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Title: Chemical
Author: Janelle Lyles
Email: Zuri8223⊕
Rating: R
Disclaimer : The characters and names used in this story are real and used without the permission of the respective persons and are property of WB. If you or your name or character is included in this story and you would like it to be removed please E-mail me at the below address.
Summary: Takes place directly during and after Sexual Healing, up until just before Crazy contains that might help better explain all the weird things happening to Liz
Category: Max/Liz
Author’s notes: my first Rowel Fic would love feedback

Liz’s Journal entry

It’s February 20th I’m Liz Parker and lately I’ve been having these feelings… like I’m changing on the inside, and part of me doesn’t want to change, part of me wants to stay my mom’s little girl. But the thing is these feelings are strong…dangerous, undeniable. It’s like I have no choice, like…chemical.
It all started the other day at the Crashdown I was working my usual shift, and had the tedious task of cleaning strawberries. Little did I know how interesting this would become before the evening was done. These strawberries were particularly plump so I tasted one; they were equally as sweet. Now strawberries are known to act as an aphrodisiac therefore naturally my mind began to wander…I guess it’s only appropriate that I started to dream about the object of my affection, Maxwell Evans. In my fantasy I was in the girl’s locker room taking a shower and he was there too, staring at me. I could tell from the look in his eyes that he liked what he saw and I liked being seen by him in such a way. I felt like our minds & emotions were one. Like there was more …more that he felt…that I felt, than the obvious awkward situation I had dreamt up. The feeling I felt then was indescribable It was strange to me that I could feel all that from just a look. Anyway…just as my daydream started to get interesting I was disrupted by my friend Maria saying “nice strawberries!” and I was jolted back to reality as I dropped the entire bowl. As she comes to help me clean up the mess she mentions I have a visitor. And who else would it be none other than Max Evans coming towards me in all his aloof glory. Coincidental that the same person I was just fantasizing about was now here to see me. After he unnecessarily apologizes for causing me to drop the strawberries I ask him why he was here. Not that I wasn’t thrilled to see him but it’s just not like Max to come to the Crashdown without a reason or at least an excuse. He says he was here to make sure we were still friends. I assured him that everything was as it was you know friends as usual. ‘Friends!’ I thought ‘You can be a whole lot more than just my friend.’ “Just friends” he says as if he’d read my mind. I hesitated a bit before answering no more needed to be said, he just knew and he grabbed me and indulged me in the single best kiss of my life. Don’t get me wrong it’s not as though I’ve never been kissed before but this was like…beyond I mean Max seems to have some effect on me that sets my whole body to fire. And that was only the beginning then I saw the stars. Well not stars exactly but thoughts and ideas that have been stored deep in his memory. I see them as visions when we’re…together. I saw what I found to be The Whirlwind galaxy and a red giant, which is a star in its last phases. I know this because I checked with my astrology teacher today in detention. Yeah I know ‘detention’ so not like me but like I said I haven’t exactly been feeling like myself lately. Being with Max isn’t your typical make out session it’s like everything I do with him is a heightened experience and not just physically, but emotionally too. It’s like I’m drawn to him, and I do things that are against all my better judgement just to be with him. This afternoon I thought I saw the crash site …It’s so weird like I was inside the ship looking out when I came crashing toward earth. And if that’s not strange enough for you Max gave me a hickey and it was glowing. This afternoon Max came and told me that he can see my thoughts, he saw my shower fantasy…which means that he probably saw me naked, or at least how I imagined myself to look naked. He said he had to find out if what he saw was from me or his own imagination. It was sweet that Max admitted that he too fantasizes about me. I was a bit embarrassed but touched by his honesty…

Liz scribbled her last thoughts down in her journal and closed it as the bell to adjourn school rang. She was waiting for Maria, gym was their last class and Liz hadn’t exactly made it to that class today.

“Maria, wait up!” Liz said as she saw Maria exit the building.

“What happened to you in class today. When I said I’d cover for you I didn’t mean the entire period ” Maria questioned

“ Well when you sent me to go look at the thing on my neck I ran into Max.” Liz explained

“ In the girls locker room?”

“ Yeah”

“You and Max alone in an empty locker room…oh enough said,” she said as understanding dawned

“Nothing happened.”

“ Yeah sure… but let me just say Coach was pissed. You sure you want to jeopardize your academic future for a cheap thrill every now and then.”

“No, you don’t understand nothing happened…we weren’t making out or anything. We just talked and things are starting to get really weird Maria. Look” Liz said as she moved her collar, which she had been using to hide the mark.

Maria could see very clearly that it was the hickey she’d seen on her friend earlier but the strange part is it seemed to be illuminated in and of itself. “ Is it glowing Liz?”

“ Yes, and Max says that when we were… together yesterday he saw my thoughts and felt what I felt.”

“ How do you know he’s telling the truth, maybe he’s just making it up you know… to go along with you”
“ Max and I are not like you Michael.” Liz jokingly commented “ If I can see his thoughts it only makes sense that he can see mine. Beside I highly doubt he’d go out of his way to find me and lie.”

“Lets say he is telling the truth, he can see your thoughts and you can see his. How do you know you want him seeing everything you think?”

“Not just what I think, what I feel too, but somewhere along the line it stopped being my feelings and evolved into our feelings…for each other. ”Liz wasn’t exactly sure of what she was feeling but she knew that whatever it is Max was feeling it too. “Today when he touched me I saw—“ she was interrupted

“—Hey I thought you said you guys didn’t make out.”

“ We didn’t… not for long anyway.” Liz defended

“ What !?”

“ No Maria it’s nothing like that. It’s just that Max doesn’t have to do much for me to…you know. It’s like his touch has a strange effect on me…like I’m not even in control of my own body.” Liz tried to explain how she felt when Max was near but was a t a loss for words.

“ Hmm…be careful.”

“ What do you mean? I trust Max.”

“ I know you do it’s just that what if he’s…” Maria paused as if trying to find the right words “…nothing, So when are you gonna see him again?”

Just then as if on cue Max brushes by Liz and says “ We need to talk.”

“Speak of the devil.” Maria jests

“Sure Max hold on.” She turned to Maria and says. “ I’ll catch up with you later.”

Maria stared after Max and Liz as they headed for his Jeep. She didn’t like the affect he seemed to have on her. Less than a week ago Max and Liz were barely speaking and now her friend was practically ready to jump in bed with him. This was not like Liz. Maria didn’t want to see her get hurt emotionally, or physically. If Liz had glowing hickeys, who knew what other side effects she would have if the two of them decided to take the plunge
* * *

“ Where are we going?” Liz asked, as they pulled out of the high school’s parking lot “I don’t have much time before my shift starts at the crashdown.”

“ I know. I’m gonna drop you off.” Max answered

“ Thanks.”

Silence hung in the air for a moment before he asked, “ What are you doing later…after you get off?”

“ Nothing…why?”

“ Could we…I mean would you like to come by Michael’s apartment…after work. I mean it’s the only time or place where we’ll ever get to be alone.”

“ Sure.”

“Good.” He simply stated

Another awkward silence “Max what are we gonna do I mean…are we going to have…” She didn’t know how to say what was on her mind, without saying it and sparing herself the embarrassment “…are we?”

He stopped her seeing that the entire idea was making her very nervous and he wasn’t completely sure himself “I would never ask you to do anything you don’t feel your ready for. But the visions you’ve been having are getting really intense and I just figured that if we…it might lead to a clue about my past.” Max explained as he pulled in front of the crash down

“I know it’s just…”

“Just what, Liz?” Max said he almost wanted her to interject and give a reason why they shouldn’t. Although he had been playing this calm exterior he was probably ten times as scared as Liz was

“ Nothing…I’ll see you tonight.” She said as she exited his jeep and entered the crash down.
* * *

After Max dropped Liz off he went home and attempted to get some homework done. He sat at the desk in his room with his books open, feverently tapping his pen on the pages. It wasn’t long until he was due to meet Liz and there was a lot on his mind. Ever since he’d kissed Liz the other day it had awakened so many new feelings in both them. And he had just gone with it wherever it took him, even if this meant cutting class to make out. ‘Cutting class to make out’ he repeated to himself. This was a big switch for the reserved and usually well thought out Max, and he’d done it more than once. He did welcome these changes especially if they were with Liz; there was no one he wanted to be with more. But he also wanted her to want it just as much. The last thing he wanted was to have her feel pressured or used. Their recent closeness had made him acutely aware of her feelings and he’d got the impression that in some ways she was feeling that way, used. Max had no idea what could happen. His reasons for staying away for so long were obvious Liz and he were…different, simply put. Were they even compatible sexually? It was apparent that he had all the right equipment, but your typical teenage make out sessions didn’t end with glowing hickeys. And when they finally had broken the barrier it was like they couldn’t stop themselves, they weren’t exactly your typical hormonally driven teens. Before they did what ever it was they were gonna do Max had to figure all this out.
* * *

As soon as Liz finished her shift she changed and headed to Michael’s apartment. The nice long walk she had would give her time to think. Maria’s question still fresh in his mind ‘what if he’s…’ what ‘using me’ she thought. It’s not as though the question hadn’t crossed her mind. The conversation she had with him earlier had kinda given her that impression but Max was right these visions were getting intense she wanted to know where they lead. I mean he’d saved her life she owed him this much at least, didn’t she? It wasn’t like she was just paying some kind of debt either. The feelings Max awakened in her made her curious and she wanted to be with him. That's how she would justify it, yeah she wanted to be with Max.
* * *

When Liz arrived at Michael’s apartment the door opened just as she was about to knock and Michael and Isabel were standing there as if they were about to leave. A moment more of this awkward silence, which seemed to be very frequent of late, passed before Isabel said “ Hi”

“ Hi” Liz responded.

“How’s it going Michael added

“ Strange” Liz said which was the truth

“ I’ll bet” Isabel commented. She could only imagine how all this was making Liz feel. Isabel had always been slightly annoyed with the closeness Liz seemed to share with her brother. Still if she made him happy…

“ Alright we’re leaving now, but I got some Shaka Chan cued up in the CD player.” Michael added before Isabel pulled him away “We’re leaving.”

“Yeah.” Max said

When they were gone “So you told ‘em huh?” Liz asked, something about Michael’s’ last comment tipped her off and sort of angered her.

“ Yeah.”

“ And they’re just kinda cheering you on… like a football game.”

“ No it’s not like that…” Max defended “ I mean…yes they want us to keep going so we can find out where all this leads. But…that’s not...”

“Max, I need to find out where all this leads too. Look.” She said moving her hair to the side so Max could see that the glowing hickey he had seen earlier had turned into a huge red scar almost like teeth marks.
Max placed the palm of his hand on her neck once again setting her skin to fire. A soft warm light radiated there as he used his powers to remove the mark “It’s gone.” He traced his hand slowly down her arm leaving a glowing trail where his hand went. What was happening?

“ Max…do you understand any of this.”

“No” he responded hoarsely

“ Can you take off you shirt?” Liz wanted to see if her touch had the same effect on him.

“Can I?…yeah.” He removed his jacket and with unsteady hands Liz unbuttoned his shirt.

She touched his taunt chest, which did cause a response in him but no glowing trail “ I can’t do it to you.”

“ I’m glowing everywhere…my toes…my heart. You can’t see it, it’s on the inside.” He said reveling at the effect just being near her was having on him. Her sweet smell, the feel of her skin everything thing about her made him ‘glow’, so to speak. He embraced her gently

“No, Max we can’t do this.”

“I know.”

“ You know, could I…could I get sick.” Liz asked although she was much enjoying this closeness there were still some doubts in her mind.

“ I don’t know anything. I don’t even know who I am.” He responded drinking in her scent, her nearness

“You know the…the mark went away because…because you touched it. Maybe…maybe it came because you were away for to long. That sounds completely crazy but…It would be a disaster.”

“ I can’t ask you to do anything that might hurt you in any way.”

“ I know.”

“And I have no idea what that is…or what’s right…or wrong.”

His touch always made her loose control as it was right now “I know…I mean and you know things about me that you, um…” she kissed him “…shouldn’t know.” She kissed him again “… and my mother…my mother who I love is gonna kill me…”she kissed him “If I don’t die from this.” she said as if she’d made up her mind.

“You’re right.”

He began to gently lay her down on the couch, lips never parting. “ I can’t stop.” Liz called out

He lay atop her. She cold fell his need had grown, hers had too. Simply Max’s touch was enough to make her mindless. Just as things were heating up Maria burst through the door

“My god! I was looking for Michael, um. Something tells me he isn’t here.”

He wasn’t here, obviously and Liz was getting a bit frustrated with this whole situation Max and she couldn’t find more that two minutes alone, not even here. But it was late, and maybe Maria walking in on them had been a good thing. She took the opportunity and let Maria drop her home.
* * *
Maria was becoming ever more suspicious of Max’s control over her friend. Liz was making decisions that were not at all like her. She couldn’t help but wonder if Max was using mind control or something after all he was a 'Checlezlavachian'.

“ Female spiders can, you know, bite the males’ heads off after they mate. What if they need to mate with someone to get certain information, you know ? And then Blttt….!”

“ What’re you even trying to say? That Max is just gonna like… bite my head off?”

“ Uh, No What I’m trying to say is, how do you know that he’s not like using you.”

“ Maria because it…it…it feels right. I’m sorry. It feels right like nothing has felt right in my life before…”
* * *

Liz got home way after the curfew her mother had set for her, however Liz didn’t think it would be a big deal because she did that all the time. Little did she know that her mother had become more suspicious of her due to the recent trouble Liz had gotten into. Being called up to school to find that your daughter has been discovered in and Eraser room ‘making out’ wasn’t a topic Nancy dismissed lightly. She was more concerned for Liz than anything else and she didn’t even suspect that aside from all the typical reasons she should be worried that her daughter was engaging in a sexual relationship, Liz had a whole different set of things to be worried about… And when she saw Liz sneaking in the window at this time of night one million possibilities ran through her mother mind of where she could have been.

“Hi…Mom.” Liz begins

“Do you think I’m stupid?” Nancy spat

“I’m Sorry.”

“ Sorry’s not good enough! Where were you.”

“Mom, will you just stop trying to control me?”

“I’m trying to keep you safe. If I need to control you…When have I even tried to control you!?”

“ Right, mom. Because you’ve never had to! ‘Cause I’ve always done every single thing you want, and y-you just think I’m always gonna be that way. You don’t even see me.”

