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RATING – R possibly more? I don’t really get American ratings, sorry!
TIMELINE – Uh, it’s an alternative timeline, but at the same time, the aliens are the same, basically I am trying to make it follow Roswell TV but if Liz hadn’t of been shot. Actually, I doubt it will be anything like Roswell, but some of the events may possibly appear. They are all in high school, I am not too sure what year you call it in America but it’s the one they have just been in. Get it??
NOTES – Have I missed anything. Oh **** It’s a Michael/Liz story! Duh!!!

I hate aliens! No, wait…I hate one certain alien. His name is Michael. And I am Liz Parker, almost died last year because the guy who I am in love with now, held the guy who could save me back. Oh yeah! I hate another alien too: I hate Max! Oh well, I never liked Isabel that much, I can say that I hate her too. Wow, I might have just left it at the ‘I hate aliens!’

But seriously. No wonder people hate aliens. It’s not because they are scary. They are just unbelievably stupid. I don’t know why they are always portrayed as having big heads, other than the fact that they think they are amazing, so they are big-headed, but I digress. They should have smaller heads than humans, because there are so abnormally thick! And ugly! And not at all sexy! Wait, no…Oh God; they kinda are. I mean, I don’t really go for that thing but I can say that Isabel is beautiful, and both Max and Michael are really handsome…and Michael is pretty amazing in general. NO! No Liz, no mare talking like that. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them…I love him. This is going to be harder than I originally thought.

Okay, if I were reading this back, I would be confused, so here’s some history. Little Lizzie Parker, perfect in every way (I am not being obnoxious when it is the truth!) was shot about a year ago. Pretty badly as well. After that she had a little change of heart. I think I actually took it to heart the amount of times a doctor or nurse would say ‘You are so lucky. This normally would have been fatal.’ Or the other statement: ‘Obviously God felt that it wasn’t your time to go yet.’ You gotta love that one. Don’t take me wrong; I believe in God, but I believe that once he has put you on earth, then it is up to you. I don’t think he would save one certain life and let the other thousands that die everyday go. That’s just not cool. But people don’t think about that do they? No, they just sprout what they have been taught and don’t question it. Just like I used to. God! I hate this!

So, little Lizzie Parker is in hospital. Poor little Lizzie. Whilst there she decides that she isn’t just going to trail through life as she has been doing, instead she is going to get herself a life. Lizzie’s best friend, Maria, was delighted. After I told her that, every time she would come and see me in hospital (pretty much everyday) she would bring along a pad of paper, and write what we were going to do. My other best friend Alex wasn’t so excited, but fair enough, he’s only a guy. He was too concerned with me getting better, and I liked him for that.

Actually, that time in hospital was pretty traumatic. My Grandmother Claudia came to visit me. She spent one afternoon telling me about her philosophy of life, about how I should always follow my heart, and then went home to have a heart attack. The next day she died, and along with her, my last ties to my old life. Seeing that her last words to me had been ‘follow your heart’ I decided that I would no longer act on rational reasons, but instead how I felt. Not always the best idea, but I was smart enough to know when to follow my heart, and when it was irrelevant what my heart said. (For example…doing homework.)

Having just said, ‘I would no longer act on rational reasons.’ Michael sprung to mind. My Michael. Wait!! No, he is no longer my Michael because he is a fool! A rude fool! But, this is in fact where the aliens enter my little trip down memory lane. Enter Max Evans. Alien extroadinaire. However, I did not know that he was an alien. I just thought of him as the damn hot guy that Maria was convinced fancied me. Which he did. But still. He started visiting me at the hospital, much to the chagrin of my boyfriend Kyle. Ohhh…ouch, I haven’t mentioned Kyle yet. I’ll do that first.

Kyle. My boyfriend. Well, actually he is my ex boyfriend now. Well, if we are going that way, he is my ex, ex, boyfriend. He is a jock. So, I am not too sure how we got together. I puzzled over it then, and I still do, well that is, when I am trying to get my mind off that OTHER alien! Kyle was a jock, but he was very sweet. Real nice guy. I dumped him a few weeks after I woke up from my accident. Kyle was someone the Liz who was just going through life with her head in a paper bag would date. I, the new improved Liz Parker, was going to follow my heart, and that, at first, pointed to Max.

Max visited me in the hospital. I’ve already said this. He didn’t come for long, just to chat. He didn’t even say much; we just made small talk. But that wasn’t the point. The more times I looked into his eyes, or saw him laugh (which was pretty rarely), the more I felt for him. I didn’t even know why he visited me. But I liked it. As soon as I was out of the hospital, and better enough to go back to school, I asked him out. And he said yes. Now, this is just something little. Max…well, actually all the aliens, are pretty private people. And after a few weeks I got tired of not knowing Max. He wouldn’t tell me anything about his life, and after a while that made him unattractive in my eyes. I mean, his good looks took him so far, and then you wanna connect don’t you? And I couldn’t do that to someone who had walls.

Well actually I could, I did it later, but I didn’t feel Max was worth it. Callous, maybe? But true. So again, I followed my heart, and dumped him.

Now, by this time little Lizzie Parker was no longer little Lizzie Parker. She was now Liz, the most sought after girl in West Roswell High. Why? You ask. Well, Maria had a field day changing my look, and it ended up pretty sexy. In guys’ eyes, I was the perfect woman: I was sexy, without looking like a slut, I was intelligent, but no longer a geek, and I was witty, without being a clown. I played the field for a while until my attention was drawn back to the alien camp: to Michael.

