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All right I'm moving my stories over from the old board to the new one, all of my finished work at least. So if you have ever written me wondering where this story and that was if I finished it it's here.

© by Jennifer007

Title: Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
Author: Jennifer007
E-mail: RoswellFanatics⊕
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Pure PWP no real plot here!
Disclaimer: I don't own Kyle, the WB, Roswell or anything affiliated with it. I also don't own Bonnie who is the one who picked the people in here.
Dedication: To Bonnie who said that if I did this she would do an M&L smut, and if she doesn't I have ways of exacting revenge that are not nice. So here is your smut that you didn't think I could make that hot. I told you not to doubt me, now tell me after you read this that this story is not hot!


Kyle walked into the bar, it was smoke filled, and the music was loud. It was just what he needed after the year he had, fake id's came in real handy now and again.

He walked up to the bar and sat on a stool, and the bartender walked over, she was a pretty girl, blond with blue green eyes.

"What can I get for you?" She asked.
Besides yourself? Kyle thought. "How about a boilermaker." Kyle told her.
"Sure thing, coming right up," she said as she poured his shot and then got some budweiser from tap. She put the shot in the glass and let it sink to the bottom, then placed it in front of him. "$6.00" she said.

Kyle took twelve dollars out of his wallet and downed the drink in one swoop. "Could I get another one?"
The girl nodded and made another one for him which he proceeded to drink just as quickly.

She looked at him and nodded her head, he was cute. He had a sort of boyish quality that appealed to her. And his eyes were a startling color of blue. Someone signaled her from the other end of the bar and she moved down there to get the person another drink.

An hour had passed and the bar was slowly emptying, it was almost the end of her shift, and Kyle as she know knew his name to be was talking to her about his year.

"So after Liz broke up with me Bonnie, I was depressed for a while. I mean I liked her, and she was dumping me for Evans. Even though she said she wasn't, I knew that was part of the reason."
Bonnie nodded in understanding, "Well would you rather have had her keep you going and thinking that there was something there when she felt something for this other guy? I mean she could have played you both, but she didn't and now your free to do what you want."
"Yeah I am," Kyle said "And that would have been fine with me, I started to kind of see this girl named Tess, but she was just using me to get to Evans to I found out. I mean what a bitch huh?"
Bonnie smiled at him, "Well any girl that would use you to get some other guy is an idiot in my book. I mean there are so many more things that she could have used you for, you know what I mean?"

Kyle looked at her smiling, he knew that she was coming on to him. And he also knew that he was almost drunk, and he wasn't about to say no to whatever she had in mind, sex was exactly what he needed and if that's what this one wanted then he was willing and able to go there. He thought for a second about the age difference, I mean he was only 17, and he knew that Bonnie had to be at least 21, but he shrugged, Age ain't nothing but a number. "So if you were going to use a guy like myself how exactly would you use me?" Kyle asked flirting with her.
Bonnie smiled, she had him hooked, now all she had to do was reel him in. She had been attracted to him since he came in, and now was her chance. "Well if I was going to use a guy, I can think of a lot of things I would do, but I would much rather show the guy then tell him."

Bonnie walked down to the other end of the bar, she cashed out her till and walked in the backroom. It was his move now, if he wanted to go home with her then the next move in the game was his. When she was done carding out for night she walked out front and Kyle was no where to be seen. She took her time wiping down the counter thinking he was in the bathroom. But when ten minutes had passed she figured that he had left, so she got her purse and walked outside into the night air.

She had only walked two steps when she heard a voice behind her, "So would it be possible to get a ride?"
Bonnie turned around to see Kyle leaning up against the wall a cocky smile on his face. She nodded and he followed her over to her car, when he got in she looked over at him, "So where do you live?"
He smiled and leaned in closer to her his breath caressing her face, "I wasn't talking about a ride home. I was talking about another kind of ride!"
Bonnie smiled her face lighting up, "Okay then."

They walked and half stumbled into her house, lips were pressed hard against each other, hands were pulling at clothes. Buttons were flying, and neither of them cared. As they kissed each other savagely Kyle's arm caught against a lamp sending it crashing to the floor. He looked at the lamp and then Bonnie, "Sorry bout that."
She pulled his lips to hers biting on them, "I'm not I hated that lamp." As if to prove her point she broke the matching one on the other side. He smiled and wound his hand through her hair kissing her again. Bonnie half walked, half pushed Kyle back to where her bed was, pushing him on it when the back of his knees touched the bed. She followed him down straddling his body, her lips never breaking contact with his.

His hands were on her breasts, her shirt had been lost somewhere by the door along with her bra. He broke contact with her lips and raised his head up to lock his teeth around a nipple. She groaned and ground her pelvis down on his at the feel of his lips on her nipple sucking it deep into his mouth. His mouth finally moved attacking the other breast with as much gusto. She tangled her hands in his hair and sat up bringing him with her, his lips and tongue still working her to a fevered pitch. "Oh God. . .that feels so good."

He pulled back and smiled at her, "I know something that will feel a whole lot better." He rolled her over so that he was now straddling her. He stood up and unzipped her jeans pulling them and her panties off her body and throwing them behind him.

Kyle wiggled his eyebrows at her and then used his thumbs to open her up to him. His tongue flicking against the core of her, burrowing as deep inside of her as he could go.

Bonnie cried out as his tongue continued to please her, flicking against her clit, making it stand out higher, it was so sensitive right now that it was almost painful, but it felt so good. One finger was now thrusting inside of her, and her hips were thrusting to match the rhythm of his hand. He growled as he felt her wetten even more for him, she screamed his name as she came, and he clamped his mouth down on her catching all the juices that had exploded just for him.

When her orgasm had ended he crawled up over her, he reached over to the nightstand where he had put the condom and he opened it and quickly rolled it on. His hand went down to guide his cock, to her steamy depths. They both groaned as he thrusted into her in one push. She was so hot and wet, and he knew that it was going to be good.

He started moving in and out, his arms on each side of her supporting his body on them. He thrusted deep and slow at first, pulling all the way out before slowly inching into her again. The sounds and smells of sex filling the room, turning them both on even more.

It was hot in the room, and the sex only made it hotter. A fine sheen of sweat had covered both their bodies.

Kyle reached down and hooked his arms under the backs of her knees, pulling them up so they rested by her face. Her pussy open completely to him.

"Harder Kyle, I want you to do me hard." She said.
Kyle smiled a devilish grin at her, and then started pounding into her. His hips moved hard and fast against hers. The slapping of skin reverberated through the quiet of the room.

Both of their groans soon followed the sounds of their sex, creating an erotic tune in the air.
Bonnie could feel her whole body tightening again, her orgasm was approaching. She let loose with a long drawn out scream as her body shook with the impact of her orgasm.

Sweat was no pouring off of Kyle, he hadn't wanted to give into his own orgasm until she had, had another one. And when she came he let himself go, a loud grunt from deep in his chest, his whole body rigid with the impact of his pent up cum, finally being let go. His eyes were closed and his head was tossed back, as he continued to quiver. Finally he collapsed on top of her, their breathing ragged and their sweat making both of them stick together. Sleep finding them quickly.


In the morning Bonnie woke up, Kyle long gone and a note by her bedside.

Thank you for last night, I will never forget it. I don't expect that we will see each other again, I live in Roswell New Mexico, and you live in Illinois. I should have told you last night, but I'm a Junior in high school. And I knew that if you knew how old I was, what happened between us last night wouldn't have taken place. I have no regrets about what happened, just that I wasn't more honest. I hope that you will have none as well. Thanks for using me, and when I turn 18 if I'm ever in your area again I'll look you up, and maybe you can use me again.


Bonnie read the note, and then smiled. No she wasn't mad, she had, had one of the most mind blowing sexual experiences of her life. With a seventeen year old at that. There's something to be said about being young and having stamina, she thought. Oh well, age ain't nothing but a number.


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As I said this is my very first fic and I didn't like the editing I did in it but oh well I learned.

A Night of Bonding
Author: Jennifer007
Disclaimer: This is my fantasy story that I would have had Liz and Max have.
Rating: PG-13

It's a Thursday morning and you see Max and Isabel, they are walking down the hallway going to Math class. Up in front of them is Liz she looks up and sees them "Hi Isabel Hi Max." Max smiles "Hi Liz so what's going on"? "Umm nothing much I was just going to class". "Yeah so were we" says Isabel "come on Max we don't want to be late." Max smiles at Liz and she smiles back as Max follows Isabel. As they walk Max looks at his sister and shakes his head, "what"? says Isabel. "Well don't you think you could try being a little nicer to her I mean after all she has kept our secret and helped us out when we needed it." Isabel sighs "I don't know what your talking about I'm nice to her," "Is your barely civil to her and Maria when they come around that's not being nice, you act like you can barely tolerate them!" By this time their sitting down in class "Well what do you suggest I do Max I barely know them how can I be friends with someone I hardly know"? "Well you could could invite them over to do some kind of girl thing, you know talk whatever." Isabel chuckles "I know why don't I have a slumber party and we can all bond won't that be fun"? Max gets a bright look on his face "Yeah that sounds like a good idea you guys are bound to get to know each other that way." "Max I was being sarcastic, besides their not going to want to do that." "Look Isabel how do you know unless you ask, besides this might help between you guys." "O.K. Max enough, if I ask will you shut up about it"? "Yeah but you have to ask." "Fine I'll ask" she looks over at Max and smirks "Besides Max I think this is all a plot for you to see Liz in her pajamas" she laughs and you see Max blushing and smiling.

It's later, Lunch has just started and Liz and Maria are sitting next to Alex eating and talking you look across the quad and see a heated discussion going on between Max and Isabel with Michael just looking at them with interest. "No Max I'll ask later"! "Isabel quit being so scared and and just go do it" "Fine I'll do it just ooh never mind." Isabel stomps off. "So what is she doing"? Asks Michael. "She's going over to ask Liz and Maria if they want to spend the night tomorrow." Michael looks at Max and laughs "so how hard did you have to twist her arm for that"? "Look you know I love my sister but she can be a snob at times and with all Liz and Maria have done for us I thought that maybe they could do some kind of girl ritual and get to know each other." You see Alex walking up to their table and he asks if he can sit down. He sits and they start talking now that Alex knows their secret the guys have been getting to know each other better. "Your sister wanted to talk to the girls about some girl stuff so I decided to get out of there." Max laughs "Yeah she's inviting them over to our house tomorrow for a sleepover." Michael speaks up imitating a girl "Oh Isabel I think Max is so dreamy and your so lucky to live with him, oh and I love that color of lipstick you have on what is it called, OH berries and frost how nice" then in his regular tone "I can just see how fun girl night is going to be." "Well then I guess you don't want to come over, what about you Alex"? Alex nods and chokes down what he was eating "Yeah I'll come." "Wait I never said that I don't want to come and see what goes on." Max smiles "So you do want to come over hmm... why would that be"? "Hey Max don't go getting any ideas I just don't want to sleep at my house especially on Daddy's pay day all he'll do is get drunk and yell at me." "Well if you both want to come over you can my parents won't care." "Wow your parents are pretty cool" says Alex "Yeah they are but they are going out of town for the weekend so they won't be there but they would let us anyway." The lunch bell rings and they get up and Max gathers Isabels stuff she comes over and Max looks at her "So"? "So they said yes so I guess I'm having a sleepover." "Look Isabel if you don't want to do this that's cool." "NO I want to" says Isabel quickly and then looks away Max smiles to himself thinking that Isabel looks like she actually wants to do this.

The bell rings for school to get out and you see Maria and Liz walking together "So that was nice of Isabel to invite us to her house huh"? "Yeah" says Maria "maybe she doesn't hate us as much as she let's on." "Come one Maria she doesn't hate us she's just not sure of us and what we want, besides she's had Max and Michael all to herself for all these years and then the next thing she knows their spending time with us and kissing us" Liz sighs remembering Max's kisses "Liz snap out of it I know what you mean about the kisses but I also understand about Isabel, but her and Alex have kind of been flirting so maybe there is something there developing." "I hope so for her sake" says Liz "Me too" says Maria.

The next thing you see is Max and Isabel at their house and Isabel is asking her mother if she can have two friends spend the night while their away "Well that's O.K. but I don't want a party here you can have two people over Isabel" Thanks Mom, oh and I need some money to go shopping for junk food, Max will you go with me now"? "Yeah go get ready and I'll come with you" Isabel leaves the room and Max looks at his Mom "Umm Mom I was wondering with Isabel having her friends over I'm going to go nuts so is it O.K. if I have Michael and another friend come over"? His Mom looks at him "Well only on a couple conditions 1. you can only have two people as well I don't want more then 6 people in this house sleeping 2. I don't want you guys bothering your sister and the girls, I mean it 3. I know I can trust you and your sister so I don't think I have to mention that if you guys did anything that your father and I don't approve of we would be upset, so other then those rules have a nice time, now I have to go pack but here is some money and I'll give you guys some more money tomorrow in case you want to order pizzas or rent some movies." She gives him the money and goes to her room Isabel comes out and looks at Max "O.K. you ready"? "Yeah" says Max.

They get in the car and head to the market. Once in the store they start going up and down the aisles and Isabel starts putting things in the cart chips and snacks all kinds of stuff. But then she notices that a lot of things she puts in Max puts an extra amount of, finally she stops and stares at him "What are you doing Max we can't eat all that your going to make us put on like 30 lbs"! "Umm well some of it's for me and the guys tomorrow." "What guys did you invite Michael and Alex"? "Yeah and Mom even said it was O.K." "God Max see, your going to butt in on my night." "No, I'm not besides Mom told me that we can't bother you girls, besides I didn't think that you would mind since you didn't really want to do this." Isabel stutters "Well I didn't but... well I don't care, do what you want it doesn't matter to me." Isabel walks ahead getting stuff to make ice cream sundaes and Max watches her thinking "say what you want Isabel but you want this to work, I can see it hurts you to not have real friends."

It's finally the next day and school is over and done with Isabel and Max's parents left that morning and when Isabel and Max get home no one is there, they put their stuff away and start getting things ready. Isabel has put all the stuff out in the living room that she needs, that way the girls and her have room to be comfortable. Max is looking around and smiles "Well it looks nice you guys will have fun, the guys and I will stay in my room for the most part I promise." "Wait Max look, you and Liz like each other and Michael and Maria like each other and I can't really expect you guys to stay away from each other, so I'm relenting you guys can stay out here with us and watch movies and all that and if we want to do any makeovers or girl talk we'll go to my room, but we can all have fun tonight right"? "Well, yeah we can all have fun but I thought you wanted it to be just girls"? Max looks at Isabel with confusion. "Well I did want to be just girls but I have fun with you and Michael to so why not combine forces... besides to be honest I'm a littles nervous to be alone with them at first and maybe this will help break the ice." "O.K. Isabel if that's what you want well stay." Just then Michael walks in the house "Hey guys." "Hey Michael, Isabel has decided that she wants us all to hang out tonight." Trying to act unexcited "Oh well that's cool." "Sure Michael I bet you don't mind being around Maria" says Isabel "Yeah well what about you Isabel you don't want to be around Alex"? Michael laughs. Isabel throws a couch pillow at him "Shut up Michael" Max laughs at them "You guys act like little kids." Just then the doorbell rings and Isabel goes to answer it.

Isabel opens the door and there stands Alex "Umm hi your brother invited me over to spend" Isabel cuts him off, "Yeah I know he invited you, come in." Alex walks in and looks at Max and Michael "Hey guys how's it going"? "Hey Alex why don't you bring your stuff in my room for now." They leave the room and come back shortly Alex sits in a chair and Michael nods at him. The doorbell rings and Isabel answers it this time it's both Maria And Liz she invites them in and they see Alex sitting there. "Alex what are you doing here" asks Liz "Well Max invited Michael and I over tonight so here I am." Isabel looks at the girls "Why don't we put your stuff in my room" they walk to Isabel's room and once there she talks to the girls "Well Max decided that he wanted to have some friends over to so I hope you don't mind to much"? Maria and Liz look at each other trying to hide their smiles "No I don't mind do you Maria"? "Nope it don't bother me none" Isabel laughs "Yeah I figured that you wouldn't be to bothered by it." The girls walk back into the living room and the guys are talking about some wrestling match they saw on t.v. the other night. Isabel looks around and wonders whats the first move then speaks up "Well girls do we want to go to the video store and see what they have"? "Oh no Isabel the last time you picked out the movies Max and I had to sit through nothing but love stories." Max and Liz look at each other at what Michael said and then quickly look away. "Well we could all go and the girls can pick out a movie and so will we" says Max. They all decide that would be the best thing to do, the girls go in Maria's car and the guys go in the jeep.

You see them in the store looking around and Alex comes up with a video "how bout this one"? He holds up the latest in the Sigourney Weaver Alien movies. "Max looks uncomfortable and Michael laughs and says "Yeah Alex that's a great idea here you guys are going to sleep under the same roof as" his voice lowers to a whisper "Checkosalvakians" talks normal again "and if we rented that I'm sure that no one would be uncomfortable tonight." Alex blushes "Sorry I forgot it's just you guys are normal I forget most of the time" "Hey Alex it's O.K. don't worry about it" says Max. Michael holds up a video it's the Austin Powers sequel "What about this"? "Yeah that's fine with me what about you Alex"? Alex nods his agreement "Well let's go find your sister Max and see what they picked out they walk around and they find the girls at the Drama section talking about a movie Michael walks up and puts his arm loosely around Maria "So what did you ladies pick out"? In unison they all speak "TITANIC." The guys groan "Wow this is great it's been at least a month since the last time I saw it I can hardly believe it's been that long" says Max "Isabel you always make us watch it can't you pick something else"? "Max the girls and I all want to watch this besides were bonding over Leonardo DiCaprio so what can be better but if you don't want us to watch it that's O.K." and then she whispers something in Max's ear that we can't hear. Max grabs the tape from her and says "Come on let's go rent these and get out of here." Later on in the car as their driving back to Max's house Michael asks Max what made him change his mind and Max blushes "Isabel said that if I didn't let her get TITANIC that she would make us sleep in my room instead of out in the living room with the girls." Michael is cracking up and Alex is in the back seat laughing his head off when they stop laughing Michael looks at Max and smiles "Well I think you made a good choice what about you Alex"? "Yeah I would have done the same thing."

They pull up and the girls have already got there and when they walk in Max calls out Isabel's name "Were in my room we'll be out in a minute." She yells back. You see the girls and their unpacking stuff from their bags. "Well do we put our nightgowns on now or should we wait"? asks Isabel. "Well it's up to you Isabel" says Liz "but I could get comfortable now." The girls decide to get their pajamas on now and their all different, Maria has a pair of satin mens pajamas that are pink, Liz has a pair of baby doll pajamas that are short and ruffly and really feminine, Isabel goes in her drawer and pulls out her pajamas they are more like lingerie really pretty Isabel's pajamas are a soft purple they look like shorts and a tank top but their not. "Is that what you wear to bed"? Asks Maria. "Well not normally but it looks like we all had the same idea... you know to wear something pretty to sleep in, usually I wear a t-shirt or flannels but I don't know I just felt like wearing this besides Max and Michael are family and your girls so it doesn't matter." Maria laughs "Yeah Max is your brother and Michael is like a brother but what about Alex what is he exactly"? Liz and Maria look at Isabel waiting for an answer, Isabel looks around uncomfortably. "So this is what bonding is... well Alex isn't anything to me really but I can't say that I don't feel attracted to him," she sits down on her bed "I don't know what it is about him but he's really nice and funny I just don't know what's there yet." Maria and Liz look at her with total understanding both thinking "I know what you mean." The girls get their pajamas on and brush their hair when their finished they look at each other and Isabel says "Well you know what when we go out there like this I think the guys are going to be a little bit surprised" Liz looks worried "Do you think we look like we tried to hard or does it look like were just you know in pajamas"? Maria laughs "You know what I think that the guys are going to like the effort we made no matter what."

The girls go out into the living room trying to act like it's no big thing and they go into the kitchen and get something to snack on they come out carrying sodas and chips. "So Max did you order pizza yet"? Max doesn't look up as he answers his sister "yeah we ordered a combo" he looks up and stares at Liz you see Alex and Michael and their both looking at Isabel and Maria. Alex's mouth is open and then they snap out of it Michael pushes Alex over "Move over Alex geez..." Michael pats the couch seat next to him "umm here Maria you can sit here" Maria sits down next to Michael "Thanks here I brought you a soda and some candy ohh yeah here's some tobassco." Michael smiles at her "You remembered... thanks." Isabel sits down on the couch in between Maria and Alex and smiles at him "here I brought you a soda" "Thanks Isabel." There are four people on the couch and Max is sitting in a reclining chair "Umm you can sit here if you want Liz" "Thanks Max but I'll just get comfy on the floor." She gets her sleeping bag and lays it out then lays down on it in front of the t.v. when she lays down her pajamas ride up a bit exposing more of her upper thigh Max looks at her and you can see the desire in his eyes, all of a sudden he jumps up "So what movie should we watch first"? Everyone starts talking at once the girls all want to watch TITANIC and the guys want to watch Austin Powers "Why don't we flip a coin for it heads TITANIC and tails Austin, O.K." Michael takes a quarter out of his pocket and flips it you see Isabel toss her hair over her shoulder but in actual fact she pointed her finger at the coin and wiggle it, Michael catches the quarter and slaps it on his hand he lifts his hand up and it's heads "Well I guess were watching TITANIC first." Isabel giggles and Maria looks at her with a questioning look as if to ask did you make it heads and Isabel nods her head Maria laughs to herself and smiles at Isabel.

A couple hours go bye and their at the scene in the movie where Rose is going down in the boat and Jack is standing there watching her when all of a sudden she jumps back on the sinking ship, you look at the faces in the room and all the girls are sniffling "I love this movie so much I can't believe she jumped back on the ship knowing that she could possibly die talk about true love" says Maria, Michael looks at her and smiles you see Liz looking at Liz and Max looking at her as well. "Umm do you mind if I come down there and watch the movie with you Liz"? "Yeah come on down there's enough room Max." Liz blushes as she says this but smiles to. You look at the other people in the room and Maria has one leg in between Michael's and he has one arm around her and his other hand is on Maria's leg absentmindedly rubbing it. Alex is holding Isabel's hand and now Max is laying next to Liz and their sharing a pillow. Finally the movie ends and the girls are all crying the guys feel awkward and don't know what to say Michael pats Maria on the head like a dog and says "It's okay umm everything will be allright" he feels people watching him and looks up Max is looking at him wanting to laugh and Alex is chuckling Michael looks back at them as if to say what. Isabel dries her eyes and laughs "O.K. no more crying let's do something fun."

The girls get up and go into Isabel's room, once alone the guys start talking "Hey it's hot in here can we turn on the air conditioning" says Alex. Max laughs "It is on but" he goes over to the air condition and waves his hand in front of it and more cool air starts coming out "is that better Alex"? "Yeah thanks Max" Michael shakes his head "Yeah Max like you couldn't use some of that cool air right now huh"? "Oh and your just fine Michael, what with Maria's leg draped on you." Michael looks uncomfortable "to be honest I could use a cold shower right about now either that or I could sit on a bucket of ice." Max and Alex laugh and say "Yeah me to."

You see the girls in Isabel's room their listening to the latest Mariah Carey album their sitting around and talking "I thought Michael was going to choke on his pizza when I did that I don't know what came over me but it's like some voice told me do it put your leg over his right now, and so I did." The girls laugh "Well what about Alex Isabel I can't believe he finally got the courage to hold your hand, you could see he wanted to and then he was like inching slowly till he just grabbed it" says Liz Isabel laughs "I know I kept watching him out of the corner of my eye and I was like come on just get my hand I was telling myself that if he didn't soon I would have grabbed his hand." "I know what you mean I kept wanting Max to lay next to me but I couldn't just say come join me," she pauses in what she's saying and looks at Isabel "you know Isabel I want you to know that I've really had a good time so far tonight" "Yeah me to Isabel" says Maria. Isabel looks at them "You know to be honest Max was bugging me about how I was treating you guys and everything and that's why I invited you, but now I'm actually glad that I did, I have a lot of friends at school but to be honest their all into how they look and what they wear but now that I think about it if they were to know my secret they wouldn't look at me the same they would think I was some monster but you guys treat me like I'm normal" Isabel looks like she's about to cry Liz sits closer to her and puts an arm around her "Isabel if you take away where your from you are normal you look just like any other human and yeah at first you were kind of rude to us but we can understand now and I think you know that we wouldn't tell your secret to anyone." Maria sits down on the other side of Isabel "Yeah were all in this together now and that's all there is to it." Isabel looks at them "Thanks guys, you know I'm actually glad that I have friends to talk to about things now." They all smile at each other, then you see a real bright look get on Isabel's face "Hey do you want to play a practical joke on the guys"? Liz and Maria look at each other and nod their heads. Okay when we came in here I heard them talking and they said that they were hot and needed to cool off so why don't we help them out"? Maria looks puzzled "How did you hear that we were in here"? Liz looks at Maria "Duh Maria" "Oh yeah sorry I forgot." They laugh and plot their plan.

The guys are in the living room when they hear the doorbell ring Max goes to answer it but he can't see anyone "Hello anyone there" Michael comes up behind him and looks they hear a noise that sounds like a baby crying and Alex comes up "Was that a baby"? "It sounded like it" says Michael by now the guys are standing outside and all of a sudden they hear Maria's voice "NOW ISABEL" all of a sudden the guys are hit with a barrage of water balloons and a full stream of the water hose you can hear the girls laughing the guys are looking for cover Michael spots Maria as she throws a water balloon in his direction it hits him in his stomach he narrows his eyes "Oh your dead DeLuca" she drops her balloons and runs away laughing and screaming he runs after her.

You see Alex and Isabel and their throwing water balloons at each other you see Max and he is trying to get the hose away from Liz she's squirting him and he finally manages to get ahold of it he manages to twist the hose and he starts squirting her she squeals "Oh God that's cold stop" their both laughing "Yeah it is cold isn't it well you know what they say about payback it's a...." Michael finally catches up to Maria he tackles her but rolls so that she doesn't hit the ground their laying on the ground and Maria is on top of him "Okay I'm sorry Michael I shouldn't have thrown water balloons at you!" Michael looks at her intensely his arms are wrapped tightly around her "well Maria I think that your going to have to do something to make things better don't you"? Maria looks at him and moves closer to him she looks in his eyes and they can feel their breath on each others face she closes her eyes and so does Michael she leans forward and kisses him softly at first and then deeper Michael wraps his arms even tighter around her and they continue to kiss. Alex and Isabel are over near a tree and Isabel has ran out of balloons Alex advances on her "Now Alex it was just a joke so don't be mad" "Oh I'm not mad Isabel" he walks over to her "no I'm not mad but I'm not playing these games anymore" Alex is standing in front of her. "What games"? "Look Isabel I like you and I'm taking a chance but I don't care" Alex kisses Isabel and after a few seconds pulls back and looks at her "So your not going to slap me now are you"? Isabel looks at him with wonderment and shakes her head and in the next instance puts her hand on Alex's head and brings his head forward kissing him this time.

You look over and see Max and Liz their still fighting over the hose Max has it but he drops it Liz reaches to get it at the same time as Max and as he reaches to get it his hand accidentally brushes her breast they both jump like they were electrocuted Max looks at Liz and Liz see's that his face has changed "Your pajamas" he gulps "well you can see through them" Liz looks down and she see's that you can see thorough the top she blushes and crosses her arms in front of her "Oh yeah umm I guess that's not good" Max looks at her and moves towards her he takes her hands in his and moves them from where she was covering he looks at her with those brown eyes and then looks at her top "I can fix that here" he moves his hand slowly in front of her top and it dries as his hand moves over the material. Liz looks up at him after he finishes drying her. "Thanks Max" Max is busy drying himself off and Liz looks around the yard she see's Isabel and Alex kissing and then she see's Maria and Michael and blushes their still lying on each other, just then she looks at Max and he was looking at the same things she was she smiles at him "Well I guess their drying off slowly" says Liz "Yeah I guess" Max replies, Liz stands there waiting hoping that Max is going to kiss her to but instead he starts walking towards the house and then looks back "Are you coming Liz"? Liz sighs and looks at the couples one more time "Yeah I am."

Later on the others come in from out side and Max is sitting on the couch and Liz is sitting in the chair the t.v. is on and it's real low Maria is laughing at something Michael is whispering to her but stops when she see's Liz. Liz looks as if she's lost her best friend Maria speaks up "Hey guys umm Liz can you help me with my hair it's been ruined" "You didn't mind a minute ago" says Michael with a smile Maria gives him a look and whispers "shut up" Maria pulls Liz up and walks toward the bathroom then looks at Isabel "are you coming Isabel"? "Yeah I'll be there in a sec" Maria keeps on walking and Isabel looks at Max "what happened Max"? "Nothing happened Is so just leave me alone allright" Isabel looks at Michael and Alex "You know what your guys so you try to talk some sense into him because I'm tired of trying." She walks to the bathroom enters and then slams the door.

In the bathroom you see Liz sobbing and Maria is hugging her Liz is trying to speak but she can't get the words out finally after a minute she manages to speak "I don't know what it is I know he likes me and were able to flirt with each other and talk but then when it comes to being like a real couple he puts this wall up and won't let me in." Isabel gets some water for Liz and hands it to her "Look Liz I know that Max really cares about you but he's just scared about what's going to happen if you guys get close." Maria nods her head in agreement "I know he's scared but I see Michael kissing you and Alex kissing you and they don't seem to be worried about it so much so why does Max act like if he kisses me the world is going to fall apart"? "I don't know why he does that but I think I have an idea on how to get him to change if you want to hear it." A few minutes later the girls come out of the bathroom and look composed Isabel sits next to Alex on the couch Michael is in the chair and Maria sits on his lap the only place left for Liz to sit is on the floor or the couch she sits down on the couch and then Isabel gets up and turns the radio on a slow song is playing she sits back down and starts whispering to Alex and he starts to laugh, Maria is showing Michael her aromatherapy things and he smells what she put under her nose. Isabel gets up and turns on the radio a slow song is playing she goes to the light switch and dims the lights then sits back down and whispers to Alex "this is one of my favorite songs" Alex smiles "well I would ask you to dance but it's not exactly set up for a dance floor in here" Isabel jumps up "So what come on" they stand up and Isabel puts her arms around his neck and starts moving back and forth to the music. Maria is showing Michael her sandalwood oil and when he goes to sniff it she gets it on his nose he hurriedly wipes it off and looks at her "yuck I didn't want to wear it I just wanted to smell it" Maria starts giggling and Michael gives her his look "Oh you think that's funny huh well what about this" and he starts to tickle her and Maria starts laughing more "No Michael please" laughing more "I'm extremely ticklish" Max looks around and then looks at Liz "So can I get you anything to drink"? Liz doesn't look at him "No I'm not thirsty."

He continues to look at her and then looks away he notices Michael and he's sitting there playing with Maria's hands while they look in each others eyes then he notices Isabel and her head is on his shoulder and he's just moving his hands up and down her spine, Liz sees all this to and see's that Max is looking to. Swallowing her pride she scoots closer to him and puts her hand on his knee, Max jumps up like a rocket "Umm I got to see if I umm forgot to lock the back door." He walks out of the room and Liz looks as if he slapped her in the face "Well you guys at least I know now Max doesn't want to be my boyfriend I was silly to think it would work" she gets up from the couch "Umm I don't feel to good I have a stomach ache from all that pizza so I'm just going to go in your room Isabel and rest okay"? Isabel and Maria look sad "Do you want us to go with you Liz" asks Isabel "No but thanks I just want to be alone for a while. As she starts walking down the hall she see's Max's door shut and thinks to herself "I guess he's had enough of me tonight." She goes in Isabel's room and shuts the door.

A couple seconds go bye and Michael and Alex bust into his room and he's changing and Michael is the first to speak "You know Max I always thought you were the smart one but you don't have any sense at all" Max continues dressing he puts his tank top on with his cotton shorts "what are you talking about Michael"? "Oh like you don't know I'm talking about Liz and damn it your going to lose her if you don't get it together!" Max sits down on the bed "Is she pissed"? Alex looks at him and glares "No she's not pissed she's hurt which is even worse she thinks you don't want her as a girlfriend." Max looks astonished "What... I want her so much it hurts all I can think of is her, I ache when I think of her, I dream about her, my grades are slipping I don't think I could want anyone more then I do her." Michael looks at his friend and finally understands "your scared aren't you Max you think that she might start something with you and then have it hit her that you are what you are!" Max looks at Michael "Yeah I am I mean we've kissed but what if we decide to take it further and all of the sudden she gets repulsed by me I don't think I could take that" "Look Max I'm no expert on girls but when I'm with Maria and she looks at me all I can see is how much she likes me and wants to be with me and when I see Liz look at you I'm almost blinded by all the love I see that she has for you and that you have for her, but if you don't wake up your going to miss out on something real special face it you guys are soul mates whether your from space and she's from earth you were meant to be so think about it okay"? The guys get dressed in their pajamas and go out into the living room.

Max is laying on his bed and he can hear talking in his sisters room so he listens real closely "So I'm going to go out there and be with you guys I've decided that I'm not going to let this ruin tonight but when Monday comes I think it will be best if I stay away from Max that way he doesn't have to feel awkward around me." Isabel groans "God I could just punch Max when he gets this way, well come on Liz let's go eat some ice cream that will cheer you up chocolate is always good for a broken heart." The girls leave the room and a idea dawns on Max he waits a few seconds and then goes out there when he walks into the living room the girls all glare at him and he silently beckons the guys in the kitchen. Once in there he tells them his plan and they agree. Michael goes out in the room and sits on the couch pulling Maria next to him "Come on sit down and quit talking so much all you do is talk" Maria looks astonished "I don't talk to much I..." she trails off because Michael uses this as an excuse to pull her on his lap and kiss her she sighs and kisses him back. Alex sits down on the couch next to Isabel and whispers in her ear that her mascara is all smudged, when she gets up to check he pulls her into his lap and starts to kiss her. Now Liz is in the middle of two couples making out she gets up to go sit in the chair and Max beats her to it and sits down "Oh well umm I'll just sit on the floor she goes to sit on the floor but Max grabs her wrist and pulls her onto his lap "You don't have to sit on the floor Liz, you can sit with me" Liz looks at him with a sad look "Why Max usually you don't want me anywear near you now you want me to sit on your lap why bother Max you don't have to pretend you like me anymore I won't tell your secret no matter what, so let's not play games with each other okay"? Max looks deeply into her eyes "Liz I know you think that I've been running from you and I have but it's not because I don't like you it's because I well I love you Liz and I don't want you to do anything with me that you might regret, so I thought that I was helping you out, but now I know that was stupid and I shouldn't have done it so Liz I'm sorry that I hurt you please don't be mad."

Liz looks at him with understanding finally "So you do want to be with me"? "Yeah but I told you that already so why don't I show you this time"? Max pulls her head down and kisses her she gasps because she can feel how much he loves her in his kiss she closes her eyes and loses herself in his kiss, his toungue dances with hers and his breath is hot and spicy. Finally they break the kiss and when they look up everyone else is looking at them and they all start clapping Liz blushes and Max laughs "See Max I told you that you had to show her how you felt about her" says Michael. Liz smiles impishly and whispers in Max's ear "I can definitely tell how you feel about me I'm sitting on your lap" Max blushes a deep crimson at this and whispers back to her "if we weren't with other people I would really show you how I feel." Liz blushes even harder at this and then says out loud "Do you promise"? Maria looks at Liz "promise what" "Oh Max was just saying" and the rest of what she was saying is garbled because Max covered her mouth with his hand "Nothing I wasn't saying anything" he let's go of her mouth. A few minutes past and Maria is sitting on Michael's lap fast asleep and he says to Alex "Hey could you spread mine and her's sleeping bags out"? Alex does it and Michael lifts her up and puts her down on the bag he lays down next to her and she cuddles up next to him. Then Alex spreads out his and Isabel's bags and they lay down and hold hands. Liz then stands up and her and Max put their bags down by each other they lay down and Max looks at her she smiles at him and holds his hand. Finally one by one Liz, Maria, and Alex all fall asleep as Michael, Isabel, and Max watch them in the moonlight then they drift off to all with smiles on their faces............


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Title:Candy Cane Fantasies
Author: Jennifer007
E-mail: RoswellFanatics⊕
Rating: R eventually
Disclaimer: Umm yah the Christmas episode will not be like this, at least not on the WB, but hey were talking fan fic, so in other words this is just fantasy wishful dreaming stuff.
Category: M&L Mainly, but some great moments for all the couples. This is a turning points story.
Spoilers: None really, this isn't going to follow the Christmas episode, this is just my version of a Christmas episode.
Dedication: Okay this one is for all the Dreamgirls and they know who they are but it especially goes to Cathi and Phae, blame Cathi for giving me the mental image of Jason in red pants, a Santa hat, and no shirt letting all the Dreamgirls sit on his lap (Naughty thoughts are entered here) as visions of sitting on his lap and asking Jason if there is a candy cane in his pocket. And also to Phaedra who wrote that wonderful story for the Dreamers aww the thoughts still linger in my mind. And to Celeste who was up the night I came up with this and went over the first paragraphs of this story and told me that I had to do it.

Chapter 1

Liz sat in her last class for the day and looked at the clock, only 1 more minute till she was out of school for Christmas break. She actually couldn't wait, not that she had a lot of plans, in fact she didn't have any plans. But it would give her more time to think of ways on getting Max back. The bell finally rang and she was lost in her thoughts as she walked down the hall. Max and her had moved from being the loves of each others lifes, to being awkward around each other after breaking up, to having Max hate her for supposedly sleeping with Kyle, to being friends once again who were still awkward because now there was this big hole in their relationship. But she was determined to do what it took to get Max and her back to the way they should be.

Two days later and Liz was still thinking of what to do. She had came up with lost of plans but they all seemed lame to her. She continued to wrack her brain as she swept the floor of the Crashdown, but she was having a hard time thinking, she could hear the constant playful bickering of Maria and Michael in the kitchen that her and the others in their group had learned was their form of foreplay. But it was distracting to her right now, and she wanted to think.

Liz walked back to the kitchen and rolled her eyes as she saw Maria throw a piece of lettuce at Michael's head. "Hey guys, why don't you get out of here for the night. I'll finish everything up."

Michael opened up his mouth to accept when Maria interrupted him by speaking first, "What's wrong Liz?"

"Nothing, I just need to think and I know I can do it better without people around me."

"Max problems." Maria stated, knowing that Max was the thing on Liz's mind most these days. "You know you should just tell him right?"

"It's not that easy Maria." And she shot a look at Michael to let her know to be quiet.

Michael sighed exaggeratedly, "Look I know that something has been going on between you and Mr. Weight of the solar system on his shoulders, what it is I don't want to know, that's your guys business. All I know is that whatever happened messed him up and you hurt him bad, you would have to be blind not to see how he has treated you lately. But now your feeling bad or guilty and want him back, right?"

Maria and Liz both looked at him as if to say duh.

"Trust me, no matter how much he loves you he's still a guy, and were easy." He looked at Maria who was opening her mouth and held up his hand, "Don't even say it," He looked back at Liz, "If you want to get him back do something to get his attention make sure that it's something he won't forget for a long time."

Liz sighed, "Sure it's easy when you say it like that, but how can I grab his attention so he'll listen to me?"

Maria smiled evily, "Liz, don't you know that it's the season of giving? Get into the holiday spirit!"

Liz looked at Maria like she had lost it, "And just what am I supposed to give Max?"

"Oh my mind is going overboard thinking of all the ideas. You and I are going Christmas shopping tomorrow. Don't worry Liz, you will have Max back by the end of the week."

{The next evening in Liz's room}

"Maria I don't think I can do this."

"Yes you can, Max is worth it right?"

"Of course he is."

"All right then, just keep thinking about that when you get nervous." Maria picked up the phone and punched in some numbers. "Hey Max. . . not much, I'm just at Liz's house helping her decorate her balcony for Christmas. . .yeah. . .I was calling to see if Michael was there actually, we kind of need a guy over here to reach some of the high places. . .oh he's not there? Oh well, so those metal ladders? It's safe to have two people up on them right? We heard some creaking but I'm sure it was nothing right. . .well if your sure? I don't want to take you away from anything. . .hold on let me ask her. . .Hey Liz, Max offered to come help us decorate if that's okay?. . .She said yes Max. . .All right see you in a bit." Maria hung up the phone and smiled at Liz.

"Okay he's on his way over, your all set and you know what to do. Good luck Chica, I'm out of here." And with a wave of her hand Maria walked out the door leaving her alone.

Liz walked out to the balcony where some lights had been strung up sloppily for effect, Maria had set out a thermos with hot chocolate in it, and all the provisions that went with it. A box of peperidge farm cookies, whipped cream and cinnamon, mugs, there was some candy canes and Maria had showed her some interesting ways to eat them to get Max's attention. Liz looked down at her outfit, she was wearing a pair of tight white jeans and a red angora sweater, Maria had made her buy some other things that if tonight didn't work, which it should, but if it didn't then they would move to their back up plans, and then Maria had squealed with glee for her friend. Her hair was hanging down her back and she had a light coat of red lipstick on, and she was wearing Max's favorite perfume. Now all she had to do was hope things worked out.

She heard his jeep as it came to a stop down below and she hurried up and stood, grabbing the box of lights at her feet. She reached in and brought out a tangled mass and sighed, they weren't going to finish anytime soon, but that could be a good thing right?

She put on her best lost in thought look and made her hands work at the lights. Her ears keened on the sounds around her picked up the sounds of Max climbing the ladder, her back was kind of turned and she could feel his eyes moving over her body and she felt her body warm to it, she was still so in-tuned to his body and she could feel his body being pulled in all these different directions. He wanted to be more then friends, she could sense that screaming from every pore of his body, but he was also still hurt and was scared to get involved again, Liz calmed her nerves by counting to five and then acted surprised when she looked up. "Oh hi."

"Hi," Max looked around willing his mind and body to quit thinking about how good she looked right now. He wanted nothing more then to pull her into his arms and kiss her, but he didn't he focused on the wall with lights strung like they were tossed up there and shook his head. It seemed that neither of them knew what they were doing when it came to stringing lights. "Maria told me that you guys were having problems, that seems to be an understatement. Did she ever find Michael?"

Liz laughed lightly, "Yeah, it took her all of one minute to decide that she would rather be with him then stringing lights with me. Not that I blame her or anything, I would have done the same thing in her place."

The impact of the statement wasn't lost on either of them. And all of a sudden Liz felt uncomfortable and sneaky for trying to trick Max over here to hang lights with her. And really what was the use, Max and her were just friends, she had hurt him to much to think that things could be repaired to the level they were before. Besides weren't him and Tess getting closer? They had gone to New York together, and she hurriedly clamped down on that thought, she did not want to think of Max and Tess alone in New York together. "Look you don't have to stay, I know you probably have a ton of things you could do that would be more fun for you." She looked around the roof and suddenly wanted to decorate it, maybe her dad would help her, she tossed the tangled lights back in the box. Looking at the lights that Maria had thrown up on the wall, she walked over to them and with one yank brought them falling down. The silence was deafening, but she knew he was still there and she turned around.

"Really Max, you don't have to stay. I'll get my dad to help, besides it's still early enough, I'm sure that Tess would love to do something tonight." She looked back at the lights quickly so he wouldn't see the tears that had suddenly popped in her eyes, it killed her to say that to him still.

Max on the other hand wanted to throttle her, and not for the first and last time he was sure. How could she just bring up Tess and him as if it was nothing? Max shook his head and mumbled under his breath about girls being confusing, and then he walked over to where Liz stood. "I don't have anything planned tonight, I don't have anything better to do, Tess is on a date with Kyle, and to be perfectly honest with you Liz I would rather be here decorating your balcony with you then somewhere else."

Liz looked up and their eyes met each other, and she opened her mouth to say something but Max shook his head, "Don't argue, just let me help all right?"

She nodded and he smiled, he looked back at the box of lights that were a tangled mess, he walked over to them and grimaced then shrugged, oh well had to start somewhere. Then he wanted to laugh, the same could be said right now for Liz and him. He concentrated on the lights with his eyes, but his ears were following every movement Liz mad. He could hear her walk by him and the sound of Christmas songs soon filled the air. He listened as he heard her rustling with what sounded like tree, and when he looked up she was pulling a fake one out of a box. They worked in silence for the next thirty minutes, both just enjoying each other presence. Max had finally gotten all the lights untangled, and Liz had put the tree put together and now she sat down on her chaise lounge, and tried not to think about when future Max had been sitting next to her and all that had happened.

She got the thermos and poured two cups of cocoa in them, she handed one to Max, "Thanks." Liz nodded and then remembered the whipped cream, she grabbed it and sprayed some in her cup and then looked at Max, "Do you want some?"

"Sure." He went to reach for the container and Liz went to spray it in his mug, neither one aware of what the other one was doing. She pressed the nozzle and ended up spraying it all over Max's hand. Both of them jerked back in surprise and Liz laughed, "Sorry, I didn't realize that you were reaching for it." And as if it was second nature to her she reached a finger out and swiped up the whipped cream and put her finger in her mouth licking it off.

Max watched her do this and a warmth spread through his body settling at his now growing erection that was screaming it's presence. He adjusted himself in his seat and reached his mug out, "So. . .how is that whipped cream?"

Liz felt the blush creep up her cheeks and felt her whole body tingle. Oh God, she had just licked whipped cream that had been wiped off Max. She had to shake her head as all sorts of naughty images popped into her head to follow the thoughts of Max and whipped cream. Her voice was husky as she answered, "It's good. . .really sweet," She sprayed the whipped cream in his mug and both of them looked everywhere but at each other. Max took a sip of his cocoa and his head snapped up in surprise to meet her eyes.

"This is spicy."

Liz smiled, "Well of course, it's not like I'm going to forget that. I put a chili pod in yours instead of a cinnamon stick.

Max gave her a dazzling smile, and just for a minute she let herself believe that things were just the way they used to be. Then that little voice in her head had to butt in, But everything's not the same. No Max and you have to much between you now to be more then friends. "Oh shut up." Liz said aloud and then looked at Max in horror because he was looking at her with a hurt look on his face. "Oh my God! Not you, I was talking to myself."

Max raised an eyebrow and chuckled glad that it hadn't been him, "Tell yourself to shut up a lot?"

Liz groaned, oh this night was just going great, first she licks whipped cream off him and then she tells herself to shut up and he's wondering about it, what else could happen?

Fifteen minutes later Liz was wondering why she had asked that. She knew that when you asked what else could happen or go wrong it always got worse. And it just had.

After they had finished their cocoa Liz had decided to get started on the lights, she climbed the ladder as Max held onto it. And as she was up there securing the lights in their places she could feel Max's gaze on her butt, and it flustered her, to know that he was checking her out from where he thought he was safe to, and not realize that she knew, or even if he knew that she could sense it and was still doing it well that thought made her knees go weak. And before she knew what was happening she had lost her balance and could feel herself falling and all she hoped was that she didn't get hurt to bad.

But when she felt Max's arms catch her she almost wished that she had fallen to the floor, because when she looked in his eyes she saw the way they changed from their warm chocolate brown to the color of black velvet. Her own arms had wrapped around his neck and she wondered for a second how they got there.

"Are you okay?" Max's husky voice asked.

Her own voice was just as husky when she answered, "Yes I'm fine." She didn't even realize it but her fingers were now playing with the hair at the back of his neck, and she could feel him tense and then relax. Their eyes were holding each other, neither wanting to look away for fear that this moment would end abruptly. But Max finally did look away, but only to move his gaze from her eyes to her lips, she could see the way he was studying them, and she unconsciously licked her lips and wanted to shout with glee as she watched Max bend his head down towards hers.

He's going to kiss me, she thought as she closed her eyes and heard the phone in her room start to ring.

The moment was broken, Max shook his head from the daze he was in, and Liz wanted to scream as Max put her on her feet. "I'll be right back." He only nodded as she went to pick up the phone and he felt how she did when she snapped into the phone.

"WHAT?" Liz snapped.

"Hey girl, how are things going?"

Liz bit her lips to keep from screaming at her best friend. "I honestly don't know how and can't answer that right now."

"Oh not so good huh? Well keep trying, I'm sure you'll be in his arms any moment now. I have to go, but tell me all the details tomorrow, bye!" And she hung up before Liz could get a word out.

Liz looked at Max who was sitting in a chair seemingly lost in thought, and walked over to him. She didn't know what to say, asking him where they were before the phone rang just didn't seem right.

Max saved her from saying anything, "Well I better get going, I forgot that my Mom is cooking some new dish tonight. But I'll talk to you later Liz." And with that he left like the hounds of hell were chasing after him.

Liz watched him as he went down her ladder, and honestly felt like sitting down on the cold cement and crying her eyes out. That would feel so good right now, not as good as Max's arms did, the little voice in her head said.

"Oh shut up," she said for the second time that evening.

Chapter 2

The next evening Liz was wiping down the tables of the Crashdown with vigor. Maria wanted to laugh because it almost seemed like it was a commercial moment, one of those cheesy ones where the table has that little diamond effect and you hear it go ping, that's how clean all the tables looked right then. And Maria knew that when Liz was tense or upset she cleaned things like she was attacking them, it wasn't just that she wanted to get the job done so they could leave.

"So are you going to tell me what happened, I mean I know it had something to do with last night and Max. But it couldn't have gone that bad could it?"

Liz groaned and then gave Maria a mock glare, "All right if you really want to know."

She filled Maria in on all the details, from the moment Max pulled up to the moment Maria had called and then Max left.

Michael had walked up near the end of their conversation, and laughed when he heard about Maria calling. "Talk about being nosy, couldn't you have waited till this morning before you called her?"

Maria slapped his shoulder, "I just wanted to see how things were going, I didn't really think I was going to interrupt anything."

Liz laughed so hard that she snorted causing Michael and Maria to look at her in surprise. "Yeah kind of like the time you walked in on Max and I at Michael's house and practically dragged me out of there."

Michael looked at Maria not knowing that's what had happened that night. "They wanted to be alone, why would you do something like that?"

She rolled her eyes, "Because they were being just a little bit to much alone. Liz wasn't ready for that yet."

It was Michael's turn to roll his eyes, "And if it had been Liz trying to bust you and I up, that would have been okay?"

"Anyways' were not talking about you and I, were talking about Max and Liz."

Liz sighed, "Don't bother, there is no Max and I anymore. I ruined things between us, all were ever going to be is friends. So I'm just going to keep things how they are between us now before I ruin even that."

"Don't say that Liz, something will work itself out, I know it."

Liz shrugged, "I don't think so, but hey being his friend is better then nothing right?"

Michael felt uncomfortable, he wasn't one for touchy feely kind of talks. He had enough problems expressing himself to Maria, so how was he supposed to talk to someone else about their problems? And he and Max may not be on the best of terms right now, but you could take one look at Max to know that he was as miserable as Liz was. But suddenly he knew what he could do, maybe it was because of the season, he didn't know and he wasn't going to spend time figuring it out. He was just going to work on his plan before he changed his mind.

They all finished cleaning up the cafe and Michael hurried over to Liz who was walking up her stairs. "Hey, don't make any plans tonight all right?"

Liz looked at him confused, "All I was going to do was decorate my balcony, it's not like I had a hot date planned."

"Whatever, just make sure that when Maria calls, you get what you need to get and hurry all right?" And without waiting for her answer he jogged out the backdoor to Maria who was waiting in her car.

"All right, so why are we going to the woods? What's out there?" Maria asked.

"First we need to stop by your house, and my apartment, we need to get some warmer clothes, grab some food, and then call the others. But trust me I can't tell you, it's part of your Christmas present, and your getting it early."

Maria burst into a huge smile and they continued their drive to her house where once there Michael hurried her along. After changing into jeans and a sweater she grabbed a jacket, hat, scarf and mittens all at Michael's insistent and then she went into the kitchen where Michael helped her make some hot cider and cocoa which they filled two thermos's full of. Her Mom had some Styrofoam cups left over from an old party and Maria grabbed those as well, and then as an afterthought she snagged a bag of cookies and went to her room where she had a huge bag of Christmas candy stashed. She was excited as she ran out to the car where Michael was sitting in the drivers seat, and after a short stop at his place to get warmer clothes they were on their way to the woods.

Maria had already gotten a hold of Alex and had him call Liz on three way so she could inform both of them to be at Frazier woods at 10:00. And as they drove out there Michael finally got a hold of Max and Isabel and told them to meet him out there at 10:00 as well. He almost smiled because his plan was working so far. It was 9:00 and that would give him time to do what he needed to do and enjoy it for a little while with just Maria. Finally he looked at Maria and dialed in the last number that he had to, he knew that she wouldn't be really happy about it, but as she kept telling him it's Christmas.


"Hey Kyle, it's Michael. Look were having a kind of get together tonight just for fun, were all going to meet at Frazier woods. So if you and Tess aren't busy we want you to meet us there." He waited while he heard Kyle knock on a door and then the mumbling of voices. Finally Kyle came back on.

"Sure we'll be there, what time?"

"10:00. And make sure that you either dress really warm or bring warm clothes, no questions asked all right?" And without waiting for Kyle to answer him he hung up to meet what he thought would be a horrible glare from Maria, but she only looked slightly irked.

"I don't want to talk about it, it's Christmas." Michael told her knowing that might get her to not say anything.

Maria bit her lip and just nodded.

When they got there Michael felt himself getting excited and nervous all at the same time. He knew Maria wouldn't mind sharing it with the others, he just hoped that she liked it.

When they got out of the car they got all their items from the back-seat and Michael took a deep breath to calm his nerves, Maria and him hadn't exactly been on great terms lately, he wanted tonight to be perfect. They made their way through the forest till Michael found the spot he was looking for.

"All right why don't you put your jacket and stuff on." Michael told her as he picked up some sticks and a log he saw on the ground.

"It's not that cold Michael."

He looked at her from his crouched spot on the ground, "Maria please, just for tonight, trust me and don't ask any questions. Please just this once?"

Maria eyed him, she didn't want to fight, it was obvious by everything that he was doing that he was nervous and that he had something big planned. So she did what he asked, she put on her jacket, mittens and scarf. She put her knit hat on and when she had Michael who had finished putting his gloves and hat on came over to her. "You do trust me for the most part don't you Maria?"

She studied his face knowing that her answer was important to him, she ran a hand down one side of his face and smiled at him tenderly. "I trust you Michael, whatever we have between us isn't perfect, but at times I wouldn't have it any other way. I trust you with my life as well as my heart Michael."

What she had just said spoke volumes and he gave her one of his rare smiles before he kissed the top of her nose. "I know that I don't say it all the time but you mean a lot to me Maria. More then I thought you ever would." He kissed her on the lips this time, a soft kiss that he ended before either of them could really enjoy it.

He moved his eyes up to her hat, "Close your eyes Maria." And when she did he pulled the hat over her eyes. "Keep the closed and don't move."

Michael walked away from her and stood still his eyes closed and his hands out. He wasn't sure how he had learned this, but he knew that if he concentrated he could turn the molecules in the air to flakes of solid matter, and when those molecules were cold and filled with moisture they could be formed into snow.

He continued to concentrate but finally opened his eyes up to what he was doing, snow was coming down all around them, the trees were slowly turning from dark green to where they had fluffs of snow on them. The ground was starting to get covered and it was piling up. Michael grabbed up the items they had brought with them and put some in Maria's arms while he held the others. His connection was strong, and he had Tess to thank for teaching him how to keep a lid on things.

He finally slowed it up a bit and the snow fell slower but continued to cover things, he managed to turn the wind chill up enough to keep everything cold and not let the snow melt. He grabbed the two sticks he had found on the ground and put them down where there was now a nice blanket of fresh white snow and then put the log between them that he had under his arm.

He concentrated and slowly the log turned into a long table and the sticks formed into benches for people to sit on.

"Michael what's going on, it's gotten colder all of a sudden, and is it raining?"

"No, just give me 30 seconds and then you can look."

He went and got the items that he had made her hold and put them on the table, and then he walked back over to her. His hands moving to her cap. "Are you ready?"

She felt his breath on her face and smiled, "Yes."

"Keep your eyes closed." He whispered as he lifted the end back into place and finally took her hand in his. "All right you can look. Merry Christmas Maria, I hope you like it."

Maria opened her eyes and then gasped in surprise. "But. . .how. . .Michael it's snowing. You did this?"

At his nod Maria's eyes glistened with happy tears as she turned to him, "I love it, I've always wanted to have a white Christmas. Thank you."

"I was worried about what to get you, everything seemed so cheap after the last year. I wanted to get something special."

Maria could hardly believe that Michael was saying something like that to her. They had came a long way in the last year. At times she wanted to punch him, but right now all she wanted to do was kiss him, and that's just what she did.

The kiss she gave him warmed them both up considerably. And when they pulled away he looked at her, snow falling around them, and he smiled. "Now do you see why I invited the others out tonight?"

"Besides the fact that it wouldn't be right to have all this snow and not share it with them? No why?"

"Because it's about everything you have been telling me. About Christmas being about family and love. I may not know how to tell everyone, or I may act like I don't want or need it. But I do, I need all of you, Max, Isabel, Liz, Tess, even Kyle. But I need you most of all Maria. And that's what tonight is about, I'm hoping that maybe doing this will help everyone else get back to where they need to be. I've seen how Kyle looks at Tess and her at him, I know that Alex and Isabel have been in this weird limbo and just need a nudge, and I'm not blind to the fact that at times Max and I need to be pushed off a cliff and avalanched with rocks to knock some sense into us about what we want and need. I was wrong to push you away, and I hope you forgive me for being an idiot about it for so long."

If she hadn't been 100% sure that it was actually was Michael in front of her she would have thought it was Rath or something. Michael wasn't one for long speeches, especially about how he felt. "Michael I love you, and I know that you don't know how to say or show it all the time. But when you do things like this, I know that you love me, even if you can't say the words all the time."

They kissed again and when they pulled away this time Michael turned her around in his arms and wrapped them around her as they stood there seeing how the moon hit the snowflakes falling and making them look creamy blue. "What time is it?" He asked with his head on top of hers.


He sighed wishing that they could have just a few more minutes, but then he pulled away and walked to the table with her following him. He smiled at her as he pulled out one of those battery operated Coleman keychains that actually worked when you turned the base. He turned it on and she laughed, "I don't think were going to see much with that light Michael."

He shook his head and concentrated, and Maria watched in amazement as the light grew brighter and brighter till you could easily see everything. You could have even read a book clearly if you wanted to, but she seriously doubted anyone would be doing that.

They made their way back through the forest to where her car was parked and waited for everyone to show up. Kyle and Tess were the first to arrive, followed a couple minutes later by Max and Isabel, Isabel wanted to know what was going on but both Maria and Michael were quiet and said they would let them know when everyone was there.

"Who else is coming?" Tess asked.

"Alex and Liz." Maria answered her.

Tess looked at Max at the mention of Liz's name but he didn't seem hurt or angered by it, which was good she guessed. She and Max had done a lot of talking lately, and she had finally told him that as long as he wanted to be friends she wouldn't worry about them being together. And honestly she liked it that way, she didn't need to be married to Max to help him, besides she was only 17, and Kyle just looked to good to not want to see what all those looks between her and him were about.

They all heard the sound of a car approaching and turned towards it. Alex pulled up and he and Liz got out. "So another late night excursion, did anyone bring any weapons?"

They all rolled their eyes and Michael was the one to answer. "There's no need for weapons. But you do need the warm clothes, tonight is about letting go of all our problems and just having fun."

"Yeah, so go ahead and put your jackets and stuff on, and then we can show you." Maria said while linking her arm through Michael's. That wasn't lost on anyone and it was Isabel who asked the question that everyone was dying to know. "Are you two back together?"

Michael smiled at Maria and then nodded, "Yeah, and I don't want to hear about it if anyone has a problem." When everyone shook their heads and Liz smiled at Maria he knew everything was cool.

Once everyone was dressed Michael and Maria led the way. When they got close to the spot they had everyone close their eyes and all hold hands. Maria and Michael were in sync with their matchmaking schemes and the others hadn't noticed. Maria was holding Max's hand and Liz was holding Max's, Alex was holding Liz's other one and Isabel had a hold of his right hand, Kyle had one of Isabel's and Tess had the other one and Michael had grabbed the last free one and then linked his other free hand with Maria's making the circle complete of all of them. They led they way further still and continued to make sure their eyes were closed as they moved into the clearing.

Once they were all standing still Michael and Maria let go and moved back. "All right open your eyes everyone."

The group slowly opened their eyes, and mixtures of gasps, oohs, and how's sprung from their lips.

As everybody looked around with complete joy and wonderment in their eyes Michael reached down and softly packed some snow into a round snowball. Nobody was watching him as he took aim and threw it at Max.

The coldness startled Max for a second and he looked at Michael who was smiling. He knew it was Michael's way of saying truce, and Max decided to answer him back with a faceful of snow. Squeals were soon heard as everyone started bombarding each other with snowballs that couldn't be made fast enough.

Liz had bent over and was getting a big snowball ready to get Maria back with. Maria had just thrown one hitting her the chest. She packed her snowball and brought her arm back and let go. She saw as it whizzed past a giggling Maria's face and seemed to veer straight for Max's. She watched in horror as it hit him right in the face, the soft snow falling apart and on his jacket. He looked at Liz who was quickly apologizing.

"I'm so sorry Max, I was aiming for Maria."

Max who was still holding a snowball of his own smiled, and Liz from where she was missed the wicked gleam that was there. He walked towards her smiling still. "I know that you wouldn't have thrown it at me intentionally."

She nodded in agreement as Max stood in front of her, as he stood there he looked down at her feet. "Liz your shoelace is undone."

Liz looked down just in time to see a faceful of snow before it hit her.

Max laughed as she looked at him, she brushed it away and he felt his chest tighten at how pretty she looked right then. Her cheeks were rosy from the cold, and there was flakes of snow in her hair that glittered like diamonds. Her eyes were dark and held a wondrous and mischievous twinkle in them all at the same time.

He was so busy watching her that he wasn't paying attention to anything else. Liz was tired of playing by the rules, and she knew just how to get him back. She knew he was staring at her and she knew where his thoughts were going, and as much as she wanted to do something about it, she knew it wasn't the time for it. She signaled to Maria for a snowball and Maria snuck over handing one off to her.

When Maria had moved on to play with the others some more Liz looked at Max, she licked her lips and tilted her head to the side she lifted one hand up and fluffed her hair over her shoulder and then put that same hand on Max's hip, flirting with Max with her body, and then with her words, "It's suddenly gotten very warm hasn't it Max?"

He nodded not able to speak his mouth suddenly dry.

"Well maybe it's time we cooled things off, what do you think?"

