue the ability to move. Anna kisses his neck and Devin notices he seems to be developing even more feeling there. Once again, Anna starts unbuttoning Devin's shirt and once again…well, asking you to use your imagination with Devin involved might be a bit much. Suffice to say they had a great time the rest of the night, until a sheriff's deputy came knocking on the car door...)
Deputy: You two! May I suggest you get a room?
Devin: I…I'm sorry sir.
Deputy: That's OK young fellow. But I need to ask you to move along.
Devin: Yes sir!

(Well, that was date night on the B.S. Network. Danged OLD Mrs. Zoombash anyway. What a party poop! Well, at least we're not cancelled! Next time we'll be able to get back to the trip to Wyoming, Setoma, the other dimension, Alex's bad jokes and a lot more stuff you won't want to miss. Join us soon for another episode of "Czech Your Dimensions". Now stay tuned for a feature film about a deranged man who developed cannibalistic tendencies. He finally just could not resist eating his wife. When taken into custody, he showed no remorse at all. It's called, "Gladiator"!) [Sorry! The puns are getting worse, aren't they? I've been spending far too much time with Alex. J]

Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 17
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Well, the gang had a great date night, but now it's the next day and time to get serious about helping the folks they’ve been communicating with in the other dimension…)

(Scene: At the Crashdown. Conveniently, no one else is in the restaurant.)
Isabel: I'm guessing it will take a full day, maybe more, to drive to Wyoming even if we trade off driving.
Max: So we better get started soon.
Liz: You can drag your feet as long as you want as far as I’m concerned.
Isabel: So we get there. How are we going to find the location of the compound? How are we going to get in? And how do we get back out?
Michael: All very good questions, but one's we probably can't answer until we get there.
Max: Isabel is right. We still need a starting point. And we can't just breeze into town and start asking questions.
Alex: Laramie is a college town. The University of Wyoming is there. That and ranching are the town's economy. Maybe you could pretend you're checking out the University as a place to attend school. That would give you a reason to be there.
Max: Good idea. Thanks Alex.
(Isabel gives Alex a knowing, "see, you are a wonderful help" look.)
Max: Devin! Could you make a sketch of what you saw?
Devin: I could, but it was just the inside of one room, one hall, and one staircase.
I have no idea about the outside landscape.
Max: I was just thinking about some way to know if we discover the right place.
Devin: I'll know the inside.
Michael: But I'm not sure you'll be with us when we break in.
Devin: That's why I'm going. Because I'll recognize it!
Max: We don't know what we'll find. It might be heavily guarded.
Devin: I've got an idea. Alex, can you get hold of a radio transmitter…a homing device of some sort?
Alex: I could probably build one if nothing else. I’ve made stuff like that before in the ham radio club at school.
Liz: You never told me you were a ham, Alex.
Isabel: Isn't it obvious?
*Alex: (Silent connection to Isabel.) Oooo! Wrong kind of ham, Isabel! You just wait…
*Isabel: (Smiling innocently) For what, dear?
Devin: See if this idea floats your boats, people.
Maria: Sounds like Devin's been watching too much TV.
Isabel: Hey, if he has an idea, let's hear him out. After all, he's been to where we need to go.
Devin: Can we get a message to Professor Jelaned?
Max: I think he still activates the portal in the cave once a day, but we need to hurry.
Devin: If this works, it will save more time than it will take to contact him.
Michael: So what's your idea.
Devin: Look! I can go through the portal unharmed, even without formula.
Michael: We know that. So what?
Isabel: Let him finish, Michael.
Devin: Here's what we do. I don't go with you to Wyoming. Instead, let me go back to the other dimension where Professor Jelaned and Setoma are. I'll take the radio transmitter with me. Once I’m there, I'll have Professor Jelaned send me via the portal back to the compound in Wyoming. You take a radio receiver tuned to the transmitter with you and when you get there you can follow the signal right to me. Since I'll be inside the compound, maybe I can help you get in.
Max: Possibly we could take a cell phone and you could call us.
Alex: I wonder how much equipment you can carry through the portal. I'd be cautious of you using the phone you saw there. It might be wired so they can tell if it's in use. I'd feel better if you had a cell phone too. Even so, there's always the possibility that they would detect the radio signals from either the cell phone or the homing transmitter. It sounds a bit risky to me.
Devin: We could have specified times to turn it on and look for it. I'd want Professor Jelaned to send me in the middle of the night again. No one was in that room then.
Michael: That just might work!
Devin: I wish I had your ability to open the safe, Michael; but I think we're going to have to get at least Michael, if not all of you, in there to open the safe and get the formula. As to whether I go back through the portal or out with you somehow, we'll have to play that by ear.
Michael: If we do get the formula, couldn’t Professor Jelaned pull us all out of there into the other dimension.
Devin: That’s possible. But I don’t know how much formula they have stored there and if there’d be enough for Setoma’s needs if you used some of it so you could transport. He needs enough left to get four people over here. I guess we play that by ear too.
Max: I like this. At least we have a plan. Let's go out to the cave and get a note to Professor Jelaned. And you're right about the time. Even if it takes an extra day, it's worth it.
Liz: Why don't you three start up to Wyoming right away and let us handle this end. That would save some time. Take your phone and call us. We can tell you if we need to change plans.
Max: I think we better make sure Professor Jelaned is cool with this idea. If he's not, then we'd need to come back for Devin.
Devin: If he isn't, you may not even need me, since I can't tell you much about the outside of the place anyway. On second thought, maybe you would. There is something I forgot to tell you.
Isabel: Uh oh!
Devin: This could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. The people from the other dimension have these life sensors. They can wave them around any area and detect anything living. At least the way you define living. Professor Jelaned said they are good to about fifty feet.
Michael: Whoops!
Devin: That's the bad news. The good news is they don't seem to detect me. At least they didn't. I was hiding under the table in the room where the safe is when the guards used it. I though I was toast, but they never found me. Copper shielding also blocks their sensing ability. That's how Professor Jelaned is hiding Setoma and his family.
Max: I don't think a portable copper shield is very practical.
Alex: Duh!
Liz: It does sound like you better delay your departure until you contact Professor Jelaned.
Devin: The downside of this is it's going to take some timing, and Professor Jelaned doesn't always have the latitude to operate the machine anytime he wants. I suspect someone might question him about too many overnight experiments.
Michael: Let's go see what he says.
(The group heads out to Riverdog's cave to put a communication in the dimensional portal. Meanwhile, in the other dimension, Professor Jelaned has brought Setoma’s not too happy son to his lab…)

Lotaire: Well, my life is certainly ruined. Thanks a lot for falling off the roof and getting caught, grandpa.
Setoma: That's not fair, Lotaire. Your grandfather was one of the kindest, most loving men you would ever want to know.
Lotaire: He was also an alien. That makes you half alien and me one quarter. We'll never have a life again. I was all set to go to college on scholarship. That's all blown up! My friends don't want to see me, except maybe to suck my blood. My whole life is ruined.
Setoma: You're not the only one, son. None of us can have the life we had. Your mom, your sister, me…we all lost a lot. The odd part is; we don't really know if our blood is all that desirable.
Lotaire: It not just the blood. Hell, I'd give them all they want if I could still have a life.
Setoma: Was your so called life really what you wanted? You had a scholarship, but in what? Agriculture? I thought you wanted to be in computers like me. And as I recall, you only got the scholarship if you agreed to marry that tall redheaded ag student they lined you up with. They designated that you two study together and be "team workers" after college. Did you really love that woman, Lotaire? If things work out we can build our lives doing what we want with who we want; not what the government thinks we ought to do.
Lotaire: In some other dimension? Jeez dad! What makes you think we can do this. We've got to steal government formula to make your plan work. What does that make us? And even if we can cross over, Professor Jelaned said we'd still have to hide our identities. He told me aliens aren't exactly welcome in that dimension either. Why was I born to you? And why didn't you tell me about my "heritage" so this wouldn't have been such a shock? I always wondered why I could sometimes make objects move a little bit…
Linka: Calm down, son. This situation is what it is. Griping and complaining won't change it.
Setoma: Your mom's right. The best solution is to start over. We're lucky to have Professor Jelaned to help us. And I'm sorry about not telling you. I thought it was best not to.
Lotaire: We could just give ourselves up. The government wouldn't kill us. They want our blood.
Setoma: But we'd likely be prisoners; especially if our blood has the components they want. Even if it doesn’t, we'd never be free. You have my permission to turn yourself in if that’s what you want to do, but please don't tell anyone where the rest of us went.
Lotaire: No, dad! If you pull off this crazy scheme, I'll go with you. At least it will be an adventure.
Setoma: The people we've communicated with…some of them who are like us…seem very nice. They are willing to help us. Not only to get formula so we can go, but to adapt to their dimension. Things are a lot different there. As I said, men have freedom to choose what they want to make of their lives.
Lotaire: As long as they're not aliens.
Setoma: Or as long as they're not discovered. The people that have offered to help us have been living there freely for years. There is no reason we can't either.
Lotaire: Until you fall off a roof.
Linka: That's enough, Lotaire. Please son, give this a chance. It's our best option.
Lotaire: What choice do I have?
Professor Jelaned: It's time to check with our friends. Excuse me.
(Professor Jelaned leaves his back room and goes to the dimensional portal equipment. The professor operates the portal. A message says, "we need to talk". If you're clear, we'll have Devin ready to send in ten minutes. He walks back to where Setoma's family is hiding.)
Professor Jelaned: They're sending Devin to talk to us. They must have a plan in mind.
Whilea: (Setoma's Daughter) Devin's coming again? Good! I decided I like him.
Lotaire: Who's Devin? And if he can come through the portal, he must have formula.
Setoma: Devin is a long story, Lotaire. He has special properties that let him cross the dimension without formula. I need to know that you're with us on this before I can tell you any more.
Lotaire: So now this gets even more cloak and daggerish! What next? A plot to overthrow the government?
Setoma: No! Nothing like that. All we want is our lives back. The other dimension is the only hope I see of that.
(Professor Jelaned operates the portal again and Devin appears.)
Professor Jelaned: Hello again.
Devin: How are things going?
Professor Jelaned: No altogether wonderfully. Setoma's son Lotaire is here now and he's very bitter about the whole situation.
Devin: Would it help if I talked to him; told him that there are people who want to help him. That life in our dimension isn't so bad.
Professor Jelaned: I don't know. Maybe you better talk to Setoma first.
Devin: Before I do that, I need to tell you our idea. We need to know if you think it could work.
(Devin tells Professor Jelaned about the idea of using the portal to put him in the compound with a radio transmitter.)
Professor Jelaned: Ingenious! Who thought of that?
Devin: I guess I did, professor.
Professor Jelaned: It's worth a try. I've never tried sending equipment with an individual. We haven't sent that many people and we've never sent equipment with them. It always went separately.
Devin: Let's work out a time table, giving Max and the others time to get to the compound's location.
Professor Jelaned: You've pinpointed it?
Devin: Yes! Well, sort of. We know the area it's in. Alex figured it out from the phone number I saw on the phone when I was there before.
Professor Jelaned: OK then. Let's try for two possible times, just in case someone might be here that shouldn't be the first time. Today is Sunday. Suppose I bring you back here on Tuesday. I'll try for 1:00 or 3:30 P.M. to bring you over. Then let's say Wednesday about 2:30 AM or 3:15 A.M. to send you to the compound. I'll be ready to do a pull back 10 minutes later should you have a problem. Tell your friends to be listening for your transmission at those times. I'll check back four, six, and eight hours later from whenever we send you. You can either come back or let me know when to try again with a message.
Devin: That sounds good. Professor Jelaned, how much formula does it take for each person to safely travel through the portal?
Professor Jelaned: We don't know the minimum for sure. We know a cup works. That's what we give the travelers.
Devin: And how much do you think is stored over there?
Professor Jelaned: This is a guess, but with 14 people over there, there's probably a cup for each.
Devin: Then if my friend or friends drank some, they could come back with me and Setoma would still have enough?
Professor Jelaned: Yes! But remember they would have to drink it at least 20 minutes before they transport and no more than an hour before.
Devin: OK, then. I hope this works.
Professor Jelaned: So do I, for Setoma's family's sake.
Devin: Is Setoma back in the storeroom?
Professor Jelaned: Yes!
(Devin walks back to the storeroom to see the hideaways.)
Whilea: Hi Devin!
Devin: Hi yourself. How are you doing?
Whilea: Are you going to take me to meet some new friends?
Devin: I hope so Whilea. It won't be today, but I hope it will be soon.
Setoma: Tell all your people thank you, Devin.
Devin: They are happy to do it, Setoma.
Lotaire: So you're Devin!
Devin: And you must be Setoma's son.
Lotaire: Unfortunately! Name’s Lotaire.
Devin: Your father seems like a good man to me.
Lotaire: He did to me for a lot of years too. But now…
Devin: You can't blame him for what your government wants to do to you.
Lotaire: I can blame him for what I am. For making me!
Devin: I suppose you can, but to what purpose? It won't change anything. It's not all doom and gloom for you, man. There are some neat people over in my dimension. Give us a chance. We'll help you. You can have a good life there. You can be your own person.
Lotaire: But, I'll have no friends. Nothing to do.
Devin: Sure you will. My friends are great. They'll be your friends too. I also know some cute girls. I sing with a band. Do you like music?
Lotaire: You sing? Men aren't ever singers here. That's woman's work.
Devin: See? They'll be plenty for you to do just learning our ways.
Lotaire: Like I told my mom, at least it will be an adventure.
Devin: Hey! It'll be great. We've just got to get through the dangerous part first. We need to get you the formula.
Lotaire: Why are you risking yourselves for us?
Devin: My friends think that since you're partly like them, they owe you that. They want to help.
Lotaire: And you?
Devin: I believe in doing the right thing. This seems like the right thing to me. You guys deserve more than you can have here now.
Lotaire: I just can't believe you people are doing this. I think we owe you thanks.
Devin: Wait until we get you freed. Then you can thank us.
Setoma: We thank you just for trying.
Lotaire: Thanks for talking to me, Devin. I feel better about this. Maybe it will be OK.
Linka: Son, I'm glad to hear you say that. It will work out. And we'll all be together.
Devin: I better get going. I need to tell my friends what the plan is.
Setoma: Until later, then.
Devin: Later!
(Devin goes back to the professor's lab and Professor Jelaned returns him to his own dimension…)
Max: You're back!
Devin: Yes. Professor Jelaned likes our plan. He'll help us. Here's the timetable we worked out…

(Devin continues to fill in Max and the others. They now have a plan. Will it work? Be sure to tune in for our next episode to see if they can pull this off. Now stay tuned to the B.S. Network for a show that tells the sad tales of woe that befell a group of women that constantly complained about their husbands. "Webitched!")