After I got out of the hospital I realised that there wasn’t any place in Roswell to party. There were clubs, but because everyone knew everyone and you had to be over 21, none of the kids could get in. I realised that if there were a place where kids could party, it would be really popular. After a little chat to mummy and daddy, The Crashdown had an underground club for teenagers. Think ‘The Bronze’ in Buffy, and you get the drift. Anyway, I, obviously, was a regular, and as long as my grades kept up, my parents didn’t have a problem with this, because they knew what I was doing.

Because of this, I became popular with the girls, as well as the boys. Little miss popularity, that was me. Actually, wait! I am sounding like I am dead! I am still miss popularity. I rock! I really do kick ass! Anyway. I did my homework and then partied. Sometimes I worked as a bar girl, sometimes not, but I always had fun! The good thing about me is that I am smart. I don’t have to study as hard as others to get the grades, and with a little work, my grades stayed the top of the class. Happy family, happy teachers, happy me.

Then, a few months ago I decided that I needed some extra credit for College. I didn’t know whether I really wanted to go, but I am not stupid, I wasn’t going to narrow down my options. So I joined this tutoring thing at school. Help someone get the grades, get the credit. The person assigned to me was one Michael Guerin. The teacher that runs the program sat me down. “Look Liz.” She said in that patronising tone that only teachers seem to master, “This one is going to be a hard one because he just doesn’t care. He has just been emancipated from his foster father and needs these grades so that he doesn’t go back into care, but he still just won’t co-operate.” Actually, he did. I found exactly the way to get him motivated. Well, after a while I had the best way to motivate him, but until then: I just hunted him down.

The teacher was right. Michael just didn’t give a shit. I had to do so much to get him to just let me help. I already knew of him because he was best friends with Max, but none of them really liked me much because I had been the one to break his heart. Oh well, he got over it, started dating this girl Tess. But back to Michael. I had to do everything. I got him a job at the Crashdown, thinking that because I had been nice he would let me help some more. Did that happen? NO! Um, I did everything I could think of. I went to Max, and reasoned with his logical side.

Even with Max helping me, I couldn’t get him to work. I tried bribing him, I tried emotional blackmail, I told his art teacher not to let him in the class, I followed him around, and I tried the Sheriff. Nothing worked. So in the end I locked him in the storeroom of the Crashdown. No, I am not joking. I locked us in there. Apparently that worked. After a lot of shouting, a lot of insulting and a lot of fuming, Michael sat down calmly and listened to me. We have been studying together ever since. Ah! The power of persuasion. If all else fails: Then just lock them in a confined space until they relent.

Michael and I didn’t have a good relationship at the beginning. Well, it was a kinda; I love to hate you relationship. It was the same both ways. But then something happened. Actually, no, a conversation happened. One day, after about two months of working together we were working on a psychology paper. Because the teacher knew I was tutoring Michael, he had put us together, so we had to ask each other these questions. Michael was obviously making the answers up, and finally I had enough. The conversation that followed was what changed our relationship.

I remember that we were sitting alone in the Crashdown. The Crashdown closed at 10 just as the club opened. We both had worked in the afternoon so had got together then. I was getting so frustrated with Michael’s smirks and stupid answers that I got angry. The conversation went like this:
Liz: Damnit Michael, just answer the questions!
Michael: I am Liz. What? You don’t think that my favourite show is Charlie’s Angels?
Liz: No! God! This is a joke!
Michael: You are telling me.
Liz: Okay, how about you just ask me the questions, and I will make up yours.
Michael: Fine! What type of guy do you go for? Oh, I can answer this for you! Anyone guy that breathes.
Liz: Oh, yeah! Well what about you, have you ever trusted anyone enough to date them? Uh, no I don’t think you have!
(Michael didn’t say anything.)
Liz: Have you ever let anyone in? Oh wait! I forgot! The three musketeers don’t believe in opening up to people! (Ah! Sarcasm! Gotta love it!)
Michael: Yeah, well that must be hard for you to comprehend Liz. You seem to be open to a lot of people. Oh wait, just the male population of West Roswell High!
Liz: What are you implying?
Michael: That you Liz, are a slut!
(I was shocked, and more hurt than rational at that point to think straight)
Liz: Well for your information I don’t sleep with any of the guys I date.
Michael laughed: Aw! Is little Lizzie a virgin?! Gets all the guys worked up and then is too frigid to go along with the deed!

That was over the line. I think as soon as he said it he realised it but by that time it was too late. Tears flooded my eyes as I grabbed my stuff. The tears were overflowing by the time I turned back to him. “Fine, you think what you want to think. God why do I even bother? I have tried Michael. I have cared for you just like I cared for Max, and again just like Max, I got nothing in return. Yet I kept trying. Well no more. Obviously this isn’t working. Get yourself another tutor.”

That was a wicked night. I get turned on just thinking about it. After my little speech I turned on my heel and my intention was to walk to the back and go upstairs so I could cry my eyes out, but Michael had other plans. I got about two steps until I was whirled around and pulled into Michael’s embrace. I dropped my stuff in surprise as Michael’s lips pressed down onto mine. When I finally realised what was going on (which did take a while; I was suddenly being attacked so my mind was elsewhere) I kissed him back with just as much force. God I smile just thinking about that. We didn’t do anything other than kiss, but with Michael that is always enough.