Max nodded again, not really hearing her words just agreeing with what she said.

"I'm glad were on the same page Max."

And giggling she used the hand that was on his hip to tug his jeans and boxers away from his skin. Max couldn't comprehend anything he thought she was tugging him towards her, that was until he felt icy coldness going from his stomach and slowly melting a path towards his rapidly shrinking package. He jumped and yelled out in surprise as Liz ran off.

All right Parker if you want to play we'll play, Max thought as he used his powers to melt the ice and dry it quickly. He looked around for Liz and couldn't see her, and Liz not knowing that her friends were snitches thought she was safe. But they all saw Max looking and quietly pointed to the spot where they had seen Liz go.

Max smiled and took off in the direction they pointed, he watched every step he took, wanting to sneak up on Liz quietly.

Liz peaked out from the tree and as what could only be described as someone stalking their prey saw Max heading towards her. She squealed and took off, running in the opposite direction and Max gave chase. They ran through trees, and Max always let her stay one step ahead of her. Finally he was ready to catch her, he lunged one way to make her run the other and then did a fake out. Catching up to her, her jacket in his reach, Liz continued to run as Max held on but she wasn't going far. Not being used to the ice she lost her footing and twisted her ankle going down on her butt.

Max saw the look of pain on her face and was instantly on his knees next to her, "Damn I'm sorry Liz, I didn't mean to hurt you."

She shook her head, "Max I was having fun, it's not your fault. Besides it's just a simple sprain, no harm done." She looked at the others who were still having fun and hadn't seen and felt sad, here they were all enjoying a once in a lifetime thing for them in Roswell and she was going to have to sit it all out.

Max saw the sadness flit across her face, "What's wrong? Besides your foot?"

She shrugged, "Nothing really, I'm just sad that I can't play in the snow with you anymore, I mean with everyone."

He smiled at her, "No I think you had it more right the first time, but I can help with that, it would be no problem to fix your ankle, I'd like to if you want me to."

She didn't really need to answer, she would let him, and he knew she would.

Max took off her shoe and placed her foot on his lap, he pulled back the sock to reveal her ankle that was rapidly swelling up. He caressed the skin before forming the connection, their eyes on each other, and almost instantly he was in, images from her mind rushed past him and he realized that a majority of them involved him. As he healed her the images continued and suddenly one popped up that he was scared to see, he saw Kyle taking his shirt off in her bedroom and then Liz coming out in a towel. Max wanted to quit touching her but couldn't because he still needed to heal her.

He continued to watch the movie play in his head, it was almost like a car crash and he couldn't look away. He watched as Liz and Kyle climbed in bed and Liz removed the towel then, he watched them talk and laugh, and then he saw himself through her eyes and the look on his face as he saw them, and then he left and Kyle got up and dressed and he handed Liz her robe and Kyle looked away as she put it on. He watched as Kyle left and Liz went into the bathroom and he felt his heart squeeze as an older version of himself walked out and she went in.

He watched as Liz came out dressed and they moved to the balcony. Liz's ankle was way healed by now but he didn't sever the connection he had to find out what else happened.

Max watched as Liz and his-self talked about Tess and the Future, he watched as Liz said to him that she wanted her wedding dance, and he continued to watch as they danced and then he watched himself disappear.

Max let go of her ankle and looked at her not saying anything.

"Is it all better?" Liz asked as she slowly rotated her ankle in his lap, "Yup feels all better, thanks. You do great work Max."

"So do you." Max said in a whisper.


"I know Liz." He couldn't think of anything else to say right now.

Know? Know what? Liz thought for a second, and then it hit her, she had forgotten about the connection, she forgot about Max explaining to her in those early days about how when they heal they make a connection and see things. "I don't know what your talking about." She said in a sad whisper.

Liz was jerking her shoe back on and not looking at him. She stood up and started walking away, she wasn't ready for this with him now, she wasn't sure if she ever would be.

Max jumped to his feet jogging after her as she neared the others.

"I said I know Liz. I want you to tell me what all that was about."

She kept walking hoping that if she ignored him he would leave her alone, but she knew he wouldn't no not Max.

Max grabbed her arm pulling her arm around to face him, "Damnit, don't lie to me anymore, I saw enough to put the pieces together, I knew that something was going on but you wouldn't tell me. Now what really happened between you me and Kyle?"

By now everyone was standing there watching Max and Liz, none of them sure what was going on, only Kyle, Tess and Maria had an idea.

Liz's walls were slowly crumbling, she had tried but she just couldn't keep lying to him, she knew he had seen things, and it might not all be clear but he obviously knew enough to know that it was all an act. "I couldn't tell you, don't you think I wanted to? Don't you think that it killed me to lie to you, about something like that?"

"I said that I would never ask again that day after I came back from New York, that I had to know and you told me yes. But I'm going to ask again Liz, and I want the truth this time," he was gripping her by the shoulders and practically shaking her as he asked. "Did you sleep with Kyle that night I saw you on your balcony, or any other night? And I mean ever so don't evade things!"

Liz heard the gasp of surprise from Isabel and could feel the look or murder Alex and Michael gave Kyle.

"No, Kyle and I never slept together, ever. And that's the truth this time."

Max nodded once and then pulled her into his arms grinding his mouth against hers, and Liz could feel his relief and joy that she was still 100% his in body and soul.

Chapter 3 {Time To Thaw The Ice}

As Liz sat at the table later that night her lips still tingled with the memory of the kiss that Max and her had shared in full view of all their friends. But she couldn't think about that now she needed to tell them about what had happened and why.

Everyone was sitting at the table drinking cocoa and cider and listening as Liz started.

"I was in my room one night, that night after we had went to the psychic." When Alex and Maria nodded she went on, "I was thinking about what she had told me when I saw this burst of bright light outside and the next thing I know Max who looked older was peeking in my window. At first I thought it was a shapeshifter or a skin and I was really scared. But then he told me that in ten seconds you were going to be serenading me." She looked at Max as she said this and the others stared at him not knowing that it had happened.

"He whispered the words that you were singing, and when I went out there to see you he told me how as you threw the roses up you remembered that I liked white instead of red and it happened as he said it. I mean it kind of hit me then this was all true, he eventually told me that he needed my help that when he left where he had just came from that the world was being taken over, and of course I wondered what I could possibly do, and then he told me."

She looked at Tess and then at Max, "He told me that I had to make you fall out of love with me, that I had to push you towards Tess. I mean it wasn't enough that I had already left you in the desert that day, I needed to take further measures to make sure it happened."

Isabel looked at Liz and not for the first time that year realized how much they loved each other. "So what did you do?"

"I went to Tess and I told her that I wanted to move on but I couldn't with Max still trying to be with me. . ."

"Is that when you came to the house that night and coached me on what to say and do and where?" Tess asked in shock.

"Yes, and then when you were outside of the Crashdown I was across the street with Future Max and we watched what was going on. But then Max started across the street suddenly and I tried again to tell him that we couldn't be that it wasn't right."

"I don't buy it, I mean what your saying is that this was me from the future, and I don't know if I buy that I would come back to you and tell you to push me away from you. I mean why wouldn't I go to any of the others. How are we really sure that this wasn't a setup?" Max said heatedly.

Liz looked at the others gulped down what was left of her pride and spoke quietly, "I know how you feel, I didn't believe it either at first, but when he told me what he did after we came back from watching you and Tess I got scared and I didn't know what to believe." She just sat there not going on, hoping that it would be enough and knowing that it wasn't.

"What did he tell you next?" Michael asked.

Liz felt her eyes feel with tears and Maria grabbed her hand offering her support knowing what was coming next.

"He told me that the next evening Max was going to come to me because he was trying to wear me down. You had bought the tickets for Gomez and came to my balcony to ask me again to go with you, but instead of going to the concert we stayed there and made love."

Max looked at her his eyes registering the shock, "What?"

"I was just as shocked, he told me that you came to see me and it happened. I didn't believe him, I mean I love you Max but when he told me I felt torn, I mean I didn't feel ready to have sex, and I wasn't even on any kind of protection. But he told me that he I mean you had protection, I didn't really know that you were thinking about us like that yet I mean it took you so long to kiss me the first time that I figured sex was a long way off. So I had to do something else, and that's when I came to visit you."

Max felt himself blush as everyone's eyes turned to him, here they were having this conversation about what was supposed to have been his and Liz's first time and everyone was listening. Max sighed deeply, "Okay well a lot of teenage guys carry condoms around in their wallets, and if you believe that it was really me then that's enough for me. But did you mean what you said when you told me that you loved me but not enough to die for me and that I was basically dangerous?"

Liz looked at the snow and then her gaze wandered to Max's face watching his intent expression she didn't let her eyes leave his as she answered. "No, I didn't mean that, I owe my life to you Max, I wouldn't have done any of the things I had in the last year for just anyone, when any of you have needed my help I was scared of course, but it had to be done. And I knew when I was doing those things that my life could be in danger but I still did them, and I wouldn't change my mind about any of it now, and still I would be there if any of you needed me. So no I didn't mean what I told you Max."

Max's eyes sparkled and she could see the love he felt for her right then.

"But why did he need you to do this Liz, that's the only thing missing from this story. I mean was it just because he had to be with Tess?" Michael asked.

Liz shook her head, "No, I had already left Max to do what he was supposed to in the cave. Since the future was changed by my actions anyhow I might as well tell you what I know. When Future Max came here he told me that he had just came from the downfall of Earth. Aliens were battling it out all over Earth and it was near the end of life as we knew it." She looked at Isabel and then Michael, "Isabel and Michael were both dead and he told me that because of the way you all treated her Tess had left way before then. And that's why he needed to push me away from him and Tess towards him."

Everyone looked at Liz in shock and she could see the comprehension of what she told them dawn on Isabel and Michael.

"I know we used to treat Tess like the 7th wheel or whatever, but we haven't done that in a long time now." Isabel said in a shaky voice.

"Probably right around the time that we went to Whittakers Funeral right?" Liz asked.

Max looked at the others and knew that them being nice to Tess coincided with when he had seen Liz and Kyle together.

"Liz could I speak to you alone for a minute?" Tess asked quietly.

Liz looked at her and then nodded, she got up from the table and walked with Tess away from the group. Tess stood there silently and Liz felt some apprehension, knowing that whatever Tess was going to say was going to be huge.

"You love Max enough to let him go, not just for yourself but for the sake of everybody. You took the brunt of all of this on by yourself, knowing that your actions with Kyle would hurt Max and push him away from you, and still knowing that you did it, because you knew that they needed me to fight whatever is coming?"

"Yes, but that wasn't the only reason. I mean how could I let what I feel for Max be the cause of people dying, millions of lives were in my hands and there was only one choice to make, it was hard but I didn't have any other choice."

Tess nodded as if she understood and then spoke quietly, "I only have one choice as well. Liz this isn't the easiest thing for me to say, but you belong with Max, you deserve him. What he and I shared was in the past, and I have a real chance at a future now, and I can be his friend. But it's you he really wants, so I'm giving you two what you need, each other."

Liz looked at the girl who she had felt such jealousy and disdain for in the past, "You mean your just giving up on you and Max?"

"Yes, and I know that out of anyone you know how hard this decision is for me to make. Not because I feel love for Max at least in the way you think, I mean I love him but it's not intense like you and him feel for each other. I'm doing this because it's the right thing to do, Max and the others need me here to help fight because were strongest with the four of us, but Max isn't strong without you, he needs you to function in ways. You keep him sane and he needs that now as well as in the future. So be with him, love and care for him the way that you should, you won't have any more problems from me about it."

Liz didn't know what to say, thank you didn't seem like enough and she knew that talking about this was as uncomfortable for Tess as much as it was for her, she smiled at her and Tess smiled back, both of them realizing that things between them were square now. Both of them were quiet on the way back to where the others were seated and Liz once again sat down next to Max who grabbed her hand in his and leaned over to whisper to her.

"What did she want to talk to you about?"

Liz smiled and turned to whisper back in his ear, "She told me that loves you." She let her words hang as Max looked at her and then at Tess as if worrying and then Liz continued, "She also told me that she doesn't love you as intensely as I do and basically she gave us her blessing to be together."

Max's smile stretched from ear to ear as he looked at Liz, "So love me intensely do you?"

She laughed and rolled her eyes, "Well it's not like I have much choice, I mean your devastatingly good looking, have a great sense of humor, romantic, have good manners, your kind to others, and well your good to have around in case of an emergency. So what's not to love?"

"Yeah I'm the bomb huh?"

Liz playfully pushed him, "Did I mention that you have a growing ego." She whispered this in his ear and he felt her breath tickle the hair there as well as all his senses, and he realized that his ego wasn't the only thing growing. He didn't think now was the time to tell her that though, considering that they had just gotten back together. All though it wasn't official he knew that they didn't need the actual words, they both knew where they stood with each other.

All technicality's of their relationship aside she still knew that he carried a condom with him and he didn't think she would appreciate his having an erection right now. Max eyed the snow with interest and wondered if it would look to weird to the others if he sat in it.

What Max didn't know was that Liz would have been very appreciative of it. She was so happy that they were back together, and all she wanted to do was plant her lips firmly against his and not come up for air for about an hour. But she couldn't do that in front of everyone as much as she wanted to. She wanted to find a way to get him alone but that was easier said then done. Or was it, Max could always give her a ride home, but what about Isabel?

As everyone finished drinking their drinks and started playing in the snow again Liz walked over to Isabel. "Isabel I kind of still need to talk to Max alone, and well I was wondering if you would mind if I got a ride home with Max and you could go with Alex?"

Isabel nodded without hesitation, "Sure Liz, no problem."

Liz blinked in surprise that it had been that easy to get her to agree, she smiled at her and then walked over to where Max was sitting on the bench. "I asked Isabel if she would mind getting a ride with Alex so that I could get one with you and we could talk, that is if you don't mind of course." She said teasing him, knowing that he didn't mind.

Max gave her a lopsided smile and pulled her down so that she was sitting on his lap, "Yeah giving a ride home to a beautiful girl, I don't know. . ."

"Oh be quiet."

"So what do we need to talk about?"

"Us, or if us is back basically?"

Max used his hand to turn her face so that it was facing him more and she turned with it, "There is an us, there will always be an us. We hit a roadblock and got off track, but were back on track again. And I don't have any intention of losing you so easily if ever again. So yes you and I are an us again, does that answer any worries you have?"

She smiled brightly at him, "Yes." She kissed him lightly on the lips, all she wanted to do was be alone with Max, they had wasted a lot of months on not being together and she wanted to make up for the lost time in a big way. "But I still want you to give me a ride home."

It was Max's turn to smile, "Hmm well since we know where we stand with each other, well I get the feeling that we'll be doing more kissing then talking."

Liz rolled her eyes, "Sure just spell it out why don't you."

Max leaned in and nipped her lower lip between his teeth, "I'm tired of spelling and talking, I've missed us, and I hate that we have spent so much time apart fighting and being pushed apart by just being what I am."

Liz sighed as his hands stroked her back and his lips brushed against hers, "I've missed you to Max, these last few months have been horrible."

"I know."

Liz massaged his scalp as she continued to drop feather light kisses on his lips, "Do you think that everyone would be mad. . ."

"If we left now?" Max asked answering her question with the same thoughts he was having.

Liz hurried and stood up and Max was right behind her as they walked towards the others, "Guys we've had a blast tonight, it was a real nice night, but it's late and Liz has to get home so I'm going to give her a ride."

"Yeah he's going to give her a ride." Michael muttered under his breath and got an elbow in his ribs from Maria.

"All right, we'll talk to you later then guys." Maria answered for the group as she smiled and pushed Liz and Max in the direction of his jeep.

"Call me later tonight, no matter what time." Maria whispered to Liz.

Liz nodded and then took Max's outstretched hand to help her in the jeep.

Max finally got in and started the engine. They drove in silence both of them glancing at the other and smiling before looking away shyly. It was as if they were back to those first few days when liking each other was new.

Finally Max spoke not wanting to waste any time now that he and Liz were together again. "I feel like we wasted so much time. All these months that we could have been together, and we were fighting. It seems stupid."

Liz sighed, "You do understand why I did what I did though don't you?"

Max looked at her and then back at the road, "I understand why you thought you had to, but I don't like that you couldn't come to me about it. We would have found a way to deal with it just like we always do."

Liz turned more in her seat so that she was facing him, "Max, if I had came to you and said, hey your future self came to me and told me that the world was ending all because you love me. So you have to fall out of love with me, and oh yeah it has to be like immediately because in the next couple days were going to make love and well that just cements the end of the world. Your telling me you would have gone, okay sure no problem, if I can survive the FBI hunting me I can do this."

Max looked at her and then laughed, "All right I see your point, I probably would have thought someone had scrambled your brains. I just want you to promise me that from now on, whatever problems come up we handle them together. Deal?"

"I promise, I never want to go through something like that again though." Then before he saw it coming she punched him in the arm as hard as she could."

"Ow! What did you do that for?"

"That was because I had to go through it alone, sending yourself back in time to make me break up with you. What were you thinking Max?"

Max rolled his eyes, "I don't know, it wasn't me." He started over when he heard her huff, "Okay it was me, but I wasn't in my right mind. I'm sorry." Max said figuring that this was one of those times that no matter what he was a guy and he was wrong no matter what."

Liz smiled to herself hearing that little boy quality that guys picked up somewhere along the way in life to make girls forgive them, but she had learned a few tricks of her own along the way as well. She read Cosmo now, she was starting to be a worldly woman, and was about to use her wiles to tease him.

"It's okay your forgiven, this time. But don't do it again."

Max chuckled, "Yeah as if I would."

Liz reached a hand out and rested it on his knee and when she heard the quick intake of breath she knew her plan was going to work.

"So now the question is how are you going to make it up to me?"

When he looked at her quickly he saw a relaxed look on her face and he knew that she had no idea what her hand on his knee was doing to him.

But Liz knew, she knew very well what the slightest touch of her hand did. And she decided to up the notches a bit. Lightly scratching her nails on his knee she bit her lip as she felt his leg twitch.

Max tried to remember what they had been talking about, something about him being wrong, and then he recalled something about him making it up to her.

"How about dinner at Senor Chow's tomorrow night?" Happy with himself that he had managed to keep his voice from cracking or sounding like he wanted to jump her.

Liz tried not to giggle at the obvious hard work Max was doing to contain himself, his words had wavered and as she studied his profile she could see his pulse moving erratically.

"I don't know, we can eat Mexican anytime. I was in the mood for something different, something that I could take my time and enjoy."

Max maneuvered the car along the road, "All right, well I know that you don't want to go to the Crashdown already, and Senor Chows is out. So what did you have in mind, what are you hungry for?"

Liz did giggle this time, that one was just to easy and she couldn't pass it up this time.

Moving her hand higher till it rested on his upper thigh she curved her hand around till her fingers were lightly resting on the inseam of his jeans.

Max definitely jumped this time and glanced at her and then where her hand was before looking back at the road. "Umm Liz. . ." He ran out of words, and his tongue couldn't have formed them to save his life, Liz had leaned closer till her lips were right near his ear, and her hand had moved dangerously close to his bulge when she whispered.

"There is only one thing that I am hungry for right now Max."

Her hands and the way she was whispering huskily in his ear left no question as to what she was hungry for, and Max gulped audibly, he knew they were playing in dangerous territory, but still he had to ask to be sure. He pulled the car over onto a shoulder and drove back a little ways knowing that nobody traveled this way and they could talk without interruptions.

When he stopped the car he looked at her and touched her face lightly and felt his heart fill when she leaned her cheek into it.

"Liz. . .what are you. . .saying?"

She felt suddenly shy again but this was Max and she didn't have to be, they had promised that from know on they would tell the truth and say what's on their minds and that's just what she did. "I'm saying that I'm hungry for you, the touch of your hands on my face, your lips on mine, the crush of our bodies when you hold me close. I've missed you these last few months, and I know now what I didn't back when your Future self came to me. I might have denied that I was ready to make love to you, but that isn't true. I love you Max were a part of each other no matter how we try to push it away and fight it. I want to be with you, not with just my heart and mind, but my body as well."

Max had watched her face as she told him what was in her heart, and when she finished she sat there as if waiting for some kind of response from him.

"Liz ever since you walked away from me at the caves that day, it only made me realize how deep our love really goes. For you to walk away from me when it must have been killing you and I know it was killing me, it just shows that no matter how much we love each other we are willing to sacrifice that love for others. But I don't want to sacrifice us ever again. We will have problems in the future, were not safe yet. But I know that with you by my side, just giving me a smile, or a soft touch to let me know that your there for me will make me stronger. I can manage without you Liz life would go on, but I don't want it to. If your not by my side then what good is all of this, I need your love."

Liz was breathless, she knew that Max wasn't like other guys his age. He had an old soul, and he wasn't afraid to speak what was in his heart knowing now that she felt the same way.

He put a hand on the back of her neck and kissed her lightly at first before deepening it. She knew by his words how he felt, but he wanted her to know physically how he felt as well.

When the pulled away from each other the looks on their faces showed the yearning they had for one another. Both knew that it would be a short matter of time before they did make love. But this was neither the time nor place to share something as special as the joining of their bodies. And neither of them had to speak the words to know how the other one felt, the just both knew they felt the same way.

"I love you Max."

"I love you Liz, forever."


THE END. . .

Okay I know that it wasn't NC-17 but I didn't want to do this one all racy, I figured I could do it romantic and still good without all the sex. But don't think that I'll continue down that path, it's just not going to happen LOL!

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Title: Fire & Fairytales
Author: Jennifer007
E-Mail: BoobzyDD⊕
Rating: Soft R for now but NC-17 at the end, get real by now you know what I write LOL.
Category: Heavy M&L but other couples will be around
Spoilers: None
Distribution: If I've given you permission to take my other stuff go ahead and take this one to, otherwise ask and you'll receive
Disclaimer: I don't own the WB nor any places where I get my ideas from, and I totally got this idea from a book Diamond Girl by Diana Plamer.
Feedback: Yes please but if you have any critical things to say then save them please, I don't want them, I only want the good stuff.
Dedication: To my Beta Readers Diana and Jezebel, thanks you guys for volunteering to do this, and my next story you guys get dibbs at but this one is going to be a surprise so you have to wait like everyone else (Enter evil laughing here) , and to all my fans if your romance readers then you'll know where I got this from.
Summary: This is not a Roswell story, they don't live in Roswell and there are no alien powers, this is just a cute story I wanted to do. And none of the people are the age they are in Roswell, this takes place now but as older people.

By Babyface and Des'ree

Your riding in my car
I turn on the radio
I'm holding you closer
But you keep telling me no
You say you don't like that
But I know that your a liar
Cuz when we kiss oooh fire

Late at night
Your taking me home
You say you want to stay
But I want you to go
I say I don't love you
But you know I'm a liar
Cuz when we kiss oooh fire

You've had a hold on me right from the start
A grip so tight I couldn't tear it apart
My nerves are jumping acting like a fool
Your kisses might burn but my heart stays cool

Well Romeo and Juliet
Samson and Dahlia
Baby you can bet
They were burning with desire

If I say split
Then you know that I be lying
Cuz when we kiss oooh fire


When we kiss I'm on fire
Your tenderness
Gives me desire
I can't resist
Your tender lips
When we kiss oooh fire

When we kiss I'm on fire
Your tenderness
Gives me desire
I can't resist
Your tender lips
When we kiss oooh fire


Part 1

It was cold, gray, and raining as Liz Parker stood by her desk with puddles around her. She shed her beige raincoat and matching hat and pushed her hair out of her eyes angrily. She was soaked and ten minutes late because she had missed the bus, and her suede boots were soaked, along with the hem of her new blue ruffled frontier skirt.
She sighed wearily What was the use? She had just bought the new frontier skirt and a matching high necked blouse on Saturday, and this morning she had walked out of her apartment with enthusiasm and confidence, today was the day that she was going to make Michael Guerin look at her and take notice.
She had wanted him to see a woman, not just an efficient secretary who made good coffee.
But then it had rained and she had, had to walk 6 blocks to the downtown San Francisco law office where she worked. It was starting out to be a typical Monday.

Michael Guerin's door opened just as she had known it would, and her tall boyishly attractive boss walked into the outer office. One eyebrow shot up as he looked across at her, and she could see that he was trying hard not to laugh. She could imagine how she looked: tall, gangly, and small breasted, wearing clothes that suddenly seemed to emphasize all her faults in her figure. To complete the disaster she looked like an ideal applicant for the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus.

"Go ahead say it," she dared him, pursing her full lips, which were ineffectually painted with thick, pink lipstick. "I'm off to join the clowns."
"I'm a gentlemen or I might," he admitted as he smiled. He jammed his hands in his pockets and moved closer, "What's on the agenda today, Liz?"

She reached into the top drawer and pulled out the appointment book. "You've got Mrs. Thompson about the property suite at nine, you're due in court at ten-thirty on the James case, and you've got a meeting in chambers with Judge McVernon at two-thirty. Isn't he sitting on the James case?"
Michael nodded.
"Then if you don't finish by two-thirty, you can forget the meeting in chambers, I suppose."
"Are you kidding?" he chuckled. "Scott will recess until we talk over that continuance. How about the rest of the afternoon?"
"Your free."

"Thank God, " he sighed, and winked at her. "I've got a heavy date with Maria tonight. I don't know how I live from evening to evening!"
She tried to smile and look unconcerned, while her heart was being slowly strangled by the thought of the blond haired, beauty he'd been dating for the past three months. It was beginning to look serious, and she was really scared. How would she live if Michael married someone else? She seemed to have loved him forever, at least for the past year. And all he ever noticed was her typing speed.

"Has Max came in yet?" he asked.
She felt herself tense up at the mention of Michael's stepbrother. He frightened her with his hard, dark face and his huge physique. He was the most abrasively masculine man she'd ever known, and the six months that he'd been in partnership with Michael had been the most trying of her work history. She still couldn't understand why Max had left a lucrative law practice in New York to come out to San Francisco to join Michael's, when Max already had a national reputation as a trail lawyer and Michael was just out of law school.
"I don't think so," she murmured after a minute. "I just walked in the door, and I haven't looked."
"You won't either, unless I insist, will you?" He asked curiously. "It amazes me how nervous you are around my brother. The other day he told me that you seem to go into hiding when he's here. He has to hunt for you to give dictation."

She shifted restlessly. She wasn't a timid person. She had a temper and on occasion she had showed it even to Michael. But Max made her bristle. She couldn't be in the same room with him for five minutes without wanting to take his trash can and dump it over his shaggy dark head of hair. And that wouldn't do at all because Michael worshipped his older brother. So she tried to avoid trouble by avoiding Max Evans. In her mind they were one and the same.

"I'm busy most of the time," she reminded him. "There are those files in the storeroom that I'm trying to alphabetize when I'm not typing petitions for you or entertaining nervous clients. . . . "
"I know I know," he sighed. He cocked his head at her, "You don't like Max do you?" he asked bluntly.
She shrugged her thin shoulders. "I suppose I'm a little in awe of him," she said after a minute, searching for a tactful way to admit that she hated his guts and finding none.
"Because he's famous?" Michael chuckled. "His name is always in the gossip column when he goes to Hollywood or the Big Apple, all right. Max attracts women the way honey attracts bees. He's not bad looking, and God knows he's not poor. Come to think of it, I'm surprised he didn't bring his secretary when we began the partnership," Michael murmured, smiling. "Sarah was quite a dish. Uh not that you aren't. . ."

She managed a faint smile, to show him that she didn't mind being thought of as drab and uninteresting by the man she worshipped.
"Maybe Sarah didn't want to leave New York," she suggested.
"Maybe." He turned. "Well send Mrs. Thompson in as soon as she gets here. I'm not snowed under with mail yet, am I?"
"I'll run down to the mail room and get it," she said.
"Made coffee?" he called over his shoulder.
Sure she muttered to herself, and she swept the floors, and de-cobwebbed the corners and reupholstered the chairs, and the sofa, and patched the carpet, and painted the door facings, all in the three minutes since she walked in the door.
"Not yet," she replied sweetly. "As soon as I get back from the mail room, okay?"
He sighed, "I guess it will have to be," he mumbled, closing his door behind him.

"Oh damn men everywhere," she muttered as she opened the outer door, and came face to face with Max Evans. She had to force herself not to start at the unexpected site of him. He was intimidating, not only in his superior height, but the sheer volume of him, and not one ounce of that physique was flab. he could back down most opponents just by standing up. His eyes were brown with amber specks, and they were hard and cold as ice when he was angry. His face was broad, his mouth chiseled and faintly sensuous.

She moved quickly aside to let him enter the office, and felt herself bristle as he came by her. He had a frightening vitality, an aura of pure menace when he was out of sorts. And he was always out of sorts with Liz.
"I'm expecting a letter from a colleague in New York," he said without preamble and without a trace of good humor. "Bring the mail in as soon as you get it."
His broad back disappeared into his office and the door closed behind it. She glared at it and giving in to a sudden whim went down on her knees and salaamed like a person begging a king for mercy in front of his closed door. Just as she was giving her best to the effort, the door suddenly opened again.
Max's thick eyebrows rose while Liz struggled to regain both her feet and her forgotten dignity.
"I'll need you for some dictation when you get the mail, so bring our pad in with it," he said curtly. "And if your auditioning for the stage, don't practice on my time." He turned back into his office and slammed the door.

There was a muffled laugh from behind her, and she turned to see Michael struggling to keep a straight face. They looked at each other and burst into laughter, rushing out into the hall toghether to keep from exploding where Max could hear them.
This was Michael at his best, a co-conspirator with a sense of humor that she loved. Max's opposite in every way.
"I thought you were going to faint when he opened the door," Michael chuckled, leaning back against the wall in the desserted corridor as the laughter passed. "That made my morning."
"I wasn't expecting him to open the door," she confessed. "I couldn't help it, he throws orders around like a conquering army."
"He always has. I've learned to nod my head and listen and then go do what I please. It works half the time," he added with a rueful smile. "Poor kid, he's rough on you, I know. I truly didn't realize he was going to leave his secretary behind in New York and then want to share mine."
She flushed at that unexepected sympathy and smiled up at him. "It's okay," she murmured, ready to wade through crocodile infested waters for him. "I'd better get the mail before his lordship comes out with a battle ax in hand. Then I'll get your coffee."
"No rush, I'll survive," he said with a wink. "Don't let him intimidate you Liz, he's not what he seems. In a lot of ways, Max has had a hard life." He straightened away from the wall. "Chin up, and all that rot," he said in his best fake British accent. "Right troops?"
She saluted. "Aye sir!" She turned and rushed down to the elevator.

A little over an hour later, she was sitting at her desk when Michael came out, shrugging into his trench coat on the way.
"I'm late again," he sighed and smiled at her. "I should be back by three-thirty. You can call the courthouse if you need me before then."
"Will do," she promised. "Have a nice day."
"I'll do my best. Oh, and pull out the Myers file and Photostat those deeds for me, will you?"
"Okay." She agreed.
"Hold the fort honey," he called over his shoulder. He stopped with his hand on the doorknob. "Oh and if Maria calls tell her I'll pick her up at six for the ballet, okay?" That's my girl."

And he was gone. She glared at the door, feeling vaguely betrayed. She hated Maria, because Maria was beautiful, with her long blond hair, and creamy skin, she had a great figure. And Liz ached to look like that, to have that slinky walk and that air of unshakable confidence that drew men like flies. She got out her compact and stared at the plain little face in the mirror with a rueful smile. She wasn't going to set any men on fire with desire, that was for sure. With a sigh she put away the compact and started her computer.

The morning went quickly, and pleasantly. Max stayed in his office, his clients came and went, and the telephone lines stayed busy, but Liz didn't have to see him. She liked days like this when confrontations could be avoided. She didn't like Max. She didn't exactly know why, but compared to his stepbrother, he was like winter to spring. Michael was so personable and pleasant, such a charming man. The only thing Max might appear to be charming to would be something as dangerous as he was, maybe a rattlesnake.
She was grinning wickedly at that thought when Max's door opened and he came out into the office with curt, deliberate steps.

"Get me the Myers file," he said curtly.
She had it on the desk, having just photocopied the deeds, He rattled her, though when he used the courtroom tone on her, and she jumped up and started looking through the filing cabinet for it.
His dark eyes went over her with distaste before they fell to the desk. His hand moved lifting the edge of the file folder. "Isn't this it?" He asked, his voice sharp.
She turned, flushing as she realized it was. "Yes, sir," she said for lack of anything else to say.
He opened it, thumbing through it. His eyes shot up, pinning hers. "What are you doing with it?"
"Michael dictated a cover letter on his way out," she explained coldly, "and said to copy the deeds and send them along."
He tossed the file back onto her desk with a scowl. "I wish to God he'd take the time to tell me when he's already done something he's asked me to do."
"He was in a hurry," she said defensively. "He had to be in court by nine-thirty."

He rammed his hands in his pockets and studied her. She wished she hadn't been standing up; that derisive going-over was embarrassing.
"Seen enough?" she asked, angry at his bold inspection.
"I saw enough the I walked in the door," he said turning. "Is he taking that Maria woman out again tonight?"
She felt a surge of pleasure at the sound of disapproval in his voice. He didn't care for her Michael going out with Maria either, by the sound of it. "You'll have to ask him that Mr. Evans," she said demurely.
He gave her a sideways glance, "So protective, Miss Parker," he growled. "Michael is a grown man, he doesn't need a bodyguard."
"Most secretaries are protective of their bosses," she parried.
"You carry it to new heights." His glittering eyes narrowed. "How long have you been here?"
"Almost two years," she said.
"And how long have you been in love with my brother?" he continued, and she didn't like the mocking smile that held no trace of amusement.

She felt her muscles contract, every one of them, and her eyes glittered, "It's hard to work that long around a man without being fond of them," she countered.
He stuck his hands in his pockets, obviously enjoying himself. "Are you fond of me?" he returned.
"Oh I'm just burning up with fondness for you sir," she replied, and grinned wickedly.
"Is that why you were salaaming at my office door this morning?" he asked politely.
She felt the flush coming again and averted her face before it showed, pretending to gather up the Photostatted documents on the desk. "I dropped a pencil. I was just picking it up," she informed him.
"The hell you were."
She glanced up at him, "Was there something else you wanted Mr. Evans?"
"Eager to get rid of me?" he questioned, arching his eyebrows. "I wouldn't think a woman of your attributes would turn away male attention."

She was doing a slow burn, but perhaps she was getting angry without a reason. "My attributes?"
His dark eyes narrowed as they apprised all of her that was visible over the desk. "Small though they are," he added with pursed lips. "Was that outfit supposed to catch Michael's attention?"
She clenched her jaw, "I beg your pardon?"
"That outfit," he repeated, pulling a hand from his pocket and gesturing toward her blouse. "You'd look better in a pair of overalls."
She stood up seething, "Mr. Evans you may be one of my employers," she began coldly, "but that gives you no right to criticize the way I dress."
"I have to look at you," he replied. "Surely I have a say in the decor of my own office?"
Her fingers clenched, her lips compressed. She wanted nothing more then to attack him.

"If you want to attract my brother's eyes away from his latest acquisition, you'll have to do better then that," he persisted. "You look about twelve in that getup. And what do you do to your hair to get it to stand up on end like that, watch horror movies before you come to work?"
Her fingers curled around the file folder viciously.
"Are you such a prize, Mr. Evans?" she asked coldly. "Your ears are to big!"
His eyebrow arched, "This coming from a woman who could qualify for the frump of the year nomination?"
"Oh!" she burst out, and before she had time to think, she had flung the file folder at him, scattering paper all over the desk and the floor.
He cocked his head at her, a peculiar smile momentarily softening his features. "How fortunate for you that it didn't connect," he murmured. "I hit back honey."
"You started it!" she accused, her dark eyes flaming and brilliant.
"A matter of opinion." He watched her hesitate before she reluctantly bent to pick up the scattered papers.

Her fingers were trembling; her body was trembling. She wanted nothing more then to hurt him, to wound him. She couldn't remember ever feeling such rage at any man. And especially her boss. She colored, remembering that. He'd be within in his rights to fire her, and that would take her right out of Michael's life, because Michael wouldn't go against Max. She'd seen the proof of that often enough.
She glanced up at him apprehensively as she clutched the disordered sheets of paper to her breast and stood up.
"Feeling apologetic?" he asked, and the cold smile told her he understood exactly why she was regretting her temper.
She swallowed her pride. Any sacrifice, to be near Michael. "I'm very sorry Mr. Evans," she choked. "It won't happen again."
"Poor little Cinderella," he murmured mockingly, while she blushed again. "Sitting among the ashes while the wicked stepsister makes away with the handsome prince."
"Yes, indeed," she returned curtly, "almost as bad as having to kiss the frog." She smiled meaningfully at him.

He turned away, "I wouldn't hold my breath, if I were you," he murmured. "I'm damned particular about who kisses me."
"I'm amazed," she muttered. "You probably have to pay women to do that."
"What was that," he asked while turning.
In enough trouble already she controlled her temper. "Not a thing sir," she replied with a theatrical smile. "Just commenting on the weather."
"It would break your heart if I fired you wouldn't it?" he asked suddenly, looking disgustingly smug. "Because Michael wouldn't lift a finger to bring you back and you know it."
"That would be hitting below the belt counselor," she said quietly.
"Yes, it would. I might remind you," he added with a flash of a mocking smile, "that I'm a criminal lawyer. I don't mind hitting where it hurts the most. Do we understand each other Miss Parker?"
She swallowed. "Yes, sir, we understand each other."
"One more thing," he said as he took a step into his office and turned his brown eyes to look back at her. "The next time you throw anything at me, you'd better be wearing some good running shoes." And he closed the door behind him.

Liz spent the rest of the day avoiding Max, and when Michael walked back into the office at three-thirty she was still simmering.
"Hi girl." Michael grinned, whistling a tune as he sauntered in and perched himself on the corner of her desk. "How's it going?"
"You had four calls. I put the messages on your desk. And I've got the letter on the Myers file in there for your signature, complete with copies," she said, warming to his charm.
"Is Max in?"
She felt her face go rigid. "He left about a half hour ago."
He cocked his head at her. "You say that with such relish," he grinned as he said it.
"For my part, I wish he was being slowly cooked in somebody's stew pot, pith helmet and all," she said visualizing the scene with glee. "Of course he'd poison whoever ate him. . . ."
"How savage," he remarked. "Might I ask whey you have this sudden compulsion to feed my stepbrother to strangers?"
"He called me a frump," she returned with glittering eyes.
"He what?"
"Never mind it's to complicated." she murmured.

"He doesn't like you does he little one?" he asked quietly. "I've noticed how hostile he is toward you. It's not like Max; he's usually the soul of courtesy with women."
"Ah but that's the problem," she explained, grinning. "He doesn't think I qualify for the status of a woman. I look about twelve in this rig, he said."
Michael didn't say a word, but his eyes revealed that his opinion matched his brother's. "Might I ask what you were doing while all this commentary was going on?"
"Flinging file folders at his shaggy head, that's what," she returned. "And if you want to fire me, go ahead."
He chuckled softly, his eyes gleaming with delight. "Oh no, lady not me. If your brave enough to throw things at Max, you've got a job for life."
She smiled sheepishly. "Old dragonslayer, that's my name, not that the dragon didn't flame up," she added with a sigh. "He said if I threw anything else at him I'd better have running shoes on."
"I don't doubt it. Take my word for it, Max in a temper is something to be avoided at all costs."
"I'll keep that in mind as I sharpen my trusty saber. He asked me if you were seeing Maria," she confided.
He frowned. "And what did you tell him?" he asked, his voice cool.
"Nothing," she said quickly. "I told him that if he wanted to know anything he ought to ask you."

His face relaxed. "Good girl, Maria is none of his business." his eyes warmed, softened. "Isn't she a beauty, Liz? All fire and determination. A very strong woman with a great business sense. I've never known anyone like her."
His voice had gone as soft as his eyes as he walked into his office, and Liz wanted to scream with jealousy. She couldn't remember ever hurting so much in her life. Oh Michael look at me, Look at me and love me for what I am, for what I could be. . . .


The next day she wore a beige sheath dress that clung lovingly to the curves of her slender body. The color did nothing for her, although the fit wasn't bad. She left her hair long, hating it's frizzled look, but she didn't suppose it made much difference. Michael was never going to notice the way she looked, anyway.
He was whistling when she got to the office, already pouring himself a cup of coffee and looking like a man on top of the world.
He turned when Liz walked in and grinned. "There you are," he said. "Max made coffee."
She flinched at the sound of his name and bit her tongue before she could say something foolish. "Did he?" she asked. "How nice."
"He's an early bird, all right."
She hung up her coat and turned on the computer, then turned the appointment calendar to the right page and sat down.
"Your cheerful this morning." she said with a careful smile.
"I feel cheerful. I'm off to Bodega Bay Friday for a long weekend. Come to think of it, you might as well take Friday off too, if Max doesn't need you," he added.

For one wild, beautiful moment, she thought he might be asking her to go to Bodega Bay with him, and she beamed. The sudden radiance on her face captured his attention and he frowned slightly.
"I'd like that," she told him.
"Got a date?" he asked.
"No," she said quickly, just in case.
"Too bad," he remarked, smiling dreamily as he stared at the wall. "I'm taking Maria up with me for some fishing. Can you imagine, she likes to fish?"
Somewhere in Liz's heart, a candle went out. "Oh really?" she murmured calmly.
"Liz!" a muffled roar came from Max's office.
She gritted her teeth, casting a helpless look at Michael who shrugged and walked into his office.

She glared at Michael's back and grabbed her pad and deliberately took her time going into Max's office.
He knew she's delayed on purpose, it was in his glittering dark eyes when she opened the door after a short knock and walked in. He was leaning back in his swivel chair, his jacket off, his broad chest rippling with muscles as he clasped his hands behind his head, the woman in her involuntarily appreciated the sheer masculinity of him.
"Yes, sir?" she asked sweetly.
He looked her up and down, and something in his eyes made her knees go weak. He was always appraising her, as if she were for sale, and it disturbed her more then she liked to admit. She tingled when those cold, dark eyes traced her body, feeling things she'd never experienced until he walked into her life. She didn't know why she felt that way, and she didn't like it. As a result, her hostility toward him grew by leaps and bounds.
"The color stinks, but it's an improvement," he murmured.

She flushed, clenching the pad in her fingers. "You wanted something Mr. Evans?"
He leaned forward. "I need to dictate a couple of letters. Have a seat."
She started toward the chair, aware of his eyes assessing her coldly.
"Have you been crying on my brother's shoulder?" he asked suddenly.
She sat down gaping at him. "Sir?"
"You heard me. He asked me this morning if I minded letting up on you."
Her chin came up, "I slay my own dragons," she returned. "I don't need any help."
He raised an eyebrow. "Should I be flattered? Yesterday I was a frog, today I'm a dragon. . ."
"I didn't call you a frog Mr. Evans." she reminded him.
"At any rate, that's the wrong fairy tale. I've got something in mind for you Cinderella," he murmured.
Her eyes widened, and he made an impatient sound. "Good God, I'm not that desperate for a woman," he growled, and she flushed angrily. "At any rate, this isn't the time to discuss it. Take a letter, Miss Parker. . ."
"It only took fifteen minutes to finish the dictation, but she was almost shaking when she started out the door.

"Just a minute," Max said behind her, his voice curt to the point of rudeness. "Michael's taking Friday off; did he mention it to you?"
She swallowed. "Yes, he did."
"Then presumably he told you why?" he asked with narrowed eyes.
She only nodded.
"I'll be out of the office for a couple days. But I'll expect you here Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. sharp. We're going to talk."
"About what?" she asked curtly.
"Well, Miss Parker," he said leaning back again with his lips pursed, "you'll just have to wait and see, won't you?"

Part 2

Liz wore the frontier skirt and peasant blouse again on Friday deliberately to irritate Max. He was not going to dominate her the way he liked and tried to dominate everyone else.

When she walked into the office she looked at Michael's door, and sighed thinking about where he was and who he was with. She hung up her coat and then went to collect the mail, as she was opening the door Max was coming in and she collided with him.

He lifted an eyebrow and looked down at her, "Did you do it on purpose?"
"Do what on purpose?" she asked looking at him confused.
"Did you make yourself look as unattractive as possible on purpose?" he asked her.
Her blood boiled, she had never felt such rage at a man, she lifted her arm up and took a swing at him.
Max caught her arm before she was able to hit him, he walked past her into the office and still holding her arm dragged her behind him.
He ignored her struggles and once in his office he slammed the door behind them.

The feel of his fingers on her wrist were causing sensations to run through her, she had never felt like this when a man touched her before, she felt like her whole body was humming at his slightest touch. She didn't like how her body was reacting to him and she turned narrowed eyes up to him and glared.
He dropped his briefcase on the floor and caught her other hand with his and held her in front of him, she stopped struggling and stood there watching him, the anger in her and the feelings that were going through her because of his touch were making her body strum with energy.

Max watched her and when he had assessed that she wasn't going to try to hit him again he dropped her wrists and glared at her the same as she was him.
"If you ever try to hit me again it will be the very last time you do so," he warned, his voice cold and deep.
Liz glared at him and raised her chin, "And if you ever insult me the way you have been again that will be the last time you do so as well, I will walk out the door and you can find some dumb bimbo that wears shirts cut to her navel and skirts that end at her behind and you just see if she can type and dictate for you while doing her nails or hair."
Max watched her for a minute then spoke gently to her, "Calm down Liz, sit down." He gently pushed her into a big chair and then leaned on the edge of his desk. He watched her as she finally calmed her breathing and her eyes softened a bit. When he could see that she had gotten some control he spoke.

"He's getting involved with Maria," he said quietly, "it's getting serious, I think he wants to marry her, and I don't want him to marry her."
Liz felt sick, Her Michael married to someone else?
"Stop looking like it's the end of the world, he's not married yet." Max told her.
"So if you don't want him married then how are you possibly going to stop him?" Liz asked.
Max smiled, "I didn't say I don't want him married, I just don't want him married to her. There are a lot of woman out there that are to eager to spend time with a man that has money and give him what he wants in bed to make him theirs, and then they take him for everything. My brother is just to young to know which woman go in what category. So I'm not going to stop him, you are."

"Excuse me? And how am I possibly going to do that?" Liz asked looking at him as if he had suddenly put on a tutu and started running around the office screaming that he was a wood nymph.
"Your going to save him from Maria. I'm going to change you into something that will take my brothers eyes from Maria to you."
She stared at him and once again saw the tutu, He's definitely lost it. "Umm Mr. Evans you don't look like a fairy godmother to me, I don't have a pumpkin, or little mice that are going to make me a dress, I don't have a wand. And if you'll take a look at me there will be several things you notice, I'm boring, I have no real looks, and I've been here a long time and Michael has never noticed me for anything more then someone who works for him. And you think you can just change all this?"

He stared at her as she said all this, and she watched as his eyes moved from her face, down to her shoulders, her breasts, her stomach and hips, then down to her legs which he couldn't see because the skirt hid them, then his eyes traveled back up and caught her eyes.
She felt warm in every spot that his gaze had traveled to and felt her back bristle at the feelings taking over her again. "Are you taking inventory?"
"Sort of, do you wear a bra?" he asked as his eyes fell to her ruffled blouse.
She gasped in surprise at his question.
"Try not to faint at the while you come up with an answer, I'm trying to find out if your really flat chested or if you have just looked over the fact that women need some support to show what they have."
Her face turned crimson and she stood up, "Mr. Evans. . ."
"My housekeeper calls me that," he caught her arm from where she stood and tugged her to him. He brought a hand up and let it hover very close above her breast, "You can tell me willingly or I can find out on my own."

She jerked away from him and glared at him, "I don't wear one okay?"
He nodded and then cocked his head to one side, "You don't have much of a social life do you?"
"I date!"
"Date what? I'm beginning to think that you haven't even been kissed. . .or did you think that would get you pregnant?" he asked with an outrageous smile.
She looked towards his trash can as if measuring it to put on his head, he followed where her eyes were and chuckled. "Go ahead honey," he dared in a soft voice. "Try it."
Liz glared at him, "If I were a man I would knock you out."
"Hey it's the 21st Century women can do what they want, men aren't supposed to be superior to women. So go ahead throw a punch at me."
"I must look like an idiot, on second thought I don't think coming at you with anything less then a tank would be smart."
"That would be wise," he told her.

He leaned against his desk and she noticed the way that his suit fit him, he was wearing a jet black jacket and pants, with a pure white shirt underneath, and his tie was a cerulean blue that would be shocking on some men, but on Max it just seemed to fit. His shoulders were wide and the jacket fit snugly against his body, she lowered her gaze to his legs and noticed the muscles jump as she gazed at his thighs which were muscular and strong looking even in pants, out of them he would probably be more spectacular. At this she blushed and then moved her eyes up to his face and she was shocked to see the small smile playing across his face, and when she looked in his eyes she gasped. His eyes were almost twinkling as if he knew exactly what she had been thinking about him.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts and then went around to his desk sitting down. "So what I have in mind is a transformation, of you."
Liz stared at him, "What if I don't want to be transformed?"
"Don't be silly, if you didn't then you wouldn't be buying clothes that you thought looked good in an effort to get Michael. Now first off your going to need a haircut, long hair is supposed to be sexy, but the way you have yours looks like you stuck your finger in a light socket most of the time."
She rolled her eyes at him but he continued, "Secondly you need to wear a bra, you shouldn't sag."
"There's not enough of me to sag." Liz said miserably.
"Quit putting yourself down, I'm sure there is. You have nice legs, and you have a natural elegance that could work for you if you made an effort at it. And with some of the right makeup, clothes, well I think that you might be enough to turn my brothers head from the latest gold digger."
"You would rather have him marry a secretary with no social background, no money, no social position?"
He stared at her, "Do I look like a snob? There is a ball next week at the Fairmont, I'm going to take you, well get you a gown and I'll teach you some things about how to walk and flirt, and by next Saturday you'll be madeover."

She stared at him and then shook her head, "I'm sorry but this can't work, what your talking about costs money and that's not something I have a lot of. My salary goes to rent, utilities and food, the rest of that stuff you mention is frivolous for me."
"I'll pay for it," he said as if it was nothing.
"Oh no you won't, I don't accept handouts. If you want to do this then I'm going to pay you back, if I have to work till the end of time to do it, but I won't let you just pay for everything."
Now it was his turn to roll his eyes, "Fine we'll deduct a little bit from your paycheck each week."
Liz sighed and then nodded, "Fine."
"Good, I'll pick you up tomorrow at your place around 8:30 in the morning." He picked up his briefcase opening it as if in dismissal of her, and as she turned to leave he spoke again, "When you make the coffee would you mind bringing me a cup?"
She nodded and then opened the door and closed it behind her.


Liz hadn't given Max any directions to her house but he had found it without any problems, and as said he was at her door at 8:30 on the dot.
When she opened the door he briefly glanced at her, "Are you ready?"
She nodded and got her purse, they left her apartment and walked to the elevators. He was wearing a light denim shirt with a pair of black jeans that seemed to be molded for his body. She fumed inside, every time she was around him she started having all these warm feeling inside, and she didn't like it. She moved away from him and stood on the other side of the elevator.
"I won't rape you, I promise." He said cocking an eyebrow at her he watched her move away from him.
"If you did, I'm sure you would be disappointed. Twenty-four year old virgins aren't much in demand."
He looked at her shocked and she grinned.

As they walked to his car a beautiful woman walked by and Liz looked at her in awe, when she looked up to see Max's reaction she noticed that he wasn't even looking. Maybe he was gay.
He could feel her eyes burning into his head as he opened the door and finally in a frustrated breath he spoke, "What?" He walked around to his side of the car and got in and then stared at her.
"I was just wondering. . .I mean don't take this the wrong way, but are you gay?"
He looked at her startled, "What?!?"
"Well I know that your rumored to be with women and all that, but that woman that just walked by and you didn't even look or notice her. . ."
"So that makes me gay? I'm 27 years old, I've had my share of pretty faces, but I've learned there is more to a woman then being good looking. I've even been married."

It was Liz's turn to look at him in shock, "No I didn't."
Max sighed, "Tess and I were the same age, we went to college together and got married at 23. She was blond, blue eyed and perfect, the marriage lasted exactly a year."
"Your divorced?"
"No," he replied curtly," she died."
"Oh. I'm sorry," she said gently and she meant it.
"It's been almost three years, but life is to short to live it in the past. And life is far to short to pine away for things and not try to at least go after them. Isn't Michael worth a few changes in your life?"
Liz had always thought so, and she gave herself a mental shake. "Of course he is."
"Then let's see what we can to do get his attention."

Their first stop was the beauty salon, she was whisked away to the back while Max stayed in front with some magazines as his company. She watched as her long hair was cut and shaped to fit her face. Liz found herself caught up in the going on's around her. When her hair was blow dried she looked at herself in the mirror, her hair was cut to just past shoulder length, and instead of being frizzy, it was now smooth and straight hanging down her back in a dark brown curtain.
She was then lead to the makeup counter, the makeup expert applied makeup to her face and told her what she was doing so that Liz could do the same things. She watched as her eyes were outlined in copper, and then dark brown eyeliner was applied, her cheeks were brushed with a peach color, her lashes were darkened, then her lips were outlined in a rich magenta, and filled in with the same shade.

When they were done she looked in the mirror in amazement, she had never looked so pretty. They sold her the right makeup and she walked out into the lobby, Max was sitting there and didn't hear her approach till she was right in front of him.
He looked up at her and his eyes widened, "Well Cinderella," he said while standing. "You do have something."
She smiled at him and he took her arm and led her towards the door after paying the bill, they got in his car and drove off downtown. There were so many stores to choose from, and Max finally settled on Georgiou, first.

As they walked into the store Max immediately caught the eye of a saleslady and she hurried over. He explained what he was looking for and she came back in a minute with a long sensuous dress of red velvet, it had a heart shaped bodice and very thin straps that hooked right under her arms, and the back was very low cut, ending right above the base of where a woman's spine would be. She looked at the dress in wonderment and Max smiled at her, "Well go try it on and then come back here and let me see you in it."

The saleslady sent Liz to the back where she tried the dress on, she stared at herself still not quite believing, when the sales lady came back she smiled at Liz and led her out to where Max waited.

Max heard Liz's step and turned, he didn't say anything. His eyes went up and down and up again, and his face hardened.
Liz was worried, "Is it okay?" Desperately wanting to be told that she was stunning, beautiful, even pretty would have made her happy.
He nodded, "Yes," he said in a husky voice that she had never heard before. "It's okay. Now see what you can do about getting some suits for the office."
"But what for?"
"Having Michael see you one time looking like this isn't going to do it, or did you think that he would take one look at you and propose?"
Liz felt herself sadden, the dress had made her feel like a princess before the ball, and now he had spoiled it all. She turned to go back to the dressing room but he caught her arm.

"You look enchanting, is that what you wanted to hear?" he asked his breath tickling her ear and causing shivers to go down her spine, his voice was husky again. "That dress makes a man want to take it off you slowly to see what's underneath it."
Her breath caught in her throat at the seduction she heard from him.
"Embarrassed? Well you wanted to know right?"
She rushed off before he could say anything else, and was surprised at the beating of her heart.
As the day progressed she paraded in front of him in countless outfits that were either nixed by him or her. She went back to change into yet another outfit, and Max saw a silk robe that would be perfect with a nightgown that he had added to the pile of growing clothes, he looked for the sales woman but she was in the phone. He frowned and went back towards the dressing rooms, he knocked on the door and it was immediately opened by Liz. Both of them stared at each other. Max took in inventory of her body, she was wearing a pair of black stockings, and a black silk garter belt, she had on small black lace panties, and a matching bra. He took this all in and as they both stood there staring at each other he finally recovered.

"Umm I thought that this would go with your nightgown," he told her as he kind of tossed it around her to cover her up. He nodded his head and then closed the door, once outside her breathed deeply and put his hands on his knees resting, all the blood was pounding in his body.
"Max, are you still out there?"
He nodded and then shook his head, "Yes."
"I'm having trouble with this zipper, could you help me?"
He looked at the door and then opened it, he went in and then closed the door behind him. He walked over to her and she held up her hair out of his way.
He grasped the zipper in his fingers and slowly inched his way up the dress, as he did this he kept his pinkie finger extended so it could trace every inch of her back as he moved up her dress.

Their eyes locked in the mirror and he could see the rise and fall of her breasts as her breath quickened. Before he knew it was happening he nuzzled her head to the side with his and she moved so that he had access to her neck. She looked up and turned her head towards him as his lips started to descend on hers.

"How is ever. . ." the sales woman stopped as Max and Liz sprang apart, before anything had happened. She looked at the two of them and Max just nodded as he left the room.

Part 3

Liz hadn't got much sleep the night before. All she could think of was that moment in the dressing room If that damn saleslady hadn't came in Max would have kissed her. Wait where had that came from? Why did she care if Max was going to kiss her or not? She was in love with Michael, that's right she loved Michael and it was just the excitement of the day that made what almost happen, happen. Sure it was! Another nagging voice in her head said. Oh shut up, and go away. I don't want to listen to you tonight. Liz turned over and hit the pillow to make a dent then put her head in the spot. She closed her eyes and willed sleep to come.

The next day Liz woke up and got dressed, she put on a pair of jeans and a white turtleneck, she did her makeup the way makeup artist had showed her and then she waited, her doorbell rang at 1:00. She opened the door and just looked at Max, he was wearing a pair of khaki cotton dockers, and a black buttoned down shirt, he just oozed the epitome of what a man was.

Max looked at Liz and what she was wearing and shook his head, "Why aren't you wearing one of your new outfits?"
"Why should I? It's just you, I didn't see any reason to try looking like a sex kitten."
Max arched his eyebrow, "The whole purpose of this was to teach you how to become seductive. Not a sex kitten as you call it."
"Is there really a difference?"
Max chuckled, "Yes, there is and I'm going to teach you. Now go change."
"Fine, I'll change, God your stubborn."
"Oh and here I thought you were the easy going one."
"Are you calling me stubborn?"
"You stubborn? Never!"
She glared at him and then walked into her room.
"Don't forget to put on a bra." He called out and was answered by the slamming of her bedroom door.
He smiled and then went to sit on the couch.

Ten minutes later Liz came out wearing a red silk blouse that had a deep V neck to it, with the push up bra on with the blouse it gave her some cleavage and the appearance of more assets then she had, she wore a black skirt with it that came to mid thigh, and she wore black thigh highs and strappy high heels with it to give her more height.
He looked at her and stood up nodding his head, "That's much better, now come on let's go."
He opened the door and she locked it and then followed him to the elevator, and then out to his car. "So where are we going?"
Max put the car in drive and pulled out, "To my place."
She nodded and watched the scenery pass as he drove.

When the got there he let them in and went to get some drinks while she looked around his house. When he came out of the kitchen he saw her looking at a picture and came up behind her and looked at it with her. She had known without having to ask who it was, she was blond, blue eyed and pretty. She knew it was Tess.
"You might as well ask me about it." He growled from behind her.
She flushed and jumped, she had been staring so intently at the picture that she hadn't know he had came up behind her.
"I'm sorry, she was very pretty."
His eyes closed and then opened, "Sit down."
She moved to the couch and sat down.
"Okay there is where we start. You sat down in it so quickly it's as if you were afraid the chair was going to attack you somehow."
Liz closed her eyes and slowly counted to ten, This is going to be a long day.

And it was, it seemed everything she did was wrong in someway. The way she picked up cups, the way she walked, the way she talked and finally she was frustrated. "I can't imagine how I lived to be twenty-four all by myself." She said when he had finally called it a day.
"Neither can I." He retorted, "And one more thing, think like a cat, feline, graceful. Your movements should be slow, be aware of your body as you move. Walk seductively."
"Maybe you could take me downtown, or to Hunters Point and I could watch how the professionals do it. . ."
He glared at her, "I told you there is a difference between being seductive and being blatant about it. Haven't you ever watched models on the runway?"
"I never paid attention."
"There are shows telecast on VH1, and E!, watch them. Now let me see you walk over to me."

She took a deep breath and tried to remember all the instructions he had drilled into her. She licked her lips and walked towards him, her hips swayed gently from side to side. Her steps were light and easy, and she kept her back straight.
His dark eyes flashed and narrowed as she approached him, his gaze dropped to the thrust of her breasts.
She flushed at the intimacy of the look, and she felt her breath quicken, making her breasts heave with her quick breaths.
"Not bad," he murmured. "For a beginner, but you have a long way to go to beat Maria, she has been at this a lot longer then you have."
"I know that, and she's got the body to go with it."
Max shook his head, "There isn't a damn thing wrong with your body."
She looked in his eyes, and there was little doubt that he meant what he said.
"All you need to do is learn how to use it." He told her.
She felt her back stiffen, "I don't have any intention of getting Michael into my bed."

His lips curled up in a smile, "Don't you want him?"
"Well. . .yes. . .I mean I do. . .but not like that. . .I mean," she stumbled over the words.
"Do you know what you mean?" He asked as he moved closer to her, the sheer size of him was intimidating. He smelled of a crisp cologne, and soap, she could smell the mint on his breath, and she could feel the warmth of his body coming off him in waves, and she wanted to lean into it. Lean into it? What are you thinking?
Max looked down at her, "Let's see what you learned today, flirt with me with your eyes."
She met his gaze and all of a sudden smiled shyly, and dropped her eyes then raised them again to glance at him, she gently fluttered her eyelashes at him, and then broke it off. "Was that better?"
His eyes had gotten darker if that was possible, and he didn't answer for a minute. "You've gotten better, are your eyelashes your own?"
Liz blinked and looked at him in confusion, "Of course." She looked at his eyes and studied them they were so rich, and his lashes were as long as hers.

Their eyes continued to stay locked on each other and a long searching exchange built the tension until she felt her knees tremble at the intensity of it. She felt like she had just put her finger in a light socket. All of her senses were at attention and she had to force herself to tear her eyes away.
Her lips opened and then closed abruptly, then opened again. "Well I should get home."
Max nodded and then spoke, "Yeah I guess so."

He drove her home and walked her to the door of her apartment, "I've arranged for Michael to be in LA for the next week, so the first time he's going to see the new you is at the ball on Saturday. So we'll have the whole week to practice all of this."
Liz nodded, "Okay," she opened her door and walked in, "Well good night Max."
"Good night." he said and then turned around and left.

The next week went by quickly at times, all their free time was spent with Liz being taught what and what not to do. And by Friday the tension between them was almost visible. She resented him for the way he treated her and she let him know it in every word and gesture that she made. And she knew that he felt the same way. She was gathering up her stuff to leave the office Friday afternoon and before she could leave Max's door opened and he stood there with his jacket off, and his tie askew and shirt unbuttoned at the sleeves and rolled up. He stared at her and she didn't speak, she just looked at him as his gaze wandered from her feet, to her waist, to the swell of her breasts and then finally to her face.
"Come here," he murmured, watching her.