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Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 18
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(So the plan to steal formula from the Dimensioners compound in Wyoming is under way. Max, Michael, and Isabel told their parents what was happening. The dimensional thing concerns them; but, while terrified of what might happen, they understand why their kids (they consider Michael theirs now too) have to do this. Isabel promised them that Alex would keep them updated. Meanwhile, something ominous is happening in the other dimension. If Setoma or Professor Jelaned knew what was going on, they might be rethinking this whole thing.)

General: So you think Professor Jelaned is doing something unauthorized?
Lieutenant: I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure he’s been using the dimensional portal in the middle of the night.
General: How do you know that.
Lieutenant: Whenever one of the portals is activated, the lights in my office flicker. I was working late a few days ago and I noticed that happening. I checked with the guards and they said Professor Jelaned had told them he was spending the night.
General: He plays with that portal all the time, but he knows the rules. Transfer objects only to uninhabited areas. Bring back only objects. Professor Jelaned has always been loyal and trusted. Are you really worried about him?
Lieutenant: Why would he transport objects in the middle of the night?
General: Maybe to be sure no one in the other dimension is awake to see them appear.
Lieutenant: I don’t know General. It may be nothing.
General: How are we doing finding Setoma Memont and his family?
Lieutenant: They seemed to have disappeared. Someone must be hiding them.
General: I was shocked when I found out the guy's father was an escaped alien. The families had been living under everyone’s noses for years. Setoma has to have alien blood. His kids probably do too. And they’re probably not infected. Their blood could be worth a fortune. We’ve got to find them and put them with the other alien descendents.
Lieutenant: I still don’t understand why we are sending the aliens we know about to the other dimension. We just have to feed them and guard them. It would be easier to do that here.
General: What level security clearance do you have?
Lieutenant: Level 1-B, sir.
General: That’s good enough. You must have impressed somebody once upon a time. I guess I can tell you why we developed that compound. As you know, the supply of clean alien blood is about gone. The aliens we have in custody have been infected by some disease. That disease has ruined the healing properties in their blood. Our doctors found out that sending the aliens to the other dimension allows their bodies to fight the disease. Their blood components are getting better the longer they are over there. It probably has to do with the fact that they originally came from that dimension. They’ve always contended that their ancestors were blown into this dimension by a crash. Over there, they’re recovering and we’re again getting blood components that can heal us. If we could get some non-infected aliens over there, imagine how much more good blood we can get. We need to find that family. I’ve got enough under the table offers from drug makers for their blood components to make us rich.
Lieutenant: But isn’t all the blood supposed to go to the government hospital?
General: Technically, yes…but…
(The General stares at the Lieutenant with that “you help me, I’ll help you look”.)
Lieutenant: Say no more, General. I’ll intensify the search.
General: Keep an eye on Professor Jelaned too. I’m sure what he’s doing is just experimenting, but let’s be sure.
Lieutenant: This probably means nothing, but I researched him a little bit. Until about a year ago, he lived across the street from the alien that died. I’ll bet he knew the family.
General: Do you think he’d…no…I don’t believe it. He has too many years as a trusted scientist to risk that. Besides, he’s one of the people we need to make formula. He’s vital to us.
Lieutenant: Whatever you say, General.

(Hmmm! One would think this is not good. The professor is under suspicion and the people from the other dimension are holding some alien descendants in their compound in our dimension in order to get them healthy for blood collection. If these people are going to so much trouble to find Setoma, who is only part alien, imagine how excited they’d be to know that three 100% alien life-forms with rich alien blood are headed right for their compound. Indeed, Max, Isabel, and Michael are on the road to Wyoming. Meanwhile, back in Roswell, Devin prepares for some more dimension jumping…)

(At the Whitman's…)
Alex: So, Devin! Has that rebuild routine been working for you?
Devin: It works wonderfully, Alex. You have no idea how emancipated I feel. I don’t imagine your uncle ever anticipated my being my own person, but now I feel like I really am.
Alex: That, and whatever happened to you when I decided to corrupt your rebuild template that one time has made you a real individual. At first I felt sorry for doing that, but I had to prove what I suspected. It caused something that totally changed your whole personality and demeanor. After that, you no longer responded to situations in a predictable pre-programmed manner; you seemed to start responding uniquely. I not sorry that happened.
Devin: Not to mention the physical changes.
Alex: Are those still happening?
Devin: Yes. I’m getting more and more feeling in areas where I shouldn’t have any. The only thing I can figure is that something is allowing the microscopic wires that send movement pulses to my polymer flesh to also carry touch sensations back to the few touch sensors I do have. Whatever is happening, I’m not knocking it.
(Devin smiles...)
Alex: Been making out with Anna, Devin?
Devin: None of your business, Alex.
Alex: OK, OK! But there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s normal!
Devin: She…she asked be about my secret.
Alex: What did you tell her?
Devin: (pause) I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her anything. I made a fool of myself begging her to leave it alone.
Alex: And?
Devin: I guess she will…for a while anyway.
Alex: Good, I guess.
Devin: So, will you drive me out to the cave. No point in leaving a car there. Who knows when I’ll be back? Gee it feels good to say that. I don't know when I'll be back and thanks to you, Alex, I don't care. Not having to return to the stupid computer every day…
Alex: Sure, I'll drive you! When do you want to go?
Devin: Tuesday afternoon. That’s when Professor Jelaned will bring me into his dimension. That should give the others time to get to the area in Wyoming. We’ve got a plan all worked out.
Alex: Isabel told her parents that I’d keep them updated. Would you tell me the plan so I can at least imagine how this is going to work? And would you check in with me when and if you can.
Devin: Sure! But I think we should keep phone usage down inside the compound. If I contact the others, I’ll tell them to call you.
Alex: OK! Let’s go find Liz and Maria. They are probably freaked with worry by now, even though the others just left.
Devin: True, they probably are. I wish I could tell Anna what’s going on.
Alex: I’m afraid…
Devin: I know I can't! But it sure would get her mind off wanting to know what I’m hiding from her.
Alex: That it would, Devin. That it would.

(In the Jeep…)
Isabel: I wish this Jeep had sides…and air conditioning.
Michael: A little windblown are we?
Isabel: A little?
Max: Don’t worry about that. I’ve heard everyone in Wyoming looks windblown.
Michael: Why in the world…or any world…would the Dimensioners have their secret compound in Wyoming? And what are they doing there?
Isabel: Studying us, maybe.
Max: From Wyoming? Why not New York or California?
Isabel: Alex has a theory about that.
Max: Which is?
Isabel: He thinks they picked up something in their portal that directed them to that location; the way Professor Jelaned found Riverdog’s cave from the residual effects of our Balance Rocks.
Max: What do you suppose it was?
Isabel: Who knows?
Michael: Maria keeps telling me she has a bad feeling about this. I used to pooh-pooh her feelings, but lately she’s been right a lot more than she’s been wrong.
Max: This is going into the unknown; but I feel good about helping Setoma. Devin seemed to like him too.
Michael: Can Devin really like something?
Isabel: He seems to really like Anna.
Michael: Don’t get me started on that again.
Max: Yea, please! Don’t get him started on that again.
Isabel: What are we going to do when we get there?
Max: Depends on the time. Maybe get a room and catch a little sleep. I hope we can get close enough to hear Devin’s transmitter.
Michael: Assuming he even gets in there to run it. There are so many variables in this.
Max: Professor Jelaned will be on schedule if he can. The only thing would be if he’s being watched or called away for some reason.
Michael: Like I said, there are too many variables in this.
Isabel: Oh no, what next?
Max: What, Isabel?
Isabel: In case you haven't noticed, it's raining...and your roof leaks. See! I'm getting wet.
Michael: Here, let me fix it.
(Michael points his hand at the tear in the Jeep's canvas roof in an attempt to fix the leak. Suddenly, even though it's wet, the whole top bursts into flame. Max pulls off the road as they quickly rip the burning canvas off the frame.)
Isabel: Nice going, Spaceboy! Now instead of a drip, we get the whole downpour on us.
Michael: Well, you were complaining about being too hot. You have to admit the rain feels good.
Max: I think we better find a place to buy a new canvas top.
Isabel: (Disgusted) Oh? What makes you think so?

(Well, I guess we’re poised for than plan to get into high gear. Are our friends walking into a trap? Will the variables become too much to overcome? Will it stop raining? Better tune in next time and find out. For now, stay tuned for the news. Tonight, B.S. Network reporters show you how much damage was done when several large billboards were blown down by a tornado. Yes, headlining tonight’s news: “Signfell”!)

Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 19
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Well, here it is Tuesday. To keep Isabel happy, Max did buy a new top for the Jeep. Max, Michael, and Isabel have arrived in the Laramie and have secured a motel room. They have been checking out the area. Alex took Devin to the cave and, as promised, the professor transported him to the other dimension. He's hiding in the storeroom with Setoma's family again, waiting until time to go to the compound in this dimension. Some cause for worry ensues as they overhear the Lieutenant talking with Professor Jelaned in the lab…)

Lieutenant: Professor? Did you know a guy named Memont that used to be your neighbor?
Professor Jelaned: Yes! Before I moved, he lived across the street from me. Nice guy…older…I think he's retired.
Lieutenant: He's dead.
Professor Jelaned: (Acting surprised) That's too bad. He was always very cordial to me.
Lieutenant: Did you see him a lot.
Professor Jelaned: Oh, about as often as across the street neighbors usually do. Why?
Lieutenant: Turns out he was an escaped alien from the colony.
Professor Jelaned: Don't tell me…
Lieutenant: Yes! He was in an accident and taken to hospital. They discovered what he was in a routine blood test.
Professor Jelaned: And they killed him for that?
Lieutenant: I don't think so. I understand he was just too badly injured to recover.
Professor Jelaned: Well, he certainly fooled everyone. You couldn't tell…
Lieutenant: He had a son.
Professor Jelaned: Yes! That's right. I used to see him as a kid and then later as a teenager. I guess the son moved away from home. I lost track after I moved away from that area.
Lieutenant: The General wants the son brought in. He thinks he'd have alien blood. Since he didn't grow up in the alien colony, he's probably not infected like the other aliens. The General wants his family too.
Professor Jelaned: Why are you telling me this?
Lieutenant: I didn't know how well you knew the Memont family. I thought the son might turn to you for help.
Professor Jelaned: Me? That would be pretty stupid, wouldn't it? I work for the government in top secret lab. I'm sure he'd think I'd turn him in. And how could I help him, anyway?
Lieutenant: We have searched and searched and cannot find him or any of his family. I think someone is hiding them.
Professor Jelaned: You can't really be thinking I would help them, can you? If it will make you feel better, go search my house and talk to my wife. She knew that family better than I did. Maybe she could tell you who their close friends were.
Lieutenant: Would you ask her for me, professor? We'll check out any lead you can give me.
Professor Jelaned: Of course.
Lieutenant: Oh professor?
Professor Jelaned: Yes!
Lieutenant: What have you been sending to the other dimension in the middle of the night?
Professor Jelaned: What makes you think I've been sending anything?
Lieutenant: The lights in my office flicker when the portal is used. I saw them flicker the other night.
Professor Jelaned: I send objects. There's less chance of them being spotted by people over there at a late hour.
Lieutenant: That's what the general said you'd say.
Professor Jelaned: You've talked to him about this?
Lieutenant: Don't worry, professor. He trusts you completely.
Professor Jelaned: Don't you?
Lieutenant: I just do my job, professor. Just wanting to make sure you weren't sending any more…er…any aliens over there.
Professor Jelaned: I'd need formula for that.
Lieutenant: Don't you have any stored? You can tell me, professor.
Professor Jelaned: No, I don't have any. I only have access to it when we send people and then only when the General opens the room where it is kept. I don't normally have access to it. You already know that. Why are you accusing me of doing anything wrong? I've been with this project for years and years. It's my life's work. I not going to risk everything I have helping a former neighbor's son whom I've almost forgotten.
Lieutenant: Thank you professor. That's what I needed to hear. I just need to pursue all avenues. The General is getting impatient with our not being able to find them. Let me know what your wife says; will you, professor?
Professor Jelaned: I told you I would. Now, can I get back to my work?
Lieutenant: Sure, professor. Sorry to have bothered you!