When he knew that I was returning the kiss, he pulled me closer to him, and me, wanting to be as close to the source that was wreaking havoc on my senses, wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed myself closer to him. He nibbled on my lips while pushing me back and settling me on top of a table. Opening my mouth for him I pulled him between my legs to get him closer to me. He broke the kiss with a groan and kissed down my neck as I wrapped my legs around his thighs. I pulled his hair up so that I could kiss his lips again and he smirked. We stayed that way for a while, the passion and lust settling down. As he broke the kiss I sighed and leant against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close to him. No words were spoken because they weren’t needed.

What I find sad though is that while I thought he was out of control that night, he was very much in control. Even during that make out session Michael held back from me. I didn’t know it then but I do know it now. It took another three months to finally get Michael to lose control and after that, well, this is after that. He’s made me hate him. One thing I have always done is be honest. Sometimes brutally honest, but honest none the less. And neither he, nor Max was ever honest with me. Max I can forgive, but Michael…He made me fall in love with him. And now it’s over.


“Come on Lizzie!” Maria exclaimed shaking me awake. “What do you want Maria.” I asked her through very clenched teeth. My mind had cleared from its sleep-induced stupor enough to remind me what had happened the following day. Maria rolled her eyes. “Come on.” All my friends took my morning grumpiness with a shrug now. I remember the first time I had stayed at Michael’s house the night. We hadn’t done anything bad, but when he woke up he caught the brunt of Liz Parker’s wrath. It took him a lot to make it up to me…but, my god! It was worth it!

I physically shrugged off that thought. Michael was a goner. I turned my attention to my best friend who was jumping up and down on her spot by my bed. “Come on then…tell me what happened before we have to go downstairs.” Ah! Maria Deluca for you. There is no subtlety involved, just straight down to business. I sighed and got up and began collecting up my uniform that was all over the floor. “Look Maria. You wanna know the truth? Yes, Michael and I did the deed yesterday, yes it was incredible and no it’s not ever happening again.” I walked into the bathroom, had a quick shower and got changed. As I went back into the room I found Maria in exactly the same place as I left her. “Uh Maria?” I asked concerned. She snapped out of it. “Why won’t it happen again?” She asked. I sighed. “You know what…I really really don’t want to talk about it. But, you can know this. Michael and I are over.”

I didn’t wait for her response but just left her there as I made my way down to start my shift. Just as I got down there I groaned. Michael, Max and Isabel were sitting in a booth quietly talking. I sighed and turned to Maria who was walking down the stairs. She could see how upset I was and pulled me into a hug. “I’ll run interference okay?” She said, and I nodded gratefully. “But I do want the details as soon as you feel you can talk about it.” She said looking at me sternly. I smiled and nodded while inside I was cringing. Great. How was I meant to do that? Oh gee Maria, I just fucked an alien without knowing he was one, only to find out that he was an alien and his mate could have healed me. But instead they sat there leaving me to die, because they were too chicken to do anything about it.

I turned to Maria, smiled and lifter my chin. “No one gets the better of Liz Parker,” I stated to Maria and she nodded her head in approval. I grinned at her and looped my arm in hers as we walked into the main room. I walked straight past the booth that the aliens sat in to get some people’s orders. Then, as I went to get the customers drinks I was pulled into their booth. Surprised and outraged I turned to glare at Michael, who had been the one to pull me down. “I’m sorry, but this isn’t my area” I spat going to stand. He held me down, tightening his grip on my arm. I looked at where he was holding me and then back up to his eyes. “You wanna stop hurting me or am I going to have to call my dad?” I hissed at him flashing him a warning look.

He sighed and loosened my arm. As soon as he did I was up on my feet away from him. “Don’t ever do that to me again.” I whispered harshly at him. I turned to Max, with a glare. “Wow Max, just going to sit there and watch your friend hurt someone. Maybe aliens really are monsters” I hissed and turned to go. I know I know, it was so uncalled for, but I was hurting damnit! Michael reached out to me again. “Sit down now!” He demanded. I glared at him. “What if I don’t? Will you use your little alien magic on me?” I whispered at him angrily. I may have been so angry that my blood was boiling but I knew that I couldn’t let out their secret.

Isabel rolled her eyes. “Please Liz.” She begged. “Just sit down for a moment.” I looked at her long and hard. “I’ll be back in a minute to get your orders.” I said loudly and went to get the previous customers drinks. I walked back over and sat down. “Okay, what do you want?” I demanded. Michael turned to me. “If you tell anyone about this Liz.” I laughed in his face. “Aw! Big bad Michael Guerin threatens his ex. Wow, you two must be really proud of him.” I stated facing Max and Isabel. I turned back to Michael. “You can’t use your intimidation on me Michael. I’ve seen through it. Besides, I have something on you. Something pretty fucking serious, so I would lay of the threats.” I rolled my eyes at him in disgust. “How can you even think that about me?” I asked, showing my hurt for the first time.

I glanced over at Max and Isabel. “I would understand why you two would think that I would tell, but you.” I said turning back to Michael. I could feel my eyes well up with tears, and I blinked them back down. I chuckled humourlessly. “Yeah, well, obviously nothing is how I thought.” I finished bitterly. I looked to Max and Isabel again not being able to look at Michael in the face. “I won’t tell anyone about your secret. Okay? You can trust me.” I smiled sadly at Max and Isabel before turning back to Michael, my look turning hard once more. “And you can stay away from me.” I told him harshly. “You work, that’s fine. But get yourself another tutor, and stay away from me.” I shook my head again and was about to say something else when I sighed. “Forget it.” I whispered and got up.