She went to him without thinking twice, her body swaying seductively as he had taught her. Her eyes held his, she stopped just in front of him and watched the slow smile that tugged at his sensuous mouth.
"Nice, very nice. I think that you finally pass the test Miss Parker. I'll be picking you up at six-thirty tomorrow. I think Michael's going to be very surprised at the changes in you."
"He probably won't know me, or even care."
Max looked at her and she looked in his eyes and saw them soften, "He would have to be blind not to notice you." Then his voice and expression changed. "Just remember that your supposed to be with me, so don't throw yourself at him or you'll ruin everything."
She glared at him, "I know you've drilled it into me enough."
"The idea is to make Michael jealous, he's very competitive with me. And if he thinks were involved he'll be pissed."
"Does that mean I have to look at you adoringly in public?"
"That's exactly what that means, we have to put on a show in the office as well."
"I'm not going to sit on your lap and take dictation." she said shortly.
"What makes you think I would let you?" He asked his eyes glittering and hard.
She turned around and stalked to the door and just as she was about to open it Michael came in grinning like crazy.

He stopped short at the sight of Liz both of his eyebrows went up, "Hello Liz." He murmured, not really looking at her.
Max came up behind her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders with what could be considered affection. "I thought you were coming back tomorrow?"
"Uh. . . ummm. . .yeah I got finished early." Michael stammered, looking from his Max to Liz and confused at the change of events.
"Liz was just going home, come on I'll walk you out sweetie." He said to her. He tightened his grasp on Liz, as if he was afraid she would argue and make a grab for Michael.
"Welcome back Michael." Liz called over her shoulder as Max led her out the door. He left it open a bit purposely aware of Michael watching them.

He put his hands on her shoulders, "I'll see you tomorrow at six-thirty, wear that sexy dress for me baby." Max told her, his voice husky and deep, but his eyes warned her to go along with what he was saying and doing.
His eyes moved to her mouth and she knew then that he planned to kiss her now. It's just because Michael is standing there looking like he's not watching. she told herself. But still she couldn't stop herself from closing her eyes as Max's lips came against hers.
Max's mouth was hard and warm, and she had barely felt the kiss before her drew back and released her shoulders. "I'll call you later." He told her, his eyes were glittering and his jaw was tightened, despite the warmth that seemed to be in his voice.
"Don't work to hard," she said, she put the same kind of warmth in her voice. But her eyes betrayed her as well, and if Michael was to look in their eyes right now he would know the real truth.
Before Max could answer her she turned and walked to the elevator, and once inside she leaned against the wall and sighed raggedly. She felt weak and her knees were threatening to buckle. It was seeing Michael again. A voice said. Are you sure that's what it was? Another voice answered. Of course it was, what else could it have been? Oh yeah I'm sure it had nothing to do with the kiss Max gave you. What kiss? That was barely a peck. Come on she's like Drew Barrymore in that movie, she's never been thoroughly kissed, so how can she know what a real kiss is? "Shut up!" Liz told her inner selves. "Great now I'm arguing with myself, he's trying to drive me crazy, I know it. He has me arguing and talking to myself!"


The next evening she dressed with special care. She did her hair up on her head and put some soft curls letting them hang in tendrils. She did her eyes in a a soft fawn color, and outlined them with charcoal black eyeliner. She outlined her lips and filled it in with a matching shade of lipstick, then she did her lashes with black mascara. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, she knew that she looked pretty, Very pretty. One of her inner voices said.

Max was right on time as usual and she opened the door to find him in a tux, and once again she felt weak in the knees, the man was handsome in regular clothes. But what he did for a tux, she suddenly ended the tux being able to be so close to him. Where the hell did that come from? Come on you know you wish it was you so close to his skin. No I was just thinking he looked good. Come on honey he looks more then good, I want to get a spoon and serve myself up a helping of him, and then have seconds. Shh don't talk like that to her, your going to scare the poor girl, she's repressed enough as it is. Repressed my ass, she's just a warm blooded horny woman.

Liz snapped out of it when she saw Max's fingers snapped in front of her face repeatedly.
She shook her head, "Hmm. . .what?"
"Are you sick or something? You were just starring off into space."
Liz still dazed by her conversation spoke, "I'm fine, I'm a warm blooded horny woman."
Max had gotten her shawl and had been holding it out to her when she said this, and he looked at her shocked and blinked repeatedly at her finally she looked up at him again and seeing the look of surprise on his face she blushed realizing what she had just said.
"Umm. . .it's this little trick I learned. . .umm if you tell yourself that. . .well it will project in your body language and help your self confidence." Yeah that's it.
Max looked at her and a small smile played on his lips, "Uh huh, and where did you find this little tid bit of information?"
Do you think he would object if I took his shirt in my hands and ripped his shirt open, revealing that glorious chest he probably has. No, you can't do that, will you stop it? "Oh it was on Oprah the other day."
Max nodded not believing a word of it and she knew it, "You look beautiful tonight. Well do you want to get going?" He told and asked her all in one breath.
"Yeah." She answered before her mouth or mind could get her in trouble again.


They were both quiet the whole time to the hotel, for some reason her mind kept going back to the kiss that he had placed on her yesterday at the office. But she put it out of her head, she was in love with Michael and Max had no impact on her whatsoever.

There was an orchestra playing when they entered the ballroom, she looked around the room and spotted Michael and Maria immediately. They were standing by the punch bowl smiling at one another, she felt what little confidence she had blow out of her body.
"Stop that, I know Michael when he sees you in this dress, he'll do a doubletake. Grow a little backbone, and remember your not a dowdy librarian looking woman anymore."
"Thank you my fairy godfather," she said glaring up at him, "why don't you do me a favor and wave your magic wand and disappear,"
"Sorry baby, I can't do that." He murmured in her ear. "Michael and Maria are making their way over, so act loving and sweet, my little prude."
Liz didn't even have a chance to glare at him because Michael and Maria had made their way over.

"So big brother, aren't you going to introduce us to your date?" Michael said when he was in front of them.
"As if you didn't know," Max chuckled while hugging Liz close, "Liz and I just got here."
Michael blinked and looked at Liz, yesterday she had been wearing one of her new outfits but not really any makeup, but today she was decked out.
"What happened to you, you look. . .different."
"I happened to her." Max said his tone threatening enough to catch Michael's attention.
Michael cleared his throat, "Well, I thought you two were going to kill each other when I left. And I guess when I saw you two yesterday I hadn't realized things were so serious."
Maria came closer to Michael and touched his hand, "May I be introduced?"
"Oh I'm sorry, Maria DeLuca, this is my secretary Liz Parker, and my brother Max Evans."

Max caught Maria's hand and raised it to his lips with finesse. "Senorita, mucho gusto en conocerla," he said in perfect Spanish.
Surprised Maria smiled widely, "Con mucho gusto, senor. Habla usted espanol?"
"Un poco," he agreed, smiling back. "Michael has good taste."
"No senor, it is I who have that," Maria said softly, her eyes looking at Michael and openly worshipping him.
They moved to their table and Max and Michael helped seat the women.
The men talked and Liz and Maria exchanged small talk, Liz had expected an icy woman from what Max had said, but Maria was friendly, her eyes friendly.
"Would you like to dance Liz?"
She looked over and Michael was looking at her offering her his hand.
Liz's heart pounded, and she opened her lips to accept when Max's hand covered hers.
"Sorry, she's booked for the night I'm afraid." Michael looked at Max and then visibly flinched, Max's eyes were glittering and his jaw was tense as if he dared Michael to argue.

Michael looked uncomfortable, but he erased the expression from his face and took Maria's hand. "I don't blame you, someone that beautiful shouldn't be left alone. Come on Maria, let's go dance some more. See you two later."
"Why don't you guys come by my place about midnight for a drink." Max told them.
"Sure we'd like that." Michael answered as he went to the dance floor with Maria.
When they were out of earshot Liz looked up at Max and glared, "Why did you jump in, he wanted to dance with me!"
"Oh your one chance to be in Michael's arms and I ruined it? Poor thing." He said as he took her in his arms and whirled her around the dance floor. "No man wants what's openly thrown at him. The harder it is to get the more he wants it."

As they danced Liz watched Maria and Michael dancing and sighed, even in her dress she felt very un sophisticated next to Maria. "She's very beautiful isn't she? And she's not as cold as you thought she would be."
"Appearances can be very deceiving, I've seen women who for all the world looked to be innocent little things, and were as cold as an ATM in bed."
She smiled a fake sweet smile at him and with her voice full of sugar and teasing she asked him, "Have you had to buy many women Max?"
He narrowed his eyes at her and said quietly "You know you have a very sharp tongue, it's a shame no guy has wanted to teach you what you should do with it."
She glared at him, "Maybe I didn't want just any guy to show me! And I'm not as innocent as you seem to think I am."
"Be quiet, Michael is watching us and glaring. And your playing in the big leagues now so just follow my lead okay?"
And before she could answer him he had put his hand on her back and brought her closer.

Her legs were brushing against his, and the feel of his hand on her back was like a brand, like he was marking her.
Her breasts were pressed up against him and she stiffened.
"Will you relax?" He growled, "Were supposed to be a couple and I would like to give Michael something to think about."
He pulled her closer yet again, and she could barely think. The feel of his body so close to hers was doing things to her mind, she felt light headed and shaky. I must be tired. Yeah tired of being a virgin. What? Shut up you two!
"See, now isn't this better when you relax?" He said close to her ear. "Just let your body relax against mine. Dancing is like making love, you have to let the man lead most of the time."
"Most of the time?" Liz asked breathlessly and confused.
"Yes most of the time, sometimes it's nice to let the woman lead in bed though."
Liz flushed to the roots of her hair.
"You haven't danced much have you? You flinch everytime our thighs brush against each other. Is even this intimacy new to you?"

It was but she wasn't going to tell him this. Her fingers were clenched around his jacket lapels, she didn't dare look up at him. His cologne was heady and it made her more dizzy then she thought she could be. She knew if she looked at him he would see the fear, and yes even the lust in her eyes. He was wreaking havoc on her senses, and it was frightening her.
"Don't be afraid, just let go." He told her.
He was using her feelings, and she knew it. He was using his charm, and charisma to seduce her so Michael would think there was something between them. But her body was being tricked into responding to his, and her mind couldn't protect her own responses anymore.
Her thighs, when they met his trembled, and she caught her breath when his hand slid lower down her back and brought her hips completely against his.
"Please don't." She pleaded with him.
His head bent so that his breath was on her ear, and he nipped her earlobe with his teeth. His own breath was harsh, and quick. "Don't you know what I'm doing?"
"Yes, but. . ." her own voice matched his.

"Don't read to much into it," he murmured against her ear. "We're putting on a show, that's all. Your vulnerable to all of this because your a virgin. It would be that way with any experienced man."
Would it? Her thoughts shocked her and suddenly it was all to much for her.
"Max?" She said shakily.
"Please. . .don't hold me like this, it frightens me."
He drew in a deep breath, and loosened his hold on her a bit. "Why?"
She couldn't tell him why, she wasn't sure herself. But she sighed with relief when he let her move away. Something had been happening to him to, she might not be familiar with the equipment but there was no mistaking the change and hardening of a certain part of his body.
"Isn't the music lovely?" She said nervously.
His fingers moved caressingly on hers, "A man's body can play tricks on him to. It doesn't necessarily take the feel of a woman against him to trigger it."
She flushed and wondered if she could pull away and run without attracting to much attention. "It wasn't that."
"Wasn't it?" he drew back and looked into her eyes, "If you could see your face, I'm sorry it shocked you."
"You don't have to apologize, I'm sorry that I'm so innocent."
He tilted her chin up with his hand, "Don't ever be sorry about that, it's one of the things that's endearing about you."
"Yeah well there aren't many of those are there?"

Max released her chin and looked over at where her eyes were watching Maria and Michael.
"Will you stop it? Must you wear your heart on your sleeve like that?"
"It's not working, Michael wouldn't notice me if I danced a flamenco nude in front of him."
"Then he would be an idiot."
"No he wouldn't, no one would notice me. It's always been that way."
"Quit feeling sorry for yourself, People would notice you and it wouldn't just be because you were naked. I would notice you." He had said the last part under his breath, but Liz had heard him all the same.


Part 4

Max and Liz were quiet the whole way to his house, each of them were lost in their own thoughts.
She had all these thoughts and sensations rushing through her body and she was confused by them. When Max had been holding her earlier she couldn't deny that her body was responding to the pull of his. And that made her nervous. She loved Michael, or at least she thought she did. She just wasn't sure anymore.
"Were here." Max said his tone icy, jolting Liz from her thoughts. "So take off your glass slippers, it's almost midnight and it's time for you to turn back into the girl who sleeps amongst the ashes."
Liz glared at him and thought, So the gloves are off again, fine with me.
She didn't say anything to him and continued to follow him to his front door. When they stepped inside she went and sat on one of the couches. He turned on the lights and went to the bar, he poured himself a shot of vodka, a big one, and swallowed it back.
"Would you like sherry or a brandy?" He asked curtly.
"I am over 21, I'm allowed to drink hard liquor," she said her eyes flashing at him. "Or maybe a sherry or brandy is to much for little ole me, how about some milk or water?"
"Anything harder would go to your head," he replied while pouring her a snifter of brandy and putting it in front of her.
"Your just so smug aren't you?" She took a sip of her drink and then tossed the contents back gasping as the liquid burned a warm trail down her throat and finally settling in her stomach. "You've rearranged my life, your trying to rearrange Michael's and in doing that you'll rearrange Maria's in the process. Tell me something Max, is your life so perfect and good? Who pulls your strings? The ghost you live with?" Liz shot out at him.

Max stood completely still, and if she had seen the dangerous glint of his eyes, just maybe she would have stopped her words, but she was to mad and it was to late to stop them.
"You think it's okay to change everyone's lives, well why don't you start with yours, but no nobody discusses your life do they?" She kept on as she stood up glaring at him, "What in the hell is so secretive about your life with Tess that you won't talk about it? Could it be that she was running away from your control when she died. . .oh!"

Max's fury and sudden movement cut her off in mid rant. His hands grasped her as he slammed her down on the sofa and pinned her there with his own body.
"Damn you." He growled out as he savagely kissed her, he was hurting her, grinding his lips against her, and she felt his teeth cut into her lip.
She could hardly breathe, for the weight of him. For the first time in her life she was really afraid, she had pushed him to far.
He pinned her wrists above her head on the arm of the couch. And his chest was grinding into her soft breasts and she was sure there would be bruises.
Tears started to fall down her face, as his mouth bit into hers. It was as if he was taking all of his pain and anger out on her with this kiss. She had no idea how far he might go but she had to get through to him some way. But she didn't know if she could.

Max tasted her tears as he roughly kissed her, and it snapped him out of what he was doing. He lifted his head his breath was coming in deep but shallow movements. He grimaced when he looked at her, and saw her swollen lips and tear streaked face.
"Tess was six months pregnant when she died. She was flying to meet me in Los Angeles when the plane went down."

Liz felt her eyes burn with new tears. Her heart broke for him, and for Tess and their unborn child. Her body relaxed and she touched his shoulder. "I'm so sorry Max. And I'm so very sorry for what I said. Please forgive me?"
His body relaxed and he looked at her, "I hurt you. I'm so sorry Liz." He said softly while touching her lips.
"It's all right, I deserved that. I never dreamed that I could hurt someone so much with my words."
Max sighed, "I forgive you, and were even then, because I have never been that rough or brutal with a woman in my life."
Liz's breath was still coming far to quickly, and even more new sensations were flooding her body. Her breasts felt heavy and tight, and one strap of her dress had slid down and one of her breasts was almost bared to the sudden interest in his dark eyes.

She felt her body tremble, and she could feel herself moisten and she was shocked, but when she looked at his face shocked was the last thing she felt. His eyes were on her almost bared breast, but then his eyes found hers and then they fell to her lips as if asking for permission.
She licked her lips and that was all the permission he needed, his head bent again, he brushed his lips softly over hers. His tongue snaked out and gently licked her swollen lower lip. She could feel how unsteady his breath was and she matched it.
He pushed her back gently this time and followed her down.

She felt his hips pressing into hers, and what had happened to him on the dance floor was happening to him again. She held herself rigid and unrelaxed, and his lips stayed hovered above hers.
"No don't do that," he said softly, the first time he had ever talked to her this way. "I won't hurt you, I promise." His lips brushed over hers again, and his hands caressed her sides to relax her. "Don't believe all the tales you've heard, not all men are dangerous when they have a hunger that needs to be fed."
Liz looked at him confused, "Hunger? Your hungry?"
Max chuckled deep in his throat, "Yes I am, very in fact."

Her eyes looked up into his, and there was no more fear. All he saw there was curiosity. He returned her stare without blinking.
Liz reached a hand up to touch his face and then stopped, looking at him for encouragement.
"Go ahead, I don't mind being touched."
She reached her hand out again and ran her fingers through his hair, she continued down his face till she ran her hands over the lines in his jaw and chin. Then she trailed a finger over his lips studying them. She looked back in his eyes and they were almost black now.
"Are you still afraid of me Liz?"
She shook her head, "No, I'm not." And her words shocked her. But it was the truth she wasn't afraid of him.
His finger reached out and touched her lips as well. "That's good because I think I'm afraid of you."
"Of me? Why?"
"Virgin's make me nervous. I suppose you'd faint if I eased your dress away from you?" He asked her with a wicked smile.
Liz blushed and that was answer enough for him.

He frowned, "Your really inexperienced aren't you?"
"Yes, well with the way I looked who would want to teach me?"
He shook his head, "The way you look now who wouldn't?" He propped himself over her and she could now feel his warm breath on her lips. "You need educating Liz, for your own sake. It takes experience to make a woman seductive."
She swallowed deeply, once again her body felt alive with electricity. "That depends on what kind of teaching you have in mind."
He smiled wickedly at her again, "Nothing major, little nun. Just some kissing, done properly this time."
Before she could answer him, his mouth was on hers. She stiffened for an instant, but then relaxed. It wasn't unpleasant this time, he wasn't hurting her. His lips were gentle, and she barely felt them. But soon the pressure started to deepen, and know she knew what he meant when he said hunger. Her eyes opened and she looked at him, his own eyes were closed, and she closed hers again.

One arm slid under her, and she felt his fingers just at the edge of her breast, lightly brushing it. And it was very arousing, causing sensations she'd never felt.
His mouth lifted for an instant. "Is your lip very sore?"
Her eyes lazily came open, "What?" she murmured, and he could hear the pleasure in her voice.
He laughed softly, "Never mind." He bent again, lifting a hand to catch her jaw and open her mouth gently. "Now leave it like this," he breathed as his own mouth came down over hers and fitted to hers.
Her breath caught as his tongue explored her lips, and then darted into her mouth and touched hers. Her fingers gripped his shoulders, and she trembled. He raised his head and scowled, "You really are an innocent aren't you? It's called a French kiss, men like it."
Her eyes went to her fingers that were gripping his shoulders, "I think I like it to, no one has ever kissed me like this Max."

Max sighed, "It's hard being so lonely, I hate going to a show and seeing other couples in love. Our watching families playing in a park. It hurts doesn't it?"
Liz nodded her head, Max understood how she felt. "Yes, but men can ask women out."
Max looked at her puzzled, "Women can ask men out these days, it's allowed."
She shook her head, "A lot of men get the wrong idea, or rather the right idea, because some girls don't care."
"That is a fact, I don't like to be chased myself."
"Are you chased?"
He nodded, "I have money, and looks or so I've been told. Hadn't you noticed?"
Liz smiled, "I was to busy noticing what a jerk you were."
"Jerk? What about you salaaming at my door that morning, I was in a very bad mood, I felt like sitting on you."
She smiled back, "I'm glad you didn't my hospitalization doesn't cover irate bosses."
"What a sharp tongue you have." His eyes traveled down to her lips, "Do you know what to do with it now?"

Even as he asked her his mouth touched hers, and he smiled as her own opened and then her tongue repeated the caress his had taught her and then stopped. His breath came quick and roughly and his hands went around her back pulling her closer, "Don't stop, just when your getting the hang of it."
She lifted her arms and wrapped them around his neck, and she gave it to him, sharing a kiss with him that made her toes curl and her whole body feel like fire. It was pure pleasure as her tongue met his and they moved together.

A second later she felt his hand lightly brush her breast, softly cupping it. And then she arched into his hand causing him to knead it gently now. His other hand hovered near the edge of her dress, playing with the sides, and each touch of his fingers on her skin made her tingle. The kiss stopped and she looked into his eyes she nodded her head at him, and he moved one hand into her dress cupping her, skin against skin. And she gasped. Then his mouth descended on hers again. This time the kiss was not slow, it was fierce and passionate, as if they were trying to meld their two bodies into one.

They were so intent on their passion that it was a full minute before Max heard the pounding, at first he thought it was the blood rushing in his ears. But when he felt Liz break off the kiss and push at his shoulders he sat up.
"That's probably Michael and Maria." She said a bit sad at that.
Max stood up and strode to the door, opening it.
"Hey bro, we've been knocking for a minute, did you forget you invited us?" He looked past Max and saw Liz sitting on the couch composing herself, "I guess so." Michael said looking at Max.
Max glared at him, he had never wanted to punch someone so much in his life.

Part 5

Liz looked at Michael as he looked at her in curiosity.

Michael took in her ruffled hair, and the lipstick that was half on her and as he looked at Max he noticed that the other half had been moved there.

"So what can I get you guys to drink?" Max asked Maria and Michael.
"Could I have an ammaretto sour?" Maria asked, she looked at Michael who was eyeing Liz and her eyes flamed.
Max nodded and looked at Michael, "I'll have a martini."

Max went to the bar to get their drinks and looked at Liz, "Do you want anything?"
She nodded, "Another brandy please."

"So did you enjoy the ball Liz?" Michael asked moving close to study her face and seeing the puffy lips and bruise forming there.
"Yes, it was nice."
"Yes, I thought it was nice as well." Maria said moving close to Michael and putting her arm through his, her eyes flashing at Liz as if to claim Michael as hers.

"What happened to your lip?" Michael asked Liz while glaring at Max.
"None of your damned business," Max said in a dangerous tone, warning Michael to butt out, as he handed the drinks around.

Michael's eyes narrowed at Max, "I could change that very easily."
"Do you really want to try?" Max asked a smug look on his face.

Fifteen minutes later everyone was sipping their drinks, and not doing much talking. Michael stood up, "Come on Maria, we have to go."
Maria hadn't said two words to Liz, who had tried to talk to her. She went into the bathroom as Michael and Maria got their jackets on, and when she came out they were both gone and Max was standing in the living room.

"You should know that Michael was prepared to try to kick my ass."
Liz blinked at him, "Why?"
"Because he thinks I'm abusing you." He said as he pointed to her bruised lip.
"Did you tell Michael why?" Liz asked as she gently touched her lip.
Max shook his head, "And ruin all the thoughts that are running through his head right now? Why would I do that?" He tossed back the rest of his drink and took it into the kitchen and came back out.

"Michael was really worried?" Liz asked him.
"Yes," he said harshly, "come on, it's time to get you home."
"You could call a cab or I could take Bart," Liz suggested as she picked up her purse, "are you sure you can drive?"
"I can drive, and your not going home alone, San Francisco is not that safe a city for a woman to be traveling alone at night."
She looked at him, and the look he was giving her was not one she wanted to argue with. He looked very capable of picking her up and carrying her to his car, which didn't seem like to bad of an idea. Shut up Liz!

The drove to her house in silence, and Liz was left alone with her thoughts. She could still feel the way his lips had felt crushed against hers, she could still taste him. She inwardly sighed as she thought about how good his lips had felt on her skin. She had never experienced anything like that before.

She thought about how she would have felt if it had been Michael kissing her, and surprisingly she couldn't imagine being held, kissed, or touched like that by anyone besides Max.

He walked her to her door, and still not one a word was spoken. She was trying to put the key in the door, but her nerves were shot and her hand was shaking, she dropped the keys, and he bent down and got them handing them to her. She went to put the key in again and his nearness made her nervous and she dropped the keys again.
He got them again and put the key in the door opening it for her, "God can't you even put a key in a door?"
"I could tell you exactly where to put my keys!" Liz said, glaring up at him.
"Go ahead." He said in a I dare you to voice.

Liz shook her head, "Good night."
"Is it good Cinderella? Didn't you lose your Prince somewhere along the way?"
"Yes, I did, and look who I ended up with, the beast."
Max stared down at her, and as she looked at him she caught a glimpse of his aching loneliness, before it was erased from his face and eyes. "Yes, well that's the story of my life. Good night Liz."

Max turned and walked away and Liz felt like shit, tears were threatening to come down her face. She sighed and walked into her house.

Later Liz made herself a cup of milk with vanilla and sugar in it. She slowly sipped it as she sat in bed thinking about the night. What was the matter with her, why should she feel bad about calling Max a beast after everything he had said to her? Yes, but what about everything he has done for you? He bought you nice clothes, had someone teach you how to wear makeup, and he taught you how to flirt and be seductive. And you repaid him by making that remark about his dead wife. Way to go Liz!

She put her mug down and reached for the phone, she stared at it like it was a betrayer. He was probably asleep already. But her fingers had other ideas and they dialed his number, the phone rang, and on the third ring he picked up.
Liz opened her mouth, she tried to speak but her vocal cords had seized.
"Liz." Max said softly more then asked.
Finally she found her voice, "I don't think your a beast, not at all Max." Liz said equally as soft before replacing hitting the talk button disconnecting them. She turned off the light and burrowed under the covers, her hand once again moving to her mouth touching it as she remembered their kisses.


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Fire & Fairytales 6-8

Part 6

Liz got up the next morning getting dressed in one of her new more cuter outfits. She decided to go do her grocery shopping, and on the way back home she was in a great mood. After last night, and the way she felt in her clothes, well she felt like a new person.

She felt his presence the minute she got off the elevator, and when she looked down the hall she saw Max leaning against her door. She couldn't help the tingle that she felt run up her spine at seeing him, nor could she help the smile that broke out on her face as she walked towards him.

One hand was in the pocket of his black slacks, and the other was looking at his watch. He was wearing a black v necked sweater that fit nicely against his chest showing the shape of his muscles, his hair was a bit wind blown, adding an air of boyishness to him that she had never seen in the office, and that's when she realized what was happening. She was falling in love with him, and she almost stumbled as the thought ran through her head. She couldn't fall in love with him, wasn't Michael the target?

As if he sensed her himself he looked up and turned his head towards her. His eyes traveled from her shoes up to her face finally and she felt the temperature rise in the hallway, she would have to talk to the management about the way it kept fluctuating.

Max straightened from her door and she continued to walk towards him, and when he finally smiled at her she felt her heart sing.
"Hi." She answered noticing the breathlessness in her voice.
"I'm driving to my parents house today in Orinda, I thought you might want to go. Michael and Maria are going to be there."

She didn't know if she should be happy that he wanted to take her with him, or sad that he was still trying to get her and Michael together. She forced a smile on her face and nodded, "I'd like that. Should I change?"

"That's up to you, personally I think you look very nice the way you are." He said looking at the white pleated skirt she wore with the pink angora sweater. She looked very soft, and he wanted to run his hands over her to see if she was indeed as soft as she looked.

"All right, let me just put these groceries up and we can be on our way."
She opened the door "I'll just be a minute, but you can come in and wait."

He shook his head, "I'll just wait her."
She hid her frown, "All right."

She put her groceries away quickly and finally came out locking the door behind her.

"Does Michael know were going to be there?" She finally asked as they made their way over the Bay Bridge.
"I'm sure my mother has said something by now."
"What would you have done if I hadn't came home by now?"
"Checked the hospitals."
She gave him a glare, "Why thank you, you just do wonders for my already huge self esteem." And she found herself pouting, pouting she never pouted.

Max looked over at her and smiled, "I broke the truce we had, I'm sorry. You look lovely today Liz, and if you didn't have such a thing for my brother I would pull this car over right now and kiss you until you couldn't breathe or think straight."

Liz found it hard to think or breath just from what he said, she looked over at him and his gaze was watching the road as the traveled through the Caldecott tunnel. "Would you?" She asked, knowing his answer anyway.

"Yes." He said to her shortly sparing her a glance before once again looking at the road. "And you would let me."

Her eyes adjusted as the came out the other side of the tunnel and she watched the passing mountainside. Sometimes you could still see the fire damage of the Oakland hills fire and she focused on that other then his words, that had created a pit of fire in her stomach.

"Why did you call me last night?" He asked suddenly.
"Because I felt bad about what I said to you. I always seem to fight you, and you have gone out of your way to try to turn me around."

Max sighed, "I've helped in that, I tried to make you hate me since the day I walked into the office.

His confession startled her, "Why?"
He pulled the car over, and looked at her. "You know why."
And when she nodded he reached over to her head pulling it to his, "Come here." He muttered.

Their kiss was a combustion of heat, heat that traveled up both their bodies moving it's way completely through their bloodstream's so they could both feel the raging fire that was threatening to consume them both and make them explode.

His hand went to her seatbelt unbuckling it and never releasing her mouth he lifted her up till she straddled him in his seat. Her breasts now crushed against his chest.

Their tongues continued to battle each other for power over the other ones, and finally he pulled away looking her in the eyes. Both of their breaths were coming out in quick staccato, and his eyes mirrored the desire she knew hers had, and she knew she wanted him. More then she had wanted anything before.

His own eyes searched her face, "I want you," he said finally voicing how they both felt.
"I know," her own voice soft and husky.

He eased her back into her seat, and then took a deep breath starting the car and looking at the traffic before pulling out again. She could see his knuckles turn white as he gripped the steering wheel. And her own were gripping the seatbelt as she tried to put it in the slot, but for the life of her she couldn't get it to work.

With ease Max reached over taking it from her as he watched the road, and he snapped it into place, and then once again put both hands on the wheel.

"Plain physical attraction is a poor basis for a relationship Liz. I don't want another commitement in my life. I've been down that road once already."

She sat there not saying a word as he continued to talk.

"Your not the type for an affair, if you were it would much easier. But I'm not going to take you to my bed as a virgin to satisfy this temporary hunger I have for you."

"I guess I should thank you for that. You make me vulnerable, and when I'm around you I'm weak to what I feel."
"We can't give into that weakness Liz."
"No." She said, feeling like crying.
"I wish we could be lovers, but we can't."
"I know."
"Then let's be friends. I don't want to argue with you anymore." He said while holding a hand out to her.

She put her hand in his and she still felt like bursting into tears. Because she wanted more then friends, but if that was all he could offer her she would accept it.

He finally pulled the car into a driveway. She looked up at the large two story brick house, with ivy creeping up it's side and once again marveled at how beautiful it was. Liz had been her many times for business meetings, the house sat on a large acre of land, and she could smell the wisteria, and camellias in the air.

He finally put the car into park behind the garage and got out and opened her door for her. They walked to the house hand in hand and he looked down at her, "It's just for appearance sake, Michael still thinks were an item. So don't enjoy this to much."

She raised her other hand to her breast in pretend shock, "Enjoy holding your hand? I would never." And then she fluttered her eyelashes at him flirting.

He rolled his eyes and laughed "You better watch it." He muttered to her as he pinched her arm softly making her jump. "I've always wanted to make love to a woman on the floor of the gazebo." He pointed in the direction of where he was talking.

"I'll behave, I won't even try to rip your shirt open like I want to." He blinked at her boldness and she acted innocent.

"You would be prudent not to, that's one of my erogenous zones. And don't forget that I know where yours is now as well."

It was turn to blink at his boldness, before she could retort something to him. Max's father Philip came out the back door putting his jacket on in a hurry. Behind him was Diane his wife who was smiling as usual.

"Hello, and good-bye." Philip said as he made his way to his car. "I'm off to Los Angeles for a conference. Don't eat all my Dutch mints, or Swiss crackers. And keep your hands off my Brandy. Keep an eye on him and Michael, Diane."

"I will darling, I'll only let them drink your thirty year old scotch, and half of your crackers and mints, is that all right?" Diane said.

Phillip muttered as he climbed into his car and took off.

"Hello honey." Diane said as she hugged Max. She looked at Liz and smiled, "You haven't been here in over two months Liz, and just look at you, your gorgeous."

"Thank you, Mrs. Evans."

Diane waved her hand, "How many times have I told you to call me Diane?" She gestured to her jeans and sweatshirt. "I'm sorry I'm so underdressed. I didn't know that you would all be coming out here today."

Max looked at his stepmother, "What have you been doing?"
"Digging for worms for my pansies and petunias."
Max smiled, "And just where are you getting these worms?"
"From your fathers fish bait bed."
Max laughed, "If he finds out your going to be in trouble."

Diane looked at him and raised her eyebrow, "And who's going to tell him? You? Just remember that I know what really happened to his car the night of your prom. And your father still thinks it was a deer that you hit and not a light pole."

Max put his hands up in surrender, "I'll carry your secret to the grave if you will mine."
Diane laughed, "Sounds like a bargain. Michael and Maria are down by the pond feeding the birds. Do you want to come in for coffee?"

Max shook his head, "Well go down and get them and when we get back well have some."

Diane looked between Liz and Max, "Is there something in the air?"
"Spring." Was the only answer she got from Max.
"Oh really? Well watch for Tiny he's out there somewhere."

Max and Liz walked down towards the pond, enjoying the silence of one another, until it was suddenly cut quiet by the sound of a dog barking. Liz looked and saw Tiny running towards them. Tiny loved Liz, because she always played with him. And he didn't see today being any different. He was bearing down on them, one hundred pounds of Great Dane that was covered in mud.

Liz was looking for a place to climb when Max picked her up in his arms settling her against his chest. He looked at the dog who wanted to put his paws on them. "Sit Tiny!" He said using his courtroom voice. Tiny sat and cocked his head in doggy wonder at them.

Liz's eyes looked into his and she could see them darken as they moved from her eyes to her lips and then back. "Your so strong." She said letting her arms rest around his shoulders, she noticed that her voice sounded girlish and in awe. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound like a child."

Max buried his face in her hair, and crushed her closer to him. "You smell so good, I want to take a bite out of you, just gobble you up."
The thought of him biting her conjured up images of him actually doing so, gobbling her up like she was a piece of food to be eaten. And when she thought of that, all she could think of was the things she had heard about and read about guys actually eating a girl, oral sex as it was called technically. She blushed at where her thoughts had gone. And he saw the blush stain her cheeks and he knew what she was thinking.

"I think we would burn each other alive if we actually made love." He told her. All I have to do is touch you, or say something and all these wicked thoughts come in my head. I feel like I'm 14 again when I'm around you." He kissed her briefly and then looked at her again.

"I want to lay you down on the grass, and make love to you right here." He kissed her again and this time he didn't pull away. They continued to kiss as he held her in his arms. Her hands clutched at his shoulders trying to hold on as if she was going to drown in his kisses. His mouth ground against hers and she didn't want him to ever stop, she wished it could go on forever.

Tiny's bark finally pulled them back to the world, and they looked to see Michael and Maria making their way to them. "Looks like we have company." He said as he put her on her feet.

"We've got to stop this." He said.
She searched his face, and marveled at the reaction he invoked from her. "I know."
He didn't look away from her, "You quivered in my arms again."
"So did you." She replied.

Max dragged a hand through his hair, "I'm not taking you to bed Liz." He ground out in frustration.
"Why don't you wait until I ask you, before you assume I would let you."
"Care to put that challenge to the test?" He snapped back.
Liz rolled her eyes, "You say you won't take me to bed and then you say suggestive things to me, and kiss me till were both breathless. Why don't you make your mind up?"
"Why don't you stop giving me looks that beg me to kiss you?" He shot at her.

"Can I help it, if your irresistible? Your to talented with how you kiss, so of course I wonder about the rest of your talents."
"Liz!" He said shocked once again.
"Fine, all right. If that's how you take compliments then just don't expect me to rip my clothes off for you."
He was fighting not to laugh, "Damn it, quit flirting with me."
"Me? Never! Besides you men are all alike, flaunting your hard bodies at us, making us go weak with desire. And then getting insulted when we have the nerve to appreciate it."
Max burst out laughing and dug her in the sides making her laugh, "Your a brat. Whatever happened to that blushing virgin who used to hide from me?"

Liz shrugged, "I have no idea where that frumpy thing went. You'll have to ask her fairy godfather."
"I called you that didn't I? And you know I think I meant it at the time. You have gone under some transformation."
She smiled evilly at him, and to spite him she said. "Well let's hope that Michael approves as much as you do."
Max glared at her as she turned to the approaching Michael and Maria.

Liz smiled at Michael who beamed back, and Maria glared at her. Liz knew that she no longer had any interest in Michael as a boyfriend or lover. She totally desired Max. But if he was to stupid to see what was waiting for him right in front of his nose, then a little old fashioned jealousy wouldn't hurt him.


Part 7

Everyone said their hello's and Maria linked her arm through Michael's arm and warned Liz off with her eyes.

Liz wanted to laugh at the whole situation, here she finally was getting some attention from Michael, attention that just a few weeks ago she would have killed for. But know she was getting it and she was in love with someone else. The back of her eyes hurt, and she knew she was on the verge of crying, she pasted a bright smile on her face and the group started walking back to the house.

She felt Maria's eyes on her again and she felt bad, she used to be jealous of her but she wasn't anymore. Maria and Michael looked good together and she wasn't about to steal Michael from her.

Liz looked at Maria and smiled, one of sincerity, "I love your skirt, I can't wear skirts that long, they don't look right on me."
Maria blinked in surprise, "Oh. . .thank you."

They arrived at the house and sat down around the table as Diane poured coffee and placed a plate of cookies in front of them. She sat down and they all made small talk.

Michael looked at his watch and Max noticed this, "Do you have somewhere you have to go?"

Michael nodded, "Maria has a plane to catch at 6:00, I'm driving her to SFO."

Max looked at Maria, "Are you going home to visit?"

She nodded, "Yes, I really have to. My mother Amy, and her husband Jim have some breeders from Italy coming to see our horses. And Jim insists that I help him decide which thoroughbreds we sell. It's hard though, I love all of them."

"Thoroughbreds?" Max asked, looking at Michael.

"Maria's family breeds racing horses, among other things. They also own several hundred thousand acres of land in Napa and bottle their own wine, they have a farm that produces top of the line beef and veal, and they sell real estate in other countries."

"Michael, stop. Your embarrassing me. It's not right to talk about yourself like that, it's like bragging."

They got up to get ready to leave and as Maria said her good-bye's to Diane Michael pulled her to one side "Liz, I don't know how close you and Max are getting but I'm worried. I don't want you falling in love with him when I know that he can't give a girl like you the kind of love she deserves. There are a lot of things about him that you don't know, he was deeply in love with his wife before she died. And he won't ever get over it enough to love someone that way again."

She studied him for a minute, contemplating what he was saying. "Max already told me about Tess, I know what I'm getting into."

"I don't think you do," He looked over and saw Maria watching him and visibly blanched at the look of anger on her face, "look let's have lunch tomorrow, we can discuss things more then." And with that he hurried away to Maria's side.

After Michael and Maria had left for the airport Max and Liz said their good-bye's as well and left for the drive back to the city.

Liz sat there quietly thinking about what she had just heard, So Maria isn't after Michael's money, she has her own. That means that Max's plan for getting me in there so Michael won't be taken for his money is out the window. Which also means that Max can't fight us being with each other any more.
She wished that things were that simple, and on the ride back to her place she discovered that her life was far from simple.

"So I saw Michael whispering to you, what about?" Max asked her as he maneuvered the car through traffic.

"Were going to have lunch tomorrow, I think he's going to lecture me on the do's and don'ts of getting involved with you. He thinks that I'm to naive and that your corrupting me with your sinful ways."

"Sounds good to me, your place or mine?"

Liz shook her head and then cocked it to one side, "Hmm there was someone that I was talking to earlier, he told me that he didn't seduce virgins. Do you know where he went?"

"He's a fool at times, but your right, I keep forgetting. I have to keep my hands off you."

NO YOU DON'T! Liz wanted to scream, but of course she didn't instead she tried to act mature. "Well I'll keep reminding you when you say outrageous things so you won't forget."

The rest of the ride was spent in an odd silence, neither one talking to much. When they arrived Max walked her to her door. "If Michael makes any moves on you these next few days don't jump on it, let things drag out. Don't seem to eager to hop from my arms to his. You want him to respect you." He stared down at her, his jaw clenched, and she knew that he wanted to say more, but other then a quick
good-bye he said nothing as he walked back to his car and took off.

That night she laid in bed thinking, Maria was gone for the next few days and she was supposed to hope that Michael decided that he didn't want Maria but wanted her. She felt all ate up inside. Her mind and her heart were pulling her in two different directions and she wasn't sure which one was going to win.

When Liz got to the office the next day she was very surprised and hurt to find out that Max was going to be out of town for a couple days. He hadn't even called to say good-bye to her. And suddenly lunch with Michael didn't seem like something that she was going to have to force herself to enjoy.

After her lunch with Michael she realized that for all her talk she was fooling herself. They had fun talking and joking with each other, but the time she spent with Michael didn't leave her feeling how she did when she was with Max for even one minute. After being with Max her insides felt like a bottle of champagne that had been shaken up, and being with Michael, well her insides definitely didn't feel like that. Michael tried to warn her about Max breaking her heart but she confessed to him that he was scared to get involved with her and all they had shared was a few kisses.

"But you love him don't you?" Michael asked her.

She didn't even try to deny it, "I honestly thought for a long time that I was in love with you Michael. But what I feel for Max is something hard to describe.

They finished the workday making small talk, but both of them knew that the other's heart and minds were thinking of someone else. But that still didn't stop Michael from inviting her to dinner at his place tomorrow telling her that he was a great cook which was true, and it didn't stop Liz from saying yes. Just because they were alone for the week it didn't mean that they couldn't be friends.

Liz finally went home ate a TV dinner by herself and tried to focus on the TV but finally turned it off and decided to go to bed. She had just turned off the lights and snuggled in when the phone rang. She reached for it answering, "Hello?"

"I took a chance that you would be home, my brother didn't persuade you to stay out all night?"

Liz felt fury at his questions, he didn't want her so what gave him the right to ask all those questions? "Actually we decided to have dinner tomorrow, he's cooking dinner for me at his place."

"Oh. . .that's nice. . ." Max said in a voice that said it was anything but.

"Yes isn't it?" Liz asked in a voice that dripped with sarcasm, and still mad at him she decided to end the phone conversation. "I have to go, goodnight." And she hung up without waiting for him to answer her.

part 8

The next day when Liz got to the office Michael was waiting for her. "So I think I know a way to get what you want."

Liz shook her head, "I'm not up to any more scams, Max wants me to scam to get you, you want me to scam to get Max. I can't take any more of it, you and Maria are perfect for each other. Max and I, well it's just not going to happen."

"Hey, what happened to that feisty secretary who didn't back down? Liz love is worth taking a chance on. And you and Max are meant to be together, even if he doesn't want to admit it yet. You just need to nudge him into it."

Liz chuckled, "Your brother has a thick head, and no amount of nudging is going to make him change his mind, I doubt he'd even get a bump on his head."

"So then hit him with hammer, do something that will guarantee he can't say no to."

"Like what? I'm just about out of ideas."

"Well it's a good thing I'm around then isn't it?"

The next two days passed quicker then Liz wanted them to. She wasn't that eager to put Michael's plan into action. She wasn't sure how Max's reaction would be, he could be either indifferent or jealous. She definitely hoped for the latter, it would break her heart if Max didn't show any signs of caring about what she did.

She walked into the office and the smell of roses immediately permeated her nose. She looked up and gasped in surprise, the biggest bouquet of roses she had ever seen were on her desk to greet her. She walked over to the desk putting her stuff down, and then reached for the card.

As she read the card from Michael she sensed Max come into the office before she heard him. He was quiet as he walked up behind her, and she could feel his heated gaze on working it's way down her body and then back up again. She wanted to melt into a puddle right there but she remembered the next step in Michael's plan and steadied herself before going through with it.

Liz let a smile come to her lips as she giggled while looking at the card. She bent over at the waist smelling the roses again and then tapped the edge of the card against her lips, her eyes focusing on nothing in particular as if she was remembering some special moment.

Max took in the bouquet, the smile on Liz's face and her far away look and felt his heart sink, all the facts could add up to only one thing. Liz and Michael were most likely together now, or well on their way to being. Damn them.

Max felt his anger rise at the situation, but it was what he had forced to happen. It was over and done now. He cleared his throat gruffly, "Your still being paid to work here Miss Parker, not to show your silly school girl ways."

She wondered briefly if hitting him with the thorny side of the roses would get her fired.

"I'm sorry I was lost there for a second, but surely you can't mind to much. I mean Michael and I have had a wonderful time getting to know each other the last two days. And I must thank you Max, I mean without your persistent prodding Michael and I would never have realized just what our feelings for each other were. Yes Max we owe all of it to you."

She could see the pulse pounding at his temple and she wanted to shout with the glee of it, he wouldn't be so angry about her and Michael if he didn't care about her.

"No thanks are needed, I only did what I saw fit."

"Well I want to add my thanks to that to brother."

Liz looked up at the sound of Michael's voice, not even knowing he had entered the office. She pulled a memory of Max kissing her and her eyes suddenly shown as she looked up at Michael with adoration. He walked over to her putting an arm around her as he kissed her head. He whispered something in her ear causing her to giggle and then nod her head.

Max felt his blood start to bubble, "Congratulations on finally seeing the light." Max said tersely as he walked into his office, the door closed none to lightly and Michael looked at Liz with a teasing light in his eyes.

"Well step one seems to be a success, he looked ready to knock me down."

Liz looked worried, "We should end this now, it's not going to work Michael. Max isn't ever going to be jealous enough to change his mind. He doesn't want me for more then a passing fling. But he won't even take that."

Michael shook his head, "You have to little faith in yourself Liz. If this doesn't work I'll show up for my next court appointment as naked as the day I was born."

Liz laughed thinking of everyone in the courts reaction to that.

Just as Liz was about to break for lunch her eyes widened in total surprise, a basket filled to the brim with erotic items was delivered to her desk. She sat there staring at it before pulling the bow from the cellophane and reading the card that was there in Michael's handwriting.

Liz I guarantee that you will have need for these items at some time in the near future. With this basket you shouldn't have to leave the bed for anything.

Love Michael

Liz looked at the basket and felt a blush creep up her cheeks, there was a magnum of champagne as well as a jar of expensive caviar and crackers, she found some pate and smoked oysters, as well as some rich looking chocolates, all food that was supposed to be aphrodisiacs. There were condoms in every sort of style, and flavor as she found out when she looked at a couple of them closely. There was a container containing a powder that smelled like honey, that was supposed to guarantee that your lover would feast on the parts of your body that it was applied to. There was chocolate in a jar that came with a paintbrush that allowed you to draw designs on your lovers body before licking it off. There were all sorts of massage oils and lotions to bring out the animal instinct in your mate, as well as a bottle of perfume that was loaded with pheromones to attract the opposite sex that had a light musk scent to it. She thumbed through the books on erotic massages and then looked at the book on positions, soon becoming entranced with the different ways that people had came up with to make love.

She was so busy studying the pictures this way and that not seeing how some were possible that she didn't sense Max behind her this time, only when he spoke did she start at his presence putting the book down as if it was burning her.

"My brother moves quickly, or is this him slowing things down now?"

When she looked at him in confusion he got angrier grabbing her upper arms in his hands and pulling her to her feet. "I see that my question is a bit to much for you to comprehend right now. All right then I'll spell it out for you, just how far has my brother gotten, did you wait until the second night or did you meet him in his office the day after you talked to me and give into him?"

Liz stared at him in shock, "That isn't any of your business, why are you so concerned with what I do with my body, you didn't want what I was willing to give you. So you have no right to wonder about what I choose to do with it now."

She pulled her arms from his grasp and took a step back from him.

His breathing was coming out like a bull who was ready to charge, she almost ran from him, almost.

"I'm not concerned for the reasons you think my dear," he lied. "I'm concerned that you would so easily turn from the kisses that we shared to my brothers, it doesn't speak highly of your morals to do so."

"Who I kiss and who I make love with is not your concern Max, the kisses Michael and I share are totally different from the ones that I exchanged with you. And that's all I'm willing to say on the subject." She grabbed her purse and walked out of the office.

When she came back from lunch Michael was standing there waiting for her and he grabbed her hand pulling her into his office.

"What happened?"

Liz blinked once again confused with the whirlwind of her day.

"Max, what happened, he's been storming around the office for the last hour. Every time that I would walk out there to get something he would give me a look of murder and mumble under his breath about me. Finally he came in here ten minutes ago and shoved the basket I sent you in my hands and told me that I was to keep my sex life to my own times and not for office enjoyment."

Liz sighed and sat down in a chair across from where he leaned against the desk. "Your brother thinks because of that basket that I let you into my bed, or that I came here to your office and let you have your way with me, maybe he thinks I did both. All I know is that he holds my morals in very low esteem right now."

"Max can be an ass at times that's for sure." He took her hand in his suddenly and smiled, he had seen Max walk by his office and then come back peeking in the window of the door to see what was going on. He knew that Max couldn't hear his words but could see his actions.

"Maria is coming back on the 7:30 flight tonight but I figured that we could let Max think that were going to go out tonight. Or maybe I could mention when he's in ear shot about bringing the basket over to your house tonight. I think that will give him the final nudge he needs." As he said this he brought her hand up to his lips kissing her palm in what was a very intimate gesture. When Liz looked up at him in surprise he released her hand and smiled down at her, "Well you better get back out there we need to finish work so I can leave early." She stood up and he saw his brothers face disappear.

As Liz was getting her stuff together to leave Max came out of his office just as Michael was walking up to her. He kissed her on the tip of her nose and put a hand lightly on her waist. "I'll bring your basket over to your place tonight when I come over. It's still going to be fairly late as I said, I have to pick Maria up from the airport and take her home, I need to break things off and I didn't want to do that over the phone. But I'll be there as soon as I can."

Liz tried to not show the shock on her face over the words he used that implied he was going to be coming over for something besides dinner. And his next choice of words shouted that fact.

"Just be ready for me babe, and wear that white thing I got for you."

Liz tried to keep the tremor out of her voice as she answered him, "I'll be waiting for you."

Michael kissed her once again and with a nod to his brother he went back into his office to collect his belongings.

Max looked at Liz his mouth opening to say something and then closing again. She didn't say anything to him, casting him a glance she looked at him and he was shocked to the core of him to see the deep hurt and longing in her eyes. She walked away from him without a word.

Max sat alone in his apartment as dusk fell, his mind going over what Liz and Michael would be doing tonight. He would get up and pace before sitting down, and sitting there was the worst because then the ghosts of his words would haunt him. The things he had said and done to her conflicted him, he wanted her more then he could stand. That was why he had pushed her into Michael's arms he wasn't ready again for something that deep. But he knew that was a lie, he wanted Liz, more then just for a night in his bed, he wanted her forever.

Liz sat on the edge of her bed shaking her head, it was 8:00 at night and she knew that Max would not be showing up here tonight. Michael had brought over her basket around six on his way to the airport and she had looked at it shaking her head knowing that it had been a big waste of money. He had seen the defeatist look on her face and knew that he had to turn that around.

"Okay none of this oh whoa is me attitude, when I leave here I want you to go into the bathroom run some water in the tub." He handed her a jar of bath crystals from the basket. "Put some of these foaming bath thing a ma jigs in there as well, shave your legs and do all the stuff that you girls do to look good. Then when you've done that, spray some of that pheromone perfume on, put that nighty on, light those candles I made you get all over your room. And then wait. If I know my brother and I do there is no way he's not coming over here tonight, he's either going to come over here to get to you first, or come over here because he thinks that I'm here and wants to stop us. Either way he will be here. So make sure that you know what you really want Liz, passion is a heady thing and can make you lose your head."

Liz had thought of his words over and over as she had gotten ready. She wasn't going to lie to herself, if Max did indeed come over tonight she knew that they would make love. The scene was set for it, whether he wanted her for more then one night or not was what she wasn't sure about.

She tried to calm her nerves as she sat on her bed, and when she caught a glance of herself in the mirror she was startled, it didn't look like her at first. She had changed so much, she looked every much the seductress right now with her hair and gown flowing about her in waves.

The champagne was chilling in a bucket by the bed and Michael had made her promise to drink a snifter of ammareto to calm herself. When the doorbell rang at a little after nine she jumped in surprise, she really hadn't expected him to come, and when she looked through the peephole and could only see the dark colors of a jacket she thought it might not be him for one-second before realizing that she knew in her heart it was him.

She opened the door and feigned shock at Max standing there, he took in the way she was dressed and when he looked into her eyes she could see the passion that was there. His gaze traveled once again slowly over her body his eyes hungrily taking in every inch of her. When he met her gaze once again his voice was hoarse as he spoke.

"I'm assuming that Michael isn't here yet, if he had been I doubt either of you would have gotten up to answer the door."

When he got no answer from her he moved past her into the living room and sat down, "Mind if I keep you company for a while?" Not really caring what her answer was.

She walked past him and sat down in the chair by him pulling her ivory silk robe around her. "Why are you here Max?" She asked finally after a few minutes of silence.

He sighed, "It's confusing to me to, I told myself that you could do whatever you want, that you could make your own choices about who and what you wanted. But then I told myself that I didn't want you to make the wrong choices."

"And what wrong choices would those be?"

He looked at her and behind the passion in his eyes she could see the sadness there, "The wrong choice would be for you to be with Michael. But I fear that even now I'm still to late, that maybe you have came to love him now."

Liz sat up in her chair and folded her arms in her lap and looked at them, "If being with Michael is wrong, then what are my other choices. You have made it clear to me that you don't want me for more then a lover, but you don't want that even because you don't get involved with virgins. Should I quit so that I don't put you and Michael in a weird spot. I've expressed interest in both of you, that can't make for a good work environment."

"Damnit I'm not talking about work here." He stood up abruptly and moved in front of her, when she looked up at him there were tears in her eyes.

"Are those tears for the fact that think you would have to leave my brother or because you would have to leave me?"

The tears fell and Liz couldn't stop the sob that broke away from her. "You idiot, my tears will always be because of you. All of this that was done today was done for you, to try to make you realize that you want me, that you need me. I don't know why I let Michael talk me into this, I should have known that it wouldn't work."

Max blinked and then realization dawned on him, "Michael and you aren't together?"

When she shook her head he went on, "And Maria and him aren't breaking up?" At another nod he continued, "What about the flowers, and that basket, what was that about?"

Liz let out a cry of frustration at the stupidity of men, "All of it was done to make you jealous Max, Michael thought that if you believed us to be together that you would want me for yourself. Stupid huh?"

Max continued to look down at her as she studied the hands in her lap, "All right I just have one more question, if this was all a set up then why do you smell like heaven, and look like an angel? Were not at the office, so there was no one to play the part for, Michael wasn't coming over so why do you look like a temptress?"

Liz's laugh was filled with bitterness, "Michael thinks he knows you so well, he figured that with what happened today you would come over here wanting to stop me from myself or something, and that if I was dressed this way you would see the light and I would be able to seduce you. Your brother doesn't think you have any control over your emotions apparently. So now you know everything Max, I'm sorry that I tried to play a game on you, I won't blame you for firing me. You can leave I'm sure that the site of me makes you sick."

Max chuckled, "The site of you hardly makes me sick my love, I don't think I've been more aroused in my life."

Liz looked up sharply and saw the desire just as sharp as before in his eyes, and when her gaze traveled to right in front of her the desire for her was very apparent in the bulge that showed in his slacks. Almost as if her hands had a mind of their own they reached up and lightly brushed against him, caressing him. When she heard the sharp intake of breath she looked up at him.

"Did I hurt you?"

"Yes but not the way you think. I want you so bad Liz, I've wanted you since the day I saw you."

He bent down and putting his arms underneath her lifted her up. He kissed her lightly before making his way to her bedroom. He saw the room awash in the twinkling lights of candles, saw the champagne on ice and the bed turned down. He carried her to the side of the bed and set her on her feet in front of him.

"You took a chance doing all this thinking that I might not come over."

She nodded and looked down but he caught her chin in his hand and made her look at him. "Thank you for having more faith in myself then I did. When I thought of the fact that Michael might be sharing your bed tonight it made me sick."

"I don't want him in my bed, and it took me a while to realize that I never did."

His head bent down towards her and kissed her softly, and soon the embers were fanned as their passion for each other grew to a blazing inferno, with quick unsteady fingers she pulled his jacket and then sweater off. He let her robe fall to her feet and kissed the skin on her shoulder while her fingers moved to the zipper on his jean and tugged it down.

Feeling bold she reached into his boxer briefs and cupped him in her hands before moving on to slowly stroke the length of him.

He pulled back from her his breath coming out in gasps, "I'm sorry, but if you continued to touch me I was going to lose control and I don't want this to be fast."

He hurriedly removed his clothes and she watched in wonder at the leanness of his body, the muscles that moved as he did, and when she looked at the part of him that made him a man she gasped in surprise as it twitched she looked at him with a puzzled look on her face and he smiled wryly. "It does that sometimes when a man desires a woman as I do you, and when you look at me as you just did I get even more aroused."

Liz nodded still not understanding all of it but then he had her in his arms again and was kissing her and she couldn't think of anything else. She felt the mattress against her back and wondered briefly when they had lied down, but then his hands were moving the straps of her gown away, and when she felt his mouth on her breast she jerked and then tangled her hands in his hair, his name a cry on her lips.

His mouth moved to her other breast and took that nipple into his mouth as well, she cried out at the feelings going through her. His hands were on her legs, moving the gown up her silky legs he urged her to sit up and within seconds the gown was abandoned to the floor.

His mouth trailed hot kisses down from her breasts to her belly, and then further still. She felt his hot breath on the most private part of her seconds before she felt his tongue teasing her trying to gain access. His hands lightly pushed on her thighs urging her to open up more for him, and when she spread her legs wider he attacked her wickedly, the things he did with his tongue evoked moans and cries of passion from her.

Only when he had made her cry out his name twice did he raise himself above her, he slowly inched his way into her, watching her face for any signs of pain. When her eyes widened he knew that it would be a short time before she was completely his. He thrust forward taking her virginity and continued to watch her face, "Are you okay Liz?"

"Yes, I would be lying if I said it didn't hurt a bit, but this is what I want, and who I want it with."

He moaned and slowly started to move inside her, feeling her grip him like a satin glove. It was intense, almost to intense, she felt to good and it had been to long and he knew that he wouldn't last to long. Reaching between them he found the small knot of nerves and rubbed them with the pad of his thumb causing her to gasp and move against him, urging him on.

They continued to move against each other, soft whispers echoing in the room, she cried out his name again and when she did he threw his head back and shouted to the ceiling as he came.

Later they lay there, his arms wrapped around her and her head on his chest. His fingers were slowly moving up and down his back. She wasn't sure of what was to come now, but she didn't want him to think that he had to commit to her. She didn't look at him as she spoke, "I don't want you to think that just because we made love tonight that there has to be anything more. I'm willing to take whatever your willing to give for however long we have."

She waited barely able to breath, hoping that he wouldn't tell her that he didn't want more then tonight.

"Whatever I'm willing to give huh? Well I think that I might be able to give up in about 60 years, that is if that's not to long for you?"

Liz looked up at him, "Sixty years?" She asked barely able to believe the words.

Max pulled her up so that her face was even with his, "Yes sixty years, I love you Liz, and I want you with me always. Will you marry me?"

"I love you to Max, yes I'll marry you."

He kissed her his hands running through her hair and then pulled away, "Good because I think it will take us that long just to get through that basket Michael got us."

Liz smiled as she reached down and stroked the length of him and her eyes twinkled at how quickly he became hard for her. "I think if things continue how they are right now we could use them all up within a month."

Max laughed as he pushed her back on the bed, "It's certainly a goal to strive for." He said before kissing her again.

THE END. . .

I just want to thank all of you that have stuck with me on this story over the year and a half that it's slowly taken me to write it. I've had a lot of things going on and then writers block every so often made me really pressed for what to write. But to all of you who have asked for this e-mail on the board, or in numerous e-mails (no Jade I was never mad about them) I just want to say thanks. I hope you liked it!

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Title: Frustrated
Author: Jennifer007
E-mail: RoswellFanatics⊕
Disclaimer: I don't own the WB or any of the Charachters, Blah, Blah, Blah.
Distrubution: Ask and you shall revieve.
Category: All Couples
Rating: R but soon to be NC-17
Spoilers: I really don't think that the WB is going to do a episode like this, although they have mentioned vibrators I don't think they meant it in a sexual way.
Dedication: To all the Roswell fans, especially my friends at the Talk about Roswell site, and my very own site Roswell Fanatics. Hi girls!!!!!!! And to all my Bay Area friends that read this you'll know why this is for you to.

Challenge by Ragingred_99

1. M/L, M/M, I/A
2. NC-17
3. All the couples are together, but haven't had sex yet.
4. They are in college, and share a 3 bedroom apartment ( you figure out the sleeping arrangement!) (I'm changing this to a townhouse that I know of)
5. The girl have had enough, and they will do ANYTHING to get what they want.
6. (goes with #5) One uses a porno and sex toys and role playing, another lets herself get caught "fantasizing" about her honey, and the other one just can't take it anymore and just attacks!
7. Has to have A sex scene in these places or situations: tennis court, closet, football field, in an auditorium with people all around them, having it taped.


As a second dedication these next parts are dedicated to anyone who knows the Bay Area and can appreciate the humor and things that are going to be in here. I give props to all of you that can spot the real things from the fake!!! Also any radio shows, news casters, or any restaurants are parks, I give a thanks to you for being there and being good enough that I want them in my story.

Part 1

After graduation the gang had all moved to California, they had all applied to San Francisco State University and got in.
They had went in the early summer and stayed in a motel till they found a place.
Finally after a couple weeks of searching they found a place kind of off Mission. It was on Randolph Street. It was a 3 bedroom place, with 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen upstairs.

They put the downpayment on it and then headed back to Roswell to get their stuff. They rent a truck and pack all their stuff, Max is going to be driving that to California. There were final goodbyes and finally the gang headed back to their new home.

Max opens the door to the townhouse and walks in followed by everyone else.
They all look around at how bare the place is right now. Liz is walking around looking at things.
"So there are 3 bedrooms how are we going to do this?" Isabel asks.
Liz looks at Max and quickly looks away, she's dying to room with Max, but she wants to play it cool.
"I don't know, what does everyone think?" Liz says.
Maria looks at Michael, "Well I don't care, I mean I'll room with Michael if he doesn't care?"
Michael smiles and tries to cover it up, "Umm no if you want to that's okay."
Maria smiles at this as well.