“ All right then… help me see you, Ok? Talk to me.” Nancy placed an endearing hand on Liz’s shoulder. “My God you’re so warm.”

“Mom, no I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine. You’re burning up.” Feeling her forehead

“MOM, just stop it Ok? This is my body! And I don’t have to tell you every single thing about it!” With that Liz ran into her bedroom and slammed the door. ’She’s always trying to control me.’ Liz thought as she plopped on the bed. My mother has absolutely no idea what was going on with me right now and I can’t even begin to tell her. How would I start ‘Mom I’m thinking of having sex with my alien boyfriend.’ The first six words alone would cause her mom to flip her lid, let alone the ‘alien boyfriend’ part. There were so many things Liz wanted to share with her mother about Max from the beginning. How he made her feel like she was the most important girl in the room whenever he was near. It would be nice to have a confidant who wasn’t the over bearing Maria. Liz did love her friend but sometime she could use some rational advice, like now for instance. But she could almost predict what her mom would say anyway ‘Once you enter that world of sexual intimacy everything changes’. No kidding if she was getting glowing hickeys and rashes now who knew what would happen if…when she did… But Liz was ready for all those things especially if they were going to be with Max. He had an incredible hold over her heart, which had radiated to her entire body. She knew her mother would probably think her too young and foolish for saying this but, she loved him. Maybe some day much later she can tell her mother all these things. Slowly Liz’s mind began to lose conscienceness as drifted into a fitful slumber.

A few hours later Liz jerked awake the picture of the tower she’d seen in her vision earlier that night was very vivid in her mind. It would not let her rest. Between the dreams she was having and the oppressive heat Liz could not stay asleep. It was odd to her that it was so warm on a night in February. She did the only thing she knew to do; she got her sketchbook and went out on the balcony to draw the tower. After being out there about half an hour Max showed up as if he’d read her mind…again. There was no one else in the world she wanted to see right now and he felt the same way. She showed him the drawing she’d been working on. Max immediately recognized it. This was the old radio tower by highway 42. The two of them decided that it would be best if they go there tonight and ‘search for the next clue…’
* * *

Max stood looking at the strange blue light coming from the orb. On it was a symbol, something he thought he remembered as if from a dream or past lifetime, but he didn’t quite know what it meant or what this object did. He studied the orb intently for a few more moments yet the only question that came to mind was ‘Is this it?’ Was this it what he came all the way out here for? Was this what his strong to desire to be with Liz was about? Was that her only destiny to help him find this relic for which he didn’t even have a purpose. He found that hard to believe. He looked at the orb then back at Liz. In her eyes he saw the same questions. He kissed her for the sole purpose of being with Liz no visions or seeking information this time. He simply wanted hold her the same things that had driven him in the first place. Max drew Liz close. He hoped that she knew exactly how he felt about her and when she relaxed against him he looked in her eyes and knew that she did.

They both took a seat on the blanket. The cold February air chilled them and the only way to keep warm was to stay close. Max cradled Liz in his arms as she lay resting atop his chest. From This vantage she could see his eyes softly illuminated in the light from the orb. She’d always thought he had beautiful eyes. Liz idly runs her finger through his hair. They had both calmed down considerably since earlier. If they were going to do this it wouldn’t be here, and it wouldn’t be rushed. Liz couldn’t tear her eyes away she felt as though she could see into his mind & heart and understood perfectly what he was feeling. The thing was she couldn’t tell where he ended and she began. ‘I love you’ a simple idea. But she could not tell from whom the idea originated for she was thinking the same thing that she could tell Max was thinking. It was one idea that they both shared…
* * *

It was 8: 00a.m. on a Saturday Morning and the phone was ringing for the second time. A very groggy Micheal reached for the phone.

“Hello” he responded

“Did you know that Max and Liz are missing.” Isabel frantically stated

“Yeah I know your parents just called here to see if he stayed the night.”

“I suggested that he might stay there and to tell you the truth after last night I kinda wish he had. “

“Why?” Micheal asked thoroughly confused
* * *

Meanwhile about a half and hour later, after Isabel visited Alex he called Maria to discuss near the same thing.

“ Well… that way at least we’d know where they were and what they would be doing.”

“ Why would you want to know?”

“ In case something happened. What if she …explodes or something and he just buries the body.”

“What body she exploded remember.” Alex attempted to make light of the situation

“Well you know what I mean…what if she’s hurt.”

“ I highly doubt that’s that case. Max will take care of her. I just think they want some privacy.”
* * *

“I’m so sure. That’s the problem. Max and Liz have gotten too close already. We’re not supposed to have any weakness. And Liz is definitely his weakness.”

“ So you mean to tell me you’d rather have them in the in places like the Eraser room doing their business?”
* * *

“I rather they not ‘do it’ at all. This is entirely to dangerous!” Maria explained

“ C’mon Maria, what’s the worst that could happen.”

“ She could explode…I don’ know.”

“ Or she could explode if they don’t ‘do it’. I mean you said yourself she had a glowing hickey that turned into a rash, which wouldn’t go away until he touched it. And she was like drawn to him.”

“ Are you trying to say that they have to…in order for her to survive.”

“I’m just saying that once the process has been set in motion maybe they can’t stop it…”
* * *

When Max and Liz finally did come back to Roswell they were greeted by both sets of their parents at the Crashdown. She knew there would be consequences for their actions but still Liz could not believe she was sitting here about to have this conversation with them and the first question nearly blew her mind.

“Do you two want to have sex with each other.” Her father asked

“ No!” Liz immediately answered

As Max simultaneously said, “Yes”

The second time Liz answered “Yes.” And Max answered “No.”

“Well…Maybe.” Liz finally admitted

“You two are good kids, you just seem to be making bad decisions.” Max’s father began

“ And because of this we believe that you should see less of each other for a while and figure things out.” Liz’s father added

“ But because we trust we are not going to set the limits. We’ll leave that to your discretion.” Liz’s Mother added she wanted her daughter to know she wasn’t trying to control her.“ However we also think it necessary that you two have a talk with each other.”

“About the changes that entering into a sexual relationship can lead to. And figure out what you guys want to do. We can see that you have strong feelings for each other” Max’s mom added

“And if you decide that that’s what you want we don’t want you to feel you have to hide from us.”

“ We’ll give you a moment to say good bye and we’ll be expecting you home shortly. ” Max’s mom stated and then both sets of parents began filing out.

Once Liz and Max were alone. Max admits, “ They’re right you know.”

“About what? … Us never talking about this.”

“ Yeah that too…” He agreed “ But I was thinking more along the lines of where we stand. We
kind of just skipped the relationship part and went straight to the next step.”

“ Is that what you want Max, a relationship?”

“ Of coarse, Liz from the first time I saw I’ve always known you were the one I wanted to be with. ” he says cradling her face in his hands

“ I feel the same way…”He’d just set any doubts she’d ever had to rest. Liz leaned in for a kiss once again setting her entire body to fire. It scared her how she lost all control whenever they kissed “ But about this …sex stuff.” She said drawing away “ Maybe we should take the opportunity given to us and…”

“… Figure things out. I was thinking the same thing. No rushing this time right?” He finished for her

“ Right?” she said emitting a soft laugh

He loved the sound of her laughter “ What would our parents think if the first thing we did was jump each other’s bones.”

“ I don’t know Max they seemed pretty cool about it.”

“ I know.” He kissed her chastely on the forehead “ But lets not jinx it okay. Beside when we do I want it to be far more special then just jumping each other’s bones.”

“ You’re right.” He was saying all the things she wanted him to. She couldn’t help but get lost as he kissed her once again. As he drew away she waved and said “ See ya Monday.”
* * *

It was later that Saturday evening Liz finished her shift early, after she was done she hurried upstairs to get changed because she and Maria agreed to see a movie and Liz only had a few minutes to get herself together before they were due to meet. As she threw on her jacket and was about to leave her Mom hands her the phone.

Initially she says “Tell whoever it is I’ll call them back.”

“ It ‘s Max.”

Liz stops in her tracks and takes the time to answer the phone anything for her Max “Hey what’s up?”

“ I was just thinking about you…Does a guy need a reason t o call his girlfriend?” Max responded

Liz sat back on her bed. It was the first time he’s used the word girlfriend. Liz loved the way they seemed to be able to slip into the routine so easily, as if they belonged together “ If she’s in a hurry he does.” She responded

“ I wish you hadn’t said that I was kinda hoping I could take you out tonight.”

“Ordinarily I’d love to but you’re about twenty minutes too late. Maria and I agreed to catch a movie after work, but you could always meet us there.”

“ No thanks I have special plans for just the two of us.”

“Oh really…Well I’m free tomorrow.”

“ Should I pick you up at … seven.”

“ Sounds good. So…where are we going?”

“ It’s a surprise.”

“ Oh C’mom how will I know what to wear.”

“ I’m sure whatever you put on will be fine…Of coarse you could always wear nothing at all.”

“ I bet you’d like that.”

“ Nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“ Max! I can’t believe you said that.” She whispered

“You should not be ashamed if you look that good without clothes why bother. I think its one of
your best suits.”

“Yeah… yeah but watch what you say on the phone we don’t need everyone finding out that you saw me naked.”

Just then Maria burst through the door and says “ Liz, we gotta go if we’re gonna make the 7:30.”

“Okay Max I gotta go talk to you later.”

“ Miss you.”

“ I miss you too. Bye ”

Liz and Maria headed to the movies little did Liz know that Maria had been listening to the end of her conversation with Max and intended on assaulting her with the knowledge as soon as she got to the movies.
* * *

They had purchased their thickets and taken their seats

“He saw you naked Liz!?” Maria shouted

“ Say it a little louder why don’t you.” Liz sarcastically chided

“ I will if you don’t tell me what’s going on!…. He’s sees you naked?”

“ Relax Maria it was in a vision.” Liz assured

“ A vision? ”

“Yeah remember I told you he can see my thoughts and feel what I feel and all that. Well he saw one of my fantasies in which I was naked. When he said it on the phone he was just joking around.”

Maria took a moment to process all she just been told “ Well now that you explain it I guess it doesn’t seem so bad.”

“ A lot of things I do aren’t so bad. If you’d just wait for an explanation instead of over reacting all the time. Don’t you trust me to take care of myself.”

“ Of coarse I do, I love you Liz. It’s just that lately you haven’t exactly been exercising the best judgement. I mean running off to the desert in the middle of the night. Speaking of which I want a detailed report.”

“ Details on what exactly?”

“ Your little excursion it’s not every day my best friend becomes de-virginized.”

“ Nothing happened.”

“ Don’t give me that. You expect me to believe that you two horn-dogs were out in the desert, alone, all night and didn’t make use of the opportunity.”

“ I thought if any one you’d be happy.”

“ I am if that ‘s what you’re telling me I’m thrilled. Don’t get me wrong I want you to be happy but you are too young to get involved with someone like that let alone a Checlezlevachian for which you have no idea what type of consequences arise. So if you’re telling me you decided not take the plunge. I’m a little less than ecstatic for you. Please tell me that’s the case.”

“Well I can’t say absolutely nothing happened but at least we didn’t have sex.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ We went there with the intention to… and believe me if it wasn’t for that incessant beeping and the orb we found, you were about to have all your worst fears about us realized.”

“The orb?”

“ Yeah it’s an oval stone with some type of sign on it I think it’s from their home planet maybe it’s a sign.”

“ Does Max know what it’s for.”

“ Not yet… But I have faith that they’ll figure it out eventually.”

The two girls sat silently for a moment

“ Maria you seem pretty adhament in never wanting Max and I to be together, why is that. I mean you explained all the obvious reasons, all our differences. But I’ve come to see past that; I care about him too much for any of that to matter now. If we did ever decide to consumate our love physically, if it’s even possible.” Liz mumbles that last part under her breath “I would want you to be happy for us.”

“ Of coarse I’ll be happy for you but aren’t you scared…even a little?”

“ A little but I know Max would not force me into anything and if something out of the ordinary happens it will have been my decision just as much as his. I’m willing to take the risk.”

“ You said before that you care about him and it obvious that he cares a great deal about you too. I’m happy for that and if the physical part comes later…I guess I’ll be happy for you guys then too…or at least I’ll stop nagging you”

“You a nag where would you get that idea.” Liz jested

Maria playfully batted her on her arm “ My God Liz your burning up.”

“No I’m not Maria.”

“ Yes you are. Do you feel okay. I think you have a fever.”

“ I’m fine… could we just watch the movie.” Liz said as the previews began
The girls settled in their chairs and the topic of Liz ’s sporadically rising temperature didn’t come up again that night…
* * *

Max took Liz to a restaurant just outside of Roswell called Senor Chows. It was a quaint area in which they shard their first date. After dinner they went to a quiet spot in the desert. Max built a fire and they cuddled together under a blanket and looked at the stars.

“ Penny for your thoughts.” Max quizzed seeing that Liz had a fairly dazed look on her eyes

“ I was just thinking about you… about me… About he effect you’ve had on me.”

“All good I hope?”

“ Of coarse.” She says leaning in for a kiss

Max happily obilges

“ I’ve been thinking a lot about the visions I had last week and I have a theory.”

“ Oh?”

“There are three things that stand out in my mind. The Radio tower which we determined the significance of, But remember the picture on the wall in Astrology well the teacher said it was called the Whirlwind galaxy. I saw that in one of my visions I felt like I was inside of it when I saw the red giant.”

“ Isn’t that a star in its last phases.”

“ Exactly. I know this sounds wild but maybe the galaxy was the same one that your species came from and the red giant could’ve been your sun.”

“ That would mean that.”

“ It’s dying Max…But it makes sense because in my very first vision I saw some type of planetary debris… and when I saw the ‘crash’ It seemed like earth was the ships destination rather than a crash landing like we thought.”

“ So you’re saying that our planets destruction was what brought us here, we were fleeing. That after all the searching there may not even be a home to go back to”

“ I’m sorry Max it’s …it’s only a theory. You know me and my over active brain.”

“ I don’t mind it … besides If it’s true I get to stay here… with you.” He loved he taste of Liz’s lips they were always so soft and he could loose himself when kissing her and right now that’s almost what he wanted to do “ You’re so warm.” He says

“ I know Max there’s more.” Liz began “ Ever since we started exploring the… physical side of our relationship. there were consequenses.”