“I’ll get someone to get your order.” I said, trying hard not to cry. As I headed for the back I nodded my head at Maria who covered their table for me. As I got in the back I sat down on the couch and cried.

The next day Michael turned up like normal for work. I felt so awkward around him. I mean. Michael Guerin runs so hot and cold. Things had definitely been hot last night, but what if he regretted it? I had been nervous around him for about an hour until he just came out to the front, grabbed my hand, and dragged me into the backroom. He just bent down and kissed me. Obviously I kissed him back, but as we pulled apart I ruined it by blushing. Michael chuckled. “Hey, what’s up?” he asked me gently, lightly stroking my red cheeks. I sighed, I wasn’t about to admit my fears to him. He crushed me into a hug. “So, you wanna go out with me this evening?” He asked me, somehow knowing my fear. Hey!! Wait a minute!! Is that an alien power???

I never heard someone come in, I was crying so hard. I did feel the couch dip slightly under the weight. I looked up expecting Maria but found Isabel. “What do you want?” I asked miserably. Isabel smiled at me in sympathy. “Look. I just, I just want to say thanks. I really do feel like I can trust you. And I just feel bad that this is how you found out about us.” I sighed. “Look, should we really talk about this here?” I asked. Isabel smiled. “You wanna come to mine tonight? My parents are away. We could have a girl’s night. I’ll tell you more about that thing, and we could get to know each other.” I looked at her in confusion. We had never even been on talking terms before. Like I said, she hated me for hurting Max, and I didn’t like her. She sighed. “Look, it’s just that I have always had to keep certain stuff hidden from people. But you know that now and so I can be myself around you. Plus, I mean, both Max and Michael have adored you at some point so you can’t be that bad.” I knew she was joking and I let her have a small smile. I nodded my head. “Okay, sure.”

So, there I was, that evening, nervous as hell, standing outside his apartment. Isabel was the one that opened the door and looked me up and down. “Oh!” She said snidely. “That is not your colour.” I glared at her. “Leaving Isabel?” I asked. She smirked at me. “Don’t have too much fun now.” She smiled sweetly letting me pass. “Don’t let the door hit you on your ass” I grumbled under my breath. After Isabel had closed the door I turned around and my breath caught in my throat. Michael had set his apartment up really nicely. I had been around to his before to study, and it is always messy, but that night he had tidied the place up and put candles everywhere. It was so sweet of him. He had cooked us dinner, then we danced, and then we had a serious make out session on the couch. It had been perfect.

But, uhg!! What a…a…a…alien! Ugh! Why couldn’t he have told me or god, I don’t know, just let me in. I can’t believe that I gave my virginity to someone who hadn’t even been honest to me. He’s a stranger to me now! I can’t believe I am still in love with him.


I got up and washed my face before walking outside with Isabel next to me. “I’ll see you later?” She asked quietly so the other two wouldn’t hear. I smiled slightly. “Yeah sure. I’ll come over about six?” She nodded and went back to the booth. I went about doing my job but I could feel Michael’s eyes on me the entire time. Finally I had enough. I walked over to their booth, grabbed his hand and pulled him into the back. “What? If you have something to say then do it, but don’t keep watching me!” I demanded. Michael looked at me for a moment and then suddenly grabbed me in a kiss. It was passionate and intense, and even though I had only gone with out it for a day, I missed it. Now that we had made love, I felt him more so than before. Despite being angry at him, I loved him, and I wanted to be him. I let him kiss me and then began kissing him back, getting lost in the feelings and the heat. Then I realised how he had hurt me and pushed him away. “No!” I shouted. “That’s not going to work with me!” Michael looked at me hard and sighed. “I’m sorry.” He said softly and then turned and left. I sucked in a breath and let it out shakily. This was going to be so hard.

So, the next day, after this amazing romantic meal, Michael cornered me at school. I reached up to kiss him but he shrugged out of it. “I can’t do this Liz. I can’t get close to you.” I looked at him in disbelief. Then I rolled my eyes. “Fine!” I snapped and pushed him out of the way. That evening we had a tutoring session at his house. We had been studying for an hour in awkward silence and snappy comments until I sighed. “Can I grab a drink?” I asked him. He nodded at me and then followed me into the kitchen. As I turned away from the fridge he pushed me roughly against it and began kissing me with a hard passion that I wasn’t used to. It turned me on!! I moaned in my throat, and heard an answering growl come from Michael. I felt Michael wrap his arms around my waist and pull me up to him and I circled his neck and pressed myself against him fully. I deepened the kiss as he pushed me harder back onto the fridge. This is what I wanted: passion and lust. Because I was petite, most guys treated me like a sheet of glass and I didn’t want that. Michael picked me up then and walked back to the main room, before sitting down with me on top of him, never breaking the kiss. After that, we decided to start dating. Things with Michael weren’t romantic and perfect, but I didn’t want it any other way. And soon I was falling hard for one Mr Guerin.