Isabel looks at Liz, "Well are we going to room toghether, I mean I'm one of those people that is a real light sleeper, I can't have the lights on or anything, and I know that you like to stay up late..." Isabel trails off.
Liz looks at her and smiles thinking, *Thank you Isabel* "Yeah I do like to stay up late, so who do you want to room with? Max or Alex?"
Alex perks up at this, "Well yeah, I mean I can only extend myself, if Isabel wants to room with me instead of her brother."
Isabel has a twinkle in her eye as she looks at Alex, "Yeah you did say you would be there for me day or night right?"
Alex just nods at her.

Max looks at Liz, "So I guess that means were going to share a room?"
Liz looks at him, "Do you mind?"
"NO!!! I mean no I don't mind."
Liz looks at the others, "Well lets start unpacking."
They go out to the truck and open it and look at the amount of stuff there is. Their parent's had all gotten toghether and made sure they had actual furniture for when they moved in. The moms had scoured garage sales over the last year, since they applied, they went to thrift stores, and swap meets and had managed to get some nice stuff. They had two couches, a big comfy chair, tons of lamps, curtains, a few different size tables, sets of dishes and pots and pans, and all kinds of other stuff. They had each brought their beds with them from home, the parent's had conveniently not picked those out, leaving them with thier twin and full beds from home.

By 11:00 that night they have everything lugged into the house, unpacking it is another matter.
"Well I think one of the first things we should put toghether is the beds, I do not want to sleep on the floor." Isabel says.

Sorry this took so long to get out, but I've been busy with work, and then I went out yesterday so I didn't write till today. Oh and whenever you see these little stars *** that means someone is thinking.

Part 2

"Yeah I think we should get the beds set up to." Liz says.
Michael looks around, "Is it just me or is anyone else starving?"
Everyone nods.
"Well do we want to go get something before we start on the beds?" Michael asks.
"Well it's 11:08" Alex says, "What's open?"
Max shrugs and gets his coat on, "I don't know but we can see, who wants to go with me?"
Both Alex and Michael vollunteer, and the guys take off.

Once the guys are gone the girls look around at all the boxes.
"Well we can at last unpack some stuff." Maria says.
They all agree and then pick out some of the boxes marked kitchen, they take them up stairs to the kitchen and look around, whoever cleaned actually did a good job and there is just some minimal wiping down to do.

"Maria goes down to the living room, "Hey look what I found!" Maria calls out.
The other girls go into the living room and see Maria holding up a radio, they all smile and take it upstairs with them.
"Well the c.d.'s aren't unpacked yet but we can at least listen to the radio.
Maria plugs the radio in and starts channeling through the stations, she finally comes across one that's coming in clear.
"What's my name baby?"
"Larry Jackson."
"Mmm say it like you mean it." The D.J. says in a deep, low seductive voice.
The girl moans into the phone, "Ohh, Larry Jackson."
"That's right, okay this next one is Troop: I will always love you."
Isabel is looking at the radio, "God he had that girl moaning over the phone!"
Maria giggles and starts unpacking a box filled with glasses.

As they sit there unpacking things and throwing newspapers to the side they talk.
"So what do you really think of this sleeping arangement?" Maria asks.
Liz smiles, "I'm not complaining." She says.
"Yeah you wouldn't." Isabel tells her.
"Well maybe this way Michael will actually make a move on me." Maria says.
All the girls sigh, "I know, I feel like Alex and I are moving at a snails pace, I mean the kissing is great, but I'm totally ready for more."
"Yeah, I mean Max is so controlled it makes me want to scream sometimes."
"I know sometimes I think that Michael and I are never going to make love."
Liz and Isabel nod thier aggrement.

"Hey where is everybody?" Michael calls out.
"Were in the kitchen!" Maria answers.
The guys go upstairs carrying a pizza box and soda.
"You found a pizza place open at 11:00?" Isabel asks.
"Yeah, there was a lot of stuff open, but we decided on pizza." Alex tells her.
They eat the pizza and when their done they go downstairs, the carry the matresses and frames to the rooms they belong in and start putting them toghether.

They finish a little after 1:30, they dug out blankets and sheets and are finally able to go to bed.
They turn off the lights and everyone is in their rooms.
Liz is laying there listening to Max breath, and then she hears soft snoring coming from him. *How can he just fall asleep? Doesn't he realize that were actually sleeping in the same room toghether?*

In Michael and Maria's room Maria is tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, *Come on Maria, it's not like this is a new bed, this is the same bed you've had for years. Then what's the problem? I'll tell you what the problem is, your sleeping in the same room as your boyfriend but does he notice? No he's to tired.* She turns over on her stomach and tries to fall asleep.

Isabel is staring at Alex, *he looks so young and innocent while sleeping* Alex turns over and hugs his pillow closer to him. *Oh great, he'll hug his pillow, but he has problems with me?*

It's been a week, they have unpacked all their stuff, gone shopping for things they need, and filled the fridge and cabinets. With the money they have all saved over the last year and a half, and the money that their parent's gave them they are able to relax before they have to join the work force.

Thier all sitting on the couches and chairs in the family room upstairs, it's a friday afternoon. They have the tv on and are watching the news.
The newscaster looks at the camera, "So what's the weather going to be like this weekend?"
"Hey Steve Raliegh here from Waterworld USA park in Concord, and it looks like were going to have tempartures up in the..." He goes on but Maria has started bouncing on the couch.
"Look at that place, a waterslide park, we should go there!"
"Yeah it looks neat, but where's Concord?" Max asks.
Maria runs to her room and gets the Thomas Guide that she bought.
She looks in the back and then turns to the page she needs, "Well it looks like we go across the Bay Bridge and it's about 8 cities away, so like an hours drive."
"So do we want to go toomorow?" Alex asks.
All of them say yes and nod thier heads.
Liz picks up the phone and dials 411. "Hello what city and listing?"
"Umm Concord, can I have the number for Waterworld?"
A short pause, "Here you go."
"The number you requested is 925-609-9283, once again the numb..." Liz hangs up and dials the number.

A machine comes on giving Liz the information she needs and she writes it down.
"Okay we need to take 680 to get there, and the price is $20.00 per person, but they said something about a coupon being in this Friday's Contra Costa Times, also they said they have picnic tables and there is no outside food permited in the park."
Max gets up, "Well I'll go get a paper."

The next day they get up and get the last of thier stuff toghether. And head off to Concord.

Okay I asked my friends before I used their names, so I hope you all like the end result, and I tried to do you to the best of what I thought you would say and do.

Part 3

They got on 680 and just drove in the direction Maria told them to. As they drive they look around and take in the sites they see.
"Okay your going to get off on the Clayton Way Exit." Maria tells Max.
He gets off, "Okay now where?"
"Get in the left hand lane and turn."
Max does this.
"Okay now turn on left on Willow Pass Road, then keep going."
Max does and a minute later they see the sign for Waterworld USA. He turns down Waterworld Parkway, and Liz points out that there is a Sizzler. They follow the other cars that are going to the park.
They pay the $7.00 parking fee and get a spot. Then get their stuff toghether to go in the park.
They go up to the ticket booth and pay for the admission and use their coupon to get $5.00 off per person. Then they wait, they still have 20 minutes before 10:00 when the park opens.

They stand around with everyone else and the guys are looking at all the slides, Alex points to one that is really high, "I'm definetely going on that one!"
"It's called the cliffhanger." A girl says.
"That slide it's called the cliffhanger, and it's pretty intense."
Isabel looks at the girl, "You come here a lot?"
"Yeah all the time." She says.
Isabel nods her head.
Just then the gates start to slide open and the workers tell people to stand in line for tickets and season pass holders to go over in this line. The girl looks at them, "Bye." she says and goes over to the season pass holder line.

Finally the gang gets in, there is music blasting out of speakers everywhere, you can smell the clorine.
You see people walking quickly by.
"Well we should find somewhere to put our stuff first." Isabel says.
They all agree and head over a little bridge, just kind of following everyone. They get to the end of the bridge and walk down the pathway, they see people picking out their lounge chairs.
Liz walks up to a section where there is enough for them, and sits down on one, the gang claims their chairs.
Next to them is the girl who talked to them outside, she is putting an article of clothing down on some of the chairs on the other side of her.
Isabel watches her, the girl turns around and sees them staring.
"Oh hey," She looks down at the chairs and back at them, "This isn't the first time people have thought I was crazy, but my roommates are so slow, that I'm the one that has to reserve all seating for major events.
They all laugh and look at Isabel.
"What I'm not slow!" Isabel says.
That just makes them laugh more.

Liz and Maria take thier shorts off revealing their bikinis, Liz is wearing a white bikini with silver lightining blots on it. Maria is wearing a purple metallic one. Isabel takes her sarong off revealing a pink bikini with white vertical stripes.

They all make small chit chat about the park.
"Hey Jen!"
The girl sitting next to them looks up, her friends are walking up to her.
"Damn Martha, you got up at the same time as me, how could it have taken you so long?"
The guy with her points to the kids in toe, "We couldn't find their suits, and don't even get me started on Stephanie and Lenette, they had to make the lunch, and then get ready themselves."
They sit down and make themselves comfortable.
"Well I'm going to get in the water." Jennifer says.
The girl takes off her long shirt revealing a red bikini with black and red lady bugs on it.
"I'll be in the lazy river." She says.
She looks at the girls who are sitting there, the guys have taken off for the slides, "Are you going in?"
"Yeah we just didn't know where to start." Maria says.
"Then you should come with me to the lazy river, you can be in the water and work on your tan at the same time."
"What about our stuff?"
"Martha keep an eye on their stuff."
Martha nods at them, "Sure."

They head off to the lazy river and there are intertubes floating all around, they start walking in and it's cold at first. But they all get tubes and get in them and start floating around letting the current take them away.

About an hour goes by and the girls are having fun getting to know each other. They are just floating with the current and working on their tans.
Liz taps Jennifer, "I think that guy is calling you?"
She looks up and sees a cute guy wading in the water to her, "Oh that's my boyfriend Jason."
He comes up to the girls and she makes the introductions. He joins them in their floating, and he's just kind of hanging on to Jennifer's tube. When they pass another spot to get out Liz hears her name being called. She looks up and sees Max coming towards her.
He reaches her and hangs onto her tube letting the current take them both.

"What happened to the slides?" Liz asks.
"I wanted to see what you were doing so I took a break, are you going to go on them?"
"Yeah in a little while, when you go back I'll go with you okay?"
They are passing the waterfall again and Jennifer hops off her tube and Jason and her take off under the waterfall, getting drenched.
Max gets a evil look on his face and pushes Liz over to the waterfall in her intertube.
As the water drenches her she laughs, "MAX!"
Max wipes his hand back through his hair to get it out off his forehead, "What?"
Liz dunks him under the water and he comes up laughing, he grabs her and pulls her to him kissing her.

"Look Mommy, those people are kissing!"
Max and Liz stop what they are doing and see a woman and her daughter going by the waterfall.
Jen looks at them from her boyfriends arms, "Come on, we better go."

Part 4

Later that evening as they are all getting ready to leave, they exchange numbers promising to keep in touch.

They all take off in their own directions. When they get home, their all beat from the long day in the sun and after taking showers and eating something they all head off to bed.

The next couple weeks are hectic, they have all managed to find jobs, and have enrolled in thier classes. Thier getting to no thier way around the city and it's a major change from Roswell but they all love the excitement they feel.

Liz has gotten a job at a Fresh Choice in Walnut Creek and she takes Bart to work and takes it back at night.

Isabel is working at Structure in San Francisco. And Maria is working at a Bath and Body Works in San Francisco as well.

Alex is working for a small time computer company, doing web pages. Max and Michael found jobs as bouncers at a couple different night clubs, and with a little help from their powers managed to change the dates on their Drivers Licences to make their age to appear to be 21.

Everything is going fine, they have all gotten into the swing of things. But the girls are really starting to notice something is wrong. The guys aren't putting the moves on them. I mean sure there are still the same old makeout sessions, but thier ready for more.

One night when Michael, Maria, Alex, and Isabel are still at work. Liz approaches Max about it.
Thier laying on the couch kissing, and Liz stops Max.
"Max do you think it's time we stepped up our relationship?"
He looks at her, "I don't know if were ready for that Liz, I mean we have plenty of time for that, don't we?"
"Well I know it's not like were going to break up, but I'm ready Max."
Max sighs and sits up, "I know Liz, I feel ready at times to, but I just don't think we should rush anything." He gets up and goes to the kitchen, "Do you want anything?"
"Sex would be nice." Liz mumbles under her breath.
"I don't want anything."

The next morning the guys are at school, Maria is getting ready for her class, and Isabel and Liz are eating breakfast. Liz is telling them about last night.
"The same thing is going on with Michael and me, it's like we get to a certain point and then he screeches on the breaks."
Isabel nods her head, "Alex is the same way."
Liz looks at them, "I don't know what to do, I feel like screaming sometimes, I just don't know what I can do."
The phone rings and Liz gets up and answers it, "Hello? Oh hey Jen."
They've been keeping in touch with the girl that they met at Waterworld.
Liz and her chat and then Isabel and Maria want to talk as well.
As Liz sits there listening to the one sided conversation she gets an idea in her head.
"Isabel when your done tell her I need to ask her something."
Isabel nods and finishes talking and then hands the phone to Liz.

That weekend they all manage to get all of Saturday off. Maria. Isabel and Liz go into Pleasant Hill to meet Jennifer and her friend Martha at a Barnes and Nobles, once there they park the car and wait. Jennifer pulls up and tells them to get in that their car will be fine there. She takes off and drives up Monument Boulevard to the store their going to. Once there she pulls up and gets out.
Isabel gets out of the car, "Adult Book Store."
Jennifer and Martha lead the way and go in the store, it's tastefully done, but there is crazy stuff all over the place.
The girls are just looking around with their mouths open, and Martha and Jennifer laugh, "Yeah we felt the same way the first time we saw it." Jen says.

They walk around looking at stuff, they look at the flavored oils, and Liz starts laughing, "Oh my God look at this!" She winds up a little toy and it starts jumping, it's a penis. The girls all laugh, then Maria finds another toy, "Here's it's mate." She winds it up and the little Vagina bounces next to the penis.

The continue around the store and look at things, Maria stops in front of the outfits, there is all kinds. Leather dominatrix outfits, maid costumes, a devil, and all kinds of sex teddy's. Maria wiggles her eyebrows and starts looking through them.

Liz is looking at the books, *The Clitoral Kiss, 201 ways to please your lover in bed, Sexy stories to read aloud to your Lover* She flips through it and reads some of the stuff.

Isabel is looking at all the different dildo's and vibrators that are hanging on the wall, *Oh My God, that one would tear you in two!!* She moves over to the scented candles and massage oils, *I hope Alex likes Strawberry*

All the girls purchase what they want and head out.
"Do you guys want to go to lunch?" Jennifer asks.
"I can't I just spent the last of my money." Maria says.
Jennifer and Martha look at each other and shake their heads, "No were asking you if you want to eat, it's our treat." Martha says.
"We couldn't do that it would be expensive." Liz says.
"Yes you can, besides were not taking no for an answer." Jennifer says.
The girls smile, "Okay thanks." Isabel says.

They decide on Chinese and while there Martha and Jennifer give them some pointers on what to do to make sure it works.
"And if it doesn't then your men need to get some help, soon!" Martha says.
All the girls laugh at this, after lunch Jennifer drives them back to their car and with promises to let them know how it went the girls head back to San Francisco.

This next part is going to be very racy, so please breath deep while reading.
I don't want to be responsible for any heart attacks.

Part 5

Maria is sitting on her bed, it's just about time for Michael to come home. She already knows his ritual, he gets a drink of water and then goes into the bathroom and takes a shower, he hates the smell of the club on him. Then he comes in the bedroom and watches tv before falling asleep. But tonight Maria is prepared for him.
She hears the shower running and sets things up. A few minutes pass and she hears the shower turn off, and a minute later Michael walks in the room.

At first Michael looks around there are candles lit all over the place, The tv is on and he blinks in surprise. There is a couple on the screen, the man and woman are really going at it, he's taking her from behind. And all you can hear is their loud moans.
Finally Michael's eyes come to Maria, she is laying on her side in bed. She has a red lace teddy on. It's low cut and underwire making her breasts practically spill out. She looks up at him and stretches making her breast plump up more. "Hello Michael."
He just stares at her not able to form any words.
Maria looks at him and then looks at the tv smiling. "Do you want to sit down and watch this with me?"
He just nods and sits down next to her.
Maria turns over on her stomach and puts her chin in her hands and watches the tv. Michael watches as well and then looks down at Maria, *God what is she wearing? There is not bottom to it!* And there isn't well not really, it's just a thin peice of lace connecting it all toghether.

He looks at Maria but she is still watching the video, totally aware of Michael sitting next to her on the bed in just his towel. He looks up at the tv again and sees the man licking the woman, her legs on his shoulders as he teases her with his tounge.
"Maria what's going on?" Michael asks her.
"What do you mean?" She says as she turns her head around to face him.
"I mean what's with the umm porno, and your little outfit.
Maria stands up and twirls in front of him, "Do you like it? I went shopping today."
Michael clears his throat, "Yeah I like it, but why did you go shopping for it?"
"Do I really have to tell you why?"
Michael stands up and goes over to his bed, "Get dressed Maria."
Maria is confused at first but she's determined. She reaches into her drawer and pulls out the other thing she bought.

"Well I thought that you might turn me down, I'm glad I had a backup plan." Then Michael hears a noise, it sounds like a little engine. He turns around to see Maria laying on the bed watching the video. But this time she's stroking her breast and she has something in her hand. Michael stares at it, he knows what it is but he can't understand why she has one.
"Maria what are you going to do!?!"
"Hey I'm a healthy girl, and if you won't touch me then I guess I just have to do it myself."
She takes one hand and pulls the sides of her teddy away revealing her moist pink intimate parts to Michael, she touches the vibrator to her clit and jerks at the touch, she touches it to her again and then sighs. She moves it in slow circles and lets the device do the rest.
Michael watches as she does this, her hips are moving and she's moaning low in her throat as she does this.
"Oh yes, that feels so good."

Michael is across the room in a flash, he takes the device from her and throws it across the room. Then he pulls her up to his lips kissing her. Their tounges tangle toghether. Maria is straddling his lap, he brings his hands to both sides of her teddy and pulls it apart ripping it down both sides letting it fall around them.
Maria gasps surprised and Michael chuckles, "You shouldn't play with'll get burned."
He cups her in his hands and pushes her breast toghether swirling his tounge around both her nipples.
Maria groans and runs her hands through his hair.
He leans her back so she is laying on the bed now, he takes his towel off and Maria looks down at him. She sees how hard he is and reaches her hand down stroking him with her hand. She looks up to see if he likes this and all she can see is passion in his eyes.

Michael kisses her and as they kiss he reaches down to feel her, his hand comes away wet and he gets into position on top of her, and with one plunge goes into her.
Maria doesn't feel the pain, the sensation of Michael finally being inside of her is just to much to control.
They start moving in rhthm toghether.
Michaels arms are up near Maria's face and his hips are moving automatically. He kisses her and she bites his lips as she feels herself nearing the edge. Michael can tell she's close and he can feel that he is to.
Maria feels her whole body tightening, her toes, all of her muscles tighten and then she feels it. "Michael, oh yessssss!" She feels extreme pleasure, like she is skydiving and she's never going to stop.
Michael thrusts into her one last time, "OH GOD MARIA!"

They lay there afterwards neither knowing what to say. Michael pulls the comforter over them and kisses her on the forehead.
Finally he starts laughing.
"I was just wondering, were you really going to use that thing on yourself?"
Maria smiles and laughs, "Well if I had known it was like this I would have bought one a long time ago."
"I'm throwing it out!"
"What why?"
He pulls her into his arms and trails kisses down her belly, "I don't want to have to be jealous of it."
All talking is stopped when he finds the spot he's looking for and Maria calls out his name.

The next day Maria heads off to work with a smile on her face, Michael walks her to her car and the promise to watch the rest of the video tonight. "Hey maybe we can do some of the things they did?" She tells him.
Michael looks at his watch, "We could call in sick."
Maria smiles and gets in the car, "Great I've created a monster."
Michael laughs and she drives off and he heads off to the bus right on the corner.