“ Tell me about it the hickey, the visions…”

“ …and the fever.” She finished for him “ I never really said anything about that and although you got rid of the hickey, and I don’t get the visions so much anymore, the fever persists.”

“ Do you feel sick.”

“No… and at first I didn’t believe it myself because I don’t have any of the normal symptoms of a fever but its true that my temperature increases drastically… usually when I’m…”

“ Aroused?”

“Yeah… I was gonna say thinking about or with you but those seem to be one in the same.”

“Me too.” He admits as he kisses her forehead “ It just doesn’t seem to have the same affect on me.” Max held her a little tighter. What she said made a lot of sense and he couldn’t say he hadn’t thought about it before. He never wanted the act of loving her to cause her harm. What she described just now sounded a lot like something he’d read about in bio. Where some female mammals go into something called estrus which was physical receptivity to mating, they became extremely aroused and secreted a hormone which made them iresistable to males which explained his obvious infatuation with her, and her sporadic change in temperature sounded like another symptom of that. Maybe this was how his ‘species’ mated, but why could he pass these symptoms over to her she wasn’t an alien and that still didn’t explain why she glowed, or why she was the only one. Maria never got symptoms like that from Micheal. “You seem to have a lot of ‘theories’…why do you think we’re the only ones. I mean how come this doesn’t happen to Maria”

Liz had never thought about that and she had only come up with one theory about that which wasn’t at all scientifically related but she liked it just the same “ Maybe Maria doesn’t care about Michael as much as I care about you.”

“ I don’t think its even possible for anyone in the universe to care for you the way I do.”

He was right they were getting pretty sappy these days “ Maybe our love forms a connection between us.”

“ So you are saying that our emotions are causing all these side effects atypical to teenage romance.”

“ Maybe, but if it were true would that the worse thing in the world.”

“In our world yes… In our universe maybe not” Max added as Liz snuggled into his embrace…
* * *

It was 6th period Liz was in class staring blankly at her book, the class had been given a silent reading assignment, but Liz could not will herself to concentrate long enough to read a single sentence. It was so hot she desperately wished the teacher would open a window. Also Lab was next and that meant she’d get to see Max, which was all she could think about. She couldn’t wait for him to hold her again then she would melt into his arms, look into his eyes, the most entrancing eyes Liz had ever gazed upon. There in his arms she felt she could stay lost in his gaze forever. Max’s arms were so strong yet gentle Liz always felt safe there. And his smell lately Liz could not get enough the way he smelled, it was incredibly enticing it drew her to him. There were times when Liz would bury her nose in his chest and inhale deeply. Being with Max was like a safe haven between dream and reality. It was almost to good to be true and then seemingly all of a sudden it was…
* * *

Liz awoke, she didn’t know where she was but it was apparent that she was no longer in a classroom. At first she thought she was might have been in the nurses office at school., but when she saw the male doctor and her mother staring at her she knew she was not.

“Good , You had us worried for a moment there.” The doctor says

“ What happened, where am I?” Liz questioned

“ You are at the doctor Liz.” Nancy responded

“ We haven’t figured out what’s wrong with you yet. It appears that your body over heated of sorts with no justifiable cause.”

Liz looked at him a bit puzzled she didn’t understand what he was saying

“ Your temperature rose so drastically that your body could no longer sustain itself and you expired.” The doctor explained

“ Expired?”

“ Fainted dear, in class.” Nancy clarified

“ You were brought here because you could not be revived at school by the nurse for quite some time. So you were brought here to have some tests run.”

“Did you find anything?” Liz asked

“ Nothing out of the ordinary. Except for the fever usually when somebody runs a fever this high they exhibit some type of physical symptoms such as swollen glands and, aches, but you complain of none of that. Correct?”

“Yes of coarse. I feel fine now.” Liz hastily answered she wanted to get out of there before they ran any more tests

“ Your mother has told me that you have been running a fever on and off for the past couple of days. Do you have any idea why.”

“ No…will I be able to go home this evening?” Liz said

“ I don’t see why not. But you should try to get some rest and drink lots of fluids.”

Liz began gathering her things to leave

“ Wait doctor before we leave how can we go about getting a prescription for birth control pills for Liz.”

“Mom!!” Liz says thoroughly embarrassed

“ Liz if you’re going to be in that type of relationship you need to protect yourself….”
* * *

Liz went home and was successful about getting maybe a half-hour of rest before she was hit with an onslaught of phone calls and visits from concerned friends.

“Are you alright Liz?” Maria asked as she sat next to where Liz lay on the edge of her bed

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“Good now don’t you ever scare me like that again.” Maria playfully scolded “You had me worried sick passed out in the nurses office.”

“ I’m sorry I’ll be sure to check your schedule again before I decide to get sick.” Liz jested and the two girls share a moment of warm-hearted laughter.

“ Well did they find out what was wrong with you?” Asked Maria

“ No just a fever but I don’t feel sick.” Liz began

“ Or Love sickness.” Maria added

“ Give it a rest okay. You and my mom swear this is all caused by Max.”

“ Isn’t it.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ Remember the glowing hickey rash thing?”

“ How could I forget.”

“ Well you said it wouldn’t go away ‘til Max touched it.”

“ Maybe the fever is kinda like that.”

“ What are you saying?” Liz though for a moment then understanding dawned.

“ Come on Gidget, we gotta get you to your moondoggie. He’ll be so pleased to see you. You should have seen how upset he got when he heard you were sick.” Maria said pulling Liz out of bed
* * *

Liz went out under the guise of going over to Max’s to study and catch up on the day’s notes. She met him at the UFO center just as his shift was ending. Initially they did go back to his house just to study. Liz couldn’t just tell Max what her real intent was, she wasn’t even sure herself. It’s not as though the thought hadn’t crossed her mind. Maybe being with Max would ‘cure’ her ‘fever problem’, but what if it didn’t. What if it only made things worse? What if she wouldn’t be able to survive without being near him? How would she explain that to her mother? And the fact that Maria had suggested it to her boggled her mind even more…

Liz sat quietly at the foot of Max's bed, reading intently from the Chemistry book. Max sat a few feet away, resting against the headboard of the bed. He wanted to ask her how she was feeling and if her passing out earlier had something to do with him. He had a feeling it did but she seemed fine now so he didn’t bother he just kept looking up at her every few seconds.

"What?" She finally asked

"Nothing, you have just been really quiet." His eyes looked into hers. “I’m fine… really.” Liz bit her lip for a moment, then her head twisted to face him. She hated lying to him. “ I’m just trying to understand the concept of Carbonation and half-lives.” Liz fibbed she understood it perfectly she just wanted an excuse to be closer to him.

Max sat there for a moment, He knew Liz was fibbing as much as she loved science she’d probably gone over this chapter weeks before the class had. In fact he’d known that from the start when she met him at work saying she needed to ‘catch up on the days notes.’ The idea made him laugh that Liz actually needed help in Chemistry, he was still happy she was here just the same. He placed the book to the floor and stared intently at Liz

The last part made her smile she knew he knew the truth but was still anxious to see what game she was gonna play. Liz held her book to her chest and scooted closer, until there was no space between them.

“I get the feeling you stopped concentrating on science a while ago.” He placed his lips gently on hers. At first this kiss was slow and deep, but became more eager.

Liz slowly lost her grip on the book and it slid out of her hands and fell on the bed beside them.

They could both feel the intensity as their bodies touched. Max placed his hands on either side of her slim waist and pulled Liz on top of him. Liz shuddered in passion as Max's hands slid under her shirt and touched the skin on her back. “Liz you’re so warm.”

Liz didn’t answer instead she would show him what she wanted. Boldly, she pulled up his T-shirt, touching his smooth chest. Kissing his jaw line, her lips trailed away from his mouth as she sucked his ear. He leaned into her, kissing her soft neck. Liz straddled his right leg. Max rolled over, placing Liz beneath him. Liz wrapped her arms around Max she loved the feeling of his body against hers, they were so in sync. Liz had communicated to him exactly what she wanted without even speaking, her eyes said it all.

As their hips moved together in the language of love as old as time Max could feel Liz going over the top. She was so easily…excited by him. She had the same effect on him but not nearly as extreme. It almost scared him the response he was able to cause in her even with their clothes on but he didn’t want her first time to be this quick. “ Is this want you want, here like this.”

“I couldn’t think of a better place.” In Max ‘s room, on his bed and sheets, and his scent all around her, something she had become pleasantly aquainted with. The feelings she was experiencing were indescribable by human terms. The only time’s experienced anything vaguely similar was that night in the dessert with Max, when they had found the orb

He leaned up for a moment and, in one fluid motion, he discarded his shirt.

Liz pulled him back down to her. Her hands began to explore his exposed flesh. She could feel his fingers exploring her stomach under her shirt while his other hand slid under the first few inches of her jeans... It seemed as though they each knew what the other wanted.

Max could feel that this was some thing that she needed more so than just wanted almost as if she was in pain not being with him, a type of sweet pain. And her desire far outweighed that

Liz could feel her mind humming. She did not see any flashes…yet. She just felt the warmth of their bodies and minds connecting. She wanted more, hungered for a deeper connection. "Max." She whispered to him in between fevered kisses.

In attempt to calm her down he took her delicate hand as it was clenched in a fist by her side, gently splay her finger and kissed the palm. A soft green light radiated there and Max could barely hold himself back; he wanted her so badly. His hands begun exploring her body, diving deeper than he had ever ventured to go before. It was what Liz wanted… no needed, what both of them wanted, he could feel it. He didn’t want to hurt her by going through with this but he didn’t know that denying her would be wise either. He could feel their connection encircling them. Every part of him tingled; his heart was beating so quickly he thought it might burst. Max closed his eyes, his heart ached for her, his one and only desire at his moment was to make this memorable for the two of them, rather than simply giving into the uncontrollable inclinations of their bodies. Max remembered that he once said He wanted their first time to be far more special than simply ‘jumping each others bones’. He loved Liz with his entire being and wanted this act to truly be a reflection of it.

When Max finally opened his eyes he could see that Liz had already been intently staring at him. Suddenly Max became awash with a sense of calmness none of the questions he’d just asked himself mattered Because he could tell that Liz cared for him just as much. It was as if his feelings had evolved into an extension of hers.

Liz leaned up and gently placed her lips to his it was as if they were one being. She moved her hand to the waistband of his pants and as she unbuttoned them he aided her on guiding them off. Max wasn’t sure if he had done that of his own accord or if Liz had willed him to do it. It would be quick this their first time but she knew with a wisdom beyond her years there would be many times all as sweet and intense…

Max and Liz lay in his bed joined in the most intimate way for a moment more reveling in all the new feeling they had just experienced. “Max…”Liz managed

“ I know.” Max responded. They didn’t need to speak the connection they shared allowed them to understand what the other was feeling. He rolled over so that Liz was on top he didn’t want to crush her.

She felt some moisture on his shoulder then realized they were her own tears.“ It was almost surreal I feel like if you pinch me I wake up to find it was all a dream.” Liz finally uttered.

“ I’ll pinch you alright.” Max playfully added as he draw her tighter with his strong arms

Liz batted at his shoulder, pretty soon their love taps turned into an intense deep kiss.

The connection was broken and he could feel her hot flesh as she slid down his thigh He asked, “How’s your fever.” Being with her caused him to realize that he caused it. H never wanted the act of loving Liz to cause her harm.

“ I’ll manage.” Liz said indulging him in another kiss.

“ We should stop this or I may never let you leave.”

“ That might not be such a bad idea.” She said kissing him once again

“ I know and I might hold you to it if…my parents weren’t coming home.”

Liz groaned in protest.

“ I know but there’s always school…” Max consoled

“ Handy eraser rooms.” Liz said thinking of places here they could be alone together

“ Locker rooms…”Max added

“ Chemistry labs…”

“… Liz I want you to know that I would be content to just hold you here like this… I mean we don’t have to have sex every time we’re together. I feel like I’m half of a whole…like things aren’t right unless you’re near. I want to show me how much you mean to me. I didn’t even think my room was good enough for…for our first time. I only wanted the best for you. I love you Liz.”

This were the first time she’d ever heard him utter those words… they were the sweetest words she’d ever heard. “Love you too Max.” she said on the verge of tears once again

Max took a deep breath “I hate to break this up but… we should probably get you home.”

The clock read 10:15pm” You’re right.” Liz got out of bed and began gathering up her clothing

Max did the same glancing up every so often to see Liz dressing she was still a fascinating creature to watch, even now after… “ Liz you want to do something next weekend.”

“ Yeah… I could think of a few things.”

“That’s not what I meant…you want to catch a movie or something.”

“ Sure.”
“How about … Friday after work.”

“Sounds good but after the movie can we…”

“Now who’s being used.” Max jested as he once again grasped her in his arms

“ Yeah But you know you like” Liz played along falling into his embrace...