I didn’t see Michael for the rest of the day, and that was fine with me. However, that evening, as I pulled up at the Evans’ house, I saw Michael’s motorcycle in the drive. I was suddenly struck with this light-headedness. I couldn’t keep being cold to Michael, when all I wanted to do was curl up in his arms. I shook my head to escape my thoughts and took deep breaths as I walked up to the door. Max opened and looked at me in surprise. I frowned slightly. “Is Isabel here?” I asked. Isabel appeared from behind him and smiled over his shoulder. “Come in Liz.” I stepped past Max who was still looking at me curiously and walked into the living room area. There Michael was sitting with this sad frown on his face. I would have liked to believe that it was because of me, but I just didn’t know him. I had to face the fact that I never had. He had lied to me…or kept me away from the truth. Whatever. And that hurt me so much.

He looked up at me as Isabel got her drink and I smiled sadly. He looked at Isabel and she sighed. “Okay, we’ll be in my room if you want us.” I looked at her. “Actually, I was wondering if we could all talk.” I said quietly. “It’s just that I want to hear about everything. I am really curious about your powers and your history. I saw some stuff in the flashes, but I want to know more. If that’s okay with you all.” I finished hesitantly. Isabel smiled and nodded as did Max. I looked to Michael who was looking at me with this unreadable expression. “Why do you want to know Liz? You said yourself we are monsters.” I sighed and frowned at him. “No, I said that aliens may well be monsters if they hurt people like you were doing to me.” I rolled up my sleeve to show him the bruise that he had left me. “You have left bruises on my skin before Michael, but this was the first one that hurt.” Michael looked to Isabel who had gasped. “It’s more like Hank than being an alien.” Max commented. Michael glared at him and then stormed out of the room.

I remember the day that he came to me after his father had beat him up. He was a mess. He couldn’t stop shaking or crying. I tried to get him cleaned up as best I could but he just needed my comfort. I sat up all night just stroking his hair and kissing his forehead gently in comfort. After a few hours he fell asleep but I didn’t sleep that night. As I witnessed the change that occurred when he fell asleep I saw him as a person for the first time.

Michael had this way of making people feel like he didn’t have emotions or feelings. He called it his ‘stonewall.’ I had never seen the person beneath it until that evening. It made me want to take care of him, more so than I had ever felt before. We didn’t go to school the next day, and I spent the entire day looking after him and comforting him. Isabel had a fit when she found out where he was, but that day was worth it. I found out how vulnerable he was, and how miserable his life had been, and I began to fall for this guy who was hard and mean and tough, yet troubled, scared and vulnerable. He was just a walking oxymoron, and I loved that in him.

I slowly walked up the stairs trying to find where Michael had gone. Having looked in Max and Isabel’s rooms I knocked on the bathroom door. It swung open to reveal Michael sitting on the toilet seat with his face in his hands. I looked at him and my heart broke for him. I walked over to him and knelt down in front of him. Taking his hands in mine I looked at them. “You aren’t Hank Michael.” I said softly. I wouldn’t look at his face because I was still mad. “You could never be Hank.” Michael let out a sob then and I knelt up to take his upper body in an embrace. “I hurt you Liz. The one person that I vowed never to hurt, and I did.” Now I wasn’t sure whether we were talking the bruise or something else.

I just held him to me tightly until he calmed down. He took my arm in his and covered it with his hand. Guiding my face with his other hand he looked into my eyes and a connection was formed. I could feel this warmth from his hand on my arm and a moment later I knew that he had healed me. But that reminded me why I was angry at him. I smiled tightly. “Thanks.” Michael nodded sadly and I stood up. “Come on. Let’s go talk to the others. You guys have lots to tell me.” Michael stopped me. “Why do you care Liz? You don’t want anything to do with me and you have never liked Isabel.” I sighed and looked down. “Michael, as mad as I am at you right now, I am still in love with you. Of course I care. And I have had a few days to think about it and I realised how awful it must have been to not be able to share anything about yourself with anyone.”

I looked up at him briefly before letting go of his hands. “You guys didn’t want anyone to find out but I have. Yeah, it might not be a brilliant situation, but it’s done. And, for the first time you guys can share it with someone else. You can let me in. I don’t think of you as aliens. I think of you as Isabel and Max Evans, and Michael Guerin.” I sighed. “For Isabel especially, this is a blessing. I’m not going to tell anyone, and regardless of you believing me or not, I won’t tell anyone. This means that for the first time, Isabel can have a true friend. You and Max are like brothers to her, and I can be her friend. I think she needs that.”

Michael sighed. “And what about us?” He asked. I looked down. “Uh, I just…I don’t know about that.” Tears began to well up in my eyes. “You did the exact same thing as Max did but you went one step worse.” Michael looked at me sharply. “Why? What did I do?” I sighed. “You made me fall in love with you.” I said sadly before leaving the room.


We spent the evening talking about their powers. They showed me what they could do and stuff, and it was really fascinating. They told me about what they knew, which wasn’t much, and how isolated they felt. I could feel how good they felt that they could tell someone, and I think they were also grateful that I didn’t run away in fear. I admit that I was being rather cold to Michael, but not mean, which is why what happened took me by surprise.

They had finished telling me about what they knew, and were showing me their powers. Isabel was thinking of anything else that they could do. “One of us could connect with her, and show the past to her.” I smiled. Michael sat up. “I’d like to do that.” He commented quietly. I looked at him briefly before turning to Isabel. “Um, okay.” I said hesitantly. I went over to where Michael was sitting and sat down next to me. I jerked slightly at his touch but he ignored it as we connected. He showed me the pods, and that he hadn’t taken Max’s hand. He then showed me him being shipped round foster homes and finally Hank and his beatings. He showed me how he felt about me, about how he loved me. I took in the information and then put the rest aside to deal with at my own time. I knew if I looked through how he felt about me now, I would break down, and I couldn’t do that. I needed him to realise how insecure I felt that he had acted with me, and how I felt like I didn’t know him.