Max gets home from work that night. Liz is sitting at her desk, she's reading something and she's appears so entranced with it that she supposedly doesn't even hear Max say hi are call her name.
He steps up behind her and peers over her shoulder reading what she's so involved with, figuring it's for school.

~~~ He turns me around in his arms kissing me, I run my fingers thorugh his hair arching my neck back so he has better access. He lifts me up and puts me on the table so I'm sitting in front of him, he parts my robe. I'm wearing nothing underneath. He explores me body, first with his eyes, then with his hands, and finally with his mouth. He lays me back on the table till his mouth is right at my center, he licks his lips and then spreads me open with his fingers. He puts his mouth where I want him most, it feels so good that I call out his name ~~~

Max snaps out of it and looks at Liz, "Huh What?"
"I asked you what you were doing?"
"Oh umm when I got home I was talking to you but you were umm busy doing that, and well I....." He trails off embarrased.
"Did you read what I was writing?"
He looks at the ground and mumbles something.
He looks up at her, "I didn't mean to I'm sorry."
Liz shrugs and smiles, "That's okay, it was about you anway."
"It was?"
Liz laughs, "Well who else would it be about?"
He smiles at her.

Liz bounds up and goes to her closet, she pulls out her tennis outfit, she looks at Max who is just staring at her, "We were going to go to that court tonight right?"
He nods kind of bewildered, he walks into the bathroom mumbling about not understanding girls. Liz smiles when she hears that.

It's about 10:30 when they get there, no other couples are around. Max serves the ball over the net to Liz who hits it back to him. They continue this way for awhile and finally Liz misses it. She goes to pick the ball up and hears Max shout out at her.
He comes up to her, "Liz where are your, umm you know?"
"My what?"
"Your panties!"
"Oh I need to do laundry, I didn't have any, besides it's just you." She shrugs and hands him the ball.
She walks back to her spot and doesn't see Max coming up behind her, he pulls her around she's startled at first but then understands as Max's mouth swoops down on hers.
Liz groans and throws her arms and legs around Max. He feels Liz's hands inch thier way down to his zipper of his shorts and start pulling it down, he knows what's going to happen and he's not about to stop it this time.
He disentangles her arms and legs from him.
Liz thinks that he's going to stop her, until she looks in his eyes. She sees a mixture of lust and love in his eyes.

Max lays on the ground and unzips his shorts and springs himself free. She looks down in delight at Max.
"You want to sit down?" Max asks her with a devlish gleam in his eyes.
Liz smiles and straddles him, she is stretched out the length of him as they kiss.
Finally she sits up and Max helps her position himself at her entrance. He puts his hands on her hips and helps her as she lowers herself on him. They both groan.
Liz doesn't move at first, and Max just lays there letting her get adjusted to him.
Finally she starts moving atop him, slow and easy at first. She lets her knees push her up and down.
As she moves she clenches her muscles drawing him even deeper into her.
Liz gets his hands from her waist and thread her fingers thorugh his pushing them above his head as she moves up and down. But know she can concentrate on his mouth as well.
They kiss, and Max starts sucking on her neck, not able to touch her because Liz has his hands pinned with hers.
Liz can feel the sensations start to wash over her, and before she can slow it down it happens. Liz lets out a loud scream as she comes. She feels weak but she knows that Max hasn't finished yet, she looks at him and sits up again, moving again and clenching her muscles. She starts moving faster and can sense that he's almost there, they watch each other. Max finally grips her hips and lurches up into her. "OH FUCK!" he shouts.

After a few seconds Liz climbs off him and sits down on the concrete, she looks at Max and smiles.
"Are you okay?" He asks.
"Yeah I'm good, what about you?"
Max smiles, "I'm great."
Liz looks at Max as he puts himself back in his shorts.
"Max look at your shorts."
He looks and sees that there is blood on them, blood from Liz.
He waves his hand over them and it dissapears. He waves his hands over her thighs and cleans her up as well. He then reaches to try to fix her and she jumps up, "NO!, I don't want you to fix it."
"Because I want to remember everything about this moment, even if it's the pain."
"Do you hurt?"
"No not anymore it's just a dull ache, nothing worse then cramps."
Max blushes at this and Liz smiles, she picks up her tennis racket and lets Max have another glimpse of her, she looks back to see him staring and she giggles. "You know that high school football field is near here, I bet it's more private."
"Are you sure your not to sore?"
"I can take it!" She tells him.
"Well then let's go."

Part 6

It's been a week, Alex has been swamped at work and Isabel has barely seen him. She hears him come in late at night and he falls asleep almost immediately.

The next day Isabel is eating breakfast when the phone rings.
"Hey Isabel it's Jen."
"Oh hey."
"What's wrong?"
"Mmm hmm, sounds like guy problems."
Isabel sighs, "Alex has been so tired that I haven't even approached the subject with him."
"Well you know what, the next day he has off once he's rested I would just leap at him, don't give him a chance to think about anything else but you."
Isabel smiles, "That might just work."
They continue to talk for a while and then Jennifer invites them to a party thier having next weekend. Isabel accepts for all of them and tells her the'll be there.

Tuesday comes around and it's Alex's first day off in two weeks, he's taking today and Saturday off for the party. He's sitting at home relaxing, everyone else is at work so he spends the day lounging around and sleeping.

That night Michael and Maria are going to a lecture at S.F.U. and Max and Liz are going to the Metrenon to catch a movie on the IMAX screen. Isabel gets home from work about 8:00 and at first she thinks no one is there, she goes into the kitchen and sees a note on the fridge from Liz saying that thier all out. She hears a noise and listens and realizes it's the shower running.
She goes to the bathroom and knocks on the door.
"Oh hey Isabel, I'll be out in a few minutes."
"Okay." Isabel says from the other side of the door. She starts to walk away and then looks back at the door.

Alex is standing under the shower when he hears the curtain open. He looks up and sees Isabel stepping into the shower.
"Hello Alex."
He just stands there staring at her. She smiles at him.
"Umm what are you doing Isabel?"
"Well I figured you might use up the hot water so I wanted to get a chance to get some."
"Uh huh." Alex says not believing it.
Isabel reaches for her scrubber and puts some of her body wash on it and starts soaping herself, then she turns around and hands Alex her scrubber to him.
"Would you mind getting my back?"
Alex just nods and starts to scrub her back, he watches as the bubbles trinkle down her back and into the v of where her behind forms. He's been hard since she stepped into the shower, but seeing her like this and actually touching her is more then he can take.

"Alex are you going to kiss me?"
She's turned around and is looking at him, Alex groans and pulls her to him practically crushing her to him as he kisses her.

Later as they lay in bed after making love again she sighs.
"What's wrong?"
"I just wish we hadn't waited so long to do that." She says.
Alex pulls her atop him and brings her head down nibbling on her ear, "Well I guess we have loss time to make up for."


In the schools Auditorium Michael has his head on the back of his chair, he's extremely bored. Maria is sighing besides him.
He looks at her, "What?"
"I'm bored."
"Me to, you want to leave?"
"I can't I have to talk to the speaker afterwards for credit."
Michael nods then smiles, he whispers in her ear and she smiles and looks around then gets up and takes his hand.
She leads him back to behind the curtains, where they proceed to kiss. He picks Maria up and puts her on the table and starts kissing his way down her neck, she wraps her legs around his waist pulling him closer.
As their kissing gets more fervent Michael unzips his pants and pulls himself out of his jeans, he pushes her panties to the side and slides in her.
"Oh God Michael."
He lays her back on the table and holds her hips as he guides himself in and out. Michael takes his finger and starts moving it in slow circles around Maria's clit.
"Oh yeah, touch me."
Michael continues to do this and within seconds Maria comes. he continues to pump in and out of her and the he hears shocked gasps and laughter. He turns his head around and sees that the curtains have opened. He pulls out of her and adjusts himself and her.

Maria is covering her face with her hands her whole face is turning red. She looks out at the crowd and can see peoples camcorders that were recording the speaker and she knows they got more then they bargained for. She jumps off the table and grabs Michael's hand pulling him out of the building.
"Don't you have to speak to that person?"
"Not anymore I don't!"


That weekend the gang heads off to Jennifer's house. They get there and there's music playing. People are out by the pool and the barbucue is going. There is a dance floor in the garage and Alex and Isabel head out there with Max and Liz. Michael and Maria decide to go swimming.

~~ And now that your gone
~~ I just want to be with you
~~ And I can't go on
~~ I want to be with you
~~ I want to be with you

Enrique Eglesias song Be with you is playing, there is a whole bunch of people dancing to the music. Liz is dancing kind of seductively to the music and Max is just kind of moving, but more watching her then anything.
She smiles at him and he feels a familar pull in his stomach and he knows that he wants her right now. She looks at him and can see it in his eyes. He grabs her hand and they go up the steps into the house. They walk around and Max is looking around urgently, he goes up to the bathroom and it's being used, he turns back to his left and sees a door he opens it and except for a couple coats there's nothing in there, and it's just big enough. He pulls Liz in there with him and uses his powers to melt the metal so no one can get in right now.

"Max what are we doing in here?" Liz asks but knowing why thier there.
He pulls her to him and starts kissing her, he gets on his knees in front of her pushing her up against the wall, he pulls her panties down her legs and puts them on his head making Liz giggle. Then he puts one of her legs up on his shoulder and moves in teasing her with his tounge and Liz can only gasp.

Later on after they've put their clothes back toghether they come out of the closet and bump into Jennifer who laughs. "Have fun?"
Max blushes and Liz grabs his hand hugging him, "Yes we had a wonderful time." She says teasing him.
Jen laughs and smiles, "Good I'm glad to hear." She goes out onto the porch to join the others and Liz and Max join their friends in eating.

The End!!!!!!!!!!

posted on 17-Sep-2001 10:13:02 AM
Author: Jennifer007
E-mail: BoobzyDD⊕
Spoilers: This takes place sometime after The UFO convention.
Disclaimer: I love Roswell, that is why I write Fan Fiction, I'm not trying to get any money from it. And if the WB wanted one of my stories, I would give it to them, for a kiss from Jason. LOL!!!!!
Distrubution: Ask and you shall recieve.
Rating: A heavy R rating for content and swearing.
Dedication: To all my fans, Linda, K-gal, joanne, Bonnie, niki, Daohny, Demora, Duddete, KITKAT, Mariem, Kiki, Catwoman, and anyone else I forgot or didn't know the name of. Also a special thanks to Jellybean who posted on the talk about Roswell board that some people (me) shouldn't write Fan Fiction. What do you think should I write Fan Fiction?

Also this story does not follow any of my other stories at all so please don't think your confused.


"You drive me crazy!"
"Oh and you don't think you do the same to me?" Maria asks.
Maria and Michael are arguing as usual, they are standing by her locker.
"Why does everything have to be a fight with you, can't you just leave well enough alone?" Michael tells her.
"You know what Michael I can't leave it alone, you tell me that you want me to leave you alone, don't bother you, that you don't want to get attached, well then why do you do nice things? Why did you help my mom and me with the wrestling 2 weeks ago? And then you start pulling me into the eraser room again for our little sessions. All I did was mention that my mother was going to be out of town, and that if you wanted I would leave my window open. So either you want to come over or you don't but I can't wait around for you forever."

Michael looks at the ground. "I'm not asking you to wait, you can see whoever you want, I'm not stopping you from doing what you want." You can tell from the tone of his voice that he's not happy with the idea of Maria seeing other guys.
"Why can't you follow your heart about us?" Maria's voice starts raising. "Why can't you just admit that you want to be with me, or are you so caught up in your own obsessions that you can't deal with real emotions? God, why am I even trying" she starts to cry. "YOU COULD CARE LESS ABOUT ME, YOU BARELY EVEN CARE ABOUT YOURSELF!!!" Maria screams.
She turns to walk away, and Michael grabs her by the arm, he half pulls her into the Eraser room.

He looks down at Maria whos leaning against the door. Tears are bright in her eyes, she looks at him. Michael lets out a grown from deep in his throat, and kisses her.
He pushes Maria further up against the door, and their tongues weave toghether.
Maria runs her fingers thorough his hair. He licks his way down her throat, and starts nibbling on it. Maria bites her lip, "Mmm Michael." She says.
He looks at her and kisses her again. Pulling her bottom lip in between his and sucking on it. Then kisses her deeply. After a few minutes he stops and looks at her.
"See I can follow my heart."
Maria nods at him. And then stares at the ground. "Look Michael, no pressure but if you still want to come over tonight you can."
Michael gets her chin and forces her to look at him. "What time do you want me over?"

It's night Maria is talking on the phone with Liz. "Well I don't know what's going to happen babe, but I'm ready for whatever it is." She laughs, "Well I gotta go, I still have a bath I want to take, and I'm going to use some of my special oil... no not the almond, the carnation, dios mio, haven't I taught you anything?" Maria laughs again. "Okay talk to you toomorrow, and yes I'll give you details." She hangs up the phone and gets in the bathtub.
After a half hour she gets out and goes to her room. She gets somewhat dressed and is sitting on her bed painting her toes.

The phone rings and she picks it up. "Hello?"
"Maria, umm it's me Michael."
"Hey what's going on?"
"Well Hank is umm being difficult, and I'm going to wait till he falls asleep before I come over, but it's going to be a bit late, is that okay?"
"Yeah that's fine."
"Also I don't want to come back here tonight so, can I spend the night" then he rushes "I mean I can go over to Max's but I don't want to disturb them an..."
Maria cuts him off, "Michael, I invited you over hoping that you WOULD spend the night."
Michael grins on his side of the phone. "Oh, so what umm, well okay."
Maria laughs, "Well, I still have some stuff to do, but I'm going to leave my window unlocked, and umm, well if I'm asleep just wake me up when you get here."
"Okay, wait what stuff?"
"Never mind, you'll see soon enough."
Michael chuckles, "Okay, well I'll see you later." He hangs up and Maria smiles.

Maria finishes with her nails, and let's them dry. She then brushes her hair.
She puts on her black thong panties that she was saving for just such an occasion. She puts on a black silk camisole. She smells her skin and puts a bit more carnation oil on her wrists, neck, and a couple other strategically placed places. She lights a couple candles.
It's about 11:00 by this time, so Maria lays on the bed on her stomach, hoping that when Michael comes in, well hoping the first thing he'll really notice is her thong.
She gets her Understanding & Interpreting Dreams by Nerys Dee and starts to read it. She's getting tired, *I'll just take a little nap before he gets here* she thinks.

He comes in her window and sees her sleeping, she looks so beautiful. He watches her for a minute and then goes over to her. He runs his hands down her back and she stirs. He traces his hands over the smooth contours of her ass. Maria stretches, "Mmm Michael." She opens her eyes, and it's not Michael standing over her she doesn't know who it is because he's wearing a mask. She goes to scream and the guy covers her mouth with his hand.
"Shh...this can be easy or hard. But it don't matter to me, I like a girl who struggles.

Maria looks at him with tears in her eyes. She shakes her head.
"If I take my hand away are you going to scream? Wait that's a dumb question, you never shut up." He pulls out some duct tape from his pocket. "Luckily I came prepared."
He tapes her mouth shut, and then winds tape around her wrists in front of her. Tears are streaming down Maria's face. And she looks at him pleadingly.
The guy looks at her and then without warning he rips her top in half. Maria struggles against the wrist restraints. He then pulls her panties down and throws them on the floor.
"Well Maria, your even more beautiful with your clothes off."
He sheds his pants and climbs on the bed next to her. He bends his head and bites her nipple hard.
Maria screams thru the duct tape, but the real torture is just beggining.

After he's done he get's dressed. He takes her panties and puts them in his pocket. "Now I'm not going to take the tape off, well because I don't want you to get any ideas." With one last look at her he heads out of her room, and into the other parts of the house.
Maria lays on the bed still crying. After a few minutes she hears the front door open and close.
She lays there for a long time, she tries to rip the tape off her mouth, but can't get a grasp on it. So she continues to lay there.

A while later Maria hears something in the window, she feels the fear bubbling in her throat, she wants to scream but she knows she can't. She looks at the window and sees Michaels head pop through.

It's fairly dark and Michael can't see all that well, he hears strange mumbling. His eyes adjust and he sees Maria lying on the bed, naked, at first he's surprised and thinks *wow what a way to greet me* but then he senses something isn't right. He turns on the light and the site that he sees brings him to his knees.

Michael takes the duct tape off her mouth and wrists, and Maria starts sobbing. Michael holds her, "Maria what happened?"
Still sobbing, "I don't know I fell asleep, and I woke up, because someone was touching me, and I thought it was you, but it wasn't."
Michael's body has become tense, he feels such rage right now, all he wants to do is find who did this and kill him.
"We need to call the sheriff." He says.
"NO." Maria shouts, "I don't want him involved, I just want this to be over with, can you use your powers to fix, me?"
Michael wants to cry, knowing that he can't fix her. "No but Max and Isabel can."

Michael calls Max and Isabel and tells them to get over to Maria's and to bring Liz and Alex, he doesn't tell them what happened yet. Even though Max and Liz aren't really talking, Maria wants her there.
Michael gets Maria her robe, and helps her put it on. She stands to do so and almost collapses. Michael puts it on her as quickly as possible, the doorbell rings and Michael goes to answer it, but Maria doesn't want him to go.
"I'll be right back." he tells her.
"No please I don't want to be alone." she says, she get's up to start walking and almost falls. Michael picks her up, and carries her with him to the front door. He goes to open it but can't quite do it with Maria in his arms. So he tells them to come in since the door is unlocked.

Isabel is the first to come in and is quickly followed by the others.
"Michael, if you invited me over to see you with Maria I'm going to be pissed." Isabel says.
"Damnit Isabel this isn't anything to joke about." He yells at her.
Isabel winces, Michael never yells at her.
"What happened?" Liz asks.
Maria starts crying again. And Michael looks at them, Someone broke in here tonight.
Liz rushes forward at this, "Oh Maria are you okay? Did they take anything?"
Michael looks at Liz. "She was raped Liz."
All of them gasp at this.

After much pleading by Maria, they all agree to not tell anyone. Later as Alex and Liz are cleaning up Maria's room and burning the sheets as she begged them to.
Max and Isabel are with Maria and Michael in Amy's room. They work like doctors, even though this is Max's first time looking at a female body it doesn't even register. He just does his job healing her with Isabel.
Michael talks to her the whole time this is going on. Isabel looks at Max and whispers, "Max she has a lot of internal damage, I need your help." Isabel looks about ready to cry for what Maria is going through. Isabel places her hands close to the opening of Maria, and Maria cries out at first. Michael glares at them.
Max averts his eyes and places his hands over Isabels, a bright light forms over Maria, and with in a matter of seconds it's healed, at least physically.

Later as Maria is sitting drinking some tea, the others are asking her tons of questions trying to piece toghether anything.
Finally she gets up and yells "Look I know your trying to help, but I just don't know what he looked like he was wearing a mask." Then her eyes brighten up a little. "Wait there was something."


"He seemed to know me" she tells them "he called me by name, and he seemed to know that I talk a lot."
Isabel looks at her, "Well do you think it could be someone from school?"
Maria sits down next to Michael and he wraps an arm around her. "I don't know it could be."
Everyone is quiet not quiet knowing what to say. Even thought it's a school night they all decide to spend the night there, and just go home before their parents find out. Their not about to leave Maria alone.
They decide to try to get some sleep and Maria nods. "Whoever wants my room can take it, I don't want to sleep in there." She walks to her moms room, and Michael walks to her room. "Michael what are you doing?"
"I thought we were going to bed?" Michael says confused.
"If it's not to much to ask, would you mind sleeping in here with me? I don't want to be alone."
Michael nods his head. They go in her moms room, she climbs up in the bed. Michael takes his shirt off and puts it on the floor to use as a pillow.

Maria sits up and looks at him. "What are you doing on the floor?"
"I didn't think you wanted me up there with you." He says.
"I do, I want you to hold me."
Michael is next to her in a heartbeat. He gathers her up in his arms. After awhile of laying there in the dark he hears Maria sob.
"Michael why did this happen to me?"
Michael sighs, "I don't know Maria, some people are just sick" he lifts her chin to look at her "I'm sorry, if I had been here none of this would have happened."
Maria looks at him, "Michael this isn't your fault."
"I should have been here, if Hank hadn't been drunk I would have gotten here sooner, and whoever did this wouldn't have been here."
"Michael you can't what if something like this, it happened, and yes it's horrible, but it's not your fault."
Michael hugs her tighter. Maria finally drifts off to sleep around 4:00. But Michael stays up all night, protecting and watching her.

Around 6:00 the others come in, and say that their leaving but the'll see them at school. All of them look like they didn't get any sleep.
Liz looks at Maria "How is she?"
"Well she fell asleep around 4:00 so...I just don't know yet."


It's been two weeks since Maria was attacked. Instead of the vibrant, outgoing person she used to be, Maria has digressed. She wears jeans, and sweats a lot. She wears old baggy shirts. And no make-up. Sometimes she goes days without showering, until her mother tells her that she needs to. Everyone is worried about her, but she won't talk about it. She goes to work, and school and thats it. Everytime someone mentions telling someone, Maria gets upset and mad. So they leave it alone.

Another week goes by, and it's Thursday. Liz is trying to talk Maria into going out this weekend but she says no as usual. Michael is going to come over, at 10:00 Friday and their going to watch videos.

That day at work Liz's dad tells her that he and her mom are going to go to visit her Moms sister this weekend she lives a couple of towns over.

Max comes over to the diner on his dinner break. Liz goes over to him, and makes sure that her dad is in the back.
"Hey." She says.
"Hi whats up?" he asks.
"Well my mom and dad are going to go visit my Aunt this weekend and I was wondering if you wanted to come over."
Max smiles at her. "Yeah I would like that."
"Good." she gives him a quick kiss and heads back to work.

Friday night comes and Liz's parents left way earlier and Liz is closing up with Maria, their working in silence somewhat. Maria looks at Liz. "If you want you can go get ready, I know your anxious about Max coming over tonight."
"No it's okay, I'll help you finish." Liz says.
Maria laughs for the first time in weeks "Look we both know you want to, so just go. I'll I have to do is wipe down the counters and sweep the floor, then I'll lock up and go home."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes now go."
Liz hugs her "Thanks Maria, your a great friend."
"I know."
Liz goes upstairs, and Maria starts sweeping. The bell on the door jingles and she looks up startled. Then she relaxes, it's just the cook Jose. "What are you doing here, did you forget something?"

Liz comes out of the shower and walks into her room. Thinking *Hmm the light must have burned out* She goes to flick the lightswitch to double check.

Jose grabs her from behind and covers her mouth with one hand. With the other he reaches down and fondles her through the towel.
He whispers in her ear his breath hot on her. "Mmm Liz, I think you'll do just fine. He then looks at Maria on the bed duct taped and naked once again. "I think you'll both do fine, two pretty girls at once, hmm what's a guy to do."
Liz tries to scream but his hand prevents it.
"Shhhhhh.. that only excites me more, I like girls that struggle, don't I Maria?"

Michael goes over to Maria's and Amy opens the door. "Oh Michael, Maria isn't home from work yet, but you can come in and wait.
"Thanks Ms. Deluca, but I think I'll go and wait for her at the Crashdown."
Michael starts walking to the cafe. As he gets near the crashdown, he sees Max outside the UFO center. He goes over to him.
"Hey Max whats going on?"
Max kicks the car. "Damn car won't start. And I'm trying to get home before I see Liz, what about you?"
"Maria and I are watching videos, but her Mom said she's still at work, so I decided to come over."
Max looks over at the cafe. "Well I have to use the phone, so lets go over."

They walk over to the cafe and open the door. The broom is on the floor, and there is a sugar shaker, and some ketchup on the floor. Michael picks the sugar shaker and gets a vision. He sees Maria struggling, and the shaker getting knocked over in the process. He looks at Max. "Maria is in trouble, I don't know what happened but she was struggling with someone."
Max looks panicked. They call out for Liz and Maria but no answer. Max and Michael go outside to go to Lizs house upstairs. The climb the steps and the door is locked. Michael opens it no problem. Max calls Liz's name, but there is no answer.

In Liz's bedroom, Jose has both girls naked on the bed crying, he is biting Maria on the nipple while touching Liz hurtfully he has all four fingers in her and Liz being a virgin it hurts her. All of a sudden he hears someone calling Liz's name.
He grabs Liz by the hair and pulls her up, he hisses in her ear "you tell whoever it is to go away, and you better not let on about anything, or I'll kill Maria, and you'll wish you were dead."

"Liz?" Max calls again. He walks to her bedroom door and tries the doorknob.
Jose pulls her hair and Liz speaks up "Max I don't feel good" she says "Can you please leave."
"Liz what's wrong?"
"Nothing! I just don't feel up to company."
Michael is at the door. "Liz where is Maria."
Jose pulls her hair again, "I don't know."
Jose whispers in her ear "Tell them to go away."
"Look I appreciate all your concern, but can you please leave."
Michael looks at Max and Max shakes his head, he mouths "something is going on." Then says outloud "Okay Liz, we'll see you later."

Max and Michael walk to the door and open it, then close it loudly. They go to her bedroom door and listen, after a minute they hear noises, it's quiet.
Michael looks at Max "Whats going on?" he whispers.
Max whispers back, "I don't know, but I have a feeling whoever attacked Maria is in there with both of them."
Rage flashes over Michaels face, and the same is on Max's face. Both boys look at each other. Then Max uses his powers to unlock the door.

Their really quiet as they slowly open the door.
Jose is so intent above Liz and on what he's about to do that he doesn't hear them.
Maria sees them. Michael shakes his head as if to say don't make any sudden movements.
Just as Jose is about to rape Liz, Max and Michael attack him. They charge him knocking him off Liz. They tumble to the ground. Max has lost it. He's punching Jose, Michael throws a couple punches to, and between the two of them not only is Jose knocked unconcious, he's lost a couple teeth and his nose is broken.

Once he's subbdued Max and Michael concentrate on the girls. They fix the light and look at them. Maria is covered in bruises from where Jose bit her, and Liz has them to. They take the duct tape off, and the girls tears fall. They hold them for awhile and then Max goes to call Isabel and Alex.

When Isabel gets there. They all agree that this time they have to tell. Isabel looks at Jose, who is coming around. Isabel glares at him, and then kicks him in the head knocking him out again. They call the sheriff, even though Liz is scared that Max and them will get in trouble somehow, but Max just hushes her.



3 months later. The girls have healed physically, but there will always be emotional scars.
Jose got sentenced to 10 years in Jail.
Michael and Maria are still toghether taking things really slow.
Liz and Max are taking things slow to, Liz doesn't know what she would do without Max sometimes, it's twice he's saved her, once from death, and the second from a fate worse then death.

posted on 17-Sep-2001 10:15:13 AM
Title: Cyber Experience 1/1
Author: Jennifer007
Rating: Heavy R
Category: M&L
Disclaimer: Don't own WB or Roswell
Dedication: To Keith who inspired me to write this tonight. And to Mary who said "You two are going to end up cum-busting (LOL) when you finally see each other again" I'm glad you have faith in Keith and I.


Max listened to the sound of his modem dial up, and watched the screen as it came alive whirring and bright colors signaling his descent into cyber space.

You have mail

Max opened his mail box and watched as the screen showed the people who had wrote to him today. His eyes immediately went to Liz's e-mail name he knew it as well as his own. He clicked on it opening it up.

I'm working on the computer tonight, and since the line is tied up I figured I would send you an e-mail. So what are you doing?

Max smiled and hit the reply button, he didn't know why but he felt playful tonight, and he wanted to distract Liz.

Not much, I was in the middle of choking the chicken what about you?

He hit the send button and then went and checked out his other mail. By the time he emptied his box and he had just went to this site he heard it.

You have mail

Hurrying to open it he was already smiling.

Ahh see now I know your lying, you already told me you only do that in the shower. But if you are I hope your thinking of me.

Max once again hit the reply button.

Okay so I wasn't. And of course I would be thinking of you. Who else would it be Tess? I don't think so, she can kiss my ass.

Liz smiled on her side of Roswell when she got the message.

Now all I can think of is your ass, how cute it is. Do you know when I see you walking I sometimes have this uncontrollable urge to just grab it with both hands and squeeze it?

Max laughed.

Well is there any other parts of me you find grabable?

Liz pounced on her mail the minute she heard that voice. And grinned devishly.

Oh yeah, there are lots of parts that I want to grab, grab, touch, run my hands over.

She thought for a minute and then decided to turn the tables on him a bit, she added to her letter.

All this thinking about grabbing you, and touching you has made me extremely wet.

LOL I'm sorry did that just spring from my mind to the keyboard? I feel so naughty tonight, my bad.

Max had just put a CD in and was looking for the mail flag to come up, when he saw it he opened it and then almost choked. She was trying to tempt him, but he smiled thinking about how he could get her back.

You know that didn't just spring from your mind, you are naughty. So can I touch it? Or do you just want to touch mine?

Liz was confused for a second when she read this one, and then she remembered what she wrote about being wet. She loved when her and Max could play around like this, it was nice to not always have to worry about the fate of the world.

Oh you can touch it, I'm sure that your good with your hands and fingers.

She hit send and then went to get something to drink, by the time she got back she once again had mail.

She gasped when she read Max's letter back to her.

I'm very good with my hands, I bet I could make you purr like a cat, you know how they like to be stroked and petted, so are you saying you'll let me pet your kitty cat?

Her eyes narrowed as she responded, she knew what Max was trying to do, he was trying to shock her. But she wasn't about to let him win.

You can pet my kitty, and you do know that cats like tongue baths right? But what about you? I mean all this talk about petting just makes me want to lick and tease you with my tongue, wrapping my moist, hot mouth around you.

She sent it off and didn't even attempt to hide the smile that was on her face.

Max just stared at the screen as he read her words, he couldn't believe that he and Liz were writing letters back and fourth to each other like this but he could say things to her here that he was embarrassed to say to her on the phone or in public, he started to write her back.

I had heard that about kitties, I'll have to make sure I do a good job about bathing it huh? As for you wrapping your mouth around me, well that sounds real good, and I'm not about to say no to it. But what about sex?

Liz smiled and then laughed as she read.

What about it, are you saying you want to have it?

Max nodded as he wrote back,

YES, of course I do. Do you?

Liz thought about it for about half a second.

Yes, I want to make love of course, but I wouldn't mind having wild sex sessions either.

Max sweated, he was beyond pumped up now, he adjusted his shorts knowing that it was a lost cause trying to get comfortable.

I wouldn't mind that either.

Liz rolled her eyes and laughed, well of course he wouldn't. She knew that he wasn't writing that much because he was most likely very horny and at a loss for words.

I can't wait to one day feel your skin against mine, both of us hot and sweaty, I bet I would feel so full when you finally are inside me, my walls would probably clench around you, don't you think?

Think? How could he think about anything, his mind was now mush, all he could think about was him and Liz locked together in any position as he pounded inside of her.

Can you come out and play?


Liz laughed, she knew that he was on edge, and she was having fun putting him there.

Did I tell you about my dream the other night?

We were laying in bed, and I was starting to suck you till you were so hard that you could barely wait to feel me clenching my muscles around you. You slowly eased into my wetness, as I lifted my hips to meet you.

You were stroking into me slowly at first, and then you started to pound away at me, making me bite my lip and scream your name as I came.

You grunted as you filled me up. And then collapsed on me afterwards.

Do you still want me to come out and play?

Liz waited, and waited, ten minutes had passed and there was no return letter from Max, maybe she had finally drove him over the edge. Maybe he was finally in the bathroom doing what he said he didn't do. That's why she was so startled when she saw Max standing by her window.

"Come on Liz, you said you wanted to play." Max said to her in a whisper.

She smiled brightly at him and then turned her computer off, finally making her way to the window and out to Max. She followed him, not knowing what the night would bring, but knowing whatever happened she was ready for.

The End

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1. Max, Liz,and Tess ^
2. Liz catches Max and Tess making out ^
3. Max tells Liz how he feels about her ^
4. Tess and Liz get into a big fight, with Maria and Max watching
5. Tess reads Liz's journal out loud for only Max to hear, while Liz is with them
6. M/L take the day off to make-out
7. M/L have sex on Max's bed ( Be very descriptive)
8. Takes place after Blind Date

Title: Jealousy
Author: Jennifer007
Rating: R but NC-17 later
E-Mail: RoswellFanatics⊕
Distrubution: Go ahead and take it just tell me
Disclaimer: Do I look like I own Roswell
Spoilers: Up to Blind date, and some of the new Tess stuff coming possibly.
Dedication: To whoever made up the challenge, to Linda who passes it on.

Part 1

Liz is at her locker sorting through stuff mumbling to herself not making any sense, "Liz we need to take a step back, fine Max if that's what you want, no it's what I need. Oh here let me kiss you in front of everyone, oh and now I don't remember, But wait, I don't think that I need to take a step back now that Tess is here." She slams her locker shut and sees Maria looking at her from the other side with a smirk on her face.
"Problems with Max?"
Just then Max and Tess come by and their holding hands. Liz tenses up.
"No, Max and I are just friends, he can see whoever he wants." Liz says unconvincingly.
"Yeah sure your okay with it, that's why whenever you see Max and Tess in the halls your teeth grind, and you clench your fists." Maria tells her.
Liz looks at her, and then down at her hands that are clenched into fists. "Umm do I do that a lot?"
Maria nods her head and puts her arm around Liz "But personally I think that he's crazy, I don't see what he would want with her when he could have you."
Liz smiles, "Thanks, you know your a great freind?"
"I know."
They walk off to their classes.

3rd period rolls around and there is a subsitute who is about 60 years old in Liz's Geometry class. The teacher goes to write her name on the board and messes up, but there are no erasers, Matt one of Kyle's buddies has decided that it would be funny to take them all. Maria and Liz look at each other and roll their eyes.
"Does anyone know where all the erasers are?" The teacher asks.
Everyone shakes their heads.
Liz raises her hand, "They keep some in the eraser room."
Everyone snickers at this.
The teacher looks at her seating chart, "Miss Parker, would you please go and get one for me?"
The teacher writes out a hall pass and gives it to Liz. "And Miss Parker, no dilly dallying."
Liz nods her head and leaves.

Liz goes to the eraser room and the lights are off she turns them on and hear's noises, then she remembers what else the eraser room is used for. She tries to be quite and walks to where the erasers are kept, and the sight that greets her is not one she wants to see, Tess is sitting on a table and Max is in between her legs his shirt is unbuttoned and his hair is all messed up. Liz gasps and Max looks up at her and she sees the final insults, Max has red lipstick smeared across his lips, and he has a hickey the size of a golf ball on his neck.
"Umm I just came in here for a..."
"Look I've had enough of having to see you everywhere I go, did you follow Max, I mean when are you going to get it through your head that Max is over you." Tess wraps her arms around Max, and in a loud whisper for Liz to overhear she says to Max "God, she's kind of stupid, don't you think?"
Liz looks at Max and he looks at her, their eyes make contact and Max feels a jolt down to his stomach, *I've hurt her again.* He tells himself.
With one last look at Max she gets a eraser and walks out of the room. Once outside the tears start to fall rapidly and dropping the eraser she runs to the girls bathroom.

Once Liz has left Max looks at Tess, "You didn't have to say that to her, she's not stupid."
"Look Max, I know that you guys used to like each other, but I'm not sharing, let her find her own boyfriend...if she can, I mean the girl looks half dead most mornings, she has no sense of style, she could learn to use some make-up, and her hair, well her hair looks like a SOS pad."
Max has pulled back from Tess as she's said this, and then listens as she goes on about Liz's clothes and make-up, then she mentions Liz's hair and all he can think of is how soft it is, and then he remembers the first time he kissed her, and before he even know's it he says. "Her hair is so soft."
In the middle of Tess's speel she hears Max say this and she stops, "What did you say?"
"I said her hair is so soft." He walks away from her.
"What are you saying Max?"
Max looks uncomfortable, "I don't know, but if you and I are going to be toghether then you can't talk about Liz that way, she's my friend."
"Well she's not mine, and I can say whatever I want about that bitch."
Max shakes his head, "Maybe you can Tess, but I don't have to listen to it."
"Look Max, if YOU want to be with ME then you have to learn that I speak my mind, and I won't change."
Max nods his head, "Yeah I figured that about you Tess, and that's why I we can't be toghether anymore."
Tess looks at him, "I know your not breaking up with me, no one breaks up with me."
Max laughs "I just did."
He turns around and walks out the door and he can hear Tess angrily calling his name.

Max almost trips and he looks down and sees the eraser that Liz grabbed. He picks it up and thinks *3rd period, she has Geometry.* Max walks off in the direction of her class.

Meanwhile in the eraser room Tess is fuming, *no guy has ever broken up with me, I look to good to dump* she pulls the pages out of a book, *Oh is Max Evans going to be sorry about the day he broke up with me*.

Max looks in the little window of Liz's Geometry room. The class is bent over their books writing stuff down and the teacher is sitting at her desk reading a tabloid thoroghly engrossed in it. Max looks around for Liz and can't find her, then he spots Maria. The boy sitting next to Maria is looking around bored like and Max recognizes him from P.E. Phillip.

Phillip is sitting there bored and he feels someone watching him, he looks up and see's Max staring in the window, he nods his head like what's up and Max mouths "Get Maria."
Phillip taps Maria and points to the window.
Maria looks at Max.
"Where is Liz?" He mouths.
Maria looks puzzled "What?" She mouths back.
"Where's Liz." he mouths.
Everyone except for the teacher is watching this go on.
"What I can't hear you." Maria mouths back.
"Where is Liz." Max says getting frustrated.
"Oh, she went to get an eraser." Maria mouths.
Max holds up the eraser, "This eraser?"
Maris looks startled "Where's Liz?" she mouths to Max.
Max rolls his eyes and throws his hands up.
"Can you get out of class?" Max mouths.
"Can you get out of class?" he motions with his hand.
Maria looks confused again.
Someone in the class says loudly "He said can you get out."
Max ducks his head.
The teacher looks up "What, did someone say something?"

Maria jumps up, "Umm it was me, I have to go to the bathroom."
"Well when Miss Parker ever gets back with the eraser then you can go."
"No you don't understand I really have to go."
"I'm afraid thats not possible, you'll just have to wait."
Maria glares at the teacher, "Look I can't hold it, I have to go right now!"
The teacher shakes her head and returns to her tabloid.
"Okay fine if you won't let me go, Maria starts to unzip her jeans and the males in the class start to whistle.
The teacher looks up, "What do you think your doing?"
"Well I'm not going to runi these jeans, they cost me $40.00, so since you won't let me go to the restroom, I'm just going to use this garbage can here." Maria starts unzipping her jeans more.
And the teacher hastily writes a note excusing her. Maria grabs it and runs out into the hall zipping up her pants.

"Okay what happened?" Maria asks.
Max tells her and she glares at him, "You know usually I reserve this for Michael but." She starts slapping and punching him in the arm. "God how can you do this to Liz? After everything she's done for you." Max flinches as Maria hits him.
"Look I feel bad, and I'm going to make it up to her, but for now can we just find Liz?"

Part 2

"Well I know where I went when I was pissed at Michael."
Max looks at her, "Well where was that?"
"The bathroom."
Max and Maria go to the first bathroom. Maria checks it out and there is no sign of Liz. They walk to the second bathroom and Maria pushes open the door and both her and Max immediately here sobbing, almost animal like. Maria runs in and Max tries to go in but Maria puts her hand on his chest, "Look I don't think that you should go in right now let me talk to her okay?"
Max shakes his head, and tries to come in anyway, but Maria stops him "Max no, besides it's a girls bathroom, so just stand guard okay?"
Max finally nods his head and Maria goes in and locks the door behind her.

"Come on Liz I know your in here."
Maria bends down and looks to see Liz's feet, and sees Liz pull them up quickly under the 4th stall. Maria walks down to it and then lays down and pushes her way under till she's just in looking up at Liz.
"Do you want to talk about it?"
Liz shakes her head.
"I know you might not want to hear this, but Max came and found me and he's outside."
"Why?" Liz whispers so softly that Maria almost doesn't hear her.
"Well I guess because he feels bad."
"No I mean why would he tell me that he has to take a step back and then I see him with her like that? I thought he loved me."
"I do love you Liz."
Maria startled jerks forward hitting her neck against the door. "Damn it." She goes wiggles out back under the door and faces Max, "I thought I told you to stay out there?"
Max looks at her, "I couldn't."
"Well how did you get in here?"
Max just looks at her like she's lost it.
"Oh yeah Samantha Genie alien thing."

Maria looks at him and eyes him then turns to the bathroom door, "Liz do you want me to leave so you can talk to Max?"
There's no answer. "Liz?" she says.
"Yes." Liz whispers again.
Maria looks at Max and whispers angrily to him, "I swear if you hurt her I will not be held responsible for my actions, me and Michael's relationship won't even come into consideration, don't hurt her again Max, I'm warning you." Maria goes out the door and Max locks it behind her after telling her to guard it.

He walks back to the stall, "Liz can we talk?"
"About what Max? You've made your feelings more then clear."
"I don't know what my feelings are, I feel so confused at times, I just don't know what's going on."
"Oh and Tess helps you with that does she?"
Liz is getting angry, "Well is that before or after she puts her tounge down your throat and sucks on your neck?"
Max blushes, "Look Liz can you come out so we can talk face to face?"
"I don't know if that's such a good idea Max, because every time you see me lately you end up hurting me, I mean sure you tell me that you don't want to..." Liz trails off.
"I can hear a but in there Liz."
She doesn't say anything. And then in a loud voice, "Why does everything have to be your way."
"Liz come out so we can talk."
"NO, you can't have everything your way, you want me to come out, well I'm not going to."

Max puts his hand on the door where the lock is and maneauvers it and then the door swings open. Liz looks at him.
"See you can't even do that, you have to have it your way or no way." Liz screams at him.
Max is startled at this, "Liz I only wanted to..."
"What you only wanted to talk to me face to face? You had to see the pain that you and your girlfreind caused me? Well fine Max look at my tears, see how red my face is."
Max looks at Liz seeing all these things, "I broke up with Tess" is all he can think to say.
Liz looks at him dumbfounded, "Why?"
"Because of what she said about you."
"But I mean why? I thought I was the last person you cared about."
Max jerks back like she punched him. "How can you say that?"
Liz starts laughing "Because if you cared about me, really and truely cared about me, you wouldn't have started this whole we have to take a step back thing, you would have fought to be with me no matter what." She turns away from him crying.

"Liz I don't know what it was about Tess, but I just felt this pull to her, I had to see what it was like."
Liz looks at him through her tears, "And if I was kissing someone and you asked me why, and I told you I just felt that I had to, would that have been okay?"
"I would have wanted to kill you and him."
"So why should I accept that?"
Max looks towards the ground, "You shouldn't have to." He walks over to the mirror and looks at himself and sees the hickey on his neck and uses his powers to take it away, "Liz I know you don't want to have anything to do with me anymore but please know that I am sorry."
"Max you don't get it do you? I would be with you under any circumstances, no matter how dangerous it was, I would be willing to take a chance, but your such a coward that you won't even try, you want everything to be your way and that's it. Your worse then Michael, at least he got over it, and can admit that he wants Maria, but not Max." She walks over to him and stands in front of him. "No Max has to try to save everyone, he has to let himself suffer instead of being happy." She looks at him and he meets her eyes "Do you know that sometimes I wish you had let the bullet kill me, I mean why should you have saved me to live a life that isn't happy for me, did you ever care about me you bast..." Liz goes to slap him as she says this, and Max grabs her hands, the look in his eyes is one of passion, and anger, anger that Liz would think that he didn't care about her, anger that she wishes he didn't save her.

"Liz I love you, I've always loved you, that's why I didn't let you die, how can you say that how can you think I don't care about you?"
"I know you love me and I love you to Max, but I said it because you would rather kiss Tess then me."
"There is no one that I want to kiss more then you Liz." He let's go of her hands.
"Liz I'm willing to do whatever I can to make it up to you, because I want us to work, I was just to stupid to say it till know, but I will do whatever it takes to make it work."
"I'ld have to think about it Max, besides actions speak louder then words."
"Then I'll show you Liz."
He runs his thumb under her eyes drying her tears and puts his hand on her heart, "I'm going to do whatever it takes to heal the hurt I put here Liz." He then kisses her on the cheek and walks to the door, he looks back one last time and smiles at her and walks out the door.
Maria rushes in, "So what happened?"


Part 3

About 9:30 that Friday night Liz and Maria are working at the crashdown when Max, Michael and Isabel come in. It's almost closing and there the only ones in there they sit in Maria's section and she goes over, "What can I get you?"
Michael pulls her down next to him, and puts his arm around her. Maria smiles, ever since they got back toghether everything between them has been better.
"Could I have a Sigourney Weaver platter, and a Alien Blast?" Isabel says.
Maria sits there writing in her pad, "Michael?"
"Umm I'll have a piece of chocolate cake, a chocolate shake, and a Will Smith Burger."
Maria gets up and starts to talk off.
"Maria what about me?" Max says.
"Oh, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you guys, there's no dogs allowed in here." She looks at Max while saying this, then walks off.
Isabel and Michael exchange looks "What was that about Maxmillian?"
Max sighs and then fills them in on what happened. Isabel looks at Max, "God Max, I told you that Tess was trouble."

Just then Alex walks in and goes to sit at the counter.
"Alex hi come on over." Isabel waves him over while pushing Max away. "Get up Max."
"God Iz."
"What I'm mad at you, Maria's right for once, your a dog."
Max goes and sits down next to Michael, and Michael shakes his head. Then he looks at Max, "You do know that your the one that screwed up this time right?"
Max nods his head.
Isabel is talking to Alex who looks at Max suddenly and then gets up, "I'm sorry Isabel, but I'm not going to sit with a person that does that to my friend, you can come with me if you want, but I don't want to sit here."
Isabel looks at Max and then back at Alex, she then gets up and goes with him to the counter.

Max looks at Michael who is trying to control his laughter.
"This isn't funny."
"I know it's not, but now your the one who's in trouble, that's usually my job."
"Well what do you suggest I do?"
"Grovel, beg, do whatever it takes to get everyone talking to you again, especially Liz."
Max looks thoughtful and then he grabs his jacket, "I'll be right back Michael don't let anyone leave." He whispers.

A half hour passes and Max comes back in, he grabs Michael and pulls him out the door. Michael comes back in carrying a radio, which he plugs in while laughing. Isabel and Alex are staring at Michael, "What's going on?" Isabel asks.
Michael just shrugs, then Maria comes out with Liz and Michael stops Liz, "Liz sit down and please don't move."
Liz looks at him "Okay?"
Max walks in a minute later carrying a big bouquet of flowers which he hands to a surprised Liz then he looks at Michael who pushes play on the c.d. player. Five's When I Remember When, plays.

While this was playing Max offered his hand to Liz and pulled her into his arms dancing slowly with her the whole time. By the time the song ends Max has pushed Liz's chin up with his hand, "Liz I'm sorry that I was such a jerk, will you please forgive me?"
Liz throws her arms around Max's neck and pulls him down to kiss him, "Of course I'll forgive you Max."
They kiss again.
Everyone else is looking at each other and Maria and Isabel look misty eyed.
But outside the window what they don't see is Tess, she has been watching all of this going on, and there is total anger in her eyes.

After a while everyone get's ready to go and they head out the door, their all standing in between Maria's car and Max's jeep. Maria is looking in her purse and Michael is looking over her shoulder to see what's in it. "Did anyone ever tell you that your nosy?"
Michael laughs, "I'm not nosy."
Liz bursts out laughing, "Umm weren't you the one who took my journal and read it?" Then she claps her hand over her mouth realizing what she said.
Max looks between her and Michael. "Michael is the one that took your journal?"
Michael looks at Liz and then at Max. "Yeah I did, but that was a long time ago, before I knew that she was okay."
Liz jumps in, "Yeah Max, besides it was my problem and I dealt with it, so don't be mad okay?"
Max looks at everyone who is looking at him like he's going to get all upset. "Geeze do you all think I'm a worrier?"
Everyone laughs and kind of nods.
"Well I'm not mad, as long as your fine with it Liz."
"Yeah besides, I hid it."
"Where?" Michael asks.
Everyone laughs, and then Liz shocks them, " I want you to know that if something was to ever happen to me, I hid it behind my lamp table, there is a brick there that comes out, but don't get any ideas Michael."

They had decided earlier to go to the movies so they head off in that direction.

After the movie Max climbs up to Liz's balcony with her. "I'm glad that you forgave me." He says to her outside her window. They kiss and after a while Max pulls away. "It's late, I better get going." Liz nods and he kisses her one last time and heads down the ladder.
Liz goes in and goes to the kitchen to get something to eat. After she's eaten she goes back to her room and takes off her clothes and goes to take a shower. She comes out and get's into her nightshirt and
goes to her lamp table and moves it. She removes the brick and reaches in. She reaches and reaches and nothing. She runs to the living room and gets a flashlight, then she goes back to her room. She peers in the hole with the flashlight and her journal isn't there.
Liz gets dressed and sneaks out of the house, she heads over to Max's as fast as she can.

Once there she sees that the house is dark. She makes her way to Max's backyard and goes to his window it's open.
"Max." she whispers.
There's no answer.
Liz slowly makes her way into his room, she sees Michael in one bed and Max in the other. She goes over to Max she shakes him on the shoulder.
Max wakes up startled. "Liz what are you doing here?"
"Max my journal is missing again, and the only ones that knew about it was me and know all of you."
Max looks at her and then looks at Michael, Max reaches down and picks up his sneaker, he throws it at Michael and it hits him in the head. Michael immediately comes awake. "Ouch damnit, what the hell is going on?"
"Liz's journal is gone."
"What, how did that happen?"
Max narrows his eyes at Michael.
"Wait it wasn't me." Michael says.
"Well then who could have took it?"

Meanwhile at another house, someone is laying on a bed flipping through something and laughing the whole time.

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Jealousy Parts 4-5

Part 4

It's the next day. Max drove Liz home after they questioned Michael. The next day Liz gets up and gets dressed, her parent's are out of town and decided to close the cafe for the day so that Liz and Maria and everyone elsed didn't have to work. Shes meeting Max in the park to talk so she heads out.

She walks to the park and Max is there waiting for her. She goes up to him and he wraps his arms around her, "How are you doing?"
Liz sighs "I'm okay." She wraps her arms tighter around Max, "Who would want to take my journal?"
"I told you that she was stupid Max."
Max and Liz jerk apart and see Tess, she's holding some papers rolled up in her hand.
"What do you want Tess?" Max asks.
"Well I just wanted to share something with you, and then I'll be on my way."
"Fine what is it?"
Tess unrolls the papers and starts to read, "The thing about Czecholsavakians is that they have these incredibly soulful eyes."
Tess looks at Liz who is staring at Tess in shock, "Who is Czecholsavakian? Oh well it doesn't matter." She clears her throat, "Tonight I was kissed for the first time, well wait I can't say it was my first kiss, but it was the first time that I've been kissed that I actually felt alive." Tess looks at Liz, "Hmm who was that?" Liz walks toward Tess, "Ahh ahh ahh, if you want it back you'll stay where you are." Liz steps back and Tess continues, "I can't believe that Max broke up with me, I thought that we had something, it's my fault, I hesitated I shouldn't have, and that's why Max wants to step back." Tess looks at Liz again, "You know I think it was just because of the fact that he was tired of looking at you." She rolls the papers up again and starts to walk away, and then turns around. "Oh and Max if you ever want to hear more, you know where to find me." She blows him a kiss and walks off climbing into her car and driving off.

Max looks at Liz, "What was she reading?"
"Parts of my journal, she's the one that took it."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes Max that is stuff that I only put in my journal, there's no way she would have known it."
"So what are we going to do about it?"
"I don't know I have to think about it." Liz sits down on the grass and Max sits behind her with his arms wrapped around her from behind. They sit like this for awhile and then Liz squeals, "I know what we can do."

Later up in Liz's room everyone is there and they are talking about Liz's plan.
"I think it will work." Maria says.
Max kisses Liz and then gets up. "Okay I'm leaving." He walks out the door and Michael follows him.
Maria looks at Alex and Isabel, "Okay you two know what you have to do so go do it."
Alex mocks salute's Maria. "Aye Aye sir."
Isabel rolls her eyes and pushes him, "okay come on Alex."
Isabel and Alex leave and Maria looks at Liz, okay let's get you ready."

Across town at the UFO center Michael is on the phone, "So that's why I was calling you, I mean Max was totally wrong, why would he want to see someone like Liz when he could be seen with someone like you?"
You hear Tess on the other end but you can't hear what she's saying.
"Okay then I'll see you in ten minutes and we can plot how to make Max come crawling back."
Michael hangs up the phone and grimaces at Max, "Well that bitch bought it."
Max shakes his head, "How can someone be such a..." Max trails off.

At Tess's house Alex and Isabel are hiding in some bushes with shades and gloves on watching her house. Isabel is on the phone, "So she bought it? Mmm hmm, okay well see you soon." She hangs up the phone and looks at Alex, "She's meeting Michael in 10 minutes."
They crouch there and a couple minutes later Tess comes out and gets into her car. She speeds off and when she's out of distance Alex and Isabel head to her house. Alex watches for anyone while Isabel unlocks the door. Then they hurry inside.
They find Tess's room and enter it. Isabel starts touching thing's and her hand finally comes in contact with a pencil and she gets a flash.
Tess is writing something down and then she picks up something from the floor and puts it in her closet under a carpet.
Isabel goes to the closet and opens it and peels back the carpet, she sees a book and picks it up and gets a image of Liz writing. She thumbs through the book and satisfied she looks at Alex. "This is Liz's journal."
"Good come on let's go."
Isabel goes to close the door, and then looks at the clothes in the closet, "No I have something to do first."
Isabel waves her hand over the closet and all of Tess's clothes change from these designer outfits to all kinds of mismatched polyester, and cotton clothes. Lots of plaids, stripes and polka dots. Isabel nods her head, "okay let's go."

At the crashdown Liz comes down the stairs, with Max she's wearing a cute little pink dress, she has her hair done up, and her makeup is all fresh. Maria is right behind them. As they walks down the stairs Isabel and Alex burst in carrying her journal, "Here you go Liz." Alex says out of breath. Liz looks through it and all the pages are intact, "Thanks you guys." And she hugs both of them. Maria comes thorough the door, "Your on Mija."
Liz takes a deep breath and walks through the restaurant and into the street, carrying her journal.
Alex, Isabel, and Maria follow her but stay inside with the door open.
Michael is walking down the street with Tess and Liz walks in front of them she puts the journal behind her, "Hey Michael."
"Hey Liz."
Tess looks at Liz, "Ahh...I told you that if you ever want your little thing back you better stay away from me."
"You mean this?" Liz pulls her journal out from behind her.
"Michael the others are inside why don't you go inside?"
Michael pats her on the back and walks inside.

Tess looks at Liz, "You broke into my house?"
"Why Tess whatever are you talking about?"
"The only way you could have gotten that is if you broke into my house."
"I don't know what your talking about, this is my journal so why would it have been in your house? Now I'm going to tell you something, you leave me and Max alone."
Tess looks at Liz, "Yeah, well it won't be soon before he get's tired of you and comes crawling back to me, or some other girl, I mean let's face it, you don't have what it takes to hold a man."
Liz looks at Tess with pity in her eyes, "Well you couldn't hold him, because if he came back to anyone it was me." And then she turns around and goes to walk back to cafe.
Suddenly Tess grabs Liz by the back of the hair and spins Liz around slapping her in the face.

Maria and the others have been watching the two girl exchange words but when they see this Maria is one of the first out the door, she goes up to where the girls are ready to jump on Tess but Liz stops her, Tess and Liz are pulling each others hair and Liz can see it from where she is. "No Maria, I don't want you involved, Michael hold Maria back if you have to."
Tess continues pulling Liz's hair and Liz is trying to get Tess's fingers undone but she won't let go. Finally Liz reaches up and manages to get a handful of Tess's hair she winds it around her hand pulling it tight and Tess crying out let's go of Liz.
Liz winds her hair tighter till Tess is looking at her, "Now are you going to leave Max and me alone?"
Tess glares at Liz and nods her head. Liz lets go and Tess backhands Liz across the face.
Liz staggers back almost falling down, Maria is fighting against Michael trying to get down but Michael has lifted her half in the air. "Michael put me down, I'm going to kill her."

Tess looks at Liz and laughs, "If I had a dumb old diary, do you know what mine would say? It would say that I fucked Max every way we could, and made him moan my name. And you were the farthest thing from his mind."
Tess starts laughing and she's got tears in her eyes in her eyes from laughing so hard, and that is why she doesn't see Liz hurtling to her. She attacks Tess knocking her down, she starts punching Tess in the face, left, right, left, right banging Tess's head against the sidewalk. People have stopped in the street and are watching what is going on, someone says to call the sheriff. Liz probaly would have kept going if Max hadn't pulled her off Tess. Max stands Liz on her feet and Michael helps Tess to her feet and whispers in her ear, "Tess people are calling the sheriff, and unless you want him to be told that you broke into Liz's house, then I would keep quite, you understand?"
Tess nods her head.

The sheriff comes a while later and writes it up as a teenagers blowing off steam.
He leaves and once he's gone the gang breathes a sigh of relief. Max looks at Liz, "I need to talk to you."
Liz nods her head and they go into the back and up to her room.
Once in there he shuts the door, "Liz she was lying, we never did any of that stuff."
Liz smiles, "Max you don't have to tell me that, I know."
"How do you know?"
"Max it took you 10 years to get up the nerve to kiss me, I don't think that your going to just do it with someone else in a matter of weeks."
Max laughs then he touches Liz's face and she feels a coolness on her skin. Then Max moves his hand, "You had a red mark from where she slapped you." Then he runs his hands through her hair healing her there to.

Max hugs Liz to him, "I love you Liz."
"I love you to Max."
They stand like this for awhile.
"Max you do know that I have the rest of the day off, don't you?"
"Mmm hmm, so do you want to do something?"
"Well since your asking, can we just stay here, relaxing and kissing?"
Max looks at her and laughs, "Yeah Liz we can do that."
He kisses her softly,and within seconds the kiss has become more passionate.

You wanted detailed so here it is.

Part 5

The next day Max calls Liz early in the morning, "Liz?"
"Hi Max."
"Did I wake you?"
"No I was up, I was just relaxing."
"Oh good, umm...well I was wondering if you wanted to come over and watch a video or just hang out later?"
"Sure Max, what time should I come over?"
"Whenever, Isabel and Alex are going to the movies, and my parent's are at this seminar."
Liz smiles, "Okay how about I get dressed and come over now?"
Max chuckles on the other end of the phone, "I was hoping you would say that."
"Okay see you in a little bit Max."
"Okay Liz."

A half hour later Liz rings Max's doorbell, he answers it and lets her in.
Isabel is sitting in a recliner, "Hey Liz."
Liz sits down on the couch and Max sits down next to her. They talk some more about what happened the day before. Then Isabel looks at the clock and gets up.
"Well I'm gonna go get ready." She leaves the room and Max looks at Liz.
"So do you want to watch a movie?"
"Sure what movie?"
"Umm I rented Stir Of Echoes last night but didn't get to watch it."
"Oh I wanted to see that, I heard it was good."
"Yeah me to."
Max puts the movie in and then sits back next to Liz, he puts his arms around her and she moves closer.

An couple hours go bye and Isabel comes out of her room. She sees Liz and Max on the couch both of them have their shoes off and their feet are up on the couch. Max has his arm around Liz, and her head is resting against his shoulder. They are thoroughly engrossed in the movie.
Isabel chuckles, "Well I'm going now, I'll see you in a few hours Max."
Max waves his hand that he heard but doesn't take his eyes from the t.v.
Isabel leaves and Max and Liz continue to watch the movie.

Finally the movie ends.
"I liked it, I think it was better then the 6th sense." Max says.
"Yeah I liked it to."
Max moves his arm from around Liz and stretches, "So is there anything you want to do?"
"I don't know, do you want to just kick back and listen to some music?" Liz asks him.
"Yeah sure come on." He goes to his bedroom and Liz follows.
He puts Jewel on and the music comes on. He sits down in the chair next to his bed, "Is this okay?"
"Oh yeah I like Jewel." Liz lays on her stomach on Max's bed.
Max looks around the room and he sees a magazine on the floor, he picks it up and starts flipping through it.
Liz looks at him and then the magazine, "Max do you want me to go home?"
"What? No why did you ask that?"
"Well your reading so I thought maybe I was boring you."
"No, Liz you don't bore me." He puts the magazine down. "I just don't know what to say or anything, the truth, it's weird having a girl besides Isabel in my room."
"Oh...well we could go back in the living room."
Max shakes his head, "No I don't want to do that either."
"So then what do you want?"
Max gets down on his knees in front of her and cups her face with his hands, "Liz I want you." Then he kisses her.

Liz wraps her arms around Max's neck and kisses him back. Max nudges her lips open with his tounge and when she responds he touches his tounge to hers and they tangle toghether.
After a while Max realizes that he has moved up on the bed with Liz and he doesn't remember how it happened he also realizes that he has never been as hard in his life. He continues kissing her, Liz is trailing little nips down the side of his jaw and neck.
Then she moves up to his ear nipping at his lobe and she whispers, "Max I want you to make love to me."

Max stops kissing her, "What?"
"You heard me, I want you to make love to me."
Max looks at her, "You know normally I would worry and say something to you about how we have to be careful, but honestly I don't want to be that careful."
Liz looks at him in surprise, "So what are you saying?"
"Liz there is nothing in the world that I want more."
Max kisses her again moving his hand up to cup her breast.
Liz gasps in surprise and then sighs.
Max runs his thumb across her nipple through her blouse. It pebbles up and he traces slow circles around it.
Liz is on her back while he is doing this, running her fingers through his hair one leg wrapped up on his hip.

Max pulls back and gets Liz's hands in his pulling her up till she's sitting, then he pulls her blouse over her head.
He kisses her again and reaches a hand behind her back and deftly unhooks her bra. He trails kisses down her neck and to one of her sholders, he kisses one of her shoulders and slowly pulls the strap down on both arms. Liz lifts her hands and he takes it off the rest of the way and throws it on the floor. His eyes have never left Liz the whole time. He finally looks at Liz and his breath intakes "God Liz." He moves his hands up and cups her breasts in his hands.
Liz arches forward and moans.
Max massages them and kisses Liz pushing her back on the bed, then he moves his head down he takes the tip of his tounge and licks the tip of one hard nipple, then takes it in his mouth sucking on it gently. Then he does the same to the other but this time sucking on it with more urgency.
"Oh Max." Liz threads her fingers through his hair and holds his head.
Max moves back over her and captures her lips with his gently sucking on her bottom lip.

Liz sits up pushing him up as well, she gets the edge of his shirt and starts to pull it off, kissing every inch of skin that is exposed to her as she does it. Finally she gets the shirt off and tosses it in the air letting it land wherever, she doesn't care.
She pushes Max back till he's on his back his head over the edge of the bed. Liz straddles him and kisses him, she works her way down his neck, licking and nipping at him, occasionally sucking at his neck so often, just enough to leave a tiny mark.
She licks her way down to his chest, she kisses his nipple swirling her tounge around it, she kisses her way down his six pack kissing each little muscle.
While she kissing him, her hand reaches for Max's zipper, she unbuttons it and then she slowly pulls the zipper down. She moves the pants a bit and reaches inside and puts her hand in his boxers reaching for him.
Max has stilled at this and when she reaches her target Max hisses, "Oh God Liz."
Liz smiles and gets up she stands before Max who has a puzzled look on his face. Liz then pulls his socks off tossing them on the ground, then she reaches up grabbing both his boxers and his pants toghether pulling them off so their inside out.

She returns to the bed and eyes Max's member, blinking.
"What's wrong?" Max asks. Worried that maybe he's different.
"Nothing's wrong, it's just I'm not sure it's going to fit."
Max laughs and Liz laughs as well.
She reaches for him again and runs her hand up and down the length of him, then she lowers her head, and kisses the tip of him. Max's cock jumps when she does this, Liz urged on circles the tip of it with her tounge, slowly.
Max groans deep in his throat and Liz does it again, moving her hand up and down the whole time.
Max sensing that he is close stops her, "God Liz..." he groans again, "if you keep this up...oh god..." And before he can stop it he groans again and gives himself to Liz.

After a minute Liz peers up at Max who is lying there with his eyes closed "Your not asleep are you?" She says while laughing.
Max's eyes fly open, "No, I'm not" he pauses "Where did you learn to do that?"
Liz laughs, "Well it wasn't from experience if that's what you were thinking."
Max blushes and Liz shakes her head laughing. Max looks at her and gets an evil look in his eyes.
He pushes Liz on her back he kisses her deeply and kneads her breasts, he works his way down till he's at her jeans, he kneels and unbuttons them, "I think these should come off don't you?" Liz just nods.
He pulls them off, and then he slowly pulls her panties off kissing her thighs and knees as he goes. Once her jeans are off he kisses his way back up from the tips of her toes to her knees, to her thighs traling soft kisses up them. He sucks on her inner thigh leaving his own mark there.
Liz is moving and clenching the bed spread in her fists.
He smiles as he sees how he is driving Liz crazy and decides to see if he can drive her more.

Max spreads Liz's legs and pushes them up so her knees are bent, as he lays on his stomach in between her legs.
He looks at Liz, how pink and wet she is, her brown curls all moist because of him.
He spreads her folds exposing more of her to him. He moves forward and kisses her, he sticks out his tounge and tastes her.
"Max." Liz cries out as he does this.
He does this again, licking at her. He takes her clit in his mouth sucking it in gently, he eases a finger into Liz as he does this.
Liz can feel her emotions boiling over, and then they do.
"Oh God Max, Max..." She is twitching against Max's mouth and after a minute he stops and moves above her.

Liz looks up at him, "Where did YOU learn that?"
Max smiles, "Not from experience." Liz kisses him and the taste of her on his lips is enough to turn her on more. She reaches her hand down and Max is as hard as steel.
Max reaches his hand down and stills her hand, he brings her hand up and pushes both of her hands over her head pinning them above her head.
He kisses her deeply and moves over her until he's in between her legs.
He lets her hands go and uses one hand to tease her entrance with the head of his cock, with his other hand he touches her clit rubbing it in slow circles. As Liz writhes beneath him he slowly enters her, an inch at a time. Pulling out and then pushing in again till he's all the way in her.
He stills himself and looks at Liz, "Are you okay?"
Liz smiles up at him, "I'm fine but I would be better if you kept going."
Max kisses her and start to move within Liz, slowly thrusting into her. In out, in out, he moves. After a minute his thrusts get harder and deeper, Liz wraps her legs around Max so he can get deeper in her.
Liz feels that she is at the edge, "Max, oh God Max, don't stop, don't ever stop."
With one final thrust and grunt Max pushes him and Liz over the edge.

Later as they lay there in each others arms Max kisses Liz on the forehead, "I love you Liz."
"I love you to Max."

The End

posted on 17-Sep-2001 10:38:01 AM
Title: Love Hurts
Author: Jennifer007
E-mail: BoobzyDD⊕
Disclaimer: Of course I don't own any of the WB people, but in my dreams I am all Max's.
Category: M/L and M/M
Rating: R/NC-17
Spoliers: None that I know of, this takes place in the future, way way after Independence Day.
Dedication: To Jennifer for the challenge and to my 4 roommates who have inspired and curbed my partying ways. LOL well not really let's get real people. And to Thomas happy 7th B-Day in a couple days boo-boo Jen loves ya and it seems like just yesterday that we were changing your diapers.

From Jennifer a challenge

1. everyone goes off to college.
2. max and micahel come back for spring break with there g/f's
3. liz walks in on max and his g/f about to have sex.
4. same with maria and michael
5. maria,liz,and max and michael's g/f get into a fight.
6. there has to be a mud wrestling match between the girls.
7. everyone goes to a club and they get drunk.
8. max ends up with liz maria with michael.
9. and someone has to say" I'am going to do it all night long"


It's June 17th 2002, it's been almost 3 years since the day that Max saved her. The day he gave her a second chance at life.
Max and Liz love each other, but they couldn't be toghether during high school.
Liz had high hopes of being toghether once school was over her and Max had talked and decided that it would be safe to be toghether then. And Maria and Michael had decided the same thing. Liz had barely been able to count the days till graduation and when her and Max could be toghether.
They had all gotten to be the best of friends in the last couple years that they had all applied to the same schools and they had all been excepted to UCLA.
But she shouldn't have gotten so happy, Liz had a feeling deep in her heart that all her hopes and dreams were going to crash down around her, and she knew that there wouldn't be a damn thing she could do about it.
They had decided a while back to have group meetings whenever anything serious needed to be discussed or when they needed to regroup and talk about things, and Max had called for a meeting the night of their graduation.


They had all walked up and gotten their diploma's as they looked out into the audience. They had seen their parent's crying and everyone was excited.
Michael was finally part of a family ever since the Evan's had taken him in, and they were as proud of him as they were of Max and Isabel.
Kyle was a part of the gang now, he had a girlfriend named Stacy that he had been seeing since the end of his Junior year and they were in love but they were going to Stanford, Kyle for basketball and she was going just to be with him. They both had been let in on the secret awhile back when it had been proven that they could be trusted. Kyle had saved Isabel and Max's life, but that is another story.
Sheriff Valenti and Amy Deluca were still dating, but neither of them new the secret.

They had planned to meet out at the old cave grounds where they usually met, but this time it was going to be different. They all felt that they were now adults about to embark on the real world.

Maria and Liz were one of the first to arrive, whoever was first had to gather the wood and start a fire, so that's what Maria and Liz did.
As they gathered wood Maria looked at Liz, "Tonight's meeting, do you get the feeling that it's not good?"
Liz looked at Maria and nodded, "Yeah I've been getting that feeling ever since Max called it."
"Me to."
They continue to gather wood and when they go back to their spot they see Kyle and Stacy and Alex and Isabel, and pulling up is Max and Michael.
Kyle and Alex help to start the fire and finally get it going.

Kyle reaches into the bag he brought and pulls out some vodka and fresh chilled orange juice. He smiles "I brought this for whoever is game."
He pulls out some cups and everyone else passes except for Stacy.
They sit there talking about the graduation, then Liz finally looks at Max.
"So why did you call this meeting Max?"
He looks at her and then looks at the ground, "Well the reason I called this meeting is that Michael and I decided to go to N.Y.U."
Liz and Maria gasp and everyone else looks startled.
"What brought this on you guys?" Kyle asks.
Michael looks at Maria and then quickly looks away because of the tears in her eyes.
"We just wanted to, I mean were all friends, we can see each other any time." Max tells them.
"Can we Max?" Liz asks quietly.

Max looks at her, "Yeah Liz, I mean nothing has changed were all freinds."
"Freinds? I thought that after graduation we were going to take a step up from that?"
"Yeah what happened to that Michael?"
Michael looks at Maria and sighs and then gets a angry look on his face, "Hey I'm alone and that's they way it has to be, I've told you that before."
"Yeah well you also told me that it was to dangerous for us to be toghether here in Roswell because of the asshole sheriff," Maria looks at Kyle, "no offense Kyle."
Kyle shakes his head, "none taken."
"So what happened to wanting to be toghether after graduation huh Michael?"
"I changed my mind." He says while looking at the ground.
Maria snorts a laugh and tears are falling down her face, "Well don't you think that would have been nice to know before you came over and fucked me last night, but now in another way your fucking me right here in front of everyone, I got to tell you last night was much better."
Maria grabs the bottle of vodka from in front of Kyle tilts it back and chugs some.
She comes away gasping and then sits down on the ground.

Liz looks at Max from across the fire, "Why are you doing this Max?"
Max feels like he's dieing inside but he remembers Michaels words.
"Look Liz I don't owe you any explanation, you can't dictate my life to me, I make my own decisions and I decided to get away from Roswell and away from you."
Liz gasps and jerks back feeling like Max has slapped her across the face.
Liz gets up and moves away from the group, she goes over to some bushes and the rest of them can clearly here her getting throwing up. She comes back and Max is looking at her with concern, Liz sits down next to Maria and takes the bottle from her, Maria halfway to being drunk reaches for it, "Hey thats mine."
"Shut up Maria," Liz says fiercely, then she puts the bottle to her lips drinking so much that it leaks out the corners of her mouth.

Kyle watches as she does this knowing that she is hurting, he goes to take the bottle but Maria reaches it first and chugs some more. She then passes it back to Liz who swallows a lot.
Max looks at Liz and so does Michael.
"Hey Maria quit drinking so much." Michael says.
"Oh yeah like all of a sudden your worried about me, well why don't you go off and do what you want, your going to anyway."
Max looks at Liz, "Liz you never drink."
"Yeah well I decided that there is a lot of things that I never do, or have done, and some of the things that I haven't done are thanks to you, and besides wasn't it you that just told me that you make your own decisions, well let me make mine, I'm pissed and I'm hurt and if I want to get drunk to stop the pain that you put there then that's what I'm going to do okay?!?!" She says very loudly.
Max just nods his head.

A half hour has passed and the girls are sitting there talking to Stacy, Liz and Maria are bombed and Michael and Max are watching them and their not to happy.
Liz stands up and weaves from side to side, she looks down at Maria "You know what Maria I was thinking about what you said earlier, about Michael fucking you."
Maria nods her head and glares at Michael.
"Well at least you got to enjoy it, I mean sweet Max over here" She walks to where Max is and stands in front of him looking at him and then looks at Maria, "Well Max here sure screwed me, I mean I thought we were finally going to be toghether but no, he had other plans." She goes and sits back down.
Maria looks at Michael and then at Kyle then back at Michael watching him while she says, "Hey Kyle, Tommy has always had a thing for me hasn't he?"
Kyle drunk and not really realizng what he is saying says, "Oh yeah Tommy has wanted to get with you for ages, but you were to wrapped up in Guerin."
"Well tonight is his lucky night, I'm not anymore." She says, and she watches as Michael's hands clench into fists and his jaw tightens and she can tell that he wants to say something.

"See Michael you can't hide it, you say that you have to be alone, but the thought of me with another guy pisses you off." She stands up and swerves, "WELL THAT'S TO BAD!!!! Yoo made your decision, go off to New York, and when you get lonely I want you to think of me, and think of me in someone else's arms, him holding me and loving me at night because your to scared to." She walks away from them.

Liz stands up and looks at Max, "I want to thank you Max for saving my life, but I also want to tell you that as of now your dead to me, I waited for you for 2 and a half years, thinking that you would finally be with me when you thought it was safe, but now I just realize your a coward, so you remember the same thing Max, when your alone in bed because your to scared to be with someone, well you think of me, and know that I'm getting on with my life," She looks at him and then walks toward Maria then looks at Max, "I HATE YOU MAX EVANS AND I HOPE I NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!" Liz is sobbing and gets her keyes out of her purse and runs to the car with Maria, they get in and she peels out.