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Part 2
Liz lazily stretched out after reviewing her science notes for a second time and putting her books to the side. She picked up a gray sweater that hung across the back of her chair as she went over to her bed to lay down. It was Max’s sweater he had given it to her the other day when they went for a walk out in the desert. Liz remembered exactly what happened he’d looked in her eyes and told her “he didn’t want his love to catch cold” as he placed a feather light kiss on her forehead and wrapped the sweater around her. Everything about Max made Liz love him but it was moments like that, the little things that gave her the warm and fuzzies every time she thought about him. She hadn’t washed it since that night and it still carried his scent as a pleasant reminder. Liz couldn’t bear to part with that sweet smell of freshly cleaned him, it was like having her own little private Max at home. Liz buried her nose in the soft fabric and inhaled deeply as thoughts of Max continued to take over her mind. “Max!” she called to him in her mind she knew he couldn’t hear her but in comforted her to imagine he could.
She had to be careful not to ‘overheat’ again. They hadn’t figured out exactly what was causing her fever yet or how to stop it, of coarse they had their ‘theories’. But it hadn’t been so much a problem lately because Liz made sure she got to get her daily dosages of Max. They didn’t make love every time they were together in fact they hadn't shared that experience since that night in his room most of the time it was just quiet time they spent together. Like going for walks in the desert hand in hand or cuddling underneath a blanket. The things that reminded her how much she loved him in the first place. “Max!”
It had been a long day Liz was proud to say that she had made it the entire day without seeing or thinking about Max at all. Not that she didn’t love thinking about him but she didn’t want to become dependent on him to survive. Which explained why she was allowing her mind to rum rampant now as she drifted to sleep. Okay so she thought about him occasionally, but that was it. It was the only way she’d been able to concentrate on anything else all day. Max wasn’t the type of thing you could have on your mind while doing something else, at least not for Liz. The love that she and Max shared Was all powerful all consuming even thinking about it required all of Liz’s brain power and that was a lot considering how intelligent was she. Oh how she wished he was here now “Max!” Here so he could take those hands of his and lovingly placed them on her tummy the way he did when they were lounging together. And those pects the way they were firm yet soft and comfy to lie on “Max!” and his warm breath on her ear, as he would whisper sweet utterances of love. The things he said always made her want to smother him in kisses “Max!” She could almost taste his mouth. As her eyelids became heavy and she buried her nose in his sweater a little deeper “Max!…”

* * *

Something made Max want to stop by Liz’s on the way home from work. He had worked the late shift so he hadn’t had the opportunity to see her all day and he got the feeling she was calling him, beckoning him to her. Max could almost hear her faint voice in the back of his mind although ge was sure he had imagined it.
Max arrived at Liz’s to find her asleep clutching the sweater he’d given her. Max remembered asking in vain several times to have that sweater back. It was one of his favorites and he would have liked to wear it again, but if it made her happy… Max figured it would be best if he didn’t disturb her but as he turned to leave he heard a soft sound of protest. So he did the only thing he could, the only thing he wanted to do. Oh so gently, so as not to disturb her, took off his shoes and jacket and slid in the bed next to Liz. Almost immediately he could feel her grasp his hand. He’d only stay a moment he thought as his eyelids became heavy and he drifted into a peaceful slumber with ‘his Liz’

* * *

Nancy was feeling particularly forgiving this morning and wanted to congratulate Liz on displaying self-control. Her mother had assumed that as soon as they had granted her with such a lenient punishment Liz would hop in the bed with her boyfriend, and was pleased to know that Liz had decided not to follow the advice of popular teenage culture and was still a virgin. At least this is what the test results of last week had displayed. Maybe she had overreacted requesting a prescription for birth control pills… Then again maybe not Nancy thought as she had all her worst fears realized when she saw Liz and Max cuddled together in her bed. “ Oh My!” she gasped snapping the couple out of their dream filled world. “ I do not know what you think is going on here but this balcony is not an invitation to run a…a brothel out of this house young lady!”

Liz couldn’t understand what her mom was babbling about. She almost laughed when she realized that Max had crawled into bed with her and it was probably painting a very interesting picture for her mother “Mom if you’d just let me explain…” Liz began, rubbing the sleep from her eyes

“ You bet I want an explanation I want you downstairs in five minutes and you’d better have a good explanation for this…scene!” Nancy said as she stormed out of the room.

Once they were alone Liz turned to Max “What happened?”

“ I’m not sure I just kind of ended up her last night. I didn’t mean to get you in trouble.” He said indulging himself in a kiss as they got out of bed, even her morning mouth tasted good. “I’m pretty sure all we did was sleep together… literally.”

“I know.” And what a wonderful rest it had been. Liz couldn’t remember sleeping that well in years “ Try explaining that to my mother.”

“You won’t be doing that alone.” Max said taking her hand as they once again prepared to face her parents together…

* * *


It was the only thing Max wanted to concentrate on as he absent-mindedly tossed the soccer ball off the ceiling. It was Friday night and Max was alone in his room thinking about how he would spend the rest of the evening. There was no place he wanted to be more than with Liz but they were not allowed to see each other outside of school. Max silently cursed himself for allowing himself to get her in trouble.

“Max Come with me by the crashdown.” Isabel offered

“ When did we stop knocking in this household?” Max sarcastically asked

“ I think it was the same day you had Mom called up to school for making out in the Eraser room. We’ve all gained unlimited access to your room at all times, You know to make sure you stay out of trouble…”

“Ha ha very funny.” If only she knew the half of it…But it’s not as though that would be happening again anytime soon he and Liz could not have a moment of privacy.

“ So how about it. You me crashdown.”

“ You can take my keys and go but I’ve kind of been banned from that establishment.” Max stated
* * *

It was Friday and Liz’s shift was about end but it was only twenty minutes to seven. Maybe she would catch movie to keep her mind off Max. “Max!” There she went again starting the process in motion. Once she started thinking about Max there was no stopping it and she had to in order to make it through the rest of this punishment. Focus Liz, you can do this she told herself. Okay right movie she said directing her attention to the newspaper in front of her. There it was playing at seven-thirty five “Hey Maria you want to catch a movie…”

* * *

“What’d you and Liz get caught doing this time?” Isabel inquired

“ Nothing that’s the problem. It’s almost like the boy who cried wolf. Every time we’re seen together everyone assumes we were doing something we shouldn’t have been.”

“Hmm I feel your pain. But if you miss her that much why don’t you just go see her.” Isabel suggested.

“ Yeah and risk being separated again no thank you.”

* * *
“What no Maxie-Pooh?” Maria questioned

“ Well remember I’m not being allowed to see him.” Liz explained

“ Sorry paly but Michael and I have plans, right Michael?”

“What?” Michael responded thoroughly confused

“ Count me in.” Maria told Liz.

Suddenly Liz didn’t want to spend her evening listening to her friend babble on about her boy troubles. Not when she could be with the one she loved. “Max you want to go see a movie?…”

* * *

“We are hiding our identities from teachers in school, FBI agents not to mention the county sheriff and you are going to let a little warning form parents stop you from being with the one you love?” Isabel encouraged

Max wasn’t even listening He thought he heard Liz asking him out to the movies but that was impossible considering she wasn’t here. What was going on he had to check this out.

“ Are you going or not.” Isabel asked


* * *

Max picked Liz up from the crashdown with the intention to take her to a movie but he all of a sudden wasn’t so interested in the movie he could tell she felt it too. Therefore he made a detour to Buckley Point.

Kiss “ Liz did you call me.” Kiss. What was he talking about no she hadn’t called him but Liz was too drunk with passion to care “I’m calling you now.” She said twining her finger through his “ Not that...” Kiss “ Did you call out to me tonight…” Kiss “With your mind… ask…” kiss “…ask me to a movie?”

That made Liz concentrate “You mean you heard me?”

“Yeah I think so. That’s how I knew to come.” Max responded

“ So what are you saying that I’m…like telepathic.”

“ I’m saying that we can communicate with our minds.” He couldn’t tell how she was taking this information whether she was happy or upset her face was just blank. He did the only thing he knew to do he kissed her.

Yes that’s right; kiss me that way I don’t have to actually think about what this means. In fact what she wanted to do right now was have him kiss all her problems away, which could take a while “ Do you mind missing the movie.”

“I heard it got bad reviews” he offered trying to justify what they were about to do…

Someone runs up to the window and starts banging “You’re in danger all of you!”

“ What are you talking about?” who was this crazy women interrupting him. It seemed even the public wanted to violate their privacy.

The crazy lady continued“ The best way to protect yourselves is to just act like normal kids!”

“We are normal kids!”

“Ok I think I was followed. Don’t trust anyone. I’ll find you again!”

Suddenly Liz recognized his woman “ Topolsky...”

* * *
Part 3
Max and Liz finally got the much desired time alone they’d been craving. He built a fire and Liz had helped him pitch a tent and they planned on spending the night cuddled together underneath the stars. Both of them had made up a story about spending the night with a friend therefore they didn’t have to worry about being home by curfew. They had this time alone if just for tonight.
Many things had occurred over the past week. Between being confronted by an insane, out of work FBI agent and Max losing his temper with Michael for taking the orb out of the apartment the couple hadn’t had anytime to touch bases. Max was worried about Liz. His girlfriend Liz, not Liz his best friend who he entrusted with a life or death secret. In the past week he often found himself wondering about how she was handling all of this.

“You okay?” Max quizzed

“ Yeah.” Liz responded “Why?”

“Good...Can I have my leg back?” Max asked as his leg was sandwiched between the two of hers

Liz hadn’t even realized she was straddling his leg, she often un-conciously did that as a way to be as close to him as possible “Oh…Sorry. Guess I got a little carried away.”

“ No problem…” He enjoyed having her close but close so they could both be comfortable “ How are you… really with all that we’ve learned?”

“ Fine…really.” Liz could tell he didn’t believe her “Okay so maybe all of it is a little…unnurving but in spite of all the alien hunting shape-shifters on this planet I still have you.” Max always made her feel safe “I’m okay with it…really.”

“Even the telepathy?” He was curious as to why she hadn’t contacted him in almost a week.

“ Yeah. Max about that. It’s not like we’ve communicated with each other in that way since…you know since that Friday, it’s been almost a week so maybe it’s safe to assume that whatever ability I had went away.” Liz explained

Or maybe you just shut down on me Max thought to himself. He had a hunch that in order for the telepathy to work both of them had to be open to it, and she was definitely no longer open to him. He wasn’t exactly sure when the line of communication shut down or even if it had but he knew he couldn’t get inside her mind not like he used to be able to. He figured she was just probably scared and this was her attempt to hold on to her quasi-normal life, who could blame her “ Maybe.”

Liz hated to disappoint Max she’d seen the light go out of his eyes just then when she casually dismissed the telepathy idea. She had to admit she missed the way they shared each others thoughts and emotions. Suddenly ‘Our feelings’ had gone back to being ‘Max’s feelings’ and ‘Liz’s feelings’, they were two separate entities again. She missed them sharing one mind, one heart, and for a while there one body and Liz felt partially responsible because she felt this change was brought on by her. It was scary the thought of losing him, she had to try and hold on to him… if just for tonight. “You know Max…” Liz said burying her nose and mouth in his neck “…maybe if we…” she drunk of the sweet taste of his skin “… We made love again…”gently sucking on his ear “…It would improve my telepathic abilities…”

The thought had also crossed his mind, to be with her tonight, but to make love you had to be in love and he wasn’t so sure he could love someone who couldn’t except who he was…the alien side too. He cared for a great deal as he was sure she cared for him but did he really love her, perhaps he was a bit hasty in admitting it before. “Yeah, Liz about that. The only reason we had sex before was because of your fever but that doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore so maybe we shouldn’t…you know at least until we figure out what was causing it.” He explained

Liz could not believe he had referred to what they shared that night in his room as just plain ‘sex’. She knew he loved her then and even now but there was something he wasn’t sharing with her…something that was preventing him from admitting his love for her. But rather than ruin this ‘perfect’ evening she nodded disappointedly.

Max was not completely blind to her feelings he did still care a lot about her. Liz was his way of holding on to normalcy “We may not be…making love but there are other things we can do to keep each other company.” He attempted to lighten the mood

“ Oh yeah like what.” She playfully inquired

“ Like…”He whispered something in her ear that made her eyes grow wide.

“ Max…” she said batting him on the arm with a seductive smile.

“Or…”He mentioned something else

Just the thought of doing the things he’d mentioned made her skin heat up and her cheeks turn crimson “Your such as tease…”

They may not be as in sync as they used to but they could still maintain some of the passion, If just for tonight….

* * *

It was a Wednesday and Max, Isabel, and Alex were the only few in the Crashdown, supposedly studying but they were really there to spend the time with their respective others Liz, Michael, and Maria as their shift ended.

Max’s mouth had a taste for something…something he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Then he saw it right behind the counter, he knew what he wanted “ Uh, Miss.” He said to Liz in a low seductive voice.
“ Uh, yes sir?” Liz said leaning in to him as close as possible to hear what he had to say

“Refill, please.” Max said reveling in the feel of her creamy skin so close to his mouth. He used every opportunity he got to show her and everyone else how much he still cared about her, almost as if he had something to prove.

“ It would be my pleasure.” She said taking his cup and flashing him a wait-‘til-I-get-you-alone smile.

“God do you have to do that.” Isabel chided

“What?” Max asked not having seen what he did wrong

“Be so public. I mean it’s kind of creepy.”

Sheriff Valenti walks in as Liz is at the soda fountain fulfilling Max’s request “Oh, um, hi can I help you Sheriff?” She greeted

“Just the usual, Miss Parker.” He responded

Liz goes about filling his thermos with coffee “All righty, here you go Sheriff .”

“Thank you. Folks have a nice night.” Valenti said before leaving

Liz had not even realized that everyone was closely observing this completely normal exchange of business between her and a customer, but because of who that customer was he was always under suspicion. “He knows.” Michael said from the kitchen

Max was about sick of Michael over reacting to everything and everyone. “What does he know?”

“He’s got the orb.” Michael reminded

“Which proves nothing. And if you hadn’t taken it out of the apartment in the first place…” Max said pointing out the obvious.

“Blaming each other is not going to change anything. So Valenti now has something from our planet in his possession.” Isabel interjected

“Even though he has it, he doesn't know what it is, right?” Liz reminded

“We don't even know what it is.” Max added

Tess the new girl Max recognized from last week suddenly appeared at Liz's elbow. “What what is? Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt anything.”

“No, no. Hey we were just... um... Why don't you join us? Have a seat” Isabel accosted trying to divert the attention.


There was something different about this girl and Max could not figure out for the life of him if it was different good or different bad. He assumed it was the ladder because since she came to town Max had been getting vibes negative vibes that her arrival was going bring on the end the end of something special and irreplaceable. Max could not stop staring at Tess, he was drawn in by her presence and he got a flash of them standing hand in hand in the desert. It startled him.

“… What's the matter? Do I have something in my teeth?” Tess said drawing him out of his daydream

“What? No. Let me help you with that.” Max said as he practically dragged Liz into the kitchen.

“Max, look, I have to get back to work” Liz reminded him.

“ Shh, Liz, just...” He had an uncontrollable desire to be with Liz but he knew This wasn’t the time so he’d have to settle for the sweet taste of her lips to remind him who he wanted to be with “I just really needed to do that.” Max explained

“Kay” Liz said she didn’t have any objections. Any time of day was the right time for a little lip from her lover.

Yes Liz make me forget what I saw It’s you I want not her He kept repeating to himself. All his efforts were in vain as he had a flash no…more like a dream that he was kissing Tess. What did it mean?

“Max. Max. Max. Where'd you go? Did you have another flash?” Liz said bringing him back down to reality

“Yeah. No. No, I'm fine. I'm just tired, I guess. I'm sorry.”

“That's ok. Look, I gotta get back to work. I'll see you later.”
This was weird he’d never been attracted to anyone the way he was attracted to Tess, except for Liz of coarse but this was different like he couldn’t control what and when he thought about her….