He slowly broke the connection and we looked into each other’s eyes for a moment before I shook myself out of it. I had to get away from him before I collapsed into his arms, like I wanted to. I went back over to me seat and turned to Isabel. “Maybe you could show me a dream walk?” I asked trying to sound as normal as possible, despite the crazy feelings pounding inside me. Michael stood up sharply. “How can you act so normal? After I have just poured out my heart to you!” He said angrily. “I am so cut up from not being with you, but you have been cold and distant all night!” Michael combed his hand through his hair in an agitated manner before continuing. “How can you not feel this pain? Are you void of emotion??” I stood up angrily.

“You are a sod Michael!” I shouted at him. “The entire time we went out, you were hot and cold with me. Breaking up with me, only to start kissing me next time we met. And I took that from you because I cared so much. I didn’t take it from Max, and you guys did exactly the same to me. You were the one that acted void of emotion. And then I find out that you have never been truly honest with me, and if you had your way, you never would.” I got in his face then. “Max could have saved me. I could have died from that shot. But you thought about yourself. I was dying, and you left!” I took a step back. “I gave myself completely to you. Everything I had to offer was yours. I gave my virginity to you. And I didn’t even know you!” I sat down in the chair. “So excuse me if I am slightly cold towards you, but I think I am entitled to it somehow.” Michael went to say something and then shook his head. “Fine, if that’s how you feel, stay out of my life for good!” He shouted before storming out of the house.

I cried. I just burst into tears. Max went to get me a drink while Isabel sat next to me and held me. “I shouldn’t have said that!” I sobbed. “I know that you guys couldn’t risk healing me. It just hurts knowing now, that there were all these things that he purposely kept from me. That he was always thinking about it. Even when we were making out or doing stuff, he would still be blocking himself from giving me flashes. It hurts so much. I feel a fool!” Isabel kissed my forehead and held me close while Max gave me the drink. “You know what…you have a right to feel this way Liz. I know that is why you broke up with me. And Michael knew that. I guess…He loves you Liz. And that scares him. That is why he was so hot and cold with you. Because he was scared that he would hurt you.”

They spent the next hour consoling me before the telephone rang. We had talked it through and I had come to the conclusion that we could get round this. I loved him and I wanted him to be mine. He could be honest with me now, and I could forgive him for lying, because I understood why he did. Just as I was discussing how I would get Michael back in my life, Max came into the room pale and shaking. “Come on you two, we’ve got to get to the hospital. Michael has been in an accident. He’s still unconscious.” My face drained of blood and I went ice cold. This couldn’t be happening. He was just here, shouting at me. I let Max lead me out of the house and into the car. All I could think about was what would I do if he died? I wouldn’t be able to live without him.

We entered the hospital and immediately ran to the desk. The only thing I was thinking was ‘please don’t let him die, please don’t let him die.’ They directed us to a room and we took off at a run. He was in his own room, having just had tests, and as the doctor told Isabel and myself what was going on, Max disappeared to find and change Michael’s blood. The doctor told us that he was stable and sleeping, and that we could go in. We entered and Isabel gasped at his appearance. She immediately ran to his side as the doctor told me some more about how he was when he had come in. Apparently he had been riding his bike recklessly, leading them to think that he was drunk. But he didn’t have any smell on his face, and the paramedics noticed tears on his face, implying that he was emotional, and that was why he was riding so erratically.

That broke my heart. He was here because of me. Max had come up as the doctor had been explaining this and after I thanked the doctor he led me into the room. I looked at him and began to tear up. He had a nasty bruise on one side of his face and a graze on the other cheek. His lip was cut, as was just above his left eyebrow. He looked like a little boy. I looked at Max. “I’m the one that did this.” I stated. I walked over to his body and took his hand in mine. Slowly, I stroked his face lightly with my other hand. As the tears started to fall I bent down and kissed his forehead before turning to Max. “I shouldn’t be here.” Isabel looked up sharply.

“You are the one person that should be here Liz. He loves you.” I looked at her as I backed away from him. “I am the reason that he is here. If I hadn’t upset him, he wouldn’t have been crying and riding.” Max placed a hand on my shoulder. “Liz, he shouldn’t have driven. It wasn’t your fault.” I shook my head. I couldn’t believe what they were saying. I was the problem and I didn’t deserve him in my life. “Promise me you won’t go anywhere.” Isabel said as I headed further to the door. I sighed and pushed my hair back out of my face. “Okay. I just…I need some air.”

I walked out of the building and sat on the wall outside. I put my head in my hands and wept.

Michael and I were lying on his sofa, me half on top of him, half next to him as we watched a film. I wasn’t finding it very interesting and so turned to watch Michael. He seemed pretty intent on the film so I just looked at him. His brown eyes were big and expressive. There were a few different colours; I could see green flecks as well. Suddenly he turned to me. “You know that you are meant to be watching the TV not me.” He stated smirking slightly. I smiled languidly. “But my subject is so much more interesting.” I explained to him. Michael arched an eyebrow “Really?” He asked. “How?”