(The Lieutenant leaves, but not without having created some fear in everyone. The professor studies at his desk for a few minutes, making sure the Lieutenant isn't going to drop back suddenly. After he's sure it's OK, he heads to the storeroom where he finds that Setoma overheard the conversation...)
Setoma: That does it, professor. You've got to send us away. It's too dangerous for you to have us here one more minute.
Professor Jelaned: I'm not turning you out. You'd only be captured. We're close to being able to get you away from here where they won't find you. Let's continue our plan.
Linka: Aren't you scared, professor?
Professor Jelaned: More than I was, but not enough to abandon my best friend's family. I'll see if I can't come up with some names of people who knew your father to keep them occupied.
Devin: Professor?
Professor Jelaned: Yes, Devin. I hope you still want to go through with this.
Devin: I will. That's not the issue right now. Did you notice what your Lieutenant said about sending aliens to the other dimension?
Professor Jelaned: He said he wanted to make sure I wasn't doing that.
Devin: True, but he also said something he didn’t intend to say. He said he wanted to make sure you weren't sending any MORE aliens there; then he quickly corrected himself. Is it possible some of the people you sent over there are aliens?
Professor Jelaned: That possibility never occurred to me. They just brought people to me and told me to transport them. We gave them formula and sent them to that compound. As I said, they never have told me why we send them.
Devin: I just found that slip interesting.
Professor Jelaned: If it was indeed a slip, I didn’t notice it.
Setoma: Neither did I. But what if it's true? Why would they be doing that?
Professor Jelaned: I don't know; but I think I need to keep my ears open. Maybe I should grill the Lieutenant the way he grilled me.
Devin: That would cause suspicion, professor.
Professor Jelaned: Maybe! But I do have other friends that I can talk to as well as the Lieutenant. If I act like I already know what’s going on, maybe I can confirm it.
Devin: If they are holding other aliens there, my friends might be walking into something more than we anticipated.
Professor Jelaned: We've still got a few hours before your transfer time. Let me go nose around a bit.
Setoma: Be careful, professor.

(Meanwhile in Wyoming…)
Isabel: Are we just going to keep circling this area, Max?
Max: I’m sort of expanding my circles to see if anything looks like a compound.
Michael: Did you see that dirt road that took off to the north we just passed, Maxwell?
Max: No, I was looking for buildings that look like what Devin described.
Michael: He only told us about the inside.
Max: I know, but I kind of have an idea of what I’m looking for.
Isabel: Could you look for a gas station. I need to…you know…
Max: OK…or I could pull up the dirt road.
(Isabel glares at him.)
Max: OK! I’ll head back towards town.
Michael: Hey, look. Over there! See those trees back along that fence line…and some buildings…
Isabel: I don’t know why, but I feel something…
Max: We’ll find a service station in a minute.
Isabel: I don’t mean that. I feel like I’m sensing other people. Sort of like when I sense you or Michael. I can always tell when one of you is nearby.
Max: Meaning?
Isabel: I’m not sure.
Max: I see a gas station. Might as well fill up while we’re there.
(Max pulls in and Isabel hops out to do whatever. While Max fills the tank, Michael strikes up a conversation with the attendant.)
Michael: Hey, we’re looking for a place to go four wheeling. Know anything about that area a couple of miles back that looks like it has trees and some buildings?
Attendant: On the South side of the highway?
Michael: Yea!
Attendant: You guys must be new to this area.
Michael: Yea! We’re checking out the University of Wyoming…maybe as a place to go to college.
Attendant: Where you from?
Michael: New Mexico.
Attendant: What part?
Michael: Roswell!
Attendant: Roswell? You guys aliens? (Laughs) Those little green men with three eyes would be real interested in the area you’re talking about?
Michael: How so?
Attendant: That’s BLM land, but the University ag geeks used to grow stuff back there. That’s where they did experiments developing food plants that would grow in soil like we have around here. They built some buildings and stuff near a spring. They had some kind of crop growing back there that covered a lot of area. One day they went out and found crop circles, two of them. You know…the kind that flying saucers are supposed to make. They never could explain it, although most people around here thought it was a fraternity house prank.
Michael: So they don’t do experiments any more?
Attendant: No! The spring all but dried up. It still runs a little bit, but there’s not enough water for growing crops. The University rented the buildings to some religious cult. They don’t like people snooping around out there. If you want to go Jeeping though, I can show you where there’s a neat four wheeling area.
(Michael decides he better ask about the four wheeling area so as not to seem too curious about the area the guy just told him about.)
Michael: Sure! Where do we go?
Attendant: Go two dirt roads past the one that goes back to the old ag experiment station. Turn left about a mile; then follow the second road on the right. It skirts the cult’s fence line but they don’t worry much about people on that road because there’s guys in ORV’s driving out there all the time. Keep driving past their buildings and you’ll see a Jeep road that goes up some cliffs. Take that and you find an excellent four-wheel adventure around and over the cliffs.
Max: Hey, Michael. Let’s go!
Michael: Hang on Maxwell. This guys telling us where to get some Jeeping thrills.
(To attendant) Hey, thanks man!
Attendant: Have fun out there! I hope you guys decide to come to UW. We need some more cool people here.
Michael: Bye!
(Michael joins the others in the Jeep.)
Isabel: I feel much better. Find out anything, Michael?
Michael: You guys are not going to believe this. I think I just found out why the Dimensioners are in this spot. Isabel, I think Alex may have been right…
(Michael relates what he’s just been told.)
Max: I think there’s a Jeep road we need to check out.
Michael: Exactly what I was thinking. But it might be getting too late right now. Maybe we better go get a nap so we can be awake tonight to track Devin’s beacon.
Isabel: You don’t think what I was feeling has anything to do with that area does it?
Max: I don’t know. You tell me!

(Better be careful guys. You don’t know what you’re getting into. Could this actually be where the formula is stored? It sure would be interesting if Devin’s homing transmitter leads them to the same place they’ve just found out about? What are the chances of that?
And what will the professor find out. And how are the folks back in Roswell holding up? All this and more on the next episode of “Czech Your Dimensions”! Now stay tuned for
a B.S. Network original story about a fraternity house where it’s members are noted for baring their bums to their girlfriends. “Honeymooners”!)

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Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 20
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Professor Jelaned enters his lab about 2:00 AM Wednesday. It's almost time to send Devin back to the Wyoming compound as planned. He finds Devin and Setoma awake and talking…)

Setoma: …So if we can get over to your dimension, do you think I can get a job working with computers. They should be pretty much the same there as here don't you think?
Devin: I only know about what I've worked with and what I'm based on. I really don't know what might be different; but if you find things you’re not familiar with, I'd guess my cousin Alex could bring you up to speed fairly quickly.
Setoma: Good, because I want to work to support my family. I really do need to meet this Alex you keep talking about. (Pause) I don't understand something, Devin. If you're…I mean…how can you have a cousin? Is he…?
Professor Jelaned: (Enters storeroom) Setoma, Devin…
Setoma: Good morning, professor.
Professor Jelaned: You guys won't believe what I found out.
Devin: Try us.
Professor Jelaned: It's true. We have been sending aliens to the other dimension. My associate who runs the other portal overheard the general talking about it. I casually mentioned it as if I knew. He was surprised I knew because he hadn't been told officially and they generally treat us both alike. He's a good enough friend that I finally admitted to baiting him to confirm my suspicions.
Setoma: Does he know why they're sending them?
Professor Jelaned: You're not going to like what he told me. He thinks they are harvesting alien blood. My associate said that several times he's retrieved boxes from the other dimension and guards have hurriedly taken them away. The last time, he set up some sensors on the portal and he picked up traces of formula and blood. His guess is they are mixing formula with the blood so the portal won't damage it; then they are transporting it back here.
Devin: I thought all the aliens, except maybe Setoma and his family, had a disease that made their blood useless to the humans.
Professor Jelaned: You’re right about the disease. That's no doubt why the General wants Setoma so badly. I can't explain the others.
Devin: (pause) What if, when the aliens are in my dimension, their disease is cured. Then they'd have blood the humans would want.
Setoma: (A stunned silence.) My God, professor! Could that be what's going on?
Professor Jelaned: It would all make perfect sense; everything they've had my associate and me doing with the portals recently.
Devin: I don't personally have blood, but this whole thing seems rather gross to me.
Setoma: It's inhumane; that's what it is. By the way Devin, doesn't it prove interesting explaining why you don't bleed if you get cut?
Devin: Actually, I kinda do “bleed”. My polymer flesh has a thin liquid membrane that keeps it pliable. The liquid is deliberately colored a bit reddish to give it flesh tone. It can pass as blood if one doesn’t look to closely. Mostly, I try not to get cut. I don't have a lot of it to spare.
Setoma: Professor! I need to see what I can do to free those people. They don't deserve what's happening to them.
Professor Jelaned: First things first, Setoma. We need to get formula so you and your family can get to Devin's dimension. I'll keep in touch and let you know if I find out more or if I think of a way that you can help them.
Setoma: Let's get the formula for sure. Then, I want to send my family to the area where you first made contact with Devin and the others from their dimension. As for me, I want to see if Devin’s friends will help me free those people. They most likely are of the same species. Devin, if you find your friends, you must tell them what we think is happening.
Devin: Of course! But I think we need to verify our suspicions before we risk our lives. If there are aliens being held captive, no doubt Max and the others would want to help them just as you do; but we can't just go rushing in there from this dimension. That would certainly stop the professor's being able to help us, not to mention what punishment it would mean for him. If we can just get you together with my friends, attacking the problem from my dimension is the best idea all the way around.
Professor Jelaned: The problem is, we have to get formula before we can do anything. Once they discover some missing, it won't matter which side of the portal we work from because they'll be on the alert.
Devin: You're right, professor. But no matter what, we need to protect you so they don't stop you from being able to help us.
Setoma: You will help, won't you professor?
Professor Jelaned: (Hesitates) I…I know I need to help you and your family, Setoma. I owe your father that much. Beyond that, it's very risky for me. I have a family too and…
Setoma: I know professor. We'll try our best to keep you out of it.
Devin: We're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's work on getting formula so we can relocate Setoma's family. Then we'll go from there.
Setoma: Your right, Devin. Are you ready?
Professor Jelaned: I think it's time.
Devin: Do it!
(So early in the morning…like really the middle of the night…Professor Jelaned sends Devin through the portal and into the Dimensioner's Wyoming compound.
Once in this dimension, Devin checks to make sure no one is around and that he's not been detected. Carefully he opens the door, having determined earlier to try to get close to one end of the building so the radio beacon could penetrate better. He walks to a room at the end of the hall and enters. He sees a bookshelf and thinks to himself that it would be the perfect place to hide the homing transmitter. Alex had told him the transmitter should run for several hours after being turned on, but an unknown is what the dimensional portal may have done to it's batteries. After planting the device he returns to the room where the dimensional portal left him, which is also the room where the safe containing the formula is. He decides to wait there as quietly as possible, giving Max and the others some time to locate the homing signal. Meanwhile, Max, Michael and Isabel awakened from a short nap and are now out driving, trying to do just that. Michael is driving as Max and Isabel operate Alex's receiver…)
Michael: Anything yet, Maxwell?
Max: No, but it's just now 2:30 A.M.; the first time window Devin told us they would try to use.
Isabel: This area…the compound…it’s all very strange. Michael, do you really think our people made the crop circles the guy told you about? That seems atypical based on what we know.
Michael: I doubt it was our race. I've had a feeling for a long time that there are other alien types on earth besides us. One of those may do crop circles. If so, they may have left alien traces that the Dimensioner's equipment picked up on. They probably can't tell one alien race from another.
Isabel: Can anyone?
Max: I'm not sure I want to find out. Remember, in some ways our best friends are aliens. I mean, if you think about it, they are aliens to us.
Isabel: I never thought of Alex as an alien; he's just Alex. But I guess you're right. Suppose I took him with me to our home planet, if we ever had a chance to go there. He'd have to pretend to be of our race, because who knows what would happen if he were discovered. Shoe on the other foot, so to speak.
Michael: You're assuming he'd go with you.
Isabel: He'd better!
Max: Liz told me I could take her to the stars. That made me feel happy. If we ever do have a chance…
(Just then, the homing receiver starts emitting a loud beeping.)
Max: As Alex would say, "hold the phone".
Isabel: I guess that means Devin's OK.
Max: It means he at least got the homing beacon planted. Now let's see. Alex said the blue light would be on if the signal were coming from the north, the red light if from the south, the green from the east, and the yellow from the west. When all four are on, we're very close to the signal source.
Isabel: OK, we have a red and yellow. That's the direction where the old agriculture research buildings are.
Michael: How do you spell U-turn?
(Michael whips the Jeep around to the direction of the signal, which does seem to be coming from the same direction as the buildings they saw earlier. It's been nearly thirty minutes since Devin turned on the homing beacon. He's thinking it's time to try a cell phone call to Max and the others. He knows it's risky and it needs to be brief. He dials the number and the phone rings in the Jeep…)
Isabel: Hello, Devin?
(Isabel hears nothing, but Devin hears her.)
Devin: (Whispers) Isabel? Is that you?
(Isabel still hears nothing.)
Isabel: Hello…hello… Please talk to me, Devin.
Devin: Isabel, listen! I have to tell you something before you get closer. (pause) Are you there?
(Isabel is not hearing anything, but the phone indicates it's connected. She looks carefully at the phone and notices the earpiece is filled with water. The phone got soaked in the rainstorm after Michael burned up the Jeep's top. It's still full of water, so it isn't working right. She can't hear what Devin is saying. Devin is scared to leave the phone signal on too long because it might get detected. He hangs up, thinking he'll try again later. But he also knows that his fiends are probably homing in on the beacon…homing in on more than they bargained for.)
Max: What's the problem, Isabel.
Isabel: I couldn’t hear anyone. I do think Devin was trying to call us but the phone is full of water. It won't work right.
Michael: (Senses criticism coming.) Stop! Don't say a word. I know I wrecked the top, but I didn't leave the phone sitting in the rain.
Max: It doesn't matter. We'll just keep following the beacon. I know it's going to lead to that compound where the station attendant said the religious cult is.
Isabel: How will we get in, much less find Devin, if we can't talk to him? Maybe we should try drying out the phone. It might work again if we do.
Michael: I say we just follow the homing device. We'll find a way in.
Isabel: But a way into what?