* * *

Max had followed Liz around like a puppy dog the next day at school. She actually thought it was kind of sweet in annoying type of way. There wasn’t a moment alone except for when they didn’t have classes together and even then he had left love notes and flowers in her locker. It seemed that good old romantic Max was back, Liz could live with that…

To Liz’s elation Max offered her a ride home from school he was supposed to drop her off at he Crashdown but when they got there he had parked and insisted that he come inside in order to insure her safety.

Once safely inside the restaurant Liz kissed him and said “ Okay I really got to get changed my shift is going to start any minute now so…” then turned to continue on her way

“Liz wait...” Max said playfully tugging in Liz jacket and following her back to her locker as she took out her uniform. Max even followed Liz in to the bathroom to change into it claiming he’d ‘help’ her

“I’ll bet you help me change and I won’t get to work ‘til my shifts half over.” Liz joked

“Liz…” Max said backing Liz into a wall.

“ Max look I know we all get a little… sometimes but if you’ll just wait until after I’m done with work then I will be happy to oblige you.” Liz had to say she had been thinking about ‘being’ with Max again but they hadn’t had the chance not since that night… Anyway now was not he time “ Besides don’t you have to be at the UFO center soon anyway.” He didn’t respond he simply kissed. It was weird like something was driving him something else besides just wanting to be with her. But Liz wasn’t complaining… “Is the door locked?” she asked they had to be sure to cover their track they’d gotten in enough trouble.

“It is now” he said with an alluring smile as he used his powers to lock the door “ Now, lets get you out of those clothes shall we…” He said smoothly discarding her top. She smiled softly as she felt her boyfriend’s lips brush the sensitive juncture of her shoulder. She nuzzled her nose against his temple. Max Evans took the opportunity to slide tantalizing kisses up the column of her neck. She giggled The feel of his cold nose on he sensitive skin was incredibly arousing. Max was getting a high on pleasing Liz. Anything she wanted he would do. He continued down her neck. His tongue traced a trail between her breasts, Over the silky fabric of her bra while his hands gently cupped each one and squeezed them softly, then continued down to her quivering tummy. When he came to the barrier of her jeans he swallowed as he un-snapped and peeled them down her hips. Max reached up hooking his fingers through the top of her panties and pulled them down her hips. He tossed them without taking his eyes from Liz. It was the first time he’d seen her like this…seen any girl like this. Liz said his name softly more like breathed it as he gently nibble the sensitive flesh between her thighs “What do you want me to do, Liz?” he asked her earnestly.
“Kiss me,” she whispered.

“Where?” he whispered back. She answered his question by parting her thighs. Without embarrassment Liz took hold of Max’s head and brought his face closer to her center…

A few moments later Liz a fully clothed Liz poked her head out of the bathroom to see if anyone was looking then she and Max quickly scurried to the front of the restaurant and sat at a booth. Laughing at themselves and how lust stricken they had become. “ So listen, you know that assignment we have for BioLab?” Liz said after indulging in one more kiss

“Yeah?” Max responded

“It was kinda left a little unclear whether Mr. Steigman wanted you to be Tess' lab partner for the day or from now on.” It had been bothering her all day, and not because she was worried about the assignment Maria may have been right Liz did not like how he had been looking at Tess. And then he stuck to her like glue rest of the day like he had to prove something. What was that about?

“ I'm sure he didn't mean it” Max comforted
“Because, if you're going to be her lab partner, I'm kinda stuck without a partner so, I need to know.” Liz continued

“Well, I guess we'll just have to ask Mr. Steigman.” Max stated

“Right. It's just that we used to have an even number of students, and now that Tess is here, it's odd... it's an odd number. So, someone is going to be stuck without a partner, you know, mathematically.”

This whole conversation made him uncomfortable “Could we just stop talking about Tess?”

“Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Can we talk?” Michael said interrupting their conversation

“ I'll be right back.” Max said as he followed Michael

Once they were out of earshot “ She's a liar.” Michael confirmed

Big surprise there Max thought. Ever since he met her he knew something was not right about her. The way he thought about her it wasn’t normal. Max never thought about anyone like that except for Liz of coarse but even his daydreams about Liz weren’t as vivid as the things he imagined doing with Tess. And Today in Bio he’d imagined himself and Tess practically getting it on, on the teacher’s desk. Is upset him because he couldn’t stop what he was thinking, couldn’t help himself. And Liz what must she be thinking about his behavior. She had faith in him no matter what he did and here he was not even trusting her enough to share what he was going through. He may not be able to tell Liz the whole truth but he did owe her an some sort of explaination…

Part 4
That night after Max was done with work he went to see Liz. There was only one thing on his mind and that was It was raining

“What's going on, Max?” Liz said a little surprised to see him she been thinking about him as well but she didn’t expect him to show up here.

“I wanna talk.” He said

“About what?”

“Liz, about what Michael said before, about Tess, I just...I want you to know that I don't feel anything for her. I look at you, and I know you're the person I'm supposed to be with. I've always known it. What happened here that day, when you got shot, and how that brought us's fate. Look at me. You're the one, Liz...the only one. I could never be with anyone else…

* * *

How could he have done this? Liz asked herself. He said he loved me. He said he could never be with anyone else. Apparently ‘anyone else’ did not include Tess. Not only moment after he had poured his heart out to me I saw him kissing her in the rain. And then he came here today saying I should have faith in him. I trust Max about as far as I throw him.
It’s weird how I feel. I am angry with him, that much I know but there is also apart of me that is telling me that maybe I should believe what he says. I don’t know. I am so confused

“Hey Chica.” Maria chimed “ I know you’re feeling a little blue But I think I’ve got a solution.”

“ Me too. Snip Tess’ pretty blond curls.” Liz joked

“ After that.” Maria said “ Just go talk to her. I know it’s wacky idea it just might work.”

“ I don’t know.”

“ You will feel a whole lot better if you just admit to her that you know. Find out what caused it. Plus Alex fixed the hi-tech camera thingy and we need someone to plant to plant it.”

“ Her I am in the middle of an emotional crisis and all they can think about is ther stupid sci-fi ridden lives.”

“ Actually I suggested it. Beside you can resolve your issue with Tess and help Max .” Maria pointed out

“Who said I wanted to help Max…” she said

“ Come on Liz…”

* * *

Max and Liz were cuddled together on the couch at the warehouse, with the rest of the gang dispersed around. They wee taking shifts watching Tess from the camera Liz had planted in her house.

Well I’ve got my Max back Liz though as she let his strong arms encircle her. Or do I? I mean he’s here with me and it feels good being in his arms like this. I still don’t know

“ You put yourself in danger. Thanks for believing in me.” Max said having felt Liz doubting vibes

“ I went on faith...a lot of it.” Liz said breaking the embrace. There he was again saying what he think I want to hear she suddenly had the urge to be away from him

“ I know. “

I wish he would just be honest with me, and himself… “You know, you still kissed her, Max. I don't know if there'll ever be reason enough to explain that.”

Max was about to respond to her when

“ Max, Michael, come look at this.” Isabel called. It was her shift at the monitor so this must be good

“ What's going on?” Max asked

“ I'm not sure.” Everyone began to gather round to see what was going on. And what they saw shocked them. They saw Tess restoring the broken statue through the video camera…


Part 5
Liz restlessly tossed the sheet off of her. Only fifth-teen minutes after her shower and her night shirt was already sticking to her. Liz had her mindset to get up and take another nice long cold shower. It would have been her fourth one today but in the oppressive Roswell summer heat it had been the only way she was able to concentrate for more reasons than one.

Of coarse everyone was hot but no one seemed to be complaining about the heat quite like Liz. Therefore she surmised that maybe it was just her, maybe it was the ‘fever’ and Max had been the only cure for that. Liz hadn’t been getting her daily dosages, in fact during the past month she hadn’t been getting any dosages at all and her body sure was going into withdrawal, big time. Just the thought of Max set her skin to fire and caused a familiar at the meeting of her thighs. Of coarse it had always been that way when she thought about Max But ever since they made love that one time Liz had been open…to what she wasn’t exactly sure. It was like this insatiable hole deep inside that only one thing could fill…and that thing had been denied.

Liz felt dirty even thinking about this; it had been a year since she’d last done it she had no need she had Max. But now she had to find some way to relieve this ache, and get rid of this fever. Maybe her body would not know the difference. Liz slowly let her hand travel under her gown and to soft curls at the juncture of her thighs that covered that special place that made her a woman. Once she parted her folds it was easy to find her love button as the bundle of nerves was swollen. She worked up a quick pace in stroking it, the was no time for niceties Liz just wanted to find release so she could hope fully rest. She shut her eyes against the intensity of her oncoming climax…

The Sound of Max baritone voice drew her out of her reverie. “May haven’t we been busy…” he said the slightest devilish grin adorning his mouth, his head propped in his hand on the pillow next to hers.

“Max.” Liz responded embarrassed that he had caught her in such a compromising situation.

He chuckled “You are only half right during the day I masquerade as your boyfriend Max Evans. At Night I take on the identity of The Lust Fairy. I visit all the bad little girls in the world who make a lustful wish as they fall asleep.”

“Hmm… the lust fairy? What about all the bad little boys?” she inquired interested to see what game he was going to play.

“They’ve got their own fairy.” He responded “Here let me.” He offered as he took her hand and placed her middle finger in his mouth obtain all the evidence of her activities prior to his arrival. “ Tastes just like I remember.” He said with an alluring smile. He was soon curious to see if she still tasted that good everywhere. He captured her mouth in a lazy kiss. His mouth was as soft and gentle as ever…

“ So.” He said trailing his hand from her hip to her inner thigh, driving her wild “ What other activities have you gotten into with in my absence?” He inquired

She was frantic to touch that firm velvet skin of his “Why don’t you tell me what you’ve been into.” She said as she reached for him.

“Tut…tut.” He said moving just out of reach. “The lust fairy must give first then receive.” He said returning to his ministrations of her thigh. “ Tell me what you want me to do Liz?”

Enough with the teasing she wanted him. “ Max cut he crap you’ve always been able to read me like a book, you know what I want.” No more like needed she thought “ Beside if you really are the lust fairy shouldn’t you have some type of omniscient power.”

She always was the clever one he thought “ I’m reading you now, and I think you need me to get rid of these.” He said as he moved his hand over her body causing her clothes to disappear. “ Am I right?”

“It’s a start.” She said edging him on.

“How about if I do this...”He eased her legs apart and placed himself between them. Max found her most sensitive pleasure point and was circling it lightly with his fingers. It was causing such an erotic throbbing between her thighs more intense then she had ever know, almost unbearable as he applied more pressure.

“Max…” she moaned in tortured ecstasy.

He placed on each of her closed eyelids then at the crease of her moth and trailed his tongue to her ear “Let the Lust fairy work his magic on you.” He whispered. Liz watched as he swiftly rid himself of the black satin boxers he had been wearing. He lowered himself over her. His lips sent soft butterfly kisses along the soft planes of her face, only minutely grazing her mouth. He fluttered his lips against he soft whiteness of her neck, the hollow of her throat, then her breast. He sank his teeth lightly into her nipple and chewed on it until a pleasured moan rose from somewhere deep inside Liz.

Opening her eyes she gazed down at Max. She laced her fingers about his neck, feeling as though she were on a marvelous soft cloud soaring. He had to have used his powers on her “ What have you done to me…?” she giggled “You always know… just how… to bring me to ecstasy.”

“Just being with you is al I need to be placed in such a state. “ he whispered huskily.

“But Max, you…you let me leave you so easily. You just let me walk away.” Liz pouted “ How could you if you love me so?”

“ You shouldn’t be worrying about anything now,” he scolded “ You mind should only be filled with desire. Fulfillment. Those are the only things filling your mind are they not?”

Liz sighed headily. “Need you even ask?” she seductively whispered. Feverish with desire, Liz dared to watch as Max’s fingers spread the soft curls of hair that guard the core of her womanhood. With an even greater thumping wildness of her heart, she watched his head lower and his tongue reach down to touch her pulsing love mound. Spirals of pleasure soared through her as the wetness of his tongue touched her and where all her sensual feelings seemed to be centered.

Shivers ran down Liz’s spine as Max kissed her long and hard there, pulling a cry, when suddenly she couldn’t control the complete release from fully engulfing her. Max smoothly entered her. Just as she was coming down from one climax she was building up for another.

When it was over. With that same devilish grin from before Max scooted up to lie next to her, his hands still exploring every sensitive pleasure point on her body, watching her face screw up in torment, then pleasure, then torment then pleasure… “ Did you like what the Lust fairy brought you?”

“Only partially…” She said pushing him flat on his back, spreading his legs and moving to her knees before him. Smiling at him she splayed her fingers across his beautiful chest. It was tight with corded muscles just like she remembered. He sucked in his breath when Liz lowered her lips to one of his firm nipples and swirled her tongue around the rubbery redness, then sank her teeth in and softly chewed.

Liz hardly breathed as she kissed the tip of his hardness. She then placed her him and began moving the n as her tongue discovered the joy of touching him there. Moving herself down closer to him she fit her mouth more fully over him, hearing him gasp with pleasure as she did so. As she felt he would reach his peak Liz crept up and straddled him, letting him tease her entrance with the tip of his hardness. Liz felt possessive as if she had to have him inside her to obtain his seed.

The pressure was so great and her called out “Liz…!” as he impaled himself on her

“Liz!… Liz!” Her mother said pulling her out of her dream filled world

“Hmm…What happened?” Liz groggily questioned

“I heard you moaning, I thought you might be having a nightmare a so I woke you up.” Nancy explained “ You okay?”

Liz nodded

“ I guess we’re all having a bit of trouble concentrating with all this heat.” Her mom commented as she moved a stray strand of hair out of Liz’s face. “ Night.” She said as she left Liz to her thoughts.

Some nightmare Liz thought. She laid there a moment more, the moonlight streaming in her bedroom window before she got up to take a shower.

As the water rolled over her cooling skin Liz sighed, she couldn’t help but think about the shower fantasy she shared with Max. Max, there she went again thinking about Max. How was she ever supposed to get over him if every wakeful moment he was on her brain. Why could she not just for get about him he was only a guy. Okay let’s not lie to ourselves Liz Max is much more then most guys. He’s a guys with extra terrestrial powers, with the power over her heart. That was the part that scared her so, the control Max had over her.