I looked over his face before landing back on his eyes. “Well…” I started. “My subject is pretty nice to look at. It is mysterious, charming, passionate, intense and very very sexy.” Michael smiled down at me and wrapped his arms around my waist to pull me up so that I was flush on top of him. “Care to continue?” He asked looking up at me. I pretended to think before leaning down so that my lips were close to his ear. “Well my subject makes me feel certain things about him. It makes me happy, it makes me feel special, it makes me feel love and it makes me feel lust.” I lightly bit down on his earlobe before continuing. “I love you Michael and I want you to make love to me.” Michael growled, picked me up and carried me to the bedroom as I giggled helplessly. This is what I had wanted for a long long time.

I couldn’t get the picture of his body in the hospital. He looked frail and that scared me. This strong, passionate man had been reverted to a frail looking vulnerable boy, in the matter of hours.

Michael lay me on the bed in a gentle manner that was unlike him. He lay me down and lay next to me. He stroked my hair back out of my face. “I love you too. God, Liz, I love you so much.” He said in a voice so full of emotion that it made me want to cry. Instead I pulled him down hard against me and kissed him with the pent up sexual frustration that I had within me. Things slowly got hotter as Michael gave in to the feelings and lost control.

Then I could picture Michael yelling at me. Telling me to stay out of his life for good. I had rarely seen him so angry and sad at the same time. I could see the pain underneath, behind the anger in his eyes. And I knew that I had put it there.

He unbuttoned my shirt as I pulled his T-shirt over his head. I pulled him back down onto me as I kissed him hungrily and went for his trousers, but Michael pulled away. “Slowly Elizabeth. I want this to be slow.” My heart literally skipped a beat when he called me Elizabeth. It was so full of emotion and love. He had shown me how much he cared not only through his words but also through his voice. We slowly took off each other’s clothes; kissing and licking each other’s skin. There were no preliminaries, we were both ready. We kissed each other when we were undressed, taking time to get to know each other’s bodies. There was only going to be one first time, but I was so glad that it was going to be with Michael.

I saw him when I found him in the bathroom this evening. How his eyes were, for once, open to what he was feeling. I could see his fear and self-loathing. And I wanted to take it all away, but knew that I couldn’t.

As he entered me, I looked into his eyes. As he began moving and the pain subsided, I felt complete. I knew then that Michael was for me. I wanted him forever. Then I started to see things. Flashes of Michael. All of when he was looking at me. I then saw him looking at me the day that I was shot. I heard Max say that he could save me and Michael pulling him back into the booth. “We are aliens Max.” He exclaimed in a harsh whisper. “We can’t take the chance.” Michael climaxed then and smiled down at me. I looked back at him coldly. You could have saved me Michael. You’re an alien.” I exclaimed. His reply stopped my heart. “Oh shit, you weren’t meant to find out.”

Isabel interrupted my thoughts. “Michael is awake. He is asking for you.”


I walked through the waiting room to get to Michael’s room but stopped when I saw Isabel go over to Max who was sitting slumped in a seat. I walked hesitantly over to them. “Aren’t you coming?” I asked, realising how pathetic I sounded but not really caring. Isabel smiled sadly and shook her head. “No, he wants to see you alone.” Max explained. “How did he sound?” I asked. Max shrugged. “Like he wanted to talk to you.” I sighed and pushed my hair away from my head. Isabel smiled at me again. “I doubt he’s going to bite Liz, he’s in a bed” Isabel commented, chuckling slightly. I smiled at her. “How can you not blame me?” I asked in awe. “It isn’t your fault Liz. We know that, Michael knows that. It was his fault for riding. He told us that himself.”

I sighed, gave them a small smile and turned to the direction of Michael’s room. I wavered outside his room and took a deep breath. I had been so scared for him, and now, if he told me he still didn’t want me in his life I don’t know what I would do. “Liz?” I heard Michael call from inside the room. I walked in, confused. “That an alien power?” I asked. Michael smiled in amusement. “No, I saw your shadow beneath the door.” Okay, that embarrassed me. I blushed as Michael chuckled gently. “Fair enough.” I said lamely, and waited near the door to see what he wanted. Michael visibly sighed, as he became serious. “Can’t you even bear to be near me?” He asked so softly that I could only just hear him. I frowned. That wasn’t what I had wanted to portray. I acted on impulse, and did the one thing I wanted to do.

I walked over to him and took his hand in both of mine. I kissed the back of it in a tender gesture. “No, that’s not what I feel.” I said gently. “It’s just…I don’t know how you can bear me at the moment. I acted so callously towards you, and it was my fault that you stormed off. How can you bear being near me?” I asked, looking away. Michael reached over with his other hand and took my chin in his hand, directing my face to his. “It wasn’t your fault Liz. I am so hot-tempered I will do anything. It was my fault…I knew I shouldn’t have taken my bike.” I smiled slightly. “I didn’t mean what I said Michael.” I said earnestly. “I know that you couldn’t have saved me. And I realise why you didn’t tell me. My pride was hurt. I just…I thought that when we made out, and when we did other things, you were losing control right along with me. But it kinda hurt to know that you were controlling yourself enough to constantly be thinking of blocking me away.” I poured out my real feelings, finally realising what was bothering me.