Isabel looks at the guys and Alex jumps up running to his car, "I'm going to follow them." Isabel jumps up and runs after him and then back at Max and Michael, "I can'y understand either of you, both of you are so wrong and you know it."
She jumps in the car and they drive off speeding to catch up with them.

Kyle looks at both Max and Michael, Michael has tears in his eyes, and Max is openly crying, no shame about it.
"Were doing the right thing Maxmillian!"
"Then why does it hurt so bad?" Max says.


Part 2

College was hard at times. At first Liz thought that she was never going to get used to it. But after the first 6 months Liz was really into the swing of things.

They had moved to Los Angeles in late July and had found a place, it was a three bedroom apartment, Isabel had said there was no use pretending her and Alex were together and that was it. And with the rent split up between them four ways, it was cheap and better then living in some dorm.

Isabel got letters from Michael and Max, and at first she tried to tell Maria and Liz how they were doing but they didn't want to hear it at all.
It had gotten to the point that Liz and Maria never even checked the mail anymore, they didn't want to see any of the letters. They figured it would be to much temptation and they would end up writing them and that wouldn't help things.

Kyle and Stacy had came down and visited them for Thanksgiving they didn't bring up the guys at all.
Then when Christmas came around Liz and Maria had decided to invite their parents down there for Christmas. They had came, but when asked why they didn't just come back to Roswell, both girls had clammed up.

Alex and Isabel had went back home for Christmas, they had seen a lot of their old friends from school, and Max and Michael had came back home as well.
They asked Isabel how things were going and she wouldn't answer them, no questions about Liz and Maria she had said.
The guys finally got Alex alone and got it out of him. He hadn't want to betray them but he felt that Max and Michael needed to know.

He told them about how all Liz did was get up early go to school where she had enrolled in a ton of classes, then she went to work straight after, finally coming home around one, doing some homework and falling asleep. She was determined to keep herself really busy Alex said.
When Max asked if she was dating Alex shook his head no and Max looked depressed.
Then Alex told Michael about Maria. Maria was taking classes, and working, but that was all she did as well.
Both guys were upset to hear that the girls were not taking it well.

So Christmas ended and Isabel and Alex went back home, they tired to hint at how the guys had asked about them, but Maria walked out of the room saying she didn't know any Michael. And Liz had screamed at them that they better get it through their heads once and for all, Max was dead to her and she didn't care how he was or what he said.
After that Alex and Isabel didn't so much as breath their names when the girls were around.


It was now the beginning of April and Spring Break was coming up, Maria's Mom had been begging her to come home because she needed some help with the business. Maria had finally relented and told her that she would be there.

Liz's parents had also asked if she was going to come back, but she couldn't because of work, they pestered her for the next two weeks but it was always the same she couldn't leave. But then the day before Maria, Isabel, and Alex were leaving. Liz had gotten fired because they just didn't need the extra help.
And that would be the night that Liz's parents called, Maria had answered the phone and lightly mentioned that Liz had gotten laid off. And of course her parents had to hound her about it till finally she said she would come just to shut them up.

So here she was on a plane back to Roswell. When the plane landed Liz could feel her stomach do flip flops. She took some deep breaths and managed to calm herself down a bit.
Her dad was there to pick them all up. He wanted to take Isabel and Alex home first, but Liz begged her dad to take her home first.
With a look of confusement on his face he did that. He dropped her off outside the cafe and she got her bags out. Her dad told her that her Mom was eager to see her and she nodded, with promises to call later the others waved and said bye.

Liz got her two bags and walked up to the door, she had her head down and was trying to keep a hold of them, she opened the door, and walked in the diner.
"Liz honey." Liz's Mom came running up to her and hugged her tight.
"Hi Mom."
"Oh let me look at you, you look so different."
"Mom you just saw me like 3 and a half months ago."
"I know I know, but your still my baby."
Liz smiles and hugs her Mom again, "I'm glad to see you to Mom."
Then she looks around the empty diner, "So do you need any help this morning, I mean there is only an 30 minutes till we open, but I can get ready and help." Liz says in a rush.
Liz's Mom shakes her head, "No honey you just relax, catch up on things, we have it covered."
Liz nods her head, "Okay, well I'm going to go up to my room." Then she laughs, "That sounds weird, I mean I have a new room at my new place."
Liz's Mom nods with tears in her eyes, "Yes, but this will always be your home to."
Liz kisses her Mom, "Thanks."

A few hours have passed and Liz is going stir crazy. She reorganized everything, and then reorganized it again. She decided to get the vacuum and do that.
She got the vacuum out and started it up, as vacuumed making nice even patterns in the carpet, the vacuum all of a sudden sucked something up and started whining.
She turned it off, and turned it on it's side to see what was wrong.
When she saw what was tangled she gasped.


The last day of summer, the next day they were going to begin their senior year, the night that they had included Kyle and Stacy in their group they had all gathered at their spot and had a barbecue. They had ended up having a blast, they danced, and laughed, and for one night defenses had been let down and Max and Liz had acted like the couple they were supposed to be.
Then as it got late, Maria and Liz had pulled out some presents. The girls had spent the last month making them. They had made friendship bracelets using the colors of their auras. Deep purple for Isabel, warm amber for Liz, sunny orange for Alex, mountain lake blue for Maria, brick red for Michael, emerald green for Max, bright yellow for Kyle, and light pink for Stacy.
They had promised to never take them off, they were to wear them forever.

Then she remembered the night that had ended that for her, when Max told her that they were going to New York Liz and Maria had taken off after getting drunk.
She had dropped Maria off, and went home, where she had lost it her parents weren't there right then to hear it so she had really let loose, she cried, she threw things, then once she calmed down and sobered up, she thought that maybe he would change his mind, so she staid up all night waiting, hoping that he would come and see her.
The next day she found out that Max and Michael had left for N.Y. early that morning, he didn't even say good-bye.
She had looked down at her wrist and saw the bracelet, then she grabbed a pair of scissors and cut it off, tossing it to the ground.

Liz starred at it and then she pulled down her sock and tied it around her ankle.
Then she pulled up her sock and put it out of her head.

"Hey Parker, get your booty down here."
Liz smiled *Maria*.
She went down the stairs and saw that Kyle and Stacy were with her.
They all hugged and stood there for a minute talking. They decided to go to the ice-cream parlor and get some.
They set off walking and talking, finally they got there and ordered what they wanted. As they were waiting Isabel and Alex came in.
"Hey your Mom said you were here so we thought we would come bug you." Alex said.
Liz and Maria laughed. Alex and Isabel ended up getting some ice cream to and they decided to go to the park and kick back.

As they walked to the park they heard someone shouting Isabel's name.
They all turned and Michael was running up to them, he swooped Isabel in a hug, "Hey Iz how are you?"
Maria had instantly tensed when she saw Michael, and started to walk off but Kyle put an arm around her shoulders and whispered to her "Don't let him see that your bothered by him, just shine him on for now."
Maria nodded and plastered a big fake smile on her face.
Michael looked around and made small talk with everyone, but avoided looking at Maria, when he said. "Hey Maria, how you doing?"
"Oh, I'm great." Maria said with fake cheerfulness.
"That's good." Michael said while nodding at the ground.

Then they heard someone else come up, and everyone looked. Max was walking towards them and with him were two really beautiful girls. One of the girls was carrying two ice cream cones, and headed one to Michael. "Here you go one strawberry ice cream." Michael thanked her and took a bite grimacing at how sweet it was.
Max saw this and handed him a pack of hot sauce.

Liz had been standing completely still while all of this had happened. Finally Isabel spoke up, "So are you going to introduce us?"
Michael blinked and looked at Liz and Maria, "Umm yeah...Marissa, Lila, these are our friends, Kyle, Stacy, Isabel, Alex, Liz, and Maria."
Marissa looks at Maria and then whispers to Michael who nods his head.
Max is looking at Liz practically starring a hole in her, and Lila sees this.
"Max sweetie, I don't like this flavor, will you switch with me?"
Max looks at her confused and then snaps out of it, "Oh yeah sure." They switch and she eats his ice cream but Max doesn't feel like ice cream anymore.

The silence is deafening, everyone is uncomfortable except for Lila and Marissa. They chatter with each other about some shopping they want to do.
Kyle looks at the girls and then at Max and Michael, "So how long have you been going out?"
Max looks at Liz and then looks away quickly, "Since after Christmas."
The significance of this isn't lost on Alex he realizes just why they started dating.

Finally Maria stands up, "Well I have to go, I mean this has been such a blast catching up and all, but I have things to do and more important people to see." She says this last part while looking at Michael.
Liz gets up to, "Yeah I think I'll go with you."
They say bye to everyone and tell Marissa and Lila it was nice meeting them even though it kills them to do it.
They walk away.
Marissa and Lila get up to, and tell the guys that there going to go shopping. They walk into town.

Isabel stares at them and then when there gone she blows up at the guys. "What the hell is that about? Why did you bring them here?"
Michael glares at Isabel, "We brought them because their are girlfriends and we wanted them to come with us."
Max just nods.
"Yeah there your girlfriends like I am." Alex says. "You said that you didn't start dating them till after Christmas, well that was after what I told you, so what gives?"
Michael and Max just look at the ground, not denying it, but not wanting to answer it either.
Alex looks at them, "Yeah well don't say anything, but Maria and Liz aren't stupid, and their bound to figure it out eventually, especially if you guys don't act like your together."
Isabel looks at both of them, "I'm begging you to fix this between you guys, before it's to late and you can't" Isabel gets tears in her eyes and quickly wipes them away before they can see, "I said that I wouldn't betray what they told me or what they did, because I think you guys were totally wrong, but Maria and Liz aren't themselves anymore, and I don't know if they ever will be." She gets up and leaves them with these thoughts.


Part 3

Liz got home and sat on her bed, she just kind of stared off in space. *So Max has a girlfriend, maybe it was you Liz, maybe he got tired of you after all this time, I mean he's loved you since the first time he saw you, maybe it was just time for him to move on.* Liz picked at the threads on her blanket. *Well at least know you know that he wants nothing more to do with you, and you can move on, move on yeah right Liz.* She flopped down on the bed and rested her head in her hands looking out the window, *Liz who are you trying to kid, if Max called you right now, you would give him another chance.*

No sooner has she said this that the phone rings.
"Liz, it's Max I think we should talk."
Liz's heart beats faster, but she tries to remain calm. "What is there to talk about Max? We know where we stand with each other."
"Do we Liz?"
"I thought we did."
"See that's why we need to talk."
"I don't think that's a good idea Max, haven't we said enough hateful things to each other?"
"I don't want to fight Liz, I just want to talk to you."
Liz pauses and then says "Okay, we can talk I guess."
"Good, why don't you come by my house in an hour?"
"Okay I'll be there."

Liz gets up and jumps in the shower, she can't help it she's excited. A small part of her is hoping that maybe there is still a chance for her and Max.
Once ready she decides to head over to his house a little bit early. It's pouring outside and Liz rushes to her car.
As she gets there she can hear really loud voices coming from in the house. She rings the doorbell and Isabel answers it, she ushers Liz in, "What are you doing here?"
"Max wanted to talk."
Liz looks around and sees Michael's girlfriend sitting on the couch in a pair of cut-offs and a baby-tee, Liz looks at Isabel. "What's going on?" She whispers.
Then she hears Maria's voice plain as day telling Michael that he is an asshole.
Isabel pulls Liz to the side, "All I know is that Michael called Maria and told her that he had to talk to her, and when she got here she found them in the room and...well they weren't dressed."
Liz shakes her head, "God poor Maria," then she gets a sense of deja veu, something isn't right here, she starts walking to Max's room.

She knocks on the door, and hears giggling, then a voice says "Come in."
She opens the door and sees Max laying on his bed, his shirt if off and so are his pants, but he has his boxers on, his girlfriend is straddling him, and she has nothing on.
Liz takes all this in and looks at Max with nothing but anger in her eyes, she is past the point of being hurt.
"What's going on Max?"
"Nothing, what's going on with you?" Max asks as if Liz is just any other girl.
Lila looks at Liz, "Do you mind we were in the middle of something!"
Liz looks at her, "Well not anymore, I came here to talk to Max, and I'm not going to leave until I do."
Lila glares at Liz and then slowly gets off Max, she bends down and gives him a deep kiss, and Liz averts her eyes, and then sees something that makes her almost smile.

Lila gets dressed and as she walks past Liz she hisses under her breath, "Just rememeber that he's mine, and I don't share." She leaves and slams the door.
Liz looks at Max, "Yeah she's your's in her dreams."
"What are you talking about?"
"Don't worry about it I'll get to it later, right now it's time for you to answer some questions, AND I WANT ANSWERS MAXWELL EVANS!!!" Liz screams.

Max looks at Liz with surprise, "Okay Liz."
"Okay, what kind of game are you and Michael playing?"
"What do you mean?"
"Damn it Max, when did I become stupid in your eyes? Huh? You don't care about her, and I'm willing to bet that Michael doesn't care about that other girl either."
Max just looks at her saying nothing.
"Fine you want me to spell it out for you, you invited me over to talk, and Michael did the same to Maria, and when we get here both of you are in the room with them naked" she looks pointedly at Max's boxers and goes over to him touching him there. Max jerks at her touch not expecting that.
"See what I mean, your 19 and you were just "making out" with your girlfriend who was naked on top of you, but your body can't lie Max, you didn't even want her." I saw how much of a reaction you had right after she kissed you, and it was the same as now."
Max looks at her "So what do you want me to say?"
"I want to know why it was so neccesary for you to do this to me? Why did you have to do this to hurt me? It's almost like you wanted to rip open my wounds and pour lemon juice in them. Why do you want to hurt me so much? When did you start to hate me so much?"

Max looks at the ground, "I don't hate you Liz."
"Well you could have fooled me, because as much as I was mad at you, and as much as I said things that I later regretted, I would never have done anything to you to intentionally cause you pain." Liz walks to the door and then looks back at Max, "You were right Max, I don't want to fight, I don't want anything from you, you do what you want and so will I, you've decided what's best for everyone, then you live with it, but don't expect me to care about it anymore."
She walks back to Max and he just looks at her feet.
"Look at me Max."
Max looks at her and she reaches out and slaps him across the face, "This is the last time you hurt me Max, you've shown me that it's completely over this time."
Max just looks at the ground, not even feeling the sting of Liz's slap.

She closes the door behind her and hears Maria still yelling at Michael in the next room, she opens the door to that room and goes in.
Maria looks at her "What, what, what, this is between Michael and me."
Liz shakes her head, "No this is between Max and Michael, this is their game and I don't want to play it, and neither should you, so come on don't bother he's not worth it, neither of them are."
Maria looks at Michael who is standing in front of her in a towel, and before he can stop her she punches him in the gut. He doubles over gasping for air. And Maria walks out the door.

As they walk out into the hall Isabel and Alex jump up, "What happened?" Alex asks.
"Ask the assholes." Maria says.
"Hey that's our boyfreinds your talking about!" Lili says.
Liz gives out a snort of laughter and Maria looks at her, "Shut up you stupid bitch."
"Hey who are you calling stupid?" Marissa asks.
"She's calling you both stupid, I mean think about it, your name is Marissa, her's is Maria" she points to Lili, "Your name is Lili, and mine is Liz."
Maria nods, "Yeah and haven't you noticed that you look like our alter ego's, I'm guessing they picked you becuase your the closest to us that they could get."
"Well if they wanted you then why aren't they with you?" Lili asks.
Marissa looks Maria up and down, "That's easy Lili, take one look at her and then at me, I mean who is Michael going to pick?"
Liz shakes her head, "yeah you go ahead and tell yourself that you really have them."
Liz and Maria walk out the door and start running to the car because it's still raining.

"Hey, I'm not finished talking to you yet you bitch." Lili says.
The rain is coming down in sheets the ground is soaking wet, and everyone is getting drenched as they stand there.
Liz turns around she is pissed, between Max and this girl she's not taking anymore shit, "Don't you have something better to do?"
"Well doing Max is always better, but as I said I'm not through with you!"
Marissa has joined Lili, "Yeah don't think that we just let some little nobodys talk shit to us and leave."
Maria stands next to Liz, "Fine, what do you have to say?"
"Oh I don't have anything to say." Lili says, and with that she backhands Liz across the face.
And within seconds their all fighting.

Liz is on her back and Lili straddling her with her hands woven in her hair pounding Liz's head in the ground.
Maria is biting Marissa on the arm because Marissa is trying to choke her.
Liz manages to reach up and when she does she pulls at Lili's hair but her hand catches in Lili's ear ripping the earring out of it.
Lili howls in pain and let's go of Liz and Liz pounces on her wrestling her to the ground.

By this time inside Alex has looked outside to see what the commotion is. "Oh shit!"
"What?" Says Isabel as she runs to where Alex stands. She sees Maria and Liz both straddling Lili, and Marissa, and their punching their faces in all the girls are covered in mud.
Isabel runs to Max's room and Michael is in there to. "Get your asses outside, the girls are fighting."
Max and Michael look at each other and run out. Michael is still in a towel and Max in his boxers.
They run up to the girls and Liz has her face shoved in the mud, and Lili is shoving it in more with her hand.
Marissa is standing over Maria kicking her in the side and Maria is groaning.

Max pulls Lili off Liz, who lifts her head and gasps for air.
Michael pulls Marissa away from Maria and kneels by her, "Maria are you okay?"
Maria just groans.
"Michael what about me?" Marissa asks.
He ignores her and concentrates on Maria, Marissa starts punching Michael, "you asshole, leave her alone, I'm your girlfreind not that bitch."
Michael stands up in a hurry and looks at her, "YOU WERE NEVER MY GIRLFREIND, WHO WOULD WANT A FAKE PHONY BITCH LIKE YOU?" He bellows.
Marissa staggers backwards, "Well if that's the way you feel, I'm leaving!"
"I think that's the smartest thing you ever said."
She storms into the house demanding that Alex give her a ride.
"Why don't you take a cab you dumb bitch!"
Lili has followed Marissa in, "I guess were not welcom here anymore!"
Isabel laughs, "Gee you really think so?"

Michael is outside and he picks Maria up who winces at his touch because of the pain.
As he brings her in his towel slips off, he puts Maria on the couch where Isabel has spread a blanket, he doesn't even realize that he's naked until Alex gets him a pair of shorts to put on, which he does in a hurry. Max has brought Liz in and laid her down on the other couch. Marissa and Lili come out with their stuff and look at Max and Michael.
"Gee hope we didn't hurt your girlfriends to much." Marissa says.
"Yeah right, those two week bitches didn't stand a chance." Lili says.
Michael stands up and advances toward them. But Alex stops him, "You shouldn't hit girls."
Isabel looks at them, "Yeah but some girls need to be hit." She then delivers a right and a left to both of them quick as lightening, and blackening both thier eyes.
The girls leave in a hurry after this.

Once gone Max and Michael get to work and they heal Liz and Maria, Maria has two broken ribs, and some scratches and bruising. And Liz has a broken wrist, a concussion and some bruises and scratches.

Once they are healed Liz and Maria sit up looking around them, Max and Michael are smiling gently at them.
But everything is not fine, they both remember everything that happened.
Maria gets up, "Thanks for healing me, but the next time I'm hurt don't, I don't want to be indebted to anyone, I can't." She tells Michael.
Liz looks at Max, "Yeah same goes for me thanks, but I don't want your help either." She gets her purse and reaches into it giving both Max and Michael $100.00, "Here that should cover it."
Both Max and Michael look at the girls with hurt in their eyes. And Maria and Liz walk to the door.
"Wait guys can't we discuss this?" Isabel says.
"What's there to discuss?" Liz says sadly.
They walk out get into the car and leave.

Max and Michael are standing there dumbfounded, looking at the money in their hands.
"This hurts worse then when she slapped me." Max says.
Michael just nods his head.
Isabel has turned bright red. "I told you to fix things before it was to late, but no, I mean could you have made it any worse?"
Max looks at her, "Do you think it's still to late to fix it?"
Isabel sighs, "No not really, they still love you, but their hurt."
Alex nods, "Yeah, but I think we can fix things, if you really want to?"
Both Max and Michael nod thier heads vigourously up and down.
"Well then we need a good plan." Alex says.

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Love Hurts 4-6

It was later that week Alex went to Liz's house and Maria was over there they were all sitting on her bed just hanging around when Alex brought it up.
"So Isabel and I wanted to go to that new club Dance Your Ass Off over in Picacho, and we want you to go with us."
"Who else is going?" Liz asks quickly.
"It would be just me, Iz, Kyle, Stacy, and you guys."
Maria looks at him, "Well I'll go if Liz does."
Liz shrugs her shoulders, "I guess I'll go then." Liz says with no enthusiasm.
"Okay, well Iz and I will pick you up at 7:00." He gets up, and walks to the door, "See you tonight."
They nod and Alex leaves.
"So, if you want to go Maria go but I don't really feel like it."
"Oh no girl, you said you were going and that's what your doing, I'm not going by myself, Liz we can't sit around forever thinking of them, remember no iningpay."
Liz looks at Maria like she's gone nuts, then she laughs, "No pining," She laughs again, "Okay Maria, I'll go."
"Oh I know you will, no what are we going to wear?"

That night Alex and Isabel come and pick them up. Both Maria and Liz are dressed really cute, Liz has a pair of white stretch pants on with some white low cut boots, and a denim tube top with rhinestones on it. Maria is wearing a pair of purple jean hip huggers with purple candies platforms, and a white icelet tank top.

Alex tells them how nice they look, they get into the back of the car and Alex limbs in and they drive off.
It's about 35 miles to Picacho and they talk all the way, their listening to music and for once Liz and Maria are determined to have a good time.
"So where is Kyle and Stacy?" Maria asks.
"Oh Stacy was taking forever, so he said that we should leave and get us a table before their all gone." Isabel says.
"Oh okay." Maria says.
They finally pull up outside Dance Your Ass Off, and then park. There is a small line of people outside, but their letting them in so it's moving. They go and get in line and pay to get in and get their hands stamped, the bouncer checks the girls purses and pats Alex down, to make sure none of them have weapons.

The music is loud but good, they find a table right near the door and sit down. A waitress comes up and asks them what they want.
"I'll have a Blue Hawaian." Isabel says.
"I'll take a Budweiser." Alex says.
"I'll take a whiskey sour." Maria says.
"And I'll have a lemon drop." Liz says.
The waitress takes their orders down and walks off.
She finally returns with the drinks and they pay her and Maria tells asks her to bring another round for her and Liz, she smiles and nods walking off.
Maria sips at her drink the first taste making her grimace then she takes the straw out and chugs it the rest of the way back. Liz does the same thing with her drink.
Neither Alex are Isabel are surprised at this anymore, they are used to how Liz and Maria drink at times the girls discovered that they have a hollow leg when it comes to drinking, and they had only been sick once, but that had been a real bad night, Max had called and Liz answered the phone and when she heard it was him she had hung up and started crying, and when Maria *69ed to give the person a peice of her mind, Michael had answered, so both girls had dragged Alex and Isabel to a bar where they procceded to drink every concoction there was, and that was a big mistake, you should stick to one drink. So Alex and Isabel knew how the girls were and they had been hoping that it would be the same tonight.

The waitress brings the other drinks and Maria and Liz polish those off while Alex is paying for them and before she can leave the girls have asked for another round.
She looks at them and starts to laugh, "You have to be having guy problems!"
Liz and Maria feeling loose lipped laugh and smile, "You have no idea how bad." Liz says.
"Well I'll bring you another round this time it's on my boyfriend he's the bartender, we've had some big problems and he is still under the, I'll do whatever it takes to make her take me back thing."
Liz and Maria nod their head in understanding, "Ahh the other woman syndrome strikes again." Maria says while giggling.
The waitress nods and then takes off.

Both Maria and Liz sit there talking, the waitress has brought them another free round, and now their drinking their 6th round.
Liz and Maria are feeling no pain, a group of guys have come up to the table.
One guy is eyeing Isabel, "Hey do you want to dance?"
"No thanks."
"Come on, it will be fun." The guy says.
"She said no thanks." Alex tells him.
"Who are you her brother?"
"No, for your information he's my boyfreind!" Isabel says while glaring at him.
"What is a babe like you doing with a guy like him? What you need is a real man and I have everything you need."
Isabel looks the guy up and down, "Believe me you have nothing I want, I don't want to have to buy a magnifying glass to see what you have."
Alex starts laughing, and the guy glares at her and then at Alex, "Is something funny, what you have to let your girl stick up for you?"
"Your even more stupid then I thought if you think I'm letting her stick up for me, why don't you go try your lines on some bimbo that will buy them."
The guy glares and then walks off.
Isabel looks at Alex and kisses him, "I wasn't trying to stick up for you."
"I know, I'm glad that you can stick up for yourself, but I would have stepped in if he got any more mouthy."
Isabel kisses him on his neck in the spot that drives him nuts, "My big strong male."
Alex laughs while nuzzling her neck. Then he looks up to say something to Liz.

"Where are they?"
"I don't know they were just here."
Alex looks around and then stands on his seat, he jumps down. "Their out there dancing with some guys."
"Oh shit, we have to get them back here."
"I know, come on let's go."
Alex and Isabel stand up and bump into Kyle, "Hey where are you guys off to?"
Isabel whispers in his ear and Kyle looks at Stacy and tells her, Stacy then looks at Max and Michael who are walking towards them.
Max and Michael sit down, "Did they go to the bathroom when they heard we were coming?" Michael asks.
Isabel looks down, "Umm we didn't get to tell them yet."
"What? Why not?" Max asks.
"Well they started drinking, like we told you they would but then some guy started harrassing me and Alex and when he left we noticed the girls were gone." Isabel says in a rush.
"So where are they?"

Just then they hear clapping coming from the dance floor, a crowd has gathered around the people dancing, Michael looks at Isabel as if to say, please don't tell me their out there. And all Isabel can do is nod her head.
Max and Michael sit there in silence, both of them pissed off, pissed that they screwed up so bad, pissed that the girls have taken to drinking, and pissed that Isabel and Alex didn't watch them better.
They sit there thinking these thoughts.

Max and Michael are sitting there talking in detail about what bastards they have been when Liz and Maria are walking up to the table, both of them have their backs toward them so they don't see the girls.
Liz sees Max first, and she turns around bumping into Maria, she grabs her "Maria! Max and Michael are here." Maria peers over Liz's shoulder and squeals.
"Oh My God."
"I know, what are we going to do?"
Maria looks over her shoulder and manages to get Stacy's attention and puts her fingers to her lips going shh. Then she mouths to Stacy to be quiet and bring their purses to the bathroom, then they head to the bathroom.
She gathers Liz and Maria's purse and tells the others what is going on and that she thinks their going to leave. And then walks to the bathroom.
Michael looks at the others and Max looks at him, "I guess it's time for phase two."
Max nods and gives Michael two different keys and keeps a set for himself.
Then they say bye and head out the door.
Kyle looks at them and laughs, "Well this should be an interesting night."

In the bathroom both Maria and Liz are telling Stacy off. "Why did they come, was this some kind of setup?" Maria asks.
"No, we were leaving and they just showed up, and we thought it would be rude to say they couldn't come." Stacy says lieing with a straight face.
Maria nods, "Fine whatever, well were leaving."
"How are you going to get home?"
"Were going to catch a ride, or take a taxi, I don't care but were leaving." Maria says, she looks at Liz, "Right Liz?"
Liz looks unsure, "Maria, maybe they came to finally try, maybe their sorry."
"Nah ah Liz, remember girls on them, on top of them, just to make us not want to be with them."
Liz nods her head and then she looks at Maria and anger is in her eyes again. "Your right come on let's go."
They leave the bathroom and walk out the backdoor. The minute they step out the door they hear Michael's voice, "Going somewhere girls?"

Maria and Liz both startled jump, and then Maria glares at him. "It figures you would try to ruin my whole life."
Max looks at Liz, "We need to talk."
Liz snorts, "Yeah the last time we needed to talk, I found a naked girl all on your jock, I don't want to talk again."
Michael looks at Maria, "What about you are you going to talk to me nicely and listen to what I have to say?"
"Did you suddenly become stupid? I have nothing nice to say to you no if you want to hear the horrible names I've come up for you then I would be more then willing to tell them to you."
Max looks at Liz, "Do you feel the same way?"
Liz nods her head, "Yup, her and me pretty much made up those names for you toghether, want to hear some?" She says as she walks off.
Maria follows her and Michael and Max look at each other, "You know walking away from us isn't a good idea." Michael says.
Maria turns back to him, "Why it's not like you can really hurt me any worse."
Michael runs up and stands in front of Maria putting his hands behind his back. "I'm giving you another chance to talk to me, are you going to talk to me?"
Max has came and stood in front of Liz and he nods his head, "Yeah Liz same goes for you, are you going to talk?"

Liz and Maria look at each other, and then at the guys.
"I told you Max, I don't have anything to say."
"Yeah Michael me neither, besides what are you going to do force us? Just let us leave!"
Michael brings his hands out from behind him, "You know, it's so good to have freinds in high places."
Max laughs bringing out his hands, "Yeah it sure is."
Both guys have a pair of handcuffs in their hands and before the girls can do anything about it the guys have put the handcuffs on them with thier hands in front of them.
"Now we are going to go someplace and we are going to talk, and your going to listen if I have to gag you Miss Deluca." Michael says.
"Now come on let's go." Max says.
Liz looks at Max and Michael and then Maria and both girls start running. But they don't get far, Michael and Max catch up to them and swing the girls up onto their shoulders, they carry them to the car.
Liz is banging her fists the best she can against Max's back.
And Maria is squrming trying to get down, "Hey Deluca, you have no idea what all that squirming is doing to me!"
Maria stops immediately.

They get to the car and the rest of the gang is there, Max and Michael put them in the backseat of the car and Maria screeches at Alex and Isabel, "I'm never going to forgive you, you guys all set this up."
Alex laughs, "Hey don't be sore, you'll thank us in the morning."
Max and Michael get in and drive off.

A few minutes later they reach the motel that they had previously paid for. Max and Michaels rooms are few doors apart and they each carry their sulking girls to their doors, not even putting them down to open it.
"Good Luck Maxmillian."
"Yeah you to, I think were going to need it."
They both carry the girls in and with a slam they shut the doors behind them.


This next part may seem confusing, because I'm jumping from room to room becuase the couples are practically saying the same thing but you'll get it I know your smart. PLEASE GIVE ME MAJOR FEEDBACK ON THIS PART PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Part 5

Once in the room Michael tossed Maria on the bed moving in fast, he uncuffed one of her hands and looped it throught the bedpost, recuffing it and making sure there was no way for her to leave.

In the other room Max was doing the same thing. Max looked at Liz as she laid there with her hands above her hands. Liz glared up at Max, but a small part inside of her couldn't help but feel excited by the whole thing.

"So are you ready to hear me out Liz?"

"Hear you out, why should I listen to anything you have to say Michael?" Maria tells him.

Max looks at Liz "You should listen to me, because I'm sorry."

"Sorry isn't enough? What do you want from me?" Michael asks.

"Nothing I don't want anything from you, you made it clear that you didn't want me." Liz tells Max.

"I don't want you? If I didn't want you why would I have gone to all these lengths?" Michael tells Maria.

"I don't know why Max, why don't you tell me!"

"Fine, I'll tell you Maria, I did all this because I was so wrong with what I did, and the decision I made, and..."

"And I want to be with you Liz, I haven't been the same since this whole thing happened."

"And whose fault is that Michael? I waited for you for 2 years, I stuck by you and pretended to barely even be freinds and what did I get for it?"

"I'll tell you what I got Max, I got the short end of the stick, you promised that we would be toghether and then you and Michael decided that we couldn't."

"I know Maria and I'm sorry, I don't know what to say..."

"But I know I'm willing to do what ever it takes to make it up to you!" Max says.

"How do you know that I want you to make it up to me, for all you now I have a boyfreind in L.A. waiting for me."

Max looks shocked and hurt, "Do you? Alex told me that you weren't seeing anyone."

"Alex doesn't know everything about me, sometimes I'm out all night and I don't even show up till the next day." Maria tells Michael.

"No, your just trying to make me jealous." Michael says.

"Why would I try to make you jealous Max, were not toghether remember?

"What it makes you jealous to know that other guys treat me the way I deserve to be treated? Does it upset you that other guys have touched me, and held me, and kissed me all over, that they do little things that are nice for me!?!" Maria says.

"Does it bother you that the guys I'm with have touched me in ways you never did, in ways that you were to scared to, does it bother you to know that I liked it and when I was with them, I cried out their name and you weren't on my mind at all, does it Max?"

Max looks at Liz.

And in the other room Maria looks at Michael, and both of them realize that they have went to far, they've said the wrong things, but it can't be helped they've been hurt for to long, and they need to say these things.

"Not only was it so good, but what you did to me was nothing compared to what they did." Maria tells him.

"So don't think you were the only one getting lucky Max, because I slept with anyone that would have me since you didn't want me!"

Liz looks at Max as she says this and sees a change come over Max, she sees the anger in his eyes it's flashing and she can almost feel the fury pour off of him.
And in the other room Maria can feel the same thing from Michael he is looking at her with a burning intensity.

As if both of their minds have merged and they don't know it, Max and Michael speak the same words at almost the same time.
"I don't care how many guys you've been with, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let you go, you are mine."
And with a growl of frustration the guys descend on the girls, Max with his hand tangled in her hair holding her head to make her look at him, and Michael with his hands on the side of Maria's face, they kiss them fiercly.

Both Maria and Liz groan, they can't help it, there has never been anyone else for them, and there never will be. With their hands above their heads they kiss them back with all the passion they've felt, all of the love and anger that they've had in the last 10 months since things ended it all comes bursting out.

Max kisses his way down Liz's neck, growling deep in his throat, "Your mine, no one elses."
Liz doesn't say anything afraid if she does that it's going to all be a dream.

Michael pulls unbuttons Maria's tank top revealing her creamy breasts to him. "God Maria, your as beautiful as I remembered you to be." He takes her right nipple in his mouth sucking on it deeply.
Maria lets out an animal like groan, and Michael smiles against her breast, "You like that huh?"
Maria just pushes her chest forward straining for Michael to take more of her into his mouth.

Max pulls down Liz's top and hisses in his breath, "Liz, your so beautiful, I should have loved you along time ago."
He licks a slow circle around her nipple and then softly bites down on it, almost chewing on it he grunts at the feelings of this.

"Maria if I let your hands free, are you going to leave?"
"Michael, do you need to ask? I'm not going anywhere right now."
He chuckles and gets the keys letting her arms free, she immediately wraps them around him pushing him back on the bed kissing him as she goes.

"Max will you un handcuff me?"
Max is standing up and smiles at her, "I don't know I kind of like the site of you like this."
He looks at Liz, with her hair all tangled, her lips swollen from kissing, her breasts revealed to him, and her chest all flushed from his attention.
"No I think I'm going to keep you like this for awhile, I have plans for you Miss Parker." He takes her boots off.
Liz gulps but feels her body respond wildly to the veiled threat from Max.
Max comes closer to her, "I'll replace this."
"Replace wh..."
Before she can respond anymore Max has gripped her shirt in his hands and torn it down the middle and thrown it to the floor. He then puts his hands on both sides of her hips, then he slowly pulls her pants and panties down her legs revealing the rest of her to him.
Once he tosses those to the side he strips himself of all his clothes, then lays inbetween her legs.

He pushes her legs up till they are bent at the knee, he smiles wickedly up at her then back at her core, "Do you know how many times I've dreamt of doing this to you?"
Liz feels herself moisten at his words, and Max sees it as well, he groans seeing how Liz wants him, then he places his lips on her kissing her in the most intimate way.
Liz bucks up against him but with her arms being shackled she doesn't have far to go.

Michael rolls Maria over on her back, kissing her neck. "Maria before we go any further, I have to know, did you really have, well did you do..."
Maria rolls Michael onto his back, and straddles him, positioning herself but not letting him enter yet, "There has been no other guy since you Michael, but before we do this I want you to know, if you hurt me this time, that's it no more chances."
She pushes down onto Michael and she feels herself stretching completely at this. And before she can stop it an orgasmn triggers, she clenches her eyes tight and calls out Michaels name. Maria sits atop him his hands are on her ass, and when she looks at him he smiles. "Hey I didn't even move."
"You didn't have to."
"Well as much as guys like to hear what a stud they are in the you want to try for round two?"
Maria starts moving atop him, "Only round two?" She says while wiggling her eyebrows "I'm going to do it all night long."

"OH GOD MAX...MAX OOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Liz screams out as Max brings her to orgasmn with his tounge. He continues to give her small licks until she is begging him to stop.
He does and comes up to meet her face, "I love you Liz, and I'm never going to let you go, I meant that." He lets her hands down, and she moves them trying to get the circulation going again, Max touches them and gets the blood going.
Liz looks at him, "I know you meant it Max, and believe me, I'm not letting you go this time, if you leave me I'm following you, wherever it is."
Max kisses her again, and they fall back on the bed, Max positions himself against Liz ready to enter her but Liz stops him, "Max did you and Lila, you know did you a lot?"
Max leans down and takes her lips, and whispers against her, "Your the only girl I've ever been with Liz."
"That was all put on."
"What about you, how many guys have been with?" Max asks not wanting to hear the answer.
"There were no other guys, I just wanted to make you hurt like I did."
Max smiles, "I'm glad."
Liz smiles and kisses him.
He once again positions himself against her and slowly pushes his way in, inch by inch. Finally he is all the way in her and they both groan at the feeling, there is next to no pain for Liz she's waited to long for this.
Max starts moving and Liz does to, she matches him thrust for thrust. The smell of their lovemaking feels the air, and finally Max and Liz are pushed over the edge toghether, another hurdle in their life crossed.

Later both couples lie in each others arms. "How do you think the others are doing?" They all say simealtaneously, and then they start laughing.


Part 6 Epilogue

It's 4 weeks later, Liz and Maria went with the guys to New York to settle things.

They've helped the guys get all their stuff packed and sent it ahead by UPS they all head off to California, where the guys have transferred.

On the flight there the girl have spent a lot of time in the bathroom, the flight made them sick.

They arrive at LAX and Alex and Isabel meet them. They get their luggage and head to their apartment, a 3 bedroom place would fit them just fine. There was no pretenses they all new what the sleeping arangement was.

The first two weeks go bye great, there is no problems they all get along fine and there is next to no squabbling.

Then Maria comes home from work one day really tired, Michael offers her something to eat but she isn't interested, Liz comes home and it's the same way.

Max looks at her, "You haven't been eating lately, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I think" she blushes but goes on, "I think my period is going to start soon thats why I don't feel good."
Maria looks at her, "Yeah mine to, I was so stressed last month I didn't get one." She looks at Michael as if to say see what you did, with all that game playing.
Michael looks guilty.
"I didn't get one either." Liz says.
Isabel has walked in the room and heard this, "When was the last time you had one?"
"I don't know, I think a couple weeks before we left for Roswell." Maria says.
Isabel looks at her, "I know, remember we were all on it at the same time then."
Alex shakes his head, "Oh god, I know I'll never forget you were being such bitc..." he trails off because all of the girls have shot him deadly looks.
"We were such what Alex?" Isabel asks.
"Umm.. nothing baby."
"Yeah that's what I thought." Isabel says.
"So what are you trying to say Isabel?" Michael asks.
"Well I'm just saying that I got mine a couple weeks ago, and Liz and Maria should have to." She lets the rest of what she is implying just hang in the air.

Max looks at Liz, and Michael stares at Maria.
"Do you think their pregnant Isabel?" Max asks.
"Hello I'm right here, why don't you ask me?" Liz says.
"Okay do you think your pregnant?"
"No I couldn't be!" Liz says.
Michael looks at Maria, "And you?"
Maria shakes her head, "How could I be?"
Michael looks at her and smiles, he then leans forward and whispers in her ear. She blushes.
"Well you guys need to find out." Isabel says.
"Yeah, so...." Liz says.
"Michael and I will go to the store and get a test for you guys okay?" Max says.
Liz and Maria start to argue. "No you guys will be embarrased, we can do it." Liz says.
Maria nods her head in agreement.
"We can do it, it's not a big deal, we can handle it." Michael says.

"I told you we couldn't handle it." Michael says.
Max and him are standing in the feminine aisle, they are looking at everything that there is in the aisles.
Michael grabs a package of pads and reads it, "Ultra thin long Kotex, why do they need long?" He then picks up another pack, "And wings, what the hell do the wings do?"
Max shakes his head, "Why are you asking me, do I look like I grew breasts in the last 5 minutes?"
Max goes over to where the pregnancy tests are, their right next to the creams and douches. Michael picks up a Massengil package and reads it, "How about this one?"
Max looks at it and laughs, "Michael remember that commercial that used to come on where the woman was talking to her daughter about being fresh?"
"Yeah." Michael says.
"That's it."
Michael throws it back on the shelf like it burned him.
Max is looking at the tests, and he picks up one, "Fact plus, what about this?"
"I don't know" he lowers his voice, "I mean how do we know that they will even work, were you know different." He looks at Max like you know were aliens.
"Your right, we don't know."

Max and Michael come home and they are each carrying a bag, they hand them to the girls, and the girls look in them. Maria starts cracking up, "What did you guys buy pregnancy tests for the whole complex?"
Liz looks in her bag and laughs to, "They must have had a big sale on them."
"Hey we weren't sure what kind to get, and we weren't sure if they would work because of the fact that were so different." Michael says.
Both girls stop laughing, and smile. "Well it's the thought that counts." Maria says.
Liz nods and starts to read some of the boxes, after a couple minutes she looks up and Max is staring at her. "They all say that morning urine is best."
"So what does that mean?" Michael asks.
"We wait till morning space boy." Maria says.

In the morning Max and Michael have eached waked Liz and Maria up. The girls don't want to really get out of bed yet but they do at the looks on the guys faces. There is only one bathroom and both girls go in at the same time, Maria says she'll wait and Liz says the same thing, but figure what the hell and they both of them close the door. They take all the tests out of the packs, and then help each other. Maria hands Liz 3 different sticks to pee on, and then Liz holds it while Maria hands her the cup which Liz pees in.
Then they repeat the process for Maria.
After Maira pees in her cup the go to the counter and use the eyedroppers to put drops in thier tests. Then they set the watches and timers that they got from around the place. They sit on the edge waiting.

They sit there in silence for a few minutes until Maria can't take it anymore.
"What are you going to do if you are?" Maria asks.
"I don't know, do you think that the guys are going to be upset?"
Maria shakes her head, "I really don't think so, I think they have finally changed."
They sit there and finally the timer goes off. They go and look at the tests.

Maria comes out of the bathroom followed by Liz and they go into the living room where they can hear the others talking, Isabel sees them and becomes quiet.
"Well?" asks Max.
Liz holds up the E.P.T. "Well this one says yes, the fact plus says yes, I got two pink lines from this one, a blue line from this one, and this one is pink too."
Maria looks at Michael, "Ditto."
Max and Michael look at them.
"So your..." Michael says.
Max looks at Liz, "I don't think they are all wrong so yeah I am."
Max comes to stand by Liz and he wraps her in his arms. "Your not pregnant."
Liz looks at him confused.
He looks down at her, "Were pregnant Liz, were in this toghether."
Maria looks at Michael who nods his head. "Ditto." He hugs her.
Liz and Maria start crying, and Max and Michael look at them thinking they did something wrong.
Isabel laughs, "Get used to it, you thought periods were bad, wait till the hormones really get going."
Alex looks at her and kisses her neck whispering in her ear, "Do you think we can get your hormones going like that?"

Isabel smiles at him, "What are you saying?"
"Well I'm kind of jealous."
"Are you saying you want to have a baby?"
Alex stands up and takes her hand pulling her up, "Excuse us, but Isabel and I are going to go see if we can get her pregnant."
Isabel slaps him on the arm and blushes, "Alex!!!!"
He wraps his arms around her and kisses her walking her backwards toward their room.
Liz looks at Max, "Are you upset?"
Max shakes his head, "No, I want as many as we can have if they all look like you."
Liz smiles and rubs her nose against his, "As long as they have your eyes."
He hugs her and kisses her deeply.

THE END!!!!!!

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Author: Jennifer007
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Distrubution: Go ahead and take it if you like it just please tell me about it.
Rating: R but NC-17 later
Spoilers: Up to Independence Day, and some spoilers possibly for SH and and the ones with Tess. And if you've read the spoilers, well I'm not following them along the lines exactely, this is pretending that what you might now about Michael concerning her isn't taken into account in these stories.
Dedication: To all the people who read my stories and like them, and give me all the great feedback and beg for more and more, so here is more LOL. To all the Dreamgirls out there, you know who you are!!! To Sara especially for giving me the Challenge. Also to Rollerworld that use to be in Concord, that brings back memories, and since it's now a gym I can use the name.

Special Dedication: Part 2 and 3 is especially dedicated to my roommates, when I was writing this I couldn't help but recall some of the things we would do to make our ex's jealous. Steph and Nette, you were always borrowing each others boyfriends to make Ben, and Joshua, jealous. And Martha remember how my Drama class came in handy, staged fights and especially the make-up lessons. "Damn girl that looks like a real hickey!" LOL. Hope this brings as many memories to you guys as it did to me while writing it.


Challenge from SARA at Crazy12687⊕

These are two challenges by Sara that I'm meshing toghether.

1. Max, Liz, and Tess *
2. Tess starts working at the Crashdown *
3. Max makes out with Tess *
4. Liz wears the following: Black leather pants, Leopard tank top, 2 inch. heel boots, and her hair is in a high pony tail *
5. Max sees Michael making out with Liz *
6. Max gets drunk again *
7. Liz lets Max see her naked
8. Max and Liz have sex


"You've changed Max, all you do is talk about Tess anymore."
Max and Michael are in Max's room, Michael is laying on Max's bed with his head over the edge looking for his shirt.
Max sighs, "I know, I don't know why, but there is just something about her, I'm drawn to her."
"Look if that's the way you feel then fine, but what about Liz? I mean to tell you the truth Liz has been there for all of us, she's done things to help us out when she knew she was just being used, and now with this, well trust me when I say, that it doesn't feel good to hurt someone. So are you going to tell her?"
Max runs his fingers over his face rubbing it, "What should I say? Liz I know that we have this connection and all, but I have feelings for someone else, and I have to see where that leads, but I still want to be friends, I hope you understand."

The next day at school.
"Understand? Be friends? But I thought that we were finally getting somewhere I thought that we were moving forward finally!" Liz says with tears in her eyes.
Max looks down at the ground uncomfortably, "Liz please don't make this any harder on me."
Liz is crying openly by now, "Harder on you? What about me? Don't you know what this is doing to me?"
Max looks up at her and something catches his eye in the distance, Tess is waving him over.
Max looks down at Liz and then at Tess, "I have to go Liz." He hurries off and Liz watches him as he goes up to Tess and she puts her arms around him hugging him.
"Good bye Max." Liz whispers quietly and then walks out the door of the school, *there is no way I'm staying in school today.*

The next day Liz wakes up and gets dressed, she puts on a pair of sweats and a sweat shirt and pulls her hair back in a ponytail, not really caring what she looks like.
Maria picks her up, and tries to talk but Liz doesn't want to hear it.
They walk through the halls and Liz goes to her locker and Maria tells her that she'll talk to her later.
Liz just nods and looks in her locker searching for her books.

"Well it's no wonder that Max broke up with you."
Liz looks up sharply and sees Tess standing by her locker.
"I mean when a girl can't take of herself well then a guy starts to lose interest."
Liz looks at her, "What do you want Tess?"
"Nothing really, I just want to tell you to stay away from Max, I don't want you to talk to him, I don't want you to look at him, and if he talks to you for some reason I want you to ignore him, he's not yours anymore."
"Look I don't control him, if he wants to talk to me then he can I'm not going to stop him."
"Yeah well I also know how he goes into that little cafe of yours all the time, so when your there I don't want you to serve him either. That's one way that you won't have to talk to him, I mean I'm only thinking of you. Doesn't it hurt to see him and know that he's with someone else?"
Liz looks down at the floor and then back up, determined not to let this girl see how much she is upset by her words. "No it doesn't bother me, and it's not like I have a choice in if I serve him or not, there is just Maria and I there most days so help is limited, besides Max and I are friends and there is nothing you can say or do that will make me not be."
Tess looks at Liz and glares, "Oh yeah! Well we'll see about that." She walks off.
Liz looks at her and then closes her locker, and walks off to class.

After school Maria and her drive to the Crashdown, they walk in and Liz's dad is sitting there talking to a girl. Her dad and the girl stand up and she shakes her hand, he then spots Liz and Maria.
"Hey girls it looks like you finally have someone to help you out around here."
The girls look as the girl turns around.
"Hey Liz." Tess says.
Liz stands there with her mouth open, "Your working here now?"
"Yeah, I figured since you said the help was so limited you could use a hand around here."


Part 2

That Monday night the Crashdown was packed, Liz and Maria were waiting tables, and so was Tess.
Tess was pleasant enough with all the customers, but it just seemed to be fake.
It's slowed down right now and all the tables have thier orders so thier all kind of standing around, just putting things up and organizing, Tess is spinning herself on one of the stools. Around 8:30 that night Max, Michael and Isabel came in.
Tess gives Liz a look and then goes to wait on them. Maria watched this exchange and looked at Liz, "I can't believe that someone would get a job just to be near her boyf...I mean some guy."
Liz looks at Maria, "You were right the first time, he is her boyfriend."
Maria and Liz look over at where Max and the others are sitting. Tess is flirting with Max and he seems to be enjoying it.

Tess looks at Maria, "I'm going on my break, I'll be outside." She says.
Maria just waves her hand at her as if to say fine go. Tess walks outside and looks back at Max.
Liz is in the back getting the trash toghether to take out. She puts it to the side and goes out into the front of the cafe. Michael is talking to Maria and she's running her fingers through his hair, kind of giggling.
"Hey Maria, keep an eye on everything, I'm going to take the garbage out."
Maria just nods, not really paying attention, she's more interested in what Michael's whispering to her.
Liz smiles at them and then walks into the kitchen, she goes out the back and puts the garbage on the ground and then opens the lid. Once the lid is open she hears a noise, she looks around the garbage can and sees Max and Tess. Max is leaning against the wall and Tess has her arms around his neck.
Max's hands are running up and down Tess's back, they are in a heavy make-out session, both of them oblivious to what's happening around them, and to Liz.

Liz forgetting all about the garbage runs back inside, she runs upstairs and falls upon her bed crying.
About ten minutes later Liz hears a knock on her door, "Come in." Liz says quietly.
Michael opens the door and comes in, "Umm Liz, Maria sent me up here to see if you were here, you never came back and we, well she was getting worried, are you okay?"
Liz sits up and is wiping the tears from her face trying not to let Michael see, "Oh umm... I pinched my finger on the garbage, and it hurt so...but I'm fine." Liz says with fake cheerfulness.
Michael looks at her not believing a word she says, "Well Maria said that she'll close up, it's almost 9:00, so anyway I'm gonna help her, so you can stay up here if you want?"
"Thanks Michael, and tell Maria thanks as well."
"Sure, talk to you later."
He walks out of the room and as he shuts the door he can hear Liz start crying again, *Pinched finger my ass*, he thinks.

Michael walks back downstairs and Maria and Tess are arguing he stands at the top of the stairs just listening.
"Look Tess, when 9:00 rolls around we all chip in and help so we can get out of here quicker, you can't just leave!"
"Well I am leaving, Max is going to take me home."
"Oh do not even bring up you and Max in my presence, I don't know what the deal is but I know one thing, he can't feel for you what he feels for Liz."
"I don't care what he feels for me, I'm just having fun, Max is someone to pass the time with. And well he's very easy on the eyes, who knows once I get tired of Max, maybe Michael will be tired of you!"
Michael hears this and makes a lot of noise coming down the stairs, he knows Maria's temper and the last thing he wants to do right now is break up some hair pulling, nail scratching fight between Tess and Maria.

He puts his arm around Maria, "Hey Liz said that she forgot she has a really big test to take so I told her you and I could handle this."
Maria looks up at him and he's looking at her like, do not argue. Maria nods her head.
"Okay Tess you can go, Michael's going to help me, so I don't need you to stay."
"Well if Michael's going to stay, maybe I can stay around and do something." She smiles at him.
Michael gives her his best fake smile, "We don't need you."
"Okay, well I'm gonna go, Max is waiting for me, bye!" She walks out the swinging doors and then out of the cafe.
Michael and Maria watch her as she leaves.
"I hate that bitch!" Maria says.
"Yeah me to."
Maria stares up at Michael, "What?"
"You heard me, I don't know what it is but I haven't liked her from the begginning."
"So where is Liz, I don't buy that she would cut out of her just for studying."
Michael shakes his head, "No she's crying, I think this whole thing has really got her down."
"Duh Michael, well will you help me clean so that I can go talk to her?"
Michael just nods his head.

Michael uses what powers he can to help Maria and the job gets done more quickly.
They've talked about this whole situation the whole time and Maria came up with a plan, and got Michael to agree with it, well she forced him to agree with it actually.
Maria takes off her apron and walks into the back, she starts heading up the stairs and Michael follows her, they go to Liz's room and knock on the door.

"Come in."
Maria opens the door, and walks in. Michael follows her and takes a seat in the chair.
"So Liz, do you want to tell me what really happened? Because I don't buy that you hurt you finger."
Liz looks at Maria and starts to speak, then she looks at Michael.
"Hey I know this has something to do with Max and Tess, and I'm not gonna say anything."
"He won't Liz, he doesn't like Tess."
Liz smiles at this, then she lets out a sigh. "I went to take the garbage out...and I saw Max and Tess kissing."
Michael nods his head, "Yeah thats what Maria and I thought might have happened."
Maria looks at Liz, "But I have a plan Liz."
Liz shakes her head, "No Maria, no more fake college guys." She snaps her head up and looks at Michael, realizing that she just spilled their lie.
Michael chuckles, "Maria told me about that a while ago."
Maria nods her head, "And this isn't a college guy, it's Michael."

Liz looks at them confused, "What?"
Michael shakes his head at Maria, "Look this wasn't my idea, and if you want to say no, that's fine. But Maria wants you to, well she wants you to..." Michael can't get it out.
"Look what Michael is trying to say is that I want you to borrow him."
Liz looks at them like their both crazy. "What are you guys talking about?"
"Look I'm going to stage a big fight with Michael toomorrow at lunch, and by the time Friday rolls around you and Michael are going to be a pretend couple."
"Not that I'm agreeing to it Maria, but wouldn't you be upset?" Liz asks.
"Well if it was behind my back sure, but you have my consent, I know what's going to happen, it will be like acting."
"And what are we supposed to do?" Liz asks.
"Well you guys would have to hold hands, and share some kissing, you know couple stuff."
Liz shakes her head, "I don't know if that would work, and I don't want to hurt you Maria."
"Hey remember I'm Teflon babe, besides you can only borrow him, I get him back once Max realizes the error of his ways."
Liz looks at Michael, "And you what do you think of this?"
"Hey I think Max is stupid, and if this will get you two back toghether then I'll do what I can to help, but I also think that we should be the only ones that know what's going on."

The next day at school, Liz, Maria, and Michael meet in the Eraser room. They all go over the plan to make sure they all remember what to do.
Liz and Maria are talking and Michael busts out laughing.
"What?" Maria asks.
"I just never thought that I would be in the eraser room with two girls."
Liz and Maria laugh at this to, "Yeah I never thought that I would be sharing you with my best friend either."
"Are you sure about this Maria? I mean we can still back out!"
"No Liz, I'm okay with it I swear."
They finish up on the last minute details and then Liz heads out the door, Maria and Michael stay behind.

She stands in front of him, "Thank you Michael."
"For what?"
"For being willing to help Liz out, and for doing this just because I asked, most guys wouldn't."
"Well I'm not most guys."
"No your not." She leans in and they kiss. Then she breaks away, "Okay I'm gonna go, I'll see you in a couple minutes."
Maria leaves and Michael waits a couple minutes then leaves to.
He walks out to the quad and sees Liz sitting across from Maria, and Isabel. Alex is on one side of Isabel. Max and Tess are sitting on the other side of Alex, far from Liz.

Michael sits down next to Maria and gets the soda from his bag, he sits there drinking it and stares at Liz.
"Michael? Hello Michael?"
He snaps out of his trance, "Hmm what?"
"I asked if you wanted some of my chips?" Maria says.
"Oh...sure." he grabs some of the chips and eats them, after a minute he starts looking at Liz again. He continues to stare at her.

"Okay that's it!" Maria slams her hand on the table, "Why do you keep staring at her?"
Michael looks at Maria, "What are you talking about?"
"Why do you keep looking at Liz, don't think I don't notice the looks you've been giving her."
"Are you high? I haven't been giving Liz looks."
Everyone is watching the arguement take place, Max is looking between Liz and Michael and back to Maria.
"Your not giving her looks, everytime I look at you, your staring at her with some dreamy look on your face."
Michael rolls his eyes, "Maria calm down, I'm not. Why would I do that?"
Maria looks at him and sighs, "Okay, I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions."
"It's okay."
Maria smiles at him and starts to eat some of her sandwhich, she looks at Isabel and Alex, "So does anyone want to do anything this weekend?"
Alex and Isabel look at her with shock, and then try play it off, as if they don't think Maria has lost it.

"Umm we could go to Rollerworld." Alex says.
"Yeah that sounds cool, let's go rollerskating." Maria says, "So Michael you want to go to Rollerworld this weekend?" She looks at Michael who is looking at Liz again.
Maria stands up, "See you are looking at her, do you like her or something?"
"Maria quit acting like this." Michael says.
"Don't tell me what to do, that's it Michael, I will not just sit here while you make googly eyes at someone else. I see how you look at her, and that's it, were finished." Maria storms off.
Everyone is watching Maria as she walks off. Finally Michael looks at the others.
"Sorry about that, I don't know what's gotten into her."
Everyone nods thier head kind of feeling sorry for him.
"Yeah that was weird, I mean Maria should know that you don't like Liz, I mean how weird is that?" Alex says.
Everyone else kind of nods and Max steals a look at Liz out of the corner of his eye.
Liz stands up, she gives Michael a look and smiles gently at him, "I'm going to go see how she is, maybe I can make her see reason."
Michael smiles up at her with such a bright look on his face, "Okay."
Liz walks in the direction Maria went.


Part 3

That night after Maria and Liz have finished work they go up to her room. Michael is out on the balcony waiting for them.
"So how do you think it went?" Maria asks once he's inside.
Michael smiles, "Well after you two left, Tess saw someone she had to talk to, and we all talked about it, and well Max asked me point blank if I had feelings for you."
Maria squeals, "See he's already jealous."
"No Maria that doesn't prove anything." Liz says.
"Well if Maria would have let me finish, Max also told me that if I was thinking about you that way, that you wouldn't be interested, that you didn't think of me that way."
Liz smiles, "He said that?"
"See he is jealous, so we definetely have to move forward with the rest of the plan."
Michael and Liz look at each other then at Maria, "Okay what's next Maria?"

All the rest of the week Maria trains them, she's ruthless. At first she almost gave up, everytime she had Michael and Liz get close to hold each other they started giggling like little kids. And when they practiced the kissing, Maria would just throw her hands up in the air, "You would think that you've never kissed before, and Michael I know you can kiss better then that."
"Look Maria I'm sorry that we keep laughing, but, and no offense Liz, but I don't see you as someone that I want to grope and kiss."
"No offense taken Michael, see Maria how are we going to do this, everytime Michael leans into kiss me I just want to laugh, I don't see him this way either."
They both start laughing again and Maria glares at them, "Yeah well unless you both get serious, neither of you is going to be kissing anyone again, do you get my drift Michael?"
Michael salutes Maria which makes Liz laugh again, "Aye aye sir."
"Now if your ready to get serious finally, Michael I wa...."
Michael cuts Maria off, "I'm sorry did I forget to tell you that I've changed my name, you can call me Mack Daddy Guerin now."
Liz busts out laughing and holding her sides, "Ohh baby, my little Mack Daddy."

Maria slumps in the chair, "Fine if you don't want Max back that's okay, I'm sure that Tess will take real good care of him."
Liz looks up at Maria after she says this, "I don't want her to take care of him, I want to."
"Well unless you grow up and quit treating this like a game then she wins."
Liz looks at Maria and then at Michael, "I can do this if you can."

Friday rolls around it's 6:30 in the morning, Liz is sitting in front of her mirror and Maria is curling her hair. Liz looks at her thorugh the mirror.
"Maria you can still change your mind."
"No Liz, I'm not going to change my mind, you and Max belong toghether and I want to help. And to be honest this will help me, Tess said that if she got tired of Max that she mighy hook up with Michael, and I don't want that to happen, so...."
"Your a great friend Maria, and I would do the same for you!"
"I know babe." She looks at Liz's hair which is now done, it's in a ponytail high on her head, but there is ringlets hanging down from it.
Liz does her make-up and Maria gets dressed as well.
Finally Liz gets the leather pants that Maria borrowed from her mom out of the closet. She pairs it with a leopard print tank top that Maria and her found at the mall. And then she puts on these black boots that are high heeled and only go up to her ankle. She stands in front of the mirror and looks at Maria, "So how do I look?"
"You look great, and if Max doesn't look at you then Tess must have given him a lobotomy, you look hot girl."
Liz smiles, "Thanks."
By now it's time to go to school, they gather their stuff including one of Maria's burgundy black lipsticks, and head down the stairs and out the door with out Liz's parent's seeing.

Liz's first class is biology, she squares her shoulders before she enters and remembers what Maria told her.
Liz opens the door and walks slowly in the room, but with confidence. She swings her hips as she walks in, the guys in the class stare at her not quite believeing that this is Liz. She walks to her table and Max is already there, all he can do is stare at Liz.
"Umm hey Liz how's it going?"
Liz is smiling at Tommy, one of Kyle's friends and then turns to Max as if she just realizes he said something. "I'm sorry Max did you say something?"
"I just asked how it was going?"
"Oh things are great thanks." She then waves a small wave at this guy who is looking at her.
Max watches this and clenches his jaw, *what is going on* he thinks to himself.

The lunch bell has just rung and Liz is waiting by her locker, she is looking around in every direction and finally she sees Michael, he's wearing a pair of black jeans and a nice black t-shirt.
He comes up to her, "So are you ready?"
Liz sighs, "I guess, I'm just a bit nervous."
"Yeah me to, but I don't want to risk the DeLuca wrath."
Liz smiles, "Me neither." They walk to the doors that lead out to the quad and stop, Michael holds out his hand and with a grin Liz takes it. "Okay let's do this."
They walk out into the quad holding hands and walk up to thier table, Maria and Tess are the only ones not there, Maria is in the eraser room, and Tess is out of town with her parents visiting her grandparents.
Everyone looks at Michael and Liz as they sit down still holding hands.
Alex just stares at Liz like she's gone nuts, and Isabel looks at Michael like he's lost it. But Max is the only one that looks like he is shooting daggers in Michael's direction.

"So Liz...what's going on?" Alex asks.
"Nothing what's going on with you?"
"No Liz, I mean when did you and Michael become a thing?"
Liz smiles up at Michael, "I'm not sure, I was working late the other night and Michael and I got to talking, and one thing led to another and...." She trails off smiling at him.
Michael stares back at her, and puts his arm around her, "Yeah Liz and I just connected, it's like we couldn't stop it from happening" Michael looks at Max, "hey no hard feelings right? I mean you don't mind do you?"
Max tries to pretend that it doesn't bother him, "Umm no... if you and Liz want to see each other I'm..." Max gulps and strains to say the words, "Well then I'm happy for you both."
Liz looks at him, "Thanks Max that means a lot to us" She looks back at Michael, "Doesn't it honey?"
Michael just looks at her with a twinkle in his eyes, *I can't believe she called me honey* he thinks, then he decides to get her back. He pulls her closer.
"Yeah it sure means a lot sugar lips, I mean I don't know how you let this one get away Maxwell, I mean the way she kisses, whooee."

Isabel and Alex just stare at Michael and Liz, they can't believe the change that has came over them. It's like their friends are possesed.
Liz just stares at Michael, biting her lips to not laugh, "Oh baby, you sure what to say to make me want you, I could just kiss you all over, in fact..." She stands up and gets his hand, and wraps her arms around his neck, and whispers in a loud voice, "Why don't we go to the eraser room, I have something that I want to show you."
Michael looks down into where he can see her cleavage, "I hope whatever you have to show me goes with those."
"Well you'll just have to wait and see won't you, so do you want to come?" She wiggles her eyebrows giving the impression that she means something else. She walks in front of him and he reaches out and slaps her ass making her yelp, he looks at his friends. "What can I say she can't get enough of what I have to give."
Liz is walking ahead of him, and Michael smiles and shouts, "Ooohhh baby, can I get some fries with that shake?"
He trots off after her.

At the table Alex and Isabel are sitting there with their mouths open, Alex shakes his head, "Okay when did the brain transplant occur? What is up with them?"
Isabel rubs her fingers on her temples, "I think I have a headache, and I don't get those, how could they hook up? And what about Maria?"
Max is sitting there stewing, he doesn't remember a time that he's been more pissed, *Michael and my girl! No wait you broke up with Liz, but there is such a thing as honor among friends, how could Michael do this to me?* Max stands up.
"Where are you going Max?" Isabel asks.
Max walks off without answering her.
"Man he's pissed!" Alex says.

In the eraser room Maria is putting the finishing touches on Liz's fake hickey. She used her burgundy lipstick to make a hickey and then blended it in, added a touch of powder on top of it, and unless you were completely staring at it, you would swear it was real.
Maria runs her fingers through Liz's hair messing it up a bit, then she does the same to Michael. Just then they hear a noise at the door someone trying to turn the knob, Maria looks nervous and then goes and hides, Liz stands in front of Michael, "Do you think it's Max?"
Michael nods.
They hear the click of the door unlocking and without any thought Michael pulls Liz into his arms, he kisses her gently on the lips and can feel the laughter bubbling up in both of them, so he grabs her ass and pinches it. Liz stops laughing and runs her fingers through his hair, Michael kisses his way to her ear and whispers in it. "It's Max, he's watching us, so say something."

Liz thinks *well if this is going to work* "Oh Michael, that feels so good."
Michael smiles against Liz's ear, "Keep going I know he can hear."
"Mmm I love it when you touch me Michael, I feel so alive."
Michael looks at Max through narrowed eyes and can see Max tense at this, Max is still watching everything their doing.
"Why isn't he stopping us?" Liz whispers, "it's not working." She says.
Michael whispers in her ear, "Just go with what I'm going to do okay?"
"Okay." she whispers.
Michael grabs her ass in both of his hands pulling her up to him, and wrapping her legs around his waist, he fixes his lips on the side of her neck with no makeup.
"God Liz your driving me crazy, lets just do it, right her, right now, I want you!"
Liz pulls back at him and looks at him he looks back like what are you going to do?
Liz smiles, "Do you have anything to protect me, I mean I don't want to get pregnant."
Michael wants to laugh again, "No but I'll pull out."

"NO ONE IS PULLING OUT OF ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!" Max shouts. He comes up to them and pulls Liz off Michael.
"Max what are you doing here?" Liz asks.
He glares at her and then back at Michael, "I should be asking you the same thing Liz, what are you and Michael doing?"
Michael looks at Max, "Well I would think that was pretty obvious till you interupted."
Max looks at Michael and pulls his fist back and clocks Michael.
"MAX!!!" Liz shouts.
Max looks at her with anger in his eyes.
"What are you upset that I hurt your boyfriend? If you ever let Michael touch you again, I'll kick his ass."
Liz stares at him, "Why are you so concerned with who I kiss, don't you HAVE a girlfriend to worry about?"
Max grabs Liz by her arms and pulls her up against him kissing the breath out of her, finally he pulls back and looks at her, "As long as I'm living I won't let you be with anyone else!"
Liz stares at him trying to catch her breath, "But I have to watch as you be with someone else?"
"I'm going to call Tess at her Grandparents and I'm going to break up with her, then you and I are going to have a long talk."
He walks to the door and then back at her, "I mean it Liz, you end it with Michael and you end it now!" He walks out the door.

Maria comes out of her hiding spot and both Liz and Maria look at Michael kind of laying there.
Maria hovers over him, "Michael are you okay?"
He opens one eye, "Yeah, he's gone?"
Liz nods and Michael sits up, "I guess our plan worked."
Maria and Liz smile, Liz kneels on the ground next to Michael and kisses his cheek, "Thank you."
He smiles, "Your welcome."
Maria puts her arms around his neck and starts kissing him on the jaw, "Where does it hurt?"
Michael points to the side of his face and Maria kisses it, "Poor baby."
Liz smiles at them, "I'll leave you guys alone."
Maria and Michael are to entranced with each other to notice.

Part 4

That night Max is sitting at home, Isabel is out with Alex, and their parents are working late. He picks up the phone and dials the number again finally getting through.
"Umm hello, may I speak to Tess please?"
"Yes just a minute...Tess dear, someone is on the phone for you."
A minute passes and Tess comes to the phone. "Hello?"
"Hi Tess it's Max."
"Oh hey, whats up?"
"Umm Tess look I didn't really want to do this over the phone, but...well I don't know how to do this."
"Max will you just spit it out!?!"
"Okay, Tess I'm breaking up with you."
"I said I'm breaking up with you."
"It's because of her isn't it?"
"Look Max take a couple days and think about this, I'll be back on Sunday and we can talk about it then."
"I don't want to talk about it, I just know that I can't be with you."
"You can go to hell Max Evans, fuck you!!!!!!" She slams the phone down.

Max sits there looking at the phone and then puts it back on the reciever. He lays back on his bed and puts his hands behind his head thinking,
*I can't believe my best friend would do this to me*
Then he hears that good little voice,
*But what about what you did to Liz?*
*Well he didn't mean to hurt her, besides Tess was there for him* Says the devil on his shoulder.
*Yes but look at what he's going through now, see how he's conflicted*
*Yeah well he broke it off with that Tess, so now he has to figure out what he wants*
Max sits up in bed and shakes his head, he goes out into the kitchen. He looks through the refrigerator looking for something to eat.
*There's your dad's beer* the devil voice says.
*No Max, you don't need to drink.*
*Don't listen to him, what does he know? It will help you make a decision*
*You don't need to drink to make a decision, you know that you want Liz.*
*Yeah he want's Liz, and this will just help him with that.* The devil voice says again.
"Shut-up, I'll do what I want." Max says.
He reaches in and grabs one of his dad's heinekens, he unscrews the cap and chugs some of it down.

Liz is in her room, she goes into the bathroom and puts a couple candles on the toilet and counter and then lights them, she then turns the faucets on and starts filling the bathtub, she sprinkles some of her vanilla calgon in. She goes out into the bedroom and puts on her new Kevon Edmonds c.d. Liz's parents just left to go out for dinner and a double feature, so Liz turns the music up loud since she has the house to herself.
She goes back into the bathroom and takes off her clothes, she puts her hair up on top of her head, and then slips into the tub.
She closes her eyes and just lays there relaxing, she lets her mind wander back to what happened today, she thinks about how Michael and her acted, and how jealous Max got. She smiles thinking of the events and is so immersed in her thoughts that she almost doesn't hear the voice behind her, almost.

Liz turns at the sound and sees Max standing there looking at her, his eyes have a sort of glazed look to them.
"Wow Liz, you look so beautiful."
Liz is startled at first and then she looks at him closely. "What are you doing here Max?"
"I had to see you."
"Because I broke up with Tess."
Liz nods and looks at the bubbles in the tub, "So you couldn't call me and tell me?"
Max smiles, "No, I wanted to see your face when I told you."
"Max I hope you didn't just break up with her on my account."
Max looks at her, and comes closer to the tub, "Why?"
"Well I mean wha..."
Max cuts her off, "I told you to end it with Michael, you better have Liz."
Liz looks at him, "What if I didn't Max, there is nothing you can do about it, now can you go into my room so I can get out of the tub?"
Max looks at her and then looks down at the bathwater, "No." he says calmly while shaking his head.

Liz stares up at him, "No? What do you mean no?"
"I mean no, I'm not leaving."
"Are you drunk Max?"
"Well now that you mention it, I did have a beer."
Liz shakes her head, "I'm just telling you Max, I'm getting out, so now is your chance to leave."
Max smiles at her, "I don't want to leave." He says sounding like a little kid.
"Fine, but I warned you."
Liz stands up in the tub and reaches for her towel, but Max gets it and holds it out of her reach.
He stares at Liz, the bubbles are running down her body, glistening on her breasts, and he can smell the scent of vanilla coming off her in waves. He looks at her from the tips of her toes to the top of her head and then meets her eyes.
Liz feels all warm in her belly, no one has ever looked at her that way. She feels hot and tingly all over, "Can I have my towel please Max?"
Max shakes his head, "Let me just look at you, please?" he says in a husky voice.
Liz just stands there under Max's gaze.
After what seems like days Max stands up and goes to where Liz is, he runs his hand across her face, not really touching it, just grazing it.

"Liz, I really screwed up, and I hope it's not to late to make things right. Please tell me that it's not to late!"
Liz can barely speak but she manages to, "It's not to late Max."
Max breathes a sigh of relief, "I was worried that you didn't want to talk to me anymore, and I don't care about Michael, just as long as you'll take me back."
"Max there was no Michael."
"That was all an act, Maria came up with this plan to help get you back so we pretended like we liked each other to see if you would get jealous, are you mad?"
Max smiles at her, "No. I'll have to remember to thank and apologize to Michael toomorrow."
"You really thought that Michael and I were toghether?"
Max is running his hands over and across her shoulders, "Yeah."
"Max I could never be with anyone like that."
He looks in her eyes, "Anyone?"
She blushes, "Well anyone...but you." She admits.
At hearing this Max catches Liz's mouth under his, kissing her deeply. He puts his hands under her arms lifting her up against him, and she instinctively wraps her legs around his waist.

He carries her out of the bathroom this way and walks her to her bed kissing her the entire time. When his knees bump up against the edge of the bed he lets them both fall onto the bed. Thier tounges continue to tangle toghether. He reaches a hand up and cups one of her breasts, stroking the pad of his thumb across her nipple.
He bends his head down and draws it into his mouth. Liz groans and weaves her fingers through his hair keeping him there.
Max reaches his other hand down and finds her center, it's hot and wet. He rubs his finger lightly over her clit. Liz arches up against his hand. Max liking how Liz is reacting to him, moves his mouth down until he can feel her heat on his face, he kisses her gently, and then sticks his tounge out, tasting Liz.
Liz moans and clutches the blanket in her hands, "Oh God Max."
Max continues his efforts and before long is rewarded, Liz screams out his name as she comes.

After she has calmed down a bit he comes back to her and meets her in a kiss. Liz runs her hands up under his shirt pulling it off. Max helps her and she reaches for his belt buckle, he stills her hands. "Are you sure Liz?"