During the past few months she had risked every thing just to be with him. She had put herself in physical and emotional danger and came up short in the end. Her heart was broken and there was only one thing she could do about it. Go to him he probably needs you now more than ever. No, He is married Liz reminded her self he has a completely different destiny one which does not include me. You were right to walk away from him.

It was probably better this way. This way his enemies wouldn’t have a useless little human to use as bait…like Nascedo had. There was something profoundly upsetting about looking into his eyes especially when he had shifted into Max. Sure her kinky side enjoyed the little bad boy Maxcedo but her romantic side had forever been shattered. Liz was not sure if she could ever look at Max again and know that he was sincere. Even that night when he had professed his love for her as they wee on the run from the FBI, she hadn’t believed him. He was just saying the things he thought he had to say the things He thought she wanted to hear. The same things he said the night she had witnessed Max kissing Tees in the rain. How could Liz know that he wasn’t going to do that again. If really married to her in another life maybe he couldn’t resist, maybe this was just he instinctual alien side of him waking up. And Liz had better move out of the way and let it happen, for her own good and for his…

And he just let me walk away. If he loved me why didn’t he come after me? Why didn’t he tell me again how much he loved me? I just might have believed him. If I heard him say it one more time I just might have believed him. Him, him, him…him…him. Always about him. What about me? I guess I’m just scared. How am I ever going to stop the thinking about Max. I got to get out of this town…

* * *

Maria saw Max come into the Crashdown and take his usual booth wit h was a tad out of the ordinary considering Max hadn’t come into the Crashdown in weeks not since his break up with Liz that day at the pod chamber. It hadn’t been easy on either of them. She supposed he was just taking time to get over it. Maria purposely took her time getting to his table not knowing what to say to him. “ Sorry about the hold up I figured you might be waiting for someone. You know Michael, Isabel…or Tess.” She said putting emphasis in the last name she mentioned.

Max knew she was probably a little more than up set with him. After all this was Liz’s best friend, he figured he deserved all the ribbing he could get after letting Liz walk away from him. “ No, just me.” He confirmed “ I guess I’ll just have the…Martian platter, eggs scrambled, and orange juice.”

Maria scribbled down his order “ Is that all?”

“Yes thanks.” Max simply replied

“You sure.” Maria now felt kind of bad for being sarcastic to him initially given the dejected manner in which he taken it.

“ Well I was kind of hoping I could see Liz. Is she here?”

Maria took a seat in the booth across from him. She hated to be the barer of bad news “ Liz left this morning for that science program in Florida.”

“Oh that’s weird. She didn’t call.”

Were you expecting her to? Maria though the girl’s run scared “Listen Max. Al that has happened these past few months has really been hard on Liz. I think she just needs time to mull it over and see where and if she fits into this whole…destiny of yours.”

Max disappointedly nodded

He didn’t look any better than a moment before in fact he looked worse “ Okay I can se you are going to need help with this so I’ll be your LA intervention counselor.”

“ LA?” He questioned

“LIZ-A-HOLICS Anonymous.” Maria clarified “ Now you Know the first step to solving the problem is admitting you have one. So state your name.”

“My name is Max Evans.” He said uncertainly

“And…” she probed

“I’m a LIZ-A-HOLIC?”

“ Nice to meet you Max. I’ll be back with you breakfast.”

Max finally knew what Liz meant when she said her time with Maria had been a riot. She was hilarious and had offered a humorous twist to an otherwise hopeless situation. Max just hoped her intervention program worked…

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Title: The Longest Month Ever
Rating: PG-13 for now
Disclaimer: All the characters used are owned by The WB
Summary: It's takes place during the Spring of thsi year it's Max's birthday and Liz has a special gift for him
Author's note: This is kind of a a spin off of "The Longest Day Ever" for those of you who watch Dawson's Creek. Experimental so if you have questions ask and I'd Love feed back.

Beginning of Month

“Party this Saturday night.” Liz announced as she walked through the halls of West Roswell High handing invitations to any interested person. During the past week all Liz’s free time had been spent planning a party for Max’s 18th birthday. The other day he had alluded to the fact that he might be interested in doing something special to celebrate the day but with school, work and other responsibilities… he just didn’t have the time to make any plans. Therefore Liz took matters into her own hands and immediately started arranging things for Max’s party. With all that he had done for her and everyone else he deserved a party. But planing it hadn’t been the hard part; the hard part had been keeping it a secret. Liz wanted it to be a surprise but that was nearly impossible seeing as how she shared everything with Max these days. Liz thought it was nice having a boyfriend you could talk to about things, except in cases like this. It was a sore spot not being honest with him. “Max’s B- day just don’t let him find out.” Liz paused at her locker realizing the error in her judgement. If this party was going to be a surprise then announcing it in the hall would not be the best way of inviting people, she was just so excited about the party for more reasons than one. Liz had to be careful being in love was making her foolish she thought as she put the stack of invitations in her locker.

“ Liz!”

“ Hey Michael, What’s up!” she greeted

“ Nothing much. Listen, I’ve got the refreshments for Saturday covered, no problem, but what I do need from you is a few invitations.”

“Yeah sure…” she said handing him half of the stack “ Invite whom ever just make sure Max doesn’t get too suspicious.” She saw Michael subtly gesture behind her and when she heard that familiar deep voice and felt those strong arms around her waist she knew there was only one person it could be.

“ Hey” Max said

“ Max, hey.” Liz said greeting him with a swift kiss on the cheek.

“What are you guys talking about?” Max asked

“ Nothing…I gotta get to class.” Michael said quickly turning to leave

“Michael seven-thirty my place remind the others!” Liz called after him, he nodded. Michael rushing to class, Liz making dates with him. Max thought something wasn’t right here, but then again this was Michael. He looked to Liz for the answer. “Project” she answered in one word. Max nodded with mock understanding. “ I’m helping him work on a science project.”

“Right…So. I’ve missed you lately.” He probed

“ Yeah I know it has been busy hasn’t it.” She said kissing him. His lips were so supple and she just couldn’t resist. “I’ll stop by today after work.” He kisses her again “ …promise.”

“ Till then…” he said giving her a reaffirming squeeze and then headed off to class. He was becoming more and more suspicious of Liz she had been acting strange lately…

* * *

End of Month
The walk to Max’s house seemed like it took forever. Even when she got there Liz just stood outside the window before knocking. Liz took a deep breath ‘I’m just going to tell him the truth and we’ll deal with it together’ Liz told herself “Hi” she said once he’d helped her through the window

He scooped her up in a gentle hug “ Didn’t expect you tonight…what happened to the ‘project’.”

Liz smiled at his brief joke that was one of the things she liked about him the ability to make her laugh in spite of herself, but this wasn’t the time for that “Could you not joke I have something important to tell you.” She slowly drew away from him and went to sit on the edge of his bed.

Max did not like the way this was heading the last time she came to his window with an introduction like that things had not worked out in his favor “ What’s up” he said sitting beside her.

“ Before I tell you I just want to say I’m sorry I mean you have enough going on in your life right now, you don’t need to deal with a stupid problem like this especially since we agreed we would be careful
and… “

She was rambling again she had the tendency to be like her friend Maria in that way when she was nervous. “ Liz?” Max redirecting her

“ Right. I’m not sure but I think I might be pregnant.”

“ What…” Max said in disbelief.

* * *

Week of Max’s Birthday

As soon as her shift ended Liz went straight to Max’s house. These days they had precious little time together and today was no different she was due to meet everyone at the Crash Down to discus last minute plans for his party later on, but she was looking forward to spending this time with Max. She was practically skipping by the time she got to his window and he didn’t even have to knock he was waiting for her

“ I thought you’d never get here.” Max said helping her through his window. Almost immediately his lips were on hers making her mindless so much so that she nearly forgot what she had to tell him. “What are you doing Saturday night?” she asked

“ Mmm… a little of this” he said gently kissing her closed eye lids “… A little of that.” he said kissing her neck “…And a whole lotta this” he said kissing her full on the mouth and carrying her over to the bed

He could be such a kidder “ Besides that …You wanna go out or something.” She said barely surpressing a giggle.

“ Sure.” he said finding a comfortable position for them “You know it’s my…”

“ …Birthday.” Liz finished for him “How could you think I would forget a thing like that.”

“ Just making sure.” He said kissing her forehead “ so where are you taking me.”

“ It’s a surprise.” She responded

“ Where have I heard that before.”

“ Well you always do nice things for me it’s finally my turn.” She said kissing him

“ You know I have a surprise for you.”


“ Yeah... The 'Tickle Monster'.” He said assaulting the easily exposed flesh of her tummy. This was what they both knew to be her ‘spot’. When she wore tops that let her little navel peek out from behind the soft fabric like she was now she was practically begging him to tickle her like this.

Liz erupted into a fit of laughter she was helpless against his charms. His tickles slowly began to turn into slow gentle caresses with his mouth, and when she felt his tongue dip in her navel she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist…

* * *

Isabel slammed the front door. Being the birthday boy’s sister definitely did not have its perks, she could not believe she was stuck with this job again. She had been assigned to stall Max at their house while everyone else met at The Crashdown to discus plans for his party. It was the third time this week. She placed her keys down on the table and began to look for him. It didn’t even appear he was here. Probably on his way to Liz’s Isabel thought. I’ll just check his room then if he’s not there I’ll call the guys to let him know.

As she approached his room she though she heard moans or something coming form inside, But wasn’t Liz supposed to be at the Crashdown, what was she doing here. Never mind Isabel didn’t even want to think about what they were doing in there... I’ll just …knock “Max can I talk to you for a minute!” she said through the closed door.

“Sure, just a sec” he said helping Liz fix her clothes and making sure he was presentable

“ You know it’s probably better this way. I have to meet someone anyway.” She said zipping up her pants and giving him one last languid kiss “We’ll just finish this later.” And with that she was gone...

I must apologize about the long wait
But definately TBC...

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This story is just a spoof that I threw together tonight. Max and Liz make everything fun. This story is kind of what my friends and I call WAFF (Warm And Fuzzy Feelings) . I think it's cute and it helped me get throgh my pre cal studying.


Title: The Adventures of the Pre Cal Princess
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Max holds the fate of a nation in his hands and He has to be prepared for a Math Test on Friday, What will he do...?

Liz sat comfortably leaning against Max’s chest settling into his embrace as she was intently looking over her math notes for something they could review. The couple had been at it for almost two full hours but tomorrow was the final and with all that had been going on lately Max did not get a chance to study. Liz being the ever-caring girlfriend that she is took it upon herself to clear his and her schedule so they would have time to work on math this evening. Liz wasn’t so much worried about her self as she was Max. It wouldn’t look good on your permanent record if you could stop the war and faction of five worlds in another galaxy but couldn’t pass your math test on Friday. However Max was a relatively good math student she had a felling he’d catch on quickly.

“Okay and the Pythagorean Identity is…?” Liz asked

It was hard for Max to be this close to Liz and not want to assault her with his lips, ever since they had consummated their relationship physically this past spring is was arduous for him to concentrate on anything but…loving Liz. “Sine squared A plus…” He said leaning into Liz’s neck for a smooch “…Cosine squared A equals…” he did it again “One” He said reaching her lips to tantalize them in the same way.

“Correct and we use this formula in…” She said drawing away for a brief moment before returning to his lips.

“Mmm proving trigonometric identities…” The taste of his lover was still fresh on his lips he had not had enough and hastily returned to her neck.

“Very good…” Said rubbing her cold nose against his warm neck “Now do you need to try a few problems?”

“…What I need is a break.” Max stated as he drew away from his prey far a brief moment. He knew that in order to convince Liz of something once she got it set in her mind he had to be persistent. Lucky for him this ‘persistence’ could be fun for him as well.

“No we have to finish this chapter before can take a break. Trigonometric identities at least. ” Liz said not to his surprise. Max would just have to try a little harder.

“Come on Lizzie…” Max said as he continued his sensual assault down the sensitive juncture of her neck and shoulder.

“Lizzie?” she repeated “Since when do you call me Lizzie

“Since I realized my lips aren’t enough to seduce you into giving us a break.”

Liz thought a moment he couldn’t be more wrong. It was quite the contrary in fact which is why if he didn’t stop soon she might cave…No she had to be strong “M-Max…” She moaned in protest

“Okay Let’s go Trig Identities” Max said abruptly stopping all pleasantries and looking directly at the book.

Almost to Liz’s disappointment but she’s got what she wanted. Didn’t she? “Just like that you’re ready to study now.” She said snapping her fingers. He nodded “ Really.”

“No not really!” Max said flipping Liz over on his bed and assaulting her sides and tummy with ticking and kisses.

Liz erupted in to a fit of laughter “That’s not fair” she managed

“ Fair.” Max taunted “Who said the tickle monster was fair.”

Liz was actually enjoying their little bout and when she felt him deliver feather light kisses her stomach all she could do was look at he ceiling and giggle “Max no not he tummy…” this is what they both knew to be her ‘spot’. Anytime he did anything to her tummy she went insane perhaps it was because that was where he healed her, who knew… But Liz did know they had to get back to studying and when he returned his attention back to her neck Liz saw her opening to gain the upper hand. Her lips captured his earlobe and gently began to suckle it. This was what they both knew to be his ‘spot’.

“Liz come on not the ear…” He moaned “This is not fair…”

Liz used her legs as leverage to cleanly flip him over in one motion and whisper “Fair, Who said the Pre cal princess was fair.” a seductive smile crossing her lips.

“Pre cal princess huh?” Max said excepting defeat

Liz knew that if really wanted to he could gain control in one fell swoop. She’d seen him in battle and understood that he had much more physical strength than her but she was the one who possessed his heart and knowing that always made her feel powerful. Liz yawned as she relaxed against him in her straddling position, the day was beginning to take its toll

“No who needs a break…” Max teased

“ Fifth-teen minutes I swear then back trig equations.” She said drawing small circles with her fingers in the cotton of his shirt.

“Fifth-teen, sure thing.” He said joining her in one last yawn as he draped his arm around he.

As the evening shadows fell around them ‘Tickle Monster’ joined ‘Pre cal princess’ for a quick journey into the land of slumber…

* * *

There were ten minutes left to the period Max had just completed his Pre Calculus exam except for all if the examples that required the use of Area of a Triangle Max for the life of him could not remember the formula. He had seen that Liz had completed her exam a few minutes ago maybe she could help. He called out to her * Liz, Area of a Triangle quick!*

Liz raised an eyebrow as she mentally responded *Now who wishes they hadn’t taken a break?*

*Yeah I know you were right. I’ll thank you later but would you puh-lease tell me what the formula is for the area of a triangle.* he pleaded

*When we were informed that we should use these powers we share for the greater good I’m sure that didn’t include using them to cheat on finals.* she retorted as she flicked her pencil between her pointer and index finger.