(A way into what, indeed? There does seem to be a hitch in the get-a-long. The plan was that Devin would tell them where he was and how they might get to him. To make matters worse, our heroes have no idea what's going on in the compound or what a gracious welcome the military men from the other dimension would have for three full blooded, totally healthy alien types. Now this is, of course, where we need to end this episode. With the great time slot the B.S. Network gave us this week, it's very late and time for the network to sign off. Stayed tuned for color bars and a test tone. Maybe you can adjust your set so Max doesn't look green. He's not you know. See you next time. We will see you, won't we?)

Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 21
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(Previously on "Check Your Dimensions"…Max, Isabel, and Michael were following a homing beacon designed by Alex and activated by Devin. It was supposed to lead them to the Wyoming compound where Devin is waiting, he having been transported there by Professor Jelaned. What they don't know is what's really going on inside the mysterious compound run by people from the other dimension.)

Isabel: How will we get in if we can't talk to Devin? Maybe we should try drying out the cell phone. Maybe it will work again.
Michael: I say we just follow the homing device. We'll find a way in.
Isabel: But a way into what?

(As the three are following the beacon, Devin is worried because he has not been able to contact them to explain about the compound and what's really going on there. Their cell phone got wet during the rainstorm and isn't working right. Devin needs to somehow get a message to them so that they’re aware of everything they are heading into. As Devin is trying to decide what to do, he’s wishing there were a way he could connect with them the way he knows they sometimes do with each other. Suddenly, he gets an idea and quickly dials his phone…)

Alex: (Back in Roswell) Hello?
Devin: (Whispers) Alex, this is Devin.
Alex: Devin! It’s the middle of the night. Where are you? What's going on?
Devin: I'm inside the Dimensioner’s compound in Wyoming. I've turned on the beacon, but I need to get information to Max and the others before they get here. There's more going on here than we thought. It could be very dangerous for them.
Alex: Why don't you call their cell phone?
Devin: I tried. I could hear Isabel answer, but for some reason she couldn’t hear me. Alex, I know you and Isabel connect sometimes. Can you connect with her from there?
Alex: I doubt it’s possible over such a long distance. I've never tried it from so far away. I'd been hoping for a dream connection with her ever since they left, but even that hasn't happened.
Devin: You need to try. It could be a matter of freedom for them. They need to know what's happening.
(Devin fills Alex in on all he has discovered about the Dimensioner's compound, the other aliens, the blood transfers, Setoma's situation and Professor Jelaned.)
Alex: Wow! There's more going on than we ever imagined. You're right. They have to know before they risk trying to get to where you are. You're being careful yourself, aren't you?
Devin: Yes! But I better not stay on the phone any longer. Someone might trace the signal and I need to save the batteries. If you somehow get to them, tell them I’m going to try to figure out what building I’m in. It’s definitely the one with the safe containing the formula, but in order to see outside I’ve got to figure out a way to use the stairs without the guards seeing me on their security cameras. I'll try to call you back and see if you somehow got through to them. If they pick up the homing signal, it won't take them long to get here and I'm afraid they'll try something they shouldn't. Under the circumstances, if they still want to go through with this, I suggest only Michael or Max try to join me. Under no circumstances should they all try to get in here.
Alex: I understand, Devin. I'll try to connect with Isabel but I really don't think it will work. I'm only human, you know. My connecting power is limited.
Devin: Give it your best shot, man. They really need to know.
Alex: I will. Call me back in an hour.
Devin: I will if I can. But don't panic if I don't. It doesn't necessarily mean I'm in trouble; I may just have to be careful about when I call.
Alex: Good luck!
(Alex hangs up the phone and lies down on his bed. Looking at a picture of himself and Isabel taken on their California trip, he concentrates on making a connection. At the same time, back in Wyoming…)
Isabel: Max, Michael! Was either of you trying to connect with me?
Max: No! Why would I do that when you’re right here and I can talk to you?
Michael: I wasn’t trying either.
Isabel: I felt someone probing my mind. There it is again.
(Isabel concentrates…)
Isabel: It’s Alex!
Michael: Alex? He’s in Roswell. I know that sometimes he’s able to connect with us if we’re close by. I’ve never understood why he can do that since he’s human, but even so, there’s no way at this distance he could connect with you. I don’t think even Max or I could do it.
Isabel: I can’t read him, but I tell you I feel his presence. I would recognize the feeling I get from him anywhere. I also know what you and Max feel like when you connect with me. Each of you is different. I tell you, Alex is trying to contact me.
Max: He has our cell number. Why wouldn’t he just call?
Isabel: Maybe the call we got was he and not Devin. I don’t know since the phone is broken. I just know that I feel him.
(Isabel tries to concentrate on Alex, hoping she can connect to him.)
Max: Are you trying to respond to him?
Isabel: Yes, but I can’t read him. Michael, maybe we should go back to town so I can call him from a pay phone.
Michael: We need to follow the beacon. Alex said he didn’t know if the dimensional portal would affect the batteries. It might quit soon and we need to be sure where it is. You can talk to your boyfriend later.
Isabel: I don’t think Alex would try connecting with me unless something was wrong. I’m sure he’d think he couldn’t do it over such a long distance.
Max: Calm down, Isabel. Maybe it's just that you’re missing him. I sure miss Liz.
Isabel: (Exasperated) You two! I…oh, never mind. Just go on!
(Back in Roswell, Alex calls Liz and Maria. It’s the middle of the night, but the urgency in Alex voice leads them to quickly show up at Alex’ home. Liz and Maria throw pebbles at Alex’ window and he let’s them in. He isn’t sure if he should tell them everything Devin told him because he doesn’t want to worry them, but after a few minutes…)
Liz: Alex! What’s wrong? Why did you get us up in the middle of the night? Have you heard from Max? Is everything OK?
Alex: No! I haven’t heard from Max, but I did hear from Devin.
Maria: And…
(Alex fills them in on the situation…)
Liz: I wonder if we need to go up there; if there’s anything we can do? Now I’m really afraid for them.
Alex: There’s nothing we could do up there, but somehow they have to be told what’s going on before they try to get into the compound.
Maria: And their phone is broken?
Alex: That’s what Devin said. He told me he could hear Isabel answer but she couldn’t hear him.
Liz: It would be a disaster if they got caught, especially if the people running the compound found out they were aliens. They’ve got to be told what they’re up against. It’s not just about getting some formula to help a cross-dimensional being any more. They could wind up as prisoners having their blood drained every day. I don't even want to think about it.
Alex: I was trying to connect with Isabel. I didn’t think I could do it over such a long distance, but when I tried a few minutes ago I swear I felt her. We couldn’t communicate, but I know the feeling I get when I connect with her. I’m sure she was there. (pause) That’s why I asked you to come here. This may seem silly, but you remember how we’ve strengthened each other in the past. We’ve all been exposed to the balance rocks. I need more power. Hold my hands, both of you.
(Maria and Liz join hands with Alex as he concentrates on the picture and thinks of Isabel…)
Isabel: (Back in Wyoming) Michael! Stop the car, please.
Michael: Why? What now?
Isabel: Just do it!
(Michael pulls off to the side of the road. Isabel closes her eyes and concentrates…)
Isabel: It’s Alex. Much stronger! I can almost read him. I feel…I sense danger. Alex, talk to me!
Alex: (In Roswell) I feel her. Much stronger this time. Oh Isabel; can you understand me. The compound is very dangerous.
Isabel: I got something about dangerous. Max, Michael! Hold my hands.
(Max and Michael grasp Isabelle’ hands. As the two groups of three hold hands and concentrate, the extra strength coming from Max and Michael on the Wyoming end and from Liz, and Maria on the Roswell end make the connection between Alex and Isabel work…)
*Isabel: Alex, honey. I’m getting you.
*Alex: Isabel! Thank God! You need to know something…
(Alex silently tells her the information he got from Devin.)
*Alex: (silent) I don’t know if you still want to risk this.
*Isabel: I need to talk to Max and Michael. We’ll decide. I’m grateful for the warning and for you giving us the rest of the story.
*Alex: Good day!
*Isabel: Awck! At least now I’m sure it’s you!
*Alex: Sorry!
*Isabel: You should be.
*Alex: Please be extremely careful. If you get to a phone, call me. This connection won’t work without Liz and Maria to help me.
*Isabel: I’ve got Max and Michael boosting things on this end too.
*Alex: I know. I feel them. Devin is going to call me back in an hour…at least he’s going to try to. One way or the other I’ll get you the information from him on where he is and how you get in. I know you would have been careful before, but it’s even more imperative now.
*Isabel: We understand. Thank you; and thank Liz and Maria too. I love you.
*Alex: I love you too.
Isabel: Max, Michael! Alex said…
Max: I read him. This is far more complicated than we thought.
Isabel: Do we go through with it?
Michael: We promised Setoma we’d help. And it sounds like there’s some members of our race that need some help too. I don’t think we have a choice. If we succeed, not only can we feel good about helping to free people from essential slavery; maybe they can tell us more about our heritage.
Max: Isabel, you don’t need to get involved. In fact, it’s probably safer if you don’t.
Isabel: I can hold my own, Max. And I don’t catch things on fire when using my powers. You need my help.
(Michael glares at her.)
Michael: As soon as we find out where Devin is, let me sneak in and open the safe for him. Safes and door locks I’m good at. As soon as we get it, Professor Jelaned can transport the formula. That’s step one. Step two will be deciding how we can help the prisoners. Alex did say Devin told him Setoma is anxious to help the aliens in the compound as well. I’m assuming Setoma has powers. If we can get him over here, maybe the four of us can figure out a way to do step two.
Max: Alex will get back to us, I guess. Maybe we should head back to our motel and find a phone. The connection worked, goodness knows how; but it’s shaky at best. I’d feel better talking to him in the normal manner. We could give Alex a number to give to Devin so that Devin could call us directly. Going through Roswell is not very efficient, besides probably causing extra worry to Liz, Alex and Maria. At this point, I think we need to plan our moves very carefully.
(Michael heads back toward town.)
Michael: This does change things a bit, Maxwell. I agree we better slow down. But we can’t wait very long. There’s always the chance that Devin might get caught and that would complicate things even more. It really surprises me that he went through with being transported into there after finding out what he did. He has no reason or obligation to help us.
Isabel: I’m sure he thinks he does. If you think about it, we’re his family. I see pieces of all six of us in him. Whatever happened to make him sentient, instead of just responding to stimuli with pre-programmed responses, also allowed him to absorb a little from each of us. Frankly, I’d have been surprised if he hadn’t gone through with it.
Max: We owe it to him to try to protect him.
(After a few minutes of silent contemplation, Max, Isabel and Michael arrive back at their motel. Isabel dials a phone that works.)
Alex: Hello!
Isabel: Hi! It’s me. We decided we better head for a phone.
Alex: What happened to your cell?
Isabel: That’s a long story. It got water in it so it doesn’t work.
Alex: Dry it out. It might start working again. Use the hair blower at your motel. Be careful not to get it too hot though.
Isabel: I’ll do that. Listen! If you hear from Devin again, give him this number. 307-257-1236, room 17. We’ll hang here for a little while.
(After giving Alex the number at the motel and they exchange some other pleasantries, Max asks if Liz is still there.)
Alex: She and Maria went back home, but tell Max that Liz says she loves him and Maria says to tell Michael to think of her before he does anything crazy. She’s thinking about him.
(Ask they speak, Alex hears a call-waiting click.)
Alex: Hang on! This may be Devin.