She kisses him again, "Yes Max, I'm sure."
He helps her take his pants off, and the boxers follow soon after.
Max positions himself above Liz, and looks into her eyes, then he slowly enters her. Finally he is sheathed all the way in Liz's hot cavern.
They both moan at the sensation.
Max starts moving above Liz, his arms are underneath hers so he can hold her close as they move toghether.
As they move as one it doesn't take long before Liz is pushed over the edge, she calls out Max's name, and Max pushes into her and cries out her name as well.

They lay there like that just holding each other.
After a few minutes Liz giggles, "I'm glad that the plan worked."
Max smiles and kisses her on the forehead, "Me to."
Liz looks up at him and gets a devlish smile on her face, "Hey Max, my Mom and Dad aren't going to be home for a couple more hours."
Max smiles at her, "What did you have in mind Miss Parker?"
Liz pushes Max on his back, "How about I show you instead?"
Max laughs, "I love the way your mind works."
She kisses him deeply and he wraps his arms around her holding her tight.

THE END.....

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Pure Shores 1-9

Author: Jennifer007

E-Mail: RoswellFanatics⊕

Disclaimer: I don't own the WB, a Tropical Island, or The Movie Blue Lagoon.

Distrubution: Just tell me if you want it.

Rating: R/NC-17

Spoilers: Yeah right!

Dedication: To all the Dreamgirls that would probably love to see this happen, and to Linda who first heard this idea at about 3:30 in the morning. And to All Saints who's song Pure Shores is the Bomb.

Summary: This is kind of a take off of Blue Lagoon, that starred Christopher Atkins and Brooke Sheilds. Max is not an alien in hear so there are no powers.


All Saints: Pure Shores

I've crossed the deserts for miles
Swam water for time
Searching places to find
A piece of something to call mine
(I'm coming)
A piece of something to call mine
(I'm coming)
(I'm coming)
Coming closer to you

Went along many moors
Walked through many doors
The place where I wanna be
Is the place I can call mine
(I'm coming)
Is the place I can call mine
(I'm coming)
(I'm coming)
Coming closer to you

I'm moving
I'm coming
Can you hear, what I hear
It's calling you my dear
Out of reach
(Take me to my beach)
I can hear it, calling you
I'm coming not drowning
Swimming closer to you

Never been here before
I'm intrigued, I'm unsure
I'm searching for more
I've got something thats all mine
I've got something thats all mine

Take me somewhere I can breathe
I've got so much to see
This is where I want to be
In a place I can call mine
In a place I can call mine

I'm moving
I'm coming
Can you hear, what I hear
It's calling you my dear
Out of reach
(Take me to my beach)
I can hear it, calling you
I'm coming not drowning
Swimming closer to you

Moving, coming
Can you hear what I hear?
(Hear it out of reach)
I hear it calling you
Swimming closer to you

Many faces I have seen
Many places I have been
Walked the deserts, swam the shores
(Coming closer to you)
Many faces I have known
Many way in which I've grown
Moving closer on my own
(Coming closer to you)

I moving
I feel it
I'm coming
Not drowning

I moving
I feel it
I'm coming
Not drowning

I'm moving
I'm coming
Can you hear, what I hear
It's calling you my dear
Out of reach
(Take me to my beach)
I can hear it, calling you
I'm coming not drowning
Swimming closer to you
(Take me to my beach)

I'm moving
I'm coming
Can you hear, what I hear
It's calling you my dear
Out of reach
(Take me to my beach)
I can hear it, calling you
I'm coming not drowning
Swimming closer to you
(Take me to my beach)

Repeat last part till end. . .

Part 1

Liz was sitting on the bow of the yacht, she looked back at her mom, she couldn't believe that her mother was going to marry this guy. It's not that he was a jerk, it was his son. His name was Max and he was spoiled rotten. He treated Liz like she was nothing, and she had tried being nice to him but finally gave up. She knew she should be enjoying herself, I mean here she was out sailing the seas, for Spring Break and she was complaining. But oh well only 2 and a half months left of school and she would be out of there, and her mother could do what she wanted.

She rubbed the rest of her lotion on and put her head phones on, then layed back letting the sun work it's magic. She closed her eyes and tried to relax, but that was easier said then done.

"Am I in your sun?" he asked, knowing full well that he was.

She looked up at him and felt that feeling again, she couldn't help it. The boy was cute, and that body well it was perfect. But he was still an asshole.

"Actually you are in my sun."

He moves and sits down next to her, she lays back and closes her eyes, but she can feel his hot stare traveling the length of her body.

God she's hot, to bad she's so stuck up! He gazes at her body from the tips of her toes all the way to her silky brown hair.

"Are you in the habit of undressing girls with your eyes?" She says to him with her eyes closed.

Max sputters, "I wasn't looking at you!"

Liz laughs a fake laugh, "Yeah sure."

"What about you, you think I don't notice how you stare at me?" Max asked her.

She sat up and looked at him, "I was looking at you wondering what it's going to be like to have you as a brother."

He smirked at her, "The way you look at me is not brotherly, and I have news for you, just because your mom marries my dad does not make us brother and sister. No matter how much they try to make us into some happy little family it's not ever going to be that way."

Liz stands up and gets her walkman, "Your right, and if you think I want this anymore then you do then your wrong. As soon as I turn 18 I'm out of there, and the only time I'll have to see you is for so called family functions."

Max nods at her, "Good as long as we understand each other."

Liz nods and heads to her cabin down below.

That night everyone is asleep and the yacht is anchored in the water, none of them see the big storm approaching and the waves getting bigger.

Sarah wakes up when she feels the waves rocking the boat around and pushes gently on Chris's shoulder.

"Chris the water is really rocky."

He gets up slowly from his slumber and puts his pants on, she throws her pants on over her pajamas as well.

"No you stay here I'll be right back."

"Don't be silly, I can help two heads are better then one."


The next day Liz wakes up and yawns, she stretches and then goes to her little dresser and pulls out a bikini, the one good thing about being out at sea is I don't have to decide what to wear every day. She goes up to the top of the boat and no one is there. She looks around and realizes that their on a beach, the boat is up on the land. "Mom? Chris?" She goes back downstairs and looks in the galley and no one is there, she goes to her Mom and Chris's cabin and knocks, when no one answers she knocks again and goes in covering her eyes. "Mom?" She doesn't hear anything so she opens her eyes and their not there. She goes down the hall to Max's room and knocks on the door but no one answers. She goes in and Max is stretched out on the bed asleep.

She goes over to him and shakes him awake.

"Hmm what?" he says sleepily, then he notices it's her. "What are you doing in here? Get out!"

"Calm down! I'm looking for my mom, thier not here and were on land."

"What are you talking about?"

"What part didn't you understand, come on and help me find them their probably exploring."

"Can you get out?"


"Becuase I don't sleep in anything." He tells her.

Liz blushes and goes out the door quickly.

A minute passes and Max comes out wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top and some teva's which he puts on.

They go up the stairs and Max looks around, "When did we get to land?" He wonders aloud.

"DAD!" he calls out loudly.

"MOM!" Liz shouts.

Max goes down the ladder and Liz climbs down after him and he helps her. The look around and start walking calling out for thier parent's. Finally after a half hour they decide to go back and wait. As Liz is walking across the top of the yacht she sees something and goes over to it.


Max comes over to her,"What?"

He looks down where she's staring and sees blood.........


Part 2

Max stares at the blood, "What's going on?"

"How would I know, where did this come from?"

Max just shakes his head he's feeling disoriented and he sits down on one of the cushions on the deck and immediately stands up. He lifts the cushion up and it weighs a ton. It starts to dawn on him, he looks around at the deck and notices what he was to busy to notice before, there is water all over the deck, he goes around and starts to feel all the cushions. Liz looks at him like he's crazy.

"What are you doing?"

"The seats are soaking wet!" He tells her panicked.

"So, are parent's are gone, there's blood that we can't explain and your worried about the seats being wet!" Liz says in a high scream bordering on hysterical "I think your dad did something to my mom!"

Max turns around and grabs her by the shoulders shaking her, "My Dad didn't do anything to your mom, don't you understand, the seats are wet meaning that there was a storm last night." He lets her go and she almost falls.

She looks at him, "So what does all this mean?"

He looks at the deck and then up at her. "I don't think our parents went for some stroll on the beach, at least without telling us. I think that something happened to them."

Liz looks at him, "Are you saying that they fell overboard or something?"

He turns away from her and looks out to the sea.

She walks up to him and turns him around, "Hey this involves me to so you better tell me everything that your thinking right now!"

"Okay I think that there was a bad storm and our parent's are out there somewhere." He looks back at the ocean.

Liz follows his gaze, "Well then we need to find them."

Max nods at her and goes over to the consol and turns the key to start the engine.

He turns the key and there is nothing, no sound not a thing. Max turns it again and it's the same thing.

"What's wrong?" Liz asks.

"I don't know, hold on a second." He goes down below and about 5 minutes go by before he comes back, a defeated look on his face.

"What is it?"

"The engine is flooded, there was a leak...I fixed it but were not going anywhere."

"What do you mean were not going anywhere, we have to save our parents!!"

"Oh and you think that I want to just sit here? I can't make it work, there's nothing I can do about it."

With everything that's happened it's just to much for Liz, "What are you saying, are parent's are out at sea and were stuck here?"

Max looks at her with tears in his eyes but he's trying to be strong for her sake.

"Yeah that's what I'm saying."

Liz looks at him and nods, "Oh okay." And then faints dead away.

Max looks at her where she's fallen and puts his head in his hands and starts to cry.


Part 3

After a couple minutes Max wiped his tears away and went over to Liz, he sat down next to her and pulled her head into his lap. He gently shook her head from side to side, "Liz wake up!"

Liz continued to lay there.

Max started lightly slapping her face, not to hurt her but to wake her up.

Liz stirred and opened her eyes, she sees Max's face looking at her and concern is in his eyes.

"What happened?" She asks.

"You fainted."

Liz sits up and looks around and then at him.

"So were really stuck here?" Liz asks him.

"I'm afraid so."

Liz starts crying again, great big sobs rack her body. It's to much her mom is gone and she's stuck god knows where with someone that hates her. Which is why she's so surprised when he pulls her close to him and gathers her in his arms, holding her.

He strokes her hair as she cries and she feels comfort at what he's doing. She wraps her arms around his waist and continues to cry.

After a while when Liz has stopped crying they continue to sit there, Max still holding her.

"Liz look at me."

Liz looks up at him, her face is all red from crying but Max can't help but notice that she looks delicate and beautiful all the same.

"Look I know we haven't gotten along and were different. But we have to stick toghether and be strong. We don't know how long were going to be here for and we need to work toghether if were going to survive."

Liz nods, "Your right, so were starting over?"

Max smiles, "Yeah you could say that." He stands up and helps her to stand as well.

"I think I want to be alone for awhile, this is a lot to take in and I need to think." Liz tells him as she starts walking down to the galley but then she turns suddenly and looks at him, there are tears in her eyes. "Are we going to die?"

Max pulls her to him and wraps his arms around her again. "No were not going to die, I won't let that happen. We have enough food to last us a long time as long as we ration it. And were going to search the island toomorow. So let's just think positive okay?"

She nods against his chest and after a minute he releases her. "If you need me I'll be in my room, and if not well I'll talk to you toomorow."

"All right Max." She says as she enters her room and shuts her door.


Part 4

Liz hadn't fallen asleep till around 4 the next morning, that's why she was surprised when Max was standing over her around 6:00 in the morning.

"Time to get up." Max says.

"Okay, umm can you leave please?" Liz tells him as she lays there.

Max looks confused for a second and then nods, "Sure."

"It's not you, it's just well I don't sleep with a lot on either."

Max looks at her really confused now. "What are you talking about?"

Liz blushes, "Well yesterday when I came to get you, said that you didn't sleep with anything, and well I..." She trails off really embarased.

Max looks at her and nods, "Okay well I'm going to be up top so I'll wait there for you."


Max leaves and closes her door and as he walks up the stairs he smiles, I can't believe she remembered that.

Once up top Liz and Max climb off the yacht and stand in the sand looking at around.

"Okay well one thing were going to have to do is tie the ship to one of those palm trees over there. That should keep us in one place here." Max says.

Liz gets sad again, "That's in case there's another storm?"

Max looks at her, "Yeah but not just that, the waves move the ship and if it moved to much we could be swept out to sea, and I don't want that to happen, just the anchor isn't enough."

Liz nods her head, "Okay then let's get started.


Max is finishing tying up the boat to the tree. He picked one that was really sturdy. Once he's done tying the rope he looks at Liz who is standing by him.

He then looks at the ground at the pile of wood, and bark from the trees, that Liz got toghether.

"Okay we've got wood for when it does get cold, I know it's hot right now. But the nights do get cold sometimes."

"What if another ship or a plane comes by? Shouldn't we have some kind of fire for that?"

"Well my dad bought a case of flares and we have a flare gun to shoot them off, so when a plane or ship does come by we can use that to signal them."

Liz kind of nods her head and looks at the ground then sits down, "I miss my mom."

Max squats on his knees next to her, "I know, and I miss my dad. But they would want us to survive. My dad would want us to be strong and do whatever it takes to survive. And my dad wouldn't want me mourning him all the time. We have time for that when we get off this island. But for know we just have to live, when we get rescued that's the time to think about all this, okay?"

Liz wipes away her tears, "Okay, but the day after we get off this island you and me grab a bite to eat and then we mourn, deal?"


They sit there in silence for a bit.

"Okay there is a couple things to do first, but then I want to explore this island." Max says.

"All right what do you want to do?"

"Well I think we should gather rocks and stuff and write help in the sand, it may seem corny, but I saw it in a movie and you never know a plane might see it."

"It's not corny it's a good idea."

Max stands up and helps her to her feet, as Liz gets up her foot catches in the sand and she falls forward. Max grabs her to stop her from falling down and she lands against his chest. She feels a connection to him, it's like she's a string on a guiatar and someone just plucked her. She feels a vibration from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

She can feel his chest tighten at this contact and she looks up in his eyes, he gently pushes her away till she's standing on her own away from him. "Okay let's go find some rocks and stuff."

Liz follows him, What was that about?


A couple days go by. When they walked around the isalnd they had discovered all kinds of different fruit trees, from bannana, mangoe, coconut, papaya, and plaintains. As they walked farther into the island they had discovered a stream with fresh running water and a small water fall. So they had water to drink.

On thier third day there Liz got up early. She hadn't taken a shower since the night of the storm. She had been swimming but the ocean was to salty and didn't exactely get you clean.

She walked to the waterfall and set her stuff out. She figured that if she washed under the waterfall that the soapy water would run downstream and leave the stuff coming over the fall for them to drink.

She took her shirt and shorts off and then waded into the water. It was hot out so the water felt nice. She dunked her head in the water and then went through the water coming down.

Once on the other side she saw that there was smooth gray rocks on that side. She waded back over to her stuff and carried it back over. She was able to sit on one of the rocks. She soaped up her legs and shaved them. She did her ritual and then got in the water dunking her head again. The water only came up to her hips so she was able to stand there as she washed her hair.


Max had waken up shortly after Liz left, he didn't know that she had left though. He got up and went to her room but she wasn't there. He went up top and looked for her and called her name but she didn't answer. He scanned the ocean, thinking maybe she had gotten up and taken a swim, but he couldn't find her.

Panic started setting in and he felt a strange sense of deja veu. It was happening all over again, Liz was gone.

He got off the ship and started running looking for her. He ran all over the beach and then started into the jungle looking for her. As he came to the waterfall he saw her. At first he was mad that she had taken off without telling him. Then it hit him what she was doing.

He watched as she washed her body, her hands lingering on her curves. He watched as she stretched her hands over her head and washed her hair.

He felt a familar tightening in his loins, he tried to control it but he couldn't. She looked so beautiful. He saw that she went under the waterfall to get her stuff and knew that she was finished. He walked back to the ship deep in his thoughts. Not quite understanding this attraction he was feeling towards her.


Part 5

The next week was spent mostly in silence, everytime Max looked at Liz all he could do was think of how she looked with the water running down her body she had been really enjoying her showers, she took her time and massaged the soap into her body, sometimes sitting on the rocks naked and just staring out into the water, sometimes she would let one foot dangle off the edge and swing it, and on those occasions, he could see the dark curls that he wanted to touch and bury his face in. Sometimes she went twice. He tried to tell himself that he was just following her to make sure nothing happened. But he knew that wasn't true. He just wanted to watch her, and as time passed and the more he watched her. The more he felt those same feelings. He knew he wanted her physically, but even he knew that it was much more then that, he knew why they had fighted at first. It was because there was a spark between them.

Okay it was more then a spark. When he had first seen her back when her mom had invited his dad and him over for dinner he hadn't wanted to go, but his dad was actually happy for once so he had went. The minute he had shaken her hand that evening he had felt the spark. But now when he watched her, or "accidentaly" touched her he felt like a current of electricity was running through him. But he couldn't do anything about it, they were stuck on an island toghether with no idea when they would get off it. And he was not about to ruin it with sexually harrasing her. So he played it cool and had started pretending to ignore her.

Liz had noticed how he was acting, he seemed almost gruff with her. She had to admit that at first when she had met him she hadn't really liked him, okay that wasn't entirely true. The first time his dad and him had come over to thier house for dinner she had shaken his hand, more at their parents request then anything, but she had felt this connection with him, she tried to play it off like it was nothing, but she didn't know if he had felt it, or if he cared. Besides thier parents were getting serious and if things moved on they would be brother and sister, so she acted like a bitch towards him.

One day when she had been taking her morning waterfall shower she had heard something, she looked around and almost missed it, but there it was. Something that had no place to be there in the first place. She saw a pair of shorts, and connected to them was Max. Yeah he had been hiding behind a bush, but she knew it was him. At first she was mad that she had been spied on, but then she knew why. Max wasn't some peeping Tom, he wanted to watch her because no matter what he said she knew now that he felt that attraction between them.

Once she knew he was watching her she decided to mess with his mind a bit, she made sure that she massaged the soap all over her body, and she took to sitting on the rocks and letting him see her a bit. She got turned on by it, knowing that he was there watching what she was doing. But then he had started being rude to her.

She had thought at first that he was upset about everything that was happening to them. But by the start of their second week on the island when he was still acting like a baby she didn't care.

She woke up really early that morning and immediately knew what was going on. She went into the bathroom and was rummaging through the cabinets looking for them. She didn't find any, she looked thorugh her room and tore it apart looking for some. Finally she got up the courage to go into her mom's room, she looked through her mom's stuff tenderly. She felt the tears coming but she blinked them back, this was not the time for it. She found some asprin and grabbed those. With one last look at the room she turned off the light and started walking to her room.

Max had heard her rummaging around the cabins, it had woken him up. He looked at the clock, *4:26*. He sighed, he had only been asleep for an hour. Tonight had been a tough night, she had taken two showers today. And after the one she had taken this evening before it had gotten dark, well it had been two much for him. Then the fact that she paraded around in her little bikini's and sarongs. Well sometimes it was too mcuh for a guy. And for what seemed like the 100th time since she had started this ritual of taking a shower he went to bed early. But once there all he could do was lie awake and imagine her body. The way it looked in the water and how beautiful she was. He had succumbed to touching himself tonight.

He didn't beat off a lot, especially at home, he had a lot of girlfriends, and they were all more then eager to drop thier panties at the littlest inkling from him. He hated girls that were easy like that, but he was a guy. And sticking it in a girl was so much better then using his hand. But tonight was different, he knew that he couldn't do what he wanted, which was to go out there and pull her to him and kiss the breath out of her, then slowly pull her panties down as he buried his head in between her legs. Slowly licking her while she screamed his name, and that's what was funny, he had done that to a girl before, but hadn't liked it. But with Liz that's one of the things he craved to do to her the most. He wanted to taste her sweet nectar, he wanted to lap it up and beg for her to give him more. All these thoughts weren't helping matters, and pissed at himself that he had no control over it as he grabbed himself.

And as he slowly stroked himself he pictured Liz, he pictured sliding into Liz's hot wet cavern. And then he came. He was disgusted with himself. He wasn't 13 years old anymore, and he knew that he should have more restraint then that, but he didn't he couldn't get her out of his head and it was slowly driving him crazy. He feel asleep around 3:15 and then woke up when he had heard her. He wondered what she was doing, and as she made more noise everything started getting to him, he threw open the door.

"Hey do you think you can keep it down, some of us don't like to be up at 4:30 in the morning.

Liz felt the anger bubbling up in her and stalked over to where Max is poking him in the chest.

"Look buddy, all week you've treated me like I wasn't around. I get one word answers from you and that's only when your around to answer them. If you want to pout about whatever that's your pregotaive. But let me tell you this, unless you want me to come down on you real bad, you'll just shut up and leave me alone for the next two days."

Max looks at her puzzled, "Two days? Why two days?"

"It's none of your business, now if you'll excuse me I'm going to continue to look for what I need. Okay?"

Max nods his head at her and she starts walking away.

"What are you looking for? Maybe I know where it is."

Liz turns back at him laughing, "Oh why didn't I think of that? Okay Max, do you happen to know where my mom or I put the pads or tampons? Have you seen those around lately?"

Max practically jumps back at the mention of feminine items *Oh shit she's on her period*

Liz watches as she sees the emotions across his face. "Yes that's right, I'm on my period. And as if that wasn't bad enough, there is nothing here for me to use but toilet paper, and we need that to wipe our ass. And it's not like I can just run to a 7-11 for that stuff." And with that she walks into her room and slams the door hard, leaving Max staring after her.


A couple hours go bye and Liz is up top staring out at sea. It's got to be 100* out but Liz is wearing a pair of jeans and t shirt. She almost doesn't hear Max at first, and when she does he drops something into her lap and hurries away and climbs off the ship, running along the beach, running away before she can call out to him.

She looks at the bag that is in her lap, on it is black pen that says 7-11. She opens the bag and pulls one of the white objects out. She looks at it astonished at first, but she knows what it is. It's crudely made, but it is what it is. Max made her pads, she can feel that thier stuffed with pillow stuff, and the outside is cut up sheets.

She's touched that Max would do something like this for her, and gets tears in her eyes. After she goes and puts them in place of the toilet paper, she sits back up top. He didn't have to do something like that but he did, just to make things easier for her. No their not as good as what she would have bought, but he did the only thing he could think of. He didn't want her to be uncomfortable, even though she knew that he had to have been embarrased making them.

The next couple days Liz only sees Max when he's coming to bed. He's been spending all his time exploring.

By the 4th day of his exploring Liz is tired of it, she knows that he's avoiding her, but enough is enough, she's been off for 2 days know and there is no reason for him to avoid her, there never was. And now he's not even coming to watch her anymore.

Everday it's the same thing, he's gone long before she get's up, and he never returns till the sun is completely set, then he grabs something to eat and takes it to his room. But tonight is going to be different. Liz hears him leave this morning and she gets up. Once he's gone she busies herself. She looks around the cabin and the kitchen area, her eyes fall upon the stereo, neither of them have used it since thier parents, well you know. But today Liz turns it on with a smile she goes to her room and gets some of her c.d.'s. She puts on her new 5ive c.d. and puts her favorite song, Don't Wanna Let You Go, on.

As she listens to the music she cleans. She does the dishes, she dusts, she puts the garbage in a bag and carries it to the beach putting it away from the ship. Once everything is clean she gets into her bathing suit and gets her mom's snorkeling gear.

In the water she searches and finally finds what she's looking for. She gets 3 lobsters, a crab, and she finds a whole bunch of oysters. She puts them in the laundry bag that she's using as a net to keep them in. She swims back to shore and climbs back on the boat. She gets water and puts the creatures in it, she doesn't want to kill them till she has to.

She gets a pair of shorts on and goes out into the jungle, she's carrying a basket and in it she places all the fruits she wants. She smiles to herself, it's almost like shopping, but this stuff is fresh picked. After she gets what she wants she goes back to the ship. She looks at the clock and it's already 1:00, god where did the time go she thinks.

She eats a bananna, those were the hardest to get and she feels she earned it. She decides to clean the fish and all that and goes about it. Finally when all the fish are cleaned, she decides to go take her shower, she does so and comes back to the ship. Once there she puts the water on to boil and looks at the clock. It's 4:00 god those fish took a long time to clean. She brings the card table that Max's dad has on board up top, she puts a sheet on it as a table cloth, then she hurries about setting the table. She puts a couple candles she found on it. Then she hurries down below and and starts getting dressed, she puts on a purple and blue sarong that is made out of sheer material over her matching bikini. She just hopes she looks okay.

She boils the lobsters and prepares the rest of the food. She cuts up the bannana's and coconut and gets out the bottle of rum that was underneath the cabinet, she looks at it and then puts some in the blender with the fruit, she blends it up and then takes a glass down, she pours a little bit of extra rum in her glass and then adds some of the fruity mixture, she gulps it down as she starts to feel aprehensive, she doesn't know what's going to happen, she knows that he could either turn her away, or accept. But she knows that she has to make the first move. Her insides feel all warm inside, and considering all she ate was a bannana it hits her quick.

She looks at the clock and startled continues to hurry about getting everything ready. It's 5:30 and Max will be here soon. She carries the radio upstairs with the batteries she found today inside of it.

Now all the food is laid out, the drinks are poured. The candles are lit and Liz is dressed, she sits down facing towards the ladder and waits.

As Max is walking back to the ship this evening he feels something in the pit of his stomach that's not hunger, he's walking with his head down and as he reaches the ladder and starts climbing it he doesn't realize that Liz has sat up straight waiting for him to come up it.

At first he thinks he's on the wrong ship but he know that can't be true and almost laughs, almost. He looks at Liz as he climbs the rest of the way over. There's soft music playing, and the candles are playing and the light is caressing Liz's face making her look so soft and beautiful. She stands up and walks toward him carrying a drink. She smiles at him.

"Hello Max, I cooked dinner."


Part 6

Max looks at the table and then back at her face, "Dinner?"

"Well yeah, I thought it might be nice to have a nice dinner for once."

Max looks around kind of confused, he sees how nice Liz looks, "Umm okay can dinner be put off for a minute?"

Liz nods.

Max looks at her and then goes down below. He goes into his room and puts his back against the door. *what is going on, why did she cook dinner? And why does she look so good?* He looks around his room, *I'm reading to much in this, she is just hungry and wants a good meal, so you'll go up there and eat with her, and then come back here and die a slow tortureous death, you can handle it Max.* He goes to his dresser and pulls out a clean pair of khakhi shorts and a white t-shirt, *I'm starting to run out of clean clothes.* He puts the shirt on, and having no clean underwear he just throws his shorts on. He notices that he could use a shave and goes about doing that, then he slaps some of his Polo Sport on and goes back up top.

Liz looks at him as he sits down across from her, the ahchol has worked it's effect on her. And she smiles as she looks at Max, his shirt is snug enough that she can see all his muscles, she feels a tinling sensation that starts with her head and works it's way to her toes.


Liz snaps out of it realizing that Max has been asking her something.


"I asked you what you cooked?"

Liz smiles an ahcohol smile, "well before we eat, don't you want to try the drink I made?"

Max picks up his drink, "Sure." He takes it and sips and notices that it has ahcohol in it. He takes another sip and then puts it down. "It's good."

"I'm glad you like it." Liz smiles at him over the candlelight and Max starts to get a weird suspicion.

She looks at him and then uncovers one of the dishes, the three lobsters are there cooked. She lifts up another dish and the crab is there, then she uncovers a plate that has oysters on the half shell.

Max looks in amazement at all the food Liz has, she also fixed some rice she found in the cabinet.

"Wow the only thing missing is dessert." Max says.

Liz fixes him with a stare and licks her lips, "Don't worry I have something planned for dessert."

Max looks at her shocked, *she's looking at me as if I'm dessert* he thinks. He tries to say something but he can't form any words, finally he swallows, "So let's eat."

After dinner Max carries the dishes down below, arguing that since she cooked it's the least he can do. Once downstairs he rests his head against the sink, all night Liz had been making little comments, she thanked him for what he had done for her, she told him that he looked so cute tonight, she also told him that he was sweet.

He wasn't stupid he knew she was coming on to him, but he also knew that it had to be the liqour talking.

He put the dishes in the sink, and then like a man going into battle he went back upstairs. When he got there Liz was sitting on one of the deck chairs. She stood up as he came near her.

"So do you want to dance?"

*Oh god, could this get any harder? She wants to dance with me!* Before he can think anymore Liz has put her arms around his neck pulling him closer. He wraps his arms around her waist and they sway to he's trying not to think of Liz half clothed in his arms so he listens to the song playing. Big Mistake.

Here we are all alone you and me privacy,

and we can do anything your fantasy

I want to make your dreams come true.

Can you hear she's calling me

between your legs, loud and clear.

I want to talk back to her make love to her,

I want to hear you scream my name.

We can make love in the bedroom floating on top of my waterbed.

I'm kissing you running my fingers through your hair.

In the hallway making our way the stairs,

we can do it anywhere.

I can love you in the shower both of our bodies dripping wet.

On the patio we can make a night you won't forget.

On the kitchen floor as I softly pull your hair,

we can do it anywhere.

I love the way your body feels on top of mine so...

Max shakes his head trying to get the image of Liz naked and dripping wet out of his mind.

Liz is running her hands up and down Max's back as she asks him "What's wrong Max?"

He pulls back and looks at her "Liz what's going on? I mean usually with the vibes that your pouring off I wouldn't think twice about it. But what's going on? You act like you want me, but I know that it's the ahchol. Why don't you just go to bed and I'll pretend that this didn't happen."

Liz looks at him like he's crazy, "First off I've only had one drink, and it wasn't enough for me to not now what I want. And second yes I have been putting off vibes as you call them. I do want you Max." She says the last part so quietly that he almost doesn't hear her.


Liz looks him in the eyes, "I said that I want you Max, I want you to make love to me." And then she kisses him.

He starts to respond to her kiss and then he pulls away, "No we can't."

"Why not? Were both old enough to know what were doing, and I know what I want. Max it's you. And your the only guy that I've ever wanted to give myself to. Don't you want me?"

Max sits down in a chair not saying anything, Liz stands there and minutes pass with neither of them saying anything.

Liz looks at him finally and shakes her head there are tears in her eyes.

She goes to the ladder of the ship and starts to climb down it.

"Where are you going?" Max says, startled that she's leaving.

"Well I'm not staying here, I just threw myself for the first time at a guy and he turned me down. I don't want to be anywhere near you right now. Your right this wouldn't work, thanks for being the one of us that has any sense."

She climbs down off the ladder and starts running down the beach.

"No wait Liz, come back!"

But Liz just keeps on running, not looking back.


Part 7

Max ran after Liz, he looked all over for her. And after hours of searching he decided to go back to the ship.

When he got back to the ship he looked in Liz's room to see if maybe she came back, and after looking in her room and then his, and then his dad's he discovered she still wasn't there.

Max sat in the kitchen, alone with his thoughts. it's really hot tonight and Max is sitting there in just his shorts. He couldn't believe that Liz didn't think he wanted her. Sometimes he looked at her and he thought his heart was going to stop. Not only was she beautiful, but she was caring and nice. He wanted her more then anything, and it had long since become more then wanting her sexually. He didn't know if he could survive without her, and he didn't know if he wanted to.

Hours have passed and there is no sign of Liz. He looks at the clock and sees that it's 2:30 in the morning. He's worried, she's out there all alone, and at night you can barely see your hand in front of your face, let alone find someone. She could trip and fall and he could never find her. Just as panic starts to set in he hears something, he looks up and Liz is walking down the stairs she looks up and is startled to see him there.

"What are you still doing up?"

Max looks at her, he's relieved that she's back, but then his anger starts to build, anything could have happened to her. He stands up and stalks over to her until he's right in front of her.

"What do you mean what am I still doing up? Do you honestly think that I was going to go to bed while your traipsing around the island?"

Liz scoffs, "Oh what now your trying to say you care? What if something had happened to me? Would you have even cared? Your a big boy you don't need me here!" Liz is starting to get mad, and tears start to fall. Everything is getting to her, between her mom and being stuck on an island, and then being turned down by Max it's too much for her.


Liz screams the last part at him tears pouring down her face, and sobs starting to break free.

"I only came back to get my stuff, and then I'll be out of your hair all right?"

Max looks at her dumbfounded, she starts to walk past him, but he grabs her arm.

"Your not going anywhere!" He tells her.

"Oh yes I am!"

"NO YOUR NOT!!!!" He yells.

"Oh yeah? And just what exactly are you going to do about it? I'm leaving!" Liz says this while starting to walk up the stairs to go up top. But no sooner has she started going up does she feel herself being swung around and pulled over his shoulder, he carries her off to her room and throws her ungracefully on the bed.

"I said you weren't leaving. And if you try I'm going to give you a spanking, your acting like a child. There is no way that I'm letting you move onto the beach!"

Liz looks up at him from the bed, she is sprawled there and sits up, "You can't control me, your not my dad, your not my husband, your not my boyfriend, and you don't want to be my lover so you have no say in what I do!"

Max sighs, "Do you actually believe that I don't want you Liz? Don't you understand that I want you more then you know?"

Liz shakes her head, "No you don't your just saying that to get me to stay." Under her breath she mumbles, "Which makes me wonder why you watched me?"

"What was that?"

"Nothing, look just let me go, I'll be fine."

"No I want to know what you said just then!"

Liz glares at him, "Fine you think that you have to watch everything I do, which is why you followed me when I was taking my showers."

Max starts laughing.

"Great now your laughing at me!" She gets up and makes toward the door, just as she reaches it and starts to turn it Max grabs her shoulder and turns her around.

"I told you that if your kept acting like this I was going to spank you."

Liz looks at him and and juts her chin out, "You wouldn't dare, to spank me you would have to touch my ass and you already said you have no desire to touch me like that."


"I want you more then I've ever wanted anything or anyone before Liz." Then he captures her lips with his.

At first Liz gives a squeak of surprise, she didn't expect him to do that. But then she closes her eyes and goes with it.

Max rubs his tongue against her lips asking her to part them and she does, their tongues dance together until both of them are left gasping for air. Max pulls back and looks into her eyes.

"Liz it's not that I didn't want you, I just was scared about doing something that you weren't quite sure about."

She touches his cheek, "I've never wanted anything as much either, I need you Max, not just because it's just the two of us here, I've wanted you for as long as we've known each other, maybe even before then."

Max kisses her again softly, then looks at her. "Before this moves any further I have to know if your sure."

Liz moves to sit up and Max lets her, she reaches behind her and unlaces her bikini top letting it fall, she picks it up and throws it over his head onto the floor.

"I'm sure Max."

He gently pushes her back to the bed they continue to kiss and Max is rubbing her nipples with the pads of his thumbs, he kisses his way down her neck and starts sucking on it and biting it. He can feel the sighs that Liz is giving deep in her throat and he smiles.

He moves his way down to her breast and starts licking at one while kneading the other. He takes her nipple deep in his mouth and starts suckling on it.

Liz can't believe the sensations his mouth is giving, she runs her fingers through his hair, and as he moves to do the same to her other one, Liz can't help but tell him how good what he's doing feels.

"Oh God Max, your mouth feels so good."

Max smiles again, glad that he's making her feel good. Then he knows what he wants to do, something that he's dreamed about doing to her for a long time.

He reaches his hand to her hip and unknots her sarong, then he kneels in front of her, he looks into her eyes as he slides her bikini bottom down past her hips, past her knees, and off her. He then pulls the sarong away and throws it to the floor. Then he looks at her.

She's even more beautiful up close, but he wants a closer look, and taste. He lays down in between her legs, "Do you know that I've dreamt about you like this?" And as he says this he brings his mouth up to her heat, tasting her.

Liz arches off the bed at the first feel of his tongue, but then she relaxes her body the best she can.

She clenches the sheets as Max licks, and nibbles at her.

Max can feel how wet she's getting for him, but he wants to continue, he wants her to feel ultimate pleasure at what he's doing. He slowly inserts one finger into her and feels her muscles contract against his finger as he starts a slow easy rhythm.

He takes her clit in between his lips and sucks at it as he moves his fingers in and out.

Liz is writhing on the bed above him, she's moaning his name. He can hear how her voice is changing, it's husky and deep.

Her curls feel like silk against his face, and the scent of her is driving him wild, he's drove on by it and he takes his tongue and starts licking slow little circles around her clit. He can feel her tighten up.

"OH GOD MAX!!!!!!" Liz screams as she cums against his face.

Max continues to slowly lick her until Liz tangles her hands in his hair softly pulling on it to bring him up to her, "No more, please!" She practically begs, "I can't take it anymore."

Max smiles at her, "So you liked that?" He wiggles his eyebrows while asking.

Liz blushes and smiles, "It was incredible, much more better then my fingers." Then she blushes even more at what she said.

Max chuckles and raises his eyebrows, "It's okay, lots of people do that?"

"Have you?"

Max nods, "Of course, I've even done it because of you."

Liz smiles at him and feeling bold says, "Well you don't have to anymore."

Max kisses her and as they kiss Liz reaches down and starts to unbutton his shorts, she pulls the zipper down and reaches in and is surprised to feel that he has no underwear on.

Max looks at her understanding, "There's none clean."


He stands up and removes his shorts, then climbs back on to the bed with her.

"Are you nervous?" He asks her.

Liz shakes her head, "No I'm not at all for some reason."

Max kisses her again, he reaches his hand down and positions it at her entrance, he pushes it in a bit and then looks at her, her eyes are closed.

"Liz look at me, keep your eyes on me."

She opens her eyes, and watches as his lips descend on hers again, and as they kiss each other looking into each others eyes, Max slowly pushes his way into her.

He watches as her eyes widen at the new sensation of someone being inside her, but it doesn't hurt as much as people have said.

Max is resting on his forearms waiting for her to get use to him he continues to kiss her.

After a minute or so he feels Liz's muscles squeezing around him and he knows' she's ready for him.

He starts an even rhythm with Liz, he thrusts slow and deep into her. It's been so long and she feels so good he doesn't know how long he can last.

He knows from experience that a girls first time isn't that good as far as having an orgasm goes, but he wants Liz to experience it with him.

He takes Liz's right leg and puts it up on his waist and she does the same with the other one, then he reaches down between them and with his thumb he starts rubbing her clit.

Now Liz is panting below him.

"Oh Max." Liz says as she matches him thrust for thrust. She feels her body tightening and knows that she's going to experience that mind blowing feeling again.

She screams his name as she cums again, and then Max thrusts into her one last time calling her name as he fills her, he feels like he's cumming in one prolonged moment. And then he collapses against her.

He shifts so he's on his side and he pulls her to him as she snuggles against him.

"Wow, that was wow." Is all she can say.

"I know, I know." Max tells her, he kisses her forehead and both of them start to fall asleep.


Part 8

The next day Max was up before Liz, he knew what would happen if he stayed in bed with her, but he couldn't let that happen. She needed to heal and give her body some rest before anything could happen between them again. He got out of bed and put his shorts and t-shirt on. He watched her sleeping form she was sleeping on her belly, the way the sheet had tangled around her left half of her hip and bottom revealed to him. He let his eyes wander up her body and studied the contours of her back. He felt his groin tightening and had to push all his feelings down before he got back in the bed and did exactly what he wanted to.

Liz stirred again and sighed, he knew she was awake but not quite, the sheet slipped off her hips revealing her whole backside to him. He smiled and went over to her lightly slapping her on the ass.

"Hey I forgot to spank you last night." Max says.

Liz turns over and smiles at him, "What are you doing up? Come back to bed."

He smiles down at her, "Believe me I want to, but it's not a good idea."

"Why not? It's not like there is somewhere to be."

He kisses her gently on the lips, "Because I know why you want me to come back to bed and your not up for it right now."

Liz smiles at him, "Oh yes I am."

Max laughs, "I hate to do this to you, but you sound so cocky right now I have to. Okay go to the bathroom, and when you get done and come back I'll be ready for you."

Liz kisses him, "Okay, I'll be right back." She gets out of bed and goes into the bathroom.

A minute passes and Max hears her cry out, he shakes his head and goes into the bathroom. Liz is sitting on the toilet and a couple tears are running down her face. She looks at him and glares, "This is your fault."

"Hey I told you that you weren't going to want to."

"Yes but did you know that it was going to burn like someone lit a match there?"

"No I didn't know it was going to be like that." He tells her.

Liz starts mumbling under her breath about "women having cramps, and pregnancy, and the pain of losing their virginity, and what do guys have?"

Max laughs but stops when Liz glares at him again.

"Well can I have some privacy?" She asks.

"Oh yeah sorry." He goes out the door and hears Liz cursing through the door.

When she comes out to her room Max isn't there. She puts on the bikini she was wearing last night and her sarong. She goes out of her bedroom. "Max?"

"I'm in my room."

She goes in there and sees him gathering up clothes.

"What are you doing?"

"I thought we could go to the fall and wash our clothes, they need it."

Liz nods, "Okay I'm going to go get my clothes."

"Liz are you okay? I mean I know that was kind of a mean trick, but are you okay?"

Liz blushes and goes over to him, she kisses him lightly on the lips while stroking his cheek. "I'm going to be fine, it's not that bad. And as for it being a mean trick, yeah it was. But I'll get you back." She says with a smile on her face.

Max laughs, "Okay, go get your clothes."

Liz walks out of the room and Max calls to her, "And Liz?"


"Strip the sheets off the bed, we need to wash them."

Liz gathers up her clothes and then when she's done that she goes to the bed, she gasps in surprise at what she sees. She had heard tales about girls bleeding but she thought it was just stories. But sure enough there was blood. She blushes remembering what caused her to bleed. The way he touched her last night, it was better then she had thought it would be. Some girls said that sex sucked. But she didn't think it had. In fact she couldn't wait till her body was ready for him again.

She gathered the sheets and put them in the net bag she had. Then she went out into the galley area, she was in the process of eating a mango when Max came up to her.

"You got all your stuff?"


Max nods and grabs a banana, he eats it and then grabs his bag kissing her, "Come on let's go."

They spend a couple hours at the waterfall washing the clothes, Liz used the dishwashing liquid to wash the clothes, and made sure they washed them downstream from where they got the water to drink.

They talked as they washed the clothes, and then when they were done Liz said she wanted to take a shower.

Max groaned, well at least this time, he wasn't going to be watching from a distance.

Liz stripped off her bikini easily in front of him, and the only thing that stopped Max from taking her right then was the fact that she was still in pain.

Max stripped off his shorts and shirt and dived into the water and Liz followed suit. They had fun splashing and playing in the water, and when Liz wanted some privacy to wash herself there as she said, Max respected her wishes and swam away from her and just floated on the water. He was deep in his thoughts with all that had happened. He knew that things were going to be good between them. He was so deep in his thoughts that he was surprised when Liz swam under him and pinched his ass.

Max jerked in surprise and then saw Liz pop up beside him.


"Hi." He said while laughing.

She splashed some water in his face and then swam to the land. She got out of the water and put the one last clean outfit she had till the other stuff dried. She was wearing a pair of black hot pants and a matching tank top.

Max couldn't believe how good she looked and once again had to suppress his urges. He threw on a pair of shorts. Then he looked at the bag of semi wet clothes they had to carry back to the beach. He knew it was going to be heavy.

They got the clothes back to the beach, and Liz and Max used the rope that was supporting the ship to the palm tree as a clothes line. They got the clothes put up and they spent the rest of the day sitting on the beach, both of them opened up to each other. They talked about their hopes and dreams for the future. They talked about their favorite shows and what was probably happening on them. They talked about music and books. And finally they talked about their parent's but they only told stories about things that made them happy or that were funny. Liz had found a package of spaghetti noodles and some sauce so they ate spaghetti.

That night after the clothes were dried and put up they sat above and listened to some music while they played poker.

About 12:30 Max was ready to stop playing he was tired, and he owed Liz $5,086. Liz had made her bed already, and if by some unspoken agreement they both settled in there for the night. Liz was wearing a night shirt and Max had on a pair of boxers.

They were both on their stomachs but they were looking into each others eyes, they were tired but they still had things to discover about each other. So they stayed up till almost 3:00 talking some more. Max found it kind of distracting to sleep because Liz had her leg thrown over the backs of his. But he managed. And finally they both fell asleep.


The next morning Liz woke up with a smile, she hadn't gotten a lot of sleep. But it was nice to wake up next to Max. She got out of bed and decided to make breakfast for them.

Max felt her leave the bed, and when she shut the bedroom door he woke up completely. He missed her now that she was gone, he smiled to himself because whenever he had spent the night with a girl before he usually couldn't wait to get them out of his bed in the morning. But with Liz he just wanted to get her and bring her back to bed. He actually wanted to dare he say it snuggle, and he never thought he was the snuggling type.

He went into the bathroom and brushed his teeth and then went to find Liz.

"I heard you moving around, why did you get up? You could have stayed in bed." Liz says when she sees him.

He's leaning against the wall and watching her, she's cutting up some fruit, and he watches as she's struggling trying to open a coconut.

He comes up behind her and takes it from her, "I got lonely when you left." He tells her.

"Oh." Is all she can think to say.

She's sitting on the table, her legs are swinging back and fourth. She grabs a piece of Papaya and it's so ripe that it's dribbling down her chin. It's that instant that Max looks at her. She looks so innocent with her hair hanging down, and a simple long t-shirt on.

Before he knows what's come over him he's standing in between her legs kissing her. She tastes like papaya, and he licks his way down her chin to where the juices have run.

As Max kisses her she's wrapped her legs around his waist, her hands are tangled in his hair.

Max continues to kiss her and works his way down to the hollow of her throat, his hands are wandering up the side of her shirt, and he's surprised to feel that she's not wearing any panties under her shirt. The fact that she was sleeping next to him all night with just a shirt on makes Max even harder. He pulls away from kissing her.

"How are you feeling today?" He asks while looking in her eyes.

"Huh?" Liz is disoriented from his kisses and at first doesn't know what he's talking about. Then it dawns on her.

"Oh, I went to the bathroom, and no."

"It didn't hurt?"

She smiles at him, "Nope."

Max smiles even more, then he pulls her up to him kissing her even harder, he stops for a second to pull her shirt over her head and he tosses it on the ground. He gently pushes her back on the table till she's laying there exposed to him.

"Close your eyes Liz."

Liz looks at him, but she trusts him so she does it.

With a gleam in his eyes Max reaches towards the counter and grabs the coconut.

"Keep your eyes closed Liz."

"Okay." She says, and then she jerks when she feels something cool and wet hit her body, she feels him pouring something in a trail from her breasts down to her core, the scent of coconut hits her and she knows what he's poured on her.

Max's eyes are filled with desire as he looks at her laid out for him with coconut milk on her body. He moves closer to her and starts to lick and suck at her breasts, laving one with his tongue, and then the other. He leaves a trail of blazing kisses from her breastbone, to her belly, and to her hot feminine folds.

The mixture of Liz mixed with coconut is a heady scent that fills Max's nose. He kneels down in front of her, and puts her legs up on his shoulders, so she's totally open to him. He starts licking and nipping at her. He uses his thumbs to open her more, he looks at how pink, and wet she is. And then he plunges his tongue in.

Liz is writhing under his touch, what he's doing to her is driving her crazy. If this was a form of torture people would spill secrets to everything.

Max can hear her breathing change and he knows she's close, he takes his tongue and starts flicking her clit with it. And that's all it takes to push her over the edge.

She moans his name deep in her throat as she cums, and Max smiles knowing that he did that to her.

He moves up over her and pulls his boxers down and off. She's watching him as he does this and she smiles.

He smiles back at her and then gets her legs wrapping them around him. He postions himself at her entrance and then slowly enters her. Her eyes open wide and he watches her for any sign of pain, but he can't see any.

He thrusts into her and Liz moves with him, he puts his hands on her hips and pulls her back and fourth against him. Her bottom thrusting harder up against him as he pushes in and out of her.

Liz feels like she's near the edge again, and when Max can feel she's near he bends over the table so that he can reach her lips, their tongues tangle toghether as Max's hips move on thier own.

Liz is kissing his neck, licking and sucking on it. Max moves a different way and it happens, Liz feels like she's exploding, she feels like the stars just burst into the sky and she'a part of it.

As Liz's muscles clamp around Max it triggers his release, and his hands tangle in her hair as he moans her name against her breast.

As they lay there later Max hasn't moved, and Liz doesn't know if she wants him to. She turns her head to kiss him and something catches her eye, she wants to laugh but she feels bad.

"Umm Max?"

Max sighs and looks at her dreamily, "Yeah?"

"I bit you."


Liz blushes, "Well when I... well you know. Umm I bit you."

Max looks at her and then gets off the table, he walks into the bathroom and Liz follows him. He looks in the mirror and sure enough there are a set of teeth marks in his neck.

Max starts laughing.


"I just didn't know you were so out of control."

Liz blushes even redder, "Well it's because of you."

Max feels his chest swell up at this comment, and Liz sees it.

"Well don't feel to full of yourself." She says while walking away.

"Hey where are you going my little vampire?"

Liz looks at him, "I'm going to go get some more coconut." She says while wiggling her eyebrows.

She's walking back to the kitchen when Max swoops her up into his arms and putting her over his shoulder, her ass is right in his face and he uses this opportunity to bite it as he's carrying her back to her room.

"We can have coconut later, right now I want to make you bite me some more."

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Pure Shores Part 9-15

The next two weeks are blissful for Max and Liz. They spend the days swimming, talking, and getting to know each other, sometimes they just walk along the beach hand in hand not saying anything. And the nights, then nights are something that both of them look forward to.

They've been on the island for 5 weeks now, and even though Max hasn't said anything to Liz about it he has started to wonder if they are ever going to get rescued. Which is why he's so surprised one morning.

He hadn't been able to sleep, so he had gotten up and was sitting on top of the deck reading. It was so quiet all you could hear was the water hitting the ship, but then it changed. Another sound had been added. He looked around and then he looked up and there it was, a plane was flying in thier direction.

Max ran downstairs and woke Liz, "Liz get up, there's a plane!"

Liz wakes up startled, "A plane?"

"Yes now get dressed!" He says while running out of the room. He goes and gets the flare gun, and grabs a few flares to be on the safe side.

He goes up top and the plane is closer overhead now, he aims the gun and shoots a flare into the sky, just as he's shooting the second one Liz has came up. She looks up in the sky and smiles, *Their going to be rescued.*

Max shoots the second flair.

The plane by then has came overhead and passed.

"What happened?" Liz asks.

"I don't know, they can't land. We can only pray that they saw and will radio for help or whatever."

The rest of the day is spent kind of on edge. Both of them don't want to say what's on their minds. Night comes and they eat but if you had asked them neither of them would have remembered what it was. They head off to bed and both toss and turn all night.

The next day Max and Liz are both up at sunrise practically. Hours pass and both of them are just sitting on the beach looking out to the sea and sky expectantly.

When Liz sees the white object in the sky she almost thinks she's imagining things till she points it out to Max and he sees it to.

When the plane is close to passing it dips it's wings at them, and then something is pushed out the window, as it drops a parachute is deployed on it and it slowly falls to where they are, it lands about 30 feet from the ship, half in and out of the water.

Max and Liz run up to see what it is. It's a metal crate that has snaps on it to open it which Max does.

The first thing they see is a small letter.

We have your corrdinates, and a rescue mission has been employed. We are sending a rescue team by ship. They will be here in 3-4 days 4 days being the most. Until then we have sent you the folowing to help.

Sincerely The Coast Guard.

Max looks at the crate, "Come on let's push this up on land."

It's heavy enough that it takes them a little while to do so. But once on land they both start pulling stuff out of it looking at what was sent.

There are canned vegetables and fruits, canned meat, canned milk, a first aid kit, there is a tin with rice in it, a can opener, and bottled water. There is rations of toilet paper, feminine napkins, soap, deodarant, all kinds of stuff, they thought of almost everything. It's like Christmas, not only are they getting rescued but they have food to eat.

Liz and Max are smiling at each other, they carry the stuff to the yacht and once there they just kind of sit there surprised.

"It's hard to believe that were really getting rescued." Liz says.

"I know, it's going to be nice to get back to civilization."

The next two days go by quickly, but there's no sign of the ship that's coming to rescue them.

On the third day Max wakes up with a sense of dread, he knows that if the ship doesn't come today it's going to come toomorow for sure. He looks at Liz's sleeping form and it hits him that things are going to change, they can't just go back and have things be how they are now between them.

They spend the day getting things toghether, Liz goes to the fall and takes a shower. She's glad to be going home, but she's actually going to miss all this.

That night after no sign of the ship Max and Liz are up top of the yacht. As a special going away dinner, Max caught some more lobsters and crabs. And Liz cooked them. They opened one of the bottleds of white wine that they had chilled. And toasted their going home.

After dinner they sat there, neither one of them really wanting to talk, afraid that it would ruin things. They were both very much aware of what was coming. And neither of them could do anything to stop it. But for one night they could pretend, they could pretend that things were the same and nothing was going to change.

Liz had the cd player going and the song that came on was one that Liz and Max had danced to under the stars one night.

Baby it's no mystery

Your bringing out the best in me

And though I've been in love before

I never had the kinda love that made me feel secure

I never thought the give and take

Mentality was right for me

You made me open up and see

That it's for real and there's no other place I'ld rather be

Max stands up and goes to Liz, "Dance with me."

Liz moves into his arms and he holds her close as they sway to the music.

Think about you all the time 24/7 baby

The love I have inside for you

Is more then any words can say

Pray to God on bended knee

We'll always be toghether baby

You and me

If there's a high or low

Anything you need baby

I'll be there for you

Pick you up off your feet yeah

Pray to God on bended knee

We'll always be toghether baby

You and me

After the song ends Max looks at her, "We should get an early night, we have a big day toomorow."

Liz looks sad for a second but it quickly passes, "Yeah your right."

They get the dinner dishes toghether and grab the radio carrying them down below.

Max puts the radio in her room and then goes back upstairs to get the rest of the dishes. He brings them down to Liz who is doing the dishes. He helps her dry them and then puts them up. It's like both of them are trying to slow time down. But time has a different plan for them.

Liz goes into her room and Max goes to the bathroom, as Max is done and he's coming out Liz passes him on her way in, they smile but their smiles are both sad. Once Liz is done she goes out into her room and Max is sitting on the edge of her bed, he's wearing just his boxers and Liz is once again struck with the feeling that this is the last time she'll see him like this. Finally she speaks "So are we going to talk about what's going to happen? Or are we just going to pretend tommorow is another day?"

"What do you mean?"

"Your thinking about what's going to happen aren't you?"

Max looks at her surprised, "How did you know?"

"I can just tell what your thinking, I've thought the same thing."

"And what have you come up with?" Mas asks her.

Liz sits down next to him, "I wish I could tell you, but I don't know. Were going to have to deal with a lot of stuff when we get back. There's the wills and the houses and so much responsibility. I mean if my dad were still alive I would have someone to help me with this mess, but there was no one left but my mom, and now I have to deal with it all."

Max wraps an arm around her, "I know what you mean, it's like fun and games are over now and we have to grow up. In the last couple days I've started thinking, do I want to sell all 10 of my dads cars? Or should I keep them? I know I'm 18 and I have to be mature and all that, but it's a lot of responsibility for someone our age."

Liz looks at him, "And what about us, was that just fun and games or was it more?"

Max looks at her, "You know that it wasn't just a fling or something for me, but I can't say that things are going to be the same. Their not, I'm glad to be going back, but a part of me is sad. Because I know that once we get back home that's it."

Liz puts her fingers to his lips, "Shh...I don't want to talk about it now." She pulls her night shirt over her head and looks at him, "Make love to me Max."

Max crushes her to him they kiss, a kiss not just full of passion and desire. But of longing, desperation, and fear of losing the other.

As they share thier body and souls that night both feel the urgency in each others love making.

They memorize each other's body, as if they don't want to forget a single detail. There are no words except for the cries of ecstasy from each other. And near dawn neither one of them has gotten any sleep. They just held each other and made love all night.

After they had made love for the last time and Liz lays underneath Max she looks at him, "I love you Max."

Max looks down at her, this is the first time the words have been said, minutes pass.

As Max opens his mouth to speak they hear a voice over a speaker, "Ahoy there!!!!"

Max looks at her and rolls off of her, "Thier here."

Liz nods as Max throws his clothes on.

"I'll be up top, I'll see you when you get dressed."

Liz nods again, and Max closes the door.

Only when he closes the door does she let the tears fall, she knows that now it's over. Their heading back to civilization and whatever Max and her shared has came to an end. The minute the ship came it had ended.


Part 10

They had been rescued and the ship was under way, they were towing the yacht behind them.

The captain of the ship and the coast guard had tons of questions for them. BUt first they had to be checked out by the doctor on board, he told them that they would have to be checked out when they were back in the states. But for know he was just going to take their blood pressure, and give them some shots to fight off anything they might have caught.

Then came all the questions. There were statements to take and things to be checked out. They had split Max and Liz up because they had to be sure there were no signs of foul play concerning their parents.

Finally around 6:30 in the evening the majority of the questions had been answered, and they were told that there would be investigations and more questions to answer when they got back to America, these were just a formality.

Liz went to the room she had been asigned and was told that Max was in a room a few doors down.

She spent the better part of the night waiting up for him, but around 4:00 in the morning she gave up and fell asleep.

The next morning Max woke up and he could feel how choppy the water was, the ship was bouncing all around. He went down to where Liz's room and knocked on the door, but no one answered. He walked around the ship, just kind of exploring. He found the dining area and got some breakfast, he didn't realize just how hungry he was for real food.

He ate his way through 10 strips of bacon, 4 sausage links, hashbrowns, a big helping of scrambled eggs, and 2 cups of strong black coffee.

When he was finished with breakfast he went up top, the Captain was there and they chatted for a bit. He asked him if he had seen Liz but the Captain hadn't. Just as the Captain had answered him a big wave hit the side of the ship, the seas were really choppy and rough today. The Captain looked at Max to say something, and noticed how green he was. The Captain knew from experience that Max was going to be sick.

He had one of the stewards escort Max to his room, and once Max was in there he promptly went to the bathroom and lost his breakfast.

Hours had passed and Max finally felt a little better, but he wanted to see Liz. He went to her room, and when she opened it she looked how he felt.

"Are you okay?"

Liz is standing in the doorway holding the door open she shakes her head, "No I feel awful." She says in a croaked voice.

"Yeah I've been sick all afternoon."

Liz nods, "If you don't mind I wouldn't be much company right now, can we talk later?"

Max looks at her, he's a bit hurt that she doesn't want to be with him right now, but he just figures she's sick.

"Yeah sure, when were feeling better we can talk."

Liz nods and starts to shut the door, once shut Max looks at it and then walks back to his room.

Three days pass and Liz and Max still havn't talked. She's been sick the whole time, and the Doctor told Max that some people have an adverse reaction to certain shots.

That night the captain informs Max that toomorow morning they will be entering the port of Mexico. And from there they can fly home to California. Max is glad about this, he's had enough of the water and he wants to see land.

"Have you told Liz yet?"

"Yes I informed Miss Parker, she's still feeling under the weather, when she gets to the states, before the police and everyone asks her a bunch of questions she should get checked out."

Max nods, but he's distracted he wants to go talk to Liz.

He walks to her room and knocks on the door.

She opens it and she doesn't look as bad as she did a couple days ago, she's wearing a long white t-shirt and some socks.

He smiles at her and she smiles back, she opens the door wider and lets him in, closing the door behind him.

"So you heard the good news?" Max asks.

Liz nods, "Yeah well be home by toomorow evening."

Max smiles, "Yeah I can hardly wait, it will be nice to see land again."

Liz sits down on the bed and looks at the floor, "Yeah it will."

Max is standing in front of her looking at her.

Liz can feel him staring at her and she knows what's coming, she's felt it ever since that last morning. Max kept trying to see her on their way home, but she would just ignore it because she wanted to put it off, but they were going home tomorrow and she couldn't put it off anymore.

Liz continues to look at the floor, and finally Max speaks.

"Liz I've been thinking the last couple days, and well were going to have a lot of things to take care of and get done. And well I don't know how much time I'm going to have to invest in a relationship."

Liz nods, "Yeah were going to have a lot to keep us busy, there are estates to settle, and wills to be read. And property to take care of. But I'm willing to work at a relationship, are you?"

Max sighs, "Liz what we had was great, spectacular even. But I'm just not ready to get tied into something serious at 18. I think we both have a lot on our plates as it is without getting serious with each other. I mean I don't want to get married and be some statistic by time time I'm 25."

Liz can feel the tears welling up in her eyes, but she's not about to make him feel sorry for her on top of everything else. Not only is she hurt, but she feels used, suddenly she wants to make him hurt as much as she does.

She stands up, "Yeah your right! I mean why would either of us want to get tied down after everything we've been through toghether. I mean frankly being with you day in and day out was getting to be a little much." She stops and looks at him, "I mean thank God we got rescued when we did or we would have really been in trouble."

Max looks at her, "Look let's not end it like this, we can be friends at least."

Liz shakes her head, "I have enough friends, but your right we shouldn't end it like this." Liz goes over to the bed and lays down on it lifting her shirt up a bit revealing her underwear. She rests on her elbows and looks at him, "So do you want to fuck me one last time before we end this?"

Max looks at her in shock, "Why are you being like this?"

Liz continues to look at him and then pulls her shirt down, "I guess that was a no, but it's not like it's the first time you've turned down sex with me." She stands up and looks at him, she walks over to her door opening it. "You know what your problem is Max? Your too much of a coward to realize a good thing when it's staring you in the face. Now get out!"

Max goes over to the door and walks out, "I didn't want things to end this way."

"No you just wanted them to end, well you got your wish." She looks at him and tears are brimming in her eyes, "Thank you for a wonderful birthday present, I know I will never forget my 18th birthday!!!!" She slams the door in his face after this and Max jumps back startled.

He hears the lock turn and knows that she's locked it.

*Birthday?* And then he remembers, today is her birthday.

He knocks on the door but there is no answer, and after a half hour of trying he gives up and walks back to his room.

The next day a steward knocks on his door and tells him that they are just about to pull into port. Max thanks him and closes the door.

He packs up the rest of his stuff and makes his way through the ship to the top. The Captain is standing there and so are some of the stewards as well. The plank is down and people have all ready started getting off.

Max looks at the Captain, "Have you seen Liz, I went by her cabin but she wasn't there. I need to talk to her."

"I'm sorry I thought you knew. She had my stewards help her with her stuff, she said that she was in a hurry and needed to get home, she was the first one off."

Max looked at the Captain in shock, "She left?!?!"

The Captain nods his head, and Max shakes his head. "Well thank you for all your help sir, I appreciate it."

The Captain offers Max his hand, "It was a pleasure, I hope that things work out for you son."

Max shakes his hand and with the help of the Porter he carries his stuff to the waiting taxi.

The yacht is going to be fixed in Mexico, and when it's done Max can send someone to bring it back to California.

On the drive to the airport Max thinks about Liz. He knew that he screwed things up, he at least wanted to stay friends. It's just that he was 18, he was the only beneficiary to a whole lot of things. He had to secure his future, see about his dad's bussiness. At 18 he was a man, and he wanted to make sure things were running smoothly before he got serious with someone.

He sighs, he liked Liz, he liked her a lot. But things were different on the island. If they hadn't gotten rescued it would have been different. But they had, and how was he to know what he was ready for when he had only been in the dating game so to speak for a few years.

He figured it was like ice cream, he didn't want to be stuck with just vanilla when there was chocolate and strawberry as well.

Okay granted that Liz wasn't vanilla, she was more like passion fruit, or coconut. He smiled remembering the morning with the coconut.

As he reached the airport he knew he was making the right decision, he would play the field a bit. And then if no one was what he wanted he would take Liz back.


It was 3 hours later, and Liz had just touched down at LAX. As she stepped off the gate she heard a shriek and looked up to see her best friend Maria DeLuca running towards her.

As Maria enveloped Liz in a hug both girls were crying.

"Oh my God Liz, I thought that I would never see you again, I was so worried."

Liz pulls back and looks at her, "I know Maria, I was scared to. But I'm home now and everything is going to be fine."

Maria smiles, "I know this is not the time, but...." Maria pulls a cupcake out from her bag and unwraps it from it's container, she pulls a candle out and lights it. "Happy Belated Birthday, now make a wish!"

Liz smiles, only Maria would do something like this for her, Liz closes her eyes and makes a wish, then blows out the candle. When she opens her eyes she finally notices the two men standing behind Maria.

They walk up to her and one flashes a badge, "Miss Parker I'm sorry for your loss, my name is Detective Atherton, and this is Detective Valenti, I'm sorry to do this now. But we do have some questions we need to ask you."

Liz nods, she looks at the cupcake and realizes how it might look, "Umm it was my birthday yesterday."

The detective smiles a bit, "Happy Birthday..."

Liz nods at him, "As for the questions I know, it's okay. I'ld like to get this over with as soon as possible, I have a lot of things to deal with and arrangements to make, and I still have to go to the hospital to get checked out."

The detective nods, "All right, we'll take you to the station and try to get this done as quickly as possible, we just want to get the information when it's still fresh."

Maria looks at Liz and then the detective, "Yeah like she's just going to forget the past 6 weeks, Liz I'm coming with you, I'll follow in my car."

"We have a place where you can wait for her." The detective says.

Later on Liz has answered all thier questions, and been told to stay in town in case they have any more. She gets up to leave and sees Maria talking to a guy near her.

Maria spots her and stands up, "Liz are you done?"

Liz nods, "Yeah no more questions for now."

"Okay, oh Liz, this is Michael. He's Max's best friend."

Liz feels a pain at hearing Max's name again. "Hello."

Michael stands up and offers his hand, "Hi it's nice to meet you, it looks like you managed okay, at least Maxwell didn't put you through to much hell!"

Liz looks at him, "I wouldn't say that." She says cooly.

Michael looks at her sensing that she's not saying something.

Maria looks at Michael, "Well it was nice talking to you."

Michael nods, "Yeah and I've got your number, I'll call you sometime."

Liz wants to just go home but Maria insists that she go to the doctor, "Liz babe, you were stuck on a island, don't you know that there are all kinds of diseases you can catch, there are all kinds of bugs and stuff. You need to get looked at and then I'll take you home ok?"

Liz shrugs, "Whatever."

Maria looks at her out of the corner of her eye, "Liz are you okay? I mean aside from the obvious stuff?"

Liz looks at her, this is her best friend she's known Maria since the 3rd grade. "Max and I made love."

Maria looks over at her in shock, "WHAT?!?!?"

"We made love!"

"Oh wow, so how was it? Did it hurt, wait I thought you hated him?"

Liz sighs, "I thought I did, but I loved him."

Maria nods then looks at her sharply, "Wait you said loved, meaning past tense, what happened?"

"He broke up with me last night."

"That bastard, on your birthday? I'll kick his ass!"

Liz manages a smile, "Thanks Maria."

Maria just nods her head.

By midnight Liz has been poked and prodded and tested and looked at. Her arm is sore from all the blood they took, and the urine, and saliva. By the end of it Liz felt like a test subject. But she's done, they wanted to keep her overnight for observation, but Liz wouldn't hear of it. She just wanted to go home and get this nightmare over with.

Maria drove her home with the promise to the doctors that she would watch over her for any signs of fever or cold sweats. They get there and put her bags by the door. All Liz wants to do is crawl into bed and sleep. And that's exactely what she does.

She sleeps so deeply and comfortably that she doesn't even here Maria standing over her the next morning with the phone.

"Liz wake up, the phone is for you it's your doctor."

Liz shakes her head trying to focus.

"What time is it?"

Maria looks at Liz's alarm clock, "It's 1:46."

Liz looks out the window surprised to see sunlight. "It's 1:46 in the afternoon?"

Maria nods, "You were tired."

Liz just nods and takes the phone from her, "Hello." She listens as the doctor talks to her, finally she says thank you , and goodbye and hangs up the phone.

Maria pounces, "So nothings wrong right?"

Liz shakes her head, "No I'm healthy, no tropical diseases, no abnormalities, and other then being 4 weeks pregnant I'm fine."

"PREGNANT?!" Maria screams.

Liz nods her head, "Yeah pregnant."

Maria looks at her she wraps her arms around Liz in a hug, "What are you going to do? And what are you going to tell Max?"

Liz wraps her arms around Maria as well. "I'm going to keep it, and as for Max. I'm not going to tell him anything, he doesn't want me then he doesn't want our baby."


Part 11

The first month was the hardest. There was the reading of the will to go to, and she was the sole benifeciary. Everything that had been left to her mom when her dad died, her mother had invested small sums in the stock market. Liz had sat there in astonishement, she was taken care of for the rest of her life as long as she didn't go nuts with the money. The lawyers had said the entire estate, her fathers bussiness, houses, cars, jewels, and stocks, they were estimated at a sum of 54.6 million dollars.

She had signed papers for what seemed like hours, and when she walked out of there she was a very rich eighteen year old woman.

She had kept the lawyer that her father had been using for years, he was an old friend of the family and she knew she could trust him.

When she got home she had talked it over with Maria, and had decided that she was going to keep the house that she was living in, the others she would sell as she decided upon it. And she asked Maria if she wanted to move in there with her. Maria had said yes, and they had settled into a routine.

Liz had enrolled in some bussiness courses at UCLA, she didn't want to be some rich brat that had to have people interpret all their business dealings for her. She wanted to make sure that when someone said something about her money she knew exactely what they were talking about.

And now it's been 3 months since Liz found out she was pregnant. She's in the middle of her 16th week. She has been still getting morning sickness, along with afternoon and evening, and thank God for Maria or she didn't know how she would get through it. Maria always made sure that there were saltines in the house, and more then once she had gone out late at night to get something that Liz was craving. They had joked that when the baby came it was going to be confused about the rolls in the family.

Maria didn't press Liz about the Max issue, but every once in a while she would come across Liz staring wistfully at her bikini, or some sand. When Maria had asked Liz about the sand, she had said that she had taken it from the island as a reminder.

One day Maria had came home from work to find Liz staring at the tv sobbing. Maria had hugged her and asked her what was wrong. But Liz had just shushed her as the show came back on. Liz was watching Saved By The Bell and was upset about Zack and Kelly breaking up. Maria had chalked it up part to hormones, and part to missing Max. Which was why she told Liz she needed to get off her butt and go on a shopping spree for the baby.

Liz had actually smiled and agreed. She went upstairs and came back grumbling about not having anything to wear because she was fat.

"Liz babe, your not fat! Your pregnant."

Liz glares at her, "Oh really? How did that get pass me?"

Maria just laughs, "Look just go put on some leggings, and a shirt and lets go!"

Liz walks back up the stairs mumbling about pushy friends.