*You’re really gonna leave me hanging like this?* He asked

A slow smile came to her lips. Max looked so cute when his brow furrowed with worry *I can’t stand to see you suffer so…Think about last night…think pink* that should trigger a few memories.

Last night when they finally did get back to studying they had gotten themselves into another bout of ‘Pre cal princess’ versus ‘Tickle Monster’ for the second time. It ended with Liz on top straddling Max again. The only difference was her derriere was facing him this time and her skirt had risen up revealing her very pink panties to Max. “The Area formula is one half a b times the Sine of C.” Liz informed from between his legs

“Yeah …” he hoarsley breathed “I’ll remember that every time I see the color pink.” They never did get back to studying again that night…

*Thanks * Max said flashing her a enticing smile.

* * *

As soon as the bell rang Max half carried half escorted Liz straight to the second floor Eraser Room and began thanking her with kisses for getting him trough his Pre Calculus Final.

“…Did you remember?” Liz asked drawing away for a brief moment

“Yeah I remembered…”He breathe against her forehead “ By the way what color underwear are you wearing today?”

“ Why don’t you find out.” He said leading his hand to the snap of her jeans.

He slowly peeled her jeans down her hips and let them dangle around her angles “You’re beautiful.” He said eyeing her plain white bikini cut panties He slid one hand inside her panties and caressd her left nipple through her shirt with the other She watched as he parted the soft downy hair between her legs and found her deep, pink, throbbing core.
Liz tried to stifle a moan as Max massaged her ever so slowly until she was slippery wet. Her breath was coming in quick short pants. Max’s finger stroked her gently but faster and faster as he sensed she was approaching ecstacy. Liz closed her eyes and reached for Max for support.
Max scooped her up and placed her on the counter behind them. Then unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to his ankles “We match.” He said showing off his bleach white Calvin Kleins. It was also obvious he was sporting a huge erection.

Liz laughed

“What I don’t meet your approval.”

“ No Max you do. It’s just…” He smiled that smile that only his Liz was capable of as she lowered her eyes. He gently raised her eyes to his

“Just what Liz?”

“I didn’t think you…wore underwear.”

They both laughed as she leaned into his forehead…

* * *

The grades for the Finals were posted next week Max and Liz stood hand in hand looking at their Pre Calculus results.

“Eighty-nine, what is that a B. ”Max said looking down at Liz.

“ Low A, High B something like that.” Liz assured

“Looks like I’m going to have to get more help from The ‘Pre cal princess’…” Max said with that alluring smile which only he was capable of.

“Only if the “Tickle monster’ retires his fingers.” Liz quipped

They both laughed at that comment

“Thanks for your help.” Max said

“Any time…” she said leaning in for a languid kiss before heading over to their next class

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DeNile ain't just ariver in Egypt
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Title: Cinnamon
Rating: NC-17
Category: M/L
Summary: My story takes make one year in the future of hwer the series is now. It's Christmas time Liz has gone away to school and Max was missing her...

Authors Note: This fic is a celebratory fic. Celebrating everything Roswell is...everything Roswell was...Celebrating College student home for break...This is my Christmas gift to all of you enjoy!



Liz settled down at her study desk, chemistry books in toe. It was the final week of the semester. And as per usual college students all across the nation scrambled to hand in term papers and get some last minute cramming in before exams. All the while visions of how they would spend the up coming semester break danced in the back of their mind. Liz was no different however, it had been a big deal for her to be afforded the opportunity to come to Harvard, it meant leaving just about all of her friends, family and love behind. Although she was thoroughly enjoying the stimulating learning environment she was anxious to go home for Christmas and greet them.

That thought in mind Liz reminded herself that she still had a Chemistry final to over come before heading back to Roswell and that alone was enough to motivate her. As she cracked her first book open the phone rang. Liz debated briefly over the lost study time before picking it up. “Hello.” She answered

“Liz.” The familiar baritone voice rang on the other line, the sound of her love’s voice causing a smile to rise to her lips.

“Max is that you again?”

“Here I am thinking you’d be happy to hear from your loving boyfriend”

“I am…ecstatic actually. It’s just this is the fourth time you’ve called today and I have a lot of studying to do.”

“Can’t you take a break? I miss you.”

Liz could hear the sexy pout in his tone and deeply wanted to oblige him but at the moment, regretfully, studies took priority. “I miss you too sweetie but I’m sorry I can’t take a break I’ve got a killer final on Monday and a paper due Tuesday.”

“When will you be home?”

“I’m not sure exactly…Depends on how much I get done tonight.” She responded

Not wanting to keep her away any longer than necessary “I guess I’ll let you go then. Good luck on your test.”

“Thanks. Oh and Max…”


“I love you.”

“Love you too” For Liz spending months at a time away from Max was killing her and she knew it was having the same, if not worse, effect on him. Therefore she would just have to think of a way to make up for it when she did get home…

* ~ *

At nine-thirty p.m. exactly just as she had requested in her note Max stood in the threshold to Liz’s bedroom taking in the familiar surroundings. The bed was freshly made, music softly playing, and everything neatly in its place, and the air smelled faintly of cinnamon. The only problem was she was nowhere to be seen. “Liz!” he called out.

It didn’t appear anyone else was in the house. Being in her old room brought back feelings of nostalgia and Max could remember days of yesteryear when he and Liz would sneak up here to make out, careful not to disturb her parents. With Liz away at school Max missed times like those more with each passing day but he hoped that tonight they would create a few new memories. “Liz!” he called again.

As he approached the nightstand the scent of a plate of freshly baked cookies caught his nose, M&M Tabasco swirl if he wasn’t mistaken. Just as his hand reached the plate to indulge himself, the sultry rich tone of her voice rang across the room “Drop the cookie.” Liz chided in a playful manner “Those are for later… if you’re good.”

“Liz…” Max said turning around to take in a her figure decked in a Christmas costume, from the floppy red hat to the velvet garter adorning her smooth legs and everything in between accentuating her frame to tea. “…Or um, Ms. Claus I presume.”

“No you were half right before. During the day I masquerade as your loving girlfriend Liz at night I transform into this” Liz said slowly walking in a circle so that he could give her the once over.

Seemingly at a loss for words at her playfully sexuality Max managed “And this would be?”

“Remember when I volunteered to help Isabel out at last year’s Holiday Village?” Liz said as she approached him with a seductive sway of her hips “What if I told you I never returned the costume because I really am an elf.” She said placing her arms around his neck

“Oh come on Liz you expect me to believe that you’re and elf?” Max said barely suppressing as chuckle as he drew her close

“It’s no less believable than your non-human status.” Liz countered.

“Okay you’ve got a point there. Beside that does explain the height.” He joked as he nuzzled her neck.

She shrugged out of his embrace. So Liz was a bit shorter than most young women her age, she didn’t see why he found that to be so humorous. “Max.”

“Kidding...” joked Max “Okay so you’re an elf.”

“Yeah just not the kind you think.”

“What kind are you?”

“My job is to visit guys all over the world who have been naughty while their girlfriends are away and help them regain their honor.”

“I’ve been naughty.” Max said in feigned innocence as he pointed a thumb at himself.

Lacing her hand under the collar of his coat as she inched closer. “You certainly have and from what I understand this could take awhile so you might as well make yourself comfortable.” Liz voice was just above a whisper as she helped Max out of his coat allowing her finger to slightly graze the skin at he nape of his neck. Shooting him an alluring smile before going to hang up his jacket.

Max had to admit his interest was definitely piqued he was anxious to find out what game Liz was going to play with him. He kicked off his shoes and dove on the bed the cool satin of the comforter under his toes as he reached over and grabbed a cookie “I thought I told you those were for later…”Max stopped mid bite as Liz said. Making herself comfortable on his lap and she clamped her teeth on the end of the cookie protruding from his mouth. Languidly they finished the cookie as their lips came together in a delicious kiss. “…We’ll just have to add that to your tab for later.”

“What exactly did I do?” Max said forehead resting against hers.

“Does the phrase ‘busy hands’ ring a bell…”

* ~ *

It was a little after ten o’ clock at night and Liz was thoroughly engrossed in editing a paper when she received another call from Max saying that the reason she didn’t want to talk to him was because hearing his voice would distract her and then someone’s hands would be “busy”.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about I don’t do those types of things.” Liz said incredulously as the color crimson rose to her cheeks.

“Do what?” Max probed even though he was all that distance away he could hear the blush in her voice and enjoyed teasing her.

“What you just said.”

“Oh…you mean masturbating.”

“Yeah that…”

“Liz is someone in the room with you?”


“Then why don’t you just admit that hearing my voice makes you want to stroke your kitty?”

“A bit cocky are we.”

“I don’t think so. I just know you and I know that being up there in all that cold weather, in that big lonely dorm room, picturing me wearing nothing but a smile has it’s effects on you and eventually your hands get to stroking...”

Max was right hearing his voice did have its effect on Liz especially after describing such explicitly intimate things but she knew that if she were ever going to get back to studying tonight she’d have to turn the tables on him “What exactly are your hands doing?”

“Oh my hands are very busy right now.”

Liz never did get much more studying done that night…

* ~ *

“… I did say I would get you back for that.”

“Yes you did, you said payback would be a bitch.”

“ In the flesh,” Liz said “but I prefer the name Cinnamon.”

“Okay Cinnamon what have I got to do to earn my honor.”

Extricating herself from her cozy spot on his lap Liz said “That move last week was pretty dirty so…how about you start with a bath.”

“Let’s” Max said extending his hand for her to join him.

“Just you…I may join you later but you have to prove to me you’re worthy of my company.”

“Really, well we’ll just have to see what we can do about that.” Max said raking her form with his corporeal amber gaze as he walked over to her and caressed her cheek with his thumb

She held his gaze, this whole thing was supposed to be about her having the control. She was the one to make him cower before her with lust and if that was to happen never show weakness. Although his words…matched with those golden eyes… made her want to melt into a puddle of desire before him. The two didn’t have much longer for their staring contest because just then the phone rang

“Hey chica.” Chimes Maria “ It’s me. I didn’t know you were home. When did you get back?”

“Hi,” Liz said guardedly, in the tone of voice that told her friend that this was perhaps not the best time to be calling.

“Uh-oh,” she said, “Something tells me you’re not alone.”

“Mmmhmm,” Liz said as Max rose from the bed and turned the music down slightly.

“Who’s there?” she said, “It’s a guy isn’t it?”

“Mmmhmm,” Liz said again eyes widening slightly as Max was grinning at her maniacally as he unbuttoned his shirt.

“What’s going on?” Maria pleaded Liz started giggling.

“You really want to know what’s going on?” Liz said


“Okay,” Liz said, as Max proceeded to dance around the room doing a good imitation of a stripper, except it wasn’t enticing it was hilarious

“Okay,” Liz repeats. “There’s an extremely gorgeous Man jumping around my bedroom taking off his clothes.”

Max wiggled his hips in appreciation of Liz’s description of him.

“Oh, no seriously.” Maria kidded, “ What are you really up to I was thinking of coming to see you.”

“Seriously,” Liz said, “He’s about to take his shirt off.”

Max took his shirt off.


“And,” Liz continued, as lust started to rise up from her groin, “he’s got a perfect washboard stomach.”

“I don’t believe you.” Maria said, as she Liz held the phone out to Max.

“Hi Maria, “ he said as Liz practically salivated over the sight his lean muscular torso. “Yeah I knew it was you,” he said unbuttoning his pants giving Liz minor heart failure. How was it that just when Liz thought she had a bit of sexual control over him Max was able to turn the tables on her so easily “Having a bath.” He said next and then started laughing as Liz grabbed the phone off him

“I so envy you right now you guys haven’t seen each other in like four months God Liz you guys are going to have the best I-missed-you sex.” Maria rambles as Liz put the phone back to her ear


“I-missed -you sex. You know for me and Michael things are getting kind of redundant, I know his routine, but the first time a couple has sex after not having seen each other in months is always explosive.”

“ Maria I got to go.” Liz said never having been one to talk about her private life openly.

“Okay just indulge me for a minute is he naked yet?”

“Not yet.” Liz said eyes glued to Max who was trying to balance on one leg as he pulled off his socks “but I think he will be soon.”

Max wiggled off into the bathroom.

“I’ll talk to you later. Have fun… and use a condom….”

“Right.” Liz said and laughed because Maria is the only person in the world, aside from Max of coarse, who knew about the condom drawer-a drawer in Liz bedside table filled to bursting with condoms of all different shapes, sizes and colors. A collection she started a little under two years ago only recently contributed to by Max who now had reason to go in that particular drawer.

Liz took a moment to regain some of her composure before creasing the door to the bathroom to find Max sitting in the bath as the water poured in and he’d put in practically a whole bottle of bubble bath. Which didn’t bother Liz because it meant she couldn’t see anything. Because although Liz had seen him in the buff a few times before she wasn’t entirely sure she was ready to deal with the wiles of a naked Max yet- perched haphazardly upon his head was a shower cap.

If he weren’t so damn gorgeous he’d look ridiculous. As it happens Liz thought he looked cute as hell and sat on the toilet seat shaking her head “You really are crazy.” she said.

“No I’m not, “ he said lying back “This is lovely. Why don’t you join me?”

“I had a shower earlier.” Liz said

“So? I need some one to scrub my back.”

Liz guessed she could do him that favor. That little stunt earlier while she was on the phone had definitely earned him that much.

Being somewhat modest about nudity Liz was thankful M ax didn’t watch her undress he simply reclined against he back of the tub with his eyes closed. She grabbed a towel and went back into the bedroom.

“Liz?” He shouted as she went “Have you got any candles?”

She found three and after undressing in the relatively privacy of her bedroom Liz wrapped the towel around herself, lit the candles, and switched the light off, putting the candles around the bathroom.

Max sat up facing away from her, and Liz climbed in behind him in the bath.

“Here,” he said handing her the soap over his shoulder “Back scrub time.”

“You just did this because you wanted a massage.” Liz said soaping his back wondering how on earth she’d managed to become so playfully intimate with someone who she would barely let touch a little over a year ago.

“Mmm,” He murmured “A bit lower. Yup perfect.”