(So sorry, folks! It would appear our time is up for today. Is that Devin on the phone? How will he avoid being detected by the guards? How will Michael get into the compound? Will they be able to get to the formula? How can they help the alien captives? I certainly hope we don’t get cancelled by the B.S. Network before we can get all this sorted out. They say our demographics are not he best. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but maybe you should send Mrs. Zoombash (the owner of the network) some Tabasco Sauce with a note that you love the “We Six” and that they need more airtime. Stay tuned now as the Balance Statements Network presents a comedy special featuring the best (sic) of Alex Whitman’s jokes. “Groan-Ups”)

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Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 22
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(We continue!)

Alex: Hello?
Devin: Hi. Any luck?
Alex: Yes, got 'em! In fact…
(Alex conferences the calls…)
Alex: Isabel is on the line with us now, I think.
Isabel: Hi, Devin.
Devin: Alex told you everything?
Isabel: Yes!
Devin: Are you sure you still want to try to get somebody in here?
Isabel: Yes, we do. Here, talk to Max.
(Hands phone to Max.)
Devin: Max! We've maybe got another hour before daybreak. When people start moving around here, it's going to be hard to hide. At the same time, I do need to get out of this building long enough to figure out where I am. I think I'll try to distract the guards and do that, but I doubt I'll have the time to talk one of you in. I'll need to get back to the portal so Professor Jelaned can transport me back to his dimension.
Max: The batteries in the homing device may run out soon. We need to find you before they do.
Devin: Have you heard it?
Max: Yes! We were following it when Alex connected with Isabel. That was good thinking Devin; getting Alex to contact us.
Devin: The professor can only transport me during the night. It's too dangerous for him to try it during the day when others are around. Like I said, if I’m not at the portal when he checks it in about an hour I'll have to hide here until tomorrow night. If you want, I could go turn off the beacon and save its' batteries. I'll go back to the professor and Setoma for one more day and have him send me here again tomorrow. We could try again tomorrow night.
Max: I think we better do that. It will give us a fresh start and plenty of time to work with. We think we know about where you are. We'll go drive around later today and scope the area.
Devin: Since I do have a little time before the professor looks for me, I have an idea about getting past the guards. I'll go work on that. If I can, I'll call you just before I transport.
Max: Thanks, Devin.
Alex: You guys, please be careful! Call me and let me know what's going on, OK?
Max: We will if we can, Alex. And thanks for contacting us. It's much better that we know the whole situation.
Alex: Talk to you later.
(Max, Isabel and Michael decide they may as well go back to bed for awhile. Alex heads back to bed too, hoping for a dream connection with Isabel. As Devin mentioned to Max on the phone, he has a little time before the professor looks for him. He decides to try something. Venturing down the hall, he finds the same couch with the same pillow that he used to confound the guards once before. As he did on an earlier visit to the compound, he takes the pillow and quickly throws it down the stairs…)
Guard 1: Did you hear something?
Guard 2: I was half-asleep.
Guard 1: It came from the stairwell.
Guard 2: If there’s a pillow on the stairs again, I’m going to…
Guard 1: Going to what?
Guard 2: Start working with Bilillia to get out of here.
Guard 1: Is he still talking crazy?
Guard 2: If the way he talks is really the way it is in this dimension, he may be on to something.
Guard 1: Well, you better go find him.
Guard 2: Don’t tell me…
Guard 1: Yes; the pillow is on the stairs again.
Guard 2: There can’t be anyone up there. I’ve been here for hours and no one’s even come in the front door, much less gone upstairs.
Guard 1: Nevertheless, bring the life form sensor.
(The guards climb the stairs to the third floor and begin to search as Devin hides behind the couch. As soon as they enter a room at the far end of the hall, Devin slips down the stairs and outside the building. Surveying the scene (just like in First Aid class), he notes four buildings. The one he's been inside is middle size and is at the North end of the complex. There is also a large building with a guard out front. It has several floors. He thinks that's where the aliens are being held. There are two smaller buildings. He notes that one looks like it has a skylight. It was probably the greenhouse when the area was used for agriculture experiments. It looks to have a pond behind it too, probably fed from the spring. At the south end there's a building from where he hears the sound of an engine running. Devin deduces that it's probably an electrical generator, since he sees no power lines coming into the compound. Looking around, he sees a fence around the whole complex and a guard station at the entrance from the main road. In the darkness, he thinks he can see the closest point where the road runs past the compound property line. Since it's almost time for Professor Jelaned to operate the portal and pull Devin back to the other dimension, he returns to the building where the portal is. Fortunately, the guards are still searching the upper floors so Devin slips in past the guard desk and up one flight of stairs. He needs to go up one more floor, but the guards start down so Devin has to quickly slip into a room on the second floor.
Guard 1: Shall we search the second floor again.
(If Devin had a heart it would have skipped a beat.)
Guard 2: Why bother? We won't find anything. I tell you, this place is haunted.
Guard 1: I suppose our life form sensors don't pick up ghosts.
Guard 2: I'm surprised you'd say something like that. You're too educated to believe in ghosts.
Guard 1: I was joking. Maybe it's one of our alien friends playing a trick on us. They can move objects and things sometimes.
Guard 2: But if they get caught using any powers, they are punished and have to give blood twice a day for three days. They just don't use them.
Guard 1: So why has the pillow appeared on the stairs twice. I'm going to have to report it this time.
Guard 2: I still say reporting it will cause us more grief than its worth. We'll wind up doing a brick by brick inspection of this place.
Guard 1: Maybe we need to.
Guard 2: And maybe we need to just be a bit more attentive; not cause alarm.
Guard 1: OK…once more! But if it happens again…
Guard 2: OK! If it happens again, I'll report it myself.
(The guards return to their main floor station and Devin slips up to the portal room. He had promised to call Max back, but there is no time. He no sooner steps into the portal area than it comes to life and he's transported back to Professor Jelaned's lab in the other dimension. He'll spend the day hiding with Setoma and the others. He asks Professor Jelaned to plan to send him again tomorrow. Setoma is relieved to know that Devin was able to alert the others to the true goings on in the compound. Setoma still wishes he could help. As it's about five AM, everyone decides to get a little sleep, except Devin who slips into the bathroom and, while pretending to sit on the toilet, performs his data rebuild. It seems Alex and Isabel must have had a little extra power conveyed to them while they were holding hands with their friends because they find themselves sharing a dream for the first time since Isabel left for Wyoming. The two appear to be hiking together somewhere outside of Roswell…)
(Dream sequence.)
*Isabel: I'm tired, Alex. Can we rest behind those big rocks? There's some shade there.
*Alex: Sure! And I've got some water with me if you're thirsty.
*Isabel: I'm thirsty for something else.
*Alex: What?
*Isabel: You!
(In the dream, as they run behind the rocks to get in the shade, Isabel grabs Alex and pulls him down on top of her.)
*Alex: Isabel?
*Isabel: (Alternating between kissing his mouth and neck) Uh huh?
*Alex: Are you OK?
*Isabel: Never better!
*Alex: I..uh…oh, never mind…
(Alex starts returning the kisses; their mouths open over each other and their tongues touch. Isabel starts unbuttoning Alex' shirt and Alex does the same to her blouse. He cuddles down closer to her. She begins rubbing his chest. Alex runs his hands through her hair and begins moving them down her body. Isabel is madly kissing Alex when suddenly… "Alex! Alex, wake up. You're moaning like something's wrong." Alex awakens and sits straight up)
Alex: Oh, hi dad! No, nothings wrong. Just having a dream.
Dad: Sounded more like a nightmare.
Alex: No dad. Trust me! It was anything but a nightmare!
(Alex wonders if Isabel was having the same dream; he makes a note to ask her. Back in Wyoming…)
Michael: Isabel?
(Isabel awakens and sits straight up too, her hair quite ruffled.)

(End dream sequence.)

Michael: Uh…Isabel! You weren't sharing a dream with Alex were you? He's too far away, right?
Isabel: What if I was?
Michael: From the noises you were making, I guess I'm going to have to have talk with that man.
Isabel: Don't you dare. Alex is my…
Max: Problem?
Isabel: Don't you start, Max. You and Liz have NO room to talk.
Max: I suppose not! Well, uh…do you think tonight maybe you and Michael could give me…I mean could we grasp hands.
Isabel: The great Max needs a little more power to dreamwalk his Liz?
Max: I uh…
Isabel: Of course we will! But we've got other business to tend to first.
Michael: Right on!
Isabel: And don't tell me you haven't been thinking about Maria, Michael. I felt what you were thinking when we were in the connection with Alex.
Michael: Remind me to stay out of those circles.
Isabel: You don't mean that!
Michael: Right, I don't! Are we ready to go explore the area where we think we'll wind up tonight?
Max: Let's go…and get some brunch on the way. I'm hungry.
Isabel: Me too! Dreaming is hard work!
Michael: That's obvious.

(Well, we managed to put off getting our heroes into the compound for another episode but it is going to happen soon. Whether or not that's a good thing remains to be seen. I was getting flack that the show was losing its' romance angle; as if it ever had any to begin with given Mrs. Zoombash's restrictions. Anyhow, hopefully this helped and now we can get on with the action. Join us next time; and do stay tuned to the B.S. Network. Our home improvement show will be on next. Today it will show you how to comfortably fit a big screen TV into a small breakfast-nook area! It's "This Old Doublewide" coming up in just a moment.)

Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 23
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(The day went rather slowly. The alien trio explored some of the area outside of Laramie where they think they'll wind up tonight. Setoma and his family talked more with Devin about what life will be like in Devin's dimension. Even Lotaire, Setoma's son, is getting excited to make the transition. Devin has told him about all the cute girls he can meet. There is the problem of having to keep their origins, both dimensional and alien a secret. These folks are going to have a double whammy secret to keep under wraps. Finally, the day turns into night and night into early morning. It's about 2:00 A.M.)