Liz came back wearing some stretch pants and t-shirt, it was a shirt that had fit her just two weeks before but now it was tight on her, Maria would never had said anything to Liz about it, but she was getting awful big awful quick. Maria decided that Liz was going to have to lay off the little debbie treats. Maria got her keys and they decided to hit the Mall. The first store they passed was Gymboree, and Maria and her practically ran in, Liz didn't know if it was a boy or girl yet, but she could get uni-sex colors and it would be fine, they were loaded down with bags already, but then they went in to Motherhood, Liz bought a lot of pants and shirts, the pants all had these elastic bellies that stretched along with your pregnancy. Liz also found a dress, that Maria had insisted she get because you never knew what event you might have to go to suddenly.

Liz hadn't had so much fun in a long time, as they were walking out the door she bumped into someone because she was talking to Maria, and she said excuse me and looked up.


Liz just continued to look at him, she didn't think she would see him again.

"Hello Max."

"Hi, how have you been? Have things finally calmed down for you?"

Liz feels the laughter bubbling up in her, she starts to smile and then controls it *Things starting to calm down? Yeah right!* Instead she says, "Yes things are just fine." Then she notices Michael standing next to Max and he's looking at Maria who is struggling with the bags.

"Do you need a hand with those?" He looks at Liz pointedly as if to say why aren't you helping her?

"No it's fine thanks." Maria tells him while smiling.

Max then looks at Maria, he nods his head to Michael and both guys grab up the bags from Maria, "It's the least we can do, you look like your struggling."

Then he looks at Liz, "So shopping huh? I bet it's nice to let loose and spend a little money?"

Liz looks at him, "And just what is that supposed to mean? What you think because I have money now, I'm automatically going to go hog wild and go on a shopping spree?" She says angrily.

Maria is nodding her head, "Yeah I mean if she was doing that do you think she would be spending it all at Gymboree and Motherhood?"

Liz looks at Maria in shock, not quite believing what she said. Maria clasps a hand over her mouth and then tries to play it off like she didn't let something slip.

Michael looks at them, "Gymboree? Isn't that a baby store?"

He looks at the bags in his hands and sees baby clothes in them. Max looks between the girls and Michael, then he looks at Liz and really takes a look at her, he didn't really notice it before but Liz has put on some weight. Then it dawns on him, Gymboree, Motherhood.

"Your pregnant?" Max asks in a whisper.

Liz just looks at him and he marches over to her grabbing her arms, "I asked you a question!"

She tries to pull from his grasp but he's holding her to tight.

"So what if I am!?!" She tells him.

He lets her go, "Is it mine?" He asks through gritted teeth.

Liz stares at him, as if it's not enough the past months, but for him to ask that is just to much. Liz slaps him across the face.

"How dare you ask me that! We spent all that time toghether and you don't know me at all. I gave myself to you and only you, I'm not some whore you picked up off the street, and I'm not some stupid high school girl that you got lucky with after a football game!"

Max feels the sting from her slap but he presses on. "If it's mine then why didn't you come to me, I would have helped you out with what you needed."

Liz shakes her head in wonderment, she can't believe it.

"I didn't come to you because I didn't want some pity check buying me off, I didn't come to you because you weren't going to give me what I needed, which is a father for my baby, I didn't come to you because while you are half of the biological end of things when you ended things with me you ended things with everything that comes with me, and that means my baby! Not yours mine! So no I didn't come to you because what I want your not willing to give!"

Liz walks away from him after this statement and Maria is quick to follow.


She turns back around, "Yes you are, I have nothing left to say, it's over."

With that she steps onto the esclator and moves up out of sight.

Max watches her and shakes his head, *It's not over not by a long shot!*


Part 12

That night when Max gets home he starts tearing the house apart, Michael watches him wondering what he's doing. Finally he asks it aloud, "Max what are you looking for?"

"My dad's address book, I know it's here somewhere. I've packed things up but I put that somewhere that I could find it and now I can't."

Michael sits down on the couch, he had moved in there at the prodding of Max, there was just to much room for one person as Max said.

"And you need that because....?"

"Because Liz's address and phone number is in it. I've been there once, but I don't remember what house it is."

Michael nods, "And what are you going to do once you find it?"

Max all of a sudden laughs as he pulls a book out of the desk, "I found it!" He starts thumbing through it and comes across what he wants.

Max grabs his keys, "I'm going to go talk to her."

Michael jumps up, "I'm coming with you."

Max looks at him, "What?"

Michael rolls his eyes, "I'm not going to get in your conversation, I just figured I could talk to Maria."

Max shakes his head, "Fine, come on."

They arrive at Liz's house and walk up to the door, they ring it and the door is almost immediately opened.

Maria stares in shock at the two guys, "What are you doing here?"

"I came to talk to Liz."

"She doesn't want to talk to you."

"Look her and I have a lot to discuss, and I'm not leaving till we do." Max tells her.

Just then Liz comes to the door, she's wearing a terry cloth robe, and has just gotten out of the shower, "What do you want Max?"

"I just want to talk, we need to discuss this."

Liz looks at him for the longest time it seems, then she sighs, "All right."

Maria opens the door wider as Liz walks into the kitchen, as Max passes Maria grabs his jacket jerking him back.

"My brothers look at Liz as thier other sister, and if you hurt her all it will take is one phone call from me for them to be all over your ass, understand?"

Max looks at her in shock, "I would never hit her."

"Who said anything about hitting? What you don't think what you say hurts just as bad?"

Max looks at the ground, "I understand."


Max goes into the kitchen, and Maria looks at Michael still standing there, "So are you going to come in are were you planning on waiting outside?"

Michael gives her a cocky grin, "I'll come in."

Maria smiles at him, "Cool, come on while they talk I'll give you a tour of the house."

As they walk up the stairs Michael looks around, "So you live here now?"

In the kitchen Max is sitting at a table, Liz is at the stove stirring some cocoa in a pan.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Liz says without looking at him.

"The baby."

"Yeah I figured that, what about it?"

"Liz, I'm sorry I asked you if it was mine, that was stupid. I was just surprised to say the least, and then I opened my mouth and all these stupid words came out."

Liz smiles despite herself, but Max doesn't see since her back is turned.

"Yeah that wasn't one of your more smarter moments." She pours the cocoa into some cups and goes to the table handing him one. Then she sits down, she sits there sipping her cocoa and not looking at him.

"So how far along are you?"

"Sixteen weeks."

Max nods and thinks he sits in silence and Liz knows what he's thinking so she answers him without him speaking a word.

"I'm pretty sure it was the morning of the coconut."

Max looks at her in surprise, "How did you know I was wondering when?"

Liz shrugs, "I wondered the same thing and that's what I came up with."

"That was only the second time though."

"Yeah well that's the way it goes sometimes."

Max nods then takes a sip of his drink and puts it down, "Liz, my dad for as much as I loved and respected him, well he wasn't around a lot when I was growing up. I had everything I could want growing up, but my dad. He was always away on business and when he was around he was to tired to do the ordinary dad things with me. My mom was the one that took me to my baseball games, she was there when I learned to ride a bike. All my major moments in life were with my mom, and I loved her but it wasn't the same. I wanted my dad around as well, and all I know is that I don't want to be that kind of dad, I don't want to never be around for my child."

Liz nods, "I understand all that Max, we talked about your dad a lot, and I understand where your coming from. But what do you want? You yourself said you weren't ready for a real relationship, and having a child is as real as it gets. And I'm sorry to say this, but you gave me up without so much as a second thought, and I don't want to have to explain to my son or daughter one day why Daddy suddenly isn't coming around to visit anymore."

Max nods his head, "Your right, and I wouldn't do that either. And I'm still not sure if I'm ready for everything that comes with a relationship, hell I'm not sure how to be a father, let alone how to be a husband. But I'm not talking about just coming around to visit the kid on weekends, we talked about how things were going to change and that playtime was over, and we needed to grow up. And we do this is a mature decision and we need to look at what's best for us as well as the baby, and I don't want to ask you to marry me because your pregnant, when I get married I want it to be because of something deeper."

Liz looks at him, "Max I've jumped to conclusions as far as you were concerened before, so this time your going to have to tell me what you want, let me know what your thinking and feeling and we can take it from there."

"Okay fair enough, Liz I think that you should move in with me, we should raise the child toghether, I'm not ready to be man and wife, because I still don't want to rush things, but the fact is your pregnant, and I want to be there. Every step of the way I want to be there for you, we were friends once, can't we be again?"

Liz looks at him deeply thinking then she speaks, "Maybe you were right about us rushing a relationship, but your right I am pregnant and there is nothing we can do about it, because abortion to me is just out of the question and I'm not going to give the baby up for adoption."

"I don't want any of those either."

Liz nods, "So your suggesting we move in toghether to raise our child?"


"I need to think about things before I make a decision on it."

"That's fine."

"Also I don't want to leave here, Maria is living here now, and to be honest if I do decide to do this, well if things didn't work out and we got into it about something it would be easier to throw you out then for me to move when I was pregnant or with a kid."

Max laughs, "Your right, if you decide you want to do this, then I'll move in here, Michael can just look after my house for me."

Liz nods, "Okay as long as we have that settled, I still want to think about it."

"Okay." He stands up and looks down at her, "No matter what you decide Liz, I still intend to be there for you and the baby."

Liz doesn't know what to say so she just nods and stands up, they walk out into the living room and Max looks around, "Where's Michael?"

"I don't know."

"Michael!" Max calls out loudly.

A minute passes and Michael comes out of a room and comes down the stairs, his hair is all disheveled and Maria is walking a few feet behind him.

Max and Liz look at the two of them and both are nervous and avoiding thier eyes.

"You ready to go Michael?"

"Umm yeah whenever you are."

Max just rolls his eyes and Michael opens the door, "I'll call you Maria."

"Okay." She says as he walks out the door. When he's gone she goes into the kitchen.

"And what about you, can I call you or should I wait till you've made a decision?"

"I'll call you when I've made up my mind."

He looks at her and strokes her hair letting his hand rest against her face, "Okay."

Liz starts to lean into his hand, but stops herself.

She pulls away and goes to the door, "Good-bye Max."

"For now." He says as he leaves.

Liz closes the door and goes into the kitchen, Maria is sitting there anxiously waiting.

"So what's going to happen?" Maria asks her.

"Well he wants to move in toghether and raise the baby."

"That's it?"


"So what did you say?"

"That I would think about it." She sips the rest of her cocoa that has grown cold.

"Are you going to move in with him?"

"No he's going to move in here."

Maria looks at her, "So you've already decided?"

Liz looks at her realizing what she said, "I guess I have, God Maria, I'm so weak when it comes to him, what's wrong with me?"

"Your in love."

"So I'm in love and I suddenly become some weak minded fool?"

Maria laughs, "No! I think that you hope maybe he'll come around."

Liz nods, "Do you think he will?"

"Hey you never know, and at the least at least your child will have a father."

Liz looks at her, "Yeah that's a good thing at least" smirking at Maria, "So what was going on with you and Michael?"

Maria blushes and looks down at the table, "We were just kissing."

"Mm hmm, you know I'm not going to make you leave, I want you to stay."

Maria smiles, "Thanks."

"Your welcome, but it just accured to me that with Max staying here, I bet Michael will be coming over a lot."

Maria beams at this making Liz laugh.


The next day after Liz has woken up and drank some tea she makes the call. Michael answers and gives the phone to Max.


"Max it's Liz."

"Hey, I didn't expect to hear from you so soon, is that bad?"

"Well it depends on how you really feel about moving in here."

"Really?" Max asks.

"Yeah I thought long and hard about it last night."

Maria giggles at this but Liz glares at her and she continues, "And well I decided that we should both raise our child toghether."

Max smiles on the other end of the phone, "I'm glad that you decided it this way Liz."

"Max before you move in though we need to have a discussion of sorts."

"Okay, when do you want to talk?"

"Are you free today?"


"Okay how about 1:00?"

"That's fine."

"Oh and Max, is Michael free?"

Maria looks up at her.

"He's not doing anything, why?"

"Just bring him with you this involves him to."

Max looks confused on his side but just nods, "Okay?"

"All right we'll see you at 1:00." She hangs up.

"What was that about?" Maria asks.

Liz shrugs and walks out of the room.


Part 13

That day when Max and Michael come over Liz is sitting down in a chair and Max sits down across from her on the couch, Michael and Maria follow suit and sit on the couch as well.

"Okay well I'm sure that Michael is wondering why I wanted him to come as well, and here is the thing. Last night as I was thinking about things after I made my decision, I thought with Max coming over here Michael was going to be all alone at Max's house. And I wanted to extend an invitation to Michael, I have more then enough room here, and Max could probably use another male around with all the estorgen that's going to be flowing around here. So Michael if you want to come here and stay I want you to know that your welcome to as well." She says all this while looking at the three people, watching their reactions.

Michael has looked at Maria out of the corner of his eye, he thinks that this might be something that the girls cooked up to get him over here. Not that he wouldn't mind being around Maria in more, but he doesn't want to be part of thier plan, which is why he's so surprised with what Maria says.

"Liz don't you think you should have asked me first before asking him?"

"What are you talking about Maria? Look I came to this decision on my own, and it's going to be hard on Max staying here with two girls, one of which is pregnant. And Michael is going to be alone at the house, so I just thought that I would extend myself to him as well."

Maria looks at Michael and back to Liz, "Michael doesn't want to move in here."

"Don't speak for me." Michael stands up telling her.

Maria looks at him, "What you want to move in here?"

Michael shrugs and looks at Max, "Hey it's up to Max, if he wants some company here, and as long as it's okay with Liz and him, then I just might."

Maria looks at him and shrugs, "Fine, do what you want."

"Thanks for the permission but I planned on it anyway. So Max, what do you think? Do you want me to move in here to?"

Max looks at Liz and back at Michael, "We've been friends forever, and if Liz really doesn't mind then it's fine with me."

Michael nods and looks at Liz, "If your really sure about it, and don't mind then I accept."

Liz smiles, "Okay. Now for some rules. Were all still young, but I'm pregnant and I can't have people playing thier radio's loud at all times of the night. And other then if you use the last of something and it needs to be bought, there is a list I have on the refrigerator, and just put whatever needs to be bought on the list on it. And other then those two things, there is nothing I can think of. What about you guys? Any rules?"

Michael and Max look at each other and shake their heads, Maria is sitting there and she shakes her head as well.

"Well okay, now when do you guys want to move in?" Liz asks.

Max thinks for a minute, "Well what do you have that I don't need to bring?"

"Well my mom put beds in all the guest bedrooms, nice queen and king size ones, so you might want your blankets from home, or if you want to bring your own bed you can it's up to you."

Michael looks upstairs, "Can we go check out the rooms?"

Liz nods "Sure come on."

She gets up and they follow her up the stairs.

She goes to one door, and opens it there is a nice cherry wood sleigh bed, a tan colored comforter, and a lot of wood decor and matching colors. Michael notices that this room is right across from Maria's.

"This is nice, can I have this one?"

Liz nods "Yeah, and if you want to add anything to it you can, just make yourself at home."

Michael smiles at her, the first real smile he's given her. "Thanks."

"Your welcome."

Liz goes a door down and opens it, there is a huge four poster bed with a forest green comforter on it, there are dark green curtains up, and brass lamps.

Max nods, "I'll take this one. What about you? Where's your room?"

Liz points to the room that's across from his but a little ways down.

Max nods, "Well now that we have the rooms picked out, when would it be a good time for you for us to move in?"

"Well I have school toomorow, and Maria is off tommorow, and then the rest of the week I don't have school, so I would say anytime you get what you need to get done and ready then you can move in when you want."

Max nods, "Okay well it's Sunday so how about we start moving in Tuesday? I mean the most were going to be moving over is clothes and some personal items."

"That's fine."

They all walk downstairs and Max is walking right next to her, to make sure she doesn't fall.

When they get downstairs they talk for a bit more, and then the guys decide to leave to get a start on things. Max tells Liz he'll call her and they take off. When the leave Liz looks at Maria.

"Are you mad?"

Maria looks at her, "No I'm not mad, I'm a little upset that you didn't talk it over with me first, but I'm not mad."

Liz smiles, "Good I don't want you to be, I just thought that well Michael is Max's friend, and well I know you like him so...." She trails off not saying the rest.

Maria sighs, "Yeah I know, I mean yeah I like him it's just going to be weird with two guys in the house."


The next two days pass quickly, and it's finally Tuesday. Liz and Maria had spent the last two days kind of getting things ready. They decided to wait on shopping because they didn't know what the guys liked to eat.

Max had called her every night just to make sure she was okay, and when he had called Monday night he had told her that him and Michael would be over there the next day at 11:00, if that was okay.

Liz had told him 11:00 was fine, and then they had hung up. It was now 10:50 and the guys had just pulled into the driveway. Michael was in an SUV and Max was driving a pick up truck, it was white and had a flat shell that Max was opening.

Liz smiled at them as they started pulling suitcases and boxes out of the back of the trucks.

Liz walks over to where they are and bends down to get a suitcase, and Michael practically rips it away from her.

"What are you doing?" He asks in a loud voice.

Max turns around and sees Liz standing there and Michael is looking at her like she's nuts.

"What's going on?" Max asks.

"She was trying to carry my suitcase." Michael tells him.

Liz looks at Max, "I just wanted to help."

Max shakes his head, "I don't think so, your pregnant, and I know that pregnant people aren't supposed to pick up heavy stuff."

Liz rolls her eyes, "I'm not an invalid."

"I don't care, your not going to help, now just go inside and we'll have this done in no time." Max tells her as he turns his back on her he goes back to looking in the back of the truck.

Liz folds her arms across her chest, "I don't see why men think that pregnant women are helpless."

Max not looking at her just says in a muffled voice, "Your still here? Liz do you remember what I told you the last time you acted like a child? I mean it makes no difference to me whether Michael is here or not."

Liz blinks and then remembers on the island the night she said she was going to move to the beach, and Max threw her over his shoulder and threatened to spank her.

As she is remembering she blushes, and Max finally looks at her noticing her with arms crossed over her chest and he thinks that she doesn't believe him. But Liz is just thinking.

Liz sees Max coming towards her and she can see the determination in his eyes, and just as he reaches her with his hands out to pick her up she moves back.

"Okay I'm going." She walks off in the direction of the house and goes in.

Max smiles and Michael is looking at him.

"What was that about?"

Max laughs, "The last time she didn't listen to me I threw her over my shoulder and threatend to spank her."

Michael looks at Max and starts laughing, "I guess it worked."

Within a couple hours the guys have all their stuff up in their rooms, and some of it's unpacked. There are a lot of clothes, and c.d.'s and they had each brought a stereo and some posters and stuff to put on the walls.

A little after 2 Liz calls up to them that she fixed lunch.

Both Max and Michael practically come running out of thier rooms, they can't believe how hungry they are.

They run downstairs and Liz is at the counter, she's fixed them big sandwhiches and some Beef Barley soup. She carries their soup bowls to the table and puts them there by thier sandwhiches, then she goes to the refigerator.

"What do you want to drink? We have milk, water, apple juice, grape juice, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Cherry Pepsi."

"Mountain Dew." Both guys say.

Liz brings them to the table and sits down, she's got apple juice for her.

That's when Max notices that only they have plates of food.

"Did you eat already?"

Liz shakes her head quickly, "No I never eat heavy meals before 5:00."

Michael is tearing into his sandwhich and through a mouth ful of food he asks, "Why?"

"Because I get sick."

Max grimaces, "I'm sorry."

Liz shrugs, "Hey I don't like it, but when your pregnant that's what happens."

They talk as they sit there and the guys finish their food.

"When Maria gets home tonight, we were planning on all of us going shopping, we need some groceries, and we didn't want to go yet because we didn't know what kind of stuff you guys liked to eat."

Max and Michael nod.

"Thanks, what time does Maria get home?"

Liz looks up at the clock on the wall it's 2:30, "She get's off at 4:00 so she'll be home around 4:30, so we can go around 5 or 6 is that okay?"

"Yeah." Max says.

Liz opens up the saltines that are by her and grabs a couple, "Well while you guys finish unpacking, I'm going to go lay down. I'm tired." She says the last part while yawning.

"Okay, you go get some rest, and well be quiet."

Liz smiles, "Okay, thanks, also if I'm not up by quarter past 4 would you wake me?"

Max nods "Sure."

She leaves the kitchen and walks upstairs, Max takes his plate to the sink and rinses it off and puts it in the dishwasher and Michael eventually does the same thing. They go upstairs and quietly put the rest of thier stuff away.

Max looks at his watch and it's almost 4:30, and Liz isn't up. He doesn't want to wake her up but she asked him to, he walks to her room and slowly opens the door, Liz is asleep with the sheets all tangled around her, one of her legs is snaked out and half off the bed, her stomach is exposed, and the t-shirt she has on has ridden up and Max can see the swell of her belly.

That's my baby in there, wow I mean to think that Liz and I created another life. Just then Liz stirs in her sleep, and Max pats her on the shoulder, "Liz it's time to get up."

Liz stretches and then yawns, "What time is it?" She looks at the clock and sits up, "Oh I need to jump in the shower." She tosses the sheets back and gets up, "I'll be ready in a bit." She goes into the bathroom and Max can only stare after her, she was wearing a t-shirt and a small pair of panties, and even after all this time Max feels that same tightness in his groin that he used to feel on the island. He shakes his head and leaves the room.


Part 14

When Liz came downstairs she was wearing a pair of short overalls, and a tank top, her hair was pulled up on top of her head and she was wearing a pair of white Nikes. Max thought she looked incredibly cute.

As she put on her zipper sweatshirt she was complaining to Maria who was sitting on the couch, "I'm getting so fat, these fit me last week, and now their tight."

"I told you that you should have gotten more clothes, by the time you wear the stuff you got it's time to do the wash, and your back to wearing clothes that don't fit."

Liz sighs, "I know, and I promise I'll go shopping some time this week."

Max looks at his watch, "It's early enough that we can go to the mall and get you some stuff now."

Liz shakes her head, "No we don't have to, besides Michael doesn't want to go shopping for maternity clothes."

Michael laughs, "Not neccesarily, but I can wander around the mall while you guys do that."

Max smiles at Liz, "See it's settled, you need some clothes, and besides you and I should know the best that you should never put off doing what you can do today."

Liz looks at him, "Yeah that's true."

A meaningful look passes between them and they both now the other one is thinking of their parents.

They take Max's SUV to the mall and once there they decide to meet at the Sam Goody in an hour and a half.

Max goes along with the girls to Motherhood, and he sees one other guy in there and a bunch of pregnant women.

Liz and Maria are looking at all the clothes and Max just kind of follows them around.

Liz finally picks out a bunch of stuff, she get's shorts, underwear, a couple bra's some more legging's. She finds some nice shirts, and she gets a couple of long satin night shirts, that Maria convinced her to get because they look roomy.

After Liz has tried some of the stuff on she goes up to the counter to pay for it.

Max takes out his credit card handing it to the woman behind the counter, "Here you go."

Liz pushes his hand away, "These are my clothes, you can't pay for them."

"Why not?" Max asks looking confused.

"Because thier not for the baby, thier for me."

Max shakes his head, "Yes but your pregnant with my child, and it's because of that, that you have to buy new clothes." He hands the woman his card again, "Think of it as my way of saying sorry for being a jerk."

Liz looks at him as he pays for the clothes, the way his hair falls in his eyes a bit. His eyes, she remembers the way they looked when they were full of passion for her. Will he ever look at me like that again?

Once Max pays for the items he grabs the bags and they walk out of the store. They walk to where the elevator is and take it up, they walk along the mall and Max stops all of a sudden. Liz stops and looks at him.

"What is it?"

Max is looking in the Disney Store smiling.

"Come on, we still have a few minutes before we have to meet Michael, I want to pick out a stuffed animal for the baby."

Liz smiles, "Really?"

Max nods and grabs her hand pulling her into the store, "Come on."

Maria shouts out to them that she's going to the bookstore and she'll meet them back here in a few.

As Max pulls Liz around the store looking at things, he's just like a little kid. They get to the wall of stuffed animals and Max is just looking at them all. There are bambi dolls, 101 Dalmation dogs, Apes from Tarzan, and every other stuffed animal you could think of.

Max picks up a 101 Dalmation dog, "What about this?"

Liz smiles at him, "I think it's cute."

Max nods and holds it under his arm picking up Thumper from Bambi, "What about this?"

Liz laughs, "That's cute to."

Max nods, "I'm getting both."

"Your going to spoil her."

"Hey don't ruin it for me...wait girl, do you know what were having?"

Liz nods her head quickly, "No on my next appointment I can find out if I want, but it's just a feeling I get."

Max nods his head at her, "I wouldn't mind a girl, I wouldn't mind a boy either, just as long as it's healthy."

"Me to."

They head up to the counter and Max pays for the animals.

They walk out of the store and meet up with Michael who is walking towards them. He asks where Maria is and they tell him the bookstore and they all head off there. When they get there Maria is coming out and she is smiling at Liz.

"Hey babe, I got you something."

Liz smiles at her, "What did you get me?"

"I'll show you in the car."

Liz just laughs, and when they get to the car Maria insists that Liz sit in the back with her. "Okay do you want to know what I got you?" Maria asks once thier under way to Safeway.

"Of course I do."

Maria reaches into the bag and with a flourish produces three books.

Liz reads the titles "The Pregnancy Journal A Day To Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy, 125 Things You Must Know About Being Pregnant, and 35,000+ Baby Names. Wow thanks Maria."

"Your welcome, I figured your going to need them and you hadn't gotten any yet."

Liz hugs Maria, "Your a great friend." She says this while tears are running down her cheeks.

Maria is hugging her back laughing, "I know."

Michael looks back and sees both girls hugging and Liz is crying.

He rolls his eyes at Max, "Are you sure we did the right thing moving in?"

Max looks at him while driving, "Well I'm sure I did, but you don't have to stay if you don't want to Michael."

Michael looks back at the girls again, his eyes fixated on Maria, but she's to busy to notice. He looks back at Max.

"I can handle it."

Max shakes his head, "That's good to know Michael."

They pull into the parking lot of the supermarket.

"Were here girls." Max says while turning off the engine.

They all climb out of the truck and go into the store, Liz is pushing the cart, and they just start walking up and down the aisles. And things are just practically being thrown in the cart left and right.

Michael and Maria are lightly arguing about what chips are better, corn or potato as they walk ahead of Liz and Max.

Liz and Max are shaking thier heads at them, "I think they like each other." Max says.

Liz laughs, "That's an understatement, whenever Maria get's that huffy attitude of hers with a guy you know he's a goner."

They walk over to the produce aisle, and the girls are picking out some vegetables and fruits.

Maria reaches for a chermoyia, and as she reaches for it her arm brushes against something and a whole bunch of fruit falls to the ground. Michael is looking at her laughing and she just glares. Max bends down to pick it up and when he sees what dropped his eyes find Liz's, she is looking him in the eyes as he straightens up. No words are needed they both now what the other is thinking, neither of them will forget the morning of the coconut. It was the day they made the baby.

Max is looking at her with such passion that Liz feels her legs go weak, her mouth is dry. She wants to say something to him, she licks her lips to speak and Max's eyes wander to her lips watching her little pink tongue dart out and wet them. All he wants to do is pull her to him and kiss the breath out of her.

"Liz do you want some more apples?"

Liz shakes her head at the sound of Maria's voice, "What?"

Maria looks at her weirdly, "I asked if you wanted some apples?"

Liz looks at the apples Maria is holding and then at Max, she shakes her head and walks over to the coconuts.

She picks out a couple, "No apples, I suddenly have a craving for coconuts."

Max just watches her through hooded eyes as she puts them in the cart. She has to know the effect that getting those is having on him.

They eventually finish the shopping and head back to the truck, Michael is sitting in the back with Maria, and Liz is in front with Max.

He looks over at her and she's staring straight ahead.

"Are you remembering that morning?"

Liz looks at him sharply, "How did you know?"

"Because ever since Maria dropped it that's all I can think about."

"Me too." Liz admits.

"What's all you can think about?" Maria asks from the back.

Both Max and Liz look at each other, "Nothing." They both say quickly.


Part 15

It's been a week since the guys moved in, things have settled pretty quickly into a routine of some sorts. All of them were getting along really well and there had been no problems.

Liz was up in her room one night, laying on her bed reading her books. Tomorrow she had a doctors appointment, they were going to do just a routine check up and she had decided that she was going to find out the sex of the baby. She wanted to ask Max if he wanted to know, but he had been really busy with all kinds of meetings involving his fathers company.

She hears a knock on the door and gets up to answer it. When she opens it Max is standing on the other side and he doesn't look happy.

"We need to talk." Max says while coming in her room.

Liz looks at him in surprise, "Okay, what's wrong?" She asks him while closing the door.

Max turns around and looks at her, "How come you didn't tell me you had a doctor's appointment tomorrow?"

Liz stares at him, "How did you...Maria told you?"

"Yes she mentioned that she was going to take tomorrow off to go with you. That's what I'm here for Liz, I mean I should be the one going with you."

Liz nods her head, "Yes you should, but you've been really busy with trying to run your dad's company lately that I didn't think you would have the time. So I didn't want to bother you."

Max sits down on the edge of her bed looking at her, "Liz I want you to bother me, this is my baby to and I told you I want to be included in this. Okay?"

"Okay, from now on when I have an appointment I'll tell you."

Max stares at her, she's wearing a red satin nightshirt that ends just above her knees she looks so beautiful and al he wants to do is look at her. His gaze wanders up from the tips of her toes to her knees, he lets his gaze rest on her rounded belly, the belly that is carrying his child. He can't believe what a turn on that actually is. Get a hold of yourself Max, this is the mother of your child. Show some respect for her.

If he knew the thoughts that Liz was having of him right now all the thoughts of showing her some respect would have flown out the window, Liz herself had grown very hot under Max's intense gaze. She had felt herself moisten at the way Max was looking at her.

Max continued to move his eyes up her body, his eyes coming to rest on her breasts, but there was something different, they were fuller then they had been on the island, but there was something else, her shirt was wet in the front.

"Liz you have water on your shirt."

She looks down in confusion, she wasn't expecting him to say something, but not about her shirt. She was looking at her shirt and a deep blush all of a sudden came over her face.

Max noticed this and wondered what she was embarrassed about.

"What's wrong Liz?"

Liz looks at the ground as she walks into the bathroom, "It's not water."

Max cocks his head, Not water? "Well what is it, soda? Milk?"

Liz starts cracking up in the bathroom, she can't help it. He sounds so innocent and he has no idea what it is.

Liz comes back out of the bathroom and looks at him with a big smile on her face, "You could say that."

"Say what?"

"I'm starting to produce colostrum."

Max looks at her with a totally confused look on his face. "Colostrum, what's that?"

"It's the start of milk for the baby, it's full of vitamins and nutrients that the baby needs."

Max looks at her understanding, her body is starting to produce milk for the baby. He looks at her and she's getting another night shirt from the bed along with a bra, she walks into the bathroom but leaves it open a bit so she can talk to him.

"I won't have actual milk till the baby comes, this is just the start of it."

Max nods his head even though she can't see. "So are you going to breast feed?"

Liz comes out in her clean night shirt, "Yeah I thought I should try it, they say that's the best for the baby."

Max nods again, he doesn't really no what to say, this is all very new and weird to him. "I have a lot of questions, do you mind answering them?"

Liz gets in bed and pulls the covers up over her, "No I don't mind, ask away."

The next morning Max woke up to his alarm ringing in his ear, he turned it off and looked at what time it was. 8:00, Liz's appointment is at 10:30. Max gets out of bed and yawning goes into the bathroom and brushes his teeth and jumps in the shower.

While in the shower washing himself he thinks back to last night's conversation with Liz. He had so many questions to ask her, he wondered if it hurt carrying the baby, he wondered about cravings she got, he wanted to know what other changes she was going to go through, she had shared her books with him and around midnight he had looked over to share something he had read with her to see that she had fallen asleep. She barely stirred as he moved her down under the covers and turned the light off.

He had taken the book to his room and stayed up for 2 more hours reading, he was fascinated by all the stuff that woman went through to have a baby, and the fact that they were going to try to see the sex of the baby was neat.

He got out of the shower and dried himself off, he got dressed and finally headed out the door to get something to eat.

Maria was still asleep since she wasn't going with Liz today, and Michael had the day off and was just coming out of his room at the same time as Max.

"Hey what happened to you last night? After Maria told you about Liz we didn't see either of you again."

Max smiled, "We ended up talking about the baby."

Michael nods, "That's cool."

They go downstairs and Liz is sitting on the couch in a pair of cotton shorts and a T-shirt with a towel wrapped around her head, she's flipping through the channels and finally stops on an old episode of Saved By The Bell.

Michael goes into the kitchen and grabs an orange and comes back and sits on the couch watching tv with Liz while Max was getting a bowl of cereal. When he came out of the kitchen he was surprised at what he saw, Michael was sitting on one end of the couch patting Liz on the back who was crying.

Max puts the bowl down and goes and kneels in front of Liz, "What's wrong?"

Michael looks at Max like he's his hero, and now he doesn't have to deal with her.

Liz looks up at Max, "Zack and Kelly broke up."

"Who are Zack and Kelly? Are they friends of yours?" Max asks her.

Michael shakes his head, "She's talking about Kelly and Zack from Saved by the Bell."

Max looks at Michael confused then it dawns on him, he read about how woman's bodies when their pregnant have hormones racing through them.

He puts his arms around Liz from the front, "It's okay, I'm sure the'll get back together."

Liz nods, "I know they will, they end up getting married down the road, it's just sad."

Max pats her back, "I know."

Liz wipes her eyes and pulls back looking at Max, "Thanks, I'm okay now. Sorry about the outburst." She looks at Michael saying the last part.

Michael shakes his head, "It's okay."

Max looks at the clock on the wall it's 9:00, "Liz you should get dressed, we have to leave soon."

Liz gets up, "Okay, I'll be down in a bit."

Max grabs his cereal and eats it while Michael flips through the channels. A little while later Liz comes down wearing a white cotton dress that zippers down the front a bit, and some white sandals. You can just see the little hill that is her stomach and Max feels that tightening in his groin once again, he doesn't understand why seeing Liz pregnant is such a turn on for him, but suddenly he wants nothing more then to take her up to her room and make love to her.


Max shakes his head, "Huh what?"

"I asked you if you were ready to go?"

"Oh yeah, let me just get my car keys." He grabs them from the place on the wall and holds out his hand to her, "Come on."

Liz smiles at him and puts her hand in his.

"See you later guys." Maria says while coming down the stairs.

Liz turns around, "Okay, bye."

Max closes the door behind them and Maria sits down next to Michael, looking at him out of the corner of her eye.

Michael is eating his orange and can feel Maria's eyes on him, they've been talking the last few days, and have even spent more time kissing, but that's about it.

He looks over at her, "What?"

"What, what?"

"Well I was wondering why you were staring at me?"

Maria shrugs, "I was just thinking how their going to be gone for a couple hours."

Michael looks at her and raises his eyebrows at her, Maria smiles and crooks her finger at him in a come here gesture, and he needs no further prodding as he lowers her down on the couch.

At the hospital Liz and Max have just been called into the back room.

"So what exactly are they going to do to you?"

Liz looks up at the urgency in his voice she's changed into the hospital gown and she smiles at him. "Nothing bad I promise, it's just a routine check up, their going to hear the baby's heartbeat and do an ultrasound and that's it."

Max sighs and she can see him visibly relax, "Ok, good."

The nurse returns a minute later and she's carrying a big plastic cup of water with ice.

"Here Miss Parker, you need to drink this."

Liz takes the water, "Why?"

"When your trying to determine the sex of the baby on ultrasound we need you to drink as much water as possible so we can get a clear picture."

"Oh." Liz says as the nurse leaves, she starts sipping at the water. Max sits in the chair and they just talk as she drinks the water.

Just as she's almost finished with the glass the nurse comes in carrying another glass of water, Liz looks at it in surprise.

"That's for him right?"

The nurse laughs, "Sorry, you need to drink as much as you can."

She takes the empty glass from Liz and replaces it with the full one.

20 minutes go by and the doctor comes in with the nurse, "Hello Miss Parker, and how are we doing today."

"I have to pee." Liz says.

The doctor laughs, "I know and as soon as we do the ultra sound you can, I'm sorry about all the water but we can't really tell the sex of the baby without it, the picture isn't as clear." He looks at Max, "And is this the father?"

Max stands up, "Yes I am, I'm Max Evans."

The doctor smiles at him and then looks at Liz, "Well let's get started all right?"


"Okay scoot back on the table and lay back."

Liz does so now she's in a sitting position reclined. The nurse covers her with a blanket up to her pelvic region and the doctor raises her gown so her stomach is exposed. The nurse moves the ultra sound machine closer to them and squirts some gel on Liz's belly.

She flips the machine on and hands the doctor one of the devices. He rubs it around on Liz's belly and watches the monitor.

Max is standing closer to Liz as the doctor is doing all of this.

"Would you turn it up please Sandra?"

"Yes doctor." The nurse turns up the volume and you can hear sounds fill the room a soft kind of whir almost.

"What's that?" Max asks.

"That's the baby's heartbeat." Liz answers him.

Max looks down at her and she's smiling up at him.

He puts his hand on her shoulder, "Wow, you mean that's our baby?"

"That's your son to be exact."

Max looks at the doctor, "Son, were having a boy?"

"Yes, see right here" The doctor points to the screen, "this is his penis."

"Oh wow." Max says.

The doctor looks at the nurse, and you can see he's concentrating on something. He moves the device to a lower point on the side of Liz's belly.

The nurse turns the sound up louder and the doctor is peering at the monitor watching it.

Liz is watching them as they do this, "Is there something wrong?" Liz asks panicky.

"Wrong, what's wrong?" Max asks.

The doctor shakes his head and moves the device again and then nods at the nurse who pushes a button on the monitor making the picture still.

He looks at the two young people and knows their worried, "There's nothing wrong the babies are just fine."

Liz sighs in relief, "The babies are good, wait babies?!?"

The doctor smiles at her, "Yes I detected another heartbeat and if you look here on the monitor you can see the spine of your little girl."

Max looks at the doctor stunned, "Twins? Were having twins?"

The doctor nods, "Yes and from what I can tell a boy and girl."

Liz looks at Max who is staring at the doctor and then looks at her, she's worried about what he's going to say or do now. And Max can see it in her eyes.

He bends down and kisses her forehead, "Don't worry it's okay." Then he whispers in her ear for only her to hear. "I'm not going to leave just because were having two instead of one if that's what you were thinking."

Liz looks at him, "How did you know that's what I was thinking?"

Max shrugs, "It was written all over your face, but I'm not so don't think it."

Liz looks at him and can see he means it and she smiles at him.

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Pure Shores

Author: Jennifer007

E-Mail: BoobzyDD⊕

Disclaimer: I don't own the WB, a Tropical Island, or The Movie Blue Lagoon.

Distrubution: Just tell me if you want it.

Rating: R/NC-17

Spoilers: Yeah right!

Dedication: To all the Dreamgirls that would probably love to see this happen, and to Linda who first heard this idea at about 3:30 in the morning. And to All Saints who's song Pure Shores is the Bomb.

Summary: This is kind of a take off of Blue Lagoon, that starred Christopher Atkins and Brooke Sheilds. Max is not an alien in here so there are no powers.


All Saints - Pure Shores

I've crossed deserts for miles

swam water for time

Searching places to find

A pieceof something to call mine (I'm comin, I'm comin)

A piece of something to call mine (I'm comin, coming closer to u)

ran along many moors, walked thru many doors

The place where I wanna be

Is the place I can call mine (I'm coming, I'm coming)

Is the place I can call mine (I'm coming, coming closer to u)


I'm moving, I'm coming, can u hear what I hear

it's calling you my dear, out of reach

(take me to my beach)

I can hear it call ing you

I'm coming, not drowning swimming closer to u

ooh ooh

Never been here before, I'm intrigued, I'm unsure

I'm searching for more

I've got something to call mine

I've got something to call mine


movin', comin' can u hear what I can hear (hear it out of reach)

I can hear it calling u

swimming closer to u

Many faces I have seen

many places I have been

walkied the desert, swam the shores (comin' closer to u)

many faces I have known, many ways in which I've grown

Moveing closer on my own (comin' closer to u)

I'm moving, I feel it

I'm comin' (comin') not drowning (drownin')

I'm movin', I feel it (feel it)

I'm comin' (comin') not drowning (drowing)


Part 16

Maria and Michael had worked their way from the couch to her bedroom, clothes had been removed and Maria was now laying underneath Michael wearing just her panties, Michael was wearing just his boxers. Their kisses had grown so heated and long that neither cared about anything more then being with each other.

Michael continued to knead Maria's breast in one hand while his other hand traveled down the length of her body to her thighs, he pushed her panties to the side and let one finger slide into her wetness. Maria moaned and arched her back off the bed.

"Mmm God Michael."

Michael looked in her eyes and kissed her, "Are you sure that you want this?"

Maria was quite for a second and then she reached down stroking the length of Michael and then cupping him, making him draw out his breath in a ragged gasp. "Yes Michael I'm sure."

He bent his head and started kissing and nipping on her neck, he moved lower placing soft open mouth kisses from her neck down to each white mound of flesh. He kissed her ribs and stomach, working his way down to her belly button where he dipped his tongue in.

He hooked his fingers in her panties and pulled them off her and tossed them on the floor.

She looked at him, and all he could think about was how beautiful she looked, her lips were swollen from all the kisses, and her skin had a blush to it and she was laid out naked before him, just for me he thought.

With a primitive growl he lowered himself between her thighs and parted her legs so that she was open to him, he used his thumbs to open her folds up to him and he could smell her scent, it was a mixture of musk and vanilla, and all Michael wanted to do was bury his face in her...

Which is exactly what he did, he moved closer to her and opened his mouth over her clit, licking it once to see the reaction he got.

At the first touch of Michael's tongue Maria let out a groan, and then a whimper when she felt it disappear.

Michael smiled against her and then let his tongue snake out to taste her again. He made slow lazy circles around her clit, he didn't want to rush this, he wanted her to enjoy her first time.

Maria couldn't believe the sensations that were overwhelming her body, she felt like a rubberband that had been pulled extremely tight and before she could think of anymore she felt the rubberband break. She felt her body tighten up and then relax in one instant. As she lay there afterwards she couldn't believe the immense pleasure that Michael had brought her, but all she knew was that she wanted more.

He was looking down at her now, watching the expressions that crossed her face, then she looked up at him and pulled his face down to kiss her, one soft kiss followed by 5 little words.

"Make love to me Michael."

He pulled her into his arms and continued to kiss her, then he moved away from her to position himself at her entrance.

He guided himself in and slowly eased himself in, he felt her barrier and looked at her but she just looked at him and smiled and he pushed himself the rest of the way into her.

Maria gasped at the pain, she knew it was going to hurt and it did. But as quickly as the pain had came it had changed to a dull ache that was quickly being led to something more.

Michael had put his arms under hers and was kissing her, not moving just waiting for her to get used to him.

"I'm sorry I hurt you Maria."

She looked up at him, "You didn't hurt me, it's supposed to happen, I'm just glad that it was with you."

He kissed her again and as they were kissing Maria could feel a need building up inside her. She clenched her muscles around him and Michael knew she was ready for him to move.

He put one hand on each side of her head and moved his hips pulling himself out of her, then he slowly moved back into her.

He continued these slow thrusts deep into Maria until she was moaning softly beneath him.

Michael quickened his movements picking up the pace.

He could feel that he was close, so he reached down and rubbed her clit with the pad of his thumb.

"Oh God Michael, yes....." As Maria came his name was a scream on her lips, and hearing her scream his name pushed Michael over the edge himself. He groaned out her name as he came and then collapsed against her.

Later they laid there just talking, finally Maria sat up.

"I'm going to take a shower."


Maria stood up and walked to her bathroom she left the door open and turned the water on when it was hot enough she stepped in and stood under the shower. As she was standing there she heard the door open and was startled to see Michael standing there. He climbed in and grabbed the soap.

"I thought I would help you get those hard to reach spaces."

Maria just smiled and kissed him.

A while later they went downstairs and were surprised to see Liz and Max there, they didn't realize they had been upstairs for that long.

Suddenly Maria blushed hoping that they had just gotten home.

"Hi, when did you guys get back?"

Max smiles and looks at Michael and then Maria, "Oh we got home about an hour ago, Maria was Michael bothering you?"

Maria looked at him, "Hmm...what?"

"Well we heard you scream his name, and I thought maybe he was being his usual annoying self."

Maria blushed to the roots of her hair, and Liz slapped him on the arm.

"Max shut up!" Liz told him.

"What?" Max asked.

Liz rolled her eyes, "You'll have to forgive him, I think he's still in shock."

Michael and Maria look between Max and Liz, "Shock why? What did the doctor say, is there something wrong?" Maria asked in a rush.

Liz shaked her head, "No nothing's wrong, the doctor did a sonogram and were having a boy an..."

"Oh a little boy, that's so great." Maria said cutting Liz off.

Liz nods, "Yeah a little boy and a little girl."

Maria looks at her, "Twins? Your having twins?"

Liz smiles, "Yes twins, a boy and a girl the Doctor says."

Maria squeals and hugs Liz, "Oh my god I'm so happy for you. Oh and you to Max."

"Thanks Maria." Max says and then notices that Michael is staring at him. "What?" Max asks.

"Well I was just wondering, what the hell did you guys do on that island. I mean twins? Damn Max, talk about super sperm."

Max laughed and Liz blushed, then looked at Maria ignoring the guys.

Maria and her started talking about shopping and all the things they were going to have to buy, now it was two of everything. As they made plans and talked Michael was sitting next to Maria on the couch and Liz was sitting next to Max on the loveseat.

Max didn't even realize that he had grabbed Liz's hand and was making slow circles on her palm with his thumb.

But Liz was very much aware, she felt like every nerve in her body was electrified. Just the slightest touch from Max made her feel alive.

"So Max are you more nervous now that you know your having two instead of one?" Maria asked.

Max smiled, "Well I can't say that I wasn't surprised, but there's nothing we can do about it. So I'm just going to go with what ever happens."

Liz looks at him and her smile to him could light the room, he can't help what he does. He leans over and captures her lips with his, surprising both her and him. It's like their back on the island and there's only the two of them. Max deepens the kiss and Liz lets him, she wraps her arms around his neck pulling him closer. They continue to kiss as Max starts to push her back on the couch it's only when they hear someone clearing their throat that they pull away from each other.

"Hello were right here." Michael says.

If looks could kill Michael would have been 6 feet under, both Max and Liz glare at him for interrupting them.

Liz goes into the kitchen and shakes her head, How could one kiss have both of us wanting to be out of control so quickly? Just let it happen. Another voice in her head tells her. Liz touches her lips thinking of the kiss and smiles.

Later that night Max laid in his bed just thinking, he could hear Maria and Michael in the next room, and the last thing they were doing was sleeping. He groaned as they got louder and sat up and put his feet on the floor, all he could think about was that kiss earlier, and that certainly wasn't helping him to sleep, but he wasn't even tired. He could hear the bed hitting the wall and knew that he wasn't going to get to bed anytime soon. He left his room and started towards the stairs, he noticed that Liz's light was on under her door She must have fell asleep with the light on. He knocks lightly and there is no answer. He opens the door and walks in closing it behind him. Liz is laying on the bed wearing a long t-shirt. The shirt has ridden up revealing her legs, and he can see pink panties peeking out. He moves towards her and as he does she turns around.

"Max what are you doing here?" Liz says startled, she looks at him and notices that he's just wearing a pair of boxers. Maybe he came to finish that kiss.

He blinks and looks at her, "I saw your light on and thought maybe you had fallen asleep, and then I knocked but there was no answer."

Liz nods and then pulls back her hair to reveal headphones on her. She pulls them off. "Michael and Maria well... and I couldn't concentrate... and so I put these..." She trails off embarrassed to say that she could hear Michael and Maria making love.

Max just nods, "Yeah I could hear them to, that's why I was going downstairs to watch some tv. What are you doing?"

"I was just reading the baby names book."

Max looks at the book and then at her, "If you don't mind some company would it be okay if I stayed here with you?"

Liz nods, "Yeah you can stay here." So much for him wanting to finish the kiss.

Max sits down on the bed, "Cool, so what names are we looking towards?"

She smiles liking how he's including himself in this, "Well I'm only on A right now, but for a boy I like the name Anthony."

Max thinks about it, "Hmm Anthony Evans."

Liz sits up, "Wait who said that it was going to be Anthony Evans, it's going to be Anthony Parker."

Max looks at her confused, "How can that be? It's my son, so he gets my name."

Liz shakes her head, "Sorry to burst your bubble there bucko, but he is both our son, and you and I aren't married. So I get to choose who's last name goes on the birth certificates, so both of them are having my last name."

Max scowls, "Yeah but don't I get anything?"

Liz lays back on the bed, "Yeah, I mean your going to be listed as the father" She starts thumbing threw the book "but Max think about it if you and I get into a fight and you decide to move out, then the kids have your last name and what about me?"

"But I want someone to carry on my name, I mean isn't that what's supposed to happen?"

Liz shrugs and feels her throat tighten at what she's about to say, "Well maybe some day you'll find someone you want to marry and you can have more kids and they'll have your name, I mean I know that you don't want me, that's why I think the babies should have my name since your not going to be around in the future, and I've come to realize that, that's what's going to happen, so the babies and I will just take what you give us for know. And when you do decide to move on, no hard feelings okay? I won't hold it against you that you fell in love with someone okay?"

Max feels like she just punched him in the stomach, How can she not think that I want her? After the kiss today on top of it, I mean yeah I don't want to get married, and there is a part of me that loves her because she's carrying my child, but there's no way I'm thinking about marrying someone else.

Liz continues to turn the pages of the book, Max hasn't said a word. He really doesn't want me. She looks at the names on the book, but they have all became a blur from her unshed tears, she hurriedly wipes them away and looks at the first name she sees. "What about Tess for a girl?"

Max looks at her and both of them shake their heads.

Liz goes back to the book and is startled at Max's question.

"What about that kiss this afternoon Liz?"

Oh God that kiss! She still got all tingly just thinking about it but she couldn't let him know that. "It was just a kiss Max, I mean we hadn't kissed in a long time, so it was just second nature to us. I'm not reading to much into it, so you don't have to worry."

Worry? He could have throttled her, why was she acting like it was no big deal, he knew that she had enjoyed it just as much as he had, and if Michael and Maria hadn't been there he knew that things would have gone a lot further. But if she wants to play this game I can play, and I'll win.

Max looked at the expanse of her legs that were exposed to him and he moved so that he was facing her but could touch her legs.

He trailed one hand softly up her leg.

Oh God what is he doing?

"So that kiss didn't affect you Liz? It didn't make you feel anything?" His hands are caressing the muscles in her calves, slowly stroking their softness.

Of course it did something to me, all I could think of was ripping your clothes off and impaling myself on you, riding you till we were both sweating... you can't tell him that! "Well I mean yeah it was nice, but it was just a kiss. No big deal." No big deal? Yeah right! Oh God his hands feel so good, what is he doing?

Max has one hand on each of her legs, kneading the flesh at the top of her thighs, right below her ass.

"That's a shame that you think it was no big deal, I mean I thought it was pretty damned good. But maybe I'm losing my touch."

Liz almost groans as his hands skim the hem of her panties, teasing because their not inching their way into them, and that's what she wants the most. How he could ever think he's lost his touch is a mystery to me, all I want him to do is touch me.

"It was a good kiss Max, but what do you want me to say? Do you want me to tell you that it made me want to tear your clothes off and beg you to make love to me? Do you want me to say that I didn't care that Michael and Maria were there all I wanted was you?"

Max bends down and places a kiss on the back of her right thigh, his tongue snaking out to lick at the exposed flesh. "Is that the truth? Is that what you wanted?"

Liz can't contain the groan that escapes this time, "Yes that's what I wanted, all I wanted to do was make love to you, that's all I want now." She says finally admitting the truth.

Max turns her over gently and takes her panties off, "That's all I wanted to." He slowly inches one finger into her and she gasps thrusting herself against his hand in a rhthym that they had once before.

Liz whimpers and reaches down stilling his hand, "Max it's been to long, make love to me please?"

He pulls his boxers off and lays down beside her kissing her finally. They continue to kiss until Liz strokes him once from base to tip. Then he's lost, he positions himself above her, and finds his way to her center, he puts the tip in and looks at Liz, she wraps her legs around him making him go deeper into her.

"I'm ready Max, don't worry."

He thrusts into her pushing himself all the way into her depths.

Both of them groan loudly at the feeling, Liz immediately clenches her muscles and both of them start moving together.

Their love making quickly becomes feverish, both of them are panting and sweating.

Liz can feel that she's close and she starts bucking her hips against him harder, Max takes the hint and drives into her harder, both of them caught up in sheer bliss.

Liz screams his name as she comes and Max is quick to follow.

Both of them lay there looking in each others eyes, Liz can see all the emotions crossing his face and she caresses his cheek.

"I don't regret that for one second, and I hope you don't either."

Max smiles and kisses her, "I don't regret it, I'm glad you don't to, I'm just sorry that I got so carried away, do you think it hurts the babies?"

Liz smiles and shakes her head, "Men and women have been having sex while pregnant since the beginning of time."

Later as they lay curled up in each others arms Liz has fallen asleep. Max rubs her belly and sighs, "I love you Liz."


Part 17

It's been a year since the night that Max and Liz made love. And seven months and a half since Liz had, had the babies without a hitch, no complications. And except for the pain she had done fine. Max had been amazed that he could be a part of something that was so miraculous and beautiful. For the first time in his life he felt that he had actually done something. Granted Liz had done all the physical work, it was still something he was part of. He had helped to make a beautiful son and daughter. They looked like little versions of Max and Liz put together, they both had their parents dark hair, and soulful brown eyes, that twinkled when they saw their Mom and dad.

They had talked over names for a long time before the children were born, and had finally decided on Andrew Philip and Laurel Nancy after their parents. As Max had told her one night as they lay in bed, if it hadn't been for their parents things would have never happened this way. Liz had been touched at his words and had agreed with the names for the babies.

But now Max had other plans, he had asked Maria and Michael to watch Andrew and Laurel for the night, afterall they were the God parents. He had to talk to Liz and he wasn't sure how she was going to react to what he had to say.

That evening Liz and him had taken off and driven to the beach, they had walked down the embankment to the sand, and the yacht was tied up to land. Liz had looked at him then peculiarly.

"What's she doing here?"

"Well I wanted a place for us to talk, and since we used to do a lot of our talking here I thought why not? So I called some people and was able to dock her here for the night."

Max then walked with her to the ladder and guided her as she climbed the ladder and then climbed a board himself.

Liz was staring in astonishment at the scene before her. There was a card table set up, and on it were dishes of food, there were lobsters, oysters, crab, butter in chafing dishes, and all kinds of fruit. There was soft music playing, and candles were in candelabras gently flickering. There was a bottle of champagne chilling in a bucket and a deep red rose set in a vase. Liz looked at him in wonderment.

"You did all this?"

Max nodded his head.


"Well we've been so busy with Andrew and Lauren, and haven't had anytime for ourselves. I thought it would be nice to have a night for just the two of us since we haven't in a while."

Liz smiled at him and wrapped her arms around his neck, "Thank you, it's just what I needed." She kissed him softly and then tried to deepen the kiss but he wouldn't let her.

"We can do that later, let's eat."

Liz rolled her eyes, "Okay."

Max helped her to her seat, and then sat down across from her. They both filled their plates and proceeded to eat, and then talk. They were able to discuss things without the interruption of one crying baby and then the next, they discussed their work, and things that Liz did during the day. As they talked Max reached over and peeled a banana eating it, he handed Liz a papaya and she peeled it and scooped the fruit from it eating it with a spoon and occasionally giving him bites of it.

"Is it just me or is fruit not the same as it was on the island?" Max asked her.

"It's not you, the fruit there always tasted like your tastebuds were singing the opera, now it's like a couple notes and that's it."

Max laughed at her analogy and grabbed the coconut that was near him, "Do you remember the last time I opened a coconut for you?"

Liz's eyes danced remembering that morning very clearly, she was pretty sure that was the morning Andrew and Lauren were conceived.

"Of course I do, how could I forget?"

"Well how about we try that again?"

"I would say it's a good thing I'm taking birth control now, I'm not ready for more kids."

She watched as Max struggled opening the coconut, he kept trying to crack it and just couldn't do it.

"Here let me try it." She said.

"Do you really think that if I can't open it your going to be able to?"

"Max I gave birth to two babies, I think I can open a measly coconut."

He handed the tools to her and then the coconut.

Liz grabbed it and then looked at it, "Max what kind of coconut is this? There's something. . . "

She looked more closely and saw what looked like a little button on one side, and some kind of hinge on the other. She looked at him and then with her two fingers she lifted the coconut up, and it lifted like a lid. And when she looked inside she gasped, nestled in the coconut meat was a ring. She looked up at Max startled, but he was now kneeling on one knee in front of her. He took the ring from the coconut, and looked at her.

"Liz I've longed for you since the first time I met you, and that longing grew into something that I tried to fight, but I don't want to fight it anymore. Things happen for a reason, and life is to short to go about second guessing and trying to change. We may be young, but the odds are stacked in our favor on this one Liz, I want to be with you, for as long as you'll have me. Will you do me the honor of marrying me?"

Tears were brimming in Liz's eyes and she nodded her head, "Yes, Max I will marry you, I've wanted nothing more for a long time."

Max put the ring on her finger and then stood up pulling her to him kissing her. "I love you Liz, I'll always love you."

"I love you to Max."

He kissed her again, and then pulled back looking towards the stairs leading to the cabins below.

"You know there are still beds down there."

Liz smiled at him and then took his hand walking down the stairs.

(Scene fades out with a shot of the yacht, waves lapping at the side, and the name of the boat is focused on)


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Title: Sexual Frustrations
Author: Jennifer007
E-mail: BoobzyDD⊕ or RoswellJenOO7⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: M&M, I know all you Dreamgirls are wondering why I am writing a Candygirl Smut Fic. But I'm just full of surprises aren't I?
Disclaimer: Does it look like I own Max, Michael, Kyle, or Alex and have them hidden in my room? No wait that's my fantasies, Damnit get out of my head people!
Dedication: To Bonnie for making me write this to join the union on Christina's page (hey lil Sis look at me I'm a joiner!) To The Candygirls who love their sugary smut, and to the Dreamgirls who know that I'm 100% DG and 5% of all the others. Just wait I'll hook you up with some M&L smut tonight as well that will be just as hot. And to Doug who put me in such a good mood last night by calling me, it was a total surprise baby, and I did still know your voice I was just hella surprised to hear it. And I know you'll read this cuz I asked you to, and after reading it you'll know why I told you it was dedicated to you.


Maria laid in bed, the covers and sheets kicked off her side onto Michael's side, she glanced at Michael's sleeping form next to her. Their relationship was frustrating at times to say the least. Her Mom was gone for the weekend and he had came over to her house.

She knew that he was at times ready for more then she was ready to give. And at other times he didn't think it was the right time for it. They had never really been at the same place for the same things, I mean yeah they had kissed, kissed a lot actually. And there had been some over the clothes petting, but never anything more then that.

They had gotten hot and heavy tonight, their kisses had seemed to go on forever. Hands had groped in places and Maria knew that both her and Michael had been left unsatisfied. But neither had mentioned it to the other one when they had climbed into bed.

Sometimes when she had went home after a session at Michael's place, more then once she had let her fingers do the walking and played with herself till she found her release. She looked over at Michael again and watched his even breathing knowing that he was asleep and wouldn't wake up. She needed to touch herself, she wouldn't be able to go to sleep till she did.

Maria pulled up the hem of her nightshirt leaving her legs bare. She crept her hand down till she felt the curls that she knew so well. Using two fingers to open her lips more she used her middle finger to tease into the wetness she found there. Covering her finger with the liquid she then inched the finger up to her clit touching it softly, making her hips rise.

She made slow circles around it, softly massaging the knot that would make her come undone. Her hips were moving unconsciously, thrusting up into the air. She bit her lips to stifle the first of what would be many moans. She was so intent on what she was doing that she didn't hear Michael's voice at first.

"Oh God Maria." Michael said in a husky whisper.
Startled Maria jerked her hand back like she had burnt it and looked at Michael, a blush covering her face. "I didn't know you were awake. . .oh God I'm so embarrassed."

Michael looked in her eyes and then to where her hand had been, "Don't be. . " He gulped and then looked at her again, "Do it again."
She blinked in confusion, "Do what again?"
"Touch yourself, I want to watch you." Michael told her as he got her hand and brought it down to her moist pink opening. She looked at him and the look in his eyes was one that made her throat go dry, they were dark and she could see his passion for her mirrored in them.

She touched herself tentatively at first, but when she saw Michael lick his lips and glance at her face before his eyes wandered down to her clit, the desire he had for her to do this made her bolder.

She spread her legs wider, and dug her heels into the bed. She swirled her finger in her slit, wetting it once again, and then brought it up to her clit. She moaned louder as she felt little tremors rake her body. She looked at Michael and his eyes were taking in every thing she was doing, her own eyes traveled down his body finally resting on his boxers. They looked like a tent and she knew that he was just as horny for her as she was for him.

She continued to finger herself her hips thrusting up again, she was startled again when she felt Michael's hand move along side her, easing one finger inside her. She gasped and thrusted herself against his finger harder.
"Oh. . .Michael keep doing that. . .it feels so good."

He continued to plunge his finger in and out of her for a minute, feeling how wet she was. And then he stopped, "Maria I want to do something else." he told her.
She was ready to try anything at this point, and she moved her hand away and looked at him, "Okay Michael." She said without hesitation or any fear in her voice.
Michael smirked at her all of a sudden and then laid back on the bed, he got Maria's hand in his and pulled her closer. Kissing her till she was breathless he finally pulled away, his hands reached out and grabbed her ass covering one cheek with each hand. He picked her up this way like she weighed nothing and maneuvered her till she was straddling his head.

Maria knew what he was going to do, from where she was positioned she could see just how excited he was for her and what he was about to do. She reached out and ran one hand lightly over his erection, causing him to growl. She felt herself moisten even more at his growl, and then his hands were on her hips lowering her to his face.

Michael breathed in as she came closer to his waiting mouth and he licked his lips. He licked once at her clit testing it to see her reaction. And when Maria groaned and moved her hips against his face he knew that she liked it.
He continued to taste her, his hands moving so he could open her up more for him.

Her breath was coming in sharp gasps, she couldn't believe how good his tongue was on her. Was this some alien thing, Oh God if she had known it would have been this good she would have attacked him that night in the hotel going to Marathon Texas.
She writhed above him, panting, she couldn't take much more of this.

Michael was lost in a sea of lust, all he wanted to do was taste Maria. It was like she was what he craved, all the flavor combinations he had tried over the years, Maria was by far the best.

She screamed out his name as she finally came, and Michael lapped at all the juices that poured out of her, his mouth fusing to her hole trying to drink them all.

Maria was suddenly lost in lustful thoughts, what he was doing to her was so good, but she didn't want just this anymore. She wanted all of him and she wanted it now. She wanted him to feel as good as he had just made her.

She moved up till she was straddling his chest, "Raise your hips Michael." Maria said in a sultry voice.
He did as she asked and she deftly maneuvered his boxers off him, inching forward she grasped his erection in one hand while kneeling on the bed still straddled on each side of him. "Michael I want you." She told him not looking at him yet.
"Maria I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do, but I'm past the point of arguing."

Hearing this was all that she needed to confirm from him that it was okay. She straddled him still holding his Cock in her hand stroking up and down on it. She teased the head of it at her opening and his hands went to her ass, and he watched the muscles in her back twitch at his touch. She slowly slipped him into her at first. And once she felt her barrier she plunged herself down on him the rest of the way causing both of them to cry out at the sensations.

She felt so hot and wet that he knew he wasn't going to last long, and when she finally started moving up and down on him he moved his hands to her hips to guide her. Up and down she moved, she bent over till her hands were resting on the bed on either side of his legs, helping her to move quicker.
"Maria. . .I'm not going . . .to last. . .much longe. . ." Michael tried to get the words out.
Maria sat up again and as she rode him her hand stole to her clit again, making fast circles around it as she threw her head back. It felt so good to have Michael deep inside her.

She started breathing quicker, and whines were coming out of her mouth, Michael's hands on her hips were tightly dug in and it added to the whole experience. "OH. . .DAMN. . .MICHAEL YOU. . .FEEL SO. . . .OH YES. . . .I'M COMING. . .OH GOD MICHAEL. . .YES!!!!!!!!!" Maria screamed as she came, Michael continued to raise and lower the almost exhausted Maria up and down on him, he felt the tightening in his balls, and with a loud groan and her name grunted on his lips he shot his cum* deep inside of her.

Later as they lay there, sweat covering their bodies Maria sat up letting him slip out of her. She stood up and looked dizzy, and shaky. She walked into the bathroom and looked back at him, "Do you want to join me in a shower, I'm sure that we can find some other things to try." She said the rest over her shoulder knowing that Michael wasn't far behind.


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Title: Touch It
Author: Jennifer007
E-mail: BoobzyDD⊕
Category: A&I
Rating: SMUT Hardcore NC-17 not for the faint of heart! There is not much plot here people this is just to make you hot LOL!!!
Disclaimer: Please A&I would never do this for our eyes to do, well unless thier really kinky and we just don't know it yet.
Dedication: This one is for James who doubts my abilites and thinks that I can't shock, and want's to see what I'm made of! Paybacks a bitch those are your words James, remember that while reading this!!!!


Touch It By Monifah:

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Jack Knight and Dakoda House
All we wanna do is make you bounce
Monifah, would you turn me out?
Show me what your thing is all about

Jack Knight and Dakoda House
All we wanna do is make you bounce
Monifah, could you turn me out?
Show me what your thing is all about

Do you really wanna touch it
Do you really wanna mess with me tonight
Oh, and if you know how I like it
Would you call my name and give it to me right

Could you just put that thing on me
So I can just freak on you
And you could just freak on me
And I will give it to you all night long
I'ma show your body what your lips are doing wrong

Do you really wanna touch it
Do you really wanna fuck with me tonight
Oh, and if you know how I like it
Would you call my name and give it to me right

Slow love just feels so good to me
So could you just move it on up 'cause I want ecstasy
And I will give it to you all night long
I'mma show your body what your tongue's doing wrong

Do you really wanna touch it
Do you really wanna fuck with me tonight
Oh, and if you know how I like it
Would you call my name and give it to me right

Give it to me give it to me call my name
This boy's shyness got me wet like crazy
I want it more and more
When you call my name and spank me

Do you really wanna touch it
Do you really wanna fuck with me tonight
Oh, and if you know how I like it
Would you call my name and give it to me right

Do you really wanna touch it
Do you really wanna fuck with me tonight
Oh, and if you know how I like it
Would you call my name and give it to me right

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Jack Knight and Dakoda House
All we wanna do is make you bounce
Monifah, would you turn me out?
Show me what your thing is all about
Jack Knight and Dakoda House
All we wanna do is make you bounce
Monifah, could you turn me out?
Show me what your thing is all about

Do you really wanna touch it
Do you really wanna fuck with me tonight
Oh, and if you know how I like it
Would you call my name and give it to me right

Do you really wanna touch it
Do you really wanna fuck with me tonight
Oh, and if you know how I like it
Would you call my name and give it to me right

Do you really wanna touch it
Do you really wanna fuck with me tonight
Oh, and if you know how I like it
Would you call my name and give it to me right

Do you really wanna touch it
Do you really wanna fuck with me tonight
Oh, and if you know how I like it
Would you call my name and give it to me right

Touch it
Touch me
Love me
Suck me
Give me
Baby, yeah
If you know how I like it

Do you really wanna touch it
Do you really wanna fuck with me tonight
Oh, and if you know how I like it
Would you call my name and give it to me right

Isabel was in her bed, she looked over at her clock and noted the time as 1:30 a.m. she knew that Alex was asleep by now. They had talked earlier and made plans for her to go dreamwalking to see him. She grabbed his picture that was by her bed and touched it, a ripple happened and her eyes closed transporting her to his dreams.

She was shocked at the site that greeted her, she was sitting astride Alex's lap buck naked the same as him. His hands were on her hips and her hands were against the headboard banging it against the wall as she rode him.

"OH YES. . .GOD YOUR. . .SO GOOD. . ."

Isabel blinked at the words coming out of her mouth, no not her mouth they were coming from Alex's subconcious. She leaned against his desk watching what was happening play out.

The dream Isabel rode Alex hard, one hand kneading her breast roughly out of shape. The other hand had moved down to her clit to tease it with soft and then fast strokes.

"I'M SO. . .CLOSE. . .OH YOUR. . .GOING TO MAKE. . .ME CUM. . ." The dream Isabel let out a scream that sounded like she was in pain, but from the look on her face she was in anything but.

Alex continued to slam her dream self down hard on his C ock.

"Oh yes. . .keep going Alex. . . fill me completely. . .I want to feel all of your cum inside me!" Her dream self said.

Isabel couldn't believe that Alex was thinking of her like this. She had to admit, instead of being mad, or turned off she was intrigued, well a little more then intrigued. She felt that tingle between her legs and she knew she was wet. She moved her legs toghether to help lessen the ache that was forming there. Suddenly she was jealous of her dream self that was getting such pleasure from Alex.

It was just a dream right? If she was to make this dreamself go over to Alex all of this would be a dream right? She could do whatever she wanted with out worrying about things, I mean she could think of it as a test couldn't she?

Isabel walked over to her dreamself and then looked down at what she was wearing. Oh no a t-shirt would not do for this test.

Isabel waved a hand a hand over her clothes and suddenly she was wearing a saphire blue lace teddy, it was underwire and pushed her creamy breasts up more so they almost spilled out of it. It was thong style and she was wearing matching blue silk thigh highs that had lace at the top. She had matching blue heels on her feet. She waved her hand over her hair and it was suddenly piled on top of her head with ringlets coming down all over the place. She touched her finger to her pulse points in her neck, behind her ears, and between her breasts and the smell of vanilla musk hit her. She looked in the mirror quickly and approved of what she saw.

She walked back over to Alex and softly whispered his name. He looked up at her startled and then looked at the Isabel that was riding him. Alex moved his head back to the other Isabel taking in her blue clad form and suddenly the other dream Isabel dissapeared.

Isabel smiled sexily at Alex and used this as her chance. She climbed up on the bed till her high heeled feet were on each side of his body. Isabel looked down at Alex who was gazing up at her taking in everything.

Isabel decided to mess with his head a bit, she took one of her fingers and put it in her mouth sucking on it and coating it with her saliva. She brought the same finger down to one nipple fingering it till it had hardened into a little pebble. She saw Alex grow harder at this and put both hands on her breasts tweaking the nipples between two fingers, pulling on them hard till they stood out. "Mmm that feels so good." Isabel said.

She looked down at Alex who's breath was coming out in short gasps. "Do you want to help me Alex?"
When he nodded she dropped to her knees, grabbing his hands in hers she placed them on her mounds and he began to squeeze. "Oh yeah. . .just like that Alex."

Alex sat up and covered one of her nipples with his mouth sucking on it and biting it through the lace covered garment. "Your tongue feels so good Alex." Isabel said as she grabbed his head holding it to her breast.

Alex continued to tease her nipple and Isabel could feel him poking her from behind, and suddenly she wanted to see how far she could take this dream.

Isabel moved her thong to the side and grabbed Alex's C ock in her hand stroking it from base to tip. She moved it between her folds, teasing it around her clit and hole, letting her wetness make it slippery.

She pushed it against her hole and slowly slid down to the hilt of it. There was no pain, just the feeling of being filled my her dreamlover.

Alex laid back his hands finding their way to her hips, pushing and pulling her down on him as she used her knees to push up and down.

"Oh. . .Alex it's so. . .good. . ." Isabel cried out as she felt tremors start to wrack her body. They started out slow and grew into a raging inferno quickly.

Isabel screamed out his name as she came, and Alex pushed her down on him hard, she felt his cum swirling hot around inside her.

"Isabel wake up."

Isabel woke up startled to see Max over her bed. "What? What's going on?"
"I don't know I heard you scream out Alex's name, I thought you were having a nightmare."
Isabel shook her head and then nodded it quickly, "Umm yea Alex was late for my birthday, and I was mad." Isabel made up quickly hoping to cover her tracks.
Max looked at her and then nodded, "Okay as long as everything is okay."

When Max left Isabel feel back against the bed and smiled, everything was fine. Damn what a dream that was!