Liz’s hands were circling his back with soap, as she noticed the flickering candle light picked up the definition in his spine, his shoulder blades, and when his back was covered she turned and placed the soap on the side of the tub and slowly, smoothly rubbed his back.

Liz had her legs on either side of him, and as she rubbed his back Max picked up the soap and started soaping her calves. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt his big strong hands gently soap her legs, over the knee, down to the ankles, holding her feet as he rubbed them in silence.

And as they half sat half lay in the bath, the music coming from the bedroom seemed to take on a distinctly sensual feel. Before Liz even knew what she was doing she leaned forward and kissed his neck. She could hear him groan as her lips touched his skin and she opened her mouth a little to taste him, sucking softly as her lips travel up to his earlobe. Max’s hand stopped circling on her leg. He stopped moving and everything seemed to be happening very slowly.

Max turned as the water sloshed around him in the tub, then looked at her through eyes glazed with lust, before kissing her softly, open lips teasing hers for what seems like hours, before finally licking her upper lip as she moaned and slid her tongue into his mouth.

Liz was vaguely aware that as he was kissing her he was half standing up twisting his body, and when he sat down again he was facing her, his legs over hers, lips never parting.

Liz pulled the bath cap off Max’s head and dropped it over the edge of the tub and slung her hands around his neck as he dropped his head and kissed her collarbone.

She shivered.

Max sat back and picked up the soap again, still looking at his love as if to check that this was okay, which by this time in her estimation it most definitely was, and very gently began to soap her arms, elbows, hands. Liz never imaged how sensual hands could be, or how turned on she could become by someone gently slipping and sliding soap over her fingers.

He moved the soap up her arms, on to her shoulders then slowly circled her breasts, moving closer and closer to her rosy peaks, which were pebbling up at his caresses, but not quite touching them…not yet…

Liz gasped as he slid the soap over her left nipple. She looked down into the water and by this time all the bubbles had disappeared, and she could see his cock, thick and hard. She slid the soap out of his hand and down the side of his shaft and then it was his turn to gasp as she continued to slide it up and down and around his balls and up around the head.

The soap slipped out of her hands as Max picked her up and traced a line down Liz’s body, over her nipples, down her stomach and across her extremely sensitive love button, as she closed her eyes to feel these incredible feelings, and all Liz could think as she reached for him again is that she wanted…no, needed him inside of her.

It had been so long since they were together like this and Liz wasn’t entirely sure she wasn’t lying in dorm dreaming of her fondest wish…

She jerked her eyes open as she heard the slurping noise, and saw Max with an impish grin as he held up the bath plug. It broke the spell for a second, but only a second because as the water slipped out of the bath. Max urged Liz to lay back and as her legs rested on either side of the tub he kissed his way down her body and slipped between her legs relishing the fact that she really did smell like cinnamon. He looked at her to seek permission and she closed her eyes and sighed to show that it was more than okay.

Max’s tongue slipped between her legs licking, sucking, and lapping at her clitoris like a man at his first meal after near starvation. Liz closed her eyes and it happened like a sunrise warm and fuzzy at the edges…then the first beautiful rays of sunlight shooting skyward…as she came her body jerking in the confines of the bath Max smiled at her and they kissed, Liz tasting her self in his mouth.

Leisurely they toweled each other off and made it into the bedroom. Max slipped a condom on his shaft, which was jerking with anticipation, and Liz straddled him easing herself on. At first she gasped because she nearly forgotten how good this could feel especially between her and Max.

Not too long, not too short, the perfect fuck… the right pace for them… the perfect ‘I-missed-you sex’ as Maria put it. And when it was all over Max snuggled up to Liz and said “So how am I doing with this honor thing?”

Liz relished in his arm breath on her cheek. Being with Max was always good but for her this was one of her favorite parts, lying cuddled up to one another basking in the glow of their lovemaking. It was unfortunate it had to end for now as there were other matters to attend to. “Let’s just call that last one a freebee…” she said as she placed a lingering kiss on her cheek.

“Liz come on don’t tell me that wasn’t …”

“…It was good... Very good actually, but unfortunately it was pleasure for you too and this is all about learning how to honor your girlfriend so you’ve still got a few things to do.”

Liz sat up and pulled a wrapped gift box from under the bed “You’ll need this.” Max opened the box to reveal a red silk pajama set. “You can put those on...if you want I have a few things to get” Liz said warping herself in an almost identical silk robe

Max stared after her as she scampered out of the room. How had the innocent girl he had to coax into their limited sexual adventures turned into the temptress she was today? College… being away… whatever it was it only caused his love for her to grow ten fold and he was finally learning the meaning of the cliché “you don’t what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone…”

Liz returned to find him clad in the pajama bottoms hung low on his narrow hips. The candlelight creating provocative designs on his chiseled torso “No top I see.”

“Yeah well I figure I’ll have plenty of other things to keep me warm.” He said with a wink “ What’s that?” Max said referring to the scarf and the gift box she held in her hand.

“This is for later.” She said placing the gift box on her night table next to the cookies, “And this…” she went over to Max and tied his hands behind his back with a loose knotting of the scarf, but tight enough to restrict the movement of his hands

“What’s this about…”

“Your next assignment, Max Evans, is to make me come...” Sounded easy enough Max thought, “…with out using any… appendages.” She finished as she took her place on the bed next to him a devilish grin playing upon her lips…

This aught to be interesting Max thought. There was something he’d wanted to try with her for a while but hadn’t because he was never sure how she would react but now with her practically begging for it…was his golden opportunity.

Without the use of his extremities Max attempted moving closer to Liz on the bed but ended up flopping over like a big fish. “A little help here…”

Liz couldn’t help but giggle as she helped him gain a position that was a bit more suitable and comfortable for them both, with his torso resting between her legs “Better?”

“A little….” Max said squirming a bit as he discovered he was a bit too low for what is was he wanted to do. Again Liz tried to stifle her laughter. “ You know this would probably work a whole lot better if you weren’t laughing…”

“I’m sorry … it’s just…Okay I promise I won’t do it again…”

Using his teeth he tore open her robe. She watched his face as it turned from playful to lustful in intent. He gazed into her eyes as his own glazed over, before he lowered himself to her own heaving breasts. She gasped as his mouth opened onto an aching nipple, drawing it into his mouth, as his tongue swirled around it.

Liz arched her back to get closer as he greedily sucked on her buds. She held his beautiful, dark head to her breasts, combing his finger through his hair as he loved her with his mouth. He traveled from breast to breast just worshipping her body with his lips and tongue. His warm breath on her skin combined with the slick movement of his tongue caused Liz writhed beneath him in delirious passion.

There was no way Liz could have known Max was enacting one of his fantasies--to make her come by sucking on her nipples. He'd read about it somewhere, and he was determined to try it out. He continued his laving, sucking the nipples up into his mouth, not too hard, just enough to drive her to distraction. She started pounding desperately on his shoulders as her head began to swim from passion. She tried to grind her mound into his arousal but he moved out of her reach, determined that this alone would bring her to completion. Therefore in one way or another they would both benefit from her little game.

She was frantic as the ache in her pelvis became unbearable. She whimpered as she desperately tried to wriggle closer to Max but he continued to move beyond her reach, to her annoyment “Patience…” he whispered extricating his mouth from her briefly to say, “…you said to make you come shouldn’t I at least be allowed to decide how?”

Liz tried moving her own hand down to relieve some of the tension, but she found a force was keeping them suspended over her head… If there were ever a time to have “Samantha genie alien powers” She rubbed her thighs together to create some friction but, again, he thwarted her pitiable attempts, as he moved them apart with his knees. Her head was thrashing back and forth on the bed by now, and she moved her hips in frustration. She pleaded with Max to touch her but as he was restrained himself their wasn’t much he could do so responded by suckling her nipples further into his mouth as she moaned in response. She kept trying to push his head lower…but he wouldn’t budge .Then, as he felt her hot creamy fluid seep through the silk of his pajamas he knew her release was close.

It was just a mild sensation, at first for Liz , barely perceptible, but she could sense it growing, as the warmth in her loins increased. She started to gasp as she continued to rock her hips, her buttocks raising off the bed, as her back arched to meet Max. She cried out in painful ecstasy and she contracted and bucked, as her release was torn from her body. Max was amazed…but pleased at how wanton she became. She sobbed his name over and over as she continued to come until she begged him to stop. He slowly relinquished his hold on her breast. He wanted nothing more than to be able to hold her so instead he soothed her with soft kisses and mumblings of his love as he rested beside her on the bed.

Once Liz calmed down she looked over into his amber eyes sighed and said “That was… interesting.” And proceed to untie his arms. It was far more than simply interesting but she wasn’t going to let him know that…not yet…not until she was done having her fun. However she figured he probably knew…

“I try.” Max said with a cocky grin as she massaged his slightly sore wrists.

“Poor baby…” Liz said as she leaned up to place a tender kiss on his cheek “Did momma hurt you?”

“A little but it was totally worth it …”

“I see that …” Liz says as her hands travel down to the prominent bulge that was tenting his pants. Max blushed a bit at her comment “ I think I have something that might help with that.” Liz said as she handed him the small gift box she’d placed on the nightstand earlier…

He un wrapped it to reveal a black bottle that simply read “Sex Grease a lubricant” Max peered at the bottle a puzzled expression creasing his brow “Mr. Evans do you recall earlier this week when you called me up at school and told me that you hands were very … ‘busy’” Max nodded “Well I got to thinking, I’ve never really seen you…” Liz paused trying to find the right words “…pleasure yourself… and so your next and last assignment is to do exactly what you did when you got the phone with me…”

Max’s eyes widened in surprise as he said “Mutual masturbation Liz I must say Liz I never though you had it in you …”

“Not Liz…Cinnamon and it’s not going to be mutual.” She interjected “…just you, I want to watch.”

“Um okay …” Max said.

Truth be told he’d been caught off guard by her request but nonetheless he would do it if that was really what she wanted. Trying to lessen the awkwardness of the situation and trying to imagine that his girlfriend wasn’t hanging over his shoulder watching he reached in his pajama bottoms and grabbed his erection and, after applying a liberal amount of the “sex grease” to his palm, started pumping it up and down in slow strokes. Her eyes were round in arousal as she panted soft breaths between her lips. Unexpected to him Max found, he became more aroused by watching her watch him stroke himself, his pace increased.

Liz felt extremely hot and flush at the sight of Max furiously pounding his flesh. She loosened the tie on her robe so the some cool air could soothe her heated skin. “Can I...” she asked curious what he felt like in her hands.

Max moved his hand from his shaft to give her free reign. She experimentally let the smooth steel slip through her fingers a few times, slick with a mixture precum and lubricant “Here...” he said helping her find a rhythm they could both get used to.

As Liz manipulated his eager member he reached over and found her lips slick with her juices of arousal, her swollen clit peeking out and caressed it slowly with his thumb.

Liz stopped her ministrations briefly to open the drawer in her nightstand full of condoms. “What should we use this time, ribbed, lubricated, scented…”

“Who cares just choose one…”

Liz quickly grabbed one, shut the drawer, straddled him and put the condom on. Max couldn’t help but laugh through his arousal as she rolled the red and white stripped condom back over his erection “Maria sent me these…they’re for the holidays.”

“I see…” Max said he didn’t think he’d be able to look at candy cane the same any more.

Liz eased herself onto him and first their pace was slow and impossibly tender but then Max began moving inside her and the rhythm quickly became faster and harder. Max reached down and hooked one arm under her knee and pulls her leg up opening her even more to him. Liz felt like she was on the edge of a volcano that's about to erupt. Max slid his hand between them and found Liz's most sensitive place ... he rubbed and tugged on her until she was grinding her hips wildly into him. He couldn't believe this beautiful, passionate woman belonged to him. Liz's control finally shattered completely and the contractions deep inside her body were Max's undoing. She watched his face in that moment and knows that she has never seen anything more beautiful than this man…

Afterwards they fall asleep cuddled up and normally when they did this Liz would move away for m him after about twenty minutes because she was the type of person that needed space to sleep but when she opened her eyes at quarter to twelve they were still cuddled together…

* ~ *

The next morning Max awoke to find the space next to him vacant. He went down stairs to find Liz sitting in one of the booths in the Crashdown her finger curled around a mug. She greeted with a peck on the lips “Morning”

“Morning Liz…or um Cinnamon is it?”

She smiled briefly “I’m Liz…Would you like some chocolate?”


As Liz strolled over to the kitchen his gaze traveled over her body and he realized her hair was somewhat shorter then when he’d seen her last. He probably would have noticed last night but her hair had been piled in a messy bun underneath her floppy red hat. “You cut your hair?”

“ Yeah I needed a change you like it?” it was in a cut that neatly framed her face

“Yeah.” Max responded not doing a good job of hiding his true feelings.

“Max if you don’t like it you can just say so.”

“Truth is I feel about your hair the same way I felt about you going away to school.”

“How’s that.”

“ I know it was something you probably need to do for yourself and for that reason I support it and you…but I guess I kind of like things the way they were.”

He was finally being honest with her and for that Liz as great full but what did he expect her to do, put her life on hold and come back to Roswell. “Max the reason I went away is t o help you…to get the best education possible so that I can help you with things… you might not understand about yourself.”

“I know…and I understand but I miss you so much sometimes… Just promise me one thing?”

“Any changes you make in your life please make sure they include me… I don’t think… no I know I can’t live without you. I love you”

“Shh…Max…” Liz placed her lips on his tentatively at first but slowly deepening and as the kiss grew with intensity the flashes began. Flashes from last Christmas to now and all the times in between. To accompany the flashes were the emotions clearly felt of how their love had grown to be what it is now. Their love may not be as innocent…or as perfect as it was when they started but it was stronger, virtually unbreakable and it would be the love to last them for many Christmases to come. “I love you…you don’t have to worry you’ll always be a part of my life.”

He gazed into her chocolate eyes and knew that it was the truth how could he ever give this up “Oh before I forget…I came down here to give you this…” he pulled a jewelry box out of his pocket and handed it to her “Merry Christmas.”

Liz opened the box to reveal a gold tennis bracelet and on the plate was inscribe “Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice”

“Max this is… beautiful…” Liz said smothering him with kisses.

As the early morning rays shone in the widows of the Crashdown Max and Liz took comfort in knowing that although they may not be able to be together all the time each moment they were was more precious than the next.

Merry Christmas