Professor Jelaned: Ready Devin?
Devin: This is getting to be old hat. Let's do it.
Professor Jelaned: Remember, I'll look for you in 30-minute increments. If something happens and I don't make it, try again 30 minutes later. If you get the formula, you can either put it the portal by itself or, if you and anyone else want to come with it, remember that anyone living must have ingested the formula at least 20 minutes before transport.
Devin: OK, professor. I guess that means you don’t think I’m alive?
Professor Jelaned: Sorry, Devin. I mean biologically alive. In most ways, you're more alive than a lot of people…and certainly braver.
Setoma: Good luck, Devin!
(Devin is again transported back to his own dimension into the portal room at the compound. Thankfully, once again no one is in the room when he materializes. He slips down to the end of the hall to turn on the homing device he left on the bookshelf. He then dials the motel number Alex gave him the day before. There is no answer in room 17. Thinking they may have gotten the cell phone working, he dials that number…)
Isabel: Hello?
Devin: Isabel? It's Devin.
Isabel: We got this thing working by drying it out. Are you in the compound?
Devin: Yes, but I'm afraid my phone battery won't last very long.
Isabel: Here, talk to Michael.
(Hands phone to Michael.)
Michael: Hi!
Devin: Listen. There are four buildings here. The biggest one is where I think they are keeping the prisoners. The middle size one on the north end is where you need to get to. Follow the beacon receiver and it will lead you to it. There is also a greenhouse kind of building and what I think is a power generation building on the south end. The road you drive in on runs less than a quarter mile from the fence line at one point.
Michael: So how do I get in there?
Devin: Here's my idea. See if you can use your powers to disrupt the electricity generator. That will cause confusion and the yard lights will probably go off. They might have battery backup, but you should get some darkness. If you can get over or under the fence while it’s dark, follow the beacon receiver until all of its lights come on. By then you should be in front of the building. I'll try to slip out front if I can; but if not, you need to get to the third floor, third room on the right from the stair doorway. There are no windows.
Michael: Max and Isabel?
Devin: Have them stay with the Jeep. We might need to get out the same way you got in. The professor will only activate dimensional transport at 30-minute increments and we might not be able to wait for him. I better go now.
Michael: Hopefully I'll see you soon.
(Devin heads back to the portal room while Max, Isabel, and Michael are driving and following the homing beacon.)
Michael: Turn here, Max.
Max: That's not where we were earlier.
Michael: But the beacon says that's the way.
Max: OK!
(They follow the signal. It leads them to a different spot than they thought was the place, but…)
Michael: Look! A fence line. Devin said the area was fenced. The other area we were in wasn't. He said there are four buildings, one fairly large.
Isabel: I don't see anything yet.
Max: Look through those trees. Is that lights?
Isabel: I think so. There's a line of trees running parallel to the fence line.
Michael: Devin said the road gets fairly close to the fence at one point. Keep going and watch for it.
Isabel: You're sure you want to do this alone?
Michael: We can't risk everyone getting caught. Devin said you two should stay with the car so, if we have to run out, we're ready to roll.
Max: I feel like I should be taking the risk.
Michael: We need to open the safe with the formula in it. You may be a great healer, but safes are me, man.
Isabel: Look! The road is getting closer to the fence.
Max: I still don't see any buildings…wait…through the trees…there they are.
Michael: Four of them, just like Devin described. Which way is north?
Isabel: I can't believe you don't know. Do you even know which way is up?
(Michael glares at her.)
Isabel: OK! That way is north.
Michael: The building I need to get into is on the north. The generator building is the furthest south. Devin said we should try to disrupt the power.
Max: Let's keep going. I think the fence line is getting closer.
Isabel: There's an entrance. It looks like there's a guard shack.
Michael: Keep going, but turn off the headlights. We don't want to be seen.
(Max turns off the lights. They travel a bit further…)
Max: How about here! It's pretty close and we can see all the buildings.
(Max stops the Jeep.)
Max: Let me concentrate!
Max: I got several flashes. There are people in the large building. I sense something familiar about them.
Michael: How about the power station?
Max: Let me try!
Max: I see a large generator and a power panel on the wall next to it. Here, grab my hand.
Michael: I see it too.
Max: OK, bro! Concentrate on the panel.
(Michael and Max concentrate their power on the breaker panel they saw in their flash. Almost immediately, there is a shower of sparks from the panel and the whole complex goes dark.)
Michael: It's now or never. You guys be ready to peel out of here if we need to.
Max: I'll turn the Jeep around. Go!
(Michael runs toward the fence line. There is a fury of activity in the compound as several guards surround the large building. Several others run towards the powerhouse to see what happened to the electricity. A warning noise is going off and several flashlights scan the area. At the fence, Michael lifts his hand toward the fence line and, using his powers, quickly creates a passage under it. He crawls through and begins running towards the buildings, crouching low each time a light beam heads his direction. He has the homing receiver in his hand and notices three of its' four lights are now on. In the confusion, Devin has managed to once again slip past the guard desk and is outside waiting in the darkness. Michael runs to the side of the building away from all the activity. As he does so, all four lights on the homing receiver turn on.)
Devin: (Slips up to Michael, tapping him on the shoulder. He whispers…) You don't need that any more. This is the place.
Michael: Nice of you to meet me. But you came close to getting decked, man. Next time; don't tap me on the shoulder before I see who you are.
Devin: Shhhh! We need to get around to the front door and slip past the guard desk. No one was there a few minutes ago, but that may have changed.
Michael: How will we know?
Devin: Can you create a diversion? Some kind of big noise outside; in front of the building but a ways away. If there are guards in there, they'll come out and hopefully we can slip in.
(Michael peeks around the corner of the building.)
Michael: Like this?
(Michael lifts his arm and the horn on a truck parked out by the building begins sounding. A guard comes out of the building and runs towards the truck.)
Devin: Now!
(They run to the door and slip in. The guard desk is deserted. Devin grabs Michael and pulls him towards the stairs. They slip into the stairwell.)
Devin: That was the hard part.
Michael: So far so good. Is there an alarm on the safe?
Devin: I have no idea. But if we get to it before they fix the electricity, maybe it won't matter. Third floor!
(The two bound up the stairs and into the room with the safe.)
Michael: It' so dark in here I can hardly see the safe. You're sure the formula is in there?
Devin: I think so. I guess we'll find out. Do your thing before they get the electricity back on.
Michael: That may take them awhile. Max and I creamed that breaker panel pretty well.
Devin: So much the better.
(Michael puts his hand on the safe and a small glow emanates from his fingers.)
Michael: Try that!
(Devin tries the handle, but it won't move.)
Devin: No go!
Michael: What? I must be slipping. Here, let me try again.
(Michael again puts his hand on the safe tumbler knob. Again a small glow emanates.) Michael: This time for sure.
(Devin tries the handle again. This time it turns and the safe opens.)
Michael: OK! Is it in there?
Devin: It's pretty dark. Can't see. My turn for a trick! I don't do this very often when anyone's around. It makes me feel less…well, you know...
(Devin projects an image from his eyes the way he did that time to help Liz with her memory problem. The light he creates makes it easy to see.)
Michael: I see six bottles of liquid. Must be the formula.
Devin: How big are they?
Michael: I'd guess maybe a liter each.
Devin: Let's send three to the professor. That should be more than enough for Setoma's family. Keep one out here. I'd suggest you drink some in case we want to transport. The professor said about a cup is sufficient, but it has to be ingested twenty minutes before entering the portal.
Michael: Do you really think I should drink it? What will it do to me?
Devin: The professor didn't say if it caused any after effects. Since we know they use it on both humans and aliens, I say go for it.
(Michael drinks a cup's worth from the bottle.)
Michael: Tastes pretty good, really. I hope it doesn't have alcohol in it.
Devin: What time is it?
Michael: About 3:00 A.M.
Devin: It's time for the professor to initiate a transport. It's coming up too soon for you to go on this one. Let's send the bottles and come back in thirty minutes.
(Devin places 3 bottles in the portal area. In a couple of minutes, the portal comes to life and the bottles disappear. Michael and Devin high five! The electricity comes back on in the compound.)
Michael: We did it! That's step one.
Devin: The power must be back on. I see light coming in under the door. I suspect they'll be checking this room rather soon. I suggest we hide somewhere else. There's a big couch in the room at the end of the hall. I've been using it to hide behind. I think we know each other well enough that we can both fit in back of there.
Michael: OK! You know more about this place than I do.
(Devin opens the door and the two step into the hall. No sooner do they get behind the couch than the stair door opens.)
Guard 1: The colonel said to sweep the building.
Guard 2: Do you really think anyone could have gotten in here.
Guard 1: No! But there was the pillow on the stairs again last night and now tonight a power outage.
Guard 2: The electrician said it was blown breakers.
Guard 1: And I think we may have found us a live wire. Look! The life form sensor.
(Devin grabs Michael's arm as if to somehow say, "It's going to be OK".)
Guard 1: What? Oh damn! The batteries just went dead. I swear that for a moment the sensor was showing 3 life forms. You, me, and SOMEONE ELSE!
Guard 2: Probably just a malfunction because of low batteries. I'll go get some replacements.
Guard 1: I'll go back to the desk and check on things. We'll sweep again when you get the new ones.
(The guards go back downstairs.)
Michael: Ugh! Get off of me you lummox.
Devin: (Whispers) Did you do that; killing the sensor I mean?
Michael: I wish! See what clean living does for you?
Devin: Dare I ask Maria about that?
Michael: I'll plead the fifth.
Devin: Huh?
Michael: The fifth amendment!
Devin: Oh, I studied that in school. I wasn't sure what it meant. Incrimination sounded like some kind of destruction.
Michael: Not incineration. Incrimination! It's like when Alex asked you if you'd been making out with Anna and you refused to answer.
Devin: Oh yea…the fifth! We better get out of here before we have to plead it to
those guards. Let's go back to the portal. The professor will activate again in about 5 minutes and you should be OK to transport now.
(The two go back to the portal room. As they are standing, waiting for the professor to activate the portal, the door to the room opens…)
Guard 1: (gun pulled) Stop! Don't move! Who are you? What are you doing here?

(Oh dear! I guess with new batteries Michael did show up on the life form sensor that had been conveniently not picking up Devin. I think the appropriate response here would cause Mrs. Zoombash to have a heart attack. Maybe "oh bullpuckey" will convey the idea. Anyhow, our time is up for today. I'm sure you won't want to miss the next episode. I won't even beg you to come back next time, but I do have to give the network a promo. Stay tuned for our home decorating show. Today we'll feature improving the look of your back yard by installing decorator clothesline. The show is called "Lovelyline"!)

posted on 13-Nov-2001 1:14:11 AM
Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 24
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(In the portal room, Devin and Michael have been discovered. Devin looks at Michael and mouths the words "clean living, huh?" Michael scowls.)

(Guard 1: (Gun pointed) I asked you a question. What are you doing here?
Michael: I…uh…
Devin: We were sent here to be guarded.
Guard 1: What do you mean, guarded? And am I seeing double? Except for the hair, you two look identical.
Devin: We're a genetic experiment. I'm a clone of him. They needed us to be someplace where we could be under guard so they sent us here. We're supposed to find someone named Bilillia.
Guard 2: He the chief guard at building three. He knows about you?
Devin: He's supposed to.
Guard 1: (To other guard) Stay here and guard these two. I'll go find Bilillia. Maybe I better find the Colonel too.
Guard 2: Find Bilillia first. No need to bother the Colonel if this guy's telling the truth. I'm sure he's busy investigating the power failure.
(The guard goes out and returns shortly with Bilillia.)
Guard 1: This guy says you are supposed to be guarding him and his friend.
Bilillia: I…uh…
Guard 2: He says you know about them? One of 'em is a genetic experiment... a clone. That's why they look alike.
(Michael and Devin stare at Bilillia, nodding as if he should know about them.)
Bilillia: I'll take them to building three with me. There are a couple of unused rooms I can put them in.
Guard 2: If they're what they say they are, you won't want to let them near the a…
Bilillia: That's enough. Don't say any more. Come with me gentlemen.
(Bilillia leads Michael and Devin away at gunpoint.)
Guard 1: Something’s really odd! The life form sensor only registered four people, even with Bilillia here.
Guard 2: The clone must not register.
Guard 1: That's interesting. It might explain the pillow on the stairs.
Guard 2: You think, maybe?
Guard 1: I'd certainly like to ask that “clone” some questions.
(Shortly, at building three, Bilillia is still pointing his gun at Devin and Michael…)
Bilillia: Now, would you two care to tell me what you are doing here? You put me in an awkward position. If I had said I didn't know anything about you, which I don't, they would have wondered how you knew me. I could have been in trouble. Did you come from my di…I mean did the General send you here?
Devin: If you mean did I come from your original dimension, the answer is yes.
Bilillia: I wasn't sure but what you didn't somehow come in here from this dimension to spy on us.
Michael: Where are the aliens you're guarding?
Bilillia: You know about that?
Devin: We know lots of things. Like maybe you'd like to choose your own destiny, the way people do in this dimension.
Bilillia: The idea is intriguing.
Michael: We think so too. We also think what is being done to the aliens is wrong. If they were asked, they'd probably donate their blood to help cure diseases; but holding them in captivity and forcing them to give as much blood as they are compelled to we disagree with.
Bilillia: I almost agree with you. The aliens seem harmless enough to me, except for their powers. But I'm a soldier. I have to follow orders.
Michael: (He picks up on where Devin is going with this.) Suppose we help you escape into this dimension. We have ways of getting new names and identification materials. (Michael thinks to himself: " I don't know what ways, but it sounds good.")
Bilillia: So you're here to free the aliens? How did you ever get transport? And are you (looks at Devin) really a clone of him?
Devin: I can't say anything more about that.
Bilillia: (Shakes gun at them.) I don't think you have much latitude in what you can or can’t say. In case you haven't noticed, I have the gun.
Devin: But I think your Colonel would be very interested in knowing about that radio device you listen to.
Bilillia: How do you know about that? I’ve only told one person about it. He promised he wouldn't…
Michael: So, are you with us? We know a lot about this dimension. It's really quite OK.
Bilillia: So, you want me to help you free the aliens into this dimension and in return I get to go with them. Is that the idea?
Devin: Sounds like a plan to me.
Bilillia: And we three are supposed to accomplish this by ourselves?
Michael: We have other friends. Friends in both dimensions.
Bilillia: You communicate with others in this dimension? That is forbidden.
Devin: So is listening to Rush Limbaugh.
Bilillia: You do seem to have me at a disadvantage. (Lowers the gun. Pauses. Looks contemplative.) The fact is, I wouldn't mind a chance to choose my destiny. And, like I said, I kind of agree with you about the aliens.
Devin: Can we trust him, Michael?
Bilillia: Michael? That sounds like a name from this dimension.
Michael: What's in a name? And I think we have to trust him, Devin. Like he said, he has the gun. He could either be a real hero or be in a lot of trouble by turning us in. It's something he's going to have to decide. But when they discover that there is formula missing….
Bilillia: What?
Devin: How did you think we were going to get help from your dimension?
Bilillia: This is going to have to happen pretty fast then...
Michael: Not unless they look in the safe.
Bilillia: You took it from here? And sent it back? There must be a traitor in the labs. It has to be one of the portal operators.
Devin: He's not really a traitor. He just thinks like we do regarding the cruel treatment of the few remaining members of the alien population.
Bilillia: We treat them OK.
Michael: If you call draining their blood every other day OK.
Bilillia: Well, it keeps them in a weakened state so they can’t use their powers to try and escape. It does affect their sex drive though.
Devin: Sex drive?
Bilillia: Ah ha! There is something you don't know. There are only four alien couples left, and two unmarried teenagers. Our government wants more healthy ones of their race created so they can produce more blood. We make them have sex at least once a day. One woman finally did get pregnant. I've told the Colonel if they were healthier they might have better luck reproducing. What we do is a lot like in our dimension when they make people in certain gene pools reproduce.
Michael: All the more reason to free them. Having kids should be matter of choice.
Bilillia: Is it a choice in this dimension?
Michael: Basically, yes! Some countries have limits on children.
Bilillia: So it's not all sweetness here.
Michael: In the United States and most of the other democracies it's pretty good.
Devin: We have our problems.
Bilillia: We? So you're from this dimension?
Devin: I think we've said enough. You either need to help us or turn us in.
Bilillia: I need time to think about this. You two stay in here. We'll bring food and water
for you. A guard will be outside. I let you know my decision.
(Bilillia leaves Devin and Michael locked in a room in building three; the building where they are sure the aliens are being held.)
Michael: You sure took a gamble with him.
Devin: Did you have a better idea? You seemed to jump in and offer him a deal.
Michael: Wasn't that what you were going to do?
Devin: Yes, but only if you agreed with me.
Michael: Obviously I do, but we need to be prepared in case he doesn't go along.
Devin: Meaning?
Michael: See that sprinkler pipe?
Devin: Yes!
(Michael uses his powers to loosen the mounts right where the pipe runs above the door.)
Michael: If he comes back and says he's going to turn us in, all I’ll need to do is give one more little shot of power to that joint and the pipe will come down and hit him. When it does, we run. I can stun the guard outside, I think.
Devin: Let's hope it doesn't come to that. It'll be easier with Bilillia's help.
Michael: I'm concerned about the Max and Isabel. They’ll be worried.
Devin: Aren't you just a little worried too? I am!
Michael: I wasn't sure you knew how to worry.
Devin: More than you'll ever know, Michael. More than you'll ever know.
(Meanwhile, in the other dimension…)
Setoma: We better not wait any longer professor. They didn't come through and if something's wrong…
Professor Jelaned: I agree. If there is trouble, the General will put a stop to all transport; even my supposed scientific experiments to determine the effects of the other dimension on various objects.
Setoma: I want you to transport my wife and kids to the cave in the other dimension where we first made contact. As for me, I want to go to the compound to help Devin and his friends free the captives. I'll stay here a little longer and see if Devin comes back.
Linka: Please! Come with us, dear. That's what we've been talking about since we came here. We can all go now, thanks to Devin and the others.
Setoma: I don't feel right not helping them to free other members of my race. Lotaire, you need to help your mother and sister. Devin said you should find one called Riverdog who lives near the cave. Tell him you are a friend of Alex and Michael and Devin. Have him help you find Alex. Alex will know what to do for you.
Lotaire: I should come with you, dad…to help free the people.
Setoma: (Surprised at the change in attitude towards aliens…) No, son! You need to make sure your mother and sister are safe in the new dimension. There will be much to do. I'll find you as soon as I can.
Linka: Setoma honey; I’m afraid if they catch you, you'll become a prisoner and we'll be all alone in a new dimension. Please come with us.
Professor Jelaned: Why don't you go with them for a short time; then I'll bring you back tomorrow. We're running out of time to do anything else before daybreak anyway.
Linka: Please, dear. I'm scared!
Setoma: All right professor. Send us all, but I'll be in the portal at 2:00AM tomorrow to come back.
Professor Jelaned: OK, but we don’t have enough formula for you to make too many transfers. You'll have to take some with you, of course. There's probably enough to get you back here and then into the compound, but that would be about it. I need to save enough for myself, just in case I'm found out. That means you'll either have to get more formula or figure out a way to leave from the compound for your life in the new dimension.
Setoma: I understand.
Professor Jelaned: Has it been twenty minutes since you all drank formula?
Setoma: Yes, professor!
Professor Jelaned: Then if you're ready, I'll activate now.
(The professor sends Setoma and his family to the cave. A minute or so later…)
Lotaire: (Surprised) That's it? We’re here?
Setoma: I guess so.
Lotaire: I was expecting flashes or stars or something.
Setoma: I guess they have this dimensional transfer down to a science. It's still very early. Perhaps we should rest until daybreak, then go find this Riverdog person.