I looked down before looking back into his eyes hesitantly. Michael shook his head. “You are wrong Liz. I was losing control. I was always losing control around you. It didn’t matter what we were doing. Just looking at you caused me to lose control. The fact is that I am so used to closing myself off I don’t realise it anymore. It was never a conscious thought, it was just habit.” He took my hands in his other so mine were sandwiched between his. “And what I said that night. About you not finding out. I didn’t mean it like that. I meant that you weren’t meant to find out then. I know this sounds like a lie, but I know that at some point I would have told you. You mean everything to me Liz. Everything. I love you more than anything. Isabel, Max; you are my world.” He spoke in his intense way, and I could see the truth in his eyes. I began sobbing.

“I love you too Michael. I need you in my life. Please don’t deny me that.” I begged. Michael too let out a sob. “Never Liz. I am done pushing you away. I am never going to let you go.” I wiped the tears away; “I am never going to let you Michael.” I said between the tears. Despite his fragile state (Max hadn’t healed him yet, because it would look suspicious) he pulled me up along his body to kiss me. I wiped away his tears with my fingertips and leant down to kiss him. The kiss quickly grew in intensity as Michael nipped at my lips to get me to open them. I relented, and the kiss deepened as I straddled his waist. I combed my hands through his hair, pushing it back from his face as Michael pulled me closer to him. I moaned in response, and thrust myself against him, trying desperately to get closer to him.

Then I suddenly realised where we were and tore my lips from his. Without missing a beat, he latched his lips onto my neck and I sighed, quickly losing my thought again. I shook myself out of it and pulled far enough away for him not to attack me with his lips. He reached out for me but I dodged back with a giggle. He frowned. “Liz, we were in mid make-up. What are you doing?!” He exclaimed in annoyance. I smiled at his anger. “We can’t make up properly here now can we? What if someone comes in.” Michael paled and I knew that he got my point. I leaned back over his body to his lips.

“How about we bust you out of here, get Max to heal you, and then make up properly at your house” I whispered against his lips. He growled low in his throat and kissed me soundly. “Sounds like a plan to me.” He commented and I laughed. I hopped off his lap and he let out a moan in protest so I leaned over him again. “Soon you can do whatever you want with me Michael, and after the other day, I know how fun that can be.” I said gently, kissing him in between my words. He smiled up at me. “You know, I never said anything about that night because we kinda started arguing after. But I really loved it. It was incredible.” He said seriously. I smiled and kissed him gently all over his face. “I know. And I feel the same way. I’m glad that it was with you Michael. No one else can even compare.”


So, there you have it. The make up scene. Obviously there was a much better make up scene later on at his house, but that I am going to keep to myself. All I can say about that is that we didn’t leave his flat for a long, long time, and by the end we were both very happy and very sleepy! Hee hee…I’ll leave it up to your imagination, but it was definitely very steamy!

It’s now been a few years since when Michael was in hospital and things have changed. Michael and I are still together. Which makes me happy. Actually Michael makes me happy all the time. He always shows his love through little things. Like leaving me notes in my locker just to tell me that he loves me, or that I look nice, or that he wants to make love to me. And he leaves me drawings at random places where he knows I will find them. He is constantly making sure that I know he loves me…and I love the affection. He is also very possessive of me, and he gets jealous easily. That has caused some problems, but secretly I kinda like it. It shows that he loves me.

Anyway, like I said, some things have changed. After I found out that the three of them were aliens, I was kinda accepted into their group. Max and Isabel quickly became my best friends because I was with them so much. I really liked Max as a person, and Isabel was great fun. We would go to the club nearly every day and we would take weekend trips to towns nearby to go shopping. I also helped them look for clues about who they were. At one point Michael and I had this weird thing where we really wanted each other…sexually. And I kept getting these flashes. It turned out to be an orb. That was really weird. There were two of them, the other was found by Max…I am not too sure how. They came together to tell the group their destiny. Oh yeah…Tess, Max’s girlfriend is an alien too.

Anyway, they ignored the fact that they were married in a past life. Well, Michael and Isabel did. Max and Tess are like two little…well, things that fuck like ALL the time. And they say that Michael and I are bad. Compared to them…no way! The one sacrifice I had to make was my previous best friends, Maria and Alex. I couldn’t tell them about the aliens for obvious reasons, and so we gradually drifted apart. They knew I was lying to them and they didn’t understand why I had suddenly become friends with the group who wouldn’t talk to anyone. I hate it because we were so close; Maria knew everything about me. But I guess that happens to everyone. Tess is now my best friend. Her guardian was this guy called Nacedo, and when he died, I got her to move in with us. She isn’t really part of the family, but my parents care about her. And she likes finally having a family atmosphere. I am the only one that she told about Nacedo’s plan. She told me that he had made an agreement ages ago for Tess to deliver Max’s baby and the group to Khivar, their enemy. She told me because she didn’t want to be that person anymore. I never told anyone, and if Michael saw through flashes, he has never said anything.

So that is why Tess and I are so close. We get on really well, and Isabel too. My parents are still curious as to why I never see Maria and Alex anymore and why I have this new group of friends, but they like them so all is well. A few months ago I moved into Michael’s flat to go to college. I am going to the nearest one and Michael is training to be a manager of the Crashdown. The other three are joining me at Las Cruces. I hope that Michael and I will stay together forever. That might not be the case…he could be sent back to Antar, their planet, or I could be killed tomorrow. Who knows? But I don’t care…these last few years have been worth it. So that’s my tale. I no longer hate aliens. They are my family. In some cases they are more human than most. It’s something to think about I guess…Liz Parker.