(While they’re resting, this is a good place to end this episode. The B.S. Network director is anxious to put on some other program. I guess he’s not really a fan of ours. If we run even thirty seconds overtime, he has a cow. Since we all know the quality of the other programs on this network, I don’t quite understand the urgency. What can I say, except to tell you to stay tuned for tonight’s nostalgic movie presentation, “U-turn 571”. It’s sure to take you back.)

Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 25
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(As we ended our last episode, Michael and Devin had been discovered inside the Dimensioner’s Wyoming compound and had been taken into custody. Setoma and his family had been transferred to this dimension and were resting in the cave. As dawn breaks, they finally venture outside. Lotaire is amazed at how much everything in this dimension looks the same. As they walk up the path a man approaches…)
Riverdog: Where did you come from, my friends?
Setoma: We are friends of Alex and Michael and Devin. Are you Riverdog?
Riverdog: Yes!
Setoma: Can you help us find Alex.
Riverdog: I do not know for sure where he lives; it’s somewhere in town.
Setoma: We have no car. We arrived from…
Riverdog: You came from the pillar of light?
Setoma: Yes!
Riverdog: How do I know that you do not wish to harm Alex.
Setoma: We don't want to harm anyone. We are hunted in our dimension. We just want a place to live in peace.
(Riverdog grasps Setoma's hand and closes his eyes. He opens them again and smiles ever so slightly…)
Riverdog: You are like Michael and the others! I believe I can trust you. Go into Roswell to a place called The Crashdown Cafe. The women there can help you locate Alex.
Lotaire: Is it a long way? My mother and sister can't walk very far.
Riverdog: One of mine has a truck. I'll see if he can drive you.
(Riverdog arranges for the family to be driven into Roswell. Upon arrival, they thank the driver and enter the Crashdown. Liz is working…)
Liz: Can I help you?
Setoma: Can you help me find someone named Alex?
Liz: Who are you? And what do you want with him?
Setoma: Devin said to find Alex. He'd be able to help us.
Liz: Are you Setoma?
(Setoma nods.)
Setoma: Yes, and this is my wife, Linka; my son, Lotaire; and my daughter, Whilea.
(Liz thinks to herself, “Wow, Lotaire sure is handsome”. “Some girl is gonna love his being here. “Oh wait; he’s Czech like Max”! “Ooow...why do they have to be so sexy?”)
Liz: You’ve seen Devin and the others?
Setoma: Just Devin. He came to my dimension.
Liz: Let me call Alex and see if he can come here right away. He’s due in to cook tonight so he may still be asleep.
(Liz calls Alex and summons Maria from the back room. Soon they are together. Liz fixes food for Setoma and his family. As they talk, Setoma explains the situation…)
Liz: Since you got formula, that must mean Devin and Michael got in to the compound in Wyoming.
Setoma: Yes, I’m sure they did! But they didn’t come to my dimension along with it.
Alex: Why not?
Setoma: I don't know. Possibly they slipped back out of the compound the same way Michael got in.
Liz: I can check on that, maybe.
(Liz grabs a cordless phone and dials Isabel's cell phone number. Alex grabs the phone from her.)
Isabel: (Excited) Hello, Devin?
Alex: No, it's me…Alex.
(Isabel smiles at hearing his voice but becomes immediately worried.)
Isabel: Is everything OK?
Alex: You tell me? Are Michael and Devin with you?
Isabel: No! Michael never came out of the compound after he slipped in there in the dark.
(Long pause…)
Alex: Isabel, I uh…
Isabel: Alex, what…?
Alex: Setoma and his family are here. That means they did get the formula out to them.
Isabel: Great!
Alex: But Michael and Devin didn't go through the portal with it. They still hadn't transferred to the other dimension by the time the professor sent Setoma and his family here.
(Isabel turns pale; she begins to fear for Michael and Devin.)
Isabel: Could they have been captured?
Alex: I guess we don't know.
(Isabel grabs Max' hand and tells him the situation. He looks worried.)
Setoma: Tell them the professor is going to transfer me back tonight. I wouldn't worry unless they haven't shown up there by then. I'll get a message to you one way or the other. Can you take me back out to the cave tonight, Alex?
Alex: Sure! Can do! Isabel, Setoma is going back to his dimension tonight. He'll let us know if Michael and Devin are with the professor then.
Isabel: Why is he going back? He's safe there with you.
Alex: My friend Isabel wonders why you're going back. You're safe here. That's something I wonder too?
Setoma: I feel the need to help free the alien prisoners. I'm going to have the professor send me to the compound. Now that we have formula he can do that.
Alex: It won't help if you get caught. Isabel, I'm going to talk to Setoma for a few minutes. Call me if you hear anything.
Isabel: OK! I love you!
Alex: Love you too, Isabel.
(Alex hangs up the phone.)
Alex: Setoma, are you sure what you want to do is wise. What if Michael and Devin have been caught? Your people will be on the lookout for others.
Setoma: We don’t know that they have been caught. We just know that as of the time I left they hadn’t come through the portal.
Alex: We also know they’re not with Max and Isabel. That worries me.
Setoma: If they have been caught, then we need to get them out of there along with the rest of the aliens. I do feel like I need to help. Your friends risked a lot to help me. Can you take care of my family?
Alex: I’m not sure what to suggest. If I take them home, my dad will ask too many questions.
Maria: I have so got an idea. I have a key to Michael’s apartment. He’s obviously not using it right now.
Liz: Brilliant! They can stay there for now. I can get them some food from here and we can check on them from time to time.
Lotaire: I want to go help my dad, but he told me to stay here and help my mom and my sister.
Liz: Do you know how to cook? With Michael gone, we could use some help here. Alex is so busy, it’s killing him to try and cover. Besides, dad is asking questions about when Michael is coming back. If we had some extra help, he’d probably forget about it.
Alex: Does that mean I’ve been burning to many hamburgers?
Liz: Uh…well…er…Alex, you know we love you…
Lotaire: I have cooked things for myself; and I’m a quick study.
Maria: That might work then. You all can stay at Michael’s for now and Lotaire can help the cause by filling in for Michael here.
Alex: Sounds like a win-win.
Maria: Liz?
Liz: Go ahead and take them over to Michael’s. I’ll cover for you.
Alex: Do you want me to show Lotaire how to work back there?
Liz: That’s OK, Alex. I’ll have Louise (the other cook) do it.
Alex: I’ll go with Maria then and help get them settled.
Setoma: And you will take me out to the cave tonight, right Alex?
Alex: Sure, right after we close here.
Liz: If Lotaire works out OK working in the kitchen, you might be free sooner, Alex.
(Alex and Maria take the visitors to Michael’s apartment. Meanwhile, back in Wyoming…)
Michael: What’s taking him so long? Either he goes along with us or we’re toast. I can’t stand waiting like this.
Devin: He’ll help us. If he doesn’t we can make things quite miserable for him.
Michael: If anyone will believe us. They might conclude that we’re framing him to help ourselves.
Devin: I think he wants to pursue his destiny here in our dimension. I don’t think he’s happy doing what he’s doing. I think…
(The door opens. Michael is ready with the sprinkler pipe solution if necessary…)
Bilillia: (Pointing gun again) You two!
(Bilillia closes the door; puts away the gun.)
Michael: You had me worried.
Bilillia: I had to let the guard outside see that.
Devin: So, will you help us?
Bilillia: Tell me what you have in mind?
Michael: No so fast. How do we know you aren’t just trying to get information out of us so you can capture our friends too?
Bilillia: I guess you don’t. I’m thinking it’s time for you two to make a decision. I’ve made mine.
(Devin and Michael look at each other. Should they trust this man? Does he really want to help them? Does he want freedom in this dimension or is this a trap? Michael steps forward, looks back at Devin and shrugs. He offers his hand to Bilillia who grasps it. Michael tries to read him while they are touching. Michael gets a flash that indicates Bilillia is telling the truth about his wanting to help, but by doing so…)
Bilillia: Oh my God, you’re one of them! You’re not a genetic experiment from my dimension. You’re aliens! If they knew about you, you’d be in here as my prisoners.
Michael: I took a risk right there but I had to know. I figured if you weren’t going to help us we were in trouble anyway.
Bilillia: (Looks at Devin) And you too?
Devin: Let’s just say I’m not exactly human.
(Bilillia takes that at face value.)
Michael: So, how do we get you and the aliens out of here.
Bilillia: How many people have you got…other aliens I mean.
Michael: Why does it have to be aliens. We have some human friends ready to help us too.
Bilillia: Here’s my thinking. You guys have powers, right?
Michael: Uh…
Bilillia: Come on! I’ve seen what you people can do. Objects float through the air, electricity goes off. You did do that didn’t you?
Michael: I had help.
Bilillia: Exactly! Now look. There are only ten aliens plus myself to get out. There are 7 guards, 3 maintenance people, and the Colonel. Once a week, there is a meeting of the guards. All of them come except one who stays on duty. If I ask to address the meeting, which I have the authority to do, that means we only have to worry about five other people.
Devin: I’m not sure I follow.
Bilillia: We get the guards all in one room. I start addressing them; then, on some pretext, I excuse myself for a moment. I walk out the door and one of you uses your power to lock the room and keep it sealed. Several others of you do the same thing to the rooms where the others are. I open the electric locks on the alien's rooms and we all run out. You have some people with vehicles waiting outside the fence line. My people may eventually break free, but who cares? Can you do it? Will it work?
Michael: How many people do we need then. I can do a door.
Bilillia: I’m guessing three, maybe four; depending on where people are on the grounds when we do this.
Devin: How do we time it?
Bilillia: We’ll time it to the meeting. The next one is day after tomorrow.
Michael: This might work, but we have to let the others know somehow. We’ll have to devise a way to get them in here too. That means getting a message to people in both dimensions.
Devin: I’ve still got my phone, but the batteries are about gone.
(Pulls out phone.)
Devin: And in here, there is no signal. It worked from the other building.
Bilillia: This building is very thick. That’s why we use it to keep our guests here.
Michael: So, can you let us out of here?
Bilillia: Not without creating suspicion! Remember, you’re the ones who set up the “I’m guarding you” scenario.
Bilillia: As for your people in this dimension, I have an idea for getting them in here. There is a supply truck that comes in here once a week. It’s green and it says Carpenter Supply on the side. It will be here tomorrow. If your people could slip inside it, they could get into he compound. Unless I miss my guess, your friends could cause it malfunction on the way in here and climb inside it while it’s stopped. If they hide in the old greenhouse they’d be safe. Hardly anyone goes in there and even if they do, it’s usually only to check the water system. The whole back end is unused.
Michael: You sure seem to know a lot about what we can do.
Bilillia: I worked as a guard at the old alien village in the other dimension before most of the inhabitants died. I know what some of your powers are.
Devin: How to tell our people outside what to do and when is one problem. The other is getting word to the other dimension.
Bilillia: Give me your phone. I’ll call your people here from outside.
Michael: They won’t believe you. It would have to come from us.
Devin: Michael! Can you connect with Max or Isabel?
Michael: If they’re close enough, maybe!
Devin: That would solve it. And by now, if Setoma got the formula, he should be in this dimension with our friends back home. If Max could get to Alex, maybe they could arrange with the professor to transport Setoma dimensionally from the portal there to the one here. If he were to come into the portal building from the other dimension, he could distract the guards there and lock them in. It would be a complete surprise.
Bilillia: Did you say Setoma? He’s working with you? Our whole department is looking for him.
Devin: Forget I said that!
Michael: Yes! Forget he said that, OK?
Bilillia: Right! Setoma who?
(Michael concentrates on connecting with Max and Isabel. He’s having trouble doing it for some reason.)
Michael: They’re not that far away. I should be able to do this. Isabel connected with Alex hundreds of miles away. It did take all of us to make it work though. Devin, could you…no, never mind. You can’t help.
Devin: I’ll do whatever?
Michael: I'm sure it won’t help but hold my hand, will you.
Devin: Sure!
(Devin and Michael clasp hands as Michael concentrates. Unbelievably, he’s connected with Isabel. Michael thinks to himself, “there is no way Devin could be helping with this, is there?” Michael outlines the plan to Isabel who briefs Max. Max and Isabel contact Alex via telephone. They want him to tell Setoma the situation and about the plan to get everyone out. Since Setoma is with Alex, that is easily accomplished. Setoma will have the professor transport him into the compound day after tomorrow. Michael tells Max to tell Alex to tell Setoma that Devin wants him to know about the couch to hide behind. [Got that?] Finally, the whole complicated plan is in place and Michael tells Devin and Bilillia that things are ready to go.)
Bilillia: I better get to my other duties as if nothing is wrong. I’ll check back tomorrow and see if your friends got in.
Michael: Thank you! Thank you for what you’re doing.
(Bilillia leaves them alone.)
Devin: Michael? If this works, can we attribute it to “clean living”?
Michael: Of course!

(Is everyone clear on the plan? We see if we can get this episode rerun if you’re not. Assuming you are, you’ll want to come back next time for sure. Stay tuned now as the B.S. Network brings you a Hollywood profile. The story of one persons’ reaction to the actor Jason Behr’s ears: “Gross Points”)

posted on 13-Nov-2001 1:15:56 AM
Title: Czech Your Dimensions! - Part 26
Author: John
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: PG
A B.S. (Balance Statements) Network Production!

(If this plan is going to work, help is needed…)

Max: (on phone) Alex, we need help. Specifically we need drivers and some kind of a pit crew. Do you think if you drove all night…
Alex: We'd have to lead foot it, as well as drive all night, to get there before you have to meet the truck. My car isn't exactly noted for its speed. Maybe if I brought Liz and we took turns driving…
Max: Could Maria get her mom's car? I hate involving you guys, but I don't know what else to do. We're gonna need two more cars beside the Jeep. With Michael, Devin and the guard we have 13 people to get out of there and we can't exactly have just anybody do this.
Alex: Hey! Devin's Cherokee is here. I wonder if he mind…
Max: He's stuck in there with Michael. I don't think he'd mind one bit and it'll hold more people anyway.
Alex: I'd prefer to have his OK. When we get stopped for speeding, I wouldn't want to be driving a hot car.
Max: Isabel and I can try to connect with Michael. Devin's with him. Maybe I can make sure he's cool with it.
Alex: Do that and get back to me. I'll call Liz and tell her she's got to get away somehow.
I've got another problem. My dad is asking about Devin. I don't think the "he's staying at Michael's" line is going to fly much longer. Obviously Liz and I have some stories to dream up if we're gonna split, so I better get to her straightway.
Max: I've got an idea. Tell your dad that I asked you and Devin to come with me to check on our family's cabin up north. It'll take a day or two. My dad wanted someone to go up there anyway just to check on it before winter. Maybe you dad can verify that need with mine if necessary.
Alex: You want me to tell your dad that's where we're going?
Max: No! Tell my dad the truth. Tell him that you and Liz need an excuse to leave town. Let him know that you are coming here to help us and also what you're telling your father. Maybe we can even stop at the cabin on the way back and check on it so it won't be a total fabrication. It's kind of on the way back anyway. Dad won't like it, but he'll go along. You promised to keep he and my mom informed about what's happening anyway.
Alex: Got it. Go check with Michael while I call Liz.
Max: OK!
(Alex calls Liz to tell her they have to leave right away and ask her if she's ever driven a Cherokee? She says she'll dream up something to tell her mother and no she hasn't, but it can't be that hard. Isabel connects with Michael again. He and Devin are still OK, but can't really do anything from where they are being held. Devin says, " by all means use the Jeep". Liz decides not tell Maria she and Alex are leaving, but...)
(Scene: The Crashdown)
Maria: OK Liz? Something's up!
Liz: Why do you say that?
Maria: Because your eyes give you away every time. You've got that "I'm gonna see Max look". That either means he's on his way back or you're going up to where he is.
Liz: It's that obvious, huh?
Maria: Did you talk to him?
Liz: Alex did.
Maria: (Pauses, waits for more…) You are so driving me nuts. Info! I need info. What’s going on? Is Michael OK?
Liz: Well, umm…Michael and Devin got caught. They are being held inside the compound run by the people from the other dimension.
Maria: (Panicked) Michael? My Michael? He’s a prisoner?
Liz: I’m afraid…
Maria: And if they find out… if they find out that he's Czech…Oh My God, Liz. He’s being held by those blood-sucking vampires. How could you not tell me?
Liz: Because of how you’re reacting. There isn’t much you can do for him from here.
Maria: You’re going to Wyoming aren’t you?
Liz: Alex and I…
Maria: And me…you’re not leaving me here! Not with Michael in trouble! And you say they have Devin too?
Liz: As you know, they both got in and got the formula out to Setoma and his family, but they didn’t get back out themselves.
Maria: What if they do medical exams on them? Michael the alien and Devin the android! They’ll never let them go!
Liz: Max has a plan to get them out. And the other aliens too. He asked for our help.
Maria: When do we leave?
Liz: Alex is coming here within the hour.
Maria: My oils? Where are my oils? Oh man! I’m going to hyperventilate.
Liz: Calm down, Maria! I guess there’s no way you’re not coming. But what are you going to tell your mom?
Maria: What are you telling yours?
Liz: I told her Max has an emergency and needs my help.
Maria: And she’s letting you run off, just like that?
Liz: I told her I was going no matter what she said. I guess I sounded so panicked that she didn’t know what to say. Besides, I'm going with Alex. She trusts him.
Maria: If I just go, my mom will come looking for me. Your mom can tell her what we're doing.
Liz: We’ll have some explaining to do when we get back, but we have to go.
(Alex comes in.)
Alex: (Looks at Liz, then Maria.) So?
Liz: She knows, Alex. There’s no way she’s not coming with us.
Alex: Whatever! Another driver will help. She can spell us both from time to time.
Liz: I’m not riding in any car she's driving as long as she's in her present state.
Maria: I’m OK now, Liz. I was just panicked for the guys. But you say Max does have a way to get them out?
Alex: I’ll tell you both about it on the way. Let’s go! We need to drop Setoma off at the cave so the professor can transport him to the compound.

(As they head out in the two vehicles, Alex explains the plan to Maria and Setoma explains the plan to Liz. Setoma, being only half alien and not accustomed to using his powers much, is practicing locking and unlocking the Cherokee doors. He's pretty sure he can accomplish the lock down at the portal building. Michael can handle the area where he and Devin are being held. That means Max and Isabel will have to somehow secure the Colonel and his assistant as well as the rest of the Dimensioners. Liz drops Setoma off at the cave, trusting that the professor will retrieve him tonight. Max and Isabel continue to survey the outside of the compound to determine the best location for bringing people out vs. where the vehicles can park and not be seen. While concerned for Michael and Devin, they decide it's best to stay aways away so their vehicle isn't noticed.)
Isabel: So, tomorrow we get ourselves a ride on the supply truck.
Max: Yes! We better come out here early and stake out the road since we don’t know what time it comes.
Isabel: Then we have to hide in the old greenhouse for a day.
Max: That's what Michael said. The guard’s meeting isn’t until tomorrow.
Isabel: Is Alex on the way?
Max: I hope so. It’ll be tight as to whether he gets here before the truck comes. I’d like to talk to him before we go in. It would be better if we didn’t have to just leave the Jeep and hope he finds it.
Isabel: Not to mention getting a hug from Liz.
Max: Hopefully more than a hug.
Isabel: That was a figure of speech.
Max: I figured as much.
Isabel: Arrgh! Now you sound like Alex.
Max: I doubt you’d mind getting a hug from Alex to send you on your way either.
Isabel: Hopefully more than a hug.
Max: Touché!
Isabel: Max, what are we going to do with these people when we free them into our dimension? They’ll have no ID’s, no money, no where to go.
Max: Good point. Let’s make some copies of our Social Security cards and drivers licenses. We can change the names, pictures and numbers as soon as we know what to change them to.
Isabel: We ought to find an ATM and get some money to give them too.
Max: How much money have we got between us?
Isabel: I’ve still got the money Grandma Evans gave me for school clothes. Along with what I already had, I’ve got maybe four hundred in the bank.
Max: I’ve probably got three hundred or so. That’s a start.
Isabel: Where do we take the people when they come out?
Max: Maybe we can take them to the cabin until we figure something else out. I told Alex to tell dad we’d try to check on it on the way back anyway.
Isabel: Ten people in dad’s cabin?
Max: It’ll be tight, but hopefully it will only be for a little while. I just know we better get them away from here. Who knows what the Dimensioners will do when they discover they're gone?
Isabel: What can they do? They have rules against contacting people from our dimension.
Max: Rules are meant to be broken. Goodness knows the professor does it.
Isabel: The professor doesn’t like his government and he feels a need to help Setoma.
Max: Speaking of Setoma, I hope he can take care of the portal building.
Isabel: How are we going to know if he’s even there. If I’d ever met him, maybe I could connect with him, but since I’ve never seen him…
Max: We’ll just have to assume the professor will get him through the portal. We don’t have enough help without him. I have an idea we’ll sense him as one of our kind when we see him.
Isabel: I truly hope so!
(Time passes quickly. As it has a way of doing, day turned to night and then to morning.
Professor Jelaned did indeed transport Setoma back to his home dimension. Setoma has enough formula for one more dimensional trip. He’ll hide in the lab until tonight; then have the professor send him into the portal building. Alex and company are at the Wyoming state line. After speaking with them via cell phone and giving them directions, Isabel and Max are leaving to go stake out the road for the arrival of the supply truck. Hopefully Alex will find them before the truck comes. It looks like things are falling into place. So far, Bilillia has managed to keep everyone else away from Michael and Devin. In their solitude, Michael and Devin wax philanthropic…)
Devin: What are the odds, Michael?
Michael: Odds?
Devin: Of our getting ourselves and the others out of here.
Michael: No odds! I’m assuming we’ll do it! I don’t want to think of the consequences of failure. I just want this to be over. I miss Maria and, believe it or not, I’m even missing Roswell.
Devin: I am too. I just have a kind of empty feeling. I’ll bet Anna is wondering what happened to me.
Michael: Oh Devin! You and Anna! Don’t take this wrong. I appreciate a